The Hidden Meaning of Taylor Swift’s Video “Style”


Taylor Swift’s Style is said to be about her ex-lover Harry Styles. Through symbolism, however, the video gives the song another meaning: It is about the having an alter persona, the ultimate result of Monarch mind control.


Taylor Swift has for years been one of the biggest selling artist in the record industry. She is nothing less than a pop culture phenomena with an enormous fan base and constant media exposure. Of course, like all record industry stars, Swift has the duty to sometimes bring the occult elite’s symbolism to the masses.

Style is somewhat darker and more abstract than Taylor Swift’s previous offerings. Said to be based on her relationship with One Direction’s Harry Styles, the video solely focuses on two people: Swift and a guy who specializes in looking sad in a variety of settings. While the song appears to be about an impossible relationship, the symbolism in the video points to something deeper.

Indeed, the imagery of the video is not pure aesthetic: It has a profound psychological meaning. Many of the symbols used in the video are of great importance in the dark world of Monarch mind control, which is based on splitting the core personality through trauma (if you have no idea what I’m talking about read this article first). Once decoded, Style is less about a relationship with another person, and more about the relationship between the core persona (Taylor Swift) and the alter persona (the sad-looking guy). While it might appear strange that the alter persona is male, alters that are the opposite gender from the body are common in MK slaves who suffer from dissociative identity disorder. Let’s look at imagery of the video. It is subtle, but, once all of the images are put together, they strongly point towards a specific concept.


Right from the start, the video indicates that what you are about to witness is happening inside Swift’s head.

Swift's head is symbolically "hollowed out" inside which appears her alter persona.
Swift’s head is symbolically “hollowed out” inside which appears her alter persona.

The video then alternates between shots of Swift doing stuff outside and the guy inside a dark room looking very sad. Throughout the video, Swift and the guy will never be seen together because they cannot exist at the same time. Only one alter can be triggered at a time. There is one scene where their bodies are shown together, but we do not see their faces.

During the chorus, the imagery is all about the fracturing of the core persona and the creation of alters.

A crack appears on Swift's face indicating the splitting of the personality into alters.
A crack appears on Swift’s face indicating the splitting of the personality.
This is followed by a close up on Swift's head juxtaposed with a cracked mirror representing the fracturing of her core persona.
This is followed by a close up on Swift’s head juxtaposed with a cracked mirror representing the fracturing of the core persona.

The symbolic meaning of mirrors (especially broken mirrors) is extremely important in the world of mind control. If you review my past articles on Monarch Programming-inspired, nearly all of them feature a broken mirror somewhere. Style exploits the symbol of its broken mirror and its psychological meaning, especially when one considers its meaning in MK symbolism.

The elements that make up who a person is – i.e. personality elements such as memories, are fractured. These fragments have in turn often been built up into full-blown personalities with all the elements of full-blown personalities. There is no “real” person, just as if you smash a mirror into a thousand pieces, there is no single piece that is the “real” original mirror but rather simply fragments that can in turn operate as mirrors. However, there is still a primal self.
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave


This image sums up the entire video. The guy holds the fragment of a mirror - hiding one eye. As I stated countless times in past articles, this is the symbol representing MK in popular culture. On the fragment is a reflection of Taylor Swift, the other alter.
This image sums up the entire video. The guy holds a mirror fragment and uses it to hide one eye which is, coincidentally, the ultimate sign representing the occult elite’s MK industry. On the fragment is a reflection of Taylor Swift, the other alter.
Later in the video, Taylor hides one eye with her hand, on which is projected the face of the guy - again hinting to the split personality.
Later in the video, Taylor hides one eye with her hand, on which is projected the face of the guy – again hinting to the split personality.
One cannot exist with the other. When the guy approaches, Swift turns around and leaves.
One cannot exist alongside the other. When the guy approaches, Swift turns around and leaves.

During the video, we also see subtle references to what happens to MK slaves during programming.

A lightning bolt goes through Taylor's head. This can be a reference to electroshock torture, which is often used in mind control to cause dissociation.
A lightning bolt goes through Taylor’s head. This can be a reference to electroshock torture, which is often used in mind control to cause dissociation.
The alter also has lightning across his face.
The alter also gets shocked.
Smoke gradually filling Taylor's head represents the hazy, confused and intoxicated state of MK slaves.
Smoke gradually filling Taylor’s head represents the hazy, confused and intoxicated state of MK slaves.

At the beginning of the second verse, we see road lines going through the guy’s head, indicating, once again, that this is all happening in his head.

When he looks at the rear view mirror, he sees Swift, indicating that, despite being the alter that is triggered, he is still physically Taylor Swift.
When he looks at the rear view mirror, he sees Swift, indicating that, despite being the alter that is triggered, he is still physically Taylor Swift.

Throughout the video, Taylor and the guy “mirror” each other. When one is seen outdoors (meaning that the alter is triggered), the other is indoors and watches a projection of the triggered alter. The alter inside the dark room can only be a distant witness to what happens to triggered alter.

When the guy is seen outdoors spreading his arms, Taylor is in a hazy, ethereal place with the guy's face projected on her dress.
When the guy is seen outdoors spreading his arms, Taylor is in a dark, hazy, ethereal place (because she is not triggered). The guy’s face is projected on her dress.

You probably noticed that the guy’s eyes are a different color- a condition called heterochromia. While this condition usually trivial (or even charming), the video heavily focuses on it. It is yet another way of emphasizing the concept of split personality and the elite’s unhealthy obsession with eyes that are not paired up.

In Conclusion

While the video Style can be interpreted as a simple succession of pretty images starring two beautiful people, an educated look at the imagery at hand reveals at deeper story. Through symbols, the video alludes to a psychological process: The fracturing of the core persona and the creation of alters – the ultimate goal of Monarch mind control. While this interpretation might sound “out there”, mind control is a constant recurring theme in the music industry (proof can be found in my countless previous articles).

One might ask: Why would the entertainment industry insist on getting MK symbolism out there? It is because those who rule the industry are deep into the MK system. Some high-placed individuals are mind-control handlers and many stars are mind-control slaves. They have created a sick, depraved culture around this sadistic practice and they want the masses, through constant media exposure, to accept this culture as “popular culture”.

Being one of the top-selling artists of the decade, Taylor Swift is a candidate of choice to push that Agenda. She is no different than many pop singers before her. And, in the future, fresh new stars will do the same. Because, as long as the occult elite rules the entertainment industry, Mind Control will never go out of style.


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And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666. If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, he same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of… Read more »

Ms Swift has a very interesting bloodline. 9th great grandfather R.Warren (Mayflower) Cousins to presidents Grant, Roosevelt, Nixon, Bush and depopulation agent Bill Gates. These entertainment folks are in the same bloodlines as the presidents. You get in a better position if your blood is bluer. They have ties to the Mayflower and signers of Declaration of independence. Related to kings of England to Charlemagne.

Guys, take a look at 00:43 of the video… There's a single frame with a "black hole" coming from Taylor's hand, really weird.
I took a screenshot of it, was really difficult because its exactly one single frame. And I'm sure that it has a meaning, they wouldn't add it for nothing.

The interesting part is that my eye catched it instantly and then I really had to return and find it!

Not Taylor Swift! whyyyy??!! T_T

I think there is a bigger picture we need to look at. All of these "mind control" videos are ultimately about causing and/ or deepened the mind control in the people who watch them. There is a reason they are putting them out in such large quantities. This is being done for a reason as these videos aren't cheap and many take a lot of work to make.

Her new video ‘Out of the woods yet” I didn’t realize till now, but it also has the same meaning.

To put it simply; she is going through scenes of torture; I.E Being chased by wolves, captured by vines, constantly falling in muck and mire and all the while the woods get darker and darker, before finally arriving at a serene beach.
On the beach there is a person staring out into the water (In the video its supposed to be her) You see her reaching out to that person from behind; as soon as this person turns her head around, the scene goes black, which could be interpreted as her closing her eyes because you stated how two personalities cannot be together
And that whole video shows the process of switching over to a new personality.

while this is interesting, it also makes me wonder why would they have everything out in the open like this? Why put symbolism in the video for people to find at all?

It’s known as revelation of the method and is as important as the act itself

It is really not as out in the open” as you seem to think. In comparison to her general audience, I doubt that people on this sight encompass more than 15, if not 10 percent.

They are obsessed with alters because we are ALL alters. That is the secret. We have all suffered a trauma and forgotten who we are. We are all alters of the same one. Some people suspect this but don’t understand the implications. They think it means that it is ok to treat other people as expendable, like bad habits or unwanted aspects of a self they grew out of and want to leave behind. They think they can discard others like inferior edits, mere shadow selves. They don’t understand that this is wrong. No-one is expendable and because we are all of the same being, we must all be accounted for, we must each and every one be cherished and saved. This is what is meant by “Not one of his bones will be broken” – it does not just refer to the historical event of the crucifixion. It refers… Read more »

Very interesting perspective. I’d never thought of it that way but now I have some food for thought. THANK YOU!

Taylor has a nice pair of legs. That's it.

I honestly feel like she is facing her demons and is arguably doing the right thing to say No to her record label to pursue her country roots. They were wanting her to continue the fake image she was. She said no and wanted to do her own thing and pursue the pop transitioning. She isn't wanting to be in the Illuminati and wanted out of it. If you are genuinely a fan of hers which I have for nine years she has been herself and been buried to be this angel in reality is not. If you heard her music she admits she been f*****g up in relationships and regrets growing up fast. And in times tells a story of heartbreak she at one time considers them their fault. They (Illuminati) only used this because it was the marketing hit and the money maker. Now , that she is… Read more »

I don't believe nor buy into almost everything I read about this adjenda. But y'all do a good job reporting on it and telling more truth than hype. Good job!

What is the main outcome that the occult elites want from all these symbolisms in music videos and the mind control project? it cant be as simple as making occult symbolisms as popular culture — what happens afterwards? are they gonna brainwash us??
I read so many of your articles about taylor swift selling her soul (i get really convinced and tell myself to beware) but whenever i watch her videos, shes just so charming and nice that its so hard to believe shes in the illuminati. am i brainwashed?

That is your decision to make.

I saw that she is starting to model with an androgynous appearance. Gross.

I wondered what the heck was going on with Swift's video but I KNEW the VC would break it down for me! thanks. Is this personality schism in her latest video an escape to deal with the cancer her Mom has as well? Also, could you please explain the Madonna/ Drake kiss and what type of ritual was that? Beyoncé's Mom getting married to Richard Lawson- what is his rank in the illuminati scheme? Kanye West's $20.00 bible where he took God's name out and put his name in place- and his attempt to walk on water in Armenia?

West is so up his rear. HIs attempt to walk on water? Cuckoo's nest west and the family.

Curious to know if you, VC, think Swift has been programmed. Since she didn't come up in the 'standard' way [i.e. through Nickelodeon or Disney] do you think she submitted to this and will wind up going the way of the others [Christina Aguilera & Britney Spears, for instance] that were actually programmed?

Like your work, very interesting. Why would someone like Swift be involved in this when she was successful to start with?

Except that she is not successful by her own merit. They made her successful.

Just out of curiosity, while we're on the subject of eyes…. Has anyone else noticed that people with asymmetrical eyes tend to have split or multiple personalities? It's taken a few years to notice but as I've gotten older I've been able to make the connection. Just wondering if anyone else has realized this too.

VC could you Please do a article on Lana Del Rey video West Coast? I think that it shows her selling her soul to the devil. I've been waiting to see if you were going to do an article on it please do!!!

Why? These articles are redundant. How many of them do you need to read to 'get it'? When does 'news' or becoming informed turn to gossip or worse, entertainment? No need for more of these articles. Any one familiar with VC already knows what the sinister symbols are and what they mean. So, any "artist" or musician/actor/public figure using them is in some way clearly associated with this dark lifestyle. Really no need to belabor this further with the media's new monthly flavors.

@silky-have you seen the skrillex video for "try it out"? Very scary stuff going on there…

I just watched about 25 seconds of it and once that mime popped up I was out… wth…

These "entertainers" today are also so myopic and self-obsessed. Like Lana Del Rey and Kanye, among many, many others. All their work is about their "real self" vs "their image" vs "the real me" vs "the industry me". Their romances are always shattering, dramatic, wounding, dangerous, kinky but zero fun, with videos all taking place in heavily art directed sleazy motel rooms or maybe glossy LA hillside pool areas. Lots of running mascara and emotional problems. It's just so much drama about their screwed up love lives (and exist to supply more sinister symbol use) – as if they could never consider looking outside of their heads at the world around them, past their love lives, and saying something about it all, artistically and altruistically. But noooo…more brooding and betrayal and confessing and etc etc etc

This is so true. Music videos have always glamorized dramatic relationships and they still haven't changed. From a young age we're programmed to believe that if there's no drama then there's no passion and that just isn't true.

Wow thanks VC, what an interesting article and video but not surprising at all……. but on another note….. Have y'all seen the recent articles about the Hampstead School abuse scandal? They are reporting that the mum Ella Draper and her partner forced the kids to lie about the allegations and the police and judge saying it was a sick fantasy and complete and utter nonsense – …..Interesting how this has never been reported or shown on the mainstream TV news and newspapers.

I like this song, but the video?! Really, it's getting old….
I knew T. Swift would go down the same road that all the others stars have…
But I'll say one thing: Thevideo of Blank Space made no sense to me. Can anyone explain?
Although in Shake It Off she says "I stay out too late, got nothing on my brain"….

Argh! Shake It Off! That song was beyond overplayed! Annoying, too! But the stuff she says about herself in the lyrics was her addressing what people say about her, rumors, gossip, etc. A more cutesy version of what Natalie Maines/the Dixie Chicks did with Not Ready to Make Nice (effing awesome of them and a pretty epic song, I must say) Taylor was saying she shakes off the gossip, and that people don't see (what she views as) her more redeeming qualities, such as being lightening on her feet.

there is probably more to it than that…

I'm LOVING the fury of superb articles in just the past few…



just one more sign that they are still brainwashing little girls who listen to this junk

Taylor Swift isn't the one producing these videos. She has been one of the few who remained clean and as a mother, I appreciate that. We can't really blame Taylor Swift or make definite accusations. The producers on the other hand, seem to have an agenda. I was at a prayer meeting recently and a group of very smart ladies were talking about "generational curses" in their families. They were worried about Freemasons in the family, and Illuminati. I never knew this was real. They explained that divirce, early deaths, addicitve behaviors, etc., were signs of generational curses. I told them I didn't have Freemasons in my family, but I do remember my grandfather, a high ranking officer in a South American army, was offered the presidency in his native country. He didn't accept because they told him he had to join the Masons, which the Catholic church had banned.… Read more »

T. Swift is not "clean" at all. It's an illusion, an image. Why do mothers say, "Taylor Swift is a role model to my daughter /child?" I just don't get it. Why don't we raise girls to emulate their aunts, or a teacher, a scholar, or their grandmother? Why are young people so peer-dependent? Why do mothers of young girls look to Taylor Swift? It seems wretched to me to look to the popular culture for your child's identification and for role modeling. Kids need their parents to be strong leaders who do not act like acquiescent and conforming teenagers.

Regarding the generational curses issue please read: Deuteronomy 24:16 & Ezekiel 18:19 – 22 (the entire chapters are best read but pay close attention to the specific verses listed here. God bless.

from Joseph Prince: When I was a young Christian growing up in Singapore, I read a little tract entitled This Was Your Life. In that tract, it said that when you get to heaven, God will replay your entire life, including all your sins, on a huge video screen for all the angels and other saints to watch! The idea that God was making such a video of my life with the intention of screening it for everyone to watch used to make me feel awful and condemned before God. How could I ever stand boldly in His presence? And how was I going to face my loved ones and Christian friends in heaven? I was a nervous wreck, thinking about all my sins that God was recording down, until I read this in the Bible: “Blessed is the man to whom the Lord shall not impute sin.” (Romans 4:8)… Read more »
Yuck..I was remembering when my programmer who haunts me day in and day out no matter what I try to do to distract myself..said "i've finally broken you" was when I put my head down and just collapsed imside from all of her "your a good little girl, your a bad little girl" hours of bringing up trauma and smashing my mind. She it was difficult to do on me..and then she said she had to "put me back together". It really is like they shatter the brain to make it plyable to be programmed for whatever reason they want. Sometimes in the past i would dissociate but really not very often. I now know and she said I wpild die after and my experiment was to see how much trauma the body can take before it dies or kils itself with illness..but she also said I'll have to be… Read more »

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, then you shall be healed.

Thank you ☺

That is amazing. Selection must have something to do with parents, or lack of. None of this is your fault and with God all things are possible. I read a story of a programmer who changed, and what she did to others were regrets that tortured her daily, if that is any consolation. She simply knew nothing else, and no other way at the time. This is why I never judge people because we don't know anybody's circumstances, only God does. With God all things are possible. Much love and prayers your way.

Please always share your stories, anonymously. The world is being deceived.

Hi, Thanks for your kind words. I have forgivn her and don't judge her situation (the programmer). There is one problem though..she always said how nice of a person I am and how a strange way, because everything about this was strange…but then she would say " hate you and god and i want to do this to you..this is hullarious" for me its impossible to tell with the Mcgill university doctor. But even if she did mean to hurt me in many way I do forgive her and her coherts because the bible says forgive thy enemy. lf I get angry I risk losing my peace comes from forgiveness. Jesus Christ most likely forgave the Romans for torturing and killing him..but he rose again, and overcame the world..which in this day in age I think would be the elite people. The earth dwellers. I forgive them. Another… Read more »
Glad to see you are still here! In response to your last comment, ICP have a line in Pass Me By that goes "this is our Hell now; we're living in it. But this bullsh**'ll be over in a minute" I've believed that for a long time. Although Heaven can be on Earth, too, I suppose. We just seem to experience more Hell since those who set societies ways are ruled by dark forces. But you know better than I how corrupt and disgusting the people in powerful positions are. I know it may not mean much coming from a virtual stranger, but I am proud of you for overcoming all the crap they put you through and finding happiness in your life. And I'm sorry they did that to your husband. Probably just another way to torture and break you, the sick f***s. *hugs* I love you, Trojanhorse


You really lifted me up last night. I was feeling overwhelmed. Its still scary but I keep praying to release strongholds. Its hard being in a corner. I keep getting prophecy though and I'm grateful for it. I'm going to stay until the end. I think they actually want me to suicide because they instilled a lot of fear of the future. The McGill psychologists last words were "your going to wish you killed yourself I think your pretty stupid". Then the marrying Satan thing. I thought marriage was Christian? Its quite confusing but I think their weapons are: lies, confusion, fear, terror, bullying, resentment..everything on the dark side. They will be blinded by the light if all they see is the dark. I'm not going to give in. ☺

Another thing I was thinking about project monarch. It is similar to human trafficking The buying and selling of bodies. They are doing it on a different level though that makes them more undetectable compare to a street pimp. I'm glad sites like this exist. I was programmed on 1998..and the truth movement has progressed.