How the Dallas Shootings Serve the Elite’s Race Wars and Police State Agenda


A “lone sniper” killed 5 police officers while injuring 11 others amidst a protest against police killings. This violent event occurred at a strategic time and perfectly serves the elite’s race war agenda. Was Micah Johnson a patsy of the elite?

The violent deaths of two Black men at the hand of police has prompted, once again, nationwide protest against police killings, especially within the Black community. The fact that the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were recorded on film only accentuated the outrage throughout the U.S. as viewers witnessed the graphic and sickening sight of murder. The videos also prevented police from providing an “official”, whitewashed account of the events.

These deaths ignited yet another national debate around the use of lethal force by police in situations devoid of immediate danger. Once again, Americans were faced with the fact that law enforcement has violated its own motto “to serve and protect” by killing citizens who could and should have been handled in a controlled and professional matter.

The resulting debate on the role and responsibilities of law enforcement was, however, quickly replaced by something more in tune with the elite’s agenda: Fear and racial division. Indeed, less than 48 hours after the police killings and at the height of national protest, a Black gunman shot and killed 5 police officers while injuring 11 others during a Black Lives Matter march in Dallas. The killer was later identified as Micah Johnson, a military veteran who “wanted to kill white people”. The powers that be could not have asked for a better event to change the narrative, polarize the population, accentuate racial division and justify more police oppression.

So was Micah Johnson a patsy programmed to carry out this elite-friendly operation? Difficult to say for sure. However, a look at the killer’s story provides important insight as his strange path is indeed symptomatic of a programmed slave.

Micah Johnson – Programmed in the Military?

Friends and family members reported a drastic change in Micah Johnson’s personality after his military service.

Johnson lived in Mesquite, Texas with his mother in a middle-class suburban home.  His friends described him as “sweet-hearted joker” who was involved in his community and worked with special-needs children. In 2009, Johnson enrolled in the military.

When he graduated in 2009 he joined the Amy Reserve serving in the 420th Engineer Brigade based at Seagoville, Texas where he became a carpentry and masonry specialist.

He underwent basic weapons training but was described by one fellow serviceman as a “terrible shot”.

In November 2013 Johnson was deployed to Bagram air base in Afghanistan. His job would have involved him in construction work on the base and there was no record of him being in a combat role, although there were photographs of him in military vehicles.
– The Telegraph, Dallas shooting: Who was Micah Johnson? Everything we know about the attacker

It was during his stint in the military that Johnson took a turn for the worse. According to several acquaintances, Johnson returned from Afghanistan a changed man.

“When he returned home in July 2014 friends said Johnson had changed, seeming withdrawn and to have lost the Christian faith instilled in him by his church-going mother.”
– Ibid.

“Johnson changed, she said. He was quieter, more reclusive and withdrawn, and would talk about the horrors of war. Before his tour, he was sweet and quiet, and would help other kids in the community, a neighbourhood she described as mixed, where people of all races and religions live.”
– CBC News, Dallas sniper ‘was not the same’ after time in Afghanistan, next-door neighbour says

“Micah Johnson went from being an extrovert to a “hermit”, Delphine Johnson told The Blaze website.

The military was not what Micah thought it would be,” she said. “He was very disappointed.”
– BBC, Micah Johnson: Dallas killer ‘changed’ by military experience

Johnson was sent home from the military after he was accused of sexual harassment by a female who told superiors he needed “mental help”. He may have joined the military a “sweet and quiet” person, but Johnson returned to American angry and unstable.

What happened during his stay in the military? Could his drastic change be attributed to post-traumatic stress disorder (although he was “specialized in carpentry and masonry” and was assigned to building duties)?

Could he have been subjected to MK-ULTRA programming during his military career? It’s impossible to know. One thing is certain: Military bases are a prime location for Delta programming – the mind-control program to train killers.

DELTA is known as “killer” programming and was originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear and very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level.

Military bases are isolated, highly secured and packed with the necessary equipment to train and program a Delta alter. However, subjecting a victim to drugs and trauma in order to breakdown the core persona and to create an alter than can be triggered at will can lead to mental instability.

When Johnson was sent home for “sexual harassment” (which is usually dealt with using counseling in the military), he sought involvement with Black power groups. But his background barred him from joining.

Ken Moore of the Collective Black People’s Movement (CBPM) said that he was asked to look into Johnson by an unidentified black activist group. When he discovered the Army veteran was discharged for sexual harassment, he labelled him “unfit for recruitment.”

Malik Shabazz, former chair of the New Black Panther Party, told The Daily Beast that the background check system described by Moore effectively blacklisted Johnson from membership in black nationalist and black liberation groups across the country.

“Once you’re blacklisted by the alert that we put out, that’s a wrap,” Moore told The Daily Beast.
– The Daily Beast, Dallas Cop-Killer Micah Johnson Was Blacklisted by Black-Power Groups as ‘Unstable’

In the wake of the Dallas shootings, strange facts about Johnson have surfaced in the media. First, as it is often the case in false flag operations, conflicting and contradictory information was reported by the news. Early information described a “team of coordinated snipers” carrying out killings from buildings. Law enforcement later claimed that a lone gunman carried out all of the killings.

Law enforcement originally suspected two shooters were present at the attack, but Chief David Brown said that Johnson, who was an Army reservist, had studied “shoot and scoot” tactics, where he would change locations quickly after firing off a series of rounds.

On Friday, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings described Johnson as “a mobile shooter” who had written manifestos on how to “shoot and move”.
– The Independent, Dallas shooter Micah Johnson wrote cryptic message in his own blood on wall before he died

Some observers wondered how one man could have killed so many armed officers, when coordinated attacks from multiple snipers appears to be a more plausible strategy.

No matter what the case may be, after the death of Micah Johnson, more strange facts surfaced about him, many of which point towards his being a patsy.

Police are trying to decipher the meaning of a cryptic message left by the suspect in the Dallas shooting amid reports that he was planing an additional attack on a much larger scale.

During two hours of negotiations with officers in, he taunted authorities, laughing at them and at one point asking how many officers he had shot, according to the city’s police chief.

Johnson insisted on speaking with a black negotiator and wrote in blood on the wall of a parking garage where police cornered and later killed him, David Brown told CNN’s State Of The Union.
– The Independent, Dallas shooter Micah Johnson wrote cryptic message in his own blood on wall before he died

In short, many facts point towards him being programmed to carry out a strategically timed action to advance the elite’s agenda. What would the elite gain from such a horrific event? The advantages are manifold.

Militarization of Police and Police State Tactics

Micah Johnson was killed by a police robot equipped with a bomb. This unprecedented method of neutralizing a threat has raised ethical questions, as it is indeed one of the first cases of police killing an individual using a robotic device. Was there a better event to introduce this new killing method?

On a larger scale, these type of events justify the militarization of police as a whole, complete with military grade equipment and guerrilla tactics. As more crimes involve military tactics, the police will be justified to use a military-style response. The concepts of domestic terrorism and martial law are becoming an integral part of law enforcement vocabulary.

The Dallas shootings also justified a more immediate action, in the use of military grade force by police against protesters.

Baton Rouge police rush a crowd of protesters and start making arrests on Saturday evening in Baton Rouge, La
Baton Rouge police rush a crowd of protesters and start making arrests on Saturday evening in Baton Rouge, LA

Race War

The most profound effect of the Dallas shootings is related to an important agenda in America: Racial division and the instigation of race wars. There are currently leaders in both Black and White communities who are working towards the provocation of a race war. Coincidentally or not, profound and explosive division within the population is exactly what the elite is looking for. “Divide and conquer” is the oldest strategy in the book of those in power and it remains the most effective one. A population united against a police state is bad for the elite. A population divided against itself around issues that do not concern the elite is great for the elite.

In Conclusion

The Dallas shootings were carried out by a man who was “institutionalized” by the military system. His story and actions are symptomatic of an MK Delta slave, programmed to carry out strategic killings on behalf of the elite and to take the ultimate fall for it. This occurred only blocks away from the JFK shooting site which was also blamed on a patsy who took the ultimate fall.

We may never know the full story, but the truth remains the same. The attack attributed to Micah Johnson is perfectly in line with the elite’s goals: It has justified more police state action while swiftly advancing an even more brutal component of the agenda: Race wars.



  1. Wealthy elites are not needed to instigate racial violence in America. The destroyed city of Tulsa, Greenwood is proof of that

  2. I can tell you from a black person’s perspective that his eyes were finally open to the fact that he is still considered united states property upon joining the military. I can only imagine the pain he suffered and the amount of racism he experienced while serving.

    There is a possibility that upon realizing this and becoming awake he was not a willing participant in it. Once they realize you will not accept the black slave role, you become a target. There’s a chance that he didn’t sexually assault the girl, but she was used to discredit him in anyway if he ever attempted to come forward and tell everyone what is really going on and how badly he was treated while serving this country.

    Once he was removed from the military, they probably maintained constant surveillance and psychological torture on him completely undetected. Other blacks facing the same thing know exactly what’s going on but even if he had turned to one of them and confided they would turn on him for fear of what would come of it.

    Targeted individuals experience a subtle torture. Like constant hints that they are being watched. Street theatre (the act of strangers around you saying specific things that apply solely to you, things they shouldn’t know and subtle stalking that is only obvious to you. Example: same guy, orange shirt, seen at the grocery store, at the gas station, and then again at the McDonald’s)

    They somehow monitor your activity in your home, and they have the technology to make you feel as though you’re hearing voices when it’s actually them bouncing sound off of things around you. If you told anyone what was happening they’d assume you’ve suddenly become mentally ill. So many suffer in silence.

    They are ultimately pushed to suicide, homicide, both, or institutionalization (jail, or drug & mental treatment centers) they often can be found on the streets appearing to be homeless and mentally ill but they are victims of psychological torture to prevent any reasonable rebellion against the agenda being used against them

    I can imagine after being whispered (literally hearing voices) to about the fact that you’re still a slave, you’re not free, the only way to have any peace is to submit to the white master, then also turning on the television and seeing those affirmations realized, that he felt killing white people was the only route to his freedom.

    Not justifying his actions, but I’m saying I get it. And expect more symptoms of systematic racism and the targeted individual depopulation project to continue to rise to the surface.

    Blacks are not the only ones subject to this which explains why a seemingly good law abiding citizen – no matter how or her race – appear to suddenly have a psychological break and perform a mass shooting.

  3. You had Beyonce at the Superbowl with her tribute to the Black Panthers. Now you have Katy Perry with her song “Rise”. She recently purchased the Convent on Waverley Drive which happenes to be neighbours with the LaBianca house where the Manson Cult killed two people and wrote in blood on the walls “Rise” and “Kill all pigs”. The prosecutor said they were trying to forment race war. Funny coincidence that.

  4. I can’t get over that he wasn’t accepted for the black lives matter movement. So only half of the black lies matter? The ones without a criminal record or a “sexual harassment” dismissal. Shows me clearly that these organisations are only set in place to divide even further.

    • Feel free to handle this one, we do not have the resources that you do and have to unfortunately pick our battles. You stand in a much better position to convince white people that this man deserves justice than we do (I cannot say one way to the other since there was no trial and little evidence).

    • I don’t trust any of these black organizations now that I’ve read thus article. I know whose side they’re actually on now. He was ostracized. The leaders in these organizations know exactly how and why. They turned on him.

  5. “When Johnson was sent home for “sexual harassment” (which is usually dealt with using counseling in the military)” – if he was sent home, I’m pretty sure he didn’t receive any counseling. With things like this its pretty much what we call a “one mistake military” for lower ranking grunts (which he was)

  6. I may have to disagree on this one. This case sounds like a clear example of displaced guilt. The first clue is that he was described as an extrovert. Extroverts, for whatever particular reason, are far more likely to act on their thoughts. Being in the military, especially overseas, I would have to imagine that a sense of traditional law and order can be diminished and could possibly allow an extrovert that much more “liberty” to act on his thoughts. As in prison, testosterone levels in the military are undoubtedly increased, add to that a sense of empowerment or entitlement which can sometimes arise from being in the military (much like it does in the police force) and a sense of law and consequence in leisure time (which has to be scarce) can certainly feel lessened and/or disregarded in certain individuals. Add to that the vanity and confidence of youth and the “urge to merge” in general and that combination can prove to be a loaded gun which otherwise never would have manifested. Sometimes a person is considered to be “upright” simply because the law restricts him from acting out upon his true desires. An easy example of this is a man who lives in a town where alcohol stops being sold at 11pm. Take that same man and place him in a place where it is served 24 hrs., and that can easily “change” him into an alcoholic. It is unfortunate that the law must be the dictator of morality and responsibility, but as Christ is removed from society, incidences like this increase. It was briefly mentioned his mother was a Christian – did he have the same kind of exposure to the Word of God in the military and if not, did he diligently keep it in his heart? Did the Word of God in his civilian life simply serve as a “law” rather than “love?” When the heart has not been humbled and broken by the sheer magnificence of true love the love of our savior, Jesus Christ, religion is only a set of big “thou shall nots”. My best guess is that he raped a woman overseas where everything is turned upside down – not always from trauma, but from an empowered sense of license (again, much like it occurs in the police force.) Returning home to the love of family – and to the conscience – so pressed upon his guilt until it had to be displaced. Once displaced, the guilt transformed into hatred and hatred into murder (justice in his own eyes for a sin, his denied and repressed sin, that went about unforgiven and un-atoned for in his life.) I would be curious to see what he did in his “hermitry.” Did he spend it in prayer and confession? A need for justice will often subconsciously arise somewhere and sometime in our life – be we wicked, or be we righteous. And, True Justice can be just as punishing to the wicked as it is blessed to the righteous. We’ve learned what man’s attempt at justice brings – an eye for an eye over and over and over. But, truly none one of us can escape the all-seeing eye of God no matter how hard we try. Its there in us all, deep down, revealing to us our “secret sins.” May they all be washed clean in the name and love of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

  7. The picture of Micah in the Dashiki has been proven to be photoshopped. Interesting how the media provides photoshopped pics when a mk ultra patsy is involved (i.e. Dylann Roof’s photoshopped pics with the confederate flag.)

    • Yup, and he shot a black cop… claims to have no affiliations. I think we’re reaching the point where the fingerprints of the decievers will be harder to spot, or if their plans are coming to fruition, will be absent altogether.

  8. Definitely MK ultra no question about it since the motive is always with the elite that it’s no wonder their tentacles can stretch out as far as the military. Johnson was clearly a fall guy because the illuminati agenda is very clear by starting up another war on home soil just like the CIA conjuring up ISIS in the Middle East.

  9. How come this page does not mention Islam: the Black Panthers, the shooter, BLM, are all affiliated with the nation of Islam.

    • And who is the nation of Islam affiliated with? All creeds, parties and identifiable movements are merely pens for the population to be herded into….until the day of the slaughter.

    • You mean the one where that one bad girl flipped a finger and got world coverage? I forgot her name, it’s probably on wikipedia, though.

      • Nonsense, singing and dancing at Superbowl Halftime has noting to do with the hundreds of killings, few arrests, fewer trials, tiny numbers of convictions and almost zero jail. Cops have to value HUMAN life. They need the training that Sweden uses were they de-escalate the situation and arrest them without injury. If they do not have the temperament, then do NOT hire them. Do drug and alcohol testing regularly and after any incident of potential brutality . Provide psychiatric support. Place them on UNPAID administrative leave until the investigation is complete-then give them back pay and return them to duty if cleared or arrest and charge them if not. Stop the police killings and you stop those that “snap”.

        However, most police killers are WHITE males and many are affiliated with para-military groups that fear “gun confiscation” or are preparing for a “race war” where they plan to massacre Black people, The “government” treats them kindly and does not seem interested in stopping them (examples are the Bundy Ranch people and Sovereign Citizens.

  10. In the Nice France terror attack yesterday the news reported two men in the truck, one escaped and got away and the driver got shot. Now they’re saying only one guy did it on his own. Within 2 hours of the attack,Zachary K Hubbard had post a video on youtube providing evidence it was a hoax.

  11. My boyfriend has been in the army for 8 years, infantry for all, and is a combat veteran. It is weird. It definitely does change you. You come back hardened. A guy tried o rob my boyfriend and he had a knife nearby and tried to wack the robbers arm off like it was nothing, I could never do that! When anything out of the norm happens his first response is always anger. It is sad though because he can’t control it. He feels like a “broken” human. I try to tell him that’s a part of his training and experience. The whole point is that going to war changes people. They kill innocent people and celebrate it together, then they come home to families who look at them like they’re insane for doing it. It’s very sad. Who knows in this case for Micah… Also, didn’t the original news reports say there were two snipers one on each side making a triangle birds eye view? Then they began shooting to have cops come that way and knocked them down. Idk I just thought it said two shooters originally, as with most of these setups.

    • It sounds a little woo woo Vicky, but for what its worth, some people who have been through traumatic experiences greatly benefit from persuits such as gardening. Something creative, stress free, and nurturing. It gives them time to integrate their experiences with no judgement from others and more importantly themselves while producing something positive. Sounds like you are a great partner. Wish you both the best.

      • my fiance gardens and makes a fantastic body care product line. We just try to help him have different experiences. For each bad memory, me and his daughter are trying to help him get in touch with his humanity again. They really need to do something to help vets.

  12. Been waiting for this article! Thanks, VC! It was so obvious that it was done by the elite. Can’t Believe some people actually doubted.

  13. Or… the military does screw people up. Yet the Amurica people still love their guns. No matter how many people die each year.

    • All nations love guns (except maybe Buhtan). The ones with more gun gontrol only allow their military access to them and consequently cover up the dirty work. It’s a long way back to Eden.

  14. I don’t know why these black organizations would have sexual harassment clauses barring membership. How are these organizations able to obtain a person’s DD214? Do they have some kind of agreement with the US government allowing access to personnel files?

    • Ofcourse they do, and they are government-controlled, and it’s stored on the same computers as your schoolreports and medical history

  15. Oh and I forgot to add: Did you guys also see the video of George Bush at the memorial service for the dallas officers? The second I heard he was there I just knew it was a false flag and/or ritual sacrifice. I couldn’t believe how he acted when they played “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” ! He started to smile and dance, laughing, swaying and swinging his arms as he hold his wife’s and Michelle Obama’s hands!! Obama even leaned over and sang a few words while looking at George and he smirked and kinda laughed like oh that’s stupid George! At least Michelle, surprisingly, gave him dirty looks and was embarrassed by his behavior. He makes a joke out of the whole thing, it’s appalling. He looked very stupid-spaced out too, by that I mean he had a dazed smile on his face and the way he moved and sang reminded me of a little kid who hadn’t been paying attention until he heard a song he knew come on so he started singing and dancing while not realizing how rude he was being. He just looked like someone probably had to hold his hand on the walk in and tell him to stand right there and not talk or laugh that this was a serious day so be a good boy. You know what I mean?

    • Imagine an elderly woman – she’s been head of a large organization for most of her life. (Her husband used be CEO as well for years, too. Everybody says what a strong couple they seem.) A few years after she retired, she is recorded at a public event, say a memorial for Sandy Hook. There she takes of her coat and it appears she is wearing a pink tutu, you know, like in that tv-series about the new yorker.
      But nobody says a thing. Everybody stays cool and ignores the woman. She has no power anymore, why bother.

      • To me he looks like a man with a very recent alcohol-abuse-period, very recent. And yes, a combination with meds, pure white, doctor’s order meds will do enough to the mind, too. I wondered, if the two women did not hold on to his hands, would he have try to waltz with one of them?
        Do these people not have assistants to keep track of their drinks and behaviour, if the family does not want to do it themselves? Imagine a group of people, within seconds they will make an appearance on the world’s stage, for milions of viewers – and a former president is getting drunk or out of his mind. Nobody says, let’s pretend he got sick and could not make it. Nope, they think, let’s do it, let’s all walk the walk and see what happens. Strange? Next week on Soap, will Jessica and Corine talk to the press about Burt being out of his mind?

  16. Did anyone else think it was suspicious that the girlfriend of Philando was so calm and collected while she livestreamed her boyfriend’s murder? and that she wasn’t visibly shaken, upset, crying, shocked, screaming that her man was shot and bleeding out and about to die. To me it seemed to perfect. From my years of reading vigilant citizen and similar sites, I can’t help but question everything, especially if I automatically feel something the first time I see an article or news story. So when I read about his girlfriend Diamond thinking fast on her feet and going onto facebook live to stream what was happening I felt like that shooting was staged and that it was done to further the race war agenda. Then after I heard about the police shootings in dallas a, what?, few days later, conveniently and wow the Dallas shooter really got his plan together fast, I just knew the Philando shooting had to be staged. It fit perfectly into the Dallas shooting story and I saw that all three shootings are to further the race war and their fight to take our guns away so they can institute martial law. It all feels faked.

      • I saw the murder video in real time that evening and having had my husband drop to the ground from a brain aneurysm, I can tell you that she when into what I call “survival mode”. There is part of you that does NOT believe what you see and hear is real. Instead, you believe you are in a dream and function in the “dream world”. Diamond sat there, with the cop still pointing a gun at her and kept talking to stay alive. She started to break down when Philandro stopped breathing but her little girl spoke to her and she regained her composure. That stupid idiot cop said Fxxk, Fxxk out load because he realized she was LIVE STREAMING and he was being WATCHED. A big problem for the standard “I feared for my life and had to kill because I had a gun and could”. I have no doubt that he would have killed Diamond too. Why did the cop treat HER like she had shot someone? The taillight that supposedly led to the stop WAS NOT BROKEN! The made Diamond get on the ground and had cuffed her, put her in the back seat a police car with her daughter. (She dropped the phone at one point and it was returned to her for a time). There is also video of police doing CPR on Phlindro well after he had died-a definite CYA move! Given the 100’s if not thousands of youtube videos that show cops lying over and over again, why do you still take their stories seriously? Given that most streets have cameras on the street lights where is the video? Where is the Dallas, Orlando and Batten Rouge video also? If most cops are “good guys” where are they when these things happen? Why did fNorth Carolina pass a law making police video private it they do nothing wrong? Why are some police claiming that “fear of video” is making it hard to work? What else are they doing? Diamond was separated from her daughter and interrogated for several hours without explanation and released at 5 am the next morning after dozens of viewer inquiries.

    • I noticed a lot of suspicious things like there was no bulliet hole in his shirt, the blood looked fake, when she was handcuffed she was still able to move around to film her daughter, when she claimed to be handcuff you moved her hand in front of the camera and she’s wearing an American flag shirt like other crisis actors in other PYSOP staged event HOAXES.


  18. “To Sever and Protect” more like!! Severing the binds that make us all human being and protecting the Elitists. This suits their purpose.
    They trained Micah Johnson well.

  19. Not buying that he was an MK slave. Black males always get a free pass. No one said that about Hassan Ahmad who was military and shot up people on an army base. They called him an Islamist, Jihadist and come to find out he was mocked and shunned by his compatriots. This guy was a domestic terrorist, plain and simple.

  20. Us white People have destroyed the earth. Point blank period. Like it or not so it’s either we help to rectify what our ancestors and fellow Caucasians have done or we just let the world burn. I chose to help my human kind instead of sitting in my ass judging by what racist feed you on the news and how they plaster nothing but a few boys in the projects across the tv as thugs and you should fear when the true thugs are our government. Pope. Elite. Presidents. Etc. Continuously killing non stop and raping resources from the countries of other races and then leaving them with nothing! TRUE THUGS scum of the earth

    • Sorry Sandra ‘us white people have destroyed the earth point blank period’–you are completely deceived and prob indoctrinated. That is a completely bigoted thing to say based on nothing more than feelings–not facts. A large part of destruction of the earth is being done by Asians, Indians and blacks. ALL HUMANS are the same under the skin the color of the skin has nothing to do with their character…geez get a clue. Nor is the ‘destruction of the earth’ an American or European thing the other groups mentioned have and still play a big part …but the truth of the matter is that SIN is the reason for the destruction of the earth. Instead of passing out blame and pointing fingers to divide and offend how about trying to spread encouragement and hope and enlightenment to help people see things clearly and perhaps treat each other and the earth with more respect?

      • Well said watcher. Although I still agree with Sandra’s motivations for saying what she did, I think the tendency for some whites to blame themselves because of what others of the same race have done is in itself a form of racism? You say sin is the cause, I say ignorance, but then it seems we are both desiring a peaceful harmonious world full of differences and believe she is better off for it.

    • Don’t forget the Banksters! Though I suppose “elite” would properly categorize that scum.

  21. All these BLM marchers never look into the pasts of the thugs that are killed nor do they get the entire facts. Both dudes killed by cops were thugs and had extensive rap sheets. Anyone coming out of the military has been subjected to an MKultra programming regime. They tried it with my uncle in Vit.War. My prayers and thoughts go out to all families of the Dallas officers. Especially to the family of Officer Thompson. His family and I share cousins, although we are not directly related. They are good people. His Father was a coach and my teacher at our high school. It is no end to what evil the powers behind the gubberment will do.

    • Mr Castile was no “thug” and do you honestly think they would let him serve lunches at a public school if he had an “extensive rap sheet”? And the children at his school all loved him. He fully complied with the officers orders and was still gunned down in front of a four year old. But, it’s easier to avoid the issue by taking away their humanity and label them as thugs.

    • You are so WRONG! You don’t need to know the “past” of a HUMAN BEING-ALL deserve JUSTICE! The ONLY thing we can say for sure in AMERICA is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty! That is what we protest for – no more no less.

  22. It makes sense, divide and conquer, when we stand alone we are weak and vulnerable (even the Bible speaks of the power found in unity) – look at Brexit, the entire European nation is divided now, brother against brother, son against father just as the Bible has foretold because when the Antichrist makes his presence known he will be posing as the one who heals the rift, who brings unity and peace. We are all playing into his hands, but then again, all this must come to pass and we will rejoice because the time of our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ is near, when He will collect the faithful in the rapture and save those who weren’t ready in the glorious appearing – His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven, AMEN!

    • I completely agree. But the Antichrist has made himself known to those with eyes to see him for a long long time. He is amorphous.

  23. it doesnt take long for the military to brainwash you. my brother went through the marines basic training and came back a brainwashed fool.

    • I was in the militairy services a long time ago (mandatory at the time). I have seen it tried and happen, even without a war.
      But another nasty thing is, I have met kindergartenworkers with the same attitude, more than once, too.

  24. Thank you for this post, VC. My first thought when I saw live protests being broadcast on facebook was that this is part of a larger agenda. Since when do mass media outlets give coverage to protests? Especially live-streaming to millions of people. Multiple Iraq war protests in Albany when I was in college got literally no coverage and there were thousands of people marching. Then I saw that a sniper took out the police officers in Dallas and that was a red flag. And the fact that they killed him with a robot really sealed the deal. I didn’t know about any of the other factors involved. Thank you for continuing to shine light on the darkness. Most people are still in the dark, I think.

    • I’ve wondered if he was killed over in Afghanistan.
      First it was reported that he as shot and killed, then we heard that a robot blew him up.
      Great way to prevent an autopsy from happening, that’s for sure

  25. Does it seem strange that the same day Comey the FBI Director testifies to the House in regards to Hillary Clinton’s Email investigation is the same day of the Dallas shootings? We heard very little about The FBI’s damning findings regarding Hillary and her lying to congress, all the news could talk about was the violence. Seems like interesting timing to me.

  26. Same s***, different day:

    “I am now convinced that there is an underground, national, suicide group bent on creating terror in America. Their purpose is to cause the people to be dissatisfied, to bring race against race, young against old, to cause internal national chaos.”
    –Louisiana Attorney General William Guste, during the siege on downtown New Orleans by a black militant sniper back on 1-7-73, which left 4 cops dead and 4 wounded, among others.

  27. On the other hand a guy who had poor marksmanship and was in an non-combat specialty wouldn’t be the most desirable person to use for Manchurian Candidate programming.

    • Or, it helps create division in the “conspiracy theory” (CIA authored term) camp. Just like they’re creating division everywhere else. Their motto should be “muddy the waters”. Follow your heart, love indicates deception.

    • But that Does just fits the profile of a candidate : to put it black on white : a guy, not so good at his job, far away from home and loved ones with mental influence, his mates with gunjobs are getting respect for that despite his own good intensions, he falls in the trap and opens his mind for comfort, a nice word, some painkillers maybe and counselation.
      But it’s likelier he was set up earlier.

  28. There is one movie that describes everything! The Manchurian Candidate with Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep.
    In the movie, Denzel is a veteran that was under mind control after the war and he starts to have memories of all the abuse that he suffered in his military base. Also the new candidate for US president is under mind control(Mk ultra) since he was a child and Denzel is put again under mind control to kill this candidate for US president.

    • This should show people that multiculturalism doesn’t work. There isn’t ONE multicultural nation on earth that has EVER worked out. Maybe it’s time to admit that we need to stick to our own kind and ensure all races have their own homeland. Why continue this foolishness? Nobody benefits and nobody really wants it or likes it…so why not stop?

      • ”This should show people that multiculturalism doesn’t work” Well, no. Up untill now it is perfectly proven by all circumstances, people of all colour do can live together. Just not as cattle. Living together in cities and communities, working, loving, education, it all happens already. The problems are not with the colour, but in the minds of people. Mentioning so called typical prejudice, grown over the years via history books and boxtalkers, written by dominant abusers, has a profound impact om humanity. Nowadays, with television and internet the indoctrination takes on new forms. Spin it all you wany Sunshine, but in a way you are clouding all of mankind, contrasting your uplifting Name. Planting a masonic seed in your posts is not enlightening.

      • You’re just another shill or you have problems sunshine. So tell me, what exactly is your own kind? What does it’s culture look like? The very language you are using to disseminate your b.s. opinion is an emalgam of COUNTLESS cultures!… and your genetics the same. Think about that then think about how f*****g stupid the phrase “your own kind” is.

    • Your comment resonates well with the Elite’s agenda, Sunshine. Divide divide divide. Yes, people have different cultures and beliefs, and yes sometimes it is hard to integrate but if we respect and love one another race does not matter. We have been indoctrinated for generations to believe that one race is superior to the other when we were all created equally, albeit uniquely. It is in our differences that our strengths lie, strength which we can only access if we stand united, not divided. We all NEED each other and until we realize that, we will be slaves doomed to death and suffering.

  29. #1] Which Brigade he was in, is basically, immaterial. It’s his performance “on the range”, or in “field Ops”, that would be most revealing. Being that “he was an awful shot”, came from a TEAM mate, makes it unlikely that he returned home, and managed to “SF up” in a few months…

    #2] “Shoot’in & Scoot’in” is SFSOC terminology…and takes HOURS, and weeks to perfect, and even THEN, it’s an imperfect art form…w/o LOTS more practice than likely he had time or $$$ for.

    #3] The “back story” is too jumbled and piece-meal to depend on, for FACTS.

    #4] He CLEARLY didn’t have much time for preps…(it was a “last minute change of plans”), SO, (scoping out locations, “hides”, cover with proper angles for shots…several guns laid out at various spots, {so as to better give the impression of multiple “shooters”})…whereas, if he’d HAD multiple “shooters” it wouldn’t have been a rush to get the locations and tac needs developed, in short order…and, there’d have been more “targeting time” … Just think…not everyone is a Chris Kyle…and EVEN HE had to take his time “acquiring & ‘zeroing’ his target”

    #5] All of the above seems to emphasize that he’d have needed help…other “shooters” who could use different angles & COVER, in SHORT ORDER, to inflict so much damage…but “set up” in short order, w/o previous planning. (Note “The Patriot” scene where the two boys & Ben Morgan got into place & ready quickly.

    • Thank you for a sane and direct post! My husband is a former Army Ranger and made the same observations. It is tactically IMPOSSIBLE for this one guy to amass this much chaos and carnage considering his media devised history, and the various shooting locations and weapons. Turn off the televisions and stop being “programmed” people!

  30. what’s more appalling is black on black violence that’s not get attention. All lives matter. ” black lives matter” is no different than the empty meaning behind ” support our troops” . don’t generalize people not all blacks are crooks not all muslims are extremists not all whites are racist.

  31. VC, you have outdone yourself. Thank you for connecting the dots, something that the overpaid “journalists” out there should be doing–and aren’t.
    I thought I was the only one objecting that one guy CAN’T take down five cops and wound many more! How many times have we heard horror-stories of bad cops asking a driver for his ID, and then blasting him to bits when he reaches for it (and other variations on that theme)? And yet suddenly we find a city police force that can’t hit one guy who’s shooting right at them, and take him out themselves?

  32. This is the first time I am commenting here on VC. I just read and thoroughly enjoy the deep insights brought forth.

    This is a classic case of a patsy and matches in many ways with what happened in the life of Lee Harvey Oswald.

    For those who may want to understand fully this whole MK Ultra mind programming, watch tr excellent film The Manchurian Candidate

    Too bad for Micah Johnson who becomes another pawn in the elite’s sinister agenda.

  33. “post-traumatic stress disorder (although he was “specialized in carpentry and masonry” and was assigned to building duties)?”

    Any time you are in a war zone, you have opportunity to be traumatized. Bullets & Bombs do NOT care abt your given job title.

    • My husband, after his first tour ten years ago, came back messed up. Not in any combat relayed shell shock way, but not having but a few days off in seven months, constantly being on the go and busy, never knowing IF something was going to go down while on duty, wore him out and made him angry. War zones are always stressful. Being in a foreign country, away from family and normalcy, is stressful. Maybe homeboy came back disenfranchised because it wasn’t the lifestyle for him? Maybe he wasn’t very good at his job and got hazed too much? It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. I can’t wait until my husband retires!!!!

      • Is this the first time you’ve encountered that word? Or are you going to play the offended or race card because you perceive that it’s a white person using it? Can we have a list of the words we are “allowed” to use so there’s no more confusion?

      • It ain’t the word dumbass, its the us and them mentality it helps perpetuate. The exact same mentality the system is fostering. You’re the walking dead.

      • As usual Dixie, your words are enlightening, but not in the way you intend them to be.

  34. It serves it by putting a black face as the shooter/villain. Also, media making the police as the victims, when they have been killing innocent black people for years! And people like AJ and Trump, and Giuliani spreading lies and propaganda about this entire thing. What does any intelligent critical thinking human being expect? Some people are so naive to think that WWIII will not happen, the same as WWII, another holocaust, more genocide. History keeps repeating itself because the human race refuses to learn from history, real history.

    But I am sure someone will reply to this calling me crazy and give me some stupid statistics about how black people commit more crimes than whites and black people are the problem and single black mothers are the problem and blah blah blah. All I can say to those people is: go back to Stormfront and listening to AJ, the Nazi mecca websites, because you obviously choose to ignore the problem to stroke your disgusting ego.

    • The Black culture is a culture of death. The music promotes violence, the movies promote a lifestyle of money, criminal behavior, promiscuity, and a total lack of respect for life. Black women kill their unborn children 25% more than any other race, and while the filthy white elites place their slaughter houses in predominantly Black neighborhoods, there’s still no excuse. All of this on top of vilifying education as a form of selling out or acting white, and you’ve got one innate problem in the average Black household. Yes, not having positive fatherly influence, raised by single moms, abuse ensues and a cycle if violence and despair sets in. There are bad cops, yes, and I am outraged at any authority figure harming and murdering people. It’s a very real problem, but the bigger agenda here isn’t to bring light to a problem that desperately needs correcting. It’s to divide us by any means THEY can, and woe to them when the day comes when the panthers and skinheads ban together to take out the REAL threat.

      • And what is White culture? The same culture responsible for “discovering” an inhabited land? Destroying the Natives? Responsible for Hitler? Responsible for the Ku Klux Klan and Jim Crow laws? Responsible for slavery? You really ought to watch what you say if you don’t have the education, pedigree, and common sense to back you up. Pathetic.

      • Yup cus you know so much about the Kaballah don’t you Peter? Oh Madonna’s into it you say? Ah, ok. If it truly is the enemy, then you should know it… But then maybe you’d change your mind.

      • who runs the world, smarty pants? talmudic zionists who follow kabbalistic doctrine. it’s a fact. get over yourself.

      • Ashkenazi Jews are the ones that you are referring to. Look into that history and get back to me then. The qaballah is balance.. Just like the cross, just like the tao, just like the swastikas. It is neither “good” nor “bad”, the determining factors are the mentality and spiritual development of the individual using it. I have no idea why I attempt to explain these concepts to those who dwell in the superficial, but like I said, if we are the enemy, then the only way to beat us is to know us. I know what the arguments of those who have been fooled sound like. Pretty easy to spot, since they are rooted in the history of the “victors”. You are stupid cus they made you stupid, you mistrust the very things that could emancipate you. There may be a reason for that.

      • @the bag man, man. I have read your comments on all VC articles and seen you rip christians to threads and laugh at our religion. I thought you were an atheist. From this comment it appears you are a Kabbalah Jew. I would recommend you read a book titled ‘The rabbi who found Messiah.’

      • If you have kept up with my posts, then you would be aware of yes, my distain of the organisations exploiting and interpreting (warping) Christ and his message for reasons of control via guilt and the threat of eternal damnation by a seemingly loving God. But It would also be clear however that both the avatar and said message are close to my heart, so your assumptions about my position obviously got in the way of you actually paying attention. The use of the phrase “kabbala Jew” [sic] in a pejorative sense is telling. Thanks for the homework, I’m grateful my ignorance is being remedied by such well informed teachers.

      • That is just like saying all blacks are African. Yes, your comment is pathetic and cringeworthy to boot.

      • All nations practiced slavery at one time on all peoples, it was and is NOT a “white” thing only. Some nations still practice it (white slavery is a problem in some areas still, as well as others). The race baiting is stupid, ALL lives matter, no matter the color.

        As far as the ‘culture’ of death, no one has the monopoly on that one… Everyone in this country, black, white, etc, etc, in this modern age have and use access to violent behaviors, music and everything else bad out there – they also have the same access to good things. It’s a choice. It always was, and always will be.

      • We would all greatly benefit from removing as many lables as possible, and start trying to focus on the similarities rather than differences.

      • You are the pathetic one, look at stats and reality if you can wrap your little head around that.

      • “There’s still no excuse” well there is if you take into account that all those circumstances are manufactured to subjugate not just a race but a class. I’d also like to remind you that there are a hell of a lot of good black people out there, friends of mine in fact.

      • You are actually describing “white culture”. Have you looked at the most popular TV shows like Breaking Bad etc? I know Alex et al quote nonsense but use your brain. How can we have millions of welfare babies and abort them too? How can YOU send jobs to China et al and keep the remaining jobs ‘whites only” and expect us to raise children into productive adults? Welfare allows slumlords to make money and incompetent teachers to have jobs in the inner cities. The poor education feeds the school-to-prison pipeline and makes money for shareholders in CCA etc who get generous 20 year contracts with guaranteed 90-100% occupancy. BTW the abortion clinics are owned and staffed by white people who again make money. How can Black people fix a problem whites created and profit from?????? Why be hypocritical about it? It is real and YOU benefit!

    • You can go to the fbi site and see the stats for yourself. You can cry about racism and imaginary Nazis and stormfront but it won’t change the facts. Neither will your shrieking histrionics and regurgitating the inane media talking points about Trump and Giuliani and whatever other evil white boogeymen exist in your programmed little head.

      I will say that it never gets old to see people like you complain about other people. It’s so adorable when your type really believes the cheap shyster tricks and flattery…yes yes, YOU are so smart and educated, because you believe what we tell you. Don’t look around and see reality for what it actually is, that’s racist! So are facts and statistics and anything else. You are the definition of useful idiot because you hate whitey so much that you allow it to rule your life. But that’s just African genetics at play. You are a tribal people and will ALWAYS side with blacks over anyone else. The controllers know this and use it to their benefit. So go ahead and call me whatever you want. I don’t care and I’ll post wherever I please. You don’t control this site and you have no power here.

      • I love how the words mind control are banded about with little sense of irony by people who are feeding into the hate.

      • If you read fbi in this one as facebookintelligence it takes on a more amusing side of ‘her'(?).

      • Yeah you mean the same fbi that lied to put my brother in jail for a crime that he has tangible proof that he did not commit? Not to mention emails that show the agents coersing witnesses to lie too. Nah they just might be a little too unreliable..(fbi don’t like to be told they made a mistake, face savers all tge way)…..honey all I have to do is look around me to know what’s going on. I don’t need statistics that are usually full of varied interperetations of the information at hand and have no tangible standard of differentiation that would provide an accurate account AND the fact that whoever funds the stats listed are ultimately manipulating numbers to serve their own benefit. Naw sweetie YOU keep your eyes on those stats while the rest of us observe the obvious ills around us. I don’t need statistics to tell me that my beautiful people need to do better, but please add in your statistics the general calculation of the probability for improvement among all peoples and nations. All of us are under the same sky. And if you are not improving yourself and how you treat others, which is the beginning of change, then maybe those statistics aren’t as helpful as you thought.

  35. I was thinking the SAME THING! Thank you! The shootings of Sterling and Castille were undeniably tragic and heartbreaking…but at the same time, many many people were coming together and uniting! This is the other side of tragedy…people reconnect with their humanity and rallying behind Black injustices all around the world! So of course it would make sense to cause this shooting – because it would create more division. There are still so many unanswered questions. Instead of people uniting against the real enemy, now people would turn on each other. And if these officers involved in these shootings are exonerated, there will be a race war – or at least pockets of it.

    • @Srich. Leads me to question, if all the world’s a stage, then is this whole s**t show a production to make us reconnect with our humanity?

      • I see where you’re going with that @the bag man and maybe it is. But it’s the way the elite are going about it that’s wrong. Tragedy shouldn’t be a factor in uniting people. The elite have a vision of a one world government under a new world order. So ideally, they seek unification, but at a grim price.

    • Many people coming together that are in an emotional vulnarable state, crying, angry, frustrated, remembering some good times perhabs, but uniting over death and sadness. I do not think that is beautifull or great, I think it is sad. And, have you noticed, it looks the same as when some of the sad things happened, and then it hapopended again.
      No, I think it is a show. A tragedy albeit.

  36. The man wrote RB in his own blood before being blown up. There was no reason he could not have been negotiated out over the course of days.

    What is the relation to Chief’s son (RB) “Top Cop’s Anguish: Dallas Police Chief’s Own Son Was a Cop Killer Who Died in Shootout” with police.

  37. Just like Orlando shooting, this Dallas cop killer was part of an agenda: to take away guns and create a police state for more control using divide and conquer method. Well I’m not going to hate black people or any people. The news only reports cops killing black people when actually the cops kill white people just as much and I don’t blame people for getting angry at the system.

    • I keep hearing that “they’re going to take the guns away” but nothing ever changes. Twenty six to seven year old children were gunned down at Sandy Hook and no new laws were passed, in fact more people were buying the same gun the killer used out of fear the gun would be banned…it wasn’t.

      • The criminals will always get guns regardless of their legality. S**t, its the criminal governments that make them! False flags act, among other things as a pretext to take the guns away from people who’d protect themselves with them.

      • But my point is they haven’t taken the guns away. There has been no meaningful gun control legislation passed or gun bans after any of these events. In fact, gun and ammo purchases increase. My question is, when are they going to actually take the guns away?

      • You’ll have to leave them at the door when you enter the camps. Any of those crazy “survivalist” staying outside will have them taken by force.

      • Obviously I’m not condoning it… Thanks again dowvoters united. It was toung in cheek too but is a potentiality.

      • Yeah, well it seems that guys got all the bases covered…. The m.o. of investors is to profit from the masses regardless of our actions. Napolionic war springs to mind.

      • Well you have to have an event, so serious and so diabolical, that they will be forced to trump our second amendment rights. It will be something bad enough to make the mojority of people support their decision. I’m talking a false flag that will make 9/11 seem insignificant. The elite are truly sick individuals…

      • But my point is they haven’t taken the guns away. There has been no meaningful gun control legislation passed or gun bans after any of these events. In fact, gun and ammo purchases increase. My question is, when are they going to actually take the guns away?

      • Sandy hook was a false flag. That school was abandoned 2 months before the shooting. I think Google Earth has the images, check it.

  38. Racial fighting and tension is just a front. There is a more sinister agenda and evil forces at work.
    Remember “out of chaos, order”.
    The war is against citizen’s being able to protect themselves. All these “violent crimes” are targeting citizens to be disarmed.
    All life matters, black or white. They are shifting our focus away from what they are really planning, and allowing us to fight amongst ourselves.
    If only we would wake up and see, THEY ARE THE ENEMY!

    • The trick of creating chaos and then seizing power under the pretense of putting things back in order is a tried and true method of deception and manipulation. It’s the meaning behind the Latin motto: ORDO AB CHAO meaning ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.

      Staged Events/Order Out of Chaos – Orwell Today

    • But how do we go about defeating the enemy? We can’t use the system…it was created by the elite. It’s like we’re powerless to stop it…

      • The most important thing we can do now, is wake people up to the truth, and once a large enough percentage of people become aware of these manufactured events, or should I say, “when we are all in one accord,” we will be able to collectively resist this evil enemy.

        The enemy knows this, and that is why they are dividing us, so we will continue to work against each other.

        The common ground we all share, and love as Americans, is Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Prosperity…


  39. I can’t edit my original post but here’s a piece of what he wrote which I though was profound.

    “Racism is the thin veil and smoke screen of the real issue and not worth the debate, so the “race” issue though undeniably present, is minor in comparison to the real problem. It’s just a symptom of foolishness and ignorance, an unfortunate one, that both sides “choose” to allow to be the area of concern rather than the root of the issue, which is the establishment aka TPTB and that is why we find ourselves here.”

    -Eli Harris

  40. It’s funny reading this on here because there’s a n actor by the name of Eli Harris on Facebook who wrote a piece almost exactly like this a few days back. This almost confirms it in my opinion. The summer of chaos.

  41. There are some similarities here to a case a few years ago where an ex LAPD officer and Navy trained reservist, Christopher Jordan Dorner, targeted police in a killing spree in LA. Dorner was aged 33, Black, ex Navy Reservist, Apparently stable upbringing in a suburban mixed neighbourhood, no criminal past. Johnson, aged 25, Black, Ex Army reservist, apparently stable upbringing, no criminal record.
    Other similarities; they both had problems within the forces, Dormer fired from LAPD for making false statements, Johnson fired from Army for sexual harassment, they were also both sensitive on issues related to racism & both denounce Christianity.
    My instincts are that both of these individuals were probably unstable & pushed over the edge by what they deemed as injustices and failures by the state. And it must be pointed out that each of them were probably patriotic Americans to start with, otherwise, they would probably not have enlisted to serve their country in the armed forces.
    To then be let down by a country, government and institution that they probably loved and identified themselves with from childhood may have been devastating for them. An array of psychological and social issues could be involved here, disillusionment, feelings of injustice, personal experience of injustice, trauma… the list goes on. And do not forget, Johnson will have seen the institutions he trusted commit unlawful killings, murders over and over again with apparent impunity.
    I agree it is difficult to say whether Johnson was programmed while in the military or elsewhere, however, surely, to programme anybody to carry out such a psychotic act in a civilian environment, albeit one in the midst of demonstrations, would require a more intense and systematic programming than could be achieved on an adult in an Army reservist environment.
    My instinct here is that it was a combination of all of the above and more but for me the most telling of the points mentioned here is the fact that both of them denounced Christianity. Jesus will have seen and experienced far more injustice than any other human but even on the cross his words were Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34.
    Both Dorner & Johnson denounced the truth. Without Jesus the pressures of this world are too much for anyone and both Dormer & Johnson became victims of the enemy, Satan,
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1Peter 5:8.
    The enemy does not care how they take you, whether by programming or any other means. The only way to defeat Satan and his agents is to put your faith in Jesus.

    There are some similarities here to a case a few years ago where an ex LAPD officer and Navy trained reservist, Christopher Jordan Dorner, targeted police in a killing spree in LA. Dorner was aged 33, Black, ex Navy Reservist, Apparently stable upbringing in a suburban mixed neighbourhood, no criminal past. Johnson, aged 25, Black, Ex Army reservist, apparently stable upbringing, no criminal record.
    Other similarities; they both had problems within the forces, Dormer fired from LAPD for making false statements, Johnson fired from Army for sexual harassment, they were also both sensitive on issues related to racism & both denounce Christianity.
    My instincts are that both of these individuals were probably unstable & pushed over the edge by what they deemed as injustices and failures by the state. And it must be pointed out that each of them were probably patriotic Americans to start with, otherwise, they would probably not have enlisted to serve their country in the armed forces.
    To then be let down by a country, government and institution that they probably loved and identified themselves with from childhood may have been devastating for them. An array of psychological and social issues could be involved here, disillusionment, feelings of injustice, personal experience of injustice, trauma… the list goes on. And do not forget, Johnson will have seen the institutions he trusted commit unlawful killings, murders over and over again with apparent impunity.
    I agree it is difficult to say whether Johnson was programmed while in the military or elsewhere, however, surely, to programme anybody to carry out such a psychotic act in a civilian environment, albeit one in the midst of demonstrations, would require a more intense and systematic programming than could be achieved on an adult in an Army reservist environment.
    My instinct here is that it was a combination of all of the above and more but for me the most telling of the points mentioned here is the fact that both of them denounced Christianity. Jesus will have seen and experienced far more injustice than any other human but even on the cross his words were Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34.
    Both Dorner & Johnson denounced the truth. Without Jesus the pressures of this world are too much for anyone and both Dormer & Johnson became victims of the enemy, Satan,
    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 1Peter 5:8.
    The enemy does not care how they take you, whether by programming or any other means. The only way to defeat Satan and his agents is to put your faith in Jesus.

    • Actually, Dorner was fired for reporting a superiors abuse of a suspect. He went through the chain of command but no one would do anything about it so they had a “hearing” and decided that Dorner “made it up”. He lost his police job and his reserve status and as you say was “pushed over the edge”. Perhaps they could bring these guys to TRIAL instead of executing them, study their condition and help other vets.

  42. Was Micah Johnson a new 2016 version of Lee Oswald, updated to fit current requirements?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  43. Don’t hurry to talk about racial wars. Maybe it is still possible to see him not as a black man killing white people, but as a soldier who brought war home.

    • Gee what’s your excuse for Dylan Roof? Somehow I doubt you’d fall all over yourself to explain away his racially motivated attack…

      • ….was manufactured? Yup, very likely. Oh yeah, you weren’t there? You must have got your information from the very same media this site is critical of. There’s a great source of information you may have missed that’s more suitable for your level of intellect, its called CNN or FOX… take your pick.

  44. Am I the only one that noticed that the guy in the first picture and the others aren’t the same guy, guess we have another case of the doubles (perhaps more) here using the same name. I sense a group act here, perhaps they all have similar faces and have been perceived from different unconnected vintages points giving off the illusion of a one man act. Getting tired of these staged events and wondering when exactly they will bring the robocops out as the sole form of policing, just saying.

    • Please Biss, more nuance, or examples of the differences, because with 2 votes now, it seems clear you are one of the few that spot it, and i am not another one.

      • While yes let me enlighten you. In the first picture he does have similar puffy eyes but seems to have a more defined double eyelid while the pictures at the bottom even though they are blurry he seems to have eyes similar to that of someone that has a partial Asian mix (this could be due to differing ancestry). I also noticed a slight difference in the ears (upper ears), in the second and third picture they look completely smooth and round but in the top one they don’t. You can also see that his lips are way thicker in the first picture though the angle is different (and the expression) but I noticed it more in the upper lip and it’s not the type of thickness you get from lip injections (he wouldn’t need any). Finally, there is the nose in one picture, though the angle is different, the nose seems more rectangular and the nostrils are off maybe due to bad plastic surgery but in the other bottom pictures his nose is more triangular with similar nostrils.

      • I have looked again. I think what you see is normal muscle tension. The difference between neutral/relaxed and tierd, for example come to mind here. The one about the ears, well, talking about photoshopping, someone needs to work in higher resolution..or glasses when doing it. The mouth, muscle difference, too, and the nose is pure camera angle. I think.

  45. Who remembers “I pet goat” and the little african with a rifle while a figure in the back round “pulled a string” and the little boy was set off, with his eyes glowing red while wearing a heart crown. Man wtf

  46. Great post, VC. I know a lot of folks who are falling hook line & sinker for the relentless propaganda push towards an American Race War. Amazing, and terrifying, how easily the US population is being made to divide and turn against themselves based on the melanin content of their skin. And at the expense of what an incredible nation it could be if they would only truly unite and be awake! Surely the self-proclaimed “elites” are laughing as they watch the plebes tear themselves apart, meanwhile poisoning their minds and bodies and living like viruses off the banality of their hard work. Wake up, Americans, and start seeing who the real enemies are. It isn’t “Whites” and it isn’t “Blacks”…what coarse–even silly–generalities for whole peoples of widely disparate ethnicities, ancestral origins, and economic backgrounds. You’re all just “Americans” to the rest of the world…too bad you can’t see that for yourselves.

    • I agree, Asher. My sister and I “woke up” several years ago, and watch in awe and horror as the Agenda is advanced. We grew up in the south, and we are sick and tired of the stereotypes of southerners as portrayed in movies, tv and the media. It’s total crap. We live in a big city in N.C., and there is a friendliness, caring, and trust among peoples of all races here. We respect each other, and express love for one another, regardless of social standing, race, etc. The stereotype is a LIE. Don’t believe it, people. The elite’s efforts to create race wars is at least twenty years too late. We (thinking, caring people) decided long ago that everyone in creation deserves kindness and respect, and that’s how we live our lives, and we are much happier for it. This crap being pushed is a joke, and only the sheeple fall for their tactics. Gratefully, more and more people are waking up, and are refusing to buy into their propaganda. Think for yourselves, and see through the hype. Do your research diligence, and things will become clearer and clearer. I personally believe that love is an actual element, like earth, wind, fire and water, and is more powerful than all the others. Live in love and watch it defeat hate, every time. And remember “they” are more afraid of us than we are of them.

      • “The elite’s efforts to create race wars is at least twenty years too late. ” Yes, thank you – good way to put it – I agree!! I’m “white”, & I live in a mixed black-white neighborhood in Brooklyn, plus I work in Manhattan. And – I’m not going to say there is no trace of tension – say every now & then on the subway you sense it, or there are some angry black-power preachers, or rappers, or among some of the younger activist types. It’s definitely there, in some segments of society. And on the day the police-on-black shootings happened, I got some glaring looks. But — ** it’s not something that seems to be infecting functional society-at-large. ** Every single day in my actual one-on-one interactions with black people, practically ALL I sense is kindness, affection, effectiveness – there is no sense of this race war stuff, just people doing their jobs and working together to get stuff done. And I’ve really been observing closely & paying attention. It just doesn’t seem to be a thing with most people. This ‘race war’ just hasn’t taken hold. People with any kind of job especially, we all learned a LONG time ago how to look past skin color & see each other as fellow human beings. People may be tempted for a second to go against each other…… but then I think they think “nah….. that’s ridiculous. I know too much. We’ve come way too far….” And then they’re back to smiling, joking, getting stuff done together again.

      • @Notasheeple & jargolia.
        Both you guys nailed it. Humankind’s natural state is harmony. The division pushed by the “elite” has to be pushed because other wise we would be symbiotic without their negative influence. If you want proof, then just look at nature…. Yes there is conflict, but ultimately all participants take only what they need and no more. Greed is a human quality and one of the few things I would actually define as sin. As a result you have an elite that has controlled the “proletariat” to sustain their luxurious lifestiles of indulgence and abuse. The conflict we see around us between nations, races, creeds and even goddam football teams keeps us waring against each other, not so that we war against them, but so that we just forget about their literall useless existances, and get on with our natural inclinations of peace, harmony, cooperation, and God given independence.

      • Go watch Colin Flaherty’s YouTube channel. Don’t just watch a video or two, watch enough to understand. Case after case after case after case of black on white violence but it’s never framed for what it is. If a white person assaults a black person it is instant racism. If a black person assaults a white person it ain’t no big deal. Clearly there is a huge push to stoke tensions between blacks and whites. People ARE taking the bait. I’ve never heard a word from Colin to have me believe he is racist but he is accused of this often. He is not affiliated with any white nationalist group and has stated as much numerous times, in fact white nationalists hate him. The threads under his videos contain a lot of racism which is to be expected because that is part of the agenda. When you have black lives matter (funded by elite banker Soros) stoking anti white sentiment, then you have blacks taking the bait and robbing assaulting raping murdering whites, and it’s being JUSTIFIED by popular narratives, of course you are going to see white racist groups rise up. On the other hand go look at Cynthia G YouTube channel. Now there is a racist channel! Read the threads under that channel.

        Colin is accused of racism merely for pointing out the violence perpetrated by blacks upon whites, handicapped, elderly, asians, LGBT, and the false narrative rooted in critical race theory which is being hard pushed at every university. I would never support a racist. Colin has been awarded for his work freeing a falsely accused black man from prison. Not something a racist would do. He has also exposed the ‘knock out game’ which is indeed a ‘black thing’.

        He also features videos on the constant stream of hate crime hoaxes. Nearly every single anti Muslim anti black hate crime reported has been shown and proven to be a hoax. Yet the anti white violence is washed over even normalized. I’m seeing cases where whites are beaten or have loved ones murdered by blacks and they’ve obviously been ‘trained’ by narratives to apologize for it!! They feel bad for the perps! Perpetrators are seen as victims too! Oh poor r****t youre black so you are oppressed that’s why you did it. Oh poor home invading murderer, you’re black so you’ve had limited opportunities we understand why you did it. So sorry! Poverty made them do it! They shouldn’t be treated as criminals because they’re black and blacks are victims bottom line. The insanity is mind blowing. Of course the racists are going to be emboldened on every side, and this serves the banking class.

        We are all slaves at the bottom of the pyramid.

        There IS a serious problem erupting in the USA. The people are dividing themselves by race (an unscientific myth), by gender, by sexual orientation, by religion, by politics…..willingly becoming instruments of their own oppression.

        When I studied the Vanderbilt r**e case, where a white woman was gang raped, and during the r**e one of the black rapists urinated in the victim’s face and said “this is for slavery you deserve this” I knew there is a serious serious issue. Then I found yet another case where a black man raped a white woman and said the same thing about how she deserved it for slavery in the same year, well how can anyone deny there is a problem?! Not all black people are doing these horrific violent actions- but enough are. Blacks want revenge and this has been stoked by the very establishment they are angry at. But instead of attacking the establishment itself- they hear the white privilege narrative which tells them that ALL WHITE PEOPLE are the problem. Btw the white privilege narrative was articulated and created by a white Harvard graduate named Peggy McIntosh. Of course. Whites are supposed to feel demoralized and blacks are to feel justified, chaos is erupting.

        Brilliant strategy on the part of the chess board masters.

      • The fifth element is the black stuff you see at night in the sky. Love is a spiritual concept created and upheld by men. Unfortunately it is also destroyed by men.

      • Some say the fifth element is spirit. The “black stuff” is an absence of reflective objects.

    • america has been divided by race since its inception. just because blacks aren’t hanging from trees doesn’t mean racism has died. it was given a fresh paint of coat for a new day and age.

      • Please link to any cases of violence being committed upon blacks by whites. Not imagined. Not feels. Tangible actions. Because I can link so many cases of black violence here it would clog this page and make your head spin. You’re brain is married to a brainwashing narrative of black victimization. Exactly as the elite want. There is racism and it comes in a rainbow of colors, but whites generally feel bad about what has happened as if they themselves did it. They weren’t even alive when slavery was a reality in the USA, and the vast majority of whites did not own slaves only 1%. Meanwhile blacks are having a field day raping elderly whites, home invading and robbing Asians (who they have a beef with and are known to have money) I don’t fault you for being against racism but please wake up and look around. Want to abolish racism? Learn about how race is a myth and start telling everyone you know that race is a myth. Because it IS. there is one race of humans only one. The myth of races is a construct created by the wealthy class to divide us. It’s effective. But let’s be real. The majority of racially based violence is being perpetrated by blacks at this moment in history. Blacks who believe they are owed and want REVENGE. they don’t want peace, they don’t want everyone to thrive, they want money and power and in the same flawed horrific system they say they are against.

  47. The fact that this happened literally a block from Dealey Plaza set off all kinds of alarm bells for me. FWIW, there is a Masonic monument right by there, too.

    Re the recent Orlando shooting, there is all kinds of similar strangeness around that shooter, too. He worked for a global private security firm, his father was photographed coming out of high government offices in Washingto DC, and the timing was very strange. The Orlando shooting happened on Puerto Rico day, when the parade happens in Manhattan, and outside of NYC, Orlando has the highest population of Puerto Rican people in the US. PR is in a terrible artificially created financial crisis and is being systematically pillaged by the financial elite. Right before the shooting there was legislation passed to put its economy under the emergency management of the US, similar to what happened with Michigan that led to the Flint water crisis. Of course PR protested. More than half the people killed in Orlando were Puerto Rican so I have to wonder if someone was sending an enforcement message about the financial management – do what we say or else.

  48. “Lone Shooter” theory’s validity is really wearing off for me…
    -First we had the “lone shooter” James Holmes in that Colorado cinema. Prior to the media intentional distortion, there was a reporter (NBC’s I think) stating that a CAMOUFLAGED guy escaped from the cinema and got lost in the woods at the time of the massacre.
    -Then, the recent gay bar shooting. Many witnesses saying someone on the other side of the emergency door was preventing them from opening it and escape. But then again, it was no more than a troubled lone whacko.
    -And now we have the builder/Speedy-Gonzalez-shooter. Once again the media rapidly abandons the possibility of multiple shooters, as you VC well stated.
    Is it just me?

  49. The police motto is “to serve and protect”. Not to serve and protect the civilians but to serve and protect the elite’s interests.

    • Actually they are commissioned to uphold the law, not protect and serve. There was a supreme court decision on this. Give it a search!

      • The motto “to serve and protect” is on many police departments’ squad cars. Give it a search!

  50. Please keep in mind that blacks are more likely to have a chip on their shoulder and resist arrest, as well as commit crime.

    That being said. we’re pretty much all pawns, no matter how you slice it.

    • Alexandra, black people are more likely to treat officers with the utmost respect, unless they have a death wish.

      • Seriously? Most black people I know are respectful of the police. To the commenter seriously , it sounds like you don’t many black people because they would tell you the same.

      • That’s it. The law abiding members of the black community (I’m so tired of distinguishing between black and white) are ignored because of the amount of stupid white people needing to assert their own apparent superiority by believing the stereotype and ignoring the CAUSE of crime GENERALLY… manufactured poverty. The banksters are the problem, they divide us to conquer us.

      • Many more “whites” are killed by police in this country every year than “blacks.” The lamestream media do not report on that as they are following the directions of the PTB. DO NOT buy into the narrative that is propagandized! Divide and conquer works as well overseas as it does on US soil.

      • Although I agree with your public plea of not falling for the current narrative, we must acknowledge the facts that our nation and it’s laws were created by and for the Bavarian man. Not women, children, or other men. Topple with that fact, the War on Drugs was a directive to tag and permanently label ALL poor people of every nationality and color. I can assure you, police do profile the poor, many were in my CJ classes. It was during a period which I was going through with my local court in which my child was being trafficked BY THE COURT! When I would lament in my classes that the WOD was merely a diversion, and that the true crooks were most often behind the benches, in city hall, in our Senate’s, etc I did get a good response, however I don’t know if enough took it to heart. My point was always; how easy it is to see a black or brown youth, driving with loud music and pop them for some weed, rather than seeing the older white male driving his merc, in a nice neighborhood and popping him for sex with a child, making child p*********y, or being a distributor of( – the true players of this are absolutely known to local LE. They just have friends in high places). Because shouldn’t THOSE be the perps they signed up to pop? And if anyone believes I’m exaggerating my kids story, find me. Every court doc proves it. Every dime stolen from us proves it. Police reports all prove it. Cps reports prove it. We had all of our ducks in a row, and lost, lost, lost. Cops knew the Jefferey Epstein of PA was involved, and vic witness advocate said,” what does he know. He’s just a cop.” That is what they think of you LE. think about that. Join and come back to protecting US. If we want justice we need to eliminate the war of drugs, which has been a war directed at our own people, and focus only on those bringing physical harm to others – regardless of their stature. God bless.

      • I hope things are better busy bee. Hip hop turned from inspiring lyrics of self empowerment to misogynistic self aggrandising bullshit for a reason. Black actors are routinely placed in degrading roles. Social engendering via media, because obviously the media plays a huge role in how the masses percieve themselves and others.

      • In raw numbers because there are many more whites than blacks. However when you adjust for the percentage of the population the results are shocking.

    • You are ignorant and don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve always been super-respectful of police, especially in certain areas of Boston, just like my mom taught me to be. I have no intention of losing my life because I looked at some angry cop the wrong way. You’re a fool if you think every black and brown mother out there aren’t teaching their sons the same thing, especially these days.

    • How would you know that all blacks have a chip on their shoulder? The “Chips ” are stacked against us.

      We are all assumed that we have done something negative off the back. We do not resist arrest, we are used as scapegoats cause its our words against theirs. ( This is coming from a working middle class black woman).

      But not feeding into the whole race situation. It’ s really bigger than this. I just wish others ( not on this site) would just wake up and see what it is really happening. #AllOfOurLivesDoMatter …… Sending Love

    • Nonsense, we are trying to stay alive. Go to YouTube and watch all the videos where white boys curse, spit on , point guns at, hit, shoot cops and live. Remember Bundy Ranch? Remember Waco biker gangs 9 dead and 1000 guns SMH

  51. I also forgot to add the significance of the date when this occurred: 7/7/2016 – the same date when London was attacked by the PTB. Those of us with eyes that see and minds that think critically will not be fooled.

      • OFCOURSE “all lives matter” but right now the focus is on black people who are being killed by the cops just for being black. Show your solidarity or go be racist somewhere else.

      • People are being killed for being. That is the point. Colour is the thing the eyes can see, but you have a brain to think with, too. If you focus on this particular part of the agenda, you are exactly doing what you imply is the problem, narrowminded, tunnelvisioned racism. Open your eyes a little bigger and see it is about all people on this whole planet.

      • Haha, you aren’t gonna suck me into the manufactured conflict this article is focusing on, hence the “all life matters” comment. Do you think I’m excluding blacks? Idiot. Showing solidarity with any organised “movement” is a great way to play into the hands of the manipulators. I’ll show my solidarity by treating everyone as equal regardless of skin colour. Its all I ask of others towards me.

      • Why is it a crime to say BLM ? I’m just asking. I’m not down with the movement or anything (Soros), but I can’t help but notice that you can say ” cat lives matter, gay people lives matter, old people lives matter……..” and no one says anything. They may even join the movement.

        However the minute you remind the world that BLM it’s almost like a crime. People get offended and turn their noses up which in my opinion proves why the ” idea” of the movement is so important.

        People are still sub-consciously racist. It’s almost like how dare you say a BLM.

        We have to do better people. Because if the hash tag was ” cat lives matter” no one would go against you, but in regard to BLM it’s like how dare black people think their lives matter. There is more sympathy for animals which exposes this country and the people for who and what they are.

      • Maybe that is because of good-cause-inflation.? And :
        Remember ”we are charlie” ? Well, why don’t the same charlies all over the world act out and defend their rights when the killing or bombing is by a drone in Pakistan or Sudan? Because they won’t, or can’t, or even do not get the point of the conflicts they are subjected to. They need media and talkshowhosts to spin out an opinion, so they can choose : do i like or do i vote down. But some of the same charlies say that i can not say what i say because they get offended. Look at all the downvoting on these pages here. I hope you’ll get my drift, or rather drifts?

      • Im scooping what ya pooping. You’re right. The subjects behind movements are far more nuanced. That’s why they generally fail or ate infiltrated. Guerilla warfare is ALWAYS superior.

      • @nelson
        I understand what you’re saying, but as you said, people are still subconsciously racist. Why? Because distinctions continue to be made. Black lives matter makes a distinction between “us” and “them” and therefore plays into the hands of the explicitly racist as well as the seruptitious and unconscious racists. Self classifying oneself as “nigger” is a great example. Many of the worlds problems come from a superiority complex of one group over another. Racial, religious, national, political etc etc. There is seemingly no end to the rationalisations people make to convince themselves they are right. So who’s to say animals aren’t superior? At least they’re sincere, and last time I checked had very little to do with this world going to s**t.

      • All lives don’t matter until black lives matter. Right now, they don’t. Supporting a breast cancer rally doesn’t mean you don’t support research and funding for skin cancer, colon cancer, etc. One doesn’t negate the other.

      • Tell blacks to stop killing each other. If they treat each other like they matter then maybe other people will follow suit.

      • Guess what!? Manufactured poverty kills, one way or the other. And past a certain point its colorblind… You know the economy’s doing real well at the moment sunshine? s/. Being narrow minded ain’t much of a contingency plan in uncertain times.

      • I also tell white people to stop killing each other too! People kill the people they are in contact with so and at nearly identical rates so why would you exclude whites killing whites?????

      • Black lives matter because they are included in the word “ALL” in the phrase, “All lives matter”.
        ‘All’ has not changed its meaning. ‘All’ includes ‘you’, too.

      • We are in America and when a “man” is mentioned it is a “white man” a Black man is specified.

      • @laila. It does negate if you’re being hearded. Btw. Cancer creates billions for “research”…. Nuf said.

    • Then head on over to Chicago and all of the other cities where blacks are killing other blacks by the hundreds. I don’t think they’ve gotten the message.

  52. The masses in the US and elsewhere will fall for this hook, line and sinker. The story has shades of the JFK murder all over it – a lone gunman, many gunmen etc – all designed, no doubt, to confuse people and ultimately overwhelm them. Personally I think this whole story is a cook up by the PTB right from the get go. BLM is funded by Soros. They want a race war so they can crush everyone, no matter what colour your skin happens to be.

    • BLM protestors do not want a race war. They want black people to be treated with respect and caution. Unlike actual murders and people that outright threaten the life of a police officer.

      • The problem is not BLM, it is the Black Nationalist groups infiltrating and using BLM for their own agendas.

      • Tell blacks to try respecting each other. It’s pretty hard to respect people that murder others over air jordans and who ate the last hot wing. It might be a good idea to respect those of other races and treat them as you wish to be treated. I almost never see blacks doing this. Why not give it a shot? Oh and maybe talk to black men and ask them to stop committing so many crimes. When 6% of the population commits 60% of the crime, an abundance of caution around those people isn’t crazy or racist….it’s prudent and sensible for anyone with an ounce of self preservation. The truth hurts but it’s not going to change and your demands for everyone else to cater to you with zero effort on your part to change your behavior is destined for failure.

      • Step back and think about what you ate saying. There may be some truth in what you are saying. BUT think about the social and economic circumstances that people are brought up in, and who created those circumstances, yup, the system. I think the problem lies in a lack of decent education both in the lower classes (black & white) and in whatever class spawned you. Ultimately money or specifically its distribution is the biggest issue.

      • So your saying all black people in America kill each other over a hot wing? YOUR F*****G STUPID!!!! Also even if ALL blacks SOUGHT TO KILL EACH OTHER OVER A HOT WING THAT WILL NEVER GIVE POLICE THE RIGHT TO KILL THEM FOR SELLINS CD’S or CIGARETTES! It gives NO ONE the right to kill anyone. You sir/madam are extremely stupid and ignorant. When have you seen a black person kill anothe over a hot wing? You make me sick ! I can only imagine what you truly think. Don’t speak for an entire race that you know NOTHING about. Where do you get your information? Fox News? Idiot. Honestly. It’s whites like you that give US a BAD NAME. You make me sick.

      • Please don’t listen to his nonsense talk. He is just a shill who is an instigator. Dear Sandra you know better than that.

      • First of all when Ray Ray and pookie kill each other they GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL while police murder And go home to their families with pay. Hold the pd accountable for MuRDER just like Ray and pookie are held accountable. I’m from south Minneapolis and live in Dallas. My mom would go to the meetings and help with the task force and organize things like late night basketball so the kids could be off of the street. Blacks DO care about black on black crime and DO attend town meeting but that isn’t something that will be reported and people who don’t live in those communities don’t see when people are taking action or calling for the law to do somethings about the crime. You are just another ignorant and opinionated outsider who lets the t.v dictate how you feel about other races………..parroting the same drivel about blacks respecting blacks.

      • it would be nice if white men stop shooting up schools,chruchs and kidnapping and raping people. when will the white on white crime stop?

  53. How about pointing out the fact that nearly 50 police officer resigned from the Dallas police department between May and the end of June this year? Coincidence? Maybe, but ti seems highly suspect in light of this false flag event. No way this “construction” guy was able to set up and pull off a mission this succinctly. No way.

      • Wait, wtf? That video you linked can’t possibly be genuine. You’d never leak footage like that to the public, there’d be an outrage. Please explain the content of the video because I don’t understand. Are you saying this took place after the Dallas killings? Again, this can’t possibly be genuine so explain to me what I just watched. No way those people would spontaneously start break dancing for no reason, this has to be some kind of disinfo vid.


      • Nevermind, I checked. It’s genuine. Mind blown.

        So the response to the supposed Orlando shooting is to “keep dancing”. How can people not see that this is a Illuminati mockery? 100% sheep control.

    • I’m in the DFW area. The surrounding, richer cities/suburbs pay more than DPD and there was controversy with some of Chief Brown’s initiatives. Why not move to a higher paying job with less risk to health and safety? Makes sense to me.

    • you’re right. I mean every false flag, if you’ve noticed, the first news reports always say there was more than one shooter, than later reports and all reports from that point on state there was one lone gunmen. BS it’s special opps or something like them that go in and murder everyone.

    • That was my thought on Anders Bering Breivik, he blew up a building down town and then descended on the island and was all over that, killing 70 people. I still don´t buy that he acted alone. No-one saw his face clearly while the attack was going on, so it could easily have been more killers.

      • Ole Dammegard has done an amazing job of mapping that event. He also have a couple of good videos out with the recipe for a a false flag. They are all laid out the same and executed byt the same ppl. And there’s always a patsy that takes the fall.

    • Yep the mass exodus from the dept. leading up to the event shows many officers did not want their name associated with the fake event despite whatever they’d been promised for participating and playing along. Hope some of them decide to break their NDA and talk but are probably afraid of getting on the radar of the intelligence agencies behind these events.


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