The Department of Homeland Security Aims to Buy 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammo for Domestic Use



The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking to buy over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four years for “law enforcement and training purposes”. The purchase of this outrageous amount of ammunition (about 5 bullets for each and every American) is causing many observers to worry about the direction of law enforcement in the United States .

According to a Forbes article entitled 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It’s Time For A National Conversation:

“Some of this purchase order is for hollow-point rounds, forbidden by international law for use in war, along with a frightening amount specialized for snipers.”

The article also points out that:

“At the height of the Iraq War the Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month. Therefore 1.6 billion rounds would be enough to sustain a hot war for 20+ years.  In America.”

Yes, 1.6 billion rounds is enough to sustain a war in America for more than 20 years. And all of this ammunition will go to law enforcement –  to be used in America, against Americans.

Relevant fact: While 1.6 billion rounds are being purchased by the DHS, gun shops across America are reporting a “massive ammunition shortage” – meaning that it is becoming increasingly difficult for Americans to purchase guns and ammo . In short, in this post-Sandy Hook era, the general population is being stripped of its weapons while the U.S. Government is stockpiling an incredible amount of it. There’s a noticeable shift going on here.

Other Police State Measures

The above Forbes article also reports that the DHS acquired armored vehicles that were used in Iraq and Afghanistan to be used in U.S. streets. They are already being spotted in some American cities. These war vehicles are designed “to withstand IEDs, mine blasts, and 50 caliber hits to bullet-proof glass”. Furthermore, they have gun ports, which mean that people in the tanks can shoot at people outside. Are those really needed for “law enforcement” against American people?

Armored Personnel Carriers in Baghdad.
Armored Personnel Carriers in Baghdad.

Also, do not forget that drones are now allowed in U.S. skies (something that was covered on VC over a year ago) and that they have the capability to kill people. Knowing all of this, is there still any doubt that there’s a definite effort to militarize law enforcement and to turn the United States into an all-out police state?


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133 Comments on "The Department of Homeland Security Aims to Buy 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammo for Domestic Use"

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It still doesn’t make any sense to me. How do they plan to get the military to carry out the execution of its own citizens when martial law is declared? Soldiers won’t do that. Unless you’re going to argue the entire US military is now under mind control, which obviously isn’t the case.

These 1.6 billion bullets are useless to them. Is it another psyop?

This is quite frightening i fear for my life I don't even live in a city but I live in a small town in NY and I want to move to Europe but my parents do not believe in whats coming they say I am just being paranoid so tell me someone am I? Btw VC thanks for posting this I had no clue

Jon Stewart named "certain vigilant websites" when discussing this last week. Mainstream media heard it and still no one panics.

All I can say is, if you want some, come get some!!!

Good luck standing up to IEDs and 1.6 billion hollow-point bullets. The only way you’ll win this war is if you inform enough people in due time before they bring this on.

The sad thing is so many people around the world are going to snicker and say ""America deserves it" when this happens. And they won't realize that what happens in America is a prelude to what will happen to the rest of us. They're just starting with America- we will see the same things happening in our countries soon.

I don't think it's an accident American leaders trashed it's reputation with the rest of the world. I believe their leaders planned it so other countries, especially Europe, would be less likely to step in.

Btw, did VC ever do an article on America's candidate, Ron Paul? I heard there was some election fraud with that.

I don’t know if you guys watch the news in Chicago, but the residents here seem to be BEGGING for martial law. The violence in the inner city here is pretty horrible. But what’s different now is that the media actually cares about it. If you look at the murder rates of Chicago, the actual homicides haven’t changed in the last 20-30 years. IN FACT, just last month marked the lowest homicide rate in the last 50 years. BUT, the media (ran by the government) has a way of making things seem way worse than it appears in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I despise gangs & most of the time, innocent children are caught in their crossfire. But this has been a way of life in this city for decades. So why the outcry all of the sudden? Why do our elected officials (remember Obama lives on the… Read more »
When I read this article I instantly thought of Chicago's South Side where an innocent six-month-old baby lost her life because her father was a gangbanger and his rivals did a drive by intending to kill him but the baby perished instead. One would think that yes, places like this need a military presence to squelch the everyday violence that seems to mark Chicago as one of those notorious places that is used to such violence. We all know that the media will slant the "news" and will put attention of such measures on the front page for all of us to be dismayed, but they really want us to be horrified enough to beg for our government to solve all of our issues for us because isn't that what government is supposed to do? No, our government isn't supposed to tell us how wayward we are and how they… Read more »

The Military practice drill in residential Houston, TX neighborhood…

*too (incase of any grammar nazi

This world has gotten so rotten… I fear for my best friends in the united states. I fear so much that I keep thinking praying isn't enough. 5 bullets to each and every american. Might as well declare war. It super obvious that we are the main enemy. Just when I thought it could get worst 3 or 4 days ago I was singing "Billy Jean" and I saw something that made something insided me-break. Something about Puerto Rico's drones are leaving concerns something all that made me :-O was the picture. It was similar to a jet but obviously it was a drone. You f*****g telling me right now, they are watching us to? I expected it, but not that early. I was like "okay fine we are officially screwed also". God help us… Oh and lately planes-weird looking planes-most likely drones are rooming around vvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrry low (I kind… Read more »

I've made a couple of videos on youtube about the Christopher Dorner rampage and drones since I first found out about his nine day rampage. I'll be making a third one soon. San Bernardino and Santa Cruz (Jeremy Goulet) are in California, the state that contains the city that is the drone production capital of the entire country, San Diego. There are six drone testing sites being opened up that would like to open up our skies to thousands of military and police drones, as evidenced by the truth about a drone searching for Dorner in news articles. These two incidents in California involving Dorner and Goulet came on the heels of Anderson Cooper and Senator Dianne Feinstein's quest for massive gun control bills. Also look up S.3, Jay Rockefellers "Sandy Hook Elementary School Violence Prevention Act."

Read what she said re. Chris dorner……mind blowing

I'll tell you what they're preparing for.'s%2

And that list doesn't include Skyfall or dark knight rises wich also have that quote.

There's a storm coming…

Read the interview of John Todd and this is exactly what he was talking about!

Look, what happened in NYC over the occupy protests scared the s**t out of me – why should the city oppose people exercising their rights so virulently? This does seen to be alarming. I need to get out of this city.

Resenting the future.
Dunno if you heard of this crazy news in Sao Paulo, Brazil. About 8 skulls were put on different locations in the city. Witness describe a woman dressed in gypsy style, placing the skulls in front of some business building, consulates and Mormon churchs.
the article in english:

Here in a brazilian page, but you can see a video of the woman leaving the skull and a map of were the skulls were left:

Damn creepy and very interesting! Makes me wanna go to Sao Paulo and do my own investigation on this!

Yall I honestly wouldn't depend on this website for all your knowledge of the ellite and like matters, do some of your own research on websites that aren't geared towards exposing the elite. If people become too dependent on websites like this we're no more awake then the rest of the masses. I would use websites like this as a reference point

I think VC would agree, as do i!

This is what VC already conveys to us. To do our own research.

Yes. They're preparing for a huge depopulation of the masses. That's why they're reporting on all these shootings to make us think we need "gun controls". Use your mind to find your answers my friend, you know more than you think.
Peace and Knowledge to you

Yeah, seems like all the ways are converging for something big [and ugly!]. But i live in Brazil, and i don't know much about how the north americans are facing the economic colapse, the gun control crisis, etc.
Peace, bro!

Sorry Yes I meant to say more NYC has declared martial law over the so called "riots" over Kimani Gray that seem to be "protests" in my eyes. But seeing as when it's people of color when we resist or fight for something it is made to seem as . As a person of color I think America is gonna have a problem or a set back because many minorities are getting upset about how they are treating our people. Many people also are spreading the news about not trusting the gov, many young ones also. Do I believe the martial law is wrong over the Kimani Gray situation yes. Because basically they are trying to hide something and not let the news come out about what they are doing. Also as a person of color and experiences the justice system and police can be built on racism and I'm… Read more »

I have to appologize Bri.
A friend of mine just clued me into the fact that you were right.
I have spent the last hour or so trying to keep up with whats going on.
Google seems to have a lock-down on this story.

Again, Bri, I appologize for my reactionary comment.
Luv: Wolf

PS: we are living in interesting times.

Yes and it's ok the only way ppl are hearing about hats going on is on twitter ans social sites

try startpage search engine. Its a search engine that keeps you search confidential and ad free.

1.6 billion in munitions, 2700 refurbished MRAPS, 7000 fully auto weapons, and now news of an even worse tool of oppression, UAV drones over American soil, being used against American citizens, with might I add having the ability to be armed. You have an administration ignorant of the constitution, passing new and even higher taxes daily. Plotting ways of stripping away our rights. And now pushing for more stringent gun laws. Set aside political views because this is much more of an issue than right wing, left wing, republican, democrat, and liberal. This issue falls on the shoulders of every American citizen. Why? because we have a moral obligation to stand for freedom against oppression. We have an obligation to stand fast in the face of evil, to stand for or fellow man, to better them along with ourselves. Our issue first off is not with guns, it has nothing… Read more »

Couldn't have said it better myself. Kudos to you, and good luck to you & your family, whatever the future may bring.

The term "right wing extremist" is an artificial construct of the mainstream media. It's reserved for those who oppose everything that is wrong – because those who seek the truth really want what's best for everybody. Those who do not care about the truth do not want what's best for everybody.

And the names Hyrum, not Hyeum. My phone tends to have a mind of it's own sometimes. All I know is that when I see things like this, it scares the Hell out of me, it should scare everybody. And granted I know logistics, and with a little common sense, even with training and exercises, there's no need for even a billion rounds over a five year period.
Seem excessive. Then you throw drones, mraps, and more weapons into the mix. And on top of that you throw our current financial circumstances into that situation as well a push for gun control. It's just common sense. It doesn't take a genius too see what's going on.

just an additional side note, it's the second amendment that is the only reason we are still free. With out it, those who are in power have nothing to fear of us. I am a gun owner for two reasons. First, because it is my right. Second, because it gives me the ability to protect my family, my friends and their families, which is many, our properties, our American way of life. Not that I condone anarchy, because I don't. What I do know is this, if something happened Heaven forbid. It'll be those who bear arms together that will be the last to know freedom. I'm very much awake, are you?

You say 5 years….that is an interesting number.. Bc in 4 yrs his term is over…and in 5 yrs….could he change our laws for longer terms?? Obama's 2016…I am sure y'all watched that…..

"God cannot leave His own" may we pray for wisdom and understanding so that when the time of tribulation comes we may be able to resist the devil and he will run away from us…..

I swear to G. I saw a bunch of tank on a highway down here in Dallas TX. it scared the s**t out of me 😮

I live right up the road from you in Wichita Falls. We are the home of Sheppard AFB. We have also been seeing the monster tanks and huge covered trucks. Sheppard AFB is the NATO training base for NATO pilots.

my mom is from Wichita Falls and I was thinking about moving out there. s**t is crazy man

Can't wait for an article on the new Oz movie.


6:20 into the video is where ammo purchases in discussed, but everyone needs to view the entire video.

…..also, they are buying 7000 AUTOMATIC weapons (machine guns) for DHS.
Contemplate that, won't you.
Cheers: Wolf


Gawd, do you ever check the DATES on the news stories you watch on the net.


…allthough there are riots happening in brooklyn as we speak.
I'll give you that.
Sorry if I offended.

I still stand by my original reply, though.


Where at in bk????

Are you talking about the riots over Kimani Gray being shot and killed?

* They got military power. * They got mind controlled victims, capable of inflitrations, assasinations etc. What is left is a reason to use this power… If the people, would go against the government then this war is already lost. A revolution is the perfect reason in order to teach the future generations about the pasts "mistakes", that is, let this not be a second french revolution – Blaming at he wrong movement for going against "order". This would also become the perfect duality between "good" and "evil" while innocent blood would paint the US. As for the rest of the world…. Many eyes will be closed. Because this might become a war THE PEOPLE "started", therefore, they are the ones to blame… Why would the rest of the world helping a country which have supported so many wars, destroyed so many nations? This however will soon be a dilemma… Read more »

How is this not all over the news!?! There can be no logical, justifiable , reason for the US ever needing that much ammunition surely…!? I wonder if there are similar things going on in the UK that we haven't heard about…

I'm afraid for the future of this world.

Just when people are saying "peace and security",ruin will fall on them with the suddenness of pains overtaking a woman in labor,and there will be no escape.But you are not in the dark ,brothers that the day should catch you off guard, like a thief…Thes.5:3-4. We,as believers know what sort of chaos to expect and what so called order will be imposed.Concerning the quantity of hollow point bullets I am never worried.God kept His chosen ones in USSR,China and North Korea- so what is new?Jesus Christ promised that we will be prosecuted so what is unclear?Weapons wont help us when our true enemies are not humans but dark powers that will eventually take control over all world governments…Weapons could even put you in greater risk. What is really strange to me is that TRUTH IS BEING RESTRICTED OR EVEN PROHIBITED IN CHURCH.While listening KGMW christian broadcast one of female preachers… Read more »

preaching of love and oneness is hivemind programming. its just another program that strips individuality.

Why even go to Church? All they preach is predictive programming even if they preach the "true" teachings of whatever the Apocalypse/rapture is supposed to be. Predictive programming isn't just for movies and tv shows, you know. The religious tomes contain a ton of it. I remember reading about a mayan civilization that had a prophesy about them being overtaken at a certain time, so they just lied down as soon as the Spanish conquerors rolled in. They had to, it was prophesied!

So much love and oneness.I will keep my faith as long as my faith is sufficient to keep me from all the world's filth.Go to church???This is such a good idea only if individual know the bible,can separate truth from baloney has independent mind on any and every matter and, most important,know who leaders are.As for me I know the truth all too well.

What we are up for is worse than Mayan civilization.No book warn,describe,teach and admonish about the last times like the Bible do.So I'll stick to it until it is fulfilled.

Obviously you've never been in labor. It's not "sudden."

Without going into a theological debate, whether there is a pre-trib, mid-trib or post-trib rapture is irrelevant. The point is do you have God/Jesus in your life. The rest will take care of itself eventually.

Wendy, when Jesus predicated the Jerusalem temple would fall in 70 A.D.., nobody believed him. It was an ancient marvel of rock and stone. Well, it did. Down to the very last stone and has not been rebuilt since. The bible has street credit because it has predicted prophecies which have come true for 1000s of years.

Brad no sign of theology in my posts.Problem is nothing is clearer in the Bible-even God's existence,that hard times coming for all the true believers.

We already discovered dark filth in many organizations.Check just one.Ecumenical movement-it unite millions of blind followers but go deeper and even Satan himself look relatively mild in comparison to all it leaders.

We as Christians have a profound need to keep our eyes open.
Did you get why teleevangelists are having such enormous properties and one B.Hinn-has even private island?You know what is going on inside?How about another-K.C______d who is mason #of 33degree?Long is the way to heaven for american churches.
If I will meet you personally I'll tell more.God bless.

I think VC is considered mainstream now. They just ridicule "conspiracies" so no one cares. If there is a database I'm all over it cause I will not shut up. Laptop, cell phone everything of mine visits this site and many others like it at least once a day. This is some serious stuff man…the world is headed nowhere good. That's all I know but I'm prepared. I know how good my spirit is by how I feel about death. Growing up I never saw it as this terrible thing. Then college days I was terrified to die, kept thinking I'm just not ready, I don't wanna. Now I'm back to being at peace with it. I'm ready to fight the good fight, as literal as that term is now.

The NSA is probably all over this site, and any site outside the mainstream, anywhere independent, non-conforming thought can be found.

Buckle up folks.

Something BIG is about to go down.

The Illuminati appears to be readying its final solution in America.

The great battle of our time.

Just remember fortune favors the brave.

Nobody go down without a fight.

They want a war. Let's give them one. They've sadly underestimated us.

My dad is retired from 20 years of Navy service, he has a friend who's wife works for a civilian-military contracting service. I believe it's in a small town in South Dakota…
She was asked a week ago to order 20,000 rounds of small arm and handgun ammunition. She only handles ordering vehicle replacement parts and heavy machinery.
My knows stuff is going on, this is really disturbing.

Many of us that work for the gubment are aware of what's going on and we are weary. Not all of us are bad you know! Many of us have joined the Oathkeepers.

the oathkeepers – LOL. Going from one cult to another are you

Don't forget America belongs to the natives!!

In that case, I guess Israel/Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people. In fact, Islam has no territory. Yet there you are. Too bad.

Islam has no territory? Saudi Arabia? Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Jorden, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, turkey, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Somalia, Yemen, UEA? You fool! The difference between these countries and America is that we didn't let some in breed European, scum take our land- like I said America belongs too the natives! F**k of back to Sweden take you sun cream, ugly blue eyes, free mason faith and cancer with you. Israel I leave that to God, Palestine didn't need create a fake holicost to claim land- they were already there! Zionism has the devil on there side! AUSTRALIA BELONGS TO THE NATIVES! CANADA BELONGS TP THE NATIVES! SOUTH AFRICA BELONGS TP THE NATIVES! AMERICA BELONGS TO THE NATIVES!

I believe the Hopi Indians have a prophecy that the land will return to them and that a few surviving "whites" will join them. Something like that or maybe just wishful thinking. Who knows.

Next will be Kanye's and Jay-Z's "church in the wild" taken into reality. beware!

I get the feeling that those of us that comment on "conspiracy" websites, go straight to the central data-base. We are probably the types of people that they're keeping a close eye on!


So what?Are we scared to death and ready to comply with Satanic world leader to come?Me not,let my name be first on files!

I totally agree! But I still want to be prepared. I don't want to see young children taken off to concentration camps and brainwashed. I know the Bible, and I know how it all ends, but I still want to try to protect my family as much as I can.

prophesies are predictive programming!!! NOTHING outside of your powerful, spiritually sovereign self tells you how your timeline should "end".

Stop your worry and doubt. God's got the whole world in his hands, Not just a childrens song anymore. While some find comfort in bunkers and weapons…Ill just be praying and trusting in Jesus. In the end, what really matters to you? I love you all, and hope encouraging words find you. First time I've been on this site in a few weeks, and I must say; if you on here to much, you get scared. But there is no reason to be. Even if my physical body is drained of all blood and 'life', I have an eternity to look forward to. I will never see death, and you don't have to either!

Amen to that! Get right with God and you have nothing to fear. It is my hope that spreading this kind of information and waking people up to who the elite are and who they worship will help people find the truth that is Jesus Christ.

Right on, I have remind myself of that often. Looking forward to this nightmare ending soon!

Amen, brothers and sisters.

Its true, we are eternal souls, but there are many of us that don't feel like ejecting from this lifetime just yet. Still have loose ends to tie up, karmic contracts to clear, etc. The way you live life on this plane truly does matter, and its very much in our interest to properly line up our vibrations with the positive and not the negative. Abrahamic religions aren't necessarily the best methods to go about invoking spirits, for the same nefarious entities that rule over pyramid-type structures like government, corporations and the military industrial lodge complex also rule over those religions. Connect with the Universe, connect with the Earth – for we are made of Earth stuff. Jesus's real teachings were coopted and largely destroyed because they contained knowledge about the Earthly existence and the negative spirits that demand to rule over it; the Bible, like any religious tome, has… Read more »
Sorry to see that your are so misinformed. Your comment about prophecies being predicative programming and the bible couldn't be more wrong. There is vast amounts of documented evidence in scrolls dated 1000s of years old foretelling events before they happened. Jesus' birth, life and death was foretold beginning in Genesis ending in Malachi. It's statistically impossible for his existence to be foretold as it happened without 'help'. However, you can choose to believe when we die we just float away or fall back into the dirt, but you can't have two truths. Your either right, or I'm right or we are both wrong. However, I choose to believe the bible, which to date can not be discredited; archaeological discoveries alone prove the bible time after after. Just like this site which proves to connect the dots, all the dots are there if you choose to read and study the… Read more »

The Bible predicted that Israel would become a nation once again. And It did, in 1948!


The Magi or Magus have been making "predictions" for thousands of years. These ancient priests have used all sorts of esoteric invocations and rituals to make their predictions. The Rosicrucians are some that continue these rituals. Nostradamus was a Rosicrucian who predicted that 2/3 of the world's population would be wiped out. Do you think they are predicting these things or are they completing a "self-fulfilling" prophecy by making these things happen?

Right. Do you have those ancient scrolls for me then? You mention genesis, but whats to say that section didnt simply have events which already took place written in to add mysticism to the bible? What archaelogical evidence cements the teachings of the bible? The bible's many fundemental teachings of child abuse, r**e, mass genocide and a recurring theme of pitfalls set by god himself can be discredited. The fact god supposedly used to show himself to mortals, and suddenly stopped without reason seems suspect. The fact we are all condemned to hell despite our good doings if we do not accept a being which we cannot see, hear, touch, smell, taste or have reasonable proof of without what very well could be fiction seems very unmerciful for a merciful god. Basically most of god's actions, if we are to believe the bible, are. My #1 preparation tip? Actually be… Read more »

Everybody will see death and so will you its a natural part of life keep holding on to your "god" he will not save you from the inevitable… wake up and realize that religion is just a part of world order to keep the peace and explain the unexplainable.. facts not bull s**t

Not to mention the "No More Hesitation" line of targets being created and supplied to the DHS by Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. These targets depict typical Americans who are wielding guns, including a pregnant woman, a child, and a mother with her newborn. Why are federal agencies training with these targets? Is it because they are being desensitized to the idea of shooting typical, patriotic Americans who are resisting the NWO agenda?

Wow, just when you think you've heard it all! "No More Hesitation" targets!?

Although, it has actually been carried out in the past. Think of the women and children dead at Ruby Ridge (Weaver's wife shot while standing in the doorway, holding her infant child…except she was UNARMED unlike those on the targets) and Waco for starters.

And yes, I agree with your synopsis. It's conditioning for ANY scenario, so those on the ground will carry out orders without *hesitation* no matter how outlandish, and evil.

And here they are! Click the link for a slideshow of screenshots of the targets from the manufacturer's site (presumably, as the verbage "get price quote" appears in each, along with full description of the target):


Wow, the US making a big, exorbitant purchase while the national debt continues to rise…shocking.

5 bullets for each and every American is chilling…

Sounds a bit left field but has anyone noticed the increase in the mention of zombies in the alternative media. Perhaps a zombifying chemical weapon followed by an army clearance of those affected, kindly disposed of in pre prepared plastic coffins…

Yup. They'll probably poison the water or spray something in the air.

Fluoride and chemtrails.

I think you may actually be onto something here! Are they engaging in predictive programming and making us think it is cool to kill zombies? Is it a de-humanizing effect?

I am purely against the chemical weapons and want that each of the country carrying the chemical weapons shall destroy them for the sake of peace in the world. Thanks

Definitely scary. They've bought close to 700 guns back in our local city alone, Sante Fe New Mexico. They've spent over $29,000 in gift cards for the buy backs.

I don't understand how the article about Nicole what's her name gets more comments than this article?! Really?!

I was just thinking the same thing….


I thought about that too.

The thought has crossed my mind as well. Perhaps some don't want to think about what it means ?

It's entertainment; that's what it is. Some short while ago I saw someone expressing this thought, and I was quite surprised in realizing how accurate it was. The conspiracy articles now feel like gossip tidbits. Not many people here seem to actually convey a substantial understanding of these articles nor express any depth-extensive reflection of the information. Maybe we really all are dumbed down by mass media, social networking, and food conditioning…

"Like omg. Can't believe Queen Eli's nurse wore that Masonic belt the other day. Um seriously? Like everything's just so blatant these days. Ugh #nwoisreal"

That's more than enough bullets to make a nation of people obey your orders. BEWARE!! The time draws near…..are you prepared?

The shadow government knows that there is going to be a mock alien invasion, complete monetary collapse, disappearance of millions of people, or some such occurrence (or all of these!) in the near future. I would have subscribed to the notion of "de-facto" arms control by purchasing up all of the ammo until the report came out about the 2,700 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles purchased by DHS. That's a whole 'nother animal.

Well, if their goals are to be met, as laid out by lovely humanitarians like Kissenger, Turner, Gates, and on the Georgia Guidestones (documented here in the "sinister sites" section), that "disappearance" has to happen somehow…

So what is the deal? Do you guys think they're preparing themselves for a violent revolution in US, or something? That kind of scenario is indeed possible?

Obama is racing to collapse the US economy with insurmountable debt as well as complete social collapse. When the dollar collapses (and it will) there will be no food or essentials in short order and everyone will be forced to go to the government and for those who riot or resist it will be a bullet. Dark times are ahead before it all ends and hope returns…

Absolutely mind blowing!

One should refer to the March 23, 1775 speech by Patrick Henry in which he famously stated "give me liberty or give me death." A big question he asked the assembly was "has Great Britain any enemy in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of navies and armies?" My question is, what enemy does the DHS have in this country? The answer is clear, it is us. I am sure the plan is in place to federalize all state and local law enforcement and under some pretext disarm the U.S. citizenery. We can hope not, we can wish this is some preparation to do something good, but alas, these bullets are meant for us. Don't hide from the truth, ignoring facts do not change them. We will see terrible bloodshed right here in the former land of the free, and home of the brave.

It's in the title, "homeland security"
America will be at war with it's own self.

We're used to see those military vehicles been utilized by law enforcement here in Rio. They were used in favela incursion tasks, to fight the drug dealers cartel militia. Those vehicles are called "Caveirão" [big skull]. Now that favelas are "pacified" [at least by the eyes of mainstream media], they weren't used anymore by the police.

Yep, things are getting ugly for the north-americans.

Im hopeing its just supply and demand-

Cant stop ppl from buying guns, limit the supply of ammo

This is not ppl, this is a gobment agency!!

I ment that the goverment wants to restrict guns, but cant becourse of the constitution!

So they buy all the ammo, so you cant buy any- Dont need to restrict guns anymore :p

Yet another win for the elite no?

Ok, got it

I wonder whats the purpose and how much these ammo cost? We're in a recession right?!? Do we really have that much terrorists?? *sarcasm*

While they tell citizens to rid theirs right? Wake up goats!!

Indeed – we're facing a situation where there will be a monopoly on force. We "mundanes" are all considered potential "domestic terrorists," it seems.

Rise of the neo-fascists, yeah?

I've been waiting for this story to go "mainstream" for months, and now Forbes has finally come along to give it "legitimacy." The DHS isn't the only agency arming itself to the teeth (with hollow-point ammo, no less, which is not allowed by Geneva convention – so it must mean they'll be used within our borders). I've also seen stories of the NSA and even the social security administration doing the same. Even the DOE has armed agents (not sure what for – of course they're never required to justify). Meanwhile, drills resembling "war games" have been carried out in L.A., suburbs outside St. Louis, Minneapolis, and Houston, making residents think actual war has broken out (and these aren't the only places to be sure – fellow VCs, please follow up). Meanwhile, FEMA (/re-education?) camps around the country have been prepared with hundreds of thousands of stackable polymer coffins. Is… Read more »

Even the National Weather Service is rumored to be stocking up on ammo. Are they planning on shooting down tornadoes (note sarcasm)?! This is getting scary!

Good point – I forgot about the NWS! That was months ago as well. Maybe they're for those who work anywhere near the border, and need to defend themselves against the thousands of drug cartel thugs armed by our gov't via the "fast and furious" program.

Addendum: it's not just the federal agencies. This was in our local rag a couple of months ago, and surely we're not the only state going this route…the militarization of local law enforcement is underway:

"According to the most recent inventory by the Georgia Department of Public Safety, $200 million in surplus military equipment and weapons is in the hands of 600 Georgia law enforcement agencies, large and small."

Georgia is also one of the locations that has all of the disposable coffins stacked up. Too much going on just to be a coincidence. Thank you for the link you provided! I had not heard about that.

Like it's been said in a bunch of movies and series:

"There's a storm comming…"

Remember the article about Cabin in the Woods,
where VC explain that those in the power
warn and then sacrifice?

Well, prepare, because this will become messy.

Some countries are asking banks for their gold back,
because they know this system is about to colapse
and the eye is about to place itself
on the top of the pyramid.

Brothers in Yeshua, this is it,
stand your ground come what may,
because our redemption is near.

As I posted below, before I read your comment (sorry about that)…
My dad is retired from 20 years of Navy service, he has a friend who's wife works for a civilian-military contracting service. I believe it's in a small town in South Dakota…
She was asked a week ago to order 20,000 rounds of small arm and handgun ammunition. She only handles ordering vehicle replacement parts and heavy machinery. She also confirmed that it was being payed for through Homeland Security.
My dad knows stuff is going on, this is really disturbing… My dad is expecting Martial law to be declared. And has been stocking up on ammo lately, when you can buy it.
Why does HS need all this ammo, and better yet, how is it being funded?

your tax dollars.

Not to mention they have built 2 brand spanking new army reserve centers in my area (I live in Houston), with the 2nd one having military vehicles and a tank out front.

And I can take pics to post if need be!

Please do that!

We need all the real evidence we can get to inform all of those who are still asleep.

I read the headquarters for the stinkers in the south is in Houston. Svali Speaks. Goid thing I'm in Dallas. *dry sarcasm provided free*

I live in houston, well out by jersey village. where is this place

and there is an ammo shortage for the rest of us because of it. my husband routinely visits store for ammo, and finds them cleaned out of many different kinds. it never used to be that way. I can also tell you that he is law enforcement, he won't see any of that ammo they are buying on a local level, and he would never use it against anyone in a war as described. but i do worry about federal agencies a lot. we are one false flag attack from obama declaring martial law and then we will be at the mercy of those bullets.

I certainly hope your husband will refuse to kill American citizens when he is ordered to, but you you can bet 99% of the other militarized, brainwashed, steroid-popping, power-tripping communist thugs will to continue receiving their paycheck. How can anyone with a conscience still be in so-called "law enforcement" today, anyway? It's the biggest street gang in America today, with the full force of government behind it.

(Psalm 146:3-6)
Do not put YOUR trust in nobles, Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.  
His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; In that day his thoughts do perish.  
Happy is the one who has the God of Jacob for his help, Whose hope is in Jehovah his God,
The Maker of heaven and earth, Of the sea, and of all that is in them, The One keeping trueness to time indefinite,… World Peace—Why So Elusive? The Bible’s answer Human efforts to bring world peace have failed and will continue to fail for several reasons: “"It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step."” (Jeremiah 10:23) Humans weren’t created with the ability or the right to rule themselves, so they won’t be able to achieve enduring peace. “"Do not put YOUR trust in nobles, Nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs.  His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; In that day his thoughts do perish"” (Psalm 146:3, 4) Government leaders, even those with the best motives, can’t devise lasting solutions for the root causes of war. “"In the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be . . . fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride."” (2… Read more »

Fellow brother nwt biblia

Well said.

It all sounds extremely disturbing and the more I read about it, the more I realize that I have a lot of knowledge and… nothing to do with it.

How can we prepare for that at all? How can we take an advantage of this knowledge?
If there's an article on this website (or some other good one), please, let me know, coz I feel like I'm missing on the whole purpose of it!