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The 2023 Grammys, Host of the Sam Smith Satanic Ritual

While the 2023 Grammy Awards featured Beyonce, Jay-Z, Harry Styles and Lizzo, the main star of the show was Sam Smith and the ritualistic drama he carried out throughout the ceremony Here’s a look at the intense symbolism of the 2023 Grammy Awards.



Grammy trophies are said to be the “music industry’s highest honor” and the Grammy Awards are said to be “music’s biggest night”. With that being said, the 2023 Grammys centered around an outright Satanic ritual. What does this say about the music industry as a whole?

If it sounds like I’m engaging in “satanic panic” (as the media loves to say), rest assured that I am not panicking at all. That is simply the most factual and objective way of describing what happened during the 2023 Grammy Awards.

As explained in previous articles, modern award ceremonies are highly choreographed affairs where a limited number of actors are used to carry out a specific narrative. This year, the “star” of the show was definitely Sam Smith. Throughout the show, Sam Smith carried out a ritualistic drama that encompasses the occult elite’s favorite obsessions: The gender-blurring agenda mixed with outright satanism. Then, other actors such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Harry Styles, and Lizzo played their part in the overarching narrative. Here’s a look at the 2023 Grammys.

The Sam Smith Ritual Drama

Promotion for Sam Smith’s tour features a blatant one-eye sign. The message: He’s controlled by the occult elite.

The ritual drama surrounding Sam Smith was timed rather precisely. About ten days prior, the release of his video I’m Not Here to Make Friends caused controversy due to its highly sexual content featuring transgender dancers. Then a slew of mass media articles defended Smith, calling his critics homophobic, transphobic, and even fatphobic (because he took on weight).

With this perfectly timed media attention, the stage was set for Smith’s Grammy ritual which started before the show even started.

Before the show, Smith looked as if he was the “master of ceremonies”, complete with a scepter and a top hat. Everyone was aggressively dressed in ritualistic red.

In my article about the 2009 MTV Awards, I explained that red was the color of sacrifice in occult rituals and this color code was used all over the music industry. Nothing has changed. In fact, it is only more blatant. Smith’s overwhelmingly red attire indicated that he was a “chosen one” to partake in one of the occult elite’s mega-rituals.

At the ceremony, Smith and Kim Petras quickly won an award for the song Unholy.

Kim Petras wears a red wedding gown, complete with a veil. Ritualistically married to the industry.

While accepting the award, Petras announced being the first transgender woman to win a Grammy. This had to happen. The gender-blurring agenda needs to move forward in mass media.

Strange fact: Petras also mentioned a friend named Sophie who died two years ago. She’s referring to Sophie Xeon, a transgender artist who died in strange circumstances (slipped and fell from a balcony) two years ago. Considering the occult context and the red garments (symbolic of blood sacrifice in occult circles), this mention of a dead friend was bizarre. Remember when Kanye said that people close to celebrities die as a sacrifice to allow them to reach a higher level in the industry? It might not be the case in this particular situation, but the overall “energy” remains.

Later, the Sam Smith / Kim Petras ritual was taken to another level.

Later, Madonna came on stage (with her brand new and slightly horrifying face) to present Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ performance.

As stated in previous articles, Madonna is the Grand Priestess of the music industry. The fact that she presented Sam Smith’s Unholy performance was an indication that some occult elite garbage was about to go down. And it did.

The performance began with Sam Smith and his transgender minions forming a “magic circle” on stage.

Then, Smith makes a 666 hand sign. 

As a fire burns in the background (it’s hell), Smith puts on a top hat with devil horns. This is officially a tribute to Satan on national television.

Meanwhile, Kim Petras is inside a cage during the entire performance while singing about “wanting a Balenciaga daddy”.

Despite being celebrated as the first transgender woman to win a Grammy, the cage is a strong reminder of Petras’ actual status in the industry: A slave used to push a narrative.

Sam Smith is not in a better situation.

At the end of the performance, Smith is “consumed” by his circle of minions. The message: Selling your soul ends in self-destruction.

Immediately after this satanic performance (I mean IMMEDIATELY after), we’re told that the show was brought to you by Pfizer. The timing of this thing was rather mind-blowing.

As you can see, Sam Smith, Kim Petras, and the song Unholy were the stars of the show. There were other stars, and they’ve all played their parts in pushing agendas.

The Fans

None of these “fans” gave a crap about music.

One particularly cringy segment of the Grammys was “The Fans”, where some regular people debated on who should win the award for best album of the year. While one would expect these people to say things like “this artist has a great voice” or “I loved the chord progression on this song”, none of their arguments were about the music. It was all about how many “agenda boxes” these artists checked.

For instance, the fan who advocated for Bad Bunny said:

“He dresses up in drag, he kisses his backup dancers of any gender and dismantles machismo. As a queer latino woman, this is so important to me because he’s starting conversations and normalizing inclusivity”.

As she’s talking, we see pictures of Bad Bunny wearing dresses, as if it was the most glorious thing that happened in the history of music.

Then, another woman says that Harry Styles also does this.

Styles definitely continued his trend of wearing feminine clothing (which appears to be custom-made to humiliate him) at the Grammys.

Then, Lizzo’s fan talked about “body image” (Lizzo is fat) and Brandi Carlile’s fan talked about her being LGBTQ+. In short, this segment perfectly reflected the sad state of today’s music industry. It is not about talent or innovation, it is about what agenda boxes they check.

The Royal Couple

The two other major actors at the Grammys were Beyonce and Jay-Z. And, as expected, they were treated as the industry’s royal couple. Every single time Beyonce was mentioned, people lost their minds and came close to losing consciousness. They simply could not believe they were in the presence of this goddess.

Shortly prior to the Grammys, Beyonce gave a private performance in Dubai where she was given the full “goddess” treatment, complete with sun rays around her head.

Appropriately enough, at the 2023 Grammys, Beyonce broke the record for the most Grammy wins of all time. It had to happen.

After basking in Beyonce’s infinite glory, the Grammys ended in a symbolic matter with the song GOD DID which prominently features Jay-Z.

The song begins with DJ Khaled saying that nobody believed in them, but God did. Considering the satanic ritual we’ve just witnessed, the concept of this song is a nice change of pace. While the verses of Rick Ross and Lil Wayne somewhat followed that concept, things change drastically in Jay-Z’s verse which closes up the entire show.

Jay-Z and his acolytes sit on a large table that’s overflowing with food and bottles which represents them being blessed. It is also reminiscent of the Last Supper, with Jay-Z sitting in the middle.

The lyrics of Jay-Z’s verse perfectly fit the general theme of the Grammys. Indeed, throughout his verse, Jay-Z does not say “God did”, he says “Hov did”. And that’s highly symbolic.

Hov is Jay-Z’s nickname, which is short for Jayhova. And Jayhova is a reference to Jehovah which is the proper name of God in the Old Testament. In other words, Jay-Z is saying that he is God himself – a core concept of Luciferian beliefs.

Therefore, in his verse, God did not accomplish anything, he did. Because he’s a god. During his lengthy verse, Jay-Z says:

These ain’t songs, these is hymns ’cause I’m HimIt’s the Psalm 151, this the New TestamentThe Book of HovJesus turned water to wine, for Hov, it just took a stove

In these lines, Jay-Z says “I’m Him”, which is a word used to describe God. He talks about creating Psalm 151 (there are actually 150 Psalms in the Bible) and writing the Book of Hov. Finally, he raps about transforming water to crack using a stove, the same way Jesus turned water to wine.

In short, in a song that’s supposed to be about praising God, Jay-Z completely flips its meaning to give it a deeply Luciferian meaning where he becomes God through his own means. It was an appropriate ending to this Satanic celebration called the Grammys.

In Conclusion

Throughout the years, I’ve constantly highlighted two of the occult elite’s favorite agendas: Gender-blurring and normalizing satanism. But lots of people do not see (or think I’m imagining things). Well, on “music’s biggest night”, we’ve witnessed a bunch of men dressed as women wearing devil horns and carrying out an all-out satanic ritual as fire burns all around. How can they make this more blatant?

None of this is new, nor a fluke, or a coincidence. Year after year, the themes and the symbols are stubbornly recurrent and are becoming increasingly obvious for all to see. There’s always been a satanic element in the music industry but things are clearly being taken to another level.

Of course, none of this is organic. The events of the Grammys were all scripted to create a specific narrative. The song Unholy HAD to feature a transgender singer. The song HAD to win a Grammy and the performance HAD to be a satanic ritual. That performance HAD to create some controversy which HAD to be dismissed by mass media as the ramblings of crazy people.

In short, the 2023 Grammys perfectly reflected the sad state of the music industry as it is being eaten away by the occult elite’s incurable disease.



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