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Symbolic Pics of the Month (02/23)

In this edition of SPOTM: Why are there so many celebrities draped in red? Why are so many of them hiding one eye? What was Rihanna trying to tell us? And why is there so much disturbing art in public spaces?



If you somewhat follow popular culture, you probably noticed that celebrities have been completely draped in red at recent media events. It was simply too obvious to ignore, to the point that it makes one wonder if it was all coordinated. When one understands the ritualist leanings of the occult elite, one answer immediately emerges: Of course it was.

Doja Cat arrived at Paris Fashion week covered with 30,000 Swarovski crystals and red body paint. She attended Schiaparelli’s Couture Spring-Summer 2023 show. Titled “Inferno Couture”, the show is inspired by Dante’s “Inferno” and the nine circles of hell. In other words, this is low-key satanic stuff while also showcasing Doja Cat’s status as an industry slave.

There was nothing low-key about Sam Smith’s satanic performance at the Grammys (which was all explained in this article). 

Speaking of Sam Smith, he was clearly “chosen” to get increased media attention this year. He also seems knee-deep in the “humiliation phase” of his career. I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THE FOLLOWING PICTURE.

Around the same time as the Grammys, Smith was featured in Perfect magazine in a thoroughly humiliating picture where he looks like a pork roast. And some kind of sex slave. 

Whatever was left of Smith’s dignity was obliterated at the Brit Awards where he walked around wearing this thing. However, the main “message” of this outfit lies in its color.

Taking place one week after the Grammys, the Brit Awards continued its ritualistic narrative.

During his Brit Awards performance, Smith wore the same exact horned hat as in the Grammys. However, instead of being red, his entire outfit was black. As explained in previous articles, in ritualistic color codes, black represents the “end result” of the “sacrifice” represented by the color red. In other words, Sam Smith was at the center of a ritual that spanned several events.

Other than Paris Fashion Week and the Grammys, the other main media event of the past weeks was the Superbowl. And, yup, the highly-anticipated Halftime show was all about the color red.

Rihanna was fully draped in red during the Halftime show. Considering that the big “takeaway” from this performance was that Rihanna was pregnant, her wearing red (the color of sacrifice) was rather odd. To confirm the fact that she’s still an industry slave, Rihanna made the Illuminati hand sign at the end of her performance (using her red gloves). If you do not recall this moment, it’s because cameras cut away from her when she did it.

Speaking of the Superbowl, Damar Hamlin (the player who collapsed during a game and caused numerous conspiracy theories) wore a highly symbolic jacket for the event.

Hamlin’s jacket features a Christ-like figure (with a truly messed up face) crucified and bleeding with all kinds of bizarre details surrounding it. Considering the fact that Hamlin himself was “resurrected” (or whatever), this is all rather bizarre. Everything about him is bizarre.

Two days after the Superbowl, on Valentine’s Day, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon wore this thing during a fashion show in NYC.

Lourdes Leon wore a bright red dress with horns coming out of the breasts … and a horned hat. It was just a big, red, satanic outfit. What else do you expect from the daughter of the Grand Priestess of the music industry?

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place in the last month, constantly reminding use that sick freaks are controlling what we see in mass media and who gets to be a celebrity.

Hunter Shafer (the transgender actor who stars in the highly disturbing Euphoria) is the “remarkable face” of Mugler’s new fragrance. And that “remarkable face” is half-hidden because the one-eye sign is more important the the face.

Grammy nominee GloRilla was recently featured in NY Mag. In this pic, she covers an eye with one hand while covering her mouth with the other. By doing so, she tells you what being an industry slave is all about: Blinded and silenced.

Hugo Boss recently launched an ad campaign that was all about celebrities doing the one-eye sign.

Macaulay Culkin hides one eye using a childhood picture. That’s what he needs to do to get paid nowadays.

Of course, Boss also had to pander to the gender-blurring agenda by featuring a transgender model hiding an eye using a childhood picture of when he was a boy.

Speaking of the gender-blurring agenda, here’s John Cena.

The ex-Wrestler was spotted wearing a short skirt, high heels, and tights while filming a new movie. They REALLY want to feminize men and they want the world to witness it.

The World Health Organization created an art exhibition featuring African artists. Because, instead of focusing on, like, health, they much prefer dealing with their actual mission: Propaganda. The main picture promoting this thing is just a bunch of one-eye signs. The message: We’re coming for Africa.

Art exhibitions organized by elite organizations reveal how deeply sick and disturbed these people truly are. Here are paintings that were on display inside the European Parliament in Brussels.

The exhibition featured paintings by Lena Birgitta Cronqvist Tunström. Her works often include children in bizarre and sometimes highly disturbing situations.

This painting depicts people being violently dismembered. The male even has his penis cut off. How is this in the European Parliament?

A small person is forcibly stuffed inside a jar. These paintings symbolically depict the abuse and control of people … inside the headquarters of the European Union … which is shaped like the Tower of Babel, by the way.

Speaking of creepy yet symbolic art in public places, a new statue was put on display atop a New York courthouse.

Standing atop the courthouse is a golden, eight-foot-tall female statue with braids spiraling like horns. It did not take long before some observers called the sculpture satanic. The artist who created it says it is meant to represent the urgency of regulating abortion.

Beyond the fact that this thing looks like a demon, its entire context is highly symbolic. The top of this courthouse is adorned with ten great lawgivers throughout the ages such as Moises and Confucius. The fact that this imaginary being (meant to represent a specific political agenda) stands next to them shows the growing un-neutrality of the justice system.

Balenciaga recently announced a partnership with the National Children’s Alliance. This is clearly a desperate PR move after the Balenciaga child porn controversy. I have a much better suggestion for Balenciaga: Stay the hell away from children altogether. 

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.


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