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Armie Hammer, Cannibalism and the Sickness of the Elite

Armie Hammer’s former “kittens” leaked messages where he reportedly claimed to be “100% a cannibal”. While mass media dismissed these accusations as a “fetish”, a closer look at the Hammer’s family and influences reveals the truth: He is afflicted with the sickness of the elite.



Actor Armie Hammer has been at the center of a bizarre controversy when leaked DMs surfaced online revealing his obsession with sexual violence and him being “100% a cannibal”. While these allegations were received by mass media with skepticism (screenshots can easily be faked easily), other “kittens” came forth with similar accounts. Furthermore, Hammer’s own social media posts appear to be confirming these claims.

When one combines these elements with the fact that Hammer comes from an elite family, the picture becomes clearer: Hammer is afflicted with the sickness of the elite.

Hammer Horror

The controversy began when an Instagram account named House of Effie (it is now private) posted a series of direct messages from Armie Hammer (allegedly). In an Instagram story titled “Hammer Horror”, House of Effie (which is managed by one of Hammer’s “kittens”) shared dozens of bizarre messages dating from 2016 to 2020, where Hammer talks about rape fantasies, BDSM and cannibalism.

Here are some DMs leaked by House of Effie.

(Warning: Disturbing content ahead)

In other conversations, Hammer sounds like a literal vampire.

These leaked DMs were received with some skepticism by various media sources which pointed out that they’re easy to fake. To prove the authenticity of these messages, the accusers posted personal pictures that were sent to them by Hammer.

A picture of Hammer holding his neck as if saying: “I want to choke you”.

A picture of Hammer’s hand with his trademark finger tattoo.

Shortly after the DMs were leaked, Hammer’s ex Jessica Ciencin Henriquez tweeted that the DMs were real.After a few days of silence, Hammer responded to the accusations with a statement:

“I’m not responding to these bulls— claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for 4 months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic.”

So, despite the fact that he believes that these claims are “BS”, Hammer decided to step down from the movie Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez.

Hammer’s Disturbing Social Media Posts

While the authenticity of the messages posted above (and the many others floating online) are up for debate, Armie Hammer’s own social media posts appear to confirm an unhealthy obsession with cannibalism. Here are some examples.

Hammer posted a picture of a license plate that says: “I’d rather eat human flesh” with the caption “I wonder what he’s gonna be grilling on Memorial Day”.

Hammer posted this picture of a pig head with the creepy caption “He’s smiling!”.

Occult elite creeps love posting pig heads on social media. Is it because pigs are said to be biologically close to humans?

A tweet from Hammer about cannibalism. I have the feeling that he already knew what humans taste like.

In 2019, Hammer horrified the world with this IG post where his son sucks on his toes. He used the word “fetish” … about his own son.

When one goes through the numerous messages between Hammer and his partners, a few facts become apparent. First, Hammer refers to these girls as “kittens” and “slaves”. Regular readers of this site will probably be reminded of Monarch mind control – more specifically, Beta Kitten programming. While Hammer’s interactions appear to be with consensual women, it is a known fact that actual Beta Kittens (who were programmed to be sex slaves) are passed around in elite circles to satisfy these kinds of “fetishes” (more like sicknesses).

While Hammer is not exactly the biggest star in the world, he is definitely from an elite circle.

Elite Family

Armie Hammer’s comes from a family that is extremely rich, powerful, and influential. Here’s a quick summation of his family lineage.

Armie Douglas Hammer was born on August 28, 1986, in Santa Monica, California. His mother, Dru Ann (née Mobley), is a former bank loan officer, and his father, Michael Armand Hammer, owns several businesses, including Knoedler Publishing and Armand Hammer Productions (a film/television production company).

Hammer has described his background as “half Jewish”. His paternal great-grandfather was oil tycoon and philanthropist Armand Hammer, whose parents were Jewish immigrants to the U.S. from the (then) Russian Empire, and were of Ukrainian Jewish descent; Armand’s father, Julius Hammer, was from Odessa (now in Ukraine, but then in the Russian Empire), and founded the Communist Party in New York.

Armie’s paternal great-grandmother was Russian-born actress and singer Olga Vadimovna Vadina, the daughter of a tsarist general.
– Wikipedia, Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer’s grandfather, Armand Hammer, was a business magnate who ascended to the highest spheres of the elite. While managing the family business Allied Drugs and Chemical, Armand Hammer reached new levels of success by taking control of Occidental Petroleum, a hydrocarbon exploration company that is currently 167th on the Fortune 500. His high-level dealings between the United States and the Soviet Union placed Hammer in a powerful position.

In his book The Prize, Daniel Yergin writes that Hammer “ended up as a go-between for five Soviet General Secretaries and seven U.S. Presidents.”
– Wikipedia, Armand Hammer

Amongst Armand Hammer’s powerful allies was the Gore family.

Occidental’s coal interests were represented for many years by attorney and former U.S. Senator Al Gore, Sr., among others. Gore, who had a longtime close friendship with Hammer, became the head of the subsidiary Island Creek Coal Company, upon his election loss in the Senate.
– Ibid.

In short, Armie Hammer is an heir to an elite family that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars who is also heavily involved in world politics. While Armie appears to be more interested in taking drugs and soliciting Beta Kittens than running an empire, he nevertheless inherited the elite’s sickness.

Elite Sickness

In a 2020 interview with Netflix Brazil for the movie Rebecca, Hammer was asked which historical person he’d like to dine with. His answer: Marquis de Sade.

A screenshot of the Netflix Brazil interview with Armie Hammer.

Marquis de Sade was a French nobleman whose written works often referred to rape, torture, and pedophilia. In fact, the word “sadism” is based on his name. While de Sade was found guilty of several horrific crimes (often involving young people), he is loved and admired by the occult elite. Why? Because he wrote about the elite’s favorite obsessions and made them part of popular culture.

De Sade’s breadth of work includes novels, short stories, plays, dialogues, and political tracts, which are mostly centered around themes of pornography and sexual fantasies with an emphasis on violence, suffering and anal sex.

The words ‘sadism’ and ‘sadist’ directly derive from works of fiction he authored, including his novel The 120 Days of Sodom, which traces the sexual adventures and manipulations of four French libertines who rape, torment, and then kill young victims at a chateau in Germany’s Black Forest.

The book was written in 1777 while De Sade was incarcerated in Bastille for abusing several young girls.

De Sade’s frequent references to sodomy, pedophilia and sexual perversion, in addition to his fictional accounts of extravagant orgies – which describe sexual cruelty and murder in excessive detail – led many to presume he was deranged.

He spent a third of his life in prisons or asylums, and was officially declared insane in 1803.

De Sade died in a mental facility in Charenton in 1814. For several years before his death he was said to be involved in a sexual relationship with 14-year-old Madeleine LeClerc, the daughter of an employee at the asylum.

Sexual sadism disorder – a mental condition defined as experiencing sexual arousal in response to extreme pain, suffering or humiliation done non-consensually to others – was named after de Sade posthumously on account of his crimes and fictional works.
– Daily Mail, Armie Hammer said his ‘dream dinner guest’ would be Marquis de Sade

In Conclusion

When this bizarre story involving Armie Hammer became viral, mainstream news either ignored the story, deflected it to focus on absurd details, or outright defended him. Why? Because these revelations about Hammer provide a rare peek into the sick minds of the elite who are obsessed with the most abhorrent practices known to men such as rape, torture, ritual sacrifice, and cannibalism. In the past years, this site documented the many ways the elite is trying to “normalize” its sickness – including cannibalism – through popular culture. Hammer’s revelations only confirm what we already knew.

Armie Hammer is basically a product of the occult elite. His career was launched through his father’s connections. His family’s extreme wealth allowed him to live a life of debauchery and sexual exploitation without any kind of real-life repercussions. While he is not a powerful business mastermind like his father and grandfather, he nevertheless inherited the “sickness” of the elite.

Hammer’s cannibalism is not (as mass media states) a “fetish”. It is a sickness. In one of his DMs, Hammer stated that he wanted to be “nourished” with human blood. He wasn’t joking.

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