Why So Much Occult Symbolism in Vanity Fair’s Video “How to Land a Hollywood Agent”?


The magazine Vanity Fair created a series of short videos called Vanity Code, quick “how to” guides how to be a douchebag socialite – the “lifestyle” promoted by the magazine. The video entitled “How to Land a Hollywood Agent” humorously instructs small time writers how to become big time in Hollywood. While the humor somewhat caused me to expire air out of a my nose at some point, it is the blatant and flagrant symbolism that caused me to watch it again. Here’s the video.


The first thing we see in the video: the Vanity Code logo. It's an all-seeing eye inside a pyramid. Illuminati right there.

The first thing we see in the video: the Vanity Code logo. It’s an all-seeing eye inside a pyramid. Why so much Illuminati right away?


"Inside view of the entertainment world" + occult symbolism = Get the message.

“Inside view of the entertainment world” + occult symbolism = Get the message.


This the guy giving the instructions. He is dressed in full Masonic attire and around him are EVERY SINGLE Masonic symbol in existence. Left of him is the Masonic square and compass, right of him are the Masonic G with all seeing eye and a skull. In front of him is the seal of Solomon and the pyramid with all seeing eye.

This the guy giving the instructions. He is dressed in full Masonic attire and around him are EVERY SINGLE Masonic symbol in existence. Left of him is the Masonic square and compass, right of him are the Masonic G with the all seeing eye. Bonus: a skull. In front of him is the seal of Solomon and,  again, a pyramid with all seeing eye.


On the chalkboard behind the man is basically a full Masonic trestleboard.

On the chalkboard behind the man is basically a full Masonic trestleboard, complete with the twin pillars, the all seeing eye and so forth.


An actual Masonic trestleboard.

An actual Masonic trestleboard.

Why is this guy giving advice on Hollywood made to be the most hardcore Freemason ever? Is it a subtle way of hinting at how to REALLY make it in Hollywood?

In another video, the guy gives advice on how to behave in “Eye Wide Shut”-style swingers party.

It is hip to be an occult elite wannabee.

It is hip to be an occult elite wannabee.


The guy that is receiving the advice is wearing a red devil mask. Weird.

The viewers (you) is represented by the guy wearing a red devil mask. Weird.

Owned by Condé Nast, the mega-corporation that also owns the Illuminati-symbolism-laden Vogue magazine, Vanity Fair subtly yet blatantly telling you who runs the show. As usual, all of that symbolism will swoosh about ten miles above most people’s heads.



    • It gets worse out there. Take a look at the new Robocop (remake) movie trailer on YouTube…. it's got heavy-handed Transhumanism, Orwellian government control, and Police State themes blatantly displayed in just a couple of action packed minutes, even going as far to include a quote from a character exclaiming (get this…):

      "The human element will always be present… Compassion, fear, intellect… they will always interfere with 'The System.'" (notice the choice of the term 'interfere' making it sound like that's a bad thing.)

      I can only imagine what else they plan to force feed the masses. The movie actually looks to be a good action/popcorn flick and will likely draw big crowds.

      • It's all predictive programming and subliminal subtext. Although its not just in films and television anymore, nowadays it's ablaze in commercials, advertisements, marketing, etc.

        This is why we need important websites like VC, especially right now.

  1. Note the random cats (kitten programming) and a figure at the EWS party looking suspiciously like Assange. There is also a girl bent down a bit like Miley with an arrow pointing at her butt, if I saw correctly.

      • Some of these Yoga positions have names that are pretty degrading to the masses and /or anti–God .. they get away with it because it's harmless, old Yoga but honestly, starting and ending with the 'Sun Worshipping' not to mention the mumbo-jumbo in Kundalini and the meditating to who-knows-what at relaxation time. If it was not in the name of Yoga, many attendees would never sign up to the distilled version but the next thing they know they are held in it's grip and actually enjoying it. Yoga is the activity of choice for the NWO as it serves a seemingly innocent agenda but is anything but that

      • Me too, but there are much fewer of those classes around whereas there is somebody offering Yoga on every street corner at any hour of the day, often at reduced price or free. Considering it has not been so long since it became a popularised form of exercise and is so intrinsically un-Western, don't you think this rate of growth is kinda strange?

      • Thanks for this insight about yoga, amaryllis!
        I have liked Kundalini – most because I'm so lazy :) But what do you say about mindfulness? I read somewhere that that is also a tool for them. To be content and grateful for being in the present – no matter how shitty and controlled your life is. After learning a lot from VC, I'm hardly ever surprised anymore….

      • I think anything can be made into a perverted version of something, so if they are doing that in this video, there is nothing anyone can do to stop that. But I don't understand how yoga poses being done in a local neighborhood class can be degrading or anti-god in any way. "The next thing you know they are actually enjoying it?" Good! Someone finding joy in life is a positive thing in this world. If you let the articles on this site or even the mass media control your thoughts and emotions then you're letting them win, in my opinion. I think it's important to have knowledge about what's going on in the world, but a lot of the context of people's opinions are so negative and depressing. I think learning about all of this really is a process and there are different mental states everyone goes through.

      • you should look at where yoga originates from before making the assumption that it is harmless and doesn't serve to divert from Christ.

        I'd stay clear of therse "practises"

      • You're right, it is a process. I hope we all keep going. Some of what you're saying sounds a little like moral relativism and you can't have it both ways. That's exactly what the black and white duality they keep showing is all about – they're saying you can have it both ways and that there are no rock-solid truths. That's a lie.

        The goal of evil (who I believe is Satan) is to capture as many souls as possible and destroy everyone, if possible. So doesn't make sense that some things that are actually evil will be presented as totally harmless in order to capture a certain type of person who wouldn't respond otherwise? Yoga at the local strip mall or YMCA is that kind of trap. It's tricky.

        And, no, I don't think anything or everything can be perverted – Jesus Christ can't be perverted. Unconditional love can't be perverted. The truth can't be perverted…I bet you get my point.

        God Bless.

      • I tried starting it but got super uncomfortable when I tried this position called "sun salutation." I honestly believe now that yoga positions are a form of sun worship and I am a Muslim who worships One God (Allah) and so have stopped it and started using the elliptical and other forms of exercise.

      • Couldn't you just turn to Mekka and replaced the sun with your god then? It is about intention too, isn't it?

    • gurlnextdoor77 on

      Did no one else catch that what was hovering above her for a split second was what looked to me like a "fart" cloud? Like she was farting…they tried ( and failed) to make it humorous.

      • blackrocker4eve on

        I've dated 2 girls who both have practiced yoga. Both girls have told me how yoga causes some people to pass gas. And how it's common to hear various people in yoga class farting. On the show TMZ, a couple of the girls in the newsroom, Kelley and Shevonne have both testified to this since they both practice yoga. If They will laugh about the farting thing along with Harvey who also practices yoga. So I believe that's what's represented in the cartoon…

    • Angry ofthisworld on

      yes wow, but nothing is more blatant as the way USA government appear in the wars scenes as the savior of all mankind. It seems that they make wars happen and then, sharammmm, "we're from USA Army, we left ours families, people who love us, and came here just to save you".

      devil always wanted to be God and most of the times, he triggers these situations and then appear as a savior. (war tricks). Syria needs GOD not USA government!

      OBS: "USA government please make 'em talk, don't use the force, other wise we're triggering others worse situations"!!!

      oh, devil has no mercy, USA government will never make 'em talk, after all they have the "syrian natural gas business to treat "
      God will have no mercy equally, and will smash you all like rats!

    • VigilantVegeta on

      Muhammad (SAW) is reported to have said:
      … Allah is not one eyed while the false Messiah, Ad-Dajjal is blind in the right eye and his eye looks like a bulging out grape.[7]
      Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar: Allah's Apostle said. "While I was sleeping, I saw myself (in a dream) performing Tawaf around the Ka'ba. Behold, I saw a reddish-white man with lank hair, and water was dropping from his head. I asked, "Who is this?' They replied, 'The son of Mary.' Then I turned my face to see another man with a huge body, red complexion and curly hair and blind in one eye. His eye looked like a protruding out grape. They said (to me), he is Ad-Dajjal." The Prophet added, "The man he resembled most is Ibn Qatan, a man from the tribe of Khuza'a."[8]
      Narrated Ibn Umar: Once Allah's Apostle stood amongst the people, glorified and praised Allah as He deserved. Then, mentioning Dajjal, he said, "I warn you against him (i.e. the Dajjal) and there was no prophet but warned his nation against him. No doubt, Noah warned his nation against him but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed."[9]
      Imam Ali was reported to have said:
      His right eye will be punctured, and his left eye would be raised to his forehead and will be sparkling like a star. Only the believers will be able to read the word ‘Kafir’ [disbeliever], inscribed in bold letters, on his forehead. There will be big mountains of smoke at both front and backsides of his caravan. People will anticipate food within those mountains, during the severe famine. All rivers, falling in his way, will become dry and he will call upon people in aloud voice, "O my friends come to me! I am your lord who has made your limbs and given you sustenance.[10]
      Anas b. Malik reported that Allah's Messenger said: There is never a prophet who has not warned the Ummah of that one-eyed liar; behold he is one-eyed and your Lord is not one-eyed. On his forehead are the letters k. f. r. (Kafir).[11]

      Source: wikipedia…the best source would be the – Holy Quran…

  2. This honestly scares me more than I thought it would, because I've written a book trilogy that'll hopefully be published next year — and honest to God if hollywood ever takes it up and twists it into propaganda, I'm pulling a Dave Chapelle and moving to Africa.

      • FAR from it…you should look at the government in South Africa…and keep watching this space…soon, very soon you will see its the intro to the rest of the world. Oh how the illuminati loves Africa, their little test tube playground, but the bastards think we are blind…nope, we see, we see more than anyone.

    • Africa is the initial and final port of call for the most powerful and ancient magic. It is so incorporated into everyone's life in a matter of fact way. I'm not just talking voodoo either. Demonic possession and spells are talked about as part of humdrum human life. I know because I have some family that has lived there for many generations (not black) but discussion of these ideas was always part of our regular, everyday family conversation and I never questioned it. I don't agree with it either wrt my own offspring.

    • It would be your choice to sell it to Hollywood or not. And if you take their money and move to Africa the same thing will happen to your story no matter where you are. Remember this. Satan always needs your permission. It's up to you whether you give it or not. Not saying the choice is always easy. Just saying you do have a choice. Hope you make the right one.

      God Bless.

    • Lol dear i know it seems like Africa is ''safe'' from illuminati, but these people are out to takeover anything and everything under the sun…….but you are right,we are pretty satan free in comparision to America-(from SA)

  3. Notice how narrator also says toward the end 'This lets the agent know how dedicated to the craft you are', ::craft:: being another Masonic reference. Obvious Masonic imagery here, but not sure if it's simply for humor or if there's further intent.

    • Well spotted – I have noted that there does not seem to be a comprehensive resource online for Witch language unless I've missed a trick. It would be useful if someone could direct me.

    • Yea, and when he says to let the agent know that "your not afraid to go the extra mile". To me that explains to let Hollywood know that you will do things of which others are afraid to become successful in the industry.
      the symbolism is so blatant, just the other day me and my brother was turned to the food network (the show with the guy with the blonde spikey hair) and he was talking to a guy in a restaurant with a poster of the eye and the pyramid on the wall. The episode discussed a pizza owner who makes great garlic pizzas and creates his own dough for his ultimate cheeseburgers….anyway sorry to get off topic!! lol If anyone seen that episode, the you know what im talking about. Great article again VC.!!

  4. "The first thing we see in the video: the Vanity Code logo. It’s an all-seeing eye inside a pyramid. Why so much Illuminati right away?" If you see carefully, there is another pyramid inside the eye, with the same orientation than the bigger one. It's like these people are crazy about pyramids.

    Unfortunately, the new world order will arrive no matter what. I don't know if we are undergoing that already. Antichrist will rule the earth for three and a half years, this is what the Bible says. So we shouldn't be surprised by any of this. The evil elites are just preparing the land for him to come. It's hard for me to determine the exact relation between pyramids, staring eyes, triangles and Satan to be honest.

    But one thing is for sure. God will destroy Antichrist, and the devil. It's just a matter of time. And we will finally get rid of all this boring crap.

      • Foolfallsforfool on

        You are right. It is written in the bible that no one but God knows the day he will come to take all his children. Thats the only way you will be saved from the Great Tribulation that is to come. Whether you want to believe it or not – It will happen. Soon.

    • "It's hard for me to determine the exact relation between pyramids, staring eyes, triangles and Satan to be honest."

      My idea is that the obsession with pyramids and egyptian motifs are not just referencing Lucifer via. Sun worship (as he is known as the morning star), but also in the idea of the Egyptians having been opressors of the Israelites, whom God delivered them from. I feel like Satan's fascination in encouraging the symbolism is to cause worshipping of false Gods, elevate himself as an affiliation with the sun, and strike up that imagery of opressing God's people/the new kingdom of Israel once again.

      "But one thing is for sure. God will destroy Antichrist, and the devil. It's just a matter of time. And we will finally get rid of all this boring crap."


  5. The road names on the map at 1.29 are all about purposefully making light of the main elements that glue that world together – Vanity, Anorexia, Coke and …er.. more Vanity

    • VERYobservant, ,and how sad cocaine and ,aneroxia, are important aspects of becoming a model and will bring celebrity status even faster. KEEP IT. its not like they are tricking young girls into this lifestyle; they are advertising for it. sad part is it works.
      people of that sort will actually watch that and be like..ok coke head ,starve myself , and just maybey ill be famous. What that has to do with vanity I do not know. its like this if u fit the mould your soul can be bought, and the market to buy never slows down. question is how low are you willing to go? its like a recruiting agency for an evil ,vain, empty and shallow existence,thats what these so called glam mags scream to me. where you can be abused degraded and exploited for a lil cash. no I would say vanity is very unfair.

  6. I literally watched this video and was not surprised. You would think with all the symbolism I would be shocked. I've been reading your articles for 2+ years now. Nothing shocks me anymore.

  7. I think the general approach of this phase is to make light of it, take the piss out of the conspiracy theorists, deliberately exaggerate and turn it into a big hoedown. They let the masses believe that they are paranoid and there is nothing much happening .. hence 'keep calm and carry on' and the entire origins of that.

  8. I think it's a joke, like "oheveryonefamousispartoftheilluminati" joke, I don't think its serious at all and they're just having some fun.

    • Traumatic Mind Control and Identification with Symbols currently associated with Oppression and Tyranny mixed in with Endless War and NWO engineered Crises blamed on fictional enemies…….. sounds like maybe the jokes on you dude

    • Yes like those musicians in the Titanic movie who carried on playing while the ship was sinking pretending that there was no need to move. Get a life-boat!

      • Speaking of the Titanic, I was doing some digging the other day. If anyone has anything to add or correct me by all means do so. It was called the unsinkable ship despite the owner being pressured to finish its construction by a certain date. They also knowingly let it sail without enough lifeboats for the passengers. Turns out there were some important people who opposed the fed on board. "They" wanted to be rid of them and make a fortune from the insurance so they sank it. Then comes along Hollywood to make it look like it was just a tragic love story and iceberg that brought it down.

      • well known – google, YouTube this.. Those wealthy and powerful opposed to the idea of a federal reserve were eliminated in this tragedy.. JP Morgan commissioned the building of the boat

      • The captain was also a Jesuit and assumed to be under orders to sink the ship thus explaining why he didn't turn it when the iceberg was spotted and there was still time, much to the confusion and dismay of the crew.

        It was Astor and another guy whose name I've forgotten (but both of whom were incredibly wealthy and controlled many aspects of the banking world at the time) who were opposing the creation of the Federal Reserve. They both drown along with all the rest. It was a setup from the get-go.

        And yes, look what Hollywood did with that story. Crying shame. No wonder so many people (outside of tween girls) didn't like it.

        For those who want references. Look it up. It's not that difficult to substantiate.

    • this is where a lot of misconception takes place and ALOT of people do not believe in this stuff even though is right in front of their face wherever they go. Everyone who is famous is not part of the illuminati…actually there may only be a 3 or 4 out of all of Hollywood. But the majority and almost of the celebrities in the industry are CONTROLLED by their activities and their agenda. As a matter of fact, some celebrities do not even know that they are used by them…some of them find out and try to change when it is too late (MJ, J Cole). And some do escape the industry before they become a victim (Waka Flocka).

      Jay-z is one of the "head" men in the industry that is used to carry out the Illuminati's agenda. Is he a member of the society…maybe….maybe not but he is aware of what's going on and chooses to be a part of it. So your right "everyone famous is part of the illuminati" is definitely wrong, but just about "everyone famous IS tied to the illuminati…in one way or another……."

      • everyone is a puppet, though few are chosen to be figureheads. Jayz is definitely a figurehead. Ke$han is nothing but a stupid puppet.

  9. The whole thing is a joke. They're suggesting finding out where agents home addresses are? Or mailing joe esterhauz? Cmon guys, this is taking the piss. Also, the website they mention after imdb.com they call "whore presents" – it's really who represents.com (altogether) but it looks like it could also say whore presents. The whole thing is a joke and not meant to be taken seriously.

    • It classic Orwellian double speech/ masonic multiple symbols according to your rank… At the surface its making fun of it all but deep down in EVERYBODY'S heads (except for the most aloof disconnected individual) it says WE ARE IN CONTROL, AND IF YOU WANT 'IN' IN OUR 'COSA NOSTRA' YOU HAVE TO PLAY BY OUR RULES

  10. This guy in a devil mask reminds me of the guy from Tokio hotel. I mean his Haloween outfit. He was dressed as a devil and mentioned that his favorite movie is Eyes Wide Shut. Strange… or not so strange actually

    • You're right! Everything about Bill is fishy though. Starting from his name. He always said his fav movie was The Labyrinth with Bowie.

  11. There is no other purpose for these videos and photo shoots……. they are created to arrogantly display their power…… and then rub it all up into the knowledgeable individual's face…. end of story

    • I think the fact that they are showing off their power, symbolism etc so much is, in addition to being proud and arrogant, because it seems to be part of the "Cosmic Rules of Play" that they need to inform their victims about what is happening beforehand so that the victims have a choice whether to be involved with them or no.

      I guess it's not a real "choice" for most people because even if the illuminati agenda is becoming known to more and more people, everywhere in the mainstream media they play it so that it looks like it's only the crazy conspiracy theorists who think like this. So in the end most end up brainwashed in this regard too.

      Moreover, their symbolism is so obvious and prevalent in the media because these symbols have a certain power in and of themselves (so I've heard), and they want excercise this power on the masses to bring them under their control.

  12. How to land a MK Ultra Hollywood Handler so that you may have imps downloaded into your brain so that your left and right brain hemispheres are forever disconnected! Thanks Vanity Fair! Yayyyyy!!! I plan on destroying your business in the near future! Will see you soon

    Forever your mortal enemy, Sanat Toma'

  13. I always thought to make it in life one has to study and work hard. Guess I was wrong, it seems one must do occult things to be successful. That being the case I would rather fight and live life the right way than use evil shortcuts to be successful, cause at the end of the day I would still have my soul.

    • You are absolutely right. I worked in Hollywood for many years and it has very little to do with talent and much more to do with whether or not you're willing to go along with their horrible, evil agenda in order to succeed. Of course it's amazing how many people blindly do go along with it and ignore what they're helping to promote. I walked away a few years ago and everyone still thinks I'm nuts.

      Keep up your good work. It's the good way and your soul will be clean. Mine on the other hand still needs a lot of scrubbing…

      God Bless.

  14. Notice that their noses are pyramid shaped and a funny color – finishing where the third eye is at apex. Also ties in with the fact that they have been hoovering up coke

  15. Hey, had you watch new Katy Perry's video Roar? I wonder what will you say about it, VC:) Thank you for this post, it was interesting 😉

  16. Typical … I wonder if we go to war would other God fearing/loving countries want to help the US if need be considering we look like a bunch of devil worshipers over here!?

  17. It is definitely mickey taking but I don't know if your average Vanity Fair/Vogue reader is clued up/smart enough to get. Like VC said it'll just fly over most sheeple's heads so it's a dig at us maybe?

    • more like a recruitment ad and i don't mean for writers either, aren't we supposed to reach a point of having to choose who we will serve… perhaps that time is fast approaching.

  18. Dear Vigilant Citizen,

    In 'King Henry V' by Shakespeare (Act 3, Scene 1), it mentions the following…

    'I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
    Straining upon the start. The game's afoot:
    Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
    Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'

    In 21st Century English, it means that the kick-off is about to start therefore get ready,
    play hard & win THAT game.

    For whatever reason, we at this current period of Human Existence when things once
    secret are being made public possibly deliberately, so in 50yrs – 150yrs time as in
    Stephen King's book 'The Stand' some confrontation happens on…

    Religious/Economic/Religious even Mystic perspectives?

    Vanity Fair are playing their role & you have to acknowledge BUT NOT be
    manipulated by it.

    Maybe, the start of this game happened on 9/11 yet it can only be won by the side
    whom uses intellect.

  19. I found it rather amusing to be honest. Sure, it is probably a witty play on ''in plain view'', but with some nice and clever references to connected puppets and puppeteers. Anybody noticed the carpeting?

  20. I think this ad was a direct insult to bloggers and readers like us who are trying to spread the truth out there. The fact that they are not even trying to be subliminal is an indication that they feel threatened and need to 'trump' us by being more over the top with their symbolism than usual. Fail on their part.

  21. Sighing for America. Yet again. I just wish that people would open their eyes! The industry/illuminati has brainwashed us enough. And it is to the point of where it is everywhere. I have seen the all seeing eye on kids shows, on backpacks, on shirts, everywhere.You would think that more people would notice. I mean, come on you see one eye more and more.

      • Sorry, I was in a hurry so I couldn't type as much as I meant to say. What I meant is that I see numerous signs mentioned on this site more and more often around me and the most common is the one eye and the upside down cross.

    • Now you know and can see it with your own eyes, keep questioning the people and organisations that use them, the symbols. They probably won't have any empathy, remorse or humanity behind the image. So up to you if you want to watch the shows, buy the products and read their stories to your kids. Even the ones that only use the eye because it is in vogue, they're just plain stupid, so you could avoid sponserering them aswell. But don't forget to live your life, grow and learn, relax and enjoy the ride, too…..

      • :) yeah I usually never buy or watch those things because number one I most likely don't need it in my house and number two if people look at it, it probably won't make them smile or laugh

  22. Y'know what they say about there being no such thing as bad publicity (since they control it anyway, why not overload the masses with it in a haphazard way – they have reached such a level of collective dumbness that they would only laugh at their own enslavement and celebrate their 'free world')! They are not in on the joke but they are the joke as observed from the capstone vantage point – they cannot see.

    • nobody-is-awake on

      wow .. your level of ignorance is astronomical .. demonic possession hahaha .. self mastery is something that is more beneficial than relying on something you cant even prove exists to do everything for you and ultimately save you from the bogey man. more importantly self mastery through means such as yoga .. (not to be confused with simple postures and stretches) is actually hard work in removing your vices and improving your character to become a better person . which is what a lot of freemasonry is or was about, however corrupt you think it is. __if your scared about the evil yoga leads to .. I would ask you point me in the direction of someone who genuinely has been possessed because of yoga .. and not some relative of yours I never will meet .. where as I can point you in the direction of numerous people who follow the path of blindly believing in a god that end up (pffft .. possessed) materialistic and animalistic .. take for example your beloved pious god loving priests .. most of whom are

      • nobody-is-awake on

        many people who never lifted a finger .. relied on the invisible man and were your precious pious leaders .. who went of to molest children .. catholic priests ring a bell ?> now if that isn't demonic possession pfft .. I don't know what is … grow up and read something about yoga and self work rather than just watching some other persons paranoid view on the topic from a youtube clip.

      • Having seen the sort of education offered by you liberals, free thinkers and jack-of-all-trades/faiths and despite my own experiences (as mentioned, I am the product of an extremely closed-off, wealth and status based faction of my mother's supposedly monotheistic faith which I have never been able to talk about outside of it), I would not hesitate to educate my own within the Catholic faith and leave them in the care of priests rather than Rothschild-indoctrinated, NWO-s**king mainstream education.

      • Do you even remotely realize who you are why I stated what I stated ? If anything is worse than yoga/occultism/freemasonry then… would you name it ? Do you think that mocking and ridiculing me make any of your opinions stronger ? Doubt it. Who knows… As for examples this part struck me. Everything is an example. No person practiced kundalini yoga or even agni yoga would ever remain the same. Rewards of the lucifer are well known no reason to list it.

      • Your comments are silly and prideful and help no one, not even yourself. I feel sorry for you.

        God Bless.

  23. I don't read magazines anyway. I don't buy or read any type of magazine. Its a waste of money and paper. Especially trashy magazines, gossip mags or fashion mags. There's nothing of real value in their & no morals/values. They always promote rubbish. The illuminati can do whatever it wants & they may come out as the temporary winners, but they won't be the winners forever & they definitely will be overthrown at some point. Thats when every single one of them will lose more than what they worked for. So really I pity them, becahse they're not as enlightened as they think they are. They're omgoing to lose eventually and when they do, shits gonna go bad for them.

  24. So i read in the comments above about "YOGA" and stuff.. Can someone explain or tell me what's so wrong about yoga?? I don't see anything wrong about it other than a way of relaxation… Thanks.

    • At first it may seem relaxing and have enormous health benefits. Eventually, depending on the motives of the teacher running the class and what type of Yoga is being practised, this will more than reverse. It is a form of meditation and sitting on a mat making the 3 6 sign repeating mantras over and over is basically a way of opening up your third eye and offering your body up for possession. I loved yoga and I still feel that it is possible to hack out a dozen positions and all the mumbo-jumbo but what is left is pilates, basically. The only reason one would prefer Yoga is the spiritualist aspects of it and the apparent comfort derived from that and that is at the root of the problem. It disconnects us from God and draws us towards self which is intrinsically Luciferian. By allowing this to happen for the duration of a class on a regular basis, we transition easily towards the worship of self on a full time basis.

      • star seed teen on

        Theres nothing wrong about it. Opening third eye is means opening the eye of.your soul. Remember, the Bible was rewritten and translated from so many languages and its meaning is coded. Just open your minds people, you have your own head on shoulders, dont believe everything you read, I think you should have already learned that or youre no differen than those who read thesemags and watch mainstream news. the God is only one in the end.

      • If God had intended for all of us to have three eyes open, we would have been created with three eyes rather than two. I am afraid that the third eye you are attempting to open is the eye of Horus that keisha is quite keen on, apparently. It is not bringing you closer to God but to Satan and his vast sub ranks.

        No self-respecting person of faith could do the whole Om and sun-worshipping thing witho0ut rolling up their mat and quitting.

        The whole concept of repetitive chanting is also demonic in it's very nature. God created man intelligent enough not to have to repeat the same thing a hundred times over with the whole purpose of invoking an altered, transcendental state by the end of it. It is DIY MK. A lot of meditation is the same.

        Faith is a lucid and inclusive thing – it is accessible to the intelligent as well as the common man – where you see people separating out right to access faith upon the basis of submitting to the teachings of a guru or making financial contributions to rise through the ranks of knowledge, you know things have gone very wrong. I say that as somebody who spent my entire childhood witnessing it first hand within the context of the exclusive, highly esoteric, respectable branch of monotheism I was raised in.

      • This is ignorance. To create fear of the knowledge of self is a form of control. Meditation is deprogramming and deconditioning. You have been made fearful by those who would control you.

      • Well I am troubled by the absence of acknowledgement that it is God's help alone that removes afflictions and makes us strong rather than our own clever strategies. It is the only thing that will save us.
        I am only under the control of God and happy to acknowledge my own shortcomings as a human being in terms of mapping out my own life. You speak with the confidence of someone who has not yet experienced great trials and tribulations or else was helped by God but refused to show gratitude. Perhaps you will still have a chance to redeem yourself.

      • Moreover, every single secret society type/Masonic/Luciferian belief system I have ever come across relies on meditation as a means of keeping it's devotees brainwashed. The monotheistic faiths, in their uncorrupted state (increasingly hard to find) , do not and prayer to God is enough to bring about those benefits in a wholesome way.

      • ''..and draws us towards self which is intrinsically Luciferian..'' Who told you that? I think connecting with one's self is the best thing there is. Big pharma and media is paying big money to draw us AWAY from ourselves…. Ofcourse, one should be honest to oneself and that is very scary for a lot of people, including religious folks, is my experience. So focussing on mankind as an abstract combination of people is easier. Especially when they believe in common things. But, remember, the one who you see in your mirror is you ..it is really you, body and mind.

      • Yes but mastery of self does not lead to anything greater, it is a self-indulgent exercise which creates no synergy and does not improve our spiritual worth at all. It cuts us off from the ignorant who cannot arrive at the same level of self-understanding for whatever reason, and makes us want to band with others who are self-absorbed and self-discovered. It creates a very selfish, uninspiring type of secret club.

      • I am so not agreeing with you. But that's okay. To master one's self does not automatically lead to self-indulgency or selfish people. I think it might lead to strong people, who can help themselves when in trouble, AND can help others as well. Why do you take it on the negative side, by the way?

      • Well I am troubled by the absence of acknowledgement that it is God's help alone that removes afflictions and makes us strong rather than our own clever strategies. It is the only thing that has helped me.

      • You may not agree or like what I have to say because I assume you guys are Christian and this is coming from a Muslim – but I agree with @amaryllis particularly in that yoga is drawing us towards ourselves and away from God. While not being into yoga per say, I have some exposure to Buddhist meditation rites and to meditation in Islam for the purpose of "Tazkiyah", (i.e. purification of the soul). I completely agree that God-less yoga is self-indulgent, and ends up drowning yourself into your "self". The difference is that Islamic meditation is about focusing on GOD. It's not about being dishonest to oneself or "afraid" of anything (and I fail to see why non-religious types always assume that religious folks' disagreement stems from some kind of "fear" or insecurity). But it's about what you allow yourself to drown into. Islamically, you cannot "know" yourself without knowing God, because He is the Creator and Source of strength anyway. Only by focusing on Him can we know our true reality, because our reality includes our dependence on Him, and it includes a transcendental soul, not merely what materially consists of body and mind. You are right that focusing on the self *could* potentially create people who are strong and good etc, but in practice it also DOES create people who ARE quite self-indulgent. By focusing on God, Who is the Creator and Sustainer of all humanity and all other forms of life that we may or may not know of – by focusing on Him, we keep all other things in place.

        "All creatures are Allah's family; and Allah loves most those who treat his family well and kindly." (Bayhaqi)

        And in no way do we end up NOT knowing ourselves by focusing on Him. Rather we know ourselves even better than before – we recognize our smallness, our humbleness, our weaknesses, and gain the strength to accept ourselves as the little helpless things we are, removing arrogance from our hearts, and shaping our lives according to the natural order that God designed life on earth to be like.

        I'm not saying all yoga is bad of course, it must be good for health. I'm just talking about when people go all out "spiritual" with yoga. You have to choose your God. What you focus on most is definitely going to change your psyche and take the place of God in your heart.

      • I must add that knowing ourselves better than before is not merely about knowing our littleness, but also that whatever goodnesses we have are also gifts from God and are not of our own doing, and this is turn creates a humbleness and gratitude and feeling of being blessed, and a sense of responsibility towards using our blessings in the best ways. Thankfulness. Peace. So much positivity. Which I really don't think can compare to the self-aggrandizement of yoga.

      • Again, the focus seems to be – do not focus on your own strengths and possibilities, but on god. Why the rejection of individual qualities and the mainlining headlines about abstract creator(s) ?
        In my experience, that is a tactic used by repressors, religious and non-religious. No offence meant, but i see it as a result of brainwashing too.

      • I added the second reply to address exactly this:

        "knowing ourselves better than before is not merely about knowing our littleness, but also that whatever ***goodnesses*** we have are also gifts from God and are not of our own doing, and this is turn creates a humbleness and gratitude and feeling of being blessed, and a sense of ***responsibility towards using our blessings in the best ways***."

        You are absolutely *not* rejecting your strengths. You are fully recognizing them, just in their right context and not in a way that can break away into arrogance and self-worship, which in turn creates an attitude of entitlement and "me-first". And is one of the greatest virtues of humanity not altruism, sacrificing for others, loving and preferring others over oneself? When we focus on God Who is the Source of all love, then we cultivate love and humility – the greatest of human characteristics – and the goodness that comes out of this focus stems from *love*, not just a "I-me-myself", "feel-good" kind of thing. The point of being God-centered is to stop being self-centered. It could be called "repression" if the God in question then asked for repressive behavior, but He does not (for anyone actually well-read in religion, from its classical sources, not missionary/media-inspired brainwashing against it). So I see no repression whatsoever. On the contrary, I find humans oppressing each other all the time, and every single time they do so, it can always be traced back to a violation of some good that God revealed to us, and is most usually because of an attitude of "might is right", "me-first".

      • I should probably clarify one more thing (this coming from an Islamic perspective): Humans are created to be lovers, by design. And the greatest love comes from God, the Creator of love, and He created us precisely for love, in love. By focusing on God we aren't becoming brainwashed brainless zombies. We are simply remembering Him, loving Him. And He has promised us His Eternal love back, if we live on earth via His designs (i.e. in accordance with nature, and establishing justice, and according to the covenant of life on earth which we took by our own choice). There is no motivation in the human experience greater than love, which is not just the most powerful emotion in existence, but the one that most easily pushes oneself to sacrifice oneself for others. When in love with someone, we naturally want to do whatever we know their pleasure is in. And a Muslim (who knows its religion) knows that Allah's pleasure is in us realizing the best of our potentials, and bringing benefit to ourselves and to humanity. So there is no repression taking place.

        Point being – focusing on God is an expression of loving Him (just like a lover thinks of their beloved), a *realization* of one's self in relation to God as His vicegerent on earth – which is the greatest thing there can be. It is a liberation from the material world with its give-and-take limits, to the realization of Eternity, so that when one comes out of meditation, then love feels boundless. So focusing doesn't end up being repression, it's liberation.

      • You sure need a lot of words to make your point. Very distracting to me, i am sorry. I get the feeling there are discrepancies in it, but can not name them. Anyway, i was not talking just about love and understanding oneself (or when religious – god). I was talking of coping with life as a human being. Discovering one's talents and strengths, dealing with surviving – not during a crisis, but daily. And the ways to make a living could contribute to ''society'', or your hobby could, or a sideproduct could. Trying to make the best of it does not lead to an extraction of kapitalism by default, in short.

      • Sorry for the wordiness – I tend to have a problem putting things concisely. Hopefully this will make sense:

        If we break out of our finite, mortal, limited selves, and rely on God, we have far more possibilities and an infinite Source of love and strength and energy to draw from, which refreshes us and helps improves the rest of our practical lives. We realize our greatness not through our own little selves but through God, because He's the One created us and is the Source of our continued existence, and the greatness that we realize through Him is one without arrogance. There is no dichotomy in Islam between the daily/practical sphere of life and the spiritual side. That's what Islam's daily prayers about – focusing on God and reminding ourselves of the bigger picture throughout the day, helping us cope at all times, communicating directly with God, never losing sight of the things that matter most in life, and reciting verses from the Quran that remind us of all this, including the best ways to make the best use of our lives. Even a mundane act like eating food, simply by virtue of maintaining awareness of God/gratefulness/responsibility to make good use of the energy we get from this food – even a mundane act like eating, or just throwing the trash in the bin, or planning the day's activities, or dealing with random problems, or working on our hobby, can all be converted into spiritual acts, and from speaking personal experience, the quality of that act always comes out better. Just by the intention in the heart. Every single thing in life becomes an act of love.

        I never opposed making the best of what we have practically. I was talking specifically about spiritual meditation and the crux of its focus – and the *effects* of that focus on practical life. I agreed self-focused yoga could create good people, my point is simply that in reality it also promotes self-indulgence and people who do NOT help society. I know such a person myself – and I doubt they would have been the same had they focused on God instead of themselves. I am not talking about a bit of healthy yoga. I am talking about going all out with yoga being the solution to life's problems. It probably helps, but it certainly carries risks.

      • Thanks, i think i now understand it a little better. I still do not agree with most, but i see your good intentions behind it more clearly. I have different experiences though. I have been in countries with a mixed society, secular and muslim. And i found that the mandatory praying for example had both the effects you seem to describe above, but also – it had a compulsary side of it. At the most peculiar times people were to break up their lives and what they were doing (living it), and were to pray. (The muezzins use a verrrrry loud installation.) The muslims that did not were affraid to show and tell, because their community would judge them and give less bussiness to them. That is not natural way of living to me, and certainly bullheading on my believing in the good of the habit/rule. To me that is distracting, dividing, breaking natural rhythms of human beings.
        But i do understand praying, the meaning and worth of it. And the good is does to people.

      • I'm glad the explanation made more sense this time!.

        As for today's Muslims, most people today are just zombies, honestly. The majority of us neither know the language we're praying in, nor do our educational systems include meaningful teachings about them, nor do we care. The materialist rat-race of life and global consumerist mentality has given spirituality a backseat, so those who're swayed away by it only fulfill prayers as a mechanical obligation, or just for show. This is obviously not good. Ideally, the Islamic way of life revolves around focusing on God and our purpose on earth – to establish goodness, where worldly affairs are to be conducted in accordance with goodness as prescribed by God. Therefore depending on which worldview you believe in, the daily prayers can either appear to be distractions, or they can appear to be the highlight of a person's day – the landmarks that provide meaning and focus to all other mundane things you're doing in life. Humans don't work continuously anyway – we always take breaks. In the case of prayers – these are just breaks that serve as a positive refreshment (and reminder of honesty and morality necessary in life) by holding direct communion with our greatest Love, God, which we then take back to our workplaces and homes.

        If you look carefully at the prayer timings, you might find that the timings of the prayers are actually in harmony with a healthy human lifecycle in terms of sleeping, eating, exercising, working and the cycles of day and night. (eg. the two midday prayers are short and prayed in silence, whereas the others are prayed with loud recitations, once the work day is over. and the prayers that come after meal times are generally a bit longer – more physical movement).

        Unfortunately, most Muslims, and in fact I believe most everyone in any religion – no longer sees the meaning in religion these days. Even churches are pretty much abandoned by all but the elderly, right? And this does appear very much to be one of the NWO's agendas. To make God-centered religions look stupid, repressive and basically a joke. While materialistic philosophies are given the crown of illumination.

      • What's missing in most Muslims' lives is an understanding of Islam. We're barely taught anything more than the five pillars – and even those pillars, we barely know anything about their meaning, we're just familiar with a superficial crude understanding of the basic external movements. Their purpose is lost to us, and few people are bothered to learn or teach it any more. (Random lament here. I guess this is off-topic).

      • Amaryllis- You have it all wrong my friend, study the truth, philosophy, zen buddhism, the real bible, pick up a lovely book called " A course in miracles"- the truth is the third eye, the inner self, YOU, , that is GOD, you were created in his image, the true inner self is the white light of the holy spirit, and dont you see every single thing in this physical world is designed by satan to distract and shut your third eye from your truth? They want you to be afraid to meditate, they put flouride in your water to calcify your third eye, they program the masses to be so mushed out and brain dead and distracted from our true reality as God's creatures that if everyone actually woke up spiritually, used and cleansed the third eye, wed all pretty much be in heaven. Its really that simple actually. When you let fear rule you, when you think that your body is open to "possession", guess what..>THAT fear in itself is called the ego, and the ego is the one and only obstacle to christ, true faith in God, true deep down faith is knowing in your heart and soul you are protected, strong, loved and you are full of gods white light and quieting your mind from the illusion of the ego and the worlds physical distractions, including the rewritten bible, is exactly what keeps you away from your truth. There is a reason yoga still isnt that popular, nor is meditation, nor is just going for a walk outside without music, we are conditioned to be total slaves to our mind and brain, the one thing they can control, but they can't control your soul…use mediation and prayer to get in touch with that. your world will change.

      • She's not wrong. All the misery and pain is this world is simply due to humanity's rejection of our Creator.

        Try as you might with a million yoga positions or philosophies or silly books like "A Course in Miracles" (which you should look into as the people who wrote it claim it was "channeled" to them by Jesus. Jeez…) to compare them to the Holy Bible and you will fail.

        God created you, but is not pantheistic. You sound a lot like Shirley McClain. Maybe that's who you are.

      • Lol, actually far from Shirley McClain, more like a very well educated adult who has spent years studying philosophy, multiple versions of the Holy Bible, and attended a religious school for many years whilst also being raised Christian. You are saying the same thing as me however yours is ruled in fear, right where satan wants it to be, where you can do nothing about it. Mine is ruled in truth, the way God intended and only a few are capable of waking up to. Want to know how ? I don't watch TV, I dont listen to the radio, I eat extremely healthy, I pray, I read, I meditate…I have cleared my mind of all nonsense, other than occasional visits to VC.

        Have you read a course in miracles? If you have read it , even a single page of it, there would be no way for you to doubt for one second that it is holy scripture, similar to many works which were divine inspirations . it is kind of funny though that you blindly believe only reading the bible is the only way to humanity understanding their creator, but no other book, path, religion could possibly have come with any additional insight? You contradict yourself gaybird. Especially considering its "them" who intentionally re-wrote the bible you probably read to ensure 100% that you stay far far away from the truth. Think logically, really deeply allow your brain to think about the complexities of life, go read a few books by Krishnamurty, read Augustines Free Choice of the Will, read about zen buddhism, clear your mind of all the false illusions the ego, the material world, and even religion have muddled you with and you will find the truth. The truth is that you are God, you are part of God, Jesus was the best representation of that in the physical world. There is no such thing as one God Head sitting in the sky lourding over us. The dao flows through all things, both to the left and to right, it loves and nourishes all things ,but does not lourd over them, and when merits are accomplished it lays no claim to them. MLK said it, among many others who were also killed- " For some strange reason I ought not to be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be, and that is the interrelated structure of our reality". We are all one big energy trapped down here in an essential hell because everyone refuses to wake up from dogma, politics, hedonism, materialism, and the false illusion that you are simply an ego trapped in a bag of skin. You are so afraid that you can't possibly really be the white holy spirit because the ego has put that fear there…right where Satan wants it to be. If we collectively wake up from this illusion it would all be over.

      • You might consider checking out the Right Use of Will series by Ceanne deRohan….it'd be right up your alley (divinely inspired material).

      • yoga makes me think of yogurt. your better off doing stretches and light running/workout then doing 'yoga'

    • In many cases yoga leads to demonic possession. Do not ask how we got to the point that christian churches are the ones who aggressively propagate yoga. At least on West Coast..

      • You said it – my 70 year old uncle has become an over-enthusiastic devotee and he still counts himself as a religious man.

      • We all are very religious. Even atheism and hedonism are sort of religions. Unless an individual has ongoing mental problems he has something to hold on. As for dark ones it is strong religion with strong beliefs system. Yoga makes me wonder much more than any occult symbolism do.

      • Demonic possession is not Hollywood-style prancing about with red eyes in a frenzied state. It usually happen insidiously – spending more time buying into the dumbed-down agenda, increasing reliance on self (when things come crashing down, of course, self-blame, self-harm and self-loathing follow as you cannot make those smart-a strategies work for you anymore). Impermeability to God and what is good in life. If that happens to you, it is the people of God who will reach out to you to help you. Those like yourself might advocate a quack therapy, drinking, ADs , drugs, more expensive self-discovery, who knows?
        Occasionally, I have reached out to people that were on the verge of complete self-destruction and through God's grace, helped to build them up again and sent them on their way without taking back or asking for anything in return. Due to my damaged faith system imposed upon me in childhood, it took me a long time to really feel love for other people outside of close family (probably first happened on becoming a parent) but through that I learned that our capacity to love, nurture and help others is huge. It is the greatest gift.

    • Thanks Anony, I appreciate knowing about your moslem perspective on the matter. I know a lot about Gnostic Islam and I would be unlikely to consider mainstream moslem thinking but your contribution is appreciated

      • Yesterday, a New York practitioner of yoga admitted that twerking is a form of yoga and goes back much, much further than people believe. So we've come round full circle.

  25. I don't know what was more annoying…listening to him talk about nothing or all the blatant symbolism. Very frightening and obnoxious all at the same time.

  26. Gawwd, Here we go again, Its just the same ole, same ole, same ole etc etc etc………They (The Elite) are letting us know once again who controls the behind the scenes….& Hollywood Agent? more like Hollywood Pimp!…..Thanks VC btw.

  27. Interesting that VC mentioned Conde Nast, which is a magazine publisher and a subsidiary/division of Advance Publications, which is owned by Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr./Jr. and Donald Newhouse who are guess what?………None other than Jewish. Do any of you even realize how many newspapers, magazines, journals this company owns? Its crazy man. Oh and that is a factual comment not a racist comment so anyone who says otherwise…..Bring.It.On.

    Also Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue) cancelled Miley's Vogue cover because of THAT VMA performance, Ha ha ha!

    • Might be just spin. Maybe they had the 2nd cover sorted out on forehand? In publicity, the whole bunch eats out of the same trough – as in pigs, yes 😉

  28. In as much as this is all for public consumption, I think this is really about the Satanic Zionists who have successfully infiltrated, and now control the entire Freemason culture. They are thumbing their noses at the Freemasons; letting them all know that they have been duped, corrupted, taken-over. Many Freemason who are lower down are not completely aware but the Satanic Zionists (who control media, radio, music, fashion, magazines, sports, film, etc.) are now letting everyone know who's in charge.

    Let's recall Protocol No. 15 – Secret Societies. This is how they are letting the Freemasons know – they are insulting them by using their sacred symbols and rituals, etc. They have infiltrated and destroyed the Freemasons.

    Freemasons need to wake up and put an end to this.

    • Freemasonry was and is nothing more but a satanic cult. For them to wake up is to die from the hand of their fellows. I am talking about 30+ levels not duped lazy ones.

  29. Well, I'm afraid that Freemasonary was not built on solid enough ground in the first place and if any of them were well-meaning, they can't just claim back the movement as it belongs to another agenda now. they should rebrand as something else and watch out for hiijackers next time round. I have to say, I was brought up around God-acknowledging (though I would never say believing) freemasons (never knew at the time) and they are generally dispassionate, dead-eyed folk despite shows of generosity and loyalty to their communities. I never did see any great nobility or chivalry shining through or any strong intuitive capacity or emotional intelligence or near-palpable compassion. But my experience of life is limited, so maybe that perspective is flawed somewhat as I'm sure someone will soon come along and point out.

  30. My first post on this site. Forgive me if i didn't read all the comments on this post but there were so many and i just don't have the time at this time. Although i don't disagree with the writer's premise i would encourage the writer to stil find and talk to the artist who created the illustrations for the Vanity Fair piece before the writer get's the full lay of the land. Sometimes illustrators, like myself, are agents of good letting folks know which way the wind blows, just like writers of good minds. This isn't a negative review, it's a call to ask for the artist who made the art to inform the conversation. Vanity Fair didn't create the art, the artist did, and often it's the artists who are most in the corner of good ethics. There is often the artist's influence in the "commercial" which is anathema to the advertiser's intent. In other words, bean counters often don't know what the hired artist is saying.

    My point is this: maybe this illustrator was hired to make rent but he also was telling the viewers that he was being a beard for horrible people which is often the case. Believe me, artists are undercover agents for good on most occasions which is why despots eliminate them first among the intellectuals.


    • That medium for example has deccenia of experience with the symbolism and the uses of it, aesthetically and generating. So i think one could rule out naivity. But i too would like more information by the artist (and some of other subjects onthis site by the way). Very good idea.

    • If you are a commercial artist you understand quite well that everything in those videos is well thought out prior to execution. Please. The "artists" (yes, I'm using this term very loosely) who produce them are under heavy instruction and guidance. How else would the Creative Directors, Art Directors, Editors, etc. justify their existence if they just handed out projects and let the artists turn in anything they wanted? It's not up to the bean counters. They just count the beans. There are may other highly paid people involved in a process like this series of videos making many, many decisions about the content. There isn't a lot of creative liberty given and if you are engaged in this kind of work, you know this.

      Please. Commercial artists as subversives. Give me a break. Commercial artists are part of the problem. If they'd stop lending their talents to such drivel and get after some real art, now that would be subversive.

      • Yeah, I doubt they lose much sleep over the spiritual dilemma they are instrumental in creating. They KNOW that if they were so bothered they could quit as there are loads of others waiting in the wings to take their place. They stay in it for the MONEy, same as the MK puppet singers. They don't need to be in on the agenda, just get them worshiping the $$ and the rest looks after itself.

  31. … I assumed readers were educated by far, understanding the meaning behind the matter. The videos are the truth disguised as an Illuminati mockery, "hidden in plain sight," bullshit. Rather, it is a joke on you.

  32. My first post on this site. Forgive me if i didn't read all the comments on this post but there were so many and i just don't have the time at this time. Although i don't disagree with the writer's premise i would encourage the writer to still find and talk to the artist who created the illustrations for the Vanity Fair piece before the writer get's the full lay of the land. Sometimes illustrators, like myself, are agents of good letting folks know which way the wind blows, just like writers of good minds. This isn't a negative review, it's a call to ask for the artist who made the art to inform the conversation. Vanity Fair didn't create the art, the artist did, and often it's the artists who are most in the corner of good ethics. There is often the artist's influence in the "commercial" which is anathema to the advertiser's intent. In other words, bean counters often don't know what the hired artist is saying.

    Contact the artist to get their input.

    • Artists don't get approval to submit their work for a major publication without someone ok'ing it. So Vanity Fair DID sanction this piece.

  33. Look guys, I am sorry if I have offended anyone regarding my comments on yoga and the rest. Fact is, I may have come across as sounding judgmental and dogmatic but infact, I am not like that at all and I judge no-one, I have never felt comfortable with organized religion, I am not a religious nut and a great many of the people I have ever grown to love have been lost to illuminati and masonic beliefs and practices… but I still love them and take a thorough look at their beliefs when they ask me to do this and I am most appreciative of their desire to advance my knowledge and gain my confidence.
    I am sorry to one person in particular whom I really admire a great deal and who came on here upon my recent recommendation and left feeling unwelcome and discouraged because of certain attitudes. Wherever possible, it is best to deal with stuff by communicating directly in real life rather than communicating anonymously online. Once again, sorry.

    • I'm going to keep this simple b/c I comment on yoga all the time:____I'm a Christian and I stupidly went through 6 months of yoga teacher training last year with the hopes of teaching classes to supplement my income. Basically, I like to exercise, ashtanga yoga can be fun, and it helped me to shed my baby weight post-partum. ____Boy was I wrong!! I went through this crazy, topsyturvy teacher training called Birmingham Yoga with this like, false-prophetesque leader who still gives me nightmares. I'm all about stretching before and after a workout, but jeez! This guy was whacked out. I've since distanced myself from the 13 (yes, 13) other students in the class. I have since found faith and become heavily involved in my church (Thank God!). But not everyone can easily distinguish between this kundalini-satanic-inducing cult as I did. No pago-weird chants for this Christian gal. ____My underlying sentiment is this: if yoga becomes anything outside of strength training and stretching to supplement your other workouts, then turn away! Don't use it for religion or spirituality. I turn on some fun tunes as to not focus on the void of "allowing oneself to open to the spirits."

      • Maybe work out to your favorite Christian music? That would REALLY make any lingering demons turn themselves inside-out with anger! LOL

    • No harm, no foul. I suggest that those folks that deny that hard-core spiritual Yoga is a one way road to the demonic harassment have "scales" on their eyes (Acts 9:1-19). Those scales cannot be removed by anyone other than Jesus Christ, Himself.

      That being said, it's MY OPINION, after years of research, that genuine, full-blown demonic possession is exceedingly rare. Most of what we experience in others is the first stage of demonic possession, oppression, and the 2nd stage, infestation.

      I have no doubt that our Rissa, who posted below, encountered a person in the throes of REAL demonic possession.

      • More than one! I assure you. During our lunchbreaks in the yoga teacher training, I would ride with some students to Whole Foods. My Christianity came up and several of them immediately would become agitated and declare themselves atheists or gnostics. The scariest thing is that the loud-mouth atheist woman in our group is a public school teacher at a county high school who teaches…you guessed it! RELIGION. I read her online syllabus and it propagates mainly hinduism, taoism, buddhism, and wiccan. There was only one week devoted to Christianity. And this same vile woman is the leader of the yoga club at the school. Talk about brainwashing the kids early!!

      • Little wonder. Yoga is absolutely crucial part of the whole occult indoctrination of the Western world.Job is almost complete. Lucky you to get out of the snakepit on time with useful lessons learned and eyes wide open.

  34. Have you seen the movie " Now You See Me?" I just watched it the other night on cable. Despite its strong cast the screenplay is weak but that is all beside the point. It is practically an HOMAGE to the Occult. I mean its just ridiculous. Repleat with the Eye Of Horus, A GPS closup that has a street intersection looking like an upside down satanic cross and get this? The heros are THE FOUR HORSEMEN. Ugh. Its nutz.

    And as far as I can tell the moral of the entire story is Do WHat Thy WIll. Basically relax and enjoy the immorality.

    Very weird. I'd love to know your take on it.


    • I haven't seen it, but I've just read the synopsis from Wikipedia. You aren't kidding. It seems as though the "feel good" plot of stealing money from the rich and giving to the poor goes along way to draw attention away from all the symbolism. I'm interested in what VC would say, too.

  35. Maybe we're supposed to be diverted by the blatant /overt masonic symbolism while the real danger stays covert. You never know. Could also be a well orchestrated blame game. magicians distract us by keeping our attention focused on one thing while using sleight of hand to hide what they're really up to.

  36. If there is so much power already tied down in this whole NWO scheme, why would they need a stunt like Miley Cyrus VMAs to distract us from Syria and Fukishima?

  37. did you see the james franco roast? they said who is in charge of us all, and the said, 'the president of hollywood' like from tom and jerry he was dressed up as jerry sandusky too

  38. You think media is capitalizing off the illuminati fad, at this point? Seems like it's becoming an endorsement for legitimacy. After all, a lot of people actually do recognize the common symbols (I.e. all seeing eye)

  39. actually I found another vanity fair episode and it also had the same man with the same freemason symbols showing that the series itself and that man are all a freemasonic message.

  40. yoga is def spiritual and opening of the soul to the devil just like hypnosis, for those who are really into it and not just for exercise. and I have noticed in my own family circle the great selfishness and self absorption of people who are really into yoga. a higher level of self- attainment is most def comparable to so called modern satanists who are about the power of man and that every man is godly. This may sound like a far fetched comparison but some yogis really don't realize the nature of what they are doing.

    • true dat. despite them saying how "open-minded" they are, they end up being the most judgemental hypocrites!! i can't tell you how many times during yoga teacher training, the other students would harass me about my meat-eating (i'm anemic), caffeine consumption, moderate alcohol drinking, church-attending, and gun-toting. you should hear how robotic they become when they chant stuff like "ong namo guru dev namo." creepshow!

      • It all depends on who you're talking about… it's very bad to make sweeping generalizations about people. Aren't sweeping generalizations, and the divide and conquer attitude, exactly what the elites are doing to society? Not all people who practice yoga are super liberal yuppies. A lot of them just care about maintaining good health. I practice yoga for the health benefits, especially mental health. I read the Bible and try to practice what Jesus taught. Practicing what Jesus taught is not always easy, and it takes sound health and a sound mind to really go out there and show compassion to others and love unconditionally. Yoga and meditation help me be a better Christian. There is no doctrine to yoga that tells you how to act or think, it simply puts you in better control of your mind and body so that you can go out in to the world and act and think in a healthy, efficient way. So if you're a Christian that practices yoga, you are likely in better control of living your life the way Christ taught us to live.

      • MissPoppyFields on

        I practice yoga because my weight has a tendency to balloon with it and I hate hardcore work outs. I've been doing it for five years, ever since I was 16 and I look pretty dang nice. I think that's a broad generalization. I am pretty sure I am not possessed by satan himself you know. I think the higher people who practice yoga at the top are demonic, not the girl who saw a yoga mat at target and decided she could go lose 5 pounds. Geez, that's a huge rude generalization, I could say the same about video gamers. Plus the yoga thing is a stereotype by Hollywood and I think there must be a story to it they are trying to hide. Apparently they scared lots of people from yoga lol. It actually relaxes you and you can do some inner thinking, like on how not to be a sheeple. Divide and conquer. Stop it dude.

  41. don't know where to post this but I went to a school as company to someone who voted (I for one no longer vote) and as I waited in the cafeteria of this public school I am very disturbed to be saying what I just saw.._a cluster of drawings on the wall which I hope to G-d were not made from kids but I am thinking the board of ed sent this creepy mural-ish drawings there. There was a drawing on each of several letter-sized papers clustered together. First of all, 2 of them were big black penises. One had "fbi" written across it and one looked like it was sleeping. 2 were American flags that looked like a 5 year old drew them which is fine. But then1 was a woman who seemed to be on a wall with someone holding a candle next to her flat surface to her left and those hypnosis black circle sqiggly designs all over the pic. Another showed a scroll and pen like it was trying to be the declaration of independence or something.

  42. A cop car that said police on it was another one and a broken heart with a face crying on each half of the heart was another one. One was a jewish star. _All I want to say is what the fuck is going on here and how have no parents noticed this? What the fuck is the NY Dept of ED having schools decorate with? If they think this is some tribute to 911, first of all there were no towers or 911 written anywhere. this was clearly mind-control and abuse symbolism besides the scroll.

    • Might be some over-active-would-be-mason? Trying to nicely do artistic thingies with coworkers to brighten up the school, while certainly knowing that the ones who regonize it's symbolic value, are the ones with the power. (money, jobs, funding) If i were a concerned parent i would make a point of it during meetings and suggest re-muralling the whole place :-)

  43. Actually the video is promoting, "how to be an MK lab rat" since all they're going to do is "use" you for their own dark "purposes" anyways.

    • Yea. There's no point it's become blatant. The Zionist satanists in charge of Hollywood don't care to hide anymore.
      Ps that " blurred lines" video with the naked models also like these parties. Even in government they throw private parties and hire naked servers. It's demeaning and its entertainment in a disturbing way.

  44. soldierj · 2 days ago
    Amaryllis- You have it all wrong my friend, study the truth, philosophy, zen buddhism, the real bible, pick up a lovely book called " A course in miracles"- the truth is the third eye, the inner self, YOU, , that is GOD, you were created in his image, the true inner self is the white light of the holy spirit, and dont you see every single thing in this physical world is designed by satan to distract and shut your third eye from your truth? They want you to be afraid to meditate, they put flouride in your water to calcify your third eye, they program the masses to be so mushed out and brain dead and distracted from our true reality as God's creatures that if everyone actually woke up spiritually, used and cleansed the third eye, wed all pretty much be in heaven. Its really that simple actually. When you let fear rule you, when you think that your body is open to "possession", guess what..>THAT fear in itself is called the ego, and the ego is the one and only obstacle to christ, true faith in God, true deep down faith is knowing in your heart and soul you are protected, strong, loved and you are full of gods white light and quieting your mind from the illusion of the ego and the worlds physical distractions, including the rewritten bible, is exactly what keeps you away from your truth. There is a reason yoga still isnt that popular, nor is meditation, nor is just going for a walk outside without music, we are conditioned to be total slaves to our mind and brain, the one thing they can control, but they can't control your soul…use mediation and prayer to get in touch with that. your world will change.

    Well, as you requested, I have had a thorough look at all this while I have been away – a lot of it was fairly familiar from early on in my life and ingrained in my psyche so more revision really. I am afraid you only reminded me of everything I disliked about the freemasonic faith I was raised in and how happy I am to be living a life that is not centered solely on myself and one which allows me to acknowledge my vulnerability and subordinance to God and my need for a higher force to anchor me through my life.

    It is the yoga and meditation and your third , fourth (and who knows, fifth) way that continues to enslave your mind and brain via flattery and appealing to your own arrogance (and your bank manager). Satan was and still is a master of critical thinking and what you pick up from your secret society memberships, ritual dancing, and luci(fere)d thinking will never provide you with the security and peace of mind which faith in God affords us all regardless of our levels of wealth and intellectual level. I only need God, not Mr G – no need for Gurus, Blavatsky, rosicrucian or masonic orders and all the things I have known so well and will not readmit. I'll nod off again and join the sleeping masses if that's OK. One day, it will become clear who is right but please don't dole out your salvation to me. If you are fortunate enough to find a way out of your cult, I will be here for you to help you find a way out.

  45. This reminds me of the New Yorker "Talk of the Town" with a winking owl symbol (also owned by Conde Nast) http://www.digitalmediatree.com/library/image/88/… . Talk of the town basically covers current events in an extremely "liberal" or "progressive" or "yuppie" way. Lots of snobby sounding talk about how privacy is "dead," gun control is something we urgently need to instate, pro gay marriage, etc. I like the magazine and articles, but this section of the magazine, particularly the very first "blurb" in the list, always seems to be really, really biased and swaying to what Illuminati supposedly is promoting (but since New Yorker readers are usually intelligent and educated, they promote this stuff in articulate, intelligent "opinion pieces").

  46. Condi Naste is nasty and is a huge Progressive/"liberal"/elitist propaganda machine. All their magazines promote abortion. So people, aware or unaware, are subjected to weird public sex rituals and human sacrifice. I keep returning to the Hebrew Testament . . .

  47. The screen writer in the cartoon has a bottle of Adderall next to his computer. The streets on the map are called anorexia blvd. and coke way.

  48. You guys, I do yoga regularly. And I meditate. I am completely confused, is this really bad or something? I have never taken a class. Anything I have done was mostly self taught or from watching videos online. Ever since I introduced this form of excerise and that practice, I have found myself more in tune with the environment, myself, and I am able to better communicate with the people all around me.

  49. I was once this lost person, trying to find my piece of mind. Specificlly from really traumatic events that happened to me in my life, alot of which are parallel to programing refrenced hereon this site. About a year ago, I began to take up yoga and meditation as a way of dealing with my abusive boyfriend when he wasn't home. It was literally my haven from my life. Keep in mind I am still a religious person. I wasn't raised as a Christian, I was raised a Roman Catholic, but that hardly says much about who I am a person. I don't actually know if I believe or adhrere to a specific type of religion, but I am quite knoweldgeable and feel like there is a lump of truth to everything thrown out there to us. Bear with me now, this is no literal attack on anyone's religion, the last thing I want to do is be judged for the above listed.

  50. Fast foward to this past May, I moved out, I left my boyfriend and, I just started dating my best friend who has been really supportive throughout my journey in life thus far. I am pretty much happier than I've ever been in my life. My question goes out to all of you basiclly bashing this practice, Am I doing any wrong here? Am I seriously practicing a ritual that summons demons or whatever? Please send me links and educate me on this new shed of light. Because I can't seems to find any concrete evidence or ties to this sentiment that is being stated by a number of you. I am pretty curious and would love to know.

  51. Also, a few more questions: Do any of you believe that science and religion can be tied? And what is your opinion on raising your conciousness to a higher level of thinking and the like? Is that evil to you?

    I read somewhere that there is a theory of our mind and souls being interconnected in a manner that is much more concious than today's society and culture is lead to believe. And right now, were are at a point in time where we as human beings have never been more disconnected, there is so much hate, greed, so much judgement, so much segregation that it is literally inhibiting our growth as a species. We are killing each other and out home, which is earth because of all this. And before we know it, it's gonna get too late to do anything about it.

  52. I'm only 23 years old and I've also come to this state of thinking, and I've been consicously active in doing my part to make the world a better place, and I feel like everyone else should too. Is it really worth it to call it quits and say "Oh the world is a horrible place, the end is near, pray for your sins and await Jesus to take our souls to heaven." ? This is our only home after all, and we only get one life. I'm not saying "YOLO" but I just want to circulate the thought that maybe we should be more proactive in unite each other and just spreading love. Which is what the practice of meditation and yoga (more so meditation) has taught me.
    I hope to hear your thoughts on this subject. And I figure this would be a good way of introducing myself to you guys. Happy trails on this wonderful "Hump Daaaa-y". Peace my friends! :)

    p.s.: sorry for the multitude of comments I had to split it because I guess I had so much to say!

  53. hahaha @ the four people , the one with the black "batman hat" has his hand down his pants and is touching the lady next to him, the lady next to him is touching the other man's ass and his chest, the man has his hands kinda in the crotch area of the lady (in the red dress) next to him and the lady in the red dress is touching him…they are basically having a full on orgy (cartoon style) in front of our face.

  54. Wow!…That's like in yo face!!! The masses don't even have a clue. And this is why I've stopped watching television and listening to the radio. I refuse to be programmed from the invisible powers that be. #SadFace :-(

  55. Just remember……EVERY SINGLE thing in a commercial, or whatever is put there on purpose (unless it is someone extra standing where they not supposed to be) so everytime (especially in animated things) you see something and you think 'oh that is just coincidence, or maybe it was just filler." umm…..no think again!

    • *****************************Idk if anyone caught that……he says "whore presents" instead of "who represents" which is how is appears lower in the screen.!

  56. Another big thing is Hollywood making men do drag. And who is Americas most beloved actor? Tom Hanks who did a whole tv series dressed in drag. Tyler Perry notice how big he's become since T.V. ing. I guess tv stands for trans vestite.

  57. Osama Dubya Obama on

    I think that the wealthy ruling Elitists are not much interested in the occult symbolism on the dollar, yet they are VERY interested in the purchasing power of the dollar.

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