London is Turning Into a Highly Militarized Police State in Preparation for Olympic Games

Military exercises on Thames River in London in preparation for the olympics.
Military exercises on Thames River in London in preparation for the Olympics.

The upcoming summer Olympics are turning London into a highly militarized zone. All kinds of weaponry are currently being tested and deployed in the city such as land-to-air missiles, fighter jets, amphibious assault ships and machine guns. These highly controversial measures are not welcomed by many Londoners as they create an unnecessary climate of fear and oppression in the city.

The weapons being tested do not only have a military purpose. New crowd control weapons will be deployed during the Olympics such as high powered “sonic gun”. Here’s an article on this new weapon.

Olympics-Britain to deploy “sonic gun” at Olympics

* UK military to have non-lethal sonic weapon at Olympics

* High-powered loudspeaker used against pirates and protesters

* Britain prepares for biggest peacetime security operation

Britain’s military will be armed with a sonic device that can be used as a high-volume loudspeaker or a non-lethal weapon to disperse crowds at this summer’s Olympic Games in London, the defence ministry said on Friday.

The equipment, which can project a piercing sound over hundreds of metres causing physical pain, has been used during protests at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh in 2009 and against pirates operating off the Somali coast.

The Ministry of Defence said it expected to use it primarily in loudspeaker mode to communicate with boats it wants to stop on the River Thames.

Defence chiefs have already caused controversy by announcing plans to put surface-to-air missiles on the top of residential buildings near the Olympics site in east London.

Fighter jets roared over the capital and helicopters were seen hovering over the Houses of Parliament this month during a nine-day military exercise to prepare for Britain’s biggest peacetime security operation.

The LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), made by U.S. company LRAD Corporation, can be mounted on the side of a ship or on the top of a vehicle. Some versions are roughly the same size and shape as a dustbin lid.

It can generate noises up to around 150 decibels, similar to a gunshot, and has a maximum range of 3 km or 1.8 miles.

The device can also emit a warning alarm that sounds like a police siren and “potentially prevents the use of harmful or deadly force”, LRAD says on its website.

Police and military planners say they are preparing for a range of security threats at the Olympics including protesters trying to disrupt events and attacks using hijacked airliners.

Around 13,500 soldiers will help the police during the Games, which run from July 27 to Aug. 12.

– Source: Reuters

The police state tactics surrounding the Olympics are not simply limited to the deployment of high-powered weapons. Many people considered “suspicious” or “undesirable” by UK authorities are being denied access from the country or have been banned from the games – some simply because they’ve objected the construction of Olympic facilities near their homes. These kinds of tactics are typical of police states where civilians are being punished for “thought crimes”. Here’s a report on these pre-Olympic bans.

The least we can say is that these 2012 London Olympics will be very interesting – and not because of the sporting events.



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I think Rik Clay is on to something! Aside from the ’84 ceremony when that creepy unnecessary alien landed and greeted the world, the symbology of the location of the London games really creeps me out too!

In South Africa you cannot purchase a TV without a valid TV licence.

watch this:

its recent news about the olympics… at one part they say " islamic terrorist have been let in the past week"

G4S should be giving back 57 million management fee. Staff haven't fail not been train properly. Lord Coe accountable and responsible. Jeremy Hunt and Lord Coe found protecting G4S should lose their jobs. London Olympics most important event in the world and was taxed.

Some people "have been banned from the games… simply because they’ve objected [to] the construction of Olympic facilities near their homes." Not much of a punishment, is it? Surely these people would not want to attend the Olympics anyway. I live in London and I think the Olympics is a giant, disgusting cash-grab and I want nothing whatsoever to do with it.

This is truly the moment we've all been waiting for. Cameron's government has been finishing off the U.K just like Obama will end America. But we might be saved, you never know what could happen.

I don't live in the UK anymore but IF anything happens during the Olympics i WILL return because to be honest i couldn't bare my fellow citizens going through hell and not being able to do anything to help them! I HOPE nothing is going to happen, it would be such an incredible horrible nasty betray on innocent citizens…Innocence gone just in one blow! Let's try and have positive thoughts. Let our positive thoughts destroy all evil in the world!

Before watching the Jubilee Concert just now on the television i saw a short commercial on the BBC. You see the London Eye illuminated at night time and a little green flying saucer fling around …….WHY are they doing this??? It's just a bit awkward after reading about the Ill. Play cards and the meaning of the card with the Big Ben, False flag…. I don't like the feel of it somehow. Has anyone else seen it?

2012 NOIZ ZOIZ ZION LONDON XXX (30) OLYMPICS (July 27, 2012=Day 209 in a leap year=2+0+9=11).

Prince William, XXX (30) years old (June 21st, 1982=Summer Solstice. 173rd day in a leap year=1+7+3=11. 172nd day in a regular year=1+7+2=10 or 1+0=1. Born in St Mary's Hospital=MARY, mother of Jesus). Prince William is one of the favourites in bids to light the Olympic cauldron that day. Prince William is an ambassador for the British Olympic Association.

Elizabeth II (2 in roman numbers, 1 and 1) (April 21st, 1926=Day 111th in a regular year) will open the games. Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth=9 letters. The Second=II (roman numbers). 9-II.

The pre-show for the opening ceremony will begin at the symbolic time of 8.12pm (20:12). 8+1+2=11. The ceremony itself begins at 9pm (But I'm sure it will be delayed to 21:02 to sync -reading it backwards- to the present year)

Well apparently there is supposed to be a huge, planned "terrorist attack" (or something like that) on the Summer Olympics. 🙁

I believe this Olympic games will be one of the biggest occult sacrifices ever, if not the single biggest.

All signs point to sacrifice.

Free tickets to school kids… (More blood of the truely innocent)

The actual design of the stadium… (Surrounded by Pyramids for the channeling of energy)

Timing of the Games… (Signifies many occult ritual dates)

Be Aware. Do NOT attend these games and inform as many people as you can.

Another thing to look out for with these big events is laws being passed while the whole country is distracted, Royal wedding last year as an example = the banning of many medicinal herbs (codex alimentarius). Look out for something happening around the Jubilee and Olympics whilst the whole country is distracted.

True though innit. A couple of 'joyful' events before hell breaks loose. How ignorant do 'they' think we are! GOD!

many occult products (like the call of duty series) continuously show this date ( like in a poster in modern warfare 2 that has a nuke behind it) September 21, 2012

ive seen this date pop up on many occult websites and products. september 21, 2012

Guess what?

The 2012 Olympics Theme Song is "London Calling", which was approved by the IOC:

Have you ever really listened to that song and the lyrics?

What a very strange and dark song to promote "Higher, Faster, Stronger"!

Lyrics here:

The lyrics are truly horrible….what a nightmare song for such a Happy event. I just don't get it….WHY!

Has anyone seen this video?
(if u dont understand spanish, click the CC button to get english subtitles)

Scary s**t!

I moved from England to New Zealand when i was young and if you owned TV you had to have a license – i think it was about $20 a year. That was the 70's. It surely is believable that a license is required for owning a television in England now.

Thank GOD we don't need to pay TV License in Malaysia it stop at 1998.

You live in Malaysia? I'm from Subang! It's great to know that there's fellow Malaysian who are not ignorant about NWO and all these Illuminati s***s.

'Circus' is a very appropriate word to use for all this

Have you seen the new BBC 2 ad showing pictures of London in flames with the popular nursery rhyme 'London's Burning' in the background? Creepy…

That song's appeared on British adverts a lot more frequently as of late

Olympics = "Modern day Hunger Games"?

Does the price of gold and silver being so low have to do with anything>>??? Always look at the state of the economy (stock market/commodities) before an event…

What do you mean?

I have a strong feeling there is going to be some kind of terror attack or a false flag accident at the 2012 olympics. its just some kind of feeling. Its 1984 not 2012.

No ones going to save us.

The only thing we can really do is not give them a reaction. Everything they do is based off our reaction. We are the puppets. We buy the music they make, alter our appearance to feel beautiful, watch the news they broadcast and attend the events they hold.

If we all just thought individually, not by someone elses ideas, then we will be free.

But we are too far gone now. We may not like the way we live but we are too comfortable to do anything about it. So get used to missiles going off above your rooftops and eating poison for breakfast.

In a way, suffering helps us realize that life is valuable and too short for injustice. Perhaps we need this kind of idiocy to remind us as humans how important it is to cooperate against evil.

There's no denying something bad's going to happen but because of all this hype over these weapons defence systems, i'm inclined to think they're just trying to simulate that a terrorist attack is going to happen… a smokescreen for what they're really going to do

They're going on and on about blood donations too. Something isn't right, it's better to stay as far as possible from London throughout the Summer period methinks.

Seeing as I can't post in the recent article about the torch bearing, I'll post this year – BBC website announces 6.6 million tickets for Olympics on sale over a 6 week period

Need I say more?

Wow. Vigilant u need 2 be even more vigilant! Your articles r amazing but would not be complete without all the observations & information of this amazing and informed people!

have we forgotten about Jesus Christ? He is still our only hope…every thing else has failed us, what now? GIVE JESUS A TRY…and im not saying this so you could like my comment or agree with it or even disagree with it. But rather just so that you can get to know Christ. Just get to know him and then you can make a descision