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Italian Police Strikes Against Elite Network That “Brainwashes and Sells Children”

Italian police uncovered an elite network that included a city mayor, renowned psychotherapists, lawyers and social workers. The group brainwashed children using techniques such as electroshock and sold them to wealthy people.



Italian Police Strikes Against Elite Network That "Brainwashes and Sells Children"

Italian police arrested 18 individuals for allegedly brainwashing children into thinking that their parents abused them in order to sell them to “foster parents” (abusers). The network included the mayor of Bibbiano, doctors, psychotherapists, and social workers. According to Italian media, the transactions involving children amounted to hundreds of thousands of Euros. Furthermore, it was discovered that some of the foster parents were sexually abusing the children they bought.

The network used horrific techniques to brainwash children – all of which are used in Monarch Programming.

“To brainwash the children, those arrested allegedly forged child-like drawings with sexual connotations and used electroshock therapy as a “little memory machine” to create fake abuse memories, while the therapists are accused of dressing up as “wicked” children’s story characters.”
– France24, Italy arrests 18 for allegedly brainwashing and selling children

After selling the children, the network stored the gifts and the letters sent to the children by their biological parents in a warehouse that was discovered by police.

Codenamed “Angels and Demons”, the investigation began in 2018 and revealed that the network operated under the pretenses of helping children in difficult situations by placing them in foster families. However, the scheme was essentially a front for child trafficking. An article in the Corriere della Sera newspaper explains how any excuse was used to remove children from their families in order to justify their abduction and brainwashing. Here’s a free translation:

“They removed them from their families using an emergency measure, supported by signs of suffering but almost never  abuse. Any discomfort expressed by minors was enough to remove them from their parents. A pretext was enough, a simple suspicion, like the moans of a child while she was in the bathroom, would cause social workers to accuse parents of sexual abuse.”

Police declined to say how many children were involved, or of what age.

Elite System

Italian Police Strikes Against Elite Network That "Brainwashes and Sells Children"

The town hall of Bibbiano and the mayor Andrea Carletti.

The epicenter of the network was the public structure of the city of Bibbiano. Indeed, it was conducted by Cura di Bibbiano – the regional service that is supposed to actually help abused children. Among the masterminds are Claudio Foti and his wife Nadia Bolognini – “renowned” psychotherapists who are also the founders of the non-profit organization Hansel and Gretel. Other suspects include Fausto Nicolini, a lawyer and the general director of the Hospital of Reggio,

The mayor of Bibbiano Andrea Carletti is accused of covering the crimes of the various social workers and city employees involved in the schemes.

While the political sphere of Italy claims that the network was the product of “rogue elements” within the system, it is, in actuality, only the tip of an extremely disgusting iceberg.

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Italian Police Strikes Against Elite Network That "Brainwashes and Sells Children"

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See the Hope

I promise this is worth the read. How can it be that we are a society so lost and torn apart in the depths of our being that we would turn and prey on the most precious and most vulnerable among us, our children? The human race has lost its mind and is pushing toward territory that is deep into the darkness. Indeed VC, this is only the tip of a massive iceberg. The web of atrocities hidden from the public is as complex as it is diverse and vast. It can’t be “taken down” or figured out. Our mainstream lives actually support it and help protect it. Victories such as the police won in this article are, in reality, moves in a game of chess where pawns are sacrificed to protect the higher-ranking pieces. The strategy of evil is to influence, corrupt, and destroy – all without being detected and targeted as the source of the madness taking place. So why is it this way? Why does it seem that we never stop descending into increasingly more profound depths of depravity? Certainly, we were meant for something different than this. It’s not as difficult to understand as you might… Read more »

That is just wrong!

Wow, I really needed to read this tonight, thank you so much for taking the time to write it, may God bless you!!!


Thank you

Billy Jack Galt



Thank you for clarifying the problem and the solution. This is truly the only solution.
The real GOD who is Jesus’ father is Love, but loves us too much to let us stay and wallow in our condition.
Unfortunately, most people will reject it in favor of a Do-It-Yourself approach.


As it is said: Knowledge, in itself, is power.

See the Hope

The solution is to simply believe the good news of what Jesus has done on behalf of the entire cosmos. It’s all been reconciled. When we exercise faith in such a message, everything about our interaction in life begins to change. The thing is, that it’s so good we don’t even suspect it, much less see it clearly. What he accomplished is nothing less than the fulfillment of a dream hatched long ago in the heart of God. Humans were not brought about to placate a bored and lonely God, some omni being that needed a toy. God has never known loneliness. Where full self-sustaining satisfaction exist, what is birthed is a passion to share. From all eternity, he has always known the glorious union of Father and Son through the fellowship of the Spirit. To grasp the gospel, that is where we must start. We can’t start with the cross, or Adam, or the Fall. We must start with what the new testament writers came to understand and have been trying to show us – that a triune, flowing, other-centered, divine fellowship has opened their circle to include us. The gospel that Jesus told the disciples to go a… Read more »


Wow, chills and tears from this. Thank you.

See the Hope

Yes, Anonymous, when the human heart encounters the unveiled gospel, indeed astonishment is the fruit that starts to take over. Followed by freedom and real joy.

Angela May



Jesus is a fictional character created by Satanic ancient Roman elites to keep people submissive to their rule as “God’s will.” Sooner or later you are going to have to face up that fact, or else you are promoting a lie. And by Christianity’s own admission, we all know that Satan is the author of the lie, EVERYTIME!!! See the book ‘Creating Christ’ which just came out in 2018.

See the Hope

Kathleen, please see reply to your second comment below.


So, if Jesus is fiction and the New Testament or the whole Bible is a hoax, maybe you could you answer me 2 questions.

1. Why does praying help? They even made scientific tests to prove it, and it worked.

2. Why did the (satanic) Roman Catholic church kill some ten thousands of Cathars during the Albigensian Crusades (1209 – 1229)? Those were a group that lived only according to the New Testament and followed the gospels. If they followed their hoax, I don’t see any necessarity why they should have killed them. It would have been great for the church, if they spread the hoax, wouldn’t it? It just doesn’t make sense.

There are probably more questions, but I’m gladly awaiting your answers on those 2 🙂

History 101

The Albigensians were not living according to the New Testament. The elites of the Albigensian society were the “Perfecti,” (Perfecti is historically synonymous with the word Illuminati) who were considered to be incapable of sin, i.e. the Perfecti could rape, steal, and kill – and it would not be considered sin, but perfect righteousness. That’s the reason the RCC launched the Crusade.

They were a very messed up group. Similarly, if we look at another group persecuted by the catholic church, the Brethren of the Free Spirit, from around the same time, they altered the cathedrals they entered to show scenes of sodomy and satan worship – requiring those that joined to watch their families be gang-raped. That’s why the RCC launched the Inquisition.


Christianity does not need defending. It stands for itself. Your questions are not truly seeking answers… They’re messy and you seek to cause drama. Instigating and calling names are not reflective of the fruit of the Spirit.


Then explain to us WHY theres an actual xtian genocide in middle east? Why countries like Pakistant wich originally used to be xtian are run by islamists now?


Prayers effects can be the same as the effects reached in a meditative state. It is nothing ”God related”, but working to reach our own potential.


Looks like this universal truth is hated by the religious dwellers here.

Thumbs up!


Meditation is a purely spiritual practice.


Martina, prayer works because everything in creation is conscious energy and the focusing of one’s thoughts and intents can have a real effect on the matrix. What prayer has to do with Jesus is confusing. Another thing to keep in mind is that the further we are away from the events described in the bible/NY, the more corrupted and perverted they become by those who have the power to change the information contained in them, so you cannot compare the NT we have today to the NT of nearly a thousand years ago. Lastly, the person/spiritual entity we refer to as Jesus can be found across numerous religions, cultures myths etc. Imo, Jesus was a regular old human who gained too much popularity preaching a positive message to the people of his time and the ruling occult elites of the time, masquerading as Jews, had him executed/assassinated. At some point it was decided that he could be used in various ways for trauma based mind kontrol in order to manipulate humanity in the direction the controllers desired. Irrespective of what or who you think Jesus is, we need to adhere to some of his Teachings and be united, understand that… Read more »


Thank so much, Bly.

Have a good day =)


Agreed Martina. Well said.


Many thanks to you Kathleen for this book suggestion. Looks like an interesting theory. I think it’s sad that the VC community is going to the ”religion way”. I have nothing against the ”idea” of a religion, but surely i am against the way it use mankind towards eternal conflicts. It’s hard for me to believe that even in a site like this can be plague by religions.

Angela May

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is not religion. It is the ultimate union.


I know the truth! Iknow the truth! You’re all wrong but I know the truth!!

See the Hope

Actually, Luxx, I would say it’s more like you’re (we’re) all right, not wrong. We are just at different points in our journey of what we can perceive and comprehend. God can’t pull back the curtain for our minds all at once, it has to be little by little for us to be able to take it in, both as individuals and as the human species. But we can be certain that the Father’s heart will be satisfied with nothing less than that we know him. He will not violate our freedom, but he will also not give up on his dream to have us know his embrace and the fellowship of the Holy Trinity. The story is not over…


You are indeed the broken-est of broken records. This is alllllll you ever have to say. Ever. Pathetic. Sad. WRONG. And when YOU find OUT how wrong you are…..maaaan. TOO late!

LaKreshia Hart

You would have had to see and feel his power to understand.


Nope. There’s more proof Jesus existed historically than even the emperor of Rome at that time.

Angela May

Thank you beloved.


Wow, I’m so happy I read this and you took the time to write it.. it was absolutely beautiful and inspirational all around, but this REALLY hit me, like the most spiritual “Aha!” moment:

“The problem with the human race is we don’t know our Father.”



Also, i’ve been seeing the numbers 11:11 a lot lately (not sure you subscribe to the spiritual meaning of these numerical signs)

Well, I just quoted what you wrote in my bio..something prompted me to look at the clock and the time happened to be 1:11.



That’s due to the Schulmann resonance.


Christianity is Satan’s greatest and most effective tool in the destruction of humanity, forever demonizing all earth-based cultures, erasing their knowledge, tricking us into believing its okay to trash the earth, and give the go-ahead to the rape and murder of all “non-Christian” cultures throughout the entire history of Christianity. YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS, indeed, right? No?!!! And the latest never-ending exposure of all the pedophiles running the Catholic church mean nothing to you? Really?!! The “God” of the Bible is none other than Satan, himself, controlling how we perceive his opposition. Well, I am fooled no more. Whether you like it or not, it can no longer be denied that the mounting hard evidence overwhelmingly proves that the Jesus of the New Testament is a fictional character created by ancient roman elites, the Flavians, (to keep people submissive to their rule -“turn the other cheek, love your enemy,” etc.) latest Source- “Creating Christ: How the Roman Emperors Created Christianity” by James Valliant (published 2018) I keep waiting for Vigilant Citizen writers to examine the evidence that Satan’s greatest triumph over humanity is and has always been Christianity itself. The longer you maintain Satan’s greatest lie, the… Read more »

See the Hope

Kathleen, we are all on a journey of discovery and you’re actually on to something. Also, your anger/passion certainly has merit. I’m not saying Jesus is fictional. (Truly, he’s the reverse of fictional – nothing has its existence apart from him.) The things that have you upset are the same things Jesus abhors. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the reason these things you mentioned like child abuse in the Catholic church, rape, murder, trashing the earth etc., as well as the little things like seeing a hurt animal or struggling elderly lady cause you concern is that Jesus is in you (happened when we were raised with him in his resurrection – yep, he’s in us and we didn’t put him there) and his concerns flow through you. Keep being disgusted with what religion has done to humanity. In that, you and Jesus are aligned. But somewhere, your Theology has taken a detour. Jesus is not the fictional invention of the Roman elites. But our blindness does indeed interpret things in foolish ways and imagine a fictional God (and Jesus) that permeates the wrongheaded thinking of most of the world, including Christians. We don’t… Read more »


Thanks, See the hope for the respectful input. Have a good day.


Again, thanks Kathleen.


“demonizing all earth-based cultures, erasing their knowledge, tricking us into believing its okay to trash the earth, and give the go-ahead to the rape and murder of all “non-Christian” cultures”

Your brush. It is really broad.


-Trashes Christianity.
-Appropriates our scriptures.
– Discounts thousands of years of innovation and pious men who shook the world.

That “book” you mentioned is the worst scholarship in modern history. Come back with better material from actual sources.


Thousands of years of innovation because of a cult? Sorry but you lost all credibility.

Taking this into consideration, i guess your input on Kathleen’s book suggestion goes down the drain.


I dont’t blame you, ’cause one thing is to say that God doesn’t exist and other thing is to say that the god in the Bible is satanic. Because if there’s a satanic spirit, then there is an almighty God.
Every top institutions in the world hides a grisly true inside the closet, I wish I’d know what Vaticano hides inside those walls!

Nontuthuzelo Hove

Wow! You have encapsulated the essence of our existence… to be part of the family of God. This article is evidence of what becomes of humanity when we remove God from our lives. All that is left is darkness, death and destruction.


your existence*

See the Hope

Trys, your response comes from a perspective that sees us having the choice to choose the setting we exist in. As if to say “You choose your reality and I’ll choose mine, thank you very much”. And in a way, there’s relevance to that. Because, after all, how we each see things is simply how we see them, right. This is where Satan’s tactics find empowerment, in our darkened imaginations that project their own reality. In essence, that is what happened at the Fall. Adam and Eve became blind to what was true, specifically concerning God and themselves, and began projecting their own reality from a fallen perspective – this is “the darkness”. Thus, they hid from God, who had not changed at all – only in their minds. And when God came to them they started pointing fingers. Family, love, and other-centered passion had turned into self-centered defensive management. What fell at the Fall was the perspective of the human race. The truth of God’s loving embrace that we were created for had become veiled from our eyes. This condition is unacceptable to our Father, who has resolved it all in the New Covenant – all wrapped up in… Read more »


See the Hope, do you have a web page with more information?

See the Hope

ReBuilder,I don’t personally. But I can certainly recommend looking into trinitarian theology from the perspective of C. Baxter Kruger and John Crowder. Two very different types of people but they have both seen the beauty of the gospel. John Crowder has a string of YouTube videos called The Jesus Trip. There is a lot there. Shocking at first, but once our religious minds get deconstructed, the lights really start coming on inside.


With all my respect, See the hope, you have no idea what you talk about when you refer as ”what i think”. You can be as pious as you want, you won’t ever be in my head, wich i am thankful for, not because it’s you but because i have MORE THAN ENOUGH to do with my own self. Being too up there would hell for both, i am sure of it :). I like respectful ppl thinking differently than me. I love to communicate wich is WHY you’re never bothering and also why i will always reply to you when you used my pseudo. Removing all references to your religious POV about good and bad would make us agree with most of things you put there if not all. I do believe IN GOOD as well as IN EVIL. Both comes toegether and whats good for one might be evil to another, depending on the way we look at things. Yes, even the most horrible things one can imagine is still can be ”the Good” in action to some. I am not refering to my own self + english isnt my mother tongue, so talking about complexe things might… Read more »


Sorry for the typos and little words missing here and there. Am sure you will easily ”get the pic”. Thank you,


Angela May

Amen. Amen. Amen.


We live in a universe of opposites and polarities so if there is pure goodness in the world, best believe there is absolute depravity and unadulterated evil also. The good thing is that good always wins the battle and whatever is done in the dark will come to light eventually.


There’s an organization called Hansel and Gretel? That says it all.


How could people not be suspicious of an organization named Hansel and Gretel? Who picks that name for a charity that “helps” children?




F*** you. Sure, the disgusting so-called “humans” behind this child trafficking case Are wastes of oxygen. But not because they are Italian, because they’re freaking child traffickers; unfortunately such things go on in Every country on the planet. You being racist makes you also are a semi waste of oxygen (or a waste of text on the internet at least..), you may not be as despicable as those people; but racism isn’t nothing but pure hate that Divides us all & you’re just helping spread it. Also was it not Italian police who uncovered the ring & saved many other children? Even if it still goes on (which Sadly it does, but taking down such vile things; every single bit matters!..) by other fake organizations, in that country & other countries alike; at Least those Italian people still did in fact take out Those pieces of s***. I’m surprised that, myself included, there’s only Two thumbs down here.. I Guess because not many actually know of that semi-dated racial slur against Italians. And yeah, I’m an Italian (who lives in America, but that’s irrelevant..) & while the slur bugs me a bit; that isn’t what Truly upsets me here. What… Read more »


Dont worry, as a European myself, I know european countries get their ideas from what is going on in america, and America from the nazis and russians in years past. The difference is that here it is so huge that the police cannot do a thing as they did there.

Thy Unveiling

I honestly didn’t know it was a racial slur until reading your response to the word. I’d thought it was some allusion to dragons, (there’s a character called Drago in Animal Crossing; irrelevant to the conversation, but probably the basis behind my false assumption…) which confused me, as it didn’t seem to fit anything I’d read. “Wtf do dragons have to do with anything? Or is this some reference to Draco Malfoy?” (Interesting that both Anonymous and Draco are racists…and that, sadly, those Harry Potter kids most likely suffered similar abuses as the poor children in this article…) Well, thank you for educating myself and others who did not know what the word meant. Now we know. I was only aware of the one slur against Italians. That other one that is also used with “doo” to describe old pop songs that our grandparents may have enjoyed. “Doo-wop ditties” These days most would assume it was a perverted racial slur against certain females chests, when really its simply a description for early Megan Trainor songs and the genre that influenced her. You’re bang-on about everything, as usual, deadpopstar. Thanks again, and I do apologize sincerely if I offended you at… Read more »

D D d

Maybe the same people as the parents in the story: People who can not take care for their children, can not feed them.. There are lots of them in this world. It is not history, it is not a fairytale. It is culture.
When I mentioned the story, the first folks remembered the cookie and candy house, not the abandoning.


Exactly what I thought when i heard it. How on the nose. Flaunting what is going on by putting in right in front of you


Isn’t this what Jim Saville did in the UK? And the Government covered it up completely…
He was even knighted for crying out loud.
Please Jesus come back.

D D d

They, the rulers and their so called democraticly chosen minions know no borders, it is all one big playing ground.
They are related by blood, not by election or paperwork.
There are a few generations of their offspring already in politics, after in the Netherlands we sold all our assets to unknown shareholders in the 80’s, to corpoorations. And still the monarchy is number one, the big scary king and his army still rules. Did they have the most money and officially bought it all up? We all know Beatix, her father and her sister used ofshore to avoid their own countries taxes..


Disgusting. What the hell is wrong with people?

Level headed

Evil exists. Let us not deny this fact.


Thank you; Amen!

The Lord be with you all.

Greg Osborne

Malevolent narcissists love flaunting their evil to the “little people”. Ironically calling a supposed children’s charity “Hansel and Gretel” only heightens the thrill that these human gouls receive when the numbed populace gives them the benefit of the doubt. Even when they’re caught, they have the money and connections to weasel their way out of justice because they have bought the establishment that enables them. I’m glad they were caught, but these subhumans are certainly just the tip of a very rotten iceberg.


Don’t forget Hansel and gretel were trapped by a witch. They used the name probably for real witches to find them.

Mojo Jojo

Money talks in this satanic yolo obcessed world.
Just watch how the trial/s fall apart due to officers not following basic protocol in gathering evidence, giving the offenders their rights etc.
Watch how key evidence will vanish before trail without any explination.
Witnesses will be intimidated or killed to remove their damning testimonies in court.

Essentially a few of them will get thrown to the slaughter to keep the masses from rioting, but those who truly were behind it all, will slip away with resignations and move to another part of the country or a different country, with just slaps on the wrist and a heavy bank balance to compensate them for their good work over the years.
(kind of like how Tony Blair is a millionaire after he led the UK to war with Iraq and Afghanistan, with regular top ups from being paid an average £100k to host bank events, give a speach or two etc).


I’m Italian and knowing the low level of our media I’m really surprised this horrible story came to surface, in the area were those criminals operated there were 12000 children and 1900 of them (1/6) were taken off their families, so we are not talking about 20 persons, all were involved and knew something was wrong, this could open a Pandora’s box of horror and evil.


I think these things only come to surface as part of the plan…


Probably you’re right, but we can still hope they can fail.


Stay strong friend. Your country has a lot better politics than Belgium.

Raise the alarm and spread this story wide. Don’t let them bury the truth!


For those who say, “people in power can never unite for underhanded purposes or conspiracies, they would never agree all the time & someone will eventually talk,” well…how do you explain this?


It kills me when people say stuff like that. I mean, look at gangs and the mob. They are able to keep secrets quite well (because they kill those who talk) and conspire on all sorts of things. You could never have drug rings, human trafficking, organ trafficking, etc. without people conspiring.

As if having money somehow makes you a saint …


“If you stay neutral in a situation of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor”

D D d

In the Netherlands there is a saying that goes something like that:
“Those who do not speak up against it agree with it.”


We have the same saying here, in Québec.


And like this we interpret the behavior of people during voting at work. You might not actively vote “for”, but if you did not vote “against” or “abstain”, it is considered that you vote “for”.


Yeah, “When you make your peace with evil, you become evil.” -Jim Morrison (1943-1971)


Jesus does not like the lukewarm. I am sure Kathleen really wanted to hear that.

D D d

Anonymous, why do you keep trollin? No need for extra fuel on fires like this – wouldn’t you say?
”Jesus does not like the lukewarm. I am sure Kathleen really wanted to hear that.”
By reacting like you did, you intentionally muddy the discussionwaters. Your true skin is not christian-like, is not healing: it is distortion and abuse.
I hope your true fellow christian/religious folk can see through that dirty veil.


Because the troll is Kathleen


So you’re a brainwashed xtian then?

Quick and easy conclusion to suits my emotional needs of retaliation as i am angry when i see ppl with different ”2 cents” than mines. Am i right?


Lukewarms might or might not like your Jesus as well. Lets talk about tastes and colors, plz.


Agreed just a dumb argument for people who can’t critically think or are desperate for an excuse to look away.


This is the same thing CPS does here in the US – the organization and all that surround it are neck-deep in pedophiles.


don’t forget the n_c me _c.

Thy Unveiling

CAS in Canada, same thing. Doctors will even fudge reports, claiming there were bruises or injuries or some other speculative “indication of abuse.”

Not *all* foster families are awful. I’ve encountered some folk who were quite fortunate during their time as a foster child. But for every “good” story; there’s a buttload of others that are beyond heartbreaking.

Please, Father…let evil be eradicated from this world during the lifetimes of today’s children. They deserve so much better than this, and those of us who understand what’s going on…we do not know how to stop these horrible things, as much as we want to. (That “silence is consent” thing is bs. I do not consent to child abuse rings; but its not like I know who’s involved in one. These people don’t say “Oh, I had a great night beating this kid in more ways than one, if yanno what I mean.” casually as they discuss the weather. I’m sure there’s some sickos in my city, but how to recognize and stop them?)


Exactly! CPS needs to be taken down and investigated itself. CPS is in schools and schools are down with just like hospitals. I pray CPS is defeated.

Heinz Klett

In this german documentary Dr. Andrea Christidi explains that german Jugendamt – German youth welfare offices took children from their families and put them to foreign countries to people as cheap workers.

In 2017 alone, around 80,000 families were affected by child abduction by German youth welfare offices. ✓ In public, “in-taking” is used to protect children from violence and abuse. Miss Dr. In contrast, Andrea Christidis, a psychologist and legal expert, reports in an interview about increasingly flimsy reasons that separate children from their families. She sees a power structure that is maintained by corrupt and sometimes pedophile judges, youth workers and politicians and can only be broken by the public.

Sounds creepy at all….

God bless our children and us all!

Greetings from Germany,

Heinz Klett


Thanks Heinz for the link. Be well!


It makes me happy knowing Germans read this site. Keep praying!

Mike Pearson

Public hangings should be the norm for these perverts


If Italy had good judges they’d do a Mussolini-era “death by castor oil”.


Good! There are still good people in this world!!! Get the bad guys! Poor children.


This is an institution in countries like germany and the nl. They take the kids of migrants by inventing ridiculuous reasons (like “setting them a bad example”, “bad” being anything not liberal) and give them to lesbian or gay parents. Biological parents cannot contact their kids anymore. I dont think italy can further or widen the investigation.


Right. Because 90% of pedos are straight dumazz. Why you blaming gays and lesbians you pervert?


Because no matter what the topic, some asshat has to steer it to their obession with gays, or give a sermon.


Jackass, read it again and you will see that they give the kids to gay ppl to foster. No where did it says anything bad about gay ppl. Your arrogant thinking is shameful. Your emotions has gotten the best of you and you just saw gay. Sad you are!


Maybe if you reread it you will understand dumb A-S! YOU MUST BE A SENSITIVE GAY A-S TO POP OFF AT THE MOUTH. They did not say nothing wrong about gays….just that they give the children to them. Man, you ppl don’t read well.


Btw, that number is not true (90% lol). Yes there are straight pedos and gay pedos. Equal they are in both areas. No one is perfect. Stop Being so sensitive with your emotions!


most pedos are bisexual, or homosexual. fact


Do you have any evidence of migrant children being placed with parents their culture might not approve off? I find that hard to believe. All it takes is one Fatwah on someone’s head and Europe will never do that again.


Sure. There are plenty. Ome example: Search for yunus azeroglu and their parents who endlessly try to get their kid back.


Thank you. I will look that up.

D D d

There is a big number of refugee children missing, indeed, in the Netherlands too, and Belgium, and Haiti, and and and


I would like to see statistics about that. I live in Scandinavia, and missing immigrants/refugee children are never mentioned publicly. There are rumors that the numbers are high.

D D d

Most I remember reading is between the lines. It is mentioned on mainstream, but in context of totals. Even the government acknowledges the numbers of starter-refugees do not match the group years later. They acknowledge letting people in without pasport or credentials. Children that had mental/ajustment problems tended to be locked in assylums and jails, because “there is not enough room in care centres”.
But no, not official statistics, ofcourse. I have tried to look up several statistcs of our country at the official source, but they have made looking up and compairing a hell of a job, with several sideguides and threshholds.


Yes it happens. A family from my country who worked in Norway had their kids taken because they were too religious and took the kids to church and for disciplining them.The social workers used to say that if they leave their parents, the foster ones will give and buy whatever they want and that they won’t have rules. The children were given to gay parents. It’s so disturbing what’s happening right now.


If that happened in my home state here in America there would be riots.
I’m terribly sorry to hear that.
Pray for those children!


It does happen in AMERICA! Look it up on YouTube. Children are taken away from good parent’s all the time. The government wants to rule over ppl. America has it’s dark secrets but the left news will only show refugee kids going through some crap. America have dark secrets! Research!


Romans1, He gave us over to a depraved mind. Evil will abound in the end of days. MKultra still in operation. Desensitized the masses so we can go full hog with our perversion. Child trafficking is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Our world has gone down the rabbit hole never to emerge from it.

Truth & Light

What in elite hell?! Where is the money coming from to fund and where is the money going for sales? Follow the money trail


In Canada, I suspect that there is a fast-track policy for same-sex couple who wants to adopt children. It takes no more than 2 years for them.

D D d

In a lot of countries it is easier to skip adoption and go for fostering Lost Children. Easier to exchange the ones not working out as desired, especially when your husband is a mason.


In America its so hard to adopt yet h--o’s get almost a free pass.
I believe this is intentional and authorities are complicit.


I jave a gut feeling there’s Italian police precinct about to be inundated with “suicides” i.e. Terrence Yeakey.


I have (sorry)


there is something hidden in this story. Notice that in 1998 the same region witnessed a huge case of children accusing parents and all the village where they lived of satanism and sexual abuse. This was a shock for all Italy. Incredibly, during the trial proofs were never found even if many children who didn’t know each other all agreed about some important facts. So many people were condamned for sexual abuse but not for satanism. The trial ended 16 years later. And then? Well, last year a reportage by Italian newspaper LaRepubblica investigated all the story, and proclaimed that it was all a hoax, a fake, and that psychologists, social workers, lawyers and judges too, have lied or have done a bad job. 4 of the 16 children involved retracted their statements too, but what about the other 12? They didn’t, they don’t want to see their parents anymore either. The truth remains foggy. Why I am telling you all this? Because Claudio Foti, one of the psychiatrist now arrested, recently tried to fight against that journalistic investigation, pointing out that satanism is real, and that those children weren’t lying. His wife was also involved in this old story.… Read more »


I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mafia and the Vatican are also involved.

Jacopo Foscari

Vatican-> As for now, nope. Those involved are secular left wing LGBT activists and left wing politicians. Emilia Romagna is usually the most secular, atheist and anti-clerical region of Italy so the Vatican holds little power there. They replaced the Church with the former Communist Party, who is now named the Democratic Party a long time ago. As for now those involved are anticlerical and marxist activists with no connection to the church. Although who knows what comes next. Bologna, the capital of Emilia Romagna is basically the San Francisco of Italy. Secular, wealthy, cosmopolitan and uber-liberal. Mafia-> There’s no room for mafia in Emilia Romagna. They already have the Democratic Party, who has been ruling this region since the fall of Mussolini in a mafia-style way. Only those who are member of “The Party” can be successful in Emilia Romagna, there’s no room for outsiders. The only difference between the mafia rule of Sicily and the Democratic Party rule in Emilia Romagna is that mafia is illegal while the Democratic Party mob-style rule in Emilia Romagna is perfectly legal. So mafia has very little power there, the power system of the left is too strong for mafia to mount… Read more »

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Netherlands Jeugdzorg Minerva Demmink Orange Den Haag Zandvoort …

Belgium United Kingdom Turkey Sweden Australia Argentine Brazil South-Africa Cuba Thailand Philipines, too …

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I forgot: ofcourse we know Salo was just a movie, okay?

History 101

There was an italian documentary in the 1980’s about similar abuses that mentioned this Hansel and Gretal place. So this has been known for a long time. Sadly, these kinds of investigations don’t produce much results.


We have the right to ask WHY as well as the right to get an honest answer.

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