The National Intelligence Council Predicts a Very Transhuman Future by 2030

A soldier testing an exoskeleton prototype

A soldier testing an exoskeleton prototype

The National Intelligence Council is a high-level agency best known for producing National Intelligence Estimates – forecasts predicting future trends and issues of the next fifteen years. These extensive reports are produced every election year and are directly delivered to the  incoming President between Election Day and Inauguration Day. The latest NIC report released on December 2012 is called Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds (read it here) and discusses several issues such as the decline of the role of the United States as a global policeman and the rise of non-state actors in world politics. It also mentions another key issue: A fast-paced race towards transhumanism.

“Human Augmentation” is indeed considered a key issue in the next 15 years as new technologies will allow all kinds of modifications “ranging from implants and prosthetics to powered exoskeletons, human augmentation enhancing innate human abilities”. These augmentations would be used on soldiers, workers and anyone that can afford them, giving them “super-human” powers and capabilities, whether it be on a physical or a mental level.

Some might say: “That sounds cool VC, what is wrong with that? Why do you always say that it is wrong”. I personally never described transhumanism as being “right” or “wrong”, I don’t make these kinds of judgement calls. I however do have facts about the issue. First, transhumanism is undeniably being actively pushed by mass media and promoted as something that is necessary and inevitable in the future; Second, it is a logical continuation of the Luciferian philosophy held by the world elite where godhood and immortality is meant to be achieved by humans by their own means. In fact, Max More, a leading transhumanist philosopher considers himself as a “Luciferian”.

“The Devil—Lucifer—is a force for good (where I define ‘good’ simply as that which I value, not wanting to imply any universal validity or necessity to the orientation). ‘Lucifer’ means ‘light-bringer’ and this should begin to clue us in to his symbolic importance. The story is that God threw Lucifer out of Heaven because Lucifer had started to question God and was spreading dissension among the angels. We must remember that this story is told from the point of view of the Godists (if I may coin a term) and not from that of the Luciferians (I will use this term to distinguish us from the official Satanists with whom I have fundamental differences). The truth may just as easily be that Lucifer resigned from heaven.
– Max More, “In Praise of the Devil”.

Lastly, due to the prohibitive cost of “human augmentation”, transhumanism will only be available to the richest and most powerful people and the world (the world elite) and will created an even wider gap between the “masses” and the “elite”. The National Intelligence Council report states:

“The high cost of human augmentation means that it probably will be available in 15-20 years only to those who are able to pay. Such a situation may lead to a two-tiered society.”

This is why transhumanism is so heavily promoted in mass media. It will only be available to the richest people on Earth, creating a separate, “elite” class of “superhumans” and this concept needs to be accepted by the masses, even if it goes against its best interests. Through predictive programming using movies, TV and video games, the masses are “programmed” in perceiving transhumanism as an inevitability, as something that is bound to happen. That way, when it will actually happen, nobody will be outraged by it, it will be considered as something normal.

Here’s an article on the NIC Report.

U.S. spy agency predicts a very transhuman future by 2030

The National Intelligence Council has just released its much anticipated forecasting report, a 140-page document that outlines major trends and technological developments we should expect in the next 20 years. Among their many predictions, the NIC foresees the end of U.S. global dominance, the rising power of individuals against states, a growing middle class that will increasingly challenge governments, and ongoing shortages in water, food and energy. But they also envision a future in which humans have been significantly modified by their technologies — what will herald the dawn of the transhuman era.

This work brings to mind the National Science Foundation’s groundbreaking 2003 report, Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance — a relatively early attempt to understand and predict how advanced biotechnologies would impact on the human experience. The NIC’s new report, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds, follows in the same tradition — namely one that doesn’t ignore the potential for enhancement technologies.

In the new report, the NIC describes how implants, prosthetics, and powered exoskeletons will become regular fixtures of human life — what could result in substantial improvements to innate human capacities. By 2030, the authors predict, prosthetics should reach the point where they’re just as good — or even better — than organic limbs. By this stage, the military will increasingly rely on exoskeletons to help soldiers carry heavy loads. Servicemen will also be adminstered psychostimulants to help them remain active for longer periods.

Many of these same technologies will also be used by the elderly, both as a way to maintain more youthful levels of strength and energy, and as a part of their life extension strategies.

Brain implants will also allow for advanced neural interface devices — what will bridge the gap between minds and machines. These technologies will allow for brain-controlled prosthetics, some of which may be able to provide “superhuman” abilities like enhanced strength, speed — and completely new functionality altogether.

Other mods will include retinal eye implants to enable night vision and other previously inaccessible light spectrums. Advanced neuropharmaceuticals will allow for vastly improved working memory, attention, and speed of thought.

“Augmented reality systems can provide enhanced experiences of real-world situations,” the report notes, “Combined with advances in robotics, avatars could provide feedback in the form of sensors providing touch and smell as well as aural and visual information to the operator.”

But as the report notes, many of these technologies will only be available to those who are able to afford them. The authors warn that it could result in a two-tiered society comprising enhanced and nonenhanced persons, a dynamic that would likely require government oversight and regulation.

Smartly, the report also cautions that these technologies will need to be secure. Developers will be increasingly challenged to prevent hackers from interfering with these devices.

Lastly, other technologies and scientific disciplines will have to keep pace to make much of this work. For example, longer-lasting batteries will improve the practicality of exoskeletons. Progress in the neurosciences will be critical for the development of future brain-machine interfaces. And advances in flexible biocompatible electronics will enable improved integration with cybernetic implants.

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  1. Great future awaits us :(
    Lot of wars will be there…
    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe

    • The trajectory of history might be interpreted as one of liberation from faith and embrace of fact. This gave us progress. I see here a clear extension of this progress.

      The end point is the voluntary sublimation of the broken doll which is humanity, and its reformatting into something that is actually worth living.

    • We already have this , look at the people on 'real housewives'. Then look at the people in your local low class or straight up poor areas. The people on tv , example: Nene Leakes. Look at how she started on housewives. Out of shape average black womans body, big nose, average teeth, and messy cheap weaves. Now 4 years laters, she had 2 boob jobs, a nose job, all of her hair removed in place of clip on hair, and all of her natural teeth sawed down to stubs and capped with veeners that are as white as this websites backdrop.. whiter! Google Nene Leakes Before and after. Now throw in her iphone video chatting ipad and expensive cars. Put that side by side with susie from the block with her ratty hair, sweat pants, beige teeth and and gas station cell phone & there you have it. The beginnings of a two-tier humanity. The have-nots and the robots. It will only get worse when they walk around like cyborgs with those google glasses.

  2. "non-state actors in world politics" refers mainly to organizations such as NGO's and also the powerful role of private corporations.

    I believe that in reality, NGO's won't be having much power in the future, as they usually don't hold much. On the other hand, corporations will only become even stronger, that's part of the neo-liberal politics taken in the world under Thatcher and Reagan.

    It is well known how corporations in the food industry manipulate the health field, paying doctors billions of dollars for example, to say that such food isnt actually that bad, but quite the contrary is good for your health. In the next 15 years this will become only stronger.

    Sadly is just the evolution of capitalism. Private ownership grows to such a titanic level that becomes stronger than goverment, this is already happening (compare a corporation such as Disney with a country like Bolivia)

  3. FtheGovernment on

    "The National Intelligence Council has just released its much anticipated forecasting report, a 140-page document that outlines major trends and technological developments we should expect in the next 20 years. Among their many predictions, the NIC foresees the end of U.S. global dominance, the rising power of individuals against states, a growing middle class that will increasingly challenge governments, and ongoing shortages in water, food and energy. But they also envision a future in which humans have been significantly modified by their technologies — what will herald the dawn of the transhuman era."

    If that first paragraph doesn't scare the shit out of you then nothing….especially since i will have a son that will be 22!! Who cares just about the transhumanism stuff look at the rest of what they are predicting!!! This word is coming to end…God wont let it be this way much longer!

    • what is so bad about the first paragraph lol?

      End of U.S. global dominance: Well for those of us that aren't from there, this ain't important. Moreover, why should there be a "dominance" from any country?

      2) Rising of individual against state. This goes against the big brother theory, the individual will become stronger than the State. The down side is that this means corporations will become more powerful, as they satisfy the desire of the individual.

      3) Growing middle class challenging goverment: Its actually quite positive that people will question their goverment. Is wonderful actually that people wont follow politicians like a herd.

      4) Ongoing shortages: Ok, this is a nasty part I agree.

      5) Humans have been already modified by their technologies a lot, and guess what; it has been happening for hundred of years. Simply nowadays and specially with the rise of the internet, the mind is advancing much quicker.

      That's about it.

      • Actually, the human mind hasn't advanced much for quite some time. Don't make the mistake of assuming that because our technology is advancing at a high rate that so is our intelligence. In fact it's the opposite. The more technology advances the dumber we become. All advanced tech does is allow humans more (unnecessary for most) convenience to do daily activities or find information, but it takes away from innovation and emotional capacity as can be read in this article

      • Rah, I don't mean human has become more intelligent nor better. I'm just saying the mind has changed. Communication which is perhaps the biggest ability of man, has revolutionized in the last 50 years. For good or bad, you decide I won't judge.

    • In the long run this is going to turn into some kind of Sarah Corner Chronicles of the Terminator or like that movie with Bruce Willis Surrogates. At the end of the day all that society really has to lose is there sense of humanity, daily functioning, and ability to cope. I really don't understand how people still fall for all of the Devil lies and fantasies. Being lost in life with no real knowledge to change what has been destroyed is a very miserable existence in the end. My people die from a lack of knowledge that in the ability to not be able to see destruction that is coming your way, the ability to fix what has already been destroyed or not knowing how to create a better future which is were we are at today. The way that I see it is that humanity really is the key that will open better doors because it was the gift from GOD but you have to want to embody it more then the Devil Fantasy Induced Disney World. It’s funny because when I was younger I remember not really understanding the Bible parables but how great is knowledge with maturity and the love of GOD. Keep you head up and stay knowledgeable. .

      • What do you mean?

        God is the only thing that matters on earth that will last forever

        Next to our souls of course where ever our actions make them Go..

  4. Hip-hop is Dead! on

    God didn't make humans out of steel for a reason. This will harm a human's body. The "elite" can go ahead and pay to destroy their body with high radiation cell phones and this.

    • I wish more people were like you. Everyone can live their life how they want to live, if I want to bind my soul into a mechanical body then so be it. I hope that we can still be friends however, unified as humans.

    • It's amazing that they want to alter their original bodies that God originally purposed for them to have. It won't be good. Love the name too!

      • Re: satansucks
        "It's amazing that they want to alter their original bodies that God originally purposed for them to have. It won't be good. Love the name too!"

        Yeah, how dare people who are born with missing limbs go and use ground-breaking technological prosthetics which will ultimately improve their quality of life!! If God made you with missing legs, how dare you go and buy yourself some electronic legs that allow you to walk.

      • I think what Satansucks means is that Transhumanist don't go and repair things in their body that are missing. We have nothing against prostetics that help handicapped people. Transhumanist want to be a new race of super human, immortal, super intelligent, to sum up they think that transhumanism technology is a pathway to be Gods…. so our critics are oriented towards this and not towards handicapped people..

    • I don't want a "steel" body. I want a flesh and blood body, but designed as I see fit. Beautiful, soft, sensuous but far stronger and far longer lasting than this haphazzardly evolved mess that now constitutes me.

  5. Sir_Wafflecore on

    My comment is mainly directed towards those that are my age around 16-19 and gamers alike, but if any of you have played Resident Evil 6 theres a scene in particular around chapter 2 I believe, where you go under the cathedral and you battle Helena's sister and after the battle Ada Wong says "Were up against the people that truly run this country and if you don't play your cards….hm." and she just goes away. It made me think, the villain of the game named Derek Simmons kidnapped Helena's sister to inject her with a strain of the C-Virus which mutated her, and thus spread the virus within a little town called Tall Oaks in the US, I wondered if thats what the US does when kids or adults and teens are kidnapped; used as test subjects for their b.s.

    • You will be suprised by so many things video games tell us…Though, It is important to take these "info" for what they are, fiction sometimes based on real events that are slighty distorted for entertainment value.
      As long as we keep playing them for fun and don't take things out of their context, we'll be able to enjoy the product harmlessly.

    • What would be more frightening to the superstitious than finding out no one truly in charge.

      We are like lost abandoned children that refuse to grow up and keep begging for their mommy and daddy.

  6. Sir_Wafflecore on

    I mean they say videogames don't teach jackshi* but when you truly go in depth within a game you find its true message that the developers want you to uncover, as in Resident Evil 5 the main villain Albert Wesker wants a "new genesis" with a virus called "Uroboros" which many know is known for snake, he wants the "select few" choosen by the virus to create his army of super humans for his utopia, and the enemies IN the game are controlled by the Uroboros virus in which its directed by a "master" plaga which Wesker has, and in an other part of the game the main character; Chris Redfield his partner Jill Valentine is mind controlled by the same villain (Wesker) she has some sort of gadget strapped on her chest (which you pull off afterwards to rescue her which I found very admirable of the creators)

    • Dont thank the games creators too much

      You thank them and you thank everyone who has ever created a game, movie, or song about the illuminati but hasnt in end done anything but make people fear them even more

      It reminds me of that guys video, the one who won american idol and is gay…. Im gay too I just dont know his name
      In the video he seems like he wants to break free from there control but in end just goes back to where they want him

      Or paranormal activity movies
      The people in the house are against the evil ghost who leaves illuminati signs all around and try stopping it but in end all they are doing is making people fear these signs, giving the illuminati more dominance

      Remember anything on the scale of resident evil has recieved money from the elite to spread their bs and every game is heavly monitored to make sure it is doing just that

      On the other end I still play them …… -_- I KNOW! : /

    • EH KID, most of the games we play, are all under the umbrella of the "NEW WORLD ORDER" So what you see in games, are well thought out scenarios of what will be. I PLAY GAMES AND ALL I SEE IS THEIR SYMBOLIGIES EVERYWHERE? With some truths about what is, in the EXCELLENT HIDEO KAJIMA "METAL GEAR SOLID". So your on the money kidder.

  7. Sir_Wafflecore on

    Resident Evil 4 has the same concept as 5, BUT theres a cult involved called LOS ILLUMINADOS which in english means The Illuminated I'll let YOU research that game…its quite ridiculous how game creators are predicting the future, which may seem a bit redundant by it seems close to what we'll see in the near future, let it be virus wise or mechanically wise. I thank Capcom for showing this to me and any other gamers

    • our Lord included one in the design, but we aren't far enough along to trigger it (it's a complicated layout.)

      hope to see you on the next level!

      "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
      –Jer 29:11 (NIV)

    • Its coming…

      And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.
      (Rev 11:18)

  8. You think resident evil is bad @Sir_Wafflecore? Check out Deus Ex Human Revolution. Its very self explanatory, Just look up the trailor on Youtube. I wont even describe it.

    • Sir_Wafflecore on

      i've played the game actually. it has quite a sad setting more then sinister. like i said before virus or mechanicaly wise it WILL HAPPEN.

  9. God is an imperfect being. In order to keep man from realizing this, he created him ignorant of the world around him. When Lucifer witnessed God’s unfair treatment of man, he rebelled against God to release man from intellectual bondage, and was disowned by God. Resolute in his quest, Lucifer convinced the ignorant man to eat from the Tree of Knowledge and see God’s imperfection for what it is. God, furious that his creation had gained knowledge without his consent and that his trick had been revealed, punished man in a fit of rage and banished them from the Garden of Eden forever. It would take thousands of years before he eventually forgave man for original sin. God painted Lucifer as the source of evil, but anyone who has common sense realizes that God is the source of all malice, and that Lucifer was only trying to set man free from the evil tyranny of God.

      • That's why human blood sacrifices and twisted sexual games are required. Because S is fair and square, honest, loyal, decent, wonderful, compassionate. Wait and see what he has in store for everyone in his hellhole.

    • If God is imperfect then you have to image how imperfect all of his creations must be man and angels including Lucifer. I don’t question the image of GOD much because he is still more powerful them me but Lucifer reaction was not mature either and is still not mature. When I hear Satanist talk I can always see the mind games that Satan have played on them at the end of the day God ways, agenda, love and plans for us is still way more prosperous then the plans of Satan who will be casted down to hell. If you ask me with all of my free WILL who would I still choose (?) God that is who. I come to realize that no one will ever have true freedom but what does man know about freedom and governing over himself after 2000 years still has no real change or respect for life? For much is giving much is required and knowledge a person understand why on some levels freedom is an illusion. At the end of the day security, peace, and sanity is better then freedom because every new tyrant that chooses to come along will always test that theory. At least God plans keep me safe while Satan plan keeps me full of pride, lust and controlled by my flesh.

    • continuation of message

      New Flash Satan does not like man or the images of man who shares of image of GOD and had vowed to destroy all he can about us and is still fully pushing along in his agenda he has never once change his mind about anything but at least a love GOD has giving us man many chances and we will still fall short chasing Satan agenda. At some point even the nicest person has to show a manipulator that he is not playing with them and that there power to persuade will eventually fall on death ears. Loyalty is still a requirement for true closeness and the fruits of the spirits keep me in GOD special places of protection, love and peace more then Satan places of unbalance, insanity, no compassion, or ability to cope with real truth.

    • Tyranny of God?What??
      Are we to blaspheme the Most High for all bad choices we make?
      Freedom is given for good ,not for evil.If we pick the latter,then………….yeah,right.

    • what went wrong in your life to believe these things such as beastality and murders and lies and greed and toture pain agony is the"correct" way? perhaps if you reach out to lovely jesus and god that you should find peace love and happiness in his paradise when your time on earth has passed as well as before

  10. to demiurge;

    lucifer will end up in hell… with his followers… praise be to Almighty God.

    God is perfect.

    ' And Satan will say when the matter is decided: "It was Allah Who gave you a promise of Truth: I too promised, but I failed in my promise to you. I had no authority over you except to call you but ye listened to me: then reproach not me, but reproach your own souls. I cannot listen to your cries, nor can ye listen to mine. I reject your former act in associating me with Allah. For wrong-doers there must be a grievous penalty." '

    satan promises nothing but deceit.

    • I look in to the sky and I see nothing but an endless void, filled with dead gems ready to be brought to life.

      No god, just potential. Maybe that is what She wants – Maybe She created us for that reason, to be like her and at the fullness of time to become Her bride, in the Heavens itself.

  11. @demiurge……Have you lost your mind…..are you on drugs and decided to make this story up so that you can praise lucifer???? Your master!


    in the QURAN it is said by God Almighty……..

    It is We Who created you and gave you shape; then We bade the angels bow down to Adam, and they bowed down; not so Iblis; He refused to be of those who bow down. (God) said: “What prevented thee from bowing down when I commanded thee?” He said: “I am better than he: Thou didst create me from fire, and him from clay.” (God) said: “Get thee down from this: it is not for thee to be arrogant here: get out, for thou art of the meanest (of creatures).” (7: 11–13)

    Behold! We said to the angels: “Prostrate unto Adam”: They prostrated except Iblis (Satan): He said, “Shall I prostrate to one whom Thou didst create from clay?” He said: “Seest Thou? This is the one whom Thou hast honoured above me! If Thou wilt but respite me to the Day of Judgment, I will surely bring his descendants under my sway – all but a few!” (17: 61–62)


    It is Satan/lucifer who was removed to be replaced by Man and therefore has promised to revenge this humiliation…

    The Pagans), leaving Him, call but upon female deities: They call but upon Satan the persistent rebel! God did curse him, but he said: “I will take of Thy servants a portion marked off; I will mislead them, and I will create in them false desires; I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and to deface the (fair) nature created by God.” Whoever, forsaking God, takes Satan for a friend, hath of a surety suffered a loss that is manifest. Satan makes them promises, and creates in them false desires; but Satan’s promises are nothing but deception. (4: 117–20)

    Satan has promised to bring man down…as he will burn in hell forever, but he will be taking a great number of mankind with him….


      • You have no Clue my friend on what he's talking about and what his message is,

        If only you knew my friend………….

      • Thanks for the support @blu boy…..Trolls like @freethinkersrev cannot and will not come to the right path. You can present these people with the truth on a golden platter, singing, with bells on and smack it in their FACES and they still WONT GET IT…..

        Even the HOLY QURAN has a message for people like you…….. Chapter 109 Kafirun

        1. Say (O Muhammad (SAW) to these Mushrikûn and Kâfirûn): "O Al-Kâfirûn (disbelievers in Allâh, in His Oneness, in His Angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Day of Resurrection, and in Al-Qadar)!
        2. "I worship not that which you worship,
        3. "Nor will you worship that which I worship.
        4. "And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping.
        5. "Nor will you worship that which I worship.
        6. "To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islâmic Monotheism)."

        I am a sister in Islam…..AND PROUD TO BE….THANKS VC

      • All you religious nutters are insane,you cant help but try and convince anyone with a different belief on reality that you are right,and if they don't agree they are going to so called hell.How immature, pathetic, and full of fear you people are.Feel free to bash my post now to sooth your ego's under the guise of trying to "save" me.

      • I can't save you neither can someone els save you. The only one who can save you is yourself and you can do that by opening you heart. All the other things will follow in a way that you will be suprissed. I would like to see you reading the quran with an open en very critical mind. It blew me away, but yoy have to throw all the propaganda thing the media put into your head.

        Even if after you have red the quran and still think the same, i will alwas repect your opinion. So i hope you will do the same.

    • I think I saw a movie about this once. There were "the good guys" on the one side and "the bad guys" on the other, and the fate of the world was at stake. Thankfully, though, good won and good times were had by all. Oh, right, almost forgot: and in the end the hero married the princess and they lived happily ever after.

      Could that have been predictive programming? Was I being conditioned to think that a real story was just a fake, so that when I did see it I´d think: "Haha, just like in this movies. How retarded! This can´t be real…"

      Wow! That is genius! Bravo!

      Seriously, though, sarcasm aside, I think we should recognize the fact that "good and evil", if you will, exist within us all; separations, divisions, are all constructs of our imagination, as is our self.
      We want to believe ourselves civilized, but we fight constantly over the most mundane of matters… and so we should. But we should never believe ourselves to be right nor above one another.

      I don´t believe there´s any ideology that is worth supporting more than a human being. Unfortunately, that is how we behave. We have a long way to go, and the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.

  12. Rise of the machines,Revenge of the fallen,Hunger games. All these movies predict a very dark and grim future.

    • Dark and grim.Those on dark side are not unaware that the whole earth will be given them to tread and destroy.For 7 long, horrible years as Revelation describe.Our better hope is that church will be protected till time will come to be taken in rupture.Insofar I believe that the Bible says truth about our future unlike these movies which are serving darkest goals of perverted minds.

  13. WarForYourSoul on

    The sad thing is that people will eat this stuff up. Everyone will think it's so cool how advanced we're getting and obviously the media will always present it in a positive light (e.g. the benefits it can provide for soldiers or for medical purposes). Don't get me wrong, that is pretty awesome, but not the movement as a whole when you understand the Luciferian origins and agenda which most people, not surprisingly, know nothing about. I guess the point I want to make is that people have been conditioned sooooo well (like VC stated) to accept this movement that it will receive massive amounts of support and encounter almost no opposition. Apart from the whole agenda behind it, this will fuel the pride of the human race and further decrease the perceived need for God. As if it's not getting bad enough, the humanist mindset is bound to become more popular especially among the youth of the future in my opinion (this is only one of the many reasons of course).

    There's a war on right now, between love and evil, for your soul. Always have to bring the focus back on the Truth. The only answer, the only Truth and the only Life. God himself came down and died for us, to put us right with him and forgive our sins. Accept Jesus as your savior and watch the amazing transformation that he brings forth in your life. I can't stress this enough…when I learned for many long months about this unbelievably evil world as a confused searcher looking for answers, I was constantly drawn to Jesus and it became very clear to me that Jesus meant it when he said:

    “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6)

    Also if you're interested in learning about how to global economic and political systems work along with the sinister spiritual aspects of them then I highly suggest reading the book "En Route to Global Occupation" by Gary Kah. You can read it online for free. It's an absolute life changer. Great for an introductory book but as always the more background knowledge you have, the more connections you can make for yourself. God Bless everybody, keep your minds focused on above and life eternal :)

    • WarForYourSoul: Thank you for sharing truth here. I agree with what you said, and I am also a Christian. Somewhere in this technology (perhaps that of neuroscience) is the Mark of the Beast, no doubt. The evil servants of the Devil will look very powerful with this technology; and the liberal media in all of its branches (movies to news to music) will sell a message of compassion and reason to make this technology more acceptable. They will "use" it for their subtil purposes, however.

      Jesus Christ is Lord, and there is no other Savior of mankind: His Kingdom will never end, and His Anglo-Israel (see… always be preserved.

      Hail Christ Jesus!!! :)

      Again, well said.

  14. People Check out Rita Ora's latest song Radioactive, it promotes a transhumanist theme/agenda.

    Very interesting. There is a line where she sings "moving on me as the world ends", she says something like that and i thought how convenient of the time she brought the song out as everyone was going on about the "world ending on the date 21.12.12

    • My point is – The same agenda being pushed through different avenues such as the media, magazines, radio, different celebs, musicians etc.

  15. whycantibeone on

    this makes me want to kill myself.

    i'll never get to be an elite illuminati child abuser transhuman… will i?
    so why even bother then. it's so unfair.

    • That is a disgusting way to look at things. I hope you find a true path to 'love' and that you clear your mind from such negative thoughts.

      • whycantibeone on

        no. Only when i think about how they get to be them and i wasn't born as one.

        that's the only thing that keeps me going, maybe if i study hard enough and bring enough to the table i'll have a soul worth buying.

      • Indeed! Well said Jeremy…. I wholeheartedly agree…. and I hope that that poster (whycantibeone) takes this to heart…. those elite should be pitied, it is they who are truly lost… they have no faith or hope for the future beyond their physical lives, which is why they feel the need to 'live forever' physically, through their bodies, enhanced and 'augmented' by technology, with us measly 'biological' 'humans' serving them, 'common' and 'non-elite' as we will be considered… (one possible scenario, not the end all be all). Yes, I hope that the poster who prompted this reply…. and replies… will consider the sentiment that you are promoting… why would be want to 'be one of them?' That means he or she is falling into their trap…. to quote a favorite singer/group of mine (Gogol Bordello, a Gypsy punk band from the Ukraine)…. "Be them new Romans – Don't envy them, my friend – Be their lives longer – Oh, their longer lives are spent! Without a love or a faithful friend All those things they have to rent! Yeah, all those things they have to rent! All those things…!"

        Here are the entire lyrics:

        Don't believe them for a moment For a second, do not believe, my friend When you are down, them are not coming With a helping hand

        Of course there is no us and them But them, they do not think the same It's them who do not think the same It's them who do not think

        They never step on spiritual path They paint their faces so differently from ours And if you listen closely that war, it never stops That war, it never stops that war

        Be them new Romans Don't envy them, my friend Be their lives longer Oh, their longer lives are spent
        Without a love or a faithful friend All those things they have to rent Yeah, all those things they have to rent All those things

        But we, who see our destiny In sound of this same old punk song Let rest originality for sake of passing it around

        Illuminating, realization number one You are the only light there is For yourself, my friend You are the only light there is

        For yourself, my friend For yourself, my friend For yourself, my friend

        There'll be no saviors Any soon coming down And anyway illuminations Never come from the crowned

        Illuminating, realization number one You are the only light there is For yourself, my friend You are the only light there is For yourself, my friend

        And we, who see our destiny In sound of this same old punk song Let rest originality For sake of passing it around

        Illuminating, realization number one You are the only light there is For yourself, my friend You are the only light there is

        For yourself, my friend For yourself, my friend For yourself, my friend For yourself, my friend For yourself, my friend


  16. Third paragraph: "I do make these kinds of judgement calls". I'm guessing that should read: "I do not make these kinds of judgement calls".

    On an unrelated side note, record label Interscope has told artist MIA that her forthcoming album is "too positive" and that it needs to be "darkened up". We all know what that means!

  17. Sheesh… where to begin? The 'Lucifer' nonsense? Hint – that's a primitive fairy tale… with as much relevance to rational life as stories of the unshackling of Fenris during Ragnarok.

    (as an aside… yes, I'm an atheist – but so are you: do you believe in Thor? Crom? Marduk? Zeus? Vishnu? Quetzalcoatl? Everybody is atheist with respect to others' gods, so I suggest you slough off the last vestiges of inherited nonsense, quit believing in whatever nonsense you've been indoctrinated with, and join the ranks of the rational.)

    Turning to non-silly-mythical stuff: the costs of human augmentation will fall as rapidly over the next 10 years, as the cost of computing has over the last ten. Open-Source biological and genomic research is presently in its infancy, but there are plenty of nascent projects that will furnish the equivalent – for human enhancement – as MakerBot, RepRap and other 3D-printing ventures have for their respective spaces.

    Anybody who fears that .gov will 'get it right' in picking which stream of AI/nanotech/transhumanism to pursue, is ignoring history: history shows us that when .gov decides to try to pick a winner, it performs abysmally. So it's genomically-enhanced super-soldiers will be ten processor generations behind mobile phones (in the same way that nuke subs have guidance systems based around late-80s era processors). .gov output is always slower, more expensive and less useful-for-purpose than private endeavours (as you would expect from any monopoly).

    For example, when .gov monopolised/dominated the 3D printing/prototyping space, 3D printers cost $100k and were capable of projects half the size, and 1/50th the resolution, of a current $800 machine.

    On the other hand, when venture capital tries to pick winners, it has a relatively low success rate (80% of VC-funded ventures fail), but an incredibly high rate of return (only 0.02% of all investment spending is undertaken by private VC… but 13% of output currently derives from firms that were initially funded by private VC).

    That's because VC knows when to shut off the taps: by contrast, when .gov decides it backs a venture, it knows it can foist its failures onto the tax base… which means that it pours money into failures long after the project is clearly dead (F35; F22; Osprey… Iraq war, AfPak war, VietNam… and so on).

    • "Sheesh… where to begin? The 'Lucifer' nonsense? Hint – that's a primitive fairy tale… with as much relevance to rational life as stories of the unshackling of Fenris during Ragnarok.

      (as an aside… yes, I'm an atheist – but so are you: do you believe in Thor? Crom? Marduk? Zeus? Vishnu? Quetzalcoatl? Everybody is atheist with respect to others' gods, so I suggest you slough off the last vestiges of inherited nonsense, quit believing in whatever nonsense you've been indoctrinated with, and join the ranks of the rational.) :"

      If you did any back tracking on any of the religions that you are so against, you would find that almost all of the characters are the same with a few name changes.

      Loki, Prometheus, Hermes, Lucifer, Satan, Kali, why do you think they all have similar stories? I mean hey, why would some story that has been pass down for thousands of years with a few name changes hold any ground to your beliefs, right? It is not like the story and it's characters have stayed the same for many many years.

      And the whole join the ranks of the rational? What makes you rational? For following what you have been given as "proof by science"?

      Did you go out and test any of the theories, and I stress theories, that you believe to be true? Because if you have not gone out and reproduced the same tests and got the exact same results, how could you be expected to be called rational? Right? Because that is what you are asking of everyone else to do.

      Use some rational thought and not take anything at face value.

      Maybe you should use those analytical skills of yours and take a look at your own life, see how much you are helping others and how much you are hindering. When your life looks less like that of a parasite and more like that of a loving human being come back and discuss with us the flaws of what Vigilant has put forth on HIS website.

    • WarForYourSoul on

      You're so far off the mark, the majority of your post is irrelevant to what's going on here. The most powerful people in the world worship Lucifer, the biblical devil. They control the world behind the scenes, the one and only world that all humans have lived and will live their lives on, the only Earth and the only life you know. They believe in the twisted Gnostic gospels…the real Bible makes it clear that the devil is in control of this world and that we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but rather demons and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (which these people often summon and contact through various rituals and altered states of consciousness). Almost all people have not the slightest clue what's going on. The world is brainwashed. This is pure evil. I could go on and on but if the simple yet unbelievably shocking thought that the world is controlled by some extremely evil people who believe that they can become gods doesn't get through to you, I don't know what will. I hope you know some Christians that are fervently praying for your eyes and your heart to be opened to accept Christ as your saviour.

    • If not read literally but rather esoterically/spiritually, the Bible is a blueprint and manual of the spirit, soul, and body. If taken literally, it indeed doesn't make much sense.

      • It makes so much sense to me. First time ever that I'm reading thoroughly the bible and it's like that I have woken up from a deep sleep.

  18. what a bunch of idiots, when the elite are done killing the rest of us, i cant wait till they fight against eachother to become the ultimate overlord, remember, they will fight for power, even if it means beating the other competition,

    • Are you serious?Killing rest of us plan can never go as planned.Yes, earth will be depopulated to some extent.So far their plans unraveled in French revolution,Russian revolution,their involvement in Kongo,Rwanda,Guatemala killed untold number of humans but dark goal was not reached.They are busy now in conspiring how to be owners and rulers of desolate earth.
      However only folks who submit themselves before the Lord will inherit our planet.While dark powers have global plot against humanity Creator has plan of His own.And ultimately He is up for uneasy task to clean the earth of every sin and damnation.Note,1000 year kingdom is not for illuminated maniacs-rather for normal folks who did not made it in Rupture and did not stick to deep things of satan.
      Bible is to be fulfilled and soon!

    • Huh, an early way to try to indoctrinate the masses into Trans-humanism… I do believe and I am getting this from a lot of what I read, that they have had the trans-humanist agenda and technology mapped out in their minds from early on, it just takes time to fully implement them… perhaps it is all conceived from alien technology.. who knows.. 😉

      • Watch David Guetta Featuring Nicki Minaj's Turn Me On video. It's hilarious. Artificial people feeling sensual pleasures.

  19. Slowly but surely, Lucifer has his people and servants preparing technology for the Beast, which will appear to most people–religious or not–as Jesus Christ and the final kingdom establishment on the earth. This technology will help provide for Lucifer's version of "eternal life" which only Jesus Christ can provide. There is always a counterfeit. Again, thank you VC!!!

    • Sounds like that one and a half season show that came after Battlestar Galactica… but a prequel…. SPOILER ALERT HERE!! If you haven't seen it…. stop now! It's called CAPRICA… extremely compelling show…. a must see for students of trans-humanism…. this was done about three years ago or so… in it, they have a sort of 'counterfeit heaven' which is very interesting in how it is produced and the methods they use to try to get people to accept it… but there is the story, you will have to watch the show…. whoever is reading this.. one can always tell by HOW something is introduced, the methods and effects of it… the 'fruits' of the tree….. you will know a tree by its fruit…. as a famous person once said…

    • Preparing not only technology of the Beast.A whole lot of other stuff.Planting his servants in every religious institution in America and beyond.Planting his doctorines of hell.Teachings we are witnessing now absolutely unheard of since the foundation of the universe.Truth is almost forbidden in most churches.
      Once the foundation is wobbling building a new one seems much easier.Trust me we the people now more after "pastors"-infiltrators,TV ,Mass Media than the Word of God.

  20. There is nothing new under the sun, It is like the holographic universe, what was will be again, it really has never left we are just starting to do the things that have been done before, maybe we are starting to catch up to what has gone on is going on and will go on.

    • Yes… very well spoken onefeather… the myth or legend of Atlantis (and some say myths and legends are just stories based in forgotten facts… ofc!) but anyway, some say Atlantis fell because of technology gone awry, they basically thought they were god in a way (kinda like these days with all this emerging technology!) and elevated themselves to such a high place, in a sinful sort of way (using that word metaphysically, not really religiously) and that that was the 'Fall' of Atlantis… well, like time and time again, the world stage, and Karma must come again until we learn the lessons I guess…. some of us already have… 😉

  21. They want to integrate technology into their human bodies and minds and possibly suffer all the consequences that might go with it?! Go ahead! I would rather go back to prehistoric times if it comes to that… rich or not, elite or not, I can imagine what would happen if they really did that…. the problems that come with it…. unnatural abominations… as much as I love technology, I would not want to become a 'robot' so that I could 'live forever' these people obviously have no beliefs in the immortality of the human spirit, or any beliefs in the spirit or soul at all… they only see themselves as material beings, which can be proven by how much value they put in the 'material' goods. They are obviously the limited and unknowing ones…. if this is the kind of future they envision for themselves… huh, if it comes to that, and they attempt to assert their 'authority' which ofc they will do everything they can to protect, illegal and unnatural as it would be…. their own tools and technology could be used against them to 'hack' into the system… Matrix-like and trick the system into disintegrating on its own… bye bye birdie! Do they know at that point just how vulnerable they would be, so entirely dependent on technology at that point? Ugh… I feel sorry for them already… ;-/

    • You can't live forever if your soul leaves your body. Without soul, we are nothing, we pass away. That's why they call our eyes the window of our souls. Health deteriorates with age, looks fade away etc. We can only delay the process of aging but we can't live forever in our human form without the intervention of a higher power. I don't believe those people are unintelligent, however it happens to be enormously arrogant and believe that there are no obstacles in they way. They are unreasonable due to their arrogance. But then again we are all arrogant to a certain degree, nonetheless we make the effort to keep our arrogance at bay.

    • You never know though, some of them might see the light and wake up. Nobody is completely immune, nevertheless everybody who is alive still has the option to change. There is always hope. Let's avoid writing people off.

  22. It’s mot surprising that National Intelligence Council Predict Transhuman 2030. The Trend already started in Moscow Russia 2045 Global Forum.

  23. Even though I agree that "godhood and immortality is meant to be achieved by humans by their own means" is a very Luciferian concept, as a doctor, I sometimes deal with children who must be amputated because of osteosarcomas and I can't help thinking that bionic prosthetics would be such an amazing thing.

    • I think what is meant by Luciferian, in the context of the elites and their agenda, is the uplifting of man's ego / the lower nature. Spiritually speaking, this is adverse as it's a deliberate attempt to block the I AM in you, the spirit.

  24. I do not know if anyone watches anime but if you look up Ghost in the shell. this seems like the future it has predicted.

  25. The video game "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" has interesting and possible view on what the future could be like. One where war is completely controlled by corporations and is almost deemed sport-like.

  26. I think its true. Just take a look at Will Smith movie ”I, Robot”. Look the year. And also, ”Back to the Future” At 2015 they predicted videogames without hands, by 2005 this was possible. Also, Videochat, 3D and 4D movies. By 2020 we are going to have a lot of new technology.

  27. The elites aspire to become (like) God. This implies that one has to elevate the ruling ego of the sense consciousness (the king of Babylon in the Bible). It’s satanic (which simply means selfish thought force in human consciousness, the adverse mind, or the mind that thinks and acts independently of God mind).

    If seen like this the battle is really spiritual in nature, and it should be fought on the spiritual plane: through meditation, by bringing the I AM to the fore.

    • WarForYourSoul on

      New Age=one world religion of the NWO. Trust me, I've done tons of research on it. People like Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky, who have been responsible for much of the growth in the popularity of New Age beliefs, were very unhappy people and you should see what kind of messed up stuff their "yogis/ascended masters/enlightened ones" (actually demonic entities) have channeled through them in various books. They basically turn the Bible upside down and make it sound believable. New Age appears all fun and games on the surface but there is so much more to it. It teaches evelating to the "Christ consciousness" so that we can become Christ and that Christ was only a great prophet and not God himself. Don't get me wrong, we are to strive to be like Christ in our lives but never should we demean him or bring our sinful selves up to his level. It's based on the two oldest lies in the bible: you will not die and you will be just like God=reincarnation and elevating to the Christ consciousness so that we can be gods ourselves. Meditation will not do anything for the world unless of course you are meditating on God's word and spreading his message. There is no life force reacting to your spiritual energy. Don't praise the created. Pray to the one and only God and Creator instead and accept Jesus as your personal saviour :) God bless.

      • Has your research covered this blog www dot spiritofthescripture dot com ? If not, please take the time to read it to understand where I'm coming from. Blessings.

      • Thanks for sharing that website. Between reading it and the comments here, my soul feels like it climbed the spiritual ladder a little bit tonight, so that's a GREAT feeling.

    • They aspire because they are blind by arrogance, basic instincts and egoism. To be humble, nonjudgmental, love unconditionally everyone, have the ability to constrain your passions are not easily accomplished.

  28. I do not say much but here goes…

    I played call of duty black ops 2 and In the game I see lots of symbolism in there, like the one eye symbol, and the 666, i can't remember what mission where you can see those but its there, you'll see…

    same as black ops 1 with the one eye symbolism still… and for both, One Character that you will use as the protagonists for the whole game named Alex(B'ops1), David(B'ops2) with their last names MASON.

    whats up with that?

    black ops 2 storyline was focusing on the new world order as well with one cinematic clip after you finish all of the missions, it says there: "global population of 2billion"……

    I mean games nowadays talk about the end of times prophecy in here……

    I wonder why God is not doing anything yet to stop all this…………..
    Well, for the reality world of current events of course..

    • The one eye is actually a positive symbol which I guess has been co-opted by the elites for their own agenda. The one eye symbolizes the third eye, or the pineal gland in the brain.

      "Large portions of scripture are metaphors for the holy temple which is your human body and brain. … If you stood a snake in the upright position, it would resemble the spinal cord which extends up the back; the head of the snake would resemble the pineal gland (understood by the ancients as a spiritual organ) at the bottom center of the brain.

      In deep meditation practices, spiritual energy (kundalini, Holy Spirit) rises through the spinal column and proceeds to open the seven chakras (seven churches of revelations) along the spine until it reaches the pineal gland, symbolizing a spiritually-resurrected individual. This process can also be seen as the serpent that becomes transformed from the ego into the fully realized and awakened spiritual being (the shedding of the ego). Such an experience raises the conscious awareness of an individual beyond the senses. This is a real experience that ancient spiritual peoples—even the earliest Christians—were aware of." — www dot spiritofthescripture dot com

      Six is the number of man, for man was created on the sixth day. Thirty-six is the number associated with His adversaries (or enemies) and how God deals with them. If we add all the numbers from one to thirty-six, they come to a total of 666, a tripling of man’s number that generally has adversarial implications. (Taken from "The Biblical Meaning of Numbers from One to Forty" by Dr. Stephen E. Jones.)

      • WarForYourSoul on

        Ahhh it sounds so intriguing and plausible but this is all lies and twisted truth! To answer your earlier question buddy no I have not checked out that blog but I am very well aware of the kinds of things it would talk about. The Bible does not need to be reinterpreted and added on to, it is holy and perfect! Read the Bible first by yourself realizing that it is God breathed. Meditation is used for channelling and OBEs which allow demonic entities to appear to you in any form they wish (e.g. dead relative, alien) and speak lies/twisted truths to you. They will be very convincing considering the highly suggestive mental state you are in at the time. It may seem harmless for even a long time but just one experience is enough to permanently screw up someone's direction in life and ruin any chances of them seeking salvation in Jesus Christ, the real meaning of life! Heck, Christ IS life! Please retread my other comment on the topic and reconsider your very compelling and even admirable, but FALSE, spiritual beliefs.

      • sighs*

        Sometimes, I do not know on what to believe in anymore,
        with all these different versions of Christianity and other LIES that you get everyday.

        Because I always think of Christianity as of being humble and not to get attached to material things, pride and all that. Being Holy, Simplicity and Merciful and the NO to tolerance in killing each other is the way of life….

        But one thing is for sure, that all of these things happening today,


      • I respect your knowledge into this.. My thanks! ^_^

        Just one question,

        Why is humanity making our life so complicated and selfish?

      • Did Jesus Believe All Is One?
        by Joshua Tilghman on May 26, 2012
        www dot spiritofthescripture dot com

        This week I want to revisit what can be a confusing topic: the fact that God is one. We can all say God is one, but do you really understand the implications? Failure to do so results in suffering for everyone. I already visited the oneness of God topic in another blog post, entitled, The Nature of God, but because of its monumental importance for mankind, I am going to address it again from a different scriptural angle. Anyone can quote a scripture saying God is ONE and still not understand how truly significant this abstract concept really is. And since it’s so hard to undo religious conditioning, we’re going to discuss some famous sayings of Jesus in hopes that more will come to understand this knowledge and the great blessing it brings!

        Below are some esoteric sayings from Jesus as he taught his disciples from the Mount of Olives.

        “Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” (Matt. 25:34-40)

        I have put the last part in bold because that’s the statement I want to focus on a minute. Do you realize what Jesus is saying here? Jesus is telling us that everyone is ONE. How? Because Jesus makes it clear that the Christ Nature is in us ALL! The Christ Nature is our true nature, the eternal spirit that allows this temporary form to be. It is the same spirit that allows everyone and everything to be. This is a hard spiritual principle to understand in the physical existence you are having, and as Jesus said, there are few people that learn to walk with this understanding. And for those who are stuck in a religion, it is doubly hard to see this great treasure because their minds are conditioned about their “external God,” which is simply a mental construct, image, or idea.

        So are we really all one? Well…yes and no. Let me explain. The individual experience you are having right now on this earth is unique to you. However, it is just an “experience.” The same spirit that allows the experience you are having now is the same spirit that allows someone else to have their unique experience now. But the true self behind the experience of both of you (and the rest of individuality) is actually one and the same spirit. This is the eternal nature of everyone. The life-experience you are having now will come and go. It is just one instant in eternity, and the same spirit that is within you will also produce millions upon millions of other experiences through people yet to come. All these experiences are limited aspects of God’s infinite nature. Remember, God is all that there ever was, is, and will be.

        After letting all that sink in, then take the whole gambit a step further and realize that since we are all ONE, whatever you do to your neighbor you also do to YOURSELF!

        And so we must ask ourselves: if we are all truly one beyond our limited egos, what would be the most important thing for us to do in this life we have been given? Wouldn’t it be to allow the expression of the unique creativity of the ONE spirit through ourselves? This is the beauty of BEING: the creator that is ONE on the ultimate level of reality expresses itself through the experiential limitations of our lives. That means our greatest responsibility is to allow both ourselves and others the ability to express unique experiences. Therefore, the greatest expression then is summed up in Jesus’ words from Luke 6:31:

        “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

        When we fail to do as Jesus commands above, we are in danger of hindering another individual’s expression of life on this earth. We are also in danger of hindering God. And finally, we are also hindering ourselves.

      • (cont.)

        Knowing that God is one is part of the key to eliminating suffering. Not understanding this concept is what’s responsible—either directly or indirectly— for the misery encompassing our globe. This also includes thinking that God is an individual “out there” to worship. How could that cause suffering you might be asking.

        For starters, here are just a few reasons:
        1. It can contribute to a nonchalant attitude on very important matters because these individuals believe God is going to come down and fix all the world’s problems anyway. Just the other day a mainstream Christian, who is also a personal friend, told me that the Bible says “God protects his own from all the harmful things in this world.” In other words, we don’t have to take responsibility for other’s wrongs or worry about any consequences. Since God is not an individual, the responsibility lies with us all.
        2. It causes people to support wars and violence. Think about how many people have died in the name of an individual God. The real numbers would floor you.
        3. It gets too many involved in “salvation” programs or religious events—which are really nothing more than attempts to bring others around to the party’s religious point of view and their individual God. Pure ego!
        4. It can be a huge waste of money. Has all the tithe money given to churches or other religious institutions really helped make this a better world? Some of it has, but most of it just goes to support the same religious ideas and doctrine that commands the money be given in the first place. You can read more about why tithing is a man-made idea here.
        5. Precious time is wasted in heated scriptural arguments, which the Apostle Paul says is useless because the exercise is nothing more than ego vs. ego. However, I will admit that heated debates can be beneficial when the debater realizes how useless all the debating is!
        6. It can lead to false hope. Throughout history millions upon millions of people have waited for the second coming or the rapture event when both references in scripture are symbolic for something that happens “within.” Remember that Jesus said the Kingdom of God does not come by observation. It is “within” you.
        7. It can waste a lot of time in general. I can’t tell you how many programs I have been involved with to bring the “lost” in before I realized it was a waste of time and energy. And most of them didn’t bring in a single soul. And for those that did join the church, or “give their life to Jesus,” how many are really changed? I have seen marriages break apart because one spouse is so busy with the church. I have also seen children neglected because both parents are so wrapped up in the church thinking they are serving Jesus that their children slip through the cracks.

        And the list goes on and on. Feel free to list some more in the comments section if you so desire.

        It is important that we understand that the things in the list above, and others like them, are built around the ego. Jesus taught us in a way that eliminates the ego so that the spirit can function.

        I want you to understand that scriptural references referring to God as an outside source are only written in such a way by the authors to give you something concrete to think about so you can eventually understand the abstract, spiritual truth underneath the literal interpretation. God could never be limited to “individual” status; what a very truly limited concept of God indeed, and yet, most religious people still think of God in this manner. We need to step out of the Dark Ages. We need to understand that God can be experienced simply because he is NOT an individual. If God were an individual, then he certainly couldn’t be omnipresent or omniscient.

        Next week I address a few more important scriptures which bring even more light on this subject. It will even clear up some controversy between the “law” keepers and “grace” believers, showing that both have missed the entire point by not knowing that God is not a source “outside” themselves.

      • wait..

        God created us in his image and likeness,

        so why would God be only a "state of mind" to everyone then?

        I mean if that's the case, then men will act like gods of their own… and in my opinion, EGO will follow. you know what i am trying to say?

        and I do not care anymore on what type of Christianity I'm in.(me catholic) I do not even follow the tradition always too.

        But in my heart, I always want to do good mostly, doing bad is what I get from the society as I got older but I hinder in promoting it to others. And sadly, evil still prevails in this world.

        I always have this sense in doing good, because that is all I ever wanted to do since I was a kid.

        I am naive person at first. I expected things to good the day I was born.

      • I suggest you read the blog post titled "Man Is Made in the Image of God" at www dot spiritofthescripture dot com.

      • Buddy…………Ive read the same thing what you have stated above and regarding the Elite and alot of the secret societies – they base some of their teachings on what you have mentioned…………Its very interesting stuff.

  29. Billy the Kiid on

    They're already beginning to create an Apple computer that can see, smell, touch, hear and taste. I'm guessing it's only gonna get creepier and creepier as time goes by.

  30. I am an electronic engineer and there is one thing I can tell you about electronics: they are very vulnerable and susceptible to electromagnetic pulses. A simple magnet will suffice.

  31. I never asked for this
    Also VC speaking of transhumanism why haven't you done a REAL analysis of Deus Ex: Human Revolution? It gets into globalist corporations, transhumanism AND the secret societies and Illuminati, and has so much blatant illuminati symbolism and they call out the Illuminati by name. All I saw on it was one of your least detailed reviews of ONE trailer. I mean FFS in the game there's even a guy on the radio screaming his head off about Bilderberg, CFR and the Trilateral Commission who predicts basically everything that happens in the game before it happens BECAUSE THE GAME IS BASED ON CONSPIRACY THEORIES! The game is full of predictive programing, showing how Crime lords and the elite have all the augs and most people don't.

  32. So I guess all of you against this wouldn't get a pace maker, even if you're life depended on it?

    That, after all, is augmentation that has been available for years…

    In the future there will be, no doubt, artificial organs for people who need transplants, but that's a bad thing right?

    I honestly don't get what the beef is with this particular subject is…

    For me it's one part of the future that's exciting and will benefit society as a whole, eventually.

  33. But this case should also force us to confront yet again the ways in which ever more of our lives are lived on a screen, in the cloud, via our computers and phones and tablets, and soon, if Google has its way, through our glasses. Our lives are becoming more transmitted than lived.

  34. Why are people so easily sold into "transhumanism"? If you have an identical twin, nobody thinks that twin 'is' you. If you clone yourself and 'transfer' your memories to clone, nobody would say the clone 'is' you — and most people would be outraged by the immorality of it.

    But, somehow – when robotics is involved, everyone forgets these things. It's not an outrage to 'transfer' your memories to a robot. If you cut out your body parts and replace them with robotics, 'it is still you ++!' they say.

    Secondly, why do all of these transhuman gadgets have to either be infused within your body, or replacing your body and brain piece by piece? Why not just have a fancy set of goggles, an ipad, an exoskeleton, or something you can wear and just take off later? Oh I know, ++ speed and ++ the intelligence if you just scrap your brain for our new Brain Box 8000. But, really when you break down the functions of advanced predictive algorithms, why can't they just provide me recommendations through a tablet PC or an ipad? Why do transhumanists insist it must be implanted in your head? — It's called a "vendor lock-in"

    The firms backing this particular type of robotics want to solidify a hold in the consumer market and take control of your body and mind. It's as simple as that, don't take their leads into 'the future', expert analysis and commentary, shady pseudo-spiritualism for anything but spin because the drive behind these systems may put 'open source' outlets here and there but, ultimately their agenda is classicly immoral, closed-source and locked-in.

  35. The elite has the biggest imagination I have ever seen. Do they really think they can use electronics rather then organs to survive. Its stupid and jehovah god didn't creat us like that. They need to stop tryna defy god like satan did because its not gonna work. They are a lost cause

  36. This website does a very good job of sensitizing the public to, and raising its awareness of a certain future which has been planned for us humans.

    Maybe we should also be aware however of the fact that this has not all germinated simply in the brains of us humans. There might be other powers at play.

    I have to refer you to what Rudolf Steiner (founder of the biodynamic agriculture movement) foresaw, early in the 20th century, and commented on in his lectures and books, for the future of humanity and the warnings he formulated.

  37. StudiedLatin on

    As a Transhumanist myself, i love going to this site :) Thanks all, for believing that things can be this evil and that people really think up plans for world dominance. It makes my day, and also proves that there will always be nay-sayers.

  38. Ok. As much as this freaks me out.. It says that its a part of evolution? How is spliting the world into 2 halfs (two-tier society) evolution?!
    It simply states that only the rich will be able to pay for this.. But in all honesty if we were to use this for greater purposes, and for it to be controlled, armys would be best with this technology!
    I also believe STRONGLY it would be great for people whom have lost limbs, by accident or simply because they were born without it!
    Its not ideal to state that (basically in a nut shell) if your poor you won't afford it! I understand this technology will be exspensive but I think for people that need it most should have it!
    But as for 2030 for transhumanism to be in place and to be affective I find that quite hard to digest. Maybe in the coming years it will be found that having cyborg humans as such and humans will not be a good idea , this will just cause animocity and war between to different kinds of people and would mostly result in control of organic humans!

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