Massachusetts “Educational Center” Uses Violent Electroshock on Teenager


The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is a facility that provides services for children and adults with “severe developmental disabilities and emotional or behavior disorders”. In the past decades, the Center garnered negative criticism due to its use of aversives such as electric shock, the withholding of food, spanking with a spatula, pinching of the feet and forced inhaling of ammonia.

The recent release of disturbing footage from the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center – featuring a restrained teenager who gets electroshocked 31 times – brought the controversy to a whole other level. While the Center claimed that the use of electroshock was a form of “therapy” to change behavior, the footage shows an all-out torture session under the watchful eyes and laughs of Center employees.

Here’s a news report on the recently released of the footage from 2002 (the administration of the Center somehow managed block the broadcasting of the tape in the past).

Graphic video of teen being restrained, shocked played in court

Video of a student restrained and shocked for hours at the Judge Rotenberg Center was played in court on Tuesday after a years-long battle by the center to keep it from the public eye.The video, which shows former resident Andre McCollins screaming, writhing in pain, and begging for help, was played at the start of McCollins’ trial against the Canton-based Judge Rotenberg Center.The Rotenberg Center convinced a judge eight years ago to seal the video, and the battle continued up until Tuesday morning when their attorneys asked Superior Court Judge Barbara Dortch-Okara to bar FOX Undercover’s camera from recording the video as it was played.

Dortch-Okara denied the center’s request, clearing the way to give the public the first look at how these controversial electric shocks are used. The video was taken by one of the center’s classroom cameras.

McCollins, then 18 years old, was shocked 31 times that day in 2002. Lawyers for the center and its clinicians say it was part of the treatment he needed to quell his aggressive behavior.

“These are dramatic tapes, there’s no question about that,” said attorney Edward Hinchey, who represents two of the Rotenberg Center’s clinicians. “But the treatment plan at the Rotenberg Center, the treatment plan that Andre had in place on October 25, was followed.”

It was an emotional day for McCollins’ mother, Cheryl, who was in court watching as the beginning of her son’s ordeal was played.

Andre is shown seated at a desk inside a classroom as a staff member asks him several times to remove his coat. He stays still, apparently not responding or removing his coat, until he is given a shock.

He screams and falls to the floor, yelling as he tries to hide under his desk. He was eventually restrained face-down, a helmet on his head, without breaks for food, water or the bathroom.

“I never signed up for him to be tortured, terrorized and abused,” Cheryl McCollins told the jury. “I had no idea, no idea, that they tortured the children in the school.”

She also testified what her son was like when she visited him three days later after the incident. She said she found him in a “catatonic” state.

“I couldn’t turn Andre’s head to the left or the right. He was just staring straight. I took my hands and went like this,” she said, waving them as if in front of his eyes. “He didn’t blink.”

McCollins did get Andre to Children’s Hospital that day, where he was diagnosed with acute stress response caused by the shocks. The jury also heard her testify about watching the video and hearing staff members laughing while her son was on the floor.

– Source: Fox News

Inspired by MK-Ultra?

“Going over the rainbow” is a code used in Mind Control to signify dissociation.

We’ve seen in previous articles that electroshock torture is a major tool used in mind control programming (see the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). The intense trauma and pain caused by the shocks pushes the victims’ brain to completely dissociate from reality. In the above news article, the victim’s mother stated that she found her son in a “catatonic” state, that he was just “staring straight” and the he “didn’t blink” – all signs of someone who has dissociated in order to evade trauma.
Is the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center a MK-Ultra programming center? If it is not, its techniques are, at the very least, heavily inspired by Monarch mind control. In the article entitled The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas, one of Kim Noble’s paintings depicts exactly what Andre McCollins was subject to: Strapped by the hands and feet and electroshocked repeatedly.

Kim Noble’s painting named “Too Much” depicts a horrifying scene of torture that is very similar to what was filmed at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center.

One of the features of the Center is “Rewards Street”, a place that is meant to be a replica of the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz. As seen in previous articles, the fairy tale is heavily used Mind Control programming by handlers to make their slaves “go over the rainbow”, a code for dissociation (incidentally, the Center’s logo features a rainbow). Here are some pictures of Rewards Street taken by photojournalist Rick Friedman.

Dr. Matthew Israel welcomes guests to Rewards Street or ”Yellow Brick Road”

Students are strapped with fanny packs and holsters and can be electroshocked at any time.

Dr. Israel and “Dorothy” in the “Crystal Forest”

In 2011, Dr. Israel, was charged with misleading a grand jury over the school’s destruction of the tapes, as well as being an accessory after the fact. The Center was also banned banned from subjecting new admissions to severe behavioral interventions including electric shock, long-term restraint, or aversives that pose risk for psychological harm. Let’s hope the McCollins win their case against the dispensers of these sadistic treatments.




    • paisleycerebrum on

      i agree, my eyes are literally tearing up. it's like you expect this kind of adversity in the world today, but everytime something else pops up you can't help but think to yourself…how can they be so cruel? and to children?!

      i await the day when these soulless & heartless bastards get theirs….and they will.

      • Dr. Israel? Eurgh

        Free PALESTINE! The birth place of Jesus

        The land thats been occupied for no damn reason, 64+ years!

        One day, Zionists will pay for what they've done.

        One truthful day.

        God Gave Us Eyes So Lets Use Them

        Wake Up People, Wake the HELL up.

        Everything is changing…

    • This video boils my blood and brings tears to my eyes simultaneously.

      While I've never been subjected to electroshock "therapy", I was exposed to sickly abusive treatment over 4 years ago, when I was wrongly imprisoned in a pscyh ward (torture camp) in central California.

      All I will say is that I was forcefully admitted in a healthy state and left highly traumatized and void of normal feeling. I never witnessed any patients being given ECT, but it's safe to say many of the employees seemed to revel in the suffering and humiliation of patients. The experience was nothing short of completely demonic. The spiritual darkness was nearly tangible there.

      I truly don't doubt that many "professionals" working in the mental health field are dissociated psychopaths, some of which are heavily involved in occult activities and rituals. Lucifer certainly exists folks, and those with power in this nation and around the globe have derived their influence and riches from this ruthless fallen spirit whether they are aware or not. This is not just a NWO being shaped be mankind, but Lucifer's style of governing: murderous totalitarianism with him as Emperor and God overseeing all of it beyond the veil of physical reality and detection. Under his influence, insanity has become sanity, and vice versa.

      I challenge people to study the history of the Roman Catholic Church's love affair with torture. Lucifer is worshipped under many differing names in the Mystery religions of the major ancient civilizations and the RCC is now one major modern manifestation of these old religions refashioned and repackaged. The Illuminati's spiritual center is ROME and home to the mother of all other secret societies and brotherhoods: the Jesuits. It's fact that these men have rewritten our history books to suit their agenda which is total control over the planet through offshoot front groups and leaders.

      • Thanks for sharing your powerful testimony. Most people are in denial such things are going on. The beast system is up and running.

    • Yes just disgusting. This scene just shows how American society is in a cold and critical status. Most of them don't really care about it, otherwise the majority wins, which it's not the case. But inside ours hearts we can find a deep feeling that can change ours behaviours and ways to think, I mean, we can be a small crowd of people against this machiavellian nature of most of the crowd, but: " Water dropping day by day wears the hardest rock away".

      So sad and revolting!… tears down my face :(

      • @freetoday, I would imagine those doctors and handlers HAVE been through it. That's the only way I could think that they could participate and find humor in it. We have to be careful about how we process information and our emotional reaction to it. The negative energy is what feeds this "illuminati." Notice how in Kim's painting the handler smiling and administering the shock is dissociated? It's the abused being the abusers. In the "illuminati" this is what is necessary for success in their hierarchy. They really believe quite zealously that even if their action be horrendous, in the end if it positively serves the agenda, it wasn't evil because evil is just perception to them. Their inappropriate responses to the torture is a sure sign that they have experienced some sort of trauma as well. What I find so disturbing is that this even surprises anyone anymore. Why do people have such a trusting nature? Where has the survival instinct gone? Well, that's a whole other story…… But history has proven again and again that power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is sick and sad and messed up on so many levels. But did his mother not know he would be strapped with electroshock equipment? Did she not see "Reward Road?" That would have sent me running being awake to the NWO agenda or NOT!

      • a regular VC reader on


        We have such a trusting nature because we have strong inhibitions about causing harm to others; we don't really want to hurt anyone. The 'survival instinct' was useful thousands of years ago but is inapporpriate today. There -should- be more trust in our societies in this day and age; we shouldn't have to live in fear or constantly be on alert worrying others are a potential threat. This is a major problem in the world. We need to raise standards for behaviour and see others not as a threat but as potential friends, an opportunity to further ourselves. If there were more trust among us we'd have a much nicer planet to live on. I'm hopeful we are slowly heading towards this.

  1. Dear god I knew my country was sick but I didnt know we were this far along the curve…I just dont know what to say…

    • This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. I think it might be the most disturbing thing, now that I think about it. I can't find words to express what I'm thinking. My mind has actually gone blank with emotion and sadness.

      It's something that we see is happening. This is still going on. I just can't figure out what to do. I don't even know what to type.

      It's just…there are worse times in the future. This will probably be twisted in some way where parents will want children to go there.

      I can't even…I'm lost.

      • Patrick Bateman on

        If this is the most disturbing thing you have seen, then you need to get out more. This is disgusting, but far from the most disturbing thing in the world.

      • To Anyone Who Cares (Not You, Unless You Want It To Be. I Just Have A Few Words),

        Some people just can't feel things with a passion. When some people see things, they have emotions. Others are like dehumanized robots just watching and never wanting to do anything. Always the observer and never in the game. My siblings, Big Brother is in the process of winning; and we don't even know it.

        May God Bless You All; Even If You Have No God.


        A Kid

      • I don't believe there is any valid therapeutic reason to expose patients to such an unreal environment while electro-shocking them. I have a degree in psychology and I promise you that is not beneficial in any way. The whole "Rewards Street" is psychotic. The imagery is just unreal. That is another monarch method, to teach that pain is good. The people are supposed to be getting a reward, and that reward is a giant shock? I wouldn't hesitate to call this torture.

      • There's not much any of us can do but to educate ourselves, our family and friends. Be cautious and mindful of people and surroundings.

        Anyone can easily become a victim of electroshock therapy and treatments/methods alike. Anyone can be a handler, it's usually somebody who is trusted and promises protection. The evil lurking amongst us are always good deed-doers. They are always the giving tree's. Wolves in sheeps clothing, they are everywhere. They will promise you all things good but you'll receive everything but. Most of the times, it's someone very close to you, even as close as blood.

        I've worked in the music biz and I've seen what these treatments could do. It completely changes a person and there's no exact way to describe it. The first word that comes to mind is rage. Complete rage. Sometimes, the individual wouldn't be "present". They'd be forgetful, emotionless and weak. Other times, they'd go on a raging spree, making homicidal and other dangerous threats. Its like a robot with one switch. When the robot was on, it was completely destructive. When the robot was off, it was simply off.

        Thankfully I wasn't treated with ECT, but I underwent similar circumstances. It took nearly half of my life to be able to acknowledge what happened and yet I was still unable to register the traumatic events until hanging on my last thread. Incredibly, I have survived and continue to learn about my true "identity" everyday.

        Please pray for one another and love your damn neighbors! Keep yourselves in check. Be aware, but be calm. Live life for what it should be rather than what it is. Knowledge is a necessity, but letting it hinder you from actually living is just as bad as not knowing at all. Use this knowledge to do good, don't let it rule you. Dwelling on the bad and constantly worrying about the future isn't worth sacrificing your God-given life. It's too precious to waste. Enjoy this life while you can and prepare yourselves for whatever comes after.

        "Everything eventually comes to an end. So try to savor your moments, because time flies don't it? The beauty of life, you gotta make it last for the better. Cause nothing lasts forever" – Nas

  2. That is seriously f-ed up. omg….wow…that poor kid having to go through that. I dont think failure to remove your coat can be seen as violence as they were claiming.

    • Would hours of electroshock make you immune to pain like this? Like the V for Vendetta film, what doesn't kill you make you stronger. I bet he's worse out than he was going in.

      Is the yellow brick road thing for real? The electroshock packs the kids carry… Really? SICK.

      • Electro shock therapy is actually used to treat some extreme mental disorders like schizophrenia. But this sounds more like torture. Kids shouldn't be put through this sort of thing. That's just wrong and those guys should be punished.

      • Torture and mind control is going on in EVERY psychiatric hospital in this country, I can assure you of that, and they can call ANYONE mentally ill to shut them up. They can also lock anyone up, with one corrupt and paid off judge, corrupt Masonic psychiatrists, and NO JURY. Happens all the time.

  3. Sick stuff. Just sick stuff! All these people will face their judgment when Jesus returns to judge mankind. Lord help us all

    • Revelation 22:12.

      And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

  4. Found this Dr. Matthew Israel on LinkedIn. Truly a sick individual. Hope he & the rest of the staff at this center gets their a$$ handed to them…

    • Hoping is not going to do the job, MKUltra goes on…..This school needs to be shut down and the dr and his staff prosecuted for the sick,pyschopaths the are,they should put away somewhere never be allowed out again,This needs to go viral

  5. Why kids with emotional or behavior disorders are:

    1.send away by their parents( they give the custody of their child to other person or center for a year for example)

    2 treated like shit

    3 they dont see their parents for months sometimes

    4 restrained by adults

    5 forced to do something

    6 they are tortured in differents ways

    7 everybody think this is ok, not only in america, i know stories from china , england, spain, france.

    8 the system says is ok because they are kids with emotional or behavior disorders, and thats is the only solution.

    9 they never say that the parents are wrong and their desire for punish/search for solution/ abandon their son its out of control

    10 they are send to places like desserts, other countries,"schools",centers,any place far away with unknown adults whith punishments and restrictions.

    ¿ Why the solution have to be so cruel? ¿ why the abuse ?

    sorry my english

    • To Answer Your Quest on

      Some of the parents may just be ordinary people who are exhausted and have consulted all the so-called "specialists" and followed recommendations, trying to do the right thing. It is very difficult to care for a child or even an adult with such disabilities, which makes it even easier for the "system" to step in. True, there are some families out there that just might not give a shit either way about the child. But I can tell you that for other families, the situation is such a dilemma with no easy answers.

      P.S. Even though it is a fictional TV show, I recall seeing a few "Law & Order" episodes with this complicated theme.

      • I think the school should be closed, since they won't stop the shocking and since the staff obviously isn't able to control their own selves (patients have died in there). However, I see your point about how difficult it can be with some children with special needs, and apparently there are parents suing to *keep* their kids in the school (as it says at end of this video):

      • There is absolutely no reason for this facility to be allowed to stay open. None. I am disgusted by what is presented and what this represents in the attitude towards people who are disabled. I work at a facility that takes care of developmentally disabled adults, and I know that there are other facilities of quality that do the same. The American public needs to take a stand and end these atrocities. These people are individuals of worth and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Period.

    • you have a point. parent's are the ones to protect their children. you can't just trust an institution to handle everything. the institution doesn't love your child.

  6. Fritz Springmier's book on MK-Ultra mentions that they often use children's characters such as Mickey Mouse etc. after torturing the victims as a way to dissociate their minds, so that's probably what the 'Rewards room' is used for.

    Because I can literally see no other use of that room, It really is sickening.

    I cannot comprehend how sick a person has to be to do that to another human, let alone a child.

  7. Wow the employees were laughing? I'd like to see all of them strapped down and electroshocked, so I could laugh at their disgusting asses.

    • I worked there for a short time. I had to leave, the employees who administer this shock therapy are sicker than the patients. When you are a trainee you do not see the whole play until you pass training. This place and what they do is an abomination.

    • How could any feeling person laugh like that? Even if you really believed you were helping the person (suspend belief for a moment), why would it be funny? Those employees aren't fit to work in this field. They have the mentality of sadistic prison guards.

  8. That Rewards Street place looks creepy as hell, not to mention the psychopath proudly showing it off. There is no doubt in mind that this place is very sinister and used for more than what meets the eye.

  9. I have several things to say about this:

    1. Treating supposedly violent kids with violence is no kind of an answer to anything.

    2. OMFG to the Wizard of Oz stuff.

    3. It would not surprise me to learn that this hellhole is some kind of training and research center for MK Ultra if not an actual programming center. Kids with developmental issues might not make good subjects for 'real' MK Ultra programs, but they might make very useful subjects for experimentation. I bet a lot of them can't speak up for themselves or fight back, and they might not be considered credible if they did manage to say something about what they were going through. And a lot of elitist groups, like the Nazis, see the developmentally disabled as less than human and therefore free game to mess with.

    4. RE: being forced to wear a fanny pack at all times that can administer a shock? We treat food animals better than that, at least they only get electrocuted if they touch a corral fence. I cannot believe that that is not illegal. I don't think even the AbuGhraib detainees were abused that much.

    5. The 'kindly' crayon rainbow logo reminds me of the seemingly innocuous naming of 'PA Child Care,' which was exposed as long term capitalist crony and judicial corruption inspired child detainment.

  10. Not all of fox news is biased – the employees there don't really have the agenda of the parent company … search for monsanto and fox editors.

    • I understand, but as long as you are here you must keep fighting for what is right or else you become one of them. When you get over the horrible feeling this has produced, ring someone up and do something good for them. In your eye Illuminati.

  11. This is disgusting.***PLEASE READ*** It reminds me of the Baker act in Florida. VC please write an article on the Baker Act, I'm begging you. Awareness needs to be spread. If someone accuses you of trying to hurt yourself, you are taking away in handcuffs without due process!!! You lose your rights for three days, and potentially more if a judge deems you so (if you have good insurance). This happened to me and I am in no way a threat to society or myself but my boyfriend was drunk one night and call the cops on me to have me baker acted. I was sent to a center with INMATES!!!! I have absoluetly NO CRIMINAL past at all. I was made to sleep on a cot on the floor next to a piss stained wall. They held me against my will for two days until a "doctor" could see me to see if i was sane enough to go home. When i asked if i could bring in my own doctor they told me no. when i told them i was scared and my i was getting anxiety they told me they could strap me down and inject me if i wanted. I obviously declined that offer but if they wanted to they could have. I was treated like a criminal in a cell filled with criminals. It was the scariest thing i have ever gone throught, thank god no physical harm was done to me, but i cannot say the same for mentally. My boyfriend felt horrible, he had no idea that this was going to happen to me. He was drunk and thought that it was a center for consueling and help but he was completely wrong. There was no consueling or help what so ever. I had three minutes with a doctor to plead my sanity. In those three minutes I told him ever reason why i am proud to be the person i am, and i was released. It was terrifying. I can add a lot more to this story if anyone is interested! Sorry i did not spell or grammar check. I hope VC rights an article about the Baker Act!!!!!!

  12. a quote from its website:

    " JRC relies primarily on the use of positive programming and educational procedures to modify the behaviors of its students."

    programming? people aren't fcking computers. and the sad part is that its for the "mentally disabled."

    i'm starting to thing the saying mentally disabled is just a new word for willful. cant have our people acting out now can we?

  13. Simply, Vanessa on

    Since I am actually from Massachusetts and this story has been reported repeatedly, I will speak upon it. From what I have learnt about this case, the boy who got the electric shock treatment was autistic and slightly mentally retarded. He also had behavioral problems and this is the reason why he was there and why he got electrocuted. I completely agree electric shock treatment is inhumane, but this is one of the tactics this facility uses to curve the behaviors of their patients. Some times the patients try to harm themselves, other patients, and staff. Sometimes they create makeshift weaponry, or use their nails as scratching tools. Some families have verified that this type of treatment worked for their loved ones. What was so horrible about this case is that the boy on the tape who is now a man was not fighting the staff, he was visibly traumatized, he was yelling stop, and they left him in restraints for seven hours. This case is not the first to be exposed of their cruel manner of handling difficult situations. I do not think this is a facility dabbles in Satanism or is trying to live out project paperclip on mentally ill patients. But I completely agree, this type of treatment of a person is cruel, inhumane, and unusual. (sidenote) [what I find baffling is if a rat gets terminated for being a vermin and destroying your goods, PETA will come out the woodworks and demand an eye for an eye, but when it comes to our fellow human, we slaughter each other like animals]


      I worked in one of these communities for over a year. Kids and adults with severe, multiple developmental and psychological disabilities – autism, schizophrenia etc. No electroshock (yes it IS inhumane). No verbal or physical abuse of any kind. Just a healthy, creative, loving environment. The staff are happy. The clients are happy. It is possible and even fun – to help people with such problems while remaining human. The simple fact is that many institutions just don't want to.

      • B.S. I'll bet they did all kinds of psychological torture though, like sleep deprivation and stealing little things. Psychiatrists are sadistic NAZIs. Schizophrenia? What a joke, everybody knows that is a scam.

    • I didn't have the heart to watch the ECT video, but I just took the Photo tour on the Center's website, and it is stuffed w/ illuminati/mk ultra imagery from the moment you walk in the door.(ole one eye is in da house, yo!) The decor is "colorful" to the point of visual (& mental) fatigue. The artwork is almost exclusively distorted images, everything from blown glass to oversized murals (designed to make you feel small and powerless) to sharp-toothed 3-D animal heads, and walls full of masks. The furniture is ultramodern, in aggressive colors and shapes, with quite a bit of clear acrylic in tables and chairs (to induce that "floaty" feeling.) And of course, the administration bldg. houses a room filled w/banks of digital video monitors, for the Perfectly Normal monitoring of all areas of the center and surrounding residences.

      The "reward areas" include an arcade, w/the requisite overload of flashing lights & noise, a movie theater w/overstuffed "messaging" chairs, a retail store in which the kids can use earned money and points to purchase trinkets and bling emblazoned w/ reinforcing mk imagery, a beauty salon (pink floor and mirror walls) that just screams beta programming, and the now infamous Oz area(s), replete w/life-size character automatons that move, speak and sing, creepy even to the most rational adults, and potentially terrifying to children or the developmentally challenged or traumatized teen.

      This place doesn't need to be Shut Down – it needs to be Burned Down and cleansed from the face of the Earth. Along with its founder, about whom they actually BRAG that he was trained notorious behavioralist B.F. Skinner.

      We should add the "students" of this facility to the list of those we pray for.

    • susan noland on

      You dont think this facility is satanic? It is pure evil,period! Theres no reason good enough,no excuse that will justify what was done to this young man.Its criminal,cruel and has to be destoryed!

  14. This is just unbelievable, do those idiots actually think they are doing good for the boy or what? I just dont get it. Or maybe they are just plain evil. What is the world coming to, people have become so heartless and cruel.

  15. So sad to read this………………….Institutions set up to "support children" are a nightmare. I know of the same shit happening in Africa, where these organisations have extended their research in Africa by setting up orphanages where some very sad things are done on children. I have witnessed it at least in your country someone can film it and expose this shit….in Africa (the new and quiet research ground, its all silent)

    I feel sorry for kids who grow up in institutions, especially where they do not have a choice.

    The world is sad and bad, take that from me, I once was a victim

    • I want to know more about this! This is because I came across orphanages in Africa that I wondered about in general (I forget what exactly I was wondering about, if it was something specific). It reminds me of the adoption scams in Haiti after the earthquake, and the sexual abuse of children in Haiti as well. These children are abused at the hands of people who are supposed to help them, while their country has had to take whatever "help" the white colonialist-dominated "peacekeeping" and humanitarian missions dished out to them.

  16. the silent general on

    dammit i feel a little sick now

    i dont want to live animore :/ seriously this is just wow

    theyre breaking every persons unique personality saying its bad to be unique saying you must be like the rest that you must be that little machine just a slave of todays world

    do they even know what theyre doing now? its just god i dont even know how to describe it

    it feels wrong to be unique just because of them it feels wrong saying no to them just because they say they're always right but theyre not this time i am right i always was but no one listens

    have you ever been to mental hospital? not those hardcore ones just not so hardcore like a normal hospital yeah ive been but now i remember hmm it doesnt seem right i was so caged there i was always normal but they put me there aniway :/ lifes a cruel bitch time to make it a better place

  17. starshine7399 on

    When I see stuff like this it makes me sick. It also makes me doubt there is a God or that Jesus has real power. How can this stuff happen and evil people get away with it because they can hire expensive lawyers and buy off judges. Judges that are probably part of the Freemason Cult or whatever it is. What hope is there for future. Human beings are monsters and that Dr. Israel looks as evil as t hey come. I hope dies a slow painful death.

    • Lol most of the judges and lawyers are anorexic alcoholic pigs, you didn't know it? The filthiest people around, purely backstabbers. I mean they give to the term filth another dimension. And they wear the stupid outdated wigs. Can't stand them and I wouldn't trust them even if my life was hanging by a thread.

    • The Bible talks about lawyers and judges being corrupt as well, so this is an old problem. Remember that men have agency to act as they will, and that includes a lot of bad things too. Keep your faith! We also have the agency to act for good. Let's do that, we have to do our best make up for the terrible things the bad guys do. We can be Good Samaritans and help everyone we can. I don't like to read that people don't want to live anymore after reading this article. We need you to be here to make a difference for GOOD.

    • yea! i just saw the monark butterfly.


      I have 2mth old baby and if ANYBODY touches him. theyre DEAD.

      Im signing up for daycare but i dont even want to.

      Ill work out something else.

      yea! come take him from me.

      theyre dream will be accomplish for a while

      cause my family will fight for him.

      but the thing is

      you can take him

      but ill take your head.

      and gess what? hell still be alive

  18. Starshine7399 on

    We should all send a letter or contact online and let them know that what they are doing is beyond evil.

    GoAskAlice that is awesome. and to Francis I am sorry for whatever it is you have been through. Terrible what is done to the innocent in of the countries Africa an where is the Army to bring them "operation freedom"?

    • This place should be shut down. Everyone and I mean everyone should let them know how they feel about what they did, and let their representatives know how they feel about places like this.

  19. Starshine7399 on

    Omg if you go the the website you will see that lovely checkerboard floor..and other evil and they get away with it. Sick Sick Sick !! I can't take it!

  20. my brother (who at the time was about 14 -15) attended this weird ass place for about eight months . . you think this is weird, you should see their playrooms, on one hand they are positive ONLY BECAUSE they got him completely off of psychological medication. my brother spent 8 months there, and he sent my mom various articles in regards to this exact kind of treatment, but they only do it to the ones who are helpless and don't really talk or don't talk back. one of those assholes was being condescending to my brother to set him off purposely (idgaf i believe my brother) and he put my brother in a fucking chokehold smh it happened on a day when we happened to visit him too. . they almost forbid him from seeing us bc of that incident :( my baby.

    as soon as they received their $200,000 stipend they receive from the state for every child, not only did they tell him, but most therapy sessions were cancelled for him after that, AND they called my mom to tell her if she wanted him she could just come get him. they would move him from different house to house (they have various lovely homes as bedrooms for different types of kids) so they would move your belongings for you and ALL his electronics and clothing was stolen. when we finally brought him home, they sent us the smallest pathetic box with so few belongings, my mom just cried .

    most of all, some of these kids' parents KNOW what goes on, and some of them would rather let them deal with the "problem." one of the counselors even told my brother that John Travolta's son lived there almost 10 out of the 12 months of the year, EVERY YEAR since they found out he had developmental issues. they pay their yearly fees and leave them with the "PROBLEM" smfh. the place did open his eyes to see what life is when you can't function for yourself, thankfully he has recovered. keep your eyes open people, and your loved ones close!

    – visinequeen

  21. Fallen Angel on

    Well it worked didn't it? The shock treatment, since he isn't violent or aggressive. People voluntarily signed up for these treatments, because the other options such as medication and special education didn't work. Stop blaming the doctors and caregivers for personal irresponsibility. Shock treatment is shown to work on bipolars, just go watch "Requiem for a Dream".

    • @Fallen Angel LIKE I SPECIFIED, they only administer shock treatments to those who are unable to speak against them, my brother wasn't subject to any abuse, other than that one incident, and the stealing of his things. learn how to read before you type, nobody is blaming the establishment, i appreciate what they taught him because he can control HIMSELF now. I blame no one for anything but the people who leave places like this open after these type of incidents. you can search my podcast MOUTH WIDE OPEN, im always discussing topics such as these. enlightenment cannot be reached by ignorance.

    • To Answer Your Quest on

      Are you aware that conventional "electroconvulsive therapy" (which only "works" by disrupting brain function) today is done under general anesthesia and with muscle relaxants? That doesn't seem to be the case here.

    • Before Vigilant dele on

      @Fallen Angel –

      Stellar victim blaming! Keep at it and soon you'll be sociopathic enough to work for a western banking firm!

      • "Fallen angel"

        is a dehumanized robut whose ben bullying me for over 3yrs.

        He is a Big Brother puppet. Dont expect better from him.

        He uses the name "fallen angel" in a "unsuccessfull" effort to provoke me.

        The thing about big broother is; Once youre in thats it.

        They can never get out. And if anything goes wrong, hell have to take the falll for them.

        Like go to prison for the rest of his life cause he knows what hell get if he rat out big brither.

        Its like selling your soul to the devil.

        He is so lost.

        Dont pay him any attention.

    • Fallen Angel is probably paid to say things like this. When Fallen Angel says "Actually you’re the one that should learn to read. I was talking about the kid in the article who received the 33 shock treatment" obviously Fallen Angel didn't read the part where it said 31 shocks. Fallen Angel, keep up the good work, I'm pretty sure it pays well. Karma buddy, karma.

    • Fallen Angel, please remember that "Requiem for a Dream" is a hollywood movie, not a medical treatise on mental health problems 😉 Indeed bipolar disorder is difficult to manage, often requiring strong medication (just try living 24/7 with someone who has bipolar disorder, other general behavioural issues AND delayed development). However, you'll only fall for the token economy/torture system used by JRC if you forget how to love these people as highly talented equals to yourself.

      I suppose general education poses a problem too, since token economy is common in the school system. People should be valued for being good, kind and loving, not for whether they conform to "expert" standards.

      BTW: Odd how most (though not all) links to the FAQs in section 5, which deal with explanations of various torture "therapies" are non-existant.

  22. Where to start with something so horrifying that it brings likely most viewers to tears?

    The name of the center is intimidating – "Judge Rotenberg", lesson = authority is rotten. I'm too upset to even look much at the website. And Massachusetts from what I recall is a place where a lot of this mind control kind of stuff happens, so I'm not even surprised this bizarro mind control center is located there. Just look at this entry of a gangstalking victim Rachael Orban, where she describes the network of hospitals in Massachussetts with a history of MK Ultra experimentation, and where she connects that to current poor treatment of people like herself:

    If Andre was autistic, or whatever other behavior problem he had (which very likely is connected to undiagnosed physical imbalances or problems), there are many other ways to treat him than what they did. EEG biofeedback, energy medicine, herbs, other alternative methods and medicine that are life-affirming and healing, not this fascist obey-or-get-zapped stuff. That's the end result of some of the behavior modification programs, unfortunately. It doesn't treat the child like a whole being, but like an animal to be "trained". I don't care if their evidence claims it works, it's set up to program the child like a machine and not a human with a spirit. This sort of thing breaks the spirit, but then what does The System care about a person's spirit? Only about stealing it, for the most part.

    And the same greater system that impairs childen's brains (or allows them to stay impaired) is the same system delivering programs like JRC. The toxicity of the world is largely at the root of the problem, IMO, anyone can see that. So to then punish the problem out of the child is cruel and twisted. Root causes of health problems must be addressed, but they won't because that would implicate the big dirty money that's polluting children's bodies with things like chemicals, electrical pollution, and ionizing radiation (especially now with Fukushima – child behavior problems can only increase with the impaired brain functioning from radiation). This is one of the reasons medical abuse in general is allowed to go on, because the system is set up to treat people like machines and not like whole beings that "holistic" medicine addresses. It's a natural outgrowth of the way society is set up, the way medical and behavioral "authorities" are worshipped.

    Regular special education programs sometimes use inhumane treatment, as well. It can take the bravest lawyer to take on a school that's doing things like locking kids in time-out rooms for too long and whatever else they may be doing to the kids. Parents should never blindly trust any special ed program or school, without investigating and feeling it out. Unfortunately some states' special ed systems are set up so that the parent has to sue to get their kid *out* of it. Some states changed that. Check into your state. Check into all the laws relating and being developed (this means things like keeping on eye on legislative proceedings) and expose any unsavory behavior, then lobby to change it. Very powerful interests are lobbying to keep parents and students powerless. So parents have to push back and not assume that the special education "advocates" are fighting, because some of them are getting parents to be soft and go along with too much.

    Andre's screams for help are more than heartbreaking, and it's heartbreaking as well to think about the pain his mother felt at knowing her child was being tortured like this. I hope they get justice. And I for one would love to see the place shut down. The judicial players need to not minimize what her son went through, or chalk it up to just following procedure. And whoever laughed (!!!!) at Andre's pain needs to be locked up and never allowed to work near kids again. Someone knew those people were cruel when they hired them, because their work culture allowed it and obviously sees the kids as beneath them.

    • To Answer Your Quest on

      Excellent and very articulate post. And to think, in some of these cases, mainstream medicine (vaccines, etc.) have caused these very problems……Beyond nauseating.

    • Massachussetts, H Kissinger used to have a residential property there in the past. To organize his shenanigans.

      • Ohio Croatian on

        Kissinger and Dr.Israel are probably members of the same chapter of B'nai Brith.

  23. wt a coincidence, i just finished reading this on another site and was about to email VC about it! absolutely degrading and disgusting. the our of judgment is upon us shortly. it is better to serve Christ the LAMB now that grace is given freely rather than face his wrath when He returns as LION! great article btw.

  24. To hell with them! how can they find it in their selves to torture that boy??? there's no justification for those sadistic savages!

  25. Just think of how many people we see everyday that are victims of this mess!…this is obviously everywhere and right under our blind noses! fact I went to hair school with a girl whose fam was a part of a cult and sold her for sex!..her mom had her in all the pagents as a kid and when company would come for dinner her grandma would send her to bed with no panties on and the friends of the family would perform sexual acts on her!..when she turned 16 she said shed fainted and woke up in a crazy home full of girls!…i doubt if she fainted and she has little memory of a lot of it but til this day she wears pink and glitter and she looks crazy being as old as she is in a poofy dress!…on our graduation her dress looked like a kids pagent poof dress…it was ridiculous really!..but she is a sweet girl who has a child like awe that most her age left behind when they were 6 years old!…smh!

  26. With these revealing tapes it is my hope that this facility is forced to shut down and discontinue service. Makes my heart weep for those students and especially this poor young man.

  27. I thought my state was better than this.. Although, now that I really think about it, I have no idea why I would ever think that.

  28. There's nothing such sadists love more than getting away with acting worse now than they did when they were younger. Cause that's when they themselves got their minds effed up, their innocences taken, love and security intentionally replaced with traumas and fear. This is their way of finally feeling in control. These people are the ones in need of proper treatment, not the helpless children who have NO IDEA HOW LONG they are gonna be RESTRAINED and TORTURED by these sad, ungodly grownups. D'uh.

    We all need to come together and show compassion and everything pure, good and human to the victims of these "horrible new techniques"!

    In my school, people who had a difficult time got hugs to make them (feel) better.

    What's shown here is the opposite.

    And btw, now hugging is made illegal someplaces too.

    Satanists.. They are so fucking jealous and envious and spiteful and mean. Man.

    Obviously, they are the true slaves.

  29. Why don't you try being restrained against your own will, then being tortured, no matter what, don't need torture even, just being restrained against your will for 7 hours by ADULTS who stand around laughing.. try not to scream then. At least, your soul cries. It goes from simply "Why are they doing this to me?" to hate. That's the energy these vampires are looking for. Everything mad and bad. They think they need it?

  30. Disturbing, but not as disturbing as those that SAT by while this was going on and doing or saying nothing. All those in charge in this school regardless as to WHO they are, are culpable and will never find peace in their lives. They should be hounded out of EVERY good community and placed in a cell for them to contemplate their part in this atrocity.

    There truly is a special place for people who will not, cannot, or refuse to turn these people in, EVIL is a WEAK word in this case to describe these people they are LOST for eternity and will never be allowed back with those of us that are with our creator.

    It is NOT my place to DAMN them, they are already damned and lost to all that ever was or will be.

    I hope they find no peace where they go, they do not deserve it and that includes all who work at the school who did and said nothing – SOD it everyone who worked there.

    Namaste, rev;

  31. Exactly at 11.11 the video starts – some nice 11 11 numerology here – symbolism hidden in plain sight…. by the elite…

  32. freedom fighter on

    i have tears running down my face, and the fact that those people chose this as a career, and somehow finds this amusing, is beyond me. im disgusted that some human beings relish this torture

    sending love to every living creature on our beautiful planet, that we may live in peace, love and compassion, and vile twisted sick organisations such as these will go back to hell where they came from.

    one love x x

  33. Pain is not treatment, it's torture.

    Evil is taking, not giving, as in this case.

    Just being taken from my home and my parents,

    then restrained by sadistic grownups that are supposed to do anything but this,

    even without being tortured for hours on end, just being restrained,

    and screaming for mom and dad, realizing they will NOT come,

    and I'd go into coma for three days too.

    Exactly how is this gonna teach a "violent" kid NOT to be "violent" anyway?

    That's the question. Isn't what we see only ironic evil hypocricy?

    Do they WANT to bring upon the children everything from schizofrenia to suicide?


    These sick sadists don't need jail.

    Only "therapy" for them would be something like Hell.

    Only problem is, they already know this themselves as well..

    Psychopathic satanists and luciferians have taken over.

    Vigilantcitizen com. Henrymakow com.

  34. Pure Nazi scum. Everyone who administered these "therapy" sessions should go to jail as well as those who ordered it, how many children tortured therse last 8 years??? maybe that judge should get an obstruction charge

  35. This is a sample of what is found in the above link:

    JRC employs a general use of Level III aversive behavioral interventions (electric shock devices and restraint chairs) to students with a broad range of disabilities, many without a clear history of self-injurious behaviors.

    � JRC employs a general use of Level III aversive behavioral interventions to students for behaviors that are not aggressive, health dangerous or destructive, such as nagging, swearing and failing to maintain a neat appearance.

    � The use of the electric skin shock conditioning devices as used at JRC raises health and safety concerns.

    � The Contingent Food Program and Specialized Food Program (withholding food) may impose unnecessary risks affecting the normal growth and development and overall nutritional/health status of students subjected to this aversive behavior intervention.

    At the time of team�s April visit there were 148 NYS students enrolled at JRC. At that time, 77 were approved to receive Level III behavioral interventions from staff at JRC. Of these 77 students, 53 were receiving skin shock through the GED that is adjustable with an average intensity of 15.25 mill amperes RMS, a duration of .2 seconds to 2 seconds, an average peak of 30.5 milliamperes, and 24 students are receiving GED (referred to as a GED-4) skin shock which has a maximum current of 45.0 milliamperes RMS, an average peak of 91 milliamperes, and a maximum duration of 2 seconds. The higher-level shock is used when it is determined that the student is not responding to the lower level shock.


    Electric skin shock

    The most common Level III aversive procedure used at JRC is skin shock in which one or more electrical stimulations are administered to a student after he or she engages in a targeted behavior. Skin shocks are delivered through a graduated electronic deceleration (GED) device that consists of a transmitter operated by JRC staff and a receiver worn by the JRC student. The receiver delivers an electrical current to the student�s skin upon command from the transmitter. Electrodes are worn by the student on various parts of the body, notably the arms, legs and stomach area, and can range in number and placement dependent upon the students� behavior program guidelines.

    Students wear the GED device for the majority of their sleeping and waking hours, and some students are required to wear it during shower/bath time. The GED receivers range in size and are placed in either �fanny� packs or knapsacks. Staff carry the GED transmitters in a plastic box. Students may have multiple GED devices (electrodes) on their bodies. For example, one NYS student�s behavior program states, �C will wear two GED devices. C will wear 3 spread, GED electrodes at all times and take a GED shower for her full self care.�

    The GED is manufactured by the JRC. While JRC has information posted on their website and in written articles which represents the GED device as "approved", it has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA has cleared the device for marketing as �substantially equivalent to devices marketed or classified as �aversive conditioning devices.� FDA's clearance prohibits JRC from representing the device as FDA approved. JRC�s GED was modified from other similar devices on the market by doubling the intensity (amperage and voltage) and increasing the duration by 10 times (from .2 to 2 seconds) of the shock administered and by expanding the positions on the body where the electrodes could be placed. JRC also uses a device called the GED-4, which applies an even greater intensity shock to the student when the student fails to respond to the lower level shock.

  37. If that doesn't fuck em up real good..

    Animals, inmates and prisoners etc. are treated better than these children who have a hard time with their lives already as it is, before being exposed to evil adults.

  38. Also:

    Findings: JRC promotes a setting that discourages social interaction between staff and students and among students.

    Evil knows no limits.

    They just "have" to torture somebody,

    who better than disabled problem children you take under your own care.

    They think we don't know?

    They think they'll get away with it?

  39. rose from massachuse on

    I am from Massachusetts & this awful place has been in the news many, many times. People have been trying to shut this place down for a long time, and this place is under constant criticism by activists for the disabled.

    So I do not know WHY this horrible so called treatment center is still open. It sure seems strange to me that a place as bad as this would be allowed to continue to operate as it does.

    • It's still open partly because of lobbyists, i.e. big money killed a certain bill that might have made a difference.

      "WASHINGTON — The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, a special-needs school in Canton that disciplines students with electric shocks, used a sophisticated lobbying campaign in Congress last year to help defeat a ban of its controversial techniques, according to recently released public documents. […]

      The center paid $100,000 last year to a law firm headed by former GOP presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani in a successful effort to help stifle the measure in the Senate, according to 2010 lobbying disclosure records released in January. The bill died in the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee. […]

      The parents told lawmakers that their children would be dead or institutionalized without the center and its unorthodox methods, said Edward D. Krenik, a top Washington lobbyist [with law firm Bracewell & Guliani] who led the campaign. […]. "

      The article says the firm claimed Guliani wasn't involved in the decision. Rudy "Police State" Giuliani knows a lot about protecting perpetrators with lawyers, for while Mayor of NYC he had 600 of them to help defend the city against civil rights lawsuits related to the "army of 38,000 heavily-armed police (the world's largest police force)".

      Also, "“If it was so good, everybody else would be doing it,’’ said Barbara Trader, executive director of TASH, a disabled rights group in Washington." JRC is the only school in the country using shock treatment.

      It says JRC also hired a PR firm and another lobbyist firm.

      Krenik also was the Associate Administrator for Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations of Bush's EPA. That's the same EPA that brought us the Clear Skies Act of 2003, criticized by some as a double-speaking effort which sounded lofty but turned out would weaken existing air pollution regulations (and be followed by more doublespeak by Bush about “clean” nuclear energy to ease energy burdens during global warming times).

      So basically, desperate parents turn to lobbyists who are good at making dangerous, unhealthy things sound less bad.

  40. babylon system on

    Have a look at the pictures on their site. The place is just trip. If you weren't nuts before going there you would be soon.

    Checkerboard pattern in the cafeteria, butterfiles in the lawn. Looks like Monarch Programming HQ:

  41. the most disturbing part of it all is this was one example of one day, not even- a couple of hours of a room in there. this is happening every day to many in there and what other places like this??

    this country is so fucked up and no one knows it. we are also one of the top countries for "missing" children and human trafficking. we are too busy looking at the problems of the other countries to see what is going on here.

    • Smh. Why are there so many children missing these days? Oh, and I have heard about fetuses and dead children powdered and used into pills. Smh, this world is so sick.

  42. I drive by this place all the time, this makes me cringe. I watched that video was completely disgusted by it. The pics especially of the "yellow brick road" are very disturbing. Poor babies that go to that place.

  43. and why is no one protesting outside of the center as we speak??

    cause no one opens their mouth in this country

  44. People should find out those basterds and should do the same thing that they did to others. these things happen everywhere across the globe the world is utterly sick.

  45. 2nd link below relates to my above posts about the lobbyists who killed the bill banning restraints, seclusions, and possibly electroshock on students:

    Informative and tragically funny illustration – "Lobbyists – How We Run Washington":

  46. Simply, Vanessa on

    I have to add my two cents to this topic. I read some of the comments, and even though we can all if not most agree that electro shook treatment is bad. But this article is turning into hating Massachusetts, and seeing MK Ultra themes where they are not. For example, my name is Vanessa, which means butterfly. Does my name equate to being a beta programmed victim? No, it does not. What I am saying is there might be a possibility that this is a torture facility, but I doubt it. Why? Because I know for a fact that when you are in government/facility care there are cameras 24/7 365. I also know that before signing at the dotted line everything, I mean EVERYTHING has to be disclosed. For the obvious reasons, like a lawsuit. Again I agree this type of treatment is torture, but it has worked for other families and this type of treatment is a last resort to staff members. Remind you this is a sample of the WHOLE entire tape. What was not presented were when the staff offered Andre a bathroom break, food etc. The reason why he got shocked so many times was because his body tensed up, I do not know if the staff electrocuted him multiple times because of Andre tensing up his body, or because the electrocution system can sense the body tensing up and starts to shook again. Not for nothing, the staff did tell Andre to not tense up his body, but on tape it is said that the staff laughed at Andre's agonizing screams. I am only trying to give a fair point of view to the whole story. No, I am not an agent. I am a truth seeker. This treatment has been going on for years, the only reason why this is a public outrage is because of how people feel about the treatment. Remind you, America use to do lobotomies for behavioral modifications, permanent mental stays for people deemed morally corrupted, and sent pregnant adolescent girls to Christian boarding schools to save the face of the family, and to have the mothers deliver the babies then forcibly lead them to close adoptions. My point is all of these practices have been banned, yet shock treatment is still a valued method, regardless of how you feel. I gain I stress I do not believe in this type of method. But the law needs to keep up with the times and hopefully it can, due to this case. Massachusetts has strong connects to esoteric symbols, but so does the rest of America. Some places more than other places in America, hello America was "discovered" by Masons. So you do the math. Massachusetts has its good and bad, just like everywhere else. But from my unbiased opinion, no it is not more "illuminatified" than others. Side note [Massachusetts has thirteen letters, was apart of the thirteen colonies, and the number 13 is very symbolic] I just had to add that. But anywho, take what you hear for a grain of salt. Lastly, I saw the front page of the website, I saw the butterfly. I know what it represents, but also remind you this is a facility that is set up to help the mentally ill and mentally challenged. It is known that a lot of mentally challenged people have a child like mind. So maybe the facility was trying to appeal to the mentally changed. Of course this may not be true, but who knows for sure? Second a lot of places have tile black and white floors. Not because they believe in duality, but because the white and black tiles represents elegance. But, yes maybe the floors are to represent duality, like I said who knows? Wizard of Oz is a well know story, (though I have never seen it for longer than ten minutes), but nevertheless a well known movie. Like I have stated this facility is for the mentally ill and mentally challenged. The Wizard of Oz theme maybe a method to appeal to them. For all I know I maybe dead on, or dead wrong. But give situations and thoughts a completely unbiased personal evaluation before you judge and get your pitchforks ready.

    • Did you check out all the pictures on the website? Do you not wonder where all this money came from to have all these different rooms so brightly painted and all this wacky avant-garde furniture, etc.? I gotta admit, I don't know what to make of the elaborate decor of the place…but MK Ultra does make sense here.

      • Re: the decor, if you go to the JRC site and click on Photos – Facilities – School Building – Photo Tour, three photos in is a weird waiting room decorated in green with black and white furniture and a freaky black and white thing on the wall. I wrote on the Hunger Games page about the Qliphoth, the alternate universe accessed by the dark side of the kabbalah, and it's supposedly all black and white. HP Lovecraft wrote about horrific monsters associated with the Qliphoth, and that sculpture looks like one of them – it also looks like a giant eyeball. It's not at all reassuring that they would decorate a waiting room at a special needs school like a house of horrors. And the Whimsy Room where the kids supposedly have fun – it's rainbow colored and has a whole wall full of masks, and more of those freaky wall sculptures.

        I also hardly see any white kids in the facility photos. Most of the kids pictured are various minorities. Yet another way our culture contains the future of minority citizens, by detaining their children. I've been reading more about that poor kid, and it just gets worse and worse – one article said he was autistic, and was so damaged by that torture session that he's institutionalized and will never be ok again. :( Another article said that he was psychotic, but every report said the torture session was precipitated by him not responding when told to take his coat off. That's hardly psychotic. It's understandable for an autistic kid, they don't take direction well, but in no way merits that response. They jumped on him like he was a suicide bomber about to pull the pin. The kids need to be rescued, and then that place needs to be burned to the ground.

  47. Any Thoughts? on

    I noticed someone posted a link about nasty hospitals in Massachusetts. Any thoughts on Patricia Cornwell and her (characters') affiliation with McLean Hospital? Could "Benton" be a programmer?

  48. I think I just discovered a connection between electroshock and occult philosophy, beyond it being just a good way to torture someone. OTO occultist Kenneth Grant talked a lot about the Ophidian current, connected to the god Set, and snakes and kundalini. This interesting article talks about electricity being symbolized as a snake. Maybe the shocking is a ritual beyond just basic domination and control.

    • @Fleurdamour: Yes, they easily seem connected! I wonder what the effect of electroshock is on a person's Kundalini, too.

      And of course this idea ties in to your other post about Typhon. I'm behind on all this stuff you talk about lately (Typhon/Set/Ophidian, also Qliphoth), so I've got some reading to do!

      • @ojos pelados- The Qliphoth, the broken shells of creation, were supposedly created when a primordial lightning bolt hit the Spheres, or Sephirot. Aleister Crowley claimed his occult book Liber 777 represented that-the 7's look like a bolt of lightning. It's not easy to find info on this stuff, you have to go to some weird places. The Qliphoth sound like a spiritual bad neighborhood.

      • @ojos- I was also just wondering about that 'over the rainbow' code for dissociation. The chakras are rainbow lights. Wonder if that code means someone's awareness is sent outside of their chakras, which are supposedly the point of connection between our physical and spiritual selves. And according to the fritz springmeier book, films are used for programming. The fact that there is an onsite cinema at the facility might be significant.

      • OjosPelados on

        @Fleurdamour – Sorry I didn't reply right away! I got distracted by some stuff online, and then researching too. I was preparing a reply to this but got caught up in citing sources and trying to make the pieces fit together. The gist of my message was going to be that I agree with you, but it's a longer story than I have an attention span to write out at the moment. Basically, I think the over the rainbow is a higher vibrational state, where the person can access a higher energy. There is another interpretation, too, maybe I can write it out later. And yes I think the cinema at the facility is important because the classic MK Ultra programming supposedly makes key use of certain movies.

        Anyway, I just found this amazing link to Ophiuchus in another separate musical reference, and I think it has to do with 2012! I don't know what to do with all these clues. So many things are fitting together that it's hard to find the time to connect them in writing. I will try to come back to this page later.

      • OjosPelados on

        @Fleurdamour I was confusing Ophidian and Ophiuchus, as I see you said the first word not the second, if I read correctly. Maybe it's important somehow. It looks that way.

      • i hope this get to the people who are talking about 'over the rainbow' 'eyes wide shut', the term 'under the rainbow' is spoken and symbolized and both times, it was related to sexual 'sin' or taboos.

      • OjosPelados on

        @hello Thanks, I should probably see that movie to see what everyone's talking about.

  49. Forced inhalation of ammonia? WTF? the shocking is one thing but forced inhalation of ammonia? I'm almost speechless. I guess this center is geared towards people who really are developmentally disabled and these are ways they can kill the quicker or something because…yeah…Forced freaking inhalation of ammonia man…

    • They were also forced to eat jalapeno peppers or hot sauce, according to a report made after a 19-year-old "mentally retarded" young woman died there:

  50. From the disturbing gallery of photos on their website:

    "The Ogden R. Lindsley Auditorium has been used for events such as these: magic, clown and reptile shows; motivational talks; nutrition and health lectures; and President Obama’s 2009 talk to the nation’s school children."

    • So weird! I wonder how those children's parents can trust them. It's enough to visit their site for understanding there's something wrong with it. Magic, the Yellow Brick Road… wtf?

    • Why are you so pissed at the Jews? This story is about a young person who was abused in the most horrific manner. I agree w you that Dr. Israel should have his balls shocked into oblivion. He should lose his license to practice medicine and probably go to jail. He behaved like a Nazi! Ironic, right? Anyway, I know that Jews can be difficult because I am Jewish. But there are good Jews out there who are good, decent, honest people. If all Jews conducted themselves like Bernie Maddoff or this douchebag dr. Israel, I would change my last name and convert. Some of us Jews even believe that the Palestinians do deserve better treatment, and have as much right to the land in Israel as the Israelis. I'm just saying…there are bad Jews, no doubt, but there are good Jews also.

      • Ohio Croatian on

        True there are good jews.I am against the Zionists who are controlled by the globalist Rothchild family.Nor do I like the ones who who continually gripe about the Holocaust.Many jews act like they are the"most suffering people" on the planet.In reality,the worst "holocaust" was commited by the "jewish " Bolsheviks against Ukrainians during the "bread famine" around 1929.During this time, 8 to 9 million Ukrainians were starved to death by the commies.Also, many jews do seem to believe they are superior and I do find that offensive.I do not know why they feel that way.Maybe, that attitude comes from the teachings of the anti-gentile Talmud.

  51. they are just going on and on with these sick experiments to get people under their power..

    now there are still electro therapies out there.. and this is prove..

    i really think they used this on the children thats got these 'big' starts

    • I don’t understand it myself. I tried to watch the wizard of oz whilst a kid and got bored halfway so I abandoned it. This film seems to be significant although I can’t bear watching it.

    • it is also here in the site, read the article about it. well, it has heavy symbolisms that portray a mind-control slave and how they attain enlightenment.

  52. @Ekard: possibly the most outspoken surivor of the MKUltra mind control program, Cathy O'Brien, answers your question in detail in her book The TRANS FORMATION OF AMERICA: See
    It is an eye-opening (but harrowing) read containing information everyone deserves to know/ ought to be aware of. Cathy's story has numerous parallels with the testimonies of a great many other mind-control program survivors who are still fortunate to be alive (and who could not have known each-other) yet over and over, testimonies implicate the same small criminal elite of perpeTRAITORS.

  53. Tonight as I read this peice posted by vc. My heart broken wide open I cannot stand it when people have such a hard time treating other people decently and with respect. I always place my self in the other persons shoes/life and guess what It hurt so bad I wanted to scream. I truly never want to be walking in or living in anyone elses shoes whatsoever. We all have a hard long journey in life to travel with so many up and downs and extreme hardships for many. There are a extreme few who have a cushioned life. Those I fear must have evil around them for satan will give you what you but for a cost your soul. These animals working at this so called educational center which it should change its name to a torture center will go to hell I repeat will go to hell for their horrible actions towards another human being. God will see to it. All the oz and butterflies imagery etc. is clearly mind-control. Whats makes it worse is that theses victims in there trying to get help are not able to defend themselves nor speak out against the pain and torture given to them. You know I get alot of junk mail to send money to save the wolves or other animals, to clean the sea and oceans or help save birds or the forest and its all goverment crock of sh*t!! Just becuase I wanted a magazine about nature. Well until we can fix humans to help one another and care and love one another I'll be d*mned if I'm gonna send any money and by the way thanks for the blank gretting cards address labels/sticker and calendars. Since I never asked for them I don't feel guilty to keep and use them. Sorry went off there from the topic at hand. I'm sick to my stomache and my brain is in overdrive/overload with all the disturbing infro. and

    news that the world spews I just want to vomit. It not pretty its ugly, its not safe its dangerous, its not illuminating its dark,its not warm its cold, its not kind its hurtful, its not loving its hateful, its not wonderful its awful, its not good feeling its painful. There is light and hope at the end of the tunnel for Our fathers life was taken so that we may live. I remember watching oprah years ago and she had a story on about a chinese or other asian country I can't recall excatly what country it was and an orphange where was this little baby girl they called (no-name) because one cared to name her or claim her. As time went on one one would even hold her, touch her, feed her so she died. Now I ask you humans where does your heart lie with satan or GOD. Every time I hear a news story or watch one being reported on humans acting like wild evil dangerous animals I think of that tiny poor little girl left in the cold dark room to die alone surrounded by workers at the orphange. If this doesn't make you feel horrible in the way we treat each other then I suppose your a souless walking zombie or a cold rock laying on the ground. We have to behave like caring loving people not wild animals out of cages hungry starving to mistreat and kill one another. Lord I pray that you forgive all those who are in the wrong-doing and come into the the souls of every human being to bring fourth peace/love. However those who have committed serious crimes may the punishment fit. Some have sold their souls to the devil and will not change those should stand before God and take what is given to them. You reap what you sow. What comes around goes around. Vc thanks for the posting of this for maybe just maybe we will open our eyes to the evil thats stands around us and stand up to it with the armour of God. To be shocked over and over again and again is maddening. Who I ask anyone, gave them the right and control to treat another human being in this manner. It must of been satan for Our father loves us like children. Wait a minute there are lot of people who don't treat their own kids or children right. So I mean our father in heaven treats us with love and respect. He cares deeply for us its man who is evil. We all know that not everyone is evil but more and more people are acting and behaving in such a manner. Everyday people are mistreating and abusing and killing other people. It happens so often that nothing shocks us anymore. It like we've become ammune to it. When will it stop……. when i'm 6 feet under and on my way home.

  54. We’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.
    It’s their plan to drive half the population insane, the rest desensitized and violent themselves.. While they also try to extract the 2nd coming..

  55. My reply – Wow I guess someone wasn’t paying attention was to simply vanessa 75. Just becuase there are cameras 24/7 doen’t mean a thing the gov. looks the other way when its going their way. As far as the oz subject to this posting Why wasn’t it something else why the rainbow and the oz and the butterfly which vc and countless others sending out the infromation to warn us about mind control used. Because it is mind control to disassocate the mind from the tramatic abuse being used. Lets face it this site is mostly about mind control and related issues. We can agree to disagree. I believe they are 100% wrong in the way they handled the situation. By the way offering food and bathrooms breaks is only a human right and a decent needful act. That doesn’t remove the shock treatment nor pain he recieved nor does it take away their animalistic behaviour. Who knows you might be right about oz but my gut and heart says no. They could have used heavenly angel puppies or kittens or pretty birds or something else but {butterflies,oz and black and white flooring}. Not everyone likes oz.
    Maybe images of heaven or Our father would have been better unless your on saatan side then that would not be to your liking I guess. Just my opinion on your posting. Who knows, I hope your right it doesn’t add up to mind control.

  56. Being from Boston and sick to my stomach from this article and the seemingly satanic torture of “thes less then desierbles” or maybe their, most desirable being that they can’t fend for themselves, BUT is there anything I can do, any ideas??? About how I can stand up to these sick pigs! In my community, I would like t protest but how would I go about it? Or any other avenues about tearing down this stronghold.

    • OjosPelados on

      I was trying to work on the political background of this but it's a lot of information. People were trying to attack this issue from more than one angle. My main idea was going to be that people could, for one, find the pertinent legislation, get the legislation number and who proposed it and who voted which way, who is on any involved committees, and contact *those* people – especially the committee people. If the regulation needed to shut this place down or stop the electroshock died in committee, then those legislators may need to hear from people. I realize it is complex, especially with the lobbyist money involved, so as much creativity and really working the legislation and "free" speech system (that we have left) will be needed.

  57. this is why we have to stand up for our civil liberties. why we can't just let things go "to get things done". As far as those animals are concerned, we have to spread this tape as far as possible and encourage the DA of NYC to prosecute this sons of bitches and give them jail time.

    We have the laws on the books already, we need to use those laws to do the right thing here.

    • OjosPelados on

      Part of the problem is people getting paid to not do the right thing aka like lobbyist money. They and everyone on the take have to be exposed for their conflicts of interests regarding justice here.

  58. BlindedByTheLight on

    @simply, vanessa –

    Please take the time to thoroughly re-read the article and maybe even your post, as well. There are some aspects to your 'view' that I cannot understand (I respect your own opinion, but I do not find your view to be conclusive).

    I find it strange that you mention that the clinicians "told him to stop tensing up" – I have received electrotherapy for muscle strain and tendonitis in my thighs, and it is nearly impossible to simply "stop tensing up" when high voltage is running through you. I am only 22, but during my first year of high school a sustained a serious volleyball injury that had me in physio for 3 months, 2 one-hour electrotherapy sessions per week. I can say from experience that it is a natural reaction to tense up when feeling uncomfortable or feeling pain, I am guessing you can as well.

    I am not singling you out, but you and whoever else that thinks that private agencies fully disclose all information to the government should perhaps do a little digging before formulating this view. I find it has become 'usual' for me to not be surprised by all of the blacked-out areas of documents, the poor reporting of facts, the lack of full-disclosure and the overall 'maximize profit, minimize accountability' mentality that the people who run private schools, rehabilitation centres/schools, private care facilities have. There is constantly some form of controversy surrounding these types of centres and the government has no problem using them as a scape goat to protect themselves for a lack accountability OR whatever crazy agenda that they are spreading through these facilities.

    Sure it is 'possible' that the facilitators of this centre and others similar to it, have good intentions, but I find it incredibly unlikely. As a History/Political Science Major who specializations in U.S. history and relations, it is important to note that the capitalist way, knows no boundaries. If there is money to be made, there is a man eager to do what it takes to make it. Even if that means crossing professional borders and abandoning the ethics behind their position.

    As some of my other 'vigilant citizens' have noted, this is one case. This is one parent and one young man who have decided to go public with their story. We know nothing of the other hundreds of patients who have frequented this centre, whether their stories are good or bad. That truly concerns me. What about those who have endured these types of procedures, how can they 'normalize' themselves into society again? **This reminds me of the forced sterilization that courts where mandating/ordering in a variety of states less than 25 years ago** How can someone 'get their life back' or trust the people that we are socialized to 'believe in' when those people have crossed them?

    We need to take action, not violent or protesting in nature – but action in the sense that we spread our knowledge and do our civic duties when we can. Writing a letter/email to our leaders, being critical of these types of centres, calling people out. I truly love the banter back and forth in the comments section, but if each of us sent ONE email each week – or shared this site with ONE person each week, we could really help 'awaken' our 'sheeply' friends who live without this knowledge.


  59. what the fckn fck?? on

    "The Center was also banned banned from subjecting new admissions to severe behavioral interventions including electric shock, long-term restraint, or aversives that pose risk for psychological harm."

    Really?? only banned?? .. why not closed down all together smh.

  60. Here is the their website showing all the rooms on the Yellow Brick Road. All are garish and fantasy-like. None of it is age-appropriate for teens anyway–maybe two year olds, minus the creepy factor. I love this quote in light of MK: "Here is perhaps our happiest conference room—the “Mickey” room," and also please note all the monster-sized butterflies in front of the school

    • @JH – It also seems like a sick joke that the gatekeepers to a facility for disturbed teens would be characters from "Looney Tunes."

      My sister had a learning disability, and my mother was advised to decorate her childhood room in neutral colors with little clutter, in order not to overstimulate her. These wacked out rooms would overstimulate anyone, let alone an autistic kid. They don't seem fun, they seem hectic and creepy.

  61. Watch the great video "Good is Evil" on youtube, the one with the chimpansee pictured!

    The true story about our enslavement based on morality.. As in thou shall not kill, so they invent "wars". Thou shall not steal, hence "taxation", etc.. Great thieves, wanting monopoly and nothing else. Evil, taking, not giving.

  62. OK, so I went to the website for this torture center and began to look around. They make NO secret that they use GED "skin" shock therapy as and averse therapy to those who do not respond well to "positive" reward based therapies. On the websites home page, you immediately notice a large sculpture (I am assuming is placed on the grounds) of a huge butterfly on some blocks. I also noticed, while looking through some pictures, that the rooms are decorated very vibrantly, lots of color and patterns (one of which is the kitchen, equipped with a black/white checkerboard floor). It seems like a fantasy land in there! Also, there were some pics of different holiday activities, and there was one of Halloween in what seemed to possibly be a cafeteria. There were Coke themed pictures EVERYWHERE. (Guess who just got a big ol fat deal with Coke to create couture designed bottles? MADONNA–the illuminati Queen). Much more to be seen on the website, which, quite frankly freaked me out a bit, so I just left the site. The most disturbing thing, I did a general search of GED skin shock and I dare say 99% of the articles that came up were about this torture center in MA. One article even stated (and I am NOT quoting word for word) that the device was FDA approved for the Judge Rotenberg Center. Strange? YES! Why would the FDA spend money and time approving such a gruesome piece of equipment (which they cutely call "shock therapy in a backpack") for ONE institution. As far as I've seen, this is the only place using this particular therapy. Not that EST isn't used in other places, but this particular type (the EST in a backpack). This is SICK and freaking CRAZY!!!

    • Oh…and I forgot. They also refer to their therapies as "programming" very often. Who would've guessed??????

  63. Make a Phone Call, Shock a Child

    By John M. Grohol, PsyD

    Founder & Editor-in-Chief

    You’d swear I made this up just to capture some sort of weird headlines for the holidays. I wish.

    What would you say if I told you there existed a “school” in Massachusetts that caters to the most troubled youth the state has to offer. Using a set of behavioral modification techniques, they try their best to teach their students, while trying to maintain some sense of order. They have 250 adults and children at the school at any given time, and focus on serving people with autism, mental retardation, and emotional problems.

    Sounds okay, right? Say what you want about behavior modification techniques, but there’s a solid research base to back up much of their use and effectiveness. Well, most techniques.

    What about administering electric shocks to children? Surely we don’t do that today in modern society, right?

    Well, we do. And we do it with a system called SIBIS. Every single day.

    But here’s where it gets really weird. According to a story in today’s Boston Globe, the school administered electrical shocks to two children based solely upon a prank phone call made to the school by an ex-student.

    Take some time to take that in. The school — the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center — delivered 77 electrical shocks to one child and 29 electrical shocks to another child based solely upon a single phone call to the school. By an ex-student, posing as a supervisor.

    This occurred in August, but was only made public when the state released a report about the incident this week. To the school’s credit, they notified the police “within hours” of the incident. And the school has assured the public it has put new safeguards in place to prevent this from happening again: “Corrigan, the spokesman for the center, said he is confident the August case will not be repeated.”

    But such comments beg the question. How can a school that already has a reputation because of its use of electrical shock as a behavior modification technique in children not already have such safeguards in place in the first place? I mean, shouldn’t shocks — and we’re talking electrical shocks here — only be administered based upon something equivalent to a written prescription by a doctor?

    * * *

    You see, when it comes to administering electrical shocks to a human, the research gets a little… murky. One of the systems widely used at this school is called SIBIS. And of the 11 (yes, all of 11) citations in PsycINFO, the psychology research database, most are single case studies. Most are also at least 10 years old. Doing a search on “electric and behavior and modification and child” results in 31 citations. Again, mostly single case studies and most older than 10 years. Some are editorial, and some are describing the controversy regarding administering electrical shocks to children.

    In other words, the research base for using electrical shock on children is a little thin. SIBIS is a long-standing controversial technique within child psychology and is largely not used as a mainstream treatment.

    Helpfully, the JRC hosts its own site, Use of Skin-Shock at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) (note the implication of the use of the domain, “”). Lots of links to paper presentations at conferences and videos. Not a lot of peer-reviewed research.

    There are many “effective treatments” that for ethical and moral reasons we no longer allow. Perhaps SIBIS should be one of them.

    This time, however, people aren’t sitting around waiting for the JRC to stop this treatment:

    Top officials in New York and Washington, D.C., where many of the center’s students originate, have called for a stop to the controversial shock treatments at the school.

    Yesterday, in a prepared statement, state Senator Brian Joyce called on officials to more strictly limit and regulate the use of shock therapy in the state.

    Indeed. Especially on the state’s most vulnerable citizens — its children.

    Read the full article: Students in Canton given electrical shocks after prank call, report says. The report was published by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.

  64. So basically.. Disney and WB proves through these horrible upside-down world pictures that they are complicit. Why else would they allow huge Mickeys and Bugs Bunnies?
    The essence of Hollywood itself is represented there, as all fantasy!
    The most nightmarish twisted shit I think I’ve ever seen.
    One thing is unfortunate people who screw themselves over like on most gorenews sites..
    Another thing entirely is when somebody is consciously inflicting pain and agony, physiologically and spiritually upon another man. One thing is when it happens in wars, which are horrible anyway, another thing is when parents send their children into this, and it’s legal and operating in America today! That’s what’s blowing my mind away.

  65. My wife is a Psychiatric nurse. They the similar technique (Electic shock to the brain) to some patients. alot of the time, she tells me, its works (brings people out from deep depression/behavior problems). So it basicaly 'Resets' the brain and then the go onto recieve treatment to actually help them. I can see why it is used in MK to reset brains etc. But this is sick torture.

  66. Somebody's Mom on

    I am horrified and cannot begin to think what I would do to the employees and co-ordinators of that facility if they did that to my son. They must all be eliminated. How I regret thinking that I was brave enough to watch that video!

  67. No wonder God said that vengeance is His. He knows about this kind of sickness before any of us could fathom anyone could do this. He knows all the evil that has been done, that's being done and that will be done by people. I stopped the videos once I heard the screams.

    BTW, I saw this picture on BBC News World homepage that accompanied an article about the shuttle's last flight (it's been getting ALOT of media attention), I guess it gives a clue why


  68. This is sickening, and once again its happening all around the western world at the same time. The State 0f Western Australia is about to introduce laws which allow mentally disabled children as young as 10 to agree to barbaric measures such as sterilisation, shock treatments and "family planning measures". All WITHOUT parental consent.

    The Illuminati control all sides of politics in every western country! Doesn't matter who's in control at any given time, the political party in power will make things worse for us all, and the next party in control will NEVER reverse the previous party's wrongdoing.

    They electrocute and sterilise our kids, they electrocute us to dominate us, and they all make it sound like its all "good" and "right" when it is not. Its evil and its wrong. Time to stand up for our kids, ourselves and our families.

  69. …I don't even know what I can say. Words can not even begin to describe what I've just seen.

    In my eyes everyone involved in that, should be put to death or worse, subjected to the same "treatment".

  70. They play the Wizard of Oz in a continuous loop at the end of the Yellow Brick Road? Yeah, sounds like programming alright. A not so subtle message to remember they must desensitize. You know something interesting, there was a sequel to the Wizard of Oz that Disney created, called Return to Oz. In the storyline, Dorothy goes to a old mental center for an electroshock treatment, under which apparently she's transported back to Oz.

    I'm not sure if this darker version of the story, was more reflective of the books or not. One of the movies many children of the late 80's remember as being damn scary, because most parents assumed it's Disney right? There was a woman who took off her head, and it was the most disturbing thing I saw as a kid. However, being frightened by these things, made me more interested in finding out how the effects were done to create the images. I wonder if VC should critique Return to Oz and see how it reflects what's going on at the JRC.

  71. This is the kind of thing that is used in some of those ex-Gay camps that are springing up.

    When will people just respect one another? : /

  72. I can not believe the atrocity of these inhumane people. Watching this literally boiled my blood and made me send those beasts a very assertive and honest email. I am a strong believer in Karma and they will most definitely pay for what they did to that boy. They should get strapped in and electroshocked themselves until the die. I curse them, and all they stand for. They will suffer for all eternity in hell, and as they live will no longer experience any happiness, nor will their children, or their children's children.

  73. They are searching for the 2nd coming, hence Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc..

    Problem with registering these wicked ones' faces for Karma is, they have sold their soul (their thoughts) to the Devil, so they can "do what they wilt"..

    Oh, how he is decieving them all.

  74. While this video is horrific, I don't think this has anything to do with MKultra mind control. The kid obviously had some serious behavioral problems, and needed to have some serious treatment. That being said, it is also very clear that the administers went way over the line in their treatment of electric shocks. However, this is human nature and similar behaviors were demonstrated in the Stanford Prison Experiment. Not trying to justify their actions, but I also don't agree with the decision to publicly show this. Inhumane treatment of sentient beings happens almost every second of the day, while maybe one or two stories surface a year. People on VC appose the use of video cameras and then support the use of them in situations like this. There is no consistency in today's belief system.



    By Diana Loomans

    Teach me to love and care for myself

    Through your own positive example.

    I'll learn from all of your actions,

    And grow to have good self-care.

    Notice me often,

    Taking joy in my very existence.

    I'll grow up knowing I'm special,

    And help others to feel the same.

    Listen to me with empathy,

    Have an open and loving heart.

    I'll know I'm seen and heard,

    And grow to be a good listener.

    Acknowledge me often,

    And tell me what you appreciate.

    I'll know that I am worthy,

    And learn to acknowledge others.

    Laugh and have fun with me often,

    Be affectionate every day.

    I'll play and enjoy my life,

    And bring more joy to others.

    Teach me to be disciplined,

    And correct me with kindness.

    I'll lead a life of dignity,

    With the pride of self-respect.

    Allow room for me to grow,

    To make mistakes & have opinions.

    I'll learn to be independent,

    And trust in my own judgment.

    Stay interested in learning,

    And following your dreams.

    I'll pick up your enthusiasm,

    And be inspired to do the same.

    Be honest and authentic,

    And live your highest values.

    I'll learn from your experiences,

    And grow to have integrity.

    Teach me to be of service,

    And honor the differences in others.

    I'll learn generosity of spirit,

    And embrace all walks of life.

    Focus on what's going right,

    Have faith in troubled times.

    I'll learn to be optimistic,

    With gratitude for each new day.

    Love me without condition,

    Throughout my ups and downs.

    I'll know that I am cherished,

    And bring more love to the world.

  76. This is how they treat mental health patients who were 'unruly'. The ones they couldn't control, it was rumored that they gave the patient 'the black pill' and then they would 'mysteriously' die. To know that this is what is happening is not disturbing..IT'S DOWNRIGHT SCARY.

    Do they realize that they will end up in hell for these things??? Or do they even care???


    • They're shrewd and conniving but what they are more than anything else: stupid. Probably their boss AKA Prince of a******s have promised them power in hell. I bet they believe in their twisted little minds that they will rule hell with the demons when in reality exactly the opposite will take place. They'll have the same destiny as everyone else in hell.

  77. what really disturbs me is all the cases that are not discovered or shown, the unheard voices crying for help, a door is just a door until you see the story behind it. sickening stuff.

  78. this is SOOO messed up. i was actually IN a residential program like this when i was a teenager — well, not like *THIS*, it was a good program — and this is shocking and disgusting for me to read, that they would do this to kids who already have problems…

  79. My father was subjected to LSD and electroshock treatment in the late sixties and early seventies. He developed schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. He was subjected to this treatment in the Army and then in the Dorothea Dix state mental hospital. I never knew why and I never understood the depth of this perversion until I researched MK Ultra. I have a personal vendetta against these wicked tyrants. I can only imagine what my father went through.

  80. rose from massachuse on

    Please do not think that all people in Massachusetts are like the people at the Judge Rottenburg Center. I do not know anyone who approves of this place. The majority of people in Massachusetts are horrified that this place is allowed to continue.

  81. Mad Scientist on

    These methods of de-patterning the human mind were first conceived by Ewen Cameron, a man who was essentially more concerned about his career and "being the one who cures mental illness" than he was about his patients. His brutal methods were discovered and funded by the CIA and the Rockefeller foundation, and post WW2 paperclip scientists were also brought into the project, even as Cameron himself resigned the project, faced with the grim reality of his research and afraid for his career. The Allan Memorial Institute, founded in Canada to avoid legal issues, was the heart and soul of all of this madness. Overdoses of LSD,drug induced sleep and coma to electroshock which would render patients completely catatonic – all were perfected there on trusting patients, human beings, who were later discarded and dismissed as cured, even though they were only shadows of their former selves. I find it shameful,disgusting and horrible that we consider ourselves "civilized" and allow these people to pose as the doctors of our time and these methods are still openly practiced, and on children no less. In the face of such horror I can only hope that mankind will overcome the shadow which has plagued him for aeons and has manifested as this "illuminati". This is a war that must be won in the mind, where it is happening…and even though it looks pretty bleak, the fact that this is all coming out in an age such as this is a good sign. Even they had their predictions of "the age of aquarius" or "the age of revealing" so they actually play into that, which is one of the reasons we see this increase in the use of symbolism everywhere. However, we are faced with a revealing so great that it surpasses, I believe, what they had in mind, which is why we see all this militarization. The alternative to mind control is control by brute force.

  82. I wonder.. for how long will parents have to hug their tortured children to heal them back to normal??

    I wonder if the CIA thought about that..

    Guess it's more like Bill Hicks said, describing his awakening on magic mushrooms:

    "What's gonna happen to the arms industry when we realize we're all One?!

    It's gonna fuck up the economy, the economy that is FAKE anyway!

    Which would be a real bummer.. No wonder why the governments are cracking down on the idea

    of experimenting with Unconditional Love. But I bet their motives are pure.. Yeah, right."

    We are Light and Sound. Gravity / God / Love / Dependency between, is what makes us physical.

    Time IS space.

    God is us, not the other way around.

    What's sad is that the sadist on top of their pyramid (on the bottom of the sewers), are harvesting Life, simple as that, Life that this Earth and the Sun is constantly creating.

    There's only one thing we can do, but it has gotta be done:

    Don't give your own powers away anymore – Use it yourself!

  83. what world are in I feel so sick watching and knowing this gose on I cannot belive this we need to bring this to front lines NOW

  84. the parents are that stupid that they walk in to place decorated like the wizard of oz with fannie packs that induce electoshock? dumbass parents.

  85. Mom of Autistic Daug on

    I just visited the Center's website. Barack Obama gave his 2009 talk to school children from the auditorium here!!! Mind blowing.

  86. ChristieAnn on

    This is so crazy. I had no idea what disgusting things happen in the world. Great. Now we can't really trust these kind of places. What will we do now!!??

  87. just wanted to point out that i saw a pic of the fron of the building and there is a statue of a butterfly out front…

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