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Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18



Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

In this edition of SPOTM: Eminem, Desiigner, Jennifer Lawrence, Lights, and OMG so many one-eye signs in the past month. It was everywhere in entertainment (whether it be music, movies or fashion) and it was everywhere around the world (whether it be in America, Europe or Asia). 

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Canadian “alt-pop” singer Lights has been enjoying some good mass media coverage in the past years. Consequently, she needs to take part in some symbolic pics, like the photoshoot for Rogue magazine. Here, she represents exactly how elite perceives pop stars: Puppets whose strings are controlled by unseen (but powerful) people. Notice that there’s some string tightly wrapped around her neck: The puppeteers have the power to remotely strangle the puppet to death if need be.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Today’s teen stars are nearly always portrayed in the same way: Powerless pawns with dead, lifeless eyes.

As I stated in the intro: OMG. I don’t usually say or write OMG because I am not a teenage girl, but, seriously, OMG. The one-eye sign is more omnipresent than ever. The phenomenon that I’ve been observing for years is only amplifying to the point that it is now completely unavoidable. The elite is clearly showcasing its tentacular control of all aspects of society, yet most people stay blind to it all. For instance: Why is everybody in Germany doing the one-eye sign?

Well, not everybody in Germany, but everybody at German TV Channel ZDF.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

ZDF is an abbreviation for “Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen” which means Second German TV. The slogan “Mit dem Zweiten sieht man besser” can be translated to: “You can see better with the second” … Do they mean the second station? Or the second eye? The answer is: Yes.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Yes, your girl Petra Gerster is doing it too.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

And your boy Oliver Welker.

In fact, it appears that anybody who ever got a paycheck from ZDF had to do the sign. Even the damn mascot is doing it. Here are so more examples.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

ZDF is a public service network founded by all federal states of Germany (Bundesländer). In short, it is run by the German government and funded with taxpayer money.

Had enough one-eye sign for today? Well, I’ve got about 10,000 more to show you. For instance: Why is everybody in Syria doing the one-eye sign?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

In December, a social media campaign named #SolidarityWithKarim was launched to bring attention to the plight of a young Syrian boy who lost an eye near Damascus. While the intents of those posing in those pictures were probably good, knowledge of this symbolism leads me to be suspicious. Could this campaign (which was widely covered by mass media) a twisted way of indicating that the Syrian crisis was generated by the elite? Were these people used to confirm elite control? The following pic made me even more suspicious.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Matthew Rycroft is a British diplomat who is a Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York and has been appointed as the new Permanent Secretary at the Department for International Development (DFID). Apparently, he’s doing the one-eye sign in “solidarity” but also admits that they’re all “sitting around” doing nothing. Nowadays, posing for a picture and posting it on social media counts as “activism”. In reality, it actually achieves nothing except drawing some attention on oneself.

In the past month, the one-eye sign was featured on the cover of so many magazines its like OMG.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Eminem released a new album entitled Revival. Indeed, in order to see a revival of his career, Eminem needs to put his face in magazines doing the one-eye sign. His face basically says: “I don’t feel like doing this, but I have to”.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

He had to do a one-eye/devil horns combo to promote a previous album.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Teen model Jordy Gerritsma on the cover of Vanity Teen, hiding one eye using a Gucci belt. The fashion world is so creative and inspiring.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

The cover of photography magazine Click features a young girl with one eye hidden by a butterfly. Gotta educate aspiring photographers to the world of Monarch programming.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Ksenia Sobchak is dubbed “Russia’s Paris Hilton”. She recently announced that she’s a candidate at the 2018 Russian Presidential elections. Will she beat Putin? I seriously doubt it. That doesn’t stop her from being featured on the cover of Esquire. Here, she is hiding one eye with the orb and cross, an ancient Christian symbol of authority (even though she is of “Jewish descent”).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Actress Zhao Wei on the cover of Marie Claire China.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

“Korean heartthrob” Exo on the cover of L’Optimum Thailand. Did you think that Thailand was safe from this stuff? Nope, all of Asia is heavily exposed elite symbolism.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

This is the cover of Polish psychology magazine Dziecko i Psychologia. This issue is dedicated to the “development of children”. How about not using children to pose on magazine covers and making them do ridiculous hand signs associated with an occult elite that is known to be bent on child abuse?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

“Hey kid, wanna have some family fun? Stick that pointy star on your eye. So much family fun.”

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

The cover of Wonderland magazine.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Frank Ocean on the cover of i-D. Is he an Illuminati pawn? The answer is on his hand.

The dozen magazine covers above were all released in the past weeks. No need to dig in obscure places, it’s right in our faces (this should be the hook of a song). As if that wasn’t enough, the one-eye sign was in a bunch of other places as well.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

BMW recruited Desiigner for an ad campaign. This is one of the pictures of the campaign. I guess you need to show your submission to the elite if you want some of that sweet BMW money.

A promo pic for the series Detour. Preying on children.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Finn Wolfhard, the kid from Stranger Things (read my article about the MK symbolism of the series here). I can’t help but cringe a little everytime I see the kids from that show pushed into the toxic Hollywood spotlight.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

Another one-eye Finn.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

The kids from Stranger Things are also pushed in bizarre, sexualized fashion shoots such as this one featuring Millie Brown (13 years old).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

On social media, there are all kinds of creeps posting weird stuff about these kids.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

This is the poster of Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie Red Sparrow. Once again, it clearly focuses on one-eye. The movie description says: “After enduring a perverse and sadistic training process, she emerges as the most dangerous Sparrow the program has ever produced.” This is pure MK ULTRA stuff. After watching the trailer, it seems that Lawrence plays the role of a classic Beta (sex slave) and Delta (assassin) MK agent.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/18

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I feel sad for the Stranger Things entourage. It’s like seen the demise of Lindsay Lohan all over again. Hollywood is simply a very toxic environment for kids. To obtain fame at such a young age, and go to all those awards, parties, etc. The energetic vampires that are all those perverts drain their innocence away pretty quickly. Thereafter they start consuming drugs, get addicted to sex, and well, you know the rest.

Vigilant citizen

You should really include world politics news such as China/Russia working to replace the dollar with petro yaun, with Pakistan already dumping the dollar and they are Pursuing the saudis to do the same thing. In pop culture Corey Feldman has been revealing Hollywood elites who are pedophiles, that’s important news. For extra awakening make sure to watch “The Music Industry Exposed” on Youtube, it’s about two hours long but very enlightening.


Don’t forget the energetic vampires that are the PARENTS! Handing their children over to abusers, and pedophiles in exchange for fame and riches. The parents are almost worse! No, pretty much the equivalent of these disgusting demons. That girl above Bobbie Brown, looks about 30 in the last pic, so her parents are allowing her to be sold as the “new” Lolita! Sadly this is just one of Millions. Modern day Sodom and Gemorrah will be destroyed , and destruction is on the horizon. Praise the ALMIGHTY JAH!


I guess we all agree about the cringe towards the kids from Stranger Things. Such innocent lovely kids pushed towards the evil elites. I genuinely feel sorry for them. That Finn boy especially looks very depressed already. You know where they’re all will be heading in the future no surprises there. Everyone’s used to the eye sign now it has become the norm. And that’s exactly what they wanted and got. When he will come, he will be accepted in every community thanks to the eye.

John Blow

What about the Monarch Dress that Zendaya wore in December 2017:

Guess she is the next sex slave to rise to fame in 2018…


Ive never liked her. Always got fake woke fake kind vibe from her just like gomez and swift gave me and still give me. That dress doesnt shock me, she’ll do anything for fame and status


OMG (thanks for the laugh VC!)
I saw that too! But isn’t she soo fashionable! Not! I guess the more blatant the better.


Very subtle


You may think I’m crazy, but I think that’s a BOY. The face (brow ridge), the shoulders, the clavicle. I just get the impression of a male. Hands on the hips pose – I bet this person has very slim hips underneath that MK frock. Nice feminization job.


That girl from Stranger Things looks 25!! Not 13. I am shocked. She looks older than me and I’m 24


You know what even worse with the ZDF part? Germans are forced to pay a monthly fee (27 Euros I think) for TV taxes which fund those channels. Even people that don’t own a TV or internet device have to pay. Blind people, deaf people, children, pets and even dead people received payment letters! Those who refuse to pay, get punished. Some even end up in jail.

In general, I find especially since the end of the 90’s, morals and good values are going drastically downwards. Everything becomes ugly and grotesque. And things that were considered bad, are now glorified. Like in George Orwell’s book: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” etc
And the way how more and more people behave feels worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.
Seeing how humans devolve(which sadly affects each one of us) makes me happy that I have to die someday. It’s becoming hell on earth.


It’s already hell on earth. But the sad part is that the elites can do what they do because people are just to dumb to even understand what is happening. Let’s be honest “humanity” is at the top of the food chain thanks to the ability to communicate with words but, ironically, humanity is the dumbest of all earth animals. Humans don’t even understand basic logic anymore … What is bad is now good or as “they” say : “as above as below”.


Finn and Millie never stood a chance. I mean all those kids are screwed but those two are screwed x100!!! They sexualize both of them especially Finn WAY too much and the idol worship towards them from both kids and adults is creepy. 13 and 15 year olds should not be heavily idolized the way these two are. Its one thing to like their acting, its another thing to say you’ll die for them (ACTUAL words from someone on YouTube)


All of this is so.obvious it hurts


Hi Vigilant:
I’m from Latin America , you’ve opened my eyes and now I realize the dark and corrupted the media is . Please do an article about Shakira, there are a lot of darkness in the way she raised fame, and I don’t trust her smart and good girl image.


I’ve actually contacted him before about this but he has yet to make an article. I came to the realization after I was listening to her old songs on YouTube. The Spanish albums like Pies Descalzos and Donde estan los Ladrones? My favorite one before she transitioned was ironically “Ojos Asi” (Eyes like Yours). I never paid much attention to it when I was young and I figured since she was Lebanese it fit the theme of the music video. Knowing what I now know, I began to notice the uncanny ritual theme in her video. This is when I realized she is also part of it and began wondering about other Latin stars. For example, in her video you see all the illuminati symbolism. She starts off with black and red hair. She dances around and you see a whole bunch of people surrounding her that seem like concert goers. You see an eye light fixture that is very ‘egyptian’, like the eye of Horus. Then later on they show her in a silver two piece doing Mayas (vertical figure 8’s) and other belly dancing moves. You see snakes tattoed on her arms and on her forehead (if you… Read more »


When I was a little girl, I did like Shakira, but after “ojos así” she went blonde and started to show her body in order to gain fame in the anglo market. As I got older I’ve realized that there are many wrong things about her, her transformation has been so symbolic from the black hair then the red hair and finally blonde. A music video that Vigilant could analyse would be that one she did with Beyonce, all the egyptian and mirroring thing (and of course Beyonce). It’s so nice to know other people that don’t trust her, she’s kind of a latina Beyonce, you can’t say anything bad about her because fans are so intense and the latin media loves her, she makes us so proud (irony mode on). I do believe that telenovelas have done so much bad to our countries, I stopped watch them when I was 17. Better you had not chose the entertainment industry, in my country there’s an actress that is almost homeless because she couldn’t find roles (she got old and is not a beauty queen and isn´t the wife/lover of tv executives). And I want to add that I really think… Read more »

Your girl Sammi

The promo pic for the series detour is creepy af!

Truth & Light

Is it me or the real eminem is dead and thats just a clone going around⁉️


Eminem, while skilled, is still a tool for the industry. He could be better, but to please his masters he has to do some silly sh*t here and there: throw disses at boy bands, let Elton John perform with him, D12, come out of the closet through a comedy flick (was funny, but not a joke)


Omg i said the same exact thing when i saw that movie. I took what he said very literal.

Billy Jack Galt

Indeed! No chance those kids aren’t being abused………..

Gangs are all the same

I’m glad they are eye-dentifying themselves as unoriginal sell-outs. It takes the glam out of these idols and displays how little self-respect they really keep in pursuit of fame. Like the mafia, or apparently satanists, they tell you who they are. Then you make your choice whether to hook up and follow them into their web, or walk away. True story – I walked away on introduction, the person who introduced us got hit less than a year later. These people are clearly owned. Walk away and keep your heart alive because they will eat away at it having sacrificed their own.


Walked away from my dream band two yeard later I still think about it but know I made the right decision God is good.. a little fame in this life is not worth my eternity.

Thy Unveiling

Sue, you remind me of Ryan Ross. I was devastated when he left Panic at the Disco. But now that I know what he left, I am so happy he got out when he did!


Yes, I keep thinking, that these illuminati are just another type of mafia.

Kev Allah

Yeah and just like the mafia there’s always a story about “who they know”. That’s where the devil comes in. It’s all bullshit don’t fall for it we can beat the system whenever we choose to. They invented the devil and placed him in your mind since childhood. And then tell you they know him and you’re fear of this image paralyzes you. Natural fear will drive you to act. Be afraid of God, not the devil. God gave you a mission and that is to fight tooth and nail. The prize: Everlasting life. Be weary of the company you keep for the path is straight and narrow.


Millie Bobby Brown kept posting intimate photos with her and Drake on Instagram so I went to his page and it seems like he has a sick obsession with her. Could be pe do

Also the promo pic for Detour is highly disturbing!! The look on the little boys face and how he is positioned right in front of the man’s private part makes me uncomfortable! Also the look in the little girl’s eye is far from innocent 🙁

Kids, get out!!

alyssa faison

She has 2 or 3, one taken at an awards show. He has none. Stop spreading lies when the truth is horrific enough.


she’s apparently ‘dating’ some 15 year old… like what??? I didn’t date till I was 17/18.

Thy Unveiling

I told my bff if she loves those Stranger Things kids so much, she should stop watching that show. She was as appalled by the Panic at the Disco video Finn was in, and even though I said it wasn’t acting, she still watches the damned show.

That 13 y/o girl and all the kids in The Industry break my heart. They don’t have a choice. The adults kinda do, and they know better….its sick and sad


the show is not the one of the problem. I mean, they have shown how the goverment breaks people through MK ultra. The problem itself is what happens to the kids off stage.

Thy Unveiling

Exactly my point, Matteo. What happens offstage is beyond terrible! But if people didn’t watch the shows with kids, the kids wouldn’t be in the spotlight. If they aren’t in the spotlight, they aren’t being “used”

And ty for the correction, Sue. I have never seen the show, so the boys are all the same to me Lol! I only know of Finn and Eleven’s names, cuz they seem to be the most talked about. Particularly the boy who plays Finn Wolfhard. It’s very disturbing how adults idolize the kid, it’s way worse than what Justin Bieber got when he was fresh on the scene. I don’t Get It. But I have never seen an episode, so I suppose I *wouldn’t* understand what the fuss is about…


If you’re referring to the LA Devotee song – that’s acutally Noah not Finn… but same difference. All those kids are being exploited and used.

Jesus is my Lord

That show, Detour has some really disturbing stuff in it. I think I caught the first episode in the second or third season. I can’t even write about it. You’re the Worst was another comedy with their agenda very blatantly on display. There was also one that I actually found humorous but had more subtle symbology, Married. There were a couple episodes where the main guy (husband/dad) was nostalgic about a skateboard shop/company that he owned and his company’s logo (which was the specific subject of the episode) was a baphom*t presented with a beachy, Polynesian motif.

Honestly, I’ve been awake for several years now and sometimes I still have trouble coming to terms with this phenomena and how mainstream culture is completely based on it. was an excellent resource as I was processing the fact that it is not fiction because, as they say, it’s so crazy that it’s almost unfathomable. Keep up the good work. God help us all.


The Panthers and Saints football game last weekend had several players shoving the 666-one eye sign in the camera during the game too. As for Red Sparrow, a sparrow was a female KGB agent trained in all the sexual arts as well as all the ways to kill someone. Read the book – it’s very good.

Ipso Facto

They just created a Japanese girl group to promote crypto currencies. Six girls, each representing a different crypto coin In the press release images they are doing the 666 OK sign in more than a couple. The OK sign also has the one eye. Interesting for something that is supposed to break the bankers’ control.


Those who goes for crypto money are trapped by devil, cause crypto money really is empty place, zero, smoke into eyes, typical satanic cabbalah, Black magic…this people will be betrayed, robbed off from all their property and savings as one day crypto money just will disappear as a steam in air. And they will deserve that bancrupt end….
All’ those who makes one eye sign are ranking the part of evil. Those are the times of truth…everyone is choosing between 2 sides. One eyed are with evil. The others are with God. I really wsh those bastards would remain with one eye and practice how it is horrible to see the world with one eye…they dont deserve being healthy, cause they deny God and His gift of perfect body system in harmony with spirit


I will actually make a song and record it. You’ll be so proud vc. OMG!

The Austrian

if u want to know more about “elite agendas” u Need to take a look at leading “agendas” in politics and Society in General. u will soon find out, everything is divided in LEFT and RIGHT (like our eyes). in our western societies (most of europe, USA, Canada) the LEFT dominate everything. be it your News on Television, straight down to the ground School teacher educating our Young kids, the left brainwashing is everywhere. and its very successfull. “no border no nations” is a Slogan from the LEFT, but it could be straight out of an illuminati-ad too. hungary fights to Keep its borders safe, so it will not be overrun by migrants from the other side of the world, who cant even read or write- they get called fascists and racists… in italy a member of rightwing Party lega nord DARED to say that the White race is in danger of being wiped out (since 2016 MILLIONS of socalled refugees mostly from africa swarm into europe). this is ofc unacceptable- only “minorities” have the right to state that! here in Austria we have a new government with a Party that is being called N--I because they fight for keeping… Read more »


I know Millie bobby brown personally & I know herself she was first a very shy little girl but how things have changed! We speak every month or so, but rarely as she is booked up. I can tell you she is fine for now.. I always give her advice & she says her team keep her safe. Praying for her

D D d

”Her team keep her safe.” Ofcourse. Their income. Their bread and bed and children’s future.
Weird, but something tells me, in a few years she will be ambassador, for some corporation’s charity-foundation – collecting girls, young girls and gays and doubting straight boys, that need help surviving the world created by television.., while holding a paper-cup of water with sugar and coffee-aroma by a global brand, wearing the most perfect make-up and free designer clothing, smiling emphatically at all the camera’s.


I almost thought that first picture of Eminem was someone else because of the facial hair. I don’t know why there’s so many pictures of the covered eye schick.


Also check out the evil Christmas decorations at Dior Paris… -_-


This starts sicker and sicker, s--t.


Completely out of hand; we need to do all we can to expose the agenda. Surely people must be able to see this can’t all be a coincidence.


The Korean heartthrob’s name is Kai
His group is EXO

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