What’s Up With Room 322 at Hotel ZaZa?


Hotel ZaZa is a stylish inn located in Houston, Texas. While the hotel is known for its luxurious suites, a recent post on Reddit revealed the existence of the mysterious “Room 322”. This room it is not advertised on the hotel’s website and, in short, is the definition of creepy. This is what the Redditor posted:

stay here frequently when on business. Hotel was booked solid and my colleague managed to score a room unplanned. We all had normal zaza style rooms (swank) and he ended up in this goth dungeon closet.

Seriously- the room had a chain holding the bed to wall, pictures of skulls and a creepy, incongruous portrait of an old man. Room was about 1/3 the normal size with the furniture blocking part of the TV, bed and window.

We asked about it at the front desk and the clerk looked it up and said ” that room isn’t supposed to be rented.’ and immediately moved him.
– Source: Reddit

Here are pics of the room, each of which kind of raises concerns about what actually happens there.

The floor is hard, dirty concrete, unlike any other room in the hotel.

Unlike any other room in the hotel, the floor is cold, hard, dirty concrete,


The room is about a third of the size of other rooms in the hotel. The mirror is embedded in the brick wall, leading some Redditors to think that it is actually a two-way mirror...

The room is about a third of the size of other rooms in the hotel and is the only one with brick walls. The mirror is embedded in the brick wall, leading some to believe that it is actually a two-way mirror…

The bed is chained to the wall. Why?

The bed is chained to the wall. Why?

Skull frame on the wall. Rather appropriate since 322 is the Skull and Bones' sacred number.

Skull frame on the wall. Rather appropriate since 322 is the Skull and Bones’ sacred number.

Skull clock

Skull clock

Those that are aware of the occult elite’s symbolism know that 322 is the “sacred” number of the Skull & Bones secret society (to which belong the likes of George W. Bush, George Bush Sr. and John Kerry).

Official Skull and Bones logo prominently featuring the number 322.

Official Skull and Bones logo prominently featuring the number 322.

A very creepy painting above the bed depicting two girls with dead eyes and deformed, elongated necks. Does this image represent split personalities?

A very creepy painting above the bed depicting two girls with dead eyes and deformed, elongated necks. Does this image represent split personalities?

Another creepy image above the bed of a guy with huge eyes. Does this represent an all-seeing handler?

Another creepy image above the bed of a guy with huge eyes. He doesn’t look nice at all.

Overseeing the room is the picture of a man. According to some, it is Jay Comeaux, President at Stanford Group Company. Why is this random elite guy on the wall? WHY??

Overseeing the room is the picture of a suited man. Appaerently, it is Jay Comeaux, President of Stanford Group Company. Why is this random elite guy on the wall? Does he have something to do with the Skull and Bones?

This looks like the perfect place to traumatize someone.

This looks like the perfect place to traumatize someone.

When the story came out, people from the hotel’s PR responded that room 322 was a theme room entitled “Hard Times” and was meant to recreate a “prison experience”. This room is however not advertised anywhere and, as some people noted, there is nothing in that room that really recalls a “prison experience”. Do jail cells have huge mirrors, brick walls and frames of skulls, weird deformed faces and company CEOs on walls? Not really.

Another strange fact, a year before this story came out, a book author posted on her blog a little something about room 322 as well. This is what she wrote about it:

“When I checked into Houston’s Hotel ZaZa at midnight on Thursday night, there was some confusion. My first room was a themed room, known as the Hard Times room; this skull was on the wall. A few minutes after I got there, the front desk called up and said they had to move me; the people at the front desk were deeply upset at the thought of me being stuck in this room.”
– Source: Pop Culture Nerd

Apparently, hotel staff do not want everyday visitors to stay in that room. Is this room called “Hard Times” because it is used for occult elite trauma-inducing rituals? Cannot say for sure, but this is definitely a sinister site.




    • I am so fascinated by this article…. I do however think this room is a freaky sex room for consenting adults.. Even if one of those adults is paid to be there… I hear George C likes it rough maybe that is why his picture is in the bathroom

      • No way, all the 322 symbolism is there. I mean, you really have to have no knowledge of these secret societies to sit here and look at this and say it's just an innocent fun room. There are two things "Oh, that's funny and kinky" and then there is "Something is really ****ed up here with this". With the disturbing elements to this room, the logical choice here is the obvious later.

    • Post this comment I can t maybe they select certain people through the mirror unless there's a window on that same wall. And someone should look up the artist of that painting with the guy howd it get there.

      • The artist of the long-necked women is Ruth Borium-Loveland. Look her up. Her paintings include lots of triangles, eyes, and duality. Many if them depict faces with two irises in each eyeball. Not a coincidence at all.
        The name on the weird guy painting appears to be Benny H. I read somewhere that the President of the ZaZa is named Benji Homsey…kinda close?

      • Decoded Imposter on

        Maybe the painted Benny is how the artist sees Benji Homsey. Hmmmmm……….

    • I just dont get why they would risk MK'ing someone in a hotel? The risk of getting overheard and reported to the police would be too big. Or maybe, they have the police by their b*lls so badly that they don't care if they get overheard anymore. They know noone would care or bother. people would either be too scared to get involved or after rapporting and getting no feedback, they'd give up. Or; maybe the room is sound proof? What do you guys think?

  1. This really is the definition of disturbing.Room 322,skulls…chained bed..huge mirrors and creepy sugestive images…?No thanks!

    • LMAO… is it normal that I laughed at the pictures of this 322 room?

      It looks so hilariously tacky and messy and random. The paintings are simply laughable and that picture of the white-haired man with the cheesy skulls… LOL… what kind of decorative disaster is this?? My torso hurts from extreme laughter. It became too much after I read VC's comment : perfect place to traumatize..

      • Be thankful that you cannot imagine what tortures could go on here. The mirror is a two-way, for starters…

      • You can tell a mirror is a two-way mirror by taking a coin the touching it to the mirror. If the coin touches its reflection it is likely a two-way mirror (because the reflective coating is on the outside of the glass.) A normal mirror will have a gap between the coin and the reflection. I wish someone would have tried this trick out on this mirror to see. Also, two-way mirrors always can work both ways. The side that is darker is the side that can see through. If you turned off all the lights in the room you would be able to see to the other side if there was any light.

    • I'm at hotel zazas, and just asked to check out the room, they let my friends and I in and it's just like the pictures except they rotated all the portraits. Also the photo of Jay Comeaux has been replaced with a photo of Conan obrian in an electric chair. They also have a framed black and white prison outfit with hotel zaza on the back, hotel guy said they used to have a police themed shuttle car, and they would put you in an orange jumpsuit, put you in the police car and take you where you wanted to go. The bathroom is actually really nice, besides the skull clock, it has a clear glass sink and a full glass shower. And yes the bed is suspended by chains that are hooked up to the wall.

    • Believe it. I stayed in that room once…for about five minutes. This terrible terrible vibe slapped me in the face. I had to get out of that creepy room. So I did. On fact, I got the hell out of that hotel.

      • how were you able to get the room if the fromt clerks dont want ordinary people to be in it? was it a mistake that you got the room?

  2. This is unbelievable. I was just in Houston this past weekend. If I had heard about "ROOM 322" one week earlier I would of done some investigating myself. Very good post.

  3. Honestly this is just creepy, there must be something sinister behind it, I've learned not to believe in coincidence anymore, I live in the 21st century, 'nuff said.

    • In an interview, Gaga claims to have taken her moniker from her favorite song at the time: "Radio Gaga" by Queen, which was featured on the soundtrack of the remake of "Metropolis," a movie rife with freemason/occult imagery and themes.
      Surely just coincidence…

      • I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Wendy Starland, an early acquaintance of Gaga's, said that her moniker resulted from marketing sessions. I think she was also advised to cater to "the gays" in order to garner a large, devout fanbase.

    • DoorsOfPerception on

      Haha! I believe that it may be a reference to Zeta Zeta, in connection to the frat (allegedly in bed with Skull and Bones) – though that may be a little far out. If you look at it from a linguistic perception (adding a dash of Latin) it's: Z "et" ("and" in Latin) A; Z "et" A = Zaza.

    • Well I there is imagery and illuminati based symbols in most of our pop culture. The examples? Celebrities that started out good spirited who turned from something innocent to sex, drugs, and scandals. Another example would be like I said before, the symbols and words that come across our television/computer screens as we watch music videos. It isn't just Lady Gaga, but she is easier to point at because she acts, if not is, different.

    • Do you think there's something suspicious about the guy insisting on a face-to-face meeting, when the offer was to wire the money to any account of his choice. Why put himself physically in danger?

      • Because giving him account info basically gives him all ur information…face to face..no names, no questions asked

    • This is called a "deed" room. It's used by certain people to get leverage over other people in government.

      When, for example, a Republican senator decides to have gay sex with his intern, he's given this room to do the "deed." Being doped up on cocaine, and drunk, he doesn't notice that someone is behind the window taping the event.

      One of the comments. But that doesnt explain the painting of the elite guy.

  4. I honestly think this could be some time of Bdsm room… since it's a themed hotel.
    It's probably smaller because there could be another entrance so someone could watch from the other side (mirror)
    Still creepy.

      • On the 'Hard Times' theme claim…Jay Comeaux is CEO of Stanford Financial Group. SFG was recently caught up in a ponzi scheme with some top executives serving prison time. From the Houston Chronicle:

        "An attorney for former chief financial officer James Davis, 64, has asked a judge to consider Davis' 2012 testimony against Stanford, assisting a prosecution that sent the swindler to prison for a 110-year term. Davis seeks a sentence of no more than four years, followed by two years of supervised release.

        "It was as a result of Mr. Davis' extraordinary efforts that prosecutors were able to unravel Stanford's extremely complicated fraud scheme," attorney David Finn of Dallas wrote in a memorandum submitted last week to U.S. District Judge David Hittner."

        So, it actually makes some sense that the CEO's photo goes with the prison/hard times theme.

  5. very interesting. I have no doubt it's a two way mirror.. the only question is, what does Jay Comeaux have to do with this..? There must be something about him then.

    • if you click on the link to the source popculturenerd, it shows the lady's second hotel room has a picture of george clooney on the wall. so maybe they just have people's picture's in every room? maybe everyone in the pictures is a skull and bones member? haha probably not, but seems like a weird hotel anyway.

    • Jay Comeaux. According to /u/Geaux12, Comeaux was a DKE at LSU. LSU's DKE chapter has a secret alumni association, known as The Friars. Their symbols include the skull and crossbones, like the ones seen in the room. DKE has a reputation for being a public "feeder" fraternity to other secret societies, most notably the Skull & Bones at Yale. The room number, "322", and the skull and crossbones insignia in the room are both used by the Skull & Bones as well. It wouldn't be suprising if one DKE alumni society used the same symbols as its more famous cousin. In fact, unconfirmed sources claim that The Friars are actually a chapter of the Skull & Bones. Coincidence about ZaZa and LSU's DKE chapter being called Zeta Zeta.

    • ScaredOfMyReflection on

      Re: 2 way mirrors. I heard you can differentiate by touching. With a normal mirror, if you place your fingertip on the surface, there'll be a gap between your finger and the reflection (this part is true. Try it out). On 2 way mirrors, there will be no gap. I've never seen a two way mirror, so I can't say for certain.

      This room is definitely creepy though.

  6. Ive stayed their before really nice swanky place. Never even knew that room existed. Concrete floors to clean up blood easier. definately creepy.

  7. 322… 32 is an important Masonic number isn't it? And the double 2; twice as many of 32 and two 2's showing duality.
    I have always been a skeptic of this crap, but I just see all of this as in our faces anymore. Unbelievable.

    • It is indeed an important number. For instance, the interviews by Tim Russert of both W and Kerry about their membership in skull&bones…he throws "322" into the mix at 0:11 and 0:37 in this one of many clips. Notice how they both laugh off being members of secret societies (which were decried by JFK not long before he was rubbed out), and avoid the question altogether…
      Russert paid the ultimate price not long after, dying of a "heart attack"… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwJDs1cg9Eo

    • That's true, Avery. Perth, Western Australia is on the 32 parallel, and consequently a huge Masonic 'portal'. Freemasons from around the world come to Perth to be on this powerful parallel.
      I know. I live in Perth.

    • I googled Room 322 – lyrics for a song called Room 322 by some group called Red Dons came up…

      What’s holding me down is a form of torture
      That was touching me there then
      And still reaching me now
      Will I escape it
      I’ve tried a thousand times

      Oh, how can you lecture
      Me on my life
      When I’ve been to hell
      Well I don ‘t need anyone to tell me
      I’m not trying to be something better
      Then what I was

      So here I am suspend
      Locked in my room and stuck in bed
      At least I’m alive
      But still I’ll have
      Nightmares that tonight
      Will be the same as last night
      It’s the same same fight we have everytime
      Escaping Amman

      I’ve tried a thousand times
      And fell a thousand times
      And it’s adding up
      So add it up

      **I don't know what some of it means (Amman?) or if the groups name as any significance or ties – but the part about a 'form of torture' and 'touching me there' is very creepy. ***

      • There are some nice monuments down there in the desert, freezing at night but extremely hot during the day. Interesting place to visit.

      • Wow very amazing that this song even exists, def not a coincidence… Very creepy what goes on around us and we are totally unaware! :(

      • the lyrics have a lot of programming torture elements to it. then the part "Locked in my room and stuck in bed"… maybe the perps tie their victims/mkultra slaves to them chains. Amman, hmmm… A – M – Man??? A "m" (mason) – man? eh… i dunno… but, without a doubt… some really creepy shit. maybe it's the room reserved for the Bush men for when then want to have sex with children. then that mirror over the bed, reminded me of some Aleister Crowley shit i read about… that sex magic stuff. the supposed demonic sex ritual he did with Pauline Pierce (Barbara Bush's mother).
        this site kinda explains it a little: http://rense.com/general77/acrow.htm
        but wow, never heard of this room… this great article!!

    • The pictures of all of the rooms look creepy to me. It's dark and the decor gives off bad, satanic-like vibes. I don't think I would stay there. Hotel California keep playing in my head while looking at the photos.

    • DAMN!!! i hit reply to post the same exact thing DAJ posted. I was going to post the exact words, after i seen those pictures… ALL the rooms gave me the creeps!! Even the ZaSPA. This place is DEFINITELY owned by the Bush family. they are some very evil fucks! Plus… the name of the place, "ZaZa". Notice in all of the description texts the name of the hotel is written az "ZaZa" not Zaza! Capital "Z", small "a", then again, capital "Z", and small "a". …as in George H. W. Bush's Za-pata Oil company. Hence, Za-Za, ZaZa. And we all know HE is a huge fan of his Skull & Bones.

  8. I wonder if there is one of these in the Dallas Hotel Zaza. I used to go to the bar there all the time years ago, and it was always the rich elite. We enjoyed the crazy people watching.

    • I can just hear them laughing off the car: "don't you know Texas is known for steers?" But it rather looks like an opulent, rolling shout-out to baphomet, and I'm certain after seeing what else is going on at this freakshow of a hotel, *that* was the intention.

    • The car I get (Texas and all). Otherwise you'd have to consider steers as Satanic, and I'm not about to go that far (yet).

      The chairs…ugh!

      Makes me wonder what other motels have 322-type rooms…and WHO would rent them out.

      (It wouldn't surprise me if some people would pay EXTRA for a room 322 type experience.)

  9. what better place to do a re-programming 'touch-up" than in a room that "doesn't exist"? Thanks for this VC- the evidence out there, the better.

    • when i read the ' re-programming touch up' part of your comment it reminds me of all the celebs that go to 'rehab' . one in particular is britney spears. you are right, these sinister handlers would never get caught and these celebs have no way of speaking out coz who would believe them, when they talk about a room that doesnt exist?

    • This article has freaked me out more than any other vc article I've ever read… I think because it isn't subjective interpretation; this place really exists. Yes we can't be sure of its true purpose, but I do know that something doesn't feel right and the whole situation isn't logically explainable. I also know I would be terrified if I found myself in that room. I just pray to God that we are wrong about what we fear happens there.

  10. creepy, crazy, scary, this is the world we live in now..
    now i turn my self to religion, and stay away from all brainwashing media, those black magic ritual people

      • They were really bad. Communism is probably an Illuminati experiment. Especially now that we know K Marx was a Rothschild. Coincidences eh? yeah right, only because we have no guts to see what they are like.

      • Marx was a Rothschild and a Freemason. His wife was also related to Winston Churchill.

      • ha I heard it before. That explains everything about communism. It was an experiment for the nwo.

  11. Next time someone is 'accidentally' assigned this room, please look through the hotel's little booklets they place in each room. I'm sure this book will have specific information relative to its guests that is not in the booklets placed in the other rooms. Also time to scope out guests and odd events/conferences, etc., held at the hotel. Pay attention to young women going into this room, keep an eye out. Also, time to get to know the staff, someone will talk, eventually. They are in the minority and it's time the Light is spilled all over them.

  12. I'm usually right there with you VC, but this just looks like a poorly decorated staff room. The paintings could be some disturbed artistically inclined employees work and the photo could be the owner. And the staff could've been apologetic because It would be unfortunate to pay a full fee to sleep in a utility closet. The staff could want the photos to go away because its an ugly room and bad advertisement. Maybe I just need a little more background on the hotel to understand the significance.

      • Hey people are allowed to have their own opinions. This person could be right you know…
        So could VC. No one REALLY knows the purpose of this room.

      • I'm really just "not sure." I've seen that clock before in a furniture store. I think this could just be an example of people being desensitized to death worship without really understanding it or having real mal intent. An example of the nomalization of deviant behavior, but I doubt there's any real skull and cross bones stuff goes on in the middle of hotel on a down duvet in a room you can barely have 2 people turn around in.

      • I would say being desensitized is being "unsure" that this is somehow irregular. Of course you've seen the clock at a furniture store…that's where furniture comes from. Doesn't mean that its completely regular to see a human skull as decoration. Nor that a random brick room (a sound trapping building material) in a ritzy hotel is normal. The bed is definitely big enough for two…unless im not seeing something correctly. The "theme" is hard times, but who in their right mind would choose to go on vacation or even a business trip and book a room reminiscent of a prison cell? And if its available for the experience then why is everyone who gets booked in there kicked out and moved? Think a little.

      • Definitly thinking ALOT. Which is why I'm questioning how/why the things we know go on would be happening in this inconvenient space amongst people with power and influence. The room is easily accessible by guests and staff who thought nothing of putting a new guest in the room initially. If it was that significant why would unaware staff have access to it? I'm certainly not desensitized I can see that these items are sick. But that is a mass manufactured ugly clock in a top secret ceremonial torture room? I am completely disturbed by the skull death worship craze. what I am saying is I think that while the decore in this room represents an ugly thing festering in our culture, I doubt this room is significant beyond that. The entire hotel has a peverse them. Having known people who worked at hotels there are always rooms rarely if ever rented and used by staff who stay over night or frequent guests and I think thats all this is. There is a ton of insanity out there that I see everyday and I'm looking a this with a discerning eye. We don't want people thinking we are paranoid, but knowing we are awake and capable of critical thinking.

      • The photo though isn't the owner, he says who he is but also aside from the skull theme and all around weirdness, its highly unusual to have a mirror along the side of the bed like that, and from the pictures it does look like a two way mirror bc the mirror isn't very clear from what I can see especially if you can't even take it off the wall.

      • Nope. Wrong again. Of course you can use mass marketed objects to program people. What do you think the Iluminati programmers fashion all their tools out of unicorn fur, and 2000 yr. old tombstones?? Its not the objects silly, its what the object mean to someone who is programmed. A $2 dollar mickey mouse mask may not mean much to you, but to a programmed monarch sex slave it could mean a lot!

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        Definitely de-sensitized. Have you read some of the posts some put hear that call people stupid, crazy? That's a red flag to me that something really else is going on especially to call someone that when they expressed their opinion that could shed light. Come on, there are comments that says truth is stranger than fiction so when you call someone that, this statement comes to mind and gets me to thinking why would someone want to distract me or dis/mis inform me?

      • That isn't good VC etiquette, everyone is entitled to their opinions and the comments section does not need to be just a bunch of people nodding their heads in agreement, I thought that comment was actually very intelligently put and not rude in any way, and definitely more thought provoking than most of the others. Please refrain from telling people who don't share your opinion not to comment. That's the exact opposite of what truth-seekers like myself crave.

    • Sorry man, but the 322 correlation with Skull & Bones and the fact you have images of the skulls in the room, the picture of the two distorted women which is a classic multiple personality programming tool, and the freakin two way mirror are dead ringers hear.

      • The artist of the long-necked women is Ruth Borium-Loveland. Her paintings include lots of triangles, eyes, and duality. Many if them depict faces with two irises in each eyeball. Not a coincidence at all.

    • I definitely wouldn't be surprised if "Not Sure" and naysayers like him/her commenting throughout this site are people planted here to make comments challenging the articles to make us question ourselves. Planted by whom? Not sure, but someone who doesn't want us to know The Truth.

      I wouldn't completely rule out the idea of the thumbs up on these comments being people that are hired to do so as well.

      • Riiiight. I was "planted" here to make you doubt yourselves…
        I have the right to have my opinion and express it, just as well as you do. If the only reason you come on here is to criticize other people's comments then maybe you shouldn't comment anymore.

      • Not everybody is awake. Some people realize what's going on but then they say something like not all the media is properganda. Of course this is screaming Skull & Bones but so many people don't have a clue.

      • I was thinking the same thing. This is just a marketing tool to get people interested in their property. After it was publicized and the stories about this room spread, people have been trying to check into the hotel just to see if they can get to that room somehow. Priceless how the hotel is using this for a way to attract guests. I have worked in the hotel industry as well. Although this could only be a marketing ploy, there is still a possibility that some sick stuff goes down in that place. Hotels, especially swanky ones, invite the rich and bored who find many ways (odd and sick ways) to entertain themselves. Escorts, orgies, I have met people who come into the hotel for threesomes and all kinds of crazy behavior. I wouldn't put it past anyone that the themed rooms serve multiple purposes, for marketing and servicing the "elites".

      • Ever hear of a book/movie called THE SHINING?? That movie was also directed by Stanley Kubrick of Eyes Wide Shut. Think people. Think!

    • i stayed in this room a year ago with my boyfriend and the painting of the man was not there

      i am FREAKING OUT because it LOOKS LIKE HIM!! my boyfriend!!! but hes not mean! the room is creepy but they were booked so we had no choice it was that or go home bc we live here in houston! none of the other rooms are like that or that small!!!!!!

      i am freaking out !!!

      • How about more floor?
        If it's room 322, then it's on the 3rd floor. Hardly going to be a trap door under there when there would logically be another room under it. The only way there could be a secret room under the bed, without disturbing the floor plan of the rest of the hotel, is if you had to walk up steps to get into the room and then the room would have to be shorter, which I'm sure the photographer would have noted. I can't imagine anything else that could be under there that would be significant.
        However, I would be interested in someone breaking the mirror to see if it really is a 2 way or not.

      • how do you know if the room right underneath is a room they rent out? could be a room they keep secret as well, if indeed they do have a secret door underneath.

  13. Thank you VC for another amazing article. It is, disturbing having a room like room 322. And I don’t think this room could be anywhere near for use of BDSM… Just looking at the pictures gave me chills. And I’m sure that guy didn’t get his picture hanged randomly…. Oh what a sick world we live in… and I’m only 14… What a shame. Shame indeed. Thanks again,VC!

  14. The mystery of the number 3:22 according to the late, great Bill Cooper……..read Genesis 3:22, these people are luciferian. It's good to know they will be obliterated, read the Bible.

    • Amen to that, there are more of us than 'them' and also 1/3 of the angels fell, that means 2/3 did not they are massively outnumbered and their time is short, whos side are you on people time to choose. Read Isaiah – The LORD Almighty is mustering an army for war.

      • "Their time is short"? Their time has lasted for thousands upon thousands of years. Today, their time in power is aided greatly by people that think that some sort of savior is coming to rescue us. There is no such savior. We ARE the help. I am continually astonished that people that put stock in the control of the old bloodlines upon this plane actually think they would allow books of useful knowledge to get to peons like you and me. The Bible is nothing more than a method of control, written to keep harvesting energy for the imposter gods that have run Earth likely since its creation. The Illuminati have made deals with these same beings. Its a fantastic trick, isnt it?

  15. Looks like the cat is out of the bag for MR. Comeaux. If you go to Reddit and see the whole picture album you'll note that the hotel was offering him 1000 dollars to erase the pictures before it went viral. To late……. just more fuel to the fire to expose the Illuminati and their terrible secrets.

    • true, however i can't help but think they could've shut this up if they'd really wanted to. maybe they Did offer him money but… it doesn't seem plausible to me that they'd do that and let him get away with keeping the stuff posted. These are high scale People. They have ppl in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, it wouldn't be hard to find the posters and their IP addresses and either delete the articles or the people behind them. which makes me think the 1000 is probably either a ploy by "them" to make it Seem bigger than it is/play w/ us or they don't really care and someone else sent him that message to play w/ his head as a prank (co-worker or family) or or, the person planned it themselves with another to make the mysterious room even MORe unsettling.

      i'm starting to agree with another poster. This all could be a marketing scheme. who Doesn't like mysterious creepy hotels? (not like anyone's died there yet, so yeah) i'm fascinated. when i get a job, i'm already planning to take a weekend trip there to see for myself.

      another thing i was thinking, maybe they have certain ppl sent to that room and the person on the other side of the mirror gets a look at them and says whether they want that person to stay or not. then the other side man calls the front desk and says no go or yes go, you know? i doubt it's Only a room where vile things occur. i mean someone in the comments here posted a url. i went there, and someone on thAt site mentioned that they'd stayed in that room during some Halloween thing the hotel was doing. she said the pic of the (she called him captain) man was the creepiest thing. (she could be lying, but if she's telling the truth… there's a little more TO this than just the torturous, dangerous, and scary possibilities imagined).

      • I read the entire Reddit thread and it appears that it was secret and they did not want it known, but now that it's exposed they are using the Reddit thread as an advertising campaign in the press. Incredibly there are a multitude of ignorant people who are excited to stay there.

      • It's still scary to think that there could be someone on the other side of the wall watching you without your consent, assessing whether or not you are worthy of staying in the room. If you are deemed worthy, then what??? What do they have in store for you for the rest of your stay? All the while you are none the wiser.

    • OH! You got a very good point. I paid attention to the cold floor, but no good explanation for that. What if they have made there some kind of monarch ritual envolving blood and had to change the carpet?

  16. I actually work in a Hotel; and for all of this to be happening, means A LOT of people are either 'in the know' or are 'decieved'. (Sadly, most everyone is decieved these days). But you have Hotel managers, desk staff, house keeping, maintenance, and in their case, kitchen staff. That is SO many people on the pay-roll, especially for how big that place is.

    I would say that a mountain is being made of an ant-hill in this situation, but a lot of you have been posting quotes and links to things that say otherwise. So yes, I will agree there is something very weird going on with this room. And to further our argument to people who would call us crazy; When money is involved, there is not limit to evil. Money is used to silence, turn heads, and close ears.

    • The one thing we will not know for sure (unless we actually got an eye witness account, or something to that effect) is that something un-clean is happening there. Since it IS an up-scale hotel, with a bar, in my opinion the rooms is probably just used as a 'smoosh room'. Unless we knew for a fact there is actually another room behind that mirror, it may just be the style of the room. And if they are "trying to simulate a prison cell" (who the crap WANTS to experience that??) I can understand why the mirror is inset to the wall. I was prison shows all the time, and thats basically what it looks like. AND, the chains on the bed, those deffiniteley look more decorative than functional. That looks like a Queen size bed, and in no way would those chains hold the weight of a bed, let alone a bed WITH a person in it. The art work on the other hand, completely clashes.

      • Also, all the reports of the staff being 'concerned' about the guests 'accidentally' getting that room; this is also understandable. Even at MY Hotel, we have some rooms we like to rent last for a few reasons; and we are just a normal Hotel. (and trust me, I get told very sternly that those are the rooms are NOT to be sold, unless need be) But even so, I believe that there are some similar Hotel problems that can be equated with every chain. Although, we NEVER ask a guest to MOVE ROOMS, just because we would prefer to not rent it until last; so there is a weird action on their part. I could go on, but I doubt most will read 4 paragraphs anyways lol

      • The old axiom "people will do anything, anything, for those dead presidents" ('dead presidents' referring to money) applies here. The economy is in shambles, and let's face it: many hotel workers are from other countries, facing a language barrier, and are beholden to the jobs they've secured (this goes for American workers as well). Consequences could go further than a firing as well – it wouldn't be the first time. No one is gonna say jack.
        The lame excuse of a "prison cell motif" should give it away. That's the best they could come up with once the cat was out of the bag. But, as pointed out in the article, what prison cell has funky duality artwork, along with skulls, and a photo of an uber-rich dude? And the pillow on the bed with the crown…I can't read the inscription but it's likely that is symbolic as well.
        The room is every occultist freak's dream. Keep perusing this site, and do other research, and you'll see all the tell-tale signs. My skin is crawling just looking at these pics.
        As the last caption says: "this looks like the perfect place to traumatize someone."
        Don't be fooled. Seriously…who would want a room like this? While the rest of the facility is swanky and cosmopolitan, there's a new age dungeon available? With the "Monarch Bistro" downstairs… C'mon. This place is just too much.

      • The pillow says "hey beautiful, we love you" and underneath that "hotel zaza"
        not so symbolic…

      • Did it ever occur to anyone that the rooms were rented on purpose? Perhaps it was used as a trigger for some unsuspecting monarch. After all, we're talking about SUBconscious post-hypnotic suggestion here. If I were the people to whom the rooms were rentedr, I might want pay attention to what's going on in my life and who I know or have met recently.

      • Or to entertain fear-porn-ophiles. I have considered that it is very likely these rooms were rented on purpose.

    • also don't forget that various hotel staff could very well be part of the order. Maybe not skull & bones, but something similar with a typical "oath" to the brotherhood. A hotel doesn't have a room like this without hotel employees being apart of it.

  17. call the place. i just did and the receptionist really sounded freaked out. she looked @ this page while in the phone with me.

  18. My first thought was it's probably a room used for personal reflection of death and the afterlife. After seeing the pictures, something tells me that it might be used for something of a more sinister nature, perhaps.

    The stone floors left bare, would make cleaning up blood easier than carpet, as well as making the room cooler. The chain on the double bed would make it difficult for the bed to move. (I'm sure you can use your imagination.) The pictures on the wall are self explanatory, but they also add to that thick atmosphere of what? Fear? Oppression?.. Death? As for the brick wall, it might be a reminder for a person that there is no escape. They are locked in a small prison, where only the bed looks comfortable.. the psychological structure and layout of the room feels menacing and predatory.

    Personally it's not a place I would feel comfortable in, but who knows? Could be a special room used by a wealthy art fanatic who has a fetish of death? Who knows..

    It's undeniable the room has an off vibe.

  19. I wonder how would it be to spend a night there? and if the hotel staff don't want to rent this room how in the hell did some people end up in there, by "mistake"??

    • Maybe they were trying to expose some things, or maybe they thought they were supposed to be there until someone said no. Once they check you in someone had to tell the staff to get them out maybe the person behind the mirror.

      A lot of people are talking about the two way mirror and people watching you but they don't realise all hotel rooms have cameras and are being monitored if just to make sure someone else isn't monitoring the room.

      • You think ALL hotel rooms have cameras in them? HAHA please! I've worked at 5 hotels, 2 being 4-star full service. The owners were usually cheap foreigners. There is NO way that a hotel owner would waste $$ on cameras for every room even for a legit reason, much less 'to make sure someone else doesn't monitor the room'. Not to mention how illegal that would be and the fear of lawsuits and losing everything they've worked for in life. I've worked front desk and maintenence, and I'm telling you from first hand knowledge, there are no hidden cameras in ANY hotel room anywhere. If you think there are, go stay at a hotel and find the camera. Then sue them, make some $$$, and give me 5% for the brilliant idea.

  20. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    I've never had such a visceral reaction to anything on this site the way I just did to these pictures. The black energy in that room is so palpable. I really don't want to know what happens in that room; I just sympathize and pray for whoever it happened to.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I think this i is ground zero for God's light to shine on actual activities that may be equivalent to Bohemian Cove. Not that I am interested in seeing the pictures but I am more interested in restoring those who the heinous acts of inhumane violence is inflicted upon tand to restore the peace back ionto the love ones. These monsters know how to inflict pain not only on the victim but continue that energy they need to manifest their fear and anguish on the loved ones who have no clue what has happened to their loved ones. That is why I would like those perverse films released so lightness can come into this oractice to stop it. Maybe I'm off base because I know not what that means.

  21. Noticed that the girls hair in the picture is interconnected…weird! Also one of the faces is distorted while the other seems somewhat normal. The man in the picture (the art, not the actual pic) has one bigger eye and one bigger ear much like someone took the skull from the logo and stretched skin over it although the bigger eye is inverted. I may be looking to far into it, but with the number of the room, it seems a viable assumption that this could be a programming room.

      • Hmm, interesting… That picture has given me night terrors since the first time that I saw it..

      • I agree with you Gina, there is something not right at all, very dark and occultic, like there is some meaning behind them…….. and Ruth hunny bun ya paintings are fuckin scary, Where DO YOU get your inspiration from btw?

      • Is it just me… But the artist of those "creepy ladies" – Ruth borum, has an MK'D look about her, her eyes just look idk very telling.. Like that James Holmes guy you can tell he wasn't right in the head just by the way his eyes used to pop out … Just look at the artist of those pictures and you'll see what I mean. Her work would have to be done through exp, she has either experienced ritual abuse or just knows a lot. Either way I smell a rat!

      • no offense, b/c i understand everyone has their own artistic expression but the images on that site scared me. all of them, i mean look at all those pyramids. i take it back. that room has sinister meaning. there's no doubt, but the annoying persistent question is how so. i've never seen such disturbing imagery, and the women pics you've painted, the eyes and it's all… quite frightening v.v

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I personally want to se this type of behind the scenes torture stop.

        It reminds me of creepy shows like Dark Shadows. I have never been a fan of horror shows and comments from Ruth stating it's no big deal just is not acceptable. It is a big de. Don't you think this many comments tell you something is not quite right?l

      • do you even sell many of these awful paintings, jesus that truly cannot be called art. ird rather look at my own shit than one of your 'artworks'

      • Ruth, who bought your painting to hang in room 322?

        That could help answer some questions & provide insight as to whether it really was just a random decorating scheme or if someone else planned it.

      • There are so many pyramids and eyes – it is total Illuminati & MK-Ultra artwork. Seriously.

      • I see you are very skilled at your craft. But thanks to it I shall not sleep well tonight… o_o

  22. I wonder if there is a real window behind the curtain? And looking at the horrible paintings reminded me of creepy artwork I've seen in occult books, like paintings by Austin Osman Spare and Steffi Grant.

    To change the subject for a moment, look at this and tell me if you don't think it's disturbing that the Russian politican found in a cement barrel was covered in a duality black and white cloth by the police or whoever carried him out:

      • Reminds me of the commercials for the Continental Hotel in Vegas ("Just the right amount of wrong") – super creepy!

      • thats the cosmopolitan and yeah, the adds and the theme are very Vigilant Citizen material. Alice in wonderland theme ect.

    • ExpeditionSingapore on

      There is one in Indonesia: Room 308 Hotel Inna Samudera.

      But the purpose is clear, to worship a "queen" of the South Sea.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      This may be off topic. I've wandered about clubs that are in plan sight in downtown areas that just have numbers. Like in Atlanta, there is the 911 Club. I wandered if anyone else have noticed clubs like this in downtown areas. You practically won't notice them. I only noticed because I was looking for an address for a job interview. It was not even numbered sequentially and out front, there was an apparent underground entrance. I noticed it because I stumbled over the bricks from the normal walkway and the bricks used to cover the outline for some type of entrance coming out of the ground. It wasn't quite noticeable because flags and a fountain was strategically placed around it and some type of government marking.

  23. I just Googled 'Zaza' and came up with this – a Kurdish people of Anatolia (it always seems to come back to the ancient Near East):

    Not to besmirch an ethnic group, but this one includes the Yezidi, a sect thought by Muslims to be worshippers of Satan / Shaitan in the form of Taus Melek, a peacock angel.

    This site calls the Yezidi religion a 'secret society' –

    Occultists like Aleister Crowley and Kenneth Grant were interested in the Yezidi. They seem to have a connection to Yesod, one of the sephirot in Kabbalah, a sephirot sometimes associated with the concept of a rainbow, hence the alchemical peacock symbolism and also the oft referenced MKUltra 'over the rainbow' as code for dissociation.

    • It looks like an upmarket brothel to me. What kinda hotel has a suite called "Shagadelic"if not. That suite is obviously used by wierdos

  24. If it's called "prison expreience" and Jay Comeaux's picture is there… Does it mean he actually belongs in jail? Lol

  25. After reading your post, I decided to look up more on this room and apparently the original poster on Reddick was offered $1000 to take his post down. He said he'd take up the offer "because cash is cash" but wanted to do it publicly because he doesn't "want to die" and posted the screencap here: http://imgur.com/a/Hshw0#14

  26. So who is Benny H, the painter of the man's head?
    Also, wouldn't it be difficult to clean blood off of concrete because it would seep in?

    • That "Benny" painting looks like it was drawn by a mentally ill person or a criminal or even both. This looks really amateurish but I'm 100% sure this was drawn by an adult. It gives me a weird and uneasy feeling looking at it.
      The painting of the two deformed girls makes me think of diseases and torture(especially choking with a really thin cord). Isn't there that feeling or wish to separate the soul from the body during torture or especially death? I guess it is supposed to be the same person in that painting.

      • Why is the floor different colors, then? In the first photo, it's clearly darker except for a one foot strip in front of the furniture to the left. Then, in the last photo in the set…that's an awful lot of glare coming off of "just a bare concrete floor," isn't it?

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        To me, that means it's a training ground for anyone who enters there. I wouldn't trust eating in the restaurant because what's to say you won't be drugged and end up in Room 322?

        And based on some posts, the hotel staff has some clue as to what goes on albeit they think it's strange. Also some of the employees could be helping with the activities in that room. Whose to say there aren't other rooms maybe in the basement?

  27. scorpiorisingeyes on

    Definition of Monarch: "One who reigns over a state or territory, usually for life and by hereditary right"

    WOW. Makes sense.

  28. Lots of hotel weirdness. Corpse found in LA hotel water tank. Deadly Vegas shooting started in hotel. It's like The Shining.

    • Bizarro indeed! Did you see the surveilance footage of the woman (rest her soul) found in the water tank? It shows her being terrified to get into an elevator. The elevator was emtpy, yet she took a step forward and immediately backed away like she saw something invisible to the rest of us!!!! Very strange!!!!

    • I just watched the surveillance footage and it really gave me the creeps. May she rest in peace.

      Anyway after doing a bit of snooping around, I found something:

      The woman's name is Elisa Lam.
      LAM-ELISA is a type of test for tuberculosis.
      There's been a recent tuberculosis outbreak in downtown Los Angeles' skid row.

      Too much of a coincidence?

      • Whoa. Aleister Crowley claimed to have communicated with a crepy alien being named Lam. Google 'Lam Thelema' for lots of info.

      • Yes he did and he drew a picture of it and it looked like a grey alien, (It is known as the Lam/Egg ritual.

        – Apparently Lady gaga's perfume bottle is referenced to this Lam/Egg ritual (the perfume bottle being an egg/alien type shape)and also the fact that she stayed in an egg for 3 days and then emerged from it at the grammys

        He also stayed in the Pyramid of Giza overnight channeling his book called the "Book of Law"

      • PS That hotel is one block from Skid Row. It was also a frequent hangout of the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez.

    • What's more is that people actually bathed in and drank the water that she was found in. Drinking the water that a dead person was sitting in. People were calling the front desk and managment for days complaining about the taste of the water! The hotel did nothing about it and now the hotel gives guests a disclosure to sign when they check in. The disclosure is for the guest to acknowledge that the hotel is not responsible for the result of any issues regarding things like "dead bodies" or etc. What?! That is how they treat their guests?! So they are not taking any responsibility for this and the fact that they didn't look into the complaints of their guests at all. It was at least three days of complaints and nothing was done. Her body was there for 2 whole weeks (14 days), a ritual indeed.

    • the Cecil hotel was home to Richard Ramirez during his supposed killing spree in the 1980s. But looking into Ramirez's past reveals that he received much military training and ritual abuse as well as happened to be murdering people with apparent mob connections. Covers for Satanic ritual killings and eliminations of threats. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ9d2ImUHUo

  29. Zaza: Books of Chronicles 2:33, meaning "belonging to all" or "plenty". Its about the building of the Temple of Solomon, King David and King Solomon, and their stories. Hmmm…..

    • Well, all kinds of New World Order groups are said to want to rebuild the Temple, some say in order to install the Antichrist in it as head of a one world religion. Masons consider the temple a central part of their philosophy and Templars are rumored to have found secrets in its ruins.

      • Yes and the secret treasure they found is what the illuminati is built upon, then they formed the Freemasons and other secret society groups to keep this treasure secret and only available to the initiated ones (illuminated with knowledge)

      • I would think the only SECRET treasure they have is the blood covenant that decides who is the one to sit on the seat of Mercy…………….Even though this seat is only for the rightful king yashua when he come to claim his kingship………..Satan will get there first with his cloned king and desolate the throne in the Holy of Holy's

  30. Great observations/insight,guys. Theres one thing I noticed about the pictures. The TVs mirror image isn't showing the ad that the TV is actually showing. Are other parts of these pics 'shopped,too?

    • Person who took the picture might of used Panorama, an ad switches rather fast and the camera might have picked up diffferent shots of the tv reflection when he was scanning from left to right, vice versa.

    • there is also a pack of marlboro's on the doorframe in one of the pictures he took of the clock. as if hes playing eye spy.

  31. Those familiar with Skull and Bones (S&B) know that “322”

    is the room number of the initiation room.

    This is the most private room in the building, known as

    the Inner Temple, or (this will be no surprise) Room 322,

    is approximately fourteen feet square and guarded by a

    locked iron door. Inside, a case contains a skeleton that Bonesmen refer to as Madame Pompadour.

    Ref.: http://www.firstplumbline.net/html/skullandbonesc

    • I bet Comeaux's photo is there because he is or was the local sponsor or contact for Skull and Bones activities. His Stanford finance company is based in Houston.

  32. It reminds me of the creepy house shown in gaga's video "you and i".that isolated , neglected and seem to be in the middle of absolutly nowhere house. i think that this is where she got traumatized by torture. after that she had splitted into other personas.she was a " meremaide" represebted by one tail. she was one, than god knows how was splitted in tow…..!or more.and for that prosses was nidded an end of the world located house. she misses herself in that sad,sad song. she misses the being one state.i think you are right,vc. maybe thare are more places like that ….made for evil

  33. I wonder if March 22, the beginning of the zodiac sign Aries (whose planet is Mars) has anything to do with this? I haven't done any research on this yet but am curious to see if anyone else feels there's a connection as well (I'm pretty certain there is!).

      • My star sign is aries, born in April. And before you start slating me I know they are a pain ie gaga yikes, however I no longer belive in star signs lol. Star sign, ascendant, moon this and that. Ther are some coincidences concerning star signs I must admit but not enough to convince me they are the real case.

      • when isaac newton was challenged on the subject of astrology he replied, "sir, i have studied the subject. you have not." – "the secret history of the world." – mark booth

  34. If you log onto Instagram & search the hash tag #hotelzaza you will see the creepy photos that they have placed all over their hotel.

  35. Readers: this man is now being offered $1k to delete the thread and not speak about it any further. If that's not a red flag then here is one: the man (who took the photos) wants to meet publicly at the monarch bar! Located at the hotel or nearby in Houston im not sure I dont like on the west coast but im urging anyone who does to check out the screenshot Of this deal its now on that reddit/here in the comments., and show up at the arranged time to protect the man who posted the pictures. I hope they dont try to program him or anything!!!!

    • Wouldn't worry about it. Accidents (i.e. unintended actions and coincidences) mean nothing, it's intentions we're concerned about…and your birth date can be considered a coincidence (i.e. an accident) in this case.

    • Don't allow Satan to turn your mind into something he can twist…………Let God fill your mind in all things good and always remember that LOVE Conquers all things!

      Remember that the number 7 is perfect for all as the Sabbath is the 7th day and God rested from his creation which is a Saturday in the pagan calendar…………….. Satan was given the right to rule over us………But we can teach good things and never allow him to use us in his hatred…………Passing some things on will save others from ignorance and hopefully protect them from these evil people who worship this filth………

      Always keep Yehovah close and in your mind and as you see the day approaching then look up and rejoice and know that HE is close at the door……………Keep knocking and you will receive keep asking and you will be given!

  36. This is clearly a sex-den, and not for the 'pillows, feathers and strawberries' sort of customer either. This is a room used to get one's darker jollies off. It's not necessarily indicative of the super-elite/mind control/sex slavery, but it's none the less a private room not intended for public use, but instead for a specific person/people. That a relatively mainstream and ritzy hotel is catering to the desires of such individuals isn't entirely surprising, but is somewhat strange given that it would presumably be easier/safer to use an out-of-the-way dive for such a thing. I don't think VC is far off the mark in making a 'room 322, skull-and-bones' connection. Frat-mentality often sticks with men for as long as they can still maintain an erection, sometimes rather longer, and a dirty little shag-pad to remind one of their University days without having to leave the comfort of a high-class hotel would likely be highly desirable to a wealthy middle-aged man with a 20 year old's brain, preserved in the amber of alcoholism and an abundance of cocaine.

    That employees find themselves accidentally booking people in this room suggests that most employees themselves don't even know about it/who it's for, so there's probably a direct deal between the management and the person/s who 'rent' this room.

  37. It's probably nothing but I find it interesting that there is a Marlboro box ontop of the bathroom door. You can see it in the mirror's reflection in the pic he took of the bathroom. Just curious as to why someone would place a pack of cigs there.

    • Yeah, the poster said that his friend (who stayed in the room) isn't a smoker. He never noticed the pack of smokes. Also the pack of smokes was opened, meaning someone had recently used then and stayed in that room.

      • It would have been interesting to know if something may had been left inside of it for the next "user" to find.

    • Also, just to look at the deal, its insanely expensive, 329 or something, considering a huge sprawling,multiroom, designer suite is about the same price, obviously they don't really want to rent this. I mean, it comes with an orange jumpsuit, for real??


    "Room 322"

    What’s holding me down is a form of torture
    That was touching my there then
    And still reaching me now
    Will I escape it
    I’ve tried a thousand times

    Oh, how can you lecture
    Me on my life
    When I’ve been to hell
    Well I don ‘t need anyone to tell me
    I’m not trying to be something better
    Then what I was

    So here I am suspend
    Locked in my room and stuck in bed
    At least I’m alive
    But still I’ll have
    Nightmares that tonight
    Will be the same as last night
    It’s the same same fight we have everytime
    Escaping Amman

    I’ve tried a thousand times
    And fell a thousand times
    And it’s adding up
    So add it up

    • fellow houstonian on

      I moved to Houston two years ago, and I live two (maybe three) blocks away from ZaZa. I always felt it was creepy. The first day I moved here I noticed the hotel van with the huge cattle skull protruding from the hood. The hospital next to it feels creepy too. I like the Montrose area that's just a couple blocks past the hotel and always wonder why I don't take advantage of the neighborhood more. I think I instinctively don't like traveling past this place. I've never been inside, but I mostly hear that it has crappy overpriced food and drink and "stylish" but not necessarily high-quality rooms for the price.

    • Resistance Journals on

      Fancy seein' you here bretheren. I saw this and couldnt help but ponder its implications. I think its legit, esp. since theyre now advertising it. Also, I think the guy who took pictures had some knowledge of it. He placed butts on the doorframe in one of the pictures of the clock. Maybe hes a disgruntled Mason who hasnt reach upper levels of inniciation? Who knows. I called and they refered me to their website which now advertises the room. Obviously there is something to this.

  39. If you go on the hotels official website they have all of a sudden put room 322 on the front page and named it "Jailhouse Rock". But really? I would understand the cement floor and bed but the pictures? what do they have to do with anything jail related? This is getting really ridiculous, its like if someone finds out something sinister, they try to make it seems as if you are a lunatic or something. I really hope no one is dumb enough to believe that website.

    • They put that up on their website quick, but they don't have any pictures up. All their other 'concept rooms' have pics. And they way they tried to tie all the buzz going around – 'gather evidence' and 'debunk the hearsay' – that's just ridiculous and so fake. And, am I reading it wrong or does it say starting at $329 – who would pay that for that room – it's worse that Motel 6.

  40. I think the wacko pictures have something to do with the Tunnels of Set, the reverse side of the tree of life in black magic kabbalah. I think the Benny H signature on that one dreadful painting might be code for Binah, the sephirot connected with the goddess Babalon whom Aleister Crowley equated with the Babylon of Revelation. There is also a tunnel associated with twins, and its name is Zamadriel according to Crowley compatriot Kenneth Grant in Nightside of Eden. That might be the meaning behind the painting of the creepy girls. And it might explain something about the hotel name – the name of the path from Binah to Tiphareth on the positive side of the tree of life is Zain, and it's reverse on the negative side of the tree is the tunnel Zamadriel – Za-Za. Also it's the 7th path and tunnel – Room 322 adds up to 7 numerologically.

    Some info:
    http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/cie… Nightside of Eden

  41. This page comes right out and calls the Yezidi religion I referenced in my comments above in relation to the Kurdish Zaza people “A satanist tribe of Israelis that genuinely do worship the devil.” Sounds exactly like the Illuminati,doesn’t it?

    I think the Zaza name might also have something to do with a mythological bird called the Zu, Anzu or Ziz Saday. It’s referenced in Psalms, and is the avian counterpart of Behemoth, the land beast and Leviathan, the sea beast, referred to in apocalyptic prophecy. The Yezidis worship an angel with Luciferian qualities in the form of a peacock called Taus Melek. Melek means Lord and is the same root as Moloch, the god worshipped by the Canaanites in the form of an owl, another bird.

    This page seems to say the name Zu might also have the variant Za, which is why I thought it might be connected to the hotel name.

  42. PS – Incidentally, the eyes of the peacock’s tail are a symbol for the All Seeing Eye. So are the giant eyes of owls, which might be a reason why the eyes of priest figures in ancient Near Eastern art are depicted as huge and round like owl’s eyes. Some of the territory the Yezidi people have historically lived is near Mount Hermon in Syria, Canaanite land in ancient times and incidentally the place where the Nephilim supposedly came to earth. Mount Hermon also called Mount Sion, which supposedly is the source of the name of the Priory of Sion, etc.

      • Thank you, that is very interesting and rather disturbing. I wonder if there is ancient Near Eastern culture stuff at the nearby museum.

      • PS – Puts 'Herman Cain' into new perspective, doesn't it? – the Canaanites were supposedly descendants of Cain.

    • In Hinduism, the peacock feather has been associated with Lord Krishna and symbolises joy and prosperity- nothing remotely sinister. am as freaked out by zaza as everyone else here and feel something is up but my point is,exotic doesn't always mean dark and sinister. just my opinion though

  43. scorpiorisingeyes on


  44. I had my own thought on the meaning behind the ridiculous name ZaZa — Z is the last letter of the alphabet and a is the beginning, so, maybe it is a reference to Alpha and Omega (beginning and end), only in reverse- as the Illuminati love to reverse things to twist it into their own evil meanings. So if Alpha and Omega represents God, the Omega and Alpha represents the Devil.

    • i bet you $100 that room will not have the paintings and the portrait of that man hanging on the walls. They've scrubbed it clean.

  45. DoorsOfPerception on

    Hey Vigi, wonderful article, just letting you know that also apparently there is a head shot of George Clooney in the bathroom. I wonder if he's in on it, or whether it just adds to the punishment and torture involved…..

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I've always wandered how he figures into the equation after reading about the Rat Pack and them being SMOM and all high illuminist who are handlers to thousands of people at all different levels. There is something sinister about hiis smile too that is distant.

      I just can't place it but he reminds me of a body of information that I read from Cathy O'Brien in Transformation Trance rather.

      I GUESS I'm saying we will never get the real story because of the illusion that continues to spin around them from the fabricated normal lives they had with family membeers growing up to the layers of publicist, branding and legal people that stand in the way of the real perso to finally hearing the person sitting down with another layer of the so called trusted media putlet telling truth about reality to leave the star alone.

      Yes, this look into that rabbit hole makes me wander where George Clooney fits…a full fledge wizard and an illusionist?

    • Entertainers make perfect candidates for spies and double agents. His revolving door of beautiful girlfriends and uber-lefty righteousness creates a large amount of positive/fluff press while also abiding him MUCH international travel.

      • Clooney also directed "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", a movie in which Gong Show creator Chuck Barris lived a double life – the double life being that of a CIA-trained assassin. Doesnt exactly sound so crazy now, but there you have it. Another hiding in plain site piece of the puzzle.

  46. Omg makes you think hiw many other hotels may have this type of room? It clearly isnt the only hotel that provide a room like this!

  47. weeeeird, i pass by this hotel a couple of times a week. There's always some expensive sports car conveniently parked out front. the clues point to something fishy going on and of course houston is a hub for a number of the largest oil and gas corporations in the world so there's definitely a number of the "elite" that use this room. The random picture of Mr. Comeux is eerie. I wonder if he's fidgeting about this expose right now?

    • also, I can't imagine how the people that work there and have a clue what is going on can sleep at night. I have never known anyone that has worked there but will ask around. so creepy. We humans can be so evil.

      • I've always gotten a creepy vibe when walking past the building, and I see the people who work there hanging out outside all the time, but they mostly seem pretty nice and normal. I bet if there's actually creepy stuff going on, most of them don't know about it. If it's true that places can have a bad energy, though, it must just "feel" awful in there sometimes.

      • Good god. I've worked front desk before. A front desk agent will know what room types there are, and the computer system will indicate which room is what (standard king, double beds, suite, etc). This room was probably listed as a suite for VIP guests only. A front desk agent doesn't know if someone is sleeping in a room or filming a porno. Now, if housekeeping constantly had to clean blood off the floor, shame on Martha for not speaking up sooner.

        I'm also curious where this room is in relation to others. The walls are normally not thick and you could hear someone moaning or screaming in another room. Hotels are generally used by business travelers, not hotel parties, so anyone being loud at night will piss off someone that will then call the front desk to deal with it. Keep an open mind but don't let your brain fall out.

  48. a girl on houston press posted this:
    "This room was given to me during their Halloween party in 2012. It does have a creepy vibe to it. I'm 4'll so I didn't mind the room being as small as a shoe box.. The picture of captain Sully on the wall was the most creepy thing about the whole room !"

  49. Does anyone else think that the painting of the two girls looks like two erect penis's? The one on the right even has fingers around the 'neck'. The girls breasts look like testicles. It's the first thing that came to mind when I saw this image… yuk.

    • Yes, I thought the same thing. Those necks are definitely meant to be phallic imo.

      I don't believe that Ruth person that posted is the artist. The work on her website is similar and has a creepy tone, but it's different.

      Thanks VC, the first thing I thought when I saw the Reddit post on this is "Wait til VC sees THIS!"

      You must be so overwhelmed with material lately. It's literally everywhere you look.

      • Actually, the art the commentor who replied to her linked, the one with the red eyes and bull horn hair, the neck is identical to the creepy girls. I do believe that's the artist. Whether or not she is the one that commented, idk.

  50. Houston is a major occult city. IIRC, Houston is where David Berkowitz accquired the gun that he supposedly used in the Son of Sam murders. The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez was from Houston, too, I believe. Both killers had heavy occult themes in their murders. Son of Sam actually is all about the occult, and wasn’t just Berkowitz. I highly recommend the book The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry. He uncovered the vast network Satanism/pedophilia/porn of the elites in NYC, and thusly across the country as it tied in with Son of Sam. The book gets into the connections between Son of Sam and Zodiac as well as Scientology, the Tate La Bianca murders, and the Laurel Canyon gang.

    But getting back on topic, if you watch, lots of occult things connect back to Houston. It usually subtle, but I think there’s some real power down there. A person, or group of persons that need to be met or impressed. Perhaps particular rituals that are only done there.

    • Its close to Brownsville, TX and Matamoros Mexico, massive drug trafficking and ritual Satanic murders. The Bushes have very close ties to the area. Connecting why George W Bush pardoned Satanic serial killer Henry Lee Lucas and his brother pardoned his partner in crime is a very fun read.

    • A city with millions of people will have a few murderers. Good god, this isn't some satanic mecca. Generalizations are ignorant, not intelligent.

    • Hmm… I got that from one of the analyst websites I came across… But now that I've zoomed, I don't believe it does.. the size/height of the letters don't add up. Its definately "Hey beautiful," but the rest I'd have to find a better picture.

  51. ShadowOnTheWall on

    I haven't heard about the ZAZA people or YEZIDI before but I lived in Turkey and matter of fact Kurdish separatists were making hell out of the lives of normal people (both turks and kurds).

    Also as a Muslim I can say worshipping any creation of God, which includes his angels as well as Lucifer – Satas or the Angel of Death Taus Melek, is complete shirk – the worst possible crime you can commit against God.

    So if there really exist a group within that circle of terrorists, it does explain a lot. There is a war going on for more than 20 years, unstoppable, the chief of the PKK caught in prison is protected by the EU from receiving his death sentence. PKK is the most powerful and most active terrorist group in the world which have long register of human traficking and drugs apart from terrorist activities which operates under a peace flag without much medial attention whatsoever. Ur souces kinda give me hints as to where their power is coming from.

  52. Nope.. n not obvious aat aall.. hello!!! The fucking pic of jay says it all! Wtf u really think thia is a mistake when they book people this room..? Theres a whiatleblower somewhere n if i had money id travel to find him/her. Thia is obviously a skull n bones room. Ive seen so many but thia one… was never supposed to be exposed.. its a very very nice room compared to what they usually use.. maybe the victims for this specific room are drunk women looking to party and instead get experimented on n who knows what else. This room would be heaven to your original mk slave…HEAVEN. they would even thank him. Thia man needs to be put in jail no questions asked. O wait.. they own n control that too…

  53. I just called the hotel trying to book the room on March 22nd. The lady said there is a "package" for that room and it won't be "available" until March 1st. I played dumb and she says the hotel has a lot of "themed rooms" and 322 is themed as a "jail cell". Yeah, okay lady.

  54. what i find interesting is that you can book all of their theme rooms online… but room 322 can only be booked by calling the hotel! I bet they tell everyone who asks that room 322 is booked already and not available.

  55. it makes sense that the room is a third in size and that there's a 2 way mirror, the ones watching what happens there occupy the other 2/3 of the room, disgusting!

  56. I used to live in Houston (I might move back) and had an apartment near Hotel ZaZa. It's a very ritzy hotel and is located in a pretty area called the Museum District. I always got creepy vibes whenever I used to pass by the hotel in the car…..now I think I know why.
    BTW, what a "coincidence" that they're all of the sudden advertising the room after this story broke. Ha.

  57. It seems to me that the cold, hard, dirty concrete floor, brick walls, depressing appearance, cramped space and chained-to-the-wall bed recreates a dungeon experience. That would fit in with a place for torture and 'no escape'.

  58. This room seems reminiscent of the one in the movie Cabin in the Woods. The redhead girl's room had a two-way mirror that she was not aware of and behold, a creepy cannibalistic painting was hanging on the wall. And that movie was a whooooole lot of elite blood ritual sacrifices to their "ancient ones" the gods or whatever

  59. You know I wonder if the clock was 5 mins fast like how Skull and boners claim to be 5 mins ahead of the rest of the world.

    • I've always set my clock 5-10mins fast in order to wake up earlier…and I'm not involved in all that society junk, just a small town Canadian girl.

  60. That makes theological sense, it would be idolatry to worship a created being. When I first heard of the Yezidi I thought maybe it was an ancient culture version of the 'telephone' game where a message gets more garbled the further it moves from its source. Like the same story about the angel who refused to bow to Adam had a single source but diverged into variants as the culture branched into offshoots. But some of the occultists seem convinced the Yezidi really are conscious Satan worshippers. And it's the same geographic area that probably gave us the Kabbalah, the story of the descent of Inanna to the underworld and according to occultists the source material for Lovecraft and the Necronomican, all occult touchstones in the Illuminati theories.

  61. Someone definitely stay there, then you know gee, hope that two way mirror doesn't accidentally get shattered!! :0 (Damage Control)

    • you can tell if a two way mirror or regular mirror by putting your finger tip against it, if there is a gap between your fingers its a real mirror and it your fingertips touch it's a two way mirror! :)

  62. Man, the truth really can be stranger than fiction. There is no way the 322 and skulls are coincidence.

    Sidenote: Jay Comeaux was indicted for fraud by SEC.

  63. Interesting article and I agree with all the comments. However after reading all this and going on a walk and thinking about it, I can't help but think that this "revelation" was done on purpose and all the drama (the offer of $1000, the fear of death note, etc.) have all been a bit of a set up and we are all enjoying a bit of intentional disinformation drama. While I think there is no question as to the purpose of this room, I think that it would never have been available for a normal hotel employee to rent out. The keys (evan the electronic version) would have been very striclty controlled and only accessible to a few key people in the organization (I doubt that anyone in the hotel would have even had access, even managers).

    I am not sure why it was decided to reveal this at this time. It seems unlikely that it was just a publicity stunt to sell rooms (although that will be a likely outcome). It also seems unlikely that someone found out about it and they had to go mainstream with it, although this is tthe most likely explanation. Perhaps the most likely reason is to call attention to the number 322 and the upcoming date. Is something planned to happen then? Check out SK Bains latest posts…. http://themostdangerousbookintheworld.com/index.p

    • Half of the power of occult magic lies in getting people to believe in it. It is useful to reinforce state mythology with symbols, and equally useful to reinforce the myth of power which the occult elite are promulgating by means of these little "reveals". The levels of control these people actually possess means that real rape and torture sites and/or temples are not known to the public at all.

      • Occult magic is little more than humans making deals with imposter gods, the same imposter gods that have given us all the Abramaic religions. There is no myth of power, they can actually give you uberhuman "powers". You can choose to REJECT those imposter gods and protect yourself from them as you seek sovereign spirituality and a positive lifepath, but those negative, soulless forces are very real. Soulless and ultimately powerless against a true sovereign human being, but since those in positions of power have aligned themselves with them, they now pose a greater physical threat THROUGH those physical beings. Chemtrails, vaccines and poison food supplies are creating real sicknesses like Morgellons, which seems more and more to be an experiment in global transhumanism.

  64. Hmm, so I have been in a lot of prisons for work (unfortunately…but it's part of my job). I did not get this room at all when I first read the post but when you said it's meant to look like a prison there are a couple things I see here that are similar to a prison- most prison cells are cold with concrete floors. None of them have beds that are that luxurious, that's for sure, but they are sometimes chained to the wall (plus people are taken out of their cells in chains and shackles in some of the more high security prisons). The picture of the guy from the Stanford Group stood out to me the most – it's very odd that it is there, BUT in most prisons, there is a picutre of the warden or the head of the correctional department hanging on the wall – just like that! Also, the painting on the wall of the guy with the big eyes looks like a stereotypical inmate to me. Not sure what that all means…it's still super freaky and creepy and clearly that hotel is using evil imagry and death related themes throughout the whole hotel (even the space age looking room is titled – "Houston, we have a problem), but just wanted to share a bit on the prison aspect of it. Yuck!!!

  65. Benji B. Homsey is the president of Z Resorts Management.. 'Benny H' is the artist inscribed on the painting of the guy with the huge eyes. Anyone else think this may be another coincidence??..

  66. I showed my boyfriend this article and you know what he said? He said that its just a "weird room but that's the extent of it". I asked if he honestly believes that there is nothing sinister at work here and he said no!!! WTF! Am I wrong to be outraged at his reaction? Please somebody give me peace of mind here! He got mad when I said "gosh you're just so blind"… But it's true. Btw I'm 20 he's 21 and this past weekend I visited him at the University of Houston.

    • Just like how there are people who acknowledge and recognize these signs from the Illuminati, there's always bound to be people who just simply do not believe in reading too much into them. Hopefully in time to come, they will realize that there are more to them than meets the eye (which should be soon judging by how blatant the Illuminati is these days).

      Maybe you can just lightly mention and encourage him to read sites similar to Vigilant Citizen whenever he is free instead of shoving these articles into his face and putting down his thoughts. I reckon a subject like this is akin to forcing someone into a religion.

      If he still doesn't buy into it, simply respect his beliefs.

      Good luck!

    • It takes a lot of reading and research into this stuff to start to realize what it might mean – you have to start to grasp it in context and that takes a while. It's a lot to get your head around, and it does seem really out there to people who don't have the background yet to put the pieces together.

    • I tried to explain the subconscious to my husband once, and how it can be used to influence or control people, and he totally wasn't getting it. It was frustrating, but I have to accept that he doesn't have a questioning mind and is happy to take things at face value. I pick and choose when to fight my battles… for example, he doesn't need to understand the subconscious but he does now agree with me that our daughter is not to watch music videos…

    • Break up with that person and seek psychological assistance. You are looking for trouble and you will find it if you do not gather your thoughts right now.

  67. Ok … so now this is fucking crazy… OMG I swear to god just finish reading it and saw the pictures AND TOLD MYSELF THIS LOOK FUCKING EVIL and my DOG went nuts !!!!!!!!!!! He start running after something invisible. I had to hold him and his heart was beating so fast!! You should NOT PUT THOSE PICTURES ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. The concrete flooring takes away the….er….charm..of this extremely traumatising room.
    It reminds me of a high degree illuminati child's bedroom. Take my word for it!!

    "Room 322"

    What’s holding me down is a form of torture
    That was touching my there then
    And still reaching me now
    Will I escape it
    I’ve tried a thousand times

    Oh, how can you lecture
    Me on my life
    When I’ve been to hell
    Well I don ‘t need anyone to tell me
    I’m not trying to be something better
    Then what I was

    So here I am suspend
    Locked in my room and stuck in bed
    At least I’m alive
    But still I’ll have
    Nightmares that tonight
    Will be the same as last night
    It’s the same same fight we have everytime
    Escaping Amman

    I’ve tried a thousand times
    And fell a thousand times
    And it’s adding up
    So add it up

  70. FYI……The "Hard Times" room is now being advertised right on their home page as a "Jailhouse Rock" room package and is labeled "The Verdict on Room 322." I triple dog dare you…. : )

    • No offense, Ms. Borum, but your paintings of pyramids and all-seeing eyes aren't exactly going to be reassuring to this crowd.

      • Exactly, I also find it highly suspect that she posts here, and contacts this site instead of the reedit or any of the news blogs picking up this story.

      • Whether it's really her or not, she did give the correct web address for the artist of the creepy painting in Hotel Za Za. Take a look at the art on there; it's full of triangles, creepy girls, and skulls. There's even a photo of a Christmas tree topped off with a skull. "Deck the halls with skulls and crossbones…za za za za zaaa…za. zaa. za. za!!!" Click on the links to her artistic friends' websites, as well; even they have a taste for Illuminati symbolism. From owls, to ravens, to major corporations' logos, it's all there. It's a little more than "just some creepy ladies" as she was say in her above comment. And, Ruth, if you really are the artist, please, do tell, what is the inspiration for your art?

      • Is the painting of the two girls from room 322 on that website. I didn't see it.

        If not, I don't believe this is actually the same artist.

      • http://ruthborum.com/section/27785_PAINTINGS.html I would imagine that her work is one of a kind, therefore, the one in 322 would be an original. But if you go to her website and click on "work" and scroll through her paintings, you will be able to see that this is the artist. Especially the pictures of girls near the bottom of the page; they look just like the girls in the 322 painting.

      • Her art is far more ominous. Inspired by a demonic force or something. Even the eyes of her paintings are dark and dreadful.

      • Exactly. The style of work is exactly the same. And if you go to her flickr, theres even more symbol rich, creepy work.

        An artist can't escape their inspiration and ideas, and no symbols are without meaning. An artist can try to have a purely meaningless piece, but even that is a concept and adds content. Its all very convoluted.

        She claims to have an art degree on her page, and if she does, she should /know/ the power of symbols as visual communication.

    • Ruth,
      I visited your site and you are an amazing, talented, and craftful artist; however, I don't think you can simply brush away the deeper connection here. Your art is populated significantly with creepy images of distorted naked women and skulls and disembodied teeth, along with the aforementioned triangles and eyes…Many say the source of art is our unconscious brought into the conscious world, and to those of us schooled in the art of symbolism, we would infer there are possibly experiences in your past that may be related to all this.
      Best wishes to you and your family, but there is more to this than meets the eye.

  71. I know that Stanford Research, and the East Coast Mankind Research, is involved in all kinds of MKUltra mind control and human torture with something like a radar system, that is done from satellite. Shocks and voice to skull technology, DHS satellite tracking, police harassment, a whole psychological control and torture grid they have brought from the NAZIs here.

  72. Check the website they advertise the room on the front page. Click "Specials & Packages" and then "The Verdict on room 322" Hardly a secret.

  73. it would probably be worthwhile to find out who the artist is that did that twin-girl artwork. A simple discovery like this room could uplift many connections if you dig in deep enough.

  74. Part of me had this strange feeling.. what if this room is rented out to unsuspecting individuals, someone approves or disapproves them. if approved, and they're allowed to stay in the room.. part of me had a thought that they're drugged through the water or some sort then raped and they wake up not remembering a damn thing. But then.. I have a twisted mind.

    • Exactly I mean it's like, how do we know that there haven't been others booked in this room that were like you said approved or whatever. That fit the criteria for whatever ritual goes on in there? That weren't moved out? Creepy stuff.

  75. We should all go to Texas, bust down that door, and redecorate the whole room before anyone notices. Then when they change it back, we can just go in and do it again. That'll teach those Illuminati dickbags not to torture people!

  76. Someone, please, pour down some LUMINOL all over that floor and take some pictures!!! =]
    Surely, the result will gonna be scary!

  77. just wondering if members of the illuminati read this and think- wow, thats actually righteously whacky! bunch of creeps

    • I'm not sure that the link I provided above is working. Just Google "Zsa Zsa Gabor Illuminati" and look for the "Sick,Sad World" website. It had a good article on her, if you're interested.

      • Gabor is a Jewish woman who, from what I heard ages ago, has been into satanism due to LeVey -whatever his name was. And the other one J Mansfield who asked him to cast a spell and have one of her boyfriends killed. The irony was she was killed in the same accident.

  78. Did a little search…here's what I found…
    "Jay Comeaux is associated with The Children's Assessment Center Foundation with the role of Director." http://www.corporationwiki.com/Texas/Houston/jay-

    "The Children's Assessment Center (CAC) provides a safe haven to sexually abused children and their families – a place where they can receive the kind of care and treatment they so richly deserve. We employ an extraordinarily effective multidisciplinary team approach in the prevention, assessment, investigation, referral for prosecution and treatment of child sexual abuse." http://cachouston.org/about-cac/

    Just sayin'!

  79. I find it ironic that a room that's supposed to be secretive, the hotel's PR is gone into overdrive and trying to deflect the "naysayers" (as they call us). They are offering a special to stay in the room. The concept of Hard Times and being in prison is a stretch. Unless you are some sort of freak, who would want a room that resembles an "up-scale" prison cell. It makes no sense at all. Something very vile is up with this room and I would go as far as saying the entire Hotel. If you look at the pictures, part of the hotel looks dark and satanic with the exception of the reception/meeting rooms. http://www.hotelzaza.com/#specials?cat=3&id=7

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I just read that there are reprogramming sites all over the country for tthose MK ultras who start to reject their programming. Would this fit as a reprogramming site?

  80. DiscoveringTheTruth on

    Just a tip… if you are ever in a room where you suspect there's a two way mirror, place your fingernail against the glass, and if the reflection makes it look like you're not touching your own finger, than it should be a regular mirror. But if there is no space between your finger and its reflection, then it is most likely a two way mirror! I'm not sure if this counts for every single two way mirror but it is true for some that I've seen.

    Remember: No space, LEAVE THE PLACE!

    Very interesting article VC, thanks again.

  81. Hi, The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the heading was Zsa Zsa Gabor. Her original name was Sari and a site similar to this called 'pseudo occult media' says that she was MK programmed and the only child that she ever had was with Conrad Hilton (from the Hilton Hotels founding family).

    Click the below link, and when this page opens the background image shows a statue of a lady in a cage. To see the full image click on any other link after the page loads.

    The statue of the caged woman is a reference to mind control. This hotel seems to have some control under the illuminati hence the imagery surrounding it.

  82. the way to test for a two-way mirror is this: touch the mirror with your finger. if there is a gap between the tip of your finger and the image of your finger in the mirror- that's a regular mirror. if your finger touches the image of your finger- that's a two-way. get out!

  83. It looks like it could be used for sex rituals like alister crowley (if a two way mirror someone could be watching the ritual happen)

    • What I discovered is Benji B. Homsey is the president of Z Resorts Management.. 'Benny H' is the artist inscribed on the painting of that angry guy. I suspect he's the artist behind this, which leads me to believe further this is some sort of ritualistic/torture chamber for the owner and his elite friends..

  84. Has anyone noticed that NOW on ZaZa's own website that it speaks about room 322 and calling it "The Verdict Room"? Weird, but even more odd that they are now promoting the room to make it seem as if it has always been available. Thanks again VC for putting the TRUTH out there!

  85. danielle adams on

    WOW HOLY CRAP. I just realized something. This comment was on youtube video about the ouija board… read on!!

    "oh my goodness… Always leave if they mention zozo.. Zozo is the name of a demon or demons that oftenο»Ώ manifests thru a ouija board and he is not kool at all. Sometimes he goes by Sozo, Soso, Bozo, Zaza and similar. When asked how old he is he often says thru the ouija board "No age". Zozo is a trickster, tormentor and evil. He also seems to have a thing with mirrors. I don't know what to say about mama though. Try googling it."

    wow wow wow that is creepy the hotel is named after an actual demon. ahk

  86. Oh really? I knew there was something fishy about that room.

    You know! Am a regullar client of hotel zaza, gaga, or whatever. I started out with room 1, 2 ,3 _ down to room 321, and i was kinda hopping to get to room (322) the next day, but to my suprise my regullarity jumped over to room 323!

    I was so hot man, i was like- "what the f*** is wrong with yall. And a guy got to tell me that jay-z, and baphomet, visited the hotel that night, and the room (322) is the one they lodged in.

    Before i realize that the hole experience was a dream, i had already punch my little brother on his bed. Lol!…

  87. Eyes Wide Shining on

    To the "artist" Ruth Borum, I have three questions to ask #1 did you get paid $322 USD for the painting?_#2 Did the purchaser ask to have it framed with a border of emerald green color? _#3 Why do the fingers resemble naked womens backsides?? s__Do the Two "girls" look like nasty elongated Phallices & breasts seem to resemble balls. YUK__Does anyone else see the red high heels as shoes NOT fingernails? !_ _http://imgur.com/a/Hshw0#14__EWS

  88. Eff the elite!!! on

    I'm going to call reception and pretend I'm an illuminati princess looking to rent the room cos ill be coming to America for a holiday…ill just say my dad owns some finance company in Melbourne or something like that!

  89. The gentleman in the picture is an alumni of this association:

    The Friars Club, founded In the Winter of 1908, is a social club and secret society on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Upon its founding its goal was to revive the Zeta Zeta chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon of Centenary College of Louisiana, formerly of Jackson, Louisiana. The chapter had closed its doors at the outbreak of the American Civil War, when all of its members enlisted.
    The Friars were successful on campus in areas of academia, athletics, and social activities. They petitioned Delta Kappa Epsilon for the restoration of the Zeta Zeta Chapter for fifteen years, which was finally granted in 1923.
    Aside from their affiliation with Zeta Zeta, little is known about the Friars. Their symbol is the coffin with a skull and cross bones above it, and their colors black and burnt orange. They are extremely secretive and exclusive: it is estimated that less than two thousand alumni have been welcomed into the Friars since its inception.
    They celebrated their centennial in 2008.

  90. When I went to the website this is what I found. Not my idea of fun though! http://www.hotelzaza.com/#specials?id=78
    ZaZa Specials & Packages

    Jailhouse Rock – The Verdict on Room 322
    You've been sentenced to Hard Times, consider this your A&O. While compact, your cell is well-equipped with all the comforts of home. Featuring coveted balcony views of the rec yard, you'll be able to debunk the hearsay as you gather evidence that room 322 is rockin'. We'll bare the burden of proof, because no one's ever accused Zaza of being too much fun!
    One Night Accommodations in Room 322
    Motive Cocktail at the Chow Hall
    Orange Prison Jumpsuit
    Complimentary Transportation in the ZaZa Cop Car*
    $50 for Commissary
    Complimentary Valet Parking

  91. I was born and raised in Houston. Hard to believe this kind of stuff goes on there! So creepy!!! But the Bush's are nearby!! Lost a lot of respect for that family.

  92. I don't understand how the front desk puts people in this room by "accident" They obviously know what room 322 is, you'd think when the front desk gives the room number to people, they would realize which room they are about to give people to stay in and then change it before they get to the room and see it, unless they are wanting people to see it on purpose…

    • No, they don't "obviously" know what the room is. You think a front desk agent has been to every room in a hotel with hundreds of rooms? No, that would be housekeeping. If they are told it's a suite for VIP guests, then that's all they know about it. We aren't allowed to go prance through the hallways and bust into random rooms for no reason. Front desk means just that, front desk. How exactly do you KNOW what that room is for? Yes we all see the symbolism, but we can only speculate what it's used for. Hell, maybe SLEEP. Maybe rape. Maybe conjuring demons through that mirror. We don't know. Period.

  93. i am not supposed to post things and this may be removed by those that exist beyond 3rd density but i feel compelled to give you a few clues for thought because i found this post so interesting and i really like this site.

    this bullshit illusion that we live in is made up of numbers with very specific meanings — they are hidden everywhere — especially in the alphabet via numerology. the alphabet we use today was designed many years ago with the sinister intention of tapping into the universal grid of numbers that make up our reality, this link shows each character and its numeric value:

    now if you add some knowledge of sacred physics, geometry, and numerology you will start to see patterns in our realty. here’s a smart guy that figured some stuff out:

    “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” — Nicola Tesla

    you see, everything in the universe is divisible by 3 – in fact, you can use 3 to map EVERYTHING in our realty. the more you incorporate 3 or any number divisible by 3, the more successful your ventures will be. the elite know this all too well. start to break apart the names of things and you will see patterns.

    To start:
    ZA ZA — Z=8 and A=1 therefore ZA ZA = 8+1 8+1 = 99
    FOX — F=6 O=6 X=6 so FOX = 666
    XXX (the porn industry) is also 666
    as you awaken you will begin to see 3s, 6s, and 9s embedded in everything

    note: 666 is not bad at all — they just don't want you using it because it is the natural vibration of mother earth and will help you succeed in what ever you are trying to accomplish.

    This is just scratching the surface — other numbers are also divine codes used for specific purposes. 11 is one used most often. 11 derives from the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence and is a code for awakening. so if you we to combined a 3, 6, or 9 with an 11 you would be more likely to have a successful awakening. the more the numbers the more impacted the numeric matrix will be. 3-11-11. 9-11-01 etc…..

    that's enough for now…the light is almost here πŸ˜‰

    • i too believed that Tesla figured out some things he wasnt supposed to… what you posted is very interesting

  94. IchigoUzumaki on

    I called and they told me that this room is first come first serve and that the postings on the internet about this room theme name being "Hard Times" is actually incorrect. It can be bu booked as I was trying to but you have to just show up I guess and adamantly request it, just be expecting an exorbitant rate as I couldn't get that out of the rep either.

  95. I'm from houston, and I know that beyonce and Jay z sometimes stay there when they are in town.
    I drive by the hotel all the time. it's located in our museum district/ med center.

    Crazy to think place like this exists so close to home…

  96. My guess is that someone who travels into town often on business has paid the hotel to keep this room for them so they can have some ritualistic fun or BDSM when they are in town. Super weird.

  97. This is nothing, the elite have parties down in submarines, so much fun. Plus, the hotels inside the ocean are marvelous.

    • Such a shame for the rest of the world that the submarines and everything else with them doesn't get accidentally destroyed.




  99. i love the zaza! i happen to live in houston and i love staying there for fun events.. but i have never spent the night in that room. great post… i enjoy reading everything you wrote!

  100. Resistance Journals on

    The Website is now renting room 322. It looks like we won this battle, because they were forced to expose it

  101. Curious Indeed 2013 on

    I would have torn that room apart looking for "clues" "objects" and hidden cameras.
    According to reuters report on Sept. 1st 2012–
    "Jay Comeaux, who managed the brokerage's Houston branch office, settled the case without admitting or denying the Securities and Exchange Commission's findings…Comeaux faces a bar from the industry, and may face penalties that have not yet been determined, the SEC said.
    Allen Stanford was sentenced in June to 110 years in prison for bilking investors with fraudulent certificates of deposit issued by Stanford International Bank, his bank in Antigua.
    Comeaux was responsible for supervising the brokerage's financial consultants, and received commissions of at least $1.3 million on the sales of fraudulent CDs, the SEC said.
    According to the SEC, Comeaux knew that the bank wouldn't disclose details of its investment holdings, but still used marketing material that told investors that the bank maintained a "well-diversified portfolio of highly marketable securities."

    Now why oh why would his picture be on the wall in this room?

  102. thisisBatCountry on

    I don't know when this guys visit was, but as of today Zaza is advertising a Special on Room 322, called "Jailhouse Rock: The Verdict on Room 322." Although if you look under the accommodations, this 'Jailhouse' room does not show up as an option.

    Jailhouse Rock – The Verdict on Room 322
    You've been sentenced to Hard Times, consider this your A&O. While compact, your cell is well-equipped with all the comforts of home. Featuring coveted balcony views of the rec yard, you'll be able to debunk the hearsay as you gather evidence that room 322 is rockin'. We'll bare the burden of proof, because no one's ever accused Zaza of being too much fun!
    One Night Accommodations in Room 322
    Motive Cocktail at the Chow Hall
    Orange Prison Jumpsuit
    Complimentary Transportation in the ZaZa Cop Car*
    $50 for Commissary
    Complimentary Valet Parking

  103. I want to know what's under the bed! Chains on beds? May suggest bed tips up! What's the room under 322? So many questions on my mind! They better hope I never get that room & if I did I expect I would hope I wouldn't wind up dead! πŸ˜‰ Great pics though, but need more! Wouldn't be surprised if this comes up again…

  104. The same skull photo shows up in BBC Sherlock in the first episode: A Study In Pink!
    When Sherlock and John first visit the flat and it's on the wall in the corner on the right of Ms. Hudson!
    What's that skull mean, and why is it in Sherlock's room?

  105. I was at hotel zaza for a luncheon last week, and, being a Houston native, I had never even heard of this hotel before. This hotel was so eerie to me, I had to go home and research it; that's how I stumbled upon this thread. There was most definitely an uncomfortable/evil feel to it, no matter how expensive the hotel may look. If something feels wrong, then there's something wrong–never ignore intuition.

  106. Plllllltttttttttt on

    If I had been assigned that room I'd just bite the cost and smash that mirror, just to see if there is a room behind it. I'd have to know.

  107. The artist of the twisted mirrored-woman portrait, Ruth Borum-Loveland (http://ruthborum.com/), had Illimunati (and just plain creepy) symbolism in all of her paintings. This particular painting is called "Landlocked in a Lovely Place"…

    All of her paintings are sold. Her work is filled with the All Seeing Eye, triangles, Women with two eyes in each eye, pyramids, Baphomet heads, skulls, women with long necks and snake tongues, sad-twisted-empty-eyed women, Medusa heads, blood doplets, cupcakes that resemble triangles with an all seeing 'cherry' on top….
    interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNfSjWcsA9s

  108. That picture of the two girls with the long necks actually look like dicks…. The breasts are the balls….

  109. Did some reading on it, "The room appears to be much smaller than the rest of the rooms in the hotel, which touts extra-spacious living areas as an accoutrement to visitors. The room appears to be a normal sized room divided into two or more smaller rooms by the out of place brick wall and some masonry work, which was deemed rather shoddy by some of the readers who claimed to be in pertinent fields of construction.
    The brick wall appears to be built to house, or frame, the large mirror above the bed. The room, again, appears to be half of a regular room, divided. This leads to the question: is this a two way mirror?"

    This only adds to the horrible images my mind is concocting about what kind of sick things they're doing in this room – possibly for an audience.

  110. Am I the only one who wonders why, if the room is used for mind control/torture as suggested, they still make sure there are the sachets of coffee and sugar and tea bags etc, as well as complimentary bottles of water?
    That said, it is in stark contrast to the other rooms in the place if only because it seems to have been decorated on a $50 budget.
    I would closely inspect that mirror though…

  111. The alleged prison theme doesn't ring true to me. They could have gone way more authentic if that had really been what they were going for. The pictures on the wall have nothing to do with a prison. The brick wall is not cinder block, prison brick. It's chi-chi, warehouse loft style brick. Moreover that is clearly dividing an original size room into two. If that's not a two-way mirror, where does the hotel advertise the other half-size room?

  112. Is it just me or, on the painting of the man with the blue shirt, both his pupils are instead shiny pyramids/capstones?

  113. Has anyone ever thought to notify multiple authorities with this information, and the photographs which suggest something is really off about this room, and that is worthy of investigation? The numerous online threads about this should be incentive enough to prompt an inquiry by authorities.

  114. On second thought, to be rational, there is no evidence to suggest any wrong doing occurred here, and this whole thing seems like a bunch of speculation that got totally blown out of proportion. Still a weird room though, and an entertaining read nonetheless.

  115. I agree with the poster above that said it seems like a marketing strategy to get people talking about their hotel. I mean, come on, do you really think these people would be that obvious and let a few members of the "public" check into this room (which by the way, looks like a regular tiny artsy fartsy apartment one might find in New York) by "accident", the members of the elite would have done something horrible to the Front Office Receptionists who let their "secret (tiny as f*ck) BDSM lair" be used by someone who isn't a member of the "elite". I mean, it's so comically kitsch and designed by a person who has some info on Secret Societies, etc and they found controversial pieces of furniture to get people talking about their hotel which is evidently, an effective tool for "name recall" I their hotel and there will be sudden interest in it that people will want to end up checking into the hotel just to satisfy their curiosity, but either way, their point is to make a lot of profit and seeing as they are advertising the room on their site at a whopping $300++, people are willing to pay for this planted "attraction".

  116. This room is strange! So, inwanted to knoe more, and looked uo the hotels website: they do not advertise it. However, i found another interesting fact: the hotel's restaurant's name is MOMARCH!! This is too much coincidence.

  117. I know I'm late to comment on this article but this is the first time I've seen it. Don't know if anyone will see this… However, I had to make a comment because I thought it was interesting when I looked up the hotel out of curiosity I noticed the name of the hotel restaurant… It's name is Monarch. Spooky! :)

    • Well, now I see that someone noticed the same thing just a few comments up… sorry πŸ˜› But, yeah, try as I might I could not get the room to pop up for reservation. The other ones that are mentioned in interviews and whatnot in reference to this one being themed are listed… not this one though.

  118. I worked for an events company a few years back. It was my birthday and my boss choose me to help with putting up birthday party decorates the hole place had a lot of energy. Very haunted.

  119. Next person who gets put there by accident should hide a spy camera or something. Not that I'd expect it to be that easy to beat Big Brother at his own games…

  120. WOW. So, Moody Gardens in Galveston isn't the only place that has these odd surroundings and goings on. (Although, with Moody Gardens, the pyramids there and all, it could've been a coincidence)!
    I hope so…

  121. I'm taking my wife here for our 30th anniversary. Do you think she would mind me changing our room from "casablanca" room to this one?? lol

  122. My mom is looking at hotel Zaza in Dallas….oh no. She might want us to stay there.
    I came back to this article as fast as I could. :/

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