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Models Denounce the Sadistic Practices of the Fashion World



Models Denounce the Sadistic Practices of the Fashion World

After years of silence, models are speaking out against the sadistic behavior of people in the fashion industry where abuse, exploitation, and even torture is rampant. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

In my series of articles Symbolic Pics of the Month, I often feature fashion photoshoots where abuse and violence are celebrated and even glamorized. This abuse is however not only for the cameras – it also happens behind the scenes, for real. Indeed, the disturbing photoshoots that are often published by major magazines are symptomatic of an industry that is diseased to the core with a mindset that is bent on dehumanization and human exploitation.

A recent article in the Daily Mail detailed several accounts from people in the industry who witnessed or were subjected to sadistic treatment.

“Catwalk casting agent and industry veteran James Scully, who has worked with designers Stella McCartney and Tom Ford, fiercely criticised Balenciaga in a shocking post on the photo-sharing social network Instagram in which he accused the label’s casting directors of treating girls like cattle at a meat market.

‘I was very disturbed to hear from a number of girls this morning that… they made more than 150 girls wait in a stairwell, told them they would have to stay over three hours to be seen and not to leave,’ he wrote.
‘In their usual fashion, they shut the door, went to lunch and turned off the lights to the stairs, leaving every girl with only the lights of their phones to see.
‘Not only was this sadistic and cruel, it was dangerous, and left more than a few of the girls I spoke with traumatised . . . They refuse to be treated like animals.’

Scully accused another fashion house, which he didn’t name, of trying to ‘sneak in’ 15-year-old models (the minimum legal age is 16) to its show, adding: ‘Too many of these models are under the age of 18 and clearly not equipped to be here.’

His claims sent shockwaves through the modelling world.”
– Daily Mail, Sadism on the catwalk: Locked in the dark for hours, starved and preyed on… here, models reveal the ugly truth behind fashion’s glittering façade

British model and Vogue cover girl Edie Campbell, 26 explained that this kind of treatment is common in the fashion world.

‘It’s also probably not the most shocking example I’ve heard,’ she said. ‘I have witnessed a lot of upsetting things. I’ve seen girls be told to run laps around the studio.’
‘The problem with fashion is that it is a very informal industry. Boundaries are crossed and it allows people to behave in ways that would not ever be accepted in any other ‘work’ environment. Because the girls are desperate for work then they are easily exploited.

‘It is also a closed system. If you speak out, you are faced with the threat of never working again. And that is why what James is doing is so brave and should be applauded.’
– Ibid.

Other models stated that sexual abuse is also a major problem in the industry … and industry that is full of underage models.

“Leading British models have revealed they regularly suffer degrading and humiliating treatment at the hands of casting directors, agencies and photographers.

While some recount emotional manipulation and bullying, others claim to have endured physical and even sexual abuse at work.

Among the horror stories are the model who was drawn on with a permanent marker to show which parts of her body were ‘fat’; the model who was made to run around a studio in stiletto heels until she collapsed; the hopefuls kept in a room for ten hours with no food or water; the models who had their hair hacked off without their consent.

Then there’s the appalling story of the model who has permanently lost feeling in her toes after being made to stand all day in shoes that were too small.

London-based model Rosalie Nelson, 25, has been modelling for six years and says she’s lost count of the times she’s faced abuse.

“I’ve had chunks of my hair cut off without being asked if it would be OK,’ she explains. ‘I’ve been stabbed with needles and pins; my skin has been cut and pulled by clips.

‘I’ve been to castings in London where there are hundreds of models and only a handful of chairs provided. Sometimes there will be a water dispenser or vending machine, but often there is nothing.

‘I’ve been on shoots for up to ten hours where no food is provided. The underlying message is always that you shouldn’t eat.’

One of her worst experiences came in 2014 at a major UK modelling agency — which she won’t name — where Rosalie, a size 8, was told to lose weight if she wanted work.

‘I did exactly that and lost over ten kilograms and two inches off my hips,’ she says. ‘When I returned to see this agency, they said I was making progress but they wanted me to “get down to the bone”. ‘I couldn’t imagine becoming any thinner. I felt physically and emotionally drained. ‘If I had been younger and more naïve, I might have pushed myself too far and caused more harm.’

Speaking on condition of anonymity, other UK models claim they have been: Locked in rooms at auditions and castings, on one occasion for three hours; forced to work until they were so exhausted they fainted; and ‘fat-shamed’ by agents who refused to call them by name.

When one group of models, weak after several hours without food or water, ordered a pizza to the studio where they were auditioning, the casting director called them ‘pigs’ and sent them home.”
– Ibid.

Other models also denounced the abusive behavior of photographers.

“London-based model Rosalie Nelson, 25, has been modelling for six years and says she’s lost count of the times she’s faced abuse. She attended a photoshoot at his London studio in 2011, during which the photographer asked her a series of lewd and increasingly personal questions.

‘He walked towards me with the camera repeatedly saying, ‘you are vulnerable, you are very vulnerable’, until he was right up to me,’ Roswell recalls.
‘I continued with the shoot as he had not touched me. We moved on to lingerie, where he repeatedly pushed [me] before standing above me with his crotch in my face.
‘I got to my feet and dressed . . . As I walked out of the shoot, feeling numb and shaken, he forced me into a hug.’

An astonishing 30 per cent of models report being touched inappropriately at work, while 28 per cent say they have been pressured to have sex with someone at work.
In no other industry would behaviour like this — and the behind-the-scenes horror stories — be so commonplace.”
– Ibid.

The problem is that the fashion industry is not a typical workplace. It is an informal social bubble that is ruled by people connected to the occult elite. The movie The Neon Demon (analyzed in this article) reveals how the fashion world’s mindset takes roots in its shadowy and occult underworld where abuse, mind control, child exploitation and bizarre rituals take place. What has been “revealed” by the above article is only the tip of the iceberg. It is symptomatic of a system that is diseased to the core.

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Models Denounce the Sadistic Practices of the Fashion World

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Without a doubt most of this is due to the large prevalence of homosexuals in the fashion industry. They push an agenda that destroys feminine sexuality and undermines female self-confidence. They push forward an unrealistic ideal for women – one that 99% of men do not even like. They take sadistic pleasure in demeaning and humiliating beings that they have no sexual attraction to – in other words they have no use at all for the female models.

This is in addition to all of the elite messaging etc. going on…


Absolutely. You are on to something. I always wondered the same thing. They make these models so unattractive, by forcing them to become skin and bones. Why ??? Because homosexuals run this industry. They have no idea what sexy is, regarding women. Aren’t ” liberals” grear people ?


Obviously its much deeper. But really.. ” Progressives” / ” liberals”, run these industries. YOU could count on 2 fingers the total amount of Trump/ freedom loving Americans, who are in these industries.

These people are sick. Literally sick. Modern day liberalism is a mental disorder. The definition of liberal, is literally hypocrisy. These ” liberals” are nothing but commies. Top down, power hungry tyrants. That’s all they are.


Trump owns a modeling agency.


But Trump likes em busty. Flat chested ones aren’t 10’s


What about Candice Swanepoel and Rosie Huntington. There a lot of beautiful ladies with small b---s or with tight butts.

kev allah

Bro don’t start this Trump s--t, the clown ran the Miss America pageant. F@ck trump and every other city slicker politician. If you aren’t down to die for your country, you shouldn’t be in office.


Something tells me your about to start the ‘die for something IMPORTANT’ s--t.


That’s nonsense. It is the right wing fascists who are pushing people around and bully them – the wealthy who favor exploitation of all humans and preferably total subservience and enslavement. That’s why we have seen with the rise of the right wing also the rise of human trafficking — males/females and children and organ trafficking.
And it’s closely linked to drug trafficking.

Don’t know who you’ve been listening to but we haven’t had a liberal president since JFK.
And both parties are owned by the Koch Bros./John Birch Society and other large corporations. Koch Family have worked for 100 years and more to destroy democracy in the US.


Because they love young boys so the ideal is to make a woman look like a skinny underage 12-13 yr old boy which is their aesthetic idol (and sexual in many cases). I’m a woman and if I designed clothes it would make no sense to me to use super skinny models. How do you make a woman least attracive? Get rid of all signs of feminine body. Crazy skinny or dry and muscular. It’s not like all gays hate women, they just don’t know them and are cold to their realities.


Have a look in nature. Women don’t get the red feathers. Men are attractive in order to put on the whole song and dance mating ritual. Skinny and bony women, looking like men, are attractive to women. In general.


No, this drive to destroy women’s bodies comes from heterosexual males who feel threatened by female equality.

We also see that they control fashion for men which has become outrageous in creating the very skinny male.

Most of the clothing for females today often looks like a little girl’s dress made larger for an older female. I call it “clothing to attract pedophiles” who would be threatened by a healthy woman in control of herself and her body and her future.

Same with males being made to look more like adolescent boys rather than grow up men.

Melissa Z

What you said is spot on.. i have always thought this about women’s fashion but now that you bring it is so true that male fashion has moved from being manly to looking like a little boy and furthermore.. also it is becoming very feminine… such as skinny jeans that look like leggings, cardigans, man purses and totes, clutches ..even skirts..


JAT all you negative arrows are adding up. Maybe u should move over to a ‘gay hate’ website where they would love you. I believe this is about illuminati etc not gay bashing or whatever it is that u ramble on about.


Clearly homosexual males are attracted to other adult homosexual males and I’m not in agreement that they are driving the push for skin and bones models either male or female. That’s something very destructive and something that usually comes from heterosexual males who are also our child molesters and pedophiles.

That’s what all of this represents – i.e., very destructive power.

Granted it is but only one example that I can think of right now, but Vincente Minelli loved Judy Garland and very clearly in the movie “Meet Me in St. Louis” he adored her and made her even more beautiful and a beautiful movie.

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new age

its not so much gays as its actually zionist jews, or corrupted jews, they promote satanism and occult practices on society. zionist jews control the media, hollywood, politics, fashion industry is no different


So far, I read “blame the gays” and “blame the jews”. So we all know it’s gonna be “blame the blacks” next. F--k off…


Did Jews run the Inquisition.
Did Jews give us genocide vs the native American?
Did Jews invent Christianity or capitalism?
Did Jews create the enslavement of the African in the US which ran for
a few hundred years and also another 100 years of Segregation?
Jews ran Segregation in the South?
Jews were our Founders who actually created an Elite Patriarchy while proclaiming “All are equal”?
Our Founders then endowed these elites with land grants and great influence and control over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.
Jews gave us “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature”? No, Christianity did.

Granted the Old Testament was written by Jews to cement patriarchy.
Christianity took over the patriarchal/elite movement from there.


A lot of gays myself included have a lot of respect for women. My personal experience of dealing with being an outcast I would never make someone else feel that way. Unfortunately homosexuals like me and my partner aren’t what is shown through media. I will say based off of media I wouldn’t get along with a lot of the gay people in that world. Men are pushed to look a specific way as well so I wouldn’t say it’s due to not being attracted.


And I’d like to say, @Jey, that there are also plenty of us who don’t hold such limited views on gays – myself included – despite what might be portrayed by the media. I’m sorry you’ve had to endure the ignorance of the statement above, it made me cringe, and hats off you for responding with such dignity – not to mention common sense.


Yes Jey, I’m sick of the homosexual stereotypes on the media. Many are regular people just like other heterosexuals.

mike radant

Yeah, but most are demented disease vectors. They need to round up you faggots and send you deviants to Iran, they know how to deal with faggots!


mike radant – how about we ship u off to Iran, Ill pay for the ticket. I hear they don’t like bigots nor unintelligent dogs too much there.


Theophan wasn’t talking about gay sheeple like yourself, Jey. He was talking about those who have the power to ‘push an agenda’, those who convinced you that ‘to be gay is okay’. Do yourself and us a favor: be rational and read again, oh, and change your lifestyle.


@Chalos I’m uncomfortable with what you’re saying here. Wow. This type of comment could really put me off coming to this site.

One thing that I find helpful in life is to think about what is within my own remit of control. I’m always wary of giving unsolicited advice. And as for telling other people what to do or how to be, based on my own beliefs. I tend to avoid that altogether. But that’s just me, and maybe I’m not arrogant enough to think I’ve got it all figured out.


ignorance is everywhere. This is a great site and the author never makes comments like these. Please don’t leave the site bc pig that idiot.

D D d

Chalos, do you want to convince the world that being gay is not okay? They have to change lifestyle. To make you happy and have the ones you love not see that other people live in another way, even though they do not harm you, do not even know you – you do not know them. You only see the sick and twisted side of life and you want to adjust the rest to it? You sick smallworlded egoistic despot. Yes, I use harsh word, to point out the idiotic harmfull way of you narrowing life down to your mental box.
Theophan was not talking only about those that ”..have the power..” but he grabbed all of the problems and labelled it ‘due to large prevelance of homosexuals’. I wonder if a child of yours could become one, by the way.
Ever seen a homosexual dog? I have. And cows. And horses. And lions. And penguins. And yes, there were females animals available for them.


Who cares? Be a h--o, do what you like but don´t expect othe people to give you medal about it . No one cares really. Stop talking about it non stop, it just isn´t important.
Get a life and stop behaving like a 2 year old.


Oh goody. A translator!!! Piss off, shorty…

alyssa faison

How can you speak for someone else? How do you know what this Theophan meant? Why don’t you do us all a favor and stop passing judgement on what is not your business and in no way affects you?


Thats a good point,some of my best friends are gay men & they have the most love & respect for women Ive ever seen & they felt outcast when young too.I think if youve suffered yourself it makes you kinder & more compassionate to others,but like you Jey my gay friends are genuine,nice people who would probably NEVER be in the fashion world,it doesnt attract decent & kind people Im afraid,they all seem twisted warped freaks to me…male & female

kev allah

The thing about being gay is you HAVE to be a social outcast first. All these so-called “gays” are beastly creatures who live to experience pleasure only. They have no concept of pain. I know gay is a natural thing, but only the bottom feeder (social outcast) can naturally become gay. These people dwell at the top, and can have a woman if they so please. They are beastly people.


Thank you, map of human cultures, now us ‘other’ bottom feeders can understand!!! Tell me – does God understand you? Or do you speak to Him in the language of the book underneath your soap box?

alyssa faison

This site is getting more and more troll-y. That’s such a shame because I love the articles. Why are so many weirdos attracted to this site?

Idle minds

So throughout all these years before this apparent “prevalence of homosexuals” were women NOT degraded, undermined and made to feel like pieces of meat while being rapidly degraded BY straight men FOR the straight man’s gaze? It almost like you’re so homophobic you try to find an issue with it in every possible topic but that’s a story for another day. Right now you’re erasing women were sexually abused BY men in the fashion industry who were OBVIOUSLY not same-sex oriented. Check yourself and try to have a little more tolerance next time.


I was just about to present the same argument about the 28% who’ve reported being pressurised into sex before I read yours above, @Idle minds. And that’s those who’ve spoken up; there will undoubtedly be a terrific proportion who still feel they can’t, even under the cloak of anonymity. Such an ignorant statement to blame the gay contingent of the fashion industry for all its evils! And as @D D d rightly says: ‘Why continue the divide and conquer on this level too’ ; that’s precisely what TPTB are hoping for.

@Theophan, I hope you can see the flaws in your argument now. Consider the gay visitors to this site who would never conceive of harming another, I’m sure there are many, and maybe give some thought to it before you blurt out such ill-judged views in future.


yes but you should not gay wash either.
It is hard to admit that some gay people are evil just like some men and women are evil.
But it is true.
Why do you want preferential special treatment for gay people only?
gay people cant do evil, is that what your trying to say?
That is a lie just like all gay people are good.
honestly i met only a few well adjusted gay people.
The rest were envious, slanderous and always making trouble for other people.
looking down upon others.
Abusing their authority.
they want to be the center of attention.
They wanted to be like royalty, even god like, as stars.

But i can also say the same for straight people.
So dont take it personally.

It is never an absolute statement when it comes to people.


Nothing personal. Humans are f----d up – gay or straight. One’s identity is never an indicator of one’s morality. If it were, we as a species would be a lot more see-through to one another, and likely wouldn’t be in this societal mess.


No — in fact, even our sexual abusers of children are MALES and they are
heterosexual males.

Homosexual males are 100X LESS likely to sexually abuse a child than a heterosexual male.

Studies have shown this to be true.


That is NOT True! Just because you hear a lie repeatedly it doesn’t make it true! Wake the hell up!

D D d

” i met only a few well adjusted gay people ”
Wow. Just Wow.
I am one who downvoted you, John. Just one two three… now.

D D d

”Without a doubt most of this is due to the large prevalence of homosexuals in the fashion industry.”
Ridiculous, you one-eyed lobside-thinking troll.
Why continue the divide and conquer on this level too. It is not about the homosexuals but their paying bossess and customers. The ones that buy the pictures.
To group all homosexuals together and blame them of the things you mention is very, very smallminded and generalising. I need a coffee.


This comment was very ignorant. There are many powerful gay forces in the industry, but majority of the people abusing young women trying to make it are surprise, heterosexual (usually, but not always rich) white men. Straight men are the main ones harassing up and coming models. Straight men make up majority of the managers, agents, and photographers, that are all perverts. This is just fact. You blatantly ignoring this because a few popular designers are openly gay and blaming the twisted ways of mostly straight people on “homosexuality” is exactly why this website will never be taken seriously. This comment got 70 something upvotes? For what? Homophobia is not truth telling. It’s ignorance. Homosexuality is found in many species but fear/disdain/disgust with same sex relations is only found in one. Based on a book that says seven headed beasts will come for us one day.


I know a model here in àmerica. She tells me it is mostly faģs, very abusive f--s.

D D d

I know some people calling themselves religious, while all they do all day is practise shooting people, for the opporunity to fight in the next war. They will be send to conquer oilfields or drops bombs on weddings, demolish schools, parks and villages by drone from way abroad, sitting in a nice comfortable chair behind a lcd-screen.
If all believers first took the time and effort to clean up their own churches instead of trying to rule a country, let alone a world…..if only.


And some of the abusers are women. There are abusers at all levels in the fashion industry from the designers to the magazines to the buyers at the fashion show.s


Speaking as a woman who has worked peripherally in the modeling industry (not as a model), it’s not the gay guys. It’s the straight ones. Especially the old ones, well, older than 40, who feel their youth, dreams, and power slipping away as they give it all up to alcohol, pills, and crappy jobs in an entertainment industry where, they finally realize, they will never be stars. They get these young women – girls, really – into the office and who are chosen because they are vulnerable, even more than beautiful. So often you see models and you’re like, “Well, she’s thin but not conventionally beautiful,” right? That’s because these straight old men are picking them out because they’re mentally unstable, or have already become accustom to abuse at home or in other relationships. Not so much their looks. If you can convince her to starve herself, she’ll look like a model. Watching these men “groom” the girls is so gross. “Oh, you look great in that [skimpy outfit that isn’t even fashion].” “Oh we should go out [subtext: or you won’t get the gig.]” “I’m going to make you a star.” Then they talk these young girls into sex,… Read more »


Thank you.


Thanks you!! 🙂

Keep on telling it!!


While I agree with not bringing under-aged people and children into the world of adult sexuality, your reasoning doesn’t make sense: Are you attracted to your Mother, Sister (if you have one or more) or Grandmother? Do you hate women just because you are not sexually attracted to some of them? What about women who are not lesbians? Do you hate the children in your life because you are not sexually attracted to them? How about the men? Sexual attraction is only one piece of our interaction with other, human beings.

Lack of or not lack of sexual attraction is no excuse for bad treatment of other, human beings.

Melissa Z

Exactly! I have always thought that its because of gay men in the industry that these disgusting definitions of beauty are pushed. Its no surprise that these girls have to look like underage boys.. ie. twinks who are celebrated amongst gays. They also push to distort and blur gender lines. Revolting! Everything about the fashion industry is vile and the opposite of what heterosexual men innately find to be desirable.. I will be damned if i gave a hoot about some old leathery corpse of a woman’s opinion on beauty.. aka Anna crypt keeper Wintour..

Melissa Z

I seethe Politically Correct squad is out in full force and slamming you.They are idiots who should know by now that political correctness is just another tool that blinds us from seeing the truth…Whether they choose to realise or not..the industry is rampant with homosexuality…the act of it. Rituallt it is rampant as well and if stick thin pre pubescent esque looks are not conceived from the gay male mind then i dont know where else it is… people need to wake up instead of distracting others from the truth with their bullshit rantings on so called homophobia.. stop playing your rainbow card


There is something about the body, and especially female bodies, that makes a lot of people absolutely lose their minds. I think it’s because our physical existence is sacred, directly from God, but our society represses an awareness of that and flattens out the experience of the physical into the realm of the mere medical, or a focus on a one-dimensional fitness, with no appreciation of the spark of divinity that animates us. I think it’s the life giving properties of female bodies that prompt certain personalities to try to control their organic nature – a starved woman is not a fertile woman. Call that Satanic if you like, it’s contra-life, and against nature. Only a truly sick mind would think that one of the anorexic models pictured above is more attractive than a woman at a healthy weight. I’ve also noticed another thing – people in the fashion industry when confronted with the body dysmorphia that they are promoting mulishly retreat into insisting they are into the “fantasy” element of fashion. They never explain why only a starved model is worthy of “fantasy.” And they never seem to understand that they are ostensibly employed to make clothes in the… Read more »


Maybe it has something to do with the antichrist having no regard for the desire of woman…seeing how satan is the god of this world, one could see how this would be a prevailing thought in the world. The constant assault on woman to be overtly sexualized or even be overly pious in some religions….to leading women to abort their children as a mantra of its a woman’s body her choice…it really is a hit job on women out there….

Naughty boy

Well it’s all a preparation for the coming of the Antichrist or “Dajjal” as we muslims call him.


Granted the US has played a large role in trying to create an extreme and violent strain of Islam, but Muslims had also best pay attention to the violence in their own religion and the violent men pushing those male-supremacist concepts.
Organized patriarchal religion is used to control populations. That’s what it is all about.
There are no gods above, nor gods below.

kev allah

Lucifer is the god of this world. Satan is father time. Lucifer is the dragon. Satan is the guy watching the clock. Remember kids, time is money.


The Devil and Satan are the invention of organized patriarchal religion – Christianity.
Nor is there any “Heaven or Hell” —
These are the inventions of paranoid males who create boogie men in order to frighten and control others.

The Old Religions of the World were simply based in Nature — no gods above/no gods below.

Notice also the war on Nature and Women by heterosexual males who are mainly interested in control and exploitation from “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature” to capitalism and its evils.

kev allah

Have you been to a fashion show? My brother was once a model. He swears they were trying to make him gay so he didn’t stick around. Also it was the weirdest thing ever, no one wears the kind of clothes they display.


No one wants the clothing they feature and this has been going on for decades as destructive powers take over every industry.
Not only are females now being made skin and bones but males, as well.
It’s not about selling clothing, it’s about control over others which is the evil which drives heterosexual males.


i want to point out that western heterosexual men have been deeply conditioned by the media to only like a skinny female body type. Men from cultures with less of an all pervading press influence still seem to prefer a more classically mature female body with curves over the underfed or naturally ectomorphic type that the fashion industry is obsessed with. But most American guys chase thin women. People who say the media has no affect on forming opinions and preferences don’t have a clue.


What do I as a white person have to do with indigenious peoples in Africa or America?
Nothing. We might look like we were the same species only with a different color, but we’re not.

We live in a place where we can eat everyday.
Hence no need for putting on fat.
These models look sick cause they eat wrong, not cause they`re not overweight.
The bad thing is that having a normal BMI nowadays is considered being too skinny by many people,
althouhg this is normal, that’s how god created the body.
Of course in some cases the models are too skinny, and the two on top don’t even look like women.
Being a model is wrong in so many ways, being underweight is not the worst part of it.

But still, being slender is normal and healthy, not being obese like an average American.


We’re talking about an industry that increasingly presents an image of the ideal woman as a beautifully dressed corpse. Or shows models flanked by riot police or undergoing forced electroshock.. That’s not an industry promoting a healthy BMI, it’s an industry promoting death and trying to socially condition the rest of us into accepting it as normal. And it seems to be working. A country that proposes cutting every shred of nutrition support for elderly and disabled people in order to ramp up military spending by $54 billion more per year is a country on a suicide trajectory.


That’s the reason why the SlenderMan is so popular nowadays 🙂

kev allah

LMAO at how dull you are. You are the same species jerkoff. Is a white lion another species? Is a black panther another species? SMARTEN UP JACKASS.


These models are undernourished and sickly – a reality difficult to miss.


Unrelated but note: David Rockefeller dead at age 101 on the Vernal Equinox–March 20th, 2017. Knowing the elite cultic obsession with dates and symbolism, let it not go without notice that having taken 6 replacement hearts, the old beast finally died at 101 in the Hebrew year 5777 on the Equinox.

Truth & Light

The glitz & glamour are hard to resist


I noticed that too.


7 heart transplants*


I’ve been modeling for a year and a half. I went to one shoot that turned out to be the most uncomfortable experience of my life. The photographer was manipulative, lied about the intent of his project and wanted to put me in fetish gear after I told him no… Now I know my boundaries and when to leave.


I got into local modeling as a teen. It wasn’t high fashion but after experiencing one too many perverts manipulating the hiring situations I was relieved to give it up. It definitely attracts the bottom feeders.


You wanna know how you stop this?! Here’s the plan.. During NY Fashion week.. or anytime really.. EVERY SINGLE MODEL, whether it be a shoot, catwalk, fitting, go-see.. you name it.. EVERY MODEL, EVERYWHERE don’t show up to work.. during that whole week. There is strength in numbers and you gonna believe that. EVERYONE STRIKES from doing ANY job that week.. don’t show up NO WHERE and basically say F-$* ALL of yall!

you go to a casting and everyone is being mistreated.. Id be that one to stand up and say – F_ THIS, we are better than this.. we ALL need to leave!

you HAVE TO BELIEVE that YOU have the power.. put your numbers to work. put that f-ing industry out of work then..


A friend of mine is quoted in the original article (the permanent marker story) and she tells me it’s all true and more.

It’s a lot like the old Hollywood casting couch stories. The thinking goes something like this: “What can I do, file sexual harassment charges and be assured of never finding work again?” Some vicious people in that industry and the know it’s not a typical work environment.


It’s sad that so many are silenced in that way.


Shame VC’s article on Terry Richardson was pulled. It all fits together.

September morn

Where did it go?

D D d

” where did all the flowers go ? ”

Does anybody know if the pulled stories, reports, segments were available in a published book already?


Don’t get involved in a cut throat career that’s based on your appearance. You’re a human being, not a coat hanger. Everyone wants to be something they’re not. It’s tiresome. Report the perverts. How hard is that?

Dead River

“report the events” and face enormous backlash… have some sympathy for these vulnerable, abused, and manipulated people, please. they’re speaking out in numbers now, which is good, but i completely understand why people choose not to report – the perverts are often very powerful and dangerous.


it is absolutly awful but there is also another sickness looking at the daily mail link s pictures all the models they are transgenders


I was surprised that the transgender modeling standard wasn’t even addressed in the article at all. They want women to look like slender men, in many cases they don’t even want to see lumps on a skinny model, they want them lump-less with fillers or padding in the clothing. The only area where this doesn’t apply other then in plus size is in bridal wear or sportswear. I mean there were fashion shows where the only person with curves was Gigi which led to them later talking about her having some sort of weight related disorder…oh please.


What is amazing is that to the general female, the clothes that are worn on the catwalk are not even half as appealing to us ….Then they put them on Transgender Models and super skinny models and it make them even worse…


Kind of hard to be surprised having watched America’s Next Top Model. Even what they went through was abuse but made into a game show. But it just seems like petty attacks against people who simply just want to work.


Interesting to watch how young people are being trained to accept judging in all areas –
Trump was a large part of that.

It’s unacceptable and everyone should walk away from it as quickly as possible.


Y’all should read about the Dutch model Karen Mulder….The fashion industry is depraved.


Yes she is a confirmed industry sex slave 🙁
Prayers for her

Thy Unveiling

Part of me wonders why these models don’t simply leave the industry and its abuse.

Then I remember they’re not allowed to leave if they want to live. Plus mind control.

It’s not exactly like we can help them, either, by turning our backs on the industry. Models are everywhere. Going for a haircut? You’ll find picture of hair models. Need new underwear? You’ll likely find shots of someone’s package on the package. Registering with a temp agency? I’m sure you’ll see images of smiling folk in hard hats advocating the importance of PPE. Have a baby? Regardless if you use disposable or washable diapers, there will be a baby modeling them. It’s inescapable. About the best we can do is shop second hand for the majority of our clothes etc.

Jimbo Jones

I work in a totally unrelated field as a freelancer, and people try to take advantage of me all the time. I think its just human nature. most people if allowed to do what they want will do the most horrible things.


I wouldn’t cause I have morals. I think most people are good people.

D D d

But, like with deep waters, you have to try before you plunge in. Really. ”Trust me.”

Cara C

In my experience, most people are decent, but there is some percentage of people who lack empathy for others. Some industries attract more of these narcissists and psychopaths than others. Modeling is among the sickest, and they are pushing their sickness on the rest of us – starved and anorexic young teenagers are promoted as the pinnacle of womanly beauty, which is unhealthy for us all.


starved and anorexic young teenagers are promoted as the pinnacle of womanly beauty, which is unhealthy for us all.

That’s what happens when hateful homosexuals are in control of whats beautiful or not.


Rather it’s what happens when heterosexual males get involved anywhere because controlling others, especially females, is always on their minds.

Males are also our sexual abusers of children — and they are heterosexual males.

Homosexual males are 100X LESS likely to sexually abuse a child than a heterosexual male.

That’s based in studies which have been done on child molesters.

D D d

That’s why there are less steady jobs nowadays, and more and more ”hired per hour/hired per project” consultants, technicians, care-workers, etc on every side of the economy/democracy you can think of. Have people and small companies have to bid on jobs and work – so they will lower their price.
Doing that won’t even help in this global economy, is the image they want you to understand. Because the mightiest of corporations move house every few years to cheaper human cattle crowds.
The building and moving is tax-and-profit-reducatable, so it works both ways – notice : both only on the investors sides, not the workers’side.
So I do not see why you got downvoted. The model/acting-world is the extreme example of what’s happening to people themselves in daily real life, only than with a coating of free will and dignaty..

Thy Unveiling

I honestly don’t understand the downvoting on some comments on this site, either. It’s kinda like Reddit in that regard. Some comments are glaringly obvious why they get disliked. But there’s been a few that leave me puzzled.


I just saw a post on Instagram from a former model who had went into seclusion the past year after going into a legal case against Karl Kani for drugging her and date raping her. Her name on IG is @ lovelymovely

Another interesting thing I saw online was a recent Dr. Phil episode where he had a guest who was born into an elite sex trafficking family. Very sad and disturbing episode but worth covering VC!!

Mimi Rosa Mendoza

Sorry. But most folks know how awful it can be for models. If they choose to go down that path, that’s a choice they have made.

They could always turn away and do another job but they choose not to.

I’m not trying to say what happens to them is acceptable but they know what they are getting themselves in for.


What you’re saying is that these young female models “get what they deserve” —

and then you try to deny it.


Modelling not so different from music industry and Hollywood where there are a group of evil elite pulling the strings for unlucky yet very gullible and naive souls. Talk about giving your freedom away in return for bondage and slavery with death and torment for any who dare challenge them.


I think where music is different is that they try to masquerade as being this great source of art, energy, inspiration, blah blah blah, etc. Fashion does too but they don’t really try to change the opinion that all of their designers are snotty, rude people and that the models are just puppets abused and being paraded around in order to make millions of dollars for their evil masters. Most people can look at a catwalk and see something is very wrong with that picture. Even Kanye West seemed to get worse after started his ‘fashion line’… who did he get involved with for that bizarre project and what did it cost him? >_<


Another evil realm of hell on earth fueled by greed, perversion, and darkness. I don’t know if I would be like “it’s the homosexuals!” so much as it’s the devil working in all of these people, including the minds of these young souls that aspire to such a hopeless dream that will destroy them. I do think there is serious hate for women in this world, reducing women down in any way and by any means possible, and this is just another example. Male catwalk models are also so depressing to see, they are so thin, hollow, lifeless. Their God-given strength and potential marred by these people wanting to make them these weird shadow-y figures… and for women their God-given grace and beauty and making it something ugly and harsh. Sad.



Joel W

BUT most will still go along for that paycheck


and or the prospect of FAME


Like “go along for that paycheck” isn’t what you and everyone else you know is doing. Puleeze. Self righteousness. Only old maiden aunts are entitled to that. It’s what makes them so boring and tedious….



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