“The Cabin in the Woods”: A Movie Celebrating the Elite’s Ritual Sacrifices


“The Cabin in the Woods” is a widely successful horror film that also obtained great critical acclaim. While many appreciated the movie for its wit, humor and originality, the movie’s storyline is nevertheless serious and very real: It depicts the elite’s use of occult rituals on the unsuspecting masses. We’ll look at the symbolic meaning of “The Cabin in the Woods”.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

Considered to be “groundbreaking” and a “game changer” by movie critics, The Cabin in the Woods contains many elements of classic horror films while adding interesting new elements to the mix. It continually refers to and comments on the horror movie genre, praising some aspects of it while poking fun at the many clichés that are found in the genre. The basic plot has been seen many times as it involves zombies running after teenagers that are so dumb and generic that you almost want them to die. But there is more to the story than hack and slash: It is about elite puppeteers overseeing a massive blood ritual using mind control and high tech monitoring. In the end, The Cabin in the Woods is a metaphor for our heavily controlled society that is under the control of dark, hidden forces. The movie was co-written and directed by Joss Whedon, who also created Dollhouse a TV series that tackled the concept of mind control in a rather obvious way.

At first glance, the characters of the movie are heavily clichéd, to the point that it is absurd. We have the typical jock, the typical slutty girl, the typical stoner, the boring smart guy and the timid prude virgin. These teenagers are purposely generic to comment on the boringness of characters in bad horror movies, but, as the story unfolds, we also discover that they were selected and manipulated by an organization to fully embody specific archetypes in order to complete a ritual.

The heroes (or the victims) of the movie are somewhat uni-dimensional. We soon learn that they were manipulated to become that way.

As the movie progresses, many key aspects of the occult elite and its way of functioning are described in vivid detail: Mediatised mega-rituals, occult secret societies, mind control, high-tech monitoring and so forth. At the end of the movie, one might realize that these scared and confused teenagers running around and falling into traps are…us, aka the masses. Let’s look at the elements found in the movie and analyze their full significance.

The Nameless Organization

At the beginning of the movie, we see five friends hoping into van and driving to a cabin in the woods (hence the title of the movie) where fun, alcohol and teenage frolicking awaits. The pals however don’t know that this weekend of apparent partying is, in fact, a big ritual sacrifice conducted by a high-level, international organization.

Never named in the movie, the organization behind the blood sacrifice utilizes high-tech facilities across the world and appears to have a great amount of resources and employees. Can we associate this organization with the occult elite, the NWO and its secret facilities? Yes, yes we can.

Simply looking at the command center, we understand that is not a small, clandestine operation, but a highly sophisticated organization dealing with military tracking equipment that is only available at the highest governmental levels.

The organization’s sole purpose is to set up high-profile mega-rituals involving the deaths of civilians across the world in order to appease dark forces beneath the Earth. These rituals are made possible through the manipulation of certain individuals into doing certain things, causing them to unknowing become participants in an occult ritual. This concept has been discussed several times on this site as mega-rituals involving symbolic elements and blood sacrifices do happen in real life, where everything is staged and set up to obtain maximum exposure and magickal potency.

Although this is a very obscure and taboo subject, some occult researchers have determined that many mediatised events are actually mega-ritual carried out to fulfill specific occult objectives. Whether we go as far as Jack the Ripper or as recently as the Batman killings, some murders are actually set up to follow specific rules and to imprint society with specific symbols.

“Of course, many serial murders are nothing more than the work of a single individual acting out a graphic horror movie he saw, or responding to powerful “psychotic” impulses for aggression and predation. But many other serial murders involve a cult protected by the U.S. government and the corporate media, with strong ties to the police. These murders are actually intricately choreographed rituals; performed first on a very intimate and secret scale, among the initiates themselves in order to program them, them on a grand scale, amplified incalculably by the electronic media. In the end what we have is a highly symbolic, ritual working broadcast to millions of people, a Satanic inversion; a Black mass, where the “pews” are filled by the entire nation and through which humanity is paganized, brutalized and debased in this, the “Nigredo” phase of the alchemical process.

The French adept Antonin Artaud, architect of the theory of the “Theater of Cruelty” with its transformative power, and the inspiration for the extreme sex-and-death media of our time, had this to say about the processing of the Group Mind: ‘Aside from trifling witchcraft of country sorcerers, there are tricks of global hoodoo in which all alerted consciousnesses participate periodically… That is how strange forces are aroused and transported to the astral vault, to that dark dome which is composed above all of… the poisonous aggressiveness of the evil minds of most people… the formidable tentacular oppression of a kind of civic magic which will soon appear undisguised.’

The issue of controlling humanity with esoteric words and symbols encoded within a play, a media spectacular or a ritual is one of the most difficult for people to comprehend. That is why most people are viewed with utter contempt as “cowans,” “the profane,” the “gentiles” and the “goyim” (cattle) by secret society initiates. “I think we are farmed,” Charles Fort said of humanity. It was Fort who also suggested that man deliberately invented the dogma of materialism in order to shield himself from the evidence of what was being done to him by means of psycho- spiritual warfare methods hyped by “coincidence,” symbolism and ritual.”
– Michael A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Although the above quote was written more than 20 years ago, it perfectly describes the plot of The Cabin in the Woods which, in turn, describes mega-rituals in a direct but very caricatural matter. By doing so, the movie reveals the elite’s way of functioning while fictionalize it – it puts everything out in the open while making people believe that “it’s just a movie”. While there is a lot of satire and foolishness in the movie, it underlying concept is truer than most would believe.

The shady organization carries out rituals across the world, some of which succeed and others fail. Most are made to appear as “accidents” and those that succeed are widely publicized across the world.

This elite organization, as powerful as it is, only obeys the will of dark forces called “The Ancients” and “the gods”. The “technicians” overseeing the ritual are actually members of an occult brotherhood and their job is to make sure rituals are complete.

After the death of the first victim, we see one of the technicians reciting a dark prayer and then kissing a pendant bearing the secret society’s magical symbol. Like in real life, some operations that appear to be about science and pragmatism are actually motivated by very obscure and occult reasons.

So the U.S. branch of this shady Organization manipulates five all-American students to go spend a weekend in a remote cabin in the woods. The cabin is set up in an environment that is totally artificial and controlled by the puppet masters. In fact, the cabin and its surrounding is one big TV recording studio, complete with mics and cameras, mind altering drugs to control the actors and remote controlled doors and light effects.

As the teenagers drive towards to the cabin’s location, we realize that they are entering a “virtual” zone that is totally created by and controlled by the organization. Inside of it, the teenagers become puppets at the hand of high-tech puppet masters.

The Sacrificial Lambs

Once arrived at the cabin, the teenagers are made to embody specific archetypes in order to complete the ritual drama required by the gods. It therefore needs to be carried out in a specific matter and it needs to completely recorded and televised. The “gods” require the death of five specific archetypes in the ritual drama: The whore, the athlete, the fool, the scholar and the virgin.

The Whore

In the brotherhood’s temple are displayed stone tablets representing each archetype that needs to be slain. This one represents the whore.

Right from the start of the movie, the character named Jules Louden plays the role of a s-bomb that appears to be aroused by anything. During her (short) stay at the cabin, she constantly feels the urge to talk about doin’ it or to dance like a stripper. We however learn that Jules is not being herself: She was drugged and manipulated to become the proverbial whore. Upon closer look, an astute viewer might realize that Jules Louden bares many characteristics of a Sex Kitten mind control slave.

The first scene involving Jules emphasizes the fact that she dyed her hair blond. In Mind Control symbolism, blond hair is used to identify Beta Kittens – Marylin Monroe programming. We then learn that the “puppet masters” laced her hair dye with chemicals to reduce cognition and to augment her libido.

So Jules is not usually a whore – she was manipulated and drugged into becoming one, the same way the elite uses mind control to make regular girls become Beta Kittens (think of the many slutty “celebrities” that started off “normal”). In the cabin, Jules displaying typical behavior of a MK slave, victim of Beta programming.

“BETA is referred to as “sexual” programming (slaves). This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level.”
– Ron Patton, Project Monarch

The most obvious example of Beta Kitten behavior occurs when Jules is “dared” to make-out with a wolf head mounted on the cabin wall. She engages in a disturbingly long make-out session with the wolf head, as her friends awkwardly watch. The scene ends with Jules saying “thank you” to the wolf, confirming that the drugs she was given completely eliminated her inhibitions.

Jules is getting a lot of pleasure making out with this wolf head because she was programmed to accomplish such tasks. Bestiality is only one of the twisted things actual Beta Kittens are ordered to do by their handlers.

The puppet masters make it clear that Jules needs to be sacrificed first – because she is a whore and therefore corrupted. This needs to happen in a very specific matter in order to follow dark occult principles. The technicians want her to be killed during coitus and, more specifically, when she is nearing climax. Magick principles stipulate that individuals accumulate the most “life force” during the moments right before climax. Sacrificing a person right at that moment would therefore insure the most magickal potency to a ritual.

The technicians closely monitor Jules copulating with the jock, hoping that she will take her shirt off. Explaining the ritual to an “outsider” who doesn’t understand why she MUST undress herself, a technician says: “We’re not the only ones watching…Got to keep the customer satisfied. You understand what’s at stake here?” In other words, the ritual needs to be graphic and fully broadcasted to be considered a success, something we see in real life without even realizing it.

After a few minutes of frolicking, which gets the teenagers (and the viewers) excited, Jules gets viciously attacked by a zombie right when she nears climax. The odd combination of copulation and death is characteristic of the dark rituals and is also featured be in underground snuff films circulated in elite circles. In short, Jules’ death was planned according the occult elite’s way of functioning.

The Fool

Like in most horror movies involving teens, there is some kind of stoner in the pack providing comic relief. Always smoking a joint, the character named Marty Mikalski plays that role. Interestingly enough, the “fool” is also quite the conspiracy theorist.

Inside the van, Marty explains how society is being heavily monitored through cameras and “chips inside children’s heads”. He states that one must sometimes “go off the grid” to escape the madness. Of course, he says all of these things while rolling a joint, subtlety telling the viewers: “Only paranoid pot heads are against microchips and state monitoring”. To make things worse, Marty then shows a finished joint to Jules and tells her “I’ll make you see things my way”, meaning that being “aware” equals being on drugs.

As discussed in my articles on the movies Contagion and 2012, “conspiracy theorists” (or anyone with non-mainstream views) are always depicted as loons with little to no credibility. Marty in The Cabin in the Woods accomplishes the same function. While he says things that are believed by many people, we still almost hear a “coo-coo” sound effect in the background while he discusses microchips and such.

The fool however turns out to be right about a lot things and tries to convince his friends about the conspiracy they are involved in. As it is often the case, nobody believes him until it is too late, because, after all, he is the fool.  We’ll later see how he’ll turn out to be an unlikely hero (while also destroying the world).

The Virgin

In most cultures that practiced ritual sacrifices, virgins were considered to be the “highest quality” offerings due to the fact that they were considered pure, clean, uncorrupted and innocent. They were untainted by man and the world and were therefore perceived as holy and the most spiritually potent. The character named Dana Polk was made to play that role in the ritual drama, although she isn’t actually a virgin (there’s apparently not many teenage virgins available nowadays)

Although she appears to be the weakest and the most vulnerable of the victims, the virgin ended up being an unlikely hero.

For the ritual to be complete, Dana needed outlive all of her friends and her death was optional. The important thing is that she suffered as the puppet masters need capture pain and punishment on camera, a fetish of the real life dark forces behind the Illuminati. In fact, the ritual in The Cabin in the Woods follows a specific protocol that is similar to the actual rituals carried out by the occult elite. Here are some of them.

Rules of the Ritual

Most mega-rituals follow specific rules that are clearly spelled out in the movie. These rules are made to give the rituals more potency while allowing the powers that be to avoid the negative effects of bad karma (according to their weird interpretation of it).

1st Rule: Announcing What Will Happen Beforehand.

On their way to the cabin, the teenagers meet an unsavory character dubbed “The Harbinger” that warns them in not-so-subtle ways that they will be killed. Despite the warnings, the friends resolutely carry on.

As seen in previous articles on this site, mega-rituals are often preceded by “clues” in mass media warning or preparing the victims (and the world) for what’s coming. If after being warned, victims go on by their own free will, then the puppeteers are liberated from karmic responsibility.  During the movie, one technicians says:

“They have to make the choice of their own free will. Otherwise, the system doesn’t work. Its like The Harbinger…this creepy old fuck who is practically wearing a sign saying ‘You Will Die’. Why do we put him there? The System. They have to choose to ignore him. They have to choose what happens in the cellar. Yeah, we rig the system as much as we need to but, in the end, if they don’t transgress, they can’t be punished.”

This concept is often seen in real life where victims of ritual sacrifice place themselves in a specific situation, although they have been thoroughly manipulated to do so (see MK victims dying from an “overdose”).

In one of the cabin’s rooms is a painting depicting a lamb being torn to pieces by all kinds of vicious creatures. This is yet another way the victims are subtly “warned” of what is bound to happen. However, since the kids have no idea of what’s happening, they simply ignore it. This can be compared the elite hiding in plain sight warnings and predictions about the NWO in public places (see the murals at the Denver International Airport).

2nd Rule: The Victims Must Seal Their Own Fate

Although every aspect of their environment is tightly controlled and manipulated by the puppet masters, the victims are still made to choose their fate by their own free will.

By reading cryptic Latin phrases inside a book, the 5 friends summoned themselves the redneck zombies that will tirelessly want to kill them. By triggering the killers themselves, the puppeteers are freed from karmic responsibility.

Although the above concepts are extremely obscure, they are clearly defined and communicated in the movie. They are a reflection of the occult elite’s (aka the Illuminati’s) particular way of functioning, where nothing is obvious and everything is manipulated behind the scenes in order to obtain a specific result. Ancient blood sacrifices were accomplished out in the open with participants that knew what was happening (not that I’m idealizing those days) but today, it is about deceit and manipulation, with an emphasis placed on suffering and anguish, something that only those dealing in black arts would revel on. Upon discovering exactly what was happening, Marty (the stoner) says:

“A ritual sacrifice? Great. You tie someone to a stone, get a fancy dagger and a bunch of robes. It’s not that complicated.”

To which the virgin replies:

“Tt IS simple. They don’t just want to see us killed. They want to see us punished”.

Who Wins in the End?

The ending of the movie is very telling, yet very unsettling. In order for the ritual to be complete, Marty must die before the virgin. If this doesn’t happen, the “ancient evil gods” will rise and kill everyone on Earth. When asked to kill himself to save the world, Marty refuses – knowing very well he’ll be killed anyways by the evil gods.

Dana and Marty then light up a joint and wait for the gods to rise. Dana says:

“It’s time to give someone else a chance…Giant evil gods”.

Then a giant hand rises up from beneath the Earth, kills everyone and then reaches out to grab the movie viewers. And that’s how the movie ends…with an evil god grabbing the viewer.

The big winner of the movie? An Evil god aka Satan himself.

So, in the end, the only winner of the movie is a “giant evil god” rising up straight from hell, one that could be equated to Satan in Abrahamic religions. Dana and Marty, the “heroes” of the story, therefore willingly allowed the evil god to rise up and to take over the Earth. The “heroes” brought about the worst ending possible, one of the movie’s original twists that kept the audiences guessing. It nevertheless has an important symbolic meaning and tells a lot about those who are behind the movie. In retrospect, were the puppeteers the good guys or the bad guys? They were sadistic jerks carrying out an occult ritual but they were also trying to save the world from the wrath evil gods. Hmmm…


In Conclusion

The Cabin in the Woods is a hit with movie fans due to its wit and its study of the horror film genre. However, going past these obvious remarks, the story of the movie conceals another layer of interpretation: It reveals the Illuminati’s occult way of functioning in order to maintain power and to imprint the group mind with symbols using rituals and sacrifices. The “organization” in the movie uses an odd mixture of scientific knowledge with “old world” occult rituals to carry out its plans. While this story is pure fiction, it also reveals (in a strange way) how the occult elite truly functions.

That being said, can we equate the clueless teens in the movie to the clueless masses? Can we equate the cabin in the woods to today’s highly monitored and controlled society? Are our perceptions being purposely modified through mind control, mass media and meds to make us fall into traps? Are we being purposely dumbed-down like these kids in order for us to do the elite’s bidding by our own free will? Is the movie The Cabin in the Woods an equivalent to the Harbringer in the movie, who communicates a grave warning to people that are too clueless to understand any of it? As Marty the stoner says: “You are not seeing what you don’t want to see”.




    • Wow. Great work VC.

      A co worker has been telling me about this, but I'm not so much for horror films.

      There is always hype around movies that have a lot of occult symbolism in it. I hadn't heard about this film because I am really out of tune with what's been happening. If it weren't for my co-worker, I would have no idea. Thanks for this though, I have no plans to watch it.

      • Did anyone notice that the group was watching "Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland" when in the cabin? I saw this as a kid and was surprised that this obscure old kids movie was shown in this movie. Just thought I'd point it out any thoughts?

      • Brandon Broussard on

        If you're aware of the "occult's bidding", why not watch it? In my opinion it was still a great movie.

    • good VC just keep open up ours eyes and to be honest I'm very tired and bored of this sick people, 'cause stupidity really annoys me. They just want to do movies, they don't even care what is wrong or right to show to the people, they ignore when God says that they gonna be destroyed by being evil and being in dark side. What they want more? Nothing! they're just normal people acting stupidly. It really bothers me.

    • But that's just it!! WE are the dark gods down below. Back in the gladiator days, people would riot and violently protest if there wasn't bloodshed.

      Think of today's sports, where soccer fans and basketball fans take to each others throats if the outcome isn't the one they desire. Not to mention all the doping scandals athletes are suffering, largely caused by pressure to please hardcore fans and multimillion-dollar contracts.

      Then there's reality TV, and everyday version of Cabin in the Woods. Viewers WANT the archetypes, they want to hate the slut, laugh at the drunken stoner, identify with the smart guy, and fall in love with the romantic "virginal" cast member. If no one fights, argues, or falls dead from alcohol poisoning, guess what: no one wants to watch and they may even get a bit upset.

      I'm willing to believe that if some people's thirst for blood and sex was not fulfilled by the television or Internet, then they WOULD carry it out in the streets. So the conundrum at the end serves its purpose, are these elite secret organizations really facilitating and encouraging these dark acts, or are they trying to keep humanity from succumbing to them themselves??

      • How about a movie where all the main characters respected each other while acknowledging the flaws? Where one of the guys cares about the "slut" as a human being who has been kind to him in the past and regards HER as a friend? Or where the jock told everyone to shut up and listen to the stoner because maybe part of the reason that guy needs to get stoned is that he lives in a pretty vicious world and just once it would be nice if we didn't have to mock each other? Or where the virgin admits that what she really wishes were that men would stand up for themselves and not put up with her nervous bullshit?

        How about where the slut says that "you guys are about the only thing that keeps me sane in this world? And the crew makes sure that she absolutely does NOT get killed because the men fight hard to keep her safe. And she in turn fights hard and bravely for them while recognizing she isn't a powerrrrgrrl or any other delusional bullshit, so she stays out of their way while supporting them?

      • that makes no sense! at all….. you all really believe humans want all that nasty shit? no! its put in people minds… humans were born to love. There is nothing humane about wanting extreme violence, blood, and slutty sex. . sadly iv'e seen animals be more human than most people.

        yeah sex is natural but the way its used now a days is not! its used to sell things.. that's sad.. using peoples primal instincts to sell and manipulate the mind… and how they combine violence and blood with sex in order to make people like violent sex and bloody violence. ..not cool. ..not cool at all.

        you all would benefit from taking some psychology classes, in many subjects like human sexuality, child development…etc…there are many. once you know more about the mind you know more about why things are the way they are. you see the true purpose of things. Education is freedom!!

        -peace and harmony! :)

      • @Observer: Have you ever read 1984? There is this scene in which the main character is watching a film, the film depicts warfare if I recall well, but I remember that we are described various scenes in which people are killed (including children), and the viewers are actually laughing and enjoying seeing people getting killed.

        Your comment reminded me of that.

        It's true; we are the ones asking for the bloodshed, and I don''t think that it'd be only limited to the media. Perhaps right now the media is just glorifying it, maybe in some years doing such things in real life won't be as bad as it considered today because the media already made something normal (and even good) out of it?

  1. Not surprised at all, there was always something suspicious about this movie from when I first watched it.. I don't get all the hype to be honest, it's a load of rubbish. I don't even watch many movies anymore, this stuff gets more blatant everytime.

  2. DopeFromEarly on

    I was actually holding my breath for this movie to be analyzed. When I saw this movie, there were so many signs of symbolism, I lost track within the first half an hour. Thank you for taking the time to bring us this info!

    • the "signs of sybolism" shouldn't be backing you off – you should run forward – arms open! That said – much as I love this movie I am wayyy tired of pseudo intellectuals decrypting./deciphering it! It is just a huge load of horror fun meant to poke every scary memory you have and it acheives it's task.It was meant to remind us where we came from and it didn't fail. It was also meant to shock – again -no fail. Unwrap your brain and just watch and enjoy! I am guessin the biggest aim of this movie was to remind everyone that is a fan of the genre – we're here – but not clear. This movie abced if for dummies – and those with their deep and sonorous discussions totally missed the point. Joss said let's put every monster in it we can. Let's make them tantalizingly familiar Let's have some fun! Done and done well, The rest of this heavy socio-implication nonsense bbbsssssssssssssssssssssssrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

  3. The symbolism in this movie was so obvious that I didn't even need an article to decode it for me. It was the best horror movie of this year but that isn't a huge accomplishment because this year hasn't been too good for horror films.

  4. Great work! I don't care what they say about 'cha :-) j/k. You offer a very honest and, as far as would seem humanly possible, non-judgmental perspective on this stuff.

  5. …and when you awaken, you will feel refreshed and calm, and have no memory of these events…


    • this sruff is not conspiracey but actualfact thdy are brainwashing the masses even as soon as elementry s hool targeting uneducated parents childrrn and povety stricken even using tactics such as " speach therepy" and therepists to implant these differentpersonalities and or its okay to sacrafice people as long as its. not you causing people to off each other such as "gangs" abd some churches and clubs and "student ambassedor programs" ect its all goverment funded thatwe the people payfor god help us all,

      • I have questions , is this movie trying to give people the idea to go with it and bow to satan or is it a warning to go against the occult or is it saying its inevitable because they know you wont sacrifice yourself for any other ors because they know what youre going to do any way? This is an awareness site right

  6. Hi all

    Notice the barrier that protects the area in the movie is shaped like a beehive.

    This occurs in other movies as well, such as "The hive" in Resident evil.

    It is also the standard background for android 4.0 Honeycomb.

    This is just a signal that the elite looks upon as a mere working class drones.

    Search for this symbolism in other movies as well, it appears more often than you think.

    Besides this, this movie is highly overrated and makes the concept of ritual sacrifice more accessible to modern society.

    Great article.

    • Candle of the Meteor on

      You're going a bit far with the honeycomb thing. Honeycomb design is something that is aesthetically appealing, as it is not a linear pattern and keeps the eye and brain entertained. Plus, it is one of the few patterns that can be repeated to form a sphere. It has nothing to do with symbolism, honestly.

      With that said, great article. This movie seems more like a red herring than a message from the elite. Perhaps someone in the industry wanted to express it to the world in their own way without actually getting targeted for saying it.

      • Bees are a Merovingian symbol, and are supposedly related to the Qliphoth, the dark side of kabbalah. They represent the insect-like noises of the desert-dwelling djinn or Annunaki.

      •  No he actually has a point.  The honeycomb design is frequently used by secret societies to represent working society, and bees are often used as symbols for society itself.  It's also present in Starcraft 2, on the box for many computer parts, in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Which goes pretty far into the whole conspiracy aspect and transhumanism with out overt occult implications, also the hero you play has a hexagon honeycomb design on his forhead, hexagon has 6 sides, mark of the beast) it's seen on display screens in many science fiction movies and series like V (The new one) and even the recent Cloud Atlas, and recently has been showing up in a lot of supposed anonymous Occupy videos which heavily emphasize bees and illuminati symbols like the all seeing eye (pretending to portray them as negative of course) portraying the bees removing the all seeing eye when anyone who knows their masonic symbolism knows the bees are part of the same symbolism.

    • The occult have an affinity towards bees as they have an inate knolwedge of the world. Their hives are structured in the way the earth rotates on its axis among other interesting things.

      • "Knowledge" that is, yea it's been a long day, too much breathing in those chemtrails.

    • Honeycomb is Android 3.0 in the alphabetical sequence (i.e: eclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich)

      Highly doubt that bee reference in that part.

      • Out Of This World on

        The logo for Android is literally an eye and you're saying the honeycomb concept is farfetched?

    • just like many other occult symbols, the occult takes symbols that are not evil and corrupts them for their purposes, further confusing people, which is part of their goal. a beehive is also a symbol of industriousness and working together, and many positive things.

      • I also like beautiful venetian masks, they are very elegant, and many parties were nothing evil, but just playing and enjoying the season before length in a last carnival fest, then during the length we must think about serious things and, actually, the toughest part of the New Testament. It was absolutely nothing evil, and it is nothing evil if you do the party the right way; they do take our beautiful culture and spoil it. Now every beautiful venetian mask makes people think of brothels and satanic sects. We need to protect our culture; one day they'll manage to do an evil Christmas-tree. They are a problem.

    • Thanks for that comment and may you all be blessed. While reading i had to think of first and original name of the bavarian illuminati under adam weishaupt: The Order of the Bee.

    • Plus it is a hexagonal shape. six being the creator-number. Jodi created The World in six days. it is three and three, the upwards and the downwards force of trinity. Blessed be ^_^

    • True .

      Remember the black eyed peas's :" imma be imma be imma be …" .

      One of their album cover is a giant bee , which alludes that they're might be saying for real "i'm a bee i'm a bee i'm a bee i'm a bee…:

      • Yes! Lol I always thought that 'song' was entitled 'Bumblebee' haha, so it always conveyed those connotations for me. Such a repetitive, droning track too. None of the Black Eyed Peas' music from that particular era is remotely musical. So I thought it must be solely a propaganda vehicle.

      • Very interesting M.A.

        it is like they bluntly say

        imma bee,

        im in the order of the bee (and bees really keep a very strict and effective order).

        this is by the way the origin of the saying „Ewige Blumenkraft !” (german for eternal flower-power. that was the motto of the order of the bee a.k.a. ancient illuminated seers of bavaria under weishaupt and knigge).

        Blessings and beauty

    • Agree with the bee thing. Pop artists are flaunting bee imagery all over the place. Beyonce's BeyHive (you can go on her site and see what kind of bee you are lol), Nicki Minaj's Beez in the Trap (the song that tripped my radar on the current bee meme).

      Bees also have to do with worship of Artemis/Diana and are often on statues of her, on her dress. I just read her priestesses were called "bees", too. Plus the ancient Delphic omphalos oracle stone is covered in a bee design. The mythology goes on and on. And apparently the fleur de lis is a stylized bee figure. It must be no accident Beyonce's House of Dereon has a fleur de lis symbol associated with it.

    • The bee actually has a very important place in the esoteric:

      "Adam Weishaupt did not create the Illuminati. He was only one branch in his lifetime, and they got exposed basically. Weishaupt himself said that we must never go into lodges under our real name. Therefore they adopted many different front names for their actual religion. Some of them in Germany were called the Beenan Order (the Order of the Bees). That's why they had the beehive as their symbol and you'll see George Washington – remember 1776 is no coincidence for Weishaupt or Washington, and Washington has the beehive down in the corner of his famous painting. He certainly said that he knew the Illuminati were in America and I'm sure he definitely did know. These guys have been behind all revolutions down through history. Napoleon Bonaparte, again, had a cloak make covered with golden bees that he took from a tomb in Egypt. You have the Mormons, another masonically created group and of course they have on their flag there in Utah, the beehive. The beehive is very important to them and you go all the way back to Plato and he said we shall create major cities, which are artificial creations, to change the world and these cities will be our beehives. This goes on and on down through the ages."

      – Alan Watt, 8/30/04 (The "Sweet Liberty" Show with Jackie Patru)

      This tends to suggest that the use of the 'beehive' was specifically a part of the movie's hidden symbolism. In fact, it was likely a reference to Plato's dream of artificial, controlled compact cities (which connects directly to Agenda 21).

      Speaking of Agenda 21, it should be noted that one of the most sacred numbers in Masonry is 7. This is stated openly in the Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey. From there, we read:

      "Seven is a sacred number in Masonic symbolism."

      In fact, it is one of the most sacred numbers to Masonry. In discussing the number five, Mackey writes:

      "In Freemasonry, five is a sacred number, inferior only in importance to three and seven."

      In his famous book, "Behold a Pale Horse", former naval intelligence (ONI) briefing officer Bill Cooper lists 7 as a sacred number to the Illuminati.

      The esoteric significance of the number "7" is why "777" is the 'lucky' number and why one of the largest sacrificial rituals of the "war on terror" was executed on July 7, 2005 (2 + 5 = 7), or "7/7/7". It's also why so many of the controlled major religions regard 7 as the number of God.

      Agenda 21. 21 = 7 + 7 + 7 (777). Remember that in the esoteric, the greatest intensification of a number is its triplicate and that, in the Kabbalah, addition is the means of "decoding" the true occult value of a number. Thus, the occult value of "777" is "21".

      On the subject of numerology, has anyone noticed that there are frequently five teenagers in the "groups" that represent the "victims" in the fictionalized ritual sacrifices of horror films? In "Cabin in the Woods" there are exactly five archetypal sacrifices in the Illuminati's ritual in America.

      Of five, Mackey writes:

      "Among the Pythagoreans five was a mystical number, because it was formed by the union of the first even number and the first odd, rejecting unity; and hence it symbolized the mixed conditions of order and disorder, happiness and misfortune, life and death. The same union of the odd and even, or male and female, numbers made it the symbol of marriage. Among the Greeks it was a symbol of the world, because, says Diodorus, it represented ether and the four elements. It was a sacred round number among the Hebrews.

      In Egypt, India. and other Oriental nations says Gesenius, the five minor planets and the five elementary powers were accounted sacred. It was the pentas of the Gnosties and the Hermetic Philosophers; it was the symbol of their quintessence, the fifth or highest essence of power in a natural body. In Freemasonry, five is a sacred number, inferior only in importance to three and seven. It is especially significant in the Fellow Craft's Degree, where five are required to hold a Lodge, and where, in the winding stairs, the five steps are referred to the orders of architecture and the human senses. In the Third Degree we find the reference to the five points of fellowship and their Symbol, the five-pointed star. Geometry, too, which is deemed synonymous with Freemasonry, is called the fifth science; and, in fact, throughout nearly all the Degrees of Freemasonry, we find abundant allusions to five as a sacred and mystical number."

      In the esoteric, five symbolizes the union of opposing forces (odd and even) that is so central in alchemy and magick in general. A chief example is "male" and "female" – of course, as with other horror films, there are always as many males and females as there can be in the group of five. In "Cabin", females represented the odd number (Jules, Dana) while males represented the even (Marty, Curt, Holden). In Blair Witch 2, females represented the even number (Erica, Kim, Tristen) while males represented the even (Jeff, Steven). While neither sex is nailed to odd or even (that would be too noticeably cliche), this set-up is generally always the same in the groups of five. One might argue that this is done with the honorable intention of egalitarianism, and I'm sure that is sometimes the case. However, given the esoteric meaning of the number five (union of opposites [primarily male and female]), one cannot deny that there is a mystical value to this formula.

      Furthermore, we can relate the example of "happiness and misfortune" (as offered by Mackey) to the progression of the standard horror plot. Usually, the horrific events of the later part of the film are preceded by an introduction filled with partying, sex, drugs/alcohol, bonding, and other human pleasures. The union of these opposites (happiness/pleasure and horror/death) can, perhaps, be related, perhaps, to sacrificial rites in which victims are treated as Gods and provided with all kinds of human pleasures before being ritualistically killed. From Chapter 2 ("The Theory and Ritual of Human Sacrifice") of "Pagan Christs" by John M. Robertson, we read:

      "… among the Kotaya hill tribes the victim was taken before the image of the Earth-Goddess, and rice, coloured (red) with turmeric, was thrown on his hair, while he was kept under the influence of opium. In this case the victim had enjoyed special privileges for an unspecified period, all his wishes being granted, and every woman in the village being at his command as a concubine."

      The horror movies begin with the "life" of their sacrificial victims. The mood is set by "happiness" symbolized by partying, friendship, and sexual/chemical/material pleasure. Everything is in "order". After the catalyst is engineered (many times of an occult nature), "disorder" and "despair" become the name of the game. The victims are killed ("death") after the ritualistic pampering symbolized by their initial frolick. The numbers of males and females are as equal as possible (usually in a generic group of five), and each one embodies specific, opposing archetypes. The unity of opposing forces is very apparent in the standard horror formula caricatured by The Cabin in the Woods.

    • Honeycomb patterns are used because it is easier to form a geodesic dome out of something honeycomb shaped than other shapes (like triangles, which can also be manipulated to form a dome). The honeycomb IS an archetype, symbolizing a more insectoid viewpoint, something more base or primitive within ourselves. But it would also be a symbol of teamwork and overcoming adversity to build something in an environment that doesn't cater to development. It is similar to a Stop sign in shape. Perhaps there is a symbolism in our psyche that equates the honeycomb with danger and a place to stop and give consideration before entering?

  7. Hey VC, I see I influenced you from your last post to write about this movie. The concepts and themes are so obvious in it. I found it interesting how the movie combines all the elements of mind control, elite organizations controlling and monitoring everything, the masses being labeled as cliches, the Totalitarian ideology of one small sacrifice for the greater good, or in this case, the old gods. Before I watched the movie, I rented it based off of how different I heard it was and the most of all, the movie cover. It shows the cabin as almost a rubix cube, the whole philosophy of a rubix cube is something to think about, you can control the movements of it, but the outcome of what you choose isn't completely foreseeable to most people, but every move you make in the beginning solidifies the final outcome in the end. This also brings up something I've always pondered, was everything meant to be exactly how it is? It simple words, the world we live in was created to become what it was before we ever had an understanding of it.

    All I know is that I choose to be a good and thoughtful person, not to mention that I like to share my outlook on things even if it is unconventional. I think all the evil we see in the world was predestined and it is up to us as individuals to accept it or question it. At the end of the day, seeing is NOT believing and more of our everyday occurrences, whether it be in the media or right outside our front door needs a closer look.

    Speaking of more movies that have disturbing content, I forgot to mention"Jennifer's Body." That's another movie with some similar themes, blood rituals, demons, selling your soul for fame, and virgin sacrifices..gone wrong, it's commentary on the music industry and how it is essentially satanic.

    • Hello Zillian, I'm a student at Inlet Grove Community High school, and I was wondering if I may use a quote from your wonderful review for my school news article. This article will be put on my school's online news site. I'm writing about Horror films and what truths are untold from behind their scenes, and I needed a couple of quotes to complete this piece.

  8. Gracias VC! So people are always shocked that I do not have cable or satellite. At first it really was because I refuse to pay so much money for television! so I have an apple tv an antena and internet. Then I started noticing how crappy TV is. My children are in honor roll classes because they read a lot but then now it makes me wonder how smart are they REALLY? I mean all these other children spend countles hours watching spongebob being dumbified (i made it up) and it just makes me wonder.

  9. Fran Kanz, the dude playing the stoner, also played in Dollhouse as Topher….I like him as an actor and I did like Dollhouse..but it was also full off MK Ultra themes…coincidence..?

      • I love Joss's older work, it's funny, nuanced, and incredibly insightful. I don't really know his newer stuff and saw very little of Dollhouse.

    • Was there ever? Last time I checked, back in the older centuries as soon as a girl started menstruating she was married off.

    • mefromcolombia on

      There are! Many teenage girls have never had a boyfriend, or a relationship of any sorts. 10 years ago I was one of them and even thought there are a lot less girls not having sex at school now and start only on their 20's, I bet there still are.

      • I have to agree with you! I waited until after high school and I am still very picky, Many people have a misconception of what teenagers are doing. Believe you me as a teenager (including late teens) I have learned more than I can remember.

      • you ladies were few. trust and believe there are not that many virgins as far as teenagers go.

  10. Great analysis and I loved the movie. It's still really entertaining, despite the somber content.

    The only thing would be to spell/grammar check this post a bit more. There are a few mistakes here and there that I would clean up. I know, the content is more important, but it just gives it a rushed feeling.

    Other than that, great work as usual!

  11. Thanks VC, I asked you to analyse this movie and you did it!

    This movie is such a joke, I thought you wouldn't watch it but I guess I was wrong.

    • It's not that bad… Better than many others. However VC, and everybody here has forget to mention one thing, the most important in a sense… LOVECRAFT !!!!!! How can you write about this movie and not cite H.P. Lovecraft and his Ancients??? This should be added to the article…

  12. notice how they pick certain 'generic' looking actors and actresses for this movie too? the one actress looks like a combo of joan cusack and a few others, (cant think of their names)….and there is the cube, (saturns cube?) cube has been used alot, the compartmentalizations of the cube of several thousands of horrors, reminding us of the movie IT, the others, hellraiser, etc…even in that organization, it had the burnt corners of sitcoms we watch, thus making us wonder about sitcoms etc, shows who are they all worshipping? the book mentioned something about being poisoned (i read the book too)…

    • also scooby doo was felt throughout…the one girl was a redhead like daphne, and why was sigourney weaver chosen as the director? she has been linked to many esoteric agenda pushing movies, (possessed in ghostbusters, avatar…probably other movies too)

      i wonder what type of real life snuff films they do? how many real life themes are being harbored thanks to set-ups and aromatherapy? etc…hmm……

  13. I've been waiting for this analysis on CITW. After seeing it I left the movie theater with my jaw dropped. My exclamation was "it's finally all out there for everyone to see! How dare they be so BLATANT."

    This film is very much a warning. I've been recommending it to friends but they're all too slow. Time is really running out. I've been tirelessly trying to wake people up but to no avail. They tell me I've lost my mind. Well I'm tired and don't know what much else I can do.

    Has VC done a piece on Prometheus yet? That was also another very strange movie. Moreso I think it leads us to question where we really came from and the premise that they have served us about our origins and universe for centuries.

    • Same Veez. Part of the reason I don't spend money to consume their sick junk any more. Don't worry, everyone who is not a controlled zombie is labelled 'crazy' at some point . =) For some reason, only certain people will ever come to understand the truth.

  14. I was waiting for this article. I knew the second I watched this film (being a horror film fan) that it is indeed depicting reality.

    There's a foolish understanding that has cirulated our society for more than few centuries. Its the fact that the elite want to deminish the believe in the occult world while it was widely recognised in the past. We have up until the present many books that discusses how paganism, satanic sacrifices etc have been practised and known. Even what we call "supernatural" now was just the norm in some society if not the majority.

    My question is if the 'supernatual' existed in the past, where has it vanished? For those who claim that the dark forces etc are gone with the beliefs of the ignorants (centuries ago) and that we now live in a "modern" "intelligent/enlightened" society, where have their disappeared? In fact these haven't.

    I believe that it still exists among us and it will always do. Having said that, the only difference this time is that we have reached the peak of denial and that the elites have full control of our minds. With this control they are able to manipulate us making us think that these things no longer exists etc.

    Many thanks VC and keep up the good work !!!

  15. "When asked to kill himself to save the world, Marty refuses" Why would he? Jesus died in order to save all of us becuz he loves us and that is enough…There is no need for anyone to give up his life in order to "save the world",with all of those horrible things happening i say we need divine protection more than before…things are gettin scary!

    • I also interpreted the ending differently. The fool and the virgin didnt sacrifice themselves because they knew that there would be others just like them continuing these blood rituals. they had been through enough of those gore, unworldly stuff. they suffered so much and got traumatized that they could not let any other sacrifices happen all over again. I interpreted the last words of the virgin like this: "Maybe this world needs a new beginning." Personally I rather see the world come to an end than to witness the upcoming ww3 or whatever wars that will come.

      But, hey… Great article, as always VC. Thank you!

      • So true. Ego sacrificing/humility is the cornerstone of how a Christian mirrors his savior. Pride brings evil (the elite) only true humility can vanquish it.

  16. KingwithnoCrown on

    I made a post about this in the forums but everyone (almost) dismissed my thoughts on it so I'm glad you made an article about it!

    Also, an interesting fact about this film. It was shot back in 2008/2009, back when no one was really in the know about the illuminati, NWO and such. The film was allegedly shelved because the original company who owned the rights went bankrupt and no one wanted to buy the rights, etc. Yet, miraculously, in 2012, the year where symbolism in movies, music, tv shows, videos, games are extremely obvious and in your face, along with the 'end of the world' conspiracy, some company decides to buy the rights and release it. Interesting timing.

    • Though filmed in 2008/2009, the Illuminati, NWO, and such are now common buzzwords now, and were known then as well. Take the U.S. one dollar bill, the overt symbolism is rite( sic ) in our face, and this symbolism on the dollar bill began in 1935. The 'Liberty' and 'Freedom' often printed and stamped on the U.S. currency, is their reality of making this world liberated and free of God.

      • Well… those slogans of 'liberty' and 'freedom' actually were the slogans of the French Revolution… and they did have a good point, in that the majority of workers lived in unjust poverty and were essentially slaves to their idle and greedy leaders… but I suppose the Illuminati would use the people's desire for emancipation to overthrow the church? Hmmmm.

    • People have known about the Illuminati and the NWO before 2008. Seek out the past and you will be rewarded.

    • Maybe you were not in the know… Some people were in this things even before internet!!! Incredible right??? And others from decades, and other from centuries, and others from before "illuminati" even existed…

  17. This is for Matthew. You asked some very good and important questions. Questions that have been asked for centuries. The answer is not exactly simple but requires faith. Jesus is our Savior but the things He said He'd save us from do not concern this world. 1 John 2:15 says "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever." You see all the suffering of this world is temporary. We're all going to pass from this world, whether we live a day or live a hundred years. In fact Ecclesiastes 4:2 says "Wherefore I praised the dead which are already dead more than the living which are yet alive. Yea, better is he than both they, which hath not yet been, who hath not seen the evil work that is done under the sun." When Jesus gave his Sermon on the Mount, He already gave His eternal blessing to all those you speak about (Matthew chapter 5) The poor people who VC speaks of don't have a choice of their actions because they have pledged their allegiance to Satan. But Jesus is willing and able to save them even to this day. That would require them to give up everything of this world, but it is absolutely possible. I have also been effected by loss, as my first child was a miscarriage, and I had many of the same questions you do. But I now know that my child is with God, and not only in a better place, but also never having to go through the evils of this world. Never having to know about hunger, greed, suffering, and loss. Jesus died on the cross so that we can have eternal life. Eternal is much much much longer than a few decades of this corrupted life we drag through now. Satan is the prince of this world and he is a liar. He lied to us in the garden when he told us we wouldn't die and he lied to us when he told us we could be as God. There is only one God who has been revealed to us by His Son Jesus Christ who died for our sins so that we can have comfort to know that death is not the end. All of us, including the illuminati, will be judged according to our acts. But the truly miraculous thing about Jesus is, even though he deserves all glory, praise, and our absolute obedience, the only thing he requires is that we believe in Him and what He says. And once you do that, everything will fall into place. I know this is long but you really seem like someone who isn't asking these questions because you want to "debunk" Christianity, but because you are seriously interested. I hope this helps and that Jesus will come into your heart and continue to guide you. God bless you.

    • Well said. In fact, the more I find out the lies of this world, the more of scripture I really understand. I didn't understand "hating this world and the things in it" a few years ago, but now I do. Once your eyes are really open and "see" everything as it really is, you really realize what Christ did.

    • Thank you brother. Really inspiring. Your post almost reminded me of a chapter of the new testament, reminding us to keep the faith and remain strong. Peace brother and thank you again.

  18. I think satan has a very bland and dumb way of doing things, these rituals are the same as any abusive relationship..The nature of what he does and the purpose its always the same – to kill your soul in any 'creative' way. Even all the addictions are the same in nature. Think about it. At least its possible to recognize….oh man. This is so hard to fight though. Even when I know the answer to be immune from this, which is Christ, faith in Him and doing His work, it is still hard. But that is life. Thank God we have a way out..

  19. Ritual sex magick sacrifices are typically performed at the moment the sacrificial priest and/or sacrificial offering (victime) experience orgasm. The oldest and most traditional "Illuminati" sex magick sacrifice involves strangling the victim to death while they are being sodomized on the high altar.

    These are the sort of sex magick sacrificial rituals central to "Illuminated" practice for thousands of years.

    However the "Illuminati" are currently nearing the climax of their greatest 'working' yet – the point in time in which humanity itself is sacrificed as part of a ritual that has been building in intensity for centuries. They are currently in the process of arousing and taunting us with the obscene symbolic bombardments that flaunt their power and intentions. Slowly they penetrate us in the most vulgar and degrading ways possible. They thrive off of our growing fear, sexual arousal, and confusion as their collective hands slowly tighten around humanity's neck. We have little time left….

  20. Pavlov'sBitch on

    Every time the Me-Jah! announce the abduction/murder of a child the public are played through a step by step rising drama, eliciting all those most juicy emotions of fear, hatred, pain, grief, anger, hopelessness, despair.

    They are presented with (an invariably innocent) target of hatred, the scapegoat. Regardless of the gapiing loopholes in logic within the media reporting on the story and police actions, the majority of people are blind to the improbable account and gush nauseus cliche'd sentiments 'our hearts go out to little so-and-so and her family' or 'should be hung – bring back the death penalty'.The hapless target of their misguided anger and hate is subjected to all manner of me-jah humiliation, lies and dreadful police treatment – completely annihilating any notion of a 'fair trial'. T

    he people have given consent to the abolition of their lawful rights to privacy, presumption of innocence, evidence to support charge and to not be imprisoned without charge, to have legal counsel etc. They also empower the me-jah! and police, with their approval via acceptance of the presentation.

    Through such wilfull ignorance of the realities of ritual sexual child sacrifice, they also enable the continuation of such atrocities as they don't 'care' about finding the true perpetrators, but are content with 'justice' having been 'seen to be done'. If they cared, they'd have questioned long before the event before them and found the truth.They are care-less in the cremation of care.

    When a story breaks, there are so many occult clues which are downright glaringly obvious and others which are far more subtle; they literally announced that M15 were responsible for Tia Sharp's abduction in the first release. We're currently in the April Jones saga with all the drama of a soap.

    What counts for 'news' is but a fraction of the warfare against us; our attention is drawn to an event which in some way feeds thousands of others, not reported.

  21. Hey VC!!Great job once again!! Is there a Dark Knight Rises review on its way also??? I mean it was the darkest and filled with illuminati agenda movie in 2012 ,in my opinion. I wonder who else noticed it…

  22. The karmic responsibility thing doesn't make sense.

    If the elite are purposely making everyone dumb and clueless, then of course people are going to ignore warnings! And it's not really on their own free will.

    Karma will punch the elite in the freaking face for manipulating everyone in the first place!

    Such a mess!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Mess.

      I think I sort of understand their weird karmic beliefs.

      They don't want to be blamed nor take responsibility for their deeds.

      For example, in supermarkets, (here in South East Asia. I don't know in other parts of the world) there are many food products on the shelves that are already expired. Yet the stores still sell them. If customers buy those expired goods without checking because they trust the stores, and as a result get stomach aches or food poisoning, the stores of course will not apologize or take responsibility. Why? Because 'caveat emptor'. Let the buyer beware. They, and other ordinary people, will say 'why are you so stupid buying without checking the expiry date? That is your own fault.'

      In a sense, they are right. But on the other hand, the stores should ensure that their goods are not past the expiry date.

      It's like saying: 'You have been warned. The signs are everywhere. It's not our fault you are too stupid to bother finding out the truth.'

  23. The illuminati themselves remind me of zombies. They actually are but in another way. No matter how the story is told, they never confess they win. No matter if it's a movie, video, book….They know it's a loosing battle yet they proceed with the plan. It's the same as them knowing and believing in God, at the same time they want to convince you he doesn't exist. The hand at the end is the wrath of God all day. Just my opinion !

  24. think reality on

    Ive read a few articles here and some are interesting. But I ask myself. Is every sci-fi, horror, action, drama movie have some kind of hidden message? Really? So the illuminati has nothing better to do than just hide symbols in these movies. If you look at any movie. Im sure you will find something and say, oh thats illuminati. Have you ever thought of giving these talented artist some props for actually coming up with this stuff. Its a movie…. Most movies have some kind of guy or group of men trying to take over the world. Its so easy to assume they are behind it. If the so called illuminati had some kind of ritual. Im sure we would not be able to tell since its a secret. Unless VC is the illuminati and knows their secret? I do believe the elite control the world, im sure they have better things to do than brain wash people. They already control the world.

    • ok, so how do/did they control the world? by controlling the people. this is a way to control people in modern times. you answered your own question.

      • think reality on

        Lol… right movies is a way to control people. They control the world by controlling and managing the government in order to suceed. Again i go back to why will the waist there time creating what we think they are creating in movies, music videos, magazines, and tv shows. Think of every movie you ever seen. You can interpret all the movies and suggest theres something behind there so call agenda. I use to think everything had some meaning behind. But as you really look at things everything can have some type of meaning and then its just useless nonsense. Just enjoy your life and quit hating if others suceed off of it.

    • think reality: Nobody wrote that messages are behind "EVERY" movie. Why would you distort things that way? Trying to make people here sound ridiculous? Cheap tactic. And if you don't believe that mass media is used to control public opinion, you're COMPLETELY blind. Your entire way of life based on consumerism was created by mass media. You're so surrounded by it that you don't even notice it. To top it off, you even come here and say that mass media does not influence people. WOW.

      • to be honest media control lots of peolpe but that doesnt mean that behind every movie theres a hidden message and to be honest if illumnati exist they would want to keep their existance a secret and wouldnt make it so obvious. This is just a stupid movie not a hidden message. think reality: i totally agree with you

    • Yay! well done you! welcome to the world of reason where things are not one massive conspiracy, what goes on here, and what you have noticed had a name: confirmation bias, which basically means seeing things how we believe them to be in order to confirm those beliefs. Although I enjoy reading the theories here, this site(and many of the readers) are confirming their biases…

    • You can't control the world without controlling the people. What are you going to control an empty planet? That would make you a farmer. Because really, if you weren't controlling the people would you really be controlling the world?

  25. Sweet I was waiting for this one ever since this movie came out because I knew it had esoteric symbolism all over it.

  26. This is typical of Joss Whedon shite!! All of his movies have some occult ritual or another. "Dollhouse" was dreadful (I only saw one episode, and believe me, that was enough!!) and Firefly even worse than dreadful (half of 1st episode). "Cabin in the Woods" is just another way of him telling us that the Illuminati are in control and things like this happen for a specific reason. The old hackneyed characters come out again and again in these movies. Joe Six-pack and Sally Housecoat need to wake up to what is going on in the world and analyse the rubbish that they're watching and consuming. Thank God for you, VC.

    • You lost all credibility when you said Firefly was "dreadful" and admitting you only watched a half hour of it. Joss is Boss!

      • OK, i'll admit it wasn't 'dreadful' it just was 'awful'. Joss may be boss to you and yes I suppose I did enjoy 'Buffy Vampire Slayer', but not when he got Cordelia involved in the group, that's when I turned off and out, (EPIC FAIL Cordelia). But you have to admit there is a lot illuminati crap going on in his work.

    • Dollhouse broke my heart. It was sooooo sad to watch. Maybe its cause I knew it was real and couldn't understand how something so blatant could be put out there like that. And the look in their eyes – it really didn't look like acting. They really were total zombies those poor girls – their eyes!! I couldn't watch it for that reason…I guess I've read/seen too much of the truth that my mind refused to lie to me at that point. The last episode I saw was one of the girls – the asian one – she had been in a mental facility and this cruel doctor was sexually abusing her and drugging her and nobody believed her and the "company" rescues her and turn her into one of the dolls. But then the same doctor comes to them and hires her and has them programme her into different personas everytime to fulfill his sick urges – doing the same to her as he had all these years but this time she would not remember a damn thing. I was disgusted. Stopped watching the series and it felt soooo real. Like this isn't just scripted from imagination – SICK.

      • I know the show sucked but I have a soft spot for it. The acting at times was amazing (NOT Eliza Dushku…Enver Gjokaj and Dichen Lachman, the "asian girl" who is half Tibetan half Australian, were astounding).

        The episodes to watch are the last episode of the first season and the last episode of the second season, set in the future when everything is anarchy. Like I said, I know the show sucked, but Joss really showed and interesting dystopia that may or may not be far from the truth and for that I applaud him

    •  Just because he has a lot of stuff about occultism in his works doesn't make them bad.  Firefly was an amazing series.  It's the tale of a bunch of misfits lead by a captain who almost thinks he's still fighting a war against the elite of the solar system.  River is a prime example of Monarch Mind Control made extremely obvious and the crew even has a preacher on board.  The movie serenity (spoilers) even goes into detail about how their plan for a perfect world with everyone drugged and placated is wrong and destined for failure while talking about elite control and subliminal messages.

  27. good article VC, however, it seems that nearly all your articles may give the notion to a person unaware of the sublimity of metaphysical principles that everything associated with " the esoteric symbolism, occultism and metaphysics" is evil, (which is not your intention of course). which is not the case! i kindly ask you, if you can to explain to people, because they will listen to you, how cyclic manifestation works, and the fact that in our present cycle, these things are meant to happen, before the cycle becomes completely dissolved, the occurrence of which will instantiate a new one. i don't think it's right to constantly throw only one side of the coin at people and ignore the other side of the coin as well, if anything, it may make them more confused, pessimistic and dazzled.

    the work you do is amazing, but i don't think most people would voluntarily read works that expound more on the positive spiritual side of the esoteric if a constant negative picture is given to them of it, knowledge files is good, especially Rene Guenon's works as it completely sheds light on all aspects of "the hidden world", the good and the bad, so maybe i ask you to kindly write an article that you feel will also expose the reality of the good side of metaphysical things, or quite frankly the only side, as the evil side is just a subversion of principles to bring about negative effects.(though the "bad guys" in this movie seem to be helping mankind, by sacrificing a few to save the many).

    Again, totally appreciate your work, but a casual visitor to this site may get a completely distasteful attitude towards these things and violently proclaim anything esoteric to be "in league with Satan" which is not true. interesting film, haven't watched, won't watch it, and it feels so good not to own a television at this point, but the article does give one obvious underlying fact: if the evil occult elite control, nearly all aspects of physical life, what way remains, the way that they cannot tamper with? the spiritual way(i don't mean the modern religious one), it's the only one that they cannot do anything to, and hence, the only one that will lead to ultimate peace and freedom. the only way out of all of this. just a humble post.

      • to Camidria

        your said, replying to trez ": I think you should go and read the “about VC” section of this website"

        unfortunately that section does not explain what Trez was trying to say.

        Let put this in simple terms:

        Vigilant Citizen's articles can be said to be coming from very good and useful human wisdom. This wisdom from VC is enough to uncover the NWO plans. However, because both this wisdom and and NWO are found on a human plane, and because NWO has in root in what is "infernal", that is, from what is below our word and belong to the satanic forces, then the only real way to find escape is from what is above transcends this world and all the other worlds, that is God. This help can be done only throught ortodox traditional forms. So, VC can help to a certain extent. But it is not enough for salvation from the satanic forces, which are the origin of what is happening in this modern world.

    • to Trez,

      So true! when I start reading your post I just thought "he/she must know R Guenon"'s work!

      Yes, Vigilant Citizen is the best website and the best effort to uncover and make people aware of the counter-tradition.

      However, the NWO is just one aspect of the conter-tradition, and most probably the NWO do not even know that they are part of it. As Guenon said in the "signs of the times" : "the AntiChrist will be the most ignorant person in the whole world", so, those who are following, counsciously or uncounsciusly, must be anaware according to their degree of darkness : the more you are far from true spirituality, the more you are anware and ignorant of the reality. Actually, I repeat, the the VC is the most, if not the only, reliable website concerning the uncovering of the NWO, but people must also understand that just opposting to the NWO or being aware of their influence in the world is not sufficient, otherwise this can become a trap in its turn (rather than a way to escape from the danger and illusion of the modern world) and can work in favour of the counter-tradition. What I mean is that if one thinks that is just sufficient to be aware, without really "entering the ark", that is, microcosmically, the spirit, which can only be enter by following a traditional form, then, it is an illusion again. At the end, it is the same thing when Guenon said in "the crisis of the modern world" that fascism and communism, apparentenly opposite, have in reality origin from the same spirit.

      Look for instance David Icke. Intresting, you think it is good staff at the beginning, but then you discover that he is against religions, he believes in aliens (real aliens), and if you read more deeply, you discover that practically the worst sort of is New Age! So, if people follow everything he sais, buy escaping from NWO they fall in an even worst trap. At the end Icke belongs to what he believes he is fighting: he is part and affected by the counter-tradition but he is not aware! So, yes, blessed R Guenon for what he wrote. I wish I could find Valsan articles too … cannot find them! Do you know them?

      • hi Sebastian, thanks for the positive reply and to Camidria, i'm sorry if i didn't make much sense to you, i know that VC's aim primarily is to show the dark forces that govern this world, but i was just saying that, it's not enough to simply know and do nothing, it's like having a chronic illness, reading about it somewhere and then refusing to take further action, for instance, taking medicine etc. in vc's article on G.I.Joe for example, he ends by saying "knowing is half the battle". i hope that you've visited the sister site knowledge files and read some of the works there for yourself, i urge you, if you can, to read Rene Guenon's works.

        Back to Sebastian, halo there fellow sojourner! one who sees the beauty of the Path that leads to Deliverance, Supreme Identity and true Adept-ship! I must say it feels so good to get a response from someone who also sees the Truth in Metaphysics and aspires to delve into the world of universal principles that will lead to an unfolding of consciousness, the result of which would lead to a higher level of awareness on the sublime hidden planes. One who knows that knowing oneself is equivalent to knowing all things, one also who knows that the dharma or "manner of being" should be upheld in order to bring about positive karma, or "consequence of being" which would lead to a realization of the Tat inside, the resonance of the ineffable statement, Tat Tvam Asi. the Atma that is the Self, the Personality inherent in all forms of universal manifestation!(from this you can tell that i am drawn to the Hindu Tradition, in the correct and orthodox meaning of the term) sorry, it's just that well, i'm very happy to here from someone like you, it is a blessing, i'm so happy! i hope we can get to talk more and know each other, what do you think, would you please share your email address? or a forum where you frequent or something of the sort?thank you.also sorry, i don't know of any Valsan Articles.

    • to trez,

      it's a relief to know that there are still people "out there" seaking for the ultimate reason human beings have have been created for. Please write to this address :


  28. I wonder what Joss' obsession with giant evil gods has been. I was reading the Buffy the Vampie Slayer Season 8 comics (don't you judge me) and in one issue they had to fight 3 giant evil indian goddesses who thrived on magic and were killing EVERYthing in sight

  29. Thank you VC, for another informative article!

    Thank goodness for this site that gave me the tools to open my eyes and see what is happening before me, again thank you!.

  30. We watched this movie a few months ago and we understood what it is all about… but we did not realise Jules was a Monarch sex kitten, and also we did not realise that this movie actually CELEBRATES the ritual sacrifices… we thought it was a movie for conspiracy believers, as they would understand… thanks for making clear that this movie actually was like a "harbinger" or something like that, and nothing well intended for the people, nothing to show how things are going.

    But of course we couldn't be tricked to believe that the ritual sacrifices are to keep away the angry evil gods – obviously these are covenants between the dark forces and the occult elite, to make things happen as the occult elite wishes and also to change people's minds with symbols and concepts to accept the royalty of the evil on earth and to serve it.

    • Your comment brings to mind the fact that the Mayans/Aztecs had the same motivation for their endless and bloody stream of human sacrifice: to placate the gods of the underworld and postpone the end of the world. I guess there must be some overlap between Quetzalcoatl, Moloch, the Green man, etc.

      On a side note, has anyone else noticed a particular viciousness to this year's edition of the "Halloween Horror Nights" commercials? It's makes me wonder if there's some nasty ritual thing being perpetrated on the people who go there. Who knows what could happen amongst "fake" zombies, murders and Lord knows what else….

  31. a lot of people haven't noticed the symbolism and underlying meanings of places, characters. etc in The Avengers.

    there's quite a bit in the film (loki near sacrificing a man to get an imprint of his eyeball on top of an altar of golden calves, his constant mentions of enlightenment through slaving the human population…)

    i could go on, but the nuances are less than subtle.

    you should take a look at The Avengers next, VC.

  32. This is sick I hope this not how really turn out to be our end, we as humanity are the only ones that can save ourself from them together we are way stronger than them, they brainwash us into being a lazy stupid society but we are not we can defeat them but firstly we need to wake up!

    Do not be the follower, be the leader

  33. This movie is so disturbingly evil, I know there's quite a lot of people who don't believe in God here, but I'd like to say that the true ''exit'' is through your faith in the Creator.

    Your physical body is just a shell, focus on saving your soul, that's what's eternal and sacred. That's what they are after, they want to ruin your sole chance to discover God and follow Jesus's principles.

    You guys say that knowledge is power, but it's only a part of the equation, my one advice is: that I urge you to strenghten your connection with the Divine, because trust me, when things will get worse, God will be your only shield & Refuge.

    God bless you all.

    • what chance do innocent souls have being brought into this evil,corrupt world? surely they cannot be punished for being born into such a sick world-they wouldnt know any different than to abide by the 'norm' behaviour of society,how is that having a choice? Too many conflicting religions-they wouldn't know right from doing wrong! we didn't ask to be here in the first place! where is the logic?!

    • Hahaha agreed! =) I don't watch (modern popular) movies anymore; just read what they're about on here, and tell others, such as my family, not to watch them.

  34. I think the ending says to the people that they have to allow evil to happen in order to prevent a "greater" evil. So let's just all roll over and die fellow slaves because if we don't then they'll do something even worse to us. That has the pagan/Illuminati thought process written all over it. What "they" won't tell you though is that we don't have to choose any evil (lesser or otherwise). We can choose true and real good. They want us trapped into thinking that there are "only shades of gray"…well screw them!! I choose to see the whole picture, not take one of their lousy choices. I choose to live for the Light, not the dark (no matter how "grey" they depict it!!).

    Forget the so-called "illuminated ones"…they're just blind men holding candles in the dark. Choose instead to walk in the sun!!

  35. I have a question. If this is all true about sacrificing human being. What is it to think about de millions of abortions per year around the globe? I mean. I understand that some women really think they do not have any other choice, but is it normal that abortion, the way it is practice in our time, is really a industry to sacrifice human beings? I am wandering if all these women are actually programed and controlled to think they have no other choice or if they are programed for "fogetting" that you can be pregnent by having sex? Sorry if i am not that clear. I am French and i am trying very hard to wright in english. :)

    • rose in massachusett on

      Your English is quite good, and you may in fact have a point. That is interesting to think about. There are of course women who don't feel they have a choice, they have a medical condition where the pregnancy endangers their life, or they were raped, or the fetus is deformed, etc… But… I see you have a point. There are vast numbers of abortions taking place on Earth right now. They can't all be because of the conditions I referenced. Why are there so many happening in our society? This is something to think about.

    • You're absolutely right. There is a major push for abortion, desensitizing people to the value of human life. Followers just follow popular opinion. Those who think for themselves realize something isn't right. Growing up I always had a difficult time with the massive brainwashing that women should have "the right to choose". I am a victim of repeated sexual abuse and I'm still pro-life. There is no reason to be killing babies left and right as is happening. There are the rare occasions when maybe a morning-after pill could be used, but as it is people are using abortion as a form of birth control.

      I hear all the time that women were pressured by their doctor to abort their baby. My mom was pressured by her doctor to abort my brother. She was married with two children. This is just another example of how TPTB are brainwashing our ignorant society into following their dark lead. My pastor has said that aborting one's child is a sacrifice to Moloch and it's true. In the past people had no qualms about sacrificing their children to Moloch, now it's still done on a large scale, but in a way society deems acceptable.

      • Betty what a lovely lady you are. I can imagine the state of your rear then. Tena lady must be your best friend.

    • I read an interesting theory that abortion was one of the "ancient secrets/knowledge, or magical gifts " ( can't give you the correct word) from falling angels/aliens. It was makeup, abortion, how to find and dig earths treasures e.g. gold, diamonds etc and 3 to 4 more things commonly used today.

    • No, it makes sense. That's completely likely: everybody knows how to use contraceptions, so unplanned pregnancy shouldn't be an issue at all.

    • Issela Santina on

      As far as I know, many are desensitized when it comes to sexual concerns these days, since the media made it quirky and fun then some people try to have that kind of fun, disregarding what comes afterwards. That's generally why some women unexpectedly get pregnant (other reasons are rape, but that might be a different issue). Many of them aren't even ready to be mothers, so they abort their children without any prior knowledge that it's a sacrifice. Motherhood is a choice, some are just too demoralized (so they think) to take that path.

      The beta programming (sex programming, like what you said) isn't too far from that problem. Mind-control victims under that kind of program are to forget about what happens after what they are told to do, since their "primitive" instincts take over, and they feel like nothing holds them back, so they just do it.

  36. this article is dead on about a lot of stuff, but i think that the giant hand that comes out of the ground at the end of the movie was suppose to represent the nephilim or at least thats what i immediately thought when i saw it.

  37. We're generally looking at the occult, demonic sexual perversions characterizing pop culture in all its forms these days, but there is a more fundamental question: the legitimacy and origins of the sexual revolution itself. Many who champion the sexual revolution as a good thing, and bizarrely so in the case young women, would be surprised to find out the rhetoric of sexual freedom was used to engineer a system of covert political and social control. For all the proof in the world that this is so, I'd recommend E. Michael Jones's "Libido Dominandi, Sexual Liberation and Control." This is a scholarly work of nearly 700 pages, but worth the effort to read and contemplate as we see all our freedoms, save sexual license and control by animal appetite, criminalized, pathologized, and abrogated, as the true nature of our totalitarian government becomes manifest.

  38. Hmmm a friend of mine told me about this movie bc I loveeee Chris Hemsworth (he's a hottie) but I told her I would not go see it because it sounded evil. Im really glad I dont watch a lot of movies because they are all so sinister !!! I have a daughter who like watching movies but I always make sure I preview them first and we do not have tv for the fact that there are so many hidden occult subliminals !! Bless you VC for all the hard work you do writing these articles to expose what is really going on behind the entertainment industry. I would love to hear more from you about the upcoming election & the candidates. I know Obama has done a lot of stuff the past 4 years that has been covered on this site but I would like to know your opinion on Romney and if you know anything the general public doesn't about his background & lifestyle. Thanks and God Bless you continually in Jesus name (;

  39. I saw the "evil gods" as Titans. Whedon sure knows his conspiracys. I enjoyed the movie, and saw it as more of a warning.

  40. So i know the elites control the world. Lets take the illuminati and rituals and religion out of this equation. Now we know the elite control the world. What is this truth everyone keeps talking about? We all know the elites and government control what goes on. Now lets go back to this movie and in our minds think about all the movies were people get killed we have seen. By what further right can we assume these are entirely illuminati trying to hide symbols if we are looking at it? I thought the illuminati was a secret? 2nd if some have died because they supposedly exposed them. Why are they makings films like this if they control everything? Last, people get discgusted by these so called hidden meaning movies. Yet you still pay to watch the movie and by the comments that say boo illuminati and so forth. Why even bother working if you are working for the elite. You pay taxes, you support the elite. Should we all live like animals and not work and survive this way? Or live in a semi controlled world?

  41. Yes we have very little time left. I heard on the news that they want to replace credit cards/money with fingertips recognition by 2025. First the fingertips and then the microchip.

  42. but why has the élite become newpagan/satanic? Is there a reason for this turning your back to Christianity or Orthodox Judaism? I read that people who enter upper class sects are already rich, they don't enter the sect to become rich, if they're not already rich they are not included. So? the reason why they do this is…? I can't believe it's just bore, only to feel thrilled, it's not enough I think.

    • The real teachings that are contained in scriptures (of the Abrahamic religions), interpreted esoterically, are philosophical and not religious. They teach a way of life instead of doctrine. Religions, primarily which flourished in the West, have been used as a tool to keep the masses in check (through doctrine based on exoteric interpretation of scripture), even when the elites are privy to the Truth (although I suspect that they too have diverged from it). If the Truth is out and is accepted by all there won't be war anymore in the world.

  43. orginality? seriously? this movie reminded me a bit of thirteen ghost and low budget sex movies,… definitely not impressive

  44. Syrus Magistus on

    The "free will" clause doesn't count if you're forced under the effects of mind altering drugs. Then it isn't really a choice, even though it superficially looks like one. Legally speaking, it's a coercion or worse. Like torturing someone until they stop resisting your hypnotic suggestion, it's not really a choice to submit or die. Maybe to a fucking psychopath it might feel "fair", but to anyone else it absolutely isn't. And if karma is a cosmic spiritual principle, doing something "sneaky" like that wouldn't subvert the process but just mangle the way you eventually got hit. I've studied this shit. This occult elite only functions because humanity has historically been too morally and ethically weak. Where we are weak, they are strong. Where we believe in fairy tale bullshit and bully one another over it, they do the same thing in a more concentrated manner. Their lie reflects our lie. They are our so-called shadow archetype.

    If seeing any of your own behavior in theirs has motivated you into becoming a better person so you can escape their pattern of abuse, then you've done the most an individual can be expected to about this problem. As a whole, when and if we possibly can, I vote for paralyzing their infrastructure and resources until a proper solution can be reached collectively, preferably life imprisonment. I'm not gonna spell out why I think executions would be obviously hypocritical and fucktarded of us. I'll just leave it for you to figure out. It's infinitely more important to stop bad things from being done to people than to punish the people inflicting them. If you can't understand the logic in that, then you need to grow the hell up NOW.

    And one last thing: Archetypes are just convenient bundles of ideals and behaviors mixed into an icon. Human beings may resemble one or two, but we are first and foremost human and whatever other bullshit we might buy into secondarily. This means even the occult elite are personally responsible for their actions, regardless of what "archetypal" purpose they might or might not serve. Maybe there's a greater spiritual reality, but I don't think humanity as a whole has it right. The results speak for themselves. Everyone is responsible for their own lives and for the effect they have on others, even if they aren't entirely to blame. Taking responsibility isn't the same as taking fault. It just means you're willing to be an adult and do what you can to make things right. I know this is preschool stuff and I'm actually embarrassed that it seems like it needed to be said, but whatever. Now you can enjoy your crappy movie.

  45. Sad to say I watched this movie months ago and regretted it. It left a sick and uncomfortable feeling in my soul… it felt damaging. I don't recommend it to anyone, especially Christians. It's an over-hyped, satirical movie bust with creepy characters straight out of hell, yuck. Believe that Jesus has already overcome satan..just a matter of WHEN satan will be cast into the lake of fire, and NOT IF.

    Saved by Jesus.

    • HellooOoooOOoooOOOOO on

      Not to mention it has to be one of the worst horror movies made. All horror movie cliches, Absolutely ridiculous, just kept getting worse and worse, I was bored and praying for it to end.

      I would tell people not to see it, yet I would tell people to see it just so they can see how terribly horrible it is, from a christian perspective and a movie critic perspective

    • So what you are suggesting is for those wh are christians to avoid watching this movie because of the dark premise behind it. In essence you're saying that Christians shouldn't watch it because it deeply disturbed you. That is more the reason fro Christians to watch things like this so that they can be prepared for thing slike this. if you can't sit and watch a movie with these themes, how can one be prepared to deal with real life applications like this? You can't truly wear the armor of GOD and avoid stuff like that. What you're suggesting is a fear factor. Don't watch the movie because its unsettling especially to Christians. If you feel that way, you may need to do a self assessment. Being saved by Jesus doesn't mean being a coward under Jesus. Alot of people use Jesus as a crutch, what people need to remember is that Jesus wasn't afraid of anything and he was battle ready, to be christian means to be Christ like. Telling people to avoid something because of the nature of it, doesn't sound very Christ like to me. Just saying. FYI I'm also Christian, but I am battle ready too. Not to say the movie was a beacon of light, but it wasn't something that left me shell shocked. I've been through that stage long ago, now its all about preparing other peoples mind. In order to battle you have to get the scars.

      • Ummm… to fight evil does NOT mean to immerse yourself in it. A person gets the scars IN the battle, not before. And as for fear, the bible calls fear a 'spirit', so its an entity, not just a 'feeling'. I also don't watch movies that unsettle me or give me a spirit of fear, because God does not give me a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind and power and love. That does not mean a person is ignorant, it means they choose their battles.

    • I must admit I also felt disturbed by this, when I feel deeply disturbed I try to avoid similar things and suggest to avoid them to other people; don't judge people who've got this kind of reaction because some of us have a sort "phisical" perception of demons, see dark shadows, feel a sort of heavy black thing inside of us, feel things trembling and hear short knocking sounds, I always suggest "Don't wake them up, not even as a joke" also horror movies should be avoided, at least by people who feel IT, this movie is no game, and it is on the side of the evil, in the end they try to give the guilt to the people who refuse the human sacrifice to "appease the gods-demons". There are no gods-demons, we've got to go to Church it's not our job to "appease" demons, killing humans, we should have no contact with them and stop. And this is the First Commandament, the very first.

    • In reply to Silksoul…

      You are right in saying we must be battle ready; these are terrible times we are living in (worse is yet to come). But I would like to point out that in the Bible, it says we should put before our eyes no vile thing… this makes incredible sense to me personally, because naturally, what I watch and listen to is what I think and dream about. Do you think that watching violent murder scenes, acts of fornication and just plain outright creepy stuff is not putting before your eyes something vile? Be wary of desensitisation- God will use those who are pure in heart. Purity and clean-mindedness equates to freedom from fear. We are also told to guard our hearts… for from them (our hearts) comes the wellspring of our lives. I really don't understand how people can read this site, and be informed on the purposes which the present-day media is used for- even if we are just discussing the idea of mind control, for example-and still want to consume these products? It's not enough just to know; put your knowledge into action; be vigilant in guarding your heart, soul and mind. I personally have chosen not to ingest mainstream media (which I am able to CHOOSE to avoid-haha-Universities definitely have their role to play in indoctrination, and I am very frustrated that I cannot walk into a convenience store without being subjected to musical pornography every day) in the last couple of years or so, and now I can see everything so clearly! My whole outlook on life, and personality, has turned around! I am soooo much happier and a more gentle soul. Being a Christian these days requires so much effort! We are battling for our own souls every day.

      But yeah, what was my point? Be careful what you watch, people! Occultic horror movies? You're just asking for trouble.

    • I am so glad that this film had been brought up by VC, I was surprised that no one had really mentioned this film in this way. When I saw this movie I genuineley felt like I was experiencing trauma ( I do not say this for effect ), the last part of the film just felt horrible – like a massive phsychological attack. The sound effects were unreal and gruesome and the blood shed was horriffic – just total disrespect of human life and then some.

      I still shudder when I hear this film mentioned but feel comforted that other people seemed to have picked up on this film in the same way. To me this film was a nightmare brought to the screen and it seemed to lay bare what I fear could be happening to some degree ( I pray that it does not ).

      I have never felt like this about a film and although lots of people try to laugh it off I am sure that they know in the back of their minds that something was deeply wrong about this film. When the film finished in the cinema there was a stunned silence in the audience and I picked up on a feeling of dispair and hopelesness the film had left. It took a few minutes for people to gather themselves and begin talking again.

      I would warn people who are sensitive to these subjects to take caution with this film and I do not say this to be dramatic, but if I had known (somehow?) what this film was like I would have stayed at home that night and not gone near the cinema.

    • @SAVED and @Michelle, @Warrior, @cmos: I agree that viewing certain things can be damaging, although I don't say so from necessarily a Biblical standpoint. I haven't seen this particular film, but I saw Eyes Wide Shut recently and felt the same afterward, especially after the ritual scene with the hooded robes and the women exiting the circle. Not sure what they were chanting, but I felt like I'd either participated in a real ritual or been the subject of one. I believe spiritual damage can be repaired, however, but to what extent I'm not sure.

      I wish this didn't make me want to avoid dark films, because I might want to watch more, or to analyze them (which is why I watched Eyes Wide Shut). Yet I cannot deny energetic reality. It's this reality that flies in the face of my past attitude of embracing dark with light and even looking down on those I considered "fluffy bunnies" for refusing to even discuss anything dark. I still prefer not to always hide from any mention of dark things, because I feel like it's a fact of life and that there are times we need to address darkness and its effects on people (and this may include actually talking about specifics).

    • "Not sure what they were chanting, but I felt like I’d either participated in a real ritual or been the subject of one."

      They were apparently using the chanting in reverse from a Romanian Christian Orthodox church. That's what I read a few years ago.

    • I can completely relate and agree with your comments SAVED, Cmos, Michelle, and Warrior. I regretted watching this movie and felt gross as if I was a participant… I noticed symbols right away in the movie from what I've learned from VC. Thanks for the time you put into running this website VC.

    • Im not a religious person but do feel a connection to God and spend a lot of time trying to understand reality, whats going on around me. I am not somebody that would stand outside a cinema protesting about a film and agree that people should not be afraid of everything that seems dark.

      I agree with others comments that some people who have experienced very dark things, trauma, abuse, paranormal etc, and have not resolved such things and/or deeply affected – can make this reality 10 times harder to deal with and big triggers that are contained in movies/music/art – like this film can instantly brings out buried memories, senses etc, which can lead to various reactions in people. One of the main reactions is to want to protect themselves but also other people.

      Unfortunatley this can come accross to people ( who have not experienced such things or feel immune to them ) as being wimpish, over the top or censorship behaviour.

    • Everything you said is true, the darkness, the devil, all the enemies of God have already been defeated but believers in Yahweh and His salvation need to understand the nature of the world we live in because we'll be faced with literally living out our victory, i.e. we'll have to resist the call of this world in the form of resisting any participation in the Antichrist's NWO. Currently, believers aren't doing so well, myself included. We buy Illuminati food (corporate, sponsored, processed, industrialized food that's laden with synthetic additives and toxins, fast food), wear Illuminati clothing stitched together in 3rd world sweatshops by the indigent, we unconsciously consume Illuminati sponsored media, e.g. films like The Cabin in the Woods, without realizing that we're being "programmed" by watching, listening, downloading and we celebrate Christmas, a pagan holiday that coincides with the birth of Nimrod, Osiris, Horus, etc… arguably representing the same individual who will return as the Antichrist. The Bride is already worshiping the Beast and we don't even realize it. So, articles that expose this film for what it's really about are beneficial. The church will defect, disentangle itself from the world before the Savior returns and sites like this one are helping us to understand what we're currently being strangled by.

  46. we need to do something about this this is getting out of hand we the people that are awake need to warn everyone and we will rise!! we cant let the fuckin illuminati control us. hell awaits them and they will never suceed. we will suceed we have more people! the more people the better. they dont really have much people and that makes them weak! Lets destroy the Illuminati!!!! >:D


  47. I hadnt even heard of this movie till I seen the article title yesterday and read the top bit but stopped and went and watched it first and then read the article.

    Its definitely blatant and in your face for sure, no way you could watch it and not know whats going on. Pretty interesting storyline and not bad, certainly a bit different from the usual.

  48. This is nonsense to me- I have been reading a lot of articles on this site for a while and it is growing more and more apparent to me that people read what you say as if it is fact- which VC never says it is. He offers a way of looking at things that people take verbatim. Joss Whedon has always had a very human touch to his writings and works, and this was what that was. Combined with having brilliant humour and intelligence this is purely a work of fiction that references what many believe- in satire. What you believe, in satire. I know this will be ignored or shot down in a hail of Lady Gaga references and all seeing eye quotes. Specifically, your comments on "The fool" were terrible at best- paraphrasing you said that he was presented to the audience is being silly because we was a stoner, and hey, they're always crazy. Anyone who watched the movie objectively would have seen that really it was a commentary on being misunderstood and being ultimately right about what they think. Yes, if it weren't this movie then it would have been written off by the audience, but he represents what a lot of your readers see themselves as- being informed, intelligent and perceptive. A vigilant citizen- if you will.

  49. I'm confused. I liked the movie a whole lot, actually. I think it is a major success and I had a good time watching it in the theater with a girl friend of mine. I saw the symbolism and a lot of it had some sort of occult like message but I thought the ending was a good thing? The Virgin and The Fool would rather die doing the right thing then letting the Evil God hand thing win? I don't get it. lol

  50. Hi everyone,

    I've read on some comments "so whose side are the film-makers on". Very interesting question.

    First of all, the overloard/illuminati/controllers finally suffered horribly themselves and landed into their own traps. Is that positive?

    Also, concerning the ending, where the guy has the choise to kill himself or let loose the evil gods is a catch 22 situation. If the guy would have killed himself that would be like giving in to the Illuminati's whole scheme.

    JR states:

    "I think the ending says to the people that they have to allow evil to happen in order to prevent a “greater” evil. So let’s just all roll over and die fellow slaves because if we don’t then they’ll do something even worse to us."

    … but the guy didn't roll over and died like a slave, he chose to break a cycle no matter the cost. You could I think also see this as a choice against the manipulations he knows we are all exposed to. You end up with a much more brutal and dark world where you really have to stand up (or get killed by) The Evil Ones, but at least it's all out in the open and honest then, you finally really knows what you are up against. I'd prefer that to constantly being subjected to being manipulated into fear and fantasy.

  51. I figured this movie would be on here as would everybody here expected. And yes I could see clearly the dark messages being put out here. Horror films this year are just so "illuminated" and cult-oriented.

    Well done VC.

  52. This movie, like many other nonsense movies out there, is not only blatantly full of mind fluff but occult practices that are about as subtle as someone banging you on the head with a hammer. Thank you VC :)

  53. Estamos Juntos on

    It reminds me of that 33-people-in-the-mine mega ritual. Filmed, broadcasted, a total satanist elite's reality show and people thinking it was an "accident", uhhhh…

  54. PerversePerfection on

    I think the horror movie genre burnt out a long time ago. In the horror movies of today, you can only kill so many people, have blood splattered everywhere, have a size 6 blonde bimbo being chased whilst screaming, blah, blah, (you get the picture). The best horror movies I watched were the Hammer House of Horror movies – classics – and they at least had a storyline which you wouldn't have predicted after 5 minutes of watching the movie.

    Hollywood exists to dumb down the masses – and drain your bank account.

    • The hammer films, again filled with occult symbolism and demonization of nature.

      Much like this film really.

      That's one thing I forgot about, the demonization of nature. Not sure if it was intentional, but it is there. Vampires, werewolves, satanic creatures are commonly associated in movies with nature and animals.

      Satan doesn't live in the woods, he lives in the mall.

  55. Yeah, the whole pot-head thing is annoying. It's funny how its a consistently conveyed message. Smoking weed isn't about seeing pink elephants. Its about forcibly changing your perception that you have been conditioned since birth to accept. It helps break the ego.

      • Please, do your research on cannabis – we have all been lied to when it comes to this phony "War On Drugs" bullshit. Cannabis is a beautiful plant that's been given to us by Mother Earth. It broadens the mind, heals EVERY disease and problem (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.), connects us to higher dimensions, and has a very high, beautiful frequency. One of the dozens of reasons it has its globalist-created stigma is because it brings people together to TALK – and the last thing the NWO wants from us "cattle" and "sheep" is to think outside of the box within which they've confined us. (Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Agri, and Big Government ALL stand to be "lose" if all would wake up to the amazing benefits of cannabis, even just the Truth of how we've been lied to about it – it is the most renewable resource we have on this planet and would replace oil and modern "medicine", the hemp seeds are all filled with vitamins and could sustain us very easily, it wakes people up to the infinite possibilities of the Universe, it can create useful everyday materials at an amazing rate, etc.) I fell for the lies and propaganda for almost thirty years, until I had my mega-awakening and actually did the RESEARCH on it – instead of just regurgitating what the globalists put into my head.

        For anyone who actually buys the crap that has been shoved down our throats regarding cannabis, I could NOT recommend more going to this site (http://www.marijuanamovie.org) and watching this incredible documentary on the effects of cannabis on our health. I also recommend watching "The Union (The Business Behind Getting High)", "Run From the Cure" (outlining Rick Simpson's amazing work with cannabis oil.), "What If Cannabis Cured Cancer?", and reading Jack Herer's "The Emperor Wears No Clothes". We really have NOT been told the Truth about ANYTHING (religion included, which is why it baffles me there are so many "awake" people on this site who keep quoting scripture that's been translated and re-translated and altered over hundreds of years and in no way represents Unconditional Love or Personal Power!), and cannabis is probably one of the topics highest up on that list.

        Thank you, VC, for another great article. Joss Whedon's always seemed to have a bit of an insight into what's going on behind the proverbial curtain, but I'm with a few posters here in asking, "What's his motive?" Knowing Hollywood, I'm sure he's been programmed to think this is all just "fantasy" that he creates; meanwhile, he's holding all the keys in his head but doesn't realize their meaning or the Truth behind them. We may not ever know.

  56. V.C. when will you do a study on the songs written by Michael Jackson or his death? though, the one and the other is the same.

    I do not know how people do not get sick of as much information about the interests of the Luciferians, and does not claim anything about the truth and the daily struggle of the opposite side. for example: Michael, Annie of Smooth Criminal, on Jesus, about his mother, about angels who work with Jesus … on those who are fighting for truth, for those who work for God … I know that there are people working for God in this world. and I can help, VC

    The side of love is more than forgotten. everyone who is famous, not equal. Jesus, two thousand years ago that is recognized worldwide, and many people around the world crying out for help from his heart to Jesus, receives. and Jesus, the son of humble Mary, the son of God will return, when the harvest is ripe to mow, and the Father considers that the time has come. and for now, we must fulfill our purpose here to show that the good is also living here and that truth exists.

  57. i like this movie and, this article wont change that. however i do think everything from Hollywood should be questioned and analyzed. i often feel like fictional movies are closer to the TRUTH than anything in mainstream media see Dark City, The Matrix,and yes Cabin in the Woods.

  58. This makes me so thankful that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ. The world is a scary place, especially when your eyes are open, but it's not as scary when I know where I'm going when I die.

    • Yep we can only wish and hope but the point is do we deserve a piece of heaven? I, for one, don't deserve a mm and I've been very honest in this case. And that's why I'm panicking.

      • Not a problem. Nobody is ever born saved. Just look for God authentically, and He'll reveal Himself to you in ways that I promise you will make you want to start WEEPING out of gratitude each and every time you look back.

        Really, the only non-lingering regret you'll have is somewhere along the lines of:

        "Should've done this sooner… So much wasted time…"

        Read 2nd Corinthians 5.17 and Revelation 3.20.

      • No need to panic since very few deserve a mm either. But then how many deserve to waltz up to the White House and say "let me in…I'm a good person". I won't happen. Similar to the White House standards but on a much too grand to understand scale; the governing body in Heaven chooses a carefully selected composite group to soon rule 'over the earth' where the righteous and meek are to dwell. (Ps 37:11) (Is 65:17,21-25) This 'earth' is something most can identify with and relate to being of 'human' decent. The heavens…well, for starters Jesus' disciples are good choices. I could trust a government with those leaders.

        So while we wait here searching for the truth that is manifested right in front of us, the majority blindly turn away to follow those that tickle their ears and water down the facts to make it more appealing to the masses…as they promise them salvation through a few words and donations. Hummm…wonder how many Halloween celebrations will go on at these 'saving churches'? It obviously will not matter that it is considered the most 'holy' day for satanists. People will be told it's ok and all for fun…and rub our faces in the occult filth growing larger throughout the year.

        Yes…we are in hell. And satan is the leader….but not for long. The worse it gets the closer it gets for him to be cast out of this earthly hell. (The literal burning hell where people are burned and punished is symbolic and doesn't exist. It was used to confuse and control people.

        Jehovah is a God of love and promises everlasting life by taking in accurate knowledge through his Son. The game is on for an end to wickedness. It is death…and a final death where no knowledge or wisdom takes place afterward. (Ecc 9:5&6) But knowledge, wisdom and a return to youth will be very abundant for faithful ones to enjoy that peaceful time on a cleansed earth….where we mere humans belong.

        ……..and those that have fell asleep in death will join us. Righteous or not, their sins are acquitteed.

  59. First off, great article VC! I hope I'm not too late to this comment section to get noticed but as an addict to VCs blogs I've got a bit of a bone to pick with many who comment (on all articles not just this one). I have much respect for the Christian teachings and beliefs, as I was raised in a good protestant home. But I have respect for almost any major religion core teachings. They all touch on some universal truths. I believe in God and I pray, that's my business and I don't feel the need to tell someone how to live their life and worshipcommunicate. I also believe that anyone that leads an honest life will be alright when everything is said and done.

    Many on these posts seem to take the uncovering of esoteric agendas as some sort of Christian mission. I believe that this approach automatically alienates many people who have been trained to think of Christians only in the terms of religious zealots (who are definitely a percentage in every religion). Many of us that have woke up understand how the churches and belief structures of the world have been used to manipulate and control. Now "smart" lemmings renounce religion in favor of science (which today has as much unproven dogma as any church).

    Jesus need not be brought into a conversation of how the world elite seem to be practicing some sort of luciferian (for lack of a better word) religion. If we approach the occult content in a more secular matter people are more likely to be receptive. When you come at someone of another faith or a more personal belief structure (such as mine) and explain to them "look, look at the elite, look how depraved they are, look at all the looney tunes bs they believe, look at what they worship, look at all the people they kill!!!" you might have them hooked but the second you add onto that "so in conclusion, you have to come to church with me or else you'll burn in hell when the antichrist comes" they are not only going to reject your offer of spiritual enlightenment they are going to assume everything leading up to that invitation, they are going to assume that your information of the elite came from some backwoods (insert denomination here) church. Randomly trying to tell a stranger what to believe in terms of faith is more likely to push them away from your faith. I takes a special kind of arrogance about the most personal of issues.

    If these people want to battle on a "secular" battleground they will lose. All because they believe in some pretty outlandish things. But if you use that as a catapult into a sermon I think you are playing into the elites hands and hurting the cause when not preaching to the choir.

    That being said good day, good luck, and God bless!

    • I was not supporting or trashing any religion. I was making an observation about all of the people breaking the rule you are accusing me of breaking actually.

  60. great analysis..I hope you do PROMETHEUS next….as a christian,its not suprising anymore of what is being protrayed in media via tv, movies, internet and permeating everyday reality in our societies throughout the world..this is exactly why the bible instructs us..because as you can see these movies and media events keep "telling on themselves"..nothing is pure and nothing is original..why? because GOD, the Father of Jesus, is real….but demons are real as well…so everything else is either for obedience or for rebellion to God's will on earth…He is real and so is the power of HIS WORDS..instructing us to "come out from among them" and "be not conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of our MINDS"..the enemy which is satan and all demonic spiritual forces, are extremely crafty and operate deception many times with subtetly..and other times BLATANT LIES desiring nothing more than to steal, kill and destroy our minds and TRY to thwart God's plan of a perfect future for mankind..all we have to do is obey HIS word over another ..who is the "other"? none other than the one who offers fame, fortune and power..the ones who financed these dark demonic movies to be made in the first place..no not the corporations..but the demonic one's they secretly worship and follow…this is why we are to obstain from all appearances of evil…God wants to make sure we are not fearful of evil, but also that we do not be decieved or engage in evil activities either..for in the end our lives will be fully evaluated and their will be a judgement rendered..you will either be saved or condemned…the choice is yours..even the 'elite' know this..the demons know this..and most importanly Jesus Christ has already proclaimed this in scripture for all to have the opportunity for a good ending.not a under the hands of demonic mass killling…not one of destruction but of eternal life under HIS hand of protection, mercy grace and love..for all to KNOW the truth and be FREE! GOd bless

    • I agree with you when you say : “satan is consistently and persistently persuading mankind through deception to look inwardly ..to focus on yourself…” that is what New Age is all about; confusing the mortal soul with the spirit. However, you should know that, according to the Bible, we are created as God’s image, which is the spirit, and so we have to make an effort to actualize this image, because that is the reason we are here.

      Also, I am happy for you for you focusing exclusively on the Bible, but the purpose to read books Trez mentioned is to understand more deeply a sacred text in order to live more in accordance with it. They are not meant to substitute it.

  61. ajay,

    the reason is because Josh is more than likely following a demonic induced script..as all major and minor producers and writers are either knowilingly or unknowingly involved with occult entities…which means he is involved with demonic forces who are telling him what to do..So why giants?? Well,the nephilim were giants that existed in the days of Noah before and after the flood(Read Genesis 6) …they were the OFFSPRING result of fallen angels intermingling with humans by means of occult magic encantations & rituals,which lead to demonic possession, which always involves MAN-ipulation of not only men and women, but animals , plants..you name it they were doing it..(sadly, this sounds a lot like today's societies worldwide)..so God saw both the actions of the angels and mankind, but knew their thoughts ..their INTENTIONS which were continuously evil.(Genesis 6:5).so because of all of this , God decided to cleanse the earth of this wickedness by bringing a Great Flood …this wickedness was done to try and stop Christ from being born, thereby retaining supression and dominance of the world and his quest to ascend back to heaven and overthrow God..satans goal..but this is doomed to failure..the first part has already failed..so satan continues anyways, because of his pride, to decieve all…angels, humans, doesnt matter to him..by any means necessary so that he may be WORSHIPPED & OBEYED instead of God..so next will be FIRE sent by God to earth instead of WATER..why? well water cleanses, washes, and creates boundaries ..Fire also cleanses, but instead of washing, it burns with intensity to purify and ultimately show the true character of any element in creation….yes,Christ was successful at his mission, dying for our sins..now he will return for those who are faithful to His words…keep studying and God bless!

    • ill.rider mathmattic on

      Well, god said that he would ALLOW it to happen again, by fire, by mans own accord… we do have enough nukes to make that happen.. preach.

  62. Movies are probably the biggest tool the oligarchs use to tell us what they are going to do to us. Almost every movie is embedded with at least one thing that is to come, whether it is technology in scifi, or violence in horror, or manipulation in spy movies, it all is a precursor to what is coming from them.

  63. By the way, I'm for letting movies go out the window. Why waste your time and put money in their pockets so they can laugh all the more about you. Time to let the entertainment industry go they way of the dinosaur.

    • Yeah, I don't understand why people watch movies or most tv shows, especially when they know what's really going on. Not to mention that I just don't get the appeal of watching people being brutally killed, even if it isn't real it's still disgusting. Why would anyone want to make these sickos even richer and more powerful? Everyone rails against these people but they keep putting money in their pockets! The more I learn about this stuff, the more I want nothing to do with any of it…although I do like celeb gossip because you can see what happens to those who sell their souls. Basically, movies are (to me) predictable and boring. I know I'm a huge prude but I'm also really sick of sex being shoved in my face 24/7. How many times can you see T and A before becoming bored of it? It's the same old stuff over and over, half the movies are remakes anyways so what's the point? And people pay money to consume this stuff, why? What does it do for them, can someone explain it to me because I've never gotten it, I've always hated movies and been utterly bored by them so maybe I'm just missing something.

  64. I'm very much a Christian, but I've also worked in the media for decades, and I know how a film like this was put together. This kind of thing is specifically written to get very religious people all fired up, scared to go see it, etc. There's nothing like some artificial "controversy" to sell tickets.

    I can almost hear the director and producer talking:

    D: Oh yeah, let's, like, put in Satan and stuff. That'll be cool.

    P: Sure, and people will hopefully protest outside the theatre, which will generate a lot of buzz. Be sure to put in a lot of occult symbolism and stuff like that. Then some guy will analyze it to death and get even more people into the theatres.

  65. im usually with you but i differ on one key point.. the stoner who lived off the grid was immune to the effects because mary j nullifies mind control techniques.. read fritz springmeirs book on mind controlled slaves there is a list of drugs that was used to vcontrol ppl in these mkultra scenarios.. weed was one that worked against it and thus was not used in the program, evewn caffeine was more effective.. you wanna be bold vc? go look into that, and then talk all this stuff that you know little of

  66. I may have said this somewhere before, but as a child I especially couldn't watch horror movies because I felt that the victims' screams and anguish had kind of a disturbingly sexual sound to it. (And I wasn't even old enough to know what real sex sounded like!) Has anyone else ever had this awareness as a child?

    • I couldn't watch horror movies either as I was getting distressed with people being tormented, not because there was a sexual connection to screams.

    • My friend, you've hit upon a truth. Listen to television or a film next time without watching the images, you will be very surprised what you hear-cartoons too! I've also noticed actresses sounding more and more breathy and bimbo-ish when speaking their lines for no apparent reason…

  67. It's things like this and much, much more that makes me all the more appreciative that I worship a God that doesn't work in clandestine, occult operations. My God, with a love that we as humans can't fully comprehend, sent His Son down to be with and save us; us being the people who didn't do things as He Commanded or even recognize whom He was or why He came. He didn't project His hand from underground to destroy the earth; rather, my God does everything He can to help us out, extending His hand down to us to shape us, save us, and stay with us. With absolutely unfathomable love, He cares for each and every person who has ever ever ever lived.

    In this great controversy between God and Satan, God's master plan is to save us; an objective that's already been taken care of. Satan's "master plan", however, is to get back at God by getting us to turn our backs to God; it doesn't matter at all which way we face or what we do, all he wants accomplished is that you say in your heart: "God? Nah, man, not for me."

    So consider it a privilege every time you are tempted and Satan is working hard to bring you down because he knows what happens when you get closer to God, and he just finds that utterly sickening.

    After all, Jesus didn't die for nothing. He died for you.

    • Jesus' crucifixion is symbolical of the killing of the ego. He was crucified at Golgotha ("skull"), which is also symbolic. Jesus showed us the way in that if you want eternal life, you have to kill the ego.

      • So I don't really want to start anything like this on here, but basically (I apologize immensely for shortening it, I know how rude and insulting it must seem) I think that you should take some time and reread the book of John. There's some key verses like 1.29 and 3.16, to name a couple out of a whole whole whole bunch more. Most importantly, pray for Guidance. Without it, we'd all just stumble around.

  68. How
    disturbing that I watched this movie for the first time on the day you posted this article! Creeps me the heck out! These movies are giving us clues yet the masses continue to ignore them. God help us all

  69. Dear vigilante citizen author;

    is there a way that i may contact u?

    If possible, please leave info in @ my e mail address.

    Thank u.

  70. I'm glad tham I am a muslim. Islam teaches us not to be materialistic since this world is temporarely and the hereafter is for ever. If people just new :)

    • Violinsoldier on

      If only there weren't so many evil practitioners of that so-called "Religion of Peace" … Catholicosm/Christianity teaches the same thing, by the way, with not many followers (these days) bombing and beheading innocent people or killing and torturing 'infidels and non-Islamic believers' … Just saying …

  71. Lets face it guys, people are fully aware of what is going on. They know they are being manipulated, but most people really don't give a crap, they love the system just the way it is.

  72. The Illuminati knows that the sheep knows, and don't care, thus the reason it is so sickeningly blatant now, for the sheep are now being introduced to their masters…and the sheep loves it. Look at this site, inadvertently, this site is helping turning these freaks who run the world into Gods, they are not Gods, they are just a bunch of greedy sick human beings who found out how smart a person is, but how stupid a group of people are and how easily manipulated.

  73. excellent article, it reminded me of ''The devil's advocate ''with Al Pacino & Keanu Reeves.

    Man is usually always warned, chooses unwisely and than prefers top blame someone else.

  74. OMG, thank you for writing this article! My boyfriend and I were watching this movie and I just got really uncomfortable, and we argued about it, and I ended up leaving his house, refusing to watch the movie! He insists that it's a brilliant film and I should have watched it. So I did…months later.

    As a horror fan, I want to enjoy something that "turns the genre on its head," as people are claiming this does, but what bothered me about it were the ham-fisted caricatures of the characters and overt sexual references at every turn (which is what my boyfriend and I were arguing about). I think there's way too much overt sexual material in every form of entertainment these days, and he doesn't see the problem…. Go figure!) Also, I can't stand how society wants to put everyone into stereotypical little categories (i.e. "the jock" "the bimbo" "the athlete" etc.) My boyfriend was like: "But its like real-life!" …….Arrrrrgghhh!!!!!!!

    Anyway, he's the type of person who believes in conspiracy, but only to a point. He watches way too much mainstream pop-culture and porn to understand why this film is actually a horrible insult to all of us. It is not, in fact, lampooning or revealing anything. The message of the movie is that humans are stupid scum (especially Americans) and we need to be wiped out and allow another species to destroy us.

    None of the characters were redeeming; they all got on my nerves. The jokes were juvenile and presented for people who think conspiracies like this aren't real, and the hero of the film was a pot head! I have nothing against pot (in moderation) but I don't think we're going to beat the elite if we're always doped to the gills! On the one hand, the film appears to be alerting the facebook generation about elite, occult power games, but its really a bait and switch, that ends up pandering to the lowest common denominator. Typical Hollywood crap after-all.

  75. What was shown in Dollhouse is already possible (high-tech brainwashing, personality programming through chips and computers). I think that's why it was cancelled.

  76. I haven't even read the article yet, but I just want to say-

    I ADORED THAT MOVIE!!!!! It has to be the best, most entertaining horror film ive seen in YEARS!

    It wasn't lazy, as most horror films these days are-The makers actually tried to make something different & the effort REALLY showed!

    Yes, it did borrow from films such as- The Evil Dead, The Cube, The Hellraiser films, The Hills Have Eyes, and many many more, but it was done in such a unique way, which worked a charm!


    I know exactly how the story line for the second film will play out-

    The guy was the virgin, NOT the girl… And the girl was the fool-NOT the guy 😉

  77. Life cannot be fun, if you're constantly dissecting everything. Can it? Realize that there are dark deeds going on, but don't let that rule your life.

    • Err.. wasn't that kind of the point of the movie, though? to see everything from different angles and layers…just like the movie poster??

    • so you really think people should just accept that bad things are happening?..hmm….that's the most ridiculous thing iv'e ever heard. .

      that's why nothing is good in this world and no change happens.. because people like you choose to ignore the truth. ..because " life's about having fun! woohoo let's paaartay! i loOOoovvee brainwash yuuuummy!" <—YOU + most of society = selfish "humans".

  78. What really pisses me off is that in all horror films, where stereo-types are used, why is the “slutty girl” known as the “slutty girl”??

    98% of the films that uses this stereo-type have their “slutty girl” as a girl who has a boyfriend, and might have sex with him in the film, as part of a normal relationship. So, does this mean you’re a “slut” if you are in a long term relationship with someone & have sex with them??!!!


    The part about people having to choose or ignore warnings etc, well-That’s kind of like the Bible…

    The Bible teaches us not to have promiscuous sex-Then AIDS arrives & takes thousands of lives… If people didn’t have sex out of wedlock, then there wouldn’t be as many single parent families, of which, I am one.

    Lately I have been more aware of different things that the Bible tells us not to do, and I’m starting to see, with my own eyes, the reasons…

    Even down to how it teaches that Lucifer was the angel of music-Isn't it poetic how the Elite (who are Luciferian’s) seem to be targeting us via music & media? This is no coincidence, this is how it was ALWAYS meant, and going to be.

    As I sort of said before, with reference to the ending of this film, I don’t think that’s how it will end…

    My reason for this is because Marty wasn’t the “fool”-Marty was the “virgin”! Dana was the “fool”, NOT the “Virgin” as expected…

    The film tells us that Dana isn’t a virgin, and by the stuff that Marty says throughout the film, he’s def no fool… So if I were you, I’d expect to see The Cabin In The Woods 2 around this time next year 😉

    • Doesn't God say no to premarital sex? … so therefore you are a slut if you have sex, even if its a long term relationship.. no? sex is a lustful desire. . yeah sure sex is natural when trying to conceive a child…but other than that its pretty much a desire.

  79. Please do an article on the film Coraline! I just saw it and I had to throw it out after viewing it. So much symbolism it's disgusting. The alternate worlds, cats, one eyes. So blatant it's not even funny.

    • Coraline is actually about satanic ritual abuse and monarch programming. I'm surprised no one had dissected it yet.

  80. This movie was great, saw it in theaters and caught all the messages throughout the show. Who knows, maybe those types of rites are needed to keep the ancient/old ones from returning. I believe the ritual is referred to as "Agricultural Magick".

  81. I saw this in the theater when it first came out, and was kinda like 'yeah….right….mkay' because it was totally not what I had expected after viewing the previews. However, that was BEFORE I discovered this site and began doing research on subjects like mk ultra, mind control and the illuminati. That being said, I am really loving this analysis. It makes perfect sense.

  82. Been a VC fan for a year now. My first comment on an article. I have to say it's one of the best I have read so far. Can't wait to keep reading more.

    Thank you very much!

  83. In this YouTube video http://youtu.be/_5Y75QJj9U0?t=7m35s Deepak Chopra talks about how consciousness affects reality and how if this is done as a collective reality will be affected even more so. As you might know, he's considered as a promoter of the New Age movement, which I believe is simply a call to go back to the original teachings on the mind, body, and soul which the ancients were privy of, but which with the passing of time became bastardized (with a helping hand of the elites). Perhaps today's elites are operating under the same New Age knowledge and principles, albeit with a base and corrupt twist.

  84. The more evil I see in this world, the more innocence I can claim. As I type this with shaking hands, I wonder "Just how much innocence do I have left"??? What will happen to me when it is all gone? Who then will I be? I won't be who I USED to be, for I know more than I did before. It's uncertain who I will become, for I have yet to learn much……God help us all……

    ……I'm so tired…..

  85. Great, thanx for this ,vigilant. What bugs me most about this movie (and most movies in general) is the overused cliché of women portrayed as stereotypes that relates to their sexuality (whore, virgin) and not to what they do or what their personalities are like men are usually portrayed as.

  86. I watched this movie and knew everything mentioned on this site right away. People should start having conversations with friends, family and others explaining all this instead of just ignoring it. When I explain this movie while watching it with friends who are still asleep in real time, people woke up quick. Friends of mine who were Obama supporters always joking that I'm afraid the illuminati is coming for me finally are realizing the truth by just exposing the media and explaining mind control. VC you should also note people who smoke marijuana think outside the box and far from fools, I was already half awake when I was younger without knowing anything about the illuminati (other then 2pac mentioning it). I noticed things like they are trying to make males into sissys, that prescription pills was just a scam (didn't understand eugentics yet though), do not blindly follow mainstream entertainment/trends, slave owners put their names on slaves clothing (Ralph Lauren, Rocawear, Marc Ecko etc….) etc….

  87. Wow this was stupid (the movie by the way) like that didn't even make sense…oh and the marty guy had to kill himself to save the world…um does that sound familiar?…oh but he didn't which is what the dumb devil wanted Jesus not to do as well…

  88. One thing I noticed about the movie, as well as many others that I have seen over the years is how they always seem to combine innocence with death. There always seems to be the little girl character who is possessed or demonized into a monster. The scene where the little girl was walking through all the blood and the fact that she had razor teeth. They have too many movies showing children amongst a lot of blood and sacrifice.

  89. VC, i've read your articles for over 2 years now and have made only about 2 comments on this site so far. While to the average eye it may seem like you are rambling and making no sense, I think I have begun to learn to see what you see, otherwise why is it "coincidental" that your "conspiracies" always have a place that they continuously repeat itself over and over it should then weigh past a "marketing technique" that elitist celebrities repeat the mantra you recite so often here, I want to tell you to be careful and protect yourself as you continuously spew out more information, and do not give in to materialistic offers, It is easy to reach a point where you want to "survive" since you give your time and then you may jeopardize quality for money. Stay strong, and donations here will get you by, there are several ways to "survive" from your "work". Stay off advertising and "media" placements. BE strong and keep doing what you are doing.

  90. This movie was better than I thought it was gonna be…but still it doesn't take away from the sick nature of it..and the fact that something similar might be going on now as we speak! Its a very gross movie..

  91. There was a scene in the beginning where the handlers are talking about their personal lives, and one guy mentions he and his wife are having trouble conceiving. I think there was mention of other measures to help conception, which made me think of old school pagan fertility rituals. And there were some symbolic images on the wall in one of the kids rooms in the very beginning (I watched a preview of this movie and went in looking for this stuff).

    Oh, and I also loved the "compartmentalizing" of evil characters at the end, to be brought up and used for the handlers' whim at any given moment. Very MK, totally dug it. This one is good for picking apart.

  92. When Dana says “It’s time to give someone else a chance…Giant evil gods” shes not saying to give the Gods a chance to live instead of Humans because The evil gods aka Satan is already living and in control of the earth. According to the bible this earth is Satans world aka "kingdom". If you pay close attention to the film Morty the "stoner" states that the right thing to do is to let the Gods come out and destroy the earth because he is aware of how corrupted the world is ,therefore He was being selfless. The mysterious lady at the end tells them its mortys life or everyone's, she said this because she knew Dana would fall for it and think the right thing to do is to "save the world" this is supported by the fact Morty says "wow" when he sees Dana has a gun pointed at him, because he knew she was being manipulated. This is also supported by the fact that Morty shoots the ware-wolf that's attacking Dana, he doesn't want her killed he knows she only pointed the gun

    because She thought is was the right thing to do. ( 1 John 2:15 says “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.” You see all the suffering of this world is temporary. We’re all going to pass from this world, whether we live a day or live a hundred years. In fact Ecclesiastes 4:2 says “Wherefore I praised the dead which are already dead more than the living which are yet alive. Yea, better is he than both they, which hath not yet been, who hath not seen the evil work that is done under the sun.”) If Dana would have killed Morty the sacrifice would go on and then the Gods aka Satan would have won and kept his reign on this planet, therefore all the corruption in the world would continue.

    so in the bible it states once the Antichrist aka Satan is born in to the world the apocalypse will happen followed by the second coming of Jesus. Compare this to the film, without the sacrifice of the virgin the gods aka Satan is released to destroy the world which means the return of Jesus and then humanity would be truly saved. Morty thought ahead he was the spiritual open minded guy in the film ,in society

    we are "brain-washed" to see those people as "fools". so in reality Dana is not the hero, the real Hero is Morty. Why do you think the movie ended with Morty handing Dana a cannabis joint and she takes a hit?.. because Morty smoked cannabis to keep him open minded. If you pay attention to the film the female technician says "whatever hes smoking is immunizing him".

    (side note:)You all don't think its weird that Cannabis aka marijuana is considered a hard drug when it does not have a single recorded death.. and has no credible significant research supporting that it's harmful.. but it has tons of proven research on its medical benefits. why is our government so scared of a plant? is it because it opens our minds and frees us of their control.?also pharmaceutics company's would crumble if the truth of cannabis was released..people would throw away all those man made chemicals called "pills" in the trash and grow a plant. I don't know, but keep an open mind folks :) And Love one another. We were all born to Love.

  93. As always great article.

    I think another purpose of all these "horror in the woods" movies is to make us being afraid of the woods. Our subconscious is programmed to feel insecure in the nature. One part of the elite´s agenda is to separate us more and more from it. They break our connection to it and our feeling for wholeness. They want us to be scared of nature and to only feel secure in a high tech environment. The kids nowadays know every mobile phone model by name but don´t know the name of the tree right before their house. These horror movies accomplish this goal perfectly.

    • What a great point, Tony! Staying in a mind landscape that is all about worshiping industry, technology, and the sick, oppressive system is definitely one of the oligarchs' goals. After all, when the proverbial shit hits the proverbial fan, those people out there who DON'T know nature will, of course, depend upon Big Agri and Big Government to provide for them – when, if they did their research and convened with nature, they would learn there are tons of wildcrafted foods out there for us to eat (as well as infinite messages from the Universe that would help and heal us.), thereby making them INDEPENDENT and free from GM'd Frankenfüd (and independent is yet another thing the eugenicists don't want people to be!). Thanks for such an astute point.

      Peace, Unity, Love, and Light for all!

      • Oh yes, they don't want us to be familiar with nature, to know how to plant and take care of animals. They want us to live in the cities and depend on them. So when the sh*t hits the fan, we'll be totally under their control.

  94. Just saw this movie & it freaked me out! Felt like some definite dark stuff being instilled into our subconscious there. The long, violent montage near the end made me close my eyes, as I felt it was planting darkness in my mind. Idk. Just a weird feeling I had. I also felt that when I watched "The Ring."

  95. Just saw this movie & it freaked me out! Felt like some definite dark stuff being instilled into our subconscious there. The long, violent montage near the end made me close my eyes. I also felt that when I watched "The Ring."

  96. Terrell Thompson on

    This movie sucked. When i was watching this, Tavistck Institue of Relations came to mind of how people behind the scenes manipulate the sheep

  97. I also noticed in Enchanted (The Disney movie) as Gizelle cleans Robert's apartment, her white dress had one monarch butterfly carefully camouflaged, but it instantly caught my eye. How unusual, I guess the whole movie has it's second meaning or deeper story about the girl living in her fantasy life, then actually waking up to reality. Also, T-ara (the Korean pop group) music video Sexy Love, features them as androids/dolls/robots in boxes in the beginning and being turned on by their handlers. Oh, and in AXN's new commercial it features a man with the one eye hidden symbolism.

  98. I like some of this analysis but I don't think the movie is intended to celebrate the sacrifices or to distract people with "it's just a movie". I think Joss Whedon just knows a ton about the history of horror movies and maybe has even researched the way illuminati works and was inspired by that. Most of his work is very critical about authoritarianism and generally supports individuals and female empowerment.

  99. This is slightly off topic, but I'm watching Madagascar 3. I always watch movies before I allow my daughter to see them. You would not believe the amount of symbolism in this movie!!!! It's just so shockingly blatant!! Eyes, horns, lightning-bolts, monarchs, even the elite telling us to "eat cake" and that's just the first 20 minuets. There was also a vague reference to the Pepsi scandal. Pepsi is including aborted children's organ fluids as part of their "flavoring". I hope Jesus comes back soon, I can't take much more of what this world has to offer.

      • I think it's foolish NOT to believe it. They are putting aborted fetuses in cosmetics, vaccines and Pepsi. Look it up. Just because YOU choose not to believe it, does not mean it's false!

        "For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth." Romans 10:3-4

  100. I'm so glad you posted this article! I saw the movie while it was in theaters and I was so disturbed by it because I saw exactly what you discussed in this article! I was waiting for you to write about it to confirm what was revealed to me while watching and you did just that! Thank you! #iamnotblindtotheiragenda

  101. A lot of what you point out appears to have been deliberate. It was all part of the ritualistic creepiness of the entire thing. The characters were irritating because they weren't like real people – they were caricatures of archetypes that they were brainwashed to fit. A real Illuminati ritual is carried out exactly like this, with the esoteric manipulators programming the participants to play the roles of archetypal board pieces in the scripted, ritualistic game.

    The words of the Illuminati manipulators in the command center actually reveal to us the reason for the strong sexual themes. It is a part of their manipulation, with chemicals being released into the air by this organization to arouse them to an extreme degree. As noted in the article, this is "sex kitten" programming and it is a direct part of the Illuminati's rituals, which primarily involve two elements: sex and death.

    In the prologue of "The Carnivals of Life and Death: My Profane Youth", James Shelby Downard, an occult scholar/guru who has evaded the designs of the esoteric controllers (who marked him as a ritual sacrifice during his childhood), states (obviously referring to brainwashed "sex kittens") that some unfortunate individuals are forcibly given abulic drugs (which destroy free will, the word abulic being derived from a Greek term for "without will") or actually implanted with microchips that are used to stimulate their sexual desires. The latter idea sounds far-fetched until one considers that such manipulation has been played with by scientific sorcerers (Dr. Jose Delgado, for example) and reported by their victims (mind control survivors) for a long, long time.

    I do agree that there was a depopulation theme to The Cabin in the Woods. In expressing rightful anger at the Illuminati manipulators who have put them through such suffering, Dana and Marty conclude that humans no longer deserve to live. Are we to be tricked into believing that the establishment's corruption makes us all worthy of a collective death penalty, even when we are the victims of that abuse?

    I would disagree that stoners are the lowest common denominator, or that it's wrong in some way to portray them positively in a film about Illuminati manipulation. I smoke marijuana often, and wouldn't consider myself an idiot. Many people I know also smoke it. While I claim no genius, I've noticed that there are more "pot heads" out there who understand the mystical significance behind events and make the connections that need to be made than there are "normal" people. At this statement, many people would joke that we're seeing things that aren't there 'because' we smoke pot. They have obviously not smoked before (it isn't acid, people), and are simply believing the hype. What's more, a lot of these connections and the mystical significance I mentioned can be verified independently. It just so happens that a lot of "pot heads" tend to talk about it more.

    Maybe it's the fact that users naturally tend to be people who reject the establishment or the wisdom of authority. Perhaps this is because, as some have suggested, pot (which has amazing medical/healing qualities) helps open and expand the mind. Moderate use has actually been found to increase intelligence, according to some studies.

    Mystically, this might mean it is a very positive part of our world – after all, its effects undeniably tend to bring about happiness and friendliness. Furthermore, it wasn't created in some pharma lab – it was created by whoever made the trees, the birds, and us! The negative stigmas we attach to "pot heads" came from the elite, their churches, and their media machine, who gave us anti-drug propaganda flicks as part of their fascistic "drug war".

    I agree we should not be inebriated all the time, but I feel the stigmatization of "pot heads" (many of whom are great people) is a part of the general divide-and-conquer agenda. It's like the purpose served by the various opposing churches and faiths, as well as all of them against the secular (be they agnostic or atheist) masses. This relates to the division between the "preps/prudes" and the "hippies". Take different, massive sections of the species and indoctrinate them each differently. Then sic them on each other (with some media encouragement) and so begins the game of divide and conquer. It's done with the sexes, the ages, the classes, the races, the nations, and so on.

    • I hear you, and believe me I've done my share of herbs, plants and mushrooms (and I loved it). Yes, those things can open you up to other realities. No, you should not take them and fall into a dream stupor 24/7 and lose sight of what needs to be done to change things.

      I guess my anger comes from the fact that many (like my boyfriend) will watch this and think "Whoa, that was weird, man!" and then turn on the next film. Only a very small percentage of people who watch this are seeing the bigger picture and taking it seriously. The rest are just thinking Joss Whedon is "cool" for making an off-beat horror movie and enjoying the tits and ass.

      I guess I'm just annoyed that a film like this lays it all out in the open and nothing really changes, no one really wakes up. They just continue on, thinking its "cool". The paradigm remains the same.

    • Great post Lucid Chaos! I, too, read Mr. Downard's "The Carnival of Life and Death" and highly recommend it to almost anyone who has realized that there is an elite control. He writes it as if it is autobiographical, and the basis surely is, but it is more of a Forrest Gump like story or overcoming trial after trial. Downard succeeds in showing exactly what was the downfall of small town Freemasonry as well as linking it to the highest offices. It is a fast, disturbing, comical, but definitely not cute or homespun type of read.

  102. Great analysis! I saw this movie several months ago & found it absolutely disgusting in terms of how blatantly it exposes the blood sacrifices conducted by the elite today. What I don't agree in this article with is the argument, that the reason a victim chooses his or her own death by "free will" is to somewhat spare the elites from some "karmic responsibility". I think this idea has a deeper meaning, which goes back to the legend of Lucifer himself, who rebelled against God, because the God gave men "free will" and didn't give it to his angels, even the most prominent one aka Lucifer. Therefore it is absolutely important that the victim chooses to seal his or her own fate so that to show God once again that the humanity is unworthy creation, because they can't even use the "free will", which God magnanimously gave them, properly.

  103. Liked the article, like the comments!

    The twist of the "organization" which in their evil manipulations are trying to prevent the bigger evil from gaining total control parallels my concern as to the direction of this current world economic crisis.

    I believe the masterminds of the central banking cabal are indeed evil. They have constructed a system whereby they have achieved almost total control of the worlds financial systems, reaping huge profits from their manipulations of governments and commerce, and using every underhanded and vile method of doing so. But their ponzi scheme is reaching it's breaking point, and we the people are waking up to the awareness of the control system that they have used to subject us. They are doing everything they can in order to prevent or at least defer their system's collapse, while we the people are demanding an end to their debt based system of money creation.

    So what will be the "big giant hand" of the "big giant god" that will come out of the pit to take total control of the world? Are we the people, in our revolt against the evil financial powers that be, going to facilitate the emergence of the far greater evil? Is the convergence at this time in history of the imminent failure of the too big to fail, debt that can never be repaid, and the popular uprising against the fiat money system going to result in a far greater entity of total control? Could it all be according to an ancient design?

    Reminds me of Revelations 17, which says in part :

    12 “The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast. 13 They have one purpose and will give their power and authority to the beast. "

    17 "For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority…"

    A revelation of the world's ultra wealthy, who control nations from behind the scenes, deceived into believing it is in their own best interests to relinquish their now collapsing world control system into the hands of one who almost the whole world will believe holds the answers to all of our problems?

  104. I think its also very interestig to note that in the movie it became clear that the "rituals" in other parts of the world were failing. Specifically, the Japanese schoolgirls figured out how to defeat the banshee-like-ghost by chanting in unison. Couldn't that be an indication that people are beginging waking up and fight back against these occultist rituals? However and unfortunately, the final message of the film remains that we the "sheep" or uninitiated (whatever you want to call the masses) still don't know and can't know what is best for ourselves…and if left to our own devices ungoverned, collapse would inevitably ensue. Great article… This site is by far the best and most informative of its kind. Thanks VC.

    • I like your comment, however many are aware of what is the best for them. The only trouble is they lack the strength of character to achieve it. We go for the easy option as we are too lazy/weak to take the difficult route.

  105. VC could do a whole series of articles on Joss Whedon and the NWO. Buffy and Angel were both littered with references, and of particular interest to me was the theme of being drafted into a powerful organization that you don't really want to be a part of. Buffy was " Chosen ", Giles was a third generation Watcher, Wesley was at least a second gen Watcher and all of them complained about having had no choice in the matter. I think this is telling given that Whedon himself is a third generation Hollywood writer.

    As to Marty being The Fool and the equating of being " aware " with being crazy, I think it's worth mentioning the esoteric meaning of The Fool in Tarot. That card is numbered zero because it's the one without a set place in the Major Arcana, like the court jester. The jester is the only one allowed to ridicule the king, and yet he is still beneath society at large. This mimics Carnival and Mardi Gras reversal ceremony. In Tarot The Fool is on a journey and in the end becomes The Wise Fool, seeing and knowing, but apart. I think chalking this character up to being *only* a way to equate conspiracy theory with being crazy is to miss half the point.

  106. Just stumbled across VC. Looking forward to reading regularly! @Observer and any others who will listen. Satan is a real entity. He HAS to work within the parameters of human free will. The satan worshipping sex maniac elite know this. They know the giant evil god will take down the world anyway. They freely choose to partake and spread his kingdom. They want the evil to cloud any concept of the truth, and so call evil good, and good evil. Satan is master of partial lie. He will rise from the abyss to bring his wrath to man. What he will never admit, is the extreme brevity of that reign. He will have less than 3.5 years. Then he will be conquered. He promises what he CANNOT promise. The elite think they will become gods and lords with him. They will be turned into charcoal.

  107. I watched the movie it was, interesting. Not one of my favorites but wasn't terrible. I kind of took the ending, them not sacrificing each other and letting the ancient ones take over, as saying that the world didn't deserve it. That their was so much bullshit i guess in the world it doesn't need saving it would be better if it was destroyed and created anew type thing. Anybody else felt that way about the ending?

  108. This movie was very interesting. With the recent fed court decision that wireless surveillance cameras can be used on private property without warning, we have this movie scenario being rather feasible. We will have voyeurs watching us in our homes and from the skies with drones. They can send in the swat teams and watch us die horror movie style.

  109. A point that you didn't speak on was the fact that Marty was not effected by the mind controll chemicals that they had pumping into the house. Why??? Because he smokes weed. There is a reason that the government doesn't want us to smoke it. What's the reason idk there are probably a number of them. All I know is that my weed keeps me sane and helps me not fall for all the bs that they try to feed to us.

  110. even christians want violence. they want to see satan and everyone THEY believe to be "sinners" to burn in a lake of fire. what kind of benevolent god puts his children in harms way then kills them afterward for scumming to temptation..

    Thats like a parent allowing their child to hang out with the bad kids that do drugs and then beating them.

    their is only one god and its not Jehovah.. its a force that has no personality, its a creative force/ destructive. we make our own heaven or hell

  111. Watched this movie. Didnt like it. And certainly didn't enjoy the ending. It was quite blatant in it message. THe ending sucked….the nonchalant way the final two waited for the inevitable coming of the evil one portrayed a feeling of hopelessness. Lately, alot of movies being made do not have a happy ending or rather the good guys do not win. Ive noticed that of late. Awful movie!

  112. Do people actually believe that the bible was written by God or Jesus themselves?? I for one would like to live the way I feel a fearless, and prepared Jesus did. The bible was sabotaged by the Catholic church long ago.

    • Violinsoldier on

      That's the most asinine statement I've read in quite a while. *yawn* … keep on hating … and believing the lies about the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church … see where it will get you in the end.

  113. "If after being warned, victims go on by their own free will, then the puppeteers are liberated from karmic responsibility." —VC

    Expanding on this idea of liberating themselves from karmic responsibility, we might also wonder if they have to tell us (the viewers) how to resist their occult power. Because they did indeed do that, although It was nearly as subtle as possible.

    While we watch the ritual unfolding in America, we see updates from the organization's other operations. We're simply told that they failed, with little details beyond some pics on the monitors. Except for the Japanese operation. We're showed the final moments of its failure, at roughly 0:54:40 in the movie. The demon that's supposed to be killing off a bunch of nine year olds is immobilized, surround by a bunch of young girls holding hands. Their singing transforms the demon into a harmless "happy frog."

    What's the meaning behind their success in vanquishing the demon? About a half a minute after the finish of the scene of the vanquishing, we get the key from one of the technicians: "While these morons are singing 'What a friend we have in Shinto,' we are bringing the pain."

    Shinto ("Way of the Gods"), the indigenous spirituality of Japan, is thus implicated as the means by which the young girls were victorious. But what does that mean in this context?

    Japanese culture, on the whole, seems much more firmly grounded in its ancestral traditions, religion, and folk wisdom, certainly far more so than in the United States. And what we see here is an indication that this grounding in the wisdom of their ancestral traditions gives them the ability to bind the occult forces of darkness that are trying to destroy them. As this is depicted as being managed by a bunch of nine year olds, the power is entirely in the traditional culture — they certainly did not use advanced science or strength of arms!

    The five Americans running from the redneck zombies, however, have no such grounding, and must thus attempt to run from them or hack them into bits. Had they been grounded in such, they might have had the skills to defeat the zombies through ritual means.

    Is this a suggestion that we should turn to Shinto? Not specifically. Had that branch been in India instead of Japan, we would have undoubtedly been shown something connected to Hinduism instead of Shinto. It is simply that we should find a way to reconstruct or embrace some form of ancestral tradition or culture here in rootless America, as such cultures tend to have ways of dealing with evil occult forces. (In the movie, the suggestion is that simply having been raised in the culture can do much to protect against evil occult forces!) Various reconstructionist pagan religions that aim at recovering such ancestral wisdoms and ways of being, such as Celtic, Germanic (Asatru), Roman, etc., might be suitable for that. (I've found Asatru to be quite effective myself.)

    To reiterate, the scene suggests that a return to ancestral traditions would enable us to resist their occult forces. Perhaps we ought to try it. We can't say we weren't told, now can we?

    • that is true but given the fact that Americans are so many cultures in one country and how we as Americans find root. We as human beings divide ourselves so much it's ridiculous actually; we divide ourselves by sex,age,religion.skin,sexual orientation and culture – we are just too divided.

  114. its great to see us all aware , but if we want to see the world become a better place , we have to make an effort to change it . so far , i haven t seen anyone propose that we start organising ourselves . why aren t we getting together ? why dont we take the necessary steps required to fight these dark forces . have we all been sub consciously programmed to act aware , but defeated .

    including myself , we know whats going on out there . we dont have to keep sitting in front of our computers anymore . these evil beings are going to unleash unbelievable misery on us all if we dont do something a simple as push back .

  115. Hey VC! WAY too many added words, omitted words, broken sentences, spelling mistakes, etc. You can (and do) do better! Give this page a going over for copy editing. Every correction will make it a better article.

  116. I think The Archetypical Fool and the Virgin are the true heroes of this story. I think the so-called triumph of the Giant Evil God is the fear of the power elite not our reality.

    Remember from the perspective of the puppet masters, to them losing is like bringing hell on earth.

    The most blatant lie they have to convey to the rest of us, to ensure our continued obedience is that their concerns are our concerns, their values are our values, their successes are our successes, that one day there is a place at the table beside them, that we all have shared interests in the direction of the world, when in fact they do not believe any of this foolishness amongst themselves.

    So the ending is the most blatant lie to the audience: "If you don't sacrifice yourself on the alter of our whims you doom the earth."

    These so-called world masters vilify the virgin not because he or she is pure but because he or she resists mindlessly following the sexual energy of the herd or the selfish pressure of potential 'lovers" to define his or her sexuality: preferring to define his or her emotional maturation on his or her own timetable.

    The puppet masters lie to us saying virgins are so because they are not desirable to so-called lovers or because some outside force(father, religion) prevented them from straying. The truly undesirable aspect of virgins is their commitment to self-definition.

    Also it taints the positive energy of congress with male energy calling it dirty or tainted when beyond the act of sex the fusion of male and female energy on many levels is very powerful and brimming with untapped wisdom but we'll never get there if we continue to indulge in the true sport of the day of devaluing males as oversexed animals and women as money hungry, manipulative feminazis. The so-called power elite maintains this playing field and like the fool, we all need to stop showing up and suiting up to play it.

    The so-called fool is irony personified because he or she not foolish at all. His decision was correct because he refuses to sacrifice himself for any entity whose success will result in his demise regardless. In the face of that annihilation his only true choice is to be true to himself.

    And that is our salvation, we each are purified when we realize that we are at the right place, in the right moment for ourselves and as long as our goals hurt no one and least of all ourselves, each of us will trump them every time.

    To the power elite it will be like a horror story with people disappearing from their world view in unexplained ways.

  117. Aleister Nacht on

    I am certainly shocked that Hollywood would use anything like the occult, rituals, Satanism or the NWO to sell tickets to a movie. I am absolutely astonished!!! LOL


  118. Hey VC, I've just started reading your stuff and I must say that I am impressed with your consistent research and cited sources. Also, I must commend you on your level-headed writing style as it gives much more credence to a subject matter that would be considered fantastical by a large number of people.

    However, I must say I think you are off mark here by quite a margin. Occam's razor must be applied in this instance, and what is more likely?

    That Whedon has, like most of your readership, a healthy interest in the identifiers of occultism, and has made a film that draws heavily from this knowledge?

    Or that he is a puppet who has constructed this film as a tribute to his masters?

    All you have done is point out obvious symbolism that was inserted in a light-hearted manner. I could equally make a point for you being a member of this elite, and pointing out the symbolism in pop culture is your "karmic duty". Obviously I do not believe this to be the case, but not everything that references occultism is part of the occult.

  119. Interesting analysis. I seen a very disturbing article showing a map in the dark knight rises clearly stating sandy hook were the tragic shooting took place??? Also in the same movie aurora clearly displayed in neon atop a Skyscraper again the location of the batman premiere shooting, simple coincidence ??? I think not !!!!

  120. Interesting analysis, VC! There is however another point to be made about this movie. What if some of the horror movies we see today (like the "Saw" series) actually contain REAL situations in which people die FOR REAL, and then we watch it for "entertainment" (I actually find it disgusting to watch this kind of movies myself, but I've been in a situation where I let my friends decide what movie to watch, and they chose one of the saw movies). The Cabin in the Woods movie actually "promotes" this concept, i.e. to document real murders. As far as I understand it is not said WHY this is done in the movie, but what if that kind of documentation is done for real, and then used in Hollywood productions as "fiction"?

    This is something I've been considering lately. Unfortunately I have no good idea as to how this could be investigated…

  121. Finally, i brought myself to watching this movie….after mentally preparing myself for months. Granted it was quite graphic and a lot of un-imaginable imaginations were featured, it all boils down to the same things that we're all familiar with. Mind control, behavioural modulation and adjustments and rituals.

    I'd have loved to put forward my insight on this but seeing that VC has pretty much done almost everyting, then, i shud highlight one last part: the Origin of the Monsters.

    Where did all though creatures come from.

    • that is a good question,where did all the creatures come from. As I was watching the scene where they released all the creatures I realized some where human,some of the supernatural sort and others were either artificial intelligence or some mutated animal. As from the animals like the unicorn and merman – if one were to read on the original myths and legends of these creatures they aren't pleasant. Mermaids lured sailors to their deaths,genies aka the jinn can be good,evil or neutral. As for the giant bat and snake and octopus or squid that was in the film,well that could have been mutated by radiation like the godzilla or due to some genetic testing.

  122. It's insulting that movies often associate conspiracy theories with marijuana. Carl Sagan smoked marijuana, and he wasn't a irrational. Shrooms, lsd, or salvia would be likely to cause you to have religious experiences, or think you're enlightened, and you know some hidden knowledge. It would be more plausible to have you're conspiracy guy be on shrooms, But in the context of this movie the drugs immunize him to hypnosis, and the meta-joke here is that "Hey what if they're right, and we're all too brainwashed to know."

  123. InsertNameHere on

    I recommend to all of you this documentary about the origins of horror movies. -> "Going to pieces – The rise and fall of the slasher films". It even explains the classic "hand from the grave" scene at the end. Cabin in the Woods makes a statement about how horror movies are made in general. All the classic horror movie monsters in the basement of the facility are a very clear hint on that. Even the "evil master minds" are classic since the first James Bond (chasing Dr. No).

  124. The main reason I wanted to see this film was Chris Hemsworth. I thought the plot overall was good and different that horror/traditional films. The ending was really a surprise and started an interesting conversation with me,my mom and our neighbors. The people who were sacrificing people were doing so to prevent the ancient gods from pretty much ruling the planet and Marty replies that maybe it's their time to reign. Now when Marty made that comment I thought about that for a minute and I agreed with him. Afterall just look at the world around you and even our history as human beings, empires and kingdoms don't last forever they eventually die out or fall and a new one rises to power – it's just the cycle that power goes through.

  125. Marty is a great character. This movie is great, and I'm going to watch it again with this article in mind.

  126. Check out stargate spells…that's how the movie ends.

    I think the most interesting aspect of the film is how the viewer of the sacrificial rite, provided that they are not in the circle, are the ones sacrificed themselves!

    We have these things going on all over the place. It is an attempt to open portals, awaken negative energy, and keep you from ascending, evolving, progressing, or whatever term you like to go with.

  127. I watched this yesterday and was extremely disturbed. I'm not a sensitive viewer per se, so that says a lot. I didn't feel entertained, I could feel the ugliness of it all. The part of the movie with the various compartments and elevator going into various compartments then the violence after that was deeply disturbing and frightening. That's not even 'fear' entertainment, it was just ugly and evil and violent and abrupt.

  128. I have watched Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel and Dollhouse, and Serenity and from what I have concluded and some friends and I agree Joss is actually trying to educate us on who is in control behind the scenes. The last season of Angel was cut short, I believe because of this messaging. Dollhouse too was a message and even The Avengers had some of the message in there. It all seems to make sense and every time he tries to tell more they cut his projects short and cancel.

  129. nice article, but I do believe this violates Ozzam's Razor a bit don't you think? its alot of assumption, and according to Ozzam's Razor, the idea with the least amount of assumption is most likely to be true

  130. 1st time I watched this movie, I found it boring. After reading your analysis & I watched again, I kind of got some kind of revelation.

    The scriptwriter obviously acknowledged practice of satanic occult sacrifice never stopped.

    The film also brings out the idea that Illuminati / Lovecraft idea of "Old Ones" – supernatural beings regarded as Gods by their worshipers.

    It's nice to see how they paralleled the operators & the Illuminati / High level mason members work, which is consistent idea by Ex-Illuminati Bill Schnoebelen & John Todd testimonies – the outer layer organization / religion would be told they're in a gentlemen's club; however the higher the pyramid, the truth comes out more and more boldly. In the end, they just trapped / accept the idea of Satan / Lucifer being their God.

    Hope they have a sequel telling us more about Illuminati Occult

  131. The "Root of David" on

    I have no desire to watch this film because I already understand the mindset of the enemy (the Dark occultists who are attempting to accomplish Satan's goal on earth).

    What these filmmakers and the Dark masters they work for fail to implement into the movie is a real protagonist. They fail to acknowledge the forces of Light. I suppose by omitting this essential element is to strategically weaken the Light's power within the collective psyche of humanity. However, although they seek to overrule the Law of Karma, they cannot. They will not defeat the prophecy that states in clear terms that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the messiah, will defeat their conspiracy with the aid of Heaven's host, and God the Father, himself.

    The messiah, which is ignored by all these movies, will win.

  132. Love your site. We aren't really on the same side, but much respect. I'm wondering if you missed the symbolism used in the Lionsgate intro? The metropolis, the gears, the keyhole? Seems a shame to be so detailed in your analysis and miss talking about the harbringer they attached to the start of the movie? A real life warning hidden in symbolism before the warning enacted in the movie itself?
    I know these things often have too many layers to discuss really, but it seems too poetic to just be left out.

  133. The moment I saw the film…I could see the pattern laid out clearly. I just made soo much sense to me!
    The whole time I was like "oh my god they have put everything in the open!
    Especially with the smoking of marijuana being ineffective to the mind control scene! I was like "I gotta start smoking more pot!" LOL!
    But it's so unfortunate we live in the world we live in.

  134. I think The Archetypical Fool and the Virgin are the true heroes of this story. I think the so-called triumph of the Giant Evil God is the fear of the power elite not our reality.

    Remember from the perspective of the puppet masters, to them losing is like bringing hell on earth.

    The most blatant lie they have to convey to the rest of us, to ensure our continued obedience is that their concerns are our concerns, their values are our values, their successes are our successes, that one day there is a place at the table beside them, that we all have shared interests in the direction of the world, when in fact they do not believe any of this foolishness amongst themselves.

    So the ending is the most blatant lie to the audience: "If you don't sacrifice yourself on the alter of our whims you doom the earth – See more at: http://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/the-cabin-

  135. operations666 on

    So because the stoner foiled the secret organization's plan, the evil gods destroyed the world. If the stoner had died as planned, the world would have been spared.

    Is this the elite trying to portray themselves as the good guys, doing what has to be done in order to stave off destruction of the world? Seems like it to me. (Of course they are no such thing.)

  136. Lion of Omega on

    The big lie contained in this movie concerns the very purpose of the rituals. In the film it's stated that the rituals are conducted in order to keep the dark forces below, in a state of "slumber". In real life the rituals are done for the exact opposite reason, in order to *muster* the dark forces to take over the world. Sigourney Weaver's character is especially diabolical in that she mixes truth with fiction by propounding the notion that the secret organization wants to keep the "ancient ones" subdued when the fact is that that is the very opposite of what they want. The occult elite wishes to unleash the dark forces upon the earth, as prophesied in the book of Revelation. What is never mentioned in the movie, of course, is the very real probability that God will win, thus, defeating the dark power and its elite minions. In fact, God and Christ are never even mentioned in the film, except in vain.

    • Lion of Omega on

      In addition, with regard to Drew Goddard (the writer and director), all you need to do is look into his eyes to see that he himself is likely a willing participant in this conspiracy. His arrogance is apparent. Anyone who would craft a movie like this, especially considering the knowledge of specific occult practices as well as the last scene before credits role (i.e. negative ending) must have some sort of allegiance to the Enemy. I say likely, not certain….though I personally believe that mere coincidence is a rare thing indeed, especially in today's world. It's also mentioned in the film that the organization is very old. This being the case and since Mr. Goddard has such acute awareness of these things, why isn't he a vocal critic of global injustice? Instead he chooses to be an "entertainer" by trade reaping profits for making motion pictures. These types of films are the beginning of the "coming out" process for the "Illuminati" to the masses, and Mr. Goddard is a witting member….in all likelihood.

  137. A violin
    They get played like a violin
    What is love without fear
    What is joy without suffering
    To expand our self we must examine our self
    To split apart and look at ourselves
    Consider it an education
    Some consider it salvation
    To truly expand ourselves
    We must venture through every aspect
    They believe they play us
    They are us
    A violin
    They get played like a violin

  138. I watch this movie thanks to this and its amazing its a really good movie and of course that in the end everything its true when the woman said that they need to give blood sacrifices to the gods so they can't turn upset and THAT'S TOTALLY TRUE in the real life how many celebrities have we ever seen that the elite sacrifices them because they are not worthy anymore. that's a great plot in this movie.

  139. Hated this movie's better-than-thou attitude. Anyone who grew up watching slasher films know that horror comedies like this have existed for over 30 years. This one was hardly groundbreaking. It wasn't even amusing.

  140. if they don’t transgress, they can’t be punished.” The scariest thing I've heard in a while. Brings to mind the Christian concept of temptation and sin eg Satan in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve

  141. I don't think the evil gods do win in the end.
    The dialogue sounded to me like the ritual sacrifices were an offering to the evil gods, in return for not rising up and killing everyone.

    By refusing to sacrifice himself, the Fool was rebelling against the god, forcing him to come up and punish humanity, exerting and exposing himself instead of sitting back and watching their shows, destroying his own slaves and potentially making himself vulnerable to humanity.

    The unnamed organisations were performing the ritual because it meant less people died than the angry god would kill, yes they were sadists, but then nobody, who wasn't sadistic would stay mentally stable enough to do the job.

    Compared to The Fool, the Organisation had much greater facilities to analyse the Evil God, and humanity's readiness to neutralise it, so they were more likely to be right about what to do than anyone else.

    The Fool, being a teenager, was impatient, reckless, and averse to authority, and thus refused to let The Organisation decide whether it was time to rebel, instead he created needless conflict, in which nobody would really win.

  142. The evil Gods are actually meant to represent us the audience who go these kind of movies to see these hapless pawns (the characters) get massacred

  143. Skillz Flux on

    The pendant the top technician caresses is an incomplete upside-down pentagram. I think they purposely not show too much gore and outright satanic symbols not to complete the ritual and to educate/prepare us. I also think that cannabis can make you impervious to some forms of mind control. Some other movies aren't as forward with their subject and are much more loaded with subliminal satanism.

  144. I was going to say that I can't believe that movies such as this are made un-hidden in plain sight for the "unclean " masses to view. Lol! How about some pointers on how to get others to believe how the electronic church movie/TV media is blatantly mock, mock, mocking the average Joe Blow and Jane Doe, meaning most of us. I hope more movies get made like this in the hope that more people will discuss the issues at s-t-e-a-k. Thanks VC!

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