London is Turning Into a Highly Militarized Police State in Preparation for Olympic Games


Military exercises on Thames River in London in preparation for the Olympics.

The upcoming summer Olympics are turning London into a highly militarized zone. All kinds of weaponry are currently being tested and deployed in the city such as land-to-air missiles, fighter jets, amphibious assault ships and machine guns. These highly controversial measures are not welcomed by many Londoners as they create an unnecessary climate of fear and oppression in the city.

The weapons being tested do not only have a military purpose. New crowd control weapons will be deployed during the Olympics such as high powered “sonic gun”. Here’s an article on this new weapon.

Olympics-Britain to deploy “sonic gun” at Olympics

* UK military to have non-lethal sonic weapon at Olympics

* High-powered loudspeaker used against pirates and protesters

* Britain prepares for biggest peacetime security operation

Britain’s military will be armed with a sonic device that can be used as a high-volume loudspeaker or a non-lethal weapon to disperse crowds at this summer’s Olympic Games in London, the defence ministry said on Friday.

The equipment, which can project a piercing sound over hundreds of metres causing physical pain, has been used during protests at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh in 2009 and against pirates operating off the Somali coast.

The Ministry of Defence said it expected to use it primarily in loudspeaker mode to communicate with boats it wants to stop on the River Thames.

Defence chiefs have already caused controversy by announcing plans to put surface-to-air missiles on the top of residential buildings near the Olympics site in east London.

Fighter jets roared over the capital and helicopters were seen hovering over the Houses of Parliament this month during a nine-day military exercise to prepare for Britain’s biggest peacetime security operation.

The LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), made by U.S. company LRAD Corporation, can be mounted on the side of a ship or on the top of a vehicle. Some versions are roughly the same size and shape as a dustbin lid.

It can generate noises up to around 150 decibels, similar to a gunshot, and has a maximum range of 3 km or 1.8 miles.

The device can also emit a warning alarm that sounds like a police siren and “potentially prevents the use of harmful or deadly force”, LRAD says on its website.

Police and military planners say they are preparing for a range of security threats at the Olympics including protesters trying to disrupt events and attacks using hijacked airliners.

Around 13,500 soldiers will help the police during the Games, which run from July 27 to Aug. 12.

– Source: Reuters

The police state tactics surrounding the Olympics are not simply limited to the deployment of high-powered weapons. Many people considered “suspicious” or “undesirable” by UK authorities are being denied access from the country or have been banned from the games – some simply because they’ve objected the construction of Olympic facilities near their homes. These kinds of tactics are typical of police states where civilians are being punished for “thought crimes”. Here’s a report on these pre-Olympic bans.

The least we can say is that these 2012 London Olympics will be very interesting – and not because of the sporting events.




    • Although I think some of his theories were far fetched I agree with some of them. What is more shocking related to this man is his death.

      As a UK resident I fear that their master plan is about be revealed. All this weaponary etc is just an excuse for what they have planned. No fake alien invasion or whatever that is about but rather a real terrorist attack to maybe start off a massive war or new anti-terrorist laws. My main concern is for people's safety and those innocent people who might get in the middle of all this mess. But if none of all our theories happen then remember the 'calm before the storm'.

      • About the innocent people who might get into all this mess; for some reason they've been handing out thousands of free olympic tickets to students in schools. Sounds just a little to good to be true; the question is" whats the catch?"

      • As I understand it the elites have made a fortune in the last twenty years of planned bubbles and busts to get ready for the depopulation event.

        I guess use it or lose it. When they finalize their bunker preparations then we will know about it.

        Hard for me to think its as soon as the Olympics – I still feel its the end of the year?

      • @ Scared

        Do you have a link for that info about free tickets for students?

        And are they (tickets)only for englisch students or for all over the world?

      • I'd bet if you took a good look at the demography of the schools where those free tickets were passed out, it would tell you a lot.

  1. Orwell's 1984 is becoming more real every day. So sad to see in what Britain, the fountainhead of individual rights, has become. The NATO summit in Chicago will be one to watch as well.

    • Yep, the fact that Putin decided not to attend sounded a little fishy to me. I may not like Mr.Putin too much, but that guy sure knows his sh!t :-)

      • Yeah I agree about Mr P. What does the resume look like to be the head of the KGB?

    • This level of repression with the Olympics was evidenced also in Atlanta games as well. They bused out homeless people and locked up others. People would come home with their homes painted a different color.

    • A family memeber of mine is currently living in England. There are cameras in her apartment complex and apartment to "protect people from crime." She was ticketed for watching television in her own home as you have to have a license to watch television. That will be the norm in good 'ol USA soon.

      The police state of England has existed for a long time now, having this built up "security" is to ensure plans will go down without a hitch.

      • What's worse is that you need a TV license just for owning a television even if you never watch it. And for those who don't own a television they get constantly harassed by the TV Licensing Authorities who don't believe that they have no television. The only way they can stop the harassing letters is invited the TV Licensing Authorities to search their home. It really is a household tax.

      • I am not calling you a liar, but for all it's cameras in hallways and elevators and everywhere, you do NOT need a license to watch TV. I just moved from there a few weeks ago. My friends still reside there and many of their families. I have lived there 6 months in the last 15 months-both winters into spring.

        I have never seen a camera in a residence or been charged or asked or monitored for TV usage. There is way more sexual and strange stuff on TV there than here.

      • I don't live in England so I don't understand why a person needs a license to watch television? That just sounds absurd.

      • It is certainly true that England is littered with CCTV cameras that send all their video feeds directly to a central hub of information. Which is scary. But to say that having to pay license fee for the TV, which is basically paying for a service, is a tad much. Once all TV's are equipped with a digital receiver, everyone will have to pay in order to be able to decrypt the signal – since, nothing is for free. This doesn't seem much of a conspiracy to me.

      • And just as an addition:

        You don't actually have to pay if you can prove that you use the TV just to play Xbox or to watch DVD's. It's the cable that delivers the signal for the TV channel that needs to be paid.

      • the TV licence is basically just another tax. most of it goes to fund the BBC as it is publicly-owned and has no commercials. the other channels make their income through advertising

    • First book I bought and reread when G.W.Bush was selected in 2000 was 1984. Things are moving right along aren't they?

    • I'm a Chicago resident & the NATO Summit is becoming to be a "prep" class for police state training. They are turning the entire city upside down for these "dignitaries" to sit around and talk about "World Domination", er um World Peace & Prosperity (sarcasm)

      On the day of the Summit, suburban transit riders that take the line next to the McCormick Place (where most events are held) will be randomly searched in a TSA format. There will be armed police guards on the trains & all metra (suburban lines) are enforcing TSA guidelines such as no bags over 50 inches, no liquids (can't drink morning coffee to work) and long lines for searches.

      There are also aprox 16 NORAD fighter jets doing "training exercises" today around the city? REALLY – Training?

      I hate to be pessimistic but I have a REALLY BAD feeling about the events coming in the next few days. Something along the lines of "false flag" comes to mind.

    • I cannot express to you how oppressive living in London is. We have lived there for 6 months in the last 15 months. Cameras EVERYWHERE, people who don't meet eyes, don't say hello, crawl through a huge city like ants.

      Cameras every 20 feet, every tube stop, every bus. Never ever ever ending. Last time I lived across from the MI-6 Building…that didn't make me feel so good.

      I can only imagine the buildup on top of the already mind-blowing oppression. They already have signs up that state they have sonic weapons for crowd control all down by the Thames.

    • July 31st through to August 1st is the Great Sabbat Festival on occult calendars, and August 1st is Lammas Day, a day which requires blood sacrifice as ritual. This just so happens to fall right in the middle of this years Olympics. This troubles me a lot.. please pray for safety.

    • What the hell!?! Now that's the spirit of the Olympic Games!!!

      Armed to the teeth ready for war games and drama. Let the theatre begin in London for the world wide stage. I wonder if the US troops will be present as well since they are practicing in Miami with explosives. It's going to be a show for sure. God bless

  2. tech support on

    Samuel William has done several videos on Olympic symbolism, here's one of them.

    His channel says he's been filming the military exercises in London and he'll be uploading a video soon on it. Should be interesting…

    The whole thing is mental. It's just men and women running about in circles (well, ovals) or throwing things.

    • Baserbillion on

      Just a quick line from a born and bred British Citizen of 34 yrs, u absolutely HAVE to have a tv license if u own a tv here, period. That's just a fact I'm afraid. Whether u use it just for ur Xbox or not. It's how they fund the BBC.

      • No you don't.Tthat you need it to own a tv is not a fact at all and if you have been led to believe that you should seek advice from TV licensing as the licence is to watch live (as it is broadcast) tv programmes. If you only use your tv for gaming or dvd and do not watch live tv either via the internet or tv/ sat signal you do not need a license Fact. Check it out

  3. Plenty of fear involved from a government that is made up of liars and thieves, and lots of laws passed that enables them to invade our rights and privacy, laws that will stay in place long after the games have finished, and all done they tell us to protect us from a ''terrorist threat''. And the irony is that if such a threat exists it's thanks to successive governments letting anyone enter the country unchallenged.

  4. That's why we fought against the Olympics in Chicago. All the talking heads (at least those who were willing to take the $$$) were talking up the 2016 Olympics, and the people were able to tell the Olympic Committee otherwise.

    And on that note, I pity Rio (they're the ones who won the games, by the way).

    • lewisdt dot com/symbols/

      It represents the unconscious and mystery. It also signifies some kind of blockage or something being hidden.….
      Tantalus is known for having been welcomed to Zeus' table in Olympus. There he stole nectar and ambrosia, brought them back to his people, and revealed the secrets of the gods. He also offered up his son, Pelops as a sacrifice to the gods, an archetypal story of shamanic initiation in which he cut Pelops up, boiled him, and served him up as food for the gods.

      The gods were said to be aware of his plan for their feast, so they didn't touch the offering; only Demeter, disturbed by the rape of her daughter Persephone, "did not realise what it was" and ate of the boy's shoulder. Fate, ordered by Zeus, brought the boy to life again (she collected the parts of the body and boiled them in a sacred cauldron) rebuilding his shoulder with an ivory one presented by Demeter.

      Pelops, thus reconstituted, was brought back to life having gained new qualities. To reinforce the initiatory theme, the revived Pelops is kidnapped by Poseidon and taken to Olympus to be the god's lover.

      The kernel of myth embodied in this tale reinforces Olympian suppression of human sacrifice, which had apparently been offered in earlier times, especially to Demeter in her earlier embodiment as the Great Goddess, but which was now taboo. Alternatively, Tantalus is cast as a Promethean figure who divulges divine secrets to mortals and presides over sacred initiations consisting of mystic death and transfiguration.

  5. wow! i think it would be cool if vigilant did an article on the esoteric meaning of these games, to shed more light on the matter. will it be some sort of unveiling of something? it just seems too soon for all of this, you know, staged alien invasion or project blue beam or anti Christ unveiling or whatever. it's just kind of hard to believe that such a drastic change would happen so soon. some sort of terrorist attack planned by these monsters maybe, but a world changing event? too big! imagine the implications of one event as big as what is being speculated!i read the article posted by @Caye and it seems too far fetched, i'm just saying, it's a little out there! but then again, it could be true…

  6. The money doesn't have to be considered wasted. If something does happen they can just keep everything there forever and ever.

  7. This is only the beg on

    Let's see…

    An attack during this game would serve as two important factors.

    One: Would have been a great example that a big brother state is important in order to defend against enemies. Let us say the attack will be blamed on a middle eastern or Islamic terrorist organizations, that would have been even better for them. The perfect excuse to invade those countries, the perfect excuse to pass unfair laws against the people and even to begin with mass arrests.

    Two: People dieing under the olympics on an important numerology – date would serve perfect as an occultic sacrifice. The fear, the pain – will make the ritual even better, for the satanists.

    And yes nowdays we have so many kind of different weapons… Weapons that hurt us through air,sight,sound,feeling and weapons which can destroy elictricity/energy/power in a city – and obviously destroy nations through pure destruction.

    The military is their key – an important key for the elite.

    Before could you say if the military would obey the state the dictator would lose however things are a little bit more complicated nowdays.

    Technology in it'self can surpress the massess without us knowing/accepting it.

    MK ultra victims are getting into important positions in our society, f.ex the military. Obviously it's almost impossible to turn MK – ultra people against their own masters, in best cases, their programming fails but then most of those will end up comitting sucide (because of their suicide – programming which will step in)

    Anyways, this year will get very interesting indeed.

    Will they keep making our history for us by us or will we the masses finally step in?

    That is we must if we want to change – or does we want to change it? We live quite good already. We got "clean" food and water, "freedom" and "democracy" and lives in the "perfect" western civilized society. If we are to change everything we must work hard for it and during the prosess we might lose very much…

    Are we ready yet?

    • This is only the beg on

      * technology in it'self isn't dangerous but in the wrong hands can surpress the masses without we even knowing/accepting it*

    • >or will we the masses finally step in

      a part of me really wants to believe that, but i don't see it if i look at the present society, they are asleep, generations have been dumbed down, declawed, easy to prey on, they are prepared to be ruled and dominated or killed, it will be too late for them to stand up,

      and don't you think the elite already has a plan at hand, just in case there is the slightest chance resistance might happen?

      i don't want to kill the mood… but i only see overall weakness in our society, they might find their strength after the worst has happened.. but that might take a very long time – our only hope are those who are labeled evil by the elite, because they are the only opposition they fear, people like Putin, or Ahmadinejad, and their network of other strong and independent military countries like China, its not easy for us to face that they are our protection, because we have learned to see them as anti-democratic or even worse, but they are the best chance we have to stop the NWO

      just yesterday i have read that russia is willing to destroy the european missile defense system
      so i feel like saying "thank you russia"

      • Voice of Reason on

        "My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement." (Joe vs. The Volcano)

  8. I honestly think something bad is going to happen, an explosion at the beginning of the summer or the end- targetted at the olympics. theyre gonna blame the muslims and attack other countries an excuse to take oil, riches, etc. thats gonna be the key to the new world order.

    its gonna be like 9/11, thats my bet. after the 'event' there will be some kind of forceful security (NWO) I live in london, literally like one hour from the olympic stadium and ill be in america (not that its any better) during it. not watching it on TV or anything…i keep telling my mum and my friends not to watch it either. something bads gonna happen.

    my friend even bets the same thing, shes been telling her family (the whole bunch shes got a massive family) not to watch it. whoever will be in central london be careful. its going to come, i can feel it.

    • Same here. I live in West London but I am leaving the country on the first of next month (for the entire summer). I do not want to be anywhere near London.

    • Sarah Connor on

      The buggers are certainly setting the stage for a false flag in Chicago with the upcoming NATO conference in a couple of weeks, big time!

      • Exactly on the ball, Sarah. The security lockdown of Sickago begins TODAY…

        Foreign fighter aircraft doing combat air patrols over US airspace is not something that is normal at all…or has ever happened before, to my knowledge.

        And we're not just talking about Canadians doing training flights with us. Actually, they probably won't talk about this at all, so I should just probably shutup now – but (wink wink) Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, etc. – you know, all the recent NATO fighter pilot heroes that recently bombed Libya in their war of aggression, and enabled the outright murder of Gaddafi – who like it or not, was the legit leader of a sovereign nation.

        NATO is the military arm of the UN, which is the political arm of the NWO, which is the Beast.

        Anytime NATO comes to town…watch out. They're not good guys coming to "help people."

        In this case, they are planning their future actions against us and the rest of us "peasants" of the world. It's along the lines of a recent article I did that you can read here:

        One thing is for certain – NATO LIES AHEAD. (literally)

      • @LVB


        Do you have any idea how many low flights American military aircrafts did in Europe in the 70s? Or that the USA has nuclear bombs stationed in Europe? The low flights are forbidden, but I experienced two or three again last year wondering what they were about because desert training is usually done in that Californian desert. But hey…. they are here…. in the USA… in our holllllly land…. so it is diffferennnnt…..

        Oh, and our American "friends" did nuclear testings in Europe in the 1960s which caused radiactivity go higher than Fukushima did in Japan. I personally think that this explains a lot of the cancer that people aged over 45 are suffering from.

      • Actually, I think you're mistaken about any US nuclear testing in Europe – all US testing was done in the South Pacific (Marshall Islands, Christmas Island, Bikini, Kwajalein atolls, etc.), and within the US at the Nevada test site. The only nuke tests anywhere near Europe were done by the UK and France, so…yes, I know a little bit about it. :)

        And my point was about active Combat Air Patrols involving foreign aircraft during the NATO summit, with authorization to shoot down – exactly the kind of thing that causes "accidents" in every UN and NATO "peacekeeping mission". I'm not talking about training missions from other nations, as there are many of those in the US all the time.

        And the main difference is that the US isn't asking for and doesn't need any foreign aircraft to patrol and secure its skies – whereas, if you're talking about Europe in the 70s (a totally different issue btw) the European nations were begging for help because they were pretty much scared shitless of the Soviet Union…maybe for good reasons, maybe not.

        The real issue here, though, is national sovereignty and independence – and that is exactly what the global ruling elite, the UN and NATO are trying to destroy by creating a one world government and one world military force.

        One size does not fit all, and I suppose we could agree that this whole "world policeman" BS – whether it is the US, UN, EU or NATO – has to stop. It is simply imperialism and aggression to serve the globalist ruling elite, hiding behind the lie of "humanitarian invervention".

        The elite of all nations couldn't care less about "human rights" or "atrocities" – they are the ones who are directly causing these atrocities (military and financial crimes against humanity) with their pursuits of wealth, power and building and growing "The Empire".

        You don't have to look any further than the US / EU / UN / NATO role in destroying the nation of Yugoslavia in order to divide, conquer and plunder their resources to know that this is true.

        We all need to realize that we are on the same side, and "The Empire" of the globalist ruling elite is our common enemy. But they work really hard to keep people busy and divided and confused so we won't figure that out – and the global mass media is very successful at feeding us their propaganda on a daily basis.

      • Oh, and it was so obvious I didn't think I needed to mention it, but the majority of nuclear testing near Europe was in the countries of the former Soviet Union – mostly in Kazakhstan, and some within Russia (Siberia), Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. And, of course, China did many above-ground nuclear tests, as well.

        The USSR did as many or more atmospheric nuke detonations (nearest to Europe) than the US did in Nevada and the US, Great Britain and France did in all of the South Pacific combined, so…

        If you're wondering about the relationship between nuclear testing and radiation / cancer levels in Europe, there's your answer right there.

    • Please tell Your mum and family to watch the news though and tell her to keep windows shut at all times.

      I'm quite worried about my stepmother in the Center of London , just lost our dad (her husband) and really wouldn't want anything to happen to her. Let's try and stay positive….it's hard i think as we've lost out innocence in a way by knowing what the NWO has planned for us. I'm scared sometimes but i'm trying to produce good vibrations, believing positive thoughts will destroy evil….i know, keep on dreaming eh :[

  9. Makes you wonder if the giant sculpture letters "R U N" that were put up in the plaza of the handball arena in the Olympic park are a subliminal suggestion.

  10. Something's going to happen at those games. I can feel it. Despite all these so called "security measures" something terrible might happen. It's been more than 10 years since 9/11, you know. The new generation doesn't believe the story anymore, too much opposition in the world to the NWO, too much discontent with the NATO operations in the Middle East and North Africa… Plus, it's year 2012 – apparently an important date. Moreover search YouTube for the Illuminati Card Game, there's one interesting card referring to London and the Olympics. By the way Olympics has always been a pagan ritual anyway… Is it a pure coincidence that Hunger Games premiered this year before the games? Anyway, to cut the long story short, it would be wise not to attend London during the games, let alone the games themselves! For the Londoners I guess it would be wise to take a vacation during the games and go to Cyprus or Tenerife or Dubai or any other places the Brits love

    so much. Like in that Final Destination franchise "beware of the signs"… I wish you all love and peace, don't let the elite fool you and sacrifice your lives for nothing.

  11. They're parking missiles on apartment buildings?! East London was very hard hit in WWII – way to retraumatize them with echoes of The Blitz. Only this time the Nazis are within.

  12. east londoner on

    well i would love to leave the country but unfortunately i'm stuck here! I live 10 mins from the olympic park and there are missiles on top of the residential block of flats right near my house! Wish i could move out of this country for good!

    • Baser billion on

      Also, can state that the stuff about the militarisation of London is absolutely true. Live in south east London in one of the Olympic boroughs and everyone can see on plain sight there are literally dozens of rockets and other equipment in Blackheath park, which is massive. whatever they are planning for, it must be pretty big…

  13. The Illusionary Beas on

    Is this really even news? I mean we all knew this shit was coming, we just wastes decades and decades laughing at it and joking about it and scoffing it, but we knew because it was inside of us and this recent trend of pretending mad dictatorships, fascists, ad particularly Nazis were just fairytale bad guys with no connection to us historically or more importantly spiritually is the reason this kind of thing DOESN'T GO AWAY.

  14. It's not whether something bad might happen or not…it's the fact that something IS going to happen sad to say. This is the same way they were preparing for 9/11 (without our knowledge of course, we found this out after the fact) and next thing you know? #Kaboom. I will not be surprised, say a prayer for the ppl of London that's all I can say, because they have no idea.

    • Harlequin Nameless on

      Yup, I'd pretty much say the revolution will be televised, in London, during the summer of 2012. As the great Gil Scott-Heron said, "The revolution will have no reruns. The revolution will be live…"

      • They've been preparing London for YEARS haven't they. The big moment is soon arriving…I really, really hope we are all wrong about something terrible happening. Many of our loved ones and friends are in London.

  15. What if there was NO bomb and NO alien attack? What if they tried this in Chicago first? There has not been an assassination attempt on a president for a while, so people would not be expecting it. If they blamed it on white supremacists OR Ron Paul supporters (Ron is building incredible support now), then they would be able to cancel the presidential election, get rid of the Ron paul patriot threat, establish marshal law, fear and bring about a New World Order. Just a thought. Keep an open mind people and if this scenario should occur then we all reading this must spread the truth NO MORE LIES!

    • I'm sorry, but Ron Paul is hardly a real theat. He's a controlled opposition. Of course this doesn't mean that attack in his name is impossible.

  16. Maybe this is why Kanye West and Jay-z came out with Nights In Paris. Trying to get people to focus on London and there could be a link between the animal noises and chaos in the sample of the song with the chaos of what's up in coming… they view us as animals anyway and those two rappers view themselves as elite

  17. Triple Double Stuffe on

    I'm kind of curious if the people of London are questioning this stuff, I mean come on, if I we're to live there I'd be asking people what the hell was going on.

  18. I wouldn't be within 100 miles of London anytime during the games. There are some evil movies foreshadowing events that I won't even quote. Suffice it to say that 9/11 attacks on the WTC were in many movies for the 10 years leading up to it. Hopefully we won't see any use direct energy weapons as seen on 9/11.

  19. Yep, I've been scared for my family in London since I started looking into these Olympics about 2 years ago. My brother was thinking of going but I made sure to squash and discourage the idea as much as I could.

    The wicked will get the judgement they deserve.

  20. you know what, i'm through with being frustrated with the people that are so ASLEEP and BRAINWASHED and CONTROLLED, i'm through with being so angry with the vermin that are doing all this to the world

    i know the truth. they may have taken millions as their slaves but they will not take me, and when i die they may take my body but they can NEVER have my soul.

    i swear, it's every man for themselves now. if only the world wasn't so stupid and could see that by dividing us into smaller and smaller groups (gay pride, be proud to be different, racial segregation etc) they are conquering us! divide and conquer, oldest trick in the book.

    and for god's sakes don't any of you, especially ones that know the truth about the world, don't any of you believe this overpopulation bullshit. their aim is to diminish our population; its easier for them to conquer us when we are in smaller numbers, it has nothing to do with concern for food and water and global warming etc. this world is by far big enough for all of us. don't let this overpopulation bullshit get to you.

    • I don't think anything's going to happen really, they just want people to get used to this militarization/police state agenda. London is the hub for the illuminati base so they might as well start there. Plus they excel at every opportunity to pervert something that was once seen as "good" even though the whole process was ritualistic from the beginning.

      They have to start fresh with each decade, kick it off with a bang. The nwo isn't coming, it's here. You live in it. It's the reality we've all helped to create. Now, we must suffer the consequences. The world's only getting uglier if you haven't noticed. Think that's gonna change? The propaganda kings reign supreme. Police state here we come! Don't bother leaving london cuz there's no where to hide now. It's new WORLD order remember. Your best weapon is knowledge, so sharpen that sword while you still can before the real test begins.


    • I've never understood why humans must constantly breed. Screw overpopulation but lets use some common sense and not be animals either. After your third or fourth kid how about adoption or fostering? There are literally 1000s of abandoned and unwanted children who wouldn't have a chance otherwise.

  21. Robert Liberty Etern on

    This Symbolises the UK under the Con Dem Regime

    Better the UK has a Decent Government and Money is Not Wasted upon the Olympic


    Ignorance is Strength George Orwell's 1984 but Ignorance is Really Slavery

  22. Excellent article. I was wondering if you could do one on the olympic coins the royal mint have created for the occasion? They have a bunch of different Roman gods on them, which I thought a little odd!

  23. Oliviamelanie on

    I watched the blatant Propaganda video 'The earth is full' the other day, the same conference where Bill gates actually admitted the plan is to depopulate, this led me to research Paul Gilding, the man speaking in the video, independent writer and advisor on sustainability, look a bit closer and he is apparently an evangelist with the 'Church of Malthus' Malthusian theory based on the rantings of Thomas Malthus 200 years ago who said the exact same thing about the Earth being full…. anyway, I typed 'Malthus' into google. Third result down. If anyone wants to look at the description, feel free, it freaked me the f*ck out. And people don't believe about the occult symbolism etc.

  24. Call of Duty 6: Civilian Uprising

    Choose your non-life threatening peacemaker:

    -Sound Gun

    -Heat Gun


    -Speech Jammer


    • I wish VC would do an article on video games. There is so much illuminati stuff and demons too. I think this is a very effective tool for normalizing symbols and themes amongst the youth, and maybe even sucking them into altered states of (?). Check out one called "Omicron" on wikipedia. If this doesn't freak you out you must be in a coma.

      • yes, and check out the game Alice:Madness Returns. So much mind control programming! It's scary.

  25. Ummmm didn't anyone notice the symbolism behind the stadium? Also take a second to look up the mascots. They both focus on the all seeing eye concept. I have a really bad feeling about this!

  26. Prayers go up!……it is what it is…….the fallen ones have their cake…but on judgement day they will eat it too!!!

  27. Um, do you know that the next big attack(after 9/11) is going to be the Big Ben clock when the Olympic Games happen? And wasn't 9/11 also an illuminati inside job? Hmmm….

  28. TeenagerInThis on


    I know this has nothing to do with the Olympics; but maybe you should do an article about Rihanna's recent hospitalisation due to 'exhaustion'… Apparently Beyonce and Jay-Z are concerned about her and want to 'keep an eye' on her… maybe shes beginning to fall apart?

  29. leave the light bear on

    I know this is not the subject at hand, but one of the kennedy's wives is dead. And it was immediately stated in the article that she had substance abuse problems. They didn't waste anytime in that one to discredit her. Just google it and see what you can gather about this….I'm sure its another person who was a loose end being silenced. Wasn't R.F. Kennedy cheating on her when they were married? I know he did some kinda dirt when they were together.

  30. watch who you trust on

    Crazy thing is that when people in the US think about LONDON they usually think about a peaceful place, a fun vacation spot (movies, media). When in reality all these horrible things are happening to beautiful London. I had no idead about the missles and the TV tax. scary stuff.

  31. I live only like 20 minutes from the Olympic park… Intrigued in what's going to happen. And there's no way i can go on holiday 'cos most schools aren't allowed to close around this time .. I wonder why -_-

    If I told my family this they'll think I'm a nutjob(was actually called this by my mum lol) but its best for them to know ..

    God Bless everyone.. All of this Satanic/Illuminati bull is gonna be sorted out soon.. 

  32. During the NATO Summit, Air Force fighter jets will be on alert to enforce the Federal Aviation Administration’s Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) zone during the summit. Military jets have been authorized to shoot down any aircraft that violates secure airspace over Chicago.

    Also on Thursday, the Pentagon commented about a You Tube video posted earlier this week that purportedly showed a surveillance drone flying over an athletic field in Elgin–about 40 miles from McCormick Place, where NATO leaders will meet on Sunday and Monday.

  33. SS Base 211 on

    IMHO a "Major tragic accident" will happen instead during the London Olympics.


    Mainly to disprove and ridicule all the major conspiracy theories surrounding the London olympics that there will be an alien invasion or a false flag terrorist attack.

    Plus the fact a lot of people are actually expecting something bad to happen, hence thats why a major tragic accident will be chosen instead because it will be more believable.

    Nothing brings the sheeple together than a tragic accident.

    But make no mistake, it would be a blood sacrifice ritual nonetheless.

    Not to mention the London Olympics will be watched by a billion people from around the world.

    If you saw it happen on TV, thats what really happened right?

  34. Get Out of London! on

    Folks, please, please get you, your relatives, loved ones out of London during the Olympics. Please just go stay in the country, visit relatives, whatever; but, PLEASE get out of London during the Olympics. PLEASE.

  35. oliviamelanie on

    I don't know if any of you took the time to look at what i was getting at, relating to the Malthus thing. Basically Malthus demon came up and the description is this 'Malthus builds towers and fills them with ammunition and weapons, an armorer of sorts. He is a prince of Hell. He is also said to send his legions into battle, or to places designated by higher commanding demons' I don't know about you but it sounds very significant to me. Also is anyone else wondering why they have a campaign going desperately trying to get people to give blood in time for the olympics. This to me sounds like either they know something is gonna happen or a blood ritual and they need more blood than all the people who will be in London at the time. maybe Im just being paranoid but it all gives me very bad vibes.

  36. have we forgotten about Jesus Christ? He is still our only hope…every thing else has failed us, what now? GIVE JESUS A TRY…and im not saying this so you could like my comment or agree with it or even disagree with it. But rather just so that you can get to know Christ. Just get to know him and then you can make a descision

    • Wow. Vigilant u need 2 be even more vigilant! Your articles r amazing but would not be complete without all the observations & information of this amazing and informed people!

  37. There's no denying something bad's going to happen but because of all this hype over these weapons defence systems, i'm inclined to think they're just trying to simulate that a terrorist attack is going to happen… a smokescreen for what they're really going to do

    • They're going on and on about blood donations too. Something isn't right, it's better to stay as far as possible from London throughout the Summer period methinks.

  38. No ones going to save us.

    The only thing we can really do is not give them a reaction. Everything they do is based off our reaction. We are the puppets. We buy the music they make, alter our appearance to feel beautiful, watch the news they broadcast and attend the events they hold.

    If we all just thought individually, not by someone elses ideas, then we will be free.

    But we are too far gone now. We may not like the way we live but we are too comfortable to do anything about it. So get used to missiles going off above your rooftops and eating poison for breakfast.

    In a way, suffering helps us realize that life is valuable and too short for injustice. Perhaps we need this kind of idiocy to remind us as humans how important it is to cooperate against evil.

  39. I have a strong feeling there is going to be some kind of terror attack or a false flag accident at the 2012 olympics. its just some kind of feeling. Its 1984 not 2012.

  40. NotAsItSeems on

    Does the price of gold and silver being so low have to do with anything>>??? Always look at the state of the economy (stock market/commodities) before an event…

  41. 'Circus' is a very appropriate word to use for all this

    Have you seen the new BBC 2 ad showing pictures of London in flames with the popular nursery rhyme 'London's Burning' in the background? Creepy…

    That song's appeared on British adverts a lot more frequently as of late

  42. I moved from England to New Zealand when i was young and if you owned TV you had to have a license – i think it was about $20 a year. That was the 70's. It surely is believable that a license is required for owning a television in England now.

      • You live in Malaysia? I'm from Subang! It's great to know that there's fellow Malaysian who are not ignorant about NWO and all these Illuminati shits.

    • The lyrics are truly horrible….what a nightmare song for such a Happy event. I just don't get it….WHY!

  43. inGodWeMustTrust on

    many occult products (like the call of duty series) continuously show this date ( like in a poster in modern warfare 2 that has a nuke behind it) September 21, 2012

  44. olivia melanie on

    Another thing to look out for with these big events is laws being passed while the whole country is distracted, Royal wedding last year as an example = the banning of many medicinal herbs (codex alimentarius). Look out for something happening around the Jubilee and Olympics whilst the whole country is distracted.

    • True though innit. A couple of 'joyful' events before hell breaks loose. How ignorant do 'they' think we are! GOD!

  45. I believe this Olympic games will be one of the biggest occult sacrifices ever, if not the single biggest.

    All signs point to sacrifice.

    Free tickets to school kids… (More blood of the truely innocent)

    The actual design of the stadium… (Surrounded by Pyramids for the channeling of energy)

    Timing of the Games… (Signifies many occult ritual dates)

    Be Aware. Do NOT attend these games and inform as many people as you can.

  46. Well apparently there is supposed to be a huge, planned "terrorist attack" (or something like that) on the Summer Olympics. :(

  47. 2012 NOIZ ZOIZ ZION LONDON XXX (30) OLYMPICS (July 27, 2012=Day 209 in a leap year=2+0+9=11).´╗┐

    Prince William, XXX (30) years old (June 21st, 1982=Summer Solstice. 173rd day in a leap´╗┐ year=1+7+3=11. 172nd day in a regular year=1+7+2=10 or 1+0=1. Born in St Mary's Hospital=MARY, mother of Jesus). Prince William is one of the favourites in bids to light the Olympic cauldron that day. Prince William is an´╗┐ ambassador for the British Olympic Association.

    Elizabeth II (2 in roman numbers, 1 and 1) (April 21st, 1926=Day 111th in a regular year) will open the games. Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth=9 letters. The´╗┐ Second=II (roman numbers). 9-II.

    The pre-show for the opening ceremony will´╗┐ begin at the symbolic time of 8.12pm (20:12). 8+1+2=11. The ceremony itself´╗┐ begins at 9pm (But I'm sure it will be delayed to 21:02 to sync -reading it backwards- to the present year)

  48. Before watching the Jubilee Concert just now on the television i saw a short commercial on the BBC. You see the London Eye illuminated at night time and a little green flying saucer fling around …….WHY are they doing this??? It's just a bit awkward after reading about the Ill. Play cards and the meaning of the card with the Big Ben, False flag…. I don't like the feel of it somehow. Has anyone else seen it?

  49. I don't live in the UK anymore but IF anything happens during the Olympics i WILL return because to be honest i couldn't bare my fellow citizens going through hell and not being able to do anything to help them! I HOPE nothing is going to happen, it would be such an incredible horrible nasty betray on innocent citizens…Innocence gone just in one blow! Let's try and have positive thoughts. Let our positive thoughts destroy all evil in the world!

  50. This is truly the moment we've all been waiting for. Cameron's government has been finishing off the U.K just like Obama will end America. But we might be saved, you never know what could happen.

  51. Some people "have been banned from the games… simply because they’ve objected [to] the construction of Olympic facilities near their homes." Not much of a punishment, is it? Surely these people would not want to attend the Olympics anyway. I live in London and I think the Olympics is a giant, disgusting cash-grab and I want nothing whatsoever to do with it.


    G4S should be giving back 57 million management fee. Staff haven't fail not been train properly. Lord Coe accountable and responsible. Jeremy Hunt and Lord Coe found protecting G4S should lose their jobs. London Olympics most important event in the world and was taxed.

  53. I think Rik Clay is on to something! Aside from the ’84 ceremony when that creepy unnecessary alien landed and greeted the world, the symbology of the location of the London games really creeps me out too!

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