Michael Jackson’s New Album Cover: Rife with Symbolism


Since Michael Jackson’s untimely death, we have observed some rather insidious “tributes” to him, which, once decoded, were in fact thinly veiled references to his ritual sacrifice. His memory has indeed been hijacked by those who, in my humble opinion, killed him. This fact becomes obvious when looking at his posthumous releases. His latest album cover is another striking proof.

Sony Music (a company MJ spoke against – see this Vigilant Citizen article) is releasing a new album entitled Michael, which is said to contain some unreleased material. Here is the album cover:

The cover depicts Michael at several stages of his career. There are also some interesting yet disturbing symbols.

The Monarch Butterfly

Probably the most obvious and disturbing symbol is the Monarch Butterfly on his left shoulder, which represents in pop occult symbolism, Monarch programming, a form of trauma-based mind control. Many details about Michael Jackson’s life remain obscure. He is however a prime example of a young star being recruited by the Industry and most probably submitted to Monarch programming. In his last years however, MJ broke out from his control and even started to speak out against the evils of the industry. This breakout might explain his “mysterious” death.

The Moonwalker Robot

Looming ominously at the top right side of the album cover is a MJ android with glowing red eyes. This is taken from Moonwalker, a movie produced during the height of Jackson controlled state, in which he turns, quite symbolically, into robot.

Regular readers might notice the similarity between this transformation and the one of Maria from Metropolis and many other pop stars under Illuminati control. In the context of the album cover, the presence of the android might be a references to his alter, programmed persona, in contrast with the “old MJ”, depicted at the opposite side of the album cover.


Black and White/ Day and Night Duality

Michael is crowned by a Black and a White angel, alluding to the ritualistic nature of his crowning, an occult union of opposing forces.  The same concept is exploited in Kanye West’s Runaway, where a big (and rather horrid) head of MJ is surrounded by black and white angels with gruesome faces.

Scene from Kanye West’s Runaway. MJ’s head with a Black and a White angel, alluding to ritual sacrifice.

In a case of strange synchronicity, here’s Kanye’s cover art for “Power”:

As we have seen in the article Kanye West’s “Power”: The Occult Meaning of its Symbols, this image probably refers to the “King Kill 33” Masonic ritual.

Was MJ’s ritual sacrificed planned? You might want to take a look at this album cover.

Michael Jackson wearing red (occultly refering to sacrifice) on a Masonic checkerboard pattern. The title “Blood on the Dancefloor” refers to MJ’s blood on the Masonic floor, the era on which rituals occur.




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        People need to know the difference between "Zionist" and "Judaism"

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      • That would be a wise rule to apply to not only every other country, but each other. I find it hard to believe God wants us to kill OTHER people, just not Jews……..

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      • isn't it interesting the amount of bad votes a user got on their comment defended the israelites, God's choosen people? Seems like a lot of people are already disliking them, the Bible's prophecy's become more and more relevant every single day!

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      • Jim,

        Check your Scriptures… "There is a time for love. There is a time for hate."

        When is the time to hate? When the Laws of The Creator are sneered at…

        It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. Your emotions have no effect on the rock of truth. The Creator will not be denied.

      • Jim,

        Up until 5 years ago, I had never been able to piece together the underpinnings of all the forces that had frustrated my life. I was raised as a christian and my parents' mild and understated anti-Semitic views were disagreeable to my all inclusive perspective on what Christ's teachings were all about. A universal love for all.

        The fact is that what people are explaining to you about Zionism is true. It is also true that in this world, evil has existed since the beginning of recorded human time. It is also true that much of that evil is based on a psychological perversion of the concept of "all is good" (unless some false or negative energy introduces flaws of human error (sin, if you will). But it goes deeper than that, depending on your sense of spirituality.

        Discovering that 9/11 was not what we were told, accepting that, was very difficult for me. As I researched that all the more deeply I read of the theory that the Shanksville site was not where Flight 93 went down. I will spare you the utter darkness of that alternate theory, but based on the evidence I was able to find, I have accepted that darkness as being more probable. The disinformation industry has always been around but over the last 40 years it has gone out of control. The extent to which our world leaders are under duress is astonishing. All of it having been accomplished by not playing it straight, and least of all with honor and dignity and sound moral character.

        I could go on but my point to you is this. Our facia world, our nations, have succumb to humans who no longer regard themselves as human. In their view, we are goyim. And that carries some pretty serious crap up it's sleeve. If you intend to remain narrow minded and base your faith in God as something you read in the bible, you will perish. You will be consumed by persons who do not value your existence as anything more important than the scum on the bottom of your shoes.

        It is true that Zionists conjured up the notion of Anti-Semitism as a shield. You can trace the roots of Zionism from it's roots, all the way to the US via the "Straussian School" and then into the PNAC (see: Michael Ledeen) on the net. They could not have gained the prominence they now have in the federal government if not by a slow, gradual process of garnering the money of good trusting Jewish persons.

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      • remote galaxy on

        i agree with most of the comments here..especially regarding the ruling elites..my opinion by looking at the world and the research i have done over some times..it does seem suspicious whwther these Khazars who claim to be Jews, arent really, actually the descendents of Cain.. who came from the fallen ANGELS OF THE FIRST GARDEN OF EDENTIA.. THESE ANGELS WERE THOSE WHO COLLABORATED WITH LUCIFER, SATAN AND CALIGASTIA IN THE LUCEFERIAN REBELLION..who later manipulated and made Eve to sleep with one of them and conceived and gave birth to GIANTS..ONE OF THEM IS Cain who was not a true Adamite.

        my point here is that the current evil rulers of economics, health, education, entertainment and etc who are brainwashing us, of course its the WEST, EUROPEANS, COULD SPRINGING FROM the Cainite lineage.

      • yes except he’s totally right if do some research about what HAS happened and IS happeneing

      • Tristan Harrell on

        Israel needs help so very often because the world does not like God's people. Satan does not like God's chosen people, and Satan is in the mind of those who try to make war against them. God said he would rise up people who would destroy the Jews, but Israel would rise as a nation again. & this has all happened. Israel is a very holy place in God's sight. This conflict would not exist if it were not; there would not be dispute over a piece of land the size of New Jersey.

      • Me from Colombia on

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      • I dunno how this Jewish debate ended up in the MJ thread. But, it bring up an interesting topic: What is Jewish? Are only the people who call themselves Jewish today the chosen ones? Or are there many, many people who are now Christian, Muslim, other or nothing who are also Jewish? The bible makes it clear that bloodlines are very important. That's why there's all those "begats" in the bible. Actually, the seed of Abraham is all over the world. The chosen ones are all over the world. In my opinion, when God speaks of His chosen people, He's talking about many more people than the ones who call themselves Jewish today.

      • Actually, bloodlines were very important in the Old Testament. Christ is the New Covenant and his new agreement is with everyone. That's not to say there's not truly evil bloodlines, but no one can claim salvation through a bloodline. The Lord searches hearts.

      • Agreed. I'm not speaking to salvation, only to the notion of what is Jewish. Certain folks have been very protective of Israel because of their status in the bible. I just think Israel is more than just a Jewish state. Many of us are Israel, if you look at the bloodlines.

      • Abraham was the father of Arabs and Jews. Arabs are now Muslims but that doesn't make them not semite anymore.

      • God was VERY clear that while He would honor Abraham's seed through the Egyptian slave wife, the child was NOT the one He will make His covenant with. He said that the descendants would be many and a great nation, but be a war-like people. That is all.

      • I believe Christians, Jews and Arabs (Islam) are all supposed to be one. Our Holy Books mention some of the same people, even Jesus is mentioned in Islam (Isa) where they believe he will return one day to defeat the Anti-Christ. Our versions of events just vary, and I believe that somehow, some "powerful" individuals (maybe emperor Constantine in the later days) have managed to twist it all around to get us to fight each other (Divide and Conquer). I was taken aback when I found out Moses (Moosa) and Solomon (Sulaiman) are mentioned in there as well. We're just brought up to believe that the other way is wrong and the ours is right. I'll never support Israel because I know it is run by sinister people (the Country/State – I've got nothing against Hebrew people. They're also God's children like everyone, plus, their woman are extremely hot – seen those chicks in the army??). That is why I hate it when pastors and ministers keep on saying how "God Protects Israel" and "Arab Missiles will never touch them because its His people". I find that strange because we're Christians. It's very anti-Jesus if you think about it. Jesus was all about turning the other cheek and loving thy neighbor. I find it hard to believe that God wants to wipe out Palestinians or whatever creed of people. That is why God sent Jesus, so that the WHOLE WORLD could be saved, not just Mike, John or Lisa, but Muhamed, Shahid and Zainab too. Just wish these dudes would be exposed already for who they really are. I'm getting sick of how everyone's being played and manipulated to believe that things are how they are, just because they are. So sick. And then they see sites like this exposing it, and they laugh it off.

      • I think its rather arrogant and ignorant of you to talk about Israel and Jews as if they have nothing to do with the illuminatti… Kaballah, which is a religion freemason Madona practices is an ancient jewish religion of magic. It started in the temple of Solomon in Israel. To carry on about Irael being the most holy land is also problematic, because Mecca is also considered the most holy land, I am not Islamic but there is extensive research that proves that. Lastly the issue between Israel and Palestine is much bigger and broader than what you reduce it to. The Israeli army is literally murdering people on a daily basis in Gaza and other parts of Palestein, they are busy building Jewish settlements on Palestinian land that they all agreed belonged to Palestein. I was in Israel 2 weeks ago, and most people there dont even like black people, or people of colour for that matter. I sat on the sharut (Bus) next to an old jewish lady, and as soon as I sat she stood up, that happened several times. I went to Jerusalem and while taking a picture I bumped into a 6/7 year old jewish boy, he told me he was going to murder me WTH? What is so holy about that.

        You base your argument on a book that was translated too many times by free Masons themselves. Besides, your statement, what does it have to do with the article about Michael Jackson. Please do more research before exposing how much you actually do not understand about the illuminati on public forums such as this.

      • Watch "The Arrivals" on youtube folks.

        It explains what Islam, Christianity ,Judaism ,Israel and Palestine have with the illmunati.

      • Something you should understand is that Jews are not the chosen people just because they said they were. There are no chosen people. And trust me if God would have chosen something to save the earth from what ever most religions think they are going to do it wouldn't be an human race because we have not been god to earth.

      • I agree with that you said. As for the reply… its pretty hard not to have at least some hatred in you for these children of satan. given what they have done and are doing to our planet

      • Wow….I didnt know people came up with such BS in order to give reason for their anti-semitism. You have it all wrong buddy. Stop reading stuff on the net and study the different religions before you start making idiotic accusations. Now go back to your Nazi and KKK friends.

    • I also wondered if the black and white angels symbolized the good n evil duality. note the sides they are placed on. this could be representing the transition from good michael to 'BAD' michael.

    • Did anyone notice that Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr is behind Michael in the top left corner? and that on the flag that is being stood up on the moon is not an American flag, but what looks like the Illuminati Pyramid eye.

    • Name (required) on

      Lady Gag's "manifesto" about "the Kingdom" along with Kayne's "Power," and Gag's "the Fame" — for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, for ever and ever.

      • Aye i found it extemely distressing as we all know Michael was strongly against them and would definitely not have wanted this album cover or his unfinished masterpiece to be released!!!!!

        It's got illuminati written all over it :( :( :(

        nd the worse thing bout it is that they're probably releasing it cos they know its gonna sell bloody well as Michael does have sum gr8 diehard fans who will prob buy it and they're just doing it to make millions>>>those greedy bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Its just not fair.

      Not fair at all.

      Ever since I was little I wish I knew him/ met him. I miss you michael. hope you are well and smiling.

    • I agree with that the cover is rife with esoteric symbols.But they might be propaganda themselves, they may portray MJ as a puppet, so their movement looks more powerful to the eyes that recognize them.

      lMHO MJ was surely used, because being an idol encourages idolatry, and idolatry, from a practical, not a religious POV, prepares the mind to submission.

      But he also did stuff like `beat it` which tells youngsters to refuse being controlled by the gang`s perversion of a honour code. That doesn`t fit if he was programmed from the beginning


      • Beat it however had a symbolic undertone of masturbation.

        Thrillar also had some satanic symbolism to it. And people even called him out on it. That is why he had to say that he didn't pratice the occult, evne though he did.

    • yeah … sometimes i think i can ignore it as i ill always stick with god but i cant ignor it although i will always love god

  1. Hmmmmm… it's something to look into definitely. I saw the butterfly and thought of the monarch programming of course. Something else I thought was weird was the animals near the right shoulder of Mike. A Bear just like in Lady Gaga's video bad romance. Hmm, I know in some rituals the bear is a spirit guide for rebirth just like the phoenix. Do you think the other animals could mean something also. (I know those are from the video "Leave me alone" by Mike but that video is riddled in mystery also.)

    • It's interesting that you mention the Bear…I did not know that there was symbolism behind it, although, as soon as I read that I thought of the HBO series "Carnivale" / which I believe was full of hidden meanings most of them refering to freemasonry and "the system" / and in one of the episodes they show a bear during a dream of the guy that was "the chosen one"…and it seemed random but I always wondered what it meant..You don't just put a bear on a scene out of nowhere or for no reason, right?

      I guess it's kind of hard to explain the context on which they presented it if you have not watched the series (which they "misteriously" cancelled, although it had a great fan base) But what do you know about the bear?

      Any one care to comment on this? VC?

      • interesting idea of animals and a tv show called carnival representing somrthing like that. should be remember on MJ's Dangerous album (which was also a collage of sorts like this one) was Barnum, who was a cirus owner and entertainer

      • What is even more creepy is the fact that I looked up the word "insidious" at the beginning of this article on dictionary.com and I saw an add for the new Cirque du SOLEIL show called "Michael Jackson: The IMMORTAL World Tour"!!!! that was very weird!!lol

      • Reveal The TRUTH on

        Thats very interesting. Does anyone know what the Lion and tiger stands for? I know that they must be symbolic as a lion randomly appears in Madonnas 'Like a Virgin' also a there is a man with a mask in the video-it doesn't make sense and is totally random, which is the exact same as Ke$has 'Your love is my drug' where she wears a tiger mask, and Rhianna in 'Rude boy' is riding a tiger. Does anyone know what they represent? Im thinking that it has something to do with the kitty altar?

      • God spoke of Himself as a lion when speaking as a judge of evil.

        Hosea 13:6-8 "When I fed you, you were full. When you were full, you became arrogant. That is why you forgot me. So I will be like a lion. Like a leopard I will wait by the road to ambush you. Like a bear that has lost her cubs, I will attack you. I will rip you open. Like a lion I will devour you. Like a wild animal I will tear you apart."

        and of course the Devil likes to make fun of God, so maybe they mean something evil here?

      • Actually, being that his birthday is on August 29th, he's a Virgo. Leos are from July 21-ish to August 23rd.

      • There is a video on theindustryexposed about animals and symbolism i think its in the 60s or 50s

      • The lion in the "Like A Virgin" video is the symbol of Saint Mark, and not random at all, as the video was filmed in Venice, Italy (home to St. Marks Cathedral). Venice has long been noted for elaborate costume masks (also not random) and outfits which are part of Carnivale (that which we call Fat Tuesday), the day before Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent). Carnivale means: good bye to meat…or farewell to the pleasures of the flesh.

        Basically everybody would get their freak on (or steak on) before they would go on a 40 day break, in reverence of the days leading up to the resurrection of Jesus…then of course they'd go back to what they were doing. Hey… this must be where New Year's resolutions came from…Just kidding. Carnival is in Feb.

        As for tigers, they are a symbol of India. Lion is a symbol for England. Bear is a symbol for Russia. African Elephant is depicted (larger ears than the Indian elephant). I'd like to think that this was an homage to the phrase "Lions, and Tigers, and Bears…Oh my" as MJ played the scarecrow in "The Wiz"…but I'm not sure what variety of animals he kept at his ranch. The Elephant Man's bones (from "Leave Me Alone") are already next to MJ's ear. I think I see the Noid in a bubble. Wow.

      • Interesting about the bear. Maybe that is why Kanye's mascot is a bear. Maybe initially signified his re-birth, or rather him making a pact with evil so that he could live after that car crash. Always thought the teddy bear was kinda cool. Never really thought it might have meaning behind it. Can't believe how naive I was in high school. Food for thought.

    • I have Korean friends who have told me about the Korean creation myth. I do not know if it has any relevance to the symbolism found in MJ's cover. It was said that there was a bear and a tiger who wanted to be humans so they prayed hard to a heavenly prince. Their request would be granted provided that they eat only mugwort and garlic for one hundred days in a cave. The tiger couldn't stand the boredom, hunger and life in the cave but the bear did as it was told and it became a beautiful woman after only 21 days. Later on, she prayed to have a child, and she gave birth to Dan-gun. Dan-gun became the first human king of Korea.

      Some questions came to my mind. Does the bear symbolize a transformed being – from an animal to human through its perseverance? Now that reminds me of the story of Pinocchio. And is it the reason why the bear appears on the right side of the cover depicting the white MJ and is right behind the butterfly? Is he the transformed being after Monarch programming? Behind the bear is a tiger. In the Korean myth, the tiger didn't become human because he couldn't endure the sacrifice required by the heavenly prince. Does it depict the MJ who broke out from his control?

    • The bear could be a symbol for the hanshake you learn after the foax death during the resurrection ritual, it's called something like the soloman handshake and it looks sort of like a bear paw when you do it.

  2. 2nd!!!

    He was sacrificed for THEIR purpose… However i don't in anyway believe that his music was symbolic or occult in anyway…

    Keep up the good work, Vigilant!!!

    • I agree! Much of Michael's music was good, and when I say good I mean from a good place in the heart, a loving place. It's undeniable.

  3. Funny, I was just thinking yesterday aboth the insane money Michael was paying that doctor just to keep him ALIVE yet he still got wacked. Why would anyone pay that kind of money for a private physician then administer drug injections to themselves? The story makes no sense.

  4. The album cover art thoroughly disturbed me. The symbolism is overload!! The tiger, a U.F.O., the Sun vs. Moon complex, the creepy industrial cameras, the robes Michael is in, AND his right hand over his heart in sign of admiration! I'm not even sure what to make of the demonic/possessed-looking Gorilla-like creatures on the left… One literally looks like its the undead! Will Michael forever remain "undead," bringing in massive royalties to the greedy corporations that murdered him?! Bless Michael's soul… This is so wrong. Its sad how "they" truly have the power to do whatever "they" want. Only if enough people wake up one day could anything truly change..

      • You know what anybody recognized the fact that his face is half black and half light as well ? I'm curious of this creepy thing with the red eyes you know (please no bashing me for this) I'm wondering if Michael was an angel unaware he went through way too much for a human, think about it he was the most popular person in the history of the world. Its crazy

      • This link was initially posted by Mani Hughes.

        Look at the picture and see what's different.


        Did you zoom in…the MYSTERY MAN is gone!!!

        The Prince symbol's missing too!!!

        I'm going to look up any pictures I can find for Kadir Nelson. Maybe he's sneaking himself into this picture.

        Maybe I'll just contact the artist directly.

      • RE: The mysterious half-face…imho it resembles several people, though only slightly.. I see a bit of resemblance to Martin Luther King Jr., or perhaps its meant to be Eddie Murphy? The latter does make sense considering their relationship over the years.. there are a few extraneous people on that cover such as the other dancers from the Smooth Criminal dance sequence that is represented, as well as the zombies from Thriller that are present, and of course the dueling dancer-gangster from Beat It is there also, so its not all too shocking that there's another face up there, though it IS strange how he's barely visible (I also see what appears to be a tiny man right beside the main Michael -w/butterfly etc- in the ruffly portion of his collar, though I'm having a hard time finding a way to pinpoint him in this description) and its only half his face.. Very strange cover indeed.

      • I apologize for the multiple posts lol This is my first time using this/posting and I forgot to add the other name on my list of people that mystery face could be.. My other guess was Quincy Jones, which also would make sense (also note the USA for Africa sleeve at the bottom.) There, those are my guesses, I'll leave it at that.)

    • They have the power to do whatever they want ON EARTH, but as the bible verse says: "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:28

      • hell is a lot worse…a LOT

        some people who went there temporarily such as in cases of clinical death, said later, that they would rather endure any imaginable tortures and hardships here on Earth than go back there.

    • I think the undead creatures you are referring to (if I'm thinking of the same ones) is a reference to Michael's performance in the "Thriller" video.

  5. I am glad that you recognize that MJ was fighting evil towards the end of his life. It does seem like many are trying to "step on the head" if you will, of MJ in order to climb higher and put there name above his.

    Some people think that MJ started fighting the Illuminati or those that had control over him much earlier starting with Dangerous and that the song itself may be about his fight. He did not speak out verbally but with the artwork on the album covers. Just like you have a pic of Blood on the Dance Floor above, you can see that his body makes the shape of the number 7. Some say that he is putting it in there face that he has chosen God and no rituals will hold him back. That can be debated I suppose but it is obvious that he spoke out verbally at the end of his life and I am glad.

    In the end I believe MJ get's the last laugh even though they are trying to put out all these "tributes".

    • Michael Jackson makes three 7's ( 777 ) on the cover of the album

      Blood On The Dance Floor.

      The Number 777

      The number seven has deep spiritual significance. It has been held sacred by the Hebrews and other Semite peoples since the dawn of time. It represents perfection and holiness. It is used throughout the Scriptures and in this sense is the Almighty's Number. We read of:

      Samson's seven locks of consecration. (Judges 16:13-19)

      The seven pillars of wisdom's house. (Proverbs 9:1)

      The sevenfold sign of total commitment and dependence (2 Chron. 29: 20-21)

      The seven lambs to attest the conclusion of a peace treaty. (Genesis 21:28-30)

      The seven fold sprinkling of blood before cleansing was complete. (Lev:16:19)

      The seven week count to Pentecost, the seven year count to the sabbatical year and the seven times seven year count to the Jubilee year. (Lev. 23:15, Lev.25:1-9)

      The seven candlesticks, seven churches, seven stars, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven thunders, and seven plagues mentioned in the book of Revelation etc.


      • I found more interesting facts about Michael and the number 7

        Michael Jackson was born in 1958 … 19 + 58 = 77.

        He was born on Aug 29 ….Aug 29 is the 241st day of the year….2+4+1 = 7

        Michael was born on the 29th…..9-2 =7

        He was born at 7:33 pm.

        Michael was the 7th child born in his family .

        Number of alphabets in his name "Michael" = 7. Number of alphabets in his last name "Jackson" = 7

        Historic Motown 25 Performance when he did his first public moonwalk : 25….2+5 =7

        Michael won his record breaking Grammys for Thriller at the 26th Grammy Awards on 02/28/1984….2+2+8+1+9+8+4= 7

        "We are the World " was recorded on 01/28/1985….1+2+8+1+9+8+5 = 7

        Number of #1 hits from "Thriller" = 7

        Michael's three biggest albums — "Thriller," "Bad" and "Dangerous" — each produced 7 top 40 hits.

        Michael's two biggest hits — "Black & White" and "Billie Jean" — were each #1 for 7 weeks.

        On the jacket of his album,"Blood on the dance floor"..his body makes a 7.

        Number of albums he released as an adult solo artist = 7

        Dangerous, HIStory, Invincible all are 77:07 minutes long .

        Year 1978 (1+9+7+8 = 7) In this year MJ starred in the movie the Wiz and met his legendary collaborator Quincy Jones

        Year 1987 (1+9+8+7 =7) In this year Michael went on his first world tour as a solo artist – the BAD world tour, the

        highest grossing tour and the most attended concert tour in history !

        Michael meets Princess Diana on July 16, 1988 at the Wembley BAD tour concert : July = 07 , the 16th = 1 + 6 = 7 !

        Michael performed at the halftime show of the 27th Superbowl to the largest audience ever for a halftime show. It was the 7th superbowl to be hosted by the greater L.A area

        Year 1996 (1+9+9+6 =7) In this year Michael embarked on his HIStory world tour – his final world tour and another record shattering tour. His famous Bucharest concert had a sold out attendance of 70,000

        In 2001, Michael had his first 30th anniversary concert on Sept 7 .

        Year 2005 (2+5 =7) Michael's court trial ends and he is found NOT GUILTY

        Year 2009 (9-2 =7) Michael passes away

        Michael died on the 25th … 2 + 5 = 7.

        Michael signed his will on 7/7/02.

        Michael's memorial was on 7/7/09 … exactly 7 years after the will was signed.

        PARIS was born 4/3/1998, 4+3=7

        I might add here that his son's nickname "Blanket" has 7 alphabets in it too

        1958-2009 = 1+9+5+8+2+9 = 34=3+4=7

        Source: MJFC

      • Don't forget you posted this on November 7th…and 11-7 = 4, plus the 2 and 1 from 2010 = 7!

        …and the post was at 2:46p which is really 14:46 and 14 / 2 (from the 2:46) is 7

        :46 minutes is also 14 minutes before the next hour so that's also divisible by the 2 making it 7.

        There was a show called 7th Heaven. He was never on it, but I'm sure he had heard of it.

        I think he once shopped at a 7-11…which by the way, 7+1-1 = 7!!!

        Morgan Fre and Brad Pitt were in a move called Se7en (two 7's in one, holy crap!)

      • There's a bit more here than coincidence. I don't think it was Michael, but rather those who controlled him and ultimately brought about his demise who were into numerology. More connections with the number 7:

        – Michael Jackson was the 7th of 9 children.

        – Michael Jackson died at 100 North Carrolwood Drive, Los Angeles 90077

        — Michael Jackson has 7 letters in his first and last names

        – Michael Jackson died 6/25/09; he was buried 9/3/09 – exactly 70 days afterward!

        This implies there was some monkeying around by someone! I was always very puzzled as to why it took so long for him to be interred.

        –Ambulance that carried him to UCLA was No. 71

        –Fire engine at the scene at 100 North Carolwood Drive is No. 71

        –The StarLines tour bus in front at the time the ambulance exited Michael's home was No. 17


        From an online article posted LONG before Michael's death:

        Michael Jackson's New Album Will Be Titled 7EVEN

        May 16, 2007 by

        Jerin Varughese

        If things are to be believed then Michael Jackson`s new album is almost ready and remember you read it first here on Associated Content.

        The new album boasts of number of melodies and the album has some of the best in the industry working with Jackson. The song which aired few days ago in a radio station

        has no connection with this album.

        The release date is not confirmed and it will be announced in a month`s time.

        This album is believed to be the best ever album since a long time in the music world ,it is said to have everything right from A to Z.

        Yes, that's right. The title of Michael Jackson's new album has been revealed (along with some more interesting information about the album) by a self-proclaimed MJ "insider". The insider I'm referring to actually has been supplying fans with revealing information since the Invincible album. This is what we now know about Michael Jackson's new album.

        The working title for the album is 7EVEN, and it seems as though that title will stick because some serious work has gone into designing the album cover and everything on the album apparently has something to do with the number 7. There are 14 tracks divided into a A and B side (if you will). Although all tracks are still on the same disc. I don't know much else about the album's relation to the number 7. Some fans have suggested 7 singles. Or 7 videos. The album could run for 77 minutes. Who knows?

        As for the release date. A HMV in Oxford is apparently already advertising the release date as November 19 2007.

    • Yes, you’re right about MJ had changed, and he wanted to speak out. He finally learnt that his gifts where giving to him by the Holy Ghost. I told him back in 2002 who we where, as a family, and how we use to sing to God when we slept — before mankind had fell from grace. I never knew anything about the satanic oath you have to take in Hellywood. I asked him to put me in the studio; we don’t have to meet, because he already knew what I could do! I didn’t know M.J and Tupac was trying to protect me, so this is way they didn’t pick me up and stay as far away from me as possible. But, now both of my twins are free and MJ no longer has to wear a mask because of chem trails or run and hide from the cameras that always prosecute him. I think you all for being there when no one else knows of my pain and sorrow. I Love you all!

    • The blue and gold banded calling card of the Nemes (sp?) headdress that king Tut's innermost sarcophagus wore…yes? If you look very closely you'll see Eddie Murphy as pharaoh from the "Remember The Time" video…just left of the Micha and just right of the rocket coaster…there's a snake wrapped around that rocket…and I think that's Bubbles the Chimp on the tail fin!!!

      I wonder why MJ had a casket instead of just turning into (monoatomic) gold dust, and spinning away in the breeze (see Vincent Bridges for more on gold powder mummies).

  6. And one more thing… If there's someone out there who thinks he was illuminati, I want you all to know that he was not… Ok? I guess everyone who knows about nwo knows this. Just listen to his songs such as They don't care about us, Money, Smooth criminal, Dirty Diana, Who is it… They are all about them! He wants us to wake up, ok? He was against illuminati and I have million proofs for that. So please, don't think he was illuminati…

    • Many artists do that. But they still show their symbolism in their videos and album covers. If the songs are good and make money, the illuminati could give a shit about the lyrics as long as they own the artist. But recognize with Michael, when he stopped touring and writing and producing for Sony (Satan) his name was smeared all over the headlines. When the MSM called him a bankrupt pedofile and he came out with a tour called This is IT- they got him. He was worth more dead than alive.

    • I would have died believing that he was an evil, child molesting, freak of nature…. It actually hurts me a little bit that I "believed" those things up to the time I started "to wake up". I'm sorry to Michael for my past thoughts. After everything I've read & seen the past year it's undeniable that this man was murdered. It just absolutely turns my stomach & makes me sick that these "elite" people will probably get away this…. Until the day they meet their maker, & I pray Michael is there to witness their judgment.

  7. Bless his heart! I am glad hes somewhere where those dimbwitted art killing mofos can't hurt him. I bet its not him on some of the tracks. This cover makes me so sad. Its not even him. They can't ruin the talent person he is/was though. I think a lot of those artist are decent ppl no one is perfect and I feel ppl like Elvis, MJ, Madonna, Britney and many others were born to be who they are. I am sad these ppl make sure none of them ever become true heroes without dying or jeporidzing their carreer. Ah I can't even type I am sooooo over this bs.

    I love art and I love music but I HATE the evils the control it.

    • I think we should all get together in Michaels honor and just respect to get his family to petition this album from coming out!!!! Vigilant Citizen we need you we have your back I do this is a shame and no one else is gonna let these devils know we are gonna fight them to the end its not right,

      • As wonderful as your wishes are, no petition, no matter how huge, would ever prevent these creatures from making money. Lets say, completely out on a whim, this album WAS halted. Ok. Probably in less than a month you'd see TWO new "tribute" MJ albums… Which would just be them laughing at you.

  8. From the moment that i heard they were coming out with a new album back in june I was so anticipated to see what the album civer would be and how sony would make Michael look. Now im th biggest Mj fan on the face of this planet and have an mj room dedicated to him in my house. (Crazy right)!! Now i've been following this Occult symbolisms for a year now and have led my own theories on things. The only thing that keeps getting me is of all the stars that are under illuminati control. Prince, Madonna and Mj are the veterans of this group, my question is how did Michael get set free!? What made him realize that this was all wrong and snap out of it!? Will this happen to any of the newer artist or are we as a people doomed and forced to succome to the drak ministries of this world!? I will buy this album becuase in my eyes Michael was freed from illuminati mind control!! But please tell me how!?

    • You know I am not being negative we all loved MJ and thought the best of him BUT he WAS a freemason, and he WAS a part of the occult that's why he made thriller he was under mind control watch the video DID date Madonna and dumped her "per MJ " saying he wasn't into group sex and she liked women now I DO know that you are worshipping him saying you dedicated a whole room to him yes that is not normal ;_ but what is? I know the Lord / Yahweh/ Yahushua says IDOL worshipping is a sin abomination an idol can be a person, materialistic, handbags, money, clothes, jewelry, cars, anything you put up there with or above God so I would say take it down jus in case you didn't know he also says don't love your mother,father,kids,children more han anything in the world its a sin . You have to hate all things and follow him .

      He is the truth and the light and the ONLY way



      "Every knee shall bow" says the Lord "ALL souls belong to me".

      • hi

        i have read all of the comments and one thing makes me sad:

        i see that even many people have good intentions but they are still fighting the same war that got all of us into this shit. this is not about who is christian and who is not. i personally dont agree with the way christians sometimes give their point of view like navywife and others. jesus was (is) a messenger. if you want to know his message, you have to read the bible, theres no other way. and what is his message? act, live and breathe LOVE. love even your worst enemy because he gives you the opportunity to be a better person. love these stupid illuminatis that make everything so obvious because so its easier for us to slowly awaken.

        jesus talked about the importance of the children, we have so much to learn from them! we have to be awesome parents and talk to our children without prohibiting and imposing our ideas, we have to listen to them, children are so intelligent.

        jesus says we should not judge ANYONE (even lady gaga!) jesus says live a humble life. jesus says be generous.

        there have been so many messengers on this earth: gandhi, dalai lama, bob marley, buda, mahoma, even michael jackson in his own strange way… i think what will gonna save each and one personally is to live with sincerity by these examples of justice, equality and compassion. and how can we live really like that? by slowly killing the EGO that is what makes us blind. the ego makes humans fight, compete, be angry, vain, promiscuous, etc. its all about the f@#$% ego. evil is inside all of us in form of the EGO.

        obviusly the ones that havent worked on these items arent ready to live in a world of true peace. so if there is another way of life outside this sistem we live in (and i am certain there is), these people wont be able to live it simply because they are not ready. O.B. don't try to make radical chistians understand you. just read these messengers, meditate and cultivate your spirit.

        and what can we do to fight all of this shit that has the powers of this earth (satan what ever you wanna call him)? focus your energy on becoming a better person, not to be "saved", but because you truly want to live in a paradise which is this beautiful, perfect universe.


      • wow Ahau, not so fast! To put Jesus Christ, the son of God on the same level with the likes of 'gandhi, dalai lama, bob marley, buda, mahoma, even michael jackson' is not only an insult, it's blasphemy. While I agree that ghandi, dalai lama & all are messengers, unfortunately they are not messengers from God.. There is much danger in over-simplifying things, there is the danger of distorting the truth.

      • Jesus says not to judge Lady Gaga?

        Leviticus 19:15

        Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbour.

        Don't judge Lady Gaga because she came from a poor background. Don't judge Lady Gaga because she's super famous.

        Judge her for her behavior, and judge her according to the Word of God. Does she uplift the Word of God, or does she trample it under foot?

        Jesus never said not to judge?

        John 7:24

        Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

        Luke 6:37

        Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.

        Don't judge anyone unrighteously, and you won't be judged unrighteously.

        1 Corinthians 11:30-32

        30 For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.

        31 For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.

        32 But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.

      • Errrrm Gandhi…? You have to be joking right?

        Mahatma Gandhi is one of the biggest myths in history and that Hollywood film with Ben Kingsley has a lot to do with it (as well as every fake pretending that he's their inspiration).

        Gandhi was actually a rather shady mixed-up individual, do enough wide reading and you'll discover that he thought of blacks as being inferior (he was actually a supporter of apartheid) as well as his fellow 'low caste' Hindu Indians (as per the Hindu religion and caste system). He was also apparently fond of young girls and 'testing' his sexual self-control by lying naked with them…this is rumour of course and can't be proven but I wouldn't be surprised based on the fact that everyone erroneously paints this guy as a saint, though there is clear proof that he was not.

        Just do a little research, don't depend on Hollywood films to get a biography of someone…if Hollywood is toting someone as a hero/idol then you ought to be suspicious. Here's a good starting point about the Gandhi myth:


        (not affiliated to this site, just found this good article when researching it and it explains it well with references)

    • Me from Colombia on

      Quezzy, search "Karen Mulder"… she broke free from iluminati control at the age of 33. She had been mind controlled and suffered a lot since she was 2. Around the age of 30, you become more like the person you were supposed to be, but having those memories coming back is a nightmare.

      Poor Karen was sent back to programming. I bet they wanted Michael back but couldn't.

      • Hey me

        around 30 the program tends to wear off or down.. I believe there is a post on VC about having to reprogram them once more. Whitney Houston is another tragic monarch mind control as well.

  9. Vigilant, you might want to also look at MJ's official site where they are now talking about doing a new worl tour, the "immortal world tour", the picture/header for this tour on the page there are tons of butterflies flying around


    also the family has said they think some tracks on his new album are fakes, his kids and parents.

  10. okay guys i've been hearing and reading about this for years, and i am totally in agreement with this but what is being done to combat this illuminati?

    • Hey in response how to combat the illumanati well honestly you CAN'T see it goes like this. The illumanati is the: state, federal, government, highest puppets

      Lower puppets (like Rihanna Jay-z, Miley Cirus,Brittany Spears,Martin Lawrence ,Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Marilyn Manson,Kiss, put it like this EVERYONE in Hollywood! Look at your dollar bill the back : the "all seeing eye of horus" the devil, satan he's at the top and his fallen angels work under him which are many 1/3 rd of the angels that used to be in Heaven were cast out with him he then made "Earth" his "Throne" and has control over it until Yahweh's return Jesus" that's why Yahushua's (Jesus real name- one of many)and it won't be long

      Now! :)

      But the illumanati is just satan which means "enlightened" satans name was "Lucifer" meaning "light bearer " I hear he was over music as well I do not know but it would seem true as a lot of "SUPER"STARS blow up singers blow up I mean they are throwing up these signs illumanati and don't care anymore like the secrets out who cares so to speak but I wish we can truly help each other and stick together spiritually you don't have to go to church every Sunday to be saved ask the Lord God to come into your life admit you are a sinner and sin no more just repent when you find yourself falling and get up it will take time but even the Lord said "Who is perfect there is NO one NO NOT one! The time is coming and those people who are programmed we need to pray to snap out of I they don't want to hear the truth like for instance my family they will think you are a "conspiracy theorist"

      We are just not programmed or have snapped out of it all together hope this helped email me if you have more questions


      • Correction. The Lord [Jesus Christ] was, is, and forever will be… perfect! Be careful.

        Matthew 5:48 & John 10:30

      • The Light, The Lord, God, the Universal Life Force, the Infinite Knowledge of The All Knowing, the Cosmos, The Holy Spirit, WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT – IT *IS* PERFECT! IT IS THE *ONLY* PERFECTION, THE ONE PERFECTION, THE TRUE PERFECTION!!

      • lol…halleleujah and thank you navywife amen.

        i was so blessed to run accross a bible study earlier this year "worldslastchance.com." reading the study guides on there gave me such an insight as to what is going to happen. I had been preparing myself mentally for the time to come but got distracted by the governments own distractions of racism to seperate us, please don't let yourselves get distracted by all these attempts to distort our knowledge of what's right and wrong (honestly like i have lately). and please dont let these churches distract you from the truth as well. just ask yourself how can a man study the bible and yet never preach on the obvious devilworshipping that is being thrown in our faces. all we here is how god wants you to get a better job, pray to have a better life.

        please if you have the time read those bible study guides and it will enlighten and bless you to know that they (he) will succeed in imprisoning christians (that's the purpose) but our god will come, and when he comes, my god!!!! when he comes.

        thanks for pressing my reset button navywife

    • I think the best way is to fight the wickedness on a spiritual level. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding are key along with the undefeated power of Christ and the weapon of prayer. We're talking powers and principalities here.

      For example, I work for a fortune 500 corporation. They didn't get there through plain old hard work. I can attest to the fact that some very shady immoral things go on with the blessings of the top ranking execs. Now lil ol me can't fight the power with a feisty e-mail calling them out. But I can ask God to show the me truth, to help me make good decisions. I bind the evil in the name of Jesus and ask that His will be done and that he protect the good people who just want to do what's right and fair. God has moved. He has shaken things up. Some people have felt the consequences of their past dirty dealings. He's revealed to me that He ain't done yet. War in the spiritual, it gets way more done than going toe to toe with powerful wicked people in the natural.

      • thanks to you as well teamjesus. you and navywife have come from the master to remind me of what's important…i am so grateful and blessed by you guys tonight. amen

  11. I noticed that Michael switched the hand he wears the sequence glove on. In the prior to 2001, he wears it on the left hand. The left hand was always understood to be the hand of evil. In 2001 videos and beyond , I have noticed that he wears in on the right hand…I wonder if that is significant?

  12. Yeah I knew he was killed from his up-rise against Tommy Matola and always saying people were out to get him and even kill him. He even confided in his exwife LMP and she was afraid to elaborate on who he thought it was in an interview on Oprah in fear of her safety (LMP). In the video They dont care about us, he cleverly uses symbolism to send a message back to state hes no longer with their agenda.

    • I'm not sure. Exposure maybe. I for one was wishing a bunch of people could get together and go to a Will/Jada Smith red carpet event or some other publicity function and start carrying signs about Willow being a MK Ultra Beta Victim. Yell out, hey Will, how much you going to get for that? Stuff like that. Just start letting them know we see them. I am very concerned for Willow and have been sick to my stomach about it for days now. All evil needs to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

      • Acually that's a bad idea lol not a you but the thought of the stars knowing we know hence they have been found out I wouldn't mess with them they are scientologist which sacrifice people and drink their blood vampires and they pull in only the strong its a spiritual war here going on so I wouldn't waste my physical time the Lord says we fight against of things NOT OF THIS WORLD they are demons who have manifested themselves to mingle with EVERYONE and blend in the Lord says :

        They are not of us they went out from us so they can be manifested through (humans) if they were of us they wouldn't have gone out on their own from us they would have stayed with us he means good but evil has been in this world for a long time as soon as the Lord said about there were giants on the earth in those days. When the son of man came into the daughters of men and they took beautiful wives ( they saw they were beauiful) this wasn't supposed to happen because somehow they survived the flood yes satan and his angels survived the flood they weren't flesh only flesh was destroyed it was like a humungous Baptism and these "giants" are of old men "renown". (Gog and Magog)that are gonna wage war with satan against Yahushua and his angels but the Yahweh will prevail and win of course . Read up on this it is true all of these evil times number of the beast will be the olnly way you can eat which there will only be 144,000 left from the tribes that survive the "Great Tribulation scary huh? But be strong everyone who dies for or in the name of Jesus / Yahweh are called "Martyrs" and just know when he comes we will see his face it no longer will be hidden because we will all be in the spirit so we won't die if we look at him unlike past people . Prophets etc.

        Its awesome!

        The Lord is Awesome more than worthy to be praised

        Be Blessed and Peace to you and yours Always


      • The 144,000 will be the ones to enter the Heavens in the sky where God currently rule. We are under the rule of Satan in the " system of things" The promised kingdm to come will be on earth ! Those who live a life according to God will receive everlasting life on "earth" Earth will become a paradise. Those who lived a sinful life will die. Punishment for sins is death ! Most think you burn in hell but it's not true (hell is death) 144,000 kindgom above. Kingdom to come/earth FYI

      • God's kingsom is in Heaven and it will Rule over earth, not come to earth that is. 144,000 will join his heavenly kingdom and the meek shall inherit the earth ruled by God's heavenly kingdom !

      • If you haven't learned God was "free" by now you never will. Shame on you ! Stop with the christian stereo- types ! Only losers do that !

      • accurate knowledge on

        You are exactly right! Romans 6:23 says that the wages sin pays is death. Hell is the common grave. Actually Ha'des, She'ol, Ge'henna and Hell all mean the same thing. You no longer exist because of being asleep in death. Revelation 20:13 shows that all those in Hell ( some translations say Ha'des) will come out to be judged.

  13. I think that the people that helped to create and transform him.Fead his ego so much that M.J.was his own worst enemy.They gave him enough rope to hang himself,so in the mean time they waited like a cheetah.Waiting for the kill. The right time to do him in. It was easy M.J. gave them so much ammo.The media reported about all his drug addictions

  14. Does anyone know what looks to be a double star made to appear as one means? I could be wrong but that's what it looks like to me.

  15. MJ kids say the album is fake. I wanted to comment earlier but I had to double check my source. The children claim that it is not their dad it's a stand in.

  16. It's so sad that it had to be him. He was such a good person and wanted such good for the human race. It's sad that the media attacked his image once he decided to speak out against his controllers. To bad he liked ppl who used him (illumnati) :(

    • Everyone Will Bow- J on

      JoJo, how gross. Do you think 50 cents is holding Soulja Boy hostage (meaning to his pledge with that organization)? I thought Soulja Boy was going to college.

      It is extremely disturbing how rappers mutilate their bodies with tattoos. Anyway, have you heard of Boule'- a part of the Illuminati. This organization is for black entertainers only and they must perform homosexual acts. The things we do for the love of money. No wonder these people are drunkards and addicts.

      • Have I heard of the Black Boule what you mean Quincy Jones wanting to have sex with Tupac, Katt Williams hosting some award show opening up talking about How Jamie Foxx took him to a house party, all men in every room some without pants……Remind you after that Katt Williams began to get arrested, he caught a few drug charges, thay basically started painting his as a drunken drugged crazyed fool. I ain't done, you mean Chris Stokes and Marcus Huston, RazB, Quindon T. To answer your question Yes lol.

        Anyway the 50 & SB picture look like 50 is about to ROB & RAPE him !

      • The Boule isn't just for black entertianers, it's for the black male elite, period. In fact, from my knowledge of the Boule, only a select few entertainers would ever be invited to join. Barack Obama and Bob Johnson are rumored to be members. They never publish a membership list, though. They are extremely secretive. They claim to be a service organization, but one never hears about anything they do that might be of "service". I'm sure there's alot of shady deals going on and probably strange initiations and rituals to ensure members forever keep their mouths shut about exactly what goes on. And with secret rituals, satan probably works himself somewhere in the mix.

    • Yeah he looks like he is about to get it. The price of fame I tell ya! and the topics on that magazine….are you kidding me? I don't know if I should head back to my stoop or trailer park. Either way…..I lose!!!

  17. Everyone Will Bow- J on

    I think this is another attempt for Sony to discredit Michael's fame and legend. Plus, make money off of his notorious name. Even though Michael did speak out against Sony and the music industry, I do not believe he had time to undo what he initiated with the illuminati occult. What he was a part of had a stronghold on him. He was a part of this for many enduring years. Did he renounce the illuminati and its loyalty to Satan? If not, he very well was still a part of it. I strongly feel that it would have taken more than him speaking out.

    Take time to observe what Michael has done over the years to discredit the Holy God. For example, he altered his appearance from the way the Lord has made him. Michael had a stature of himself, which symbolizes idolizing. He also confined that he had a room with mirrors that he used to chant Liberace. He shared how songs would come to him in his sleep. This is deeper than we can imagine.

    Unfortunately, they killed the famed music artist before he had that chance to tell us what really happened to him from the era of Ben and Off the Wall to Thriller. We may learn the truth one day. May God bless the brave soul who would risk it all to inform us.

    RIP Michael. You are still loved by millions

  18. this makes me sick to my tummy :(

    he was so against the industry… they just killed him and now they're doing as they please with his work.

    it's truly, very upsetting.

  19. What does the ufo in the top left of the cover have to do with anything? Is there something I missed in the MJ canon over the years? LOL Just asking…

    Interesting how the ghouls from the Thriller video have been made to look even more ghoulish on the album cover.

    • This UFO is now an Identified Flying Object. It belongs to E.T. MJ did the narration to an audio book of "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" and the song "Someone In The Dark".

      The astronaut is holding a flag that says MTV…because MJ really turned them and music videos into more than just a fad…and since TV signals are being broadcast across the entire universe, MJ is truly (coming from and going to) out of this world.

      Go Space Michael (left, left, right, right, shoot, shoot, shoot)

  20. That dude in top left freaks me out. Not sure if it's his father or some evil man. Also, notice the pentagram bottom left.

    Damn you little Sony freaks! Spread the news about this and make sure none of your friends buy this!!!

    • Well, the hoax "death" of Whacko Jacko is actually referenced with the images of the so-called 'moon landing' (one of the biggest, most lucrative and most important mason hoaxes) and a UFO (an ongoing hoax that will ultimately be used as a final putsch for their satanic 'New World Order.')

      I'm almost surprised there isn't an image of one of those 33 so-called 'trapped Chilean Miners' on this thing! … or a reference to the so-called 'Oil Spill' in the Gulf of Mexico!!

      And the pederast (as alleged by multiple apparent victims) had become to be worth far more to his 'owners' "dead" than alive … And thus it came to be as the coffers filled fast after the 'death' as countless morons bought his muzak and other related BS in the past year. The same morons will again splash out on this crock, a so-called "new album" (say what?!) released just in time for the lucrative Xmas market!

    • The “man on the moon” is obviously a reference to his famous dance move, the moonwalk, and his film “Moonwalker”. The UFO is probably a reference to the same, or possibly a reference to an “E.T.” audiocassette he narrated.

      • The Moonwalk was originally called the Backslide, and was around before MJ showed a wider audience. I do have to say that nobody makes it look easier, or more fluid than MJ.

        This UFO is now an Identified Flying Object. It belongs to E.T. MJ did the narration to an audio book of "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial" and the song "Someone In The Dark".

        The astronaut is holding a flag that says MTV…because MJ really turned them and music videos into more than just a fad…and since TV signals are being broadcast across the entire universe, MJ is truly (coming from and going to) out of this world.

        Go Space Michael (left, left, right, right, shoot, shoot, shoot)…from space channel 5

    • Vigilant has already explained that the shorter articles are there to meet the demand since the longer articles take so much time and research. You have the whole world wide web at your disposal. Since this has whet your appetite, go researching on your own. You don't have to wait on Vigilant.

  21. FearlessDiiiva on

    I swear this guy AIN'T dead! i spotted this website and they looked at everything, and there was TWO different 911 phone calls, there was a woman in the background that said "u got 2 min."

    I swear that was a fake death!

  22. It is not obvious "they" think of Micheal and his career as a clownish when Cirque Du Soleil is producing "The Immortal World Tour"?

    "Conceptually, King says, "our environment is Neverland. We get to go inside Michael's head…inside this place of beauty and serenity and peace and learn all the secrets that are Michael — his loves, things that he believed in…"

    Go inside Michael's head? That pretty much says it all doesn't it?

  23. Yeah, the album sure looks creepy with zombies, demons, robots, etc. But for whatever reason, I just don't buy into the propaganda that he is "dead" or "killed". It's just a weird feeling, much like the conspiracy that Tupac, too, may still be "alive".

  24. Basically if you don't follow their rules they will ruin your rep and eventually kill you. Music and movie symbolism has been going on since the beginning. Out of all the times I've watched the Warriors, I've finally seen the symbolism and true meaning of the movie. To be aware is to be alive.


      You provided a link to Kadir Nelson's commission page:


      I decided to zoom in on it (Michael)…and it is actually not the same picture.

      The one on the commission page is MISSING the MYSTERY MAN from the top left, and also the PRINCE symbol is nowhere to be found!!!

      The artist may have posted a work-in-progress…but if the commission was this completed work, and then became the property of Sony, Sony could have added the mystery man and the prince symbol. If Sony added additional content to this work that was not by Kadir Nelson, they should provide additional credit to the other artist(s)

  25. Three pyramid capstones, depicted as top of buildings, one above of checkerboard floor and two below it on MJ´s Blood on the Dancefloor

    • See Heath Ledger's final film "The Immaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus".

      Talk about your "Man In The Mirror".

      MJ is in more than one universe anyway.

  26. the truth is out the on

    I swear Navy Wife you're too much. Don't forget who wrote the bible & how they've used it to control humanity. Lol. According to Jermaine MJ converted to Islam. I think with good reason. Many artists convert to Islam. Look them up.

    • Me from Colombia on

      Oh really? And why are the muslim using their own scriptures to kill people? If you knew the Bible you’ll see that it protects us from being taken over by evil. Nobody reads the Bible nowadays, people watch tv, play videogames and surf the web but very few read the Bible. Even 80% of churchgoers only hear the Word in Church and they don’t read the Bible at home. Our Bible never said that we should kill in the name of God, he says he’ll punish evil himself, he said so when prophet Habacuc asked him why evil people could hurt the good. The Bible is all about being humble, having morals, being detached from material things and being honest.

      • The scripute of the muslims doesn't tell them to kill innocents. If you noticed anything, "terrorists" only emerge when there land or people are terrorized. It doesn't matter if they are Muslim/ Christian/ Atheist whatever. If anyone had to see foreigner ruined their land, rape their sisters and bomb their homes, they too would pick up their guns or whatever they have and fight back.

        btw, Christianity and Islam has LOT in common then you think. Muslims and Christians are both on the same page when it comes to fighting againist this sick satanic world.

      • There's nothing in the Al Quran that tells people to kill others. It's much more about peace than war.

        It's like saying the Bible tells you to kill people because of the Crusades and Inquisition that also used the scriptures to justify killing and torture people.

        Both books have good moral values, however, people can twist their meaning (like they do in every religion), and the leaders might take advantage of religious blindness to manipulate people into doing those things.

        People might believe that their fighting for their God, but their fighting for the economical and power reasons of their leaders.

        Just like it happens with Muslims and Christians.

  27. Wow. I don't know if any of this stuff is true conspiracy, but if it's not they sure put some freaky and questionable shit in there.

  28. The things I say may not sound pretty but I tell it like it is. I don't like to sugar coat the truth. I know I tend to have the unpopular vote since I don't subscribe to Christianity and some of the things I say can be controversial but I feel like no matter what they are legitimate topics that need to be discussed. LIke it or not, the world is in a state of chaos and we are at the tipping point of this new world order nonsense. It seems like only 1 in every 300 people are actually aware that there is even a NWO agenda being played out even though it's in front of our faces. The youth are the main targets of this propaganda machine and the parents are NOT protecting them as they have already fallen victims to generational programming. Who knows what the hell is in store for us in the next two years. I firmly believe that we are not going to be able to save ourselves if we are just sitting around expecting some man on a cloud to come down and do everything for us. Also, I think that since Christianity is the by far most popular religion in this country, the illuminati will most likely have something especially sinister in store for all Christians. If you do see something in the likes of "Jesus' return" it will most likely (in my opinion) be a staged event by the illuminati used to further manipulate people's beliefs and lure you all into some kind of trap. Don't think that this can't happen. Think about it, how many people would fall for it, especially if they use that manufactured image of him, you know, white guy, beard, robes ect…(no one knows what Jesus really looked like). You've all heard of their plan to de-populate, how do you think they plan to do it? Remember these are clever devils. Just some food for thought, mmm delicious!

    • You know more about the Bible than you actually think ! The Bible said an imposter would come "first" and do not be fooled. So I agree with you on that brother ! It said all people will follow him thinking he would save mankind when in reality he is the beast ! Thats why you need to know the Word of God so when this heated time come you know what to do and what not to do. Go said when this imposter come to go left .

      • Obey, I mean O.B., you basicaly only come here to talk agaist God and Jesus. I would like to see your claims stand on their own. How can you constantly compare what you don't beleive in, with what you beleive in. Does not make sense! If you don't beleive in God or Jesus base your claims on what you "DO" beleive in. You shouldn't have to compare. The truth stands alone and need no comparision. I would love to see your claims stick without comparing. If you are comparing some part of you beleive something. To help you out, you would sound more credible if your thoughts were based on it what you beleive, not compared. I mean like duh ! Lets see your truth reign be itself ! Who does that ? If you don't beleive something, how/why do you compare your truth to it ? Showtime lets see your bull stick without mentioning God and his son !

      • Obey, (gasp) How cruel! Well Pilar, thank you for your insight. Don’t mean to slander your religion or anything it’s just that so many Christians on this website seem to have a one track mind about…..well…..everything! All I hear is God is this, Jesus that and anytime someone else thinks outside the box, we get told to stay in line and stop making waves. Is this not a sheep/slave mentality? It’s easy to be a Christian, I should know cuz I grew up in a Christian household. It’s not easy however to challenge and question one’s own belief system especially If you were born and raised into that belief system as so many Christians have been. I’ve noticed that whenever you question a Christian’s beliefs, a funny things happens, they start getting angry! Why is that? Maybe it’s because from a young age so called “Christians” are conditioned not to think and to let some outside source take control of your life. It seems it’s the norm in that particular religion to not ask questions. Maybe that’s why there are so many Christians in the world today, people don’t like questioning their reality. Maybe we as a people have substituted “Christianity” for our “Humanity”. It’s much simpler to give your life to “God” (whatever that is) and let him/it do the thinking for you, than to challenge popular belief and think for yourself! I personally don’t subscribe to any religious pattern. I believe in consciousness, awareness, self empowerment and asking questions. The universe isn’t as simple as “Repent and ye shall be saved”, If that was the case we would’ve solved earth’s problems a long time ago. The reason why we have so many problems on this planet is because human beings have been conditioned to NOT ASK QUESTIONS and to wait for someone else to come along and solve your problems for you i.e. Christianity. If we want things to get better for ourselves and our children then we need to start thinking and asking more questions instead of just accepting controlled dogma which seeks to control our lives instead of empowering us!

      • OMG O.B. save it! I questioned relegion all my life. As I got older I began to understand. So for you to associate asking question, with not thinking for yourself is a total waste. If you made sense at least half of the time, fine, but most of the time you make no sense when you are asking questions. If you are going to ask a question, ask a question. You seem to be qusetioning things you know nothing about. Read and decide for yourself. Let me give you an example. Visualize a house and a porch with about 20 people on it. Imagine God standing in front of you saying " do not go off the porch" remind you he won't stop you if you do. He tell you stay on the porch and in the end your reward will be great. But you are sitting on the porch and you see all the houses next door, you see the world, the waters, the music blah, blah blah, so you and maybe a few others decide to leave the porch. Fast foward, now you need food, you catch a disease, you don't have clothes on your back, you may have even got shot etc……now back to the porch. True enough you had to stay on the porch but you failed to realize, you had shelter, food, water, clothes, love etc…..so do you see where I am going with this. You don't have to choose God but when you weigh your options correctly what is your best bet ? We all have the right to ask questions and seek understanding but to let you know you can do that and still remain a christian. You need to grow up. I get offended when people attack relegion because I understand it. You don't understand, so don't blame christianity, look in the mirrior and try to figure out what is stoping you from grasping the concept of God. Pray for understanding first of all. It's only hard if you are slow. Last but not least if you don't want to beleive in God ( Free Will) then don't but don't bash others because they have functioning brains. I am a christian and a free thinker. I mean how else coud you enjoy and beleive in a site like this one? So clearly you can do both. A follower is a person who can't understand and decide for themselves no matter what the world tell you. You come across as rebelious Grow up ! What questions do you have? Every time your questions are answered you ignore. What don't you get ?

      • ReligionIsFunny on

        Just about every monotheistic (and some polytheistic) religions are based directly on numerology, astrology, the Cabala, and ancient pagan theology.

        I love how people just make blanket statements about how "The Bible Is Truth" and use their own opinionated belief systems as "proof" (as well as quotes directly from the Bible).

        Do you people even know who actually wrote this book? Do you know who "Corinthians" are? How about "Mark". Could it possibly be that 3000 years ago when the first edition of this book (IE the Old Testament) was written, it was written by people oriented around CONTROL? In other words, the same type of people that move to control us today? Could it possibly be???!?!? Oh my??!?! How could someone possibly think that way?!

        What a loon.

      • If that's true, then what are numerology, astrology, the Cabala (sic), and ancient pagan theology based on?

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Pilar (100), that is my point exactly. Non-believers' only defense strategy is to bash Jesus and/or God. These people do not know how to defend what they believe in. I finally came to the conclusion that they know Jesus exists as well as God, but they simply chose not to believe based on what other people have told them.

        Please continue to use the Bible to support your claims. The Bible is the truth, the way and the light. Some body is listening to you what you say and reading what your wrote. I will preach and teach Jesus any time. I love Jesus, who is Lord.

        Continue the God Work. God is pleased.

      • is ur idiot non-existent god pleased when children are butchered in wars? Innocent ppl? When theres so much useless sufferance? I have a message for ur god, unless some self righteous moron wont censor my comment: BLOW ME!

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        XYZ, you cannot blame God on men's decisions. People have to stop blaming God on their wrong decisons. The Bible discusses us having wars. Read it to learn this. The Bible also discusses how man is going to destroy this earth.

        The Bible speaks of things to come. Read it to enlighten yourself. If you see Christians as idiots, well, we are idiots for God.

    • Hm. Curious, OB. What makes you say Christianity was a tool of the Illuminati?

      "Maybe it’s because from a young age so called “Christians” are conditioned not to think and to let some outside source take control of your life. It seems it’s the norm in that particular religion to not ask questions. Maybe that’s why there are so many Christians in the world today, people don’t like questioning their reality. Maybe we as a people have substituted “Christianity” for our “Humanity”. It’s much simpler to give your life to “God” (whatever that is) and let him/it do the thinking for you, than to challenge popular belief and think for yourself! I personally don’t subscribe to any religious pattern. I believe in consciousness, awareness, self empowerment and asking questions."

      Absolute bullshit by the way.

      • A simple truth: RELIGION IS A TOOL. And we fall for it for centuries, strongly convinced that one's imaginary friend is better than another's imaginary friend. Ud like to call urself "awake", "vigilant" but as long as u stick to the most efficient brainwashing weapon and one of the most destructive weapons ever, u are zero. Less than zero. U can only keep dreaming! Keep spreading ur religious poison, its the right place after all.

      • love this comment. of course it gets so many dislikes, i'm sure this reply will too…

        i'm always surprised to find so many religious people on this site. i always think being so religious contradicts what we're fighting because like you said, it's a tool: a tool used by the elite to control us!!

        it's like what happened during my own epiphany… i thought about the golden calf as a false idol, and it clicked! religion is a false idol. we ourselves are just enough and i'm happy i know this… the bible is an allegory, much like greek mythology, etc…

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Rawkz, do you think you are completely in control? Without Jesus, you are in bondage and opressed. One day you will realize this.

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Rawkz, do you think you are completely in control? Without Jesus, you are in bondage and opressed? One day you will realize this.

      • Erm. Maybe you've completely missed the point of my post.

        Firstly, I am Christian. Yes, I am supportive of evangelism. However, I don't believe in doing it in the wrong places and to the wrong people. I've been raised in a Christian school and people there have the best intentions. However, not everyone is going to see that correctly. Some people became believers but there were those who felt like they were being forced into Christianity and 'brainwashing' and whatnot. Look at OB. Yes, he sounds exactly like Marilyn Manson who was also raised in a Christian background but decided to become one of those rebels.

        These Debates about Christianity aren't going to improve things (the adverse impact in fact) for such people who will only grow more stubborn-minded and stand stronger to their beliefs that you are 'brainwashing' them. So what you're doing isn't going to work.

        7 Whoever corrects a mocker invites insults;

        whoever rebukes the wicked incurs abuse.

        8 Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you;

        rebuke the wise and they will love you.

        9 Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still;

        teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.

        Here, I leave you with Proverbs 9:9

        This is an article about MJ and isn't a site for such debates/excessive evangelism. Also, I think you're doing it the wrong way.

      • Rawkz

        I get where u coming from, and quite frankly I agree wt ya. the thing is, I think when we try to persuade ppl in2 our beliefs we only make matters worse. I remember, nobody ever 'forced' Christian teachings on me but I was so lucky to see the light in time. Fine, its good to communicate the message of Christ to ppl but lets be careful not to push ppl away here. We serve the Lord who once was mortal, He was soooo gentle and wise in dealing with ppl who didnt share His teachings. Cant' we just pretend to be bigger men here and NOT debate about this…

  29. The only way to save our soul is to give us to the ONE Jesus Christ The Son of God! (John 3:16)

    He is The Almighty!Time is short! Get ready! Read the Bible and find out!

    • the bible is also written by humans, and believe me, 'they' forced some power on it to..

      just read between the lines.

      and say it yourself, they want us to don't believe in god anymore so they get there own priests on top and make a scandal. child abuse, that kinda things.

      I'm not grown up religious myself but I believe in my own truth. the believe inside my head. because the words of other man are to easy to just read and believe in.

  30. why are there police man on the part from dangerous..

    i saw them the really first time I saw this cover..

    is it like micheals head behind the 'cage' with police on it.. so he had to shut up or something?

  31. Could Michel Jackson be the Phoenix that Kanye sings about?

    Think about the fact that MJ was a sacrifice, and how the Phoenix bird desires death so that it can be "born again" even better than before.

  32. Whacko's Knight Templar pose here is real interesting!

    As is the inclusion of an image of cops (the front line 'slave contollers' of the NWO Elite)!

    Who's on that cover on the bottom LH corner (yap, the thing with the pentagram …. referring to that"We are the World" BS – together with 'Live Aid' another masonic hoax!)? … As far as I know, there were a few different covers, but nothing that looked like this.

    Note too the two pyramids depicted in the apparent text "AFRICA"!!

  33. All-seeing Eye Opene on

    So, to hide something obvious – only meant to be found by searchers – pollute it with many useless extras.

  34. The article forgets to mention the 12-pointed star, which is the the upper right of the crowned Jackson's head. The 12-pointed star is a prominent symbol in Masonic lore.

  35. What about "Micha" in the corner above one of of his eyes? Most would think the picture was purposely cut off… but I think the 1 eye was intentional. The word Micha means "Who is like Yahweh?" and Micah is one of the "sons of Asaph" who were poets and singers.

  36. What if MICHAEL himself helped design the cover. What if MICHAEL is still alive? What if he outwitted the Illuminati, and this cover his demonstration of victory by resolving the white and black sides of the checkerboard. Think I'm crazy. Check out the evidence for yourself. Just google michael jackson hoax death.

  37. The "Jesus is the only way" crowd will always blow my mind. There is NO SUCH THING as the "ONLY WAY".

    In an infinite universe, with 7 densities of infinite dimensions, and untold mysterious and miracles, to state that to reach God has a single path, and if it is not taken, you are damned to hell for eternity is the definition of INSANITY.

    I don't care what some book says. That same book can be interpreted a billion different ways. Why not subscribe to Paramahansa Yogananda interpretation? Its much more in-depth and POSITIVE. The fundamentalist christian view of reality is warped and psychotic.

    This is not to say Jesus isn't a spiritual power in the universe, nor is it disrespectful of me to point these things out.

    I guarantee if Jesus was here to set the record straight, he wouldn't condemn anybody to hell that didn't already condemn themselves. What does that mean? It means that we choose our hells and our heavens by where we put our attention and heart. You don't have to remain there forever. There is more than ONE WAY to eat a Reese's. And there sure is "hell" more than ONE WAY to return home to the Prime Creator.

    Oh ya, R.I.P. MJ. You broke your mind control and stood up for your soul.

      • You all are the ones that make it hard when it's simple. Eaither you follow God and have peace on earth in the end. Or you don't !!!!!! No such thing as "HELL" first of all. Hell is death. Not a freggin fire. Pick up a book and stop blabbing if you don't know what you are talking about. Learn what " HELL" really is before you speak on it ! http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=5438 comment 71 "truley" Get a clue first * gheesh people*

      • Well a fire doesnt mean the fire that you see when you're camping.

        Its a fire that burns the soul by the soul's passions. We don't see it yet.

        Hell is there before the second coming of Christ. After that it will be the fiery lake where lots of souls will be suffering the things that they have chosen to live by in this life.

        Hell is also a place of utter loneliness. Right now non-believers can complain as much as they decide. but there, the scary part is not the fire…but suffering the fact that there is no turning back. When a person screams 'I am sorry!!!' there, it will not make any difference. Noone will listen or care.

        If someone is denying God all their live, or living the way satan advises, logically even, eternally they will end up according to their live….but God is merciful to those who even seek a little bit. He wants all to be saved but not all people make the effort or even want to change themselves with the help of God.

        And its eternity, so there is no time, no sleep, no food, no closing eyes and taking a rest.

        Thats why as I said previously people who experienced hell said they would endure anything just as long as they dont go back.

        Right now a person can suffer hell inside themselves, just as they can enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven, because God said,

        Being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, he answered them, "The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed, nor will they say, 'Look, here it is!' or 'There!' for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you." Luke 17:20-21

      • For a Christian, the true home is not Earth, but it is in heaven, and our whole life is to prepare ourselves for the future eternal life.

        which is determined by God and the things we do and say in our life here….

        Everything on Earth will be destroyed one day, our world now is not absolute. Our soul which is eternal, is a bigger priority than any earthly thing which will perish.

      • This is why people do not beleive Christians now. Here you have 12 different explanations. All of them said like the honest to God truth. Do you all actually believe a loving God will burn his children for dear life. Hell = Death not fire. All with eyes to see, read and decide. Moving on…..When you say the Lords Prayer " Our father, who is in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come…(pause) wait a minute was that thy kingdom come, to earth ( continue) thy will be done ON EARTH, ON EARTH as it is in Heaven. Please join a Bible study. It is a very large percentage of Christians, I'm thinking about 90% lol, pastors and preachers and all who don't even know, what the what they are talking about. Here is the best explanation if hell. Read and decide !!!

        Romans 6: 23 – For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life ! This is one of the many passages I could find.

        Original language

        Hebrew/ sheol

        Greek/ hades

        These words are found in the Bible over 70 times Ecclesiastes 9 : 10 ” whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going “.

        Some Bible translations render them as ‘grave’ or “hell” or “pit”. In most languages there are no words that convey the precise sense of these Hebrew and Greek words. The New World Translations uses the words ” sheol” and ” hades”

        Basically hell is a grave, mass grave or pit. Hell= death ! Lots of it. It is described as a massive grave without ending in Proverbs 30:16 / 27:20

        Remember we serve a loving God. If you choose to live accordingly your reward will be great. If not you will die. Case closed. Any questions feel free !

      • Read the story of Lazarus in the New Testament and what was happening to the rich man…there was clearly heat involved.

        Christ didn't come to suffer for nothing. Some will be saved, some will be not, it is determined by faith and deeds.

        The end of the world will not come unless the true NT is preached to all people, this way all will know of what is to come. Doesn't mean they will accept, but all will be warned.

        There are clear warnings of the fiery lake, gehenna, in NT many times.

      • PS whatever hell is going to be, it will be enormously torturous. I don't know why you are so keen on focusing on fire. There may be things lots worse than that even. Like demons surrounding a body and torturing. Maybe fire is better???????

        God loves people and wants all to be saved, but not all people love God. They will get according to their state of soul. He doesn't force people to believe in Him and so will not force heaven on those who simply don't care.

        For some people, the presence of God can be torture and can burn. Even reading NT burns stuff inside.. For some the presence of God is and will be eternal joy.

      • I have the story of Lazrus right here and still no where does it mention fire as hell. If anyone can prove me wrong please do so. Do not fall for the commenter remarks, if that was true they would have posted the passages. I posted passages, Bible verses, definition, greek and hebrew. The story of Lazarus John 11 chapter. Now you read and decide if Jesus said any thing about Lazurus going to hell. Hell is a mass grave, and endless grave. Correct me if I am wrong but back it up with facts like I did.

    • You need to do A LOT of reading and research. Not trying to be mean but it’s true. Many people like you have drawn conclusions about Christianity without all the facts. Can I just tell you the devil is clever? Do you understand the devil stays busy? Do you REALLY know his story? You need to have an in depth knowledge of world history before you can truly grasp the truth of Christianity. Satan planted the seed of many false religions–beginning long before Jesus was even born. He wanted to confuse and lead people astray. Satan has pursued the seed of Abraham all over this planet–his agenda is to destroy us or better yet, have us destroy ourselves. Now I’m not asking you to believe anything without proof. There is proof. You need to go waaaay back. You need to read some texts that mainstream scholars never mention. You need to check out some stuff in the world’s museums that’s hidden in plain sight. You need to toss your history textbooks and get really real. After 1/3 of the angels and Lucifer were kicked out of heaven, what happened? That’sa huge part of Christianity’s story. Even a lot of Christians don’t wanna go there–learn satan’s story. It’s mind blowing. And the proof is out there–monuments, artifacts, ancient texts, even skeletal remains (hint: the Smithsonian is hiding a few ) support the fact that the Christian story is truth–and there’s a supernatural entity out there that’s really pissed about it. It’s very deep. Maybe you just need to look for yourself. 😉

      • Totally agree team! And it's unfortunate that so many churches will not go there. People innately know there is so much more……it's why they going looking elsewhere. What they don't realize is that the story and truth of YHWY has got it all!

      • couldnt have put it better myself! if you haven't already but guessing you have, check out prof veith, total onslaught.

        Soon shall come when the sunday law will be bought in to effect and the mark of the beast shall be and the time of the end will come. Hard times bruv!! Hard times!!

        Peace be with you!!

        I havent long come to the faith but i did the research an looked into the occult…

        boy i was shocked and the more i read, daniel and revelation! even i can see where its all going! peeps need to wake up boy!

        Amazing stuff!


  38. It's very sad to me that even after death, M.J. still cannot rest in peace. They are still using his name to generate profits for their own agenda, knowing he would not agree with this being put it out. His sister, Latoya, seems to know what is really going on behind his death, from the very first day she declared he was murdered. The whole thing with his Doctor always seemed suspicious, just like with Anna Nicole and her handler.

    Did you see that video with the "crazy Quaids" and how they're claiming there is a group of Hollywood whackers that have a hit list, they are responsible for Heath and Carradine's deaths? Those are pretty heavy allegations to make, but despite it, I believe them.

    • Why call the Quaids crazy? Anyone ever think that maybe they are telling the truth? If or a regular neighbor was saying they were getting death threats, and they believe that someone is out to kill them, either for money or to keep me quiet, would you think I was crazy. Why do people suddenly feel that celebrities are beyond the dangers that all of society faces. Just because you are put in front of a camera, doesn't mean you don't have any more problems. In fact, these famous people usually fall victim to extortion and blackmail, more so then anyone of us because there livelihood depends on the words and image made by others. The media day and night shapes a world for these "celebrities" to exist, and if they dont follow the rules, they can easily write something in the papers the next day that will make them wish they were dead or worse. Michael Jackson, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Dennis Quaid, Heath Ledger, Brittney Murphey (and may I add, her husband, who died mysteriously in his home while waiting for a heart bypass surgery). These people are insane, and they have been killing celebrities like this since the 40's or greater.

  39. Are there TWO suns in the sky? One of which seems artificial?? Strange coincidence considering the other two suns from the movie "2010 – The year we make contact" and the very bright star I see every night since last year…

  40. Check out Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal video (the longer version) right after the windows break and everyone is possessed with the spirit that came in the room (moving weirdly,moaning and mumbling) Michael Jackson does the *As Above So Below* hand sign…That scene as a kid was always creepy to me and i never understood it but I do now.

  41. I wish Vigilant will do a piece on MJ, because there pretty much is so much to talk about him, that covering him will basically take a few days. MJ was the Illuminati Music Industry's main man. It is said that there were only 3 people universally recognized in the world, the Queen of England, The President of the U.S. and Michael Jackson.

    Pretty much he was the spearhead of American culture, and is why he had his army when he travel internationally during his peak in popularity. He was that big. So of course the elite would keep a close eye on him, and I believe when started singing "man in the mirror", and stated talking about putting an end to suffering and saving Africa and ending violence, was when they started threatening his life. Now, even in death, they use images to promote their NEW WORLD ORDER. They should be ashamed of themselves, and I hope they get what is coming to them.

    I don't know if you guys notice, but another big symbolism other than the butterfly on his left shoulder is the fact that the black and white cherubs are holding the crown over his head. As if he is about to be crowned, or as if his crown is coming off. It all reminds me a coronation for some great achievement. The question is, what achievement and when is this achievement going to take place.

  42. What scares me most about all this is how open they've become about it all. They don't care who knows now. More than that, they're rubbing in our faces.

    "We're here. We're pulling the strings, and there's nothing you can do to stop us." Is essentially what they're saying at this point. "Just sit back and watch. You'll see what we're planning REAL soon."

    • So let me get this straight, what they're saying is "We're Here, we're queer and there's nothing you can do to stop us"?


  43. Hi guys !

    This is my first comment here.

    Some people on other VC posts and/or on YouTube have said that those symbols are just a coincidence.

    A coincidence? Really?

    Can those people explain then why you can actually see the same symbols on music videos over and over again all over the whole world???

  44. from southamerica on

    if u ever loved michael dont buy this cd or anything that comes from this people that IN FACT KILLED HIM!

    and u have to think that he is ok now, his soul is finally resting, he had such a troubeled life and he has reencountered with the mistery, god, jah, alá or whatever name u want to name the universal love.

    this site is great because it opens peoples eyes and that is what our civilization needs: to wake up!!

    i send hugs for all of u.

  45. That was blunt. When I clicked the article I was expecting some digging, but that butterfly is so out of place and so in-yo-face it’s ridiculous.
    The spaceship over the moon landing is kinda off place too, isn’t it? Is that connected to any video of his? I just know his mainstream stuff, and it seems like a strange way to alude to “moonwalking”.
    From a graphical design point of view, the composition is messy, with useless repetition and crass juxtapositions, like a pastiche of ideas from too many different heads, the artist not exactly being one. Well, or they hired a rookie, how likely is that =P

  46. Lion = Leo,. the entertainer,..

    Tiger = Aquarius,.. the adoring fans,..

    These two are polar opposites in the zodiac and reflective of the puppet on a string, programmed musician to programmed audience rationale we are discussing,..

  47. Wowow,. i'm a pro Astrologer by the way, well into exposing world white collar psychopathy and the subsequent sociopathies,.. Looking again at these animals you are pointing out,..

    Those four are the four pillars of the world/universe, see tarot trump no.21,… The fact that they even show them is indicative that they are working on your animal natures, your subconscious forces,..

    The bear is Scorpio,.. this is literally the symbol of deep subconscious programming,..

    Then the elephant,. well that must be filling out the Taurus end,.. Usually an earthy quality animal, regularly a good stocky Bull,. But a Elephant there!?,. Notice how much cash this industry has!?,.. hence an Elephant and not a mere cow,.. Of great interest,..

  48. Some Random Person on

    It looks like the music executives are hip to the illuminati online popularity. Benjamin Singleton of http://www.pseudoccultmedia.blogspot.com had this to say when a PR company sent him a press release regarding LCD Soundsystem's new video, "it seems they want sites like this to do "exposés" on their videos to cash in on the "Illuminati" themes current high level of interest online, hence why they sent the press release to sites like mine."

    • I figured that ! Thats why I do not support none of the music or movies mentioned on this site. I make it my buissiness not to watch. I wanted to watch metropolis ( sp but don’t care) last night but I thought naw I will stick to my guns. I always thought that was odd. I mean if we are against it why support it. I don’t fall for it ! and it’s sad others do. A movie or a song can’t show me any thing the Lord can’t ! You have to read between the lines !

      • I just hope we don't get a Kanye Runway post right before or during the time his album drops. I do think it's a promotion thing going on. We will see !

  49. This album cover is the ultimate 'up yours',..

    This is indicative of all his faces,. Of all his programmed personalities that he displayed through the decades,..

    He has the classic backdrop for sociopathy and the programmable format,.. His abusive father,.. Very easy for a handler to walk in on this lad, literally with a whip and chains,..

    Notice the hand points to his left,. his left is the dark side,. the subconcious side of his mind,..

    On his right, the personas the world saw him as,.. See the robot on the left and the moonwalker ont he right,.. A spaced out guy, with robotic innerds,..

    Then OF GREAT note,.. See the 'Dangerous album cover on the right,.. this is on his left side,. however, the entire album cover then is to the right of this old 'dangerous' face,.. This is no chance,..

    Also note,. Ufo's present at lunar landing which we all knew decades ago from the Hamm radio guys,..

    Black and white cupids,..

    The Star and the Sun,..

    Note also the cops on the dangerous head,.. And the Jester frills on his neck in the main pic,.. Puppet Puppet Puppet,..

    In the "blood on the dancefloor" cover,. his hands to the right indicate that he is a willing servant of the NWO puppet masters,. that he is controlled and will actively do their bidding,. this is because it is to the right and his 'hands',. Flip interesting,…

    • If someone is abused & then consequently "handled", then:-

      1. To what extent is he aware of his handling?

      2. To what extent is he responsible for his handling?

      3. To what extent is he responsible for his public image?

      It is entirely possible to awaken from mind-control, in which case:-

      A. Your life could be in danger.

      B. Your "handlers" could still control your public image, through legal technicalities, threats, etc.

      C. The public may still swallow it all, hook, line & sinker.

      Ultimately, when anyone breaks free from satanic mind-control, the bottom line is that they demonstrate effort in shaking off the "old", & reconciling with their multi-dimensional self, leading back to their creator, Jehovah God.

      Then, it wont make a blind bit of difference what handlers do, because:-

      (1) You're safe in God's arms, spiritually-speaking, even if you get killed (hence resurrection hope after armageddon, when all wickedness gets destroyed)

      (2) Eventually the public will wake up – even when it becomes too late.


      The Truth ALWAYS comes out in the end.

      The important thing is to awaken & get free.

      And the truth shall set you free.

      Jehovah is the source of all power in the universe, yet he gives it away to his creatures in dignity, through the gift of free will. His Creation Project has a purpose, yet his wisdom knows that his purpose will be fulfilled, hence he doesn't feel the need to control the show.

      On the other hand, Satan challenged Jehovah God's sovereignty (or his right to rule), illegally, & though Satan doesn't have the moral or legal right to rule, he is permitted to do so for a time (& his time is almost up) – & yet, he feels the need to control everything, hence the abundance of lies, propaganda & mind-control tricks in symbolism, as well as throughout the structure of his counterfeit "kingdom" or "system" or "new world order".

      Ultimately, the entire house of cards is bound to collapse, & more people are waking up to that fact. The question remains, however, whether or not individuals will have the courage to break free from Satan's mind control & ultimately reconcile with their creator & finally get healing for themselves, both psychologically/spiritually, as well as literally/physically (whether by surviving armageddon, or via resurrection back to life on a paradise earth under God's Kingdom rule in the new system (or the REAL new world order, as opposed to the counterfeit one).

      It stands to reason that the highest authority in the universe will have the final say on matters, & these charlatans who do Satan's bidding will be exposed & will come to their end, at last, whilst those who love what is right & determine to do it (despite opposition, etc) will get to enjoy the rest of the show, forevermore.

      Truth always "outs" in the end. xx

  50. Ok, someone is playing with our emotions here. I mean, they know most people adored MJ and quite frankly think he was used for other ppl's agenda (which I agree with) and they are using the very same MJ (just dead this time) to get to us. what they depict on the cover could be right about him, but also could be WRONG but they are just trying to get under our skin. so if you loved MJ, nothing shud change and if u didnt, well go on but not gonna change the fact that we cant do nothing about it he cant fight back no more.


  51. used to really love this site…until some ppl post comments that are really off the point, pointing fingures and arguing and forgetting the real point of this whole thing. Am trully saddened to see how we are shifting from observing the matters that really matter here, like the illuminati for example, remember?

    If we make God the subject of our conversation we should be careful…..REALLY careful.


  52. am just so tireed of ppl who come here full of knowledge and understanding about God….like they know him, nobody knows God but the Spirit….and ppl knowledge and understanding is no spirit but who u are: you soul. moving on, if anyone rely on knowledge and understanding (loads of book reading and theories n "facts") better get this:

    1 Corinthians 1:21 For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.

    1Corinthians 4:10 We are fools for Christ, but you are so wise in Christ! We are weak, but you are strong! You are honored, we are dishonored!

    1 Cor 1:19-21 (KJV) For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent


  53. BaduxoTheFlash on


    Mj was fighting against evil…but it seems like he didnt win, nor did he help others who are coming up from the Enter. Industry.

    I guess the reason he didnt win is because he was fight not only physically but spiritually all by himself.

    We al can fight against the oppression of the FreeMans but it gotta be done physically and spiritually with the Help of the Holy Spirit Of God That comes in our lives thru Christ Jesus.

    If we dont have Jesus's Support we will be Like "Sentinels that sleep over night; like man that build a castle in sandy ground and man that work without getting paid.

    Get JESUS ON THIS GUYS and Stop waisting time…

  54. Sporting a slide-rule framework, see the Citizen has Skyhawk stainless steel men’s flight schedule and the latest advanced technology. He leads a unique Citizen Eco-Drive, the sunlight and artificial light through the crystal to download and play the Clock absorbed continuously. Time before the property, including the time and the calendar 43 and a half the city three times the world alarms, countdown to 99 minutes, one-touch interchangeable second analog / digital time and chronograph 1 / 100mb operation 24 hours. Grand Tour of stainless steel, silver, 48 mm (1.89 inches) and 16 mm (0.63 inch) deep. Target has a large black and white hands on leadership and make a square side. It comes with a multi-link bracelet-style steel band. Other features include (660 feet) water resistant to 200 meters – scuba diving. Summary of features: atomic time synchronization accuracy in the world of Radio City 43 two alarms 1 / 100 second chronograph that up measures to 24 hours 99 minutes countdown Perpetual Calendar Digital Display Light Greenwich Mean principle mineral glass display frame that is not in the light power reserve equivalent.

  55. They killed Michael because he turned muslim in February and he was ready to announce to the world during his concert tour about how he converted and how such a wonderful religion it is. As we know, the illuminati's goal of a N.W.O cant be achieved without killing good. They killed 2pac, MJ, JFK, Malcolm X, and the list goes on. With 9/11 they tried killing islam and they failed miserably. Michael Jackson's anouncement that he was Muslim could've brought twice the light that already is… But they killed him. May your soul rest in peace in the grave, Michael. God bless..

    • Me from Colombia on

      Hello, the real Beyonce and Taylor were sacrificed. They are now mind controlled and they have multiple personality disorder. Some poster noted that she knew a photographer who worked with Beyonce and she kept switching personalities and was very weird.

      • Wow, I 'm glad that you've mentioned that. Here in Houston, TX (Beyonce's hometown), the Knowles family would sparingly come to a local church and praise. A friend of mine (a major Beyonce fan) who attended the church would say that Beyonce was always seen "twitching" or moving in a jerking motion from time to time, of course this was 2 years ago, but I never payed it any attention until just now.

        I threw it off as a dancing injury of some sort, but you may very well be correct about her being programmed and conditioned.

  56. I don’t understand why Michael Jackson would be a masonic puppet or whatnot. I see the symbols that you talk about in his videos and artwork (like cover of Dangerous album). But how was he a puppet? I don’t recall him having a negative effect on the public even if the symbols are around him. Isn’t a puppet supposed to pervert the public?

    • Me from Colombia on

      Missayah, Michael Jackson was a puppet, his father gave him to the iluminati. But he somewhat started having memories back and being more aware of his own self that happens when you are on your 30’s. He was abused like most iluminati controlled child stars, that’s why he was so confused about his sexuality and craved going back to childhood so bad. But I don’t think he was an abuser himself, but he was in desperate need of inner healing.

      • I just saw this entry, but not too late to make my comment. I have no fear. All-THEM-have been stalking me for many years. I have been poisoned, they have tried to kill me many times, and thank God, I'm here. I will not surrender, I came into this world in search of love, and I reaffirmed in the search. Michael opened the way for everyone to hear the words, love and truth. And now I must do my part. Vigilant, you know that is not the first time I say this in your blog, I am Annie of Smooth Criminal, and I'm Dangerous, and I am Invincible, and I spoke with Michael on the song titled THIS IS IT, and I'm still looking for my copyright, Moonwalk, still no result, the lawyers want money and I have not, and the benefits of this copyright, THEY offered it to Murray, that he injected to Michael the lethal drug. God wants me to know this too. Moonwalk Michael danced for me. Michael, they isolated, as they did with me, and isolate the truth to find no defense. And only together all those who love the truth, we can pave the way for the arrival of Jesus. God is with us and the truth will out.

  57. Vigilant African on

    Holidaying in Nigeria, I noticed the payment methods used in acquiring goods, funny. They started with cash like most civilised countries did. Moved up the ATM and Master card ladder quickly like they did and now, independent reports are coming from Victoria Garden City-VGC, Victoria Island in Lagos state, that a few people have been cited paying for goods and services via the front of their right hands electronically. I am not surprised as I am sure its the same story with the capital, Abuja and other booming states in the federation. What baffles me though is the high level of ignorance these people possess all in the name of "Science And Technology making things easy". Funny enough, such people are lukewarm Christians who go with the flow and do not question motives and hidden agendas and a large percentage of Muslims who have been dumbed down by their practices. I write on these Muslims specifically because my heart goes out to them. They are a most antagonistic and sturbborn kind. I was chanced to read parts of the Koran and was surprised at its stark contrast and opposition to the Christian Bible and its dogma. A dogma that has been subliminally attacked and suppressed for hundreds of years by various sects and organisations at both national and world levels. But I am not surprised as this is just the beginnig of the end of things to come.

    A friend of mine was going through the dailies and came across a compelling headline. It states (not as I quote though): "Church Of Sat[an] acquires largest piece of land in West Africa for its Church" in Imo State, Nigeria. This same church is also operational in parts of Western and Southern Africa using its maiden or other sister names. I was once again not surprised-why? Simple. A country and people whose borders and brains are porous are bound for oppression and ultimate destruction.

    Driving down a popular area in Lagos state, I note a few unfamiliar structures that were not present years ago. Some of which are strip clubs that are suspiciously hidden and lots of clubs and pubs. On my way further and chattering a new direction, lo and behold, I come across somthing rather profound. Its called: The Temple Of Isis. Right here in Africa. Nigeria, Lagos state. It was shocking! They have infiltrated everywhere, including the government and her parastatals. What is rather un nerving is people's conformity to such new ideals and I have come to note that two things are involved: Poverty and the hunger to get rich at any cost, and the presence of education but lack of or suppression of cognition and information. Both are endemic worldwide.

    Wait!! What if I told you that their symbols are also on the Nigerian currencies. Would you believe me? Check out the N1000 note. The illuminati pyramid is on it. Check out the N50 also. The mark of the beast is hidden in a blue and pink patterned design.

    These people* have a say in the foods we buy and eat, in the movies, music videos and music we like to listen to and watch, in the books we read and video games we spend hours playing, in the type of candidate and government we elect, in the adverts on tv, in technological advancement and warfare, in the fashion industry and their signs and symbols are even evident in the manufacture of automobiles and house hold electronics, LG for example (Its logo has only one eye). Read the company policies of these multinational companies and you'll be surprised at what you might find.

    We are still in the early phases of their introductory stages worldwide. Be Vigilant.

  58. I just wanted to note that shortly after MJ's death, Kanye West was quoted declaring himself as "The New King of Pop". I don't know what it may mean, but I thought it was entirely insensitive and disturbing.

  59. the truth is out the on

    Pilar get off your high horse. Why do most of you guys feel like you have to quote the bible to make a point anyway? If Christianity works for you good for you. If Islam works for you good for. Me from Columbia – there are good & bad people in the world. There are crazy christians & good, sound christians too. E.g racism. Some people use the bible to justify racism. Does it mean all christians are racist? No. But all christians have 1 thing in common. As soon as someone disagrees with your religion or questions the bible, they get attacked. For some of us we still use our God given brain to question. God wouldn't have given you a brain if he just wanted everybody to have a one track mind! Broaden your knowledge, research the history of christianity. How many wars were fought in the name of christianity? How many people were killed in the name of christianity? For what – to get everybody to follow this religion. The bible is just a book! Even "Jesus" never read the bible & he was never a christian. That's if he even existed.

    • Shut up, I was answering question asked about relegion first of all. I quoted scritpures to back me up. Who attacked anyone because I didn't? I was just saying ! " there are crazy christians and bad christians good muslims….." who said there wasn't ? The rest you talk about is crap all that wars on christians blah blah blah…you said yourself you have good and bad christians…so what is your point? Stop acting like you are telling my something I don't know. You wasted your time responding to me. You must be talking to someone else. Half of your accusations didn't apply to me I was having a discussion so read the entire board before you comment wasting space You sound so stupid " Jesus never read the Bible" I mean like duh isn't that why he gathered a group of disiples. ( are you all listening to the dumbness) I have faith in God's word and thats all I need.

      • The same religious nuts doing their shitty work here. Dear sheeple Pilar, instead of giving a mature reply to the poster called The Truth Is Out There, u start ranting and insulting him. Typically Xtian. U cant handle the truth, darling, u cant! Now down on ur knees and pray to ur great slave master in the sky.

    • Isn't everyone entitled to express their opinion? You don't have to agree with it, do you?

      As for the accuracy of your comment, how could Jesus quote extensively from the Torah, the Prophets & the Psalms if he never read the Bible?

      "If Christianity works for you, great", you say. Then, you state that Jesus wasn't a Christian & may not have existed.

      Firstly, the term "Christian" means "follower of Christ". This implies that the Christ had to have been a real figure for people to hear his ideas, decide they agree with them & adopt them as living principles.

      Secondly, the way they got to hear his ideas was through word of mouth, i.e. someone had to express those ideas in the first place in order for them to be heard, agreed & adopted. If an idea or feeling moves you to express it, what's wrong with that? That's why humans have tongues (or keyboards) – to express themselves, including your good self.

      Thirdly, Christianity (the ideas & principles of Jesus Christ) is NOT the culprit for the wars you speak of. Christendom is the evil villain, here. It is a political empire which has hijacked the term "Christian" as a blind for badness. For example, Jesus didn't advocate violence, nor did he advocate political involvement in Satan's world. Whereas, Christendom's hands, feet & mouth are dripping with the blood of innocents throughout history – in fact, most religions are bloodguilty somewhere along the line.

      Don't confuse Christendom with Christianity, neither Religion with the Bible. They're not the same thing.

      People can use statistics & quotes to justify anything – yes, it's true, we even read of Satan doing that to Jesus in the Bible – where else would the idea of lies/manipulation come from, but from Satan? However, the person of true discernment can eventually work out what is true & what is not, given time & experience & an open, inquisitive mind. That's why the Bible admonishes us to keep on the watch.

      I sometimes read comments I strongly disagree with, even from those who profess to carry the label "Christian", but whose views greatly differ from that which is blatantly stated in the Bible. We are all on a learning journey, at the end of the day, & have picked up on things which need straightening out, & that can only be acquired through discussion & experience.

      If someone disagrees with someone – c'est la vie. You can't win all the arguments all of the time, as some people say. People have the right to their opinion, & they have the right to change it also, whether they are, in reality, in the right or in the wrong.

  60. "I’ve noticed that whenever you question a Christian’s beliefs, a funny things happens, they start getting angry! Why is that? Maybe it’s because from a young age so called “Christians” are conditioned not to think and to let some outside source take control of your life. It seems it’s the norm in that particular religion to not ask questions. Maybe that’s why there are so many Christians in the world today, people don’t like questioning their reality. Maybe we as a people have substituted “Christianity” for our “Humanity”."

    Anyway, OB. VC admits to being a Christian. Looks like he's gone through conditioning…maybe even some social programming. Why are you here reading his blog then?? You may become programmed and unthinking as well.

    "It’s easy to be a Christian, I should know cuz I grew up in a Christian household. It’s not easy however to challenge and question one’s own belief system especially If you were born and raised into that belief system as so many Christians have been."

    Just because such applies to you doesn't apply to absolutely everyone else. Keep your own jaded experiences to yourself and stop bashing Christians and calling them morons. If you want, you can go and write your own book about atheism alright? Yes and Pilar can go write his own agnostic book in response to yours.

    Thank you guys, for your unsolicited Debate on Christianity vs. Atheism.


    Btw, yes, I like how his children – the boys are named Prince I and Prince II. So yes, he must be the King indeed. I wonder why his daughter's named Paris tho.

  61. There is even Police State Imagery on the album cover of MJ at the right side above "Micha…",

    you can see 2 police-like men.

    Thanks for sharing.


  62. i really hate it anytime i come across this typing altercation about religion,why? because i'ma end up siding with the christians…yup i am a christian. you know,it kinda saddens me to read lousy comments from atheist[ who probably might be muslim in disguise] tryna bash the Christians on every blog he/she find themselves in.i mean….has it ever dawn on you, the people they call themselves 'atheist' or lemme say muslims in disguise ever talked ill about the islamic religion….nope i dont think so. what they always say is this….for instance the word JESUS,they always like 'even if he ever existed' .what im tryna say is that….you being a muslim or atheist is cool,yeaa its cool………..but not to the extend of forcing the crappy shit you believe in down our[christians] throat. you can go on and believe in what ever you believe in………and yes christians on the other hand gonna believe in what they also believe in GOD !!

    • Well you didn't think your little theory over.

      Muslims would not say 'if he ever existed' about Jesus because Muslims believe that Jesus existed as a Prophet. They believe in Jesus as there is a whole chapter in their holy book dedicated to him. That is what Muslims believe and that is a fact.

      Now what I'm guessing is that you are actually a Zionist Khazar 'Jew' pretending to be a Christian, bashing Muslims and trying to create trouble even though you say you hate these 'typing altercations about religion'.

  63. Why does it have to be like this?(Tears)(Rhetorical question no one really has to answer me it's my sad thoughts all summed up into one simple question.)

  64. for 'Please stop', I think you're talking about the other Lazarus…

    just to finish up that thing with the fire and hell, when I said fire is mentioned.

    You've said:

    I have the story of Lazrus right here and still no where does it mention fire as hell. If anyone can prove me wrong please do so

    But here it is from Luke ch. 16

    “The time came when the beggar died and the angels carried him to Abraham’s side. The rich man also died and was buried.

    In Hades, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham far away, with Lazarus by his side.

    So he called to him, ‘Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.’

    • To my understanding this is what God refers to as "the second death" what you described. This is the first ressurection..

      Revelations ( 20) 20:5- The rest of the dead did not come to life untill the thousand years were complete. 6- Blessed and holy is the one who has part in the first ressurection; over these the second death has no power, but they will be priest of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years. ( which is refered to as a learning period) 7- When the thousands years are complete Satan will be released from his prison satan will come out to deceive the nation.

      Remind you this is in revelations so this is after/during judgement day. moving on to verse 20:14 – Then death and hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire.

      Isiah 24 speaks on the earth being destroyed after the wrath, Isiah 25 is describing God restoring the world. 26 describe God's expectations during this one-thousand years. I can't find the scripture but during judgement day mankind will be given another chance while satan is chained for 1000 years. All who don't get it by then, then will be cast into the lake of fire. " the second death" Sorry for the earlier confusion on Lazarus btw. Read up on " the first coming" and the " second coming" Just by these verses alone I think we have established that it's two different events. We all will be given another chance judgement day, then satan will be allowed to run rampant again after a 1000 years, after that lake of fire, but not before another chance. If you got something different feel free, or how would you explain " the first ressurection" & " the second death"

      • The lake of fire is symbolic of everlasting destruction, & not everlasting torment.

        Death & Hades get thrown into the lake of fire.

        Death & Hades aren't individuals – Death is the state of non-existence, or the opposite of Life. Hades is the common grave of mankind.

        Death & Hades being thrown into the lake of fire symbolises death being no more & that the human race has come back to full life – i.e. is no longer in a dying condition, like we are in today.

        The second death occures when individuals, after being resurrected (from thr Greek, ana-stasis, or literally "standing up again") thereafter decide, after being given a second chance of leaning God's ways, that they still do not want to live by His principles, then the second death occurs, from which there is no further resurrection.

        The reason we get a resurrection option in the first place is that we were all born with sin, inherited from Adam & Eve's rebellion in the Garden of Eden. Man was created perfect, in God's image & without sin, but as free moral agents, i.e. with free will. When Man joined Satan in rebelling against their Creator, Jehovah God, then Man became imperfect, or inclined to sin. The word "sin" in its Hebrew Biblical context conveys the meaning "to miss the mark of obedience to God", hence when Man disobeyed God he committed a sin, became a "sinner" & lost out on perfection.

        Like a bread/cake mold that acquires a dent in it, thereafter, all subsequent breads/cakes that come out of the oven will bear the characteristics of the original template.

        The consequence for sin/disobedience was death, hence why Man is in a dying condition ever since Adam's sin, & why the need for a perfect sacrifice for sinful mankind (Jesus' faithful course as a perfect/sinless man) is able to cancel out the effects of sin & death under the ransom arrangement of Jesus Christ – perfect life for perfect life, as the law of Moses states).

        Since Adam's offspring didn't ask to be born in a sinful, dying condition, it's only right that we have the chance to get back to a perfect sinless condition with everlasting life in view, hence why Jehovah went to the trouble of sending his "firstborn of all creation" from the heavens to the earth to be born as a perfect man, keep a faithful course, teach man about God's contingency plan, die a sacrificial death on our behalf, subsequently being resurrected & thus opening up the way for mankind to avail themselves of the provision to gain everlasting life on a paradise earth, which was God's original purpose in the first place.

        So, the resurrection affords us a chance to pick up where Adam left off. If we, as now-perfect beings, thereafter choose to sin/disobey again, then there is no sacrifice left for sins after that, hence the second death – death with no further prospects for a resurrection, since sin is deliberate after that point, like Adam & Satan's disobedience was. Our sin is an inclination to disobey because we inherited the weakness from Adam, hence the need for a second chance for us, since we didn't ask for it in the first place. Deliberate sin = disrespecting the creator = death, or non-existence (not eternal torment in a fiery hell, but simply no conscious existence).

        And we (you & I) who are now living in the last days of Satan's rulership of the earth can plainly see the long-term consequences of Adam's sin/disobedience. It's not a pretty sight, & it's getting uglier by the day, hence why disobeying the wisdom of the creator (who has a far-reaching insight into how the whole food chain of creation works, since he created life & the universe to begin with) ends up with consequences, the like of which we are now witnessing & have witnessed throughout human history.

        All will come full circle, through the provision of Christ's ransom sacrifice being administered to all who wish to benefit from it, after armageddon, when God's Kingdom rule (headed by the king of kings, Jesus) replaces Satan's rulership. This Kingdom rulership will bring mankind back into a perfect state again, through a global education program & through the forgiveness of our sins/disobedience, when we all learn to practice love as we heal from our past traumas suffered under Satan's rulership, whilst we all simultaneously transform the earth into a literal, global paradise again (like a global Garden of Eden), with fresh, home-grown, organic food, a productive & peaceful earth with no more environmental disasters, ever-improving health due to lack of pollution, our own land to enjoy (without the banking-mafia around to make life miseable), & a genuine human renaissance under the loving oversight of a benevolent God who wanted nothing more than to give us a blessed life to enjoy in the first place, before we decided we knew better how to run things…

        Anyway, that's the resurrection, lake of fire & second death in a long nut-shell. No fiery torment.

        God has four main attributes: WISDOM, JUSTICE, POWER & LOVE.

        Love is the underlying motive for all his actions.

        The door is open for anyone who wishes to walk through it.

  65. spotted all of these symbols beforehand. Still, its so so sad. I know he is in a better place now,he did all he could down here.

  66. Vigilant African on

    did anybody watch the mtv ema 2010? did you guys take a good look at the stage with the oval rings in its cube where rihanna emerged from? well, opposite this stage is an uncomplete pyramid in blue lights if you noticed.

    Have you paid attention to Eminem's lyrics in Not Afraid? He seems to be refusing to be a part of something. 50 I think is up to no good. Someone posted a link of him wearing a blue bb cap with an illuminati eye in a pyramid.

    Check out these car brands: Nissan's Infiniti logo, Honda's Acura logo and Toyota's Lexus logo. What do all these brands have in common? A pyramid in a circle.

    Did you guys ever notice how new models of cars, phones etc are usually now obsolete in less than 2 months of release? Is it advancement in technology or abstract distractions from getting us close to Jehovah God?

    Holding down Africa. Please be vigilant in your respective continents and countries cos even the smallest details matter.

    My email address is a fake.

  67. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    To the truth is out there (#85),

    Hold up my dear. I am a Christian, and I do fight in God's army. You stated that Jesus never read the Bible.Well, let's refer to the Bible. Read Luke 2:39-52.

    As you read the following, ask yourself, "What did these teachers teach?

    46 After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. 47 Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. 48 When his parents saw him, they were astonished. His mother said to him, "Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you."

    These people read and taught scripts that were a part of the Bible.

    Furthermore, In Luke 4:16-19

    16 He went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was his custom. He stood up to read, 17 and the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to him. Unrolling it, he found the place where it is written:

    18 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me,

    because he has anointed me

    to proclaim good news to the poor.

    He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners

    and recovery of sight for the blind,

    to set the oppressed free,

    19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

    Need I say more. Learn your facts. Need more proof read Luke 24:25-27 or better yet, read the book of Luke. I love JESUS!!! That is why I am a Christian.

  68. just read the Breaking News lyrics (not so sure they'r legit tho)……mhhh, interesting.

    Could be just the paranoid me, don't think MJ had anything to do with it. it sure reveals the 'real' feelings about MJ but who knows, cud be sony just playing us..

  69. Ok, Vigilant!

    Thanks again for your very informative article, but I'm starting to get sick of these Illuminatti articles simply because I realize that they obviously are only about money and power, don't believe in God (of course) – all because they are just a bunch of mad scientists trying to convert black (or white) people into their believes by flourishing money, even though they are clearly just a bunch of FAILURES trying to recreate a VALID human species by proving us that there is only one Creator aka Heavenly Father since they epically failed time to time AGAIN, also proving us of their incapabilities with the primitive computer they use!

    Thus far – pray to your Savior and let them make a fool of themselves like it was ALWAYS predicted in the Bible…..

  70. The bottom line on who is gods chosen is gained from his holy word, the bible and whats the bible say? only faith in jesus as the son of god and was resurected from the dead are truly gods people this can be christians and jews but as a jew you need to believe in the son of god. Israel throughout the bible sinned against god. Read exodus…even back then near the start of god choosing them they kept sinning against him, making molten statues, disobeying his commands and several times god got so mad at them he nearly annihilated them if not for moses pleading for mercy. Listen please if you are Jewish. you know from the bible that the firstborn is very special right? you know through countless verses the importance on the firstborn…now dont you think heavenly there is something more to that? can you not get that when god first started creating things there was a firstborn in heaven? thats why its so special because his first angel he created was jesus. jesus was very special to him, unlike any other angel he of course had free will but jesus very much loved god and through jesus many more angels were created as said in the bible and they decided to make man. Jesus is the son of god the firstborn. he came to earth to be a final sacrifice for mans sins. you know from the old testament that animal sacrifice was the payment of israels sins but since israel kept angering god he decided to send his only son to get rid of that old covenant and there be one sacrifice for all sin and that was jesus's blood from his fleshly body. Since israel failed at keeping his statute god chose a new people to be his people and that can be anyone from the nations..they are gods new "israel" by having faith in jesus (and of course obeying his 10 commandments)

    Because as it says in the bible god created all men so all men are capable of being in gods love. jesus was the way of opening that special friendship to god from all nations. However yes the bible says god is upholding his promise to abraham to help his seed you need to understand to come under that you must believe in his son. Saul of tarsis a very good jew who upheld the old covenant strongly opposed christians and persecuted them but jesus appeared to him and changed his life.

  71. Funny thing about Michael. Has anyone else seen Kanye's rant on Twitter lately about his interview with Matt Lauer? He's saying stuff that definitely perked my attention as far as the handlers and Illuminati control that goes on behind the scenes. From what I can tell, Kanye knows what's going on and is just trying to survive the game whichever way he can. He even mentions Michael Jackson and how everything is a setup and how you have to be strong or else "they" win. Gee I wonder which "they" he's referring too!!! I think these few snippets from his Twitter speak for themselves! See below for his few excerpts.

    I went up there to express how I was empathetic to Bush because I labeled him a racist and years later I got labeled as a racist….

    I went up there to express how I was empathetic to Bush because I labeled him a racist and years later I got labeled as a racist….

    I don't mess with Matt Lauer or the Today Show … and that's a very nice way for me to put it!


    I feel very alone very used very tortured very forced very misunderstood very hollow very very misused

    I don't trust anyone but myself! Everyone has an agenda. I don't do press anymore. I can't be everything to everybody anymore.

    I can't be everybody's hero and villain savior and sinner Christian and anti Christ!

    I can't take anymore advice!!! I create, I'm creative, I have a good heart, everyone will see and understand one day.

    Everything sounds like noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING SOUNDS LIKE NOISE!!!!!!! I don't trust anyone!

    Very judged very scrutinized very criticized! I want everyone to know I have lows all the time but I make it through them

    Yo I really wonder if Matt Lauer thought that shit was cool to play the "MTV" clip while I was speaking about Bush?

    He played clips of Bush and asked me to look at his face while I was trying to talk to him. I wish Michael Jackson had twitter!!!!!!

    Maybe Mike could have explained how the media tried to set him up!!! It's all a fucking set up!!!!

    This is rock and roll life my people… you can't stop the truth you can't stop the music and I have to be strong or "they" win!!!!

    Sometimes it's not simple, some days it's not easy… I just want to create. I love you guys, thanks for the support!

    • Kanye is a narcissus. He is mad because Matt Lauer did not kiss his butt. He feel he paid for Matt and everyone else to kiss his butt ( sold his soul, so to say) and it is not happening since the Taylor incident ! Guess what Kanye the devil is a LIAR. I remember Kanye's other rant on stage, it may have been the " I sold my soul to the devil rant" if not, it was around the same time and it was in reference to the Taylor situation. I remember 2 videos so it was one of the two. He said to " they" " them" he was sorta like apologizing. He raised his hand and stated " I am sorry I now know my place….." I took it to mean he was apologizing to the elite saying I over stepped my boundaries and I am sorry, take me back.

      Everyone, media etc go around kissing illuminati celebrities butt, telling them how great they are, making them out to be these creative genius ( which is what they paid for) so when Matt crossed the lines in Kanye's mind, Kanye had a omg bum moment like why isn't he painting me great. He feel the elites have not accepted him back, and he know his deals still stand ( sold soul) ! Kanye need to go jump off of a bridge him and his crappy art. Thats the deal, you put out crap and the " media" lie like you are so good, he is the best, 5 stars, Icon status, rolling stones covers etc, etc…so when it didn't happen with Matt, and from what I get from him, not too many others are buying his crap either, I even find it kind of strange that George Bush has all of a sudden stepped up to bash him (another elite)…another story…anyway, Kanye had a fit when Matt dissed him. If you ask me they have turned their backs on Kanye and he know it. He can cry me a river. The devil is a liar and he should have known !

    • Everyone Will Bow- C on

      I watched the Oprah show when she interviewed Michael's mother- Kathryn Jackson. Mrs. Jackson made reference to "they" several times. I remember two very clearly.

      1) Oprah and she were discussing the sexual charges against Michael. She stated, "I do not want to call any

      names but "they" know who they are."

      She was discussing Michael's love for children, but Michael and she at the time did not understand why they would use that against him.

      2) "They cannot take my memories away."

      She also stated that there were others involved in addition to the doctor. By the way, who is protecting this doctor that should give us the responsible source for his death.

  72. the truth is out the on

    @Pilar "Shut up, I was answering question asked about relegion first of all. I quoted scritpures to back me up."

    I only asked that because everybody quotes from the bible as an observation. It wasn't just directed at you.

    "Who attacked anyone because I didn’t? I was just saying !"

    I was stating that whenever somebody disagrees with a christian they get attacked by people like you for having an opinion. And I am right, judging by the comments from christians.

    ” there are crazy christians and bad christians good muslims…..” who said there wasn’t ?

    If u actually read my comment, the above wasn't addressed to you but to " Me from Columbia!" I repeat not at you. It was in response to something she wrote in reply to a previous comment I made. Please read the comments carefully & slowly before you respond.

    "The rest you talk about is crap all that wars on christians blah blah blah…you said yourself you have good and bad christians…so what is your point?"

    Again you may think that rest is crap but in all honesty it wasn't in response to you. Again I was only addressing to the comments that I received from a previous comment. The only thing I had to say to you in my comment was – @pilar- get off your high horse!

    @Everybody will Bow – Jesus Christ: like I said. If Christianity works for. Great! If it makes you happy. Cool! I will not DARE argue with you about this – afterall you are fighting in God's army. You guys are right! The rest of us don't know what we're talking about. Our opinions are all crap. We're wrong to question your bible & jesus. All the best.

  73. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Jesus is the truth. The only reason the Bible is frustrating to those who choose not to believe is because they are constantly trying to attach logic to the Lord's will for His creation. His thoughts are not of our thoughts. For his thoughts are far greater than our thoughts, and His ways are far greater than our ways. He sees things spiritually and universally.

    I love Jesus, and I will lay my life on the line for Him and one of his children. The Lord put us here for His purpose. We are here to love and encourage each other. Not tear each other down. I do not care what people choose as their religions. If they need me, I will help and encourage them.

    I went through some things in my life. It took God to bless me with peace and comfort to overcome those things. It was Him who I had to depend on and not man. That is why I believe in Him. When I pray, things take place, because I praise Him. PRAYER does make a difference.

    I exhort anyone to think first before they speak against God or call His people morons, idiots, etc. think first.

    One more thing. Good and evil spirits do exist. What we say and how we treat people tell which spirit(s) is operating our minds. When we are not protected by God, we allow Satan to have our minds. You can give me the thumb down, but you cannot take away the truth.

  74. With the red symbolism for sacrifice, I'm starting to wonder what the next fate for Rihanna may be.

    She went from virginal and innocent (blonde hair), to dark and disturbing (black hair), and is now sporting the Kool Aid red.

    I'm not really keen on the symbolism, but the more I see her, the more I wonder what is up.

  75. the truth is out the on

    @Everybody will Bow- Jesus Christ: 119. interesting that you use the word 'enlighten'. Isn't that what the illuminati wantslstands for? Enlightenment. Hmm. You & Pilar really need to work on your on your PR if you want to encourage people to follow your religion. As it stands your attacks on people who have a different view doesn't do much for your cause. You just come across like a looney. Channel your thoughts & find a better way of representing your religion. Stuff like "I will lay my life for Jesus" sounds you might even kill for him. The BibleJesus & God are two different things. Look around you – GodHigher Power or whatever you want to call it. This energy is all around. He is in the air, water, soil, firesun. I don't need a silly book like the bible to tell me about God. I can't stand how people feel have to fight for God! Did he ask you to fight for him? For what? To join an army to fight against who? Please don't say the devil? I think God is doing just fine. He doesn't need your help! Especially from people who can't even represent him properly. Enough now – go read your fairytales in the bible!

  76. yes, im a Christian, Those who oppose or are struggling i will pray for you, as well as for my CHristian bros and sis. With that said, i remember a person on youtube said an interesting comment. They said something to the effect that they don't really believe in any religion, but Christianity is the only one that seems to be predicting the future and is on point regarding the NWO. ANOTHER interesting point a preacher named Paul Washer(please check him out_) said is there is Christianity and other religions. The difference is the other religions tell you you have to do this or do that to get to heaven. For example, read the Koran, visit Mecca, fast for Ramadan, etc . They get to heaven by their works but if you ask a TRUE christian why are you going to heaven they will tell you by grace and the blood of Jesus Christ. I cannot do anything that will merit me going to heaven my salvation depends on someone else. humans by nature like to take credit for everything and glorify themselves that is why i believe Christianity is so hard 2b accepted by many-they can't take credit for their salvation which will bring humilty and since we like to feel independent, it is not that appealing. We want to glorify ourselves, but a true christian only wants to glorify Him.

  77. brushwithtoothsoap on

    Im sure there are enough of us who know about all this shit that is going on. The problem is we have no Real Leaders or organization to take action even if we wanted too? We need to start thinking about that cause we all know shit is getting worse and worse. If we dont organize now its gona be to late soon enough. Everything is going to be like in the movie V for Vendetta soon enough or already is. Love, Light, Peace

    • Here's my very own profound thought for the day:-

      Political/Economic/Social Rivalries Explained:

      If one shopkeeper upsets you, and you decide to go to his "rival" next door in order to withdraw your support from the first, or even to set up shop yourself – it makes not one bit of difference, in the end, if the same landlord owns the whole row of shops.

      Here's another one:-

      Voting Democrat/Republican or Labour/Conservative is like voting for the Left hand or the Right hand.

      They are both controlled by the same person.

      History has demonstrated that, no matter what people try & do to "right various wrongs", if Satan is still in charge then he will only find another way to corrupt the system again. The whole set-up is rigged!

      There is only one real, lasting solution to this entire problem:

      Someone more powerful that Satan needs to intervene & remove him from power. Only then does mankind stand any sort of chance.

      That's what Armageddon is – Divine Intervention, or God's War To End All Wickedness, where the entire system will be brought down & replaced by God's Kingdom.

      It's the only way. Everything else is like putting a bandage to a corpse – pointless, as this system is just about over.

      • I agree, in the end Jesus will win! Good will triumph! Satan 's rule will be over! Everybody wake up from your slumber! Get real. All this masonic and illuminati crap is crap! What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world , but looses his soul. Did you create yourself? I think not. Did you create the universe? I don't think so. It is so simple, but we make it complicated! Search for the truth! I loved MJ's music because I could feel his soul as a person, in his lyrics and his dancing. In my soul I feel like a dancer. Maybe in the new world to come ( Heaven) not the "new world order" …… Maybe I will dance Michael, and God the Father of all creation will laugh! WE (humans) are his creations. Made in HIS image. He loves us! God is LOVE!!!!!!! Michael Jackson talked about and sang about LOVE, LOVE, all the time he was alive. Everybody please quit worrying about all the sybolism issues. Who cares what "They" think, or think they have over us! I felt Jesus through Michael, I considered him as a brother in Christ Jesus, even though people were saying all evil against him. Just like they did to Jesus! I think certain people are jealous of great God given talent, and they use and abuse and corrupt it for their own profit! OH, now we are back to " What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but looses his own soul" comment. Which by the way comes from the Bible! Which is the book of God! The creator of everything you can see!!!!!! Wake up peeps! God is waiting for you to come home to him! You have a free choice! Choose wisely! Love you all. Peace!

  78. I immediately thought this cover was by Mark Ryden who illustrated MJ's Dangerous Album cover because of the similarity in style. I remember looking Mark Ryden up in 2002 when I first learnt about the NWO, he's paintings and drawings heavily feature symbolism and a fascination of prepubescent children. There are a couple of his works which feature young Christina Ricci and Leonardo Dicaprio. Check him out VG and others !http://www.markryden.com/paintings/bunnies/circus.html

  79. I just saw this entry, but not too late to make my comment. I have no fear. All-THEM-have been stalking me for many years. I have been poisoned, they have tried to kill me many times, and thank God, I’m here. I will not surrender, I came into this world in search of love, and I reaffirmed in the search. Michael opened the way for everyone to hear the words, love and truth. And now I must do my part. Vigilant, you know that is not the first time I say this in your blog, I am Annie of Smooth Criminal, and I’m Dangerous, and I am Invincible, and I spoke with Michael on the song titled THIS IS IT, and I’m still looking for my copyright, Moonwalk, still no result, the lawyers want money and I have not, and the benefits of this copyright, THEY offered it to Murray, that he injected to Michael the lethal drug. God wants me to know this too. Moonwalk Michael danced for me. Michael, they isolated, as they did with me, and isolate the truth to find no defense. And only together all those who love the truth, we can pave the way for the arrival of Jesus. God is with us and the truth will out. for all who want to read here, the murderers of Michael, they do so long ago: http://www.myspace.com/rosariocorderoteson

  80. what are the symbols inside the bubbles? that's what i wonder. i have yet to see the fold out version that the fans keep complaining over…maybe I could see thing easier.

  81. Once you're "with" the Illuminati are you forever with them and can never get out? Because I'm wondering if M.J. ever got to go to Heaven since he broke free.

  82. May Michael Jackson now rest in peace, and may his family and children be blessed with a beautiful and peaceful life. I wish the same to everyone who agrees with me as well. I always thought his death was kinda planned, but to this extent…. it seems possible. I mean, he's the king of Pop. He's a major icon in fashion and dance, and music. He is one of the few reasons I think the 80's are cool, and I'm a 16 year old living in 2010 with her heart set on 2000's music. How can one see he was not being manipulated, even after going off solo? There is no way he died from natural causes or even an accident. But at least now he's in a better place. May God bless.

  83. All religions are created by the reptilians. When you pray to your god – you give your power to them. They created religions, new age, and other isms for several reasons, but above all to divide and conquer humanity and so that people will fight over who is the true God and he's chosen people. Chosen bloodlines = reptilian dna agenda. We are all individual expressions of ONE source (God) consciousness – thus we are all one. We ARE All There Is, experiencing ourselves individually via our body instruments and 5 senses in this 3-D realm we call our reality. The sooner we realize this and ACT upon it, the sooner we will experience peace and harmony on this planet, because I am you and you are me.. and why would I fight, kill, lie to and hurt.. myself…

    The controllers at be (that were) are terrified that we discover this. When we do, their game is over!

    If this sounds outlandish to you, please research more sources like: David Icke, Red Ice Creations, Project Camelot, Veritas etc etc. The Truth will enlighten you (make you remember who you really are) and you will set YOURSELF free!

    My intention is not to upset people with religious beliefs, I've seen people being able to lift out the essence of the religious context and realize that God is not separate from them, myself included..


    • Please know that these reptilians are not aliens from space but are demons, fallen angels, whose main head is lucifer/satan.

  84. I need someone to notice the moon and the star (which is occultic!) on the top-left of Michael Jackson's CD cover for "Blood On The Dance Floor" and it is also seen on Beyonce's cover for "Sweet Dreams". Just saying! :0 Oh and nice article too! :)

  85. i feel as though it isn't true but you never know and no one shouldn't really say what they think about what happened to him because it is a mystery… there for this blog is fatal because it didn't come out of his own lips and it cant really be proven by lyrics or the theme of his music video so i feel that even though people in the music industry get involved with Illuminati stuff doesn't mean every artist it just so happens he's famous so well people are going to tend to write false information about him for publicity

  86. Mystery man in top left, and Prince symbol are not present in the work (Michael) displayed on Kadir Nelson's commissions page!!! Please get a hard copy of this (soon to be collectors item, I'm sure) and ask the artist when, or if he added the additional content. More than likely Sony's marketing department has had a hand in this image's creation. Contact them. These are two avenues of legitimate inquiry.

  87. Paulo from Portugal on

    the bible says:

    Ephesians 16:1 page 5, verse 1 :

    'God' didn't wrote no book. If 'he' had to express 'himself' by some kind of art, it would be music. No writing.

    Religion was created in order to control people.

    Love is and should be the only religion.

    Paulo 3.7.4 page whatever, verse who cares :

    Free your mind from religion!!

    Smoke some weed.

    Kiss your girlfriend, your kids, your parents, your friends, your dog..kiss yourself.

    Don't take life too seriously.


    Don't judge other people.

    Enjoy being yourself.

    Listen/play music.

    Burn your bible.

    Burn your tv!!

  88. i really want some more music articles :'(


    rihanna – only girl (in the world)

    beyonce – why don't you love me

    black eyed peas – rocking that body

    mike posner – cooler than me

    and all of those songs

  89. Harlequin Nameless on

    I saw it. Michael was screaming for mercy- even swearing- before he lost his life. And Murray- who is so dumb he couldn't spit and chew gum at the same time- stole the bloody shirt (Michael had been stabbed in the chest with the needle).

  90. About the whole jews vs christians vs arabs thing, it doesnt matter what religion you belong to, the only way you can be accepted by God is if you believe in Jesus which basically rules out the muslims though.

    • Jesus (PBUH) in the Koran:

      Answer: In the Qur'an, there are many stories about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ (called 'Isa in Arabic). The Qur'an recalls his miraculous birth, his teachings, the miracles he performed by God's permission, and his life as a respected prophet of God. Below are some direct quotations from the Qur'an regarding his life and teachings of Jesus.

      "Behold! the angels said, 'Oh Mary! God gives you glad tidings of a Word from Him. His name will be Christ Jesus, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter, and in (the company of) those nearest to God. He shall speak to the people in childhood and in maturity. He shall be (in the company) of the righteous… And God will teach him the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel'" (3:45-48).

      Mary (PBUH):

      The Qur'an speaks of Mary (called Miriam in Arabic) not only as the mother of Jesus, but as a righteous woman in her own right. There is even a chapter of the Qur'an named for her (the 19th chapter of the Qur'an)

      "Behold! The angels said, 'Oh Mary! God has chosen you and purified you, chosen you above the women of all nations. Oh Mary! Worship your Lord devoutly. Prostrate yourself, and bow down (in prayer) with those who bow down'" (3:42-43).

      "And (remember) she who guarded her chastity. We breathed into her of Our spirit, and We made her and her son a sign for all peoples (21:91).

      Jesus (PBUH) is mentioned more than Mohammad (PBUH) in the Koran…

      Now you see why the bad guys are fighting Islam (9/11) and spreading lies.

  91. He was 'killed' for breaking free from control? I can appreciate the awakening, but perhaps his 'handlers' are being taken waaaay too lightly? And in no way are they any worse than the thousands of fans who turned on him when he was down. Thats not the point though.

    As we notice things around us we begin to understand how deep and complicated, and planned this really gets? All is a part of the plan, we are part of a strange universe/dimension of form and material and all activities a part of it. We shouldn't judge, but instead ask why? Who can save humanity from itself, and who would go to such trouble to 'conquer the world'? For what reason? Many speak of multi-dimensional beings..what do they want? Money? Sex? How can you transform humanity into something greater without it first overcoming a trial or tribulation that brings them together? Unification is the final goal, regardless of the methods. Love your neighbor, and love your enemies.

  92. I thought VC didn't have an analysis on this album cover, so I did some careful observations myself.

    Noticed the Monarch butterfly on his shoulder, a UFO, a blue face as well as the 'front Michael's symbol-seeping entity. Whoa, gotta say.

    No one believes me, they claim VC is a ridiculous, paranoid conspiracy site. One of them being my very Christian big brother. To him this should be fairly obvious.

    It's true I might be going crazy with all this secrecy revealed, but at least I know why.

  93. Does anyone else think the clouds in 'Blood On The Dancefloor's background are somewhat reminiscent of the Metropolis cover?

  94. heyy… uhhh i definately believe illuminati killed mj, and have believed for ages now. but I dont get one thing… the ''Blood on the dancefloor'' cover, did mj design tht himself? he did ryt? so he knew wat he was doin innit?

    btw…im a huuuge fan of his. and missssss him.. stupid illuminati maan.

  95. I remember Michael Jackson’s acceptance speech at the grammies one year and he said, ‘David Blaine, your magic is real and I believe in you”, so they were obviously messing with his mind using those magic tricks.

    Remember SouthPark did an episode about the David Blaine cult, but you will never hear anything about these cults like this anywhere in the News. These cults are secret, and there are probably hundreds of them in your town.

  96. lady gaga is a liar, she says there, Michael, wanted her to open his show in London, opening act. It's a lie, Michael told me he could not see the Gaga, and she is on the dark side, the reverse of what he was doing. When Michael told me that, I did not know who was the Gaga, and he told me, as you will soon know who she is, you will see Gaga, even in the soup.

    I think it is the first time I say this on this website Vigilant. But after seeing her, her work and what she has done to get there, I add: Gaga is really crappy, physically, mentally, that worships Lucifer.

  97. Hey there!

    I think that Michael Jackson and Kanye West joined a group, before knowing all and exactly what the group was about. As a result they got burned, as all who join these types of groups do (there are many, "Illuminati" is now a blanket term for secret societies of which there are hundreds).

    They both suffered pain and humiliation, but both had/have a taste for "The Good Life". Both like/liked the idea of being gods. Both have issues with women that are transparent.

    Somewhere along their journey, they got mad and decided to let us all know what is really going on. They want/wanted to repulse us without getting in trouble with their masters for doing so.

    Kanye West knows is black people thinks he worships the devil, they will shun him. He also knows FIRST MANY will see this as SHOWMANSHIP, ignore the signs, buy the album and make their pockets nice and fat.

    I think Jay Z would have never disclosed he was in a secret society had it not been for sensitive, big mouth Kanye. In the song Monster featuring Rick Ross, Jay and Nicki Minaj, he refers to his artists whining about the so called good life:

    "all I see is these n-ggas I’ve made millionnaires

    milling about, spilling there feelings in the air"

    Pop artists are created by a template created long ago. These people – Michael Jackson, Kanye – they are only puppets. Hungry souls. Needy souls.

    They are warning people now, it has nothing to do with "Gang Banging For Freemasonry" anymore. Kanye knows people who play with that stuff get killed. Too many to name. I think his aim is to die young. Like the Jay Z remake – Forever Young. He can be immortalized like John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc.

    Michael Jackson had no idea when he signed up for the "Big Time" that he would actually have to die for it. Kanye KNOWS and since he lost his mother, he is now going for broke. I can dig it.

    I think Jay Z is supremely annoyed by all of this press. Beyonce is saying nothing if she is capable of doing so. She too was fooled and did anything to get attention (wearing strange jewelry, agreeing to video sequences that held esoteric symbolism not knowing the power of perception, making hand gestures SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU WERE TOLD TO). Madonna was an unapologetic whore archtype. Angelina Jolie too. Beyonce struggles with her inner whore because she never wanted to be one. She simply wanted to be famous. Now she is stuck and contracted (literally her complexion, hair color, weight) to fulfill the obligations she signed up for.

    Do I feel sorry for these people? Yes, because I don't know what it feels like to want the love of the world or to become an Icon as Beyonce has stated many times that's what she wants to be. I have never yearned for the electricity of hearing applause or someone screaming my name, so I can't really relate to these people.

    I am human and hope that they find their way before it's too late.

  98. Did anyone else notice in the Michael Robot Video at 1:16 there is a baphomet looking symbol on the right hand side of the wall and then again at 1:22 there is another one on a patch thats located on the souldiers arm? That is so creepy!

  99. You were a jew if you were from judea..just as you are an american if you are from america. When the true Israelites were taken into captivity with the people of judea (jews) somehow the Israelites (Gods Chosen) were called jews along with the judeans..jew was never a religion, nor was it a race of people..it simply meant where you were from. The is a group of people called the Kenites the offspring of Cain that today call themselves jews. The scriptures cursed the jews and blessed the Israelites…The scriptures are quite clear: Who then is an antichrist, they that sit in the house of Judah claiming to be jews and are NOT but do Lie. Not only are these people anti-semitic but they are evil. Their symbol is the serpent and their lineage is of the serpent. Cain is not included in the geneaology of Adam..Genesis chapter 5. As Jesus did say..ye do err not knowing scripture.

  100. SearchingTruth on

    Im just another muslim trying to find out truth in this world full of manipulation and lies. Anyways just to reply your comment, "and of course the Devil likes to make fun of God, …", the devil does not make fun of God. In the Qur'an, the devil, or iblis was known as Azazel and he was the most devoted being to God while he was in heavens. He was even above the angels (and we have a whole lot of angels including Jibrail (Gabriel) and Mikael (Michael) to name a few). But when God created Adam and made every being in heavens bow to him, the devil stubbornly would not do so. To him, he's more superior, why would he have to bow to some being made of clay whilst he is created by fire which is definitely more "powerful"? So because of that, God cast him away from the heavens. From that moment, the devil vow to lead the children of Adam (all of us>> duhh) towards evil and destruction. Basically what I meant is that, the devil likes to make fun of the children of Adam, not God. In fact, God granted the devil permission to stray us human. Why? Because He want to see how we fare. Whether we will be blinded and follow devil and do what God hates, or whether we push away our ego and have faith in Him and do whats right.

    im an amateur in these kind of things ie replying comments and what not, but what I do know, I know for a fact.. :)

    one love y'all!

  101. I read this article a few months ago, and I am indeed, a huge MJ fan, so I wasn't surprised when I got a copy of this album for Christmas from my mother. Although I believe everything in this article, the one thing that's creepier than the album cover, is the artwork in the booklet that comes with the CD. In the middle they have I guess what would be an extended version of the cover, which features the Masonic checkerboard, and I even found what looks like a skeleton, but half of the skull is covered with Michael's image. I'm sure you would be able to find more disturbing images if you bought the album. Even listening to it was hard for me, as "Michael" features a song called "Monster" where he states "oh oh Hollywood, it's got you jumping like it should, it's got you bouncing off the wall it's got you drunk enough to fall (too bad) oh oh Hollywood just look in the mirror and tell me you like what you see, a Monster"

  102. You definately have something there. The creepy cover of the new 'Michael' album really reminds me of the horrific Denver Airport murals. Very similar style. Sticking it in our faces indeed

  103. at the top,would the image of his left eye surrounded in gold and some of his name above be symbolism is it? I've noticed that and was wondering

  104. Does anyone else notice those cops on the right, between the "Avatar head" and the all-seeing eye?

    Why would he have cops on his album cover? Police state agenda, perhaps?

  105. You know what? I've been reading into so much of this stuff and have believed just about everything. This however is ridiculous. A butterfly? Really? Did it ever cross any of your minds that maybe all it is is a butterfly? Nothing else. Just a butterfly. And this checkerboard stuff I also find ridiculous. As well as wearing red. I've worn all red before and I can guarantee I'm not in the Illuminati.

    Also you leave so much information out. Michael Jacksons secret family came out on Oprah a couple months ago. They had home videos of them with Michael so yes they are his REAL secret family. THEY are the ones that produced this and if they knew Michael was against the Illuminati they would not have allowed any of these things on the album cover.

    And one last thing. Don't associate that dick Kanye West with Michael Jackson. Ever. I feel he's out to ruin Michaels legacy. Every time he mentions him I feel like he's mocking him.

    • re: Justin #149:

      So right you are man. My granddaughter sent me a letter and put a butterfly sticker on the bottom, so I guess she's and illuminati insider. she's got butterflies hanging from her ceiling, si I guess her 'handlers' out them there; (she's 10 yrs old BTW) geez people! i camr from the golden era of album covers (back in the day when there were albums) how 'bout SGT. Pepper's LHCB? The Stones and "Satanic Majesties" replete with hologram image? I have an original Beatles "Butchers" album complete with the lads and their meat cleavers and bloody dolls on the cover. did anybody ever think that maybe the artists are just 1)expressing themselves via graphics, or 2)just puttin' one over for a laff? if there is an illuminati then 1)who is their leader? 2)how does he get elected? 3)how can i (or u?) join up? 4)where do they meet? 5)who decides which singer/politician/whomever gets killed? sheesh! MJ (and his posse) stood to make mega-millions on his tour so how are his 'handlers' better off with his death? MJ, like Elvis, just couldn't handle all the PRESCRIPTION dope that was too freely available to him. Look at Keith Richards! That guy should have OD'ed decades ago but he just keeps on rockin! Ghandi was shot by a nutcase, so was RFK, John Winston Lennon, MLK, and just recently Congresswoman Jeffords in Ariz. Elvis and MJ met death from a Dr.'s rx pad but they are just as dead. I recall the Beatles White Album, plain vanilla white, no symbolism there, or does the absence of symbolism imlpy some deeply hidden symbolism?instead of "reading in" some obscure meaning, how 'bout a shred of real cold hard indisputable evidence?

  106. TheFinalCurtainCall on

    I have not read all the comments but you guys should know something very important … it is that Michael Jackson HOAXED his death, yes, he is still very much ALIVE and will come back to wake the people up!!! And it is higly needed as I see. The NWO agenda is in march and things will get worse by the day. Do your research and don't believe everything you hear or read in the MSM, especially when it comes from the MSM you should know that or why would you be here in the first place?? That being said, when Michael is back to public view, please, SUPPORT him… what is coming is HUGE I tell you. THIS IS IT!

  107. VC, what about the police officers above the michael marquee? Why are they there? It seems that this is a jab at the child molestation allegations.

  108. goodness, there has always been symbolism in the jackson album. that includes janets as well. i dont think mj was killed by the illumanati, i think he just died. he was tortured by the media and ex- associates who wanted tobring heim down ex: Lisa Marie Presly( his ex wife). you can say the same thing about janet concets, like her velvet rope concert. there were alot of symbolism in that concert. alot ppl who the jackson's saw as associates began to betray them do there sucess, and i dont blame them . the family produced two iconic singing groups( jackson 5 and the jacksons), and two iconic solo acts( janet jackson and michael jackson). ppl began to get jealous and stuff, i do believe that the family is targeted by the media.

  109. You know, while I agree that there's a lot of symbolism in MJ's work, the robot thing? I think that one's just a situation of, "Hey, Transformers is cool! You know what would be awesome? If I could turn into a robot…hey! Let's do that." Sometimes a geeky reference is just a geeky reference. After all, Maria never shot lasers or missles out of her shoulders.

  110. aliceinwebland on

    Yes I was looking into this and know that you are correct. There have been several album covers done by the same artist..Mark Ryden, Jimi hendrix included. some disturbing images if you google him. All of the symbols point to illuminati and enslavement/mind control

  111. Excellent as always Vigilant…

    Please also notice that in the album cover with the angels… The white angel is on the side when Michael was black.. The black angel is on the side after he is/turned "white" … See what you can get from that if you may.

  112. I see half a face of some guy up there…. freaky!!!!!!!!!!!! How to find it:

    1. Look above the pic of him with the zombies, to the pic of him wearing a tux.

    2. Look very closely to the left of his head. There is half a face there of a black man…. and it isn't MJ.

  113. Dont know if this has been already mentioned, on the 'Blood one the Dancefloor' cover, has anybody noticed the Pyramid shaped buildings the right.

  114. The album cover for blood on the dance floor looks like his legs are where the twin towers would be in the New York skyline with a cloud of dust in the background . Prophetic warning from 1997 towards the attacks of 9/11 2001? There are also pyramids in the dance floor if you look close enough on the right side I the reflection (I see two).

  115. There is a lot of symbolism in the Blood on The Dancefloor cover… Some say he was warning the public about 9/11. Pay attention to the buildings behind him and the way his body is positioned, imagine that his arms when the hands of a clock..

  116. Blood on the dance floor cover is quite scary as in the background it looks like 9/11. The twin towers are gone and there is a cloud of smoke with 'history in the mix' = as though they were making history. Plus Jermaine said that MJ was due for an appointment at the WTC on 9/11 and would have died, but he slept in and missed the appointment. Now if he had died on 9/11 blood on the dance would have been even more prophetic.

  117. i am suddenly reminded of a boy i met during my childhood. he may have been 9 or 10.
    this boy had a peculiar reaction to a raised hand: he would close his eyes, with a cringing facial expression and he also defensively cover his head with his hands.
    that happened mind you while playing around in a friendly manner… someone just happened to raise a hand.
    as we noticed this, as if to confirm one of us raised his hand again, and the same reaction occured.

    trauma based reaction , but then i was too young to understand it then. i am guessing a violent father caused it. or been reprimanded disproportionally perhaps.
    is it not similar to monarch trauma type behavior inducement? i guess with celebs it is mostly about demoralization these days.

  118. think about this… back in the day, children used to sing to the beatles' "i wanna hold your hand"

    now what do they have?

    lady gaga's "i wanna take a ride on your disco stick"

    or the 100s of 1000s of club tracks all talking about vulgar sex acts

    each year, the so called r&b albums get progressively more vulgar and disgusting.


  119. Seriously Luis?,

    No one is daming you for enjoying entertainment, (especially Lady Gaga ;P), I like her music too! However, I can not ignore the fact that shes part of some questionable activties. Will I cut all ties to the music I like NO!! But I will view it with a raise brow. Im sure before becoming VC fans most of the people here had music they loved or artisted they liked. I seriously doubt that after learning truth everyone went out and burned their CD's, stopped watching TV or boycotted theathers. The only change is the rose colored glasses are off now, and we see things for what they are. Everthing that glitters aint gold!

  120. I did bin my Rihanna cd (good girl gone bad) and I don't watch gaga rihanna beyonce and the rest I know for sure are puppets. It was easy peasy. And I always change the channel on the radio when they're on. I listen to their music only in public places such as malls or play areas. Piece of cake.

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