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Astana is the first capital being built in the 21st century and it perfectly represents  where the world is headed. It is truly one man’s vision: Nursultan Nazarbayev, the president of Kazakhstan (yes Borat’s country, I know). Backed by billions of petrodollars, the city is being built from scratch in a remote and deserted area of  the Asian steppes. The result is astonishing: a futuristic occult capital, embracing the New World Order while celebrating the most ancient religion known to man: Sun Worship. The city is still a huge construction site, but the buildings that are already completed already sum up Nazarbayev’s occult vision.

The Pyramid of Peace


Conceived by Britain’s most prolific architect, Lord Norman Forster, this giant pyramid is an odd presence in the middle of the Asian Steppes.  The building is dedicated to  “the renunciation of violence” and “to bring together the world’s religions”. Norman Foster has said that the building has no recognizable religious symbols to permit the harmonious reunification of confessions. In reality, the pyramid is a temple for the occultist’s only TRUE religion: Sun worship. A journey inside this building is a truly symbolic one. It represents each human’s path to illumination. Let’s take the tour.

The Pyramidal Shape

“The initiates accepted the pyramid form as the ideal symbol of both the secret doctrine and those institutions established for its dissemination”
-Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Novus Ordo Seclorum = New Order for the Ages

As Manly P. Hall  stated, the pyramid is the ultimate symbol representing the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Sublime in their simplicity, divine in their proportions, they embody both the divine knowledge owned by the illuminated and the bewilderment of the masses. Today’s elite, initiated to the occult, are the heirs of this ancient wisdom and use the pyramid as a symbol of power in the modern world. The illuminated/floating/missing capstone represents the divine principle present in the universe as well in each human being. Another symbolic meaning attributed to the missing capstone is the unfinished nature of the New World Order. It is said that the capstone of the Great Pyramid will be reinstated when this age old project will become reality. Here are other pyramids appearing across the world, representing the elites power over the masses.

Memphis Arena
Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas
Raffles Hotel, Dubai
Raffles Hotel, Dubai

The Opera House (Basement)

When entering the pyramid at ground level, the interior is dark and cavernous. The basement houses Astana’s opera house, where the unsuspecting mass gets entertained.

Underground Opera House

Despite the darkness, a huge image of the sun occupies almost all of the ceiling.

The Midsection

Around the Sun Table

Right on top of the opera house is the central space of the pyramid. It acts as the meeting room for conferences reuniting religious leaders of the world. Take a minute and soak up the symbolism here. You have religious leaders from around the world sitting around a huge figure of the sun, discussing how to reconcile their differences for the coming New Age. The symbolism is blatant:  all these theologies are simply outgrowth of the original object of worship: the Sun.

This space is much more luminous than the opera house, representing the progress towards illumination. The sun image in the middle of the round table is exactly on top of the sun of the opera house. So while the general population is being entertained in the darkness of the material world, the illuminated, sitting right on top of them, are contemplating how to reach godliness.

Contemplating Godliness

If you read other articles on this site, you might be aware of the objectives of the New World Order. One of them is the replacement of all religions by a form of neo-paganism. This is what those meetings are for. The city of Astana is truly a city of the New World Order.

The Apex


The apex is literally heavenly. It is round, totally windowed and bathing in glorious sunlight. Images of white doves are embedded in the windows, representing peace, which will result in the unification of the world governments and religions in the New World Order.  The apex is the ultimate representation of  the achievement of  illumination, on an individual and on the worldly level.

Look at the ceiling of the apex:


The solar deity is shining upon the illuminated. Beautiful.

The pyramid’s divisions  (the lower dark opera house, the middle conference room and the godly apex) embody the Pythagorean vision of the world. Pythagoras’ teachings are thoroughly studied in today’s occult societies.

Pythagoras divided the universe into three parts, which he called the Supreme World, the Superior World, and the Inferior World. The highest, or Supreme World, was a subtle, interpenetrative spiritual essence pervading all things and therefore the true plane of the Supreme Deity itself, the Deity being in every sense omnipresent, omniactive, omnipotent, and omniscient. Both of the lower worlds existed within the nature of this supreme sphere.

The Superior World was the home of the immortals. It was also the dwelling place of the archetypes, or the seals; their natures in no manner partook of the material of earthiness, but they, casting their shadows upon the deep (the Inferior World), were cognizable only through their shadow. The third, or Inferior World, was the home of those creatures who partook of material substance or were engaged in labor with or upon material substance. Hence, this sphere was the home of (…) mankind and the lower kingdoms, those temporarily of the earth but capable of rising above that sphere by reason and philosophy.

The three sections of the Pyramid

In other words, this pyramid, much more than being a tourist attraction, is a representation of the philosophy of the initiates. As Dan Cruikshanks rather cryptically said in his documentary, it is a “representation of the power to come”.




Also designed by the distinguished British architect Sir Norman Foster, the monument is meant to embody a folktale about a mythical tree of life and a magic bird of happiness. The bird, named Samruk, had laid its egg in the crevice between two branches of a poplar tree. The egg – the golden globe at the top of the monument – represents, once again, the Sun, the Supreme Deity.

This “tree of life”, represents the channel through which spirits go to leave the material world and join the divine world. This concept is a recurrent in most (if not all) esoteric societies.

Inside the Golden Globe

The Total Recall Thing

Visitors can go at the top of the tower and get a wonderful view of Nazarbayev’s city. There are also some strange items to look at.


Inside the globe we find this enigmatic “thing”. It’s a golden triangle with president Nazarbayev’s handprint in it. Why? I honestly don’t know. All I can say is that it looks like something out of the movie Total Recall.


Bata Composition


It is a globe signed by representatives from seventeen religious denominations. Yes, once again, talking about uniting all religions into one for the NWO and all of that.


Masonic Pillars


Two pillars and one in between, further away. Is there a chance that this may be Masonic symbolism?


Yes, the twin golden pillars represent the two pillars of Masonry named Boaz and Jachin. I won’t go into the whole symbolism behind those pillars, but we can probably assume that Nazarbayev is a “Free and Accepted Mason”.

Presidential Palace


Placed in a commanding position in the city, the Presidential Palace sits at the end of a ceremonial route which starts with the Bayterek tower. A big fat dome sits on top of the palace, representing the female principle, in opposition to the phallic Bayterek tower – the male principle. This layout is present in almost all important cities, including Washington DC and Paris.

Khan Shatyry Entertainment Center (The World’s Biggest Tent)


This unfinished oddity is designed, once again, by Sir Norman Foster (he basically designed the whole city). Underneath the tent, an area larger than 10 football stadiums, will be an urban-scale internal park, shopping and entertainment venue with squares and cobbled streets, a boating river, shopping centre, minigolf and indoor beach resort. It has been said that this structure is made to look like a tabernacle, on par with the Temple of Solomon.

These portable places of worship, composed of tents, were used by Jews during biblical times. Initiates attribute to these ancient settlements an esoteric meaning.

Coming Soon in Astana

Astana is still under heavy construction, but there are some truly amazing projects in the works. Here are some of them.

Central Markets


Designed by our good friend Norman Foster.

Crazy Towers (not the official name)


All-Seeing Eye Stadium (not the official name)



To Conclude

As members of the world elite are fulfilling the conditions required to unite the world into a single government, they are scattering all over the world symbols of their power. The fact that the general population have no idea what those structures represent is exactly the reason why their plans go forward unquestioned and unnoticed. But those plans have been here for ages now. Manley P. Hall wrote in 1918:

“When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear. Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into an illuminated faith, and fear into love

Mob is equal to democracy, church is equal to religion and state is equal to countries. In other words, before men can live in harmony, we have to abolish democracy (because the mass is too dumb), religions (because they are superstitions) and states (because we need one world government). He continues:

“The perfect government of the earth must be patterned eventually after that divine government by which the universe is ordered. In that day when perfect order is reestablished, with peace universal and good triumphant, men will no longer seek for happiness, for they shal find it welling up within themselves”

Sound good doesn’t it? Only one catch. When this will happen, most of the world population will be dead. On that note, have a nice day.

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    • What is the importance of Kazakhstan? Well take a guess where Ashkenazi Jews originate from? They come from Khazaria which is not our maps anymore but is located in modern Kazakhstan.

      • Katharina von Brandt on

        Ashkenazi is the hebrew name for Germany, I am German-Jewish(Messianic Sec) I can tell you that Ashkenazis origins begin in the Rhein Flussenthal Region 400 years before the birth of Yeshua(Jesus), Kazakhstan's German ethnic peoples have suffered greatly when Stalin ousted then from the Volga(Wolge) region in Russia, they were forced out in the dead of winter with no food, water and shelter and those few out of 500.000K Volga-Germans made it to Kasachstan(auf deutsch)

        Kazakhstan is over 80% Islamic, not Jewish but in this fair and non-judgmental country Lutherans, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jewish, Messianic-Jewish(Messianische-Jüdische, dass ist mich) and other Judaism groups like the Samaritans are all welcomed.

        Kazakh-Muslims don't believe all people must be followers of Islam but should believe in God, to which other Islamic Groups, Jews, Christians, Buddhist, Messianic-Jews do.

        I am going to this beautiful country to teach German to the ethnic-Germans there, most speak Russian and Kazakh and little Plattdüütsch(Low German).

        I just love learning about other ethnic groups and Kultur and Kazakhstan welcomes people with a warm heart, sounds like the Ost-Prussen

      • Ifeanyi Akaolisa on

        The body claiming the cloth had nothing to do with the actual ownership of the cloth. These "Jews" are phallus worshipers, exactly for which reason YHWH commanded the surrounding nations to be sterilized. To maintain that these "Jews" are the same as the historical Hebrews who were the descendants of Jacob/Israel is the same as saying that the "title" of "Von" is of Jewish origins.

        And I mean no insult in the slightest….

      • Katharina von Brandt on

        Ashkenazi is the hebrew name for Germany, I am German-Jewish(Messianic Sec) I can tell you that Ashkenazis origins begin in the Rhein Flussenthal Region 400 years before the birth of Yeshua(Jesus), Kazakhstan's German ethnic peoples have suffered greatly when Stalin ousted then from the Volga(Wolge) region in Russia, they were forced out in the dead of winter with no food, water and shelter and those few out of 500.000K Volga-Germans made it to Kasachstan(auf deutsch)

        Kazakhstan is over 80% Islamic, not Jewish but in this fair and non-judgmental country Lutherans, Catholics, Orthodox Christians, Jewish, Messianic-Jewish(Messianische-Jüdische, dass ist mich) and other Judaism groups like the Samaritans are all welcomed.

        Kazakh-Muslims don't believe all people must be followers of Islam but should believe in God, to which other Islamic Groups, Jews, Christians, Buddhist, Messianic-Jews do.

        I am going to this beautiful country to teach German to the ethnic-Germans there, most speak Russian and Kazakh and little Plattdüütsch(Low German).

        I just love learning about other ethnic groups and Kultur and Kazakhstan welcomes people with a warm heart, sounds like the Ost-Preußen(East PRussia) of old, where my family came from until Stalin forced out my family in the dead of winter know as the Prussian Death March,,, so much hate, so much evil and so little love and too little brotherhood!

    • Some times seeing patterns in everything is a bad idea. The author of the article has made unrealistic statements about the city of Astana and its construction, which can be made about every major city and developing country in the world. The author might need to do research into the history of architecture throughout history, and how culture and influences contributed to their designs.

      The USA brought together 50 states that was founded July 4, 1776, and the United Nations was established in 1945 in New York. Talk about a global conspiracy to bring to people and nations together, if so sinister. Corporations in oil/gas, technology, merchandise & fast food has become global. I guess the author might believe that the people that run these organizations are purely up to no good too.

      I welcome progress & the idea of building an advance civilization that brings humanity together even though there may be differences. Without advances in science & technology & a push towards globalization, we wouldn't have so many of the things we all take for granted like a variety of food, electricity, the internet & telecommunication systems, global transportation systems, cities with skyscrapers & modern construction, the convenience of indoor running water & heat etc. The benefits are literally endless. Try living in the wild by yourself providing everything for yourself for a year to see how easy life will be.

      We survive better in groups. It is believed that our ancestors live a nomadic lifestyle in small groups. These groups were mostly direct relatives. They eventually settled building villages which in turn, grew into towns & cites, becoming places of trade/barter. People discovered that it was wise to specialize in making or selling one thing & exchanging them for something else they needed. This simply made life easier, resulting in increased survival rates that made groups larger & more attractive.

      Cities & towns have turned into independent states then unions of independent states. In recent times, they have transformed into global trading blocks, which is still in progress. Perhaps, in the distant future, there might be a global civilization, but so what? There have always been people against many of the developments in our world throughout history.

      It was once thought the the act of simply thinking that the earth was not the center of the universe was a sinister act resulting in death & judgement by high priests. Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) was murdered by the church/priests for it even though he had no evidence to prove his idea.

      Imagine if the invention of the first asphalt road, which was first constructed in 1824 on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, was considered to be foreign, sinister, & one step closer to a sinister global government. Imagine if no culture adopted it into their societies because of a fear of contaminating your culture & the adaptation of a possible global economic system.

      • Phud5: "Imagine if the invention of the first asphalt road, which was first constructed in 1824 on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, was considered to be foreign, sinister, & one step closer to a sinister global government. Imagine if no culture adopted it into their societies because of a fear of contaminating your culture & the adaptation of a possible global economic system."

        Well, using this kind of logic, every invention, construction, social reformation (or none at all), could respectively lead to the ultimate New World Order. If everything that has occured, is occuring, and will occur, leads us to exactly the spot we find ourselves in now, or the point on our imaginary human history timeline, then absolutely anything and everything that has happened since the "dawn of time" will eventually bring us to this New World Order, should it occur, or not, if it doesn't. This means it makes no difference what humanity does or does not adopt into its culture, since whatever choices are made will ultimately bring us to the conclusions we find ourselves confronting at any given moment in history. Free will or not, everything everyone has done up to this point has brought us to the situation at hand, whatever that may turn out to be… So what if a road wasn't imagined and built. So what if that butterfly hadn't flapped it's wings. Here we are. Do something, or do nothing. Quite likely the results will be the same.

      • Such total hog wash. You obviously are in a brain-wash cult and member of the NWO Project Blue Beam created by none other than Micheal Aquino from Temple of Set. who serve Lucifer alone and are Anti-Christ described in Revelation. You know it Most Christians know it all to well. That is why you build new cities because you fully intend to kill us and have our cities run with Christian blood. "As was above – So below " Baphomet was cast out of Gods' heaven so keeps promising man a utopia. Man has attempted to created heaven on earth several times all ending as Pharo ended in total destruction on the night of Passover

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    • the missing capstone on the Pyramid is Jesus Christ when he returns the Pyramid will be complete with Gods plan and he will rule forever and ever over mankind there will be peace and death will be no more.

      • Death to the NWO on

        Not true; the global elite are far from "enlightened" or benevolent. The missing capstone represents the culmination of their so-called Great Work (i.e. enslaving humanity under the Antichrist).

      • Death to the NWO on

        I forgot to add that when the Antichrist comes, the capstone will be joined with the pyramid, and it's all downhill from there, at least for us "little people".

        But i'm not afraid to die, because Jesus will kick these wretched "elites" into the lake of fire in the end.

      • When the anti Christ comes?

        That's so jesuitical- the anti Christ is already here- it's the papacy.




    The system of popes, and all its priests, cardinals and nuns is the greatest deception and fraud ever to be perpetrated upon true Christianity. The plain truth, there is no priesthood and popes in the worship of true Christianity! If that be true, then just who are these frauds? Amazingly, they come straight from Babylon Mystery Lucifer Sun Worship!!


    Everyone knows this system of popes and priests of Lucifer Sun Worship, known also as Roman Catholicism, teaches and was officially declared by Pope Eugene IV at the Council of Florence, that it is the only true church, and outside of it, there is no salvation for mankind! Now, it is this boastful and arrogant lie, enforced whenever they have gained the power that motivates their "Holy Mission Inquisition", to convert every human being on planet earth to Roman Catholicism, and purge or exterminate all those who refuse.


    This is what the history of the medieval Dark Ages is all about, when it cost untold tens of millions of people their lives. But even though the Protestant Revolution put a temporary "end" to Rome's barbarian atrocities, Rome has vowed, schemed and dreamed to have it fully restored in the splendor such as has never been before in the history of the Church! Wow! Double Wow!


    Rome's strategy to establish their religion worldwide is: to work through the U.S. government and "create" terrorism worldwide, bringing the whole world under a martial law police state, and then devastate it with World War III and an awesome cosmic explosion they call the "Great Chastisement", declaring it to be an act of God because of man's great wickedness. And precisely as designed: after humanity is battered, death weary, bloodied, mangled, starving, homeless and hopeless, the Virgin Mary comes on the scene and announces – to save the human race, mankind must return to God and worship according to Roman Catholicism, the world's only true religion, and accept the messiah dictator pope ruling the whole world from Jerusalem. Victory is complete. The "end" truly justified the "means"! Simply stated: Roman Catholicism's New World Order KINGDOM OF LUCIFER "utopian dream" has now come true!

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    • More tired anti Catholicism from an ignorant protestant who can point neither to Peter or the Holy Eucharist in his version of 'Christianity' and who got his bible from those Catholics he is enjoying bashing….

      One wonders what Our Lord will say to these people who hate His Mother so much? They have the devil's own anger and hatred for the Blessed Virgin Mary, equal perhaps only to the Christ hating Jxxx in their Talmud referring to her as "Miriam the Whore."

      Vatican II was the takeover of the Catholic church by masonic and Jxw infiltrators – just google "How the Jews Changed catholic Thinking" for the REAL story. The apostasy HAS to come from the true Church and it's takeover for a time by the devil. To believe in the protestant version of events, where was the true Church hiding all those centuries – including the four before the Bible even existed before being defined by THE CATHOLIC CHURCH?! One has to swallow the enormously ridiculous preposition that Christ abandoned His flock until the 16th century when Luther (whom the zionists, by the way, openly admit was one of their own agents, as well as Calvin, both of whom took their 'canon' of the Old Testament from the Christ hating rabbis who had truncated it down from it's original version which the CATHOLIC CHURCH maintained, including all the prophecies that were making pious Jews convert to the Catholic Faith) showed up. I guess Jesus was LYING when He said He would not leave His followers orphans. If He made it a REQUIREMENT for SALVATION to belong to HIS CHURCH as He clearly states at the end of St. Mark's Gospel – He who believes and Is baptized shall be saved, He who believeth not shall be condemned – then it was NECESSARY that He make it a CLEARLY VISIBLE INSTITUTION for men to seek out and find in order to save their souls – otherwise He would be a very unjust God indeed!

      The Vatican II church REMOVED the VALID apostolic sacraments and replaced them with PROTESTANT MASONIC MEAL SUBSTITUTES as documented in a google search of 'comparison of altars.' The V2 counterfeit church that has stolen in and taken over what WAS the Catholic Church has set up an altar over and against the altar of God. This is clearly always done even in the OT when the Jews were busy engaging in false worship. The table is NOT of God. The ALTAR is. Now all the so called "Christians:" – not only the Vatican II 'Catholics' but also many many protestant sects are busy morphing into Jews and adapting/adopting Jewish worship service, including Jewish holy days and practice – and many protestants are busily helping the Christ hating Jews to rebuild the temple. The last time this was attempted by Julian the apostate God intervened and destroyed and directly killed many Jews who were working to rebuild it by destroying the foundations (new ones laid – which also blows the wailing wall theory that that is part of their temple still – which negates what OUr Lord said about that not a stone would be left unturned) – and those who did not die found that their clothing was emblazoned with crosses which would NOT BE WASHED OUT.

      Protestants and their 'believe in Jesus and you are sAVED" business is Christianity lite. No observing the commandments to save your soul (IF YOU LOVE ME KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS), no listening to God the Son where HE called marrying a person while your first spouse still lives adultery, which the last time I checked is even in the King James version of their Bible – last time I checked all protestants engage in and endorse divorce and remarriage – and that is clearly against God the Son. There is also NO REAL PRESENCE OF THE EUCHARIST SINCE THEY DO NOT HAVE APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION TO CONSECRATE SAID EUCHARIST INTO THE TRUE BODY, BLOOD SOUL AND DIVINITY OF CHRIST – UNLESS A MAN EATS MY FLESH AND DRINKS MY BLOOD HE SHALL NOT HAVE LIFE WITHIN HIM. Jesus gave the KEYS to PETER – where is PETER and HIs Successors in the protestant sects? This is entirely LUDICROUS. YOU ALL WERE CATHOLICS TO BEGIN WITH. LOOK AT THE WORLD ALMANAC AND SEE WHAT THE AGNOSTICS AND ATHEISTS WHO HAVE NO POLITICAL AX TO GRIND SAY WAS THE CHURCH JESUS STARTED IN 33 A.D. OBVIOUSLY THE MASONS WANTED TO TAKE OVER THE TRUE CHURCH – IT HAPPENED IN THE MACCHABEES BUT SINCE YOU GUYS TOOK THOSE BOOKS OUT OF YOUR CANON OF THE OLD TESTAMENT YOU CANNOT HAVE THE LIGHT TO SEE THAT JUDAS MACCHABEUS' STORY IS REPEATING ITSELF AGAIN.

    • Wow. Not only are there actually people taking this seriously, they're accepting it as "truth". Time to look that word up in the dictionary/wikipedia. Then go lie down, little crazy, and crazy followers of inherently subjective and interpretive works, and take a break with the "Tao of Pooh". There's plenty of issues out there that could use this sort of dedication and passion, like the environment for just one example.

  3. A total waste of money,etc. With the worldbecoming hotter,better to plant more trees,create parks,ponds,lakes,canal,water fountains so as to make the world cooler.As always political leaders and the top people NEVER care about people,except themselves.

    • Fateless One on

      That's actually true. We need more trees. All this artificial stuff won't help this planet. It looks pretty though.

    • Astana has tree. made of metal. You and the author may not know a lot about K. but its too cold and windy for most all trees to survive there.

  4. That is the stupidest, most ignorant and ill-informed piece of nonsense I have ever seen. Pull your heads out of your asses and look around you. The world has real problems, not this OMG ILLUMINATEE LOL!!!1 crap.

    • You evidence by your own comments your lack of intelligence. The people who know this information are either dead or of high intellect. If it were non-factual, there would be no reason to kill the bearer of that information. The "world has real problems" specifically because of this "OMG ILLUMINATEE LOL!!!1 crap". You have no clue who the Rothschilds are and how they own 87% of everything on the planet. Its not even a secret anymore so if you cannot figure it out you are either ignorant or choosing to live in a bubble world intentionally. The worst thing about this horrible system is people like yourself that are self-assuming and think they know everything. I will make a personal guarantee to you that you will see some of these realities coming true in the next 3 years. Here's thirty pieces of silver as a gift from me to you, so you can pay the Devil himself on your way into his Luciferian system.

      • Fateless One on

        @Jericho I think what he means is rather than focusing on stuff that is mostly speculation we should focus on things that we can actually real even though he should made his point in a more mature way.

  5. These buildings are seemingly innocent to the untrained eye but once you have knowledge and understanding of the occult then it is clear to see how they plant symbolism in your faces every single day. The illuminati does exist, global warming is a farce, government does not give a crap about you, stop leading ignorant lives and go do some research…it will change your life for the better!

    • "it will change your life for the better!" – No it won't.

      I'm pretty darn enlightened, and being enlightened as to how the world really works, is just like having the diagnosis of cancer.
      You just know that feeling of something not being right is "on the money" and a harbinger of painful doom.
      You can't actually DO anything about endless war or fukushima and raising awareness amongst your neighbours just marks you as a weirdo…

  6. The world is getting cooler, not hotter.. The illuminati are real.. They are planning a NWO. They will be defeated when WE wake up. WE ARE GOD.. but for some reason people can't see. But our numbers are growing as we can see through the lies. Can't be fooled? People actually believed the world was flat, some believe Columbus discovered America.

    • we are not God do not say that. The illuminati say that they are Gods there is only ONE God our father in the heavens Jehovah (name of God Psalms 83:18) We are his children and we must do what we can do stand up to these fake gods. Wolves in sheeps clothing

  7. excellent piece !

    Check sites as , he has very good insights, how these kind of buildings 'tap ' the energy of ( unaware ) persons in it, and that energy is directed to the builder's goals


  8. you need to go deeper than this.Yahushua said "as in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the Son Of Man' and what was He referring to?he was referring to the nephillim or giants that were taking over the world and were the direct offspring of the sons of God (or fallen angels) having sex with the daughters of men.They are known as the annukim and they are coming back to earth in another set of serious deceptions which the world doesnt know about.The day is coming when the 3rd and 4th dimensions shall merge and the whole wolrd will see what is actually going on in the universe.satans army is huge and Aliens are actually fallen angels that have lost their beauty and are grotesque creatures and we are called to fight these beings with weapons that yaweh has given us.

  9. In Downtown Johnstown Pennsylvania, on top of the "Crown America" building is some kind of temple, could be Egyptian. It looks very odd. I will look for a picture. Thank You.

  10. I think anybody that can't see whats going on in this wold right now has been deceived by Satan already. The government has been planning a New World Order for a long time. Like right now, everybody thinks Obama is the Antichrist. I don't think he is. I think hes being used to pave the way for the coming beast. I've done a little research on the possible Antichrist. From what I understand The Knights Of Templar stole the Shroud of Turin some how the Roman Catholic Church got a hold of it and gave it to the secret society (Illuminati etc..) and they took the shroud and where it had Jesus his blood stains on it, they used the blood stains to clone another Jesus. They put the clone egg in Princess Diana. So now I think Prince William is the Antichrist. I'm I 100% sure about that? No, but if you think I'm crazy go on You Tube, to search and type in Antichrist Is A Clone Beast and watch segments 1-9.

    • 1 Corinthians 11:14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

  11. hi.i am only 42 years old…the scene is being prepared for the return of the antichrist…revelations

    will come true,theremay be some difficult times ahead,,but i will refuse to worship or receive the mark

    of the beast,and if im to be beheaded..then so be it. i will then have all eternity to sing gods

    galaxys to explore, i will have forever…under gods loving care.. it will be a eternity that will be amazing..

    the high most god, yah is awesome, he is wonderful, he know those whick are is own, he cans them

    and they answer him.but before eternity can begin all this new world order and antichrist agenda has to happen, may you know or get to know the lord jesus christ he is the only wat to the father, dont let his death be

    in vain….mandy xx

  12. How thorough has been the suppression of Christ's message to humanity as to the nature of the True God, and of itself. What we need to get our minds around is exactly what this message is that characterizes what is being called the Awakening. If we are to truly open our eyes and 'see', then we MUST move towards understanding the metaphysical overtones implicated by this suppression. We underestimate just how asleep we really have been.

    That which hovers above the pinnacle of the Great Pyramid, referred to as the Luciferian Consciousness of the 4th dimension, is where the real masons dwell. The symbolism of the 'bricks' they use goes beyond it signifying the construction of a prison ON the Planet. The prison is the Planet itself, as it has been consensually perceived to be. The actual masonic construct has to do with the containment of Life in matter. Our Truth embodies that which Christ told mankind who and what it really is- expressions of the Divine, with an inherent capability of mastering physical reality. Justifying death perpetuates a monumental lie, and represents a shirking of our responsibility to Life in ways that boggle the mind when the Truth is fully understood.

    That we consider this to be 'mystical', or 'occult' nonsense, simply indicates to what extent we have been duped. In fact, that which makes us 'dupes' carries a definition that is truly astounding, given how we are conditioned to experience Life in our sleeping states. What has been referred to as a 'Celestial Error' constitutes that Great Lie, under what's auspices Life has been experienced. This experience is characterized by the inhibiting of free-will expression. As unbelievable as it seems, who we really are has been coerced into a superimposed state of Being, resulting in our having been 'duplicated'. A manufactured deception has put us in a place where we misperceive the Truth of our existence, demonstrated by our containment in matter; where matter is perceived to be authentic, and having authority. Ultimately, THIS is what is at the heart of the Spiritual War being waged.

    Mastering physical reality can mean existing in that reality, if you were to so choose. It all depends on what you would intend to do. This is what ultimately empowers us, and comprises what is being awakened to. It is knowledge 'they' are desperate to withhold from mankind. The irony is, who 'they' are have the same potential within them to act from Love, and not abuse the power. But by not choosing to match the Divine Intent, thus rejecting Love, they opted for developing the power to rule over a 'death-culture', which characterizes Life as we've known it in our misperceiving state.

  13. There are some things Icke preach that I align with this control grid i.e. the Matrix. But what I despise about David, is that he like Jordan Maxwell are racist white men. David has been so disrespectful to the Ancient Egyptians. He know very little if anything about them and where does he get his info from the likes of Zecharia Sitchin whom I won't trust as far as I could throw. You constantly say how the ancients were evil sun-worshippers. FYI the ancient egyptians surpassed by light years anything that you know today. All these symbols like the obelisks were stolen from Ancient Egypt and while they were in Egypt they were not used negatively like the white man is using them today. (But watch this same energy come back and kick your arses). So stop beating up on these beings and address the real issues. All you white men do is beat down the Ancient Blacks but these beings were more advanced that you. I know that such knowledge does not align with your "superiority complex." What the Ancients did with their minds, you have to build a machine to do. Not to worry because there's a shift in Konsciousness moving on this planet. David Icke you are no trail-blazer nor enlightened one. There were many before you.

    • oh please, I am Kazakh and I live in Astana, and you should know that Astana is Kazakh for Capital, so the name of the citizen is literally Capital, btw don't bring Russian into discussion it's not our language.

      Read this part backwards

      dekcart gnieb ma I kniht I

      • It is Satana indeed! Nazarbayev and his wife have created a cult and worship some strange Deities. Solai bauylar! Astana – Satana is the temple of Satan.

  14. Shepset #15,

    What's with the white man-black man references? This has nothing to do with a legitimate search for Truth, and everything to do with keeping us distracted in that search.

    Read my post to get a feel for what is really behind this power ; and how it is used as a holding maintainence of containment that stifles our ultimate free-will expression. Open your eyes people!

  15. @Brownhawk…..This black-man-white-man reference has to do with the lies and deceptions that has been dealt to the Black man at the hands of the white man. And don't tell me about my manufactured reality because you too, may have benefited from this fraud as well. Back in Kemet, the pyramid and the obelisks were not used negatively. Today, these spiritual symbols have been prostituted by the white man, the same man that has brought you and I this lie. This is not about collectivism neither, because at the end of this shit, NO white should ever rule and dominate on this planet again. They can return to their draco star from when they've descended. I say to all black people don't fall for this bullshit. For too long we have been absorbing the negative energy on this planet and with this shift that's coming now, we NEED to get off hid grid. Return to the teachings of our Ancestors.

    • black man cannot rule?,look at Africa, Theft ,fraud, murder,corruption and raping of children and old woman,
      yesterday a baby of 11months was raped by a b/man 57 yrs old these people are their own worst enemy. when you see things like this what goes through your mind ??

  16. Brownhawk sounds like you go to the same church Barack Obama went to. And you call us raciest. I pray you find the truth.

  17. this "is" not why I posted… I am not here to argue for it does not ANY good but separation.(divide and conquer)…. i am not into the rascism issue… i KNOW that the Lord separated the nations (cult ures) according to HIS purpose… The "ONLY" reason I even respond to this is you might do well to study 'AMEN' @ the end of MOST peoples prayers… Represents Horus…. the name Amen was added to the SUN-god-man-priest-kings (human representatives//Pontifex Maximus) of that luciferean sun system from Babylon such as Amenhotep…. Amen-Ra(lucifer)…This SAME system started in the garden of Eden…… this male phallus sun worship system meant exactly the same THEN… as it does now… In Luxor// homo //sexual activites are pictured embedded in the walls. The Temple of Karnac, greatest man-made temple of worship ever built…… …the diety worshiped there was"""""AMEN"""""……. something to ponder and greatly research…. FEW grasp this… NONE will touch it….

    Egyptians were from Ham… Noah's mother taught her son(ham-black) the black arts…and it was restarted immediately after they landed… the research is out there if you seek to really understand and not just a biased and closed minded view… History reveals all the SO CALLED greek gods and godesses were real people…ex: Athena=Eve Illumined… sorry to drag on but i thought you needed to know this….

    • actually, you are wrong.

      "amen" is a hebrew word.

      I get what you are saying according to the middle period of egyptians but the words are not the same. you have to take into account translations and pronunciations. here you are comparing hieroglyphics, we have no idea how it sounded exactly. That is why ancient egyptian isn't spoken today.. The Rosetta stone only helped decipher the meaning.
      I get the whole "in the days of Noah" but without historical context some of the readers here are going a little of the deep end. I congratulate those willing to see the occult played out, but school yourselves a bit more.
      Susan Wise Bauer has some terrific adult history books that will bring you up to speed.
      ps I don't care about spelling or typos.

      • I don't know why the site axed the word pronunciations.
        how one pronounces words. or phonetics??

  18. goldenage2012 on

    I am really getting tired of all these people who think pyramid shapes are evil…that means basically every

    skyscraper is evil because the top ends in a pyramid shape…so then the crysler building is evil ? the empire

    state building is evil ? then everybody must be evil because they live in a house with a gable or hip roof ?

    Are people for real on these sights.does anybody ever study architecture ? who cares if things have solar or

    lunar or planetary meanings,they always have…every day of the week was named after a that

    evil too? astana looks like something out of the dubai…..are the jetsons evil too ? get a life


  19. For those people who believe this stuff, what exactly is "the problem", how doesis effect humanity, and what are your proposed solutions? Please please give me a response if you are good enough.

    • The problem is that the Son of Man will probably return 2016 on the Day of Trumpets, but not before we go through a bit of tribulation. Circumcise your hearts toward our heavenly Father, REPENT, KEEP THE LORD's ten commandments especially the Sabbath which is Friday sunset til Saturday sunset, KEEP THE FEASTS OF THE LORD(which tell day of return), pray to our heavenly Father asking for forgiveness of sins by the blood of his only beggoten Son Yashua HaMashiak and to receive the Holy Spirit. Continue to pray and help others.

  20. countesshoney on

    Avenue, I hear you loud and clear. No, this thing has more to do with man versus Yah than a mere black/white issue, except that the Egyptians were Cushites, black, at first until Ptolemy Dynasty (Cleopatra). Then things went really haywire and there was a lot of "selling out' at that point. Aside from that small fact, I am not even sure the Egyptians were the originators of the pyramids and all the knowledge therein, but were merely ordered, taught and followed and did reap enormous"benefits" from their willing actions. I nor anyone else can say where this knowledge was brought forth from Egypt but the fact is they knew it and used it well thereafter until the Ptolemy Dynasty when all was lost or inverted, I should say.

    What fascinates me more is the Hebrew lineage thereafter and how these people's heritage, rites and customs were also inverted and fell into chaos and since have been taken over by strangeness that never was before and that we are now only left with lies…If given a thought maybe what was once in Egypt was usurped as was the Hebrew people of yesterday. In any event, I agree with you…It is far more than a black/white issue now…It is at the very core of the downfall of whatever we are now which is about to be unrecognizable and immemorable, which is such a sad state of affairs…or not, depending on how one looks at it.

  21. I am a LEO,I deal with real life everyday and if any of you crazy-ass people come to my town I will shoot you.Y people scare the shit out of me.

  22. well, these comments go to show that most ppl would rather eat a chicken-tumor sandwich and pleasure themselves than rather explore the idea that the "holy sheep" are being fleeced and fucked. welcome to ferndale.

  23. This website and this comment thread bring it home ever more powerfully why I'm not religious any more. The ignorance and total lack of critical thinking to be found here is staggering. You have thrown every bit of reason and good sense out the door so you can believe in your tired old myths. Then you hold up those ancient lies as reasons to hate and mistrust others. Yep, sounds like a philosophy based on love… NOT.

    Religion is the most powerful force for ignorance and evil I have ever heard of.

  24. Looking at your piece about pyramids, I am reminded of the fiasco surrounding the construction of the Memphis Pyramid. I’m a Memphis native, though I’ve since moved on.

    It was mismanaged from the start by Sidney Shlenker who stole the city and county’s money and built something sub par. The first big game held there caused a flood when all the toilets were being flushed at the same time by spectators.

    It was used, briefly, as the stadium for the Memphis Grizzlies until their permanent stadium was built a few blocks away (again at the tax payer’s expense).

    It stands empty. When I left Memphis, there were talks that Bass Pro Shop might take it over.

    A local film maker used it as his studio for a movie.

    That’s it.

    What goes on there now that there are no official functions?

    It’s still open. Someone must be using it.

  25. Truly the most hilarious load of rubbish I have ever heard.

    One world government? They can barely agree on anything already.

    If you omit 99% of the glaring facts on front of you face and focus on a few odd coincidences you may come to these stupid conclusions but then I suppose it's only paranoa until you're proven right.

    Don't hold your breath though my friend.

    PS, instead of being the internet equivalent of the crazy man shouting on a street corner, go and do something to help people with some REAL problems in the world. I'll list a few of them quickly.

    1: Poverty

    2: AIDS

    3: Political oppression

    etc etc.

    You could actually have an effect on real lives if you shifted your bizarre focus.

    • Then look at Bilderbergers and their closed door meeting evry year. There are gathereng the most influencial and rich people on earth just to discuss the weather, eh?

      Think about that see who they are and what they are there from. Daniel Estulin have discussed this topic in European parliament and wrote books about them. You should be wise and not a sheeple as they like to call us.

    • And you, among others, is/are the reason people haven't woken up yet….it's real…it's happening and DYR (Do Your Research)!!!

  26. I agree with the idea that various oligarchies wish to push their agenda (in the myriad of form that entails) upon the masses. I agree we need to be vigilant in confronting any type of injustice, oppression and 4th world policies . We can't stand by and allow a few privileged people to decide the fate of our race without OUR input and knowledge.

    I understand (to the best of my knowledge) the mechanics… what I dont necessarily agree with is complete disregard of evry symbol and idea as being 'evil' just because it generally falls under the same umbrella as 'occult'. Occult really just means in secret. It dosen`t mean 'evil'.

    There is a lot to be learned from mystery teachings — so please try and open up, BALANCE yourself and dont be quick to throw the baby out with the bath water. If we wish to become REAL we need to look and truly study all sides – whether we like it or not.

    • ^ Good Point. Occult teachings reveal the real beauty of our world and our true nature as human beings. The whole point of these articles is to encourage people to leave their state of ignorance to pursue their own research.

      It is true that "occult" means secret. But occult implies "hidden from the masses" partly because those teachings are a source of power. While the mysteries were apparently used for good in ancient times, their applications in our modern days seem to have taken a sinister turn. Ancient Egypt fell off due to the perversion of their sacred knowledge. Is the same thing happening now?

  27. countesshoney on

    Vigilant…Excellent Point and one with which I fully concur as in my own statement above. Those of us who read things of this nature and and come up with a conclusion of hogwash only show that they have not studied and do not know the full matters of what is entailed in the workings of the world and its planned affairs. I have learned to keep my knowledge to myself and not cast it to swine. These matters take study. They take thought and it is quite a sacrifice. I am not here to change the world, only further my own knowledge….

  28. mark radowicki on

    the masses punk off the on coming 2012 where satans right hand man shall try to rule the earth—the masses are distracted by media and self indulgence in entertainment and instant gratification.Satans right hand man is alreadsy running the Usa and paving the way to a new world order which translates into mass slavery masked by obodiance.We are trylly doomed as the begininng of the end has started.

    • You mean mankind and the worlds is doomed? Why not just commit suicide rather than be enslaved? That is if you are secure in the after-life.One of the objectives of NWO/Antichrist is the replacement of all religions by a united form of all-inclusive deism neo-paganism. This is what those meetings are for. The city of Astana is truly a city of the New World Order. before he seats him self on the Temple Mount.

  29. Michael Archangel on

    I have watched a lot of Christian films on the rapture. And how a lot of people are bamboozled by the governments and their illusions to form a One World Government. By some of the peoples comments on here and you know who you are, your brain washed already. Now you can comment on what I have just written and call me everything in the book, a crazy Christian, a radical, etc. It doesn't matter. All it proves to me that what Jesus, and John said is right on. In the bible it talks about in the last days, there would be scoffers and people turning away from the faith. I see that right now. Avenue of Light is trying to warn people that the end of age is near. Jesus Christ is about to return. And some of you….. scoffers calling him names, saying all this is rubbish and hogwash. If you don't believe in what he says and too ignorant to check it out, that's not our problem. We're not the one who will be left behind, we won't be the one who will have to face the Antichrist, we won't be the ones who will have to face the plagues and Gods wrath who ever takes the mark of the beast. So you scoffers laugh it up, call us names. Bing it on.

  30. Very interesting, however this NWO thoelogy is only swapping one theology for the others,in this case 17 others as this site mentioned. What is even more interesting is that people posting to this site appear very superstitious and are qouting how people are bambozzled by the NWO. I hate to break it to the Christians and other religions but your fear of people being bamboozled is a strange one since you yourself have been bamboozled by religions and having imaginary friends in the sky for thousands of years.

    It doesn't matter whether it is a NWO pyramid or a cross or a crescent moon it all represents one thing..CONTROL of the sheep. Fear fear and fear…end of days blah blah blah. Do some historic (non Bible) study and you will find that all the semitic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) all originally came from SUN worship and paganism, hence Easter and so forth..

    Lets face it, the world is at war due to religion, always has been and always will be. Surely getting away from all the different types of religions and only having one which is essentially an ancient one, older than Christianity and arguably where Christianity came from is a good thing. Surely the above qoute is startelingly accurate:

    “When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear. Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into an illuminated faith, and fear into love“

    In the words of Carl Sagan "man needs to free himself from his Demon haunted past" Man needs a new level of consciousness, a renaissance, a move away from the primative superstiions of old. Should we be free? Yes we should, should we be free to worship yes, so long as it is informed and stands up to open scrutiny, something that organised religion is not familiar with. And, remember that liberty and freedom of choice was given by the laws of man not the laws of religion.


    • Stop being so crazy and paranoid dude. Astana simpl means "the capital" in Kazakh language, because its simply a capital! LOL tadaaaaaaaaa! sorry to ruin ur crazy Ishtar-Astar-blablabullshit. Do some research before just bursting out some weirdo answers -__-
      paranoid ppl usually under influence of devil, think about that! 😉

  31. Great stuff. Truly excellent material. If someone would have tried to think this all up, for a plot in a bad novel, or a very mediocre sitcom, it would have been classified as a 'Mission Impossible'.

    It's wonderful to see that Internet provides in a niche that is so hard to fill: A harmless way to to occupy the the deranged minds that would otherwise have populated the streets of the civilized world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh and, thanks for StumleUpon, without which I would never have found this gem, this masterpiece of contemporary prose.

    You guys sure made my day 😉

    @Salty Bob: How many layers would you recommend?

    I'm guessing 8 or 9 layers should suffice?

    • If i ever meet you in person, i'm going to beat the shit out of you. You Satan worshippers are all the same. Someone should put you down.

  32. I must warn you to cease and desist this dangerous libel immediately. All these buildings are merely an attempt to enlighten humanity, their is no secret order behind this, just an attempt to educate the foolish masses. If you do not remove these flaccid lies we will be forced to wield our considerable power (that's what he said). Fear our hail of apples as it will be sudden and surprising.

    Long Live Discordia!

    (We've got out all seeing eye on you!!!)

    • J.R. Bob Dobbs on

      Hail Eris!

      Not to mention you can save yourselves fnord immediately by mailing in your weekly tithe of slack to the benevolent Church of the Subgenius…your lives and your savior depend on it!

      And fear not true believers! Correctly formulated, the Law [of Fives] is: All phenomena are directly or indirectly related to the fnord number five, and this relationship can always be demonstrated, given enough ingenuity on the part of the demonstrator.

      I am now accepting donations for one of a kind Hagbard Celine pendants, crafted from the dogwood tree in the shape of a 23 pointed star. Send one federal reserve note bearing the likeness of our 1st (and greatest) President: Adam Weishaupt. All other denominations will be refused, but unavailable for a refund fnord.

      Feeling paranoid? Good: illumination is on the other side of absolute terror. And the only terror that is truly absolute is the horror of realising that you can't believe anything you've ever been told.

    • So you're gonna ambush us with a hail of apples? ._.

      Plus, I don't really see how these buildings can 'enlighten' us. And if it does, who is to say that there is no secret order behind all this? A student cannot be educated when there is no teacher, btw.

    • And what exactly are you, deluded, brainwashed zombie, going to do if we don't "cease and desist"? Throw rotten apples at us? Call us names?

      You are mindless, blind little sheep. You belong to the barnyard with the other brainless sheeple.

  33. Does anyone agree that President Nazarbayev is on the right track in his efforts to have dialogues between all the leaders of the world's religion like the one scheduled for July 1 and 2? I have been workiong for 26 years to get the UN to back a disclaimer before any religious teaching in schools. For example, Since God has never been proven to be a fact, what is said is just a belief of a God we believe exists. The idea is to prevent a certainty of belief making it more a truth than facts as we know them in reality based on empirical data. This is my reason for being an agnostic Deist which allows me to state that no one knows more about God than I do-and I know nothing about God, Please prove me wrong. Steve Borkowski of Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach, Fl

  34. In 1492, Chemor, chief Rabbi of Spain, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat in Constantinople, for advice, when a Spanish law threatened expulsion.2 This was the reply:

    ” Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.

    The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

    1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.

    2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.

    3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.

    4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches. [Emphasis mine]

    5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

    6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.


    2. The reply is found in the sixteenth century Spanish book, La Silva Curiosa, by Julio-Iniguez de Medrano (Paris, Orry, 1608), on pages 156 and 157, with the following explanation: “This letter following was found in the archives of Toledo by the Hermit of Salamanca, (while) searching the ancient records of the kingdoms of Spain; and, as it is expressive and remarkable, I wish to write it here.” — vide, photostat facing page 80.

    ~ The above was quoted from Waters Flowing Eastward by Paquita de Shishmareff, pp. 73-74

  35. sitting in theater on

    It seems that most readers of this article are like the people sitting in the theater on the lowest level of the pyramid. Looking at their comments, they have no idea about the occult and are arrogant and ignorant. The people sitting above them must be laughing their ass of about their dumbness. I think this dumbness is not just because their brain does not work. Its also a choice. A choice to be a coward and let this world go to hell.

    • Very true. The elites are right in one accord: the vast majority of common people are, in fact, mindless, blind, idiotic sheeple. This is not just because the elites want them to be that way, it is, like you said, a choice. A very bad choice, because these pathetic miscreants will be the first to feel wrath of the NWOs tyranny when the time comes.

      I have nothing but deepest contempt towards these pitiful creatures who laugh at us and think we're paranoid. They are not worthy to be even spat upon.

  36. not sitting in the t on

    Hi Steve Borkowski,

    I got saved many times in miraculous ways from certain death. For me thats enough proof that god excists.

  37. This is a well researched and interesting article. I think it would be interesting to see if there are any astrotheological connections to any of these buildings. If Nazarbayev has used Masonic principles in their location and design are any of them located at certain degrees of latitude and longitude that are favored by Masons?

    I also find it interesting that this nation's resources have been used for these abstract and oddly symbolic buildings. It is curious for a nation that supposedly has a majority Muslim population these structures reflect no elements or principles of that faith. Could it this be a return to the ancient religions that used all of their nation's resources to build temples of worship that were only meant for the elite? I also find the buildings (temples) that have recently built in Dubai have weird mythology and symbolism that is a total paradox to the Muslim faith of that nation. I think the elite are sparing no expense or resource to ensure that the whole has temples to their gods. The movie "Babylon A. D." shows how a neo-pagan could arise in the world.

    We constantly hear about the new environmental or green ethos of the world yet the planet has been razed to build these towering structures. I think the elites want to show they have control of the world and display their dominion over the planet. I think Dubai where the desert has been reshaped to become a great playground in the desert, and Kazakhstan are the most recent examples of these neo-pagan centers of worship.

  38. The movie: 2012….

    The Illuminati CONtrol Holly wood…. check this out…real significant…….

    The Katholic Church tells everyone THIS "IS" the Great Chastisement; they will blame GOD for this claiming HE is angry against man. Man WILL believe it. It "IS" a total lie!

    This "IS" EXACTLY what the Scriptures teach IS going to happen……… and notice the tsunami at the end?????? possibly from the mountain sized planetary fallout named:(WORMWOOD)!!!!!!! HMMMMMM! this is big news….. real big news……. opening date (of this movie)? November (11) 13th.

  39. Thomas Jennings on

    As the Jews rejected the one true God, so does the world reject His one True Church. The Roman Catholic Church is not synthetic but God made. The origins of this institution is Heaven and brought down to us by God made man and its greatest character is charity, the one True Church constantly preaches detachment from the temporal world and demands that God is glorified every Sunday, the day God Made man rose from the dead and the day He brought His Church of Heaven down to earth (R C C). Since then all who reject Christ and His Mystical Body (RCC) have conspired to destroy Her presence on earth and to assassinate Her character. none more than the synthetic man made protestant cults. The corner stone of Catholicism is Love, Charity and sacrifice. The corner stone of Lutherism is lust power and greed, the corner stone of Anglicanism is MURDER, lust and greed. For these false forms of Christianity to succeed they have had to omit certain sections of Holy Scripture- take a look at the book of Macahabees! but the one means of union with all the protestant sects is their hatred of the God made Catholic church. The world rejected the one True Christ it must also reject His Holy institution – The Roman Catholic Church. They point one finger at Rome but three poin directly at them selves!

    • Thank you for making this point – the ONLY thing that unites the various protestant sects in their varying dogmas and doctrines are (1) their united HATRED of the Catholic Church – which includes the charge, in spite of centuries of evidence that Catholic priests have cast out devils successfully when many protestant ministers could NOT (see the true story of the Wizard Clip from early US history) – necessarily making the Catholic Church the receiver of the same kinds of insults that Our Blessed Lord received from the apostate Jews – By the prince of devils He casts out devils! (2) their united HATRED of the Blessed Virgin Mary (3) their UNITED hatred of Peter and his perpetual successors to whom ALONE Christ gave the power to bind and loose in HIs name and authority (4) their united PRESUMPTION that God will let them into Heaven as long as they do what Luther advocated and SIN BOLDLY BUT BELIEVE MORE BOLDLY – ignoring what Our Lord said – Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but HE WHO DOES THE WILL OF MY FATHER – i.e. meaning – KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS – oh, last time I checked there are a heck of a lot of protesants who are freemasons – Billy Graham notoriously 33rd degree according to Jim Shaw's book THE DEADLY DECEPTION, Pat Robertson (Oh, the Lord is healing this person of their headache right now!) with his lion's paw on some national magazine cover and his Illuminati point within a circle in one of his books on every page, Paul Crouch of TBN, and some dubious relationships like the LaHayes of the Left Behind series and their pussyfooting with the Moonies, etc. Dr. James Wardner exposed just how many protestant ministers are listed in the Masonic book 10,000 FAMOUS FREEMASONS. Entire hordes of various sects have their clergy full of them. Indeed, my friend used to play the organ in a Baptist church where the minister was pestering her, in spite of her being a lapsed Catholic, to join Job's Daughter's!


  40. Astana is sinister compared with what? If this city is sinister, what is dexter? Can you give examples of things which are the opposite of sinister?

    How do you decide what is sinister and what isn't? Is it just how you feel about it, or do you have explicit reasons for putting something in one category or the other?

  41. Why this negroidal song – apotheosis of the Kazakh capital is sung in Russian, pure Russian with no foreign accent is a mistery

  42. ZOGnightmare on

    Why this negroidal song – apotheosis of the Kazakh capital is sung in Russian, pure Russian with no foreign accent is a mistery

  43. OTODudeRanch on

    Wow! That has got to be one of the most beautiful modern cities I have ever seen. Stunning architecture for sure. I can see the symbolism, yes, but I really don't find much of it sinister or disturbing. Masonic architecture is scattered all over the world, especially here in the US. People just don't realize what they are looking at. My grandfather was a mason and I have all of his masonic jewelry and other items. It's interesting stuff, for sure. I'm not sure what ever possessed the man to become a mason, but whatever. I don't remember him being sinister in any way or performing strange rituals, but he wasn't a high ranking member either as far as I know. I'm very interested in your work, vigilant. Keep it up and keep posting it for us to check out. By the way, there is a TON of masonic inspired architecture right here in the city I live in, in Montana. Used to be a masonic paradise in it's early years and still is, really. It once had more millionaires per capita than any other city in the world, on account of the gold mines which is how it became a city in the first place. The first masonic meeting to ever take place on the continental divide took place near here on Mullan Pass in the 1860's. It's not well marked but us locals know the spot. There's a monument there in reference to it. This, in the high country of the Rocky Mountains of Montana and in an extremely rural place. It's a very creepy, lonely site. I ought to take pics of it for you. I think you'd be interested. Check out some of the other architecture in our city on the net if you like. You'll see what I'm talking about. Hint: we are the capital city of Montana state. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  44. catholic_for_life on

    The Crazy Towers look like the ashlars in the National Memorial you describe elsewhere.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to educate us on these truly disturbing occurrances. It is clear that, for many decades, those in power have used ugliness and lack of symmetry to create a feeling of unease in public places. This city makes me think I am in the middle of an Ayn Rand novel. (Yikes!)

    Our only defense is prayer.

  45. I found this article interesting, but not convincing. Upon finishing it, I randomly went to this link

    This is a snippet from the penultimate paragraph:

    The International Research Exchanges Board (IREX) is an internationally recognized organization whose multifarious programs are all intended to nurture A NEW WORLD ORDER and provide the ideal environment for sustainable development and meaningful collaboration. There are a number of fellowships and scholarships suited to those students and professionals with study abroad requirements in Kazakhstan…

    IREX incidentally are not quite so brazen on their own website about their intentions, but the allusion is still there!

    IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing leadership and innovative programs to improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, and foster pluralistic civil society development.

  46. To explain a bit further, there are 3 US bodies offering scholarships to Kazakhstan:

    1. IREX are funding scholarships in Kazakhstan. The Title VIII Special Initiatives Fellowship program, maintains U.S. expertise in the regions and brings open source, policy-relevant research to the service of the U.S. Government.

    1. American Councils for International Education – is internationally funded and focused on providing collaborative educational opportunities for advanced projects between American and Eastern European scholars: Topics must be socio-political in nature. Up to $35,000 is available for fellowships – compare that to the average fellowship of $3K!

    3. US federal government. Their main interest is in training the next level of security personnel and fund the David L. Boren Scholarships. This is a scholarship for service program which means once you’ve graduated you will be expected to repay the government in kind: with a term of service in national security ideally putting your new knowledge to work. Those chosen may receive up to $25,000 for a year of study abroad.

    That's a whole lot of money and brains being thrown at Borat's Kazakhstan for the use of the US government, CIA and NWO agenda led IREX! Why could this be? As the College Study Abroad website says, " Kazakhstan lies smack-dab in the middle of Eurasia, abutting China, Russia and a few other “-stans:” Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and underscoring its position to the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan are just south of these. Historically, Kazakhstan takes up what might be referred to as the cradle of humanity, that region of the world where it is believed most of the world’s civilizations first were spawned and spread forth." Does this translate as when, historically, there was just one government mechanism operating on Earth? Maybe, maybe not.

    The CIA have done a whole study of the 'Stans' entitled, 'Long-Term Scenarios for the Central Asian, Caucasus, And Caspian Region Suggest a Pessimistic Future'. The purpose of the report was to assess a range of potential futures that the CIA envision for the region. A year was dedicated to consulting experts to arrive at a set of plausible outcomes for 2015 and what the US can do to steer these outcomes to a more beneficial result for them. In effect driving the future of a whole region that is not theirs to command control of. That said, all governments have a manipulative role in forging the destiny of nations whether they're successful or not depends on how accurateand comprehensive their analyses are. By why 2015?

  47. Everyone SHOULD BE FULLY AWARE…..without question, doubt or uncertainty…. read what Manly P. Hall second only to Albert Pike the Grand Commander of Freemasonry. Soon as I saw this LONG AGO I put it away UNTIL i put up my site…. It is from my site(page 2)…. Really ponder these words… How much plainer can it be?

    "Not only were many of the founders of the United States Government Masons, but they received aid from a (secret and august body) existing in Europe which helped them to establish this country for A" PECULIAR AND PARTICULAR PURPOSE" known only to the initiated few.

    The "Great Seal" is the "Signature" of this exalted body, unseen and for the most part unknown; and the unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestleboard setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishment of which the United States Government was dedicated (from the day of its inception)

    Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, pp. XC and XCI

    This exalted body is none other than the Jesuit Order of Priests! Who alone answer to the Superior General Of The Jesuit Order; Adolfo Nicholas(Black Pope).If you really want to see how Luciferean Satanism is all over the mail me your address in an envelope)…adress is on my site…… and i will send you a free dvd which has the Head of the U.N. stating all will worship lucifer or not enter the N.W.O.(Novus ordo Seclorum) which is another name for Roman Katholocism aka SUNworship! Do some real searching thru my site… look up "Project Vatican"…. Look up the "Great Chastisement" all the traditionalists await! But they also have Lucifer//satan deceived! Shows Hinn, Copeland, Hagee, etc… verbally, visibly, audibly hailing satan before their followers UNaware! The Amero…. the capstone (their Great Work and Grand Design) "IS" attached. Look at the aerial photo from the Smithsonion I have of the satanic pentagram of Washington D.C.'s street design! Come ON! do some digging… I have a lot of information there…. the ankh(ribbon) on the cars(support our troops) represents reincarnation…. Time "IS" @ Hand!

  48. Best way of hiding the details from anybody is to make them feel they know it.

    I have read many articles at your site, though you are spot on some of the facts, you seem to totally miss out on many many facts (or don’t really ask deeper questions) concerning that. Of course, it is not possible for me to highlight my POV here, it is just to be taken.

    BTW, this article on Astana is very interesting. But the Conference hall and its lighting comment (!) pls give me a break!!!

  49. Another Catholic for life on

    I just found this site to day… great work! Love this site!!!
    I second that question… why have a “Total Recall” hand print for the president?
    What purpose does it serve or symbolize?

    Side note “Avenueoflight” is an agent of the Talmud. Your site is a honorable mess of half truths and conjecture. Site your “verifiable proof and evidence” next time you try to post suppositions. The message you preach and the lies you portray only cause division but I guess that was your intention.

    “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy; O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”

    Blessed be Jesus Christ the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit

  50. I've been studying these occult symbolisms for a while and the Millenium Park in Chicago has some interesting things in it. One of them is a giant silver bean that nobody really knows what it's for. Does Chicago's Millenium Park have some masonic meanings to it?

  51. I usually don’t post comments to others when I leave my questions or comment, BUT WTF!!!!! are you talking about “Another Catholic for life”? First of all, I read your comment and you started off loving the site,(first paragraph), then you call the site out for lies (second paragraph), lastly you End with a huge prayer(third paragraph). Are you on Something? You just went through three different phases in less than a minute. TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION, THE SITE SERVES THE PURPOSE OF SHEDDING A LITTLE LIGHT ON WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT, WHETHER WE ACCEPT IT OR NOT. IT IS THEN THE READERS DECISION THE BELIEVE IT OR NOT. IF IN FACT YOU ARE INTELLECTUAL ENOUGH TO THINK CRITICALLY ABOUT THESE IDEAS BEING INTRODUCE, THEN YOU WOULD OBVIOUSLY DO FURTHER RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN RATHER THAN JUST AGREEING AT FIRST GLANCE. RIDDLE ME THIS, ANOTHER CATHOLIC OFR LIFE, WHY DOES THE POPE AND THE VATICAN CONTINUE THE COVER UP FOR ALL OF THEIR PEDIFILE PRIESTS?

  52. Dear Editor of

    For the past 4 days it has been quite difficult to get on your website. In order to get this page one has to google your site, then click on "cache this site". Do look into what could potentially be the cause of this because this has been experienced by others as well.

    Thank you for your work.



  53. as a citizen of this new capital i may tell all of u that ur comments about Astana architector just a silly chats. that's all. u better not read too much fantastic books but live ur own life. everyone has dreams and our President made his dream come true. and coz of this dream lots of people now have jobs and new working places in Asnata. othervise here could be still be a small town unnown to anyone. we just proud of our president and that he made this decision to create a new city on the open territory of steppes. u have no rights to tell jokes of the mane of Astana as the name came from Kazakh language and doesn't mach with Russian meaning. Astana means Capital from Kazakh language. and here everything new and created it's own perfect way.

  54. I'll not argue with main points of this article, I doubt anything I say will dissuade you and other commenters of the logic flaws, but one major correction, having read through the above.

    Astana is Kazakh for capital. Not Russian, not an anagram, nothing deeper. Simply calling the new capital of your country capital. Not exactly original, but neither is it some (not very well) hidden message.

    • Astana is angram for Satan. Satana = Satan. You very deluded and brainwashed if you think that was not intentional.

      Have fun being a mindless zombie.

  55. If you open up Google Earth, type in "Astana, Khazakhstan", it will turn up a city name: Tselinograd. Click on that. It would take straight to the city of Tselinograd where all the grand "Masonic" construction can be seen from the sky, just south of Tselinograd. It's really amazing to see it all from the sky!

  56. In Islam, there is a prophecy of Dajjal the oned eyed beast that would seek to take the world am not an an authority but i will read about it and post here or better still you could just google it

  57. Soldier for Christianity on

    If you read Revelations, it says 144,000 is the amount of people who will be saved from the wrath. A HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR THOUSAND!!!!!!!!! But the trend of accepted debauchery, wickedness, and acceptance makes me a believer. I pray every day, and not ashamed because too many people in this world don’t seem to understand what is really happening.

    • And Satan must also love brainless little zombies like you, because you help him to bring him into power and destroy the world. Of course, he will also destroy you as well, but i doubt you can think that far.

  58. you want to see some really sinister sites? go to las vagus or atlantic city, there you will find towers erected to robbing the masses and cathedrels of organized crime.. or how about the seat of the antichrist? its the new justice department in Israel.. or how about Babylon? its the new US embassy in Iraqs green zone..

  59. So do you truly believe someone was really “behind” all of this?

    Or do you see it as a de-facto result that might or might not have been intended?

    What if people just think the pyramid is cool …
    as opposed to wanting to worship the sun. Haha.

    Or are you saying it’s some instinctual mannerism controlling people to do this?

  60. I suggest you compare an aerial view of Astana with the Tennessee capitol mall. They both seem to follow an ancient temple layout known as the Meru Axis. There is a book called "Cloak of the Illuminati " by William Henry on the subject and you may find some interesting similarities.

  61. Hello Vigilant Citizen,

    It is with love that I write this short letter to all of you. Ellen G. White wrote a book that gives us all a clear understanding of what we have seen in these insightful articles and what we are witnessing today in our world. If you can find this book please read it. Do not put it down, give it a chance to sink in to your mind. By far it is an important book because it ultimately points to the only awnser to why the world is the way it is today. The name of the Book is "The Great Controversy". In the Name of Jesus our Lord and Savior I wish you all comfort and peace and true enlightenment.

    With Love,

    C. Holness

  62. this city looks super cool. it looks like something from the jetsons and there is.def. an eye in that stadium, its kinda creepy/cool.

  63. ♥ Blue Rose&t on

    But, Vigilant, in your ending, "when that happens (the capstone, the Great Work, whatever), most of the world's population will be dead", surely you are talking of something well, well into the future anyway, aren't you? I ask, because on the whole of it, the goals desired really don't seem all that sinister to me.

    Fascinating article, and a beautiful and interesting city to visit. Sounds like the Pyramid of Peace is meant only for the world's religious leaders to gather. Is there a list of the 17 signatories? Sounds like its the religious equivalent to the secret Bilderberg meetings.

    Beautiful pictures. Where do you get them?

  64. ♥ Blue Rose&t on

    What I mean is, generations pass away — so most of the world's population will not see the end of the Great Work or Capstone.

  65. ♥ Blue Rose&t on

    I meant to clarify: generations will pass away (in the normal course of events), and this is why the world's population will not see the Great Work/Capstone completed.

  66. ♥ Blue Rose&t on

    To clarify: generations will pass away (in the normal course of events), and this is why the world's population will not see the Great Work/Capstone completed.

  67. ♥ Blue Rose&t on

    Clarify: generations will pass away (in the normal course of events), and this is why the world's population will not see the Great Work/Capstone completed. Multiple posts, if they show up, are due to a technical glitch.

  68. ♥ Blue Rose&t on

    OOOPS! I'm so sorry! There seemed to be a technical glitch, and my post hadn't gone through, so I tried again several times. Didn't mean to spam the list!

  69. ♥ Blue Rose & on

    GOOD for the Illuminati. I hope they win. I only wish I could go work at the Astana Pyramid, in some capacity. Good for the New World Order.

  70. Cultural and spiritual bigotry is a concept that one must meditate on in seeking true enlightenment. Every dying civilization has its cultural chauvinists who believe that their experiences and interpretations are the one and only truth. Yet new civilizations emerge, grow, peak, and die like blades of grass, and my fathers before me. The sun is setting on Europe and the people of european decent. We are a dying "race." While we are not being slaughtered like the Native Americans, Haitians or Sudanese we are nonetheless fading. Will we transition gracefully? Or will we throw a temper tantrum and kill as many of the earths people as we can on our way out? So much for transcending corporealness

    One clue that we are limited in our thinking is the fact that new life springs from the loins of women, yet we all seem to believe that the life force like human males is member of the cult of testosterone such that only the loins and breasts of women produce anything of value. Yet, in moments of deepest despair, most of us reach out to women. What does this say of our beliefs? It is as improbable that god speaks only to men as it likely that any one earth religion is the only way, Remember that a group of highly fallible men sat around and decided what books to include in the Christian bible. That Christians once advocated the enslavement of people with dark brown skin, as well as the burning and hanging of women for their intellect. Did you know that there was a Jesus-like character in ancient african religions?

    How do we know for certain, that God isn't communicating a "master" plan to women of color all over this planet? After all, why would God continue to use a broken channel? In all of our recorded history across the seven continents one thing has remained constant, we have all but destroyed this earth as we fought among ourselves and repressed half the earth's people thru rape and violence. What do they know, think and talk about when we are not there to "correct" them? Repression is a double edged sword, but bigotry infects the mind and is fatal.

  71. While I don't believe it is wise to simply write off all of your articles and those subsequent articles of other conspiracy theorists, I do find myself confused and scared into doubting your assertions.

    You see, while most people like to laugh you off and call you crazy, I happen to believe that most of what you say is true. However, I've read other websites of ex-masons and what they say about the new world order and it's future is drastically different from yours and other theorists. Once again, I'm not saying that what you are writing is false, but the fact that there are so many theories to this underlying Illuminati takeover theory makes me nervous as to which to believe and which to take heed of.

    In the 70's, there was a Christian evangelist named John Todd [ ] who predicted Jimmy Carter was the anti-christ and would release Charles Manson within the year of his arrest, that nuclear warfare would be enacted by the late 70's and 75% of the population would be annihilated. If I were alive in that era, I would be one of the one's who believed him because I would fear that if I doubted, I would be labeled a young girl who has been blinded by satan. However, this man was arrested and convicted on multiple rape charges (he slept with a number of minors) and 30 years later is nowhere to be found. However, I still believe him.

    It is this fear that makes me accept every conspiracy theory. Why do I accept it? Because I am honestly scared to give a rebuttal because obviously you theorists know something that I don't. We are told to look for ourselves, yet when one does and it is a bit more optimistic in nature, they are told they are blinded and will be the first to die in the NWO.

    I honestly don't know what to think. It's the same issue I have with the Bible (not really an issue). I don't dare doubt it because of the horrible future it predicts just like I don't dare doubt all of the hundreds of different conspiracy theories out there because I don't want to doubt and be left for dead.

  72. This is definitely going to require a 14th level magic user with a staff of the Arch Mage to sort out. Maybe, Legolas can swap his +5 sword of sharpness for one.

  73. Mr. Borkowski #46

    Peraps you are unaware, but there is only one who can convince you otherwise.

    He, that is God, either will, or He will not.

    Would you run from such truth or embrace it if it came to you?

    It is the duty of we Christians to pray that if the call comes to you, you embrace it.

  74. Marvin W. Inglis on

    Personally I believe in God…I do not believe in any occult or their teachings. I believe that God's Word is final and I do not believe that any man will change that under any circumstances. Look around you, observe the sky, the moon, the stars,the sun, the flowers,the trees and the beauty of this earth. Look @ yourself do you think that a man made you and all of the fantasic parts of the body? No not really…..Only God can !

    I am a Mason…and we have no part in any type occult measure. We believe in God and that He is the Creator of all things. So therefore, I would suggest to all if you have any doubts in a Living God…you will find out when you die, so therefore my suggest to each one……get and keep your house in order.

    • Marvin:

      According to Grand Commander Albert Pike's own words and teachings he absolutely acknowledged Lucifer the lightbearer as the "(G)" god of Freemasonry/ architect of the universe (back of the dollar bill)!

      Morals and Dogma page 321 (first chapter). Even the iniates (3 degrees of the blue lodge) are taken to the altar / light 'rising in the East' (SUN).

      Who do they REALLY worship? Not Jesus Christ! nor His father!

      Manly P. Hall (Second only to Albert Pike) cementing together who Freemasonry as well as the Catholic Hierarchy follow and worship as Master. His book: "Secret Teachings Of All Ages,"

      this is taken from the chapter: "THE SUN: A UNIVERSAL DEITY"

      The sun "rises in the east," and in the East is the place for the Worshipful Master. As the sun is the source of all light and warmth, so should the worshipful master enliven and warm the brethren to their work. Among the ancient Egyptians the sun was the symbol of devine providence.The Sunburst of gilt (gold) embroidery on the back of the vestments of the Catholic Priesthood signify that the priest is also an EMISSARY AND REPRESENTATIVE OF "SOL INVICTUS". (THE INVINCIBLE SUN).

      I put this here not to belittle but in the event that you are truly deceived and not portraying the furtherment of the hoax. Look at what the Lord (Jesus Christ) thinks of this: May the truth set you free.

      Ezekiel chapter 8

  75. alien.kicker on

    King Solomon DID NOT have a tabernacle. In fact, he was the first to actually build the House of Yahweh from the ground up as a solid construction house. His father, King David tried to build one – he did had a tabernacle for Yahweh – but Yahweh refused the construction of the Temple because King David "had shed too much blood". So, his son, King Solomon, was left to build the very first Temple of Yahweh.

    "Veritas est liberitas".

  76. Sun worship is not the most ancient religion none to man monotheism is. The proof for that is Adam was the first man on earth and he worshipped The Almighty God the true God who created the sun and everything else

  77. I have had my eyes open to alot of things these past few months, it's crazy but I feel it's happening for a reason and you guys are going to help me even more.

  78. lahinar lamir on

    dear lord i just want thank u for first of all making me to believe in ur son Jesus.also i want to thank u for using vc to open our eyes.u have always said that in times of darkness u will always send a prophet to warn us b4 time.and i think vc is one of the end time is too bad that majority of ur children are still blind like in the days of Noah.,so pls father open their eyes to see the truth b4 it is too late and also protect your son vc too.cos now i know he is risking his life to reveal all this secrets prove to the devil that u are still God by defeating his enemies for me and grant him more knowledge to understand and reveal more hidden secrets.In Jesus mighty name i have prayed amen.

  79. I see the Pyramid of Peace stands at : 62 meters high, with a 62x62m base. 666??

    Could you interpet the offical flag? I'm new to this, but is that the likeness of baphomet?

  80. In regards to this place being build in the middle of the Asian Steppes, am I the only person seeing this is the original home of the Hittites and the Aryans? This is pretty much a city for all of the 'marked' masses to have a false sence of recreating the original, prefected race. Oh, man this is deep!!!!

  81. too bad when this happens most of the world population will be dead….. damn that got me right there.. whew. by the way i post your website to my facebook all the time… i love it thank you and take care

  82. @shepset

    you are stupid. shut up. seriously. the ancient egyptians were not black. to people like you the entire world was black and wonderful until the evil knuckle dragging white people came (from outer space i guess, since it was "really "blacks who settled every area of earth and ruled all ancient civilizations) and somehow stole everything from you. it sounds stupid and many people are still afraid of being called racist, so they don't challenge your ridiculous assertions while you steal the heritage of the people who really did have those ancient civilizations.

    the whole white guilt thing is SOOOOO old and doesn't work anymore. go ahead and use the "r" word all you want. go ahead, ya done worn it out!

  83. Wanted to point out something you may have missed my friend, being a scholar on the occult myself the image which you have referred to as "Crazy Towers" is in fact a physical manifest representation of the 5 Platonic Solids… and equates to the sacred geometria of the mystery school, referring to the corrupted nature of alchemy.

    More on this here:

  84. I'm so confused! I don't understand how any of this is evil. I do understand the artist post like Beyonce,Rihanna etc. I can see it there but not here.

  85. You mentioned the tabernacle. While I'm not a scholar, it's well known that the tabernacle (and later the holy temple of Solomon) were both representative of the Universe. Yes, I know most of you think that Solomon was a devil worshiper, etc. I also know that's just disinformation from those stinking occultists.

    Anyway, it didn't just stop there. Each of the tribes represents a rectification of one part of the zodiac, and each had a particular placement around the temple as they were traveling through the desert. The point is, these things aren't just done to be "pretty". There's definitely something going on here. Something that relates very much to what was being done during the original enslavement in Egypt.

    I've noticed something recently. My ancestors were stuck in that shithole known as egypt for about 200 years. There's an ancient Midrashic legend that says G-d only took them out of it because he saw "they had reached the 49th level of defilement, had they reached the 50th it would have been impossible to take them out." In other words, the horrific murders, tortures, enslavement, none of these were the reason for taking them out. There is another Midrashic legend that it was His intention that they stay there for 430 years. Which means, He was trying to do something with us that He had to interrupt 230 years before it's time because the people just couldn't take it. There's a third Midrashic legend that teaches in the second final redemption, the miracles will be greater than the ones in Egypt. I always wondered why they singled out Egypt in particular. Now I'm beginning to understand what's going on. What I'm here for. Why I had to go through all this filth.

    There's a fourth Midrashic legend that says that the Egyptian enslavement was primarily spiritual in nature.

    So here is what I noticed:

    The United States of America declared independence in 1776. Hostilities ceased with Great Britain in 1783.

    2013 will be exactly 230 years after the completed founding of the USA, currently the worlds greatest and most horrific source of defilement. If you read this far, you'll remember, that 230 years was the time the enslavement was cut short by God because the people couldn't take the spiritual defilement.

    Don't lost heart guys, only another 3 years and we're done with these lunatics (please God). We have to all turn to God with everything we've got.

    If it helps, you should know that some of the other tribes are coming back. The tribe of Menashe is already returning, I've met a couple of them, google "bnei menashe" for more information. Dan (the ethiopian Jews) have already come back, talk to any of them, they'll tell you how far back their traditions go, in particular they revere Samson (shimshon) who was from Dan. We think we know where Zevulun is, and there is a tremendous amount of evidence that the Pashtun tribesmen compose the rest of the tribes.

    Vigilant, you are doing the work of God.

  86. Love your work. Very good and logical interpretations, although I don't understand every detail, becuase my english doesn't go that far with "omniscient". Thank you Vigilant :)

  87. For starters there is a great deal of mention of Lucifer. Well it is only Christianity that has confused Lucifer with Satan. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME BEING AT ALL. Lucifer was God's protector and he quarrelled with Michael another archangel who threw him out of heaven. Lucifer was the most beautiful of all the archangels.
    Lucifer is associated with Venus the light, the Morning Star…

    I suggest you take a look at The Bahai World centre on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel… The Bahais planned a NWO in 1948 and signed an agreement with the Zionists. Israeli security guard the buildings which like the Jerusalem Supreme court building has many underground levels.

  88. Good job, Vigilant. My favorite posts are those from ignorant scoffers attempting to "educate" the obviously more enlightened teacher. Embarrassing for them, really, if they were wise enough to notice.

    I guess the brains behind the statue of Anubis, the Egyptian God of Death and the Underworld, recently erected outside the Denver International Airport, chose this rather esoteric and disturbing subject, especially as a greeter for a public airport, for no other reason that he thought it was "cool."

    Just because WE don't believe what the elites believe, and think it's silly, the point is, THEY obviously believe it and take it very, very seriously. If THEY take it seriously, so should WE, even if we don't quite "believe" or understand it ourselves.

    For some (probably ritualistic) reason the elites are "obligated" to show-and-tell us what they're going to do before they do it. The discerning, therefore, will have an opportunity to escape. The ignorant, however, will be fooled again and perish, as usual.

  89. Astana, Khazakhstan –,7

    I have been been wondering why the layout is tilted around 14 degrees from horisontal. The patterns at both the Vatican and Washington D.C are horisontal, why tilt Astana 14 degrees ?

    If you use Google Earth and use the ruler to draw a path that follow Astana's centerline, the line pass through northern Italy, a bit south of Gibraltar, through South-America. The last city the line pass through before entering the Pacific is Los Ángeles, Chile :(

    The match is perfect, i believe the reason why Astana's centerline is tilted 14 degrees is because the line is meant to pass through Los Ángeles, Chile.

    Los Ángeles, Chile is around 37.28 south of equator. 37.28 north of equator is southern part of San Fransisco. The freemasons love the As above, so below stuff.

    So, is Astana's tilt a symbolic representation that something is going to happen to San Fransisco and/or Los Angeles, California ?

    And what about the Wardenclyffe Tower I mentioned in post 125. Could Bayterek in Astana be a disguised Wardenclyffe Tower? And if so, will this be powerful enough to actually destroy San Fransisco and/or Los Angeles, California like the Tunguska event – or cause a major earthquake?

    The symbolism is so blatant with the 14 degree tilt lining up with Los Ángeles, Chile :(

  90. Continued from post 131.

    In Google Earth, if you draw a line to the north from Los Ángeles, Chile with a 90 degree right angle to the line coming from Astana, the line pass through Concepción, Chile – pass THROUGH Los Angeles, California – before it passes Eureka, California. According to the Wikipedia article regarding the 2010 Eureka earthquakes:,_California#2… – the January 9 earthquake happened around 33 miles offshore of Eureka.

    As mentioned in post 125, the patterns at both the Vatican and Washington D.C are horisontal. So there must be a reason why Astana's pattern is tilted 14 degrees.

    Since both Concepción, Chile and Eureka, California have had earthquakes in 2010 – this really doesn't seem like a coincidence.

    So, is Bayterek a disguised Wardenclyffe Tower, and did it cause the Concepción, Chile and Eureka, California 2010 earthquakes? Is Los Angeles, California the next target? If so, who do we call and ask for help ?

    From the Wikipedia article regarding the Wardenclyffe Tower,

    Beneath the tower, a shaft sank 120 feet (36.6 m) into the ground. Sixteen iron pipes were placed one length after another 300 additional feet (94.4 m) in order for the machine, in Tesla's words, "to have a grip on the earth so the whole of this globe can quiver."[14] At this depth, telluric currents of the Earth could be transceived.

  91. There's 2 way to see the future under one world government:

    A bright one like Star Trek: explorers, seek out new life and new civilization, building relationships to help one another, appreciate and respect differences as well as to not interfere in other civilization businesses unless they ask for help. (In our present day, that would be pieces of the puzzle like the UN, space exploration with collaboration of other countries, scientific exploration of our ocean world)

    A dark one like Warhammer 40K: a world governed under a man God, purging heretics (those that doesn't believe in that man God) and the unclean (humans with special habilities or non-humans) accross galaxies, taking/salvaging/pillaging everything in their path in His name. (Looks like the nazis way)

    Man is capable of good and evil, but in the end, the world will be what we make of it and I'm looking for a bright future. One world government? why not. If it means unification of all the human race and other forms of life without jugment of race, sex, beliefs living in harmony and respecting each individuals, I'm all in.

    I believe it is the egoism, fear and hate that will bring the humans on the brink of extinction. This is how war are waged and government such as nazis are formed.

    • Speaking of Warhammer 40k, the Emperor in that universe is very obviously the Antichrist. I think Rick Priestley, the guy who came up with the idea for wh40k, was either a Mason or a Jesuit (most likely a Jesuit).

  92. a worried citizen on

    I would juss like to say that this website is very educational thank you to whomever took their time to make it. & to all the people that hate on this site, may God have mercy on your souls & i hope one day you'll realize what is really going on in this world before it's too late.. I've been doing alot of research about the NWO & illuminati & everytime i learn something new, deeper than what it really is. I'm not a crazy person, juss a worried mother to be & i honestly don't want my child to be born in a world like this!! i pray for those who sin bc God always forgives if you are able to ask for it. Never turn your back on those who need help, we are all God's children & need to help one another like family. It's not too late to change for the better find the goodness in your heart & know that God is always watching you, it's all about the choices you make; juss like no one can make you believe in any of this you are reading. But if you can spend your time watching tv or surfing the internet for gossip on your favorite celebrity, would it hurt to do a little research on the sake of our humanity??!! We have kids to think about people, stop being so selfish worrying about yourselves; they're the ones who are going to be growing up in this world it's already too late for us!! THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE!! even though i am still very confused about my religion, which one is the right one to believe in, i know for sure there is a God & i will not let Satan fool me any longer with all these lies & distractions.

  93. Just found this site tonite and have been reading alot… very interesting.

    what I don't get is why are all these religious people commenting? did someone link this site to some church group? where are they coming from? I spend a lot of time on the internet (work and fun) and I've never seen anything like it. is it some tactic to get people to not read further because your audience seems to be nuts?

    also curious about your last comment. if most of the people are dead, then who will labor/slave away for the elites?

  94. Why is there detailed information about the oil spill dated before it happened? Why am I finding maps of the oil spill with dates on it of 3/31/2010 when in fact it happened on 4/20/2010? Why am I finding that mass amounts of shares in BP where sold on 3/31/2010? Why did BP choose to dig relief wells when there is proof they could have stopped the leak already? Why does it appear that that the US government waited as long as possible to do anything then they do very little and refuse help? "We regretfully admit that something has happened off of the Gulf Coast. More to come." Why was that said before anything happened?? What is the deal with 3/31/2010????? (… ). Look at the words behind Obama in that video. What does that mean when put into english from french? Why does he only stutter after talking about the gulf of Mexico? Why do I feel like something horrible is going to happen this coming Sunday? Why do I feel like I should go to Astana but I do not know anything about it or where it is? What is going on? Please help me I am so confused!

    The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood like that of a dead man; and every living thing in the sea died.

    If you can save me my email is

  95. TheGreatSteppeSon on

    president Nazarbayev often tries to unite all the nations living here in KZ (140) and create new nation. I think that Kazakhstan is one of the anglo-american-jewish-masonic experiment fields to mix all the nations of the world creating NW state's one nation.

  96. WOW … what a bunch ! Astana = Satana …right ! Here stop making things up !

    The word Astana in Kazakh literally means Capital but the word itself originates from Persian (Astana, from the verb Istadan (آستان) to stand (in respect)), and literally means "threshold" (royal or sacred, where people stand in respect or awe), implying where the court is seated (the capital city) or the body of a sacred person in interred (a shrine town). The city of Turkistan in Kazakhstan that host the body of the saint Ahmad Yasavi is also called the "astana" as is the city of Mashhad in Iran that is the burial place of the 8th Shiite Imam Reza. In fact, long before becoming the new capital of Kazakhstan, the city was "an astana," a burial ground of a saint, hence the old name of the city, Ak Mola (Ақмола), "white mausoleum."

      • yes it actually does. the place is situated around a transceding portal to other dimensions. There are several places on the Earth that have such powerful qualities that are mentioned in ancient sacred budist texts and this is one of them

    • What this person said is true. Really? A symbol of the occult? The sun is associated with traditional nomadic beliefs, which centered on sun worship. The sun is (if you bothered to look) on the national flag and is thus considered an easily recognized symbol of the Kazakhstani state, hence its presence everywhere. It use reflects an overall trend to 'reclaim' Kazakhs' nomadic past, not just in symbols, but also in history and in the rebirth of the Kazakh language and cultural traditions after the collapse of Soviet rule. Many of these traditions, myths, etc. are the inspiration for the architecture. and anyone with more than a passing knowledge of regional politics knows that Nazarbayev is not really so keen on sharing power – with anyone.

  97. What is wrong with sun worship??? Dont get me wrong, im not a sun worshipper

    but i dont understand what that term means and why its associated with

    masonry and occult religions… can someone explain?


  98. Just for the record, while modern Kazakhstan appears to be Muslim (for the most part), the Islam that exists there is permeated by a more traditional religion/culture of Tengriism, which centers on deity of Sky. So it may well be true that many symbols of the new capital of Kazakhstan are indeed devoted to Sky. Forster was no doubt aware of the Tengriism and its prevalence among Kazakhs but may have interpreted its symbolism in his own way and therefore some people may see resemblance to Sun worship in his creations when in fact it may be Sky worship he was trying to embody.

  99. Hi vigilant (nice name by the way), been following your site for some time now and all I can say is I'm glad you came up with it. It's frightening reading all this stuff about what's really going on around the world but it's great knowing at the same time. 'been trying to do some background research myself but mostly, I've been trying to focus on changing my lifestyle and finding better ways to raise my son considering all the stuff he'd have to face. Thanks again!




    The system of popes, and all its priests, cardinals and nuns is the greatest deception and fraud ever to be perpetrated upon true Christianity. The plain truth, there is no priesthood and popes in the worship of true Christianity! If that be true, then just who are these frauds? Amazingly, they come straight from Babylon Mystery Lucifer Sun Worship!! "

    Silly question, but how could Catholic traditions be fraudulent if Catholicism is one of the two original forms of Christianity? It's us or the Orthodox Church, baby, and the Orthodox Church is more strict than us and has its own Pope and clergy.

    Bible-thumpers, learn the history of your own religion before you start hating on the Catholics.

  101. "What is wrong with sun worship??? Dont get me wrong, im not a sun worshipper

    but i dont understand what that term means and why its associated with

    masonry and occult religions… can someone explain?


    Tanya, sun worship, in this case, doesn't mean sitting on the beach all day getting a wicked tan.

    Technically, there's nothing wrong with sun worship itself. Many ancient religions were based on the worship of a Deity of the Sun, especially polytheistic religions and beliefs. However, based on what I'm reading here the idea is that Lucifer is meant to be the Sun deity that the Illuminati worship; either that, or they themselves are the sun deity? That part confuses me a little as well. It is, however, a rejection of the traditional God of Judeo-Christian beliefs and the Allah of Islam. This itself is ALSO not horrible on its own, but rather a difference of beliefs. It becomes sinister when you take into consideration that they are submitting the general public, the vast majority of whom do NOT share their beliefs, to their symbology and having them use their temples for everyday necessities (including going to court or flying into Denver) without even realizing what they're being submitted to. They're exposing people to their religious symbology, subliminally getting them to accept it all while flaunting it at the ignorant masses. That's where it becomes sinister.

  102. Wow, so that's where all the money in the world is going. So They traded our 2 towers for these towers… I see…

  103. Jst hav 1 thin' 2 say 2 E'ry1; Y'all listen & listen gud, "There's only 1 sure path 2 Self-illuminatn, & dat's thru Readin'/Educatn". D more u knw, d less frightened u r! No Fear! Jst tk on ignorance head-on! 'nuff said!

  104. You'd better pray and read religious literature, and not do crazy and bad things.. do things that will help nature to stay fresh and good, do not destroy it, respect parents, love wifes, friends… everything will be OK!

    • In short….

      this is exactly what the Israelites continously did against the true living God and his Son. They continually fell back into pagan-Luciferean-Satanic SUN worship. Back of the dollar bill(Horus) represents Lucifer/Satan. The all-seeing eye, captsone UNattached. SUN day, crosses, obelisks, etc…. check out my sites… there you shall see for yourself the answer to your question. Lord bless, Wayne Michaels (AVENUEOFLIGHT)

      • Seems to me people should be free to worship whatever they like. Be it a fork from their cutlery drawer, to Jesus, to the Sun. Live and let live.

  105. Heteup (Peace Be With You)

    It is disingenuous to talk about these symbols yet not give a full explanation of their value in the culture in which they originated. The people of KMT(Ancient Egypt) had a complex system of spirituality, science, mathematics, writing and philosophy that was misunderstood and then misrepresented by the first european conquerers of the land (the Greeks). To mention Pythagoras but not the men and women that developed the system that he couldn't not fully understand over thousands of years casts a foul image on what was an extremely advanced culture. This society is the basis for all following western civilizations. The things you call satanic such as the Eye of Heru (All-Seeing Eye) is a symbol of a Ntr (deity not unlike christian angels) that is the basis for the Christ myth. Actually the Heru story is the basis for over 15 savior stories in ancient history, the man historically known as Jesus being the newest of these stories. With a lack of comprehension of Kemetic metaphors, the story gets twisted. While I agree that the elite of today and in the past has used this symbolism against the People, I am against the characterization of said symbols to be satanic or demonic. They come from the world's first salvation system and from a culture that could easily be argued as the most advanced to date. If you're going to call out those using the symbols, fine but to blatantly label the symbols as evil without proper research into the true meanings of their origin is irresponsible.

    Maat Hetepu

    Heru Nefer

    Khairi Akili

  106. Every answer you need is in the BIBLE…ask GOD, the HOLY SPIRIT is there to guide and direct you, do not live in ignorance, but do not let curiousity derail your faith…this is why the Holy Spirit was sent, He will lead us to all truths.

  107. Seriously dudes, why mix religion into everything, its enough that the freaks who run the world believe in it, what good have ever come from religion? nothing just strife and war and people finding reasons to do harm against other people just because of what they believe or not.

    if you want to believe in a higher power go for it, but why limit yourself to believe in a religion created by other humans, religion is created to control the masses just like the governments.

    anyways lovely article and site, and got a good few laughs out of the nice little comments on this particular article.

    the world is changing no question about it, why its changing and who is behind it is another question, if its for the better or for the worse is to be seen but with all the lovely laws that currently getting implemented im gone bet on for the worse.

    btw i believe in a higher power/consciousness but to try to put a single face on that like a religion is just stupid and to believe that higher power will protect us or assist us from our own created problems is a bit optimistic, you will have to save the earth yourself no super powered son of a god will come and do it for you, you wimps :)

    Kind Regards


  108. If people are interested in these subjects…math and connections to "Temple at the center of time",

    by David Flynn,he does some great research[also his book by that name]. and Tom Horn he was a preacher but now does research and writes. google Tom horn. he has a book called Apollyon Rising 2012, it has to do with symbols, he did a lot of research.. He is just giving/writing what he found..Not saying it is set in stone so to speak, just thought provking. David Flynn my favorite has also done a lot of research.People need to research and study not just follow what someone else says and go off the deep end on all this Mason stuff.

    I follow no man, just God..when we start letting man scare us then that fear is Not good. God has told us, what was, is, and will be again. that tells all. And for the pictures of the city, Beautiful, would like to see it. The Architect is awesome. Chief Joseph said: WE do not want Churches because they will teach us to quarrel about God. He is right, God/Creator who made earth,animals and beyond earth, who gave life to humans is the source and fear is not there if we believe in creator/spirit/God. Blessings.

  109. Is anyone else aware that two of Japeth's sons, Ashkenazi and Magog, had settled Khazakstan and is the origin of the Khazarian sect of Judaism?

  110. They clearly are making use of the brotherhood symbolism, for a new city it's incredible, but very scary..there is a lot of new build happening in the middle east, lots of new architecture is happening in Qatar, one of the wealthiest places in the world. The brotherhoods symbolism is everywhere in architecture and now its spreading to the new cities in the east. I remember reading an article about this city, apparently the architect Lord Foster didn't have control of the design in the city, a man that is renowned for designing as he sees best, but in this instant, the first ever time in his career, he did as he was told by the president…. who wanted a giant pyramid…..

    It can't really be coincidence….

  111. I totally agree, this place is scary but I think there is a mistake at "Around the Sun Table." In my opinion, this totally looks like an eye. I guess the outer circle outside of the green could be sun rays, but they look more like the surrounding part of the iris that usually denotes eye color, to me anyway. In anycase, WOW!!!

  112. Hey, multibillionaires sultans, send a little piece os your money to the palestinian people! Rebuild theirs hommes.Sent'em progress instead guns. They´re always pleading the jews and Israel …!

  113. And my guess is since the Media & Entertainment industry is controlled by those evil folks, that BORAT movie was purposely funded to put that spot on the general public's mind.

    Evil might have its way but it'll never WIN.

  114. if people are ignorant and sleepy they will win like always. I am sick of those microbes, they use dirty methodes to maipulate masses and they really suceed so easily. They believe the masses are stupid and as far as the experience shows it's true.

    We can still smash them on the spot like miserable parasites they are if we give up our confort, dependency in their bank system and usless jobs, and learn to take care of each other

  115. This city is amazing I had no clue it was even being built. I dont beliEve there is such a thing as 'evil' per say. Anton La Vay "The Black Pope" said "good is what people like, evil is what people dont like." The world populus is actually quiet dumb due to religions, democracy, the state et al.. So how can someone with significantly lower IQ criticise the decisions of beings waay more smarter? If gangreen infects the finger you might have to chop of the hand to avoid further infection, even though the fingers might not understand this. I believe in one world government and one world athiest religion. Religion and politics is the reason we are in this mess anyway.Burn churches, mosques, synagogues, parliaments etc so the phoenix will rise from the ashes.The rule of the jungle is basic, only the strong survive. QUIT THE DRUM ROLL AND BRING ON THE NWO ALL READY!!!

    • Death to the NWO on

      You are deluded, pathetic little cretin. These people are NOT superior to us in any way, they just think they are. Like you, they are parasites and wretched scum, who shall be destroyed when the Christ returns.

      And scum like you will be thrown in the lake of fire, just so you know. You are not worthy to be even spat upon.

      Oh, and it is not the strong that survivies and inherit eternal life; it is the meek and the humble, the weak and the poor who shall found worthy. Your place is in the lake of fire.

  116. Watch "The Arrivals" people. it puts all the peices together in such a logical perfect manner. you can find it on youtube. u won't regret it.

  117. at this point I don't really want to argue with anyone who says 'one world government is a conspiracy theory'. it is so blatant, so in-your-face, so talked about even in the mainstream media at this point… anyone doubting this is in the works is really not paying attention. there's nothing I can say to make them pay attention, so why bother arguing about it.

  118. Ifeanyi Akaolisa on

    But you are posturing – as should have been evident from the onset…

    To Astana, then. To the orgies and the unrestrained excesses…

    • No thanks. Orgies, excesses and practically every form of pleasure is sin, and any who practice them will burn in hell in unspeakable torments for all eternity.

  119. Currently in Astana at an international confrence. The city is indeed exactly as described in the article. Impressive, crushing, not human scale, like a huge abondoned cosmic ship. You have to add the lack of people in the streets because of persisting extreme wind and streets designed basically only for cars-huge, wide, like the buildings. Only positive point- many trees have been planted but they need at leat 10-20 more years to grow and become visible. Good conferences venues however, if you need to put 4000 people in one place and nowhere else to go…

  120. Darmon_Richter on

    I actually spent a month in Astana last Summer. It’s a fascinating place, and the symbolism is everywhere – but there are some very important facts that should be considered when coming to a conclusion.

    Most of these facts don’t get covered in the report here, as the author isn’t very familiar with Kazakh culture and history… a lot of the observations here are completely out of context.

    I’ve written a full explanation of Astana’s symbolism on my blog though, here:

    I’d love to hear your feedback!

  121. I would be interested in finding out if there are occult symbols in the Vatican. Since the RC religion is nothing but the Babylonian mystery cult in the trappings of piety I have no doubt this is the case.

  122. Food for thought… Don't those Crazy Towers", as you call them, eerily represent the "obelisk" that is on the multiple photographs of Led Zeppelin's Presence album? Their guitarist, Jimmy Page, had a grand fascination with Aleister Crowley. Even going so far as purchasing Crowley's mansion, Boleskine House, located on the South-Eastern shore of Loch Ness in Scotland, and Crowley's Equinox Bookstore in London.

  123. We are all facing this soon to fall upon us Armageddon.
    Ill advice all of you who are on this page to believe in Allah. Please believe in Allah, who sent Jesus, Moses, John, Muhammad, Jacob, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac etc. the one omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent entity who rules over all dominions. This world is only a test, and all of this soon to occur events have already been told and those who have the ability to see with their third eye can see so much unfolding now. This life is only a test to try us between the forces of good and evil. All this Hollywood glitz and glamour, Babylonian concept of fame is not of the way of god but lucifer whom Allah has warned is about . The sad thing is that his infiltrated Christians as well and not many people are seeing it.

  124. If the people on the upper levels are "laughing their ass off at the dumbness" then this makes them callous self serving bastards the world can do without. The global elite lack empathy. Prisoners can have empathy for the effect of their crime.

  125. Thanks for a great article. Fun read, interesting material. Too bad it sparked so much Christian fanaticism. Had enough of that for a lifetime.

  126. May the sacred Illuminati guide mankind to a higher level of consciousness in the coming Golden Age that we may forever forget the moral and spiritual corruption of our Kali Yuga.

  127. Revelation 13:16-18 ESV / 136 helpful votes
    Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

  128. Somehow this city reminds me of the Hunger Games Capitol….
    But then again, HG was full of NWO symbolism….so that wouldn't be a big surprise to me.
    I went to a place up in Galveston called Moody Gardens….and there were pyramids with the zoo, and movie theatre, and something else. Three. I don't know if that's a coincidence but very odd things happened while I stayed at that hotel.

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