The 2011 VMAs: A Celebration of Today’s Illuminati Music Industry


MTV’s Video Music Awards give out “Moon Man” trophies to music artists who have had success during the previous year. But there is much more to it than shiny trophies. The VMAs are a celebration of the Illuminati industry, of those who push its agenda and a promotional tool to put the next generation of “initiates” into the spotlight. We’ll look at the 2011 VMAs, the stars that were celebrated and the material that leads them there.

The MTV Video Music Awards are considered to be a few hours of performances and award acceptance speeches mixed with a few shocking moments to generate publicity. But there is more to the award ceremony than meets the eye. This mega-media-event, broadcast around the world, serves several important purposes: First, it is a major promotional tool that allows a select group of artists to gain exposure and recognition while ignoring others; second, it is an almost ritualistic celebration of the Illuminati industry, spotlighting the artists who have pushed its agenda over the previous year. My article on the 2009 VMAs described the ritualistic and symbolic elements that were found throughout the show –  there was a definite occult element underlying the show which reflected the mind state of the industry.

The 2011 VMAs arguably contained less occult ritualistic elements, but was still a tightly choreographed show featuring a very select number of artists. These few actors took turns, performing, presenting and awarding each other Moon Men. In other words, the VMAs can be compared to a burlesque play where a few actors take turns appearing on stage to interact with each others. Sometimes, new characters are introduced while others are “killed off”.

Almost all of the artists who were recognized at the VMAs have been featured in some way on this site (Vigilant Citizen, in case you forgot), which is not surprising as most or all of their work pushes some part of the Illuminati agenda. The main actors of this show were: Lady Gaga (of course), Katy Perry, Jessie-J, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Odd Future. Wearing crazy, outlandish costumes and taking on theatrical personas, many of the artists featured in the award were not themselves, but playing characters. In fact, the show began with a long speech by Lady Gaga playing the role of a greasy Italian dude from the 1950s.

Let’s look at the several “acts” of the 2011 VMA’s and their meaning in the context of the Illuminati industry.

Artists and presenters emerged from a womb-like stage. They were literally coming out of the “belly of the beast”.

Lady Gaga’s Alter Persona

Gaga’s alter-ego opening the VMAs

The show opens with Gaga’s latest stunt: An male alter-ego that is a greasy annoying New York dude. Many of Gaga’s singles are accompanied with a complicated setup, including characters and theatrical props (remember the horns on her heads?) – all of which get exposure in several media outlets, including TV and magazines.

For her single Yoü And I, Gaga introduced Joe Calderone, a male alter-ego. Like most of Gaga’s other stunts, most people have absolutely no idea why Gaga did what she did. Why was she dressed as an Italian dude to sing a country-rock song? What’s the point? Like most of Gaga’s other stunts, the occult meaning of this whole charade can be found in the music video.

While the video could be the subject of an entire article, I can sum it up in two words: mind control. More specifically, it is about Monarch programming and the creation of alter-egos through the use of trauma-inducing techniques. In the video, Gaga is shown bound and tortured by a cruel handler who subjects her to the most common methods of mind control: Electroshock therapy, sexual abuse, the injection of drugs and physical torture. Yes, all of these things were portrayed in the video, along with the presence the several alter-egos created by the process. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, I suggest you read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

So Lady Gaga, who is already an alter-persona of Stefanie Germanotta (the real person) has another level of alter-ego that is pretty much the exact opposite of Lady Gaga: Male, dressed in drab clothes, not glamorous, not famous, etc. In Calderone’s long speech at the beginning of the VMAs, he says that Gaga left him and that he wants to be reunited with her. In occult terms, the union of opposites is called the “Alchemical Wedding” and is often represented by the figure of Baphomet – an androgynous, goat-headed deity. The title Yoü And I represents the union of the two opposite personas, Gaga and Joe Calderone, and, since they are basically same person, this ultimately creates an androgynous entity, not unlike Baphomet. In Kabbalistic lore, androgyny is perceived as the highest level of occult achievement and the concept of duality is strongly instilled in mind control victims. In other words, the presence of Joe Calderone at the VMAs is a big tribute to mind control. Good way to start a show. But Gaga did not stop there. She committed to her persona and played the role of Calderone during the entire show.


Other Alter Personas

Lady Gaga’s alter-persona was heavily featured at the VMAs, but most of the artists that participated in the awards also incorporate alter personas in their acts.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is already a created alter persona, very different from the real person that is Onika Tanya Maraj. The odd, fashion-crazy, surgically-enhanced persona that is Minaj is a made-for-the-music-industry character created to become a star. On top of that alter, there is Roman Zolanski, a male alter-ego that appeared on some songs and that will probably be appearing a lot more in the future. Roman Zolanski is based on Roman Polanski, the movie producer who was charged for rape by use of drugs and lascivious act upon a child under 14 a few years ago.

During the 2011 VMAs, Nicki wore a Harajuku-inspired dress featuring mirror fragments (a Monarch symbol representing the fragmenting of personality). The combination of “kiddie” accessories with the sexiness of the dress’ cut (it’s “revealing” at the right places) is a little questionable.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was also all over the VMAs this year as one of the “main characters”. Her latest single titled Last Friday Night introduced Katy’s fans to her odd alter-ego: a nerdy 13 year old girl.

Katy Perry’s young alter-ego waking up next to some unknown perv.

To sum up the Last Friday Night video, the awkward teenager gets a make-over from Rebecca Black in order to look like a slut, then gets drunk and has a menage à trois. Great message to girls between ages 10-14!

One of the four outfits worn by Katy Perry featured a big bright cube on her head, as if her thoughts were controlled by it. In fact, it reminded me of the icon you see when selecting a player to control in the Sims video game.

When this greenish shape hovers above a character, you can do pretty much whatever you want with it … a little like how the industry can do pretty much whatever it wants with its artists.

Odd Tributes

Every award show presents tributes to artists who had an outstanding career and to the greats who left this world. The VMAs are no exception but these tributes are becoming increasingly odd, insincere and dedicated to victims of the industry. In the article on the 2009 VMAs, I described the tribute to Michael Jackson, which was given by Madonna – someone who did not particularly “click” with MJ. The tribute also featured a weird video montage featuring him as zombie  – which is a strange way to honor a dead person.

The 2011 VMAs presented two tributes that were just as weird as they were almost mocking the artist in question.

Britney Spears

Britney was the recipient of  the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for her “influence in music video and dance”… although she did not direct any of her videos nor devise any of her choreography … but let’s forget this detail. To emphasize the non-sincerity of the tribute and to make sure to point out that “this is all an act”, the award is presented by an imaginary character…Lady Gaga’s Joe Calderone. Britney, who is a true mind control victim of the industry and who has often shown the desire to leave it all, is given an award by an alter-ego that is basically a tribute to mind control.

The tribute then proceeds to show a mix of Britney’s most popular videos whose costumes and choreography were reproduced by young girls.

The tribute to Britney’s career was performed by young girls in skimpy outfits, reminding us of Britney’s “contribution” to the sexualization of children agenda.

When Britney finally gets on stage to accept her award, an awkward Joe Calderone pretty much steals the show.

Sorry, I’m not doing any transvestite lesbian kissing right now, but thanks for ruining my tribute.

Upon receiving her award, instead of giving acceptance speech and “having her moment”, Britney proceeds to … present Beyonce and goes on with Joe Calderone about how great she is. I am pretty sure that was scripted and forced on her, making this probably the most insincere tribute of all time. Or was it?

Amy Winehouse

Having lost her life a few weeks prior to the awards, it was only fair that Amy Winehouse got a tribute for her great talent. However, as we have seen in the article entitled Amy Winehouse and Club 27, her death might have been the result of a ritual sacrifice and the tribute was at least as odd as the one for Michael Jackson, another great who died in strange circumstances.

Russell Brand was selected to honor Amy Winehouse. He alluded to her great voice but mostly talked about how she was a “crazy person, stinking of booze and wondering around London”. He then went on to say that she was afflicted with a “disease” that affect a lot of people, alcoholism and drug addiction, although no traces of drugs were found in Winehouse nor at her home at the time of the death. Why not focus on the human being and her accomplishments?

The tribute performance that followed featured several images of Amy Winehouse with one eye hidden, which, as readers of this site know, is a symbol of Illuminati control.

In the short video compilation before Bruno Mars’ performance, we see Winehouse hiding one eye, then another.

Image of Amy with one eye hidden during the performance

Another image of Amy with an eye that seems to have been photoshopped.

The First Couple and the Big Announcement

Like the last few VMA awards, Jay-Z and Beyonce were pretty much the King and Queen of the 2011 ceremonies. First, Jay-Z and Kanye West performed the first single from their album Watch the Throne. This album opens with a revealing song entitled No Church in the Wild (featuring Odd Future’s Frank Ocean). The song describes a philosophy that is akin to Aleister Crowley’s “Thelema”. Kanye West’s verse goes as follows:

Coke on her black skin made a stripe like a zebra
I call that jungle fever
You will not control the threesome
Just roll the weed up until I get me some
We formed a new religion
No sins as long as there’s permission
And deception is the only felony
So never f-ck nobody wit’out tellin’ me

Aleister Crowley’s motto was “Do What Thou Wilt” which seems to be echoed in Kanye saying “We formed a new religions/No sins as long as there’s permission”. Crowley was also known to have extensively experimented with drugs and sexuality in a spiritual context – another concept reflected by his verse. Later in the song,  Kanye appears to be referring to relations with a Monarch sex kitten.

Thinkin’ ’bout the girl in all-leopard
Who was rubbin’ the wood like Kiki Shepard
Two tattooes, one read “No Apologies”
The other said “Love is cursed by monogamy”

The song therefore echoes similar themes to those communicated by other pop stars (such as Gaga) – which is the philosophy that is promoted by the entertainment industry.
Going back to the show, MTV’s first couple had an important announcement to its loyal  subjects: the first lady is with child and will be giving birth to the successor of the king.

Beyonce in front of the womb-like stage, holding her own womb.

Proving the importance of the couple, this silent pregnancy announcement shattered all previous Twitter records with more than 8,000 tweets a second. This kind of attention reminded me of Jay-Z’s almost prophetic verse in the song New Day, from the album that was released about two weeks prior to the VMAs:

Sorry junior, I already ruined ya
‘Cause you ain’t even alive, paparazzi pursuin’ ya
Sins of a father make yo’ life ten times harder
I just wanna take ya to a barber
Bondin’ on charters, all the shit that I never did
Teach ya good values, so you cherish it
Took me 26 years to find my path
My only job is cuttin’ the time in half
So at 13 we’ll have our first drink together

I would never speak ill of an unborn child. I will just hope that he/she won’t become another Willow Smith.

Presenting the New Generation

The VMAs do not only celebrate current Illuminati artists, it “initiates” a new generation of artists who will carry the Illuminati torch into the future. A couple of new acts stood out in the 2011 VMAs.

Jessie J, who already released a few symbolic music videos (see the article entitled Jessie J’s “Price Tag”: It’s Not About Money, It’s About Mind Control), enjoyed great exposure during that night by occupying the Throne, where she performed about a dozen times.

Jessie J sat on the Throne during the VMAs as a “new initiate”.

The artist who obtained the most publicity was however Tyler the Creator from the alternate-rap, shock-rap, lo-fi rap, horrorcore rap, whatever-you-wanna-call-it-rap group Odd Future. Considered to be (by people who know nothing about rap) the “new Wu-Tang Clan”, Odd Future obtained great praise from artists like Kanye West, who deemed Yonkers to be the song of the year, while getting criticized by others, such as Chris Brown, who tweeted: “All this demonic music is wack as shi*! I never claim to be no saint but by no means am I trying to promote death, violence,and destruction with my music!”.

Whatever your opinion is on Tyler the Creator, it is obvious that his theatrical talent, his “anything to shock” attitude, his promotion of self-destruction and his love for inverted crosses will make him a perfect fit in the Illuminati industry. Expect to see a lot more of him in the future.

The video Yonkers has pretty everything needed to shock viewers: Tyler the Creator eats a cockroach, throws up, says things like  “Jesus called, he said he’s sick of the disses I told him to quit bitching, this isn’t a f*cking hotline For a f*cking shrink, sheesh, I already got mine” and ultimately hangs himself. Not unlike other artists at the VMA’s, Tyler has an alter-ego named Wolf Haley.

In Conclusion

The VMAs are not simply a show designed to give out awards. They define who’s hot and who’s not. They celebrate in a ritualistic matter the type of “creativity” that is appreciated by the industry – superficial shock value. As we have seen in this article, almost all of the artists who obtained exposure during the VMAs have released albums and videos that were directly in line with the Illuminati agenda which includes: the promotion of mind control, self-destruction, materialism, superficiality, the sexualization of children and the demeaning of religions. Pushing these kinds of messages through lyrics and symbols is a requirement to be in the “good graces” of the industry – which is a giant, controlling machine, that works with codes and rituals and that heavily calculates and filters the messages sent to the masses.

Although many of the artists featured on the show are “eccentric” and “original”, the core message remains the same and is remarkably consistent, regardless of the musical genre. Aspiring artists who dream to obtain this level of celebrity, understand that this is the “mold to fit” in order to obtain success. The VMAs are an artificial creation that artificially promotes artists to create artificial hype. It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them. Are there still real, authentic artists who sing from the heart and do not push “industry-approved” messages? Yes, but you won’t find them watching the VMAs. So turn off that TV and see what the real world has to offer.




  1. stunning. You put into words what I could only express as a feeling of weirdness as I watched the VMA images and saw those kooky alter egos.

    Glad I live very far away from "wrongtown".

    Not sure for how long tho…my sleepy Australian city can't keep em out for long I suppose!

    • i was just pissed off that the amy winehouse tribute was so morbid…they did'nt give her her credit due,,,basicaly he said "yea she had a beautiful voice and sang great , but she was a crack head and alcoholic"…what type of bullshit was that?,,,,then they get that guy whos name i dont even know to say a speach about her…he looks like a crackhead himself…

      • IMO it's really strange that Bruno Mars performed for the Amy Winehouse tribute. 1. Do they have any connection with each other? I don't think so. 2. Wasn't he charged with possession of cocaine? Kinda cynical if u ask me.

      • I think the maroon 5 singer said it best when he called MTV out for not caring about music anymore

      • Russell Brand had the honor of giving the post humous tribute. He is a suspected handler so I am not surprised in the least. Anybody notice his soon-to-be ex, Katy Perry sporting the pink hair? I'm certain that their break up and the pink hair could quite possibly be linked to a possible breakdown in her programming and the cube above her head could be a tool to reinforce her handlers' control much like a player controls a Sim character. Just an observation.

      • They defenitely didn't credit her with the speech.. I kind of expected it because when Madonna talked about Michael it was quite similiar to what Brand said..

        Why is he talking about her as if he knew her o, so well? That is very hypocrit..

        And as usual nobody talks about how wrong it is that they say these things..

        Because the media doesn't make a fuss about what Russel said or what Madonna said..

        Just like the artists they give awards to, they maybe have talent but they are not outstanding..

        They make songs every year and they probably know that they will get nominated..

        It's all one pathetic game that the people follow and worship..

        All these celebrity deaths have something suspicious about them, but when the media is silent..

        So are the people who admire their idols.

        What I don't understand is that people don't listen to the song anymore.. just the beat..

        They don't listen to what a rapper or singer is saying or what the video is showing them..

        That's why the majority of people will stay stupid..

        The lyrics that Kanye and Jay-z rap are very disturbing, yet everyone is silent again..

        Just like VC said, B and Jay were the King & Queen of the VMA's because they do everything the Illuminati wants them to do..

        Gaga, Katy, Nicki.. they are all following them in their footsteps..

        I really wonder how the next one is going to be, because every year it gets out of hand..

        They talk bad about Christ, or say that they are Christians,

        so the younger people will think all the acting is just for the show and fashion..

        They will never understand, because they have their eyes closed..

        Just like someone said, people call off work to go watch the VMA's, how sad is that?

        I would never want my children to listen to them, worship them, go buy their cd's or go to their concerts.

        I feel a fool because when I was younger I also adored all of them, untill I found out the truth

        And the truth is, most people won't believe you and when you talk to someone about it..

        They will soon think you are obsessed or crazy..

        That's why I keep my mouth pretty much shut and watch with BOTH eyes!

        I am very glad that people on VC have found the truth and I pray to God that the world will be a better place one day.

      • If Russell Brand wasn't the best pick to do Amy's eulogy at the VMA's then who was? Based upon the lovely piece he wrote about her (, Russell and Amy knew each other very well for many years. Through their shared addiction experiences while aiming for entertainment success, the two seemed to understand each other more than anyone else in the world. I don't mean to defend his seemingly careless VMA eulogy, but I do mean to say I believe Russell was intentionally distant in his speech because he knows too much that is going on behind the scenes and he had to lose a very good friend because of the industry (the same industry that made him give that lousy speech). Whoever wrote that article and who ever wrote that VMA eulogy are definitely two completely different people….

    • This was also the most watched vma's. Itss just proving that their 'mind control' is working to the mass population. They can completely bash christianity and like sheeps to slaughter the public is willing and and ready to follow.

      • The reason I think most people where watching it was because of all the Illuminati symbolism. Most people are hip to the Illuminati these days, because of you-tube and V-C.

      • I'd have to say I disagree with VC saying this was less ritualistic than 2009. I thought it was more so, a continuation of the same rituals with a lot more visual effects that were constant. If I saw any more black, white, pyramids, triangles, one-eyes, I may have had a seiszure!!!

    • Lets not forget Lil Wayne's performance. It is a perfect example of what will and already is happening to hip hop and the music industry as a whole. Lil Wayne with his tatoo covered body is shirtless and skipping around in his skin tight jeans that are sagging from under his butt, exposing his underwear to millions who watched it. The homogenization of hip hop is in process and artists like Kanye West are pushing the agenda further with videos like Love Lockdown that have homosexual subliminal messages within the video and lyrics. Artists like Lil Wayne are not only making homosexuality acceptable, but encouraging it in our youth. His justification of kissing another man on the lips (Baby), his name (Weezy F-cking Baby), his tatoos on his face that are an abomination to God, his disgusting language and lyrics glorifying the famous Aleister Crowley phrase "Do as thou wilt"(Worn on a sweater by Jay-z as well), making Jesus pieces(defiling Jesus) and jewelery and earrings that were once worn by woman as a sign of class and femininity are now worn by hiphop "stars". And of course the flamboyant clothing of artists like Kanye West who glorify fancy expensive tight clothes and purses. Hip hop is being homosexualized and people are slowly being programmed to accept it and embrace it. The devil laughs at those who buy into his latest trends pushed by his pawns, trends that have the youth turn their backs on God.

      • So you're basically implying that being is gay wrong? I'm not into the same sex, but I'm offended by this. I think it's a good thing that they support gays. A lot of artists ARE closet gay. And I listen to hip hop, I'm not turning into a lesbian. I don't understand people like you. People are gay, get over it.

      • i agree with you… but can you give me what exactly are the homosexual subliminal messages and images in love lock down?

      • Did God not create homosexuality? He created humans, some of whom were born homosexual. Its very simple and I'm sure GOD understands it perfectly well. You folks who think the way someone is born can be actually wrong have serious issues. Is it wrong to be born white? Black? With sickle cell disease? Long fingers? Big feet? You should consider improving on your infinite number of imperfections before you point the finger at someone else. You ARE the problem.

        The true agenda being pushed here is androgyny, not homosexuality. There are plenty of examples of this in the article, and it has NOTHING to do with a person's sexuality. It is gender identity, which is completely different.

      • I am not sure who the comment was directed at, but I have a problem with the pro-androgyny or pro-homosexuality agenda that I understand to be something coming from the multinationals. Homosexuals? Non issue for me… . Hip hop DL dudes pushing their negative misogynistic ideals on children= my issue.

      • you religious freaks, please, just shut the fvck up.

        being gay is nowhere near wrong. And i am a straight girl.

        seriously, i'm shock that your comment got so many thumbs up.

        what's wrong with this site's viewers..

        there is no such thing as "god".

      • Everyone will bow- J on

        Unfortunately, people will die for the wrong cause than for the right cause. Do not try to change people's minds on homosexuality. For this battle is not yours, but the Lord's.

        The Bible warned that people will believe wrong is right and right is wrong. The Lord will soon clear this confusion from His land. Then, people will have to live thier lives knowing they are in the wrong.

        I am straight and love all people. Homosexual is wrong just as adultery and fornication are wrong. If you choose either sexual preference, just live with the choices you made. We all have to do this.

        Not believing it is wrong will not make it right. That is the same as the "out of sight, out of mind" theory. If you get away from the Biblical truth, the sexual preference is right. Well, you can live without the Bible, but God still exists.

        I am not a hater of homosexual people. I do not judge people, unless they hurt others. I am just fully aware of the choices I make.

        One more thing. Be careful about jumping on the band wagon with everyone else.

      • @talyah. Nobody said it's a "normal" way of life in a way that everyone should pursue it. It's a normal way of life for those of us who ARE gay. No one is out consciously trying to fucking convert everyone. It's not a gay agenda to make everyone gay. The only agenda is to make everyone see that we're not some demonized evil people. The only thing different is the person we love and it's pretty sick that there are people like you who are filled with hate. I'm sick of the christian anti-gay bullshit being a cover for a person to be evil. Stop hiding behind your book and at least be real about it. The Bible wasn't written by god himself and it was subject to the writers' own bias and ignorance. God made no man perfect and so they couldn't have perfectly spoken for a deity as we have no powers to do so. I believe in God but I believe you people who spend more time dedicated to spreading hate and fear are in no way real Christians because you have no Christ-like qualities. Christ was loving of everyone and spread a message of peace, hope, and love. How sad for you.

      • @ Donovan- First of all let me clear this is up ! I didn't mean "messed up" that was a strong choice of words. So let me say " off " about you ! Nothing wrong with your choice of lifestyle ( free will) but it's not normal, and why try to associate it with a normal lifestylel. If I was born walking backwards, no way should I be criticiized, or disrespected but to act like it's normal is just plain old tricking myself ! As far as your comment Where and when did I mention the Bible ? I didn't throw hate towards gays not one time, I expressed my thoughts on the subject matter. What I find funny is something the world has frowned against, and has not been the normal way of life since the beginning of time, you throw someone like gaga ( who I feel pushed the agenda to where it's at today, which goes to show the strong influence musicians have) in the picture and expect something that has been for so long to go out the window in a Tah-Da manner. Like I said I never mentioned God. Common sense and science lets me know it's not normal. It stops creation, science clearly states men were not built for that, It urks me to see men acting how I am suspose to act ( women as well), it causes confusion when it comes to certain things. For example we seperate girls and boys ( bathrooms, dorms, we are made different, have different roles to play in life, how we educate our youth, and the list goes on). There are too many things that would have too change in the world, that we have lived so long all because man wants to lay with man. Then you say " no one is trying to consciously convert everone" thats our whole point !!! People like Lil Wayne & Gaga, and the things men have to do to get into the industury, all the industury victims of same sex pedophiles, all the girl on girl kisses within the industury, I kissed a girl and I liked it, Nicki Minaj…..I could go on forever. So yes there is an agenda to consciously convert everyone and most importantly our youth ! This is a conspiracy site, so if it's an conspiracy to convert the world to give up basic principles of life, that right there tells us it's not right and that they are doing whatever they can to destroy basic principles of life ! I'm not saying one should be demonized etc but accept the fact you are living an alternative lifestyle, that was not meant as a normal way of life. You got to be crazy or inconsiderate to think one day it will be okay to teach my child at a young age, you can just be with whom ever you want to be with girl or boy ! Thats what this world is coming to, and it's not right. I'm not about to change what I believe and what has always been just because someone want to convince the world it's normal & okay . If I had a gay child I would love him to death, but I would let it be known, thats not usually how things work. We have to accept it, but to put it in the normal catagory, and to have to go back and change every thing we once stood for, and our way of life is Ludacris. Sorry if I offended anyone, but i'm offended as well !

      • I agree 100%. There is "being gay" and "becoming gay". BIG difference. And that's what's wrong whit this whole thing.

        I have a uncle who's gay and been gay all his life. He was simply born like that. What I condone, is all that "bi-sexual/bi-curious" sh!t. Now THAT'S WRONG! People "trying" the other sex, because, hey, it's just sex after all! Pure B.S. if you ask me.

        So YES hip-hop and pop culture in general IS promoting, not homosexuality (condition you are born with), but gayness. And that's make me f*ckin' sick.

      • I agree with everything you wrote people are trying to except being gay when clearly in the bible God hates that sin but people who is saying whats wrong with being gay EVERYTHING that sin will lead you in hell. And the devil is laughing at the world how people is excepting wrong things that Jesus said don't do. But I won't follow the world to tell me what to do and listen too.

    • Finally the greatest article posted thus far! keep it coming VC. expose these fools!

      @ the same time..God bless them and us all.

      • i havent honestly watched anything of it although i was tempted too. however this article summed up the show with 7 min of reading. I love it!

        thanks VC..keep exposing all these fools. thank you for your commitment on doing so.

      • Although Nikki Minaj had the broken mirrior theme so did Katie Perry with her cube head out fit.

        Anyone notice her white skirt looks like shattered brokken pieces of glass. Thats an occult symbol as well. Destroyed/Shattered Personality, an occoult symbol being shown and programmed to the masis. Discusting! Every girl and horny dude is going nutts about this woman…hense the fact HER husband out of all men was an EX-drugy and still looks like he is, being that they live a Hollywood lifestyle that im assuming he still does. SMH.

        Or why would they be relevant to the industry. Go figure…

      • I would like to also add that the bright colors and kiddy trends that Katie and Nikki trend upon and wear as custumes or wardrobes make it acceptable for pedophiles to notice more younger kids while in the meantime programming lil girls to wear kiddy bright colors and to dress like there slutty idols s Katie and Nikki do… meaning by the time they are 18 (which is a legal age for sex w/out being considered a minor or some say it best "date rape") that they are both over 21 makes (Katie and Nikki) make it easier to program directly to children to dress that way and like I said pedophiles will get use to the fact this is what is trendy and accepted before girls even turn 18…bet u didnt notice that observation. smh..

        It's sickening because men are being programmed as well and young girls. Thats why u see all these older woman dressing like kids but in a sluttier way or form to start the agenda of what is the new trend. Millions of girls have now accepted the fact that is the way to dress and millions of men now think that is appropriate. slowly but surely they are timingly perverting our minds and controlling us. WAKE UP!

        Ever notice why Kim Kardashian is on teen choice awards…umm isnt she 30? how would she be relevant? Im sure i can speak of more. Now you get what im saying dont you people. Well i sure hope so.

        God Bless us ALL!


      • He's an atheist? Lmao. He's a Satanic atheist like Jay. They don't really believe in a little red man. They believe in self. They believe they are Godheads. That is why they do what they want.

      • Thomas Jefferson on

        For f@*k sake its, Die Hard fan u tard. Did this "Tyler the Creator" teach you how to spell too? GET OFF HIS TIP.

      • maybe i've came off wrong in a way let me rephrase the whole sentence VC i don't hate you at all i love the fact that you open young people's minds free their souls but before you go off on Tyler,the creator you should really do some research on him that's all im asking all of his songs doesn't deal with satanic bull-shit some talk about really express your-self,you dont have to be somebody who one person wants you to be,about his life(the kid really had a hard life) im not saying he's the only one but in his song "bastard" you can feel the reason why he uses those satanic things in his mind to express how he feels. And why people replying to me stuff like this and how do atheist think their the "godhead's" please explain cause that would be really stupid if they thought that theres only 1 god "GOD/JESUS" and to that person who probably got mad cause i said "die heart" instead of "die hard" really to a 13yr old really doesn't even matter how its pronounce or said and I do know this is not Youtube i was just expressing a mind-less comment what a 13yr old would say. Woo I really ALMOST lost myself cant let that happen stay focus. oh yea why make a big problem of what I would say or anybody else isn't this a free world why cant we just say something without getting a feed-back from some ppl who wont even understand what im trying say. I know some was probably laughing at what I said but no regrets but really im not mad that VC posted this really im not I still love everyone even I do/dont know you.FEE THIS WORLD

      • Still it doesn't matter when they created the alter ego, they were trained to do so, just because you all of sudden you have to create an alter just because you raised to stardom quickly, for example Nicki Minaj, was Nicki Minaj before she was famous, when she was still doing underground rap and whatnot, it's all how they use and approach the elite with their alter ego they decide to glorify them or not, a celebrity can preach how someone should be themselves all they want, but at the end of the day they're still puppets, mindless souls being told what to do, even if they think they're not being commanded by a higher power, plus him being an atheist and glorifying that as well, some may call it blasphemous, don't get me wrong, be your own personal religion, it's you, but still, you're not grasping the concept of all of this, he was involved, he was chosen, he's going to be one of them whether you like it or not, and I'm not trying to pick argument with you, because I listen to him too, but I am aware of what he's promoting and I do not go along with, he's just something I like to listen to from time to time, you can deny and deny your favorite artist isn't involved with any of this, but subconsciously or consciously, they are.. I just hope both of your eyes are open to realize this, and not be blinded by these so called "artists" preach false statements. xx

      • and also if you listen to his interviews he just does that 666 dissing jesus satan worship to piss religious people he doesn't care about religion thats why i like him im a Christians there are lots of people out there who are Christians that love his music and he is aware of that he even thanked them(not in the vma speech) so why brother listening to his music if its makes you sick to be honest i didn't like his music one bit but it just got to me. I am aware that sometimes he might mention about the Illuminati but that doesn't concerns me at all those are the one i don't listen to i listen to bastard,french,her,Tina,fish,radicals,up the one's that are funny to me not the one that makes me wanna do something evil or be mind control jut those ones i like.#justexpressyourself

      • Sooooo, you are going to trash the page because ???? LOL, how old are you? Oh and you can take your caps lock off now too.

      • rofl i said "a bunch of my friends,etc,etc,etc are gonna to trash his page not me i personally don't have anything against VC for any reason what so ever and im 13 btw

      • From your frame of thought i can tell that you are a teenager who hasn't experienced the world yet. That same guy that you are referring to may have had it rough, but you know there is no search thing as doing what you want; because you know why. They have things called jails and prisons that would love to have you. So if you have any brain cells left in that teenage brain of yours i suggest that you don't go into the world thinking that you can do what you want; because there will be consequences to your actions and you only get one chance in life THAT'S IT. So don't fuck it up kid.

      • No, this Desrt guy is actually right… to an extent. I had the chance of hanging out with Tyler on MANY occasions before he became famous. We have quite a bit of mutual friends in LA and both post regularly on this street fashion forum called hypebeast, but I digress.

        He's has no religious affiliation whatsoever. He just trashes religion to piss people off and it worked – well he's in this article. And whatever you see in his videos are by no means a direct reflection on who he is as a person. Before this he created Wolf Haley as a joke, the alter-ego of a rambunctious 19 year old kid who skateboards. Thats all. But it will continue because he's getting becoming successful off of it.

      • VC I think you need a "dislike" button here!!

        @desrt100 until I read this article I had never heard of tyler the creator but since you're a "die-heart" (hehe) fan & you've been "listing" (really???) to his music since way back & know his entire life history, you should know then, that by being an atheist he has fallen victim to the agenda, to rid the world of religion (in other words, to destroy the belief in God). Judging by your atrocious grammar I don't think you really understood the article at all, and just because your home-boy tyler is making money being vile & stupid, I hardly think it's something to aspire to.

      • I agree with the comments that said “it’s not really possible to be whatever you want and do whatever you want”… if you believe that Desrt100 then you are setting yourself up for failure. Every choice DOES have consequences and we DO only get one chance. Whether you believe that Tyler the Creator is doing it for attention or for the purpose of someonelse’s agenda really is not important. What is important to acknowledge is that his actions, his thoughts, his ADVICE is self destructive and dark. You may feel that he is justified to LED youth (13 year olds as yourself and your friends) down that dark and destructive “don’t give F*k” road because he had a hard life, but many people have had a hard life… I have had a hard life, but I would rather teach the youth as yourself to take a different path and avoid the pitfalls rather than the path of “Misery loves company”. There are A LOT of coincidences in the message that Tyler the Creator communicates and the Illuminati agenda if he did not receive those messages consciously then he certainly received them subconsciously… it’s not unusual for the Illuminati to select individual that come from a difficult life, it’s almost a requirement/necessity.

        I don’t agree with the individuals that took desrt100 comments so personal especially because as adults, we should have more patience and understand with the youth. It’s the lack of patience, love, and understanding that has our youth relying and turning to media or anything else that will understand and listen to them.

      • WHAT! how the heck can you look up to someone who trash christians im a christian and I feel like what he is doing is wrong everything want to be called music just because there is a beat. But what ticks me off in life is when people can look up to these celebritys and look up to them as gods but nobody want to look up to Jesus who died 4 us and who is really a God and care about us so much. And thats why I get mad at people who try to say there is no God because they are lost in this world why follow people like that it gets you no where in life why not follow Jesus christ I'll rather beileve there is a God we are not going to live for ever.

    • I have been waiting for this article good job vc expose these Fakes! Somebody asked why would they have actors on the vmas, Simple because EVERYone on the vmas IS an actor! Synthetic! Man-made!

    • After this post on V.c. I watched the show just to see if i could notice any thing else…And i did. What i noticed is that Chris Brown's act was kind of like watching a simulation of Semen in the womb. And to regards the square on Katy Perry's head is what i know from the occult and it represents the 3Demetional world/plane as we see it, but if you tilt it on its side and you divide it in half you get a 3-simplex. That make it 2 pyramids the one pointing downward on her head has no cap stone the stone the builders rejected. You can look further into the show if you know what it is you should be looking for just thought i should share this thanks.

    • zacky avarientos on

      This is totally true.

      "The VMAs are an artificial creation that artificially promotes artists to create artificial hype. It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them. Are there still real, authentic artists who sing from the heart and do not push “industry-approved” messages? Yes, but you won’t find them watching the VMAs. So turn off that TV and see what the real world has to offer." – Vigilant Citizen

    • Did anyone notice how EVERYONE wanted to give thanks to God this year? I noticed this because I was just having a conversation with a couple of friends a week before the VMA's about how artists thank God less and less each year….and this year it's like they made it painfully obvious:

      When Kayne and Katy got their moonman and Kayne speech was second and he was like "first off i wanna thank God" and Katy jumped ln like "yea God!" then looked out into the crowd all wired

      Then Justin Bieber with his " I wanna thank not just God but Jesus"…i was like ok thats strange

      Then Kevin Heart did some stand up in front of a hypnotic triangle

      Next thing I know Chris Brown is being strung up in the air in all white ,with his arms stretched out like Jesus on the cross

      I had to change the channel…

      • anything is possible. I remember when Jennifer Hudson's family was slaughtered and there were rumours going around saying Beyonce did not reach out to her on any level. I was like that must be a rumour because for someone to work with someone on set everyday for at least 8 months and not reach out to them is beyond rude, its downright evil. Until I heard with my own ears an interview with her on the radio. THey asked her has she reached out yet, mind you it was about 3 weeks after the murders, and she said no, but she is in my prayers. Not an email, flowers, phone call-NOTHING. That is downright evil. I mean know she was jealous about JEnnifer stealing the spotlight over the movie- but does she hater her. I don't care how much Beyonce smiles on camera and people call her so sweet, that solidified her character to me. I don't base my opinions on someone on rumours , only actions.

    • You are so right, Kate. Why can't they just come out as who they really are unless of trying to please their bosses..and it is a shame for the reason they want to be famous so bad that they give up who they are and their soul..take it easy in Australia..

    • I never watch award shows so I guess that I am not missing much.. At the point keep your mind and heart clear in this society is really one of the hardest task. Guard your heart and mind with all diligence.

  2. Although I agree that the Britney Spears tribute was ruined because of GaGa and Beyonce she has actually directed videos and has come up with the concepts for the majority of them.

    • yes and it was disturbing how they were mocking her at the same time like making her think she got some great award and then turning it around to make her feel uncomfortable in order to receive it

      • she's stated multiple times that she comes up with the concepts for all her videos and performances, she's not a liar she's actually one of the good people in the industry

    • I hate the way this site talks about Britney Spears. She has came up with concepts and ideas for many of her videos, and co-directed some. She has worked hard to be where she is. She is a really nice person and maybe naive, which is what got her involved with the wrong people in the industry who seems to be controling her now. Sad.

    • The whole tribute to britney seems fishy. VMAs usually only people who are dead. Do they know Britney's days are coming to an end? Like VC has said in his articles, the mind controlled usually start to try to break free about age 30, which is her next birthday this December. she tried to break free, but was unsuccesful. Has anybody noticed how under her conservatorship they completely suppress her? Her 5 second acceptance speech was a godsend to her fanbase because they havent heard her talk live in the longest time! her team , or handlers, demand to hear and edit every interview she does. theyre scared that she'll speak out. The poor girl admitted to not even having a cell phone in a magazine!! shes completely in a cage at age 29!. And coincidently there is talk that her conservatorship is coming to an end next year, were britney will finally be set free. They cant keep her quiet forever under im praying that there not planning an "accidental accident" for her. pray for britney and all.

  3. I'm not even surprised, I knew there was an article coming and I saw a lot of symbolism during the show. It's sad that the majority of the people who watch this don't even know the real meaning or what's going on… and the whole Jo Calderone thing was overdone and Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj's clothes are ridiculous, what is the world coming to…

  4. I am surprised you didn't elaborate more on the "pyramid/hypnotism" aspect of the entire show. The ENTIRE show was based around pyramids.

    • cuz VC doesnt adhere to the idea that pyramids mean illuminati all the time…i mean in this case probably so, but VC touched on alot ,cant cover everything,chris brown on puppet strings??? lil waynes fiery end? the ending credits showed "den of theives" productions

      • Maybe he just wants us to see this for ourselves and judge. He shouldn't have to spoon feed us information all the time. He has given use the tools to see things for ourselves.

    • i'm also surprised chris brown's performance wasn't mentioned. while he was on the stage, there was a morphing picture of the baphomet behind him on the big screen being flashed over and over

  5. Finally! I have been waiting for this one. Haven't even read it yet, but just so excited someone has finally written about it. I'm going to read it now…

    • Okay, I just read it. Everything I was thinking about was on there; and more! I cannot believe so many people fall for this year in, year out. The last paragraph simply covers everything. It is all FAKE! There is nothing authentic or innocent about what is going on during these shows.

      The Illuminati and music industry goes hand-in-hand, and they have their own agenda. People who buy into all of this crap are falling right into their hands. You are already being controlled by them. People, don't end up like these artists and free yourself from this superficial and material world that people are so obsessed about being a part of.

      In the words of John Frusciante: "Once you stop all your thoughts you are tied to your surrondings." I think people should start waking up and understanding the truth behind this crap.

  6. Darrell The Truthsee on

    Tyler the Creator is a freakin gimmick, a wanna be, a loser, he's not ready to dance with the Devil. Truth be told all of these people are idiots.

      • Oh puleeze, Maroon 5 is too part of the Illuminati. Who here hasn't heard their song with X-tina, "Moves Like Jagger?" All about control.

        And Adam has been promoting homosexuality via his brother in some magazine.

        I LOVE him and his band, but now the crap is starting to show up in their music too, so I won't be buying the next CD :(((

      • HeavenInFlames on

        Ever considered that his band doesn't get even nominated 'cause they're NOT part of the Illuminati industry, and show it off? They wouldn't think of even nominating someone who's not "one of their own".

      • And WHY is that, exactly? THAT is the question that begs for answers. THAT is the question that leads to comments from people like Adam Levine and articles like this spectacular one from VC.

        Certainly it has NOTHING to do with quality or talent.

      • BTW, this was directed at @ELOcutio's comment. Again, WHY are "they" so "choosy" about who gets nominated, who is "trendy" that year, etc.? That is the question. And maybe this article is the answer.

      • Me from Colombia on

        Maroon 5 has a song Moves like Jagger with Christina Aguilera that goes all day long on MTV and Vh1. An artist outside the network will never get that much airplay and what about Aguilera? And praising that demon Jagger? Come on. He is just jealous.

  7. People, I know you're bored, but please… "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." -Galations 6:7

    OddFuture, Kanye West, Jay-Z, all of them- they will reap heavily God's wrath. No sympathy for the devil here.

    • Amen to that!! I don't even watch this stuff anymore, I don't want any demonic influence in my home. I did see all the hype that followed on the news. That is enough for me.

      • After we have studied and called out the behavior of these satanic people, I think the best we can do about these "performers" is, for those of us who are Christians, is to pray for them.

    • I respect all religions and different opinions, but, hasn't it occurred to you that your religious speech just scares away people that is not religious but still are against all the illuminati BS? …. because when "normal" people start to read all this crap about the devil and the demons and the wrath of god, we dismiss you as looneys to be honest, and it just ridicules what this site is all about: not to be indoctrinated in what ever form! so, lets not forget about the rules of VC and not to talk religions!!!

  8. LIKE this if you were on VCs page finding out things on the night of the VMAs with previous knowledge by VC!

  9. Great article VC!

    I stopped wathching these horror shows the time when Eminem bullyed Moby,

    anybody remember that?

    • Wow I just read up on that and I am appalled. Moby really handled that maturely, and I respect him greatly for that, and even his point made perfect sense. Eminem is one anal little puss, I always knew he was an asshole but wow, lol. He sure reacted like a little teenager. That's what I always think about these celebrities, they are all just little kids… and it's funny and pathetic, they are adults trying to be teenagers. Making bland, shitty music catering to immature brats cause that's as far as their ability goes and intelligence/wisdom has come.

  10. What I think is crazy is all those people who ran home to watch the show… I know people who took off work to see it. What does that say about us as a society??

  11. Beyonce is one beautiful pregnant lady ! Let's hope Solange will raise the kid, not jay !!

    Poor thing, she's been stuck with him for 12 years or something, I can't even imagine jayz being, nice sweet or father-like !

    Gagas alter really reminds me of that french singer Serge Gainsbourg, who died 20 years ago. Some weird rumors were running about him because he did a kind of sexual video with his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg (who is now an actress and plays in movies such as "antichrist"… what a coincidence !).

    I don't need to watch the show, I already feel annoyed. -_-

    Nicky or Nicki whatever lol looks R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S her stylist should quit. Wait actually everybody looks a HOT mess (but beyonce).

    I don't know what to say, all these people are troubled and I really wish they could find rest in Jesus Christ everyhting is possible ! DMX have, prodigy from Mobb Deep is also getting his way out I think.

      • It really affects me that a person like DMX, can't talk about everything he wants.. As soon as he does, he gets arrested or talked bad about..

        He probably will die soon because they won't let someone talk for a very long time, just like it was said in the vid, tupac and michael..

        What was the most beautiful thing was that he said, pray for me because I pray for you

        Don't believe everything you read, don't believe everything you see

    • What's that about Prodigy? I know many people think Alex Jones is a disinformation agent, but I think Prodigy is done with the industry garbage. That's what I got from his interview on Alex Jones.

      • Yeah, his letters from prison were truly convincing and made him credible. I don't mind Alex Jones one bit, regardless of his inner motives, he really does send the right messages and works hard in keeping people informed. No hate or disrespect from me.

  12. good article. never knew that about the stage. thought the awards was weird and was every station i turned too. its like u had no choice but to watch it which is sad. i am so thankful for this site

  13. I noticed a lot more of the pyramid symbols too. there was a lot of refrences that i can only hope ppeople pay attention to

  14. "It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them. "


  15. " It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them."

    Roflmbo Priceless.

    • Beyonce is 30 and having a baby – no coincidence there. They call it being 'thrown the freedom train' for some of the lower level monarch slaves whose programming breaks down at 30 and end up dead or in mental institutions. But for the 'elite' monarch slaves, I think they either crack up – see Britney and Mariah and get reprogrammed in 'rehab' or get pregnant. So Beyonce's role is moving into what was Madonna's 'Queen Mother' role while the younger pop stars take over. That poor Beyonce/Jay Z hybrid child will be programmed from the day it is born and pimped out like the Smith's kids to 'turn out' the next generation.

  16. I also spotted some symbolism in Chris Brown's performance; he was dressed in all white, and at one point, when he was flying, he had his arms spread out like he was on the cross. After that, he touched base with the ground, and following him were two guys on either side of him, and all three of them spread their arms out like they were on crosses as well. Thoughts on this?

    • I didn't see Chris' performance…I might have to watch that later. But by your description my very first thought was Jesus' crucifixion and the two criminals on either side of him. Chris is consistently publicly 'crucified' still for beating Rihanna, for stupid outbursts on Twitter, for throwing chairs out of ABC windows because he doesn't like the interview questions that someone asked him, etc. This isn't to take up for his actions by any means, but he probably is some kind of sacrifice in a way. Whereas with a celebrity's death the elite can 'harvest' the energy directed toward the mourning over that celebrity, with Chris the elite can harvest the negative energy that is directed toward him (and in return, the negative energy that results from his fans childishly defending him and insulting those who call him out on his actions).

    • She got to say thank you for the award and then read an intro for Beyonce. I've always marveled at how her and Justin Timberlake could be Beyonce and Jay Z if they'd stayed together. I have always thought there was an unspoken rivalry there, but when Brittany said me and Beyonce started around the same time, my jaw dropped. I think ole Jay Z was "Watching the Throne" a long time ago and he and Beyonce profitted from Brittany's supposed "self-implosion." What kind of "tribute" requires the recipient to introduce another entertainer and lavish her with complements?

      • what yall said is interesting and had me thinking about their names:

        Beyonce + Jay-z = BJ

        Brittney + Justin= BJ

        Not really sure where im going with this yet but it is an interesting coincedince.

        Only in the context of what you were saying.

  17. I am eternally grateful for this site's existence. Gliding through complex layers of reality wouldn't be possible without your help.

  18. DarkestBurningStar on

    I didn't even bother to watch the VMA's. So I was looking forward to reading VC's break-down of it. It's just the same crap over and over. Glorifying lies, trash, and giving glory to the Enemy who loves destruction. Well, they're not getting my attention anymore!

  19. I thought I was the only one that noticed that that stage looked like a giant vag*na. I also didn't understand what were actors doing in a MUSIC "celebration" and didn't see the point of having the JS, Wolf, Awkward casts there. Yes, they are shown on MTV but what "contribution" have they done for music. I guess Adam Levine made a very valid point. Love your work VC been following you for a while and have learned alot. Thanks.

  20. It's a sad day when Chris Brown can legitimately call you out for being too far gone in your demonic mess. (On a side note, I actually feel very sorry for Chris, maybe even more so than I do for Rihanna sometimes…he very obviously has mental issues that are not being recognized and treated, and when he goes into his violent fits of rage he may be even experiencing mental, possibly mind-control triggered disturbia.)

    • You feel for Chris more than the woman he battered?? Clearly not everyone who posts here is insightful.

      • Se's a masochist [supposing this is the term that means loves pain]. So, I don't see how it harms her if she loves it. She seems to love it in her videos, but then again I don't support domestic abuse.

      • The only thing that causes even a little sympathy here on either one of their parts is they were from dysfunctional backgrounds and were sold into the industry as kids. But, the MSM story is NEVER the real story so as Chris said, "Shorty know what happened in that car." Do I endorse domestic violence NO. Do I endorse a reckless lifestyle of sleeping around and whoring yourself to the highest bidder? NO again. that industry turns people into monsters. Greedy, jealous, violent, drug dependent………. I'm sure these things happen all the time. This just got huge exposure bc they f'd up the grammy's.

      • Rihanna and Chris Browns situation is a bit strange and there a re a few things that i think couldve happened.

        1. She is into s&m and all types of other freakiness. So i think Her and Chris were getting it on real hot and heavy and he said or did something she didnt like. So she tells everybody the bruises come from her being beaten out of spite.

        2. She Blew up in the industry right after on sympathy votes because everybody felt bad for her. So I think she might have faked it and sacrificied Chris Brown to boost her image.(sacrificied him publically destroying his image). She told everybody he beat her knowing everybody would believe her instead of him because no one ever believes the guy. It also explains why he gets so angry about it when asked any questions. And her constantly singing about S&m, and being excited by chains and whips is like a slap in the face to Chris.

        3. He just really beat her ass

  21. TheTruthWillSetYouFr on

    Once again – VC delivers yet another fine exposé on this industry, leaving no stone unturned!

    Without a shadow of doubt, this year's VMA gives clear evidence that the spirit of the world is

    represented by certain basic attitudes, ways of doing things, and aims in life that are

    common to the present system of things of which, as recorded in the Bible, Satan is ruler

    and god.

    It is written: “The god of THIS system of things,” Satan the Devil, encourages all sorts of

    practices that misdirect man’s God-given inclination to worship – 2 Cor. 4:4; Revelation

    12:7-9, 12 (NWT).

    These "artists", under Satan's influence (not control), are subliminally stimulating negative characteristics in the hearts of men as part of his global agenda (under the guise of The Illuminati, i.e. The Elite).

    Some of these "artists" have been treated as gods. Millions idolize and bow before them.

    "Celebrations" (such as The VMA's) frequently give undue honour to individual humans.

    Undeniably, the influence of Satan can be seen and heard everywhere! There is a need constantly to be on guard against it (1 John 2:16,17; Galatians 5:19-21).

    I have and always will love good wholesome music. I switch off/over when this kind of negative trash is on offer. Of course, real & veritable artists do exist out there folks. If I'm unable to find them – just step back in time…

    "TheTruthWillSetYouFree" – John 8:32

    • Truth – Great comment, beautifully stated.

      Personally, I am not as certain as you are that the performers are LITERALLY under the influence of the 'satan' (and whether such an entity even exists), but clearly they are under SOME kind of influence, and it's not a good one. Not one to look up to or emulate in any way.

  22. Anyone else notice Tyler the Creator's Mom putting her hands up praising the Lord when he won artist of the year? I thought that was really strange considering the lyrics he writes. Seems like she's not quite aware of what her son is getting himself into.

  23. cannot believe how creepy katy perry is. for a girl raised with religion, she ought to be ashamed promoting threesomes


    great work vigilant

  24. Pure foolishness. I would say wake up, but the only thing that can un-zombify this world is salvation from Jesus Christ. Sheesh. This world is really moving more & more forward to the book of Revelations everyday..

    • Yeah… Jesus Christ coming back. Enlighten me to any proof in history, or any cientific evidence which has shown a human being that lived thousands of years ago coming back to life, lol.

      This is never going to happen, why? Because none of your previous miracles, happened either.

      I have yet to understand why people follow the rules and morals given out by old men who lived thousands of years ago, in a world different to the one we live in now. Where is the logic in that?

  25. Someone who gives a on

    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

  26. I knew the VMA's would be full of this "Occult Industry" and "Illuminati"

    But for me, Lady Gaga was the highlight. Its as if she thought she was an actual "man". Literally.

    The way she acted, her persona was incredible. Well why wouldn't it be? She was mind controlled. But do people believe me? NO. What do they do? They LAUGH IT OFF. As usual

    People even said, and it was reported that Lady Gaga didn't respond to "Lady Gaga" when she was her alter ego, and that she would use the male toilets. This type of mind control must be serious, she forgot who she was. Completely.

    The Amy Winehouse tribute pissed me off the most, especially when she was showing the "one eye", as if its somehow asserting that she has served herself to the industry and they've finished with her. I know if she saw that tribute, she would of hated it. And Bruno Mars? For the tribute? Oh please, I think you'll all agree when I say it should of been her school friend Adele.

    Britney Spears, what ever she read was definitely scripted, and I could see it in her eyes, she was really scared of Lady Gaga, but notice how she wasn't like that when she kissed Madonna. Whys that? Because she knows the ins and outs and has been through it all. Her tribute was nothing but a meer explanation to those who are not deceived by this industry that she will die in the next few years. Although i'm not God, so her life doesn't lie in my hands. And the man sitting to her left, looked very suspicious. A "Handler" perhaps?

    Jessie J? This lady is pathetic. Especially when her song "Who You Are" clearly explains how much of a truthful girl she is, but she's deluded and blind. She can't see the world for what IT REALLY IS. In a youtube video she say's she's not part of this "Illuminati Group" and she also said "I'm gonna look into this Illuminati and see what its really about" PLEASE DO!

    She's just another puppet, her eyes were innocent, but the world surrounding her on that day were far from it.

    Adele, another innocent soul, waiting to fall into this "Industry" but i'm surprised that she has't yet. There's a certain line of popularity in America, and she's surpassed it. Big Time. Yet she dosen't do what any "puppet" would do. Strange? I'll just look forward to her 3rd Album coming out next May. Otherwise, she'll die as well.

    Although I'm not sure if you have all seen it, but Leona's new album cover. We all know that Leona isn't considered a "puppet" or slave to the "industry" and her single cover had nothing suspicious on it. But her album cover, took me a while to notice. But she had 2 stars under each eye, probably representing mind control? And the cover looks very flirtatious, as if she would be a sex kitten. Something like that

    There was so much more at the VMA's, but I can't type forever. Like Justin Bieber being told to hold a snake? WOW. Katy Perry sounding a bit weird and that mind controlled cube on her head. Beyonce, her white and black stripes, and prosthetic baby bump. Yes its prosthetic, she had admitted it. She wanted the bump to be visible, Chris Brown and the yellow eagle behind him while he was singing. Lots and LOTS of triangles. THE LIST GOES ON.

    God Gave Us Eyes. So Lets Use Them

    Wake Up World. Wake Up

    • Maybe's Adele's troubles with her throat were warnings for her to "Get With The Program?" I do remember her having laryngitis after her Chicago gig.

    • Yes Very Suspicious on

      "And the man sitting to her left, looked very suspicious. A “Handler” perhaps?"

      I believe the muppet-looking guy you are referring to is Larry Rudolf, her on-and-off manager, whom she did mention in one of her thank-you speeches.

      • @ Yes Very Suspicious

        I how do you know that this "Larry Rudolf" is not a "Handler" or part of this occult industry? I only assume. Maybe he is a puppet as well.

  27. Thumbs up if anyone noticed how silent the crowd got when Justin Bieber Thanked "Jesus" …interesting. Great article VC.

    • Justin Bieber honestly looked confused and/or unhappy to me the whole time. Every time they showed his face, he looked sad. I hope this young man sees the industry for what it is, and can stay strong in his faith. No matter what you think of the Bieber, you gotta give him props for having the guts to stand up and say what he did. Anybody can thank "God" because their "god" is not the God of the Bible. But to specifically thank His Son Jesus is a whole other matter!!

    • I'm surprised he hasn't been completely drowned in symbolism yet. But maybe there is hope for him. I hope so. I may not be a fan of his music by any means, but he's a cute kid, and he seems to be really honest and sweet and well mannered. He doesn't deserve the Illuminati treatment. He's just too sweet for that. AND WAY TO YOUNG!

      • Anon,

        JB's sweetheart is a well known young actress who has worked for disney – selena gomez. i'm not insinuating that she is an illuminati puppet and / or sex kitten – but she works for disney… looks and smells like a rat, probably a rat.


  28. WOW, odd future's a total sham if even chris brown has something bad to say about it. also interesting is that his alter ego name includes hayley – like the singer of paramore.

    i read on some sites that lady gaga wore a prosthetic penis to complete the alter ego of joe calderone.

    yes, katy perry most definitely has a problem with her head. i LOVE how she and her fans think she is so unique, funny, and/or cool for wearing a fucking cheesehead on stage. seriously, this girl could not be more of a joke. but i know the joke is on her!

    again, rest in peace amy. so sad that they make fun of her, with LIES no less ( that wasn't a tribute, it was a mockery. what a shame.

  29. nicki's outfit bugs me. I find it funny how she came wit a damn "muzzle" on. =T all i could think of was "SSSH!" smh these poor puppets…n the Amy Winehouse tribute BUGGED THE FUCK OUTTA ME!! smh when they kept showin her hidin the one eye…all i could do was SMDH..smh Chris Brown's performance was great..but it made me dizzy from all the damn triangles/pyramids in the background =/. Beyonces FAKE ass baby bump…no comment. Jay-Z n Kanye can come out anyday now n just own up to wat they talk abt on records already. That underground Christian rapper already put out a diss on "no church in the wild" ..TRUTH. I'm sick of this shit. Vigilant Citizen you r the greatest. Keep it up!

  30. Ministry of Truth on

    The ''Illuminati'' (or whatever you want to call them) have created a very big gap in the market for intelligent people. ! Thanks VC for this article youda best keep it up!

  31. Lady gaga is pathetic and that minaj character is something out of a horror show and as for those other fake ass witches katy whatever and jessie whatever they are some of the most ridiculous creatures i have ever come across. Real talent is no longer appreciated and all we are getting these days are these irritating people acting as if they are something. Man its so annoying!!!

  32. the funny thing is that i have never seen pics of Amy with one-eye shit, and i saw many pictures of her displaying this in the vma's. did they make them up just to put her in all this evil thing even though she wasn't part of it when she was alive?

  33. I didn't see the show, but I was very suspicious of the beyonce pregnancy, stealing the spolight

    from every artists, why choose that time to announce you're pregnant, my thing is fame is like gaga said a "monster" that's why some artist when they don't get the attention they use to get

    they go crazy, the craving for the media attention, to be talked about all the time is dangerous, my opinion, don't mean I'm right. great article, not sure if everything you said is true but I feel that there's a lot of fake things going on in that industry.

  34. thanks for breaking this down vc.. if ppl can watch that show, then read this article, and STILL not see the signs – they are truly blind.


  35. You know, I sometimes wonder if this whole thing isn't just a stupid trend. Hip Hop people in particular are known for doing any stupid thing for attention so long as it's trendy and "right now". One Hip Hop artist does something that people think is cool and suddenly ever unoriginal turd in the industry is doing the same. That's how Hip Hop works. So who's to say that it wasn't one of these hacks that thought it was cool to pretend he had some secret thing going with secret societies, and so the whole industry follows along like the sheep they are.

    I know that there IS mind control used in media and music in particular… but if the Illuminati is so "elite", why would they be letting every Johnny-come-lately, no talent, ghetto turd who comes along into their sacred society?

    Yes, they are being used… but still… something about "elite" secret societies and foolish, trendy, no brain, hip hop people just don't seem like they'd go together.

    • That's the thing, these artists, and I use the term loosely, are not IN the Illuminati; they are used BY the Illuminati to push their agenda of depravity, sexual perversion and other social diseases. As many people as they can use to usher in the anti-Christ agenda the better for them. The desire is for a wicked and perverse generation ala Alestier Crowley, and from the looks of it – it's working, but remember God wins in the end so this is all for just a season! 😉

  36. Amazing article. I saw a clip of the Gaga dude making the speech I really could not take it. I watched a piece of Fashion Police and the way they gushed over these artist (if you can call them that) was so rdidiculous. Gaga was described as a true artist "an artist" for doing what a number of victims have done before her. I even recall when Jim Carey had an alter ego the bearded truck guy. How can they say with a straight face that these people are origonal???

  37. CarefullObserver on

    I also found the 1st pic of Amy Winehouse to be interesting in that it reminded me of the "shattered mirror" often seen in "mind control photography", representing the "split or fractured mind", which is the heart (goal/point) of mind control. Those photos were so carefully chosen, it's almost obnoxious, . . . once you've been made aware of what to watch/look out for.

  38. I am so glad that Justin Bieber thanked "Jesus" to clarify which GOD he was referring to. That right there showed me that although these artists were thanking "GOD", they certainly weren't referring to Jesus Christ. This industry is ridiculous. Because the Devil cannot know the heart of a man, I wonder if these artists truly know whats going on and are kind of "playing" the role. We as consumers don't really know whats going on in their minds. We can claim that they are all mind controlled, but good actors/actresses looking to get their break can jump into a particular role if they are down for the money that comes with it. I just cant help but feel that most of these artists are stuck and bound because of the contract they signed. Fore example: Kate Perry's parents don't approve of her lifestyle in the industry and I really don't believe she has gone through some shock traumatizing mind control to get her to do what she is doing. She started off as a Christian artist and found a way to make more money. Now I am not condoning any of the actions these puppets make, but we have to realize that maybe some of them are just plain old sell outs. Sometimes I think we give to much power to the "illuminati agenda" saying that they have mind controlled all these people. I personally believe that some of these artists are super smart and are just playing the system. Especially, if they know that GOD "Jesus Christ" is the only one that knows the heart of a man. The devil can surface but cant break the core. Just my thoughts.

    • Kwan says:

      September 9, 2011 at 9:21 am

      Yup, I agree!!!

      When they say God, they could simply be omitting God of music… Or whatever.

      And did you hear about Drake slamming Bieber because he took all the original swearing out of the lyrics of this one song?

      Drake, “I wish he (Justin) would’ve left all the cuss words in it. I feel like that would’ve been so G, if he would’ve done all the swearing.”

      Drake original version: “You know what I’m sippin’/ I teach you how to mix it/ But you’re the only one, ’cause I don’t trust these bitches.”

      On his version, Justin doesn’t condone drinking nor does he refer to the song’s subjects as bitches. Instead, Justin changes the line and sings.

      Justin Bieber clean version: “You just need to listen/ Teach you how to fix it/ ‘Cause you’re the only one, because I don’t trust these women.”

  39. I didn't read it all nor all the comments, but what I read, good job as always. I certainly didn't watch it on TV, I don't watch much, my wife does enough for all of us.

    I did notice that there was a lot of Pyramid shapes in the pictures, but the thing that stands out the most of the Sims thing. Green. If one reads Tom & Nita Horn's book, Apollyon Rising 2012 it will explain why green is important to them. It was suppose to be a part of Lucifer that was severed off and fell to the ground when he and Michael fought. It is said to hold power and was fragmented and pieces are used at places and in things. He has pretty good documentation on it all too.

    Sounds like a B rate unHolywood movie, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

  40. Did you get kate perry's interview in which she celebrates britney's performance of "i'm a slave for you with the snake"?

    interesting theme, uh?

  41. Great article. The vmas have alwaya disgusted me, even before I became informed about all this illuminati stuff. Oh and I'm also pretty sure Adam Levin is influenced by the illuminati…I mean he was on that God awful show The Voice with Christina Agulera. I have also seen him do the one eyed salute. Adele too has become entrenched in this stuff…I heard about her getting an alter ego after meeting with Beyonce.

  42. it's so over for all of us, keep your children away… and please post an update article about amy…she had no illegal drugs thank god, ugh, this industry

  43. What drug was gaga ? She looked stoned out of her mind. Katy perry looked like she was on her way to sunday school, or to teach a kindergarten class with that block of cheese on her head, and that long country skirt. Lil Wayne and his girl pants ?? Beyonce and that big ole prostetic belly, kept on rubbing her belly all night. I'm like why didn't she just show up with a pickle and pepermint, same thing ! While we are on the subject did anyone see her pregnancy bikini pictures ( 2 weeks after vma & her belly was smaller than the fake one she wore on the red carpet ) ? She had one of the creppiest looking stomach I have ever seen in my life. It was all lumpy and gross looking. I took one look at her bare stomach and said to myself, it look like she is about to give birth to the anti-crist or something strange lol. Jay-Z and Kanye, I was feeling like my momma when she hears rap music" oh lawd what are they saying, this is just noise, where's my remote" . Poor Britney was this a first ? To read an acceptance speech from the prompter. Tyler the kid, his role in the show was just too obvious. Chris Brown lip singing……all the above was too much for one show !

  44. That's why I go for the Hanson brothers. They now own their own label. Could the reason be because of this particular scenario with mainstream music? I believe it could be. Those brothers are truly talented musically.

  45. i would like to know what the point of all this mind control stuff is… will it put us under control too? because if not it is completely pointless to have these crazy videos about sex, violence, mind control and, all that other crazy stuff

      • They want to influence you to accept a moraless world, and in order to do that they constantly bombard your concious and subconcious mind with images, and music, movies that gets progressively worse till you start to question what you believe. Then they throw some mixed truths at you to confuse you. Then they just beat your brain to death with all this stuff that sounds real until they completely sway you over to the way they believe. After that they have you hooked and they will tell you any lie they want and you will probably believe it.

        Oh, if you somehow manage to break your programming and start to question their version of the truth they call you things like crazy, drug addict or they brand you a paranoid schizophrenic to discredit you.

        Im not just talking about celebrities either if you talk about these things to alot of people in your own life or family they will call you these things. I know people who were literally taken into police custody and placed under the watch of the coronor, because they talked about this to their family.

        Its good to try to open your eyes and examine whats going on around you, but this is some really serious stuff. The reactions ive seen people have when brought face to face with the truth about the world is shocking.

  46. Very well written, I enjoyed this article thoroughly! Even made me giggle (succesor of the king lol). I especially liked the end… I think a lot of people forget sometimes that there ARE good artists out there with nothing but positive intentions.
    Thievery Corporation is a WONDERFUL band, with incredible music and a great message. Their latest album is actually entitled "Culture of Fear". I could list many, many artists who put out great music and are in no way tied to any of this negativity. Point is, its out there. Bad exists. But so does good. I think people should stop focusing so much and feeding the negativity, but rather direct their energy towards the positive. Laugh at things like the VMA's instead of expending emotions and frustrations over something that ultimately, you know you can't change. Invest time in philosophy, religion, history, writing, reading novels, outdoor activities, meditation, exercise and so forth instead of spewing hatred towards things that don't even deserve your attention!

    Eh. I don't want to sound preachy. Great article! I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees the repetition of the fake and the humour in it all.

  47. All this this people have absolutely nothing to do with music. Only with shit for the masses 😉

  48. a wise girl says on

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally VC no wonder why you were slacking for so many weeks….odd that they had amy winehouse's face in a pyramid with one eye hmmm…

    • lol.Yea i kept checking back all the time and nothing new! But finally the article ive been waitign for!(:

  49. As soooooon as I saw Jessie J with her stupid fake cast on her leg I KNEW it was some sort of initiation for her! with out a doubt I knew thats exactly what it was. I mean c'mon with a cast, you only have one single to sing in front of thousands of people. Which singer would agree to that,unless they knew they were going to get something out of it in the end?! She looked so stupid just sitting there through out the entire show singing OLD songs by other artists, but hey she knew she was going to be "rewarded". Ugh sickens me…

  50. questions:

    was britney supposed to kiss gaga? if so:

    1. how BADASS is it that she didn't?!

    2. what kind of punishment is she going to receive for not doing it??

    • poor brit! gaga is disgusting!!! ewww i would never kiss her, not even under mind-control crap!! lol

  51. Just wanted to say thank you for this website. It gives further evidence for things I have always thought and helps me to stay grounded and not be swept up in the mind control myself. A vine shall be known by it's fruits, and your cause is pure. Keep up the vigilant work.. It's important and meaningful for many people.

  52. This was right on point and much more that VC did not mention. OMG that award show was just creepy and a waste of time for the people with brains. And like someone mentioned earlier, I believe people are watching not because of interest, but because they are hip to what's really going on and want to see for themselves. That's why I watched, after VC did that article on the 2009 VMA's I was shocked and disgusted to say the least. But I knew from the beginning this was all illuminati programmed. From the numerous pyramids, to GaGa atrocious persona, Nikki and Katy outfits, Jay Z and Kanye performance from that satanic album Watch the Throne, stupid tributes, Bey announcing pregnancy (weird to say how private her and Jay are), and just the theme of it, which screamed dark and halloween to me. It was a mess! And funny that VC didn't mention Selena as a future holder too. They are really thrusting her into that top platform. Oh, and for those who keep mentioning that symbol that appeared during Chris performance that's actually the symbol for the hip hop group Wu Tang Clan. He danced to one of their songs during his performance and that came up as the song came on. On his twitter they shouted him out for recognizing them during his performance. Excellent article VC!

    • lol selena is not going anywhere near the top of anything hahaha. she will be completely irrelevent this time next year, just like hilary duff and miley cyrus before her. the only thing that has kept her in the spotlight this log is her fauxmance with the most popular teenager (possibly person) in the world, justin bieber.

      • Well to be fair, Miley Cyrus has withdrawn from the spotlight for now, and who can blame her, she made plenty for many lifetimes. I hope she's spending some overdue time with her father. He seems to know what's going on.

  53. That's weird. They've never paid a tribute to anyone that has only been in the industry less than 10+ years, have they? Not so familiar with VMA, so am curious. So, what's in store for Britney Spears now?!

  54. Everything you wrote was obvious…what about all the hidden triangles all over the place? Watch Chris Brown's Performance + Jared Leto's Tattoos. There was much more than this that I think you missed. All the hidden sh*t is the kickerrrrrr…And no love to Justin Beiber for taking a stand? Not Cheering for the devil and giving a shout out to Jesus! Ha!!! Awesome.

    • i agree!! i know a lot of people hate on the biebs but he made it a point to thank Jesus!!! God Bless him!

      • He thanked Jesus because that's the obvious thing to do. He showed up to the show with a pet snake wrapped around his hand. What do you think the message was in that?

  55. Great article VC!!! I just read all of the comments and there were so many great posts!! Especially to the people who put up a lot of good verses from The Bible. I definitely made fun of my Dad a while back for having Mtv and Vh1 blocked completely from our house when my sister and I were teenagers, but being 26 now and having matured….God Bless him for that!!! I will be doing the same for my future kids!!!! hahaha…Take care everyone!!

    *I didnt even bother to actually watch the vmas – however, just seeing some of the pics scares me and makes me want to run to church stat!!!

  56. Great article. Love the ending. I agree, it's all SO fake. People, cancel your cable and don't listen to mainstream radio stations! It's all such obvious utter crap. It amazes me that gaga and beyonce have millions UPON millions of fans. Who are these people?!? I don't get it. It's just bad music. That's not an opinion. Musically, it's all so horrible to the ears. There is so much good music happening today, it is out there, you just have to look for it.

  57. I watched the vmas. I knew something was up with the stage, my family thought I was crazy. Im still suspicious about how Lady Gaga was holding that cigarette. Thanks Vc for another good post!

  58. If you watch the Lady Gaga aka "Jo Calderone" Press Room Interview (, it's obvious that she really does think she is Jo. Either her body is actually under the control of and inhabited by an alter persona named Jo, or the girl is one heck of an actress…

    From the video it sounds like "Gaga" may have been at a breaking point or feeling the pressure, and sick of the spotlight, so she begged Jo to go in her place. Whether Jo was specifically chosen by her controllers to perform at the VMA's or not, even if it wasn't planned and Jo showed up instead of Gaga, I'm sure all it did was add to the publicity for them.

    • i dont think gaga is sick of the spotlight, and up until "jo" i thought she was acting and ok with the industry and just promoting it, not controlled. Now I don't see her being smart or quick with this "interview" the way stephanie germanotta is, but come to think of it, when "gaga" is interviewing, and even when she speaks at concerts, she has this innocent, slower baby-voice and doesn't speak that intelligently either, its always "thank you for coming to my festival. my mommy used to take me to these concerts. one day i will cheer for you.." in her little girl voice. So i really am starting to think she is controlled thought I didn't for a while because she was supposedly in charge of her own ideas and wardrobe and even a lot of ideas behind her own videos, and it takes a really intelligent and twistedly slick person to want to promote all these ideas.

      • Actually Lady gaga during interviews is Extremely intelligent, she knows Exactly what this industry is about and what they're doing. Since she is an Artist she uses the fame as a fuel , she makes Art out of it. Ex. Her Vma 2009 Performance? first 10 seconds of it she states "amidst of all these flashing lights i pray the fame wont take my life" then she hangs from the stage drenched in blood. The blond celebrity dying before our eyes. Also which could be a comment on how the stars are killed off once they become irrelevant by the industry.

        IN this interview she talks about the Art of Fame, and if you research more. You'll find that she very intelligent.

  59. maby its all trying to show the birth of new 'alter egos' and the next generation of so called 'stars'

  60. I don't know why I looked it up, but I did…I went to Youtube to watch Lady Gaga's video you and I and I have to say that I couldn't even watch the whole thing!!! The imagery was so deeply disturbing that it literally made me sick to my stomach!!! It's so sick and disgusting. Like the worst nightmare you could imagine times 10!!! I don't watch any slasher horror films, so I am not conditioned to this kind of imagery. Nor do I want to be! Sad sad sad!!!!

    • you know, I did the same thing..curiosity killed the cat I suppose?.. it was the most blatantly disgusting video I have seen Gaga..Stephanie..put out yet. There is no art to it. None whatsoever…it just replicates the state of mind vs. the reality that many of these MK victims deal with, and the lack of cohesion throughout the video again shows her inability to separate reality from imagination.

      Now, I will admit I am a sucker for horror films. But the imagery itself was a problem, even for me. It was the psychological aspect of it all that I found most terrifying…the normalization of such foul treatment of one by another.

      What I have found curious about my reaction to the types of pop music coming lately, is that the robotic, violent transitions inherent in the videos trigger almost migraines in my head, as though it physically ails me to watch videos like "Telephone"by Gaga, "Video Phone" by Beyonce, …anything with the quick, repetitive breaks in the lyrics before the song continues. I can't take it…

  61. first- "life starts when the church end"- now "no church in the wild"- good job jay- "hov".. u can go f*ck yourself and do as thou wilt all you want bec the blind r letting u

  62. I watched parts of the show only to "see" the symbolism and was so disgusted by what the industry considers entertainment. I know, I know, it's all a machine, but it is a sick machine.

    For another point completely, did anyone catch the show that was on MTV in between the first airing and second airing of the VMA's? I don't know what it was called but it was so disgusting I almost gagged watching it, there is no such thing as sexual innuendo anymore, it is blatant and in your face. There was a scene where a girl was sitting on a guys lap (having sex) and she told him to stick his finger in her ass and he did! THAT is what the young kids are watching today, and I believe having far more affect on them then the music videos most never see because MTV stopped showing videos years ago. They watch these shows over and over again and I believe are far more programmed do to what they see there, just look at shows like the Real World and such. They are watching these disgusting mind control sexual programming shows on MTV and VH1 and THIS is changing them and perverting their minds with sexual programming at a very early age.

  63. she was on the view performing "you and I" and acting like what's his name with the piano and all but she in all black and white literally from head to toe

    just like with "alexandro" you would never get what it means until you saw that nasty video!

  64. p.s. does anyone see the huge eye and eyebrow on the stage?

    Some say it looks like a vagina or uterus- I see an eye there!

    Can be combination of different things

  65. Did anyone notice that Justin Bieber showed up with a pet snake in his hand? I thought it was kind of dumb but then I realized what it might stand for. A snake could represent Satan the original serpent from the bible. So what was he trying to say, Satan is with him? And that whole thing with thanking Jesus for what he has become, I'm not buying it! He's just another fake artist sayingto what his fans expect him to say.

  66. Such a great article VC, I really wish you would post articles more often! I come to your website everyday anxiously waiting to see an Update…. great work, appreciate all the work you do. Thanks for being so honest with your fans!

  67. I think VC should do an article on who he thinks are the mind control handlers. Someone said Russell Brand might be one and I thought how interesting if that were true. So much has been written on the people who are being controlled but we know nothing about its process and who is doing the controlling. I don't know just an idea.

    • You notice in russel brands latest movies he is a drug addict with handlers. In Auther he is in his mid to late 30's with a nanny and she constantly has to watch him to keep him from screwing up.

      Also in Get Him to the greek( I thought this was a horror movie due all the hidden messages and symbolism) He is a drug addict rocker who needs a handler just to get to a concert with out screwing up. And then there is his inept handler who sold his soul to P.diddy(the devil) to see his favorite band in concert and have a threesome with his god( Aldous Snow). The whole time the handler is being blackmaled to keep shut about the industry secrets and Snow's drug problem. they do everything from take pictures of him paryting all crazy to having him anally raped by a girl with a microphone in her crotch. In the end he keeps the secrets and is rewarded with his own record label.

      There is way more to those movies than what i said. Its like there are different levels of info in them.

  68. ahh. Wonderful article. However, during the VMA's i did come across a band called YOUNG THE GIANT- they were passionate, original and talented :). Also Bruno Mars did seem very sincere when he was singing his tribute to Amy- despite the illuminati signs. Surely not everyone in the room has bad intentions?

  69. Vigilant, Great article. I have been reading off and on for a few years– mostly off. This is the best article I have read. I am an artist and this is my favorite quote by you: "It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them. Are there still real, authentic artists who sing from the heart and do not push “industry-approved” messages? Yes, but you won’t find them watching the VMAs. So turn off that TV and see what the real world has to offer."

  70. Dear VC, I have been reading all your article, but this one SO hit the nail on the head. Well done and keep it up!!!

  71. well the artists are pretty much just dressing up like that and hiding their eyes on purpose.Cause if they truely wanted to hide it they would.

  72. You forgot Swizz Beats coming out on stage before the show with an Anubis shirt on. 😉 And the 16 and a half million pyramids that were flashed during the opening scenes 😀 I didn't even watch them because I hate TV in general and don't own one, but my friend had it on when I stopped by his house and those were the symbols we noticed in particular. Great job VC!

  73. It's unbelievable how I wanted to be a part of all that all these years, I was so blind and obsessed with becoming a star and I'm so glad right now that God opened my eyes before I made the wrong decision!!! Thank you VC for all the valuable info you put on your site. Keep it up your saving many souls!!

  74. I am so outraged those little girls dancing for all the sickos to see! Someone has to stop this crazy crap. MTV has just lost touch will humanity as a whole. WE AS A SOCIETY SHOULD NOT TOLERATE THIS! We need to go to MTV headquarters and demand something be done. We need to make an example out of any company that does this to children. There is no excuse this is not an anything goes society we as a cultre have laws in place to prevent this exact thing. What horrible parents selling their daughters to these evil tyrants. I am going to do something believe me and I will get others and we will be many. No more of this "it's art", no more.

  75. Could you maybe make an article about some people that are speaking out against the Illuminati?

    Nice article by the way. I didn't really pay that close attention when I watched it, but I also didn't realize that Nicki Minaj was under an alter ego… I just though she was a weird bitch like Lady Gaga. lol

  76. I actually disagree with the idea that Tyler, The Creator will support the illuminati agenda, in fact I believe he is the polar opposite with his music. "Yonkers" as a video is meant to show the horrors of what the music industry can do to a musician, a parallel idea to what many of your articles have said as well, except that you took a more forward route. The eating of the cockroach and the bleeding and eventual suicide is meant to show the slow dissension into self death by the music industry aka the illuminati agenda. If anything he recognizes the illuminati and exposes it instead of advocating it. I think the praise he received by Kanye and Jay Z might just be a funny coincidence, for his subject matter might be explicit but there is no doubt that he is extremely talented.

  77. DaVigilantNaija on

    What I hated most about the award show was Lady Gaga's Alter-Ego, it was just distracting and it seems as if she was heavily drugged bcos she kept shaking during her presentations, she just couldn't stand still.

    Secondly,Nicki Minaj's Costume, it's just a shameto see a fine young lady dress like a mindless/lost soul. i just couldn't pass the mouth-mask.

    Thirdly, Tyler the creator (never heard of him until the award show), was just unnecessarily negative. It kept saying "I'm gonna kill myself" whenever he was asked a question, and that got me really pissed.

    Fourthly, Britney's tribute was sick, seeing those kids on stage performing those sexual dance routines were criminal.

    All-in-all, the award show sucked (like it always does).

  78. im finding it very strange that every video ive gone on to look at parts of the vmas I cannot watch its just a still motion clip even when ive tried to look at them from various different users on youtube and the vma website wont let me watch it at all. and when I first typed in the vma website the first thing that came up was a porn website !!!

  79. not trying to defend TYler or odd future, but the Yonkers video is his interpretation of the music industry.
    he starts on the pedalstool rapping his style of music, but the cockroach crawling on him represents the mainstream industry tempting him, and when he finally eats it, it makes him sick and he throws up as he despises it.
    He hangs himself showing what the industry can do to people and that is why he refuses to settle making mainstream music and giving into the capitalist lifestyle.

    And the whole 666 and Jesus disses arent because he worships satan, but its to annoy religious people as he hates being drowned by religous rules etc. Sometimes we look too deep into things, even though it can make silly kids follow and copy what he does and says, it may not be intentional and we shouldnt judge someone of something we want to think.

    not defending him, but simply giving the people who dont know of him what he stands for before they judge him as a satanist who has no regard for anyone or anything. :)

    • Yonkers is about demonic possession. Your dog is possessed. He is perfect. Next year, he will probably win best album. lmao.

    • You do realize that he has an inverted cross on his forehead on one of his album covers, right? That is most definitely a satanic symbol. Durrrr.

  80. "I am so outraged those little girls dancing for all the sickos to see! Someone has to stop this crazy crap. MTV has just lost touch will humanity as a whole. WE AS A SOCIETY SHOULD NOT TOLERATE THIS! We need to go to MTV headquarters and demand something be done. We need to make an example out of any company that does this to children. There is no excuse this is not an anything goes society we as a cultre have laws in place to prevent this exact thing. What horrible parents selling their daughters to these evil tyrants. I am going to do something believe me and I will get others and we will be many. No more of this “it’s art”, no more."

    How about kids that perform at their school concerts? Is that okay, or just the ones performing for award nights such as VMAs?

    I’m sure private preschools, or even the public ones have annual concerts where kids perform for their parents and those in the community. There could be perverts in that crowd too. So, would you be outraged as well? Shame on those kids for going through all the trouble to practice and make their parents proud…

    • Umm you completely missed the point. Britney Spears was a sexual character. To have little girls prance around in her provocative outfits is what the person was pointing out as intolerable. Common sense much?

  81. Thanks to Vigilant, I now know all of this is just staged. This is no better than reality shows on television. It is all too phony and mentally deranged.

  82. omg if you see that music video yonkers, tyler the creator's silhouette looks like that of some devil or demon, with his hat making the silhouette of horns… the entire video, and lyrics are disturbing…

  83. I am more worried to that future baby. I have a strong feeling that that baby will be introduced to this kind of business once it can sing or influence people. Very disturbing.

    Also, I think his/her parents make it hard for him. Both Jay-Z & Beyonce don't have surnames. What are they gonna name it? LOL

  84. Alright…

    So, I watched these highlight reels of the space-time continuum, and through the Womb I watched actresses giving birth to further thoughtful renditions.

    Actors came out of their tombs with sarcophagus remnants dusting their shoulders off, and I looked to the west to see the eastern influence, just to check to see the truthful omissions in their mission statements.

    Swirl the patterns and realize the fruits of their actions, it's hidden right here on the plain view surface, the planes that you guys make through your own origami, and those are your own emotional linguistics forming these modern-day hieroglyphics.

    Symbolism with one-eye open, I sit on your pyramids knocking, wondering if all you will do is the same-old talking, which really isn't the problem if the words coming out of your own verbal causation were not the same ones I heard yesterday… from… someone? Everyone? That guy, damn, hold on, "Ummmm…."

    Coming straight from the pythons of Herculean graves, Jezabella mafia, you saw her on the throne while I watched Cleopatra drinking goblets with her own sonata-producing spirits. (Not the 'OooOOOOoO' type but the "Ohhhhwwwhooaa… I'm drfjunk", or maybe both, I don't know…)

    I'm not trying to say that any of this is irrelevant, I'm just trying to help paint a further extension of a landing strip.

    Plus, weirdly, I seem a bit more balanced, loosely. Isn't that weirdy?

    Figuratively speaking, of course.


  85. Okay you always have good shit to say, but i have worked with Tyler, discussed the retarded music industry, and I can tell you for a FACT he is anti-industry. OddFutureWolfGangKillThemAll was created by him for the sole puppose of having a group of young kids who look outside the box (odd) who can stick together no matter what. They do not want anything from anyone. Tyler is stubborn and selective on who he works with, and is all about fvcking with people. They are them, we are us. Kill Them All. The whole point of odd future is against what music has become. And sometimes you have to look at the person. Tyler doesn't smoke, drink, wear jewelry, and brings his mom to the vmas. Chris brown and other artists beat women, disrespect their own bodies and do all sorts of thinks for fame. I just urge everybody to pray for the best instead of imagining the worst. We manifest what we think. Tyler doesn't believe in the devil and unfortunately god either, but he will never sign a contract for money, fame, exposure or any of that. That happens a lot, but you have to look at the whole picture. If you watch the show again, you see that OF was the only group happy to be there. They are the only artists who genuinely wanted to win. Tyler was ecstatic he injured his foot jumping on stage. They have so much youth and soul. Best new artist was and has always been a fan voting system, and though mtv refused to play his videos, he has a dedicated underground fanbase. I truly believe he won the award and mtv is trying to jump on his popularity, which he will never do. Please just look deeper than the surface, which is usually what you do. God blew. GOLFWANG

    • Horror rap is not new. See Esham from Detroit. See Gravediggas. See Triple 6. See Brotha Lynch Hung. So we can talk religion or we can talk about creativity, it's all the same to me, holmes. Lmao. There is nothing anti-industry about recycling the Gravediggers/Bone/Triple 6 sound from the 90's and then pretending it's new and fresh. There is nothing new and anti-industry about talking about raping women. They is nothing new and anti-industry about anything your man is doing. I for one think he thinks he knows what he's playing with, but he really doesn't. You play with vodoo and such: kid, you get what you get.

    • Hi,

      I don't want to speak for VC, but I am pretty sure he wasn't saying that Tyler the Creator was a bad person. In fact, I do not think he ever personally attacked any artist. In this article, he basically wrote that Tyler had the type of personality and material that would fit in the current trend of the music industry. Tyler might be "anti-industry" but the industry is great at taking "anti-industry" things and making them part of it. They just twist and adjust a few things to fit its agenda. If your man can resist taking that big money and remain independent, more power to him.

      But like VC, I have the feeling that he might be co-opted by the system and become initiated. I hope not but I guess his future releases will tell us. Peace.

  86. Hello everyone, I have a few questions/statements/opinions I’d like to air.

    1. Why is everyone who believes in the Illuminati a religious Nutjob?

    2. Do you believe everything Vigilant Citizen writes even though none of you have ever met him and know very little about him? Doesn’t that make you sheep just as much as the people who are supposedly brainwashed by the Illuminati?

    3. If the Illuminati do exist why would they go to the trouble of putting symbols and signs in Music video’s/movies and other such things? Don’t they have better things to do with their time and why would they want to alert everyone to what they are doing?

    4. I consider myself a fan of Lady Gaga, I wouldn’t call myself a “Little Monster” but I like her music. I am not brainwashed, I enjoy a wide variety of music genres. Surely you realize that Lady Gaga is aware of the Illuminati rumours surrounding her and she no doubt uses these signs and messages in her videos as a means of publicity, which is obviously working considering this is one of the biggest Lady Gaga fan sites on the web.

    5. A conspiracy theory is exactly that because it has 0 evidence to back it up. I would advise you not to take things so seriously, and no pointing out triangles or people covering one of their eyes with their hand isn’t evidence. If you look for the devil, you will find him. It’s the same with the bible; Open it up and you can find a quote or phase to support any type of argument imaginable.

    6. I realize conspiracy theories are fun and this one will never die because it is anti-mainstream and ‘signs and symbols’ of the NWO can be found everywhere but sometimes things just happens because human beings are still a poorly evolved mammalian species, Such as the recent UK Riots. Not everything is because of the Illuminati. Sometimes shit just happens.

    7. The Illuminati are the worst –secret- society in the world.

    8. The Illuminati have been popularized by Dan Brown and even in an episode of American Dad “The Illuminutty”. It’s a conspiracy theory gone wild, but that’s all it is. Wait! That what they want you to think so they can hide in plain sight! Maybe, perhaps there is an all-powerful, mega wealthy, all knowing cult of satanic worshippers who are preparing to bring planet earth and the human species to the verge of apocalypse so as to be rewarded by the horned one in the fiery realm below, or maybe you’re just completely insane.

    In closing boys and girls I ask you. I appeal to your sense of reason and logic. What is more likely? That there is an all-powerful, All knowing, group of people who control everything in the world and commune with Satan…or that this is one of many conspiracy theories that has been over-indulged in.

    Peace and Thank you.

    • 1. Why is everyone who believes in the Illuminati a religious Nutjob?

      That's Mr. NutJob to you. Lmao

      2. Do you believe everything Vigilant Citizen writes even though none of you have ever met him and know very little about him? Doesn’t that make you sheep just as much as the people who are supposedly brainwashed by the Illuminati?

      I didn't know learn about the Illuminati from VC. I learnt that when I was a pre-teen through research.

      3. If the Illuminati do exist why would they go to the trouble of putting symbols and signs in Music video’s/movies and other such things? Don’t they have better things to do with their time and why would they want to alert everyone to what they are doing?

      Because "their time's limited/ hard rocks too" (Slick Rick)… .

      4. I consider myself a fan of Lady Gaga, I wouldn’t call myself a “Little Monster” but I like her music. I am not brainwashed, I enjoy a wide variety of music genres. Surely you realize that Lady Gaga is aware of the Illuminati rumours surrounding her and she no doubt uses these signs and messages in her videos as a means of publicity, which is obviously working considering this is one of the biggest Lady Gaga fan sites on the web.

      Lady Jo may sing quite well, but he is nothing, but a sea of negativity.

      5. A conspiracy theory is exactly that because it has 0 evidence to back it up. I would advise you not to take things so seriously, and no pointing out triangles or people covering one of their eyes with their hand isn’t evidence. If you look for the devil, you will find him. It’s the same with the bible; Open it up and you can find a quote or phase to support any type of argument imaginable.

      There is no devil, but there are many evil men. What is evil? has the definition. My beliefs are simple: there is God and there is everything else. Is there a being that manipulates my mind? Sure, self-centeredness. The church of satan is about self-centeredness.

      6. I realize conspiracy theories are fun and this one will never die because it is anti-mainstream and ‘signs and symbols’ of the NWO can be found everywhere but sometimes things just happens because human beings are still a poorly evolved mammalian species, Such as the recent UK Riots. Not everything is because of the Illuminati. Sometimes shit just happens.

      Sometimes shit happens like what? Earthquakes, storms, and hurricanes… .Like the most unpredictable weather ever… .Like what? People raping children. Like what? What just happens? I just borrowed your car. I didn't steal it.

      7. The Illuminati are the worst –secret- society in the world.

      2011? Secret's over… .

      8. The Illuminati have been popularized by Dan Brown and even in an episode of American Dad “The Illuminutty”. It’s a conspiracy theory gone wild, but that’s all it is. Wait! That what they want you to think so they can hide in plain sight! Maybe, perhaps there is an all-powerful, mega wealthy, all knowing cult of satanic worshippers who are preparing to bring planet earth and the human species to the verge of apocalypse so as to be rewarded by the horned one in the fiery realm below, or maybe you’re just completely insane.

      Go back to sleep and enjoy mental slavery… .

      In closing boys and girls I ask you. I appeal to your sense of reason and logic. What is more likely? That there is an all-powerful, All knowing, group of people who control everything in the world and commune with Satan…or that this is one of many conspiracy theories that has been over-indulged in.

      What is more likely? You are an agent provocateur or some uninformed condescending kid who has been few places…

      Peace and Thank you.

      God bless,




    • 1. Probably because you believe that everyone who believes in a religion is a nutjob.

      2. We believe what we want to believe. Me…I've always felt that everything about the mainstream entertainment industry was more than a bit off. Even when I was enthralled with it, I was very much aware of my unease.

      3. If Symbols Rule The World (as stated on the top of this website), then it makes sense that you stick your symbolism wherever you can. And while I'm sure some people do other things (like make sure America is unable to do anything but go bankrupt), the keeping of symbols out there is important stuff. Otherwise, all that $$$ spent on advertising is absolute waste.

      4. When you live in a building built (and used) by a secret society and your mother tells you about the Illuminati rituals you dream about last night, you'd better be aware of them. Lady Gaga lived in a building built by a secret society for their use (and still used it, as the temples are still there) and had her mother explain to her the Illuminati rituals she would dream of at night; she'd better know about the Illuminati. (And she IS talented…don't overlook that.)

      5. Conspiracies do exist, indeed the the original definition of conspiracy is merely "secret plan." The idea that belief in them implies lunacy in the believer is a recent change in the meaning.

      And there have been conspiracies throughout history. The Gulf of Tomkein "battle" and The Reichstag Fire are accepted as conspiracies set up to justify certain actions, as was the A2 affair in Italy. Other likely scenarios for Conspiracies include the Kennedy assassinations (Robert Kennedy's is especially obvious, since Sirhan Sirhan was in front with a neutered pistol…and the killing shot was from behind), Pearl Harbor (five words: Where were the aircraft carriers?) and 9-11 (Allowed, even in some ways encouraged to happen, then augmented and adjusted to fit with circumstances If You Ask Me).

      6. Look for patterns. Look for repetition. Look for the un-obvious suddenly being obvious. And remember, to hide something properly you don't bury it, you just make it look like part of the background. I learned that repeatedly over the years, to the point that I would talk about it in public.

      7. Hide In Plain Sight, again. HIPS makes it easy, since you don't have to go out of your way to do some arcane actions in the middle of the woods at night, just trigger the spell with a few words and symbols in appropriate order.

      8. Maybe we are completely insane. There's always that possibility. But I always go back to personal experience and what I know:

      Why did I shrink away from fame when I first tasted it in small doses?

      Why did I make the effort to place my taste in groups and singers that seemingly couldn't get super-popular (to the point that I cringed occasionally when such groups/singers hit the big time?)?

      Why do so many artists die so young? Why does the 27 club exist? Should it (and if not, what's happening to make it happen?)

      Why has narcissism become the ideal to be sought for in society?

      When did bullies stop being the kids in need of help and turned into the popular and "good?" (this is a real change, not a shift in perception)? The Columbine killers were popular kids, nobody was told that (although hints were thrown around) until recently.

      Did Clinton INTEND to introduce oral and anal sex to junior and senior high school students when he did what he did to Monica Lewinsky (there was a change in mores because of that)?

      Would Roman Polanski have been charged (and convicted) of rape had he done what he did to that girl today (and assume he wouldn't have used a "date rape" drug)?

      Something's happened, and the fact that popular music seems to have led the changes leads one to look at it for causes.

    • Seriously, these questions are answered all the time. I would think if you have enough time to write up all this, you have enough time to read through comments. Just do a little research, this site isn't the only one out there. This one targets mostly the music industry but if you look into political sites and even give religions a chance, you could see how amazingly everything fits together and makes sense of society. Your questions are just ignorant, I can't even be bothered to answer them. But I hope you open your eyes soon, God bless. I used to be an atheist not so long ago.

  87. I found it strange that all of a sudden everyone is thanking God almost like they were told to…beiber seemed very uncomfortable when he did….makes me think they know people are on to them so they are making an effort to seem religious.

    also seems like gaga actually expected britney to kiss her. she seemed ashamed when britney didn't kiss her and came back to the mike making it seem like she was the one who didn't want to cause 'gaga would be mad' or something like that. I also heard that she didn't break character all night….very creepy

    also this whole beyonce pregnancy thing is so strange….never seems anyone advertise their pregnancy in that way… yea I get that she'd happy but most women try to keep it within their family for as long as possible because anything can go wrong. She seemed like she was almost gloating or showing off….once again very creepy

    • Beyonce was probably trying to garner positive energy and ward off the Satanic influence of her and her husband. Of course, only for the demon in her tummy would she want such a thing.

      As for Bieber, I believe he was genuine. I mean if everyone around you is a blatant sinner and the industry you're in is Satanic, wouldn't you be nervous thanking Jesus in front of them all? Nobody else did, so kudos to him.

  88. I didn`t watch it.I`m serious.Since I started reading VC,thoose things are sooooo predictable and boring to me.They should invent something more original,they`re not even trendy.Guess they`re more sttupid than we think.If I like music,i have my own.It may be the worst,i like it and that`s all what matters.Somebody should inform them that they are making a joke of themselves-most of us are not disscusing the "super-shows" they do.All Im woried about is an advertising of a phedofilia.But I live in a forgotten part of a world-in East Europe and if I see somebody trying to touch my kid,i swear by Holy God,he`s gonna be beaten to death.It`s not that complicated fighting this mess.Every freedom takes a victim so let it be them-they started.

  89. I knew it, I knew it!!!! I just love how VC puts it all the right way… I pray for Amy Winehouse's soul. She was ready to leave them, so they killed, brutal, unnecessary. once in, never out… its like marriage and death is the only escape… how indecent to make her a tool for their evil, the one eye everywhere, photoshopping her, I could puke…

    I also pray for Britney, she's in it against her will, as clearly demonstrated, and I was horrified by the girls, kids dancing like hookers!!!! My friends were like, "It was so hot"

    I am sixteen people, so this shit is aimed at me, and I will NOT support the devil, by supporting them.

    God save them, for they do not know what they are doing… they are just poor puppets…

  90. Btw, anyone notice how in the pre-show the artists presented entered through a strangely shaped archway illuminated by a single light in the center of it? Is it just me or does that remind anyone of a certain All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer the Lightbearer?

    Also, we should be seeing a lot more of Chris Brown this coming year. His performance here on the recent VMAs was obviously a huge 'welcome back' as all the past hits from VMA male winners of the past were featured.

    • You have a point on Chris Brown. All new initiates must face some type of public humiliation……a hazing of sorts. I believe the Rhianna beat down was just that. Have you seen the TMZ photo's of her immediately after? She had HORNS bruised on her head. In my humble, that was NOT Chris' doing. After the humiliation, degradation and loss of public favor for a spell, he is now ready to be promoted to the next level.

  91. "It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them."

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I stopped watching the VMA's long ago for that very reason.

  92. look at tyler the creators twitter he has some creepy pictures of a barbie! he carries her around and calls her rachel. its fucking weird.

  93. Reading some of the buzz around the VMAs from my friends and other associates on Facebook and Twitter and just reaffirmed that canceling my cable service was one of the best decisions I made in recent memory.

  94. Dear Vigilant Citizen – bottom of my heart…..thank you for spending hours of your time subjecting yourself to garbage, so that I do not have to. Thank you for breaking down in simple terms how twisted, wicked and corrupt this web of distractions is, so that I no longer find myself caught up in it. Since finding your site and then researching elsewhere off your leads, I have been able to see a bit more of the big picture than I could have ever imagined just a few short years ago. You my dear, are a godsend, and no matter what the haters say or claim…..I truly believe there is a special place in heaven for you for all the good that comes about in peoples lives thanks to your exposure of this gigantic distraction/deception. Eternally grateful~ SC

    Mental breaks/time off fully understood and warranted, just give us heads up so we don't worry! 😉 Take it to the next level…..we are ready.

  95. the black flag on

    every time i read articles from this page , i always think you hit the nail on the head but when it comes to completing the picture it falls short, have you ever thought where are these masons and illuminati are getting these symbols from? why do they rep them as hard as they do if they are not getting anything worthwhile out of them , and why dont they just use other symbols? ….. i looked into this , who are they doing these rituals to and are they any real benefit othawise , y do them , i came across an answer… and well just research ghosts/ spirits/ jinns….. they exist and both sides have transgressed

  96. I'm SO GLAD vc is available 2 continue 2 put the industry in2 perspectv! I introduced my big bro 2 all of this occult activity goin on 2day poisoning the minds of the youth! Now hez pointing out stuff he notices tht I dnt! Its sik & twisted & its totally changed my view of this WORLD& esp the music!!!

    P.S. I wz wonderin who this cornball (ttc) is! This foolz mama wz jumpin up& dwn whn he won hz award actin a strait hoodrat..lookin stupid, totally ignorant 2 wt her child hz bcome!! Jus 2 b like "ooooh mamaz babyz a star"!!! (Lmao) WACK

    • lol at this hoodrat calling someone else a hoodrat. no one takes your ghetto style writing serious dear.

  97. Don't forget to mention all the triangles in the background of almost EVERY performance MOST of all Chris Brown's performance. Sick…

  98. Hi Vigilant, i'm italian and i noticed the surname of Gaga's altergo. Calderone is the italian word for Cauldron, metaphorically a place where you put all togheter with no order, maybe Joe is another product of the Calderone (Cauldron) of Gaga's ego.

  99. the moment I heard Beyonce is pregnant, I just felt sorry for the unborn baby…and now after reading those lyrics, I am just stunned…I mean, how can you plan to destroy your own baby like that.pity we don't get to choose our parents, hey.

  100. Hi VG

    I think your comment about Beyonce's baby is a little naive. I don't think that baby was created for anything more than being a next generation mk ultra celebrity. Beyonce's 30 now, doesn't that mean her time is possibly coming to an end? She best make those babies now, before she loses her marbles or they kill her off or something.

    Even if that child has a "normal" upbringing, it will mean very little. That bloodline is horrible to be born into.

    But Jesus can save that child and set it free from every spiritual bondage it is born into. I pray that child's life will be a total frustration of Satan's plans.

  101. this all reminds me of the Picus TV level in Deus Ex Human Revolution

    probably not a coincidence, the developers of that game said they did a ton of research on modern conspiracy theories

  102. The MTV awards are being held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in November this year… I live 10minutes away from where they are being held…

    My (7 year old) daughter is so excited about them, because it would be the first time she'd have ever been able to see any of her fav pop stars.

    I was going to take her to it, but I just dunno now…

    Kids (as well as us adults) are surrounded by these symbols daily-The only way you can avoid it is by being blind ffs… I do believe a lot of what I read on here, but at the same time I cannot tell my daughter she's never allowed to watch TV or listen to music-I don't want to make her odd…

  103. I know this is weird, but did anyone else feel kind of weird after watching the VMAS? I felt kind of scared or something, it makes me think that there were messages planted in my head.

    • There were tons of messages planted in you head. Thats one of the major reasons these thing are put on. One of the big messages is live like us and do what we do sothat you can have what we have.

      They try to say what they have is money and fun, but if its so fun why do so many of them go crazy and die young from drug overdoses brought on by depression. Depressoin that comes from living a life style where your constantly doing and endorsing things that you know are wrong.

      I mean, if it(the lifestyle) wasnt wrong would they have to drown out their screaming conscience with drugs and alcahol just to live it.

      If I made a deal that compromised my immortal soul so that i can have money but in exchange all i had to do was endorse drug abuse, alcahol addicition, sex addicition, the sexualization of children, child abuse, spousal abuse, genderblending to the point where we cant tell if a person is a man or a woman and what the roles of each are in society anymore.

      Some other things they endorse : Murder, rape, destruction of the family unit, Children doing whatever they want like disobeying authority, Satanism(wheather they personally believe it or not), Athiesm(wheather they personally believe it or not)

      Spend a few years drugged up doing these things and by the time im thirty i would probably go crazy and commit suicide

  104. You left out the Lil Wayne performance and the blatant display of occult symbols that lit up the back drops during his performance, and concluded the show.

  105. Ladyshemale is using her usual attention-seeking gimmicks again. Completely and utterly bored of her.

    What's next?

    Nicki Minaj, the concussed clown, will ever find her way to that children's birthday party?

    Jessie J is overhyped.

    Perry is MTV's little dummy. Pretty and cute but she can't sing for toffee.

    Russell Brand now, will he finally come out of that closet? It boggles my mind that someone being a gay is some kind of controversial issue.

    All the best to Beyonce!!

    Finally, B Spears is as cute as a button. Her vocals-songs don't appeal to me but she's full of charisma and grace.

    (btw I gave vmas a miss, sorry)

  106. Being "homosexual" is not the sin. Acting on your lust and impulses for sex is the sin. Just like it is a sin for heterosexual couples to have sex outside of holy matrimony, it is the same for homosexuals. If i think about murdering someone, that's one thing, but to act on my thoughts and impulses and actually commit the murder is the "sin". God also created the Tree of Life but forbade man to eat from it. So maybe God did create gays, but it is still forbidden to act on it. I love all walks of life despite their prefrenceces, I just don't agree with some of thier prefrences (sp). And I don't have to agree, but I will not show disrespect!!!

    • Your comment contains pearls of wisdom so let me take the liberty to add a few more wisecracks -which aren't aimed at anyone in particular- about the holy matrimony saga: under no circumstances should you give up on your marriage -divorce obviously is a sin, however it's more appropriate to resort to lithium or hit the bottle. In the meantime just avoid stressful activities such as driving.

      I mean you no disrespect.


    A MAJOR conference of mental health professionals AND PRO-PEDOPHILIA ACTIVISTS was held in August.

    THE GOAL: examining the ways in which “minor-attracted persons” could be involved in a REVISION of the American Psychological Association (APA) classification of pedophilia so that adults desiring to RAPE children can be classified as NORMAL AND SIMPLY A SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

    A quote from horrified witnesses of the conference:

    "These mental health ‘professionals,’ and self-described pedophile and ‘gay’ activists were inexplicably able to cavalierly discuss, in an almost dismissive way, the idea of child rape. They used flowery, euphemistic psychobabble to give quasi-scientific cover to a discussion about the worst kind of perversion.”

    He is right to use the word RAPE. That is PRECISELY what it is.

    When we cede the language we have virtually lost the battle.

    It has to be called what it is: CHILD RAPE.

    Further information on this effort to reclassify child rapists as normal here:

    • I can't believe that that conference was even allowed!

      A HUGE reason to home school your children. It's like living in the Twilight Zone.

    • That's so disgusting… I'm sure this pedophilia thing has always been around, and now it's trying to be negotiated in the open… have you heard of NAMBLA? Ugh sick.

  108. 'It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them.'

    only way 2 decribe these crappy awards–so glad i didnt waste life watchin it:)

  109. Yup, I agree!!!

    When they say God, they could simply be omitting God of music… Or whatever.

    And did you hear about Drake slamming Bieber because he took all the original swearing out of the lyrics of this one song?

    Drake, "I wish he (Justin) would’ve left all the cuss words in it. I feel like that would’ve been so G, if he would’ve done all the swearing."

    Drake original version: “You know what I’m sippin’/ I teach you how to mix it/ But you’re the only one, ’cause I don’t trust these bitches.”

    On his version, Justin doesn’t condone drinking nor does he refer to the song’s subjects as bitches. Instead, Justin changes the line and sings.

    Justin Bieber clean version: “You just need to listen/ Teach you how to fix it/ ‘Cause you’re the only one, because I don’t trust these women.”

    • He's a G for cleanin that shit up. I'm not a fan of his music but he seems like he's got his morals straight, I really hope he keeps it up.

  110. JC runs things on

    Not sure if it's been noted before, but did anybody notice the position of Amy Winehouse's one eye in the background images on stage? And the shape encompassing her? Basically, remove Amy apart from the one eye. What do you get?

  111. I didnt see any Illuminati stuff in this years VMAs, just a bunch attention seeking fame whores. And am I the only one that noticed Britney Spears sounded weird? Like her nose was plugged or something? Why is she all the sudden talking like that? Perhaps her record company didnt want her to lose that nasally school girl voice so they altered her? Who knows.

  112. Are there still real, authentic artists who sing from the heart and do not push “industry-approved” messages?


  113. on

    Perhaps someone has already said this, but then again, perhaps not….

    Jay-Z states that his only job is to cut time in half right? Maybe I'm right on target, or barely missed the bulls-eye… but I think that what he means is that their agenda, or part of it, is trying to hurry along the time in which Jesus is supposed to return?

    To cut time in half, could that be taken as also hurrying time along? …

    • He ment that he didn't figure out what he was doing with his life till he was 26. My guess is that is whe he really got the industry behind him. When he said he has to cut time in half he was talking about the kid beyonce is carryin and how he has to get the kid ready for the industry by 13.

      There is a little more to it than that but that is the gist

  114. what pissed me off the most about this year vma was,besides all those satanic worshipping stuff being publicly portrayed,is britney spears's tribute.

    although im her biggest fan but that doesn't mean im the only one who thinks that was rude.that tribute was supposed to be all about her.but still,stupid gaga and beyonce the liar steals her show.vma is getting stupid every year.poor britney.

    i don't know about you but i clearly fucking hate illuminati and all the lies they have feed us.

  115. Just wondering if anyone caught the number you are supposed to text to vote for your favorite artists? It was 66333. 6…6…3+3=6. The last "3" meaning three 6's. so "66333"= 6…6…3+3 and "3" 6's. Could they be anymore obvious?

  116. i have NO idea why….but the bit where beyonce was rubbing her belly onstage to "promote" her pregnancy really creeped me out!! why would it man? lol

    • Because she's carrying Rosemary's Baby and they'll probably name their spawn Adrian Marcato Carter or at least that's what the name the kids alter ego will be

      • The funniest comment and yet so on point. Adrian Marcato Carter. The perfect illuminati moniker!! Brilliant!

  117. There were several other symbols that I was surprised to see VC pass up in this article.

    1) The VMAs opened with a hypnotic pyramid spiral behind the head of the comedian who was telling less than funny jokes. It was ridiculous to look at. Illuminati hypnotism to start it all off right, anyone?

    2) Jessie J or whatever her name is was sitting on a white throne, and towards the end they bathed her (and the whole place) in red light. The colors of initiation, right? Just like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift a few years back….3 days out from the VMAs and now she has suddenly been nominated for all sorts of awards at other events.

    3) The triangles they used (pyramids) were everywhere, in-between sets, nominees, etc. I got really tired of seeing them flash subliminally.

    Anyway, those were just a few, big symbols that I thought were rather important. Just my observations……

  118. Jessica Williams on

    Ever since i started reading articles on this site, my entire view on life has changed. Thanks Vigilant Citizen :)

  119. Something I noticed was Katy Perry's acceptance speech for the song ET feat. Kanye West. When she and Kanye arrived on stage, she said something along the lines of 'Here's where you are supposed to interupt me'. Sounds very reminiscent of Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs. It is interesting because this was Katy's first VMA (or her 'initiation'). Then going further, look at the lyrics to the song ET:

    You're so hypnotizing

    Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?

    Your touch magnetizing

    Feels like I'm floating, leaves my body glowing.

    You're from a whole other world

    A different dimension

    You open my eyes

    And I'm ready to go, lead me into the light

    Kiss me, Ki-ki-kiss me

    Infect me with your love

    And fill me with your poison

    Take me, Ta-ta-take me

    Wanna be a victim

    Ready for abduction

    I think the words speak for themselves especially if you have read other articles and seen other symbolism in our popular music today. Keep your eyes open, its everywhere.

  120. thank you so much.. as the first comment said you expressed what i felt as just being strange. i didnt see blatant symbolism but all the things i thought were weird were just that: blatant symbolism..

    tyler the creator is an interesting case because he didnt have illuminati in his ear, he just saw what the music industry was about, and fit the mold. fuck the mainstream

  121. Great work VC.

    I just wanted to mention that I saw STRFKR play at the Bluebird Theater (in Denver) a few nights ago and was dismayed- but not surprised- to see three florescent pyramids included in the stage lighting, pulsing along with the music. It was quite a hypnotizing atmosphere. Just another sign that this symbolism has spread throughout the more grassroots-indie music culture as well. They are either showing their true allegiances to the higher-ups, or just using with a well-recognized marketing tool. Either way, it seems our culture is fully saturated at every level. Everyone's being led in the same direction. Stay vigilant and stand up. Swim against the tide, as hard as you can. Your minds and souls depend on it. Don't forget we were created to give glory to YHWH, the creator of everything that is. This generation is very significant. If you are alive today, you have a special purpose that YHWH has created you for. He knew he would need strong people during this time to see the big picture and understand the war that is being waged against His creation. We need to be the gate-keepers of this world, the trumpet-blowers announcing His coming. He planned for us to be here from the beginning of time. Fulfilling our destiny has never been so profound.

  122. seriously people whats so bad about being atheist? I'm so sick of people preching on this website saying "your gonna go to hell blah blah blah." i don't mean to sound ignorant, but honestly just please stop. I have a question for you: How did God just appear? Hmmm? I know this has nothing to do with the VMAs, it just caught my eye that people are basically saying that atheists are undesirables.

  123. To all people condeming gay sexual orientation, read your Bible!!!

    Jesus said he was and still is here to save sinners… and there is not ONE just except for Jesus.

    You preach being gay is a sin and all that crap, and surely more than one of you makes worst things, and one of them being puffed up with pride and haughty, it seems.

    If you are free of sin, throw the first stone, ye vipers.

    Who do you think you are to judge thousands because you cannot understand a preference people is born with and because are different to what you believe?

    I really hope you GET JESUS MESSAGE ACROSS.

    We are all sinners and is only through Him we can be saved, not out of deeds (or judging others)

  124. Duh, a pedofile is disgusting because he forces a child to have sex with him. The children is not deciding or even doesn't know what he is doing. He is being abused.

    Being gay is something you identify with since you are a kid. And assuming that preference is an adult, conscious decision, because, like a straight person, everyone has the right to be happy. So if I decide to share my life, love with someone of my same sex, it doesn´t mean I am abusing someone, cuz we both agree.

    Is it a sin? perhaps. But, there is NOT one who do not commit lots of sins in so many ways.

    so do not even compare both cases.

  125. I was waiting for VC to review the VMAs and I'm really surpised nothing was mentioned about the Chris Brown performance with him being portrayed as god hanging from the cross up in the air

  126. NotOneButTwoEyes on

    There were also one-eyes and pyramids in the background of Chris Brown's performance…

  127. "It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them"

    Right there is a 5 star quote that needs to be on a tshirt.

    =) love you vc

  128. 2 Things

    #1 On the Atheism discussion, let's define atheism:

    Atheism n. disbelief in the existence of God or gods

    Atheist n. a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.

    My question, as always in regards to this doctrine is, if you don't believe in God why waste time blaspheming an entity that allegedly doesn't exist? I think atheism is an overly misused word considering that many self-proclaimed atheist express thoughts and ideas that would be more aptly defined as MISOTHEISM -which is the hatred of God.

    #2 On the assumption that "God created homosexuality"

    God created humans and when he did he gave them free will. Those of you who don't identify with the aforementioned doctrines and actually believe in God know that when he created us he didn't create puppets or androids or MK Ultra Mind Slaves for that matter, he gave us the choice to either love him or reject him by giving us the ability to think and make our own decisions. Therefore our choices and preferences are our own devices, which in my opinion includes homosexuality.

    Now I'm sure I could get into an entire Arminianism vs Calvinism theological debate about the idea of "free will", as well as an entirely separate Cognitive Psychology debate regarding Nature vs. Nurture in terms of the thought processes that lead an individual to certain ideas and decisions, but I'm not going to get into all that right now because I'm it's been a long week and I'm about to go to sleep.

    Good Night VCs

  129. Walter the Tyler – Tyler the Creator? Look up Walter the Tyler and the peasants rebellion. Nights Templar rising. Better open your eye(s) s'more.

    search: william+cooper+mystery+babylon+transcript

  130. I've been WAITING for you to post something on the VMAs. The whole time i watched i looked for occult symbolism. Thanks for pointing more out that i didn't see!

  131. what about when the biebs thanked both Jesus and God. I thought that was refreshing. The VMA bigwigs either haven't gotten to him yet or don't want to

  132. The "fake" rant is epic, I completely agree. It's only a matter of time for Britney unfortunately and it's a dang shame what they did to Amy and gave her that little raggedy tribute, Bruno did well though.. I wonder what the future holds for him… Hopefully he leaves before he has to do anything too compromising….

  133. JayZ watch his space because Tylor the Creator is coming! It's going to be an ugly battle because they all think they are gods: a to the z and creator. There's just one God and only one son, Jesus.

  134. So glad my eyes are starting to open! I was pleased that I was able to find and decipher some of the things going on. I watched parts of the VMAs online just to see if I could identify any symbols.

    Also, VC mentioned the You and I video, Gaga's new track. When I first watched that, I noticed all the things VC mentioned 😀 I'm so glad that my eyes are opening and I'm using VC's articles less to give me answers. I still love coming here and reading up on everything but I'm doing a lot of the observations on my own now. Thanks for opening my eyes VC!!!

  135. wow im glad a new video is up and that it is about the Vma's. i think you covered all the big things that happen at the vma's but i think you missed some of the small things that happened. like: the constant referense to nirvana( in promos and the actuall show), chris brown's performance, jessie j's similarity to lady gaga(bedazzled and with crutches at the 2009), jonah hill's alter ego moment with nicki minaj, the vma promos and their reference to illuminati artist. those thing were not the most noteable things about the vma's but i think they added to the rituals of the vmas. but im soo glad this video is up i needed this video today

    • Riddle in a Rhyme on

      As he has said before once a while ago.. he can't control what is advertised, it just happens. The 'ads' 'see' what is on the page and tailor the ads according to that.

  136. The Illuminati serpent cult is obsessed with cubes, particularly black cubes which are often associated with Saturn ("Satan"/"Kronos"). In fact orthodox Jews wear a black cube upon their heads called a 'tefellin'. Muslims worship the Kaaba stone (another black cube) in Mecca. British royals sit upon a cube (stone of scone) during their coronations. The Illuminati is obsessed with symbology and cryptic allusions pertaining to Saturn-as we can see with Katy Perry's wardrobe at the VMA's. Of course there could be other meanings and other interpretations of this imagery, but the symbology of Saturn is one that immediately popped into my mind. It's also interesting to note the creepy black musical box from the "Hell raiser" movies. Many researchers of the ringed planet have put forth the very valid idea that Saturn may be some sort of inter-dimensional portal (whats with the Hexagon at the top of the planet?), ironically enough in the "Hell raiser" movies the small musical cube was a gate way of sorts into 'demonic' realms/dimensions.

  137. Riddle in a Rhyme on

    Yep, yep 'Nuff said!' What else can be said after that… but of course it was very weird… Minaj's outfit and Katy Perry's 'Cheesehead?!' On top of a totally fake looking 50's outfit.. the death of the innocent housewife, welcome to 'Stepford Wife' but not really. And Russell Brand is truly spiritual, only he was probably directed to do the tribute like that, 'cause everybody thought of Amy as such a 'Crackhead' I know that he was probably skewed that way to say that. He is one that at least 'got away' from the dark scepter of addiction though.. good for him! Although I disagree with how he presented her tribute, I understand why he did it. Here is a little insight into what 'Music' really is…. read this on a site:

    "Spiritual worship under the Law and in Christianity must be "in spirit" and "in truth." National animal sacrifices were made in Gerezim and in Zion or Jerusalem. However, the people are never said to have "worshiped" by the loud noise which is not defined as "music." Rather, animal sacrifices were imposed on Israel when they rose up to play in musical idolatry at Mount Sinai. God then and there "turned them over to worship the starry hosts" all of which represent Satan.

    Jesus told the Samaritan woman that God is worshiped in the PLACE of the human spirit rather than in the secular HOUSE. However, "musical" worship has always been a way to "take away the key to knowledge" by shutting down the rational (spiritual) mind and playing directly upon the human senses or emotions.

    A preacher can "plant" the seed all he wishes but the "musical worship" immediately takes away all but the emotional content. All ancient scholars understood that."

    The 'Church' can also represent the public forum, not just an actual 'Church.' So say, an actual message can be delivered by one source, but it can be immediately taken away by the seductive power of 'Music..' They say that Lucifer was the greatest of all the Angels and that his tool was music? You've heard that..?? (may be a paraphrase).

    Now this is not to say that 'Music' in itself is 'bad' but that it is an excellent tool, as you can see from the music industry to 'indoctrinate' and inculcate the masses with the "Message..'

    This comes from this web page, it's quite a lot to absorb, take your time. But if you do, there is much rich information to be gleaned from it.

  138. Riddle in a Rhyme on

    OH yeah, one more thing… I noticed that there were two very formal, kinda disciplinary men on either side of Britney.. 'handling' her no doubt.

  139. There is no gene that makes you gay (which is the only way they could be born as such). A lot of money and research went into finding it…but it hasn't been found yet. Could it maybe be because it does not exist?

    If so, the only explanation left is the influence of the environment. (I don't have the time or the will to explain the science)

    Do you really think it's a coincidence that there are so many gay people in the industry?

    Seems to me like everybody has an opinion on the matter without knowing a thing about it.

    I think I'm going to stop looking at the comment section…it makes me like this site a lot less

  140. I am just now watching the award show after reading this write up and I KNEW the moment Lady Gaga stood up on that piano that she was going to bust her ass LOL! She is ALWAYS falling on stage, it cracks me up! Adele looked all worried hahaha at least the show is good for some laughs as long as you know whats up, don't get sucked in, and don't take it seriously…cause its so not serious…it really has to be the least serious thing in life imo.

    On the other hand, I'm dreading the Amy Winehouse "tribute" from what I read here. I love her so much and it makes me sick that she doesn't get any respect for being such a musical genius. Its almost as if they were making an example of her with the one eye symbolism etc. Like they were bragging or shoving it in everyone's face that she "belonged" to them and it was their way of saying "go against what we say like Amy did, and your 'tribute' will be next." I just pray she is at peace now. I'm so sad she is gone.

  141. the gays have no "side", not God nor the Devil. we are battling this all alone and we will prevail. we will have our freedom, we will have our dignity, and there will be justice.

  142. I really really enjoyed reading this article VC, very well done. I didn't even watch the show, only saw things people posted on YouTube that were in the show. One of the things that I watched was when Justin Bieber was talking with his gf Selena Gomez about his choice of clothing and the 'snake' in his back pocket (not a real snake just a prop…but why does he have it?).

    That scene seemed very strange and it reminded me of Adam and Eve (I'm sure you know that story very well – Eve listens to the snake which is Satan, then eats the apple, then gives Adam and try before God punishes them for disobeying Him). Selena seemed very interested in Justin's snake, asking what his name was and everything, and even asked who he was excited to see perform: The Throne (Jay-Z and Kanye West), but then Selena then said JB was REALLY interested in seeing Beyonce perform. After the little skit Justin's all kissin' up Selena callin' her baby and Selena vice versa to Justin. Then moments later he thanks 'God and Jesus' for his success in his acceptance speech.

    Was Selena playing Eve and seducing Justin to do wrong? Why did JB even have a snake? Was it to represent Satan? JB was even wearing red pants so it could be. JB was also busting low (wearing his pants low), this could be to promote some agenda (but maybe not cos that's been around for YEARS). Yeah Selena saying JB was excited to see Bey may have been a little teenage thing where the guy gets excited about hot chicks, but its weird how the girlfriend is ENCOURAGING lust? Plus isn't it weird how moments later Bey says she's pregnant. Maybe they were hinting to the audience that something was gonna happen. And then the kiss and make up trick was to try n take the audiences eyes of this sick agenda they were promoting. Then afterwards JB thanks God and Jesus for his success? This whole thing was SOOO staged its unbelievable. They try and cover up this evil agenda by using young, sweet children, and then contradict all this by thanking 'God and Jesus'. The fact that JB got interviewed made it obvious he'd win apart from his worldwide success. Well, I'm definately not going to be listening to any stupid music or watching this sick, twisted, sterile VMAs which just control people like they're nothing. 'Killuminati' as they say…

  143. Discovered a good way for the Vigilant community to spread awaress.

    Just go to the Wiki pages for these "stars".

    Beyonce :
    Katy Perry :
    Natalia Kills :
    Please rate each wiki article 1s on all counts. The music industry has exploited Wikipedia and has turned these pages into adverts for the artists.BUT WE CAN FIGHT BACK! Please tell Wikipedia what you think of wiki articles with no real info in them!

  144. "The VMAs are an artificial creation that artificially promotes artists to create artificial hype. It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them."

    And that is why I have stopped wasting hours of my life that I can't be back on any of these 'award' shows…the oscars, emmys, grammys…whatever. Now that I see how bogus they are, I can't get into them, but I hear about them because everyone around me watches them. So I come here to get what 'really' happened. You never fail! Great post!

  145. There was a lot though that you did not include (Personally, I think you got too much hype and I'm sure you were asked to tone it down on Ash Wednesday.) If you watched Lady Gaga's performance you can see how when she mentions "The three men I would service for…Father, Nebraska, and Jesus Christ." and sucks the bottle of beer when she mentions Christ and lets a small drip come out as if it was a penis. Then the mentioning of "FACE" and what she does with her fingers making a V and licking them. Also, the occult wardrobe of all red, all black, semi-red, semi-black, and cartoon/alien like character styles throughout the night, which is worn during sacrifices. Anubis was frequently seen during the night. On the red carpet you can now get a glimpse of the ********, ****, royalty, and the like who sit at these events next to the paparazzi (these are the most satanic events one can go to, these events always happen right in front of the world, the majority have no idea. it is designed that way to fuel.) They shouted things and a lot of people were at the awards rebelling against the axis powers that night, you can hear there screams if you listen closely during the red carpet, but the average person will mistake them as screams for a celebrity. also, screams of the sexual and sacrificial rituals taken place in the surrounding areas. Did anyone notice how everyone was dressed in all white behind Beyonce's performance? The awkward racial tension, Britney Spears crying and on the verge of having a nervous breakdown, the fact that Nikki Minaj walked out of an actual space craft on the carpet. Call me crazy, but I saw and heard all of this. WW2 is still in full effect, now on a mental plane. we need to break the division, the physical will not be repeated. fight this as one, we will succeed.

    • Wait a minute, what are you on about? what the colour white has to do with the VMAs? Are you trying to put us off having a colour preference? elaborate plz

  146. i watched the video 'yonkers', wudnt advise any1 else to watch it, its quite weird

    i see a schizophrenic man that has seems to have several diff personas n had a troubled childhood, he has something against his mom too

    in the second verse i think, he said he'd stab bruno mars in his esophagus,

    i sure thats a threat to mr bruno

    i just hope these ppl, every1 of them finds happiness

  147. Killuminati---- Sier on

    All i can say is the whole Jay-Z crappy lyrics scares me! Speaking a curse over your own child that isn't even out of his mothers womb yet is wicked! To give your child up as a ritual sacrifice is the CRAZIEST most PSYCHOISH thing you can do! Fame, fortune, and money isn't worth it!

  148. let not forget how sex negative it seems everyone here is…… god created sex (and two harmonal centres in the genitals, one for pleasure and one for reproduction……hell it even passes waste and centers the body for goddesses sake) then some where along the line it became evil? is that jealously me hears? impotence? peversion? none of these come out of sex positive thinking……infact the church itself is one of the biggest instigators of these social evils, not to mention the number one reason we have an increasing number of closeted homosexuals. start using yr. thinker for solving the problem in society itself not pointing fingers at the sicknesses and disease that result from said probelms. yeeshua…

  149. ladygagkatyperryarec on

    " The VMAs are an artificial creation that artificially promotes artists to create artificial hype. It is a fake show, filled with fake personas who sing with fake voices, wearing fake wigs and cracking fake smiles, giving fake tributes to other fakes who have been fake longer than them. " :

    This is actually so true and a FACT. Mainstream music in general is all a bunch of gigantic crap. It's all different versions of the same fake, lame CRAP. There is simply no other way around it. It's terrible. So incredibly uninspiring. A bad joke.

    (No, I am not some "music snob". Anyone with two functioning ears and eyes can see and hear how almost 100% of mainstream music is bad.)

  150. CourtneyDelilah on

    About Britney me her video I wanna go seems a lot like her saying she wants to leave the music business but also feels guilty bc it gave her everything-money,fame,business opportunities- notice the lyrics "shame on me to need release-. The video also shows how she cant trust anyone bc at the end the guy who appears to want to help her get away ends up being like the ppl she has been running from (some guys with glowing red eyes) i dont have to tell any of you how demonic glowing red eyes are.

  151. CourtneyDelilah on

    Btw me and my bf saw some of the show and we noticed all the freakin pyramids right away and he doesnt go to this site or anything so they pretty much put their agenda right out in the open

  152. @Inquiring mind

    "Muslims worship the Kaaba stone (another black cube) in Mecca."

    Judging from a statement like this, your mind is anything BUT inquiring. Sorry for being so blunt, but a statement like this, especially in this day and age, is pure ignorance. Regardless of your personal belief, it is not "righteous" to spread misinformation; perhaps it would enrich your mind if you actually read about the story of Kaaba; coupled with the entirety of Qur'an, Muslims are the last people on Earth to be accused of worshiping anyone and anything other than God the Creator of all things. In fact, it is not even an option to consider; of course, only for those who actually know that of which they speak.

  153. the very last question in the conclusion can be answered.. ADELE! she is the best singer with apparently no sign of illuminati promotion of any sort. let me repeat that she is the BEST out of all those ppl voice wise, with some very very good songs that shoulda been recognized for an award… she didnt get not 1 reward. not 1! but then again the moon man is the wrong award to give to her anyway.

  154. Did anyone catch the pentagram on The arches while Lil' Wayne was performing? Go back to and take a look at his performance. The pentagram can clearly be seen in the upper-right corner on the arches. One can see this in the first few seconds, so it won't take forever to find it. Go see it! Now! These people are literally being reborn as Luciferians!

  155. this website is just first step to knowledge. I don't believe symbols can really affect us… just think why is it so exposed now? It wont affect us much if we don't absorb the messages. Just like the britney spears tribute dance portrays.

    Even Jesus life stories were full of symbols, but its evident that we should think what his message was. Washing feet of disciples = humility. Messages like forgiveness, sharing, healing and accepting others. He never shun criminals, prostitutes etc. If we hate people and judge them then we are just the ones fulfilling the "conspiracies" because this will surely create chaos and divide us further, which i take it is the "plan"…. Study the life of christ …….being in the perspective of love and forgiveness is what we must practice. But its good to be aware of the messages…. thanks for this website

  156. Art as expression, not as market campaigns… Music can be a powerful tool. When combined with the added visual element of a music video it can greatly effect emotions and the basic ways of thinking of it's listeners on a conscious and/or subconscious level. (Music of the vma's are prime examples of music that attempts to keep it's listeners from progressing mentally and physically by keeping said listener's mind clouded with petty & disturbing distractions, which sadly can greatly impact the psyche of defenseless children & teens).
    -THANKFULLY enlightened, free thinking bands exist and are naturally attracting more youth despite their near total lack of media attention and thrive in stark contrast to the mtv top 40 monster, although they'd never tell you that. Music and other forms of expression of light come from the creative soul impart GOOD & TRUTHFUL concepts easily, naturally, and pleasurably while giving hope & increasing understanding through the many creative levels of musical composition. Like I said…stark contrast…complete opposite of the dark simplistic & symbollic brainwash"music" of the vma. We must do all we can to be aware of disguised dangers both new and old in order to protect our children and teach them to protect themselves.
    –JETHRO TULL (Ian Anderson), YES, RUSH, KANSAS (very brave & inspiring lyrics describing the current situation of mind control and points listeners in the direction of enlightenment & self discovery rather than enslavement & perpetual suffering).OASIS, DAVE MASON