The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (pt. II)


The second part of this series of articles on Eyes Wide Shut takes a closer look at the elite secret society discovered by the film’s main character, Bill Harford, and how it resembles real life organizations. Was Stanley Kubrick trying to warn the world about the occult elite and its depraved ways?


Note: It is recommended that you read the first part of this series first. Also, gigantic spoilers.

In the first part of this series on Eyes Wide Shut, we looked at main characters of the film and the symbolic world Kubrick created around them. We saw that Bill and Alice Harford are a married upper-class couple that was not immune to the temptations of adultery. We also saw that the couple was in contact with the upper-echelon of New-York and its decadent ways – a world that fascinates Bill, but that has a dark side, one that is kept from the public. In this article, I will jump straight to the most unsettling part of the movie: The secret society ritual.

When Bill learns that his wife has considered cheating on him, he embarks in a strange series of encounters (which I will analyze in the third and final part of this series), eventually ending up in a luxurious house in Long Island where he encounters a large gathering of masked individuals partaking in an occult ritual. Since he was never initiated into that secret society, Bill was not even supposed to know that it existed, let alone bear witness to one of its “meetings”. So how did he find out about this thing? Well, a little birdie told him.

Nick Nightingale

At one point during his strange night out, Bill meets his old friend Nick Nightingale at a jazz cafe. The professional piano player reveals to Bill that he is sometimes hired by mysterious people to play, blindfolded, during mysterious parties that are full of beautiful women. This juicy piece of information intrigues Bill to the highest degree because, since his talk with his wife, he is appears to be looking for some kind of … experience. Nick ultimately makes a big mistake and agrees to provide Bill with all of the information needed to access the venue.

A nightingale is type of bird that is known for singing at night, just like Nick Nightingale “sings” secret information at the start of Bill’s fateful night.

The password to enter the ritual is “Fidelio”, which means “faithfulness”, a main theme of the movie. More importantly, as Nightingale points out, “Fidelio” is the name of an opera written by Beethoven about a wife who sacrifices herself to free her husband from death as a political prisoner. This password actually foreshadows what will happen during that ritual.

After getting the details from Nightingale, Bill rents a costume at a store named “Rainbow” (more about the store in the next article) … and then proceeds to go to Somerton, the estate where the party is being held.

The Occult Elite

The occult ritual takes place at Somerton, in Long Island. The building used to film these scenes is Mentmore Towers in UK.

The occult ritual takes place at Somerton, in Long Island. The building used to film the outside scene is Mentmore Towers in UK.

The location selected to film the elite scenes is quite interesting. Mentmore Towers was built in the 19th century as a country house for a member of the most prominent and powerful elite family in the world: The Rothschilds. By selecting this location, was Kubrick trying to show his audience the “real world” equivalents to the ultra-elite shown in the movie? Incidentally, the name of Bill’s connection to the elite, Victor Ziegler, is of German-Jewish origin, like Rothschild.

It has been documented that the Rothschilds do actually partake in masked events very similar to those shown in Eyes Wide Shut. Here are rare images taken from a 1972 party given by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild.

Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and Baron Alexis de Redé.

Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and Baron Alexis de Redé at a 1972 party. Invitations were printed in reversed writing. One wonders if this party “degenerated” into something resembling what is shown in Eyes Wide Shut.

In the movie, when Bill enters the mansion, he mixes with a crowd of masked people silently watching the ritual. One of these people appear to instantly recognize Bill (or the fact that he doesn’t belong here).

A couple wearing Venetian masks slowly turn towards Bill and nod in a very creepy matter. Is this Ziegler and his wife? This is never really clarified.

A couple wearing Venetian masks (more specifically “female jester” and “bauta” masks) slowly turn towards Bill and nod in a very creepy matter. Is this Ziegler and his wife? Perhaps. Kubrick likes to keep things mysterious.

Venetian masks were originally worn during the Italian Renaissance in Venice and were a way for the powerful elite of the time to indulge in debauchery without reprisal.

“Though the precise origin of the mask-wearing tradition can’t be known for certain, the prevailing theory goes something like this: beginning in the Italian Renaissance, Venice was an extremely wealthy and powerful merchant empire. Its position on the Mediterranean sea opened it up to a myriad of trading opportunities across Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor, and its powerful navy allowed it to exert the military force necessary to defend its vast wealth. In a city-state so prosperous, it’s a small wonder that Venetian society was class-obsessed and rigidly stratified. One’s individual standing was immensely important for the perception of his or her entire family, and so naturally the pressure to act in accordance with the social morays governing one’s social standing was immense and stifling. The Venetians, the theory goes, adopted the practice of wearing masks and other disguises during the Carnival season as a way of suspending the rigid social order. Under the cloak of anonymity, the citizens of Venice could loosen their inhibitions without fear of reprisal. Masks gained so much popularity that the mascherari (mask makers) became a venerated guild in Venetian society. However, as word of the famed Venetian Carnival spread, more and more outsiders flocked to the city every year to take part in the festivities. The Carnival celebrations became increasingly chaotic and debaucherous as the years progressed until their decline in the 18th Century.”
– Geoffrey Stanton, Guide to Venetian Carnival Masks

Since then, Venetian masks have been used in elite circles and have somewhat become a symbol of its dark occult philosophy. Even The British Royal Family appears to enjoy the same type of masks and events.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla wearing similar Venetian masks  in the gardens of Clarence House.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla at Clarence House with bauta masks.

That particular Royal event featured masked women who were as NOT dressed as those in the Eyes Wide Shut ritual.

Models at the party attended by the Royal Family.

Models at the party attended by the Royal Family.

It seems evident that Kubrick carefully selected the Rothschild-owned location and hand-picked the masks worn by participants of the ritual, echoing real-life families and events.

Setting of the Ritual

When Bill enters Somerton, everything about the movie changes. There are no more colorful Christmas lights and no tacky decorations. Instead of incessant chatter between needy people, it is all about stillness and silence.

Silently looking right at the camera (and at the movie viewers), the creepy masks are silent yet disturbing reminders showing the "true faces" of the elite. Note that the multi-faced mask on the left is similar to the one worn at the Rothschild party above.

Staring right at the camera (and at the movie viewers), the creepy masks are silent yet disturbing reminders showing the “true faces” of the elite. Note that the multi-faced mask on the left which is similar to the one worn at the Royal party above.

The music in the movie also changes drastically. The song heard in the background is called “Backwards Priests” and features a Romanian Orthodox Divine Liturgy played backwards. The reversal or inversion of sacred objects is typical of black magic and satanic rituals. By having this Christian liturgy played backwards right before widespread fornication is Kubrick’s way of stating that the elite is nothing less than satanic.

Here we see Nightindale playing the music we hear, emphasizing the fact that people in the ritual actually hear that music and that the whole thing is choreographed to it. Nightindale is blindfolded because the "profane" have no right in seeing the occult rituals of the elite.

Here we see Nick Nightindale playing the song “Backwards Priest”, meaning that people in the ritual actually hear that music and that the whole thing is choreographed to it. Nightindale is blindfolded because the “profane” cannot witness the occult rituals of the elite.

The interior scenes of the party were shot at Elveden Hall, a private house in the UK designed to look like an Indian palace. When the “festivities” begin, a Tamil song called “Migration” plays in the background, adding to the South-Asian atmosphere (the original version of the song contained actual scriptural recitation of the Bhagavad Gita, but the chant was removed in the final version of the movie). This peculiar Indian atmosphere, combined with the lascivious scenes witnessed by Bill as he walks around the house, ultimately points towards the most important, yet most hidden part of the movie: Tantric Yoga and its Western occultism derivative, Sex Magick. This last concept was “imported” by British occultist Aleister Crowley and is now at the center of the teachings of various secret societies:

“Aleister Crowley’s connections with Indian Yoga and Tantra were both considerable and complex. Crowley had direct exposure to some forms of these practices and was familiar with the contemporary literature of the subjects, wrote extensively about them, and – what is perhaps the most important – he practiced them. In his assessment of the value of Tantra, he was ahead of his time, which habitually considered Tantra a degenerate form of Hinduism. Instead, he claimed that, “paradoxical as it may sound the Tantrics are in reality the most advanced of the Hindus”. Crowley’s influence in bringing Eastern, primarily Indian, esoteric traditions to the West extends also to his incorporation of the elements of Yoga and Tantra into the structure and program of two influential magical orders, the A.:A.: and the OTO.”
– Martin P. Starr, Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism

The above quote stipulates that Tantric concepts were incorporated in two important secret societies: the A.:A.: and the OTO (Ordo Templi Orientis). The OTO is still extremely influential in elite circles and reaches the highest levels of politics, business and even the entertainment industry. At the core of these orders is the Thelema, a philosophy created by Aleister Crowley that he summed up with the saying “Do What Thou Wilt”.  This saying is actually a translation of “Fais ce que tu voudras” the motto of an 18th century secret society, the infamous Hellfire Club.

Hellfire Clubs were said to be “meeting places of ‘persons of quality’ who wished to take part in immoral acts, and the members were often very involved in politics”. According to a number of sources, their activities included mock religious ceremonies, devil worship and occult rituals. Although details are vague regarding that elite club, they were known for performing elementary Satanic rites as a prelude to their nights of fornication. These acts were however not just “for fun” or to “shock people” as some sources might claim, the members were initiates of occult mysteries and their rituals were based in ancient rites involving invocations and other forms of black magick.

In short, although Kubrick never actually names the secret society infiltrated by Bill, there are enough clues to understand what kind of club he is referring to. Most importantly, he is telling his viewers: These societies still exist … and they are more powerful than ever.

The Ritual and its Participants

The ritual begins with the High Priest, dressed in red, performing a ceremonial routine. He is at the center of a “magic circle” formed by young women who are very likely to be Beta Kitten slaves. Later, when Bill is unmasked, another magic circle is formed.

The concept of Magic Circles is constantly refered to during the ritual and throughout the movie.

Magic circles is concept used in ritual magic during invocations. The placement of the people in this scene recalls magic circles. Right: A magic circle as pictured in an ancient grimoire.

The last scene of the movie takes place at a toy store - a place full of highly symbolic details. Here, Helena walks by a toy called Magic Circle - hinting that there's a link between the occult underworld and the "real world". However, most people have their "eyes wide shut" to even realize it.

The last scene of the movie takes place at a toy store – a place full of highly symbolic items (more on it in the next article). Here, Helena Harford walks by a toy called Magic Circle – showing that the occult elite’s ways seep through popular culture, but are not noticed by those who have their eyes wide shut.


At the beginning of the ritual, one of the Beta slaves goes to Bill and urges him to leave the house before he got caught. We ultimately learn that it was Amanda, the girl that was passed out in Ziegler’s bathroom. When Bill gets caught and gets (literally) unmasked by the High Priest, Amanda appears at the balcony in a very dramatic fashion and tells the High Priest she wants to “redeem” him, in a tone that approaches ritual drama. The Priest then replies “Are you sure you understand what you’re taking upon yourself in doing this?” This implies that she will be repeatedly abused and then sacrificed.

The next day, Bill discovers the true power of that secret society.

Bill discovers in the newspaper that Amanda was found dead in a hotel room due to an overdose. The way in which this ritualistic murder is diguised as an overdose is highly similar to the many celebrity ritual deaths disguised as overdoses described on this website.

Bill discovers in the newspaper that Amanda was found dead in a hotel room due to an overdose. The way in which this ritualistic murder is disguised as an overdose is highly similar to the many celebrity ritual deaths disguised as overdoses that occur in real life.

By freeze-framing and actually reading the above news article about Amanda, we learn important details about Amanda’s background (classic hidden sub-plot integration by Kubrick). To those “in the know”, the article perfectly describes the life of an entertainment industry Beta Programming slave (i.e. Marilyn Monroe). We indeed learn that Amanda was “emotionally troubled” as a teen and underwent “treatments” (a code word for MK Programming perhaps?), she had “important friends in the fashion and entertainment worlds”, and she had an “affair” with a powerful fashion designer who got “wowed by her private, seductive solo performances” (typical behavior of a Beta Kitten). What the article however conveniently doesn’t mention is that she was selling her body to elite people and being used in their occult rituals.

As it is the case for Beta Kittens who’ve gone “rogue”, she was eliminated by the people who controlled her life. The article states that she was last seen being escorted to her hotel room by two men and that she was “giggling” (drugged and dissociated?). Like “real life” elite sacrifices, “overdose” is cited as the cause of her death.

The High Priest

Cloaked in red, the High Priest sits on a throne which features a very important symbol: A double-headed eagle topped by a crown.

Cloaked in red, the High Priest sits on a throne which features a very important symbol: A double-headed eagle topped by a crown.

The double-headed eagle is one of the most ancient and prominent symbol of Freemasonry. A crowned double headed eagle is representative of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, the highest degree attainable. With the symbol on the High Priest's throne, Kubrick secretly implies that the he's a 33rd Degree Freemason.

The double-headed eagle is one of the most ancient and prominent symbols of Freemasonry. A crowned double headed eagle is representative of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry, the highest degree attainable. Is Kubrick implying that the High Priest is a 33rd Degree Freemason?

Like other participants of the ritual, the true identity of the High Priest is never revealed. However, Kubrick left a few clues hinting to his identity and his relationship with Amanda.

In the movie’s end credits (and sources such as IMDB), it is listed that the role of the High Priest was played by “assistant director” of the movie, Leon Vitali. If one carefully reads the news article mentioned above, Leon Vitali is the name of the London fashion designer Amanda had an “affair” with. Furthermore, the High Priest has an unmistakable English accent. We can therefore deduce that the High Priest is the fashion designer.


Snippet of the article mentioning Leon Vitali.

This hidden subplot is interesting as it reveals the true nature of the fashion and entertainment industry. High-ranking individuals in these fields are initiated in occult secret societies and deal with MK slaves.

The Power of the Secret Society

When Bill is uncovered by the High Priest, he gets told that he and his family would pay for any transgression. The next day, he realizes that he is being followed by strange people and becomes paranoid.

The headline of this newspaper is "Lucky to be alive", another way that Kubrick details talk to the viewers.

The headline of this newspaper is “Lucky to be alive”. This applies to Bill.

Right after Bill leaves the morgue to confirm that Amanda died,  Ziegler calls him and invites him over.

Taking place in Zeigler's pool room, the back and forth between the two men is more intense than any game of pool.

Taking place in Ziegler’s pool room, the back and forth between the two men is more intense than any game of pool.

Although Bill is a rich doctor, he is not part of the elite. Ziegler’s attitude towards Bill makes it very clear. While Ziegler appears to want to be honest and straight with Bill, we realize that he is simply trying to cover the ugly truth. After all, Bill is an “outsider”. He tells Bill:

“I don’t think you realize what kind of trouble you were in last night. Who do you think those people were? Those were not just ordinary people there. If I told you their names – I’m not gonna tell you their names – but if I did, I don’t think you’d sleep so well.”

Ziegler therefore admits that people attending the ritual were high-level, well-known and powerful people. Kubrick is therefore making clear that the richest, most powerful deciders of the “real world” meet in these types of rituals … and that these rituals are off-limits for the profane.

When Bill mentions Amanda, Ziegler gets more defensive and replies: “She was a hooker” – meaning that she was an Beta slave that could be easily disposed of. Then Ziegler tells Bill that everything that happened at the ritual was a charade to scare him, Bill answers:

“You called it a fake, a charade. Do you mind telling me what kind of f—-cking charade ends with someone turning up dead?”

This highlights the fundamental difference between the public’s perception of occult rituals and what actually happens. Regular people are lead to believe that these elite rituals are nothing more than goofy meetings of people with too much time on their hands. In reality, these elaborate rituals often incorporate real attempts at Black Magick and include real blood sacrifices and other terrible acts.

Then Ziegler proceeds to telling Bill the same stuff media tells the masses when someone has been sacrificed by the elite: She OD’ed, she was a junkie, it was only a matter of time, and the police did not see any foul play.

Conclusion of Part II

The second part of this analysis focused exclusively on the unnamed secret society Bill stumbles upon and its ritual. Although nothing is explicitly spelled out to the viewers, the symbolism, the visual clues and even the music of Eyes Wide Shut tell reveals a side of the occult elite that is rarely shown to the masses. Not only does the movie depict the world’s richest and most powerful people partaking in occult rituals, it also shows how this circle has also the power to exploit slaves, to stalk people, and even to get away with sacrificial murders. Even worse, mass media participates in covering their crimes.

The secret society in the movie closely resembles the infamous Hellfire Club, where prominent political figures met up to partake in elaborate Satanic parties. Today, the O.T.O. and similar secret societies still partake in rituals involving physical energy as it is perceived to be a way to attain a state of enlightenment. This concept, taken from Tantric yoga, is at the core of modern and powerful secret societies. Although none of this is actually mentioned in Eyes Wide Shut, the entire movie can be interpreted as one big “magickal” journey, characterized by a back-and-forth between opposing forces: life and death, lust and pain, male and female, light and darkness, and so forth … ending in one big orgasmic moment of  enlightenment. This aspect of the movie, along with other hidden details, will be analyzed in the third and final part of this series of articles on Eyes Wide Shut.

Click here for Part III —>



  1. Great article!

    What i dont understand is, if kubrick really wanted to expose the occult, why did the roths allow him the ritual in THEIR MANSION???? Come on! They must've known what kind of movie he was doing, so why did they allow him to film it there?

    But if they knew, why did they kill him? Did kubrick 'betray' them and tell them he was gonna make a 'pro-occult'-movie, and after they saw the final cut they went 'OH he lied to us…'

    There is something wrong with the entire story!!

    Kubricks movie were often cryptical, not just EWS (like clockwork orange, the shining). He made cryptical films for at least 20-30 years before he died, without any problems. What makes that particular movie so "special" that we can be absolutely sure that he actually wanted to EXPOSE the occult "this time"?

    • revolucionario on

      the mansion was used for the outside. further reading states that "The interior scenes of the party were shot at Elveden Hall, a private house in the UK designed to look like an Indian palace. "

    • The mansion was built by the Rothschild family.
      In late 1978 it was bought by a registered UK charity and rented out for films and events for approximately two decades.
      Vigilant makes an important distinction: the exterior and interior scenes were TWO different locations.

      • Ok, that makes sense.

        He still used THEIR exterior, which i thought was odd. But if they dont even own the mansion anymore – thats another story….

      • Carolyn Cameron on

        Its interesting that its now being used for a UK Charity! I wonder if there could be any residual negative energy around that building if it was ever used by the R's to host these kinds of "parties"?

        I have watched this film twice and both times I felt really creeped out and uneasy watching it and the first time was years ago. The music in it especially in the ritual scene really gave me some horrible chills.

        Its not a film I think I could ever watch again. There's definitely a negative energy around it. I wonder if there are any sublminals in it except for the hidden in plain sight things like the newspaper article and the game at the end.

        Definitely a very negative feeling from watching it.

      • Most UK charities are fake and are funded and controlled by the government. The elite launder their drug money through all sorts of 'charities'

      • As I said before, I felt energetically dirtied after watching this film. It felt to me like the act of watching this film equated to participating in a real ritual.

        Felt similar after watching the Lady Gaga perfume ad video.

      • theShogunate on

        That's essentially what you did. Watching these rituals is a form of participation, which is why many entertainers (Gaga, Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna) mimic them on a large scale such as concerts, award show, and the Super bowl. Completely why I don't watch television.

        P.s. I also felt dirty afterwards and regretted it

      • If you have the DVD version I think its the Directors Cut and you pause the film at the point where Dr. Harford returns to his apartment after the party, you see an all seeing eye on his back. I can't remember the time signature for it but its just as he walks through the front door of his apartment or one of the doorways in the apartment.

      • Kubrick contacted the woman that provided that track and asked her if she could make more creepy, disturbing music he could use

      • Yes. It's creepy because the film is dripping with satanic vibs and symbols. NEARLY ALL people in very moneyed high places at high freemasons, or involved with OTO or other secret "initiation" societies.

    • A great little book called "Marx and Satan" by Richard Wormbrand
      reveals that Karl was not an atheist but a Satanist.

      • BS Marx was a Rothschild, probably there is someone great grand something in his background. They are all part of a sinister plan. Let them rot in hell, they are poisonous vipers.

    • Kubrick kept the production in secret. He was dead 3 days after delivering the final product… I think you get the picture.

      • Absolutely, I totally get it now!!

        So kubrick kept the production secret, and the roths dont even own the mansion anymore + he only used their facade!! Now it definitely seems like the really wanted to expose the occult!!

        Another thing that speaks for kubrick, is that not even ONCE he tried to glorify the occult or anything associated with it!!! NOT ONCE!!! For instance, if another director had shot the ritual, he wouldve turned it into a "cool//MTV/music video/glorifying"-extravaganza, so they could brainwash the masses and make them think its cool. Kubrick only showed the reality, nothing more.

        May he RIP!

      • GoldenTicket on

        I think you are right about that–that he kept the production a secret.

        "Eyes Wide Shut" is in the Genuis Book of World Records for the longest production/filming ever at 15 months, and some even argue that the entire movie making process from pre to post production took over 3 years.

        If a viewer thinks the "Illuminati" symbolism is not deliberate but coincidence they need their head checked:
        "Kubrick's perfectionism led him to overseeing every visual element that would appear in a given frame, from props and furniture to the color of walls and other objects."–according to American inematographer Magazine.

        Awesome observations on the film, never in a million years (even with all the evidence that Kubrick puts immense detail in every scene) would I have read that article about Amanda. Wow! This is why I can't stop reading your articles :)

      • The occult are actually known to reveal things about themselves, their activities, and most important about their course of actions in disguised, but in plain sight at the same tine, so only the ones who have their eyes open can see it, yet there is nothing these average onlookers can do.

      • I don't think kubrick was trying to reveal the occult's secrets, I belive he was doing a project he was perhaps told to do so, because if they did not want this info to be released, then clearly they have the power to eliminate or keep it from being disclosed.

    • They are flossin' right now. It's there time to shine. They are not hiding anymore. Everything is in the open for us to see. They want us to. In my opinion, they are mocking us. . . . like what you gonna do. I'm not scared. Yeshua allows it because if we keep our faith in Him then if brings Him more glory. And that is the ultimate purpose. We have already won.

      • I agree. and also believe that since they've been doing this all behind the scenes for years already, they've come to realize that they CAN get away with not being discreet anymore. Everyone is focused and dumbed down on 'reality tv'. Brainwashed. That they don't see what is really going on.

      • Amen to that brother, amen and amen!

        But it will not be without terrible, terrible suffering, for Christian and non-Christians alike.

      • Misannthorpe on

        You make Him sound rather vain and self important and not my kinda guy at all. So what you're saying is that even though he is all powerful, all knowing and all loving, He defers putting an end to this whole sorry mess because he is getting off on the adulation of His faithful flock, right?

    • Enjoyed film after understanding it……however I think Kidman's character stating she could not understand why under the spell of the MAN IN UNIFORM and would have sacrificed everything for him made me think she was MKed and was a beta…………and Lela Sorbeski 's character was an example of parental sell-out and how these things start up……fwiw

      • I read another article stating the navy officer was a reference to scientology's sea org, the elite of Scientology who wear navy uniforms.. ' I would have given everything up for him (them)" – rubric's daughter joined Scientology one year before ews came out- all makes sense… Eyes wide open tnx to Mr S K

    • That mansion Mentmore Towers is owned by someone else. It hasn't been own by the satanists, I mean rothschilds for a while. All Kubrick had to do was call the owner and take a picture of the front with cars outside. Then film the inside at another house. I'm sure when the rothschilds saw it they were quite angry…angry enough to kill Kubrick.

      • Thank you for clearing up who owned the mansion during the filming of Somerton (exterior). If the Rothchilds did not own the mansion at the time, did Kubrick still want to draw a connection to them?

    • I think it's a simple as the fact that he 'crossed the line', and so EWS was his proverbial 'Swan Song'.

      Sure, has done plenty of movies that are filled with masonic and symbolism and occult references – but these films (especially 2001) were done in such a way that they were perceived by the majority as little more than science fiction and pure fantasy – arousing no suspicion or serious analysis from the vast majority of viewers.

      Despite the mystery, riddles and subtleties of EWS though, he was still presenting the public with a very graphic and overt illustration of elite sexual regeneration rituals and all of the depravity therein. There were only two ways to interpret that film – as pure fantasy – weird, meaningless and excessively erotic (in a twisted way) OR as a true to life representation of what really does go on behind closed doors at certain stately homes during the wee hours..

      We know that 'revelation of the method' is becoming a more popular technique by the day in the film industry, and EWS was also released in 1999 – one of the most significant years for film in living memory. A LOT was exposed and explained by Hollywood in that year, if you know what to look for.. The public were essentially introduced to the morality and the agendas of the 21st century in that year, whilst they were also given films that had real, human meaning to them, and genuinely illustrated the many ills and problems in society in an almost transcendent and optimistic manner.

      It could very well have been that Kubrick was allowed to make this film – with those who 'allowed' him to do it knowing full well they would have to sacrifice him upon the films completion – both from a ritual standpoint and a practical standpoint, as they could not have the film distributed to the cinemas with the director still alive to answer questions about it.

      This may have been the intention all along. Hire Kubrick to reveal and expose these rituals via cinema (hiring the 'hottest couple in Hollywood' at the time to guarantee a large audience) in order to promote and normalise their own depravity in a kind of exoteric way. Cruise and Kidman's marriage fell apart shortly after too, which I actually believe had to do with the scenes they were required to act out.

      I also believe this film has probably caused a fair bit of conflict, enmity and infidelity among unwitting couples out there too, due to the preoccupation with dissatisfaction, infidelity, temptation, and lavish indulgences of an inordinate magnitude.

      Anyway, that's my take on it. I think it was allowed to happen, the 'higher ups' knew it was happening, and wanted it to happen – only getting rid of Kubrick so that the real meaning of the film would be lost on the majorty of viewers, while simultaneously messing with their minds and normalising the debauched concepts involved.

    • i agree. I saw the movie when it first came out and was disappointed because I didn't understand it. This was as before I turned on the VC. The article was so insightful. Well done!!

    • AmberlySFisher on

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    • mhm i was thinking along this line as well. with an added thought- the movie was then released after they maybe murdered him. as you say- something doesnt add up.

    • they like to hide the truth in plane sight,and ppl think its just fictional its just movie not real life that mentality they want outsiders to have …. with time the satanic things will b more acceptable

  2. Wow! Great article VC, as always you open our eyes and mind to a whole new reality … We really do have our "eyes wide shut"

    • Christian Cerna on

      He also dies in the Pacific Rim hotel. As in the Pacific Rim movie that came out that same weekend. Perhaps a sacrifice by the filmmakers???

      • I don't always follow celeb stories, but this one seemed strange. Thanks for the observations.

      • Christian Cerna on

        Yeah, it seems strange that there are often times mysterious deaths surrounding big budget movies. But then again, Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro is the same man who made the movie "Pan's Labyrinth", a blatantly satanic movie.

      • In reply to your first sentence, "Yeah, it seems strange that there are often times mysterious deaths surrounding big budget movies.", I leave you with this:

        John F. Kennedy, Jr. died the exact same day Eyes Wide Shut was released in theaters.

      • The symbols in Pans Labyrinth are ancient and predate Christianity….read VC's article on the occult symbols of Pans Labyrinth

        only a small minded person would think its satanic… One of my favorite movies

      • Pan's Labyrinth is about ancient Paganism, not Satanism. I know many Christians believe that's the same thing, and I respect your beliefs because you are entitled to them. But Paganism pre-dates the concept of Satan and Pan's Labyrinth is not Satanic. I LOVE that movie!

      • If you see it from a biblical perspective Paganism is Satanic because is contrary to Christianity. Paganism is antagonic to Christianity, they can't be reconciled.

      • If you truly knew anything about Christianity you would know that its paganism in disguise.That folks it the biggest lie perpetrate on man since the devil

      • DoorsofPerception on

        That is so typical of organised religion: anything that is contrary to your beliefs is evil and should be not only dismissed but destroyed.
        Shame on you.

      • And why there is so much antagonism in relation to Christ? Because you fear of Him, that's why.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        You can't fear something that you don't believe exists.
        Why would you want someone to fear your god anyway?
        Again, it's typical of organised religion: if people don't choose to believe their stories, scare the living s*** out of them, maybe then they will. "Threaten them and they'll do what we say!"
        I have nothing against your god, I have nothing against anyone's god, it's only the closed-mindedness and organised religions who feel entitled to speak for other people.

      • Of course I have fear of who determines everything about me. When I was born, how, what I would look like, where I will end and so on. You don't have any fear, that's fine. I have fear as we are worthless like ants. Where are all the emperors of the past? They are all dust and bones. You see their power was for a limited power only.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        People die, people are born. That's life, not god.
        I'm pretty sure that my mother and father feeling frisky one summer eve determined my conception; I got my green eyes from my father, my mothers smile and my grandfathers curly hair, that's geniality. The doctor who broke my mothers water determined how and when I was born.
        The emperor's of the past, just like the leaders of the present and future are all as good as dust, that is the cycle of life and decay. That is nothing to fear. If you believe in your precious god and a good obedient devotee than you would believe that heaven awaits you, that glorious afterlife where you drift amongst the clouds with your loved ones for all eternity.
        I don't have fear because while I know that we may only be a speck on this earth that is in turn only a speck on the outskirts of the known universe, we are not worthless, or that life has no meaning. It means everything. Life is the Meaning of Life.
        I don't fear anything because I don't believe in any other judgement except my own and the other "specks of dust" I touched along the way.

      • Fear is healthy for our own mental sanity, any psychiatrist will tell you that.
        Fear is useful for survival, fear is good for discerning right from wrong. Fear of hurting others is essential while living in community.
        Fear of god in general is fear of losing your soul extirpating it from your inside in the name of futile values compared to eternity.
        Fear of Jesus Christ is the sweetest fear of all cause He's good merciful and forgiving when we make mistakes and we have the courage to admit we screwed it up.
        There are good aspects of fear in life one must take care of.
        Fear of God is protective face to these morons trying to manipulate you because you haven't lost your soul and you can tell right from wrong very easily in a world where right and wrong are so mixed up.

      • Of course I believe in God and the existence of heaven, however since I'm not a good obedient devotee I don't believe that heavens await me. That's the problem, I am certain I don't deserve to be accepted there. This life is a test, it means simultaneously nothing and everything. Nothing as it's short-lived and temporary and everything as it's our only opportunity to return to the place we have been exiled since the beginning of the times. You can have your views and I can have mine :-)

      • DoorsofPerception on

        You don't need fear to realise what's right and wrong. In the instance of murder, just for an example, the reason why I don't commit such an act is not because of fear of the punishment of the police if caught, or god's judgement, I don't commit murder because it is intrinsically wrong. I don't need god to tell me that.
        I do agree that fear, in measure, is a necessary thing, it's like ying and yang, it must exist and it does exist, my fear just comes from worldly things, like snakes, needles and, on occasion, heights. But at the end of the day it's not fear that should stop your from doing anything, fear can keep us in cages.
        We most certainly can agree to disagree but there's one thing I don't understand, if you believe you're not going to heaven, then what's the point of it all? If god is a merciful and forgiving then why shouldn't he forgive you? Isn't that the pay off of believing it all? And if you don't believe you're going to heaven does that mean that you think that you are destined for hell? And if so, why not cut your losses now and worship satan?

      • Only a few apparently go to heaven, so what are the odds for us? Minimal. God is forgiving and merciful, nevertheless cannot be manipulated. I can play the nice one and trick a few peeps, can I play the same role with God? I don't know my destiny, however satan is out of the question, he doesn't comply with my rules. We are imperfect but to worship monstrosities? Kill, steal, exploit, corrupt, destroy etc, so many shortcomings, where does it start and where it will end? There is always room for improvement, it's one thing to be full of flaws and another thing to refrain from making the effort to improve your character. You don't make the effort to avoid wrongdoings to get compensated, it's also the life you are attracted to.

      • Dear Claire,
        The very idea that heaven awaits lucky few can not be farther from the truth. We have no authority to send someone to bottomless pit or even suggest his/her destiny.Many hardened sinners and evildoers on the deathbed start to weep and cry and confess all the evil deeds…God is the One Who is ready to listen last words in a hoarse voice and give mercy!
        Concerning you I have the Word-receive it as a voice from above. Your main problem is not in sins you committed. Real deep trouble is lack of faith. Hence the dark can easily draw your precious soul to despair. If someone been there it is me…
        I will stand for you before the throne of the Most High that you may be able to come out of the spiritual dungeon and be set free of all burdens.
        If you will raise your voice help will come. As help will come give a promise. Days are coming when you may testify that the Lord is making wonders in any situation !

      • @HVNS and Claire –

        First HVNS, I 'think' your heart is in the right place but you can do nothing apart from Jesus. Jesus is the ONLY one that stands before God and testifies on your behalf in the end. End of story.

        Claire – Christianity is very simple and unfortunately at the same time has been very distorted over the centuries. Simply, Jesus loves you not matter what and he wants you/all to be with him in the end. The only requirement for eternal salvation is to totally let him into your life (he is at the door knocking, waiting for you to open) and repent of your sins to him. Please read Romans 10:9,10 – It explains very clearly. This acceptance does not prevent us from sinning but does help us get out or avoid it better. However, it does guarantee your name in the book of everlasting life. I hope this helps!

      • Great response, BradS!

        1 John 5: 10-13
        "He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar, because he believeth not the record that God gave his Son. And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. HE THAT HATH THE SON HATH LIFE; AND HE THAT HATH NOT THE SON OF GOD HATH NOT LIFE. For these things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; THAT YE MAY KNOW THAT YE HAVE ETERNAL LIFE, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God."

        1 John 5:20
        "And we know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that WE MAY KNOW HIM THAT IS TRUE, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. THIS IS THE TRUE GOD, and eternal life."

        We can know for sure that we have eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord! What a precious truth!

        Romans 6:23
        "For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

        John 14:6 "Jesus saith unto him,
        "I am the way, the truth, and the life; NO MAN cometh unto the Father, BUT BY ME."

      • Actually if you read John chapter 6 youll find out that no one can get into heaven unless God predestines that person to find Christ. Also Romans 9.

      • Ha! murder is intrinsically wrong? yes of course but… what about murder in self defense? what about a lethal accident b/c of a minor fault you can make? what about the heaven here and now and not the one after your death? what about consciousness? God is merciful and forgiving it's his job to forgive you wtf! that's what you think? you didn't pay attention to what I said: we must have the courage to admit we screwed it up. That's the only situation he forgives us. Why? b/c it's your only chance to make any correction and so, you can you know he forgives you. if not and it's always somebody else's fault you're a victim. That’s maybe the greatest thing Christianity brought to the world the chance of not being a victim. God is a person who requires a one to one relation. What if you get out of black&white, ying&yang, bipolar kind of world? Your journey through life will be more fun! Believe me I did it long time ago and it’s fabulous! Best choice I ever made!

      • Socrates said he'd rather be mistreated than mistreat others. True Christians are the same….

      • Read Psalm 139:13-16 and Jeremiah 1:5, God knew u before u were born and He formed u in ur mother's womb. you didn't happen by chance, u were made for Him,(The Great I AM,The Real Master of the universe,The one True Holy Living God,Jesus! but yeah u have that choice, follow Him, or your own ,desires,thoughts and ideas. But if u give Jesus a chance, then you will know what real life is all about. He loves u!

      • Or if you truly knew anything about Christianity you'd know that its not organized or a religion.

      • el Gallinazo on

        I ask, as did the Bard, What's in a name? Just watch what they do. Any set of beliefs that has the intention of enslaving others and depriving them of choice is evil. Any ritual which involves lethal sacrifice or physical torture, and particularly that of children, is satanic. Don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that, but there appear to be a few here who do not.

      • The younger, the more innocent, the sacrifice is more powerful. I can't take seriously people who are so enamored with money and riches for the simple reason that it's a brief excitement, it will never last, so what's the point of it? Besides, it's pointless to feel fulfillment by enjoying yourself by making others suffer. Those people are damaged in the head and who knows where else.

      • Just because it's one of your favorite movies does not make anyone who has another point of view small minded. It more likely points to your own small mindedness. Think about it.

      • Satan is a reality, not a concept and does not exist according to our limited view of time, only we do. You are meant to love that movie, that's the point.

      • Why not, maybe it is clever to know the technics being used to persuade/control the ''other'' masses.. But always question , never believe.

      • Search so hard for the monsters, and think like a monster to find them, only leaves you like a monster. I love to know more and I always thirst for more knowledge but those are wise words to take to heart. Never lose sight of yourself because surrounding yourself with that negative can overtake a person.

      • So, how do you do it… i would like to know, because i read two different things here.

      • If you look at the car that the little girl in Pans Labyrinth travels with her family in the beginning of the movie, it has the Rothschild logo on the door. A bunch of arrows (I think six arrows) tied together. Check it out!

      • Date of his death was 7/13/13…so aside from it being on the 13th, the date adds up to 33 (7+13+13).
        The same day of the Trayvon Martin verdict, so it was barely reported initially. The accounts I read all parroted the phrase "no foul play suspected," of course.
        The following Monday afternoon, the coroner's office said it'd be several days before the autopsy results were completed.
        The very next morning, the results were announced (heroin and alcohol being the reason) and he was cremated (like the writer from buzzfeed, only that was in a Mercedes), with only his mother, brother, and girlfriend being allowed to view the body beforehand. His father spoke out about this.
        Peculiar, but typical…

      • Anticitizen One on

        Maybe…but I also wonder if they weren't going for something bigger, like commiting a blood sacrifice to stir up a spirit of ill will in this country on the heels of the Zimmeman trial verdict. The Media and the president were doing everything they could to stir up racial tensions in an attempt to create mass riots, but fortunately it seemed to fizzle out. The timing of his death was rather curious, was it not?

      • He definitely wasn't MK'ed. He probably had real drug problems in my opinion. However I doubt that the overdose was the cause of his death…

    • His death and the Zimmerman verdict were the distractions needed so the powers that be could travel undisturbed to Bohemian Grove. It was also the summer solstice, time for sacrifice.

      • el gallinazo on

        When did March 7 (Kubrick's death) become the summer solstice? Have to reset my sundial.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        Speaking of the solstice, James Gandolfini died two days before the northern summer solstice this year. This death has never seemed in any way suspicious however.
        Also, Monteith's death was not over the solstice either as it happened 22 days later.

  3. I do believe that maybe Kubrick may have been part of it at some point in his life and got out near the end of his life.then he exposed it..reason why they probably killed him.

    • Kubrick was part of Illuminati, but they never let him to the inner circle. That is one reason why he wanted to retaliate.

      • Because I was in it too, though as soon as I got in, they wanted me to kill a friend or a relative of mine, so I ran out.

        From what I heard, the uncut version of Eyes Wide Shut contains lot of material from the orgy and also suggests that Nicole Kidman's character was there too.

        The uncut version is still somewhere. Kubrick was not dumb, he did hide copies of it somewhere and some day they will come out, just like truth always does. It just might take hundred years or more. Who knows if anyone is interested anymore in the future.

        Kubrick directed the moon landing that was shown on television. The real footage has never been shown to public. Moon is full of extra terrestrials and they do not want people to go there. But they helped US to go there in the 60s. Otherwise it would have been impossible.

      • aren't you in danger if you ran out? I'm not sure if this may sound insensitive or harsh but…why did you get so close to the elite in the first place??
        Good on you for getting out!!

  4. The truth that was not shown in this movie is that the Ritual Sex Scenes- it is Children that are being molested.

    • i think thats something that the movie industry doesnt want for anyone to know so theyll never let it be depicted in any movie, it would be way too controversial

      • who knows maybe it was depicted in the original cut of the movie, the movie was edited by warner brothers studios after kubrick passed away, who knows what kinds of things they took out

      • Maybe so, lana. It is the only Kubrick film that was released before he was able to approve the final cut.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      I think that it's somewhat hinted at – I mean, even Kubrick couldn't get that past censors and probably the elite themselves, but I think that the owner of Rainbow Fashions and his relationship with his overly sexual teenage daughter is a little clue as to what was also going on during the ritual, as these two scenes coincided the thought was still fresh in our heads.

    • Don't think so. Not for this film in any way, Kubrick was going to dedicate his next film: Artificial Intelligence to that topic alone. It would have been about pedophilia mostly, and how it's related to the eliltes (ie. Hollywood)

    • Anticitizen One on

      Might not have been doable. Just shooting a scene like that could've brought all kinds of trouble to his doorstep. In 962 when filming Dr. Strangelove, they had the FBI investigating them because the B-52 set was so close to the real thing, the Air Force wanted to make sure that they had gotten all their info from declassified or public sources. The set design, it turned out, was mostly educated guesswork, and a picture of a B-52 cockpit from a book about Strategic Air Command. I doubt Kubrick wanted to deal with the
      feds again.

    • James Mapston on

      Kubrick was 'Enlightened' – by definition Sodomized as a child. If anyone would know the subject matter it was him. My point? Great call TruthSeeker!!!!

  5. I think the same secret society theme is prominent in 'Hot Fuzz'. It'd be great if you did an article on that too, thanks VC.

    • Very true Sian, VC could do an article on nearly every movie released for the past 30 years…what you must remember is that ALL films are firstly re-written and edited before release, it is a well known fact that Kubricks final edition is missing 15 minutes(which is probably the child abuse truthseeker above replied) if you look at agenda that the elite are promoting you will see it all in Pegg & Frosts films (S.O.T.D= zombies, Hotfuzz=secret society, Paul=Alien disclosure and there new one At worlds end=Apocolypse)

  6. mrscott20132014 on

    Great insightful post. Kubrick will never be matched and we probably never will know why he was "allowed" to do some of the things he did.

    Also, this was in the "news" today……

    The videoclip ends with the host saying…."he now has a jesus, and owl and eyeball tatoo on his forearm.
    Illuminati is all over him….the funniest part was he got it because it reminds him that mom is always watching….lol to funny. mom = illuminati.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      It seems that Kubrick made a "deal with the devil" during the production of 2001: A Space Odyssey which allowed him complete and utter artistic licence with his projects but at a huge price. Ask yourself: who directed one of the biggest lies over told?

      • lol, why did you leave it at a cliffhanger? whats the biggest lie ever told?
        please elaborate on what you wrote here, im highly interested in what you have to say….

      • I think Doors… is referring to the space program and Kubrick's role in faking the first man on the moon film footage. There are many who were close to Kubrick who have much to say on this issue and why he was given such artistic license (which has never been given to any other director, ever). Ask yourself why and do some research so you can make up your own mind.

      • what fascinates me is kubrick himself, and whether he was an insider or not.
        i think at some point he was but maybe fell out of favor at some point.
        there are some strange interviews given by his wife, she definitely knows more than what she is telling. she is very reclusive, like kubrick used to be.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        I highly suggest watching the Shining, another of Kubrick's masterpieces. There are quite a few clues about the relationship between Kubrick and his wife. Personally I see it like he is easing his guilt by letting out the secret, even if only a little, using the "facade" or "charade" of producing the Stephen King novel.

      • betweenthelines on

        There was recently a weird article about him and Bill Clinton, and how he had Clinton's phone number?!

  7. The highest echelons of the rich and rulers of the world are not accessible unless you become part of their corruption. It is just like the national level of politics. You can't even get in the club unless you are one of the players.

    • Sane, decent people don't want to be a member of their sick club. We want to poison the punchbowl at one of their satanic soirées.

  8. Just something to be considered along with Vigilant's rendition:

    A excerpt from the synopsis of Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler;

    "He encounters his old friend Nachtigall, who tells Fridolin that he will be playing piano at a secret high-society sex orgy that night. Intrigued, Fridolin procures a mask and costume and follows Nachtigall to the party at a private residence. Fridolin is shocked to find several men in masks and costumes and naked women with only masks engaged in various sexual activities. When a young woman warns him to leave, Fridolin ignores her plea and is soon exposed as an interloper. The woman then announces to the gathering that she will sacrifice herself for Fridolin and he is allowed to leave."

    This is the short story published in 1926 that the movie Eyes Wide Shut's adaptation is based upon.

  9. Very interesting…I've always been creeped out by Eyes Wide Shut…I agree with the conclusions of your articles. Keep up the great work VC!

    • Very interesting! Batman is another tale with heavy Illuminati/elite undertones. VC could do a great article about the real Bruce Wayne, and his childhood trauma.

      • I can't remember any of that "film," but it doesn't surprise me after the revelations regarding Sandy Hook and the latest batman installment…and the demise of it's prop master…

    • DoorsofPerception on

      Also it is used in Terry Gilliam's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" inspired Brazil (which is such an amazing and creepy movie on so many levels).

      • Great info! And to think, I paid to watch that rubbish in the theatre (BB and Brazil, and yes, I'd like my money and time back), clueless about the settings.
        The plot continues to thicken…

    • Was it also not used as Croft Manor….in the Tomb Raider Movie – by no means coincidence – About The Illuminati…….Looks familiar!

    • oh goodness i so agree! i shudder and weep for teens growing up in this disgusting and evil world…i dont think i should even have kids at all

    • So be extra-courageous to compensate. Nobody who ever did anything heroic tells you they felt fearless at the time. Bravery in the absence of that fear is the same thing as stupidity.

      • That is the difference between courage and bravery and why they are two different words. Courage is doing what you know is the right thing to do even in the face of your fears, while bravery is doing something most would not (though not necessarily the "right" thing) with a lack of realistic fear that accompanies courage. So, courage is the higher form of bravery, hence why young people are often described as brave while older and wiser people are often described as courageous.

        Stanley Kubrick was courageous. He knew what he was doing.

      • Indeed, Syrus. Young people seek guidance, even when acting as if they don't. Those who are able to illustrate what's right make the greatest impact.
        Most people don't bother, so it stands out when someone does! Those on the other side (pun intended) are working 24/7. We must do our part.

  10. Also, when Bill enters the cafe just before he reads the newspaper headline there is a picture of encased Monarch butterflies on the wall. Great article.

      • I think it's pretty safe to say that the model/beauty queen was a monarch sex slave.

      • Many people also forget the scene where Dr. Harford goes to the home of that woman at the beginning of the film whose father has just died, and the starnge way she behaved towards him. She is another beta. Her father was her handler. When a handler dies the Beta will often go crazy and cling to the closest male figure. I found this to be a very strange/creepy scene that everyone overlooks.

      • I think there could very well be much accuracy in your assessment. That scene is very hard to explain rationally. Although, some people do have irrational emotional outbursts during times of grief.

  11. Thanks for another quality reading, VC.

    But i want to point something. When you mention Tantra and Yoga, you've should be more cautious. Make it more clear that the concepts used in sex magik or black magik ritual are a simulacrum – a PERVERTED AN TWISTED version of Tantric yoga. Those kind of rituals are totally different of those milenar practices, intents and meanings, in way, shape and form.

    Tantra Yoga =/= Sex Magik :)

    • I'm sorry but Tantric yoga, sex magik, or whatever they call it all still point people to the same source: eastern religions and the occult. It doesn't matter how "totally different" they may be. And I doubt they are so different.

      • Are you kidding?! Eastern religions also practiced sacred prostitution and performed sacrifices to Kali. As a matter of fact I've been reading news that India is having a problem with these practices resurfacing.

      • Anyone remember the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"? KALI MA KALI MA!

      • Every religion has its nut bags. Don't get me started on Christianity.
        Eastern religion has given me so much more peace and understanding any than catholic or Christian church could ever offer.

      • True. All oriental religions are steeply based in the occult. They are controled by demons. Also the Thuggee cult was real, and was provem to have kolled tens of thousands of people. Im fact that is were we get the term "thug" from.

      • duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.saying all eastern religions are evil is as stupid as to say theyre heretical. great to live in the same place for 6 centuries.

    • Agree with Willie. Tantric sex is one of the most beautiful and amazing experiences that God has blessed us with. Sex is a great thing and when done right, brings a lot of healing and happiness to the partners.

  12. The screencap is very interesting for one other feature. Look at the last column of the news article. Her sister, Jane Curran is double-quoted:

    "She has many important friends in the fashion and entertainment worlds."'

    "She has many important friends in the fashion and entertainment worlds and she thought she would break through in the end. It was only a matter of time."

    There are 5 messages right there:
    1. The powers of fashion and entertainment had her.
    2. The powers of fashion and entertainment had the power to protect her.
    3. The powers therefore sacrificed her.
    4. She "broke through" in a different way than normally expected.
    5. "It was only a matter of time" is a cliche for the dying.

    No denying VC's thesis here. The secret subplot is right there in the open.

    • So much could be said about that particular film. Kubrick is amazing. IMO, Space Odyssey was a comment on propaganda in general, using "space technology/sci-fi" to symbolize it. The dimensionless black rectangle represents both the film media/industry and the Divine Unknowable. Films are projected onto flat rectangles. Prior to video, photos and film would use a black rectangle over people's eyes to protect their identities. Maybe he was saying is that his films can change how people view the world. Or media is now our god.

      • obligenobility on

        Yes, Kubrick is making a subtle statement that the the movie projection screen is the new obelisk. The black obelisk represents the power of Saturn to influence this world, the same way that the Qaba (the black rock) does. It represents the lowest-energy, most materially-dense object possible. Ideologically, it is the furthest point away from spirituality possible. But, can it can begin to become redeemed?

      • DoorsofPerception on

        I believe that the Monolith in 2001 is a direct reference to the Philosopher's Stone (and no, not as in Harry Potter), it represents rebirth or immortality. It also represents ENLIGHTENMENT or illumination and it is the supreme goal of Western Alchemy.

      • The monolith is mentioned by the Magdalenes and is said to be on the Isle of Malta.

      • The Kaaba is a symbol of one God worship in this world. It is not Saturn/Satan worship. The entirety of Islam is founded on the worship of ONE god Allah. As a matter of fact, every year there in Hajj there is the tradition of throwing stones at an obelisk but unfortunately a few years back it appears they changed it to a wall. It's obvious they were asked to change it after more than 1400 years of the annual stoning of a Satanic symbol.

      • Actually that is untrue. They mask it by saying Allah but it is actually a moon God.

        Don't be fooled Jesus is the only way.

      • The Kaaba radiates the most energy on earth as its the most powerful point on the earth and also lies in the centre of the earth and you forgot to mention it is POSITIVE energy NOT negative energy……Please do your homework Boo

      • The monolith is in fact, the Khem. The base of the alchemical journey to reach gold standard or divinity eternal life and godhood.

      • siempre vida on

        Its even deeper than that. The film is showing how the elite intend to live forever through cloning and computers.

  13. .. you can not be a politician if you're not part of them, you can not be an artist if you're not part of them, you can not be something they do not want .. but there is a way to overcome them. Although we must be very careful, they are also the owners of synthetic drug labs.
    The most valuable thing is to be yourself, no matter what the cost, because the satisfaction of fighting for truth, for love, gives such force that you can even float. Be yourself. You came to feel very close to God. Look with the eyes of your heart and you will see the truth and you will have love.

    • You can be _anything_ if God wants you to be. Satan is the ruler of this world all right, but Jesus has won him 2000 years ago so satan, or his sad puppets don't really have any real power.. it's only illusion!

  14. quite interesting as usual VC. without this level of analysis, that would just be another boring cult film

    • Such a waste of talent! Why? I noticed illumanait symbolism is so prominent in the korean music industry. Sad….

    • DoorsofPerception on

      K-Pop has become really popular in Australia with teenagers and young adults – I constantly hear people saying that they simply can't turn off from it once they begin to watch it (we have TV shows that are dedicated to the genre). In my viewings of various videos it is clearly rife with the use of subliminal messaging and hypnotic techniques. It is a scary and unrelentless.

  15. Good article. Twenty minutes of the movie was cut before it was released, and many folkes believe that some scenes featuring MKUltra programming were deleted, possibly involving Kidman's character.

    Also, Kidman's nudity in the beginning of the film is not gratuitous. She is wearing a black dress that falls to the floor revealing her naked body. There is a bright red curtain in the background. This directly mirrors the scene in the Somerton ritual where the beta kittens loosen their gowns. They are naked and surrounding the high priest, who is dressed in red. The connection is unmistakable.

    The genius of SK.

  16. common law private attorney general Chris on

    MK Ultra is anagrammatic Code interpreted to M= “Master’s” / HA sHAtan’s / Lucifer’s plus Kult of RA

    as cabal is actually cAH Ba’al or Cha Ba’al AH or Qua Ba’al AH; cannibal is Cain and Ba’al or

    Internal REvenue Re Venue or changing the local of Your wealth into a: new Venue in

    someone else’s Pocket; N.O.W.- O.W.N.’ed as Other People’s Money?

    • The MK Ultra term always confounded me, as "they" operate with acronyms and symbolism. This is the first origin I've seen. Is this your original interpretation, or are there sources? Please share.

      • just like the Camel an its tobacco turkish blends an oh yes they cost more , synthitic. robotic artifical intellegence an control with order .
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        simple as is was a circle of completion but if one is a mouth an the other a tail whale its a unicorn im trying to create again because dna is agtc cgta tagc. coded since i planted my gifts one by one greed out streached an me well im stuck straight bill murrying it lost like Bob an a richard dryfuss. what a great show …… but i mean lost in translation like why , an then it makes since i own the od world an spend time 30 below ground an 30+ air to welll its still going no edge of universe or is there ….. sea foam building a real mountain man a tré of the arch the over in overkill that means we be hp additive we are the fe of. iron. we are the elements of the world au its gold black white green gold is what the world needs to maintain an its the SUN OF SAM. AN SAM I AM. AN M & M MADE ME CURIOUS MY CATS HAD CANCER THEY ONLY WERE IN MY MOMS CLOSET THE DRY CLEANERS THE CHEMICALS MUST HAVE A DILENT

  17. These individuals who weld power have done so with a huge price… Even if they wanted to bread their "deal with the devil" more than likely it would cost them their lives… Unless of course God intervened on their behalf… I have read commentary from those who claimed to have escaped, and accepted Christ Jesus as their Savior… God does protect His own, and there is nothing Satan can do without his Creator's permission… Read the 1st chapter of Job… I am quite sure it does not set very well with a being who thinks he is king of the universe… But God is only allowing for Lucifer to have temporary influence…

    A harsh lesson for mankind is being learned… And one frankly we have not learned very well over the centuries… But not all is lost… As we near the end of this age, and mankind's lawlessness is allowed by God to escalate to a whole new level, we will witness evil unlike anytime in human history… But it was prophesied within God's Word to occur long ago… The saints of the Most High God will face adversity to an extreme measure.. Which will test our faith to the utmost… But with the Spirit of the Living God within those who remain faithful to His Son Jesus Christ the battle will be a success, and the race finished… We are our own worst enemies in the overall scheme of things… Judging ourselves in accordance to the will of God is not easy… Especially if the flesh, and the lusts thereof are continually trying to led one astray… Stay focused fellow believers, for as this age comes to a close, our redemption will transpire, and our Savior, the only begotten Son of God will return to end this reign of terror in an instance…. This Satanic kingdom that rules God's earth will cease as righteousness reigns supreme forevermore…

  18. Corey had become a 'liability', his addictions were an open secret among the directors and more people knew about them than he was probably aware. They might have progged him to adopt two contrasting personae in two different locations but in the end, they could not be bothered and pressed the seeming self-destruct key.

  19. I have been fascinated with this film since it's first showing, as it coincided with my own spiritual quest. I had just started to learn about Freemasonry when this movie came out, and it broadened my horizons considerably! One thing VC doesn't mention is that all of the girls @ the ritual are wearing ribbon necklaces, somewhat like slave collars. It bolsters the idea that these women are sex slaves, not just normal everyday prostitutes. They are "owned" by the elite, and their every move is watched.

    It's very possible within the context of the movie that EVERYTHING that happened to Bill Harford, starting with the encounter with Nightingale all the way through until Ziegler's confrontation with Bill, was part of the ritual. In other words, Ziegler set Bill up from the beginning. He knew that Bill would react to Nightingale the way he did, thus setting the scene for Bill to show up. It is quite possible (I mean we are talking fiction here) that Bill was planned from the beginning to be the "patsy" for the ritual. It is possible that this was to be his first introduction to the society – one that would both intrigue him and scare the shit out of him – exactly what Ziegler said the goons following Bill were about.

    What is interesting to speculate is what happens when the movie ends? Do Alice and Bill go to Ziegler and approach him about being initiated? Do they never speak of it again? Do they divorce? (Tom and Nicole did, but I don't think it has to do with this movie, necessarily). At this point they both have a choice, and they were both obviously being groomed for eventual entry into this society (Alice notes it by saying "Why does Ziegler invite us to these parties every year?" and with Ziegler's confidential moment at his party with Bill, testing Bill's ability to keep a secret while simultaneously using him. ) Somehow I think they both proved from their actions during the movie that they could possibly be persuaded to indulge eventually – but not without a very clear threat of harm to them if word were leaked.

    • obligenobility on

      Look up the etymology of everything. A "charade" has a first, a second, and a combined meaning:

      With his babbling of, "f—-cking charade ends with someone turning up dead" Bill provides us with a verbal charade composed of 2 other charades.

      1. a 'f-cking' charade
      2. someone (Bill) 'turns up'
      1+2= when someone 'turns up' at a 'f-cking' charade, someone turns up dead!

    • Very interesting theory, and it makes perfect sense. That would mean the guy that tried to seduce Alice was also part of the plan, and that these guys have a very firm understanding of how Bill and Alice would both react. It would imply that the Illuminati are absolute masters of psychology and know what people will do before they do it.

    • FYI – It's not just women. If you pay attention right before Bill is exposed, he is led past two same sex couples dancing. One of two men, and one of two women.

    • You are right about the choker ribbon collars representing their slavery. I don't think these women are prostitutes, but they are MKUltra monarch slaves. I noticed that these collars have diamonds on them, possibly representing "diamond models" that are used by the ultra elite business people and politicians. Amanda's diamond is shaped like a Maltese cross or maybe a Nazi iron cross. Each diamond on each woman's collar appears to be different.

    • freelancesubversive on

      exactly what i was thinking. the whole thing was an initiation of bill into their society by ziegler who saw potential and invited him in.. part of the initiation is humiliation and fear which bill experienced when he was unmasked followed by the blood sacrifice of amanda for his price of entry.

  20. Darn you VC! You're like my crack now, I have to have it! Great article, the insight and writing on this is superb!

  21. I'm a Kubrick fan but have not yet seen Eyes Wide Shut. I am so looking forward to it. And now I understand why Kubrick, was dead so soon afterward. Thanks VC!

    • So I watched it through, twice. There is so much. I posted somewhere else on VC about paying attention to use of tigers within the scenery, in paintings, ceramics, and of course the toys. Tigers represent overpowering raw primal instincts, reproduction and prey drives. Bill has taken Alice's fidelity for granted. Her sexual 'ferociousness' comes out when she drinks the champagne and dances with older Euro man. Later when she and Bill get 'stoned' together she confesses to provoke him. Notice how she stand up talking then laughing until she crumbles into a fetal position, acting out a 'stoning'. Bill seems to bethe seduce in all his extra marital encounters. We see the tiger front half, then in another take, the tiger's hind quarters. Front is the devourer, the hind, sex. Also look at all the teddy bears, a common symbol in Kubrick films. Bears also represent over powering drives, but as a hibernator, asleep, deep in a cave, that is the subconscious. Bears subliminally depicted in a scene serve to trigger a hypnotic, below conscious level response. So the last scene we watch, the couple and their daughter move between the tigers and bears.

  22. You must be born into the various Elite circles. They are concentric and the insiders are very few. They use celebrities like tissue and to set agenda for the cattle that is the every man. The family and children of the outer rings are used and ritualistically abused. It is this same group that achieves success in all areas of life that the average man would be very hard pressed to achieve out of "nowhere."
    They're many who don't know their connection to the ring's and people like Mad-onna for instance thinks she is in the know, but she like others are used for, sex, games, and spell casting. The pawn, is the pawn, is the pawn.

    BTW, so much misinterpretation about Saturn and the worship of it death cult etc. It's been bastardized into the most horrific of practices. I keeps the general population in fear and the keepers in power.

    • Have you noticed that Mad-onna smiles a lot more fake then she used to before her latest ''contract''. As if she is in physical pain sometimes (well, with surgery and face blown-up no wonder). But a lot of times she is doing stuff in a way that makes me think of a child that has do do her dance routine for a demanding parent's friends.

    • When Madonna performed in the superbowl she had these awful brusies on her groin/inner thighs that she seemed to want to deliberately display…

    • Pallene 23 you make a very perspicacious statement that I feel many fail to understand. I don't think I've seen anyone put it in a more succinct and accurate way.

  23. VC, thanks for this intriguing analysis. I have been reading your stuff for some time now and have been quite pleased. After reading your work, it's hard to look at the item in question the same way. Kudos!!

  24. In that newspaper article, it said that Amanda died at the Florence Hotel. That is definitely another clue from Kubrick.

    Florence, like Venice, was a center of elite debauchery in the Middle Ages and Renaissance,

    It was also home to the de Medici family, who were the top banking family of their day, and Niccolo Machiavelli.

    • Awesome observation. I find the Ghibelline/Guelph/Venetian Black Nobility history to be one of the most fascinating aspects of the whole issue.

  25. Mostafa Srag on

    I am an old fan of your articles, I always read in silence…but this time I gotta say wow, this part 2 and 1 also are amazing..thanks for the effort man…really thanks!

  26. I can't believe Kubrick had so many subliminal messages in his films. I have taken film courses and seen a few of his films in classes, but had no idea how deep they really were. WHOA!

  27. LowkeyShakur on

    Hmmmm the word "rogue" now where have i seen that word… *snaps fingers* thats right…the name of Rihannas new fragrance right? Yea… -_- im convinced rihanna is one if those MK slaves. Isn't tht how JayZ discovered her? N she fits the description n she always referencing marilyn monroe. Ugh im kinda shocked at how oblivious ppl r. Off topic y do i have a feeling Miley Cyrus will be the next MK sex slave. I'm sure Jayz tapped that in some sick ritual. Callin her a God and shit. I believe it.

      • LowkeyShakur on

        No question. The minute i read abt Beyonces dad no longer being her manager and Jayz was in th picture i knew she was OWNED. JayZ is beyonces handler and prly rihannas as well n its almost like i can see through the smoke n mirrors n jayz looks like a sick perv n like i said before i have a feeling miley will replace rihanna when she ends up dead at 27. This whole rihanna dying her hair grey like rogue and shit its kinda disturbing bc there seems to be a deeper meaning behind all of it n the masses blindly follow smh

      • Hmmm… Maybe she dyed her hair or "they" dyed her hair "grayish-black" to the point where it looks dead and burnt because it might be predicting her death… If you see how she looks know.. you can see that she looks like a grandma with that grayish dead hair. This might indicate how she's been with the industry for a while now and how she is too old for them now and are now going to dispose of her….

      • Beyonce did the voice of Queen Tara in the movie Epic. The character died (sacrificed herself) and her soul essence passed to a younger queen. This movie is full of occult symbolism and I swear that they are hinting something to us. Call me crazy!

      • I agree with what you said, but beyonce is older the rihanna, so why hasn't beyonce been disposed of yet?

      • somewhere in time on

        In the last superbowl….right before half of the"stadium"
        was in the dark and half was in the light….her performance had a Chalice superimposed on the stage….made to look like two faces facing each other…

      • LowkeyShakur on

        What r u the grammar police? Lol thats how i type. As long as understand what im saying then thats all tht matters. Lets stay on topic. Thanks. *rolls eyes* the day i let someone dictate how i type my words. Fuck outta here.

      • el gallinazo on

        These shortcuts are just an Orwellian NewSpeak way of dumbing yourself down. I understand typing properly on cell phones is an effort. That is why I use a keyboard whenever possible. And I can't afford to get any dumber :-)

        But different strokes for different folks. It's obvious within a fraction of a second whether the commenter is writing in NewSpeak, and if yes, I just go to the next one. Nothing worth reading there.

      • Misannthorpe on

        I think the point they're making is that by typing the way you do, you make it harder to communicate what it is you are trying to say, at least to some people. Do you not want to be understood by as many people as possible? Apart from anything else it just makes you appear thick and I don't believe you (necessarily) are!

      • LowkeyShakur on

        Lmao thank u smh trying to tell someone how to type but can't spell correctly. #fail ppl got too much time on their hands keep it on the topic at hand smh and um @bibbert i believe the wrd u lookin for is brain . Smh so..whos brain really has shit in it? Tuh.

      • U r so right. Even i am human. I am sorry.
        But calling me police or nazi is a bit rude, no? You like commenting on typos,too, i presume? A lot?

    • Miley Cyrus is already a sex slave. She wasborn into, like Jaden Smith. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus sold her, likely for his fame. Ge is her handler, like Spears' father is to Britney Spears. She was programmed by Disney, and then set free at the ripe of age 18 like a loose cannon with a record label.

      Didn't you read the Marilyn Monroe article?

      • LowkeyShakur on

        Yea i pretty much figured that. I did read the Marilyn Monroe article. I went to club (amnesia) in NYC n of course they had this huge mural of Marilyn Monroe on the wall..kinda creepy smh. But anyway now tht miley is 18 they r gna turn her all the way out, push her onto the urban audience bc black men r easily intrigued by white women n the media is constantly trying to push tht swirl agenda…but im going somewhere else so thats for an entirely different disscussion lol

  28. obligenobility on

    Three repeaters occur in the newspaper article; 1 in each column. These lines are the ones that contain this disinformation: 1)Amanda's unconscious body was found by "security personnel" who were alerted by her "agent", 2) she "ingested" the drugs, 3)she had "friends" in the entertainment and fashion industries.

  29. the magic flute on

    " The professional piano player reveals to Bill that he is sometimes hired by mysterious people to play, blindfolded"

    a very well known mason played piano blindfolded…Mozart

    • And in the movie Amadeaus he did attend a masquerade party in which is father did not like . . .now that puts a new spin on it.

  30. Hi, what do you think about Maddie? Do you know the case? Some sources claim that she was murdered by their parents inside an occult ritual. Portuguese police found a Bible with personnel notes made by her mother on a passage of the Old Testament connected esoterically to blood rituals. McCann had friends inside the british government and strong connections with the true Elite.

    • Hi I know the case but there is not a lot of compelling evidence to back this up – she may have been taken by others with such intentions but I would say that her parents were unaware and just as sickened at the prospect of this coming about.

    • Rumor is, Madeline McCann was probably a special custom order, I.e. someone had been coveting her. Someone who knew her and her family.

      • MM=Master Mason on

        I believe Madeline McCann's parents sold her to become some elite's high level pet. She is still alive somewhere, totally brainwashed into the ritual life.

  31. I remember reading an article I found online entitled "Lindsay Lohan: A Call to Chaos girl. It was a short article, but I believe that celebrities even at a young age have to go through this as there initiation into the celebrity world. This I believe is why celebrities get away with everything, including murder.

  32. kickassforthelord on

    another thing not being truly depicted in the movie is that a lot of these “rituals” also involve committing homosexual acts.

    • I coworker of mine is a 32nd degree mason. When I asked him if he was going to go for 33rd degree he said probably not because you have to go to the "club house" and he wouldn't say exactly what that meant but he made it clear he was reluctant to go through that experience.

      He said some of the rituals he has experienced involved masturbating in a coffin while surrounded by fellow masons.

      • I wonder what ritual he would have to take part in to obtain the 33rd degree? Funny you mention the "club house". Walt Disney was a 33rd degree mason and he's got a Club named Club 33 and that its a very exclusive club for members only who have to pay thousands for just a membership alone. I wonder what activities take place there?

  33. Richland K. Harper on

    way to go VC; I enjoy every read you made, and I just stumbled over your page yesterday!
    looking forward to Part III.

    BTW: yesterday evening, came home from work and watched TV: you've got m@il – very boring hollywood romance…

    but, when you now what to look for, even this movie reveals LOTS of hidden symbols.

    – chess floor all over
    – monarch butterflies
    – isn't the whole emailing a sort of brainwash / manipulating / mind control of Kathleen (Meg Ryan)? of course it is!
    – …and at the end, Kathleen and Joe (the Handler, who literally destroyed her life) come together.
    – to top it off, the film ends with: "somewhere over the rainbow"

    what dou you think?

    • Go back to sleep. this site has been up a whole lot longer than you. You come on here like hey hey buddy , look at me, look at me…

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        Haha! I'm pretty new here myself, Richland K. Harper; QUICK, somebody insult me!!!!!!! Hahaha!

      • we all have pieces of the puzzle and figure things out at different paces, but each is necessary, the important thing is that ALL who can, DO awaken–

        in the end, the humble shall go before the proud. : )

    • DoorsofPerception on

      Hey man, not all of us are as rude as the fellow above. On behalf of the non-arrogant readers of this site, welcome, and I hope that you get as much out of it as we have.
      In relation to You've Got Mail, I watched this movie recently and saw the same and a few other little things here and there. Thank you for the contribution to cause!

    • The Tom Hanks character's last name is Fox (666). I think the point of the movie is to put a benign face on big multi-national corporations gobbling up independants. Sleepless in Seattle is another Meg Ryan movie with an incongruously placed chess floor. But then they show up everywhere when one starts looking.

    • astute observations Richard. I'll have to watch this one again. It just blows my mind how something as benign as a romantic comedy can be littered with such latent symbolism. It's obvious when you're watching National Treasure or Da Vinci Code kind of movies, but I would never suspect this genre of film. Maybe that's the reason it's done.

  34. Another reason why they killed him was he (Kubrick) had been given the go ahead for his next film before he had finished this one and it was going to be called A.I.Artificial Intelligence. He was going to use it to expose the satanic child molestation that goes on by the elite, in particular Hollywood. Stephen 'Crap'berg got hold of it and turned it into the turd that it is.

  35. WTF???!!!
    I swear that building looks just like the one featured in Ali G: Indahouse
    that scene was the one where the leaders of the world decided the fate of the conflict in Africa

    is that also a sub message?

    anyways, great stuff. never knew this movie had so many illuminati shit that it covers 3 articles

    great read man

  36. "The family and children of the outer rings are used and ritualistically abused."

    Not always the case actually, although being within spitting distance of it all is quite scary and tiring from a child' point of view.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        Audrey in the birdcage is horrible – I'm a huge fan of hers, it breaks my heart.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        God, I love that movie, I often cite it in reference to the death of Heath Ledger and "playing the fool" or playing the Joker……..

    • think4yrself on

      Thank you, Seeker, for the link. How on earth did you come across this info, on what appears to be a vapid, although Illumi-centric fashion site?

      Wow, almost every photo had something awful in it. Some things I noted that haven"t been mentioned: there's a girl w/a birdcage hat that is reminiscent of the movie-poster from "Sucker Punch." (See VC's analysis on the movie.) I was also struck by the woman in 2 photos w/the exaggerated eye painted on her face, and the ringed head piece: it is a Saturn costume. The menu and tablescapes allude to the eating of (raw?) animals and people (Imbroglio du Cadavres–I don't speak French but that one is pretty clear!) The dismembered dolls suggest that even children may be on the menu.

      The description of the party at the end of the photo gallery describes a setting designed to look and feel like a descent into Hell, (labyrinth, fiery lights) where these Illuminati apparently think they'll continue "living the high life" in the manner they are accustomed to here on Earth. (I think they are in for a nasty surprise…)

      The repeated use of the Mona Lisa image makes me wonder if her creator, Da Vinci was in league w/these bastards. It was a disappointment to see Dali right at home in this place. And the invitation uses a Magritte painting for a background. Were there any European masters who Weren't involved with and/or corrupted by this s***?!

      And this party took place in 1972. Just imagine how much worse they've gotten in the 40 years since!

      • You say you were disappointed to see Dali right at home here and then mention Magritte Surrealism = visually representing the extreme questioning of reality and a blurring of the boundaries, it is sensual and appealing and also dis-associative.

        Check out Dali's links with Disney particularly on the work he had hoped to do in the same vain as Fantasia. Dali and his Tarot card paintings etc……..

        The clues in the movements name ( there are links to its aims for social revolution and the use of mystical arts).

        Art is to tell a story or inspire action,it plays a role in the shaping and making of societies and their histories, it is a symbolic tool like film and therefore belongs to the ruling class.

      • Seeing Dali may have been a disappointment but surely it wasn't that much of a surprise? Hepburn, again, I can't say I'm entirely shocked but the less cynical part of me wanted to suspend my disbelief and buy into the idea of her wholesomeness. More fool me! Maybe we really do need to understand that quite simply, you just don't get to that level of fame and/or wealth without being "in" with TPTB. It might go some way to explaining why some exceptionally talented people, for no obvious (on the surface) reason, never "make it".

    • I suppose there is no way of knowing whether these photos are genuine or in any way fakery. Nevertheless, the occultic/satanic roots of the very moneyed-elite should come as little surprise to those who are much aware that satan/lucifer-the-fallen is the god & religion of the top-tier elite.

    • That's from Aleister Crowley – he claimed it was to differentiate 'real' magic from the trickery in magic shows, but there is a dark meaning to it. K is the 11th letter of the alphabet and it stands for the shadowy sephirot Da'ath that is the gateway to the dark side of the sephirotic tree in kabbalah. He was signalling that his magical activities were of Qliphotic in nature, black and negative.

      • Very Interesting, esp since the whole Kardashian idea that every thing has to begin with K, and they have a black and white duality motif throughtout their clothing as well as interior decor, also note how both daughters who recently have had children have both went against the idea and not named their children K names guess they are subtly rebelling against their money hungry dark mother Kris…

      • Even more strange and interesting I threw a bottle of OPI polish and when it broke blood came out from the middle of it, and smelled horrible… totally creeped me out, its a sign they are evil.

      • Agree with everything you've said, however Kourtney named her son "Mason" – might not start with a K, but so in your face don't you think? Kim named her daughter NorthWest – which for some reason feels like a code as well. Just my musings.

      • I agree with you Wizz, those names appear to have much deeper meaning. Maybe after all of the sisters have children the names will be significant in decoding something sinister.

    • I thought the scene on which Alice is looking at herself in the bathroom mirror was very weird, sp. the way Helena was brushing her teeth, more like pulling the brush in and out, reminded of that Vogue France fashion spread with children brushing teeth, I think it's a reference to child abuse.

    • In the end Helena picks up a pink Barbie with wings, Alice purses her lips and replies with a noncommittal "hey". Also throughout the film, subtly placed are images or stuffed tigers, we see only face front or tail end. A lot of masks. A lot of mirrors.

    • EXCELLENT question rusty. If the elite masonic luciferian satanist what ever are in total control of the media, why didn't they reject the whole project? Kubrick kept the filming secret, but they had to have known what he was doing.

  37. Stanley Kubrick died 66 days into the year 1999, also 666 days before 1 January 2001. Anyone think this is a coincidence or . . . ?

    • It COULD have been a coincidence, but it would be awfully amazing! And he died after his 13th film. They are into the number 13.

  38. Great articles, V C , a very EYE OPENING & EXPOSING EXPERIENCE!!! I hope to read UR next & final part 3 soon. & REMEMBER THE BOOK OF Ephesians Chapter 5 Verse 8,9,10,11,12, & 13. It reads, 8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light 9 (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) 10 and find out what pleases the Lord. 11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light

  39. My question:

    How can it be a secret if you have "Big Stars" playing roles in it? I mean, how would no one know this moving was being recoreded. How do the acters play a role in this too. Do their lives not mimick what is in this movie? Have they not seen it themselves or heard of it in their peer circles? How can they play roles like this and not know what they are creating?

    • DoorsofPerception on

      It is not all that surprising, I mean, not really. Kubrick himself was the master of manipulation and there are countless examples of his actors having no idea of symbolism or meanings in what was being filmed.
      When I first watched this movie I considered the possibility whether the main actors really did know what was going on.

      In particular, in the scene in which Dr. Bill is roaming around the party at the mansion, he is always wearing the mask, except for the climactic scene where he is forced to take it off. So was it even Tom Cruise that is witnessing what Kubrick is making? The dialogue during these scenes could easily have been dubbed over.

      The scene where he is revealed offers nothing, by way of dialogue, to what Dr. Bill saw. The only other big name actor whose character was present at the party was Zeigler and no one really knows who he was and so it is unlikely that Sydney Pollack was there for the filming either.

      In the last scene, the dialogue between Dr. Bill and Zeigler again is rather cryptic and all that is offered is that a woman was killed for what Dr. Bill witnessed.

      Lastly, the extras that actually appeared in these scenes are just that – extras. So they are in no way initiated into the elite and as such haven't one iota of a clue as to the meaning or symbolism.

    • They could be under an MK Ultra personality and then triggered into another personality once the filming is over. Johnny Depp said he doesn't recognize himself on the screen. "And then HE's up there." (Talking about himself to that scumbag David LETTERman.) Such a chilling interview.

  40. I remember when this movie came out, and Kubrick had already died. I specifically remember an interview with Nicole KIdman where she said, Tom and I fought for Stanley, to keep the movie intact as Stanley wanted it. Whether or not the movie was released as Stanley wanted it, I don't know. But I do know she said she and Cruise had to try to keep the movie as Kubrick wanted it.

    • But didn't Kubrick say he hated them both?

      We have two conflicting theories here. Either they knew nothing and shot individual scenes without understanding the main message or they knew exactly what his vision was and fought for him.

      Given how he spoke about them, I doubt that they fought for his vision.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        I mentioned this in comment for the previous Eyes Wide Shut article on VC – Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise both said eulogies at Kubrick's funeral.
        It just becomes all the more strange.

  41. What is the industry wide interpretation of this movie. It doesn't seem to have any other meaning than the one you have described. Is this why Kubrick died so soon after its release?

  42. Interesting to read about Baroness Marie-Hélène de Rothschild and her strange parties. Check out the pics of elitist high weirdness at this blogspot:

    Notably the one with Audrey Hepburn's head in a birdcage, as well as the naked "Sugar lady" that was served as dessert.

    Thanks VC for making me and all the ones I've told about this site, aware of these symbols of luciferian occultic evil.

      • Yes, I heard she was a spy during the Dutch Resistance and she used to hide messages in her ballet shoes and also Sophia Loren was also linked to the elite during this time im sure

  43. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla should wear a mask all the time. LOL. For all their money, they sure be fugly.

    • Jap, I agree. They are two of the most ugly people I have ever seen, and they were horrible to lady Di. They should keep the masks on!

  44. Leon Vitalli is a real-life English actor so the news snippet is an in joke by Kubrick and not back story. Like the 33 degree chair stuff though.

  45. Does anyone know what were in the scenes that warner bros cut?
    ive heard they cut out the blood and feces in the the orgy scene, and something else about cutting some verses from Bhagavat Gita
    just wondering what we werent shown…

  46. Great article! You're very intelligent and also a good writer!

    I already knew about the backwards priest song and yes, it's really romanian orthodox priests chanting, but your connection to black magick was brilliant! (Christianity backwards).

    Can't wait for part 3! THanks a lot!

  47. cory momeith was not a huge huge star, that's why I can't figure out why he would be killed off, I don't think he overdosed but why him. Other stars that died were more famous than him.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      In the same breath, other stars that they have killed off haven't been as famous as Cory Monteith. Maybe his death serves as a warning to the new crop of Hollywood stars, or maybe he tried to cross them somehow. We do know that he just came out of "rehab", it's possible that he didn't prove to be a good subject for their programming but had seen too much. What ever happened, it appears he had become a liability.

    • whenigotmusic on

      He had drug problems for years, before being famous. I really don't think all celebrity deaths are caused by the elite, but it does seem like a crazy world so you never know.

  48. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    This is a fairly good analysis, but through no fault of your own, your conclusions contain many "blinds" and half-truths to deceive the profane.

    To a blind horse, a wink is as good as a nod.

    Secret Societies have held sway and influence over mankind's civilizations for as long as mankind has had the capacity to understand power and its application to the body politic and its affairs.

    Even among the Ordo Templi Orientis, there are what appear to outsiders to be numerous schisms and factions. The A.'.A.'. doesn't concern itself with worldly affairs at all.

    Not all secret societies aim to enslave you, nor is Thelema a creed espousing evil. To "Do what thou wilt" doesn't mean to blindly indulge in every vice (though, partaking of vices as a sacrament is essential); rather, it means that one's True Will is the guiding light of one's life, and that as long as we are true to our own nature's, there is no force in the universe that can not be pressed into service of the Will of the Magician.

    Love is the law, love under will.

    Lord N.

    • You are not telling us anything that we are not already aware of. I used to be part of your "cult" and I found your thinking to be illusory and your members to be narcissistic and sociopathic. Many of them were bisexual and some of them were pedos. You use the phrase True Will to justify your actions. It is like if you accept the fact that you are attracted to children and "love" children then it is okay to molest children because you are just being yourself. I am not saying everyone in the group is a pedo, I am just using an example. Many of the people that I knew did not understand the consequences of their actions and the error of their own thinking.
      You have no real power as most of the people I knew led dysfunctional lives. You think that manipulation is power and it is not. True power lies in the wisdom of God. We are not wise as we are only children of God. Your thinking is like allowing children to make their own decisions and they turn out badly! You call them profane but I have been down your path and I was not impressed! When I let go and let God into my life (realizing that there was really nothing in my control) is when I attained true enlightenment and freedom.

      • Sociopaths cannot see the truth due to their own delusions of grandeur and superiority. They believe that they are better and smarter than everyone else. They have no real emotional connections to anyone and they are just putting on a show. They talk of others as stupid profane sheep. But they are the ones who are blind! They believe they are gods unto themselves and that they hold some secret sacred knowledge unbeknownst to others. If you were truly connected to others then you would realize that we're all children of God and to hurt one is to hurt another. That you are no more important than anyone else and that you do not actually "know everything". You would also realize that it is pointless to perform rituals and worship[ idols. These rituals only provide you with an illusion of power. What is sad is that these idiots are running the world and we are allowing them because we are fooled by their lies and superficial charm.

      • Well said, Christina. Those captured by the elitist occult are dupes of satan. they have temporal "perks" and "power", but it is all deeply flawed and evil and selfish at its core. THE REAL power is with Christians who follow Christ and not love of self and earthly power. That power is transforming and is about Christlike character at its core.

      • How the real ones do it though? I visited the little room of a Saint and she was sleeping on a wooden bed without a mattress with a stone instead of a pillow. She had visits from Christ's mother and she also had visions of Her on numerous occasions. We are talking about exceptional people who are born very rarely.

  49. April Carter on

    There are a couple problems with this theory. One Amanda was not the same girl the overdosed earlier in the film…Ziegler even makes the comment comparing the two girls by stating she was like the girl who was in the bathroom "you remember, the girl with big tits." …or something along those lines. Shows how they value these girls for sure but the second thing is Ziegler was convincing that it wasn't real ……he mocked the drama of it all and he makes sense because WHY WOULD SHE SACRIFICE HERSELF TO HIM. She could have spared him by not exposing him on the first place. There was some good suspense built up by even making you possibly believe it was nicole kidman herself…similar bodies and the same expression "that's impossible."

    Does anyone have an answer for my two points?


    • DoorsofPerception on


      1: Amanda IS the same girl that overdosed in the bathroom. Zeigler wasn't "comparing" the two girls as you say, he was pointing out to Dr. Bill who she was. Also in the credits that woman is billed as Amanda "Mandy" Curran, in the newspaper article she is known as Amanda, in the bathroom scene she is known as Many. Ziegler also reminds Dr. Bill what he said to Mandy as an "explanation" of her death "it was only a matter of time with her".

      2: It couldn't have been Nicole Kidman (at least not her body), I have considered this possibility myself as well as who else it might have been (for example, the hooker Domino that ends up with HIV and simply vanishes). Nicole Kidman's character was clearly in bed when all of this occurred. We know this because when she calls Dr. Bill she says that she is going to bed and when he returns he wakes her from an awful dream.

      However, I do agree about why she would sacrifice herself to him, although it could be said that Dr. Bill saved her life in the bathroom. I think that the party scene and the sex involved was merely a prelude to a blood sacrifice that would be occurring after. The fact that Amanda/Mandy ended up dead did indeed add to the "facade" as this is not the reason why she was killed.

      One other quick little side note, when Alice calls Bill she is watching a movie on TV, I'm not 100% sure what movie this is but it stars Dustin Hoffman, who in 1987 (the year that Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket was released) starred in a movie called….. wait for it……. ISHTAR! Go figure! ((I think this is a "trigger" for Alice whose dream parallels what Dr. Bill witnessed that night))

      • Alice is a beta kitten. That's what's "really" going on that poor Bill is oblivious to.

    • I thought it was Domino. If not her, her rando disapearance due to AIDS was bullshit and super suspicious to me, like how Nightingale disapeared. Recall the movie also mentions Jungian duality. Interesting how Jung and SK are born on the same day (me too, heehee). The duality idea, although somewhat occult, really ties into the "Eyes Wide Shut" idea of it all being a dream, you know, a little pre- Matrix-esque. But darn it, Domino's death?/leaving was too weird. Oh yes, I feel like Amanda's nipples looked different in the first shot of her at the Christmas party at Mr. Z's than in the ritual place of the sacrifice. Just throwing it out there. Plus, isn't the point of they toy Domino to fall?

      • DoorsofPerception on

        I guess, in relation to whether it was Domino or Mandy they both are essentially the same character – both being hookers and both felt that they owed Dr. Bill something (Mandy for being saved in the bathroom and Domino for the money or just the simple act of kindness) and, most importantly, they both have lethal illness' that plays to the tune of "it was only a matter of time" to their deaths. It's not surprising that a hooker contracts AIDs or a drug addict has an overdose. The only difference being that Mandy's death is news worthy, whereas Domino's will go pretty much unnoticed.

      • Does anyone think Alice was one of the ritual participants? I think she was part of the in-crowd while Dr. Bill was on his rounds. How did that mask end up on the bed before Dr. Bill got home? For a while I thought Alice was the one who was warning him away from the ritual. I think she was living a double life.

  50. Always a great read, VC..God bless you!
    Please please post something about the sudden death of Corey Montieth.. Some websites are pointing to the number 13 on his death.

  51. The Day Kubrick died, as the person above said, was 666 days before jan 1st, 2001… all sacrifices are planned far in advance, so it was not a simple KNEE JERK reaction to the final cut of the movie (they cut it anyways for us, some pars we will never see), but a planned sacrifice to finish Kubrick's life and externalize another small part of the hierarchy… like alex jones 'exposing' Bohemian grove – all planned moves…

    wake up everyone.. great job VC! is blogging for now, but we'll be up by 9/11/13

    • I am led to believe that like euthanasia, Kubrick was a willing participant in choosing the date of his sacrifice.

  52. Ramsey child was sacrificed in a ritual… by her satanic family… sure they are doing REAL WELL in life now. Like the actors in that TV Movie "Sandy Hook School Shooting" and the Boston Bombing FEMA Actors, as dictated by their handbook (look it up)

  53. thatlondonchic on

    Great article. Please do an article on the royal "baby". I'm pretty sure there is going to be a major sacrifice happening around the due date of Kate Middleton.

    • I beleive she already had the baby. They made a big deal on how her (british royalty) and Kim Kardashian (american trashy royalty) both had the same due date for thier children.

      • animal sacrifice possibly? Her dog Lupo almost lost his head after it bacame stuck in a fence at the home of her parents – needed emergency services to come out and rescue him. The nurse Jacinta Saldhana was surely an early sacrifice around the time that the (shaky) pregnancy was announced

      • Kim Kardash had her bebe at an earlier date than it should have been delivered. And the world, ok some of the world, is waiting for Miss Kate's bebe. Over population stinks. But man, do I pray for all the parents out there, be good to your kiddos, and kiddos, be good to your 'rents.

  54. HeedPantsNow on

    I thought it was interesting that “important friends in the fashion and entertainment worlds” was printed twice in the article as if Kubrick was emphasizing this point. I think back on all the articles on this site and videos like Music Industry Exposed series etc…

  55. Define Mania on

    I remember when the movie came out they mentioned how the sex ritual/orgy scenes were edited as they were too extreme for a R rating. Could the truth lie beneath the CGI? What was really being depicted?? I guess the world will never know….

    VC, you're simply the best!

    • That's not all – there were numerous accounts of a sequence that depicted child molestation at the "party" which were cropped.
      As we've seen with recent revelations about the sickos at the BBC (Saville being the poster boy), the Canadian gov't, and back to the Franklin scandal in the States, it happens…

      • DoorsofPerception on

        The Australia TV actor of the 1980's and 1990's, Robert Hughes (star of the sitcom Hey Dad..!) was arrested in London on child molestation charges, it this point 11 counts of child abuse (including the little girl that played his daughter on the show) has been recorded. The bastard has been extradited from the UK back to Australia and he has been released on bail.

  56. I'm pretty damn sure that the elite knew what Kubrick was up to, just as much as Kubrick knew what the elite was up to. This film was released in 1999…the year before a new millennium began, I don't think it was a coincidence at all. I think they wanted to this film to be put out to expose the truth, in a "fictional" way. The very title, Eyes Wide Shut, could be looked at as a curse or a spell. We are constantly exposed to the truth, and yet, everybody is hypnotized by false history, false principals, and false gods. THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT.

    I believe Kubrick's death was planned, whether he knew it or not is a different story. But I don't think they killed him because he exposed them, I believe they killed him as a blood sacrifice to seal the deal on the effect this film would have for the new millennium. I know it sounds crazy, but thats honestly what I believe. That is what my gut tells me. Kubrick had made highly symbolic films before this one, I don't think they would have killed a film maker of his caliber without a deeply evil purpose.

    • Thanks for the link, I just read the article. That kind of confirms what Kubrick showed. And to think of all those girls who want to be models.

  57. I don't know if this has already been commented on by someone else but has anyone noticed the uncanny similarity between the Freemason crown in the chair (picture shown in this article) and the cupola of the building in the new film Monster University …. They're the exact same shape & design. What a coincidence!!!

    • The new Monster Uni movie is FILLED with Freemasonic/Satanic symbols. It's enough that the giant M (Mason) has an eye in it (antichrist one eye.)

  58. When VC mentioned about the ex beauty queen found dead because of drug overdose, Cory Monteith came to my mind because it was the same incident. Not only Cory, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston had also the same situation. I’m so sad for them. They’re victims of Illuminati Ritual Initiation

    • but why would they kill Cory Monteith? Michael and Whitney did they things for a long time and they where highly damaged people with a public bad reputation but Cory wasn't. just like i don't understand why Heath death is also related to Illuminati.

      • Maybe cory sacrificed himself for his girlfriend to be fanous. The same girl who played his girlfriend on gle…she is getting real famous now…

  59. I’d like to get everybody’s opinion on this:

    Why does Tom Cruise, who is apparently a very high ranking member of the secretive elite of Scientology/Sea Org, always playing in movies that feature some kind of powerful group playing him like many imagine his “church” to play their members?

    Think of The Firm for example, in a lot of these films he literally runs from those he trusted before. in Mission Impossible he finds out that his boss betrayed him and everything is a set up.

    In Eyes Wide Shut the secretive elite and their celebrity shield imitate the public perception of Scientology who uses celebrities to boost their image.

    Why does Scientology allow him to participate in this recurring plot, where he is hunted by a powerful group that he was so proud to join? Doesn’t this scare people away? Isn’t his job to get more people interested in his cult?

    Tom as the villain:

    Even in the Hollywood parody Tropic Thunder, this time not being the low grade victim, he plays Les Grossman, a violent demagogue. The extremely rich and powerful media boss who has a giant new age OM symbol on the wall (a mix of occult and high tech) openly tells his assistant how little he cares about him. People are just a means to make money and he lets them feel it. The leader of Scientology D. Miscavige has been reported to beat up other high ranking members in meetings, quite like Les does in the video conference.

    Now think of the occult rituals in Interview With A Vampire. Unlike Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer’s character doesn’t like what he becomes. He’s not as comfortable with what being a Vampire means, despite eternal life, sex, physical power… Joining this powerful group comes at a price: You feed of other people’s perdition including a child.

    I remember Kubrick saying he found Tom and Nicole annoying, and it seems like he would have preferred different actors, but why does Tom Cruise always end up in these movies? There was even a movie made to criticize Scientology and the story was very much like a typical Tom Cruise film.

    These movies always reveal that the one who you trusted blindly is abusing you in a self righteous manner. Think of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. Or in Last Samurai, where the honest warriors are betrayed by their physically weak leaders who expected them to be ready to die for them, like Scientology founder and con man Hubbard did of his armed crew.

    Some even contain severe brain washing e.g. Vanilla Sky. And his character in Magnolia acts as absurdly as he does in some of his interviews or his appearance at Oprah.

    Can you think of more examples?

    • Just to give another example, I watched the 3 trailers to Oblivion because the recurring plot is so fundamental, that the trailer always shows a compressed version:

      1. Tom looks at his team member he trusted, who is behind a glass wall and he yells "What have you done?"

      We get to hear some snippets of his dialogs:
      "They won’t stop until they find me".
      "What aren’t you telling me"
      "Who are you?!"

      As usually, he realizes he got betrayed by those he trusted and he runs away from them.

      2. In another trailer for the same film:
      "Do you have any memory?" "Our job is not to remember" (Brain washing, blind obedience, zero tolerance for questioning those in power)

      "I've been watching you. They lied to you. It’s time to learn the truth."

      3. "The people you work for, lied to you"
      "There are things you need to know" "I don’t want to know!"
      "This is insubordinate behavior"

      You can take any of those lines and put them into any other Tom Cruise movie with ease. In Eyes Wide Shut he works for the elite for a brief moment at the party, in other movies he works full time, like a Scientologist.

      • I just watched some more trailers:

        In Valkyrie he goes against his own leader and dies for it. From blind obedience to death enemies.
        "While others followed orders" "They followed their conscience"

        In The Color Of Money he is being set up, manipulated and controlled from the start, while he feels like a star who is in charge.
        "You used me" "Yes I did"

        In Taps there is a typical Scientology member dialog with family member.
        "What in God's name did they teach you in here?" "You and I have nothing more to talk about"
        Tom Cruise yet again plays the role of the top soldier (Sea Org) we also see in Top Gun.

        Minority Report
        "The System is perfect but there is a flaw… it's human" (Implying it's YOU)
        "You set me up! I had no idea"
        They tell him "Walk away", "Run!" and "You can't run"
        He has to "find out what happened"

        In Born on 4th of July he goes against the government and the war he couldn’t wait to fight in when he was younger.

        Some more "Eyes Wide Shot" line in Lions For Lambs:
        "They bank on your apathy, they plan strategies around it"
        "It was all right there, if we had bothered to connect the dots"

        Jack Reacher is another story where someone gets "framed" and he needs to find out the truth.
        "They want me to run"
        "The soldier is asking questions no one else would ask"

        Mind that I haven’t seen any of these movies, all the dialogs are from the trailers, that's how fundamental the recurring plot is.

      • thanks, T.S. you give some salient specific examples of a (long considered) similar question i posed about Tom Cruise and such films in VC's first EWS post. admittedly, acting is a profession for those capable of the suspension of reality–

        but the question is really who IS using whom in these systems of entertainment, news, arts, sports, media, politics, government, secret societies, etc…

        personally, i recall the feeling of "power" or "will" that i had when i was involved in the occult (which i naively then thought was "white") but from the other side it is quite clear where that power originated from, and to what ends it was used for. the clean-up of things given ("manifested") can take years to set right.

        i do so hope some good men and women are on the inside of such systems doing their best to destroy them from within, while not being destroyed in the process…

        and always worth remembering: "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. _And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." –Nietzsche (from "Beyond Good and Evil")

    • I think there are several reasons.
      One could be that the movie industry always repeats what's successfull. Because a lot of people don't care for intriging plots, they want to see their superstars. It pays well.
      Another could be that repetition is a way of influencing memory and behaviour of the watching crowds. A lot of people take over opinions and behaviour they see in move or videoclips. The few that question it all are a minority.

    • It might be a way of re-programming him through repetition or reminders/hypnosis that if he ever leaves the system, they will hunt him down etc. etc. May also be warnings by Tom himself (high ranking member) vis a vis his movies to other lower level members that it is not easy to leave?

      • That was my thought too! It reinforces his programming to believe that if he ever goes against the 'system' he will be hunted so be a good boy and do what your told, always! Celebrities aren't in control as much as the public is lead to believe they are.

    • Oh you left a big one, Minority Report where he starts out as hot shot high tech cop and winds up on the run from the 'authorities' and those he trusted after discovering the truth. (And if VC has done it, I'd love to see an analysis of that one!)

      I don't know much about Scientology and whether or not Tom is representing them in his movie choices but seem to be his schtick (or used to be).

  60. I saw a documentary of a friend of Kubrick after his death who said they did allow him to do the film but the reason they were ticked off was because the original film he discloses true nature of the rituals and the fact that pedophilia and child sacrifice are occurring on massive scale. I think they are not ready to spring that on the masses because they have not been able to program US to accept that. I've read that in films now they will have a scene w a child then immediately cut to a scene involving sex between adults. This is a form of neural programming to get the viewer to make an association between the two. Also what's up with the mustache on all of the little girls clothing along w owls and butterflies. The mustache I believe is a trend they are behind it is to program US to make an association.

    • The point of child abuse (as used by the elite or in sacrifice) is to create the fear and shock by product which arises from it. It is not the act itself per se. There would be no shock or fear if it were made acceptable to the masses so this is not the goal.
      In Satanic ritual negative energy has power so the more negative emotions created then the more power on offer. This is why many sacrifices are played out in the media. The masses are whipped into a frenzy when a child goes missing or an event occurs (Sandy Hook) and the perpetrators literally "feed" off the energy created.

      • Thanks, you explained that well. I find it hard to get the low informed people aware of what goes on. I'm grateful cell cameras and Youtube were on hand to capture what was really going on at Sandy Hook. I grew up and lived addicted to TV and FM radio, now that I'm aware I can at least turn it off. With all that shock, you could probably say my whole generation has PTSD just from being entertained.

  61. Guns N' Roses – Paradise City – HD (720p) Live Wembley 1992

    There is a two headed eagle at the top of the stage. You can see it clearly a the end of the song.

  62. In Islam it's said that djinn were on earth before Adam (humankind) was created and descended to earth. So I believe it's djinn who are being summoned and worshipped. The djinn give the Satanists great magical powers and wealth in exchange in this world but in the afterlife they are thrown in hell.

  63. Seeing the movie dozens of times and owning it in a couple of different formats I believe that the woman who say's "stop, I want to redeem him" is actually the woman from the bathroom at the beginning of the movie. Her voice intonation is a closer match than the obvious one we are made to believe. Would also make sense as the woman in the bathroom was under the belief that Dr. Bill saved her life. Anyone else notice there are no African American's at the mansion ritual? Possibly to do with genetic breeding as we know they are all related to each other so that when they reincarnate they are born again into money and control.

    • el Gallinazo on

      VC made it clear in his analysis that the woman in the bathroom and the "redeemer" were one and the same (Amanda).

      At the beginning of the ritual, one of the Beta slaves goes to Bill and urges him to leave the house before he got caught. We ultimately learn that it was Amanda, the girl that was passed out in Ziegler’s bathroom. When Bill gets caught and gets (literally) unmasked by the High Priest, Amanda appears at the balcony in a very dramatic fashion and tells the High Priest she wants to “redeem” him, ……………….

    • In Illuminati the members of the inner circle families in deed born again to the same families. Some three times, some even more. They can also lenghten their lives by eating raw meat of little babies and especiallly bone marrow of the spine.

      But more they add to their lives, more hollow they become.

      • They might be eating babies the sickos they are, nonetheless there is no way they can incarnate and live 2 or even three times. I will tell you why,, because satan can't create life, he might be very powerful but not that powerful. Once you are in hell, nothing can bring you back apart from God of course. The elites are profoundly thick deep down, however so arrogant and believe in their own hype. The demons persuaded them that they can incarnate as they are liars.

  64. el Gallinazo on

    Great article and I am looking forward to the concluding piece. But according to Jay Weidner, who has been a Kubrick scholar and interpreter for decades, the execs at Warner Brothers cut out over 30 minutes of the "director's cut" presented to them. Kubrick since after 2001 (the film, and that's another long story in relation to NASA and the Apollo program) always had total artistic control from set to the theaters written into his contracts. But his "untimely" death obviously abrogated that article in his contract allowing WB to cut out a substantial portion of the film. One can only wonder what those cut scenes portrayed and whether the original still exits under many locks and keys. That this article didn't deal with this facet is disappointing.

    As to why the Rothschild clan and their minions allowed this film to be released at all, if not in the form that Kubrick wished, gets into a rather esoteric area of metaphysics and ethics. Best I can figure, it sort of goes like this. We live in a free will universe, and on a deeply subconscious and spiritual level, every event that happens to us has to be accepted. We are spiritual beings who come to earth to participate in a 3-D holographic universe which is analogous to a interactive computer game, but unlike those, 99+% of us players forget that our lives here are virtual (if not virtuous}. One may ask, if this is true, why do we permit such ugly, painful things to happen to us? And I would have to reply, why do gamers permit the same as a consequence from a bad move? I am not a gamer and would never have any desire to interact with these violent games, so I, for one, do not understand the answer on an emotional level. But the fact remains that there are hundreds of millions of souls on this planet who do play realistically violent computer games. Anyway, part of the meta rules is that the elites must divulge to us at some level what they are doing to us and get, at least, our tacit if not whole-hearted approval. They are in the position of, for example, a bank which must lay out the rules and stipulations of a usurious loan, and do it in a way that a judge might deem the mark informed, but not clearly enough that the mark would go screaming away in terror without signing onto this debt. And if a customer goes to court in protest afterward, the bank's shyster tells the judge, "Hey, Your Honor, we spelled it all out here, here, and here. It is not our fault if the plaintiff was too damn dumb to understand the consequences."

    So as to disclosure of what is really going on with this planet, the elites are playing a cat and mouse game, disclosing just enough through Hollywood and the entertainment "industry" to make the plea, "Hey we laid it out and they tacitly accepted it. It's not our fault if they were too dumb to really figure out all the consequences." Whether there actually exists a being to pass judgment or the elites have simply added this rule to their game to make it a little more challenging is beyond my pay grade.

    Well, poor Stanley, like many insider geniuses (though he was almost certainly the greatest of them in terms of creative brilliance) met an untimely death because he crossed the line, laying out just a bit more than was permitted, and would have successfully fought any future editing of the film had he lived for another year. So after his death, they cut back the disclosure of the film so as not to cross their red line in the sand.

    • Either that or they're spelling it out because they know it will all come out inevitably, so they're spell it out on their own terms, in a 'boiling frogs' method; at a pace slow and gradual enough to prevent people from being shocked and reacting in an uncontrollable manner.

  65. marciusquintus on

    "Pook was hired after choreographer Yolande Snaith rehearsed the masked ball orgy scene using Pook's composition "Backwards Priests" – which features a Romanian Orthodox Divine Liturgy recorded in a church in Baia Mare, played backwards – as a reference track. Kubrick then called the composer and asked if she had anything else "weird" like that song, which ended was reworked for the final cut of the scene with the title "Masked Ball""

  66. kubrick had a bad heart and what finally seen him off was the thought that he'd spent a year on that turkey of a film, with those two half witted clowns who can't act to save their washed up careers. Only so many takes of tthat poor quality script one can bear

    • Filming many takes is not always only because the actors are shitty.
      And why do you think it is a poor quality script? It might be not so complicated to follow the story lines, as with some other movies, but in my opinion that just emphasizes the rest of the movie. The things you see and hear, the symbolism, the colours, the little things – for instance the amount of doors. Not in your face, but it's all there.
      And i think, in a genius constructed manner.
      I would like to know what movie for instance, you like/love. Just to compare…

      • Oh please, the dialogue is shocking. Who ttalks like that? Itwas bloody ridiculous and her acting, unbelievably, was even worse than his.
        oh right, lets make a really crap film so that the only way anyone can be entertained is by trying to look for some stupid occult symbolism that may or may not even be there.

      • ''Who talks like that?'' It is a movie.. I think there are several issues playing at once here. You do not really get the intellectual side of watching movies, listening to music, paint, read, imagination, do you? Not that that is a must, i think. To each his/her own, but the way you react doesn't add to the conversation here, in my opinion. I get the idea that someone is frustrated on missing out on something. And i may be wrong.

    • Maybe it was just meant to be simple to understand, to see the symbolism as it simply is. Sometimes if you get caught up in words, you do not see.

    • This movie amazes me, because although it concerns something very evil and ugly, it is visually beautiful. Kubrick was a genious at hiding clues to a puzzle in names, visual cues, subtle details in the background. Colors were intense. Architecture was beautiful. The lights at the Christmas party were so pretty compared to the ugly occult elite. This movie was a work of genius and Kubrick was trying to tell us something about the Satanic elite.

  67. mom –
    maybe Military Order of Malta
    or lucifer/ female

    thought her father held out an encryption scheme from the federalies/govt or something..

  68. Outstanding interpretation, some symbols are very well deciphered. One thing that you don´t mention is about the Arthur Schnitzler novel in which the movie is based, Traumnovelle.

    • Did you read it? I'd like to know more about the novel. Kubrick was always highly selective about his choice of story.

  69. Yesterday I watched this movie. It has some similarities to a movie called Salo (or The 120 of Sodom) directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Salo is about the obscene and depraved behavior of the italian fascist Elite. It was inspired by a book called The 120 Days of Sodom (Marquis de Sade is the author).

  70. smh the actors/actresses of these roles are clueless about the history behind the roles they audition for, just in it for a quick paycheck. I bet the directors/producers research these symbols and the history behind freemasonry very well before producing movies of these types yet, they use it to their advantage.

  71. VC, interesting articles. There are many additional symbolic references in the film you haven't mentioned. One main one which is worth mentioning is the Christmas Tree, which of course has a pagan origin, hence why Kubrick has so many Xmas trees in the film (apart from the obvious fact its Xmas of course). It is the Nimrod Tree, who was the ancient founder of Babylon as I'm sure you know. Christmas originates with Nimrod/Baal Sun Worship, so Christmas is officially Sun worship/Babylonian in origin. Not a surprise given the symbolism Kubrick alluded to in this film.

    IMP – VC, I am still waiting for the last piece on this film in your series, but in case you missed it. When Bill returns from the Masked Ball, he re-enters his flat and we see a shot of him quietly coming into the hallway with his back to the camera. You may miss it, many have, but for a split second an 'eye' design flashes up on his back. It's momentary but clearly visible if you find that scene and then freeze frames.

    • Yes, the xmas tree represents the reserection of Nimrod of Babylon after he died. Nimrod was born on Dec.25,
      and Jesus was really born in the summer. I can now think of 3 masonic occultic movies that relate to Christmas with Christmas theme and decorations…
      1. Bell Book and Candle (1950's) A PHOENIX production, COLUMBIA studios
      2. Eyes Wide Shut
      3. Promethius
      These all relate to Babylon, not Christianity.

    • Yes, the xmas tree represents Nimrod of Babylon after he died. Nimrod was born on Dec.25, not Jesus. I've seen three occult movies use xmas as the setting… Bell Book and Candle, Eyes Wide Shut, and Promethius.
      More importantly, I checked out the scene when Dr Bill comes home at night, after he locks the door, and YOU'RE RIGHT! I went frame by frame and saw a large eye projected on the upper back of his black coat! It is very large but faint. VERY OBSERVANT!

  72. Hey did anyone else notice that the scene where the pianist is playing blindfolded and backwards looks identical to the scene in Kanye West's video runaway? Only instead of the ritual guests there are ballerinas. In the video he eventuality turns around to "dance" with them

    • Waw, that just made me remember something else too. In the beginning of that song (Runaway) there is the steady single piano note being played. The same is heard throughout the move (that constant one, single flat piano note was being played). Hmmm….

      • I've heard of the Mothers of Darkness Castle, but please elaborate on the Pink Ballet ritual. I know you know a lot and have seen a lot. I ve heard they do satanic rituals in that castle and they have a throne in there for the Mother of Darkness. Do you know who the Mother Of Darkness is btw?……..

      • Maybe the usual cr#p. The sh@g each other, they kill each other and so on. You get the whole picture pretty quickly. Nothing left to the imagination.

  73. I don't understand why these "elites' aren't more nervous. They are out numbered and out gunned by the population at large and if said population learned of their existence and got upset at the things they do, the elites may last one long summer day and no more. The rich live at the sufferance of the majority, and as during the French revolution, can be culled by the same.

    • Unless you are prepared to view it within the context of monotheistic teachings, it is impossible to fathom why this could never happen

    • Look around, there are many sheep between the people. It is up to the rest of educating some of them, because mainstream won't do it anymore. And that is not easy, as a lot of sheep seem to have lost the ability of reflecting and making up one's own mind. The technics of ruling elites have worked in fabulous ways for over centuries now. Not being or showing nerves comes with the territory to most, too, i guess?

  74. can someone PLEASE explain to me, when an article is well-written like this – do people say "can't wait to see the movie!". I mean, WTF?! Are you kidding me? Nourish your soul & watching healthy stuff they wouldn't want you to. Do you not know these movies are meant to corrupt? I don't care if people think he was trying to "out" or whatever, it seems to me the elite want us to know about them and have made it absolutely blatent the last few years. We aren't the secret only ones knowing about it. If they wanted it secret, they would. If they wanted this movie not shown, it would be not shown. they allowed this movie to be made and allowed it to be shown! what does that tell you? Do NOT watch this movie if you value your health and mind! Feel good after watching it? Don't bet on it.

    • I feel the same way. I can't even bring myself to pretend tv shows and movies bring me any enjoyment. When you know the truth of it it seems like a waste of time. Why consciously subject yourself to deliberate programming?

    • you completely misunderstand the intentions of the moviemakers
      they are tons of movies to currupt and poison your mind, this aint one of them

      • this movie is to inform you about secret societies/elites. Where does it try to corrupt / program you ? lol watch it again

      • When the movie first came out, all the advertising played up the orgy aspect. People were all excited to go see it. When they saw it, they all got mad that it WASN'T titillating. This was Kubrick's genius. The grim pace, mechanistic acting and essential dullness of the movie is part of his point. There's nothing truly beautiful or attractive about the elite lifestyle. It's cold and lifeless.

      • That's brilliant VCFan. Awesome. I love that you made that connection between the style of the movie and the qualities of the elites.

  75. Great article VC, you should do one on Now You See Me, I saw this movie yesterday, and I felt like they are trying to menace those that know about them and blind the ones that don't know about them.

  76. I want to thank the writers of this web site for being here for those of us who believe in what this site believes in. There is no other place I feel more validated and not alone in my own search for the truth. This site is the only reason I go online. Anyway, I wanted to avoid sounding like a cliche fanatic, but there you have it. Keep up the fantastic (of great quality, educated and profound) work, of which I derive from and apply to my own daily life. You guys are a God-send.

    I was looking forward to Part II all week! XXOO!


  77. The pool table is prominent in a scene in "A Clockwork Orange" as well – where Alex is driven to "snuff it out." The stereo speakers are laid flat on a pool table (where one of the characters is absent-mindedly rolling balls into a side pocket) below his room in order to blare Beethoven's Ninth straight upward into the room where he is quarantined, driving him to leap out of the window.

    • You are right! Thanks for reminding me about that scene. What do the pool tables represent to you? You know everything had double meanings with Kubrick.

  78. JustAnotherNumber on

    I remember my mother watching this movie when I was a child and covering my eyes and ears the entire time while I tried to sleep on her lap. I remember being really scared by just the audio I was hearing. I remember her telling me after that it was a very horrible movie, immoral, and twisted. If only she knew it was more than a movie… so disgusting this world is.

  79. Can someone please explain to me what "Beta Kitten slave" is?? Is it the same as someone who has been MK'd?

    Also, keep up the good work VC! Great articles!

    • To behave like spastic concerning sex. To see everywhere sex, to want sex 24/7, basically to be like a cat in heat, however on a permanent basis. Put them down lol.

    • quickbrownfox on

      in the context of MK ultra programming, there are supposedly a number of roles and levels
      Alpha General programmed operative –usually trained to deliver information without knowing it.
      Beta specifically programmed and trained to be a sex slave (also known as "kitten" programing–usually identified by tramp stamp tattoos and wearing animal prints)
      Delta specifically programmed to be an assassin (Jason Bourne would be an ultimate example, and the Bourne movies reveal this process/programming)

      VC has lots of info on this on this site, but the fundamental text is Fritz Springmier's –see the essential reading link on this site.

      • Ahh.. So to do this "MK ultra programming", "Alpha General programmed operative", and "Kitten programing" they always have too hook the person to a machine and program him/her/it ?

        I wished there could be a VC article or have someone please explain to me of how this Mind Control works and how it all functions. It's hard to think that they just hook a person to a machine and they program the machine to program him/her/it and there. I find it hard to belive that it's that easy to change a person's thought and the stuff they do and how they act.

        I've seen a movie called "Fugitive Mind" and it's on Netflix and it's basically this guy who is mind controlled to assasinate a senator and by seeing that movie i could totally now understand how mass shootings/ the assassination of a important person might happen. I recommend EVERYBODY to see this movie! It's a sci-fi action film and i'm pretty sure you guys might enjoy it!

      • I don't know much of this, but from what I've read, sex kitten programming starts in childhood, when kids are locked in a cage and starved. The handler has a kitten that's free, nourished and fed, the child starts to act like a kitten for survival. Really horrific.

      • WOW… WTF?! These people are crazy! Who would do such a thing!! yes! That's really horrific!

  80. Thank You VC, Been waiting like 3 weeks for this lol, well worth it so I cant complain. A great analysis btw and I noticed a few of the points you made…..Say for example when I first looked up the occult meaning of this film, it was well before VC posted it on here and ive got to say I also found the orgy scene very eerie to watch especially with the haunting Romanian chanting……..makes me shudder tbh.

    Moreoever I wanted to know who was the guy in the Red cloak and I found his name was Leon Vitali but NOT ONCE did I realize that he was named in the newspaper article in the film and ive also found this Leon Vitali has collaborated with Kubrick on a few of his works., say for example this is what his Wikipedia page says (I know, I know you shouldn't always trust Wikipedia but it proves VC'S point in this case)……..

  81. "Vitali teamed once more with Stanley Kubrick for Full Metal Jacket (1987), where he served both as "casting director" and "assistant to director". Twelve years later, Vitali was credited with the same titles in working with Kubrick in what would be his last movie, Eyes Wide Shut (1999), where he also had a small role playing the ominous Red Cloak who confronts Tom Cruise during the infamous orgy scene. Vitali's name can actually be seen in the third column of the newspaper article that Cruise's character reads to learn about the Ex-beauty queen in hotel drugs overdose. Vitali's cameo in print is as a "fashion designer"…….Since Kubrick's death, Vitali has overseen the restoration of both picture and sound elements for most of Kubrick's films. In 2004 Vitali was honored with the Cinema Audio Society's President's Award for this work……..Vitali owns Bill's (Tom Cruise's) mask from Eyes Wide Shut (1999)." – – –

  82. Now did you just read the last sentence? (that was written on his Wikipedia page) – hmmmmm creepy isn't it. I bet Leon Vitale knew a lot. Like VC mentioned them masks were used for the Venice carnival and I know for a fact "Dr. S" would call them semenancy masks and if you see the Venice carnival with the people with all their masks on, there's something very macabre about it.

    VC also posted photos of Prince Charles and Camilla wearing the masks at a charity event, but can someone answer the question of what REALLY is the correlation between a charity event held in the UK and wearing venetian masks? Hmm? ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL!! is the answer (excuse my French) {{and isn't Prince Charles also a descendent of Vlad the Impaler.}}

  83. Anyway VC forgot to mention that at this Charity at Clarence House there was one guy who had a huge mask of a Monarch Butterfly…… & also Model of the moment Cara Delevingne (she should be called Coke Delevingne because she looks coked out of her head half the time) was at a Charity Animal ball, earlier this month which was held at Lancaster House in St James Palace, she was there with her sister Poppy Delevingne and other guests who were wearing creepy masks………. I've heard these charity auctions and events are just fronts for prostitution, same with high end modeling agencies (eg. Elite Model Management. Look what happened to Karen Mulder)…….Anyway here are the links with Prince Charles and Cara D.

    Enjoy and cant wait for part 3 guys

  84. JustAnOrdinaryGirl on

    wow that's a very interesting article! but this doesn't happens only in films. you know anime, those "cartoons" made by japanese. when i was younger i was a fan and now i've noticed they're is a lot of symbolism there too. and some of them have even deeper subjects ( except all the fanservice thing – like pleasing the fans if you know what i mean in order to get moneeey – and other strange things..) .and don't forget about yaoi/yuri which is all about homosexuality between boys/girls and a lot of anime fans love those things . they're very popular so the "bad guys" must own anime as well. their community is also very weird and i'm pretty sure they are very easy to be manipulated. anyway, this is just my opininion, handlers and "bad guys" are everywhere, not only in america and europe.

  85. Are you sure the woman who saved Bill at the ritual party is the same Bill saved at his friends house? I don't think so… But it is the same girl he met in the street and went to his apartment for paid intercourse. Then he received a phone call and had to leave quickly but he insisted on paying the girl anyway. He was nice to her and she was touched that's why she ends up giving her life for him

  86. The truth, had not been so naked before
    The simple truth which could be revealed only by a genius mind to those who can see…
    Thanks for the articles

  87. Yaz, why did you assume that the Red Foils who offered their hospitality also killed A Man Da? Have you heard of a German secret society called Skull and Bones? How about Malta-Mason-Jesuit?

    Two professional party organizations, and I can't say if their boards, officers, or personnel overlap, sometimes use the mask motif in DC-Baltimore metro area(s). One used it the year before Obama won his first election, then promptly went out of business for a while, just when it seemed like their heyday was about to begin. The other party place, DC's O St Mansion, was inhabited by the mob for a while, long ago. They used a mask motif more recently.

    I know the photographer for the mask edition of The Fly Wire magazine. I found it cold, like what SK shows vs rainbow, and, the rest of the time, is "rainbow" realm. There were white people and Republican dimensions behind the one masked ball themed magazine, in step with the SK theming as depicted here.

    I know a party planner at O St Mansion but I don't know anything about a mask party there. I just saw an ad and didn't follow up.

  88. I find it interesting that one group that contributed money to help finance the MK ULTRA program was the 33rd degree freemasons. This elite group obviously wanted to finance more research to create better MK ULTRA slaves for their rituals. I think some of these rituals go on in Belgium at castles like mother of darkness (no longer used after Marc Dutrox case) as Belgium is close to political power like UN and EU.?

  89. Strange side note: Kubrick insisted, and had enough Hollywood clout, that this movie be released on a particular Tuesday. As anyone thinking briefly will know, Hollywood blockbusters are always released on Fridays (easy monetary motivation there). So why this wish of kubricks, which was apparently a stipulation of the film? That tues happened to be the 30th anniversary of the moon landing. Kubrick, when producing 2001, recd an unprecedented green light from the studio for his movie, and an enormous budget for an unproven filmmaker. This movie was made after the moon landing, and many photos from the landing incorporate techniques used in 2001. Say what you will, rather odd stipulation bynkubrick his final film be released on a day it was guaranteed to bring in less money ang fame for him, but at that point maybe he really didn't give a sh** anymore. I mean, the movie itself kind of points in that direction

    • Interesting. He perhaps wanted to ensure that fact that his film was meant to expose not create fame and revenue. The guy was brilliant. I wonder why he wasn't sucked by these parasitic elites.

  90. You sir, are a vigilant citizen indeed. I've yet to see this film. Your synopsis and analysis reminds me of this movie Sleeping Beauty, it was creepy and dark.

  91. I love this site VC you are amazing! your insights are on another level. It is scary just how much of our lives are
    manipulated by these satanic societies and how everybody in this world who are not free thinkers are easily deceived by Media an all the other areas these demonic people control. Christ was not joking at all when he said that the god of this world is the devil and his servants so whoever does not heed the bibles warnings are in great danger! because its the only book in the world that can free us all from this evil nothing else. God Bless this site

  92. This is about versace the pool table gives this away at the end with the ship in front.Versace had a coded message on it 6 . 6 .6 is on it !!

  93. I watched the Shining last night and am now convinced it was Kubrick's first "Eyes Wide Shut" regarding ritual/human sacrifice and sex magick among other themes. Here are some of my thoughts in rough draft form (split into two posts):
    Psychic Realm/Possession (3rd dimension?) -“Tony”- Danny’s spirit guide due to premonition ability, protecting Danny (“Danny’s not here Mrs. Torrance”) after Danny’s run in with whatever was in room 237 (2+3+7=12, 1+2=3), not necessarily “demonic” -Halloran explaining to Danny about psychic imprints/remnants (frequencies?) and the "shining" -Jack possibly demonically possessed
    -Haunted hotel/ghosts -Reincarnation (Jack's picture at the 07/04/1921 ball), (Delbert/Charles) Grady's mention of Jack and him always being there at the hotel

  94. Mind Control/MK Ultra Programming -Danny wearing Mickey Mouse/Disney sweater -Grady admonishing Jack when Jack is locked in the pantry (humiliation), instructing him to kill, opening the door for him
    -Jack repeatedly (programming) telling Danny he would never hurt him, then trying to murder him
    -Screeching sound/music whenever Jack or Danny has a mental break (Jack psychotic break, Danny fear-based break)
    Fake Moon Landing -Danny wearing Apollo sweater -Twin (Project Gemini Lunar) Apparition (Halloran says they’re “not real”) -Jack tells Wendy there’s nothing in room 237 (hiding the truth) -Red restrooms, red rum (Communist (Red) moon race?)

  95. sorry three posts:
    Ritual Sacrifice/Sex Magick/Satanism-Manager of hotel mentions only the best people (including 4 presidents) were hotel guests -Chanting in background when Wendy discovers demon dog fellating millionaire (who is the master? The millionaire or the demon dog? ) -Blood pouring out of the walls (human sacrifices) -Dead guest with bloody gash on his head “great party!” -Images of dead twins (child sacrifice)
    -Lloyd the bartender appearing with a drink after Jack says he would sell his soul for a drink
    Horrors Perpetrated on Native Americans
    -Native American blanket hanging on wall (small pox blankets) -Blood pouring from walls (Indian blood as well as subsequent human sacrifices) -Jack mentions the “white man’s burden” (“caring” for Indians they slaughtered?) -Native American decor on floor (being trampled on)
    Anyway, I am probably going to go on a Kubrick bender this weekend to see what else I missed- particularly Full Metal Jacket and Lolita.

  96. It's also interesting to note the alchemical symbolism, as I have seen decoded in Kubrick's other movies (like 2001 or Clockwork Orange). For instance, in the ritual Bill and the Elite are dressed in black, Nick's dressed in white, and the priest is dressed in red. Negrado, Albido, Rubido. It explains to some extent why Kubrick adapted the ritual from a mock-catholic one (as in the book), to a Black Mass.

    Also, the creepy dude next to the sad jester is not just wearing any old bauta mask, but one taken from a painting ("The Charlatan"), and I daresay there is a fundamental difference between the elite's masks which are all artfully unique, and Bill's own which is more generic.

  97. First of all, tantric yoga isn't particularly satanic. Secondly, please do an article on 12 Monkeys about Mk ultra and dissociations etc.

      • Because they know it's the real deal. That's why. Catholicism is satanism incarnate and don't start me with the other cults which are sugar-coated as Christianity, ie. the pentacostal church and so on.

      • Misannthorpe on

        Maybe I'm being a little simplistic here, which is probably only to be expected from a simpleton but, if the Catholic mass is satanic, surely it's inversion, i.e. the Black mass, must be Christian in nature.

  98. so Amanda sacrificed herself to save bill life?
    Ok this is makes since now, it's the same as HEath. Ledger, Amy whinehouse, Brittany Murphy, Aaliyah!

    But what I don't understand , is why give them fame if they will die soon, did they know they were going to die,?
    In asking this because I wanted to a famously actor, now idk what to do with my life now, is possible can be fame, and not sell your soul
    Can't wait tell 3rd part….

  99. Duncan Lawson on

    Instead of the cryptic revelation of an arcane truth by someone in the know, isn't this movie rather the musings on whatever is taking place behind a forever locked door? Kubrick is the servant standing with his ear pressed up against the door of the royal bedchamber hoping to hear some hint of what his betters are up to. After all, it MUST be better than the mundane experience of a serf, surely… but all the serf hears is the echo of his own imaginings superimposed on muffled snoring from the room beyond.

  100. Great article, and in fact this movie is a big one. My guess is: the couple in venetian masks who say hi to Tom Cruise at the party… They should be the man from who rents his costume at the rainbow store, and his daughter. This couple are the only characters qualified to recognize Tom Cruise's mask at the party.

    Also, good job freezing the newspaper frame about Amanda.

    • Perhaps the man at the costume store is told to rent that specific mask to new potential initiates so that everyone can identify them. He might have been testing Dr Bill for the group to see if he would be interested in a underage girl. But how did Mandy know it was him? Did Zeigler tell her? Was Nightengale told to tell Dr Bill to go to that specific costume shop? (There must be many costume shops in New York.)

  101. Anyone interested in the meaning of "Fidelio" and the Venice connection, read this…

    The following article discusses another possible reason Kubrick chose the word "Fidelio" and its connection to Venice. "Fidelio" was a LaRouche publication which featured "Venice’s War Against Western Civilization" by Webster Tarpley in 1995 as the main article. Kubrick apparently was an avid reader of LaRouche publications. The Venice article (as well as Tarpley's others) describes the roots of the present conspiracy occuring in Venice and then spreading to places like Amsterdam and London.

    Webster Tarpley's excellent articles on Venice:

  102. Chartist Friend on

    Why does everyone believe that Kubrick is dead? Because the media told them? What a joke.

    From the movie: " Do you mind telling me what kind of f***ing charade ends up with somebody turning up dead?"

    Or put another way, what kind of charade ends up with somebody appearing to be dead.

    One thing is for sure – no way they killed him. They adored him, and his movie was not a threat to them in any way.

  103. You know why these "secrets" come to light? Because those bastards — whatever they call themselves — actually want people to know about them and be afraid of them. The sunsub itches allow info like this to leak out — in a controlled manner — because they are a bunch of narcissists who love to brag.

  104. You guys should read the Voyagers books from A.Deane.

    Voyagers I, 2e, is the tip of an iceberg beyond the imaginations of those who think they know the story.

  105. Me From Colombia on

    The russian orthodox church is soooo masonic, they even display symbolism on the Christ the Savior’s church in Moscow

    • Really surprised to hear this. What kind of symbolism? Masons hate Russian orthodox church and struggle with it almost in every social sphere. Its very oxymoronic statement come from you therefore

  106. In watching the documentary "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures(2001)" I got the impression that his father was a member of some esoteric society and participated in rituals himself and thus Stanley was possibly introduced into the elite social scene as a generational membership and got hooked into it as he became more famous.

    • Do you know what society his father was in? I just recently watched "a life in pictures", I don't remember the part that mentioned his father was a member in some secret elite group. But, perhaps you are right, it does seem that his family had more money than most people at that time. I know he got into Look magazine pretty easily. Maybe Stanley was groomed for the role of being a director, and maybe he came out of his programming, and maybe that killed him for that. If he did fake the moon landing, he was the only human on earth that could pull it off.

  107. The open hand symbol could also be seen to represent the passive stance we all take to simply take the sadism done to us by the IRS. We "take it" without questioning it, but the poor or rebellious who don't pay taxes have people show up at their homes with guns. In this dado-mascochistic relationship, our minds and hearts become dominated.

    To be free of this, we can think critically and freely, understand the expansive intelligence of Life, that consciousness is brilliant and cognizant, and that we can be kind to others. We don't need religion to see this. Just wake up and cultivate awareness.

  108. this is very similar to an analysis made by Rob Ager on his collative learning website many years ago, he also has in depth analysis of other Kubrick films such as The Shining and Space odessy 2001, He also as videos on youtube, not much new ground is being covered here only to those who werent aware of the film's symbolism from when it first came out. Even the author mentioned in Part 1 that they had not made much of it till recently.

    • This site isn't about who knew or reported it first. If so,listen to some Manly Hall, he got 33rd with it, i believe.

      • Thanks, but Please take it easy ,I dont need to told what this site is about. I just noticed alot of posts saying they cant wait for part 3, so I am just saying the info for part 3 is out there if they just do a simple google search ,no need to wait.Just in case someone wanted to do further research for themself. You know like " give man a fish he eats for day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime"…familiar with Each one , teach one? Peace

      • I see, and agree with the waiting-thing. I appreciate all the other links and information people are providing. Search-machine can be manipulated too, so every angle is important for a broad look on things.

      • yes thats a good point, but its the same way VC prob does research, so if its good enough for the site its good enough for me, and its just like ppl expect ONLY VC's expose, but this site has given us MORE than enough info to look at any movie and do a full analysis for ourselves, i dislike when posters say" could you do one on (enter movie title here)?" its like, YOU could do it too, I once did one just for myself on Shirley Temple's Good Ship Lolly Pop , its easy, everything is permeated with the symbolism, My whole thing always was why arent the producers of these films,music label heads,etc exposed more than the puppets themselves?

  109. Big Wave Hero on

    Jay Weidner mentioned that 30 minutes of this final edit were clipped without Kubrick's knowledge (interview with Red Ice Radio). Can anyone verify that this is true? The film is already quite long at 159 min, but it does seem like an unfinished product.

    Another question: Why does Dr Bill frequently repeat the question asked to him, prior to responding?

    • I don't recall where I heard it mentioned, but I heard someone explain the frequent repetition of lines as clear and convincing proof that Kubrick's film was, indeed, edited by others after his death. Apparently it is common practice for actors to do that (repeat their fellow actors' lines) when they don't have any actual dialogue of their own in a given scene. Doing so enables them to stay "in character" for a few extra moments, which gives the director more material to work with when it comes to editing. The fact that these repetitions made it into the final film, is (according to the theory) proof that a) Kubrick was not the final editor (since he would never have left that dialogue in the final cut), and b) that whomever DID edit the final cut was, perhaps, ignorant of this typical practice, and therefore didn't realize that leaving these bits of dialogue in the film would reveal that it had been manipulated after Kubrick was out of the picture.

  110. first time i saw part 1 i was going through a spiritual awakening, i was fasting and praying, then all of sudden i switched on my tv (why ? temptation to watch tv), and saw the movie, i knew that God was trying to say something using the movie but then, my eyes were wide shut. Now my eyes are wide open and i can see how twisted the world is…

  111. the illuminati are taking over if not running south africa, our beloved country. it is happening through our so called politicians and tv stars/celebrities. I feel sorry for the new generation, growing up in this satanist .

  112. in the scene in The Shining where the TWIN girls enter the room with posters on its walls, on the left wall there is a poster of a skiier and the word SKI. Underneath that is the word MONARCH. Twinning is big in Monarch Mind Control.

  113. When you study the occult religion of the Elites, like I did, you then come back to the movement of Theosophy, Alice Bailey, Annie Besant, Helena Blavatsky, etc… In short, this is a kind of new age luciferian cult.

    The heads of this movement always talked about a coming out that would have to be made in due time. The plan is to install a new-age world religion, centered around man and earth and not around God anymore. This new world religion cannot be installed without a new world government, and a new world currency. Once the new world control grid will be installed, the elites will go public in order for everybody to worship them (a thing that can't be done when national regimes are still leading like today, although less and less).

    What we are living nowadays is a progressive coming out of the elites and their cult (through mass media). It is planned that way and it explains why the occult symbols are more and more blatant in mainstream entertainment (which is very well mentioned by VC in this blog).

    It is important though that this coming out be preceded by a VERY PROGRESSIVE preparation of the masses through symbols and speeches in mainstream media. A coming out too abrupt could ultimately create an opposite effect of rejection, i.e. revolution and slaughter of the same elites by the angry mob.

    Kubrick knew that and deliberately gave too many information, too soon (in 1999). I think he did this on purpose in order to trick the elites he used to work for for so long and contribute to the creation of this rejection effect I was talking earlier. This could possibly explain his early death and the 20 minutes cuts on the movie from the Warner.

  114. Nice article, will have to watch the movie again, one comment above use the abbreviation EWS
    J ust what does that look like? EWS.
    Great Stuff ! ha.

  115. as salaam uilkom brothers and sister,

    Please read this:

    A mong the Signs of the Last Day as disclosed by is that “time would move faster – so that a whole year would pass like a month, a month would pass like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hour, and an hour like the amount of time it takes to kindle a fire.” Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said: Allah is not one eyed while the false Messiah, Ad-Dajjal is blind in the right eye and his eye looks like a bulging out grape

    And further more you should know that he Dajjal will finally be killed by Prophet Jesus عليه السلام who will descend to Earth and spread peace.

    SIgns of the Appearance of the Dajjal:

    -There would be no respect for elderly people
    -There will be no shame amongst people
    -Many people would worship Satan
    -Imbeciles would rule over the wise
    There will be acute famine at the time
    -Blood of innocents would be shed
    -People will stop offering the prayers
    -Dishonesty will be the way of life
    -Falsehood will become a virtue
    -People will mortgage their faith for worldly gain
    -Usury and bribery will become legitimate
    -Pride will be taken on acts of oppression
    -The rulers will be corrupt
    -The scholars will be hypocrites

    This cannot be a coincidence. The one-eye imagery is clear, and the signs of his coming are becoming more relevant today.

    "Before appearance of the Dajjal, a group of people would pave the way setting up a system to prepare
    the world for his arrival."

    (The word Dajjal in Arabic means Deceiver or Liar. The emergence of the Dajjal (AntiChrist or False Messiah) is the most dangerous among the signs that indicate the Day of Judgment is approaching, even people with strong faith will be shaken. Allah created the Dajjal to test people's faith)

    as salaam

    Allah know the best

    • You are completely correct! I strongly agree that the appearance of the Antichrist is coming upon us quickly! I wish us Christians, Musilms & all people could unify in preparation for these times, but I feel like we are all so divided and missing the bigger picture. We need to be spiritually ready & strong in faith for these terrible times to come or to spiritually prepare our children for it if we are not here….Blessings to you and continued peace!

    • The bit about time moving faster – could that be firstly movies (a whole lifetime can be told in a couple of hours), secondly music videos, advertising and YouTube style clips where information is packed into just a couple of minutes or 30 seconds?
      Interesting point you shared that I did not know. Thanx

  116. "Bill discovers in the newspaper that Amanda was found dead in a hotel room due to an overdose. The way in which this ritualistic murder is disguised as an overdose is highly similar to the many celebrity ritual deaths disguised as overdoses that occur in real life."

    Reading this gave me the biggest fucking chills up and down my spine; the body is an accurate barometer of truth, imo….and I immediately thought of some of the sweet souls we recently lost to "drug overdoses". Completely and totally fucked up. I have always hated the entertainment and music industry; I pray for those in too deep to get out. Lord have mercy.

  117. Great article, very insightful!
    I would be very interested in seeing an article further explaining yoga/tantric yoga, since it was mentioned a few times in this article. I have always thought of it just as a form of exercise, perhaps a way to relax but not particulary spiritual – yet I have heard of a few people that warn about it being a spiritually dangerous practice.

  118. Holy smokes! Just watched Full Metal Jacket which is fully about mind control and trauma/humiliation based programming of soldiers. And its apparent Disney connection.

  119. Yaz made an excellent point, which was about why Kubrick was permitted to film this movie in the first place. The editors must have had a field day after filming, because even though there are lots of things that are patently "creepy" depicted in the movie, there is nothing that could be considered "incriminating" in terms of legality. It's all painted in a very elegant way within the constraints of fictional artistic "license". So, while the end result of the film might have pestered those within elite-occult circles, overall the movie did nothing to spark public debate about what goes on behind the scenes of these aristocratic secretive societies.. So, who was angered and why? Or were they even angered at all? I'm not sure. One thing I DO know is that the movie did not even begin to delve into the most sadistic and diabolical operations of this very real organization. It was very "sugar-coated" and only scratched the surface without exposing much of anything.

    • If Amada was sacrificed and drug OD was the cover up, this is illegal. The use of mind control sex slaves, in terms of how they are created and used, should be highly illegal. The use of underage children at The Rainbow Fashions is illegal. Stalking someone is probably illegal. But it is difficult to prove who is doing this, and if it is really happening. Is Kubrick hinting reality or fiction? But what other diabolical operations do you think they are involved in? Are you thinking about the pink ballets and Marc Dutroux ?

  120. Thought it was interesting that you posted that the invitations for baroness Rothschilds party were written backwards. I just watched the film savage grace about the baekelland heiress who was murdered by her son tony. Right before he stabbed her to death he goes into a rant about when she writes backwards this seems to be an occult thing I have read about before though not in depth. Also tony baekellands mother initiated incestuous relations with him, this is an act supported by their religious beliefs when you take a closer look at goddess worship because the goddess (known by many names whether semiramus, dianna, cybele……..did engage in sexual relations with her child and this is why it is a recurring theme w occultists. There is a religious belief structure behind the pedophilia they engage in.

  121. VC please take a look at this movie. Precisly what you have been writing about on this site.

    Effects-filled action movie "Elysium" came in at the low end of pre-weekend forecasts for a debut in the low $30 million range. The movie portrays two distinct worlds in the year 2154 – a diseased and overpopulated Earth and Elysium, a space station where the elite live.

  122. @Vigilant…….Hey Vigilant, if you're reading this, where's part 3? I'm so ready to see how your article ends! : )

  123. I've been studying Spanish since I was in fourth grade & now in college. One interesting thing to me was Kubricks name. Everytime I read it, it reminded me of the Spanish verb Cubrir which means "to cover". Kinda interesting to me.

  124. VC can you research something. I think this question is of interest to everyone. Why do all the wealthy people, not just Zionist/Illuminati, but also Muslims, in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE etc, why do they like the idea of Illuminati sex slaves? I noticed they really like submissive/no personality women. But a more extreme version of just being submissive, or just not having a personality, it is like there is a lack of cognitive development, like their brains have been fried out/twitched, or they are being drugged, their is definitely something going on. Its a common trait you see in many wealthy countries, I am travelling around and I notice things. Whats going on is it just that they all suffer from the same disease or is there some kind of collaboration between them? You would be surprised how dirty and corrupted the ruling families of Muslim countries are… I think they must exchange notes with the zionist/illuminati? I live in the UAE, I really think this place is infested with what you would call Illuminati sex slaves. I think they pass them between each other, because you see the same images popping up everywhere. Its the weirdest shit ever. I think alot of people will recognize what I am saying..

  125. In the UK/US and other countries do they like ''manufacture'' them and then ''sell'' them to other countries? And pass information between each other? On how to programme them? Because I am seeing the same things everywhere, I really think the end must be near. I know all these governments collaborate and sell information to each other, that's why some countries are ''immune'' (Zionist/Illuminati supporters) and some are always bombarded with bad press. But they must also be getting the privileges as a carrot for their support. I wonder how dirty and ignorantly these people behave behind closed doors, I bet the research you show is mild compared to the reality.

    • It is possible, but it could also be Guy de Rothschild. (I admit he is not in fashion). The voice sounds exactly like him, and he was the TOP trauma based mind control programmer in the world. By the way, he died in 2007 at 98 years old.

  126. Great article! Always insightful!

    Sorry this is off topic, VC, but was wondering if you could do an analysis on the new Miley Cyrus video called "We Can't Stop." Have a family member who refuses to believe she's MK'd. Help!

  127. St. Jude, glorious Apostle, faithful servant and friend of Jesus the name of the traitor has caused you to be forgotten by many but the true church invokes you universally as the Patron of things despaired of; pray for me who am so miserable; pray for me, that finally I may receive the consolations and the succour of Heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly (request); and that I may bless God with the Elect throughout Eternity. Amen.

    St. Jude, I will never cease to honour thee as my special patron and will do all in my power to encourage devotion to thee. This prayers is to be said for three days, and published immediately. After 3 days the prayer will be granted.

    With grateful thanks to St. Jude

    • Anne it's better not to reveal your prayers because the demons will fight you with tooth and nail. Just saying. shhhhhhh in your head only.

    • Praying to something other than god?? I am not religious but isn't that not something god would not like to have his people do?

      • I'm saying the rumour is to say your prayers in your head while you do housework, shopping and so on. You don't have to take a position and say a prayer in a loud voice or write it down. I went to confess recently and the priest explained to me that you can pray any time of the day while you do something else.

      • And wherever, so please stop the churches ringing bells when i want to sleep, haven't they heard of buzzers for the congregation? Or group-texting?

      • What churches? They get demolished and people refrain from going there. Your wish is obeyed.

  128. This is my conclusion… Most insiders want us, the 'ignorant masses', to know just enough truth to fantasize a bit about just how their world can be. But rare are those who focus on the ugly and spiritual side of these thnigs rather than the seemingly-cool and lustful/appealing/pleasiung side. So, why do they expose it? Either to attract or repulse our thoughts and our hearts… Beware… there's a choice to make

  129. Kubrick is telling us about sex and society on many levels. Clearest is the scene in Domino's bedroom where he's on his cell to Alice, in there is a book entitled Introducing Sociology. It took me awhile to get used to the "bad acting", until a noticed all the masks placed through out scenes: when they are in there social roles they sound like bad actors with a stilted script, but other times their real emotions would break through, and they would stammer and stall to find words. So many levels, the mundane reality of a sexually stable marriage of 9 years and the medieval cuckoo vs nightingale debate. Alice/women as Ishtar, the use of kundalini/tantric sex energy for evil purposes, society and masks we wear, and best yet; VC you nailed, in the scene where Bill reads the newspaper story about the death of Amanda Curran, I paused and read the whole thing, and it reads like every MK beta kitten sacrifice. Everyone should pause the video and read it. Sure, Kubrick was in his later years, but . . .

  130. three minor observations:

    1. the man who leads Bill back to Red Cloak is wearing a mask that looks a lot like Bob Hope

    2. two of the thugs that harass Bill are wearing Yale sweatshirts

    3. Alice seems to notice Nick and is obviously disturbed. perhaps he was one of the many who banged her when she was a sex slave

    • 1. Interesting observation about Bob Hope. He may have supplied Kubrick with Monarchs for the movie. This mask may have been a clue to his involvement with these rituals.

      2.Isn't Yale the college of Skull and Bones?

      3. Perhaps Alice saw him playing the piano at the rituals, but he would have been blind folded?

  131. Good job interpreting the symbolism of this movie – although I do have to say that you don't seem to understand modern secret societies very well. I would have to say that the Freemasons have the biggest influence on the elite – especially in the political world. Just go to DC and you will find many Freemasons there and understand just how widespread this group is. Your take on the influence of the OTO and the AA is simply not true – maybe it's influence is on this movie – but these two organizations do not have widespread influence on the elite nor do they still participate in orgiastic rituals! Mr. Crowley did indeed experiment with such rituals but they certainly are not performed in the modern OTO/AA – this is a misconception that they are trying to clear. The only celebrity figure I know of associated with the OTO was Jimmy Page – and no political figures are associated….maybe 'back in the day' when the OTO was run by a man from Germany. And in conclusion, the only entertainers that may claim to be part of a secret society are usually associated with the Church of Satan – not at all with the OTO or AA both of which have nothing to do with Satanism ~ from: a modern day OTO member

  132. It is interesting that Mandy was involved with the high priest who was a famous fashion designer (Versace? Perhaps another designer?) What fashion designer has a British accent? Kubrick was trying to tell us something here. The fashion industry is heavily involved with mind control. Vogue magazine is one example. The throne of the high priest really puzzles me. Are there any other organizations besides the 33rd degree scottish rite masons that use the double headed phoenix?

  133. Red clock's throne has clues to the identity of the secret society. The crown and double headed eagle is 33rd degree, as VC states. Also the sides of the throne seem to have scaled fish tails, if I'm seeing this correctly. This fish tail design has some pagan signifigance, in reference to the ancient Babylonian god, Dagon. He was originally half human and half fish. He may represent the phallic symbol of The Egyptian god Osirus. When Osirus was killed, his phallus was thrown into the river and was eaten by fish. Research of Dagon appears on Wikipedia. The Catholic pope sometimes wears a hat with this same fish tail design, and there is criticism about it.(see INTHEKNOW7 blog). Great article VC. Please keep up the good work.
    By the way, in LosAngeles, the big 33rd degree masonic temple has just been sold due to decreased membership and lack of funds. Perhaps an anti-masonic trend is occuring right now.

    • I think the "scales" are actually feathers to the eagle wings. I needed a real good close up to see them. I can understand the confusion with fish scales. As far as the temple in LA on Wilshire Blvd., good riddance to bad rubbish!!!!

  134. Tha same BS was published when Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, etc etc died of "OD".

  135. Michelle Phoenix on

    Regarding the "fictional" elite fashion designer who was the high priest…I believe this is an allusion to Gianni Versace, who was shot in the head during the summer of 1997. His murderer was this young man named Andrew Cunan, who the media dubbed as a "serial killer," like he was Jeffrey Dahmer. I read an article somewhere that Cunanan was actually this young gay model who had been recently traumatized by a brutal orgy that he had participated in, and that Versace & other professional men that he had killed were also at that orgy. Cunanan went home to commit suicide shortly after he killed Versace.

  136. Fidelio is also the name of Lyndon Larouche's magazine. Larouche has a lot of material on the exoteric political activities of the "Venetians" which is the Anglo-American financier class. Clearly there is an overlap between black magic and money changing. Plus ca change.

  137. The frame referenced above, with the two masked patrons on the balcony who seem to instantly recognize and acknowledge Dr. Bill…. They are clearly not Ziegler and his wife. The tall one is Alice (Nicole Kidman). Her eyes are a dead giveaway. Also explains the uncanny similarity of her "dream". She is also the one that instructs one of the hookers at the party to approach Dr. Bill as he stands watching… only to be rescued in the nick of time by Amanda.

    Note, as well, one of the last bits of the film's dialogue: no dream is ever just a dream.

  138. I think that the identity of red cloak is GUY DE ROTHSCHILD. Listen on u tube to his english accent (although he is French Jewish?) The voices are identical. Wouldn't it make sense that it was him? The fashion industry is very involved in mind control, but red cloak is not in fashion. Just because Mandy had an affair with someone in fashion, does not mean that red cloak is a fashion designer. Listen to u tube. Red cloak is Guy de Rothschild.

  139. It is interesting that Kubrick used 2 Scientologists in this movie. Sea Orgs in Scientology may exist because I think Ron Hubbard was in the Navy himself. The reference to the Naval officer in the movie, however, probably relates to the fact that the Navy and Naval Intelligence has been notorious for their involvement in MKULTRA mind control. Alice (Looking glass, mkultra programming) was a monarch, programmed by a Naval Officer programmer. But Ron Hubbard was very against the CIA's mind control. I loved the way the Scientologists stalked and annoyed Dr. Jolly West, the king of mind control at UCLA. It is possible that Tom Cruise was aware of Ron Hubbard's battle against mkultra, and supported Kubricks exposure of this evil.

  140. Yeah I still think its not a great movie…there is too much symbolism and its not even something an average person know about…..its too much and frankly not evert interesting…certainly a VERY overrated movie

  141. What about the theory explained in Kubrick's Odyssey by Jay Weidner? He contends that Kubrick filmed the Apollo moon landing that we saw on TV, and that the government didn't show the real footage. Weidner shows how 2001 Space Odyssey, The Shinning and Eyes Wide Closed gave hints about it and that's why he was killed.

  142. The thing that scares me the most about this movie is the women in the ritual circle. If you study some of them closely, they look like they aren't all there, like they are in some sort of trance. Go back to the movie and look closely at these women. They look like they have been hypnotized or are under some evil spell. Is this mind control?

    • This is just a guess, but the mask itself looks very much like tom Cruise. The mask maker may have taken a mold of his face.

  143. I think that Bill's discoveries were no accident. It was his initiation.

    At the ceremony, everyone is masked. However when Ziegler talks to him after he says that he knew the people at the ceremony. How could that be?

    When Bill is asked to be unmasked, and disrobed, this echos masonic initiation rites where the initiates are blindfolded and naked as to commit their body to the society. This means that this has happened before, and that the masks are a red herring.

    When Amanda intervenes to offer herself in exchange for Bill, Ziegler says that this, including the password trick, and the unmasking was all an elaborate charade. Bill asks how her death could be a charade, and Ziegler says that it was a coincidence, Bill had saved her life before and knew it would be "a matter of time."

    But it was all a charade. From beginning to end, all of the events that occurred was designed to manipulate Bill's mind to perceive the truth.

    We like to believe that the elites slip up sometimes and that we can still reclaim our freedom. However, this is a trick and it is used by them to misdirect and manipulate our anger into playing out their agenda.

    Bill meeting Nick at the party, saving Amanda, being given the password and address to the orgy, it was was all part of a grand scheme. At the orgy, everyone knew who he was because he was expected to arrive. The high priest's warnings were a test for him. The newspaper article and Bill being followed by Ziegler was part of the test.

    Bill confides in Ziegler, but Ziegler gives a great act on downplaying the whole ritual. However, note how Ziegler doesn't deny anything or tell Bill to stay away. He affirm's Bill's curiosity (he went to the morgue) but also lets him know that he was one step ahead of him.

    For people to be inducted into secret societies, they need someone to refer them to. Ziegler wanted to nominate Bill into the secret elite club. That was the whole purpose of the party, with Nick and Amanda as pawns. However Bill could not simply be invited, he had to come out of his own free will and curiosity. Why?

    The magic in this movie is real. The magic here is used to give Alice sex dreams of infidelity, and used to make Bill jealous and sexually frustrated. THIS primal urge is what is used to lure Bill into the society, and control his mind and break him down. At the end of the movie we think that Bill and Alice go back to their married lives, but something tells me that Bill was SUPPOSED to tell Alice about his personal journey, (hence the mask) not so they become more faithful to each other, but so that they could climb up the societal ladder for promises of wealth and power.

  144. Red Cloak's throne with the 33 degree freemason symbol says it all. I was reading about Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma, which is his official book about masonry. He clearly states right in his book that the upper echelons of masonry (the 33 degree) should be involved in the worship of the Luciferian doctrine. He feels that God (Adonay) is evil and against man. Pike feels that Lucifer is the one who is trying to help us from the "evil" God. If the 33 degree really believes in this nonsense, it makes sense that they would be against Christianity, and would practice the "black" mass and sex magic in defiance of God.

  145. Kubrick knew the Rothschilds and they probably knew exactly what he was doing. I don't know why they let him expose these secrets. I feel that although it is a strange coincidence that he died 666 days after jan 1, 2001, he may have just died at 71 from a heart attack. No one watched their cholesterol back then, and perhaps he overworked himself and raised his blood pressure enough to create an embolism. He was upset about the editing.
    He seemed to have contact with the elites from the 33 degree freemasons, as ALL his movies have masonic symbolism and hand signs. Perhaps he was a mason himself, although he was such a recluse, I can't imagine him going out at night to the masonic temple for meetings. He also seemed to be connected to the USA/ British government intelligence (like Bob Hope), possibly through the masons, which may explain his knowledge of MKULTRA monarchs and the government's use of them. His movies show that he just knew too much about government mind control. I've heard that he didn't like to see humans or animals suffer, and perhaps he wanted to expose the evils that brought pain to them.
    He did want to keep the filming of Eyes Wide Shut secret. What actors would be better at keeping the film a secret other than mind controlled monarchs? They would pose or act for the movie and then leave without ever remembering a thing.

  146. Victor Ziegler character probably depicts Nelson Rockefeller (man of rock – mason). And the Christmas party has a colorful, rainbow-like facade and the bathroom, where the actual rituals take place. The master of ceremony, on the other hand, must be Nelson's contemporary and playboy rival Evelyn Rothschild. No window dressings, no formal appreances – open satanic orgy that takes place on the Christmas night.

  147. Someone may have mentioned this already but before it was a symbol of free masonry it was a symbol of the roman empire and came to be one of the many images that people associate with the universality of the emperor's rule. After the fall of constantinople in 1453 the ottomans who replaced them adopted the double headed eagle as mehmed tried to portray himself as successor to the romans and spent the rest of his life trying to reconquer the eastern empire's lost territories. Similarly the romanovs and habsburgs also used the double headed eagle trying to promote themselves as successors to the same principle of universal roman rule. Kaiser and tsar are both derived from caesar and as well ottoman sultans carried the title kayser-i rum.

  148. Men, and their egos, survive thanks to the sacrifices women make them in secret (lest it bruise that very thing they are protecting) and never demand adulation or thanks for. How Kubrick worked this out, I don't know, but am thankful for.

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