Britney Spears Forced to Stay Under Conservatorship Due to “Psychological Issues”


In my several articles on Britney Spears, I described how she was one of the most obvious examples of mind control in the entertainment industry. The singer has absolutely no control over her own personal life, much less her professional life. This is even enforced by judicial courts as her father and fiance Jason Trawick have legal conservatorship over her life. In other words, they are her handlers.

Britney has been attempting to liberate herself from these men controlling all aspects of her life (how can one’s fiance be in control of one’s life?) but  courts are not about to let her go… And the reasons cited for the continuing of her conservatorship are quite cryptic and mysterious. Documents were filed in her case that “urgently ask the judge to seal certain records” as they are deemed “highly sensitive” and would cause “irreparable harm and immediate danger” should they be made public. The documents relate to her condition and treatment.

Do these “highly sensitive” documents mention something about her being under Monarch mind control? It would certainly explain why the revelation of this information would cause “irreparable harm and immediate danger”. Here’s an article on Spears’ conservatorship.

Britney Spears Conservatorship In Place Due To Psychological Issues

It’s been four-and-a-half years since a judge placed Britney Spears under conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears, giving him control of her career, personal life and finances — but the 30-year-old singer has had enough.

RadarOnline reports that Spears is growing increasingly frustrated that she’s still kept under the conservatorship and met with Judge Reva Goetz to discuss her progress.

“Britney said she doesn’t understand why it’s still in place and expressed her belief that she has got to be the only person under a conservatorship that has managed to land a $15 million work contract. Britney wants the conservatorship to end, it’s fine with her if it stays in place as far as her business and professional life, but she wants to call the shots when it comes to her personal life,” a source close to the singer revealed to RadarOnline.

Spears has been getting her career back on track following a mental breakdown in 2008. The singer locked herself in a room with one of her children in her Los Angeles home and refused to hand him over to ex-husband Kevin Federline. Police were called to intervene and said the singer appeared to be “under the influence of an unknown substance.” Spears was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for evaluation and the following day a court suspended her visitation rights and Federline was given sole custody of their children. Three weeks later Spears was committed to the psychiatric ward of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and placed on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold.

At the time, People magazine reported that Spears went willingly, after exhibiting more alarming behavior. “She was driving around her neighborhood like a mad-woman,” revealed a family insider, who added, “Britney has been prescribed medication which she refuses to take. This is just another sad, sad evening.”

Sources also told the magazine that Spears suffers from psychological issues, with one source claiming, she’s “bipolar… she’s had manic episodes for years.”

Spears’ camp never confirmed that the singer suffers from bipolar disorder, but whatever psychological problems she has are enough to keep her under the conservatorship. According to TMZ, documents were filed on Tuesday in Spears’ case that urgently ask the judge to seal certain records. Sources told the website that the records — which her lawyers called “highly sensitive” and would cause “irreparable harm and immediate danger” should they be made public — are medical documents outlining the singer’s condition and treatment.

Though Spears has been doing “extremely well,” according to the website’s source, her “personality disorder” apparently makes her too much of a wild card to be able to make her own decisions.

“Britney’s team of doctors just don’t feel that she is ready for the conservatorship to end. They have specific concerns related to her mental health and aren’t ready to tell the judge that Britney is ready to go it alone just yet. Judge Goetz is the only person that can end the conservatorship,” the source explained to RadarOnline.

Britney has been able to make some headway in the case and now has two men controlling her life. In April, her fiance, Jason Trawick, was approved as a co-conservator, a request that was made by Britney herself.

Currently, Trawick and Britney’s father share control of the personal conservatorship, allowing them to make life decisions for the singer — and of the business conservatorship, which involves managing the singer’s career and finances. According to TMZ’s sources it’s likely the two will indefinitely control the business side of things as it’s been an incredibly successful arrangement thus far.

– Source: Huffington Post



  1. What does it mean to be places under conservatorship as far as personal life goes? Does she need permission to leave the house? Eat? Go to the bathroom? I don't understand that part.

    • It means that if she wanted to marry, needed medical procedure, wanted a vacation etc that those who have the conservatorship will decide if that is possible, necessary, or if they'll just plain allow it. Basically a home communist. They tell you what to do, who to see, how to act, what jobs you'll do, who to he with etc.

    • would this action be taken to a male public figure, or at least one that wasn't a public neuter?

      where are the "feminists?"

      • Just following the r on

        This is really bad if they do this to her, when does it happen to us? Are they"The powers that be" using her as an example? Dose she not have free will? Is she not a human with flaws? They caused the problems "Monarch programing" and now they say shes has Mental issues and cannot make her own decisions as an adult! Could this be what Randy Quaid & Evi Quaid where talking about when they Star whackers? Black mailing and even killing famous people.

      • FOR CLASSY

        i have wondered just how crazy any sane person (including me) would look once they realized they were trapped in a situation–

        or even worse how "crazy" it would look while trying to escape in whatever way one could…

    • What kind of grown azz person needs this? There are so many craze and perverted people running around in this world and I don't see anyone trying to commit them to conservatorship. This reminds me of the Rhianna and CB case there are so many abused women, men and children in this world and I have never seen a the courts tell another abused person that you can not have any contact to another person for 5 years. Shot there are abused people who can't even get a restraining order against there abusers. I think that they use these tactics to keep there puppets scared because they surely are not using these extreme tactics with the mainstream audience right now but common sense will tell you if they are doing it to others then you are not far behind on the list. I know that we out number the celebrities and they don’t have the same puppets string over our heads as they do with them but they want us to think that this kind of behavior and forceful actions are normal.

    • It means her father has all legal rights over her and all that….I too am under conservatorship with my mom…and trust me it sucks! They have give u showers, dress u and all that stuff….Idk whats wrong with me? I feel like Im going crazy…..what's .with all this talk about blah blah blah…nevermind

    • she is bipolar or possibly bipolar sure but there are medical treatments for that which i feel they are withholding from her in place of this guardenship. I am bipolar and was highly manic at one point on a very self distructive path. Hopping from man to man and strip club to strip club and am very luck my children never got taken away one day i saw through and got the help I needed in a fit of depression. Got with a good theripist it took three to find the right one and several trys of combos of meds I am on 7 right now. But it can be done they just aren't helping her do it so she can be at her best on her own.

      I am now the proud hard working mother of three I will admit my oldest is with his father from my first marrage I didn't want to take him from the home he was sued to but I get him every other weekend and I will soon be helpping to take care of my mother she has lung issues and I work a full time job taking care of 1 and a half year olds which I went to school for.

      Prior to meds I had paperwork stating I could not work. I was not mentally capable.

      • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is not normal medical facility and everyone who goes in there always comes out looking electro shocked. I don't even believe in being bipolar it’s nothing but a distorted mind set and an unbalanced emotional person. A person only get this way by being raised by another emotional messed up person or a abuser or by the images that they are watching and by the people that they are around who constantly make them feel like they have no personal choice or control over themselves just like Britney Spears. It can definitely be corrected with a healthy and loving environment. To me bipolar is just a person who is losing there realm of sanity and who no longer has a good or deep foundation (footing) within the world and within thyself. They have no normalcy and no consistency which every human being does need to know thyself.

      • @resurrected – Oh please, you don't even know what you're talking about. Bi-polar disorder is real, whether or not that is what is actually wrong with Brittney is up for debate but arguing that the condition doesn't exist just makes you sound uneducated. Also Cedar Sinai is a normal medical center, my fiance works there and we both have several friends who work there, they are all good, hard-working people.

  2. I feel bad for her. Really do. It's rather haunting what an industry commanded by an "elite" can do to a person. I guess we forget that we no longer have power over other people's live like we used to do during the Middle Ages and prior periods of history. But I guess, in the end, we never changed a bit.

    We can truely see that she's been handled for most of her carreer and that she doesn't even want that (as we would see during her "crazy-psychotic" period, when she said over and over that that wasn't really her thing).

  3. she is just another crazy broad. there is a bunch of crazy people in my city can someone please take their free will away before i get shot or raped? Or does this only happen to famous people?

  4. Poor Britney, I've just recently discover about MK-ULTRA and Monarch Programming and i just want to say that the way these people are tortured is absolutely horrible! Check out this video on youtube. It basically shows someone receiving electric-shock-therapy against their will and all i could imagine is Britney being in the same position screaming out for help :


  5. It's always sad to hear about Britney. For a while now, I've been waiting for her to drop dead "under mysterious circumstances". I'm not saying I want her to, I'm just saying it seems like the inevitable end if she keeps fighting to be set free. Either way, I hope she makes it.

    • yeah, thats just what she needs, a different type of brainwashing. c`mon man she needs freedom and to think for herself. she doesn`t need to worship anything except her children. freedom through jesus for f*&ksake.

      • I'm sorry if you have met brainwashed Christians who are horrible representations of what a follower of Jesus should look like. I am not that.

        I'm sorry if I believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that He can transform the worst of hearts and life through Him is COMPLETE FREEDOM.

        I'm sorry for the HURT I see in Britney's eyes and I make the choice to pray for her and not bash her.

    • Yes, may the Holy Spirit whisper truth to her in the morning as she wakes up and and at night before falling asleep. May she call to Him and know His gentle comfort despite of her bondage. May His presence flood her soul and bring healing. He can't be kept out, He can't be controlled but we must pray and ask God to pour out His Spirit of Truth on her and her handlers. All things are posssible in Him!

      • amen and amen! The Lord doesnt want her to be controlled because He doesnt control anyone and He is the truth and the truth shall set anyone free! we love u britney and so does God!! im praying for u from where i am….

  6. Just like Marilyn Monroe "lived" her life.

    And the ones who don't know about this call it tragedy ,'Candle in the wind'. When it's really a scheme.

  7. Only through God on

    This poor girl keeps trying to break free and continues to be unsuccessful. Personally what I think she should do is find Jesus and find the strength through Him to calmly just walk away. He will never turn his back to someone with open arms and an open heart. It seems like such an obvious answer to me. I mean I don't know what kind of threats or psychological holds she's facing or even the extent of the contracts surrounding her like, but through Him anything is possible. I'll be praying. God bless.

  8. if she has psychological issues, they were induced by the very same people who won't let her be free. vicious cycle.

    she has such pain behind her eyes… always rooting for you, dear britney!!!

  9. Bipolar disorder is common in america as well as drug use and domestic disputes over child custody. i see no programming here. Just a few mental issues that arent really as serious as the media makes them out to be. All she has to do is take her meds and she will be fine.

    • @Joe:

      The issues with Britney are way passed the mark of "bipolar", the obvious signs are of Monarch control are so obviously, a blind man can detect them. Maybe you should dig a little deeper before you comment. This poor woman is under constant psychological and spiritual attack more than likely on a daily basis. Although I have no sympathy for the negative actions of most morons in the entertainment industry; Britney is an exception, and I feel bad for her.

    • Britney could have a combination of bipolar and ADHD, but she could very well have Dissociative Identity Disorder, the symptoms of which can look a lot like a mood disorder or an attention deficit disorder. Was she mind controlled? I don't know. Her music videos and promotional photographs seem to suggest that. But she could have just learned to dissociate to cope with the pressure of being famous and overworked so young, and undoubtedly getting violated by entertainment industry old pervs. It's so sad… I just watched an interview of her from 1999 and Rosie O'Donnell said "Well you seem like a level-headed happy young girl, I hope you can stay that way." We all know what's happened since then. :' (

      • There's a big difference from being mentally ill & mind controlled & Brittney is experiencing mind control…how are u well enough to make millions of dollars be in the public eye since being a little child, have children, be married, but can't make personal decisions for yourself @ 30 yrs old? I will even go as far 2 say if Brittney can't take care of herself neither can Tom Cruise b/c that dude is a for real nut job…i digress though Brittney has people controlling her life. If it was just her being mentally ill, there wouldn't be these "secret documents" that could cause her "immediate danger" if it became public she would've just been able to go to the best therapists money could buy & that would've been the end of it…there has to be something deeper b/c I know people who have been diagnosed w/ bipolar disorder & are still functional human beings able make they're own decisions. If Brittney was so bad off that she couldn't make her own decisions, she should be in a mental institution not the x factor & the people that love her would make sure that she had the best care rather than throwing her in the limelight….

      • Tom Cruise is under Scientology mind control, which unlike the trauma based variety discussed here, is done little by little. The "e-meter" may also be causing a type of opiate effect, not unlike devises that use electronic stimulation for pain relief.
        An e-meter is a glorified ohmmeter, measuring resistance ACROSS the circuit formed between one hand, right across the chest, and down to the other hand. I'm sure eliciting an opiate effect in this region of the body could be account for the euphoric feeling & later "withdrawal symptoms" following auditing sessions, reported by a number of ex-Scientologists. Great for "addicting" people to the group…and by stealth!
        If you want to know the exact method by which people are slowly indoctrinated into the "Hubbard-verse" (i.e. reality according to L. Ron Hubbard), there is a plethora of leaked internal documents, training manuals and audio lectures all over the net! There is lots of repetitive training routines (TRs), not to mention this belief that not understanding something means that you misunderstand a single work. So Scientology has big indexes of definitions. Getting people to focus on details so they miss the bigger picture (that the "tech" DOES NOT WORK, and it's not just them who it isn't working for).
        I'm pretty sure Scientology was a beta-test for commercializing mind-control – and some of their organizational tactics are outright brilliant, albeit totally evil: Front groups, armies of lawyers, infiltration of government agencies, celebrity spokes-holes – truly diabolical stuff! Somehow I doubt all this was the original creation of a mentally disturbed L. Ron…the same person who dismisses calculus because he doesn't understand the whole dx / dy notation…and seems to confuse it with fractions. Yep…insane (extremely obvious in later lecture) & totally bewildered by basic mathematical concepts, like differentiation. I'm totally calling shenanigans. :)

    • okay okay you guys made some good points im not completely convinced its mind control but i see where you guys are coming from.

  10. I don't really follow the "celebrities" but this girl's story breaks my heart. I wish someone would swoop in and rescue her from Oz….

    • But I think that if you tell a monarch slave what happened to them, they will kill themselves, so you'd have to be very careful. ( because they had a sort of self-destruct programmed for if they found out too much information.

  11. For Gods sake what do they want with this woman and what's going to happen to her when they no longer need her?

  12. OT, but I wish VC would do another updated article on James Holmes and the inconsistencies surrounding his case.

  13. I'd like to know where is Britney' s mother; why is the father having the legal conservatorship over her and not the mother?

    Maybe the mother was a bit better…or maybe she was just like Mr. Spears…

  14. Why a monarch slave?

    The vestal virgins , the nachni valees of India , the temple prostitutes of the ancients.

    Britney is the anthropomorphic extension of the Venus, goddess archetype , telecasted to the entire world for admiration and love.

    These singers, rock stars are a form of religious worship.They are the modern day equivalents of Dionysus, Bacchus ,mylita, aphrodites.The mother goddesses and the father gods of the ancients.

    Back then, they made statues and offered sacrifices to their idols.

    Now they come in the form of posters, albums , movies , toys and Tv , yet they still are our "idols".

    Look at micheal Jackson …or maha kala Jackson.

    A representation of shiva, the dancing god.

    Both male and female, both black and white.

    Shiva had hanuman the monkey god

    Micheal had his pet monkey bubbles.

    Micheal looked somewhere between a man and woman.

    And went from a black man to a white man/ woman.

    Another dualistic concept.

    Micheal had huge statues of him built.

    People were adoring micheal Jackson, but we're indirectly adoring the concept behind micheal Jackson.

    The concept of the fertility god and goddess.

    It's the same for the god killed in its prime , Kurt cobain, Jimi Hendrix, the beautiful goddess who died in her prime Marilyn Monroe, Diana etc.The ever young god killed in his prime ….river Phoenix….the list goes on and on.

    God was always represented as an essence , that reaches its prime and then dies and later comes back.

    Either it be the waning heat of the sun, the disappearance and reappearance of the moon and heavenly objects,the rising of the Phoenix…..

    The fertility cults all across central Asia, Arabia, Europe and Africa …all believed in this phallic generative force that tends to die and then is resurrected.

    The called it the god of the corn, the dying god, the scape goat…..the god of vegetation.

    The seasons, tidal waves, heat and fire, water and rain…..fate, music…everything has this crescendo decrescendo aspect to it.

    Peak and trough.

    The bell shaped curve…

    Dying and coming back.

    Britney, is the anthropomorphic queen goddess, who spreads sex , excitement , voluptuousness every where she goes.She has avatars , personas that she donns …..or rather masks.

    She has a ring of ex boyfriends and husbands….which shows her sexual nature …

    When you look at Britney , or brittanica the goddess….

    When you think about her…

    Sexualize her in your fantasies..

    Dream about her famous life

    Sing her songs

    Dance to her voice

    Dress like her

    Talk or behave like her..

    Well….doesn't it look like a religious principle…..a cult of a goddess….

    Britney, Yahweh, Allah, Christ….

    Whatever you are fascinated by…..becomes your god principle.

    These celebrities are actually the god concepts of the ancients , yet made relevant to our modern day conception and consumption.

    Back in the day, there were cults of the father god Adama and the cult of the mother goddess Eva….epha….she was always portrayed with serpents.

    The cults of the garden…groves…paradisos…

    The cults of the ark, the ship…the fish

    The cults of Neptune…the god of floods.

    The flood as god…that rises and drown man.l

    God as a flood.

    Flood as a god.

    Volcanos as gods

    Mountains as gods.

    Bulls cows as gods…

    And all that bullshi* , has over the years been compiled and corrupted, misinterpreted and wholesomly condenesed into the modern day holy books we revere.

    As a focal point of the worlds attention, Britney cannot be Britney,

    She is a goddess, goddess incarnate .

    The gods of the ancients had different personalities and shapes, but all were coalesced into one or two main dieities.

    These stars and starlets have to be like that.

    They have to be different , appear different, keep on changing themselves and having different personas.

    Now her market value is dwindling.

    You have far more capable human conduits like gaga,perry,Rihanna,Mina'j to do the needfull.

    Her programming has served its purpose.

    The torch must be passed on.

    • A great breakdown, no pun intended @Fidelio.

      However, famous or not, Britney Spears is no more or less of a "goddess" than anyone else in the world who recognizes the divinity in themselves and others. She is a pretty girl who has some talent and stage presence, and has been MOLDED into a top-notch performer. Perform being the key word. Let's not get it twisted or make more of it than what it is.

      What saddens me is how this role is forced upon her, and is not necessarily her choice.

      • @DDT

        Thank you for the kind words Sir.

        It's the concept of psychic consolidation propounded by the mystic Carl Gustav Jung.

        " anima mundi"

        The stairway to heaven.

        A focal point for the world consciousness.

        The idols of the ancients, those strange silent staring statues, the phallic monolith stones called "Beth-els" were conduits or rather condensation points of reverence for the agitated public, where many a repressed people held hostage by the vagaries of fate , let lose their anger, fear, hope and maniacal exuberance to these contraptions.

        Man being a religious animal, has over vast geographic areas consistently created these artifices based around the same pythosolar phallic or lunar arkose icythic conceptions of God.

        It's a shared lunacy that has survived the trials of time, again and again.

        Man will make a god in relation to his environment and his reality tunnel.

        The mysteries becomes the magnificent.

        I think it takes more than talent and good looks to reach the pedestal Britney has achieved.

        We have to harbor in above all Fate…..a universally liked persona….a need of the hour.

        You can see pretty charming blondes and broads , who can sing satisfactorily a dime a dozen in our culture of altered looks, high pitched signing , braces and laser whitened teeth.

        I think Britney, Christina aguilera , Justin timber lake and Ryan gosling….all members of the Mickey mouse club have had more than talent , that has sprung them to such high vantage points.

        It's as if the whole industry not only helps them to remain part of the public pantheon, but over glamorizes them and over shines their mediocre to satisfactory talents.

        These stars and starlets represent principles., which pleases their masters.

        Belief in anything constitutes a religious meme…

        When I buy a mak book….with a bitten apple logo…

        There is more to this piece of aluminum , than just circuitry …

        Even the word Mak…is a revered name of the deity.


        The essence. Mmmm aaaa kkk

        Is the trinity in unity….

        mak was also the name of an ancient solar god!

        Please watch this documentary…….

        It does relate to the Britney

        The dancing girl……nachni wali……the girl locked in the tower……the damsel in distress….the wailing Isis…..

      • It is a needed entity.

        A beautiful , charming girl who can sing , dance .

        Every mans fantasy.

        Every girls aspiration.

        Universally liked.

        There is a whole temple and priesthood which surrounds Britney spears.

        They don't come in robes with incense.

        Yet in principal help to generate revenues for the enterprise that is Britney spears.

        They are the handlers, PR agents, sound producers, dance instructors, advertisement agents,

        The finance people, the instructors, mannerism specialists, wardrobe and makeup artists ….

        Even the paparazzi , who are tipped before the star or starlet makes an entry or exit.

        Britney spears in her heydays was a very strong brand.

        From burqa clad women to teenage girls in Mauritania , brand Britney had a global utility.

        Heros and heroines have to be created to channelized the constructive ego of the public.

        This is a very ancient rule of thumb.

        Mythic Heros , hero worship……

        Voluptuousness , beauty….goddess worship….

        These are hard concepts to discern, but the fundamental core root is the same.

        I bet you , if you were to take Kumari worshippers and teenage fans just about to meet Britney spears back stage under a functional MRI scanner and see which parts of their brains light up….

        It will be the same areas… the core feeling or neurological stimulation is similar.

        Celebrities truly are mini gods in this right.

        Colony is just a short man , with a big chin and a killer smile.

        The guys just plays himself in every movie and generates millions.

        It's because he is the smooth talking attractive man , every man in the world wants to be but can't.

        I know I am taking this godess thing a bit far here…..

        But beyond the cultural jargon and reinforced beliefs….

        The quintessential feeling or meme behind the whole "celebrity" driven phenomenon is….

        A religious adoration…..

        Look at the beetles.

        All American men.

        All made to speak English in a British accent.

        The travistock institute created the whole beetle mania.

        Girls flipping over and collapsing……

        Millions of adoring fans.

        Their music was made by the best music producers, sequencers of the industry….

        And a I've all ….

        It was just all an experiment.

        a social experiment to channelized the constructive ego of society.

        And which gave birth to the drug fueled flower power hippie days.

        Which in essence created huge markets for the Colombian drug lords

        And to this day keeps the prison industrial complex very happy.

        Religion started off as a slight of hand…..

        It's an enterprise just like selling shoes and vegetables on the market.

        Yet people don't think of it that way.

        Competing gods….competing priesthoods….

        Market value….market capitalization….

        But people will never see it that way.

      • The Dotted Line on

        What's so akward is the end storylines we get as the public. All these sensationalized stories of these average at best human beings who get caught up in SOMETHING THEY SIGNED UP FOR. Lauryn Hill? So . . . . X many years ago when all these people/execs promised you the fame lable, you didn't think ramifications were in the mail? Whatever ramifications they saw fit? Britney, and undoubtebly her family too, wanted the fame. These people ignore what's coming and expect sympathy.

        It's a stark and creepy association I make with britney and ariel. Britney and Julia Roberts, who's shot to fame was originally a disney story – Pretty Woman, are disney configures. Who knows who is playing ursela, but britney signed away to get what she wanted but at a price. She does not move or resemble anything that she once was. Ariel coudln't speak anymore to get what she wanted. Again, all these story lines are presented to these artists willing to give it all away to keep from living the lives we, actual human beings, have to live.

        Very much like in the matrix when the main character tries to get out of the car to flee this new group. NEo is told, 'if you leave now, you know what's down that road, you know what's around that corner. . . .' Jay Z, take any struggling person from any bad neighborhood who sees the groundhog day of poverty and promise them the opposite side of the spectrum of the life they currently lead. Would you sign at the dotted line? Anyone is used as a good example as long as they follow the rules . . .do what they are told.

        I do not feel that badly for Ms. Spears. Within her career, she was able to have fun and sing and dress up, but then ursela came with her john handcock. Going to del taco? Pumping her own gas? These are all things we do so it was impossible for her to even think of wanting to do.

        'My Perogative' (connection to bobby brown/whitney houston)was extremely dark and took place in a cathedral.It was with her reintroduction to the masses, the Good Morning America 'Circus' event. It was all so dark. After that performance everything in pop culture became dark. She set up the intro to Lady Gaga. In the video Poker Face, Lady Gaga introduced to the masses that strange circling of the eye with her finger and thumb. She was pretty blatant about it. Britney, on Good Morning America of all places, does a choreography move doing that same gesture well before gaga was introduced to the masses. Doing as she's instructed, she subtley told the world 'Here it comes. . . here we come' And sure enough, we got gaga.

        On the 2000 MTV VMA's Britney danced on a floor made entirely of pentagrams while she sang 'YOu think I am sent from above, I'm not that innocent'. In 2001 MTV VMA's they let britney out of her cage to put on a spectacle. Not soon after that she was let out in public to put on a spectacle. On Good Morning America, Britney let the rest of her minions out of cage just as she was let out a year prior. . . . .I'll leave whomever you think her minions are up to you.

        Slowly but surely, because of her success, she began to become more of a tool. When she was let out of a cage(like an animal let loose)for the MTV VMA's where she writhed around with a snake . . .it was all pretty plainly laid out. After she did that, everything with her life and her career exploded. It was being relayed to the masses that day that they were going to let her(or something was being let out of it's cage) out of her cage.

        And to think that people are up in arms about what the meds are doing to her now. What makes you think she wasn't on a cute concoction during her cutesy, bubbly, very snappy dances moves era? Only now the meds have been reconfigured so we get this lousy, blank version as a message.

        Big Pharma has a huge role to play in this too. They are using her as a message to the youth, 'See, meds help you.'

        There's a myriad . . . .an amalgam of people that were after what she represented. When Britney(or whomever wrote the message for her)released 'Me against the Music' I felt there was part of the title missing . . 'Me against the Music Industry'. She was tired of it already. Madonna(and the people she represents)chasing her in the vid. Madonna is a seperate issue, but that entire song was about creating a spell to ruin Britney. 'Hey, Britney . . .you say you wanna bare your soul?' Well, she certainly did that afterwards. 'Come on Britney, Lose control.' Well, she certainly did that too. Britney sang about one thing, Madonna was casting something completely different. Getting millions of people to chant a single message has power that eventually takes effect. 'Till the wold ends' was equally appalling how the mixer of the song nicely repeated ' the world ends, the world ends, the world ends, the world ends, the world ends . . .' in that song.

        Britney saw what the industry did to micheal, and even met him, collaborated with him. . .spoke with him. So there's so much she's aware of and still very young. Similar to Marilyn, she knows alot and needs to be kept in a haze.

        On a side note, britney was there and performed at the event where Whitney Houston came out emaciated and shocked the masses. I don't know if that's where she got the shock idea for her 2007 GMA 'Gimmie More' fiasco. Even that was arbitrary in so many ways. The message of the song was indulgence. . .but what we saw was someone who could not handle any more.

    • @Fidelio – I enjoy your enlighteneing posts and understand what you are getting at. You would make a great Sociology professor if you are not one already.

      Incidentally, I am a ma'am, not a sir, but I appreciate the politeness.

      You pose this question:

      "I think Britney, Christina aguilera , Justin timber lake and Ryan gosling….all members of the Mickey mouse club have had more than talent , that has sprung them to such high vantage points."

      They certainly do. They have the power of the Disney MACHINE behind them, which propels them into this so-called "godlike" state. (I call it "media overexposure," me being the cynic and marketer that I am.) And if you choose to believe what VC & co. are proposing, they are also MK-ed Monarch slaves with little if any control over their own lives, minds, and thoughts.

      Hence you could see why I am hesitant to deify them, in spite of what Disney & record companies would like us to believe….


      • Fidelio !

        The Mickey Mouse Meme….

        Apollo…the pied piper who led the mice to their death.

        The icythic mouse…

        Apollo the mouse God

        Shiva and the mouse Kroncha…

        The symbolism of the mouse , as a neophyte.

        Held in the darkness of the sewer/Gutter symbolizing a neophyte in the baptismal darkness…

        And like a mouse running towards light….the neophyte strives for light…more light and more more light!

        The mouse is a very occult animal like the eagle, serpent, boar, goat and cow/bull.

        An interpretation and representation of Diety.

        DMT…there is more to the Mickey mouse/Disney cluster than just cartoons and childrens entertainment…or a run of the mill business mindset.Similarly the dog goofy….or simply anubis…chenobis….cenobis….cenobites…the worshippers of the dog…the jackal…and the fox!

        Even the word Cohen means "dog"….dog star….sirius…osri…aszri…azhar…osiris…

        Ever wondered why would anyone name a company…

        21st century fox….or the stuffed dog company….

        "In the caves and jungles of hindustan" a very interesting travelogue written by Madame Blavatsky , is the burial ceremony of the Parsi or Pharsi…..(Pher …Phar….Phir….Phre…all meaning fire)…the zorastrians of india .One of the rituals of death is that a dog is made to look into the eyes of the dying man….

        The blessing and protection of anubis_hermes…the ever loyal god !

        The dog family ….is also an eater of rotting meat.

        The devourer of the deceased….

        The god who remains loyal to man, but then consumes him in the end.

        The duck is also an emblem of mystic societies….the swan, pelican, flamingo,ibis…very occultic animals.There was a mask in eyes wide shut , with the person wearing the face mask of an ibis/Bird.

        Yes !

        For the simple minded…..yes its a mouse, duck and dog doing funny things.

        For the mystics and wise ones….a wise hint !

        I agree with fidelio about the goddess underpining!

        These four children have had amazing success under the disney brand!

        They must be knowing a lot of strange rituals taking place in these wonderlands!

        What is gosling trying to say……listen close!

      • @Holly Lindin….

        you have hit the nail on the head.

        I have been saying the same thing….

        these celebrities are our new worshipful idols…

        by the way your name reminds of

        Barry Lyndon

        without any doubt…..the most beautiful movie ever made.

        you have to see this movie…

        stanley kubricks masterpiece…

        my favourite scene

    • This also explains why all the female celebs get blond hair at some point in their career, even when they look better as brunettes or are not white.

  15. wow i not even a fan but i feel bad for her.she is not happy in that pic.looks like she want to say"help me" oh poor her.

  16. Knowing what we do about Mind Control, you have to worry about the reaction she would have to knowing this was done to her. She may be shattered, literally, if she were to find out about her altars, and the reason behind them. I imagine she lives in a very controlled world, trying to keep both the public and herself from knowing her true state of being. It is sick and twisted, but I can't help but think it is dangerous for her to know the truth as well.

  17. That picture says a lot – all the people behind her freaking out and aiming cameras at her. She's not the only one with issues. Our culture REALLY needs to detox from celebrity worship.

  18. It is actually quite dangerous if she were to be confronted with this knowledge. I think VC would know this, and it is almost irresponsible for him to post this. With all the research he has done, he should know that she may have altars in place that would make her self destruct if she had full knowledge of her situation. At this point, it would take years of deprogramming to make her whole and you know that isn't going to happen. She is almost safer to stay as she is now. Sad but true. I am in no way saying that what has been done to her is ok, I am only saying her whole self would be absolutely shattered if she knew the true extent of what has been done to her. I am actually worried that if she has access to the internet, she could find this out and it would destroy her.

  19. Apparently she has dissociative identity disorder, aren't identity and personality disorders a big thing that comes with monarch programming? Poor Britney.

    • Harlequin Nameless on

      Poor Britney is right. According to most psychologists, a trauma powerful enough to create an alternate personality can often leave the victim in a world where normal rules of right and wrong need no longer apply…

  20. Britney Spears always looks tortured and sad. No person deserves this kind of treatment, whether they agreed to it or not. Clearly Ms. Spears need the right help and not empty pity and painted smiles.

  21. she has D.I.D (MPD) and to reveal this would be detrimental to her career because people would ask how she got it (through trauma) and would ask if to continue working was best for her…

    really, this arrangement is probably the only thing keeping her alive right now, for if she could actually SING, she would have had an archive to milk after her death, rather than her body being her cash cow.

    GOD BLESS YOU BRITNEY, and i hope you find the freedom that only the Holy Spirit can offer.

  22. i can see through all the makeup they've slathered her face with. she is exhausted. her eyes are drooping with bags and i can almost see the dark circles they've tried to cover up. her smile looks painful and doesn't reach her eyes. her eyebrows look tired and worried. how could they possibly think after putting her through everything she's going through that she's still going to look like a star? she's haggard, beaten down, and hollow. a husk of a person.

  23. I'm not new to the site, bit I'm new to the comment board. I want to comment on topic, but I also want to leave a suggestion for a VC breakdown. As in I found a video that's blatant that hasn't been discussed yet on the website. Is it better to email VC or just leave suggestions on the comment board. If anyone has experience in the best way to get his attention please let me know. It's this very well done video by a YouTube handle named ThanksComputer and the video is called "Shithead". Every theme we have been discussing on this website is involved and then some. It has like 3,000,000 views. It's interesting because it actually made my skin crawl, not for its visuals, but just for being in the same room with it. I didn't even confirm it was mind control dark arts video until yesterday. I think it's being used as a weapon. Otherwise on the surface it's oddly enchanting and entertaining. Very twisted conundrum

  24. It's an in your face outrageous slavery contract on public National news. It is not even hidden in plain sight. It's in your face in plain sight blocking the view of the Elephant in the Room because it's bigger than the elephant. She is a slave and the court's judge is casually discussing it with the attorneys because he is obviously used to encountering handlers and resolving handler disputes when it comes to custody and financial ownership of their mind control machines…..Welcome to the 4th dimension. Time to hang Hollywood from the Big Hollywood Sign. It's on… people are not slaves and cannot be discussed as human resources… OK… we have not received the Mark of the Beast Barcode yet.

  25. Im not a fan of her music but its obvious shes trying to break free. Its funny how the media always tries to find some reason "she has bipolar disorder" for naive people to believe. I hope she gets saved soon because if not I feel she's gonna die soon :-(

  26. Britney Spears is another victim of the evil, fake, and powerful hollywood elite. She is being controlled from every aspect of her life. How come that doesn't stand out to anyone. Why isn't her Mother standing up for her? It's clear that the family as a whole has some deep issues. I am not one for calling people out because I am by no means perfect. But there has to come a time when people stop shutting up and start speaking up. This poor woman wants her life back. Her acting out in 2008 is a clear representation of that. Instead, they drug her up, abuse her, slander her name in the media, and call her a nutcase. This is absolutely disgusting and the fact that the majority of America feeds off of trash news, gossip, and propaganda is the reason this scheme has been so successful. Money. I just hope she is not another "Marylin Monroe". God Bless Britney Spears and her children.

  27. I think that 99% of actors/actress are bipolar. Especially soap opera stars. How else could you explain the ability to cry,makelove, pretend to be frightened on demand in front of loads of directors. I wonder why the sad image is always on Brittany. Idk maybe bc she started out so young. But there are many others that started out young too. Its almost as though they want the public to feel sorry for her bc this image will keep her with a fan base for many years. I don't feel sorry for her bc I don't even "know" her. I just know what they approve for the public to "know" about her. Lets

  28. Lets keep it real… do we really "know" Britney? People feel sorry about the news that they report about her which may not be true at all. They may have created this whole story about her being crazy to keep stealing her money and keeping her childhood fans. Just my 2 cents….

  29. I think alot of the mental health problems experienced by celebrities are symptoms of being controlled. Yes, they may legitimately meet the criteria for a certain disorder, but who are the people who created the criteria? A lot of big shot psychiatrists. There have been many changes to the lists of mental disorders, and I think most of these changes have been made to suit the purposes, political or economic, of the "elite" who run the country. Sure, Britney has mental problems, but this is the most extreme case of someone being handled and manipulated I have ever seen. It is so obvious, even people who would never read a website like this are asking what is up with this situation.

  30. Radar Online is such BS when it comes to Britney, TMZ can be too. As a Britney stan who is very aware of how the industry really is based on a ton of research, I feel the need to say that Britney actually has a lot of personal freedom and the conservatorship is assumed to still be in place for lawsuit purposes and keeping her kids, unless she has a stronger case than we realize. We don't know what her medical condition is really like so it's not fair to create these large ideas of how her life is, although it's good to be aware of other theories. And I agree completely with what jameccia said above. Blind items are not always legit sources, I could have phoned up and said "Britney is mental and controlled" and they would say "a close source to Britney tells us this." A lot of celebrities have had breakdowns, maybe not as serious as Britney's, but Britney has said she doesn't think she would be here if it wasn't for her father, which is also good to keep in mind.

    Plus, if she ever was programmed in the past, she isn't now, her handlers wouldn't do that to her, they are NOT that kind of people. Britney is pretty much left alone at this point, to be honest. If you care, you wouldn't rush to believe these 'sources' about Britney's conservatorship because they don't what the documents say either. So bottom line is that…even though we really don't know how things are with Britney on a personal level behind closed doors, we know that she is still an amazing businesswoman. She was the top paid celebrity in 2011 with her music+tour and now she is releasing a new fragrance, commercial with Twister Dance, and on the judging panel of X-Factor. If the conservatorship is what she needs at the moment, so be it. If not, it will probably end after she is done dealing with Sam Lutfi in court. I just really think we need to remember how often stories are created to label Britney as a 'crazy' person.

    • Well, I'd ask you this – if she's a great businesswoman and all…..

      *Does she get to keep the money she makes and spend it as she wishes?

      *Is she constantly raking in all this cash because she wants to?

      *Is she happy doing what she's doing or does she have little choice in the matter?

      Money doesn't necessarily equal happiness.

    • I have also carefully followed Britney's career and have been a fan of her from the very beginning. I completely disagree with you. Britney's brand has been tarnished by incompetent managers and handlers. To me it just seems they're milking they're milking the cow dry while they still can. Cheap endorsements, product placements, body doubles featured in videos…

      Aside from that she looks miserable. She doesn't perform the way she used to and is obviously completely disconnected from her career. Despite her getting a lot of flack during her prime and even during her breakdown, what set her apart was that she actually was extremely involved with her music and image. Her decisions and ideas were what made her as huge as she was. She was an accidental success. Now she's nothing but a puppet who is not in the least bit involved with her music or image.

      I don't blame her though I just feel for her. I feel like her fans try to say she's okay and that everyone claiming she's miserable are insane in order to justify their selfish thirst for more from Britney. It's pretty selfish if you ask me.

  31. When are people going to get a clue and realize when someone acts in a bizarre, out of character way they are most likely on psychiatric drugs. Psychiatrists make problems WORSE. Psychiatric wards destroy people. When you hear someone was committed you should be horrified for them.

  32. mental health:











    livelihood –

    all have effects

    on mind & body

    which affects

    the mind & body

    again & again …

    change the above,

    replace carelessness

    with loving care & compassion for self and others

    faith in the Higher Goodness, Truth, Forgiveness, Love

    let go of past pains

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  33. A few years ago (or more) I saw a video clip of Britney at a grocery store having one of her 'celebrity fits', or so I thought. She was ambushed inside the store by paparazzi and seemingly annoyed she started to bluster with a British accent. I rolled my eyes back then, cynically. Now I know better.

  34. Britney grew up as a normal and conscious girl, everything bad that's happening to her, was 'cause she allowed it before. I don't blame her, she wanted to be famous and rich, she exposed herself to these f* music insdustry ppl, everybody use to choose wrong ways in ours lives, all we have to do is to face the consequences. Her family should help her, but it seems that they are obtaining something with her disgrace hence, they don't even care with her situation.

    What's most sad, is that the jugde Goetz seems to be worse than britney.

    Yep, Jesus is the only solution for her problems, hope she can find a safe and better way with Him!

  35. A thought.

    Luke 17:33, personal paraphrase: Whoever tries to (hold onto) his life will lose it, but whoever (is ready to give up) his life will preserve it. (there are other verses with similar wording and meaning)

    Maybe what Britney needs is to prepare to give up her life.

    Not sure where I read it (and I have been looking), but I remember reading how an MK Ultra torture victim asked her controllers to kill her…and was allowed to live. The implication being that being prepared to die may be what allowed her to survive beyond her planned death point.

    Use as much salt as you need – here's a barrell full for your use.

  36. I don't think this is a case of mind control at all. She seems to have bipolar disorder. If she tries to stay off her medication, things go really bad. It happens to people with bipolar all the time. Plus we don't know her medical history. It could be something more serious than we think. Her medical record should be something personal, no reason for everyone to know it. People like to create ghosts where they don't exist. Same thing with the UFO's hoaxes.

    • Me From Colombia on

      Do you think a person with bipolar disorder should be touring the whole world and working like crazy? She should stay off the spotlight. They are just making every buck off their puppet. Britney herself wants to be with her children, she is tired of everything.

      • People with bipolar can put their kids in dangerous situations. Sometimes they are very irresponsible about taking care of their kids. People with bipolar usually like the spotlight, to be seen and adored. Sex or shopping seems to be their way to deal with their problems.

    • You are clearly misinformed about bipolar. Apparently *everybody* is. Bipolar is not a disorder that causes people to seek attention, nor do bipolar sufferers use " sex and shopping to deal with their problems ". Hypersexuality and shopping are part of the disorder. That's like saying a cancer patient uses tumor growing to deal with their problems. How uninformed and offensive!

      Bipolar also doesn't mean moody. I've lived with this disorder for almost 20 years and I am sick to death of people confusing severe highs and lows ( that happen over the course of weeks, months, or even years-NOT days or hours) with moodiness. Bipolar also isn't schizophrenia. Dimissiveness and exaggeration by the uniformed just leads to further stigmitization of people who are often intelligent and creative, but suffering and unable to get the help they need. It takes and average of 10 years to get properly diagnosed and these misconceptions and outright lies are not helping. Bipolar is hell, and this crap just makes it harder to live with. Knock it off.

    • Not meaning to be rude….but DYR (Do Your Research)…
      Maybe not Britney Spears is involved…maybe not….then again we might not ever know….
      But you've got a lot to learn. Are you new to VC?

  37. Social Not-worker on

    In former days, the stereotype was if you were "acting crazy" perhaps a big van would drive up, two men in white jackets jump out and they'd scoop you up in a big butterfly net.

    Nowadays here in the U.S. or at least most states we have the right to be mentally ill. If you are deemed to be a danger to yourself or others you can be held involuntarily for a short time and evaluated. If you still seem dangerous you can be involuntarily committed to an institution and forced to medicate.

    This is great in terms of personal freedom but is not very good for the mentally ill person or their loved ones. They can get into endless troubles with the law and/or make horrible economic or other personal choices that will screw up their lives. If you are a concerned relative, partner, or friend you have to work with their delusions and somehow talk them into seeking treatment.

    So from that perspective I don't find it so unreasonable that the father and fiancee would want to be able to override bad decision making and force treatment as they deem necessary.

    Having said all that I do think BS is an interesting case indeed, exposing the dark side of the star system and a potential MK victim.

    • I have mixed feelings on the "freedom" given to truly mentally ill people. I feel in some cases they are actually given too much freedom.

      My friend's bf was diagnosed with schizophrenia and we are terrified of him. She can't break up with him because she's scared he'll have an episode- and the police can't do anything until he actually harms somebody. He was even banned from our college campus after trying to kill somebody he believed was "melting him alive." The poor victim had to barricade himself in his dorm bathroom.

      Because he was mentally ill he wasn't put in prison for that and he couldn't be forced into a mental hospital. Nobody can force him to take his medicine (which most don't since they don't believe anything is wrong). He even broke into our house at 4am and because he was mentally ill, the police didn't do anything.

      I don't understand why the rest of us have had to live in fear of him. The police flat out said if he was sane he would've gone to jail. He's a walking ticking bomb and inevitably it's going to end with somebody seriously hurt. Freedom is great but sometimes it's just ridiculous.

  38. Then next thing is that she will be "suicided" like the VERY famous photographer that I knew because he found out that the entertainment industry is full of Satanists. He warned me to stay away from one of the most famous rock stars in the world because he told me that he was into Black Magic. The same rock star that had a 17 year old kid blow his brains out in the rock stars bedroom. HMMM!? The same rock star whose house he rented in Westchester N.Y. had a ritual site in the woods found behind his house.

      • No names for the people spoken about here. Ozzy never rented a house in Westchester. Do a little research and it will be easy to figure out. (He is English, like Ozzy). It happened in the late '70's. What photographer? No names again. But he was a good friend of Jack Nicholson, and a friend of the singer of the same group of musicians that I mentioned, the most successful rock band in the world. Bartending at Studio 54 gave me the chance to met some really famous people.

      • No its Keith Richards… the suicide victim is Scott Cantrell .. very interesting story involving satanism, drugs, mk ultra.

    • You are talking about the stones that roll like mad. They had a few interesting songs in the past, however the longevity of their career doesn't make sense. The singer moves and sings like he's deranged. They even have a song asking to sympathize with the evil. I never liked them and it was years before I found out what they are really like. Call it intuition. However, they have 2-3 songs that I find catchy. The 17 years old boy was apparently with K Richards' ex (an Italian-German model actress the usual). All those old dinosaurs who are into stuff like that -politicians etc, have regular blood transfusions to keep alive and fresh. The blood has to come from a young person to keep them strong. It makes me laugh how stupid they are in reality cause there is no way -even in their wildest dreams- to avoid death. They're too blind by their arrogance and vanity to see what's around the corner for all of us.

      • Yep the rolling stones have blood transfusions, that's why they're still alive even though they have abused every substance on earth.

      • Bingo. However, Anita Pallenberg told me that the blood transfusion story was quote "bullshit". Blood transfusions wouldn't get the drugs out of ones system, for the liver is the place where the drugs accumulate. The Stones put out an album in 1973 called "Necrophilia" that was quickly pulled. That album is listed in the Goldmine record price guide. NECROPHILIA? SAY WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!

      • The teen was found in K Richards' house, it's well known. There is a report about it, what not to believe? It was allegedly a freaky accident. It might be, it might not be, the odds are 50-50. How else the r stones who used to steal songs became so popular over so many years? Who knows how many spells they have thrown to people's eyes to remain relevant? As to the blood transfusions, they happen you like it or not. It's been circulating for a very long time. They believe they'll remain young and energized. I didn't point out anything about drugs though.

      • The blood transfusion story has been circulating for years? I met these people, not you. I love dealing with "repeaters". I knew theses people over 30 YEARS ago. The story is B.S. Why don't you tell me the password to get into the Stones hotel room? I know it.

      • i wouldnt be surprised if they got organ transplants as well…a new set of kidneys and a new liver will allow you to relive all your drinking and drug binges again…they could even get new hearts for all we know. this is a world we do not have all the details to no matter who has told you what…unless you are or have personally lived it, you wont know the full truths no matter how trustworthy the "snitch" telling you may be.

    • I was just speaking to an older lady the other day who told me she got a job in the 70s as a secretary at a LA law firm. She found out they were part of organized crime, and into occult and were satan worshippers. One of the partners died while she was there and they had an occult funeral for him. She left the job and she felt she was lucky to leave alive. I had to spend some time talking to her about that because I have never met anyone first hand with that experience, even though I have come to my own conclusion that many of these people do worship satan and believe that is where they get their power. Anyway, your comment reminded me of that.

  39. Maybe little kids who are hand selected from thousands of children to act and perform are inclined to have weak boundries and disassociation? That’s why they could act out emotions in a script effortlessly and believably at such a young age and that’s why they got the job in the first place?

    They were picked because they were latently crazy.

    • Or they are picked because their parents are greedy and go along with everything. One of my neighbours has catwalk model looks, however her parents never encouraged her to follow this path and when she had some offers a couple of years ago, she turned them down as she didn't want to get distracted and fail her exams. Some people want a lot and they are determined to achieve what's in their mind. You wouldn't believe the things they have to go through. So they are the ones who are usually targeted or succumb. That's life, everyone is different.

  40. After her break down maybe she received A LOBOTOMY….something very sinister happened to her. Her father and her family are part of that situation.

  41. First of all i wanted to compliment you on your website!! As someone who is working towards a Phd in Psychology and have followed her 'case' the last 5 years i have always thought she must have a very debilitating psych disorder and certainly bipolar or borderline one is still in control of their mind and able to make sound decisions (if on meds to regulate disorder, mood swings etc) but there is a condition that if one went off their meds they would be incapable of making sound decisions because their minds start hallucinating and may have delusions and hear voices. Of course i'm thinking of some form of schizophrenia! I recently have had a friend diagnosed with this and around 28 she started having some wierd behaviors and this is the age for the onset for females! Based on all of the many behaviors i've followed that Brit has done and one person did testify that she was talking 'gibberish' another symptom of schizo…….

    • Thanks for the post. What you said makes more sense, not these silly conspiracies about mind control and other bs. If you can going to become famous and rich , you better be prepared to deal with the consequences. Fame and money can cause lots problems.

  42. No conspiracy, britney suffers from borderline personality disorder and cant maintain a stable life by herself, britney needs help and support no cia mind control just a woman who requires assistance and guidance.

  43. Hope you get free Britney- abused in so many ways since she could walk. I was never a fan, but under all that she is a human being. I feel bad for this girl….

  44. This is very Sad and ridiculous!! The price of fame is very high indeed. It is better to live a comfortable life and have your freedom instead of being a caged bird in a golden cage. I feel sorry for her and I blame her parents who turned their daughter into an ATM Machine.

    • do all ‘slaves/puppets’ get tortured, or do most simply obey instructions that are given to them for money/success/fame (without the torture?). im not a huge fan of many of these celebrities but its very sad to think that they might be getting tortured eg justin beiber’s photo in a different post- he’s barely an adult :(

      i couldnt help crying reading this…Britney is my favourite singer.

  45. Syrus Magistus on

    We should totally orchestrate a massive Monarch/MK-ULTRA protest in the middle of Hollywood. It could be like the Anonymous protests on Scientology, but even ballsy-er. We can dress up in masks, and Disney movie cosplay, hand out little leaflets and business cards with links to grassroots support websites. Maybe we can even do some good, as long as the information itself is shared and presented in a down-to-earth and serious manner. If there's even a chance that this could be going on (and if we're honest, it's well into probable cause territory), it should be taken seriously. If nobody wants to 'deal' with it after that, I suggest we guilt-trip them.

    • GREAT IDEA. I myself had the idea of making flyers with this info on it…just to see how many people learn something and that's called being a TRUTH SPEAKER…TBH. Just like Roseanne Barr…maybe Amanda Bynes.

  46. I didn't even have to read the whole article. As soon as I saw that she wanted to gain more controll over her life, I just knew it. She wants out of being a monarch mind control and thats not going to happen. Her death is soon-after they stage more drug us and another 'melt down'

  47. It's sad to see. They have been passing this woman around like a baton on a relay team for so many years. Now they do further damage to her by telling people she doesn't have the mental capacity to handle herself. When it's obvious, if she actually did lack those skills, it's because they did it. I can't imagine how tired she must be dealing with this in her life for so long. I pray for her release from the psychological and spiritual bondage before they get tired of her or use her up or she no longer becomes relevant and they get rid of her as the industry does all the time. If I could, I would snatch her up and hide her. And she's not the only one either, just one of the more prominent ones and the example for all other mind control handlers or handlees.

  48. I know people who are DID, schizophrenic and psychotic. I know people who don't remember their lives prior to a head injury and are lacking skills after. None of them have a conservatorship. It's not even a legal option for those people. Their families wish there was a legal option like that, but there isn't. So, what the hell is Britney's "issue"? MKUltra fits.

  49. gunsnrosaries on

    Has everyone forgotten the real reason she has issues?

    She said she was the Antichrist, shaved her head and wrote "666" on herself.

    It is a case of demonic possession. She has never recovered completely and she never will until she converts from her pagan and godless ways.

    • Agree – but she has been groomed for this since at least the day she joined the Mickey Mouse Club, and probably younger than that….

  50. How on earth can Britney go to Church and all that when she is constantly under Mind-Control and under constant monitoring? She is like in a prison! She was under strong Mind-control since she was a child, she was abused in all forms , drugged etc. !!! And I am very sure God knows her situation and God is fair, would not punish someone for doing something when he/she wasn't conscious !! The sins you are doing when you are posses do not count, because when u are posses half of the time it is not you, it is the demon doing staff using you're body!!! Anyway, I think Britney would find peace and freedom when she would not longer be alive on this Hell Planet, until then, she is just a slave.

    Gamma Ray:

    Rich & Famous

    I don't believe in fame, I believe in music.

    I don't believe in money, I believe in the power of love.

    I know I got a brain and I know how to use it.

    I don't want no one to stick his finger in my pie.

    You think you put your best foot forward

    But it is moved by someone else.

    In blind belief you follow every path that says:

    I lead you to a universe of fortune, fame and luck.

    Do you really wanna be – rich and famous, rich and famous?

    Do you really wanna be – rich and famous now?

    I don't believe in Rock 'n' Roll illusions.

    I don't believe that what they say must always be the truth.

    I don't believe in good guys against bad guys.

    I just might as well say I believe in Santa Claus.

    Mr. Big shot what is your game?

    Mr. Big shot what is your final aim?

    Now you wonder who is to blame?

    Mr. Big shot what is your final aim in life?

    Rich and famous, house with two hours, big jacuzzi, car with TV.

    Private airplane, furs and diamonds, seafood cocktails-


  51. Young & Courteou on

    Did you just say she agreed at first?What do these so called 'Enlightened' guys think they are?If she agreed why is she complaining now.IT'S JUST CRAZY.

  52. Nirvana: Lake of Fire

    Where do bad folks go when they die

    They don't go to heaven where the angels fly

    Go to a lake of fire and fry

    See them again 'till the Fourth of July

    I knew a lady who came from Duluth

    Bitten by a dog with a rabid tooth

    She went to her grave just a little too soon

    flew away howling on the yellow moon

    Where do bad folks go when they die

    They don't go to heaven where the angels fly

    Go to a lake of fire and fry

    See them again 'till the Fourth of July

    People cry and people moan

    Look for a dry place to call their home

    Try to find some place to rest their bones

    Of an angels and the devils try to make 'em their own

    Where do bad folks go when they die

    They don't go to heaven where the angels fly

    Go to a lake of fire and fry

    See them again 'till the Fourth of July

    Gamma Ray: Introduction


    You've come to take control

    You can take my heartbeat

    But you can't break my soul

    We all shall be free


    You'll never take control

    Your new world order

    Will lead to none at all

    We all stand before you as one

    Heaven is for everyone

    To be free from the dark

    • VC should do some official articles on Kurt Cobain, he was messed up! There's some interesting discussions on at least one of the boards here about him.

  53. just say no to the r on

    did she receive a visit from the invidiable "aliens" who scan people and lie by saying they are replacing organs and then the leeches sensations begin?

  54. just say no to the r on

    did she receive a visit from the invisible "aliens" who scan people and lie by saying they are replacing organs and then the leeches sensations begin?

  55. i don't think that's true at all. these celebs are just people who we are interested in and somewhat admire. if they were truly gods or goddesses we'd always love them and do anything for them. but we don't, we can love or hate these people. despite people claiming that the masses worship them they still at the end of the day realize they're just people. worship or gods or goddesses are strong words. the concept of modern celebrity has less to do with ancient concepts and more to do with gossip, admiration, and envy. i could be wrong but it seems like some people look too deep into things.

    • @ James

      Think Kim kardashian.

      What comes to mind….

      A voluptuous woman with a huge following.

      Specifically her behind..

      Her huge assest.

      Now here is the funny thing…

      In ancient near east cultures

      The Venus of Tripolis….

      Or the goddess of tripoli….ancient lybia…

      Was called

      Kadishah or Atargatis…

      According to Thomas Inman , a great philologist of the 19th century

      Kedeshim or kedeshoth means

      A. Sodomite……androgynous,emasculated males

      B. Sacred temple priestess/ prostitute of the goddess Venus

      The godess Venus , and the cults of the fertility goddess were known for fertility rites, sex magic,genital mutilation, sodomy and child sacrifice in the ancient pan shemitoarabian cultures.

      Now think about this…

      Here we have this goddess of a woman….

      Envied by every woman in the world.

      Her claim to fame…

      Sex video with a black boy friend in which sodomy happened.

      Shown universally and freely to the whole world.

      What are the memes associated with Kim kardashian..


      Fascination with her behind


      Sex with black men

      She sells magazines by the million , where men only want to see one thing…

      She endorses gays and lesbians…with her male god Kanye west

      And is part of the public pantheon…

      Ever wondered why she is on the cover of every magazine , every month…

      Why her….why not any other big booty woman….

      Millions of men over the globe discharge their body fluids by fantasizing about her from south Korea to south Africa…

      Think my friend….

      By revering Kim kardashian, by being fascinated by her

      You are indirectly, without your knowing paying reverence to the universal mother…Venus

      Yet you don't think that way…

      As no one has ever told you the roots of your modern day language or religion….

      A lady , admired and craved by all…

      A voluptuous lady. , who leads people to think naughty thoughts

      And above all having a name with such Philology…




      The illuminated ones , have simply replaced the idol or statue, with a celebrity ….a human in flesh who mimics the aspects of the godhead….

      Yet no one sees the thought or meme association…

      Have it your way….

      • And yet you're missing one part of the formula. The Goddess always ends up debased, ridiculed, destroyed. What message does that send about the feminine energy??

    • i do see what your saying it's just that the thing is you could be fascinated but ancient gods and goddesses but not worship them. to me it's the same with celebs.

  56. no one here knows brittany…period. everything ppl THINK they know about her has been given to them through the grapevine. however, her being a disney star alone (especially if you have learned anything from VC), is reason enough to believe she is a monarch slave…her actions that we have actually SEEN for ourselves is supporting that fact…the way those in her life are always trying to control her (this has been going on since childhood), is even more raw evidence.

    "im a slaaaaaaaave, for YOU…i cant deny it, im not tryna hide it"….brittany spears in all her glory.

    we wil never know if she was sacrificed as a mk slave when she was too young to speak up for herself, or decided herself that was the route she wanted to go…but we DO know it is next to impossible to break free from it alive…i just know that God is a just and merciful God…and only He knows the whole situation, and only He can provide any mercy that she is deservant of. God can read the hearts true intentions, we cant…God can set free, we cant…God will fight this battle and exterminate all sin and debauchery, we cant…God will give exact justice in due time, and we will ALL receive it.

  57. Only the Lord Jesus Christ gives real freedom. Yes, the truth will make you free – Jesus is the truth, the way and the life.

    He was nailed to a cross, he shed his blood & rose from the dead to wash away our sin & give us eternal life.

    This is the good news for those who believe in God's only begotten Son!

    Here's a vid clip showing Britney's mind control…

  58. What about Taylor Momsen? Out in publIc with dog collar and word SLAVE on her necklace and vacant zapped eyes. In full view of public advertised as a SLAVE?? :-(

  59. You would have mental problems to if your father was molesting you over and over. I'm happy she is even alive considering he chicken shit patents . Britney is stronger than we think that is why they are not letting her go.

    • How do you know her father was molesting her? Have you been there while the molestation took place? That's all an assumption. Do we have to be taken over by someone's irrational behaviour because we assume this person has been molested?

  60. it's awful when u r the only sane person among the really insane people, and other people think that u r the crazy one!! poor Britney

    • What poor Britney? She's 30 divorced twice. She got involved with her last husband whilst he was involved with someone else and was expecting a baby. Her first marriage lasted a few hours. She's highly promiscuous, she is on drugs, unstable and unreliable. She's not a kid but a 30 years old woman. Innocent she ain't. A lot of fake broad soulless smiles don't convince me. Yes she was a cute teen when she started, however highly overrated. At least she could back then dance, however she could never sing. She always plays the goody-two-shoes, butter wouldn't melt persona. I sussed her out a long time ago. She's plainly messed up, hopefully she'll remain alive and gets healthier for the sake of her children. Nobody wishes her any harm, nonetheless I'm not going to sit and sugarcoat what she is really like. I'm not perfect myself, far from it, despite that I'm not going to write a fake account on B Spearss. She's what she is, take it or leave it. Trying to present her as a heroin and a martyr ain't going to change the facts I am afraid.

  61. My spider sense was tingling when Britney signed over her fortune to her fiance a few months ago. At least her handlers at the Disney illuminati Mind Kontrol Project Headquarters manage to find great looking butterflies!

    • Harlequin Nameless on

      "Are you infected with the same disease of lust, gluttony and greed? Then watch the ones with the biggest smiles, the idle jabbers… Because they're the backstabbers!"

      Sound familiar?

    • Its about energy, Harlequin. The energy and attention that is given to these things-whether it be sexual, adoration, or even disdain. Energy coupled with the transfer of money. Money with occult symbols on it, that pays for these faces on soda cans and dancing dolls. Money is a form of energy to them, Harlequin. Negative energy, that traps us.

  62. Poor, poor Britney!! To me it is painfully obvious that she is a monarch. There is a video of her in an interview where she is asked about Breaking up with Justin and it looks like she switches alters! This can't be confirmed or proven obviously but when she had her apparent "break down " and shaved her head she kept dating she didn't want anyone touching her or plugging things into her !! WTF? Plugging things into her head? ANYONE?? it's obvious she was trying to break free and they used her children as weapons against her so she went home, tied the line and made another album! I feel for this girl so much and pray they don't suicide her off! I think her fans would freak out to such a degree and make such a noise TPTB are keeping her on ice , she is still such a money cow for them they will milk her till she is dried up and disposable, just like WHitney.

  63. How can it be allowed for a fiance to have the conservatorship of his fiancee? He´s not even married to her, what's his right to control her life! Even if they were married that'd still be absurd. I don't care if that's legal in the USA but it's absurd. Everything about this is shady. If this was a normal case I'd get the parents having conservatorship (and never the fiancee) but this is not, she was set up.

    Besides how come she's in such a bad mental state to have control over her life yet she's in no condition to make lots of concerts and all that stuff? Or how come she can't make decisions yet they accept her decision of having the fiance as her conservator? She has the worst family ever. They all want a piece of her.

  64. Yes Bipolar can be detected but whose to say someone is "crazy"? So many people in society think that because you have a disorder or because you do something out of the norm you are insane. Why is it insane? Who can determine what is insane and what isn't?

  65. @ Taylor:

    It's quite clever. Everything that doesn't fit into the exact mold for a "model person" is a disorder now.

    I was talking with a counselor and mentioned that I was sick of social media and had deleted my twitter, fbook, and youtube accounts. She actually suggested I might have a social disorder. I guess these days craving actual human interaction instead of staring at pixels is a "disorder" too.

    • Everything is a disorder, it seems.

      If you don't like or care for broccoli, you have a broccoli disorder.

      If you don't like or care for cats, you have the cat disorder.

      If some pigeon outside leaves you indifferent, you have some bird disorder.

      Etc, you could just go on and on. It's a real mess lol.

  66. check out the video where she comes out on Ellen to learn psy's gangnam style dance..

    i noticed she had her british accent back on again…

    mind control…

  67. She's a lifer, that's for sure. Poor thing, she'll never get out alive. She probably knows that, too, so she doesn't even bother with trying to escape it anymore.

  68. I could imagine that these "documents" expose some deeply disturbing and embarrassing forms of her treatment such as electric shock therapy, etc. I mean who really knows. It could also disclose illegal activity she has taken part in during her psychotic episodes. Either way, I am very intrigued and just wonder what else could be uncovered concerning her madness! I think many know by now that every move and even word uttered from her mouth is carefully orchestrated at this point. All interview questions are probably pre-screened and a response is pre-planned. She cannot even drive her own car if she wanted to for pete's sake. The last interview a couple years back made me aware of how carefully controlled her life is and it's scary! Isn't this against her basic human rights? I guess not when allegedly a "danger to oneself". But seriously, would there be any conservatorship if there was no money to be had? If she was broke, would anyone give a damn. The father and whomever lawyers,etc. are making bank right now. Not to say that her family doesn't care, but it puts big questions in your head… if she wasn't a money machine, there would be no handlers and industry making sure her every move was monitored and controlled. So sad.

    I'm afraid the cocktail of pills she takes per day just makes her more easily handled.

    As long as money is to be made, she will be a perpetual slave to the industry.

  69. Its rather annoying that whenever someone mentions Christ's name here,they get attacked.if you have a problem with Christianty that's fine just don't go bringing other people down.and as for those who keep saying Britney is "crazy",its clear u are ignorant and havnt read the other articles on Mind control.Do your research first before you type ignorant comments.

  70. "Bi-polar" is new-age speak for manic depression or psychosis. Simply put, they're saying Britney Spears is insane. In Spears' case of course, the diagnosis was brought on by her being a mind-controlled ever since her days at Disney.

    This site says no hate speech. In other words, no free speech? What if I say I hate parsnips or child molestors? Will I be banned from the site? If a person robs a bank because they hate being broke, are they guilty of committing a hate crime? How often is a murder committed when the killer wasn't motivated by hate? What if one homosexual assaults or kills another homosexual? (it happens more often than you might think) Will they be charged with being hateful? If you want more evidence of the hypocrisy of hate speech, read this:

  71. Give her a detector to record the transmissions. Only two carriers are possible, wideband acoustic or EM. It would change everything.

  72. So that's why she sang the song "I'm a Slave For U"? Just a thought.
    Probably the answer is YES. Sigh….so many people in the music industry are talented and all but then the ELITE gets its filthy hands on the music industry. Then…this. :-(

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