Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: One Big, Children-Friendly Tribute to the Illuminati


Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” is a fun and colorful video taking place in Ancient Egypt. However, behind the cartoonish style of the video, viewers are exposed to a great deal of symbolism of the occult elite and messages regarding its power. We’ll look at the symbolism of “Dark Horse”.


Katy Perry is a gigantic pop star, mainly because her songs and videos appeal to teens and pre-teens while her sex-appeal captures the attention of the older crowd. This makes her a perfect tool to be used by the elite to communicate its messages and, as seen in previous articles about her, her songs and videos are fully used for that purpose. Dark Horse, however, is on a whole other level. It is pure, relentless, in-your-face Illuminati symbolism, interlaced with references to the elite’s brand of black magic and mind control. Playing the role of “Katy-Patra”, a Egyptian pharaoh reminiscent of ancient sex symbol Cleopatra, Katy Perry rules over her subjects the same way the occult elite rules over the world.

In my article on the 2014 Grammy Awards, I described Katy Perry’s performance of Dark Horse as a black magick ritual disguised as a music performance. The video goes straight to the roots of this sorcery: Egyptian Black Magick, the original source that is tapped into by today’s dark secret societies.

Before we look at the actual video, let’s look at its trailer, which contains a few interesting elements.

The Trailer

The trailer mentions a "magical Queen" in Egypt. We see the Queen here sitting in front of her subjects, which are mind controlled sex kittens.

The trailer mentions a “magical Queen” in Egypt. We see the Queen sitting in front of her subjects, which are mind-controlled sex kittens.

Then the trailer states that Kings would travel from “Brooklyn to Babylon” to meet her. Babylon, which was a real ancient metropolis located where Iraq is today, was ruled by various ancient empires and has long been an epicenter of the elite’s black magic.

The Eye of Horus, aka the All Seeing Eye, the elite's favorite symbol is right there in the trailer ... and it is ALL OVER the video.

The Eye of Horus, aka the All Seeing Eye, inside a pyramid, the elite’s favorite symbol. Prepare to see a WHOLE LOT of it in the music video.

Let’s look at the video.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse takes place in a colorful, child-friendly version of Ancient Egypt that’s been “hip-hop-ized” about 15% to appeal to its target audience. Katy Perry plays the role of an evil, greedy, egoistical, despotic pharaoh named Katy-Patra who destroys men for their belongings. What a great lesson for girls under the age of 14. In a wider sense, Katy-Patra’s rule represents the occult elite taking resources and power from nations (represented by the kings). What a great lesson for the rest of the world.

Illuminati Pharaoh

Throughout the video, it is firmly established that Katy-Patra is an evil tyrant using black magic to control and destroy people while having a bunch of kitten slaves at her feet. Kind of like what the occult elite does. And of course there are all kinds of blatant symbols that show her to be a representative of the Illuminati.

Eye of Horus stamped right on her wig. Very classy.

The Eye of Horus stamped on her wig. Very classy.

Doing the One-Eye sign so it is clear what this all about.

Doing the One-Eye sign so it is clear what this all about.

In this scene, Katy-Patra is naked and surrounded by Egyptian gods.

Katy-Patra naked and surrounded by Egyptian gods.

The above scenes tell plenty about the occult-elite influenced mythology of the video. Katy-Patra is looked upon by Anubis, the jackal-headed god of death, probably because she likes to kill people. Behind her is the falcon-headed god Horus wearing gold chains (to make him look “cool” to young, impressionable viewers). Notice that he only has one eye – a reference, once again, to the All-Seeing Eye of Horus. More importantly, Katy-Patra is surrounded by a golden snake, which probably refers to the evil Egyptian god Apep.

Apep is an evil god in ancient Egyptian religion depicted as a snake/serpent and a dragon, the deification of darkness and chaos. He is the enemy of , light, order and truth (Ma'at).

Apep is an evil god in ancient Egyptian religion depicted as a snake/serpent and a dragon. He is the deification of darkness and chaos. He is the enemy of light, order and truth (Ma’at). In the context of Katy-Patra’s rule of general evil, her being surrounded by Apep is more than fitting. It also fits the Illuminati rule of power.

Three 6 Mafia rapper Juicy J makes an appearance in the video and his entrance is pretty darn symbolic too. He literally emerges from some kind sarcophagus, which features the occult-elite’s favorite symbol in lieu of eyes: The Eye of Horus inside a triangle.

The symbol on the eyes is not even Egyptian, it is purely Masonic.

The symbol on the eyes is not even Egyptian, it is purely Masonic. The symbolism in the entire video is not exclusively “Egyptian”, but is the specific symbolism of the occult elite.

On top of all of that symbolism, we must never forget another part of the Agenda: Exposing young people to hyper-sexualization.

Although she's a powerful pharaoh, Katy-Patra always finds the time to do some pole-dancing on a stage marked with a Eye of Horus. She is also backed by her Kitten slaves - her young fans who imitate her.

Although she’s a powerful pharaoh, Katy-Patra always finds the time to do some pole-dancing on a stage marked with a Eye of Horus. She is also backed by her Kitten slaves – much like her young fans who imitate her, who she refers to as “Katycats”

Katy-Patra’s Suitors

The video is essentially about kings from other nations trying to wow Katy-Patra with amazing gifts. The first suitor offers her a gigantic diamond.

The guys is all like "you want that diamond don't you". He is wearing an eye-patch, hiding one eye, indicating that he's another idiot that's been wowed by the Illuminati's allure.

The guys is all like “you want that diamond don’t you”. He is wearing an eye-patch, hiding one eye, indicating that he’s another idiot that’s trying to be down with the elite.

Katy-Patra immediately orders her kitten slaves to snatch that diamond from the suitor.

Katy-Patra's looks at the diamond through a big Eye of Horus thing, which actually hides her eye. This is symbolic for a few reasons: First, it tells the viewers that Katy-Patra plays the role of the occult elite in the video. Second, she CANNOT see through the Eye (it is opaque) she is half-blinded by the elite's greed for power and material possessions. Finally, children who watch music videos need to be exposed to that one-eye sign all the time.

Katy-Patra’s examines the diamond through a big Eye of Horus thingie. There is however a problem: That Eye of Horus is NOT TRANSPARENT.

The above image is symbolic for a few reasons: First, it tells the viewers that Katy-Patra plays the role of the occult elite in the video. Second, she CANNOT see through the Eye (it is opaque). She instead sees the diamond through the elite’s “eyes”, which are focused on greed, power and material possessions. Finally, children who watch music videos need to be exposed to that one-eye sign all the time.

I could stop the video analysis here. What else do you truly need to know about the video? Katy Perry is looking at a big diamond using an Eye of Horus to hide one eye. This scene is a 100% continuation of about everything I’ve ever talked about on this site. And there it is again, right in our faces, in one of the world’s most popular videos. Really, how can anyone think that all this symbolism is “just a coincidence”? Anyhow, back to the video.

The eye-patched sap gets zapped by evil magic coming from eye's one Katy-Patra's throne and turns into sand. That's what you get for trying to suck up to Illuminati.

The eye-patched sap gets zapped by magic emerging from the eyes of Katy-Patra’s throne. That’s what you get for trying to suck up to Illuminati.

She then takes some of the guy's jewels and stuffs them in her mouth, giving her self the classic "greedy retard" look.

She then takes the guy’s jewels and stuffs them in her mouth, giving herself the classic “greedy moron” look.

The next suitor tries to entice Katy-Patra’s gluttony by offering her food.

Another natural ressource to take from nations is food and crops.

This guy offers Katy-Patra food the same way poor nations give up their resources to the global elite.

Of course, things do not turn out great for that guy, either.

The last suitor brings what Katy-Patra really wants: Power.

This guy has a big Illuminati symbol (that's not Egyptian) right on his chest. He must have something good for Katy-Patry.

This guy has a big Illuminati symbol (i.e. not Egyptian) right between his nipples. He must have something extra good for Katy-Patra.

Katy-Patra receives a gigantic floating pyramid which hides, under a golden layer, an illuminated structure reminiscent of the Illuminati's high-tech control of the world.

Katy-Patra receives a gigantic floating pyramid which hides, under a golden layer, an illuminated structure.

Seeing this pyramid, Katy-Patra gets very excited because that’s what she, and the elite, truly wants: Unlimited occult power over the world. The illuminated pyramid essentially represents the Illuminati’s high-tech control over the world.

When Katy-Patra steps on top of the unfinished pyramid, she becomes imbued with crazy magical powers. She even grows wings.

Standing on top of the Illuminati pyramid, Katy-Patra turns into a super-powerful tyrant. That's probably not a good idea.

Standing on top of the Illuminati pyramid, Katy-Patra turns into a super-powerful tyrant. That’s probably not a good thing. More importantly, she becomes a personification of the goddess Isis.

The goddess Isis is one of the most important figures in occult secret societies as she represents the key to the Mysteries.

The goddess Isis is one of the most important figures in occult secret societies as she represents the key to the Mysteries.

The video ends with Katy-Patra becoming a super-Illuminati pharaoh … and everyone bows down to her … and the suitor turns into a chihuahua. The moral of the video? Illuminati.

In Conclusion

It is rather hard to believe that all of this Illuminati symbolism was packed into a video that only lasts 3 minutes and 40 seconds. It is even harder to believe that some people still cannot see the obvious pattern of symbols found in mass media that transcends artists, music genres and even media outlets. Far from being random, these symbols have been used for centuries to represent the occult elite and they are now all over the place.

More than just flashing symbols, the video Dark Horse tells a darker story: the occult elite’s insatiable greed for ultimate power while dismissing the petty rulers operating underneath it. Katy-Patra indeed takes resources from various kings of the world and then destroys them. In the end, she climbs on an Illuminati pyramid and turns into an unstoppable pharaoh imbued with magical powers. Could the brainwashing be more obvious?

In short, Dark Horse is Illuminati propaganda aimed at children, using bright colors and catchy hooks to subliminally teach them who rules the world and who controls the idols that they love and emulate. Of course, none of this is clearly spelled out. Instead, it comes at you through symbolism … like a dark horse.



    • You missed the burning/dusting of the Allah necklace. Destroying of God? This video is the most "in your face" video but still people are not able too see. Blind sheep.

    • i dont see the point of pushing the symbolism on us or even having the symbolism public to begin with. wouldn't it be easier for them to push their agenda without actually revealing who they are? the most significant forms of brainwashing are subtle, like us by getting us hooked on technology and sharing our information with everyone. i dont understand how seeing a pyramid and an eye everywhere would make people more accepting of a new system, and i don't see how it's brainwashing people. do you folks not think this stuff could just be a major distraction or a fear tactic? do you think maybe you're just playing a role in "their" game as "conspiracy theorists"?

      • Think Nazi Germany with the swastika plastered everywhere or Catholic countries with the cross shown everywhere (when the Vatican ruled) or every nation showing its flag. The symbol becomes the control. They (the Elite) are everywhere because their symbol is everywhere (marking their territory — in this case the entire planet). You've achieved total control when you can flash a symbol and people unconsciously react (in this case submit to it). Kind of like Pavlov trained his dogs. Done through repetition.

      • Just go the video on Youtube and read the comments of the sheeple. You will know why these symbols are thrown at us. The sheeple are now too conditioned to accept them. Its just like people conditioned to believe that sleeping around is fun and that one gets his status by banging women while in reality it reduces one's urge to continue long term relationship, makes him more vulnerable to stds, mentally hurts the women he sleeps with and makes children who later continue doing the same. In the middle of all of it, many lives get ruined.

      • Annie I just got done writing an essay for college on how MTV pushes this exact doctrine on people through Girl Code and Guy Code considering every episode has some topic on hooking up or sex in general.. Truly glad to know I'm not alone in my assessment of this horrific conditioning done by those in power.

        Stay vigilant my friends!

      • no the symbolism was prevalent before people in mass became aware of it
        has been for a long time
        the mass's became so aware of it so quickly because of the internet

        so much so hundreds of company's would have had to change there trademarks
        and it would still be every-were
        that would be a clear show of weakness
        the show of strength is to put even more of it out and in your face
        and then simply say it is conspiracy theory
        with the implication that such "Belief's" are non-sense and those that have them are paranoid

        in ww2 Navajo Code Talkers were used to encrypt information on the battlefield and further after encrypting messages so that the message if decoded would still be non sensible

        however the fact is these symbols may be taken for code (they all have meanings)

        i cant fully read them but i have been looking at it for instance the eye itself is a symbol of
        protection or of warning … to those who understand it
        there are other symbols seen as well in many of the images other then the eye itself
        the ferns or the "was" staff many many more symbols are shown
        then just the eye … that are Egyptian
        still dont know the significance of the eye being in or out of the pyramid

        the fact the pyramid is on your dollar should give you some insite
        if you really knew your american history you would understand far more about all of this

        if you really knew your church history real events.. not just knowing your bible
        you would know enough to know the source of all of this
        usary is a old concept churches vehemently opposed for 1500 years
        until the fall of the kings and emperors when they lost there real power as well.

      • It's for kids to watch to get used to be in fear. The worst is actually the lyrics that describe collapse and getting chip in your hand.. "There is no or maybe.." Creeps me out. They will come out with it when everything is ready.

    • Do you not think it is at all possible, even likely, that music video directors are aware of sites such as this and put stuff like this in knowing people are going to want to watch and talk about it? It seems remarkably easy to do.

      1. Add all seeing eye imagery
      2. Pyramids everywhere.

      • It is a sign of the End Times that people will openly embrace the symbols and require their presence to feel reassured in their everyday life. I believe that they would be fighting to receive the mark of the beast due to their worship of consumerism and all things throwaway. The symbols generate huge revenues for those on top of the Ponzi scheme and it constantly delivers the revenue long after the artist has been moved away from the agenda front line. These types of websites which raise both awareness of light and dark are pitched out in no-mans land hopefully veering towards the side of truth but they can't be grouped together so who knows? Other than praying to God regularly and sincerely, I actually think that it is important to be aware of the way in which we are vulnerable to the influence of magick in our everyday lives and how to realize that we are under spiritual attack … pagan magick, the witching hour, inauspicious days, astral, shadow people, spells and how to un-knot them and burn them out of existence. I think that everyday people (i.e. not just those who can trace their ancestry back to the magicians of Babel) need to be able to access practical ways of protecting their families because the kabbalah is too sophisticated and widespread in popular culture and it will claim many more souls than it will spare.

      • Servant of God on

        It is easy to defend urself from magic… Do people think Allah would leave
        his creations defenseless? OFCOURSE NOT, the problem is people dont want to accept the guidance of God…
        The Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the prophet of this era and age, and he has taught methods of protections against black magic – look into it, magicians and demons become helpless against you – I'm speaking of first-hand experience… trust me, all praise to Allah, we just won a great battle against a whole lot of magicians and demons – many of them close to Iblees (the main satan).
        Ofcourse U'll have to accept the prophet of the era to benefit of his guidance, but that's ur choice to make.

      • Servant of God on

        for e.g. Do a youtube search for a vid call 'a Jinn speaking about Illuminati, dajjal'…
        for some background info – the guy in the video is basically a muslim exorcist, and he recites on the people the Quran, which burns the devils in the possessed's body. Also, using the Quran any muslim can call any jinn into the body of a person who was possessed. Once a devil is in a person's body he is like a prisoner at the mercy of the one reciting the Quran.

        Ofcourse before doing this you have to protect yourself by certain prayers to Allah and doing the remembrance of God.

        If you don't want to become a muslim but still want protection, then pray to God the Creator, sincerely without asking anyone besides Him, and ask Him alone to protect you. But the key is to focus on God alone and no one else…

        If you understand what the Muslims have been given, you'll understand the War on Terror better, but I'll give you hint – the muslims with the teachings of our prophet are a terror to the Illuminati…

      • That comment wont make it (too detailed) but to recap, I absolutely agree with you. My companion (who performs ruqyas) and I were raised in dark faiths and God himself is enough to counteract everything, if only people approached him with absolute focus and a pure heart. Our understanding of spiritual battle is very palpable.

    • While I do believe that the illuminati influence is out there, I also like to view things from a marketing perspective. If the video was drab, nobody would watch it and her sales would probably go down. Also the whole theme behind it (the video) is egyption based so obviously the symbolism has to be there otherwise it just would not make sense. To assume that its a big conspiracy is just out there.

      • Who created the big, important marketing industry? It was not as though trade never took place before it came into existence?

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    • It's sick! Lots more symbols too like stone sours dead generation logo and there logo suits getting real bad real quick and still people are blind or don't care!

    • Apart from the obvious symbolisms, this ANGEL ON TOP OF THE PYRAMID was mentioned by the late (suicided RIK CLAY) in his expo on the 2012 games. Angels on pyramids people- schwepps. Satan is coming disguised as the saviour Jesus.

    • I don't understand how Russel Brand was married to this bimbo. Of course she's beautiful, but Russell seems like one of the most awake celebrities I can think of. He makes fun of this type of stuff, and I've even heard him speaking out against this type of illuminati trash. Maybe this is why they split up, but they are complete opposites for sure. I just can't imagine how they would have enough in common to even have a 2 min conversation. Could you imagine marrying a woman like this? I sure as hell can't….

    • am i the only one who see's the irony here????? the last pharoah guy, the one with the power…..he looks like Obama…. ohhh God were doomed

    • why do people not see what we are seeing? I don't get it. I mean who is actually that dumb, people chose not to know!

    • ..unfortunately you will find EVERY single music vid, from the very beginning, had some sort of symbolism. We were just not aware as we are today. Remember the group 5 Star?? Just watch their vids and their are continually flashing the 'devils horns', just one example. It was probably more subtle then, but now, as people are becoming more 'savvy and awake' people are noticing it more, and hence those that 'run the show' are just putting more and more of it out there.

      The big difference though, from 'back in the day' to now, is the way the music makes you feel. Apart from the heavy metal stuff, the majority of the music use to be catchy, nice, warm hearted, now it is anything but. 'They' will use ALL of the media to get their messages out.

      Well, Katy did say, did she not, that 'she sold her soul to….you know who…'

      Thanks VC for another GREAT article!

  1. This is yet another music industry tribute paid to the ever-pushed agenda. This video explicitly shows what the pop is about these days, and how some puppet-artists are used to sell it world wide to each and everyone in a very sneaky way. Why sneaky, one might ask, it's blatant! But to most of the population, and I also mean kids, this is just a video, and with their minds open, they assimilate the pictures subconsciously. In turn, those images are "imprinted", so a viewer will have the image of this freakin' one eye with him all day long. And I don't say it happens just after one viewing, probably not. But videos like that have millions of views, not even counting those on TV, or wherever else.
    The other side is that many people will fall in denial when reading an article like this. It happens so, because they do not believe that such things could be shown freely anywhere. Ancient cults? Illuminati? "Shouldn't they hide themselves, instead of exposing? This is ridiculous", many of them will say. Well, I wouldn't like to disturb you, but the things that are the most put in plain sight are the things you are most likely not to notice. I, myself, haven't noticed it for years, so I do understand.
    I'm not trying to convince anybody to believe that there are any spiritual beings, or powers in this world, as in this Era of Crisis it is an unpopular statement; what I'd like people to consider is the fact, that there are vicious, wicked people in power in the world, and what they want is only more power. I could go explaining for long, but I guess it's not necessary, as I hope everybody has its own time for discovering the truth.
    This is another great analysis, VC. I hope you'll never stop doing it, it opens eyes for all those who don't know yet.
    Keep safe, Vigilants!

    • Damn Straight, I couldnt have said it any better susan. The people are so blind to this and you only come across "crazy" to the people you try and convince. They planned it well and are very clever in the way they operate. Shit is getting dark! Lets hope more people wake up before people involuntarily lose thier soul and turn into mind controlled zombies.

    • On America:
      "Middle-class parents are terrified of non-existent child killer; soon we will have them so terrified they will gladly allow us to electronically tag all newborn infants."

      "We are engineering a generation of sick, obese, passive consumers. Even the video games they obsessively play contain demoralizing subliminals. A weak-willed child is easy to manipulate using product hypnosis.
      Look at their clothing for instance. The new breed are simply mobile hoardings, advertising the multi-national corporations which control their minds."

      "Children are the hope of the future, Sir Miles. Our future.
      This is where the little ones come to learn about the darkness and the Outer Church. In dream, prepackaged, preprogrammed and transmitted directly into the unconscious mind via satellite wizardry.
      You wonder why the children of America are obsessed by death?
      You wonder why local groups that look like corpses and zombie comic-book heroes are so Goddamn popular here?
      It's just the same way our Victorians loved their tombs and seances and murders. The American Empire is dead and does not know it. Like YOUR Empire before it, it's only aware of the Truth in its sleep."

      ~ The Invisibles "Only Lovers Left Alive" published 1998, written by Grant Morrison

      • Because the feminine DO have power, that's not limited to masonry, it's throughout a multitude of cultures and civilizations past and present, sadly the patriarchy has certainly nipped that in bud, *i.e the religions of Abraham*

        *Grabs popcorn and waits*

  2. I thought Katy Perry wrote the song "Wide Awake" to show that she was separating herself from the Illuminati agenda? I guess I was wrong, as she is back to being another puppet of theirs.

      • The maze is related to the Minotaur not Pan, right? Plus, tell me what the Pan symbolism has to do with all the MK symbolism in that videoclip? Just because he was "satanized" by christianity later? Pan was merely one form of a horned god who was worshipped in ancient times, like the celtic Cernunnos, the Indian Pashupati, and later, Greek Pan. He was connected to forces of Nature, like fertility, season of spring, etc.

      • Really?! What do you think worshipping the forces of nature and fertility involved?! You must have this New Age Llewellyn inspired white washed version in mind! Worship of these pagan gods involved all kinds of perversity. Believing otherwise is only wishful thinking and self-deception.

      • From where I stand, believing in a fairy tale book (blible) made by men to control the masses is also self-deception and delusion. It is really amazing you cannot see the irony of your words…lol

      • The Bible is a historical book. So many archeological searches have proves its historical veracity.

        True, some stories requires on our part a belief in the spiritual realm, a belief that goes well beyond humans' brain capacities. Yet, you cannot dismiss the OVERALL TANGIBLE and VERIFIABLE TRUTH of it.

        And for what the most part seems "fairy tale like" (the book of Daniel, the other prophets, Revelation and so on)… the images are symbolic.

        If History, with a capital H, and archeology have proven the existence of Jesus, the city of Babylon, the prediction of Medo-Persian King Cyrus that overthrew the Babylonian empire… The book of Daniel successfully foretold the story (while naming them) of 4 great empires : Babylone, Medo-Persia, Grec and Rome… I could go on and on. It's not just a "fairy tale book".

      • All religions are morality of the mind and a form of brainwashing.

        Religion is based on FEAR, GUILT and SHAME. All of these make us vibrate very low and become vulnerable to BS from others.

        If you want to see the truth, meditate and quiet your mind, clarity then reveals itself.

        To believe that you need any religion to be a good, decent and loving person is rubbish, that is the deception that has enslaved humanity.

        Believe what you want but LOVE does not need the bible, as this merely creates confilct when someone does not conform to what is expected by the conditioned masses.

      • You say : "Believe what you want but LOVE does not need the bible, as this merely creates confilct when someone does not conform to what is expected by the conditioned masses."

        There is yet no greater story and example of love than that of the life of Jesus… found in the Bible. I dare you to find a more compelling and profound and agape love. God is not loving. As loving is what humans can become, being loving is an attribute. But God is LOVE. He is what love is and vice versa. That is the greater and deeper truth thought by the Bible.

        You also say : "If you want to see the truth, meditate and quiet your mind, clarity then reveals itself" I am an imperfect being, and so is the rest of us. We must strive for something that is higher than us. We need "something" or someone perfect, an all knowing being to look upon to elevate our minds and our whole soul. When I "meditate" and look on myself and human kind all I see imperfection. I look at the life of Jesus, and all I see is perfection and love. And that, THAT is worth meditating upon.

        Granted that many people have distorted the gospel of Christ through the ages. Granted that many churches have used fears and lies to subdue the people, but God never commanded these lies and forced submissions. Where there is love, there is no fear, but respect and love in return.

        Lastly, you have stated : "All religions are morality of the mind and a form of brainwashing."

        Speaking of morality… We NEED laws and standards. Our whole universe work around and is based upon these principles. Our judiciary system pretty much embodies the 10 commandments : thou shall not kill, steal, lie, commit adultery (yes she can divorce you on that basis… lol)… The truth is whether it is religion or the society we live in, there are rules, judgements and sanctions… Why act so offended and surprised when learning that God also has standards, rules… that you are also free to obey to or reject, but that in the end you may be judged and sanctioned for it ?

        Truth is our minds are shaped by the society we live in. Free thinking is only wishful thinking. We are influenced beings by nature as we are "social animals". We therefore choose what influences us : be that religion, God, new age thinking, politics, our upbringing… etc. I choose to be mostly and mainly infuenced by Someone that is Higher than I and someone I deem to be perfect. I will not let my whole being be guided and shaped by human imperfections and limited capacities. That being said, I am glad that we can discuss in civilized manner here. :)

      • You sound like you've had very limited exposure to religions that aren't in the mainstream. I can't find any FEAR, GUILT or SHAME in Wicca. In fact, what I do find in that religion is LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and TOLERANCE. As a matter-of-fact, many New Age or other Pagan religions that so many are so fond of bashing on this site have no qualms with other belief systems (other than not particularly caring for the constant persecution from them), and instead of preaching things like "we're the ONLY right religion, everyone else is wrong and should be converted to our way of thinking", they teach things like living in harmony with Nature or spreading love.

      • Wicca is not real, it's life. Christians are misinformed, there's a BOOK OF THE DEAD which the bible copy and paste. the bible has been translated, and revised that's why there's.a king James version. there's a real heaven right here on earth…come down to it.

      • And here we are again, how the bible and Jesus are only revised versions of what was in the past etc well in the past they did not have a nation, in fact a chosen people, to whom God would demonstrate his Hand upon their lives, to make them his handiwork and a light to the Gentiles inspite of the fact that the same Jews crucified Christ. There is no analogy for the Jews in any of your so called ancient knowledge and this is why Many nations and Leaders tried to eliminate the Jews because if the Jews can be erased from the earth then God's promises and therefore God himself is not true.
        Well, The Jews are still around and in fact have been returned to the Land God Has promised them.
        Therfore God is very much working up to now and in the Future.
        Im so sorry most of you "New Agers" dont have the wisdom to see this.
        It means you are perishing.

      • Oh the perfect one ..that sweet savior … He told us they will hate us because that hated him first! Who needs religion when u can have a one on one relationship with the most high God…who can compare? who can stand against the God of this universe who's son is the way? Empty hopes in magick when God allows it all, I go to the source for he is my portion and peace ..my rock my salvation in a world full of pain. His love triumphs ALL. EVERY KNEE Shall bow! I thank him that I know him, I could be lost like many but he revealed himself to me. I pray that for all who don't believe.

      • You are absolutely correct! All of the folks that get up in arms over the Bible and start throwing out the argument that the good book is fictional and, "….made to control the masses." are very much mistaken. The Bible and the teachings of Christ are pure but they have been hijacked and abused for nefarious purposes. The establishment of the Roman Catholic church was meant to bring pagan symbolism and idol worship into the church (hidden in plain sight) and to change the Ten Commandments so that Christians no longer observed the Sabbath but to workshop the sun god RA (or one of the many forms of the Morning Star) on SUNday. Many early Christians sought to keep the commandments and were put death and most of the Bibles destroyed during those dark ages so that the truth would not be known. Most Christians today are not even aware of our own history and how the enemy has so successfully manipulated the most sacred of texts and established their own church model to lead so many astray. Say what you like about the origins of the Bible but it was never meant to control, it is only to be used as an instrument of truth. It is unfortunate that @Charlies and so many like him are quick to believe the lie that the Bible is make believe. I do hope that in these exciting times to come that more will awaken to God's word and begin to uncover the truth that has evaded many of us for so long. It is only with this knowledge that we can break free from the shackles that enslave us. May the Lord make Himself known to you all.

      • I think the problem isnt the bible – which is a beautiful and inspiring book. The problem aré the atrocities commited in the name of mainly catholifism, starting with corrupt Kings and popes in the mideaval, over the killing of thousands of wise and poseer fuel women, claiming they were witches, up to today, where the church still acts strange regarding pedophile priests, and the popes attitude towards questions like birth control and protection against aids in poor countries.
        People find it hard to see the difference between "the bible" and "catholicism".
        Just like peolpe think "the koran" is the same as "radical muslims" -which just is not true. The bible and koran are 2 precious, beautiful Books! People should reed between the lines, with an open heart! They have so much truth in them! What the bible says is not the same as the misinterpretation thats used to spread fear and oppression. The koran is abused to oppress women, by men that like to interprete its content the way it fits in their plans, but thats not whats written inside..

      • the bible and the catholic religion its control by the free masons and all your evidence you say that exist they created do that's the reason you believe all this is true LIKE they invented the 1,. they go to the moon or the painting of MONA LISA and i can go on

      • The bible has never given word that returned void. Yes man wrote it. He spoke to these men in their walk with him. They documented as much they could and could some of the wisdom we need be taken from this word? Of course. There's so much power in the bible that I would not be suprized if part of it was taken away. I have never seen the word void in anyone's life! Unless ur disconnected from the father then u may not understand his way. This book controls no one for you all are examples of rebellion. This is a book of love order righteousness responsibility and growth. As we all know the wicked hates these things so continue to mock what u cannot or will not allow yourself to understand.

      • Man wrote the bible yeah but they were guided by the spirit, fact the bible doesn't contradict itself and funny how complete strangers say the same thing isn't how the whole bible connects.

        The best way to explain this and I can back this up scriptually. Say a man builds a house for a homeless family, he uses the tools he needs to build it and when he's done, the family thanks who? The builder or his tools?
        Same concept for the bible, God being the God of HOSTS used his tools/vessels to build the word.

      • If masons made the bible then plz tell me why they are trying so hard to discredit it?

        Plz. Reading these peoples opinions on Christ and the word is like reading quotes from the news/tv. Ironic thing is you all claim is Christians are brainwashed yet you are just repeating what the elite say.
        The reason why we are ao sure of our faith is cause we have experienced God. I feel His spirit everyday and I know he is the only reason why I am where I am today.

        The only way you're gonna know the truth is by asking God, through Jesus to reveal himself. I dare you.

      • I find it funny when people say the Bible was written as a book to control the masses…. First of all, the Bible has many authors, some of whom wrote other sources. Secondly, some of the things in the Bible come from sources that were originally letters. These sources were taken and combined together to create a "book." But don't forget that early on when some of these early sources were written, those who associated themselves with Christ could be condemned. The fact is that people created the Bible using different sources that were supposed to link together. Some may use this book to control the masses or do whatever they want, but others use it as a guide to be better people. People have different intentions and thats what matters. An evil person will do evil even without the excuse of religion.

      • CarriedbyGrace on

        You are really deceived. Those who are deceived cannot see the truth. Please explore the bible for yourself and don't listen to the lies of the enemy. Satan's greatest attribute is lying. His most believed lie is that he doesn't exist. There is much joy and love when in the presence of God and his words are penned in the bible. Seek and you will find him.

      • Are you serious? The Bible is THE book of Liberation! It is how mere 'mortal', 'low class', 'non illumined' 'peasants' 'serfs' can have the moral authority to tell tyrants to f-off! Do you think the Globalists want you to follow the Bible to be their slave? Is that why it is attacked in every corner of the pop culture? Is that why prayer is banned in schools? Immorality makes you more easily a slave, and that is why our 'rulers' push incessant immorality on us.

      • im hindu… well my family is, i can tell you that the Vedas (books that hinduism is based on) is too abstract to make sense. That people are able to interpret it through any perspective. All our gods are basically reincarnations from the "original source". That sounds very nephillim to me (as well as convenient), we have Gandharvas that were a race of super humans… Lord Indra being one of them. I went to a temple recently, to watch my cousin and his new wife present themselves to God(s). So it was basically the phallic Shiva Lingam that was nestled in the curl of a gold king cobra with the hood extended. My cousins rubbed the lingam and cleaned with water and put a tika(forehead red powder) on the cobras head. The temple had a strange vibe to it, the art work on the walls were strange, depicting all the avatars.

        I like Islam and Christianity, the words in them are always clear, to the point, and incredibly easy to comprehend. And Satan always mixes a little truth with a lot of lies..
        I dont trust Krishna at all. Go read the hindu version of the end of the world.

        plus pagan worship is the easiest way to get lost. Any contact through magic and shit will always be interpreted as positive, not knowing who the things actually are.

      • Thant was very insightful Tulsi. Do not be afraid to find your own faith that is diffrerent from the one into which you were born. Many of us have done this and never looked back.

      • If it is not of God, it is of Satan. What is done in the dark will be revealed in the light. Satan has them fooled as an angel of light when he is of pure darkness hence the reason pan's labyrinth was such a dark movie. Not sure why people still need this spelled out to them.

    • The Wide Awake song is about how she knows she's part of the Illuminati but no matter how she tries she'll never be able to leave. She's stuck in a "maze" ref to Pans Labyrinth.

      • Don't be so naive. Are you the keeper of her soul to be so negative? We have Saints who used to be satanists, prostitutes, thugs etc. Some of the most unsavourty characters became saints. Not that I'm implying K Perry will become a saint or something but why do you just write her off?

      • Did they tell you they sold their soul to the devil? She told us herself….
        Hypotheticals regarding whether she can still be saved are irrelevant, because she won't want to be.
        If she comes out in a few years and says she 'repents' etc, then we can talk. We'll let God judge it, but to act like its all good, no big deal that she went from being a preacher's daughter to an illuminati witch is only helping the enemy's agenda!

    • "Wide Awake" is actually about me. As i continue to grow stronger in my knowing of myself, the "illuminati" (Satan worshipping cult elite) reveal their true nature and intent more. True story. Also, aliens.

    • Jellified Skunk on

      Lol? Wide Awake about breaking free? If that were true she'd end up like Michael Jackson! He tried to break free and stay an entertainer for treats, look what happened to him! Katy has had no troubles since Wide Awake, I think you should read VC's interpretation on wide awake, I've read and watched a lot of them, but only his makes sense when I watch the video. The wide awake video ALWAYS creeps me out, at the end of the video, your doused feel like she broke free, but it looks more like she got trapped in her own head…

      Anyway, her record company wants you to think you can break free and succeed in music, but it's just not true. :-(


    • Yeah, I was just reading some lyrics to a beautifully titled song, "By The Grace Of God" off this Prism Album.
      The opening lines are:

      "Was 27 surviving my return to Saturn
      A long vacation didn't sound so bad
      Was full of secrets locked up tight like iron melting"

      Obivously referring to her reconversion back to Satan
      "By the grace of God (there was no other way)
      I picked myself back up (I knew I had to stay)
      I put one foot in front of the other and I
      Looked in the mirror and decided to stay"

      Obviously, the mirror is symbolic here.

      And another song named Spiritual… here are some of the lyrics…
      Lay me down at your altar, baby
      I'm a slave to this love
      Your electric lips have gotten me speaking in the tongues

      I have prayed for a power like you
      To see deep down in my soul
      Oh, you make me bloom like a flower, a desert rose

      Magical one and mystery
      All of your charms have worked on me
      I will surrender myself
      Holding hell and heaven high
      You have opened up my eyes
      And I am finally healed

      … clearly showing her personal sacrifice to be able to see deep down into her soul (illumination)… where she holds hell as high as heaven. Blasphemy.

    • Well nope. Actually in wide awake video it is shown that no matter how hard her "core" persona tries to protect katy and free her from mind control she will always fail. Because katy has fallen to deep. You must remember that in the end of the music video the child, her "inner" persona leaves giving katy a butterfly showing that she still(and forever) remains a mind control puppet. It's sad and sick at the same time…

    • yeah, but on the end of the video of wide awake she is dressed as a buttefly and is ready to perform on stage

    • Katy doesn't write her songs! She's just the puppet. She will sing what she is told to sing they don't have a choice, hence why they are 'manufactured' and conditioned.

    • she said "if i knew then what i know now, wouldnt dive in" and "i was falling hard…..and its too late"
      waking up doesnt always have to be positive, i think she is glad she woke up but still has to be controlled by the illuminati. Young Katherine in the video stomps the ground and beats the two bullheaded people. showing that she could destroy evil no matter how big if she was awake like she is now, she wouldnt dive in, wouldnt bow down. she would be a firework, and let her colors burst. alot her songs have good meanings, this is because the illuminati is releasing the information now. the end is coming, maybe not for 100 years, but they know better than us. they are under a contract with god. after adam and eve ate the fruit, they were given the knowledge that evil exists. and lucifer was in charge of introducing evil as a catalyst to the world, some crazy shit happened and now they have to be even more evil in order to get raptured to "hell" as the bible calls it. so that is why they do the things they do. they have a system, they have a reason. but that dont mean we want them alive. killuminati.

  3. When first I saw this video there was only one thing that came to my mind: Vigilant Citizen.

    Not only is blatant in Illuminati stuff, this crap is boring as hell. I wonder who feels enticed by these recycled ideas.

    "while her sex-appeal captures the attention of the older crowd" — you got me there bro. Her body is fantastic. Other than that… meh.

    • we should condition ourselves to ignore that appeal. Would a thinly gold plated pile of crap excite you? She is not that cute, and even if she was, who she seems to be, and what she is doing is repulsive, and should override any superficial attraction .

  4. I watched the video, it is very bizarre and looks like they spent a shit ton of money to produce it. This is a classic example of illuminati in videos it contains everything that is hidden or not in other various videos from other artists, except i didnt see a checkerboard floor. the end when the pyramid opens up was scary, i dont know why but it did not stir very good feelings within me.

    • These video are made not only to display symbols and whatnot, but also to mess with your mind in ways that I couldn't possibly put in words. It's meant to mess up with your mental well being. I don't know how but it just does. Ever watched an illuminati vid on youtube and got annoyed by the music to the degree where you started feeling depressed and scattered in ways you can't explain? Be careful of those videos, I wouldn't recommend watching or listening to this stuff.

    • That's why it's so in your face. Desensitising us to it, so we accept it as day to day stuff. Imagine the kids who watch this 3 + times a day …. second nature to them. Easy to accept.

  5. The guy with the eyepatch who offers Katy Perry the diamond is wearing a necklace that says "Allah" in arabic.

    Salim said, "'Abdullah Ibn 'Omar said, The Prophet stood up to address the people. He praised Allah as He deserved to be praised, then he spoke about the Dajjal(Anti-Christ): 'I warn you against him; there is no Prophet who has not warned his people against him, even Noah warned his people against him. But I will tell you something which no other Prophet has told his people. You must know that the Dajjal is one-eyed, and Allah is not one-eyed.'"

    • Someone actually gets whats going on around them.

      I see the 1 eyed symbolism in alot of places online anymore, but few actually mention the dajjal. Which is exactly what all this 1-eye symbolism represents.

      • The end of days are soon approaching, all the signs in the Quran and Hadith are becoming more evident

      • Remember Jesus when the lies of the Quran are shown to be false, he will rescue all who call on His name.

      • That's funny. Muslims also believe Jesus is coming back to vanquish the very man that all this one eye stuff is paying homage to. Do you suppose that is a lie, too?

      • Haven't you heard? Many christian ministries believe that the Muslims are actually waiting for a different version of Jesus to return who will actually be the antichrist or djaal. No kidding.

      • Yes, but that is the nature of the devil's game. He pits those who believe against one another, and causes discord among man. You know, divide and conquer bla bla bla. So, while we're spreading accusations and misguided hatred about each other's belief's (which all the Abrahamic religions , may God's blessing be upon him, ultimately point to the devil as the enemy of man and God), the devil (the unseen Iblis) and his devil-minions (men who have become his army, i.e. illuminati, occult elite, those who worship their intellect, idols etc.) are laughing their asses off.

        The discord lies here: God teaches us through the last prophet, Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him, that there will be an anti-Christ first, then the real Christ the Saviour (or the Messiah), comes to vanquish him and his followers. The anti-Christ (or the Dajjal, the Impersonator) will be easy to distinguish. Many recorded signs and attributes are taught to us in Muhammad's recorded sayings (hadith) and the holy book, the al quran: the Dajjal will be one-eyed, he will proclaim himself God, he will demand obedience through the threat of violence and he will not be able to enter the holy sanctuaries, Mecca and Madina.

        The real Jesus Christ the Saviour will appear in Madina (if not mistaken) and then come after the anti-Christ and kill him personally.

        Learn the signs, then when SHTF, you'll be armed with knowledge and be able to distinguish which of the the two is the real Messiah. God guide you and us all in these trying times my brother (or sister) in faith.

      • The reason why the two religions don't always get along/agree with each other is because Christians believe that Jesus was not a prophet but a SON of God who sacrificed himself. Muslims believe that Jesus was just a prophet before Muhammad and that he did not sacrifice himself for the sin of mankind. So while the two are both Abrahamic religions like Judaism, there are some differences that alter the core of their beliefs about salvation & God… Plus the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad don't always match up. I think that's why people are confused…

      • Col 1:16 "For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:"
        This is talking about Jesus.
        The disciple John also wrote in the Gospel of John 1:3 "All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made."

        This is not merely a prophet. This is the very Word of God, made manifest in the flesh.

      • And Jesus said on

        Matthew 19:17And he said unto him, Why do you call me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if you will enter into life, keep the commandments.

        John 5:30 I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just, because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father who hath sent me.31 If I should bear witness of myself, my witness were not true.

        John 7:16 Jesus therefore answered them and said, My teaching is not my own, but of him who sent me. 17 If any man willeth to do his will, He shall know concerning the teaching, whether it be of God, or whether I speak from myself

        Matthew 7:21 Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth my Father’s will which is in heaven.

        Matthew 6:9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

      • Many muslims also believe that some one else will be "the saviour" his name is imam Mahdi he is from the descendant of the prophet. He alongside Jesus will fight off the antichrist and bring peace to humanity

      • have you ever read the quran?probably not isn't your book tho one which has been changed multiple times or the quran ?jesus was no more than a human prophet he and his mother used to eat food don't you have any sense by the way muslims do believe in jesus so….

      • Wow, wouldn't it be a shame if these assholes manage to enslave humanity because we're all bickering and waiting for our preferred super hero to pop out of the sky and smite the beast. imagine the arguments and smugness that would ensue if one religion was to be proved "correct". Small children. Stop bragging that "my dad is bigger than your dad" and pull your fingers out. Can't you see you are playing their game?

    • Hence the war defamation war against Islam, brothers.

      Islam is the last standing fortress.

      But don't forget, anything, and i mean anything that happens, only happens because God all mighty allowed to.

      So do not despair.

      • No surprise there either – prior to putting the video out they would have been sure of the reaction and could probably set their watch by the number it days they needed to leave it on there before pulling out the controversial elements. It is all routinely pre-meditated, there is no longer such a thing as spontaneous and unforseen shock.

      • There was a petition to get the video banned because of the necklace… easier to just remove it than the video I guess…

      • Some people really need it pointed out to them. I grew up "seeing" these symbols daily but i was still in total ignorance to them.

        I didn't SEE things until i came across a youtube video, "The Music Industry exposed" roughly 3 years ago.

        Now i can't escape this garbage being "awake" to it as it really is everywhere.

  6. Heard from a family member that she thought you could find any symbolism you want anywhere and therefore this type of article is ridiculous to her. In other words, we are all letting our imaginations run overtime. What is it going to take for some people to wake up?

    • Mike The Messenger on

      Katy Perry used to be Katy Hudson, a Christian singer. The devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy. The Bible says to "Submit to God, RESIST the devil, and he will flee". She did not submit to God so that is why she is blinded. That is why some people cannot wake up because they don't submit to God.

      • You're a smart dude Anthony… Keep digging. And consider this one thought- You know there is something very dark/sinister driving these people. Perhaps you can see that it involves the spiritual/supernatural plane, or maybe not. Either way, I propose to you that it is the devil/satan and his fallen angels working upon the minds of men to prepare them to accept the reign of lucifer when he brings the new world order intovfruition. This one world religion/government/economy is prophesied in the Bible. So what is it then that has kept these evil men who have laid these plans so deep from acheiving their goals? Again, i submit to you that it is the power of Jesus Christ. Now, you don't have to believe that, but you may benefit from considering the possibility. God can read your heart anyways, nothing is hid from his eyes so if you're sincerely after the truth regardless of the consequences he will reveal it to you. I believed like you once. Take care man.

      • I submit to you that you consider that both things you describe are a form of brainwashing.

        Religion is based on FEAR, GUILT and SHAME. All of these make us vibrate very low and become vulnerable to BS from others.

        If you want to see the truth, meditate and quiet your mind, clairy then reveals itself.

        To believe that you need any religion to be a good, decent and loving person is rubbish, that is the deception that has enslave humanity and here you are preserving such concept. Sad really…

      • Completely agree with you Charlie and I'm glad to see that this website isn't just bible bashing self righteous religious people that think they own this site and the only way to see the evil is to be a Christian

      • I am sorry that you have had bad experiences with Christians that made you believe we are all self righteous. Many of us are God fearing and humble people. I don't think you have to subscribe to any religious philosophy to sense the evil agenda being carried out in the world by the occult elite. I hope in the future you have better luck with the Christians you encounter and that we don't all leave such a bad taste in your mouth. Best of luck to you my friend.

      • you literally just copy and pasted something you replied to earlier on.

        makes me feel like your a troll.

        because it was already stated, to your previous, same comment, that religions aren't made in that context at all and that the bible has been misconstrued and taken advantage of to cause fear in people by powerful leaders when it was made to bring truth to light and help people to become better.

        another way, like meditating, for those to see the truth who seek it. Like myself, I began to read the Bible and found my own spiritual path. I am still Catholic but that's by default, I do believe in Jesus but I know other people do to who aren't associated with any religion.

        Your the one lowering people's vibrations by spreading negative energy over other people's beliefs, that, aren't even wrong.

      • @Amanda – I think reading the Bible and finding your way is wonderful. As you delve further in to scripture and meditate on what you have read (especially reading the books of Daniel and Revelation together) you will probably further begin to distance yourself from Catholicism and with good reason. One of the Pope's titles is "Vicarius Filii Dei" — "The Vicar of the Son of God." This is a blasphemous title. Christ does not need a vicar, and Heaven has not so designated any man. This title, "Vicarius Fili Dei" is etched in the papal mitre which every pope wears. The numerical equivalent of this Latin title, using Roman numerals known to most of the world, is 666. The scripture says 666 is the number of a man. Every pope is a man, and every pope bears this title. Thus both the individual pope, and the institution of the papacy are marked out in scripture as the bearer of this number, 666. I would caution you to not even claim to be a Catholic by default because Catholicism is a dangerous institution.

      • @Amanda I am not Catholic but up until last year, I privately believed that Catholicism was a noble faith and I had mapped out an elite Catholic educational path for my son. I know better now and I have completely modified my plans. Keep researching.

      • rte,
        I agree with your thoughts but also wanted to clarify, in case you were not aware, that hell is an invention of catholicism. The destruction of the wicked will happen at some point in time and the punishment is eternal but not the act of punishing. There will be one quick destruction, no eternity spent burning in hell- fire. Another misconception is that good people immediately go to Heaven and bad people to hell. Again, these are lies, lies, and more lies. Scripture tells us so many places that when we die we sleep. We don't go anywhere. I encourage everyone to read scripture and also study the world history that comes along with it because it is very surprising what you will find when you chose to awake in other areas of your life as well.

      • That is wrong I'm afraid. Well they got some things right obviously. You might feel reassured by believing that there is no judgement but consider that the imagined lack of accountability is what is destroying this civilization and why it will go down blindly. Animals go to sleep when they die, not human beings. That is why God endowed us with our superior status. Before anyone pedals the ' animals are amazing' argument, the origins of that one are completely rooted in paganism too.

      • I never said anything about believing there is no judgement. ALL will be judged. I simply made the point that throughout the Bible it is stated time and again that death is a peaceful sleep until the resurrection. It was not until paganism entered and started influencing the church that many were lead astray from the truth. The dead will sleep until the great day of the Lord at the end of the world. In death, humans are totally unconscious with no activity or knowledge of any kind. It is not until Christ's return that the dead in Christ shall rise from their slumber. There will also be a second resurrection of the wicked dead (in addition to the wicked living) where they will receive their punishment after the judgement.

      • kelly why there are so many accounts of people who passed away and went to hell though? They all saw worms coming out of people's souls, a disgusting stench, demons were torturing souls, people were screaming begging for water. Also when they visited heaven, they saw angels, felt peace and love everywhere. There is an interestng account of a Russial woman who passed away for a few days and she was found alive in the morgue. She gave an insightful account of what happened to her soul and who she came across when she died.

      • The people who think they have died and come back were not really dead. Satan is extremely manipulative. He and his demons can masquerade as light and appear as angels, in order to manipulate the individual, so they believe they are at peace and somewhere beautiful like Heaven. Satan or the fallen can also show themselves to be the demons they truly are and try to confuse by depicting a type of hell. Satan can play tricks of light because he was an angel of light and can transform himself. He even transformed into a serpent in the Garden of Eden in order to manipulate Eve. Never underestimate his ability to transform. Additionally, from a scientific perspective many medical professionals have written about the chemical processes taking place in your body and brain, and all of the neurons firing as your body leads towards death, which can also induce visions and feelings of euphoria and light. There have also been accounts of people that were close to death and “came back to life” where they reported they saw nothing on the other side and it was though they were going to sleep. The only person to gain from these accounts, of people believing they went to Heaven or hell upon death, would be Satan so he can continue to lie and deceive as many people as possible. The stories these people tell sound really great and who wouldn’t want to believe you immediately go to a beautiful heavenly paradise? However, Satan seeks to contradict the Lord at every turn. That is why you have to rely on scripture and not listen to the stories of others even though they sound very enticing. I hope you find this helpful my friend. Take care.

      • Luke 16:19-31 should sum up anyone's curiousity about the afterlife-from the lips of Jesus Christ himself. why would you trust any other source?

      • Much argument has taken place over whether the words of Jesus in Luke 16:19-31 were intended to be understood literally or as a parable. Some Christians feel that in this story, Jesus was offering His hearers a glimpse of what existence in the afterlife is like. Others, citing numerous passages of Scripture that seem to contradict the portrayal of heaven and hell contained in this passage, feel that Jesus was teaching an altogether different kind of lesson. Unfortunately, many modern religious teachers have isolated the story from its original context and used it as a device for scaring people. Religious “conversions” resulting from a fear of hell as it is depicted in this passage have indeed occurred, but are based on a foundation sorely in need of the strength that comes only from a genuine appreciation of God’s character and a proper understanding of Scripture. To begin this study, we’ll take a closer look at just what a parable really is, and then examine the setting in which Jesus told this story. Perhaps then we will better understand what lessons there are for us in the story of the rich man and Lazarus.

        The Random House College Dictionary describes a parable as “a short, allegorical story designed to convey a truth or moral lesson.” Cruden’s Complete Concordance further expands this concept, saying that parables in the Bible were used “more generally than elsewhere.” We know that the Bible writers used situations both imaginary—as in the trees asking the bramble to be king over them (Judges 9:8-15)—and realistic in parables. Whatever form the parable took, it was only a vehicle for the moral lesson being taught.

        Jesus recognized the value of parables in teaching the people. He desired to stimulate their deepest thought and contemplation, and He knew that if He spoke too literally, certain of His hearers would quickly forget His words. Not only that, but others, for whom certain of His parables contained stern rebuke, would be so angered by straight speaking that they would attempt to silence Him by violence. Wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove, Jesus recalled the words of Isaiah 6:9 and told His disciples, “Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.” Luke 8:10. Cruden’s Concordance explains: “Our Saviour in the gospels often speaks to the people in parables. He made use of them to veil the truth from those who were not willing to see it. Those who really desired to know would not rest till they had found out the meaning.”

        It is appropriate here to ask to whom Jesus was speaking in Luke 16:19-31. Which category of people was He dealing with? The last verse before Jesus’ voice begins in this passage tells us. Verse 14 says, “And the Pharisees also, who were covetous, heard all these things: and they derided him.” Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees, a class of men who were notorious all through the Gospels for their refusal to deal honestly with Him and the truths He taught.

      • “And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented. And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.” Luke 16:22-26.

        The Jews had enjoyed “the good life” while on earth but had done nothing to bless or enrich their neighbors. No further reward was due. “Woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger.” Luke 6:24, 25.

        Conversely, the poor in spirit, symbolized by Lazarus, would inherit the kingdom of heaven. The Gentiles who hungered and thirsted after righteousness would be filled. The “dogs” and sinners, so despised by the self-righteous Pharisees, would enter heaven before they would. “Verily I say unto you, That the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you.” Matthew 21:31.

        The parable concludes with the rich man begging for his brethren to be warned against sharing his fate. Asking Abraham to send Lazarus on this mission, he alleges “if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.” Luke 16:30. Abraham replies, “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.” Verse 31.

        Jesus thus rebuked the Pharisees for their disregard of the Scriptures, foreseeing that even a supernatural event would not change the hearts of those who persistently rejected the teachings of “Moses and the prophets.” The miracle of raising the real-life Lazarus from the dead soon afterward confirmed the accuracy of Jesus’ conclusion. One did rise from the dead, yet the brothers of the “rich man” did not repent. In fact, the Pharisees even plotted to kill Lazarus after his resurrection. His very life was a reminder to them of their own hypocrisy.

        Today many Christians believe that the story of the rich man and Lazarus is a historical account of two individuals’ literal experiences in the afterlife. Based on this belief, some people teach that those who are consigned to the fiery torments of hell will never stop burning throughout all eternity. As with the parable of the trees and the bramble (Judges 9:8-15), however, serious problems arise with a literal interpretation of the story elements.

        Can we believe that all the saints are even now gathered in Abraham’s bosom? If they are, in whose bosom does Abraham rest? And if there is really a great gulf fixed between heaven and hell, how could the rich man possibly have been heard by Abraham? Perhaps more disturbing, how could the saints enjoy the comforts of heaven while enduring the cries of the wicked being tormented?

    • Exactly what I was thinking.When I was a teen,music videos were normal,not filled with symbolism.I think that the music industry uses these symbolism in their videos to create sensationalism.But I do feel like there is a dark side to the entertainment industry.I feel like all of this is used to create anti-social behaviour amongst the youth.The more anti-social a society is,just gives government more power implement laws and gain even more control.

      • Yes,I have seen the music video of Michael jackson's music video 'Remember the time'.I guess it wasn't as in your face,back then,but I see that the symbolism was still in music videos.

  7. Yes indeed, this vid is very weird. I just saw it the 1st time yesterday. There was outrage among the Muslim community bc at 1:14 in the video a piece of jewelry with Allah's name on it was burned. Anyone see it?

      • Your right 2smooth I only found out about this crap because people were mentioning it on Facebook, and to be honest the music industry is doing it for the shock factor, so when a Muslim brother or sister hears about it they immediately go onto YouTube which will give her video even more views not only from the anti illuminati groups but from outraged Muslims as well, I will not give Katy Perry the satisfaction of a view, Allah is great, be strong people don't fall into unnecessary anger just laugh at the sheepish ignorance of the faithless!

    • I just saw the video for the first time last night and was delighted to come to VC's site and find this article on it. I felt sick after watching it, but we should consider something. This is illuminati overload taken to a ridiculous level, and I wonder if the artistes are just taking the piss, or trying to make us think that because it's overloaded it isn't real, but rather a mockery of those who are awake and watchful. It can't be a conincidence for sure, but could the overuse of all these symbols be reverse-psychology to lull us back to sleep? And by the way, the Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie from 1999 refers directly to the illuminati by name and has some pretty weird symbolism throughout. And this was a while before the current levels of awareness but in parallel with the increasing darkness in movies and on TV. There's obviously a master plan of some sort by those who 'run this world', all overlaid by the intrusion into our personal lives and big brother watching us through our smart devices.

    • Yeah, we saw it. I think it may now be taken out because of all the problems the Muslim community had with it.

  8. And this video being done so blatantly with all the symbolism will surely get tongues wagging about the illuminati. Some will say if it's so secret/bad why is it so upfront & that she's just having fun with those who say she's a part of the illuminati. Falling exactly into the trap they set. Smh

  9. Have we considered the possibility that the music industry might just be inserting these specific symbols into videos knowing that it would help create attention for the videos in conspiracy sites such as VC?

    • I suppose "we" have. For me, when there is a few-hundred-thousand music video in production, and it has nothing to do with the artists' image, or lyrics, or both, there's something strange in it. And then, you have all these details that who normally would care to include? They're sometimes so tiny and flashed only for seconds, that without closer scrutinizing you would easily miss it. However, they are in many videos. So what for? Really, for the entertainment of a few people in this world? Not sure. To build up the interest? Well, I'm convinced that no one in their right mind would watch it more than once, and even more probably not even once.
      Of course there's a possibility that it's just a fun game, but given all the pros and cons I think what you mentioned is not the case.

      • Yeah, I'm not ruling out the possibility of actual occult symbolism in videos, but this video is so blatant and silly that it is like they put it there just to stir up attention and get views (hey, it worked!). They would be dumb to not know that these sites exist. A good example of this would be Rihanna's S & M video where she was called "illuminati princess" in the background. They know what is being said about the videos and they are playing off of it. Even if the Illuminati exists (dubious premise), do we really think they they would be revealing their secret rituals and symbols in a silly pop video? I doubt it.

      • You are aware this type of symbolism has been in the music industry for at least 4, 5 decades now, right? All of this was "public" before Mason tv (Mtv) hit the scene.

        Way before the internet where it actually began to get so much exposure, or as you call it.. publicity? Go browse some record / tape / cd covers from the 60's, 70's and 80's via google images and look at the imagery on the album covers. Def leapard, Micheal Jackson, Jefferson stasrship, Pink Floyd, The Beatles (this list is very long).

        Triangles, 2 pillars, duality, other mason's "hidden" garbage shown in broad day light and its been there for 50+ years now and counting.

        More are awake to it today is all. so it gets more notoriiety.

      • Yes, those are all valid points, but it seems that the whole sake of the video is to convey and recycle various Illuminati symbols and ideas. Whereas in the other random videos I've seen of Pharell Williams and Nelly Furtado, I've noticed that they will just flash a pyramid or display a triple six finger formation. Closing one eye is also popular

        Did anyone else catch that "Horus" almost sounds identical to "horse"?

    • I think that is actually a good point:) and the sex kittens are not mind control slaves – they are actually called Abysinian cat which are also a reference of one of the Egyptian Gods

    • Why do that, though? Do their target demographics (pre-teen, teenagers, etc.) frequent websites such as VC?

      Furthermore, would the additional traffic generated from non-mainstream outlets like VC really make a significant difference to their bottom line?

      • As of today 2/25/13, if you google the words "what is the," illuminati is the very first suggestion. All you have to do is look at the comment section of the youtube video for Dark Horse and see illuminati everywhere. One site that was doing what VC was doing earlier was Pseudo Occult media. In one of the articles on masonic symbolism in an mtv video he actually admitted that MTV called him and asked him to promote it on his site. That was about two years ago. So I would say, this is not just a fringe idea anymore. At this point it is harder to know, what is actually esoteric symbolism, and what is just the music industry trolling us.

      • Google gives search suggestions based on what sites you visit. I came up with Paleo Diet because I've been researching different diets lately.

    • I agree, I think this is more satire and making fun of the Illuminati than promoting it. The video and her Grammy performance both make sense, considering the lyrics of the song… You people are so funny 😛

      • This video is a big F U to Islam. Others like Jay Z, his wife, Kanye etc have done the same to Christianity. You see it as satire? We see it as a big insult to our intelligence. You want to laugh about it go right ahead. When the clock stops ticking, which side will you be on?

      • ya what you don't understand is not that we believe it
        but that is seems the people making/directing sponsoring the video's believe it
        which is far worse ,
        they been doing this so long, its not just on your tv

    • Abe Likes Truth on

      Good point. Unfortunately though I will have to side with VC's view on all of this stuff. The context of elitist propaganda is to make this stuff so obvious that it stirs the notion of denial. "C'mon, you mean that to tell me that 911 was an inside job? You conspiracy theorists have gone too far this time." That's right. Make it so obvious that people will see the events right before their eyes, and at the same time deny the truth through highly organized and expensive propaganda. I love it. Satan is good at what he does. Except for one thing though: there's this guy that is themed by the entire Bible and his name is Jesus Christ. When He comes back, he will set the record straight. When do we prepare? Now. Accept the truth and do not be afraid. Read the scriptures and seek to understand; read them as if God is speaking to us, in this time. Look for the parallels; seek to understand types and anti-types in the Bible. God bless you NickB.

    • Why would the music industry put such money, time and energy behind the dissemination of these symbols in order to attract the attention of the relatively very small number of people who visit this site and others like it?

      That makes little sense. We aren't worth the trouble and our attention amounts to nothing as I would bet not a single person posting on this site will buy Katy Patra's music or watch the video more than once.

      No, it's a much larger audience, primarily made up of children, that they're after, but also to get "daddy" hooked on the sex and "mommy" feeling old and worn out and inferior next to Kay Patra's glamor.

      It's exactly the same techniques used by McDonald's to hook children from the cradle to the grave on their poisons and to get them so addicted they will gladly pay a pretty penny for their own demise.

      The stakes are much higher than a bunch of conspiracy bloggers' attentions, not to denigrate VC's excellent articles.

      Thanks, VC.

      • I attempted to reply to your comment yesterday, but my comment is still awaiting approval. Not sure why. There is an article I would recommend that GQ released released on Feb 21, 2014 titled: Katy Perry's Dark Horse: a brief timeline of music's illuminati obsession. It shows that even big name media has taken notice of all "illuminati symbolism." So we are not just a small fringe group, but seeing symbolism has become mainstream.

  10. Cult of the Anunnaki ishtar. All time, she is surrounded by blue djinns, the first suitor represents Islam and the arabs, in the chest the word allah

  11. The last take of the "winged" Katy Perry reminds me the effigy of Inanna.
    Hey VC, have you gave up the Sinister Sites session? 'Cause it's pretty cool, i miss that! :)

    • That's because God is Gravity. That's why they view God as the biggest tyrant, you're "trapped" in your bodies.
      What they don't know is that this God or Gravity (depending on whether you're spiritual or scientific) is Pure Love. Their loss.

    • Did you know Jesus called God, Allah or Alah? He spoke Aramaic not Hebrew which is similar to Arabic. The Passion of Christ also confirms this.

      • No, he called God Yaweh. He was Hebrew. Confirmed by the lineage of Jesus according to the book of Luke.

    • That fat effigy that people confuses with Buddha is the Chinese "laughing Buddha" which is not the original Buddha. It's a representation of good luck and wealth, which reconciles amicably with the Chinese merchantship. It has been an image exclusive to Chineses. You know, Buddhism as any religions, blends wherever it goes, just like Jesus is some times portrayed as an european blue-eyed blonde.

    • mandrakethemagi on

      The fat guy is not Buddha. He's Hotei in Chinese or Jizo in Japanese. He's the Bodhisattva of children and travellers.

      The historic Buddha Shakyamuni was supposedly six foot tall and slender.

  12. There I would like to bring this to everyone's attention that around 1:14 they burn the arabic name of God which is Allah. This is an insult to Muslims or to anyone who believes in God. This world is very corrupt and this has gone to the point that all of this is very normal to see where ever you go.

  13. I'm from south africa, and I follow this site religiosly. Its shocking the things that are going on in the world. I'm guessing South Africa is not far from all this evil that's going on!

    • How could they be? The "queen" "owns" almost the whole planet.
      I wonder exactly how they conquered it… By peace and love and sharing and caring?

      • "When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land." – Desmond Tutu

        Just like during slavery, they were enslaved in the name of "God", the Native Americans were "Christianized" from their (savage) cultural beliefs. Religion has been used for centuries to keep people distracted, obedient and adamant to resist those in power.

      • If they didn't have religion they would have used something else to distract them with. Clearly they were just perverting their religious teachings and using it as an excuse to do what they want. Religion is a personal thing and it doesn't have to be bad, its about how different people use religion. For example money is an object, its not evil, but human greed is bad. Things are not just black and white. You can't blame problems on external factors. Bad things happen because bad people do bad things. Even without religion or money, many of these people would find another way to do the same things.

    • Check out the music group Die Antwoord – they are from South Africa and employ many of the same symbols, tactics and lyrics that these American pop stars are using. What is really interesting is that Die Antwoord is the only South African group with international recognition, and they are horrible (opinion)

    • I know Ayanda. I'm from SA too. Have you checked out the advertising for Emimem's Rapture concert here! Pure evil and it's pretty clear South Africa is not exclude from their agenda! We are a praying nation – well some of us, so we will continue to pray that our people and those around the world know who the real God is!

      • From South Africa too – my first thought at the advertising material for Eminem's tour was "what an obvious salute!". Bring it up with others and they shrug it off as "rock n roll" or some other nonsense. But the worst is friends / family telling me i"m over-reacting / that's just pop culture.
        No one asks why.
        Why a music festival called "Ultra"?
        Why all the same symbols everywhere.

        I'm afraid for the people I love sometimes,

  14. A lot of people argue "Oh maybe they're just doing this for publicity and to mock the people who actually believe these crazy things about them. It's the trendy thing to do right now." OK, but what about the pictures of The Beatles, Michael Jackson as a child, and others using these symbols dating back to the '60s (and probably even earlier than that). Has it been a trend to "make fun" of conspiracy theorists for over 40 years? Sorry, but I'm not buying it. Even if this were true, how about getting free publicity for making good music and having a beautiful voice rather than pretending to be part of a devil worshiping secret society that supposedly controls the world?

    • Also, if the so called "rumors" are so outrageous and ridiculous, why not just ignore them? What's the point in everyone having a video "ridiculing and parodying" people who believe in conspiracies?

    • Don't forget Peter Gabriel, who was the first person to introduce illuminati symbols into their music videos and promo shoots. He wasn't following no "trend".

    • sittingcoffin on

      These people have been conduits for old gods (aka archons), and so have used their shared symbols throughout time.

  15. It's really pissing me off that this crap is so blatant and people just eat it up. Even if you know nothing of the occult, I don't think that video gives a good vibe. And i haven't and refuse to watch it.

  16. I noticed a few other things in this video, aside from what's mentioned in thos article. I think the most important that I would like to point out, is that at the end, when she sprouts the wings, she is a dead ringer for the ancient goddesses Ishtar, Inanna, and Lilith. These goddesses as represented several things, most notably sex and WAR. Here again, we see a tie in to Sumer, Babylon, and other middle eastern cultures. My first reaction to the video was "I can't wait to see what Vigilant Citizen does with this", and I was really hoping to see an analytical wrote up on the Ishtar/Inanna reference.

    • Rihanna has isis inscribed right across her under her breasts. Here in the UK an article was printed saying what a good christian girl she was with this image of god and the eye of Horus on her leg………….so girls will see that and then this and think this is godly. I shudder at the thought.

      • I work with teenagers, and one of them told me last week that he wants to get an Isis tattoo "just like Rihanna's" and he also wants an eye of Horus tattoo. Sad thing is, he had no clue what either of these symbols mean (until I began to explain it to him) – they are just "cool" because pop stars sport them. **SMH**

    • Dylan Leblanc on

      My take on the Lilith theme is that Katy Perry is representing Antichrist when she is standing at the top of the pyramid towards the end of the video. What greater Antichrist could there be than Lilith incarnate inhabiting the mountain temple?

  17. I respond to your rocking statements with the usual Yes & No & Maybe anybody gets from ambigous messages which are (perhaps) ment to be obvious because of their intrinsic symbolism but they couldn't possibly indicate the real confirmation of our global Elite intents because they are not plainly and directly expressed so as to ensue a full frontal reaction from US, the recipients, the consumers, the listeners…
    Is Katy P. the real modern Aphrodite,which with all her carnal beauty and show-business experience,is capable to seduce us and convince us about the occult Elite intents and the TPTB convenience influencing our political/social/ moral sense of well-being ?
    Aren't we already shrewd enough to distinguish the haute couture and visual special effects from the existential choices we must do (but we aren't still allowed) to do?
    After all children grow, mature and – sooner or later – will discern the real deal, at least due to factual and inevitable experience! One day they all will see the wrong doings done against them, nature and humanity in general, just for the convenience of the few, the same individuals who employ Katy Purry to distract and entertain us with their musical and visual indoctrinations.
    Yes: I m aware of the power of the inconscious (influence)! But I m sure about the power of the conscious, rational, discerning mind as well.
    The truth is that we have no saying at all in serious political, religious, economic. civic matters and democracy is just an shallow slogan, so nowadays we cannot do much to react at all this wickedness we endure daily.
    Anyway: Could they Influence/hurt us with their " eye of Horous "? Defenitly: – not for a long time! –
    This is because humanity needs justice, freedom and truth as the air it breaths and it needs also the real message from God about equality and love between us . I m sure it will seek them at any time and any cost when it will realize its absence,.
    So dear VC, thank you so much to remind us about the show business indoctrination and it's intrinsic dangers, it help us to be aware of the intents of the elite, but II m sure that sooner or later people will react at it such as a working immune-system does in the human body, reacting to the presence of any dangerous VIRUS.

    • Iamtheantidote on

      It's the ones who don't have the intelligence to apply knowledge for good purposes. The ones who don't have will or care to detach them selfs from their own fake reality and maturely step into the real world, that are the problem. I've met many people who are old and "mature" persons who still have the logic of an early teenager too suborn to look at some thing from every angle, but their own. the scary thing is I've met more of these type of than people who have a functioning brain between their ears. It purely boils down to life experience, people who aren't restrained to four walls, go out their and learn and do many different things without judgment, tend to be the ones who see that others around them still have a lot to learn socially and mentally. Most people follow the crowd when it comes to decisions, they believe a " repeatable" figures view is the gospel truth without discovering their own answer through EXPERIENCE. As I call it "playground mentality" Take that type of person and throw them into an alien situation and they'll panic, become aggressive, and do anything for some one who provides an answer which ensures their survival.

    • Whoever wrote that must be a moron. The video doesnt even make sense! Ppl turning into dogs, a pharaoh on a stripper pole, list goes on and on. Its a dumb video, the theme mustve been egyptian-barbie-teenage-gold digging stripper

    • Ugh. Just promoting it more. I hope that every parent doesn't let their kids see this music video. If they do let their kids see it, since I don't believe in overbearing parenting, they should inform them that Katy Perry is a bad role model.

    • Always Curious on

      That's why I stopped watching TV cuz all of this illuminati business is BS if u ask me. Keep ur eyes open honey that's the only way good will previle

  18. excellent. the first time i saw the video i was waiting for a full analysis on it
    would just like to point out that you missed the fact that the first 'king' was wearing a necklase with Allah's name on it and this was not hidden it was straight up in your face…. also once this king turned into dust, he turns into the diamond thing which is in the shape of the eye of horus!!!! before katy perry puts it in her mouth, it was in the shape of the eye….those are some things i picked up. its funny how their they not scared at all now bately showing their true plot yet so many people are blind!!!!

  19. I have just read many comments on Youtube and I could see a lot of them which you can read that the video was amazing and funny.

    On the other hand, I realize people is waking up, but I don´t really know if we are powerless against them. I didn´t mean to be pessimistic.

    God bless. Prayer is the most armor against evil.



    • Katy did not direct the music video and she probably had little say in the costumes as well. Plus we don't know if or how God will punish Katy. That's up to God alone. We're just human and we don't have the right to punish her just over a music video. I get that it's offensive to some people, but there areworse things online that are offensive to many religions. Just don't look at it if you don't like it. Freedom of speech is allowed and not everyone feels the same way about religion. I'm not a fan of Katy's video but I can't dictate what she does.

    • Yes they are stupid to insult all of the religions of God and of the good people. Now we can see how hollywood strives to brainwash and turn people away from the good and true and trick the different religions away from the good God and turn people into slaves for evil… We cannot be tricked by these evil magicians, we the good and truthful must keep unity with each other and with the Truth….

      • Have you watched the film unknown? If this is not brainwashing to convince people that GM corn is healthy and of good quality, I don't know what brainwashing stands for. Hollywood is poison.

  21. the video beggins with a guy rapping some shit and some frustrating "nananana nananan".. couldn´t stand it, and shut it down

  22. I watched this just the other day for the first time and was hoping your review would come. My 10-year old loves this song and I find myself singing along to the catchy tune, too. It is easy for me to recognize the symbols now, so I can teach my son what to watch for, too. It is amazing the things he already recognizes are weird and creepy, but come with a catchy tune. Like the Adam Lambert video where they take all the blue pills… Even my husband said the Lego movie had a lot of Illuminati-ish stuff in it. Can you do a review on that one? Anyway, thanks for the info. I can recognize the symbolism, but I don't always know the origination.

    • Honestly I wouldn't allow my child to listen to anything put out by these people. No matter how catchy. You may be able to teach him to see the symbolism, but there is still a lot of hidden brqinwashing techniques in the songs themselves. They can get past your defenses and into your subconcious. He very careful about what you allow in!

    • Thanks. I was thinking the ones that made this video were intentionally putting some predictions into it. The looming war in Iraq, economic crisis?

      Katy also represents the woman of Babylon from Revelation who all of the nations bow down before.

  23. "The Illuminati does not enslaves the masses, the masses enslave themselves by consent. Humanity is the self-enslavers. The sleeping masses. In the spiritual war, the Illuminati are a tiny, insignificant amount of the world's population. They can not control the minds and behaviors of the masses of people without our compliance and ignorance." – Mark Passio

    That's it folks. Our Great work is to wake the people as much as we can.

    • I totally agree. Though some people like I, was previously ignorant of the illuminati agenda, but thanks to sites like VC, I'm wide awake (no pun intended)

    • Once we wake up, then what? And to whose truth do we wake up to? Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, Wiccans, etc. etc. all compose the anti-Illuminati movement, but what then? What do we replace it, and what is stopping the others from screaming Global Elite?

      We live in a vicious cycle where the victors become the enemy.

      • No money is not the enemy the love of money is…how much have you donated and given away to a cause other than yourself?

      • Yes but there will be a fair amount of reshuffling towards the end in order for a single truth to emerge. Of course, if you request proof, I have none to show.

    • Knowledge is power, now you know and that is what is important. Really, it's just opened the door for many people to awaken their own spiritual path, and question why thing's are happening. You don't even need to know any of what we know to know not to trust the government, to question everything you've been taught and to think before you eat what you've always considered to be healthy or 'good for you'. You are on the right path, and that is enough for now.

    • what's the bet willie couldn't even lie straight in bed…

      (paragraph 1 from morals and dogma)
      "FORCE, unregulated or ill-regulated, is not only wasted in the void, like that of gunpowder burned in the open air, and steam unconfined by science; but, striking in the dark, and its blows meeting only the air, they recoil and bruise itself. It is destruction and ruin. It is the volcano, the earthquake, the cyclone;–not growth and progress. It is Polyphemus blinded, striking at random, and falling headlong among the sharp rocks by the impetus of his own blows.

      ***The blind Force of the people is a Force that must be economized, and also managed***, as the blind Force of steam, lifting the ponderous iron arms and turning the large wheels, is made to bore and rifle the cannon and to weave the most delicate lace. It must be regulated by Intellect. Intellect is to the people and the people's Force, what the slender needle of the compass is to the ship–its soul, always counselling the huge mass of wood and iron, and always pointing to the north. To attack the citadels built up on all sides against the human race by superstitions, despotisms, and prejudices" – ALBERT PIKE

  24. When I first watched this video, I was like, "VC is gonna have a field day with this one." It was a great article but the one thing I was disappointed about is the fact that he didn't break down the lyrics like he usually does. This song is an allusion to the end times described in the Bible.

    Dark Horse is a reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The dark horse represents famine in the Bible. The song asks "Are you ready for a perfect storm?" This could be alluding to the tribulation of the Bible. There will be earthquakes, typhoons, famine, economic collapse, etc. We can already see an increase in earthquakes and tsunamis and disasters, as well as mass deaths of animals, like birds and fish.

    "It's in the palm of your hand now baby." This could be alluding to the mark of the beast which will in the right hand or forehead according to the Bible. This mark will determine whether or not a person is able to buy or sell. This very likely could be implemented in the form of RFID chips. They already have the technology to do this. Katy Perry says it's a yes or a no. There is no maybe. It's clear in the bible that if someone accepts the mark of the beast, they are doing it willingly, they will not be tricked into it. They must bow down and worship the beast.

    Read through Katy Perry's lyrics in the song, and picture them coming out of the mouth of Satan, because that is what Perry is right now in this video, a mouthpiece for Satan. Even The Daily Mail, which is mainstream media, called Katy Perry and "evil Egyptian queen."

    The omnipresent Secret Society symbolism you see in many forms of media is so blatant in this video, it blows my mind.

    • blackrocker4ever on

      Great post..I agree that the lyrics are total references to the end times in the Book of Revelation and that Dark Horse is famine..Don't know how may of you all remember this but I do..About a year ago, Katy stated publicly that she was offended by Gaga because of Gaga's excessive satan references, etc..A tad ironic?

      • HAHAHA I didn't hear about that, but yeah that's so hypocritical. Her Grammy performance was arguably more satanic than a lot of Gaga's crap. Mainstream media was even talking about how "dark" it was and how it was a ode to witchcraft.

    • Or they could be saying your life is in the palm of your hands, take responsibility for it and make the best of it. God created abundance. You should have it. Don't settle for the establishment taking responsibility for you. Is the Illuminati anti-establishment? Think deeper, what is the symology representing. Obviously its there…but the symbology isn't just we're here. Its that you need to look deep. Just a thought. Illumine your mind.

      • Mpitzer, thank your ideas and I think it's great that your thinking critically unlike so many people today. But why would they be suggesting that you take your life into your own hands in the middle of a song that has nothing to do with that concept? And how about the following line, "It's a yes or a no, no maybe. So just be sure before you give it all to me." So there is no maybe, it is a yes or no, which to reiterate, the Bible says that it will be a conscious decision of whether or not you will bow down to the beast and accept his mark, or stand up as Christians. The song mentions magic, a dark horse, a perfect storm, and there's no going back. I don't see how that relates to taking life into your own hands.

        God also did not tell you that you should have abundance of material things. Jesus always taught to share, not to hoard. He said if someone takes your shirt, give them your coat as well. You know why? Because that thief probably needs it more than you.

        Of course the Illuminati is not anti establishment, quite the opposite. They want people dependent on the system and on the government.

        The symbolism isn't what's important. It is the ability to decode it that is. Symbols are a language to the occult elite. It's a way of communicating among themselves without the masses understanding it.

        So I kind of responded to each of the points you made, but to be honest, I do not understand the core message that you are trying to convey. So, if you want, can you explain to me what meant, because I'm a bit confused. Thanks.

    • The song is obvisouly about selling your soul to the devil…and crossed roads. Choose wisely there's no turning back.

      And katy perry is oubvisouly taking the suitors souls (hence the consuming through drinking and eating) and thus making her more and more powerful.

      The pyramid at the end is almost identical to the one in the movie stargate, so Imagine and the end she is opening up a gateway so the anti-christ or god knows what can come threw.

    • Actually…dark horse means a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition of some sort or a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed. That seems like a much more plausible explanation of what she's referencing than all this Illuminati Satan poppycock. Look up the actual meaning, which is about a woman warning a man about falling in love with her. She even said so. It's as simple as that. She simply uses the Egypt back drop to show the power this fictional woman has and how she breaks guys apart. Do some research next time and stop equating everything to your religious conspiracy theories. Wow.

      • So explain to me the correlation between Katy Perry being a little known person that emerges to prominence and a woman warning a man about falling in love with her. I don't see the connection between the term "dark horse" when used in that context and a relationship between a man and a woman.

        Also, I could care less what Katy Perry has to say about what this song means. It's not her concept, it's her handlers concept. Most mainstream artists have very little control over their music and appearance, and even less control over their music videos.

        The occult elite constantly cloak songs with double meanings (even though the real meaning is usually pretty easy to decode if you have the right "eyes to see and ears to hear.")

        Although I don't agree with you, I appreciate the comment.

    • What about: the economic collapse-seen it happening, countries joined alliances, stopped produce for them selves and are dependant on massive businesses owned by mad people. when economy will go down it will be those people who they will have to beg, as many countries do not produce food, and other goods for themselves, but built factories for these greeds in their land and that forced to shut other businesses in their land or some joined global giants. I am not economist but this is obvious that many countries become controlled through EU (evil union) All comes to the peak-people who own on the top. they will then decide whether to help you or not.

  25. the fact they mention Jeffrey dahmer in this song creeps me out. It says something like "she'll eat your heart like Jeffrey Dahmer." Eeek!

    • In the ancient egyptian book of the dead the heart was weighed against a feather of Maat to determine ones fate in the afterlife. Also organs were taken from dead bodies before mummification. The heart and brain were kept in separate jars for specific magical reasons.

    • "she'll eat your heart out" the new lady gaga video g.u.y. shows a lego figure of two hands pulling the skin the away to reveal a heartless chest. It is noted in the article regarding her video. AGAIN i don't think these are coincidences between these two artists particular song – Katy Perry mentioning Aphrodite in Dark Horse – Lady Gaga talking about Venus and Eros (venus's son in greek mythology i think) Two separate songs, two separate artists – a lot of similiarities between imagery and lyrics! Something is going on.

    • Jeffrey Dahmer was also referred to in a Kesha song which was named Cannibal.. Why is Jeffrey Dahmer so popular all of a sudden?

  26. Same old, same old illuminati crap!
    They're supposed to be kittens. Coulda fooled me…..they look like Roman-nose bull terriers!
    Mark Dice does a good video on this stupid song.

  27. Have you ever looked at these topics in a different way? I think all the pop artist today are trying to send a different message to the world. I say the message is, "Respect women. Women get pushed around. Discriminated by men. Women are treated like second class citizens. Enough is enough. We stop taking orders from men. Feminist." Popular culture is all women. Does that not tell you anything? Katy Perry created "Prism" because her ex husband broke up with her. Katy expresses her womenhood through this album. Nothing can break or ruin her. The title "PRISM" is shaped like an Up-side-down triangle. Up-side-down triangles are symbols for Womenhood. All the females in pop culture tell a story. A secret message among women only. Why use Egyptian traditions? Well think Celopatra was a queen. A queen. Women in pop culture use Egyptian tradiation because they see cleopatra as role model. Everyone respected Cleopatra. Today's society businesses and corporations are run by Men. Like the old tradition "men should work and women should be home taking care of their child." A Patriarch Society. Women across the globe are trying their hardest to break from this tradition. To make it a Martiarch Society. Or treat women equally and with respect. When you see Egyptian symbols in a video, commercial, or an ad think, "women want freedom." Feminist.

    • You are completely misguided. Feminism was created by the Illuminati and has done untold damage to this civilization which can never be undone. The elite have always been very happy to promote the women-led promotion of Isis/Lilith and the others. You have chosen luciferian symbolism in a selective way in order to build up a weak argument. Women and men are different and play different roles in society. Women absolutely should be at home looking after their children – that is where they will find true fulfillment.

      • Yes women should take care of their children but not necessarily have to stay home. I like having my own money without having to ask my husband for it. He should not have that much control over me. How pathetic is that having to ask your husband for money??!!! So humiliating!!

      • No they should not be confined at home forever but they should take on work which allows them to be there for their children according to their stage of development. Every child likes to return home after school to a freshly cooked meal,a hug and a long fun evening endlessly sauntering around the home and gardens as they please, even older children. Cocurricular schedules, signing up to every sport on offer and tutoring are merely distasteful ways for some parents to reduce the caring burden yet further and rarely yield anything memorable for the children.
        I have never taken money from a man but my sibling is a stay at home mother who is financially reliant upon a wealthy husband and in all honesty it has never been an issue because he rarely spends in his own right and they have a lifestyle much more modest than the best they could afford. Money (earning and taking) only matters if it is intrinsically valuable to the generator or taker. Materialism is irrelevant to some of us.

      • Children need both parents though. So its not just the mother who should spend time with them. A man needs to have his priorities straight to – his family. Its not just the mother's job to look after the kids. When I was a child, both of my parents cooked for me and helped clean up. It wasn't just my mother doing household chores, so the balance/support that my parents had made life easier for all of us. Its all about finding the right balance. Different things work for different people.

      • Mine did too, but men are better at discrete well-defined tasks rather than the endless, uncertain slog. One mom-friend said that the day she opened the door to see her (now former) partner wearing oven gloves and standing with her toddler saying 'Hello Mom We've baked you some cupcakes' was the moment she knew that they would never make out with him ever again. Women don't want de-masculated versions of themselves as competition; they want partners who champion roles in which they have a gender-given advantage.

      • Um… should have read "the moment she knew that SHE would never make out with him ever again. " Baby brain.

      • That's just your one mom friend though. Most women are more attracted to their husband when he helps out at home and research shows this. Some women may have different preferences, but most women appreciate it when their husband helps out a little because that takes some of their stress away and it shows them that the man cares. Its not de-masculating. The concepts of masculine and feminine come from society. They're just an invention. If I came home and my boyfriend/partner baked something for me, I would be grateful and happy to see that he was thoughtful enough to do something homely for me.

      • feminist too on

        this is probably the stupidest thing I've ever read…feminism was created by feminists that actually wanted to matter. I'm 17 and as a women if anyone wants me to stay home and look after the kids when I grow up I'll punch them in the face….women and men are or at least should be equal.

    • Yes, I'd say the stripper pole screams female empowerment. And why else would they have her dressed up as Pharoah-lyn Monroe @1:10 if not to say that she's a powerful independent woman? The only power pop culture tells women they have is their sexuality, to which I say no. We are not sex objects. And objectifying ourselves doesn't give us strength. If you want to empower yourself, stop buying cosmetics. Stop reading cosmopolitan. Stop looking to the entertainment industry to tell you what it means to be a successful woman. Female.

      • "Stripper pole screams female empowerment." ROF LOL. Get real you are so on point. The video is aimed at pre-teen girls guiding them toward prostitution. I'm going to go ahead and predict prostitution will be legalized nationally for the same reason the "feminists liberated" women, and that is to expand the tax base. Shame on Katy Perry and all the elite.

      • Prostitution is already legal in Germany and the Netherlands. Just saying … the stripper pole is a symbol for the ancient goddess Ashera/Astarte who is a form of the goddess Isis. In the bible Astarte is always worshiped with a pole.

      • Prostitution was practised long before preaching, is my humble opinion.
        By the way, in the Netherlands, the official ladies of the night pay taxes as well as the usual man or woman.

    • If this was really about feminism and saying that women should not be "pushed around", why is she dancing like how strippers/ pole dancers usually dance to please men?

      If she is a symbol of feminism, why does she require the gifts of different men?

      If she is supposed to symbolise strong, righteous women, why does she display so many nasty qualities, like greed, glutton and dictatorship?

    • I am sorry to say this but this is not totally real freedom for women they treat them like sex object everywhere u can not see a car without half naked women they took the women's modesty and they call it freedom of a women ,they can't think for them selfies anymore because they they create these kind of women like Katy perry and gaga and more so they can be their role model I'm glad my self that god made me a muslim and us muslim we never ever take these kind of people as role model and our role models are people like Jesus mother Mary and Fatima and so on …..

    • "We stop taking orders from men…" Laughable. The masters she serves are men. Freemason men. Get a grip.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • Feminist, please stand in front of the mirror and repeat these words "I have been brainwashed to believe that degrading myself and acting like a whore of Babylon is empowering by a high level group of men who practice the occult in secret!"

      • The only godly way to be a strong female is to support those you love like a pillar of beautiful marble. I would support my husband (if i was married), my children and my church. Keeping love and the light of God in your heart is the only true way to be a good strong woman.

      • That's not the only way to be a strong woman. Strong women can also be educated, brave, and successful on their own without anyone else's money.

    • I'm not sure if your a Christian but feminism, this belief that women usurp authority over men, actually derived from Satan and is not the prescribed order of God. Satan came to Eve first in the garden because she was the weaker vessel. By disobeying God and then influencing Adam to eat, Eve reversed the order of God. She became ruler and head. That is why the Lord told Eve after the sin that her desire would be for husband and he would rule over her. God was setting the order back in line. Christ is the head of the man and man is the head of his woman.

      • "weaker vessel"
        Wow. Just wow. Feminism isn't about usurping, it's about levelling. If anything comes from Satan, it is the idea that one group of people can lord it over another and then come up with justifications for it.

        "I will intensify the pangs of your childbearing
        in pain shall you bring forth children
        Yet your desire shall be for your husband,
        and he shall be your master."

        I mean either it was a punishment or it was restoring the order of things: it can't be both.
        I suspect it is punishment, and before then they were partners.

      • Nope youre indoctrinated to think so. there was a blood ritual and killing of children. They steal and kidnap children and sacrifice to satan for power. its real and it happens and you need to wake up as you are asleep. There is proof everywhere and it is all told to you on this site but still you dont believe. You need to do your research and listen to our teacher VC. He knows and you need to trust him.

  28. VC. Why didn't you show the part when the guy is offering diamond and wearing Allah and then she turned him in to dust brother u need to say it like it is that is not fare is about rejecting allah , be course muslims are the only people who are against all sort of evil doings

      • Yes they are !!!! Becouse the prove is in with their prayer and using those words everyday for seeking refuge from allah against satan and all evil that is ur proof none other religion on this earth do that

      • " And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen." Matthew 6:13 KJV

      • But do you say this prayer every single day just like muslims pray and make dua supplication everyday …we always pray to the same god Jesus and Moses and Muhammad peace be up on them all pray to

      • I think the unique aspect of Islam to be emphasised is that Moslems pray at five specific times every day which means that God is always in their thoughts because the prayer times are themselves significantly timed punctuations within the typical day at times when they are most susceptible to spiritual attack

      • Praying doesn't make you a good person. Being kind, honest and respectful to everyone regardless of age, gender, race or religion makes you a good person. God doesn't need us to fight His battle, He is strong enough to do it on his own. Praying is great for connection, but its not going to make you a better person than anyone else.

      • Agreed

        Buddhism –

        I will not kill
        I will not lie
        I will not steal
        I will not use sexual misconduct
        I will not ingest intoxicants

        I will devote every second of my life to others.
        I will destroy the ego.

  29. Oh dear I'm getting quite annoyed with all the symbolism around me. And everything and everyone is sexualized these days, it is very upsetting. The only thing I feel is helping me is talking to God. It's just so sad the world had to come to this. It could have been so beautiful without…….sin.

  30. They always have the one-eye thing going on.

    It's just strange. Photo shoots, music videos; it makes no sense.

    Try covering up one eye at home. It feels weird, doesn't it? Why is that such a common trend in media?

    • Removing one eye eliminates your depth perception, making it hard to judge how deep the pit they're jumping in is.

  31. Absolutely disgusting. I am personally offended because they guy with the eye patch that was holding the diamond was wearing a necklace that said Allah on it, the Arabic word meaning God, was BURNED by Katy Perry in the video. I suppose they are trying to say that they want to get rid of Islam or religion all together. ANYONE who believes in God should be insulted by this. What a blasphemous video.

  32. Brother Nathaneal exposes the hollywood and disney talent agency perverts responsible for the depraved degeneracy we are witnessing in popstars such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. This is obviously done to pervert and debase society from its moral norms. Check out the detailed article at real jew news dot com.

  33. What happened to the first version of the video that had her working in a cupcake store? This version is laughable at how hard it tries. My guess is that she got such a big response from her "witchy" performance of "Dark Horse" that they changed the video at the last minute. Pathetic. I hope this tripe stops soon. How much longer can it be out in the open until the novelty has worn off?

  34. My dad told me the best way to hide something is in plain site..When in plain site nobody considers it a secret or something worth considering.

  35. It's pretty funny to see that when Jesus uses men, He actually makes them look wise, smart and beautiful, but on the other hand, when Satan and his agents (elite groups) uses men, He makes them look stupid and very dumb. I feel sorry for Katy! Very sorry for her! She looks stupid and the video looks stupid too.

  36. honestly, can be compared to hunger games. a tribute is sent to die for the cause of the capitol. well, katy has been sent to sacrifice herself for the good of the elite. everything she does from here on out seeks to serve the elite and she is blind to it all, because she is feeding on the material pleasures of her choices.

    the vid is so blatant. have read and enjoyed this site for years! just wish more peoples eyes were open to this bullsh*t and didnt just absorb it as normal.

    • Yes. The hunger games is symbolic. The elite sacrifice youth to save themselves. The point of them presenting the symbols everywhere is to avoid karmic responsibility. They are warning you of what is going on and when we do nothing to stop it, they take that as consent to carry on. But before any sacrifice, 9/11, 7/7 bombings (all occultic numbers of importance) you will see a warning from world leaders in the form of numbers/colours/hand signs/symbols. Of course, the average joe soap does not see or understand the warning so of course, it is a rigged system.

  37. All this is missing is a shit load of butterflies… oh wait.. that was her Wide awake video… Katy Perry is a weird one, anyone else feel like one minute her music was pretty normal and then all of a sudden everything she does is seeped in symbolism?

    • Normal?! Her first song was part of the agenda…I kissed a girl and I liked it? And this was followed by an appearance on Sesame Street. Obvious they are marketing her to.children from the.beginning.

  38. The outfits are brilliant but it's despicable to use the vibrant Egyptian culture as a tool for her own shallow agenda. As 'fun and quirky' as she supposedly appears I think she lacks personality, soul and substance. I just cannot stand this woman! The song and everything she stands for is horrible, dark and vile.

  39. Very predictable……….The song is titled Dark Horse but the video consists of an Egyptian theme/concept…..
    She should have had a Black horse with bright red eyes running through the video and an apocalypse scene in the background but instead whitewashes an entire ancient civilization in 3:46 minutes….Bravo b.i.t.c.h.

    Thanx VC btw. I knew this article was coming next.

  40. I knew she would have come out with this crappy video. When I start observing the lyrics "yeah the mv is going to be big and full of Illuminati symbolism" and I was right but the worst thing happened in the video is the moment the "king" is turned into dust along with his necklace with Allah's name written in arabic! How disrespectful. As a Muslim, I hate this kind of move as they have showed no respect to Islam and the truth is they showed that even after the christians are being brainwashed by this shit, Islam is also included now.

    After that happens, I deleted all of her songs from my phone. I used to love her, but she have showed that she hated Islam with the necklace burning! Now I hope, Allah will bless her and somebody will guide her to good path!

  41. This is too bad…
    I loved Katy Perry because she was always so positive with her music and clips..
    Of course she did some weird things, but always kind of innocent.
    I didn't expect (or hope) that she would become a massive puppet herself…
    But I guess that's the way it works…

  42. I LITERALLY forgot the name of the video was Dark Horse until VC mentioned the name again in the Conclusion. There is not one dark horse in this video…. It's alright though. There's a song called "Ready Yourselves" that comes to mind when I see all of these things. I believe the song is about preparing yourself and asking Jesus to prepare you for his coming. I pray we all ready ourselves for his return, and continue to turn our backs on the "world" and what's happening. God literally have mercy on us all.

    • Katy Perry IS the dark horse! Symbolically, dark horse does not have to mean a literal dark horse. Katy Perry is the dark horse due to her dual persona. On the outside she portrays a good, wholesome and attractive woman but on the inside she is ugly satanic to the core.

  43. I think that the video makes very clear how the battle lines are drawn up for the end times and which religion the Illuminati perceives as being a threat. There is only one small faction within one of the three monotheistic faiths which they have simply failed to influence, infiltrate and mold. You see this when you visit the country most associated with that small division of the religion which the US see as one of their greatest enemies. It is a beautiful, verdant country where people from many faiths have co-existed happily through the ages.

    Secondly, I think that this particular symbolism is being pushed into overdrive with the intention of promoting predictive programming. Very soon, videos which lack these symbols will be seen as incomplete by their viewers and the masses will become reliant upon their inclusion and even feel unsettled by their absence. The NWO will be swiftly established because demand for it's establishment will be driven by the very people whose minds it will have completely enslaved.

    • Very true. They are conditioning our culture with this trash. Cultures are always formed by norms and what becomes familiar or nostalgic whether good or bad. True facts – these elite destroyed the black community similarly. Slavery took away their roots, sinful music and subsequent culture (made for harming them) replaced that void. Only religion of the One True God (Allah, God of Jesus and all the prophets) can withstand this. Otherwise everyone will surely be lost.

      • Well spoken Ange. People should not despair. The end times represent an opportunity for awakening and transformation – for most people, it is far from being a done deal, they should be seizing the opportunity, not shunning it.

  44. the first guy she burns is wearing gold necklace saying allah (GOD)…..why burn it and attack muslims …..can u plz look in to that explain it show the connection ????

  45. ParanoidAndroid on

    You know, I wonder if some time ago, Katy went to a psychic (that her power-elite friends told her was "the real deal") and he said she was a reincarnation of an Egyptian deity or something.

    Then her handlers at Capitol/Universal told her they wanted to do this insane video and she got really excited!! Because, you know, destiny!!!

  46. She could have used her talent to be a Christian artist as she initially intended. To see her come to this is almost sad. Isn't it worse for believers who turn their backs to God? Does anyone knows exact scripture that says that?

    • I don't buy the media hype that Ms. Perry's parents are Christian devotees. It seem to me that they embrace more of a rock and roll lifestyle complete with hip clothing and huge designer crosses. From what I've seen of them in the media I'd not be encouraging anyone to follow their "ministry".

      • I agree. But clearly she is an MK victim also. Could be her whole background story is fake and she has been in MK since birth

      • Indeed. The background story being fake is likely. The machine loves to promote those who have supposedly turned their backs. Just like the Cyrus clan. And Jessica Simpson. What about any of those people has struck us as Christian? Sorry, I'm drawing a blank. Yet, they are "former Christian artists."
        As an example: Billy Ray decries his family being destroyed by satanic forces (in a GQ interview, for big bucks, no doubt), only to go on and praise her depraved twerk-fest, then make a video of his own glorifying the practice (his cover of "Achy Breaky Heart").

      • All good points, but I do remember that she recorded a Christian album under her former name Katy Hudson. So none of you believe that maybe she held Christian beliefs then. That's a possibility.

    • Here is the verse you are thinking of

      Hebrews 6:4-6
      New King James Version (NKJV)
      4 For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, 5 and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, 6 if they fall away,[a] to renew them again to repentance, since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God, and put Him to an open shame.

  47. Fluffy Shoemaker on

    VC :(
    you forgot to include a section about the egyptian crocodile god that katy turned into a handbag.
    I understand that Sobek was the god of pharaonic power, fertility, and military prowess but what I don't really understand is why she turned him into a…bag.

    • This suitor is presented with his face hidden, when it lifted the veil, shows its face of crocodile, is a reptile. Of genetic origin reptilian (¿?), which have genes reptilians and the reptilians that are hidden in this civilization, will be exposed, and will also be eliminated, they have nothing to offer, only his leather!, are just consumers, as the Kings and Queens of Europe, by which I understand, are not them useful for anything or anybody, and are right!

      • Fluffy Shoemaker on

        I've had my own experiences with reptilians and I'm not really surprised if they get outed soon, but I feel like if they wanted to represent reptilians in particular they would have used a lizard head and not a crocodile head that looks so similar to the depictions of Sobek.

  48. 1) Allah Most High says:
    “And there are among men, those that purchase idle tales, to mislead (men) from the path of Allah and throw ridicule. For such there will be a humiliating punishment” (Surah Luqman, V. 6).

    The great Companion Abd Allah ibn Mas’ud (Allah be pleased with him) states in the explanation of the word “idle tales”:
    “By Allah its meaning is music” (Sunan al-Bayhaqi, 1/223 & authenticated by al-Hakim in his Mustadrak, 2/411).
    Imam Ibn Abi Shayba related with his own transmission that He (Ibn Mas’ud) said:
    “I swear By Him besides whom there is no God that it refers to singing” (132/5).
    The great Companion and exegete of the Qur’an, Abd Allah ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) states:
    “The meaning of the word is music, singing and the like” (Sunan al-Bayhaqi, 1/221& Musannaf Ibn abi Shayba, 132/5).

    He also stated:
    “Music and the purchase of female singers” (Musannaf Ibn Abi Shayba, 132/5).
    Hasan al-Basri (Allah be pleased with him) said:
    “This verse was revealed in relation to singing and musical instruments” (Tafsir ibn Kathir, 3/442)

    2) Allah Most High says whilst describing the attributes of the servants of the Most Compassionate (ibad al-Rahman):
    “Those who witness no falsehood, and if they pass by futility, they pass by it with honourable avoidance” (Surah al-Furqan, V. 72).

    Imam Abu Bakr al-Jassas relates from Sayyiduna Imam Abu Hanifah (Allah be pleased with him) that the meaning of “falsehood (zur)” is music & song, (Ahkam al-Qur’an, 3/428).

    3) Allah Most High said to Shaytan:
    “Lead to destruction those whom you can among them with your (seductive) voice” (Surah al-Isra, V.64).

    One of the great exegete, Mujahid (Allah have mercy on him) interpreted the word “voice (sawt)” by music, singing, dancing and idle things. (Ruh al-Ma’ani, 15/111).
    Imam Suyuti (Allah have mercy on him) quoted Mujahid as saying: “Voice (in this verse) is singing and flute” (al-Iklil fi istinbat al-tanzil, 1444).

  49. During decades country like Russia have been satanized by the western media. It is indeed true that its imperialistic behaviour during the communism era was hideous towards the other nations in the iron curtain. Budapest 1956, Prague Spring 1968, among others come to mind. NONETHELESS, the tables have turned and this is an appropiate moment people in general learn about what is going on in our world.

    During the Sochi olympics which finished 2 days ago, atheletes from around the world came together in a sane, and pretty competition. The western attempts to boycott the games proved to be used. Even the twisted tales of how the toothpaste in Sochi's hotels would explode in any moment causing many deaths (yes, CNN did say this) weren't more than a stupid charade.

    I invite you all to compare the opening and closing ceremony of Sochi, with those of London 2012. The latter, were an invitiation to the illuminati garbage, a worldwide brainwash where many hideous elements came together in a macabre spectacle. Even Jay Z and Rihanna were part of it!!

    On the other hand, Russia has rescued the innocence and all the beauty of the human soul in both Sochi's ceremonies. In no moment there was an invitation to decadence, to the basic instict. Instead, the music, the literature, painting, the history were shown through the lense of the children. The closing moments last Sunday, were among the most beautiful I have watched.

    All I can say is thank you Russia! for we live in an age in which every single and freaking music video is nothing more than lesbo softcore. Society has come to a point of decadence, lack of talent in which the only thing that is used for attracting the masses is sex. Thank you Russia for showing the world that the human mind is much more than that! Showing that the human is capable of creating beautiful wonders that move the heart in all of its splendour. Showing the harmony between men, nature (animals, forests) and the world of dreams as one and the same. For showing, that there's still place for INNOCENCE in the planet.

    I hope more follow this example, and the decadence destroys itself. This illuminati charde is nothing short of pathetic and talentless.

    • Viktor Yushchenko on

      I'm sure the thousands driven from their homes and given little for them in order to build that fifty-billion dollar boondoggle (thirty of which went to corruption) would agree. Now they have a number of new arenas that will sit empty to show for it.
      Not to mention those being oppressed in Ukraine. Or is that all made up too?
      The slushy conditions were a joke. As were the uncompleted areas – sidewalks left unfinished, etc.
      Oh, and the usual suspects ran these games, just like the rest. Just because it was held in the tropical paradise of Sochi doesn't take away from this fact.
      The very first time I turned it on, there were pyramids all around the field of play. I'm sure there are plenty more examples, but I hardly watched as I am averse to sappy fluff pieces about pampered athletes who gobble up untold resources and devote their lives to winning by a millisecond, and the games themselves are a giant bore.

  50. "Been there, done that." said Madonna, like two Superbowls ago.

    As a child, I wanted to be an archeologist and art historian because of Egyptology from the Mummy movies my dad showed me. Now I think anyone with a sense of history can clearly see how the elite twists and perverts everything that was once held sacred.

  51. Look CAREFULLY at the gold necklaces the guy is wearing at exactly 1:15. The one on the left is the Arabic word for God (Allah). Google it. This word is extremely sacred and venerated in Islam and is only inscribed inside Mosques and holy books etc. A second later she zaps him and turns him into dust. Is this a not-so-secret agenda of the Illuminati? Declaring war on Islam and/or God?

    • Since there was major protest about the part you are referring to as being blasphemous, Katy's camp removed that necklace digitally. But like the saying goes, you can't unring a bell. Just one of many things disturbing about this video.

  52. I got Sims 3 not too long ago and I won't get the stuff packs that have to do with Katy Perry (like Sweet Treats, and I got the version of the Showtime expansion that does NOT have KP in it).

    That serpent fits right in with the account of the Garden of Eden.

  53. I noticed there are a lot of Djinns in this video serving Katy, which makes me wonder if Djinns are Fallen Angels, or are they some other creation?

    • They are a separate category of creation fashioned from fire rather than clay. They are not demons or fallen angels although there are good and bad djinns and they can be summoned to work for darker forces just as human beings can be. They can appear as small black dogs or small white elf like creatures and even though they can take human form, they don't often do this as they are often unconvincing. They usually live in isolated places such as deserts. They only gain power over human beings due to human fear. Without the fear, they fail to exert much influence

    • They are essentially what christians would call demons. Extra-dimensional beings.

      7:27 O children of Adam, let not Satan tempt you as he removed your parents from Paradise, stripping them of their raiment, to expose their shame. Indeed, he sees you, he and his tribe, from where you do not see them. Indeed, We have made the devils allies to those who do not believe.

      • 72:6 True, there were persons among mankind who took shelter with persons among the Jinns, but they increased them in folly.

        These are the people who "sell out". Think when Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth if he would just come to the dark side.

        Matthew 16:26 For what shall it profit a man though he should win the whole world, if he lose his own soul? or what shall a man give for recompense of his soul?

      • ah yes when Christ was offered all the kingdoms of the world. I don't know what other proof we need to get convinced that the kings and the arostocracy have been given their kingdoms by s*tan. And people are still royalists, ffs. They brainwash people. My father is a hardcore royalist because when he was a child he used to attend the activities organised by the royal then family.

      • No, I don't agree that they are interchangeable with demons unless they are bad jinns and the activation of their dark power relies upon the blackness of the soul of the human being who has encountered them in all cases – my companion is a trained djinn master and he is quite clear about what is the distinction. When my mother was pregnant with her first child and my father worked nights, a Djinn visited her one night – it took exactly the same form as my father but it's eyes were so obviously different plus the fact that it could reply to her but just stood there staring. She prayed hard and was relieved to see that it had gone when she next turned round. Djinn's are not generally harmful to good people but they can be persistent and difficult to remove. If anyone is afflicted by them, there are special prayers and procedures known to which they will respond in order to remove them

      • LOL djinn master. That's an oxymoron.

        6:128 And on the Day when He will gather them (all) together (and say): "O you assembly of jinns! Many did you mislead of men," and their Auliya' (friends and helpers, etc.) amongst men will say: "Our Lord! We benefited one from the other, but now we have reached our appointed term which You did appoint for us." He will say: "The Fire be your dwelling-place, you will dwell therein forever, except as Allah may will. Certainly your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing."

        It is true that they have free will, unlike Angels, and that there are good and bad jinn, much like humans, but they are of the "tribe of satan." Christians might recognize this as demons. And there is only one master of the jinn, mankind, and all of creation, that is the Creator.

      • In the sense that he performs ruqyas and has converted several bad jinn into good ones. He does not use them in dark rituals, he is a devout believer in God and blessed by God to unite nations, faiths and creation. Nowhere does it state that jinns are part of the @tribe of s at an@ Cite your source. The jinn will be subject to judgement much the same as human beings – they have been on the planet for much longer than mankind

  54. The fact that they're packing all this symbolism into very small pieces of celluloid is indicative (I think) of the fact that they're aware that we're watching them, and this is their way of saying "haha, we're still gonna keep going with this!"

    By the way, the one-eyed symbolism that we see more and more in pop-culture is of course representative of the eye above the pyramid….but more specifically, the one-eye represents the eye of Satan. Meaning, the ONE eye. He could very well be a CYCLOPS.

    Yes, a cyclops.

  55. Did anyone notice the masonic rings on the first two suitors? The first had one on his right pinky finger and the other had one on each pinky finger.

  56. at the end of the day, believer, partaker, or just consumer of this crap, it is still utterly boring and devoid of the capacity for human edification on any level. repetition and familiarity have proven reliable hooks for hominid fascination. but how long can this be sustained? in every ponzi scheme, someone loses…

    in short, Entertainment Industry: YAWN.

  57. This is hilarious. Does it never occur to you lovely people that there are women all across the world who are happy to use these symbols to come into their own and dissolve the patriarchal system we have been born into? Symbols only have as much power as you give them. Sorry you find expressions of sexuality combined with symbolism combined with silly video antics so threatening.

    • keep telling yourself that. It's funny how some people think Perry and Beyonce are into some kind of noble, feminist agenda. When they both like being portrayed as sexual puppets in other videos.

      But sure.

      "Nothing to see here move on, she's just a noble feminist"

    • I feel ashamed to be of the same gender as someone so deluded. I think you would find that many women who live in patriarchal societies would agree with me, even though the media might have convinced you that they would want to live as you do.

      • A patriarchal society is no better. Its still sexist and degrading because it limits women. Women are mothers of men, they deserve the freedom to make their own choices. Degrading yourself and using your body is not empowering, but lets not pretend that our only two options are between a sexualised world and a patriarchal world. There a plenty of women who are well educated, have a job, have a family, etc… And they don't use their body for success. Its about balance and equality for all humans regardless of age, race, looks or gender.

    • The video is aimed at pre-teen to young 20 something females. Sexual dominance over men for material gain is prostitution. Sorry, in the end, it is the prostitute who suffers. No femi-marxist utopia there.

  58. The lyric "Are you ready for… a perfect storm?" is a reference to all the storms and weird weather taking place around the world, and specifically the U.S.

  59. You didn't mention that the first suitor has a hidden necklace with Allaah written on it. Also the fact that he has one eye is very strongly indicative of the Antichrist Dajjal… A one eyed man who will claim to be God and will be followed by the world's elite.

  60. The last suitor, it is actually the current elite, is the return of Aholah, who fornicated with Egypt and Aholibah who fornicated with Babylon, is the employee Illuminati, is the masonic employee, the Zionist, which delivers and delivers what has collected, is the global elite that is saved from a genocide total, as I pass the previous ones, to his post of poodle, that is what they are in the background, pet…

    • A true christian and a true lover of Jesus (peace be upon him) would not respond like you just did. And Islam stresses the truth of Christianity and Judaism consistently in the Quran, FYI. God only condemns those who changed the words of God in the Bible to their own advantage. Please confirm the historical fact that they did so with your own learned Christian priests and scholars before speaking in un-Christian tones.

    • A million comments have been made about the Allah necklace. We get it. Move on. There are worse things going on in the world that you should be offended about. People mock Jesus all the time online and most of the time you don't see people making this big of a deal. If you dont like something, then don't watch or look. Ecerytime you look and complain, you just give them more attention which is what they want. Relax a little.

  61. Cult of Osiris = Illuminati.

    They're older than history itself. They're visited regularly by entities which claim to be gods. That's why their belief system endures – THEIR gods are REAL

  62. By ascending the top of the pyramid cap-stone she shows she has been initiated into the Mysteries as a Master Mason. The three divisions of the pyramid allude to the three steps of initiation which are past the gates (Joachin and Boaz) of the temple of wisdom. The disc with the two serpents is used throughout this video as well.

    Read Manly P. Hall's "The Lost Keys of Freemasonry" page 55 'The Master Mason'. Hall even provides an illustration bearing witness to this.

    The video also serves as a threat to the ones who submit (almuslimeena) with the destruction of the king bearing the icon of The God (Allah).

    • I thought Freemasons were the male-only secret society, with their counterpart being the Order of the Eastern Star? Do you know what rank that might be equivalent to?

      • The Mysteries have many sects/orders. Even the Law Enforcement Officers have their own Masonic Order, and in the comic series 'Civil War' it is alluded to have 33 degrees – which only Captain America and Nick Fury possess. Information hidden in plain sight.

        The Order of the Eastern Star is the Order you are thinking of, and it allows both women and men to participate in the Order.
        The degrees are still in threes, and upon attaining the 3rd degree of Master the initiate may be tapped to join another, larger branch like the Scottish Rite or the Shriners.

        All their rites are Hermetic teachings of the Mysteries.

  63. Wow. People keep saying that we are just over-thinking things and that the Illuminati isn't real. How much more BLATANT can this get? Those people are more than blinded!

  64. Anybody else watch Revolution? I've noticed MK traces and such, plus who couldforget the ever so present Eye. And I'm pretty sure Rihanna has that Isis tattoo, right? What can I say, elite mindsthink alike, I guess. Anyhow, same ol' Illuminati trend.

  65. Kate Perry! her sex-appeal captures the attention of the older crowd.?
    While I could describe myself from an older crowd, I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot barge pole!
    Coming from Jahoowood she could be diseased with unmentionable virus, like most of bimbos & boofheads in Jahoowood are infected!

    • It is EYE only on

      You say you are from an older crowd but your post sounds like it was written by a five year old. Have the Illuminati dumbed you down? Please don't question VC again, what he says is the truth.

  66. So when I noticed there were hieroglyph's on Juicy J's glasses I got very, very curious and decided to see if I could find what they mean.

    The best translation I could find was literally: LION LADY. When I tried doing some research I found the egyptian Lion Goddess. She is actually pictured in the grey and gold egyptian god scenes in the video, all the way to the left. When I was reading up on some of the goddesses, there seem to be a few closely related cat-like goddesses but one I found was quite interesting. She was considered the daughter of Ra, and also known as the Eye of Ra. The Eye of Ra is equated to the Eye of Horus, making her the goddess representation of the "All Seeing Eye." Interestingly enough, she was also considered the goddess of war, fire and vengance.

      • Yes, but if you look at Egyptian mythology the Eye of Ra is often equated to mean the same or essentially be the same symbol as the Eye of Horus. Some scholars believe there is a difference in that the Eye of Horus refers to the left eye, while the Eye of Ra refers to the right but it doesn't seem to be consistent with Egyptian mythology. It's also found that in Egyptian mythology certain things such as the sun were represented or personified by more than one god depending on the time and place in Egypt. Horus was originally the god of the sun and moon. Horus then became very closely associated with Ra and essentially became a combined deity known as Ra-Horakhty, Ra, the Horus of two horizons. This is why both the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra are equated as the same symbol, which is personified by several other gods but most commonly the as the Daughter of Ra, a Lion goddess.

  67. Katy's getting older now, she probably feels threatened with the young 'talent' coming through and is doing whatever deprived thing she can do, to stay somewhat relevant

    • All muscians would feel threatened by each other when it comes to success. But I don't think that's why Katy is doing this. She is the biggest pop star in the world right now, so I think this is the image her 'people' want her to represent. She's always had a colorful and playful image, but its become darker and more noticeable as her fame has increased. Maybe that's how they trap fans… First they appear innocent, fun and goofy and then as they continue gaining success their image gradually changes. The same thing happened with Britney Spears, Beyonce and Rihanna.

  68. When she burns the first guy/ turns him to sand, she burns him along with a pendant which is glowing and depicts the name of Allah in Arabic (In Islam and the Quran, God is referred to as Allah). Could Katy Perry be burning God's name? As a Muslim, I find that, apart from burning God's name, just using God's name in Arabic in this trashy video is very offensive.

    • I cannot speak for the wahabis or salafis but Moslems are enduring a lot worse than this and have been doing for a long time with little help or useful intervention from other groups. A trashy pop video is hardly going to dishearten them in it's own right. Katy Perry and her ilk do not really signify in the grand scheme of things. Expect more of it but the response should be not much more than peaceful condemnation. Training one's reactions in such a way can only be a useful skill as the NWO continues to unfold it's agenda

  69. Sex sells, I get it, just like Madonna had to shock people 30 years ago, this generation of performers have to sex it up. Miley is doing a great job of it, bank it while you can girls! I could care less about the magic nonsense, its just marketing. there is no such thing as the devil.

    • sex sells? I don't buy it..that's an excuse for their agenda..so who are they selling their sex to? Because I highly doubt any men are buying their CDs or buying their products ( perfumes, makeup, clothing..) so they know their target audience is young girls and they know these girls are going to buy all their products regardless so why the need to "sell sex"? Like I said its an excuse for their agenda

      • Sex sells by association.
        And for years even toddlers have been imprinted by tv-shows that dressing up like a tart and compete for attention is a great way to make a living, too.
        By the way, i once sampled a perfume marketed for kids. Horrible, parents please try before you buy :-)

    • Miley Cyrus looks like a skinny and less attractive version of Justin Bieber. There's a difference between being trashy and being sexy. You can be attractive and sexy and still have some class. Look at Rachel Weisz, Charlize Thereon, Emma Watson – all of them are much more attractive than Miley, yet they still manage to keep their clothes on! Trying too hard is not sexy – its trashy, predictable and desperate.

  70. Could be worse … imagine if it was Christian with her holding up a big cross and selling the "all powefful God that has to be worshipped" .. who "sees" everything we do and requires us to repent … not to mention that this uses colour with popstars to entice our young … Wow !! Much better when we just take them to church before they can even speak and have them baptised and confirmed instead …

  71. Could this represent the fall of the dollar followed by widespread starvation; ie. THE BLACK (dark) HORSE of Revelation 6?????

    • Also is destroying allahs name a symbol of "destroying" religions in general? And at the end replacing them with the religion of the illuminati…

  72. Something I noticed in the video that was not mentioned:

    Katy Perry's blue skirt in the video looks like a masonic apron. It has an eye shape on her groin just like the masonic apron.

    Also the guy who offered her the diamond was also wearing a pendant that said "G", which is a masonic thing as well.

  73. Dear Poster,

    Will you please consider looking into and adding relevant information about another aspect of this video? At some point, one of the "suitors" is shown to have an Arabic emblem on his torso before Katy-Patra turns him to dust. This emblem says the name of God in Arabic, which is Allah. (Translates to mean the one true God.) I find it very pertinent that this is in Arabic because of the current political tensions (a.k.a. Mass murdering) in the middle east. What do you guys think?

  74. 'Allah' in Arabic is not a proper name but literally means 'God' – i.e. it is not like 'Jehovah' but God in the abstract and does not apply exclusively to the Muslim God.

    Arabic speaking Christians and Jews use this word for God. If this symbolism means anything (and probably it doesn't – D list celebs are into their Arabic tats and such and never know what they mean) then it means an opposition to God in general.

    • Have you checked the exact letter arrangement of what he wears. I know there is a similar word in Hebrew that means something rather different but since it is written in Arabic I guess..

  75. In the Book of Revelation of Saint John among other is a pattern then play out to take over the Earth.
    1) control the money and the resources (the diamond, katy parry has literally her mouth full of diamonds)
    2) take complete control over the food supplies (food ofering)
    3) take complete control by military robotic force (drone piramid)
    4) become a good like using transhumanism and other method

    Actually the last book of the bible is the last attempt of lucifer to dethrone good an to place his throne above the stars in the place of the most high promising to gullible man to give them divine status.

  76. No surprise the illuminati has been making very good use of their MK slaves to portray their hidden messages towards their intended targets, especially the youth and kids.

    Past articles of Katy is clearly evident of this as she has done it before in "Wide Awake," now she has done it again for "Dark Horse."

    And speaking of dark horse, that so-called dark horse will eventually reveal its ugly little head in order to dominate the world and make nations bow before it which really reminds me of the biblical book of revelations according to the conclusion.

    The Egyptians were really into their occult mysticism based on their gods, especially Isis and Anubis.

  77. Did anyone also see that the first man she killed wore an Allah necklace? When he got burned, his Allah necklace lit up….. That was just so offensive.

  78. It must be mention that the real life Cleopatra was a black woman, NOT a white woman like Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie, or Katy Perry.

    • voice of reason on

      The last time I checked the Greeks were not black. You have been deceived by politically correct propaganda. Also, there were many Cleopatras. Cleopatra was a title like queen or president. Look it up.

      • blackrocker4ever on

        @voice of reason..Tony hasn't been deceived by any "politically correct propaganda"..Your response sounds seriously defensive almost like you don't want it to be true!..lol Damn…Besides it's been documented for ages that Cleopatra was a black woman..Me myself, I could careless what Cleopatra was BUT I understand WHY Tony posted what he posted because of the plain fact that it has been well documented forever that Cleopatra was black..

      • Voice of reason on

        I am not defensive. I don't care whether a famous woman is black or not. I do care about the truth, however. Fact number 1–Alexander the Great conquered most of the ancient world including Egypt. Fact number 2–after the death of Alexander the empire was divided among his generals. Ptolemy the first received Egypt. The Ptolemies were Macedonian Greeks, not Egyptians and certainly not Africans. The Cleopatra to which you refer was the seventh Cleopatra from an exceedingly incestuous family. In fact, she married her brother. The Hellenist period in Egypt was due to Greek colonization. These are all readily available facts. Where are yours?? Don't just tell me that there are ages and ages of documentation that Cleopatra is black. Tell me what it is and where to find it. I hate to say it, but you are the one who sounds defensive and angry, not I.

    • Cleopatra was Greek. She may have had an dark hair, dark eyes and an olive complexion, but she wasn't necessarily "black." She may have been more inbetween. Generally in ancient times many people had dark hair and eyes. Natural blonde and red hair have always been very rare in adulthood, except now we've got hair dye and many fake blondes (and sometimes redheads). Also while Cleopatra was probably considered beautiful in her era, many people today would probably not rate her as anything special at all.

  79. It's a lighthearted video about a mysterious and dangerous woman using pseudo-Egyptian symbolism. That's it. Symbols do not have magic powers. They mean what the people who use them think they mean. What possible reason could a secret society have to risk discovery by leaving cryptic clues that the average shmo could decipher?

  80. I don't know if anyone else noticed. But it seems Katy-Patra burns these men to turn their soul into an object so she could put it in her mouth. So, to me it seems she easts the soul of these favor-searchers.

  81. One wonders when women in the west will wake up to the fact that they have been mis-sold this oppressive system called feminism and the freedom and satisfaction which it promises is only an illusion. It leads to women forcing themselves to compete against men in areas of life where they do not have a natural advantage and sacrificing the wonderful things which would afford them true happiness and help them to be appreciative of their true competence. What is the value of displaying your body in a vulgar fashion and using it for reasons other than it's intended purpose and de-feminising your behavior by swearing, drinking and fornicating? When are they going to figure out that the ungodliness of such behavior will necessarily yield unhappiness?

    • I have mixed feelings about this. I am not from the west, but I currently live in the west. I see the pros and cons of feminism. Women should be able to vote, work and own property rather than being owned. Such rights are not guarantees of fulfillment to anyone, woman or man, they are just basic interactions in modern society that work better when half of the population isn't waiting for the other to endorse their every move. Now I think something like casual sex for women snuck with the good ideas and it's a terrible, costly joke on some of them.

      "It leads to women forcing themselves to compete against men in areas of life where they do not have a natural advantage and sacrificing the wonderful things which would afford them true happiness and help them to be appreciative of their true competence."

      I don't want to presume what you mean, but if you mean staying home & family vs. working this is a subjective thing. And the seeming "natural advantage" could be the constructed bias of history and society. And "true happiness" and "true competence" has not been the reported experiences of all. And if it is, sometimes men husbands die or divorce you. Then what?

      " What is the value of … using [your body] for reasons other than it's intended purpose and de-feminising your behavior by swearing, drinking and fornicating?"

      Swearing, drinking and fornication are not de-feminising specifically, they are de-humanising.
      What is a body's intended purpose?

      "One wonders when women in the west will wake up to the fact that they have been mis-sold this oppressive system called feminism and the freedom and satisfaction which it promises is only an illusion."

      Any system can be oppressive, even a religious one! What has happened is the oppressive element of the world is using feminism to its ends. Whenever Miley is showing us her under-butt, feminism isn't the reason, it's the excuse. By linking bad behaviour to feminism, those in power benefit two ways:
      – bad behaviour;
      – discredit feminism, even the parts that save women and children and elevate the community as a whole.

      • Thank you for your thoughts regarding my post. Admittedly, I have always been economically independent so it is hard for me to understand what it must feel like to be oppressed by a warped individual who uses money to control you over several years. I have never voted either even when it was still rather fashionable and as time goes on, the chances of me doing so diminish by the day. I don't think that natural competencies are the result of longstanding social conditioning and coding via the media. I think that God has created these differences and we ignore them at our peril. Given the state of this civilization, bringing up baby is the only real chance given to most of us to gain a palpable sense of the divine in our daily lives.

        I suppose what I wanted to say was that if one makes a choice to become a mother than at least until school age, they should throw themselves into the role full-time and that would be compulsory if I had my way.
        It is actually MUCH EASIER for women to drop off their babies at daycare and return to the workplace (many have privately admitted this) but it is an inferior choice for children every time – childcare does not love you back, they may give you what is materially necessary but even a young baby knows that this is different to the priceless love of a parent.
        A lot of dissatisfaction with looking after young children arises due to the fact that the mothers are following a negative line of thought where they are overly concerned about not maximizing their material gains/not realizing their career ambitions/not exploiting their human capital whilst they are raising children. It is a specific type of self-absorbed, self-punitive and inter-personally comparative frustration which has more to do with the fact that they are not at peace within their own souls to begin with.
        You are right to identify that drinking and fornication are not specifically de-feminizing but the basic premise underlying your argument appears to be that men and women are the same in an innate sense and have exactly the same obligations in this life and beyond; this runs contrary to both my faith and experience. The consequences for the child are far more severe when it is the mother engaging in such behavior. It must surely be the reason why men are allowed up to four wives in Islam, for example. Women's bodies are meant to be purer because we are solely vital to the development of our babies after gestation and what we consume and how we behave will directly influence the outcome for the rest of their lives. The same applies when we nurse our babies which ideally should be for several alcohol/drug free years to provide them with the best nourishment. An errant father, though deeply objectionable, could never cause as much damage to a child as a mother behaving in exactly the same way.
        Feminism not only promotes the self-absorption, self-punition and inter-personally comparative frustration, it excuses it and openly celebrates it.

      • Thank you, too, for your thoughtful reply. The work vs. family debates tend to devolve very quickly due to defensiveness on the part of the workers, and the mothers, and, of course, the working mothers.

        I agree very much that the first years are the most formative, that the child suffers most due to the misbehaviour of the nurturing parent, that perhaps parents should actively choose to have children with the full knowledge that splitting their energies may lead to either work or family getting shorted if they chose to have both. I even shy from making the last statement because, even though it’s common sense that you cannot split your time between two tasks and get the same results you'd get from concentrating on one, I made my choice long ago to not have children so I don't truly know what it’s like to find out you are expecting, have children, and make such decisions. If I were to get pregnant, I would happily stay home and raise my child– then again, who knows what my and my husband's circumstances will be economically. There are just too many variables to make a finite decision– I mean beyond my not having children, which is not borne of hatred of children or irresponsibility or incapability, but pure pessimism.

        Daycare makes me sad, but sometimes the mother is the only one who can work. What makes me sadder still is a mother with a demanding career who leaves the child(ren) to the care of a nanny who in turn is kept away from her children; it's like the domino of sadness. The saddest is people who have children as an extension of their narcissism.

        People who are dissatisfied having children might just be dissatisfied in general. Or maybe they believed all those people who told them they SHOULD have children when they didn't want to. Those are the ones who should have gone to work, where they might also be dissatisfied, but at least it was of their choosing. [If they had a choice, which feminism gives.]

        "Given the state of this civilization, bringing up baby is the only real chance given to most of us to gain a palpable sense of the divine in our daily lives."

        I love, love the honesty in this. I think that the economically disadvantaged keep having more children than everyone else, not only because some of them are more traditional, but because children are the only wealth they will ever taste– I don't mean in terms of having farmhands: children give a sense of abundance.

        The community I come from is traditional. In my grandmother's village, children were considered a blessing, even from an unwed mother, rare as that was. The women fully knew that the raising of the children was up to them; they might've even preferred it. They worked their farms and raised their children together, those original working mothers.

      • I apologise for going on. But one more thing, I really liked your last sentence:

        “Feminism not only promotes the self-absorption, self-punition and inter-personally comparative frustration, it excuses it and openly celebrates it.”

        I watched this program called Makers: Women Who Make America. Two quotes from women remain with me. One young woman from 50s/60s said, to paraphrase, “The idea that I could be an agent in my own life was revolutionary,” which almost made me cry, the lifting of despondency in her voice. Another was from a woman who started working her high-flying career after having children only to find that, to her surprise, she hated it.

        So, yes, you are right that feminism shouldn’t be about being just as free or selfish as men can be, and it also shouldn’t be about driving women to be superwomen.

        Best to you.

    • Drinking, swearing and fornicating – okay when done by men, but bad when done by women??? The only field where women have "no natural advantage" against men is everything that requires muscle power. Full stop. Women are NOT performing poorer in university or in business. Even in politics they can have a lot of impact, when they are not sabotaged. The question is why conservative macho mobbers feel the need to put male and female of one and the same species in a competition. It is about running and enriching society together. Take a look at fundamentally religious societies in the near east where women have no say whatsoever and are merely the property of men, defenseless against the male whim. Doesn't look so good there, does it? Why should only half of humanity run the world? It's not like women are wombs with walnut sized brains. Btw, there are studies proving that children don't suffer from having a working mum.
      Regarding the sexual exploitation: women are not the dumb puppets that people like Adam Weisshaupt claimed they were. We have become smart about the media brainwash and I don't know a single women who aspires to writhe naked on a pole. So, put the selfless, submissive woman on a pedestal as much as you like, if makes you feel better. Reality is two steps ahead of you.

      • “The only field where women have "no natural advantage" against men is everything that requires muscle power. Women are NOT performing poorer in university or in business."

        I agree. I study and work with a number of female scientists and they would be surprised to know that the fields they are excelling in are ones they supposedly have no facility for– it would be to their credit, then! My academic advisor once gave the undergrads a talk to inform them that, however arrogant and dismissive the guys got, the fact was that the girls were outperforming them. I think the hostility we find in academics/work is basic macho shit just more eruditely expressed.

        "The question is why conservative macho mobbers feel the need to put male and female of one and the same species in a competition."

        When they define manhood as opposite of womanhood, women coming into previously demarcated male territory are in for a fight. People will fight to preserve their identity, and presumed self-worth, as much as for their life.

        They pit the sexes together because it would be too much work to redefine manhood or womanhood. Of course they are keen to define personhood because it conserves the definition of womanhood as child-bearer.

      • Key, I am really moved by your thoughtful response. I guess that only God can see around corners and having babies is a leap into the unknown for most people. i do agree that the ideal situation is to have a family structure and/or support network around you which ensures that circumstances do not restrict your choices as a parent. My mother is a staunch feminist and made it crystal clear how dreadful/tiring/financially draining/isolated an experience it would be and that she would not be regularly babysitting because she was glad to finally have her own space which I did not resent because we understand one another really well; consequently, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that my experience was a lot more rosy and positive than what I was told to expect! I also learned to be autonomous in the face of illness and other setbacks, knowing that I was the primary care-giver and also the safety net, however well-functioning. I recall in particular a time when I was truly incapacitated but somehow managed to sleepwalk out into the garden with a sick bowl in one hand, pick apples, steam them up and puree them for my weaning baby, not forgetting the sprinkling of cinnamon! I was lucky to have economic independence but I know of mothers better off than myself who absolutely need the validation and support of other adults and fail to function altogether if they are not able to find it. Even now, i tell myself that you are NOT allowed to do sick/tired/fed-up …ever and touch wood, I manage it as best I can – I suppose I MK myself to perform my role to a minimum standard without accounting for the condition of the human machine.

    • in nany educational institutions girls are (on average) actually performing better than boys and there are more women at University in some countries. Even in many non-Western countries where girls go to school, they tend to do quite well there. So academically women are just as capable as men. Physically men are stronger on average, but that doesn't mean all men are strong and all women are weak. I think its benefical for everyone to live in a society that fosters equality and gives young children the same opportunities regardless of their gender. Women should be economically independent because it allows them to have some freedom and if their partner dies or leaves them, they will still have their own money to live their life. Feminism has done girls/women a lot of good by raising important issues in society and offering women more access to education, work and voting rights – all of which are human rights. I don't look at things from the perspective of feminism… I look at it from the perspective of freedom and human rights. These days a lot of people do things and use feminism as an excuse to say they are "expressing" themselves. For example Miley Cyrus's antics are more degrading than empowering, and the idea of this type of behaviour being feminism is just being used to make feminism look bad.

      • Yes, human rights are more than point than feminism as a goal in itself.

        “Physically men are stronger on average, but that doesn't mean all men are strong and all women are weak. I think its beneficial for everyone to live in a society that fosters equality and gives young children the same opportunities regardless of their gender.”

        If there were no moulds to fill, then men and women would spend less time on enhancing their maleness and femaleness and perhaps become more elevated beings. And there would be less advertising! And more children fully-engaged in school!

  82. Haha, I knew this would be covered. The video is like a page out of the Illuminati-Mk-Ultra schoolbook for elementary school. You know what I also noticed. Katy Perry's eyes are getting emptier and emptier.

  83. Muhammmad Yunas Khan on

    This is a real Satan in the form of a human being which is the Akin of Anti Christ nearly to be appeared as imposter in front of the World.

  84. Abe Likes Truth on

    The black horse is straight out from the book of Revelation:

    Rev 6:5-6 "And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine."

    "Ok great. Thanks for the comment, Bible Thumper. What the heck does this mean?"

    Wheat is the main ingredient for bread. Who is bread? Christ says in John 6:51 "I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world."

    Barley symbolizes bringing our sins to remembrance: Num_5:15 "Then shall the man bring his wife unto the priest, and he shall bring her offering for her, the tenth part of an ephah of barley meal; he shall pour no oil upon it, nor put frankincense thereon; for it is an offering of jealousy, an offering of memorial, bringing iniquity to remembrance."

    Oil symbolizes the Holy Spirit Exo_30:25 "And thou shalt make it an oil of holy ointment, an ointment compound after the art of the apothecary: it shall be an holy anointing oil."

    Wine symbolizes the cleansing of our sins by the blood of Jesus Christ: Mat 26:27-29 "And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it; For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom."

    "Ok, so what? What does all this mean?"

    The black horse is the selling of salvation, beginning with the selling of indulgences by the Pope (you'll recall that is what set Martin Luther off, and ultimately kicked off the reformation of Christianity). Even so, the truth of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the cleansing of our sins has not been removed (oil and wine). So how does this tie in to what is happening today? The selling of "salvation" will happen once again. How? By promoting a polluted gospel which states that Christ and the moral law (the ten commandments) are totally separated, and that we only need to believe in Christ, and to come together as a world on those grounds. This is where the NWO will base its one-world religion. Read the book of Romans and you will understand that Christ and the moral law are inseparable. If there was no law, why would there be a judgement themed throughout the entire Bible? How can a man be judged if there is no law? The black horse is ensnarement of the mind; a cheap counterfeit gospel; a lie. Listen to (or read) Katy Perry's lyrics carefully. There is talk of another woman that will be "lulled to sleep"; that will not get her "knight in shining armor". The woman is the church, and the knight in shining armor is none other than Jesus.

    Reads crazy I know. But this is the truth that I have come to understand. I'm sorry if this looks like a lengthy post meant to exalt my thinking; I can assure you that it is not. This is the truth. God bless you if this stirs a desire in you to go and search scripture. God bless.

    • i should add that by that version a direct sequence of signs
      for predictions is made of signs from 6:1 up to verse 6:15
      which by our context describes
      nuclear war or some type of asteroid strike ect. on the planet

      now the question is if you believe this will it happen or
      if its not will you make it happen ?
      most people are quite unstable do you think smart, rich or powerful people are any different.
      and there my friend is wisdom

  85. I think that what's 'holy' are the simple small edifying things in life. These fantasy power-trip videos celebrate anything but that. There are no good simple moments shared with friends & family here, no heart-felt devotion & humility & love for peace & nature anywhere to be found. It's just raw delusional power-tripping. I think that's how I tell "good" from "bad" nowadays — Asking, what is this celebrating? This stuff is presented as all "fun & games" for children, but…. these are really distorted crazy messages that are going to leave kids wondering "what WAS that"? And lead them AWAY from contentment with the simple things in life, towards a weird world where they "want something more…" but don't know what….

    They then become, as they grown, great candidates for the "mystery" religions that promise to explain these "seed symbols" they've been exposed to further…

    My two cents.

  86. I have a hunch that these female celebrities are not only in the Eastern Star but a secret branch of Masonry that involves both men and women, and that is "Egyptian Masonry" or the "Egyptian Masonic Rite". Egyptian Masonry was brought about into the modern age by a magician, and one of the greatest occult figures of all time Count Cagliostro.
    A great deal of mystery surrounded the doings of Egyptian Masonry, but there is more information in An Encyclopedia of Occultism by Lewis Spence on pages 85-92.
    This is not just regular Freemasonry IMHO.

    • A lot of them in Hollywood are in fact witches. American Horror Story Coven gave us a glimpse into their sick world of witchcraft.

  87. the first guy who gives katy a diamond looks like the one in Gaga's Judas video; Not new thing i guess they always swith models.. or maybe the models become tainted… anyways the point is That Guy Wears a Locket of God's Name.. ALLAH.. before he turns into dust, theres plenty of time to notice that locket pandent.

  88. whats the difference between the eye within the triangle or outside of it or it being enclosed
    there seems to be some sort of code there or meaning to that

    oh ya that guy above i comment back but the post is delayed
    that isnt what that quote says in the older text
    google up the geneva bible 1599 its far different its quite worth a look even if your not religious
    which im not it is basically a prophecy of signs rev 6:1 to 15 previous to nuclear war

    id lay down a link but i think it suspends the post for that

  89. Does the big diamond symbolize something? I recall I read something about Marilyn Monroe and diamonds on this very site months ago when I began to follow it.

    This is my first post. Keep up the good work, man.

    • Yes, it does. Diamonds are referred to the MK slaves who are used in very high-ranking social environments, mostly in political environment. MM was maybe one of the first experiment in this way. Diamond programming shows that the slaves could be used as a high priced call girl to super elite people. I found this definition on the web:

      "Jewels programming

      Diamond is the highest gemstone, and not all children will earn it. It is considered a high achievement. and may not be earned until adulthood, after passing rigorous tasks. It will be the controlling alter in a gemstone system. A diamond has passed all twelve steps of discipline, plus passed unusual tests and will have highest family loyalty."

      Hope it helps. :)

  90. I'm confused on why this symbolism is so scary. They make it obvious so that people get questions and search for answers that way they can make up their decision. Like maybe to get ppl to realize the establishment needs to be questioned. Make decisions for themselves. Be a god in their world instead of aimlessly wandering around wasting their lives. GOD made man in his image…what is GODS image? Is it GODLY? How do people miss that? Open your eyes…the Illuminati are not the establishment. No matter how much you want to believe that. Maybe they are an til establishment…and they want ppl to take control of their lives so the govt. Can stop trying to steal their money and disperse it to ppl who refuse to take responsibility for themselves. Not all who are getting help aren't this way but most are. How many ppl on assistance have expensive shit they can't afford.

    • All the puppets seems so nice in the beginning.
      I loved Katy Perry because she was always so positive, sometimes a bit weird (I kissed a girl), but always innocent. But thats how it starts. They start off as innocent and sweet, they get a bunch of fans who will remain true to them and then they can do anything they want.
      You can almost tell for sure Rita is one too because she works with Jay Z. He's one of the biggest….

  91. The Egyptian symbolism here is very masonic. Many masonic temples have Egyptian designs. They are really into the ancient mystery religions of Egypt and Babylon. Many popular females are often dressed as Isis or Cleopatra… Elizabeth Taylor, Cher Bono, or Kim Kardashion to name a few. They usually pick beautiful women with dark hair, and many of these women are accused of being mind controlled. Does this mean that the occult elite are ALL masons? Every music video is masonic, masonic, masonic! What do masons have to do with music anyway?

  92. Demonizing and white washing Ancient African culture, none of the symbols are bad but wiping the African faces from them is. That's the problem all religion come from these symbols but again white people are demonizing it and calling it "illuminati".

  93. The guy with symbol between his nipples might be King Tut and her son. This video could also be (unintended) why the wisdom of Egypt when so misused caused the down fall eventualy of Egypt.

  94. Seems to me that after she if offered the diamond, the food and drink are probably symbolic of the body and blood of Christ. This is offered to her, closely resembling when Moses approached Pharoah, yet Katy turns down what is symbolic for Christ and salvation. His is followed by a man representing Satan who offers her power, which she receives and is then lifted up to the top of the mountain so to say. Yet we know Satan Is a liar. His power is incompatible to the power of the Holy Spirit. And the Kingdom of God reigns forever. This way has already been won. We can watch the enemy play it all out but he already played it into the hands of our Redeemer. JESUS IS LORD AND ALL POWER IS HIS, and as blood bought daughter this power is mine now too. And I will be a vessel in these end times for His Glory. We ain't seen nothin yet. This is just the weak, intimidated and doomed little devil making all the noise and show he can before the ultimate ddefeat and end to his crap. Amen

  95. My apologies for not proofreading! Let's try this again!

    Seems to me that after she if offered the diamond, the food and drink are probably symbolic of the body and blood of Christ. This is offered to her, closely resembling when Moses approached Pharoah, yet Katy turns down what is symbolic for Christ and salvation. This is followed by a man representing Satan who offers her power, which she receives and is then lifted up to the top of the mountain so to say. Yet we know Satan Is a liar. His power is incomparible to the power of the Holy Spirit. And the Kingdom of God reigns forever. This war has already been won. We can watch the enemy play it all out but he already played it into the hands of our Redeemer. JESUS IS LORD AND ALL POWER IS HIS, and as a blood bought daughter this power is mine now too. And I will be a vessel in these end times for His Glory. We ain't seen nothin yet. This is just the weak, intimidated and doomed little devil making all the noise and show he can before the ultimate defeat and end to his crap. Amen

  96. Right, I realized this yesterday – the whole Moslem connection alludes to the fact that there is a misguided theory circulating on YouTube and such like which claims that the Moslem messiah is the Djaal and that they are not awaiting the return of the same messiah as the Christians as documented in both of their holy books. That is why she is shown to be destroying a one-eyed Moslem man. It is merely toying with that theory which of course, I do not endorse myself.

  97. Utterly Blasphemous! how can she not realise what she is doing? I dread to think what her parents must be feeling especially as her father is a pastor.

      • That's true but if her dad found out she did this, I'm sure he'd be pissed off too.

      • No!! She is luckier than most of the fan base she leads astray. Unlike them, she has a concrete foundation to which she will probably return one day. However, she leads them astray with no anchor. It makes it all the more unforgiveable.

  98. Hey yall, im new here and have a question. What is this actualy doing to people who watch it? I mean, why are they iluminati putting this stuff in music videos? Thanks.

  99. I flagged the video to Youtube.
    Don't know if they will do anything about it but if we all just flag the video maybe they look in to it.
    Its messed up if this kind of propaganda videos can be on such popular site as YouTube

  100. Not to mention her dress looks like mason ritualistic clothing when shes in the the throne room standing up, there's a scene where she does the Marline Monroe dress thing, and her cobra hat looks a lot like Mickey mouse ears.

  101. i think the guy bring the fake diamond. that's why he's been destroyed by katy. same goes to the guy who bring foods. he didn't bring any drinks, that's makes katy become angry. the only thing that makes me wonder is why they wear Diadora sport shoes???

  102. The Bible teaches occultism. Occult means knowledge of the paranormal. The Bible is filled with prophets (Elijah), people who could dream of the future (Joseph), people who performed magic (miracles), used astrology (the Wise Men using stars to be notified of Christ's birth), alchemy (Numbers 21:8-9), blood sacrifices (slaughtering of lambs), etc.

    Does anyone find it odd, that we supposedly can't find modern day prophets, people who perform miracles, etc.? They exist and they exist within "occult" societies. Occult magic is neither good or bad, but rather made so by a person's intention behind using it. If a whole part of society is using it for evil purposes, they would be wise to do their best to demonize occult practice to make sure they aren't discovered and the powers they use are used for good.

    It's like the child who is eating a piece of cake and their sibling wants them to share it with them. The child eating the cake says, "You don't want this, it tastes awful!"

    Studying history, the modern day church and its dogma is an institution born out of the same society that developed the Illuminati. Why else is the Vatican so filthy rich? While it's a movie, "The Book of Eli," illustrates the power behind controlling the writing of the Bible. I'd suggest learning about the secrecy of both the Church and Church's doctrine throughout history. The Council of Nicaea is a good starting point.

    • Those who performed miracles in the Bible did so in the name of God and by his will alone. None of these people were practicioners of magic or students of the occult.

      Deuteronomy 18:10 Let none be found among you that maketh his son or his daughter to go thorough the fire, or that useth witchcraft, or a regarder of times, or a marker of the flying of fowls, or a sorcerer, 11 Or a charmer, or that counseleth with spirits, or a soothsayer, or that asketh counsel at the dead. 12 For all that do such things are abomination unto the Lord, and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth cast them out before thee.

      Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that speak good of evil, and evil of good, which put darkness for light, and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for sour. 21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight.

      2 Thessalonians 2:11 And therefore God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie, 12 That all they might be damned which believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

      • Occult: knowledge of the paranormal

        Are you suggesting people in the Bible did not perform acts that were paranormal?

        Occult: of, involving, or relating to supernatural, mystical, or magical powers or phenomena.

        Are you suggesting that Moses, Joseph, David, Jesus, Peter, Paul, etc. did not have supernatural beliefs, practices or powers as a result of their belief in God?

        "Those who performed miracles in the Bible did so in the name of God and by his will alone."

        Are miracles supernatural acts and phenomena?

        At the end of the day, you're dealing with linguistics, which will always be subjective given the end users. Even the Bible (and as a result God) is not the same among Christians as different denominations have different beliefs and understandings based on the same book. The Arian controversy is a beautiful example of this as was the whole Council of Nicea.

        Which brings me back to my original point. Occult is a matter of linguistic interpretation. The use of the occult and whether it is evil is all about intention. If it's God's will, it's a "miracle." If it's self-serving (the root of evil), it's most likely your definition of magic.

        But of course it's bad, because the same institutions who use it…the same institutions that hide behind the Vatican, say it's bad.

      • erm the ones that are gifted by God they use their potential to help people. The occultists to harm them, mske money, show off and so on. There is a massive difference.

      • Occult: 1530s, "secret, not divulged," from Middle French occulte and directly from Latin occultus "hidden, concealed, secret," past participle of occulere "cover over, conceal," from ob "over" (see ob-) + a verb related to celare "to hide," from PIE root *kel- "to hide" (see cell). Meaning "not apprehended by the mind, beyond the range of understanding" is from 1540s. The association with the supernatural sciences (magic, alchemy, astrology, etc.) dates from 1630s. The occult (from the Latin word occultus "clandestine, hidden, secret") is "knowledge of the hidden".

        I am not suggesting that paranormal/supernatural things didn't take place at the time of the bible. I'm not even suggesting that paranormal things don't happen today. I am suggesting that "occult" and supernatural phenomenon are seperate things. I'm saying these people weren't practicing the occult. I would hardly call following a star practicing astrology, but hey, maybe by your linguistic interpretation…

    • "The Truth", I thought I was the only one outside the evil "circuit" who understood this. VERY astute observations indeed. Same with the "Inquisition" and charging innocent people with "devil worship". The Inquisitors themselves were likely and knowingly in league with Satan.

  103. Enough. If they really existed they wouldn't be so damn obvious. Katy Perry(and other celebrities) wants you to think that she is part of this all powerful group/society/elite whatever thing because it's cool. I bet she's reading this site.

  104. I still can't seem to figure out why it is any of our business who the stars choose to worship or who they don't choose to worship. Why is it such a big deal? Who cares? Sure, it's everywhere. Sure, it's hidden in plain sight. But why do we care so much? What difference does it make? Everyone has their own beliefs; if all of the stars have chosen these beliefs, who are we to criticize or judge how it affects their "artistic expression?"

  105. frequent reader on

    This makes me so depressed. I feel as if I'm just counting down the days to when police forces will break down our doors and the elite will force us worship the devil. Is it me, or is the fact that pop music is becoming more blatant means that the end is nigh (near)? :(

  106. Hi everyone. Great site VC, very interesting. I do have a question about all of this though as I'm pretty new to it so have more than likely missed something. Am I right in saying that the modern Illuminati is a Satanic organization? If that's so, why would they use symbology from ancient polytheist religions which predate Christianity?
    Hope someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.

    • Do your fucking research!!!! Satanic is old as the world and he was in everything. His cam you say it was before Christianity when it has been around since world began and god made the earth dumb ass??!??

      • Ingodwetrust….. Relax and point him in the right direction. Help a brother out. God would prefer that than name calling

    • Here is the right direction:
      1.Search 'swallowingthecamel' for a good insight into the origins of the mk ultra mind programming myth, as well as what is probably the most thorough debunking of the original perpetrators, as you're likely to find. Bonus points for learning about what a loser Fritz Springmeier is.
      2. The 'illuminati' is essentially the 'secret satanic brotherhood of ancient and unknown origin' myth, this is a really old one: search 'Leo Taxil' for a similar account that was perpetrated, admitted to and part of official record…a few hundred years ago. There are other insights to be gained on this one too.
      3. Realise this all just a series of hoaxes that are so old people have largely forgotten about them.
      4. Realise how many people believe them.
      5. Ponder the wisdom in the saying 'There's a fool born every minute.'
      6. Feel 'enlightened'.
      7. Wonder idly if this means you are now also part of the illuminati.
      8. Look around and decide you probably aren't.
      9. Browse something else.

      You're welcome.

  107. This is so blatant and brazen, it's like the elite are relishing in taking the piss so much – unbelievable! Yet if this article (with background information from the rest of this website) was shown to the average Joe, they would mindlessly say, "Oh stop it with the conspiracy theories, already!"

  108. Record company Creative #1: We need to make a hit video for Katy Perry… But we're all out of ideas! What to do what to do?
    Creative #2: I have a great idea! Why don't we go see what kind of thing pees off that VC guy and base our video on that? That will make her video sooooooooooooooooo popular! Because, yanno, everyone reads that kooky site. WIN!!!
    Creative #1: Hella yes!!!! *BRO FIST*

    Sure, whatever you say. ¬_¬

    Dude, there are over 100 employees on my shift at my workplace, and I can tell you, not one of them would have any idea about this site and the things it discusses. When I point out the creepiness of the graphic on the Monsters University pyjamas we sell, they have no idea what I'm talking about. Most people DO NOT question anything. To them, those of us who do are just kooks with tinfoil hats or something.

  109. I think perpetuating these silly theories has led to a larger following in the digital age. The PR people will have taken note. Sites will post articles that yell and condemn. There will be anger and conjecture frothing aplenty. And of course pop stars who want to have an 'edgy', rebellious image will be told by their PR people what the trends are…

    If you keep propagating these myths, they will create space in the spotlight that outrageous pop stars will exploit them to grab at that spotlight space themselves.

  110. I'm sure it was happily chosen to have the video take place in Ancient Egypt as the symbols are within their original realms and they therefore wouldn't look weird or out of place. But it still backfired, ha.

  111. In the Arcana Of Freemasonry by Albert Churchward circa 1915, He states in his chapter The Origin and Explanation of some Masonic signs and symbols, between pages 169 -177, He does say that the 6 pointed star with the eye or dot in the middle as well as the single triangle pointing heavenward, are not only symbolic of their T.G.A.O.T.U, which is Horus (pages 174-175), but also Egyptian.

  112. I think the blonde isn't supposed to represent her, but the person with the most power (with blonde hair) that she wants to be in place of. She looks vengeful and ready to fight for the spot on top, so she made the holder of the pyramid her bitch.

    • Magick ritual necessarily involves blonde-haired women. Ties in with many occult systems including the best known ones such as Naziism.

  113. pls somebody answers on

    Are they trying to brand the illuminati? because in the recent GTA,and now this,are they pushing the envelope to make illuminarti trendy and make people consent to to tyranny?

  114. I believe that the illuminati is real but I definatly dont believe in all this ancient egypt bs. Why is it when ever black ppl have done something amazing and incredible it gets brushed under the carpet or passed off as aliens / devil worship? The illuminati use the ancient egyptians as a cover up! Do you people actually believe they sit around making littlw triangles with eyes in it?

  115. I can't help but wonder what the beginning of this song would sound like, if played BACKWARDS? If anyone has the software to do that, I'd like to know if you find anything worth noting. That part of the song sounds….off…to me.

  116. if you pay attention , the guy with one eye who gives her the diamond , where some kind of chain/necklace with the word " Allah " in Arabic , which means the name of God in Islam . I think it's kinda offensive maybe .

  117. First I would like to point out that anywhere you look nowadays in the secular world be it Katy Perry music videos or even advertising for fast food you will see if you know what you are looking for signs and marks of satan. Like so many have already commented this is nothing new but it is steadily getting more bold and spreading like a cancer. The bottom line however is that as believers in Christ we are not to concern ourselves with what's going on in the enemy's camp or what weapons they are trying to craft-but rather flee from the very hint of it and focus on God's plan for our lives and seek how He might use us for His cause which of course is to save as many souls as possible for His kingdom.

    Second, the Bible plainly states that their have been many anti-christs all through history. 2 John 1:7 says, "Many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh; any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist!" So this means that yes their will be an "antichrist" in the "end" times but it also means that we have had antichrists through every generation of humankind. So again, nothing new-as believers in Christ no matter what age you lived in/through you were up against satan in some shape or form- if anything we should take heart as people living in what I believe to be very close to the "end of days" time, for as people who live in these times we will witness our enemy having no choice but to reveal himself more than ever and in doing so strengthening not weakening the followers of Christ faith as well as resolve to not give evil any place in our hearts-

    Third and lastly-I have read the debacle centering around Allah and Islam, Christianity, etc…all through these posts and I have a few questions for those people who seem confused or even hateful towards one another concerning their beliefs- 1. If you truly believe in Christ and love him and follow him then how in the world do you have hate instead of a prayer for your fellow human in your heart??? 2. If you believe in Jesus then I assume you have read the bible- which clearly states that God has sheep in many different flocks:for those of you who don't understand what this means here's a very simple translation-God has people(sheep) in many different religions/churches/faiths(flocks). 3. How could a religion claiming to believe in Jesus ever even consider murdering or killing people from other faiths in the name of Jesus who beseeched ALL of us who want to follow and honor Him to love one another as the greatest commandment of all? The same God who said Judge not lest you be judged first…..If you believe in God then you leave the justice and punishment to God and do your one and only job-truly loving one another and living the most God honoring life you can through the holy spirit which is granted to all who ask and seek for it- 4. No believer in God should ever fear the "other" side for when your foundation is built upon faith and belief in God, the creator of the universe, your very existence, the planet you walk upon, etc….then absolutely nothing can touch you other than what our heavenly father permits-be bad or good you are in his hands and he has plans for you- that being said I always pray to be blessed and not tested for I am so weak and frail- I pray blessings, love and the blessings of our creator on everyone in this chat room and also Katy Perry-Let us all do the work commanded of us to do-love and pray for one another that not one of us will be lost to satan's wiles and evil schemes- and always remember God is the great I AM, not the great I was, or used to be or will be but the GREAT I AM- the ever present and loving God that is waiting for you to let him in and be allowed to love you, take care of you, transform your life and give you hope and an awesome destiny that you cannot fathom and won't be able to believe even after it is realized-

  118. Its not the Illuminati pulling the strings. There is no "secret club". Its just the Jews doing their thing…

    • Jews come in many races and factions and they are far from being united in their outlook. Watch out for the Ashkenazi zionists, not the pious followers of the Torah. In particular, the Levis are bad news. i had the displeasure of working alongside one for a few years and every day without fail, he would round up his brothers in faith holding a newspaper to discuss what they (the Palestinians) are doing to 'us' (the Israelis). He did not seem to mind in the least that I was close by and may be feeling uncomfortable. He was not Israeli in any case, just a dyed-in-the-wool Zio. A few years later, another financial institution, another Levi (not related) and exactly the same thing. I have been on Levi-watch ever since and I have yet to meet a good one.

    • Im not Jewish, not even close, but stop blaming the Jews on all your problems! Its so easy to pin the blame on one target, but guess what? Good and bad people can be found in every race. And not all Jews are the same or share the same background. There are innocent Jewish kids out there and they don't deserve to deal with discrimination and hate.

  119. I feel now like VC is the only one who can guide us through this satanic nightmare. His words are strong and truthful and comforting! I hate all the things on TV with the Illuminati and their hidden agenda and I would follow VC if he was my pastor, teacher and maybe something more 😉

    • And this is how cults are formed. A charismatic leader who speaks some amount of truth. Not that I'm saying VC is charismatic; I don't know him/her. But she/he is quite funny.

      Yes, I know you are joking.

      • Only dumb people are in cults and I'm not dumb. You are being very disrespectful to VC and I think you need to think about what you post more.

      • You are correct: I should think about what I post more, as should everyone.

        I sense that you are quite young, so please don't be offended. If you remember anything of this exchange it should be to think for yourself and not be quick to follow anyone just because they are saying some true things. Many, many intelligent people fall into cults, many good people, many kind people, many lonely people. The whole point of the VC website is to think not just about what people are saying to your face but also what they are slyly showing in the form of symbols and then consciously use your mind and soul to discern the truth. I think VC would want you to do this with every media message you receive, even his.

      • Actually, i read your post as ironic. Especcially for the ''.. and maybe something more 😉 ..'' part.
        Might be my filthy mind, but i read innuendo in it.

    • Always Curious on

      I have 2say I agree with u wholeheartedly. And its nice 2not be the only one noticing the little things that are happening in the world not just in the music industry

    • The only guidance comes from God. I ask that the creator continues to guide VC and aid to open eyes in these trying times.

      2 Timothy 2:24 But the servant of the Lord must not strive, but must be gentle toward all men, apt to teach, suffering the evil, 25 Instructing them with meekness that are contrary minded, proving if God at any time will give them repentance, that they may acknowledge the truth, 26 And come to amendment out of that snare of the devil, of whom they are taken prisoners, to do his will.

  120. vigilant reader on

    In the world of ufology and aliens there are reports of blue hominids which supposedly are from the star Sirius. Sirius is a blue star and Egyptian mythology tells of it's connection to goddess Isis. The shaft from the Queens chamber in the great pyramid also hints at this connection as it points to Sirius. Katy Perry makes reference to Isis throughout the video through imagery. So I am thinking the people in blue are hinting at the (Sirius) alien roots of Isis and possibly the ancient Egyptian pharaohs themselves.

    • Even in Hindu mythology there are blue skinned gods such as Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, I always had a feeling and there are some other thesis that suppose that these blue skinned gods were actually extra terrestrial because they had super human powers and hence were revered as Gods by the common ordinary humans.

  121. She is definitely a lost child. She is the daughter of two Christian pastors and says that she doesn't identify with any particular religion, but she stated the following: “But I still feel like I have a deep connection with God,” she told Marie Claire magazine last year. What?! How can she say that? I feel so sorry for her because if she doesn't repent we all know where she will be going.

  122. that Egyptian goddess is actually Hathor, not Isis. Isis has a throne on her head, as opposed to a sun. Regardless, this is wicked sickening.

  123. Iamtheantidote on

    My friend got into a conversation with a very high ranching mason when their paths crossed through work. The guy was very open about their initiation rituals for each degree. One of which is a door is guarded by a man with a sword and you have to show your left breast to prove you're not a women, you are then let into a room and a knife I put to your chest. You have to walk slowly towards him without cutting yourself while reciting their code. You then have to climb into a tomb and the lid is put on. .. That's just the initiation. They get even weirder!

  124. Hi!

    Does anyone knows why Katy is wearing a blond wig when she is on the top of the pyramid? Is there any reason? Were the Annunkis blond people or has other meaning this blond wig?

  125. The lyrical content is scary:

    So you wanna play with magic
    Boy, you should know whatcha falling for
    Baby do you dare to do this
    Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse
    Are you ready for, ready for
    A perfect storm, perfect storm
    Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
    There’s no going back

  126. What I find ridiculous is how many people enjoy this crap. The comments on YouTube are outstanding, as with all dumb nonsense that doesn't even have anything to do with symbolism. Big fat hipster world. Cell phones, friends, cock sucking.

  127. They are no linger doing things on a lowkey…they are now more "in your face" than befor…the end really is near……

  128. They can have this world! It's scheduled for distruction anyway. These people are such fools, in the afterlife they will be on the bottom rung for eternity, that or completely destroyed. Don't worry too much about the control they think they have. Jesus destroys all works of the Devil and all his hard work will be for nothng. He and all his minions will look like fools, squandering their inheritance. Have faith in GOD and his son and these things become trivial.

  129. Another way to see it:

    isis = whoreofbaylon;
    osiris = isset(osiris);
    NWO = array(Lust,Gluttony,Greed,Sloth,Wrath,,Pride);

    function fixReality(isis,osiris) {

    var(isis) = exited the veil 900 odd yarn ago;
    var(isis).= she has been searching for osiris;
    var(isis).= they have met many times on the karmic wheel;

    function asIsisCallsToOsiris(isis,osiris) {
    if (osiris weds isis) {
    use combined power to crush NWO;
    } elseif (osiris !weds isis) {
    NWO crushes the whole of humanity;

    return results

  130. I recently saw something of intrest in regards to the first guy in this video… Apparently the chain that he is wearing says "God" in Arabic… Does anyone happen to know if there is any truth to this?

  131. Things I noticed, in chronological order:

    – the opening scene the two women on her left and right mimic (mock) the seraphim on the Ark of the Covenant
    – the men are wearing chains and cages around their heads
    – the front lapel of the cat women's lower clothing during the first suitor have a strong resemblance to certain female anatomy
    – Marilyn Monroe at 1:09
    – all the gods have one eye except Sekhmet – the goddess of destruction (hinting at the full controller of Katy-patra)
    – Twinkies – representing the elite's control over the masses via doping with sugar and killing by gluttony.
    – All the male slaves wear boxing trunks and name brand shoes – meaning that they are being caged in their distractions to violence and materialism
    – a bowl of cheetos? Corn based products feeding the masses causing severe health problems (all the bad that comes with corn based products and their corporations – mansanto, conagra, etc.)
    – the fat suitors eye of horus has teeth representing gluttony and lust.
    – Golden Calf 2:30
    – all this reminds me of Jezebel and her relationship with the merchants of the earth – she uses them but they still mourn her. Deceived.
    – oh and the video sucks.

  132. well i have found the "eye with rays" that also directly represents the star sirus
    has a spiritual connotation in free masonry
    which to them represented what is under/behind reality or some such non sense i dunno

    sirius is in mythology pretty far back and widespread due to its visible nature in the sky
    Osiris was associated to it (who was himself linked to orion)
    and isis as well as anubis the dog headed god of death
    -had to look further back to see how it relates to anubis to sumarian-
    According to Thorkild Jacobsen,1
    'Bau seems originally to have been goddess of the dog and her name, Bau, to have constituted an imitation of the dog's bark, as English "bowwow".* Bau was also the daughter of An.
    So here the dog-goddess is the daughter of An,
    whereas in Egypt the dog-god was himself An-pu (Anubis)

    as far as sirus (the dog star located left of orion in canis major ) having some aliens "it is unlikely"
    sirus is a binary star system it has 2 suns the blueish white color means sirus A is hotter then our sun
    while it is close (at 8.6 light years away) you could get here in a super fast spaceship
    at 1 tenth the speed of light in 80 years
    ( that is roughly the speed it takes to go around the world in a very fast snap of your fingers)
    sirus A itself it is a main sequence star probably very young twice as massive as our sun sirus has a white dwarf companion B star that orbits it at about the distance of urinus and is about 1 percent the size of our sun sol with the same mass, in 2008 infra red telescopes couldnt find another mass
    when a speculation for a jupiter sized planet might be in the habitable zone of the system due to discrepencys in positions observed in 1995
    the sirus stars b particularily puts out a lot of harmful radiation for any potential life in its habitable zone

    • Not true, actually. From a systematic interpretive standpoint, the serpent is equated with Satan. But in Genesis, there is no indication that the serpent is the devil. The serpent is simply one of God's creatures, and a crafty one at that. It's a common element in mythology: a clever, talking animal.

  133. First thought on my mind while watching this video:
    *Chandler Bing's voice* Could this video BE more obvious?

  134. ok so i been looking into the egyptian stuff for what it is…

    aside from any codified meaning it may have
    the eye of horus ect is the eye of the pyramid of course ect…ect…

    the whole green and blue thing is completely egyptian superstition

    katy here appears to be hathor or mut more then isis
    isis was a later combination of the two , and more about magic and rulers)
    (but there is a lot more just plain older mut allusions i think)

    In art, Mut was pictured as a woman with the wings of a vulture,
    holding an ankh,
    wearing the united crown of Upper and Lower Egypt and
    dress of bright red or blue,
    with the feather of the goddess Ma'at at her feet.
    alternatively, as a result of her assimilations,
    Mut is sometimes depicted as a cobra, a cat, a cow, or as a lioness as well as the vulture.

    noticed some stuff

    early on the "deshret" symbol of rulership over the land

    the "hand jesture's" the eye at 44 seconds in she's doing them

    the pillars are not egyptian "djed pillars" they are "masonic", with some egyptian writing

    the cat women are the goddess "Bastet" (aka bast Baast, Ubaste, and Baset ) related to hathor mut

    snakes are shown (indicating goddess mut)

    cow is shown (indicating goddess bat or mut again)

    the crocodile that is shown that is "Sobek"
    sobek is the son of mut and (in some areas of egypt also annubis the dog headed god)
    sobek is god of the Nile, The Army and Military, Fertility

    khonsu (though i see no reference to him) who is sobek and hathors child
    (At Kom Ombo he was worshipped as son of Sobek and Hathor.)

    so im not sure if this is all some kinda code but
    there are actually a lot of hieroglyphs in the background which are words
    i don't know what they say though. anyone know ?

  135. MMG-Master Mason over God!!Katy Perry The Next Person gonna b Sacrificed!!haha, jus luk & wait for an "accidental drug overdose" or "random" murder!!hmm..keep ridin dat dark horse Katy, lets hope u don't fall and get trampled on by the carriage you're carryin..lol

  136. Always Curious on

    I'm a big fan of this site. Keep shining ur light it is much appreciated. I've noticed Dark Horse's music video twice since its been released must admit I liked the song a whole lot catchy tune and all but the video is just down right in ur face and that puppy thing at the end of all that what the hell is that? Please do an analyis of the lyrics of the song-im curious about that. I doubt she even wrote that song herself. Does she even write her own stuff for that matter?

  137. Kids.......... on

    "The Eye of Horus is an ancient EGYPTIAN symbol of protection, royal power and good health" Plz use google before the flame feast……….. -.-

  138. This shit is just getting way outta hand. The youtube comments are sickening!!! WAKE UP PPL. The time is at hand and JUST LIKE THE ILLUINATI…GOD is only gonna wait so long for us to choose a side. Theres so many weird things going on in the world today that its so blatant that we r living in the last days. Pray for these ppl…pray for urselves and pray for the world…EVERYONE needs it right now. Thank GOD for his son n give him praise everyday not these entertainers

  139. Always Curious on

    Thank God I'm not the only one AWAKE. None of this is really new for me but its disgusting and disturbing I can't even watch TV anymore because its everywhere in everything. As for Beyonce I'm not sure-her new album is something else. The sex symbolism is overwelming and I'm not even looking for any symbolism at that point. I don't like the thought of my son or daughter if I ever have children someday to listen to that kind of music and thinking its okay 2dress like a girl who could b found on some street corner and its okay to treat a girl like she'

  140. Always Curious on

    I can sum up the music industry in 3 words-Tastless,Talentless and Souless. Because nothing has real meaning anymore. And popular artists are foolishly wasting away their potential all because of money and fame like if u die all that stays behind. Do these A-list celebs even know that? Even Rihanna has regrets of selling her soul. Any1 seen the music video for What Now? U'll see what I mean its creepy. I think VC did a post on that 1 but I'm not sure. The world is becoming sicker by the day. I rarely read the bible but its clear what this world is slowly coming to and the reality is truly disturbing. Its not to say I'm not religous because I am very much so. As my display name states I'm always curious and without VC I wouldn't have eyes to “see” the truth. I can't thank u enough for ur insight. Voices like urs and mine could easily be silenced like so many others who have tried to unsuccessfully expose the NWO. U truly are making a diffrence. People are starting to “see”. Your efforts aren't wasted.

  141. Interesting. The three suitors brought her riches, food and power. This is clearly a reference to the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

  142. I think Katy represents the Beast.
    It so looks alluring and glamorous what "she" offers.
    But baby If you want to play with magic, you can't get back.
    Her true nature will show and she will destroy and own you.


    I don't want these people to be Idols of our kids.

    • I think the "Illuminati" are so desperate to push their agenda and throw everything at us,
      because massive amounts of people are awakening everyday.

      Sorry guys… your dystopian dream won't become reality.
      We won't be your sheeple. Your 'master' will lose… for it is written.

      Don't want to sound creepy… but the stuff going on is so obvious, it's insulting.

  143. Hey VC,

    Love your site. It's very insightful. I am suspicious of anything the media claims. You can't convince the whole world that the Devil exists.

    I have just one suggestion: Could you perhaps do a post about the tv show Supernatural? Maybe it's just me, but I believe that show has so many warnings and truthful hints about what IS but guised as fiction that only those who are enlightened about the nefarious plans of the ruling power will truly see beyond its entertainment factor. Especially Season 7.

  144. RoeRoeRoeUrBoat on

    About 2 weeks ago my daughter and some girls in her class were talking about the eye of horus and who the illumanati are. I briefly explained and used dark horse as a reference point. And while I don't think she grasped the full concept she understood why this crap is everywhere she looks. I even showed her some eye covering and animal print in a young girls clothing magazine called Justice. It's ridiculous to think that my 12 year old daughter can see clearer than most adults and what garbage the elite is force feeding to the unaware.

  145. Kind of weird – I didn't know this song was by Katy Perry but when I heard it a few times on the radio the style of it just struck me as kind of illuminati ish. I can't really explain – but the beat, the way she she sings sounds dark – the beat kind of brainwashy. So I google tonight and then see this video! Blatant.

  146. Always Curious on

    They can't brainwash all of us-maybe the IGNORANT ones who like the illuminati music or whatever,who idolise the artists that sing those songs. We the select few that have chosen2 open our minds and eyes to the truth,the ones who ask questions know better. The elite know of us select few that are awake and they fear us because whoever they are they know we are stronger because we have God on our side. We will be victorious in the end.

  147. All I can say about this is that it creeps me out. :-/ Maybe if she hadn't sold her soul to the Devil then she could try being normal for once.

    • Always Curious on

      I don't think any celebrity could be normal after selling their soul if u ask me. Look what happened to MJ and Witney Houston listen 2 her new songs before she died she was trying 2get out of it. Every celeb that tried 2get out of it died

  148. Good to spread the word but I wish you guys would educate the masses on the real meaning of these ancient symbols that these fucking masonic, satan-worshipping fat kats twisted up. The Eye Of Ra is quite an amazing symbol if you break it down and understand the sacred geometry connected to it. UGHHHHHHHHH .

  149. Until I find further evidence other than Egyptian Symbolism, I still am not convinced the Illuminati have any bidding in this.

    Christ, If there is an Illuminati, I hope they do run this world better than our current leaders are.

  150. in this quote: "Katy-Patra indeed takes resources from various kings of the world and then destroys them. In the end, she climbs on an Illuminati pyramid and turns into an unstoppable pharaoh imbued with magical powers."

    Isn't this what America is basically doing to all other countries? Taking their resources and in the end destroying the country or their image. For instance Iraq, Iran, Syria…. The list goes on even to older times I just stated the most recent ones…

  151. This comment is probably late, but I have got to say that at the end of the video, the dog becomes a pharaoh or so and at the beginning it was just a regular dog. Meaning, at the end of the video, the dog became a PUPPET which is exactly what Katy is, a PUPPET to the Illuminati.

  152. Who, can I ask, that is made of dust, wind, fire, and water names themselves "elite"? A body complied of blood, feces, urine, and bile tries so hard to become a god? Fools.

  153. she changed ugh on

    What happened to wide awake, unconditionally and all her decent& clean songs! I was actually starting to like her, she was trying to be good and clean different from all the other sinful artists. Now she's turning into them, eh. Can't believe all this in that video clip.
    Think about it there is not ONE singer that is decent in our world anymore, remember the old days singers and video clips how sinless they were… what's happening? eh.

  154. If you watch the video till 1:10-1:11 shot of Katty Perry on the river looks like Marylin Monroe doing the 'white dress being blown up thing' (I don't know if anyone will get me). But have a look any ways.

  155. Just take a good look at the way they made the video very beautiful and the sound is carzy…indeed it must have came from dajjal himself…and the lyrics is 100% satanic! The first time i heared the song i knew i needed to visit VC…what i dont get is the fact that they are not stopping on pushing this illuminati agenda even though people are really waking up.

  156. Just_A_Reader on

    Okay have you noticed the lyrics?

    But don't make me your enemy (before the first chorus)

    She's a beast… (Juicy J's first words)

  157. Hey, could it be also about the antichrist? WIth all the Babylon stuff and the great power he'll have…
    Also, I see this video a little bit different than most of you: to me this kind of exposure represents the very nature of these people. Probably most of you have heard of the founders of Nasa's mission on the moon and they said they come from the Egiptian gods Isis,Osiris, Ra. I believe they are as Bible calls "fallen angels" and they created hybrids with man's dauthers. All the Illuminati and the important people today are from that kind of bloodline. They are all related to each other. So, to me, in the end of this vid, Katy or this weird name Katy-Patra is exposing her nature, her ancient sacred (to them) bloodline.

  158. Hi! I love reading your articles! Has anyone noticed that everyone seems to be pushing "goddess" themed songs? Katy Perry has aphrodite in this song, and lady gaga has venus and eros in her g.u.y song. I'm just wondering is there some kind of ritual/occult holiday coming up? I just don't think it's a coincidence that these two artists happen to both have new songs released around the same time that both mention "love" gods/goddess from mythology. I'm just wondering if they are trying to set something up.

  159. Is there any correlation with the dark horse name? I just wonder because of the dark horse at Denver Airport a and all that craziness. To me it seems like there is something in it?

  160. Dear VC I'm a bit surprised you didn't make an analysis of the obvious biblical reference to the Dark horse of Revelation 6 where verses 1 through 5 reveal the four horsemen; a white horse who's rider represents a world conqueror, a red horse who's rider instigates war and murder and finally a DARK HORSE who's rider holds measuring scales representing economic turmoil and financial collapse. This is not the first time the reference to the horses of Revelation have been used in a music video. Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" uses a pale horse 'randomly' running across the dessert. Not so random as the pale horse in Revelation 6 verse 8 represents death on a massive worldwide scale "such as has not been from the beginning of the world" Matthew 24:21. The infamous four horsemen of Revelation come under the four seals that are opened in the final catastrophic closing of the earth's time.

  161. (Cont…)
    Its no surprise that the video's trailer mentions that Kings travel from Brooklyn to Babylon to meet the Queen. Revelation 18:3 writes of Babylon that "the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury." Just before the great fall of Babylon, at the height of her reign Revelation 18:12 to 13 describes her as rich in "merchandise of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls, fine linen and purple, silk and scarlet, every kind of citron wood, every kind of object of ivory, every kind of object of most precious wood, bronze, iron, and marble; and cinnamon and incense, fragrant oil and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men."

  162. (Cont…)
    Katy Perry represents the Babylon of Revelation to the tea even in the scene where she's en-wrapped with a gold snake "that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world;" Revelation 12:9. In the Bible the image of a woman is often used to represent a church, whether the pure church who worships God alone or an apostate church in league with the devil and idolatry of false gods. Katy Perry sits on "beasts": Anubis the god of death; Horus god of Vengeance and war, Bastet goddess of music and dance. This shows a woman adulterated with all the idols having her same malevolent character traits and entwined with a serpent. The woman representing Babylon in Revelation 17 is "sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." (Revelation 17:3-5) Katy perry is clearly also lavishly arrayed in gold and precious luxuries in the video, and drinks from a large silver and gold chalice resulting from the death of one of her suitors.

  163. (Cont…)
    The Lyrics of the song itself "Do you want to play with magic" entices young suitors to pledge their love to Katypatra. It is a seduction to young people, fans and a broader representation of the seduction of the world to sell itself to "Babylon" to achieve a powerful one world order. "Make me your Aphrodite Make me your one and only" She stands on the top of the pyramid representing the sole pinnacle of global economic power and world domination as the object of worship "and all the world wondered after the beast" Revelation 13:3. Interestingly enough Juicy J says "Uh She’s a beast." Revelation 13:4 says "they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?”" KatyPatra, our metaphoric Babylon, Mother of Harlots, demands undivided devotion of worship "So just be sure before you give it all to me All to me, give it all to me" But as even biblical prophesy reveals about her followers "Once your mine, there's no going back."
    Revelation 17:2 says "With her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries." coincidentally in the song Juicy J also says of Katy Patra "Her love is like a drug I was tryna hit it and quit it But lil' mama so dope I messed around and got addicted"
    "The kings of the earth who committed fornication and lived luxuriously with her will weep and lament for her, when they see the smoke of her burning, standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour your judgment has come.’" Rev 18:9-10 The Global Elite know bible prophesy. Freemasonry and Illuminism is well versed in the sequence layed out in the book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel the prophet. Its good that your familiar with the symbols the Illuminati typically use, but to understand the story that is being vividly told by those symbols I believe faith in God and knowledge of the Scriptures is tantamount in going beyond a surface knowledge. Not only are the global elite making their presence known. They are telling us what they are about to do as they indoctrinate the young and impressionable.

  164. Someone who isn't me on

    Wow, the comments here really turned religious, but it was not a blame game, but a civilized discussion about religion wow!

    I myself is a protestant christian, but i really don't believe in God or Allah, or religion, i can see the things from both sides, why to some people see the truth in god, i can also see why many people think it's totally pure BS. But i myself, believe that, there are truly no truth, not in the past not in present nor in the future, men wrote the bible, killing, massacres, hell the roman empire and the roman gods feel to the christian crusades in the beginning of the european dark age, churches and priests burned women who had understanding of the nature because they were witches. The christian church also in the old days way back had people pay money and they got a little envelope and all of their sins were forgiven.

    But that's all mans fault, mans lust for power, money, pleasure, That's what binding everything together, the Mafia 's wouldn't be "Brothers" if there weren't any money involved, hell even illuminati and all of these other cults and sects wouldn't exist if there weren't anything of value, companies wouldn't exist, because what would there be to gain? Humanity would die out quickly, because what would there be for us to do?

    They all drive on our fears, our stupidity, and the nature of human beings, we are flock animals after all.
    Only way to understand the world truly, is to be cleared up with yourself, study quantum physics and master speech and communication and psychology.

    I look at simple people as the sheeps, falling for everything without asking questions.
    I look at extremist religious people as unguided and mislead and already brainwashed by man.
    I look at clever and deep thinking people, prone to our own thoughts thus creating our own misguided version of things.

    in very religious peoples eyes, im unguided and mislead by society and media.
    In simple peoples eyes im a nerd and a geek and weird for wanting to go deeper into things
    In clever and deep thinking peoples eyes, im already misguided by my own thoughts.

  165. Whats more telling and perhaps the most chilling aspect of this video is not the pictures but the lyrics… What exactly is Katy trying to say? If she is representing the secret knowledge/power (Illuminati) she is warning us to join or be destroyed. She/Illuminati is the secret dark horse that will appear at just the right time… and by then, it will be to late.

    Re-listen to the lyrics.

  166. GraceMartini on

    This is a very interesting and insightful analysis of the video visually and I greatly appreciate your sharing this with us. However, I was hoping there would be more scrutiny of the song in terms of lyrical content. It's really quite telling and speaks to a lot of what you've already said, but needs pointing out nonetheless… Cheers!

  167. Sick of Mind Control on

    First let's get it straight when she becomes a bird. She actually a Phoenix that has a life span 500 to 1000 year life span. In the bible they said the devil will be lock in hell for 1000 years. Rev 20:7 Where Satan is kept down for 1000 years to rise.

    The next is that he earth will be burn.

    Dark Horse meaning the black horseman in Revelation. It talks about famine. This is what America is experiencing now in America. The economy at one of it's worst. Today news 4/15 shows the price of beef is going up to about five dollars in stores. Show China demand for beef growing since China economy is growing to more middle class compare to U.S. A. where middle class is not growing and chicken being bought more than beef. Nothing to do with health but people can not afford it.

    You see blue is represented a lot in this video. So I can only think this is Satan fallen crew in blue.
    She is eating and in Matthew it talks about the weeping and gnashing of teeth of sinners.

    She also represent bowls which can be found in Revelation. One thing compare when Moses or Exodus took place is the water turn to blood. In Revelation the third bowl of water is turn into blood and I believed the last bowl represent the other bowl on the video due to the fact it says Euphrates is Dried up. Now one can think it is no food because of no water but it actually means the start of Armageddon. Rev. 16:12

    katy sitting around Egyptian gods showing Satan as strong as he was doing the slavery of the Jews. He is the serpent of Adam and Eve. Satan knowing it was cause mankind death he trick mankind to eat of fruit of knowledge to be like him since he felt he was God. Never given them the fruit of life to live forever and maybe what God intended.

    Mafia 666 rapping is enough to say on its own. The dog seeing her is like what people believe that dog can see spirits even evil. The man coming up to her changed show man is like a dog who go into his own vomit.
    The view of women of Satan that women is not inferior .

  168. A very subtle point that I didn't see anyone else mention. In the trailer they mention Memphis. There is a branch of Masonry called "Memphis Rite Masonry". Apparently it has 97 (!) degrees. There is an interview on Youtube with a gentleman who claims to be a 90th (not 9th) degree Memphis Mason.

  169. Katy Perry is she is attractive when she cakes her face in inch thick make up, but without it she's an unremarkable woman. Pretty average to ugly.

  170. ssssssssssssssssss on

    the first guy destroyed by katy wears a necklace with the symbol for allah around his neck…… coming at you like the dark horse of apocalypse heh………….. fuck

  171. Guys, at the point of her being sucked in in the chair, who did not think of the girl in Metropolis? I saw Metropolis playing out…
    But that's just my cup of tea.

  172. Yes and what about the LYRİCS??? She sings "so you wanna play with generally the machine-spun stuff would be something like "so you wanna play with MAGİC, you'd better know what you're falling for" – is that a threat? Are they threatening warning and enticing us at the same time? Besides, the most obvious rhyme for the bubblegum pop we're being served nowadays would be something like FİRE, for example – so you wanna play with fire, etc… WHY did they choose MAGİC? I''m very sure that's NOT random…
    And that line with DON'T MAKE ME YOUR ENEMY – I find it simply creepy and not in the obvious rhyme cathegory and thus NOT random….
    BUT for me a HUGE point is the way the song – the music – makes you feel, even without the video… From that first beat, there's something very wrong, very weird about this song – it induces a very strange feeling, atmosphere,mood…. I can only descibe it as diabolical… Something very dark, very low.. İt just gives me the creeps…. İt's SİNİSTER!!!!!
    Personally I think the song itself, the music, those beats (even without lyrics and video) carry an occult, diabolical energy.. A spell? Has anyone else out there experienced smth like this?

  173. She is also wearing Micky mouse ears indicating that she is under mind control. I believe that her growing wings has a connection to transhumanism, envolving into superhumans/angelic beings. To me the elevated pyramid means "illumination" or ascension.

  174. You might want to know that the blue guys represent demons, Marid. In Islam, they are considered to be some of the most powerful evil spirits (djinn); the kind that require blood sacrifice and all that jazz.
    It's no coincidence that she is surrounded by them.

  175. Some people might say: "My faith to God will never be affected just because I listen to these stuffs."

    If you're one of these "christian", then you're wrong.

    Romans 12:2 NKJV

    And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

    James 4:4 NKJV

    Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

    I John 2:4 NKJV

    He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.

    I John 2:15jordan-17 NKJV

    Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.

    II Timothy 3:16-17 NKJV

    All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

  176. And to Charles, who says the Bible is just a mere fairy tale book:

    History confirms all the events in the Bible true and came to pass. Famous archeologists confirms the historical places, races, & etc. within the Bible take place without an error.

    Many prophecy in the Bible came true (such as the Israelites will be scattered in a period of time and will return to their own land) and yet to take place. How's that become a fairy tale book ??

  177. Let me tell you guys:

    The 'Allah' of the Koran is not the same as the Lord God (Yahweh, Jehovah) of the Bible. It's because in the Koran ( I forgot the book and the verse ) Allah does not have a son, while the Everlasting Father of the Bible have a Son, who is Co-Eternal with the Him.

  178. LizaMinellllli on

    the lyrics are about selling your soul also:

    "I knew you were
    You were gonna come to me
    And here you are
    But you better choose carefully
    ‘Cause I, I’m capable of anything
    Of anything and everything

    Make me your Aphrodite
    Make me your one and only
    But don’t make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy

    So you wanna play with magic
    Boy, you should know what you're falling for
    Baby do you dare to do this?
    Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse
    Are you ready for, ready for
    A perfect storm, perfect storm
    Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
    There’s no going back"

  179. I just dont understand why lot of people no longer care about these mind control things.. it used to be something quite big on the past years but currently, people just act as it doesnt bother them at all.. some thing like the conspiracy theory, the symbolism.. they even make fun of it.. its just sick how ignorant people can be

  180. It started on Wide Awake, where all of us thought that she got out of the Illuminati. Making her like an innocent girl in front of her fans, and the ones that cared for her. Now Dark Horse came out, and proved that she hasn't really got out. Maybe.. maybe she got out but the Illuminati really brainwashed her AGAIN. She was scared of losing money and fans. And that's one thing you get when you let your kids watch televisions and music videos online.

  181. The song is even worse than the video. If you read the lyrics, they are malevolent and sociopathic. The line that gets to me is "Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine/There’s no going back" Very spooky.

    As for the video there is a plethora of imagery that alludes to the systematic destruction of morality. My favorite part is the junk-food caravan and the giant cup (of water)? that she turns the fat man into. The cup is an ancient occult symbol associated with sensuality and seduction. The explanation for the tarot card Queen of Cups:

    "(If Reversed.) An immoral person who demands constant attention, she is a manipulative and moody woman who will drain your energies."

    The way I see that particular scene is the corruption of the holy grail and the blood of Christ. We see the transmutation of human life into sustenance- or SACRIFICE as it is known. Here Katy Perry is taking in the devil's communion – complete with cheetos and a giant glass of whatever- probably liquor.

    I think the most important thing this article left out is the Osiris Myth- which is the foundation of all secret societies, and the creation of the NWO.

  182. Soooo the guy who gave her the diamond had a necklace with allah written on it & she turns him to dust….

  183. WakeUpSheeple on

    I can't imagine the conversations that go on between the people who make these videos and design the sets. How moronic they must sound talking about pyramids, checkerboards, and one eye balls. They have to be so ridiculous…this stuff is just absurd and stupid at this point. Hey illuminati, nobody cares about your stupid one eye and pyramids…I'm sick of the ugly clothes with pyramids on them too. Next…nobody cares!!!! Take all of your stupid ugly Egyptian stuff and shove it up your devil worshipping behinds.

  184. You guys and some girls miss so much if you do not get the point what does She do, how motherly She is helping you, actually.

    This is powerful video for Helping You, if you even can not get the point that Katy is good be on avarage good then we are more lost then…

    Look in to your heart and ask Why does she play all these parts in all her videos, including ET

  185. have you noticed she explode the fat guy that had a necklace with name of Allah? because Allah is real enemy of satan and satan worshipper

  186. I've hated this song since I've heard it for the first time. I'm constantly hearing it everywhere I go,and it is obnoxious. The song title is horrid and song itself is even worse.

  187. I have one thing to ask what would happen if everyone went along with this illumaniti stuff. Ask the illumaniti masters for guidance. If the entire populace did that the entire structure of their premise would fall apart. Most people have no idea what the illumaniti is. They don't want to rule the world. They just want to make sure that when a superior race shows up and asks for our leader they will be the obvious choice. What's the purpose of "brainwashing" the general public? None. We don't matter to them. Don't get it wrong though they're not out to hurt us. They're not against us there just for themselves. Every celebrity that uses illuminati symbolism gets a ton of publicity from everyone screams "brainwashing". you're not informing people you're just feeding into it. because to be honest whether we know it or not they're going to do what they're going to do.

  188. I knew when this music video first came out that this was a statement from the elite that war and chaos was soon ahead. "So you want to play with magic?" This was the final warning so that their stupid karma won't come and bite them in the butt. Dark Horse was a harbinger of chaos to come.

    I knew this, but I had no idea how literal the fulfillment would be!!! At the end of the video Katy turns into the goddess ISIS, who is the mother of Horus. Only a few months later and now ISIS is storming across Iraq, about to take over the whole country and possibly start WWIII in the process. Truly ISIS is coming at us like a dark horse right now. Their murder of Iraqi soldiers is as heartless as Jeffrey Dahmer too! Perhaps soon ISIS will give birth to her son, out of the ashes of war? I wouldn't be surprised.

  189. Peter de Beer on

    Who can explain to me why certain images in a clip are "wrong" ? It's nice that you see everywhere, but what is bad and why?

  190. Can someone answer this: what i don't understand is if these actors and singers and rappers know they are beng used why keep doing it

  191. Hmm, I feel like there was something missed here. Remember how she drank from this massive cup after she vaporized the fat guy? Read Revelation 17:6 and tell me what you think.

  192. sad part is I'm starting to accept it, which is what they want. To show us they're in control and there's nothing we can do

  193. They really are suffering from a lack of public self image aren't they? It's like, we'll enlist this pop star with a few diamonds and stuff to make our weird shit symbolism gain popularity. No-one cares about your dead egyptians man! Keep dreaming your little illuminati world. Must be fun in there.

  194. I am getting sick that people still refer to these artists as puppets, they are satanic their-selves, they have been broad up like evil, twisted, lying sociopaths. They are part of the people who think the world is theirs. And I think many of you are clueless how our planet is already been ruled by evil forces.

    That is way they show it openly in their video's, in their movies. The entertainment industry is to detain all of us. If you think that the masses who haven't awoken yet are bigger in numbers than you are wrong. All of our teachers, doctors, police, military, bar-owners, restaurant-owners, team-leaders in office-jobs, people in transportation, people in the food-industry, all people affiliated with organized-crime, governments, everyone with a job with some say in it, believe me all those reorganizations were there to replace "good people" with bad people. There is no way back anymore, we already live in a dystopia. The world is lost.

    For the people with good hearts, I am so sorry to tell you that our lives were never free and will never be free. There is just no way to stop all of this.

  195. That's not it at all. You completely missed the point of the ritual. It was a satanic ritual sacrifice to the gods that the freemasons/illuminati believe in. The bird cages represent mind control. There is no such thing as cat sex slaves, there's so much crap on the internet set there to confuse people. Everything in this video from the colours (blue,red yellow etc.) to even the tiniest details such as the hats, the dice, the sparkle in her teeth, the one sign she makes with her hand are symbolic. Use your eyes. The freemasons sacrifice youth to their gods because they believe it will ensure them a passage to heaven or immortality. Essentially, they are sacrificing souls to satan so that their souls can be saved. Any freemasons you know, whether you have been friends with them for 10 year or not will turn against you if you are the sacrifice. When they join they take a blood oath. They will distract you with fake symbols in order for the ritual to be complete. I should know, I am one.

  196. I've been reading the articles on the site for 2 days now (hello flu season) and I am just wondering why are they so blatant about it? I read some comments on other posts about satanists needing to tell the victims before they could do anything but they're close to sending out circulars about their agendas, how would that help them?

    I saw a video on youtube about this song and how it was an anti islam video on top of being pro illuminati. Apparently, one of the suitors (forgot which one but I think it's the first guy who gets zapped) wears a chain saying 'Allah' in arabic and that's actually what gets zapped, before the guy himself. Any thoughts on that?

    I actually had no idea of anything concerning this occult society (before finding this website, thanks VC) I mean I knew they 'existed' but didn't know it was so deep! It's really creeping me out!

  197. actually this video has another meaning too. after that video big accident happened at important mine in turkey. ın sky there is our flat and mine workers . but why? because our government changed policy, they used to look like one of them to use power of masons but from now on they decided they don't need masons anymore so government arrested all of the important masons. and that "accident"was rotschilld's anger ı guess.

  198. Helena von Valsa on

    From the lyrics it sounds lake Katy Perry sings about being the Goddess Ishtar, being violent possessing magical powers, act like a whore, and creating chaos. Anyone draw the same conclusion?

  199. This song is totally illuminati and yes they are real and do exist(im also a mind control victim) know everything about it.
    Illuminatie just means( ill, borderline ill) They all sing about borderline. Next to that the ones in the illuminati are gifted people. So they are gifted borderliners that lead the world and let other people think what it is about..it keeps the people going;) and you cannot sell your soul…it chooses you!
    Wanna know more about it? send me an email.

  200. Wow. So I read up on this video here, and set my expectations accordingly, not like I'd ever watch it. My 3-and-5 year old nieces however, picked up on a part that you didn't account for. They wanted to show me this video, BUT ONLY FOR THE DOG RUNNING ON HIS HIND LEGS FOR A SECOND AT 2:55. Katy got through the 'adult' filter, and this moment of cuteness is what hooked them. I said 'Yea, good job co-opting Egyptian iconography for personal gain'. Just sayin'.

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