The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (pt. III)


In the third and final part of this series on Eyes Wide Shut, we’ll look at Bill’s journey as a whole and at its underlying esoteric meaning. We’ll see how symbolism placed by Kubrick connects all of the women in the movie, making Bill’s encounters a multi-faceted exploration of the feminine principle.


Note: It is recommended that you read the first and second part of this series first. Also, again, gigantic spoilers.

The previous parts of this series of articles on Eyes Wide Shut was solely dedicated to the secret society discovered by Bill. This elite club, attended by the world’s most powerful people, deals with Satanism, black magick and even ritual sacrifices. Aided by his friend Nightingale, Bill infiltrates one of the secret society’s occult rituals and witnesses a ceremony presided over by a high priest. Then an orgy ensued.

In the second article, I explained how real life secret societies, such as the Hellfire club and the O.T.O., actually practice these kinds of rituals. The occult principles behind them derive from Tantric yoga, where the energy generated by physical arousal is used to reach a “higher state”. This concept was reused (and maybe corrupted) by Aleister Crowley who called it “Sex Magick”. According to him and his peers, knowledge of this type of magick was the biggest secret of past secret societies and was only disclosed to the highest initiates.

There is, however, no (direct) mention of any of this in Eyes Wide Shut. In fact, the ceremony witnessed by Bill, with its elaborate choreography and its creepy music, appears to be one big, empty, phony piece of dramatic theater that simply exists to give the rich people some kind of mystical reason to engage in gratuitous debauchery. While Kubrick stripped the occult ritual of all of its esoteric, “magickal” meaning, he did infuse the entire movie with it. If one looks at the pace of the movie, at Bill’s journey and the people he encounters, it becomes somewhat apparent that the “magick” does not occur during the ritual itself but during the movie as a whole. Was Kubrick somehow initiated to occult secrets? Was he trying to communicate them through his movie? Let’s look at the concepts behind the ritual.

Kundalini Rising

The concept of magick through reproductive forces is said to originate from ancient ritual practices, as traces of it can be found in Hinduism, Taoism and in Medieval secret societies, such as the Knight Templars. In today’s Western world, the O.T.O is said to be the heir of this path as it claimed by Aleister Crowley and his acolyte, Theodor Reuss.

“Theodor Reuss was quite categoric: the OTO was a body of initiates in whose hands was concentrated the secret knowledge of all oriental orders and of all existing Masonic degrees.(…) The order had “rediscovered” the great secret of the Knights Templar, the magic of sex, not only the key to ancient Egyptian and hermetic tradition, but to all the secrets of nature, all the symbolism of Freemasonry, and all systems of religion.”
– Peter Tomkins, The Magic of Obelisks

The basic principle behind this “great secret” is the raising of the Kundalini or “life force”, an energy that can be used for magickal purposes.

“In all Tantric magic, the essential requirement – whether in the ecstasy of couples or the solo ritual of a priestess – involved the raising of the energy known as the serpent of fire, or kundalini. This mysterious energy described as lying dormant in the lowest of the seven chakras, can be aroused by two distinct methods, called, traditionally, the right- and the left-hand path. The right hand allots supremacy to the male principle, the left to the feminine. As the serpent power is aroused, according to clairvoyants, it climbs up the backbone of the adept, energizing each chakra, till it emerges from the skull – symbolically as the snake’s head like those so clearly depicted in Egyptian statuary.


As adepts describe the rising of the serpent, it unites with the “many-petaled louts of the cerebral region” to bring about illumination – or the highest form of initiation -as the current “climbs from the duality to unity by reversing the path it originally took the chakras to procreate humanity.”

Details of the OTO’s initiation into Hindu and Tibetan Tantra, including ceremonies involving the use of “exudation” from specifically trained priestess were brought to a wider public by Crowley’s follower Kenneth Grant. Sacred courtesans, experts in ritual eroticism, known in India as nautch girls (…) were exceptionally honored.”
– Ibid.

While sacred courtesans were “exceptionally honored” in Eastern esotericism, today’s twisted black magic orders use Beta Programming slaves and dispose of them when they are through with them. In short, the exact opposite of being “exceptionally honored”.

Kundalini rising, the concept behind Tantric magic is wholly represented in a single image, Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet.

This famous depiction of Baphomet depicts all of the behind S Magick - the rising of the kundalini (represented by the phallic pole and two serpents) through the union of opposite forces. The torch above the goat head represents illuminatation.

This famous depiction of Baphomet includes all of the symbols behind Sex Magick – the rising of the kundalini (represented by the phallic pole wrapped by two serpents) through the union of opposite forces. The torch above the goat head represents illumination.

So what does all of this have to do with Eyes Wide Shut? At first glance, nothing much. While we see a ritual involving “sacred courtesans” in the movie, there is absolutely no mention of “kundalini rising” during the whole thing. However, if we take a closer look at Bill’s journey as a whole, from the beginning of the movie to the end, we realize that the real ritual does not occur at the elite mansion, but within Bill’s head. As he encounters new women and is exposed to new opportunities, his kundalini rises – and Kubrick added clues to denote this fact.

The Movie as a Ritual

While Eyes Wide Shut appears to be all about sexuality, nobody in the movie ever reaches climax. While Bill has many chances of satisfying his urges with attractive women, it never actually happens. However, as the movie progresses, there’s a definite increase in desire and lust, but Bill manages to keep it under control. Managing this “life force” is at the core of Tantric magic. Viewers are constantly reminded of this process several times during the movie when Bill imagines his wife with a naval officer. Each flash is increasingly intense – going from kissing to all-out copulating.

In each flash, Bill sees thing becoming more intense between his wife and the naval officer. These scenes reflect the increasing sexual tension of Bill's journey.

As the movie progress, Bill’s flashes of Alice cheating on him become more intense. Towards the end of the movie, she’s about to reach climax. These scenes reflect Bill’s kundalini rising. Having these flashes would be hurtful and painful and they remind the viewers that Bill’s journey started out of pain and humiliation.

Towards the end of the movie, tension is so high that Bill gets flirty and touchy with a complete stranger, minutes after he met her. While that scene was rather odd, it emphasized the ever-increasing level of tension in the movie. Also, to emphasize duality, that girl immediately told Bill that her roomate had AIDS...which is kind of a mood killer.

Towards the end of the movie, Bill is so horny that he gets flirty and grabby with a complete stranger, minutes after he met her. While that scene was rather odd and surreal, it reflects his “progress” in the ritual.

The very last lines of the movie conclude and define Bill’s journey. After running around New York and getting aroused by all kinds of stuff, Bill stands face-to-face with his wife and talks about how “awake” he is now. With his “life force” fully charged, Alice ends the movie with a phrase completing the ritual:

“- I do love you. And you know, there is something very important that we need to do a soon as possible.
– What’s that?
– F*ck.”

Ending the movie on that particular note suggests that the entire journey was one of increasing intensity, one that ultimately lead to a “magickally charged ” climax, the goal of Crowleyan-magick.

Bill’s journey was not all fun and games, however. As the movie progresses, there is a constant back-and-forth between pleasure and pain, attraction and repulsion, life and death, and so forth. The path is all about duality and, just like the floors of Masonic lodges are checkered in black and white, Bill’s journey consists on his alternatively stepping on black and white tiles – seeing the dualistic nature of all things.

Eros and Thanatos

Bill’s night out in New York City is characterized by numerous encounters with the female gender – each one of them offering a “cure” to a broken heart. However, each encounter also bears a potentially destructive aspect to it, one that counterbalances its appeal and attraction. While Bill is looking to procreate, he sees that his urges engender pain and even death. Bill’s journey is therefore a back-and-forth between man’s two basic impulses as defined by Freud: Eros and Thanatos.

Freud saw in Eros the instinct for life, love and sexuality in its broadest sense, and in Thanatos, the instinct of death, aggression. Eros is the drive toward attraction and reproduction; Thanatos toward repulsion and death. One leads to the reproduction of the species, the other toward its own destruction. While each one of Bill’s encounters promise the sweet temptation of lust, they also have a destructive counter side.

Bill's first encounter occurs when he visits one of his regular patients that died. His married daughter hits on him before her husband steps in. In this scene, we the juxtaposition of lust and desire with death and betrayal.

Bill’s first encounter occurs when he visits one of his regular patients that died. The dead patient’s daughter kisses Bill and tells him that she loves him. We therefore see in this scene a juxtaposition of concepts of lust and desire with death. Also, if Bill went with this woman, it would ultimately hurt her husband – another bad side of succumbing to lust.

Each one of Bill’s female encounters promises gratification, but ends up being interrupted by something negative, such as guilt or potential danger. Also, every time Bill is in contact with the sleazy-yet-tempting aspects of lust (prostitution or slavery), he quickly discovers the dark, exploitative and destructive side of it.

For instance, right after Bill enjoyed the “delights” of seeing MK Kittens at work at the elite ritual, when returning his costume, he immediately sees the dark side of it all. The shop owner, who previously caught his underage daughter with two Asian businessmen and was outraged by it, had a sudden change of heart.

Standing at the opposite side of the counter, the shop owner sells his underage daughter as if she was another product. After enjoying the glamor of masked slaves in lavish rituals, Bill sees the other side of the "trade": Young girls being sold by exploitative people to a system feeding on pedophilia.

Standing behind his business counter, the shop owner sells his underage daughter as if she was another product. After enjoying masked slaves in lavish rituals, Bill sees the other side of the “trade”: Young girls being sold by exploitative people to a system feeding on minors, turning them into MK slaves. Is that why this store was called “Rainbow”?

Bill’s journey is therefore one that continually alternates between the primal allure of lust and the destructive social constructs that are erected around it. There is nothing more basic and instinctual than carnal attraction, but our modern world has made these relations complex, bound by rules, and prone to exploitation. While lust is nature’s way of pushing humans to procreate, social constructs have created all kinds fetishes, distortions, games, and perversions around this primal urge … to the point that it has been denatured and debased into an unhealthy obsession.

As Bill navigates between joy and pain, monogamous marriage and anonymous debauchery, we notice that there’s a common thread uniting his various encounters.

Red-Headed Women

The most important women in the movie are Bill’s wife, his daughter Helena, Amanda (the Beta slave who was sacrificed at the ritual) and Domino (a prostitute he met on the street). All three adult women are somewhat physically similar as they are tall, well-proportioned, and red-headed. They also appear to be connected on “another level”.

While Alice is a respectable, upper-class lady, she makes a living using her looks in loveless relationship, a little like what a prostitute would do. On the other hand, the time spent between Bill and Domino is sweet and tender, a little with what happens in a loving relationship. Alice is therefore not very different from Domino, and vice-versa.

There are also links with Amanda. While Alice was (probably) not at the occult ritual attended by Bill, when he comes back from it, she describes to him a dream that is similar to what he just witnessed and what Amanda just experienced.

“He was kissing me. Then we were making love. Then there were all these other people around us, hundreds of them, everywhere. Everyone was f-cking. And then I …I was f-cking other men. So many. I don’t know how many I was with. And I knew you could see me in the arms of all these men … just f-cking all these men.”

Alice’s dream “connects” her with Amanda who was at the ritual and who actually lived Alice’s dream.


The day after the ritual, Bill finds his mask creepily “sleeping” next to his wife. Is this Alice’s way of saying that she’s aware of what’s going on? Maybe that she’s participating in this? Is it a warning from the secret society? Alice never acknowledges the mask, so I guess we’ll never know.

Was Domino at the ritual? It is also interesting to point out that “Domino” is a type of mask used in these types of gatherings.

A Domino mask

A Domino mask

Looking closer at the “magic circle” formed by the women of the ritual, we can identify a few women who could be Domino. The day after the ritual, Bill shows up at Domino’s house with a gift, but her roommate informs him that she is HIV-positive … and that she might never be back again. Is this true or was Domino yet another “casualty” in Bill’s journey?  Like Amanda and Nightingale, Domino mysteriously disappears after the ritual.

The fact that these women are all connected reveals one fundamental fact: Bill’s journey is not about a specific woman, it is about the feminine principle as a whole. It is an esoteric quest to understand and “be one with” the feminine principle that is opposite to his.

Helena Down the Same Path?

Throughout the movie, Helena (Bill’s daughter) is shown to be groomed to be another Alice. There are also some cues linking Helena to Domino. For instance, there’s a stroller in front of Domino’s apartment and, at the end in the movie, in the toy store, Helena is very interested by a stroller and shows it to her mother.

Domino laying there with a feline plush toy, a symbol of Beta Kitten programming.

Domino on her bed with a stuffed feline, a symbol of Beta Kitten programming.

An entire row of this toy is at the store where Helena shops at the final scene of the movie.

An entire row of this exact same toy is at the store where Helena shops in the final scene of the movie.

There is also something strange about the scene above: the two men behind Helena happened to be at Ziegler’s party at the very beginning of the movie.

The two same men at Zeigler's party.

The two same men at Ziegler’s party: same hair, same physical stature and the guy on the right wears similar glasses.

Why are these two men in the store, looking at toys? Is New York City such a small town? Was Kubrick lacking extras to appear in that scene? Unlikely. Could it be that they’re part of the secret society that’s been following Bill and his family? Strange fact: When the men walk away and disappear from the shot, Helena appears to follow them … and we don’t see her for the rest of the movie. The camera indeed zooms onto Alice and Bill, who are completely absorbed with themselves. Is this a VERY subtle way of saying that their daughter will be sucked in by the Beta slave system of the secret society? Another enigma.

In Conclusion

Stanley Kubrick’s works are never strictly about love or relationships. The meticulous symbolism and the imagery of all of his works often communicate another dimension of meaning–one that transcends the personal to become a commentary on our epoch and civilization. And, in this transitional period between the end of 20th century and the beginning of the 21th century, Kubrick told the story of a confused man who wanders around, desperately looking for a way to satisfy his primal urges. Kubrick told the story of a society that is completely debased and corrupted by hidden forces, where humanity’s most primal urge–procreation–has been cheapened, fetishized, perverted, and exploited to a point that it has lost all of its beauty. At the top of this world is a secret society that revels in this context, and thrives on it. Kubrick’s outlook on the issue was definitely not idealistic nor very optimistic.

His grim tale focuses on a single man, Bill, who is looking for an undefined something. Even if he appears to have everything, there is something missing in his life. Something visceral and fundamental that is never put into words, but that is quite palpable. Bill cannot be complete if he is not at peace with the opposite of him: the feminine principle. Bill’s quest, therefore, follows the esoteric principle of uniting two opposite forces into one. As suggested by the last lines of the movie, Bill will ultimately “be one” and get physical with his wife. After that, the alchemical process and the Tantric ritual would be complete. However, as Kubrick somehow communicates in the final scene, even if these two extremely self-absorbed, egoistical and superficial people believe they’ve reached a some kind of epiphany, what does it really change? Our civilization as a whole still has its eyes wide shut … and those were Kubrick’s last cinematographic words.


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2 years 5 months ago
I want to address the use of rainbow symbolism used in this movie, and its use alongside the Chistmas tree and its lights. The whole point of yogic practices in eastern cultures, be they tantric or any other branch of yoga, is to attain one's "Rainbow Body". The rainbow body is the "Light Body", a body made of light and hence many colours. This is "Enlightenment", the attainment of a higher vibration and the transcendence of the need to manifest a physical body. We put Christmas trees up at Christmas time and trim them with bright coloured lights. Christmas is… Read more »
1 year 10 months ago
I personally think that the elite wanted this movie made. They own the media and if they didn't want this movie released, it wouldn't have been. This is a message to the sheeple: we own you, we are powerful, and we are painting the world with our colors. Welcome to our world. Our way of life is coming to your pathetic little world very soon and there isn't anything you can do about it. Our values will be your values and our morals your morals….I think if they could turn us all into monarch slaves, they would! Jesus come soon… Read more »
6 months 10 days ago
well the rainbow flag, and gay rights, and the kids on the street call tom cruise a switch hitter. I smell symbolizim! and under the rainbow was the shop, over th rainbow was the wizard of oz song, and Judy garland was gay right activist. just plain weird if you ask me, and the wizard of oz was targeted at children! creepy dark side of the moon pink floyd lines up with the wiz of oz. Which had a rainbow on the cover, dont forget we have never seen the dark side of the moon. the moon doesent spin. too… Read more »
4 months 4 days ago

The moon is a feminine symbol. ‘There is no dark side of the moon, really…matter of fact…it’s all dark. The only thing that makes it look light is the sun.’

5 months 10 days ago
Is it possible Bill's sexual orientation is being questioned throughout the film? One of the "models" from the party is named Nuala (there is a special point being made to spell it out). Nuala is an alternate name for Úna (perhaps meaning "lamb"), wife of Finnbheara, king of the fairies. Is the "end of the rainbow" homosexuality and the "wife of the king of fairies" is going to take him there? The other model knows Bill from a previous encounter where she has dust in her eye and Bill helps her get it out, thus to be able to see… Read more »
4 months 4 days ago

That’s the trouble with art and metaphor. Nearly anything can symbolize nearly anything else.

11 months 27 days ago

Very nice analysis! but some things are a little far-fetched (in my opinion) considering the fact that the movie is based on the 1925 novel 'Traumnovelle' (I think in English it is called Dreamstory) by Arthur Schnitzler. Dont get me wrong I think you did a great job, I just feel that since the movie is very similar to the original plot one shouldnt 'over-interpret' . nevertheless really interesting series of articles

4 months 7 days ago

You are correct. But I do not believe the author of the book was intending to portray, what the director of the movie portrayed. The director created “his perception” of the book, or perhaps what he was told to include in his perception.

1 year 4 months ago

Facinating article and analysis. I believe that Amanda is Domino. Why would Amanda, a complete stranger, offer to die in place of Bill when he is about to pay a heavy price for attending the ritual. We were given the answer when Domino's roommate said she was diagnosed with Aids. She also said that Domino told her that Bill was very kind to her. That is why she is Amanda and she died for Bill because she was already going to die.

6 months 10 days ago

Very nice article. I watched this movie recently and was in awe of it. But your article helped me understand it's true beauty.

Eric Lahmy
1 year 4 months ago

These three articles are very impressive! I enjoyed everything in what you wrote, and your vision of so many détails is humbling (for my wide shut eyes). This is a very good and probably very pertinent interpretation of the movie. I would like to know, in your opinion, why Kubrik used a different actress for Mandy (Julienne Davis) and the girl who helps him (Abigail Good). These two actresses were they playing the same character? Was Kubrik playing with the spectator, as he usually does?

1 year 5 months ago

No-one has mentioned the scene where Bill is leaning over the woman in the morgue for an unreasonably long time as if he is going to kiss her! He falls into a trance and is hypnotically drawn closer and closer. It is quite unnerving.

4 months 5 days ago

I too thought about that scene at the time and surmised he was smelling her perfume to see if it was the same woman.

Remember he never saw the woman’s face at the event.

He moved in so slowly as he was afraid of what the “answer” was going to be.

2 months 29 days ago

This is a really interesting analysis, however, it fails to recognize the fact that it’s an adaptation of the German novel “Dream Story.” The movie is much more sexual, leaving little implied to its viewers as compared to the novel, and to which Freud actually responded that the author Arthur Schnitzler was his literary counterpart.

SHINee Music
3 months 17 hours ago

This movie will be good without the sex addiction that is behind it…why every little scene must have sex? I doubt if the elite really doesn’t want this movie…they want the masses to be addicted to sex

3 months 10 days ago

Props on the fantastic take on a movie that I, myself, have picked apart. A very well reasoned and thought out article which is resonating with me at a very high level. We could literally discuss this move for years as the mystery is pealed back layer by layer.

3 months 13 days ago
EWS was released in theaters on the 30th anniversary of… The Apollo 11 mission being launched to the Moon! Now combine this with the rumors of Stanley’s involvement in said Apollo 11 mission (i.e. that he DIRECTED & PRODUCED it), and the clues in The Shining… You know, Danny’s Apollo sweater! A11 work and no play makes Jack (Stanley) a dull boy??? A11 = Apollo 11 In 2001, what is the first thing the viewer sees, after touching/going through the Monolith? The Moon. It appears the hoax Kubrick interview was made, along with ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ mockumentary to… Read more »
6 months 25 days ago
I think the guy writing this is an over enthusiastic dramatist who uses the word slave far too much that only a half illiterate child would keep doing to elongate his or her sentences could concoct. He makes some good points to describe certain meanings but has some very far out assumptions on the film such as "Beta MK Ultra slaves". Another dream land conspiracy theorist without any concrete evidence and a false sense of knowledge that is as presumptuous as a Salem witch trial, this time its MK Ultra sex slaves for which there is no solid evidence. Of… Read more »
4 months 4 days ago

Maybe not in the literal sense, but take a young starlet, more entertainer than artist, puppet for the elite, dies of a drug overdose…who’s influence led to her fate? The elite do have secret societies with ritualistic sex and death. We are all slaves to their ideas and their control of the money supply. Just as there may be no literal messiah, no tangible god, there are still sound reasons to reject the imposition of elitist debauchery….even if it sometimes seems to work for some.

7 months 7 hours ago

You fail to mention how the mask ended up on Bill's pillow.

7 months 6 days ago
I've not watched the movie myself, but in reading these articles I have to wonder: the link between the stages of "progress" and the different lives of the red-headed women, for one, and more predominant in my mind: the link between the images surrounding Helena and the threat against Dr. Bill's family. Perhaps the consequence IS the integration of Helena into the dark world, robbed of the rainbow world. Would rainbows be significant to a world of innocence and optimism? Or, would a threat be a cautionary statement, used to keep the "profane" (to the dark world, anyhow) "on their… Read more »
7 months 6 days ago

If the integration of Helena is the consequence, maybe the entire society is the product of a vicious circle.
Introduction, awareness, acceptance, participation or refusal, and the consequences set in place after either path is pursued.

terry aston
7 months 10 days ago

Please tell me what the frogs falling wss supposed to represent.

1 month 21 days ago

If you’re referring to Magnolia the frogs falling from the sky is pretty clearly laid out in the film. The film is filled with references to Exodus in the bible, which contains the plagues of Egypt one of which was frogs. The other explanation is just These things sometimes happen(it has happened in reality). So it’s a question for the viewer of whether it’s all just random coincidence or if it was devine intervention to punish the wicked and save the pure.

8 months 3 days ago
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9 months 28 days ago

Domino is a bit of a strange name for a prostitute, I wonder, if the name is hinting to the domino programming. Google domino programming illuminati to find out more.

11 months 4 days ago

Incredible analisys. But, what if Alice and Helena were both taken to the ritual on that day too? The Elite people decided to "hipnotize" them, by their methods, to get assurances against Bill. It's not impossible, as we can see the possibility of those people entering Bill's home, in order to leave a mask above his bed. Also, I there's two facts that indicates this hypotesis: (1) Alice's dream and (2) Helena's link to Domino and to the two man in the toy store.

The Guilded Scribe
1 year 14 days ago
I have much to write concerning EWS in conjunction with the VC and I thank the group for sharing and enlightening truth seekers with its commentary. My essay or article would take hours to write as well, and I cannot make time for it today, but I will share an important thought now. In the holiday party scene, when Alice meets the guest from Hungary, my intuition suggests she came in contact with a direct descendant of Count Dracula or Vlad the Impaler. It was very effective for Stanley Kubrick to give his character a suave appearance, compelling accent, sexual… Read more »
4 months 3 days ago

Oh, and “Interview With The Vampire” was released in 1994, well before “Eyes Wide Shut.” I should know. It was my first R-rated movie to see in the theatre. Check your facts first.

4 months 3 days ago

Try “Interview With The Vampire” film (book written by Anne Rice) NOT Vampire Diaries. Silly…

1 year 4 months ago

Anyone following the current Prince Andrew scandal can see what Kubrick depicted – the use, abuse and disposal of female (and probably male) flesh among the 'elite' – is REAL. Significant revelations…

1 year 4 months ago

Exactly. When that scandal broke I immediately thought of the film! VC's review is one of the more , dare I say, illuminating.

Not Programmed
1 year 5 months ago

I remember a song by Ciara and J. Timberlake called love, sex, magic. I thought of it right after your Crowley comment. Insane how it's just everywhere.

1 year 5 months ago

I've never been Hindu myself, so take this with a grain of salt, but I've heard rumours that Tantric ritual prostitutes are "exceptionally honoured" WHILE BEING PROSTITUTES, and after losing their youthful sexy-powers are considered every bit as disposable as a Beta Kitten. 🙁

Curious Cat
1 year 5 months ago

Something else I noticed that didn't see mentioned… there's a part at the end of the movie where Helena picks up a Barbie to show to her parents, while Christmas shopping, and one of the Barbie's eyes is covered with her hair. So, again with the whole one-eye thing.

1 year 4 months ago

Good catch.

1 year 6 months ago

Great write-up! One thing I thought about with Alice is that she was a representation of Babalon…