The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (pt. I)


“Eyes Wide Shut” was promoted as a steamy, suspenseful movie starring the “It” couple of the day: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. While the actors were prominently featured in the movie, it is everything around them that told the true story of “Eyes Wide Shut”. Stanley Kubrick’s attention to detail and symbolism gave the movie an entire other dimension – one that cannot be seen by those who have their eyes wide shut. This multiple-part series will look at the hidden symbolism of Kubrick’s final film.


I remember when I first watched Eyes Wide Shut, back in 1999. Boy, did I hate it. I hated how slow everything was, I hated how Nicole Kidman tried to sound drunk or high and I hated seeing Tom Cruise walk around New York looking concerned. I guess I reacted the same way critics did at the time the movie came out and thought: “This movie is boring and there is nothing hot about it.” More than a decade later, equipped with a little more knowledge and patience, I re-watched the movie … and it blew my mind. In fact, like most Stanley Kubrick films, an entire book could be written about the movie and the concepts it addresses. Eyes Wide Shut is indeed not simply about a relationship, it is about all of the outside forces and influences that define that relationship. It is about the eternal back-and-forth between the male and female principles in a confused and decadent modern world. Also, more importantly, it is about the group that rules this modern world – a secret elite that channels this struggle between the male and female principles in a specific and esoteric matter. The movie however does not spell out anything. Like all great art, messages are communicated through subtle symbols and mysterious riddles.

Stanley Kubrick unexpectedly died only five days after submitting the final cut of the movie to Warner Bros, making Eyes Wide Shut his swan song. Considering the fact that Eyes Wide Shut is about an occult secret society that eliminates those who cross its path, some theories arose about Kubrick’s death and its suspicious nature. Did he reveal to the public too much, too soon? Maybe.

Let’s look at the main themes of Kubrick’s last creation.

The Modern Couple

The stars of Eyes Wide Shut were the “It” couple of 1999: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Those who were expecting the movie to be a sort of voyeuristic experience showing hot scenes of the couple were probably very disappointed. The audience rather got a cold, egoistic and profoundly unsatisfied couple, one that seems to be tied together not by pure love, but by other factors, like convenience and appearances. While the couple is very “modern” and “upper-class”, the forces that keep it together are the result of basic, primal and almost animalistic behavior. If we look at the instinctive behavior of humans and animals, males primarily look for females that have good child-bearing qualities while females look for a strong provider. Remnants of this behavior still exist today as males tend to display wealth and power to attract females while females showcase their beauty to attract males. In Eyes Wide Shut, the couple perfectly follows that instinctive script.

Tom Cruise’s character is called Dr. Bill … as in dollar bill. Several times during the movie, Dr. Bill either waves his money or his “doctor badge” at people to get them to do what he wants. Bill is part of the upper class and his dealings with people of the lower class are often resolved with money.

In order to get this taxi driver to wait for him in front of the mention, Dr. Bill tears up a hundred dollar bill and promises him to give him the other half when he comes back. Dr. Bill's motto is probably "Everybody has a price".

In order to get this taxi driver to wait for him in front of the elite mansion, Dr. Bill tears up a hundred dollar bill and promises him to give him the other half when he comes back. Dr. Bill’s motto is probably “Everybody has a price”. Does his own wife have a price?

Played by Nicole Kidman, Alice lost her job in the art world and is now fully supported by her husband’s salary. While she lives very comfortably, Alice appears to be extremely bored with her life as a stay at home mother. The name Alice is most likely a reference to the main character of Alice in Wonderland – a fairy tale about a privileged girl who is bored with her life and who goes “through the looking glass” to end up in Wonderland. In Eyes Wide Shut, Alice is often shown staring at the looking glass – grooming herself or … maybe looking for something more to life.

Alice spends a lot of time in front of the mirror being pretty - maybe because it is the only "attribute" that keeps her in that social status. Her daughter, Helena (maybe named after Helena of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world) follows in her footsteps.

Alice is often shown in front of the mirror and making herself pretty. At the beginning of the movie, almost everyone who talk to her mention her appearance. Her daughter Helena (maybe named after Helena of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world) follows in her footsteps.

Promotional images for the movies feature Alice kissing Bill but looking at herself in the mirror, almost as if she was living in an alternate reality.

Promotional images for the movie feature Alice kissing Bill but looking at herself in the mirror, almost as if she was seeing an alternate reality.

While the couple shows signs of fatigue, Bill and Alice put on their “happy masks” when it is time to attend social events. Like the elite people they socialize with, there is a big difference between the facade they put on and reality.

Brushing With the Elite

Bill and Alice go to a classy party given by Victor Ziegler, one of Bill’s wealthy patients. Judging from Victor’s house, he is not simply rich, he is part of the ultra-elite. While his party is very elegant and is attended by highly cultured people, it doesn’t take long for the viewers to realize that this facade hides a disgusting dark side. Also, small details inserted by Kubrick hint to a link between the party and the occult ritual that occurs later in the movie.

When entering the party, the first thing  we see is this odd star-shaped Christmas decoration. This particular decoration is found throughout the house.

When entering the party, the first thing we see is this peculiar Christmas decoration. This eight-pointed star is found throughout the house.

The eight-pointed star is nearly identical to the star of Ishtar.

The star at Zeigler’s house is nearly identical to the ancient symbol of the star of Ishtar.

Knowing Kubrick’s attention to detail, the inclusion of the star of Ishtar in this party is not an accident. Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war and, mostly, sexuality. Her cult involved sacred prostitution and ritual acts – two elements we clearly see later in the movie.

“Babylonians gave Ishtar offerings of food and drink on Saturday. They then joined in ritual acts of lovemaking, which in turn invoked Ishtar’s favor on the region and its people to promote continued health and fruitfulness.”
– Goddess Ishtar, Anita Revel

Ishtar herself was considered to be the “courtesan of the gods” and had many lovers. While inspired in bed, she was also cruel to the men that got attached to her. These concepts will constantly reappear in the movie, especially with Alice.

During the party, Bill and Alice go their separate ways and are both faced with temptation. Alice meets a man named Sandor Szavost who asks her about Ovid’s Art of Love. This series of books, written during the times of Ancient Rome, was essentially a “How to Cheat on Your Partner” guide, and was popular with the elite of the time. The first book opens with an invocation to Venus – the planet esoterically associated with lust. Interestingly enough, Ishtar (and her equivalents in other Semetic cultures) was considered to be the personification of Venus.

Sandor drinks from Alice's glass. This trick is taken right out of The Art of Love - maybe because its a subtle way of telling Alice that he wants to exchange fluids with her.

Sandor drinks from Alice’s glass. This trick is taken right out of  Ovid’s The Art of Love. It sends Alice a message that is not very subliminal: “I want to exchange fluids with you”.

Sandor’s name might be a reference to the founder of the Church of Satan: Anton Szandor Lavey. Is this Kubrick’s way of saying that this man, who urges Alice to cheat on her husband, is a part of the occult elite and its decadent ways? The Hungarian man is apparently skilled in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) as he nearly hypnotizes Alice with well calculated phrases about the futility of married life and the necessity of pursuing pleasure.

Meanwhile, Bill is discussing with two flirtatious models who tell him that they want to take him to “where the rainbow ends”. While the meaning of this enigmatic phrase is never explicitly explained in the movie, symbols talk for themselves.

Rainbows Everywhere

Rainbows and multicolored lights appear throughout the movie, from the beginning to the end.

The name of the store where Bill rents his elite ritual costume: "Rainbow". The name of the store under it: "Under the Rainbow".

The name of the store where Bill rents his costume is called “Rainbow”. The name of the store under it: “Under the Rainbow”. Kubrick is trying to tell us something…Something involving rainbows.

As if to emphasize the theme of multicolored rainbows, almost every scene in the movie contains multicolored Christmas lights, giving most sets a hazy, dreamy glow.

Almost every time Bill enters a room, the first thing we see a multicolored Christmas decoration.

Almost every time Bill enters a room, the first things we see are multicolored Christmas lights.

Sometimes Christmas lights are the often source of light on set.

Sometimes Christmas lights are the focal point of attention.

These lights tie together most scenes of the movie, making them part of the same reality. There are however a few select scenes where there are absolutely no Christmas lights. The main one is Somerton palace – the place where the secret society ritual takes place.

Sharply contrasting with the rest of the movie, the Sommerton palace is completely devoid of multicolored lights. Everything there looks sharp and crisp, contrarily to the hazy feel of the outside world.

Sharply contrasting with the rest of the movie, Sommerton  is completely devoid of multicolored lights. Everything about this place is in sharp opposition with the “outside world”.

In Eyes Wide Shut, there are therefore two worlds: The Christmas lights-filled “rainbow world”, where the masses wander around, trying to make ends meet and the other world… “where the rainbow ends”-  where the elite gathers and performs its rituals. The contrast between the two world give a sense of an almost insurmountable divide between them. Later, the movie will clearly show us how those from the “rainbow world” cannot enter the other world.

So, when the models ask Bill the go “where the rainbow ends”, they probably refer to going “where the elite gathers and performs rituals”. It might also be about them being dissociated Beta Programming slaves. There are several references to Monarch mind control (read this article for more information) in the movie. Women who take part in elite rituals are often products of Illuminati mind control. In MK Ultra vocabulary, “going over the rainbow” means dissociating from reality and entering another persona (more on this in the next article).

The models ask Bill to leave this fake facade of the "rainbow world" (there's a Christmas tree right behind them) and go to indulge in the debaucherous rituals of the occult elite.

The models ask Bill to leave the “rainbow world” (there’s a Christmas tree right behind them) to indulge in the debaucherous rituals of the occult elite.

Behind the Curtain

Bill’s flirting with the models is interrupted when Ziegler calls him to his bathroom. There, we get a first glance of “where the rainbow ends” – the dark truth about the elite.

Bill finds Ziegler in his gigantic bathroom dressing up and an almost unconscious woman.

Bill meets Ziegler in his gigantic bathroom. The man is dressing up and is with a naked unconscious woman…who is not his wife.

If we rewind a little, when Bill and Alice first entered the party, they were welcomed by Ziegler and his wife in a room filled with Christmas lights. We saw two respectable couples talking about respectable things in room full of enchanting lights. But when Bill goes “where the rainbow ends” (notice there are no Christmas lights in the bathroom) we see reality: Ziegler with a Beta programming slave who overdosed on goofballs. When the woman gains consciousness, Ziegler talks to her in an odd, paternal matter, highlighting the fact that he’s the master and she’s the slave. The luxurious setting of this scene is Kubrick’s way of saying that extreme wealth does not necessary equal high morals.

Ziegler then urges Bill to keep everything he just saw a secret. The world “where the rainbow ends” must never be revealed to the outside world. It operates in its own space, has its own rules and depends on the masses’ ignorance.

Questioning Marriage

While Alice ultimately rejected Sandor’s advances, she was nevertheless enticed by them. The next day, Alice tells Bill that she could have cheated on him at the party. When Bill tells his wife that he loves and trusts her, she completely loses it. She then proceeds to tell him a story about how she was once ready to cheat on him with a naval officer she met in a hotel. This cruel story highlights the “Ishtar” side of Alice as she brings up in her husband feelings of jealousy, insecurity, betrayal and even humiliation. In short, Alice purposely summoned everything that is negative in relationships to pop Bill’s “love bubble”. This wake-up call prompts Bill to embark in a strange journey around New-York city, one that has multiple level of meanings. That strange night will ultimately lead him to the exact opposite of a monogamous relationship: Anonymous, masked copulation with strangers in a ritual setting. Bill’s journey will be further analyzed in the second part of this series of articles.

Conclusion of Part One

The first part of this series about Eyes Wide Shut took a broad look at Bill and Alice, a modern couple that has the “privilege” of brushing with the upper-echelon of New York. While everything appears great on the surface, Kubrick quickly tells the viewers to not be deceived by appearances and to not be impressed by exhibitions of wealth. Because, behind the “rainbow world”, exists a dark and disturbing reality, one that Kubrick exposes in many subtle ways throughout the movie.

While Bill and Alice are simply “guests” in the elite circle, they are nevertheless fascinated and attracted by it. They see in this lifestyle a way of fulfilling their dark and secret needs. In the next part of this series, we’ll look at the occult meaning of Bill’s journey – a story told by subtle symbols peppered throughout the movie.

Read part II of the series —>



    • When I rewatched this movie, I obviously knew there was more to it and could pick up on some symbolism. But those subtle little things VC described, like the meaning of the names etc… wow, I could never have guessed!

    • WILLdieFORtruth on

      There's child prostitution in the movie too. Remember the scene where Dr. Bill goes to Rainnbow Costumes to get a cloak for the secret location? They run into the owner's teenage daughter having sex with two older men. What's weird is the teenager offers advances on Dr. Bill and her father acts as if he is ashamed it, but seems to care more about the business transaction than his tenage daughters affairs.

      • Probably the father raped the poor sod whilst she was a toddler/infant and since then he's been making money out of her. It's easy to manipulate the youngsters, that's when all starts. Hitler knew his business.

    • Jose R Rodriguez on

      That's right, Mark. VC is on the money. I watched this movie then and liked it some. I watched it again about a month ago and now with this article it is explained right on point. You have to understand the Illuminati.
      Vigilant Citizen breaks it down perfectly. Gosh, Stanley Kubrick was a tremendous force. I wonder what part of life on this our Earth for his next film if he had not passed away. I'll watch all of his works after reading this
      fine article.

    • Psychobunny on

      Very good review, and it follows Kubrick's thoughts and methods.
      One interesting thing about EWS that I haven't seen any comments on.
      At the begging credits, we hear, what we assume, to be the soundtrack music, only to discover it is being played on Dr. Bill's stereo, as he abruptly turns it off. This could have been Kubrick telling us deception will follow, and not everything we see is what we think it is.
      Only, it happens again, at the hooker's apartment.
      We again hear music we assume is part of the soundtrack and again Dr Bill turns off the radio.

      I'm sure this means something, Kubrick is giving us a sign, perhaps he is telling us that we are about to be tricked?!

      Something Kubrick said just before he died that sticks in my mind; "I'm still fooling them" [the audience].

  1. Divided We Fall on

    I remember feeling the same initially, why does this highly touted movie suck so bad?!?!? Eyes wide shut no more! Keep up the great work!

  2. very great article as always VC
    can't hardly wait to read part 2 , i wish u would write an article about the movie "shutter island" it is full mind control stuff

    • Ooh, you are so right about Shutter Island! I did love the movie, it was super creepy and had a great storyline, but there was so much mind control symbolism in it that I do think people who are not aware of it (those whose eyes are 'wide shut') could be messed up by the movie. I too would love to see VC do an article about Shutter Island.

    • Spraking of other mind control movies, have you watched the Bourne Legacy? That movie is all about reprogramming behaviour and traumatised victims.

      • i was thinking of that movie & the other bourne trilogy (identity, supremacy, ultimatum) a few days ago.
        it is so clear that they are talking about mk ultra specially the delta programming, when i saw it for the 1st time, i didn't give it much thought (i thought of it as good action movie nothing more) once i gained the knowledge, i see it from a whole different point of view now.
        i was blind now i see :)

    • Sadly, the upshot of the story of Shutter Island was that the main character was not really uncovering a sinister mind control center, but was instead himself dissociated from a traumatic experience and concocting a fantasy. In the end, the mind control elements were debunked. Main character was delusional. The subliminal message is that anyone who thinks such things are happening is likewise deluded.

      • Exactly, Shutter Island is the story of a dellusion, while Di caprio represents the doubting conscious, the unlogic "deus ex machina " end is here to prevent anyone from questionning, for example, the continuity of the reich in post war US or the mind control use of Freud's pseudo science associated with mengele's "discoveries". The movie was such a deception to me, Contrary to all my folks who saw it, iI was still convinced at the end, that his crime story was all made up as a cover up for the center's activity (including using counter-fire agents such as the fake patient), and that they induced him to accept his fate, as the goat of a satanic sacrifice. When viewing it again i had to admit this faggy Scorcese leads us the other way, so that when confronted to such strange handlers, as seen in the movie, we should still put the blame on us, a pity that made this movie a piece o propaganda. Not to even mention the more recent crap this "charismatic" duo threw at us lately, about this jewish ponzi trader of which faith is never mentionned, so you'd think it's, again, the typical Caprio catho caucasian who engaged in such immoral and self destructive lifestyle…

    • nooralhaqiqa on

      Me too. To be honest, so far VC has not said much I have not figured out over my many times watching this when it is on late night tv. In fact, I am surprised it too this long…. thought I had missed a VC breakdown!

      Looking forward to part 2. So far all my suspicions have been confirmed…. keep it up VC! Thanks.

  3. I remembering watching this movie as a teenager but more for the sexual content sad to say but true. This was a very dark and creepy movie. Based on most of the articles on this site and the knowledge I have gained, I truly understand what agenda the movie was pushing. I would not be watching this movie ever again.

    • He was part of the agenda, how else he was given opportunities, how else he was aware of their shenanigans. He was an insider who manipulated the public into believing that they landed on the moon.

      • Yes a deal was struck I believe regarding the filmed "moon walk", but he made "Eyes wide shut" to gradually expose "them" as he knew all along they were nefariously evil.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        Kubrick had been exposing things for years, in A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket, The Shining.

    • Monolith evolution? on

      What agenda is it pushing? You speak like you believe it's pushing "for" the elite agenda, when it could be interpreted to mean Kubrick is revealing, in a way "against" their wishes. He did die 5 days after showing his cut of the film and I've heard they removed 12 minutes before it was released. I think he was new to the elite when he made 2001, because it is definitely about that. But I think he grew disgusted with things he found out, later producing this film. But that's just my opinion.

      • The watcher on

        Yes, studio executives wanted him to "edit" the movie and he wouldn't , so the executives went into damage control removed the 12 minutes or so from the film . This is the reason Kubrick was murdered, as he died before this film was premiered. Search for a guy called Rob Ager he does a really good film analysis on this film.

      • i also have a hard time believing that 2001 was pushing their agenda. that film feels like it is about the way we are TRAPPED by the elite, and have to shed them in order to free ourselves from the constraints they have us under. he was already disgusted by them at that point, all you have to do is watch "dr. strangelove" to get that. 2001 is where he start encoding his films so that you have to dig through them in order to find his message.

    • Lol I always knew their was something weird about this movie even before knowing about the occult. Smh

    • Fateless One on

      I think you're missing the point of the article. The movie isn't pushing an agenda but rather exposing one. Its a creepy tale but I think the true creepiness comes from the fact that it could all really be happening. Anyways the point is the movie itself is not evil, just enlightening. I suggest you watch it again if you can. God bless.

  4. There is darkness and there is light. The lifestyle of the rich and famous, treads in both realms. Good job VC…

  5. wow. you did a great study of the movie.. congrats. anyway i havent watched before. so gonna search it.

  6. anyone notice the two models look like the blond as Nicole Kidman, first wife, and the dark haired one as Katie Holmes the 2nd wife???

    • They certainly do.
      Also, in this scene one of them is introduced as a 'Windsor', Nuala, I think. Maybe another reference to the elites?

      • he did not divorce Katie she got a burner cell phone and took off in the night, you KNOW something scared her terribly and she wanted to protect Suri from it. Normal people don't get divorced by buying new disposable cellphones to talk to their fathers and lawyers with.

  7. Mr. Goodsalt on

    Excellent article. There is an enlightening page that summarizes many of Kubrick's symbolic visuals from over the years as it relates to esotericism. The key to understanding all of the occult societies and where this is leading is the Giza plateau and Egyptian mythology.

    Google Stanley Khufu Brick

  8. Since the first time I watched this film back in 1999 I really felt disturbed. This film and Fight Club also. In that time I didn't know what exactly was bugging me, but knowledge came eventually.

    Anxious for part II.

    • monk of the dark on

      According to me fight club was about a demonic possession by an evil entity. Trevor Durdan was the demon who seduced then possessed the main character the same way Sasha seduced Beyonce. The hero of this movie became what the new agers call a "walk in".

  9. never saw this movie because it didn't seemed like the kind of movie i stay away from, i.e. too much sex, violence, or whatever. but the synopsis here with interpretation is pretty interesting. i do remember hearing at the time that making this movie caused a rift between tom cruise and nicole kidman. maybe making this movie was equivalent to attending that rich guy's party for the real life actors. maybe they were exposed to too much real life where the rainbow ends. i don't know, just spitballing.

    • it probably ruined their marriage or led up to its total destruction i mean they did get divorced shortly after right?

      • oh, thanks for pointing out my colossal mistake. i'm sure no one could figure it out.

    • interesante estas personas como introducen estos simbolos ocultos en las peliculas, para que se queden en el subconciente de las personas.

    • Since Tom and Nicole were Hollywood elite at the time time (and Tom still is) they probably knew what was going on, unless they were/are under so much mind control control programming they are unaware. But since they were intimately involved with the upper echelon of scientology they had to know what corruption at the top looked like. I believe most marriages in Hollywood are faked in order to fool the public, Hollywood is a physical location but it is also a place that exists in the consciousness of people and it's main purpose is to educate the population. I'd say say Tom and Nicole had too much pseudo life, just like the masses obsessed with the satanic entertainment industry.

      • oh, Tom is aware. I never liked him, he did not settle right with me, something wrong with him. Good comment…

  10. graphicartist2k5 on

    Goodfight Ministries covered this movie really well in their documentary called, "Hollywood's War on God". I HIGHLY recommend watching that if you haven't! There is more gnostic, occult mess in that movie that it's seriously a wonder that Stanley Kubrick wasn't killed before it was released by those he worked for.

    • graphicartist2k5 on

      In case anyone is wondering what gnosticism is all about, watch this excellent video that explains what it's about:

      F.Y.I., nearly EVER SINGLE Hollywood movie is filled with gnosticism, which means you could examine nearly every secular movie and find some sort of gnostic teaching/principle.

  11. Kubrick was a master at exposing the human condition, as all great artists are. He painted honest portraits of humanity and he payed for his honesty, the elite made him out to be an anti-social nutcase, I really think they killed him too. I read in the biography on him by Lobrutto, that he stayed away from the Hollywood scene as much as possible, he turned his back on them. I think they hated his guts since Dr. Strangelove. I enjoyed your commentary on eyes wide shut, it was definitely thought-provoking. And I loved what you found out about the star at the Christmas party! Can't wait for the next articles in this series! A superficial understanding of this masterpiece will lead to confusion and agitation but when the masks are removed enlightenment is achieved.

  12. Now that I look at it, this movie was an eyeopener to me… I found it pretty boring and long the first time i've seen it but it left me with the strangest feeling that there had to be more to it. Every single detail in the movie seemed too orchestrated, like it was begging for us to think again… Ah, Kubrick! :)
    As I searched online from time to time, I came across all sorts of "conspiracy theory" info, that led me to books by Enghdal then Icke, my head was ready to blow… And to VC, of course!
    Was wondering for a long time how come vc didn't do an article on this movie earlier, glad that it's here finaly :)
    Looking forward for part 2!

    Ps. Please excuse my english since it's not my mother tongue 😉

    Stay blessed!

  13. VC you should do an article on silent hill revelations it had alot of symbolism and i think it was about an occult and they kept referring to the o.t.o and metatron

    • There's a few games that are full of illuminati symbolisim. Like in Final Fantasy 7, which you can call the illuminati manifesto (like an article I read about it did). The Shinra corporation really rules the world and even controlls "the mayor," who is just a pawn. by You don't see many articles about them, but if you know about the illuminati you can see it.

      • They also include a few esoteric themes in there as well, i.e: Sephiroth and Tifa. Both are included in the Kabbalah, Sephiroth being the "Tree of Life". Tifa, short for Tifareth, is the "Beauty" sphere. I don't know if any other main characters are quite so linked, but there ya go. There's much more to FF7 than just an awesome RPG.

  14. HighEyeQueued on

    I've seen this movie many times and read a bunch of articles on its occult theme, yet this article still touches on ideas that I haven't seen in other ones. Great stuff.

    I also found the scene where Alice describes her "fantasy" to be a little weird. It's hazy and dreamlike, and she mentions how she can't get the guy out of her head. It seems to have themes of hypnosis or mind control in that part.

  15. The scene with the big light…represents the male mind that has enlightenment. Kubrick knew what was going on…and when that happens the next thing that happens is that a man realizes he is going to die.

    The virgin female to the left….the dingy male whore to the right…get them together and a light appears and a fire burns.

    Now remember in the male mind this script is flipped…the left side thinking is where the whore is and the right is where the virgin is. Females just see everything as the same and experience the light and fire.

  16. Talking about synchronicity!!
    I'm really shocked, 'cause PRECISELY yesterday i've watched a youtube video about the exactly same subject, posted by Zeph Daniel and called "Eyes Wide Shut Unveiled, Decoded & Explained". I think the video was kinda weak, but with some few interesting points. So i don't fully recomend! LOL

    What i found interesting was that Zeph Daniel had compared Ziegler to Zbigniew Brzezinski, he claims that Kubrick deliberately created the character to be identical to Brzezinski. MAkes sense IMO.

    But this article is much better! Thanks VC, can't wait for the other parts.

  17. Wow! This made my day. I remember sneaking into this movie when I was in high school. I received the Stanley Kubrick set for Christmas and recently watched this film with all of my newfound Vigilant Citizen knowledge of the occult. Can't wait for Part II of the article!!

    PS: Are you going to do A Clockwork Orange?!!!! Pretty please.

  18. I re watch the scene where Dr. Bill is with the prostitute, one of the books she has is "Introducing sociology", and the other (more important) is Shadows on the Mirror by Frances Fyfield:

    "By day, Sarah Fortune works as a lawyer in a prestigious firm in Mayfair, but by night she provides lonely men with intimate company–an arrangement with which she is happy until she becomes implicated with a dead body found off the English coast. "

  19. By the way, Kubrick deserves more room for all kinds of analysis! His work is fascinating, with high level occult symbolism. Tip for VC!

  20. Wow, always wondered about this movie. Thanks VC as I wonder no more!
    Great job. Always look forward to you in my email box!

  21. Jammy Dodger on

    I remember Stanley Kubrick having final cut on his films after allegedly filming the fake footage for the moon landings! He wanted to keep a 10 minute mind control sequence in the movie and Warner Bros. Wanted it out…next thing Kubrick dies of a heart attack I think and voila the sequence is omitted and even at the request of movie fans they've never included it in any edition of the movie!

  22. The Christmas tree lights, and the outside world representing Babylon the whore… What does the whore do?.. Breaks down the morality of society so as to prepare the world to embrace the beast… As lawlessness blooms, tyranny looms… This is the mystery of lawlessness, and what is described as the "wine of her fornication's." Her of course referring to Babylon… Which is why God declares to those who will heed "to come out of her." While the whore declares freedom to "do what thou wilt," she in fact prepares the world for enslavement…

    Who is the beast?… The beast represents the harsh reality of what "drinking the wine of her fornication" leads to.. The practice of sin begets more sin ect ect… One is never satisfied with the lusts of the flesh… Always seeking more until an individual who is brought to that point becomes an animal or the beast in character… Having lost all semblance of love, and instead has been destroyed because of the lust of the eyes, and eventually partaking of the lusts of the flesh…The beast represents who Satan is in every way… In reality he hates the whore (see Revelation chapter17 verses 15-18), and will destroy her when she is no longer necessary… Satan knows that he has to bring humanity to a certain level when it comes to transgressing the law of God… Which is why Satan is allowed to go before the throne of God, and accuse the brethren of the very sins he tempts mankind with… At some point it will not be necessary as Satan is cast out of heaven (Revelation chapter 12 verses 7-17), but is given the key to the bottomless pit (Revelation chapter 9) once cast out for the last time, and is allowed by God to open this spiritual prison for some of the worst demons that have ever lived… Gods punishment of mankind for the lack of repentance… His rule is described in Revelation chapter 13… At this point the beast will be unleashed to his fullest extent, and will go to make war with the saints…. (see Daniel chapter 7, and chapter 12)…

    This is where the whore is leading mankind or those who are enticed by the wine of her fornication's… To embrace the worship of Satan and the one with whom he gives his authority… "the beast" or man of sin… Sin continues to have its way, and is continues to influence our world to the point of defining it in every way.. Again the mystery of lawlessness, and the reason that the Mother of Harlots or the whore is necessary at this time….

    I would highly recommend viewing a more recent movie that was released back in May entitled "Now You See Me." This movie is fulled with hidden messages, and is quite entertaining… VC, I would like to see your overview of that movie, and would not mind comparing notes…
    Thanks for all you do, and God bless….

    • Steven8,
      I am with you. Those who rule those who belong to secret societies openly admit that their ultimate goal is to corrupt pervert humanity beyond recognition. Thus the wrath of God will fall on nations.
      Also they admit second important goal…it is…do whatever it takes for so that Second Coming would never happen.

      God's plans are to be fulfilled. Word will come true. He will punish the Earth and Babylon will be obliterated. However my hope and my joy my expectation and my faith is that He will send us strong Revival before people of worldwide Babylon will perish in deception. To save anyone who still can be saved. God bless.

    • I have also seen "Now you see me" and I think the not so subtle Illuminati symbol miscommunication and the call for people/viewers to "join" is mindblowing in that one.

  23. This site is awesome. Vigilant, you are fucking awesome. I remember one friend of mine talked to me about this movie once. I have never watched it though (I'm not passionate about movies). He told me "hey, I saw this movie and the story resembles the occult… I think is satanic". Wow ! I was so curious about it ever since… but still never took the time to rent it and watch it. Now that you come with your analysis (which is always damn good) I see there are definitely dark things attached to this film. Now I want to watch the movie again :-)

    V.C., thank you very much man. I really, really appreciate and enjoy each and all of your articles. There is a lot of light that you always share with every post. This site is definitely UNIQUE.

    God bless !

  24. My eyes were definately shut when I saw this movie. I didn't get it. It's great that you're breaking it down. These are the days of Noah part 2.

  25. The Christmas tree lights, and the outside world representing Babylon the whore… What does the whore do?.. Breaks down the morality of society so as to prepare the world to embrace the beast… As lawlessness blooms, tyranny looms… This is the mystery of lawlessness, and what is described as the "wine of her fornication's." Her of course referring to Babylon… Which is why God declares to those who will heed "to come out of her." While the whore declares freedom to "do what thou wilt," she in fact prepares the world for enslavement…

    • Well said Steven8! As a former witch I realized that my addictions and my sins were my own enslavement! Just because you can do whatever you want doesn't mean that you should. Many of the people that I surrounded myself with were self-destructive and this is the way the world is going because of the occult elite

      • Thanks Christina… Most have had their vices in life in which we had to overcome… Bible prophecy will be fulfilled… We must remain steadfast through the evil which will encompass the world on a much greater scale in the future… With the strength of God within us all things are possible… Take care, and God bless you..

      • What!?

        "Bible prophecy will be fulfilled"

        Don't you people understand that this type of mentality is just as detrimental as any elitist thought process?

      • Truth do exist. If I would not find it I would not claim what is Truth. There is not Truth apart from God alone. This is not something that can be explained this is not some organization to join this is not some leader who is able to open your eyes (or brainwash you for that matter) this is DIRECT ACTION WHEN THE LORD WORKS WITH YOUR SOUL. MysticMaverick if you are looking you will find. One of my friends Dennis was looking for truth in the occult like black magic. Going too far he found that he is on wrong track. He got help from deliverance ministry and now is a new joyful guy. Truth is near you. If only you want it.

      • For starters research the word god, with an unabridged dictionary, just as you would for all words. Blacks Law Dictionary or an Oxford Dictionary.
        Even your conditioning has been conditioned.

  26. Was waiting for this. I actually tried to research Kubricks death, on line of course, not much to research. Knew there was something to this movie never could figure it out. I always liked the movie though. Thank you VC always enjoy your insight.

  27. The reality is what Babylon brings us to… The reality within this movie represented by what was at the end of the rainbow… The end of the rainbow, or that which has not been revealed to the public as yet, represents the beast of Revelation… Satan continually accuses mankind of sin before the throne of God because he wants to be able to release the beast that now resides in the abyss or spiritual prison for the worst of fallen angels…. The more mankind allows for sin to define who we are, the closer we come to be being ruled in a most tyrannical manner… Because mankind's deposition will be likened to an animal or beast…. Those who are drunk of the wine of Babylon's fornication's will worship Satan, and the beast whom he will give his authority to.. (Rev chapter 13)….

    • He would not release the beast. He is the beast. In darkest last days of 7 yr period he will rule the earth.

  28. The beast and Satan will come to the point of no longer needing Babylon the great and will destroy her (See Revelation chapter 17 verses 15-18)… Sin begets sin… The lust of the eyes, leads to the lust of the flesh, which leads to the destruction of one's inmost being or spirit… That is what the name of the beast means… Abaddon means destroyer in the Hebrew language… Once Satan is cast out of heaven once and for all (Revelation chapter 12 verses 7-17) he will be given the key to the bottomless pit or spiritual prison to unleash what Greek mythology refers to as "the titans." One of which is the king of the bottomless pit or hades again in Greek mythology… (see Revelation chapter 9)…

  29. If you have not already, check out a more recent movie that was released in May… "Now You See Me." Many messages within this movie, but presented in a more blatant fashion… As sin continues to become commonly practiced, or the norm, this allow for Satan to be more bold in how the truth about what is going on in our world.. VC, would like to compare notes on that movie as well… Quite entertaining, yet eye-opening at the same time…

  30. Thanks VC for your insight… There is a new movie that was released in May entitled "Now You See Me." What a difference 14 years in that they are becoming more bold in what their plans are… In fact this new movie seems to want to recruit certain people who have a love for the craft,and want to practice it in a more extreme manner… The "eye of horus" is a key element to this movie as well…
    Well thanks again….

      • Yes, the character General Ronin wears a symbol of Baal/ Apollo on his helmet.There is "fairy magick" and the Queen Tara (Ashtoreth/ Artemis) gives her soul essence to a younger queen. There is sexual tension between the two characters. The main character is named MK (short for Mary Katherine). It is just chock full of occult symbolism and innuendo. It's aimed at children!

    • I saw that film last week, in terms of a movie i enjoyed it but the underlying meanings and symbolism left me uneasy.

      • Did you get the part Mark Ruffalo played from a symbolic standpoint, and his relationship withe the French girl?… The secret those two shared was very interesting… The baby on the newspaper she was reading before he showed up at the bridge?… Anti-Christ child… The four horsemen of the apocalypse, and what happened to Morgan Freeman at the end?… A warning to Christians who expose their secrets… It was almost as if they were playing out what remains in bible prophecy…

      • I didn't notice the baby on the paper …..well spotted Steven8.

        As I write this the Media are outside the hospital where Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their child. A Media Circus in fact.

        Talking of Circus (fairground) I absolutely hated it when the Illusionists jumped onto the carousel…. shudder.

        Yes, to the Morgan Freeman character .

        But I was a little confused by the Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent (Inglorious B*stards) Himself and the false prophet? The French Girl a symbol of corrupted society, individual influence,???? or Europa (as a French girl) the whore who rides the beast?

        Also the film itself really did seem to have such a strange pace, the majority of the film was normal to slow paced then the last ten minutes BAM…. as you say an echo of things to come , we carry on our lives eating, drinking ect and before we know it , HE WILL COME quickly and take people by surprise.

      • IMHO Mark represented Satan, and Melanie the one who would carry the child… The Merovingian dynasty… The lie that declares that Mary Magdalene married Jesus Christ, and that they had offspring… And this supposed bloodline is alive and well today… "Those who are of the synagogue of Satan, and claim to be of Jewish descent, yet are not.".. (Revelation chapters 2 and 3)…. Some believe it could very well be the tribe of Dan… Who is not mentioned within the 144,000 of Revelation chapter 7 because of their apostate ways while in Israel.. Heavy into witchcraft, and paganism….. Some believe that individuals from this tribe made a deal with the devil… This bloodline goes all the back the Greco-Macedonian empire, and includes the Spartans as well… Some believe that the people of Troy, who were related to the Spartans, were also from the tribe of Dan… Once Sparta overcame Troy, their leader fled to what is now Rome, Italy, and his offspring formed the Roman Empire…
        Once Rome fell, this seed from Dan eventually married into most of the monarchy's of Europe… This Merovingian dynasty is supposedly protected by the Priory of Sion… Declaring the one of this secret bloodline will one day come forth as the false Messiah…
        Anyway, this tribe, who declares themselves to be Jewish have a beef with those of real Jewish descent, and are using them for their diabolical plan…. Some believe that these false Jews actually control modern Israel… Some refer to them as Ashkinazi Jews…

        This belief could have teeth… Time will tell…

      • Forgot to add that this Merovingian Dynasty is from the French territory… Hence, the reason she, the character that Ms. Laurent played, was from France… Mary Magdalene supposedly fled to France with her offspring during the Jewish revolt of 70 AD… Which of course ended in the destruction of the 2nd temple and Rome's victory over this revolt… Later this Merovingian monarchy was formed… It is said that hold the title of king of Jerusalem…

      • ah yes and all that Jazz, ….. the French girl and France In Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, massive deceptions and mirrors i.e. was written that this was Christs bloodline but who or what will it really birth?
        V. interesting especially when most people forget that the true lord will come from the sky not a posh maternity ward.

        Whatever the truth of the situation, as so many have said, these symbols are about what they …. the Media = middle men, believe, and therefore provide for us to consume.

        Thanks for your informative and well researched responses Steven8.

      • The Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. According to them he'll be in the army and wealthy. They get it all so wrong, like they are blindfolded.

      • Thank you Deepek. I think your comment brings up a relevant point and thats how Jews, Christians and Muslims may claim to be connected as Abrahamic faiths but diverge significantly when it comes to the Messiah

        These are some details I just got from jewfaqdotcom on the traditional jewish Masiach:

        • The idea of mashiach (messiah) is an ancient one in Judaism
        • The Jewish idea of mashiach is a great human leader like King David, not a savior
        • There is much speculation about when the mashiach will come
        • The Bible identifies several tasks that the mashiach will accomplish
        • Jews do not believe in Jesus because he did not accomplish these tasks

        ''we pray for all of the elements of the coming of the mashiach: ingathering of the exiles; restoration of the religious courts of justice; an end of wickedness, sin and heresy; reward to the righteous; rebuilding of Jerusalem; restoration of the line of King David; and restoration of Temple service. ''

        ''The term "mashiach" literally means "the anointed one," and refers to the ancient practice of anointing kings with oil when they took the throne. The mashiach is the one who will be anointed as king in the End of Days. ''

        Their is even mention of a one world government within the article .

        I am not Jewish, nor am I anti Jew…. so I wont speak for them, I have let (the traditionalists at least) speak for themselves above. Make of it what you will, true peace and righteous rule or falsehoods…….

      • nor does it surprise me that their is a mention of their mashiach being in the Military (strength and power) and being wealthy. At least until universal suffrage (where applicable) all history is the history of rulers and the elite, Marx believed communism was the end of history (as everyone is equal and there are no struggles, ''peace, peace'' whatever!!) why was he wrong…. because that is politics and political power not the Royal rule of kings who are allegedly given this right historically from God due to their bloodlines.

        Anyone claiming to be the meshiach would need the royal legitimacy aswell as wealth to raise an army and buy off opposition or quash them with military strength if neccesary – an all powerful world wide (human) king would put an end to the need for politics and the capitalist system (we can't buy without his mark) and therefore there would supposedly be an end of inequalities and struggles, in other words after the very human king restores the temple to full power and takes his seat… peace???

      • One more thing Les… Did you catch the cue to set off certain individuals who had been hypnotized to react when the word "bulls***" was used… They pretended to play a violin in the symphony…. Message being sent…. The world's economic, and more specifically the monetary system is b.s. and most are all being played…
        The number seven was emphasized at the beginning of this movie as well during the magic trick that Jesse Eisenberg performed… Was it a message that 7 years were left before all of this would begin to take place?… Interesting this message was sent during the beginning of the movie… And as this movie progressed more clues were granted to what would transpire… '
        In the end these four horsemen are in New York City… The economic capital of the world, and of course the city in which all of the merchants of the world will mourn over when they see the smoke of her burning… This great city representing the economic side of Babylon the great, mother of harlots…
        In the end everyone was running around like a chicken with their heads cut off to stave plot to ruin the world's economic system which is reality is nothing more than a distraction being orchestrated by Satan for more control over the lives of individuals… And Mark Ruffalo, representing Satan, played a victim, yet was orchestrating it from the get go…
        In the end Mark, or Satan revealed himself to those who sought to be a part of the "eye of horus." Thus the title of the movie "Now You See Me."
        IMHO I believe we are in for one more economic boom before the walls come tumbling down… This will be a 7 year time-frame of prosperity… Just as the great tribulation, representing a time of great turmoil, will have a 7 year time-frame as well… This seven year economic boom will be a test for the saints… Will we prepare for the spiritual war that is soon to take place during this seven year period of plenty?… Or will we be foolish virgins and allow for the pulls of the flesh to hinder our spiritual preparedness… Remember the parable of the 10 virgins within Matthew chapter 25… 5 were wise, and prepared as their lamps and vessels were filled with oil… Symbolic of being fulled with the Holy Spirit of God, and therefore able to see clearly amidst a deceived and dark world… The 5 foolish virgins were found wanting, and had quenched the Spirit of God within them… Thus their oil was about to run out when the cry went out that the Bridegroom's return was imminent…
        Will this prosperity begin this year, or next.. Again my humble opinion… Remember though that there has always been duality within the Word of God… A physical and spiritual type… The period during Joseph's time in Egypt as second in command over the affairs of this world power, and the 7 years of plenty which took place… Then there was the transition into 7 years of drought and famine…
        Will we experience the same during our day?…. Again this remains to be seen… But we do know there will be a 7 year tribulation in which there will be during this period a famine of the Word of God and a great persecution of the saints… Does it stand to reason that there would be a 7 year period of being able to prepare for this terrible time for these same saints… But in between these two periods of time, there will be a transition period… WW3 during this time frame could be carried out… Remains to be seen as I said… Biblical though…

      • The pied piper swapped his flute for a Violin,which can be heard on all planned routes.

        Route A blocked try route B oh too much traffic what about C – all leads to the same desired outcome.

        As per Mark Ruffalo's character'' its not enough to know I play, you need to as well, go on play the violin get on this carousel''.


        should be an article on this film.

      • Notice the light once the 4 characters agreed to get on the carousel?… Who is the light-bearer… Lucifer… Of course his promises ultimately lead to suffering, individuals left wanting, death, and destruction… Of course the devil never wants anyone to read the details… Just look at the short term satisfaction…

      • Agreed… Article will be forthcoming if we continue to comment on it… Thanks for your responses… Our society is definitely deceived for the most part… We live in such a Matrix… God has always provided a way out, but mankind, (not all, but most) has always chosen the wide road that leads to destruction… Listening to the one spiritual entity that hates us most, and avoiding the One True God who was willing to give His Son as a ransom for our sinful lives…
        Reminds me of some of the young women I knew in high school… The ones who were always infatuated, and were drawn to the dudes who treated them like gum on the bottom of their shoes… Sadly it is going to get worse before the true "Light of the World" shows up and ends the masquerade…

      • Secrets never belong to everyone. Whether it is Christian or antichristian ones they meant to be kept!

      • Pretty simple,Steven8.
        If we belong to the Church where God,s Word is being preached and His Deeds are being manifested then it does not belong to outsiders. It belong to those inside. Swine and pearls story is now as actual as ever.
        Same with those who are against us. However they have much more hideous reasons. We know how the will of antichrist is being promoted before he comes. Even in some churches and mega-stars-TV-evangelists-occultists. Who is with me ?

      • I agree to a certain extent to what you are saying… But the gospel must still be preached… Remember the responsibility of the watchman in Ezekiel… We must at least declare the Truth to unbelievers… If they respond in a negative fashion, well we do as Jesus instructed His apostles to do… Dust off our garments, and go on…
        We certainly understand that in this age we live in most love their sins.. Very few will actually repent according to the will of God… But we must declare repentance is necessary through Messiah so they have no excuse as to their reaction…
        I agree with your assessment concerning the false prophets… Christ Jesus said there would be many of them… Just as it was during the time of old Israel, the prophets of Baal outnumbered the true prophets of God by quite a bit… So the same applies in our day…
        Satan's influence is rampant within this world… So it is imperative that the saints of God remain "wise as serpents, yet gentle as doves."
        God bless hvns, and thank you for the clarification…

    • Also Steven8, the "eye of horus" or third eye is activated through the chakras from the base of the spine known as the sacral perianal which is a gland located in the anus. It is known as "The Key to the Kingdom". In essence, the third eye is opened through sodomy!

  31. Interesting article.

    I'm not trying to be rude, but there are number of typos.

    Just a friendly heads up, please keep up the great work.

  32. Check out Jay Weidner for further explorations into Kubrick's genius and his collaborations with the global elite.

  33. Have you heard about the "LAST BULB ON THE TREE" ritual, VC? Arizona Wilder mentions it in her interviews. I don't know if it's true, but some people suspect that this is what happened to JonBenet. The ritual involves the children of the elite and the last child to place a bulb on the tree is sacrificed. The only reason it pertains to this articles is because of all the lights in the movie reminded me of it. And no it has nothing to do with Christmas. Everyone knows that the "Christmas tree" was a pagan evolution. The bulbs represent Horus and the star Isis (or Ishtar). I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this ritual and knows anything about it.

    • Kubrik also started directing A.I. the movie about the android boy. After he died Spielberg finished it. There was something interesting/creepy about the subject matter of a little boy who was a programmed robot that could be purchased by adults…I think Kubrik had a lot more to reveal if he had lived.

      • Yeah… Kubrick is an interesting guy.. and most likely trying to expose the truth. Hope VC makes an article about this guy..

    • " Everyone knows that the "Christmas tree" was a pagan evolution." – LOL that's what the Witnesses have taught you? 😛

      • No, that's what the pagans taught me! I was a pagan. This is common knowledge.

      • Did you know that the Bible actually mentions Christmas trees? Jeremiah 10:3-4: "For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not."

      • Yes, summergirl, those verses refer to the worshippers of Ashtoreth and the making of the asherah poles! I.E….pagans!

      • No your not taking it out of context. Your right to mention this Summergirl. A Christmas tree is actually an obelisk. If you research what an obelisk is Mandy then you'd know what your talking about.

    • Don't forget the north star that the 3 magi kings followed to find the new born christ. The Bethlehem Star, the "christmas star on top of the tree" – yeah, Ishtar very well represented. Pagan at it's higher form!

      • Yes! The magi were magicians or magus known as the high priests. I'm gonna leave that one alone for now LOL!

      • You better be on your guard. Magi did not not belong to real occult or magic circles.Why would God allow them to worship and give to newborn Jesus?The very word magi refers to wise men in Zoroastrism what is the deep mystery by itself.It was the one and only religion besides the Abrahamic ones that had a clear notion about real spiritual world.They had God (ahuramazda i think) His Messiah His angels and on other end satan his demons.This religion even had understanding about spiritual warfare.
        Do not mix things up. If would not believe me check why Isaiah say in such a high terms about Cyrus the Great who was a Zoroastrian by origin.For me it sounds like God partially revealed Himself and His Will not only to chosen people of Old Testament but all those who seek…

      • I'm suspicious of everyone since I've been deceived before! I'm like the X-Files motto TRUST NO ONE!

      • exactly, love everyone because that's the right thing to do but don't trust them.. humans are not to be trusted as they receive too many demonic influences and they are weak spirits….. all the strong ones are rare and maybe saints. That's how rare they are.

      • Sorry Andrew, i kindly have to disagree with you. The spirituality in humanity is strong, the strong spirited ones are us, my friend. We're not rare, we have all the knowledge within. Why do you think they want us to think that we're weak and powerless? Always foisting fear into our hearts? Why? The godhood is inside, not outside. It's a complex domination system, bro. An efficient control method of the masses. Think about it.


      • It doesn't bother me what they want us to think and certainly I'm not influenced by their opinions regarding the state of our weaknesses. I would not take seriously people who make sacrifices of human/animal flesh and do on. As as observant who has been around significant time I can tell the majority of the populace is spiritually very weak. They always want something which they have to get it no matter what and without consideration of the means they will achieve it. It's quite tiresome. I'm telling you there are rarely any people around especially in our times who are not interested in all that. The last century must have produced mostly humans with the least ideals. Art, music, culture, literature, fashion, literally everything has deteriorated. Another indication that our time is the beginning of the end of this life.

      • Agreed… Many are called, but few are chosen… Our need to the rely upon the Spirit of the Living God is paramount as we near the end of this perilous age…

  34. This Star of Ishtar symbol is seen here on Fort Sill at the Family Readiness Center. The center is to promote spiritual values and provide counseling to soldiers and family. The problem is that the centers have to cater to everyone's spirituality, but has the pagan star of Ishtar as its symbol! And the motto on the sign is Mind, Body, Spirit (very New Age). I will take a picture later and post it on VC's facebook. The bank here on post also has a roof with pyramid and capstone. There is a statue downtown of Artemis of Ephesians (complete with all the boobs) right next to the masonic lodge!

  35. The promotional image for the movie (Nicole and Tom close-up) also resembles the all seeing eye of providence over the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. It is also reminiscent of the clockwork orange promo image.

  36. Interesting also that the 25th of December
    Is the birthday of Ishtar. Christmas is a pagan
    Festival. There is nothing religious about it!!

      • 25th of December is the birht of sun, Jesus birth is on summer because the Bible says that pastors were coming at night to graze their sheep (in winter you don't come at night) and the Quran says that Mary hit a palm tree and ripe dates fell (dates are ripe on summer) when she was going to give birth.
        The 25th was chose as the day of the birth in the first concel of Nicea when christianity was currupted by Rome.

    • ErrorsofRussia on

      The early Church worked to inculturate its symbols and beliefs in a pagan Roman culture and it wisely chose to supplant pagan festivals with Christian feast days. This became especially relevant as legions of Gentiles, Jews, and Romans converted to Christianity.

      Christmas may fall on the same date as Ishtar's birthday, but it is indeed meant to commemorate the birth of the Christ Child and the religion he founded, so it very much IS about Christianity.

      Ironically, as the modern world has lost faith and even the elect become deceived, the dark forces of the Illuminati that include all of the evil, pre-Christian pagan and cabbalistic error have infiltrated the Church and society have been subtly but steadily corrupting the once Christian West into utter depravity.

      The 'Lady Clothed with the Sun' will ultimately crush the head of the Serpent and the world will be purified and renewed as never seen before, but not before much suffering and bloodshed.

      • Lady Clothed with the Sun,
        Have you had any idea about lady clothed in sun and her offspring?
        What the whole story mean? Rev. 12:1-6.

      • Adopting ways of the heathen or those who practice paganism is not what God had in mind for believers in His Son Jesus Christ… It would be like someone deciding to take your date of birth, and celebrating it on Hitler's or Stalin's date of birth… Yet concealing the truth about it… Satan is very crafty, and has managed to change quite a few things about how our Creator wants us to worship Him, and these traditions have managed to be adopted from one generation to the next… Only a few, compared to the masses, have actually studied into it and come out of her… Her being Babylon, and the confusion she has brought into the world…

      • The Lady Clothed with the Sun who crushes the head of the serpent is a reference to the Ophitic Creation Myth of Europa.

      • ErrorsofRussia on

        No it's not at all. It is the fulfillment of many Christian prophecies about the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to crush S*tan in the End times. Look it up.

      • HMMM….
        No. It is a reference how in 7 years of constant prosecutions Remnant of Israel will accept their Lord Jesus the promised Messiah. That is why she gives birth to male child Who is to rule all nations The Child is being ascended onto heaven and woman is to be kept in the desert. This will be time of birth pangs struggle testing threats and great supernatural power of God Who will preserve Remnant of Israel for kingdom to come.

      • Did you jus called the west once christian? The same west in which the natives had their own belief system till the europeans came and killed a majority of them and took they land and then brought black slaves over and told them this is god's design ? You're talking about that west right

      • I have read an article that says no one knows exactly when jesus was born which i find highly interesting

    • Jesus was born end of summer or September. Yes you are right, but I'm confused.. I thought Nimrod the Babylonian king was born December 25. Does Ishtar represent Nimrod?

  37. I remember seeing this movie when I was 14 – I'm 28 now. I remember the trailers not being too descriptive about the subject of the movie, just random scenes flashing. I also remember that it was a big deal, since it was Kubrick's last film (I knew he had directed "The Shining" at the time, but was not really familiar with him). I had NO idea what I was watching and the ritualistic elements of the film were completely bewildering. Now that I have some knowledge about the elite and their agenda, I think I would understand the film a lot better now if I were to see it again, which I now plan to do. It's eerie how this film shows such a detailed portrait of the elite and their "inner world".

    • He also directed and or produced 2001: Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Spartacus, Lolita, Dr. Strangelove and Full metal Jacket. All very telling movies concerning to mind control in particular and in the case of Lolita sex kittens.

  38. I saw this movie the first time two years ago, when i was 18 but i never got it completely. thanks for this article, i can't wait for the second part. After been reading both of them, i'm gonna watch the movie again.. and finally see everything clear 😉

  39. the music during the dark ritual is subliminal, in reverse of the song we can hear a ritual specific to ortodoxe religion and the lyrics of the song are in romanian language , a passage of prayer to God for the peace, iluminate and healf of our soul! to see the words in half of video ( sorry for my very bad english)

    • yeah the song sounds hellish, i also looked that song up to, it struck a cord inwardly as something excruciatingly wrong.

  40. I remember going to see it in the theater when I was about 18. I thought, "This movie is WEIRD and ABOUT SOMETHING, but I am not in on what the metaphors are." It was maddening to watch, not to mention creepy.

    This movie was super laden in Illuminati symbolism, and since Kubrick was rumored to be heavily involved in things like the filmed moon landing and other propaganda, I have heard some speculate his death during the post production of was also symbolic. The elimination of a tool after their greatest masturbatory achievement.

    • i agree, kubrick had to have had some type of involvement with these people to be this meticulous with information would seemingly have to come from experience and not second hand knowledge. Also, for kubrick to be involved with the moon landing cover up, which is information that i also derived, he would have had to be a proved accomplice back in the 60's which would speak of his track record being proven through out the early 60's and into the 50's. unless hes in a bloodline.

      • I agree as well! People seem to have forgotten, or been distracted by Kubrick's "brilliance", some of the essential facts.

        For example, it's not mentioned on here but this film has the current longest filming period – nothing that the Actors and Actresses went through was staged either, so by making the film entirely with real-life people instead of another form means that by undergoing this project, they did all of these disturbing intimate scenes for real; and Kubrick was allowed to film a masonic "temple" – I shudder to think what could have gone on there and how he got hold of the track.

        Kubrick had been writing and directing screenplays for years before Eyes Wide Shut and the Illuminati allowed this? If the illuminati truly saw him as a threat then wouldn't they sink his career a lot earlier? Unless, in attempts to expose the truth, he was inadvertently desensitizing the majority of those who watched his films.

        And then there's the fact that all of these Actors and Actresses would be closely monitored and controlled… I doubt that they could have slipped away to do such a large project without their "handlers"' permission. Whose to say that they didn't use the film as a cover-up for such horrific practices e.g. prostitution whilst airing the film overall as a form of material designed to desensitize the public? I doubt many people would have recognized the "hidden message" in Eyes Wide Shut, especially with the reviews designed to steer people's thoughts towards a turbulent marriage… further emphasised by the real-life split between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

        Others could disagree and say that, as they would most likely already be involved in these practices, repeating them for a more humane? cause, would justify the actions of Kubrick as a film that was told in two different forms would never get anywhere past the studio… anyway that's my "two cents worth", what does anyone else think?

    • Kubrick liked to tweak all of his pictures, like Da Vinci. The fact that he died before the movie's release means they'll never me a Director's Cut. The movie is about the fact that our lives have a superficial public appearance, and a more gritty "director's cut", hidden in plain sight. It's symbolic that the creator of this film died when he did because he won't be able to revise any of it later. Perhaps the unpolished nature of this picture is somewhat reflective of that. But perhaps it was just a bizarre cosmic synchronicity that he died when he did though.

  41. Another great article. This movie has always interested me from the first time I saw it, I knew that there had to be something more behind it.

  42. fleurdamour on

    PS – The Ishtar cross represents the Wheel of the Year, the 8 stations of the sun in the Equinoxes, Solstices, and Midpoints. The "eye" symbol in the center of concentric circles represents the sun itself, and is similar to the Target Store logo.

  43. Great article. I remember thinking this film was quite special when I first watched it as if it was talking to me personally. This is way before I thought about the elite, symbolism and mind control.

    I would love to find out more the deleted scene. Apparently it wasn't about the mass ritual/orgy in the country house but instead went deeper into Alice's visions/dreams. Her vision that she did talk about seemed to be more like a possession/mind control.. Maybe that was why Bill went on the adventure to look for a real human companion but realised it was everywhere!

  44. Fascinating analysis of an under-rated movie.
    Still, I don't agree with the "end of the rainbow " comment about the models. VC says it's representing the elite altered reality. I don't think this is realistic. The girls are obviously high and on the make at the party. The end of the rainbow to them is the pot of gold ; essentially a match with a rich guy who can offer them an extravagant lifestyle. They want to sell their bodies and souls for material gain through Dr. Bill's network of eligible patients. They've gold-diggers !

    • I think "gold diggers" is an unjust term for women who have been under MK-Ultra since they were in the womb. Tortured and their minds destroyed and reprogrammed to be literally sold into sexual slavery and mindless obedience.

      • We're talking about a fictitious movie here, so your analysis is different to mine and the assumption that the female characters have been under mind control is your interpretation. Not mine. Remember that VC did not write Kubricks screenplay and my personal view may well accord with the original writer. That is a possibility. Pots of gold do exist at the end of rainbows in mythical tales.. And "gold diggers" do exist in a material society. But I respect your view. Please do the same with mine.

      • Read what Fritz Springmeier has to say about going over the rainbow in his book "deeper insights."

    • DoorsofPerception on

      Wow, I like this summation – it's almost ironic and at the same time as being very simple. At the end of the rainbow, we have been lead to believe, is indeed a pot of gold.
      I mostly like it as when this is said, Dr. Bill ponders on the notion for a moment before he is almost immediately called away out of the "rainbow world" and to the "end of the rainbow" where Ziegler is an a huge bathroom trimmed with gold. Here we find Ziegler (the man in possession of the gold) with a half-dead woman who we learn is a prostitute, most likely under some kind of mind control (not unlike the models that Dr. Bill had just been conversing), hence the reference to drugs and her altered state.
      To me, it immediately springs to mind the idea that despite the fact that these women desire desperately to get to the end of the rainbow (to the gold) but once they get there they are as good as dead as said by Dr. Bill "It's only a matter of time". It's sort of like a forbidden cursed object that when touched by the unworthy will spell their doom.

  45. Vc read my mind, just saw this the other day and its loaded with symbolism. Was wondering when i would see it here, well done vc

  46. I always thought it was interesting that Frank Ocean of Odd Future chose to include sound bites from this movie and references to it in his video and on his album. Especially Love Crimes and Novacane. This is no coincidence. Frank understood what the movie was about and calls it one of his favorites

    • Frank is hooked into the scene. Of course hed give shout outs to crap loaded with all this symbolism. He also walks around with shirts with pyramids on them and gets all buddy buddy with Jay Z.

  47. Let me say this…. its allready written for alot of whats happening in the world to happen… allthough we dont know exactly when the world will end and are saviour jesus will come to get us.. there isnt too much we can do against these elite pieces of shit… but are father god can and will save us and punish them… sometimes we cant save our selves… thats why our father god is there for us. We couldnt save our selves and god helped us by giving his son jesus to wash away our sins so one day… barring how good and if you truly accept jesus christ existing as your saviour of your soul.. we can be with god and jesus in their kingdom.. so like I said some things are not in our hands

  48. So i was reading about Stanley Kubrick and this film and these are quotes from Wikipedia…


    " Although Kubrick was almost seventy years of age, he worked relentlessly for 15 months in order to get the film out by its planned release date of July 16, 1999. He worked 18 hours a day, all the while maintaining complete confidentiality about the film…. Kubrick sent an unfinished preview copy to the stars and producers a few months before release, but his sudden death on March 7, 1999 came a few days after he finished editing. He never saw the final version released to the public….
    Film critic Michel Ciment believes that "he literally worked himself to death," trying to complete the film to his liking. "

    It's really interesting how he dies a couple of days later after he finished editing it… According to Wikipedia, "On March 7, 1999, four days after screening a final cut of Eyes Wide Shut for his family and the stars, Kubrick died in his sleep of natural causes at the age of 70. His funeral was held on March 12 at his home estate with only close friends and family in attendance, totaling approximately 100 people. The media was kept a mile away outside the entrance gate. "

    I really hope that Vigilant Citizen Makes a article about him… He's a guy I think we should know more about..

    According to a website "Stanley Kubrick was an accomplished, renown, film director of American birth. His films were widely received and known for their innovative cinematography, creativity and ingenuity. The subjects of his films were diverse and infused with cleverly infused messages directed to his audiences for informational edifications."


    This website i posted above ^^^ talks more about his death and Hollywood… Please VC make an article about Stanley Kubrck. Thanks!

    • Maybe he was working so long and hard because he knew something was going to happen? Anyway he was an absolutely brilliant director who obviously was 'in the know' and risked his life to share the truth. Remember for all who read this he also did "A Clockwork Orange" another interesting film about a different kind of mind control. A film that I have been planning to re watch after many years. Maybe VC (or somebody) should do an article about that movie (unless he already did).

  49. Anyone reads Naruto here? There are one eyed guys with the dozen there. 666 signs on the eyes of many important characters. The titular Naruto character gets an inverted 666 sign as well after he finally befriends the demon fox who inhabits his body since the start of the series. Other thing is that it's very likely that all the countries in that universe will get unified.

    Well, other things that are conspiracy fuel are: the main villains want to make all humans enter in a matrix-like illusion where everyone gets to be happy, and by the way the plan involves using the moon as a big eye hypnosis thing by making it resemble the big brother eye. By the way all this big bad main villains have a thing with the eyes as well: one always hides one of his eyes, and the other misses one of his original eyes, and later gets possessed by a demon who also has one eye lol. It's one eye land there.

    • Good observation Dymoon. Have you heard of the Singularity by Ray Kurzweil. Roland Emmerich made a movie about it. It is basically the same concept as the Matrix… a virtual reality where everyone is plugged in and your memories can be stored. Roland Emmerich by the way produced the films Independence Day, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, 10000 BC, Stargate, and the new movie White House Down. I could spend hours on the occult symbolism and predictive programming of those movies. Emmerich is German, gay and from a wealthy family (3 strikes!). But he produced the Singularity about Ray Kurzweil. Also you might want to read "Brave New World" by Huxley. Also watch a little known film called "The Apple". Drugged, happy, plugged in, controlled! That is what they want. The Matrix movie is a gnostic themed movie as well. Do you want to be free or do you want to be happy? Also Yugi-oh contains a great deal of occult symbolism.

      • i agree with dymoon and christina; you know the old saying "ignorance is bliss" or more candidly, ignorance is happiness. As far as the one eye theme in these occultic movies, its very interesting that the cyclops in the odyssey (i think it was) had one eye. the cyclops were giants which would have made them nephilim/rephaim. the one eyed theme is important because the Bible speaks of the anti-christ having his right eye blackened or missing and right arm wounded (which i believe is why the mark of beast will have to be on right hand or forehead directly identifying those who receive it with the the anti christ not only is it his control, his technology by implanting chips, but also resemblance of his wounds or pseudo-stigmata) its a precursor to identifying with the anti christ or a pre-mark of the beast. the right eye missing.

      • The Bible does not say that. Bible version of antichrist is much more profound than tales about one eyed hand wounded.

      • Hi, friend, I think jonathan1 is referring to Zechariah 11:17:

        "Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened"

      • Oh no !
        This is a shepherd. King or high priest or whatever leader of the nation. He refers to Islam-they describe antichrist as one-eyed guy…

  50. Orr My Goh! Thanks VC! Im soo glad you did an article on "Eyes Wide Shut" (which majority of the masses have im afraid to say) Like you also said VC yourself, even with me, I watched this film many years ago and didn't know what the hell is what about tbh, but I watch it now and the amount of symbolism and underlying themes which are hidden in this movie are astounding. Kubrick is showing us subliminally of how the "Elite" function in the film but you have to understand the symbols and coded references to understand the film as a whole and what its REALLY about.

    Stanley Kubrick presented this film to warner Bros indeed but they wanted him to take a part out of the film (which I think was part of the "Sex Ritual" Scene), but I don't think he did and he died 4/5 days after that – mysterious or what…….. The orgy scene was filmed in Elvedon Hall,Suffolk and Mentmore Towers which is actually one of the Rothschild Mansions. Stanley Kubrick was also Jewish (surprise, surprise) also named of the Best Film Directors of all time, his film Clockwork Orange also is full of Occult symbolism and subliminal messages………….Can't wait for Part 2, Keeeep 'em coming man.

  51. The orgy scene was filmed in Mentmore Towers which is actually one of the Rothschild Mansions…………..Can't wait for Part 2, Keeeep 'em coming man.

  52. Great article… vc everywhere I look know in the world im very cautious of ppl n symbolism… smoke and mirrors.. what some see as oh look tom and nicole made a trendy cool new movie.. others like us see a secret hidden sign trying to tell us something… ill bet kubrick was murdered. Gave to much info… but the elite proly thought were stupid and wouldnt truly get the meaning of the movie… but what they dont get is we're the children of the most high and we are very capable of understanding… they are infact the idiots. I wonder if the rainbows around tom also might have to do with him being gay possibly.. and im being serious about that.. was it also another way to geniously tell the world that he is without just actauly saying it .. how hypcrite of tom cruise to be in a movie about what hes apart of… shows how smart these ppl really are.

  53. I found the satanic ritual scene quite disturbing! I can't get the unwanted, intrusive thoughts out of my head.

    • youre not alone, it bother me for days…..i had to pray about it. it was tooo real. and the hellish music i commented on in another comment above. it was romanian and i think backwards. romainian is used as evil language..i think its mixed with ancient latin. typically profound satanics use these old languages. very very disturbing. sn: wasnt vlad the impaler romainian???

  54. Kubrick may have had a "mysterious death" but whatever he could reveal is still good enough to explain the darker side of the industry and their meer common fantasy which is false based on "where the rainbow ends"

    Wonderful work VC,this article just gives me more insight on how Kubrick, a probable whistleblower is trying to tell us whats really going on behind the fame, fortune, and glamour.

    Looking forward to the next article since you're really taking us "somewhere over the rainbow" with symbolic truth, and good on you for going back to this film and re-analyzing it.

    • Whistleblower? Pheh. Tool of the bloodlines, if not an actual part of the bloodline. I wouldn't even call it controlled opposition. He made films for them to get off to.

    • I think he died of a heart attack. He was in his 70s. But then again people can be given a certain drug to induce a heart attack. I can't think of the name of it OTTOMH. But it's just speculation.

      • OTTOMH? Really? You couldn't just write 'off the top of my head'? It's not that time consuming …

  55. Thanks for articles like this VC. This is one of my favorite films of all time and I've seen it dozens of times. You should look into the whole conspiracy of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Supposedly it was a favor for Kubrick, so he could make his magnum opus, but only if he helped the elite shoot the moon landings. Also, this was supposedly the meaning behind the Shining. Look into Rob Ager's analysis of The Shining on youtube too. He has had access to the Kubrick Archives and thinks the film is about the creation of the Federal Reserve.

  56. As Stanley Kubrick's last movie, (outside of A.I – showing the coming new world order/fallen angel saga, which he didn't get to finish), it is an extraordinary message filled movie, as is all of Kubrick's films, quite frankly. Another great analysis is on Kubrick's film the Shining. Once you look at it, and in retrospective – the transformative, 2001, you will have a complete and total different understanding about the dark secret of the Apollo space program and the destiny of America.

    Stanley Kubrick Shining Code 2.0

    Moon Landing Exposed

  57. You should all check out a documentary called “Kubrick’s Odyssey: Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick; Part One: Kubrick and Apollo (2011)”.

    • Kubrick's Odyssey 3: Kubrick The Magician coming soon, breaking down Eyes Wide Shut and A.I. can't wait!!!!

  58. I emailed the Vigilant Team a out doing a indepth synopsis of this movie. They heard me!!!!!!!! GreAT review guys

  59. I saw this when it came out and I remember being struck by thinking Kubrick was stuck in a time warp. It seems to be set contemporary to the late 90s when it was made but it looks very seventies, from the wardrobe styling to the cinematography. Which isn't a bad thing to my aesthetics but it seems weird. The Christmas lights add to that. They give the sets a sense of being not normal, either, like they're in fairyland or something. They might be symbolic of illumination. It's a VERY weird movie. And I remember thinking Bill and Alice were both *ssholes. It was kind of enjoyable seeing them taken down a notch.

    • I just realized – I think the "Christmas" trees are actually symbolic of the cabalistic Sephirot, the esoteric Tree of Life also symbolized by a tree of colored lights.

    • Even though the primary shooting of the film was 1996-1998 (post production 1998-1999), it is very possible that many scenes were actually shot in the early 80's. Eleveden Hall, where the ritual circle scene was shot, became available for filming in 1984.

    • The sociopathic elite don't want to bring anymore attention to Stanley Kubrick than necessary. In his last film he was attempting to 'remove the veil' so to speak. The sociopathic elite are well on their collective way to dragging an unsuspecting humanity into a future dystopian like existence, where they rule with absolute authority and cannot be questioned. Much of the population is being eradicated like unwanted rodents by any means necessary so that the remaining society will be more easily controlled and preyed upon by these criminals who hide behind wealth, which is mostly the 'stolen' natural resouces of the indegenous populations of the earth. Keep in mind that whatever fame that has been given can also be taken away. The media is owned or is delegated to by these same criminals who remain untouched because of their secret loyalty of 'The Brotherhood' that Law enforcement and Judges have for these hidden societies and their true sinister objectives. Kubrick knew what he was doing, he knew that the 'puppet masters' would decipher what he was up to and that his life might be in danger depending on what he revealed. Maybe Kubrick was brought into this 'society' during his Hollywood success and maybe just maybe, Kubrick wasn't really down with the 'futurists' agenda and rebelled in a way that only he could, hoping that the masses would receive his messages, or At least begin to think for themselves. When I was film school, Kubrick was my favorite and part of the reason I entered initially and through my interaction with the higher ups, Kubrick could've provided much more info into the habits and thoughts of the sociopathic elite. For his creative genius as well as for his last film, I simply want to say thank you Mr. Kubrick and yes, we know you were murdered.

  60. Three things:
    The cover/poster. It's like Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange… The pyramid with the all-seeing eye on top.
    The merovingian Fleur-De-Lis on the walls in Marion and Carl's appartment (in the bedroom of her dead father).
    The Forget-me-not flower pin on Sandor Szavost's jacket. Wikipedia says how freemasons persecuted by Hitler wears it as a commemoration.

    Most importantly, the SOLUTION to the mystery:
    The Party and the House.
    In the end Bill asks Ziegler: "Was she the woman at the party?" but apparently means to say "the house"…
    much to the satanic Ziegler's frustration. Hahaha!

    Best movie ever made.

    They are in Milton Keynes, an occult art place in England.

    • I really enjoyed that article! I posted it on my twitter page, marissamacabre.

      Also, did you notice that this excerpt also rings true for Scientology (Tom Cruise's zealous religion) ?: "The child is told they are special and are one of the chosen ones, and they are told that the new world order is to help save humanity from its’ own ignorance and stupidity. These of course, are lies. They learn the truth when they are much older, but by then, the programming is laid in so thick that they feel powerless to do anything but obey the orders as they are received."

    • Thank you for sharing that link. That man deserves a lot of praise for his writings and his works….but the fact that he has been largely ignored (and is now dead) begs the question – "WHO IS LISTENING?!?!?!" The man spent YEARS of his life writing and speaking on these subjects, no one knows his name, and now hes dead. Where is the point in any of this? WE ARE GETTING NOWHERE!

  62. Robert Newton on

    Excellent review VC. When I watched this movie back in 1999, it immediately brought to mind Roman Polanski's "Rosemary's Baby" (1968) and "The Believers" (Martin Sheen 1987). I thought at the time that Sharon Tate's brutal murder by the Manson gang was tied in with Polanski's revealing of satanic practice. Tate was Polanski's wife and was carrying his child when the killing happened in 1969. Polanski's misfortunes since then are well known. Kubrick's death soon after the finishing of "Eyes" also struck me as a little odd. Seeing the movie made sense of his death. No matter if you consider satanic practice to be a bunch of bunk – the important thing to remember is that its adherents believe it. These are serious f***ing Dudes – and they are the princes of this world. That's what makes them dangerous.

  63. Thanks again for taking our perception in this illusionary realm and smashing it to pieces. Stanley Kubrick was simply the greatest director on his work alone and yet , when you dig deeper into his personal state of mind, that's when his story is told. He signed the devils contract to create the false moon landings and was promised to make his movies in return. So he knows first hand how they operate.
    Does anyone else think that Judy Garlands "Somewhere over the rainbow" Song is really creepy ?. Well i suppose it was from one the first MK movies made.
    Your work is so great that if i knew your name you would have made it onto to our legends dream team.

  64. I was wondering, what is the significance of Dr. Bill fingering his wedding ring, and the model to his right prominently displaying hers? Her left hand is just enough through his arm to highlight her wedding ring, while the other model holds her hands together showing she is not wearing one.

  65. I was never interested in watching this movie so never watched it. I'll definitely watch it after part two. Conclude it quickly, please VC.

    • Watch it now so you have some of your own thoughts left intact before viewing it wholly through someone elses filter. It was much more unsettling to watch it in the theater knowing nothing about anything.

  66. Its said that the best books r in d grave…that guy had much more to tell the world buh he messed with di wrong grp ….that that has worshipped the beast and it has given them power…they can kill anyone antime without fear#ask vybz kartel

  67. Excellent analysis VC as usual. Such an important film this in my opinion, thanks for posting. Looking forward to the next part.

  68. Stanley Kubrick was a visual and filmmaking genius. I will debate anyone who says otherwise. There are so many symbols and messages in Eye Wide Shut, that I think Kubrick was making a statement about society. Just look at the title.

  69. earthenergyreader on

    Fantastic analysis VC!
    This adds a whole new meaning to Judy Garland's song in "The Wizard of Oz", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"…
    I'm convinced Kubrick deliberately planted symbols within the movie to wake people up even on a subconscious level.

  70. I was wondering when you'd get around to "Eyes Wide Shut", and was quite surprised you hadn't touched on it sooner. I've always loved this movie right from the start, and your summary so far is pretty accurate. The way Alice 'loses it', as you described, is of great significance, and is emphasized by the camerawork used in that scene. From cut to cut between them shots had been steady, smooth, at a distance. When she bursts into laughter and begins to collapse, the shot gets close, shaky, unstable… expressing the sudden lapse in the facade of her personality. It becomes clear in this moment, more so as she begins to try and explain herself, that Bill doesn't know his wife at all beyond the superficial level. Her severe breakdown is one he immediately writes off as 'the pot talking', only for her following monologue to crush that notion, and haunt him for the rest of the film.

    Bill's life is full of delusions, and he's constantly lying to himself in the early portions of the film. In the bathroom, he's willfully ignorant to what he should know immediately to be a highly exploitative relationship. He's not imposing this ignorance for the sake of his wealthy friend or the girl either… he's maintaining his own delusion, going so far as to ironically warn the girl against the lifestyle she's leading, when a simple logical assessment of the situation would make it clear to him his wealthy friend has drugged and had sex with this girl. Its easier not to think about it, and so he takes that route. His naive preconceptions persist throughout the first half of the film, but promptly start falling apart in the wake of the 'ritual', everything he once overlooked taking on a new and horrific significance as he sees it for what it is.

    I'm glad you pointed out the use of christmas lights, when they're present and when they're absent. Throughout the movie Christmas lights glare garish and tacky from the background, and Santa-clause in his red suit abounds on walls in drawings and Christmas cards. It seems oppressive and tacky, this effect made most potent at Rainbow fashions, where the christmas lights form a literal cage. Perspective is also manipulated to make all the halls and streets seem narrow, much like Bill's perspective, right up until the wide open spaces of the ritual hall. Christmas itself is the tacky cage of the masses, the false face of the Holiday, whereas the Ritual Bill attends holds real scope and perspective, its red-suited figurehead real power.

    I look forward to future installments!

  71. Question: Have you paused the movie and taken a look at the newspaper he's reading when he sees the article which leads him to the Morgue? There are some very strange line-repeats in the pertinent article itself (which are perhaps what drew the characters attention too it) and the content of the surrounding articles is highly strange. The pertinent article itself though touches on the banality of celebrity culture as well, when read.

    • Plus, it says that the fashion tycoon that likes Amanda the most is called Leon Vitali.
      The real name of the actor playing Red Coak is Leon Vitali. (End credits.)

  72. Kubrick was a library on legs and a titan in the movie industry. He was so brilliant and undoubtedly untouchable in every aspect of film-making that the studio system pretty much let him do whatever he pleased. I think he may have to stepped a little too far into the deep end on Eyes Wide Shut…apparently the material that was cut before the final version was heavily Monarch-based.

    Here's a great interview about Kubrick and Eyes Wide Shut.

    I recommend you listen to the whole thing but if you're in a rush, skip to the 17 minute mark.

  73. I've always felt the same way about "Eyes Wide Shut" but this article really nails it down. What a great job. I can't wait for part 2 then I'm going to watch the movie again.

    What about the movie "Taxi Driver?" Is Travis a hypnotised assassin? Was his target Palentine? Is Jodie Foster's character a victim of MK Ultra Project Monarch? Check out the butterflies on her shirt in the diner scene and in print format hanging in back of her table.

    Is Travis formerly a Marine special forces turned one celled assassin team who turns into being a "broken arrow" and instead of going after his initial target, gets side tracked to kill the Project Monach handlers i.e. Harvel Kaitel's character. . .the pimp?

    Is Travis' handler the black cab driver who gives Travis the "shooting with his hands (pretend gun) sign at the diner right before Travis goes into commando mode?

    I'd love your take on this.

  74. This is so strange…I commented yesterday but apparently my comment didn't make it.

    I said that I got the Stanley Kubrick box set for Christmas last year and enjoyed watching this film as an adult now that I've been taught by VC about all of these issues. I was literally pointing out the symbolism to my husband and did some research on the film. It makes you wonder how much life and art really imitated each other, especially the demise of Tom & Nicole's marriage shortly thereafter.

    I also requested that VC does an article on A Clockwork Orange.


  75. Such a great article. I'm excited for the rest. I'm really glad you decided to write on this. I knew EWS had occult meanings, but I didn't know how deep it really went. Thanks VC! Keep it up!

  76. It's important to point out the connection with 'Iris' the goddess of rainbows and the film 'Eyes wide shut'.
    Iris? Eyes?

  77. I'm so excited about this article! I watched it years before I ever came to this site out of curiosity and didn't even consider whether I liked it or not. All I could think/feel was, "what was that even about and why do if fell like I just watched it happen in real life?". The feeling stuck with me for days and I kept trying to find info about the movie, but nothing I found satisfied the question my gut kept asking.

  78. I'm surprised that there's been no mention, either in the article itself or the comments, of the fact that the movie we're seeing is an edited version of what Kubrick intended.

    It's true that Kubrick showed the finished version of the movie to the producers and studio moguls a few days before he died. But the movie that was subsequently released was significantly edited. A possible scenario here is that Kubrick went "too far" in exposing the satanic underworld of the Ruling Class, so the decision was made to silence him forever and to cover the assassination by releasing the movie minus the most damning parts.

    • The screenplay from 1996 doesn't include anything more than what's already there in finished product.
      Could have been edited down too. But still, wouldn't anybody remember filming it, and said something? Or are they all been threatened? It's plausible.
      Anyway, the 1996 draft of the script did include voice overs and more importantly, the mention of money by Nightingale to Bill: "These people are dangerous. They don't care about money."
      That was left out. Could have been by Kubrick, because my whole argument I guess is that the movie really doesn't need more exposition or explanation or showing more stuff. It's plenty, lots of subliminals for emotions and subconsciousness etc. It's a whole math project done perfectly, kind of. If you know what I mean. Come on, he bought the rights to film the book Traumnovelle (trauma? It translates from german to "Dream Novel) in the '60s. He probably knew this would be his final movie all along.
      I guess it kind of feels sometimes that the ones crying the most for lost footage are the ones not really getting it…? Advice: Watch it more times. It just becomes better and better, and you realize the real-life implications of the points the movie is making are vast.

      • That money line is significant to me. Money is an issue only to the lower classes – it is a tool much like religion to keep us subservient and in place. Something else to worship and strive towards. I try to explain that to people and they don't want to understand it.

      • OK, how are we supposed to function without money and/or religion (in general)? Please, do tell, oh the wise one! (if this is about "Project Venus" type nonsense, disregard)

      • Something else to worship? Like what? I bet you anything (eve money, haha) you won't come up with squat even marginally better or different from what the Human Civilization has to offer already. Perhaps, that's why no one would listen to your 'splainin? Next.

      • DoorsofPerception on

        It's not the words that are important to Kubrick and he has said that in interviews. What is important is what is SEEN. The visuals have always meant more to Kubrick than anything else.

  79. SO excited to finally see VC cover this intriguing film that i haven't even read Part 1 yet and had to post–

    lots of curious stuff surrounds the Kubrick legacy for those interested, and independent of cinophile pursuits, dig deeper…

    • just finished Part 1 (saved for closer examination)

      although there are arguable explanations of what can be very detailed bits in this film, as with all Kubrick works, i believe VC does a great job at higlighting and not overwhelming with the relevant themes. this is especially important for those who haven't been exposed to (by choice or otherwise) many aspects of these themes, whether they be historical, religious, artistic, cultural, or conspiracy based.

      it is easy to go down the rabbit hole (so to speak) and lose your frame of reference when analyzing a piece, thereby dissolving the truth of what you were originally trying to elucidate or interpret. and when the stakes are as high as they seem in these modern times of overwhelming media, this clarity is a necessity.

      thanks, VC, for processing this timely work for everyone. i look forward to Part 2… and 3?

      [finally, i always found EWS, Vanilla Sky, and the now the recent Oblivion to be fascinating choices for a Scientologist… (Tom Cruise) no firm conclusions available, as yet.]

    • see comment 2 paces above from MD Vendetta, but thanks for including the wiki link for those unfamiliar. : )

  80. The Christmas lights represent Ishtar or Ashteroth. The Blinking lights on a christmas tree represent the candles they used to worship Ishtar. The evergreen tree represented her as well.

  81. Kubrick was a genius of his art. More than that, i think he was an initiated, an insider of the elite occultism. All his movies contains all sorts of hidden symbolism.

    The only thing i disagree with VC is that, in this article, in think VC tryed to imply some sort of "negativity" to the feminine aspects of nature. For instance, by saying "“Ishtar” side of Alice" i realized some sort of pejorative tone by VC. We must remember that all deities from the past [and even todays] had two sides, positive and negative basically. Those facets wasn't an Ishtar's "demerit", It was the general pattern.

    I also disagree when VC explains Ishtar rituals by saying it had "sacred prostitution". The term "prostitution" carries a big amount of biased cultural and modern concepts, nonexistent in ancient times, or at least, as we perceive it nowadays [in this form]. I think VC "forced the bar" a little bit.

    But hey, the article is beautiful. Can't wait for more.

  82. The name Sandor is Hungarian for Alexandros, in this context it refers to Alexander the Great, I believe. Elite bloodlines like to trace back their lineage all the way to Alexander. Also, the inclusion of a Hungarian aristocrat is not an accident. In esoteric circles it is widely believed that Hungarian is a direct descendant of the Sumerian language (there is some evidence to support this, in that Hungarian is the only living language that resembles Sumerian in its grammatic structure, they also share a few hundred common root words). Also, the Carpathian basin and particularly Transylvania is a significant ancestral homeland for the current ruling elite. Most European Royal Families have some connection to this area of Europe, most notably prince Charles, descendant of Vlad the Impaler, and now a Transylvanian landowner. One possible interpretation for Sandor’s last name would be as a compound word, made up of 2 words from 2 different languages, both of which are significant from an Elite perspective. “Szav” is a root noun of Sumerian origin and means word (as in Szavat, Szavak etc…) “Ost” is German for East, so in this instance his name would mean: Alexander, Word of/from the East.

    • Please refrain from slating Alexander the Great. He was a good, wise man and very humble by all means. Now if the illuminated ones wish to steal other lineages to make them look more glamorous fair enough, however Alexander the Great is out of the equation and way out of their league.

    • My family comes from the area where Alexander the Great is from, as in an hour away from where he was born and illuminati crap happening there. Greeks are the greatest preservers of their history as we're so proud of it. The NWO and Illuminati trace back to Germany, Jewish families as well as the American Revolution. Get your facts right!

    • Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language that has none whatsoever relation to Shumerian. Like, zero.
      Enough with the pseudoscience of "the words sound similar, so they MUST be related" and the like.

  83. Great in depth, intuitive analysis as always vigilant citizen! No doubt you've started to notice things in the background of Kubrick's movies thanks to jay weidner's work. Just a heads up, although you'll no doubt pick up on it – "Somerton" was actually filmed at a mansion in England called Mentmore Towers which is an old Rothschild mansion – coincidence? I think not!

  84. Ms. Adventure on

    Great article – but I must play the devil's advocate for a moment. I've read a great deal recently about Kubrick's works and their symbolism and hidden meanings. Folks in the conspiracy circles love to rally around him as a noble man who "exposed" the depraved hidden secrets of the elite. Fair enough – but what if his films were deliberately created as programming tools intended to spread the elite's poison?

    Because his work is SO heavily laden with illum. symbolism, it's safe to assume that they can be HIGHLY triggering for people who are victims of MK and similar abuses. Who is to say that these films are not serving a dual purpose? While his films may function to wake some of us up, they may ALSO be reinforcing programming in other people.

    Kubrick made great, compelling films, but the subject matter and highly creepy, uncomfortable nature of those films makes me question his alliances with the elite and his overall purpose behind his work. I wouldn't count him as a candidate for sainthood just yet. JMHO!

    • In representing darkness, it can be addressed and tackled on the personal level.

      With a film like Full Metal Jacket, Kubrick depicted the truly ugly and unglamorous side of war, and the personal toll it takes on individuals, in a way such things had never before been seen. It also subtly and with great cunning captured the backward nature of the social structures facilitating all these personal horrors, most keenly in the final cut, as they march home from brutality singing the mantra of the Mickey Mouse brigade.

      The Shining, while on the surface just a higher-end horror flick, quietly but at the same time rather obviously addresses the homicidal madness of the age of colonization, the horrors we've inflicted on others and ourselves in order to build our great modern society. It was also a virtual playground of subtle semi-subliminal manipulation, daring you to notice what's hidden in plain sight.

      There's absolutely no question that Kubrick hobnobbed with elite elements of society, and no question that he had a certain level of value to them. He was a great artist, the greatest of his time in the medium of his age, and as such was prized by his patrons. That being said, it's not at all uncommon for great artists and their patrons to disagree. I see Eyes Wide Shut as something of a rebellion-peace… Kubrick boldly outing the sort of revelations he came to himself regarding the elite, the dark underbelly of modeling/acting/pageantry and how a designed culture is manipulating women, and the network of protection around criminal acts performed by people in power.

      I think to call Kubrick an agent of the elite, and his films 'triggers' or 'brainwashing' material, simply because the subjects his films tackle are dark and sometimes disheartening, is to take far too black-and-white a view of how suggestive influence in the media works. Some very positive, uplifting, heartwarming movies are far more manipulative, and far more indicative of the 'elite agenda' than anything Kubrick has ever produced. See The Incredibles.

      • Ms. Adventure on

        Understood. I did not say that Kubrick WAS an agent and that his films ARE triggers. I agree that this would be diminishing his work by painting it with too broad of a brush. I merely questioned whether he COULD have been an agent and whether his films CONTAIN triggers.

        I know that art is meant to provoke thoughts and evoke feelings, for better or worse. If the so-called "average" viewer finds his films disturbing and disconcerting, I could only imagine how a more "troubled" soul (whose eyes might be more "open") might react to the images shown and ideas conveyed.

        As you say yourself about the Shining: "It was also a virtual playground of subtle semi-subliminal manipulation, daring you to notice what's hidden in plain sight."

        Manipulation to do or think WHAT? That is the question. I guess it depends on the individual viewing it.

    • this is always a necessary consideration when dealing with such subjects, especially when they are from the minds of genius. and control of information/disinformation is an historical art AND a weapon. a line must be consciously drawn when peering closely as these things, lest one become drawn into the abyss. knowledge, after all, was what took us out of Eden.

      “Behold, I am sending you as lambs among wolves; be therefore crafty as snakes and innocent as doves.”
      –Matt 10:16 (from the Aramaic)

  85. The only thing I noted about this movie was the elitist symbolism that it was full of.
    The rest of the movie was just full of bull. My sister dragged me to see it. After it was over (it was the best snooze I had in ages), I was back down at the booth asking for my money back. What a waste of a good afternoon!
    It was just expensive lifestyles and empty materialism (just the same stuff my parent's did).
    Great writeup, VC.

  86. Sigmund Freud's Ego on

    I never saw the movie but heard about it. It's funny because when Jay Z was on twitter yesterday answering questions, someone tweeted him saying something about Stanley Kubrick. I guess Jay had a lyric or something but Im going to go back and read it. I think the title says a lot "Eyes Wide Shut" similar to "Hidden In Plain Sight" kinda like a reversal of some sort. If any of you guys remember a poster on this site, whom I haven't seen in a while by the name of Sirra or however you spell it but on the other VC site called secret arcane or secret arcana dot com. But this Sirra seemed very knowledgeable about Stanley Kubrick and his involvement with the Hollyweird, I meant Hollywood elite. Sirra said something about some Jews that run Hollywood killed Stanley and a fake moon landing or something. The comments are under the article about MK Ultra or something. Some of the things that Sirra posted were kinda crazy but mostly honest. He or she said that they defected from an Illuminati family. Every movie that is being ran through Hollywood has tons of meaning or should I say underlying meaning in them. You can hear and see them if you remove the veil from your eyes.

    • What has happened to Sirrah? Hasn't been around for years. Although he/she was kind of quirky, was also so nice & meek.

    • The outside of Mentmore Towers was used, and is a Rothchild mansion indeed. Perhaps Kubrick was telling us something here, although the Rothchilds must have known he was shooting here, and probably even suggested that he do so! The interior shot of the ritual with the high priest was filmed at Elveden Hall, also in England where Kubric lived.

  87. I love understanding the truth behind these movies. Obviously I'm part of the ignorant masses they were referring to. I can't believe they killed him! That's what makes me pissed. I'm 19, and was 5 when it came out, but now I want to watch it. I want to know more about the director Kubrick and what really happened. Also, it just boggles my mind, but all these actors must know right? Is that why Tom cruise is involved in Scientology?

    • Robert Newton on

      Anyone involved in any organized religion is practicing mind control. All religious ceremonies – group repetition, mantras, chants, prayers etc. are aimed at putting the congregation/coven into a hypnotic (and very suggestible) state. Theatrical Hypnotism shows are no different. Once the person/congregation is "under", it's a simple matter of putting the suggestions into their subconscious. The pastor/priest/bishop/Rabbi/Imman or whoever is leading the ceremony then directs the psychic power of the congregation to whatever ends he wants – good or evil. UK Hypnotist Derren Brown took a subject and made him into an assassin, proving that someone can be made to act against their better instincts.
      A clinical hypnotist turned stage performer once told me that he used a signal generator, set to the same frequency as the TV sound track carrier wave during his shows to help him put the audience into a hypnotized state. He told me that all TV sets hypnotize people who are in the room – even if they are not watching. The new digital TV signals allow all kinds of subliminals to be broadcast without detection. The only way you can break free is to stop watching TV and the Movies. This was tried years ago, when a group of families were paid to NOT watch TV. None of them made it past six weeks, so strong was the power of the addiction.

  88. obligenobility on

    In every civilization through time there have been roughly 4 castes. Distinctly in a particular order, these are: laborers, technicians, professionals, and rulers. This movie was exceptional for mocking the near-sightedness of top-level professionals of the medical discipline. Although being at the top of the power structure within the professional class, Dr. Bill knew nothing of the ruling class above him. His eyes had been shut, and furthermore "wide" shut because he had been squeezing the eyelids down hard. While most doctors are morons when it comes to understanding power, many lawyers, who only fall in the mid-range of the modern professional caste, understand that a ruling class dictates all politics, media, and finance. Kubrick's best movie? No, but one of his most darkly comical.

  89. IMDB(Internet Movie Database):

    Date of Death
    7 March 1999, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England, UK (natural causes) ???

    Died 66 days into the year 1999, also 666 days before 1 January 2001. ???

  90. I saw the movie about 2 months ago for the first time and started an investigation of my own about the movie. The first thing i did was to look for any articles about the movie in this website (I love this website so much…so eye opening)…when I didn't find any article i just googled the name of the movie in english and hebrew (I'm from Israel) and found a very interesting article which was written by an Israeli phsycologist about multiple personality disorder and mental dissociation, and gave Dr. bill's jorney for exmple. I also discoverd that the movie based on a novel called "trauma book" or "trauma novel"…I don't remmember.
    Keep up the good work! I enjoyed this article so much!…can't wait for the second part :)

  91. Eyes wide shut – see beyond ? Ears wide closed – listen beyond the spelling? Sommerton = Sumer-ton Babylon?
    Rainbow – Free masonic symbolic element. Over the rainbow -Wizard of Oz.

  92. Bill but also Cruise – Kubricks alter ego? In connection to the elite and serving them but not part of them… just a tool. Cruise being part of and used by church of scientology without maybe quite getting it?

  93. I think you owe some credit to the late Kentroversy, who died soon after he published his Kentroversy Papers article about the movie and the scene to scene analysis. Looking forward to read part 2 nevertheless.

  94. wow interestingly enough, when he reads that newspaper the head line reads "Lucky to be alive", coincidence or not? and this is straight after his brush with death!!!!!

  95. electronlibre28 on

    thx VC i wanted your opinion about that movie. I watched that movie only one time. At the end of it my only opinion was "that's freakin' weird !"

  96. Stacey Sugar on

    "Where the Rainbow Ends…" was a children's play written for Christmas 1911 by Clifford Mills and John Ramsay. It is a fantasy containing themes of British imperialism. It concerns a group of children separated from their parents, travelling on a magic carpet, they face various dangers on their way to rescue their parents. They are guarded and helped by St. George. It was produced by Italia Conti, there is an elite theatre school in the UK called "The Italia Conti Theatre School", its alumni include Russell Brand, Kelly Brook, Naomi Campbell, Sadie Frost, Patsy Kensit, Pixie Lott, Tracey Ullman.

    The Italia Conti Theatre School is second only to the Sylvia Young Theatre School where Ben Fellows is an alumni and who has claimed when he was a child of 13, was sent to nightclubs and parties of elite celebrities and plied with alcohol and drugs and on certain occasions sexually assaulted. He also claims that a senior Conservative politician had groped him. Of course none of this evidence has been substantiated, but you must think that theatre schools, especially two of the largest in the UK that are close to the establishment would be allowing its students to attend such functions. Possibly these theatre schools are tied in with what has happened at children's homes across the UK. I would hope these theatre schools will be investigated for possible links to the Jimmy Savile investigation. As a matter of note notable alumni of the Sylvia Young Theatre School include: Rita Ora and Amy Winehouse. One at the top of her game and the latter deceased. it is interesting that Amy Winehouse had stated that she was asked to include certain occult symbolism in her music videos and refused.

    We must ask ourselves these theatre schools provide the tools to promote the agenda set forth by the satanic elite controllers. Those individuals who do the best job get more materialistic offerings, more money, cars, houses, jewellery, etc. It is a well known fact that our young want to be famous and will do anything to be famous and unfortunately most of the successful ones don't understand they have been manipulated as tools of the elite. Many are initiated into Monarch programming. It is possible that Kubrick was hinting at this agenda, and it was assumed he was working on the film AI to show this as well as the alleged missing 15 minutes of footage from Eyes Wide Shut. The two young "models" were at an ultra-elite party, maybe being supplied by a theatre school. 'Gayle' played by Louise J. Taylor was in 'Alice Through The looking Glass' and Eyes Wide Shut was her final film. Eyes Wide Shut was the first film for 'Nuala' played by Megan Stewart Thorndike and it is possible both of them were also present in the orgy sequence later in the film. During that initial scene with Gayle & Nuala, at the end is an interesting look they gave each other … it was obviously a set up to initiate Dr. Bill into the secret society … who would only admit sexually promiscuous individuals to their group.

  97. The ceremony or rights that are being performed at the sex magick ritual in this movie are called the "Call to Chaos rites", or "the rites of Baphomet". They are done on young and rising celebrities, and they invoke all the powers of lust and darkness onto the new celeb. They are seen shortly after in big movies, and the power that has been bestowed upon them is able to make them irresistable to the public, and even through a simple photo the power of the intent of the rite can be conveyed to the potential movie goer or fan.

    • How do you know all this because i have looked online for all this evil rituals and stuff about the illuminati but i didn't find anything about isis or ishtar and sacred prositution or anything on bohemian grove rituals – so where is all this information found and hopefully the writer isn't biased

  98. The title "Eyes wide shut" means probably that the masses have their eyes wide open but since they don't understand all the symbolic meanings in media and politics, they could as well have their eyes shut, since they are basically blind to all of this.

  99. This movie was originally about the secret societies and pedophiles. He could not show that. They killed him

    • i want to see more of your movie reviews, mzprincess, nice!

      actually, i should like my political information delivered with such brevity, as well.

      if, only…

      • Lol thx, ill try….. I was actually getting ready for take off and just wanted to cram it all in there asap. love this site.

  100. Google the kentroversey papers this guy does a long analysis of the movie. He was actually killed a few years ago. He knew too much.

    • Was he killed? I didn't do too much researched, but a long struggle with HIV related illnesses seems to be what took him out

      • Well they said someone injected him or something. His family wants people to know that he had been doing lots of research on elites and came across some stuff he shouldn't of. Try the you tubes on him.

  101. Very informative essay, VC, good stuff. I saw 2001 when it was in the theaters, and didn't really like it all that much, too self-important, too humanistic, and I hated having the corporate names prominently placed. But there was one thing I noticed that I'd never seen before, and that was Kubrick's lighting. In most interior shots, especially at the end, there are virtually no shadows; what, if any, coded message is there in that? Same with Eyes Wide Shut, although there are some slight shadows here and there, you have to look for them. Takes some skill and deft placement to do that. I watched Kubrick's Odyssey on Youtube a few weeks back, I recommend it highly. It's also available on DVD, it explains a lot about the staged moon landing sequences. A good friend of mine's brother works at JPL, and he said that the JPL people think it's stupid to think that the moon landings never happened; they did, but according to Kubrick's Odyssey, NASA hired Kubrick to provide some faked footage for certain sequences because their footage was of poor quality.

    • quickbrownfox on

      before you brush off the moon landing conspiracy theories as worthless, take a look at Dave McGowan's thoughts on this at the site "Center for an informed America". While it is easy to debate lots of this, it is rather clear that the photographs could not have been actually taken on the moon. The other smoking gun to me is the Van Allen Belts and the fact that any trip to the moon would have lead to every astronaut making the journey recieving deadly and debilitating doses of radiation. There never was a solution for this, and that is why we have never returned to the moon since. Fool me once….

  102. im only 15 and im interested in knowing more about all this stuff and it's really shocking…. i get tears in my eyes at half of the things im seeing on here

    • Oh Purple, I know how much it hurts to have the veil ripped away. I believe that the Lord wants you, and all of us here, to know The Truth.

      There are lots of websites out there, but VC's is among the best. Try the "Activist Post" website; but, I warn you, there are painful lessons to be learned on that website as well.

      I will pray that you be strengthened.

      • Same advice as Truth gives. do not venture deep onto dark knowledge. You can get to another sphere to another realm where God perform His miraculous deeds where His presence can be felt and manifested you can be eager and thirsty for spiritual growth and spiritual gifts you can ask the Lord for discernment and His supernatural guidance. Walking with the Lord has no restrictions. We can.
        I am impressed to know that your eyes are getting wet….So are mine. You have a deep feeling for those who are perishing in the most gruesome way. This feeling is not yours as it is given to you from above. If you will be willing to do God's will you will see those mindless slaves being freed through your own testimony. Take this word as a Word from above dear Purple.

  103. I watched this movie in the past….one thing that struck me was the girl/prostitute…. it was almost as if she was unimportant, her death meant nothing….as if throwing away an empty coffee cup in a trashcan.
    Over the years there has been other movies and documented events that referred to female enslavement, "Man on Fire" and "Taken" just to name two recent ones.
    The documented child sex slaves in Asia and South America, lets not be naive to think this doesn't happen all over the world, including right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.
    "Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolute"

  104. You can't help but be impressed by the level of research you did for this article. I'm currently downloading Eyes Wide Shut so I can now watch it with my eyes wide open.

    • I was just looking to dowload this movie a couple of weeks ago bit couldn't find it anywhere. Where are you getting yours from?

  105. Great article VC… But I'm awaiting an article on Trayvon Martin. Something is going on behind the scenes, something's not right about that whole situation! I'm interested to hear your insight

    • pray that all rise above the media manipulations of any outcome, and resist race baiting for perpetual control over all! the true race numbers of violent crimes (and any incarcerations) revealing an even deeper malignancy that goes beyond everyday citizens.

      believe in your fellow man, and woman… that is the only way to overcome the evil doers!!!

  106. Wasn't the main character from A Clockwork Orange programmed by using music to rehabilitate him? Seems like Kubrick was no stranger to the secrets of the elite.

  107. First time poster, long time lurker. I am an avid film fan, having been a film student in my college years. Kubrick is my absolute favorite director. In fact, I took a class on his work. I feel his intellect and attention to detail as well as subject matter puts him light years above the rest. I am impressed with the level on insight in your blog but this rivals any film theory I have read. Great insight, can't wait for part 2!! I will say I loved this movie and remember talking to friends outside the theater in the parking lot for hours after watching this.

  108. You missed something big in your rainbow costume shop screen. There’s a masonic lodge right next to the shop…and i want to make it clear Stanley was killed because of this film.

  109. dmnd_n_tha_rough on

    hah…just noticed the model on the Tom's left (silver dress) is makin devil horns with her hand…

  110. oh, and re the poster – she has one eye showing and open, and Tom only has one eye showing as well – in contrast to her closed. I guess that VC assumed everyone would pick this up as it is so obvious to regulars here.

  111. I can agree that kubrick maybe tried to tell us something, but there is still one thing that puzzles me – big time!
    If Kubricks intentions with the movie was really to expose the occult, then WHY was the ritual filmed in an actual roth mansion? Why would the elites give him permission to film something like that, THERE? They must've had insight in what he was doing!
    But if they knew what he was doing, then why was he killed in the first place??? What, did he BETRAY the rothschilds? Telling them that he was gonna make a 'pro-illuminati' movie, and after they saw the final cut they were like "OH he lied to us…."

    There is something wrong with this entire story….!

      • It would be strange since no one was killed in the movie, and the director wasnt in the movie itself, he only directed it…
        he was killed exactly 666 days before 2001 as well, strange since he made the movie 2001: a space odyssey…

        I'm thinking if his death was a planned sacrifice… but then again, why would the elites allow him to film the ritual in one of their palaces?

        And also, kubricks movies were almost ALWAYS cryptical, not just ews! just look at clockworth orange, and there are pretty strong evidence that he made The Shining to "save his life" since he allegedly "revealed that he faked the moon landings". More than ten years after the moon landings were made? Really?

        Im starting to think that he was a known freak in the illuminati…

      • Yaz, no one was killed in the movie??
        The sacrifice was a big deal of the plot.
        By the way, how did the streetwalker (which turned out to be HIV+) know the name of dr.Bill after he had Alice on the phone?
        Maybe I had my eyes shut for an instant as well, again..

      • Yeah the woman overdosed (according to ziegler), it could've been an actual sacrifice/killing, what i meant was that no one was "openly killed" in the movie… it still lies in obscurity

      • Maybe, who knows?

        But is there actually real proof that kubrick wanted to keep some scenes in the movie but the film company wanted it out? Or is it just rumors?
        Alex jones said that it was 24 minutes long, others say it was 10 minutes. There are also different speculations on what the "content" was of those scenes.
        Its just a little confusing…

    • Yaz, I completely agree with you. You don't film a movie using a Rothchild mansion unless they know about it. Kubric was hired to film this movie for the masonic, satanic elite to usher in the NWO for 2000, and when he was finished, they may have ritually killed him 666 days before Jan 1, 2001, and after his 13th movie.

  112. Woah, right after reading this there was a bit on TMZ showing a close-up of a gold chain worn by Jay-Z with guess what….a large eight pointed star on it. Hmmmm….

  113. quickbrownfox on

    I think it is important to note that this movie was not made as a suversive revelation of the "Elite", but was likely produced, directed, and distributed BY the "Elite" as a sort of advertisement. Keep in mind, as VC consistently shows us, The Elite own the entertainment business, and it is highly unlikely that something would "get by" them. VC also shows us that the MO of the elite is to be rather blatant and in our face regarding what they are doing and perhaps getting their thrills from the fact that we do nothing about it. So my guess is that Kubrick was working for them, as he was with The Shining, and 2001, (the moon landing), etc. It is probable he was assasinated simply as a sacrifice (as they are wont to do) and also possibly just to insure silence, since there would have been a million questions directed to him after the film was released. The whole deal about Cruise and Kidman being married roughly for the duration of filming also points to a type of deliberate, ritualistic production sanctified by a symbolic "sacred union". Lots more surrounding this and I am looking forward to subsequent posts and re-viewing the movie.

    Also, be sure to check out the blog "Kentroversy" and what he had to say on the subject.

  114. L Analysis I on

    Eyes Wide Shut is a blurring of reality, movie and deception, set up from its first scene. The film is not only about Bill and Alice. It’s about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and other real world realities such as money, infidelity, class structure and American society. When viewing the film in this way, much is revealed and nothing is subtle. Kubrick lays it all out in the open, on screen: 1) cinematic infidelity, 2) ritualized sex slavery, 3) the masked elite (“I could tell you their names but I don’t think you’d sleep so well at night”), 4) sex, drugs and watching movies as an escape from reality for the non-elite masses, 5) the required code of secrecy as price of admission to money and a place of elite influence in the world, which if you break it you are killed off, and, 6) money as the ultimate tool of slavery and oppression.

    The reason Kubrick got away with this is because the elite owned media machine treats everything about this movie as just a movie about “Bill and Alice”, commenting on bad acting and the like. No critical review I’ve read ever moved into the level of thought that Kubrick was “via a movie” presenting a documentary about the American system and the use of actors and Hollywood films to manipulate, control, and affect the populace. Your eyes are literally wide shut if you are watching and contemplating only the Bill and Alice story in this film.

    It’s no accident that Kubrick hired an actual real life husband wife acting team for the lead roles in Eyes Wide Shut. If it weren’t Tom and Nicole, he would have likely hired Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt or other married actors. As an audience we are watching both Alice and Bill AND Nicole and Tom. While the fake movie couple is simply discussing Alice’s almost infidelity with a Naval officer, and Bill is imagining the scenario of Alice being naked with this officer (which Alice wasn‘t), the reality — on screen for the world to see — was that Nicole was actually 100% naked and in the real life arms of a man who was not her husband, her body and private parts fondled and kissed. Yes, this is “acting“, but our eyes are wide shut to the fact that Nicole was messing around with a guy who we all know was not her husband, Tom Cruise.

    According to interviews about this “imaginary” thought scene being filmed, Kubrick was in reality filming take after take, which must have been quite disturbing for Nicole and Tom, even though actors are just “pretending”. But it’s not possible to pretend to be naked and have your breasts and intimate areas touched. You are actually naked, and someone is touching you! The fact that audiences suspend belief about this, knowing full well that Nicole and Tom are married to each other, well that’s even more disturbing than onscreen cinematic infidelity. The question is, what else are we suspending our beliefs about while watching movies? And, more importantly, why are some people willing to exchange spousal fidelity and purity in this manner for merely money and a movie? It’s no mystery why Hollywood marriages don’t usually last.

    Would YOU allow your spouse to be naked, touched and kissed by another person like in the scene? Why is this OK because it’s labeled “acting”? In any other legal profession there would be massive, legitimate and victorious sexual harassment or sexual assault lawsuits. Ditto when it comes to pedophilia in Hollywood. Minor children actors have sexual roles all the time in movies and television, and few people bat an eyelash. Eyes Wide Shut has its own example of this (the costume shop owner’s daughter and her role in the film.) Again, jail time for any CEO or manager in any other legal profession on the planet, except maybe modeling and politics.

  115. L Analysis 2 on

    Another factor with respect to the reality vs. movie theme was the much talked about “bad and wooden” acting by both Tom and Nicole, and the ridiculous and terrible slowness of the dialogue. Critics flocked to this like buzzards on a carcass, heavily criticizing Tom and Nicole and Kubrick for bad acting and directing of dialogue that ended up on screen. I think this was entirely intentional on Kubrick’s part. If the acting and dialogue had been flawless or even good, the audience would have gotten completely sucked into the film as “a real story”. On the contrary, the audience is unable to get sucked into story because the acting is unconvincing. This forces us into a distracted viewing where we see the characters more as Tom and Nicole doing a bad job. This brilliantly sets up additional themes, metaphors and revelations that spark multidimensional discussions about not only the Bill and Alice story, but also Tom and Nicole as actors and the cultural/money/class realities expressed in the movie.

    Kubrick sets up this idea of “reality vs. movie” in the very opening scene: the music begins with the opening credits and continues into the first scene with Alice and Bill getting ready for a party. We assume the music was added later in post production, as it usually is in movies. But in this film, as they’re about to leave, Bill/Tom turns off the stereo and the opening credit music stops as if the stereo on set had been the source of the music. This startled me, a lot, when I saw the film for the first time – I had never seen that type of thing in an opening scene before. The music always fades out or transitions, behind the scenes, not on a player device in the movie set. Kubrick was setting up a theme to challenge our assumptions: was the music added later, or was the stereo on set playing the song? Both? What can we truly believe we‘re watching?

    To speak about Eyes Wide Shut as merely a fictional film, and to focus only on Bill and Alice and their predicaments and the acting quality is to miss the whole point of Kubrick’s project. And that is exactly how he got away with revealing what he revealed (although he was still probably killed for breaking the secrecy code). Some people (elites) believe in the “Revelation of Method”: the black magic technique whereby you show and reveal to the masses the evil, bad deeds you are doing (ritual sex, slavery, theft, pedophilia, etc.), and you believe you are therefore absolved of your guilt via confession, while the masses become complicit and even guilty in your mind, whether or not they have conscious awareness of what you revealed. Revelation of Method can be done via mass media news stories and blockbuster films.

    Those are points I’ve not seen brought up either on Vigilant Citizen or in any other critical reviews of this film I‘ve read.

    As a footnote I end with my favorite line in the movie. After Mr. Ziegler intimates that the whole scene with the prostitute and Bill at the party was a setup, a “charade” put on specifically for Bill, Bill asks, “What kind of f##king charade ends, with someone turning up dead?” One interesting answer to that is Eyes Wide Shut itself – a movie charade that ended with Stanley Kubrick turning up dead four days after they wrapped. There are many other examples of film work being lethal (Poltergeist, Heath Ledger’s Joker and final film projects, Marilyn Monroe…) The blockbuster movie industry uses, damages and kills people all the time due to its severe ambition to make mass millions, affect the populace, desensitize people to violence, and its culture of drugs, alcohol and disturbing propagation of pedophilia and low level sexual promiscuity. In that one sentence of dialogue, Kubrick was literally outing films as “f##king charades” that manipulate the masses and sometimes end with people turning up dead.

    There are so many other questions, ideas, discussions, and worlds of thought about Eyes Wide Shut, if your eyes are open. As VC said, a lengthy book could be written about this film.

    • I appreciate your analysis; good points. I differ in that the wooden/bad acting was Kubrick's intention. The purpose was to show that the characters Bill and Alice, when wearing their social masks, were only wooden/ bad actors. In the scenes where they become more emotionally authentic they became more fluid and realistic. Throughout so many scenes with in the scenery, all sorts of decorative masks on the wall table tops and obviously prominent in the costuming.

  116. VC movie reviews and analyses are always spot on! Once I read the VC analysis/review and then see the movie I can see and understand things that I didn't catch or didn't make sense to me the first time I saw it. Really, VC should put out a book of movie analsyses and reviews. It would fly off the shelf!

  117. Come on. The pyramid shaped poster with her one eye on top. Inside a mirror. Surrounded by purple. And that title. Pretty much.
    Also best movie ever.

  118. Thought this movie would've been the article that inspired the making of this website, even more so than 'the Shining'. During the roaring 90's it was hard to pay much attention to the sudden death of Kubrick and the hate laid on this movie by puppet critics like the porcine ebert.

    Still being a Kubrick movie I had to watch and re-watch many times. The VHS version seemed to have more saturated colors and there was definitely a hot cold thing going with blues and oranges, especially in the pot smoking scene. The first ten or so viewings made me want to be in this elite group. Then 911 happened and people like David Icke and Project Camelot started to shed light on who these elite were. With events unraveling so fast now , one week the Marathon bombings, before that Aurora, school in Connecticut, Aaron Swartz, Rik Clay, and last week Michael Hastings. All while the economy crumbles will the Dow is at it's peak. All these injustices happening it was like Kubrick and Aaron Russo were giving us a heads up at the people running the show in plain site with their agenda etched in the georgia guidestones.

  119. LowkeyShakur on

    Hey! VC! Its me LowKey Shakur! I sent you the pic wit Jayz wearing the chain with the star of isthar on it…i also noticed while watching the birdcage tht the same symbol was on the door nob in Robin Williams house..i just found it strange how they focused on that little detail smh..but anyway looking forward to pt 2!

  120. tropicalfruit on

    wow one thing that really scares me now is that I watched this piece on same day article came up. yaeeeeks

  121. It seems like in every room where there are christmas trees that he enters. He is offered pleasure. The first one was the wife's husband just died, and then out of nowhere she kisses him. in the second pic from this page was when he went in that prostitute's apartment and again was offered pleasure and he denied it. Maybe if the rooms didn't have the christmas trees and were cold, he would've done the deed because he wouldn't have been "over the rainbow"

  122. Delurkitty Lurk on

    Love the analysis, but one note:
    The film was actually shoot on a sound stage in the UK, not NYC. The fake "NYC" street shots always annoy me.

  123. I am so glad that you are starting this article on this movie. Although I never saw it, when I saw the previews , it gave me an uneasy feeling. It just reminded me of some kind of witchcraft ritual. I am lookking forward to reading more about what you will critique

  124. Once I found that Tom cruise was part of Scientology…. I put two and two together was this movie his and Nicole initiate into Scientology. Any thought?

  125. I too felt the same way. It was my first date with my husband and we left scratching our heads. We too have since woke up and want to watch it again just so we can see how much we have learned since then

  126. Good point but you need to know your enemy and I think that is one of the main reasons people write about this. You can't fight an enemy you don't know doesn't exists.

      • Of course, if one wants to know how the penetrated the occult is, read the refutations by the early church fathers:

        Hippolytus Refutation of All Heresies, which furnish an account of the tenets of natural philosophers, and who these are, as well as the tenets of moral philosophers, and who these are; and thirdly, the tenets of logicians, and who these logicians are. Cannot find audios on this.

        Also, Saint Irenaeus of Lyons Refutations on Gnosticism. He gives a detail account of the tenets of Gnosticism and then refutes its errors. Here is a link to an audio of this

        Finally, or more firstly, read Saint Paul's letters, especially to the Ephesians. Douay-Rhiems version. Steve Webb provides audio readings on this, but you have to purchase it.

        St. Paul is a good pastor and teacher. He points out the dangers, but he also indicates the means for defense in the battles.

      • St. Paul was blessed by the light of the Holy Spirit. He surely was a kind-hearted person to be given this power.

  127. PLEASE investigate the Sudden death of cory from GLEE…he was found dead at hotel…. at 31yrs i think something is really fishy

  128. For those who are posting about Cory Monteith's death, I just found out an hour ago. I was like "Hey, another guy was found dead in a room, by an overdoze. It sounds… well, fichy" But I couldn't make up my mind, for Cory wasn't sucha a huge star like MJ, or Winehouse, or Houston, or Ledger.

    But I went on and made my homework: Ths guy was found dead in The Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel… FUCK IT, KIND SIR! A movie about giant mechas fighting aliens (i.e. demons) called PACIFIC RIM was released a day before Cory's death.

    The Dark Side is getting lazy lately.

    • Good point! I'm so lost and speechless about that. He was just an ordinary guy starred in Glee and I used to like this show for a while… I'm not sure I'll continue to watch it. All my prayers go to him…

  129. Woahhh guys I know that guy from Glee, found dead in his hotel room but not being treated as suspicious eh……wonder what's going on there?……..definitely suspicious btw

  130. If you truly believe that "the elite's" main feature is to engage in ritualistic orgies, you must be mistaken.

    Ritualistic or non-ritualistic orgies are nowadays attended throughout all classes of society, and while there is still some taboo attached to it, there is an entire subculture / lifestyle associated with it that tens of thousands of people live more or less openly.

    Swinger clubs and swinger and fetish events are freely available throughout Europe, and you will find all kinds of people on these events.

    There are also several party organizers in London and Germany who organize theme events with the theme of the Eyes wide Shut Orgy, and these events are normally attended not by "mind control slaves", but by couples who want to extend their sexual experiences.

    • U need to get more informed, mate. Swingers/Fetish lovers parties are one thing, mind control is another one.

    • Your name Hiram Abiff says it all. I suppose you are a Freemason and you participate in these orgies. I used to run in these circles and most of them are pagans and some masons. So thanks for the confirmation. God save me from this empty, soulless, and unfulfilling lifestyle and I hope someday you will find the true love and grace of God. Sex is not love. The symbolism of the union of male/female were meant to be shared only by the bride and bridegroom. When you go beyond this union you are corrupting yourself with people you do not know. Many people have twisted and perverted this teaching.

      • BTW I was a dominant and I enjoyed the power I had over men. I had to resolve issues within myself and my faulty belief system. I know the BS excuses that people use do whatever they feel like. When you become a child of God you no longer feel the need to exert your power over anyone. You become whole and in truth and realize the errors of your ways and thinking. I no longer felt that "I was a god" but that I was a child of God (part of God) and there is a huge difference! Being a child of God means respecting your body as a temple and not defiling it with people you barely know. I misled many people before and I deeply regret it. Sorry for the rant!

      • All women with some average looks have power on men. Men are led by their hormones, so it's not exactly complicated to wear some revealing clothes and so on and wrap them around your finger. Bear in mind that most of them are also stupid, so you wouldn't attract the right crowd. They might be attracted to you for a while but soon they will find some other eye candy to get distracted. Also it's easier to have power on older men. The young ones have many offers so they slide away, the older ones always feel younger and more excited when a young woman is around, it gives them the illusion that they are still young and fresh themselves.

  131. VC oughta review the movie John Carter… that was like really blatant of the "elite"…. hidden away but affecting everything.

  132. Laurice Amarante on

    Yes this movie is very interesting. If you watch it once you won't get the message. Like most people I watched it multiple times in the past 5 years. The movie does have a series of hidden symbols and messages. The scene with Tom Cruise being exposed as an, outsider, to the secret society shows; how they know who belongs. If you don't belong you suffer extreme consequences. I love that you finally did this breakdown on the meaning of "Eyes Wide Shut." Movie. Great Job…

  133. I watched this movie twice when first came out thinking I missed something the first time. No I didn't miss anything, I just didn't get it and gave up on it. I tried talking to other people who saw…they didn't get it either. So chalked it up to something that was way over my head. It wasn't until I learned about mind control and illuminati that it began make a little more sense. This article makes it crystal clear and now I gotta watch the whole thing all over again with eyes wide open!

  134. Rainbows are also an optical illusion. Perhaps the message is that our mundane world is a whitewash of the realities, which is true. Many people come together and interact according to some consensus reality, but there are darker truths beneath the masks and rituals we humans go about in our daily interactions with strangers. Who we really are underneath is more esoteric, and sometimes terrifying.

    Many non-MK-Ultra victims of traumatic abuse are out there, and they vastly outnumber all the secret societies by sheer volume. There's the colorful illusion of who we are in public, both individually and within larger and larger groups, but the side you never see, the 'Director's Cut' that'll never see the light of day, is analogous to the activities of these elites, who are simply represented as the other "half" of us. They're performing a black mass on Christmas Eve. In the book or whatever, that ritual was more straightforwardly Christian (with nuns and priests), but Kubrick changed it for the movie (Hollywood does that sort of reversal sometimes). When you really think about it, the film is talking to a deeper truth about us as humans. Our own cognitive dissonance allows the elites to be sociopaths, nothing else.

    Your insights are good, but your articles are lacking in one area. You haven't found the humanity within all these archetypes and symbol. Maybe you're stuck in the rainbow world too. The stark reality is that we are living in a dreamworld, and bad things are happening all around us. Focusing on the elites is superficially fine, because their resources and present lack of accountability is a recipe for disaster, but what you're missing is that we all have these things inside of us.

    What keeps Bill safe is his sole virtue (fidelity, to his family and to his practice are the real things that protect him), throughout his journeys into the Underworld. It's the archetype of the Outlaw myth, but also a shared experience. He represents the Adept (He's a highly-educated doctor. That's his mask.), and his old friend Nick represent the Fool, who did not complete medical school. On another level, the BOTH are Fools, who are protected by grace more so than talent, but the overall point is that these are all modern analogs for an ancient, esoteric philosophy that grew out of looking at the world a certain way. Which is why we get the whole story from Bill's perspective, not the Illuminati's.

    The theme of Sex and sexuality is also interesting, but not as much to me. The different characters Bill encounters all show you the range of our human experience of these things. The Adept himself represents the highest level of achievement or discipline that Man has accomplished within our consensus reality. He IS his mask. And his mask is a butterfly because, while this IS a transformative experience for him, it also represents that fact that he sees through the eyes of his programming, which is societal. He may have chosen to be a doctor, but "The Family" in esoteric understanding is just another reflection of YOU. It's just that there are few enough of the elites that you'd kinda notice if they were a particular way. We think of them as separate, but we are sharing the same human mind, which is the same underneath for everyone.

    Bill was programmed by his own family, as we all were, before becoming a doctor. That shaped his character's purpose in life. Who he is underneath that constructed identity is as mysterious as any of the other masked characters' true faces. We never know who people are underneath, except that there's a biological certainty that they are uncannily similar to us in almost everything. If you and the rest of humanity were to decisively gain the upper hand against the elites, and you did whatever you all decide to do, what kind of a world would you be looking at the next day? Would we all become better people? There'd still be a power vacuum, and because we are essentially human, the same volatile range of emotions (or even the lack thereof) would not go away. You have to look at yourself from the outside sometimes to get a better sense of who you are, as well as the world you are creating.

    Which is why I recommend your next companion article examine a movie Vanilla Sky or perhaps Pleasantville. I vaguely remember you already doing one for The Truman Show, but these are hollywood movies are all basically telling us the same story. Don't get hypnotized by all the variations in surface appearances; that's merely the spell of our rainbow world. Underneath we're all the same. It's what we do and the integrity we bring to that which defines us.

    • You do have a point no matter what genre of film the same archtypes is still being used and told for a new generation. I've seen Vanilla Sky very good film. VC did an article on the film Metropolis – now granted his article made some sense but he forgot the ending. The robot Maria is burnt at the stake by the worker class and the real Maria says that the head ( the elite) and the hands ( workers) need a mediator ( heart) which is the son of the man who invented the city.

    • jose johnson on

      Great point. How does one go about revealing the shadowy elements of himself or herself without going crazy and not projecting it unto others in their daily lives. How does one realize experientially that what happens in the outside world is a reflection of what is going on within their inner world and what strategies have you seen can be employed to integrate the apparent darkness within with each experience. This whole world is staged and is full of "this" or "that", black/white, rich/poor, us/them, god/devil, heaven/hill, aliens/human and so on. How does one see beyond this apparent duality to see the hidden unity?



  135. It would be good to focus on movies that program young people to the occult. Movies like "Harry Potter", or "ParaNorman", or "Jack the Giant Killer".

  136. There is a whole lot going on that this website can never get at, and that is these cultists all worship the planet Saturn and Venus because at one point in time Saturn was a brown dwarf sun, and earths original sun. There is way too much to explain, but if you google Saturndeathcult you will see what I mean

  137. Excellent article as usual. I also was/am aware of the deep and sometimes dark symbolism and meanings of this movie but it's always good to hear more analyses. Can't wait for part II either!

      • I agree John and Maco. I was disappointed when I discovered that Jesus was not born on Dec 25, but probably sometime in summer. The Babylonian king, Nimrod, was born on Dec. 25.(Do a google search on Nimrod and Christmas). When he died, his mother/wife claims that a small tree grew larger overnight on the spot where he died, so he was reserected. Every Dec. 25 after, wrapped presents would appear under the tree, thus the origin of Christmas and the tree. The elite Luciferian masons are into Egypt and Babylon. Nimrod is their great idol who defied God and built the tower of Babel to be equal with God and the heavens. The masons claim they built the tower of Babel. The 8 pointed star in the Christmas party decorations represents Ishtar, Babylonian goddess of sex and love. Some think the Christmas tree resembles the shape of the pyramid. Perhaps I should celebrate Christmas in summer.

  138. DoorsofPerception on

    I don't know if this has been mentioned but both Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise gave eulogies at Kubrick's funeral, which stuck me as incredibly odd especially considering the nature of the film in which they all worked together on and what turned out to be Kubrick's last.
    Kubrick has always had a thing for putting hidden messages and meanings into his movies through the use of multi-layered subplots and uncharacteristic (hence purposely and perfectly placed) errors, like the JFK assassination in Full Metal Jacket, American Indian/Forefathers subplot into The Shinning and the ever continuing "Nazi" agenda into A Clockwork Orange and Dr Strangelove (the latter being obviously the most blatant example).
    It is not a stretch to conclude that his final movie (whether he actually knew it would be his last curtain close or not) to be the most spectacular of reveals that Hollywood has ever seen.

  139. Ever since reading this article I've since seen the eight-pointed star of Ishtar not only on Jay-Z's medallion, but also in an animated children's movie called "Secret of Kells" which I saw today for the first time. Boy, there is a LOT going on symbolically in this film, and a lot more that I am sure is going right over my head. The star of Ishtar plays a prominent role in the story; there are also obelisks, references to the illuminati (what they refer to as an "illuminator"), third eye references, and even the good 'ole 666 OK hand gesture flash at least twice in one particular scene. I wish VC would do a separate article on this movie alone. I came away from the movie feeling a bit peeved – as though there were too many hidden messages, inside-jokes, and double-entendres I wasn't being privy to.

    • I actually really liked that movie. I thought it was sort of positive. Being about medieval Illuminated Manuscripts and all…

  140. I see an ongoing theme here about men whoring their daughters out. The International Order of the Rainbow club is an elite club for girls (a la masonic ties). We have the Greek costume shop owner of Rainbow Fashions who is selling his young daughter to the 2 Asian guys. We have the 2 women at the party who are presumably elite prostitutes (e.g., Rainbow members). Nicole is acting like a prostitute with the sailor, Mandy is a whore, and Dr. Bill has countless brushes with hookers. Even the lady whose father passed away, is whoring herself out in hopes of moving up on the social scale (from her teacher boyfriend to Dr. Bill). And, Bill/Alice's little girl is being instructed with math problems about the amount of money two boys have.

    I won't even get into the symbolism of Dr. Bill (dollar bill) and Gold (e.g., see the gold in the Zigler's bathroom). Kubrick is showing that real wealth is Gold, but the wanna-be wealthy (normal upper class) are ruled by dollars (e.g., fiat currency). They can control others with their dollars, but ultimately, he who has the gold makes the rules.

    It's pretty amazing the mind of Kubrick.

    • DoorsofPerception on

      It's very true, every single woman that is portrayed in Eyes Wide Shut is completely hell bent on sex, but in the same vain, so are the men. Ziegler and the prostitute, Dr. Bill running all over town trying to get his end wet and pretty much everyone else is either getting sex, looking for sex or watching sex.

      Gold is also featured predominately in Kubrick's The Shinning, with the "Gold Room" in which the protagonist (or antagonist) Jack converses with the ghostly haunting's of the Overlook's past and where he is fully integrated into the hotel itself.
      Is it a subtle hint that gold is (or the people who possess it are) inherently evil and that a person will also be consumed by the same force once he caves into the temptation of wealth and the power that comes with it? And to devastating and tragic ends?

    • "We have the Greek costume shop owner of Rainbow Fashions who is selling his young daughter to the 2 Asian guys. We have the 2 women at the…"

      And how do you know that the shop-owner is Greek? His surname is Mr Milich which is definitely not Greek. It's Polish-Jewish or German-Jewish. Certainly is Jewish from Eastern or Central Europe, not even Sephardic. Jewish shop-owner, ah the irony rofl. Ditto, that's why he stuffed Bill when he returned the costume. The stories I could tell you about them and their obsession with money, gold and so on. They own everything on earth, even the ones who hide their Jewish roots. That's why all those shiksas in Hollywood end up with Jewish men, so they can have a career. The Jewish men prefer shiksas on the other hand because their own women are quite unattractive -one of the reasons- and the other is because they know their own women will brainwash the kids even if they have them with gentiles, so they can also further the agenda by brainwashing more offsprings, the ones they have with the gentile women. There is no way a Jewish person -female or male- would accept to have children without following the same agenda.

    • Yes! Dr. (dollar) Bill has basically worthless paper money printed up by the Federal Reserve (which isn't even federal) while the elite masonic satanic Luciferians have all the gold. Most of the gold we originally had in Fort Knox is now missing. The Shinning shows how our current paper money is worthless to buy a drink in the Gold Room (1920's) before Wilson inacted the Federal Reserve. Interesting that Kubric brings this concept up again in Eyes Wide Shut.
      The rainbow is very important to the masons, and is involved in mind control, and wizard of Oz programming. It is interesting that the owner of the rainbow Fashions who pimps out his young daughter is doing this right next door to a masonic lodge. The pedophilia Lolita theme shows up again in this movie, and is connected to the elite.

  141. Don Beck, Ph. D. on

    this is so good..I want to see the movie again. It has always enchanted me, and now I know why!

  142. Umm, about Venus (referring to what Ovid wrote), Venus was the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty. In other words, Venus is the Roman name for Ishtar, except that in Roman Pantheism, Venus had little to do with war. The war aspects of Ishtar were personified in the Roman Bellona. Thus, by referencing Ovid and Venus, they are making references to this same set of ritualistic beliefs as exercised by the Romans.

  143. Some very interesting comments. In reading one of them, I realized something else related to EWS: it opened July 16, 1999–coincidently–the same day that JFK Jr. was killed, along with his wife and her sister.

  144. Maybe the lights represent PRISM. And the lack of lights represent the knowlegeable? Meaning all the scenes with rainbows are soul sucking data collection and the others are the places that it is understood. Just a thought. PRISM you know light and refraction etc.

  145. What is disturbing about this movie to me is when I saw it maybe 10 years ago I thought how weird and fucked up. I thought what a strange and truly disgusting and gross reality. It never occured to me that this isn't just a movie but this may actually be true. The more and more I learn the more and more I want to get into the heart of Mordor and burn the damn ring. It is awful and sickening and disgusting to take away the love of two people and make it into a sick ego-centric fuckfest where it is all about sick selfish desires. Their is no love in that you might as well squeel and grunt and put your orriface into a pig. No offence to the pig. But I see the soulless godless confused and downright insane products of our enviornment. Love is the answer. A human being reaching down to lend a hand or to gently brush their lovers shoulder.

    • No it isn't.

      Putting the wedding 'Ring' on the finger is symbolic of the consummation of the marriage (so important, it used to have to be witnessed to ensure that it took place, so that there could never be any dispute later), just like the placing of the 'Crown' on the head of the Monarch is symbolic of the consummation of another form of marriage (you may be King, but we own you, by your Oath you are now OUR prykk, so don't you ever forget it!).

      'Ring' and 'Crown' are the same.

      There's more than enough hints in the designs of Crowns.

      • PS What do you think the 'stone' on a ring relates to (though it shouldn't be where it is – if it was where it should be, you wouldn't be able to wear it)?

        A moon orbiting Saturn?

        "Happiness, is a warm (g).(x)un(x) . . . . When I hold you, and feel my finger on your 'trigger' . . . "

        There's a heck of a lot of nonsense spun around the old fertility rites that plagued this World for so long, with their slavery, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. Obviously those with a taste for Human, would like a return to those days.

        So we will have to disappoint them. Won't we.

        God is Love. If you do not feel Love, then you have moved too far away from God.

        If you are that far away, move closer.

  146. Kubrick was killed for exposing the elite's sadistic rituals, such as Pier Paolo Passolini was murdered when he made Salò or the 120 days of Sodom and his trilogy of death got interrupted. The elite doesn't want people to know about their "leisure and prayer" practices.

  147. sorry i know its not relevant to this article but could u write an article about ULTRAVIOLET movie too
    thanx4 all ur hard work vc

  148. Ive heared that Kubricks made this movie revealing personnel experiences that he had with the illuminati. Theres also been theories that he helped the US with the filming of the moon landing and thats how he got into the world of the occult. But when he realized that some people that helped film the moon landing had mysteriously died he became paranoid and thats when he became a shut in. In the movie the shinning he reveals that he was involved in the filming of the moon landing. Thats why i believe he did this movie to reveal the truth to the public and why eventually they killed him. VC should make an article on Kubrick.

  149. The "Ars Amatoria" of Ovid is NOT a ""How to Cheat On Your Partner" guide". Rather, it's about how to find and keep a partner in the first place.

  150. eyeswideopen on

    You are correct that Tom Cruise's character is meant to be associated with money and the upper crust of society (hence, his occupation as a doctor); however, the name "Dr. Bill" does not mean "dollar bill." It is a play on words. "Dr. Bill" translates to "doctor bill," as in a bill from the doctor. Once again, another subtle way of tying in Bill Harford's connection to money through his profession, as doctors are often associated with "billing" people and taking their money.

  151. The front for the movie could be simple one-eyed symbolism, two eyes but only one is open. Good analysis as usual.

  152. please elaborate the "rainbow" and "pedophile" connection happening inside the "rainbow rental" after midnight. thanks.

  153. VC. Thanks for this amazing article. I am currently rewatching "Vanilla Sky". It seems to tie in with it. Or at least about mind programming.

  154. i"ll try to explain why most people walk away from this film, not loving it, but also can't seem to articulate why. Problem with the movie is the critical scene which is the catalyst for the action in the second half of the film which just doesn't add up. Yes, both husband and wife get tempted at the party, but I doubt that's not something they encounter every day. Smoking hot woman, and good looking, affable doctor.

    Problem is, the film give us no basis to believe on any level, that a conversation between husband and wife (after husband declaring is unwavering love for her) would lead her to tell him that she was ready to leave him and her daughter to runaway with a sailor that she never me that was sitting in a hotel lobby. Even if it was true, there's little reason the director offers to explain her dropping this 'relationship changing' bomb. It would seem that the only reason she had to tell him this is to dispute this idea held by her husband that women don't think like men think. May not be a valid argument, but not enough to inspire your wife of 8 years to say that she was ready to leave you and her whole family for some guy she caught a glimpse of, but never met.

    And that's only if you suspend your disbelief that she actually did feel that way. What sane woman would leave a good looking doctor and her daughter, for a guy enlisted in the Navy whom she never even met? Makes absolutely no sense. If we're to believe that story, which speaks volumes about her– how is it that they stayed together that long? Wouldn't another scenario have presented itself at some point, something better than some random guy in the armed forces? It poses such a huge fundamental problem with her character that there's no way it wouldn't have manifested in other noticeable ways over the years.

    Basically the conversation not only makes her a classless harlot, but makes you wonder how a smart doctor living with her didn't take notice beforehand. Means he's not terribly bright either. And after she drops this bomb on him (which should've been devastating on 40 different levels)– he calmly takes a call and excuses himself from the house. A normal reaction would fall somewhere between asking her if she's lost her mind, and or telling her "thanks for revealing that your a classless tramp". .

    either way, the scene raises more questions than it answers and makes the motivation for the characters seem not credible. Kubrick blows the most pivotal scene in the movie, concentrating on aesthetics above giving his characters any credibility. they should've put more thought into giving Kidmans character some basis for giving that insane speech. an easy fix would've been to have her catch him at the party with the two girls getting physical. That may have given her basis to be angry enough to lash out at him. Later she could've said she made up that story to make him feel the jealousy she felt.

    But the acting is top notch in that pivotal scene, and most people get pulled into the rest of the film, which is visually stunning, without thinking why the movie doesn't work overall.

    Also want to touch on a point on your analysis that I think is off. Thinking that the wife is living off the success of the doctor is not plausible. Doctors in their late 30s are normally in debt. They certainly can't afford 4 million dollar apartments on central park west, private schools, etc. More likely than not– either herself or him have very very wealthy parents. Just thought I'd put that out there.

    • I have a theory about the naval officer. Alice is named for Alice in Wonderland (the mirror she uses is the looking glass) and this story is used to program MKULTRA Monarch mind control slaves. So Alice may have been used or is still being used in these rituals. Naval Intelligence comes up over and over again as being heavily involved in mind control. The naval officer may have triggered Alice at the hotel to switch into beta mode, to have an affair with him. Perhaps he even got her involved with the rituals. Normally, a wife would never leave her husband for an unknown naval officer. But this officer may have known she was a monarch.

  155. I had seen this movie on cable a few times, always catching it at the same parts, the cloak and masked Tom Cruise, or the bedroom scene with him and Nicole Kidman discussing some weird dream and it would never catch my attention because I simply didn't see head to tails. Finally tonight as I always do with movies I don't get the meaning of, I Googled it and read the Wikipedia post on it, and finally I understood some of it and even thought… well, a happy ending. But as this article entails, I knew there was more to the movie that met the eye. I always got a feeling of uneasiness while watching the little bits and pieces I had seen each time and it felt almost uncomfortable. The odd colored Christmas lights, the ritual with the masked people with the prostitutes (with flat arses) , the Russian tailor and his teen daughter, Dr. Bill always showing off his "Dr Batch" and it was weird, I cannot put my finger on it as to why but this article finally has shed light on the matter…. very well done! And now continuing on to part II I finally "see the light" so to speak. I have not drawn my own conclusions but I pretty much agreed with your explanations. There is something I am expecting to read about perhaps on the second part, and that is. while there is the mentioning of the rainbows, why, when Dr. Bill came face to face with that group of men coming out of a bar or something, did they refer to him as faggot… we all know the rainbow meaning for the GLTB community, was there some sort of connection then with the rainbow and homosexuals?

  156. Interesting article but I think the writer has his eyes wide shut about a few things. For instance that peculiar Christmas decoration he talks about sits above every Christmas tree. Stanley Kubrick wasn't trying to contrast the elite occult to to the non-elite, rather parallels of the occult were being drawn to every day life. This idea is woven all through the movie.

  157. Regarding Kubric"s death… I think he may have been a freemason, as he came from a non religious family and may have been interested in the mystery religions. Perhaps the elite masons gave him a lot of money for filming, if he would put their symbols and concepts in his movies. I think he was a humanist, and may have secretly objected to their cruel mind control and facist NWO ideas. I think the masonic elite knew exactly what he was doing with Eyes Wide Shut, providing him with real beta slaves to include in the movie, and told Kubrick to film their sex ritual to help usher in the NWO for the year 2000. Kubric may have died from heart disease, as it is a silent disease, or the elite may have been planning all along to kill him as a ritual sacrifice 666 days before January 1, 2001 and after his 13th movie (they're into numbers.)

  158. "crossing the rainbow" is a term for astral projection into the spirit world. this is used in all magick and experts can actually accomplish a lot with this act similar to lucid dreaming. the metaphor is: our world is Black&White and the spirit world is rainbow

  159. My girlfriend and I saw this movie when it came out – in the theater. I remember being blown away by it. I did not know what the multicolored lights meant but my eye was attracted to them. I knew they meant something or were there for s reason. The one thing I remember is that my girlfriend and I both got up during the movie, left and went to a bathroom and had sex. Its like we were subliminally made to go do it. Wild! Thanks for the article.

  160. I think this movie has a lot of "secret" meaning on it, i also think it has to be watched several times to notice the different "signals" Kubrick left for us to discover, and Kubrick's death was quite awkward and i shall say frightening too. Love your analysis, found it really interesting.

  161. In this film, Kubric externalized the hierarchy and, for those who have eyes to see, exposed secrets and implicated specific individuals–Much of the film will remain unseen.

  162. The meaning of the movie is very simple and if you don't have your eyes wide shut, Kubrick literally tells you the meaning in large print.

    We are all LUCKY TO BE ALIVE.

    Despite the fact that we may have perfect lives, loved ones, money, good looks and all you could want, we self medicate with drugs stashed in "band-aid" boxes. We yearn for adventure and sex with strangers. Too foolish to see that what we already have should be good enough for us, really we should all just feel LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. This is why the film ends with Nicole literally telling the audience the meaning of the film. Nothing is hidden. Yet humorously, hardly anyone "got it." They all have their eyes wide shut.

  163. The Rainbow is the logo for "Noahidism" – Jewish Noahide Laws for Gentiles. Look at the Wiki page – Noahidism ((/ˈnoʊə.haɪd.ɪsm/); alternatively Noachidism (/ˈnoʊə.xaɪd.ɪsm/)) is a Biblical-Talmudic and monotheistic ideology based on the Seven Laws of Noah, and on their traditional interpretations within Judaism. According to Jewish law, non-Jews are not obligated to convert to Judaism, but they are required to observe the Seven Laws of Noah to be assured of a place in the World to Come. The penalty for violating any of these Noahide Laws is subject to interpretation in the Talmud. The two worlds represent one for Jews and one for Gentiles. "In Eyes Wide Shut, there are therefore two worlds: The Christmas lights-filled “rainbow world”, where the masses wander around, trying to make ends meet and the other world… “where the rainbow ends”- where the elite gathers and performs its rituals. The contrast between the two world give a sense of an almost insurmountable divide between them. Later, the movie will clearly show us how those from the “rainbow world” cannot enter the other world".

  164. @Steven8, about the part where the modern Israel being controlled by the imposter Jews is correct they are called the Kharzai, and if we look deeper into history and those who have who are the true Jews betwn the Palestinians and those claims to be Jews and occupy Israel, it'll be the Palestines who would cut to be the most genuine Jews than the Pretenders Kharzanians who are spreading mischief, corruption, murder, Sexual obsinity in the world…

  165. You people who had to have this explained to you need to do 2 things….quit watching so much tv and movies and read a book!!!! open up your eyes and look around sometime! start studying the real world and and get away from all the fantasy… and by the way this guy only has some of the movie and his facts correct. educate your dumb asses!!!!!!!

  166. I find Nicole Kidman one oft he most unconvincing actors in modern film. Right up there with Cate Blanchett and Isla Fisher…..

  167. kaisy williams on

    there are many things that are refreshing

    a hot bath is refreshing

    a good meal is refreshing

    relaxing in a soft robe is refreshing

    I am relaxing as I sit in this chair

    I do not have to be asleep to find refreshment

    I may not need as much sleep as I have formally said I do

    If I were really in need of sleep I would be sleeping more

  168. Bill is a doctor, an important figure in controlling the population. We revere and respect them for their knowledge and expertise, but the irony is that Bill is as naive as a child in this movie.

    Doctors dispense mind-controlling drugs and suppress the anger of the people. They are an important tool for the elite, which is why they enjoy their perks. However, doctors are still at the bottom of the pyramid, and Bill makes this discovery.

    In the beginning and throughout the film we see the power he can exert over the common people, such as how he checks the pulse of an attractive topless woman, even though that is totally unnecessary.

    We are led to believe that, as a doctor, he has some sort of psychopathic sexual confidence that makes him irresistible to other women. However, that is something he was not born with. It was given to him by the system in exchange for doing the dirty work for the elites.

    Throughout the movie we see him trying to use his influence to gain insight into the truth, but the system is set up so that he can only go so far. It works with the unimportant proletariat. But the elite are always one step ahead of him, spying on him and ready to give answers. He is living in a closed loop.

  169. Ooh, thanks for going over this movie for us! We hadn't wanted to see it but were curious.

    And the Christmas lights? Are those a common symbol? I've never heard them mentioned in this kind of context before, but one of my hosts loves them and wanted to decorate her bedroom with them until another alter made her take them down. She was so crushed…

  170. grilledsardine on

    I had seen this movie when it first came out and guess it didn't leave much of an impression. I couldn't remember much of it at all. HBO has it running now and I rewatched it last night and found it to be incredibly boring, adolescent and misogynistic. And I am most definitely not one who needs a shoot 'em up kind of movie. I normally enjoy quiet languid movies.

    However, I must say, I find your analysis very compelling and certainly is making my reconsider my views of the movie while it's still fresh in my head. Looking forward to the rest of the analyses. I'm wondering if you pick up on the treatment of women in this film?

  171. The Hungarian could not be Anton Szandor LaVey, leader of the church of satan, he was born in Chicago in 1930 and died in San Francisco in 1997, he was also of Ukrainian ancestry. Kubrick was trying to indeed tell us this character was from Hungary, George Soros is from Hungary, detail detail derail, he couldn't have been more clear as to have the character say "I'm Hungarian"

  172. I spent an evening just on the flore de lis wall paper and the Fugges/ 30 years war. Again , the three , the trinity, the three classes, the Fuge banking system and augsburgh. Frighteningly insightful. The end of the Medici-

  173. You know it may be a slight stretch, but I think Kubrick primed the story for a possible past relationship with Alice and Seigler. The whole art world /prostitute connection. We only knew of Alices art world mask. Was Bill the one who made the house calls ? Maybe not the only one. The whole tennis connection between A.&Z. The shape change of the woman at the party.The whole pointelest lighting at Zeiglers house/ the idea of having to "back up" to get proper perspective / perhaps out of the room….the whole bronze sculpture fixation by Zeigler. Alice looks like a renaissance bronze. She disrobes in scene one precisely like the girls of the orgy mass…between the pillars of babylon(bohemian grove) next too the tennis rackets. The fact tha Alice was psych in the know about everything Bill was doing while Domino was studying psych(her book tastes) made her prehaps only a better "class" hooker. A was also teaching these ideals to her daughter, Helena. The fact that I believe the Hungarian was drugging Alice and knew she indulged in drugs and invited her to the orgy party. Seemed to have her picked out already. In fact her "laughing" dream pose is similar to the bathroom seen o the girl and the girl in the painting above her. Obviously she had the experience of the orgy which the dream contained. I could go on, but this was probably a conscience parallel by Kubrick. Not meant to be "fact"

  174. By the way, from Sonata to the costume shop across the street by taxi cab/ his journey to oz. Over the rainbow just like Dorothy that's whybthe three bandmates are not playing the right instruments((costumes of the three lion scarecrow tin man) entering oz…

  175. Note: street signs (2) wren; new world bird of the troglodyte family as in unaware, unlearned, crawls in holes
    Benson; old english name. Senetor Thomas hart Benson shot Andrew Jackson , fought the banks. Famous qoute/ when I fight a funeral follows, when I am opposed men grab ropes for hanging. No coincidences in a Kubrick work

  176. Note: street signs (2) wren and benson. New world bird of the troglodyte family.relate Bill…. Senator who shot Andrew Jackson, and subsequently used Jackson to fight the banks.relate Zeigler See famous quote: a funeral follows my fights
    Mandy- diminutive of Amanda/ see 1688 Cibber play write "loves last shift"

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