UK is About to Filter Out Internet Adult Sites and…”Esoteric Material”?



Last week, UK prime minister David Cameron announced that adult sites would be automatically blocked in order to protect “children and their innocence”. After some digging however (this policy, which was strategically timed to be announced right when the Royal Baby was born) is far from being only about “protecting children”. As usual, a catchphrase that nobody can’t disagree with was used to hide the ugly truth: UK’s policy will, by default, filter out and censor a LOT of material that is deemed undesirable.

After discussing with several UK ISPs, Digital advocacy organization Open Rights Group discovered that the UK web filter will ban by default a wide range of websites including:

– violent material
– extremist and terrorist related content
– anorexia and eating disorder websites
– suicide related websites

More importantly, the filter will also censor websites that mention alcohol or smoking, “web forums” and “esoteric material”. These last categories are the most worrying as their vague nature opens the door to all kinds of censorship. What exactly is “esoteric material”? Are “alternative news” and “conspiracy-related” sites included? Is mentioning the occult elite on a blog warrants a ban from the UK? The censorship possibilities are endless.

In order to unblock these sites, customers must contact their ISPs and ask to be unblocked. According to Open Rights Group, most people will not bother or even known about any of this.

“Making the filters default means most people will keep them, according to Open Rights Group Executive Director Jim Killock. “We know that people stick with defaults: this is part of the idea behind ‘nudge theory’ and ‘choice architecture’ that is popular with Cameron.”

According to the BBC, the Chinese firm Huawei controls the net filter praised by Cameron. This very company is accused of having close ties with the Chinese government, which maintains one of the most restrictive internet firewalls in the world. While we are led to think that the Western world wants to teach China about “freedom”, China is rather at the forefront of what the Western world is trying to accomplish.

According to Cameron, the new parental control settings will be turned on for all new broadband subscribers “by the end of the year.” In other words, people in the UK, there isn’t a lot of time left to get your voices heard. While it might be possible for a “computer whiz” to hack himself around this super-mega-Chinese-monster filter – it is the principle behind it that’s important. Also, this policy mostly aims the people that won’t do a thing about it: The clueless, apathetic, ignorant masses that won’t even realize that a lot of the internet was filtered out “for their own good”. 1984.



      • Google street cameras are a great example of surveillance… and people dont even realize it..

      • The UK is the most densely populated with CCTV. It is the obvious location to road test the Orwellian future as it's small in comparison to the other western first world countries.

    • Simple Truth on

      First question….Why now? Why was it not done in the early years like 2000's. Then children would have been safe from this adult stuff. Adult sites only got a lot worst as the years pass by.

      Second question…why is there no pics of the month for July?

      Godspeed the intervention

      • In answer to your first question: Probably hadn't been able to beforehand. Not enough infrastructure, not enough computing power, not enough eyes, not enough acceptance of spying technology, not enough life lived online to actually make this work. Plus everyone was fighting for Internet Freedom (in the form of easily copied mp3 files), they weren't relaxed enough to accept the limits coming up, nor trained enough to consider said limits to be freedom itself.

    • NO!. It means that TOR browser will be the new standard for Internet in the UK.
      As Boromir said: "One does not simply FILTER a site out of the Internet".

    • What is ACTUALLY happening here is very simple, after all, the writing has been on the wall for some time, world leaders are increasingly losing control and they can't stop the upwelling of anti government feeling, they are attempting to regain the level of control that they see in certain other 'countries' and are promoting this pitiful effort as being publicly good by declaring that it is purely for the protection of children. Realistically however, it is those same children that are in need of protection from these idiots who seem to believe that they are the best thing since sliced bread. The current UK 'government' comprises of nothing more than a 'bunch' of UNELECTED halfwits, the so called leader of whom was one of those caught dipping into the expenses till, but he then declared that it was an oversight (example of how cleaver he really is?) and stated "I will repay it" so everything is all right then David, carry on. Go TOR, VPN and PROXY screw them all!

  1. We seriously need to do something! Our rights are being violated right before our eyes and the elite just twist the words to make it seem more 'public friendly'. Revolution is of utmost importance in today's society!

      • It's because of people like you that our voices aren't being heard. I hope you open your eyes because they're quite shut right now.

      • Isn't Geert Wilders happening in Holland? Don't you think he's one of these sort things too?

      • Hi iLL, i'm from the netherlands too,. and i urge you to drop the shells. House of Orange, Shell, Telegraaf, Volkskrant, RTL, NOS, Eyeworks, lintjesregen, Joris Demmink-doofpot, vaccination-promotion, industry giving political advise on law, ex-lawmakers who become Members of Boards, Hallo Mabel – Ken Je Me Nog?. Need more exemples of why we are under a lot of tenteacles of the same Beast, network, elite, brotherhoods (to give it a name).

    • Social Critic on

      So, what are you going to do? Absolutely nothing, except comment "we need to do something!" and then go on with your life 5 minutes later. Yes, I thought so.

      • I actively participate in raising awareness of the matters discussed on this website. It's not a lot but I can quite confidently say that a 15-year-old can't do much except warn her friends and family. Yes, I steer clear of junk food giants and huge poisoning corporations, but I actually practice what I preach. If that's not enough for my age, I really don't know what is.

    • Live and be joyous. DO good and be good. A day of life is better than a day of absence, whether it is in a palace or a concentration camp. Let the spirit be free.. let the harm go only to the body.

      • Proud UK Supporter on

        To be joyous in this world is a slap in the face to the multitudes that suffer day in and day out, rather from hunger, war, disease, or depression.

    • This country is becoming a communist place. Always being told what we have to do and were. Our rights are very quickly being taken away from us !!! New government please !!!

    • No, VC lives in Canada. But what about the people in the UK who want to read VC or other conspiracy sites? Makes me feel sick and sad for them :( we may be next

      • Umm…you do realize you're referencing Faux News as your "source", right? Even on VC's "About Me" page, he suggests people who don't want to think go to

      • Go look again. Above the picture of the sheep. Click on the linked word "here" and see what 'credible' news site it directs you to.

      • Lol
        Jessica, I'm all for credibility and steering away from hysteria, but VC wasn't promoting foxnews in any way…seems you missed the point. By a lot.

      • Lol x2
        Nevermind seems I missed the point of your statement. By a lot.
        Sincere apologies, carry on!

      • Canada, just like Australia and some other countries are under the dominion of the Crown, so it's just a matter of time to see this porn and esoteric ban applied to VC.

      • To that end, I love VC and am relatively new to these type of sites.. any other recommendations? having thoroughly read through this one as well as infowars and wnd, would love to stumble on something else. Thanks.

    • No the op is correct. I'm 14 and was I can attest to how adult material(including disgusting ones such as involving animals or suc whichh are so rampant in the Internet) deeply unbalanced my mindset as a kid. You have to understand that kids are so curious naturally they will end seeing this if its omnipresent like that. Besides you can opt out so I don't see what the deal is.

      • Julian Kingman on

        Nevertheless, consider that kids these days are very smart and can find the way to unblock these sites relatively easily, particularly when after pornography. However, then consider how hard someone would work to unblock 'esoteric material', my guess is not quite as hard.

        This isn't really a solution to keep kids from unsafe content, and penalizes 'esoteric material' more than it does the pornography biz, which people will keep finding their way to.

        In my opinion, if pornography is to be fought, it needs to be in mainstream media and advertising, where tantalizing images of women seduce young people into fantasy.

      • The deal is if theirs kids block the sites their not suppose to watch. I'm 18 and I agree protect kids but keeping adults in a child's state of mind is bull no offense. Smh like people in the UK care about the royal family I always think they make people attend the royal families event. I've talk to some friends in the UK and they hate the royal family I mean they say they don't pay taxes ouch. Good luck peeps in the UK I wonder if they'll do this in the U.S lol they will be riots.

    • This is not for children they are hiding behind that excuse this is to get rid of the blogs and websites that are exposing these sick bastards. If they do it in Europe they will be doing it here soon after. I am so glad I have been reading up on the sick bastard ellites I have all I need to know to go into the last days to protect my children.

  2. Hopefully people in the UK that read VC will see this and know that technically they have a choice. Lets just hope they don't get lazy and decide to not bother with all the BS they will have to go through to get it unblocked. This is the most ridiculous crap I've ever heard of.

    • You do realize what this big brother Orwellian state is and whoever "opts out" is obviously going to be on "the list", so if I visit VC and a few more sanity restoring sites and I get to know what's being rammed down my throat, I can, at a later stage, easily be "put down", locked away and forgotten about because I hey, I could very well be a "paedophile" or a "sex addict" or a "conspiracy nut" or worst case scenario, the famed "terrorista" because I willing asked the filters to be removed – That's a proof – This is nothing but a trap to catch all those who are awake or are trying to. The "sifting" process has started. No one will be spared after all these traps are in place. "They" will have a list which will "prove" every truth seeker as a "willing terrorist" and then can easily and legally wipe out any remnants of sanity in this country at least. Please pray for all of us here in the UK. We're under the worst form of suppression imaginable, an intellectual tyranny is crushing us. God help us all.

  3. But then again, why would "they" censor porn? Wouldn't a lot of industries that are UK-based be protesting? I mean… "they" have been about promoting violence, porn/sex, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes,…. but now they're against them? Hmm…

    • I presume that you are from Indonesia. Isn't censorship there as bad as it's going to get? How do you cope with it?

  4. My only question is: who gives UK the right to block or shutdown sites which are NOT UK based? As far as I know, VC is not UK based, is it? Then how can they mess with the site? Am I reading the news properly?

    If they want to block access to UK citizens, well that's their problem I guess. I understand China, Venezuela and Cuba have restricted access to certain sites but again, it's a policy that affects the citizens of those sole countries. Not that I condone that, it actually sucks, big time. What I don't understand quite well is, will the sites be shutdown, OR the access to them from the UK will be blocked (but only in UK) ?

    • Sounds like is going to have some company out in water! They've move from Sweden? (not sure of their origin) or someplace like that to another place just to setup shop. I can see more and more people following that lead as well. The government spent a lot of time chasing them because they want to let people have free downloads of just about everything.

      But just look for more boats in the water . . .

  5. I heard about this thinking it was just porn websites being blocked, although this wont affect me I don't see how this is any of the Governments business what people choose to view. On a positive note however what I'm glad of is that more and more people are truly recognising the problems and getting more angry so more inclined to resist to the overbearing control.

  6. The thing as you rightly pointed out its aimed to the mindless idiots who will only ever ask to get full access again to watch porn and nothing else, but these people don't check any alternative news websites any way so it wouldn't affect them in that way.

    I agree the filter on child porn and things along those lines but it does make you think where they will go with the filter. What I don't understand is how people are so stupid that they actual believe a filter is the only way to stop child porn/abuse which is a joke the amount of tech they have is unbelievable and the amount of spying they do is unbelievable which only goes to prove that they really couldn't care less I mean I know people who work with kids who have reported that they are being abused and only for social services to say why are you reporting that its none of your business. Just look at the Stuart Hall case he had around 16 counts of child abuse against him and there just the ones he admitted too and they knew about imagine how bad it really was, his initial sentence 15months which was deemed to soft so they gave him 30months what a joke he should be hang by his testicles, and for these reason I truly believe that this will be another method of control dressed up as child protection, when really they couldn't care less, maybe the elite think that child abuse should only be left to the elite and common people can no longer take part in there sick fantasies.

  7. Although this is off topic, I genuinely think WW3 would be good in certain ways. Just in the fact that there is a chance things may change and government may sustain less control, however things may backfire and the opposite may happen.

    • They WANT WW3. This would give them greater control over you, all for the sake of your "safety". They want to reduce the population to make them easier to control.

      Control is the name of the game, baby.

      • WW3 is already in full swing. Its not an old school war as they don't make men like that anymore. Its more about just locking down total control using brown people as the occasional target/to start race baiting arguments. Islam and Paula Deen being two examples.

        Now, as people fall for this crap hand over fist, at what point do we admit that hey, maybe the elites/the beings that run them ARE right about us? We do everything they tell us to like sheep, maybe we need to be herded like sheep.

      • Right on!!!

        That word made famous by Janet Jackson during her secret marriage and when her career was white hawt!

        It's all about CONTROL!!!

    • Jellified Skunk on


      Less control from WW3? ROFL!!! It is because of WW2 the US permanantly instituted income taxes, EVEN THOUGH it was meant only for the war to fund it and was supposed to end when the war ended. Lol

      They use wars to further their agenda sadly. :-(

      • Proud UK Supporter on

        Income taxes are just terrible right? Never mind that it pays for social security, local development (roads, schools, fire fighting services etc.) and defence. Wars always further agendas, put it's kind of counter productive to renounce something you benefit from.

    • In one year of war state can reoraganise laws and take away so much liberties from people that it can't do even in a decade of peace. So think twice before hoping that war will change things for good.. there's nothing good in war. Imagine how much censorship they can push at this speed during next 10 years if there's no war… You realy want all that to happen in just one year, while YOU pay for the war and your children are placed in debt slavery by the state to pay for that war? Realy? UK just finished paying for WW1.. All this time part of people taxes that could be used for something where given away to pay for that war.. There's still alot to pay for WW2..
      Nothing ever backfires at those who own both sides of a conflict. Stop daydreaming :)

    • Definitely agree with the others. Of course, your idea sounds ideal, but WW3 is in the works, and as Kakumei stated, it would essentially allow them to implement more policies for your "safety" that are actually taking away more rights. On top of other things. Research Albert Pike and his take on the THREE WORLD WARS – none of which had taken placeyet, when he had summarized them in a letter. (Text of Pike below). There's a lot I could ramble about in regards to what the letter states and the NWO agenda, but it would be irrelevant to this article. Just see for yourself. WW3 would definitely be it. Quite like "the anti-christ", these policies are being clung to because the unenlightened are desperate for the protection, and take what is being offered. (Take for instance the masses cheering on the impulsive killing of Osama, and what progress could have been made if they had not). Again, rambling off topic, but here is the letter from Pike. While I wish America was out to protect Its people, everything has been planned in advance and it's not for our well-being.

      The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.

      The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.

      The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

      Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion… We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

      Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.

      This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

      • I know a different version where Islam sort of wins, though telling any more details from this story aside from this, would upset the Muslims… but it's pointed out in it, that Christians mustn't change their faith and that we should expect lots of beheading…

    • I am sure you can, but most people would never bother. And that is the point. For example, if we wanted to share something from VC site, but that may become a blocked site. And then it will be more cumbersome to share certain information. And other, in the future, may never come in contact with it – if VC and similar sites are all blocked, in the name of 'protection' or whatever. Those who are behind the ban can not be trusted in their agenda. They have shown that they are false liar and manipulative war-mongers. We know this for a fact by now.

  8. O.O

    Wait, wait. So UK-based Literotica will be shut down? Even for the rest of us??

    This is horrible! We must act!! D:

  9. I think some one should collect all data of all illuminati exposing websites. We should atleast save the info so that we can reupload or share it with others in real life. Btw do people around you believe in the Illuminati and the NWO ?

    • The Austrian on

      it would be even better to collect source material about all the weird stuff going on in politics, Entertainment industry etc first Hand. dont stay dependend on pioneers like our good old vc. become a vc yourself!

      a good source is for example no day without articles about our usual suspects and the obvious political Agenda is there too. if you read enough vc articles, you should be able to recognise the right stuff yourself.

      while not everyone of us will open a Website about it, we all can do our bid by talking about it on other Websites. i would recommend big mainstream-Websites of newspapers. because then A LOT OF PEOPLE
      will read your comments.

      i have a BIG Folder with links to satanic/illu-stuff Happening in the world. shoving the sheeple a link to a mainstreamwebsite (instead of a site like this) to prove somenthing weird- thats very effective. :-)

      its just to wake them up. as soon as they are Aware somethings wrong in our world, they will start reading sites like this one. hopefully.

    • Great idea, hard copies. In the US at least, freedom of the press, that is print media, may still be backed by our Constitution. However the Internet has always been a government communication media opened up to commerce individuals as a way to track the money supply. I think we are all going to fall, but there is strength in numbers. Around me are people who are older and don't fully trust governments,of any kind, just common sense not to. The few younger people I know are unaware of the Illuminati.

  10. Ms. Adventure on

    Yikes. My first thought is: What will this mean for the David Icke site? (Another great resource.) My advice for UKers is, read what you can, while you can!

    The China connection is an interesting one.

  11. Time to go back to the good old days – before the internet – of talking to people face to face and posting flyers educating people.

    I hope you people have been saving all those good YouTube videos to hard drive/USB stick/DVD, and all those good articles like that VC has posted and other informative sites too.

    The truth will out.

    • Wise words. Just look how many sites on youtube are difficult to watch.(error messages) You don't get these message for most music videos etc.but often for alternative news about UFO's and things we are not supposed to know. Let's get printing before printer ink becomes banned along with any thinking they do not like – The inquisition is about to strike again.
      This is the real George Orwell 1984.
      The governments want control and aim to use a tool we would all agree with, stopping child porn but link it with what they really want to ban. Illegal sites are already banned so why have new bans if it's not to stop alternative thinking.
      Now lets get back to the gullible garbage on TV designed to brain wash us all!!!

  12. Jellified Skunk on

    People, I think if its made a BIG issue and the word is spread and enoygh ppl protest it might jelp stop it. You see they want to pass it without ppl knowing!!! We can't let them do that! :-( it's our job to sound the alarm!!!! Not lay down and die!!!

  13. It's hypocrisy – they do let disturbing pop stars videos to be played on telly but apparently Cameron has bigger problem with the Internet! Hallelujah! Let's be honest – how is porn different from this behaviour: ? Just watched new Miley Cyrus video and lost my appetite…

  14. Whaaaa?!?! So potentially we're going to have No VC or Dr S? You gotta be kidding me!! Eh? Or does it mean you can access it but it will require parental control? Sum1 help maaan!

  15. Offtopic: btw, re the Royal Baby… Fritz Springmeier has mentioned in "The Illuminati Formula To Create a Total Undetectable Mind Control Slave" book that the Illuminati for some reason likes the name Alexander… if I remember well he has also mentioned that this can possibly be a name for the ultimate Antichrist. So I wonder if the Royal Baby is a "candidate" for the Antichrist position. He has the generational satanic bloodline and he is also chipped already now (btw chips: as the Royal Baby George ALEXANDER Louis is chipped, this could become a new trend for the brainwashed new mothers-to-be – you know how young women kinda worship the Royals and stuff that they do)… Just a few thoughts, forgive me VC if you find this irrelevant – then just remove this comment. Good day to everyone!

      • It was written in the news. Most newborn British aristocrats are chipped. You now it feels like they want the commoners to get used to this chipping thing so the media covers this fact…

    • I am suspicious of this royal baby thing. When they trotted her out four hours after delivery, she looked way too fresh. I'm told that she is a " commoner" as well, which would not do for the royal inbred family. Either Kate Middleton is a secret blue blood or that is not her baby! If that baby turned out to be a clone it wouldnt surprise me. Either way, I feel sorry for the baby, as I feel sorry for the ppl who have to pay for all their butlers and maids while their freedom gets eroded away!

      • Diana (a distant royal) was married to Prince Charles to freshen the royal bloodline, while there's potential in the choice backfiring (in the case of Harry, Prince Charles may not be the actual father) there does seem to be some success in the case of Prince William.

        Don't be surprised to find out that Kate was also picked to freshen the bloodline, although in a different way (Diana may have been empathetic and pretty, but wasn't very smart…).

      • Softening the public face of an ancient bloodline – they do their own dishes! they don't want servants! Prince William is taking maternity leave! See? They are just like us, nothing to rebel against or worry about.

      • Kate Middle ton is a close descendant of the GOLDSMITHS, a Rothschild.
        The royals are chipped so they can be tracked in the event of kidnapping.

      • Are you all men? Do you not realize that many women leave the hospital the same day sometimes after having a baby naturally. She had a couple of days and probably really good food and a team of makeup artists to gove her the perfect "natural" look. Open your eyes indeed.

      • Chips can be removed. Hopefully, its in a place that won't be too painful for that person to remove themselves if necessary.

      • it's absolutely normal for a women to look 'fresh' after giving birth naturally! it was also said that she had her hairdresser come after the birth.

    • Truth & Light on

      They would say they chipped the baby but didnt really do it. They just want to public to think if they do it, then its ok to do it. I dont believe they chipped him. Chipping is like marking animals to control/own them. They wont want anyone owning one of their own. These elites are professional liars. Dont believe a word. They say one thing and do the other.

      • Yeah there is nice reasoning in your words… but if getting chipped is the mark of the Beast, then I assume, the Beast gotta have his own mark maybe… so they could have chipped themselves imho…. but it is just an opinion. Not sure of course.

    • Hi, I couldn't agree more with you; what ever the royals do our f*ucked up citizens follow suit. Soon all of our children will be chipped ready to fight for the NWO.

  16. Duncan Lawson on

    It's troubling that people in the UK are tech naive enough to think they can blunder across all kinds of 'objectionable' material just through a google search and will thus gladly surrender their freedoms on the basis of an idiot's populist posturings. Perhaps if they stopped reading the Daily Mail long enough to actually calm down and think rationally they'd realise they're being 'groomed' en masse…

    VC and anyone else with website owner experience will know that in order to make content visible to google you have to submit it and have it actively linked to by other listed sites. These proposed filters will not protect a single child. I suspect however that they may well harm a few.

    • Could you please repeat that in caps ?! Maybe more people will get the discrepancy in the lawmaker's argumentation!

  17. Cameron also said that his children will be allowed to access Facebook but he will be snooping on them – He is a tiny bit obsessed with this issue, it seems.
    Everything you need to know has already been published online so even if access were denied, you just have to find ways of remembering it and passing on the knowledge. It is a sure thing that once this agenda gets rolled out in HM (Her masonic) UK, it is only a matter of time before it reaches the US. Unlike political/economic power, when Britain has a cold, the rest of the masonic world sneezes

    • Duncan Lawson on

      There's more political and economic power wielded by the UK than most people realise, especially the City of London, the Square Mile, the beating heart of the global financial machine. Also the least transparent, unaccountable aspect of UK public life, even more so than the Family Windsor. Where did the QE fix to the global financial crusis originate? The model which every country in the developed world copied? The British Empire never went away, it just stepped back into the shadows and cloaked itself in jargon…

    • Cameron is a puppet, an errand boy. He's pathetic. They're all scumbags, a royal mafia. They think we're cattle, that they can get away with it.

      It's a shame that people are just interested about the name of the "royal" baby. Disgusting and pathetic. It makes me sick.

  18. Everyone's Brother on

    Develop an argument for what you believe is true. Be prepared to back up what you claim with names, dates, and events. The facts of these will never directly connect the bigger picture. This is where theory must be supported, yet argued without bias. Ask yourself why you are a vc reader. I would guess the majority of us can agree that the search for truth is why.

    Now assuming that we are slightly more "awake" than others, why do we continue to ask each other why everyone else is sleeping? Wake their asses up! Friends, family, co-workers, some will listen and some won't. Have enough of an argument to get them thinking. Don't just tell them to read vc. We shouldn't rely so heavily on one site to explain everything. Word of a pyramid scheme..

    Turn your tv off, spread the message, and do something in your daily life to at least help wake someone up! Oh yeah, and pray.

    “I, even I, am He who comforts you.
    Who are you that you should be afraid
    Of a man who will die,
    And of the son of a man who will be made like grass?
    And you forget the Lord your Maker,
    Who stretched out the heavens
    And laid the foundations of the earth;
    You have feared continually every day
    Because of the fury of the oppressor,
    When he has prepared to destroy."
    -Isaiah 51

    • Nice words. I do that. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT. They are busy with their 3 jobs and 4 kids trying to get them through college while holding onto a mortgage and probably having one get knocked up in college because both parents work and no one had time to actually parent these kids growing up.

      The best we can do is be aware ourselves, try to have these conversations, but good effin luck. You should see the blank stares I get when I mention that we are all slaves and we live on a slave planet. "Oh, you think you own your house? Stop paying taxes. Yeah, slaves aren't allowed to own property, so have fun with convincing yourself that you are not a slave." I say it in a softer way, but it is almost never received well. Not by the fluorided, GMOed masses. Its like talking to walls.

      • sometimes i get totally discouraged cuz i know that people dont want to hear the truth…the truth is so uncomfortable yet so exhilarating, but lies are so comfortable and ur surrounded by MOST people agree w/ them…idk….i try to talk to others and leave it up to God

  19. Wow. They openly announce this, and no one cries a peep. Well all the laws have pretty much been passed in the U.S. already. It is just a matter of time before the White House implements it…. Sad, but the only the people that use this stuff will notice the difference. Plus, in order to opt out of the ban, you have to give you're information, which automatically violates privacy and anonymity (or what ever is left) on the internet. Well peopel, you need to start downloading and storing any information that is still left on the internet. Because soon they're won't be any information left on the internet to prove that a conspiracy even existed. It's already become harder and harder to find commonplace vids on you tube. Print material and local storage is the only real safety net.

    • The eradication of print material was a large part of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. COINCIDENCE? Put it on the pile.

  20. Folks, there's no ending the agenda of the so-called "elite" (Illuminati) by human means! The power behind their purposes is far greater than the sum of all human efforts! It is so great, that (even) most of the folks being used as pawns to accomplish this agenda don't even realize (consciously) what they are putting forward & subjecting their fellow human beings to! Satan (and his demons) has been trying to emulate Jehovah's right of rulership of the universe so bad, that he will subject even those who, consciously or unconsciously, submit to his manipulations, to unimaginable "laws" & "restrictions" in order to make it seem that he is, actually a "god" of "law and order" (or do an chao), if you know what I mean?! So, make no mistake… we haven't seen nothing yet! Things will get so bad; so restrictive, than even many of the Devil's nowadays advocates (consciously… or otherwise) will turn on him and, eventually, seek refuge in the true living God, Jehovah (of armies)! So… brace yourselves. It'll all only get unthinkably worse… before it'll all be made away with! Only Jehovah (through his Son, Jesus Christ=Michael, the Archangel, and his army) can save mankind! Let us pray that His Kingdom come soon!!!

  21. I do wonder how you manage to be so informed but as you get information you give us the privilege of knowing too so God bless you greatly for that VC! I live in the UK, London in fact and I am so glad I came across this article as I check VC regularly.. I certainly won't be complacent in doing the necessary tasks to keep me liberated in knowing the truth. Well Done Sir

    • Interesting that you find it a sort of improvement. In the Netherlands there is a lot of news about the violence in Johannesburg and the dubious ways of the ''government'' handling it.

      • I would agree that South Africa is not as bad yet as the UK but as the ANC becomes more paranoid it'll soon follow the authoritarian route e.g. passing of the secrecy and spy bills. What's worse is the millions of sheepish anc loyalists who will keep them empower. Even worse are those that don't care if things don't impact on them directly. They're more worried about who is going to win Idols or Big Brother and all that escapist shit.

        I've just given up and actually wish that the country collapses so people can wake the hell up.

      • Natuurlijk, t is hier in NL al net zo bar gesteld met media alleen al… Denk bv.aan ''Eyeworks'', van Arnie Rode-Bodywarmer. En de combinatie van amusement/roddel/tv-pulp en politiek. Hier hokt het zelfs openlijk privé met elkaar, hA!

      • Rather funny how the english-defaults on preventing rude language, correct a completely innocent dutch word. I shall take that as a sign to continue in english ..

    • Seriously? I've lived in South Africa my entire life. I've been beaten, pistolwhipped, robbed and raped, lost friends to violence. I can't believe someone would willingly move here. Meanwhile I'm trying to get the hell out.. I know the UK is off my list now though.

    • T.I.A – this is and always will be a jungle! This place is not for the faint hearted. White or Black you are not safe… 100 years ago it was wild animals… today its poeple! Be aware of what's around you. I have lived here my entire life and this place is messed up. Goverment abusing its power bribing and leying everyday! Buying there votes with a T-Shirt and "pap and wors" using apartheid as a weapon to rally support. Don't be blind and you will see what this place is about really… Yet I will never move away :) cause Africa is in my blood!

  22. I suspect that it is something to do with the agenda being rolled out too quickly. They have been told to slow it down as too many people are awakening spiritually. Cameron is a direct descendant of Moses (google it) and his wife is an Astor (IntGen S) and descends from the highest ranks of the Knights Templar. They know exactly what is at stake here. Expect a lot more of this but NEVER contact your ISP for an exception as you could end up on more 'lists' than you bargained for.

    There are some esoteric sites which should be banned which act as Occult How-To guides and we all know the strong links between Magick ritual and Porn – lets just hope that they are identified as the dangerous ones.

    • The battle is being fought on other planes, as it were. The elites like to believe that they are not slaves, but they are slaves just as we are – spiritually dead, living empty lives, playing with pretty things and not having to drive themselves places. They have to pay their energy to whatever alternate dimension beings are participating in this enslavement of humanity, and that is a battle we can participate in but not see directly. AWARENESS IS KEY. That may be where our "war" can start….and end.

    • so Amaryllis, tell me what do us in the UK do IF we get cut off from the likes of VC and other so called "conspiracy " sites apart from contact our ISP's?? put our heads in a bucket of sand and play with our nice toys? no really, please give me suggestions as right now i'm so angry at the thought of being cut off from here and other sites like this one. ps. as for Moses, come on , he was in a book, its not real. I'm not trying to be rude I promise, you seem really clued up, more than me, any advice really welcomed, cheers.

  23. This is the UK at its worst. And it's scary what's going on. I don't think it'll work what with proxy sties, VPNs and things like the torch browser, but just the idea that it was brought up is very unsettling. Let's hope it goes away on its own.

    • I don't think so, at least not anymore… I was wondering how they were going to implement this new scheme when yesterday 3 builders started doing some work on a roof pretty much opposite ours (making a hole then filling it back in) having not remembered the state of their roof I thought that maybe they were just filling it in but this morning there's one builder on the roof next to it and this time, I'm sure that hole wasn't there yesterday… Something weird is going on :/

  24. What about religious sites such as Christian, Buddhist, etc, etc? Are they going to be banned?
    What about banning the Internet itself and going back to the Stone Age? Is that what the Government wants from us? While I'm not really a fan of adult/pornographic sites, banning them doesn't really bother me. But when do you stop?

  25. I think this way: for each action, there is a reaction. For me it's a clear display of despair from the "elite" govt. It's a sign of damage control. But there is no way out for them. Call me a romantic optimistic or whatever, but truth is here, truth is arrived, people are awakening, it's irreversible. Internet can't and won't be controled. Game over. The autoritarian card is the last one, but they'll not prevail.

    • Some metaphysical types say the lower astral forces have been at full blast this last Mercury retrograde, but regrouping is going on and the fight for our spiritual sovereignty continues. More of us need to get people off of fluoride and GMOS – alcohol is PACKED with GMOS! All those beer drinking rebels are swilling GMOS. Its hard enough to keep it out of food, and now its it things regular ol Joes wouldn't even think twice about drinking.

      • sittingcoffin on

        If you do anything once in a while its fine. Its about balance. But most drinkers I know are daily 6 packers.

  26. Woolly Mammoth on

    Is this how desperate they are getting?

    There mask is slipping and they are panicking, we are the powerful ones, they are weak as they rely on us.

  27. Natural Mystic on

    Where are the sources to support that the UK is even considering a ban on esoteric material? I'm not saying I don't believe this article, but if you do not show where you go this information from, then it's just a speculation and opinion piece. Please provide a link to the article that explicitly states that the UK plans on banning esoteric material.


  28. Well, I think VC needs to come up with something ASAP so we can stay in touch because it's not gonna take so long before they can actually shut places like this down. I hope we readers can also come up with some ideas to keep posted on these very serious issues. Just my five cents 😉

  29. I want VC to do an article on Hurricane Katrina. I was watching this show calked conspiracy theories and it talked about how Hurricane Katrina was like a test to depopulate the gulf coast area so the big oil companies could drill without any problems & seeing as that Im from New Orleans I would really like VC opinion on this.

      • New Orleans is a port city and a majority of the people who live there are fisherman and the like in other words self-sufficient. One slaves can't be self-sufficient they would need to soley rely on the master. Two by depopulating the city the elite would no longer have to worry about the effects their drilling will have on the environment and the people -my city is known for its seafood and its unique culture. Three yes the elite needs slaves but given their plan they wouldn't need that many people to keep their pockets full & ever heard the saying " strength in numbers" the least people who have the least likely change the people can rise up against you.

      • Get everyone reliant on the elites. People used to be able to write SO MUCH STUFF off for taxes – all of those write offs were kept for corporations and the "free" man was left with little to nothing to write off, collecting less and less tax back from the government each year. Started in the Reagan era. Thanks for that point, Zeus. Forgot momentarily about the attack on self sufficiency.

    • colorspectrum on

      Allthough this sounds crazy, it's not farfetched. There's a possibillity that theory might be true. Technology is capable of creating such events. Maybe US government in co-operations with weather manipulation facillities like HAARP where indeed interested in this and they are behind it. I mean, in their opinion, the oil and gas would offcourse be a lot more valueable than houses and human lifes.

      • Given that we have a statue of the founder of the KKK in DC, and none of the elite bloodlines are brown, let it be known that those of brown skin are considered complete beasts. Helena Blavatsky and her root races are something to consider – they are still ushering in Root race 6 and 7 and they are not brown.

        Weather wars are multilayered, multipurposed. It was mostly meant to kick out the undesirables and redo the place for elites – better condos, lighter population. But the FEMA run and the tolerance level of humanity was also a great simultaneous experiment. And you also have to figure in the real energy vampires that get the most out of immense emotional outpourings like Katrinas result – the beings that the elites worship. The Ascended Masters, Lucifer, the Christian God, Satan – all the antimatter, disembodied spirits that hate humanity.

      • How real is this HAARP thing really? Because to me it sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie or a creation taken from the manuscripts of Nikola Tesla.

      • HAARP thing can do a lot. However it is not capable to manipulate weather. The electrical power of it is much smaller than that of one single thunderstorm.
        Good luck explaining this to other readers.

  30. colorspectrum on

    U can unblock this by contacting your ISP? Y'all know what this means. This is another way of making it more easy for the government to "filter" us, the "truthseekers" and "conspiracy nuts". Everyone who has acces to these sites are from then on listed as extremists and possible terrorists. They'll be watching us constantly! 1984

  31. I live in Britain and I'm angry. I spotted this the day of all the royal baby hubbub and I was pretty annoyed that no one else seemed to notice. It makes me so angry, but I don't know what to do. Sign a petition that won't be looked at? We people need help, but where is the voice of the people? The loud and rational voice. Because all I need is someone inspirational and clear speaking to lead a revolution and I will follow. I'd do it but I'd end up gibbering. I'll happily lend my support in person though. We need a mass communication network so that people hear about it, because the reason the marches and protests are always so small is not because people don't care, it's because people don't even hear about it.

    What to do, what to do…

    • Fateless One on

      @Justme If you are so passionate about a cause then I believe you should fight for it rather than sit around waiting for a messiah to come and lead you. I think that the wrong idea. If you want something done right you've got to do it yourself. That is my humble opinion anyway.

    • Tough times tend to bring out the best music in the UK. Perhaps we're going to witness a resurrection of the punk movement.

    • @Justme. I live in Britain too and I was so angry when I read this article , how dare he dictate what we can and cannot view on the internet, it outrages and frustrates me to think that I may not have access to this site and many others that I read and depend upon for real news and the truth about what is happeneing around us. I'm with you Justme. if you get a group together count me in, we need to stand up for our rights!

      • I'm from the UK aswell and I'm absolutely disgusted about this, this has got nothing to do with banning porn, which they are only using to made it appear morally justifiable, but about controlling and censoring the internet. More people are waking up and they want to prevent this, hence they are getting desperate in their actions, they would rather we focus on rubbish like the x factor rather than whats really happening in the world. But tbe more people who stand up and protest against this anit-democratic legislation, the harder it will be for them to implement and hopefully it will go the same way as the Poll Tax!

  32. Soon it's UK Internet users who have to download and run ultrasurf u1201. A bit ironic I think, since the app is intended for people living in non-democratic countries.

  33. Cameron seems to be a popular surname for Illuminati henchmen. James Cameron, Ewen Cameron, David Cameron… Isn't it Scottsh?

  34. Iamtheantidote on

    esoteric material is to do with spiritual religions such as astrology, mystasism etc… I think. Love how they asked the public for their opinion…

    • The effect of this policy is, it's going to stigmatize esoterica and esotericists. And I just thought that Europe has put the Dark Ages thoroughly behind it.

  35. Hey, what do you guys make of this whole Simon Cowell -Lauren Silverman fiasco – those photos taken on deck of her being 'affectionate' to Cowell while her husband looks on .. EWS???

  36. You just have to read the mainstream and trendy media for the latest the hottest and most blatent pics, i am affraid. Or watch the most popular video-channels, including indie.

  37. Step by Step…and Day by Day
    they will find ways to controll
    how you be have try to reach our brains

    then we will ask for change
    through heavy rains…
    we have been silent for too long
    now its too fuckin late

    welcome to the NWO Police State…
    and yeah Fuck Cameron

    our last hope is a super saiyan……..
    GOKUU BITCH !!!!!!!!

  38. One good thing about america, no born and raised american would ever let this type of censorship take place after the history of the past century. all the wars against communist countries… communism is satans brother in american philosophy. but this is honestly rally sad and scary.

  39. This doesn't bother me as much as it might some people. I don't go on sites like that anyway & Im not a big internet user… There are more important issues offline in the real world. I know some people will hate this, but im not that fussed.

  40. Can you please do an article about Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL at Grant Park 2013? This year there was a pyramid with an eye at the center on all 4 sides at the center of Lollapalooza and a general weird vibe about being there since there was a band called Ghost BC (he was chanting Lucifer) right across before Jessie Ware started her show. Also, Lana Del Rey seemed completely out of it and unwilling to perform very much while hinting of a two year break. I'm sure we missed a lot of symbolism there, greatly appreciated.

  41. I'm 14 and was I can attest to how adult material(including disgusting ones such as involving animals or suc whichh are so rampant in the Internet) deeply unbalanced my mindset as a kid. You have to understand that kids are so curious naturally they will end seeing this if its omnipresent like that. Besides you can opt out so I don't see what the deal is. Infact they'l call and ask you before doing it.

  42. Please support this petition to stop the censorship of esoteric material :

    Spirituality is in essence esoteric because its something that is within us all. To censor esoteric material is to deprive people of their rights to freely access spiritual information of their choosing.

    This is a clear cut oppression of humanity's spiritual freedom. The state has no right nor the ability to determine the spirituality of others. Putting 'esoteric material' under the same banner as pornography, violence, and suicide demonstrates that spirituality is being demonized, and yet violent, demonic and pornographic movies, films and music video clips are processed through the gates of 'supposed' 'ratings' and censorship with ease, explicitly attacking the senses and the values of children in our society. This very contradiction demonstrates that pornography is not the issue, its the 'esoteric material' that is of real value to humanity that is very underhandedly trying to be wiped out.

  43. This is unacceptable. It is not clear who decided that 'esoteric material' ought to be included in the filter, on what grounds (other than to block 'universally acknowledged sects', but again based on whose acknowledgment?) or who is going to decide which websites go on the blacklist.

    If you want to get your voice heard and do something about this there are a few petitions which you can sign. It seems like a small thing to do but the voices of many people will create a strong opposition.

    People who live in the UK could also contact their local MPs to discuss this.

    These websites contain more information about the psychological side of the censorship.

  44. There's a petition below which specifically addresses the "esoteric material" filter:

    I'm really concerned about this, even though I'm not in the UK, if this goes ahead it will definitely set a precedent for other countries to follow. I would encourage people in the UK to get behind movements working against this censorship. Perhaps there are politicians who are against it?

    Another very troubling thing is that this is barely even being reported, with all emphasis currently on porn and "keeping kids safe".

  45. Incrementalism is the evil genius behind tyrannical aspirations. Do everything little by little by little so people won't notice or care enough to do anything to resist. Obviously the real goal with this announcement is to stop dissidents who understand the occult nature of western elites from communicating with eachother. Spying on them obviously isn't enough because police still can't arrest people for knowing bits of truth about the nature of evil.

  46. Jock Doubleday on

    "Esoteric" means that knowledge, or those teachings, that have remained hidden because to make them known would be to encourage the murder of those who hold the knowledge. "Esoteric" is normally translated as "inner circle" (knowledge/teachings), but it really means "inner things" / knowledge (knowing) . . . from intuition, that is, inward-seeking.

  47. DId you know that Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon is also on one of the Bilderberg Group committees??? Yeah, he is. The put out the list of who goes and what committee their on and Bezos, Charlie Rose and some other big names were invited to Bilderberg 2013.

    Bezos just bought the Washington Post (WaPo) for "personal" use. He used his personal money, in cash I might add to pay $250 for the WaPo! WOW!! Now what??? He didn't use any of Amazon's money for the purchase. Talk about control . . .

  48. knowyourenemy on

    I want to make clear that this is all ROTHSCHILD machinations under the auspices of the vatican jesuits/catholic church – notice Henry 8th tried to break away from the church, but soon after he died, his betrayer wife mary slaughtered all the protestants and returned england back to the church. Rothschild, as their main men, controls/invented the 'illuminati' which has its hq in london and switzerland, who was the force behind nazi germany, soviet russia, and north korea (Which both uk and usa are becoming), and who controls the banks in order to enact laws like this. David Cameron is a rothschild, as is kate middleton- they do rothschild bidding. And the royal family and all their other conspirators have no power over others without their rothschild henchmen to do the dirty work.
    So even though Im not quite sure what the plan of action is, I certainy know who the enemy is.
    Notice Russia is booming right now; for decades theyve been kicking out and undermining rothschild banks and oil monopolies- to which edgar cayce said "the hope of the world will come from russia" – so people need to stop taking out loans, living off state, encouraging these laws of slavery or acquiesing to socialism, or celbrating some reptilian baby etc…

  49. If the term esoteric enters the same list with pornography, violence, terrorism, suicides etc then in people's subconscious it will evoke discontent or even guilt to even visit esoteric websites. Someone will have to ''disgracefully'' opt out of censorship in order to visit VC for example.

    They are messing with our mind in the most sinister ways. They make people numb, inactive and even defenders of the status quo which leads to the sleep of consciousness. Esoteric censorship is not new. It has been going on for a few years now at least in the UK. Witnesses have mentioned that McDonald's and cafe Nero have been censoring alternative spirituality:

    It is quite common to test the ground initially, assess people's response and slowly make it too difficult to even perceive that something is seriously going wrong. I believe that if this new legislation passes it will be the go ahead for other countries to follow. It will spread like a virus to most western countries. There is already censorship in Canada, Australia, France the US and other countries. What remains is the cover of the law and then it will be too difficult to stop.

    Mainstream media in the UK don't even mention anything about web forums and esoteric material. They only highlight the importance of protecting the children, misleading people to agree in being censored.

    It is important to do something about it. Even if it looks small and insignificant it will be a message that there is resistance, there are people that are vigilant citizens in action.

    Something that everyone can do is sign to send a strong message against censorship. No need to be a UK resident to sign. You can still send your message from wherever you are:

  50. I think we all knew this was coming.The total control of information being their obvious motive. Bearing in mind that the west seems to be eyeing the chinese totalitarian society with their envious 'all seeing' eye as the blueprint for all of us (x 100). I would suggest that for one thing we all resist the E-book format and keep buying real books (sorry trees), as the potential for altering and censoring information (see 1984) will be too much for the Arcon/Reptillian/Lower4th dimensional/Saturnic wronguns to resist. It is the ultimate irony that the biggest group of paedophiles on the planet are pushing this legislation through in the name of child protection. It also has the added bonus of covering their tracks by banning any sites exposing their horrendous ritual activities. It's a win win for Evil but if we lose all the books as well it's going to make total enslavement of the mind not only a given but a very boring time for all. Oh, and I'd like to add that fans of the Harry Potter books who are over the age of 11 need not ditch their kindles as you are probably beyond help along with anyone who uses the word 'cool' to describe something which is quite clearly 'ACE' with two thumbs raised (I'm claiming it if it catches on again). Also repeated users of the term 'LIKE' as in for example "it was LIKE really COOL" need not worry. Mind control will probably be a step up in enlightenment for these people. Keep drinking your aspartame and we'll sort the world out without you, or maybe you should just go to church and stay out of the way, your clogging up the internet with your man-made thought destroying dogmas. Keep on smiling !

  51. exposethemasap on

    This is not for children they are hiding behind that excuse this is to get rid of the blogs and websites that are exposing these sick bastards. If they do it in Europe they will be doing it here soon after. I am so glad I have been reading up on the sick bastard ellites I have all I need to know to go into the last days to protect my children.


  53. I only stumbled across this website earlier today but I must say that I am liking it already. It can be very depressing reading some of the comments on other sites as every other post at least always seems to be from a closed minded sheep with a lot to say but no perspective. I'm heartened to see from the caliber of some of the posts I've read here that there are more open minded clued-up people than I could have hoped to find. It's very easy sometimes to feel like it's a losing battle, not against the N.W.O etc , but actually against our own kind who are just not willing to open their minds enough to admit what deep down they already suspect. There is something not right going on. These are the people who by giving their minds away are actually enabling these monsters to get away with it. All it will take is for these folks to realise their own truths, take a look at themselves and open their eyes and it could change the world. None of us have got , or ever will have all the answers but at least we are asking some questions, and that is really all it will take. I'd also like to just clarify a point I made in an earlier post about E-books etc in as much as I don't dislike them, just as I don't dislike any sort of information technology, I just worry about the ease that content could be altered or censored. I also believe the authorities are being issued with them now so you do the math. Having said that , I will now make a point of downloading the excellent looking E-book from this site to show support and also because it looks interesting. But just to be on the safe side, I'll print a copy off in case my computer gets attacked just for having a couple of Gary Glitter records in my iTunes. Keep the faith all of you because after all 'Love is stronger than fear'- every time. P.S If anyone fancies a peaceful protest against chemtrails and geo-engineering I'll see you at trafalgar square this sunday (25 aug). Check internet for conformation as I only heard about it by chance. See, that kind of info probably won't be available after they bring this Hitlarian new law in. Unreal – Let's do this!

  54. DId you know VC your site is actually banned in secondary schools in the United Kingdom now. As a cover teacher the last schools I have worked in London I cannot access your site, but the kids ask about it anyway, other cover teachers I know have tried the same. The way the internet works though people will just get round it with fake ISP's and all sorts, plus the next generation coming up are smarter then people realise. Cameron and any authority will never stop it, and the idea of freedom of speech is being blurred.

  55. They may have in mind to keep Alternative News and alternative ideas from filtering out all over the web like they have done. They are trying to prevent a "Critical Mass" from attaining too much truth. Having an Open Society, including an Open and Uncensored Internet is A-OK as long as only a few are involved. But they see that the numbers are growing and we will be arriving soon at "critical mass". Then they got problems.

  56. I also do live in the UK. And now I think I have to share something I found out trough personal experimentation, that blocked sites can be reached trough mobiles 3g. So here's the recipie: start up your mobile, make personal hotspot, connect your PC, off you go everything what is originally blocked can be reached.

  57. I am surprised that so many people are 'Surprised' by this proposal. It was only a matter of time. This is the beggining of the 'Fahrenheit 451' era – it appears.

    It will be interesting to see if this does unfold, as it may just be the push that (as other people have mentioned) we need to start getting out there and talking to people face to face. The internet has become a great way for 'Them' to track, record and keep up to date with what the people are unfolding. Without this information 'They' may be shooting themselves in the head!! How would they keep up with what the people are talking, thinking and reading about now.

  58. It's important to stop this in the UK before it sets a precedent for the rest of the world. There's already talk about following the UK's lead in Canada by Conservative MP Joy Smith, who said she plans to try and introduce filters "regardless of public opinion". (
    This is a time where all of us with a common interest need to unite and take action against these measures. We all need to treat this like SOPA, lobby your representatives and spread the word as far a you possibly can. Make sure the world knows a Western government is trying to strip its own people of their rights, write to newspapers, your own website and make sure the world knows what's really going on. Take a stand for democracy in the face of those who want to water it down. It's our rights and the rights of the generation following us that's at stake.


  60. I live in the UK and I couldn't access VC through my phone for a while. I called up Vodafone and they had supposedly blocked it along with porn sites and the like. I had to get it unblocked to view it again!!

    We're living in a dark world where our children can see all sorts of hypnotizing nonsense on the TV from the elite but can't read the other side of the story and truly see the truth.

    It's sad. It really is.

  61. Hello everyone,
    I live in the UK and jut read this article. Funnily enough I can't access VC from my phone using 3G on EE ie T-mobile and orange any longer. I can still access it from my broadband and from work.

  62. They care so much about the children that they covered up the crimes of Jimmy Saville, politicians and celebs that were involved in child abuse and paedophilia in the UK.

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