Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/18


In this edition of SPOTM: The highly symbolic Gucci fashion show, Daniel Kaluuya, Lana Del Rey and a whole lot of industry wackness. 

The Gucci fall/winter fashion show was about showcasing clothes and, more it importantly, about showcasing what the fashion industry is truly about.

The runway was set up to look like an operating room. Apparently, it was used to perform horrific transformations on some models.
This girl (who looks as if she had a lobotomy) has a third eye on her forehead. The symbol of the third eye historically represented spiritual illumination. However, in today’s corrupt elite symbolism, it represents enslavement. 
This guy has horns on his head and vaguely resembles classic depictions fauns, satyrs, the god Pan and Baphomet. The “operations” performed on the models are not only physical – they are spiritual.
This guy holds his own severed head. Was his actual head replaced with a new head? Is he now a zombie?
In mind control symbolism, this perfectly represents a slave’s alter persona.
Speaking of MK symbolism, this photoshoot by Rankin for Hunger Magazine is full of it. While each image on its own can be open to interpretation, the combination of all of them points classic Monarch symbolism. Here, the model holds a mask modeled on her face, with inverted lipstick colors – pointing to the concepts of alter-persona and duality.
This rather scary pic features classic MK symbolism: Fake eyes drawn on the model’s shut eyes. She cannot see for herself and her reality is artifically created.
Another powerful symbol: Eyes forced shut by wires.
The model’s face is painted in black and white – representing duality. A huge part of MK programming is instilling opposite, dualistic personas into the slave.
Actress Rosa Salazar in Rogue magazine. The industry loves to portray artists as litteral puppets controlled by unseen hands. 
The new Valentino ad campaign is all about the one-eye sign. But wait, maybe it is all a coincidence. Women sometimes walk around with their purse like this.
Maybe it’s still a coincidence. Maybe that’s how Gigi Hadid always wears her purse.
Definitely not a coincidence.
Another luxury brand, another one-eye sign. Cara Delevingne is doing it for AX. But wait, maybe its just an eyepatch.
Same ad campaign, same 100%, intentional one-eye sign, signifying that the brand is owned by the occult elite.
This pic was at the top of an article about Daniel Kaluuya, star of the movies Get Out and Black Panther. One eye hidden = Elite owned.
This pic was at the top of an article about Chadwick Boseman, star of the movie Black Panther. One eye hidden = Elite owned.
Michelle Keegan in Cosmopolitan magazine with one eye hidden. “But bro, wait, this is not Illuminati, she’s just being cute”. Possible. Let’s look at another pic.
Same photoshoot. Same one-eye sign. The “Girl Power” shirt is rather ironic since she’s flashing her lack of power versus her elite owners.
Singer Tinashe showing that she’s elite-owned as well.
Do they need to make Olympic Athletes do this crap as well? Yes, yes they do.
Madisyn Shipman is a 15-year-old actress known for her role as Kenzie Bell in the Nickelodeon sitcom Game Shakers. Nearly all of her fans are children. She posted this pic on all of her social media accounts.
Connor Franta is a famous YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers. This is a pic of him in tmrw magazine.
This magazine cover featuring Lana Del Rey is bizarrely symbolic – especially when one knows some details about her life. Across her chest are the words “Power Play”, with “Play” in white, dripping paint … or something else. As seen in several previous articles about Lana Del Rey, a lot of her work is about being a Sex Kitten at the service of the elite. Does the cover imply that she’s being “played with” by people in power? It would certainly be accurate.
Lana was in a “relationship” with Hollywood super-creep Harvey Weinstein. She was truly being “played with” by powerful people.

Lana Del Rey’s song Cola is about her “relationship” with Weinstein. The lyrics are pure Beta Kitten stuff and are kind of disgusting. I mean, she even refers to him as “dad”.

My p*ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola
My eyes are wide like cherry pies
I got sweet taste for men who’re older
It’s always been so it’s no surprise
Harvey’s in the sky with diamonds
And it’s making me crazy
All he wants to do is party with his pretty baby
Come on baby, let’s ride
We can escape to the great sunshine
I know your wife and she wouldn’t mind
We made it out to the other side
We made it out to the other side
We made it out to the other side
Come on come on come on come on come on baby
Whoa ah yeah
I fall asleep with an American flag
I wear my diamonds on skid row
I pledge allegiance to my dad
For teaching me everything he knows
Harvey’s in the sky with diamonds
And it’s making me crazy
All he wants to do is party with his pretty baby, yeah
Come on baby, let’s ride
We can escape to the great sunshine
I know your wife and she wouldn’t mind
We made it out to the other side
We made it out to the other side
We made it out to the other side
Drug, suck it up, like Vanilla Ice is
Don’t treat me rough, treat me really nice-is
Decorate my neck, me, I’m on decisis
Why, come on come on come on
Ooo ooo ooo ooh
Ooo ooo ooo ooh
Ooo ooo ooo ooh
Come on baby, let’s ride
We can escape to the great sunshine
I know your wife and she wouldn’t mind
We made it out to the other side
Come on baby, let’s ride
We can escape to the great sunshine
We made it out to the other side
We made it out to the other side
Come on come on come on baby
Come on come on come on baby
Whoa ah
My p*ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola
Ooh ah
My p*ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola
Ooo ooo ooo ooh
Ooo ooo ooo ooh
My p*ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola
Ooh whoa yeah

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70 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/18"

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those lyrics are so cringy, i can’t believe thats a real song!

I was thinking the same thing. Very trash lyrics!

Adele do this better

I could only get through the first five lines…yukk!!!!

I couldn’t read past the third line, my brain switched off itself by then.

Notice how the industry that used to concern itself with beauty has now become The Cult Of Ugliness.
The models are all bland templates; expressionless, easily-molded, nothing more than livestock.
Slaves. Subjects. Cattle.
Embrace beauty, reject the ugly and soulless. Defend tradition and rebel against post-modernism at every turn.

Maybe you forgot: rolemodels, that get newspaper frontpages in a local paper for days on end – if they have a one-eyed-pic to hand over for the chief-editor or the main shareholders to jerk off with..

That ‘Harvey in the sky with diamonds’ reminds me of the Beatles song ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’, and Kendrick Lamar refers to Lucifer as Lucy and i just sort of made that correlation. Might be wrong but just something i picked up on


“Lucy in the sky with diamonds” could also refer to LSD (first letter of Lucy, sky and diamonds). But really the name Lucy is sometimes related to Lucifer (as in the movie Lucy for example, and others).

Regarding the Beatles song: Although the title was widely perceived to be a coded reference to LSD, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds in fact took its name from a drawing of a schoolfriend by the four-year-old Julian Lennon.

John Lennon said: “I had no idea it spelt LSD. This is the truth: my son came home with a drawing and showed me this strange-looking woman flying around. I said, ‘What is it?’ and he said, ‘It’s Lucy in the sky with diamonds,’ and I thought, ‘That’s beautiful.’ I immediately wrote a song about it.”

This is what I originally heard it was about, and the above is taken from the “Beatles Bible”, however it might be wrong as the Beatles were paedophiles (this comes from an insider, a DJ and personal friend, not speculation) and they were as illuminati as you can get.

Regarding the Beatles being p********s, I don’t doubt it! In the CD cover of “The Beatles – Yesterday and today”, we can see dolls representing dead, bloody, headless babies! They have showed other types of symbology too.

May i drop a few names in the same contect?
Mick Jagger, The Colonel (Elvis), all fashion-labels (even when under the direction of the namegivers), even punk was designed and directed too, imagine..
All and everything is connected in some way. Pointing out the obvious makes some people angry, when I speak of it, as it touches their dearest memories of childhood and youthfull ignorance. Grown ups can be very defensive when it comes to the truths shattering the memories. Even on seemingly childish entertainment matters.
(Some still do not look up to the sky to see the airplane-stripes spreading to a blocking layer of veilclouds above their head, even when I ask them to. It is easier for them to not look up and imagine they are right. Works on so many levels, teaching fairytales..)

“Pointing out the obvious makes some people angry, when I speak of it, as it touches their dearest memories of childhood and youthfull ignorance. Grown ups can be very defensive when it comes to the truths shattering the memories.”

Yes, that’s the story John Lennon had often told when asked what the song meant. I’d like to believe it was true, since I had once seen a video of him actually answering this very question and his reply seemed very genuine and natural. I got no vibe that he was making the story up.

John was also known for coming up with odd, “Lewis Carrol” inspired lyrics which meant nothing at all but, people loved to dissect his lyrics searching for meaning.

Lucy’s trust => Search for that

They look so tired and worn – yawn at these people. Their days are numbered, their time is running out. Earth is cleansing. If folks know how much power we have collectively, the powers that wanna be will falter

That fashion show looks really creepy. I’m going to be seeing the albino girl in my nightmares.

Inverted pentagram earring on Madisyn Shipman.

Good catch!

Michelle Keegan’s Cosmopolitan magazine photoshoot tells the true story of the casting couch. In the first picture, as she’s laying on the couch and looking back with one eye covered, you can clearly see a one-eyed old man with receding hairline and bushy eyebrows glaring at her through the carpet. To sum it up, don’t be afraid to use your “girl power” – (vagina) to seal the deal in the second picture.

Yes, so sad all that you said plus the fact that they do only de 33 or CC meaning squaring the circle, meaning the back entrance only , according to them to ” enlighten” the victims and open the third eye …. they are literally full of sh*t, transgendered people, to confuse them it’s their “emerald” city world w everyone buying the stuff (clothes. brands etc) I think it’s like buying drugs!!

Michelle Keegan is also surrounded by pages of a screenplay in the 2nd picture. Reminds me of Jennifer L. leaked pictures of her laying topless on a bed with film script pages scattered.

Thanks for another horrible article, VC. :-/

Why can’t people see there’s something odd about this eye? On one hand they’ll say they ‘don’t believe in the Illuminati’ but then on the other hand they’ll recognize ‘it’s the sign of the Illuminati’. So, why are so many people making a sign relating to a non-existent group? Cognitive dissonance.

Exactly. I see it in the comments too. Even under Madisyn Shipmans pic some fans were pointing out the earring and the hand over the eye but still nothing. They go back into sleep mode but will wake up for ANY one eyed pic

She should see a doctor about thst Pepsi Cola taste. That is not normal.

Don’t think the beheading is about alters but about the coming beheadings of christians in the FEMA camps. They’re trying to get us used to seeing it so we will accept it when it happens.

Wow. Just Wow.
And a sigh.

I wonder if the Olympians are programmed/satanists/illuminati controlled or if the sandwich brand they’re advertising asked them to do that? I’ve heard people say all Olympic athletes are controlled but I find that pretty hard to believe. I’ll definitely give them Phelps, and maybe some with suspicious ties, but I doubt /all/ of them are, or even that most of them are aware of the s**t advertisers ask them to do and the meaning behind it.

Keep away friends and family that ask for attention. Keep away worldly news. Keep away external physicians, doctors. Bring in your own dietist. All to become number One, One day.
Maybe. Your nine, eight, eleven, twenty years old. What’ll it be named? Ambition? Abuse? No, sports.

Well said!

Do you know what ‘Lana Del Rey’ means, in spanish slang?

‘The King’s Money’, ‘el dinero del rey’.

Lana Del Ray always has such dead eyes, Lord only knows what she’s been through.

You mean Lordi ?

Lorde (the singer) might know by the way.

Gosh, this is just getting so ridiculously stupid.

I was so excited about Black Panther… Not anymore, defo not going to watch it in cinema.

This last world power that is Anglo- America is truly before our very eyes nearing it’s demise( The wild beast of Revelation) , and the glorious Kingdom of Jah by means of Christ Jesus will crush this wicked system.. this is on the horizon. May we all Repent, and strive to live in Jehovah’s righteousness. I pray for us ALL!

Couldn’t believe the section with Lana Del Rey – such a shame.

VC missed this gem though…

I am disappointed but not surprised with the guys from the Black Panther movie.
As for Lana, I used to play her music heavily but there was always something about her lyrics that bothered on creepiness. It’s the same way with Fiona Apple, Florence and the Machine and Kimbra. All are talented singers but I don’t know what the hell they’re singing about half of the time.

Some do not even sing. They just imitate a female crooner from the fifties, sixties or seventies, including the raspy voices by years of boozing and powdering on the road, eating sigarets like candy, but at 19 yrears old..
Some, like Lana, never had a voice – the producers pump it up to a sound that a bunch of machines can translate into hitsongs, even on a live-stage. The fans remember the nice colours from the videos and wave their phones like it is their brain, thinking she just sings for them…

I have no idea what the tune of that song is like, but she obviously pulled some lyrics out of 3 Jim Morrison songs.

poor lana 🙁

I am officially boycotting Gucci. too bad they were one of the most comfortable shoes I ever wore. I was disgusted when I saw the Elton John inspired line on the website throwing the eye of Horus on the t-hirts. the young man model on the website that does not know if he is a woman or a man. the whole androgyny movement is pushed for a few years now, it is not completely new, just really really blatant in the confusion to the point where it is crossdressers without the whole makeup drag but pretty much showing that boys can wear the same clothes are girls. all the clothes and the purses and the mules are for everyone. I don’t know about you guys but this is more confusing without the drag makeup or implants. anyhow seeing this with the operation table and holding their headds- I mean really??… Read more »

Wait, Elton John is busy with ”high-fashion” ? Woohoo, wearing wigs and feathered boa’s, sporting a weathered nose will be the next best thing at the coffee-hot-spots all over town this summer. Can’t wait for his signature-scents, too.

Unisex, ofcourse.

Maybe the movie title “Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards” should be taken literally?
And maybe David Icke wasn‘t wrong at all to begin with?

He keeps attracting people that take it superficially, or rather, superfacially. Some folks even keep linking to pictures that has fotoh-sjopd areas around the eyes/pupils. Again and Again. My guess : the reptilian-thing has to do with developement of something like empathy, or lack thereof in a person.
The early animal had little, developed humans tend to have a lot. But alas, the winning combination is being clever and without empathy. And ”they” know it.

baphomet/inverted star as an earring on the poor 15 year old’s ear.

Wow great analysis VC!!! THanks for adding to gucci show pics!!! Gives me creeps & chills!!!! End is near!!!!

Isn’t Daniel Kaluya also doing the masonic “paw” hand sign (hidden hand) as well as the one eye?

I will never drink pepsi ever again, There is a theory that one of the ingredients in pepsi is baby fetus…… It’s well known fact that hilary clinton is good friends with indra nooyi chief executive officer of pepsi company… and those lyrics… making me feel so sick! :/

Baby fetus is much too expensive for fizzy drinks for the masses, I S-sume, but in facecream for ‘the fortunate’ the proteines might do a beautifull trick for the sick.

Lana’s dad is actually in the industry. That’s more than likely who she is referring to in Cola.

I also think she could talk about a real father.

I mean are we really surprised about Char Boswick! He’s under the Disney umbrella, you don’t get to star in a movie; that’s breaking box office record left & right. Without selling you’re soul. It’s about to gross a billion dollars in under a month.

Peter Julian Jablonski

thanks for the article,,
you guys may read “the great controversy between christ and his angels and satan and his angels” in the egw2 app,, our pastor David Gates says the same in the sermon Sodom and Gomorrah on youtube, (&the forrunner),, finally you will have just two groups, one filled with the holy spirit and the other group possessed by demons

Let’s be real, Madisyn is under Dan Schneider. It was a done deal there. Even his lead in henry danger, Jace Norman, looks soulless now versus wheb the show first started and he had such life in his eyes. Just despicable

Thankfully, I gave up soda years ago…
…as for the odd models at the top of the article; it just seems to me like they (those in the fashion industry) are trying waaaay too hard at this point. So, i suppose, the pendulum will either swing back towards more traditional and classic fashions and models or it will continue swinging towards the other side and get even more bizarre. Yep, we all know which way it will keep swinging.

And this one-eyed thing…seriously!?! They’re still doing this goofy looking pose? In most cases it isn’t even relevant to ANYTHING, “Here, hold this bagel over one eye.” “Alright.”, says confused young actor.

Lana Del Rey is probably a Beta Kitten slave for the Elite, hence why she was photographed with Harvey Weinstein and those song lyrics – Also that magazine cover is probably just and advertisement of her services to the Elite.

The point is: they’re just symbols, they’re just appearance. They don’t prove anything. WE, readers of this site, KNOW that those symbols represent the elite, but most people are skeptical. Maybe people would only believe that those artists/models are elite’s puppets if they see those artists/models performing satanic rituals (or similar things) in front of them?

At some point a person must ask himself/herself why every single celebrity and ‘VIP’ keeps signalling affiliation with a symbol associated with secret societies, and surrounding which there are some very unpleasant connotations and ‘conspiracy theories’. Why would a wholesome artist want to associate with satanism? At some point, one has to stop playing the ‘I don’t believe it’ card [you’d think]. I don’t think it’s even stupidity at this point, we’re in the category of wilful self-deception and denial. The Illuminati could hardly make their presence more obvious if they tried at this point. It’s not pretty watching the running from the truth and the total disregard for the future safety of the world, one’s country and even one’s family and loved ones that lies implicit in the ‘I can’t be bothered looking into this’ state of affairs. Does it matter if 9/11 really was an inside job? Is… Read more »

A lot of my generation is lamenting society’s downfall by hand of millenials. The truth is, they the parents were the ones educating them in the first place, they thought, while they watched television and collected facebookfriends. Reacting to impulses instead of thinking about what happpened (and learning from it). The only way to do something with feelings or emotions is.. wear a coloured wristband and click Like (or the send everything to everyone they know via the chainmail-spam-buttons everyone now finds adorable instead of annoying). Do what you can. If it doesn’t work, try something else.

“Why would a wholesome artist want to associate with satanism?” EXACTLY.
” we’re in the category of wilful self-deception and denial.” AGREED.
“In a sane, healthy society, we’d now be at the point of starting a revolution” AGREED TOO.
I agree with the other things you said, too. It’s sad that most people act like cattle, they refuse to wake up to the truth, they refuse to understand that we are cattle walking towards the slaughterhouse. Some people mock the conspiracy theories about illuminati, even though they MAKE A LOT OF SENSE. But the same people don’t mock the bible, even though there are no proofs that the bible is a serious book. It’s all about brainwash. MOST PEOPLE ARE BRAINWASHED to believe in only some things, and to doubt the things that they were not taught to believe, even though these things make a lot of sense!

I don’t get it. These are nice wholesome lyrics.

Lana Del Rey is everyones p***y call.

Are you kidding me? Thw Gucci show was based on Chritsian Themed paintings from the renaissance. More poof that VC is crap.

It was probably intended to mock Christianity.

When will you face reality? Hollywood, fashion, media, rich elites = p*******e satanic agenda. Simple.