Gigantic Pentagram Found in Kazakhstan – Can Be Seen in Google Maps



A gigantic pentagram was found in Google Maps in an isolated region of Kazakhstan, West of the city of Lisakovsk (coordinates +52° 28′ 47.14″, +62° 11′ 8.38″). The circle’s circumference is over 1000 feet wide and contains a clearly defined, mathematically correct pentagram. The pentacle (a pentagram inside a circle) is used in ritualistic magic and the inverted pentagram is used in black magic.

The logo of the Church of Satan - the Sigil of Baphomet

The logo of the Church of Satan – the Sigil of Baphomet – consists of an inverted pentacle with the goat of Mendes.

A few days ago, when one would zoom into the pentagram with Google Maps, two strange locations would pop up, one named “Adam” and another “Lucifer”. However, since the story came out on the web, these locations disappeared and zooming into pentagram is now disabled.

This is what you get when you try to zoom into the pentagram.

This is what you get when you try to zoom into the pentagram.

Since yesterday, there is Russian text appearing on the pentagram which is apparently translated to “unfinished summer camp Denisovsky area Kostanay Kazakhstan”. Strange.

On Google Maps (which uses North-South orientation), the pentagram is inverted. Was it meant to be that way? Either way, the symbol is used in ritualistic magic.

Here’ what Manly P. Hall, a 33rd Degree Freemason and expert in occult symbolism wrote about the upright and inverted pentagram:

“In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power. The average person does not even suspect the occult properties of emblematic pentacles. The black magician cannot use the symbols of white magic without bringing down upon himself the forces of white magic, which would be fatal to his schemes. He must therefore distort the hierograms so that they typify the occult fact that he himself is distorting the principles for which the symbols stand. Black magic is not a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art. Therefore it has no symbols of its own. It merely takes the emblematic figures of white magic, and by inverting and reversing them signifies that it is left-handed. A good instance of this practice is found in the pentagram, or five-pointed star, made of five connected lines. This figure is the time-honored symbol of the magical arts, and signifies the five properties of the Great Magical Agent, the five senses of man, the five elements of nature, the five extremities of the human body. By means of the pentagram within his own soul, man not only may master and govern all creatures inferior to himself, but may demand consideration at the hands of those superior to himself.

The pentagram is used extensively in black magic, but when so used its form always differs in one of three ways: The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch; it may be inverted by having one point down and two up; or it may be distorted by having the points of varying lengths. When used in black magic, the pentagram is called the “sign of the cloven hoof,” or the footprint of the Devil. The star with two points upward is also called the “Goat of Mendes,” because the inverted star is the same shape as a goat’s head. When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, it signifies the fall of the Morning Star.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

As stated by Hall, “the average person does not even suspect the occult properties of emblematic pentacles” and occultists believe that this symbol has true power. Why is it in this remote location in Kazakhstan?

Some mainstream news sources such as the Daily Mail and Yahoo News quickly associated this story with “conspiracy theories”, stating that it might be a military site or a park. Some articles insist on the fact that the pentagram is Christian symbol while others state that it is Russian symbol. It is however important to point out that Russia used a five-pointed star as one of its symbols, not a pentagram inside a circle.

This pentagram is not the only strange location in Kazakhstan. One of my first articles I’ve ever written was about Astana – a brand new city in Kazakhstan that was entire built on occult principles and might become a cultural/spiritual center in the New World Order (read the article here).

The occult elite appears to love Kazakhstan…




  1. It says: Not finished summercamp for children. last two lines are the adress: Region Denisovski, city of Kustanai, Kazackstan

    • Yes on the elites moving to the Mid East regions. Europe will be decimated durning the WWIII scenario. DUBI is right there in your face. Why do you think they allowed massive immigration? The de-industrialization? The elites are almost finished 'robbing the mansion' they will then set it ablaze. Do not forget the massive underground bunker/cities built the last 25 years. Check out "Cartridge MO' on YT, semis are running supplies down there for years! Under Denver Airport.

      • who.are.the.khazars on

        can someone explain to me who exactly are the khazars? I've been hearing about them but cannot get an image in my mind of who they are. Are they Eastern European, white or Asian or like Turkish and mixture. What exactly are they, ethnically speaking?

    • Petunia Skrebbles on

      That is even worse. Kids in a dark evil circle of magic??? Why Kazackstan? it was a major part of Khazaria who were pagans, and evil. They were so evil, they got kicked out of Mongolia, which was a safe haven for criminals like Genghis Khahn. I think that is why that country was selected. Research will support a lot of this thinking. They were kicked out of Mongolia in around 750 AD and settled in Khazaria and were invaded becuase of their evil ways, by both the Muslims on the east and Catholics on the west and also invaded, due in part, to their criminal practices along the silk route between east and west. They finally were destroyed as a country in around 1100 AD and migrated into eastern Europe where they set up financial houses to take revenge against the Christians and muslims who forced them to pick a religion and give up their pagan ways. Well, they picked Judaism because that automatically made them the majority and they have been ever since. They control all international banking, are running all the royal houses of Europe and control major international corporations. They are brilliant but totally psychopathic with no conscience or humanity and its why they have been routed out where ever they have settled. In Europe when they migrated, they were called the Ashkenazi Jews, but have not one ounce of Jewish blood in them nor do they worship in the Jewish religion. They are pagan satanists. They are the ones trying to bring the USA down.

  2. If you search for this image on Google, the search engine gives you the text "недостроенный пионерский лагерь денисовский район костанайская область казахстан," which can be translated into "unfinished summer camp Denisovsky area Kostanay Kazakhstan" via Google Translate.

  3. Unless there is some correlation to where the points are directed. There is no way of knowing which direction this star was not intended to be seen. However, the media responnce is peculiar.

    • It said in the article it's a North to South site. If you consider north to be up, then it is indeed upside down.

      • Exactly. Go to Google Earth input the co-ordinates and you will see the pentacle oriented north to south.

  4. it's a well-known fact that the star was the symbol of the 'Pioneer' youth organizations during communist times throughout USSR and Eastern Europe.I don't see anything peculiar about it….

    • MoonUnderWater on

      Apparently, there was an article written by a guy who stayed in Astana for about a month or so and wrote about it:

      "Earlier this year I spent the best part of a month in and around Astana. I had heard nothing about the Illuminati theory then, and the city didn't exactly strike me as a capital for the New World Order.

      However, there is certainly something strange about Astana. While the central and business districts have been laboriously designed by some of the most prestigious architects in the world, this 15-year-old capital is still seriously lacking in residential zones. Even now, many government officials commute by plane from the old capital of Almaty. The result is the most elaborately futuristic ghost town you could imagine – and feels like walking onto the abandoned set for a 1970s sci-fi film"

      Found this on a site called the Bohemian Blog. Thanks again VC for a great article :)

  5. Wow.. what are the exact coordinates so I can look for it on Google Earth?

    Is this for real? I mean, there are many websites showing "weird" places on earth, showing things like a conglomerate of islands that form a skull face, and things like that. But those are just fake images made out just for fun… how do we know this one is not a fake?

  6. The Pythagorians also used pentagrams in their ceremonies and rituals. Nevertheless Manly P Hall is making fool of the profane. All magic is black magic. There is no such thing as white magic.

      • "If you pray you are practicing magic" ? You are being ignorant and you need to look up both prayer and magic.

      • Prayer is not magic, It a form of communication with our, "Heavenly Father YAHUA, aka YAHWEH", The One & Only True GOD & Creator!!! U IRATE! Hence The word communion & no not like the Irate catholic way of communion, but rather Speaking & Communicating with "YAHUA, GOD All Mighty". Prayer is not a mysterious practice reserved only for clergy and the religiously devout. Prayer is simply communicating with God—listening and talking to him. Believers can pray from the heart, freely, spontaneously, and in their own words. If prayer is a difficult area for you, learn these basics principles of prayer and how to apply them in your life.Matthew 6:7
        "When you pray, don't babble on and on as people of other religions do. They think their prayers are answered only by repeating their words again and again.. 8 So do not be like them; for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.

        9 “Pray, then, in this way:

        ‘Our Father who is in heaven,
        Hallowed be Your name.
        10 ‘Your kingdom come.
        Your will be done,
        On earth as it is in heaven.
        11 ‘Give us this day [e]our daily bread.
        12 ‘And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.
        13 ‘And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from [f]evil. [g][For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.’]Romans 8:26-27
        In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God's will

      • You're so right! Pagan celebrations such as the winter, and spring solstices were co-opted by the church to allow for the smooth convertion of pagans into Christians. Decorating a Christmas tree is a pagan tradition. At what point in the bible does it tell you to honor the birth of Christ by gathering your family around an adorned tree? But in that beautiful moment, as you bring your family together around that tree, watching the smiles on your children's faces, do you feel dark, and sinister forces at work? Same with the wrapping of the May pole in Spring, or collecting eggs. At this point it's common knowledge that those dates have nothing to do with the birth, and rise of Jesus Christ. So remember next year as you decorate your tree that you are performing a pagan ritual! Magic is about intention, you get what you give. I'd also like to add that when scientists where conducting brain mapping experiments they found that when Christians were praying, and Hindus meditating, the SAME parts of the brain lit up with activity. Pretty interesting to say the least. This argument is an ancient distraction designed to keep us looking the other way while the real evil in this world is hard at work, and there's nothing devine about arguing semantics.

    • Wrong – everything IS magic. Everything is symbolic and symbols are magical. But some kinds of "magic" are perverted, as everything in life can be, at this sense. Look closely – even the bible is full of magic. It's everywhere.

      • No it's not U MORON, It tells & talks about perversion & not to have anything to do with evil. (Deuteronomy 18:9-14) ESV“When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God, .. (Leviticus 19:31) ESV “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.

    • Actually there is a different you know noting of occult practices.

      The use of white magic is anything got to do with finding your higher self, all enlightenment processes such as meditation astral projecting ect (as long as the goal is to speak with or connect to your higher self or your spirit guide). Indeed if praying to a higher power that is in positive polarity the prayer itself is seen as white magic. It just has a different word.

      Magic meaning enforcing will through intent. So this would cover prayers, wish, incantations…their all basically spells. Its the intent thats important here.

      Black magic is anything outside of this enlightenment quest such as contacting your lower/deamon self or otherwise. Anything outside of the realms of connecting with your higher self is black magic.

      It dosnt matter if you believe it or not because it dosnt change the fact that many occultists do believe it. They believe it and while researching the occult that does play a factor. As i said its all about the intent.

      You are very ignorant and unwise to not research something in total before commenting on it in such a gross arrogant manner. Needless to say it dosnt matter because you are only stifling your own growth.

      • Wrong. Magic is any attempt to change your fate or the fate of others using the force of your will aligned with the universal energy. The problem with this is that yes, everything has energy, but we are here for a reason, and that reason is not known to us. To try and alter things- or alter fate, for good or evil is following down the WRONG path. The hardships we face in life, whether someone hates us or loves us, whether we are poor or rich is that way FOR A REASON. Live your karma. Be wise, honest, loving and forgiving. If you do this you do not need to cast spells, good or bad.

      • If you had bothered to read the post correctly you would have seen that your definition of magic and mine are quite similar. Instead you read it and for whatever reason felt threatened by it so in response your started your reply on the defense with your oh so humble "Wrong."

        And just because you consider something to be the "WRONG" path does not make it anymore true then the me calling the sky red. By the way just because something is written in caps does not make it any more right then lower case or give it more power, you nee-dent try to enforce and impose your will on others after all according to your own beliefs you stated that you believe altering fate is wrong, so dont alter others faith/ path. You sound confused as if you dont know what exactly you do believe in otherwise you would have seen that obvious flaw in your logic without me having to point it out for you.

        Like i said i dont know why you are frightened of magic, my estimate would be that you have little understanding of it and so disregard it as threatening nevertheless its irrelevant because if others choose that path it is not wrong because it dosnt fit your model it just makes it no right for you.

        For you to make a statement as broad as" dont alter things" and then to shortly afterwards call something blatantly wrong (which is trying to alter others path) is not only contradictory but also hypocritical and also illogical. Figure out your own beliefs very well before preaching what is right or wrong.

        As a side not i wonder why magic could even be possible if it is dirty or wrong.Or are you one of the many that shrug it of as "its there to tempt us to see if we are good" in that case there would be no need for a karmanic wheel, you can live magic through love it dosnt have be bad and the fact you have not considered this proves that your operating only out of a negative fear based frequency that will only case more hardships for you.

        Alternately if we are not ment to alter things then any kind of medical intervention is wrong. Inhalers, insulin, blood transfusions, c-sections are all wrong by your stranded. I could be an extremist on this and go into great depth about how something as simple as clothes is altering the natural form but i think you get the drift. i would hope anyway.

        Now on the other had if by altering you mean only altering things magically well then thats you nit picking at what can and cant be altered which would mean that you arnt actually making rational decisions about your beliefs but merely making it up as you go or perhaps regurgitating it from some other source.

        Whatever the reason I hope you figure that out for yourself, and if not oh well your aiding the elite by aligning yourself in negative polarity, im sure theyll thank you in the after life.

    • This is an inverted pentagram surrounded by a circle. Let's not lose sight of the delineations between symbols…… next you will be saying "there are Stars in the sky at night so what's the big deal".

      It's interesting that this is the top rated comment. Just the word "black" suggests a dualistic system…… it is the law of polarity that there would be light magic or white magic. It's like saying there is hot water but not cold water…. all water is hot.

      I think this Hughes character is as unfamiliar with the occult as anyone I've seen on this website under all articles. Perhaps he is familiar with Pythagoras and the theories we were taught in the seventh grade but this is all

    • I see Human Flesh BBQ with the restaurant symbol too. I also see Adam, as well as some other stuff written in a foreign language at the center.

      • There's a tab thingy that says Principal Principality and if you click on it, the address is 666 Dominion Street 666, with a link for a site called "".. :/

    • Yeah, same here, the restaurant, the Adam hotel, "Satan's torture pentagram.." that's just ppl being stupid, I'd say BUT I find it very fascinating… what if the * marks the spot to where the anti-christ will set up his kingdom. Maybe b/c it's empty land, they'll build another city there when the anti-christ is erected and maybe that pentacle is where his headquarters will be…

      • or maybe they'll build a mcdonalds. Please do speculate on more places. We are making so much progress here.

  7. i'm checking this from saudi arabia and i can still zoom in, it isn't telling me that the zoom level isn't available.
    and when i zoom in, I don't see "Adam" and "Lucifer", I see "Adam" and "human flesh bbq"!!!!! (which appears to be a restaurant?) that doesn't make it sound a whole lot better than "Satan"…but anyway… this is weird!

    • even i saw it from the UAE, and it hasnt blocked my veiw i fully zoomed in and used google earth.
      ita a bunch of trees grown in such a way as to form the pentagram. when you click on the photos options.
      2 photos appear showing you the land from ground level. and its the trees which have bent over to form this shape.

      • Hallo from UAE too :)
        I couldnt see any written texts or trees when i zoomed in.. just the outline of the pentagram

  8. Now it's visible to zoom into, and now it says "Adam" above the Russian writing and has a little lodging icon next to it… same distance down from the Russian writing, it says "human flesh bbq" with a little dining icon next to it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the elite are planning on eating us poor people, but I think that might be someone pranking us tin-foil hat wearers…

  9. When I do it on my phone it lets me zoom in. There's a symbol of person in a bed labeled "Adam", and a eatin/fork knife symbol labeled "Human Flesh BBQ". Also a photo of a white truck parked by a tree. Took pictures before it changes…sick sh!t goin on.

  10. Guys, where does it say "Adam", "Lucifer" or "Human Flesh BBQ" ?? I am zooming the whole thing on Google Earth and all I see are three pictures… 2 of a forest and one of a shore… nothing else.. any hint ?

      • Thanks for the unnecessary sarcasm.

        Since you read the article, did you read the comments? I see comments above of people who has seen those inscriptions, but the news was published today, August 3rd at least on VC. So I guess these people managed to found the image with the inscriptions somewhere else. Why would they comment if they didn't see them?

  11. heavenforthugs on

    just seen a close up of the "human flesh bbq" and it seems to provide meat shaped in the form of human body parts , hands etc very very weird

  12. There were 3 pictures taken near the site in 2012 that can be viewed via Google Earth. One of them "Пиктограмма" –> translates to pictogramma or icon, the other titled "Звезда" –> star, third was just titled beach. All taken by the same guy "Павел Баландин".

  13. The inverted pentagram does not always mean nefarious things. It can be used to reduce, reverse, un-do or ground various things. When we fall into that trap, we lose before we ever start.

    • It traps energy inside as opposed to radiating energy….. that's why its used to surround sacrificed children

    • sarcasticsue on

      Ah, here we go… Yes, alright its JUST a pentagram. Don't worry. With everything we know about what's going on, I'm sure its all for our best interests……….Yeah RIGHT!!

  14. Human flesh bbq restaurant is almost right in the middle of the pentagram. To see it, go on Google Maps instead because satellite imagery doesn't show it. A picture of hands for sale in a butcher shop can be seen when you open the link for reviews …. the "adam" hotel is connected with the website (not in use). They have the spot right in the middle of the pentagram listed as a drug treatment center.

    • Just an info here… "get adam out of hell" domain is probably made by a Supernatural fan. Adam is the brother of Dean and Sam and he was thrown into hell.

  15. Is this a google joke thing….human flesh bbq with pic of a severed hand…calling it the devils seal. Its too much. I don't believe it.

    • well google isn't too short of the devil itself. yeah maybe they're making things really obvious just to get us all hyped about it and then reveal it's nothing so that all conspiracy "realities" look like nutjob cases.

      • This reminds me of the hotel Zaza. How they tried to say it was all just a joke once people found out about it.

  16. We can't see the human bbq/adam thing, all it says if you try to zoom in on it for any inhabitants or people/car tracks/shit like that..All it says is Unnamed Road.

  17. If that bbq is a restaurant this could be a publicity stunt.. just as many speculated about with that mk ultra occult hotel.

  18. What I find particularly interesting is, once you zoom into it at a certain level, it's almost highlighted on the map. Compare it to the other drawn-out roads and stuff surrounding it and the pentagram really sticks out…almost as if it's "illuminated". Interesting and creepy

  19. It could just be Google spamming us…or possibly seeing who all searches the coordinates so they can reference who the "conspiracy theorist" users are

    • warrior princess on

      Today, I typed in "illuminati" again just to check if its still there. "No results" comes up, before it was perfectly fine and it directed me to that pentagram….if that's not shady I don't know what is…

  20. I found a link and picture to the restaurant:

    Human flesh bbq

    Denisov District, Kazakstan ‎
    6 reviews
    "Дети здесь очень вкусные" –

    That phrase according to google translate is "Children here are very tasty"

    I think there's something sinister to it to be honest… if it is really a summer camp for children like it says in some comments above; I think that taking children to eat things that resemble human parts in the middle of a pentagram looks like some sort of ritual to me…

    • Thanks, I just translated what the dude said at the bottom, this is what he said in spanish translated to english : WHAT IS THIS? GOD! THE HOME OF SATAN!
      There is something going on here, something very wrong indeed.

    • Hard to say if it is true. But if it really is little wonder- remember that in former USSR could be found thousands if not millions of orphans which are oftentimes unaccounted for. Easy to guess what awaits some of them…

    • Whoaahh!! One of the related images on that googleplus pic has someone in a purple witch suit… and the other image has a "make reservations" poster, with another witch-dressed person with Jesus on their chest and the "Hotel Boutique…Mary Carmen" logo arranged like an eye, and there's a contact number on it too…… anyone care to call them up and ask about their menu? That would be dangerous though… not that the elite don't already have everyone's digital footprints anyway, but calling up straight to Satan's HQ might be a little worse.

      • Jesus Is Lord on

        could someone provide screenshots of all those things you are stating, the links don't seem to work anymore.

  21. Maybe this is the "Bohemian Club' headquarters of Kazakhstan. One wonders if there is a 40 foot owl idol there to worship as well. A lovely site to do some human sacrifices, I should say.
    BTW, who created this pentagram?

  22. warrior princess on

    Weird, I just typed in "illuminati" into my Google maps app (don't ask me why, I was curious) and it directed me to that exact same pentagram in Kazakhstan. I'm a little scared.

  23. Could it be just a trolling? Yes, but all that story about Astana in Kazakhstan makes everything more suspicious! LOL

  24. Just out of curiosity, I looked up the same location on Bing and Mapquest. It's there on Bing, clear as day, and without the extra drawn-out lines from Google. Mapquest is a little more interesting — in the regular, animated map view, it's fully, and blatantly, drawn out, even more so than Google. Then, when I try to switch to the satellite view, the map is grayed/blocked out, and I have to zoom out for it to be visible again, but it's zoomed out to where the pentagram isn't visible.

    Things that make you go hmm…

  25. I did it yesterday and I put a search on google maps for "Kazakhstan, human flesh bbq" and it came up! As you zoom in you see it clear as can be! But I did it today and it no longer goes there. I wonder if other map services will do it? I'll have to try it.

  26. Ofcourse the elite loves Kazachstan; their ' inheritage ' is mainly from there. Religious prophecies also state that the Antichrist and also Jesus, peace be upon him, will come out from that region. Brace yourself people…the big signs are starting to become visible…

  27. I typed Illuminati into Google Earth, and Satan's Torture Pentagram showed up where the pentagram in Kazakhstan…

  28. Astana-satana
    Where Astana is being built, was once a gulag prison camp for women. Rape, torture, and ofcourse sacrifice probably went on. This is no coincidence that this NWO city is being built. This is the work of the 'god' of this age who has blinded the masses. Satan lives off of the stupidity and fear and unbelief of the sheople. He's not a god we all know but a miserable spiritual being who truly has no hope. Thank God for JESUS. True Children of God have the right to eternal life but he has been doomed to everlasting torment!!!

      • Truth B Told on

        I am The Church of God !! I pray one day you will be too Christine. In That day You will will be no longer blinded.
        In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

      • Come on kids, it's her belief and let her do what she wants. If you don't like what she says, ignore it like an adult. She doesn't have to shove it down your throat, you don't have to bite off her head. Simple as that, I think she's right. Something is bound to go wrong in the building in this 'Astana' if it's being built on something like that, they are bound to have trouble with wary spirits/unrested spirits of the women that was there. You never know.

      • hypocrite-buster on

        If you didn't like what the above posters said, why not "ignore it like an adult"? Your little "come on kids" comment was condescending, and more disrespectful than anything they said. Look past the tip of your own nose. And by the way, who are you to tell anybody to let Christinne "do what she wants"? People here are just as free to respond to Christinne, as she is free to post her nasty comments. "Simple as that"….

  29. 1: I find it interesting that they would call that place an UNFINISHED summer camp, as it's more likely to be abandoned (supposedly being an old Soviet relic).

    2: Doesn't seem to be a true inverted pentagram as the star is well within the circle. However, if you assume the space between the star points and the circle is to be filled with letters, it could be.

    3: Looks like we're a bit late in the game. Lots of postings from before us in the comments section of the various "places" there.

    • Even you don't believe, it's a true inverted pentagram inside a circle and yep, it's a satanic important symbol otherwise perverted satanic people wouldn't use it for satanic rituals, question is what's the main goal of this symbol in there…Kazakhistan Government should have the answer…

  30. The "capital mall" area of Astana is oriented Southeast to Northwest and looks like it lines up just right with the Lisakovsk pentagram almost 1000 km away.

    • I noticed that as well.
      Did you read the article on Astana that VC did some time ago? Very enlightening.
      Looks like a new Illuminati spiritual centre has come into being.

  31. I searched the coordinates on google maps and "Satan's Torture Pentagram: drug addiction Treatment." came up. Creepy much?

  32. I found it too, it says human flesh bbq right in the centre of the pentagram and principal principality with the symbol of a bed. Also something written in Russian, about a summer camp apparently.
    Yahoo News say it was just a park with trees planted neatly in the shape of a star…
    Why would you have a restaurant called ‘human flesh bbq’ at a kids summer camp? Maybe some children – little boys especially, would be impressed by that by but it’s definitely creepy and suspect given the location. Also why have they taken away the Adam and Lucifer locations?

  33. Also as Russia is supposed to be the leader of the NWO, this seems all the more suspect… maybe its what they are planning on having there :(
    The so called 'Satan's Torture Pentagram' has 142 reviews on Google maps but I cant read them….

  34. I just checked it out now and the location is called Satan's torture Pentagon, a drug addiction treatment center!!!!! Wtf

  35. Now the hotel "Adam" is called "principal principality" and the camp called "devil camp"

    Principal Principality

    666 Dominion Street, 666, Kazakstan ‎

    (that website mentioned is not real)

    Seems that someone is trolling with us now…

  36. I see the down point of the star is named 'devil camp'. In the middle of the pentagram I see a bed named 'Principal Principality' and indeed a restaurant sign named 'human flesh bbq'.
    I hope it's a joke. Although not funny at all, the other idea of it being real is way more scary.

  37. maybe they're fooling us, and just want us on this case so that they can make fun of it later and make "conspiracy" believers look bad, and coincidence theorists look smart.

    • Yes, they planted trees in a pentagram just for fun. More likely the trees were planted that way for a reason, people found out about it, and now they are deliberately being ridiculous so people THINK its all a joke.

  38. If you didn't see the hook sticking out of the "human flesh BBQ" bait, you are entirely too naive to use the internet.

    You have been trolled on that point.

    The site, however, is probably completely satanic in purpose and use.

    Also, there is some chatter on the tubes that this is simply a Soviet-era SAM site. Here is a web page that debunks this. I don't see a single configuration that forms a perfect five pointed star, nor do I see a configuration with less than 6 launch stations per site.

    Stay vigilant, not gullible!

  39. Truth B Told on

    It's interesting to see that that entire area is all land except for one small area across from the pentagram.

  40. Hidden in plain sight. I know a lot about that country and I passed on that DM article as some of the reader's comments were really painful to read – the average level of ignorance out there is pretty high.

  41. “A few days ago, when one would zoom into the pentagram with Google Maps, two strange locations would pop up, one named “Adam” and another “Lucifer”. However, since the story came out on the web, these locations disappeared and zooming into pentagram is now disabled.”

    The new Adam is Jesus Christ and Lucifer…well we know who he is.

  42. I was checking the comments in russian (with google translate) and I found that someone said:

    "No need to panic. Here's one such pentacle in the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Look at Google, "Panfilov Park, Bishkek, Chui Oblast, Kyrgyzstan"

    Than I went to the maps and searched for that park and it was true, there is another pentagram there:

    Panfilov Park
    Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan ‎
    3.415 reviews ·
    "My brother and I were here did not find anything strange" –

    I searched using this text "Парк Панфилова, Бишкек, Чуйская область, Киргизия" (taken from the comment in russian) or you can just write "Panfilov Park Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan "

    • And the Kyrgzstan parliment building sits right underneath the pentagram…weird. There's also a Japanese embassy above it.

      • Weird, huh, try looking at maps of Washington! You don't even need links for that one, just zoom in and out over the city and be amazed .
        The combination of those signs and government is not as new as it may seem.Appears to be a global thing, too!

  43. here's what i've found out using the site about that place. it says an unknown road, then in the lowest point in the pentagram (the one pointing south) is a landmark called devil's camp. the site was tagged as satan's torture pentagram. when i clicked the link, here's the page shown:

    i'm not so sure about this, i keep hoping that this is just a prank played by those who are riding the "conspiracy theory train" and trying to misinform and mess up the minds of those who actually believe in such stuff. but if this stuff is true, then it's really scary..

  44. And if you change the view you see "devil camp' at the bottom and somewhere in the middle you see 'human flesh bbq' and 'principal principality' WTF is this shit?!

    • Perhaps someone is trying to tell us something…I wonder who was the first to reveal this information anyway?

  45. Could everyone just stop paying too much attention to tags and labels that have been made by some people?

    The interesting part is that these lines were originally formed by trees, they are maybe 40-50 years old and partly gone, some have been roded, at the crosspoints (?), maybe to form a perfect symbol. It looks like they used mainly ash and alder trees… (i am not sure about this, the pictures are not good enough). But trees have occult meaning, Ash refers to the tree of life and is associated with birth (and also protection which would fit to a magic circle), while Alder the gate to the underworld. So it could be a Birth/Death related setup.

    The white van belongs to a traveler, he made these pictures last years and made some jokes about the tv series "supernatural", nothing more than that (


    "It's probably an abandoned site for surface to air missiles. I was a military pilot and I know that the Soviets used such things. Type (No. of pentagram) has to do with the functioning of their radar. Probably the Soyuz rocket was used for tracking, "wrote a user in Seattle on LiveScience website.

    • Yeah but the military and government of many countries uses occult symbols. Don't think that there's not a reason for that. In fact, you should be even more worried because it means military and government are witches at higher levels, which is exactly what we've been learning!

  47. If you take the satellite view off you'll find Human Flesh BBQ in the middle of the pentagram. At the naval air station in Coronado, California the barracks is in the shape of a swastika. But this pentagram is unbelievable.

  48. Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Atheist or any other belief…just watch the Arrivals-Series on youtube. Make sure you watch the Noregaa-clips and not the fakes. Look through the (Islamic/Christian) religious statement and draw your own conclusions. WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER AS HUMANS…wake up people…please….

  49. It's obvious there is real evil/occult purpose to it.

    As for "human flesh bbq" and whatnot that's just misinfo agents trying to make people think of the pentagram as a prank and not take it seriously.

    It's funny that we can use their own tools (Google Maps) to uncover something like this. Then again, I'm sure they allowed it to be covered by Google Maps in the first place as the NWO/Freemasons are preparing to launch the antichrist/dajjal into the world.

      • Well, based on THE ARTICLE POSTED BY VC:

        "This pentagram is not the only strange location in Kazakhstan. One of my first articles I’ve ever written was about Astana – a brand new city in Kazakhstan that was entire built on occult principles and might become a cultural/spiritual center in the New World Order (read the article here).

        The occult elite appears to love Kazakhstan…"

    • Truth B Told on

      Astana Kazakstan
      -First futuristic Capital. Pyramid of Peace""", Flying saucer like building, key word futuristic
      -was once the location of Stalins Gulag Camp for Wives of Traitors. Women were raped and tortured. Communism was rampant. Communism aims for the abolishment of all religion. See Marxism.
      -Inverted Pentagram at +52° 28′ 47.14″, +62° 11′ 8.38 in Kazakstan
      Why is this New Capital being built in such a place? Kazakstan's satanic history ?
      The god of this age is behind all of this.

  50. Interesting, if you follow the north south lines. L.A. is intersected…… can't say I am surprised about that.

  51. Magic is just an intention sent out into the Universe. You're simply using your energy to manifest a desire or to create a desire in the physical plane.

  52. All i can say is that this seems hysterical, more like a prank. Especially now that there are pictures tied to the places, one of boy..

  53. Miss Skittles on

    I just copy/ pasted the coordinates someone posted earlier (52.479722,62.184971) into google maps and this is what I got…

    first there is no circle around the upside down star.

    "human Flesh BBQ".

    "7th circle bank of doomed souls"

    "Principal Principality"

    "devil camp" is at the bottom point of the star.

    and something that's in the foreign language but I rolled over the mouse and it says "Satan's Torture Pentagram"

    is this some kind of joke google is playing? Who gets to put stuff like this on google maps, is it like Wikipedia where anyone can edit it? Cuz I really don't find this funny.

    • yes anyone with a google account can add tags or markers or whatever to the maps. this also allows all the people who think that because some conspiracy nuts ARE actually crazy, they can just make shit up to have a laugh.
      all the videos about strange sounds from the earth, were found to be direct audio copies of soundtrack effects from war of the worlds w/tom cruise, people who like to get a laugh out of all the fringe nutcases that make actual conspiracy research so difficult.
      it used to be a problem getting information before the internet, now however any jackass with an internet connection can place anything they want out there polluting what should be the sharing of actual evidences. likely google has been fighting to keep up with all the changes being made in the last week or so. unfortunately its crap like this that gets people busy and not focused on important things, like why for instance, since manning and snowden did their leaks, have NO ONE BEEN CHARGED EXCEPT THEM. all this stuff comes out and no one is going to be held accountable except for the person who exposes it.
      and just so you know not ANYONE can edit wikipedia, go ahead and try to edit a science article without a phd and youll see exactly how restrictive wikipedia can be, and for good reason, stupid people think stupid things, like Dboot rainbow conspiracy video, if anyone could edit science article on wiki then this idiotic woman surely would have edited wiki page on rainbows saying its surely a conspiracy because since before the 80's rainbows never happened. i know ridiculous isnt it, she is so stupid and forgot the basic prism principle taught in elementary school, but it is the reason why only people who prove they have degrees can edit certain pages, the dumb general public can go ahead and edit any page on useless crap like bands and tv shows and other junk, however science is locked down tight to keep out idiots who value imagination over actual peer tested and reviewed scientific information.

      just imagine what would happen to evolutionary wiki pages if any jackass creationist was allowed to edit those pages.

      • The theory of evolution is as inherently religious as any theory proposed by a creationist. There is no scientific proof for evolution. You have to BELIEVE that the universe spontaneously created itself ex nihilo some X billion years ago. The essence of science is anything that can be observed or demonstrated. Obviously no one witnessed this unique event, so therefore it is only a theory and as religious as the creationists viewpoint. Just because this view is advocated by the state, with its own vested interests, doesn't make it true.

  54. I was able to zoom in on this pentagram and I see a text "Unnamed RD, Kazakhstan". It also has 2 pictures available, and it clearly shows that the formation is lined with trees. Those trees dont look too young either… Someone planted trees along the lines of the pentacle. To the West from the pentacle, there seems to be somekind of a small harbor and what it appears to be a dirt landing strip (between 2 treelines) for smaller planes.

  55. Anyone else notice, on Map view, the word Satania with the H icon next to it (at the bottom left hand point of the star) and the 7th Circle Bank of Doomed Souls with a blue card icon next to it (in the middle of the star), also the Devil Camp with a red dot icon (at the bottom point of the star)? This has to be a joke…

  56. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    In case VC or anyone else is interested…. just scrubbed their website of any references to the "protection of whistleblowers" Obama had promised when the site was started in 2008.

    • Zig Zag Wanderer on

      Here's an article from TechDirt about it: was actually an Obama-Biden transition website funded by them, so erasing their original goals-you know, the ones that got them elected- is nervy…especially scrubbing any trace of Obama's pledge to protect whistleblowers. That one is especially nervy considering Snowden was just offered asylum and Manning is awaiting sentencing….

  57. Did anybody else notice how the piece of land to the right (separated by the water) looks like an angry monster looking at the pentagram?

  58. This looks like a prank to me, an impressive one no doubt, now getting "Oy Vey! Cafe & Pizzeria" and "Principal Principality" with 8 reviews and address as 666 Dominion Street, 666 Kazakhstan. Those reviews are from last week.

  59. Hi, I just looked and fully zoomed via google maps and the "try out"-new google maps.
    Both work perfectly.
    Both have dashed lines dead on the Pentagram but not the circles.
    Even in map mode instead of satellite mode.

    On the new google maps, two places/business'es are named here.
    **Only in map mode. Not in satellite mode!**

    One is in the middle of the top two points and is;

    " Oy Vey! Cafe & Pizzeria
    Denisov District
    Denisov District Kazakhstan
    +7 301 681-89-00 "

    The other is on the tip of the top/east point. (point of geography point);

    " Shoah Nothing Like It Cremation Services
    Denisov District
    Denisov District Kazakhstan
    +7 714 222 2222 "


  60. I finally found it. Says something different on my map. It says… "Oy Vey! Cafe & Pizzeria" and "Shoah Nothing Like It Cremation Services".
    Seriously, I'm not joking. lol

  61. complacentone on

    The elevation at the site of this pentacle is 666. Thought that was pretty interesting, pretty much confirms Luciferian connection to me. To verify, go to Google Maps and create a path walking around the area of the pentacle, then choose 'Altitude Profile'. You will see it for yourself! Go! Go! And then tell all the disbelieving trolls over at livescience what's up.

  62. It looks like it might just be a google joke to me, I could see it just using the street view, not even the google earth view, doesn't exactly seem like they're trying to hide it… Either it's a joke or its a tourist thing, make a place that seems satanic with satanic restaurants and a crematorium and evil names and numbers, there are people who flock to that sh*t just for the shock and awe factor of it. I mean there are "evil" themed restaurants and stuff in the U.S. and Japan and more countries I'm sure. It's obviously getting publicity which is what a tourist attraction wants not an actual satanic ritual place, isn't that stuff kept more… Secret? And hidden? Just my opinion.

  63. If you zoom in in the "Map" format, it says "Oy Vey! Cafe and Pizzaria" in between the two points near the middle, Top right point says "Shoah Nothing Like it Cremation Services," In the middle it says "Principal Principality" This is so ridiculously creepy… especially how they chose to name those places.

    They're paying attention and changing it.

  64. ok so i checked this last night and could see the three places mentioned before but now i don't see anything!? it seems that they've taken it out! this is too weird. does anyone see anything when they zoom in?

  65. Giant pentagram found in Germany, Munster! Part of everyday life?

    Just copy the Numbers into google maps and press search


  66. I do believe it could be an unfinished camp. But in this case this structure has to be rather old. May be the project was started in 1980-s and then it was abandoned after perestroika and the collapse of soviet system. I was a kid at that time and i remember the pentagram was a very popular sign in Soviet Union. But it never was inverted. The first inverted pentagram i saw was in some horror movie. :)

  67. another site worth looking at on google maps: University of Memphis. There it is a huge eye seen from the sky.

  68. First of all, it's the Devil's trap, it can be used to hold demons – or keep them out. And since it's this big, there has to be something at the centre, like a hell's gate. That Adam and Lucifer are involved just proves stuff is going on. Maybe the Cage has a backdoor there that could be opened?

  69. J.R. Bob Dobbs on

    Hail Eris!

    Not to mention you can save yourselves fnord immediately by mailing in your weekly tithe of slack to the benevolent Church of the Subgenius…your lives and your savior depend on it!

    And fear not true believers! Correctly formulated, the Law [of Fives] is: All phenomena are directly or indirectly related to the fnord number five, and this relationship can always be demonstrated, given enough ingenuity on the part of the demonstrator.

    I am now accepting donations for one of a kind Hagbard Celine pendants, crafted from the dogwood tree in the shape of a 23 pointed star. Send one federal reserve note bearing the likeness of our 1st (and greatest) President: Adam Weishaupt. All other denominations will be refused, but unavailable for a refund fnord.

    Feeling paranoid? Good: illumination is on the other side of absolute terror. And the only terror that is truly absolute is the horror of realising that you can't believe anything you've ever been told.

  70. They are long gone. Svyatoslav did whatever it takes to wipe out every last memory of them. That was act of revenge for attacking his troops returning from Caspian Sea. The whole conspiracy about khazars being modern Jews or worse is nothing more than unfounded crap. In 10-12 centuries the very land of Khazars were populated by very different nations like Pechenegs and Polovians among others steppe dwellers. Once mighty kingdom Khazarian Kaganat became a shadow of former self and finally became a sorrowful page in history.

  71. Saw thislittle text from one of the useless articles:

    Chad Faulkner is one of those who believe that Pentagram origin is Satan's work, and therefore ask the doubters:
    – Has anyone noticed that the center of the circle is exactly 666 feet above sea level?

    I find it very weeeird?

    • I am Kazakh, and I can say for fact that pentagrams have no relation to our culture, save for the Soviet days. But even then, as some already mentioned, it would NEVER be an inverted (let alone encircled) star – which, in itself, is an in-your-face satanic symbol. While most of these tags (like human flesh BBQ) are likely pranks, the sheer size and altitude value of 666 canot be faked.

  72. carlos torres on

    Hi you can find another satanic black pentagram inside on a chess black and white floor if you search in Google earth :
    Escuela Militar Jose Maria Cordoba Bogota Colombia
    This Place is the most important Military School in Colombia, where all the Generals and the Militia is educated in this school . Thanks for your article bye

  73. A couple days ago a video was posted and it had the words "The Seal of the Devil" and some other biblical things there… I think Adam and Lucifer. Now it just says something pizzeria and cafe, perhaps modified for the US visitors?

  74. applesapples on

    A couple days ago a video was posted and it had the words "The Seal of the Devil" and some other biblical things there… I think Adam and Lucifer. Now it just says something pizzeria and cafe, perhaps modified for the US visitors?

  75. Anybody else surprised VC hasn't posted an article about the music video called, "That Power" by Will I Am featuring Justin Bieber?

  76. Jesus, people. Pentagram is strange of course, but it can be some military base. But the thing with Adam, Lucifer and Seal of Devil is pretty easy to explain – everyone is able to modify google maps. I tried it. There is a function called google map maker, and you can add whatever you want. It's just trolling.

  77. It now says "biogenesis lab", and "pentagram" in the middle.
    Also, when I now search for "Satan's Torture Pentagram", it has been completely removed from search results.
    Earlier when I searched for it, it brought up that same pentagram immediately.

    Did google remove this search result? Or is this something easily done by googlemap users? Can previous search results also disappear like that?

  78. I just looked it the coordinates and right in the middle of the pentagram it was marked as "biogenesis lab" and under 'more info' stated that it was a gym. lol. No direct mention of adam or satan today. wtf?

    By the way did anyone else notice that if you write "Lucifer" it automatically capitalizes but not with other names eg adam? wtf?

  79. I'm on an IOS system, meaning iPhone. I put the coordinates into google maps, and there was the shape of the pentagram. It had letters on it saying "Biogenesis lab," and a location mark. It also had a location mark with "Pentagram" in it. I clicked on it and it sent me to the reviews.

    This is insane.

  80. I get Biogenesis Lab, and when I zoom, there are two more places: "Jesus live here" and "Einstein lives here". This must be a joke.

  81. Does anyone else see on Google maps that it says Biogenesis lab? On the regular map view when putting in the coordinates it shows the star and says "Biogenesis Lab"…

  82. This seems even more interesting in light of the previous article about england filtering out esoteric materials… An attempt to fill the internet with occult imagery to prevent usage of ANYTHING?????

  83. I checked it out today. It let me zoom in and whwn I did 4 texts appeared. One was biogenesis lab, one was pentagram, one said einstein lives here and the other said jesus lives here… ?? Id submit the screenshot if I could. Crazy

  84. I read online that the elevation in the center of the pentacle is 666 feet. Is this for real, or some big joke? Can someone check the elevation for me? What is the parellel? I think the 33rd parallel runs through Iraq.

  85. I think that any writing that says "human bbq," "Lucifer," "Adam," or "children taste good here," is obviously trolling and fake. However, it is clearly a pentagram in a circle which I don't think is Russian. The summer camp reference in a remote and isolated location near Astana is also very interesting as this area has good weather in summer only, and below freezing temps in winter. Rituals would only occur on the summer soltice here. This camp had to have been created some time ago (no recent joke) because there are older trees growing along the road which makes it so visible. Why would someone create a summer camp in the middle of nowhere for children? Sounds fishy to me.

  86. I wanted to add to my previous post that I can imagine rich elite Satanists would have to helecopter in to this site. It even looks like a helicopter landing pad. How many miles could a helecopter fly to this place? Astana is close by. Any other areas close by?

  87. It's blatantly telling that the Yahoo article literally began its article with the pejorative expression "conspiracy theorist" when daring to approach this topic. The simple truth is that there IS a Satanic conspiracy operating in this world that seeks and plans to seize authority over the earth. What they persist in underestimating is the power of the Creator and of Righteousness, itself. The perverted intelligence of insanity cannot defeat the original intelligence of sanity. Goodness will triumph, whether its enemies attempt to make it otherwise, or not.

  88. "The inverted pentagram does not always mean nefarious things."

    Beware those who say this. They are probably in league with such nefarious things.

  89. biogenesis lab?? on

    when I typed the coordinates, the first thing that came up (in the middle of the pentagram) was "biogenesis lab"… weird…

  90. The other day I called a central heating engineer for repairs to my Ariston boiler. After telling me what may be wrong with the boiler, he proceeded to tell me about Ariston being an Illuminati company and a champion of the OWO and how they have made their boilers in such a way as only their engineers can fix them since their circuit boards are reconfigured on site through their engineers' laptops, the intention of this of course being control and more money in Ariston's bulging pockets. I told him to check your site out as he has an organisation that is out to warn the masses against the coming OWO.

    Being who I am, I phoned Ariston to see if anyone could fix their boilers. To cut a long story short, I bought a circuit board, opened up my boiler and fitted it myself. I'm not a plumber, electrical /central heating engineer, but a female who trying to make ends meet one day, fixed my own PC and in the process became familiar with motherboards, which is why I knew how to fit the Ariston circuit board!

    I know there is a lot of man-made and supernatural evil in this world, but Illuminati conspiracy theories are hugely out of control and much too fanciful. If the pentagram in Kazakstan is for real, all I can say is that witches and wizards have been doing their thing long before Harry Potter ever saw the light of day and many of them have no clue who the Illuminati are.

  91. Duncan Lawson on

    Whatever. Although the lines are clearly on the landscape, much of the tagging such as labels is recent and unreliable – anyone can add and edit these using Google Map Maker.

    Of greater interest is the "obviously disused" (a little too obviously disused) Soviet era airstrip and associated buildings close by to the East and obviously aligned with the pentagram… hey VC how about a story about that. And the other pentagram immediately South East of THAT site…

      • Duncan Lawson on

        From memory, about 500-1000ft SSE of airfield, five lines converging on a ruin, not a clearly delineated pentagram by any means but still an interesting symmetry anyway. Interestingly shaped outcrop to NE of central ruin which may evoke comparisons with interesting weathered outcrops much farther afield…

        Kazakhstan is a very odd place indeed. Place basically sits on a plate of iron ore. Not the most obvious place to explore the stars from either but hey…

  92. This is just plain strange. All these other comments say there are sub locations within the pentagram and now I see ones that say "biogenesis lab" in the center, "pentagram" next to it, and "Jesus live here" and "Einstein lives here" in the corners of the center. Can these be added by regular users? Why do these location names keep changing? What does all this mean??

  93. I just put this ( +52° 28′ 47.14″, +62° 11′ 8.38″ ) into Google maps,
    and it came up with the pentegram…and something else…

  94. This is really weird. I checked it out and in the middle of the Pentagram it said "Biogenesis Lab", to the left "Jesus lives here" (the mockery really ticks me off) and towards the bottom "Einsten lives here" These are the coordinates I used:

    52°28’46.65″N 62°11’8.09″E

    Notice it's slightly different than the one VC provided. I bet if you keep switching the degrees slightly you could create a map of all the crazy things it says.

  95. Bean Head Hatake on

    Hey Vc, when I looked at the area in the atlas map view not satellite, It has a label in the middle of the star saying "Biogenesis Lab"
    Which makes a lot of sense, when u think about Euginics, Transhumanisum, and other things like viruses that will only attack the genes of one race type. Real things going down for sure n I can believe that they are not good. smh! Thanks for the heads up!

  96. Duncan Lawson on

    Look, everyone focussing on the labels about biogenesis labs and jesus and einstein and bbqs are missing the point because ANYONE can add that stuff in Google Maps. The real anomaly, the pentagram carved into the landscape in a remote corner of Central Asia which is only clearly visible from the sky or from orbit, that's the REAL mystery – it remains even when all labels etc are switched off. Focussing on stuff like the labels keeps stories like this pinned to the lunatic fringe, and makes truth seekers look stupid. Its like finding a genuine mysterious artefact covered in graffiti and saying "wow look at this graffiti".

    Loads of rendition flights went via Kazakh territory. So… where did all the people on them go?

  97. Thanks VC. Its weird how the captions keep getting changed to these bizarre names, fair enough that you can change the names but the question is WHY? Are they trying to throw us off here so we don't think anything suspicious is going on and making a joke of it but really there is something really dark and dangerous going on. What I've also noticed is that comment after comment is people trying to rationalize what is going on right in front of them I mean c'mon – Hidden in plain sight – Eyes Wide Shut?……
    Didn't none of you read the Stanley Kubrick articles???? because it appears y'all are STILL ASLEEP. Also on the maps is that its clearly an inverted pentagram and that its in a REMOTE location in Khazkhstan, in the middle of a forest. Its not even on an angle or anything, it blatantly is inverted pointing north and inverted for a reason.

  98. On another note guys everyone please check this out: Google "Abandoned Nazi railway station" click on the dailymail link and read away, this is the headline: 'The abandoned Nazi railway station in the mountains that fell into disrepair and now hides a secret laboratory researching dark matter' I wonder eh? Of course they leave us on tenterhooks because they never tell us what that dark matter is but they have elevation diagrams to show where the laboratories are situated along the railway line, and if anyone knows anything about Nazism and the experiments the scientists carried out during them times, hmmmmm it gets darker & the rabbit hole just gets deeper……..

  99. someone try putting there own marker in there, okay? Because i tried, and google maps said this is not a place that allows me to place a marker.

  100. the symbols themself are Always neutral

    its the intention wich its used with ,,that makes if they are black or white magic

    a reversed pentagram is considered satanistic these days,,but back in time it was a sacred symbol of light

    so it all depends how its beeing used

    a knife and fork are tools to eat ,,or murderweapons ,,depending on what intention it is used with .

    dont need to be a 33 degree mason to know this.

  101. Ummmmmmmmmm now it says: biogenesis lab in the middle. It also says pentagram and "JESUS LIVE HERE" and "EINSTEIN LIVES HERE." I feel like someone is messing with us but this is pretty sketchy

  102. Last week google maps noted 'Lucifer' and 'Adam' inside the pentagramand ,. . . google earth noted it as 'Seal of the Devil'. Today g-maps notation is 'Biogenesis lab'. Somebody's screwing around on google and having a good laugh at everyone calling it a luciferean conspiracy.

  103. I'm on Google Maps now, and the pointer says right in the middle of the pentagram in a gray box says " Biogenic Labs".

    One point on the gray box says "Jesus Live Here" and another point says "Einstein Lives Here"

    I have no clue how that is tied up with all this, but it is very strange….

  104. Do an article on Dubai its becoming an Illuminati masonic shrine over here. Ill give you a few hints, going down the main road, SZR, most the buildings are topped by ''Illuminated Pyramids'', there's a building which hosts an international financial centre called ''The Gate'' (Masonic Design) a few of the shopping centers have masonic designs, sacred geometry, and architecture. The same with Saudi Arabia there are occult shrines, I think they constructed an airport with a specifically masonic design, you can research it. Its the weirdest shit ever. I'm curious who the designers/architects were and who gave a yes to the project. One last thing, a few years ago the Mossad went to Dubai to carry out a killing of a very high profile member of Hamas. Since then, the photos of the perpetrators have been on the Dubai police website ''Most Wanted''. I hope god protects everyone from these ills.

    • To edit something, you need to be logged in with your google account, and when you zoom enough you can " edit in google map maker" on the bottom right of the map.

  105. Is it just me
    For a few days now when I enter the coordinates from the article a different spot shows up
    No longer the pentagram

  106. Not sure if its been mentioned. I shift from the satellite to map view – and zoomed all the way into the middle pentagram part of the star –

    Right in the middle it says 'Biogenesis Lab', underneath it says 'Pentagram'.

    At the left it says 'Jesus lives here' and at the bottom 'Einstein lives here'

    what the freak?

  107. can you post an article about Tila Tequila? She openly went out against "the industry" and the powers that be and allegedly has a lot of proof on her website about sinister things people are doing for fame. You should definitely check it out.

  108. Now it says 'Jesus live here' at a point and 'Satan lives here' at another. then a 'biogenesis lab'. this is a prank.

  109. Can be a neo-pagan thing. In the Soviet ex-republics there is a rise of neo-pagan movements that are actually anti New World Order but often -out of ignorance- adapt "things" that were created by the NWO, the neo-pagan movement is a NWO created thing.

    One of the best anti-NWO activists and educator of occult/esoteric/hidden history matters was a Soviet/Russian general called Konstantin Petrov and he advocated for paganism…

    Also the government of Kazakhstan is independent and honest (what do you think the Borat propaganda is all about?) so i doubt that the fact that some masons infiltrated their architecture means that the country is in their hands.

  110. The flag is a sun, eagle (what? not a Phoenix?), on a UN blue background (they even admit the blue represents sky worship!). "The soaring eagle is the liberated spiritual part of the prima materia in alchemy. An attribute of Jupiter and as his lightening-bearer clutches Jupiter’s thunderbolts in his talons…. As with all symbols, the eagle has its dark, malign and sinister aspect, an exaggeration of its qualities, the perversion of its strength and its inordinate self-exaltation." ~ Source, with lots of pictures:

    There is this weird scrolling symbol…strangely looks like owls' faces (eyes, nose) with crosses and hearts. The singular symbol of the "owl face" appears at the top left of the website:

    Here's the Crest/Emblem…okay, too many occultic symbols to post in a web comment, but anyone who has a teeny bitty bit of a clue about they symbols will pick up on most of them. The "official" explanation is BS.

    This place is a real occultic trip!

  111. Last week I got into a flight from Kansai Airport, Japan to Beijing, and when the plane started to descend to prepare to land, I saw a structure that looked a lot like an all seeing eye. I took a picture of it, too.

  112. Anyone seen a sattelite image other than google? I have a DigitalGlobe account which is usually more clear than google but for some reason the penagram area is very blurry, pilxleated and you cannot make out weather or not anything is there. I would like to confirm with something other than google.

    If I were rich I would have already been on a plane out there lol, just for proof!

  113. I just checked it out – there are 3 dots, each labeled: "pentagram", "Jesus live here" and "Einstein lives here". My guess is Google Maps is being hacked and someone is having fun being creepy.

  114. What do you guys think of all those immigration laws and sending people home. Also what is happening in Switzerland where they are keeping immigrants in a place that reepsembles a concertation camp and monitoring what they eat and where they go?? Seems fishy

    • Fishy is the Mass Imigration and the "Ethnocentrism for everyone but the Whites" that the Illuminati is using to destroy and opress our White race. The Swiss are resisting the New World Order including the anti-White agenda this is why all the propaganda against the Swiss.

      In fact all this non-European immigrants in Europe can be considered "colonizers by proxy" and if we ever take our countries back we have the right to send the colonizers home.

  115. Wow….just viewed it and it was highlighted even….nothing else I search is highlighted like that….nothing about a sick restaurant or lodging anywhere about but it showed a "tourist attractIon" dead center of the pentagram….very strange

  116. Ok, I haven't finished reading all the comments, but come on people. I don't doubt the site is ligitimate. But why are you guys actually thinking that the words that have been placed on the Internet are real? Hello, obviously people know that people like ourselves are checking this thing out. So they are just adding things to make it funny. If you're that gullible, you might need to stay away from sites like this haha.

  117. I saw it, zoomed in, and 2 locations named "Denisovsky Rayon" and 1 location called "catahnhckar nehtarpamma" pop up. My research came up with no explanation on denisvosky rayon.. Just a district. Any explanations??

  118. People, stop focusing on the text or repeating what other people said over and over! There are seriously like 100 comments saying "omg Einstein & Jesus live here WHAT DOES IT MEAN??"

    We already said that the text can be edited, and the reason it's changing so much is somebody or more than one person is trying to get a rise out of people on the internet for fun

  119. Serik Bazarbayev on

    I was born and raised in Lisakovsk, the town near which this gigantic Soviet Star (not pentagram) has been planted by the use of trees. I have taken part in this planting as a "Pioneer" – that is, a member of boy-scout like organisation dedicated to communism. The purpose of this park is for the Soviet Star to be visible to the landing cosmonauts. Because Lisakovsk is not far from the Baikonur space rockets launch centre. Also, in Kustanai province the cosmonauts often landed. Later on they did indeed plan to build a Pioneer Camp (summer camp for kids recreation), but the plans were scrapped altogether. This location was found to be unsuitable. So, it's not correct to call this place "unfinished camp" in any way. And, it was not a Pentagram, but the most important symbol of the Soviet Union, the 5-angled Red Star. In Soviet Union, it was everywhere and still can be found in many places. For example, a park in Bishkek, mordern-day Kyrgyzstan, is also shaped as a 5-angle Star. In Soviet Russia, stars were everywhere… :) So, no occultism and no mystery!!!!!

  120. Serik Bazarbayev on

    And by the way, I just checked the satellite photograph of this place in Google Maps, and I am sorry to see that this beautiful park has been deserted for quite some time, as most of the trees died out. Only a number of them remains, but you can still make out the shape of the Soviet Star, even not so easily. The line of trees and the surrounding circle used to be unbroken. Now you can only see trees here and there… It was such a grand event to plant the trees as a kid!!! I can still remember it as if it were yesterday. Years ago we used to come back for regular tree watering. So the trees were small then, now they've grown a lot…

    Pioneers did many bizarre for modern understanding things. We strongly believed that communism would win all over the world, and soon. We were fanatics of communism, Lenin, the Red Star, etc… We used to build obelisks in schools with time capsules "For the children of 21st century" etc. and wrote about how envious we are to them for living in a free, just and happy communist society…. Ehhh…. Nostaligia… :)

  121. mysterymonarch on

    Quick note – when Manly Hall talks about "not suspect[ing] the use of emblematic pentacles", he's not talking about the pentagram, he's talking about just the star, as you mentioned earlier. Every instance of a five pointed star has this property, circled, inverted, or any combination thereof. Again – just the star – this is important.

    He's right; but think about the occurrance of the pentaCLE, the star, in everyday life, in the political landscape, fashion, and so on, and now I think you might get the meaning a little better. That's the "unsuspecting" part.

    The Republicans inverting the star on their logo around the 00's is one very pertinent example of this. They knew this as well.

    Hall was not on the right side, but he still knows what he's talking about.

    • Serik Bazarbayev on

      Many symbols had completely different meanings in different cultures and during different historic periods. Just as an example I can mention the swastika, the cross, the circle etc. You cannot assume the meaning of a symbol just by what you believe in. It can be completely different for somebody else, out of your cultural and historical context.

  122. If you go to google earth and look at it, hover your mouse in the middle of the pentagram. It says the elevation is "666 ft", nothing is coincidence.

    • Serik Bazarbayev on

      in Kazakhstan, nobody ever ever knew or used feet, only meters (metric system) or other local Kazakh Traditional/Russian Imperial units of measuring distance before the introduction of the International System of Measurement by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. So, again, never ever was anything measured in feet in this part of the world. Never

  123. Hey Guys this might sound silly but I'm definitely worried about what might be going on within the pentagram! It is certainly a fact that the symbol may be used in black magic or good magic either way no human is supposed be fooling around with that magic crap because we are not gods. The very thought or imagining of repressing anyone else for whatever reason is not the way of Nature/Allah/God. Ok so what I'm seeing is there's evil ass mofos out there ganging/planning to kill us in fact they already are. Right so brings me back to pentagram thingy. What I am thinking is why on earth do you now need such a huge pentragram! You must be preparing for some pretty big stuff! 1000ft pentragram wow. What would be interesting is whether any of the known illuminati have visited the region recently and whether the dates are almost coincidental. Either one thing is a fact. We have a Creator and our Creator will punish those who oppress his Creations. Believe and you will be Saved. Do not fear Death when they the illumnati send him.

  124. yh its real :/ just google the coordinates on google maps, it will take you there. Than choose satelite view, its a region close to Russia

  125. Serik Bazarbayev on

    Kayne is not the only one of the American stars who were paid millions to perform for the Kazakhstan dictator and his family. It happens all the time. Kanye came to the mad dictator's grandson's wedding, as well as other famous singers, to sing at the wedding reception.

  126. "Some articles insist on the fact that the pentagram is Christian symbol"
    Please explain to me how in the world is this even a "fact"?!

  127. Not to play Devil's advocate (pardon the pun) but could the image not just be looked at from a different perspective and then not just be regarded as a five pointed star?

  128. Not only is the pentacle a symbol used in ritualistic magic, it's also the symbol of the Five Elements in Chinese Medicine. It is a diagram that is over 1000 years old, and shows the interconnection between organ systems and is used by millions of Chinese medicine doctors around the world. Before leaping to conclusions (eg: "The Russians" <—omg really? are doing ritualistic magic to take over the world), consider that possibly the geographical proximity of Kazakhstan to China, and don't assume that just because a symbol means one thing to one group of people, that its universal purpose is completely static.

  129. I'm hearing that this is just an old Russian missile site possibly from the Cold War. The star shape is very Russian. But why would they make a missle site so obvious from the air? I would think they would want to keep it top secret.

  130. Does nobody here watch the popular show Supernatural? 😀 It's a reference to a character on the show! As we're nearing the last few episodes of the season.
    Definitely going to try and look this up myself now 😀

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