KONY 2012: State Propaganda for a New Generation


The overnight viral sensation KONY 2012 brought worldwide awareness to the African war criminal Joseph Kony. Beneath this commendable cause, lies however an elaborate agenda that is presented in the video in a very manipulative way. We’ll look at the agenda behind KONY 2012 and how it uses reverse psychology to not only justify a military operation in Africa, but to actually have people demand it.

KONY 2012 is a viral sensation that swept the entire world in less than 24 hours. Its main subject is the African rebel leader Joseph Kony, his war crimes and the clearly defined “movement” to stop him.  Countless celebrities have endorsed the movement, news sources have reported it and social media is buzzing with it. While the problem of guerrilla warfare and child soldiers has plagued Africa for decades, and several documentaries have already been produced regarding the issue, this particular 29-minute video made managed to obtain mass exposure and support.

KONY 2012 is less of a documentary than it is a highly efficient infomercial that is tailor-made for the Facebook generation, using state-of-the-art marketing techniques to make its point. Young people like “underground movements” and want to feel like they are changing the world. KONY 2012 taps into these needs to bring about something that is not “hip” or “underground” at all: A military operation in Uganda. Not only that, it urges the participants of the movement to order stuff, to wear bracelets that are associated with an online profile and to record their actions in social media. This makes KONY 2012 the first artificially created movement that is fully track-able, monitor-able and quantifiable by those who engendered it. In other words, what appears to be a movement “from the people” is actually a new way for the elite to advance its agenda.

A Propaganda Experiment

The video begins with an interesting statement: “The next 27 minutes are an experiment. But in order for it to work, you have to pay attention”. It is an experiment as it tests a new, groundbreaking way to get an agenda accepted by the Facebook generation. In the past, when the government needed to justify the invasion of a country, the President would sit in front of the camera and tell the public why war should be declared in this area of the world. In the case of KONY, the military agenda is disguised as grassroots activism, where the US army entering Uganda would be perceived as a “victory of the people”, effectively reversing the communications model.

Towards the end of the video, an image is displayed explaining how decisions (and messages) start from the top of the pyramid (the elite) and are communicated to the masses through mass media and such.

Due to the advent of social media, the above diagram has become a lot less effective to get a message across to the young generation. It is not CNN reports and the President addressing the nation anymore, it is about “liking” Facebook pages and viral YouTube videos. This is where messages now come across. Always studying, analyzing and exploiting the most effective ways to persuade public opinion, KONY 2012 appears to be an attempt to test out the effectiveness of a “viral” propaganda campaign. By creating this “movement” and making young people actually DEMAND the U.S. government intervene in Africa, the masterminds behind this campaign would manage the impossible: Reversing the propaganda model in order to make it emanate from the people. By doing so, the elite’s agenda is not only accepted by the masses, it is perceived as a victory by them.

“We are living in a new world” indeed. The KONY 2012 logo aptly represents how a viral video and social media can reverse the propaganda model. Don’t be fooled however. Power is still not in the hands of the base of the pyramid … far from it. It is all about appearances.

When the war on Iraq was declared, a great portion of young Americans opposed the war. How is it they are now begging the government to send troops to Africa? A simple video, specifically conceived for the Facebook generation did the trick. As it is the case in most campaigns to justify a war, the first goal was to identify a bad guy.

Identifying the Bad Guy

By associating Kony with Bin Laden and Hitler in this poster, KONY 2012 is promoting war.

I have absolutely no intention of defending Joseph Kony or to say “he’s not that bad”. He, along with many other guerrilla factions across Africa, has committed despicable atrocities. However, the problem of child soldiers has existed for decades and there are literally hundreds of Joseph Konys across the African continent. In some cases, some of the armies are actually funded by Western countries. If we would truly go to the root of the issue, we’d discover that Africa has been plagued with the problem of warring factions and rebel guerrillas ever since Western forces “liberated” their colonies and divided the continent of Africa according to Western interests. Indeed, instead of setting the boundaries of each country according to the geographic location of the ethnic groups and tribes that live there, countries were created according to the economic needs of colonizing forces such as Great Britain, France and others. The net result is: A bunch of artificial countries that each contain several tribes, ethnic groups, languages and religions. When one group takes power, the others are repressed, which leads to violence and rebellion. Add to the mix extreme poverty due to resources being siphoned out of Africa by Western countries and you’ve got a breeding ground for merciless warlords. As long as this problem exists, Joseph Konys will continue to emerge in Africa.

But the video mentions none of this. All it says is that arresting Kony would “make the world better”. KONY 2012 is all about identifying a bad guy, “making him famous” and have people demand his death by U.S. forces. Fixing the true cause of problems in the third world has never been on the Agenda. But picking out a “bad guy” to justify military action has always been part of it. If in the case of Saddam Hussein, “facts” (that ultimately proved false) were given to justify the invasion of Iraq. A different technique is being used with Kony, one that originates from advertising.

Any marketing specialist will tell you: “Facts don’t sell, emotions do”.  The first part of KONY 2012 solely addresses emotions. It is about making the filmmaker likeable, showing gut-wrenching images of African kids in pain, in misery and in despair. Then, the turning point: Joseph Kony is the cause of all of this. Not centuries of exploitation and devastation by Western forces in Africa that lead to chaos, lawlessness and poverty. No, it’s Kony. That bastard. George Clooney is really mad at him right now. He even tweeted about it.

Another marketing strategy is to appeal to the lowest common denominator. In other words, to get a message across, one must address the audience as if it was made of kids. KONY 2012 does exactly this by ridiculously oversimplifying the problem and explaining it to an actual child – who represents the viewers.  This is not surprising though, as this is how the masses are perceived by the higher ups.

Here’s what this scene implies: “Look, dumb-ass, even this little kid gets it. So you better get it.”

Once the viewers had their emotions stirred, got infantilized and had the problem spelled out to them as if they were in kindergarten, the table is set for the true goal of the video: Defining the agenda.

Defining the Agenda

KONY 2012 is a movement backed by some of the world’s most powerful entities and has precise goals. As the movie’s intro states, it is an experiment. It is an opportunity to create a movement that can be fully trackable, quantifiable and manageable through social media whose culmination is a U.S. military intervention in Uganda. The carrying out of this mission will not only be perceived as a victory, it will restore young people’s faith in democracy. What the members of this movement might not realize is that they are helping the advancement of the elite’s agenda towards a New World Order.

This poster aptly summarizes how the Illuminati works. Political parties are irrelevant as both work towards the same Agenda.

The second part of the movie let’s go of emotions and describes to the viewers what the elite expects from them. U.S. troops are already in Uganda, but, according to the movie, Kony “changed his tactics”… Damnit Kony, you and your sneaky tactics. Apparently, high tech satellites, unmanned drones and all kinds of radars are not enough to catch this guy. Nope, in order to catch him, a complicated plan, involving the purchase of an “Action Kit” and the registering an ID bracelet on a website is required. Makes sense.

Those who want to “Stop Kony” are required to wear a bracelet bearing a unique code which needs to be registered at a website. Of course, personal information is requested.

Once the bracelet is registered, members can associate it with their Facebook account, which will keep track of all KONY-related actions. The end result is: every single member of KONY 2012 will be known, identified and easily tracked – with constantly updated information. All of this data will of course be collected, scrutinized and stored by those in charge.

Furthermore, members are asked to contribute a “few dollars a month” to TRI, an organization whose ultimate goal is American military intervention in Uganda.

TRI’s logo is an inverted “Peace” sign. In symbolism, an inverted sign means that it stands for the opposite of the regular sign. In other words, TRI is about war. Peace does not involve “equipping” and “training” government forces to fight rebel factions. As the novel 1984 states, WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

To support the cause and to make it popular, a bunch of elite-sponsored artists and politicians have been enlisted, including Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Oprah, George Clooney, Bono, etc. While some of them might be genuinely concerned about problems in Africa, most of them are pawns of the elite that are used to promote its agenda.

Am I seeing warmongering George W. Bush in here? The dude that lied to the whole country in order to attack Iraq for its oil and stuff? Hmm. Weird.

After going past the celebrities and the emotions, the end result of this campaign is simple and steeped in real politik: Since the fall of rival superpower USSR, Western forces have sought to bring down and to control regional powers around the world, mostly in third countries. Uganda is part of that plan. The same way the spectre of Bin Laden was used to invade Afghanistan, Kony is being used to enter Uganda.

The video clearly shows what is the goal of this “movement”: U.S. troops taking charge of the Ugandan army, the same way it took charge of the Iraqi, Libyan and other armies in the past few years.


In Conclusion

KONY 2012 is a cleverly orchestrated campaign specifically aimed at today’s youth, the future citizens of the world. Using state-of-the-art techniques and new technologies, the campaign is a first attempt at “reverse propaganda”, where the agenda APPEARS to emanate from the people. By using emotions, irrational thoughts and superficial explanations, KONY 2012 attempts to trick well-meaning people, who desire to make a positive change in the world, to instead fuel a gigantic war machine that is controlled by the world’s elite.

Is KONY 2012 trying to eradicate child-soldiers or is it attempting to create a new kind of child-soldiers?





    • Total phony!

      I was counting the minutes to see VC once again exposing the hidden agenda behind this propaganda.

      Remember, if celebrities are promoting it, it's a propaganda. They are the ones who were taken to the top of the pyramid of success (As Kobe puts it) so eventually they can manipulate the masses. At the end of the day, no matter who's the celebrity you're following, which day/night time show it is that you're watching, what talent competition is that you're following, the message/agenda is the same. It's just so that if program 'A' didn't work on Person X, program B/C/D/E potentially would work on Person X.

      God is Great (GIG)

      • Truth. After about the 50th facebook friend posted something about this within a couple minutes (lemmings?) I thought "this stinks to high heaven!" Sure enough, on top of being reverse propaganda, it's made around $15 million or so within a few days! Wow this emotional porn is lucrative! Maybe that's may way out of the recession (aka depression).

      • paisleycerebrum on

        right on. even though something about this seemed off to me from the beginning, i couldn't put my finger on it. but my first thought was: "to people stricken by great hardships of any aspect here in America, i'm so sorry. it breaks my heart that we're gonna go 'fix' someone else's problems instead of getting our shit straight first."

        "How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,' when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye" (Luke 6:42).

        and yet, once again, VC & you guys show that there is a lot more to all this Kony jazz. NOW i got it. thanks again.

      • Truth Teller on

        Propaganda indeed! I’ve wanted to comment on Kony 2012 since it hit the mainstream media but I didn’t want to bring up irrelevant subjects in response to other articles on this site. Like most of you, I too noticed the obvious signs and symbolism that typically lies within messages put forth on behalf of the Elitist Agenda: The merging of symbols representing the Republican and Democratic parties; the contrived endorsements of 20 Celebrities and 12 politicians who wear their association/support of the Illuminati agenda like a badge of honor; the upside down pyramids and peace signs; capitalizing on Mayan Doomsday prophecies by ending the campaign on December 21, 2012; the poster’s visual association of Kony to monsters like Bin laden and Hitler (who ironically? were involved in coups within the German and American Governments) etc.

        This time it truly caught me off guard, primarily because this issue is not new and secondly because I typically question the purpose and intent of overnight news stories and sensationalized information. Now I see that I am not alone on this. This whole Kony movement is disturbing to say the least. Inciting a revolution among the youth while at the same time pushing an underlying agenda contradictory to said revolution produces cognitive dissonance among the very people who perceive their actions to be working against “the system”. As Vigilant points out in the article above:

        “Young people like ‘underground movements’ and want to feel like they are changing the world. KONY 2012 taps into these needs to bring about something that is not ‘hip’ or ‘underground’ at all: A military operation in Uganda. In other words, what appears to be a movement ‘from the people’ is actually a new way for the elite to advance its agenda.”

        Undoubtedly, supporters of Kony 2012 that frequent Vigilant Citizen will not like this article because it’s too uncomfortable for them to take in and make sense of. I’m sure they’re wondering, “How can we be fighting against the evil ‘governments’ of the world and the tyrannical leaders that rule them when we are really just sheeple willingly (and abundantly) financing the very wars we say we oppose?” #go buy another action kit… S@#T! they’re sold out! WTF! Damn you @Invisible Children!

        The clever (or not so clever) use of inverted pyramids and peace signs furthers the deception. Sure, they show you the pyramid depicting the Elite’s agenda knowing you understand what the symbol represents; then they turn it on its head to show how “we” can take back this control by supporting the fight against Kony. The masses reply, “Gee, I guess the pyramid and the “Illuminati” agenda aren’t so bad once you put that spin on it!” The inverted peace sign works in a similar fashion by declaring peace but calling the masses to “fight” for further colonist invasion of Africa for natural resources like oil, while bringing about WW3 in the process. As a result, the Kony 2012 campaign goes beyond blatant cognitive dissonance into all out doublethink. This ultimately encourages people to ignore these contradictory concepts (war and peace) in order to reconcile the conflicting emotions that this propagandist video has stirred within them. Of course, we should realize that “Peace does not involve ‘equipping’ and ‘training’ government forces to fight rebel factions” as VC points out. But the doublethink found in Orwell’s 1984 and conveniently used by Invisible Children throughout their campaign against Kony says that “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”. The founders of the Invisible Children organization have come under fire for pictures of them holding guns with SPLA soldiers. The official response to this photo is posted on the Invisible Children website; it fully indicates the type of doublethink they’re hoping you’ll buy into:

        “The photo of Bobby, Laren and I with the guns was taken in an LRA camp in DRC during the 2008 Juba Peace Talks. We were there to see Joseph Kony come to the table to sign the Final Peace Agreement. The Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) was surrounding our camp for protection since Sudan was mediating the peace talks. We wanted to talk to them and film them and get their perspective. And because Bobby, Laren and I are friends and had been doing this for 5 years, we thought it would be funny to bring back to our friends and family a joke photo. You know, "Haha – they have bazookas in their hands but they're actually fighting for peace." The ironic thing about this photo is that I HATE guns. I always have. Back in 2008 I wanted this war to end, like we all did, peacefully, through peace talks. But Kony was not interested in that; he kept killing. And we still don't want war. We don't want him killed and we don't want bombs dropped. We want him alive and captured and brought to justice”.

        Of course, the extensive use of social media and viral video directly implicates the true intentions of such technological advancements on behalf of the power elite that run the world. It was absolutely an “experiment”, and it went off without a hitch. Americans weren’t going to let our government invade another country for oil now that the true motives behind the war in Iraq have been exposed. Most people aren’t aware of the oil reserves in Uganda or the fact that our interest in combating the LRA and Kony has been suspect for awhile now. Thanks to the folks at Invisible Children, we now have a “reason” to invest our money and resources into “catching” another horrible, ruthless tyrant like Osama Bin Laden, Sadamm Hussein, and Muammar Gaddafi. Articles like this are revealing good news; more and more people are becoming aware of the BS being fed to them and they’re spitting it out before they choke on it! People should continue to speak out against Kony 2012 and messages like it so that the world knows that we will maintain our individuality and freethinking minds…. and as long as we continue to do so our voices will be heard.

        See the following links for more info on Kony 2012:










      • That is not necessarily true, but I will give you a big fat Kudo for the insight. The problem is that when a person in the public eye is honest, or has morals, or doesn't fall in line with "establishment" paradigms, they are ostracized, discredited, or worse……

        Case in point:

        Ron Paul won the primary in the Virgin Islands, but the media changed the way that they judged the winner, as to prevent him from gaining any traction with the general public, or media exposure. (Even though he has more grass roots support than the vanilla establishment drones)

        Reminds me of Ross Perot.

        Think of how it will be, under one honest King…. Sure, you won't get a new name, and you'll have to die, (that 6ft. under way, 'cause I refuse to get born.), But at least you'll live your remainder out in peacefulness. How many billions you willing to spend, to try and kill a righteous man ? I'm burning it right now…. You should not be forced to support actions that are against your values. I've only met a couple of people that were smart enough to figure that out.

      • Kony, Phony…… Brilliant.

        I wonder what VC would think of this?

        Asking the Question (keeping the reversal meme in mind as pointed out above),

        Is KONY ENOCH?


        Also, as I understand it, the arms upwards is the true peace symbol, it's inversion is war-like. But then again, most people think arms down is peace.

        Total Cognitive Dissonance Program!

        Awesome work as always VC

        VC :-)

      • Leonardo DiCaprio I realise that I do not change the course of history. I am an actor, I do a movie, that's the end of it."You have to realise we are just clowns for hire."

        Leonardo DiCaprio :"I realise that I do not change the course of history. I am an actor, I do a movie, that's the end of it. You have to realise we are just clowns for hire.

      • Talking about how to start a war, I guess it's time to VC make an investigation article about that US soldier who committed the homicide of about 16 people in Afghanistan, including 9 children and 2 women I guess.

        It's very sad how blatant this is, I mean there are many soldiers in there, if it's a war trauma, most of them would suffer this kind of symptoms and would go out to kill people just as he did! Why only one suffering of war trauma??? Perhaps he was the chosen one, chosen by a group of people. It seems to be one more sacrifice for the devil last empire (USA). The more human blood they got, the more gains they get.

        Now people from Afghanistan is revolted with USA government and not only, they're promesing to execute a revenge inside USA against innocent american people (I'm just talking about children).

        Shame on this government they don't care about their own people, what do you think they feel about others around the world???

        USA government foment war, make a lot of money with it and later appear playing god with only purpose of saving lives, but they just destroy lives. It's very sad that so many important people, even knowing all the critical points, just don't care about it.

        Hope God make justice of these people.

        :( PEACE

      • I think the agenda of raising an army of western children (notice the complete disinterest in recruiting weatern adults to the cause) to "fight war" is very reminiscent of the Denver Airport Murals.

        The murals depict an army of Western children who fight for a "New World Order"…


      • It starts with a hint: “The next 27 minutes are an experiment."

        Notice that a so highly professsionnal work can't use random numbers. 27? 3×9 or 999! the signature. ( …and then, red and black, triangles signs, fachist style, etc, we know who they are, the deceiption is on the path )

    • I fully believe in the illuminati but what is so bad about it and the NWO? Could someone reply quick please………:)

      • Before I proceed, I'm not trying to lecture you or call you a bad person, it's good you asked this question. :) But anyway…

        The New World Order is pure evil and the Illuminati is doing everything in it's power to work towards the New World Order, so that makes them pure evil. I get why the New World Order doesn't seem bad, it's about peace right? Bringing everyone together in a one world government doesn't sound that bad. But just think about it. How in the hell can we achieve world peace when there are SO many different people out there? This is what would have to happen. We'd have to put all of our beliefs aside (religion, politics etc…), all of our interests and personal feelings aside and everything that makes us an individual. Why? Because all of those things are different from everyone else, they cause arguments or just disagreements, which isn't peaceful. Imagine being in a room with just five people with completely different beliefs and interests from yours, if everyone started talking about their strong beliefs it would cause an argument. There is just no way billions of people are going to agree with each other, there's just no way. World Peace or the New World Order is a dictatorship; the government would rule the world basically. There'd be no freedom because freedom involves opinions and opinions cause arguments and arguments cause war.

        And if you're only 13 I don't think you should research the Illuminati fully because they do vile, horrible things that no one your age should have to be thinking about just yet. But some things they do (if you've read more of this site I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) they program people like robots by traumatizing them to promote their New World Order.

        They are not about peace they are about control. I don't know about you, but I'd rather fight or be killed for my freedom than be controlled by some tyrant. Its an outrage.

      • The "utopian society" is a pipe dream! A global dictatorship will turn out nothing like they will sell it as, since man is inherited evil. If power corrupts, then absolute power corrupts absolutely. The NWO lies to you on a daily basis, but you take the bait, all the while asking for more. It is Satan's plan to rule all of the world. Just as he'd tempted Christ in the wilderness. "You see, all the cities of the world can be yours if you'll only bow down and worship me." Whether or not you believe in scripture or not, Satan does. That's how he knew he would someday sit in the throne and rule over all mankind. It is prophecy, and so it will happen whether we want it or not. That doesn't mean we shouldn't resist!

      • To be honest I was going to actually help out with the "STOP KONY" movement I still want to a little bit,but as soon I asked my father could I join he said NO!Then I said:"Why, dad I want to actually make a change in the world blah blah blah blah"….?!Then my father said:'Cause this is a propaganda by the elite,see put it like this when the "Top Dogs" give you orders and you don't comply they will take you out and put someone else in charge or they will make lies about you to start some war.See what you don't understand is that our world is controlled by one country and that is England I've told you about this before didn't I.England control's everything money,etc,etc,etc…and when you don't correspond with England they will take you out and make your life miserable hell and all of this is a plan.Remember what I told you now."

      • You ask…'what is so wrong about the Illuminati'… this isn't easy to answer quickly, but I will try to give you a little bit of information. If you want to get a full and complete answer, go to:

        http://www.WalterVeith.org and look for the video titled "Secrets behind secret societies" Very eye opening!!

        To give you the short answer… the Illuminati is only one of many groups that have two agendas (Freemason, Builderburg, The Grove, Skull and Bones, etc) The first agenda is for the masses, the regular people, they present themselves as groups that do good work for the people, it's about deception, getting us to ignore the "rumors" about what they are really up to. The second, and true agenda is for those "in the know", the elite, the ones who have come up in the ranks and have earned the trust of the true rulers… they are given the truth, but sometimes only part of the truth, depends. All of these groups have a power over them that gives them their plan of action for that period of time, this power has an even greater power that they answer to, that is the power who is spoken of in the Bible. The motive? To get all humanity under his authority, to usurp God's rightful place. To destroy our trust/relationship/love/belief in God the creator and His Son Jesus Christ. If he succeeds in this, then he has successfully cheated us.

    • Why is the illuminati and NWO so terrible? I don't understand why people are against it (I'm only 13 and it sounds okay to me)…..

      • Hi Jw. It's agenda is to gain dominance over the world by weakening the infrastructures of nations so that they are unable to handle crisis independently therefore seeking assistance, from a higher power.

        It's ultimately got a spiritual and religious agenda, Jewish, Biblical and Islamic text mentions this new world order and describes it as an atrocity which will sweep the earth however will ultimately be unsuccessful. They will be unsuccessful because the power they are supporting will turn against them, it's like committing kamikaze.

        People who are open minded, critical thinkers and read between the lines or behind the lines will be successful in identifying this order but will not follow it, they may be seen as rebels, terrorists and bad but they will actually be fighting a true cause.

        comparative religion interests me, and I would say read the Jewish account and Islamic account of Anti-christ a.k.a Dajjal, and new world order. Also view 'The Arrivals' but remember to be open minded and not to take everything as facts.

      • Because, in the most cut-and-dry sense, they're a vicious evil cult responsible for the rise of both the Nazis and Bolsheviks, responsible for most of the suffering in the world today. They secretly utilize in human sacrifice and advanced torture-brainwashing techniques as a means to further their power and influence. Oh, and they're trying to wipe out 85-95% of the world's population, hopefully the non-whites first but they don't really care so long as the population is small enough to be controlled all at one time with present technology and such.

        Did I mention they worship Lucifer/Satan? Not that it matters, but they kinda do.

      • Thank you SB, do you know much about the religion on Sikhism and whether that has anything to do with the Illuminati?

      • With the Nazis? Pretty much everything. Ever hear of something called the Thule Society? If not, look it up. Remember though that negative groups thrive on chaos and betrayal, so there's a lot of internal factions and strife involved and most members are born into it so they're not all evil. I would look into MK-ULTRA and the UFO coverup if I were you. They're the most important, after the Financial Tyranny thingy, which you can read about here: http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blo

        And Here: http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blo

        Namaste, bro.

      • Praise Jesus on

        @ Syrus: hopefully the non-whites first but they don’t really care so long as the population is small enough to be controlled all at one time with present technology and such.

        WTF? I find it funny someone that uses the Bible and is in such an awe about Illuminati and satanist stating something like that. Hopefully non-whites first? Stop reading and start thinking you little racist! Saying that to a 13 year old, gives me the eeeck!

      • @Praise Jesus

        First of all, I don't "use the Bible" because I am a student of the Law of One. Furthermore, I am no racist. The Illuminati, however, are. You misunderstood me.

      • Oh Trust a bible basher to read into something so wrong and call someone racist..clearly his statement was saying the Illuminiati's agenda is to get rid of the non whites first then move on to the rest..please stop interpreting things the way u see it.. maybe this should be a lesson for you to learn how humans can misinterpret things easily..i.e. the bible.

      • hey JB, just read up the book of Revelation from Bible. I am sure you won't understand the whole thing, but you will have a little bit idea of all these things happening around us. Book of Revelation + VC = opening up our eyes to truth and reality. :) God bless you. :)

      • @ Jw just remember who is truly your outmost celebrity, group or mentor. Who God in collaboration with his son Jesus Christ Son of the living God & through his divine intervention all will be explained to you with the power of the holy spirit

    • Yeah, Kony 2012 is indeed Phony 2012. I have been on it from almost the very beginning. Great breakdown. I think it is sad to come face to face with so much brainwashing. That said there are more people who know exactly what is going on than I realized. God wins. They lose:)

      • I was waiting for an Explanation of what a KONY 2012 buzzing was about. I was way out of the ball park wondering if it was somekind of Hotdog like a Kony- but new it was something political.

        I was surprised VC was the first place to explain what KONY 2012 is, and it probably the best place as why it is being hyped as such. The West and the East has consistently raped Africa of it's rescources for centuries and destabilized social and tribal networks. It still Amazes me that the Richest continent in the World in terms of rescources and wildlife is also the Poorest and most decimated.

        The movie "BloodDiamond" is similar to an updated version of the book "Heart of Darkness" in terms of business models go (The book is much above any Hollywood production).

        A documentary "Darwin's Nightmare" goes over how British and Russians together take turns flying in weapons for competing factions and take an expensive fish (rescources and property rights for lake that is has an exotic fish farmed that destroys the natural habitat). Money was not the exchange it was weapons for rescources and maybe a bribe to tribal leaders to continue the war. It was odd to see the West and East work together and to keep it so quiet from the media.

        What is really unfortunate is once the Natural habitat is destroyed and unsustainable to farm the exotic fish (that was never supposed to be there in the fist place), the British and Russians will just leave. They might come back as a humanitarian effort because there is money in that business too and to generate PR, but time will have to pass first so the finger pointing goes to the African people and not the true culprits (just enough to cover the tracks and conveniently forget how all the weapons are left behind.

    • All I have to say is thank you VC! I fell for it but once again, you've enlightened me. As always great article.

    • I'm so confused because I know one of the founding members of invisible children. We went to college together and one of my best friends lived with the person for 3 years. Since I've known this person this person has had the best intentions about spreading the word about the child soldiers of Uganda. I was introduced to this problem in 2005 and have told ppl about the invisible children ever since. I would hate to think that my classmate has joined forces with the government to 'brainwash' people to fund a war. All I know is that my friend has always had a heart for the people of Uganda. I want to be a human rights lawyer myself. I would hate to think that something that started off with pure intentions has turned into something corrupt…but that's life huh.

      • VC said it nicely…this is about making good people support something very bad without even knowing it… Einstain (it is his birthday today) said it well: "We can't solve problems thinking the same way we did when we created them." So, the people that run this organisation made mistakes in their logic…they want to stop a war criminal by fighting a war… Also, they don't seem to think about the larger consequences that would come from it…and also, they are not looking at the root of the problem…

        basicaly, they are not thinking outside the box…the box, in this case, is the Agenda…it's that belief that only America the Great (I'm sarcastic) can save us…it's that need for an immediate response that makes you forget about the larger picture… it's influencing the emotions and dumbing down so the people don't think for themselves

        AND I THINK THAT MIGHT BE THEIR ONLY MISTAKE…but it's a pretty big one, don't you think? But who can really blame them? Ah, this is a big ethical issue…

    • The Illuminati Agenda = White Supremacy.

      Ain't nothin' changed. Ancient Egypt is the greatest civilization that has ever existed on Earth. All the Illuminati do is steal the symbols from the walls of the pyramid, add their spookology story to it, to demonize Africa and Black people in order to pump fear and confuse the masses with their tricknology. They don't want us looking towards Ancient Egypt.

      Do the knowledge and read books by the great past revolutionaries: Marcus Garvey, Dr. Ben Jochannan, Ashra Kwesi, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, and Dr. Umar Johnson to name a few.

      • Guardian Sphinx on

        It's not about racism, its about enslaving humanity. Don't get fooled into thinking it's just another racewar. We need to step out of that and embrace our humanity first, race second.

    • I agree, thanks VC. I was left standing around wondering what all the fuss was REALLY about. One email later and its clear as day!!! May their be some hope. Matt

    • I think people need to take this for more than face value, even the truthers, listen:

      If you support it, you get a registered bracelet.

      What if the bracelets are soon to be FREE of charge.

      I can predict that it will be common for everyone to have and wear your bracelet. Remember Lance Armstrong's yellow rubber band live strong bands.

      "Where's your bracelet? You don't support the efforts of Kony 2012?" This is all it takes now to be isolated from society.

      This is a test. Hold on to your hats vigilants because there's turbulance ahead.

    • Article:

      KONY 2012 is the product of a group called Invisible Children, a controversial activist group and not-for-profit. They’ve released 11 films, most with an accompanying bracelet colour (KONY 2012 is fittingly red), all of which focus on Joseph Kony. When we buy merch from them, when we link to their video, when we put up posters linking to their website, we support the organization. I don’t think that’s a good thing, and I’m notalone.

      Invisible Children has been condemned time and time again. As a registered not-for-profit, its finances are public. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services (page 6), with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production. This is far from ideal, and Charity Navigator rates their accountability 2/4 stars because they haven’t had their finances externally audited. But it goes way deeper than that.

      The group is in favour of direct military intervention, and their money supports the Ugandan government’s army and various other military forces. Here’s a photo of the founders of Invisible Children posing with weapons and personnel of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting, but Invisible Children defends them,arguing that the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, although Kony is no longer active in Uganda andhasn’t been since 2006 by their own admission. These books each refer to the rape and sexual assault that are perennial issues with the UPDF, the military group Invisible Children is defending.

      Still, the bulk of Invisible Children’s spending isn’t on supporting African militias, but on awareness and filmmaking. Which can be great, except that Foreign Affairs has claimed that Invisible Children (among others) “manipulates facts for strategic purposes, exaggerating the scale of LRA abductions and murders and emphasizing the LRA’s use of innocent children as soldiers, and portraying Kony — a brutal man, to be sure — as uniquely awful, a Kurtz-like embodiment of evil.” He’s certainly evil, but exaggeration and manipulation to capture the public eye is unproductive, unprofessional and dishonest.

      As Chris Blattman, a political scientist at Yale, writes on the topic of IC’s programming, “There’s also something inherently misleading, naive, maybe even dangerous, about the idea of rescuing children or saving of Africa. […] It hints uncomfortably of the White Man’s Burden. Worse, sometimes it does more than hint. The savior attitude is pervasive in advocacy, and it inevitably shapes programming. Usually misconceived programming.”

      Still, Kony’s a bad guy, and he’s been around a while. Which is why the US has been involved in stopping him for years. U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has sent multiple missions to capture or kill Kony over the years. And they’ve failed time and time again, each provoking a ferocious response and increased retaliative slaughter. The issue with taking out a man who uses a child army is that his bodyguards are children. Any effort to capture or kill him will almost certainly result in many children’s deaths, an impact that needs to be minimized as much as possible. Each attempt brings more retaliation. And yet Invisible Children supports military intervention. Kony has been involved in peace talks in the past, which have fallen through. But Invisible Children is now focusing on military intervention.

      Military intervention may or may not be the right idea, but people supporting KONY 2012 probably don’t realize they’re supporting the Ugandan military who are themselves raping and looting away. If people know this and still support Invisible Children because they feel it’s the best solution based on their knowledge and research, I have no issue with that. But I don’t think most people are in that position, and that’s a problem.

      Is awareness good? Yes. But these problems are highly complex, not one-dimensional and, frankly, aren’t of the nature that can be solved by postering, film-making and changing your Facebook profile picture, as hard as that is to swallow. Giving your money and public support to Invisible Children so they can spend it on supporting ill-advised violent intervention and movie #12 isn’t helping. Do I have a better answer? No, I don’t, but that doesn’t mean that you should support KONY 2012 just because it’s something. Something isn’t always better than nothing. Sometimes it’s worse.

      If you want to write to your Member of Parliament or your Senator or the President or the Prime Minister, by all means, go ahead. If you want to post about Joseph Kony’s crimes on Facebook, go ahead. But let’s keep it about Joseph Kony, not KONY 2012.

      This article appears courtesy of Visible Children and is published with the approval of Grant Oyston.

      • Wonder what the term 'Invisible Children " really refers to? Couldn't help noticing the numbers for last year $ 8, 6 7 6, 6 1 4 ~~ 8+6+7+6 =27 = 9 ~~~~ 6+1+4 = 11 hence 9/11

        K O N Y ~ English Gematria K=11 O N Y 6 +5+7= 18 = 9 Take it as you will ! As above so below backwards forwards upside down inside outside Yipee! This kind of thing is everywhere ,everyday in the 'papers on TV in Movies Magazines Telephone numbers etc etc

    • As usual VC hit it on the nail again. I honestly don't know what I would do without this site. TBH VC does all the thinking, analysing and evaluating for me,……and I must say that I am thoroughly grateful! :)

    • I had a feeling from the moment I received 300 emails about KONY 2012 that something was amiss. Thank you thank you thank you VC, for yet again confirming what those of us out there who really look at these things openly have always suspected.


      And more propaganda against Africa and anyone who the Illuminati want to control

      VC- The only website worth viewing

    • Yes, COMPLETE PHONY! Jason Russel is either an MK slave gone nutty or just a millionaire tweeker. "A co-founder for Invisible Children was detained in Pacific Beach on Thursday for being drunk in public and masturbating, according to San Diego Police Department."

      Source: Invisible Children Co-Founder Detained: SDPD | NBC San Diego


      • Truth Teller on

        When I heard this little tidbit of info I just rolled my eyes because it figures that this guy would end up embroiled in a humiliating scandal in the wake of Kony 2012. Maybe he realized that Kony 2012 isn't what it appears to be or maybe his programming has gone wonky, either way it reeks. This S@#T makes me wanna puke.

    • I wish people wold stop falling for the kooky, trendy cause-celebre Facebook political concoctions that just spring-up outta nowhere. I, personally am turned off and disgusted by them. Facebook and Twitter are nothing but tools used to get folks minds. LMAO at the "Kool-Aid Brigade" in the stupid t-shirts.

      • I read the BBC Africa page at least three times a week and have for the last 15 years. Anyone who has paid any attention to what goes on in Africa knew about Kony years ago. Years ago, the Hague wanted the US help in getting Kony and the US said no. What changed? 1.5 billion barrels of oil…

        I don't blame the Ugandans for getting mad, this company made MILLIONS IN PROFIT off the scars of a war torn country, children's armies and worse.

        We should all pay more attention to what's happening in the world, and not just our on backyard.

    • But I don't get it.. Kony is real. His crimes are real and present. Yes we want troops in Uganda but its for a reason. To put an end to his actions. I don't understand the problem with this campaign other than the fact that they can track you with those bracelets..

      • Truth Teller on


        There are three articles on this site informing the public about Kony 2012; you should carefully read through them and then read through some of the comments. If you still don't get the picture, there are dozens of other articles and blogs that are discussing the issue. I think it should be clear by now what the folks at Invisible Children are up to, but some things aren't always so blatantly obvious for others. The following sums up why you should avoid the Kony 2012 campaign even if you don't understand some of the more deep rooted and sinister issues associated with this whole ordeal. I hope it helps.

        “Military intervention may or may not be the right idea, but people supporting KONY 2012 probably don’t realize they’re supporting the Ugandan military who are themselves raping and looting away. If people know this and still support Invisible Children because they feel it’s the best solution based on their knowledge and research, I have no issue with that. But I don’t think most people are in that position, and that’s a problem.

        Is awareness good? Yes. But these problems are highly complex, not one-dimensional and, frankly, aren’t of the nature that can be solved by postering, film-making and changing your Facebook profile picture, as hard as that is to swallow. Giving your money and public support to Invisible Children so they can spend it on supporting ill-advised violent intervention and movie #12 isn’t helping. Do I have a better answer? No, I don’t, but that doesn’t mean that you should support KONY 2012 just because it’s something. Something isn’t always better than nothing. Sometimes it’s worse.”

        – Grant Oyston

        Grant Oyston is a sociology and political science student at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada.

        Article Link: http://visiblechildren.tumblr.com/

        “The t-shirts, posters, and wristbands of awareness campaigns like Invisible Children's do not mention that death and failure often lie along the road to permanent solutions, nor that the simplest "solutions" are often the worst. (In fairness, you try fitting that on a bracelet.) Instead, they shift the goal from complicated and messy efforts at political resolution to something more palatable and less controversial: ever more awareness.

        By making it an end in and of itself, awareness stands in for, and maybe even displaces, specific solutions to these very complicated problems. Campaigns that focus on bracelets and social media absorb resources that could go toward more effective advocacy, and take up rhetorical space that could be used to develop more effective advocacy. How do we go from raising awareness about LRA violence to actually stopping it? What's the mechanism of transforming YouTube page views into a mediated political settlement? For all the excitement around awareness as an end in itself, one could be forgiven for forming the impression that there might be a "Stop Atrocity" button blanketed in dust in the basement of the White House, awaiting the moment when the tide of awareness reaches the Oval Office.”

        “The LRA is a problem worth solving, but how to do so is a complicated question with no easy answers. Americans are right to care but we need to stop kidding ourselves that spending $30 plus shipping and handling for a Kony 2012 action kit makes us part of the solution to anything.”

        – Kate Cronin-Furman and Amanda Taub

        Kate Cronin-Furman is a lawyer who is pursuing a PhD in political science at Columbia University. Amanda Taub is a lawyer who teaches international law and human rights at Fordham University.

        Article Link: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/

      • Bigger picture on

        Basically if Kony has brainwashed/tourtured these child soldiers into fighting for him when the US go in to fight/ capture Kony, they will be at war with exactly what they are allegedly trying to stop…child soldiers…seeing as he uses them to protect himself….how can military force even be an option? The west has become increasingly desperate, with no money to spend they are now looting countries for oil unfortunately Uganda was the most recent country to discover some oil reserves and these are now being targeted. When oposition rebels in the country decide to fight for a piece of the pie (as its a London based company in control of the oil discovery), no doubt they will be called the LRA/ Kony sympathisers and the world – most critically – the usually non political will be against them and the Elite will have our full blessing for all out WAR

    • Please read this::

      I'm a teen in high school and this Kony shiz is going around school like a virus. I looked at the video myself after many statuses on facebook and I knew there wasn't something right about it but I couldn't put my finger on it. I was kinda waiting for this article to be published.

      It's so annoying how gullible my friends and the people in school are, I mean people nowadays won't do their research on matters like Kony, so they follow this kony crap thinking they're making a 'change' in the world and are all like lemmings!

      Most importantly, none of them will listen to me about the VC and stuff because:



      – THEY CAN'T BE BOTHERED READING THROUGH ARTICLES LIKE THIS, INCLUDING COMPLEX WORDS THAT THEY CAN'T BE BOTHERED LOOKING UP THE MEANINGS OF. ARghhhhhhhhhh! It is so annoying that out of the 1500 people in my school, I'm the only one being vigilant here, why are they all so gullible. Whenever I bring it up they say that i'm weird and stuff like 'why are you not supporting this?', '..so you want all those children to die do you?'

      What is the world today? I'm 14, and god knows how far forward the NWO will be when I'm 30. IF MY GENERATION DOESN'T MAKE A CHANGE, WHO WILL?

      And that my friends, is why i'm going to run for prime minister when I'm older. No matter what it takes, I'm gonna do the best I can to stop all this s*** , even if it means death for me.


    • Thanks for the article, it is very informative. You are so right about Africa being plagued by the problem of child soldiers. In fact the President of Uganda, Y.K. Museveni started his liberation struggle using child soldiers to the end of his bush war. There is a documentary where he openly claims it is ok. Kony abducted juveniles to fight for him but Museveni deceived children as young as 4yrs into holding guns and terrorising communities. Mustn't he be treated just like kony?

      If you need the copy just email me.

    • Hmm KONY released stirring young folks up and then Katy Perry glorifies joining the Marines…..essentially initiating the youth to join the military to save the poor little children in another country our own gun rights in america changing at an alarming rate and the last picture there of youth in T shirts with a picture of guns and no real guns who are they going to "fight" like that TRICKERY! But Lady Gaga thinks it's cool though 😉

    • Thanks for the article. I was waiting for you to post on this brother. There is no peace in the elite at all. That's why they are scum. I knew it was not what it seemed when I saw the triangle. I have found it exciting. A lot of the kids are waking up on Facebook and Youtube. that has been amazing to watch. I have been posting for the last four days only interrupted by work. I have never felt so good in my life. The sad thing is many people steal believe lies, but I now know many people do not believe in everything they are spoon fed. How is it Jason Russell has all these powerful friends? God wins. They lose:)
      Thank you for money video:

    • Yeah, I had noticed the pyramid and the Disney feeling to the documentary. A lot of people are actually against the movement: so much so that they had to disable the comments' section on Yt.

    • Voice of Reason on

      Thanks, V.C., for another well-researched article.

      One of the most eye-opening books I've read is Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, by Charles McKay. To summarize its 768 pages: People often forget to think for themselves. Chaos ensues. Examples cited include Tulipmania, the Salem Witch Trials, and The Crusades. This whole scenario seems to be history repeating itself.

      The Apostle Paul advises us to "Walk circumspectly", in other words to observe-carefully and thoughtfully-what's going on around us.

    • Please do an article on all this bullying agenda that is being pushed right now. There is something definitely up with that and all the celebrities and politicians on that band wagon too!

      • If you've noticed, whenever there is a report of bullying or a teen getting beaten or committing suicide in the news, invariably the victim is a male homosexual. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for US teens, and since only 2-3% of the population are homosexual, the vast majority that take their own lives are heterosexual. Where are the stories then of the thousands of straight teens who are injured or die due to other factors than their sexuality?

        Why is it then that the only time we hear about a teen committing suicide is when they're homosexual? Perhaps our leaders and their presstitutes have an agenda. Either that or the lives of homosexuals must hold far greater importance than those of the majority.

        Not that I condone any form of bullying, but should the fat kid, or the nerdy kid, or the goofy looking kid, or the dimwitted kid, take a backseat to the homosexual when it comes to enduring physical or mental harm from a thug?

        I have a news report on my desk about a teenaged swarming. Six teens attacked and severely beat another teenager for no apparent reason other than they hated him. Judge Anne Wallace urged the victim's mother to have her son participate in "mediation" with his attackers. Wallace said, "this is his chance to stand up to these guys. The only way someone stops being bullied is to stop being a victim." The boy's mother said he doesn't want to attend because "he feels he'll be victimized again." The attackers in this case got off with a year's probation.

        I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that the victim wasn't homosexual. Is this not a "hate crime" or is that sentence only reserved for a select few who qualify? It's evident there's hypocrisy and two separate laws being played out in the courts. The next time I hear the media whining about another homosexual being bullied and that everyone should wear pink shirts to protest it, I'm going to direct them to this judgment and tell them that the courts have decreed that the only way someone stops being bullied is to stop being a victim. In other words, be a man!

        A 1999 study on bullying by the University of British Columbia, based on 490 students (half female, half male) in Grades 8-10 showed among other things that:

        *64% of kids had been bullied at school.

        *12% were bullied regularly (once or more a week).

        *13% bullied other students regularly (once or more a week).

        An interesting figure was that 20-50% said bullying can be a good thing (makes people tougher, is a good way to solve problems, etc.).

        Some might scoff at that implication but I believe there is some merit to it.

        I was often harassed in school and when I finally stood up to one of kids, the harassment stopped. I got the worst of it in the fisticuffs that ensued, but I think the bully respected the fact I took him on and didn't rat out on him when the cops arrived to break up the fight.

        The proof that nothing proactive is being done about bullying:

        *60% of children identified as bullies in Grades 6 to 9 have a criminal record by the time they are 24.

        *50% have two or more convictions. (University of British Columbia study)

        Read: "Bullying is Another Illuminati Psy-op" – Henry Makow Ph.D

    • Right on! Do want to say that the current peace symbol is the inverse of the proper symbol, the tree of life. When they inverted it, the ministry of defence effectively knew exactly what it meant, peace means war when it points down.

    • Essential Truth on

      This opinion from the KONY 2012 documentary that the Government of Uganda lacks the resources and the ability to eliminate Joseph KONY and his militia the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), is quite frankly a flat out lie if you take a look at the facts.

      Current the Government of Uganda is fighting terrorism, and I'm not talking about the terror the LRA and KONY maybe instilling on Ugandans. NO. Since 2007 the Government of Uganda has been fighting in the US led – so called – War On Terrorism in Southern Somalia. So instead of dealing with national security problems (KONY & LRA) the Foreign Minster of Uganda in 2006 signed an agreement with, at the time, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in which THOUSANDS of Ugandan troops have been deployed to invade Somalia to fight "Islamic Militants". In fact Uganda has the largest force in the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with 10,000 troops and growing. The president of Uganda has even expressed his willingness to double this number to 20,000 troops!


      A logical person would wonder …Why would a government send troops outside its country when there's an active war going on in its borders?? Looking at the financial gains for the Ugandan government to keep a force in Somalia, it wouldn't be too far fetched to say the Ugandan Government is using its own Military as a mercenary group in exchange for $$$ instead of addressing national issues. On top of the Millions of dollars the UN, USA, & the EU Parliament have agreed to pay the Ugandan government ..a 45$ Million dollar Military aid package from the American Government, which includes high tech weapons systems and armed drones, were transferred to the Ugandan Army to fight the rebel group in Somalia.


      Why hasn't the UN, USA & EU funded a force to #STOPKONY and his "Christian Terrorist" group who have allegedly been terrorizing children in Uganda for 25+ years ?? I mean isn't that what the War on Terror is all about .. to fight terrorism right? or is it just "Islamic Terrorists"?? I think this highlights the hypocrisy and the concentrated war on Muslims who dare oppose US-Israeli hegemony and the New World Order.

      • "War on Terrorism"

        No no no no no no!

        This term was the invention of George W. Bush's marketing team. This term has no basis in fact nor in law. Why do you use this term? Because you are programmed to, by the media and the government. This term is exactly what VC warns us against. Stop using it.

        Occupy Language! We must use our own words, our own language. Own Language!

        The insanity that we are ALL trapped in is the DAFT war, the Defense against Future Terrorism war. It was started by Public Law 107-40. Are you familiar with this law?

        It is the ultimate stealth war law.

        This insane and DAFT war is not meant to be won, but to continue without end. After 10 years, I say that it is continuing as planned – in fact, it is expanding. It is now being used to control Africa, just as it is being used to control the Middle East.

        TPTB (the powers that be) use the 'threat of future terrorism' to cower the American people and to justify American military intervention anywhere there are yummy resources to steal (Uganda and especially its neighbor The Dem. Rep. of the Congo have lots and lots of yummy resources for the elite – have you heard of coltan?).

        Stop using the term that was concocted in order to make their aggression seem reasonable and necessary. Stop repeating the words of our oppressors.

        America is trapped in insanity, by law. That law started the DAFT war.

        I ask you to use our term and not theirs. Otherwise, it will only get worse.

    • Essential Truth on

      @locust …I hear you and i share your concern, but understand that I only used the phrase "War on Terror" to point out the hypocrisy which most people might not be aware of. The fact Uganda ended its war in 2006 with Joseph KONY to prepare for the US led "War on Terror" in Somalia pretty much sums up this KONY2012 story.

      The truth is, this is a *War on Islam* not a war for resources.

      Of course they love to control the Wealth of nations but its more than just that, its a spiritual war. THe Zionists in control of America want to eradicate their biggest resistance which are Muslims who by faith oppose their World Order. On one hand you have leaders of Islamic States who support the New World ORder because they will benefit all the luxuries of obeying their masters, and on the other hand you have the grassroots resistance to these despot puppet governments, who the mass media portrays as the bad guys "the Al Qaeda Militants". You'll never hear the story of 'Ali' in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq or Somalia who's mothers house was blown to bits by a US drone strike as he was getting milk from the corner store and later decides to rise up and fight the invader and his government which is it support of these crimes. However the racist crimes of Israel on Palestinians is clear for the world to see… & the same people who are behind these crimes against humanity are of course the same people in control US/Britain and the UN!! #STOPZIONISM

  1. Miss Lambert on

    It's a shame how many people "jump on the bandwagon" before finding out what they are really supporting. Even visitors to this site should do their own research, don't just take it as it's given. This article is so necessary but unfortunately, it probably won't be read by those who realy need to read it.

    • Very true statement. The world needs more free-thinking individuals. People don't even realise how few people control what info we are allowed to know. When I see a Facebook post discussing this, I am quick to point out the blatant war propaganda (you're sending in a military to keep peace with guns? Ironic.) and that it's ridiculous to pinpoint one warlord in a sea of warlords.

  2. I can't believe all of their merchandise is sold out…

    People will buy their own turds if either A. a celebrity endorses it Or B. they can given themselves a self righteous pat on the back without doing a THING.

    I am looking forward to reading how VC is sooo evil! and mean! and how dare he not care about children! Cause that's the whole thing right? If you are not "with it" you're most definitely against the apparent "goal" of this hipster campaign, RIGHT? OK.

    Or is everyone now going to believe it since VC is saying it and i guess he/she has become some kind of internet celeb.??

    • LOL I love it! People with buy their own turds!!! ;P

      Sadly it's true. :( People blindly follow celebrities, and the Elite know this. :( I used to be follow celebrities, but I never bought anything they endorsed, and since having my eyes opened over the last 3 years, I have stopped watching most movies and listening to popular music, more people are becoming aware, I just hope, as you said, since VC, in a way, is a bit of an internet celebrity, people wont just don't take what he says as word, but they do their own research, as he always tells people to do. :)

  3. i really thought something was weird with this video.

    there was alot of symbolism.

    thank you VC for publishing an article about it.

    p.s: i know i am being off the topic, but guys there's a music video called ''hurricane'' by the american rock band 30 seconds to mars. there is alot of heavy symbolism. can someone please elaborate it to me? i am really curious about it.

    this is the link for its censored version. thanks again.

    • Casual Observer on

      1. Beginning of the video entitled "Birth". They flash lightening. Meant to symbolize Lucifer falling like lightening from Heaven. (Luke 10:18) So the word "Birth" is meant to be connecting with this lightening we see at the beginning.

      2. A circular clock looking thing that seems to spell out the word "Anathema" but without the "e". The word "anathema" means something that is ECCLESIASTICALLY cursed. (Meaning cursed by the Church.

      3. We see a woman sitting at a table with eyes, ears and mouth covered. An allusion to hear no evil, speak no evil. The woman is bound. Helpless. No will of her own. She is a slave. This can be further ascertained by the fact that she appears do be a BDSM submissive.

      4. Lightening hitting the American flag. The power of Satan coming upon the United States.

      5. Man shown underground walking and then a shot of the Statue of Liberty. This shows that while behind/below scenes there is activity, what the masses see is "freedom".

      6.Shows a tower lit with the colors blue and red. In the Illuminati color scheme (yeah, scheme is a great word for it) the red represents witches and witchcraft and the blue represents clones who are willing to hurt themselves and sacrifice themselves for the ultimate goal. These colors ALSO represent the secret government lists that citizens are on. The blue and red lists are said to be filled with citizens knowledgeable and fighting against the NWO agenda.

      7.Shot of Jared Leto in bed and then a white rat. Symbolizing his helplessness and experimentation. (Note, when scientists want to know how something is going to affect the white population, they use white lab rats. This is because of recessive genetics. Testing done on the rest of the population uses pigmented rats.)

      8. Quick flash of a NUN dressed in BDSM gear. Nice subliminal messaging there.

      9.Jared is shown wearing a Pyramid on a necklace. Symbolizing who his allegiance is to and who his owners/handlers are.

      10. He looks perplexed as he finds photos outside of his room door of him. Then a flashback of more BDSM play. He looks as if he does not remember his actions. This is part of MK Ultra fragmenting.

      11. The lab rat is shown trying to hide. But there is no where to hide. He is in a cage.

      12. Faceless man comes towards him holding a sledgehammer. Indicative of a handler/programmer intent on smashing his core personality. Core personality of Jared is trying not get away, but he is not strong enough. The man gets into the room. The man gets into Jared's head.

      13. Show's Jared leaping to his death to get away. Death is sometimes the only way a MK Ultra slave is allowed to have peace. Note the U.S. flag as he is falling down. Telling the viewer who is looking on symbolically.

      14. Jared lands on his feet. Meaning he is not dead as he wished to be, but forced into another compartment of his mind. Notice he falls in between the lines. He falls in line so to speak. We know this because the faceless man/Handler/programmer is there to meet him at the bottom.

      15. BDSM clad people coming from the subway. From below. The subconscious. His subconscious is coming to the surface. His deviancy is making itself known. Note that the entrance is "Chambers Street". The fragmented mind has various chambers known only to the handler/programmer.

      16. The handler/programmer is seen bullying a woman dressed in rabbit ears. The rabbit symbolizes fertility and timidity.

      17. The figure from the beginning of the video is shown "rescuing" the rabbit/girl. However, he is just another controller/handler/programmer to which the rabbit/girl must submit to.

      18. Shown kissing the rabbit/girl after which a key with a RED (again that color) ribbon attached to it is extracted from his mouth. The key symbolizes that the power of sex over the slave has been given to him. He puts on the key symbolizing his new ownership of the slave.

      19. Chapter 2 begins with the word "Life". The colors red and blue are AGAIN shown around a crashed motorcycle. It may say life, but it speaks of death. Doublethink at work. It also speaks of a loss of control.

      20. The woman on the ground in front of the crashed motorcycle represents a handler tricking him into letting his guard down, however, the woman then stabs him symbolizing betrayal. She is wearing the key with the red ribbon attached signifying her status as a handler.

      21. The motorcycle driver is shown throwing off the knife and taking on the ribbon and key. The slave has now become a MASTER.

      22. Next shown are a priest and a rabbi around a fire with what looks to be a representative of the Middle East. They are burning their own holy books TOGETHER symbolizing how they are in on the destruction of the old religions together. Then it is reversed to make it seem like NEW holy books are coming out of the fire. This symbolizes where these new beliefs are coming from. (Straight from Hell)

      23. Jared is seen coming upon an ominous LOCKED Black door. Behind this door is the truth of what and who he is, but he does not have access to it. Only the handlers possessing the symbolic key have access to the "truth".

      24. Jared finds the key underneath the door, but does not go directly through. He is not ready to see the truth.

      25. Jared comes across what looks to be soldiers coffins draped in the U.S. flag. Behind him masked man/alter/programmer comes up behind him and knocks him out with a sledgehammer into one of the coffins. This is showing us that Jared is being used by those in control of the U.S. and that these people will ultimately send him to his death. A casualty in the war of the masses against the elite.

      26. The nail in the coffin. Telling us that Jared's fate is sealed.

      27. Twins are shown guarding a door. This is symbolic of double speak and double think.

      28. Silver dildo is shown. This is symbolic of the sex magic/rituals used by the elite. That is why it is on a SILVER platter. Silver is also the color used by the Illuminati to symbolize who is a high level alter.

      29. Coming up from the depth are the "light bearers" (Another name for Lucifer) wearing death upon them. They come as death in the name of their Lord Lucifer. That is why they are shown holding torches in the darkness. The "Illuminated" ones.

      30. The alter/motorcycle rider comes upon the woman who betrayed him, but also gave him the key to his freedom. Her eyes are blackened out symbolizing her darkness and lack of soul. They kiss AND are shown clasping hands in the Masonic way of greeting. This shows a new relationship/agreement between them. Sealed with a kiss and a ritualistic hand shake.

      31. The motorcycle rider is shown with a pyramid tattooed behind his hear. Symbolizing who his mind belongs to. He now thinks he's "in" with the in crowd. But it was just a trick. He is now locked in.

      32. Out of the darkness, while the alter is trapped comes many more handlers. One dressed in a rabbit mask, the other in some kid of bird mask. Both of these animals masks are used in the occult rituals of the elite. Eyes Wide Shut showed us the same masks.

      33. The motorcycle alter is shown using the key the deceitful woman gave him to unlock himself and fight with the programmers/handlers. He is shown "defeating" them while the deceitful woman looks at the mess she has made and runs away. He followers her into the darkness. This symbolizes his intent to go down the same dark path as she.

      34. Jared is then shown in the coffin. STILL wearing the symbol of the pyramid. He can't get out of it. He's in too deep. He still tries. He unlocks the "door" to the coffin…just to end up in another compartment of his mind. This time he is sick..more mentally unsound. This is symbolized by the handicap sign on the ground.

      35. The words "Beautiful Disaster" is shown. This alludes to the elites way of dualistic thinking.

      36. The alter in Black is shown stumbling across a box. This box is locked but he opens it with the key given to him by the elite. He is privy to some secrets now.( These alters are ALL Jared's different personalities. They are the different faces that his compartmentalized mind has.)

      37. The alter is shown looking at a scroll then flashes two naked twins and then the letter "A". The letter A could stand for anything from Alchemy to Antoine LeVay. It is shown briefly. Standing for what is at the heart of the matter.

      38.The twins are wearing nothing but black and white colored thigh highs. More dualism. I guess the checkerboard is becoming cliche.

      39. Chapter 3 starts and it is titled Death. He comes down an alley and comes across three children. Two male and one female. The children represent truth and innocence. The truth is literally written on the walls. Pyramids, sun worship, death, Mars (The god of War) and all other manner of symbols.

      40. The children run away from him. He is running from the truth about himself.

      41. Shows Jared's skin tattooed with the above mentioned symbols. They and their meaning are now part of him. He is literally a "marked" man.

      42. More deviant/ritual sex shown. Quick flash of a person dressed in latex Satanic horns. Once again they are hinting at where and WHO this is all coming from.

      43. Jared/his alter is now with the "in crowd". He gets to go to their parties. He is now one of the "cool kids".

      44. Flashes a impregnated Satan/Lucifer like being. It is about to give birth to more monstrosity.

      45. The motorcycle alter is now seen in control of the deceitful woman. He now has control.

      46. The twins are shown again, this time walking towards each other. A collusion is in the works.

      47. The video then shows an androgynous figure. Satan is often pictured as a being having both male and female attributes.

      48. Jared meets the masked sledgehammer programmer/handler. This time he is "clothed" in the symbols of the elite. He now has the weapons to fight, so to speak.

      50. Quick flash or a monarch butterfly. Those familiar with this site already know the great significance placed on the monarch. It is used to identify those who are controlled monarchs.

      51. He is now IN. And it only cost him his soul.

      So anyways, I'd never watched this video before (I stay away from television because I don't like the idea of being put into a trance like state and having images drilled into my subconscious) but I watched it for you and decoded it the best I could. I am by no means an expert, however, I am adept at finding their nasty little symbolism and decoding it. I also wanted to add that "they" are getting more bold and more blatant about their intents and purposes. Jared Leto is a pawn who only thinks he is in the know. I pray he wakes up before it's too late. The only thing that can protect you from this kind of darkness is God/YHWH. The really ironic part about it is that "they" keep religion from slaves or tell them propaganda about it. So should they wish to leave, they very rarely turn to the one thing that could help them escape. I hope this helped you a bit.

      • Casual Observer on

        Oh, and I think the lyrics are pretty self explanatory. That's why I didn't break them down. This is some real sick stuff they are pushing. This is a very very dark agenda.

      • Truth Teller on

        @ Casual Observer:

        Awesome breakdown of this video. People need more literal itemization of images to truly see what the “artists” these days are selling them. This video was banned and rightfully so; unfortunately forbidden things become more tantalizing to the masses. The disturbing thing is that this monstrosity of a video dedicated to the trauma and abuse of MK Ultra Sex Slaves was directed by Jared Leto himself, or rather his alter ego Bartholomew Cubbins. As someone who has listened to 30 Seconds to Mars since they came out, I have always known that they are out there; fully in the mix with the agenda hardcore (the band name says it all, and if any of you think it is all just a coincidence check it out yourself). The videos and songs all have significant meaning and symbolism. It pisses me off to no end. Being a music fan just doesn’t work for me much these days. Watching these “artists” waste true talent on this crap sickens me.

      • Casual Observer on

        Thank you Truth Teller. I also wanted to tell everyone that I broke down the UNcensored version so if you read my commentary while watching the CENSORED version you might not see some stuff or be a bit loss as to where you are in reference to the point list.

        There are extremely talented people out there. They achieve a mild modicum of success, hell, they even achieve some measure of superstardom. However, when you wonder why some people seem to do well while other more talented people don't and fade into the background it is because of "networking". It's a dark network and many stars have spoken about it, though not in any great quantity. There are people so eager for fame and money, they will gladly sell not only their souls, but the souls and bodies of those they claim to love. Even family members. I'm not going to lie. I like the music in this video, however, because I am aware of what is going on, I can't consciously ignore it. You are so correct. What a waste of talent.

      • thank you, thank you @casual observer for your immense help, and sorry for the late reply! :)

  4. I've been waiting for this article for so long… When I watched the video I knew something fishy is going on. Thanks VC!

  5. after OSAMA, now KONY… another Boogeyman "Icon" for the people to be afraid. They even want us to promote KONY and to make it famous. The last time the mainstream media made OSAMA the famous evil icon and now they want us through the social media to make KONY famous. Another same old propaganda for the ignorance to support. Using lame celebs and pro war politicians. Took them $350k for this shitty propaganda video.

  6. VC, what a breath of fresh air this article is! When Lady Gaga and the likes (whose videos are all about death, chaos and destruction) suddenly pose as compassionate and caring and I am made to appear as the hateful one for not agreeing with this KONY 2012, I lost much hope in my circle of friends (including some of my Christians friends). Thank you once again for coming through for us – the minority. "Wide is the gate that leads to destruction, but narrow the gate which leads to life."

  7. THANK YOU!!! I was literally JUST about to post about this Krap! What really turned me off aabout the whole thing was all of the backing & support top celebs were giving this video. They never care unless somehow they are getting paid. Thanx for shedding the much needed light on this viral virus!!!

  8. strawberry123 on

    I'm slightly confused, what am I supposed to think of this?

    Am I going to join in on raising awareness for this campaign or am I going to think it's just a way for the elite to control us and it's just a reason to start a war with Uganda.

    I had a whole day where the school was educating us about child soldiers, it's funny really, no one gave a crap about it then, just a few "Oh, that's awful", and as soon as it went viral all my Facebook friends where making a HUGE fuss over it.

  9. I KNEW it. at first i believe this kony thing, i kind of still do. its the pyramid bit that got me. i stared to get suspicious of this whole thing. also, WHY IS IT COMING OUT NOW? when this has been happening for years? I also heard, that the footage that dude who made the documentary was like 6 YEARS OLD. why is he doing this now?

    This smells like some seriously bull to me. Sorry, i sort of support getting this guy. just not like this.

    • I just posted it to facebook and it worked. I also posted the article on a couple of friends pages. I asked them to tell me what they think as they have been really into the stop kony bandwagon for the last few days!

  10. when I watched this video it only had a little over 300,000 hits. I knew there was something wrong with this video when it started w that statement. people want to belong to something so bad but look beyond the problems in their immediate communities. How can people think making Kony famous world wide will flush him out of the jungles of africa if thts isn't where we are looking? Oh wait maybe the people w the ID brcelets are going to be drfted to be sent into the jungle to look for Kony?!

  11. I JUST talked about this with my mom and my sister last night. Not only is this movement going to establish US forces in Uganda, but it will also show full force the power that social media has to bring people together and organize at an alarming rate, thus resulting in them taking it from us. Unless it is for the benefit of themselves, they don't want us to be equipped with that type of power. I wouldn't be AT ALL surprised if the actions that take place spawn something drastic that the government will THEN blame on this movement, to strip us of our ease of contact with one another. That of course being what THEY had in mind alllllllllllll along. Brace yourselves.

  12. God's Soldier on

    Figured it had something to do with NWO. I can't believe that video made me shed a tear. Well, I did cry for the children in africa, but using them in order to gain sympathy? SICK. The land of the free? Naw. Home of the slaves. I won't buy ANY of Kony's crap. That's a promise. And It's hard to take Joe Kony Seriously with that name. Makes me think of Coney Island food. -__-

    • JOE KONY ~~~ Would that be Joke On you? A bit like the registrar for Obama'S birth U. K. L. LEE > You could play him too . Ukelele I would be hard to make this stuff up!

    • bluewarriorsheart on

      "I can't believe that video made me shed a tear"

      But you realized you did by being emotionally manipulated and by realizing this, you start to understand how emotional content (due to the fact we are being hold in a constant condition of emotional instabillity and immaturity) is used to overwrite your abillity to observe what surrounds you with true logic, common sense and – let me say – stable emotional clearvoyance & responsibillity..

  13. I thought something felt fishy about this when it went viral with 8 million views in a matter of 2 days. I have yet not watched the video, but after reading this brilliant synopsis, I'm intrigued to see the symbolism. Much <3 for VC.

  14. I was waiting for this!! I actually Emailed VC with some info I had and I'm so happy to say I'm officially awake!! I didn't fall for this BS!!!

    I saw the 30 min Kony 2012 video and even though I felt bad my brain was working and deciphering the plan! Right away I started to look out for African news about Uganda and the minerals they have over there, when to my surprise (NOT) I found news about billions of dollars in barrels of Oil and how the USA is recruiting investors so they can open a refinery.

    I knew this was BS since the beginning and I thank VC because I woke up because of this site.

    I now see the world a different way and I will not jump into a bandwagon just because a bunch of people are posting a video on FB. It's ridiculous how people are so easily convinced to do thing without even questioning their means!

    It makes me happy to see I'm not a sheep but makes me soo sad to see so many people still are…

    • Linda-

      Can you please send me links to the research you have done? I believe VC, but would love to be able to back up my theories. Thanks so much :)

    • Yeah it's weird how the information highway is more like a narrow footpath,i mean has it crossed all those 37 million viewers mind to actually look up uganda,i did and immediately discovered kony fled uganda in 1995/6 and may infact be dead.

  15. This is Iraq part II. Kony aka Oil. "KAMPALA Uganda (Dow Jones)–UK-based Tullow Oil PLC (TLW.LN) has invested at least $1 billion in the exploration of oil and gas in Uganda, leading to the discovery of over a billion barrels of recoverable oil reserves, with an estimated 1.5 billion barrels expected to be found…" Source: The Wall Street Journal, 28 Feb 2012.

  16. I've been waiting for you to post an article about this, I had a feeling you would. You're very spot-on about it, great job.

  17. While you cut down this video I'd like you to think about it in a different light.

    What about the message that knowledge and sharing of ideas CAN make a difference.

    Isn't that important? Isn't it important that this Criminal of Humanity is on the run due to people being informed and wanting something done about it.

    Bringing criminals of humanity to justice should be a main goal of our world leaders but instead the invite them to meetings! Remember the video of Obama begrudgingly shaking hands with Gadafi?

  18. I knew it! I'm glad that my thoughts were spot on. As soon as I saw that video, I knew something was fishy and inconsistent. Thanks for confirming my views on this Mass media manipulation project. Now, if we could wake up the sheep from their slumber.

  19. Kony is a offspring of the other revelotions being hijacked all over the middle east. Do you truely believe that the Libyan reveloution was about Qaddafi alone. Why was he murdered so fast and it is in not difficult to search for photos of him with all the european leaders sucking up to him and Italian prime minister (banga banga king) kissing his hand. Keeping him alive was too risky for he has a lot to say about his old Nato pals. No one really talks much about libya but those who follow sees that it is a Lawless somalia in the making. Pretty conveniant to creat such a place to keep its neighbours Tunisa and Egypt in check incase they divert from the old friendship with israel that they worked hard to establish. The oil was a factor but I see they have setup a rebel training camps to keep egypt and tunisa busy at their borders, and you will find articles about algeria, egypt, and tunisia complaining that weapons and personnel are sneaking in to help establish a taliban style rebellion.

    Which takes us to Syria a pure media, youtube, and facebook revelotion. Just search youtube and you will find how many videos depicting regime attacks were in reality orchestrated movies. It is way more than you hear or see on TV. The key word again and again is Israel. Syria has help any form of resistance against the state of Zion and now it is a kep opportunity to destroy it under the a fake revelutionary banner. Those so called rebels like the lybians has forgoed of their national flag and reverted to using the same flags used under the colonization times. It is information overload with emotional overdrive at its best. Now is the time to really question everything to smallest knob. As am writing these words the Israelis are taking their sweet time killing palestinians in gaza and no a peep from the international community. Why dont they call for the arming of palestinians like hey are doing for the syrian rebells. Hypocracy at warp speed.

    • you are missing the point HAZ – I don't know what religion you are and how should I talk to you about it, but I will make simple, so please read till the end: USA orchestrated revolution in the Middle East. This has only one thing to do with Israel- Baracks people don't like it (check for the news about him and Sarkozy talking about Natanyahu on one of the conferences- leaked accidentally; Israel is further and further from the USA thanks to its actions- first time since it was established it doesn't share stuff with USA- is said that it will give US 12 hours before attacking Iran- clear sign of bad relations). Why do I talk about it you might ask yourself….There is a video which was, ironically released by the new Libyan government or someone form the rebels who did put their hands on important files- in the video you can hear a conversation between Omar Suleiman (ex Egyptian head of Intelligence) and Gaddafi- the first one warns the other one that USA is trying to make a revolution in the Middle East using Muslim Brotherhood and is planing to give them power. He also says that KSA is involved in it and that they (Libya and Egypt) should be alarmed. (this is the video that I am talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF26gypBmaI&fe

      Accordingly to you this revolution in the Middle East should be good to Israel- it is not. If it was, Israel would have attacked Iran during the time when all the countries in the region were shaken by the revolution. Now Egyptian government with majority of Salafis (ultra-conservative Muslim) and Muslim Brotherhood has established that Israel is enemy number one to the country. If the same will happen in Syria- Muslim Brotherhood will take the power from Assad, Israel is very likely to be attacked.

      The only crazy scenario that would possibly make your theory true is this: Israelis already have red heifer (which I truly doubt), Mahdi is ready to come (this is connected to Iran- Ahmedinejad believes it to be true, but Supreme Leader does not), Mahdi was already born (this connects to Sunni Muslim) and all of them (Israel+Muslim countries) believe that this is the time before the end of the times. What should happen then? Accordingly to belief of both religion Israel will have a last war- it will win it without any help form other countries and it will be attacked form the North (Russia) and by Muslim countries. It will gain power and hegemony for a "day that will be like a week".(this is where the part that both of them believe ends; now I will continue with Muslim beliefs only) Then Mahdi will come, will lead Muslims and they will kill all Israelis paddling up to their knees in their blood and this will start The End of The Day. – how it fits with your scenario- Israel is stupid enough to allow USA to do all this mess because it knows that USA will abandon them in war which they will definitely win- doesn't make a lot of sense does it?So please stop telling things that you do without educating yourself more on the subject that you are trying to raise.

      • If I interpreted what you're trying to say about the Muslims beliefs correctly,we were not taught to belief that bombing ourselves randomly and killing innocent people is right,dude.thats what the extremists do,and I don't think they are in the correct path themselves(wallahualam;only God knows)

    • And just one more thing – before you will start crying and repeating this media propaganda that they want you to repeat about Palestine and Israel conflict learn history- and start it form the end of IWW when Jewish and Palestinians agreed to divide the land between themselves. Then learn about the raise of nationalism and fascism and about al-Husayni mufti of Jerusalem who was working for Hitler and how he changed the way Palestinians approached Jewish. Then learn about all the peace conferences, especially the one when prince of KSA said to Arafat that if he doesn't accept the peace now it will not be a tragedy but a crime. There were many mistakes made by both sides, but the hate that al-Husayni rooted in Palestinians is just too great for them to see anything else and it is reinforced every day with propaganda, with teaching kids in kindergarten that it is good to die for Allah, to blow up themselves, to fight against Jewish because they are sons of pigs and monkeys (repeating after Quran). al-Husayni started it all, if not him and his hate there would be no conflict now.

      • Your last post clearly shows that you are some sort of Memri correspondent here. Really the Palestinians agreed to the split, where are your sources. Throughout history the palestians were weary about the immigrant jews, clashes took place if a table was set beside the wailing wall. You make it seem that the idea of sharing the land came from the talks between jews and palestinians, but not through zionist and western talks, just search for the Belofour letter on Palestine, it was addressed to a rothchild the true backer of hertzel and zionism. So according to you Israelis were filling boats with flowers (not guns) to the Palestinians but it was not till Al-Hysaini things changed. How dumb you think we are, really. Your reasoning is so weak and truely undermines the Palestinian struggle. So the idea of the state of Zion was to be established on good relations with the Palestinians. Your true colors are shown when you equate the so called mistakes on both sides. Go play somewhere else and people who come here are fully aware of the propaganda out there and this simplification of a apartheid style struggle while everyone one knows that Zion (a.k.a Israel) is at the heart of NWO agenda is clearly the post of either ignorance or an agent. Clearly you have not heard obama sucking Israelis off in AIPAC and all the other presidential candidates, and you want us to believe here is a rift between the US and Israel.

      • Now HAZ I know where u are coming form… There would be NWO propaganda if everyone (meaning the big media) would be focusing on how poor the Israelis are, but they are focusing on Palestinians instead so what NWO propaganda and for whom is it? I see a logical fail in your thinking…

        Obama- he is currently kissing hands of KSA not Israel, going hand-in-hand with Qatar (a country that tries to spoil other governments with their oil and money) but you seem not to notice that.

        And where in all this troubles of Palestinians is the united Arab world- they never helped them…So why their own people, the brothers in faith have turned back on them? Is it also NWO propaganda?

        And Palestinians are in a such a bad situation…everything is so bad for them….so bad that they have almost destroyed Lebanon (but accordingly to you nothing happened in there, it's all NWO propaganda- just tell me, why no-one nowadays mentions what mess they did in that country? It would he very helpful for pro-Israeli propaganda of NWO that you say it is in there, but there is no mention of what they did in Lebanon…the world is silent. Instead of talking about it, remembering it, we have constant mentioning about Palestinian struggle…)It makes me sick, honestly. And it even makes me sick more, when people like you blame NWO and talk about pro-Israeli propaganda.

        And yes, before al- Husseini there was less hate. With him in power we can see raise of radical Islam and its radical approach to Christians and Jews. But you don't want to see it….He was so disturbing for inter-faith relations that Nasser even kicked him out of Egypt…But for Palestinians he was a fighter…a fighter for freedom who wanted to do the same to Jews in the Middle East that Hitler did in Europe.

        To you, I can be a Memri correspondent if you wish, I don't need you to imagine me in any different way….One is sure – I don't give in to propaganda- any of it, opposite to you. I gather facts form different sources, analyse and then talk, you on the other hand read only what is compatible with your world view. So, go on, repeat what they tell you…I will stay where I am…

  20. I havent seen the video yet, but i heard about it in a very important radio station in my country (Colombia)… But when i heard that it was about making that Kony's figure famous, in order to demand that the U.S ARMY (!!) get "him", and that celebrities as Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga were supporting that… i knew that there was something suspicious here… Now, the video starts with "This is an experiment…", totally true, and the masses are the "guinea pigs"here. If this thing works (and its working), this will be the new way to control masses and do everything they want… by making people feel heroes, making them feel important…

    I'll see the video when i have the time… in the mean time, thanks VC, thanks to you many people keeps their eyes open.

    (Sorry for my bad english… is not my native language)

  21. I understand that the way in which they are going about the Kony issue is wrong but is the point not to rid the world of Kony? Once the issue is sorted and once all his victims are safe and he is killed or imprisoned then one can focus on the conspiracy theories. I am not disagreeing woth the article I'm simply saying that one should prioritize. Whatever the means that the people used to make public what Kony did is not the issue, the issue is first solving the actual problem and then speculating the extras.

    • Hello Dee,

      Let us assume our military enters into Uganda and we are able to capture Kony. Then what??? He has an 'army'. Do you think the soldiers of that army are going to peacifully disband and go home to their farms or businesses??? No, there are suboridants to Kony who will try and seize some power of their own. In the end, we will be worse off than we were when we started.

      In the overwhelming cry for action – where are the voices of wisdom??? When a nation militarily intervenes in another nation's affairs, it needs to be carefully deliberated. This takes wisdom and understanding to make a proper judgement. Wisdom is the most important trait a person can have. But when a mob is rushing to judgement, wisdom is never close by. This sounds like a disaster in the making for both the U.S. and Uganda.

      How can so many people belittle this effort on FALSE charges of financial misdeeds and a ridiculous statements like “I’d find something better to do with the money”. Yeah, right – spend it on yourself. How is it bad to (as promised) use the funds they’ve raised to make a wildly successful campaign to get their goal accomplished (imprisoning Kony – not a war in Africa or military strikes in Uganda or whatever this article is implying). Seems like a worthy cause. If they hadn’t made the film / campaign, none of us would even be considering this issue …or any of the other injustices that are happening right now in Africa. Is that money poorly spent? Is that a wrong agenda? Seeing one visible and obviously malevolent personality like Kony go on trial can only help to ensure that the next generation’s “Kony” will not get away with it. Sounds like a good start.

    • The USA only "gets rid" of tyrants when there is money to be made, or political power to be gained. The US does not "get rid" of Cesar Chavez, or of the dozens of other tyrants in south America or Africa. Only the ones that have match their agenda get "dealt with."

  22. Anyone who is a threat to the US govt they will invade. Does this country has valuable natural resources?? USA is a BULLY!!

  23. I felt uneasy and a little sick when I watched the Kony 2012 video, and couldn't believe when people started taking it at face value.

    I also can't believe the amount of otherwise quite intelligent 'celebrities' who are jumping behind this thing – truly embarrassing and absolutely scary.

    Thanks for your thoughtful and all-encompassing analysis.

  24. One of the more brilliant, concise articles I've read on this site, which is saying something since all the content here is top-notch. Keep up the good work, and the fight for knowledge

  25. I already knew that a topic about KONY 2012 will gaze in one of these pages.

    Like your article mentioned, the first exact thing I've notice is that the video says "this is an experiment". So this video is experimenting on us if we would bite into their 'agenda'. I really hate to play the part of the guinea pig ever. The agenda is is very much straight to the point, I bluntly called KONY 2012 "Brute Force Propaganda".

    And also using a child on a video to show or 'educate' who the big bad was? That was horrible. If you can put in a picture of any person in place of Joseph Kony's, what response can you get? That person can now be a bad guy? Cheap tricks.

    The mind setting shown in this video was so blunt, it can be also labeled us "How to Manipulate the Kids of this Generation for Dummies".

    Not to mention I'm hearing about rumors of oil deposits in Uganda.

  26. 'Then, the turning point: Joseph Kony is the cause of all of this. Not centuries of exploitation and devastation by Western forces in Africa that lead to chaos, lawlessness and poverty.'

    Well said, Citizen. It's never enough fot them, in this world only power and money matters. The saddest thing is that most of the young people simply don't care ant don't wanna know the background of the things…

    • Spot on ! We are on the same wavelength and I bet 100 over 100 that you read voltairenet.org will be happy to chat you with over starfishwhite@skype

  27. Excellent article VC.

    Anyone else notice how widespread exposure and deconstruction of these 'manufactured constructs' is now occurring with just a 24 to 48 hour time lag?

    Alternative viewpoints and challenging official history / propaganda used to take decades, or even centuries.

    Soon it will happen in real time. The information singularity!!!

    What amazing times we all live in.

    Here's a Ugandan's very level headed perspective on this

    Kony 2012 Video is Misleading

  28. http://www.metro.co.uk/news/892602-kony-2012-vide… when this article was first published in the UK last week the print (hard) copy included stats of the satellite and tracking devices being deployed across Africa for the supposed 'purpose' of catching ph(k)ony. It's scary was the West has been allowed to do across the Middle East/ African continent in very recent years all in the name of 'peace' and delivering others from violent regimes. Wake up people – your governments have blood on their hands. They creat the problems and provide the solutions to meet their sordid aims. God help us; save us from ourselves.

  29. I saw a Youtube video where a girl from Uganda says that Koni has died several years ago and that his movement happened 20 years ago. This really reeked of illuminati to me when I first saw it…flashes of triangles, etc…very Big Brother to me…Also did research on the artist Fairey…people need to wake up

  30. I suspected this was a social experiment perpetrated the the powers that be to see how ready the masses are to rally around an issue (pause the Kony2012 video at 1:41 and you'll unmistakably see the all-seeing-eye pyramid)…to see how far they would go to ultimately demanding military action in a African country. People like Kony, exploiting children, have been around for many years in Africa. Rwanda (1994), Sierra Leone (1991-2002), and Darfur (2003-Current) child soldiers and genocides anyone? The only thing that makes it different now is that social media/networking has been frighteningly successful in pervading the lives of the majority of people on this globalized/connected world. Now the elite know how successful they can be twisting the emotions of the masses. This was just a test, if only we knew what is coming down the pipeline. . .

  31. This comment may not be directly in response to this article, in particular, but I feel it is appropriate nonetheless.

    Today is actually the first day I have heard about KONY 2012, simply because I do not watch any news channels, I don't have cable and I decided to leave the Facebook world in October, 2011. I was starting to get an icky feeling about it all. Every time my friends and I went anywhere, a member of the group would want to "check us in." I was uncomfortable with that and asked to be left out. If I wanted anyone knowing where I was, I would tell them. I remember hearing about Timeline on Facebook and decided to get off of there completely before that was required.

    Now, I spend more time with humans and my phone doesn't have to be charged during the day. I hear from people who I haven't seen in a while and they will say, "Where have you been? You haven't been around in months." My response is always, "I've been in the same spot, you've just got to get off the computer to see me."

    I do think that some people just want to support a "movement" just to be a part of something. I noticed when the Occupy Wall Street movement started, there were some people sleeping in the park downtown. They had tubs and bags everywhere (not sure what was in there). Eventually, the City of Jackson (Mississippi) forbade them from sleeping in the park. It was making people uncomfortable and it looked like garbage all over the park. But, when interviewed, some of the people didn't really know what they were supporting or why they were "occupying." If you don't get the cause, don't be a part of it. And definitely don't drink the punch!

    On another random side note, my coworker and I have been talking recently about Disney (she and her daughter just returned from Disney World). We got on the topic of Disney shows and how the parents/adults are portrayed as idiots and the kids just roll their eyes at things the adults say. The kids are disrespectful to the parents on these shows or there are no adults present and children are "dealing" with issues they normally wouldn't if an adult/parent was around.

    With that being said, I have noticed that her daughter's attitude towards her is very disrespectful. She gets away with 50 times more things than I did when I was her age. I am wondering if the fact that she watches Disney (from the moment she gets home in the afternoon to bedtime) is playing a part in it. I am not blaming it solely on television, I know there needs to be some parental discipline. But, when I was a child, we didn't watch much television. We did not have time. We got home from school, finished our homework and, time permitting, played outside for a bit. Once dinner was over, my sisters and I would help my mother clean the kitchen. TV wasn't forbidden, but we didn't watch many child shows, Disney or otherwise.

    I am 23 years old, and I have thought about becoming a mother at some point, but it scares me. Not because I am worried about the financial aspect, but to what the child would be exposed. You can only shield them from so much and then they have to go to school. I am considering homeschool for my children, if I decide to have any.

    I feel I am at a good stopping point for this rant. Thoughts?

    • Reply

      45.Renjamin says:

      March 13, 2012 at 3:15 pm

      This comment may not be directly in response to this article, in particular, but I feel it is appropriate nonetheless.

      Today is actually the first day I have heard about KONY 2012, simply because I do not watch any news channels, I don’t have cable and I decided to leave the Facebook world in October, 2011.


      • I want the truth on

        ariana, she decided to get off Facebook only, not the internet. You still can search for things online without Facebook.

    • I completely agree on EVERYTHING you've said. It seems like the youth now want to help others – just as long as it doesn't involve real work. It's so easy to just click 'like' on Facebook or give a thumbs up to a video on YouTube, maybe even copy and paste the link around so others are aware. But what good is awareness if no one decides to do anything?

      And as far as Disney goes…I can't stand the way the children disrespect each other, especially adults, on the show. Raising kids in this world, in my personal opinion, is almost irresponsible. My heart gets heavy whenever I even think about the next few years. How bright is the future really for these kids?

      • I agree with you there. Subjecting them to this world is horrific and many are not raising them as they should be. Disrespect fills the household as the kids run everything and these are the people of the future.

    • I am 100% for homeschooling and not giving your child up to be indoctrinated with the doctrines of devils by the State.

    • As part of my grad. coursework in education we discussed more than once how a child's brain is being rewired by a variety of technology including TV, gaming, interaction, and so on. [In fact, studying the brain is the latest bandwagon in education, including the left-right brain hogwash, which has actually been around for years and is again becoming a focus; as usual, speculation is being presented as fact, and several who train teachers in this are steeped in New Age bologna..and teachers soak it up like a sponge–that is why sites such as VC are really important to inform people about what is really going on. Btw, in education dialectic process is king when it comes to training/coaching teachers and then passing it on to students. Coaches are referred to as Change Agents using manipulation and mind control to gain teachers' trust and nudge them into experiential teaching, which is using the senses in order to learn by discovery and investigation so that students realize their own truth about a concept while the degree of directedness from the teacher, I mean facilitator, is determined by the facilitator (Actually, Facilitator may be an older term.) and teaching facts are out… very similar to Montessori.] Teachers are now being taught to find and share ways to 'reach and teach effectively' those with rewired brains, so in essence, the art of teaching has come down to a way of entertaining students in order to spark their short attention spans for some dumbing down (and that term is accurate) rather than real teaching for real learning. But not only are students being 'taught' using newer methodology, at the same time they are being indoctrinated with all sorts of New Age activities and programs such as meditation–yes, this is actually being done in classrooms and also used as a means to teach and calm special needs students because the thing is THEY WORK but THEY ARE OCCULTIC IN NATURE– as well as visualization; Eastern religion–and you thought there was separation of church and state–; hypnosis; wal*king the in*fi*nity s*ign; reference to the 'rep*tilian mi*nd'; introduction to spirit guides; centering; masonic doctrine; masonic learning (experiential); activism; in-your-face confrontation so that everybody reaches politically-correct consensus (more commonly known as bullying) and that is actually a grant-funded, activist program for middle school aged students (scary, huh?); and, of course, the type of tactic that is used in this KONY thing…and I would be remiss if I didn't include adult staff leading by example as they mock Christ and bully Christians…etc–YES, that is really happening in the public school. Propaganda is actually an outcome expected in lesson plans of OBE (Outcome-Based Education), which has been around for some time and may have been rehashed into a new name by now. For example, if you are teaching a specific standard in language arts (or insert any subject area), you must also teach a life skill (for lack of better term) such as conserving rain forests or some other global/green/new age/multicultural propaganda; so the book that you choose to teach the standard might have something to do with global water conservation.. And now we have the Common Core standards, although I do not know enough about them, yet, to really comment on them.. This is only a partial list of what you are sending your children to partake in. In public schools, THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS and it's really not a good ending when the goal appears to be to produce blissfully ignorant, dumbed-down, politically-correct, sub-wage workers who believe they are helping to restore 'Mother Earth,' and will gladly confront anyone who disagrees with their New Age-ism. Child soldier, anyone? Remember, the fact is education is one big, ongoing experiment and despite the rhetoric you hear, most districts (not all) do not give a diddly about your kid (but, thankfully, there are many good teachers out there who do, although they may not understand fully the implications of brain-based, experiential learning and at the same time they are accountable to show proof of the methodology in teacher reviews and that in itself is a big problem). Folks, this is only the tip of the iceberg..couple experiential learning with some powerful schedule III drugs with significant side effects way over prescribed and in many cases misused (although when used properly by those who truly need this intervention it can assist with learning–disclaimer, I am no medical doctor and am not giving medical advice, see your dr.), has research even been done concerning long-term use? I doubt it. Is there a serious link to some serious mind control? Hmmm. Just wondering… I, absolutely, agree that homeschooling or a good and trusted private school are the best ways to teach children in this day and age! Also, it is my prayer that all who read this will repent and turn to Christ, the True Gospel, Whose Blood was shed for remittence of sin, for salvation if you haven't already done so. He is the Perfect Lamb of God, the Unblemished Sacrifice and His Grace is sufficient and His Mercy endureth forever for those who trust in Him. For I believe we are living in the last of the last days. He will guide you and be a Lamp unto your feet and a Light unto your path and your Pavilion in times of trouble. He will never leave you nor forsake you, and He will provide all your needs in His riches in glory. Just trust in Him and read His Word, praying for understanding and discernment of these times. And I think we need to pray for children who attend public schools and for the parents to make sound decisions for their education and lives and for the teachers and staff that their eyes are opened and that they repent and do what is acceptable in His sight.

      • I forgot to mention I am retired and no longer active in the teaching profession. The Lord delivered me from Sodom and Egypt.

    • @Renjamin. You are not alone. Stopped watching the news after the gadaffi public execution and don't do facebook/ haven done Twitter for a while so this was news to me, although I had heard some passing thing about Oprah and Kim Kardashian saying something about Kony. So I thought it was some celebrity nonsense.

      To tell you the truth. When I first saw the inverted triangle and saw the name Kony, I thought it was Koby's triangle 'success' rubbish! I was confused! LMAO!

      This illuminati crap all looks the same because it comes from the same source. Now that is no laughing matter. Don't worry. I am fully up to speed on the real agenda. AFRCOM!


    btw, why does george bush look like a madame tussaud wax figurine?

    • @chocoholic LMFAO!! When George Clooney waggled his head, that's when I KNEW this Kony shit was some serious business!! He was a doctor you know. I saw him on TV so must be true.

      Oh my God!! And I was thinking the EXACT same thing about George W Bush face in the Kony video. I think it was the waxwork!! LOL!! It was probably the only still they could get of him not looking like a doofus and a complete asshole!

  33. Whilst I agree with reverse propaganda I believe it is paranoid to think that celebrity endorsement is entirely constructed. That celebrities are knowingly backing propaganda. Surely, frequently, they or their respective agents are just trying to gain publicity by backing a cause and a viral phenomenon. Some of them probably genuinely care about the suffering of others as well as their own self promotion. They are as ignorant and have been deceived as many people have.

    Brilliant article.

  34. thank you VC again for another awesome article. good to know there are still ppl fighting the good fight. but to all my fellow "truth seekers" out there, a quick word of advice. remember, not everyone will see the real from the fake and that's cool. hearts have been harden and eyes have been blind, thus is the will of The Most High. so don't let the masses anger you with their stupidity, "Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen". Peace

  35. The guy that made the visor was just on Anderson Cooper and he said that he didn't think it would get this big and his goal was 500k views..he looked kind of nervous during the interview too

  36. I first heard about this "Kony" dude on the evening news broadcast one day last week. All the network stations who run evening news programs (ABC, NBC, CBS) were running their individual stories at the same time. As I was sitting, watching and listening, my sixth intuition gave my soul the strangest stir. I didn't come away from the story feeling sorry for the African children who are being forced to become child soldiers, nor was I even enraged that such a man as "Kony" exists and is on the loose and committing vile atrocities against humanity. What I got was a deep sense that this dude probably doesn't even exist at all, but instead, is a complete fabrication of someone's sick imagination, in an effort to manipulate and twist peoples' emotions using mind control and propaganda devices, to get them to facilitate, unwittingly, their evil, ulterior motives.

    I have not seen this particular video, nor do I plan to watch it. I have no interest in this "Kony 2012" movement at all simply because I am not stupid and I know when someone is attempting to toy with my emotions in order to get me to respond in their favor. Celebrities and politicians are animal excrement; I hope to be alive in the day of Judgement so that I may witness them being the first ones to hit the fiery pits of Hell, followed by mainstream media propagandists in close second. They may all fall in at the same time, in which case, that would be even better.

    Perhaps this "Kony" person does exist, and my sixth intuition is wrong. I which case, I deeply apologize to anyone who may be offended at what I've said. But over the years, I have learned to rely mostly on my gut feelings when it comes to certain things and so far, my sixth intuition has not failed me. The fact that this new "movement" involves asking for financial donations and for personal information from its members just to become a part of it, and the fact that there are newly discovered, abundant oil resources in Uganda, and that mindless, retarded celebrities and politicians are supporting it, is what makes me give it the middle finger salute with a hearty "Fuck off, all of you!"

    I wish people would stop being so fucking blind. Stop listening to and being influenced by celebrities and politicians. They are the Devil's advocates.

    • onemorevoice on

      His Mercy is everlasting.

      Judge not, lest ye be judged.

      There, but for the Grace of God, go I.

      2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

      Even God doesn't want to see **anyone** perish.

      God is LOVE. Merciful. Gracious. Long-suffering. Forgiving. Always.

  37. I think it's an interesting article VC. However, the problem with the Kony video is that Kony isn't in Uganda anymore. And hasn't been since 2006.

    Also, Obama has already deployed an elite team of troops to track down Kony and kill him.

    So what's the real reason for the video?

    This Guardian article sheds more light on the organisation behind the video:


  38. Who also noticed that in Joseph's picture in the poster, that his worry lines and eyebrows together look like the head of Baphomet???!!

  39. This is not about enslaved children its about oil. But the sheeple will demand war to "liberate" the citizens of Uganda. It pains me to think there will be more usless bloodshed all in the name of "freedom" and "liberation." The wars are always for more oil and to increase the pockets of the wealthy elite.

    We went to war with Iraq for oil not WMD, the people there are not free or liberated. I cannot imagine what it must be like for them to live in the conditions that they now live in.

  40. I was waiting for you to write something about this :) you hit the nail right in the head AGAIN! Thanks for all you hard work in informing the public about whats really going on in the world.

  41. Awesome! Thanx so much VC I was just sick of seeing this video posted on EVERY SINGLE FB profile without knowing the truth about Kony. I did a little research and I was more than happy when I saw this morning this article, thank you so much for keeping some of us educated and informed.


    San Jose , Costa Rica

  42. I know VC could probably write ten different articles a day, time willing, but I am very glad he picked Kony 2012. When I first heard about this it was me and a group of my friends watching tv, and one of them was like have yall heard about what's going on in Uganda with Kony. He briefly described a little of what he had saw, and his next words were I really think there could be something we could be doing about it (meaning the government). As soon as he said that I went home and started reading into what was going on. When I saw what it was, and if you have ever been on this site, then you could almost instantly realize that there was something fishy going on. This was obvious propaganda to influence people that we needed to be in Africa fighting this terrible man. Like VC said, yes this is a pretty crappy guy, but I'm sure he doesn't come in the top 50 of villains we need to stop in this world. I had a friend that is a ranger, and he got back from a deployment where he was supposed to be in Irag, and one night when he was drunk told us that they were doing secret missions in Africa some too and that he really didn't even know what for, but said he knew they shouldn't be there. After he told me that I figured things in Africa would be increasing. I believe it has to do with some minerals that africa has found lately. I love what VC does but the discouragement that you get when trying to tell everyone what is going when you see it so clearly, and yet they think you're crazy is getting almost too much to handle. I wish I could read an article like this everyday, but we only have one life so I try not let this rule my world, even though it kind of does.

    Hope everyone see's clearly, and has peace of mind.

  43. well quickly somehow, someway has to be made to finally make it "OK" for liberal minds to accept war, since the Prez never delivered on his promises to promote peace, but let's keep blaming Bush… as long as it isn't your father's war, it can be okay i guess.

    incidentally, the nazi's figured out the sexiest, sharpest, coolest way to package war, and a demoralized country ate up the socialist machinery like mother's milk. they voted Hitler in, as we all know, right?

    ALL: if you haven't already, please read:




    for more insight as to how the human mind can compartmentalize bureaucracy and murder and keep itself "sane" in horrific situations.

    either path could happen to ANYONE, so we must choose life, and love.

    • "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law."

      Galatians 5:22-23

  44. i knew right away this video blew up because the people behind it wanted it to blow up ,the views on youtube were all fabricated to make it popular all over the world .the movie that came out "machine gun preacher"had kony at the end ,and it was a way for them to introduce us to what they want to achieve =finding and killing kony.I think now that they have the whole sheeple generation brainwashed to believe this kony guy is going out and killing 30.000 people every night the mainstream media will one of these days blow up the tv news that president obama has got the word on kony's location and had sent our navy seals to kill him and they did which in return will make obama more popular with the younger people just around the corner from the election.they probably have him frozen in a freezer somewhere and will just unfreeze him and put a bullet in his head everybody will be happy because mr.elite obama has killed another bad man just like he did usama and gaddafi.

    • I agree Gen X with your statement about the number of YouTube views for this video. They HAD to have fabiricated that number, and are probably still fabricating numbers for it. I haven't even viewed the video myself, but I find it hard to believe that that many people would've been interested in viewing it. Just out of curiosity, I might go ahead and watch it. But then again, I don't even want my intelligence to be insulted.

  45. i thought it was weird from the moment i saw that even just 15 people posted about it on facebook. anytime some "movement" goes blindly viral like that, i know there is more to it than meets the eye. thanks VC for the post!

  46. Don't forget to mention Ugandas recent discovery of 2.5+ billion barrels worth of oil. We needed a reason to invade Iraq for theirs (Osama). Now the US needs a reason to invade Uganda (Kony). People need to wake up!

  47. Great article as always VC. There is now so much info for and against so many different causes, countries and people, I think we are all getting into a place of being more and more disconnected to anything that we think we might want to stand for. This very article (as truthful as it may be) is watering down what we were all completely passionate about one week ago. I was raised to believe in America. I was raised as a Christian. Those two things are seeming to bee more and more at the root of so many problems that I don't know what (outside of myself) to believe in. Facts are nothing more than opinions now. Is Kony a real person or is he an internet version of "Wag the Dog?" I don't know. So much propaganda has been spread as truth, I'm completely unsure of anything at this point. At the end of the day, all any of us have is our gut. Our gut reaction to anything is usually correct. To all of you who are reading this, go with your gut. The truth is inside.

  48. "Another marketing strategy is to appeal to the lowest common denominator. In other words,to get a message across, one must address the audience as if it was made of kids. KONY 2012 does exactly by ridiculously oversimplifying the problem to an actual child – who represents the viewers. This is not surprising though, as this is how the masses are perceived by the higher ups." (VC)

    Good point. The globalist elite see us as "profane" (Freemasonic) or "goyim (Jewish), but don't we who know this stuff say the same thing? We call the masses "sheeple" for being stupid for not seeing the "obvious" agenda of NWO.

    Maybe the masses really are the "profane" or goyim" or even "untermensch?" The difference has to be what we do with the goyim/untermensch/profane/sheeple = (GUPS)?

    What direction should the illuminated point out to the GUPS? What motivations do the wise disseminate to the GUPS? What purpose should the Ubermensch create for the GUPS?

  49. But Kony(the LRA) is NOT the biggest problem in Uganda, in fact Al Queda is. I support the cause to help the children that have been brainwashed and taken in a child soldiers/sex slaves BUT many ppl dont know the organization is messed up, only 31-32% of the money goes to Ugandans. Also Kony is no longer in Uganda, in fact he hasnt been there for 5-6 years … i suspect that he is dead.

    And the US isnt going to invade Uganda they have no actual interest, unless the President of Uganda allows to do so, Uganda isnt as bad as the whole youtube documentary paints it. The US and Uganda know damn well that Kony isnt anywhere in Uganda…

  50. Now if this article or other things like it go viral, then maybe more people will be informed of the truth about this whole issue.

  51. If anybody has seen the film Blood Diamond, they would not need the help of this video to realize the fact that children are being forced into warfare. It's hardly even news, anymore.

    Like we've seen in the "Contagion" article, it is all a scheme to "educate" or convince the masses to accept the NWO.

    Also, what's next? An elite-sponsored doc analyzing child tafficking in India and placing single-handed blame at only ONE crime boss? Trust me, it's gonna come, soon.

  52. war 2012 war 2013 wa on

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

    Pure wishful thinking.

    Wars are here to stay, unfortunately. And the general public will continue to be made to feel guilty about the deranged world they live in.

    A complete mess.

    I'm baffled at that TRI logo. An inverted peace sign, of all things? The absurdity of it all…

  53. Okay, one thing (which amuses me to no end). That "inverted" peace sign? As I understand it, that's actually a true peace sign. It's a representation of the tree of life. The peace sign that the hippie generation used was intentionally inverted to corrupt its power from the beginning. Remember that this was a time when occult-steeped high-ranking former Nazis were in the CIA and other alphabet agencies. This deliberate corruption of the youth has only just come hilariously full-circle.

    I never liked Facebook. I could tell from the beginning that it was a monstrous parody of the social networking impulse designed to control and direct an emerging consciousness. However, I think the people of this would, particularly this country, could benefit from a little viral campaign of our own.

    Of this article. Quickly, before it's too late. -_-

    • I've actually been wondering for a little while now when somebody would start using that tree-of-life sign in a movement and how fast people would start bitching about the occult significance of an inverted symbol. By the way, TRI = Tree.

      This particular interpretation comes from the Plejaren material so take it with a grain of salt, please.

    • peace is non existen on

      Regardless of the fact that this TRI symbol is a real peace sign or a fake peace sign or an inverted, upside down, rotated sign or this or that… the situation remains a disaster… there will be another war… and another one after that… and another… sigh

      Peace? In another galaxy, maybe.

      • Your focus determines your reality. Keep thinking like that, and you only deprive the world of your good will and positive influence. The road to peace is a deceptively simple one, and yet there is such a thing and we'll find it soon enough. True peace, not this nonsense about creating a despotic world government and tranquilizing people with force. I wouldn't be so cynical.

    • Truth Teller on

      @ Syrus (and anyone else caught up in the inverted peace sign subject):

      I agree with what Peace is Nonexistent says. I also agree with what Vivek says in an above comment – “As I understand it, the arms upwards is the true peace symbol, its inversion is war-like. But then again, most people think arms down is peace.” However, by partaking in this futile argument over the origins of the peace sign you are detracting people from the underlying, and all around more important issues at hand. Quite frankly, the origins of a symbol are only relevant in context to how that symbol is being used (or rather what it means) culturally. In actuality, what “most people think” is the only thing relevant to the people who attempt to manipulate and construct our very thoughts, does that make any sense? Many would agree that “Symbols are our oldest form of visual (nonverbal) communication and convey meaning beyond what's obvious. Symbols are pictures, images, or objects used to represent ideas, concepts, beliefs, attitudes, or feelings. Symbols can have deep meaning and can evoke powerful emotion, such as the crucifix in Christianity or the Star of David in Judaism.” (Hill, 2006)

      That being said, one could argue that the Cross/Crucifix is without a doubt a symbol of pain, death, and destruction; yet Christians wear it proudly as a symbol of their love for “Christ” despite the fact that it represents his murder. This demonstrates the fact that we give signs and symbols their meaning. If the owl and Monarch butterfly are animals in nature, then it was man who turned them into symbolic representations of occult societies and mind control programs. A square was once a square, and a compass was simply a compass, and the letter G was just a G, right??? Sure, until Freemasonry put their own spin on it. And the swastika didn’t originate with Hitler but somehow it has become synonymous with the Nazis. Imagine that.

      Ancient symbols have been used incorrectly or interpreted differently by modern cultures for centuries. One example is the Caduceus (The Staff of Hermes), which has been erroneously used by those in the medical profession instead of the Staff of Asclepius. A simple Google Image search of “Medical Symbol” will confirm this. How did this happen? The following excerpt from drblayney.com/Asclepius.html describes one scenario:

      “Despite the unequivocal claim of the staff of Asclepius to represent medicine (and healing), the caduceus, a rod with two entwined serpents topped by a pair of wings appears to be the more popular symbol of medicine in the United States, probably due to simple confusion between the caduceus and the staff of Asclepius, the true symbol of medicine. Many people use the word caduceus to mean both of these emblems. Like the staff of Asclepius, the caduceus became associated with medicine through its use as a printer’s mark, as printers saw themselves as messengers of the printed word and diffusers of knowledge (hence the choice of the symbol of the messenger of the ancient gods). A major reason for the current popularity of the caduceus as a medical symbol was its ill-informed official adoption as the insignia for the Medical Department of the United States Army in 1902.”

      All in all, people should keep the following in mind when it comes to signs and symbolism:

      “For a symbol to have significance, its meaning must be known to the viewers. Take, for example, the Chinese symbol for yin and yang. To those who understand its origins as an explanation of the workings of the universe, it is a symbol for the idea that one thing cannot exist without the other. To those who don't know the symbol's meaning, it's an intriguing design with opposing colors and interlocking shapes. It doesn't mean viewers can't enjoy it; it simply means they don't know its deeper or hidden significance. Similarly, a sound such as "meow" to represent a cat has a meaning known to many, but it could be replaced with a word like "jalley" if everyone memorized the new sound and agreed on its meaning.” (Hill, 2006)

      • I would only add that there may be more significance to certain symbols than the mere subjective meanings which the majority of people ascribe to them. An intrinsic power in some cases, rather than instrumental. There are a number of reasons for this, but your point is well-made.

  54. these greedy evil bastards will stop at nothing to get what they want. First the middle east, now africa. its sad to see how easily sheeple are manipulated, i hate FB period, what pisses me off even more is that most people are aware of the illuminati and their agenda but they continue supporting them…by listening to their BS music

  55. Glad to see you posting an article about this campaign. I wrote you a message the day i saw it all over twitter.

    Btw you forgot to mention all the economic stakes involved in this region especially since oil was discovered there.

    Aigain thanx VC (y)

  56. I'm happy to see this article, I'm 16 and I'm having trouble getting the point across to my friends that this "movement" is not what it says it is. Young minds are so easily shaped and I felt that my friends jumped on this bandwagon way too quickly. I admit when I first saw it, it got me, but I decided to do some research. I hope more young people decide to look for answers and not just interpret information they are given all the time as correct.

  57. the proceeds made from selling these bracelets goes to the elite, not those poor african kids. i have just seen the vid on youtube…wow what a bunch of liars, master manipulators. its sad! more moola to kill sheeple and depopulate!

  58. And sadly, all this support and sympathy from people – especially from the young adults – for this Kony campaign (which has absolutely nothing to do with the rights of American citizens and involves a situation that is happening worlds away), but same said people in this country can't be bothered to organize to march on Washington to demand answers for the clandestine passage of the NDAA. Ha! The majority of Americans don't even know what that is, and when you point them in the direction of it, they get all frustrated and don't even want to try to read the language in the Bill and fully understand what it means for their basic rights and freedoms.

    Why are you bothering yourself, allowing yourself and your emotions to be worked into a wild frenzy, ready to march and protest in the streets over something that is happening on another continent and is out of your control, but you slept a good slumber while your basic Constitutional right to freedom of peaceful assembly (among other rights and freedoms) was stolen from you like a thief in the night by the very same elected officials you are now supporting in their campaign to needlessly militarily invade another continent/country?

    Americans don't mind fighting for other people, fighting other peoples' battles. But will never have the courage to fight for themselves.

  59. I fell for this hook, line and sinker. The video really got in to my head and just as I was asked, I posted it to my facebook page. Literally seconds after I realised what had happened and I knew it was only a matter of time before VC would be on the case.

  60. THANK YOU! As soon as I saw that horrible video me and my mom said, "This is creepy." And I am all for helping people who are in trouble, but this just seemed wrong. At first I felt bad for thinking so, like, "These people are trying to help people in need, why am I against this?" but thinking and talking about it more with my mom, it made me angry at what they are actually trying to do.

    Thanks again for posting this, it totally made my day!


  61. We, as a society, tend to only do good when it is publicly known and easy to be involved. So although I can't clearly state that I agree with the movement, I do think it's a good way to market to the youth. Sure, they're buying something.. but this is better than marketing an item without a purpose.

    If Kony is out there.. he needs to be brought down. It probably won't happen by the Ugandan army b/c it seems that they're pretty corrupt themselves and it probably won't be The "Kony2012" group. At least this group is shaking the youth of the nation. At least their successfully motivating suburban Americans to learn something new.. that doesn't involve self-idol individualism.

    They may not be the answer but there's so much corruption out there that who are we to put them down.

  62. I woke up one morning and discovered that my news feed had been spammed by literally everybody on my facebook with this video KONY 2012. I clicked the link and saw a rather long video and being so easily bored, I didn't have the attention span to sit and watch it. I never really got the gist of what it was all about, I just knew it had something to do with: 1) a villain, 2) crisis in Africa. Immediately I then thought to myself, "why does the world suddenly care about third world problems?" This angered me. I never bothered to learn what it was all about, I just knew that it seemed sort of artificial – how could this issue suddenly creep up into the world of the internet and go viral within hours of me not having accessed a computer? There was everything from Tshirts to events where everybody "speaks up" for a day. I thought that vigilant might post an article about this being a peculiar phenomenon, and low and behold, here the article is a week later.

    I have never been more thankful for laziness until now.

  63. I dislike the fact people on the site refer to saying : "I couldn't wait for VC to post or expose this propaganda" —— IMO your just trolling for likes/thumbs up clicks.

    First and far most with no disrespect to VC hard work and investigating towards this post is the fact why WAIT for VC to do anything?

    Why dont YOU (everyone) start exposing these elites yourself like I do to my family and friends. People I love. No I do not have my own website which I use VC for reference and support. However I never wait for someone to do something for me if I know it is wrong from right. Especially if it is information regarding your freendom. I will tell as many poeple I know about this horrid crime or whatever it is that is necessary to expose.

    Try coming on to this site for good reason instead of saying what I mentioned in the above quote.

    Come on people…dont wait/wake up, instead! Dont be a sheep. Dont come here trolling for likes. Be legit. Help each other, love eachother.

    God bless.

    p.s. w/out coming onto VC site I already had a an itch the this KONI crap was proporganda. Especially because our youth being used a media viral for this. Seems to be working and I dont accept this.

    • Nomorekool-aid on

      I disagree Budda. I come to this site to read VC's interpretation of current events that have underlying agendas enforced by the elite. Many of us (vigilantes) are doing our own research and like you – we DONT have a website but are sharing our discoveries with family and friends. I chew up the meat and spit out the bones with every thing I take in. Even from VC! I think its a waste of energy to scrutinize someone's appreciation for VC, who is taking the time to share their opinion and interpretation with us, many of whom are just now grasping what is really happening around them. What's so wrong with a "Thanks VC or I've been waiting on your post"….I'm sure you would have NO PROBLEM receiving a few thumbs up from the people you generously share your findings with. Hmmmmmmm

      • I am not srcutenizing, I am pointing out how it seems ridiculous to make a point that someones has been "waiting" for VC for to post something regarding KONY. Why dont you read my comment again. It clearly states I do not have anything against VC hard work. I come here because I do care about his work. Its amazing. My point is DONT wait for VC to post anything about what crimes go around us!

        I never continued on what the person said, matter of fact I started to mentioned what we all should be doing. I'm speaking for everyone not because I think I know everything. Read my comment again. Im glad u spit out bones with the meat you eat. I wouldnt want you to choke. 😉 Thats me caring. Read my comment again and again. and you will know I am not scrutenizing. I appreaciate everyone point of view and I give thumbs up all the time. That is not the point of this discussion though. It's a waste of energy to me to let everyone know how long u been waiting…to me…thats sounds sheeple whether or not you are new to this or not. If you are new to this. You should ask more questions or read or listen more IMO. If you have more info to intake and share then I would suggest posting what we ALL dont know. Instead of…"I was counting the minutes to see VC once again exposing the hidden agenda behind this propaganda". (what gain does that comment bring)?

        Really? Counting minutes for VC to post…(what gain does that comment bring)?

        Why not simply investigate what you think and support your own knowledge…Like my last comment mentioned…I knew Kony had a hidden agenda about it. I had an itch. Again, I'm here to help anyone. Love thy nieghbor…I come in peace.

        -God Bless


  64. "Be wary of do-gooders. First they start massaging your feet, and sooner or later, you will find their hands reach your neck!

    They are unaware but they have learnt the trick. If you want to possess someone, do good."… Osho

    There is right and their is wrong. War is wrong and I can never stand for War. So I will always question… even if it is people who I "looked up" to. There is right and wrong and I believe most young people and people on a whole cannot see that.

    Peace will never come out of WAR.

  65. Bashing Kony 2012? Read this & consider if you are part of the solution or the problem: http://s3.amazonaws.com/www.invisiblechildren.com

    How can so many people belittle this effort on FALSE charges of financial misdeeds and a ridiculous statements like "I'd find something better to do with the money". Yeah, right – spend it on yourself. How is it bad to (as promised) use the funds they've raised to make a wildly successful campaign to get their goal accomplished (imprisoning Kony – not a war in Africa or military strikes in Uganda or whatever this article is implying). Seems like a worthy cause. If they hadn't made the film / campaign, none of us would even be considering this issue …or any of the other injustices that are happening right now in Africa. Is that money poorly spent? Is that a wrong agenda? Seeing one visible and obviously malevolent personality like Kony go on trial can only help to ensure that the next generation's "Kony" will not get away with it. Sounds like a good start.

    • Nomorekool-aid on

      Come on man….geesh. What are they putting in our air??? Joel, seriously? Credible organizations have been working around the clock for decades to provide aid to many countries who have experienced the tyranny of a Kony. The media has reported on similar situations for years but how quickly do we forget. Many don't act until social media i.e. celebrities tell them it's ok to act. Critics of phony 12 are saying loud and clear there needs to be something done, but framing one guy is not going to solve a damn thing. It sickens me when the sleep try to wake up other folks . Get yourself dressed first.

      This country is too torn to be sewing up other countries. We've been committing genocide in this country since the first pale foot stepped foot on the Native's land.

      • Ok Nomorekool-aid, so your solution is what? Nothing? It's far worse for all these people worldwide to ignore this now that everybody knows about the situation because that empowers others to do evil like Kony has done. That's ridiculous to say that the USA is in no place to act on the world stage because of past wrongs. America has defended the world from things like communism, Nazism, and dictatorships of all sorts. Sometimes our leaders have gotten things wrong… REALLY WRONG. So should we never attempt to do another thing right?!? I have Native American friends (and some N. American heritage myself) and I know many would agree that America is not some great Satan nor is it the savior of the world. But America aside… what are the "credible organizations" you are speaking of? Why not actually champion SOMEONE who is doing something worthy rather than advocating that we all sleep in our burning house? Pathetic.

      • Nomorekool-aid on

        @ Joel, Again, I say that many people are compassionate towards the situations going on all around the world. But clearly what you fail to realize is that America is at the root of many of the problems these countries face. Look at the disaster of your own system….now what do you think that system is doing to the countries they supposedly aid and help? Evil has the face of good. That's its greatest trick. I know our gov't and corporations played a role in the deaths of 911 and Katrina (that is just two) yet I'm suppose to show patriotism when we become saviors to the world? Sorry, can't do it. I will pray for the world because the hand that is feeding them is the same sick hand feeding me. Its sad that you even question the real good that people do for their brothers and sisters in this world. I volunteer and give continuously. Do your own research on organizations that have been doing REAL work for years and without social media and celebrities co-signing and approving their efforts. Trust, millions of people are being proactive amongst the evil that is working against them. I'm one of them! (and I refuse to show you my resume to prove it lol)

  66. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! I new it from the moment all of my friends started posting this on facebook that there was something fishy about this.

  67. I know people who lost friends on Facebook because they posted a kony meme or questioned why people were suddenly jumping on the bandwagon when this had been going on for decades. Its a lot like GWB's "you are with us or you are with the terrorists"

  68. they got us good, I even donated money, it's so unfair that they can do shit like that, play with people emotions like that. while I was watching it my thoughts was wondering how can they have all these technology, cell phones, people who will do crazy things for money and they can't even catch one guy, I should have known but my goodness they sure did a good job fooling a lot of us. Even if we wanted to confront these elite people we don't even know who they are, it's hard to fight or confront the invisible man.

  69. Sharmin Hoque on

    Ugh, I remember that day almost ALL my friends were sharing that video. It sucks that so many people jump on the bandwagon without knowing what's really behind it. They get brainwashed so easily, so many got angry when I posted a status trying to enlighten them.

    "When you do not have knowledge, someone could bring you dirt and you will believe it to be gold."~Ibn al-Qayyim

    • And a week later he's been completely forgotten about… I bet if you were to spam everybody's fb walls with that video now you'd be told to stfu

  70. Today's generation are so ignorant and gullible. I was amazed as how easily millions were captivated by this nonsense. They are such sheep – this is proof that the NWO will come EASILY.

    I am terrified.

  71. Brilliant article VC! That's all I'm going to say since this brilliant article exposes everything there is to say about the latest elitist manipulation. BTW, a resolution has been introduced in Congress to basically invade any African country where "civilians are threatened".

  72. When the words “The next 27 minutes are an experiment. But in order for it to work, you have to pay attention” cross your ears, and the content being viewed was discovered by heavy promotion of the masses, question everything.

    This is what my mind instantly did, yet by the middle of the film I still found myself prompted to tweet “STOP KONY”. The next second, reality hit me.. the only information I had on Kony, this cause, and most of what I knew of invisible children came solely from this video, and it stopped me in my tracks. If anything, I at least needed to devote some time to researching the alleged “information” Invisible Children was shoving in the face of my generation. So I finished watching the film, and commenced research.

    Sure enough, within 1 hour of research I found proof that a vast amount of the information Invisible Children provided in the film was misleading and not based on current facts. Their lack of financial transparency, promotion of war, and large celebrity & political support (obvious elite affiliation) should make everyone want to research the facts. I can tell you, this is not the case.. sadly. Majority of the people in my social network will “like” a comment I make about new shoes, and like a cause they know is being promoted by an extremely shady “non-profit”, yet most won’t look into the FACTS laid out in front of them instead they buy a kit.

    Another this I wanted to know was, why now? Why Africa? What is the motive for wanting our money and support right therr, right now? Well, turns out since the world is low on oil and “formally forgotten or politically-unfeasible locations” such as such as Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia are being considered to increase supply. (Info from an article published on 2/23/12: http://www.wealthdaily.com/articles/seals-invade-somalia/3408 )

    This, in addition to VC’s perspective on the total monitoring of this marketing of war experiment, shows plenty of motive. So keep buying those kits and sharing the “Just Watch” message along your social networks if you’re into supporting this kind of thing. Just know you’re not doing the world much good unless you give the facts of what is going on in present day Uganda and tell how this film, cause, and organization is misleading to the majority.

  73. did you guy here about the huge amount of oil Uganda has… hmmm reminds me of a few middle eastern countries we all know and want to take over… just saying.

    china already has a strong influence in Africa when it comes to resources… i cant imagine the US not trying to get in on it. china is our biggest rival economically. just try'in to put the pieces together. ether way its all a pattern. eaaach invasion seems to have a double motive… no…a few or MORE motives under the motive that is 'stated'.

    but ill be the first one to say, i jumped on to the bandwagon too. but my sister was the one who gave me the red flag saying stuff like: "Kony has been going on and us military has been to Uganda and a lot of charities like that only give about 3% of there earnings to the people ( or something like that), etc" but not the huge amount there are requesting know. she's also taking African studies, so she never supported Kony 2012 any way.

  74. LOOL whoever started this whole Kony ish wasn't smart. I mean did they not know some people will do their research? Well I did, and surprise surprise, Joseph Kony has been out of power for 6 years…and the "bad army" of his they're trying to stop is a weakening and dying force already. Oh and the money that's being donated? Um yeah only 30% actually goes to Uganda and the rest is all in their pockets. I mean, seriously if you're gonna brainwash people into giving you money by acting like you're helping people in need, at least choose an existing issue like the Syrian war happening now or people dying of cancer or w.e. Then again, more people are willing to hop onto the bandwagon and support everything being flung at their face instead of asking questions. "How fortunate for leaders that their men do not think". Tuche Hitler….tuche.

  75. kony looks similar to "Machine Gun Preacher" are they related? Great post VC. When the masses embrace something you know there is something wrong with it.

  76. Btw, did any of them mentioned about the oil that was found in west uganda in 2011 which would generate millions of dollars??? Hmmmm, I wonder why only now they are interested in Kony when he have existed for the past freaking 50 years.

  77. Thank you to VC and all of you individuals for having a brain. Well done you. It is all of you that will make a difference in this world. I take my hat off to you. Reading all of this just warmed my heart. My gut told me this was all bull from the outset.

  78. This is just plain sickening…and honestly scares the hell out of me! I was actually hoping that maybe this KONY thing was not a big fat lie. To actually see people in my life actually getting intense about this and going around BUYING (literally) their stuff scares the crap out of me! So brainwashed!!

  79. i watched that video a couple days ago.i really didnt know what to think, then i watched a video right after that called "kony 2012 is misleading" with a black girl from uruguay talking about the "movement". VERY interesting what she says. go watch it & get more info.

  80. I knew this whole Kony2012 was a lot of sophisticated well staged BULLSHIT.

    I didnt even watch the entire video. Just took me well around 3min into the doc to realize what a lot of crap it was. The blatant agenda their trying to shove in my faces was just hard to ignore. And seeing the kony bracelets just further confirmed my suspicions. I'm disgusted how there are people in the world who would use real case scenarios in order to fulfill their sick fantasies of invasion and world order. Absolute fuckery.

  81. Aubrey Graham on


    I'm very happy that you did an article on this, VC. I have been telling the same thing to my friends, but they don't believe me and continue promoting this crap. This is all a scam and I hope no one falls for it. I realized nowadays that our generation don't think at all and it's up to the artists in the industry to make a change, but I highly doubt that will happen.

    ~Drizzy Drake

    • Extremely off topic, but why do you always post on VC articles as Drake? As a weird joke? Or are you seriously that delusional?

      • I want the truth on

        Artists alone cannot make that change. We need clear-headed, non-corrupt individuals from ALL industries and walks of life to work together to make any change. I don't think social media really does much except increase awareness, and even then, only a handful of people will be inspired to do much more than just, oh I don't know, share and 'like' on every social media channel and donate for some awareness kit that adds to the organisation's profits. Not many people will want to go and do some charity work on the ground and at least have a direct impact on the needy's lives.

        However, what artists CAN do, is to dedicate a substantial amount of their time and money to do ground work without the intention of earning positive publicity for him/herself, but with genuine intention of wanting to directly improve the lives of the people affected. The same goes to every individual I mentioned earlier. It is to lead by example, and to teach the affected people how to fish rather than give them the fish all the time; to groom the affected to be independent and to develop a close-knit self-sustainable community. If the affected can ultimately inspire and enrich others' lives, I think our goal as people wanting to help would be achieved.

        Just my 2 cents on the situation.

      • Aubrey Graham on

        What's wrong with posting as Drake?

        You should be more focused on yourself than me, silly sheep.

  82. I have said it before, I will say it again.

    Thank you VC for having the warrior spirit to watch these atrocities of humanity, dissect them, and spread truth as your message.  Your role is important, and greatly appreciated.

    Secondly, may I suggest to all, kill your tv! Do it now. Stop going to movies, and stop watching television. I did it over five years ago, and here is the reality. You will find more time in your day for living life,with fresh air and human faces.  It may be difficult to find something to converse about, but at least you know the topic has much more meaning and depth than about last nights idol sherade.

    Third, this is the time of great change and instant manifestation. As we awaken as humanity and our consciousness grows, we must at some point begin to understand that where we place our thoughts and focus, and the more energy we give it, the more likely it is for such things to manifest. We are waking up as collective humanity, and so our thoughts on mass are very powerful for manifesting.

    If you are at this site, I assume your recognize VC as a trust worthy source, one who is also very reliable with keeping us vigilant in the current paradigm of propaganda, mind control, etc. The face behind the blog is a warrior, and chooses to witness the negative energies so that the information may be passed to the mass from an enlightened point of perspective.

    Please stop watching and giving your attention to these things!  If you see a video go viral, chances are it is negative, and better not to bother with it. Don't feed the beast. No matter how strong you are, videos like Kony 2012 do elicit strong emotions because you are human, and those emotions equate negative chemicals for your body, negative thought forms to shake off, etc.  If it's on television, it's a lie…turn it off, take a hammer to it! 

    Come to this site, stay vigilant through awareness. It is important to know these things so that we can grasp the scope we deal with for eradicating them. It is important to know these things so that we are aware of the messages and programing we will face. 

    But we need not subject our individual consciousness to such material any longer.

    Instead, use the time your television and movie habits monopolize to play in a park, listen to a philharmonic orchestra or a middle school band concert or sit on your porch and play a tune. Go to an art gallery and look at the creative mind, or pick your own medium. Talk to a human being face to face. Live life the way reality intended it whether than through reality television.

    And while your at it, dream of the peaceful future we can create, and imagine the ways to create it.

  83. By the way just so you know Uganda has oil. here are the links
    http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20120228-7079… and wikileaks has one on the compensation made to Ugandan officials here http://www.cablegatesearch.net/cable.php?id=09KAM
    Plus the video lied, Kony left Uganda at least 5-6 years ago. He's been defeated and moved on to Congo. Why didn't they mention that?

    Then the night migrations are over and those kids are now adults with a different set of problems like HIV-AIDS, nodding Disease (which has no cure) and a high unemployment rate.

    Gulu is now a booming town. Why didn't they say anything? The Ugandans are talking but of course they won't get the same attention online or offline. If you're interested here are a couple of links.
    http://bit.ly/xbKEa7 http://bit.ly/xUDi9j http://bit.ly/AE5Db6

  84. To the author of this article: Did you notice that the newspaper featuring the headline "Kony Captured" actually contains the paper of Sept. 11 2001? If you look closely the date is Sept. 11 or 12 (not sure) and under the headlines, the words on the newspaper are about the Twin Towers being hit. Why could this be? (sarcasm) Thankyou for the article.

  85. first time posting on

    I've read a lot of articles on here. I think VC does a really good job at thoroughly explaining issues. pertaining to Kony 2012 all my friends went crazy about it in the first day or two. and i'll admit after i saw the video, i was really inspired and motivated and i even tried pledging on their website and wanted to buy an action kit. funny thing though, it wouldn't let me pledge. no matter how many times i tried, it kept saying error. Good thing i didn't because i did my research on Kony and the LRA and on Invisible Children and just today found this article. Thanks for posting, VC. keep doin your thang!

  86. Amazing! I was waiting for this from you. Thamk a million, I had similar feelings, but I didn't understand in depth!:-)))

  87. Setsuna R Seiei on

    Well, I don't understand KONY, and I guess I'm not the only one who cannot understand KONY here. I mean, what's its main propaganda is? I can't understand it so much, it's causing me confusion and delay. Well, no delays actually….

  88. thank you VC!! great article!! but why instead of being aware of elite's agenda, our youth started to support them!! the more we work to spread the truth, the more they become blind!! this is getting harder and harder!!

    i was waiting for this, and while i was doing my own research i found this article written by Laci Green, i want to thank her, she explained why we should not support Kony 2012, and she opened my eyes for the real problem, i guess she's not familiar with the stuff we talked about her but she did a great job, you can share what she said to convince other people who don't believe about the Illuminati or Freemason, it will work!!


  89. I was born and raised in South Africa, I can say that the Western world doesn't understand Africa and never will… I wish developed countries would butt out of Africa!

    Its a different way of living here, Africa is Africa and there will always be tribalism (now renamed to be more PC as xenophobia) and personal disputes will always be settled with violence. People here still use traditional weapons and pangas on each other, it is not reserved for civil-wars only. Even I have a panga at home, for cutting trees of course.

    All that countries like the USA and England want from Africa is its resources, don't be fooled by these so called 'good Samaritans' who pretend to care! They are using the suffering of Africans to make money. END OF STORY.

    They don't care about the suffering in some African countries like Zimbabwe, because there are no significant resources for them to harvest! Robert Mougabe is more evil than this Kony.

    This 'Kony 2012 World-Wide Campaign' hasn't even been broadcast in South Africa. This is the first time I'm reading about it as an average citizen of an African country…

    Don't follow your leaders like sheep and don't let them play with your emotions.

    Wake up Western World!

  90. Also notice that the Republican Party logo has been changed for the Kony 2012 poster… stars are right way up, when they are normally inverted. Odd.

  91. As a South African, I drive past homeless children on a daily basis. On every street corner stands a child in ragged clothes begging. What many people don't realise is that these children have to answer to an adult who takes all the money from them and will even go as far as injuring them (chopping of a limb, etc.) so that people driving past in their smart cars eating a big ice cream will feel sorry for them and hand money over. Of course, these kids don't see a cent of it and still sleep outside in the cold without food. Some kids even sell their bodies just to survive. Might I mention some of these kids are as young as 3 years old? If not younger. In a town not far from where I live abandoned buildings are filled with mattresses and young boys and girls used as sex slaves, they have no way of escape! They have families searching for them too! Walking alone is dangerous for risk of being raped. People are killed on their homes (babies too, if that helps) .

    Now imagine living amongst that and then coming accross the KONY 2012 video. Not only is it offensive to what is reality but it's sickening! Watching it I felt sick to my stomach! When fellow South Africans jump on the KONY bandwagon I get very uptight! The complete ignorance for what's happening in this entire continent when people like Kony really are a common occurence! Seeing people in that video cry at the sight of a young boy becoming upset for losing his family and I can't help but think: And? Take a walk down the street with me I'll show you a few more, we don't need to go all the way to Uganda! It's been going on for years. All this video has done is make people lose sight of reality. We need to take care of our own backyards before we look into other countries. Not to mention more lives that will be ruined with war! Never heard of anything more ridiculous in my life. And overnight!

    Thanks VC. You summed up what was going on in my mind, perfectly!

    • So there exist problems of greater magnitude than the one shown in the video. Newsflash! That is not reason enough to NOT SOLVE an identified problem.

      Existence of one problem does not remove the need to solve another problem.

      • Yes, there are MANY problems to be solved, especially in poor old Africa…

        The question you have to ask yourself is why only certain issues are highlighted… What's in it for the people 'fighting' for it, especially if this effort is coming from outside the country where the problem exists… and sorry to say ESPECIALLY if its coming from within the USA.

        If you want to see a real maniac, that nobody seems to care about getting rid of, please read about Robert Mugabe in our neighbouring Zimbabwe, this guy is a real piece of work that is responsible for many deaths.

  92. “If we would truly go to the root of the issue, we’d discover that Africa has been plagued with the problem of warring factions and rebel guerrillas ever since Western forces “liberated” their colonies and divided the continent of Africa according to Western interests.”

    Wrong. Tribal wars predate colonialism and have existed since time immemorial.

    “Indeed, instead of setting the boundaries of each country according to the geographic location of the ethnic groups and tribes that live there, countries were created according to the economic needs of colonizing forces such as Great Britain, France and others.”

    Wrong. This wouldn’t have been feasible since most of these tribal groups are just too small for each to have their own states, and because most of them were nomads, temporarily settling where they was fertile land for cattle to graze and then moving on to other places when the former was depleted.

    “The net result is: A bunch of artificial countries that each contain several tribes, ethnic groups, languages and religions. When one group takes power, the others are repressed, which leads to violence and rebellion.”

    This was the case and would have still been had the colonialists not set foot there.

  93. Here's an interesting article from a South African news site, dating from last October.


    The author is commenting on Obama's move to send 100 troops into Central Africa to go after Kony. He posits that the troops are actually meant to be an incentive/reward the Ugandan government (payment for services rendered, in effect). Their presence also would make it easier to pursue Islamic militants in the region.

    If you'd like to take a look at the White House's "Strategy to Support the Disarmament of the Lord's Resistance Army", it's available in pdf form on the page listed below, along with commentary:


    • Like I said in an above response to a post…

      The question you have to ask yourself is why only certain issues are highlighted… What’s in it for the people ‘fighting’ for it, especially if this effort is coming from outside the country where the problem exists… and sorry to say ESPECIALLY if its coming from within the USA.

      • I very much agree and I'd upvoted your stand-alone post.

        In case it wasn't clear, I consider the links I posted (especially the White House plan, since it is straight from the horse's mouth) to be unambiguous evidence of an imperialistic motive on the part of the United States in regards to their pursuit of the LRA.

        Whether oil, minerals, or Al Qaeda are involved is almost irrelevant, in a way. The US is definitely engaging in state-building and manipulation, and that's plenty destructive in and of itself. The US elites aim to maintain dominance over the world in part by controlling the leaders of various countries, using their "aid" as a powerful bargaining chip. We know this because they say so outright in their own publicly available documents. Egypt is struggling to free itself of those chains right now, and the US government is alarmed at this because the refusal of its gifts also means a refusal of all the attached strings.

        I think it's possible that the people at Invisible Children actually are grass-roots and that they truly do believe that it was their campaigning that led the president to sign on the anti-LRA act in 2010. But I very much doubt that any modern POTUS would ever have signed that bill into law out of kindness.

  94. jimmie dreams on

    the quote they are using to push this is a Hendrix quote. absolutely disgusting. as if Jimi would want to sell us on a war in Africa. good lord.

  95. Thanks for your perspective, VC.

    I did some of my own research and found these interesting tidbits of information:

    1. Africa expert J Peter Pham criticized the Kony 2012 movement for simplifying the conflict and for having bad timing in releasing this video because U.S. troops are currently in the ground in Central Africa and their kind of diplomatic efforts work most effectively "in the shadows"; he also said that this Kony 2012 movement has in effect "stirred up a hornet's nest." according to the article here

    2. From that same article: "The Obama administration sent 100 special operations troops in October (2011) to work with Ugandan forces to root out Kony and his band of fighters. Another group of U.S. forces is working with the Congo and other neighboring countries to catch Kony."

    Wait….since when were American special operations troops in Uganda??

    Hmmm…is this new information to anyone else?

    • SOS: it's not a surprise to me that their are special forces chasing down Kony and the LRA, but we have been following this story for a number of years as my wife's been to Uganda a few times as a missionary. It's just a story (the whole story…not just the fact that their are special forces in Africa) that's been buried on the back page of the newspaper.

  96. what a horrible world we live in, all the more reason not to have any kids, they would immediately be introduced to massive propaganda. invasion of uganda, wonder how many americans knew that the country existed before this. facebook,youtube and all the other social sites make everything so cool and trendy, even pain, war and poverty. i wonder what the elite think when they see this. really. do they view black people as a bunch of confused semi human creatures that represent mental/spiritual darknes? (negredo,albedo,rubedo). looking at the whole world, black people generally live in detrimental states, africa is basically a gigantic cess pool of disease, poverty, illiteracy and war, other countries that are predominantly black, e.g. jamaica, haiti suffer similar problems and in developed countires e.g. the great u.s.a, they are crumped into ghettos that are trodden with drugs, unemployment and gang violence. probably 70% of all prisoners in such countries are coloured.why is this? i know that other countries have been messed up as well e.g. iraq, but none of them compare to the level of atrocity that black countires and areas have been exposed to.do black people spiritually/mentally have some sort of a problem or are they just more susceptible to manipulation by greedy heartless despots?do they repesent, on a massive alchemical postion involving the whole world, darkness (negredo)?reminds me of that video by florence or whatever her name is.these are the conditions that exist in the world. i wonder where races came from in the first place.what really happened in the beginning? anyways most of my statements are off topic, so i'll stay relevant- kony 2012- bad propaganda to justify potential massacre of millions so that greedy white people get more resources from helpless blacks. and this time, the whole world is actually pushing for it!you have got to admire the genius behind the "elite",so crafty and successful in everything they do.

  97. I wasn't completely convinced by this article but did agree with a lot of what is said, particularly the implication that there is something not quite right about the campaign and that it focusses on an individual rather than the actual problem. I wondered what exactly the US are to gain by military action in Uganda? Wars in Iraq and Afgahnistan were funded by oil, but surely not this one?

    Oh right, hang on…

  98. It did ring an alarm when I saw a tracked coded bracelet for sale … and the inverted pyramid – all that symbolism I thought was surely too much for a well meaning parent trying to leave the world in a better state. We don't need to get involved to that extent. BUT – hear me out, I didn't know who this Kony fella was before. I do now. I wondered why powerful people didn't DO something before. By piquing all our emotions and attention, all us normal folk on the ground are watching, and expecting an end to the child prostitution, abduction and slavery. Isn't it at least a good thing SOMETHING is finally being done about it? What's more, we're also being taught how to bring attention to other matters around the globe that need the world to start paying attention to, and perhaps resolve. I mean the only option was to just sigh over the images on TV, feel bad and say a prayer for them maybe. Well the world is watching now and the world will expect change there, for the better. Even if the intention is pure evil, surely "Everything works for the good of those that love the Lord" – is anybody else getting this feeling? What's more, we've now been shown how to get our own thoughts and feelings and drive out a powerful movement without any hidden agenda out there to the masses … look on the bright side of the hidden blessings we can take from this entire experience.

    • i agree to a certain extent that it is good that a new medium exists to bring about awareness, but the Lord wants us to keep watch and to be deceived not… this is a story of yesteryear and it is heart-retching to say the least and i truly wish that it never happened… nonetheless, there are more pressing matters at bay and we should not be easily persuaded to lose sight of the battle at hand by deceivers and flesh-pleasing seekers.

  99. maybe its too shallow, but other people thinks that the USA wants to help Uganda because they have discovered oil in their country. They would declare war and get the favor of the people.

  100. Hey VC! Thanks for this article.

    I am originally from the DRC and when I saw that a group of people were being mobilized to get the leader of the LRA, I was really happy…until I saw the Kony 2012 video.

    They are not telling the whole story and they damn right leave out the facts that Uganda is located near the Coltan mining source in the DRC and that the DRC troops have refused to let in Uganda's troops in order to search for Kony and are doing it on their own. ( OK the Congolese government is one of the worst in Africa so I believe they might have struck deals with the Chinese or whomever bids the highest).

    What is heartbreaking is that the people who endorse this idea ( movie stars, singers etc) have no idea what they are even talking about and they go around parading as if they are the latest experts on the matter.

    I almost attended the event in London! Thanks VC for this eye opening article (as always 😉

  101. Excellent.

    Excellent article.

    Why can't this article, your site, your knowledge become viral?

    The masses are beyond stupidity now that I fear we're never going open their eyes.

  102. Ok, I am from Uganda and Kony was (is) very bad years ago, more than 20 years ago. During all that time, he commited his attrocies and Uganda did not get any help from outside. But Behold! Oil is discovered and suddenly Uganda [needs] to be rescued!

    He is not even in Uganda anymore.

  103. Maybe now that Invisible Children raised all this awareness and funding coupled with the fact that the media has in turn begun scrutinizing their marketing and campaigning efforts, they will be held at a higher degree of accountability than before?

    I totally hear what you're saying and respect your point of view. At the same token, is it not better to bring awareness to the LRA and see people get involved as opposed to sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing?

  104. Just My Opinion on

    I personally don't like or agree with this article. Normally I love VCs articles because it opens my eyes to a new understanding, but in this case the article just made me angry. This is a video that really is just trying to help others besides ourselves. Though it may include some ideas that have been used to manipulate us, I strongly agree that it was used this time for good instead of evil. In the end I think they were very smart and handled this better than any other organization.

  105. I haven't read the article yet, but I felt I had to thank you immediately for this!

    As soon as we saw the inverted triangle flash on our screen, many of us immediately thought that this cause wasn't as pure as it seemed to be.

    I think many of us waited for this article and I'm really thankful to you for putting it out soon.

    This is just an appreciation post, hahah.

    Thank you so so so much, VC. Can't express how much I am grateful for educating us.

  106. Thank you V.C.

    "It's never been a peaceful world, and it may possibly never be.. ..until a one-world government comes to stay". This makes sense and perhaps if one thinks it through one will figure it out. It happens all of the time, everywhere around us – even in our various ''free'' homes and classrooms and neighborhoods and playing fields and communities etc. Some man must lead, govern perhaps, — even if by a set of laws, some clueless* men must make them. But who must this men be? Man must certainly look up to somebody, if not something, who will teach — if not make him understand — the phenomena of universe, including freedom. Essentially, Humanity is flawed! NWO agenda is only alarming simply because it's happening on a global scale. [thanks V.C. for your excellent works]

    …so don't you begrudge Illuminati; one-world government makes sense to them, too, and as for the sacrifices to be made in order to get through with the agenda, they may not have to be questioned.

    But if their agenda were rescuing, we would not cringe. The agenda have always been some clueless means to achieve some perfect world but have always fallen short by trails of remarkable evil, injury to humanity. If NWO is phony, then there must be some authentic alternative for Humanity to which all men will look up to.

  107. All the people that say the Kony movement is propaganda all say the same thing: that it's manipulative, speaks to people's emotions, that Kony is a bad guy and deserves to go down, that people don't realize that what they are pushing for is military action, and that Kony is no longer in Uganda.

    The thing is… THE VIDEO SAYS ALL THAT! It says in the beginning: "This is an experiment". You already know they are trying to make this viral and do things that would prompt you to share the video.

    Also, no one can deny that Kony needs to go down… of course they also need economic help but hello?? Do you know how much money Invisible Children is spending on RESTORING damage Kony has done?

    Furthermore, how can people not realize they are pushing for military action? The U.S. already has troops out there… we all know what soldiers do. Don't get all in a huff because we're trying to kill someone that everyone admits deserves to be killed.

    And about the arguement that is must be propeganda if celebrities are on board. That's not always the case. What some people don't realize is that Invisible Children has been around for a long time and their movement is already very strong… strong enough to get the attention of celebrities just like it has you and me.

    I'm naturally a skeptical person myself about these kind of things, but the attempts to debunk the Kony campaign have been truly pathetic.

    • I have nothing against people being charitable and having a genuine concern for the welfare of others, but once US politics becomes involved then I get concerned.

      The USA has always been on a crusade to democratize various countries they see as being incorrectly governed and seem to pick and choose evil bad men to chase after. No doubt Kony is a bad man, but he just seems to be the token evil man threatening YouTuber's freedom for 2012, perpetuating this so called 'war on terrorism'. What real threat is Kony to the rest of the world, or even Uganda at this stage?

      Africa is a diverse continent with so much beauty and flavour and all the developed world is shown is starving children with flies in their eyes, child soldiers, burning buildings and violence. This stereotype of Africa has never gotten old… Sadly Africa will always be seen as being in need of foreign aid and new governance.

      We have our fare share of problems over here… but there is a lot of poverty, crime & suffering in the slums and derelict areas in modern cities in the first world too. I believe in helping your own people first… charity begins at home.

  108. I'm a little confused by this, while I agree with the points made in the article, I do think if we remove the whole "agenda" element and zone in on the issue (which has been perverted) is that there are countries which are subjected to such attrocities. The eye opener for me, which forced me to a position to repent was how my world was so centred around me, how ungrateful I was and how I'm no one special but was just fortunate to be born in the UK where I have greater freedoms than those in other countries. If you take away that point then I dont think the video is wrong, because personally I didn't note the whole "illuminati/NWO" issue, I was instantly drawn to being a more charitable person (whether its through Invisible Children or not) and living a lifestyle that helps others on a day to day basis rather than taking everything for granted and not showing an "attitude of gratitude".

  109. Things like these just prove that the US government is incapable of doing ANYTHING out of goodwill. Even in the video itself the narrator states that the US government won't intervene if it doesn't effect them politically or economically. Which brings us to the coincidence of US troops being deployed in Uganda…. After oil was found. Yes, oil has been found in Uganda (some 2 billion barrels). And now the US all of a sudden wants to help.

  110. Lordhavemercy on

    Well….I fell for it…even though I saw the symbolism and the key celebrities to watch out for. They knew what to say and how to say it and true to form I crumbled emotionally and was calling for KONY's blood. Thankfully, my sister posted this article on facebook and I've been kickin' myself ever since. I removed the video post and "Stop Kony 2012" on my facebook and instead got back to my senses and posted this article up. They know what they are doing…and they do it well. Thank you Vigilant Citizen. Thank God for you.

  111. Maurice Rose on

    Professional Wrestler Roddy Piper starred in the 1988 John Carpenter cult classic, "They Live". Piper played a drifter turned saviour of the Human Race after discovering a pair of sunglasses that allow him to see the World's Elite for what they truly are, money hungry Aliens with a New-World-Order-like agenda; The Freemason's Jabulon – Africans have known about Jabulon for many, many Centuries and believe that Jabulon is the leader of the Chitauli and it is said that Umbaba/Jabulon ran away from an Eastern land during a power struggle with one of his sons, and he took refuge in Central Africa (Congo), where he hides in a cave, deep underground and it is said that under the Mountains of the Moon in Zaire is a great city of copper, of many thousands of shining buildings and there dwells the god Umbaba or Jabulon. And this god is waiting for the day when the surface of the Earth will be cleared of Human Beings so that he, and his children, the Chitauli, can come out and enjoy the heat of the Sun, the Chitauli took away great powers from Human Beings and they gave Human Beings a new power, the power of Speech; The Cold War played out in a number of "hotspots" throughout the World. For example, the locally devastating wars in Korea and Vietnam, as well as Angola, Congo, and Ethiopia/Somalia, were all fought by opposing factions backed to varying degrees by the Soviet Union and the United States; Over 1,000 Children disappear in South Africa, almost every month.

  112. Well, first of all, I'm quite ashamed to say that despite the symbolism and the obviousness of the NWO, I fell for this. Even though I told myself that the triangles, ID bracelets and celebrity endorsements meant only one thing [the NWO], I still tweeted about it, and posted the link on facebook.

    I think, like VC said, it really gets to your emotional side. I've been an avid supporter of helping children and people in need and giving charity, so it affected me. Though I tweeted and everything about it, I msged VC about the video a few times as soon as I saw the video.

    I can't believe they would be using such a sensitive topic to as an advantage to get something. Sick, really.

    Now, I've made it a point spreading information that Kony 2012 is a fake and the organization has lots of flaws, though we can help people through other organizations.

    This video is excellent and you cannot not believe it with all the proof the lady is providing:

  113. i knew it…I KNEW IT!!!! I ABSOLUTELY KNEW the ILLUMINATI NEW WORLD ORDER was behind this!! KILLUMINATI 2012!!!!!

  114. thanks VC! When I saw the video I knew something smelled rotten. I've spent some time living in working in East Africa and I know how easy it is to rope in ethnocentric Western youth when it comes to the problems facing the continent. Keep it up VC. I love reading your insightful articles.

  115. I knew it was propaganda by the way it was shoved down our throats. I ran from KONY and every which way I turned it was KONYx3 until I felt forced to watch. I formed an opinion before I watched the video or knew what KONY was !

    After watching the video allowing it to pull a few heart strings

    I held my thoughts. I knew the truth would surface and it did quicker than I thought. The Ugandan's themselves were the first to start speaking out. Oil is another word that started flying around.

    What I do like about the situation is that we have a lot of people waking up and now you can't just throw a video out there and the people eat it up. Time to come up with new methods. Manipulation is a thing of the past. 2 years ago they could have gotten away with it.

  116. I am surprised all that was understood from the video was the US trying to invade Uganda. Kony is bad, he and all like him are bad. They should be stopped. The US sent 100 people! God, prepare for the invasion. I agree Africas problems are much older and yes caused by interventon from other countries. The problem is that the problems continue, nothing us done and blaming others will not help. Do not agree on the strategy? Propose one better, complaining the big bad US is at it again just shows the lack of care for the problem. Doing is better than not. Critizicing is easy, making proposals, even not great ones, is what we all should do. Finally, no where in the video is any ody asking for military intervention or the death of Kony, that is what You read from it. What I read was, stop this man, stop kid soldiers and give a dam. Obviously contradicting this video also brings notariety to does that do it and promotes their own agenda and propaganda. Yes, I noticed that in the article. Again I believe we should all ask the best of people instead of looking for the worst.

    • Military intervention is the whole purpose of the video. What, you think tweeting or liking the video is going to get rid of Kony. And what do you suppose the brilliant minds behind the video meant by "stop Kony"? They're not going to say "kill him", but we can read between lines. Let's face it, we already know how the US military operates (i.e. Bin Laden, Rafael Trujillo, Pablo Escobar).

      “For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light” 2 Cor 11:15

  117. “For Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light” 2 Cor 11:15

    Thank you VC for once again exposing the elite and their sinister agenda of ushering in the New World Order . Deception and manipulation of the masses are their governing tools!!

  118. Great insight and analysis. I think this is spot on. People are being manipulated and their consent manufactured for further foul deeds by a very slick campaign. Whose interests does this serve?

    The intro re ‘In the past, when the government needed to justify the invasion of a country, the President would sit in front of the camera and tell the public why war should be declared in this area of the world’ was perhaps a slip of Freudian proportions. When did ‘invading’ any country become Ok and /or the norm? as opposed to right of self defence or coming to the aid of an alley under terms of pre existing agreements /treaties and the like. … OK the US has been invading other smaller /weaker countries with greater frequency in the last couple of decades- but at least people knew on some level that such actions were wrong or immoral on some level. Now people are being prepared far in advance of further invasions…under the guise of humanitarian interventions. Such barefaced lies and cynicism can be very corrosive- once people wake up and see how they have been conned into implementing someone’s greedy agenda[ mostly to late], many will become cynical and avoid any genuine movements to bring about change – for justice for all and human rights etc. This kind of ploy, breeds distrust. The medium hailed as the alternative news/info outlet to the corporate media will be viewed as another govt propaganda mouthpiece. This kind of exercise shows what the makers think of this generation- cannon fodder.

    it is very disturbing and disgusting that young people especially are being targeted in this way- it’s not a new hairspray brand or deodorant they are being hoodwinked into wasting money on, but possibly loosing their lives[ by joining up to fight the good fight] and perhaps killing other people whom they have never met and who have done them no harm…. Of course people should support the oppressed and work for justice etc, there are many non violent ways to do this without further the larger agenda to oppress everyone for profit.

    An antidote to this campaign might be humour- black humour. I am not an It person but I think someone should set up a spoof/rival website with the slogan ‘Save Koney …and his friends’. List as supporters all those dictators or oppressive govts which are West/US friendly with appropriate [made up] comments of encouragement and support from those leaders. Could also include some gems /quotations from US leaders in support of those other dictators and their foul deeds[ including any denials of wrong doing by those dictators] and the so called benefits of going to war to bring democracy to the people of foreign lands….whether they want this or not. Then juxtapose those statements, with some facts/references to each of these leaders’ human rights records etc….and stats on wars [ civilians and troops] and also which companies have tended to benefit from the aftermath of these wars of choice [ iraq/afganistan, libya etc]

  119. Thank God a quarter of my friends on facebook saw through it too – and they're not even VC readers! They actually researched the charity and decided hey, it's a bit shady…and spread the word. But definitely the tween to teen age gap is soaking it up like a sponge – they don't even THINK.

  120. Kony has really done a lot of in-human atrocities. I do not support KONY at all, but the moment i watched the video, i knew there was something off about it. Firstly, i realized that KONY was the 1st on the ICC's list and Ghadafi was somewhere 24th. I was like, if KONY is 1st and Ghadafii 24th, why wouldn't the worst guy be captured first. if the US claims they care about others and what leaders do, why didn;t they care about the children of uganda? the people had to push them to take action? ooh, i know! ghadaffi was a real threat to the activities of the west in africa, so with ghadafi gone, everything would be simple.

    Secondly, if you wanna catch a bad guy, why do you make it public? it would only make it more difficult cause the guy would only hide and prevent capture.

    Also, the whole pyramid thing was disturbing.

    Africa is a money making continent for the west, they've always controlled africa but gaining full control and support from the masses is what would make it sensible.

    I'm an african and there is no other way to let you all know how the west controls us,how manipulative they've been and why mist of us want to migrate to the western world. Africa has never been the same since slavery and colonization and the western government would stop at nothing till they fully control our gold, diamond, oil, vegetation, governments, among others. and sometimes it's funny because the most caring people in the world are actually some americans, but i guess their government is nothing like them!

    let's stop KONY and let's stop western invasion!

  121. I read this article a few nights ago and yeah you are spot on but was just watching the 10 O Clock show on channel 4 in the UK and they are talking about it right now wow Invisible Children are a huge company it seems or they must be with the amount of finances they must have to make all these videos!! http://www.youtube.com/user/invisiblechildreninc?…

    Id definitely recommend anybody from the US or the UK to have a look at tonights 10 O Clock show 14th March 1012

    Just shocking. LMAO Angeline Jolie talking about Kony as if shes known about him for years, they just said " do you think Angelina Joile is pissed off that hes managed to abduct more children than she has" lol The whole thing is very sinister and really quite scary too, the agenda they are pushing that is not Kony, not that am sure he isnt scary but well….. we are all becoming more aware of things like this and what they really are about thanks to people like VC!!! Excellent article.

  122. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8435293/kony-pre

    recent article – what's the story with this?


    "One of the things (his commanders) do say is that he's got supernatural power. He has direct contact with divine powers. So, apparently, he’s been able to predict many things that have happened.

    "And that’s one of the ways he controls their minds, because he has supposedly 12 spirits that give him orders and commands. And he also claims he is working on the spirits' orders."

  123. I just finished watching the video and do not have time to read all of the postings. I agree with the above article in that it does seems like reverse propaganda in that it promotes war and deceives people into thinking that they really have a voice in government, but what should be done to stop people like Kony?

  124. Thankyou Vigilant Citizen. I had another few 'stop and go wow moments' reading this article. Although Im not entirely sure that the US government is really interested in mobilising troops on any large scale war, remembering that Uganda is hugely impovrished and that the LRA is no longer operating withing Uganda. I understand your points here though. There are still some things that will remain to be seen for the meantime. I immediately got suspicious and rubbished this video when confronted with all my freinds posting it. I thought surely there can't suddenly be a cause where the masses are united in defeating a convicted war criminal there is no such thing as a mass of good will, previously uneducated on this to unite for justice without being brainwashed and manipulated by the elite. The elite are looking for more elaborate ways to decieve the public and hats off to Invisible children for what is a well played propaganda tool to distract the masses in what is a big year ahead. There is so much to say about this I could go on forever. Lets keep our eyes open.

    Also those bracelets with coded numbers creep me out… being used for FEMA camps in future? Alot remains to be scene just keep on guard and remember that the return of Christ is ever nearing.

  125. your head is in the right place to question military action in Uganda, and question whether this is propaganda. However, THIS time… it isn't. It's people who geniunely would like a madman stopped. The government has ignored this problem for over a decade… if it was a priority to them they would have done it long ago. They don't CARE what "the facebook generation" thinks. Otherwise they wouldn't be in Iraq or Afghanistan. This video is too smart to be made by anyone within the government

  126. Thanks VC. I saw about the first 7 minutes or so of this video a few weeks ago and thought straight away there's something very wrong with this video. I simply couldn't watch the remainder as it felt like watching a propaganda video. After watching a few like minded youtube responses and doing a couple of hours research i felt exonerated for not jumping on the bandwagon like everyone else seemed to. Great article bringing forward a few more points I hadn't considered.

  127. you know i was just about to write to VC about covering this cause it looks and smells like BS to me. Kony been doing these thing for how long 26 years and now they want to do something about it. no no no that's not how it works huns plus on the side note the people of Uganda say his been dead for five or six years. soooo on that note thank you VC for covering this.

  128. for once in my life i will have to say VC what t heck are you saying .

    do you VC have a solution to save the kids?

    not once in this article you talked about the children and the people being torture.

    every article is about the new world order and the Illuminati … so what they already working hard and all we do here is talk . no solution

    write an article on solution.

    • Thats because there is no easy solution alphaomega… what would you do? attack Joesph Kony? and in doing so.. you'l l need too attack all his child soldiers. thus killing innocent children who have been forced and brainwashed to pick up a gun for him… What solutions are there to this problem without killing more children?

      also VC – you should mention that the army the IC want to use to take Kony down, are accused of some of the same atrocities as Kony… how is using an army that has blatant disregard for human life, going to bring someone to justice that is just like them?

      • one Again …. all you say is its not a solution. se we should just wait and see them dies anyways.

        and talk and write books and movies and make money of their story.

        is not to complicated.

  129. I really think the author of this article has missed the point entirely. It was not the aim to send troops to fight, as had been done by the US in Afganistan and Vietnam, rather to send advisors, hence the low number of troops sent. The experiment was not about creating a way to manipulate millions of youth through propaganda and mass marketing, that's been done to death by Mao in the Chinese revolution, and so many others. There is no experiment here.

    Rather the experiment is about how can the world work together in a more globalized, unified community to share information, solve complex problems, keep the world safe, bad guys stopped and powerful guys accountable. It's easy to be synical and skeptical, but this kind of thinking destroys the possibility of people working together as a community. A new way of thinking is required to make the good changes for our future, such as environmental issues, economic and humanitarian issues.

    Rather than criticize how it was done or spend time undermining people's intention, let's put our brains to work to figure out how we can all work together more effectively to solve global problems…then I will consider the conversation intelligent and productive. That, I believe, is the philosophical point of Kony 2012, the practical point is not to engage in war, rather to capture Kony and hold him to account

    Both the philosophical point, and practical point I support entirely, event if the method of delivery may scare some people

    • thank you so much …we need to find solution.

      i think vc made ok points but talking about it in this manner makes it seem like child soldiers are the iluminati.

      • the point of these articles is awareness, which is the first step to solutions.

        the solution is to be educated, aware, organized, to plan long term, and to do it ourselves and *not* fall prey to people or organizations who are absolutely not working in the world's best interests, and who make their criminal activities look charitable.

        only when we educate ourselves can we recognize who the *real* criminals are, and then search for truth and solve problems according to that.

        the article doesn't make the kids look like illuminati, it shows us the incredible danger of falling prey to propaganda and serving harmful interests – that entire multitudes of people can easily end up being pawns for the illuminati. why are we so lost in our own little bubble lives that we needed to hear about KONY to give a damn about african kids? if we can figure that out, maybe we can start solving some problems.

      • the article also highlighted the *real* problems, which are very far removed from this KONY hype. and those are severely long term, political problems. start working on those. you or a bunch of people who're not going to be fooled by propaganda that will bring more harm to Ugandans – you can learn about uganda, research on how to get there, find out the problems people are *really* suffering from (and you're not likely to get the truth from the KONY2012 team) and set up stalls for free medical services/education, whatever you want. we can't change the world, but we can change the people around us. so go and be around the people you want to help, maybe you'll figure out something better. whatever you do, stay educated and don't get fooled by propaganda – it might actually destroy people in the disguise of helping.

  130. now that I can watch the video with a clearer head, I;m going to watch it.

    I haven't seen it yet, but I didn't understand the hype i've been seeing; do people think this stuff isn't happening unless they are told about it? did we simply forget about topics such as Rwanda?

  131. Yea so my best friend lives in the ivory coast and she was pissed about the entire Kony 2012 propaganda media circus. Her dad is secretary to the president and he's also into some things of the shadier nature and he said that Kony isn't even IN Uganda! Smh the masses are yet again being duped by elitist, manipulative, emotional bs…

    Although I hate them i can totally understand why they call the masses sheep. No thinking for yourself, we merely need to start a trend and you will follow. How terribly sad.

    • Have you ever asked your friend why her country is not helping and we have to wait for westerners to help our own people.

      its easy to criticize begin a desk . secretary of the president : he i sucking the life out of his own people .

      im born and bred but our african nations has been cowardly towards issues like this.

  132. BeWiseAsSerpents on

    So…I finally decided to devote the thirty minutes of life required to watch this video in its entirety. I must say I am almost surprised about a few things, one being that this is getting beat up pretty badly even by the major mainstream media (CNN, Huffington Post, Guardian UK, etc..hardly 'underground' media…not to suggest that latter is not quite easily controlled itself as it obviously quite often is. One guess is that it is simply too embarrassing and blatant for anyone to want to attach themselves to (journalists, anyway). I do not see how it would be possible to present oneself as a 'serious' journalist and at the same time offer support for this cause. Choosing to support this agenda and then pretending not to be able to see through this video..er..experiment would be a tall order. Surely (I would think) one would need to be either in a some kind of borderline 'vegetable' state or otherwise be one of the many some ones currently unboxing their 'Action Pack' (without a hint of irony in mind) to possibly pass for being dense enough not to see this for what it is.

    That this seems to already be going down in flames based upon articles and whatnot within many "news" sources, the 'celebrity' backing seems pretty solidified. Admittedly, I say this having spent very little time corroborating this presumption, but it would appear that way. I did get to see a bit of George Clooney's smugly delivered foolishness, that was enough. Now, I recognize that the idea is obviously to reach those poor souls who have good hearts and intentions, yet have been dumbed down so as to not find this line up questionable, like..oh…a couple of people who are, among other things, known war criminals how have yet to stand trial that are making up the political 'posse'. And then, on the 'entertainment' front, unless I am mistaken they appear to have chosen a exclusively Illuminati (funded) all-star squad of talent- less droids from the music industry, along with a few alleged handlers and over-exposed actors and actresses, and lets not forgot the U*N* rep. (or ornament) Angelina Jolie. If these automatons are still backing this farce, along with the WMD crew sticking to the present agenda, there media disconnect seems to be something of a contradiction here, yet doubt accidents happen very often matter like these.

    I had to wonder just how long this one has been planned. Is it actually possible that they really underestimated the intelligence of the populace? Did this almost immediate backlash actually take them by surprise? I suppose the 'artists' probably say the hell with it at any time and their fans may well only be able to recall a day or two back anyhow, so perhaps they can just drop out silently. Still, with as many 'players' and the obvious amount of money be pumped into this turd, I simply sucked so bad on so many levels that I can't make sense of it. Perhaps it is a psy-op within a psy-op, which could explain why they could justify the decision to allow that film-maker, who seems to possess almost superhuman abilities as to be so inexplicably annoying and insincere that I find it difficult see anyone could expect him to be taken seriously…(?)

    Futherermore, I was taken aback that I had been completely unaware that we longer inhabit planet Earth, for according to the video we now live in/on FACEBOOK WORLD (truly an explosion of unlimited creativity was put into the decision). Perhaps everyone by this point that has read the above article has seen this 'film', or 'experiment' by now, I don't know. The mediocrity of this work cannot be overstated, but there are a few areas in particular that caught my attention…besides the buffet of subliminals and a hefty serving of neuro-linguistic programming…. Thus, I apologize in advance for the play by play here, honestly. It is really only with outlandish sarcasm can I substitute what could otherwise become a building rage. For me it is a preferable substitute. In any case, starting around 6 minutes or so:


    6 mins:15 seconds – Cue major emotional manipulation, continue to build. Careful editing to produce desired reaction.

    7 mins : 30 sec. – Introduction of the synthesis. Keywords/phrases spoken in the kind of tone an 11 year babysitter might address a child (or adult): "We (we who, this guy? He isn't a 'we') are going to do everything we can (what exactly does everything mean?) to stop them" "Do you know what I mean?" (not really….please elaborate)

    8 mins 00 seconds – cue motivational build-up. Begin the 'priming' phase, the technique used by many, from motivational-speaker types, shady psychologists, and false ministries, etc. Soon enough the viewer has been primed for the message to come (with a some scattered images potentially unsettling enough to score a few mild trauma points as well. So these people 'truly' believe they are backing a good cause with no strings attached while working alongside an honest and sincere team, but just for good measure they go ahead a standard NLP package along with what I imagine to be quite a few subliminal flashes (OBEY was one), but I am not going to analyze it. Thus far the video speaks for itself, terribly, anyway.

    8:20 – Introducing the support base. I imagine little briefing is necessary. Does anyone have any ideas? Too bad. We already have one and (quote)"I am going to tell you exactly how we are going to do it".

    8:30 – We will change the world forever. That is quite a statement. What good timing too, what with all of us ready to 'evolve' this year be it 3 string DNA, or the transhumanist route…maybe add 1/3 alloy plating upgrades, or the blanket new age cult 'ascention' back to our star bodies bs….all the popular elements of the 2012 super-mega-ultra-hoax should be great motivational concepts.

    Then this: Expires December 31st, 2012? Why? Does everyone give up at that point, no matter what has been accomplished? Is this a contest? – – –

    8:50 – Cue rock music. They do know our weakness. Maybe this is cool after all.

    9:05 – Cue emotional manipulation, phase II. Honestly, do I come off as jaded and cynical here, or is this just plain terrible? I'd rather the former be the case, but I have to say the latter is more likely. Does the term ''coercion" apply here? How about "That is your own kid?" Is this not a 'subtle' form of psychological abuse of one's kid in turn for the manipulation of 'his' audience? As an individual allegedly committed to to the well being of children, he provides us a wonderful example here by explaining to his own 4 year old child the horrors of war…of children being dragged away screaming in the middle of the night, being armed with automatic weapons and force to mow down their parents….Truly providing a shining example of a good daddy here. This man is despicable.


    13:05 – Son! Son! Time to read your lines again…

    And, I liked this one a few second later "Stop him (Kony)….then solve other problems…" A master of tactics, indeed.

    And finally, at 18:30, Surprise Surprise. The good folks in D.C. had an 'unexpected' change of heart after all. Okay, if you guys really…really… insist, I guess we will go ahead and begin deploying units in yet another country for yet another occupation. Practice makes perfect, eh?Applause, Applause. I wonder how much that building their headquarters is located ran…looks kinda fancy. No matter…

    Meh…I'll stop there for the sake of all as well as myself. The parts before and after aptly speaks themselves as well. So apparently, this guy gets a salon haircut, is allowed advanced notice filmed meetings with D.C officials, who initially claim to have no interest in anything but power and global control and thus told them they were SOL. Not to be dismayed, this all changed, they are going to go after this bad guy after all (perhaps in a time machine that will take them 5 or 6 years back into the past when he was actually allegedly in the country and this matter was still taking place. No time machine? Oh, I was given the impression THE ENTIRE TIME this was a present day issue of immediate importance. Alas, "all of this was funded by an army of young people". Was a better choice of words not available here, or are we to take that term in it's generally understood context?

    Final comments

    1) I saw an interview today in with this chode and his attorney and they were fielding some of the backlash questions (guess who did 85% of the talking). The issue was mentioned, basically: Q: "You are aware that Kony has not been in Uganda for over 5 years now, yet you did not feel this a need to relay this information in the film?" followed by, and this is almost verbatim A: "Well, we need a bad guy in order to organize and focus the movement". That was at least…honest.

    2) By the way, sorry if this has been mentioned already, but they plan to 'cover the night' on what day? April 20th? What a coincidence they would choose Hitler's birthday huh? I suppose they don't really plan these things ahead, and likely just pick the date out of a tumbling bingo ball or something and go from there. I suppose it is possible that it occurred to absolutely no one that picking almost any other day than that April 20th would be far greater idea. But then, they are just activists after all, I guess they shouldn't be expected to have any background regarding war criminals and the like. Coincidence I guess…

    • A: “Well, we need a bad guy in order to organize and focus the movement”. That was at least…honest.

      What???? where?? link please!

    • "As an individual allegedly committed to to the well being of children, he provides us a wonderful example here by explaining to his own 4 year old child the horrors of war…of children being dragged away screaming in the middle of the night, being armed with automatic weapons and force to mow down their parents….Truly providing a shining example of a good daddy here. This man is despicable. "

      Thank you! I can't believe I got this far down in the comments and nobody mentioned the foul use of his own child (if that really is his child) in this video. Can a 4 year old distinguish between one particular black man and all black men? Does a 4 year old understand the geographical concept of Africa as opposed to down the street and around the corner? How is this not traumatizing to that kid? I guess they're only concerned about the well-being of children on other continents. But then this guy thinks is great fun to help his kid make videos blowing up stuff including some random lady's fat butt so that's the level of consciousness we're dealing with. It's unfathomable to me how so many people got duped by this.

  133. http://mspoliticalcommentary.blogspot.com/2012/03

    This is from an article somebody posted a little earlier:

    This is classic “Problem-Reaction-Solution” strategy as David Icke has written about in his books.

    It works like this. The US public and the world will be appalled at an American invasion of Uganda to steal their oil, so they create a “Problem” namely Joseph Kony and his exploits.

    It causes a “Reaction” from the public…screaming, “Something must be done”.

    Then they offer the “Solution”, which is the invasion of Uganda…

    Bam! The oil is theirs and everyone is happy. Another bad bogeyman has been killed or captured. And on top of it they can plant their World Army in Africa called Africom (whose temporary headquarters are in Stuttgart Germany) to further secure minerals and other riches in Africa.

  134. article says

    In symbolism, an inverted sign means that it stands for the opposite of the regular sign. In other words, TRI is about war.

    re the inverted peace sign.

    but, by that argument, using the inverted illuminati triangle means they stand for the opposite of illuminate, right..

    can't have it both ways…

  135. This is propaganda indeed! Kony was flashed out of Uganda in 2005 by gov't forces(UPDF), he is beleived to be in central Africa. People in N.Uganda have since been re-settled by the Ugandan gov't. There's peace now and a promising future for the people. I wonder why help did not come in at the time it was most needed, why at such a time as this??

    Yesterday youths in N. Uganda(Lira Town) disrupted screening of the controversial film "Kony 2012", it ended prematurely after a group of youths attacked the organisers, the disgruntled youths pelted the organisers with stones, they said the film only brought back sad memoories of war and also accused the organisers who also included inetrnational journalists of seeking to profit from their misery.

    Thx V.C, keep up the good work!

    greetings from Uganda

  136. if that Kony guy has been doing what he is doing for the last 30 years,then why is he being targeted only in 2012??is Uganda the next Afghanistan??i mean america intervened Afghanistan 11 years ago(2001) and NWO was declared 11 years before that.so 11+11+11=33 which is action.so is this the final step?

  137. …so where is all this headed???

    if the NWO argument is fair and right, then the Illuminati is fighting a winning battle — a one-world government is thus, SURE in the near future.

    What happens . . . ?

    Nobody should accuse Illuminati perhaps; they are a smart industry taking advantage of the flaws of humanity to make living worthwhile. Simple! Their actions however, may cause grave injuries to humanity, but often times they attempt to take responsibility, try to help the outcomes and repercussions as much as they think they should. They may not be living for you and that is what we ought to understand. They are pretty serious about their business, and so must everybody be.

    The only reason to brand them 'evil' is setting them on a 'righteousness' pedestal, then you may accuse them — of lacking love. So let him who is 'righteous' call the Illuminati 'evil'.

    So Humanity is flawed! But i'll tell you of the loving wisdom of the Creator of our universe: When all was evil and shame, a second Adam came to the fight, and to the rescue came.

    Everyone needs compassion, Love that's never failing;

    Everyone needs forgiveness, the kindness of a Saviour; The Hope of nations.

  138. Kony 2012 ?

    Joseph Kony, and his army have not been seen or heard from in 6 years.

    Yes it is it been happening since the 80"s now all of a sudden people care ?

    Yes. The Uganda Government have been using child soldiers since the beginning of their regime. They are trying to get you to think Kony is the one that cuts and mutilates children.

    Uganda and that area of the world is full of Oil and other natural resources, so our government will go there eventually. They are just trying to make YOU agree with the madness.The act of demanding our government to kill an evil man is an eery resemblance of what happened after 9/11. INVADE IRAQ!! cried the patriots of America. Turned out to really be a war for oil.

    To establish a military presence. The video that sparked the movement completely appeals to ethos, or emotion. It was meant to pull on the young and naive americans heart strings. (Note at the beginning of the vid Jack russel states "This is an experiment."). I was uber down for the cause UNTIL I did the research and found facts the video never stated.

    #1 Kony hasnt been to Uganda in 6 years as other ppl have stated. A little late yeah?

    #2 Uganda sits on one of Africas largest oil reserves. Furture investment be established military presence on the demand of the american ppl? YOU decide!

    #3 The Uganda government is just as corrupt as Kony be erradicating ppl of their own lands by voilence and brute force(burning down homes, murder, ect) for a tech carbon industry worth 1.8 billion.

    #4 The guy who did the Kony 2012 vid (Jack Russel) made 89,000 last year. Non-profit organization? riiight.

    #5 According reliable sources who watch charity organizations, Invisible children donates only 35% of its donations to the Uganda government.

    They are making money on the kits.

    They paid themselves MASSIVE salaries for doing the video.

    They are making money on the advertising on various sites including YouTube.

    They are making money on sites AGAINST KONY 2012 that they create.

    They are making money and you folks are the suckers EVERY time you start a post.

    They are making money in all directions – this is a well-thought out scam. You are being used.


    DON'T buy the kits.

    DON'T watch the video.

    DON'T post questions or posts about it except to answer posts with "Stop posting about this scam".

    DON'T participate except to shame the scammers.


    Don't watch the video, you just end up giving money to them for the advertising funds they receive and the scam goes on. You are being used for even that.

    Please, everyone, stop posting about this. You're being used. There are more than 400 open questions about Kony on this site. They are USING you.

    And if you are spamming for them, thank you for giving us the forum for ANSWERING with the facts. It will not work, we are on to you.

    If Kony 2012 hadn't spammed us all to death with this garbage, they wouldn't be facing this.

    We're SO tired of them. NOBODY post any question about KONY.

    DO respond to every single one telling them to SHUT UP!

    We're being scammed and spammed, massively. You should all respond and let people know every time they post this nonsense.

    • Thanks for the info. I thought that whole Congo region was rich in resources. (Why are we still in Afghanistan? There's precious metals in them there hills!!)

      How diabolical to use young folks to okay an invasion. No generation is so smart that a way can't be found to make them swallow the koolaid.

  139. I have a question or even a statement. But did anyone else catch in the video (and maybe I heard wrong as well) but it said that on April 20th (Hilters Birthday) they want to basically put pictures and stuff up everywhere about KONY. And then in the video he's says that the video would only be airing until Dec. 31st. How come? Is there a reason or Does anyone else find that a little strange? Again maybe I heard it wrong or something but if anyone would like to fill me in that would be great! Thanks!!!

  140. I was listening to a radio show here in Ireland this AM (the John Murray show, RTE Radio one) and by chance there was an Irish journo in Uganda and, by phone to the show, was saying she was sucked into this "crap" at first until she spoke to people on the ground, who couldn't understand why this is being highlighted now as life is returning to normal (people coming home from refugee camps and displacement camps) and rebuilding there lives in peace. She was told by the people Kony has been out of the country since 2006, and the last attack took place in 2007. So maybe these gung-ho youngsters should maybe ask the people of Uganda how they feel, and whether or not they want the good ole US of A "liberating them".

    Just my tuppence worth.

  141. ScaredlittleGirl on

    Can anybody (in simple language) please explain to me what is supposedly going to happen on the 22/12/2012?

    • Probably a lot of nothing 😉

      Doomsday hype has been around for centuries. This is no different from every other day that the world was supposed to end.

      Unless the government does something crazy, don't expect any asteroids or meteors or anything.

  142. It is scary to think that people in my class are so hung up on this campaign that they fail to see the ACTUAL meaning. They actually think that finding Joseph Kony will get rid of child soliders, when it is most likely there are loads of Kony's. Plus, the fact that Uganda has a large oil supply, it seems obvious that the US government may just start a similar war in Uganda (like in Afgan & Iraq) just to satisfy their needs. After all, the video states itself that the US government will only interfer if it affects THEMESELVES.

  143. Oops, this was meant to be in response to a negative comment further up the page. If anybody finds it, please can you tag the name!

    Danke :)

    • BeWiseAsSerpents on

      Oh..failed to mention the only other reason I had initially chosen to post. I am not stating this as an original idea by any means, and it quite likely has been addressed by now but…

      This has got to be a somescreen

      A diversion from one or a number of things…

      I am starting to suspect that youtube has scheduled 'Apocalypse' days, or drills. Currently, or last time I was on, there seemed like dozens if not hundreds of brain new videos. A whole lot more blue-beam stuff, much regarding the Olympics rumors, 15 different mutant hybrids on the loose, and much much more.

      I will no doubt go back and take another look, but I do recall quite well this happening before, a flood of videos all the sudden one day that likely caused a lot of panic attacks in people, and I was certain a bit…concerned…by the sheer volume of weirdness I admit. But I didn't wake up in a pod the next day, so I am going to throw in the possibility that this could be some kind of intentional 'head-scrambling' exercise. Some new experiment where they upload a ton of videos of super-weird videos to reiterate that everything is going to get weirder from here on out. Or at least, if that is what continues to be presented. When I go outside things suddenly get much more normal.

      Well, now I am tempted to go look again…

  144. did anyone catch the colors and pattern of the little kids sweater? the child being presented with the two pics by the hand of an unseen person….very peculiar, no?

  145. BeWiseAsSerpents on

    *anony says:

    March 15, 2012 at 7:16 am

    A: “Well, we need a bad guy in order to organize and focus the movement”. That was at least…honest.

    What???? where?? link please! *

    Aha…a fair request, by that point I was so disillusioned that I was even taken by surprise enough to recall the link. It exists:


    —————It is at 1:32———-

    "Because of the Zeitgeist and the culture of the world, we need an enemy".

    An eloquent statement. Nothing brings people together like an international witch-hunt that focuses on horrific war crimes against humanity. That upside down 'peace' sign is making more sense every day. And do notice he actually says something even more foolish by continuing to explaining this further. He goes on to make it abundantly clear that they actually picked off of a 'Top Bad Guys' (only those with foreign sounding names) 'most-wanted' list. "He is number one" he says, and besides it was his choice anyway, "the world decided this". I can't believe everyone on the planet has already agreed. C'mon with this guy. He sounds like he is talking to his mom, and she is so like totally not even getting like what it is he is trying


    I had actually given up, deciding I would have to recant that quote because I couldn't watch anymore. Oh, and there is bonus too, right around + or – the 2:00 min mark he talks about, um, cannibalism. This time we are informed that they don't just have to shoot their parents, sometimes, you got eat em' to.

    That was also an interesting choice of words to have picked, Zeitgeist, that is. I mean, not that it does not fit in the statement, it does (especially in German), but I notice a stong emphasis being placed here and there in an attempt to synthesize some kind of more acceptable personality. I do imagine the word was specifically chosen due to more recent connotations it has built up that particular word has built up now over the last few years. Heh…quite likely a connection, I hardly be surprised.

    But anyway, we do know that these guys know what is going down, right? Didn't mention he mention knowing how to say the word 'propaganda'? (I don't think he knows the definition though) This finger the apparently have on the pulse of the nation would explain why their minions (no offense to any minions) have already invaded the forums to 'hang' with us 'researchers' and ask us what are favorite colors are, and whether their we think their campaign it pretty allright or whether it is an utterly humiliating disaster of Micheal Bay proportions. Well, I like Blue, and I choose the second answer.


    Oh, but by the way…

    Both of these fellas, or so its appear to me, are indeed quite funny to watch. They seem do hand gestures for one another, kind to accentuate or add additional emphasis to each other with facial and hand gestures, somewhat subtly but it is there. Then I began to ponder to mysel as to how it truly baffles in that either he is completely devoid of any concept of using discretion, or he is purposely bringing up cannibalism now in this second/follow-up interview to capitalize on the 5 minutes that he has another opportunity to horrify us? But then I kind of tuned it out for a moment, and watched them, and for some reason…

    I was still pondering that flesh-eating lack of judgement call comment call ( I like to bring up cannabalism on my 3 or 5 interview…then a though clicked in my head. And for the record I do not I don't generally subscribe to either of these topics. They do make appropriate

    2012 scenarios though:

    But as I blankly took in the awkwardness I was witnessing, the (very) odd statement about eating humans suddenly had me imagining for a second if that totally out of no where, they had done enough trying to explained and both of the shape-shifted into Lizardmen right before our eyes. I think this would be one of the only scenarios that such a thing could happen and I fall over laughing rather than run.

    Maybe it would turn out that all along the Lizardborne had been writing our sitcoms, making 80's films, all the mainstream pop and country music, the jokes for awards shows, and dammit, they are sick and tried us complaining about how terrible their work is and how difficult we are to please. Then immediately you'd remember all of the people you'd met in the past that had given off that peculiar "something is wrong" vibe and presume they had likely de-cloacked as well, all those people we have suspected to be shapeshifters over the years. This would explain why some people seem to lack any sort of sense of humor. It would all make since. Lizards.

    That is as far as I got, but I suppose for a grande finale David Icke could come twirling into the room clad in a Turquoise jumpsuit doing psi-onic electro-cart-wheels and vanquishes all foes in technical rainbow explosions. Unfortunately, we'd end up being forced to worship him due to him saving us and all. He would shower and ate like 7 eyes a day, then 3 days later come to find out this whole scenario had was actually the 'grand delusion' and we all failed, trapped with the dark master that had long been our midst, all along he had been a inconspicuous super- spy.


    The other 'arrival' dazed scenario, just a passing thought and much shorter thought, was perhaps conversely these two guys are actually be Peladians (sp?). However, they are just a pair of space-custodians or something, and while they were docked in Antarctica just kind of wandered off the mother ship in an absent-minded daze. A year passes and that had ended up starting a business venture. Meanwhile, the representatives from Ashtar command have flown around the Earth 4 times frantically trying to find these fools, knowing with much despair each second that passes that their first impression with first contact was no doubt going far too terrible to conceive.

  146. Didn't Read All on

    Wonder if there's any connection with pics from Madonna's tour rehearsal pics where they're all posing with guns. So, what will Gaga feature in her tour to help trigger people? Is this part of the experiment, too?

  147. Oh I just KNEW that there was something behind it ! Call it instincts , or just the overly obvious signs , but while i watched the video i got the feeling that something just wasn't right , something didn't click . My brother said that I had such a cold heart , but following VC through the years thought me that you should never believe in something celebrities (that are accosiated with mind control) and politicans are supporting and that you should question everything. And what's up with the triangles and '' new world '' talk all the time ? I litterally felt DUMB while watching the video , they even used a small child '' to make us understand it all '' I mean common ?! How far can they acctually go with trying to control us and make us feel stupid AND guilty ?

    I wish people that are fooled by this would read this article and understand the real intentions of Kony 2012 , but like always people will just ''go with the flow '' and support this agenda without re-searching anything about it , just like the elite wanted .

    VC , Thank you for trying to open eyes and exposing the dark but true side of this mad world we're in .

    And people i here , share this site with EVERYONE you know so they can also see the ugly side of everything going on .

    If we really want a change in the world , the answer won't just be killing Kony off or sending American trops into Uganda ( which i am sure isn't with the intention to just kill Kony *OIL* ) , because there will always be many , many konys and evil people in this world , the answer would be to wake up the world and make them see that those Konys are acctually ruiling over them without them knowing anything at all .

    Love and peace to you all

    M Z

  148. Laura Fraser on

    The funny thing is, when I first heard about this, I didn't want to jump on any conclusions straight away. I like to get as much understanding of something, before I can make my own judgement. KONY 2012, literally flooded Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube and I knew something was considerably wrong. Although, the rate it was going viral was adequate for civilians, (as VC puts it) we all want to be heroes.

    One night after work, a colleague of mine was talking about KONY and the group that was on facebook to paint the streets red and hold banners up to protest against him. But that's what they want. They want us to run around like headless chickens, vandalising properties and generally looking out of control.

    After reading this, it really has scared me how wise they are getting. It appears that they are just forever improving their methods of annihilating us.

    Why demand so much power? Only God can save us.

    Brilliant article VC.

  149. Unbelievable I have been a reader of vigilant for quite some time now and I try extremely hard to not let myself be swept by the current of modern brainwashing but the first time i saw this video i was completely sold. I'm a senior at my high school in california and this video was shown to me by my government teacher, he didn't give us a reason of why he showed it to us, but he did add that it "was important to us to be aware of kony and this new movement." The fact of the matter that i was able to be "bought" by the true message of the video is just proof that this new way of "brainwashing" actually works, even despite the fact that I'm aware of stuff like this. This new way of "brainwashing" the youth is very clever, very scary and very effective. This is wrong and I don't know what to do. So many kids at my school bought this, posters were put up all over my school. I feel as if all my school just fell for this mind trick. How can we reverse this?!

  150. so what ever is going on with the kids is an act its not real gosh i did fall for it until I was reading all the comments against the video. thanks VC now I know this is just another NWO agenda

  151. Thank you for this article. I think anyone with brains noticed this video was a joke but you pointed out a few things most of us didn't notice.

  152. I have friends in Australia, and they said the Kony 2012 video aired on their national television with NO commercial interruptions… they said they've had important televised conferences that have never been broadcasted that way! All of them think it's just another excuse to invade a country and rob it of its resources. They don't give a damn about the people. They found a video tape in 2006 is a British reporter who interviewed him easily. So if a reporter can find him, why do troops have to rally over there to get him. Who knows, he may already be dead, ya just never know. I was watching it and I love the whole "we stand together" vibe, but initially, i didn't understand the dog bracelets, or Kony id tags. Then I felt the video was over the top with the obvious attempt to tug at heart strings. When I saw the celebs participating in the movement, I knew right away something was up. At first I was going to buy the kit, i was rilled up lol , but after i did my own research, I came to the conclusion that this was BS. And the whole blanket the night thing in April. Now let me get this straight, the cops are gonna permit signs everywhere and not stop anyone? If they do then you know it's an elite plot. And if awareness is all they wanted, hey they got it. So why do that, probably to just dupe people out of money. So no I won't be supporting this "movement" but damn they are tricky! lol

  153. What if we all actually get bracelets and register on the website with out information but then only post things like this about the video? I mean, what if we post a link to this post on VC and we expose the other side of things? Does it make any difference? I mean if they are gonna track us and everything related to the subject, maybe we can show them we are aware. Maybe we can actually make a difference.

  154. Have you guys noticed the pre-programming going on?

    Lord of War with Nicholas Cage featured a big deal out of the name KONO. They change the name of their ship to KONO. It also has African warlords who use children to fight.

    Book of Mormon, the musical comedy by the directors of South Park, is about a Uganda warlord who kills people.

    • Yes, huge oil and natural gas reserves have been recently discovered in Uganda by UK oil company, Tullow Oil. The find has been dubbed one of the most important for decades.

  155. MountainHome on

    When is everyone going to become tired of sacrificing their children and spouses for these continual foreign wars and 'police actions' for corporate profits?

  156. MaryBeth Ingberg on

    Wish the inner-city public school children in Chicago (CPS) would get as much support from similar folks: those with financial and technical resources! The brown and black children in Chicago's south and west sides are not 'worthy' of attention, investment? That said, why are the children featured in KONY 2012 somehow not deserving of this attention and potential relief simply because some other arrogant, privileged and cynical white people don't like the slick, moneyed presentation of KONY 2012? I have no problem with the new media utilized for KONY 2012. When the telephone was invented, US Pres. Rutherford B. Hayes said it was an interesting invention but who would ever want to use it!? My first thought about the film recalled the patronizing great white missionary saving the 'dark continent.' However, I was encouraged to discover the real commitment of the film's creator who honored his promise to Jacob. After about 10 years the US finally paid attention and made a tangible commitment! Similar criticism was levied against Greg Mortenson who built girls' schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, author of "Three Cups of Tea." Was his method of communication, the old fashioned book, less "artificial" than making use of electronic, wireless, social media? Is a book, or paper petition delivered door to door, more acceptable – or just a different way – to reach out? Thoughtful criticism is necessary to keep in check those aiming to exploit the weak minded. However, the very fact that this criticism appears via the same medium as the film reveals a level of privilege and accessibility neither the kids of Chicago's west and south sides nor those in Uganda could ever hope to have. Arrogance; it is arrogance and not the media format, not the money, that stands in the way of safety, education, peace – for all the children.

  157. Well done. Saw this coming and anticipated the youth to fall for this hook, line and sinker. Sort of like a soft form of imperialism capitalizing on the ideals of youth like Peace Corp did.

    Dig deep on this history when Leopold II of Belgium went on an industrial grade slaughter extracting rubber out of the Congo in the 1880s using the people of the Congo and Uganda. It was Leopold's II's military commissioners in the Congo that started forcing their military trained thugs appointed over tribal leaders to start hacking hands off to increase rubber extraction. Joseph Kony, who is probably dead, just kept the policy going, as well as other war lords running around Africa.

    Who is up to the task of KONY 2012-ing the elite aristocrats of Europe?

  158. Kony Anagram on

    KONY is also an anagram for OK-NY and for NWO-OK:

    Y is the Phenician letter for the Hebrew V, vav,

    wich is used for W in numerology calculations.

    "but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge

    our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness."

  159. Ancient Observers on

    Africa is the crown jewel prize for the NWO and the last remaining frontier to be conquered. The middle east will fall by proxy once Africa gets "established".

  160. First off, thanks to VG for another interesting article and for pointing out that the KONY2012 campaign isn’t all it seems…

    That said, I find it interesting that out of all the comments and strong opinions made, NOT ONE PERSON has mentioned the name Bashir…For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, he’s the President of Northern-Sudan, and a much bigger problem than Kony…in fact, he is a big supporter of the LRA, and happens to be the first and only head of state (so far) to ever be indicted by the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes while still remaining in power. There’s a warrant out for his arrest for goodness sake, and despite Obama’s claim back in 2009 to be a supporter of the ICC’s pursuit of those that have cause war crimes, everyone’s focusing on a guerilla madman, because he’s easier to pin point and less messy (thanks to the politics and international ties…don’t even get me started on how much al-bashir gets in US aid every year..) ) to deal with than go after a President that’s helping protect and support his efforts while killing his own people on the side. I’m not defending Kony, he is a criminal and should be brought down, but he’s just a puppet in the big scheme of things.

    It’s funny how all of a sudden so many people think they’re experts on the topic of Kony and the continent of Africa…Being passionate and having a strong opinion about something does not automatically qualify a person as an authority on a subject (me included). For example, I might be passionate about singing and be convinced to the core that I’m the next superstar, but that doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Just look at all the tone deaf hopefuls that try out American Idol that think they got it in the bag! But that’s besides the point…All I’m saying it, zeal without wisdom is foolishness. It’s sad to see how most people who’ve been introduced to the “Kony 2012” movement, are all hyped up about it (whether for or against) and yet they don’t know much about it other than what they’ve recently heard or been told through media, and we all know what a reliable source that is…(note the sarcasm)

    I think Elliot Ross (http://africasacountry.com/2012/03/07/phony-2012-risible-children/) who by the way wrote a good article on the topic, summed the whole Kony 2012 campaign well when he said,

    “To ask people to climb down from the soaring heights of “Kony 2012”, a place where they get to feel both sanctified and superior, and truly descend into the mire of history and confusion is simply too big a task. It would be boring and difficult and it would not be about Facebook or Angelina Jolie or coloured wristbands or me. When the euphoria evaporates and the Twittersphere has dried its tears (probably by the end of this week), all that remains will be yet another powerful myth of African degradation.”

    The hype and hysterics will pass, and the masses will eventually move on to the next trend of a campaign, convinced that they are making the world a better place by tweeting (or singing) about it…

  161. the campaign isn't to send troops. it's to keep the advisors we have there, there. it seems the symbols can be turned to mean anything one could want, so we can just take them for what they are. and the campaign is expected to raise money, how high the number gets shouldn't be used as a shot against the campaign. they are arming africans so that they may capture Joseph Kony, but their really is no other way of stopping this guy

  162. Kudos Vigilant Citizen: Excellent expose.

    The merchants of death need somewhere to go after the ten year long ludicrous fiasco in Afghanistan.

    The Arab Spring has sprung as President Obama has deliberately installed Islam's oldest terrorist organization ( Muslim Brotherhood ) in Libya and Egypt.

    There is a communist revolution coming to a neighborhood near you.


    Right on Vigilant Citizen – WRITE ON!

    Cordially, Yoda@magnifiedview.com

    P.S. "May you live in interesting times." Ancient Chinese curse

  163. This KONY 2012 construction affair is concerning, but does it really surprise you? What bothers me even more is the last photo of the article. Just who the hell is responsible for establishing a group of what appears to be white European young people, marching, donned in OD green shirts with the image of an M-16 across the front and the caption " WE will fight War ". Holy Shite!! That is frightening. A completely co-opted mind set. How can presumably bright young folks be so easily brainwashed? So much for Critical Thought and Intellectually Honest Examination. Is no one capable of independent thinking these days?

    • Read the Fourth Turning Theory and it's really not rocket science. Teenagers today are simply part of a CIVIC generation. The last time we saw this was around WW2.

      Xers (nomads) are supposed to be skeptical of this. It's our nature.

  164. I think these "filmmakers" are trying to make a name for themselves as master marketers. I envision something along the lines of:

    "We're the guys that made 'Kony 2012' happen! If we can make Joseph Kony famous, we can certainly sell your dog food by positioning it next to basket of cute puppies! We can sell anything."

  165. i knew it

    just look at the youtube comments… they make me sick :(

    people are so easily hypnotized its ridiculous. ive been trying my best to speak out against this.

    like my government teacher says " people follow trends like herds of sheep. they're not people, they're sheeple"

  166. Awww.. . so conflicted now. I'm a huge fan of VC, forward all the articles and believe every one…however the article is now on a group (Invisible Children) that I am connect to. I know the filmmakers and did a show about them.

    Geez….does that now make me part of the Illuminati????

    • I don't think it makes you part of anything probably more like someone who just wanted to make a difference and I think that the guys who started out doing this film might have been trying to do the same thing, until they brought the wrong people on board(all of those "famous" people). Now I think he's paying the price…see the links in the comment section about him being picked up by police in California for running around in his underwear masturbating, yelling incoherently and banging his hands on the pavement! VC also has an article up now as well. So very sad and scary at the same time.

  167. Long time reader, first time commenter. I just wanted to tip you off to the new Katy Perry video that's coming out soon. She released the "teaser" today. It features military themes and flashes "Katy" across the screen in a way that immediately reminded me of "Kony." Something's definitely happening before 2012's over. Wake up, people!!

  168. Wow, thanks so much for your article. The video is so state of the art and groundbreaking that it is easy to bypass the propaganda machine wheels. Your humor is on point and hilarious; a mad George Clooney and the inefficiency of troops to stop Kony,but bracelets will do the trick.

    Very scary to think of all the tracking going on. Even if it were legitimate, I wouldn't be caught dead with one of those bracelets and kits.

    Thanks to commentators for your video suggestions.

    I always learn something new here.

    • 0_0 WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Who is he anyway? I guess the chose someone who couldn't handle his job well….so sad…

  169. This showed so well how americans are in a blubbering, sheep like state. In a matter of days, this was impossible to ignore. I did a lot of clicking X's, changing channels and changing conversations. It was insane. Everyone talked about it because everyone was talking about it. I feel like it was a test to see how brain dead this country is…

  170. Jeez dude! I really respect what you do and the amount of research you put into every post. I, too, was reluctant to jump on the bandwagon until I got a chance to examine the case from all sides.

    This was a real eye-opener and I am truly grateful that there are people out there like yourself who will share this. I especially like the part about the theory as to why there was always so much war in Africa. (Just a question that i've always had and now it's answered).

    This is a good read and one that I wish I could share with my friends, but they're too busy buying bracelets and "liking" rage comics on Facebook. I need more friends like you, bro. In the mean time i'll just plaster this as many places as I can.

    People need to see this.

  171. Dear VC. I have been a fan of your website for a while now. I really admire your articles on mind control and everything, but THIS article!! WOWWWW just blew my mind!! GREAT INFO.

  172. I just read where the narrator of this video was picked up by police in California for running around his neighborhood in his underwear, yelling and screaming incoherently, banging his hands on the pavement and some people even say masturbating! It sure sounds suspicious to me. I guess he's probably figured out by now, if he didn't already know, that he aligned himself with the wrong people in filming this video!!

    • Sorry, I just read recent posts that referred to this guy being picked up by the police. Didn't mean to repeat information!

  173. Thank VC. I haven't seen the video but i knew something was up by the way it went viral. I just read this post and I see my instincts were right.

  174. I’m also convinced the elite have incorporated social media into every area of our lives to make sure people are easily influenced but also easily distracted and kept in a brain dead state. People feel like they are more connected to each other and the world through social media but MOST are now plugged in and have plugged out of reality. God help us!

  175. They have been using the same tactic over and over again to invade a country. They create a monster or stage events to get to what they want. They invaded Afghanistan with 911, Iraq with Weapon of mass destruction, Libiya with dictatorship leader and now it's talk of Iran supposedly having a nuclear bomb.

    If a movement is being supported by celebrities and it's getting lots of media attention be sure that there's a hidden agenda behind it.

    This documentary was definetly produced and scripted by a good hollywood producer. It had so much emotion to it and it's impossible it was done alone by Jason. Watching this documentary reminded me of "Wag The Dog" movie.

  176. The narrator of the video was definitely subject to mind control/programming, just like the soldier who massacred the villagers in Afghanistan a few days ago, the programming, which also involves psychotropic medicalization, can sometimes result in agitation, confusion, anger, extreme anxiety. It's quite likely that if the Kony propagandist had been accustomed to the use of weapons and had access to them, he would have used, instead of simply pounding his fists on the pavement and swinging a guitar. The masturbatory gestures were the consequence of an instinctive, almost reflexive, response to the stress he was then experiencing because of the sudden breakdown of the psychological programming.

  177. Phony Kony balony 2012, how many times have they done this to the general public. Most people have awaken to this kind of propaganda, it won;t work. Older generations are more aware nowadays but this kind of "trendy" ad can effect the young. Thanks VC for this research. We will expose them. Please join in this FB group Phony 2012 and spread out our own propaganda, let the truth be told.


  178. Great analysis, have shared it with the 'facebook crowd'… I knew it was utter mind propaganda without having to even watch by the mere fact that the masses were obsessing over it – "Everything popular is wrong" – Oscar Wilde.

  179. It's encouraging to see so many articles and commenters see through the INVISIBLE CHILDREN-KONY 2012 propaganda.

    I did not watch the video and don't intend to but I want to point out two elements of visual propaganda in the pictures posted above that was not mentioned in VC's excellent article.

    The programming of young white children with "white guilt."

    The video shows a young white boy being indoctrinated. He is being told what to think. He's taught that he's responsible for all the people in the world and all their problems. It's his job to 'fix' these problems because somehow "IT'S ALL HIS FAULT." The average American child, teen, and many adults have little knowledge or experience of Africa and therefore are vulnerable to indoctrination by professionals. An innocent little kid or an ignorant adult has no defense against professional propagandists who have spent years studying and practicing the art of deception and manipulation.

    The picture of the large group of young people lined up like sheep "to fight war" and die for Africa also demonstrates a hidden agenda that permeates this video. (Notice the gray shirts to make them look like a herd of sheep!) The overwhelming majority of young people in the uniformed "army" are white with only a few blacks and browns shown. Why does the video show mostly white kids? Where are all the African Americans lined up to fight and die for Africa?

    Of course, this herd of young people have no intention of enlisting in any war. It's America's military men and women they want to do the fighting and dying for their "Facebook" causes.

    The video also uses the time-worn tactic of pitting children against their parents. Because most adults will not fall for such crude propaganda, the producers of this video want young people to pressure their parents into 1)giving them more money to donate and 2) demanding political action.

    It's known that Facebook is a CIA/NSA operation. What's the connection between the Invisible Children organization and Facebook? Hopefully more research will be done on this black ops organization and their backers.


  180. Kushite Prince on

    The whole "movement" is nothing but PROP-UGANDA. I can't believe the masses are falling for this nonsesne.

  181. chrisanthemum7 on

    I definitely see what VC is saying, and I understand that it's a little sketch, but something doesn't add up to me. I don't think it's as cut and dry as this, and I really want some feedback on this. I've heard of Invisible Children and their efforts for many years, and up to now, they've been a modest organization doing a little bit of good in a non-sequitur part of the world like a nice little non-profit. I can vouch that they have been diligently working toward this goal of theirs for years. And in a week, it's managed to explode around the world and then implode. This doesn't really follow the pattern of anything else this website follows. Based on what I've observed, especially in light of what's recently happened with the founder, I've got a theory:

    I think this is what happened. This little non profit gets smart. It gets too smart for its own good. It has an idea to use the media in the same manner the media uses the media. But brainwashing for good. It believes in this idea. It takes a third of its budget, invests in the best creative people (like the Obama poster guy), to bring this idea to fruition. It happens. And much to their surprise, it works. It works better than anyone could have imagined. 64 million views in just a few days. Before they can contain it they're being called to interviews, asked a buncha questions, flown here, flown there. They've had training, they know the biz, they know the players, and they think they're smart enough to play the game. Meanwhile, the media machine, is, PISSED. It's not so much that Kony is special, this czar of African society, no one presumes this. But the media machine likes Kony, b/c Kony [and everyone like him] is evil, b/c the media machine too is evil. But this viral video, though it's somehow gotten hold of the very same tools, manner, style, and devices the media machine uses– and is using them well, partly b/c the little non profit got smart and partly because (SURPRISE!!) good news and positive causes generate far more energy than negative or inert ones– and is spreading faster than they can contain. They can't contain it. Who are these little pricks anyway, they think, right?

    So it's too big too contain, everybody's seen it, talking about it, desperately want to believe in it and take part in something good simply by showing up and being aware. But they can't. Why not? Here comes the undercurrent of criticism, and where is it coming from? The ELITE:

    –don't believe everything you hear/read/see, etc. (b/c suddenly it's time to be super watchful over what I take in. Wow, thanks Huffington Post!)

    –there's more to the story (followed by a SUUUPER thin thread of context)

    –Kony's dead/dying/over it/so five years ago/a clone/a non-issue

    –oil/big government/big/money/conspiracy buzzword here

    –don't intervene you'll mess it all up (b/c Africa is in superb working order)

    –Invisible Children does ______ (complete deflection of the video's message)

    –did I mention oil?

    The elite and the elite wannabes/in the know people distribute this to the masses, which causes doubt in the remaining individuals. This whole dog and pony show was clear to me immediately, but then this happens:

    Invisible Children Co-Founder Wandering Around the Streets, Disoriented, Exhaustion Blamed

    That just took me aback. It takes me aback b/c they really expect me to believe that after one week (of probably non stop travel, jet lag, and not having a single fan meet and greet), the "fame" just got to this dude's head and he just snapped.


    I understand illuminati felt like they had to do a one-two punch before this all got out of hand, but the fact that they couldn't wait a fortnight to lay this all out smack to me of desperation to squelch something that was truly trying to break through the mire and do some good.

    And that's my theory.

  182. Minutes into watching the KONY2012 video i smelled bullshit. It was obvious to me that this was not a video made by the people, for the people. The fact that one of Africa's largest oil reserves was recently discovered there, as well as the rest of their resources, this just seems like a ploy to get USA's troops over to take control of these things. And a very clever way of gaining mass global support of an invasion of a country under the guise of a peace misson. There will be no Stop The War march for this one, as everybody will be too busy putting up Kony posters! It's frightening how it's working so well and so fast!

  183. You have seen Rap The News' take on "Kony 2012", right?


    Also check out their other 2012 videos about Illuminati, etc. They're humorous and tongue-in-cheek, but they also do a pretty good job of outlining the different points of view, even if the videos seem to be biased to that "oh-so-hip-I-have-a-smartphone-even-though-I-totally-know-it's-spying-on-me" crowd.

  184. brilliant! i love it.

    i never saw the whole video just caught a blip of that masturbator when he was saying something to the effect of "you know, it's not that we want the US to be the policeman of the world or anything like that, because we're pacifists, i'm a pacifist. i'm against war. i just want the US military to go into uganda and shred some people to pieces" and then "with the donated money we will enable the us military to fund a military intervention in uganda". when i heard that i knew john lennon was turning around in his grave, god bless his soul. donate money for the US military? it's like saying "please, donate some money to bill gates so he can fly to country A to open up new markets for his company." LOL. plus that dude had 'slick corporate boy' written all over him.

    i can't believe though that this whole scam got busted. that people didn't buy it. how did that happen? are people really waking up? is that possible? hmmm ….

  185. So who the heck is this… Joseph Kony? Sorry? What is the name of the organiser of this campaign again?

    This is embarassing. I must thank the author of this article for pointing out the hypocrisy, especially at the end of it, of this dude… who could be being secretly supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, to help make up flashy movies, to try and organise a grassroots effort for United States military intervention in Africa, in Sudan? And for heavens sake, hasn't the United States government actually already done this recently without him making a big song and dance?

    I could go on, but I won't. This is just embarassing… for everybody.

  186. Heather Hilton on

    Don't people put certain things on tv just to make people feel/do certain things? This seems no different. If they wanna catch him they can do it right now. Come on. You can't believe anything these days, esp when celebs & politicians are involved, or "asked" to be involved . . I only heard of this through YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles who I only watch for a good laugh. She obviously wants more viewers . .

  187. A cry for attention for the terrible situation children in times of war.

    Mind-games from adults.

    Support the children, help them, support/donate to organisations as Warchild!

    No more complaining about manipulation. Action: donate!

  188. Paige Quintel on


    ..Early Sunday morning and the AWOL mainstream media has missed the proverbial boat on the latest Executive Order signed Friday by President Barack Hussein Obama.

    Executive Order “National Defense Resources Preparedness”, in effect nationalizes all the energy, food and water currently existing on American soil.

    The EO is cunningly covered under the auspices of Peace Time Martial Law at the discretion of one man.

    Although now posted on the Drudge Report, at the time of this writing, only scant reportage on the Web about the signing away of liberty and individual rights.

    Tea Party leaders and patriots doing Paul Revere duty by disseminating the news of Obama’s latest executive order must have sent word to websites other than Canada Free Press (CFP) overnight.

    As large as life, Executive Order “National Defense Resources Preparedness” is up there on the White House website, or as one patriot wrote in her email: “Hot off the Government press”.

  189. Bush and Obama are nothing more than side-show puppets. Right vs Left; Republican vs Democrat; Conservative vs Liberal, are all fabricated adversaries conjured up by a cartel of Satanists, Cabalist Jews and Freemasons. The Illuminati banksters form a network of pawns that create the illusion of genuine conflict. The real conflict is between the Illuminati and the human race. The Illuminati buy our complicity with our own money. By manipulating thought and communication, they are able to deceive us.

    "World events are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings." – Denis Healy, UK Minister of Defense.

    "Man can become enslaved and betrayed by his own thoughts. He has indeed become a mental robot, completely unaware that he is such, ans absolutely oblivious to the invisible power that controls him." – Helen Peters, "The Union Jack: Masonry and British Israelism" 1970

    "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population." – Israel Koenig, "The Koenig Memorandum".

    “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.” – Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L. (from the "Talmud", the holiest of Jewish books)

    "The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts." – Saba Mecia 114, 6.

    "The teachings of the Talmud stand above all other laws." – Rabbi Ismael, Rabbi Chambar, et al.

    "Jehovah Himself studies the Talmud standing, he has such respect for that book." – Tract Mechillo.

    "They think they're bringing heaven, but actually they are messengers of the Devil." – Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, talking about Orthodox Jewish Rabbis on CNN, Nov. 14, 1995.

    "We are disturbed about the effect of the Jewish influence in our press, radio and motion pictures. It may become very serious." – Charles Lindbergh, 20th c. American aviator, writer. (Wednesday, August 23, 1939)

    "President Truman expressed himself as being very much 'put out' with the Jews. He said that 'Jesus Christ couldn't please them when he was here on earth, so how coud anyone expect that I would have any luck?" – Henry Wallace, Secretary of Commerce, under President Harry Truman.

    "The Jews are the master robbers of the modern age; they are the carrion birds of humanity. They must be treated with political justice, not with civil justice. They are surely not real citizens. The Jews have practiced usury since the time of Moses, and oppressed the other peoples. We ought to ban the Jews from commerce because they abuse it. The evils of the Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of this people." – Napolean Bonaparte, French statesman, general. (From Napoleon's Reflexions, and from speeches before the Council of State on April 30 and May 7, 1806)

    "Jews have always controlled the business. The motion picture influence of the United States and Canada is exclusively under the control, moral and financial, of the Jewish manipulators of the public mind." – Henry Ford (The Dearborn Independent, 12-19 February 1921)

    "This is the real enemy, the invader from the East, the Druze, the riffian, the oriental parasite; in a word the Jew." – George Bernard Shaw, 20th c. British dramatist. (London Morning Post, December 3, 1925)

    "Why are the Jews hated? It is the inevitable result of their laws; they either have to conquer everybody or be hated by the whole human race. The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous — cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity. You (the Jews) have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny." – Voltaire (François Marie Arouet). 18th c. French philosopher, writer.

    “We Jews, the destroyers, will remain the destroyer forever. Nothing that the Gentiles will do will meet our needs and demands.” – Mr. Maurice Samuel, Jewish writer.

    "We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving room for our own people." – Rabbi Reichorn, July 1, 1880

    "The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world." -The American Hebrew Magazine, 10, Sept. 1920

    "By using the new atheist exile politics they [the Zionists] provoked and increased anti-Semitism in Europe (Hitler – the perfect tool) which led to the Second world War. The worldwide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany, initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress." – Rabbi Schwartz, New York Times, Sept. 30, 1997

    "We will establish ourselves in Palestine whether you like it or not. You can hasten our arrival or you can equally retard it. It is however better for you to help us so as to avoid our constructive powers being turned into a destructive power which will overthrow the world." – Chaim Weizmann

    "Judische Rundschau" No. 4, 1920

    "The Zionist mafia" monopolizing publishing today, and protested a tendency to suppress writings that do not meet with Jewish approval. (Playboy magazine, March 1968) – Truman Capote, 20th c. American writer.

    "We aspire to corrupt in order to govern. We have taken from the people all the gods of heaven and earth…their religious faith, their faith in monarchy, their honesty and their family virtues…" – Giuseppe Mazzini, Founder of Italian Free Masonry and the Mafia.

  190. CaptainObvious on

    This whole thing is about oil, again. Last year, Uganda discovered they had oil. But, they went to Venezuela for advice about managing their resources and actually told the US "no thanks" when they offered to consult for them. Then this year out of nowhere comes this Kony BS. So I guess if you don't play ball the US looks for an excuse to invade your country and screw up everything. It's Grenada all over again.

  191. nice! i was waiting for vigilant to post this up! immediately i felt skeptical when this kony propaganda SHIT spread like a fken virus!

    thank you for fighting and keeping the people vigilant

    Love, peace and let's fken kill the evil!!!

    we cannot be sheep to fight against wolves, we must be wolves to fight against wolves

  192. I quite agree with most of the points here, except for one – the over estimation of the ability for something to go viral and actually have success more than once. Sure, more propaganda videos will go viral, but this first one already blew out our entire generation's ability to care. Notice no one's talking about it, already? It's just another video in the sea of YouTube and Netflix and I guarantee you people are more up in arms over the finale of Walking Dead than they ever will be about a documentary about african children. That's a fact. So Big Brother and the Elite can do as they please because most people are too busy with their heads up their asses to care either which way.

  193. As an African, a Nigerian, this really hits home..you described the African situation so well.. Nigeria alone has over 250 tribes and 200 languages…with muslims and christians living so close together…! A time bomb ready to explode. The west takes advantage of the African situation and manipulates it for their own benefit leading to the creation of wars and fighting. Like you so rightly pointed, the problem isn't Kony..but the elites manipulative grasp over much of the African continent! I'm so impressed that a westerner could picture the African situation so well and God bless you for your amazing insight! I am usually very weary when I see all these so-called Relief or awareness campaigns, cause I know for a fact that little ever gets to the masses..! Look at Haiti for example.. Almost 2yrs, billions of dollars generated and haiti is pretty much the same! In ruins! Instead of crying over what you see on TV..do your own research and make your own convictions! Don't be swayed by the emotional-filled propaganda that the media seems to be full of these days! The ugandans themselves that they so desire to help, feel they have been exploited and don't need their help. Anywhre the US army seems to 'liberate' always ends up worse that it was before..think Afghanistan! God bless you VC

  194. has anyone notice that KONY bracelet?…

    it has numbers on it, pretty much like a mark of the beast…

    still the unsuspecting masses buy it…

    btw VC have you heard about the xenoestrogens, it is present not only on consumable products but also on other things, i have heard it is one cause that make man more girly…

    i would love to hear your view about that in an article on this site… i'll try to send a copy of that link…

  195. Dont overlook the overt use of Subliminal commands at 0:42, 0:43 and 0:53. This accounts partly for the video going viral by commanding the viewer to email,share or like the video

  196. What do you guys think of the video TMZ posted on the filmmaker of this doc running around naked shouting about the devil? Mind control?

  197. In the narrative ……."The better world we want is coming; it's just waiting for us to stop at nothing" with Saturn's rings as a visual towards the end of the movie … or Saturn's rings segueing into the inverted triangle // pyramid at the beginning. Is that just symbolising time, or something more sinister and subliminal? Interesting.

    Great article!

  198. What is crazy is that I haven't even seen the Kony 2012 video yet. People have been telling me I NEED to see it but, I have to admit, I am so friggin tired of seeing KONY2012 plastered in blogs, on facebook, in the news…I got sick of it before I could get around to see it.

    You know something that heavily sensationalized can't be great for the masses.

    I think my intuitive senses are getting good at picking up on these things..thanks for the info VC.

  199. the nice thing about the upside down pyramid is.. that it says exactly how it works.

    the masses will force the governments and at the bottom they will have money.

    first it started with money.. now it ends with money..

    they will just earn more

  200. The first time I saw this video for Kony 2012 I didn't even watch it. I passed right over it on youtube because I figured it was just some plot for a new movie(the same reaction I had to 9/11 before finding out the truth) then a friend of mine was over one night explaining this movement to me and my roomates. I have to say, even without watching the video first hand; hearing it explained from someone else was just as emotionally compelling. But my friend was already telling me that he thought it was a scam which sent alarm bells off in my head. Needless to say the next time I logged into VC they had already posted 3 seperate articles about the video.

    Before reading this article however I decided to watch the half hour advertisement for Kony 2012. The parts that alarmed me the most were the use of Jasons innocent son to point out the "Bad Guy", the forming of an army of young people, and the fact that this video is primised on being an "Experiment".

    Thank you vc for doing such a great job in breaking it down. You really unravelled my suspicions and brought light to a much bigger agenda. Will continue to follow your site.

    I hope more and more people the world over begin to wake up and see what our world is headed for. So few control the rest of us and we just continue to allow it. It's time to stop being sheep.

  201. This is the best, most comprehensive article/post I've read about this whole punk-a** Kony campaign. It was too hollywood slick for me and made me suspicious and no one else nailed it like you did. Thanks!

  202. Apparently the Invisible Children founder/documentary director went insane! Was raving and screaming while naked on a public street corner….creepy!

  203. Did anyone see Dr. Drew? They showed the footage of the guy from the Kony campaign acting crazy running around nude….Could this be from MK Ultra Programming? Hit me up at facebook.com/only1aeileon

  204. Kony 2012 narration goes with the mainstream narration, osama, hitiler, agenda….

    I think it was a failure. They didn't know that many people questioned the storyline.

    There are a lot of people out their that are questioning the storyline.

    It failed. Kony Failed. Russell failed.

    We just won by shut down and attempt in Africa.

    This is about a resource war with china and global control.

    Mother african and all her resources.

    If Kony 2012 works, we lose big time. Keep fighting people!!!!!!

    self sufficiency is our key to be

  205. Mystique Marvel on

    Kony 2012 may be a scam but I do think the cause is right. I agree that what we are doing is supporting a war, not a charity, but I definatly think that they got the word out about what was happening. World vision ads have been going for years like VC stated and yet nothing has changed. At least it has approached the new generation in a format that we understand, but we as a generation need to know what to do with this information, whether it is to like on FB, help get powers that can make a proper difference, UN etc. or give our money to a "charity" or "cause" (whether it be Kony or Green Peace) we need to know what we are doing and HOW or even IF this will affect the actual cause we are wanting to affect in a way that WE want it to be affected.

    Stop War,

  206. Have you checked this?

    Man behind ‘Kony 2012’ arrested – for masturbating in public

    Obviously something went bad with this guy's Illuminati programming/training. Maybe this was his punishment for not doing a good job with the KONY 2012 Illuminati campaign now that it has been debunked more or less.

  207. I just read this article and this afternoon when my kids got home they explained to me what 'Kony' is and that their all ready to join the bandwagon to help catch phoneykoney like WTF???????!

  208. I live I the country bordering Uganda,Zambia and child soldiers in Africa are common. VC is right KONY isn't the only criminal like that, there are so many of them, but this is only common in rural areas and contrary to popular belief most of southern Africa is pretty developed, so much so that most of the kids I go to school with had no idea that such atrocities happen so close to home until now. I know Ugandans that only found out about KONY last week!! Anyway, I knew there was something off the minute I watched this video, it was touching, but at the time I thought "I hope this isn't some scheme to get American troops into Africa." I've been reading the articles on this sight for a while now and the subjects of the articles didn't affect me much because I'm not into people like lady gaga, rihanna, Whitney Huston etc but this hits close to home and it really scares me because Uganda is literally next door!!! By the way my country has NEVER had a war after its fight for independence in 1964! I wish I could do something instead of sitting at my computer thinking something's wrong!

  209. Kony 2012 is not about child soldiers or oil. It's about the petrodollar. Like in Iraq, we are less interested in extracting the oil ourselves than we are in keeping others(China) from doing so themselves.

  210. excuse me, i dont see where it was said. "this is an experiment" am i missing something? 11 mins in and still nothing…. which makes the part about the next 27 mins, but u have to pay attention part, invaild……………… was it spoken or written? cuz i havent seen/heard it 12 mins in.

  211. SO TRUE! especially the part about the districting of african countries used to serve western imperialists instead of the people. for those who think imperialism is over, think again. its stupid how western leaders villainize these foreign commanders when most of them are puppets of the western elite to begin with…who do you think supported old sammy bin laden and hussein at first?!

  212. How bizarre is it that Jason Russell all of a sudden is having these completely erratic public meltdowns? I think he is being MIND CONTROLLED by those who control everything. Poor guy. I think he's heart might have been in the right place AT FIRST but I honestly believe he was manipulated and had the public turned against him. He was a puppet.

  213. Helena Handbasquet on

    It seems Kony is always represented as KONY, suggesting an acronym. Also smacks of one of those project cryptonyms. Perhaps, the UN has plans to relocate to its new digs down in OZ, eh mate?

    PS: Great insight, as always.

  214. I don't agree with the government or the New World Order or the Illuminati… but would I rather have structured, organized military over there as opposed to radical rebel leaders? Yes. They won't rape children or make them kill their parents… they'll just take complete control 1984-style. Not opposed to this.

  215. well,

    it came down to this..

    if all of the celebs are right there vouching and they have the funds between all of them to donate then why are they asking citizens to donate.

    all "causes" should be financially funded by "celebs" , if they are so big on charity etc.

  216. Mad Scienitist on

    Jason Russel fits the MPD mind control profile. Just look at his fallouts, first he runs naked around the streets cursing Jesus,saying stuff about satan and talking to himself, then he's arrested for public masturbation…yeah,sure it could be a publicity stunt…but he just

  217. Mad Scienitist on

    fits the profile with his clean cut Christian background, many MPD victims have a very religious base programming to support the control programming and make the ritual abuse more traumatizing. Ted bundy was from such a family as well. (sorry for the double post)

  218. As always, brilliant. KONY had me perplexed!

    I sometimes suggest articles here (hope that's ok) but would you consider The Hunger Games (from commercials I see lots going on) and also Gaga's interview with Oprah! Ripe with agenda!

  219. I knew KONY 2012 was bullshit as soon as I saw the video.. a lot just doesn't add up. The Us has probly know about this guy for years, yet has never bothered to lift a finger til now. second, there's reports that he's been dead for years, or hasn't been present in Uganda. Second this video was made in the early 2000s – around 03/04.. and plus as soon as I heard the names Jay Z rihanna and lady gaga were all for "stopping KONY" The mass of Bullshit instantly caved in on itself …

  220. i did not watch this video. I already knew children were being abducted to be used as soldiers and sex slaves.

    I looked at the stills and there were some clips i couldn't help but see when I saw this on the daily show

    I would like to know where they found all the people pictured in the groups. Was there an email or a facebook page you had to be on?

    I guess you have to live in the city. i'm out in the woods, you see.

  221. Unless I misunderstand – why always exclude George Bush as this evil guy? If what you say is true, all presidents are pretty much equally evil, George Bush was merely the man at that moment.

  222. For the people new on this constellation my suggestion is: to collect many quotes, e.g.: Felix Frankfurter, Supreme Court Justice, 1952: "The real rules in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes."

    John F. Hylan, New York City Mayor, 1922: "The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen…. At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties."

    And Mayer A. Rothschild said: "Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws."

    We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." David Rockefeller.

    If Hitler said the following quote. Why we still have what he said: "Demoralize the enemy from within [it means citizen] by surprise, terror sabotage, assassination. That is the war of the future." Don't you think he was a phantom?

    PLEASE read the book (by research in internet or other way): The Synagogue of Satan (Andrew C. Hitchcock).

    Would we accept?:

    Jacques-Ives Cousteau, oceanographer and humanist maybe prepared us: "It's terrible to have to say this. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350.000 people per day."

    Henry Kissinger, 1974: "Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world."

    General Douglas MacArthur, 1957: "Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear — kept us in a continuous stamped of patriotic fervor — with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it…"

    And two more:

    Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and Corporate power." Benito Mussolini (1883–1945)

    "A clique of US industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democracy government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime… Certain American industrialist had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there." William E. Dodd, US Ambassador to Germany, 1937.

  223. I saw the Kony 2012 video and, like many others, I was angry. At Kony, but also at the filmmaker.

    That's why I created my own video.

    Please watch it at http://www.fishandcheese.com.

    And get a hold of one of my ”I’m Gungho for African Intervention Even Though I Don’t Know Anything About The Situation Kit(TM)”

  224. Sky Warburton on

    Thank you for this! I tried to paste this link on their facebook page and it gets deleted everytime. More people should post the link and try to get this out there!

  225. I know you get a lot of links posted to look at but if you haven't seen this one – This is unbelievable! Definitely NOT led of the Holy Spirit & a great example of social manipulation & propaganda. It's the worst one I have seen up to date. It's so intense I quit before it ended but if you compared all of the messages/images to the Word of God there would be an enormous laundry list of errors.

    THE WAYSEER MANIFESTO – [Official Video] (HQ)


  226. Interesting that this is coming right on the heels of the discovery of substantial oil and natural gas reserves in Uganda.

  227. The whole KONY documentary symbolically points to who is controlling it from the beginning.

    That is why they show the V symbol, and SATURNS RINGS (SATAN's RINGS) before the beginning of the documentary.

    Remember, the Illuminati/Elite/Aliens?/Whatever throw symbols around because they need to also be able to tell each other apart.

  228. If anyone reads this, please take a look at the political climate in Kenya. One of it politicians is backed by the western elite and this same politician is running for president. The same politician was involved in the 2007 post-election violence that almost ripped the country apart. Kenya has now discovered oil and the western interests in the country will only continue to grow. Look at the news feeds and the hearings at the hague look at the state of the country and then look at the history of the politicians vying for the presidency. Kenya is going to face some hard times ahead. I just hope some of you will spread the word if I'm not around for some reason.

  229. José P&eacute on

    I thought must of the ideas in here before to read the article. I think that now we are enough concerned about what happens in the world and now we are able to understant why is it. THANKS VC!

    I´m from México, and its very strange for me that the presidente Obama met with Calderon (México´s president) to talk about the drug war in México and did not help in anything, and send troops to Uganda just beacuse some teens made a demonstration. It doesn´t have any sense.

  230. To be honest, we cannot stop the NWO/Illuminati. All this 'one world government' is meant to happen guys. All we can do is make people aware of the situations and not fall for the traps. And another thing you guys need to be aware of is that the devil is NOT in control. God is. All of this will lead to the inevitable; Satan's reign will be destroyed and Jesus will finally come to take what is rightfully His. Remember; Satan may think we are in the palm of his hands, but really it is HE who is in the palm of GOD'S hands.

  231. I'm honestly scared for my country, Philippines. The west has been controlling us ever since and the media + government works hard to make it appear that they're only here to help us. But noooooo. They have been stealing our resources since they first got here in the early 20th century and will continue doing so until our land is depleted. As a citizen I would really want my voice to be heard, but the elite here is so strong because the government has drained education out of the masses. If this pattern happens to all third world countries in the world, i don't know what will happen next. loljk what will happen next is the dreaded WW3 but I'll give it a benefit of the doubt

  232. The symbolism used in the video is also very interesting. What do the intertwined donkey and elephant symbolise??? Its funny how they aim this as a "peace intervention" whilst the main colours being used are red and black (as they usually stand for anger/hatred)

  233. Now their going to make a part 2, these people. Hitler's Youth oops I meant Obama's Kids are going to have us in Africa. They make the connection.

  234. Abdul Lakosha on

    America is a disease to the whole world. It wants to invade Africa! But soon we will see victory, and the muslims will cut America's neck. America is already in debt! As the Quran says "Lo! the strategy of Satan is weak"

  235. i am so glad that a lot of the youtube comments on this kony bullshit are trying to warn people, saying its a scam etc.

    its a total sham and it angers me that people are so stupid and just buy into it! even with the past, such as iraq etc

    whats wrong with people!

    USE YOUR BRAINS. dont just sit there mindlessly being told things and not questioning them or actually thinking about them first

  236. Can't belive I've been this stupid!! It's obvious. You, gentleman, are a genius so thank you for that and God bless you.

  237. the silent general on

    so i just watched the kony 2012 video on youtube what i saw? alot of iluminati simbols and i just wanted to kill myself in midle of all that crap! the thing is its just full of lies and brainwashing stuff ive watched as all africa and midle east countries are being invaded by the usa and other countries and i cant tolerate it…

    one year ago i started to live a little difrent i alwais thought difrently but never noticed those little things those little brainwashing things i dont watch tv animore and check this site alot for new articles………..i fear the big brother nightmare because it is already is in motion cameras etc

    i have nightmares of such order with no freedom and taht your being monitored all the time kony 2012 is just horoble and made me want to yell at that mob who followed it ( YOUR ALL FUCKING STUPID ) how cant they see it? why wont they open theyre eyes? what is left for us? i dont want to be alone so im here……..im failing things that invovlve thinking as the mass does well i dont think like that

    i am a child of violence i admit that but idk something is not right…….the world is going downwards and i will be left with it

    with bleeding hope a 16 year old guy from europe

  238. well said. i couldn't have put it in a better way =) i'm going to add your website to my favorites and show it to all of my friends.

  239. In the midst of these comments it almost seems pointless to write anything contrary so I'll keep it short.

    The comment that there are "literally hundreds of Joseph Konys" in Africa is ABSOLUTELY FALSE and ought to be retracted. And I'm African so i say this with certainty. On that note, this article is mainly based on speculations and assumptions and though some things are valid, it is not based on FACT, so stop taking its words as the gospel truth as it seems to me many of you are, until it presents evidence. As for the criticism about this action adding to "Invisible Children's" PROFIT, do your research into their audits. For a non profit organisation they handle their funds very admirably.

  240. Regardless of motivations of either side, the Kony or Vigilant, regardless of the background of those who write for either side. What about the children! What about the abuse, what about the evil. Where does humanity's responsibility begin?

  241. Saturn Rings on

    Another excellent analysis of the Kony 2012 video here:


    Check out the bit about the saturn rings, you'll kick yourself for missing it.

  242. I am not being completely ignorant to the fact that there may well be child trafficking and war criminals in Uganda, and the rest of Africa, but I am very well aware of the fact that this video (KONY 2012) is complete brainwash!

    Kudos to the masterminds behind the plan, the video appeals to the ethos, pathos and logos. It's totally unethical, yet brilliant at the same time.

    PHONY 2012

  243. There are a lot of music videos and movies trying to recruit young soldiers and marines nowadays. I hope people can see past this…that we all need end this…and realize who the real terrorists are.

  244. Hmmmmmmm ths is very interestin, whn my lecture told me abot ths Kony 2012 thng i was thinkin 2 myself, how can they nt find ths "bad guy" they claim kony to be?? How cn they leav him 4 such a longtime n decide to catch him now… And ths new world order is so bad. How can a simple braclet wit a code help u find kony?? I mean reali ths is ridiculous.. They tryin 2 play wit our minds here, all the celebrities mentioned here hav scandals of there own,, no1 should join ths coz once u give thm ur details they wil knw ur where abouts, who knows mayb they wil hunt u down n make u their "soldier" too.. Thnk you VC for ths wonderful well explained article you're the best

  245. I smelled a rat the minute I saw my friends on Facebook 'deeply' sympathetic about Africa. This shit was blatantly shown to the masses and no one did anything but now that ther's a face involved, he's in evryone crosshairs.Funny how I never responded to it in the first place.

  246. I'm 15 years old, and I'm doing my project on the KONY2012 movement and as I was researching I found this website thinking it would give me extra information, but I was wrong. As I began to read I realized that it was Anti-KONY. It discouraged me extremely, I thought my project was ruined. But its not. This is a bunch of opinions. It hurts as a young person to find out that there are so many "adults" in this world that can't see that this might just be a good thing. Even if there are facts about reverse propaganda being used in KONY2012, is it really such a problem? It was put in place to save lives. If theres so many Konys in the world we have to start with one. I'm not saying that this movement can cure the world (Africa) but I am saying, why not try. I am not "fooled" by the movement I am simply inspired. Oh, and one more thing, how can a video make you feel stupid?

  247. In my opinion I think the guy that did this video made the propaganda on purpose to make a point but the mass public did not catch onto it. I think he hoped that people would catch onto it (and he was disappointed when people bought into so much and that's why he ended going crazy).

    Why I say this is because at the beginning of the video he says that it's an experiment, but in order for it to work you have to pay attention. Perhaps he means is that it's an experiment to see if people will be smart enough to not fall for propaganda. Even after all the talk about how an idea spreads, sadly people are so oblivious that they still fell for it.

    Also while I'm on this subject it makes me think of a lot of the movies and entertainers that use so much occult symbolism, I sometimes think is there a chance that some of them are not neccesarily a part of it but rather trying to warn the public in an indirect way. But perhaps thats me just wanting to be optimistic about things but I think its possible.

  248. I am curious about the evangelical Christians involved in Kony 2012. I attend a very straight-laced by-the-book (very bible believing) independent Baptist church and I know we would have never involved ourselves with the Kony movement. Then again my church does take measures to have people read the bible, involve the bible, and strive to keep it to the bible.

    I wonder if the Christians involved are those from the emergent church who are claiming to be Christians but to be honest do not seem to be adhering anything that the church was founded on. (I do believe in the Christian doctrine and to alter it changes it to another religion all together the same would apply to any other religion–basically different sects I guess)

    I think it shows how the masses are blindly following anyone based on common beliefs be it religion ties, spiritual ties, political ties etc

  249. The Illusionary Beas on

    Someone really ought to make a viral mocumentary like this one addressing the real issues VC outlines in passing: Western powers carving up Africa for profit are the cause of all these peoples' suffering, and the dominating interests within those Western powers has a vested interest in brainwashing the youth here into a perpetual bloodlust.

    This perspective has to reach more people. These are the very same criminals who tanked our economy and left countless homeless and/or in poverty. Then again, this is a very unpopular viewpoint and it's unlikely to go viral, despite the overwhelming evidence that something is severely wrong here at home, and how desperately it needs to be dealt with.

    Granted, it's horrifying how little awareness is on this Orwellian nightmare of ours, but it's also kind of fascinating that the only issues which the public will feel something for are built on fallacies and concealed agendas. I think it's the ultimate sign of weakness; even if we beat these fatcat-bitches handily at some point in the near-to-distant future, we still have to live with how pathetic it was in the interim period (right now).

  250. Am From Kenya Which Borders Uganda. According To My Understanding Joseph Kony Leader of LRA is No Longer a Major Threat To Uganda as The UPDF (Uganda's Military) Managed To Attack, Defeat & Takeover The Rebels Strong Holds Which Were The Nothern Parts Of Uganda. Kony & His LRA Fled Uganda & are Now in Hiding Most Probably in The Dense & Vast Forests of South Sudan Which Borders Uganda To The North. So, I Was Surprised When I came To Learn About This KONY 2012 Issue advocating For American Troops Being Sent into Uganda To Attack KONY & The LRA Yet Uganda's Forces Had Done it Before. To Me It Did Not Make Sense & I Found The KONY 2012 Suspicious & I Translated it To Be Some Sort Of a Cult Masterminded By The Illuminati Who are Rulers of The World Their Master Being Lucifer.

  251. And suddenly, when oil was found in Uganda, the US pretented they wanted to help this country. I can't believe I gave 10 bucks to these fuckers who aren't going to use it for good things anyway. How could I be so brainwashed!?!??!? I regret this intensly. Yeah its just 10 bucks. But my 10 bucks are now in a illuminati agenda. I pray to God that he forgives me.

  252. Andreas Casablancas on

    did someone noticed the pictures of the damaged children during the part he explains that there are some chils on the army that produce several injures to their faces and you may see little kids with little disorders on their faces, that's not damages caused by a weapon, the real damage is a disesase everyone believed was eradicated from europe it's called "Noma" for the curious I invite you to check on the images, if they are not the same well they are extremely similar. so USA is only trying to get on another country where no one had ask for help and if you check this disease you may be surprised it only stays on central africa, so the video becomes even more fake…

  253. Invisible Children came to my highschool two years in a row and showed the Kony 2012 film this past year. They even had most of the school read a book about what's going on in Uganda. They're definitely pushing this on us young people. I think its horrible how they are brainwashing us to declare war on Uganda by telling us of all these horrible things that are happening to the children and other people in that country. We really need to help them, but they are going to make things worse instead.

  254. One thing I love about this article is VCs knowledge of the African situation. For more information about this read Walter Rodney's book "How Europe underdeveloped Africa"

  255. communistatheist on

    …The leader of this movement is a christian, he's actually pushing a christian agenda. Nice try, though. The "Illuminati" conspiracy theory is just uneducated, moronic, religious fools trying to explain the evils of capitalism. Unfortunately, the only language they have to use to describe it is of the superstitious, spiritual kind rather than language rooted in reality.

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