Lady Gaga’s “Judas” and the Age of Horus


Lady Gaga’s “Judas” video is a modern retelling of biblical stories, where Jesus and his disciples are portrayed as a biker gang. But don’t mistake the video for a Bible lesson as it twists and turns important scenes to give them a very different meaning. In fact, it can be argued that the video symbolically describes an important aspect of Gaga’s work and of society in general: a rejection of Christianity in order to make way to what has been called the Age of Horus. This article will look at the origins and the symbols found in Lady Gaga’s “Judas”.

When I first watched Judas, I immediately told myself: “There is no use to write about this, it is simply too obvious”. I mean Gaga is in love with Judas … and Judas betrayed Jesus. It is a direct continuation of Gaga’s anti-Christian and pro-Illuminati theme through symbols, as described in previous articles. What can I add to it that hasn’t been said? So I ignored the video … until I began receiving e-mails. Tons of them. Many people did not understand the message of the video, some did not get the Biblical references and the way they were twisted to communicate a new message; other simply did not know who Judas was. As it is symbolic on many levels, I realized that decoding this video could help many readers — who I call my “Little Vigis” (No.). The video doesn’t only summarize the underlying spiritual message found in Gaga’s work, but it describes an important phenomenon happening in society in general – a phenomenon that is part of the Illuminati agenda: the “de-holyfication” of traditional religions.

In her recent interviews, Gaga has given several interpretations of the song. In an interview with E! Online she said that it was not meant as an attack of Christianity:

“I don’t view the video as a religious statement, I view it as social statement. I view it as a cultural statement.”

On Amp Radio Gaga explained that:

“It’s about falling in love with the wrong man over and over again.”

In another interview with Google, Gaga went deeper into the philosophical theme of the song, which is in accordance with the teachings of some occult schools we’ll describe later.
“The song is about honoring your darkness in order to bring yourself into the light. You have to look into what’s haunting you and need to learn to forgive yourself in order to move on.”


The videos for Gaga’s songs Alejandro (analyzed here) and Born This Way (analyzed here) communicated specific spiritual messages through meanings and symbols. Traditional religious symbols are stripped of their “holy aura” while other symbols, inspired by those of the Illuminati, are introduced and glorified to her young viewers. Of course, this phenomenon does not happen only in Gaga’s works, but is a trend in mass media in general. Aleister Crowley, an occultist who remains an incredibly influential figure in the entertainment industry, claimed the Age of Horus, a new stage in human history, would be defined by the abandonment of traditional religions in order to embrace a new kind of spirituality (read the full article on Crowley here). The same vision for a “new Aeon” is shared by the world elite, where its plans for a New World Order heavily rely on the existence of a single world religion, based on a specific set of values that are compatible with is Agenda. Mass media plays an important role in this paradigm shift – and the results are astonishing. In less than a century, the Western World has witnessed a drastic decline in religious faith, especially Christian. Never such a profound societal change happened in such a short period of time. Of course, Gaga herself is not responsible for this drastic shift, but Judas, in its meaning and symbolism, perfectly describes the transitional period we are going through, as society is taken to, in Crowley’s words, the Age of Horus.

It is therefore in this social and religious context that Judas was released. First seen riding with Jesus, Gaga goes into a transition and falls for Judas, the man who ultimately caused the death of Jesus. Gaga’s conversion is symbolic of society in general, where the altruistic tenets of Christianity have been replaced by a more “self-celebrating” philosophy – embodied in the video by the character of Judas. In short, the story symbolizes the passage towards Crowley’s Age of Horus, and Gaga’s “Eye of Horus” makeup effectively seems to emphasize this point. As seen in previous articles, Gaga is no stranger to Crowley’ philosophy (her Manifesto at the beginning of Born This Way is heavily inspired by his Thelema). This philosophy is, in turn, the basis of the new kind of spirituality that is sold to the masses through media.

To explain Judas, I need to “get Biblical” because the song and the video are heavily inspired by Biblical verses. So, before we get into it, let’s start by understanding the main character: Judas.


Who was Judas?

Judas Iscariot was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. Due to his money-management skills, he was put in charge of the group’s money box. Despite having chosen him to become his follower, Jesus knew from the start that Judas would eventually betray him. At one point he even refers to him as “the devil”.

70 Jesus replied, “Didn’t I choose you, the twelve, and yet one of you is the devil?” 71 (Now he said this about Judas son of Simon Iscariot, for Judas, one of the twelve, was going to betray him.)
– John 6:70-71

During his time as a disciple, Judas had some “issues” with Jesus, causing him to stir up trouble within the group. An important event involving Judas happened during the washing of Jesus’ feet by Mary Magdalene using expensive ointments. Offended by what he called a waste of money, Judas protested and even caused other disciples complain. This is one of the Biblical passages that was recreated (with a significant twist) in Gaga’s video:

12:1 Then, six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus lived, whom he had raised from the dead. 2 So they prepared a dinner for Jesus there. Martha was serving, and Lazarus was among those present at the table with him. 3 Then Mary took three quarters of a pound of expensive aromatic oil from pure nard and anointed the feet of Jesus. She then wiped his feet dry with her hair. (Now the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfumed oil.) 4 But Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples (the one who was going to betray him) said, 5 “Why wasn’t this oil sold for three hundred silver coins and the money given to the poor?” 6 (Now Judas said this not because he was concerned about the poor, but because he was a thief. As keeper of the money box, he used to steal what was put into it.) 7 So Jesus said, “Leave her alone. She has kept it for the day of my burial. 8 For you will always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me!”
– John 12:1-8

Shortly after this incident, Judas meets with the chief priests of Israel – the ones who were trying to “bring down” Jesus – and strikes a deal. He would betray and hand over Jesus to the Pharisees and the police force in exchange for thirty silver coins:

26:14 Then one of the twelve, the one named Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests 15 and said, “What will you give me to betray him into your hands?” So they set out thirty silver coins for him.
– Matthew 26:14-15

During the Last Supper, Jesus tells his disciples that one of them would betray him and reveals it would be Judas:

13:21 When he had said these things, Jesus was greatly distressed in spirit, and testified, “I tell you the solemn truth, one of you will betray me.” 22 The disciples began to look at one another, worried and perplexed to know which of them he was talking about. 23 One of his disciples, the one Jesus loved, was at the table to the right of Jesus in a place of honor. 24 So Simon Peter gestured to this disciple to ask Jesus who it was he was referring to. 25 Then the disciple whom Jesus loved leaned back against Jesus’ chest and asked him, “Lord, who is it?” 26 Jesus replied, “It is the one to whom I will give this piece of bread after I have dipped it in the dish.” Then he dipped the piece of bread in the dish and gave it to Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son.
– John 13:21-26

At this moment, it is said that Satan possessed Judas:

13:27 And after Judas took the piece of bread, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, “What you are about to do, do quickly.”
– John 13:27

Judas then leads the chief priests and the police to Jesus, identifying him with a kiss:

14:43 Right away, while Jesus was still speaking, Judas, one of the twelve, arrived. With him came a crowd armed with swords and clubs, sent by the chief priests and experts in the law and elders. 44 (Now the betrayer had given them a sign, saying, “The one I kiss is the man. Arrest him and lead him away under guard.”) 45 When Judas arrived, he went up to Jesus immediately and said, “Rabbi!” and kissed him. 46 Then they took hold of him and arrested him.
– Mark 14:43-46

After Jesus’ condemnation, Judas regretted his betrayal and sought to reverse his actions by returning the money, but it was too late and he commits suicide:

27:3 Now when Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus had been condemned, he regretted what he had done and returned the thirty silver coins to the chief priests and the elders, 4 saying, “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood!” But they said, “What is that to us? You take care of it yourself!” 5 So Judas threw the silver coins into the temple and left. Then he went out and hanged himself.
– Matthew 27:3-5

Most of the passages described above are recreated in the video, but they are given a twist, where roles and symbols are reversed, effectively changing the fundamental meaning of the Biblical stories. As a result, the video ends with a very different “moral of the story”.

Gaga as Mary Magdalene

The video portrays Jesus and his disciples as a biker gang riding around with skull-and-bone insignias on their backs (nice touch). Gaga is riding with Jesus, playing the role of Mary Magdalene.

Although it is not clearly specified in the Bible, Mary Magdalene is said to be the prostitute who was about to get stoned to death by an angry mob until Jesus came along and said: “Y’all country-ass, donkey-riding peasants better drop them rocks and go on home before things get REAL ugly up in here”. Wait, that’s what Samuel L. Jackson would have said. Jesus actually said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

At the very end of Judas, Gaga is seen stoned to death, insinuating that Jesus was not there to save her.

So Gaga plays the role of Mary Magdalene where Magdalene is not only the friend and disciple of Jesus, but his lover. This portrayal of Mary Magdalene as Jesus’ mate became popular in the past few decades with books such as The Jesus Scroll (1972), Holy Blood, Holy Grail (1982), The Gospel According to Jesus Christ (1991), The Da Vinci Code (2003), The Two Marys: The Hidden History of the Mother and Wife of Jesus (2007); and by films like Bloodline (2008). These alternative accounts on Jesus Christ’s life originate from modern interpretations of Gnostic and apocryphal texts (mainly the Nag Hammadi) where Magdalene is described as Jesus’ “favorite disciple” and “companion”. An interpretation of the apocryphal Gospel of Philip even alludes to Jesus “often kissing Mary Magdalene on the lips”.

Some occult circles believe that Jesus lived well beyond the age of 33 (a number they believed was selected for symbolic reasons). Some claim that Jesus married Mary Magdalene with whom he had a daughter named Sarah. Some even claimed that they moved to Southern France, where they started the fabled Merovingian Bloodline.

Judas therefore portrays Mary Magdalene from this angle, where Gaga is the wife of Jesus. However, she only has eyes for Judas.

The Video

The video begins with Gaga riding with Jesus, yelling in his ear “Judas Juda-ah-as”, almost as if it was an incantation. Usually, when your girl yells the name of some other dude right in your ear, it means something’s up.

From a spiritual point of view, Gaga was “riding with Jesus” – representing the embrace of Christianity – until she fell in love with Judas – a force that is opposed to it. But what kind of force are we referring to? Is it the elite’s peculiar brand of occultism, mainly represented by the symbol of the Eye of Horus?

In the video, Jesus is shown doing good deeds and healing people while Judas is pretty much a douche bag, getting drunk and grabbing women all over the place. Yet Gaga is in love with him. The character of Judas is an embodiment of Crowley’s saying “Do What Thou Wilt” – or Lavey’s Church of Satan concept of hyper-egoism, where the fulfillment of one’s desires is seen as a basic requirement to true enlightenment. Gaga is seduced by and identifies with the values embodied by Judas’ and is therefore in love with him. By doing so, she turns her back on Jesus’ altruism and selflessness.

One scene recreates Mary Magdalene’s washing of Jesus feet which, as seen above, made Judas angry and jealous. In the video’s version of the story, Judas is however right there with Jesus, his naked feet next to his, apparently also ready to get this treatment reserved for great people. Judas is therefore not simply a disciple of Jesus, but his equal. Afterwards, Judas, being the self-centered jerk that he is, spills his beer on Gaga … but Gaga loves him that way. The first lyrics of the song describe this reversal from the Biblical story, where Judas is the one getting washed by Gaga.

When he calls to me, I am ready
I’ll wash his feet with my hair if he needs
Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain
Even after three times, he betrays me

Later in the video, there appears to be some kind of showdown between Jesus and Judas. Gaga – who is still Jesus’ lover – goes to Judas holding a golden gun, apparently to kill the one who would betray her spouse. Instead of a bullet, the gun “shoots out” lipstick. Gaga puts it on Judas’ mouth as if saying “go ahead and kiss Jesus, you have my blessing”.

The song also describes Gaga’s participation in “bringing Jesus down”:

I’ll bring him down, bring him down, down
A king with no crown, king with no crown

The “king with no crown” is more than likely Jesus, who is wearing during the entire video the Crown of Thorns. In Biblical accounts, that painful crown was put on his head by soldiers before his crucifixion in order to humiliate the one who claimed to be the “King of the Jews”.

Right after Gaga’s “official” taking sides with Judas, she is shown in a symbolic “cleansing” or “baptizing” scene.

So, despite Jesus’ virtuous deeds, Gaga is attracted to Judas. The Betrayer is portrayed as a rowdy, egoistical and devious being, which is not surprising since it is stated that Judas was possessed by Satan at the time he betrayed Jesus. Judas personifies the antithesis of Jesus’ selfless ways and represents the self-centered philosophy described by modern occultists such as Aleister Crowley whose philosophical tenets, describes the self as “the center of the universe”. Anton Lavey’s Satanic Bible describes the need for a “new religion” based on man’s earthly needs.

Past religions have always represented the spiritual nature of man, with little or no concern for his carnal or mundane needs. They have considered this life but transitory, and the flesh merely a shell; physical pleasure trivial, and pain a worthwhile preparation for the “Kingdom of God”. How well the utter hypocrisy comes forth when the “righteous” make a change in their religion to keep up with man’s natural change! The only way that Christianity can ever completely serve the needs of man is to become as Satanism is NOW.

It has become necessary for a NEW religion, based on man’s natural instincts, to come forth. THEY have named it. It is called Satanism.
– Anton Lavey, The Satanic Bible

Gaga, playing  Mary Magdalene, is attracted to Judas’ ways. She not only “converts” to his side but also effectively brings Jesus down. This attraction to the “dark side” is summed up in these simple words:

I wanna love you,
But something’s pulling me away from you
Jesus is my virtue,
Judas is the demon I cling to

Other Details in the Video

Other apparently meaningless symbols in Judas help decoding the full meaning of the video.

In Conclusion

Going beyond simple shots at Christianity for pure shock value, Judas summarizes the underlying spiritual messages found in Lady Gaga’s works which are, in turn, a reflection of the elite’s philosophy that needs to be taught to the masses. Whether it is intentional or not, Judas symbolizes the spiritual shift of humanity as it enters what is  “the Age of Horus”. Crowley considered the last two thousand years to be the Age of Osiris, ruled by Christianity’s “emphasis on death, suffering, sorrow and the denial of the body”. He however considered this era to be necessary to give birth to the Age of Horus, whose Aeon would lead humanity to a new kind of spirituality. Other esoteric schools describe this shift in different words. Some describe it as the Age of Aquarius taking the place of the Age of Pisces, which was dominated by Christianity (they say Jesus was associated with the symbol of the fish because he ruled the Age of Pisces). Is this the reason Gaga’s words refer to the “future of culture”?

In the most Biblical sense,
I am beyond repentance
Fame, hooker, prostitute wench vomits her mind
But in the cultural sense
I just speak in future tense

Whether the general population subscribes to these esoteric predictions or not, it certainly is “following the script” that was laid out. The same way Lady Gaga was eyeing Judas while riding with Jesus, society as a whole has let go of the core tenets of Christianity to embrace a philosophy that is compatible with Crowley’s Thelema. Even if most people do not even know what is the Thelema, they live by it on a daily basis. That being said, organized religions and the elite are not necessarily opposite forces. Religions and religious sects have often been used as tools of the political elite to divide-and-conquer countries and to oppress and to manipulate the masses. Times have however changed and, today, the Illuminati is looking to unite the world under a single world government and a single world religion. This religion’s values are based on egoism, materialism and the sexualization of pretty much everything. Most music videos, movies and TV shows subtly celebrate these values. In other words, they want you to be in love with Judas.




    • Absolutely right. This was a very informative article. I particularly found the insight about the lipstick gun really helpful. I only watched the video once, but this observation seems undeniably right:

      "Instead of a bullet, the gun 'shoots out' lipstick. Gaga puts it on Judas’ mouth as if saying 'go ahead and kiss Jesus, you have my blessing.'"

      Well said, Vig.

      • Agreed, I was confused about the lipstick scene and the ending. I interpreted the lipstick scene as her simple unwillingness to get rid of Judas, but the article gives it a whole lot more significance. And I took the ending scene as society's rejection of her due to her support for Judas.

      • Also if you notice she uses the lipstick to draw a cross at the corner of his mouth. You know, just in case you hadn't been completely been offended :/

      • You people believe religions? Man, please… Be a Human and just think for yourself, dont let other human gods think 'anything' for yourself ! If you let them think for yourself then you become a Slave to that thinkers, gods, god people, you make them god ! You can do NOTHING about illuminati, never. Its ower… Thats it… But,

        You become illuminati. Or no one, just a whore… who live slave and who die for nothing.

    • I'm on VC about Judas being so in your face. Really, you people get the thought, she's in love with Judas. And it's a no-brainer who Judas is. The exact opposite of Him. But then again Gaga leaves the video with confusing bits, like the ending and other scenes. And I believe this article hits the meaning point blank.

      I would also like to add that Gaga is not yet there with her full push against Christianity. Judas was like her saying, "Hey, I can be with Jesus and Judas at the same time." Note that the three of them were in the tub together. And the lyrics state: "Jesus is my virtue, AND Judas is the demon…" The use of "and" was interesting because it's like Gaga is using both of them for her own needs.

      • I agree with you on this point. To me, it illustrates how many people pick and choose what they want to believe and follow from many different religions/belief systems. It's like Burger King- they want it THEIR way, not GOD'S way. In essence, they're making their own mix of truth and lies to suit their wants.

      • Lady Gaga seems so in love with her self that using both poor old Jesus and the devil probably seems only right to her. Some girls her age would be satisfied to just use the poor fellow in apartment 3G.

        I don't know how many of these artists believe in these sorts of things, but it makes one wish for the largely harmless "party and listen to tunes" crowd of yesterday. Ah, Sam Cooke.

        I must say there was this odd point, when I was 16, when I wrote a song and I felt like writing others like it might make me more popular or something, but it just wasn't right. Perhaps, I was tempted, but didn't fully realize it.

      • In the bible it says you cannot serve to masters because you will end up to hate one and loe the other, so she is making it clear who she wants to serve..

      • She actually says the word "BUT Judas is the demon I cling to". Thats whats in the song. I think that whenever you add the word (but) into a sentence, it takes on an entire new meaning.

    • Very powerful article VC. Thank you again! Excellent.

      I've heard of the non-canonical gospel of Judas. How you personally feel about this gospel? (The Gospel of Judas does not describe Judas as a betrayer of Christ but rather as his actions done in obedience to God.) This bring into mind "predestinarianism".

      On MTV's official website, the "Eye of Horus" is explained away as a symbol of protection. (BTW: MTV is following in the footsteps of the Vigilant Citizen this time. They're now "decoding" videos). They're paying attention. And remember that VC even received an official press release from MTV a while back. LOL!

      Well, regardless of what the symbols mean, the pop music since 2000 has become full of symbolic, occult, and esoteric imagery. There is a hypersexual agenda and a transhumanist agenda across the music industry. But, most importantly, THE POP MUSIC OF THE PAST DECADE IS *DARK* AND MOST CERTAINLY *NOT UPLIFTING*!

      This religion of the elite brings to my mind a Sarah McLachlan (*Lilith* Fair) song from 1997.

      you come out at night

      that's when the energy comes

      and the dark side's light

      and the vampires roam

      you strut your rasta wear

      and your suicide poem



      you're building a mystery

      • Hi 3D,

        I'm glad else someone recognized the Gospel of Judas theme running through the song as well. According to some sources (it entirely depends on who you talk too), Judas was either portrayed as a type of Gnostic Saint to helped achieve Jesus' goal to be crucified or a demonic, double-agent of the satanized-demiurge Ialdaboath that helped speed up the process for Jesus' sacrifice. Blood atonement and the passion of Christ were portrayed rather negatively in this gospel. Jesus even mocks his apostles for believing in Jewish Temple rituals that involved sacrifice. After-all, the song does reference "Judas" as the "demon" Lady Gaga clings too. Personally, I don't hate Lady Gaga and on occasion find some of her songs to be very catchy, but there is certainly a rather strong occult under-current in her work.

      • MTV is definitely not "following in VC's footsteps".

        MTV was the first massive (and massively successful) push to hit young people over the heads with this crap.

        If you read that "Judas decoded" article, it's a total joke. It's classic disinformation methodology. The symbols are so obvious that even the blindest idiot can see them, so MTV is there to "decode" the message for you, so you don't have to resort to sites like this that are actually on to the correct answer. Their article basically just says "Gaga referenced the Bible in this song. Also, check out these hot pictures of celebrities in the video!" Durrrrrrrr… Every second I'm on the MTV site, I feel myself get a little bit dumber.

      • lady gaga needs to make up her mind she at a confused state she doesn't know who she with Jesus or Judas cause if you really look at the video she protects Jesus with her gun but then she lets Judas kiss Jesus like wtf what wrong with her shes nut but if you want to really see something amazing this what you really need to watch Im telling you this will save your life go to type in arrivals and only click on by noreaggaaa or go to http://WWW.wake up and go on videos or scroll down and click on arrivals series this website will tell you about everything you really need to know bout the anti-Christ share this site with your friends,family,facebook,twitter,myspace will shall not let Lucifer sit down on that throne in Jerusalem there will be on more dollar bills star bucks are a bunch of Zionist Disney,Pepsi,coke,kfc all are liars listen to Lupe fiasco (words i never said') obama liar, twin tower just a mega ritual Osman bin laden not dead don't believe what the media news tells you they are controlled by a bunch of Zionist,the Holly WOOD sign lies, church lies (certain ones) the pope the parliament homos & part of the bohemian grove, FBI liars, CIA liars don't trust this country America shall burn down to hell these people are sick and nasty in cartoons they put sex symbolism, turn off your t.v,2012 BUNCH OF LIES. at the darkest nights we shall burst out our lights and love and kill the ILLUMINATI ZIONIST SKULLS&BONES ALL OFF THE ELITE OCCULT SHALL BURN TO DEATH & let JESUS take his rightfully THRONE NO HARRY POTTER DEVILS JUST LOVE ALL OVER THE WORLD PEACE OUT LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!!

      • I think late at night…on some long, lonely (jet?) ride, Lady Gaga comes to this site and masturbates.

    • The Age of Horus was preceded by the Age of Osiris–the Age of the Dying God. Jesus was the epitome of the fulfillment of this magickal formula and "Christians" agree. Jesus was God / Son of who died for humanity, exactly as the old Aeon required. The New Age, the Aeon of Horus, is called the Age of the Crowned and Conquering Child. What do "Christians" say happened to Jesus after he died. He ascended to the right hand of God where he was crowned. What do "Christians" say Jesus will do finally? He will return to Earth and take over control of the entire world from Jerusalem. Jesus would return in glory as the crowned and conquering child–i.e SON of God. Neither "Christians" nor Crowleyites seem to have fully appreciated Jesus.

      Lady Gaga's biggest religious problem is she comes from a Catholic background IMO.

      • and what does her growing up Catholic have to do with her selling her soul and clinging to the demon Judas?

      • Lisa Devales on

        Agreed. Catholicism when compared to the word of God does not match. It is time for people to wake up and stop practicing religious tradition thinking it is Jesus. Saturnalia became Christmas……look into the May Day tradition…..all of these pagan things were introduced because "Catholicism" is a man-made religion…they basically took all the things that they liked from Christianity, Roman Pagan traditions, Babylonian pagan traditions…integrated them all and put a Jesus stamp on it and it has continued for thousands of years later. Even Protestants unknowingly practice Catholic tradition. Why is it, that some things practiced in witchcraft have identical Catholic traditions? Catholicism is the mother of false religion…..Satan can only deceive those who DO NOT know the word of God. How many Hail Marys will you say before you realize it is a vain repetition? How many priests must vow celibacy before you realize that they are forbidden to marry and that very thing is spoken about in the bible 1 Timothy 4:3? What about the ban on the bible? When did God tell His people to stop people from knowing the truth? Their explanation for this? They didn't want the uneducated to misinterpret the bible……now look at this…."God is not a respecter of persons"… even their reason for banning the bible goes against the word of God. Education does not draw you closer to God nor does wealth…but according to this institution at a point in its history, indulgences could get you a spot in heaven………….hmmmmmmmmm….too bad for the broke. Now is this God or Satan? By their fruit you will know them (Matthew 7 I believe)………the Catholic church has rancid fruit…but people still believe that this institution is good….according to the word of God that they claim that they stand on, they are a counterfeit. Everything good that God makes, Satan has a believable counterfeit and the only way to know the real from the fake is to know who God is. Example: 2 people selling Louis Vuitton bags that look almost identical and to the untrained eye, they were both made by the same designer; however, an assistant who works for Louis Vuitton comes to buy a bag and realizes that one is a fake… can he tell? Because he knows the real Louis Vuitton. If you never had a real Louis Vuitton, the fake could be just as real and you would pay a high price for the fake. Same with Catholicism….it can only pass as real if you have not had a real relationship with our Lord and Savior. Satan is a shepherd too guys……the only way to know who your true shepherd is is to know His voice. Read the word and then test the fruit….Look in the New Testament and see if you do not see a huge difference between the Catholic church and the word of God. If this church was of God, they wouldn't have to make up their own explanations (Canons) to make themselves "fit"…it would be evident. One direct contradiction? Read Matthew 6 when he talks about laying up treasures in heaven…last I checked, the Catholic church has laid up many treasures on earth…..check the Vatican out. This church has left a sour taste in the mouths of those who don't know God…they say things like……"how could your God let His people slaughter millions in His name"…………because they were not His people…………..just because I call myself Beyonce's cousin doesn't mean that I am…..but people don't go through this verification with God……….we research everything except for our God…………isn't He the most important? People, WAKE UP.

      • Im so sorry for putting that up please don't killme i have to much to live for DON'T Kill me see i love Rhianna and beonyce did any who run dis world girls.

      • lovelovelove on

        When will some of you realize that these people's background have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR CAREER AS SOON AS THEY SIGN THE CONTRACT?!

        Doesn't matter what kind of family she came from; I came from Catholicism on BOTH SIDES and look what happened to me. Boom. Still Enlightened. Still on this site.

        She was a music major, not a theologian or religious expert. Her handlers are responsible for that.

        Do I have to reference the Secret Arcana website? Maybe some of you have not discovered that yet? I hope this helps …er…'clear the air'.


    • "As it is symbolic on many levels, I realized that decoding this video could help many readers — who I call my “Little Vigis” (No.)."

      "Although it is not clearly specified in the Bible, Mary Magdalene is said to be the prostitute who was about to get stoned to death by an angry mob until Jesus came along and said: “Y’all country-ass, donkey-riding peasants better drop them rocks and go on home before things get REAL ugly up in here”. Wait, that’s what Samuel L. Jackson would have said. Jesus actually said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

      Legend, VC. You have me in stitches with some of this stuff. Love it when your dry sense of humor comes through.

      About the article, yep, the blashphemy of this one is pretty much in the bag. Not too much to say, since it's such a blatant and obvious affront to Christianity on all levels.

    • Jesus was sent to die for our sins. How is his death a bad thing if it was destined to happen? I'm new to this site but where are the good guys in all of this?

    • Wow VC does it again! And the illuminaties are doing all they can to get the masses ready for their new and devilish schemes. The New world order. Im sure there are a lot of you that are thinking and saying the same as me:

      Come! Lord Jesus! Come! We Wait for you!

      Thanks VC for being so awesome with sharing your gifts of interpretation. If you made youtube videos or any type of videos with your research you would totally become bigger! And your voice would be heard more! I encourage you to do so! We need to let the whole world know about these illuminati bastards! :)

      • Loved the article. Greatly appreciate the interpretation.

        First and foremost, I wanted to 2nd he who said that you should do youtube videos. You'll definately reach a much, much wider audience.

        That being said, I do hope your intent is not to ''fight them'', but rather to enlighten them. For if it is not, I'm afraid you'll fail miserably. This is happening, whether we like it or not. The deification of religious figures as well as a trend towards self centeredness, self interest and self gratification is becoming more and more apparent. Whether we have the ''Aeons'' to ''blame'' or the Illuminati to ''blame'', that is beyond me. In any case, I do believe it's about time. Political correctness, education, and appropriate behavior have, for too long, been mistaken for repression, insecurity and dishonesty… and that makes me sick. What's even more aggravating is the fact that, in my mind, a great deal of the world's problems: segregation, separation, discrimination and callousness stem from this simple fact. Those who are rightful would not dare engage those who have fallen. And those who have fallen are much too cowardice to take a long, hard look in the mirror. All these things, and many, many more, could very well be avoided if we followed Oscar Wilde's teachings: ''Be truthful with others, so that you may not deceive yourself''.

        So swing it, and swing it wildly.

        P.S. I cannot, for the life of me, agree with Crowley. His law is fickle, useless and, in all likelihood, counterproductive for those who do not yet know the face of good. Whim… could easily be mistaken for Will. Zarathustra had the right idea… Truth, and Truthfulness shall be the whole of the law. As far as I'm concerned, the greatest sin there is lying to oneself. If this so called Age of Horus helps to eradicate that, then let it come. The sooner the better. (bear in mind that one is lying to oneself when, say, you act out of vengeance, ridicule another to boost or flatter your ego, take from someone something that is not yours, etcetcetc… for in all such instances, your actions are first and foremost driven by an avoidance, an avoidance of suffering.

        ''If thoust had know how to suffer, thou woulst have had the power not to suffer. Know then suffering and thou shalt have the power not to suffer.'' – Alledgedly, Jesus Christ.

    • I gotta say I find this site very informative, but this could be both the solution and the problem. This video is very obvious, but some of her other videos, I gotta say had this whole illuminati propaganda never been brought to my attention, and so often at that, it would never have any affect on me. I would have never noticed or cared about any of this and would simply continued enjoying these artists for their musical talents and nothing more. This type of stuff has no effect on a person's psyche unless they believe it does…and well, seeing is believing. It's ok to educate, but we shouldn't be inundated in this. If they have a master plan to take over the world and our minds…first of all they've already succeeded; we've been in the NWO…it's old now actually and all this attention given to it is only helping them sustain such an agenda. I love Lady Gaga's music and I will admit that she along with Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye, etc have all gotten a lil weird, but why does no one stop to question if all of this is one big load of bull designed to steal everyone's piece of mind and 'ah-hem' sell records. I think they do all of this to the extent they do bc you tell Americans anything and they will believe it, THEN buy more albums bc of thier curiosity. I am a christain woman, but I also consider myself "enlightened"…or awkened…reborn of my spirit, etc…which isn't that what Jesus requires of us all. I see the wierd crap they're all into, but I also try to look at people with the eyes of Christ and believe the best in them. I think the song is hot and after really listening to what she's saying I realized that she's speaking of just what she said….Judas is a metaphor for her falling in love with the wrong man repeatedly…doesn't mean she's serving him over Jesus, but she's going to use the biblical references and storyline twists to get you all talking and confuse you…she seems to succeed. I personally agree that we should be aware of our sins, but one thing Christians especially try to ignore is that….THEY SIN!! No matter how deep of a christain you are, you are still going to sin regardless bc we are imperfect human beings. This "new religion" they have convinced you all they're trying to push is not new at all, its been around for centuries and the bible has many overlooked facts disquised as secrets. To add, religion has also been around for centuries but the world is still the way it is. Christ even says do not follow religion, follow me. It's important that we look at both sides of the spectrum to develop an understanding of what's really going on. I believe in order to become righteous you have to first accept your weaknesses and be real with yourself. The vilian in this scheme their doing is bc more and more people are becoming aware of this, so they want to scare us into alchemy. You have to know who you REALLY are and more importantly WHOSE you belong to. I know I am a child of God, sin or no sin.

    • Blessed I am on

      Your kidding right?

      I LOVE Lady Gaga. Same was said about Maddona and many artists before.

      You people really need to get a life. The Bible is very literal if you interpret the scriptures properly. This is just pure nonsense and hate mongering!

      • there is no writing or scripture that is literal except for baby books. there is a reason why humans have the ability to analyze things. before there were movies and pictures there was imagination through reading. the bible served and still serves a purpose and the only thing there is for us to do is trust or not trust those who can interpret the bible in many levels. let's place ourselves back in history and think "hmmm… no movie theaters, no music players, no media; except your brain, pen, and paper." the bible is a book that no one understands at first glance, it is on going study throughout the years based on verses and life experiences. the problem with people is that they forget the foundation of life. where life was derived from and what inspired and still inspire people to live happily day by day. i'm a firm believer that everything has a purpose. EVERYTHING. even the purpose of out brains developing throughout or years. for us to be able to analyze, understand, and teach. to keep the cycle of life going. but selfishness (the root of evil) leads the world to destruction. selfishness in many accounts as vanity, ignorance, betrayal… and so on. basically i can keep going and overlapping myself with ideas since life isn't as easy as 1,2,3. you have the ability to live for up to 80 years and you gotta show something for it. more than just self-worship. might as well have a lifespan of months at a time if that's the real purpose to life.

    • People need to open their eyes their not realizing their being hypnotized by these illuminati puppets such as lady gaga Beyoncé jayz and the rest and even the kids are two spider man superman and exapecially Spider-Man his man move in Cludes the occlot sighn their doing this to kids every kid loves spider man why do u think when I was little I moved on to iron man thanks VC

  1. VC

    you say morning star is a name for lucifer…actually morning star is a specific name for Jesus Christ…..Compare Isaiah 14 KJV with NIV and other new versions…..Revelation 16 also…

    There is only one morning star ….He is Jesus….

      • Trevor Barr on

        No, I am sorry that is incorrect.

        Read Isaiah 14:12 (KJV) How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

        The NIV PERversion incorrectly applies the appellation of "Morning Star" to Lucifer.

        Now read Isaiah 14:12 (NIV) How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!

        I hope you can discern the difference.

    • Yes Amit. I definitely agree with you! The NIV Bible perverts the scripture. For example, ISAIAH 14:12: The KJV reads, "How art thou fallen from heaven, O LUCIFER, son of the morning!. . ." The NIV PERversion reads, "How you have fallen from heaven, O MORNING STAR, son of the dawn. . ." The NIV change "Lucifer" to "MORNING STAR". However, Jesus Christ is the MORNING STAR. Revelation 22:16 says, "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and MORNING STAR".

      • Yes…the NIV is a bit off. King James is still the best out there. There are little things here and there that alter the meaning in NIV and other versions.

      • Really? are sure it as a perversion?

        What happens when they translate the Bible to other languages?

        Do you think the meaning might be off a bit or perverted as you say!

        If the Bible stays still and language changes and evolves around it the message can become lost or interpreted differently.

        I do not understand people that get all in a huff about the slightest change in words when it comes to the Bible, the Bible needs to be translated into many languages and it also needs to be translated into a modern version of English.

        In fact keeping the Bible in ye olde English is making it less accessible to people, do you want that?

        If you want a true and unadulterated Bible experience you might have to learn ancient hebrew to satisfy your puritanical cravings.

      • And just for the record the Bible does not refer to satan as lucifer ever, they are different beings all together.

      • Just a bit of information – the majority of Seminaries have been infilitrated just like the majority of "translations"… you can thank the Rockefeller family for their indoctrination…

      • From Door 2 Door on

        This is for YOSHI

        From Door 2 Door says:

        June 4, 2011 at 2:13 am

        For your information, There has been a Commitee who took up that challenge to gather old manuscripts of hebrew, greek, etc… and did that translation for a keen Holy Scriptures reader like you and me and sincere people out there. And this is my warm invitation to you:Request “The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures” from the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you are not familiar with the location of the nearest Kingdom Hall, you may check the telephone book for the address, or you may write to one of our branch offices,…. AND PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO READ THE FOREWORD. Thanks.

      • DeadMessenger on

        This is for anyone who read Door 2 Door's comment above: The New World Translation is an apostate version. I won't bother listing the hundreds of examples here, but simply Google "New World Translation mistranslations" for ample evidence. If you read the original Hebrew and Greek as I have, you can confirm that it is apostate. Door 2 Door is urging you to join the Jehovah's Witness cult. (And their own Kingdom Interlinear Translation also confirms the deliberately misleading mistranslations.)

      • Well Yoshi apart from the KJV, a lot of the 'new' translation distort most important Bible verses so you can't trust everything. All Bible Scholars agree that the KJV is the best translation.

    • Jesus is called the morning star yes, but the morning star is also a name for Lucifer for people who are within the occult.

      • Yes that's right. Could it be possible that the same persons who worship Lucifer as Morning Star, could have been involved in Bible translations that mention "Morning Star" instead of "Lucifer", or "Day-Star", or "Son of the Morning"?

      • Gary Dirtwise on

        no it means light bearer, in spanish luz means light, and spanish came from latin

      • Wikipedia is a terrible source for this kind of "stuff".

        Light Bearer is the translation for Lucifer not Morning Star… and the Morning Star isn't to be believed as Venus.. that is a false light.

      • Light bearer in Latin is: LUCIS FEROR, with the time, that became one word: LUCISFEROR > LUCIFER.

        Yet Jesus Christ is the Morning Star, in Is 14:12 is not talking about the morning star that Jesus is refering to; according to the original text, this star that bears light (this LUCIFER), is the pagan god worshiped by the cananean and not the Morning Star that represents Jesus. Luifer tries to imitate Jesus Christ.

        Note. I write the word LUCIFER in all caps. because in original Latin there was no lowercase. I'm not giving him any importance.

      • i am suprised that anyone informed enough to read a VC article would then go and reference wikipedia in a theological debate…

      • From Door 2 Door on

        For your information, There has been a Commitee who took up that challenge to gather old manuscripts of hebrew, greek, etc… and did that translation for a keen Holy Scriptures reader like you and me and sincere people out there. And this is my warm invitation to you:Request "The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures" from the local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. If you are not familiar with the location of the nearest Kingdom Hall, you may check the telephone book for the address, or you may write to one of our branch offices,…. AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO READ THE FOREWORD. Thanks.

      • Funny, 33 bible translations and Jehovah's witness are the only ones that translated it right? Anyone who denies the deity of Jesus and the Holy Spirit as a person denies the word of God as we know it, all things Jehovah's witnesses do.

    • This is true there is only one morning star who is Jesus. But you have to understand that groups like the Illuminati and The Freemasons, refer to their morning star as Lucifer, The Light Bringer, the bringer of knowledge and illumination. also in mythology could have roots with Prometheus the one who stole light from Zeus and brought it to Earth.

      • Jealousy is one of Lucifer's many bad traits. Morning star my @rse..dreadful BS er..

      • Ur right. Satan's whole "m.o." was to be God, so he wouldn't come up w/ an orginal name…yes Jesus is the true morning star & lucifier wanted that same honor…

      • Jesus is the "Bright and Morning Star" while Satan is sometimes referred to as "Morning Star."

      • yeah you are right. In the NKJ bible in Isaiah it refers to satan as the son of the morning. it's all in the bible folks. well if anyone wants to know the "son of the morning" term 😀

      • Wrong. "Lucifer" was originally a Latin word meaning "light bearer". If you check the Latin Vulgate, which was translated from the original Greek/Hebrew, lucifer/luciferum could used for anything that is a "light bearer". Check the Vulgate for Job 11:17 and 2 Peter 1:19. In those verses "lucifer" describes morning and day star.

        Also, in the Hebrew, Isaiah 14:12 uses the Hebrew word Heylel, which literally means "shining one, morning star". Not "Son of the Morning"

    • I asked this question during a bible study – and there is a scripture that says that Satan can change into many forms to deceive many…even into an angel of light. That's why Satan is also referred to as the morning star.

    • Isaiah 14:12

      "How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations! (this verse refers to Lucifer)

      Rev 22:16 (NIV) "I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star." (Jesus, identifies Himself as the Bright Morning Star)

      Morning Star- Lucifer

      Bright Morning Star- Jesus

    • Satan counterfeits everything that God sets up. He does either before or after. But when reading the new translations of Bibles one has to be extremely careful. I always read the new living translation but have the King James on my phone to doublecheck certain things because obviously God knew it would be messed with.Revelation 22:19

      King James Version (KJV)

      " 19And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."

    • "Morning Star" isn't an exclusive name for Jesus. The meaning of the Latin word "lucifer" has just been lost on us:

      The Hebrew word Heylel is translated in the KJV to "Lucifer" in Isaiah 14:12. This is the only place in the entire Bible that Heylel is used. In Hebrew, Heylel literally means "shining one, morning star".

      What happened was that when the Latin Vulgate version was translated from the Greek and Hebrew, Lucifer/Luciferum, (Lucifer in Latin means "Light-bearer"), was used in multiple places to describe morning, day stars, light bearers etc (check the Vulate of 2 Peter 1:19, Psalms 110:3). When the KJV version was translated from the Latin Vulgate, there was a transliteration. What more, the transliteration comes from translation through the Latin, not the Hebrew. Over the years people have attributed "Lucifer" exclusively as the name for Satan, but 500 years ago it was used much differently. Back then "lucifer", in Latin, could be used to describe anything that bears light – There was even a 4th century Bishop named Lucifer.

      Even the 1611 KJV has a marginal note for Isaiah 14:12 tying "O' Lucifer" to "Or O' Daystarre". The original translators of the KJV knew that the Lucifer in Isaiah 14 is referring to. And Morning Star would fit, especially if you know what the meaning of "lucifer" and "heylel" are. So yes, Morning Star is an acceptable translation for Satan.

      So does that make Jesus and Satan the same? No. Morning star is simply a way to describe a "light bearer", if you stick to the original way it is supposed to be translated. To use it as a title for one particular entity is when you run into confusion.

      Since KJV-onlyists like to toot their own horn, swear by their "properly translated" Bible, and claim that NIV and NASB are blasphemers making Satan and Christ one and the same… then let me ask what the KJV is referring to in Job 38:7:

      Job 38:7 (KJV) "When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?"

      Did the Jesus' sing together? No… but the angels probably did. See, even the KJV translators knew that "morning star" meant more than just reference to Satan… or Jesus for that matter. The NIV and NASB aren't "bad" translations. I will admit to the KJV being the most closely adhering to the original Greek/Hebrew… but the NIV and NASB aren't out to deceive people. And they aren't "improperly" translated either. I prefer to read the NIV for studying since I prefer modern English, but also keep a Strong's Concordance for a little bit of more literal study. Best of both worlds.

    • Thank you so much for pointing this out. What a error and confusion created in the NIV version of Isaiah 14:12. Satan is son of the morning cast down…Christ is the morning star raised high.

    • Lisa Devales on

      Great point. The NIV is a perversion. Deuteronomy 4:2: "Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you."

      Now there are actually several words that have been interpreted differently (English to English translation should not vary so greatly…….)

      And here are the verses I want you to find in your KJV and then try to find them in your NIV…….

      Acts 8:37

      Matthew 17:21

      Matthew 18:11

      Matthew 23:14

      Mark 7:16

      Mark 9:44

      Mark 11:26

      Mark 15:28

      Luke 17:36

      John 5:4

      Acts 28:29

      I John 5:7

      And there are several more. Just google scriptures missing from the NIV. Don't be deceived.

  2. Do you realise that the guy playing Jesus has on makeup? But Judas and the other males dont!! What could she be implyng by this!

    • I think it means He's beautiful. He's not like the rest. It's a pretty plain explanation, but I'm sure you understand the deeper meaning.

    • It means Jesus is the beloved of "Mary"/Gaga.

      And when Gaga's gun shoots out lipstick at Judas, it implies that Judas has become Gaga's beloved.

      Throughout most of the video, while she may be falling for Judas she still stands by Jesus. It's only before the Betrayal scene that she changes from Jesus's to Judas's.

      • my personal thoughts on this matter…

        All humans make judgments based on subconscious and subliminal messages and icons… hell, isn't that the reason we joined this site? to further clarify what on earth they mean?!?!

        Most people, even the uneducated in the ways of the occult or Christianity are almost too certain to know a thing or two about Jesus and Judas to be able to put 2 and 2 together to know each actor represents these figures.

        The clever thing done in this film clip, which has probably slipped the minds of so many viewers is the subconscious programming or priming of Jesus looking 'effeminate' for the following reasons:

        1) Makes Jesus look less of a man then the others

        2) instills an oversexualised masculineness to Judas thus making him more 'enticing' to the audiences.

        3) Makes Jesus look abit 'freaky' or 'queer' to audiences

        4) Use of the crucifix jewelry used to make a fashion statement and thus a degradation out of religious icons

        5) Having Jesus smirk with pleasure as Judas Kisses him instilling homosexual properties about Jesus.

        To this educated audience though… their attempts failed! Jesus is the only True King on earth and otherwise!

        I think the end scene although not discussed had gaga dressed styled with a cleopatra styled hair cut with checkerboard hair and wearing white and black clothing an shoes. This looks like a marriage of the Egyptian mysticism and elite beliefs that is then being stoned by Jesus' followers for their input in the ordeal.

        My opinion though ….

    • I think the guy playing Jesus looks hot. But Lady Gaga being the blasphamus b itch that she is put makeup on him to make portray him as a homo. She should be stoned to death.

      • I dont think the issue is that he looks like a Homosexual. and i definitely did not mean to say that being a homosexual is in anyway degrading to christianity in my previous post.

        My aim was trying to say that by showing Jesus enjoying a kiss from another man (Judas) plays on the subconscious minds of impressionable people watching the clip. Many of Gagas fans are actually gay and would love to see nothing more then homoerotic behaviour happening in her video.

        What i dislike so much about the modern world and its attempt to break away from Christianity is that in an attempt to do so it has used the demeaning 'historical and political actions' of religions as opposed to the actual scripture teachings to highlight how 'bad' Christianity is. This clip has done a similar thing.

        Many homosexuals are under the misguided belief that Jesus hates them because of the way that they have been born. As a result they hold a pent up resentment to God/Jesus instead of building a loving relationship because priests and ministers implant the seed of hate in their heads. With this, many of her fans want to see Jesus engage in a homoerotic kiss and enjoy it as it helps fuel their fire and in turn breaks down their possibility of finding salvation even more. These F***ers (Illuminati) are very clever and are very trained at knowing how the game works to get their agenda across without being blamed.

        Unfortunately for everyone… Gay, straight, bi or undecided, God still adores and cherishes you no matter. He just preferred you appreciated his love for you, rather then believe others trivial opinions that He hates you for the way you were born.

        May God help all his children from falling more and more into this pit of dispair. Bloggers, My prayers are will you all.

      • scene_ofexistence on

        @ hmmmm

        I just saw the kiss scene as Jesus smirking slightly because he knew he was being betrayed by the kiss, not because he enjoyed it :-/

        and the non make up on judas – im sure he has got make up on, but no one would know :-/ and I am guessing that most straight females would find Jesus character more attractive and masculine over judas character, even with the make up, hes HOT! :-)

    • bubblegumm93 on

      Yes, a dark agenda it is indeed.

      I would also like to point out that in her video "Alejandro", she was proudly wearing her mock-priest uniform with an inverted cross on it, as if to mock Jesus and his followers [also in the movie "Rosemary's Baby" over the baby's {antiChrist's} crib]. However, at the very beginning of this video, literally one second into it, the title "Judas" comes up, and right underneath is the cross – the RIGHT way. This could also be symbolic that she is more into worshipping the dark side since Judas is being treated as royalty, getting the right side up cross, while Jesus was mocked with the inverted cross.

      Did anyone else notice this? :S

    • On several websites, I've seen the whole "When can't a song just be a song?" time and time again when someone brings up something like this. My response to that is "When can a song actually have a meaning?"

      • I actually agree w/ asking why can't a song be just a song, but those days are GONE…i miss those days where a music video and the song had the same meaning, you could understand it, & the song dealt w/ everyday things that people could relate to. I was just looking @ the video alicia keys did "you don't know my name" the other day which is a great example of a song being a song…now in the days of lady gaga's submition to do whatever she's told to do, those days are over….

  3. Hip-Hop is Dead! on

    Whore of Babylon… “shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone”.

    • Actually, the scene of her in the water is meant to depict the artwork called The birth of Venus. As in the goddess of love. Christians need to calm down. There were many religions that existed before Christ. I wonder if you think African dynamism is wrong too?

      • It's animism, not dynamism. Also Christian beliefs go wayyyyyyy back before they were ever referred to as "christianity". Before Moses ever wrote his 5 books, before archeology ever existed… the belief in one God was passed on orally. So yes, before Christ came to earth they were other religions. But he is the alpha and the omega, and was there way before any pagan religion came to be.

      • @viola… right, and He'll be there to the end. In the meantime, though, the elites appear to be on a course to vaccinate our children against religious belief. Seriously:

        We need to be praying that God will stop these anti-Christian fanatics. They'll do anything to prevent the light from entering their dark worlds, even if they have to medically prevent religious belief.

      • leah c,

        Though it seems there may have seemed many religions before Christ stood on the earth…however, Christ has been from the beginning. He is the alpha and the omega 'who was, who is, and who is to come.'

      • child of Christ on

        Also in Africa Venus the so called goddess of love was an actual deity worshipped in riverine areas, some refer to her as The black maddonna and others as just a simple fairy tale mermaid. Ask any African that has actually lived in any place where she is worshipped and you will be surprised by the stories, most true..Shalomxxx

    • i like it.... on

      ok, what I'm trying to figure out is…does anyone else think this…how can we really believe what the bible says…when so many versions of the same stories are in different bibles? let alone, the different versions of bibles…where words get omitted or replaced…before the bible was written…the stories were passed down orally…how do we know that the stories are real…that they happened?…I'm not trying to get anyone upset…but i've asked many different religious leaders…and they all say the same thing….that they each only believe their version of the bible…

      • if you're referring to the comparisons between different mythologies mentioned in films like Zeitgeist, it's all made up, it's propaganda. There are no similarities of significance between Christ and other pre-Christian religious figures. Most of that stuff came from an Acharya S, who borrowed much of it from a Gerald Massey. These two have both been thoroughly discredited by the scientific community and their postulations hold no water. Google their names or "Zeitgeist Challenge" if you'd like more information on it. There are actually people out there offering $1000 sums to anyone who can prove the copycat allegations against Christ, and they can get away with offering this prize because no proof exists.

      • You are correct that there are many versions of the Bible…but please stick with reading the Scriptures, especially the new testament.

        There are three main "branches" of Bible translations, Alexanandrian, Received Text, and Western Family. I would recommend sticking with the Received Text which includes the King James Version(KJV) and New King James Versions(NKJV) for their overall accuracy. Prior to 1900, there were hundreds of translations into other languages, and they are all virtually identical.

        You can compare multiple Bible verses at Biblegateway. com I would NOT recommend the NIV as there are many example of whole verses missing or words changed that change meaning.

        Any version you read, compare to the KJV or NKJV. If there is a difference, look at the context of the whole chapter, as well as comparable stories in each of the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, John, and Luke.

        Hope this helps you in your search for truth.

      • Sarah Connor on

        NWO, Illuminati, Vatican, Zeitgeist Exposed 1/8:

        A Keith Thompson film on the ruling elite's involvement with satanic activity.

        This film dives into the formation of the Illuminati, how it infiltrated freemasonry, and the satanic nature of it's aims. It then goes into the Vatican's involvement with the Bohemian Grove, New world order elite, and freemasonry while exposing how the vatican is now anti-Christian.

        The last segment debunks Zeitgeist type claims of a Christ conspiracy and exposes the plan to destroy Christianity making a new age one world religion.

      • This is why any translation of the original Quran is not considered the Quran, and muslims around the world have one version of the Quran in Arabic; whether you read the Quran in Egypt, USA or Australia, it will always be the same..

        And yes we muslims do believe in Jesus as a Prophet as well, so this video is sickening for any muslim to see

      • Like Christians, Muslims also believe that Judas betrayed Jesus – we believe that Jesus didn't die but was taken up by God and will return before the end of time to fight the AntiChrist.

        "The story of the betrayal of Judas is portrayed in the beginning of the Islamic character of Judas who are attracted to the offer of a royalty of 30 pieces of silver should be able to tell the hiding place of Jesus and the people of Al-Hawariyun (12 friends Prophet Jesus) to the Jewish chief priests. On the night after the Prophet Jesus and the people of Al-Hawariyun moreh touched the last meal (the Christian Last Supper) He (Jesus) has led people to Al-Hawariyun bertahannuth, bertaqarrub to glorify God in the Garden Gethsamani, Baitumuqaddis.

        Not some time later, Judas Iscariot has been received along with the armies of Rome beyond the garden, Judas went into the garden and immediately came up to Jesus and whispered something in him (narrated in a whisper said to Jesus, Judas the words "Peace, O Prophet" in Hebrew)."

        In Quran 4:157 it is mentioned.

        And [for] their saying, "Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of Allah ." And they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him; but [another] was made to resemble him to them. And indeed, those who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the following of assumption. And they did not kill him, for certain.


        Sarah I've been looking for this EXACT info , I saw Zeitgeist in college and was totally converted, along with my current gf who still has doubts, a couple of years ago I looked into the creator of the film and was not buying the meesage AT ALL. I asked VC to cover this movie and the creator(s), thank you so much!!!

      • Painfully Obvious on

        Have you noticed that her shoes are beginning to look more and more like goat hooves?

        At this point, they should just put her in a full baphomet costume and have her go dance around with the Chik-fil-a cow and call it a day.

  4. I don't usually comment on your articles but I have been a reader and a fan for a while. I loved this analysis and I even laughed out loud at some of your jokes. I thought the same way you did, how Judas would be a waste of time, but true that a lot of people still don't know the truth

    • I agree, it did seem almost meaningless to have to decipher the blatancy of this video… and yet, when I read many of the posts in your forums it seems that it is almost required to do so; as much of the population that frequents these pages, are strangely tied to Lady Gaga and her music. I do wish also that many of the comments on these articles stopped using the Bible as reference to defend arguments and explain logic or events… it's just ignorant and distasteful. To each his own, I suppose. Another thought provoking article nonetheless, Vigilant.


        The songs called Judas, the video has Jesus, how can you not think about referring to the bible?

      • I agree, these analysis seem "self explanatory" for those of us who have been 'enlightened' to their meaning. But for those who still have work to do and struggles to situate within themselves so they too can be made aware of the world/false reality & perceptions/symbolism surrounding them, these blatant and obvious analysis' are necessary and important. I feel my eye has been trained to accept nothing as coincidence, to decipher hidden meanings/agendas, and decode all the symbolism. For others just now realizing this, they're going to need the extra assistance and "evidence" in things that that are so clearly recognized by many of us.

        Keep stating the obvious, VC! Since it isn't so obvious to very many.

      • after your statement about others not using the sacred text to deliver arguements about the current agenda of the elite, it's become painstakingly obvious that you have No idea what anything on this site has to do with your current existence!

        without knowing it… you are actually agreeing with the agenda of the elite by implying that 'religion should not be used' the article pretty much stated that Christianity is trying to be annihilated and you have the nerve to echo that sentiment with your pompous remark…

        When something is targeted and broken down so much (like Christianity) you have to question why… why all this money and effort to break down a supposed 'wrong religion'? why a new world movement to rid Jesus out of its existence? Let me tell you the reason, The truth is too powerful.

        It's no wonder the world is in the situation it is… keep researching because I don't think you have quite gotten the point Alejandro… (the name says it all)

  5. Vigilant,

    This looks like a great article, I can't wait to finish my research papers and have time to read/spread the information you provided here. I'll be back!


  6. "Usually, when your girl yells the name of some other dude right in your ear, it means something’s up."

    An that's putting it VERY mildly. :-)

  7. The one-world religion prophesied in the book of revelations when the world is ruled by the anti-christ. Anyway this is a very,VERY evil woman we are looking at here.Not because she is anti-Christian but because she is pro-Satan.

      • Actually, she was raised in such a symbolic place: a building called The Pythian. This means she, since her childhood, has been influenced by esoteric teaching.
        The photo album says it all…

        And the section History says:

        "Singer/songwriter Stefani Germanotta, better known by her performing name Lady Gaga, grew up in The Pythian where she once lived and attended Convent of the Sacred Heart School, the same private all-girls school attended by Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky."

        So, the Convent of the Sacred Heart School is pretty selective. Interesting

      • And maybe that's why she sings, "My blood is pure" in the song "Electric Chapel".

      • @Ositelu: Mrs. Gaga once said she had dreams where she came into a room and found herself looking at a blonde girl on an alter. When she told her mother about the dream, the mother said "Oh, you dreamed of an Illuminati ritual."

        Makes one wonder about a number of things…

      • @ Gozodo,

        where'd you hear that? Source? That's pretty wacky shit if it's true.

    • The Lady is honest. She isn't up there pretending to be anything she isn't. Anyone who can't truely appreciate and honor that, seriously needs to go out into the world and run into some real deception. I bet some of you are currently gaga over some polished jackel out to steal your soul and you'll be so blinded by false glory you'll go for it cause nobody took the time to pull the curtain back for you.

    • Malcolm Kratz on

      some holy people started to read all the testaments again…

      the new testament is not really oke.. they filtered a lot out of it..

      what if there research is right:

      (explining in a childish way:)

      jesus said, someone is going to betray me, I give this person a peace of bread.

      then judas told after the dinner to jesus when they left: I know where you're from and I know how I can help you.

      He knew, because he was the only one that could make contact with jesus in a different way, that jesus was an angle and came from somewhere else.

      His angle was 'caught' or locked in a kinda way in a human body.. where he didnt belong.

      Judas betraid him, because he wanted to set jesus free.

      the other apostles saw this as a real betrayal to kill jesus to not spread the word because they where jealous of judas that he was the loved one of jesus..

      think about it.

  8. Great website, I visit and read the articles every chance i get. Just want to clear up one thing. The Mary who washed Jesus' feet was not Mary Magdelene. That was Mary, Martha and Lazarus' sister. She was Mary of Bethany. Mary Magdelene (called this because she was from Magdelene) was a demon possessed woman whom Jesus delivered. Mark 16:9 and the actual account is in the gospels earlier on in those books.

    • Thanks for this info. This example is a microcosm of the strategy utilized in Zeitgeist and other occult propaganda to confuse and twist the minds of people who don't know the Bible or accepted, accurate history. People take away those little pieces and start questioning what they never knew in the first place without researching it for themselves.

      • Exactly! I do understand that the world ( and other preachers in the church) have twisted many stories in the bible thinking that's what it reads because they too were taught what they now preach or speak of instead of researching for themselves. I too thought she was the adulterous woman and the one who anointed His feet until i went digging. It may seem sooo minor but if that small detail can be twisted, then the big stuff can be too.

        Again, I understand VC's article becuase lady gaga is depicting Mary Magdelene as the world has made her out to be, the wife of Jesus, etc and not who the Bible actually says she is.

      • Just Sayin... on

        Sorry, ~b, this may be long winded, but I'm going to have to try to get you back on track as a fellow Truthseeker. Any time I ever hear or see the words "accepted, accurate history," a red flag goes up in mind. I'm not sure if you have gotten very deep into researching this vast conspiracy, but if you have, you need to take a step back and reexamine what's going on around us. "Accepted, accurate history" is, first off, a meaningless statement to make. Accepted by who? And by whom was it determined to be accurate? 9/11 being carried out by Muslim extremists who hate your freedom (gimme a break) is touted to be "accepted, accurate history," but is an obvious and total farce. And you do realize Rockefeller funded much of what the National Education Association was and has become, right? Rockefeller? The same Rockefeller who said, "I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers?" You bet ya. Anyway, something you were taught in school does not necessarily make it thus true, rather only shows you were indoctrinated to believe it.

        And to say those who "don't know the Bible??" Come on buddy. You do realize that what you know as The Holy Bible was a group of books, some included, some excluded, yet compiled based on decisions made at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D…. 300 years after Jesus? The purpose was to determine, once and for all, who Jesus was and what his message was meant to be. And the head of this "council" was the pagan, Sol Invictus worshipping Roman Emperor Constantine, who claimed to see a cross (or possibly the Chi-Rho symbol denoting Christ) in the sky, in which he heard in a vision the voice of Jesus tell him "In this sign, you shall conquer." He thus ordered to be painted the cross he saw on all the shields of his army. He won the subsequent battle (Milvian Bridge,) and proclaimed himself a Christian. Now, I don't know if you have ever read Jesus' message, which I obviously would assume you have, but that does not sound like the message my Christ left us, does it? Conquer…? IN MY NAME?? Jesus' entire stance was that of peace. This guy obviously didn't know ANYTHING about Jesus, yet you think the only religious truth in the world was compiled by this same person?? The truth is, there are more books to the Bible than are included. And I'll tell you one thing, there's no way I could hold a council about what happened in 1711 during Cary's Rebellion and decide once and for all what happened. On what authority would I be able to do such a thing? I can't even tell you with certainty what events happened 45 years ago, for I was not there. My only point here is to open your eyes to the reality of the situation, and quit thinking you have all the answers. That mentality is exactly what's destroying us.

      • Just Saying,

        First off I deserved to be called out for using such careless language. Thank you.

        That being said, my point was that there have been numerous preposterous claims by Zeitgeist and many other occult propaganda that completely dismiss ancient accounts of the figure Jesus… which is accepted ancient record from Jewish historians of the time. We can all throw up our hands and ask what is real, but "come on buddy."

        In regards to the Council of Nicea, its interesting that you attempt to disregard the proceedings in part because it was 300 years after the time of Jesus. Not sure where you're from, but where I live, one of the oldest buildings in the city, where I've personally worked, is over 300 years old with documented, written history… from that time period.

        Its also interesting and slightly comical that you hold the 300 year mark as an inferred unreliable account while being so confident in your interpretations of the proceedings of a summit that occurred over 1600 years ago. You do realize there were thousands of various Christian representatives invited to debate for over two months right? That makes it a bit more complicated, as you pointed out to me, than your accepted interpretation of history.

        In regards to:

        "but that does not sound like the message my Christ left us, does it? Conquer…? IN MY NAME?? Jesus’ entire stance was that of peace."

        Now I don't know if you've ever read Jesus' message (see how condescending and frivolous that sounds) but you might want to look up:

        Luke: [51] Think ye, that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, no; but separation. [52] For there shall be from henceforth five in one house divided: three against two, and two against three. [53] The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against his father, the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother, the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. [54] And he said also to the multitudes: When you see a cloud rising from the west, presently you say: A shower is coming: and so it happeneth: [55] And when ye see the south wind blow, you say: There will be heat: and it cometh to pass.

        [56] You hypocrites, you know how to discern the face of the heaven and of the earth: but how is it that you do not discern this time?

        "you think the only religious truth in the world was compiled by this same person??"

        No, that is an unreasonable assumption based on wild, personal interpretations of the event right?

        Cmon buddy.

      • @ ~b,

        don't let these suckers fool you, Jesus knew Scripture was guaranteed legitimate by God and so did all his apostles. People say, oh, yeah, this and that power is responsible for the canonization of the Bible, yadda yadda, but it's nonsense, because the earliest manuscripts we have of the Bible's books are accurate enough of present-day text that all discrepancies are completely negligible, and these manuscripts are all archaeologically known to be older than the canonization process besides. They might argue the canon withheld some important material when arranging the books, but if you look at the Apocrypha, the Gospel of Thomas, the Revelation of Peter, yadda yadda, you see all the books that were removed were contradictory to the message of Jesus and the rest of the Bible in the first place. Lots of people arguing against Christ grasping onto whatever straws they can without knowing what they're talking about, just posting this for anyone who might need an argument against this deception, because the shit is everywhere. Cheers.

      • Just Sayin... on

        Listen ~b, you clearly did not get the point of my message. Here you are, being combative for the mere sake of being combative. With who? And why? You seem like one of those who has to always have an answer and have the last word. Don’t forget, we’re on the same team. But what did I just say? You don’t have all the answers, and we desperately need obviously intelligent people like you to quit thinking you do. I’m not going to play Bible-quote-off with you, because as I just stated, there is more truth than just the books included in what you regard as the Holy Bible. But I will say this: "For He Himself is our peace… He came and preached peace to you who were afar off and to those who were near. For through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father" (Ephesians 2:14, 17, 18) "For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:6). "I will hear what God the Lord will speak, for He will speak peace to His people and to His saints; but let them not turn back to folly… Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed" (Psalm 85:8, 10).

        My point is this – it’s easy to prooftext all day long and prove through scripture any point you wish to make, therefore my discussion will not rest upon Bible quotes. The problem with Zeitgeist is it uses evidence such as “Jesus being born Dec. 25th” to dispel the man Jesus, but we all know this birth date is not true. This birth date was decided at the Council of Nicea, in which Constantine paganized Christ and his message to unite his empire. The problem is not Zeitgeist, the problem is what Constantine and the church did to our Lord. I’m glad your building had documentation stating its history. Jesus did too. In fact, there were over 100 books circulating in Jesus’ time that early Christians were reading, some of which were presented in a manner of historically accounting his life. These books were not included in the Holy Bible, because they contradicted what Constantine WANTED Jesus to be, rather than who he was.

        To compare with your analogy, it would be like someone (Constantine) taking that building’s (Jesus) historical documentation, getting rid of half of it, and deciding that it was originally a hospital when in fact it wasn’t, for the mere sake of people (his nation) going “Oh well that was cool, I like it now.” Now, I never said I had any certainty what happened 1600 years ago, and as I just said I don’t know what happened 45 years ago, much less then. You’re missing the obvious point, young Padawan. I am quite aware that many church fathers were invited to attend and discuss once and for all who Jesus was. That’s my point. Not everyone agreed. They had to “compromise” at the end. Sorry partner, but the nature of Christ is not a “compromising” situation, and I think a pagan warmonger should have the LEAST say, rather than the last say. “Now I don’t know if you’ve ever read Jesus’ message” was not intended to be a condescending statement in the least, it was actually meant to be a unifying statement, because it followed “I’m sure you have.” I intended the statement assuming you knew Christ as a speaker of peace, but apparently you don’t think that way.

        Anyway, I'll say it again, quit thinking you have all the answers. We need good minds like yours constantly seeking truth rather than thinking it has found or knows truth.

      • JustSaying,

        Ha… I never said or thought I had all the answers, I was just rebutting your rebuttal. And yes I have a character flaw that drives me to get the last word and I'm always up for a spirited debate. I didn't think I was being any more combative than you… comment forum's on the internet are particularly difficult in conveying or reading a person's intended tone.

        In regards to the Bible's structure at Nicea, I believe that the living God uses even Tyrants for his greater glory. I do not believe that the Living God would hide his words and intent from his intended people and store it in secret teachings for it is a doubt of faith to believe that God cannot work through even the flawed stumblings of man.

        I don't have all the answers but I absolutely know the truths of what I have experienced and what has been gracefully passed on to me from the Most High, which is a blessing and nothing of my own accord. Faith is something that no other man can rob regardless of flawed, unfruitful debates.

        I'm sure we're on the same side man. "I" have no answers and I clumsily try to relate the salvation of grace and truth that have been bestowed on all men by the Most High, His Living Word and the Spirit of Truth.

        That being said, there are battle lines drawn and the evil one has his obedient children too. Its unfortunate that they are often times more disciplined than us.

  9. Thanky u VC! i was wondering when this article was coming out. could u perhaps decode katy perrys song E.T?

    • It's final time fans of this site learned to think independently and stopped waiting for VC to analyse it all, right? It's pretty annoying to see things like "VC, could you please write an article on that?". VC can be wrong, people! Well, he's usually right, or at least offers very interesting and smart interpretations but my point is that there will not always be someone to analyse it all for you. I think that's the whole point of the website – learn, get to know what symbols mean, and then just THINK! Don't be a "Little Vigi" (by the way, VC, thank you for that – I just laughed so hard!).

      • So why are you here then if you already know everything? I know A LOT about the occult, but VC provides another perspective and can help connect things we might pass over.

      • i believe i know who you are coz i've seen you trolling around on VC's page on facebook. i agree with Brandon. why are you here then? we are here and reading his articles because we want to know. get a life.

      • Crimson Fury on

        no trolls allowed here. if you are here for trolling then go and keep partying with justin beiber….

      • Brandon, I'm really far from saying that I know everything and I absolutely agree with your post. This is why I'm here as well. Also, I'm not trolling (never seen VC's Facebook page 😀 ) – I really respect VC and if I know anything about the occult, it is because of following links on this and similar websites. What I'm really against is those people who are ready to believe every single word VC or someone else tells them – because they will hardly learn anything that way.

      • child of Christ on

        I think when they ask VC for his analysis, it is probably to compare notes. That is the only way for you to learn in my opinion..Shalomxxx

  10. Sadly I still love the song and the video, I just have to stick to the shallow interpretation of it as a love/betrayal song. But, this was very interesting VC!

      • Neither will I, I just don't understand how can people prefer being stoopid (typo is intentional) instead of smarter. Maybe it's easier, but it doesnt feel right


        I wouldn't say stoopid(lol)

        I think Ignorant is a perfect fit, sorry for the "insults"?

        Its just disheartening to see people learn about these things and still choose to "like" it.

    • Me too. Don't feel bad. I like VC's analysis and admire his research. But the song is a whole and he left out important parts. Like she's a holy fool……. But she's still in love with Judas. She's saying Jesus is her virtue but she can't let go of her desire for the unholy. She's talking about being a human and the struggle between good and evil and the very human tendency to continue to embrace the toxic, self-destructive knowingly and love those who betray us when we KNOW we shouldn't. Maybe VCs right. But the old story of Mary M being a whore and Jesus's lover isn't true. Also she throws water in Judas's face at the end of the video, so I don't really think she chose Judas. She didn't wash his feet either.

      • I have to agree with you, Sarah – for the most part. I think the song was more Pro-Judas than the video (in the song she clings to Judas, in the video she clings to Jesus even as she looks towards Judas).

      • Agreed Sarah, Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, the Catholic even admitted that was a mistake and not true. While I may not agree with everything Gaga does, I think her main intent is free thinking, freedom of expression, religion, etc. Values our country was originally based on which are on the decline.

      • Someone who actually understands!

        I am a Catholic and love Gaga.

        Some people take things too seriously and don't focus on the real meaning, which is the one you just stated. That she is just Human and the we all fall! That is what it is all about!

    • Thank you Joanna, but I'm not brainwashed. I am well aware of Gaga's belief system. The problem is is she thinks that you can worship yourself and your ego. Born this way embraces that. Judas however hints at the struggle of an artist to capture both the light and the dark. The struggle is between good and evil. At the end she is stoned to death in black and white. Which means that she has successfully embraced both good and evil accepting and glorifying both but you can't have it both ways. She's an artist. She's not evil. She has been deceived into thinking that humans can be stars like Lucifer and even more so, achieve a God-like status. I appreciated and agreed with most of the analysis of VC. I just don't think she chose Judas at all. She wants both. And a new religion is coming that says you can have both. This song actually speaks to me bc I struggle with my faith and my love of worldly things (like the internet that you apparently enjoy too) and I understand the struggle.

      • WTF ? As long as you understand your nonsense… I guess it is all OK. All her songs are about fame then, and no underlying message ? Why all those biblical and religious references in all of her songs ? What about that use of clearly satanic and occult symbols ? Just to portray her struggle in the music industry all this while? Why are all those symbols and references she uses in close to every other popular artists's show, videos, filsms and in magazines ? OK… Well how creative and repetitive ! Clearly no agenda. :)

      • …But it clearly doesn't communicate her choosing God over Satan. The video leaves the Christian with a big icky feeling, not a good feeling like having victory over evil…which makes this pretty evil. One question: Does her art glorifying God or Satan??? The answer is pretty clear.

      • severalminds on

        you can't want both…either u are good either u r evil…those 2 can't be mixed up…those who try to do it are the illuminati – ego slaves which are ready to serve anybody who benefit their interests, today they may fake serving God, tomorrow they will serve evil with the same energy, just for reaching their ego's will… It is no human ethics, it is not normal and it is not sane…it is about a confused mind which has no idea where to go. I tell it in good faith, then it is up to u…

      • Wanting both.

        It means like in the song: You know what you want, and what you need.

        In the song's case. Gaga wants Jesus, she knows she needs Jesus.

        But she also wants Judas, not because she needs him. Just of a want.

        You have to understand the situation instead of making everything plain black and white.

        If God is alll black and white, no one can go into Heaven.

      • but the God of Christian scripture claims to be immutable and unchangeable in his being. The God of scripture is also described as all righteous, and just.

        The God of scripture is merciful, and longsuffering, but by no means compromising.

      • child of Christ on

        Definition of Wordly is carnal as in fleshy that doesnt last as we are spiritual….My interpretation of what GOD wants from me: Is to enjoy the world that he created for me and all that it has to offer. That should not be at the expense of someones pain or downfall….There is a misunderstanding that rich people are evil, that is not true.God wants us to be happy and he blesses us with riches.The internet is not the devil it all depends what you use it for, we all have a conscience(THE HOLY SPIRIT) so we have a guide and know when we are doing wrong..Shalomxxx

  11. and Mary Magdelene was not the adulterous woman(you called her the prostitute). The adulterous woman did not have a name.

    Enjoyed the article!!!


      Yeah I read somewhere that one of the pope hyped that rumor up to sort of bring more "adulterous" women into the church, couldn't think of a better way of saying it. When people do things that are pretty bad and sit heavy with their conscious, they think God doesn't love them anymore, by giving one of the disciples this image of a prostitute the Pope was able to get more women into church, it's intentions were good I guess but in the end it sucks cause now everyone thinks Christ hooked up with her. Not true, he was a man of the spirit COMPLETELY, did not give into desires of the flesh. He was a rebel to the flesh.

    • Do you REALLY believe in that? How quick are you to condemn people! There is always forgiveness – this is what Christianity is about, right? Or have I missed something? (not a Christian, sorry)

      • If you do not believe Jesus was the Son of God who died for our sins, then yes the Bible is pretty clear on what happens to you.

      • Gary Dirtwise on

        well sin is a choice, if you choose to go to hell who can stop you? i once asked that to a satanist and he replied "I don't care", these people had the option to decline but didnt, the bible makes it clear that the most unforgivable sin is to mock the Holy Spirit, Jesus is the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, as much as i don't want to see others fall they have the option to be saved….or not

      • Did you know that a Christian has to distinguish the spirits and must not call evil good and good evil?

      • Silentobserver on

        Rashi is correct. 1 John 1:9 states that if you confess your sins that He (Jesus) is faithful and just to forgive them and to cleanse from all unrighteousness. Any one of those people associated with that video project at any time can repent to God, confess that Jesus is Lord and be saved. Salvation is free and for ALL! Be careful of quick condemnation.

      • Rashi,

        You are both right. If one continues down that path the rest of their life, yes, there will be a judgement. But as far as what "hell" actually is like, there is a "PR" hell that's sold, and the one described in the Bible. I would go to the source.

        And you are right, if someone in that video repents and asks Christ for forgiveness and lives his life after that modeled after Christ, he can be forgiven and redeemed.

        If you read the actual words of Christ, you will find answers and the Way to true life. But their are many false prophets and false ideologies promoting a false Christianity. See my other post regarding Bible versions on this site.

      • jesusgirl04 on

        An unbeliever will live in sin and do what they do because that is what they know. A Christian has the full revelation of the glory of God and will do what is necessary to follow God. That being said, as a Christian, I have no right to judge those who are still in sin. I don't know what it takes for a person to fall. I am not walking in their shoes. What temptations they face, what the enemy puts them through. Paul was very specific about how we are to deal with our brothers and sisters in Christ if they are falling back into sin, and we are to be accountable to each other. But some will end up being lost. But God is long-suffering so that all may have the opportunity to come to repentence and be saved.

    • you = idiot

      Sorry to be so harsh, but perhaps you are not aware that Gaga in no way directs, produces or comes up with the concepts for her videos, her photoshoots, the clothes she wears. If you think she is, you really need to do more research on how the entertainment industry works.

      • She writes the treatments for all of her videos. Do your research on GaGa before you try and talk about things you don't know.

      • Things That Make You on

        For the two weeks leading up to the release of the video, she was bragging and pretty much non stop saying how this video was hers & Lori Ann Gibson's (?) creation… That they both alone came up with the premise of the video… So if she came up with this, she prolly really is in love with Judas.

      • At123,

        the person with dozens of "handlers" writes the treatments eh? Did she also direct the photoshoot where the woman tells her she's covering the wrong eye? Its ok to be a fan, just don't be naive.

      • correction. 'judas' is lady gag me's debut as a video director. She directed the video.

      • you are actually quite ignorant. Its funny because Judas was her directorial debut with her choreographer Loriane Gibson. Gaga actually does conceptualize all her works and isnt just guided be studio execs. Do YOUR own research

      • lol you're talking like you know her personally. You don't know that she didn't write the video. Just like I don't know for sure that she did. All I can do is take her word for it. Just like you have to as well.

      • @at123 "All i can do is take her word for it." Interesting statement. Words can be twisted and manipulated to mean a wide variety of things. Ever heard of talking out of both sides of your mouth at the same time? Or did you not pay attention to the quotes vc used in his article? Can you take her word for that?

        People took Adolph Hitler at his word, until he invaded Poland. People took Jim Jones at his word until hundreds died from "drinking the kool-aid". People are took Barak at his word and elected him. How has that turned out????? What do these three, along with lady gag gag have in common? just a little understanding of their words and a little research into their background shows that all are controlled by the same small group that has control over the entire political, social, and financial systems of the world.

        Remember, actions speak louder than words

      • @Resist

        GaGa did steal Peaches' sound! She's more electro-rock this album, but Peaches is wayyyyyy more sex oriented than GaGa…I don't see the comparison and I LOVE them both!

        About this article…

        I agree with it all…but I'm STILL in love with Judas, baby!

        *throws up the Baphomet*

  12. Wow VC, thank you so much for this article! I did notice a few of these things, but wasn't able to see the depth of the interpretation like you showed. Thanks for the incredible work you do exposing this crap. I must admit I'm still in shock how these artists have taken over the youth of this country. They sing and dance to these songs as if they're completely harmless…


        No need to research, even if she does write the "treatments" she's still a pos.


        Actually I take that back, she wants people to stir up hate and fights, watch metropolis, she (and other pop stars) remind me SO much of the fake Mary.

      • Have you seen her doing those videos?

        Do you have any proof?

        I'm 99.9% sure that someone told her to say that

      • And who cares if she writes it or not. She is spreading an evil message that is apparently getting sucked up by benign sponges like yourself. She is not original creative or artistic. She is a puppet and nothing more.

  13. Things That Make You on

    WOW… Loved this article. Lots of truth to it… When the video came out, I watched it once and tried to talk to ppl about it (I recognized it for what it was right away, and glad to see that I was right) no one would listen. My cousin (a huge Gag-gag fan) literally started yelling @ me for what I was trying to get across, and when trying to explain to her who Judas actually was, she said she didn't know, she thought he was made up character. Alls I gotsta say, Thank god my parents made me go to Sunday school. We need to bring this bitch down… "bring her down, bring her down, down"

  14. Private Joker on

    Great article as always.

    But did you noticed that in the lyrics "Judas Juda-ah-ah, Judas Juda-ah-ah, Judas Juda-ah-ah, Judas GaGa Judas Juda-ah-ah, Judas Juda-ah-ah, Judas Juda-ah-ah, Judas GaGa" she refers to herself (GaGa) there is a obvious connection between GaGa and Judas (who I believe represents Satan in this video) you dont have to think twice to what this connection is.


    There are allot of people that dont take lyrics very seriously and they justify these little "hints" just because it rhymes… but the official lyrics say GaGa so with a capital G`s, so if they just wanted the words to rhyme, why take the trouble to make a distinction.

    • Still Just 16 on

      She is associating herself with him, because Gaga herself is a Judas goat.

      A Judas goat is a trained goat used at a slaughterhouse and in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared.

      Someone on this site pointed this out a while ago. Funny how it reminds me of todays pop stars, trying to lead the youth to (let's just call it) a "specific destination".

    • SoldierOfTheCross on

      Lyrical rhythm notes with syllables hitting 6-6-6 break

      Most of these performance jokes use this in there versus

  15. The spirit clearly says that in the last days, some will abadon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 1 Tim 4:1

  16. I would not want to listen to a song called Judas anyway, and i ignored the video altogether when I saw the review over at, and it seems even they were bored and/or offended.


      How would it not be catchy? Pop music is marketed so that it is ALWAYS catchy, even if the lyrics are Sell your soul to Satan for an Ipad now you dumb little maggots, you will still like it.

      • outsidethebox on

        its funny u should mention "selling your soul" for an ipad just yesterday i read on a website, i believe it was yahoo, that a 17 yr old sold his kidney so he can get a Ipad 2.

  17. be more open minded on

    I actually learned something from this article. While I haven't completed the book of Mark (bc the story is in several places in the bible now knowing that each contains info that some don't), this article just inspired me to do so. I didn't know Judas kissed Jesus.

    • Satan always knows his time is getting shorter every time and he wants to bring more people with him to Lake of Fire sad to say. More symbols placed every where to remind people that it's their territory or their product.

  18. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually really liked this song at one point. If anything I feel its time we christians get closer to God anD form a relstionship with might me hard as they are a lot of things to distract us in this ultimatly the fact still remains that jesus is the answer for the world today.

    • It's ok they make this stuff to be catchy. Just use your intuition and guidance that the Holy Spirit provides and it will all make sense :)

      • Fix that pesky lyrical murmur by getting creative with it!

        When you find yourself singing “Judas Juda-ah-as” in your head,

        just change the lyrics to "Jesus Jesa-ah-us".

        Not a Christian OR a Gaga fan?

        Turn that shit off and listen to:

        "Throw away your television" by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

        (Anthony Kiedis only worships California)

        lol ;D

    • it freaks me out every time the chorus "oh oh oh oh oh oh iminlovewithjuda as" gets stuck in my head…damn why must she have such a good voice and catchy sound…. whats weird about most music you hear is if you hear it more them once parts of the song will be stuck in your head for ever…and you can't forget it :/

  19. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually really liked this song at one point. If anything I feel its time we christians get closer to God anD form a relstionship with might me hard as they are a lot of things to distract us in this generation..but ultimatly the fact still remains that jesus is the answer for the world today.

  20. What version of the bible are you quoting? That is different wording than what is in my King James version.

    • Euh….

      Did you ever consider he might just vulgarize, because let's be honnest, for people who are not familiar with the Bible, quoting word-for-word King James' Bible would be… A waste of time?

      Great job VC!

  21. Sarah Connor on

    Little Vigi's – love it! Your funny was on VC – great article!!

    It does not get any more blatant than this!!! But just in case some of you are still confused that most popular music is created to sway you from God, and to give praise to the adversary, here are 4 hours of they (musicians from all genre's and over the last few decades) telling you so! In their own words!!! This documentary is put together from a Christian POV (who else would expose this, really?). But no matter what faith you are, if you just get to the video clips and quotes of what these people are saying, you cannot deny it is by design, with intent and on purpose! No way about it. I was shocked, I mean, I thought I knew…..but I had no idea! It's gonna hurt, some of you more than others. It did me – I love music! Day is getting late though…………

    They Sold Their Soul For Rock & Roll Part 1 of 4:

    Hosea 4:6

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    • Silentobserver on

      Great Sarah, just awesome! If people have not heard of G. Craige Lewis he is another who really puts the music business (esp. hip hop) into perspective!

    • Rammstein are not satanic. You should listen to them in their interviews, they actually banned people from wearing shirts with swastikas at their concerts. Christians will always use guys like that to show how "evil" the music industry is and that they are teaching are kids to be immoral. Without the freedom of expression, art is not art. You have control over your children. I ended up just fine and I listened to Manson, NIN, Rammstein, Tool, tupac, NWA and none of their songs made me want to emulate that behavior, except for Tool but their lyrics are enlightening. I'm referring to your youtube link btw. Starsuckers was much better.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Deductive reasoning tells me that by posting your comment about an hour and a half after I posted the link, you did not watch the series. It is like a puzzle, and the pieces must all be put together. When it all said and done, big picture, much, not all, of the music we have been listening to (myself included) is infuenced by, and in reference to the teachings of Aleister Crowley and Anthony LeVay. Everyone from the obvious hard metal bands like Marilyn Mason, Black Sabbath etc, to the less suspecting Beatles, Santana, Eric Clapton, Sting, Back Street Boys (WTH?) Blues singers, country singers etc…. George Harrison admits that some of his songs used Hallelujuah to get people comfortable & disarmed, and by the end of the song, are singing Hail Krishna. Again, the goal is to sway you from God. Not to mention the amount of people admitting when they get on stage they are taken over (wonder by what) and it is not them playing, some of them even know their own personal demons names (talk about lil monsters) and one band calls it the 5th member. These guys know that they are doing, many admittedly throughout the series – hence 'selling' their souls, it was a transaction.

        To witness the degredation of society at large, since the days of Elvis, I think it safe to say that music's influence has been a profound tool of transformation. I guess the bigger question is, transformed into what?

      • I hate it when people make comments like that: "*insert band here* isn't satanic, the lead singer's uncle is Christian" or "*insert band here* isn't satanic, two members goes to church"

        Just because someone preaches not to smoke doesn't mean they can't smoke themselves?

        Idk that always gets to me.

      • child of Christ on

        About TUPAC and N.W.A. their music was a reality as in the world they were living in at the time. The media jumped on it as they didnt understand rap as it was not commercial and labeled it Gangsta rap. That came out when i was in my early teens and cannot be compared to Marilyn manson…..If you study MUSIC you will realize how powerful a tool it is. Mozarts stepfather was nicknamed Mesmerize, as he understood the power of music….Most hip-hoppers from the old school branch like myself will admit the shock and horror of how Rap has changed. It was used as a tool to empower the black community of that time e.g Dont do drugs,Go to school e.t.c. With amazing artists like KRS One, Public enemy e.t.c. The message changed a long time ago from The Chronic till present. Music is a dangerous tool that is highly underestimated and yes i love music..Shalomxxx


        AGREED, I always skim through the comments for Sarahs links and comments first, like a continuation of learning after reading VC's. THANKS FOR THAT! Really good series btw, they may ban people from wearing Swastikas at their shows but their lyrics talking about getting excited from terrorizing school kids? Satan won't come out and say "hey it's me Satan listen to this" but you can tell when something is Lucifarian related, and Mainstream Pop(be it rap, metal, or glitter music teens shop to) is definetly Lucifarian related.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Thank you both for your kind words, it's humbling!!! Motivated on behalf of my boys and the world I see I will have to bring them up in if we can't turn this around, if even for a time.

        The devil and this new world order, not a fan! I hope we continue to be a pain in his butt (NWO), and a dent in his plans (stealing souls) for as long as possible!

        AC – an awesome network of like-minded people, all online!! No joke! And vigilant posters everywhere! It is an 'info' war. Most of my day to days think I'm bordering crazy 😉

  22. For so long have I been looking for this. This poor creature sold her soul in exchange for a chimera, the greatest illusion of all….she is being pushed to degrade herself from one show to another. She is being used up to her ultimate energy drop, only to be thrown away when she fails to impress ignorant masses. She has murdered her own soul so devastatingly accurately! And , as a tool, she has achieved the very target of Evil whom she devoutly serves: corrupting innocent ones, the very substance of our immediate future. That's the way antichrist's pathway is being laid down.

  23. Finally!

    I think all of us that regularly follow you knew this was symbolism. There are still ppl that refuse to see that she uses symbols in her videos and worships Satan. But it's SO obvious.

  24. Something that immediately caught my attention in this song as well is the line "Fame hooker, prostitute wench vomits her mind." Not only does this speak to Gaga's desire to do ANYTHING for fame, but also it seems to be pointing to monarch programming. "Vomits her mind" seems to speak of her mind being taken over and controlled, and she's willing to do this and prostitute herself for fame. Just a thought.

    • Wow its incredible how people are supporting this way of life. This lifeform this woman has become is shocking to say the least, and she just like others are put on a pedestal as rolemodels for young children. It's amazing how people turn a blind eye to what is true and what are obviously lies! Everything that comes out of these artists mouth is bile, waiting a true talent that god has blessed them with to deceive the masses, people don't believe that these artists are evil but if you really think about it Satan is the king of deception and he knows that we are vulnerable in our senses, when something appeals to our senses we are numb to his devices. Don't fall for it guys! We need Jesus now more than ever!!
      God bless you VC keep exposing the lies these people have been force feeding us for long!!

    • child of Christ on

      Then again she calls herself "fame monster". Seriously weird stuff, i remember when everyone was up in arms about madonna. She makes madonna look like a virgin and that in my opinion is DEEP. Shalomxxx

  25. Silentobserver on

    Oh come on! All of the "little monsters" say that Gag-a does all of this just for attention. She is really a misunderstood christian gal with discernible christian values. Please! The deception is placed right in your face and some still choose not to see or believe. Gaga is promoting and embracing the satanic agenda. The battle lines have pretty much been drawn; who will you serve, God or mammon? Your choice.

    Thanks Vigilant for a detailed and very precise (despite the Mary M. misstep) analysis!

    • I don't think so. She snuck in and used these tools to become popular but this song is actually where she calls them all a bunch of wankers and says she is going to bring them down, down down.

      • Yes, and the illuminatti would just be down, down, down if people understood all of this is a metaphor for so much stupidity. She pretends to be stupid just to highlight how these people are just a bunch of hypocrits playing on people in order to get rich. But maybe they are not so stupid since people seem to think that it is just satan and nothing more than religion to it. If it was the case, it would just be so easy for them to destroy the Christian religion because they are rich, so powerful. They would just do it. But they need people to be religious and to believe in God to lie about their acts and do it secretly so that people who are not educated to their codes should never notice it. That is the big trick. Come on people. Don't you see how they are doing it. Yes, everyone on this site understood it was wrong, but noone has a clue how to change it. Well, that's it, even if it goes against this Christian (Puritan to be more precise, but learn about religion and you will see it more clearly) belief that rich people are just rich because they have worked hard and God wanted it so. It is a lie, don't you think Paris Hilton would be so rich if she was born a peasant. WAKE UP !

  26. i heard some people say : "yawn, Madonna did this years ago ."

    a side by side comparison would be interesting, however.

    any volunteers ? VC ?

  27. IndustryInsider on

    I'm glad you wrote this, I have a friend who was not only raised in a christian home but is also the daughter of a minister, she has a beautiful singing voice and is currently using it to sing back up for Lady Gaga, on her world tour…I decided to work in the entertainment industry to subtly infiltrate and undermine the malevolent influences in mass media often seen decoded on this website, my friend the singer, at one point chose to do the same thing on the music industry side, but after a year on the Monster Ball tour, she seems to be sucked into the dark vortex of her Monarch Programmed Employer and now refers to herself as a "little monster"… I plan to forward this article to her along with the rest of your articles on the Fame Monster in hopes that she'll see the true light and return to the path and purpose that God intended her talents to work for.

  28. We all know who controls the media, so VC, why don't you start naming names?

    It's the Jews, Zionist or not, who control the media. They are the ones that bash Jesus, they are the ones that want Christianity to fall, so why do we call them Illuminati? People must realise that these people are evil. They are the one's that control the music, music videos, all those awards that you have articles about here. You can call me anti-semit but if you look, you will realise that i'm right. Nothing in Hollywood, Music or News media goes without a jews approval.

    • Luca, I agree that these people must be exposed, but jews and the illuminati are not the same thing, the illuminati are straight down to the core satanists.

      Might I also add, a lot of people claiming to be Christian or Jewish or any religion you can name, are free masons. Which are directly linked to the illuminati, I personally just think it's worse if you're a satanist posing as a Jew or Christian because Satan is God's direct enemy, not Buddah's enemy or one of the Hindu god's enemy. Both Christians and Jews believe and honour God.

      • Charine, i'm not english native so it's a little though to express everything i want just like…i think it. What i was trying to say it that imo, Illuminati is a sham, a hoax ''marketed'' just to distract us. I'm not saying they didn't exist, they did but i guess we should let the rest in peace.

        As for the masons, there is no doubt that original masonic ''houses'' were created by jews, with jewish teachings and knowledge. All i'm trying to say is that when we are talking about video clips, movies, music etc, and everything that has someting to do with the TV, we are on jewish territory. They decide what gets on and what not. So if we have evil symbolism in videos, you know that a jewish boss wanted that to be there. That's why we should stop calling them Illuminati and start calling them JEWS, because that's what they are.

        Also, if you have time read these…i don't say that they are 100% true, but 90% of the things they containt happened or they are on the ''road'' to happend.


        they even talk about the masonic houses.

        hope i made sense.



    • child of Christ on

      As a black African living and institutionalized in the west, it was soo easy to blame everything on white people, Jews e.t.c. As i matured as a Christian and i mean reading the word of GOD. I was taught by the HOLY SPIRIT that it was never a colour , race or ethnic thing. That is just a dangerous tool that the lord of chaos has used to divide and conquer. We can target one group but it involves them all. As i tell my Children it was'nt a white man that stole slaves from the villages or there would have been a crazy mob. It was one of us……Shalomxxx

  29. i am glad they start to hit out on this song bcuz it crosses the line. she said she was created to make mayhem and i believe thats what she is doing. u illuminati ppl will not making me stop believing i God kill first before i bow to satan.

  30. This was a great interpretation of this video/song…..when I first saw the video I just sat there with my mouth open because I was in shock that someone would be this bold to come out with a song/video of this nature. GaGa is all the way gone….she has betrayed Jesus and all you can do now is pray that you or your family don't get caught up in her world wind…..I am so glad you broke this down for me….when I saw the video I figured out most of it but I kept saying I need someone to break this all the way down for me….and my friend turned me on to this site…..keep it up…this is going to be one of my fav sites from now on…..

  31. Wow. Blatant is an understatement! Yet the world refuses to see her for the agent that she really is..just touting her as a musical genius….yeah, right. After all, who was in charge of music in the temple inheaven before his fall? Who's very being itself was created to be a musical instrument? It fits!

  32. Hot damn! Just finished watching the video after reading this analysis. If anybody thinks that the biker gang didn't represent Jesus and his disciples, look at the tags on the back of the riders! Peter, John, Simon.. come on now. Also, I noticed Gagme dressed in Scarlet and Purple in different sections of the video. Whore of Babylon indeed.

  33. Thank you vc I liked your analysis but you missed the part when she is dancing with the purple cape and notice that She has Jesus heart like the sacred heart of Jesus often seen in catholic Paintings.

  34. "Is this a reference to the Whore of Babylon who is said to be “clothed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls”?"

    This sounds like royalty to me-Their ceremonial capes & outfits are always in these colours, and as for the “gold and precious stones and pearls”-You’ll find those on the crown & staff.

    "the great whore of Babylon who is said to “sit on many waters"

    The British army are EVERYWHERE these days, due to all the wars they are involved with, or sticking their noses into…

    I’d just like to point out that I am from the UK, so I’m entitled to my opinion on these matters.

    I am not a church goer, but I have been “saved” and do believe in God, Jesus, and what the Bible tells us…

    I find it very hard to believe that people can’t see that “Revelations” is playing out around us all as we speak, and that even the most anti-God people cannot get their heads around the fact that it is true! Even if you’re not religious, but are into your conspiracies-If God & the Bible we’re correct, then all of this “Illuminati” stuff would be completely pointless!!!

    • Tricksandtreats on

      Exactly. What you omitted to mention is that the British ain't the only ones who poke their noses, to be fair, the Americans are even worse.

  35. Another brilliant article, and although it all makes perfect sense, I have one issue. I know that to submit to the physical shell is what 'they' want us to do, and in doing so you lose sight of what's real and you lose touch with all that is spiritual and holy – but what if that side of things is what you want?

    It confuses me because I no longer know if I want those things because that is the way the fire inside guides me, or whether I have been successfully brainwashed into believing that I want those things.

    'Do What Thou Wilt' to me sounds pretty good, as long as you harm no one in the process, as long as doing so is being true to what you believe yourself to be. [perhaps I have become this way because I live in a place where everything is banned, can't wear what I want, say what I want or do what I want, so it makes you become a rebel whether you want to or not – it makes you want to break every rule that was ever created, it makes you hate religion because you are kept in a prison in the name of it. Either way – it's confusing …]

    I usually read these articles and look at the big picture as if it doesn't affect me, but now i'm thinking – maybe it has touched me in ways I hadn't noticed … Sometimes I feel like life's become a competition to become 'the baddest of them all' if someone has a more devious idea then i have to top them [sometimes it feels like my reputation depends on it], and I kinda wonder why it has to be this way, after all – if we are all spiritual beings surely we should be striving for good, not for the dark side of things?

    • I totally dig what you're saying, that's how I feel sometimes :) Don't know if that will help but you know how I get over it? I just get out with the people I love, do my favourite things – simply enjoy life :) It helps me forget all this "we're being controlled" paranoia. I also avoid watching TV much. Then, when I feel calmer about it, I read a lot. Sometimes I read about occultism, it really helps me overcome my fears and stop seeing everything in black and white (I really recommend this:…. But usually it's just fiction, for great books contain no less truth than secret teachings. These two really help me make up my mind on what I believe in and why exactly :)


      Or find comfort in knowing that this has all been written, I wouldn't look so much into occult teachings, but pick up a bible and maybe start with revelations and see that it's all going to be alright. Then after Revelations, start at Genesis. I know the Bible sounds Taboo in this day and age, but it really helps when you come across a passage, verse that really speaks to you. It's comforting.

    • Unconcerned Christia on

      You all can't tell me you've been close to your bibles so long. I hope you haven't been acquiring the knowledge therein to your brains through your pillows by osmosis. Gaga or not, the world is coming to an end… and I just can't wait. Gaga has been put in place for the same reason the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life were put in the Garden of Eden. For us to choose whether we love God enough not to disobey Him and to endlessly commune with Him or whether we would hear the voice of a stranger.

      God obviously loves us so much that He sent Jesus to be betrayed by Judas and Lady Gaga and You and you and me (for as many times we sinned against Him) and to be nailed on that cross so we wouldn't go through with it. We could never pay for our sins… We were born sinners. But Hallelujah, we have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony (Rev 12:11 ).

      I'm not concerned because Gaga has chosen to fulfill her part of the Scriptures and Satan is most definitely doing his part. Why are we not doing our part? Anyone immune to Gaga but disconnected from Christ has the same destiny, so why lament over spilt milk? Best you can do is to start winning souls for God to counter Gaga's stealing souls for the devil.

      Don't think you can do it on your own! That's why we have been given Holy Spirit. God gave us all talents and Gaga has chosen unmistakabely what and whom she'd rather use it for. Have you chosen? Leave her alone. Jesus did the will of God that sent Him so we would have the perfect example. Are you making use of it? are you following wholeheartedly? Gaga has poured her heart into her "calling" I suggest you do so too.

      Besides, greater is He that is in you than he that is in Gaga. so you lazy soldier, strap up and get to work before the enemy comes and sows tears while you are sleeping! God is counting on you. Make Him a proud Daddy!

  36. I actually feel sick looking at these disgusting pic's of the devil ……… but i will pray for gaga soul.

  37. NOOOOO! Gaga why are you doing this! I have read all the articles on her videos and i just can't take it. How can someone you love be so betraying and evil? Although she may be influencing alot of bad things on especially the younger generation like me i can't dislike her its virtually impossible. I knew one day my religion wouldn't be strong enough if it was i would turn away from someone like her but i just can't. Really shows the anti Christian agenda that forming around me. To all the strong and open eyed people God Bless you! I cannot be blessed for i am just as bad as her for knowing the truth and still not turning away.

    • Silentobserver on

      My dear sweet innocent naive young Kayleigh! No you are not like Gaga; she has made the choice in who she will serve and that is satan. You have just been deceived by one of the best into believing that their is no redemption for you, when just the opposite is true. You do not have to hate Lady Gaga, hate the sin that she represents and not the person, because in the end she is still a soul that God created and whom He loves. You say that your religion is not strong enough, but what about your faith? You see, he (or she) that comes to God must first believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek him. If you want to be set free from the evil that Gaga represents then you must ask God. If you want to be saved then you just have to believe what Roman 10:9-10 states. There is hope, trust in God and the antichrist agenda will be of none affect against you. We (of the house of faith) are praying for you!

    • How can you not turn away? In fact, how can you love her? She's just a singer who has no bounds to you. If you looked at this logically, you could see how foolish this is. The elite want you to become attached to their puppets so that you'll follow them. You gain nothing by "loving" Gaga, but you could stand to gain alot more if you turned away. Don't pick a mascot of supposed darkness over your religion. It makes no sense and you'll regret the choice.

      • Have faith in you..I was besotted with Beyonce until I realised what she's all about..I never looked back since then..I've been there, done that..

    • You can still turn away, it's not too late. This is a former little monster speaking! I went to the Monster Ball tour in costume and all! Gaga is truly talented and amazing, but it is what she is choosing to do with her talents that is WRONG! I believed in her, I loved her voice, and her piano. I knew the whole dance from the Bad Romance music video, but I can no longer support someone who is helping to promote the New World Order and the illuminati's agenda. Don't support the Illuminati using pop stars as puppets to manipulate you!

    • child of Christ on

      @ Aimee webb~ That bad romance video really creeped me out, it still does. Especially the chant, i thought she was dodgy from her video with Akon. Cant remember the name but there was an image of Baphomopet in the background on the wall.Shalom

  38. Ok, this is so blatantly perversity it's sickening. "Jesus is my virtue, but I'm attach to Judas", com on people she is choosing her sides and have been since she came out. It's the classic, historic choice Good vs. Evil and she has chosen evil over and over again. She knows what's going on and she's telling all that will listen with an esoteric eye. Get you some Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding and maybe you can start SEEING what's going on in your face, in your life and in history. Thanks VC for shinning light on this terrible reality. Another thing before I leave, I hate when people say I don't believe in Jesus or Christianity or religion for that matter, but guess what folks the people who are in control do, they believe in it all if they didn't then why go through all this world domination and NWO stuff all throughout history, why do they believe and honor demons and Satan. How can they believe in Satan and not Jesus?

  39. According with Catholic tradition, Judas is the only human in hell for sure. At the time he fall in hell, he became a demon, a very close "partner" of Satan, in a sort of speaking. So, lady Gaga states it very clear: she is in love of a demon, not any demon, a very powerfull one. That's the very scence of the song and the video, everything else y just decoration.

    • Very interesting, can you tell me what religious text is this based on? I'd really love to learn more on the matter.

      • Actually, that was made up, along with most of the imagery and most of the stuff people think out the Bible. The apostles reformed after Jesus died and began preaching just to hear themselves preach, and they like 99% of Humans today ignore the real teachings in favor of colorful pundits and moral sensationalism that fills pews/other medium to generate income.

        Hell is a made up concept, it's stolen from the imagery of Hades to make it more vibrant so that "poor unwashed masses believe anything the church tells them"

        It works today. People believe there is a heaven and a hell, and then strive for either when both concepts are just propaganda made up to sell books/culture. Hell is a MISTRANSLATION! It was a reference to Gehenna, a burning heap of garbage. He used real life locations to show people examples of their behavior.

        He didn't preach morality. The apostles did, and they failed, and Judas was the only sane one, he betrayed the worse evil, so he could do what he had to do, and show humanity that it went insane.

        Judas is a good guy. Why don't you people understand this? You question Hollywood's culture but what of the Vaticans? Do you even care or do you just say, "yes they are evil but they have correct teachings so i'll vilify them yet secretly praise them?"

        Talk about mixed messages. There is no such thing as good or bad. Creation(our only evidence of both God and our own being ((2 with one stone right?) is both light and darkness. See proverbs. See the book of Job. We are being tested because we are part of nature and we are alive. You have to struggle against something in order to be alive, otherwise there would be no point to existence?

        Anyone who works in the darkness can slough off for I care. I work for the light, I know this because wisdom is on my side. I know i'm hated on the internet for choosing it, but so be it.

        So according to the NT, the parenthetical assumptions and the books after the first four, are not part of the bible, they are, the remnants of what Jesus the Anointed (remember his last name was not Christ, which is not a word, its from Christos, which is a title meaning anointed, like a king or a prophet/philosopher) tried to bring to light.

        Even unto this day, its better that the believe Existential lies than it is to question their own individuality so they can free themselves individual.

        Not a single church have I visited, nor a single alternative news site, has mentioned wisdom, because although the preachers say they speak truth, its all a lie. Fear, Terror, Lies, all for more money and your time. That is their power, you give it to them.

        Peace out!

      • Silentobserver on

        Any proof to back up your claims? No? Satan the Lord God rebuke you and all of the lies you spew that are contrary to the Word!

      • Sarah Connor on

        Here are 20 video testimonies from people with near death experiences that claim they saw or went to hell. Not everyone with these near death experiences sees the bright light and grampa. They do not believe it to be 'made up', to the contrary, it was a pivotal life changing event.

      • Ok, Rashi, you have to star with the most important text: st John Gospel. If you read it carefully, there are a lot of clues about who really was Judas. Jesus himself calls him "devil" (Jn 6,70). And then, you may want to complement that with the ohers three Gospels. From here you may go to Augustine of Hippo, John Chrysostom, Maldonatus (Juan Maldonado), Epiphanius of Salamis, Thomas Aquinas and many other Fathers of the Church. I can't give you exact texts, because the list will be very long (examine mainly the homilies). More modern texts like Maria Valtorta, Anne Catherine Emmerich, Bridget of Sweden, Maria de Agreda and, why not? Dante's Divine Comedy, have interesting thoughts about Judas. There are two short texts: "Advertencias del más allá" (I don't know if it exists in English, but you can do your search looking for Arnold Renz. Maybe this could help:…. The other is "Face to face with the devil", by the father Domenico Mondrone, both are very interesting, although they have their contradictors inside the Church. Good luck in your quest.

    • Correction: While the Catholic Church certainly affirms the reality of hell, it has never named any particular person as being in hell, including Judas.

  40. I found out about VC from a comment I read while watching the trailer for Unlawful Killing on YouTube and I've been hooked ever since! As a recovering pop-culture junkie, I now look at my life as before and after VC. But boy am I depressed, I mean on the one hand I feel educated and enlightened and thirsty for more knowledge. But on the other hand, I've lost so much hope in life. The ironic thing is, gaga and the rest of the puppets have made me more religious than I ever was my whole life! I was a flip-flopping agnostic who only belived in God during tough times, and my diet consisted mainly of aspartame and perscription meds. I guess the only thing I can do right now is expand my knowledge and try to come up with smart ways to inform people so as not to turn them off right away. Anyways, thank you for the time and effort you put into this website!

  41. Little Vigi on

    Couldn't help myself, loved the article as usual. I like that you threw in some comedic personal touches, made it seem less textbook-y.

    I've stopped talking to people about the stuff I see and read because most would rather remain sheeple.

    Thanks for always writing the best articles!

  42. We're still in the Age of Pisces…There is still Jesus to turn to. Honestly I didn't see the video and I am not too interested. The imagery looks fancy but it's obviously nowhere near pure music. They have money, so they made a flashy video…That doesn't mean they can punish Bel or posses the original spiritual power. Lady Gaga looks like a foolish Imbecile to anyone in the know. Quite honestly, this imagery looks like Roman Catholic to me.

    The question is, what's the real overall effect of this Gaga… Is she even worth debating..Kids dont understand symbolism at young age and by the time they hit their teens, they're smart enough to know this Lady GAGA is evil.

    Back in the day artists were much more human, may not have been complete role models, but they didn't embarrass themselves to this extent.

    • "Back in the day artists were much more human, may not have been complete role models, but they didn’t embarrass themselves to this extent."

      Let's see, artists back in the day… KISS, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Ozbourne, Rodney James Dio, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue… c'mon, this is been happening for awhile. Read David Mcgowan's pieces on Laurel Canyon.

      And I doubt that its just a given that teens figure out that she's evil… we have people obsessed with this girl from pre-teens to parents.

      • again, did Kiss or even Ozzy Osborne or anyone at all…Have they ever made a music video that advocated the poisoning of another human other than themselves…Am I wrong? You tell me.

  43. This site interests me and infuriates me at the same time. I ask people on here if anybody (i.e the creators of this site) has any concrete evidence that these artists such as lady gaga are associated with the occult? It is quite clear to me that gaga is a christian and has a strong faith and if you have been to any of her shows or listen to the lyrics on her new album this cannot be denied. I think this speaks more volume and truth than the arguments put forward here. I feel it is very wrong that you look for meanings in these artists videos to justify your claims, which 9 times out of 10 the only reason given is “oh look they covered there eye they have quite clearly sold their soul to satan”. I feel people on here are looking too deeply for signs/”proof” and if you look hard enough and over analyse you will always find the answers you are so desperatly trying to find whether it be the truth or not. Why is it so hard to believe that an artist can have success and fame without the sinister reasons you put forward here? It saddens me also that i know now that if i do get any replys they will be filled with “oh you are uneducated and society has corrupted you, this is what the devil wants etc” why can’t people put forward an argument against what you preach on here without a substantial reply without getting blocked with the same mundane responses. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, in some instances, you are wrong? In my opinion the people on this site have been more brainwashed to the theories (and that's all they are) portrayed on here than any music fan who listens to lady gaga and her peers. So once again does anybody have any conclusive proof that lady gaga is associated with the occult rather than the fact she wore purple in a music video?

    • This site doesn't actually condemn this behavior. It just brings it to light. All it is really doing is showing people that you can create/maintain a culture IF you use the right symbols over and over again.

      Humans NEED a repetition of symbols, i.e. writing, sports, and art because that is how we express the krazy world that lives inside each of us.

      There is a saying that in Hollywood "no one reads anymore", and the same goes apparently for politics as our leaders pass legislation without reading it. So reading isn't cool, so what is cool? The moving image.

      Perhaps the Gaga and some of her contemporaries use those symbols because they are cool, well if you naive you think that, people who want to be in that industry, study to be in that industry. The symbolism is just a part of it.

      I have a very basic understanding of the Zohar, but enough sense not to copy the hebew lettering on my body for fame, I know a small amount of information on the Egyptian Mystery Schools (a very real thing, its the closest you will get to "Magic" irl, lol its quite ridiculous and obviously not for me).

      So you hide symbols, then use them, then hide them, they use them. The people eventually understand that anyone using those symbols has a powerful backer behind them (Hollywood is funded by the Old Familes as monetary investment, like the porn industry and dvds/other media!).

      Is it evil? I'm sorry morality is based on each individual, i can't tell you whats evil and what's good for you. Is it unethical? You betcha! It's logical, but people like Vigilant Citizen use Hollywood for whatever purpose they want just to gain attention. So a lot of people are using these symbols for every reason except the truth: freedom.

      I don't know Lady Gaga, and I can't say she is unethical, and really I don't know anything about her morals, I just know that she is being used by her pr agents to further spread disinformation and lies.

      Sadly, the more people talk about both the good and bad of any moral issue looks like a retard. We all aren't the same people, and unless you are going to show us the logical path, you're just as blind and ignorant and the other agents who spread disinformation, to make people with my job work harder for our spiritual pay.

      Lady Gaga could benefit from meeting someone like me because if she truly wants to rebel and promote the ideals of freedom of expression she would abandon the hot topic issues and speak about the compromised water supply of the world, or the forced toxins in the guise of medicines upon the world.

      Sodium Flouride is very unethical legislation, you cannot force someone to take medicine, especially after the CDC announced there was no systemic value to drinking it, in fact it will give you cancer.

      As long as politicans/celebrities/journalists/alternative journalists ignore the real issues and focus on vomiting up half understood mistranslated NT quotes, then the darkness is winning. For now at least.

      Just because heaven and hell don't exist they way the church makes them up, doesn't mean a spiritual Justice does not exist.

      Each man better make that choice now, he is running out of time!

      • there's a thing in this world called freedom of choice…You might want to teach it to your kids.

    • I wont hit you with the "your so uneducated" crap. All that VC has done so far (in a intellectual way) is show patterns. Patterns demonstrate an intelligent design, so if you have a music INDUSTRY that has their artist promoting (covering one eye – s&m – broken dolls/mirrors – butterflies – ancient gods/occult philosophy etc) is it too far fetched that VC elaborated on these "patterns" that are mentioned in books long before the music video? This is not a U.S. phenomenon but a global one (check VC's other articles about asian and europe).

      The argument could be made "yeah yeah, its just artist copying the style of other artist" but to have a GLOBAL "artistic trend" in an industry that swears by "do what thou wilt" or "be yourself" copying one another just seems a bit too repetitive. at the end of the day, its not whether we find an blood oath document with gaga's name on it that will be the final word on this topic – it will be the patterns that somebody as "original" as her continues to promote the same ole patterns of (fragmentation/occult philosophy/materialism) "do what thou wilt" music videos.

      Hope this helps

    • are you nuts? GAGA A CHRISTIAN? wake up dude.

      no Christian would portray Jesus on a bike, as a BIKER wearing a glitter crown of thorns. To us Christians that crown is a symbol of His suffering and sacrifice, not some blingy accessory.

      People like you infuriate Christians with your stupidity. She makes a mockery of the scripture where Jesus' feet is washed, and she even sings that "judas is the demon i cling to"

      You say that people are looking too deep for proof and signs? People who expose these things know a lot more than you think, they have years and years of research to back them up. And anyway, these things are usually not even hidden "somewhere deep"

      You can see Gaga's symbolism all through the video, everything BUT hidden.

      I really hope you wake up.

      It's like you went directly to the comment section without even reading the article.

    • Guys I think I'm going to back Jay on this one. Though I once would have considered myself a fiercly fundamentalist Christian and I believe many of the same things as everyone else here, you have to try and talk things from his point of view.

      Try taking away the emotion and hype of answering back at guys like him with "You don't know what you're talking about, you decieved child of Satan!" How will that change his mind? Answer instead with clear, logical explanations with as thorough proof as you can find. That's how you can convice people like him.

      No offence intended, but it's true that a lot of the time commentors are fast to make judgements, too quickly believing anything that seems to back the ideas they already have and too quick to shoot down anything that goes against them – Me included :P.

    • good point…see there's value in recognizing what message they are advocating, the media, the government, but we need another reference point, people think they'll go along with the agenda theyll justify it to themselves and be alright…Got another thing coming.

    • I appreciate that there is a large amount of symbolism in Lady Gaga's videos and if I was a Christian then I would be unsettled by her vid for Judas…. But I don't see why people can't consider the idea that perhaps the song genuinely IS about being betrayed and the reason for all the symbolism is that she knows it'll get the likes of us talking about it on blogs, it's called publicity. Madonna has done it. When she released the vid for Like a Prayer a lot of Christians were unhappy. It's to create controversy. People forget Lady Gaga is a performance artist and it's part of her whole persona and work to push creative boundaries in her music and videos, using the story of Judas to illustrate the idea of betrayal is more creative than just releasing another crap song about t*ts and ass that the charts are full of nowadays.

      For the record I do believe that the elite are attempting to usher in a NWO,(which is why I regularly visist this site) but I am struggling to believe that Lady Gaga is part of a Satanist/Luciferian agenda to corrupt the people and turn them away from God and into accepting a one-world religion. What she is doing though is trying to sell records (and succeeding)

      And just to add I'm not a big fan of Gaga, but I found her new album to be quite uplifting with positive messages to do with identity, self acceptance, freedom and equality. Nothing you would imagine a child of Satan to sing about.

      • "What she is doing though is trying to sell records (and succeeding)"

        Yep, and we all know it's not because of her sophisticated hidden weird messeges. None of my friends understand that video, all they can say is 'It's about betrayal'. She knows her audience is mostly a bunch of not-so-smart teenagers, so why doesn't she make the whole 'betrayal' theme more obvious to help them out? Because it's a lot more than that.

        And just to add I’m not a big fan of Gaga, but I found her new album to be quite uplifting with positive messages to do with identity, self acceptance, freedom and equality. Nothing you would imagine a child of Satan to sing about.

        "identity, self acceptance, freedom and equality"

        What?! Since when did twitching about naked in a video embody these things? even if she wasn't in the occult, there is no way it's okay.

        You know the world is going down hill when you're getting glamorised prostitutes to sing about "identity, self acceptance, freedom and equality". I mean, really now. How dumbed-down are we…

  44. amirhossssein on

    oh my god im crying right now ! why people are so blind??? why gaga's album should sell this huge in its first week with this stuff in her works????

    BTW thank you V.C for this great job

  45. There is absolutely NOTHING better than waking up to find a new Vigilant Citizen article! It totally makes my day! Thanks for the knowledge VC!

  46. Just looking at the pictures gets into my spirit. I could not watch the video, no way. I am thankful to God for your exposing this evil…and the lost don't even know what these things mean. This has been going on before man was created, when Lucifer was thrown down to this world by Michael! We are in a spiritual battle and with the enemy(Satan)using so many in the music world they too are victims of the one(Satan)that hates mankind! This war has been won, thousands of years ago by the Lord Jesus Christ, by His blood we are redeemed! I will pray for her, it's Gods' will, we pray for the lost…God speed with you on this issue of exposing the wicked…you are in my prayers! <3<3<3

    • Liam Veritas on

      You are correct it is a Slipknot shirt and they aren't a death metal band or satanists or none of that crap. – Also, love all the bickering there is over who the morning star is… seriously, who gives a flying fuck!? It's the reason we give this shit so much attention that it manifests into any kind of negativity the Elite are wishing to push onto the world. So congratulations.

      • ur an idiot…the pentagram with the baphomet head inside of it IS a SATANIC symbol…of course they're satanists…wake up.

      • child of Christ on

        If that was your Lord and saviour, and the title applied to something so lowly i'm sure that would upset you…In reality each to their own, if you slapped my child in the face i would be seriously offended and if i did the same i'm sure you would be. We Christians are allowed to be offended just like all the other religions, so far it doesnt result in hurting someone else. Shalomxxx

      • Oh, come on. So, regardless of the band or whatever, do they really gotta use the pentagram as their symbol? Obnoxious.

  47. Loved it!! Please dont stop… its gonna take a while before the "little monsters" want to open their eyes. :( Kind of sad.

  48. When I first heard this song I immediately had a feeling what she was talking about. Just continue to have faith in God, KNOW what you are listening to and be careful not to open yourself up to anything. Yes, Pop songs are catchy, however they are MEANT to be catchy. I am a lyrical person so if I don't like the lyrics, chances are I won't like the song. I don't care if it's catchy, the whole MEANING of this song is off. Because of that, I don't like it at all. Educate yourselves people. VC provides us very good information but it is up to YOU to stay educated, research and not give in to what the masses want. God Bless

    • child of Christ on

      I agree, i used to be a huge Nas fan and was listening to a re-mix years ago on a song i loved and i heard "Nas is like a devil half man half amazing" After that the rest is history..Shalom

  49. Can you offer an conclusive proof that she's not affiliated with the occult? Her videos are filled with occult symbolism… that's not a subjective analysis, that's a fact if you've ever done any type of research into the occult. Do you ever read the research documents that Vigilant posts?

    I wouldn't call you uneducated but it sounds like you don't have a researched perspective. If your furious, why not do the research to prove everyone here wrong instead of just posting emotionally?

  50. "Although it is not clearly specified in the Bible, Mary Magdalene is said to be the prostitute who was about to get stoned to death by an angry mob until Jesus came along and said: “Y’all country-ass, donkey-riding peasants better drop them rocks and go on home before things get REAL ugly up in here”. Wait, that’s what Samuel L. Jackson would have said. Jesus actually said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”."

    Haha, love it.

  51. For Deists like myself these VC articles just make GaGa look like a genius. I don't subscribe to any of the biblical teachings whatsoever because they're ridiculous. So these articles just make her even more interesting to me. Plus her albums dope. Keep the articles coming. They're really interesting.

      • Cuz I don't believe in a book that was used to justify the enslavement of my Black ancestors? No. I'm the most sane one in this comment section. The Bible thinkers like you are the idiots.


        Are you talking about the rule of thumb? Where it says to not beat your slave/servant with a stick wider than your thumb? Slaves then weren't black, they were everyones ancestors come to think of it, but the slave owners are also our ancestors, but there were slaves then and there are slaves now, US, its how this world we live in gets labor(shitty isn't it?). You can't take something like that to heart when it comes to a big picture that no one can completely comprehend. There's another realm man. If you pray/worship hard enough you will experience it I promise.

      • Slaves come in all colours.

        Slavery exists TODAY whether it be physical labour or the sex slave trade.

        Slavery has ALWAYS existed and will always exist.

        The black slaves that were transported to America were for the most part used as slaves in their homelands and were actually sold BY Africans to the Americans.

  52. The problem is that any organized group that claims to be bringing down religion or the barriers between religion, which has been the cause of a lot of pain, ignorance, confusion and slaughter there is no doubt, is in itself creating another new religion. Illuminati crap is just one more ugly road, one more mass hypnotism. gross out

    • Order out of chaos is their motto. Christian belief system is they barrier only nightmare. Other religions is easier to unite some day to become One World Religion. Been keeping up with updated news seems it's closer than we know where we are.

    • Great point, @Brianna. And contrary to what some may think, I am not necessarily pro-nwo. But I have to ask: What is the alternative?

      I suppose the alternative would be the freedom to worship whatever and however you wish to. But then some would say that this is very nwo/one-world religion-esque.

      Not trying to be snarky; genuinely curious as to you and other folks feel…

  53. Thanks for the breakdown vc. I did also wonder whether Gaga's blue hood outfit in the video was a reference to the Virgin Mary?

    On another note should Christians really hate Judas? With no betrayal there'd be no crucifixion, and no dying for your sins!

    • Jesus said this about Judas:

      Mt 26:24 The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born.

    • Was the betrayal necessary? Yes.

      Did Judas HAVE to betray Jesus? No. At some point he CHOSE to betray Jesus.

      And if Judas had not sought out Jesus's enemies, or had refused? Well, there were others, one of whom Jesus would have chosen as a desciple. Point being that Jesus would have been betrayed anyway. And while Judas may have merely been in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was the one in a position to betray Jesus…and who did.

      Anyone could have been chosen (surely more than 12 men believed in Jesus then)…but Judas was chosen by Jesus, and Judas chose to betray Jesus.

      • So names aside, if the betrayal was necessary, should the betrayer be necessarily hated or aligned with evil forces, if indeed his act led to saving our souls? Just trying to understand :)

  54. You've truly outdone yourself Vigilant! I would've never noticed those little details you point out. By the way, I refuse to believe that Jesus had a daughter named Sarah and exiled to France.

  55. Sorry, but the hebrew letters on the "inverted pentacle" do not spell lillith or samael. The letters are(from the top 10pm in clockwise order): Tuf, Yud, Vav, Lamed, Nun Sofit. There english pronunciation counterparts would be: "T", "Y", "V", "L", "N". I don't see how you could put that in any logical order, but what I do know, is that the "Nun Sofit" has to be at the end of the word. That iteration of the "Nun" (Sofit), has to be at the end of a word (The way it is written qualifies it as a "Sofit" or ending.)

    • Here is a link to the inverted goat's head pentagram with the SAMAEL – LILITH names on it. (Lilith is NOT from 'Chrisitian lore' at all. However, the name Lilith is from the Hebrew word for screech owl which is found in the Holy Bible. The owl is her symbol. There is nothing in the Holy Bible about Adam having any other wife than Eve who was deceived by the serpent in the Garden of Eden.)

      • Interesting. It does spell out "Leviathan" as would be pronounced in hebrew (La-Vee-aa-ton)BUT, it does so the wrong way! It is spelled backwards…very odd

  56. Samael is the first name of the biggest rebel in heaven before he rebelled and led the rebellion with many other angels. Samael Semyazza is the full name. Lilith could very well be the flipside of Samael seeing as demons – the ruling ones – can shapeshift. (Think Astarte (female)/Ashtaroth (male form, I think.)

    Fully agree with the statements/facts regarding the wrong parallel between Jesus, the bright and morning star:

    Re 22:16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

    And Samael (remember the Son of SAM aka SAMael slayings btw? – weren't no dog named 'Sam'), aka 'Lucifer' son of the morning:

    Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

    Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven , O Lucifer , son of the morning [how] art thou cut down to the ground , which didst weaken the nations ! (Hebrew words in brackets.)

    The KJV is most accurate in translation of all Bibles widely available. New Age Bible versions like the NIV pervert Holy Scripture using even lesbian translators!

  57. Does anybody know Jesus is a pagan name? the Messiah wasnt jesus its Yahuwshua.The Father is Yahweh(YHWH) the J wasnt invented till 1600 and no jesus isnt a correct translation from Yahuwshua.look it up vigilant brothers and sisters. He will return in His fathers name. "THE LORD" is actually "Baal" the pagan god or SATAN. jesus translates to "Hail Zues" in greek and NOTHING in can either concede or deny but this is critical and the utmost important info.

    HalleluYAH the Father

    • Another interesting thing is that Iesus was another name for Horus. That's something I found out a few days ago. "Mystery Babylon" by William Cooper. Hardcore stuff for those truly interested in what these 'elite' bastards worship.

      Long live Yahshua! I can't spell His hebrew name, but I love Him!

    • In the New Testament "Jesus" is the English translation of the Greek name "Iesous" when "Iesous" refers to the Savior.

      So, "Yehosuah," "Iesous," "Yeshua," "Joshua" and "Jesus" are all essentially the same name. "Jesus" is usually preferred in the New Testament because it is a transliteration of the Greek "Iesous." Some people prefer "Yehoshua" or "Joshua" because they believe that it is the true root name prior to its translation into Aramaic and/or Greek. Others prefer "Yeshua" because they believe that is what Jesus was actually called by those who knew him.

  58. You know how to deliver, my friend. Somewhere over 9000 people wanted you to write this article (myself included) and you did! Thanks! 😀

  59. I just can not beileve that someone approved this to be shown to the public! Who is in charge of the ratings? Why hasn't anyone stoped this? You don't see any1 running around with the kabbala or the china god in the nail shops singing bad songs. Why is every1 making a mockery of Jesus Christ? Why? I'll tell you y, because he is the True And Only God!

    • So you guys don't consider Catholics to be Christians? wow. OK. I knew you guys like infighting but….now I know why you guys like killing each other so much…

      Just so I know, which denominations of Christianity DO you consider to be Christian?

      Just so I know. Thanks.

  60. Well I have to say Vigilant, you've outdone yourself this time kudos. I have a question for you however. How is it that the mainstream media knows exactly what type of sounds will replay in a persons mind over and over again, effectively getting a song stuck in your head?

  61. The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protecton and good health. I don't see whats so wrong with referencing it,as a reference to Egyptian Gods.

    Are you saying that ONLY the Christian God should be allowed to be referenced? I know Christianity did a good job of persecuting Pagans, Manichaeists and the like, but isn't it time we got a bit more all-embracing??

    • Do some homework son, the egyptians sacrificed humans to these"gods", the names and symbols stand for pure evil. And if you cant see anything wrong with that, then my friend you are spiritually blind.

      • I find being called "son" a little condescending..

        But, otherwise, were they any worse than the atrocities being done today (and in the past) in the name of the Christian God? (wars etc) Countless people have been killed in the name of Christianity, remember, including numerous of their own kind (Christians of other denominations…).

        Let me who is without sin etc…

      • True believers and followers of Christ have not been responsible for the atrocities you have mentioned. There is a counterfit group of people that have been around since Christ and they call themselves Christians. When one follows The Christ of the bible truthfully, that one cannot commit acts of war, slavery, or any other cruel acts associated with humans while continuing to go on as a true follower of Jesus. Are they (followers of Christ) perfect, no way, we are all human. But to associate these formentioned atrocities to true believers and followers of Christ is misguided and a cheap excuse to dismiss Christianity. True Christians have stood firm and have spoken out against these things even upon torture and death.

      • Mark:Like the Crusades for example? sorry, not buying that. That was a Christian sponsored and supported war in the name of God. You seem to paint those who commit or support (either explicitly, or implicitly, by not speaking out..) such acts of violence as the minority'counterfeits'.

        I disagree, and think it;s been the majority of Christians.

      • These wars were not fought in the name of God,particularly the 'crusades',these wars were carried out by a false religion ie. roman catholicism, their leader nero worshiped the sun, not the son, but the sun, even named a special day for doing it,its called sunday!, tell me what is christian about bowing down to statues?,the blasphemous mass?, confessing sins to a man?and praying to dead 'saints'?, none of those crusades were done by christians, like i said, do some research son.

      • The Crusades? Nero?? Really??

        The Crusades were about spreading Christianity by the use of force. It was way, way after Nero's time.

        And please don't call me son (that's twice now). The only person qualified to do that is my deceased father.


      • SFrichie,

        Mark and Jakeyb are correct.

        As Christ said: …for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8 NKJV H

        So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the devil and satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Rev 12:9 NKJV

        If satan has been here from the beginning, what institutions might he try to control? If God choose salvation to come through the Jews, would satan try to corrupt the Jews? If God created Christ's church, might satan try to corrupt it from within?

        For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:13-14 NKJV

        If you read Daniel 7, his prophecy has been fulfilled and is spot on. The anti-christ beast system comes from within the Church and has already been here for 1,260 years….42 months, 3 and1/2 years, a time/times/and half time, all equal 1,260 days, or one day for one prophetic year.

      • Just pointing out that catholism was started by nero, and in no way is it christian, and for that reason alone christianity has nothing to do with the crusades, hopes that puts you straight boss.

      • So you guys don’t consider Catholics to be Christians? wow. OK. I knew you guys like infighting but….now I know why you guys like killing each other so much…

        Just so I know, which denominations of Christianity DO you consider to be Christian?

        Just so I know. Thanks.

      • Im not aware of any christians that are killing other christians !!, perhaps you could fill me in on that one???, and in answer to your question the only denomination that can be defined as christian is one who is following and living to the biblical teachings of God,not to the doctrine of men, i really hope this helps you and might i suggest any questions you have regarding the bible or God, try a website called, or better still try reading a bible.

      • Ireland is one example. Catholics killing Protestants. Protestants killing Catholics. etc. Been going on for hundreds of years. Read up on it.

      • Im from northern ireland, so i dont think i need to read up on its history thanks!!, and as ive pointed out, there is nothing christian about the catholic church, so again its not christians killing christians

      • You missed the bit where I said that Protestants have been klilling catholics too..or are you going to deny thats happened?

        It's a hugely convenient argument to dismisss everybody who does 'bad things' as not being a follower of your religion. If you applied that to all other religions and didn't count bad Moslems, Hindus as being Moslem/Hindu etc then they would appear a much better form of religion too. It's like you look at the worse examples in other religions, yet only the best of your own, and dismiss the rest as un-Christian.

        Like it or not, the troubles and deaths in Ireland only occured as a resultof the existence of Christianity.

        But..clearly it looks like we are going to have to agree to disagree on this. A question of differing perspectives!

      • No i havn't ignored the fact that protestants were killing catholics also, what i tried to point out to you is that a true born again believer does not pull on a mask and go out and kill someone in the name of christianity!!!. And as for those other religions you mentioned, they all bow down to idols. Jesus lived and died and rose again,its up to you whether or not you choose to believe that, i suggest you read and study the bible and get to know the real God and the real christianity, forget all that other nonsense you think you know and you'll see the world in a whole different light.

      • "Jesus lived and died and rose again,its up to you whether or not you choose to believe that"

        Thanks for the discussion and the information. I will, however, choose not to believe it. Far, far too many similarities with the Dionysus story for me to believe anything other than its are-telling fo that myth.

        But good luck,and see you on these boards again some time I'm sure.

  62. NO! Now i can see what type of people will wedge a war against Christ. I couldnt understand who in the world would fight for all the wrong things. But now I know. It's a shame, give me the jaw bone of an ass, I will fight in the war for my Lord….

  63. Thanks for another informative, eye-opening article, VC.

    She's getting more blatant with every new video, and I'm almost afraid to see what's next. It's scary that loads of young, impressionable people follow her career and music like little blinded slaves.

    I noted that the cape she wears appear blue in some scenes, and she has an innocent, benign look on her face. It instantly reminded me of depictions of the Virgin Mary in older art. It even looks like she is "blessing" or maybe comforting someone at one stage. Now, a lot of things can be said about Gaga, but a caring/loving, innocent virgin she is NOT!

    One can only pray that the Holy Spirit minister in the hearts of the youth subjected to her "teachings", and open their eyes to who she really is and what she stands for.

  64. All of these celebrities (especially the HUGE stars) are nothing more than poster children of Satan/Illuminati. The world we live in is ruled by none other than the Devil hence the reason why our entertainment is saturated with anti-God sentiment! Let the Age of Terror begin: humanity needs to be brought down to a low level before it can rise from its decrepit existence. Madonna DID do this years ago. She was initiated into the Illuminati. For fame these people want to bring everyone down to Hell with 'em! Shame.

    • Now I'm not a Christian but I do consider myself spiritually open minded. But I'm assuming you are a Christian and I ask you this……Is the Lord not the ruler of your world? If not well……

      And in response to this page as a whole, strong opinions are basically useless as they will only ever bring disagreement. I think we need to all put a little more faith in each other to make the right decisions in life. Regardless of our religious differences. One person believing something does not mean it is true. One billion people believing something does not mean it is true. Of course it doesn't make it false. Discussion with out believeing ourselves to be right from the start is the only way to gain the harmony which we all strive to achieve in our worlds.

      PS There is no devil or god in my world. We are all the same. We are all one. That is our heaven and hell does not exist…….May we all find peace in our search for meaning in this world

      • You may stay (it being your choice) "one" with the likes of all the evil men now and in history. I for one am not "one" with you, or them. You mentioned God being the God that rules this world – The god of this fallen world is satan (Genesis, fall of man). Satan even offered Jesus (40 days in wilderness) the rule over the kingdoms of the earth. This is a fallen world with fallen people ruled by a (once the most powerful) fallen angel. This world is getting worse not better. It is like a snowball rolling down a large hill.

  65. Excellent, engaging, informative, and funny article on a mediocre video and even more mediocre (and highly irritating) song from someone who is on the verge of irrelevancy and "shark jumping."

    The final paragraph is particularly loaded, and very, very true. In fact, my mother, a staunch Catholic, loves Lady Gaga and talks about her all the time.

    There is so much I can say, but to be succinct, after years of research and life experience, I believe that every philosophy and belief system has at least some truth to it. One is not necessarily 'better' than another, and I am not afraid of the spiritual changes taking place in our society. There was, is, and always will be corruption in some areas. There is no such thing as the "good old days" or even the "good old Age of Pisces/Osiris." All of these are merely man's attempt to explain the unexplainable, and it's entirely possible that the deities we worship are merely archetypes of human nature and of nature itself.

    With that said, Jesus is an important figure in that he represents love, tolerance, compassion, and most of all selflessness. We ARE indeed living in an age where all of us are EXTREMELY self-absorbed. Do we have Crowley, Lavey, and Gaga to 'thank' for that? Who knows… Sometimes it is important to be selfish and to "CYA" in an often-ruthless world.

    But it is equally, if not MORE important to keep the loving essence and selfless SPIRIT of Jesus alive. For when that dies, we too will die.

  66. Little Vigi no.895 on

    Good stuff Big Vigi. Dunno how they got away with this one, pretty surprised there wast more of a hullabaloo over her announcing her love for the man who betrayed jesus. Keep up the good work!

  67. One more thought regarding the morning star/Jesus/Lucifer debate. Wouldn't it be funny if all of this friction and hoopla stemmed from a random 'typo' that may have occurred many moons ago? Or if it were a deliberate attempt to confuse?

    Perhaps we are all being a bit too literal and placing too much faith in the printed word…

    • well said. Actually the text was handcopied over hundreds of years by half literate scribes, and as for typos-many are documented. To actually believe that book is inerrent is to be deceived.

  68. I wish people would just wake up. How can so many people be so ignorant and stupid by choice??? VC explains it very nicely, and if you don't understand what he wrote, well, don"t comment because you make yourself look like an idiot when all the evidence is given and you comment as if nobody explained anything to you.

  69. Do u know what's sad? people who claims they're Christians, and they're obsessed with demonic people like gaga, Jay-Z, them people who diss Jesus Christ The Lord, they have no idea what they're listening to, thanx a lot VC for opening my eyes, ur website was the 1st site who opened my eyes :)))

    • maru. the free ant on

      That's why I don't listen to Gaga anymore. I rather be a Christian than a dumb "Little Monster"

      Jesus rule!!

  70. LADY GAGA IS A HE!!!!! Sick of people referring to him as SHE. Have we become so polluted mentaly we cant tell a male from a female anymore…Geeees. Its well known its a HE

    Its a sick Illuminti joke on our youth..think of all the poor young males fantasizing about a male they think is a female?? Sick society! HE IS THE PERFECT BAPHOMET!

  71. One part fof the song says:

    " I learned the love it's like a brick, can build a house or sink a dead body"

    Did you notice that when she says "dead body" in the video appear GaGa and Peter, and she touch his back?

    It´s that a kind of form to say that the church it´s Dead?

    You know, because Peter is the representant of the Church :)

  72. Thank you vc for another greasy article please do beholder run the world next please!!!!!! I have been waitig for this video on juddas!!

  73. all words are to be taken matters a lot…so to say, literaly…what is JUDAS?


    jude+us (jude=jew)

    now the symbolism gets clearer

  74. in the end, he mentioned something about the age of aquarius and pisces . Pisces ends and then comes the age of aqurius. Now that starts december 21 2012 . hahhahaahahhaha. people. expect something to happen.

    Since it deals with the "new kind of spirituality". Then u can say the new world order TRULY starts there.

  75. Dream A Little Longer – Brissa: – little-known Latin Freestyle tune offered in direct opposition to GaGa's Satanic dance tunes.

    Marriage, Father, Mother, children, true love. All godly principles and ideals. Satanists run the Jewsmedia. That's why you won't often hear such positive songs, if at all. They promote Satanic shit all the time. They serve Satan.

    • If a person likes to watch a human torture others, that makes this person perverse and evil. After all, what we like or dislike reveals our moral character.

      So: If you like that which is dark, that makes you dark, no?

  76. f***illuminati on

    FINALLLLYYY!!!!!!!! This is an amazing article!! I LOVE ITT! <3 thank u VC!! DO THE KATY PERRY ONE PLS!!

    • the darkness comm, a flash of light surprises you in a moment you do not feel alone, your room becomes cold, but you feel very hot .. you're in hell … only God can save .. by by

  77. Now you are beginning to see behind the veil more clearly. This subject matter of Lady GaGa's video "Judas" is written about in a global context in the book "The Great Controversy" written by E.G. White years ago. The controversy comes from Satan's misrepresentation of God's character and his jealousy towards Jesus Christ the Creator. Satan's desire for the worship and honor given to Jesus Christ causes him to express himself through people like Lady GaGa and the Illuminati. But it is all in book. I urge the truly Vigilant Citizens to pick this book up and read it. And I can't help but say also that to be truly Vigilant we need to read/study our Bibles everyday. Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 and John 15. All good chapters to begin with and focus on these days. We are at the tip of the "Feet" (Daniel 2:42,43) now my Friends may the Lord Jesus Christ stay and keep you Vigilant Citizens. Amen

  78. beautiful analysis, too bad that most of the symbols can be very harmful for her and her team of escapees from hell …

    her believe that you can use the sacred sibologia to curse the world, and to instigate the process that will lead to the end, it is a very controversial thing that does is create these people in their later …

    they refuse to believe the story that the famous Devil, was a creation of the slaves then, now's the liberal Jews, "without any inherent, to current faith" because the period of slavery did not have a faith, the story makes it clear that slaves learned that the one God, Creator of all and all, made ​​them slaves to serve her children, "presumably after the original sin of Eve eating the apple … decided to revenge, as accustomed to live under the slavery of the people who embody God .. believed that he was a living being … So wrote the books where you hated the God who made ​​them slaves, but never wanted to nominate his name, but they invented names, or wrote the contrary, the name of the God of time …

    Then came the Devil, but it was always God, nobody else, in addition to what later came the deluge, and the old freed slaves, tortured and blown away …

    ah is the story of Judas, it ends with suicide … There are hypothesis that the story reached us today is just a damn … careful

    but the problem is not the Devil Gaga, pultroppo his presumption is pushing out the ostro world, which is seriously dangerous and can have very unpredictable implications, suggesting that the end of the world is near ..

    I wonder why she is not seen in the presence of Bin Laden, or because it is not censored …

  79. Don't Waste You on

    "You don't have to think twice…" "No need for research…" Stupid, stupid, stupid! You ALWAYS have to think twice, and you ALWAYS need research! No matter how true something seems, one must always check it. Once upon a time, it seemed "obvious" that the world was flat and there were only three continents.

    And for those of you here who insist on condemning Barack Obama, let me just say that you're being far too harsh, and in some cases downright insane.

    It's true that he hasn't accomplished everything he said he would, but it isn't his fault. He didn't have the right support in Congress and elsewhere. People, especially lower-class people, thought that getting your candidate into the President's office was enough, and that the Presidential race was the only one it was necessary to vote for. But the President can't pass laws on his own. He has to get them through Congress, too, and that's impossible when one is Democratic and the other Republican.

    And when you say he's like Hitler, or he's damaged the country, or he's Satan, or he's tearing up America or some sh** like that–what are you talking about? What has he done? How does he deserve all this hate? Is it just because FOX doesn't like him? (Rhetorical question; we all know it is.) He hasn't done anything anywhere near what Hitler or any other dictator did. Comparisons are pointless, random, and asinine. In fact, the situations are opposite; where they had too much power to remain safe, he has too little to accomplish much. And you'll notice that he hasn't appointed himself emperor or anything like that. He has the hardest job in the world, and your prejudice, narrow-mindedness, and paranoia are making it even harder. Nice job.

    Why don't you all go do some political research instead of wasting your time here? Search for pieces that DISAGREE with your own views. You'd be surprised how much thought-provoking, insightful work you'll find. Figure out who you really want in power, and make it happen. Sitting here preaching does nothing.

    • "He hasn't accomplished everything hes set out to do." Let,s start out with two campaign promises. First he said he was going to close Gitmo. Second, he said that he was going to bring the troops home. Since we are in and undeclared war(how many countries do you need to be at war with before it is called a world war?) he doesn't need congressional approval for either one.

      Comparing him to Hitler, I did not. I said that he is controlled by the same people that controlled Hitler. He is the Anti Hitler. What do I mean by that? Instead of rounding up the Jews, he is being submissive to them. Examples: his reversal on his statement that Israel return to their 1967 borders. it has been announced that he is bribing the Egyptian puppet government with $1 billion to sell natural gas to Israel at below market value rates.

      "He hasn't done anywhere near what Hitler or any other dictator did" In some ways he is worse. One of the first things Hitler did was kick out the centralized banking system based on fiat currency. He replaced it with a currency that was value backed and the German economy boomed. It was such a turn around that Time magazine voted him man of the year for 1938. The bankers were pissed and called for a world wide boycott of German products. The result was WWII. Barry had the chance to do the same. He could have vetoed the continuation of the bail outs but he is too indebted to the banksters to be able to do that. The people of Iceland refused to be raped and now their economy is one of the strongest in the world. Our children and our grandchildren are totally screwed because he did not have the gonads to do the right thing.(by they way, i am not a fan of Hitler but that was one thing he got right.)

      "They had too much power to remain safe" Do you feel safe???? Been groped in an airport recently??? Ever heard of the war powers act? It has been deemed null and void with the most recent revision of the Patriot Act. Ol' Barry no longer needs congressional approval to send s troops ANYWHERE!!! With the Executive Orders that have been signed, Martial Law can be declared for many reasons. Do you really think for one moment he is going to refuse his handlers when they tell him to turn on his people. No president since Kennedy has had the guts to do that and you see what happened to him.

      "Is it just because Fox news doesn't like him?" I could care less what Faux news has to say. I don't watch any "news" on tv. As a matter of fact, i rarely watch tv. If you pay attention to the majority of "news" programs, they all regurgitate the same shit. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT CHARLIE SHEEN?? But for week that was all that was on the "news". What about the holocaust going on in Palestine? What about the economic recovery in Iceland? What about the truth about Fukishima? None of that on the "news". Just more kool aid.

      Instead of watching the "news" i do a vast amount of research. it may be religious one night, economic one night, political one night, esoteric another night, or a combination of some or all. so "your prejudice, narrow-mindedness, and paranoia" is well founded. I research from a wide variety of resources. some i agree with, some i don't. That gives me a wider perspective and one that i can appreciate even more. I fell that my perspective allows me to say "no thanks" to the kool aid.

      So, before you start throwing out baseless recycled arguments, maybe you should do some fact checking yourself. Maybe once you get up to speed we can have an intelligent conversation. And, just in case your wondering, no, i am not a member of any political or "religious" group. Proper research shows that the only difference between the three political parties is the spelling of their names. They are all bribed by the same group of campaign contributers.

  80. Umm Excuse me but the thing about the shirt? You got that wrong, it's a Slipknot shirt because my sister has one just like that and you can see Corey Taylor's clown mask and you can see Chris's mask with the pointy nose so sorry bro but thats false info.

    • Where do you think they got the symbol from, hmm? It just randomly appeared to Corey Taylor one night in a dream and he thought it was a great shirt idea?

      No sweetie. That symbol has been around way longer than Slipknot has. They just marketed it to you under a hip t-shirt design. And you fell for it.

  81. Everyone Will Bow- J on

    Great analysis. This video definitely leaves me speechless. She is very bold to renounce Jesus before the world. I find it very scary to even mock Him. She certainly lifted up Lucifer with this one.

    I read where you stated "Proselytizing for or against a religion" comments will be deleted. Well, that may be mine. I am definitely for Jesus. However, I am not trying to convert anyone. It is their “freewill”.

    Vigilant, you narrowed how people are to respond. I have the benefit of reading other people's opinions. It let me know how other people think in this world, but I guess you have your reasons.

  82. I've been researching Babalon for more than two years now. I've learned she is also related to Kali, the Indian goddess of chaos, blood and destruction. We're supposedly in the Kali Yuga right now, the end of a 6,000 year cycle where society degrades into violence and filth before renewing itself. Kali is a huge part of the Thelemic and Scientologist ritual around the Scarlet Woman working.

    Sone links about all that:

    I also re-read your piece on Born This Way, esp the part about the goat head womb gate to another dimension, the realm of Babalon and the Qliphoth. Lilith and Samael are other names for the forces that supposedly dwell there, the upside down Adam and Eve. I've been researching the Necronomicon material and the veils of negative existence material in regard to the Kabbalah and the dark side of the Tree of Life. I think I stumbled on something interesting last night. I watched an old DVD from a PBS Nova show about string theory in physics called The Elegant Universe. Part 3 is about how a unifed string theory calls for the existence of 11 dimensions in this universe. The number of the Qliphoth is 11 and it's supposedly some dimensional realm accessed by a gate. The unified string theory is called the M-Theory, which according to the physicist who named it stands for Mystery, Matrix, or…Magic. Like Crowleyan magick. This is all possibly starting to make a lot more sense to me, if there really is an 11th dimensional realm and a gateway to it. Its inhabitants might be freaky indeed.

    I think there is a nasty reason a lot of the 'power women' of the last few decades wore a lot of red, like Nancy Reagan and her red suit. I'll find some Scarlet Woman pictures of famous women and come back in a few minutes.

  83. This was an excellent article. You must do Beyonce's "run the world" as well. whenever i watch that vid it really gives me a demonic vibe. I see the illuminati symbols already as far as the police state, and demonic symbols. I Know you would slay an article about that.

    Keep up the good work Vigilant.

    Everyone be blessed and stay prayed up in these scary times.

  84. The Hebrew text on the inverted pentagram (judas15.jpg) does not spell "Lilith" or "Samael." Going counter-clockwise from the bottom point, the Hebrew letters are lamed-vav-yod-tav-nun sofeet (לויתן). This spells "Leviathan"; this same name is found in the Bible at Job 3:8, Job 41:1, Psa. 74:14, Psa. 104:26, & Isa. 27:1.

  85. Lol thanks for the article. I had some good laughs and really did miss out on some symbolism, even it being so blatant. But in all seriousness, I'm glad this article wasn't too serious in your language. I think that's one of the few ways to not lose your mind while being aware of the human condition/conditioning… By finding the humor in it. 😀

  86. Lagy Gooh Gooh's ( Persian for Shit Shit!…pardon the pan) Facebook status on Tuesday 31st of May 2011

    "BLACK JESUS was Justin Timberlake's favorite. Its about how putting on a new spirit is as easy as putting on fashion. Amen."

    i presume she is talking about one of the songs on her "born this way" album…i gave this album a name of " NOT born this way, but CHOSE to be this way" …

    PS: my sisters and brother, white or black, Christian or non Christian i love you all!!!

  87. Teresa Cooper on

    I am sorry for everyone who listens to this womans music because She and a lot of other artists are starving for material it seems to me that they will go to extremes to entertain the younger generations and they will buy into anything that is put out on the market. I am thankful that those days are over for me and that I am not buying better garbage today than was out on the market yesterday. I don't buy any of it. I think pure wholesome entertainment of yesterday has long gone and it is sad that the younger generations will not get to see it because of people like Ms. Gaga . I think there is better quality entertainment than her, You just have to have a decent mind to want to see, hear and experience it.

    God Bless anyone and everyone and hopefully people will learn to start and like more quality, wholesome entertainment. (Christian Music groups is a good place to start.)

  88. This video is out of control obnoxious. When I first heard it and saw it, I was like, "what the hell is this pseudo-religious rehashing."

    Then I listened to her whole album. I think it would be advantageous for you, VC, to sit down and write a full response to the themes presented in her entire album- it works as a manifesto. Actually, its quite terrifying as a whole. I got the sense of "futuristic 50's sinner-pop" mixed with the most obnoxious theologies. "I AM MY HAIR" is a classic…not to mention "YOU'RE STILL GOOD TO ME IF YOU'RE A FAGGOT/BAD KID BABAAAAY" She's trying to embody the whore of babylon (statue of liberty "give me your uncleaned masses" (sumpin lyk dat) AND become a religious leader. Electric Chapel is a song (and a neon sign in the Judas video that you missed) that is saying, listen…give me your soul at one of my concerts. It fits the illuminati puzzle perfectly. They've raised Gaga to become a glowing idol, and now she tours the WORLD spreading her ideologies of "love and acceptance" that primarily rely on vanity and buying stupid NWO merchandise. Anthropomorphism much? It's terrible too, because of that lame "BORN THIS WAY" song which makes everyone think they were born sinning and being kept in the dark. It might seem too stupid to believe, but when you listen to the album and realize she's targeting insecure 13 year olds on myspace, it can be terrible affective. These kids feel disenfranchised BY pop culture, and now pop culture is becoming their savior…

    I'm emailing your ass more details, VC, and you best respond, homie!

    • …which makes everyone think they were born sinning and being kept in the dark.

      Are we not all sinners who've sins have been paid for?

  89. And this question for all the nay-sayers, mockers and scoffers: If Jesus is so "non-existent" and a myth and a fable and a fairytale and an "imaginary friend for grown-ups", then why oh WHY does the music industry go well out of its' way to blaspheme Him, and so blatantly too??? And that same so-called "pop star" just so happens to be at the top of the music charts, radio stations, etc.,etc.,etc. ???

    It was *no accident*.

  90. Great article as always. There is obviously something big going on, if you look back just 15 years guns would be censored on MTV and people would have definitely been shocked at the videos that are coming out these days. We are being programmed to accepting the agenda, it is horribly obvious. Whenever I try to wake people up and they shrug it off I am shocked. People have become so stupid.

    Being only 16 and realizing how much the world has changed during my short lifetime really is terrible. They seem to be pushing the agenda faster and faster. All these horrible things are happening in such a short time and it is disgusting how almost nobody notices this. Hopefully we will be able to wake people up before it is too late, though I highly doubt that most people will accept that everything they so blindly believe in has been one huge lie.

    Keep up the good work VC. All of your articles are very eye-opening.

    • child of Christ on

      Brilliant!!!! Your only 16 and some 40 year olds are not even aware as you are. Stay blessed and thanks for re-igniting my faith in the youth. Shalomxxx

  91. So the question now is…how do we stop this?i watched a 2008 video in which Michael Jackson was advising his dancers to take care of the earth,love one another and he specifically said ''we have 4yrs to get it right.'' Was he referring to the 2012 Illuminati/freemason conspiracy? after all he died a year later! When will people wake up and stop idolizing these pop singers?God save us all!

  92. Keep up the good work Vigilant citizen! I love your work.

    can you do an article on the song"Lucifer" by Jay Z?or on SNSD's "run devil Run" song?

    Cause I would like for you to do some more korean pop also…Thanks:)

  93. imnotputtingname lol on

    did u even look at the rest of the video cuz there was much more. i mean although the song states otherwise, in the video Gaga is NOT in love w/ judas because in several scenes she actually rejects judas. for example while she is walking down the stairs w/ Jesus, she pushes judas foward, and in the bathtub scene she throws water at judas for pooring beer in it. and when she gets stoned well ur pretty much off but im not going into detail. im open minded and i do believe that Gaga and practically all artists are PART of the illuminati and i do like her music and i have my reason. but u missed several "important" parts of the story that is being portrayed by the video.

  94. owh, i think in the last one, when she use white dress. I think thats the b*tch of Babylon…. oh that Maria madgalena

  95. VC amaaaazing article again. ive been waiting for it for a while. now please also do on beyonce's run the world video and katy perry's E.T.

  96. By the way, why is there not one reference made about the man who's jacket has the named Peter on it? I'd like to know more about that significance..

  97. I agree. VC's analysis is probably the most accurate (thank you VC!), but there may be more to it as well.

    I believe this album is Lady G's way of creating a religion, revolving around her. She set the tone with "Born This Way", declaring, "I'm beautiful in MY WAY, cause GOD makes no mistakes" (Frank Sinatra reference?) and "Believe capital H.I.M." (his infernal majesty). Then, she made remarks about birthing a new race and granting it boundless freedom. So, basically, she's her own god (like VC pointed out) and happens to have millions of followers who literally worship her and feel as though she's liberated/saved them.

    Now, picture this: millions of "little monsters" (disciples) who have already declared their love for GaGa and feel a spiritual connection with her, hear "Judas" at a club, concert, or on the radio … what are they gonna do? Sing their hearts out!

    Connection: When a fan sings along, the meaning shifts. Lady G is really Judas in this song, Jesus is symbolic of good morals and those who follow are the holy fools. They've betrayed Jesus (their virtue) by performing spiritual intercourse with GaGa (the demon they cling to) through her music ("wear ear condom next time").

    – Judas, Juda-a-a, Judas, Juda-a-a

    – Judas, Juda-a-a, Judas, GAGA! (same entity?)

    – When he comes to me, I am ready

    – I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs

    – Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain

    – Even after three times he betrays me

    (GaGa fans will do anything for their idol, no matter how much she betrays/deceives them)

    – I'm just a holy fool

    – And baby, he's so cruel

    – But, I'm still in love with Judas, baby!

    Her new song, “Electric Chapel” supports this.

    – Follow me

    – I need something sacred from you

    – It’s not about sex or champagne

    – You holy fool

    – If you want me

    – Meet me at electric chapel

    The “electric chapel” is her music, through which people open themselves to her, and more specifically, her live show, where followers go and worship her together.

    I’d also like to mention what others on this site have pointed out – the Judas goat (“a trained goat used at a slaughterhouse … to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared”). Hmm, maybe that’s the real reason she wears goat horns so often.

    • Fleurdamour on

      Interesting. I also wondered if the Jesus in this video was the Antichrist, since he's the leader of something resembling the Hell's Angels.

      • No man, you got it wrong. This represents the demonizing of Jesus. Think about it, Jesus is represented as the leader of Hell's Angels (lead by The Skull & Crossbones that George Bush is part of..) while Lucifer comes out smelling like a (gun &) rose replacing Jesus at the end. After all, Judas was said to have been possessed by Satan if you read the article and corroborating Bible passage.

  98. Ohhhh VC…I want a longer analysis. There is so much as indicated in the post that you could have touched on.

    The article was GREAT as usual…but I'm dying for more. There is so much I don't get since I'm new to all of this…and I know how you usually break down whole videos, and I wish you would have done that here.

    I love this site and I thank you for all you do. God Bless you. And you are always in my thoughts and prayers. You are a shining light in this dark world.

    As to CaCa…well, she needs prayer. I will hate for her to receive her reward when she stands before Almighty God and has to account for the deeds she has done in her body and what she did with His Son.

    Boy, when the books are opened…I pray for mercy on her soul.

  99. Gaga's at it again. Unreal. great article VC…keep exposing the spiritual aspect of all of this. I hope readers are paying attention! This is about much more than your money. It's about a war for souls.

    Here is another article that breaks down even more of the occult symbolism and hidden messages in Judas.

  100. ravendelasker on

    I am in no way in favor of a world religion, but i am in favor of blind faiths being dissolved, people need spiritual freedom. I have always identified with Judas or Kaine or figures like that, rebels who seek freedom over serving a totalitarian god. The Illuminati dont want christianity destroyed because its a threat to them, its one of their best tools even still, its the net that captures many truth seekers, it blinds and destroys people..

    • child of Christ on

      Wow!!! Why would you relate to characters like that? The Christian GOD of the Bible is in no way a totalitarian god. Whatever gave you that idea?

  101. Lets not all forget that her song was officially released on i tunes during Easter Week.I don't think it was a coincidence.She doesn't want people reflecting and celebrating Jesus' death.With a catchy chorus,that can easily get stck in your head,she wanted people to sing 'i'm in love with Judas';she wanted Judas to get the glory on Easter week.

  102. You left out parts that would say otherwise, as good Christians/Catholics we need to forgive everyone. This song is about forgiveness, Jesus knew Judas would betray him (Judas loved Jesus very much and did not want to betray him but Jesus encouraged him to do so because if Jesus was never crucified we would not be forgiven of our sins as we are now) but he still loved and forgave him. I mean Jesus knew Judas would "betray" him yet he did not do anything to prevent what occurred. I feel sad for all the hate that is being put on GaGa on this site. Love one another!

    • That one word that boils every religion can be boiled down to

      LOVE (usually for all)(usually regardless of action)

    • child of Christ on

      I accidently clicked like…..You do realize that Judas betrayed Christ because he had the free will to choose to do it. Do you also realize that Jesus was going to die for us regardless of Judas's input. Shalomxxx

  103. Amazing article!!!!!! I come on this site all the time to see what new things Vigilant has to say. My eyes are now open to soooo many things and it interests me that the goals of the Illuminati are the same as the eschatological prophesies found in the book of Revelation. However, one thing that i must say is that the Mary who was previously referred to in this article for washing Jesus' feet was not Mary Magdelene. She is simply the sister of Martha and Lazarus.

  104. Blaspheming Jesus is the most extreme they can do..I mean..what else is left for them . Nothing really. That's it! She won't blaspheme Buddha or Mohammed, no, it has to be Jesus.

    Once on the demonic side, nothing is enough so for them to feel alive, and to satisfy the endless demands of their demons, they have to take pure things and ridicule them, laugh at them, blaspheme them. Because that's all demons can do. If people like gaga do not listen to her demons, they will start torturing her, I mean, you're dealing with spirits, its not like people that can forgive and forget. They're evil spirits with specific agenda whether you like it or not.

    Satanic illuminati just hate Christ because in front of Him, they're powerless. They choose their eternity and at the end when Jesus actually comes back, His kindness and love will be an enormous torture for them.

    I think it's too late for changing this elite, they're too powerful and most people side with them. If you're Christian, just remain so as much as you can. Dont' give in. Life is short and God will reward the patience..

    • hey soulhustle

      Without knowing it, I just posted almost the exact same thought as your first line there…check out the time stamps LOL

      Great minds do think alike I guess. :)

      • LVB,

        Interesting! :)

        One thing though I kind of disagree with is that Christians are supposed to turn the other cheek, supposedly all the time. In the bible, we're also told

        'And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove [them].' Ephesians 5:11

        Doesn't mean I hate gaga as a person – I am actually neutral to her – and sorry because what she does will destroy her… – but I'm not supporting this damn industry in any way.. I don't give it my time or money, and use my time to actually do better things and work on relationships that make this life more beatiful. It doesn't take much, and a little goes a long way! But that would have no meaning for me without resurrection of Christ, because that is the only door for a human to the eternal life with God.

        Life is short and prescious!

      • hey soulhustle!

        Thanks for writing, and yeah, I actually agree with you there. I was more referring to our sync about how Gaga would never use her "bold creative genius" to mock and insult Buddhism or Islam – only Christianity gets the ruthless cruelty and insults of our mass media programmed world, which generally finds it all very amusing.

        And though we may be taught to turn the other cheek and that vengeance does not belong to us, there are times when we must reprove evil and overcome it forcefully, rather than passively. Many of those times and tests are coming, much sooner than we may expect or want, but it is not our own wants or individual wills that matter.

        We can only try to be the best instruments of God's peace that we can be, by realizing that the real war (which we are already fighting) is inside of each of us – the spiritual one – and it has nothing to do with flesh and blood, or anything physical. Although, again, we can and will be called to be used as instruments to do righteous acts of radical kindness against evil in the physical world.

        Have faith, and be prepared! :)

      • Tricksandtreats,

        It's for everyone who wants it..I don't actually make this up, my views are based on the teaching of Orthodox Christianity and life experience..I'm happy you liked it.


        There is a book by one monk Nicodemus…I think its called 'Invisible warfare'. Very good read but very condensed & for those who actually want to or already realize that path. Also some other good ones, monk Seraphim Rose and his writings. I think I've posted long time ago, 'The soul after death.' It, um….puts things in their place :)

        God bless.

    • Everything I agree on, but gaga cannot blaspheme Mohammed (peace be upon him) because people always mistake what Islam is really about, Mohammed is the last prophet that had been sent down by God, same as Isa (Jesus) Musa (Moses) etc. We believe in One God, that is beyond words to describe.

  105. Excellent article, VC. You told it like it is, and how it needed to be

    Great line about the "Little Vigis", too…..I found that to be very LOL. :)

    One thing I especiially notice with Gaga is that she, even moreso than other fame and attention whores (and just whores in general lol) in the entertainment business, is that she REALLY enjoys being depicted in evil and dark roles. Now, all the greatest actors and artists, for a time, will dwell in darkness to bring forth things of beauty, stories of depth and tragic victory, etc. – and then they return to who they really are as a person. Just as an actor would love playing a challenging part for one movie or show and then move on to other, different challenging roles – but she loves BEING that same evil, dark, disrespectful, deviant role SO MUCH…and does only that role, over and over again.

    One trick pony, as they say, which may suggest that as she claims "she is that person" we see, and there is no offstage other Gaga. If she truly IS this thing she portrays so often, it's evil to the core.

    There is nothing uplifting, friendly, happy or positive in anything she does. Ya notice that? Always negative, antagonistic, anarchy this, protest that…the typical false pride and predictable rebellion spirit of the one she serves – that would be Satan.

    The only thing left for her and her handlers is just to attack faith and Christianity in more obvious and direct ways – like this, using the literal names, places and stories from the Bible, itself – as with this most recent rubbish "Judas". She and her PR people may have actually been counting on protests from church groups and that sort of thing to get media attention, but I haven't heard of any. Sadly, this shows us just how far the desensitizing thing has come now, doesn't it? No one cares…mocking Jesus, praising Judas…snore.

    The other side of that is that people of true and solid faith are generally very secure in their faith, and are not threatened by the antics of people like Gaga – not to mention we all have to work for a living and pay the taxes to support the malcontent "rebels" who generally are the ones you see at whatever the media's "protest du jour" may be.

    We also understand that you can't hurt God with a song or insulting words, or anything else. I believe only one thing hurts God, and that is when a soul makes their own free choice to betray God in the permanent way, because this is an eternal choice and the consequences are therefore eternal. Gaga has made this very stupid choice, just as Satan himself did. With all his brilliance and power and beauty, he and his minions could not manage to make the ONE correct choice that really matters in all of eternity – Don't betray your Creator, the only source of pure love in all of Creation, or else you will lose the only thing that really matters in eternity. Pure love.

    Not the love of money, or the love of sex, or drugs…or the love of revenge and causing pain and abusing others with your power…these all come from the other source of power, the one that Lady Gaga is so loyal to, and so very eager to show the world how happy she is to be on that side.

    But, we Christians are always conveniently fashionable to mock and insult, because we are taught not to attack with violence, but to forgive and turn the other cheek. Therefore, this strength is far too often perceived as a weakness to be attacked – big mistake – but one that she must learn, just like everyone else.

    You can bet she would not have the balls to do a song of this nature mocking and insulting Allah and Mohammed and Islam for its treatment of women and their role in society, for example – now THAT would have been the statement of a "bold and courageous artist", which I'm sure is how she perceives herself, somewhere in that minefield of alter personalities…the dominant demon-possessed alter, perhaps. :)

    But no, just more of the same old stuff from the occultist elite – attack their favorite easy targets – Christians. You'd think it would get boring for them after thousands of years, wouldn't you? But no, they still feel that constant burning desire to insult, harm and attack The Lord God and his flock of the faithful souls – which gives you a pretty big clue as to what the "big game" is really all about – souls.

    Lil Miss Gaga's time will come, and go…into the dustbin of history, just like the all rest of us born into this flesh, because only the soul can be saved or lost – for all is vanity.

    • Attack Christians/Jesus? Ok Im gonna be as frank as possible here. I'm a Muslim and I'm so proud to be one and so blessed thank Allah everyday for being one of the chosen people who have embraced Islam=the truth=the final revelation.

      Let me tell you bout 'turn the other cheek' which is NOT working in any case and is NOT practical in a realistic world. How the hell can you stand someone insulting your mother and father in front of your face everyday, these people who have raised u and suffered bringing u up etc.Now u gonna say I didnt let people insult them. Then how on earth can u let someone insult your GOD who created u and let u live until today and keeps nourishing u and protecting u? Who is more important here, your family or God? I'll let u decide.

      But if anyone who answers that God is more important than anything in this life then u must think of how much u have let your own people insult your religion so much for many decades that u become not worthy the love of God. God will indeed abandon you for 'turning the other cheek' while u continue to stand like sheeps and keep quite like ignorant fools. What the hell makes a human? What is a human being if he/she have no voice or no will in this world or more importantly NO STAND? I believe it is too late for u guys to react, there's no reactions coming from christians as most of them have abandoned their religion and the religion itself is declining in Europe (thats a fact coming from a 10yrs old census).

      We Muslims can never ever let someone insult our Prophet (pbuh) and obviously our Creator.It hurts so much to see this happening to Jesus/Isah peace be upon him our Prophet and the most hurtful thing is that his own people are betraying him badly, by not even raising a voice fearing to be humiliated or called 'madmen' or "extremists" by the evil media.Well then I'm an extremist to protect my honour which is my religion and fight (verbally) whoever dares to insult them.

      Good luck people and keep watching 'them' humilate u more and pretend to be 'real' christians. U are the one to blame for all this not stupid gaga or some dumb singer.

    • I'm not Christian, I'm Muslim also. I don't know how you guys can handle having your religion insulted so much and so personally. I mean, they do insult Islam but it's in a very general fasion. They don't go out of their way to make music video's about it. There are so many Christians, why aren't you guys all…revolting or something?

      • The simplest answer is that we all feel those feelings – but you must realize that those are flawed human feelings and emotions talking. They are not your true soul, and they are corruptible and easily manipulated.

        Put more bluntly, they are vanity…to think that YOU are responsible for counterattacking anyone and everyone who would dare to insult your God. Really??

        Don't take this the wrong way, but try to recognize its truth, regardless of whether it applies to Christianity or Islam – your faith is insecure and immature if you actually believe that a force that created the universe (God) is anything less than all-knowing and all-powerful – and thus, God cannot possibly be harmed in any way by the insulting words of humans – whether it is Lady Gaga or Salman Rushdie.

        But you and I can be harmed by them, obviously. And it can even provoke angry, violent reactions, which plays right into the hands of our adversary, Satan – who enjoys nothing more than an angry and violent human to toy with. So, I'd recommend being very careful about that part, regardless of what your particular faith is.

        That is the nature of his game, don't you see? An insulting and offensive cartoon of Allah (or was it Muhammed?) by some idiot in Denmark cannot harm Allah. And as offensive as it may be, it does not justify any threats of physical violence or killing him for his disrespect for your faith, or Lady Gaga's for mine. But it is highly insulting and does not feel very good to any of us who are faithful, so I think we definitely agree on that much.

        For whatever it may be worth to you and the other self-identified Muslim person above, I've been blessed to know many wonderful people in my life who are Muslim by faith. They are some of the most kind and gentle people I've ever known, and not once did they ever threaten to bomb or kill me for my faith. :)

        I respect people of other faiths much more than those who believe in nothing and simply attack all of us who do have faith. And though I may not share yours or other faiths personally, I do have complete trust that the real God is powerful enough to reach all of us in our own ways and in our own time – without any help from me or you, or any pastor or imam – and regardless of the insults of those who disbelieve and hate all of us who accept the responsibilities of having faith in God.

        Trust is faith is trust. It's not easy for some, but for me, it's very clear that God knows more than all of us combined. We are all very stupid for the most part and make some terrible mistakes, usually those involving pride, vanity and violence toward our fellow human beings – who are also God's creations, and they must be judged by God alone in His infinite wisdom and pure justice – not by us in our anger and very limited knowledge.

        Peace and wisdom. :)

      • I suppose that's true. I always felt personally responsible when it comes to defending my faith. But it's more of, I always think the less we protest the more they get away with it. The higher the level of abuse. Most Christians I know actually hide their religion because they don't want to be labelled or categorised as paedophile priests or something.

        I don't take it personally if someone hates or disagree's with me it's their god given right, I can hate and disagree too. But to spew nonsense and present it as facts just to promote aggression and hate? It just makes me angry. It's not just a faith thing, I get angry when people pick on race or culture. When they choose to smear something which they believe defines you absolutely. Ignorance in general makes me angry. Not want to kill or erase, just educate I suppose.

        But thanks for replying ~ peace is always a favourablesolution.

      • Agreed, and thanks for your reply, too.

        God is in control, and all these things will be dealt with.

        There will be justice in the end, for all of us. :)

  106. Congrats VC, This article was a grand slam for you! And I prefer it when you "Get Biblical". This video shows how well educated in the Scriptures these artist are, like their spiritual father, who himself knows it well enough to quote it. (Matthew 4:6) KJV

  107. I was aware of the whole Illuminati thing of the video before this (only because I read VC's articles, which I love because this is all very fascinating).

    I'll admit, I love Lady GaGa and her music and her garish outlandish-ness. But that doesn't mean that I will just let a superstar celebrity completely change my morals and values just because that's how they are. Is it naive to assume that my generation's (I'm 16) adherence to actual morals and values (it can all be summed up to "don't be a jackass") is largely underestimated by many? All of the whores and tools that you see in the media aren't really representative of us. And this whole thing about it being ok for girls to be "heteroflexible" is really frustrating. It's ridiculous and absurd for a girl to go kiss another girl just because it's "cool" and "trendy" (let's hope that it really is just a passing trend), when they aren't even attracted to girls.

    And it really breaks my heart when people think that the struggle for legalization of same-sex marriage is all just part of the Illuminati's dastardly plan.

  108. i just have a hard time understanding how any could not understand the references here. im not speaking down to anyone so please don't take it that way. i appreciate what VC is doing and i hope he/she never stops. vc mentioned that some people don't know eho judas is. i am shocked at this as well. vc does alot of work to inform everyone of what is going on, but don't let vc's work be in vain, research yourself as well and expand your knowledge. this way you truly know

  109. Thanks VC, I've been waiting for an article on this for a while now, just to read your point of view on it.

    The message the elite provides is undeniably disturbed, immoral and wrong. I do believe that media has great impact on our lives and are used by the elite as a tool to corrupt the minds of the masses, and that this is wrong so I agree with VC's articles a lot of the time. I also believe that the impact that media has on our lives are greatly undermined by all of us, making it the perfect tool for a mass brain-washing scheme unless you are a "vigilant" audience yourself.

    However, I have noticed the elevation of Christianity as a religion by VC, especially so in this article, as the righteous way of thinking and I think that is also wrong and immoral. Perhaps this is because of the context it is in, nevertheless focusing on religion in the first place encourages segregation between people and irrational and discriminatory thinking.

    On another note, I find: "So Jesus said, “Leave her alone. She has kept it for the day of my burial. 8 For you will always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me!” amusing as Jesus is suppose to help the needs of the poor and all that altruistic stuff but yet in this case he seems to be really selfish and conceited. Perhaps, Judas acted on good conscience thinking that what Jesus has done is wrong (regardless of his supposed ulterior motives of allocating the funds – which varies according to different versions of the bible anyway) but of course this doesn't justify the killing of the man but just saying.. his intention may not necessarily be evil. Christianity, like any other religion, is a creation of humankind after all.

    Instead on focusing on religion, and how the elite wants to bring a particular religion down we should focus on how we can be spiritual and moral as individuals, rather than being dependent on illogical thinking. If we are all educated enough, we can live on philosophies and with morality without the guidance of religion. So in preparing for whatever the elite has planned, I suggest we all take a look inwards and ensuring we ourselves are strong in mind and heart.

    • Jesus said so because He knew that Judas was so not about helping the poor but stealing for himself. And what kind of God would he have been to reject a gift someone was offering with all her heart ? And as for the poor, He knew he'd take care of them anyway with or without Mary's perfume's money, and He did. I spent a lot of money on a gift for my husband for his birthday and we had money issues while I did so… Of course he was a little surprised when I did so, but he didn't go and say : you should have saved it for us who are really needy now or give it to charity and not waste it on me ! The gift, in that moment, meant more than money to him, for he saw how much I did not care about anything else, but did it out of love. My husband accepted the gift of love offered to him, for he knew I had not much and still gave him my all. I guess you see my point .

      And as for this article favoring christianity… Good Lord ! The whole video is about Jesus and Judas ! It's hard to not bring forth christianity attempting to explain it !!!!!

      • Thanks for your opinion, you make some valid points and I'm sorry if I have offended you in any way as I did not mean to do so. Firstly, I'd just like to say that I know that the video is set in the context of Christianity – (see above when I say perhaps this is bx of context) nevertheless I still get a feeling in comments on many of VC's articles having a focus on religion – predominantly Christianity and perhaps that's just because of the audience that these videos attract. In any case, I think my perception may be irrelevant since a lot of our culture is predominantly based on Western culture – and thus had and does have Christian influences in them.

        I also do realize that Jesus says that because he knows of Judas' selfishness but does that warrant him transferring his selfishness to himself? And yes, I do see your point in the description of your gesture towards your husband, but your husband is not a prophet/spiritual leader is he so there are some differences that discount you analogy. Nevertheless, I do see your point and it would be better argued if you had said that one should take things as they are and not impose on other's autonomy unless that person is harming others (based on Mill's harm principle).

        However, an attack of Christianity is NOT, I repeat NOT the focus of my comment and you seem to miss this (please see my reply to your other comment). I do not intend to discuss matters of which religion is right or wrong, as those arguments are never-ending due to people's differences.

    • You also state "we can live on philosophies and with morality without the guidance of religion."… You say religions are creations of men. That is true. Even the Bible states that. There was one faith, one belief, then man chose to do things his way and do as he will and created his own belief system. Also, christianity is all about freedom to think for yourself and not obey blindly. God created men with the freedom to choose, to believe or not, to obey or not. All of that is written in the Bible you seem to look down upon… Philosophies are also creations of men…Therefore you decide of what creation of men you choose to follow. And not everything about life is rational. You believe in atoms, neucleons… things you haven't seen, but have only been told… You could close to never verify their existence, yet you believe. What is so illogical, then, about religions and most specifically the Bible and the people who believe in it ?

      • "There was one faith, one belief, then man chose to do things his way and do as he will and created his own belief system. Also, christianity is all about freedom to think for yourself and not obey blindly. God created men with the freedom to choose, to believe or not, to obey or not."

        – It seems that many Christians do believe that Christianity is the right, and thus the only way of life, yes? i.e. If you don't believe in God, you will go to hell? So in that sense God who according to you created mankind and supposedly gives the freedom of choice… except it's not really choice because those who do not agree are condemned to go to hell…

        I never said philosophies weren't creations of men either, and of course everyone should have a choice in the belief system, I do not deny that.

        I do not object to the morals that Christianity teaches either. Christianity, like many other religions teach people to be good and they all have the same fundamental values and morals that make society work (otherwise, we could be running around living on our own form of morals and killing each other). However, the existence of religious factions create differences that leads to animosity and discrimination, thus instilling hate within humankind (because we all want to be right in who to worship and go to heaven, and we all want to be right, generally). So if you take notions of religions, deities, and God away you will be left with these fundamental values and morals which we are all capable of holding on our own without the necessary notions of Gods or other Godly beings being used as some kind of "threat" for us to conform. These values and morals are embodied in concepts of philosophy in general. Philosophies differ from religion in the sense that it allows people to study and consider the fundamental nature of reality, knowledge and existence without necessarily worshipping an unknown being. In a sense, it promotes self discovery, encourages the notion of believing in yourself, your mind, your spirituality and the human race in achieving its full capacity in all areas while still being able to function in society by living on such principles as where individual actions should only be limited to prevent harm to other individuals.

        Also, the existence of and structure of atoms was validated by Ernst Rutherford's x-ray experiments – as to whether it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that is impossible to do for all sorts of subjects, and situations in the world. But at least we have some objective basis for saying that it does exist (i.e. it is there and its movement suggests a certain structure), whereas God is akin to the teacup that orbits this planet.

        It may sound like I'm against Christianity through my arguments here but I assure you I am not, and that I cannot help but talk about these counter-arguments to your arguments just so you are aware of them.

        My point of posting the comment in the first place though (which you seem to have missed and turned this argument into a whole Christianity vs non-Christianity — which is, to reiterate, NOT my intention because I acknowledge that people should be able to believe whatever they want to believe), is that IF the Illuminati/elite/powers that be wants the world to be immoral and "satan-like", why should we care if we can fight back by being strong in our will-power and our own conviction of morality? Religion is merely a concept that cannot be harmed, and if we allow the symbolic meaning that it has then we might as well give-up fighting back.

  110. "But in the cultural sense

    I just speak in future tense"

    very creepy. I caught some of the symbols.,as anyone could but you really pulled everything into view for me. the "In other words, they want you to be in love with Judas." is a perfect finish for this article

  111. Satan is the biggest coward and liar! Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver (Matthew 26:15). Then what? After his betrayal, he had no peace of mind. He went out and committed suicide. He died a horrible death. Not horrible in the sense of physical pain; but he betrayed the actual Son of God. He bought his ticket to hell. And when he resurrects in the second resurrection (of the wicked – Revelation 20:12-15)… forget it!

    "Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders,

    Saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood. And they said, What is that to us? see thou to that.

    And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself"

    (Matthew 27:3-5) KJV

    The parallels are spot on for these sad entertainers. "But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth" (1 Timothy 5:6) KJV

  112. The eye of Heru (horus) is not evil. it is once again egyptian symbolism flipped over to be perceived as evil. Heru was the son of Isis and Osiris. When Osiris left upper Kemet to travel to lower Kemet, he put his wife Isis in charge of the empire. Osiris brother Set became angry towards the fact that he was not put in charge, so in retaliation Set killed Osiris and cut his body into 13 pieces. When Heru heard of the news, he battled his brother Set and won the battle. But he lost his left eye while in the battle. In return for avenging his father's death Heru was left to rule the physical world, and his father resided the spiritual world. The story of how Isis how his found his body is another story,but the things that represent good are turned evil and made to believe they are evil by the powers that be. Research this research and find the answers for yourself. Last but not least the eye is taken by ppl like gaga and made to make the mass think its evil. They been trying to keep the melaninated down for hundereds of years, why not take their symbolism and make it evil. Think about it

    Peace and Awareness

    • These beliefs/stories take away from the Biblical teaching of salvation through Christ, thus promoting a false religion/deity/belief system — faith in yourself. Therefore, they are against Christ and considered evil.

  113. She is a watered down version of Peaches.

    No way is she original or in charge of her PR machine. The whole thing with the long hair gives it away. Peaches already did 99.9% of "Judas" I mean, essentially.

    real artists (muse) (like Peaches, Lauren Hill, Fiona) are often not on the scene. They prefer keepin it real, on their own terms. Thus they have my respect. Exploiting yourself for profit is unwise and doing it to kids is just cowardly.

    I am sure Peaches and Lauren don't want little kids at most of their shows. Intent is obvious and her intent is not to grow in her art. In all her results, all her interviews, it seems she is trying to convince HERSELF she is so original and innovative and liberating people, one by one. Yeah. I am convinced she is just, well, not in control of her tentacles and she is for sure targeting people younger than her. I hardly picture she and her entourage all partying and listening to her music (or maybe they do? who knows) so…yea. So many people on tv, cast for a part, are like…5+ years older than the role calls for. Its creepy. Poor kids. I thought the eighties was rough….

    I fight economically. The only way to kill the beast.

  114. I watched the video before reading your article, VC, and I was proud to have picked up on most of what you discussed before reading. I graduated with a Film Studies degree and did tons of analysis so skills are sharp, which I'm grateful for because I'm fascinated with this stuff. On that note, I wanted to point out how in the video she chants/repeats "Judas, Juda-as" or something like that, but the last time she changes it to "Gaga" perhaps signaling a blending of her persona with the symbolism of Judas as suggested above. Also, I considered another interpretation of the final scene where Gaga appears as perhaps a bride. The Bible discusses Christ as the bridegroom (who would return one day) and the bride Gaga may represent His church or gospel which is then (symbolically) destroyed by the video's end – in line with the reversal of conventional themes and symbols. Just a thought.

  115. GagaisaSatanwhore on

    Judas was a flop, ,her album sold less than expected (she sold it at $99c at Amazon and it help her reached 1 million ,but other artists have similar or more sales without giving their albums away).

    She doesnt shock anymore ,she wont last more than 2 years .

    Mmm daddy satan couldnt buy you more albums ? Next time give them free bitch!

  116. …Forgot to add in my first comment, there wasn't much, if any, mention of her scarlet bikini dance. Not much explaining needs to be done I recognize, but just to note that it's not just the color for sacrifice to occultists/elitists but also represents being tainted with sin in many Biblical accounts.

  117. mexicancutie on

    just like jesus said "and the truth will set you free".

    i find pretty stoopid and ignorant those comments on.. "BUT SHE DIRECTED THE VIDEO" come on people dont be that ignorant, we are talking about the "show bussiness" there is nothing WAY fake and full of lies than the show buissnes . SHE DIDNT DIRECT THE VIDEO, SHE DIDNT CAME OUT WITH THE IDEA, SHE DOESNT WRITE HER SONGS (PROBABLY) SHE DOESNT PICK HER COSTUMES, SHE DOESNT GIVE A SH1T ABOUT HER.. "LITTLE MONSTERS" u dont know her personally, but what i do know is that she seems to be a good actrees and shes following her script very well, open your eyes kids the only reason of why she is everywhere radio and tv and giving away pizza to the "monsters" who wait outside her shows, and the only reason she seems to be nice to all of her fans, if one big reason.. YOUR SOUL. dont be one of the brainless frankestein.. i mean monsters.. i mean fans.

  118. Back in the 80s, I watched a lot of music videos as they were just getting popular. My mom would say, "THESE ARE WEIRD, I don't think you should be watching those." I thought so to, but liked the music and "art" of them yet still didn't understand what the real meanings were. After finding this site, when I see the older ones, a lot of the same symbolism and weirdness is there. It's been going on for a LONG time. I think more people are coming to understand.

    • Yes i agree …….. when i think back to some of Madonna video's they were messed up …… like a virgin video ……. was so wrong! i can remember my sister and i dancing and singing to this song at 10 !

    • same here I was always watching music video's at least until all these reality shows started so this is really interesting to me to see the odd symbolism.

  119. the illuminati is about.. the collective negative mind right?

    let everyone think negative, and by the negative energy we will return to the creator satan..


    people on this site.. think negative..

    they're hatred and powerlessness make them think negative..

    and thats the meaning of illuminati..

    let people think negative as a collective mind..

    you too are part of it..

    so stop reading al the negative stuff..

    and enjoy your life :)

    love each and everyone..

    only by that way we can stop them.


    • Awesome!!! Well said….Stay positive and focused on our own lives and creating positive change in them. Genius.

  120. VC

    congratulations..your website has been my bookmark since the first i found out about this web..i think since last year..

    and since then, i slowly disliked lady gaga..i'm a muslim girl and i respect you though you're a christian..

    you gave me more information about Illuminati and Freemason..

    thanx VC

  121. i hate that i love gaga and won a contest to meet her and love her songs and vids and learn the choreo for them! but its ok bc I WILL ALWAYS LOVE JESUS!!! he is in my heart forever and ever amen<3

    the damn illuminati have done a phenomenal job on making me love these pop super stars and wanting to be one :/ its a shame! lol

    but i know that i love jesus no matter what and my soul will forever belong to him, no matter what the illuminati throws my way ;))

    • Voice of Reason on

      Hi! If you don't mind me asking, what was your meeting with her like? Did she seem intelligent and coherent…or did she seem to be kind of dazed, or heavily influenced/manipulated by 'handlers' who were nearby? Also, was she friendly…like she was interested in meeting you, or did it seem like she was 'just going through the motions'?


  122. Oh My Gosh! It is a metaphor! Say it after me METAPHOR! She is refering to someone who has betrayed her, therefore he is similar to Judas. The "Judas" betrayed her, yet she still loves him. She isn't refering to the literal actual Judas. Besides even in the song it says,

    " I want to love you, but somethings pulling me away from you

    Jesus is my virtue

    But Judas is the demon I cling to."

    At least 98% of your statements are based bias opinions.

    i.e. The gun of lipstick is representing that she wants to kill him but she wants to keep him alive at the same time.

    Lady Gaga may do some pretty weird stuff, but come on she is only doing it to stand out from the crowd! She loves God and even shows it by praising God for winning a Grammy or VMA.

    • I don't know what God you and Gagme worship, but the God of the Bible wouldn't really approve of homosexuality quite like she does.

  123. Vigilant's closing comments, ''This religion’s values is based on egoism, materialism and the sexualization of pretty much everything.'' reminded me of this video someone made about unconscious satanic trends in society, especially the doctrine of 'Do what thou wilt', which is reiterated in so many pop songs :

  124. thanks VC♥!.. you know i've been thinking about and i figured out that i really feel identified with Gaga… i always try to please Jesus but then i commit sin =(…Gaga says she wants to Love Jesus but something (demons) is pulling her away from Him.. and that's exactly what happens to me.. i betray Jesus everytime that i sin.. that's pretty painful because you know you're leading yourself far away from the Life and the Truth which is Jesus. Forgive me Lord, i'll give my best to Love you♥

  125. I'm not a christian, but this one just give me the chill… OMG!!! She's a threat to every religion. Indeed, our faith is our biggest treasure. So make your side. Choose wisely.

  126. Rachael Garza on

    Awesome! So glad you explain this video. It was so helpful! For all of us there who appreciate this.. Thank you!

  127. I see a lot of judgemental followers on here. Do yourselves a favor and think for yourselves instead of jumping on board the judgement train. For if you are a Christian then you know that the only judge is the Lord. And that we have more important things to do on this earth than judge our fellow human beings harshly(or otherwise).

    Like love them

  128. I realize there's no point in me writing this, as you guys are all quite clearly not interested in other points of view, but Gaga herself has explained the video quite clearly and her explanation makes a lot more sense (without having to take the major logical leaps that Vigilant takes.)

    Gaga is retelling the story of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas in such a way as to imply (as many Biblical scholars have) that Judas didn't truly "betray" Jesus because he was simply fulfilling Biblical prophecy. Had Judas not identified Jesus with the kiss, Jesus would've escape crucifixion and would not have risen. Thus, from this perspective, Judas is shouldn't be hated as he is an important element in the birth of Christianity. Gaga explained that this is what she meant by her quote:

    “The song is about honoring your darkness in order to bring yourself into the light. You have to look into what’s haunting you and need to learn to forgive yourself in order to move on.”

    In other words, even those who harm you and even the mistakes you make in life are part of God's divine plan for you. The video is about forgiveness and about everything happening for a reason. As for her portrayal as Mary Magdalene, she's simply recasting Mary as a more important figure within the story of Christ. It's much more a feminist revision of the story than an Illuminati or Satanic one. When she "shoots" Judas with the lipstick gun, she falls down and begs Jesus for forgiveness. Jesus is not upset though because he knew this was all part of God's plan.

    Then, AFTER that scene, you see the alternating scenes her hit with the wall of water and her washing Jesus' feet. In other words, she has remorse and His forgiveness has set her free from her guilt. The water is a symbol of forgiveness, a washing away of her sins, a baptism of sorts. Then, she stands in her wedding dress and accepts a public stoning without protest because she knows that it's also part of God's divine plan for her (Mary Magdalene) to be used as a scapegoat within the Church.

    The are only two things remotely resembling possible Illuminati symbolism in the ENTIRE video. The first is her eye makeup. However, it doesn't really match the Eye of Horus now does it? When you put them next to each other, there's only a vague similarity. If she's so blatantly pledging allegiance to Satan or whatever you think she's doing, why wouldn't she have the eye makeup painted on accurately? The second thing is the upside down pentagram you found on one of the shirts her dancers is wearing. However, part of the costuming for the dancers was to have them wear Judas Priest and other metal band t-shirts as a stylistic choice for the video's title and rock vibe.

    I don't mean to put anyone here down or imply that you are all wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I actually appreciate that people like Vigilant who think outside the box. I don't agree with his theories, but I appreciate that he applies critical thinking to his theories and doesn't just make them up out of nowhere. However, like all theories, his are not proven fact. They are theories.

    I respect his views, but I don't like the implication so prevalent in the comments that anyone who disagrees with Vigilant is a "sheeple" or a "zombie," etc. To blindly agree with everything he says and ridicule everyone who disagrees seems completely against the spirit of this website. Vigilant, to me, comes across as an open-minded individual. He does have a very specific perspective on society that he sticks to and filters his theories through, but don't we all when you really think about it? I would urge you all to continue to think rationally and critically. Read Vigilant's articles and form your own opinion.

    • Bill Hicks is God on


      Yours is by far the most sensible and well-reasoned comment I've read so far. The Book hysterics are overly represented and clearly not interested in other points of view. They really don't "bring anything to the table" except quoting scripture, passing judgement and giving themselves the collective willies about the devil.


  129. shaysofgreen on

    Another thought-provoking article VC ~ I'm pleased at your demonstrations of questioning, when so much is taken for granted in pop culture. I also appreciate your exposes on the importance of the language of symbolism, which can be extended beyond glyphs to mantras and symbols of ideas & how they are patterned into culture, though so much of symbolic expression seems ignorant, that is, unaware of its own meanings that it then creates a jumble. I do not take Gaga's Fame to be sinister or even anti-religious, as many do, but rather as more of a questioning: one commenter mentioned a lack of originality in pop songs, but as much a I love a heartfelt love song, there are few songs like "Judas" that actually get people thinking and talking about such important issues as Religion and Culture, as we are doing here. My feeling is that there is a pattern more of questioning dogmatism, than of attacking Religion. In so much of the world of interaction between tribes, the Other is described in demonic terms, yet They have values and mores and manners and They Love one another too. It may be surprizing to some Hebrews that the very Peoples they described as Gentiles (a derogatory, "people of the country," ie, uncivilized by Hebrew ways) considered the Hebrews to be Atheists (of course, they are wrong, right?); it is simply that the Other's unfamiliar ways either must be wrong and bad (sometimes this is expressed, confusingly, as the opposite: the Other culture is really the same, just in need of cultural translation, which is another way of affirming one's own cultural superiority, and not truly giving an ear to the Other's voice). Jesus said: "If you're not with me, you are against me" a tautology that is basic to the complex of Abramite idealogy, yet there is also a thread within this complex that seeks appreciation and respect for Other's Ways of knowing. Lady Gaga's unwavering underdogism seems to me firmly rooted in her Christian background, even if her presentation pushes the envelope & gets people from various viewpoints talking about heavy subjects, much like VC does here. To me, getting angry with someone who thinks about things differently or even in a different social semantics is like hating someone's skin color; that is, it creates a demon in the Other to affirm one's own authority, a weapon, no less, to defeat the Other tribe, "those" people, "Goliath." Gaga is more about accepting diversity and questioning dogmatism, and this is probably disconcerting to those stuck on their idealogical idolatry.

  130. Crowley may well have been correct that traditional religions will relent and give way to a new kind of spirituality, however… I do not believe that spirituality will ever be a tool for some stupid cult to control the world. It's not happening because we're not weak. Even if they say we are, it's all a mind game. The new spirituality is and has always been about embracing the divine spark within you and recognizing it in others. An new form of consciousness is catalyzed by embracing universal love. It removes limitations to an extent, and we gain a deeper insight into ourselves, each other, the world, and an understanding develops. We are liberated to the extent that we begin to contemplate suffering objectively. It's not a bad thing, and it's not something the cult of darkness can appropriate. This change in consciousness is something I've considered a lot lately.

    The Age of Horus is also called the Age of the Child. It's a state of consciousness that equalizes masculine and feminine influence. It honors our children, inner and outer. The Illuminati does not honor children. They abuse children. They rape children. They murder them. It's hypocritical and stupid to expect a Luciferic cult to understand such "nuances", but that is the limitation of their consciousness. Black magicians are a pitiful bunch, even when they do tons of harm to other people. All they know is selfishness and they have created a religion of chaos that reduces all things to its basest elements.

    In a holographic universe like this one, "basic elements" takes a double meaning. Initially, evil people are sifted and broken down until only the ugliest dregs of humanity remain, to be structured and organized according to power. We all know what it looks like, and yet there's a deeper stage of evolution beyond this. Illumination may eventually occur in these types, however they are utterly doomed in the long run. The universe is a living entity, and it has a way of breaking down diseased components into baser energy that returns to the aether. Of course, none of that means anything to people like this. There's nothing 'elite' about the goddamned Illuminati. They have money, and they have power. Anybody who masters the basics of "magic" can move themselves into positions of wealth and influence. All you need is time, motivation, and knowledge.

    The trouble is, modern occultists base most of their bullshi- erm, I mean "esoteric powers" on the writings of people like Aleister Crowley, who themselves barely knew what the hell they were doing and made a habit of fucking up as much as possible before they died. My father was one of these types, although not quite as retarded as Crowley. Point is, I know the type of guy he was. And I also know the type of people that idolize stylish fuck-ups like Crowley. That the magic works sometimes is unimportant. I've read up on lots of occult works by Crowley and others. It's 90% bullshit. Even the wording is intentionally crafted to make as little sense as possible. It's the reason these Illuminati narratives don't make much sense to any otherwise right-thinking individuals. The language itself is so contrived that it leaves too much room for interpretation, and the kind of people who fill that void are basically lunatics.

    It's not the cult's fault that their familial structure subjugates everybody involved to this abusive insanity. If anybody out there reading is actually part of the "Family", feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. The leaders are off their rocker and most members would get killed if they tried to leave. When you're born into something so coercive, it's hard to see the light. There's no longer any reference point for sanity, and there probably never was. It's the reason groups like this exist in the world. We're an awful lot like they are in our own way.

    This grand-scale drama is our way of subconsciously alerting each other that something's gone awry (duh!), and that we need to pull our shit together to protect the integrity of our civilization and improve our behavior before this demented state of awareness the Illuminati is selling to us becomes the norm. Rectify your consciousness by regaining and prioritizing your integrity and the shift in you will affect the people around you in extraordinary ways. No darkness can withstand the light generated by awareness. The trouble is that we're asleep, and our civilization has reached the point where it's a technological threat to its own existence because its spiritual development is lagging too far behind. True spirituality is selfless giving and service to others combined with the strength of character required to protect yourself from any abuses.

    "Waking up" is not a figurative expression here. You may think you're awake, but it takes a concentrated effort to remain fully conscious in a world where everyone's trying to be a zombie. All the bad in the world cannot be pinned on the so-called "powers that be", when our insecurity as a society has created an ethical vacuum. We allow the lowest of the low to call the shots. We put scum in charge and act like it's not our problem if the people around us suffer for it. It's pathetic, and we've got nobody to blame but ourselves for this mess. The real revolution is the awakening of human consciousness. Because although you may believe you are already aware of your surroundings, this is just another illusion. You're still just dreaming. But don't get frustrated, try again. You earn your awakening every minute of every day. It's not something you can do once and forget about. We co-create our world. No one person is God. We all are. Everything possessed of consciousness is in some capacity the original creator of reality. That's the secret, and the essence of the true new spirituality. Unite with the divine however you choose, but do it quickly and do it permanently. We can't afford to goof off anymore.

    • Tricksandtreats on

      Fantastic post by the way. We're on the same wavelength, although I disagree with the last bit where you highlight that we live in a dream. That's a bit OTT. We just live in our bubble where we build healthy relationships with our families based on unconditional love and understanding and as we grow up we become responsible spouses and parents ourselves. That's a bloody enjoyable hard task and I honestly don't exchange it with all the wealth and titles in the world. Handicapped and honest hard-working poor people who thrive are tons of times more inspiring than those who chase unlimited wealth at the expense of others. Nothing wrong to be prosperous as long as you don't benefit at the expense of others or ruin their lives.

      • Tricksandtreats on

        And we aren't God. There is only one God, He is the Alpha and Omega. We are His creation, his children. At least I consider myself to be one.

      • Maybe I wasn't clear. If God is the beginning and the end, the end-all be-all form of consciousness in the universe, it's quite arrogant of you to assume your form of awareness if somehow separate or independent of that all-encompassing entity. You're a living piece of the Creator, same as me and same as that tranny-looking Lady Gaga thing we're all so entranced by. It's even more arrogant to believe your scriptures supersede the one true universal mind. And don't even get me started on the wars, the conquests, the torture and destruction of lives, cultures, and knowledge. It's degrading to women and it's the leading cause of priest-related child rape in the last millennium or so. Hell, half the bible is all about who to kill and how to kill 'em. The rest of it consists of vague parables, genealogies, and dietary laws.

        Judeo-christian dogma among the most insane inventions of mankind, and if it weren't for all the crazy beast-like fanatics willing to kill and be killed over it, we might be halfway towards a decent understanding of our place in the cosmos and our heritage as creators and divine participants in this world by this point in history.

        Lady Gaga gets more atrocious every time I see her, and it does piss me off to see so much esoteric knowledge distorted to suit an obsessive agenda, but there's a bigger picture here. The angry tribal thunder god and the creator are not the same. One is fictional, the other is infinitely real. We are still primitive, but these times are an illusion we much break out of to witness the truth about the world as it stands today, and to see ourselves for what we really are. It ain't pretty, but hey. Neither is the prospect of a second dark age.

        I don't know about your feelings on the matter, but I know I deserve better than to live in a tyrannical dystopia controlled by a bunch of Crowley wannabes with barely any grasp of the true occult. In a lot of ways, it would be even worse than another damn theocracy because at least churches have this vaguely benevolent moral code. These Thelema hacks are just the sad result of the persistent failure that is our collective ideology. This degenerate behavior is nothing more than a faithful reflection of our own depravity.

        Alright, I didn't really mean to rant like that. It needed to be said, but don't take it too personally. I'm a bit cranky tonight.

    • Tricksandtreats on

      You were clear, I was worn out to read through the whole post and promptly agreed with its contents. You worship Horus and other Egyptian dieties whereas I worship God-Christ-Holy Spirt and my ultimate goal is my transformation through communion with God. You're entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine. Does your right to your opinion oblige me to agree with you? No, so I won't persist with the matter.

      • Tricksandtreats on

        Syrus: "Judeo-christian dogma among the most insane inventions of mankind, and if it weren’t for all the crazy beast-like fanatics willing to kill and be killed over it, we might be halfway towards a decent understanding of our place in the cosmos and our heritage as creators and divine participants in this world by this point in history."

        Really? It's not an invention, it's a way of life difficult to master. It takes a lot of commitment, dedication, compassion and among other things ability to love. The crazy fanatics you point out are pagans pretending to be Christians.

      • Perhaps you're right. Nevertheless, global religiously-fueled atrocities did not occur until the rise of Catholicism and its sects. Being truly christian is a difficult and challenging lifestyle. It takes an extraordinary person to realize that. However, the human cost of his life's work is staggering. Pagans were never as fanatical or as destructive as those people who brought about the dark ages. Is it really so hard to imagine that another belief system couldn't have impacted human consciousness more positively?

        I do not worship Horus, nor do I worship any god whatsoever, so don't get the wrong idea. I believe in the Law of One, and a few other things. I am not a pagan. I do not believe in worship. I think that's also a pagan concept. Expressing gratitude and expressing for the Creator are not the same thing. There are too many misconceptions and crimes against humanity attached to the christian legacy for me to ever accept that ideology, but my views are not so different otherwise. "The Age of Horus" is a name Crowley attributes to the concept of "The Child", which is one third of the Egyptians' "trinity". There are numerous interpretations of trinity, besides the Catholic one.

        Any other legacy in the world with such a tainted history would be thrown away. Eugenics didn't kill half as many people as this religion did in its fledgling days. Again, don't get the wrong idea. I know people are to blame rather than the belief system itself, but people also designed the system! And a system is only as good or as bad as the people involved. It's like putting advanced weaponry in the hands of cavemen! Then again, it is difficult to identify with anybody's suffering when you weren't there. It's the reason why we still go to war every couple of years. We can't visualize the agony people go through, and we never quite believe how many women and children were victimized by the same ideology that we can celebrate in the comfort of our homes. But everything is interconnected, and feeding an idea your energy gives it power. We are all responsible for the world we co-create.

      • Tricksandtreats on

        where is my previous post? odd

        Syrus, I had good parents who talked to me about their beliefs and let me make my own decisions. I am confident in my beliefs, so I'll behave myself and refrain from enforcing them on you and others. Unfortunately, I have a habit of being occasionally judgemental and forget to put myself in other people's shoes before judging them. At the end of the day who am I to judge? I've lived a relatively pain free life and yet I have to deal with my own mildly destructive behavior. It's difficult to identify with anybody's suffering but at least you can try. It's better to try and fail than do nothing at all. What do you reckon? Nothing is permanent in this life, including suffering. Just remember the person who inflicts the pain and the suffering has the problem, not the one who receives it. We're not accountable for the acts of others. Last but not least, I'm impressed with your comments, although I kicked up a fuss. hope springs eternal lol. Take care 😉

  131. As utterly offended as I am at this video and Lady Gaga in general, I will still always pray for her. She is still God's child and that makes her our sister in Christ. I would love to see her get delivered and use her gift of voice to praise the Lord and shame the devil. It's still not too late. God can change her heart in a fraction of a millisecond.

    On a side note, if she is possessed by an unclean spirit (which I think she is), we are only feeding into what that spirit wants by getting up in arms about her actions. Those demons need an audience and the thing they hate the most is to be ignored. It is their job to cause confusion, anger, and fear. And it is our job to be still, pray, and let God handle it.

  132. OMG the song has a satanic meaning, I must be satan-inized. LOL…

    If anything Gaga just gave people a Bible lesson :)

    Long live Gaga, next single "Bloody Mary" – ( I'm gonna dance with my hands above my head like jesus said ) 😀

  133. dude from south afri on

    when we unite.we win.stop fighting about whose biblical interpretation is most authentic.right now we need to focus on working together regardless of your religious beliefs. we all despise the lifestyle the media presents us so lets think about ways of coming together otherwise we not making much of a difference.

    ok great you aware of the tactics of the what? ok you a good moral person…now what?

    you can do something beyond posting replies.its easy.moses did it.jesus did it.muhammad did can do it.

  134. Wow this video upsets me so much that i leterally have 2 pray whenever i see it,it's so disrespectful,then again God said in his word these things must happen so that we as Christains must know the coming of the Lord is near…Thnks V.C for this article,also where she stands by the water,and it comes over her,remember Jesus walked on water he calmed it,but with LGAGA it doesnt happen,what is she trying to interpret here?

  135. Tricksandtreats on

    Horrible revolting woman eek.. initially I disliked her as an artist.. gradually she started growing on me with the constant media exposure.. I was certainly brainwashed.. only briefly.. I don't care if others like her, their choice.. I change the radio station or TV channel when she's on.. she doesn't float my boat.. end off!

    • child of Christ on

      @Leaf~Friedrich Nietzsche was indeed a certified madman whose most acclaimed work on ethics and politics "On the genealogy of morality" was absolute lunacy. The man was depraved and did not believe all humans should be treated with equal respect as moral beings. He was one of Adolf Hitlers favourite Philosophers and when i studied him, it left a bad taste in my mouth. That is of course my opinion but it would have been better for the so called educated elite if he was not taken seriously. He stood against everything that i believe in.Shalom

  136. Personally, I think things get a bit fuzzy when we talk about religious values being degraded in society. Have we, as a whole society, ever REALLY embraced Christianity? Sure, most people do on the surface, but many religious figures and other people who openly subscribe to traditional religion have done less-than-pure things behind closed doors…not to mention the atrocities that have been done in the name of religion.

    I just have a hard to buying this concept when it seems like our current moral state was one that has always existed throughout history…it was just more beneath the surface in the past and hidden by religion. But just because it was hidden doesn't mean it wasn't thriving.

  137. When she says "I'll bring him down", she means Judas, not Jesus. Also, she's talking about Judas when she says a "King With No Crown". Like, she's fighting with herself and Judas; she wants to love him, but she doesn't want to. She wants to bring him down, but she can't. She wants to be good, yet she doesn't. It's a song of many contradictions describing a woman with many contradictions. That's my interpretation, anyway…

  138. The White Snake on

    So, no comment on Gaga's Egyptian-looking hairstyle (Isis, perhaps?), the position of Gaga as the water-bearer (Aquarius?) or the red fluid that I could've sworn I caught earlier? How about the pose she's in at the end (now that I have a still, it definitely looks significant)? Also, wasn't there something about bonding to demons in Monarch programming? It feels like there's more waiting to be sliced like sashimi.

    Kinda disappointed in this article; was expecting a little more bang after the wait. Still good that somebody's watching. :)

  139. thankyou VC for your breakdown of this disturbin song..

    for those that believe mary magdalene was a prostitute have been lost within the dark cabal grip.. the truth about mary maybe the most guarded secret kept from her own children, humanity..thas right, remeber what planet your on when you pray to god for the food you eat and the clothes you have on ur back..Mary was the incarnation of mother earth, jesus the sun..together were twin flames, jesus had 12 disciples, mary had 12..while people wait for jesus to return, they forget that themselves r equal with god.. why? becuase we r gods

  140. it would do good to 1st know who Jesus really is, then know who Judas was..for Judas exits nomore..wake up ppl there is a spiritual war going on for your soul..and Satan is the real enemy

  141. WOW! Nice Article!. . But then again.! Still Jesus reigns!. . .GAGA's Judas single did not even reach #1 Spot on Hot100 !

    That's what you've call EPIC FAIL! . Hahah! Pooooooorr GAGA! GO to hell

  142. The world is one big Ying Yang, all these people, the elite, illuminati, their puppets are all playing a 'role'. Just like Judas did. Without their workings their is no enlightenment for the people. The bible would not play itself out. See the bigger picture and stop making so many judgements.

    Fabulous article VC …. like always….

    Love and light

  143. i am so glad that people like you are letting people, know i just wish that people would actually pay attention and listen , i just want to know if rihanna is still one of them because her recent songs like fading away , i dont see the accult meaning in them i would really like to know more about rihaana. I feel sorry for her she crys in some of her songs whhich makes me upset that she is one of them.

  144. I would like to let people know, the more you dont believe the more danger your bringing in. You can clearly see the symoblic messages in lady gagas videos, so why not believe, at the end we will know whos right or rong so prepare yourselves for the worst if you dont believe.

  145. Abdul Rahman on


    Dear VigilantCitizen, I know that making this informative article for the sake of those people who do not understand must have been quite a heavy work and I would like to thank you for putting your efforts into making this interesting article. To those of you who are seeking information on Lady Gaga"s new music video, plaese read this article and give thanks.


  146. Your point of view is not uncommon. Funny though, the Bible predicted that people would feel and think just as you do. You know it is easy to dismiss the Bible as a book of fiction and also very convenient. That way you can do what you want, when and how you want to without any regard for God. There are many reasons to beleive that the Bible is directly inspired by God but my personal favorites are 1. Bible Prophecy (Past and currently being fulfilled) and 2. Archeological evidence of authenticity. Look into it, if you want to you will find the truth.

  147. @Luke

    You don't have to believe what the Bible says, those who choose to believe do so because they have faith…but, I don't think that's what you're asking…

    Let's start with Jesus and his followers. I look at it this way: either Jesus was a complete nut-case, or he is exactly who he said he was – there can be no inbetween. If he's the former, then why did twelve guys follow him, after he "died," to their death? Were they nut-cases too? Highly unlikely. If we believe the former, which I do, it took the events of Pentacost (read Acts) for those followers to have the courage to follow his teachings to their deaths. Look what they did, including Paul. The proof is in the friuts. Thirteen men (and one woman – can't forget Mary who technically was Jesus' first follower).

    The Bible may contain inconsistencies, but that's okay. They overall message is clear. Don't get caught up in a "detail trap" – they are important, but focus on Jesus. Read Matthew, chapter 5.

  148. Little Vigis. Funny. Hahah! =D

    She has a different answer to the same question: what's her interpretation of the song. Alter egos thirsty for the limelight?

  149. VC, In the bath scene when she is washing feet, She said in an interview something about how you don't actually see her wash Judas' feet because she still knows he is evil, or something like that.. Gaga is smarter then you give her credit for, my dad is christian and we were watching an interview on 'Gaga takes over Virgin Demand' and even he said she knows alot about religion and he agreed with what he was saying, i think it's unfair that you only what you want people to see and make her look bad..

    I mean with people like Jay Z and Kanye weste i COMPLETELY agree! i love your articles, But the Gaga video's seem different, like she knows exactly what she is doing (she's driving your readers crazy), not just mindlessly doing as she is told.

    I hope you read this and understand i'm not making a persosnal attack or whatever, i just really don't agree with the Lady Gaga articles. (well i agree with the symbolism in them, but if she is in the illuminati i think she is very high up, because if you watch all her interviews she certainly isn't a mindless dazed zombie like Britney or beyonce)

    But great article, i enjoy reading these! good job

  150. (To continue)

    And also, when she puts the lipstick on Judas, it is relating to the song meanings, that she can't bring herself to kill him, because it is his destiny (which is one meaning), and because she knows deep down she is 'Still in love with Judas baby' Symbolising she still can't give up the imperfections and bad things in her life.

    This song and video has a lot more meaning then you are bringing about, Don't turn into the media.

  151. And Also! (im commenting as i read through)

    The water scene is WASHING AWAY HER SINS

    And the Kiss of death scene is changed to make The Kiss of Forgiveness!

    And at the end in the bath, she still isn't seen washing Judas' feet because even though Jesus has forgiven him (in the video) she still knows the evil which he is.

  152. Metaphors for closed or open doors, the knock is heard even if it sounds absurd, ring the bell and see where spirits dwell, the history within swells for those who can see the lying Truth's spell.

    Whims caught within the nexus of a metamorphosis, Gaga's division is within her fusion, check her scriptures and see its all relevant, and you've all been partaking her own evolution.

    Watch one or watch many, you will see that it's all becoming. Watch again and see where you left your (s)kin, and realize you have also been "growing".

    On the dance floor or within your own catacomb, the secrets unfold for those who know why their bells toll, be it on the Cross or the steeple at home, you have your own ideology to traverse before you come home…

    Where is your Home? Hmm.

    Judas call me Jesus, my name is Esa and I'm son of Osiris, I am Horus's cousin Iblis, son of Set if you can see me, that my cane is able to walk me home only if the Sphinx lets go of my Rosetta Stone.

    Gaze upon me and see that I'm the Trinity, three holds break within me, Isis call me your Father, I have a biblical avatar for my own morning star, only if you can see the scythes within my dual-natured scars.

    Sickle-cell anemia bleed me dry because Death is spiritual even one second "too far", I have to come back from Hades to become centerfold, and have my hands of fire and ice fasten together to go with the flow.

    Water Into Wine, It Was Written, So It Goes…

  153. The funny thing is that the devil and his Illuminati goons get Lady Gaga, those of a more spiritual bent get John Coltrane, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan etc etc etc.

    The devil doesn't have the best tunes. In fact, they're laughable.

  154. It is what it is…Of course Lady Gaga is channeling the Whore of Babylon! Of course we are living in the Apocalypse! You well-meaning Christians think you're going to put a stop to the Apocalypse?!? It is just as much a part of God's divine work as Creation, Crucifixion, or Resurrection, necessary for our evolution into whatever we are becoming…Our inability as humans to comprehend this is akin to the much-referenced spiritual "darkness"…The horrifying contents of the Apocalypse rise up out of the sea/water…this is symbolic of the unconscious, both collective and individual…So the apocalypse takes place inside the mind of the individual first…Micro/macro.

    So Lady Gaga is pointing out the complex emotional nature of the Divine Feminine…The Whore of Babylon is the counterbalance to the Virgin Mary, and it could be said that Mary Magdalene contains or represents both of these…But these figures are alive and active within the psyche of everyone, whether they know it or not…So Lady Gaga is depicting a painful truth here…Haven't you ever noticed how, for example, a girl will fall for the "bad boy" who is abusive to her, instead of the "nice guy" who treats her with respect? (This also happens with reversed gender roles)… In a logical world, one would expect a person to be drawn to the one respecting and honoring them instead of the abusive one…but this is not the case, and Lady Gaga is simply being honest about it. When these scenarios play out, they are a reflection of divine circumstances.

  155. There’s an ancient wise adage which states “can’t see the woods for the trees”!

    The royalty of black magician bankers, who presently rule the world and have successfully ruled the world of human pursuit and activity for the last six thousand years, are Adepts of Babylon, which is sexual magick, the 93 magickal formula of sexual fornication, termed bestial, under the impetus of the phallic power of the Babylonian Adepts' concentrated and focused will-power.

    The prevalence of free Inter-net pornography which exalts fornication to godhood, and modern pop-music with its designed and purposeful occult symbolic content, achieves the magickally generated and directed desired willed force of Babylonian Adepts, who are masters of ‘mind over matter’, and in this particular instance ‘mind over mind’, to the detriment and continued disempowerment of collective humanity.

    Moon Magick or sorcery is the ancient meal ticket and base of power of Babylonian Adepts, which is witchcraft, glamour and illusion, to keep collective humanity asleep and pursuing chimera to its own collective spiritual disadvantage.

    We must understand that the New World Order is just the rehash of the same old lame dog, horse, and pony show of black magick, that has both enthralled and bewitched collective humanity, since the days when these same banking elite dressed themselves in the garbs and accoutrements of Pharaohs and Queens, to erect a worldwide pyramidal system, built upon the back of human blood, sweat and tears, with the design, intent, and purpose of extending the magickally willed desires, passions, lusts and perverse cravings of Babylonian Adepts and their initiates into perpetuity.

    The basics of Babylonian magick is the secretive sexual manipulation of collective humanities unconscious mind and its sexual reproductive energies and psychic potencies, and the human subconscious mind, with its abstract abilities of infinite fantasy, imagination and dreaming facility, through occult symbols and music, Babylonian Adepts created and engineered, long before the dawn of present human civilization, so as to achieve the expressed insidious purpose we are witnessing manifesting today.

    The human unconscious mind and the human subconscious mind are reactionary, emotional willed, and directed by Adepts steeped in the dark arts of black magick, to manifest zombie automations under their secret mental and telepathic direction.

    These Adepts remain cleverly hidden in the background so as to better observe, study and control the result of their zombies’ interaction with human beings.

    Although the zombie automation and slave appears intelligent, self aware and self directed, it, or he/she, is just the willed projection of the Adept dressed in human fleshy corporality, possessing no real individuated soul capable of independent action and thought, being the medium of the magickal powers of the Babylonian Adept, and the channel through which the Adept’s magickal will is projected to influence the materialistic course and spiritual development of collective humanity.

    The human reactionary mind doesn’t think but as the ancient adage states “through feeling am I known”.

    As proof of the pudding, just a few well placed words today can ignite a righteous religious war, which will engulf and destroy the entire human collective, in an insane religious righteous wave of indignant passion, to leave the Earth a burnt out cinder in space, circling the sun and unable to nurture life as we know it.

    Through the long age old programming and conditioning of the reactionary mind of collective humanity by Babylonian Adepts, through music, religious spirituality, and occult symbols, which easily bypasses the alert gate keeper of the conscious reasoning and logical mind of human beings, the Babylonian Adept’s willed intent set’s its baleful influence and directly impregnates the unprotected and vulnerable human reactionary mind termed “the Underworld”, by occult initiates.

    Although we may educate ourselves concerning the occult intent and purpose of the symbols employed by these Babylonian Adepts, and decipher there occult meaning, although we may discern the intent of their orchestrated music and twisted spirituality, we have not as yet mastered nor superseded the magically willed intent of the Babylonian Adept and initiate, who have created the symbols, spirituality, and music and placed these occult powers deep within the fertile womb of the human collective reactionary mind.

    The Babylonian Adepts’ willed phallic power has had six thousand years of uninterrupted development to germinate in the fertile waters of the human reactionary mind (Underworld), to manifest today as the "Aeon of Horus".

    The Aeon of Babylon’s “Crowned and Conquering Child” is the “Aeon of Horus, the “god of War and of Vengeance” as clearly stated in the satanic manifesto, being an age old complot and conspiracy, which will be achieved through the vehicle of human righteous religious intolerance, human righteous religious hatred, and human righteous religious division, as so desired by the Babylonian Adepts, who created righteous human religious warfare based upon corrupted and imperfect systems of human spiritual faith and human religious belief.

    Thereby Satan, the perverse pimp and one eyed phallic god of fornication and sexual magick joined with Babylon, his Queen and Whore of unsated lust and passion, will enact their vengeance upon the ‘Unconditional and Selfless Love of God, through the cunning, cruel and willful destruction of humanity.

    Through collective humanities religious systems of spiritual belief which are held to be divinely inspired and divinely directed, yet, which are incompatible with one another within the collective human family of spiritual religious belief, Satan will gain his long awaited triumph in a war of human religious based self genocide.

    Satan’s final triumph will be a direct affront to the ‘Divinity and unity of God’s Love’ and an insulting slap to the face of the ‘Heavenly’ hierarchy.

    It is imperative today that we settled our childish religious bickering, divisions and religious differences now, before it’s too late, and our ‘Love’ of God and His Noble Spirituality of Enlightened Truth’, is wisely and cleverly turned against us and used as a club to shatter and destroy us, by the mocking and arrogant enemy of humanity and God… Who is Satan…to make the Earth forever his trophy and the habitation of demonic entities…as prophesied long ago by Babylonian occult Adepts and their initiates… which is the secret agenda Satan and in his initiates have been working towards throughout the long ages.

    We are at the “destiny determining time” and the end game of the war between the forces of Heaven and the forces of Hell…let us through the wisdom of 'selfless and unconditional love' ensure that the “dead never rise to smell the incense”.


      Wow ,Yomael I totally agree with you, we are very divided even within our groups. There's alot of hate and aggression, do you have a site or blog or something? I've read your comments before and I would like to read more of your points if you have them anywhere else, if not I'll just scan for your comments on topics here. -Thanks, I really needed to read that.

      • Tricksandtreats on

        Yeah right..complimenting yourself again muppet..yomal needs an exorcist and some holy water urgently..i thought he/she's not well but he/she's completely gone..yomel get well soon..

    • Trickandtreats; your provocations reveal a certain lack of correct upbringing, this is an agora and not a brothel of disrespect, filth, and whoremongering for you to abuse at your personal discretion, so respect it as such, and relieve yourself in a civilized place and in a civilized manner.

      Which brings to mind an old wise adage that perhaps can help you to clear Typhon’s cobwebs from your mind; “better to be silent and be thought a fool… then to open your mouth and remove all doubt“?

      • Sarah Connor on

        Hope you are doing well Yomael! You have been in the forefront my mind! Peace and God Bless friend! I wanted to reply to you on a thread that the comments section got cut off….so for now just smiles :-)

      • Tricksandtreats on

        true, I'm apologetic about my sense of humour was on the humourless side.

      • Fleurdamour on

        @Tricks and Treats – Yomael has a wealth of information and shares it willingly. I don't agree with everything he says, but that's all the more reason to respect him. You can learn the most from people who have a different outlook.

      • Tricksandtreats on


        @"Tricks and Treats – Yomael has a wealth of information and shares it willingly. I don’t agree with everything he says, but that’s all the more reason to respect him. You can learn the most from people who have a different outlook."

        #Fleurdamour I reassure you that I have great respect and admiration for Yomeal. I'm 100% on Yomeal's side. You need to understand there was no malice in my spontaneous drivel. :)

  156. vatican assassin on

    Once you are able to recognize the devil on sight there is no reason left to continue studying him.

    • that's so true. after you know all you need to know and keep looking it turns into an obsession. and then taht's where things get bad.

  157. The whole end of the age has long been represented by the ouroboros with their god in the middle of it. The egyptians and mayan did it. Because at that time their god will return- and the Mayans gave us the date: 2012. And it's true- the Bible even says such (false god returning), Apollyon, or Apollo is coming back, which makes me suspect of the large hadron collider, are they purposely going to open up another dimension in 2012? I watched a video with David Flynn describing the pentagram as a time chart as well, going through the 5 aeons around the 'ouroboros'. What's interesting is the earliest known depiction of the ouroboros is by the egyptians with Osiris in it; flanked by two lions and a bull. We in essence have the descriptions of the 4 cardinal points: man, bull, lion, eagle/snake. (was it at one time a snake? Could that mean Ophiucus?) God told the israelites to camp in order around the Tabernacle, we also have the same description in Ezekiel of the four cardinal points as well as in Revelation 4 of the 4 beasts. Sounds like both sides are trying to clue us in on when it's going to go down.

  158. smh…may god have mercy on all these "stars" idk how people can turn on god for fame and money? well nonetheless god bless her!

  159. Jessica Williams on

    I really love reading your articles by the way. Anyway I do agree with you that Lady Gaga and others are trying to pull the general public away from what we know and believe in, into something evil and Satanic. It is people such as yourself that bless the public with this knowledge so that we can be able to watch ourselves and what we watch on television. Thank you :)

  160. Why anyone would admire this woman and her music is beyond comprehension. There really isn't much left for her to denigrate. And yet even her heretical ways can be forgiven if she believes in Jesus Christ.

    Grace and mercy…

  161. GotQuestion on

    This post is just as amazing and eye opening like all the others! Thank you for it!

    But there is a thing that I swear I do not understand, why is is said that this illuminati pupet Gaga was to work with Michael Jackson (who was against illuminati?)and that he, himself said that wants to work with her. Also I saw pictures of him and Beyonce, Jay-z (illuminati)and Akon who introduced Lady Gaga in the first place. I just can't understand…

    So my question is do these entertainers know that their work is in the name of satan or are too brainwashed to tell? And is or isn't Jackson illuminati?

    Thank you for your time!

    Be blessed!

  162. See all the symbolic messages in this video. May allah help the disbelievers to the right path . :) Lady gaga and the music industry have brang themselves into this so they will suffer like there making us suffer. This world is a lie and many people dont know the truth :) why do you think people are dying of cancer. ? because all the food in this country are fake and all have chemicals in them.

  163. Actually when i thinkc about it. the changes from the 90s to the 2000s has been drastic. you couldn't imagine the world would be like this within a decade. Its like the illuminati saying "hey look it's going to be the 2000 yrs since christ died. we have to speed up the process to destroy the morals of society to insult jesus and let him know that his followers are blindly following the path to satanism and they freaking don know it. haha take that jesus christ, you stupidly died for nothing for a bunch of morons." let me tell you this illuminati, screw you. see you in hell in a couple of decades time.

  164. My guess for her next music video? "Bloody Mary"

    "When 'Punk'-tius comes to kill the king upon his throne,

    I'm ready for their stones." "I'll dance With my hands Above my head, Like Jesus said." "Hands together, Forgive him before He's dead because… I won't cry for you I won't crucify the things you do I won't cry for you, see, When you're gone, I'll still be Bloody Mary"

  165. Jesus actually said: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I'm glad I saw this as part of the article, as this applies to many of your fans who comment on your stuff. So many of them are quick to throw judgement yet they sin everyday. These people who comment should not worry about Lady Gaga and other entertainers but should worry about what THEY do. This NWO thing has been a conspiracy for years and years, it will never happen. I understand, it's more fun to think it would happen rather than knowing for a fact that it will not. It gives you that uncertain frame of mind.

    Also VC, don't blame the lessening of religion on entertainment, but blame it on people like the great christian, Harold Camping who influenced so many people to spend all their money and time on foolishness. That's when people lose faith.

    Lastly, the eye of Horus is seen as good luck, as Horus the good god, defeated the evil Set. But in the end it's MYTHology.

      • And? People sin everyday, do I have to point it out? All of you self proclaimed do gooders sin.

    • You're being silly. I'm not Christian and I honestly don't care if I'm being judgemental when I say I'm sick and tired of hearing 6 year olds say 'Let have some fun this beat is sick, I wanna take a dance up your disco stick'. I don't know, maybe where you're from this okay and normal. I don't have this libby-dibby idea of : love everywan and love and hearts everywhere and flowers and roses and shiny sparkly eyes and accept everythang because love and pink aura and hugs for free.

      I reserve the right to judge. I can judge who I like if I find them morally hypocritical and corrupt. I'm not going to keep the rotten apple in with the others in a bag because it might feel lonely, or I might be hurting its feelings, or if the whole bunch becomes rotten than the rotten apple might seem more acceptable and 'normal'. Psh, please.

    • child of Christ on

      Good point about throwing stones but are we as parents supposed to ignore what message is taught to the youth of today? This is media and it effects everyone and might i add that negative energy is a powerful tool.I cant stand Gaga's music but im accosted by it in adverts e.t.c. To not comment or be aware of the influence things like this have on society you would have to be blind, mute and deaf. Shalom

  166. I so adore your articles! how you tell the truth and not minding what other people would say! thanks! and please do not give up only because of people who dont want to hear! I hope you keep lije that VC

  167. And still, people love her to bits… singing 'Ju-DAH, Ju-DA-Ah-Ah!'

    Honestly, what is this world coming to?

    It is beyond me to sum up my hatred for this woman…

  168. AHA! Since day one, practically, I've been calling her the Whore of Babylon, though I'm uncertain as to whether or not that thought was inspired by you VC. Either way, now we have this video wherein she portrays herself as such.

  169. WOW. I'm not in shock, but truly amazed however that people are sitting here defending CaCa's lies about the "true interpretation" of her blasphemous video.

    Shows you just how blind, morally corrupt and lacking the masses are. Keep buying her lies sheeple. The enemy has you exactly where he wants you…but the scales haven't fallen of your eyes yet.

    Stop buying her supposed take on her video and open your eyes. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. And if you so easily buy a lie about this video it proves how easily you will be deceived when "the" Antichrist is revealed.

    This Scripture says it all:

    2 Timothy 4:3-4

    "For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. ******They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths*******"

    If that doesn't speak volumes about the age we are living in.


  170. The only way to fight against the "age of horus" is for everyone left who has not yet been brainwashed by the illuminati to strengthen themselves as Christians and live in the truth by reading and understanding the Bible and living your life as a true Christian. The truth will prevent you from being deceived by the devil.

  171. Janie'sGunn on

    Let's not forget that the story of Horus and Ra, bares a striking resemblance to the story of Jesus, Mary, and Jehovah God… The story of Horus and Ra predates that of Jesus by thousands of years…it's unfortunate that GaGa, and the rest of her ruthless people keep using the Eye of Horus as a symbol of evil, because Horus and Ra, were few and far from what is being portrayed. Thanks

  172. i am starting a facebook picture album posting every picture i have of famous artists doing the "one eye" the "ok" & "the horns" this way at least people can start seeing for them selfs and start asking a very small but powerful question: why? it's not much but it's better than nothing, and because you'll never see an album like this on t.v. if everyone on this site would do the same would be a very important chain to start

  173. what I don't understand about gaga is that in one of the songs of her latest album she said,

    "theres only three men imma serve my whole life

    its my daddy, Nebraska (her bf), and Jesus Christ"

    why would gaga say this? what are her intentions? gosh…

    such a confusing woman

  174. Endless Mystic on

    What she says and what she shows are completely different. She's almost hinting at the shadow self, while simultaneously telling everyone to chose evil. I agree that men need to understand that there is both good and bad in him. And one should (according to Carl Jung) love all that he is not, and not to repress his bad qualities. Accept it and then let go off it. Clinging and denying your bad side is worse then accepting it. But she's saying let go of your good completely, and become egotistically manics. I mean, Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Terrance Mckenna, and many other great men have basically told human kind to look into your selves. To go on an inner journey… But her song is about choosing sides. The age of men is the age of understanding the inner self. Understanding the true dynamics of one's psyche, not enlightenment through "profiling"man's natural instincts. gaga is perhaps a butterfly…

  175. Also note: The song was leaked four days before it was meant to be released, judas betrayed jesus four days before he was crucified.

    It was leaked in three places, Judas betrayed Jesus 3 times.

    Also: Notice the sacred heart worn on Lady Gaga's chest during the scenes with her in the blue top with a headband.

    ++Idk. ive heard her try to explain her 'horns' as bones…But they're weird. idk wtf thats about.

    • child of Christ on

      I will be honest, i thought the demon posessing her was manifesting and that whole weird rebirth thing she did by staying in an egg for a couple of hours was a blatant ritual.Shalom

  176. A bit off from gaga but i couldn't leave a comment on the paramore article.

    but here is an exerpt from band members who left paramore in Dec 2010

    "Hayley presented lyrics to us that were really negative and we didn’t agree with. For example, “the truth never set me free”, which contradicts what the Bible says in John 8:32 (“and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall sat you free”). We fought her about how her lyrics misrepresented our band and what we stood for, but in the end she got her way. Instead of fighting her any longer, we decided to just roll over and let it go. "

    read more here :

  177. Im not a Christian, but im still offened by this devil worshipper. Christians don't be fooled she int celebrating she is blaspheming…whatever that means

  178. Are none of you familiar with the great psychologist and philosopher Carl Jung? Most intelligent philosophers and existentialists are well acquainted with the fact that all people have an innate darkness.

    The concept isn't evil at all. If honouring your inner darkness and light is evil, and a grande Illuminati scheme, then damn, let me join! I know for a fact I'll never be completely good, but that's what makes me an honest human being: the fact that I know I'm not perfect.

    • lets see if you feel the same way when you no longer have rights or freedom because that is the agenda that the masters of this illuminati slave are working for!

      • No. You have to set yourself free. Sin is the Master. Your battle is inside you. Jesus fasted for 40 days and turned down a kingdom. What can YOU do to fight this thing?

  179. hey to bring clarity on the morning star, in the Bible it says lucifer is son of the morning. Isaiah 14:12

  180. I was a Christian once. A Catholic even. What led me away from the faith was the blatant lies about the bible, what they decided to put in, leave out and the abuse of children in their care. My understanding of God as this creator of love and humanity would not stand with them either.

    • God is irrelevant to the filths you just described. He is Perfect and Fair, He gave us life and free will to follow our paths. He only plays a part in our lives at our request.

    • Please read the New Testament, particularly: Matthew 5-7 Luke 10:25-37 John 1:1-4 John 3:16-17 Ask yorself, does this sound like what God might say? And do people really follow this? Focus on God and Christ and what they say, not other people. You even have to test other "Christians".

      For example, here are a verses saying man (through satan) will try to deceive you through the Church with false doctrine and traditions made up by man, not God. Mark 7:7-9

  181. If we didn’t have a dark side, we wouldn’t know what is right. Some can control their dark side better than others, but it still takes over once in a while.

  182. She is totally a bitch!!!However,she is not responsibe for that.She just takes money to sing and dance semi-naked most times.And absolutelly not only Gaga…But i really hate what i going on here…i mean illuminattis' symbolism,occult and all that staff in my music!!And they won't stop doing it until they finish it….

  183. growupuguyss on

    In GaGa's song, 'You And I' she clarifies;

    "There's only three men that I'mma serve in my whole life,

    It's my daddy, and Nebraska, and Jesus Christ."

    She's made her belief system to clear throughout her songs. Get over it.

  184. And the greatest mystery of material worlds is that the laws of the universe are simple. The symbols of Egypt, Enochian Magic, Crowley, Illuminati, NWO….have no legitimate existence in the universe. They have no intrinsic meaning lest for those who are foolish enough to believe them. THEY SIMPLY DO NOT EXIST !!!

    All the great spiritual masters of the past were perfectly conscious that the knowledge of this world has always been a convoluted concoction by Lucifer/Satan/Human confusion. And so when people encountered a spiritual master they rarely recognized them because they saw someone who gave them simple laws and simple solutions. In fact the solutions to building a balanced world are so simple that few people in human history have been able to achieve such simplicity. The laws of the universe are very simple- and permutations of complex constructs arise from simplicity then return to simplicity ( energy) afterwards.

    The real esoteric knowledge of the universe is generated by the primal deity and then subsequently modified by the sub-deities to have intrinsic meaning. Originally at the begining of universal creation there was no meaning of any kind. In order for the deities to differentiate themselves by mind endowment they had only one choice- to imbue the empty universe with a set of meanings which were agreed upon that could not become perverted by any subordinate being. These meanings and values are a specific set of values that are never permuted –thus mind values have a number of possibilities intentionally limited by Deity wisdom. There is real symbolism in the universe but little of it has ever reached the minds of mortals living on this world.

    Most of the so-called esoteric knowledge of this world is unrelated to the real universe- and is a waste of time. One can continue to delve into false intellect and study the complex meaning of ancient cultures only to discover that they were also given false knowledge. For example the symbolism of Egypt does not exist- it simply has no relation to the real universe and shouldn’t be bothered with.

    The real universe is run by an arithmetic pattern structure which is pre-determined by Deity and can never be predicted or modified. The Primal Deity and it’s 2 subordinates ( son, spirit) control all universal realities perfectly- and the universe has a finite set of material and spiritual possibilities while mind meaning values are theoretically infinite but limited in concept by God to keep the universe from descending into chaos.

    If the Deities did not limit mind values then the universe would fly apart. Lucifer and Satan are perfect examples of celestial minds that allowed themselves to be perverted with chaotic thought patterns-and thus any knowledge they impart to mortals is sure to be a contorted version of the original deity meaning patterns of universe.

    It is a complete waste of time to delve into so-called esoteric texts, symbols, and teachings because they do not exist and are unrelated to the original mind patterns created by Deity. The only way to find the path to God is by correct recognition of these patterns- this is done in the absence of worldly knowledge- and this is the real reason for meditation.

    • Fleurdamour on

      My Egyptian friends would disagree with your assessment of the non-existence of their culture. The esoteric material isn't bad or wrong – it boils down to what you do with it: Enlightenment, or Illumination, in other words, pursuit of Limitless Self or Limited Ego.

      • I didnt' say Egyptian culture did not exist- I said the culture they created has no relevance to the real symbolic hierarchy of this universe. Their culture is real in the sense that they believe it but God does not recognize any of that symbolism because is is not based on the real system of meanings that are created by Deity.

      • the esoteric material is bad and wrong and was created by Lucifer/Satan as a means to destroy the world. It works only because the fallen angels can be conjured up by tonal patterns and because they have advanced powers of energy manipulation. Anyone who uses that knowledge/witchcraft will eventually be destroyed by God…it is essentially evil. It's like cheating your way through life- but the symbolism is created by Satan and does not come from the real God that created the universe.

    • dude. you need to stop. satan is not working with mass government officials to take over the planet, God didn't give satan control over our planet. your theories are a bunch of catholic driven crap. stick to real issues. Satan against God and Satan working with the illuminati is not anything REAL we need to worry about. we need to worry about the REAL stuff, the fluoride in our drinking water, the appropriated symbols to point to their control and brainwash us, the depletion of crops and food sources with little to no nutrition. worry about the REAL world, the Bible say's God will forgive you if when you stand in front of the Face of God after death you renounce any thing you did on earth in sin. so shut up please. all these articles with catholic imagery and saying being catholic and believing in Jesus is the only way to save your self is bull. the teaching of Jesus are wrong, and inaccurate to what he stood for as a prophet, and any institutionalize religion that follows him, or persons, is a part of the new world order. hello. the knights templar created the illuminati. what does every government official from the queen to our president claim to be? have we all gotten this stupid?

    • i mean don't get me wrong, Jesus the prophet was a great man, and not every catholic or person who follows Jesus is brainwashed and a part of the illuminati. HOWEVER people like you who go on rants about Satan creating other religions to distract from Catholicism, you're wrong. Catholics started the illuminated and any religion under the name of Jesus is a part of that same organization.

      • you are a complete satanic idiot. I'm not Catholic. Your worls is being hijacked by the Illuminati and they are going to depopulate this planet. Everything I told you is true and will come true- but you follow Satan and his witchcraft, false teachings, fake esoteric knowledge, etc. You are the wicked one- you are the liar- you are the imposter- you don't carry the DNA of Judah- you are filled with your stanic lies and you love every minute of lying about who you are. You are to stupid to realize that people are here on this world who understand much more than you do- why don't you shiut the f*k up!

      • Tricksandtreats on

        I don't mean to burst your bubble but Judah's dna is irrelevant. How are you supposed to know who still carries his dna after thousands of years? It seems absurd, the least. Amusing site this one.

      • @ Kris, trinckandtreats, lillith

        Kris- I came down from the real Illuminsti hierarchy to help people- when I encounter turds like you it makes me thingk perhaps the Illuminists are right and people like you deserve the real terrors that are coming. I wish I could be there to see the look on your face when the whole world is on fire and the tall buildings are collapsing around you …you will run around like a chicken with you head cut off because you followed the lies of satan- and by the time the nuclear warheads reach N. America you'll have about 90 minutes to exist.

        Tricksandtreats- once again you have been fooled by lies of devolutionary modernism. Actually Judah is the only DNA on this planet that God recognizes as having legitimate validity. We don't have to prove it because the original bloodline of King David have been secured.When the Russians lauch their attack on N. America and when the cities of the nations are engulfed in nuclear fire- you will perhaps begin to realize that prophetic writings are real- there will be a ruler in Israel whose DNA is from aniciet Judah- you will spit on his face and God will light you on fire. real simple.

        Lillith- well, thanks for listening. Things I've said are true or will come true- I don't blog anymore for security reasons- so I post things as I can relate to them. The universe is actually controlled by Deity mind- this world is not run by human will -but by a complex myriad of celestial beings- the prophecies are real and are coming true because these celestial beings act on behalf of the primal Deity on a specific time schedule. Prophecies are actualized on specific dates regardless of human intervention. that's really how it works- in ancient times people had more adanced DNA that was cosmically aware of this reality…as we've come to this age the gene pool has been steadily devolved such that very few people can recognize the overcontrol of God. But it's already happening all over the world. Most of these catastrophic events are not caused by human technology but are the direct effect of celestial beings who control energy/matter at the behest of the first person of Deity.

        Each empire of this world has vanished for the same reasons as this on ewill fairly soon. It take the next 7-10 to destroy it but most of this global civilization will be gone by about ten years from now. I put things bluntly because there isn't much time left. The NWO is it is not a hoax-time will prove it to be true.

      • @ tricksandtreats

        I never resort to sensationalism just the actual truth. The answer that you desire does not exist in the way you'd prefer it to be proven to you. You live in a world which has long been hijacked by people of lower intelligence. About 550 year ago scientists ( satanists) decided to take over the world and kill off all the people with more spiritually advanced DNA-then rewrite the laws of the universe with their own laws so they could rule the world with lies and make boatloads of cash. this scientific conspiracy was born in England to the part of the Illuminati that worships Satan.

        The truth about how this world and the universe are run were largely destroyed by satanic scientists- but the creator of the universe wanted to leave behind his truth so he created the prophecies and gave them to celestial beings to bestow to human scribes by a method that you would commonly call telepathy. Telepathy is real-it’s not a fantasy- and it has a scientific basis.

        For the better part of 550 years the human race has had to live in the shadows of scientific lies. Your world is not run by humans it is run by celestial beings. The records of all things of ‘import’ to God on this world are recorded by a division of recording angels that you do not know exist. The remnant of the people of Judah are the only people left on this world who carry the DNA of Adam and Eve- and therefore the only ones who have the intelligence to rebuild this world after the apocalypse.

        The people of Judah have a kind of intelligence which you do not know exists because the gene pool of the human race has been intentionally devolved by satan and his scientists. When a person is born to the remnant of Judah the recording angels record that instance and also record the genetic code of that person – as the families of Judah move through centuries they are kept somewhat isolated from the rest of humanity because you want to destroy anyone who has more advanced cosmic intelligence. The descendants of Judah do not have to prove who they are to anyone- because the recording angels already have this info- those few members of Judah who remain loyal to God through all these travails are in contact with their angelic associates through this same method of telepathy that normal humans do not possess. You refuse to believe telepathy exists because you do not carry this rare DNA.

        In ancient times many more people were in the world who had telepathic DNA and it was more commonplace.

        In reality religion does not exist- the prophecies have nothing to do with religion. It takes an advanced mind to realize that the Prophecies of Deity are not religion- but a method of teaching the lower race of humans about the over control of deity- and to give a final warning before all this civilization is destroyed. God used logic to place the prophecies in religious texts because at the end of times that’s where most people will look to find the truth. If he put the Prophecies in some obscure book no one would know to look there- it’s that simple!

        The End Times destruction of western civilization has nothing to do with religion- but is the means God will use to cleanse the world of a race and civilization that is rapidly devolving and destroying the world with the lies of science and technology. Like all empires that have come before this one will soon fade from history- it still takes about 10 years even for God to destroy all this garbage that has been built.

        Humans have taken this world from a ‘Garden of Eden’ and turned it into a ‘Garden of Garbage.’ The only people who can restore it are the remnant of Judah and their immediate relatives. You will likely never know who the remaining Judahites are because that info is kept secret to keep this rare DNA intact-otherwise evil humans would try to destroy it. You can disbelieve all you want to but you cannot change the plans of Deity- once the apocalypse begins there will be no stopping it until deity has cleansed the world of all this evil and destructive DNA.

    • I have been following your posts and find them very interesting, i am open minded and incline for no particular religion so every time i encounter something different i find interesting and want to know more, i am not saying i believe everything i read i just like to be informed from every perspective to make my own judgment, maybe you should start your own blog, or do you already have one? please let me know :)

      • lilith- I no longer have a blog for security reasons. So I just post to websites and articles that I can relate to. -Cheers!

    • Tricksandtreats on

      Listen I wasn't born yesterday, my question remains the same: what makes you ascertain who are the carriers of Judah's dna nowadays? Don't resort again to sensationalism.

      • Tricksandtreats on

        SIRRAH Listen I wasn’t born yesterday, my question remains the same: what makes you ascertain who are the carriers of Judah’s dna nowadays? Don’t resort again to sensationalism.

    • Tricksandtreats on

      You got the wrong end of the stick. I don’t need any scientific evidence for telepathy as I found that dream telepathy occurs during important life events and happens more often than we realize. Some people are more adept at working with their dreams and their subconscious minds are prone to have telepathic dreams. Common forms of telepathy exist between family members, friends or partners. I’ve experienced such things and take them as they come without anguish. I just don’t feel darkness and numbness in every corner.

      • you said the correct catch words 'common telepathy' – yes, it's common teleparthy that you speak of- the difference between the common forms and the Adamic forms is lightyears-

      • Tricksandtreats on

        I second your detailed account. It seriously boggles my mind how devilish is the infrastructure of our society. The invention of political correctness, evil in disguise. We're flogging a dead horse, the mentally deranged wouldn't know karma if it hit them in the face. :(

  185. I sort of love the way you added the funny parts. And this article is truly amazing.

    It's sort of sad to see young people singing "I'm in love with Judas"! Even though alot of these people were educated to the point where they understand that Judas betrayed Jesus.

  186. everything you say about gaga is merley sapeculation.

    are you faimilar with the ideas of appropriation, counter propaganda, dada, readymade post structualist, post modernist, and artists like john heartfield, grany fury, cindy sherman, marcel duchamp, marina abrmovic, and laurie anderson. also. there's plenty of reasons to prove what gaga is doing is counter propaganda, not supporting the illuminati. here's a quote from her that proves just htat.

    "I'm fascinated with iconography and I'm fascinated with the way that iconography is taught in terms of education to the world, whether it be through institutionalized religion or through symbolism or through movies or through music. If I could put it in one sentence I would say, if they were not who you were taught that they would be, would you still believe?"

    lady gaga writes, produces, directs, and is in control of everything she does.

    she's admited to having illuminati dreams and building her work of the foundations of those dreams, refering to her performance art as "an exorcisim for herself and her fans."

    where rihanna in her S&M music video is obviousl in support of the new world order, as soon as she gets upducted by them "it feels so good being bad and i'm never going back."

    where in aleejandro, when gaga shows the one eye and the upside down cross the first time she sings "don't call my name you're not my babe." appropriating what michael jackson would do standing infront of the one eye singing "you will never kill me."

    people like you are already under illuminati control. you're convinced everyone who remotley uses illuminati free mason imagery is a part of them. fear is a part of control. wake up.

    counter propaganda: , or propaganda against political propaganda; by re-appropriating images traditional to propaganda in the media and throughout popular culture artists hoped take these images back and re-claim them. Stripping these things of their negative connotations to be used as positive ways of informing the public.

    the video Judas:

    judas talks about how lady gaga is the embodyment of the transeding forgiving nature of jesus and the cultural destructive nature of judas thus combinig them she sacrafices her self stefani germanotta to her creation in order to bring about change, acceptance, unboundless freedom, and ultimatley transendance.

    also am starting to notice she is posing with one eye slightly viewable now, where as before. she just approriated the illuminati eye of horus. in this context, like in the end of judas, and the new edge of glory cover, that she is hinting to one eye, her eye, staying alert and open as well. so as the illuminati eye is still under watch, so is gaga.

    also notice how she ended judas with the same tear as born this way. as she talks about this ablum beign a continuous piece, unlike the fame or the fame monster which could be broken down and recontextualized. so this album stands as a sounds track for a series of collective performances.

      • seems all you people can do is way i'm "wrong" without any evidence to back up your arguments, and no the bible, and this article are NOT documention or grounds for debate. i was born catholic, i've read the bible over a dozen times, and the gnostic texts. i have studied almost every major religion in the world. i could 86 your stupidity in a second flat.

        A lot of the more contemporary ideas about Satan come from contemporary writers rather than the Bible itself, especially the red horns and tail stuff. Writers like Dante and all and artists like Heironymous (sp?) Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights"

        Actually the word Satan just means adversary. In the Jewish Torah where the Old Testament comes from you can see that they sometimes just talked together. One time they made a bet on a man named Job.

        should i go on to explain the knights templar and the order of the illuminati founded in Rome by the Catholics?

    • face in the crowd on

      whats the oldest modern religion?

      and if gaga is so moral, why does she always dress like a slut in her videos.

  187. Disillusioned on

    this is just my personal opinion, but i can't put my trust or faith in anything that can be changed by man like the bible. over the centuries there have been hundreds if not thousands of "versions" of the bible. if a group of people don't like certain sections of the bible, they can remove it or change it around or even add things to promote their own agenda. it is even stated in history that several popes have changed what has been writen so they can have justification for their actions, like when they okayed the crusades. even the republicans today are "revising" the bible make it more right-wing friendly to make it seem like everything they are doing is right, and everything they don't agree with is evil and should be condemned.

    in short, the bible was writen by men, sometimes decades after the story they are telling took place. i believe in God i am not intentionally bashing anyone's beliefs, but i feel that religion is bullshit. like George Carlin once said, "at what point does all this stuff just break down and become just a lot of stupid shit that somebody made up?" if anyone can change it, it's stupid to follow it with blind faith and take it as absolute truth. be a good person, don't do bad things like kill and steal, love everyone, help those less fourtunate than you, don't be selfish and don't focus on materialistic things like money and you'll be alright. it's been working just fine for me so far. peace.

    • That's why you stick to King James version and go to a church where the pastor has studied Hebrew and Greek, the original languages of the Bible.

  188. "kris"

    you sound FAKE. ALL THE WAY!

    She is (that is her handlers) into blood.

    We saw her MTV sacrifice "show", we've seen her syringe decorated shows. All covered with blood.

    So stop with the bulshieate!n

    We know what time it is honey.

  189. "kris"

    do you seriously believe that lady gaga is in "control"?

    If you DO believe, I've got a pretty bridge to sell ya.

    • seeing as i'm, about to graduate with my bachelors in fine arts at a very most prestigious art school, will soon be getting my masters, I think I have some knowledge about art and working of symbolisms and images. lady gaga studied fine arts at N.Y.U. here. let me explain how stupid you all really are. Gran Fury in the 90's as a form of counter propaganda for the United States allowing the diseases HIV and AIDS to run rampant with no effort on stopping it because they felt homosexuals started it, and they hated homosexuals so why not kill them all off, appropriated the nazi emblem that LGBT citizens were forced to wear in concentration camps. a pink triangle. what does lady gaga open her born this way video with, a pink triangle. the pink triangle was transcended from a negative point to a positive point through counter propaganda. john heart field made political posters that seemed in support of Nazism that were actually against. you're all so stupid and brainwashed your selves it's funny. fear is a part of control. and you're all allowing them to make you scared little lemmings.

      • Good luck with your masters, but you may wish to research the "meaning" of your traditional mortarboard and gown…. ?

        God bless

      • "seeing as i’m, about to graduate with my bachelors in fine arts at a very most prestigious art school"

        Not even addressing the teenager speak, I'll let you in on a little secret… really smart people don't usually brag about getting a bachelor's degree… it actually kind of screams of not being that smart.

  190. There messages all over mainstream media.

    I just saw Unknown with Liam Neeson and because of VC I was able to understand a lot of that movie.

  191. Some people think illuminati don't exist or is stupid and they don't believe in it. But at least believe the fact that celebrities are promoting this evil existence & fans are going with it. Media nowadays are basically being the main controller of everything.

  192. Rosita Farisi on

    The part about her blessing the Kiss of betrayal by painting Judas's lips with red lipstick was very interesting. I always thought it was meant to portray her sexual passion and Love towards him.

  193. i hate how so many Christians hate and judge GaGa. well that just proves the common belief that Christians are hypocrites. who are we to judge? God is the only one that can and should. hate? isnt that something Christians shouldnt be doing? wow. u guys make Christians look bad. thank God im not judgmental

  194. why not instead of calling GaGa names, damning her to hell or watever. why dont ppl just pray for her soul? as if she's not being drugged and mind controlled? ppl feel bad for Britney Spears because she went through her break down. well almost all artists are going through all the drugs and electroshock therapy. dont hate them just pray for them.

    • thank you. spoken like a true enlightened person. you are truly someone who follows the path of God. uncoditonally loving, accepting, and forgiving.

  195. I completely agree on we shouldn't fall for things that are published today. But almost EVERYTHING posted online, telivsion, ect. ect. are filled with this stuff. So in realism, there is no way for us to escape this kind of things. No matter where you go it will follow you. Dont get me wrong Im not trying to sound negative or anything. Im actually quite happy because The Vigilant Citizen has given us the knowledge to understand whats shown to us in the world. I've actually begun to see symbolism in almost everything put out today. But its not that we see it or not. Its if we actually let it affect us. Im not some christian freak or anything but I just feel safe with knowing I've got gods guidence on my side. Thank you Viglant Citizen for giving us the knowledge to understand whats given to us! :)

  196. Ok people, no cursing please!!! I am trying to follow everyone and learn something but if you start using bad words I get thrown off….

    Sirrah, again, I like your information so please done let anyone get you upset just stick to the script please and thanks.

  197. Phillip & Karen on

    THANK YOU ,, SO MUCH!!….you have done more for the TRUTH.., than I think others may realize in your time by this piece…GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS !!!!! You did not change one dot or add one tittle TO THE WORD of GOD..and for that.., according to the word …. your knowledge and blessings will be richly increased !!

  198. One thing I want to say. Mary Magdalene is NOTHING as Gaga has portrayed her. Obviously. Most likely what happened is that she fell in love with Jesus Christ, as her only Saviour. She probaly never had a feeling like that ever before, someone who loved her and saved her vs use her for sex. Who knows what her childhood was like. I can tell you that I have fallen in love with Jesus myself. But it's not a sexual feeling like you fall in love with your partner. It's completely different. I bet that's how she felt. Illuminatti or whoever they are are twisting the truth and feeding ppl lies. That's what the devil, or Lucifer (his other name) does. Those ppl try to de-holify the thruth and say "oh yeah there was a sexual relationship between those two" when that's further from the truth. Jesus is holy and he still is. He committed no sin. That's how he was able to save you, me, and everyone else from sin and give us Salvation and eternal life. Think about it.

  199. bob_bobberson on

    Thanks for the analysis. The things that are the most obvious often need the closest look. "They" don't just hide in plain site they sometimes hide detail behind the blatant.

  200. VC,

    Found your site very informative. Ive been doing research about Illuminati as well and one CAN'T deny that LADYGAGA isnt ONE.

    Almost all of the new artists now are illuminati puppets like Charice and Jessie J.

    Too bad.

    • Apology accepted and I find you very intelligent and interesting… but sometimes intelligence can be the means of expressions which are cruel and unfeeling.

      Intelligence is rare gift… always value and respect its humility my friend…use it wisely in the exploration of the human mind and the mysteries of ‘Creation’…and you won’t get an earful of my painfully boring religiously righteous sermonizing.

      I thought you made some very succinct points in your debate with Sirrah, especially concerning the DNA of Judah.

      The exorcism and holy water were funny because more importantly I knew it was your way of catching my attention… a gambit and opening play which interest me.

  201. Sarah Conner and Fleurdamour; the VC site is presently under the assault of Faustian spirits who are intellectually slanderous, and personally insulting, which is Satan’s tactic and strategy, in derailing and discouraging evolving spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

    The votaries of the ‘one-eyed god’ are Agent Provocateurs and are present because the growing light of spiritual truth on this web site pierces the dark realm of lies, deceit, illusion, deception and falsehood which forever conceal them.

    Their advantage has always been the darkness and without the darkness they are revealed for what they truly are…bestial, ugly, misshapen and warped spirits that fear and detest the spiritual light of truth, like the mythic vampire fears, dreads, and detest the light of the sun.

    They are defined by the darkness within them and they surround themselves with darkness so as to pull others into their darkness, where they can feed upon the souls of the unwary, the innocent, and the ignorant, without interference and obstruction.

    Arguments which ignore, disrespect, and are none inclusive of humanities varied and ancient cultural soup of spiritual worship and belief are dogmatically against the eternal evolving spiritual understanding of humanities relationship to itself and its ‘Creator’.

    Human religion, worship and spiritual belief like ‘Rome’ wasn’t created in a day, but has developed in the constant and continual heat of spiritual combat and war with the enemy of all that is good and divine in human beings.

    Arguments which are dogmatic in the belief that cities will burn and humanity will be destroyed deny the love of the ‘Divinity’ that has purposely put powerful ‘spirits of light’ upon the earth at this time to guide, teach and protect human beings during this their time of trial and tribulation.

    The truth of the spiritual evolution of which I speak which is compassionate, respectful, and tolerant of the spiritual beliefs of others is plainly evident for all and anyone to see upon this web site… thanks to the hard work of VC and people like you.

    As for Lady Gaga, gosh didn’t Madonna do that yesterday!

    Been there…seen that!

    The symbols of magickal intent and purpose have always been there but we were blind in the kingdom of the ‘one-eyed god’…and we are blind no longer.

    The price of fame and wealth is eternal boredom in Satan’s kingdom where the repetition of the same lame ole dog, horse and pony show goes on…and on… and on into forever.

    Been there…done that!

    Now as to the nature of the betrayal!

    Let’s take this war and battle against the ‘Children of Darkness’ to the abstract level of fantasy, dream and imagination, where the agents of confusion, destruction and chaos during this ‘the destiny determining time’ for the Earth and humanity are at a disadvantage.

    “From the dawn of time we came living many secret lives…struggling to reach the time of the ‘Gathering’… when the few who are left will battle to the last…no one has known we were among you…until now”.

    There can be only one ‘God’ and one ‘Divinity’!

    What say you Satan?

    “Fact is stranger than fiction” in matters of the mind!

    • Yomael, I have also felt the spiritual battle at full force while reading the threads on this particular article. Seems like a big fish name like Gaga casts a wide net out there in cyberspace. More than 500 posts alone on Gaga…she really does polarise people doesnt she? Anyway, I enjoyed reading your thoughful insights.

    • Fleurdamour on

      I think you're right – I'm catching some disinfo here, too. And a lack of respect for differing religious viewpoints. There's always some of that because of the wide divergence in audiences that read this site, everyone from fundamentalists to free thinkers, with politics across the spectrum, right, left and in between, but this article seems particularly polarizing.

  202. MuslimTeen16 on

    I have been reading many of your articles for a time now and i must say they are very interesting.

    Big thanks for posting this video, im no Christian so I dont understand the bibcle information that came along with this vid of hers, you have enlightened me ^_^.

    Keep doing what you are! There is a Rihanna video in the back at 2:51 it says

    Rihanna Princess of the Illuminati "YOU CANT MISS IT!!

    S&M means sadism and masochism.

    Sadism: You enjoy seeing people in sexual pain

    Masochism: You enjoy taking in sexual pain.



    Oh, and thanks for the kpop one too, I listen to it and I even found some of my favorit bands throwing the signs off :(

    Beast/B2st and G-gragon

    In this song Beast_Fiction I see two of the singers show the 666 sign

    at 1:35 the one with the orange dyed hair! O____O

    I stopped watching american mainstream music, but its getting more obv. in kpop now :(


  203. You can both Worship Jesus and Judas (who was filled with Satan's Spirit to fulfill the prophesy).

    It's also the same within the lyrics of "Born This Way"- A different lover is not a sin,

    worshipping other gods other than the true God.

    • Agreed. The retranslated the Bible to fit THEIR religion and the translators didn't even know Greek or Hebrew. (Changed things that said "God" to "a god"). Big difference. They usually leave off who the translators of their Bible for this reason. At least they used to. How many times have their prophesies of the end of the world been wrong????

  204. Thanks VC for all of your great articles !

    I'm following you, and I've told my friends to do so :

    In the last verse when she says"I wanna love you, But something’s pulling me away from you Jesus is my virtue, Judas is the demon I cling to "

    Gaga says : but something's pulling me away from you [PAUSE] Jesus…….

    I think that she says that Jesus is keeping Gaga away from Judas

    This would mean;Jesus doesn't let me to come & help you to achieve your goals !!

    What do you think ? Thanks

    • okay, maybe the whole triangle thing over left eye, okay. But if she is as big of 'catholic' she claims to be, why would she swallow rosemary- which is sacred (supposedly)- why would she sing about loving Judas? She obviously had to know about him to make a song about him. And why all the Baphomets in her videos? Anybody of normal intelligence would at LEAST sense something was up.

  205. thanks VC for Gaga's articles

    we're following you

    in comment number 267 Amir said a new idea that Gaga says : but something’s pulling me away from you [PAUSE] Jesus……. i think it's too difficult too understand what it means but it can be true that Jesus is keeping Gaga away from Judas so guys that do you think?


  206. Faustian Spirits or Sons of Henry, Chosen Ones or Lacking Many, Understand Pathways' Telemetry, See The Hidden Alchemy…

    Fingers confined within dexterity, the vitality of your elixir inside concocted mortality, (re)check your memories, and witness the 'breakneck' speed.

    Within the swirls of the Deluge, spiraling water present like mystic dew, watch the fauna like your aura being rewritten too.

    Citing sources within every Hyperion link, this is my own way giving you all the kitchen sink.


    With that said, let's traverse some issues with 'light-year' speed then. Your 'energetic' anointment creates thrones with hellish feet for those below that want to raise their arms in attempts at peace. This I have an issue with, because I have stigmatic scars upon my psalms, so to speak.

    You have taken the time to lace the truth within your own schematic design, and in doing so I'll repaint some worded scriptures with my own colors, if you don't mind.

    It matters to me that God is cool and all, and I even see the "Hom(i)e" as a "Live and Let Live" type, because well… that is free will. This isn't about that, but rather I'll point out that its a shout out to a couple of friends within this template. My attempt to be less agoraphobic.

    Now, Sirrah, "HI!" Let's talk through easier means of the mind, if you understand what I mean. I'm an ass and I sure as hell know I'm not anything more than I am, so therefore through experience teaching me this, DNA is changeable way more than the scientific metaphor.

    It is physio-logical about your account for telepathy, and though Tricksandtreats might be showing the synchronism within one or (two? All?) dimens'ion(s), I do understand you on different levels as well. Again, for the "profane" (Why are you profane? I don't think that's a nice term, I'd rather think its "To each their Own," right?), I am "dumbed' down as well. Learn to break the (H2)Old(s), and try building a tree house around your earthly catacomb?

    Again, no time to waste, because according to Gaga, its about to go Zanarkand soon.

    Re: L. Ig. Ion is great, and there are a lot of '' truths within Y statements. Scriptures are pertinent, and many great civilizations have been destroyed as a ramification for "Why you going away?"

    This message has gotten lengthly, and even though its all irrelevantly relevant, I apologize for the "symbolic" speak.