The Movie “Videodrome” and The Horror of Mass Media


“Videodrome” is an 80’s science fiction horror film that contains some gore, James Woods and Betamax videotapes. Above all, the movie communicates a strong message on the perversity of mass media, its dangers to the human psyche and how it is used to manipulate the masses.ย 

Warning: This article contains spoilers and disturbing subject matters.

Videodrome is a dark Canadian movie about a sleazy CEO of a small cable TV station and his discovery of a broadcast signal featuring live torture and murder. As fascination turns into obsession, then into physical illness, the movie symbolically describes, in a very extreme and graphic way, the impact of mass media perversity on the human psyche, as well as the dark forces behind it.

The movie’s odd mix of gore, taboo subject matters, and social commentary make it an original, but a disturbing film to watch. I am glad I did not watch the movie as a child because I’d probably have gotten nightmares for days. Thirty years later, though Videodrome‘s horror special effects appear quite corny and laughable, one thing is for sure: Its message hasn’t aged a bit. In fact, the metaphorical meaning behind the twisted scenes in the movie is as real, relevant and shocking as it ever was, which probably explains why it became somewhat of a cult classic.

Videodrome was produced in 1983 but one can argue that it was decades ahead of its time. It successfully predicted the growing control of mass media by shady forces, the coming of reality television and the propagation, through various mediums such as the Internet, of all kinds of extreme underground films.

While many perceive the movie as a criticism of the effect of mass media, some claim that it is nothing less than a manifesto from the elite to reveal the way it functions.

“This writer submits that part of the ongoing “Revelation of the Method”, the cryptocracy recently issued a kind of Rosicrucian manifesto, revealing precisely what television is doing to us and what the future of the video imperium they are planning for us will be like. The name of this manifesto is Videodrome, directed by the Canadian David Cronberg whose other works include two films about psychic assassins, Scanners which features the Kennedy-sigil exploding head and the Dead Zone”.
– Michael A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Let’s look at the movie’s plot and how it relates in the context of today.

Discovering the Videodrome

Max Renn is the president of CIVIC-TV, one of those sleazy television stations that specialize in low-grade programs such as soft “adult” shows and low-grade violent movies. He is convinced that the public is hungry for more extreme TV experiences and that his network must bring this to its viewers.

During a TV interview, Max Renn argues that TV acts as a catharsis, meaning that it is a healthy outlet for our violent and sexual needs. He soon discovers first hand that his theory is completely false.

Renn is actively looking for something new and exciting to propose to his viewers. To do so, he has a secret contact: A TV pirate named Harlan who can intercept satellite signals from across the world. The pirate shows him a television show that will change his life.

Harlan shows Renn a television signal broadcasting nothing but ultra-realistic torture, abuse, and murder performed by masked individuals. Renn believes that it is all staged and that it is exactly the kind of programming his network needs.

Renn discovers later in the movie that nothing in Videodrome is staged and that it is, in fact, snuff TV, which is real live footage of violent acts.

In the “real world”, the concept of snuff videos is taboo and controversial. However, some researchers have exposed the existence of underground networks distributing snuff videos in elite organizations. Everything from blood rituals to abuse involving mind-controlled slaves and minors is distributed and consumed by high-placed circles operating above the law. Also, high-profile crimes that bear a ritualistic aspect are sometimes recorded and sold at high price.

“Some of the Son of Sam murders were videotaped by cult-members and copies command high prices in cash, drugs and other commodities on the underground snuff-film circuit.”
– Michael A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

The masses are introduced and desensitized to the occult elite’s taste for the violent and perverse through mass media.

“None of this ought to be too shocking to any American TV watcher since a version of this process can be seen in those glimpses of actual murders and other horrors we are shown on broadcast TV, on the “news” and in “specials”, right in the “Videodrome”. Simulated snuff-videos are already available at many of our cheery neighbourhood video-rental stores. Cable and network television broadcast the highest grade of brutalizing voyeurism.”
– Ibid.

In the movie, Max Renn is somewhat representative of the masses. Even though he knows that Videodrome is not the most engrossing show on TV, he still irresistibly attracted to its graphic material. Fascination with blood and lust is a primal and instinctive reflex and has been used as a tool to capture attention and to control since ancient times (see Circus and Gladiatorial Games in the Roman Empire). Furthermore, when no moral objections are involved, some are willing to be exposed to truly evil and twisted deeds to satisfy a craving that often turns into an obsession.

In the movie, Nicki, the woman Max is dating, gets sexually aroused by the violence in Videodrome. Completely submitting to the call of their lowest impulses, the couple gets “busy” while watching some guy getting tortured. While blood and lust are primal instincts that are meant to ensure survival, we see here that they’ve been twisted and distorted by mass media to manipulate weaker minds.

Watching Videodrome quickly produces negative effects on Renn. His interest in the show quickly turns into an obsession. The tape he uses for entertainment soon begins to consume him.

Max’s obsession with Videodrome causes a blurring between reality and fiction. Here, TV takes life and literally calls him.

Max begins to experience intense hallucinations. He doesn’t see a difference between television and reality. He soon realizes that Videodrome is not just “entertainment”.

More Than a TV Show

While researching the origin of Videodrome in order to broadcast it on his TV station, Renn learns that it is much more than a TV show. One his friends tells him that the action on Videodrome is not staged and that those behind it are powerful and dangerous. While the show simply appears to be about violence, there is much more behind it. Max’s friend tells him:

“It has something that you don’t have, Max. It has a philosophy. And that’s what makes it dangerous”.

This concept is very true in mass media. While most people do not live according to a specific philosophy and do not put a lot of thought about what they watch on TV, those in power and those controlling the airwaves are often motivated by strong philosophical and political motives. This results in the communication of propaganda to people who do not even realize they are watching propaganda.

The man behind Videodrome is Professor Max Oblivion, who only communicates through TV screens.

“The battle for the mind of North America will be fought in the video arena. The Videodrome. The television screen is the retina of the mind’s eye. Therefore, the television screen is part of the physical structure of the brain. Therefore, whatever appears on the television screen emerges as raw experience for those watching. Therefore, television is reality. And reality is less than television.”

Oblivion is an idealist convinced that technology, particularly television, would help lead humanity to a better tomorrow. He runs “Cathode Ray Mission”, a homeless shelter that provides a “healthy dose” television to those who cannot afford it.

Oblivion’s office is full of items relating to religion and philosophy. He believes that mass media can bring near-spiritual salvation and promise eternal life through television.

As it is the case in the real world, Professor Oblivion’s altruistic dream got taken over by people who mean business. He is killed by a shady yet powerful organization that wants to use Videodrome to control and manipulate the masses. And Max soon discovers who they are.

The organization runs behind a front company named Spectacular Optical. The eye logo and the ominous slogan “Keeping an eye on the world” is rather Illuminati-ish.

When Renn meets to head of Spectacular Optical, he is shown an introductory video that describes the organization an “enthusiastic global corporate citizen that makes inexpensive glasses for the Third World and missile guidance systems for NATO”. In other words, it is the type of mega-corporation that would be part of our world’s global elite. Spectacular Optical also makes Videodrome.

The head of Spectacular Optical, Barry Convex, tells Max that Videodrome is extreme because exposure to violence affects the nervous system and “opens receptors in the brains and the spine which allow the Videodrome signal to sink in” – and mess with people’s minds. One can wonder if there is some factual basis behind this theory: Do sex and violence create a primal response in our bodies that makes us more receptive to other messages and signals? Even if there were serious studies on the subject, I doubt they would be divulged to the public.

Max then learns that he was purposely deceived into watching Videodrome because Spectacular Optical needs to take over his TV station to broadcast its signal to the masses. To do so, Max will be used as a mind-controlled patsy to kill his partners and hand over Channel 83 to Spectacular Optical.

When the Program Programs You

Although Max realizes that weird stuff is going on, his exposure to Videodrome has rendered him utterly powerless and at the mercy of those broadcasting the signal. The movie illustrates in a rather graphic matter how individuals can easily be brainwashed and controlled by mass media.

The head of Spectacular Optimal literally jams inside Max a tape in order to program his mind and control his actions. This is a rather graphic way of representing how the elite-controlled mass media programs its viewers, figuratively inserting a tape into people to get its Agenda and messages accepted.

Controlled by the tape, Renn enters the office of his TV station and takes out his partners. He is then told to go take care of Bianca Oblivion, the daughter of Professor Oblivion. There, he is stopped short and Bianca uses a TV screen to “deprogram” him. He is however quickly reprogrammed to kill the head of Spectacular Optical, Barry Convex. Max has become a blank slate that can be programmed and re-programmed at will.

Bianca’s TV points back at Max the gun he is holding. Media, therefore, became a reflection of him and him, a reflection of media. The TV then shoots Max which allows him to be free from the Videodrome tape and to be “reborn” in an almost religious way. Max’s new mantra: “Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh”.

Max then goes to take care of Barry Convex, who is in an optical trade show for reading glasses and such. The theme of the show is de Medici, Florence’s prominent political dynasty, banking family and royal house of the 14th century. This choice of theme is rather interesting considering the fact that Spectacular Optical can easily be related to the occult elite we call the Illuminati.

The de Medici family can be seen as a prototype of today’s Illuminati bloodlines, as it had a stronghold on the monetary, cultural and even religious affairs of their subjects (the family produced four popes). From an occult point of view, de Medici’s translated classical works on Mystery teachings (such as the Corpus Hermeticum) are often credited for having revived hermeticism, the Kabbalah and Gnosticism in Europe – all basic teachings of today’s secret societies. The theme of the trade show can therefore further associate Spectacular Optical with the occult elite.

The stage of the trade show contains two quotes: “The eye is the window to the soul” and “Love comes in at the eye”. Considering the fact that this organization controls people by making them watch acts of cruelty, these sayings conceal a disturbing meaning. Then again, doublespeak is a specialty of the elite.

When Renn shoots Convex, we find out that he’s some kind of alien or monster, which is somewhat reminiscent of the movie They Live (read my article about They Live here).

Dazed and Confused

After carrying out his murderous mission, Renn hides in an abandoned place. He once again finds himself in front of a TV that directly talks to him. It tells him that “death is not the end” and that it can “help him”. Is it proposing eternal life through appearing on television? Max then tells the TV what many people unconsciously feel.

“I don’t know where I am now. I am having trouble finding my way around.”

His exposure to Videodrome (mass media) has caused him to lose his thoughts and even his free will. The TV, which uses the image of Nicki to seduce him and attract his attention, replies:

“Videodrome still exists. Its very big, very complex. You’ve hurt them, but you haven’t destroyed them. To do that, you’d have to go on to the next phase.”

The TV then tells him that he needs to go “all the way” and become the New Flesh. To do that, he has to kill himself. We see here how mass media can be a manipulative force, using seduction and rhetoric to influence behavior, even if it involves shooting oneself in the head. Then, the TV says: “Here, I’ll show you”.

The TV shows Max how to shoot himself.

Right after, Max imitates what he saw on television, saysย  “Long live the New Flesh” and shoots himself in the head … and the movie ends on that unsettling note.

Did Max truly “complete his transformation” and become New Flesh? Probably not. Like most of what is said on television, all of this New Flesh story was most likely a bunch of BS used to manipulate his confused mind and to push him towards suicide. By shooting Convex, Max became an enemy of Videodrome and, like most mind-controlled patsies, he was pushed into a “self-destruct mode” once he stopped being useful to the organization.

On a larger scale, the ending of the movie communicates a strong statement about the influence of mass media on the world. Does it directly influence people’s thoughts and actions, even if it goes against their best interests? This movie says yes.


In Conclusion

While the premise of Videodrome is over-the-top science fiction, its underlying message rings even truer today than it did in 1983 when it was released. With the advent of new technologies such as the Internet and mobile devices, we are today, more than ever, surrounded by the signals of the real-world Videodrome that is mass media. Its images and message can now reach us in a variety of ways, following us anywhere we go. While not as in-your-face and extreme as the movie’s Videodrome, today’s mass media still tap into these two primal urges humans that are difficult for humans to ignore: Blood-lust and flesh-lust. These two instincts were encoded in our DNA for the survival of individuals and the propagation of the species, but they are now “soft spots” that can easily be triggered with specific stimuli, causing an immediate and powerful reactions. As people get desensitized to sexual and violent imagery, mass media constantly pushes the envelope to bring new, distorted and twisted ways to capture their viewer’s attention. While the showing of a woman’s ankle caused quite a stir a few decades ago, today Internet users keep demanding for more extreme footage to get excited. As Max says in the movie: “They need something rough”. How long will it take until all-out snuff movies become acceptable for mass consumption? Some say that we are already being introduced to the Illuminati twisted underground world as a lot of snuff is actually already in mass media and we don’t even realize it.

However, as the movie states, blood and lust are not the ultimate end, but merely a vehicle to communicate the most important aspect of it all: the Agenda. This is what it is all about. It is about materialism, superficiality, the sexualization of anything, the destruction of family values and much more. All of the articles on Vigilant Citizen show that behind the bells, the whistles, the sexiness and the eye candy, a message is being communicated – one that goes with the best interests of the elite. Watching Lady Gaga in a music video wearing a bikini and whipping some guy (which oddly resembles a scene in Videodrome) is a good attention-grabber but, as we’ve seen in many articles, there are many messages that also being communicated. The Videodrome signal that causes everything from hallucinations and brain tumors is the constant conditioning that is exerted by mass media to force the world to accept a specific world vision – which is a fake as a hallucination.

In the Illuminati’s Videodrome, the masses are constantly exposed to the values that need to be accepted, the mindset that needs to be adopted and the symbolism that needs to be embraced. From mega-rituals disguised as current events to propaganda disguised as entertainment, TV viewers find themselves like Max Renn, with tapes inserted right in their belly. Don’t want your mind to end up like Max’s? Remove that tape, throw it in the garbage and think for yourself.




  1. The Film “COLD IN JULY” is a newer film that delves into the snuff film area… everyone reading this needs to check out COLD IN JULY

  2. While the showing of a womanโ€™s ankle caused quite a stir a few decades ago! wow i used to watch everybody loves raymond and in one episode the friends of frank (ray’s father) talked about her ankles and it caused a stir!
    And now men talk about the pu*** and the a** of a woman like is nothing! this world is really wasted.

  3. I wanna know who buys snuff films and for what? What is the purpose of watching a film where a real person is abused and then killed? Which type of people can benefit from so much violence?

  4. Interesting. But you have not quite got it the whole thing. One has to pay attention not only to the overt stuff, but the background images. Such as the odd moon poster with a can below it that says "Poppycock", the newspaper on the table that refers to somebody making millions off a C.I.A. experience, the photo of Hitler in a Tutu. The set items are not incidental. The "New Flesh" is a paraphrase which all students of ancient knowledge will know immediately. The division of the two powers is also important, the eye of Spectacular Optical, the church in which O'Blivion operates, all very deliberate.

    • Well spotted. I saw the Moon poster prominently 3 times (note in two diff rooms even) and the Hitler poster stuck out obviously too. I interpret that to be him being puppeted…do you agree? I missed the CIA thing…I was tired and fighting a cold/flu. Lots of symbolism throughout….first time seeing this and it was pretty good. Ahead of it’s time.

  5. This article seems to have been posted over a year ago, not sure if it's still active. Great article on a great movie. I still can't decide whether it's a subliminal warning for the "Hollywood" culture or simply a manifesto. Somehow, it seems to be both. Anyways, I digress…

    QUESTION: The poster in Max Renn's apartment of the moon landing…there's a hand from a magazine article or something that's been cut and pasted over the astronaut's right hand. It seems to be pointing to one of the craters, and I'm wondering if anyone has info. on why this poster was part of the set design? If my suspicions are, indeed, correct, I'm assuming the poster is pointing to the Parsons crater, named after Jack Parsons.

  6. I just want to say thank you to VC! A very short time ago I was 100% oblivious and ignorant to ALL the issues discussed on this site.. And I've never been one to believe that ignorance is bliss and therefore have questioned everything, however, I didn't know that there was anything like this to question.. I'm 23 years old so I grew up with stars like Britney Spears influencing my generation.. And as I grew up I noticed just how desensitized me and my generation really are, and I also noticed that the generations below mine are mind blowingly worse, and are being heavily influenced by mass media that made the Britney's of the 90's look like mere child's play.. And when I see it, through my eyes, it doesn't even phase me anymore, but then I realize that this "music" ( if you can call it that) is 100% geared towards pre-teens and teens, and even I find myself wondering how and why it's being allowed to happen.. For anyone who hasn't herd Kesha's song "Blah, Blah, Blah" go ahead and check out those lyrics, and remember that 13 year olds are singing them, and in turn, living them.. I really just believed that this blatant sexuality geared towards the youth was just the way it was.. But now I know, nothing is just the way it seems, nothing's coincidence or accident.. That "THEIR" turning our youth into hyper-sexed boozers devoid of any respect for themselves or others, for a reason.. And what's sad is most will never know this, and most won't want to know.. I just feel incredibly grateful that I stumbled upon this website by accident.. I feel like I've been shaken awake! Even as a person who always fancied herself an individual and wasn't into what was trendy or popular, the agenda was still pushed on me, which just shows how effective it is! Which is incredibly scary, but at least now I know! How ironic that the mindless mutants they tried to create are slowly becoming the Enlightened ones? ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKS VC! Keep fighting the good fight..

  7. I've watched the full movie twice. There are some things you might want to add about the tortured girl on TV:
    Deborah "Debbie" Harry of Blondie. David Cronenberg (thank you for actually revealing all this) put her in the cast as the masochistic Nicki Brand (Nicki—nicks, aka the wounds on her shoulder/Brand—when she brands herself on the chest with a cigarette) because she was popular then.

  8. I agree strongly with your comments about how we can come to emulate what we see. During research into how drugs affect the mind, researchers found that the amygdala, a major component of the reward pathway, can't tell truth from fiction: this is an executive function and takes place in the frontal lobes. When we are exposed to material which arouses strong emotional responses, the frontal lobes are bypassed and the memories of the material – plus their emotional impact – are processed directly by the amygdala. Just so, for people who have taken hallucinogens and have a "bad trip", what happened during their hallucinations might as well have happened in real life and causes the same stress and even trauma. And what else is vivid imagery on TV/computers but hallucinations made by somebody else.

    Curiously, researchers also found that rapidly-changing images disorient the frontal cortex and engage the amygdala – a lot of action/horror films have scenes that change rapidly. The process is sometimes called "amygdala hijack". here's an article on a business site about how the amygdala can literally "turn off the IQ":

  9. Ha! Ha ha ha! Well, this does sound like a very weird and twisted movie, but just a representation of the dark hidden real world of the occult elite…. I've got to see this movie to study it like the article illustrates. I love these old B sci-fi movies made in the 70's and 80's way before any of the technology we actually have today would ever even have been imagined, and if presented, would have been futuristic science fiction. But now, a lot of it is becoming real…. such as TVs that may watch you, as VC has written in another article (no big surprise there! About that technology), also, it is quite interesting that this global Illuminati-like company 'Spectacular Optical' deals not only in "inexpensive glasses for the Third World {but also} missile guidance systems for NATO.” Strange combination which would seem at first unrelated, but in the world of the Illuminati, *everything* is connected. Strange it is because now Google is developing those glasses which 'enhance' the world around you as if one was in the internet. More reality 'augmenting' and ultimately mind control. And we know that there is much, much more that is being developed.

    Interesting also that it is 'Channel 83' the same year it was made.. is that to say that the year '1983' was one of the years that the masses would be indoctrinated into this mass media hypnosis? Anyway, so many thoughts, not enough room here.. but anyway, interesting and thought provoking article as usual….

    • Interresting, is that Blondie btw?! But in the image towards the beginning of the article… she is the "Lady in Red' red being a standard color of the Illuminati Occult blood rituals… red being the color of blood of course and sacrifice…. remember there was a movie called 'The Color of Money' was that it? Maybe there should be one called The Color of Blood' although it would be to make a point….

    • Some are born that way…. many are *made* that way… whether by nature, or nurture, purposeful or unconscious… mundane or magical.. (and I'm not talking good magic here..)… some may refer to it as 'magick' the occult form of 'magic' not stage magic… but hidden, elite, 'mind control' type stuff… stuff of the unconscious….

  10. I watched this movie very soon after it came out! think it kind of went straight to rental. It was a cult classic for me and my college buds. It did affect me, didn't turn into a media-drome assassin, but I think I did get the message that media is dangerous and manipulative. thanks VC!

  11. "Videodrome" is one of my favorite movies. I find it very fascinating. The same theme- a hallucination-inducing video signal- is also the subject of the "X-Files" episode "Wetwired".

  12. When one watches these movies and so-called "stars," it makes one wonder when they realize that all the successful stars, producers, directors, etc., must become a member of the OTO to be a part of the entertainment industry. Which means they do these kind of things in real life. They're just telling you in your face.

    MK Ultra uses pain and sex to brainwash and use people. Read Cathy O'Brien's book, Trance-formation of America.

  13. Glad to see you analyse this one, David Cronenberg's work, ALL of his works, are very complex and riddled with many messages about the media ,psychology, violence, and sexuality.

    I think often times, when people read VC articles, they automatically jump to ITS ILLUMINATI! It IS possible to have a movie that is a commentary against the agenda and not be a part of the agenda itself. Cronenberg himself has always been on the fringes, the closest thing to a "blockbuster" he's ever had is "The Fly"… None of his movies are easy movies, he makes difficult movies with dense messages and often non-linear story telling. You can learn a lot from his movies.

    I think an interesting movie to consider, for people on here also by Cronenberg is "The Brood". It is, literally, about a woman who gives birth to her rage. His movies explore ideas and themes that are rarely explored by other well-known directors, and this is part of the reason he is so well known.

    Anyway, I think people on here should actually watch this movie for themselves, along with some of his other movies, especially ExistenZ, The Brood, and Scanners.

  14. Cronenberg unofficially updated Videodrome with his film eXistenZ; which essentially incorporated video games into his theory, etc. I believe that eXistenZ might be his last truly great film. Worth seeing. Also, read up on Marshal McLuhan; which he cited numerous times as influential in writing the script.

    We've totally lost our ability to think clearly, and definitely have lost our use of trivium in thinking about matters in our society. Whether or not there is any one "agenda" out there or not, is really beside the point. The point is that we do have the means to regain our true selves quite peacefully from whomever has led us down the wrong path.

    Simply turning off the tv is only one step. Now turn off all the other machines that capitalism has produced for us. Use these machines as tools only. One does not keep using a hammer when one is done hitting a nail; no, you put it down. Use that television to do the task at hand (be it an hour of thought provoking entertainment or a documentary or even educational programming). Then turn it off. Use your iPhone to send a message, then turn it off. Et cetera. Currently, it seems to me, that we do not ever turn these things off. In fact, so many of them are BUILT to be constantly drawing a heavy dose of electricity so that they can be in a "ready" state at all times, despite appearing to be "off". Unplug the damned thing when you are done with it!! (Not to mention that that would also save you on your electric bill!)

    Second, we currently absorb OTHER PEOPLE'S opinions as facts. We comfort ourselves by seeking out only people that already support our opinions. We never ever challenge our own opinions, thus making us unable to truly think critically or to use the trivium. I recall Robert Anton Wilson tasking himself with writing a 40 page paper on some thing that he truly was against, but to write it from the perspective of supporting it. Not saying that we need to do that, but think about that for a minute… what would that do to your mental process if you truly had to research a paper that supports something you oppose? It would, to say the least, help keep your mind not only open but in great shape!

    Finally (for now!), avoid extremist beliefs. If that means that you need to spend a year not thinking of politics or religion for a year or so, then so be it. Train yourself AWAY from the normal traps that are laid out for us. Once you have trained yourself to not be a simple victim, then re-enter those thought arenas.

    Keep in mind that violence and violent talk, etc, are what they want. I am not advocating passivity, but that violence really must be used as a last resort. THEY already have us surrounded; do you really think that you can simply shoot your way to freedom? Trust me, there are dozens of easier avenues to pursue first.

    Videodrome, like 1984, was real when it was originally made. It was NOT prophesy; it was commentary on how the director saw things at that time in history. If that's what was going on then, where are we now?

  15. The media still does more to point out problems and foment compassion than anything else. Got a Tsunami going on in Indonesia? The problem is known instantly by everyone on earth, and responds. Every problem is presented and solutions are shared quickly.

    Electronic media will save the world.

    Well, that and Love…

  16. If you want to watch snuff movies (and I mean this rhetorically), then just type "epic fail" into YouTube. You'll get to see people killing and maiming themselves with an assortment of motor vehicles.

    • This is one thing I never got. On "America's Funniest Videos" they would show videos of people actually getting very hurt accidentally. It wasn't "funny" in the least. That was actual pain, suffering and injury. You wouldn't know if the injury was temporary or permanent. And it was accompanied by laugh tracks and silly Bob Saget barbs, too, as though it was a friendly kids' show.

  17. I'd like to get something off my chest. I'm almost a 60 years old man who happens to be a perv. I get a kick out of monitor people I don't personally know via technology, I am certainly a committed misogynist as I have a thing for prostitutes and people with a chickpea of a brain. Well, it's easy to control people like that, isn't it? Even I despise people who are on my side as I believe in karma, don't you ever forget or forgive is my motto in life. Yes I am a little snake, a white ones by all means, as I can pretend I'm all polite and nice, however I'll stab you at the back when the opportunity arises. It turns me on to bait and taunt people and as I lack self-control regarding sex and drugs I'll make sure I'll take others down with me. Sooner or later the sheeple figure me out though :-(. C'est la vie ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Well, obviously you should kill yourself. Unfortunately for this world, your kind are common. Especially in your age group; "dirty old men"…I sold my youth to entertainment of your kind because my biological father was also one of you. I was only 3 when he did what he did. I was only 17 when a "dirty young man" told me I was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. I was only 18 when I got sucked into alcoholism and easy money.

      Luckily, I won my soul and purpose back: "you people" no longer have any power over me. It is my duty to teach others to rise above pathetic scum like yourself. All it takes is realizing what you truly are: The Anti-Christs.

      • I can tell that you have remained demented, there is no hope for ya. So I rest my case, lol just lol.

        ps. you're figured out now ha ๐Ÿ™‚ little man

    • @Darius:

      No offense, but you call someone demented for being upset that you are dirty old man? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? lol Seriously.

      You seem to revel in your debaucheries and lash out at people who has bad experiences with people like you. I am not condemning you, you have a right to be a douche bag, free will. And obviously, you don't care, you said yourself you like stabbing people in the back, and never forget. I for one, would not want to be your friend, you sound like a miserable person trying to play off their misery as something cool. I may be wrong, but your words sure paint you that way.

  18. I don't actually watch TV, I download my favorite cartoons and sometimes documentaries as they air, but I'm always weary of messages being communicated and always keep my own opinion about things. Most TV these days is garbage and reality TV is the absolute worst, great article as usual VC.

  19. Well done once again VC. I have come across the movie 'The Running Man' and it puts light on the media etc. It also promotes violence and abuse. It has the same format as 'The Hunger Games' and it was made in the 80's. It has some illuminati, mind contol etc symbolism in it! Also Zoolander has a significant amount of mind control and illuminati etc in it! I think you should have a look, keep up the good work!

  20. kind of reminds me of a film called Beyond The Black Rainbow, a 2010 Canadian Sci-Fi. the synopsis from wiki: "Deep within the mysterious Arboria Institute, a beautiful girl (Eva Allan) is held captive by a scientist, Dr. Barry Nyle (Michael Rogers). Her mind is controlled by a sinister technology (a mysterious pyramid-shaped light). Speechlessly, she waits for her next session with the deranged Dr. Nyle.

    She escapes her cell under the watchful eye of Dr. Nyle peering through video monitors. She journeys through the darkest reaches of the Institute but Nyle wonสผt easily part with his most gifted and dangerous creation"

    sadly, the mainstream hollywood critics disregarded it and gave it a really bad review. it's as if each time a film or something else speaks out against their evil, they're always quick to disregard it and steer the masses away from finding out the truth.

      • Another film that reveals the depraved underground demand for snuff films in elite circles is "8mm".

        When I saw this film, I sensed it revealed volumes about the psychopathic elites appetites. IMO a very accurate depiction.

  21. I usually don't post here. But I got to get this off of my chest, and there are really no other place to talk about this. Ever since I've been a very small child, I've been "excited" whenever I thought about women being dominated by a man and worse. I can not be with a partner without me fantasizing about more extreme circumstances. I am a woman myself.

    I've taken the step to no longer engage in sexual activities until I'm no longer affected in that way by extreme pictures (like the third picture in this article).

    I'm convinced I've gotten this way by mass-media. There's no way I could have been born with such a sick mind?

  22. Interesting side note: James Woods, star of Videodrome, was the main witness brought before the media to testify to the identity of the "9/11 hijackers." The actor claimed that he was on a flight with several muslims that acted weird and he warned the authorities. After 9/11 he "realized that they were the terrorists during a trial run" and each muslim "was on a different plane."

    I am not quoting James Woods in the quotation marks, only implying that it is a bunch of crap. The official story of 9/11 holds no water and the government parades around a professional actor to read lines to CNN. I hate the global elite and their plans, but it is hard to have faith in the sheeple at times.

    • By the way, I love Videodrome and have been hoping VC would cover this movie at some point. Keep up the good work, VC.

      Life is like the Nightmare on Elm Street: stay awake or perish.

  23. Anya said her family was military abducted, may we know her story? Was she drugged? is she ok now?

    It' s the first time I come across a person saying it happened to herself.

  24. Snuff, snuff, and yet more snuff as I've seen in mass media, videos, and almost anything with "illuminated" purposes behind it but many seem to have accepted them as of right now not having any idea what they getting themselves into with that tape shoved into their guts…literally by what is being portrayed.

    Got me downloading youtube videos of the illuminati and the rest of the elite for further clarity as to what is REALLY going on behind those so-called "satanic worship" thats being shown almost everywhere as VC explains, 'From mega-rituals disguised as current events to propaganda disguised as entertainment'

    If only the elite themselves were "snuffed out" if people start taking out those tapes out of their stomachs and thought for themselves for once on whats good and whats bad.

  25. I stumbled across this website a few years ago and have found myself following it ever since. I am amazed at the level of information I've found; valuable information that reiterates values and convictions I hold dear, such as guarding the avenues to my soul (sight, hearing, speech, thoughts, etc.). Although my knowledge is limited and always increasing (I learn something new every day), I've learned that the human mind works by ocupation, and that by beholding we become changed. While I respect and admire the work the regulators of this site are doing in order to help those who are receptive understand the dangers of allowing others or anything to control us, sometimes I have lingering questions which have risen as I've read the articles over the years…

    The elite have an essoteric agenda which oddly enough they choose to make rather blatant through exoteric exposure in the media. Their purpose is to desensithize us and make us believe that sites such as this one are run by "conspiracy theory lunatics", and therefore should not be taken seriously… Although I choose not to watch TV or participate in any type of Social Media, my mind is continually bombarded (and more often than not subliminally), by billboards, adds on my email account, random songs I have to endure when shopping at different stores, etc…

    If that's the case with me, I wonder how much more wouldn't the regulators of this site be affected by the constant exposure they have to endure through the watching of all the movies they have to analyze, the songs they have to listen to, the pictures they have to study, and the countless articles they have to pour through… I understand they've been enlightened, so to to speak; that their eyes have been opened to the real truth of what's going on in our world… However: what makes them inmune to the devastating effects of all the evil they have to pour through in order to warn us?… I've no doubt that the elite are very aware of this site, but wouldn't the elite be glad that this information is being disseminated to the public? I think they're static about it. The elite's Agenda has many purposes, one of which is to indoctrinate the mind through ocupation. They care not how our minds are occupied with their filthiness; as long as their information enters through any one of our senses, they've accomplished their mission.

    I guess my word of caution to us all, especially to the people who run this site and have to dive so deep into evil in order to give us an analysis of things, is to vigorously guard the avenues to our minds/souls. Once we've been enlightened concerning all the evil found in television and movies, why on earth would we subject ourselves to go see filth once again on purpose, all the while knowing that the intention behind such exposure is to indoctrinate our minds with their Agenda? I for one have been so freaked out that I avoild all those things like a plague.

    I like the fact that this site tries not to post too much graphic content as far as pictures, songs, and films go, but I think once we see evil and understand its devastating effects, we should run for our lives, run away from it and never look back. I find myself periodically checking back in to this website for more info and I can personally say that this searching for the essoteric meaning in life can become addictive and lead deeper and deeper into an investigation of more evil and occult thngs; it awakens a thirst within to know what else is evil out there….

    Do we think that since our eyes have been opened that we will be inmune to the evil effect of such exposure? Our subconsious picks up that filthiness anyway.

    • You can do what you want, but what you don't know can hurt you. As for me I'm going to use this intellect God gave me.

    • Good comment eliza. It reminds me of this scripture:

      (1 Corinthians 14:20) . . .Brothers, do not become young children in powers of understanding, but be babes as to badness; yet become full-grown in powers of understanding.

      What was Paul saying? He was saying as far as reasoning, using our powers of understanding we should be mature, "full-grown." Yet, at the same time, we should be as babies as far as badness is concerned. What does a baby know about badness, about racism, about hatred? Nothing, they are innocent of such horrible things that are later learned through training.

      I myself would never watch such movies, and have not. I find myself skipping over a lot of the gory sections of the explanations as well.

      But where should real understanding come from? The focus shouldn't really be on the occult. If that was the case the Bible would deal very heavily in it. The Bible is very forthcoming about how controls the world and the dangers of the occult. It deals with exorcisms in a very clear way. Yet it does not dwell on such things.

      And no, we do not need to search them out to be completely equipped. The scriptures alone can do that:

      (2 Timothy 3:16, 17) All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work.

      Really our minds should be more focused on whatever is good and chaste and pure and we should dwell on and speak of these things:

      (Philippians 4:8) . . .Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are of serious concern, whatever things are righteous, whatever things are chaste, whatever things are lovable, whatever things are well spoken of, whatever virtue there is and whatever praiseworthy thing there is, continue considering these things.

  26. Satan's just hard at work, isn't he?

    Turn off the TV, open your Bible.

    It's not JUST mass media, though. As fun as it is to study over this topic (look up Little Light Ministries' Battlefield Hollywood), we absolutely have to keep in mind that Satan is succeeding just as well in many other branches. I 100% recommend Dr. Walter Veith's Total Onslaught series. Go to YouTube and check them out when you have a generous block of time.

    Remember to pray for everyone. God can still reach them.

    • No. Won't be doing that. The bible has also been edited to accommodate the whims of the church depending on at agenda they are pushing at the time. Fish on Fridays began because the fish market was suffering, so to make profit on the surplus of fish that aren't being sold, the church mandated that fish is to be eaten on Fridays. Tithes began because the church needed money and began to trick the public that they could buy their way into heaven and pay for their loved ones to cross over. Much of the bibles passages have been taken out and edited.

  27. Over the past severl years, I started to watch less and less TV because I couldn't stand what I was seeing on television and was constantly having my intelligence insulted by all that crap.

    So I finally cancelled my cable about 4 months ago and haven't looked back. I always thought that TV "Programming" corrupted the brain and somehow screwed with your thoughts, etc. And as soon as I cancelled my cable, my dreams become so much more vivid and lucid. I feel like my brain is firing on all cyliders again!

    I highly recommend that everyone ditch the "Boob Tube" and start thinking for yourself.

  28. I've become hyper-aware of what I put into my mind and body. I try to be conscious of everything I ingest. My boyfriend is the polar opposite. With him, I am forced to watch the lowest forms of entertainment such as stupid comedies and "blockbuster" movies with sick themes. Movies steeped in racism, sexism, and exploitation on every level. My boyfriend says: "That's just the way it is nowadays, you might as well accept it." He loves every show that comes on television and every mainstream, new-release. Well I am NOT going to accept it! I am NOT going to let them in. Its disgusting. I really hope the two halves of society are separated at some point between those who see and those who are blind. I cannot tolerate the ignorance and aquiesence any longer.

    • I mean this kindly when suggesting that you may want to rethink the boyfriend you are with. You sound better than what you're settling for. These are BIG differences between you two.

  29. Now u said it…the SAW series comes to mind and all other mindless movies showing gruesome scenes with blood and all that s**t.

    This is an eyes opener,if u have values protect it or they take it away with d television

    • "the SAW series comes to mind"

      This and other such movies are pure satanism. We are made in the image of God and violent movies are aimed at destroying this image or reshaping it to something negative. You hear it all the time in various movies and television, about how tough, how bad, how terrible this life is, and for them it must be because they are a cog in the wheel of Hollywood, and to be a cog higher up on the machine, you have to submit yourself to evil. Jack N. warned H.L., and look at some of the horrible movies Jack N. has starred in! Didn't he play the devil in one with witches loving him until the end of the movie?

      We let these celebs, who are paid millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars to DECEIVE us. The Bible says to EXPOSE evil but also to avoid even the appearance of evil. When you watch movies like SAW, how are you avoiding the appearance of evil? How many scenes in media have you watched throughout your life where actors are portrayed being killed or killing themselves? How many scenes are devoted to positive Christian entertainment/enlightenment?

      Most, if not all popular media today is soaked in the occult. Do you knowingly rent or go see modern movies today, knowing full well what you're going to see? Does it amount to watching expensive fish in a tank and pointing out the different fish, but in this case, the occult symbols/messages? Even JFK spoke out against the evils of secrecy and such organizations. And other people, who can relate as a teacher through the medium to the audience who speak about IT and THEM either die suddenly, or a short time following, usually heart attacks or cancer. If not, they're targeted for the insanity routine just like some of the communist countries.

      Here are two assignments for you today:

      Google: "Gary Webb" then, though unrelated:

      Google: "Psikhushka"

      Tell me, how much time are you spending with your Bible and singing praises to God and thanking him for your life and all the benefits He continues to provide you?

  30. Hi Vc, I just watched the opening sequence for 2012 Celebrity Big Brother (readers should know the significance of the name) and wow. The stage itself was a huge eye -_- Getting sick of how blatant everything is.

    • big brother is a CBS program, and their logo is an eye. the eye is always in the corner of the screen of all of their shows.

    • Sorry detective gadget but thats not really an original observation you made there. Yeah I hope it's obvious because that's the point of the show. They've never tried to trick the audience. From the get-go they let you know that there are cameras on you 24/7 a la "Big Brother"…it's meant to be blatant, duh.

  31. Good job VC " is somewhat representative of the masses. Even though he knows that Videodrome is not the most engrossing show on TV, he still irresistibly attracted to its graphic material. Fascination with blood and lust is a primal and instinctive reflex and has been used as a tool to capture attention and to control since ancient times (see Circus and Gladiatorial Games in the Roman Empire). Furthermore, when no moral objections are involved, some are willing to be exposed to truly evil and twisted deeds to satisfy a craving that often turns into an obsession ".

    Enough said !

  32. also i want to respond to the person that was saying that MKU can only happen to "specific groups of people", sorry but that is utter hogwash in my opinion. think of it like this, trauma-based psychology/mind control has been going on for CENTURIES!

    you only have to cast your eyes back not so (retrospectively speaking) long ago and you can see how such incidents like the; the colonialism of Africa and South-America, as well as the military invasion and occupation of various countries around the world and see very different variants of MKU taking place, but still achieving its purpose! look at the devastation it has caused to families, the self-esteem of individuals, and so much more!

    also please do not disregard the reach of those who dabble in the dark-occult, because seriously you would be very very surprise how close you could be to a possible MKU-victim/slave/handler. seriously wake up! the signs are everywhere, they have been working on this technique forever so that they can perform MKU on a grand-mass scale!

    this is why it is so important to research, and to be patient, loving and emphasizing with our fellow people.

    • You were probably referring to my comment. There is a lot of material on this website that shows that the people chosen for this intensive type of mind control are of a certain type. But, putting that aside for a moment, if what you say is true, why should anyone care to research anything, or try to do anything about it? The way you describe it, it is hopeless, there is nothing you can do, it can happen to anyone, any time, without their knowledge. So why bother reading this website, for that matter. According to you, no amount of knowledge or anything will help you.

      • because people can and DO survive programming. please everyone DO NOT underestimate your own strength and capabilities, everyone is amazing and are capable of doing so much so please do not plague yourself with doubt- especially against this. because they want your doubt (fear) to stop you from Living.

        as in regards to equipping yourself; researching is the best thing you can do! with the knowledge that you find you can share it with others, and ok some people might not believe you, but believe me when i say that your actions could save a life. i mean here on VC there are so many great articles that can begin as a foundation for your research(i also want to say that they are some amazing sources in the comment sections of the articles as well!). always Look, and Question Everything!

        on the other hand sadly the extent of programming is rampant and happening, (in so many forms) BUT the only reason why they are getting away with it is because so many people choose to ignore it because it is scary!

        we can do this! sure everything isn't going to go away in a flash and heck it probably will be a struggle, but think about how what we all do now- all the small things that we can do with our friends & family- can make such a HUGE difference for the future of everybody.

        i know it sounds all wishy-washy but believe me when i say i've come very close to programmers, handlers and ex-slaves, and YOU CAN DO SOMETHING. no, it's not all doom and gloom, as long as you can smile with your heart it's a sign of hope.

    • If you want to do something about it, then live. That is the only way you will beat them. Living is knowing the rules of the game to break them and live a life without having to nibble from their hands so much or not at all:

      *Watch little or no TV at all.

      *Anything you want to watch or listen to- download it. Reclaim your right to decide on YOUR terms what to watch and listen to.

      *Read more.

      *Exercise, it can be something simple as squats in the morning, doing yoga at home or even long walks.

      *Eat healthily. Go to markets for your fruits and veggies.

      *Don't be a racist, ableist, sexist, etc. These isms are a 'divide and conquer' tactic and it is up to us not to let this carry on.

      *Self-love. We are programmed from birth to hate ourselves and to give ourselves impossible goals. F**k them, just live and try to do loads of things in your life whether it be big or small, just think about all the cool tales you'll rack up for your younger generation.

      *Be self-sufficient, so make your own clothes, butter (it can be done) and etc.

      * Love and Live.

      I sound so preachy and it seems a lot but to be honest, it's a pretty easy-going and nice when you take out all the loud stuff. I was MKU'ed along with my siblings, my twin sis knows someone who was MKU'ed and like the Jellyfish said you'll be very surprised at how close it is to your home. But when you manage to get away from that madness, you develop a lust for life. Sort of like a drive to get the best out of life because it feels like you've been given a second chance. What can you do for people to support those who have endured programming and even the everyday horrors of racism, sexism, ableism and etc? Be quiet and listen, that's all.

      Let me wrap this up and just say all you need and all you can do is love and live.

      • H, i agree.

        And if you still want to use some of their entertainment you can.

        Just be aware.

        I mean i read all my information on a ipad.

        So you can use those things but not get attached to them.

        And live and love.


  33. I was just re-reading 'The Golden Bough' by James Frazer, a section about the violence of religious rites in the ancient world. Starting with burnt offerings and blood sacrifice of animals and working up the food chain to hanging, drowning, dismembering and burning slaves, prisoners, and even sacred kings, they would kill anything that moved in the name of religion. Here is an interesting and enlightening section about the migration of the Near Eastern Great Mother and Son religion into the Roman Empire where it found a natural home due to the savagery of the population:

    The concept of the Videodrome just seems like a continuation of these spectator religious rituals into a new medium. The original meaning of the word ‘sacred’ was ‘bloody,’ which says something very unfortunate about humanity. VC is right, anything that pushes the button for survival and blood immediately grips the attention and hijacks control away from the higher brain, the part that developed last, and hands its squarely to the reptile brain that maintains the basest functions and is mesmerized by the spectacle.

    I believe in evolution, probably unlike a lot a lot of VC's readers, and I have a theory – we retain our animal instincts, for dominance, survival and transmission of our genetic material, but we've also evolved enough consciousness for many of us to feel somewhat horrified by them. I think a lot of our religious impulse is about trying to reconcile that tension. Certain religions, like the Judeo-Christian complex, try to solve the problem by 'rising above' the needs of the body (for example, requiring priests to be celibate, practicing asceticism) or when that fails by rigidly controlling them (arranged marriages and control of women in orthodox communities). Other philosophies subsume the intellect to the physical and material needs (hedonism, Left Hand tantra, etc). Instead of going to extremes like these, I hope we can someday find a personal and cultural balance point where we can accept all of ourselves, while sublimating the more dangerous parts for the good of the whole society. That’s called civilization, and while we’ve tried, we haven’t totally achieved it yet. The problem is that of the lowest common denominator – communal discourse can only rise to the capacity of the least developed individual and therefore society keeps getting dragged down to the lowest common level. It doesn’t matter how intellectual and refined specific citizens are if the ones who hold the reins of power are abusive barbarians.

  34. Thanks for dusting off an old video, and once again, revealing the elite's agenda is hidden in plain sight. Video/computer gaming takes the elite's control to a whole new level.

  35. I saw the movie years ago when I was a early teen without realizing how intense the message behind it was. But this isn't new, I was watching an original Outer Limits episode called "Architects of Fear"(broadcast in 1963) and soberly was reminded that since the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds by Orson Wells that the manipulation, suggestion and conditioning have been wrought on us since the inception of mass media.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the VC website and the info I have found useful as well as fascinating! Thank You!


  36. i've started a blog about this sort of mind-control technique.

    being an anti-civilization anarchist, i have a different take on this – i see all of history as one giant mind-control program. free people – those without religion, who didn't live in cities and didn't support standing armies – were able to resist, and often obliterate, rising civilizations – which is the unwritten story of the americas. but, i digress…

    i found a random video about "alice" mind control techniques, from japanese pop culture. it seems like alices are being reprogrammed to be assassins:

    yeah – the main reason to acquaint oneself with these dark methods is so we can counter-act them.

    and i don't believe for a second that sexual pleasure and gratification is inherently evil or bad. as with anything, once it becomes obsessive, it becomes unhealthy. but good sex is really good for your body and mind in so many ways.

    sorry – i just can't trust people who do not appreciate life and living, and instead think of life as some sort of proving ground or punishment, one that must be overcome.

    we are all capable of overcoming the limitations of the material plain, if we so desire – but that does not mean we have to denigrate life and living in order to do so. we are also all capable of being grateful for the life we have, and of enjoying it's many wonders and splendors without feeling guilt over it.

    okay – love ya's, bye!

  37. My father was MKd in the late 60s and he was only a private in the Army. He was given LSD to enhance his performance and electro-shock "therapy" to treat his depression and schizophrenia. This is something that my father and my aunts told me about when I was a child. My uncle was also part of the program and he became a hitman and counterfeiter after the Vietnam war. I remember the FBI searching my house with dogs looking for him when I was a child. At the time I had no idea why all this crazy stuff was happening in my family, but now I do. My family is not Illuminati, but poor white trash. We happen to be of noble German descent though! My father died at the age of 32 in the state mental hospital of an "overdose". So if you think this can only happen to their own, think again!

    • Wow… how interesting! Just because your family was not 'Illuminati' but 'poor white trash' as you say, doesn't necessarily mean anything, like you said, your family was of noble German descent! It could be that they were 'elite' wealthy people at one point, but at some point in history did something to displease their masters and so became 'poor.' Interestingly enough, the so called 'original' Bavarian Illuminati' were from that area… Germany… but it's probably that the 'Illuminati' as we know them today existed long, long before any 'Bavarian Illuminati' but anyway, that is very interesting story you relate, thanks… it sounds a little like the story of Stewart Swerdlow, you should read up about him… he came from a rather 'elite' family and in order to keep control of him, he was subjected to experiments and abuse a child.. his grandfather or great grandfather became the first President of the Soviet Union… so he was recruited early on as a child, so that he could 'keep the state secrets' and stay loyal so to speak… he later grew up to grow out of it all and is now a spiritual and metaphysical teacher and lecturer and writer… enlightening people on mind control and how to be spiritually aware… he and many others including VC – who got it from literature, has also mentioned that 'mind control slaves' usually 'die' at around age 30 because that is when they are considered 'through.' Your father it seems lived a little past his supposed 'expiration date' no offense intended…

  38. You all need to take DMT. 1 dose, 15 minutes later you're changed forever. I wish those who are not awake yet could take this psychedelic.

      • fluerdamour –

        i bet you have different feelings towards "good" drugs – from corporate labs – and "bad" drugs – illegal ones, many of which are consumed in a raw, or only lightly refined state.

        DMT is produced inside your own body. it's what helps you prepare for death by showing you a highlight of your life while you are dying. i've been there, and when you are remembering these past memories, it's more like you are actually there, in that moment. it quite literally helps you overcome barriers like time and individualized consciousness in order to help you grow as a spiritual being.

        it's sad that many people put their faith in profit-oriented chemical companies and denigrate what the world will give us for free.

        i highly recommend jeremy narby's book, "the cosmic serpent" to anyone is interested in getting in touch with the lifeforce inherent in all living things.

      • @Fleurdamour You obviously don't know anything about drugs. DMT is not even a drug (well, the government classified DMT as a drug, but really, it's not) a cigarett is more dangerous than DMT. I highly recommend that you do some research about Terence McKenna and DMT (and LSD).

        Drugs are not the only way to open your mind, I agree with you. However, some of them can accurately help us to go beyond – as McKenna said – our prejudicies and cultural boundaries.

        And I definitely think you should try this.

        – Much love from Paris.

    • why would you want to live in an artificial world created by drugs (natural or not)? I keep my mind clear, thanks. I have every function I need already in my brain since birth, we all do.

      • @Rebecca You have all the functions you need to live in this universe. However, it is highly possible that our 5 senses limit us from seeing other dimensions. DMT, which is produced by all the organic forms in this world, actually increases your sensibility and by letting you explore other dimensions it eventually clears your mind. It does not altered your consciousness!

        Your answer clearly shows your lack of knowledge on the subject. DMT is a good thing (in my opinion).

      • I agree, Rebecca and Fleurdamour. Yes, folks, I am very aware of the evils of Big Pharma and how they have to dictate everything. I understand it now.

        But, gotta say, I'm not sure if DMT is a good thing or not. I don't mean because the Gov says it's bad; I mean I'd be concerned about WHAT you're opening yourself up to. It sure sounds like it feels great, but is it really good for your spirit? That's my concern, FWIW.

    • Or ayahuasca, the brew/drink form of DMT.

      An incredible spiritual experience, I am who I am thanks to Madre Aya. Calling ayahuasca a "drug" is a sign of pure ignorance. It is far from that, rather it is a traditional brew that has existed for thousands of years in the Amazon jungles (and much elsewhere). It is medicine for the mind, body, and soul.

      And since it is the combination of just two plants produced by lovely Gaia, of course our government has deemed it dangerous and illegal.

      Oh the irony.

      • @Hmmmm I think DMT can be good for people who will never ever question their environment and trust their government no matter what. DMT and LSD are the most powerful and efficient ways to open someone's mind, it only takes 15 to 30 minutes with DMT and 6 to 12 hours with LSD to radically change the way you are living and thinking.

        On the other hand, these psychedelics are good tools to further your "researches" on the mysteries of the Universe(s). It is like accessing the Universal Book of Supreme Knowledge, if you will. Some people report to be able to "read" the forest and communicate with plants and animals. And I really think they can.

        Remember, we know almost NOTHING about our Universe. DMT is everywhere, it must be very important if it's in every living forms. Think about the plants that seem to grow faster when you talk to them, it has to be a connection between us and Nature. Maybe DMT is part of the answer.

        To finish, Terence McKenna said : "Once you've discovered the Truth, the hardest thing to do is to face it." I've never had a chance to try DMT so I don't know the Truth but it surely is beyond our imagination. To quote Terence again, he once said "If you were told UFOs have landed on earth, you wouldn't care that much compared to the experiences that provides DMT".

    • Interesting enough, apparently DMT is already naturally produced in the brain…. centralized in the pineal gland…. if I remember correctly… so we could literally get a 'natural high' from our own brains if we know how to tap into it!! The human brain is the greatest thing ever invented…. if only we could utilize it…. and learn how to use it.. literally!

  39. THANK YOU VC! It's mind-boggling how these things are so blatant, but people do not realize that these "weird" movies usually have several layers & double meanings.

  40. nice analysis VC!

    i watched a short piece of the movie 'Triple X' or 'XXX' with Vince Diesel last week. In the beginning, Samuel L. Jackson says "we need someone for X mission… someone to be programmed" and this guy appears in iron man 2 with just one eye… sometimes it gets so freaking obvious!

  41. No photographic film has ever been invented that can withstand the temperature range on the Moon.

    There was no heat protection for the Hasselblad cameras for the temperatures on the moon of plus 100 degrees C to minus 100 degrees C. There was also no high-frequency radiation protection for the cameras.

    The Apollo moon landings were the first global TV hoax; 9/11 was the second.

    • Hey Joe I agree with you! I've said this time and time again but school has caused people to truly believe 100% that what they teach is absolute fact. Its so unfair to learn the lies in public school and then have to pay an arm and leg to get half the truth in college. Some people actually believe Christopher Columbus like stumbled across some water and happen to find the Americas. I mean like are we 100% sure those pics are from Mars or are they figments of someones imagination. They could tell us that people lived on Mars, how would we REALLY know this to be true? We wouldn't …..

  42. i have no kids im single and i live alone I am a loser nerd and have no friends (okay maybe 1). TV and video games and music is the only entertainment I have. I would love to stop but honestly sitting in a quiet house all day would drive me to do something more crazy than any form of media ever could. Just sayin.

    • Really? It's nice to spend some time on your own. I've been doing the same the last week or so which is refreshing. Do you reckon people can get mental?

    • There is always someone for everyone. Nerdy girls like nerdy guys. I am one of those. I married a nerd! Maybe you just need to be realistic about the women you want to date and get out there.

      • yeah – and also, start playing board games. there are tons of game stores, cafes and bars that either have times devoted to game -playing, or they have space available full-time for game playing. you'll have a lot in common with the gamers, too, so ya'll will have lots to talk about.

        then get out of the house and interact with people more.

    • joe, you gotta get out of that quiet house and make some friends. I like the board games suggestion. but whatever you do, don't deprive people of yourself. I'm sure you have a lot to offer. you have to try to make a connection to some new friends without so much technology to distract. good luck!

      • I don't know about you but since June I had to spend lots of time with people -colleagues, family, friends- listening to their problems, talking about myself, gossiping, this and the other, so when recently I ended up with all sorts of minor physical problems, I thought to myself is good to take a break and spend time on my own even though I'm not a nerd. If Joe wants to get in contact with people, he will eventually. He might not feel like it.

  43. My mom told me not to believe what I see in TV or movies…but she should have probably extended that lesson to creepers on the internet as well.

  44. Ok

    If you look at todays society, videodrome already happend indeed.

    And the stupidity and mindless programms on tv has already shaped most of the people of this world.

    If you look at some of there behaviour, there some really f****d up people in the world.

    And you CANT argue with them because they think that there way is the right way and they think its normal hoe they react.

    And most of them cant be shocked at all, they want more violence and more sex on tv.

    Its like there whole world revolves this 2 things.

    There all fighting on tv. Its ridicueless.

    They sleep around. Even with other brothers sissters on soaps movies, its really disturbing.

    And the ADS pffffffffff its to much, its BUY SELL BUY SELL. And the whole f*****g time.

    I mean buy this buy that so on . And they try to ket to believe you actually need all that stuff.

    I mean Tv entertainment videogames etc, it has become so disgusting.

    Sometimes i watch something but its get quikly annoyed to watch.

    Even newspapers magezines all that stuff is not how it needs to be but is unfortunately.

    • These days I only turn on the TV to watch the news and the weather for half an hour. American Television and advertising is just a joke now. The only theme you will see is 1.EAT 2.BUY 3. MEDICATE 4. EAT SOME MORE 5. BUY LATEST GADGET. 6. MEDICATE AND TREAT YOUR DEPRESSION 7. REPEAT STEPS 1-6.

      Have any of you seen the preview of the movie "BRANDED" coming out in September? If that's not enough to make the sleeping sheep wake up then I don't no what else will. We're truly doomed.

  45. Well, Its all about the destruction of everything, for people who are aware of the plans the "The Elite" are doing, and left the ones who are in a state of "mind control", to manipulate and to establish the One World Order were SIN is an everyday living and no god to fear of.

    That would be my sweetest guess so far.

    As for me, I'm gonna need a lot of help from my God to cleanse my soul and redeem all the bad things that I've done here on earth. Well to get my Soul in the right place at least before my time is up.

    • neil –

      your religion is part of the mind-control network.

      expecting religion to free you from the global elite is like going to the police to report that the police have been kidnapping and murdering your neighbors.

      how can people be this blind?

      • He didn't say he was going to religion, he said he was going to God. I agree that most likely every religion is corrupt in its upper echelons, but going to God is something else entirely. We don't have to go through any human or religious system (like the Pope) to be able to communicate with Him. "Religion" should only refer to your belief system based on accurate and encompassing interpretation of the Bible (or if you believe that the Bible is corrupted, then using your sense of right and wrong that God gave you, but don't let it be perverted through media consumption) and other people you worship with who believe the same thing. But by no means should trust be put in religion itself, just in God.

      • If there is no Resurrection, none of this matters anyway; if there is no God or an eternal soul, then there really isn't any "right" or "wrong". It would all be relative. The 'Elites' are wrong because they are of the devil – their 'spiritual father' – because they do the kinds of things which he does.

        So I'm keeping the True Faith and all the things contained in the Book of Apocalypse (Revelation).

    • why do you say he is blind? the NWO would like you to not believe in God. then it becomes hopeless and there is no one to turn to. maybe you are playing into their hands.

      you are entitled to your opinion, but certainly so is neil. I just don't think you should be so convinced that you are the one who knows all and are right. there is no way for you to know that.

      • what "god?"

        WHO or WHAT do you pray to? Do you know what happens through prayer? it's powerful stuff, and there are all sorts of predatory spirits out there who will gladly play the role of "god" for you.

        the spiritual plain is a wonderous, but possibly dangerous place, and calling on entities by some vague title is inviting ANYTHING into your life.

        gods need religions in order to exist, so i cannot see one as being separate from the other.

        btw – if you consider yourself a christian, you are praying to and worshiping amen – god the father. OR you are not following jesus' teachings. just sayin…these vile mind-control techniques have been in use for thousands of years.

      • I am glad that Nora took and explain my point of view cuz i'm not good on explaining things. And also thanks Rebecca for backing me up. I mean I'm a Roman Catholic and I find the teachings way overrated. But I wasn't going to convert into some other religion. I have nothing against my religion, but some of the people who deliver the message of God(priests etc.) to us, doesn't seem to follow God's example. Like other priests crave for material things, I mean I saw a priest not to long ago, who owns a luxury SUV and smokes cigarettes in front of my aunt's guests. The priest was going to make a blessing at my aunts new home and I find him, ridiculous. I mean how could God accept this guy in heaven if he does devilish things here on earth while doing priestly deeds? xD

        Anyway, that's not the only thing I have observed in the past and today. It's like I'm losing my devotion and dedication to Catholicism but I never think of leaving it.

        I just realized how blasphemy and hypocrisy is still rampant in the religious system and I find that Evil is still winning. But I always hope that people like me are realizing this stuff.

        I just pray that people like me and the rest of you would gather and combat this NWO agenda because I do not like it.

        I still believe God made us good, and God is finding ways to repel all these evil influences and God loves us from the start.

        So please at least pray once in awhile and keep your head up!

  46. I watched "master of disguise" the other night and wow does it ever have a TON of illuminati symbolism! It came out in 2002 when I was in grade 10. I know I watched it then but was oblivious to all of the symbolism. It's clear as day now! What's surprising is that it's a comedy … But thy still find a way to push their agenda by making the illuminati look "cool" and "mysterious". Kids don't even realize what they are consuming. I know I didn't.

  47. "Television, drug of the nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation,

    T.V. is the place where the pursuit

    of happiness has become the pursuit of trivia

    Where toothpaste and cars have become sex objects

    Where imagination is sucked out of children

    by a cathode ray nipple

    T.V. is the only wet nurse

    that would create a cripple"

    Partial lyrics from:Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy – Television, The Drug Of The Nation Lyrics

  48. you are what you think. if you put garbage in your mind, you'll get garbage out. I used to watch the music videos once in a while to see how bad they were. not anymore. I have enough information and I'll stick to uplifting media, or no media when possible.

    • You must understand – a huge percentage of "uplifting" media (including many "Christian" programs/films/music) are actually vehicles for delivering Monarch mind control programming to your brain. This programming is not contained in the content you perceive consciously – you don't see it or hear it. Rather it is incorporated into subliminal signals that can be hidden within video or audio of any sort. It is perfectly possible to take a legitimate copy of a film like "The Ten Commandments" and saturate it with Monarch programming sufficient to seize control of ordinary and even pious viewers. The key is that most people in 2012 have been slowly PRE-programmed for years without realizing it by consuming so much media with hidden Monarch codes. Monarch sex puppetry was something done only to certain special individuals decades ago – but today it is done constantly to millions of people who are completely unaware their bodies are routinely being hijacked and used for the worst sorts of perversion and criminality. This is something EVERYONE needs to concern themselves with. Good luck to you and your family.

      • yes, media can come in misleading packages. when I say uplifting, I mean uplifting in my opinion, and not referring to a certain genre in general.

      • actually, let me clarify. how do you know if something is good? well, how do you feel when you are watching it? the counterfeits out there are not perfect. you will be able to detect a difference between good and bad materials, especially if you keep a clear mind. for religious people, pray about it. for everyone, use your reasoning and your intuition. we are not just tools of the illuminati. we have minds and we can discern what is good and what may have been tampered with.

  49. Thanks VC- and couldn't be more pertinent right now. Personally, I think we need to start discovering who we are without ANY media. In small doses, like the 'day without tv' that has become popular. Considering most modern people's sense of self comes from pop culture- I think it will be more difficult than people think. It's hard for me when I disconnect from movies, music, tv consciously and I know that it is the right thing to do. Any other thoughts on this?

    • it is hard to unplug. i say this as i often have the TV on. my husband comes into the room and asks me what is on. I don't even know because it's just background noise, but your subconscious mind takes it all in. it's a force of habit to grab the remote and turn it on. I am going to get behind the tv and flip the switch on the power strip. then when my habit kicks in and I pick up the remote, it won't work and I can remember that I am trying to keep that thing off!

      • Me, I say television is just a tool . You can use it for good as well as for evil. Let's not forget that if it were not for the internet we wouldnt have access to all this very important information on VC and we would not have known that there are like-minded people all over the world. I myself have a television but I watch it whenever I want to watch it and I choose what I would like to see. Parents should take far more responsibility for their offspring and stop leaving them to the wolves like lambs to the slaughter. If we are not going to teach our children our values, then they sure will.

  50. Seriously…people need to stop watching tele and need to comsume their time with better things. Focus on your families, friends and the most things that matters. The recent technology will kill us all and the elites are predicting this as shown by many "sci-fi" movies. It will definately be our end UNLESS people start controlling themselves and what they watch and do. Block your web-cam on your laptop etc as they can access it and view what your do. Block your HTC, iPhone's (or whatever smart phone you have) GPs to stop them from tracking your every step. Lastly if you have children or young siblings start educate them about the evil of TV and the internet (if not used properly). I'm moving somewhere where I can live in peace without getting all the rubbish into my head ie technology.

    • do you really think simply blocking your gps will stop them from tracking your phone? It sends out radio waves……… it's very trackable regardless of your gps being on or off.

  51. The first movie camera or moving picture camera was actually made in the 11 century by the Templars.It was called the "zoetrope" and could show pictures moving depicting motion or action like a cartoon.

    The Vatican not only destroyed this technology but ended up roasting the templars.

    The Templars or Gnostics had hit on a fundamental understanding of the human reality tunnel.

    That we live In a world of illusions being run by a scheming and evil figure.

    A demiurge.

    A creative phallic force , both male and female who is the ruler of matter and time and requires sacrifice, war and conflict to survive….a fire that needs more and more wood to remain alive.

    ( this creative force being YHWH, Allah, Jesus, Osiris,Bhudda,Bel,Zeus)

    They started a struggle against this deity , and reversed all rules of morality , where the good became the bad and the bad good.

    And in order to win the game of chess against this evil lord, played the same game of dualism on the dualistic deity.

    The modern camera highlights this dualism, where black frames and normal frames oscillate onwards to create a reality of movement in a camera screen projection.

    This whole existence tunnel is nothing but a projection….. A world of illusions …or Maya as the Indians call it.

    The Gnostics made it a life long struggle to pervert all rules of this deity and eventually to finish all life on earth, to free man from the clutches of matter and reincarnation in flesh on this earth. This struggle continues to this day.

    That is why sodomy is important in all mystic it destroys human birth and is a perversion of the natural principle of reproduction.It prevents man from being born on earth and to face the trials and tribulations of life , disease and death.

    The highest echelons of power today hide this gnostic agenda, although they all start with paying homage to this trilateral deity, but at the highest level…flip the doctrines, like a flip knob of a camera , to reveal the " true doctrine of light" as pontiffus maxima Albert pike used to say.

    The deity of light "oph"

    From where you gets optics, optometry, ophthalmologists….

    Means serpent.

    The deity of light…Christos lucifer….

    The light bearer…

    Halal e sehor……Venus mylita..

    The lady that liberates…

    The female serpent….

    S"oph" ia

    The saviour

    All though the gnostic agenda was an abomination of the phallic faiths ..a misinterpretation of deity and evil.It has it's salient points.

    But beyond the jibberish , is the same serpent worship motif which runs very old in human history.

    The main aim of these societies is to accelerate human evolution to the point where we end up finishing all life.

    The Gnostics are in charge of the highest levels of all mystic societies…

    It is the hidden doctrine…..

    That no matter how much we may pay adoration to god…

    We still hate him for trapping us on this earth…

    And as god has a love hate relationship with man…

    So does man have a love hate relationship with god.

    Eventually god wins, but needs man to acknowledge his greatness..

    So man comes again and again on earth….to get punished.

    The great war the Gnostics have planned , is going to be the " war of wars"

    All wars before it, have been a preparation for this great war….

    Believe me….i am not making this up.

    A great book to read would be

    Flicker by Theodore Rozak

    In which this gnostic agenda is clarified.

    The following books will help

    The history of decay. Emile cioran

    The Gnostics Jacques lacquirre

    The Gnostics and their remains C.W.King

    In movies

    The Truman show

    The matrix

    Ground hog day

    Another useful video would be platos analogy of the cave

    See it on Youtube.

    Mystery schools always start with homage to the great creative force….

    Till at the highest level , the table is turned.

    All faiths of men attest to this great creative force, Muslim , Christian ,Jew, Hindu…

    Then for the select few, the other side of the picture is revealed.

    In stead of adoration, the new aspect of god as a jailer or butcher is revealed

    And salvation through tantric yoga, sodomy, human sacrifice is shown.

    Preversion, sexual pleasure is highlighted and reproduction and child birth is considered an abomination.

    Everything in our known history , till man really realized his ill fate has been in fulfilling this gnostic agenda.

    Who is right and who is wrong….

    Doesn't matter

    The sodomites and the gemmorheans knew something which angered the creative force…..

    What looks and feels bad is actually good

    What looks and feels good is actually bad

    • @Fidelio – That's an interesting perspective on the 'Illuminati,' one I had not considered. I recall reading about the Cathars in Southern France, and some of them leaped happily into the fire when the Catholic church executed them by burning them as heretics. They were so glad to leave this world they considered it a blessing to be given the opportunity. And al-Hallaj, the Sufi mystic, thanked the men who killed him (quite horribly), also as a heretic. He said he was glad because it meant he could be with "the King" again. Life has always been a mixed blessing, more so in the ancient world when life was cheap, disease was rampant, people were routinely eaten by wild animals, and you literally belonged to the aristocracy. I don't agree with the Gnostics that this world is totally corrupted and the only thing to do is leave it, but in the context of the harshness of life in the distant past when their philosophy had its origins, I can view their interpretation of reality with understanding. My compassion has a limit, though – it's one thing to sacrifice yourself to the Gnostic philosophy, but if you involve others, ie human sacrifice of people who don't share your theological paradigm, then it's simple murder. That's another way to look at the "Illuminati' – they don't seem to be in any hurry to leave this world, but instead have given themselves heart and soul to its corrupting influence.

      • For the completion of the agenda…requires a zero failure rate.

        It has to become so gigantic, that it crushes all like a deluge.

        Cycling it, revving it up, generation after generation….

        " the great work" as it is called.

        Why are the nuclear states piling so many weapons?

        Seems odd…..

        Or as Kurt cobain would say

        "Smells like Gnostic Agenda"

      • @ Fidelio – It would certainly explain why so many people are so self-destructive, and why patriarchy seems hellbent on destroying the planet. But that's a self-created hell, isn't it? And a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of spending those same resources on improving this world, the conditions are articially made so intolerable (poverty, inequity, war, famine, tyranny, etc.) that death is the only path left open for escape. Pretty stupid, really. It's like in Harry Potter, with Voldemort going to all the trouble he did to abuse, maim and dominate the population with the sole unconscious aim of 'suicide-by-cop' via creating the instrument of his own self destruction in the person of Harry. So stupid.

      • The order of the quest!

        The order of the serpent!

        The highest echelon of occultism is the order of the serpent.

        The understanding of God as a serpent is the most ancient faith of man.

        Behind all the rude stone monuments, pillars and statues is the symbol of the serpent.

        The gnostic Christos…

        The God behind the gods.

        The very Light of the universe…..Hidden from all.

        As the highest perfection does not demand adoration or praise…

        The highest perfection is nothingness….nihilism….silence.

        The Deity who recognizes primordial thought of creation as an imperfection in itself.

        The great unknown God of the cosmos…

        The Serpent.

        Everything contains an essence of this serpentine principle…

        Even the demiurge is a creation of this Serpent and is like the serpent.

        From the DNA of man, to the reverbrational energies seething the universe…

        peak and trough….sliding over the frequency ranges like a serpent

        Strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetic and gravitational forces….

        are in essence having a serpentine quality….

        the lord of polarities…..eating its own tail….feeding on its own self…

        a phoenix that comes back over and over….

        ancient man was far more wiser and in tune with mother nature than we are…

        All religions at their very core are serpentine faiths…

        Even the pantheons of the ancients recognized the great father and mother as a hermaphrodite serpent….two in one….or two serpents coiled around one another…

      • yosa, that serpent is not God, its Satan (who wants you to believe he is God so he can drag you to hell)

        All of the pagan religions worship demons.

    • ""The first movie camera or moving picture camera was actually made in the 11 century by the Templars.It was called the “zoetrope” and could show pictures moving depicting motion or action like a cartoon.

      The Vatican not only destroyed this technology but ended up roasting the templars.

      The Templars or Gnostics had hit on a fundamental understanding of the human reality tunnel…"

      TRANSLATION: "We simply cannot allow the Templars to have -a fundamental understanding of the human reality tunnel"- thats our job!"

    • Fidelio, I have read your comments and resisted the urge to add my opinion. For resistance is what I am about in this plane. But you typed that you believe this "world of illusions being run by a scheming and evil figure" and honestly…no matter how learned a soul you are, no matter how many books you have read projecting historical fact or fiction, no matter how emotionally secure you are, that statement, from the perspective of TODAY not tomorrow, not yesterday, that perspective is so incredibly dense and pathetic and OBVIOUSLY WARPED by books and people that…

      I pity you in your war against religious ideas. How sad you realize reality is shapeshifting on the wind, no direction, no moral origination, no way you…of all people…are the authority of. How sad that you are so smart yet so stupid.

      Mother nature is not a scheming evil figure. Take away all that is human and you still have natural law, a message, hidden in plain sight. This message has no direction, no moral obligation and no authority and creates some of the most beautiful, amazing things which we can not comprehend. Obviously a stupid human like your self, attempting to understand, inserting your ego into all of it, will get it wrong. It is a waste of a brain, your tunnel vision like thinking. You lead by example, that people are easily manipulated when they factor out that natural law is the only proof of creative force….there is no duality. There is only one.

      Good luck in your search, good luck convincing people of their own stupidity and denseness. You lead by example.

      I wish you could just shut up, calm your thoughts, go to a completely barren wilderness area and sit an observe it. Don't project your ego onto it. Just observe it. If you still come back stating it is evil, isn't it funny how "it" does not have to do anything in order to damn you to a shitty existence? Your ego makes me sick and your comments initially, I agreed with (not being religious myself) but now, I pity you. You are just as bad as the religious freaks and robotic members of modern society.

      The "it" is not evil or bad. It supersedes your existence. That is all. To come to a farther conclusion is your mind playing tricks on you. Natural law is all there is and it is available to all of us. Your ego enslaves you, Fidelio.

      Oh, sorry. Doctor Fidelio.

      • Thank you for all that love and support.

        I agree with you completely.

        But there is one step more to this Jacobs ladder.

        One step above and beyond human comprehension.

        Our brains are wired in a very strange way.

        We are not meant to lose hope.

        Even a dying cancer patient will have hope till his/ her last dying breath.

        Then that hope fades away into the calm serene face of death.

        You can literally see this transition.

        Man let's go.

        I pity this brain…..this pathetic existence.

        We are slaves …..who should not have been … the first place.

        The great architect is also a perfect schemer….

        Too perfect.

        He has made this world and life just….just bearable.


        If this life were a little too tough..all would die..

        A little too easy…..all would die again.

        He/ she is the great mathematician, the great architect of the universe….

        Love him, adore him….

        I dislike all forms of gods.

        They are amoral…..for them nothing is good and bad.

        They are tricky…and always putting man Into some irony, some challenge…

        A little hamster always running.

        I don't wish life on anyone…

        The perfect slave is the one who doesn't know about his slavery.

        Enjoy this world…..enjoy it.

      • Fidelio. You are a slave. To the written word on the page you read, the spoken word you let penetrate your psyche, to the witnessing of reality you might or might not be able to master when your eyes mirror and flip reality, egotistically calling out all based on your inflated perception of historical fact/fiction and lazy in your reliance on your own twisted rationalization of existence. YOU make the assumptions of another's brain synapses, as it approaches realizations that lead to death of all cells. YOU assume the brain is meant to maintain a sense of hope. YOU pity the brain. YOU state we should not have been born into existence in the first place. YOU don't wish life on anything. YOU assume the enslavement of people, some of whom are, very clearly, mentally free of the cobwebs of confusion of it all. You are a very learned individual but you obviously know nothing about neuroscience and the psychology behind of assumptions. Why does the brain struggle with accurate perception of reality? and morality? Riddle me this, oh free man amongst all of profane slaves living and dead? Please include more of your veiled references to how ignorant and profane we all are for not agreeing that life sucks and is a personal prison ๐Ÿ™‚ More love for you, seeing as you are very loving and understanding of ignorance in itself…

        The label of "architect" is FALSE, it implies separation. "IT" just is and to go beyond that is ignorant. The serpent is another FALSE way to comprehend "IT", to rationalize "IT". You have no purpose here but to observe, consequential to that is learning, relating is more human ego insertion. YOUR EGO ENSLAVES YOU. Now I ask, how different are you from a pompous preacher on a stage? A blow hard on a pulpit? A hypocrite disguised as a wise man? You enjoy your time here. Or not. Either way, I care not that you have an skew on reality. I know it is best to observe, to accept what IT IS rather than go into the hows, the whys and the motives of IT. It supersedes your existence.

        I personally sit back and observe natural law and my relation to it and note that nothing but positive effects occur within my biological systems when I just sit and observe natural law. IT is not an architect, not a schemer and not perfect at all. IT JUST IS. Why do we separate IT from Life? IT IS LIFE. YOU ARE IN IT, ARE YOU PART OF IT? ARE YOU IT? You administer yourself to live a life wasted in confused, egotistical anger. Have fun.

      • All I know is rooted in empathy and appreciation for all forms of life. My hands are dirty and exposed, I hold your hands in mine, always. All I believe is what reality reveals to me today. I witness everyone, today, living within a creation, I witness nature, myself included, having the potential to create. Even minerals and rocks create. The past is of no concern, nor is the future. Wikipedia is a joke, sexual perversion is a coping mechanism, which is all people seem good for since the dawn of man. Natural law has no description, it can only be observed. IT is not HA, IT can’t be called upon, defined, accepted or rejected, only observed. IT is not God, IT is all there is and ever wlll be and you are an important part. Protect your fragile psyche while you are here. Appreciate being alive. IT is not a prison. I do not exist to contribute to a souls hell on Earth. I know this. For you to say (in veiled way) that women are tools and give birth to enslave souls is complete bullshit and I think you know it.

        Anyway. Beef squashed. Now you know I read everything here, rarely interject but will if I see a good message lost on people because the messenger is struggling with a shadow, I must speak up for you have knowledge to share, you can help people, but you must help yourself first. The essence of reality is not conflict and the fact that you share this belief with people on this site who might or might not be impressionable is irresponsible!!

        The essence of reality is creation. A gift to be cherished, a role to be strong and accept, the way of life.

        Again, all you seem to enjoy reading about is man’s coping mechanisms. I don’t understand. Yes, very sick and interesting, I am not beyond enjoying reading about the sickness unto death, so to say, but my guess is, with the time you take to read about these historical atrocities, you could devote to better use. Anyway. I hold your hand.

    • I mean to say

      How sad you

      do not

      realize reality is shapeshifting on the wind, no direction, no moral origination, no way you…of all people…are the authority of.

      • Your "ha" is not lost on me, I love the sound of the mocking bird. Simple is how you define the road to wisdom? Ok great teacher! Define wisdom, just as a wise man hiding behind his fear would…

        You seem sad and I am as well when I am reminded that a valid, valuable message can't be heard by the right people because of the age-old ego of the teacher. All I am trying to say is be open to the possibility of IT. No matter what you read, you could live thousands of years and witness all you have read but if you do not understand what reality is instructing you on TODAY, you are just as ignorant as the people who care not to listen, look, in the first place. This is the only way to truth, observance of IT. Today.

        My point in on top of my head, right wise teacher? My point is mute because you have cobwebs in your ears. So sing away.

      • @face in the crowd.

        My dear Sir!

        I did not write the word " HA" as a mocking…

        Ha….is actually a deep word…

        the sound of god….the name of god!

        the word is the simplest under standing of god…


        ALLAH HU…

        HA HA HA

        HA HA LAk….LAk HAaa


        (this word is uttered by shivites (aghoris ) of india 1min 23 seconds onwards in the video)

        i use HA… it just finishes my thoughts and relieves my mind…

        the end


        I really appreciate your intelligence and wisdom.

        I am more dionysian in my attitudes…

        I am a complete idiot….a mad drunk old hag!



      • @face in the crowd

        it just occurred to me Sir…

        you and I are both educated men…upstanding men.

        We have read books, obeyed laws, earned incomes…

        we are like two antelopes with their horns locked.


        if you and i had not been educated, we might even be fighting.

        In jails men fight over,"his momma said this…his momma said that"

        many get stabbed multiple times by stabbing instruments over the most stupidest of reasons…

        i have seen university professors have a go at one another…

        everything is rooted in conflict…

        ego, hormones, gravity, flesh…

        women kill other womens children…

        just like female animals of other species…

        this world sir…..

        a den of conflicts…

        eat or be eaten….keep on running….

        God has been portrayed as saturn…

        the one who runs with a scythe…

        the killer…

        out to get you…

        I completely agree with you on everything ….

        but i am a coward.

        religions have been the great civilizing force of man.

        they brought ethics, law,functioning economy,respect for women…

        they strengthened the family….gave prestige to the old….and protection to the down trodden.

        A collective security…..we had to create religions ….

        to help all of us survive one another and nature….

        sooner…too many religions started business…

        priesthood turf wars ensued…

        rigid beliefs got even more entrenched….

        misery and suffering solidified belief systems….

        this world…the cycle of birth, disease and death…

        I dont want to fight with any one.

        I am not against any religion….have read them all….

        the essence of reality is conflict….

        you subconscious and conscious mind fight it over , their turf wars happen in sleep…in dreams.

        I am an educated idiot.

        I have reached a highly enlighted state of ignorance.

        I am not a master….not a professor…

        I am a bum! a looser….an absolute piece of s**t….

        I just want to share what i read.

        Let me share with you what i read about today…

        "the castrators of russia"

        (see wikipedia)

        Called Skoptsy….

        A secret society…gnostic

        who practiced castration and ate their gentilia after cutting them off.

        The priests of venus used to practice castration.

        There was a very fine book written by Lucian of Samosata, " DE DEA SYRIA" about 2 thousand years back, in which he actually wrote about similar worships done by the priests of venus/atargatis…the goddess.

        please check lucian of samosata on wikipedia

        and de dea syria on sacred-textsdotcom

        or internetarchive

        the cult of the goddess has always been of murder, sacrifice and mutilation.

        Either it be the gnostic sophia, atargatis, venus, kalima…..

        they are all the same.

        the castrators of russia…followed this same pagan worship up till the 19th century.

        It must still exist in some areas of romania, estonia…etc…who knows..

        now i learned this information today…..isnt it astonishing…

        who would have heard of something called the skoptsies….

        this is what i like…..

        what lead these people to do such stuff….

        chop of your genitals….

        and then do what…..???

        what lead these people to these thoughts…

        mind control?

        how was it done?

        all this stuff is really eye opening…

        so now….

        i accept my stupidity….

        i have no war of words with you sir….

        and i acknowledge you are a very educated and enlighted man…


    • The ruler doesn't need anything in the domain of the creation. Which makes all that elaborate model of yours crumble down. Together with the observation that life can't be punishment, it would be not harsh enough.

      If you need a demonstration, let me be god, well, demigod of something. Let's say I play a game of chess. The game of chess is an example of abstraction, a system with some rules. From the point of view of the chess piece, the game is the only possible reality, and it's very decoupled from ours. You don't need a particular piece of wood to be the piece, and you don't need it here or anywhere else physically. All you need is to imagine the game, and the game exists in its own abstraction. As the game is an abstraction for us, we might be an abstraction for somebody else.

      Now. Do I need anything at all from a chess game? nope, the game exists only in the mind of who knows the rules. It can't affect me. The god doesn't need anything of the creation, even if creation were entirely made out of his mind and he coincided with the creation, which is what the guys claiming god is the universe say. Because what is part of the creation is on another level which the god completely controls. No definition of "need" can be done with this situation.

      But ok you can rephrase that theory into "god is pleased with our suffering because blah blah". It's an alternative to the religions who say "god is a loving one". A mere alternative, not the revelation of some wondrous suppressed Truth. The Truth stays outside our reason's grasp. All need belief because proof can't be provided (divine power is indistinguishable from sufficiently powerful technology or mind control because every proof needs to get to us through the mind).

      So believe one religion, believe none, whatever. But if you soak up theories be aware of their inherent limitations.

  52. To understand the affect of p*********y on human beings watch Ted Bundys interview, he gave this the day before his execution: (Ted Bundy had converted to Christianity and had been obviously told by God to give this prophetic warning) (clip) (full version)

    It absolutely 100% endorses the above article by VC.

    I'll quote Bundy from the interview "And what scares and appalls me, Dr. Dobson, is what I see on cable TV. Some of the violence in the movies that come into homes today is stuff that they wouldn't show in X-rated adult theatres thirty years ago. This stuff – I'm telling you from personal experience – is the most graphic violence on screen, particularly as it gets into the homes, to children who may be unattended or unaware that they may be a Ted Bundy who has that vulnerability or predisposition to be influenced by that kind of violence."

    Read this article to see the affect:**n-boy-who-raped-my-girl-4.html

    This is EXACTLY what the satanists that run this planet are doing. Year by year it gets progressively worse, and day by day our values and morals become more satanic.

    Whilst they have Monarch Slaves which are used in the making of these films – we are also becoming slaves by watching it. Even 1 second of watching this evil affects us.


    Behind the scenes – without question the serial killers who we all think act alone are working for the satanic families and priesthoods (Jesuits/Knights Templars etc) running this planet.

    These stories have an incredible negative impact on society at large.

    But these killers DO NOT WORK ALONE.

    Watch this documentary called: "Programmed to Kill"


    Finally I don't want to end this negatively. Please watch this video series of how you can be FREE of any satanic influence – and how you can then free others.

    God Bless.

      • Hey Rebecca – – –

        Well I think the videos give a good reference to the actual article – for example:

        P**n films that use a particular Monarch slave who is used as a 'p**n star' will be coded according to the code name given to the star. Let’s say they call the Star "Lily", then the p**n movies will be cataloged Lily 1, Lily 2, Lily 3, etc.

        This p**n involves a great deal of real torture, humiliation, and actual deaths of people and is the type of p**n portrayed in the movie Videodrome.

        The main character in Videodrome represents what a mind-controlled slave would see. The main character Max is told, "I want you to open up to me." He then feels intense pain and doubles up and falls down, and submits, "all right."

        Then he is ordered to "Give us channel 83." He then proceeds under the mind-control to KILL two partners, who he has previously liked and with whom he has had no quarrels. He is further told, "You are an assassin for Videodrome. They can program you. They can make you do what they want."

      • The youtube video called 'programmed to kill' – shows how the majority – if not all serial killers – were involved in very similar scenarios to the above.

        Heres a link for all 6 parts of 'Programmed to Kill':


        The reason why I think this is important is because even YESTERDAY a woman who let two 8 year old girls starve to death was freed early:

        This involves the case of Marc Dutroux and the huge amount of child kidnappings which took place in Belgium.

        People in Belgium cant bear to talk about this case because they KNOW that this all went high up into places of power.

        This is a mainstream documentary about the case:

        Even watching after watching a mainstream documentary most people would be horrified as to what went on. I urge people to investigat this case fully as it leads to the higher echelons of the illuminati and the "Mother of Darkness Castle" in Belgium.

        Investigating detectives discovered that there was a satanic ritual connection to this case and it involved notorieties from the very pillars of Belgium society. Stories emerged of exclusive sex orgies where the rich and powerful watched "snuff" movies and there was group participation in the sacrifice of babies and young girls.

        The most astounding revelation of all came when witnesses named the heir to the throne of Belgium, Prince Albert, as a participent in the sex and child abuse orgies.


        If you want to really know about the illuminati – just study the Marc Dutroux case.

      • Hi Tale –

        Theres alot of darkness in Belgium alright – but theyre the only country EVER to march en masse to protest at these paedophilic rings, that operate everywhere…How many children go missing every year in the USA, Canada, France, Germany etc…

        The numbers would shock people.

        No country is free of evil – and its only when the people of Belgium decided to rise up – because they couldnt take anymore – that the evil stopped (well died down for a while anyway)…

        Remember what a great man once said –

        "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

        Edmund Burke…

        By the way – any of you who wish to know who was really behind the French Revolution should read all his works.

      • nikkimeen, I really do appreciate your information. The reason I won't watch certain things is because I don't like to desensitize myself to certain images and ideas. It's pretty much what this whole article is about. A guy starts watching something questionable and can't stop and it ruins him. I am picky in what I watch because I really believe the media can affect us, usually negatively, unfortunately.

    • (((By the way – any of you who wish to know who was really behind the French Revolution should read all his works.)))

      The illuminatus of course. Who else?

  53. VC, your website is nothing short of cutting edge occult analysis and I'm speaking world wide. My only request is that you edit your articles just a bit further, as your talent and ability to create something so massively opinion changing only deserves the best. Those of you out there who are new to this type of information, learn it, and fast, because it won't be accessible for long. This website is all you need to get started on truly understanding the truth.

    • Why do you say this website won't be accessible for long? I mean "This type of information", do you know something or it is just a fear?

  54. You're on fire, VC. I watched The Hunger Games on dvd last week. I found it terribly confronting. I can't imagine how bad it would have been watching that in a cinema. Also the new 21 Jump Street movie made me sick with what Hollywood can get away with.

    • After I watched the Hunger Games, I had nightmares for a week about running through the forest and having to save children. I only watched it to find the NWO symbolism, but DANG did it mess with my head! I'll never let my children watch it.

    • Then why do you people insist in watching Hollywood movies?!?! It they're as horrible as you say, then don't watch them. But you know what? That's bc you can't help rubbernecking, like a bad car accident you can't look away. So you voluntarily watch these movies while protesting and claiming that it's being "forced" upon you. Stupid much?

  55. I think this is soooo true and spooky, thats the reason the celebs, are self destructing, because the programmers dont need them anymore or the celebs are coming to there senses, The worst part about all of this is, There is gonna be an end to it, Rather they want to belive so or not, If you knock on the devils door long enough He will answer

  56. I watched this movie years ago and found it prescient of the growing desire by 'Elites' to 'desensitize' the masses – think about the fact that half the pictures VC posts in the 'Pics of the Month' posts would have been considered p*********y 20 – 30 years ago.. and they now show up in mainstream magazines.

    Great movie for it's time, and the message has aged well. Thanks for the post!

  57. Not just metaphor – but a depiction of actual mind control technology in use for the past 30 years. This film was partly fictionalized in order to protect those involved and it was based on genuine leaked classified information combined with speculation, but while fanciful it is meant as a fictionalized depiction of actual Monarch sex puppet mind control technology.

    Videodrome is told from the hallucinatory perspective of the Monarch Sex Puppet victim who has experienced incomplete memory redaction. Such a person is prone to have flashes of memories of the sickening "Illuminati" sexual rituals break through into waking consciousness. This sort of incomplete memory wipe was far more common in earlier generations of Monarch technology. Today it is very rare that any memory of being used as a sex puppet remains with the victim unless the controllers leave that memory in deliberately. Sadly, they often do exactly this so as to taunt and arouse the victim even during periods of they are not being used for sex magick rituals.

    But even more so today than when Videodrome was made – the "Illuminated" have encoded all sorts of popular media with mind control technology easily capable of seizing control of the person reading this and using them as a Monarch Sex Puppet for sex magick rituals and crimes against humanity before wiping the memory. Educate yourselves about "Illuminati" sex rituals in order to watch for the signs that you or your loved ones are being used as Monarch Sex Puppets without your knowledge. Good luck to you all.

    • it's not like they take just anybody for that type of mind control. you don't have to worry about most of your family or yourself. they target individuals in certain situations. usually people who come from abuse to begin with. the things you need to worry about for normal people are the media coming at you through TV, internet, etc. typical people do not need to worry they are being used as a sex slave without their knowledge.

      • Rebecca, I beg to differ. Research the MILAB phenomenon. I come from a family who was not part of any secret societies but was nonetheless military abducted and used in many mind control scenarios. They use the exact same techniques on you with the use of mind-swipe tech and virtual reality scenarios to mess with your head and then make you forget. The MILAB phenomenon could be happening to as much as 3% of the world population at any given time and is directly connected to the satanic occult military industrial complex. Do not kid yourself that this stuff "only" happens to people from rarified backgrounds. The whole point of this discussion Is to show you how far the extent of the agenda of illuminati mind control extends to the masses too. Don't think you haven't been duped once or twice at least by their agenda. Their whole purpose and Moody's operandi is situated around two things : power and control. And they think you are too stupid to notice. The greatest trick the devil ever played was making you think he wasn't real. The same trick of the mind applies to people saying this sort of thing "only" happens to bloodline people. Not so.

      • ok, if you believe in the devil, you must believe in God. The picture you are painting, it is hopeless. So why should I bother to worry? I'll never even know if I am being used as a slave. You are questioning your day to day reality as you know it. We should all question the things we see in media, politics, etc. But to question your day to day existence? You are falling into their trap.

    • I always wondered about that. I was just reading in the news that Shia LeBeouf will be having actual sex in his next movie. Now I don't know if that is true or if they are just doing it for attention. But I wouldn't be surprised if that's how they start working it in for mainstream acceptance.

      • (different Amanda!!)

        I agree. I know its none of my business what kind of relationship Shia is in in real life and frankly I don't care, but how effed up is that? Can you imagine being his girlfriend or wife and having to reconcile your partner having penetrative sex with somebody else as 'just art' for a film? Messed up.

        But I think when you get down to it many mainstream actors are very messed up people, so its no wonder they all live in their LA bubbles. It's not real life. In a way, actors are paid very well to be 'liars'. It was my understanding that divorce rates used to be quite low until amongst other things, people started watching movie characters divorcing in films!! The influence of the mass media is not to be underestimated.

        The latest thing that has come out of nowhere seems to be the '50 shades of Grey' books promoting BDSM. These books are being 'pushed' in the same way the Harry Potter books were. I get very suspicious these days when something gets forced down your throat through the media.

        50 Shades of Grey = BDSM/brutal punishment and sex = pleasure and is 'relationship building'

        Harry Potter = ritual witchcraft to invoke demons

        (Harry may have been the 'hero' but actually he was actually still part demon via Voldemort)

        These seem to fit in quite well with Illuminati values and are now being forced into the mainstream for us all to consume!

      • People divorced less before because the had no choice in the matter. "Didn't like that your husband was beating you? Well too bad! Better not get a divorce because what would the neighbors think?!" People now have a choice of divorce without it being taboo; yes people abuse it but nonetheless people aren't obligated to stay married to hateful spouses.

      • madonna did a film where she is pressured into performing a sex scene during the filming of a mainstream movie. the actor allegedly takes advantage of the situation to actually have sex with the actress, and she has a very bad reaction, but overcomes it in the name of "professionalism." word on the street is that this was actually true – the actor in question had actual sex with madonna during the filming of the controversial scene, madonna freaked out, and the film was reworked to focus on the incident, seeing as how madonna was traumatized by the incident and otherwise would have refused to finish the film.


    • Excellent comments here! Especially the points about 50 Shades (my gut keeps telling me this is being forced on us and did not become popular just as some kind of fluke) and the Madonna movie, which I think she later refused to promote.

      And while "Hostel" may not technically be a snuff film if said actors didn't die, in essence I'd say it is. Eli Roth comes across as one scary mofo…

    • Hostel is considered torture p**n. It's not a snuff film, because nobody actually dies. It was inspired by the director Eli Roth, happening upon a website his friend told him about, where people were being bought and sold. That idea inspired the Elite Hunting organization, which was where rich businessmen bought the right to torture and kill people.

      So the film actually came from a place of trying to enlighten people, that there really is a trade industry out there of people. He was trying to inform people about human trafficking through his films. I know they're not for everyone, but people assume the people who make horror films are conscienceless. The thing is, people who make good horror films have to have empathy, in order to depict their characters suffering realistically. You can tell when you're watching crappy horror, because it's just a bunch of people running around and screaming. With good horror, you can see the actors really portraying how a person might react in that situation.

      I also am not sure if the owner of this site is already familiar with this film. There is a horror film called Martyrs, which is about a secret organization, that tortures people in hopes of finding the point when they become a martyr. Seems like the film has aspects to it that reflect the Illuminati stuff.

    • I remember hearing that Eli Roth said that he got the idea from browsing the internet and finding a website that was Thai which advertised being able to pay to kill somebody. Not sure if he and Tarantino made it up to promote the film but it is pretty interesting.

  58. Lisa, his scope maybe getting a little narrow to you but there are so many more who are interested in know what VC has to offer, Why don't you go do some research on other things and try to contribute to the forum!!!

    • I agree with you darjq. Lisa do your own research and bring some fresh information to the table to open our eyes! I particularly enjoy the idea of VC discussing cult classic movies. Movies we have seen probably numerous times in our teeny bop years (if you're like me a 70's baby), with a blind eye but now we can watch ,re-evaluate and search for clues as to how it deciphers this world we live in. Speaking of …has anyone seen "The truth may scare you" series on youtube? It's a compilation of about 10+ video clips, interesting stuff. Just when you think you know, all there is to know..

      • Oh, you wouldn't believe the lengths I have gone to, to learn about the Illuminati, and VC is one of the many sources I have come to, to read more about them! I am only curious to know how VC breaks the many aspects of our lives down to the bone so that he may expose the elite in HIS own way. I have my own theories and understanding of the way things are going, but until I have enough evidence to start my own thread in a forum, I would love to learn from the guru right here first. So what I am doing, is suggesting and encouraging this guru to try and expand his own research for the betterment of the rest of us, first. As all teachers should know, the best teachers are those who open their minds to what their students have to say.

    • Do not assume I haven't done my research. Precisely because I have done enough research, I know that there are so many other areas the elites have touched on: processed food, water, religion, churches, schools and education, fashion, commerce and commercialization, transportation and so many others. I did say VC has touched on some of these areas before and I am merely nudging him to get back on track because he seems to be engrossed with the media. Yes, the media and what gets bounced about on radar are the elite's best vehicle to get their God-forsaken agenda going, but it's not the only one. VC is put up to create awareness for people who are interested, and who are aware. Hell I am aware, and here I am giving him constructive feedback. It doesn't come with a contribution tag.

  59. (cont'd) Because really, I am very sure there are so many other areas that the "elite" touches on to influence, affect and impact our lives. It's starting to seem a little strange that the media is all you'd ever want to spend time analyzing about.

  60. VC, I have loved your work thus far, but will there ever be anything else that you could analyze besides movies, television shows and music videos and artistes? Your scope's starting to get a little narrow and I would really appreciate it if you would instead analyze other areas like you have done before in the past: medicine, food, arenas… you know things like that.

    • The reason why its important to focus on media and the culture industry as a whole is because with medicine, food etc it is quite blatant and clear to see how major corporations, the "elite" are exploiting small people and in those cases, people are aware. When it comes to mass media however, people are completely oblivious as to how they are being manipulated.

      The lyrics in the songs, the music videos and the life-styles of these people are all forms of subliminal messages being projected to the public, advertizing the same world image that everyone is expected to conform to. THAT'S why media has a greater impact then the topics you suggested, it is purely because it's all around us and we truly cant escape it. People are blind to the fact that the more they give in to society pressures and the more they follow the manipulative forces of the elite, the more dehumanized they become.

      So articles that focus on this topic are really needed- its time for people to wake up and see whats really happening around them! Thank you VC!

  61. A M A Z I N G FILM. This movie will make u feel ways u didn't know possible. Its David Cronenbergs take on mass media and its comsumption. Nothing about it is subliminal or trying to brainwash but rather an attempt to help u see. Deborah Harry's character provides really good insight on the characteristics of people who live to be in the spotlight. Just watch and see. i recommend watching it before reading this article.

  62. interesting but rather random. im glad im not brainwashed and im glad i dont watch voilent tv shows and movies. this world is full of nothing but deception and lies, and im tired! its exhausting as hell. and thats the last place i wanna be, is HEll. id rather live my life as if there is a God, rather than living as if there isnt and die to find out there is

    • Am I the only one who is SICK to death hearing people complain about this satanic agenda? We are all in invisible chains, we can all feel it getting tighter and tighter…

      I have never heard of this movie, but thank you for this insightful article VC.

      I am definitely not saying I have the answer because the rabbit hole is very very deep indeed and it goes centuries way behind us, but we all need to suggest how we can get the ball rolling? Step by step.

      Please be sensible with your comments, not comments like "Theirs nothing we can do" when political leaders have sacrificed their lives for change; and for a short while it did, but the situation in 2012 and beyond is looking very much worse and bleak compared to say the 1950's.

      I will be reading all your comments, please respond.

      • Hi Bittersweet.

        There may not be much some of us can do, but definitely there are things, small they might be, that every one of us can and should do.

        The first, of course, to really educate ourselves and our loved ones. It won't be easy, considering that we are, after all, forcing them to see that this life is not what it seems to be. Sometimes I feel I can understand what missionaries feel trying to convert people (except that I am trying to educate and show my friends and family, not convert them to another religion). But if I can open even just one person's eyes, I am very thankful. Better one than none.

        Currently I am trying to live healthily by avoiding fast food chains (and thus indirectly not giving my money to these evil people) and cooking my own food, listening to uplifting music, barely watching any movies or tv (except perhaps once in a while watching comedies), exercising, and also discussing with friends and family members about not only this Illuminati & Gang, but also ancient knowledge. And I am glad that some of them have started to question their own beliefs and lives, and doing their own researches. I am marked as a 'rebel' by my church members for encouraging my friends to stop blindly accepting whatever the church says and search for the truth themselves.

        You will never know when or how or where you can help opening people's minds. Heck, it might be just a small comment on someone's facebook status!

        Just start with yourself. If you feel you can't be that brave activist or are not able to start your own blog or start a revolution, start with your own self. Sooner or later others will notice the difference in you and take an interest in these things.

    • No, but I'm pretty sure you use or have used a cell phone, house phone, shopped at a mall, been employed and received a pay check at some point in your life I assume? All you ppl argue that you will not be brainwashed but you still use and do things that are part of your everyday life bc they're necessities and you would not be able to survive without them. Unless, you are completely self sustaining and living out in the wilderness…aren't u using a computer to comment here? Hypocrites.

  63. This world is so screwed. Oh my god, what are we going to do now? Please, God, if you do exist do somethin!

    People are so dumbed and skepctical now that nobodys gonna do anything to change it.

    They are making police state and guns look sexy and cool, i went to the femme fatale tour and i was shocked, in Piece Of Me Britney do "funny stuff" while images of guns, bombs and knives are shown on the screen behind her. In up n down images of soldiers with guns with lasers being shown like nightclub lights are shown to the public, while Britney is dancing inside a jail cage while policemen are being seducted by her.

    • I also went to femme fatale, We are all brainwashed in a way if not from tv in my case as I never watch it then from shows like this. I must admit though I am happy to be just one of the idiotic masses ignorantly consuming! I eat pizza for breakfast smoke 20cigs a day, drink like a fish and yet I worry about using artificial sweeteners in things cos they are 'bad' for you…. Any reply would be great as I want to know about how other 'enlightened' but don't do anything about it kinda people think! Cheers Andrew

      • Hi Andrew.

        We've all been brainwashed – some worse than others. I don't remember where I have read this, but from this particular article, I was struck at the points the author made: the day we were born, that's the first day of our programming. Babies are empty vessels waiting to be filled. Parents, families and the surrounding area are the programmers. Religious parents will program their children to fear and worship their gods (which, most of the time, these parents have not much clue what their belief systems are, resulting in children mindlessly feeling both scared and resentful of whoever they worship. For example, in Christianity, we are taught to call God as Father. Yet the original word for that is actually 'Dad'. The translators deemed it fit to use the term 'Father' to show respect and instill some sort of fear. I tried calling my dad as 'father' a few times, and it felt very formal and distant – as if he's some kind of alien that feeds me and helped me till I reach adulthood. While when I call him as 'dad', I feel closer, warmer and more intimate with him.)

        But anyway.

        We are 'taught' (programmed, really) to eat with fork at the left hand and spoon at the right, which activities are masculine and which are feminine (by the way the women in my family knows nothing about cooking except cooking instant noodles and boiling water. The men are fantastic cooks though, and this fact has more often than not gotten criticisms and cruel remarks from friends and relatives), that older people are wiser and more knowledgeable, etc.

        Questioning anything that the majority of the surrounding people believe will never be taken kindly by them, although by questioning, we can learn and understand better and will be able to discern between truth and lies.

        So I guess we are not immune to both subtle and obvious programming of any kind, but we can take it upon ourselves to use our barely-used brains and start to question and seek the answers to everything in life. And from there, we'll start to break free.

        Sadly, many will ridicule your questionings and will for sure look down on your 'stupidity'.

    • He done it a long time ago. The question is, will people accept it and Him??? With the way society is, I'm sure you know the answer.

    • made me think of the hunger games…but vigilant said they got compassion when rue was killed and got mad and stopped being entranced by the show. no that was the district. the guy who got upset was her father. they werent willingly watching because it was reality tv, its because it was their kids who were sent there and they had to watch. thats why they got mad.

  64. Amazing article. People now-a-days are so obsessed with power and money, they'd do anything to have it, just wish it didn't have to go so far.

    • It's about status, and status is about survival – both individual and procreative. I agree, it's a wretched state of affairs. Competition is one surival strategy, but so is cooperation.

  65. Excellent choice for an article and an interesting explanation, as usual. I coincidentally watched this movie a few weeks ago (along with several others films by Cronenberg) and had a similar take on it. I made some screenshots you may find interesting in light of this article, particularly the company's logo, I'll mail them to you.


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