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Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18



In this edition of SPOTM: Kate Middleton’s symbolic dress, Macron’s symbolic hand sign, Beyoncé’s symbolic performance and more proof that the entire “celebrity” system is owned by the occult elite.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Beyonce’s Coachella performance was a highly symbolic one. As usual, media praised her as some kind of living goddess while superficially brushing on the symbolic meaning of her performance. For over a decade, Beyonce has been used by the occult elite to push its agenda and this not stopping now. The elite is looking to create a phony, superficial, Hollywood-powered Black Power movement to create racial division and Beyonce is being used as some kind of charismatic leader. In this pic, she wears a headdress inspired by Nefertiti (an Ancient Egyptian queen). The girls behind her wear sunglasses and black berets – the trademark style of the Black Panthers in the 1970s. However, these 2018 Black Panthers are not revolutionary – they’re puppets dancing at a Hollywood music festival. The entire black revolutionary imagery has been co-opted by the occult elite. Some might say: “Bro, you’re wrong bro, Bey is fighting for the people”. Check out the next pic, bro.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Some of Beyonce’s outfits at Coachella (created by French luxury brand Balmain) featured this custom-made crest. The Nefertiti and Black Panther symbols refer to Beyonce’s “royal” status in the industry and how she is used in the current racial division agenda. However, above this crest, are symbols confirming who truly owns the “Queen B.” The symbol of the Eye of Horus inside a triangle is NOT Egyptian. It is a creation of Western Occultism.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

The specific symbol of the Eye of Horus inside a triangle is associated with the prominent occultist Aleister Crowley, founder of the secret society O.T.O – which is still powerful in Hollywood. The covers of most of his books feature this symbol. They also often feature the symbol of the winged sun (see the book cover on the right) which represents “ascent to divinity”. For this reason, it is often found at the entrance of occult temples. In short, the crest refers to her being elevated to the level of “queen” or “deity” but who remains “under the wing” of the occult elite.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

The Episcopal cathedral in San Francisco organized a Beyonce mass which drew over 900 people. The mass featured ‘Womanist Biblical Interpretation’ and other stuff. The people who organized this probably did not read last month’s SPOTM which featured Beyoncé riding with Baphomet himself.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

The pope probably did not read my articles about Kathy Perry where she promoted the occult elite’s symbolism, witchcraft, cannibalistic rituals and occult mind control. Well, maybe he knows about all of this already.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

As usual, the one-eye sign popped up everywhere this month. This is Rihanna at Coachella.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Robbie Williams posted this on his Instagram account. He’s such an inspiring person.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

A couple of years ago, he posted this pic. I guess the message of the pic above is that he got a new tattoo. There is also a more important message: He is still a tool of the elite.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

This is the promo pic of the second season of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The eye hidden tells you that it is all about the elite’s agenda. Directed by industry pawn Selena Gomez, the show’s graphic depiction of suicide caused a sharp rise of internet searches about “how to commit suicide” and was deemed “problematic” by mental health experts. The second season will reportedly tackle the theme of “toxic masculinity”. In other words, it will continue to poison the minds of young people will debasing garbage.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Shawn Mendes new album cover features half of his face separated. Pure MK stuff.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Travis Scott and Kanye West (who are both under the spell of the Kardashians) released a single entitled Watch. On the artwork, an eyeball appears to fall out from a skull. Just another one-eye thing. Kanye’s verse includes this line: “One year it’s Illuminati, next year it’s the Sunken Place, They don’t want me to change, nah, n*gga run in place”. Yes Kanye, those who enter the Illuminati system often end up in the Sunken Place.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Meanwhile, Travis Scott’s boo Kylie Jenner lands her first magazine feature since the birth of her daughter Stormi. And, of course, she’s hiding one eye.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

This is the cover of Halsey’s latest album. Yes, one of her eyes is hidden by a diamond. The videos associated with that album are highly symbolic.

Another pic of Halsey where she’s hiding one eye.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Zayn Malik with one eye hidden by smoke. So clever. So groundbreaking.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Modcloth is a retailer of “indie-inspired” clothing. In 2017 it was bought by Walmart. Nothing says “indie” better than Walmart. This is the April 2018 catalog cover.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

You might tell yourself: “Wow, that’s a lot of one-eye signs. I think I’ll go the mall to relax and take my mind off things”. Sorry, but the mall is not exempt. A reader sent in this pic from a shopping mall in front of a Children’s Place store.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Another reader spotted this at French shopping mall. It has to be everywhere.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Christina Aguilera is back with a new album! Are you excited?! Well, you shouldn’t because she’s doing the one-eye thing again. She has to.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Macron’s visit at the White House was weird. Media kept talking about a “bromance” as Trump and Macron kept holding hands and whatnot. The visit ended with a bizarre scene where Macron held the hands of Donald and Melania Trump while doing the “devil horns”hand sign. This slow-mo closeup video confirms that the sign was intentional … and somewhat forceful.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

Let’s not forget the super-Illuminati setting of Macron’s speech after his election victory. Behind him was the Louvre’s pyramid with its illuminated capstone. The controversial addition to the Louvres is made of exactly 666 panels.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 05/18

When Kate Middleton presented her new baby to the world, she was wearing a near-replica of the dress worn by Mia Farrow in the movie Rosemary’s Baby. Directed by child molester Roman Polanski, the movie is about a woman who gets drugged and controlled by a coven of witches, impregnated by Satan himself during a ritual and forced to give birth to the anti-Christ. (Read my article about Rosemary’s Baby to understand how the movie is deeply associated with the occult elite). Why is Kate wearing that dress while presenting her new baby?

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics.


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that kate middleton one is bonkers, creepy!! whoever caught that one – good eye


I don’t think it means anything other than she just happened to wear a red dress similar to one from a horror movie. Seems a little far-fetched to me


Coincidence does not exist in this dojo (but yes, you’re totally right)


If Kate had picked that dress to wear, and it was not traditionally selected for her.

Both Eyes Open

You’re clearly new to this. Do some research.


The late Princess Diana had a similar dress when she gave birth to William

Just me

You guys today I just saw an interview about the latest sexual scandal in the Me too movement which has been reported and covered by Ronan Farrow, Mia Farrow’s son and Woody Allen’s. Now a few things about him he is 30 years old,went to college at 11,has quite a few journalism awards and I haven’t heard of him before the Me too thing,he was the one who brought Weinstein and the rest down and has become a reputable journalist lately and genius and crusader appreciated by everyone. If you ever see an interview with him and scroll down the comments there’s only love and praise for him. At the pace he is going he will be president in a few years. I couldn’t help but to remember this thread and I don’t know who played the baby in the movie, but him being Rosemary ‘s baby in real life,all his sudden success, the age and transgender features, makes me do a mind note about him and watch his evolution in the future


Most likely, Rowan’s father is not Woody Allen but Frank Sinatra. There has been a lot of speculation about this over the years. The Sinatra family is allegedly “very close” with Rowan and if you look closely, he favors Mia in his looks and has Sinatra’s eyes and facial features.


Now the news and mainstream media are trying to save face by saying it is a coincidence she wore that dress. ….. Read the mk ultra loaded lingo in this Bazaar article online: Kate Middleton accidentally wore a dress from ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ for Prince Louis’ debut At least we hope it was an accident By Lyndsey Matthews When Kate Middleton appeared just hours after giving birth to Prince Louis Arthur Charles on Monday, April 23, in front of the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s hospital while wearing a red Jenny Packham dress, people were quick to draw comparisons to the outfit Princess Diana wore after giving birth to Prince Harry in 1983. How could you blame them? The bold red color, paired with a white Peter Pan collar, seemed to directly mirror the style of the late princess, as the duchess of Cambridge has done time and time again throughout the years. But while everyone was comparing Kate Middleton to Princess Diana, they missed the fact that Kate Middleton’s bespoke Jenny Packham frock is nearly a direct replica of a dress Rosemary Woodhouse wears in the 1968 horror film “Rosemary’s Baby.” It wasn’t until later in the week that eagle-eyed… Read more »


King Louis? Hmmmm….King Lucifer? The color red signifies sacrifice to Luciferans. Could the baby Kate is holding be her sacrifice? You know how the illuminati elite like to mock us by hiding things in plain! “HA-HA-HA! Those stupid people think that baby really is Kate and Williams! Little do they know that baby will be sacrificed later on!”


Sooo, I guess since her dress is matching with the one in the movie, and knowing what “rosemary’s baby” is about, can we suspect that they are telling the world that their baby is going to be the antichrist? hmmm


The antichrist is a grown man, and yes, the royal family brings him into the world….Prince William


Princess Diana also worn similar dress presenting baby Harry.


Diana’s wasn’t the same. Only the colors matched but not the design apparent to Kate’s


Her baby was born during Beltane. And red is the color of Beltane. That’s my (pagan) take on it.


Kate seems to have great fashion sense. That’s an ugly dress and doesn’t look like something she’d choose to wear. It looks dated and not one bit fashionable.

D D d

Not fashionable? Go look in stores and check for yourself. Dozens of women are buying such a dress or such a collar to put on their selfmade dresses. To look like a prinsess. Is that not fashion?


I don’t know about your stores, but I just googled such phrases:
what dress to wear in summer 2018
fashion 2018 summer
collars summer 2018
lace collars 2018.

The first two gave no red colour and no collars ( at least not in first links). The third gave links “collars at discount/sale” meaning they might have been fashionable seasons before. The last frase gives a lot of lace collars, but 99.99% are of a totally different form/design.

D D d

Waves in fashion-media, they take time. On another level as the cun’sumers. They are prepared in advance.
Try looking up fashionable dressess for fall 2018. Maybe the Dior-thing might catch your eye. . .
Or the so-called PeterPan-Collars.

VG Fan

I Hate Mario Bergoglio! WOW this picture w that Low life Katy Perry is even worse, knowing she has been fighting NUNS for their convent and one of the sisters Sister Catherine Rose Holzman just died after a court proceeding. She is killing nuns and smiling with this a$$h0l3 at the vatican!

Down with all monarchies!
Trashy parasitic people with inbred histories, they need “common blood” and support that’s why they marry commoners. They keep selling the fantasy. Some with great success, others not so much.
Look at Spain, there’s video of queen letizia fighting in public with Queen Sophia inside the church after Easter mass. Disgusting.


Hating any human is against God.His name is Jorge.It is ignorant to bash the entire Catholic Church and all Popes.This Pope in particular has been at war with Satanists,perverts,and the mafia in Italy.He is NOT part of any Masonic/illuminati crap and neither is Trump.And he is not part of Liberation Theology either just because he comes from SA.I have been an exorcist for 22 years and Catholic.I know all kinds of fantastic Warrior priests who actually fight Spiritual Evil every day.This Pope is one of the good ones.How do you know?Just like with Trump everyone attacks him and lies about him!I doubt he has any idea who Katy was and if he did he was likely casting out some evil.The Light Of Christ is not entirely gone from her,and she did not kill any nuns.The nun was very old.People go too far sometimes.POPE Francis came to DC,prayed Deliverance/Exorcism prayers,and we have Trump instead of Satanist/Pedophile Podesta running things and evil is being rooted out.Francis has rooted out evil in Rome and along with Chief Exorcist Amorth has done a lot in a country deeply infiltrated by Satanism.


An exorcist who defends a serial liar and self-professed crotch grabber is curious. One would think that compulsive lying and bragging might make one of such a profession a little wary.


Apparently u dont read wikileaks. Benedict was forced out by soros, obama and the destroyer of nations hillary clinton. This is the most liberal pope. Spewing everything from children disobeying parents to other crap like climate change.

Lost Coin

Dennis is spot on. I too am very familiar with & have participated in deliverance ministries (not Catholic, Evangelical). Current Pope is not part of the evil Satanist system and is doing really effective/powerful things to thwart the progress that has been made over the last couple decades by those who wish to rebel against God & especially degrade the United States. Trump is also not part of the Satanist/Occult/Illuminati system. He is no doubt a sinner like the rest of us (crotch grabber) this hardly makes him a Satanist or Illuminati. Open your eyes and look at his actual actions & don’t get distracted by his moral shortcomings. Dennis is right, it is a sin to hate any human being – even the ones who commit the most disgusting of crimes. God still loves them even though they fail to repent, making choices that will ultimately end up with their eternal damnation. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. Indeed it is the only power we can rely on. You and I have no real power, but with the Holy Spirit working through us, there is NO LIMIT to what can be accomplished/thwarted. Dennis is also correct when he says… Read more »

Celtic Juliana

VG Fan, they absolutely do not EVER marry “commoners,” even when they publicly state that they do. If you do your research on the background of Ms. Markle, you’ll find she is most certainly very much not a “commoner,” she is a blood relative of Windsors (Battenbergs). They of course spin a story for the real commoners pretending that she’s a commoner and she’s anything but. These people are ALL about bloodlines, and they would never EVER allow anyone outside of their bloodlines in. Do you actually thing that William and Harry were allowed to choose their wives? These spouses are chosen for them and they have no choice in the matter, but of course, they control the media and lead the populace to believe these relationships were organically formed. Ha! Not the case at all. And Princess Diana was also most certainly NOT a commoner whatsoever and grew up apart of the aristocratic Spencer family. She is also blood related to not only the Windsors (real-name Battenbergs) but also related to American elite such as descendants of George Washington. And the media told the sheep that she was a “commoner.” What you are told in the mainstream media is… Read more »

D D d

Take some pictures, try to make it look real. Publish them over all channels, repeatedly. Done. Same reason why politicians and popes hold babies when in crowds among photographers.
Our Queen B. has been photographed washing windows at an old-folks-home on volunteer-day… Sad really to think so many people buy into that stuff.

D D d

Former queen Beatrix, I meaned. She is now just a big shareholder of the Dutch community and her son is the one scaring politicians into submission. .


That Dutch Royal Family is as creepy as the British Royals.


The Pope is in the agenda. Look at the next MET gala, which is going to be a mix of fashion and the church, supported by the Vatican, that is very telling and symbolic. We all should be vigilants on this event.

VG Fan

It was reported that Cardinal Dolan (read up on his scandals) loaned the pope hat Rihanna was wearing at the Met Ball. I can’t say I’m surprised by anything the catholic church hierachy does.


Just saw pics from the met gala this morning. Wow! Can you say mass ritual!


And remember, yesterday circus was totally supported by the Vatican.


The church was infiltrated long ago. Google for the details.


What’s even more unsettling surrounding birth of new British prince is that whole deal with this little sick boy being basically killed by the British Judiciary system and the NHS. The whole spectacle was so unsettling, it felt like some kind of mass ritual.

VG Fan

RIP Alfie Evans. Alfie was taken off life support on the same day this child monarch was born! Just like Charlie Gard RIP the NHS went to court to keep both children from receiving care outside the system. They went to court to be allowed to kill these children and many more have died at their hands. You have a point it is a ritual for them.


Really scary and interesting story. Do you have any good links? Who covered this? I’m from Scandinavia and haven’t heard about it until now.

VG Fan

I read in a couple of sites, the most detailed information for that specific day 4/23/2018
is a Pro Life website.

VG Fan

Downvotes for mentioning a Pro life site at VC? Sheep downvote

Jesus is savior

The first thing I saw in both pictures of Beyonce is that it very clearly looks like she is wearing devil horns.

Big Al

About Beyonce’s Coachella crest: The Bee was one of the signs of the Illuminati. While Panther and fist are symbols of the “black power movement”.
If you combine it all together it basicaly says that Beyonce is the illuminaty royaly of the black uprising.
A perfect description of her intended role.


Black uprising? Please could you elaborate


There’s also been an uprise in white nationalism/power movements too (and people are becoming more blatantly racist) but it’s not always mentioned as much on here. The racial division agenda is being pushed on BOTH sides and BLM movement was part of it. It was to help mobilize african americans AND scare and anger whites who felt attacked or disagreed with the movement but that’s just one example.


“but it’s not always mentioned as much on here”
It’s because this is not a european site. As far as I understand, in Canada white nationalism has increased not as much as in Europe.


Anna, in Canada, especially in Ontario, in the more metropolitan cities (especially within the GTA) black people are still the minority, and almost everyone has a disparaging attitude towards black people. Asians, Arabs and whites, and even latinos. The whole racial-inclusivity, people-of-color-uniting bulls**t is starting to get tired and I see right through it. You send a black person to an Asian country or Arab country or Europe or Latin America and the people there will be just as racist if not worse than it is here. So no one is different. The only place that you won’t get racism as a black person is in Africa- when we are around our people. The black people in America are literally under psychological attack all the time, 24/7 since they were brought into this country. There is no black person in America who has not been told directly nor indirectly- that because of his phenotype, his worth is less than others. This reality is hard for some people to imagine- but it exists. It’s not always mentioned as much on here because people would get offended, and let’s face it- nobody effing cares about us but ourselves. I’m sure VC doesn’t… Read more »

Big Al

If you follow the development of race relations, you can see that there is a constant push to create conflict (The same is true for relations between the sexes, and class differences). The media and the state sytematicaly support organisations that use “Pro-Black” as synonmy for If you follow the development of race relations, you can see that there is a constant push to create conflict (The same is true for relations between the sexes, and class differences). The media and the state sytematicaly support organisations that use “Pro-Black” as synonmy for “Anti-White”.
Just look at the Black Panthers: When they were a law abiding organisation they were hated by the news. But after turning into a terroist organisation, under Eldridge “Rape is an insurrectionary act” Cleaver, they were presented as rolemodels.

Beyonce is supposed to be a leader in this. The Nubian Queen that smashes the System of the Man. The royal revolutionary that leads the children of former slaves away form opression (right into new forms of slavery).
The current order must fall to chaos, so that there can be “ordo ab chao” and a new world order.


You can’t divide what’s already divided. If we’re going to trail it back to the real Black Panthers, let’s talk about apartheid and those who willfully (and still do) have agendas to disparage black individuals.

I wish they would just send us back to Africa and our countries and leave us alone lol. But that wouldn’t be profitable. They wouldn’t have anymore slaves.


And supposedly the elite hates black…
As usual, big hypocrisy.


Soros’s Black Lives Matter movement. Manipulated division.

Kev Allah

BLM minus the vowels since it’s Hebrew. Balaam is the spelling. Dig deeper


Soros wasn’t around during slavery, nor was he around during the enforcement of apartheid laws. You can’t divide what’s already divided, and I doubt he needs to make any effort to brainwash people to keep it divided. I’m sure the YouTube trolls under ever slightly black-related video to disparage black youth and PsyOp them with a constant barrage of attacks on their self-worth and self-image are not fabricated by the powers that be. Crooked cops and police brutality is just that- the same way it manages to exist in America is the same way it manages to exist in Israel and Palestine. Racists and hateful people choose to be that way, and black people or anyone who is marginalized are inclined to respond. It’s funny how I don’t see a report on how the largest BLM Facebook page that had hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations was actually secretly lead by a white man who took that money (that was supposed to go towards foundations for black youth and empowerment) and used it for himself… Like I said- you can’t divide what’s already divided. While I have no comment on Beyonce’s involvement in black issues, nor do I have… Read more »


The one about Kate’s dress gives me goosebumps! That is really creepy considering how old the movie is and she’s also presenting the baby……


May Jesus destroy this wickedness and guide us in the right direction, I’m so done with this world

Truth & Light

May Jesus destroy – jesus has more pressing things to attend….you cowards do it yourselves


I’d actually like to do that, T&L, but it should be obvious to all at this point Humanity is hopelessly flawed. We can’t win this by ourselves, only He can. We can expose them (Ephesians 5:11) which I spend a LOT of time and effort doing but ultimately it’s up to every individual whether they want to come to terms with the truth – and most are, as of yet, not willing to do that. Their deception is unfortunately succeeding as well as prophesied and there aren’t enough ‘awake’ and able people to make a real difference.

Rest assured, though, that everything must surely be proceeding precisely according to divine plan – and we know who stands victorious in the end.


You clearly do not understand a Christian’s worldview.

Be still and know that I am (Psalm 46:10)

Vengeance is mine; I will repay saith the Lord (Romans 12:19)

Truth & Light

And the roman catholick/pope reads this same bible?! Jokes


The demons also knew and believed. None of this is a joke.


those two photos of robbie williams appear to be the same photo twice. one has a tattoo added in, but they are otherwise identical.


It appears as if he is desperate for help, maybe heis down and broke and needs assistance from his master.

Truth & Light

The pope is pure evil; roman catholick church is pure evil. I cannot wait for beyawnce’s turn like prince, michael jackson and whitney – the bigger they make you, the more shocking your death. Rihanna is dating this saudi billionaire heir, yet her boobs are out for the public o enjoy – saudi’s prostitute is more like it


To say you can’t wait to see another human being die (or at least be brought to death by those who manipulate her) is just shocking to me, and makes me think you are not someonewho believes in the Word, the Truth and the Light- as your name would indicate. Vengeance is mine, says Our Father. Let us be humble in every decision he makes. We are called to be meek and Christ-like. Thirsting for death and destruction is the opposite.

I hope Beyonce is saved by the salvation of Christ before whatever happens to her may happen- because in the situation she meets her end the victims would be her innocent children, whose mother never had a chance to show them to the Lord. Let us pray that she finds the Lord Jesus Christ as well as her husband- and fights against the industry

In the situations you named- they were starting to wake up. MJ and Whitney were starting to wake up, and then they were sacrificed. Let’s hope if Beyonce wakes up and exposes the industry- she lives long enough to expose them truly.

Prophetic Explorer

FYI people, it was the Freemasons who bought black slaves and brought them back here. Same thing with the KKK. Sure there were also a few useful idiots, but it was a Mason scheme. You should feel zero guilt for what these turds did 200 years ago. It is all about creating racial division between us. Charles Manson was right, race wars are coming to America. Problem > Reaction > Solution. They need to create Chaos in order to bring in their New World Order, do you see?

Go and hug someone of a different race today.

Both Eyes Open

This is far and away the scariest SPOTM ever. The agenda has been ramping up for quite some time now and it is now reaching fever pitch. Does anyone here doubt what is going on any longer? I mean, WTF business does Katy Perry (the cognitively inept MORON) have meeting with the pope ffs??? The time to wake up has come and gone.


If Rita Ora was chosen to sing Ave Maria by the Vatican, you can tell how they mock everything.


She’s probably there to go in the basement of the vatican and do illuminati rituals with him.


Appalling, as usual…


The pope is the Antichrist and therefore totally approved what Katy Perry is doing you have to dig deeper and realize the history of this evil system of the leader of the Catholic Church.


OMG I had no idea ModCloth was sold to Wal-Mart. I actually used to love shopping there and noticed they began to grow at an exponential rate. Pretty crazy that they sold out.

Haven’t shopped there in a while but now that I know they were sold, I rather not.


I had this catalog, there were a few more pics like this too, so dismayed at that-I used to be a fan as well


every where you shop, you cant run away from them. they are in everything you eat, wear, etc

Watcher girl

Great article! Thanks for explaining the Eye of Horus symbology. 🙂
Regarding Halsey’s latest album, there is also the symbology of the checkerboard pattern.
About the pope, there are more things… He once made the devil horns hand sign and also, in other occasion, there was a Catholic liturgy when he mentioned Lucifer. I found videos about this in YouTube. And there is also a symbolic image on his and other pope’s clothes that is very similar to the Cross related to the Knights Templar.

Watcher girl

Search for “Pope reduces sanctions against some paedophile priests”. At the same time, “Pope declares ‘zero tolerance’ for sexual abuse in Catholic church”.

Watcher girl

“Pope Francis has reduced punishments for paedophile priests who abused children as young as 12.”

Watcher girl

“Pope quietly trims sanctions for sex abusers seeking mercy”

Watcher girl

“Catholic Church ACQUITS Mexican priest who admitted raping 30 young girls even though he knew he was infected with HIV”.

Watcher girl

* Pope Francis proclaimed Lucifer as God.


When did he ever make this proclamation. Please provide proof of this claim otherwise do not speak ill of this man of God.

Watcher girl

Kizito and others that may doubt what I’m saying, please do your own research in Google for those facts. Don’t be lazy.

Watcher girl

Sorry if I seemed to be rude. But sometimes people are lazy to research. 😛


Found the shill. Must be important informations in this article…


You nailed it, Vanille!

Kev Allah

Lucifer IS God. Don’t let the actions of a rapist mislead you, you only get one shot at getting it right.

Watcher girl

One thing I forgot. Pope Francis also forgave pedophile priests!


Ummm…no he didn’t. He said they would be subject to prosecution should they be found guilty. Everyone is entitled to Gods infinite mercy regardless of their sins.

Watcher girl

@Kizito-kun, he forgave many pedophile priests in what regards the Catholic church’s punishments. Of course those pedophiles will still be subjected to criminal prosecution. But they will not be subjected to the Catholic church’s punishments even though the pope had previously said, one or two years before, that pedophile priests MUST be punished for their deeds!


The Robbie Williams photos are identical, other than a tattoo superimposed on the top photo. Look at the door handle shadow, they are the same. Take a close look at his hair, it is messed up exactly the same in both photos.


About Kate Middleton, when I sarted reading about the dress I thought “no, it’s only fashion” but then I remembered this theory from years ago that William was the anti-Christ, then I read that in the movie she gives birth to the devil’s son. I don’t actually believe it but a bit of a coincidence


Has anyone seen the new Ariana Grande video “No tears left to cry” ? ..Got some serious mk filth goin’ scene where she sittin’ in front of an array of masks & starts holding them up over her face SMH This garbage is now rampant in SOO many videos, really nothing new under the sun here. People of God/Yahweh and Christ/Yeshua…Please Please PLEASE let’s keep ALL these so-called “celebrities” in our Prayers and continually hold them up in Prayer to the Father…


Classic Illuminati promotions, all the more reason why I rather keep both my eyes open and not become a pawn like these people


I heard on a very popular national radio show that the majority of Beyonce’s audience members were White people.

D D d

You do not need such a set-up. You can look at pictures of her audiences that pay money to see her yell and mime on a stage. (I heared Santaclaus was coming to town for all of my life on all stations. I assume you did too.)


If it is true it only means she adjusts her music to white people’s tastes. I personally like some of her songs. But her weird image seems to be oriented on propaganda somehow related with black people.


Robbie Williams picture is the same, don’t know why they added that tatto.

D D d

Imprinting. Robbie has changed a lot getting older. Some want you to remember him like he was.
On that note, anyone noticed Gwen Stefani now looks like Ajda Pekan? Hilarious.

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