Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” is a Nod to Occult Elite Rituals


In “Bon Appétit”, Katy Perry is cooked by chefs and offered as a meal to a party of elite guests. It directly alludes to bizarre rituals the occult elite practice behind closed doors – and in plain sight.

About a week before the Bon Appétit video came out, I wrote an article entitled What is Happening to Katy Perry, where I explained how Katy Perry has been undergoing a transformative process – one that confirms that she is heavily controlled by the occult elite. Every once in a while, a specific celebrity is “chosen” to make headlines, stir up controversy and annoy the hell out of people with bizarre antics. Katy Perry is walking in the footsteps of the likes of Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes and Kanye West, where mass media has a blast covering the strange and humiliating string of events they are involved in. Then, right on cue, the video of Bon Appétit comes out and confirms Katy Perry’s status: Industry slave.

Bon Appétit is one of those videos that leave viewers with an unpleasant aftertaste, a gut feeling that something is terribly wrong. Is it due to the overt celebration of cannibalism in the video? Of course. But also, there’s much more. The video actually depicts Katy Perry undergoing a painful process of torture, exploitation, and dehumanization. She is then used to lure others into that system.

Fans might say: “Bro, the cannibalism is a metaphor for sex bro. It’s not Illuminat-y, you don’t get it”. Bro, I get it. Everybody gets it. With lines like “Got me spread like a buffet”, even young children get it. The song is clearly about doing it with a bunch of guys. As if that alone wasn’t degenerate enough for the young viewers of the world, the video turns everything into a ritualistic, cannibalistic event.

Katy Perry is at the center of it all – she’s the pawn that is chosen to undergo the degrading, dehumanizing process of being an elite slave. The video’s allusion to her being done by a bunch of people is simply part of the process.

Let’s look at the video.

Piece of Meat

In Bon Appétit, Katy Perry is not treated like a human being, but like a piece of meat. I am not simply talking about being used for pleasure. She is treated like an actual, literal piece of meat that has no value, no soul. She is even physically abused and appears to be cool with that. It is as if she has completely dissociated from reality and was under mind control by handlers (read my article named Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

The video begins with Katy Perry wrapped in plastic, like a piece of meat in the fridge, waiting to be cooked. Guys put their hands on her.
She is then thrown in flour while wearing a dress reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress. Perry is also wearing Monroe-like blond hair.

In my article The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave, I explained that Monroe was the “prototype” of Beta Kitten Programming. Stars chosen to promote that system (like Katy Perry) are required to imitate Monroe at least one point in their career. Perry did it several times already. The flour scene, therefore, implies that the video refers to Beta Kitten programming – the creation of a Beta slave.

Sounds crazy? Of course, it does. But the elite that rules the music industry is crazy. And the next scene confirms this crazy premise.

Perry is grabbed and twisted around by a bunch of guys. Is this an allusion to group sex? Duh.

Perry is then put through various painful situations that represent her transformation into an industry slave.

Perry is thrown in boiling water as chefs (aka MK handlers) pour broth over her. That probably hurts.
Her long hair is chopped up – a new persona is being created.
Her hair is trimmed using a grater. That probably hurts. Creating a new MK persona is a painful process.

Through the scenes above, we see understand that Katy Perry’s new hairstyle is not simply about fashion – it is the end result of a transformation process that was forced on to her. In short, the above scenes represent Perry being “prepared” by MK handlers to go deeper into the elite’s system.

When one goes deeper into the industry – silence is of the utmost importance. Katy Perry’s tongue is symbolically “flambéd” to represent this.

After that long transformative process, Katy Perry is ready to be served and consumed by the party’s elite guests.

Perry is the main course at this cannibalistic restaurant.

The scene above is the seminal scene of the video. It says it all. It directly connects Perry and the entire symbolism around her with the powerful occult elite in the entertainment industry.

The table scene directly mirrors real-life events organized by one of the most powerful and influential occultists alive today in both entertainment and politics: Marina Abramovic.

Marina Abramovic and Lady Gaga at an event that took place at Watermill Center in 2013. In this picture, they stand before a woman lying in what looks like a pool of blood. Guests scooped that blood with spoons to eat it up. The event was dubbed “Devil’s Heaven”. Can’t make this up.
In another Marina Abramovic event, guests wear lab coats as they partake in mock-cannibalism.
In yet another event hosted by Abramovic, a cake in the likeness of Blondie’s Debbie Harry is cut up and eaten by guests … including Debbie Harry. Marina really likes mock-cannibalism. If that’s what they do in public events, one can only wonder what they actually do behind closed doors.
In this magazine photoshoot, Abramovic stands before a model with her innards exposed. I could post pictures like this continuously … there are a lot of them.

This kind of stuff is not recent nor is it the exclusive domain of Abramovic. It is the kind of bizarre things the occult elite has been obsessing about for centuries.

This is a picture taken at a 1972 ball organized by the Rothschilds, aka the most elite family in History (read the full article about this party here). Katy Perry’s video mirrors this kind of display.

Therefore, to say the least, the occult elite has a thing for cannibalism. The fact that Perry mirrors these elite events confirms that she has been chosen to promote their culture of death.

However, the video doesn’t end there. There’s a twist that makes things even more upsetting.

A stripper pole rises from the table and Perry starts dancing as Migos throw money at her. She is truly a Beta Kitten slave.

As Katy dances like a stripper, guests at the table are tied up and abused by psychopathic chefs.

This woman is tied up, blindfolded and stuffed with an apple.
This woman’s top is torn apart. Doesn’t this qualify as an assault or something? Why does this kind of stuff make it into music videos aimed at young people?
The video ends with Katy Perry about to eat a cherry pie containing body parts of the guests.

To sum up the lunacy that just happened, Katy Perry was ceremoniously used to lure people into being murdered and molested while Perry does a celebratory sexy pole dance. The guests were then cooked into a pie to be eaten by Perry.

And they sell this stuff as “empowerment”.

In Conclusion

Judging by the great number of dislikes this video is getting on YouTube, quite a lot of people do not like this video. And those who made it were expecting that. They purposely create videos that are shocking and unnerving in order to keep pushing boundaries. The occult elite is into extreme, disgusting and horrifying practices and they are looking to normalize them all through pop culture.

The Bon Appétit video symbolically represents Katy Perry’s full transformation into a pawn of the elite by portraying her as a literal piece of meat being prepared by chefs. The dinner table scene alludes to one of the occult elite’s favorite rituals, one that highlights its complete disdain for human life. Not only is chosen Perry to reenact this ritual, she is used lure more people to it. These people can easily represent fans who avidly “consume” Katy Perry and everything she does. They are lured into eating up that crap as if it was a nutritious dinner. In actuality, it is a poison that is purposely prepared to rot minds and distort souls. Bon Appétit!



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While I understand, why THEY make this filth; I am still puzzled that people actually view this as beautiful, sexy or even arousing.
If I think about Perry, GaGa or Cyrus in a sexual context., my only reaction is disgust.

Watch “The Music Industry Exposed” on Youtube, very enlightening. its an hour and 48 minutes long.

I just saw that…great video.

Should be at least NOMINATED for a Golden Globe Best Documentary. IMHO of course, YMMV

I kind of think the same thing until I see Nikki Minaj’s videos. For some reason she does give me a boner, I just can’t deny she’s hot.

The correct answer is, Katy Perry is more hotter. Sorry, once you get past all of the obvious Satanical symbolism ordered by the Occult Elite at the behest of their Underground Alien Reptilian Masters, what you have left is a gal just oozing her sexuality out onto the screen and maybe the floor. Dunno, never got a good look at the floor.

I think the video is interesting, and funny in place, and while i don’t believe that the video is meant to be overtly arousing it does show off Perry’s….well proportioned figure.

Nowadays, people are so much brainwashed and plain dumb. “The elites” show occult stanist rituals and symbols everywhere and still people don’t understand. Worst, they find it cool … Seriously, what’s wrong with humanity ? what’s the matter to have big brain if you can’t use logic. Humanity is in the matrix.

I am kinda glad this “topic” resurfaced, as your previous article on Abramovic and her spirit dinners all but dissapeared from your site? Was it censured due to the fact that Hillary Clintons aide, John Podesta was implicated in attending those events?

Great question!!! I want to know why that article was erased also.

Yes, VC, why was your salient article on Abramovic which came out soon after the spirit cooking revelation taken down?

If anybody has a copy of the spirit cooking article, please contact me by way of private message on the forums. I myself own a backup copy of the original Pizzagate article. (I am interested in these articles for personal use only. They will not be distributed in a way that might harm this site). To those wondering about the removal of articles, without presuming to know what is happening I can nonetheless remind VC posted the following in his ‘2016 holiday post’: “Do not let “them” have this power over you. Do not allow their sick mindset to poison your existence. This year, I’ve published several articles exposing the horrifyingly sick mindset of the elite. I cannot yet comment on why I had to remove some these articles from the site, but I can confirm that there was nothing “fake” within them. Like a worm slithering in dirt, the… Read more »

Use the Wayback Machine web archive site (web dot archive dot org), it has an archive of VC from Nov 15th 2016 which has the article in full tact. Be sure to download it before someone deletes it entirely.


Hi Chadley, I went on the Wayback Machine web archive and I typed in the URL for Vigilant Citizen’s site’s and I didn’t see any articles. how do I find articles on that website please?

The cabal has been successful in destroying many publications and journalists. Imo, this video is designed to make millions complicit , so that innocent young “katycats” have he same art on their walls as the evil Podesta cannibal painting hangs in his office.

Now It makes me think whether a big chunk of missing person’s (who are never found) around the world like children or girls are being ‘taken’ by these elites and used as sacrifices by these so called elites… just wondering

I’m afraid that might indeed be the grim reality of it. I’m in the American Midwest right now where I’ve lately learned of the crime phenomenon “the smiley-face murders”: a phenomenon of young, college-aged, usually athletic and handsome, men randomly disappearing one night and then being found several days later dead either beside or in a nearby body of water. Many of the cases happen around the end of April, in that strange time alluded to on this site as well leading up to May Day (occult Beltane sabbat). These cases are frequent and stretch back decades. The smiley-face part refers to the occasional finding of a smiley face graffiti near the found victim. Since the Psychos-That-Be seem to prey on children and their rites often feed off of sexual trauma, I have wondered if this abduction and murder of young attractive college men might be related.

Yes of course. Watch the film “Conspiracy of Silence” on YouTube. There are enough escapees of the elite pedo rings to corroborate this reality. Medical kidnapping, CPS, and just being snatched off the street…. Children are prey for these evil people. Even the head of “amber alert” is caught up with these sociopaths. Hold your babies tight.

Ya think???

Check out Ted Gunderson’s talks…scary s**t

You can bet on it..

(1) She is so narcissistic all she cares about is “LOOK AT ME, I am SO special”
(2) Those JUDAS GOATS like Madonna, “lady” Gaga, Katy Perry, Milley Cyrus, who teach your children that promiscuity and intoxication are harmless and safe ……. they should be stripped of ALL their wealth to pay for rehabilitation of those they MISled . These so-called female “entertainers” who GROOM young girls into sordid lives and walk away counting their money are nothing but highly paid PIMP’S enablers.

Some people seem to think they themselves are not responsible for their own brain. Anyone ‘misled’ really can’t blame anyone but themselves. Time to take ownership of ourselves.

Yes but you do know they are targeting children and teenagers?
People whose abilities to think deeply are not developed yet.

That’s why parents and strong families are needed, to protect young kids.

Very difficult to protect the family and everyone else try to show the good as evil and the evil as good, since when teenagers believe their parents rather than their friends and teachers? There’s an age, they believe everything but the parents, it doesn’t last all the life, but it’s the time they use to put deeply the foolish things in their brain, when it’s done, it’s hard to undo.

It can’t be done if it’s never been undone right? Of course the corollary proves this is true, It can be done if it’s been done!!!

Do mention that they, the ‘teenagers’ are also being influenced by the television, internet-ads, billboards, advertizing on schoolpremises for softdrinks, fastfood within 50 yards of the schools, flashing lights on their phones that tell they have to read a post, or watch someone’s 316th picture of daily food this year – because that’s what normal teenagers are supposed to do?

369 Key to the Universe
Law of Vibration States that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into and analyzed in it’s purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern. All matter, thoughts and feelings has its own vibrational frequency. The thoughts, feelings and actions we choose also have their own particular rates of vibration. These vibrations will set up resonance with whatever possesses identical frequency. In other words, your thoughts are inseparably connected to the rest of the universe. “Like attracts like”. As you choose good thoughts, more good thoughts of alike nature will follow and you will also be in vibrational harmony with others with like thoughts. Science reveals that everything in the manifest universe is ultimately composed of packets of energy; quantized units vibrating at specific frequencies. Quantum physicists has shown that, although matter… Read more »

very well written do you do TM?

What’s tm?

Transcendental Meditation

Thanks : )
i agree with 369 and keep coming back to the comments to re-read their posts.
i’m four years into an ‘awkening’ – its still challenging, integrating higher self and not getting caught in the fear.

pseudoscience which is just lightly disguised magic rituals….
Please this is also a part of occult teachings which only serve to entrap you spiritually.
No, wishful thinking alone will not save you

Action, reaction. Not only sitting still and meditating. It is what you do, not about what you want to do.

But ‘what you wanna do’ often becomes ‘what you do’ in the end.

Okay “Key” so what you are saying is that us thinking about this and speeaking about it is going to draw this to us….it sounds to me like a threat and that your trying to put a curse on us. BUT HERE IS THE THING…most of us had no idea about this crazy vehavior never talked of such things even in the minutes detail let alone think about it and so many suffered….there have got to be statistics that proove that since the emails were exposed and we are aware of what the sickos have been up to that thay numbers have gone way down. WAY DOWN,,! And those who have participated are finally going to be held accountable, parents are going to finally know what happened to their missing chuldren, people will finally be able to put their loved ones to rest. YOU SAY SHUT UP , DONT TALK… Read more »

Video aside, the song is horrible.

And she has the gall to tweet out that she’s “not a piece of meat?” ….
(Hot and ready to serve, but make no mistake I’m not your piece of ☝ #sexualliberation)
She’s LITERALLY being portrayed as piece of meat!! wtf.

That is called irony, and it was the entire point of the video. That is why at the end she was about to eat a pie made of the people that she was about to be served to.

It’s called a double-bind, and it is used to gaslight us.

You didn’t get where was the irony, obviously. There is irony, but not at the place you think.

She’s a piece of meat : they have the same iq.

I wonder if Marina is really human. She may be a Draco with human costume since this cannibalism stuff of human beings is a reptilian stuff. Keep up the good work. You are a light

I’m wondering the same thing. She’s 70 years old and looks about 40-50. Also, very pale, vampire-like. Something about her doesn’t seem quite human. She’s also said that “the women in her family don’t age and live a really long time.” Kinda creepy.

Good grief. I am 51 and people mistake me for my mid to late 30’s sometimes to my amazement, even younger. And I assure you- I don’t sacrifice children and I am human. Some people have the DNA and just look younger. Plus she likely has touch ups done in photoshop.

She is actually a he, look closely

I never ever saw a photograph or video about those reptilians that was not, I repeat not tempered with. Zoom in and look at the differences in pixelation. I am not saying they do not exist, just , well, zoom in for once for fughsake.

What is a Draco? I googled it and all I got was references to a rapper and a gun.

It seems to me it is a concept about a difference in people. But the main difference between people is behind their eyes, in their brains, not in their skin or ficticious scales that only show up in blurred vids and pics..

Draco is a reference to possible reptilian aliens living amongst us, the Dracos being the ruling class

Dude, of course she isn’t a reptilian nor an alien. Theories like this discredit us. She’s human and bieleve it, humans are the meanest beings on this planet.

Im wondering why when a human does disgusting things, we have to assume automatically that all humans do it.
You have to quantify and qualify your statements.
Some humans are disgusting, some are not but the way you said it, it is like all humans are disgusting.
That in itself is disgusting also.

The use of Debbie Harry’s image is not random. She was recently seen at a Church of Satan event in NYC.

All famous singers in Hollywood go through this process, Rihanna with ANTI diaries, Beyoncé with LEMONADE, Nicki Minaj with NO FRAUDS and now KATY PERRY with BON APPETIT. They are all high-level slaves that are controlled by the Luciferian show business.

Maybe you didn’t get the memo. All of what you mention is just ‘conspiracy theory’. They say themselves there is no Illuminati so it must be true. Men of astute intellect and morality like Jay-Z and The Weeknd would never lie to you.

I think you are all just jelly because you don’t have that sweet surgically enlarged ass to shake like Minaj and can’t produce ingenious lyrical social commentary of such profound depth as Perry.

These amazingly talented artists deserve our utmost respect and admiration. Like they said themselves, they gave us their OPINIONS. Such valor! We love you, Beyzus and ‘Hova! Praise the all-seeing eye and our freemasonic overlords!


You almost got me to write some nasty reply… }:-)

Methinks your tongue in cheekness flew over the heads of a dozen or so souls. Mi aloso es compasa!

369 Key to the Universe

Take a brainwash test: Some industries make huge profits only when you are sick. When you are healthy they have no business whatsoever. Do you really believe their “health” advice ?? Note that most people do.

Another test. Suppose that everyone gets a job and a loan. Guess who benefits most from such a scheme. Aren’t you following the flock?

The best physicists on Earth agree that everything material is just vibration, and it is actually temporary. The real stuff is our consciousness. People need a lot of effort to comprehend the Reality of the Universe. The evidence is overwhelming. We have eyes – but do we see?

Here we go with the voodoo mumbo jumbo acting as science again

Actually they are describing supply/demand economic theory. Additionally, quantum mechanics postulates that there is only energy, that mass is not solid. It may seem like voodoo because we have been trained not to see reality that way. You may want to check out what Greg Braden has to say. greggbraden.com

Not only that but Nicola Tesla weighs in heavily on the issue as well and believing which way ones hearts leans not to conflict with one’s chakra which oftens leads to dissonance and worse.

Similarly the oil industry. When you don’t drive, they don’t make money! Ditto the “defence” industry. Whilst in peace, they make no money. Wonder why we’re at war with sumbuddy all the time?

One wonders if the elite are planning to introduce the idea of cannibalism as a valid choice for future nutrition and population control. After all, the elite were celebrating homosexuality long before it went mainstream. Just speculating here, but the idea of cannibalism is being made fashionable by the rich in images like the ones in this article. Who knows where all this will lead?

But would normal, regular people be open to eating their friends, families, and neighbors? I don’t think so.

The elites most likely wouldn’t start off eating you, or your friends and family. Think more like Johnathon Swift, the elites would be eating the poor, or more likely, the children of the poor.

Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats —— 1 Timothy 4:3

Maybe just animal meat will be forbidden.

One would think poor children would be a lot leaner and more tender than stringy, tough, poor adults BUT the poor adults’ enormous alcohol consumption could have a sort of Kobi beef tenderness effect. Tough call but my money is on the young being the first eaten

You underestimate the power of medias brainwashing. Regular people will do what “they” tell them to do (like always). 100 years ago, homosexuality, trans and other sexual deviance were as taboo as cannibalism.

Forget 100 years ago, just 10 years ago those things were considered deviant and condemned as sinful.Just watch a TV show from the 90’s and you will see characters condemned homosexuality and transgender themes. The media slowly began introducing shows like Will and Grace and other pro-homosexual themes in movies. Will Smith sold his soul 4 unbelievable Fame and wealth by portraying a gay man in that movie. And now his children have sold their souls for the same. His son wears women’s clothing for Louis Vuitton to push their agenda to destroy gender identity. This media programming amped up in the last decade. So any type of brainwashing is possible, including cannibalism, especially now that they have brainwashed this generation to love money and to do anything to obtain it.

I take it you are young. Television started way earlier with programming. A few generations earlier, but the excat moment is unclear. – althoug that moment might be at the exact start up of that thing called broadcasting. Older folks might remember it used to be all about religion, but somethings changed, .. or has it…………?

Ten yours ago com on now. You watched Archie Bunker didnt you. NORMAN LEAR TOUCHED BASE ON ALL THE SENSITIVE MATERIAL…WITH AN INTRODUCTION OF HOW NORMAL (oops sorry for yelling) these people were but what an ass Archie made 8f himself by fearing and hating.we all watched MASH right how weird was the episode when Klinger was wearing regular army clothes….what happened to the dress….all the sudden he wasnt crazy and trying to get a section 8 hmmmmmmmm. I imagine that the elite who own the network would place bets on who could condition us on what to think about what because thats how sick these assholes are. But they have all of us believing we are the guilty ones for thinking and talking about it and vibrating it to happen….

Just speaking for myself I would NOT eat any vital parts. No matter the extent of brainwashing. Possibly nibble on some non vital parts if they were seasoned and cooked properly but that’s it.

Uhhh, you might want to read the book Alive (or better yet, catch the movie). People ate their friends and team mates after that crash in the Andes 🙁

R u kidding?! lol it’s the regular people who will be on the menu!!!

No, it is writ, the poor get eat first.

I have bad new for you. We are already eating our friends and neighbors. Animal livestock is being GMO’d with human DNA .

There have been more movies and shows on the theme. I just saw articles about the movie “Raw,” TV show “The Santa Clarita Diet,” and I was really astonished when I heard people talking about the Smithsonian mag’s discussion of it in a Feb 14th article online. When I looked it up, there it all was. The situation does seem to be heading that way.

There is a display at the San Diego Museum of Man about cannibalism and it is mighty positive. Look at this crap.http://www.museumofman.org/exhibits/cannibals-myth-reality/

Maybe Soylent Green was just more predictive programming. Good thing Jesus will be returning soon – if you’re really awake to what’s going on in the world, it’s apparent it’s a God-sized mess. Only God can fix what the elite have caused to go wrong, with the hateful hand of Satan to guide them.

Thank you Sister for your thoughtful insights. You are one of the reasons I keep coming back to this discussion bored.

I was surprised ”she” took and used god’s name in vain, in an awfull comparison too even : godsized mess. I wonder what ”he” will think of that. So you see, to me sometimes the interesting things lay under the surface of superficial posts. Even with ”them”.

Yup. They’re preparing everyone for “Soylent Green”.

There is already a product on the market named Soylent. Seriously.

It makes me think of something, but have I seen it or have I dreamt it? Not sure. Maybe a tv show or something? It was in the form of a commercial that says “want to sell your body to feed the planet? call now” or something like that!

One Bible student said that when cannibalism became in vogue that it signaled a line, a prophetic line, had been crossed, indicating that the final wrap-up was near, and that Jesus was close to his physical re-entry.

What’s the thresshold level, 100 people eating it, of a 51 percent of a state/tribe/dispute?

If you’re expecting an intelligent response I believe you’ll be extremely disappointed

Galatians 17:6

So does communion, the symbolic consumption of the flesh and blood of Jesus, count as cannibalism?

1. It’s not symbolic consumption – look up the eucharistic miracles that have occurred around the world.
2. Although it’s not symbolic, but actual, it is a mystical event rather than a crude consumption of human flesh.
3. This means, God can do amazing things, whether you understand it with your mortal, finite mind or not.
4. This is the root of all faith – accepting as truth that which cannot be fully understood with our limited, finite mortal minds.

So your argument is that your actually eating the flesh of Jesus, but it’s not cannibalism because God said it’s not, and I just have to accept this weather or not I understand it?

Great argument Sister.

Nice job pulling the topic off track. Now let’s get back to talking about Katy.

Catholicism teaches it is literal but christians do not.
It is symbolic and was clearly shown even by the Lord Jesus when he did it himself.
It means to consume his word and make it part of their spirit and accept his blood as the sacrifice to pay for sins.
It wasnt literal but symbolic when he had dinner with he disciples.

only for catholics but bible believing christians do not see it as literal but symbolical,
The bible should be taken the way it presents itself. Do not add or take away from it.

You do know that THEY have toyed with the Bible, too, right? Be very, very discerning with that whole literal/metaphorical/straight up falsity during bible study.

YUP!! the Bible tells us to walk by faith not by sight…

it is symbolic, it is clearly symbolic at the last supper. Jesus is the bread of life, he is the living water. What we really need to live. Jesus was symbolizing his death on the cross, that he would be the passovers sacrafical lamb for all whom believe on Him. We must take him as a sacrafice. It has nothing to do with cannibalism, but the sacrafice of his life for a payment of our sins.

..and then put that symbol of his body in your mouth and swallow it while everybody can see that you do. Or did you spit it out behind closed doors?

As a real practicing christian I can say it is NOT symbolic.

So you believe that the bread and wine becomes the actual flesh and blood of Jesus in your mouth?

Lolz, that is catholic teaching as opposed to christian belief.
You can read it yourself, you are just too blind to see that even Jesus himself was speakin symbolically. Did the bread he gave them turn to meat? Did the wine he give them turn to blood? He had the power but he did not do it. He was speaking symbolically.
You just want to make it sensational to prove to everybody how the bible is fake and all.
too willingly blind to b saved.

No we are not. You are trying to prove the oposite.

Thank you John!! There’s are MAJOR differences between catholics and Christians… Communion is absolutely symbolic!!!!

but a child wouldnt think of communion as symbolic. As a child i seriously thought the church was giving me actual blood and human flesh.

That is because that is what they taught us. It’s not symbolic. The RCC teaches it is the actual flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. I am a former Roman Catholic and today a born again follower of Jesus Christ that left Catholicism. Read Romans 10:9,10 and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for your salvation. There is no salvation in Roman Catholicism.

Wrong. It isn’t symbolic and the RCC will tell you that unless you believe that mass ritual turns that wafer into the flesh of Jesus Christ you are an anathema and cursed. Catholicism is based on the Babylonian occult and has nothing to do with Christianity.

christianity is babylon occult transplanted. for people who show enquiring minds and intelligence to peel the veil off satanism in pop culture you guys seem so blinkered about your religion and your supposed saviour jesus christ(hesus kristna maybe).use the same intelligence and enquiring minds to research the origin of christianity( and religion in general and you will see that it nothing more than another control mechanism of the system.

Do you know the meaning of symbolic ? It seems you don’t. And thats all the difference, freemasons (during their high level only rituals) and satanists eat humans for real. If that’s not a huge difference for you, then you’re already too brainwashed.

You ignore my point of you eating the symbol. I think I understand why. Dissociation.

Yes, the Christian tradition was created by these same psychopaths. They have slipped cannabalism right into your church.

Wrong. Catholicism is not Christianity. It’s based on the Babylonian Occult. Read Alexander Hislop’s Two Babylon’s. Read ex-Jesuit Dr. Alberto Rivera’s testimony through Jack Chick publications. He exposed exactly what they are doing and why they do it.

Yes. Transubstantiation is an occult ritual of Catholicism that goes back to the Babylonian occult. The Egyptians used the same ritual – wafer god – Osiris – and believed they were eating him when they ate the wafer. Catholicism has nothing to do with Christianity. If you are involved in Catholic communion, stop immediately and get out of there!

I’m not religious but i hope the apocalypse happen soon. Because, if not, the worst days of humanity will come. Satanism is rising as mainstream culture (gender destruction, race destruction, family destruction, religion destruction, moral destruction, patriotism destruction, high criminlity, high drug abuse, high sexual crimes, and so on). Humanity has failed as a whole by being so easily controlled by the elites. Life, to be preserved, should just erase humanity to save this world.

No, you are wrong there.
To preserve this world, we should all learn who to trust and who are the selfish sharks among us. Only then we can learn to overcome them and gain control over ourselves, our surroundings and our politics again. But if we keep our children dum, let them be castrated M/F, poison them with daily food, made from powder, mixed with water and chemicals out of tubes in factories, instead of unprocessed stuff nature provides, they do not get to grow up healthy and smart – and have no future to look forward to. You can change that, by making your children smarter, wiser, by not having other people have a go at their brains, without you teaching some to them too..

Don’t know what Jesus is waiting for. How many children need to be abused, how much suffering how much blood must flow before God takes action? There hasn’t been enough? What is God waiting for exactly?

God has to prove to all creation that the enemy is a liar, thief and murderer beyond doubt.
Satan has accused God of being evil. God will clear his name.
So He is allowing all these things to happen to prove Evil is evil and a life apart from him like when Adam and Eve chose to listen to the devil instead of HIm would turn out to be full of suffering.
Consequences. He did however make his promises and is fulfilling his promises .
The time will come when He will make a new Heaven and Earth to replace this faulty ohne.
He will restore the fortunes of his people.

Here we go with the voodoo mumbo jumbo religion again.

Alright, coming from both Catholic and Pentecostal churches as a child.
Catholicism: teaches that the bread and wine is manifested and turned spiritually into the body and blood of Christ. It is rather literal.
Anything else: teaches that we eat the bread and wine to REMEMBER his body and blood. They are just “placeholders” or symbolic objects. It is not turned or manifested into Jesus’ body. This is just to make us remember what he did for us. Whereas, Catholicism preaches salvation from eating his manifested blood and body. This is why they usually say something beforehand.

First thought when I saw this video: “What in the Illuminati, spirit cooking is this…”
It’s like day by day, the truth is coming to light; and they aren’t even trying to hide it as much anymore, which says a lot about their influence over society now.

VC talk about Chris Cornell! I really can’t believe he killed himself while he was touring and having such a beautiful family. There’s something weird about his death, I’m pretty sad, he was a real artist. Thanks for everything!

Very sad however he was a recovering addict taking Ativan. Suicidal thoughts are common on this drug as well as he had a history of depression.

This sounds rather defeatisty. Normalized. Not to judge you personally, but it does, in a way. You have put it very soundly in one word : ‘however’. Acceptive. And I think, wtf, suicide by medication is not something to be normalised. Or am I the one being overly sensitive here?

You hit the nail smack dab. In the center and i could just kiss ya…lthe whole key to this entire situation is that Katys handlers are the same who will be implimented in the trial of Billary/Podesta/Weiner and what else comes out as these emails are released.and the Whoevers are the ones that I mean when i or you or anyof us who are completely fed up with the crimes that “THEY have been getting away with. ” They are desparate and they are using katy to condition us ,stupidly thinkin we are going to be hypnotised by this celebrat (who by the way is the daughter of one of them who has wormed his way into the keadershuo of oue country so she has alot more at stake then most of us think then just her own fame….she herself is a bit desparate for us to drink the koolaid… Read more »

Katy Perry is the next guest on Gordon Ramsey’s “The F Word Show.” In the second episode they advertised her (at the very end of the show) as you see here in this photo at top of article. Innocent food show? Think again! They are now advertising under the radar for Spirit Cooking on Ramsey’s show, “The F Word.” It airs tomorrow night.

“Training” of mind control slaves involves mixing up the person’s pain/pleasure circuits.

I noticed the closeup of the “Jesus” tattoo as Katy rings the bell to signal she is ready to be consumed, just to rub this sacrilege in our faces. There is also a domed statue next to the rappers, that looked to me like the hindu goddess Shiva (seems to be a fave among these creeps). There is also a subtle black and white checkerboard pattern in the kitchen, and a dark horse statue (another Katy song, and likely a reference to the black horse of the apocalypse.)

VC, this is a well-written article. Like you, I’m curious (almost angrily inquisitive) how this type of media gets promoted to our younger population. With r**e culture and the objectification of women (and sometimes men), videos like these perpetuate the idea that is OK to treat people like meat…in this case, literally. Sad.

369 Key to the Universe
Everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the world around us. All of humanity and God are one. We are always connected to force of God because the energy of God is everywhere at once, and permeates through all things living or material, as well as the the knowledge of God is infinite and always available to us. Each soul is part of God’s energy. Everything that exists seen and unseen are connected to each other, inseparable from each other to a field of divine oneness. Divine all knowing, the matrix, pure consciousness or universal mind energy, sometimes also known as Life Force or God. Everything is one. Increasing awareness of this law will increase our awareness of God and awareness of being connected to everything. It is important for us as a human race to… Read more »

You’re only connected to God if you remain in Him, through acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior, and by asking forgiveness for your sins and accepting the Love of God. This can only happen while you are alive – forgiveness of sins can only be granted while you breathe. Once you are dead, if you haven’t committed yourself to God, all hope is lost, and you will fall like a snowflake to the pit. The Warning spoken of at Garabandal, will happen soon. Wake up, O sleepers! Arise and be saved, while there is yet time. Read about the vision of hell, given to the children at Fatima, and repent now, while you still can. Love and peace to all, the peace that only Jesus can give, not as the world gives, as you see on this site.

Just go direct to the point, your saying you are god and that we are alll god etc kabalistic teaching

Did Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus swap souls this year
this video comes like a breath of fresh air after that Katy Perry horor
– these are two of the top comments under Miley’s new music video Malibu

Miley doesn’t even sound like Miley in “Malibu” to me. Compared to her old songs… yes you can change your style musically but it stood out to me how different her voice is now. I am always suspicious. And the video is actually very adorable and charming… certainly a stark contrast to this witch Katy Perry. But Miley did her due diligence to her masters… they embarrassed her for a long time.

I recently read an article that Miley has been “clean and sober” for a month or so. If I remember correctly at the time the article was written (and I’m sorry I can’t remember where I read it) she had not smoked weed for several weeks. I would really like to think she escaped the mind-control environment, but the skeptic in me thinks that for whatever reason her “sobriety” is still part of the elite’s plan to control her.

I think the skeptic in you is right. At any point she was not sober, I think we can trust it was her handlers giving her all of those drugs and reprogramming her through them. It seemed like she was using like LSD and stronger stuff based on her Instagram posts and love of all things psychedelic and trippy. It was definitely more than just weed, and what kind of abuse she suffered during I don’t even want to imagine.

I think Miss Miley’s voice changed cause she quit chain smoking, no? Call me crazy but I’m more and more liking Miley. Is that wrong?

And now it makes sense why she appeared on a Tasty video making a cherry pie. This is sickening

Kuru DISEASE is caused by cannibalism of eating brain of dead human which is tradition once prevalent of Fore people of Papua New Guinea. Maybe some Elite and celebs maybe having this , just a GUESS !!because the symptoms of Kuru disease is physiological and neurological effects which ultimately lead to death. It is characterized by progressive cerebellar ataxia, or loss of coordination and control over muscle movements.

The Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease has those connections, with Mad Cow Disease linked to it. Some might remember, at the end of last century there was a european/global scandal concerning contaminated beef – cowmeat. They fed the cows their own species’s dead corpes as food mixed with fillers. Sick animals’ dead corpses too.
A lot of people ate it. A lot. Some got sick. Then They ”cleared up” the foodchain again and all was bright happy shiney smelling like roses again. Not one mentioning of it ever again. No follow up on effects on humans who must for sure have eaten it too.

Wifey, good points and also note, that the ONLY food craved by Zombies are brains, HUMAN brains.

The so called ‘elite’ aren’t edgy or interesting, it’s so boring and predictable now. Big Yawn.

You got that right Leander, today’s “edginess” is really corporate sameness edginess. You gotta go back aways for acts like The Cramps, Sex Pistols, Butthole Surfers, Klauss Noomi, The Damned, The Runaways, Bad Religion, The Slits, MC5, Television, The Jam, Wire, and the Doors to find real unmitigated, spontaneous, unscripted, edginess.
Katy Perry? Jay Z? Lol.

Inviting friends of friends to bring their friends – and some drinks and somkes – to enjoy an summers evening away from the justificating eyes of urbanity. Changed, too. Nowadays you can book a weekend via an agency, online on your phone-app, to have yourselves wristbanded and chipped. To play the fool in front of corporate safety camera’s and black dressed sunglasses earplugged hired strong folks without empathy – to feel.. To enjoy a bunch of Artists. Who make the same music, written by the same group of people. Dressed by kids without taste, but with a stencilled memo with guidelines and colourcodes. Drunk of course, or at least miming it.

Remember that fear is the easiest feeling to induce, and it paralyses your logic. For centuries priests and governments have used fear techniques to control the flock. Anyone who promotes fear is not aware of the Universal Law.

These people are seriously on their way to hell in a hand basket. We can’t do anything but continue to pray over ourselves, our youth and even these people. Sooner or later we will have to take a stand and put an end to this by any means possible. Their agenda is to destroy our youth and send them to hell with them in the same handbasket, we MUST take a stand. We all know better know let’s do better.

This article shows the mental state of these psychopaths and their Satanic belief system to destroy God’s creation, to degrade it, and to pervert it. Katy Perry might be next to go to other side bc if she wakes up she may try to hurt herself. The filth, human delegation, demon theme art is unbelievable. The citizens need to boycot these witches and stop buying and listening to their spells music. Nothing good can come from consuming these dark energy. These type of art pollutes the soul and destroy the spirit. I don’t see any good future to this woman. Let’s all boycott Perry, Cyrus, LadyGaga, and any other devil soul out freak. I’m beyond disgusted at the wicked level and for idiot celebrities to consume anything from satan’s bride Abravomit. Ugh!

Wow, that went from stupid and disgusting Illuminati crap to truly terrifying when the guests are under assault like that. Granted it’s what they get for being at this kind of “party”. Why don’t the elite just all torture and eat each other if it’s so much fun and then they will be gone and the rest of us can live in peace?

I just wonder, how will we know when all the Illuminati are gone? It’d be such a stress reliever but, if we don’t know??????????

It is written. There will be sounds of trumpets, in a harmonious accord, ofcourse. From the sky.Or a wified streetlamp nearby, maybe.

When they will be gone, you’ll notice, they will show their true face to the world before being defeated. It’s not like they will go without being noticed…

People please wake up. You cant possibly make this up when there is much evidence to back these images up. Connect the dots and the answer is right in front of you. Too many people are in denial that these things happen when your asleep and continuing on your routine in life, working, nursing your kids etc, and in a way this the “New” entertainment for people. They read it get addicted but wont do anything. After this video was made Katy was on Ellen acting cute like shes innocent…meanwhile making more devil acting videos while portraying to be cute on Ellen and other shows. So when people question these videos…They just say stuff like ” She was just acting, its for the video, it’s entertainment etc”. You must understand the elite already know your boasting them. Now they smearing they’re sh!t on your face while you watch, your kids… Read more »

Kind of spooky also how one of Cornell’s daughters is wearing a T-shirt that says, “WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED”: http://www.eonline.com/news/854518/chris-cornell-s-wife-vicky-believes-his-suicide-was-accidental?utm_source=eonline&utm_medium=rssfeeds&utm_campaign=imdb_topstories

Liberals keep pushing we the people to be more like their globalist masters who are satanic cannibalistic degenerates! People like Katy Perry and the kids that became mega stars from Disney’s Mickey Mouse club are MK ULTRA mind controlled slaves and if you don’t believe me folks just look at the numerous videos on YouTube that show just how evil the people we thought were as American as apple pie really are. Hollywood and the entertainment industry are filled with puppets that like many claim sold their soul to Satan for fame and fortune and every once in a while they try to breakout of their programming. As a child i couldn’t wait to watch the next wonderful world of Disney show on TV but thankfully as an adult i woke up to the evil Disney was and is.

Why’d you make it about politics?

There’s some people who are just half awake from listening to controlled opposition still pushing the left vs right illusion. They don’t understand the neo cons who go to Bohemian Grove and celebrities who promote right wing propaganda are still in this stuff.

Agreed, all these sensible fact based intelligent discussions derailed by nonsensical politics. No place here for that!

Don’t forget the Carlos Slim girl who escaped the cannibals.

Do tell.

Could be referring to a woman in a video clip from Mexico (I think) who was filmed getting arrested during a complete breakdown. IIRC she was raving about children being eaten and escaping evil people. it was really heartbreaking and terrifying to watch. I can’t remember her name, just a pretty actress/model getting shoved into a police car in front of a hotel and she hasn’t been heard from since.

symbolism is everywhere , see Zoe Kravitz photoshoot featuring her in all the usual MK symbols in her hair with a real big cat. Chelsea Manning tweeted a pic of a pizza to celebrate his freedom. You already know what pizza means. Allison Harvard who was the winner of ANTM has an email id with the term pussycat in her twitter profile.

I sure as heck won’t be watching that video as the elite continues to push boundaries led by their slave Katy Perry even if it goes beyond cannibalism to other dark rituals.

Probably why I don’t even listen to any of Perry, Gaga, or Cyrus’ crap and stick with music that has meaning and not about sex and death being glorified in sinister ways.

369 Key to the Universe
The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy All persons have within them the power to change the conditions of their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change. In his book, “The Science Of Getting Rich”, author Wallace D. Wattles talks about the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. Simply put, energy from the formless realm is constantly flowing into the material world and taking form. This energy is limitless and inexhaustible. As old forms are exhausted, they give way for new forms to emerge from the invisible hidden energy of the universe. The energy of the Universe is always moving and transmuting into and out of form. This law of nature further tells us that energy is always in a state of motion.… Read more »

Mumbo jumnbo pretending to be science so as to appeal to ignorant minds.
Lots of pretty sounding words that have no practical value and cant be proven by real science.

You sound like you been reading a lot of Carlos Casteneda 🙂 You should change your handle to Don Juan

Then he could call himself DJ, soin some mp3’s, find an agent who books him in Las Vegas. He would make enough manni to never work agayn, noh?

369 Key to the Universe

Most religions preach love, and yet, their purpose is to confuse and misinform people for two reasons: money and the power of manipulating people. Their tool is frequently fear, which they induce to get control. For example, the Catholic Church removed reincarnation from the bible and included Satan, so they could murder and torture people in the name of God and love, apparently “fighting” Satan. Most wars are a direct consequence of religious “brainwashing”.

If you really believe this, you will sadly discover the real Truth when you take your last breath, or when the King returns to judge the living and the dead, very soon. I pray that you will make a better choice before it’s too late.

You got it sister, all those witch burnings, heretic beheadings, torture of scientists who dared question that the universe revolves around the flat earth, drawing and quartering those who questioned the divine right of the king, were Godly goodly things done in HIS name!

sarcasm doesnt get you anywhere. The Catholic church did that but christians who read the bible do not believe in catholicism.

I think the Lord will welcome devout Catholics in his kingdom as well. I doubt Catholics had anything to do with Witch Burning. The did lop off a few well deserved heads in the French Revolution tho.

What do you know about witch burnings? Inform yourself please, instead of repeating stupidly what you’ve heard. Witch burning didn’t happen how you think, and had been far more frequent among the protestant than in the catholic countries. Remember Salem. I studied this period, so I can tell you most of the things you’ve learned in history, some people wanted to show it like this. Search the truth and go to the sources.

Learn how to read Lefg. I said Catholics dint do witch burnings but they lopped off heads geez. Anybuddy with a brain knows the protestants were the most superstitious and evil. Catholics were merely stitious and sadistic. There IS a difference.

Well you are correct about the catholic church.
However Christianity does not acept Catholicism as Christianity.
Satan does exist and the so called “awakened” are his disciples.

”Christianity does not acept Catholicism as Christianity”
But that’s not what’s educated at schools. In my country The Netherlands it is taught catholicism is a direction in christianity. And by the way, the basic similarities between them are rather common, don’t you think? The symbolism / imaging / use of pictures is diferent, but the indoctrination uses a lot of the same technics.

Splitting hairs. The basic tenants of Catholicism were written and enforced by the elite. Christianity is a spin off of Catholicism, but still based on the same mind control psyop. It’s all there. Cannabalism, trauma, the resurrection is a direct link to dissociation and “going over the rainbow”. There are so many obvious signs of this, not the least of which, an all powerful God that allows and observes the torture, r**e, and murder of children is just as bad as these elite p********s. That’s because he is their creation.

Catholicism is a spin-off a christianity, you wanted to say, right? Catholicism is the jesuit version of christianity. You don’t know the reasons for all the suffering in this world, so you’re judging God but you don’t have all the elements to do so. (In my experience, people judging God in those kind of comments are often… satanists)

@john Brainwashed hater. Educate yourself before talking! Satan is called the light, and the disciples are called illuminated or awakened. You lack of education and culture.

369, you are brainwashed, you should study a little before spreading things like that.

Material technology should ASSIST in our spiritual development. If it is used to garbage our mind with misinformation, horror and violence (TV, VCR) or destroys the planet, then it is misused.

There is no problem with duality: we are really eternal astral beings undergoing lessons in physical bodies. The sole purpose of our physical existence is spiritual development. Anything that happens around us is a part of the lesson.

Our learning tool is our free will. We should use it to make a continuous series of choices in our life and watch their consequences. The aim is to understand the effects of our choices. If we mess up the lesson (don’t learn) then we have to repeat the lesson in the next lifetime. If we are absolutely stubborn and do not want to learn, we eventually get destroyed and re-cycled as everything in Nature.

You’re just promoting the other side of the Satanic coin – you & 369 Key to the Universe – the esoteric “wisdom” side of the Satanic vision. No one gets recycled – thank God we are appreciated as the unique individuals we were all made to be by God. There is no cycle of life – you get one life, and you better get it right, by avoiding the lies and deception of the Father of Lies, the devil, or you’ll end up gnashing your teeth, screaming in pain and horror for all eternity in hell with him. All the devil wants is to take souls away from God and bring them to hell with him forever. Everything in this world is about making choices between Uncreated Good, which is God, and evil, which chose of it’s own to rebel against God and has spent all his efforts trying to… Read more »

I do not like crowds, is there a special corner in heaven to have some peace and quiet?

Yes, Eclesiastes 3:2 says, “..ye believers that haveth the nervous tremours shall have set before thee in the kingdom a place where thou shall dwell forever in peace…” (and such)

Except for the fact that reincarnation was actually part of the canon of the Bible until 325 AD when Constantine made Christianity official and banned a number of themes from the Bible as per the Council of Nicea.
So it would seem that you’re incorrect and promoting a false view of Christianity and religion. Please go read history and religious texts before making unfounded statements.

I’m sure much that was writ back in the olde days had no basis in fact. The wise Constantine and the Council of Nicea correctly omitted from The Holy Bible, such heresies. Were the eternal soul to “reincarnate” in some “cycle of life” it would remember things from its past. That it doesn’t shows what you say is blasphemy. Fortunately today we are more tolerant of silly nonsensical views. You should find a nice little Indian temple where blasphemy is the order of the day.

You do know some people do remember past lives? Children all over the world. I should know because I had memories of before my birth and often spoke of it as a child.

I believe in God (since the beginning of PIzzagate really…), but I can assure you that I’ve had experiences in my life that tend to make me believe there’s not only a life after death, but also before, etc…

When I go to the bed pillow and sleep I experience things that are unexperienceable whilst awake. I think I am seeing things and doing things in past and future lives like flying and running in sand where my feet won’t move fast enuf and I’m in like slow motions and I’m late for an exam and am not gonna make it.

You talk about “free will”. The elite/medias absolutly hate “free will”. Their top objective was to destroy “free will” and replace it with “their own will”. Just listen to regular pople evrywhere and you will understand that the elite succeeded.

Heresy. One does not relive one’s life atoning for mistakes until one gets it “right”. Upon expiration of one’s physical being, one’s soul goes to its eternal reward based upon the righteousness of the life one led whilst alive, be that burning in Hell beneath the flat earth or sitting by the hand of God in Heaven up in the clouds. Please reference the book of John for, it is written and, what is writ is right.

the most beautiful temple of man is within and has always been. To reach it you should meditate and then concentrate, which is different, although the two are usually confused by teachers on Earth. We should grow up, drop ridiculous rituals and stop following the flock, lead by those who take advantage of us.

Talking about confusing. ”Meditate and then concentrate, which is different” Why stop there, explain, please, as many teachers find it difficult, like me.

At some point enough people will say collectively, this is enough. They keep pushing the envelope, hoping to desensitise humanity to accept evil.

This song and video came immediately to my mind now after what happened in Manchester. Ariana Grande was also kind of used to lure people into the massacre.

ISIS and Occult Elite = samensss of the universal oneness

The “Dangerous Woman” tour, no less… she in 2014 allegedly said she hoped her fans would “f-cking die”. Combine that with her also verbalized hatred of her own country and her mother looking like yet another showmom deeply immersed in the occult (Like Kris Jenner, Mischa Barton’s mom, Beyonce’s mom, the list goes on and on)… she is suspicious and I am not surprised her concert in Europe was chosen. Enjoy the extra publicity and fame bolstered by innocent lives taken, Ariana. >_<

That was the most bizarre video I’ve ever seen. I’ve been on this site for years, but this one is the worst one yet. On top of that, its incredibly stupid.


Yea, just look what the Beatles did!

Learn to Use Universal Law because they use it against you with their filthy ways of abusing the Universal Law.

she’s always disgusted me

Not to mention her big absolutely perfect boobies are freekin fake! If God meant for womens to have perfect boobies he would have given them perfect boobies. He did some, Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfields, Bridget Bardot, Carol Dada’s, just to name a few. And Marie’s from college but that’s a story for a different day ;->

By the way, do we ever read or hear or are confronted with trends about male bulge-enheancers?
Is that too close for comfort to the reproduction region for full page pictures in magazines?
Or are we not desensitized yet? Will there be a televisionshow where males parade on stage in swimwear or tight jeans while the clamor about world peace and puppies ” ..and such” ?

Some rockstars who were born uhhh, penally disadvantaged, put a roll of quarters down by they baby making parts and wear tight leather pants. It’s true cause I seen that on a documentary one time.

The army probably has every advanced way of using latex for that purpose nowadays. We, the public, only get to know it after they used the inventions for their benefit in wars. Like with like drones and such, like.

She’s all fake boobies, fake lips, and a lipstick lizard. Put her in a tight tee shirt, hose her down, get that 2 kg of makeup off her face, and you have universal plainess, pure and simple like. Not that she’s not a good girl and loves her mum and pops, but she’s sold out

I love the review of the video, but there is SO much more symbolism not touched on. Particularly the Migos rap portion. There are bones in the background, the stacks of money, and an eerie focus on the eagle. Also, I think the power of sexual energy is a metaphor for eating, both of which are basic primal aspects of humans. The music industry uses the intense power of sexual energy to control the masses. Interesting world we live in to say the very least.

Hi Grace, your insights are so sublime as to be lost on those without prescient knowledge and, at least, a de minimus intellectual capacity. Keep up the fantastic work

I’ve not seen this video, and plan on avoiding it, but reading the article reminded me of Gaga’s ‘Do What You Want With My Body’ which had similar ‘artistic’ themes and message. Grim!

Well done VC

Urghhh, truly horrifying,

The members of the dark side work for their masters. Their job is to drag you into hell. They sold their soul for fame and fortune. They are satans publicity agents. Why would you listen to anything they say? You should do the exact opposite of what they say!

Katie Perry will probable end up on a plate eventually, she must not realize what she is involved it. Money and fame are not worth it…

Yes it is disturbing and disgusting!

So many rock stars have “died” of drug and alchohol abuse at an early age, NOT!!! We all know what really happened to them

Can you do an Article on the olsen twins please? How they started as just a baby on the tv show full house with creepy…. Probably paedophile Bob Saget who joked about raping a doll which was supposed to be an olsen twin on set… and also what he said on this article From the New York Observer: In comedy circles, there’s a famous Saget story about the night his first daughter was born. After a very difficult birth, during which Sherri Saget and her baby almost died, a friend showed up to find Mr. Saget looking utterly destroyed, unshaven, unrecognizable, but holding his newborn. “Oh my God, Bob, she’s beautiful,” the friend said. “For a dollar, you can finger her,” Mr. Saget replied. “This story continually comes back to me,” he said, groaning. “Oh boy, I was a wreck, and I was just operating on whatever sick mode I’m… Read more »

There are tons of vids online exposing that show, the spinoff and the fact Bob Saget is a sick twisted perv

Right on TeamJ, we all know that the more obscure the source the more likely it is to be uncensored and true. That the mainstream media doesn’t pick it up and run with it is, in itself, conclusive, indisputable, proof that it’s true. So f’n obvious.

Looks like that f****d up “The Neon Demon” movie…they’ve became blatant in the last years…

Real life Neon Demon anyone?