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Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18



Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

In this edition of SPOTM: Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Cardi B, the March For Our Lives event, Charlie Heaton, Ronaldo and so many obvious symbols proving that the occult elite controls the world.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

The stars of the series Stranger Things have been appearing in … stranger … things. This is Charlie Heaton in a Flaunt magazine photoshoot, where he’s kneeling down and giving up a crucifix to a red hooded figure. How can this not represent initiation to the satanic industry?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Another pic conveniently hides one eye – the sign of submission to the occult elite.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Speaking of the one-eye sign, it was everywhere last month (as usual). This is footballer Michy Batshuayi on the cover of French magazine Onze. And, of course, he’s hiding one eye. The sign has to be everywhere.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

This is a gigantic iPhone ad in downtown Dallas. There’s an obvious effort to expose the masses to the one-eye sign. Whether they like it or not. And nobody likes it.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

This is Cardi B on the cover of the New York Times magazine “Music Issue”. The title says “25 songs that tell us where music is going”. The hidden eye tells us that music is going wherever the elite decides it goes. But wait … maybe this is a coincidence. Maybe they just took the picture while a feather was hiding one eye by accident. It happens.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

King Krule hiding one eye with a flower confirms that there was no accident, just the NY Times telling us who owns them.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

The article also featured Gucci Mane with – YOU’VE GUESSED IT – a crown of blue flower things. Oh yeah, and one eye is hidden.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

The article also features SZA – who recently appeared in a blatant Monarch programming video – with one eye hidden. In short, this entire article is a sad display of the occult elite owning the music industry … and its future.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Ryan Murphy recently signed a $300 million deal with Netflix which is the biggest producer contract in TV history. To celebrate that, he posed for Hollywood Reporter … with one eye hidden, of course.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Another pic from the article emphasizing one eye. You can’t get massive TV contracts if you don’t fully adhere to the elite’s agenda and Murphy has been creating disturbing stuff that is fully in line with the agenda for years.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Murphy is the creator of several TV shows such as American Horror Story. This is a promo pic of the season featuring Lady Gaga. The entire series is a tribute to the elite’s love of everything debased and dehumanizing.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Murphy is also the creator of the series Nip/Tuck. Nearly every single promo pic of the series features the protagonists (who are surgeons) hurting or abusing helpless women. Notice the one-eye action on both pics above.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

This picture is right on the official website of NXIVM – a “self-help” company that was discovered to be a front for an elite-backed sex cult that was brainwashing members with Monarch mind control techniques (read my article about NXIVM here). The leader of the group Keith Raniere was recently arrested for sex trafficking and was accused of having sex with a 12-year-old girl. NXIVM apparently has a “child development” section and this one-eye pic is used to represent it on the website. You can’t make this stuff up.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Ronaldo is the face of Nike’s “Born Mercurial” campaign. His contract apparently requires his Instagram profile pic to be this one-eye thing – a clever way of showing exposing his millions of fans the occult elite’s symbolism.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Considering that young people worldwide idolize Ronaldo, it did not take long before how-to guides popped up to replicate this one-eye look with one’s own picture.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Jay-Z and Beyoncé apparently stopped fighting and launched the “On the Run II” tour. The promo pic features Jay-Z hiding one of Beyoncé’s eyes. So clever. I wonder what kept them together after allegations of infidelity … hmmm.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Another promo pic. Jay and Bey riding with a huge horned skull upfront. Yup, Baphomet is their guide. Apparently, this pic is inspired by a classic African movie. However, there’s a reason why this specific scene was selected.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

This is a picture from 2009 promoting Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierce album. She’s wearing a bustier with a painted Baphomet head. There’s also an extra Baphomet hood ornament. The bustier is made to look like a motorcycle with handlebars and rearview mirrors. She’s been riding with Baphomet for all of these years.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Whether you’re for gun control or not, one must admit that the March For Our Lives event was heavily infused with symbolic imagery. Nearly all media sources bizarrely focused on these one eye mittens the day of the event. Why?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

The elite has people willingly walking with their twisted symbols of occult control. And this is not the only unfortunate symbol that popped up during the march.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

March “leader” David Hogg and his sister encouraged people to wear armbands during the March.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

James Wood is correct – armbands are a trademark N--i accessory. This prompted the Hoggs to remove the Twitter post. Woods commanded their correction and warned them about being manipulated by higher forces.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

This appeared on Greek television. The Vodaphone logo looks like a 6 and there are three of them on the screen. Are you ready for 666?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

It is not the first time that Vodaphone plays around with 666. Even the official logo features three 6’s (two of them are inside the letter o).

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/18

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Something just occurred to me. What if apart from the ‘666’ the mark of the beast is also the one eyed symbol? I also wanted to mention a story that my co-worker was telling me about her old high school friend. She told me that this male friend had done internships who eventually got hired by Sony as an assistant music producer. He was making bank $$$ according to her and ‘they’ told him that he would make more after becoming Illuminati. He thought it was a joke that conspiracy theorists use to spook people. Apparently, they told this guy that they were going to go out and ‘celebrate’ to Vegas with a group of people and he was going to have it all (money) after ‘they’ got a chance to fck him. To which he said, ‘who’s they?’. I can’t remember the end of the story exactly but basically this guy quit and never showed up and has been living in hiding. She told me she ran into him in the bus after he left his job and was living in fear. He looked extremely paranoid and was living a hermit life. He lost essentially everything and was claiming… Read more »


Dear Emma, about a quarter of the world’s population believes that the Antichrist (Dajjal) will be one-eyed. I have no doubt that the blatant one-eye symbolism we are bombarded with in today’s society is a reference to their false messiah. Abu Hurayrah said, “The Prophet said, ‘Shall I tell you something about the Dajjal (Antichrist) which no Prophet has ever told his people before me? The Dajjal is one-eyed and will bring with him something which will resemble Paradise and Hell; but that which he calls Paradise will in fact be Hell. I warn you against him as Noah warned his people against him.'” (al-Bukhari, Muslim) Ibn Shihab said: “‘Omar Ibn Thabit al-Ansari told me that some of the Companions of the Prophet told him that on the day when he warned the people about the Dajjal, the Prophet said: “There will be written between his eyes the word Kafir (disbeliever). Everyone who resents his bad deeds – or every believer- will be able to read it.” He also said, “You must know that no one of you will be able to see his Lord until he dies.'” (Muslim, al-Bukhari). Ibn ‘Omar said, “The Prophet mentioned the Dajjal to the… Read more »


There is no real prophet in the Islam religion. Mohammed was a war-mongerer who married a 6 year old. He forced people to become muslim with his sword. Jesus (the Jew) is the one and only true Messiah that is coming back and will destroy the demonic Islamic faith.


I believe it. My brother in law worked for a Manhattan law firm in the hedge funds business. After 8 years and becoming partner he became a paranoid alcoholic that eventually had to leave his job, divorce my sister, and move near his parents. He has multiple personalities now and is extremely unhappy. I don’t think these mind control tactics are only in the music industry.


Could be blind in one eye, but also possibly with AI transhumanist computer attachment to his head fitting over his eye, giving him super intelligence, sight, etc.

Honest Insomniac

No Sue, by the time he comes, technology will be a thing of the past. The final battle will be fought with swords and spears and Jesus will kill the Dajjal with his own spear.

It is very interesting to note that the Dajjal will also be followed by 70 000 Jews when he comes. The major companies that are promoting the one-eye symbolism (which Muslims refer to as the Dajjal system) are all owned by Jews. 9/11 was an inside job that was mainly perpetrated by the Mossad, in order to start the bogus “War on Terror”, which is really the war on Islam. Their main objective was, and still is, to cripple the Muslim nations, plunder their wealth and resources, and ultimately elect a Zionist puppet who’s interests are in line with theirs, similar to the Saudi Royal family.


“…….cripple the Muslim nations, plunder their wealth and resources……”
What???? Plunder the Muslim nations´wealth? That´s nonsense since nearly all Muslim nations are so extremely backward and therefore poor that there is nothing worth “plundering”.


You never heard of oil?


Well to make you happy, the bible says that israel will be attacked by an army gathered from all over the world. the anti christ will lead them. Then Christ will come back. very short version.

Steve L

Hate to break it to you but Lana Del Rey is a witch. I can’t speak to her being in illuminati type roles but don’t assume she’s innocent as she’s allowed to be seen and heard. Google her being a practicing witch.


The eye of Horus….


Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his RIGHT EYE: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.
Zechariah 11:17


Lana del Rey was sold to the music business since she was a teenager by his dad. Also, I think that Harvey Weinstein was her handler because there are a couple of photos of her and Harvey, that looks like he is controlling her.

Cry Me A River

Charles Heaton looks like he was extremely abused and MKed from a very early age. He always plays a role of a wounded soul or a creepy out cast. I remember feeling sad for him when I first came across him in a movie.

I wonder what African classic movie Jay and Bey are re-enabled ting. Being an African I don’t remember seeing this before on any of our movies…


The film is Touki Bouki, one of the greatest African’s movies (in my opinion). There is nothing illuminati or other conspiratory theory bull S in the film

Sexy legs

It seems like they were using this as an excuse to hide their illunmintai agenda but for us woke people we know what’s going on here…


@Sexylegs. “It seems like they we’re using this as an excuse to hide their Illuminati agenda”

And it’s working.The same thing happened when she wore the gold dress while pregnant with the twins.Seems like most people will believe anything as long as it isn’t about the illuminate,the occult,devil worshiping,mind control and etc.


@Sexylegs. “It seems like they were using this as an excuse to hide their Iluminati agenda”

And it’s working.Seems like a lot of people will believe anything as long as it isn’t giving validity to the Illuminati,the occult,devil worshipping, mind control and anything else that’s discussed on this site.


That’s the first thing I think when I see these symbols. Ancient Egypt was my favorite subject in history class and these heathens have ruined it. Giving their symbols double meanings and tainting them with their occultists ways.

D D d

I hate butterflies, especially the big and beautiful blue ones. Small birds, too, hate them, the blue ones, I mean, and the black, come to think it.


Charles Heaton has a coke addiction and was detained in London for this substance abuse and this makes him the perfect candidate for hypnosis and MK Ultra programming because of his emotional problems.

Sexy legs

“She’s been riding with Baphomet for years” lmao.Vc’s sense of humor though.


This all has gotten ridiculously obvious at this point. My son is 7 and now when we watch movies he points out how the “bad guy” always has a “dark eye” , which I’ve noticed is conveniently lost within the shadows. This is crazy because I haven’t discussed any of these things with him. But now I now soon I will have to.


Not going to get into a parenting dispute here but wouldn’t you be better serving him by turning off the screens and stopping exposure to media? I mean whether or not you are talking about it, the seven year old is being sent these messages. I wouldn’t expect a child to be able to make sense of this stuff.

Thy Unveiling

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of children. They comprehend more than you think. A child that’s been spoken to as an adult vs a child that’s been baby-talked to…the one who had their intelligence respected is going to do better in life. XAnon is clearly raising an observant kid with a strong sense of discernment, and would benefit from learning about symbolism. It’s everywhere, he’s noticed, his mind is putting pieces together. Who better to help him than his mom or dad?

D D d

Here I drop again the importance of vocabulair and grammar. Even though I make hasty statements with errors myself, being able to use it in your own language at various levels of society’s ue of language is important. But above all, the use of it explaining your own thoughts and feelings to yoursel , that needs language too, especially when communicating with other people. In The Netherlands the level of teacher unable to use easy childish-level grammar of 30 years ago in the now of teaching it to the next is at tragic level.
And, shall we talk about all the fineprint with contracts and pop-up-deal-on-your-screen-when-shopping-banking-living-online? Those one has to understand aswell, signing your life away without knowing the use of words is litterally sickening sometimes.


Thy Unveiling I hope so. The seasons of my life can never be compared to anothers- however I was raised without television for almost all my childhood and adolescent years ( we had it only two summers or so for the olympics), and I can say- TELEVISION IS STRANGE AND THE CONDITIONING (magicks) IS VERY, VERY OBVIOUS.


Wow, what a smart kid you have!


“so many obvious symbols proving that the occult elite controls the world” For sure!
Maybe VC could make a post with only famous satanic images, so that they become even more obvious to the public? Like inverted crosses, inverted pentagrams and the 666 (this one appeared at this post).
Every time I see those images, I think: how can these artists/famous people be so dumb? Selling their soul to satan in exchange of what? Just money? They could gain money by simply working as common people do. Didn’t they know that? They could gather money, be happy and wouldn’t even have to sell their souls. Also, they may think that by having millions of dollars, they are going to be a million times happier than common people that did not sell their souls, and this is just not true! Not only they are selling their souls, but they also have to become elite’s slaves and be subject to MK Ultra torture procedures and all kinds of satanic things. So it’s a complete trap for them! I really feel sorry for them…


The crazy part is that what they do is considered by many as entertainment. CardiB = Music!!!! I need a lift off this planet.

I had an argument with my family about all of this and they accused me of conspiracy hunting and also of looking to deep into things. When I try to tell others to research on all this they see me as over the top.

Dei Vivi

That’s all part of the agenda. The whole idea that when one talks of conspiracy that it’s a crazy theory is a fairly recent modern invention. It’s turned into a joke in pop culture. Wanting to wake up from this warped funhouse version of the world makes you a malcontent. Conspiring is an action that has taken place for thousands of years. There is far more proof of the existence of conspiracy than there is of many things people take to be fact every day. Meanwhile, all modern society is based on money and that very basis is itself, a lie. Fiat, valueless money to inspire a hollow, valueless world. It’s no wonder people have become so easily manipulated….most have been trained with mass propaganda tools to be a shell of what they once were. Simple notions like needing to go outside, and needing to exercise, are now taught to people as things they need to do to improve their health. Things like exercising and being outside used to be called LIFE- but they put a glowing rectangle in everyone’s hands, to distract them from the true sources of light, the Sun, the light of the immortal soul, the light… Read more »


Beautifully said and very true.

Dei Vivi

Thank you, Yee. The best advice I can give anyone getting frustrated when friends and loved ones haven’t yet awoken to this truth is to just go live. Living a beautiful life is leading by example for others, and it’s exactly what these twisted propaganda pushing monsters that create these images are afraid of. They want you to get distracted by the lascivious and tantalizing, the violent and sexual, rather than just the beauty that is all around you. There are two sides to every coin, and while it’s easy to want to jump up and down and scream the truth to everyone, not everyone is ready to hear it. If you go and live in the most pure and loving way you possibly can, though, that encourages others around you to do so. You make everyone around you happier. It spreads like a virus, every bit as quickly as this evil does. They want you to believe human nature is to be cruel and selfish. That evil is “easier” than being good. Those are lies sinners tell themselves. All you need as proof of “human” nature is the innocence of a young child (which these monsters love to destroy).… Read more »


Sorry but that´s a lot of esoteric communist BS. No one wants to be thrown back into stone age. Love and light won´t feed you. Love and light is for dreamers who will fail in the real world.
It is possible to live a life which is modern but sane which includes owning a house and land. Just love, light, peace and communism is what the “elite” want for the stupid masses. I won´t fall for their propaganda. You obviously have. The “elite” will be laughing at you all the way to the bank.

Dei Vivi

Did you actually read what I wrote? We all have a right to our opinion, but nothing I ever stated mentioned communism. Fiat currency is the root of all the destruction in this world. It’s the tool of the esoteric/satanic monsters that VC talks about in every single post. They gained their power through hundreds of years of deception and murder (some argue thousands) and have held onto it by playing the long game…using tools like fear, mistrust, and powerful occult (and overt) violent imagery and mind invasion, that has only ramped up in the days of mass media. Every single political leader that has opposed them has been violently silenced. This problem transcends communism and capitalism. Neither truly exists in the world. People who still believe that have been duped. All governments answer to one power, the central banks. What the “elite” want for the stupid masses is believing that you can actually “own” your house and land. Believing that the money they tax you actually goes to government programs, instead of back to the banks, which is in turn (fraudulently) loaned out again ten times over to create perpetual debt. You’ve already fallen for their propaganda if you… Read more »


You have cheered me up no end with your positive comment. Thank you, I am already trying to do what you suggest regarding stubborn sleepers. I don’t try and hammer anything home now. I just smile and be kind. Its the right thing to do


Very true. But sadly going outside to explore the world is quite dangerous nowadays since the so called elite has made our environment hell, nearly everywhere. If one lives in a denseley populated place – and most of us do – then crime is a big problem. Moving about freely isn´t really possible without risking our lives. There are tons of crazy people everywhere, violent people educated to be violent by the “system”. There´s murder and violence on TV 24/7. There are tons of drugged people roaming about, out of their minds through drug abuse which is made hip and trendy by popular “culture”. There are lots of Satanists now who have no values or morals at all and openly show their disrespect for human life without having to fear any reprisals by society or law. Looting, burglaries, rape and murder are common everyday occurrences. Sadly contract killers are kind of “normal” too in the US. And why is all that happening? Since there is no more human “culture” in the US. Society has been stripped of all its values and rules. Everyone is free to do “what thou wilt”, murder is the norm, murdering unborn children no big deal,… Read more »


Yes but if you have the faith of a mustard seed then you are able to go outside without these things affecting you. This is the time to hold on to Christ as tight as you can and through him we can all get through this. Ye though I walk through the valley my friend.


Very true. But sadly going outside to explore the world is quite dangerous nowadays since the so called elite has made our environment hell – nearly everywhere. If one lives in a denseley populated place -most of us do – then crime is a big problem. Moving about freely isn´t really possible without risking our lives. There are tons of crazy people everywhere, violent people educated to be violent by the “system” – there´s murder and violence on tv 24/7 – and people out of their minds through drug usage. Contract killers sadly are kind of “normal” in the US………etc. etc. The world out there is very very dangerous thanks to globalization and the import of strange “cultures”, races, which cause nothing but trouble whereever they are. There are lots of no go areas, even no go towns and cities. It´s a war zone out there.
Staying indoors is a safe option and if one has to go out and about moving around in a car is the safest option of all. This is like being dead already.

Dei Vivi

Yeah, all the things you mentioned have been manufactured by the same people. The people putting out the messages VC talks about all the time. We don’t have a war on drugs in America. We have a war for drugs. Because the people in power want you numb, complacent, and stupid. The US invaded Afghanistan to get control of the heroin trade back, because the Taliban was burning poppy fields. The international banking cartels are responsible for a large portion of the drug trade, like any good cartel. The violence and danger that are in the world? They’re not as rampant as they’re made to seem. And they’re perpetuated by the constant barrage of negativity beamed into every single home and handheld device in the world. Images and symbols do rule the world. Even modern science now agrees that consciousness is the key to the understanding of all science, and reality is no more than a shared hallucination that can be altered at a personal level – and that’s what I’m speaking of when I say go live a life filled with love. Turn off the screens. It neuters the power of that imagery. Create your own symbols. Perpetuate love… Read more »


Sorry what do you mean by “strange cultures and races whic cause nothing but trouble wherever they are” what a ridiculous obscure statement. This world belongs to no one we are tourists passing through. You sound like you’re afraid of your own shadow! I encourage you to go out and integrate/learn, co exist, with these “strange cultures and races” then you may become a more rounded and enlightened individual! Peace, from a strange race aka human!


I missed that, thanks for pointing that out.


“They could gain money by simply working as common people do.”
That’s the thing. They are common people. And like them, many other common people would destroy their bodies and soul for a million dollars, or with a million dollars. Sometimes the devil does not necessarily come to people- but people go to them. Look at the lottery winners, and how they develop drug addicts, get caught with prostitutes, etc. Money destroys people.
The only difference between them and others is that they are entertainers through and through. They have the spirit of Court Jokers.

Eyes open wide

Don’t fall for the anti trafficking BS. The elite is using the guise of attacking the adult industry as a cover. They want you to believe that something is being done about child abuse and genuine sex trafficking rings because they are supposedly going after traffickers. No they are attacking adult based consensual prostitution while genuine traffickers are being PROTECTED.


Take, for example, Laura Silsby! Working for “New Life Children’s Refuge” as a “missionary,” she was caught trying to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake–they weren’t orphans, either. After she was arrested, Hillary managed to get her off.

And where does Laura Silsby work today? Why, at Alert Sense, the company that runs the tech elements of… wait for it… the Amber Alert system.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

VG Fan

Cristiano Ronaldo has an innapropriate fixation on his first born son ( by surrogate ). I thought it was weird that a MAN would decide to have a child all on his own. Single, no girlfriend ultra rich athlete has a son by surrogate. Why? I get a weird vibe from him looking at their pictures together.


Well we know what’s kept Jay and Bey together all these years…’s all business . Like jay rightly said ‘ what’s better than one billionaire….2’ no love here folks just an industry product


I must admit to snickering now when I see Jay Z and Bey for they’re sets are “always” on point with symbolism. The David Hogg n--i look is interesting as well as were his mannerisms during his protests. Of course, those silly one eyed gloves appeared in the well orchestrated protests as well. I never knew Soros was such a fashion maven. As for Nip/ was a guilty pleasure of mine for the first few seasons but it got really warped as time went on and in hindsight was really stretching towards a lot of what we are seeing with body alterations today.


David Hogg is an activist trained and activated by the “elite”. All the Feinsteins and Lewins want to ban guns so the masses will be totally defenseless when they start implementing their socialist paradise called communism they planned for hundreds of years: The sheeple will then be the non stop working Have-nots and a few will own everything.
That´s the goal already in progress and that´s the reason why they keep telling the sheeple that wealth and possessions are bad and will cause unhappiness. They tell the masses light and love is all they need……………..and unfortunately many many idiots fall for it.


Just know the truth is stranger than fiction. Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies book series (teen-fiction novel… this man I believe is doing God’s work by inserting seeds of truth into young people’s minds). This plastic surgery trend helps dissociate those from their bodies. They’re not going to stop until you trade all of your natural, god-given blessings for synthetic, man-made garbage.

Not to mention the buzz-worthy phrases adorded by Fourth-wave feminism and whatever other groups being manipulated by dark forces. “I OWN my body.” No, you don’t. The Lord Jesus Christ gives us our bodies and our lives, but it all belongs to him. The glory is his, not ours.


Hey VC I know it’s off topic. But I justed literarily got done watching that movie Neon Demon. The one you didn’t a post a about last year! Only watched It on the strength of you’re post. The most god awful piece of Sh*t pointless movie I’ve ever seen! If it wasn’t for me reading you’re article about it just see all the highlights you pointed out . I would have been turned this awful movie off! Left a bad taste in my mouth from watching that shitty movie.

Katara Cole

On Bey and Jay: I am convinced he has put her under a spell, that’s why nothing can keep them apart.


I believe Beyonce has all her fans under a spell. It’s like when you dare to watch her you’re almost in a daze. I remember VC saying that these Satanist need our energy. Guess what she tweeted right before her first Cochella performance? Yep “we need your energy”.


you should look into drakes new resturaunt in Toronto called “the 6”. The sign is 3 6’s

Thy Unveiling

Is that the one where there was some hoopla over his expensive ugly exclusive bathroom?


Armbands are used by people who are mourning too, specially black armbands. It has never been an exclusively n--i thing.


Another superb SPotM article, VC, You nailed it. I have the following comments: 1) I unfortunately do not agree – to the point I will insist you are simply dead wrong – when you wrote (regarding the use of the one-eyed symbol) that ‘most don’t like it’. This is plainly false – this satanic symbolism is in fact popular with many people, I see lots using it. 2) People are unbelievably stupid for not being able to see what is going on. 3) This stupidity tries my patience. I don’t want to become a person ‘whose heart has grown cold due to the increase in iniquity’ and I can tell this will remain a test with me. The spirit of all of what you showcased here, and the fact people accept – even enjoy – it I daresay reveals a clear rise in antichrist spirit. The ‘false flag boy’ Hoggs image with the armband shows a complete lack of knowledge of history understanding, as well. I find this particular issue of SPotM especially appealing for these reasons. The happy thing is it only furthers my commitment to pulling in the OPPOSITE direction of everything ‘the Elite’ stands for, and towards… Read more »


I always see the one-eye sign on traditional media, such as t.v. or magazines but now, I am seeing it everywhere. When I drive down the street I see it on billboards and bus stops. I even see it all over my college campus. The posters on campus that advertise school plays have one-eye signs, the “art” department is filled with creepy one eye drawings, even the signs that remind you to recycle have animated trash figures with one-eye signs. Thanks for the article VC!

Thy Unveiling

I’ve even seen it at grocery stores on their pointless indoor signs: smiling models holding a pineapple slice over one eye, with words like “fresh” beside it, suspended from the ceiling. The one I found most disturbing was supposed to be a mother and daughter with bananas over their mouths. The mother had her banana as a smile, while the daughters was in a frown. Knowing the things we know in the truther community, I glared at it thinking “That sick witch abusing her daughter! Possibly with the bananas!” It would sound funny if there wasn’t sad truth to it. But try and tell people this stuff? We’re bananas…

D D d

Try to stop at just noticing it. Torturing yourself with horrorposibilities does not help anyone but ruins your day 😉


Thy Unveiling! I Know that poster and have seen it before and I got the chills!!!! I did not like it at all you are so right. This stuff is downright obnoxious!


1. Jay-Z beats up Beyonce quite often. He also forces her into 3somes with other women. Brian Austin Green also has a thing for beating up Megan Fox.
2. Nothing wrong with those black bands, ppl need to learn some REAL history and find out the truth about the National Socialists aka Nazis.


Really? How do you know? I would really love to read some material regarding that. I had no idea Megan Fox was abused but given how she popped up into Stardom AND dresses her boy as a girl… makes sense

Just me

I wouldn’t be surprised, most recently has been Tiffany Hadish saying at a party a drugged actress bite B’ s face? And she said is ok she’s high and was jealous of her because she wanted Jay-Z? Later Tiffany backtracked and made it seem like something she said while being high herself or something. They are some really messed-up folks these two


Just me, tiffany haddish needs to watch out! i honestly don’t think this girls knows what she is getting herself into but i feel so bad for her


Nazis are to blame for everything it seems. What a lot of bollocks.

Christinne you should learn that N--i is an abbreviation of the word Nazarene = a person from Nazareth.
N--i is not an abbreviation of National Socialists (German: Nationalsozialisten). If one were to shorten the words National Socialist (Nationalsozialisten) it would be something like Nasoc or Natsoc, N--i wouldn´t fit at all. N--i is something that some politically influential and very dangerous people invented and put to “good and thorough use”……………………….
Christinne you should learn REAL history. There are millions of people who know the truth and won´t fall for your BS.

Niko Tesla

Nationalsozialismus is pronounced Nah-tsio-nall Zots-yah-lee-smouss, hence “N--i”, learn some german (Z is pronounced “ts”) before you talk out of your a-s!


I get tired of seeing them mocking Christ


You are not alone. It just saddens me that his life and death has been created into such a joke. Although my emotions get the better of me I wanna cast them all in the lake of fire but instead I pray for them all. Mankind sorely needs our prayers.


Just my two cents, but I have not found anyone so far on here discuss Charlie Heaton’s ring on his right hand, which to me appears to be a stereotypical extraterrestrial’s head. Also the symbolism of the left hand (left is called the “sinister” side) handing the cricifix over to the “sinister” (as in evil-looking) hooded figures adding to the “sinister” theme. There’s alao the “left-hand path” in esotericism which involves earthly pleasures and, in some philosophies of thought, “sinister” activities e.g. Satanism.

But hey, it could just be a coincidence, just like the millions of photos of celebrities which “coincidentally” have an eye hidden.

Just my view on it. I love your work VC!

Anisa Abdalnour

How do you send in photos? I sent an email (reply) from subscription but no reply. Thanks!

The Beyonce album reference to support the SPOTM cover was very relevant but the fact that a jinn named ‘Sasha Fierce’ is actually possessing Beyonce is enough proof in and of itself.


VC, please do an article about Beyonce’s perfomance yesterday at Coachella. I think it’s as satanic as Madonna’s Super Bowl performance.

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