The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (pt. III)


In the third and final part of this series on Eyes Wide Shut, we’ll look at Bill’s journey as a whole and at its underlying esoteric meaning. We’ll see how symbolism placed by Kubrick connects all of the women in the movie, making Bill’s encounters a multi-faceted exploration of the feminine principle.


Note: It is recommended that you read the first and second part of this series first. Also, again, gigantic spoilers.

The previous parts of this series of articles on Eyes Wide Shut was solely dedicated to the secret society discovered by Bill. This elite club, attended by the world’s most powerful people, deals with Satanism, black magick and even ritual sacrifices. Aided by his friend Nightingale, Bill infiltrates one of the secret society’s occult rituals and witnesses a ceremony presided over by a high priest. Then an orgy ensued.

In the second article, I explained how real life secret societies, such as the Hellfire club and the O.T.O., actually practice these kinds of rituals. The occult principles behind them derive from Tantric yoga, where the energy generated by physical arousal is used to reach a “higher state”. This concept was reused (and maybe corrupted) by Aleister Crowley who called it “Sex Magick”. According to him and his peers, knowledge of this type of magick was the biggest secret of past secret societies and was only disclosed to the highest initiates.

There is, however, no (direct) mention of any of this in Eyes Wide Shut. In fact, the ceremony witnessed by Bill, with its elaborate choreography and its creepy music, appears to be one big, empty, phony piece of dramatic theater that simply exists to give the rich people some kind of mystical reason to engage in gratuitous debauchery. While Kubrick stripped the occult ritual of all of its esoteric, “magickal” meaning, he did infuse the entire movie with it. If one looks at the pace of the movie, at Bill’s journey and the people he encounters, it becomes somewhat apparent that the “magick” does not occur during the ritual itself but during the movie as a whole. Was Kubrick somehow initiated to occult secrets? Was he trying to communicate them through his movie? Let’s look at the concepts behind the ritual.

Kundalini Rising

The concept of magick through reproductive forces is said to originate from ancient ritual practices, as traces of it can be found in Hinduism, Taoism and in Medieval secret societies, such as the Knight Templars. In today’s Western world, the O.T.O is said to be the heir of this path as it claimed by Aleister Crowley and his acolyte, Theodor Reuss.

“Theodor Reuss was quite categoric: the OTO was a body of initiates in whose hands was concentrated the secret knowledge of all oriental orders and of all existing Masonic degrees.(…) The order had “rediscovered” the great secret of the Knights Templar, the magic of sex, not only the key to ancient Egyptian and hermetic tradition, but to all the secrets of nature, all the symbolism of Freemasonry, and all systems of religion.”
– Peter Tomkins, The Magic of Obelisks

The basic principle behind this “great secret” is the raising of the Kundalini or “life force”, an energy that can be used for magickal purposes.

“In all Tantric magic, the essential requirement – whether in the ecstasy of couples or the solo ritual of a priestess – involved the raising of the energy known as the serpent of fire, or kundalini. This mysterious energy described as lying dormant in the lowest of the seven chakras, can be aroused by two distinct methods, called, traditionally, the right- and the left-hand path. The right hand allots supremacy to the male principle, the left to the feminine. As the serpent power is aroused, according to clairvoyants, it climbs up the backbone of the adept, energizing each chakra, till it emerges from the skull – symbolically as the snake’s head like those so clearly depicted in Egyptian statuary.


As adepts describe the rising of the serpent, it unites with the “many-petaled louts of the cerebral region” to bring about illumination – or the highest form of initiation -as the current “climbs from the duality to unity by reversing the path it originally took the chakras to procreate humanity.”

Details of the OTO’s initiation into Hindu and Tibetan Tantra, including ceremonies involving the use of “exudation” from specifically trained priestess were brought to a wider public by Crowley’s follower Kenneth Grant. Sacred courtesans, experts in ritual eroticism, known in India as nautch girls (…) were exceptionally honored.”
– Ibid.

While sacred courtesans were “exceptionally honored” in Eastern esotericism, today’s twisted black magic orders use Beta Programming slaves and dispose of them when they are through with them. In short, the exact opposite of being “exceptionally honored”.

Kundalini rising, the concept behind Tantric magic is wholly represented in a single image, Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet.

This famous depiction of Baphomet depicts all of the behind S Magick - the rising of the kundalini (represented by the phallic pole and two serpents) through the union of opposite forces. The torch above the goat head represents illuminatation.

This famous depiction of Baphomet includes all of the symbols behind Sex Magick – the rising of the kundalini (represented by the phallic pole wrapped by two serpents) through the union of opposite forces. The torch above the goat head represents illumination.

So what does all of this have to do with Eyes Wide Shut? At first glance, nothing much. While we see a ritual involving “sacred courtesans” in the movie, there is absolutely no mention of “kundalini rising” during the whole thing. However, if we take a closer look at Bill’s journey as a whole, from the beginning of the movie to the end, we realize that the real ritual does not occur at the elite mansion, but within Bill’s head. As he encounters new women and is exposed to new opportunities, his kundalini rises – and Kubrick added clues to denote this fact.

The Movie as a Ritual

While Eyes Wide Shut appears to be all about sexuality, nobody in the movie ever reaches climax. While Bill has many chances of satisfying his urges with attractive women, it never actually happens. However, as the movie progresses, there’s a definite increase in desire and lust, but Bill manages to keep it under control. Managing this “life force” is at the core of Tantric magic. Viewers are constantly reminded of this process several times during the movie when Bill imagines his wife with a naval officer. Each flash is increasingly intense – going from kissing to all-out copulating.

In each flash, Bill sees thing becoming more intense between his wife and the naval officer. These scenes reflect the increasing sexual tension of Bill's journey.

As the movie progress, Bill’s flashes of Alice cheating on him become more intense. Towards the end of the movie, she’s about to reach climax. These scenes reflect Bill’s kundalini rising. Having these flashes would be hurtful and painful and they remind the viewers that Bill’s journey started out of pain and humiliation.

Towards the end of the movie, tension is so high that Bill gets flirty and touchy with a complete stranger, minutes after he met her. While that scene was rather odd, it emphasized the ever-increasing level of tension in the movie. Also, to emphasize duality, that girl immediately told Bill that her roomate had AIDS...which is kind of a mood killer.

Towards the end of the movie, Bill is so horny that he gets flirty and grabby with a complete stranger, minutes after he met her. While that scene was rather odd and surreal, it reflects his “progress” in the ritual.

The very last lines of the movie conclude and define Bill’s journey. After running around New York and getting aroused by all kinds of stuff, Bill stands face-to-face with his wife and talks about how “awake” he is now. With his “life force” fully charged, Alice ends the movie with a phrase completing the ritual:

“- I do love you. And you know, there is something very important that we need to do a soon as possible.
– What’s that?
– F*ck.”

Ending the movie on that particular note suggests that the entire journey was one of increasing intensity, one that ultimately lead to a “magickally charged ” climax, the goal of Crowleyan-magick.

Bill’s journey was not all fun and games, however. As the movie progresses, there is a constant back-and-forth between pleasure and pain, attraction and repulsion, life and death, and so forth. The path is all about duality and, just like the floors of Masonic lodges are checkered in black and white, Bill’s journey consists on his alternatively stepping on black and white tiles – seeing the dualistic nature of all things.

Eros and Thanatos

Bill’s night out in New York City is characterized by numerous encounters with the female gender – each one of them offering a “cure” to a broken heart. However, each encounter also bears a potentially destructive aspect to it, one that counterbalances its appeal and attraction. While Bill is looking to procreate, he sees that his urges engender pain and even death. Bill’s journey is therefore a back-and-forth between man’s two basic impulses as defined by Freud: Eros and Thanatos.

Freud saw in Eros the instinct for life, love and sexuality in its broadest sense, and in Thanatos, the instinct of death, aggression. Eros is the drive toward attraction and reproduction; Thanatos toward repulsion and death. One leads to the reproduction of the species, the other toward its own destruction. While each one of Bill’s encounters promise the sweet temptation of lust, they also have a destructive counter side.

Bill's first encounter occurs when he visits one of his regular patients that died. His married daughter hits on him before her husband steps in. In this scene, we the juxtaposition of lust and desire with death and betrayal.

Bill’s first encounter occurs when he visits one of his regular patients that died. The dead patient’s daughter kisses Bill and tells him that she loves him. We therefore see in this scene a juxtaposition of concepts of lust and desire with death. Also, if Bill went with this woman, it would ultimately hurt her husband – another bad side of succumbing to lust.

Each one of Bill’s female encounters promises gratification, but ends up being interrupted by something negative, such as guilt or potential danger. Also, every time Bill is in contact with the sleazy-yet-tempting aspects of lust (prostitution or slavery), he quickly discovers the dark, exploitative and destructive side of it.

For instance, right after Bill enjoyed the “delights” of seeing MK Kittens at work at the elite ritual, when returning his costume, he immediately sees the dark side of it all. The shop owner, who previously caught his underage daughter with two Asian businessmen and was outraged by it, had a sudden change of heart.

Standing at the opposite side of the counter, the shop owner sells his underage daughter as if she was another product. After enjoying the glamor of masked slaves in lavish rituals, Bill sees the other side of the "trade": Young girls being sold by exploitative people to a system feeding on pedophilia.

Standing behind his business counter, the shop owner sells his underage daughter as if she was another product. After enjoying masked slaves in lavish rituals, Bill sees the other side of the “trade”: Young girls being sold by exploitative people to a system feeding on minors, turning them into MK slaves. Is that why this store was called “Rainbow”?

Bill’s journey is therefore one that continually alternates between the primal allure of lust and the destructive social constructs that are erected around it. There is nothing more basic and instinctual than carnal attraction, but our modern world has made these relations complex, bound by rules, and prone to exploitation. While lust is nature’s way of pushing humans to procreate, social constructs have created all kinds fetishes, distortions, games, and perversions around this primal urge … to the point that it has been denatured and debased into an unhealthy obsession.

As Bill navigates between joy and pain, monogamous marriage and anonymous debauchery, we notice that there’s a common thread uniting his various encounters.

Red-Headed Women

The most important women in the movie are Bill’s wife, his daughter Helena, Amanda (the Beta slave who was sacrificed at the ritual) and Domino (a prostitute he met on the street). All three adult women are somewhat physically similar as they are tall, well-proportioned, and red-headed. They also appear to be connected on “another level”.

While Alice is a respectable, upper-class lady, she makes a living using her looks in loveless relationship, a little like what a prostitute would do. On the other hand, the time spent between Bill and Domino is sweet and tender, a little with what happens in a loving relationship. Alice is therefore not very different from Domino, and vice-versa.

There are also links with Amanda. While Alice was (probably) not at the occult ritual attended by Bill, when he comes back from it, she describes to him a dream that is similar to what he just witnessed and what Amanda just experienced.

“He was kissing me. Then we were making love. Then there were all these other people around us, hundreds of them, everywhere. Everyone was f-cking. And then I …I was f-cking other men. So many. I don’t know how many I was with. And I knew you could see me in the arms of all these men … just f-cking all these men.”

Alice’s dream “connects” her with Amanda who was at the ritual and who actually lived Alice’s dream.


The day after the ritual, Bill finds his mask creepily “sleeping” next to his wife. Is this Alice’s way of saying that she’s aware of what’s going on? Maybe that she’s participating in this? Is it a warning from the secret society? Alice never acknowledges the mask, so I guess we’ll never know.

Was Domino at the ritual? It is also interesting to point out that “Domino” is a type of mask used in these types of gatherings.

A Domino mask

A Domino mask

Looking closer at the “magic circle” formed by the women of the ritual, we can identify a few women who could be Domino. The day after the ritual, Bill shows up at Domino’s house with a gift, but her roommate informs him that she is HIV-positive … and that she might never be back again. Is this true or was Domino yet another “casualty” in Bill’s journey?  Like Amanda and Nightingale, Domino mysteriously disappears after the ritual.

The fact that these women are all connected reveals one fundamental fact: Bill’s journey is not about a specific woman, it is about the feminine principle as a whole. It is an esoteric quest to understand and “be one with” the feminine principle that is opposite to his.

Helena Down the Same Path?

Throughout the movie, Helena (Bill’s daughter) is shown to be groomed to be another Alice. There are also some cues linking Helena to Domino. For instance, there’s a stroller in front of Domino’s apartment and, at the end in the movie, in the toy store, Helena is very interested by a stroller and shows it to her mother.

Domino laying there with a feline plush toy, a symbol of Beta Kitten programming.

Domino on her bed with a stuffed feline, a symbol of Beta Kitten programming.

An entire row of this toy is at the store where Helena shops at the final scene of the movie.

An entire row of this exact same toy is at the store where Helena shops in the final scene of the movie.

There is also something strange about the scene above: the two men behind Helena happened to be at Ziegler’s party at the very beginning of the movie.

The two same men at Zeigler's party.

The two same men at Ziegler’s party: same hair, same physical stature and the guy on the right wears similar glasses.

Why are these two men in the store, looking at toys? Is New York City such a small town? Was Kubrick lacking extras to appear in that scene? Unlikely. Could it be that they’re part of the secret society that’s been following Bill and his family? Strange fact: When the men walk away and disappear from the shot, Helena appears to follow them … and we don’t see her for the rest of the movie. The camera indeed zooms onto Alice and Bill, who are completely absorbed with themselves. Is this a VERY subtle way of saying that their daughter will be sucked in by the Beta slave system of the secret society? Another enigma.

In Conclusion

Stanley Kubrick’s works are never strictly about love or relationships. The meticulous symbolism and the imagery of all of his works often communicate another dimension of meaning–one that transcends the personal to become a commentary on our epoch and civilization. And, in this transitional period between the end of 20th century and the beginning of the 21th century, Kubrick told the story of a confused man who wanders around, desperately looking for a way to satisfy his primal urges. Kubrick told the story of a society that is completely debased and corrupted by hidden forces, where humanity’s most primal urge–procreation–has been cheapened, fetishized, perverted, and exploited to a point that it has lost all of its beauty. At the top of this world is a secret society that revels in this context, and thrives on it. Kubrick’s outlook on the issue was definitely not idealistic nor very optimistic.

His grim tale focuses on a single man, Bill, who is looking for an undefined something. Even if he appears to have everything, there is something missing in his life. Something visceral and fundamental that is never put into words, but that is quite palpable. Bill cannot be complete if he is not at peace with the opposite of him: the feminine principle. Bill’s quest, therefore, follows the esoteric principle of uniting two opposite forces into one. As suggested by the last lines of the movie, Bill will ultimately “be one” and get physical with his wife. After that, the alchemical process and the Tantric ritual would be complete. However, as Kubrick somehow communicates in the final scene, even if these two extremely self-absorbed, egoistical and superficial people believe they’ve reached a some kind of epiphany, what does it really change? Our civilization as a whole still has its eyes wide shut … and those were Kubrick’s last cinematographic words.



  1. I remember seeing a page somewhere (not sure if it was on VC or not) where a theory on Kubrick's films was outlined, and there was an illustration of some of his films laid end-to-end (depictions of them, not the actual stock) and the theory had something to do with clipping the films to the length of one of his films in particular, reversing them, etc.. I'm curious if anyone knows the link?

    • Hey Salvador,

      I know what you're talking about. I watched the videos on YouTube, it's in 4 parts. I'll try to look for it tonight and send you that link.

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  2. Wow, great ending to the 3-part articles. Keep up the great work VC! It's still very sad to know that this shi* happens in real life and that there is still many people with their eyes wide shut.

    • VG—-Awesome Website!!— Would like to request that you do articles on the beatles and rolling stones and their hinted connection with lucifer. (john lennon's vocal blaspheme) paul 's ram album) harrison's funding of the life of brian movie,hari chrisna music) Brian Jone's death?—murder– Did they sell their souls to the devil for fame an fortune? Keep up the Insightful work.

      • I've been reading Wheeler and Springmeier's "How the Illuminati Create a Mind Controlled Slave" and they mention the Beatles several times. They also mention Yellow Submarine programming which involves snuff films and that reminded me of the Beatles song and I was wondering about the drug connections.

    • I remember when the son of the F1 racing boss was found dead after a drugs overdose "surrounded by his drugs paraphernalia". The way that story was written left little doubt that they were saying he was murdered but in that hidden way that allows you to brush it off as a druggie having an overdose.

  3. I heard that Stanley kubric worked with a Rothschild in his movie full metal jacket.Then he used the outside of the Mansion in eyes wide shut orgy scene.I do think he was involved in some secret society,his movies are full of symbolism.

  4. Tyler the Destroyer on

    Wow finally part 3! I rented this movie because of these articles and now i'm going to own it on bluray

  5. Some people say I have a gift but all I know is that in my life I have heard a distinct audible voice only 3 times speak to me. 1: To tell me John Lennon died 2: My best friend died (past tensed used ) 3: I was sitting in the Brompton Oratory in London and I was told to pray for Nicole Kidman. I obeyed. Eyes Wide Shut had been released and Kubrick was dead. Two months later her marriage was a shambles and it took her a long time to heal. I believe Nicole was set free from something very dark that was associated with Tom & Scientology personally. I am so happy for her now. I have never liked this movie.

      • John Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman. Chapman was a lifelong Beatles/Lennon fan, who was driven by voices in his head (demons) to take a plane from his home in Hawaii all the way to New York, where he stood outside the Dakota (Lennon's apt. bldg.) for a couple days and a night. Despite his admiration for the man and his works, and despite having gotten his autograph earlier in the day, the voices in Chapman's head would not relent until he took out a gun and killed his hero.

        I have a personal theory that both John Lennon and Bob Marley were modern day Prophets, using their music to tap into our human and spiritual potential, and to loosen the Devil's hold over us. Both were killed, at the height of their artistic careers, by people who supposedly loved them. Lennon was, I think, breaking free from his programming, and showing the rest of us a glimpse of what we could be if we all did the same. Marley I don't think was ever in the grip of the mind-controllers, being from Jamaica, and being so steeped in Biblical Truths.

        So we are lucky enough to have this legacy of music to turn to when we are feeling overwhelmed by all the nastiness that we are inundated with every day. I thank God for sending us these men, and for giving them the courage to proclaim their message far and wide, because it has made a huge impact in our culture, even so many years after their deaths.

      • I do not listen to the other side. I ignore this sort of stuff as I believe when you are gifted the dark side tries to use it too. It 's called temptation….

        I was at home vacuuming the floor with no radio or TV on…I was told he died…I later turned on the TV to watch & it had just happened in NYC, I have no connection to John Lennon what so ever.

        The Nicole thing always makes me happy I listened as we are here on earth to help one another…she is a beautiful person & deserved happiness.

        Eyes Wide Shut is very dark

        …… careful what entertains you enters you…………..

      • Help one another and coexist with everything else sentient. Even plants are sentient. Some plants heal. Can you heal? What makes ones life superior to that of a plant that can heal?

      • Um…you can plant a seed and a grow a new plant very easily and it will do the same thing. People are unique, think and have a soul. People are not plants. People are therefore superior to plants.

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        Too right, Brad! I once had a vegan acquaintance trying to tell me I'm a 'speciesist' because I consider human lives more valuable than an animals. Really? I asked her if her house was on fire, would she save her animals before her daughter…. She didn't reply.

      • sittingcoffin on

        On this earth, there is nothing that exists that can exist without eating something else, regardless of sentience. Vegans are kidding themselves.

        That's really tangential to my point, anyway. Oh course a human mother would want to save a daughter before a houseplant, but in the bigger picture, whats so great that YOU bring to earths table? That is the point. Some plants have great healing powers. What do you offer (you being plural, not necessarily pointing at you individually) that would put in you a position above that? Can you heal? Even doctors just throw pills or knives at you to attempt at "healing".

      • Jahprovidethebread on

        Ah, I see your point now, well, gee, suddenly I feel very humbled :) Um, I think I bring love. I bring tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. Sometimes I stumble but for the most part I'm a positive person and treat people the way I would like to be treated. By treating people with respect and generally being kind to them, I feel I boost their self esteem and view of humanity and this, in turn, does have the potential to heal a hurt heart, even just a little bit . Also, sometimes I pray for people and I wholeheartedly have faith in the power of prayer! It's something I sorely need to spend more time doing. Lastly, I try very hard to think positively for all the world, ALL my brothers and sisters! I wish them love; YHWH's love and Yashua's peace <3 and I reckon that stuff manifests so yeah, I reckon God can use our heartspace to help heal too. I do love plants, trees and flowers, I marvel at them everyday and feel touched by their demise. Cheers!

      • The future new world order system will use UN Agenda 21 to micromanage every aspect of our lives (including through Smart Meters). This involves equality of man with a plant or a rock (seriously). Through the new age teachings we are being led to this absurd mindset. If you dont yet know about Agenda21 you will. For an excellent quick intro go to 'youtube Agenda 21 For Dummies'. Sustainable development is the catchcry and global warming (now 'Climate Change' because there isn't any and hasn't been for 18 years) is the justification for total control of our lives. The elites' planned coming Technocratic Era will change the financial/economic system to one based on energy input and output by every human being, controlled remotely via an RFID chip within the body (the mark of the beast?).
        An excellent book PATRICK WOOD: "Technocracy Rising:The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation", just come out, is an excellent read to expose all this. Available through his website THE AUGUST FORECAST AND REVIEW.

      • sittingcoffin on

        Oh, and your logic is invalid, btw. People are not plants does not equal people being superior to plants.

      • 33 Degree Dude on

        however, as a human I can take a plant and create 100 more plants equal or better than the original, I know of no plant that can create any type of human…

        Thus making humans (people) superior to plants…

      • sittingcoffin on

        I said the logic was invalid.

        People are not plants.
        Therefore, people are superior to plants.

        A -> B
        A -> C (or something as well as C, my symbolic logic is rusty, but what I have listed is rudimentarily explanatory)

        Logic invalid. Truth and logic can often have nothing to do with each other, was just pointing out it was an invalid argument for species superiority.

      • sittingcoffin on

        Also, Id like to point out that who says being able to create naturally equals superiority? No one can say that with any sureity, bring out your religious documents or your philosophical ones, all anyone ever has is a good working theory. On anything. Including if youre even alive right now.

      • ShadowofLight on

        You would not be able to exist without plants. But plants can exist without you.
        Ultimately, all life has value, and trying to weigh that value is just a product of ego, something only Humans have….Its the part of your psyche that makes you feel entitled, makes you jealous. Its the part of the brain that will make you kill another human being because of jealousy, sense of superiority, etc. To think that anything with life is superior to another living thing is purely egotistical.

      • Tell me something, if plats were not as valuable as us humans on this earth, then why is it that every breathing creature ultimately be dead if there were no plants?
        All of us are completely dependent on plant life on this earth… but we my friend are just a bunch of parasites on this earth, eventually destroying everything around us, including ourselves… So then really who's life is more valuable, the plants or us?

        There is no such thing as superior, its only man's ego talking…

      • One time by sheer happenstance, I spent hours researching the death of John Lennon, then turned on the radio to learn it was the 20th anniversary of his death. But the train of thoughts that led to my investigation had nothing to do with his anniversary. It was just a bizarre synchronicity.

      • It happens to me with my mum. She has something in her mind and when I open my mouth to say something she's left speechless as she was thinking the same. It happens all the time, we even say the same thing simultaneously and the oddest part is we even make the same gesture while we speak simultaneously. I'm thinking of her and the phone rings, also the other way around. Only by watching each others' eyes we communicate.

      • Read The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire by Deepak Chopra. It's all about the synchronicity of things in life.

      • It halso appens a lot in my life… Out of the blue I would think of someone whom I may not even have much interest of having apart of my thoughts that day, yet they happen to pop up spontaneously in my head, and within a few days or hours I would hear from this person who I was not expecting from…
        My only logical explanation is that they were thinking of me and somehow I picked up on that thought…
        This has happened to me so often that I absolutely cannot dismiss it as just chance.

      • You just need a doctor, Veronique. If you hear voices, it is a bad sign. But it is not "supernatural". Hope you seek help .

      • AldousneedaDoctor on

        Typical. Just see a doctor.
        Whether or not you believe in him,
        If Jesus had been born these days instead of 2000 years ago, we would have just called him psycho and put him on meds. Its not that im particularly religious but i think it drives home my point.

      • I love how people talk out of their rear ends as if "they" only have the facts!
        You should see a proctologist for that… and an optometrists.

    • I saw John Lennon at a Taco Bell in El Segundo, CA a few weeks ago. It was awesome!! The Taco Bell was awesome, not Lennon.

    • What a bad script? It's all an act. Kubrick is very much alive. See: Beyond Reasonable Doubt Part 1 by conflgration2100 on youtube and Hollywood Hoax The Devil's Own.

    • hello veronique
      I just thought to mention i had met a guy who had fled from the scientologists and we disscussed it and aliester crowley he knew about as well,anyhow l ron hubbard was a member of the ordo templi orientis for a while in california i think (usa for sure) and he practised sex magick rituals some are pracised on oneself.
      after he left and formed the scientologists he claimed he was only in the OTO to expose their sex magick .
      i believe he was lying,i find them very sinister.i used to see one of them stood in the street about 30 yrs ago looking for follower,s,he reminded me of the ppl in the movie invaision of the body snatchers,creepy..
      i hope miss kidman has got away from them,
      what you have is called clairaudience(the faculty of percieving,as if by hearing,what is inaudiable)oxford dictionary..
      have a nice life.

    • Veronique, what you say is fantastic. Do you think that could explain WHY a movie like "Eyes Wide Shut" ended, as it was said many times before, the Cruise-Kidman relationship (marriage)? I hope I don't become paranoïd?

    • Google Nicole Kidman's father, Antony David Kidman. He is now deceased, one could say under odd circumstances. Prior to hid death, a woman named Karen Barnett publically accused him of satanic ritual abuse trauma based mind control programming. He was also mentioned in another case. She caused him of some very horrific, unthinkable acts. Those familiar with SRA trauma based mind programming probably have an idea. He left his country after being accused and stayed with his other daughter in Singapore. The accuser believes he was taken out because he failed to prevent her public disclosure.

      After reading about this case, I could not help but wonder what Nicole, herself had suffered & if she perhaps was programmed as well. There are more details discussed, but I urge everyone to do their own reading and reach their own conclusions.

      For those with your eyes still closed to the world around you, I feel for you. I remember when I was in ignorant bliss. Don't shut your eyes just because it's comfortable. I'm 46 yrs old and am finally learning how the real world really works, the world without watching what the controlling rich want to indoctrinate me with. It's a bumpy ride, but I see so much more going on around me which has made it worth opening my eyes for.

    • The movie was NOT made for people concerning whether they "like" it or not. It is VERY exposing and informing of the demonic and symbolic rituals and society groups in high places. Sure it has nudity and sex scenes that are only meant to show the expression of reality that goes on, and are just implied, not porn to get people off, so to speak. I never got horny watching those scenes. I was only confirmed about what I already know. There is so much symbolism, pentagrams, masonic, OTO/Illuminati/Hellfire, it was insane. And when Bill walks int, you can briefly see the third eye/pyramid run across his back. You can pause and even go slow, and you will see it obviously. That tells you "they" are watching.

  6. "In short, they are the exact opposite of being “exceptionally honored"…this is why I like VC, that, and the amazing subtleties they share…thanks VC.

  7. Part three has been a complete anti-climax. No pun intended…It just feels rushed and like it was written by someone other than whoever wrote the first two.

    But thank you for your splendid insight as always VC

    • I agree, and there are parts of the movie he didn't really get into much detail, such as the abrupt disappearance of Nick, or the veiled threats of Victor. If you're interested, I strongly recommend you look up Eyes Wide Shut Kentroversy, which runs a more thorough article, or look up Rob Ager's examination of the movie on youtube.

    • I totally agree with you. But what is totally missing in the whole movie is the soul of a human being which has nothing to do with male versus female. we see only tiny pieces of the soul with the way Bill treats the overdosed Amanda and how he looks upon his daughter. I feel the movie is deep and thought provoking but would have liked it better if a little bit more of the light prevailed.

  8. Very good analysis, as usual.
    But what about the "rainbow" ? I was expecting a much more in depth analysis about it as it seems to be a key element of the movie …

    • Allan, its not just this movie, it's in almost all of Kubrick's movies (in Clockwork you may remember the threesome, and the rainbow ice-pops the girls were eating before the get it on… and it is the color of Gay pride. Its the agenda of perverting the populace (and im not hating on gays here, i'm just trying to understand the Kubrick enigma)

      I believe VC nails it:
      humanity’s most primal urge – procreation – has been cheapened, fetichized, perverted and exploited to a point that it has lost all of its beauty

    • Iris was a goddess of rainbows… the movie is about participation in something without seeing the reality of what's happening. It's done through visual deception of film through the eyes. Eyes- Iris.

    • Have you seen Dream Girls starring Beyonce & Jennifer Hudson. Its in reference to the "rainbow."
      Rainbow is the record label that they're both signed to.

      There's a lot of symbolism throughout this movie too.
      I also noticed a scene when beyonce and jamie fox are eating dinner. Beyonce was dressed in all white and wearing a butterfly pendant, her end of the table was very luminous but jamie's end was a complete contrast.

      Its so creepy the fact Hudson's family had been killed and she became a mega star after all that and I think it was after the making of Dream Girls.

      • supposedly jennifer hudson sacrificed her family to the Illuminati for more fame. after the killings she won her Oscar.
        there are others, supposedly Jay-Z and Beyonce had a "miscarriage" and sacrificed that child. Dame Dash (was w/ Jay-Z) sacrificed Aaliyah, and kanye west sacrificed his mom…im sure there are more

    • Rainbow is a huge theme in MK programming, gone over many times on this site. It requires reading other parts of this site or other sources……Rainbow itself constitutes its own article. Some of this stuff you've got to come in already knowing.

    • Professor Mike on

      The rainbow consists of the seven colors of the chakras which Kundalini ascends thru creating the manifest world. Darker esoteric sciences isolate and repress the Kundalini into the lower three as seen in the illustration of Baphomet. May you open the fourth (heart) chakra and begin transcending fixation on the material plane. How's that for some food for thought!

    • There is a great deal of relevant symbolism tied to it but personally, I think he was sending a message about a bad person operating in Hollywood, tied to the "Rainbow" symbolism of our modern day.

  9. Those men and women have the exact same hair, and stature as the group at the Moloko bar in A Clockwork Orange. Coincidence?!!! I THINK NOT!!!

  10. Can anyone out there explain to me how this tantric yoga sex magick is supposed to work, and what it is good for? I do not believe in Witchcraft, or Voodoo, or anything of that nature, and I am curious as to how and why people believe in such nonsense. While it may not be nonsense to them, it is nonsense none the less.

    • sittingcoffin on

      You would have to have some knowledge of the etheric and astral realms, and you don't seem to be interested in either if you are already dismissing creation energy as nonsense.

    • how can anyone explain it. do you believe in God and Satan? All of those things you mentioned are tools of Satan to get you to do his work and pull you down to hell. One thing you do learn from this website is duality. Also everything has it's opposite. So if you believe God and Jesus Christ have power, well the devil does too. Frankly I believe those things are not nonsense. I also am not afraid of them and I can protect myself through prayer and charity among other things. We all can protect ourselves and we should.

      • My brother was in south Africa and he was in an apartment with no window coverings. There was a big window on the ground floor and at night, when they had the lights on, people could see into it from the street. One night a man known as a witch doctor type guy was there on the street looking straight into their window. They recognized the man and knew the man didn't want them in town. My brother and friend turned off the lights so the guy couldn't see them anymore, but they could see what that witch doctor guy was doing very clearly. He had some type of staff in his hand, and he circled their apartment front three times, saying something and touching the gate with his staff. Then he left. My brother and friend were creeped out. They spent the night as usual after that and eventually went to bed. When they woke the next morning, but my brother and his friend has red scratch marks all over their torsos.

        I don't know all the details of how witchcraft works, but it does and you have to stay safe from it.

      • sorry, i meant to say they "had" red scratch marks all over. they eventually healed up. trying to type with little kids around me.

      • I do believe in God and Jesus, but I also believe that prayer, witchcraft, Voodoo, is all part of a belief system. I am not trying to start a religious debate here, I am simply and logically pointing out that if you believe in something, or worry enough anything can happen.
        I was in New Orleans once and was talking to this guy who was a relative of Marie Laveau, if you do not know who she is google her. He told me Vioodoo'Hoodoo was all BS, all of it. And the majority of it all is based on fear, control, and your imagination in so many words, but all BS.
        I do believe that there are people in league with spirits, demons, Jinns, inorganic beings if you will that will do there bidding, but they only have as much power as you give them

      • It is a form of massage or something that is part of eastern religions kinda like kama sutra etc… it can be googled and delved into if you really want to know it… sex is sex…

      • It's where 2 people bring themselves so close to climax but stop it so that it delays and prolongs the excitement and the climax – doing this repeatedly building up so that it finally ends with an earth shattering climax – it's a beautiful way to build up, back off, build up a bit higher, back off, and keep it up in order to reach a more perfect union. Tantric brings most couples to tears when finally climaxing as it's such a beautiful experience.

      • Its so strange that you choose to credit the person whose beliefs had already matched yours as true.

        Just because he was friends with her and said it is BS does not make it so just because its the option you agree with. If he had told you it wasn't BS you would have maintained ur belife anyway and never had mentioned it but because it matched yours u use it as proof.

        Ted bundies friends said he was a nice a guy and cant understand what went wrong but he was a serial rapist so because u met someone one time who knew maire laveau and he said her work was BS does not make it anymore true then the sky being red.

        Then you go on to contradict yourself by nit picking and choosing to believe in demons spirits ect. If you factor them in your over all view of the big picture your in know position to throw something else that you have no understanding about of the table. Its called arrogance and it will get you no where

      • You contradict yourself and dont know how or why and perhaps will never know. If you believe in God and Jesus you inadvertently believe in voodoo, witchcraft or all the names of what you think are just belief systems when its not a matter of belief, its a matter of pure existence. I grew up in a culture where we practice what you would define as Voodoo, I will not give you what we call it. If you believe in God and Jesus therefore its safe to assume that you believe in prayer. Scientifically there is duality in everything that we see feel ..know etc. How can you believe in prayer and not in counter prayer? How can you think God and Jesus is all about what is good when a lot of evil evidently is present everyday in our world. If God is ultimately responsible for all does God not incorporate evil as well? How can people be so one sided? God is not a person or thing but actually a place in my culture which we are tested to reach. The creator is not God, the creator is beyond our comprehension and exists to balance the equation without the conception of what is good or evil to humans…thats ridiculous to us. Why would something as grand and beyond our comprehension care about whether we pray for xmas presents or our favorite foot ball team to win?? Christianity came from somewhere and the bible is an allegory that is used in Voodoo because people actually know why it was written and the books that are still currently missing (not to us) to the vast majority of the world who see our culture as a horror film. These books will never be given to people who use orgies to reach enlightenment or to people who believe in Christ but dont bother to study Theology or the origins of their beliefs leaving them to not see the obvious relation to Hermetic teachings, Voodoo, Witchcraft (witch means wise one) the book does not have pages and is within but many will live and die never knowing or understanding. First stop living in a contradiction what you see out there always has its polar opposite. BTW you cant believe people are in league withe spirits demons jins etc and say Voodoo is bullshit…Also Voodoo is so much more than the BS you see on your television screen and whatever that man told you in Louisiana. Just stay close to Jesus and never mind whats behind the veil it will fortunately never been revealed to you despite I as another human know you experience it EVERYDAY….Thank Jesus for ignorance is bliss.

      • Wow. There is so much in your comment that is interesting I don't know where to start.

        I suppose I'll explain my purpose in responding so no mystery regarding my thoughts and/or stance on the matter will occur. I don't share any of the main beliefs from one theological perspective nor do I have any belief or idea that is set in stone. After claiming to be a Christian for most of my life and subsequently losing faith and being angry for some time I decided or perhaps realized that no one group could have it completely right. However, they all bring in ideas that are intellectually and spiritually stimulating when viewed with an open mind as a possibility.

        In shorter words I love nothing more than to discuss what someone believes and practices when it is done in a respecting and kind manner. A perfect example is an old friend of mine that practiced Christianity and committed himself entirely to it and educated himself on the theology. Never during a conversation was I pressured to commit to Jesus or judged and we both walked away knowing a bit more about each other's beliefs.

        So I find your comment extremely interesting because I've never had the opportunity to meet someone with the same belief structure in my own life. You mentioned the lost books of the bible, I don't expect you to tell me much on them which is fine but what are some of the basic ideas they bring up? In particular in relation to your viewing of the bible as an allegory? I found your views on the creator extremely logical and they actually go with ideas I've had on and off through the past few years.

        Regardless of response I thank you for the amount you've already revealed about it all. It has been a helpful part in defining and exploring my own spirituality.

      • OOPS Sorry shubby, I Meant to reply to a comment WAAAAY up the thread, for some reason it booted me down here. Chubby You and i Are cut from the same block. that is EXACTLY how i feel about it. No One Sytem can have it all right, but all beliefs bring something. I Love bgetting into in depth conversations about beliefs and learning more and more about cultures and ideas surrounding these beliefs. Ultimately my beliefs are based on my experiences and are not set in stone, but instead ever growing as my life grows. There is always more to understand. we just got lost along the way and forgot so much.

    • im thinking that since sex is more than physical and is very spiritual, it is a life force, and people in the know, those who practice that magic, know how powerful sex is and use it to transmit demons (yet they call it by different names). when u have sex w/ someone other than ur spouse, if u have any evil spirits, they can be transmittted to that other person, just like w/ physical diseases (STD's). its just that we cant see it, but yes so many things happen in the spiritual realm

    • If the most powerful and wealthy people in the world have practiced it for hundreds of years…dy'a think there might be something to it??

      • ShadowofLight on

        @THINK On the outside it may seem that way to some. But Beware wolves in sheeps clothing. Sex Magick and all the rituals discussed in this article and portrayed in the film are only a few rituals they perform, and regardless of How it may look to you or to other–shall we call them sleeping people–on the outside, They do not do it for pleasure. Their intentions are purely evil. If you still think that it doesnt seem so bad, There are other rituals that include, but are not limited to: Human and animal Sacrifice, Blood drinking, Ritual Paedophilia, Ritual Abuse, Murder, Torture Rituals. They will even do these things to infants and babies. In fact i Believe the cremation of Care ceremony that the elite perform at Bohemian Grove was originally supposed to have a living baby thrown onto the fire. Tey may or may not still do this.
        This is a fair warning to you to be careful where you tread.

    • My personal feeling is that they are trying to replicate the power that is created in marriage with a complete union between a man and woman. Marriage is a reflection of the Godhead: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are made in Him image and likeness, and marriage is sacred. They are trying to cheat this natural law by seeking this power outside God, His creative force, but without Him in it.


    • Hi Iron Man,
      Remember that black and white symbol of duality? According to a Luficirian Tantric Sex magic book, the illegal mating between a man and woman evoke and attract two different demons. I forgot the name of the male one. I think he called that one Ahirman. But the female one is Lilith. During the mating when a prayer is made to them, it is possible to get it answered. However, not just anyone can do it. One has to be a true worshipper of the devil to make this possible. Here is the thing, the lower we stoop, the better chance we will have in making a deal with the devil.

      I used to think Voodoo and all were stupid. I took cultural athropology in college. In that class, we were given lots of reasons to think witchcraft was all bs. But reading Luficirian books brought some changes in my viewpoint. They also gave me some experiences that I can never forget in my entire life. Still have the deep cut mark on my chest.

      I just wanted to warn everyone about books written on eastern religions by easter tantric priests. Even the Lucifirians say that they tend to confuse people by not saying the truth up front. I speak bengali. So I can understand the dead language sanskrit very well. You have been fooled by the definition of prana. We do not need to attain it because its already within us. Prana = Pran= Life=Soul. However, the so called "spiritual beings" (demons) also have souls. So through tantric ritual it is possible to call them. But if you want this thing to be inside you, you have to do meditation to have the "kundalini" rise within you. Ever heard of the line "empty head is devil's factory"? Its what meditation is used for.

    • Perhaps you should not judge something as nonsense whilst asking how it works. Things don't make sense when you have not pieced together the information. Perhaps these pieces don't fit with the info you already have?

      If it were a jigsaw puzzle you might try taking apart some pieces you think fit together in case those are not right. Science knows a lot but it also ignores a lot and pretends it knows more than it does.

      Mind over matter or matter over mind. Science is materialistic and so in that way of thinking magik would not be possible, but then computer science would not be possible either. Think of how things can exist in mathmatics or even fiction without being solid in the physical world. Perhaps things are imagination first and physical reality 2nd, rather like a design for a new car.

    • so this is nonsense and going to work 8 hours a day for some paper that buys you food and shelter is common sense. eyes wide shut 😉

  11. hummmm
    that was a disappointing conclusion, compared to parts I and II

    the concept of the film as a ritual was very vague, and the correlations between the female characters stretched until embarrassing levels. most of the text felt like "filling" content.

    the only reasonable argument was the one about Eros and Thanatos, but let's be honest, duality is such an easy pattern to find. I could get an episode of SpongeBog SquarePants and find the same amount of oposites… its very subjective, and all pervasive.

    but don't get me wrong, I still find the analysis as a whole very interesting…
    this movie is of ultimate relevance, and I totally agree that it deserves a very deep examination. It just looks like you didn't have enough material for 3 parts.

    • I kinda agree with ya, but hey – even being the "weakest" part, it's still a very worthy and relevant analysis of the movie.

      And yes – duality, although is the key of everything, it's very subjective. A paradox.

    • sittingcoffin on

      Parts 1 and 2 covered a lot. This was a nice way to bring it together. Ive read a lot of Eyes Wide Shut material, this is the first Im reading this take on it. It was necessary to keep it separate from the other parts, Id say, for emphasis.

  12. I dont know if V.C reads this comments or not. I follow the website a long time ago, and I enjoy reading about related topics, but there is something I can never quite grasp.

    Yes, there are occult rituals, yes there may be some sort of magic derived or invoked from them, there may be things like MK programming etc…. but what power do they ultimately get with this energy described? Some sort of material manipulation? Some sort of knowledge of fortcoming events?

    Also, why would you put pieces and clues in mainstream media if you want to be occult? The answers to this questions would mean a lot to me and separate a lot of theories from tinfoil bravado.


    • sittingcoffin on

      To put it very shortly, it keeps the gods that think they own us and this planet fed with the energy they demand.

    • The power gained is a mind ( individual or mass or group mind) open to suggestion. The mind is made this way by the energy which has been manipulated and directed during the ritual. The RITUAL is a method of OPENING a portal within consciousness that can then be HIJACKED or GUIDED by the ceremonial PRIEST or PRIESTESS for the purposes required.
      The PURPOSE of the RITUAL is to PREPARE the INITIATE .
      The open mind is then able to travel the etheric realms. Some individuals are able to MASTER these realms, through PARTICIPATION in RITUAL.
      A little like the serpent who bites it's own tail.
      Other individuals crash and burn as the REVEALED OCCULT INFORMATION becomes too much for them to process.
      This probably explains all the breakdowns amongst Hollywood's initiate population.

    • If you've played sports for example, you'd understand somewhat that confidence is everything. It is an almost magical quality. One thing these rituals do is instill an almost Godlike confidence in the participants, which enables them to walk through life's obstacles with great ease.

      • stillLearning on

        Could you please elaborate with the sports and confidence/magic. You just put an insane puzzle piece together for me . Wow

      • Remember that everything in life is energy, or could be converted to energy. They harvest these energies which are converted to what ever the participants' deepest desires may be. Fame, fortune, sports and confidence, or intellect etc. These energies in the spiritual realm have the potential to manifest in the physical realm. The rituals are just energy markets in which the transactions take place. Those who are seduced into participation usually pay a lot more than they bargain for..
        By the way,this was very well done, thanks for doing it!

      • This is an old thread so not sure if you're still following. I'm going to try anyway.
        I think what Mike mentioned is the fact that if you talk to a seasoned sports coache (any sport at all), they will all tell you one important fact. The player who has the highest confidence is always the best one. Regardless of the tactics, techniques, strength, etc. at the end of the day it all comes down to "belief" in oneself. Now this is proved by latest physics (as well as noetics) as well so its all scientific and not just spiritual statement. We partly create the reality around us. Whatever we firmly believe in, comes into existence. "Be careful what you wish for" is an age old phrase and its true. Read about the "Placebo effect" and you'll know we humans are capable of much more than we will ever know, including the power to "miraculously" heal ourselves at will (as placebo doesn't have any effect so it must be called miraculous).
        Anyway, the point is, that if you believe in something very deeply, it eventually "becomes" your reality. Now that doesn't mean you can "attract wealth" – All that is crap because this belief needs to be rooted in your subconscious and you certainly can attract wealth if one's subconscious is so deeply materialistic but its generally not and hence the failure of all these "secret" and "the law of attraction". I hope it all makes sense. Send me a note if you need more info. I will be glad to help.

    • the Elite know that most people are very apathetic and dont believe in God truly, they have been dumbed down by stupid media like the kardashians, etc. and are preoccupied w/ sex as a life-long goal. people are not strong mentally or spiritually so now the devil is revealing Himself more and more…he knows people wont react and most dont. music is so satanic,and movies too…now the devil, the Illuminati want people to KNOW whats happening to them and be complicit to it., to their destruction thats the way that people will be totally guilty in the eyes of God. just like in the garden of Eden, the devil had to make Eve aware of what she was doing so she could be guilty. Both Adam and Eve were guilty even though they were deceived they still knew what they were doing which is why God kicked them out….

      • Maybe they were also kicked out because they didn't want to take respinsibility of their action, thus they were blaming each other. Maybe if they sincerely apologised.

      • I'm sure God would've forgiven them but they ate from the tree of the "knowledge of good and evil". Prior to that they were pure in the sight of God and knew no evil. The enemy satan used the "power of suggestion" and caused them to willfully disobey Gods only commandment for them. They were decieved by the father of lies that they would receive godhood but really only received the death sentence for the entire human race. These poor souls that have bought the lie that thru this satanic witchcraft they are involved in think that they will receive eternal life by participating in all these rituals. It is another lie from the pit of hell. They believe the devil is hooking them up but he's a liar and a thief. Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life! Not religion! Satanism is the biggest and most organized religion of them all.

        Look up Know Your Enemy by the Fuel Project. The enemy has been trying to fool us since the beginning but his time is almost up!

    • Cz as we were warned of anti christ cmng , this is hw he is tryn to cntrol our minds so whn he kms n triggers the cntrolled ppl, thy will follow him n eventually burn in hell. This is wht the satan had askd god, tht he wants to hav the power to misguide ppl, it was a challenge he made to god instead of bowing to him n this is hw hes tryn to win…

    • Think of the materialistic trappings, mind controlled bunny girls for sex, flashy cars and houses, fear and respect, power to control the world. A lot of people don't want that but most do. That's understandable if you can't see the point in those things, well done in fact.

    • Id more say he was in on it, and this was the last piece for the occults to masturbate to. Wonderful artist, but more than likely a total snake.

      • There was a point to kill him, these people are not normal in the head. They stay away from normality, actually they despise sensibility and goodness as they consider them an indication of weakness and idolise black spirits that look like monkeys with tails and snakes for hair. Whatever is wholesome is considered twisted, they do everything the other way around. Just for fun they might have killed him.

      • sittingcoffin on

        There is very much a point. Sounds like you don't know much about how rituals are performed. Death often isn't a punishment, its just the finale to the ritual.

        Do some research on how witches pass their power down – they are "in on it" and WILLINGLY die.

      • Good for them if they want to die willingly for their agenda, however they have no real power in front of the Holy Trinity. There is no way that God would allow them to obtain such powers as all the evil spirits together hold nothing in front of Christ. They are allowed to manifest themselves for the time being. I don't disagree that all of them have powers in relation to me and any other common human being, nonetheless they don't stand a chance in front of God Who decides what happens to our souls. Even if those witches die, they can't transfer their powers to others, simply the powers that were given to them by evil spirits are given to some other witch by the same spirits at their discretion. I certainly don't know anything about such rituals, don't wish to know either as they wouldn't appeal to my personality. I also don't want to acquire any powers for that matter as I'd abuse them. My only wish is to be the lowest of the lowest regarding any kind of power and have some peace and quiet. That's something I'd like. Don't take my comment as rude, my only wish is to be honest.

      • Its a painting and its not macabre in the least. Its Magritte. I usually post under another name but Ive been lazy about logging in and out.

      • sittingcoffin on

        I was responding to Bob saying there was no point in killing him if he was in on it, as if being a part of the agenda makes one immune to anything bad ever happening to him.

        I don't believe Jesus was anything but a cool dude that went around helping people detach themselves from beings like the God you refer to – energy vampires that pretend to own us and the planet. Jesus in the bible is an amalgam of many myths before him, and a little of his own story. The biggest sin is that these gods teach us we are not spiritually sovereign and we end up being their playthings, Abramahic religions included. Why do you think the Illuminati have NO PROBLEM printing up Korans, Talmuds, Bibles, etc etc for the masses?

  13. VC sorry this is off topic but do you think the illuminati have influence over why people have same gender attractions?

    • sittingcoffin on

      Monsanto is flooding the planet with food that messes with the endocrine systems – overfeminizing girls and overfeminizing boys. In a round about way, then yes.

      • Thank you for your response, i was wondering this because i am a guy who likes other guys. For some reason it won't let me say the world g-a-y here. And since the illuminati control the world i was wondering if they had influence over it.

      • One person I read says that life is about balance. In my conclusion, male male female female relationships are not balanced. This is not to condemn anyone or anything, but she says your sexuality is largely shaped by sexual and familial scars from past, parallel and future lives. Dietary and media messages are contributing to control the masses outlook on sexuality, but its not ALL them, you know?

      • What do you mean by parallel and future lives? I mean i know some people who had a great past and a loving family but still turn out g-a-y. I've never watched teletubby or tinky winky as a kid but i did watch blues clues but that was it lol. im 16 right now and i know i started having these feelings since i was 6 years old :( It sucks watching other teens get into relationships around me but i cant cause im g-a-y and i was raised on christian beliefs and i think maybe God would send me to hell

      • if you believe that Jesus died for your sins then you are forgiven. As long as you don't act on these feelings you'll be fine. If you keep seeking the Lord to help with this He will. I struggle with thoughts myself even after I got saved but I pray that the Holy Spirit take control and put my mind on things that are good.

        To answer your question about the illuminati being involved with the g.a.y. lifestyle, two words: population control (also if God says its an abomination of course lucifer is gonna be all over that! ijs

        Praying for u :)

      • There's hope for y'all. I think a lot of people have urges that are bisexual in nature. I do and I'm in a monogomous hetero marriage in a Christian household. It's our crosses to bear. Keep on the good fight!

      • I love how you didn't bash this person and showed true Godly love and you even expressed something about your self…More Christians should be like you…God bless you

      • What thoughts do u struggle with? Thanks for ur advice? I have a question though. Why doesnt the bible talk about Monarch programming or illuminati?

      • If you believe in God, and you have h0-m0-s-exu-al feelings, your god wants you to, in my humble opinion!!!
        But, yes, i say it with 3 exclamation marks….

      • or the evil spirits influence you on having this type of feelings.. they never leave anyone alone from birth till the end of their life and beyond that,,

      • Is this because gay feelings come from the devil, you think? I think maybe there is a reason why not ever y one is stra-ight, and i think nature/god/gods might have a reason for it.
        Be not one to judge someone else one being true, righteous, honest, you have not walked in his or hers shoes – whatever there is writen somewhere sometime.
        This is not very specificly directed to you, by the way…i realize.

      • sittingcoffin on

        you might be carrying some scars around from past lives that scare you off of a balanced male female relationship. do what feels right this time around as much as you can – this planet is so full of poison at this point we can all just do what we can.

        That god is a false god like ALL the rest that have hung around since time immemorial, threatening us and stealing our energies to keep themselves in power. We are surrounded by the old gods still (look for them in media, they are everywhere represented in worship), and the Abrahamic religions (tiny cults that the elites grabbed onto and gave them mass appeal) feed those gods EVERY DAY. Imagine a life without them. The ultimate potential of good and transcendence and responsibility within the human soul, not outside it.

      • Omg…don't listen to anyone on here @Zheng. If you are g a y or bi then don't stress out about it. There is no evil spoke it in you. You should feel safe enough to be comfortable with your sexuality. As hard as it may be just try to keep it quiet u tip you can get out of your home when you graduate highschool. You say you are being raised Ina. Christian household then unfortunately for your safety wait until you are old enough to move out! You deserve the same rights and respect as everyone else and don't believe for one second that there is anything wrong with you. I absolutely abhor the "pray the gay away" mentality…it's so ridiculous that anyone would believe that remotely works. It doesn't work that way!! I pray for your safety from ignorant people like these other commenters.

      • sittingcoffin on

        I am not ignorant. Telling someone to live honestly whilst investigating their impulses is not an ignorant thing to say.

      • stillLearning on

        Personally i think its a brainwashing technique they are useing against us from a young age. If you look at the way children show characters act they have "homosexual " qualities. Look at the teletubbies and tinky winky for example. Or the show yogabbagabba the main character is very flamboyant. Choldren relate to these charaters . Its very influencial

      • No. Look for yourself. Pesticides are estrogenic.

        Add in the entire food industry – most of our diet is inflammatory and soy based, ALSO estrogenic.

        Check out sensiblehealth dot coms advice for how to avoid this. Once you put a baby on an all soy diet, you never know what youre going to get (besides a non optimal child).

    • did u not let my comment go thru cuz i mentioned "protocols of the learned elders of Zion"? i dont hink thats "anti-semitic" cuz i think the Illuminati is not all jews. i read henry makow's site everyday and he himself is jewish and is not scared to talk about some evil things that SOME of his people have done, not all!

      • sittingcoffin on

        The protocols outline what is actually going on now. That document was pinned on Jews, but I believe it was written by the elites to fuel the experiment that was WW2. And also to let us know their plans, which were then dismissed as anti-Jew propaganda and "HOW DARE YOU EVEN SPEAK OF THE DOCUMENT!!!!!!!!!!!" Read it. All the plans are in there.

      • Hey sittingcoffin, was wondering if you knew anything about the jesuits (pope) behind all the secret societies as well as the ones responsible for the creation/confusion of the many abrahamic religions?

  14. I think that giving her daughter to the elites for sex slave is the price to pay for Bill following his being caught at the orgy.

  15. Sheep of Jesus on

    Excellent series, thank you, VC: I'd love to see more of such comprehensive, multi-part articles, like this one or the one about Marilyn Monroe. Thanks again.

  16. it makes me sad that hinduism and some of its principles have been corrupted and misued.

    gotta watch this movie soon!!

  17. Although i think part I and II were much more well constructed and rich, this last part still a good analyzis. Thank you VC – always a quality reading.

    But i don't know if the Baphomet effigy was necessary in here. Baphomet concept represents a whole bunch of archetypes and illustrates various facets of conscious states, including the Kundalini rising. But NOT ONLY Kundalini rising.

    • Agreed. I became a yoga instructor last year and the 6 month course made us look at all types of yoga, not just astanga (stretching). As a Christian, I found some horribly wrong aspects of Kundalini and I still refuse to chant. However, associating Baphomet with Kundalini is erroneous. Do your research, VC! Look up Yogi Bhajan on wiki; he Americanized the Kundalini Seikh movement in America. Thanks!

  18. So all I have found on Tantric Ritual is that these rituals seeks to access the Super-Mundane through the mundane, identifying the Microcosm with the Macrocosm. The tantric aim is to sublimate rather than to negate relative reality. This makes about as much sense as making a submarine with a screen door if you ask me, further more…

    The Tantric Practionioner seeks to use Prana, an energy that flows through the universe to attain goals that may be spiritual, material or both.
    What goals are the elite trying to attain with these kinds of Tantric group rituals? There reasoning is beyond insane, and it I am not making heads or tails out of any of this.

    • They use sexual energy, which is basically creative energy, to manifest things.. they know the power of sexuality and use it to their advantage.. That is why orgies were common place in ancient times, they were using the energy to create specific things, to appease the gods and to bring about certain events.
      Invocations of demonic spirits to gain power is also one of reasons the Elites still practice ceremony.
      Also they do not have the powers that the humans do to create and to reach the higher realms mentally and creatively, so they have to use humans with these abilities in their rituals. They also steal life force energies from others in sacrifice.. to empower themselves and appease the gods.. this has been going on on this planet since time began..

      • So there is basically one specific intent for the ritual/orgy? this makes more sense, but I believe the demons are in more control than the people involved. They are basically,Obssessed/Possessed by the intentions of the inorganic beings they serve.

      • exactly, but tehy think theyre in control when in reality when ur possessed by a demonic entity ur no longer in control

  19. SUPERB, VC.

    it is very difficult to guide the "uninitiated" on a cogent high-speed tour of these realms–which invariably include so much history, mythos, seeming moral ambiguity and outrageous acts disguising their true purpose. it is even harder to keep the focus on a higher level for yourself, and those who didn't arrive at the destinations at their own pace. and, most difficult of all, is convincing all and reminding yourself that these places aren't someplace you want to exist for long, as it is an illusion of Truth.

    for all seekers of Truth from Love, remember the Holy Spirit keeps you safe on this journey, if you ask. and for the timid or even non-believers, you need not delve too deeply to know that the effects of these beliefs are all around, even if only in the minds and the actions of the adherents. BEWARE. we can charm a snake, but the snake call also charm US.

  20. What is called "Kundalini" has nothing to do with Baphomet or with sex, particularly. Nor is it limited to some kind of Asian tradition like "tantric yoga". The word itself comes from India, but as I understand it, it refers to a natural energy that all of us have which can be experienced in an intensified form on certain (usually rare) occasions, such as: 1) in a sudden emergency, as when a fragile grandmother is able to lift a car to save a child, 2) in people such as Saint Teresa of Avila, who spent years in prayer and fasting, 3) possibly other types of situations, for instance involving sex.

    Aleister Crowley is reputed to have raped and killed animals and possibly children. So this is VERY different from making love to your spouse, or from fasting or praying all night long. Crowley may have been hungering after the kinds of visions and exalted experiences that St. Teresa wrote about in her autobiography, but according to his own writings, his methods of choice involved rape and violence… and ultimately were useless and ineffective – besides being insane and evil! – and left him an unhappy broke addict.

    Anyway I wouldn't want anyone to think that if you have a magical sex experience with your spouse – or if you're a woman, during childbirth – that there's anything wrong with that, or that it has anything to do with Baphomet or whatever. Violence and love are two very different things.

    In my opinion there's really no need to go around trying to "awaken one's kundalini". St. Teresa certainly did not care a whit about it. I think anyone who gets obsessed with such pursuits starts to head down the wrong path…

    just my 2 cents. otherwise great articles and incredible level of detail revealed here.

    • I have read a book called "The Tower of Alchemy" where it gets into detail of how to raise the Kundalini. It also warns that there is great risk and danger in it. Crowley obviously did not care because his ego was larger than life

      • Yeah. My own sense is that there is two kinds of magic – one ordinary kind, where fire burns, and water is wet, and you see how beautiful the sunrise is, and there are times when loving your family feels magical, and so on.

        The other kind is what could be called "black magic" where you try to manipulate people and situations for your own advantage – you try to rape and plunder and con people; you become a kleptocrat. You would like to steal other people's money and the fruits of their labors – perhaps through mortgage derivatives swindles or creating money out of thin air to loan at interest. You would like to "own" people and do horrible things to animals and young boys, in an attempt to capture some kind of feeling of your own power and invincibility. If you can achieve power over others, maybe you can outrun your own death, outrun the consequences of your actions. They say the devil is very seductive once you repeatedly ignore certain "warnings" and head down this path.

        But I don't think that sex itself is evil, or Asian religions are necessarily evil, and so on. In my opinion foreign words like "kundalini" don't necessarily indicate something evil – unless you are motivated by the search for power over people, trying to attain money and status through violence and theft, through modern highway robbery. For me one rule of thumb is the "seven deadly sins" – vanity, lust, and so on. To me that is very reliable. I know what those things are and I have a sense of when I or other people are being possessed by them. But trying to figure out exactly what some foreign group of people (even Western alchemists) are or were up to based merely on cryptic writings is tricky – it's something I'm not very good at. (Which is part of why I sometimes like this VC site – this person is pretty good at it.)

        In a way I suspect that all religious and spiritual traditions could be dangerous, in the sense that you can misunderstand the teachings and end up just inflating your own ego. C.S. Lewis wrote in the Screwtape Letters about how you could start out as a good Christian, and then end up thinking that you are better than your neighbor because of it, and then get more and more warped by a sense of vanity. Course, I have even heard C.S. Lewis criticized recently for being part of the "elite" and promoting magic in his books, and therefore he was also evil. But I'm not sure it's all as black and white as that. His Screwtape Letters book is great i.m.o. – the plot of the story is how these little invisible beings go around whispering in our ears these suggestions about how we should, you know, live a demonic lifestyle. It starts out very mild and seemingly harmless….

        Anyway, great series of articles on Eyes Wide Shut. I just think there's a danger in trying to judge other people who seem like foreigners or who talk about things like "magic" (whatever that means). Being skeptical is healthy I think, but hating people who are different from us seems like just another way for the elite to manipulate us. I dunno.

      • So happy that you don't think sex itself is evil.

        I suppose if it was, then we'd all be fucked.

      • yogis are hosts to all sorts of lower astral beings and trickster gods. Id stay away from yoga period.

      • sittingcoffin on

        That is the common response to what I have said. You are in the majority. Congrats!

      • Actually, we should not believe in everything or any kind of thinking system, so blindly. We must always think by ourselves, do researches and formulating our own thoughts. Peace!

    • I agree with you. We should not allow the evil ones to coopt life force energy and scare us all into not using it for love/good. It's tricky sorting it all out, but sort we must or else we have fallen for their tricks.

      • I shy away from Kundalini. It seems to be very difficult to control, almost purposefully so.

    • Some would say Kundalini is the very thing that blocks us from reaching our true potential as sentient, loving humans since it is so reptilian in nature.

      • In another time, very ancient times, before our aeon, reptiles were majestic representations, very honorable and respected effigies of wisdom and all highest aspects of life.

        For some reason, in recent times, being more precise, in the rise of christianity, the reptile image was perverted and twisted to something evil, maleficence or unholy. Don't know why the ruling powers did this, but it's a fact. The odd thing is, the same thing occured to women and the power of the feminine holiness – they were intentionally perverted and twisted. Now we only have the patriarcal/masculine aspect of the sacred.

      • CryForHumanity on

        Your a bit off there Willie. Reptiles have ALWAYS been depicted and used to represent Evil. Adam and Eve and the SNAKE (a reptile)….remember that. How is a snake in pop culture or otherwise EVER been a depiction of honor? With distrust, deception and evil intent perhaps but not as majestic or honor. Do you consider Disney's "The Jungle Book" of Christian influence? I sure don't but Kaa surely wasn't someone to trust or an animal of honor. He was trying to manipulate and hypnotize Moogly so he could eat him.

        A crocodile, another well known reptile. A depiction of honor or majestic? If you consider a carnivorous animal hiding in the water waiting to attack honorable…I guess man. You could even argue that Dragons although mythical, have reptilian features. Does not God refer to Satan as the Dragon, are not dragons usually depicted as evil and destructive? I would honestly like to know where aside from possibly occult doctrine you found Reptiles to be animals of majesty and honor.

        As far as women and "feminine holiness" how exactly has Christianity corrupted or perverted it, if anything it depicted women as sacred, creatures worthy of respect and dignity. Did God not say "Husbands I tell you, Love your wife as Christ Loved the Church" If you knew anything of God and his love of the church, he would give his life for the church. If anything the rise of Feminism, and rejection of Christian principles of family values has been the cause of women and their power being perverted and twisted. Woman's Lib for example is not about what's best for the family it's simple a feminine version of what women would call a man of the same mentality a "sexist pig".

        It is now considered degrading for a woman to be a homemaker. I live in California and I have never met so many women who just don't DO anything. They have careers but they don't clean, don't cook and don't raise their kids. Their babysitters, TV, and daycare do that. YET they expect the man to still pay for everything. The only thing the woman does is look good. There's even a law that states if a woman is married to a man for 10 years she gets Alimony for HERSELF to maintain her standard of living…'s that for twisted and perverted. I don't know others but if I'm going to pay for a woman just to have sex and look good isn't that the same as prostitution? Feminism says nothing about the family, the best for the kids….it's Me, me, I'm the woman, I deserve this and that. Aside from that it's made up of women who either a) are lesbians b) bitter because a guy screwed them over at one point c) egocentric women d) a combination of all.

        What has corrupted and perverted women and their holiness is rejection of Godly principles. Being selfish and all the negative role models women have. The likes of Beyonce, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Kesha….and pretty much every twisted women who has been featured on this website. Supposedly independent, strong women who have filthy mouths, are perverted, sexualize themselves and dress a little more modest than some strippers in a strip club. Such independent women who endorse and commercialize occult doctrine, have alter egos (possession or some mental illness) and the rejection of holy principles.

        Sorry for long post but I hate when people attempt to use Christianity as a scapegoat to blame something else. If anything Christianity and it's flailing influence in the rising embrace of the Anti-Christ popularity is all that is keeping righteousness and justice in this sick, evil world. You would do more to research Christianity and what is found inside the Bible before using it as a source for blame. From your post I can only deduce that you of Pagan belief as your ideology seems to identify you as such.

      • The story of Adam & Eve and the serpent is not a story of humans succumbing to evil, let alone being a historical event. It's about the involution of the soul, i.e. the soul taking on a physical appearance in order to experience life on this plane of existence.

      • sittingcoffin on

        Like Douglas Adams said, any god that puts apples in read and says "Don't eat these or else" is eventually going to catch you doing SOMETHING. Do you really want to put any kind of faith in that sort of "Gotcha!" god?

      • sittingcoffin on

        If that is what you took from my comment, that's a real problem. Apple, orange, doesn't matter what it actually was.

      • stillLearning on

        Cryforhumanity. You said everything i wanted too . i as a women fully agree with everything you said. God bless . And thank you

      • No judgement, however, you are a bit off cryforhumanity. Christianity, (being one of the world's youngest religions,) came into a world where snakes had NOT always been associated with evil. Aboriginal Australians (the oldest human culture to inhabit one location contiguously) believe a rainbow snake created the world by carving out a river as it slithered. A majority of the world's stories of genesis involve a snake, and the majority of those mythologies hold the snake in high regard. Minoans revered a Snake Goddess as protector of the wellbeing of the household. The Hopi view the snake as a fertility symbol. Pre Christianity, snakes were often associated with feminine wisdom and virtues. Snake has long been a symbol of the dual nature of reality, good and bad in balance, not evil alone.

        Willie is correct in saying that these older widely held connotations were revised by early Christianity -transforming the snake and the feminine into the originators of sin. Eve is banned from accessing the symbolic "tree of knowledge" or "tree of life" -which had previously been a sacred female right enacted by priestesses in ritual. In historical context, this would have been a direct subordination of the spiritual and physical sovereignty of women.

      • sittingcoffin on

        Mayans were reptile worshippers, it is true. Their time, as predicted by their calendar, should be waning. Reptiles were revered by them, and sacrificed to them. That bloodthirsty energy is said to be leaving the planet, by their own predictions.

      • Gaskell's Dictionary of All Scriptures & Myths has this to say about reptiles (the serpent):

        A symbol of the inner forces of the relative existence, which appear and again disappear, by which the growth of the soul is accomplished.

        I don't know, but this doesn't sound like it's a bad thing.

      • sittingcoffin on

        Well, if its in a book, then I guess we should all take it at face value and disregard all other knowledge of reptiles throughout history. Including that newly revealed portrait of Queen Elizabeth holding a snake that had been painted over with a flower for centuries.

      • lover of symbols on

        Yes – look at how Athena was portrayed with that enormous snake by her side sorry to have forgotten the snake's name.Also her aegis -capelike armour? was edged with snakes.

      • hmmm it's so true. She must have been a nephilim or simply a possessed statue like the statue of Apollo which was confronted by St George. Ancient Greece was rife with satanism and idolatry.

    • There are lots of partial truths in many rituals. It does not surprise me that chakra concept might have some truth to it, obviously having sex does create energy both spiritual and physical. Crowley just perverted it, and lots of people like his perversion. It's sad.

      It's about the condition of the heart. Are you trying to obtain power over someone or for yourself? Do you hate yourself and relenquish yourself to another human being instead of God to feel loved? Those are the real questions.

      God is love and He loves to bless.

  21. It must be noted that any analysis of this movie will naturally be skewed as the movie itself is not the original cut intended to be shown by Stanley Kubrick. He died shortly after the first private screening with executives from Warner Brothers and then the film was re-edited (post-mortem) by, if memory serves correct, Steven Speilberg and released. There has been much controversy about what EYES WIDE SHUT would have been if Kubrick's original cut had been released intact and about the circumstances of his death. That should raise a lot of questions and make us all wonder about his original message in the film, which now we will never know….

    Thanks for the great article, VC.

    • Littlegreenbag on

      Knowing what I know now…I suspect Tom and Nicole were threatened to separate as apart of their punishment for participating in this revealing movie… People just don't suddenly split after 10 years… They split 2 months after the movie. I guess no body really knows for sure but I remember at the time of Stanley's death thinking; (even before I was aware of this kind of stuff), was strange timing and then Tom and Nic parting 2 months later ….. Can't help thinking this movie had very personal consequences for the participants… Just my thoughts:

      • Yes they do. They had problems leading up to the movie but decided to continue with it. They were just waiting for the movie to be finished to seperate.

  22. Well I loved the first 2 articles but I think this one has not delivered what we expected: the great conclusion.
    OK, the whole movie could be about a quest to be one, the rise of the Kundalini but that is not very connected to the movie.
    I know it's hard to write this kind of stuff and perhaps even you couldn't get the whole picture but in my opinion there should a be a 4th article or an addendum to better explain it.

  23. I do not believe my cities mayor, Mayor Bob Filner from DC is apart of this elite Kabal, or he would not be in the situation he is in. The real elite get laid, like Simon Cowell for example

  24. Anyone seen Dream Girls starring Beyonce & Jennifer Hudson. Its in reference to the "rainbow."
    Rainbow is the record label that they're both signed to.

    There's a lot of symbolism throughout this movie too.
    I also noticed a scene when beyonce and jamie fox are eating dinner. Beyonce was dressed in all white and wearing a butterfly pendant, her end of the table was very luminous but jamie's end was a complete contrast. (Jamie is her manager)

    Its so creepy the fact Hudson's family had been killed and she became a mega star after all that and I think it was after the making of Dream Girls.

    Thanks VC you have opened my eyes.

    • Hudson was also declared on by Clive Davis in a live interview to be the next Whitney the day before Whitney was found dead. Shes signed her soul over, child.

    • Creepier still that partner of Gagas that was just about to hit it big and "jumped" off of a building, committing suicide, right before The Fame was released. Her last performance talked about how she was scared they were coming for her.

    • You are right, in that same scene Jamie's character was talking about how much he was in control of Beyonce's character…

  25. Indonesian gal on

    Reading VC's articles, I cherish each words and wishing not to arrive to the section of 'In Conclusion' … I just never want VC's articles to end! I think I'm addicted to VC! :))

    • Is it just entertainment for you? Escapism? Do you not take it seriously as stuff to think about and reflect your own experiences or insights?

      • >:-( Well that's incredibly rude, don't you think? I too am amazed at the knowledge that vc presents and am sad when I read "in conclusion" because it's like coming to the end of a great lesson. the way that vc compiles so many different aspects of the elites methods is incredible, I know a lot about mk, I know the bible and am familiar with many greek/roman mythologies, I know bits and pieces of many different aspects, but vc's knowledge surpasses any other I've seen and being able to connect all the dots is amazing. Sure, in a way it's entertaining and "escapism", but just because vc is so good and it's such new knowledge for most of us.
        Just because you don't have an appreciation for the art that is this site doesn't mean nobody else can.

      • I did not mean to be rude, just poking to get more than superficial praise.
        Maybe my poking stick does have a bit of a sharp end to it..

  26. An interesting interpretation which raises questions for me. Was Kubrick trying to expose the elite's dark rituals as an insider committing betrayal? Or did he in fact subscribe to the esoteric process, and the story is in fact about the process as it takes place inside the body, with the characters and events symbolizing various stages in the process of raising Kundalini?

    • The elite have several goals when they make stuff like this, ie; to desensitize the population, for their own entertainment among their elites, for programming future mk victims

    • yes!! both ways…!! :sigh!! that's it…
      1.- exposes elite dark side how they work using:
      2.- What is really a spiritual path we can all discover, work on through our path of life
      3.- Raising the kundalini internal energy to transmute the material world…

    • I repeat here my response to an earlier post:
      I was very disappointed when I eventually got to to see Eyes Wide Shut last year. Yes I could see some of the symbolism, not as much as VC explains to us though of course, but when it finished I felt as though my mind had been dragged through something horrible but with no good energies at all to balance it out or redeem the viewer. I couldn't have sat through it again and I hope that VC is taking proper precautionary measures as he has obviously had to watch it many times. It left me wondering what sort of a couple, married in real life, could be happy displaying themselves in the 'soft porn' way they did. I'm also slightly suspicious of Kubrick's motivation here as it's well known that the 'elite' like to intentionally let the cat out of the bag from time to time knowing that most people wont catch on or, even if they do, won't be able to do anything about it. I would say the movie is amoral, even if it is enlightening.

    • I think in life, you can find just about anything to parallel the 7 chakras in Kundalini. VC just willy-nilly tied these femme fatales to the 7 chakras: mudra (root), svadhistana (reproductive organs), manipura (adrenals), anahata (heart/shoulders), vishuda (throat), ajna (3rd eye-pineal), and sahasrara (CNS/hypothalumus). VC never really went in depth as to why the characters represented the different chakras, which are so very fascinating!! Each one has a color, animal, function, sense, etc. Chakras and pranayama are the only things I like from Kundalini. I only practice Astanga bc Kundalini is too trippy and I always come down with an illness after an intense practice. Went to a Kundalini workshop in February at Birmingham Yoga and caught strept throat. Practiced Kundalini a few months ago and immediately had diarrhea. That stuff is not to be taken lightly! Give me regular asanas (poses) any day of the week to crosstrain with my running.

      • That's kind of frightening that you got sick from it. Your body was responding as if you had an infection or virus. It was obviously allowing things to enter your body, that anatomically was rejected. That's just my thoughts on your experience from the view point of a biologist & Christian!

      • Thanks, Flor, for agreeing with me! One of my friends from the yoga teacher training specializes in Kundalini. She keeps having miscarriages and wonders why!!! When I was pregnant, I only did a few easy asanas that were approved by my doctor, and focused on cardio. Some of these yogis are too intense and it hurts their bodies, obviously. A fetus doesn't need suspended breath from pranayama, like bastrika or breath of fire. Moreover, I felt more succeptible to negative energy while engaged in kundalini. Other than spinal flexing, STAY AWAY from it! It can become a cult. Several caucasian Americans l know got really into Kundalini and became swayed to take on the seikh lifestyle all out. They wear turbans and have changed their names from Kerry to Kewel, for example. As much as Scientology is a cult, Seikhism can be too. Lots of the yogis I know are very militant and puritanical. The would scoff at me for not being a vegan (hello! I'm anemic and need meat) or for drinking alcohol. They are know-it-alls!! I'm never going back to their classes (which are really expensive, by the way).

  27. I like the fact that even though VC didn't completely cover every single little detail of the movie, there are users who are willing to respond and inform others if they are confused about it. I really enjoyed this Final part more than the previous two as it speaks of the Kundalini, and I have been doing research on the Pineal Gland for quite a while now. Cheers VC, wonder what's next.

  28. There is a scholl of thought which states that Kubrick was an initiate and that in return for fproviding fake footage of the moon landings, he was granted the facility of being able to produce his movies at his own pace and on his own terms.
    If he broke his Oath of Consequence and revealed these forbidden secrets, even in a subtle manner, he paid the ultimatye price.

    • Thing is, the elite could have very easily buried this whole thing before it was released. Make no mistake, this movie was allowed to be done. But in the end it was still Stanley's swan song.

  29. Part 3 of this series is not as rich as parts 1 & 2. It was really an anticlimax. I waited for days for this Part 3 but was disappointed at the end. VC would have explored and gave more insight of the "rainbow" angle. There should be deep meanings worth looking into there. Parts 1 & 2 were classics!

    • I hate how you all are saying it`s not as rich as part one and two. He's not obligated to post any articles. He has a friggin life outside of his website. Either be thankful he wrote it or shut up and look up the symbolism yourself. He has to do nothing to you all. God!!!!!

    • On the contrary: VC mentioning Kundalini is quite "rich". You hardly can't go any deeper than this. The Bible is an esoteric work of which main focus is Kundalini.

    • Totally agree with Nyk, come on people, he has extensively covered all the friggin' symbolism of symbolic things et al!! here and there, in previous articles, it's everywhere!!! Rainbow= going through the rainbow, means: when the MKs dissociate and go to an alternate reality to avoid pain!!!!!! (reality).

      • …and missed saying that maybe VC knows we are progressing now, just look at how many very good contributions in the comments everywhere with more insight, I think VC does it on pupose to see if we are "listening" not eyes wide shutted!!

  30. PrairieMuffins on

    This makes so much more sense than the movie at face-value. Kundalini rising… of course! I absolutely could not understand why Kubricks placed all those clips of Alice with the naval officer, and Alice's last quote at the end about them needing to fuck — it all seemed so bizarre. It was eerie. And thanks to our twisted culture, pretty familiar. Think how many couples practice this black magic. As they ignore all the evil around them, bringing their children into a doomed world, the only comfort they can attain is misery's own company.

  31. @curious H:
    purpose, aim of all these practices is to gain the status of godhead, an allpowerful status where a human transcends his earthly status and gains control of entire universe. you may read materials on Technocracy, transhumanism, scientism etc to abtain knowlwdge and understanding as to where esoteric practices and illuminati are heading for. absolute total domination of earth in first step and universe next.

    @edward: yes kundalini has everything to do with the same. it is one way of transcending human physical limitations and accessing that outward source of power which can make a man godhead.

    • Which is bad if you're Christian and read and understand the Bible in a literal sense. But if you read the Bible as an esoteric work, things start to click. The key difference between the former and the latter is that the latter thinks of God as being inside of you, while Christianity teaches that God is a being that's outside of you.

      For more on this, I suggest that you look up a blog titled Spirit of the Scripture.

      • Christianity teaches that God is in you, around you, all of thee above ! Me personally never got the human/ god thing ? Name 1 person from any era that have achieved this. Name one ! A god where nobody knows your name, know you exist….God of what & who ? What qualities and abilities do you have, I'll wait for one ! Now to compare you to GOD the creator of the heavens and earth,…… How do these so called gods I mean us humans compare ? I find this thinking hilarious if nothing else ! I think, NO I know people are getting this god/human and GOD thing twisted !

  32. Didn't take me that long to realize that those two men that Helen was with were her potential handlers but yet a great insight into whats really going on in those occult rituals and the "kitties".

    Not to mention some dark secrets of certain religions such as Hinduism as one mentioned apart from that of the Catholic church in relation to the knights templar.

    As always, certain things are not always what they seem to be.

    Great job VC with your thorough analysis

  33. thanks vc my own research into the secret societies makes your reading of the symbolism in this movie and others you have done very easy to understand. I look at it in a broad sense in that I have read these ideas put fourth in other terms but the general premise is exactly the same. All I will say is that mass media of today is no different to the medes of ancient times the rituals are there for all to see. People complaining about the quality of this article may be cointelpro.

  34. Very good article, also when they are at the party at start of movie the two woman say to him lets go 'where the rainbow ends'. I think this connects to the costume shop called 'rainbow' and the fact that Bill was essentially offered a young girl there. It appears this is a reference to the elites activities involving youngsters.

    • I think you're right. First we see the young under age girl with the 2 undressed men in the rainbow shop. Then much of the movie is like a rainbow with seven colors in the Christmas lights. You see these colorful lights in every scene, until you get to the mansion ritual scene.Perhaps this is the end of the rainbow because you no longer see the colorful lights. So the rainbow may be linking the underage girl to the ritual, hinting to what really goes on there. Good observation!

  35. God Damm You VC, and not in a bad way of course. I am so Hooked on you, VC U R the best, But most of all Thank You & , "YAHUA BLESS YOU" = God Bless U! After waiting 4 what seem 2 be an eternity, finally part 3 is here & let me tell U it did not disappoint. I just want 2 say if it wasn't for this website, I would be partially blind. The fact being I am a devout Christian & avid reader of, "THE HOLY BIBLE", and When I read UR articles they all make perfect sense and coincide with the Word Of God, including this one on eyes wide shut.

    The sad truth is that 4 all those who believe in this Bull Shit illumination will unfortunately end up in hell for eternity & like I said before put your trust in the LORD & be SAVED & do not be Deceived
    Ephesians. Chapter 5, & verses 8-14
    8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light 9 (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) 10 and find out what pleases the Lord. 11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. 14 This is why it is said:

    “Wake up, sleeper,
    rise from the dead,
    and Christ will shine on you.

    John 8:31,32
    31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

    And once again Thank You VC for such a Great & Insightful article & "YAHUA BLESS" !

    • So, could you please tell me which christian religion does believe in hell, and which does not? For it seems to me that not their god is sending me to hell, but his followers.!

      • Well, you could always sign on with the minions of evil, and go there of your own volition. The Christians are trying to warn people that it is a real place, and people get dragged into it all the time. Why do you think the illuminati set up those portals everywhere? Pentagrams, vesicas, vorteces– they are like interdimensional transportation hubs. The bigger and badder the entity, the bigger the doorway needs to be. (leviathan, anyone?)

        Not only do the demons etc. come through to Here, but they bring Humans back, some willing and some not. It may irritate you, but part of being a follower of Christ is to prevent this from happening, even if we have to nag the rest of you into remembering what behaviors will or won't get you sucked into literal Hell, if not for eternity, than for what seems to be eternity.

        If you don't feel the truth in what i say, you can go on youtube or experience project and check out the stories of people who've actually been there. They are extremely convincing.

      • Don't be ridiculous, no one is going to stone you. You have free will. I used to feel the same way. Sometimes Christians can seem judgmental, but the truth is in your own heart. Jesus taught not to be judgmental. You have to accept spiritual truths on your own. No one can force you. I was a pagan who decided to read the bible for myself. Hell is actually a pagan concept (gehenna). I think what people mean to say is that if you want to be close to God, then you do not follow the "demonic" because that will separate you from God and that is the "eternal darkness". God is in all of us and part of us. My favorite verse is John 17:23.

  36. Though it may not seem of relevance:

    The sinners in Zion are terrified;
    trembling grips the godless:
    “Who of us can dwell with the consuming fire?
    Who of us can dwell with everlasting burning?”
    15 Those who walk righteously
    and speak what is right,
    who reject gain from extortion
    and keep their hands from accepting bribes,
    who stop their ears against plots of murder
    and shut their eyes against contemplating evil—
    16 they are the ones who will dwell on the heights,
    whose refuge will be the mountain fortress.
    Their bread will be supplied,
    and water will not fail them…

    18 In your thoughts you will ponder the former terror:
    “Where is that chief officer?
    Where is the one who took the revenue?
    Where is the officer in charge of the towers?”
    19 You will see those arrogant people no more,
    people whose speech is obscure,
    whose language is strange and incomprehensible.

    …She will become a haunt for jackals,
    a home for owls.
    14 Desert creatures will meet with hyenas,
    and wild goats will bleat to each other;
    there the night creatures will also lie down
    and find for themselves places of rest.
    15 The owl will nest there and lay eggs,
    she will hatch them, and care for her young
    under the shadow of her wings;
    there also the falcons will gather,
    each with its mate.
    16 Look in the scroll of the Lord and read:

    None of these will be missing,
    not one will lack her mate.
    For it is his mouth that has given the order,
    and his Spirit will gather them together.
    17 He allots their portions;
    his hand distributes them by measure.
    They will possess it forever
    and dwell there from generation to generation.

  37. This article is a good analysis and you did good research and know your stuff but there are a million things going on in this world right now like all the uprisings, coming economic collapses, and info that was once kept secret is now being released and youhhave reported on none of it. People come to your website to learn the truth in this world and you're reporting about old movies? Please stop distracting people

    • And where is your site? How does anyone get accurate information about these collapses with the controlled media putting the news out there, anyway?

      • ‧Number one I don't have one
        ‧Two don't come at me in a hostile matter
        ‧Three I don't get all my knowledge and information from websites or mainstream media I connect information and data from all types of sources and pay attention to what's going on in the world see past the bs and make infrences and conclusions from it

      • sittingcoffin on

        number two: you get what you give
        and number three so do I, but where is your site, since you are so good at it? Id be interested to read it.

      • sittingcoffin on

        and also, I think the worlds wealth is being transferred to the Middle East for a Babylon-esque getaway for the elites. Everything else is a distraction.

      • Okay I wasn't saying his website is bad I was saying there's things going on in the world that I think should be reported on. And like I said I don't have one. I do have a twitter account where I tweet information similar to this and yeah I agree that our wealth is going towards the ellites strange plans as well.

    • so true also, but now we are opening our eyes to it, dont we??
      I have!! and sometimes wish my eyes were wide shut again, for it's so deeply sad, frustrating, and unbearable anymore, I cry and think how much more I understand Joshua's pains, to watch this
      world completely dehumanized, in the worse state ever is not a good deal, but guess we must
      endure the growing pains, better do it UNITED, because this is mostly at what the elite has succeeded,
      to DIVIDE us human beings, we are compartmentalized, individuals with no further spiritual growth…
      sorry got carried away, yes Stop there is so much wrongdoing going on everywhere, so we should
      work on awakening people around us at least, being lovelier, humane, caring is a start…just do it….

    • Some might argue that paying attention to all the noise in the news is counter-productive as well…Have you not realized that this isn't about voting the bad guys out of power, or which puppet leader is in charge? This is a spiritual battle. While you stay glued to the nightly news worrying about your ILLUSORY money. The elite are performing SPIRITUAL rituals. This is not about fear, it about YOU and what you believe and what's inside of you. Ignore the worldly, materials problems. They are the true distraction.

    • There are other sites that report on these things. That is not what VC is about. I'm sure he doesn't have time to cover everything. He has chosen his own venue and although it is a small part of a bigger picture, I think that it is great to focus on these small areas so that one can understand the big picture.

    • Not Programmed on

      Movies, other media, and entertainment do show us what is really happening. Funny thing is that the news outlets are distractions and illusion. There are movies and tv shows that have predicted our future and display what our military are doing and tell how the elite sees us and reveals their developing plans. California is said to have a water shortage, how many movies have shown a shortage of a major resource being manipulated by a powerful person or group? I can name one, Tank Girl made in the 90's. I find outlets that focus on current events go off on tangents and can be full of inaccurate speculation. The entertainment industry is a good source of simplified information that reveals past present and future elite activity if you know how to read the messages based on the repeated themes they use.

  38. Dear VC, I'm a long time reader, first time commenter. I thoroughly enjoyed the article(s) on this movie, but I feel like you left out a very important part, which i assumed would have been explained in this last article. Prior to Bill's "journey", he and his wife were going to copulate after smoking marijuana. Anyone who has used this drug knows it makes everything better, particularly sex. While they never did get it on due to bill having to see a patient, I feel his use of marijuana played a key role in his journey through the night. This drug, when properly used, allows ones perception and doorways of thought to be opened in ways that the sober mind can't help but ignore. Therefore, his journey would have been completely different had he not smoked. I'm sure you could elaborate more on this than I can. Just my two cents. Keep up the great work.

  39. In the old witchcraft trials, there were numerous confessions about their Sabbath. They would sacrifice an infant, or sometimes an animal, eat the flesh (cannibalism is a major component to Satanism, and then engage in a massive orgy, regardless of gender. This stuff goes back a real long time.

    Some occult groups practice white and black magic, but when the intent is decidedly evil, they would all wear black with the high priest wearing red, the color of Mars. So that detail in the movie is strikingly accurate.

    • ''The old witchcraft trials'' ?????
      Those where people were tortured untill they confessed to anything the torturers wanted, just for the sake of stopping the pain?
      Did you know there were children tortured as well?
      Did you know that a lot of witches were just smart women, just.. – and jealous neighbours could point out someone and say 'that's a witch' and that was enough to torture untill confession or death…?..

      • Did you know that the Collins family was involved in persecuting those "witches" even though the Collins family is one of the top Illuminati families and the Grand Dames come from this family. And the people that they persecuted were not even witches, they were Christians accussed of witchcraft. Why would the top "satanic" family persecute Christians for witchcraft? I think that you need to find the answer to that one yourself!

      • Yeah I know all that. Don't assume there weren't real witches though. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Don't you ever ask yourself why history is SO adamant that there were no witches and that it was all religiois zeal on the chirch's part? Don't you find that one sided story the least bit suspicious.

        Do se homework on it and you'll see that where there's smoke, there's fire.

      • The witchcraft trials started in France due to people revolting over so many missing children. Most of the accused weren't witches, but many were and many praised Satan even as they were put upon the stake.

      • If i should have to choose when ill, i would choose a witch who knows her ways with herbs and stuff for wellbeing, instead of a preacher.

  40. I think Bill's sexual ambiguity is an overlooked part here. I first noticed it when he first met Nick Nightingale, he was overly happy to see him and was touching his arm. It was also during his quest to get laid that he went to meet Nick at the bar (Nick, who despite having a wife and kids,chooses to be away from them on the road).

    What seals it though is the verbal assault Bill took from the street punks, calling him a switch hitter. That scene is significant and overlooked, as Kubrick doesn't have anything random or insignificant in his movies.

    What all of this hints at is the fact that these occultists swing both ways in their attempt to connect witheir feminine nature.

    • I was intriged by the why of the scene as well.. The touching between bill and his bird ain't the clue though, i think….

      • Bill was just as flirtatious towards Nick as he was any lady IMO. Kubrick doesnt make it THAT subtle.

      • Don't forget the smile on Nick's face in the shot before they meet? As if N. had an agenda to follow with B., be it positive or negative.

    • Don't forget also about the overt sexual flirtation from the desk clerk towards Dr. Bill… and Bill's "aw shucks" kind of boyish reaction to it…

    • sittingcoffin on

      The very use of Tom Cruise comes into play here. He is so far back in the closet yet always wants a beard. Kubrick knew how to move and use each of his chess pieces.

    • The social relations in this film are ritualistic. Watch when Bill and Ziegler meet with their respective wives at the party: mutual decorous notations of attractive appearance are exchanged with no lust, delivered with a rehearsed false jocularity and grace. When Bill meets Nick, they devolve into a fratboy (freemason) fake roughhousing, which, to me often seems in life as a way for men to affectionately touch each other with societal approval (it mimics fighting and aggression via punches to the ribs, etc, so nobody can accuse them of 'enjoying it' and being gay).

      There is no real genuine touching or warmth in this movie – except, paradoxically, with Domino the hooker, who decides not to charge Bill for their encounter, but in this society isn't even allowed to give her love away. Bill chooses to pay her. It makes him feel better.

  41. The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.

    Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher,
    vanity of vanities! All is vanity.
    What does man gain by all the toil
    at which he toils under the sun? Ecclesiastes 1: 1-3

    some men are looking for a woman to complete them, the "feminine principle"…truth is that a woman can never complete a man, and a man can never complete a woman. only God can complete us, we have "God-sized hole" in us. if ur a man that is looking for that woman to complete u (and lots of men seem to be)…this will only alienate women! as a female i can attest to this, no woman wants a man to worship her, we need a man to be a man and look to God for everything, we are "helpers" of men….

    i know this has little to do w/the story but to me is speaks of feminism somewhat which is something the NWO is using to destroy families and they have been very successful

    • If married people were able to restrain themselves, no feminism or NWO would be able to do anything. Let's refrain from putting the blame on them left right and centre and take some responsibility for the state we are.

      • Temptation is temptation… people respond to food temptations so of course they will respond to a massive temptation campaign conducted by those who have the monies to fund them. That is what this site is about. People who have the money to fund divide and conquer and do. Feminism is a tool of the entire divide and conquer philosophy.

      • Feminism? Do you need an "ism" to blame? Truly powerful women would not participate in these rituals.

  42. Hey VC,

    Thanks for the great series. Frankly, I have studied this film since it was released in theaters and pretty much ever since. I think that one of the fun things about Kubrick's body of work is that people can find all kinds of things about his films that have esoteric undertones. I think he was a master at delivering this to an audience. My initial reaction to this film was very strong – as I watched it I couldn't help but feeling as if I'd seen the film somehow before. I didn't understand until much later and by reading some other Internet papers/posts about the film that I realized how Kubrick did this – it was due to certain scenes being blocked exactly the same way, but in different places – such as when Bill walks down the hallway first with Alice, then later we see him doing it with Nuala and the other model. It repeats again at the mansion during the orgy scene. They are visual motifs which seem unrelated but yet are too similar in blocking to ignore – and they play upon our subconscious, and are able to give us that feeling of deja vu as I described. NLP also plays in this movie, with the way questions and answers are repeated. Weird. And now with your article you confirm another aspect of the film that I also felt was the case – that the entire film was an esoteric journey – and in fact it also follows the model of "The Hero's Journey" found in literature, fairy tales and other esoteric films. 2001 A Space Odyssey is also, I believe, an esoteric experiential film another ritual that you can choose to participate in by letting the film capture your attention in it's hypnotic way. Certain Kubrick films have hypnotic rhythm in speech, timing and such that draw you into the film as you watch it. For many ADHD-type people it's very hard for them to watch a Kubrick film – they cannot get their mind to embrace the slower rhythm the film wants to force their mind into, and come off feeling bored or restless.

    The impact that this film had on my life cannot be understated. For some Kubrick fans including myself it really set off a journey of exploration into the questions of secret societies, and their role in our world. I began a search for answers about it and started researching my own grandfathers and their relationship to Freemasonry, etc… I also researched the Hell-Fire Club and learned about Skull and Bones, etc… it really did lead to opening my eyes about a great deal of things, and I've always felt that I owed Kubrick a debt of thanks for making a film that, if we so choose to let it, takes us on a very similar intellectual (not sexual, but still) to Bill's own exploration.

    • Wow, you've got my mind reeling! Kubrick's grammar. I'm somewhat familiar with NLP, clinical hypnosis, propaganda, and of course these techniques are used and are used 'deep', as in blocking. The entertainment seeking public does not look there.

  43. Thanks V.C. for inspiring me! Wanting more on the rainbow symbolism I did a little research. In Greco-Roman-Semetic and Asian cultures the rainbow symbolizes the link between Heaven and Earth, God and Humankind, or restoring of order. In a more Jungian /psychological sense it represents the link between what can be perceived and what is beyond perception. Or more simply it represents a desire for transition to a higher state. Interesting, in the context of the film and the experience of Kundalini, numerous aboriginal peoples relate to it as a serpent, snake or entwined snakes and as a bad omen. My resource books are The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols and A Dictionary of Symbols by J.E. Cirlot. As a suggestion to all symbologists, we should seek and save all hard copy books symbolism reference books before they are burned or condemned for being moldy. I'm glad I did.

    • Rainbow as defined by Gaskell's Dictionary of all Scriptures & Myths:

      "A symbol of the higher mental plane which forms a bridge, as it were, between the higher and the lower natures (heaven and earth). The rainbow is a peculiarly appropriate symbol of the "bridge of heaven," caused as it is by the reflection of the sun (the Self) in the water-drops (Truth) forthpouring from the cloud (buddhi) to the earth (lower nature). When the lower nature reflects the higher, then the "bridge" may be traversed by the victorious egos returning to their home above."

      Here, the higher and lower natures have to be understood in a spiritual manner. I have been reading a blog called Spirit of the Scripture a lot, and from what I can understand from that blog is that the Bible is an esoteric work that, because the fact that it is esoteric, should not be read and understood in a literal manner, it should instead be read esoterically. When read esoterically, once you can read the symbols in the Bible, you will find that the scripture is about merging the lower nature with the higher nature (i.e. traversing the rainbow), complete the soul's evolution, and become a Christ.

      • Thanks, buddy. If you're getting into the esoteric perspective of the Bible, check out the writings of Emmet Fox and another writer, Joel Goldsmith and "The Infinite Way". Both these men died in the past century but they still have loose organizations, websites, too. They really helped me to grow with Christ.

  44. read part 3 and relearned alot of interesting stuff. many puzzle pieces put in place here. thanks for your hard work. at first i was so repelled by familiar baphomet print that i started to skip it and move ahead and then i forced myself to read that part and was amazed at what a large part the two opposite energies "procreation and destruction"play in elite ritual re: franklin scandal, martin daycare, and presidio, etc.

  45. I don't understand how Alice and Bill will let their daughter be "MK'd" or "beta programmed"… I guess it could be a result of what Bill did and now that everyone who was at the mansion knows who he is then they are capable of doing anything to him…. Since he is a threat to them… But wouldn't Bill & Alice notice something going on with their daughter and when they BETA Program someone or MK someone don't they take that person to a lab to work on him/her? I don't think Bill and Alice would allow a stranger to take their daughter… I don't see how some guys will be able to capture their daughter…

  46. It would have been interesting if you had gone into the rainbow and the Christmas tree theme a little bit more.

    Especially how the main Character refuses to turn off the Christmas tree. It seems to be an allegory of his dissociation from reality or his not being awake. He refuses to see reality and instead sugercoats everything until it becomes this rainbowy dream state. He is walking through life with a mask of self-denial, just as everyone else is.
    Notice how, at the end, when reality starts to sink in, he turns off the Christmas tree after coming home. He ceases to refuse to see the ugly truth about the lies and the uglyness that surrounded his emotional and his social life. He becomes enlightened. He has finished his journey over the rainbow. He now is where the rainbow ends, just as predicted by the two ladies at Ziegler's party. Kubrik illustrates that by not showing any Christmas trees from that scene on.
    What do you guys think about that?

    • oh, absolutely! the movie itself is structured as a rainbow, or a pyramid, with the death orgy in the middle, or on top.
      Also, notice how the poster/cover image looks like the pyramid with Alice's eye on top, thanks to the shadows and shapes in their faces. Remember, Kubrick started out as a photographer, and the culmination of his career and indeed life, was this movie with that cover image. I love Kubrick.

  47. On a totally unrelated note, anyone notice the same things with the last movie heath ledger made with jude law and all them? Look at oasis all around the world, what do u think?

  48. Next time I had a chance to watch this movie, it will be in a whole new light!! I didn't get it the first time and now that I've read all 3 Parts from VC, I will have my own enlightenment!

    Thanks VC!

  49. Great series of articles, VC! I can't keep from thinking…what is the female viewpoint in all this? The philosophy, the clubs, the movie itself. The whole scheme seems to be based on a male dominated paradigm of power and domination. Is it that today's elite and members of these secret societies and mystery schools over time are just out after an easy lay? This pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-religious foundation is just appropriated from other constructs to provide a rationale. Do women see this as just another excuse to get into their pants without any responsibility and for further oppression?

      • There were also females at the ritual (not including the sex slaves). When that masked dude from the second row ( Ziegler?) nods his head, there's a masked female with him.

      • YesI'mAFemale. on

        You say "feminism" like it's not even a real thing. I can imagine secret societies mostly being ran by men because that's just how society is. Women seem to let men do all the dirty work. Objectifying women is a big trend. And I wish it would change but I'm afraid it won't!

  50. in the end they can have there magick and money and sadistic sexual crap and "power" (we all know who is really in charge…Starts With A G…) ill take God, Jesus for the win. These evil ppl are so childish and corny it hurts.

    • they are like the real life nightmare of a neighbor kid who loved to torture animals etc. and who never grew up, because that entails dealing with guilt etc.
      yeah, they are kind of effing scary. but still more like effing sad.

  51. f1rstborn2econd on

    Off topic but I don't think there's a posting page on this site BUT did anyone see Kick Ass 2 this weekend. Thoughts, comments there?

  52. Hi Vigilant,

    I've read these articles over the course of the last few weeks, and perhaps I missed something, but you don't mention the frequent use of blue and red in this movie. I believe A Clockwork Orange is quite similar in this respect.
    Have you noticed how scenes will have a red tint, then a blue tint and how this recurs through the film.
    I recall even some of the street scenes would have someone walking past in a blue jacket, then a red umbrella, to the point where almost all of the extras in these scenes would have either of these colours as their predominant article of clothing.
    I have suspected that this could be a representation of the two main masonic lodges. The red "York Rite" and the blue "Scottish Rite"
    This film is certainly up there with a 2001 in terms of esoteric symbolism.
    It is also very important to note, and I learned of this from reading Kubrick's biography, that everything in Kubricks films, every detail of every set, was there for a reason. The man was the quintessential perfectionist. I do not believe that any detail, no matter how seemingly trivial, should be written off as coincidence.

    Anyway thanks alot for the articles on this film, I think you did a great job and picked up on a lot of stuff that I had missed on previous viewings.

    • Fire and ice. More occult duality.

      There are 4 elements, 5 including spirit, but fire and water are the two primary ones, representing positive and negative energy.

      • lets stop pretending like the yellow lights nor yellow tint isn't there. those three are the three primary colors, of which all colors can be made. god/"holy (cinematic) moment"..

  53. Cruise and Scientology must figure into the equation. Scientology, with it's historical roots in Crowley occult tradition,must have felt threatened by Kubricks un masking of these samedeep occult secrets. Kubrick's secrets went to the grave with him and all we have are dismembered hints at what transpires in the inneer sanctums of contemporary occultic circles. We have, in Eyes Wide Shut, a heavily redacted truth which, in my opinion, leaves more questions then answers.

  54. "If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there in those swarming disregarded masses, 85 per cent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated. The Party could not be overthrown from within. Its enemies, if it had any enemies, had no way of coming together or even of identifying one another. Even if the legendary Brotherhood existed, as just possibly it might, it was inconceivable that its members could ever assemble in larger numbers than twos and threes. Rebellion meant a look in the eyes, an inflexion of the voice, at the most, an occasional whispered word. But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to conspire. They needed only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning. Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to do it? And yet-!"

    George Orwell, Animal Farm

  55. I don't think Kubrick was killed in retaliation for making this movie, it could have been squashed or at least it's release made very quiet if the elite had chosen, there is no way this was an accident. But keeping in mind that the elite have a deep alchemist background, as in the turning of the ordinary into gold or in other words eternal life, he was probably killed because he became TOO good, with the release of his final film, or as some believe, the film that completed the set for of all of his films, he became gold, purified and the only place he could go was to "eternal life" if he had kept on living in this world he would have simply gotten old and become a "used to be" but now he is immortalized.
    Let me just say that this is not in line with my personal beliefs, but I am starting to recognize the way the elite think, it would be interesting if vc addressed the alchemist side of their beliefs because to me it ties so much of what I understand about them, the reason they do their sacrifices, it touches on the meaning of "rainbows" and even kundalini.

  56. It's significant I think to note that the movie ends in defeat.
    In the wake of the ritual, Bill's entire outlook changes. Though he still roams the streets in a restless, jealous arousal, he sees the world around him for what it is, perhaps for the first time in his life. Those things which he was previously so willing to dismiss and ignore; his rich attorney friend's treatment of Amanda, the 'comical' scene of the girl in the clothing shop, the 'clowns' that were the two Asian men, the sweet, easy, tender Domino, they all transform into horrors… and not just for Bill, but for the viewer as well. The 'quirky' scene in the Rainbow becomes sick and wrong the second time around, the 'clowns' becoming repulsive fiends, because Bill finally sees it as such. But they'd always been fiends, and the scene had been sick and wrong both times around. Bill, and quite possibly the viewer, were just willing to allow themselves to be amused with the absurdity in willful disregard of the disturbing implications, something one sees happening with children in the media all the time. It's only after the ritual that Bill and the viewer of the film are forced to confront that directly; whether it had been ignored before or not, it could be ignored no longer. Bill can't help but see the connection the ritual he's just witnessed. He knows the owner of Rainbow Fashions wouldn't be so open about the prostitution of a child unless he thought Bill was 'in the know'. He begins to see the culture of objectification so evident in the Ritual has its talons deep in the world around him, and the mental images of his wife intensify.

    The same happens to Domino. The first time he goes there she's the most authentic woman he's met throughout; tender, kind, genuinely affectionate, and if her books are any indication an intelligent girl, maybe even a student. She seems ideal. When he goes back the second time after the ritual for Domino, he's so sexually frustrated by the visions of his wife that he starts pressuring Domino's room-mate, a girl who looks similar enough to have been her sister, into sex. It's then he learns from the room-mate that Domino has AIDS. He realizes this sweet and genuine girl is going to die young and horribly due to her occupation… an occupation which Bill himself was going to support on both occasions. An otherwise innocent girl is going to die for succumbing to a culture of objectification, and another line is drawn to the Ritual.

    • Bill, beginning to see the world around him in this new light, tries to investigate, tries to confront. Every step he takes in this direction is a step into deeper paranoia and danger. He learns about Amanda's death, and the article describing it objectifies her shamelessly, the sick sort of gossip-piece one reads on idols who are filed away into rehab, only in this case about a girl who was dead. Seeing her body, he's still uncertain, but feels powerfully that it is in fact her. The confrontation with his wealthy lawyer friend then takes place, and he learns the 'truth' behind Amanda's death, and the power of the people involved. "She's just a hooker" he concludes… just like Domino, just like the young girl in Rainbow Fashions. A near-circle is drawn.

      He gets home exhausted, trudges off toward bed, and there on the pillow next to his wife is the mask from the Ritual. She certainly didn't place it there, and he knows this immediately. He begins to break down into tears and hysterics. At this point, the circle is complete. It's not just the threat to his family which causes him to break down, it's his awareness that his family has been caught up in the 'Ritual' all along… his wife being almost as much a victim of it's culture as Domino, as Amanda, as the girl at rainbow fashions. Her near-affair with the creep at the party, her hysterical break-down in the beginning where she admitted her promiscuous nature, her orgy-dream with eerie parallels to the Ritual itself. In his life of ignorance she was a loyal, devoted wife and mother, a painter and art-vendor… not a clue garnered from all her terrible paintings filling out every wall of their apartment. In the aftermath of his odyssey, he sees the talons of the Ritual in her, and in everything around him.

      Having come to this terrifying knowledge, he confides it in her. His wife, as if to stall, insists on taking their daughter Christmas Shopping, where she roams the store generally ignored but for a few glances and smiles. This is a theme for Helena, who hardly has a role in the film… a daughter clearly hugely neglected by Bill who hardly spends more than one moment with her, and who seems to struggle to earn the lasting attention of her mother as well. As they walk and discuss what's happened to them quietly, Bill seems to want to do something about what's been revealed to them, to challenge or expose it somehow. His wife on the other hand suggests they should simply 'be grateful', and get on with their lives… discussing it in the context of a relationship issue, which seems to initially shock him. "Are you sure..?" he asks, almost hopefully. "Only as sure as I am that the reality of one night, that one out of a whole lifetime, can never be the whole truth." Basically telling him he shouldn't let what he saw in the Ritual redefine his world. Bill seems to struggle with and then swallow this, following up quietly, "And that a dream… is never just a dream." speaking both to her erotic dreams and his own jealous fantasies, likely alluding to their connection with the 'Ritual', and it's subtle cultural dominance. "The important thing is we're awake now, and hopefully for a long time to come…" she says, and Bill nods, insisting "Forever." She can't accept this however, literally cringing under the weight of that word, and then urges that, rather than make a commitment to the truth, they Fuck.
      Helena, meanwhile, has long since wandered off into the toy-store, full of the totems of symbols of the Ritual culture of which she is certain to be a part. After all he's seen, after all he's been through, it seems as if Bill is going to go back to his 'normal' life, in a world of willful ignorance.

      • "After all he's seen, after all he's been through, it seems as if Bill is going to go back to his 'normal' life, in a world of willful ignorance."

        ….. with eyes, once again, tight shut?

        Brilliant obsevations Grieves.

  57. did you notice Alice's face in the picture of her sleeping next to the mask? look closely. It looks like she's wearing a mask too. there is a very unnatural line that runs down her cheek to her chin and the skin color is different on either side of the line. I had never observed that before!

      • Since its a Kubrick film its there on purpose. Notice in so many scenes masks are either used in the scenery or as props. So many scenes have decorative masks on the wall. There is the costume shop and of course the satanic ritual. The name Domino refers to a small mask the covers only the eyes. In the mask on pillow scene shows that Alice even while asleep wears a full mask, and full masks were worn at the satanic ritual.

      • After I see a film in full, I go back and review it with the sound off and watch the props, costuming, scene location, etc. Kubrick is incredible. Check out all the tiger and feline figures. Throughout the film we see a tiger face and then from a different POV just the hind quarters. The most obvious is the scene in Domino's bedroom. And again very obvious the final scene in the toy store. Note the baby carriage outside Domino's apt, then again at the toy store. Note the paintings in their apt., all green lush vegetation symbolic of fertility. The Christmas tree is a symbol of not only eternal life, but of eternal life gained through fertility by intercourse. Bill and Alice have achieved this with their daughter, Helena. The satanist are perverting it. Note the night street scene with the Christmas tree symbol on the building. The Christmas lights are not traditional, they appear delicate and pastel like, closer to a more Asian colors, and may relate another cultures fertility ritual. Check out the use of black&white clothing attire. When Bill and Alice have there stoned fight he says its not all black and white. Nothing like Kubrick.

  58. Could u investigate into the mysterious death of Lee Thompson Young and also Gia Allemand, they both died at 29 and they ways in which they died just seemed weird to me,maybe another sacrifice?, if you could write an article, it'll be good so I can understand.

    • It is the 29 club in numerology
      2*9 is 18 as is 6*3 i.e 666
      There are many others btw – as convincing as that other well known age-club!

  59. There was a DVD out a few years ago that showed very clearly how the secret teachings of tantra were hidden in classical art throughout the centuries.

    It didn't stop there but went on to describe fully what tantric sex is all about. Any secret societies that claim this knowledge for themselves are completely redundant as the information is now freely available to everybody from places like Amazon.

    It is called 'Sex, The Secret Gate to Eden – Alchemy, Tantra, and Kabbalah'.

    Here is a link;

    Bon Chance!

    • Thanks Cal. I bought and viewed it. It describes how marriage between a man and woman is the mystical binding of the male and female energies into the androgynous unified state, and thus a higher energy or higher spiritual state. The video shows how this is done through out many cultures. After watching it, I could really see how the story of Bill & Alice's struggle was exactly this concept. For those interested in symbology I would recommend that video. It does show nudity depicted in famous paintings. The one drawback is that it was produced by Thelema, which was an Aleister Crowley organization, not a fan..

  60. I have a feeling the analysis of this movie was inspired by jay-z's nickels and dimes:

    "Pardon my hubris, Stanley Kubrick With eyes wide shut, I could cook up two bricks"

    yep, bro. v is still a fan 😉

  61. What could be the meaning of the scene where Bill was attacked by the guys on the street, calling him Mary?Those guys, obviously Yale-students or fans of it, immediately verbally abused him when they saw Bill, and the one who aggressively bumped into him was a redhead.
    Any thoughts here?

    • It could be taken many ways, but there was a rather distinct sexual tone to the encounter, and also a rather clear emphasis on teams and tribes. Even as they mock and harass Bill, calling him a fag and the like, they do so in a rather homoerotic way, jostling and grabbing at each-other, miming sex acts, and all the while referencing all the various teams they're a part of that he's not. "You can tell this guy's a *whatevers* fan..!" "Go back to *wherever*, fag..!" ect. ect.
      There's nothing entirely uncommon about the scene. Most of us have seen/had to deal with/been guys like this at one point in our lives. The 'team' mentality pervades popular male culture, from toys to sports to frats and beyond. Veiled homosexuality is hardly a rare thing in the team paradigm. Common rituals of both sport and frat-life have homosexual undertones, subtle or blatant. I think this scene in the film, and the odd level of attention given this group of run-of-the-mill jerks by both Bill and the camera, was another branch of the culture which stems from the Ritual… the affluent and educated youth portrayed as team-obsessed, exclusionist, sexually frustrated thugs roaming the streets like wild dogs.

      • One just has to take a step back and look at the sport of football. There's nothing hetero about it!

    • In classical art the gods and goddesses are often presented with a strawberry blonde hair color, Alice's hair color. Also red can represent anger, sex, or both. Bill appears effeminate to the aggressive frat boys. Perhaps masking their own homoerotic feelings? Or, maybe showing how Bill now feels insecure with his own masculinity, as Alice's sex fantasy shows how sexually aggressive she truly is. Yet with the exception of the maid, all the other women characters express attraction to Bill. Then towards the end the gay desk clerk openly flirts with him. Kubrick is showing the male/female energy pattern, or mask/script is outside of man/woman form.

  62. Kubrick was not killed in retaliation for making this. Other men who become god and want full control over the time of their death might travel to Switzerland, go quietly. He was meticulous about every detail and would have timed it to perfection to satisfy the esoteric requirements – hence the significant numerology. This was his swan song, he bowed out on his terms absolutely.

  63. first pasrt were good this one i stopped reading after you brought Freud in in…. the beiggest fraud in the world its even i his name…. shame shame shame

    • SHallow shallow shallow. Freud is mentioned briefly for like a senence or two, but that means you have to stop reading the whole thing? Smarten up

  64. At the basis of all this is the fact that all entertainment celebrities that make it big have to commit to the OTO. Kubrik included one should presume.

  65. In the grand scheme of things, Kubrick was just trying to find answers as to who we are and why we exist. So, what are we doing here? And who or what are we? Can you answer these questions in a real and truthful manner, to yourself?

  66. I will have to watch this movie now. Would love if u did an article on Lady Gaga's new video Applause. Ive seen a good amount of symbolism

  67. Although part three is less interesting than the previous two chapters, it is nevertheless curious that Stanley Kubrick who made boring films, inspires interpretations that are much more interesting.

  68. Slevin Kelevra on

    Stanley Kubrick Was A True Visionary Genius In My Humble Opinion.I Often Wonder If Alice Was MK'd & Was Actually There & Brought The Mask Home Without Recollection.It's Definitely A Layered Movie & You Have To Watch Several Times To Attempt To Decipher More,I Appreciate Your Efforts VC.

  69. "They are not going to get away with this. They'd better realize it. It's game up. They've been exposed. People know about them. They are onto their game. And it's not going to work. All you've got to do is target the Eye. Hollywood – the people in Hollywood have been trying to warn the Americans for years! If you look at Tolkien's movie, you have this Eye on the top of a mountain. Destroy the Eye and save the world. Or [destroy] the masters. Stanley Kubrick gave up his life to expose these people. So you've got to remember this isn't [associated with] the Jews. The Jews are your best friends in fighting these people, because they've been their biggest victims over the years."

    Benjamin Fulford, 2007.

    • [some more from radio show transcript, 2007]

      RENSE: What happened to Stanley Kubrick? I don't mean the precise cause of death, but where was he going that got him into trouble with these people?

      FULFORD: It was the movie Eyes Wide Shut, exposing the Masonic orgies. They showed that there were people being killed. This is probably based on real events. I haven't done the proper research, but there is an old man who dies in Eyes Wide Shut. If I'm not mistaken, the man in the movie died exactly the way Stanley Kubrick died in real life, just as he finished the movie.

      RENSE: It is also suggested that Kubrick was involved in creating the – at least some hoaxed Apollo moon footage, and knew all about that. His wife has intimated as much since his death.

      FULFORD: In 1938, on April Fool's Day, they had the War of the Worlds on radio, with Orson Welles. All sorts of people believed it. So, they said "Ha! This is a tool we can use. People will believe anything if it's on the media."

  70. Either VC or someone else need to do an article about the movie called Story of O (Histoire d'O). Its from the novel of the same title written in 1954. Both the movie and novel are too graphic (multiple adult/whipping scenes), but they are worshipped by the so called "intellectual" sheeple. The entire story is about making s slaves. Its sick and disgusting like crazy. Here is the summary:
    A woman is taken to a mansion or something by her boyfriend. She is beaten over there and then made to do threesome. Then she is handed to the big brother of the boyfriend so he could use her. They have been portrayed as people from the elite group. Super rich. But throughout the entire movie, the woman is beaten and made to do whatever the men wanted. At one point, naked, but with mask on she is taken to an elite party where she is shown as nothing more than an object. What is strange is that despite the bad things this woman goes through, she remains passive.

    So what happens is that she is continuesly rapped, but she seems okay with it. And at the end, according to the novel, she becomes a full on slave who is passed around in the elite circle. Just check imdb, people are praising this movie like it has come down from heaven or something.

    • Ahusa, I have heard of that Novel and film, haven't seen the movie or read the book but I agree with both of you, its like an early Eyes Wide shut isn't it. She also wears bird and owl masks at parties and taught to be available for sex – Beta Kitten Programming perhaps?. The novel was published in the 50's and isn't that when MK Ultra was first being set up and tested?

      • Yeah, it was the early Eyes wide Shut, but just a little more aggressive. The movie is hard to bear. Its available on Youtube though. Just type the name on that site. It did seem like MK Ultra or Beta Kitten programming. The message given by the novel is so twisted. Yuck!

  71. Thank You VC! A great effort for a 3 part series (For the people that are not appreciative of VC's analysis of the 3rd part, Errrr lets see what you can bring to the table eh?) I think its interesting at how you mentioned the Red-Headed women aspect as Red represents, blood, sacrifice, etc. Its one of the colours to represent the fourth stage of the alchemical transformation (Philosophers Stone).

    Also This is a quote taken from the book The Eye in The Pyramid by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson: “She was a woman with red hair and green eyes— the traits which Satan supposedly relished most in mortal females.” Furthermore, in the 1997 Film The Devil's Advocate (Which is a great film and VC should do an article on) Connie Nielson's character is represented as the Lady in Red with fiery red hair & wears a red dress at one point in the movie,….. She is Satan's secret weapon promising a better life, fame fortune sex, etc.

  72. The Whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelations is arrayed in Scarlet……The sexy cartoon character Jessica Rabbit has Red hair decked out in a Red dress, the female celebs that wear Red dresses at film premiers and stand on the Red carpet. Two comments above mine "Andrea" mentioned that Nicole K's next film was Moulin ROUGE. Rouge = Red in French. Also according to research that when ritual sacrifices take place, the best candidate is apparently a young person, a child, a blonde haired and blue eyed person or even Red headed people. Interesting isn't it.

    (Guys I cant post long comments in one go and its really annoying me, I end up having to post the comments separately, does anyone know why or how to change this?)

  73. Born: June 10, 1982, New York City, NY

    Early days. Her parents are American novelist/screenwriter Elizabeth (nï¿&frac12;e Salomon), who also works as Sobieski's manager, and Polish-French painter and former actor Jean Sobieski. Sobieski's maternal grandfather, United States Navy captain Robert Salomon, was Jewish and Sobieski grew up in a "pan-religious" family; she has said that she is "proud of [her] Jewish roots". She also stated that her "…great great granduncle" was John III Sobieski, an elected king of Poland who saved Europe with the Polish army in 1683 to lift the siege of Vienna from Ottoman Turks, although no documentary evidence supporting Leelee Sobieskiï¿&frac12;s claim has ever been presented

  74. My two cents: Kubrick was a true artist and had a love/hate thing with mankind. He is frustrated by man's limitations, and seeks answers, but does not go far enough. He never gets all the way to love, but he sure loooooves to judge mankind. His films are all scathing judgements on mankind and culture.

    His last effort, A.I., would've been a huge judgement on man playing creator and his inability to really love.

    That is not from the Lord, of course, but I understand that kind of sadness and brokenness. It makes me sad for him, and I also admire his honesty as an artist.

    I still view Eyes Wide Shut as a cautionary tale about what the world offers and to question whether what is offered up to you on a plate is real or not. Is it really worth having? In the end, he votes for marriage. I think he understood these rituals and what they attempted to achieve but knows they come short of what is real. A REAL marriage is a mystery to those kinds of people.

    Blessings in the name of Jesus! God's grace upon you all.

  75. I reccomend reading the Da Vinci Code before watching this movie. You'll see completely different things in it, compared to what most other people are talking about. To me this movie is not about marriage or secret cults. This movie is really about finding out the truth about God. Bill is constantly aware about this quest, and the "discovery" of the cult is not a coincidence. Everything in the film, from its very start has been a series of clues that leads him forward in his quest for the truth – the holy grail. He desperately wants to be part of the secret organisation and keeps running into obsticles. But he also knows that these "obsticles" are tests, deliberately placed there for him to move forward to the next level in his search for God.
    He bows in front of the dead girl, the sacrificed red-haired woman. This represents Mary Magdalen. This is his final destination as far as the grail hunt goes. But Kubrik wants to tell us that there is more to life than religion, rituals and traditions. At the end, Bill surrenders to his wife, who cradles him like a baby. He is small and humble in front of her. She is the one he's been searching for the whole time. She personifies God's relationship with Man. At the end she tells him they should be grateful to be alive, through all adventures. This could be interpreted as Man's adventure in life – one should be grateful to be alive (this message can also be found on the front of the news paper that Bill reads in the cafe, which reads "Lucky to be alive"). The creation of life in the universe, and the evolution that has lead to human kind – and ourselves – is a miraculous adventure and we should, in deed, be grateful that we exist.
    We have our eyes open at this point, we have come to the realisation that our existence is miraculous. Bill promises that it will stay like this forever. Alice is very uncomfortable with this notion. There is no forever. But she ensures Bill that she does in deed love him (read, God does love mankind). And the important thing that mankind needs to do is to reproduce – to fuck.

  76. Alice is a beta programmed who cannot remember what she did in her sex kitten alter persona. Or not….?
    Ps could the check pattern of the costume worn by one of the mannequins in the rainbow store be another message?You can see it when mr.Milich leads Bill in the back shop looking for what he needs.

  77. It's just extraordinary how dumbed down the public has been made to become for all these blatant symbols to be filmed and shown to the same now-unquestioning public. Decades and centuries ago, the pre-secularized culture would never have stood for these overt symbols to remain unchallenged. Today, it's only a tiny handful of "hold-outs" who pay attention to such things, and the numbers are too few to convince larger numbers of people. It would be good if VC would research older films with obvious imagery, such as a 70s horror flick called "Suspiria". The symbols in that movie are so over-the-top in-your-face that it's no wonder the wikipedia page had information about the film's would-be remake being canceled for…………….. "legal reasons". No elaboration.

  78. You missed (or at least didn't mention) one of the most glaring issues. This all took place on the winter solstice. If we stick with the idea of reversals, the things that occurred at the house were the opposite of what Christmas is all about. Furthermore the winter solstice is a well known Wiccan holiday. Beiwe Festival, the northern European holiday, is celebrated on this day by sacrificing white animals (from Wikipedia). And as for the beta kitten issue…in screenwriting, there must be a reason for every character, therefore that has to be her purpose.

    Also, were you aware that the script was first written by Frederic Raphael (IMDB), who was the father of the artist Sarah Raphael who died suddenly in 2001?

  79. I like your conclusion: my impression of the REAL esoteric traditions that featured sexual rituals is that the point was to transcend sex and the differences between the male and female principles, not to get mired in them as have the perverted occult societies you mention.

  80. I just noticed in the picture of Alice sleeping next to the mask,
    If you turn it upside down, the shadow of the mask resembles
    A demon.

  81. Knowing how Kubric used extreme attention to detail, and was a perfectionist, I believe that some of the young women in the magic circle were MKULTRA Monarchs. I could see Kubric demanding to have actual monarchs in this scene for realism. He probably helicoptered in the most beautiful monarchs to Mentmore Towers in England for the film shoot. The women are wearing masks, so it is difficult to prove their identity.

  82. Absolutely amazing – please keep up your interpretations on other movies. Found this very insightful and thought provoking. A job well done indeed.

  83. I have tried to figure out what secret society is involved in these sex majik rituals. Red cloak's throne with the double headed eagle (phoenix?) seems to suggest the 33rd degree freemasons. A masonic lodge is located next door to the Rainbow costume shop. The Christmas party (Nimrod's birthday and Christmas tree) has lights in the shape of the 8 pointed star of Ishtar, which represents the mystery religions of the masons. Masks at the ritual have masonic pyramid shapes and multiple faces of Janus. However, the name of the man that Alice dances with at the party seems to suggest an association with Satanism. Sacrifice, or death of a living thing (Amanda) is also Satanism. A black mass with a high priest with words and music sung backwards, is also Satanic. Black robes with hoods are Satanic. A magic circle with women wearing black hooded robes is very Satanic. Sex magic rituals are Satanic. Both Satanists and 33rd degree masons have been involved in mind control. I read an article online that stated that the 33rd degree freemasons helped to contribute money to the CIA for the MKULTRA mind control program. (Google 33rd degree masons and MKULTRA) So what secret society is Kubrick talking about?

  84. Excellent article me personally I've watched this movie at least five times in an attempt to discover any subtle nuisances that I may have over looked. While I think that for the most part, your decoding was dead on, although you alluded to it but never confirmed the fact that Bills wife was at one point in her life one of those Monarch slaves. The question posed early in the movie by Bills wife, "why do you think that we get invited to these parties every year"? The answer to that is Bill was actually being considered to join the secret society, he was being screened and he didn't even know it. Although it can't be proven, I've come to the conclusion that Alice was a part of that screening process and she was aware of it all along. The part where she spoke on her dream was her way of telling him that she already knew where he was at, but at one point in her life she took part in these rituals.

  85. Great article. It made me recall some scenes from Full Metal Jacket in which the central character, Joker, tells an officer that he wears a peace symbol on his marine uniform as a statement about the 'duality of man'. Later, in the background behind Joker we see a palm tree over his right shoulder and a burning stone obelisk over the other. In a climactic scene, Joker ends the life of a wounded female VC soldier. As he prepares to pull the trigger a shadow gradually appears and then eclipses the peace symbol. Only when Joker had fully rejected the duality of his nature and embraced his destructive dark side can he become the ‘animal mother’ and commit murder. It seems to me an argument could be made for our EWS character, Bill, also being on a journey to ‘open his eyes’ and accept the duality of his nature.

  86. Dude, lust isn't birth's way of pushing humans to make things green, it's a genetic mechanism for getting bioforms to reproduce.

  87. Hello! I found your series on Eyes Wide Shut absolutely fascinating, and I wanted to propose a connection between the film's rainbow motif and its elements of the kundalini, which you point out quite astutely. As you might know, colors are commonly associated with each of the chakras, and in proper practice the kundalini is meant to course its way through the entire spectrum (7 colors/major chakras). I would argue that Kubrick uses rainbow symbols to contrast the outer, natural world with the inner, occult world of primal, self-satisfying ritual. Where does the "rainbow end"? Exactly where it should begin: the bottom or root chakra, Muladhara, in the pelvic region, the base of the psyche, which (CRUCIALLY) is represented by the color red. This is the chakra of physicality, sex, and security–in other words, it is the double-edged sword of eros and thanatos that you mention. In a healthy psyche, this primal chakra is not a focal point, but it is not to be amputated, either. Rather, one should pass through it, benefiting from its ecstasy and dread, moving on to higher planes, always acknowledging the cornerstone status of the primal, though never dwelling solely within it. Kubrick is interested in this particular failing, indicative of the culture at large but stemming ultimately from the circles of the elite. In other words, you are spot-on when you say this is "the story of a society that is completely debased and corrupted by hidden forces, where humanity’s most primal urge–procreation–has been cheapened, fetishized, perverted, and exploited to a point that it has lost all of its beauty." This is life lived at only the basest level. It's a moving portrayal of the human psyche imprisoned in Muladhara red, cut off from the full rainbow spectrum. With this in mind, I would like to point out the profound instances of red at work in Eyes Wide Shut, most notably in scenes of ritual, occurring at "the rainbow's end." One can simply browse the movie screens included here in your series and see how Kubrick indicates extreme primal compulsion with jarring red symbols. Some examples: the high priest, the magic circle, Ziegler's pool table, the doll-like manikin inside the Rainbow store, etc. The red hair of the important female characters echoes this, possibly suggesting that, early on, John is stumbling into a world that views women through a strictly, primal lens. Thus, the head, the seat of personality and intellect, is capped in red, hinting at the onlooking male's values. John's journey takes him from the natural rainbow world into the world of "red." Ultimately, he undergoes a transformation due to his journey, and (optimistically) at the end he can both enjoy and proceed beyond his primal desire, beyond the red. He has seen the terrible, destructive spiral of the primal paradigm and fortunately rises through it, along with his other half.

    • Great article – however I saw this film a few weeks ago and O.TO is outed in the film – it appears as graffiti on the wall when Bill is venturing out into the night.

      • Remember the eye exam chart in Dr. Bill's office? I thought I saw OTO on one of the lines. I must check this graffiti you saw. Good observation!

  88. iwillnoteatthedarkness on

    This movie scared me when I saw it. It poked at something that felt like memory. I couldn't stay in the theater for the whole thing.

    • Keep exploring your memory, and don't be afraid. You may have had some involvement with some of these rituals. Hopefully yoiu are safe now.

  89. Good read and definitely interesting. One thing I've wondered after reading articles written on Eyes Wide Shut is why no one mentions the biggest question the movie made me ask. Is thinking of cheating just as bad as the act of cheating?

  90. I want to address the use of rainbow symbolism used in this movie, and its use alongside the Chistmas tree and its lights.
    The whole point of yogic practices in eastern cultures, be they tantric or any other branch of yoga, is to attain one's "Rainbow Body". The rainbow body is the "Light Body", a body made of light and hence many colours.
    This is "Enlightenment", the attainment of a higher vibration and the transcendence of the need to manifest a physical body.
    We put Christmas trees up at Christmas time and trim them with bright coloured lights. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ. Jesus the Christ achieved Transfiguration. In other words he achieved the Rainbow Body, and could manifest a physical body if he so chose but was no longer tied to the physical plane. He ascended into "heaven".
    There are two worlds in the movie, the ordinary world Bill lives in, and the dark underworld where the satanic rituals take place. Note there are no rainbows or Christmas trees in the underworld. In other words, enlightenment is AVAILABLE in the ordinary world but NOT in the underworld of dark magical forces.
    Why is this so?
    Jesus the Christ teaches that love and forgiveness are the way to enlightenment. He said to follow him; to Forgive everyone including yourself, and love everyone, especially your enemies and yourself, and rely on a higher power for truth and guidance, just like he did. If you practice this you will one day be shown a little of the Truth, or all of it. This will happen by Grace,God's will (thy will, not mine), not when you decide. This applies in the ordinary world we all live in where we are offered opportunities everyday to forgive and to love whoever stands before us in any given moment, every place ,every time, every situation and every person we are relating to.
    The world of the satanic ritual is devoid of love and forgiveness. It operates by self will ie egoic desire and force.Enlightenment is pursued through incantation and spell making.It breaks one of the fundamental laws of this plane of existence, that of "free will"." Free will" means I have the right to choose in every moment what I think and what I do. I have no right to decide for any one else. By using mind control to procure constantly compliant sexual partners these people have forfeited their right to progress to the Rainbow Body stage. Until they renounce their negative dark ways and follow the path of love and forgiveness they cannot "enter Heaven".
    Enlightening experiences can occur under any circumstances, including love making. This happens to people quite frequently, myself included, and occurs because at that moment your heart opens wide with love and lets the whole universe in.
    The ending of the movie is actually very appropriate. It shows Bill and Alice on the right path, as they forgive each other, are prepared to continue loving each other, to make love in total acceptance of everything the way it is, and in gratitude that they have made it this far. They have each used their free will to choose the path that leads toward the Light, Enlightenment and the Rainbow Body.

  91. I'm not sure, but maybe Kubric is not as wonderful as we think. Yes, he was a genious. There is brilliant visual symbolism in every scene that he filmed .No one can doubt this. But he may have been a member of the masonic illuminati. How did he know so much about their sex majik rituals? I read on this blog that he knew the Rothchilds.Can someone confirm this for me?

    • I agree! I would think the Rothschild's would probably have a problem with him filming their property, or maybe not, who knows! He is reported to be responsible for the filming of the fake Apollo moon landings for the U.S. govt. His brother Raul was reportedly the head of The American Communist Party. It was reported that Kubrick died shortly after showing the Warner Brother's execs his completed version of this film. It was reported that the execs instructed him to remove parts of the movie before being released. He refused, he died, and Warner Brother's released the film edited removing all of the scenes they wanted omitted. His wife has admitted that he was responsible for the filming of the fake moon landings and that he was murdered!

      If all that has been documented about Kubrick is true I would think that he was definitely a member of one of these groups, whether he agreed with them or not! I wonder why the author of this essay refused to include any of this reported information!

  92. Great article and I believe it would've been more complete if you included the report that Kubrick died shortly after showing the film Eyes Wide Shut to execs at Warner Brothers. It was reported that they instructed him to remove parts of the film before the release and he vehemently refused to do so, After he died the studio released an edited version of his film deleting the parts they wanted him to remove.

    It's strange that you neglected to mention that it has been reported that Kubrick was responsible for the filming of the purported Apollo moon landings! Or that you failed to include that his brother Raul was reportedly the leader of the American Communist Party! I would think that if everything that has been documented about Kubrick's association with the puppet masters that allegedly control the U.S. govt and the country, that Kubrick would definitely have intimate first hand knowledge of any and all secret societies here, and more than likely abroad!

  93. J Saville procured kids for UK elite, Ted heath MP and was close with thhe royals……its now mainstream news incl satanic rituals.

  94. That was an awesome article. i have watched this movie twice but no clue to understand the real outcome of this movie. after reading this article able understand at least 80% of the move. thanks

  95. Robert Woodham on

    What comes to mind for me is Tom Cruise and Scientology founder L.Ron Hubbard friend of Jack Parsons and Aliestor Crowley. IMO Kubrick is/was one of them, and this film is nothing but externalization of the hierarchy. Yes Bill was on a journey it was indoctrination into the mysteries. He is somewhat symbolic of all of us as they have us all on that journey slowly indoctrinating us to there way of thinking. In Genesis the first thing we learn of the adversary is that he is the most subtle beast of the field. Because you are lukewarm I will hurl you out of my mouth. Remember God does not own the fence the enemy does. We are being forced into a trap so we have to make that choice of who we really serve.

    Drums drums in the deep, they are coming. At the end of the day there is only one thing that will change the course that we are on and buy time from what has been being erected all around us while our eyes were wide shut and that is the Gospel. Preaching it confounds those that think themselves wise and powerful.

  96. The white mask that Tom Cruise wears in 'Eyes Wide Shut' appears, to me, to be an exact replica of his own face. This is especially noticeable when the mask is seen on the pillow next to Nicole Kidman. Does anyone else see this, or is it just me?

    • I see the resemblance to Tom Cruise in the mask as well. The mask maker for the movie probably used his face as a mold for the mask. As a result, the mask doesn't really hide his identity at the ritual which may have been intentional.There may be other masks in the movie that reveal the true identity of the people wearing them. I read that Kubrick personally picked each Venetian mask that each actor was to wear. These masks must have had meaning to him.

  97. Interesting write-up but I think you missed the actual meaning of the film.

    The meaning of the movie is very simple and if you don't have your eyes wide shut, Kubrick literally tells you the meaning in large print on a newspaper that Dr. Bill holds.

    Not just Dr. Bill but all of us… We are all LUCKY TO BE ALIVE.

    Despite the fact that we may have perfect lives, loved ones, money, good looks and all you could want, we self medicate with drugs stashed in "band-aid" boxes. We yearn for adventure and sex with strangers. Too foolish to see that what we already have should be good enough for us, really we should all just feel LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. This is why the film ends with Nicole literally telling the audience the meaning of the film, she feels fortunate to have made it through their trials and still be with him. Nothing is hidden. Yet humorously, hardly anyone "got it." They all have their eyes wide shut.

    One can only imagine that living amongst the Hollywood elite as Kubrick did, he had seen his fill of people who had it all and still were unhappy. This film is his clearest message to them all. Enjoy the life you have in front of you. Be grateful for it, 'lest you bring it all down in flames due to your own foolishness and unbridled desires.

    Genius film. Nice write-up on the detail, though I think you may be so down in the details, you have your eyes wide shut to the big picture.

    • You should look up the morals of the church of satan, basically be selfish and please yourself, cheat, orgies all that fun stuff. Bible warns of temptation, and to leed a simple and humble life. Which Bill and Alice were doin at the time. The greatest trick the devil played on humanity is fooling everybody he doesnet exist.

  98. In the ending and the mask was there beside Alice could mean she was an active participant in the debauchery that was going on. Possibly in another plane or dimension as these dimensions co-exist with our reality dimension side by side.
    She saw herself fucking other men and saw Bill while she was on a parallel plane

  99. Thank you for this enlightening 'exposé', now I feel that if I was to see this film, it would not be with completely shut eyes!

  100. and don't forget the Toy shop ,when his daughter chooses a baby trolley her mother (Alice) tells her old fashioned and then very big to the bear she showed and finally she picked a Barbie doll and there was no action by Alice her mom what's that suppose to be??!!

  101. Blew my mind. I saw this movie when I was 9, changed my life. Thanks for this amazing read, furthering my understanding of Kubrick and this mind-blowing film!

  102. In this movie we question what dreaming and reality are. The conclusion is that we are all dreaming. The tantra theme is spot on. In tantra they focus on sex without climax, which is supposed to elevate one's consciousness and bring people's souls closer together. The fidelity of Alice and Bill are questioned even though nothing really happens.

    However the reality in this film is obscured. While Alice sleeps, Bill is on a sexual odyssey. He never sleeps. When someone is sexually frustrated, sleep is next to impossible. These are his "dreams."

    The rainbow imagery is important. While Bill goes "somewhere over the rainbow," the rainbow is the refraction of white light into its constituent colors. However this is not observable to the naked eye without some sort of prism. (the prism- or PYRAMID is a self-explanatory imagery yet so much is to be said on it)

    The orgy and the events surrounding it was also a "dream," but it was one Bill had no control of. It was all part of a scheme to initiate him by making him question his beliefs.

  103. I found a description if the missing 22 second scene from the original music. The scene was essential to Kubrick's entire message with the movie. A scene was cut out where Tom Cruise's character Bill discovers a Satanic Pentagram on display in one of the lodge's rooms before one of the girls "redeems" him.

    Here's the link with the full description:

  104. I personally think that the elite wanted this movie made. They own the media and if they didn't want this movie released, it wouldn't have been. This is a message to the sheeple: we own you, we are powerful, and we are painting the world with our colors. Welcome to our world. Our way of life is coming to your pathetic little world very soon and there isn't anything you can do about it. Our values will be your values and our morals your morals….I think if they could turn us all into monarch slaves, they would! Jesus come soon and put an end to this tyranny!

    • well the rainbow flag, and gay rights, and the kids on the street call tom cruise a switch hitter. I smell symbolizim! and under the rainbow was the shop, over th rainbow was the wizard of oz song, and Judy garland was gay right activist. just plain weird if you ask me, and the wizard of oz was targeted at children! creepy dark side of the moon pink floyd lines up with the wiz of oz. Which had a rainbow on the cover, dont forget we have never seen the dark side of the moon. the moon doesent spin. too many weird hings just happen to be alike….

  105. Like many of Kubrick's movies, Eyes Wide Shut also has massive undertones which deal with gender relations. He perpetually, in all of his movies, comes back to hierarchical power pressing down upon the individual. This is about a man's grappling with and coming to understand the monsterous essence of male sexuality.

    The narrative is informed and motivated by male sex drive, creating expendable consumer products out of human life through sexual slavery, prostitution and the institution of marriage.

    Bill is primarily driven mad by his own jealous and controlling sexuality which perpetually demeans and devalues women. He spends little to no time with his daughter, provides no intellectual stimulus to his highly intelligent wife and is unable, ultimately, to address or satisfy his own sexual desire nor that of Alice.

    This film is about the institutionalisation of sexuality, desire and gender by masculinity, and it destroys them all.

  106. Something else I noticed that didn't see mentioned… there's a part at the end of the movie where Helena picks up a Barbie to show to her parents, while Christmas shopping, and one of the Barbie's eyes is covered with her hair. So, again with the whole one-eye thing.

  107. I've never been Hindu myself, so take this with a grain of salt, but I've heard rumours that Tantric ritual prostitutes are "exceptionally honoured" WHILE BEING PROSTITUTES, and after losing their youthful sexy-powers are considered every bit as disposable as a Beta Kitten. :(

  108. No-one has mentioned the scene where Bill is leaning over the woman in the morgue for an unreasonably long time as if he is going to kiss her! He falls into a trance and is hypnotically drawn closer and closer. It is quite unnerving.

  109. Not Programmed on

    I remember a song by Ciara and J. Timberlake called love, sex, magic. I thought of it right after your Crowley comment. Insane how it's just everywhere.

  110. These three articles are very impressive! I enjoyed everything in what you wrote, and your vision of so many détails is humbling (for my wide shut eyes). This is a very good and probably very pertinent interpretation of the movie. I would like to know, in your opinion, why Kubrik used a different actress for Mandy (Julienne Davis) and the girl who helps him (Abigail Good). These two actresses were they playing the same character? Was Kubrik playing with the spectator, as he usually does?

  111. Anyone following the current Prince Andrew scandal can see what Kubrick depicted – the use, abuse and disposal of female (and probably male) flesh among the 'elite' – is REAL. Significant revelations…

    • Exactly. When that scandal broke I immediately thought of the film! VC's review is one of the more , dare I say, illuminating.

  112. Facinating article and analysis. I believe that Amanda is Domino. Why would Amanda, a complete stranger, offer to die in place of Bill when he is about to pay a heavy price for attending the ritual. We were given the answer when Domino's roommate said she was diagnosed with Aids. She also said that Domino told her that Bill was very kind to her. That is why she is Amanda and she died for Bill because she was already going to die.

  113. The Guilded Scribe on

    I have much to write concerning EWS in conjunction with the VC and I thank the group for sharing and enlightening truth seekers with its commentary. My essay or article would take hours to write as well, and I cannot make time for it today, but I will share an important thought now.

    In the holiday party scene, when Alice meets the guest from Hungary, my intuition suggests she came in contact with a direct descendant of Count Dracula or Vlad the Impaler. It was very effective for Stanley Kubrick to give his character a suave appearance, compelling accent, sexual taste for attractive married women, and a historic origin. If when asked by Alice his homeland, he responded, "I'm from Transylvania"…..that would have been a sure give away. However, to share…Hungary, whose capital is Budapest, still suggests an exotic global location, but unless the viewer is keen to know the historic relationship between Transylvania, Hungary, and Romanian, they may not be well versed enough to connect the anthropological, historical dots of this male character being a direct descendant of Count Dracula……or even Dracula himself….if it is true that Vampires……never die. Interestingly enough, Tom Cruise went on to play a Vampire with Brad Pitt in the movie The Vampire Diaries.

    Hence, this extremely subtle, yet important scene from the film EWS, began with an extraordinary link from the very distant past in which the handsome male character of noble linage is well aware of the disdain for Universal Laws of the Creator, because he and his family line have practiced debauchery and the seduction of females for centuries. Knowledge of Secret Societies is quite familiar to them, as well as, the cloak of mansions and castles granting utmost privacy for their dark and blatant behaviors. His NLP ability. as suggested by the VC are on point with deviant powers of hypnosis, and when he drinks champagne from Alice's glass, as the VC indicates a sexual suggestions to enjoy one's fluids……blood is especially the body fluid vampires seek to satiate their thirst the most. Certainly, this character was in attendance at the "Fidelio Event" although this is simply a promising speculation.

  114. Very nice analysis! but some things are a little far-fetched (in my opinion) considering the fact that the movie is based on the 1925 novel 'Traumnovelle' (I think in English it is called Dreamstory) by Arthur Schnitzler. Dont get me wrong I think you did a great job, I just feel that since the movie is very similar to the original plot one shouldnt 'over-interpret' . nevertheless really interesting series of articles

  115. Incredible analisys. But, what if Alice and Helena were both taken to the ritual on that day too? The Elite people decided to "hipnotize" them, by their methods, to get assurances against Bill. It's not impossible, as we can see the possibility of those people entering Bill's home, in order to leave a mask above his bed. Also, I there's two facts that indicates this hypotesis: (1) Alice's dream and (2) Helena's link to Domino and to the two man in the toy store.

  116. Domino is a bit of a strange name for a prostitute, I wonder, if the name is hinting to the domino programming. Google domino programming illuminati to find out more.

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  118. I've not watched the movie myself, but in reading these articles I have to wonder: the link between the stages of "progress" and the different lives of the red-headed women, for one, and more predominant in my mind: the link between the images surrounding Helena and the threat against Dr. Bill's family. Perhaps the consequence IS the integration of Helena into the dark world, robbed of the rainbow world. Would rainbows be significant to a world of innocence and optimism? Or, would a threat be a cautionary statement, used to keep the "profane" (to the dark world, anyhow) "on their toes", living in paranoia and fear of what could be, of what is? If the later is the case, I can't understand why the parents of Helena would allow her to disappear from their sights. Then again, living in the haze and dream like state of the rainbow world might suspend its occupants in a idealistic albeit lost reality, where they are unaware of the dangers that exist. The threat might be fulfilled in allowing Dr. Bill to return to the rainbow side, the fictitious satisfaction made in consuming the "blue pill", if you will. WHICH makes me wonder if there is a link to the red pill (truth) and the hair color of the main women in Bill's life.
    I doubt I'll ever watch this movie, but curiosity really is tossing the option around in my mind, just confirm my thoughts. :)

    • If the integration of Helena is the consequence, maybe the entire society is the product of a vicious circle.
      Introduction, awareness, acceptance, participation or refusal, and the consequences set in place after either path is pursued.

  119. I think the guy writing this is an over enthusiastic dramatist who uses the word slave far too much that only a half illiterate child would keep doing to elongate his or her sentences could concoct. He makes some good points to describe certain meanings but has some very far out assumptions on the film such as "Beta MK Ultra slaves". Another dream land conspiracy theorist without any concrete evidence and a false sense of knowledge that is as presumptuous as a Salem witch trial, this time its MK Ultra sex slaves for which there is no solid evidence. Of course he extracts all of his nonsense on this matter through second hand information(even though there was a MKU project but that does not qualify what he is saying about the "BETA SLAVES!!" ). Good points were made but what a load of garble in between.

  120. Very nice article. I watched this movie recently and was in awe of it. But your article helped me understand it's true beauty.

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