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Massachusetts “Educational Center” Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager



Massachusetts "Educational Center" Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager

Massachusetts "Educational Center" Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager

The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is a facility that provides services for children and adults with “severe developmental disabilities and emotional or behavior disorders”. In the past decades, the Center garnered negative criticism due to its use of aversives such as electric shock, the withholding of food, spanking with a spatula, pinching of the feet and forced inhaling of ammonia.

The recent release of disturbing footage from the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center – featuring a restrained teenager who gets electroshocked 31 times – brought the controversy to a whole other level. While the Center claimed that the use of electroshock was a form of “therapy” to change behavior, the footage shows an all-out torture session under the watchful eyes and laughs of Center employees.

Here’s a news report on the recently released of the footage from 2002 (the administration of the Center somehow managed block the broadcasting of the tape in the past).

Graphic video of teen being restrained, shocked played in court

Video of a student restrained and shocked for hours at the Judge Rotenberg Center was played in court on Tuesday after a years-long battle by the center to keep it from the public eye.The video, which shows former resident Andre McCollins screaming, writhing in pain, and begging for help, was played at the start of McCollins’ trial against the Canton-based Judge Rotenberg Center.The Rotenberg Center convinced a judge eight years ago to seal the video, and the battle continued up until Tuesday morning when their attorneys asked Superior Court Judge Barbara Dortch-Okara to bar FOX Undercover’s camera from recording the video as it was played.

Dortch-Okara denied the center’s request, clearing the way to give the public the first look at how these controversial electric shocks are used. The video was taken by one of the center’s classroom cameras.

McCollins, then 18 years old, was shocked 31 times that day in 2002. Lawyers for the center and its clinicians say it was part of the treatment he needed to quell his aggressive behavior.

“These are dramatic tapes, there’s no question about that,” said attorney Edward Hinchey, who represents two of the Rotenberg Center’s clinicians. “But the treatment plan at the Rotenberg Center, the treatment plan that Andre had in place on October 25, was followed.”

It was an emotional day for McCollins’ mother, Cheryl, who was in court watching as the beginning of her son’s ordeal was played.

Andre is shown seated at a desk inside a classroom as a staff member asks him several times to remove his coat. He stays still, apparently not responding or removing his coat, until he is given a shock.

He screams and falls to the floor, yelling as he tries to hide under his desk. He was eventually restrained face-down, a helmet on his head, without breaks for food, water or the bathroom.

“I never signed up for him to be tortured, terrorized and abused,” Cheryl McCollins told the jury. “I had no idea, no idea, that they tortured the children in the school.”

She also testified what her son was like when she visited him three days later after the incident. She said she found him in a “catatonic” state.

“I couldn’t turn Andre’s head to the left or the right. He was just staring straight. I took my hands and went like this,” she said, waving them as if in front of his eyes. “He didn’t blink.”

McCollins did get Andre to Children’s Hospital that day, where he was diagnosed with acute stress response caused by the shocks. The jury also heard her testify about watching the video and hearing staff members laughing while her son was on the floor.

– Source: Fox News

Inspired by MK-Ultra?

Massachusetts "Educational Center" Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager

“Going over the rainbow” is a code used in Mind Control to signify dissociation.

We’ve seen in previous articles that electroshock torture is a major tool used in mind control programming (see the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). The intense trauma and pain caused by the shocks pushes the victims’ brain to completely dissociate from reality. In the above news article, the victim’s mother stated that she found her son in a “catatonic” state, that he was just “staring straight” and the he “didn’t blink” – all signs of someone who has dissociated in order to evade trauma.
Is the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center a MK-Ultra programming center? If it is not, its techniques are, at the very least, heavily inspired by Monarch mind control. In the article entitled The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas, one of Kim Noble’s paintings depicts exactly what Andre McCollins was subject to: Strapped by the hands and feet and electroshocked repeatedly.
Massachusetts "Educational Center" Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager

Kim Noble’s painting named “Too Much” depicts a horrifying scene of torture that is very similar to what was filmed at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center.

One of the features of the Center is “Rewards Street”, a place that is meant to be a replica of the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz. As seen in previous articles, the fairy tale is heavily used Mind Control programming by handlers to make their slaves “go over the rainbow”, a code for dissociation (incidentally, the Center’s logo features a rainbow). Here are some pictures of Rewards Street taken by photojournalist Rick Friedman.

Massachusetts "Educational Center" Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager

Dr. Matthew Israel welcomes guests to Rewards Street or ”Yellow Brick Road”

Massachusetts "Educational Center" Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager

Massachusetts "Educational Center" Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager

Students are strapped with fanny packs and holsters and can be electroshocked at any time.

Massachusetts "Educational Center" Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager

Dr. Israel and “Dorothy” in the “Crystal Forest”

In 2011, Dr. Israel, was charged with misleading a grand jury over the school’s destruction of the tapes, as well as being an accessory after the fact. The Center was also banned banned from subjecting new admissions to severe behavioral interventions including electric shock, long-term restraint, or aversives that pose risk for psychological harm. Let’s hope the McCollins win their case against the dispensers of these sadistic treatments.


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Massachusetts "Educational Center" Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager

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just wanted to point out that i saw a pic of the fron of the building and there is a statue of a butterfly out front…


Notice how the life size dolls from Wizard of Oz against the wall are doing the "as above, so below" hand gesture.


This is so crazy. I had no idea what disgusting things happen in the world. Great. Now we can't really trust these kind of places. What will we do now!!??


Can u send link to video ?

Mom of Autistic Daug

I just visited the Center's website. Barack Obama gave his 2009 talk to school children from the auditorium here!!! Mind blowing.


How f**ked up


the parents are that stupid that they walk in to place decorated like the wizard of oz with fannie packs that induce electoshock? dumbass parents.

Yesh Plees

"If the world feels more evil today than it did 20 or 30 years ago, you are not imagining it."

– Carolyn Hamlett about underground bases and Nephilim.


what world are in I feel so sick watching and knowing this gose on I cannot belive this we need to bring this to front lines NOW

Yesh Please

I wonder.. for how long will parents have to hug their tortured children to heal them back to normal??

I wonder if the CIA thought about that..

Guess it's more like Bill Hicks said, describing his awakening on magic mushrooms:

"What's gonna happen to the arms industry when we realize we're all One?!

It's gonna f--k up the economy, the economy that is FAKE anyway!

Which would be a real bummer.. No wonder why the governments are cracking down on the idea

of experimenting with Unconditional Love. But I bet their motives are pure.. Yeah, right."

We are Light and Sound. Gravity / God / Love / Dependency between, is what makes us physical.

Time IS space.

God is us, not the other way around.

What's sad is that the sadist on top of their pyramid (on the bottom of the sewers), are harvesting Life, simple as that, Life that this Earth and the Sun is constantly creating.

There's only one thing we can do, but it has gotta be done:

Don't give your own powers away anymore – Use it yourself!

Mad Scientist

These methods of de-patterning the human mind were first conceived by Ewen Cameron, a man who was essentially more concerned about his career and "being the one who cures mental illness" than he was about his patients. His brutal methods were discovered and funded by the CIA and the Rockefeller foundation, and post WW2 paperclip scientists were also brought into the project, even as Cameron himself resigned the project, faced with the grim reality of his research and afraid for his career. The Allan Memorial Institute, founded in Canada to avoid legal issues, was the heart and soul of all of this madness. Overdoses of LSD,drug induced sleep and coma to electroshock which would render patients completely catatonic – all were perfected there on trusting patients, human beings, who were later discarded and dismissed as cured, even though they were only shadows of their former selves. I find it shameful,disgusting and horrible that we consider ourselves "civilized" and allow these people to pose as the doctors of our time and these methods are still openly practiced, and on children no less. In the face of such horror I can only hope that mankind will overcome the shadow which has plagued… Read more »


Then.. aren't you living in a democracy?

Why isn't the majority getting anything done?

rose from massachuse

Please do not think that all people in Massachusetts are like the people at the Judge Rottenburg Center. I do not know anyone who approves of this place. The majority of people in Massachusetts are horrified that this place is allowed to continue.


My father was subjected to LSD and electroshock treatment in the late sixties and early seventies. He developed schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. He was subjected to this treatment in the Army and then in the Dorothea Dix state mental hospital. I never knew why and I never understood the depth of this perversion until I researched MK Ultra. I have a personal vendetta against these wicked tyrants. I can only imagine what my father went through.


this is SOOO messed up. i was actually IN a residential program like this when i was a teenager — well, not like *THIS*, it was a good program — and this is shocking and disgusting for me to read, that they would do this to kids who already have problems…


what really disturbs me is all the cases that are not discovered or shown, the unheard voices crying for help, a door is just a door until you see the story behind it. sickening stuff.

smartypants click on papers and documents and then number 5 before and after im still shocked


They have "sold their souls" to "the Devil" so now they think they can "Do What They Wilt"..


This is how they treat mental health patients who were 'unruly'. The ones they couldn't control, it was rumored that they gave the patient 'the black pill' and then they would 'mysteriously' die. To know that this is what is happening is not disturbing..IT'S DOWNRIGHT SCARY.

Do they realize that they will end up in hell for these things??? Or do they even care???



They're shrewd and conniving but what they are more than anything else: stupid. Probably their boss AKA Prince of a******s have promised them power in hell. I bet they believe in their twisted little minds that they will rule hell with the demons when in reality exactly the opposite will take place. They'll have the same destiny as everyone else in hell.


WHAT ALL CHILDREN WANT THEIR PARENTS TO KNOW By Diana Loomans Teach me to love and care for myself Through your own positive example. I'll learn from all of your actions, And grow to have good self-care. Notice me often, Taking joy in my very existence. I'll grow up knowing I'm special, And help others to feel the same. Listen to me with empathy, Have an open and loving heart. I'll know I'm seen and heard, And grow to be a good listener. Acknowledge me often, And tell me what you appreciate. I'll know that I am worthy, And learn to acknowledge others. Laugh and have fun with me often, Be affectionate every day. I'll play and enjoy my life, And bring more joy to others. Teach me to be disciplined, And correct me with kindness. I'll lead a life of dignity, With the pride of self-respect. Allow room for me to grow, To make mistakes & have opinions. I'll learn to be independent, And trust in my own judgment. Stay interested in learning, And following your dreams. I'll pick up your enthusiasm, And be inspired to do the same. Be honest and authentic, And live your highest values. I'll… Read more »

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