“Now You See Me”: A Movie About the Illuminati Entertainment Industry?


“Now You See Me” is about big-time magicians doing incredible magic tricks … and some kind of a bank heist. But mostly, “Now You See Me” is about a shady organization named “The Eye” that controls these entertainers. While most viewers are dizzied with the senseless action of the movie, an important message is being communicated: The occult elite controls the entertainment business … Do you see it?


Warning: Gigantic spoilers ahead!

Most critics had the same complaint about Now You See Me: The story makes absolutely no sense and is completely illogical. I wholeheartedly agree with them. Almost everything that happens during the entire movie is implausible. Even the mind-blowing overarching “master plan” of the movie actually depends on so many variables that could go wrong that it is, in fact, a horrible plan.

While most viewers will try to make sense of the action in Now You See Me, the movie simply keeps repeating to the viewers “The closer you look, the less you see”. It also constantly repeats that magicians always do something to distract the audience while the real magic happens elsewhere. Does this apply in the movie itself? Of course it does. The police chase, the bank heist plot, the explosions are there to keep the viewers’ eyes occupied while the real underlying story unfolds: It is about the entertainment industry, the forces that rule it and those that are used by it. It is also about the audience, the masses that are being fooled by master illusionists. The first lines of the movie say it all:

“Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you. Because what is seeing? You’re looking, but what you’re really doing is filtering, interpreting, searching for meaning. My job? To take that most of gifts you give me, your attention, and use it against you.”

These lines, said while a magic card trick is being performed, sum up the true role of mass media and the entertainment industry. The rest of the movie aptly describes who rules the industry and even the methods it uses. The magicians are recruited by a secret society named “The Eye” (this might ring a bell for readers of this site) that uses the entertainers to further its agenda and make its symbolism a part of popular culture. Take a step back and realize this: The movie IS the magician. Let’s take a look at the themes of Now You See me.


At first, we see the four magicians doing their own little thing separately. They are all trying to make a living doing their magic tricks. They are however far from being big-time celebrities. They are watched and followed by a hooded figure who leaves an invitation in the form of a tarot card.

In the back of the card is the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye with invitation information. In this particular shot, the card is hiding one of Merritt McKinney's eyes (played by Woody Harrelson), hinting that he's about to be part of the occult elite's entertainment industry.

On the back of the invitation card is the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye. In this particular shot, the card is held above a photo of one of the magicians and hides one of its eyes – hinting that he’s about to be part of the occult elite’s entertainment industry. The fact that one eye is replaced by the all-seeing eye also implies that he is about to lose a whole lot sight … and freedom.

The four magicians are selected because they excel in their particular field of magic and, mostly, because they sometimes appear to be using real, occult magic.

From left to right: Henley Reeves is an escapist and has been given the High Priestess card; J. Daniel Atlas is an illusionist and was given the Lovers card; Merritt McKinney is a mentalist and given The Hermit Card; Jack Wilder is a sleight of hand illusionist and was given the Death card.

From left to right: Henley Reeves is an escapist (High Priestess tarot card); J. Daniel Atlas is an illusionist (Lovers card); Merritt McKinney is a mentalist (Hermit card); Jack Wilder is a sleight-of-hand illusionist (Death card).


Jack Wilder, the youngest of the crew received the death card for a reason: it foreshadows his upcoming ritual sacrifice.

Jack Wilder, the youngest of the crew received the Death card for a reason: It foreshadows his upcoming ritual sacrifice.

The magicians are invited to a strange apartment with strange contraptions in it. After figuring out the riddles that were placed there (an initiation process), they see the elite’s plans laid out for them. Then, just like magic, they become big-time entertainers.

Puppets of Their Rulers

After joining The Eye, the magicians are in Las Vegas, surrounding by a roaring crowd while we hear big boisterous music that basically screams “This is showbiz, baby!”. The four magicians, who were four solo, independent acts, have now joined into a group to become the Four Horsemen. This name is taken the Bible’s Book of Revelation, where the Four Horsemen are harbingers of the Apocalypse and the tribulations that come with it. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are often said to be associated with pestilence, war, famine and death. This is a rather grim name for a bunch of magicians, but it makes sense when we know that they are working for the occult elite. The Book of Revelation is of great importance in secret societies as it is believed to conceal an occult meaning to be only deciphered by the initiates. A lot of their symbolism derives from it and this is no exception.

Not unlike “real” performers in the entertainment industry, the Four Horsemen are only there to obey orders coming from The Eye. Everything about them relates to the secret society that controls them.

This scale model of the stage on which the Four Horesemen perform is one giant eye.

The stage on which the Horsemen perform is a giant eye. That’s a scale model of the stage.

The logo of the Four Horsemen is quite enigmatic.

The logo of the Four Horsemen is quite enigmatic.

In one scene however, in the Horsemen's backstage room, we see a strange decoration that says "Eye". It appears to be made of a the combination of two 3D versions of the Horsemen logo. In short, the logo is another hidden way of hiding the Eye symbolism in plain sight.

In one scene however, we see a strange decoration that says “Eye”. It appears consist of a combination of two 3D versions of the Horsemen logo. In short, the logo is another hidden way of hiding Eye symbolism in plain sight.

When the group completes its most spectacular magic trick, the symbol of the Eye flashes on Times Square, hinting that performers are used to associate symbols of the occult elite with popular culture and mass media.

When the group completes its most spectacular magic trick, the symbol of the Eye flashes on Times Square. While most people believe that The Eye is a myth, its symbolism is everywhere … just like in real life.

Everything about the Four Horsemen is therefore stamped with the seal of the Eye.

It is interesting to note that the people behind the movie did not create a fictional symbol to represent the secret society. They used the most important symbol of today’s occult elite – one the most important symbols of various powerful secret societies. As we often see on this site, this symbol is also already used all around mass media. Why is that? Is it because the movie plays the role of the Four Horsemen – a vehicle for the symbolism of the occult elite?

The Eye – Based on the Actual Secret Society that Runs Hollywood?

As the movie progresses, we discover some information The Eye and its history. Everything about it closely resembles an actual secret society that is powerful in Hollywood: the OTO, a self-described “magickal Order”.

In the movie, the Eye is:

“keepers of real magic and protectors of those who practice it. Candidates for initiation must follow a series of commands with blind obedience”.

It is clearly stated that the symbol of the Eye originates from the Ancient Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus.

During the movie we see a documentary about The Eye which states that it originates from Ancient Egypt.

A documentary on the Eye shows its occult origin.

The researcher investigating the origins of the Four Horsemen and the Eye drew this in her notepad and wrote above it "Eye of Horus".

This is a page of the notepad of the researcher investigating the Four Horsemen. They Eye of Horus is one of the most important symbols of the Freemasons, OTO and the Illuminati. The use of this symbol in this movie was not random.

The characteristics of the Eye closely resemble the OTO.

The OTO is based on Aleister Crowley’s Thelema  – a philosophy that was “communicated” to him while inside an Egyptian pyramid. Like The Eye, the OTO primarily focuses on “real” magick and its near-scientific application. Crowley added the letter “k” at the end of magick to distinguish it from stage magic. Therefore, like The Eye, the OTO considers itself “keepers of real magic”.

The symbol of the Eye of Horus is of the extreme importance for the OTO because the OTO is all about bringing about the Aeon of Horus – an era ruled by the Thelema. Is it surprising to see that, in this Aeon of Horus, mass media is literally flooded with the symbol of the Eye of Horus?

In the movie, one of the book used to research The Eye is called "The Guardians of Horus".

In the movie, one of the book used to research The Eye is called “The Guardians of Horus”.

The layout of the cover closely resembles the cover of actual OTO litterature, complete with rectangular borders and golden text written in gold.

The layout of its cover closely resembles the cover of actual OTO books, complete with rectangular borders and a title in golden, embedded, capitalized letters.

Just like The Eye, the OTO exerts a great influence in Hollywood. One of its mission statements is to bring about Thelema and the Aeon of Horus to the masses. What better tool than mass media to do so?

Inside the Industry

As we witness the Four Horsemen rise to fame, we also see how the entertainment industry functions. For instance, there are a few allusions to the usage of mind control on various people.

This French guy, who is supposed to be a randomly selected member of the audience for a magic trick is actually someone who was targeted and programmed to do whatever they want him to do.

This supposedly “randomly selected member of the audience” for a magic trick is actually a mind-control slave.

Thaddeus (the guy who attempts to debunk the Horsemen and the Eye) describes how this guy ended up on stage:

“He was selected. Programmed his mind to make it to Las Vegas. And then they kept reinforcing it until he did. They trailed him. They studied him. Nothing was left to chance. He had no idea he was their target. And they simply activated him in Las Vegas.”


This FBI agent (played by Common) starts playing an air violin after he hears the word "bullshit", letting us know that even people in law enforcement can be mind controlled in order for the elite to get its plans done.

This FBI agent (played by Common) starts playing an air violin after he hears the word “bullshit”. We later learn that he was programmed by the magicians and that the word “bullshit” triggers him into playing air violin. This is a way of letting us know that law enforcement can also be programmed by the elite.

Another key aspect of the Illuminati industry is the use of ritual sacrifices in order to bring about transformation. The illusionist Jack Wilder was given the tarot card of Death at the beginning of the movie because he was chosen for a ritual sacrifice.

Jack, one of the Four Horsemen, dies in a car crash - an event that is broadcast on live TV.

Jack, one of the Four Horsemen, dies (kind of) in a car crash – an event that is broadcast on live TV.

The event causes shock and brings sympathy towards the elite-backed magicians. We later discover that the car crash was a set up and that Jack is still alive – but the public doesn’t know that. The event is an example of a ritual sacrifice played out on a mass scale by the occult elite. It was also a diversion.

The movie also shows what happens to those who fall out of the elite’s good graces. Thaddeus, an ex-magician, now makes a career out of creating DVDs “debunking” magicians. When he goes against the elite-backed Horsemen, things do not end well for him.

Thaddeus is framed by The Eye and thrown in jail.

Thaddeus is framed by The Eye and thrown in jail.

When asking the police officer (who turns out to be part of The Eye) why this is happening to him, here’s the reply.

“The legend is that The Eye is everywhere. Waiting for the truly great magicians to distinguish themselves from the mediocre ones. Maybe that was you. Deep down inside you wanted nothing more than be part of The Eye, but you were never invited.”


As the movie progresses, it becomes obvious that the members of the Four Horsemen have no idea what’s really going on. Like real life artists in the industry, they are mere puppets trying to fulfill the tasks given to them. They however know one thing for sure: They desperately want to be part of The Eye.

Once they complete their entire mission, the Horsemen meet up in Central Park.

The magicians are greeted by the very guy that was trying to arrest them during the entire movie. Does this make sense? No. But it does convey the meaning that The Eye own mass media AND law enforcement.

The magicians are greeted by Dylan Rhodes, the FBI agent that was trying to arrest them during the entire movie … *cough*… While this plot twist makes little to no sense, it does convey the meaning that The Eye own mass media AND law enforcement.

Rhodes tells the magicians “Welcome to The Eye” and brings them to a carousel that starts turning. The magicians mount on a little horsie and start spinning around. This leads us to think: Were the magician taken for a literal ride during the whole time? Does The Eye even exist?

Judging by the magnitude of the schemes the Horsemen were involved in, there is no doubt that a VERY powerful entity was behind them. However, like in real life, outsiders can never be part of the “inner-circle”. While the Horsemen did everything required from them, they will never be part of the elite. This fact is reinforced in a semi-hidden scene at the end of the movie.

A few minutes after the credits roll out, there’s a scene that I’m sure many people missed. It shows the ultimate fate of entertainers used by the occult elite.

The Horsemen are told to go to a place in the desert where old Las Vegas signs are thrown away. This neon sign graveyard pretty much represents their own career.

The Horsemen are told to go to a place in the desert where old Las Vegas signs are thrown away. This neon sign graveyard pretty much represents their own career.

They then go get equipment for their new magic show.

The magicians realizes that the boxes stamped with the sign of The Eye are locked. The Horsemen do not have access to Eye-related privileges anymore.

The magicians realize that the boxes stamped with the sign of The Eye are locked. The Horsemen do not have access to Eye-related privileges anymore.

Thinking that maybe their magical tarot cards might be able to unlock their crates, the magicians look in their pockets. Their tarot cards are gone. The Eye does not need these performers anymore so their pass was revoked. They were used and now they were thrown away in the desert amongst discarded neon signs.

So to answer questions many ask me: Are artists like Jay-Z actually part of the Illuminati? There’s your answer.

The Big Picture

Throughout the movie, investigators ask themselves “Why do they go through all of this trouble”? Why do the magicians and, by extension The Eye construct these elaborate schemes? It makes no sense. And, to many viewers, the movie doesn’t make sense. Most of the action is based around moronic police officers running around, pointing their guns, trying to catch smug-faced magicians. However, behind the action scenes and the loud music, there’s a message there. The movie itself repeatedly tells the viewers: “The closer you look, the less you see”. The closer you try to understand and make sense of the action going on screen, the less you see the “big picture”.

Now You See Me is definitely not about a bank heist. It is about the “magic” of the entertainment industry. Crowley defined magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. The goal of the entertainment industry is to cause change. But that change takes time … years, decades and generations. The movie describes the process in a very metaphorical matter.

The interpol agent researching The Eye describes the most famous trick of a magician named Lionel Shrike

“When he was 14, he saw a hole in a tree in Central Park. He had a guy, who worked at the carousel, sign a card for what looked like a routine little trick. At the guy’s retirement, 18 years later, Shrike performs, has the guy sign a card and presto! The card is in the tree. It was in the tree for 18 years.

The trick was not to look closely. It was to look so far that you see 20 years into the past.”

After the Horsemen completed all of their tasks, they were asked to meet at Shrikes' tree. The card inside the tree can represent the transformative "magic" that occurs in people and society over the years through exposure to mass media and the entertainment industry.

After the Horsemen completed all of their tasks, they were asked to meet at Shrike’s tree because it represent what the Eye is all about. Just like the card inside the tree trick, the elite’s transformative “magic” is about the long-term big picture.

At one point, Thaddeus says:

“This is a magic trick played out on the global scale. And you are the abracadabra, the distraction”.

While the viewers are hypnotized with explosions and car chases, they are missing the real magic: The elite transforming society to fit its needs through mass media.

Most of the "magic" we see during the movie is  CGI. The entertainment industry is the real master of illusion.

Most of the “magic” we see during the movie is CGI. The entertainment industry is the real master of illusion.

The movie ends with a call from the Illuminati to the public, letting them know that they are the ones being duped by the real magicians.

“Come in close. Closer. Because now you know our secret. We could be anywhere. Watching you. We’re looking for someone to help us with our next trick. On the count of three, open your eyes and tell me what you see. One. Two …”

Fade to black…

In Conclusion

While there is absolutely nothing “realistic” about Now You See Me, it does aptly describe what actually happens in the entertainment industry. The magicians in the movie represent the various artists and performers that are recruited by the elite to advance its agenda. The Eye is based on actual secret societies that exert influence in Hollywood. While these facts might be crystal clear to some, most viewers probably miss these messages as they try to understand what the hell is going on.

In fact, during the entire time, the movie kind of laughs at the audience. At one point, a member of the Horsemen says: “The magician must be the most intelligent person in the room”. The movie is so Hollywood that it is almost a parody of it. It is almost telling the viewers: “Look at the moronic stuff you’re consuming to be entertained”. But, behind it all, there’s a powerful message coming straight from The Eye. Either you see it … or you don’t.



    • I can't be the only one who saw this- the other night there was a "wrecking ball" analysis… I don't see it now? Tell me someone has noticed this

      • I saw it too, and sent an email inquiring as to why it was taken down as I thought it was very insightful. I did notice a lot of negative comments that were unfounded and ridiculous. My guess is because of the Christian context in which it was presented. Is this a secular-only site? The NWO would love that.

    • Chilled to the Bone

      The blood moon is rising.
      The ocean is high tiding.
      Until it turns to a flood.
      Until there is nowhere to run.

      It’s too late to change the tone
      On their satellite phone.
      It’s too late to change the tone,
      And I am chilled to the bone.

      Open fire on civilians.
      You know what is best for them.

      They have become overhead,
      They would be better off dead.
      Too late to change the tone
      On their satellite phones,
      Too late to change the tone
      And I am chilled to the bone.

      Say goodbye to the expendable,
      Unfriend the unfriendable.

      Too late to change the tone
      On their satellite phone.
      Too late to change the tone,
      You may never get home.
      Too late to change the tone,
      And I am chilled to the bone.

      From "Whispers in a silent universe" on amazon

    • For those who care to read and truly pay attention, the trick of this branch of the Illuminated was to desecrate all morals, all values and all sense of humanity. They saught to destroy, or at least bring bad fame to truth, and in exchange promote their fake counter-culture.

      The west is now their pet, and the values of old are long forgotten. There is NO truth in new age, paganism, eastern religions, saudi arabian cult, etc.

      Those with open eyes can see, the objective was to destroy the Christian Western World.

      Now ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the age of evil.

    • I agree with most of the article but I think the detective was actually the devil, and was using real occult powers to do this, the explanations of the tricks were just theories and the last one was never really explained. They jumped off the building as sacrifices then appeared in a park, with their dead friend already inside opening the gate for them. When the devil reveals himself he changes and becomes darker, he escapes the cell past the prisoner in an impossible move just to show you he really does have powers and to warn people who try to prove these things and out them get framed and locked up. They sold their soul literally the money had their pics on it all for fame but ended up in hell!

      • Yes, that is why I wish people would listen when I write that the devil is slick and clever and mesmerisingly beautiful rather than accusing me of being a follower. He is not this shrivelled, lil' prune man with a rusty fork in his hand stolen from your pop's garden. He is amazeballs and if you are not open to accepting it then you are not going to see him coming.

      • No doubt something with such powers cannot be stupid.
        One thing no one ever asks is, could the Devil and God be of the same entity? Or perhaps the Ying and the Yang inside of an even greater being? we all have good and evil inside of us, its part of our existence, its what balances us, and so does Everything else in this universe…

    • Don't trust this movie not because I'm saying that the illuminati is not real but because if it is then this wouldn't be shown.

    • …on the end… "one… two…." and nothing? No, look at the second inscription…. Boaz Yakin!!!
      Do u know wtf is this?

    • or maybe its just a movie .
      Illuminati this and that, people cant even understand that the guardian of Horus are just historical accounts

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    • Please check the crdits after the end of the movie. The second set, i believe, is what everyone needs to focus on. If that is not proof enough, i do not know what is. It stares us in the face and we can so easily fail to miss it.

  1. I absolutely loved this movie and I thought the twist made complete sense. Those who seem like they are trying to help or solve the problem at task might actually be the one stirring up all the trouble. I definitely saw and connected some of the symbolism but this article really pulled it in! I didn't stay after the credits either so the real ending is rather grim. Thanks for another great article!

    • El Presedente on

      How does it make sense? if Mark Ruffelos character actually caught the Franco guy he was chasing what would have happened?

      Try watching it again and see if it his character development makes sense once it climaxes.

    • Cass_Atkins on

      This article divulging into the blatant intentions and actual symbolisms and message of this film is quite correct. However, the above stated meanings behind the " ending scene " is completely incorrect, as it was never filmed as an intended insert and instead is a scene in the origional script.

      When production first filmed this scene. It was intended to go before the revealing of the Four Horseman's rise to fame in Las Vegas, and after the blue prints scene in the abandoned apartment. While the film was in post production, editing along with production and the director. Decided it was not needed to further the storyline. However it could be used as an insert at the middle of the " Roll Credits " , which would not only show how they got the materials from the secret society " The Eye " needed to perform all Magik Tricks for their show, but would also lead discussions and inquisitions into the aforementioned sequel. Which coincidentally has now been green lit for and is currently in production.

  2. The whole time I watched the movie I was telling my friends it was a massive illuminati message. They thought I was crazy and obsessed but I knew it! Thanks VC!

    • Happens to me all the time. It's hard to choose whether it's better to share the info or alienate yourself from people who cant/don't want to see it.

    • Same here!! I'm so happy that VC did this article cuz I know that I wasn't crazy will all that symbolism in that movie..it definitely is not a coincidence

    • Actually quite obvious for anyone who knows about the illuminati and their symbol to see the "eye" symbols flash all over this movie.. But VC again did a fenomenal job of breaking down the movie and showing us the possible deeper meanings in it.
      Thank you VC, a great job as always!

  3. What startles me is that they are not even bothering in being subtle anymore. I took the conclusion after seing the movie. Even a bloke with very little knowledge on the subject is capable of looking at the "all seing eye" and figuring it out as "iluminatti" or "satanic symbol". I wonder what is the major plan on all this? Does it have to do with religion or cristianity against the bad side? If so, why the very christian stuff is filled with lots of it? I can agree on one thing, the closer I look, the less I can see a thing in all this.

    • Look at the way times have changed from when hip hop first started to know and look at all of these kids trying to be grown and stuff! This article made a lot of sense

    • The plan was to be as open as they were in the movie, fill you in with a number of their secrets, i.e. planning events way in advance(Twin Towers anyone), and still be able to trick people(Boston bombing ring a bell), even use the people without them even knowing they are part of their plan. They know after putting all of this information in a movie the majority of people still won't even it see it and there in lies the punch line.

    • If you drop a needle in a haystack it is much more useful to see the point at which it went in as a means of determining where to look for it. If your head is already buried inside the said haystack, you are less likey to ever find it and may end up injured by it.

    • When I watched the Collectivist's Conspiracy by Edward Griffin, he made an interesting point about this for me. He said that the elites don't care that people are starting to learn about them. Because they already foresaw that this would happen and already have a plan to go with it. There idea is that as people become more aware there is more unrest, more rioting and eventually someone will get hurt. Then they can start marshal law and they get to have an excuse for it.

      But I have also heard others like Karen Hudes, she is a lady whistle blower who worked 20 years in the world bank and upon finding massive corruption tried to do her job and report it to the auditors, but the auditors just took it back to the world bank and she got fired. She is in my opinion a bigger whistle blower than Snowden, but there is a media blackout on her. In one of her longer more indepth videos she says that the dark cabal has already lost. But there is much corruption still happening though. But people can change things though too.

      Anyway figuring out what the major plan is, is a very complicated question, and the best I think one can do is to keep open to many different things because there are probably many answers.

      • There's a movie coming out right now about the Wikileaks founder. That says it all right there.

        The actor who plays Assange, plays the villain Khan in the new Star Trek, as well as Smaug the Dragon, and the Necromancer, in the new Hobbit movies. He's also in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; a movie that will bore you into a trance if you let it.

        I'd make a gentleman's bet that following this movie, there will be a movie about Snowden coming out as well.

      • The actor is Benedict Cumberbatch and he also played Sherlock – he's just a very strong actor, that's why he's mainly cast as a villain. And he's british.
        I still wonder if Assange is legit. A lot has been done to ruin his reputation, so I guess he is.

    • note the 4:44 meeting time on the card, 4 is the Japanese number of death or unluck and the occult pays particular attention to numbers that repeat. It's called the law or principle of intensification.

  4. Well I happened to see this movie with my ex, so I'd rather not think about it *sigh*

    but yeah, I call illuminati crap on this film. I've noticed that a lot of music artists/movies include the eye for a reason I believe to gain national fame – movies making more at the blockbuster and not because theyre good, and the same goes with artists

    its just overused crap

    • I am not trying to insult you here but your comment demonstrates what the movie and article in part states. You are too close and therefore missing the big picture. First off you use the personal pronoun, "I" and how the movie reminds you of your ex. There is no way of learning anything when we obsess on things like love, sex, hate, anger, exes… You are already distracted by life's sneaky hand.

      Then you claim awareness of Illuminati but go on to state that artists use the eye to gain national fame… which again misses the point that none of these people gain fame from gimmicks or talent but because the secret hand implants the idea for them and leads them to whatever place or action they desire. Thus missing the point of how huge and controlling the industry and those behind the indistry are. This movie uses these symbols as colors on a palette the way a western uses a horse… It's just part of the expected scenery and it isn't over used crap if it indeed symbolizes the occult which means hidden. We are now experiencing a purposeful unveiling as they laugh at us in front of our faces and reveal their tricks slowly. If one is too close to the picture, they cannot see… If one thinks something is just crap they don't understand a bank put one hundred million dollars up and 200 people came together of 6 months to put that crap before your eyes. Someone financing that had a reason and it simply isn't making money, although making their money back is part of the game… but it's because they can, the way a cat chooses to play with a mouse.

  5. The O.T.O. has had very little real power since the death of Aleister Crowley's successor in America, Grady McMurtry in the late1980s. They've put most of their effort lately into the "love and light" Eccleisia Gnostica Catholica (Crowley's "Gnostic Catholic Church"), and suing people who don't like them. If you want to see a darker "elite" group, with verifiable ties to artists, musicians and writers transgressing what have been sacred boundaries, take a look at their "Aeonic successor" the Temple of Set, and their Nazi-obsessed subgroup the Order of the Trapezoid. I could definitely see them masterminding something like this; they even supposedly have members with ties to the mysterious Magic Castle in Hollywood. Scary stuff.

    • Neil Patrick Harris, AKA Doogie Howser, MD, is the president of the Magic Castle and a good magician. He does tons of magic tricks with very good slight of hand. Even Johnny Carson hung out at the Magic Castle. He was a magician as a kid. There are photos of him doing that.

    • The closer you look the less you will see.

      The objective was never to reveal an ancient truth, it was to make truth (which is still available) look blurry and non-attractive.

      The objective has always been to destroy the Christian Order and impose satanism.

      Welcome to the saudi backed, pagan enforced, babylonian-egyptian cult of moloch.

    • I know you aren't claiming authority over evaluating the power of O.T.O. you don't know enough about Crowley's influence to speak on this……. it is clearly way too far out for you to grasp judging by reading your comment

    • Belbo9 – The Temple of Set was founded by a guy called Michael Aquino, who was a Lieutenant Colonel. He was part of the Psychological Warfare division of the US Army. The logo is an upside down pentagram…..& Set, which is the Egyptian name for Satan…..Interesting….

  6. I was wondering when you were going to write about this movie. My brother told me to watch it. He said its about a bank heist….well he didnt get it.
    I saw the symbolism straight away…..I was cringing most of the way through….but I had to see it till the end.
    What a surprise (NOT) that the FBI had been helping them all along! Law enforcement in America is a joke! and dont we know it….
    Keep your eyes and ears and minds OPEN….PEACE..

  7. Satan was openly worshipped in ancient world.

    But God sent prophets and destroyed the nations that didn't submit to him.

    Now in todays world, they can't openly worship satan as its used to be, because there are many people follows God's commands.

    But things are changing. They are gaining power and they don't hide in darkness anymore.

    Get prepared to the magnificent last war on this planet "Light" vs. "Darkness"

    Though, we, the believers in only God, the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, know who is going to win this.

    Satan is desperately trying to attack for the last time using his all power. But he'll fail, he is hopeless, its predestined.

    • Well siad – I have a lot of respect for your faith and Sean Stone has done a lot of positive work in order to promote it.

    • In that war one army will say "we fight in the name of liberty, democracy and human rights" the other will say "we fight in the name of God".
      Only satan needs to hide under false arguments.

      • There are few groups of words i hate the most. "we fight in the name of God" is an example. Millions of people were made to believe they did , and made millions of victims. I 'd rather have you turn your other cheeck. Some god that is, that needs humans to fight because he himself is incapable of creating themwithout violence. You go fight for god, i will fight to survive in this world.

      • Quran 22: 39-40
        Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory.
        [They are] those who have been evicted from their homes without right – only because they say, "Our Lord is Allah ." And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.

      • I am sorry, bible and quran qotes don't do it for me, certainly not with the subject i reacted to.. By the way ''.. that Allah checks the people, some by means of others..'' is that a way of saying your god chooses some people to 'check' on people? Some power, real Pope-like.

      • No, it means that Allah check your faith with the acts of others over you, if some bad happens to you and you let your faith because of that, you dont pass the prove( for example the faith of the palestinians are being prove this way) or if some bad happens to someone and you consent it, you dont pass the prove or if someone help you and you arent thankful you dont pass the prove.
        Your reactions to the acts of others is what is being proven.

      • Twelver shia is right. God does not want his peaople to fight without any reason. God gave us the ultimate human rights. Zionists (illminati, freemason, and now the eye) are only blinding people from the real path of life. They make excuses to promote their motives like the electronic media. They say that they do this for human rights but these peoples do not have only their own motives behind it like shown in the movie. The eye dumps those people in a grave yard after using them. Really bro, you got to look far to see more.

    • erm q'ran. Both q'ran and talmud are full of citations concening rape, pedophilia, cheating, exploitation of others who don't belong to their faith. That says a lot about them, we have to respect everyone no matter what their colour or affiliations are. OK we have our moments when we don't, however we know what the right thing is.

      • Because a lot of people find words to be very irritating, confrontating, annoying, unpleasant whatever, for some reason. And they will sue and burn everything down and torture animals if someone uses them?

      • But I need chapter and verse. Sean Stone manages to provide them – it also helps that he is gorgeous!

      • Gladys. First of all judging your comment your neither Muslim or Jewish. Secondly, you need to learn how to spell correctly. (Your not Muslim so I don't expect you spell the word q'ran correctly). The QUR-AN is the holy book which has NEVER been altered and the last book to be revealed through God, whereas the Talmud is HAND written by the corrupt Jewish rabbis. The Torah was the first book revealed by god, which was then changed into the Babylonian Talmud & its in this book they write the most disgusting things about the gentiles and goyim…… Ya need to do ya homwework Boo.

      • All books have been altered in one way or the other. Stop fooling yourself! Oh were you there when it was written? Please tell me more -.-

      • I've never heard anything so ridiculous as stating "ALL books have been altered one way or another" What do you mean? That every single thing you come across in life – the facts about Julius Caesar, the world 500 years ago, the signing of the Magna Carta etc etc are all suspect? Then how can we trust ANYTHING we purport to know? How can you trust that what you are saying is truth? I think what you're trying to say is your worldview that Truth cannot be known objectively, that there is no Absolute Truth. Pilate said the same thing to Jesus who said "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life" No other faith leader has ever claimed this, the most others have saud is that they can point the way towards a set of truths. The Bible says that "there is no other name found under heaven by which man may be saved" There is no other man/prophet/faith leader who can claim to be our Saviour, paying for our sins with His subtitutionary death.Please,you need to think carefully if there is One Truth out there. The future of your soul depends on it.

      • Wow! So to prove the veracity of a book, you have to actually BE there when it was written? Then we'd better throw all books away now….

      • The Quran is memorized by the muslims since it was revealed, that's why we know the Quran was never altered, because if someone try to altered it, the muslims who know every single word of the Quran would know it.

        Obviously this is not the case of the Torah and the Bible.

      • just the fact that It has not been altered says a lot about it.. I don't know about quran, but if what you are saying is true, then the enemy has not altered it because it was already altered since the beginning.. why would satan try to deceive the ones that are already deceived.. one thing I can guarantee you, religion wont save you, and will never help you to have a relationship with our father.. quran is not the last book of revelation, no book has the truth, no one has the truth.. you can only know the absolute truth…. I personally love all people, but despise religion, because of everything that it has caused, but yet there are people who defend it.. religion will never help you to have a relationship with our father

      • It has not been altered because it couldnt have been AT THAT TIME, as swta pointed out during prophet Muhammads time, his companions would memorize every single revelation, long after his death these memorizers(hafiz) where called upon and asked to coordinate with each other in compiling all the revelations ,their product is the quran.

      • "Annoyed" – Err I might not have been there when they were written BUT,That is the reason why the Qur-an was MEMORISED, so people couldn't infiltrate it like they did with the other 3 holy books……. dumb arse….. & anyway Don't you have a quarter of a brain cell??, Cant you read? You cant educate and research yourself that you need me to tell you more?…..

      • The bible has been re-translated just recently. In a slighly homofobic way to…Men could not even be in the same bed and just sleep. Nope, some people were disturbed and changed it to sleeping in the same room. And some say i am disturbed…

      • Actually the Bible was translated since the first day because Jesus talked aramaic and all of the gospels were writed on greek except the gospel of Matheu which was writed in aramaic but as every gospel 70 or 80 years after Crhist.

    • I like your post but GOD has punished nations but hasn't destroyed any nations yet. HE allowed Israel to be destroyed because they violated the old testament covenant that was made with HIM, yet HE left a remnant. HE has always left a remnant.

      And Satan has always been openly worshipped, as VC repeatedly reveals.

    • Hey there
      Is it true that the Iranian President has passed a law allowing marriage between 13 year old girls and their adoptive fathers?

      • turkish vigilant on

        no, definitely its not true.

        i guess media are on their routine defaming again.

        since iran started communicating with usa peacefully…

      • Ok, thanks, I thought not. Sean Stone and some others present an image of Iran as being a truly beautiful nation. I would love to visit it one day if I am destined to do so. I thought it was propaganda . probably put forward by the Sunni people perhaps?

      • turkish vigilant on

        Absolutely, mostly sunnis & zionists do this against not just iran, but also against shias.

        Iranian people are civilized, maybe the most civilized nation in the middle east.

        I hope you enjoy your travel (if you do so), wish you the best.

      • Sunnis and shias are both Muslims, yet their views are a little different. Sunnis are not like zionists they are totally different. And for the sunni shia fights, no one is responsible except the media, I have met several shias and sunnis who respect and support each other's views

      • Almost right except most Sunnis are lovely and peace loving people, as are the Shi'as and its hard to find people from the two groups who are not rational and moderate (there are though, for sure). The differences between them are based on early politics, which give way for slightly different interpretations of theology. Despite this, in most cases tension between the two are non-existent and even inter-marriages occur.

        Any trouble that one can see is usually fermented by external funding from origins outside the religion, and the availability of fertile (programmable) minds who are looking to vent their anger at their squalid and improvised state. The propaganda is, I assure you, not from real Sunnis if at all, but from the elite-controlled media and the same people who paid to create moderate-Islam-hating sects like Wahabi-ism, first in Saudi Arabia, then Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.

        I'm not a Sunni, btw, but its unfair for them as a group to shoulder blame. Instead, look out for the aforementioned created sect and others like the raping, plundering, body-organ-eating, child-killing rebel "opposition" group destroying Syria now.

    • Really sad that the most amazing places on earth are becoming impossible to visit despite advancements in non-commercial aviation. They refuse visas, annul travel insurance, issue official warnings but you go there and find that nothing much is up and it is as beautiful and awe-inspiring as ever. If I was not answerable to others then I would travel out to Iran or Palestine just to make a point. By contrast, it has never been easier to travel to Disneyland.

    • Yeah, that God of Abraham was bent on destroying everyone who opposed him. Seems if he was just a tad smarter he could have finessed the situation and won those nations over to him without destroying them and his beautiful creation. Even Ender, a little kid realized that winning isn't everything. It's HOW you win as well.

      See, I never quite understand how it is that people who say they are lovers of God are so obsessed with Satan. As I understand things, Satan does God's dirtywork in tempting and thereby helping to identify those whose loyalty to God and commitment to His commandments are weakest.

      The other thing is this. I don't claim to know God. After all, he's God and I'm just an ant by comparison. So I'm not going to be so arrogant as to imagine I can speak for Him or predict what he may or may not do. In the meantime, I just try and follow Jesus' two simple commandments as best I can and let God handle Satan. He's had more experience than I.

  8. I saw this movie as well. No surprise at all. I didn't expect VC to even provide a break down article. I personally feel as though we're living as those depicted in the movie "They Live". It's sad when you try to get some people to see the big picture and I they choose to stay blind. Like all things in life, this elite/illuminati will end also. I'm not uber religious, but I believe that in the future, things will be so "in your face", the ones who are aware/awake will become the enemy while the faithfully blind will be used to turn in as many of us as they can. We will definitely be outnumbered, but I'm willing to fight until the end.

    • I really try with my own mom as she is a wonderful person but she does not want to know. She is completely immune to it all. My greatest endeavor is to ensure that when she dies, she is not given an illuminati send-off. S*** goes down in their last rites, I'm telling you. I have kept away from many of them but it does not always keep away from you.

      • So amaryllis, what faith do you follow, I never got the chance to read your comment, also I wanted to ask you, do you come from an "illuminati" or "elite" family?

      • My mother does, yes. I think of myself as monotheistic much like Sean Stone. My children will receive a Catholic education because I have tried the Rothschild education system and it is really failing us.

      • Ok, thanks, what is your mothers surname, can you please elaborate, I would love to know more as I think you can give a good insight. You must have heard of Svali then. What do you think of her? Its really interesting what she says and tbh I believe her

  9. OTO was set up as a distraction for the masses. It has always been easier to join OTO than your local bank – just try if you are not convinced. It allows the goyim to imagine that they are in on the big elite conspiracies whilst the real magic and magick is kept far away from it's paid-up cattle. Most minor stars dutifully join and publicise their interest in order to let their fanbase know the identity of their blue-eyed homeboy – that is about the only useful purpose it serves from their point of view. Most true occultists know that the action is happening elsewhere. Crowley was considered crazy and unhelpful to their cause even within his own lifetime but it is dumbed-down enough to appeal to the masses and acts as a bridge, introduction or first degree.

  10. In order to set out the battle lines between God and satan, they need a language that is easily understood so that the choice is a reasonably inform,ed one – OTO (with its rapidly growing membership) is probably their way of ensuring basic fidelity to satan. I am sure that in a few years time, there will be commercials inviting people to join at special rates.

    • That is happening right now, I had a letter from the Illuminati last week telling me I have been chosen to become a member. But there is a price to pay to become a member of this cult. No way!!!

    • What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?

      Hi Amaryllis,

      Given the background you've shared with us on previous threads, I'm curious to know, what are your views on Satan? You know, sometimes I wonder how much of the darkness in our world isn't just our fleshly nature that wars against the Spirit of God. I'm not saying there isn't a separate imp or entity, I just wonder how much of our own problems we cause, or are the result of others not yielding to Love and Life and instead, just acting selfishly.

      I know you experienced things as a child based on what you've said before. Didn't know if you had an actual supernatural encounter that gave you undeniable evidence. I've been witness to something I couldn't explain before within this context, so I'm just curious if others have to. Thanks!

      • Yes, sometimes encountered entities (as have other female members of the family occasionally). I suspect good entities attempting to make us enforce covenants though which is why I no longer enter into them. Most recent was last year. I promised God that I would do some good deed but on the day, I felt ill and pretended to go back to sleep. Half an hour later, I was grabbed from the shoulder and literally chucked out of my bed – I assumed it was my kid but when I turned round, I realised that he had not even woken up yet and was in his own room.
        When I was younger, my sister was away from home and homesick so she attempted astral projection one night – she managed it and even described details which we had changed round in her absence but she said that when she reached my bedroom she could not get in because there was an entire army of entities blocking her entry.
        Occasional sightings are 'normal' in our family because we have strong links with a part of colonial Africa where black magic was a way of life and their main faith.

      • The thing is Tiffany, you could see a likeness of satan and not even know it was him. Or it could be one of his army of fallen angels. Sean Stone talks about spirits called jinns which can be good or bad and it was apparently an encounter with one which led him to where he now is spiritually. Sharon Tate saw satan and said that he was beautiful though I would say it was a demonic entity. I suspect Laurel Canyon would be their favorite hangout back then!
        My childhood was much happier than my early adulthood but I was told that many of my ancestors had sold their souls to achieve that level of wealth. We were happiest when we were living frugally as a lifestyle choice and ignoring the money. Once my parents starting spending that money and making even more, I believe it channeled in a lot of negative energy as that money was dirty money (I have seen bills literally splattered in bodily fluids and I never knew why). I have all the material comforts I could wish for but I don't enjoy money at all and try to live self-sufficiently. I dread the thought that family will die and leave me $100,000s here and there as I think it will only make me unhappier.

      • amaryllis, thanks for the info. Does Astral projection work the first time you try it? (I don't know how you do it tbh) Also I need to ask you if you have seen The Arrivals documentary, Its about 8 hours long and split into 51 parts. I have it on dvd and trust me you NEED TO WATCH IT. Also have you seen the 1999 film End of Days? You will be left open mouthed while watching that film because I know you will get what that film is about. I think VC should a three part article on it

      • astral projection? entities? ancestors sold souls? I would say that you still need help. Your faith that you can not even describe is worthless. You need to find Truth and you need help to end all ties with the dark once for all.

      • That was back then so a bit harsh and I am not accountable for my family's behaviour/beliefs. I am a work in progress and my faith is very valuable to me so I will decide that for myself if that is OK with you???

      • amaryllis
        you did not get the point.If it would be OK with me does that means that it is OK with our Creator?
        Have He made us to seek the Truth in endless labyrinth of occult gnostic ecumenical human or otherwise straight demonic teachings?
        Yes I am really worried about many on this site. What is the benefit of half truth?

      • Everything leads to the same truth and the same God IMVHO. Rest assured that I have not incurred odium in the sight of God because I am regularly given proof of that in the course of my everyday life. Worry about many on this site, I do too, but do not worry about me. Thank you.

      • Worry is no virtue, nor is it useful or effective… it is closer to judgment, and on what authority would you judge anyone, especially strangers who post abbreviated accounts of their opinions/lives/beliefs on a conspiracy-investigation website? Your sincerity may be true, but you're only accountable for you. So let God bless you of your own authentic virtues (whatever they may be), and please do not transpose your doubts and fears onto others, as if condescension were a service of love.

  11. When I saw the trailer I knew it's an Illuminati movie, so during watching it I was analysing every frame trying to catch something and I did. And that article just showed me more. Thanks VC !

    • Great article.

      I so enjoy reading all of your material and becoming more informed. But I know the end of the story. The reason that the occult elite are so interested in the book of revelation is because it contains the prophecy of the battle plan of God, and the defeat of satan.
      Every word that is written WILL come to pass, but satan is blinded by his pride and arrogance and thinks that he can defeat God. The last battle of armegeddon will physically take place on earth, in Israel, and the man Jesus will easily defeat him. Its all a love story. Jesus will return for his bride and destroy anyone who opposes him. He is God, he cannot be defeated, and the love for his people is fierce, he will not let anything stand in the way of love.

      The reason we are so attacked by the illuminati (which is run by satan) is because satan knows who we are – God's beloved, the desire of his heart – and he hates us for it. His goal is to drag as many people to hell as he can and prevent us from getting our inheritance, which is to be with God forever, loving and being loved. Satan loathes us with every fiber of his being. He is smart to use mass media to destroy us.. It's working.

    • The Nephilim were destroyed during the great flood and this civilization will be destroyed, just like all the others have been destroyed. This world will be soon finished, when the appointed Angel will blow the horn…..

    • The same thinking that I had when I watched the 4th kind and now u see me.

      Im a bit scared but also interested in all these things!

  12. …yeesh just the sight of Woody Harrelson makes me stabby…and Morgan Freeman is one of the biggest sleaze-bag Illuminati dupes in 'the business'…

    ….Can't wait to stay away from this film….

    • Those actors are in it for the money. Sure, they hate it when they're given orders, but they are being used BIG TIME and they know it. And if you know which actor/musician is in the Illuminati, just look at who their friends are in the business and who they do business with. Like JayZ & Kanye, their time will end.

      • Actually, most of them don't know they're being used. They are seduced just like their fans by money, power, sex, applause and most actually think their s**t don't stink. That's why they're chosen for fame. Not because of their "awesome" talent or "incredible" good looks. I know. I worked in the business for years. It's sicker than you imagine, so don't get sentimental about the "stars" you admire. Of course their time will end, so will everyone's.

  13. That 'lolol' was directed at the person directly above me. This post, aloha with most of the posts on this website, is right on track. I came to a similar conclusion while watching the movie and I agree with mostly everyone when I say it is a hit that the messages are so overt. I serve a magnificent God and I will never worry, because I know who wins this war.

  14. Thanks for including the after credit scenes where the horsemen were in the desert, unable to access Eye-related material. We missed those extras.

    Doing their deeds/carrying their water and being left out in the cold (or in the desert in this case)…..not ending up with access to the real secrets…………..those are reserved for initiates born into the bloodline, not for (foolish) outsiders who are deemed solely as expendable tools to be used.

    • Nice to know you're telling us that 3/4 of Hollyweird is locked out. They're tools anyway for NOT turning them down in the first place.

    • So true. Honestly the end credits were too long. If he wouldn't have posted that last part I would never have known about it. Thanks.

      • Interesting that they put that scene AFTER the credits. I guess it was to encourage those in the audience who might have thought it was cool to get involved with the societies. Too bad they didn't stay till the end they would have seen the real outcome of their folly LOL!

    • From my experience, the elite always watch the credits rolling. I once found it frustrating and questioned it in response to which I was informed that the credits might give them additional information and are definitely part of the film not to be missed. I am beginning to understand why!

    • I know. How subliminal was that eh when you think Its over, Its actually not and there was a vital moment after the credits which in essence was a final clue as to what happen to these people in the Entertainment biz.

    • Or, that scene might just have been after they saw the show schematics & before they built the magic show. Sheesh, I'll bet you people honestly believe that Obama was born in Hawaii & that Sarah Palin is, in fact, a Democrat at heart.

  15. I thought it was a great movie but I was very disappointed with the ending ! I remember thinking "him" ? He's the eye ? That's some bull, and his reasoning behind his antics were just as confusing ! I felt cheated like they could have did so much more with that ! The ending was just pure lazy and uncreative !

    • Can all those who are praising this film explain why they liked it? Aside from the revelation of the method, so to speak, I thought it was the fakest, most retarded plot and special effects I'd ever seen. Just taking the film on its merits alone. It was so poorly done!

  16. Oh I get it. They use entertainers as distractions while they rob the fruits of our labor right from under us. Make the money & resources disappear. Won't be watching the movie. Got turned off from movies years ago. I like documentaries. Not make believe.

    • Faked documentaries are almost the norm now – think about the magick kar dash i an s where every family member must have k in their names because it is the missing letter of the word magick (with a little mason and checkerboard floor thrown in for good measure).

      • You seem to have an issue with the Kardash-clan. Or did you think their reality show was some sort of documentary or even real , i hope not?

      • As real as any other reality TV show, I guess. I have only ever read articles about it, not watched it

    • So you think documentaries don't distract you in order to accomplish their own agendas? Good. Good. Right where we want you.

  17. When watching the film I did recall seeing many, many illuminati symbolisms. Its sad how its so open about real reality and yet there many that still are not yet awake. How are you not curious about searching for the truth and how can you just sit at home and think 'oh this is all fake'… 'just another conspiracy'. NO! You are the one believing in 'consipiracies' when you don't even see the truth.

    • Amen. You couldn't have said it any better. The many sheeple out in society exercise doubt as a self defense mechanism. They do this to protect themself.. Deep down I think they believe. Shunning reality does not mean it does not exist.

  18. Haven't seen the movie but now I will. I study mind control and know that CAROUSEL is the term used to represent a person being under mind control. To ride the carousel means that you are now under their control.. The English Secret Service mind control division is called "THE CAROUSEL. Amusement Parks are used in mind control because the carousels and rides can put you into an altered state which makes the mind control process easier with the drugs and the trauma that is used.

  19. My thing is what took VC sooooo long to do an article? this movie came out during the summer and I was just waiting on an article because of all the symbalisim and language used through out the movie.

  20. In a previous VC article, you can read about Florence and the Machine. The singer has a really powerful voice and her lyrics are somehow… dark, pretty dark.

    On of her best songs is called Seven Devils (appealig name, huh?). If you listen to it very carefully, you'll find out the truth about showbiz industry. Here it goes:

    They can keep me alive
    'Til I tear the walls
    'Til I slave your hearts
    And they take your souls
    And what have we done?
    Can it be undone?
    In the evil's heart
    In the evil's soul

    See? They keep me alive… but, who are THEY? And once she enslaves our hearts, what will happen? Maybe she'll be found in some hotel room, dead by some strange, shadowy reason?

    These artisis are mere puppets. They are to be discarded once their scene is over and the lights are off.

  21. Very interesting! I've a question. This film promotes the illuminati agenda or is trying to exposing it, unveiling it to the audience?

    • I don't think it's doing either, I think it's their way of teasing us and laughing at the masses because they don't see what's going on, and there's nothing we can do to stop them, according to them

      • This is the "Revelation of the Method" In other words, the illuminati is revealing what until now was secret or hidden from the masses because they know that in their degraded state most people will be indifferent or clueless. They're thumbing their noses at us so to speak. According to writer Micheal Hoffman the revelation strengthens their mental whole on these people. That's scary!

    • Re unveiling, this is only the start Willie. You should see what is to come. It will be the masses clamoring to get more of the antichrist like the food riots in the aftermath of communist Russia

    • It is promoting it. Sort of like they're laughing at the viewer, us, because they are putting it out there for us but the VAST majority don't see it. And they know those who do see it and try to inform others will be laughed down and ridiculed Just my take, although I have not seen the film and do not plan to. I've seen enough of these movies. The vast majority come away confused, not knowing the intent of the movie. But those who have ears to hear and eyes to see will hear and see and sound the alarm.

      • all publicity is good publicity … even though they gave us that phrase.
        Kate moss plus coke scandal = $$$ etc
        Kim K plus dodgy tape = $$$$$

    • It's the art of seduction. Just like a prostitute shows some of her body to get the customer to take the bait. And just like a prostitute, they are disdainful of the the ones who "bite".

    • I wonder if the cumulative effect of all this exposure to their plan over many centuries almost kinda ends up altering the chemistry in our brain to the extent that after several generations, it has an evolutionary impact upon mankind (almost DNA altering). That is, in a hundred years time, children will be born differently receptive to it all and society will be geared more towards indulging it. It is said that the antichrist will use scientific methods that are light years ahead of the age we live in. I am thinking along the lines of eugenics, scientology, two particular practices within kabbalah, the unexplored potential of the internet.

      I keep my children away from it all. We live in a huge city but don't know the name of a single big screen actor or popular toy. I worry because they will not stay ignorant forever. For example, I saw the problem with the Haarlem Shake and hoped it would be ignored. One day, they came home doing it, saying they were taught how to do it at school and that all the teachers were also joining in – it had been practiced many times as a reward for working hard. For several weeks, they begged to see more and more of it on YouTube – there were versions that were vile and disturbing which needed censorships and warnings which I had to slam off but of course, there were no warnings attached.

      • amaryllis, The "Elite" are generations ahead of us in regards to technology/ knowledge so yeah probably, I think this one of their aims. The Zionists are awaiting and preparing the world for the arrival of their false Messiah.

    • I am beginning to think films like this are not directed to the 'audience' at all because most of them aren't going to get that deep into the meaning of it and just accept it as entertainment. It makes no sense to direct a sophisticated message to someone who isn't going to understand it. That's like handing a note a 3 year old who can't read…it makes no sense. So it must be some sort of insider thing directed at each other for some reason and/or thumbing their nose at those of us who think we know by revealing just enough to 'decode' some of the message but not all of it. We are guessing at what their 'true agenda' is but there is no real way for us to know for sure. Just my opinion anyway.

      • Well, symbols have power, and the more a symbol is viewed the more power it generates for the Elite. So that is possibly the reason for the sudden proliferation of occult symbology in music videos and movies.

    • I think its an invitation to the ones who understand and see, they are showing us what they are all about,( there is no way its targeting the unawakened ones- coz they know they dont get the picture)…..it is deceptive if you let it play in your mind, the greedy envious ones will fall into the trap and the wise one have seen the darkness in the end..

    • Everything you see on tv is controlled by them. They show you what they want you to see. Even documentaries, or so called "reality tv". Everything from the TV and internet is basically. Bs.

  22. Thanks, VC. Your site and VC community is growing and illuminati are aware that we are aware, so the closer you look the less you see. Like the Vanity Fair cartoons. Eye in the sky, big brother watching, etc. I think this is why the ancients Egyptians used the Eye, for control of the masses. In my research I've found The eye of Horus represented justice, like our symbol of blue flashing lights. Once the sheeple are adjusted zero privacy The Eye will no longer be glamorized in youth culture.

  23. I think the name horseman is just to reinforce the reference to horus…. horusmen.
    I see the symbolism..but I was still entertained by the movie does that make me exploited?

  24. wow lol I just watched this last night and then you post this that's too funny. On the note it is crazy symboliz in it. I've noticed to in gta V all the eyes too and he fact it made 1 billion in 3 days.

    • I liked the movie too infact I was yelling at the police to leave jack wilder (death card) alone n when he so called died I cryed. lol I was like he was so cute, all the cute guys get killed. :( hahaha

      • You give some really mixed up signals here. Maybe take a deep breathe, a step back, and recollect yourself from all the excitement?

      • This stuff is getting out of control! All this evidence and still no one believes! its becoming more and more obvious everyday! ALL I'VE BEEN DOING IS WARNING PEOPLE AND EDUCATE..NOT GOING TO FORCE SOMEONE TO BELIEVE THEY JUST NEED TO WAKE UP.

  25. Why does that particular eye drawing that's the Eye logo in the movie look familiar to me? Anyone else? I was thinking a Da Vinci sketch, but found nothing. Then I was thinking maybe a comic book company logo, but I couldn't find anything on that either. Anyone know?

  26. Illuminati Losers on

    the funny part about the illuminati, eye, and all the other so called "secret" societies is they're not a secret to their Creator and at the end of this earth and universe they will be the eternal losers. they're toast. so if the book of Revelation is important to them then they surely know they've lost big time and forever. they should receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior while they are able to…

  27. Glad you wrote about this. I was completely conflicted the entirety of this movie. My friends didn't understand my hatred for this movie.

  28. I'm glad I didn't watch the movie but I'm glad that you post this article thank you VC , I'm always a fan of your work and thank you for sharing with us your posts

  29. VC you did an excellent job!! Well explained, and well written. There isn't anything more I can add bc you've covered it.. even the Bible part :)

  30. I watched this movie about 3 weeks ago and the whole time I was thinking "SEE" why can't ppl just realize that we have been lied to tricked and used by freemasons, illuminiti ect. I liked the movie cuz to me it proves that what VC, Alexjones, Topinfopost, n so many other "truthers" have been saying! "Now you see me" is that a question or a statement? I hear a question and for me the answer is "Yes!"

  31. In Doreen Virtue books: 444 means "angels". (lightworkers are not waiting for anyone to save us, because we are the angels ourselves.)This universe at it's foundation is a wave-form construct. Yes, including human form—everything. As a holographic reality appears to be solid, but it's delusional. Holograms seem so real but you can put your hand through them, therefore, we are them and they are us. If we become more infused with love and peace, they naturally will dissapear as if by magic.

    • Maya, I understand your language but please inform yourself of who is controlling the "light workers" aka New Age Change Agents, they've got you on an endless karmic journey while those higher than you become the global Elite Change Agents bringing in control of the masses, transhumanism,eugenics, luciferian worship and social engineering via Education/Media. Light-workers was the term used by Alice Bailey bringing in the New (Age) World Order under the deception that it is all about Light and Love, Planetary Cleansing and Higher Consciousness. Please read "THE RAINBOW SWASTIKA" by Hannah Newman, available for free online. Love in Jesus's name, may you come to Real Wisdom and not the wisdom of the serpent in this world.

      • Mayra, Mel Macca is right to a degree. All that love and light stuff is a delusion. Its fluff. And there is no evidence that it works, it just makes YOU FEEL good.

        What Mayra doesn't realise is that all that christian stuff is a delusion also. The blind leading the blind. It never ceases to amaze me how many people object to being watched 24/7 by big brother due to protecting their privacy but yet, in their minds they have their very own big brother watching them 24/7. It's kinda gross really.

        So, the movie is made by people who want to make money. Make a movie with illuminati undertones and you'll have people watching and discussing it – because conspiracy theories are now becoming part of popular culture, it's sure to make bank. It's simply normal everyday people in show biz making money and these people are making money off your fears, your hopes, your desires, your paranoia – off your feelings.

        They got you all good, hook line and sinker. Oh the irony of it! Now that's magic! Very clever.

        Use reason and actual logic and you'll see reality more clearly and for what it is.

        And Mel Macca, snakes not now and not ever have been able to talk and offer wisdom or deception. They are snakes, they can only talk in fairy tales.

        There's no reason, no evidence strong enough to conclude that there are invisible entities protecting or deceiving you. Someone made that up to control you. There's only you and your thoughts and everyone else and theirs.

        Choose to love and think for yourself in humanity's name, if not your own. Both feet on the ground not off with the fairies.

  32. The card when shown,"the eye" shows the number 23. This video talks about that number I continue to see in the Miley Cyrus playing basketball, this You Tube video explains the four horse man "Mike will made it -23 ft.Miley Cyrus JuicyJ Wiz". Also, in my Pet Goat, there is Plam23 writen in the wall. The address 45 East Devon NY, NY took me to 45 East 33 Street when google it? Remember that Sandy Hook on the Batman movie came out?

  33. One of the reasons such manipulation of humanity is so easy is because the false myths which have been perpetuated regarding satan being this ugly, hairy, grotesque being. It is quite obvious if you look back to the beginning that while he can assume such facades, satan is physically beautiful and was breathtakingly, insanely gorgeous compared to even the other angels with a lovely singing voice.
    The reason that automatic playing happens is because he was the most accomplished musician in heaven – like the dream one-man band of the likes we have never seen. We have been conditioned to associate him with filth, ugliness so when he attacks, we cannot see him. He is found in the most beautiful tableaux at the museums, the most awesome musical compositions, the best photoshopped high fashion spreads. If you perfect those arts, then sooner or later you will strive towards metaphysical perfection of the vanities which will inevitably lead to promotion of the beast. You cannot succeed in the cult-ural industries without paying homage to him and if you think that there are ways round this then you are just kidding yourself as what you promote within restrictions will lead people to beyond those restrictions. Even writing on this forum is cultural and does not necessarily anti-promote him. By the end times, everything will be brought underneath his umbrella.
    By the time preachers wise up, it will probably be too late.

    • I've been watching the Apocalypse series on vhs tapes this week. Everything in your comments sums up all 4 movies. After the rapture happens, the antichrist emerges as the new messiah & the blind will willfully choose him, believing he is god. The ones who were left behind & discovered the truth were considered to be haters. They lived in hiding until found & were forced to wear virtual googles. They either renounced God & pledged allegiance to satan by receiving the mark or were killed by guillotine. Those who chose the mark became sinister because they're now owned by satan. What's crazy is that they also have no memory of loved ones who were raptured. Although the movies were made in the 1990's, everything involved in those films are happening now, including the one eye. Law enforcement in the movies is called O.N.E. When I read the different topics vc has written previously, especially about singers, rappers, actors, etc., I feel those people have already pledged to satan pre-rapture & post-rapture, the antichrist will use these celebs to suck in the masses like it's something cool. Those who refuse to join will be killed. Just imagine, if people think we're crazy for exposing the truth now, things will be worse when trying to explain why you don't have 666 branded on your hand/forehead like everyone else. But…that's just my take on this crazy world.

    • This post is so true! If satan were truly as disgusting looking as he has been portrayed most sane people won't be drawn in by him. His beauty is now and has always been his secret weapon and he must have a soothing voice to match or people would tune him out. It's baffling how people have not figured that out!

    • Sorry but this is really pigeonholing to say that all cultural advancements are of the devil. As an artist myself, my act of creation makes me feel closer to God. The ability to appreciate and create art is to me a gift from God. I think you need to distinguish between ego and vanity (which is more satanic/straying away from God) and art/aesthetics/beauty in our world, reflected through the arts, which usually tries to emanate perfection/higher ideals, which are OF God not AGAINST God.

    • You are right,even Satan/Lucifer aka Apollo, god of music, etc "can transform himself into an angel of light" " Corinthians 11:14 in the Bible. Be careful, my friend, for he comes to deceive, steal and murder

    • Is it not pride to call others blind? Is it not pride to judge others ignorance and call them a fool? Think of that before you speak out against your brethren and question to whom their devotion lies. If ones faith is to heaven then the great glory of god will always out shine any falseness the serpent may show.

  34. the endpoint of my logical analysis of such matters, and what is always MOST horrifying for me, is that i never for a moment believe that "they" (at the top of the pyramid) truly believe in evil or magick–

    rather instead that they see the presentation of mythos/drama as a means to their ends, from their accolytes on down to the masses. if viewed from this perspective, history and the perpetuation of "culture" takes on new meaning, both eastern AND western civilizations. VC himself even makes a great case for this perspective in many posts. human manipulation is the oldest game in town. but, there is a way out–

    in the end, that still, small voice inside is the one they are trying to snuff out, and replace.

    meditate, pray, and look for that voice of truth and love (for me it is the Holy Spirit) and the veils of darkness fall away. DO THIS NOW, if have never tried before. dare to hear that quiet, deepest part of yourself, and something far greater, and most pure. seek the Source, and you will never regret it, nor be satisfied with counterfeit pursuits!!!

    • Yes they do believe in Lucifer whom they don't really see as being the same as satan at all btw. They passionately and whole-heartedly believe in him.

    • Affidavits of God on

      Be careful with "empty mind" meditation. In times of emptying the mind, other entities and energies can fill it. I say this because many of the men who have been inspired under trance like mediations have said they were contacted by certain entities and given secret knowledge. Aleister Crowley was said to hold mediative states he learned from yogis in India, and during these times he was said to be contacted by an ancient egyptian god "a spirit messenger of Horus" (hence the eye in the pyramid on the dollar bill). Also the creator of the enneagram was said to have been in a meditative state when "Beezlebub" a demon gave him info about the soul's transformation. It all ties into the "ancient arts" that God warned mankind about when two angels brought them down to teach men as a test- many early men "failed" the test or did not take the higher road, and learned magik and the occult anyways despite the warnings. Since God is a loving father, he allows us to make our own choices and evolve on our own, though going against God's guidance will always slow down the process- which is exactly the state of the world today. This started a branch of humans between those who worshipped and communicated to outside gods, while those who worshipped only one. It is not illogical that the ones who learned magic such as alchemy, divination, black arts are also rich and have come from a long line of elites born from greed and arrogance. I am learning that God only wanted ONE God to be worshipped not because He is a jealous God, but in order to not allow mankind to be taken advantage from aliens or invisible entities claiming to be gods of us. Scientology has this same root of aliens being our creators other than the One God. One faith or One God would keep humanity together on the same page spiritually and allow us to grow together instead of being pulled off track from war and destruction under the guise of religious diversity. God always has our best interest in mind. I encourage you to do farther research into the subject of meditation, turnkey…it is not all evil as a practice to listen to the voice within, in some ways prayer is meditation, but it can open the doorway to a dimension unknown if you aren't focused with an intent to connect to God. Meditation without a God in mind, will open you up to allowing you to be seduced into other beings replacing themselves as a god. Ask yourself why is the New Age always trying to get people to meditate and empty the mind?

      I halfway believe in the part about "the keepers of the Eye" in the movie, because it may speak about the divided branch of humans…those who followed the commands of God to stay away from magic that is not understood fully, and can be used for evil, and those who were seduced into using it and have passed down the ancient arts or knowledge of the arts throughout time.

      A great book that explains this hidden world of magic of the elite is Mark Booth's The Secret History of the World.

  35. Thank you Vigilant Citizen for doing the research and posting it really quick. The movie was a bit senseless but the Illunimati symbolism was just way too much to ignore. I even forgot about that movie for a while.

  36. So what can we do about this? Is it time to get together, take up arms, and go drag the Rothschilds/bankers/corrupted Hollywood execs out of their homes? Or are we just going to sit here reading VC week after week without taking action?

    How do we fight back?

    • I would like to see you try – more likely than not, you would exactly the same as them once you won possession of their jinxed resources

      • Wouldn't want their possessions. We can burn down Château de Ferrières, Mentmore Towers, the Mothers of Darkness castle and everything else they own for all I care.

        And I'll never be like them, don't worry about that. Molesting and torturing babies isn't exactly my thing.

    • battlelieswithin on

      Don't fall into the trap of becoming violent. You WILL lose. Instead try to realize that this is a spiritual battle (that doesn't mean Christian battle) it means the battle occurs INSIDE you. What you give value to and what you support with your ENERGY.

    • You fight back by keeping your soul, in helping others to awaken, and in whatever small ways it comes into your mind/heart to do to undermine their plans. I used to dream of the populace rising up, of burning down their edifices and executing the perpetrators. But these actions would only play into their plans, making it easier for them to declare martial law and subjugate us that much faster.

      I also don't agree with just sitting and doing nothing, waiting for somebody to show up and save us. The simplest things we can do is what Good people have always done to fight evil and iniquity in the world: acts of kindness and care to our fellows, be they brothers, sisters or creatures.

      As for a more intensive strategy: has anyone here tried using Prayer as a weapon against the wicked ones? I was given the idea to pray a protective hedge around a playground, so that all the children who visit there would gain a bit of insight and comfort of the Lord, and be able to keep safe from or escape the evildoers. I think if I'd had others with me praying, it would be even more powerful and effective.

      Why can't we do that type of thing all over the place? Active coordinated praying to overcome the effects of their symbols (on buildings, billboards, clothes), their rituals (awards shows, superbowl), even for the people, famous and not-famous, we know to be in their thrall. It doesn't have to be a big public thing, or a church-bound one. Just little groups of people, in living rooms and back yards, sending out a positive intent to counteract all the negativity they constantly emit.

      If it's a Spiritual battle, then let's use the tools of the Spirit. And since they are corrupting the gifts the Lord gave us and using them against us, then I say it's time to take those gifts back and use them against the demons and their minions. Take back your butterflies, your sun and stars, the rainbows and owls and waters and works of art. Why should we concede to them our inheritance? Our worthiness? Our future?

      Get off your ass, turn the computer off and Ask Him to show you what to do. And then screw up your courage, because whatever it is will probably sound weird and lame and maybe even comical. (like it did for me.) Just do it anyway, because you will feel so relieved and empowered against those wicked ones, you will never be the same.

    • Raising awareness IS fighting back.
      I see that sentiment all the time, on every thread in cyberspace, and in almost every conversation about current events: "well what are ya gonna do, start a riot? Run for office? Write letters to the editor? If you're not doing that, then YOU aren't doing anything either, so don't confuse me with the facts. Join me, and party like it's 1999!"
      The elites/ruling class/banksters/MilPlex count on us "mundanes" to just shrug our shoulders in defeat and get back to work. Either that, or fight, which we now know will be met with brutal force as demonstrated by the ammo purchases and militarization of local law enforcement, wartime-style drills in urban centers, the siege of thousands of swat-style "officers" in the Boston patsy manhunt, the closing of roads for a "drill" in Santa Monica complete with narration shortly before another mass shooting…
      Conventional wisdom being that if you aren't protesting in the streets (as proscribed from everyone from cointel Alex "1776 WILL COMMMENCE" Jones to Samuel Jackson, which would bring about martial law), or running, or volunteering for someone running, for office (like those in the Ron Paul "Revolution" will tout – even after he was run out of the campaign on a rail by shockingly crooked primaries that went wholly unreported in the MSM, and 11th hour rule changes at the convention), or writing your bought-n-paid for "elected" "representatives" (which *may* help in certain cases, but it sure didn't when it came to the "Affordable Healthcare" Act, the "Patriot" Act, or NDAA, for starters – all of which would have met even greater opposition if given a fair hearing) you're doing nothing.
      Those attitudes are a cop-out for people who refuse to "clutter their minds" (they'll tell you), UNLESS it has to do with sports, movies, or pop culture in general, but only in the most superficial fashion, of course.
      For instance, everyone knows about Molly Virus thanks to blanket coverage on every outlet, 'round the clock for days, but do they know her apparent allegiance to her occult masters? Most don't, nor do they want to, even as it stares them in the face with one eye shut, a drug-laden tongue, "twerking" on "pedo-bears" that appear zonked. The morning shows, entertainment shows, radio "news" outlets frame it as "ooh lookie here folks, you're going to be outraged!" But, those who *see* it (whose numbers grow every day) KNOW it's more about *disseminating* the filth, as a means of mass trauma, than "exposing* it, thanks to us "tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy nut-jobs" who are spreading the word like wildfire. They're amping up the insanity, and we respond in kind, in hopes of saving souls from the incessant barrage of dreck.

      • This is important – staying informed,changing hearts and minds. Those who are blind to the machinations of the occultists are unwittingly taken in and compromised by it – especially the youth. Raising awareness is paramount. What else stopped the march into Syria? Soldiers got the word out that they didn't enlist to fight alongside Al-CIAda, the "rebels" and those backing them were challenged on their claims of the Assad regime using chemical weapons (notice how the term WMD was shelved?). We then see Turkey and Saudi Arabia eager for the bombing to commence in order to get that coveted pipeline built and operational (follow the $ – nothing new there)…
        Next thing we know, the British Parliament stopped their puppet PM Camoron in his tracks thanks to overwhelming public opposition. Then, Gigolo Kerry was set up to take the fall for the US regime, committing a so-called "gaffe" that opened the door to destruction of the regime's stockpile, allowing Barry "Bathhouse" Sortoro to reneg on his "red line" threat – crisis averted (for now). [No guarantees France and Israel won't go ahead with it (like the French in Mali, and Israel in Syria numerous times in recent months). We can still consider this one little victory – but it's not so little when you consider how many Syrian civilians will hopefully escape being in the line of fire in the meantime. Can't say so much for those in Pakistan dying in drone strikes to the tune of two to three thousand now, but hey that's ok since they're not subject to chemical weapons, right? Or the 68,000 or so left in Afghanistan, committing suicide in greater numbers than those who are K.I.A. [And what is WITH people who drive around in cars emblazoned with that acronym??? HELLO, it means KILLED IN ACTION, you DOLTS!!!]
        So, in short, it does seem many times over that we are powerless, but when you look at something like this, there can be no other explanation than the overwhelming public opposition that halted the march to a FUKUS (France/UK/US)/Israeli war with Syria, which may have resulted in WWWIII, as Russia was promising to back up the Assad regime with whatever was necessary (force included). Perhaps I'm wrong on this, but I just don't see another catalyst for this turn of events.

      • [My apologies dear reader, but I haven't posted in some time…so much to say…sorry for being long-winded! If you'll indulge me, just a bit more…]
        There is a such thing as the "public consciousness," and if all we have left is to speak out, then by God, we should. The "Snowden leaks" and revelations about snooping were intended to scare us into foxholes, IMO, since regulation hasn't worked, thus far. Let's utilize the medium while we still are able. It's the only chance we have. If we keep on keepin' on, the popularity of all this youtube driven music industry drivel will wane as more and more of their target audience matures, sees through it (thanks to those speaking truth to power), distances themselves, then shields their own children from it. The popularity of this site and others with the same message has soared in the past few years. If the clicks keep coming, that's more folks being challenged, or having their suspicions validated. It can only be a good thing.
        This site, and others like it, are attempting to do the Lord's work, and we need to be supportive, take it in, cross-reference (which will reinforce all of this), and RESONATE.
        Many will tell you it's just pissing in the wind. Don't believe them. Even those who will take that attitude in the face of what you try to convey will often recognize it, but out of vanity, refuse to acknowledge it. Don't be deterred. Also, I've found in over twenty years of discussions, that just asking questions and letting the blissfully ignorant see that they can connect the dots themselves works much better than pummeling them (hopefully I haven't here – not my intent at any rate…you be the judge). Like: "have you noticed how there are pentagrams and inverted crosses in so many of these videos and awards show performances? What's up with that?" Or: "Why is it that seemingly every "news" show and late night talk show repeats a quote from a magazine interview where (insert "artist" name) brags about doing drugs? How is that "newsworthy?" Or: "Remember how our government was under fire for wiretapping back in the 2000's, and they told us it was only used for overseas communications? Now apparently, it's pervasive, and has been for some time, along with email and web search surveillance…don't you find that at least discomfiting?" Even when they come back with circular logic, you at least get them thinking, as they've likely never had to actually articulate their position on such matters, as it's been spoon-fed by our "elite" friends. I've done it myself many times (as we all have, but it takes some courage to reflect and admit it). ["Hmm, I ran out of steam in that discussion – reduced to blather, really. I sounded like a complete prat! Perhaps I should look a little deeper…"]

        Keep on seeking and speaking truth, Godspeed, and God Bless.

      • Wow. you are a real treasure. thank you for the practical application of how to raise awareness in our relationships. winston, how does one go about getting in touch with you? Do you have a blog or anything?

      • That was inspirational! You sound a lot like Sean Stone. Re Syria you are bang on the money. At the start, I was waiting for certain writers/journalists to crawl out of the woodwork and stand up and defend Assad – people who have always been outspoken on Syria and who had previously said that their close and positive family relationships with the Assads go back to their childhoods RYK ; if not their parents' childhoods. That is to say, they best knew the truth. However, they said NOTHING and the road to Damascus was effectively thrown open for foreign invasion.

      • Thank you kindly Amaryllis! Regarding those who had positive relationships with Assad, did they say nothing, or were they *prevented* from expressing support? With the way western media is controlled, it's likely the latter. Who in particular were you referencing?
        I was interested to see those clips of Hillary and Kerry dining with him and singing his praises (not carried by any of the MSM outlets, of course). Harkens one back to the photos of Rumsfeld smiling broadly as he is shaking hands with Saddam Hussein, not long before he became the "next Hitler" with Rummy relishing his press briefings of the western isolation, then decimation of his country.

      • Addendum: if all we have left is to speak out, then by God, we should. The "Snowden leaks" and revelations about snooping were intended to scare us into foxholes, IMO, since regulation hasn't worked, thus far. Let's utilize the medium while we still are able. It's the only chance we have. If we keep on keepin' on, the popularity of all this youtube driven music industry drivel will wane as more and more of their target audience matures, sees through it (thanks to those speaking truth to power), distances themselves, then shields their own children from it. The popularity of this site and others with the same message has soared in the past few years. If the clicks keep coming, that's more folks being challenged, or having their suspicions validated. It can only be a good thing.

    • It's a battle that takes place on the spiritual level, so you have to take the fight to that level. One way is by increasing your capacity to concentrate, and by meditating. To do that, you need to free yourself of dogmatic shackles. This is not something you can do just because someone else told you to (like I'm doing now); this is something you have to discover on your own and do accomplish by yourself, which is quite hard and life-changing. Go and read a blog titled Spirit of the Scripture. See if the writings on that blog make sense to you.

    • you don't fight back that's exactly what they want go and meet your neighbors enjoy nature embrace peace live your life and help others if everyone did more for others and the planet and all creatures.sadly even us revolutionary types are accounted for the world has to change like anything it starts with positive thinking

  37. Is it just me, or does Woody Harrelson mostly play in these type movies?
    Hunger Games, Zombieland, 2012 and this to name a few…
    Cannot believe there is actually a sequel of Hunger Games… watched it again the other day (hate myself). Cant believe how society finds this acceptable.
    Desensitising of the masses is working, I guess…

    • Yes, he does. Look into who is father was – a convicted murder who was implicated in the assassination of President Kennedy. This is some sick s**t. Oh, don't forget Natural Born Killers starring Mr. Harrelson. That pretty much says it all.

      • Seven Psychopaths is another one, where he plays a psychotic mob boss. That's another movie that needs expert analysis on. It's hard to tell in that movie, what's real and what isn't. Very surreal. And it's like a movie, inside a movie, inside a movie. Very talismanic I think; very Hermetic. Definitely a lot more going on than what you see on the surface.

      • And now he's coming out with a new HBO show, where he's tracking a serial killer. More murder and death on his resume.

    • Come on – you should not judge people upon the basis of their parents track records. As for

      Cant believe how society finds this acceptable.

      …what is this society you speak of and isn't our objection to it the reason why we come on here??

    • Well, the Hunger Games is based off a series of really popular books. IIRC, there's five. And I doubt the author had anything to do with what's going on.

      • If you actually read the hunger games series, its clear the author meant to depict how messed up our society is, both metaphorically and literally. The book had a lot of politics to it but of course all the movie showed was kids killing kids and senseless violence. The book actually mimics our society pretty well.

  38. I've read many reports by VC and this is the first time I have read VC state that secret societies hold the book of revelation in such a regard and that it's hidden meanings are deciphered by initiates. Let's hear more about that VC! What a statement to make and with no real explanation. Interesting, David Koresh claimed to be able to reveal the seven seals yet no one cared, not even secret societies, lol. Somehow I doubt that the answer to the MYSTERY declared by the prophets will be found hidden away with secret societies which worship Lucifer. I know you won't find the Truth in the church either (an abomination sits in the Holy Place where it ought not to be). I'd be more likely to want to know what David Koresh had to say about it. Oh that's right, he was killed with the host of people- by flame by sword and by captivity for many days ((51 to be exact during the time of Passover). In the book of Daniel there is a prophecy regarding the latter days which involves a messiah. I'm pretty certain it's not talking about Jesus because Jesus didn't die by flame with a bunch of people. No I don't think Christians know any better than secret societies regarding the sealed symbols of the prophetic books of the bible.

    • EyesB4andBhind – " there is a prophecy regarding the latter days which involves a messiah" – You got that right. The Zionist Jews are awaiting their False Messiah, to take its throne in Israel. Why d'ya think the capstone of the pyramid with the one-eye is suspended and not completed. Connect the dots…

  39. I've never seen this movie, but now, I think I will take a look now I've read this article. Thanx for this VC!
    It is common knowledge that Secret Societies control the entertainment (and other) industries. All of Hollywoodland is one huge sect.
    As for Aleister Crowley, my father was an acquaintance of his. Dad told me Crowley tried to get him interested in OTO. As for dad, he told Crowley in no uncertain terms to 'get bent' (that's polite-Marozia talk). Crowley said, according to dad, that the people in OTO were just stupid sheep. This just goes to prove that Crowley was recruited to get people into this disgusting type of worship, as per orders he was given by the 'Higher Ups", no doubt to gauge the vulnerability and gullibility of the population, or mass mind control. Charles Taze Russell did the same thing with Jehovah's Witness religion. Russell, of course, was of a high degree Illuminati family. I read books about this Crowleyist garbage, and the people involved all were psychologically and mentally damaged. Mind you, Crowley himself was a British Intelligence agent. I've mentioned the book before "Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult"- Richard B Spence.

      • It is an occult order. Their Deputy Grandmaster in the United States is/was Lon Milo Duquette (I don't know if he still holds that position.) In his book My Life With the Spirits he mentions how he has summoned demons and performed exorcisms.

      • Ordo Templi Orientis – Order of the Temple of the East. Lucifer is known as the morning star (which is seen at dawn in the east) and other assorted references to Satan as well as the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl who is another representation of Satan.

        It's not a silly question. Research and you will come to understand the gravity of it.

    • I don't know how any sincere person could be a Jehovah's Witness, haven't they seen the man's grave site? Big pyramid with masonry crap on it. Could they make it anymore obvious?

  40. Thanks VC! I wrote you a message a couple of weeks ago to see this movie and all the Illuminati symbols. I was shocked when I saw the movie. And then when I left the movie…Smurfette was giving me the 'eye' sing on a billboard and another smurf flashed me the satan-sign.

    What world do I live in?

  41. Hi VC,

    Thank you for your explanation of the movie.

    Also the whole message of the movie is also in the script and the actors' scripts. They clearly say all along, that if you are untertained it excuses the fact that those magicians are actually stealing you, making fun of you and lying to you.
    "Get entertained and even if we mess up with you, steal from you and make fun of you by making illusion, if you are entertain then why are you bothered??" "So shut up and keep being under the illusion and keep being entertained and having fun". The money plays a big role to keep people untertain and hysterical, by giving all the audiance money. So money here is just a tool to keep masses entertain and submissive to the magician tricks…

    The end part where the magician entered the circle of light looks really much like an initiation, like those magicians are really good at deceiption and lies that they can enter the Light, The Elite, The Enlightened…

    I explained it to my hubby and he agreed with me instantly and he is not even that big in the conspiray theory….

  42. Thanks VC! I wrote you a message a couple of weeks ago to see this movie and all the Illuminati symbols. I was shocked when I saw the movie. And then when I left the movie…Smurfette was giving me the 'eye' sing on a billboard and another smurf flashed me the satan-sign.

  43. Four Horsemen is not enigmatic at all! It is a symbol of the biggest magic trick of all time – WTC disappearing 😀 You can see two towers and a jet …

  44. VC did it again. Great analysis. I watched the movie especially because you made analysis on it.
    To sum up, the real message is that the elite is using the people who entertain and promise them that they will join the elite if the make their task, to distract the other people, while the elite are in fact stealing them.
    So the elite is in fact laughing at us, while we watch this film, or they are wanting from us to stop living like this and open our eyes. I am still not sure which one of these options is the truth.

  45. I've a suggestion for VC.
    How about a session with analysis of films [or other material] whom expose the illuminati oligarchical agenda? Would be great to see more articles about positive stuff, about material which exposes and point the finger to all this evil, like the Die Antwoord article. The VC readers are becoming experts in identify the occult procedures on mainstream, i think maybe would be nice showing more the "other side", the fight back, the awakened art and people [like Chappelle, Imortal Technique, etc].

  46. @VC I'm surprised that you didn't see the bank heist as playing a bigger part in this film.
    The war and the drama that could happen from the elite stealing the people's money?
    Look at what is happening right now.Occupy Wall Street.9 trillion dollars gone.Vanished into thin air.The fed knows nothing?People have no jobs.The economy is being intentionally ruined by people who want to usher in a New World Order.(But then again the money (the actual paper form of 9 trillion dollars) may not even exist.
    I don't think that it was by mistake that these films were set in the money cities. NYC and Vegas.

    • yes and the film is implying that the elite is using the showmakers, just to distract other people, while it is stealing the real money from them.

  47. "Rhodes," does that ring a bell??? Rhodes college is where the illuminati groom(brainwash) their key politicians. Mia Farrow's son, Ronan, is a Rhodes Scholar and is moving up the ladder of politics. They have big plans for him. Many think that Woody Allen is the father; however, he is not. Mia does not know that, nor does the boy…Woody knows. Think about the movie "Rosemary's Baby."

    Also, getting back to this movie, the interpol agent keeps saying, "take a leap of faith." That is what the initiates of the 'mystery schools' are told during their initiation when they have to perform a very scary act. It is how they prove they will be loyal to the order.

    To answer the question, "what can we do?" We pray. The real reason they need to distract us, is to draw us away from GOD. They do use the Bible against us, they are using the Bible like a director uses a screenplay. You will find many clues in the Bible, even the answer to the question above…2 Chronicles 7:14.

    They have us celebrating pagan holidays, and worst of all, they have eliminated the one day that GOD sanctified and made holy. The Sabbath is not just for Jews, it is for all mankind, who belong to GOD(Exodus 31:13.) Upon finishing his works in six days, GOD rested, He sanctified and made holy the Seventh day. You will find the truth in the Sabbath. It is the key, it is the answer.

    If you have ears…please hear.

    • Cecil Rhodes was also a famous Illuminati agent who controlled parts of Africa (i.e. Rhodesia). He's who the Rhodes scholarship was named after. Nicole Kidman is related to him…

      • Yeah nd Frankie is just as Illuminated as Woody.

        Jimmie Fallon was joking about that last night. He showed pictures of the kid and Woody and said even Maury was like 'come on!!!'LOL it was pretty funny.

        As for Rhodes, he used to have his own country named after him; Rhodesia. Its interesting that prior to him, no one really cared about diamonds; especially compared to other gems. They started pushing diamonds through Hollywood and have always pretended theyre much more scarce than they really are. Its completely a racket, and I hate to pull the J card but so many of the wealthy Jewish elite are involved in the diamond trade.

      • I would rather have a baby with a handsome member of the illuminati rather than , well, one like Woody Allen. Ronan is a beautiful boy and I am not surprised that the Sinatra family accepted him.

      • Well, he is…and he isn't. Mia was MK and served a purpose. Frank was also MK and served his purpose. When one has an attribute that is desirable, "they" will take DNA and store it, for the right 'mixture' so to speak. They can take certain genes from one, certain genes from another, well, you get the point. LIke now they have another option for couples, 'designer' babies. They've been manipulating the human genome for decades, quite possibly for more than a century.
        Getting back to Ronan, he is quite brilliant(wonder where that came from) and having Franks features doesn't hurt, at least it's explainable. And as I said, they have Really Big plans for him. But Mia and Frank did not have an affair in 1986. There is a lot of Mia Farrow's life that doesn't add up. If you're interested check it out…it's strange.

      • Yes, I remember that Elton John conceived his babies with his husband by mixing DNA in a similar way. Frank was not that into Mia in 1986 or within the context of his life, she was not his greatest love either.

      • No, she wasn't…Ava Gardner was. However, Ava tried to stay away from all the illuminati crap and could not handle the "handlers" that surrounded Frank.
        There is a shroud surrounding the life of Mia Farrow… the question is 'why?'

      • One more thing about this movie…the date on the cards they received, when they were to meet…March 29…I think was the date. Might want to put that on your calendar just to see if something occurs on that date in 2014, 2015, etc.

      • Took a while even though she has been over Woody for years – I wonder if she was gagged for x number of years. She is a bona fide MK puppet who has always leaned on her handlers like crutches. Problem is though that it creates conflicts at the top and she has usually suffered as a result. there is a lot more about that family that will NEVER come out. The usual stuff really.

  48. Also @VC if I recall the Four Horsemen were being celebrated by the crowd when they made money fall from the sky but if I recall the money was FAKE.So those people were all happy for nothing.If I'm not mistaken I also believe that the money had the faces of the tricksters/magicians on it.

    • The money was some fake Euros, but it was supposed to be real for the movie. How did you know they were fake, I mean aside from the obvious?

  49. Brilliant article. I am a follower of VC and i admit there are time that i couldnt depict the messages and symbols, so thank you VC because through these articles I am gradually learning

  50. Saw the movie. Shook my head to whole time in discust, while my mom and husband loved every minute. I though to myself, I could start to try to explain to them what is really going on in this movie but they would think I was psyco.

  51. I thought the movie was about how cool you are when you enter the Eye. The smartest one, the coolest one, the one that played everybody was the one that belonged to the Eye and all the others were fooled and played.

    To enter the Eye you must be really special and before you can enter they must see something 'special' in you. And everybody against it is being played, ridiculled and being in jail.

    It is sort of a recruitement movie. Not knowing what mess you will end up in because the forces behind it are truelly evil. The movie is also about the real occult magic and how it is suppose to be coo. You never se ethe real dark and scary side of it. The one that asks for sacrifices, death and wants to control you fully.

    • And from the looks of the responses to these articles a lot of people responded to the idea of "its cool to belong to the order…."

      • My thoughts exactly: it's a recruitment movie. Since the information is more and more available, why not tent the people and ask them to join. I'm glad V.C. described the last scene, after the credits, at least they're honest.

  52. I still don't understand the logo of the four horseman. And… I cannot find the meaning anywhere on the internet. Some say it stands for 9/11. When one symbol stands before the other and you twist it indeed says 9/11.

    Does anybody have an idea?

    Regards :-)

    • It's a 4 and a Capital letter H joined together. The first column of the letter H shares the last column of the figure 4 and is also the central column in use logo. It might still mean something else though.

  53. Saw this a couple months ago and felt like I was being beaten over the head with illuminati symbolism. The only part i didn't understand is why did they go on a carousel, or was it really even there? That confused. The explanation about the sign graveyard and such made a lot of sense. This article is an awesome primer for ppl new to this stuff. :-)

    • Someone in the comments said carousel is used in mind control, maybe it means that now they'll be programmed. If it's true, how sinister, welcome to the secret society, now we will torture you nazi-style…

  54. I live under a rock and haven't heard about this movie at all. However, I cannot wait to see it now. One thing: isn't Woody Harrelson on the same page as us – I thought he was? So, he is, was this movie made to wake up the population, kind of in a rebellious type of way? I didn't read most of VC's take because there are spoilers in it so if this question has already been addressed, my apologies. I guess the hole in my wake-up theory is that the movies was, indeed, made in Hollywood. So confusing.

    • Woody Harrelson is connected to this. His father was a high up military guy or something. Too tired to look it up now, and I have to go eat.Cya!

      • His father is a convicted murderer who assassinated a federal judge. He was also implicated in the JFK assassination. Hope getting some food helped you cuz that kind of misinformation about "high up military guy" sez your brain is starving.

      • I said I was too tired to look it up. …Hopefully someone did. Its not my job to tell people whats going on.

    • Woody's father is a convicted murderer who was implicated in the JFK assassination. Look at the movies and roles he's famous for and decide for yourself which page he's on. There are a lot of seductive mouthpieces out there artfully persuading…

      • Aww shit. I really liked him. Guess amyone who has "made it" in Hollywood or the music industry is definitely suspect if not totally involved. Thx folks. Rabbit hole gets deeper amd muddier every day.

      • You really liked Woody? The guy who ended up marrying his adopted daughter with Mia Farrow? He is a perverted sicko!

  55. I'm so tired of all this illuminati bull shit symbolism. In the end, "the meek shall inherit the earth," and all their fruitless efforts to gain immortality, enslave or kill the "useless eaters" as they call us, and gain the earth will be in vain.

  56. "My righteousness is near, My salvation has gone forth, And My arms will judge the peoples; The coastlands will wait for Me, And for My arm they will wait expectantly."
    Isaiah 51:5

  57. They say the devil is in the details and the biggest lie the devil ever told was that he didn't exist… so now, “Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you." There are those who see it and those who don't and separating the wheat from the chaff is where we're at! 😉

  58. For all those referring to 9 elev as one incident, if you dig it, you would find that those numbers have always been highly significant in occult numerology and mentioned for years in album covers and books before that event in NYC. They may well be significant in the future once more. Rik Clay (impressive kid who died mysteriously soon after putting out the interview) had a good understanding of it – see his Youtube interview.

  59. Thanks VC, Again its the 4 famous words that apply to this movie – HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT. Great analysis. I cant wait to see this film man…. One thing i've noticed for a long time is that people read these articles but dont UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE, which VC also points out. (AND also the film obviously)

    There is no way Hollywood, sorry errr HOLY WOOD, produces films decade after decade, spending millions upon millions for no reason whatsoever. Ever since the "treasure" was discovered beneath the vaults in Solomons temple and George Washington become the first masonic president of the world and the dollar bill that was stamped with their One-Eye emblem……and here we are today with Holy Wood, the "Dream Machine" working their magic on us with their films and remember guys that's all Holy Wood is. – A DREAM.

  60. Four Horsemen…the late pro-wrestler Chris Benoit had been part of a stable called the Four Horsemen. For the record, I believe it was a triple murder, not double-murder/suicide. Happened right around the summer solstice too.

  61. all these eyes need some carribien hutsler to sell them some sunglasses
    its to iluminated in this bittch….
    why arent they blind yet

    Tupac whould have changed a bit at least fo our collective mind..
    they would not be able to confuse as like that..
    not jay-z or kanyee they dont really give a fuck…

    fuck the media industry…. scheming bitches.

  62. VC. Please go rent or find a relatively new movie called the pawnshop chronicles. It is another illuminati movie that went straight to DVD. It has Paul walker, Brandon Frazier, Elijah wood etc. it starts of slow, then it gets interesting. The movie displays mind control sex slaves, Masonic floors in the barber shop, selling ones soul to satan. There was also a scene where the American flag is displayed on sex slaves. This movie reminds me of a David lynch movie or series (twin peaks). The irony about it is that I think the same producers of this film produced "running scarred" also with Paul walker. If u remember, that was a descent movie that turned dark very fast. There was that ordinary couple that looked like " good people" , they were actually kidnapping kids (franklin cover ups and the finders) and making snuff films. (Paul bonnaci experience).

  63. Interestingly enough, the version we just rented out of Red Box does not include the scene after the credits roll, regarding the horsemen visiting the Las Vegas sign "graveyard". Why would they include the scene at the box office, and not in the rentals?

      • hey amaryllis…just who are you exactly? I've seen you do some apologizing for the illuminati on these threads.

      • I would not call it apologizing – I have made it clear what I do NOT believe in. I have only apologized when people are personally attacking and failing to realize that everyone has a good and bad side depending on the context and the elite are not just bad, awful, disgusting, unidimensional people through and through. I also have to tackle some of the stereotypes that the anti -illuminati have built up over the years because right now, there are people on here who are too arrogantly anti-illuminati to see past their nose and they are ironically most prone to spiritual attack as they would be blind to seeing it coming even at short range. In any case, it is all in the holy books, that is the only knowledge you need to consider, never mind what I say or how it comes across.

      • amaryllis, I like reading your comments but I just lost respect after this one. You must be one of them?

      • Actually Mel, I am born of them and whilst their systems may have knocked me down a few times, it was also their charity and kindness that has built me up again. They don't really object much to the fact that I reject aspects of their faith (they still love me) but I don't force them to engage in conversation about it either.

  64. But don't forget, if it took $1bn, you paid $20 each to watch it in the same way as did the sheep. All the revenue goes back to the same people and finances more of the same. Go figure.

  65. As usual, let anybody know about the movie and its dark atmosphere behind it and many will think that you're crazy and totally out of your mind.

    May have not seen the movie myself but at least I got to know what I'm in for if I get to watch it not to mention clear exposure of the elite which is well encrypted within the whole movie.

    But of course, "Now You See It" from afar as stated by VC that if one looks closer, the less they see since the illuminati seems to be slowly exposing themselves letting everyone know that they're only being used temporarily before being discarded according to that voice-over at the end of the closing credits when the movie finished.

    Talk about thinking outside the box, but at a much further angle based on how you see it, thank you VC for keeping up our vigilance toward this world-dominating entity

  66. Finally woken up on

    "The greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist " . This film is clearly a sentiment to that exact statement , along with many music videos . The scariest element was that of death , how they frame innocent people into becoming a scapegoat . A clear example in my mind is that of the lee Rigby soldier death , if you delve deeper into the story some members of one of the alleged killers family . Claim that they were targeted by the MI5 as potential police informants, an offer in which they refused next thing you know they are reported to have murdered someone in broad daylight . The whole story sounded like a crock of shit and still does mind you the crime scene photos are so staged its unreal . The quotes in the movie essentially say it all , my past suspicions have undoubted been confirmed , but maybe I will save all that for another day .

  67. I am quite surprised not many people mention this guy and you all need to listen to what he says – He goes by the name of Roger Morneau………..

  68. how could you miss out that the whole idea of the four horsemen was the most unusual part of the movie? the four horsemen are from revelations in the bible which says a lot more than a bunch of one eyes everywhere.

  69. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Revelation 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

  70. I noticed in the pic that Woody Harrison is the one wearing the black hat , symbolizing "The Devil" , could this movie be the others "initiation" into the Illuminati? hummmmm simple yet profound observation.

  71. I worked as a background extra on this movie. I remember one day while shooting, the director is asking Isla Fisher to hold a rabbit in the air, and she goes "Oh, like a sacrifice". I also remember filming the scene where David Franco switches the black guy's clothes with some woman's clothes. Come to find out, the black guy wrote the movie. That scene was probably a re-enactment of something he went through in order to "make it big". At one point, Woody asks the background extras "Anyone feel like being hypnotized?". I shook his hand at one point, and he just kinda stared at me for a few seconds. It was creepy to say the least.
    On a side note: Woody Harrelson has the softest hands! He must submerge them in lotion while he sleeps or something!

  72. The name of the fil should be taken as the part that is missing from the catchphrase … 'now you don't'. They like to tease the masses with their little mind games – at the NFL game yesterday in masonic, old London, Gene Simmons managed to flash the devils horn signs while wearing a rapturous look on his face and of course we were all meant to think that he must really love the Vikings and be willing them on to victory!

  73. The logo of the 4horsemen looks like a key inside 2 locks or doors. Representing perhaps an initiation including 2 stages. Considering the last bit in Las Vegas, those magicians didn't make it to the second stage of initiation.

  74. So they never say "three" at the end of the movie to use it as trigger word whenever you really hear the word "three"? i know thats kinda an overstatement but can movies or tv literally hypnotise people that way¿?

  75. It was until recently considered that the Eye of Horus was used for mathematics with each part of the eye representing fraction. The 47th proposition of Elucid is suppose to represent a certain relationship with the numbers 3,4,5. Greek gematria is used also. Consider the word 'me' = 45. There are two of the numbers from the 47th prop. 'you' = 870, which goes down to 15 by addition of the digits, which is 3 * 5. Now if their be a duality say between the gods "On" an "El", we have "No omega (now) 5, 3 see(s) 4,5".

    If we consider the tongue sticking out, for tongue we have "To" making up the ankh symbol, but also Tau (the cross) On, G, you 5.

    G is made of tau + gamma, with the old form of gamma being a C. Together they make a 303. 0 can be a degree sign, forming a mirror image. The 0 is also a circle, look at the 'fool' card. The fool is also referred to as a sucker or loser.

    But that is to get lost in the magician's maze. The secret is not to know the symbol used to represent a tree, it is to see that the tree itself is symbolic. The magician doesn't want you to see the tree, only his image, representation of it. Then he can blind you and you must use him to see. Why is woman's body designed to captivate a man's mind? But any true question can be turned around successfully. Why is a man's mind designed to be captivated by a woman's body?

  76. You might also figure out why crowley really added a 'k' to the word 'magick'. Since 'k' = 20, which is 4 * 5, add the 'c' which = 3, and you have the 'magi' 3,4,5. Calvin Klein, back to the future.

  77. I was going to leave 'magi' as an exercise for you, but I know how lazy people are today. m = 40, a = 1, g = 303, i =10, and added all up = 354. Those numbers again.

  78. Let us try an analysis of a word that has recently come into being to see how things work. Twerking. There are many ways to break down the word, but using the general rules, "ing" normally means "in G". "erk" = 125, which is 5 cubed, 5 is the number of the child, Horus, baby Jesus, child of the new Aeon, whatever. W is omega, you know "I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega". T represents the tau which represents a whole slew of things whether on the back of a scarab , or on Golgotha, resurrection, sorrow at sin i.e. the passion. So feeling the word, and looking at what the word represents, we find it to be an insult directed at, well directed at God and Christ. And whenever they get you to unknowingly use it, or do it, they empower that feeling. Magick 101.

  79. All things Miley. You might say the Teddy Bear is Beta programming etc… but everything can mean many things. I mean when you think of the archetypal soft toy it's a teddy bear right, and a type of women's nightware is a teddy, but "bear" is 108, whereas "alpha and omega" is 801. King Arthur was the "Once and future king," that is to say he was, is not now, but shall be again. Arthur means bear. The song "MacArthur's Park" and Miley with her "Bit*hes love cake."

    As for Teddy, really what does eddy mean? Dictionary definition? Spin me right round. Carousel. Car is flesh. Drive your car. Flesh you sigma, the opposing force to Tau, the serpent and the cross, El. You have to feel it. And you say, what is it? It's in your face and you can't see it.

    So how do you get off the carousel? Again, symbols are placed upon what God created. Look at the creation of God and not what signs they hang upon it. Just placing a sign with your name on it before the front door, does not make the house yours although it might fool some people, but the first mark of any trick is the trickster him/herself. The sorrow of a liar is not that they liar, but that they think everyone else lies. Still players gotta play. Case closed.

    • Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don't think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it and i'll never have that recipe again…OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!

  80. I think the logo of the "horusmen" could represent a number of things: (A few comments above mine "Zahra" mentions the logo looks like a key inside two doors and suddenly a lightbulb flicked on)…… I also think It looks like a key. The KEY to opening the doors – Doors to different dimensions. One door could represent our world (light) and the other represents their world (dark) Duality. ~ Or the Physical realm and the spiritual realm ~ In the Matrix Reloaded, you have the character called the Key-Maker, he holds the keys to opening the doors. Isnt it intriguing to know the "illuminati" are known as the Gatekeepers…Hmmmmm.

    I also think the two bars in the logo represent the two twin pillars of freemasonry, known as Jachin and Boaz. These two pillars are shown in the High Priestess tarot deck. It also could reperent Solomon's temple or The Pillars of Hercules, or even the World Trade Center towers. This same formula is followed around the world…..work it out people….

    • In Revelation it speaks of the keys to Death & Hades. Christ holds these keys. The four horsemen are summoned by the four creatures of the earth. The first creature is a lion, the second a young bull, the third has face like a man, and the fourth a flying eagle. All of these creatures have six wings and underneath their wings are eyes. Each horseman has a specific responsibility to carry out and they are called out one by one. The 1st horseman has a white horse and the person sitting on it has a bow and is given a crown, its mission is to conquer and complete his conquest. The 2nd is a fiery colored horse and the person sitting upon this horse has a sword and is granted to take peace away from the earth so that people will slaughter one another. The 3rd is a black horse, and the person seated upon it had a pair of scales in his hand. There is a part in the movie where it mentioned how the Egyptians used deception and trickery to steal food from the pharoahs and to balance the "scales" of justice. The 4th horse is a pale colored horse and the person sitting upon this horse is named Death. (Just like the 4th horseman in the movie received the death card) and there is another person was following closely behind death and this person was called Hades. They were given authority over the 4th part of the earth to kill with a long sword and with food shortage, deadly plague, and wild beasts of the earth. The wild beast are the United Nations of today.

  81. Yeah, two pillars like the number 11. KEY = 425, add those up. Apollo 11. But in freemasonry are there not three pillars, the one hidden behind the drapery in the High Priestess card, the curtain torn when Jesus died on the cross, the pillar that bears Jacob's ladder? That would be 111. All I need is the air that I breath and to love you.

    Air = 111 of course. Turned around in the greek it is the letter = 60, which is 3 * 4 * 5. Look at the group Paramore's logo.

    "And you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience."

    Train, rain, air…

    What is 47 added together?

  82. To be fair in Isaiah the Lord says the people wither because He blows upon them, so… I find it easiest just to love God and my neighbour, tell the truth and try to live an honest and decent life. Necessarily that closes a lot of doors, nothing in the arts, music, film and tv, writing, but it's an easy sacrifice to make to be true to my God. And again all their hustle might be the biggest distraction of all, busy with their tricks while they despoil our land, spy on us, rob us blind, start wars, kill us by the millions, and keep us busy playing three card monty.

    The greatest truth is "God is good." Whatever happens that always remain true.

  83. These actors are all weird.

    Woody Harrelson's dad was a hitman, who claimed to have shot JFK. Then you got Woody in movies like Natural Born Killers, Seven Psychopaths, No Country For Old Men… he's consistently in movies about psychopathy and killing.

    Jesse Eisenberg must have been raised in a bubble, because when he got tagged to play the founder of Facebook, he claims he didn't even know what Facebook was. How is that even possible? His mom was a clown at birthday parties, and in Zombieland, his biggest fear was clowns. Pretty strange. It's also weird how he stars in both Zombieland, and Adventureland, back to back.

    There's these very weird themes with actors, with their art imitating their life.

    Morgan Freeman used to be my favorite actor, now he's pushing Visa cards on me every time I turn on the TV. He has a long list of Illuminati movies; as do all the actors in this movie. Mark Ruffalo for example, playing the multiple personalities of The Hulk.

    Sometimes all you have to do is look at the cast list, and you just know that it's gonna be one serious Illuminati movie. This is one of those times.

  84. The cop who is in the eye went through all of that, and used the four horsemen, to get revenge on Morgan Freeman's character who could also be described as a "truther" or "conspiracy theorist". It reminds me of how they imprison a lot of the rappers who start to talk. Rappers who are in the business but are speaking out about it. In the movie it makes it seem like he was jealous because he wanted to be in the eye but wasn't good enough, but it never changed the fact that he was debunking illusions and lies. He didn't deserve jail time for that. He was also a sacrifice or the scapegoat for their actual crimes. Think about it. The movie makes a lot more sense with this added.

  85. A great article, once again.

    What I disliked the most about the movie is its deceiving advertisement: when I watched the trailer, it says nothing about a secret society. It makes you believe that you're about to see another heist/con movie such as Ocean's Eleven. Once you paid your ticket: surprise it's another story entirely.

  86. It's being played on us at this very moment. While so many point the finger at Obama as being "the antichrist," the teaparty is working to destroy the government "in the name of God and patriotism." Look closely, because the closer you look the less you'll see."

  87. Wow! That's the darkside for you! But we're here on earth (this 'school of hard knocks') to learn, struggle, push through all this 'muckity-muck' just to find out who we REALLY ARE. There is war for your mind and for those who are unaware (and there's many, too many, who are unaware) this lot sure keeps you 'busy', gives no time for one to stand back to see it for what it really is. They are throwing EVERYTHING at us and those who are aware of ALL these goings on intertwined with everyday occurrences in this world, are here to counteract against this…and by jove WE will damn well make sure that this darkside THIS TIME, WILL NOT GET THE UPPER HAND! This time WE WILL SUCCEED in coming out of this darkness for WE have been have for far too long, sheesh! Their aim is to keep you mesmerized in this equally world of illusion for their enslavement – well hell NO their time is up and OUT they go! True freedom is where WE are going!

  88. With regards to the single eye, Lord Jesus Christ said something on this as follows:

    The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. (Matt 6:22-23)

    Still trying to wrap my head around this one. There are a lot of theories and speculations on this.

    • In Vedanta the left eye is the female and the right eye is masculine. What happens when you cut the corpus callosum? But they go even further, from the Isa Upanishad,

      In dark night live those
      For whom the world without alone is real;
      In night darker still, for whom the world within
      Alone is real. The first leads to a life
      Of action, the second of meditation.
      But those who combine action with meditation
      Go across the sea of death through action
      And enter into immortality
      Through the practice of meditation.
      So have we heard from the wise.

      In dark night live those for whom the Lord
      Is transcendent only; in night darker still,
      For whom he is immanent only.
      But those for whom he is transcendent
      And immanent cross the sea of death
      With the immanent and enter into
      Immortality with the transcendent.
      So have we heard from the wise.

      So you need both eyes, but made one. Some take it to be the dajjal or whatever the Muslims call the one eyed guy. Read Zachariah about the shephards then look at the video "New Lands" by the band Justice. Notice the number 73 on the back of the one-eyed man's shirt, 70 = o so it could mean 3 degree. Also listen to the lyrics along with a rememberence of Zachariah. Coincidence? Still look at the kings of Israel before it was split, Samuel, David, Soloman, and then Rehaboam.

    • Leave it to Satan to use Biblical context and twist it around to confuse people. He is predictable. Confusion is one of his favorite things to use on people. 1 Corinthians 14:33 "For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.". Satan loves to masquerade as light. If you cling to and know God's word, you are equipped to discern and know what is truth and what are confusing lies.

    • There is an interesting blog online titled Spirit of the Scripture that I suggest you check out, specifically, in relation to your question, blog entries titled "How Wrestling God Awakened Jacob's Pineal Gland", "The True Meaning of the Ark of the Covenant", and "Jesus, Jacob, and the Eye of Horus". According to the blogger, it the single eye pertains to the pineal gland inside your brain, and it doesn't denote anything evil or something; on the contrary, it's actually key to achieving a higher state of consciousness or awareness aka spiritual illumination.

      I suspect that agents of MK Ultra/the Illuminati set out to debase this esoteric fact for purposes that serve their own ends.

  89. The "All Seeing Eye" is a reference to the computer within Saturn at the "eye" of the vortex generating the 60 hz, 2D triangle. Many are now making the connection of the Babylonian magicians to the Saturn-Moon Matrix.
    Others have commented on Aleister Crowley's 78 tarot card set and his use of synthetic projective geometry coupled to "Will" to defeat the Nazis. Tim Rifat is the man to discuss this subject with. Tim is referenced here: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/crowley/esp_cro

    As the 0 card or "Fool" card is not really a card there would be 77 tarot cards. The double 7 is 2 toroids coming together from which Humans can access the ULTRA frequencies as in UV. 7/11 is a reference to the Earth's diameter / earth circumference. There are also 78 directions in the cube of space. The holographic computer in Saturn is a much more expansive version of the holographic processor developed by UCLA in 1988 called "the Cube". Today this processor is used by FINCEN to handle all global financial transactions. Trade goes offplanet through the Berne, Switzerland hq'd Universal Postal Union.

  90. cont'd:

    As the Egyptians and the all seeing Eye of Horus new, binary code is just that , coded. Our reality pulses in and out of spacetime into timespace, also called hyperspace. The Eye of Horus reveals the 64 codon code of DNA, our antenna to receive and broadcast into the Matrix. The Matrix is technically referred to as the "Lattice QCD" and it can be engineered via the Goldenmean Ratio and the Planck Length and their connection to the fractal nature of hydrogen. Dan Winter discussed this in Barcelona this summer:

    The 4 Horsemen are right in the title of his presentation. Fire is tetrahedral.

    • It's the number of Earth and the material world in the West.

      There is a relatively new movie about the end of the world called 4:44, starring Willem Dafoe I believe.

  91. I'm beginning to think the "eye of horus" is the Kosher seal on 75% of all the foods we buy/eat whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not and we end up paying more for it because of the Synagogue of Satan's Seal. Money goes to Apartheid Is-ra-Hell.

    The mark of the Beast is the ubiquitous "U" or "K" or "COR" or "MK" etc. on just about EVERY ITEM on your grocer's shelves.

    The goyim worldwide are being "judeadized" without their knowledge or consent. That's the real eye of horus, man.

    Hollow-wood trash hasn't interested me in years and years so, no, didn't see it and won't.

    Thanks. Best Regards.

  92. Interesting. I've been an Alchemist now for many years, and have studied the Occult in great length, though it is a vast subject, and even I feel as though I have barely scratched the surface. However, through my search for an answer I found one, and it was the most amazing, most magical moment of my life… to try to put it in words would be useless. As much as I admire your quest for truth, I must give you some advise… before you draw your conclusions consider this, God, the Light, the Truth, the One Mind, works through all things. Therefore, when looking for the darkness, do not neglect the light. Everything is made up of light and dark, but all too often most people only seek and see the darkness in a thing, and completely miss the light, and the teaching. As an Alchemist I seek to find the light in the darkness, and to bring it forth to shine, like the miner who seeks the Gold in the darkness of the mine. I too study movie for their Occult meaning, and I have found the light in many a movie, which has helped transform me into a wiser, kinder, and stronger human than I was before. I seek to liberate the Spirit of truth from the darkness of Matter, to become Mind over Matter, rather than Matter over Mind. Yes, there are bad men in this world, who you refer to as "Elite", or "Illuminati", but really they are like children, they are ignorant, incredibly weak, and very much lacking in spirit, do not fear them, pity them, for they may have fooled a lot of people, but the ones they are fooling the most is themselves. Trust me on this. Good is far more powerful than the Evil, this is the very reason they do the things they do, to stop you from seeing this fact. Real-eyes this, know that you are Loving in your heart, that you want a world where all are free, where all are loved, where human kind live as one, not under the rule of an "elite", but under the guidance of a loving fellowship, a brother and sisterhood…. know this in your heart and you will real-eyes that God does exist… and YOU are part of God.
    I think we should be careful what we choose to call these evil corrupt men, using terms such as "Elite" and "Illuminati", only adds to the illusion that they are powerful… they are not powerful, they do not even understand power, or how to use it. They are far from "elite", and far from illuminated. They are the cosmic failures, weak, fearful, and ignorant. Yes, some may even call themselves Masons, but they are not Masons, they simply use the title, just as a corrupt police officer still uses the title of police officer even though they are far from it… titles can be used by anyone… but remember, some police officers are honest and truly do care about the Law, just as there are real Masons, who truly do want to make this world a better place, a freer place. Like I say, many use the title of Mason, but a true Mason is defined by his actions, and by what is in his heart… and, a true Mason understands the true meaning of the word Mason, which has NOTHING to do with being evil.
    We do live in confused times, indeed. But if you truly want to find the truth, look in Love, see past the fear, look deep into the darkness, and I promise you, you will find the light. No fear is the key. Peace and Love to you all my Brothers and Sisters.

      • Thanks BluBoy, glad my words resonated with you, those who have the true light must use it to bring Good and Love into this world, it is the only way to destroy this illusion of fear that the corrupt men of this world try so hard to maintain, for it is a very weak illusion, and it doesn't take much to break, and thats what they fear.

  93. NOT DOOMSDAY, BUT... on

    This is one of the most insightful articles that you have written VC.

    I pride myself on being able to read into most mass media messages in movies, videos, song, news etc but I still worry constantly that this is just not enough. While the dialogue goes on on sites like this, I am still persistently pummeled with the same indoctrinating material through every channel that my human senses can process. And what about those who do not even have the knowledge to tune out of this BS at will?

    The attack on us is taking place at a very fast pace and and is very well targetted; I honestly do not think that any one who has any contact whatsoever with the mass media is immune.

  94. Jeremiah Lewis on

    I don't know if this was touched on in the comments but I will touch on it anywayz.
    The seat number where the guy was called out to go to his bank was B 5 13. B=13 (the "B" can be broken down to a straight line and a 3). I thought the movie was making a point on this, as it zoomed in rather obviously to the number as it was being held up for the audience to see.
    So I looked into it rather diligently. Then I went to the bible. The 13th book of the bible Chapter 5:13 didn't pan out after investigating into the names and family. (Chronicles 5:13 And their kindred of the house of their fathers were, Michael, and Meshullam, and Sheba, and Jorai, and Jachan, and Zia, and Heber,), nor did the 13 book of the New Testament (1Th 5:13 And to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. And be at peace among yourselves.). HOWEVER (this is the best that I have come up with and think it very relevant and telling), when you go to the 5th book of the bible, chapter 13 verse 13, you have this:
    Deu 13:13 Certain men, the children of Belial, are gone out from among you, and have drawn away the inhabitants of their city, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which you have not known;
    Although the word is translated in the Hebrew as worthless and wicked, we know that Belial is synonymous with Baal also named Moloch in scripture. I think that this is telling who the Illuminati truly serve. Baal and other gods.
    As is common with many who pick, choose scripture and mis-interpret scripture, they conveniently don't consider the following verses, but only show this as a point to be made. In Illuminati "religion", Luciferianism, they believe that to worship the God of the Bible is to worship a false god.


  95. Have you ever wandered if the so called secret society is not actually the 'Illuminati' but something we can't even comprehend? Something deeper?
    The movie said it all. In the beginning of the movie, they said we think we are seeing but what we are doing is interpreting, filtering…watching too closely that we actually miss the big picture. What if, illuminati is NOT the big picture?
    What if they just keep shoving these symbolisms into music videos, movies and cartoons to take us further into the wrong direction. We think we know when we know nothing.
    Basically, we have an idea of this 'secret society', and we 'think' they are called the 'illuminati'. I think that is what the lesson of this movie is, don't be so sure what you think you know is TRUE.
    But how will we know? When they purposely keep doing the one-eye signs to mislead us from seeing the REAL deal.
    I can't even imagine something worse than the 'agenda' we 'think' they are plotting. *shivers*

    • Calm down it's not that complicated. It's the fallen ones who use their minions to harm everyone. And they despise their minions too as much as they despise all of us. We all have to suffer because s***n could never become a god. He can't harm the Holy Trinity and the Angels, so who is going to suffer. The human beings who are weak. That's all.

    • illuminati, satanists call them what you like are depraved humans who adore the fallen ones as they have the same arrogance and love for big things. They hit everyone else who is not one of them with the fallen ones. Like the Godly, Saintly people who work with the Angels. They are the opposite.

  96. I just watched the moviie because of this post….I was curious to see it and evrything youposted prettymuchmade sense…. I purposely waited forthe end of the credits andI didn't see that extra scenein the desert you spoke of….. what's up with that?

  97. The executive producer and screenplay writer is Boaz Yakin just to remove any lingering doubt (see Jachin And Boaz in freemasonry). Hidden in plain sight now you see. And there sure was a massive amount of chemtrails in the Vegas desert shot at the very end. But are we two steps ahead or behind?

  98. ItsPrettyObvious on

    It's so weird you posted this because I finished this movie up yesterday.

    I knew it though. From the opening dialogue I knew it was more than just a two hour movie about magic, bank robberies and pretty people.

  99. Really disliked this movie. From the outset they were screwing with the audience all the time. It seems that millions are spent for this manipulation BS. Regardless whether these are just Hollywood people with lots of money for a bad story or whether it was meticulously deliberate portraying messages – either way it leaves a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

  100. "The logo of the Four Horsemen is quite enigmatic."

    Actually this logo represent the word God in Arabic "Allah" "الله"

    but I dont know why?

  101. Its not satan these people are worshiping …It is LUCIFER..I saw a website that I shouldn't have seen (they tried to trick me by saying it had mall ware> But i got in and it was a CERN website and on the top it had pictures of lucifer along with all these scientific paper titles dealing with the Hollidron Collier higgs bogin god particle…I think they are trying to give Lucifer who is an energy force a physical body…I know he lives on Saturn…Lucifer is the 'god of becoming' he is evolving into a god for the last 6 thousand years…God the Father who created everyything is the God of 'being' who never changes and is all good and holds everything together perfectly…If you look throught books you will find people who are in contact with lucifer who consider him the unknown god or god of conscious nous chris couscous..

  102. So crazy, I just watched this movie the other day for the first time. I was wondering if there was going to be a post. Boom here it is.

  103. Entertainment:

    doesnt take much to break the word down…
    Enter: to mobilise from outside to inside , or to avail yourself to be included…
    Tain: to be held, or restrained as in deTAINed…
    Ment: sufix discribing the state of the predicate

    So the word entertainment describes willingly submiting youself to a state being restrained

  104. My friend recommends me this movie and I admit, it quite entertained me but because of very obvious symbols and signs, questions came in my mind. Thanks vg, I was waiting for this for almost a month!! The eye is everywhere, we should be aware of it.

  105. This movie was recommended to me because it was supposed to be good. I hated it and now I know why. It was definitely not worth the money, but neither are most of them nowadays.

  106. Look too closely and you will miss it. Maybe the whole lot is misdirection and double think. The symbols are being portrayed as evil but are they the only thing that will save us!
    Do we all in fact know nothing or worse, less the more we learn?

  107. jabham88@yahoo.com on

    To OP: Interesting read but your scope of thinking is limited. People that live their day to day lives without taking the time to investigate the the things going on around them are clueless and therefore irrelevant; hence, they are not the target audience. You and the rest of the Illuminati conspiracy theorists are the actual audience and the Illuminati is your distraction. There is always a bigger picture.

    Evaluate: You cannot allow your mind to focus on the minute details. Think of the universe. From atoms come matter, from matter comes people, from people to cities, states, countries, continents, Earth, the solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Universe, ad infinitum. Think…then look deeper…..question to the infinite power.

  108. I haven't seen this movie but can surmise the scene where they were thrown away in the desert amongst discarded neon signs as a future event (Fema death camps) where the masses that have been deceived by the entertainment media mind control programming, news media (Fox news etc)..have led them to their graves. The magicians playing the part of puppets are no longer needed when the elite have reached their diabolical plan. Stay away from sin city…seek Christ!!!

  109. trying to find the last scene of the movie… I even bought the dvd and it wasn't on there :( can anyone share a link..something… its driving me crazy

  110. That enigmatic symbol looks like 911. Take that top symbol and set it upright, and you have 9 – 1 – 1. I see three 6's in that symbol as well. The top symbol that cuts across the other two symbols; together, they appears to be 6 – 6 – 6. Bold devils!

  111. smoke and mirrors… all secret societies are used to divide the people and confuse them…there is one player that is playing the long game, for over 2000 years now… and generations of people always caught them at a certain point and went after them… even jesus threw them out of the temple for what they were doing… now take the protocols+babylonian talmud and see the long game….its been the tribe all along…the internationals… the US is just the latest host country, before it was germany and russia….

    who 'prints' the money and can use the mass media to form public opinion? what else do they need?


  112. Yeah…we get it. Unless you desire to pick up a few mind control bad habits, it's probably a good idea to just stay away from movies all together… Unless of course you're a researcher like us…in which case you're still trying to figure out if the Vietnam War was in fact started because Howard Hughes lost a bet to Aristotle Onasis. (Mel Gibson, Conspiracy Theory)

    Guess I'll have to book a dinner with the Director and Producers huh? We'll see. I think I'm busy… 😀

  113. I understood and enjoyed the movie. its about revenge on a global scale cos his targets were big powerful people. (the bank and the in
    surance company). framing Morgan freeman was actually his motive… I was only disappointed with d ending

  114. Dude!
    What if I said it was YOU and others like you who are obsessed with secret societies (that apparently aren't so SECRET) that are trying to control peoples minds? Huh?

    OKAY! So let's say fine, we all agree that the Illuminati or whatever are really doing this stuff you say they are doing? OK then what next? huh?
    Are you saying we should quit watching movies or listening to music? Just because you said so?
    OK, so how come you know they are trying to control people's minds, and yet you paid your hard earned money to watch the movie yourself?

    Are you above mind-control? Then what makes you think we aren't as well?

    Bottom line:
    This whole obsession that folks like you have about the Illuminati is the real problem.
    And some of today's hip hop artistes are cashing in on it.

    YOU are indeed tho ones who are being played.
    If indeed these people exist, that it makes more sense to me that they are "magickally" playing guys like you into talking so much about them, and giving them their real relevance.
    It is reverse psychology, and you have fallen for it big time. So get wise commander!


    • Please reverse it a few times more, Rotex. Because mind control is spinning this world's history for millenia. Just the technics have changed and adapted to more possibilities. And it is not only showbizz that is full of it.

      • I didn't mention illuminati, just referred to the ways to have control over other's. Did you feel left out at college maybe?

  115. shd191, You obviously haven't finished YOUR homework……"revealed both good and bad" EXACTLY! That's the Satanist way – Duality – Defend him all you like, He is associated with the Darkness and negative energy through and through.

  116. Do read up on some more of the articles on for exemple this website, and you will find some possible answers to your questions. There is a reason why there are references to articles about for exemple mind control, media and freemasonary. So it won't have to be repeated in every following one.

  117. Just a side note… Two of the writers for the movie: Ed Solomon, which brings to mind Solomon's Temple. Seemed like a stretch when I first saw his name but then I saw Boaz Yakin as another writer, which of course Boaz is one of the two pillars of freemasonry along with Jachin which represent the reconstruction of Solomon's Temple. Although, Boaz is also a name in the bible.

  118. If the occult elite has plans of changes, would it be for good or for bad? The real question here is that are we supposed to go against this elites? The movie didn't show any bad effect onto the people, besides the magicians, although seemed to robbed a bank, later on gave out the money to the mass. It benefited the audience. Is that what the elite is trying to tell us? That although their plans will happened, this is something that shouldn't be intimidated of. Maybe it's something we should look forward of. Because it is something that will benefit us. I don't know what I'm talking about but if you believe that I am in the wrong track and I sound like I'm so oblivious. I would love to be enlightened.

  119. Wow this is so interesting I like the line out of the movie 'Avatar"
    "Let US see if WE can TREAT you of this INSANITY"
    These cult(ad)(vent)ures do exist how do you think they made such a good movie as avatar (they are real). They are healing them, you cannot see them either you have not been invited. They Real-'eye's they NEED these other cultures (no names) to give them safety from their Insanity.
    Just know that the Chaos that is happening today is weeding out the Evil-Eyes even as we speak, your responsibility is to listen to your Spirit (It is a Master Trade = Corporations) and do what is right to save your own soul. Go back and turn to Natural/Nature and truly listen to what is really there before you can no longer hear it (man makes alot of noise today)
    Your/Our/There Leaders are slowly getting treatment from the Real-Eye's of this Insane Man Mad/e World however, not all of them are Invited to these healing treatments those ones will be left to destroy themselves (one cannot save what cannot be saved). Why not we stand on this earth and we chose to look at the stars, how ungrateful then we choose not to listen the earth we stand on instead opting to listen to Masters who presume to know what they are talking about. "Entertain the Masses"
    The triangle is not a Natural Making of Nature it is not Natural – it is destroying Itself – Mountains come close to a triangle. It is Man/God made the triangle system and it ALWAYS breaks down – of course, its man made and what ever man made is and can be destroyed it must destroy itself if there is no hope. The movie is telling you what you already know because its happening all we can do is prepare ourselves with Knowledge of a broad range to Listen to Our Spirit for the path out of any Invitation In…. ….Now look closer, is that what you really want.
    Be safe, choose your spirit to listen and see. Not your words and actions stay under the radar and stay out of fake light. Thank you VC for allowing me to express this.
    May the Culture come to you with Your invitation In and out of this here Insane World.

  120. What I found particularly interesting is how it ended with the characters getting on the carousal. I thought it was an odd way to end, then after reading Walter Bosley's book — "Latitude 33"… it actually blew my mind how that ties in with everything in the film.

  121. i'm just asking myself… why they show themeselves? why they want us to know that they exist? what the hell is the point if it's a secret organisation full of mysteries… you think that you got the big pecture… but you don't … you miss somthing… t

  122. There is a similar movie Of Charlize Theron , Aeon Flux … Where a Godschild (Rothschild) wants to control the world . But seems there are no occult symbols in that flick.

  123. I don't think anyone mentioned this but in the Time Square scene where the eye is flashed, a white rabbit is flashed as well! Mk programming. It is ASTONISHING. My man thinks I'm crazy so can someone tell me why they are doing this? What is their ultimate purpose? I serve a loving God and pray for REAL love and light here…no tricks. Keep prayed up everyone and keep spreading the truth peace and love.

  124. There is a much deeper esoteric message in this film. This movie is about Satan's revenge. The main character is seeking to avenge the death of his father, Lionel Shrike. It is a plan put in motion long ago, like the card placed in the tree. Satan is communicating that he has been planning his revenge upon God and mankind for a long time, and he will have it now at the end of this age.

    Consider the symbolism of the name Lionel Shrike. The first name is an allusion to Christ, who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The word "El" is translated as "God" in the Bible. So this is a reference to the Lion God. The Shrike is a bird that is also known as the "butcher bird." These birds kill their prey by impaling them on thorns and then devouring them. Wikipedia shares the following:

    Their beaks are hooked, like that of a bird of prey, reflecting their predatory nature, and their calls are strident.

    Shrikes are known for their habit of catching insects and small vertebrates and impaling their bodies on thorns, the spikes on barbed-wire fences or any available sharp point. This helps them to tear the flesh into smaller, more conveniently-sized fragments, and serves as a cache so that the shrike can return to the uneaten portions at a later time.
    [Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrike

    Did not Satan have Christ crucified, impaled on a tree? Satan is also symbolized as a bird in numerous places in the Bible, such as the following verse:

    Matthew 13:3-4, 18-19
    Behold, the sower went out to sow; and as he sowed, some seeds fell beside the road, and the birds came and ate them up… Hear then the parable of the sower. When anyone hears the word of the kingdom, and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what has been sown in his heart.

    Some other Satanic symbolism in the movie is revealed in the following:

    During the movie, a performance is given in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. The FBI is chasing the magicians, and the chase leads to The Napoleon which is featured in last year's Mercedes' Super Bowl ad where Satan asks a man to sell his soul to receive a fabulous life of sensuality, fame, and wealth.

    The last performance of the magicians takes place at an outdoor venue called Five Points. This is a reference to a Pentacle, which has five points. The magicians are standing in a circle whenever they appear, which indicates that they are performing ritual magic.

    At the end they are told to go to the Lionel Shrike tree. This is a reference to the cross. The tree is a place where a magic act took place years earlier. At the tree they finally discover who it is who has invited them. It is the son of Lionel Shrike. (The anti-Christ?) Thus we have the common expression reversed. The movie begins with “Now You Don’t,” and it ends with “Now You See Me.”

    At the moment of unveiling, we have a declaration of the worship of the god of this world. After the last act, when the assignment is complete, the four horsemen go to Central Park and meet Dylan Rhodes, whose identity has remained hidden to them. Merritt speaks first and says, “Oh my God. I did not see that coming.” This appears to be a declaration that Dylan Rhodes is god (Satan) in the flesh.

    I believe it is also possible that the acts of deception of these magicians point to acts of deception being performed (or soon to be performed) by the Illuminati. J. Daniel Atlas, at the beginning of The Four Horsemen, Act 2 in New Orleans at The Savoy states:

    “What is magic? Our argument, nothing but targeted deception. So I want you to look. Look as closely as possible. Because the tricks you are about to see may not seem connected, but we assure you they are."

    This is a clue that something we may not connect to reality is actually very relevant. What was their first deception? It was robbing a bank, aka banking collapse, theft of people's money through fiat money system. The money is actually on flash paper. It is consumed leaving nothing behind. This is what will happen to all who are not members of the Illuminati in coming days. They will be left paupers.

    The second act was robbery of an owner of an insurance company. That which people have placed their trust in will not save them. There money will be gone. Their insurance policies will be worthless.

    The last act involves stealing money from in the possession of the government and using it to frame the enemies of the Eye. Those who are enemies of the eye will end up imprisoned with no escape.

    Symbolically, those who were called "The Four Horsemen" Mount horses at the end of the movie as they climb aboard the carousel. They become the four horsemen. As such, they bring famine, pestilence, war, and death to mankind, for this is what the servants of Satan do. He comes only to "kill, steal, and destroy."

    I do not disagree with your interpretation of this movie. I would suggest, however, that it has a darker and wider understanding as well. Satan, like Dylan Rhodes, has long planned his vengeance upon God and mankind and he is declaring that he will have it now at the end of this age.

    • "Look up Our History is not what we think" on YouTube it kind of links in to some of the things just said and mention about the connections. Not saying its all true but ideas and concepts interestingly fall in hand with a lot of what's is being said.
      Also throws in the questions I have after watching many conspiracy theories about are the illuminati good or bad as it was thrown in the lime light in a couple they were meant to be revolutionists, take down religions, banks etc but over time became the corrupted. So maybe it's true someone is reaching out for the good or to delude you further into the bad.
      Rewatching the movie to see what I didn't think about first time around.

  125. Again a wonderful analysis! But you missed out on a very important fact: The Four Horseman is the nickname used for the four big banks (Bank of America ($2.2 trillion), JP Morgan Chase ($2 trillion), Citigroup ($1.9 trillion) and Wells Fargo ($1.25 trillion) that control the Federal Reserve and the Oil industry. Actually the Four Horseman in the movie stage bank robberies – which the real four horsemen (the big banks) do in real and stage "Crisis" like the one in 2008.

  126. After reading this article I decided to watch this movie and so got the DVD. As described, the movie didn't make sense to me in certain points but as also as described in this article the hidden agenda is revealed.

    The DVD ended when the credits rolled hence the final las vegas desert scene was cut.

  127. Anybody else think its strange how recently we have all these movies and celebrities talking about some kind of revolt against the government and the bankers etc? Like we've had Russell Brand talking about it, the Hunger Games is this huge franchise watched by millions.
    Makes me wonder if a revolution is actually what 'they' want..

  128. Why are people focusing on the symbols, the message itself is loud and clear….and its still misleading…. I mean they flash all those symbols so many times, they have already made themselves known (past the symbolism), they are revealing their agenda and we are watching it unfolding ,but just on the screen, as they put it; the real magic is happening somewhere else.

  129. i have to admit i liked the movie…maybe it's all the nice tricks that they did but now remembering it critically i totally agree. I was among those who missed the last clip of the magicians being dumped after being used… Truly the world is coming to an end

  130. I love reading VC articles but honestly I think VC fell short and didn't delivered an accurate interpretation and got a few scenes wrongly ordered. this movie was NOT about the entertainment industry( like VC says) it's about something bigger. I still believe this movie still holds a lot of secrets that no one has identified. this movie is truly an artwork in my personal opinion. this is going to be like Kurbrick films, they were highly criticized and bashed when they were first released, years later they became masterpieces.

  131. I liked the movie and have been waiting on this review for a while. I was wondering if anybody else noticed the "upside-down cross" that was displayed when the detective was the gps like thingy to locate the magicians. The upside-down cross is shown when the detective gets lost trying to chase them.

  132. I just recently watched the movie, and at the end, Merritt actually finds his tarot card in his back pocket ,and that's where the movie cuts off, and I found out there working on a squel to the movie! Is that where the MASTER plan really unfolds ,like Thaddeus said "on a global scale"??

    • That is strange as I just rented it and the entire desert scene is gone. When the screen goes black underwater in France, the movie rolls credits and ends. Someone else is saying the DVD for sale did the same thing. Not saying that you are lying, but am interested to know further information about what and where you saw the scene extend further than VC. It makes sense to me, in that they showed Merritt with The Eye superimposed over his, and he seemed to have the "genuine" occult power of the group. I also think that the casting of Harrelson in that role was no coincidence, but that's just me.

  133. Perhaps the "illuminate" are trying to make themselves out to be the cult-ish, evil, bad guys to disguise the fact that we all have the ability to become uber powerful. Perhaps JayZ etc are trying to get us to wake up?

  134. today's world is randomly pushing illuminati. one thing it makes clear is that either u take Christ or devil. well we know the broadway of hollywood and ya'll know what broadway exactly is in Bible.we are not fools; we chose Christinaty for a reason and dat makes a whole lot of diff. just getting paid by lucifer and stop Christianity from spreading is the only major concept of illuminati. Just the end times as predicted in the book of Revelation, the final chapter. 666 and all these stuffs.. john cena, jay z u see their symbols rite!!? Its a preparation of war betwn God and satan. we could see in this movie, infact every1 will nt get it easily bt just suprass skim thru few ideology concepts and get to the point.. it shows what it really is, indirectly though or it really is showing us sumthing.

  135. There is an image of someone in a hood or cloak underwater during the sinking key sequence , you need to freeze directly after Dave Franco says 2 but it is there…. Entasis

  136. there's one tiny mistake in this review it's that true they don't have the pocket cause they merge it at some part of the movie and i think henley gave it to the FBI guy cause he pocketed something and not all of them checked their pockets and as you see merritt checking his pockets he is suprised to find the card in his back pocket(check the wiki)

  137. Just watched it. Great romp. Good little write up, to, but a couple of underpinning points are erroneous –

    "As the movie progresses, it becomes obvious that the members of the Four Horsemen have no idea what’s really going on…". This is spelled out in the movie – they're in the blind leap of faith phase, the initiation for joining The Eye.

    "After joining The Eye, the magicians are in Las Vegas". See above.

    Biggest miss, though, is the end scene. It's nothing more than a deleted scene from the beginning of the movie. They're in the desert (Nevada), wearing the same clothes as they had on when they all first came together and it takes a moment to register "what cards?". It looks like that in the scene they shot and cut, Woody forgot his prop, hence his grin.

    I'm sure there's a great subtext to be exposed from the film, but this article isn't hitting it.

  138. cool article. revealed some things I missed watching the movie. I enjoyed the flick actually and wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. One thing though I noticed. I know the article is a few mnths old so I apologize for the really late response but you mentioned that the after credit scene was symbolic of the Eye not needing the magicians anymore. My understanding was that the scene took place prior to the events the magicians became famous as the horsemen, and was set after the four discovered the blue prints in the apartment. If that is so how could it be a sign the magicians themselves are no longer needed when their work for the Eye has not even begun? If I am interpreting this wrong please let me know. Thanks.

  139. Even The Title Of The Movie Says It All. "Now You See Me"

    I think the movie was made by people who are trying to expose illuminatti. For people who don't know about illuminatti "Now You See What It Is About." At the same time, it is hypnotising the masses that you must worship the eye. "The Eye" is seen as an elite group that helps people out by giving people money & that if you double cross them, they will end your life e.g. "Thaddeus Bradley." Many people who have tryed to expose he illuminatti have been compromised by the FBI, police force etc.

    Its time to choose if you are with Jesus Christ or the devil himself!!! the devil is gonna fail anyway but he doesn't want to fail alone. God wants us to prosper & to praise him because one day, we shall live together with him happily with peace in heaven.

  140. Of all the symbols they could use, I have no idea why they would use eye of horus. One people have see. Over and over associated with the occult, it would have made much more sense to use something else.

  141. The movie does exactly what it intends to do, it throws up a wall of distractions… Illusions… while you openly see and think you see the Illumnati and what is all about you might just be wrong and miss the whole picture.
    By showing you the movie in plain view you have already been brainwashed into believing exactly what they want you to believe, it makes you speculate and as you over speculate you create your own confusion about the real truths.
    The mind is a funny and very delicate thing it believes its own lies and creates its own truths.

    • Watched the movie again. Here's some things I noticed besides the obvious symbolism the eye, four horsemen and Illumnati relationship.

      Not sure if anybody can make something out of the symbolism of each playing card used. A lot of graffiti and random background writings mostly I only payed attention to visible English words. I wil go through them in notable sequence order with the movie.

      There is dinosaur figurines on the table when he discovers the lovers card, maybe coincidence maybe means evolution. Also I think demons on the poster on the wall as she leaves.

      Water is used on the four horsemen symbol, water is theorized to contain the memory of human history and hold the keys to our life in coincidence with a white rise. Not sure if this might be what the symbolism of the keys to the locks at the end of the movie under a body of water.

      The images then of holograms and a display of a higher level of technology, to form the plans. Scary theories of where these technologies come from.

      2 of hearts is used when they imply robbing the first bank, possibly separation of good/evil who knows.
      Peformed at the Golden Gates Casino, possibly heaven reference.

      The book he reads – The Savage Detectives, Roberto Bolano with a nice eye on its spine.

      As Morgan freeman explains the programming of the French guy he walks past graffiti that says Taken (a movie and a Steven Spielberg tv show about aliens). Then in red I think it says Despe.

      The beginning of magic unmasked an eclipse is shown – newest conspiracy theory 4 eclipses predicting end of the world.

      Egyptian era is always interesting as it is one of the earliest recordings of history of men and its beliefs. A lot of interpretations of worship, curses, magics and faiths, and the overruling pharoahs residing in the mysterious built pyramids.

      On a freighter crate as they are being chased from the 2nd heist it says Bonafide defined as genuine/real or without intent to deceive. That's a tough one to believe.

      On both sides of the posts at the bottom of the building when the detectives come to arrest them it says FEN google defines as either mineral rich swamp or a chess move.

      The greatest amount of symbols would have to be at the end on the building with all the graffiti, the wall paintings on the right covered in demons. The 5pts the star references.

      As they begin speaking it says on the window backwards look with two eyes. Well not sure what to make of this? what to look back and and see?

      On the elevator a few words pop up behind the cage.
      Die Jerry
      ?elvis punch,
      Then what I am pretty sure says Kill me now
      Something I can't quite make out
      Divide b4 I
      ? And divide thru M? (I am going with media or mass something)
      Eye wise

      As the burst onto the rooftop graffiti on the door says We Reap What We

      Says under sage sexer see zrok

      The building has a banner Your Stuff Here and a white box and arrow pointing to it.

      On the screen to the right it says Follow your dream. Watch your back. Maybe what the look backwards means look behind you.

      The ending has the King of spades. Pretty sure symbolically with playing cards the Spade means death. Hearts mean love/emotion, diamonds money, forget club, spade means death. Ironically inside a tree cause trees usually mean life.

      Then the cards in order of High priestess, lovers, hermit, death. Could be a predicted stages of events of people… Monarchs rule, to the age of peace, love and end to discriminations, then we lock ourselves inside with drugs, booze and internet like hermits (as today) afraid of everyone our box, then well death speaks for itself.

      The end Newspaper has a picture of pharmaceutical drugs and the only English word poison. Theory we are being poisoned with modern medicines like narcotics. And on the front page Liberation.

      The carousel and white rabbit with circles. I consider meaning going around in circles confusion down the rabbit hole, Alice in wonderland a confusion with reality.

      • The end scene in the desert. Not sure what desert it is but there is a theory an underground alien base is underneath what i am pretty sure was the Mexican desert.

        Most of the story may just be meaning that a war/revenge is taking place, and nobody is sure whose in the lead and making the smartest moves until it ends.

        Throwing so many theories around you start to think bullshit but maybe that's the point to give so many stories you don't know which ones to believe.

        Main messages for me was the intention to divide messages on the elevator wall. I will assume this to one of my own theories is the Multiculturalism is being pushed on us today is not to bring us together but to divide us like putting a lion with its prey into a cage together. Culture, religion, racism, discrimination putting us all together in one place creates conflict while we argue amongst ourselves it serves as a distraction and a cause to implement what they will under the grounds of fixing these issues. Does this not sound like your modern government? Does the word 'terrorism' ring that bell? One of main created causes to go to war? After you divide yourself up amongst your different beliefs you then become alone in your groups of opinions and are now a minority. Easier for takeover. Control. And more than likely war and death.
        Don't need to believe me, you have your own brain, your own ideas, use them.

        I hate religion and all it's references it is evil. Having faith believing in something other than yourself is fine but relying on divine intervention will just allow your mind and body to be controlled in the face of those beliefs.

  142. I love this movie. The highest magician of them all turned out to be the detective. Hidden in plain sight the entire game. Not only playing a major role in the game, but orchestrating it as well. I think this movie actually is an eye-opener. While the masses are seen as being fired by the horsemen, the horsemen were also being hoodwinked by the master magician. And he didn't just sit back and watch the action unfold. He ess right in the thick of it. And isn't that exactly what a true elitist with a sense of humor would do? They are doing it all the time. It just goes to show, never judge a book by its cover. That little unassuming nerd in the corner of the room might just be your puppetmaster.

  143. When people spit illuminati symbols throughout media why do they believe these symbols were placed subliminally. The illuminati isn't a secret. The cat is out of the bag. People spot illuminati symbols & say ah, they're trying to get us. But why does no one ever think about why were allowed to see these symbols & know that this group exist. And yes we're ALLOWED to see these things it's not subliminal. The secret isn't exposing the illuminati the secret is why are they exposing themselves. Meanwhile were looking so closely at them there's for more things going on off stage we aren't aware of

  144. was the FBI agent actually satan or a high priest? like in the movie the devil's advocate keanu reaves boss was actually satan.

  145. Ha Ha.. Ah yes, the "Shrike Tree" … the "Tree of Pain" in Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos series.

    Just like the shrike bird that lures its prey into impaling itself on tree thorns, The Shrike construct/demon/monster uses the "Tree of Pain" or "Tree of Thorns" to impale all of humanity in the distant future.

    Get ready for Hollywood / Illuminati's adaptation of this 4 book series to expand on the concept of impaling your mind, body, and soul while you suffer the inescapable agony of total subjugation… coming soon to a mind control theater near you.

  146. You would think that the satanic stooges could come up with a better movie, but I guess they know their audiences.

  147. Watched the movie twice now, I really enjoyed it. I've been very, very confused about it and I thought that if I watched it again I would understand it more? But your kind review/analysis of this movie has really helped me to actually see how it relates to the industry ad Hollywood etc. Well I'm English but, for america any ways. I heard they're doing a second move in 2015? Looking forward to it.

  148. Affidavits of God on

    I also have another perspective about the ending and jumping into the "eye", VC. I have read about "Mystery Schools" and the idea that they are schools that you are invited to by the elite, but they don't exist in this dimension.The Secret History of the World book by Mark Booth discusses more of this. It's a wild concept, but if they are able to do that, then it makes sense why they are so many steps ahead of us in this world and control so much beyond our understanding. Maybe they control physical time and space as well, altering matter as alchemy suggests. However, I do believe that their keeping secrets from the masses and going against the guidance of God will come with a severe price, that they will eventually have to pay after having all the money and power in the earthly physical world. They have been distracted by earthly goods and concepts.

    One thing they forget is that you can take none of it with you in spirit, only your soul matters and how full you have made it doing deeds that evolved your soul.

  149. This movie is pure illuminati bullshit. They also enclose Jesus and Buddah to the illuminati agenda calling them magicians. I guess they see spirituality as a trick and this devil worshiping is just another illusion to them. I not a great believer in the afterlife but who knows maybe there is something or someone that is "a few steps ahead of them"
    Love&Truth to everybody!

  150. The "strange" Four Horsemen symbol is a sideways 9 going through an Eleven. But honestly…the numbers 9 and 11 are lucky numbers in the occult, that's why they keep using them and used them in the past.

  151. I'm sure there is quite of bit of truth in this article. But it doesn't matter. This movie is about one thing……not 20 different things. A man is obsessed with getting revenge for his father! That is the whole movie right there. Every action in this movie is centered around Dylan getting back at Thaddeus. That is why the horseman do what they do and why Dylan did what he did. I'm sure there can be some great meanings behind certain scenes and what not. And while I'm the type of guy who doesn't always take things at face value, I believe what Dylan says to the horseman at the end…."You're in (to only 1 I know but he means all of them). The REAL magic is taking 4 strong solo acts and making them work together…and that's exactly what you did. So welcome, welcome to the eye"
    I don't know about anyone else but I can add the figures here:

    1. YOU ARE IN (I think that these words are pretty easy to understand)
    2. He says "The REAL magic….." Then describes taking them and making them work together; not all the fancy stuff they did, but that they did it TOGETHER as a team.
    3. Finally he says "So, welcome" By saying "so" he is saying…."Because you did what did and did it correctly, Welcome to the eye." They are in….period. Not they were all being played. Not it was all a bunch of BS. But THEY ARE IN.


  153. I watched the movie, "Now You See Me," and it is a great movie. I love mysticism and illusion. I vision the media in its quest to reveal, relay, and regards to the veil that is cascaded in front of the ones who sees but doesn't.
    He who has an ear let him hear as he who has eyes to see. Viewing this movie, I am awaiting the return of the sequel. Which is named in the movie; to those who are real watchers of the eye. The optical illusion is to show you what you see as real and make you believe it is. Well real is real. What you see is what it is. This sequel may bring in the element of what you don't see. To show you, while allowing you to examine the whole picture being processed. In other words, here it is, here it isn't. Where did it go? Oh, there it is. Did it ever move or was it there the whole time? Rhetoric in its own why, a question which is the answer of how. Is it done by illusion or was it real? Majick or magic, is just what we think it is. "Believable." I am a performer of Majick or magic, which ever you choose to prefer to call it, see it, or think it is. It is believable. It is outstanding. It is memorizing. It is "REAL.' The sequel definitely, has to be better, revealing more illusions, veiling the allegory of its integrity, and symbolizing its definitive purpose. Oh, it will blow the roof of the minds of those speculative and observatory operative ones who think they are on to what is being shown to them in revealing the structure of the blueprint, orchestrated by the hands of the architect is inevitable and without a doubt. Now you don't know what to expect, though "Now You See Me," is a magicians haven of spectacles.

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