“Gravity Falls”: A New Disney TV Show Loaded With Illuminati Symbolism


The many articles on this site attempt to prove that the same set of symbols – those of the ruling elite – are being permeated across popular culture. While we often look at outlets intended for teenagers or young adults (such as movies and music videos), children are definitely not exempt of it. A blatant example is Disney’s new show Gravity Falls, a “quirky and endearing” cartoon about 12-year old twins spending summer with their Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon.

The 40 seconds long intro theme alone is loaded with symbolism. Here it is.

First, Great Uncle Stan wears a fez, which is the hat worn by the Shriners – an appendant body of Freemasonry. As they like to say, all Shriners are Masons, but not Masons are Shriners.


Stan wearing a Fez hat. Also, he is hiding one eye for the heck of it.


An Old School Shriner.

Up until 2010, only 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Masons (the highest degree attainable other than the honorary 33rd) or Knight Templars of the York Rite could join the Shriners. This means that Grunkle Fez is most probably a high level Freemason. Therefore, he knows what’s the deal with all of these symbols. He knows.

The show is full of eyes everywhere. There’s even a jar of eyeballs for sale at Stan’s store.


All-Seeing eye inside of triangle and more here…


This frame flashes for literally a split second at the end of the intro. We can easily recognize the Illuminati pyramid with illuminated capstone and All-Seeing eye, along with other alchemical and magical symbols. Also, there’s the Contra code on NES, which is rather hilarious.

I won’t start analyzing all of the episodes but here are some interesting shots from the first episode of Gravity Falls.

Aside from the eyeballs everywhere, the little humans in a jar are homunculi – a concept that is found in alchemy and occult rites.


19th-century engraving of Goethe’s Faust and Homunculus


All-Seeing Eye at the apex of the mountain


“Floating eyeballs, are they watching me?”.


The attic of Great Uncle Stan’s shack has a prominent Masonic stained glass window featuring a symbol that is omnipresent in this cartoon.


Stan appears to have two Owl clocks – the owl is an ancient symbol representing the occult elite (those who work in darkness), the Illuminati and the Bohemian Grove.


Check out the rug on the floor.


The letter “A” of the word “Shack” consists of a compass above and All-Seeing Eye, a combination of symbols of found in Masonic symbolism.


The entrance of a Masonic lodge.


In short, Disney’s new show is centered around a specific set of symbols associated with secret societies and the occult elite, which we call the Illuminati. While some might argue that these signs are inserted to add “mystery” to the show, we must also consider the fact that popular culture in general is being permeated with the exact same set of symbols. This show plays it part by exposing young children to the symbolism, which normalizes it and ultimately accomplishes what the occult elite has been doing for centuries: Hiding in plain sight.




  1. This is unbelievable. It's weird to think that kids my age just soak all of this up, and don't even know what they're doing to themselves.

    • Yes, but thanks to kids like you, kids like me are finding out about it more and actually taking an interest. I knew about some of this kind of stuff because of my mom, but I had no idea the extent of it until you shared those links with me. Thanks so much. Now, it's my turn to do what I can, and do my part too.

      • hey my mum is into it too its really sad that all my childhood shows are chock full of this crap but im starting to relise now more and notice too.

      • and also its not just shows its macdonald coke and in movies signs music videos its ruining our childhood and or lives

      • I really enjoyed this post but I agree thanks to some of these things I see much more. When you start paying attention WOW it's everywhere. Very interesting blog… five stars from cher at opinionsowned.blogspot.com

    • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on

      I'm really depressed.

      I've been really sad lately. Ever since I discovered who really governs this world I (ironically) feel like I have a third eye on my forehead looking at what things really mean. I don't trust anyone anymore.

      I'm more careful about what I believe now. For example, the sh*t on TV seems more to me like a circus and the food we eat seems no more healthy that the sh*t they serve while you're watching the show.

      Look at this cartoon, really? Is this for real? Are children really watching this sh*t? Put Reading Rainbow, Wishbone, and Arthur back on.

      I'm sad because it's really hard to convince people that corporate interest runs this country. It's hard to convince people that their is an evil elite calling the shots.

      It's hard make them understand that fact is indeed much stranger than fiction.

      Beside VC, I feel so alone.

      • You are definitely not alone! Slowly, but surely people are waking up… keep your head up, their evil deeds cannot go on for much longer!

      • With a False Flag/ Martial Law/ Biowarfare agent depopulation attack they will just move in so fast people won't have time to react before the Technology of the Police State is deployed?

        All of the last 20 years of Financial Games have transferred fantastic wealth which they have spent to control the living hell out of the population when they decide to go.

        I wonder if there is going to be much of a Resistence unless it comes from the Armed Forces?

      • I felt the same when my eyes were "opened," so don't feel alone! The shock will wear off and you will soon see that there are many of us "crazy conspiracy theorists" out there (I consider myself a "conspiracy REALIST").

        And to VC – Thanks for another great article!

      • Hey Truth,

        Please dont let this world get you down. I know how you feel a little bit. Try and find something that is beautiful that you can be thankful for. I've got five kids and a grandchild on the way and sometimes it seems so hopeless, but then we get together as a family and as quirky and messed up as we may be, we can all end up laughing our butts off. Evil can only take away what you give it. Dont give up!


      • i think everyone goes through that at first. it's like the grieving process. give it a little time and you will just accept it, you won't feel so sad. and you can start to look for the positive things in life.

      • is okay. look at all the people on this site we all believe it and we believe u, its hard to explain this to people. my bf was calling me a psycho until i actually showed him all this. now hes saying hes sorry and hes glad i showed him because now hes aware. we both are, and its okay. You just have to show those who are willing to believe and hope for the best in everyone else lol.

      • I think this stuff has been going on for years and was only more aggressive as the end of time approaches. I really think the end may be near this time and I will never understand what is going to take place and I can't imagine what I'll do if the world truly ends.

      • @ TRUTHwontSETyouFREE–forNOW

        … but later TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE – even though at first it angers you.

        Your feelings are absolutely normal – but in a few months you will get over it and embrace the blessing of the TRUTH and you will be VERY GRATEFUL for being allowed to see, believe me, friend. Your real life has just started, as you are starting to see things for what they are. You will learn to value the real values, and you will see what's fake, and that is a blessing.

        Of course people around you will always think what they want to think. If someone is open, they will be talking with you, and understand what is open now for you to see – but be careful! This knowledge is NOT for everyone and I am saying it because some people just can't take it, so there. They CHOSE not to take the truth, and that is their free decision and you can't and don't have to do anything about it in the given case. Maybe they just need time, that can also be. So, you are not alone – a lot of people have gone through the same HEAVY feelings (immense anger, disgust, sadness, feeling of being completely alone) learning these things… but these heavy feelings won't last forever!

      • You are not alone. Since January I myself have really been putting a lot of time and thought into all these symbols and illuminati "conspiracies". I also feel that this is a hard subject to discuss with others. My boyfriend, as soon as I mention even the slightest in the direction of corrupt power, government, symbolism in videos, musicians who sold their soul, etc. I get shut up right away. Closed off and labelled a nut or conspiracy theorist. How can people be warned or reached when they disregard the obvious signs? (obvious to me and others like me) I. Guess people are comfortably numb, nieve and ignorant. They seem so far gone, drowning in the sea of lies and illusion. How can one reach people who don't want to be reached? The world is full of evil, you can only stand a chance once you know what you're looking for.

        Depressing indeed.

      • I loved WISHBONE!!!! That damn show inspired me to read even more! The count of Monte Cristo was my favorite, and is now one of my favorite movies. Ha!!! Wishbone…..

      • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on


        Um, I've been noticing this symbolism/NWO stuff all my life. I come from a really informed family.

        Seriously, all my life. And I can tell you, it will NEVER set me FREE! Until my time is over on this disgusting and evil world. And let's be real, it doesn't matter how positive you can be about it; it will ALWAYS be incredibly difficult to get the majority of people to open their eyes, think critically, and be on the right side.

        P.S.I totally forgot about that 1 Arthur episode. It's still a better show in the large scope of things.

      • wow you could'nt explain yourself better i so relate i felt and heard you and thankyou for validating how i felt ever since i discovered and learned and did extensive reasearch go on you tube and reasearch farhank 501 under illuminati music his work is awesome with detailed evidence yup scary isnt it i remember crying about it the reality of it sad sad.

      • I know how you feel. But just understand some people aren't ready for the truth yet. they will remain asleep. You can pass the info on and know that everyone will "open their eyes" when they are ready. The most important thing is that YOU are AWAKE and you can now start protecting yourself and your children/family.

      • @Truthwontsetyoufree~~fornow:

        What you are experiencing right now is basically withdrawals. Just like when you are used to taking a narcotic everyday (or any drug), and you come off of it, it makes you depressed, paranoid, jittery, hallucinate, though generally you don't hallucinate from "waking up" but you never know.

        My point is, you are coming off of a high, and any time you come back down to reality its cold and hard at first, but it wont be forever.

        The first thing you need to do is enjoy the little things, enjoy being outside, enjoy nature, start cooking your own meals, no matter if you are young, I started cooking at 8yrs. Enjoy REAL life, not the fake life TV shows and movies and music make for you. You came off of that, now you have to learn to enjoy living in the real world, and trust me, there IS a lot to enjoy! There are awesome animals and birds to watch, beauitful sunsets and sunrises, berries and plants in the wild to eat and enjoy (visit eattheweeds.com for more info on that), beautiful songs you can write yourself.

        The second thing you can do that will help is get a creative outlet! Weather its music (writing your own), painting, drawing, pottery, sculpting, glasswork, paper mache, building things with wood or metal, whatever. If you're not a creative person, maybe start learning to shoot a bow and arrow or getting a BB gun or something of the like, that can really help blow off steam. :)

        You are going to have to do some soul-searching and find out what it is you really enjoy in life, and do it! :) Keep learning on your own, outside of school, because they will not teach you the skills you need in the real world, sadly.

        And lastly, but probably most importantly, after you calm your nerves with a good outlet, start your spiritual journey. For me, I know Jesus Christ is the only way to Salvation, DESPITE what the world says, I have the Bible many times and no this to be true without a doubt, but that is a conclusion you must reach on your own. My suggestion is always to read the Bible ALL the way through in a year period, don't stop, starting in the New Testament, and then after that and after much prayer, decide if its true or not.

        If you don't think it is, fine, but you need some spiritual outlet, period, or you WILL perish, not literally per say, but you will die inside everyday, turning to anything to make you feel that high again OR make yourself so bitter, you can never ever enjoy life again. And that's that.

        Without God, without the Bible, and without my music and painting and dancing, I would have killed myself well over 10yrs ago from realizing the world is a sham, its a scary thing to realize, and it took me those 10yrs to be certain without a doubt God (of the the Bible) exist, but I did my own research and weighed it against what God's word said, and checked out other religions too, but found them to be wanting.

        Don't give up, keep moving forward, you prolly have family who loves you, even if they are not "awake" yet, at least they love you, and that's enough to live for in itself. :)

      • Totally agree! But these guys are not only ruling America, they almost rule the entire world! Those missing from total world domination, is currently being attacked on false premisses by the world rulers.

        I hear weed helps on depressions :>

      • Joseph Allen Randall on

        I felt like you at times but I had to focus on the positive things in life so I wouldn't be mentally depressed.

      • Watch your kids doing this.

        If you see them ,they like it.

        You can't pick kids what show they should watch.

        They type stuff up on computer so they'll know about it.

        This is a good show,doesn't say bad words like YOU!

        Its mysterious and funny.

        This is a good show,I hope you know this now

      • I wish I could give you a hug. :) I went thru the same thing. I remember crying and crying when I found out who was behind 9/11 and the Gulf oil spill. Who could ruin someplace so beautiful as the Gulf? (I live there). Burning sea turtles alive? They are very bad entities, but it's ok. At least you know that there is a spiritual world out there, take hope in that. I was an atheist materialist for 10 years. That is true despair. Hold on to God, he/she will never let go of you! Being aware is a new way of life, it's seeing the truth about our world. Consider yourself "initiated" and be ready to be labeled schizophrenic/schizotypal if you talk to people like I have. But remember that humans are very adaptable. I remember the paranoia that happened when I found evidence that every thing we say and think is monitored by the forces of good and evil. You will get used to it. Become a peaceful warrior, stay strong with God. As the hippies say, no matter what evil happens in these times, "It's all good." lots of love.

      • Is that it? I went on a week long drinkin and websurfing bender. Almost got a divorce. I didn't slowly wake up, the veil was removed with a sledgehammer! The shock will dissapate, Keep diggin and telling people (no matter how crazy they think you are!).

      • This is not something new the bible says in 1 john 5:19 that we originate from God but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. Read the bible it also gives us all hope that in the end evil won't win

      • PeaceBEStill on

        @Truthwontsetyoufree…for now

        We all went through the same thing. It hits you like a freight train then you slowly go into a deep depression. The reality of "nothing is as it seems" can be very daunting but don't lose heart.

        My relief came through knowing that Jesus Christ is the only way out of this mess. A relationship with God puts everything in perspective, it gives you the why and what for of all of this i.e. why is any of this happening and what for.

        God is good and He loves his creation. All this has been predestined and those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ will have a true happy ending.

        Don't give up. You are not alone.

      • I totally know how you feel Truth. I was absolutely shocked and upset when I found out, I started denying the idea yet it kept crawling back to me when I opened my eyes to more and more symbols and messages in songs. You get used to it though. However, consider this eye opening a blessing, for we know the truth that evil really does exist beyond our comprehension, and that our eyes are open enough not to be deceived by this path of destruction. Don't forget to share your knowledge when you can, but don't try to shove it down people's throats either. If they're wise enough, they would do research on it their own.

    • I told my 7 year-old WHY she couldn't watch this new, highly-advertised Disney show: evil symbolism, occult symbolism and themes, etc. Instead of freaking her out (I knew it wouldn't), she became even more aware of the things she sees on TV and even in the toy aisle at the store and points them out to me. It's never too early to expose the truth, even if it's a little bit and geared towards a younger audience.

      • I do the same with my 8 yr old daughter. She hated this show the first time she saw it! She said it was creepy. I think we don't give our kids enough credit……let's pray this show is cancelled soon!

    • @Tyler

      I have a question: What exactly is the danger posed by kids knowing these symbols? What do these symbols do to them? Why is everyone on this site so scared of these symbols? Do they cause harm in some way? I'm honestly curious to know what all the fuss is about.

      • A symbol is "something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or accidental resemblance; esp: a visible sign of something invisible." A related word, symbolism, is "the use of conventional or traditional signs in the representation of divine beings and spirits". So after that lesson, if you still honestly still can't see/comprehend what the fuss is about, then maybe this site is not for you…

      • there is not a danger in kids knowing the symbols. that being said, i don't believe the show points out any of the symbols or gives real information on them. it glamorizes and flashes them really quickly, so that you don't even know what you are seeing. that's why VC has to slow it down and give us freeze frames so we don't miss everything.

        the danger is seeing the symbols without knowing what they are. think of it this way, they are not telling you what their show is really about. it's more than two little kids having fun or something, it is fully of occult images. I don't want my kids exposed in this way to occult, which is evil. also, think of this: flashing these symbols, our subconscious still notices them no matter how fast it goes. it is a way of subliminally influencing the viewer, and ultimately a form of control over them. does that sound good to you? not to me.

        it is better to give kids knowledge of these things when they are ready and old enough, and it is appropriate, than for kids to become zombies in front of the TV and to just absorb all of this stuff without the knowledge, for the reasons stated above.

      • also, just read the comments on the article and you can get a really good idea of what's going on here.

      • I think this would make a good article for VC!

        Illuminati Symoblism: Origins and Modern Day use.

        I'm not sure why the insist on using these symbols, all I can gather is that its a kind of in-your-face shameless bragging of some kind. Not many people understand the symbols and wouldn't really take the time to find out what they mean. So in a way it proves that the masses are happy to be shown these symbols in TV especially and not be concerned about them.

        I guess much like the Christian Crucifix and The Islamic Crescent Moon, there is meaning behind the symbols. I don't think they're meant to cast spells on the person watching, but rather to familiarize people with them. For what purpose… who knows.

        Just my thoughts…

      • That they accept the dark "values" of the occult elite behind these symbols and the occult elite itself and its aims. There is no fear from the plain symbols, but indoctrination of people (without their knowledge and consent) to the side of dark manoeuvres and dark spirituality is simply plain wrong.

      • Nuke,

        It's all about desensitization. Take the pyramid with the "all-seeing eye" for example: I know this sounds strange, but I was out at a yardsale and found a little dome night-light thing that spins and makes music (to help my 4 month old daughter sleep) – It was very colorful and had all kinds of images of cute little animals and about 40 different baby-ish images that were cut out of the dome so a light underneath the dome would project the colorful images onto the wall and ceiling as the lullaby music played. Cute, right? Upon closer inspection, and oddly enough, in the smack dab middle/top of the dome was a pink PYRAMID (complete with bricks and all)….yes placed strategically in the middle so it would be the one thing projected on the ceiling directly above the infant. I seriously couldn't believe my eyes! Long story short – I purchased it….yep, purchased it, took it home, and it went straight into the TRASH! No one needs to expose that piece of crap to their kids!

        Anyway, my point is, they take these symbols and use them against you and your children…to slowly guide you into "outer darkness." (I use the term "outer darkness" because I am emphasizing the fact that they keep you blinded from reality…in fact, so far from reality that it's nearly impossible to believe it when someone tries to convince you to wake up and realize what the real world consists of – but that is exactly what "they" want.) They guide you so slowly and strategically astray that you don't even know how you got there…you just know you are there….and to top it off, you'll think it's OK to be there. First it starts off with a pyramid on an infant toy, then another pyramid on a "friendly" kid's tv show….then another pyramid on some Disney tween show…then Justin Beiber or some other pawn will start wearing pyramids and other symbols making your child think they are "cool" without even realizing what road they are strategically being led down….then they'll get to know more "adult" singers like Lady Gaga, and Rhianna (crappy role-models, anyone?) who use "cool pyramids" (and other "cool" symbolism) in their videos and fancy stage productions, all the while those artists are pushing the elite's agenda and dumbing them down and making them "think" they are happy…but they are really just keeping our kids "drugged" and dependent on "them"……left in "outer darkness."

        Now keep in mind that this seemingly harmless "pyramid" is the same one that has been subconsciously embedded into our brains…It is the same one that we have subconsciously associated with all of these "good, cool, and popular" shows/toys/music artist/fashion ads/etc….(Again, I am just using this one single symbol as an example…there are many others – just do your research, or look it up on VC.)

        ……It goes much deeper than seeing a mere, harmless shape reappear in mass media….your subconscious brain will quietly be whispering to you "Hey…there's that pyramid again….you know – the one that made you feel comforted as a baby…happy and content as a child….accepted by your "friends" as a teenager….popular in high school….and helped you "express" and "free" yourself as an adult….trust me – it's good." It's a very slow, and unknowingly painful process and is much more complex than what I attempted to describe……nonetheless, it is very real – and it's happening all around us at an ever-increasing rate, and mainly to our children.

        But that is where you come in – you are here for a reason like the rest of us. There is something deep down inside us all…a "light," if you will…..the "truth"…..some choose to ignore it and stay "content" while they are spoon-fed crap by the elite….and some lucky few are aware enough to know that something doesn't feel right about the way the world "operates" and they have become seekers of the truth. And when you find it, you will literally see the world through new eyes….it's a somber process, but worth it.

        Now you don't have to believe a word I have said – but I urge you to do your own research.

        My advice – Go with your gut instincts, and don't ask anyone's opinions (opinions can't reveal truth) – find out for yourself through extensive research, and then make an educated decision. You can find out ANYTHING if you really want to – the only drawback is whether or not you are willing to accept the truth of your findings. Good luck on your journey my friend.

    • So true Tyler. but i'm glad i know about it now. Its like when you know you start seeing it even more; in movies, cartoons, sitcoms, music,etc. Great post by the way.

      • DeadMessenger on

        And notice the time on the owl clock. 12:25. 1 + 2 + 2 = 5, followed by another 5. Double 5's. Double numbers have Illuminati meaning.

    • Dude,kids like 9,10,11,12 wanna see this stuff.

      Its creative,kids like drawing and figuring out things.

      Just ask a kid thats like 8,9,10,11 or 12 they will all say

      they like exploring.If they don't know what there

      doing to themselves watch them

      doing all this stuff on computer and television.

      This is good for kids.

      I hope you know this now

    • Oh my gosh I knew it wasnt a good show before it came out! And my friend really likes this show i need to tell him that the creator is a devil worshiper

    • Check out Nick Jr, Yo Gabba Gabba it's full of symbols. I probably would not have noticed in the past but thankfully reading VC it has opened my eyes to what they are doing to our innocent children.

    • I don't understand why they show symbolism such as the one eye thing and the checkerboard floor. Please explain someone?

    • Sorry have to step in here. Working in the animation biz for years including some development for this show. Sometimes artists put eye pyramids in back grounds because… they look cool. Most artists don't have half a clue what it means. The character in this show is a shriner because quite simply the show's creator (still in his 20s and to my mind not a nefarious personality) is fascinated by Shriners.

      Does not mean he is consciously furthering the agenda of the PTB or that ANYONE in the Disney upper management has ANY say about this particular content in a show. I have never received a note to put in more Illuminati symbolism. Doesn't happen. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. (this is not to say I haven't noticed curious notes at higher levels at some studios. Another topic..)

      I personally believe TV programing and content do contain subliminals, predictive programming etc, but you do not find them in the obvious places, and they aren't left up to a production artist to deliver them. There are much subtler and more powerful ways to transmit these messages through energetic channels, frequencies. More imagination required here, folks.

    • This is so shocking. Gravity falls is a good enough show, why did they have to go into free masonery? I always noticed the triangle and eye before the show starts. I cant believe people are pathetic enough to put this crap on TV.

    • OK, the name of this show… "Gravity Falls." Please look into "Electric Universe" and "Vortex math." Marko Rodin, while searching for the greatest name of God, stumbled upon this math principal that when he makes his diagram – it looks just like the Masonic symbol. When you start to apply his concepts to electrical coils, odd things start to happen with energy fields. Much of Rodin's work seems to indicate the folks behind the electric universe project (Thunderbolts Project) are right, and that we live in an energy-based Universe, not a gravity based one. A lot of folks write Rodin off as a religious zealot, but I think he may be on to something very, very big.

  2. They are becoming much too blatant. I hope there will come a time on the earth when nobody is afraid to die for what they believe is good and right. Until then, these symbols (and evil) will continue to escalate exponentially.

    You and I and everyone else have the power to end this TODAY. Think about how easily we could take the world back if enough of us were willing to sacrifice ourselves for what we believe in. Is there any greater death than one which forces evil out of power and secures our CHILDREN? Only without fear of anything are we and they truly free.

    I beg you all not to seek death, but not to fear it either. If we all truly believe in good, then we can create a heaven on earth for generations to come.

    Step one is let go of fear and vanity. Trust God. Deny the falsities and spells that have blinded us with a thick, black veil.

    I love you guys, and I know we'll eventually come together to do what's right.

    • much Love to you Matt! and to the youth above, waking up and to all whom visit this site regardless of your affiliations. Earth is in crisis. Humanity is the crisis. we have the tools and resources to change the course, question is, do we have the WILL. i do. and i'm not alone. :) so will we?

      and if so, what WILL we do?

      The decisions make by us common folks in the next 2 decades (will we wake up and act or not?) will determine much of humanity's fate. sounds dramatic, and it is. as if this website is not proof enough.

      Vigilant, who ever you are… THANK YOU. you are guiding many into a process of reclaiming one's soul, body, and mind. with this, we must reclaim our creative powers as individuals and then empower each other through community. we must reclaim our music (which is one of the most creative powers Humans have to work with). we must reclaim our symbols and the public space to express these symbols. (this is why i personally love street art: graffiti, murals, stencils, and stickers. wonderful tools at symbol and space re-claiming. we must reclaim our bodies and refuse to put unnecessary drugs, toxins, chem-foods, and sugar into them. and to stay out of the medical industrial complex as much as possible. (no healing going on over there!) Its time to use all our brain, all our human potential, as individuals- and communities to dramatically shift the course. change it all. reclaim the narrative, reclaim your imaginations from the dominant myth. if not, we are going to end up where we are headed!

      I salute you all in your awakenings as I ask for your waves of support in mine.

      may we be courageous, strong, patient, resolute, creative, limitless, loved, and protected as we rise.



    • i truly wish it could be that easy. The problem is that people that don't see the connections laugh at people like us. They watch the super bowl and see Madonna prancing around all kinda of symbols with deeper meaning and say wow cool show. But they don't see the indoctrination being held on a global scale !!!! The young ones have been so permeated they do not see – they are just being trained for the "big event" so when it does happen, all they will do is follow towards their familiar symbols as hope … I surely will know better and run like crazy in the other direction !!!

      • All it takes is the bravery of one voice who truly believes in a selfless cause. Sounds to me like we already have thousands. Believe!! Don't be afraid to sound crazy to the people you tell. No matter how much they deny it at first, they'll begin to think. Conscience, your guardian angel, love; whatever you want to call it, always finds a way. It worked for us after all.

        Remember the movie Inception?

        If you plant a seed (idea) in someone's head, it only grows the further into the mind that you dive. The "enlightened" use false ideas for fear and control, so imagine how powerful it could be used for good and truth.

        I always tell people one thing: Don't take my advice as orders how to live your life; help one another, love everybody no matter their shortcomings, but make sure you do it because YOU believe in the good of EVERYONE. If everyone thinks FOR themselves instead of ABOUT themselves, this world can be truly beautiful.

    • Dear people of the world (especially the US). VC can only open our eyes but he cannot do everything for us. Kindly read the book "The secret destiny of America" by Manly P Hall (http://knowledgefiles.com/categories/freemasonry/the-secret-destiny-of-america/) and understand that what is happening is not new. Infact, it will continue unfolding until its totally complete.

      Way before Jesus of Nazareth, there were mystery schools doing this. Its just that over the last 300 years they have perfected their game with the growth of global communication and finance.

      Fear not what you dont understand for it may be good for you …

  3. All of these symbols are everywhere and people still don't believe me when I talk ab the illuminati. I know whose side I'm on!

    • Not even the kids are exempted, they want to train them young. Parents protect your kids from these repulsive elites!!

    • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on

      They see them everywhere so they are desensitized. "It's just a pyramid. It's just an eyeball. It's just a pyramid with an eyeball inside, it's on the dollar bill? What's the big deal?" You see. Could the the symbolism in a children's TV show be reinforcing a positive connotation? Like war scenes in today's most popular top charting music videos? Mix this concept with a lazy society where people want instant gratification (fast food, fast directions with GPS, fast service anywhere you go, hate lines, hate traffic, go go go!), and who don't question anything, and you have the prefect recipe for desensitizing/programming someone.

      You need time to stop and smell the roses; to critical think and investigate. Today's programming is very corporate. Yet, people forget about the concept of investments, lobbying, and other deals that go on to bias or sway an opinion. We are desensitized and programmed and don't even know it. "Who made this cartoon? Who made this advertisement? Why did this corporation feature this article? Why did this corporation support this candidate?" These are questions people fail to investigate.

      Clearly, VC readers are practicing critical thinking here.

      • tbh i just saw all this symbolism as…symbols.

        i mean no way i was able to pick up the jar was a reference to something sinister

        then again what child couldve noticed? just wondering

    • This is how you show them the truth:: On the History channel they have a serie called " Ancient Alien" Have them watch the Mayan one, you will be surprised.

  4. I was just thinking that this is a good site to meet well informed people…any cute single guys out there? lol :)

    • It is a good site to meet informed people, but its not exactly a dating site, lol. :p

    • No "cute single guys" only dark athletic handsome men. "cute guys" are puny and need to be crushed under foot.

    • Social Critic on

      Haha, it would actually be pretty cool to organize a meeting with fellow vigilant citizens. Too bad everyone is spread all over the country though, I guess.

      • That would be amazing but I wouldn't want our location disclosed lol I'm from Los Angeles!

      • I don't understand people. Here in Europe it can be clearly seen what's going on. European Union is trying to destroy all of the countries and people around me blame only the government. Our government was trying to resist for 1-2 years and people spoke about it like it's a bad things. And they like IMF and EU and speaking about how good if we will get loan from IMF. It's clear the Illuminati and their organizations want to destroy everything but they don't understand what I'm saying to them and laugh. Very annoying!!!

    • You're right, this is a site where people can meet like minded people and potential companions. Ps, i'm single.

    • Hey gal you got a point there!! Where are the handsome men who know the deal? I am in southern cali! heh-low! lol

  5. Vigilant- I don't know if you believe in God but I thank God for you and your articles! I have learned SO much from you! SO MUCH! I pray that God bless you and yours, protect and empower you in all your doings. THANK YOU!!!! May His reward for you be great!

  6. This is one reason why most of the times I dont want my niece/nephew watch cartoons from disney/nickelodeon….I dont want subliminal messages corrupting their young minds. Id rather buy them an educational dvd. Cartoons nowadays are sickening, augh

    • They're sickening. Ditch your cable channels. You'll save your cash and your kids won't have as much access to rubbish. I haven't had cable for ages.

    • if they don't have occult symbolism, they are full of bodily functions and disrespecting parents. turn off the tv, or try pbs or qubo or something.

    • Glad you said that about someone taking the time to draw all those symbols! THS IS YOUR DEFENSE!!! This is how you prove to people there is an alterior motive. How long would it take to draw this? Remember, everything is planned and finalized in editing. Especially animation, everyone knows exactly what is in each frame. These are the subleties that we are fighting against. Even music videos, there is nothing there that is not "put" there, from a color to the way a person stands, to writings on the backgorund or floor.

  7. man, this show is nonstop illuminati symbolism! i can't believe that split second flash at the end, nearly subliminal, because all the other in-your-face symolism isn't enough.

    also had a thought… stan, one missing A away from satan.

    • The Satan/Stan thing is creepy. I kept seeing/thinking Uncle Sam when I read Uncle Stan

  8. killuminati23 on

    ive been waiting for this for a real long time, ive seen A LOT of symbolism in it, sad when kids r being targeted, my bro nd sis love the show, even i have to admit its pretty funny, just a way to make symbolism familiar i guess :/

    • Am guessing he will have a lot this year, 2012, a year of enlightenment!! GO VC, we earnestly wait on your articles to keep us informed :)

      • @Why: Every time I turn my TV on, I can feel my IQ slowly sinking. I also don't have Netflix or Hulu because they don't have it here. I tried to read mystery teaching books, but they always require a full-time job of reading.

        And also because almost every conspiracies site on the web (accept this one and a few others) is just insane and/or illiterate in all the different ways. But VC is different. He is always polite, respecting (even to the elites on some levels) and he always tries to show proofs rather than conclusions. That must has something to do with a degree in mysteries school, an obsession in finding the truth and a full-time job of a music producer.

    • @Why…..where did I say I do not read other site or research?!? SMH….I just look forward to VC's for various reason

  9. Wow.,.. again with the Disney symbolism. Who knew some of my favourite memories of childhood stem from evil plans to indoctrinate children. What a load of shit they laid on us from the time we were young. I know one thing that is for sure.. I will never allow my children to watch television of this kind, or any unless I check it out first. This is seriously ridiculous, and I wish that MY parents would have known about this. Thank you VC for showing us all the light. For five years now I have done research on the Elite and their plans, and nothing really surprises me any more, but VC is always on top of the latest, and I thank him for that. The people on this site know the truth, and will stay vigilant until the day we die, and will hopefully teach our children how to be vigilant as well.


  10. I'vegotwideopen on

    I think it's perverted and I think they're putting those symbols everywhere so that people take them as something normal, like rosaries or statues, or saint images that now are something common. If you dare to tell a catholic those images that's blasphemous shame on you! The good thing about this, is that, this confirms we're not crazy and something is going on out there… let along the Goat Pet video… I still wonder why there is people thinking that was something pretty, arty or even good! That man standing on the little boat is no one different from the Antichrist. Well, that's a different thread, though. Stay vigilant!

  11. VC I've been waiting for you to write about this show !!! My 8 year old daughter was watching it and I told her to turn it off immediately when I saw all the blatant symbolism throughout the ENTIRE show. I watched it and from the intro to the end it is symbol after symbol – they start with our young, continue to our teens and bombard us as adults with constant brainwashing. Some of my friends think I am goin overboard by not letting my child watch this show, they think I'm crazy for thinking that we are being controlled and Being PREPARED for "something" – when that something comes my eyes will be wide open to their deceit !!! God help us all!!!!!

  12. My kids love the show, but I point out the symbols and explain them. Turning off the tv isn't enough. We have to educate the kids so they will see it and recognize the symbols. The illuminai's children know what these symbols mean and ours should too.

    • I agree that turning off the TV isn't enough! To completely shelter our children from reality will make them more susceptible to outside influence in the future… or make them overly militant. They need to know the truth in order for The World's agenda of desensitization to fail.

  13. Orion Lander on

    In the days that follow, so bore the son of god and a trough for which the demons may feast on the lackluster meals they do so desire. But aforementioned to the stone they shall turn in the midst of the great preamble due forth in our time. Alone, the last twinkle of this perversion shall perish from this reality. There be no better time than now to rinse thy wrath from within the shells of our skin. For the boil to burn all at once shall cause quite the pain in heart. As for the true evil long forgotten they will be gone and they shall get exactly what they wish for…

  14. For all those who say " Nah!! that's just a coincidence " well DON'T ! cuz its impossible that the symbols we see through out MOST if not ALL disney movies and shows are "coincidence " , be repeat and say again , be vigilant . Disney , which is controlled by free masons ,is exposing the symbols to kids , and yes i agree with u , these kids wont understand its meaning , BUT , these symbols will become ORDINARY in their normal life , like any other symbol , and that what free masons are trying to do , to let the new generation ignore the fact that these symbols are some how "Fishy " giving themselves the chance to to control us much more easily , after all , no one will be vigilant in the future enough to be aware of the illuminaties around us , especially there are no vigilant parents who warn there children about these symbols AND FACTS !

    Thank you .

  15. i am going to be a first time mother and i am not going to let disney or any other similar crap to brainwash nor cultivate my little girl"s brain. i do not want her to be dumbed down!

    • ChoosingEverlastingL on

      I agree with you. You should protect your child with your life. There are many parents who sit their kids in front of any idiot box(TV) cartoon for the sake of it being nothing more than an at home convenient babysitter, that will allow the parent(s) a few moments of peace and silence. And they feel there is nothing wrong because it is a cartoon, but these parents need to realize the evil forces that guide this world are mostly always focusing on our kids. They try to get them early, in hopes of either successfully "programming" the kids or at least getting to them through the spells that were casted over the show. They do the very same with putting out music, movies, books, etc… If the topic won't get to you, then perhaps the spell will.

    • my daughter loves books (so do i). she also likes to spend time learning to sing songs that I sing to her. she is only two. she is not interested in TV. I hope it stays that way. I think if we have good habits, it will.

      • It's easy to control them when they are 2. Wait until they start full-time education and gradually become more demanding. Don't cave in to their demands. You don't want to end up with some spoilt little brats.

  16. I watched the show. Absolutely sickening. A preview of another episode showed some magician kid that had the symbol of the eastern star plastered all over his act. My babysitter's a vampire is another messed up show on disney channel. I don't get how they think it's an appropriate show for kids to watch…it's has such a dark, evil vibe and they usually show it at night and of course reserve it for the summer when kids are glued to disney channel from morning till night. When my nieces were visiting I immediately told them to change the channel.

    • I only watched the first episode of My Baby Sitter is a vampire, and it was a load of shit! All I saw was them promoting a lot of real satanic practices, and my little sister and brother always going on and on about how much they love that show!

      • Jake, do what you can to really discourage your siblings from getting into that show. Everything about the occult and supernatural is being NORMALIZED for them. Please, sit them down and help them see the poison in the fruit.

  17. "Stan" might be code for Satan (note the corner of the chimney in the armchair pic could be an A), and Gravity Falls sounds to me like an underworld reference.

  18. PS – I just translated the runes on the wall when the Dipper segment of the intro runs. They are, top to bottom, Uruz (strength, vital life force, or bloodline), Mannaz (man), Othila (heritage, inheritance), and Ansuz (Aesir, the Nordic pantheon of gods). So this message symbolically could be "The bloodline of men descended from the gods." Uruz literally refers to an aurochs, an extinct enormous bull, so there is also the suggestion of a bull-man or minotaur, some kind of horned man.

    The name Dipper could refer to the north pole stars that form the "ladder" for the celestial ascent, the process for men to attain godhood. The Egyptians were way into this.

    And the vampire bats – supposedly vampirism and blood drinking is part of the Illuminati ethos.

    • PPS – The more I watch this the worse it gets. The skull in that scene with the runes has horns. The Mabel sequence is awful – she plugs in a shirt with a rainbow into a light socket, like "over the rainbow" elecroshock mind control programming. And the scene around the campfire where the giant demon looking thing appears behind them looks like the Bohemian Grove. Uncle Stan appears in a puff of smoke with a magic staff. And the references to Paul Bunyan and Bigfoot might be about the Nephilim, described as a race of giants.

      • and see the picture with the open book on one side june 18(3×6), and on the other page some more 36, and 13 ..

      • Also, the next to the last still shot (the Shack still photo) has 20/15… 2015. Really? Reminds me of the Simpson's episode 9/11…

  19. When they would use Jesus crosses and ichthus symbols everybody would say the show had something to do with Christianity. When they use strange occult symbols it's just for show?

    It's like that with every article on this website. Think about what you would say if the symbols would be the Nike logo or the Jesus cross, and be honest to yourself.

    Sometimes it can be a coincidence, but when it's everywhere the makers must know too.

  20. I've been waiting for you to do a bit on this. I watch a lot of cartoons and this isn't the only one that will make you look twice.

  21. To be honest… the symbols are increasing in An ALARMING rate!… almost not a day goes by when you cant see something on TV and relate to it… btw this makes me sick!

  22. I knew it! I saw most of these things when my little sister was watching the show, and even realized something suspicious at the ending of the intro..and when I just showed my sister just now, as usual she always defends this kinda shit just because it's Disney..every picture I showed her from the article, instead of her thinking about it, she just said "So? So?" even though she does know what the symbols mean, and for the picture with the window in Uncle Stan's attic, she made an even worse excuse "So? I saw a window like that already!" and I said "A window like that where?" and she said "Umm..in my friend's house." Stueps..whatever..can't believe children soak up this shit.

  23. Well, that is, of course, not the case with Disney, a good old masonic corporation, but I have noticed, that there's a tendency to incorporate masonic/occult symbolism just for the purpose of getting more success in business. Is it a bad tendency? Is it promoting the occult? I don't know. In my opinion though if one is aware of those symbols and doesn't take them seriously, then, probably he's in contrast diminishing the power of the symbols and basically bringing them down to a very low level in terms of their potency. I mean the popularization of the occult may have been good for the occult ideology in the beginning, but now it is falling short. Just like Christian symbolism has been trashed by its overpopularization with the masses, who now just don't take it seriously, the occult "all-seeing eye" etc. seem to have fallen prey to the very same overexposure and overexploitation. What I'm trying to say is that people nowadays seem to have waken up to some extent and invest less and less spiritual power in any symbolism or occult practices, just using them for their own benefit while it is appropriate for a time being. Therefore elite may have devalued the power of religion, but they have found themselves in a situation where young people, Generation Y and younger, do not believe in ANYTHING, be it an occult theory or a political movement. While this could be a positive thing, I am quite worried, because the elite may try to accelerate the development of the World War III pretext, since during the time of trials and tribulations people tend to believe in false ideas promising them escape from the hardships. Anyway, the young are much luckier and much smarter, than their parents and grandparents. They are much harder to manipulate, tough, unfortunately, they have a tendency to self-distruction… So basically be wise as serpents, don't be afraid of the occult – use your knowledge for your own advantage and take it for what it's worth.

    • interesting points, and I think you're right about the new kids not believing in anything. but i think that is pretty dangerous. they will be easily influenced without the core values they need.

  24. so i guess they are trying to make being a mason cool since Walt Disney was clearly one….this is why i dont have these kids channels anymore…

  25. Even if there was no symbolic meaning (which of course there is), who would want their kids to watch shows like this with eyeballs in jars – any idea how traumatising that is for little kids! I grew up in Africa where people get kidnapped and their body parts used for witchdoctor medicine. These pictures reminded me of the phobia I had as a seven year old of my fingers and toes ending up in a jar…

    • true! my sister in law is from africa and she has some stories about things like that. i don't think many americans think that way though.

  26. Good to see you are looking at some of these children's shows now. I know you've done articles on children's movies, but my kids watch the Nick channels. (I don't let them watch Disney), and I swear there are some fishy things going on with the way they market to kids these days. I'd like to see more reporting done on modern children's programming.

    • I used to watch Nick and i'm grown up. I've noticed lately that their newer shows like icarly and victorious have alot of sexual innuendos and quirky jokes that seems to be written by an adult writing inside jokes that adults and "mature" teens are supposed to understand. The thing is that it's mostly tweens and kids that watch nick and not teenagers.

      Nick also shows that terrible House of Anubis show during the summer I believe. I'm glad it didn't get outrageously popular but enough kids are hooked on it now.

    • also, don't let your kids near cartoon network. It's like adult swim-lite now and so inappropriate for kids and the shows can be disturbing. The writers have to be hipsters in their late 20's-early 30's writing shows that entertain them and their friends. It's such a mess. TV is not safe for children anymore.

  27. My son refused to watch this show, calling it creepy and wierd, hopefully this sensitivity to this garbage will continue. I have noticed so much of this since following this site.

  28. It's so blatant now, I don't understand how some people can't see it! With children just being born in to my family I'm sad that this is what they're feeding our kids nowadays :(

  29. Look at the Pic where it's talking about the rug, look at the stone head, that's one of those ancient stones nobody knows who built hmmmm

  30. Thank You!!!! Some people keep on telling me I'm crazy, and that I'm just seeing things and taking it too far with this illuminati stuff, but like you said its everywhere and in plain sight! People need to be educated about these things before its too late!

  31. Somebody should start a website, or online group type thing, with people against the illuminati and what they do. Anyone else think the same?

  32. Yes,

    The symbols are there en mass. You pointed out the rug on the floor with the all seeing eye. Did you notice the 6 pointed star on the counter next to the vending machine? There are just too many symbols here to be just a coincidence. Love your site. It's always interesting reading. I turned off the TV last year and I don't miss it. It's nice to read again.

  33. I love this show; the Free Mason insignia everywhere (I recognized several you saw) is one of my favorite parts of the show. I get a great laugh looking for All Seeing Eyes, Masonic symbols, and NWO jokes.

    I feel that this show makes fun of the NWO instead of honoring or promoting it.

    Allow a Dan of this show to direct you to some notes:
    1. Stan is a money-grubbing, unethical, lazy man. He mentioned that "The Lodge" had kicked him out and "never wanted him back". He's actually a REJECTED Mason.

    2. In the wax museum episode, he actually admitted that he was going to rob a yard sale.

    3. In a parody of the Flavor Aide cults and televangelists that hawk witchcraft and cheesy "instant miracle soaps", the nutty antagonist wore an upside down pentagram and was depicted as a maniacal, hypocritical stalker. He looked, sounded, and obsessed over women like BILL CLINTON.

    4. Stan tried counterfeiting money several times.

    5. "Columbia? I went to jail there once!"

    6. Stan's "Mystery Shack" is staffed by incompetent and lazy workers. Not a good impression of NWO recruits. The cashier plays hooky most of the day, and the janitor is dumb and obese.

    7. The Mystery Shack is dilapidated and lower class income. Not a very good way to class a Mason, right?

    8. Stan actually STOLE an expensive clown painting RIGHT OFF A GUY'S WALL.

    Is this a GOOD portrayal of the NWO? Is this what these alleged world rulers want families to think of them? Itʻs bad PR. Use your head.

    If you believe in this madness, then take a look at how itʻs portrayed. The NWO's figures are greedy, corrupt, lazy, incompetent, and hilarious.

    The Free Mason is a petty thief with no power or prestige, and his own group HATES him. -and he stinks at fishing.

    The occult psychic with pentagrams is a maddened little stalker who says "whittle ol' me" and sings corny songs. His power was taken from him and he looks lIke Bill Clinton.

    The protagonists are pure and uncorrupted by all the NWO around them, and they constantly uncover the secrets of the city and make the secrets public, when they finally listen.

    Could this not be construed as inviting kids to look into "mystery" and learn, as you say, "how the world REALLY works"?
    After all, Dipper and Mabel never stop looking for the truth.

    Gravity Falls RIDICULES the NWO and champions solving mysteries and learning truths. This is not pro-NWO, itʻs a satire!

    Watch it while you can. If the Illuminati is real, they'll kill anything that makes fun of them.

    • I soo agree with you, that's why when I see it, I don't take it serously and just laugh at the dumb jokes.

      • The pyramid with the eye at the top is the Illuminati symbol and it's called the Mark of the Beast in the Bible's Book of Revelation. Look it up, chapter 13. This is all gearing people to accept the mark or the symbol of the Beast system which IS the NWO. Whether it's harmless to you now, is not the point. It's the harm it will do to you if you accept the mark of the beast later which will completely remove your chances of EVER going to Heaven in your afterlife. This is real, and the BIBLE has been 100% accurate so far. Right now, Ezekiel 38=39 war is about to start and the Isaiah chapter 17 verse 1 prophecy is about to be fulfilled. All prophecies HAVE been fulfilled thus far. The evil one is at work too, and he is using all these Illuminati puppets. Do not be deceived. That is the whole point of being awake so we can see the devil's deceptions coming a mile away.

    • TheMindsoftheGenerat on

      For those who just look at it as harmless fun,think about the kids who watch this, they are being trained to get accustomed to these symbols as harmless fun,they will grow up with this nostalgia, and what's that? the fashion industry is filled with the same symbols and some artiste who are puppets do too? well they will fall right into their hands,and who knows where that will lead to,conditioning starts up simple but it is not that simple in it's entirety.We know already so it won't really affect us other than making us feel disgusted about what they are doing to the kids, and you can make a joke in and about almost everything but does that really make this show "funny" ,filled with occult symbols ,throw in some funny jokes "aww this show is alright" ,really?, smh

      • As I made in my points, Gravity Falls is an insult to various symbols of the alleged NWO. It truly seems designed to break the usual perception of them as good, powerful, or friendly and show them as twisted, loopy, dumb, incompetent, and the butt of every joke.

        The most recent episode had Stan (the reject Free Mason) being too lazy to get off the couch and change the channel. He ordered Dipper and Mabel to do it instead., but they were not home. He ended up watching an entire cheesy soap opera and crying at the end.

        "KIDS! A show I don't like is on, I can't find the remote, and I'm not going to get up and do it myself! Come in here!"

        *no response*

        "Kids? KIDS?!"

        Another example of this alleged NWO glorifying show's depictions of incompetence in the NWO elite…

        Mason Stan: That sounds like something no parent would ever allow their children to do.

        *Mabel, Dipper, and ship captain look at each other*

        Mason Stan: GOOD THING I'M YOUR UNCLE!

        Would the NWO support itself being depicted as that incompetent? Remember that only Master Masons can become Shriners and wear the fez. Would they really want to show a Shriner in this manner?

        Just because something has the symbols doesn't mean anything of true danger, and in all honesty, the symbols aren't the problem.

        It's the content itself. For example, people pull NWO conspiracies out of a Lady Gaga video, and I'm all like: "Seriously? You're worried about positioned items and symbols in the background when a woman is prostituting herself in skimpy, wretched clothing?"

        I think your priorities are messed up. Fear not the symbolism, fear the external message.

        Every time the symbolism comes in, it's either in the background when something comedic is occuring or is the butt of a joke. Stan is the biggest example. He appears every time symbolism appears, and come on, he's been shown counterfeiting money, stealing paintings, robbing garage sales, and being too lazy to change a channel or look for a television remote.

        I would really hate to live the life so many of you seem to be living. Call it "ignorance is bliss" if you want, but frankly, I'm not scared, and if mere pictures are frightening, you need to reanalyze your life.

        When I watched Gravity Falls, finding the symbolism was actually my favorite part. I was laughing at the jokes and thrilling myself with the adorable characters, and then I'd see an All Seeing Eye in the window.

        "Look at that window!" I'd say, "There's an All-Seeing Eye in there!"

        "Look! Stan's a FREE MASON!"

        "Look! Shriner joke!"

        In fact, I'd keep a mental track of how many times I could find the conspiratorial pictures and took pride in myself for getting the jokes. Gravity Falls is made even better when you can see all the little secrets like that. The Mystery Shack is like an "I Spy" game.

        Heck, I even said, in referring to heading to a television to catch the next Gravity Falls, "I need to watch some Masons!".

        Seriously, people. If this NWO exists, it's doing a really crappy job at conquering the earth.

        The Masons have existed since the 1700s. The Federal Reserve has dominated our monetary policy since 1913 (here's hoping we can end that). The Knights Templar were dissolved in the late 1600s at most. We still aren't under martial law, and Big Brother isn't watching me through my television.

        While our liberties are restricted from to time, and while there are indeed dangers in law and in deed, and sure, we must always be vigilant, there's a huge difference between defending the Constitution and voiting your mind, and running around panicking every time you see an eyeball and a triangle.

        Stop fearing the symbols. Laugh at them. Count them. Have fun with them. They are only a threat if you lie down, fall asleep, and let them do it. Simply seeing these pictures will not corrupt the innocence of children. What will corrupt their innocence is letting them watch, say, a Lady Gaga video, where the symbols are found.

        It's the total content of the show, not the symbols, that denotes whether or not it should be seen.

        -and in case you think the NWO is winning, consider this:

        A bill is in Congress is to be voted on this month. It will force the first front-to-back, total and complete audit of the elusive Federal Reserve. All of my Congressmen, including my Representative and my Senators, are co-sponsors ready to vote "YES" when it comes to the floor. I've made it known as to what voting "NO" would do to their vote. You have too. We all have.

        We all know that we can eliminate the Federal Reserve and institute a volunatary fractional reserve system, PRECISELY as Credit Unions do with the NCUA. This will come to pass one day; the Federal Reserve is fast losing its power.

        Stop fearing these symbols. They can not hurt you. Live a little and enjoy some Gravity Falls. Of all people, I'd think NWO people would love this show because the NWO is depicted as so incompetent and goofy. There's no prestige or majesty in the Mystery Shack as to praise the NWO or its symbols. They can't even get the "S" to stay on the roof. (Mystery Hack.)

        If ignorance is bliss, so be it. I would rather live a happy life and do what I can to protect my freedom than sit in a bunker, trembling at every show, obbsessing my entire life into looking into the most subtle and coincidental symbols. Gravity Falls places the symbols openly as part of the show's theme: secrecy, mystery, and uncovering the truth. That's the point.

    • TheMindsoftheGenerat on

      lol you write all of that to tell me that I'm scared and trembling,I was never talking about me , I said the children, you can watch it all you like and laugh but there are thousands of kids growing up on this and being ushered into this occultic world, live a little? who said I wasn't? and what does not wanting to watch this show have to do with not living lol,since when is watching tv living,smh, and the fact that you wrote all of that just for me, lol you don't see the big picture do you,as for stan,he is probably putting up a front, you see tons of shows and movies where the guy portrayed as the idiot was actually the mastermind.

    • TheMindsoftheGenerat on

      p.s we live in the information age now, it was never possible to have global influence like it is possible now reaching every corner of the earth,it is much easier to invade a country through the media and change the minds of it's people, just look at society and how the youth model after pop artiste,everything from the way they speak to the way they dress and their behaviour,they in turn will have children,some will raise them just as themselves and the children are the future of a nation and the main way of combating this type of invasion is to defend against it with information.

    • i know that ure just trying to live ur life and not be "scared all the time" or paranoid….but ur really taking this too lightly and underestimating the Illuminati .Maybe because YOU are an adult and can think critically and know the truth and are aware, it wont affect you…but itll affect innocent and naive kids who are like sponges right now and soaking everything up!

      i believe that by making the masons look "goofy" and "cute" or whatever, or "incompetent"….it'll make u think that theyre "harmless"…which i believe is FAR from the truth! they're conditioning kids to believe that masons and that type of symbolism is just quirky, no big deal; and that the masons are too stupid to do any real harm to anyone.

      Do u really think the NWO is doing a "crappy job" trying to control the world? i definitely dont think so! most people are completely brainwashed and indoctrinated, i dont know about where u live! do u think the Federal Reserve will be overturned by some votes? do u really think a few votes will overturn the government adn ruin all the NWO's plans? im sorry to be so negative but this is all prophesyed and WILL happen! there WILL be an NWO and an Anti-Christ.

      im not "hyper-paranoid" at all, but i dont underestimate evil no matter how silly they portray themselves to be. thats what they want u to think….. hope i wasnt rude

    • Well said TurtleShroom! As a Freemason I think this show looks like a lot of fun, but in no way does it "promote" masonry. We do what we can to promote strong ethics, community service, and self improvement. Things like theft, lying, and manipulation are really good ways to get kicked out of the Masons.

      Remember folks, we are not a "Secret Society" we are a society with secrets. If you want to see what goes on inside a Masonic Lodge, stop by and ask. You will likely get a guided tour of the place and any questions you have answered.

    • Maybe Disney has the power to show Freemanonry as it is, depending on who's in power (and if they agree with it)? Sometimes they may promote it (if in agreement of who's in reign); other times they may degrade it.

  34. Besides the Nes code in the frame that flashes at the end of the intro, that hand between the llama and the star is odd. It has six fingers.

    • The protagonist discover a book in the woods, its where all those strange pages come from. On the cover of the book is the 6 fingered hand, on the palm of the hand is the number 3. could translate to 666?

  35. We can do nothing individually. We need to reunite, to put our hands with each other to be able to fight this order that is invading our world today, and bombarding it with ancient, mysterious symbols, which, thanks to VC, become obvious. God bless you! HE is the truth!

  36. I'm really glad how vigilant this website has made me and my friends. I'm 17 and I find it sad and scary that none of my peers understand what they're truly absorbing. And now as I was watching my nephew, I saw this show and instantly new it was of the occult. Now I need to worry about what my 5 year old nephew watches too? Not cool. I already have my hands full trying to illuminate my peers, let alone a whole other age group.

  37. 1 John 5:19 says "the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." Revelation 12:9 says satan is "misleading the entire inhabited earth." I really enjoy these articles, I dont know how much of it is true but from what I understand, it harmonizes with what the bible says about how the last days will be. The scriptures also bring out that satan knows he has a short peroid of time, hence the reason why these symbols are being thrown in our faces. Things seem to be getting worse but the bible tells us that Jehovah is going to put an end to it soon. The elite can have their fun winning over these fame seeking people and any who dont truly love Jehovah but like the bible brings out, vengeance is Jehovahs.

  38. I been visiting this website for a while now,
    and ever since I saw the trailers for this show and opening I noticed the signs. But the cartoon is supposed to be about creepy and mysterious stuff so I guess that's why it's there. I am guilty of liking this show, it's the only Disney or nickalodeon cartoon I like.

  39. I wonder if all of us who know the truth about what's really going on in the world will ever become a community that exists outside the Internet? I saw in one of the above comments that someone feels very alone through coming realize the truth.
    I agree that it can feel very isolating being the only person you know who is interested in in it all.
    If the illuminati are to become even more invasive than they already are, there would be no strength in a dispersed group of people who know the truth, no matter how big, because it relies on Internet access. What if suddenly there was no Internet?

  40. Yeah… creepy intro as well, created my masons no doubt. Sick how they keep pushing their evil onto young innocent minds, this stuff all seems so "harmless" when you see it in a cartoon, but it actually is a seed that is planted, which entices kids to be curious about all of the masonic imaging, which in turn leads them down a very dark and dangerous path. I'll be keeping an eye (pun not intended) on my kids and what they absorb on day, I don't want their minds polluted at such a young age!

  41. hiddenmessage on

    I also realised something, the symbol on the circle is on stan's hat and the scrambled message right next to it is about stan so one can assume that each symbol represents something in the show and the message near to it is about the symbol or person, might help decode the rest, so with that assumption there might be atleast 12 hidden messages.

  42. skeptimistic4 on

    What the………….why? To what unnecessarily blatant level do they want to take this nonsense?

  43. The Illuminati have become so blatant with their Agenda because they know that majority of the sheeple don't care about who rules over them as long as they can eat and get all the good things they need.Even if Obama publicly declares that he is a member of the Illuminati and an agent of satan,Many people would simply brush His confession aside as his "right to worship whatever he chooses to worship", the same way they ignored the fact that Bush publicly acknowledged that he was a member of the satanic group the skulls.

    It is this nonchallant attitude that ensures that the Illuminati is enthroned.Their rule is ensured when people are content in their slavery.

  44. some ancient languages drop the vowels and the vowel sounds are assumed to be between the consonants, thus stan becomes sa-tan…. this keeps popping up, uncle satan… uhg….

    the more pervasive something is the more power it has…. that is why these images are being normalized… and all the more disturbing…

  45. The first time I saw this show I was amazed at how heavy the symbolism is! I'm so glad you guys followed up on this. Disney really starts them young. I have young kids and this is not the only cartoon that does this, but it is by far the most blatant.

  46. Most UNsubtle flash frame ever

    Is the increasing obviousness in the not-so-hidden symbolism of media at this rate natural or a panic-induced reaction to the great number of masses becoming awake to all this?

    It seems in the past few months alone of 2012, awareness of this stuff is becoming more and more mainstream. It almost seems like it's deliberately propogated, maybe to prepare everyone for what they have in store for the second half of the year.

    But fear is the killer. We will not fall for this any more than we won't fall for their brainwashing propaganda.

  47. The picture with the eye in that glass reminds me of that movie: ''Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. ''

    That movie is full of stupid all-seeing-eyes. Yugh its disgusting.

  48. At the end of the intro video there is a voice whispering something. Can anyone make out what it says?

    • When you reverse it, the whispering says: three letters back. It's a cesar cipher, and it's useful for decoding the messages at the end of the episode.

      Also, truthiness, eh? Stephen Colbert.

      • I'm glad someone caught the Colbert reference. A guy can have a little fun, can't he? I mainly use the name Truthiness to remind us that that is what they are trying to sell us. Not the real truth, but 'truthiness'

    • It says "3 Letters Back" reversed. (why are you the only one who has mentioned this so far??! The backmasking & subliminal flashes simultaneously at the end were what stood out the MOST to me..) Then take the main (theres actually more than just one..) subliminal flash picture of the open book, take the jumbled letters on the right side of the middle main circle & above the Contra code. Decode THAT (yeah, this is ABSURD for a show aimed at such a young audience, its laughable to me!) by going back 3 letters in the alphabet and you get: "Stan Is Not What He Seems." As I said, this IS funny, as kids who this is aimed at are not going to be able to (or even care enough to) catch this level of decoding/ect. God knows what all is hidden in the show, which Ive never seen & prob never will as it simply doesnt interest me.

      I TOTALLY agree with the person who suggested that this show is written by hipster-types. They are REALLY into the current, huge Illuminati/NWO/reptiles/ect trend, obviously. Sorry, like it of not, it IS a huge trend at this point, it IS a huge pop-culture thing & THAT makes $$$!! (so please stop asking why so blatant) Jay-Z/GaGa/ect were just some of the first to kickstart things that have been around for ages & turn it into a money making fad. Regardless what you personally believe in/how deep it all goes/ect; you simply cant argue with (Ive been saying this sense it started a couple years ago..) that Fact anymore. Its a big trend in pop culture, regardless of what various theories & facts you choose to believe in, if its damaging to children in your opinion, if its "sick," scares you, blah blah, ect. Its light-up sneakers! Its Furbys! Its Kim F-ing Kardashian!! Accept this, then perhaps you can get closer to the truth & the truth is going to drastically differ depending on the person. My opinions. ~ @deadpopstar

  49. Wow. This is blatant and obvious. But it is important to remember that it's not blatant and obvious to those without sight (which is 99% of the population).

    We are the 1%.

    The fella who runs Vigilant Citizen is the 1% of the 1%.

  50. I don't choose to get depressed about their "all seeing eye".

    I know God has two eyes and sees all they do. Plus He is in control anyway.

  51. Besides…it is Disney. Isn't a sign of MK control the Mickey Mouse ears?

    It's not like we don't know they are an evil company.

  52. hey guys i just made a discovery on the image with the eye balls with the sign of SALE $. if you look at the the "$" = S then we look at the big eye ball EYE = O and if we look at the word S-ale. it reads SOS. what does SOS means? it stands for "Synagogue of Satan" based on Konx Om Pax book. written by Aleister Crowley. here is the link


  53. i still don't understand this obsession with symbolism with these people, can someone explain me what is the point of all this?

  54. Random person on

    A while back when Lady Gaga started to get big with her music, my dad told my brother, sister, and I to stop listening to her. I thought "Hahah, whatever, I'll just sneak and listen to her music." He then explained why we shouldn't listen to her. He showed us about the Illuminati, and all of the hidden messages. And while googling stuff about it I came upon this AMAZING website(: and shared it with my dad.

    Over the pass 3-4 years I have analyzing everything I see on T.V. because of this site and it's been ridiculous on the amount of hidden messages there are. My brother and sister are now 9 and 11 and they know what all this foolishness is on T.V. and I'm so glad we learned about it before it got out of hand.


  55. I showed my kids the whole
    Rhianna beyonce jay z Kanye and how they are connected… And talked about the meanings of the symbols and the minuet gravity falls premiered my son paused the show and rewinded it to show me the symbols in the intro.. And through out the show.. It's so scary that they don't even try to hide it anymore… Even one of the kids on Victoria justice was wearing a t shirt w the one eye in the I Carly crossover movie on Nickelodeon..

    • Sarah Connor on

      You are awesome for pointing it out! We can hide them (our kids) as long as possible, but at some point, they just need to know…..hence the young VC posters here. I admire you!

  56. I have discovered that they stole the scenario from "Alan Wake" a game that features alot of illuminati/esoteric symbolism and mind control within the games story you can pick up a novel version of the game that tells the story without interacting with it. or you can watch some gameplay videos of it, it gets really satanic the more you play it. alot of bizarre scenarios, and shadow people can be seen, but it's really a form factor verison of "mk ultra" test subjects. alot of it adds up to it and alot of illuminati stuff. not only that. the opening theme is sampled redention of a rap song by wiz khalifa called "black n yellow" and it's owned by warner music group. what does Warner Brothers have anything to-do with Disney? very bizarre and odd…. why do they sample a rap song for their children's tv show, I have evidence provided here you can obtain the video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMI6nVE0uH8&fe… it's under creative commons license and nothing illegal. it's all reasonable content under 5 or 10 seconds of clips. than I do a side by side comparison of both tracks so people can hear it in one ear and the other ear. like left side = gravity falls, right side = black n yellow, it's clearly a sample of the rap song using it for a childrens cartoon, it's sadistic.

  57. So should we take our eyes out, jab our ears with pencils and cut our tongues off so we can't see, hear or speak? Oh wait! The elite will find a way to get to us even as deaf mutes as well.

  58. You guys realize this show is about kids SOLVING mysteries, right? It's not like all those symbols are just being slipped in under the radar—they're not meant to be inconspicuous, they're clues that the audience is EXPECTED to look for.

  59. What can I do about when I have children? Do I just homeschool them? I don't want them exposed to the crazy elite people! Ill teach them the science evolution english and math without all these crazies doing it… and along the way ill show them why these symbols are bad. Is there any like tv thats okay to watch? because I also dont want them socially unable to interact. :(

    My best friend in the whole world, Chad, was homeschooled for a while and when he came back to school he couldnt make friends easily and had no social skills at all. (part of it may be because he was keeping a big big big secret for a long time)

    hes okay now and I have helped him a lot by becoming one of his first friends in a long time. we both are seniors now in highschool. hes finally told everyone hes gay (told me first teehee in like 7th grade) and now hes so much better and hes the one who introduced me to this entire thing. But after thinking about how he was so anti social from being homeschooled… idk. basically,

    what movies and tv are okay?

    is homschooling the answer?

    when should i teach them about this?


    • He wasn't anti-social because he was homeschooled.

      He was anti-social because he was hiding the fact that he was gay.

      Kids don't need to go to school to learn how to make friends and get along with people! That is a misunderstanding. There are shy kids in the school system as well; kids that don't seem to fit in. It has to do with either their natural personality, or their relationship with their family, or their life experiences.

      I worked as a public school teacher myself and I can verify for you that out of all the hundreds of students I taught, they were not all charming outgoing social butterflies.

      People have personalities. People are weird. People are shy. People are different. EVEN in school.

      Anyways, I know a lot of homeschool kids myself. And for the most part they are very bright, confident, and able to think for themselves. They are not "socialized" or conditioned to follow other people, to be sheep. They are independent.

      I would prefer to have a homeschooled child, who is not brainwashed by our government agenda. Read "Dumbing us Down" by John Taylor Gatto. Government schools are evil.

      Yes, I taught in government schools and I can tell you that they are evil.

  60. Evil is weak…evil is powerless. Evil has to present itself prideful to make you think that it's in control. The only way evil can affect you is if you allow it by committing sinful acts. Evil can do nothing in the presence of good. Focus on being a good individual and put away the bad…then no matter what these freaks throw at you, it can do no harm.

    These people think they are so cute by showing symbols everywhere and think they will be in control…they will be in control for such a short amount of time before their demise their heads will spin. All that work for hundreds of years for what…3.5 years of power according to Revelations and then into a lake of fire. I feel more sorry for them than anything…a good and peaceful life is offered to them if they would check their ego aside and see the true Savior and his form of eternal life. They need are prayers more than anything.

    We get it, you have an all seeing eye. One eye has terrible depth perception…one eye has terrible peripheral vision. They can't comprehend or see the endgame because they are too busy focusing on building up their psychotic vision of the world. Their eye is filled with darkness. Their acts are in darkness…which is why they have to use symbols, if they actually told everybody what they wanted to do a revolution like nothing ever seen in history would happen.

  61. What about the name "Stan"? Believe there is a heavy dose of symbolism in the name as well.

  62. uhmmm the show actually looks funny. I don't mind being under mind control if they produce such lovely cartoons. :)

  63. ill.rider mathmattic on

    I was guessing you were going to cover this show,,.. I was channel surfing for a minute after work fri. and this show was on, (i always watch a few min.s of the disney channel to catch all the subliminal's,, every thing from checker board floors, stars in the back ground, to glamorizing witch craft.. but this cartoon takes the cake as far as occult subliminals … Disney has/is/and always be coming after our kids… the original sponsors of disneyland – Monsanto -inner space, Boeing, GE, Coke, etc, etc… all illumi.corps so you should not be surprised that they are coming for our kids. protect your children from these energy vampires.

  64. fromamsterdam on


    peace up you, brothers sisters,

    theze devil Alex Hirsch producer of this satan animated television series,

    he's intressed is Freemasonry on his CIAbook: http://www.facebook.com/alex.hirsch.180 scroll down read ''interested in Freemasonry ''

    now theze devils poison are childeren

    people awake others!

    good luck

  65. Disney is not done yet with their promoting the new world order and the illumanti. Looks like another crappy tv show /babysitter for the kids. Mind control to major tom……. this one is full of images. Disney is not all fun and games nor for the young ones, unless of course you agree to have their little minds warped,tainted,tarnished, and controlled.

  66. Are the Freemasons evil? I watched a recruitment video on Youtube, and they seemed like any other fraternity, for example they apparently allow people of all religion and ethnicities to join. It made them seem surprisingly tolerant… Although they're activities inside the lodge are suspiciously secretive. To VC and co, I've grown to understand a vast amount of these symbols. I agree with 'TurtleShroom Isn't Paranoid' to an extent – now that I understand the meaning of these symbols… I feel like I empower them almost? Hmm its hard to explain, but now I know it isn't just going into my subconscious mind, therefore I feel safe listening/watching these Illuminati agenda'd media outlets and know that I'm not being affected. Just my 2 cents (although I'm from London)… Anyway to my vigilant fam! Salaam. :-)

  67. I was thinking about that show. And with every new episode it is getting heavily showered with more symbols. I love animated movies/shows especially with tht type of animation but geez.. It had to be ruined with this nonsense. Please answer this question though: will I be brainwashed by that show because I watch it?

  68. foreverYours on

    VC i'm still waiting for that article on Florence and the machine's spectrum

  69. The bottom line for critically thinking parents is this: get rid of the effing TV. Period. Period. Exclamation point! There is no excuse for subjecting your children to that brain washing maching.

  70. Oh, my God! Please, if you are a believer and believe in the power of prayer, please pray for us all in Spain. People are really awakening here! I can't believe it!!!

    I'm very hopeful, something very beautiful is happening in this country where I live.

    There is a coming revolution, and I hope it ends well.

  71. Almost looks like a show that would be on Cartoon Network. Why do people still believe it's all a "coincidence"?

  72. Anyone notice the $20 and the 'next tour 15 minutes' placed adjacent to each other? Maybe something big is going to happen in 2015?

  73. In Jesus Name on

    What's so crazy/sad is that I've always saw the all seeing eye as "normal" because it was on the dollar bill that bought the things I needed, it was only until 9/11 that I started to feel like there is something really wrong with "their" story and that there is alot happening with evil hands in control of this place. By putting these symbols in kid shows is their way of mocking us. So happy to see that alot of people are awake and not zombies.Pay close attention to what Obama is doing. Do not accept that mark of the beast.Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ. B.asic I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth

  74. This sh*t is getting pretty ridiculous… The symbols are literally all over the place to the point that they're taunting viewers. We see it and we all have an idea of what it means, but at the same time we're not part of their "inner circle" therefore we don't have a full understanding of the why all of the sudden its so blatant and obvious.

    This is an example of why I'm not a heavy TV watcher… I just do my thing and live my life. F*ck an Illuminati. If that's what floats their boat, fine. I'll be over here minding my own business and not being blinded by the bullsh*t thank you very much.

  75. Again VC, thank you and bless you in your efforts.

    I noted really great comments and a few by 'kids' which is wonderful. I always wonder what atheists who say there is no God think about these Luciferian freaks working so diligently for his nemesis. I will leave you with this…

    Something unfortunately not so happy to ponder but people need to understand this. Just after David stunned Goliath with a stone, he then took Goliath's sword and whacked off his head. Gory but true. The answer lies in in the story of Nimrod, known in Egypt as Osiris, and the founder of the first world empire at Babel. Nimrod was killed and his body parts were scattered so that they could not reanimate. This is why the media has been discussing zombies lately. I pray some of you can put 2 and 2 together. Everything goes back to Egypt. It just does.

    Repent, the kingdom is at hand.

    • You said "The answer lies in in the story of Nimrod, known in Egypt as Osiris, and the founder of the first world empire at Babel. Nimrod was killed and his body parts were scattered so that they could not reanimate." In what book was this found in? Not the bible, but yea David whacked off Goliaths head. matter of fact, you know when people quote bible versus and stuff for motovation and what not? I use the verse David said to Golaith, about cutting his head off and using his boddy for crow food lol

  76. As soon as I saw the preview for this show, I changed the channel in disgust as I saw symbols galore. -.- Thank you disney for showing who really pulls your strings

  77. they are really going hard on these indoctrinating the youth sh"t but we aint falling that.quit trying.v.c God bless

  78. One could play this: "How many illuminati and Monarch mind control signs can you find in the 40 s intro?". Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh, disgusting.

  79. CoincidenceTheorist on

    Hey Vigilant, great work on your endless exposing of these dark forces. As for one of the top comments. Do not be depressed my friend, there is light at the end of the tunnel, which we are soon to see in these coming months. The masses will wake, for they cannot sleep through another 9/11….The power is unknowingly with the people, ignorance is far from bliss….I will be making some tracks soon on your sites topic. Would be gratefull if you could upload them so the like-minded people can check them out. I'l message you them when i'm done Vigilant. Minds wide people…..The time for change is here, and not the Obama type

  80. heartbreak girl on

    the image of the all seeing eye pyramid with stick figure legs and arms and a silly top hat is just ridiculous. it's like they're sugar coating all this symbolism for kids to gobble up like bubble gum.

  81. Does anyone else get a Twin Peaks vibe from this show? It's like David Lynch for kids.

  82. Quote "Also, there’s the Contra code on NES, which is rather hilarious."

    Can someone explain this to me? Obviously the game "Contra" is meant, but I don´t see the connection.

    And yeah the name "Stan" obviously is chosen because of Satan.

  83. Stan's face is grey, which I think is supposed to look like beard stubble, but some demons are represented with grey faces. And the No Refunds sign on the counter might refer to the non-refundability of selling your soul.

  84. VC , please do an article that explains the origins and meanings behind the "All seeing eye". Yes its on the dollar bill. Yes the elite throw it in our faces. Yes it seems to have multiple meanings, Horus, Lucifer, God etc. It seeems like evryone here is getting part of the picture but not the WHOLE picture. I think it would be a great addition to your "Secret Arcana" webpage. ( you haven't put anything on there in a while! :)

  85. I think the kids' names are code – as I said above, Dipper could be the pole stars that represent the celestial ladder and I wonder if Mabel breaks down into Ma Bel – the mother of Belial, in other words the primordial Great Mother Goddess. That way they would represent the Mother and Son, Tiamat and Set.

    • And Set falls below the horizon every night, into the Underworld, so that explains the title, too.

  86. Great job! When I first saw this cartoon I was waiting to see if you'd post anything on as I know how good you are about these kinds of things.I picked up all the same things you did even that pyramid at the end of the intro. Am I shocked to see a Disney cartoon be so blantant? No, but it does make me wonder what else and who else is going to be so bold as to put this stuff out there like that. Once again thanks for

  87. ditching the tv wont do a thing. i just realized we have a huge metal triangle and circle in it above my nearby shopping center. i was walking under it all this time. they are everywhere. the day came where we are greeted by weapons up the stairs in penn station. the day came where they are passing laws not to allow us to plant our own tomatoes in our back yard. that is how much control they will have. they are going to mutate vegetation to the point where nothing is natural anymore, nevermind the skipping from communism and going straight to totalitaran state. the day will come where even new york city has a curfew. these cartoons as well as the "stars" that vc writes about- madonna of my generation, the gaga and rihanna and jay-z of this one- are all heroes and things kids look up to.

    baby clothes even have these symbolism on them, newborn baby clothes.

    so this cartoon doesnt surprise me

    • Baby clothes with skulls are everywhere. How nice! Gap esp. is full of such clothes for whatever reason.

      • yup i noticed the gap for a few years now

        and pay attention to the numbers on atheletic clothes and caps- lots of 3s and 6s lately…

        someone brought me a baby cap that says "36" on it-

        36 is not just the 6 but implies three 6's…

    • Almost every time I shop for kids' clothes I am astounded by the amount of evil images and symbols (skulls, pentagrams, baphomets, pyramids w/and w/o eyes) that are on everything, from t-shirts to sundresses, shoes, underwear, even lunch boxes! Target seems to be the worst out of all of them, but all the major retailers have the stuff, and you have to check the logos, designs, any lettering or phrases, and though I hadn't thought of it, I guess any numbers incorporated into the designs. I actually found three sixes in the design on the back of an OP shirt I already had,so I chucked it in the trash.

      I am wondering if it isn't merely a "desensitization" ploy. What if, by dressing children w/these images, we are somehow giving the dark forces permission or access to their minds or souls? What if a parent, by bathing their infant in the light of that pyramid-shaped nightligt, is not merely exposing or enveloping the infant in a negative energy, but possibly offering up the infant in some sort of silent "stealth ritual"?

      We all know that those in the illuminati do these things on purpose. What if they're creating ways for the general public to hand over their children to their dark masters without even realizing that they're doing so?

  88. the jeffersons on

    hey. im 13 years old and i know about that all seeing eye bullshit.but this show is a mystery show right we just don't know what the mystery is so what if the show is about the masons.what if stans a ex mason and who left that book dipper has in that tree and why does that FATASS lil whatever the hell his name is has a book like dipper has.maybe someone was running from stan and/or the masons because of the book. what im saying is what if tye masons are the bad guys . no one know what going on in gravity falls but vc should keep an ” eye” on this crap.

  89. "a 'quirky and endearing' cartoon about 12-year old twins spending summer with their Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon."

    > see, their parents allowed dear uncle Stan to be an influence on them for a whole summer. yet, who would trust this man?

    > same way, children who watch this are under little old Uncle Stan's influence.

    > Of all the symbols of the Illuminati, none so boldly, clearly, and proudly shouts the final goal of the New World Order — the successful staging of Antichrist — as does the unfinished pyramid symbol on the back of the American One Dollar Bill. Even though it was officially voted into creation by a meeting of Freemason Continental Congressmen in 1782, THE SYMBOL WAS HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC VIEW FOR FEAR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WOULD RECOGNIZE IT AS BEING THE SATANIC SYMBOL IT TRULY WAS!

    > this is why the children, teens, adults, everyone, must be desensitized first, to ease everything in.

  90. this show could be a good drinking game. have a shot everytime you see a symbol.

    will probably get pretty sloshed! :)

  91. Wow I am not surprised. Thanks Vigilant. That first episode is loaded with symbols. I remember on a episode of Doug there was a pyramid. Crazy they put those symbols right in front of your face.

  92. cant wait for Tom Hanks new adult cartoon now! its called electric city or something like that..

  93. it's messing with our minds….

    Off topic… I think all this security problems at Olympics are 100% staged!!! A great excuse to bring in military!

    VC, hope you’ll cover it!

  94. So I really have to ask if you seriously believe all this global controlilluminatamasonsshriner conspiracy crud.

    Some quick facts, the illuminata and masons are two different things, two completely different organizations. Don't lump one in with the other, it is like saying the Elks and the Eagles clubs are related.

    The "all-seeing eye" is not a masonic symbol, it is an ancient egyption symbol of knowledge.

    You are correct that all shriners are masons but not all masons are shriners. It does not take some "high ranking" to be a shriner, and just to clarify the shriners primary goal is operating 22 hospitals for children, giving care without charging the families.

    Take a bit of time and do a bit of research!

    • "Some quick facts, the illuminata and masons are two different things, two completely different organizations. Don’t lump one in with the other, it is like saying the Elks and the Eagles clubs are related.

      The “all-seeing eye” is not a masonic symbol, it is an ancient egyption symbol of knowledge."

      Unless you are a very high ranking freemason, you really dont know, do you?I mean, arent you taught the secrets of each level as you get to them?

      The freemasons have adopted the all seeing eye symbol as well as many other occult/mystery symbols and are the most widespread flashers in most Western cultures.

  95. Stan sounds a bit like "Satan" … they just took the A off, and the A can be seen as the triangle in many scenes.

  96. listen kids I have some advice….F all this sh*t and go out get laid, get a girlfriend or boyfriend…live your life have fun, enjoy it…do good to others and have a great time. Stop watching TV/Music videos and immersing yourself in this garbage.

    If your a guy stop spanking it to porn everyday, and make some memories.

    This stuff could only affect you if you spend your days & nights watching it.

    If you don't watch it, it won't affect you.


    • Kermit Christian on

      hmmm… help me out here, i fail to see how getting a girlfriend and/or having sex is supposed to solve for subliminal indoctrination…

    • like the man said what better of a way is there to be distracted, also if you constantly seek evil or look for evil you will never see the good that exists in the world

  97. Um and speaking of BLATANT Illuminati symbolism in children's media… Have you SEEN the new Bratzilla dolls!? One of them has an outfit built entirely around eyes and one-eye symbolism, with the Eye of Horus tattooed on her freaking arm, and another one is split in half like she has an alter! Even on the website, the symbolism is so obvious. Like there's a jar of eyeballs exactly like in Gravity Falls, and an illuminated pyramid on the floor(!!!!) and there's a "music video" on the site too, where the dolls all do a really clearly sexual dance and do "magic". There's one scene where one of them is sitting inside of a floating pyramid too. Ugh I am disgusted by all of this quite frankly, and would really suggest you do a feature on this VC or at least check it out for yourself. I was so skeeved out by it all, that I actually cleared my history after looking at it! I know you did a report on the Halloween Brat dolls last year, but this is about 10x more blatant.

    • I was just looking at the Bratzilla dolls on-line and was rather amazed. One doll Jade J'adore is the image of Lady Gaga complete with lace mask. Another one, Yasmina Clarvoya has a pet called Winkers (definite illuminati). Yet another of these dolls has a (I think it is) handheld mask in the shape of an eye. Another line of dolls are called Winx. Check these on-line. Makes you sit up and think how much our kids are being seduced by illumincrap. Thank goodness my girls are way too old for this junk.

  98. This kids movie is quite creepy. Seeing all those symbols (even more in this movie) in movies just shows the people how the illuminati are taking over our lives.

    I was interest to in the place called 'shack'. A book called "The Shack" written by William P Young deals with fractal, quantum and chaos theories. This book is available in CHRISTIAN bookshops. That is rather alarming!

    'Fractals reveal a hidden 'order' underlying all seemingly chaotic events. The fractals are intricate and beautiful. They repeat basic patterns, but with an infinity of variations and forms. The world-view emerging from this scientific research is new, and yet at the same time very very ancient.'

    -The Sovereign Court & Order of the Ancient Dragon.

    Sorry for the quote, just thought you might be interested. Illuminati, much!

  99. Awake and Alive on

    My best friend's 6 year old brother talks about this show and watches it all the time!!! I guess you gotta get em brainwashed while they're young. It's disgusting. And since DirectTv has been fighting with Viacom Disney has been getting waaay bigger ratings…somehow I think that was planned.

  100. Awake and Alive on

    Oh yeah this may be off topic, but I was reading the august issue of Seventeen magazine and one of their outfits to wear for back to school was militaty style, combat boots and all. What I noticed the most was the hat for 20 some dollars you can wear an ugly hat that says "Obey Propogenda" I was disgusted by that. I don't even know why these hats are so popular I swear when school starts and I see a classmate wearing one I'm going to know it off their brainwashed head. I wish more kids my age were awake. At a church lockin once I heard some teenagers talk about Nicki Minaj and one of them said "No bro she's apart of that Illuminati" I got right up out of my chair and gave him a high five and went back to sleep.

  101. Truthconquerswithlov on

    The elite taking a tip from the Bible and raising up children in the way that they want them to go so when they are older it will not depart from them.

  102. Stan= Satan: exactly.

    Also – what appalling animations. Time was when Disney ( inspite of its inherent Illuminism) actually presented something rather beautiful – at least 40 years ago; now the animations are cheap and nasty. Truly degenerate.

  103. Why is everyone so alarmed about this? i've seen the show and the fact that stan might be evil and that there might be a secret or evil organization are PART of the show. These symbols aren't supposed to be hidden, they're supposed to make the show more interesting to watch.

    • It is mass indoctrination. It is not innocent. It is not to make the story more interesting.

      It is not about the story at all. It is about brainwashing the world with these symbols which

      hold meaning for the people who are presenting them. It IS alarming. Be alarmed.

  104. Yes, this show is riddled with occult symbols. However, from what I have read about the show's plot this is completely relevant. Is it not about the supernatural? As well, there is nothing wrong with occultism or Freemasonry. The world "occult" means simply hidden, implying hidden. Freemasons are one of the oldest fraternities still around today- and it is certainly the largest. Many people have ancestors they knew that were Masons, and I'm sure every European/white North American has an ancestor that was a mason and didn't even know. And I for one, like this symbolism, as it provides a great aesthetic, one very weird.

    By the way, that "illuminati" eye is the Eye of Divine Providence- a symbol of God in Christianity, and a symbol of the Grand Architect in Masonry.

  105. I have a 5 year old and a 11/2 year old the 1 1/2 year watches no tv because he's too young and my 5 year old I try to keep the watching in the 90's and even then there is still a lot of stuff I wouldn't let her watch, but even so it is really hard to find tv that old and i compromise sometimes. The thing is that stuff isn't even very fun to watch, who wants to be watching something that is just trying to pass an agenda onto you. The older shows were simply fun to watch.

    • Fun Fact, the pentagram was a symbol of christianity long before it became associated with the occult, from what I have heard it symbolizes the five wounds of Christ. The only Satanic pentagrams are the upside down pentagrams with either an elongated tip or the head of a ox, bull, thing, in it.

  106. While I agree that the symbolism was inserted intentionally, i believe it is all satirical. Someone clearly had some knowledge. Look into the writers and the animators, they are creating it. I think we should be vigilant in what we say watch or do, but its not hiding when its so blatantly and obviously part of the joke.

  107. Maurice Rose on

    Owl Clocks: In the animated Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, if you go to Yahoo images and look at scenes of the interior of the Dwarf's cottage, you will notice Owl clocks, and Owl carvings all over the place; on the stairs, beds, chairs, walls, etc.

  108. well i started on this site too, and i was too, upset but the thing with me was , that i always had this tug or gut feeling that something wasnt right! until i saw a dvd called blood about artist that do sacrifices and that are into this groups, thats when it made sense i knew it was right because that feeling i had became stronger and i felt that i need it to find out more. well that was in 2010 or so and ever since then i have been studying, researching, lookin up, reading and let me tell you is very sad to see whats going on in this world KNOWLEDGE IS POWER the more you know about history and whats really going on, the harder it is for you to be sucked in to the fantasy that a lot of people live in and you will run into people that you try to tell them and they make fun of it and try TRY to make you feel STUPID but if you have done your research and reading they cant move you from what you know and they cant make you second guess yourself, have your research done right and you will stand firm in your believe and no one can take that away from you.

  109. I am 14; my dad has taught me about the illuminati, symbolism and such. I have only watched 2 episodes of this show, but I have noticed that after each episode, there is "random letters" that flash up for half a second during the credits. They resemble the letters from the right side of that one picture of the split-second pyramid/all-seeing eye page shown in the main title. The things I have caught are: "kh'v vwloo lq wkh yhqwv" and "rqzdugv drvklpd!". I dont know what these mean, but I hope you see this and understand what these are!

    • its a code word, or a secret for one of the game. you take the alphabet, and you go three letters back on every letter. then you have a message.

    • The first one is "He's still in the venus" and the second it "onwards Aoshima" I'm not sure what the second has to do with anything, as I didn't watch the show but I'd guess that Aoshima is some characters name?

      • Dolph Ziggler on

        "Aoshima" is a reference to John Aoshima, an animation director on the show. It's also the name of Mabel's flying dolphin-bodybuilder-creature thing she rides on during her Bad Trip in episode 5 after binging on banned Fun Dip candy that's laced with hallucinogens.

  110. Occult symbolism is replete throughout cartonns stretching back decades ago. The world serves Lucifer bottom line. Few will escape. BTW Sins of the flesh bring more souls to hell than any other sin. Instead of teaching your children on the dangers of mystical triangles maybe you should teach them about the dangers of fornicating. God equates fornicators in the same light as murderers.

  111. Anyone notice that the lead character's name STAN is just one letter away from S-A-TAN. Just a funny thing I noticed, since I looked at the main pic and thought for a second it said Satan, and then realized it was Stan. Surprising? Not really, just more 'hidden in plain sight' sort of stuff. Creepy all the same though.

  112. This is all just coincidence, and goes along with the theme of the show. No real cartoon artist is going to go frame-by-frame putting in little things that are Illuminati related just because. This is getting ridiculous and people are just encouraging it and making it even more known.

    • i disagree that it is coincidence, i do agree that it is ridiculous. remember that a symbol is only a symbol because of it's agreed-upon meaning. whoever's making this stuff, they can't afford to waste their symbols because the symbol would end up meaning only nothing. it's like their stamp of approval. if it really meant nothing it would not be so prevalent, and it wouldn't be on dollar bills, and it wouldn't mean much at all.

  113. It is very understandable that Disney Studios would release things (garbage) like this.

    Walt Disney was a 33rd Degree Mason.

    Where do you think the Disney Dynesty aquired its initial funding from?

  114. You people do realize that the "Illuminati recruitment" thing is a preposterous as saying "if i let my children watch a tv show with homosexual characters is going to make my child a homosexual." Ive seen the show, and though it does bear some homage to Illuminati symbols, but as well as symbols to the bible, judiasim, and other religions. Moreso than anything. You all act like theyre having subliminal messages, and one day their going to say some "Secret phrase" during the show, and your child is going to get up and start a Illuminati uprising in the streets.

  115. According to the rules of the board, I will attempt to maintain an open mind about this posting. I would like to begin this discussion with one obvious point; regardless of how one feels or believes concerning a world elite ruling class of intellectuals, referred to here as the "Illuminati", there appears to be an open attempt by Disney or their parent company to indoctrinate young children to the symbols of the Mason's and/or the Shriner's. Whether Disney is complicit in drawing children to the "dark side" remains yet to be determined. While we as parents are able to view the still shots of the program as they are presented above there is little in the way of explaining the plot or theme of the program. Is the theme actually designed to warn children about the darker side of these symbols? Is Disney, in a round about manner attempting to warn parents about the direction they are being forced to move in? Is there truly a sinister plot by Disney to re-educate young children, drawing them closer to the evil a supposed ruling elite would prefer? As of yet we as parents are unsure of these answers. I will not tell other parents that Disney or other leading film and television production companies are as pure as the driven snow, for they surely are not, but I do believe it is up to us as parents to watch the program, two or three episodes to determine the direction the theme is leading and then make a decision as to the appropriateness of the program. If in fact there is an open attempt at "brainwashing" children, then every parent in the nation and around the world should write Disney, or their parent company, expressing their disappointment in the blatant attempt to sway the minds of young children to some evil mode of belief. Until then, we should not be judgmental towards a company that has done many great things in the education of children. Sorry to blow the explosive lid on the publisher of this article, but patience is a virtue. Lets try to practice it.

  116. To me the one eyed thing is just like the "Jesus or God or whowever is watching over you" thing all the other occult religions preach. Same ole same ole. Who wants the power and control. No biggie this cult sh*t been going on since humans began the "civilization" thang….

    Pro Peace out.

  117. No I'm never gonna do it without the fez on

    Oh no

    No I'm never gonna do it without the fez on

    Oh no

    That's what I am

    Please understand

    I want to be your holy man

    No I'm never gonna do it without the fez on

    Oh no

    Ain't never gonna do it without the fez on

    Oh no

    That's what I am

    Please understand

    I want to be your holy man

  118. Make up your own min on

    Its hardly subliminal is it? Perhaps thats just the way its meant to be in the cartoon. Just sayin…whats the context of the cartoon? The great uncle loosk as though he ssupposed to be abut strange… hence all the symbols etc.

    These symbols are well known now, Im not sure how showing them in cartoons etc brainwashes children….

  119. In the picture labled "All-Seeing eye inside of triangle and more here…" The symbols in red on the left, I can see subliminally the word "sex" a few different ways. Also the number "13" is clearly among them.

  120. Did anyone else realize on the last picture the $20 and next tour sign 15..2015??? Are they telling us something?

    • As a side note an "owl city" video, featuring the delorean ala "Back to the future" has the singer travelling to 2015 and then apparently running into a retro astronaut/sci-fi spaceman. 2015 being his destination. who knows maybe there'll be another big false flag then?

  121. READ THIS!

    Allright: at the end of the movie there is a pyrmida, a lama and some other stuff too^^ anyways, on the right hand side, next to the red symbol, there is a Ceasar cipher code(google it). And yesterday I learned how to crack this code playing the Secret World LOL xD

    So the code reads:


    Which translates into the following using a alphabet shift of +3:


    With all other alphabet shifts other than +3, I only get jibberish.

    STAN is of course SATAN, where the missing 'A' is simply the pyramid with the all seeing eye symbolising Lucifer…

    MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, solved conspiracy theory codes using knowledge from GAMING!

    I will post a screenshot of the code breaker, and a link, in the forums.


    • Much appreciated Liberty, Also keep an eye out for ciphers like malachim & the celestial alphabet and goetic symbols from grimoires. (anyone with a resource for grimoires, ciphers, and alchemical symbols?) I'll check this show out myself, (was previously noting the occult elements in house of anubis, which is still running, loads of stuff in there.) and post if I can spot any translateable ciphers I recognise. So, if stan is not what he seems, then what is he?

  122. This may be common knowledge however I just saw this online today and tried it.

    Try typing illuminati backwards and add .com. See where it takes you. It takes you to the NSA.gov website!

    I think its' the boys at the NSA having a little fun. Or maybe not. Remember satan like to hide in plain site.

  123. inGodWeMustTrust on

    thanks for reading my post about this. now could u do a review on the book and new movie of alice in wonderland. theres so much mind control crap in it! it disgusts me!

  124. I just noticed that when Dipper is in the cave in the main title, he finds a human skull with sharp teeth and devil horns. Coincidence?

  125. You guys are reading way to into this and scaring yourselves. I am not saying that there are not reasons to keep watchful eye out-(no pun intended). But I have to say, this show is done in LA. There is a love in LA, especially by artistic types for all things vintage, 50's, retro,ancient history, pyramids, etc. The show is clearly about spooky paranormal things, like Scooby Doo was. I am not sure about the creators or designers personally, but on most animation productions when one is tasked to draw someone drinking a soda, one usually designs & colors the can to like a coke can. Or for a pack of cigarettes, will usually be designed similar to a marlboro pack. These colors and shapes are very powerful recognizable brand symbols and get the message across quickly. The same for an ancient map or book. An artist will reference ancient Egyptian or Mayan symbols, etc, or whatever the "symbol" that gets the viewer quickly to get the idea so the story & action can move on since these shows usually only have 20 minutes. Like in Indiana Jones-there was the staff of Ra, etc. Again, I am not familiar with the crew on this show, but I'm pretty sure most of this stuff is usually innocent.

  126. I just came home from Quantico off some training and was with my little cousin who was watching this show . It was immediately apparent to me the loads of symbolism in the show, so much it made my stomach turn. Please teach your youth about the sick sad world they live in but also show them the hope they can look forward to they can choose their own fate.

  127. the jeffersons on

    hey i have a question i thought the masons try to hide the symbol in shows and stuff but here they stick out like a damn cow at a dog show. so i been thinking what if the cartoonist put the symbols in the cartoon to make it more creepy and mysterious. i mean the symbols are somewhat well-known and sometimes eyes in the wrong place can be creepy and odd. this is a mystery show.also why do yall keep calling uncle stan satan. my dads name is stan and hes the pastor of our church and a cool dad.

  128. VC please do an article on the Dark Knight Rises, there are a lot of occult symbols in it. Also I think the Colorado shootings are more linked to it than the media will tell us

    • I saw a youtube video with a batman commercial on the air right before they interrupted for the 911 "plane crash".

  129. funnyI funny that the guy uses the hat on every episodes people don't really care they just want a cartoon and don't know what's behind it just for bieng silly

  130. The premise of this cartoon: "… the adventures of 12 year-old twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines, whose summer plans are ruined when their parents ship them off to their Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. "Grunkle" Stan lives in and runs The Mystery Shack, a tourist trap which overcharges unlucky visitors for a glimpse at the world's most bizarre museum, but little do Dipper and Mabel know that there really is something very strange going on and they must rely on one another to find their way in this unfamiliar town."

    If you were an animator, how would you represent "Mystery" and a bizarre museum? Wouldn't you use exactly these items and symbols, which have been given a mysterious or occult connotation, in part by websites like this? If you imagine the cartoon without these things, then it just wouldn't be scary and mysterious, and therefore, the proper atmosphere would not have been conveyed, and the concept would have failed. There would be nothing interesting, no drama, in going to spend time with an uncle who was completely normal, and ran a normal shop. In other words, what about when symbolism is used ironically, or innocently, by people who are aware of its "Illuminati" associations and are using it for exactly these reasons? You don't seem to take into account the large role of irony and satire in the media.

    So much of it is not illuminati, Satanism, or anything similar but a satire on illuminati, Satanism, and the whole paranoid conspiracy culture. Notice that I don't say "all of it", because I do find some of your evidence compelling: The repeated use of certain symbols in different types of media. But let's be rational about this. 1, We have to be absolutely sure that there is not a simpler explanation. 2, We have to separate serious use of imagery (ie, use of imagery that has a serious intent) from ironic use of imagery and symbolism. The ironic use of imagery, that is, use of imagery divested from its original meaning, is extremely widespread.

  131. 1) Gravity Falls= Bottomless Pit or Fallen Angels

    2) Pause video @ :13 sec. giant foot prints symbolic of the giants which roamed the earth which were the offspring of fallen angels and human women. Paul Bunion was the tall axeman in the clip..a giant.

    3) Pause video @ :29 sec. or the one pic above. Fanciful triquetra= triple helix= 3 stranded DNA= satan's bloodline and manipulations to human double stranded DNA

    4) Pause video @ :33 sec. odd creatures and UFO's= hybrids and fallen angels/demons

    5) Pause video @ :38 sec. the hand at the bottom of the circle has 6 fingers. The prodigy of fallen angels and women had 6 digits on hands and feet. Goliath and brothers are examples.

    Also, the triangles on the right one points up, the other points down. As above, so below. Fallen angels from spiritual realm intermingle with earthly human women.

    6) Question on page: Are they watching me? could equal the fallen angels who are called watchers.

    The whole point is blending the evil spiritual realm (satan's seed) with the seed of man. Seed = DNA. Good-Evil Male-Female Spiritual-Flesh Yin-Yang High-Low As above-So-Below

  132. ho man, he even has a fez cap…and it even has the crescent moon and wings on it (eyebrows?)…don't know if the maroon-red is a factor, as well. the one-eye thing is ridiculous enough. admittedly, i have to read the rest of this article. i am inundated at the moment, but saw this pic on the homepage and had to comment. be well, peace

  133. Also in the rug picture is a window with the common "as above as below" motif above the employees only door and a Olmec head under the counter.

  134. electroparrot on

    that STAN character makes me feel like I want to punch him in his stupid face.

    POS cartoons nowadays, among other things.

  135. Well just an observation that wasn't mentioned in the article: in the name picture with stan covering one eye, the body of his lamp strongly resembles the old style beehive (masons use this as well as mormons).

  136. Fact: The All Seeing Eye symbol has been used in countless religions and for countless reasons. It is even used in Buddhism. To say that the eye implies an Illuminati agenda, may be true, but you are essentially ignoring all the other agendas that the eye has represented in human history i.e. taking on but ONE of the many interpretations and throwing out all the rest. This is not logical.

    • Dolph Ziggler on

      There used to a be a freeware Game Server Browser I used to connect to Quakeworld deathmatch servers called the "All Seeing Eye" with the symbol used as its icon. OMG ALL FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS ARE THE WORK OF MASONRY!~~~~~~~~~~

  137. What exactly is so wrong with the Illuminati? Yes, the subliminal messaging and integration of these symbols in popular media is disconcerting at best, but I'd like to know exactly what is so evil about the Illuminati. I haven't put a lot of research into it, but from what I've found the Illuminati, at least the original organization, does not seem evil. In fact, I agree with their beliefs somewhat.

    When I heard the premise of this show I knew immediately that I was going to like it. However, I did not imagine quite how obsessed with this show I've become. I didn't know much about the Illuminati a week ago, but now I've become so curious about the occult. I asked my mother what she knew about the Illuminati, and she told me that before I was born my dad had been a Freemason. He quit almost 20 years ago.

    A couple days later I asked him about it. He told me that he had quit because the Freemasons were a dying society, and the masons in our city didn't even have a proper meeting place anymore; they met in the basement of a certain popular tv channel's building. I mentioned the Illuminati, but he was very vague about everything. It's almost impossible to tell when my dad is lying because he often lies to impress others. I have no idea what he likes because he pretends to like the things we like. When he lies to you it's so convincing, only someone with an outside perspective can tell, and even then it's very difficult. My brother and I often compare things my dad said to see what was true. Despite all this, my dad has a very strong moral code and I have trouble believing he would be involved in something so evil.

    So I repeat, what is the evil in the Illuminati and Freemasons?

    • In a nutshell they are Satanists and Luciferians who are opposed to God as is Satan or Lucifer as he was known before his rebellion against God. God wins, they Lose, read the Bible and don't be deceived for many false prophets will come in the end times.

      • Those people are naive though. Satan rebelled against God because when humans were created, Satan was asked to bow to the new creation. Due to his arrogance he refused to and soon after he rebelled against the Creator I believe. Basically, S hates the human race and Satanists, they like it or not even when they are possessed/inhabited by evil spirits -whatever-, they are made by clay which means they are mortal. They have no powers of their own, only temporary ones which are given by the spirits. Hence, they are actually hated by the spirits as well, besides they are used in order to cause pain and destruction to other humans. It's quite a logical approach but I think there are some elements of truth.

      • Look I don't know about the Illuminati, but the Masons are not Satanists! They are a "gentlemen's club" whose members come from a multitude of different religions.

  138. someoneisaw*nker on

    And there you go, we found the successors of J Holmes. Two more on the loose somewhere near a movie theatre or a mall.

  139. Dolph Ziggler on

    Hey "someoneisaw*nker" get to work reading all of Homestuck up to its present update!

    See you in about 5 months, bucko! I want all the ILLUMINATI SYMBOLISM contained within! Show your work!

  140. Gravity-Falls-Lover on

    I don't think people need to be freaking out about the symbols because they can't hurt you unless they come alive and try to kill you like the possessed wax figures in episode 3

  141. One thing I can not understand is why they NEED to show us all this symbolism. What do they win with that and how can this possibly affect us?

  142. Is it wrong to still enjoy things that are target of Illuminati theories? To be honest, the symbolism was what made me want to watch this show in the first place.

  143. "Also, there’s the Contra code on NES, which is rather hilarious."

    which is exactly what all this is supposed to be, A JOKE!

    like it or not conspiracy theories are a part of pop culture, most people are familiar with imagery like the All Seeing Eye and what it means, so something riffing or spoofing conspiracy theory imagery does NOT mean that that something is "connected" to the Illuminati in any way

  144. I'm not sure if anyone commented on this (I didn't read through the long string of comments), but did anyone catch the six pointed star below Stan's rack of shirts in his store?!?! Hahaha! I have to just laugh at this s**t sometimes; it's the only antidote against the darkness that seems to be fast enveloping this forsaken world.

  145. I knew something was weird with that show. My friend watches it, but when I tried to watch it I got this really creepy feeling…

  146. Is this really all that weird to you? The whole plot of the show is supposed to be mysterious and revels in mystery. They put these in intentionally to add to the mysticism.

  147. Folks, Stan is the name of the creator's GRANDFATHER. The show is based on vacations he and his twin sister took as kids. So there goes Stan = Satan…

  148. omg!! this song is totally awesome! and i felt in love with the characters (including uncle Stan)!!! i hate Disney, they always make coool cartoons

  149. After a while it all just gives me a headache…Large doses of truth tend to have that affect…They are literally everywhere. The media, poisoning our water and food, the government, ect-it is a lot to take in and its physically sickening and disgusting. I think everyone knows of the occult and that it exist but they are passive about it. I've witnessed people asked if they believe in these secret societies and the foot-hold they have in the world, and they say "Yes, but I don't care" as If it has nothing to do with them when in reality it has EVERYTHING to do with them. But thats just it. When all of this surrounds you, you feel powerless, you don't know what to do: sure you spread it but whats the point if people say "I don't care". I think that regardless of how informed we are (which is almost impossible in account as to how blatant the "Illuminati" is in the media like they're saying "Hey, I'm here whether you believe in me or not and there is nothing you can do about it!") Its sad to say but for some it will take something drastic or traumatic to get people to realize the need to take a stand and it should come soon. 2012 is when the curtains fall and the inner-workings of this fucked reality in which we live is revealed. The illuminati may not reveal themselves as the "illuminati" but they will, the notorious wolves in sheep clothing are coming.

  150. I have a question: Why do these symbols have any power over anyone? Surely a symbol only has strength if you let it have strength? Mind you, I assume most commenters believe in some form of supernatural energies or entities, and I do not.

  151. I think the symbolism is just for mystery. They pulled symbolism from "illuminati" and other historical artifacts because it creates that mystery and intrigue. I don't think it has anything to do with government mind control or corporate control or the elites. It's just fun.

  152. Gravity Falls Decode on

    There's something up with Gravity Falls. There are many secrets to uncover, of course, and that's why I like watching the show. Around the Illuminati Symbol that shows for a split second in the theme song are things you can find in the show, like Stan's glasses, the hand first found on the book, but it has 6 fingers. That could mean something.

    Also, in the credits a message shows that you have to unscramble, using the 'Three Letters Back' trick, if you know about it. You can find that message when you play the end of the theme song backwards, and I guess Alex said this.


    "Welcome to Gravity Falls"


    "Next Week: Return to Butt Island"


    "He's still in the vents"


    "Carla, why won't you call me?"


    "Onwards, Aoshima!"


    "Paper Jam Dipper says "AUUGHWXQHGADSADUH!"

    Find out more if you like!


    my husband & I decided that after being awakened & reading the Bible that clearly tells us who rules this world (satan, devil, evil one) & ALWAYS putting our faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior – it was imperative for us to TURN THE CABLE OFF !!!!! Knowing what we know & reading "it is written" in Scripture over & over about the many schemes of the enemy … keeping the cable ON was like us AGREEING with the "program". Just one of the many ways WE HAVE BEEN SET FREE!

    “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” —John 8:32

  154. This is completely off topic but I was watching the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off and noticed something which could be a coincidence but it seemed oddly placed:

    One scene in the beginning of the movie when Ferris is in his room there's a pretty clear shot were you can see a poster on the wall that says "Simple Minds" and it's placed right next to a deer's head with antlers on the wall. I comes across like the film is stating that the audience is simple minded to me. Just a thought.

  155. I have to say one thing. Not all pyramids represent evil, not all "eyes" represent evil, etc. There is another side, you know, and it's called "White Magic" and it uses all the same symbols only they use it for good. You have caused another version of "mind wash" by saying it's either/or. and it's not that way at all. Please do not teach the children that all these things are used for evil, it sounds like you are coming from a very right wing White Christian background and it's very scary from my point of view.Even Jesus says "there are 12 gates to the kingdom of heaven" and children be careful, don't believe everything these people are teaching you. It's not as bad as these people are trying to tell you. It's not a bad thing to wear a bracelet with the "eye of horus" on it, horus was christ. It's not evil to play chinese checkers. Sure, a lot of these shows are ruled by the illuminati and they want us to play their evil games, that's for sure, but remember that we are fighting them with all that we have and it's important to know your enemy.

  156. I was reading about the illuminati, freemansonry and their symbols etc when the name isis (one of their goddesses or so) came up. The name felt so familiar in fact i felt like isis was someone that i already knew. I kept asking myself… why does the name keep ringing a bell?

    Then i remembered that on one of the disney comedy shows that i watch frequently (Pair of Kings – about goofball twins who turn king) there was a princess named isis who had a third eye right in the middle of her forehead. That immediately takes me to the all seeing eye symbol…

    Now at the beginning of the show the kings are creeped out when the princess shows them her third eye but by the end they accept her with one of them wanting to date her. And also you the viewer of the show, tend to go through the same emotions. Interestingly enough, you feel a bit creeped out but by the end the morale of the story is about accepting all kinds of people… even three eyed wierdos.

    But really, i think its more about accepting the third eye (one of the illuminati symbols – the all seeing eye), the point is to accept all kinds of wierd representations and symbols that you would initailly be uncomfortable with.

    Our emotions and minds are being prepped right from childhood to accept these symbols. You read and hear about them and for a split second it feels ok cos its almost as if you already know about them and are ok with them.

    I keep the disney channel on alot of the times cos i figured it was safe for my children. But it looks like the kids are not spared. They are unconciously being brainwashed so that by the time they are adults, they feel comfortable with nudity, sex, occult symbolism hence occultism. Its absurd cos were are SURROUNDED. God help us all!

    Sometimes when theres a kids show going on, close your eyes and just listen to the sounds, dont watch the screen. The sounds can get real wierd, almost bordering on pornographic, sometimes really creepy ocultic music, with violent strains… its absurd, horrible!

  157. I suppose I dont see the point…so…it's got symbols. So. What. Exactly? I mean.

    There's symbols. That aren't doing anything. Sure their associated with something mysterious. Do u ever think the illumanti might WANT us all to see these symbols and freak out? Do u ever think they might be tryin to intentionally fill us with fear and paranoia? Look at all of us. A cartoon has a jar of eyeballs and everyone flips shit, and suddenly were to scared to watch tv. Do u think they might want it that way? That they want us all to be paralyzed with fear whenever we see an eye? It makes it much easier to controll doesn't it? Who here has stopped watching a show because this site or a site like it has told you it's the illumanti and it's controlling you?

    Don't u think that the illumanti night be controlling you that way? Making you so paralyzed with fear, that they can just tell u to do something, and you'll just do it, because otherwise "the illumanti wins"
    Maybe all the symbols out there are to make you scared so other people can tell u how to avoid the illumanti? When in reality they are part of it? Maybe these meaningless symbols on dumb kid shows are just to make you paranoid enough for them to control you? How about you think for yourself? How about u not let someone control you by saying "the illumanti did it…"? How about you think for yourself

  158. It's easy yo get down. Bit thats what they want us to do….they want us to loose hope. But DON'T, god sees what therir doing. God alwsys whens in the end.

  159. Heres a run down.

    Knowing the workings of freemasonry, there are actually a shitton of more references in this series.

    The writing is phenomenal in this, they aren't just injecting symbolism, they make several references to lodges and Stan's lodge throughout the series, however, its all references to how the lodge thinks Stan is pretty dead-beat (Though typically freemasons don't enjoy abuse of cultic work, then you see his 'mystery shack')

    The all seeing eye, pyramids, all that are definitely references to freemasons. However not the illuminati, please remember, the illuminati is the 'Knights Templar' to the Rosicrucian Order, I'm hoping they reference the tense feelings between the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians, though I doubt they will.

    The books are freemasonry works. The hand of self control and the eye of enlightenment, personally I adore this series, and I love to see more how they mix the paranormal with the freemason society.

  160. I am just now doing some research on the illuminati and am honestly shocked that it is being put into our childrens television shows, and cartoons. It scares me to see what we have become as a nation and the people that we are "so called' electing into office. This is why I do not allow television in my home.

  161. i have recently gotten into researching about these things and illuminati symbols are everywhere you look but what i don't understand is that what is the effect. in what way does seeing these symbols affect children. how do the illuminati or whoever does this benefit from placing their symbols everywhere?

  162. I do agree that there is a lot of illuminati references in the show, but i also understand that the show is about the occult wich includes the prescence of secret societies, wich the iluminati is the most famous. The fact that the uncle uses the fez hat could reference the fact that since the first episode we see that he hides something. I think it could be worring if the show was nothing to do with the occult and mantain those symbolism. I think this time might be just a mockery of them.

  163. Stumbled on this site while looking for information on this hilarious new show. The post/responses are actually real? I find it difficult to believe the stupidity here.

  164. These symbols you see here are exactly what their intentions are for. The creators use these symbols to capture the audience as intended. These symbols have been around for thousands of years. I don't understand how people use this as something evil? So anything that has a pyramid, a pyramid with an eye, a Phoenix, an owl, checkered floor and what not. Am I suppose to assume a group of billionaires so called the illuminati is behind it every single time? Really? I'm not convinced, I'm just not convinced.

  165. I think you guys are taking things too far. Disney is not indoctrinating kids onto masonery or anything like that; is just a show about creepy and misterious things, and they play with the Illuminati issue: is not put there randomly, is probably gonna be some big plot related to Gruncle Stan being an Illuminati and so. You should worry about cartoons showing your kids to be good people, and by far, the teaching of half the episodes is related to Dipper loving and caring about his sister, so I don't see the problem here.

  166. I really don't think it's that bad. Are children really going to look at this show and say: "Wow, these symbols are something I should research in detail!" I know I didn't. As a matter-of-fact, I didn't even know half of these symbols were present. My attention, honestly, was given to Mabel's pig. How depressing, taking away all the fun shows because of stupid things like this. It's just like Invader Zim all over again.

  167. Have you also noticed the cryptogram above the Konami/Contra code? Its a Caesar cipher code. When translated it reads "Stan is not what he seems". There are also a few more that I have noticed actually in the episodes themselves as well.

  168. The dollar has an "all-seeing eye" on it too, does that mean kids shouldn't get to see dollars? The symbolism for freemasonry IS everywhere and that is exactly why you cannot protect children from it. It is so harmless. I think the show is cute. I find it odd that the author did not mention the triple-spiral symbol In the top left corner of one of these photos. . . It is a beautiful symbol.

  169. Oh, and I just want people to know that the eye is actually a representation of God and has nothing to do with Satan. But, of course, it was used by the Masons much like the meaning of the swastikawas used by the Nazis. Actually, none of this has to do with Satan. I swear, people try to find Satan in everything. It's just crazy.

  170. Though these articles are extremely interesting in their reviews of blatant symbolism presence, I wish more information was provided into why and how this affects children and other viewers. Is the symbolism present simply to make the viewer aware? To make them join such an organization in the future? Or to be controlled? What's the motive?

  171. Uhm, isn't this what this show is about? Conspiracies and mystery? The characters investigating a strange mysterious happening in town? If so, I am sure that these symbols were put in for the plot, rather than to indoctrinate kids.