The Occult Symbolism of Sherlock Holmes


The latest Hollywood blockbuster Sherlock Holmes revolves around occult murders and world conspiracies. The movie is riddled with occult symbols and allusions to a “New Order”. We’ll look at the history of Sherlock Holmes, the origins of the symbols found within the movie and its meaning in today’s  context.

Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, the movie Sherlock Holmes brings back to life the famous detective of the nineteen century. The plot revolves around murders that are apparently connected with occult rituals. This leads Sherlock into the mysterious world of secret societies and political conspiracies. Doyle’s works contained some vague references to occultism or Freemasonry; the movie, however, focuses solely around those themes and incorporates elements that are very relevant in today’s context: a New World Order lead by secret societies.

Although no real life secret society are actually mentioned, numerous symbols and references are peppered throughout the movie taken directly from Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism or the Illuminati. Cleverly embedded into the scenes and never really explained, those symbols can almost be considered hints to insiders concerning the real inspirations of the movie. Let’s look at the Masonic background of the original author of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, and how this influence has been taken to the “next level” in the movie.

Arthur Conan Doyle “Spiritualist and Freemason”

Doyle was born into an Irish Catholic family in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1859. At age eleven, he was sent to a Jesuit school, Stonyhurst College,  in which he was said to have spent “five unhappy and lonely years”. After obtaining his Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Surgery from Edinburgh University, Doyle developed a great interest for spiritualism . In an article appeared in MQ (the official Journal of the United Grand Lodge of England), Freemason Yasha Beresiner explains Conan Doyle’s interest for spiritualism and Masonry:

“He first set up a practice with a fellow student Dr Budd, but soon parted company having been accused of not pulling his weight, and moved, with his newly wedded wife Louise Hawkins, to Southsea near Portsmouth in Hampshire where he established himself as an eye specialist. It was here that between 1885 and 1888 he attended a number of table turning sittings at the home of General Drayson a teacher at Greenwich Naval College, who was one of his patients. These sessions were experimental and Doyle was critical both of the procedures and the ritual involved, which he called a farce. He also questioned the intellect of the sitters. But he was hooked. In 1887, the year he became a freemason, he joined the Society for Psychical Research, this was a public declaration, as it were, of his interest and belief in the occult.

It was in this state of mind, exceedingly curious and now seriously delving into the world of spiritualism, that on the 26th of January 1887 Arthur Conan Doyle was initiated into Freemasonry at the Phoenix Lodge No 257 in Southsea, Hampshire. He was 27 years old.”
-Yasha Beresiner, Arthur Conan Doyle Spiritualist and Freemason, MQ, July 2007

It was the Phoenix Lodge no. 257 where Doyle befriended a certain Dr. James Watson, who became the inspiration for Sherlock Holmes’ trusty sidekick. Beresiner continues:

“It would be logical to presume that Doyle came into Freemasonry expecting, maybe hoping, to discover elements of the spiritualism that now occupied his mind. He was certainly well recommended. His proposer was W. D. King, later Sir William David King, Deputy-Lieutenant for Hampshire, a most prominent public man in Portsmouth who was elected Mayor of the borough on four separate occasions. His seconder was Sir John Brickwood an equally respected and successful Brewer in the city. Doyle rose rapidly through the degrees. On 23 February 1887 he was passed to the second degree and a month later, on 23 March he was made a full-fledged Master Mason.”
– Ibid

Doyle then resigned from Freemasonry only to rejoin several times during his life. Masonry was sometimes mentioned in Doyle’s writings, which were not all focused on Sherlock Holmes. In The Land of Mist, published in 1926, Doyle describes the character Weatherby:

… that is a pompous ass named Weatherby. He is one of those who wander about on the obscure edges of Masonry, talking with whispers and reverence on mysteries where no mystery is. Spiritualism, with its very real and awful mysteries, is, to him, a vulgar thing because it brought consolation to common folk, but he loves to read papers on the Palladian Cultus, ancient & accepted Scottish rites and baphometic figures. Eliphas Levi is his prophet.”

Throughout his adventures, Sherlock Holmes (who was not a Mason) has proved to be quite knowledgeable of Freemasonry, spotting Masonic rings and other clues with ease.


Symbols in the Movie

This analysis won’t focus on the actual storyline, but rather on the numerous symbols peppered throughout the film. There might be some spoilers in here, though.

Sherlock Holmes contains a great deal of themes and symbols taken directly from today’s secret societies. They are very subtle and rarely explained in the movie, making them almost invisible to everyday viewers. To “educated” viewers however, those symbols can easily be recognized and placed into context. Although some of them are not historically accurate or have been modified to make them “fictional”, the presence of those themes are in perfect accord with the unprecedented wave of occult symbolism in mass media today. So let’s take a look at some of them.

Black Magic Ritual

The movie starts off with Sherlock interrupting a Black Magic ritual. A hooded man (Lord Blackwood) is reciting incantations in front of a woman laid on a sacrificial altar. The occult theme of the movie is pretty much laid out, right from the start.

Order Out of Chaos

In a seemingly trivial scene, a slightly “altered on morphine” Sherlock plays violin notes to flies in a tube. He explains to Watson his discovery: when he plays atonal clusters to the flies, they synchronize and start flying in concentric circles. Thus, using musical theory, he has created order out of chaos.

“Ordo ab Chao” (which is translated to English to Order Out of Chaos) is probably the most famous Masonic maxim. Mackey’s encyclopedia documents the use of this phrase since 1395 as the official motto of the Ancient Craft Masonry. “Ordo ab Chao” is now the official motto of the highest and honorary degree of Scottish Rite Masonry, the 33rd degree.

Insignia of the 33rd Degree with the saying “Ordo Ab Chao” on top

Some occult researchers claim that the saying refers to the elite’s propensity to create crises which generate fear and confusion in the masses (chaos) in order to introduce new policies and laws that are favorable to them(order). The “pièce of résitance” would be the creation of a New World Order lead by the occult elite after a period of generalized chaos, which would be of their creation. In this context, can Sherlock’s insects flying in concentric circles represent the masses hypnotized by the New World Order’s atonal notes?

Blackwood’s Cell

When Sherlock visits Lord Blackwood at his prison cell, he notices strange engravings on the walls. One of them stands out:

This symbol of a crucified rose is considered to be the first symbol representing the Rosicrucian Order, a hermetic brotherhood dating from the Middle-Ages.

“The original symbol of the Rosicrucian Fraternity was a hieroglyphic rose crucified upon a cross. The cross was often raised upon a three-stepped Calvary.” – Manly P. Hall

Was Lord Blackwood a Rosicrucian?

“Rosicrucians, a name assumed by a sect or cabal of hermetical philosophers ; who arose, as it has been said, or at least became first taken notice of in Germany, in the beginning of the fourteenth century. They bound themselves together by a solemn secret, which they all swore inviolably to preserve : and obliged themselves, at their admission into the order, to a strict observance of certain established rules. They pretended to know all sciences, and chiefly medicine : whereof they published themselves the restorers. They pretended to be masters of abundance of important secrets, and, among others, that of the philosopher’s stone : all which they affirmed to have received by tradition from the ancient
Egyptians, Chaldeans, the Magi, and Gymnosophists.

They have been distinguished by several names, accommodated to the several branches of their doctrine. Because they pretend to protect the period of human life, by means of certain nostrums, and even to restore youth, they were called Immortals ; as they pretended to know all things, they have been called Illuminati; and because they have made no appearance for several years, unless the sect of Illuminated which lately started up on the continent derives its origin from them, they have been called the Invisible Brothers.”
– Enc. Brit., 3rd Edition, Vol. 16, 1797

Some researchers have claimed that the Rosicrucians had “taken over” Freemasonry during the beginning of the 18th century. It has played an important, yet secretive role in the shaping of today’s world.

The Lab

When Sherlock and Watson inspect “The Dwarf’s” lab for clues, some interesting symbols are engraved on the wall.

All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle

The detectives discover that the lab seem to mix advanced science with occultism. Another interesting symbol is found on a wall.

The Quabbalistic Tree of Life (Sephiroth)

“The Tree of the Sephiroth may be considered an invaluable compendium of the secret philosophy which originally was the spirit and soul of Chasidism. The Qabbalah is the priceless heritage of Israel, but each year those who comprehend its true principles become fewer in number. The Jew of today, if he lacks a realization of the profundity of his people’s doctrines, is usually permeated with that most dangerous form of ignorance, modernism, and is prone to regard the Qabbalah either as an evil to be shunned like the plague or as a ridiculous superstition which has survived the black magic of the Dark Ages. Yet without the key which the Qabbalah supplies, the spiritual mysteries of both the Old and the New Testament must remain unsolved by Jew and Gentile alike.

The Sephirothic Tree consists of ten globes of luminous splendor arranged in three vertical columns and connected by 22 channels or paths. The ten globes are called the Sephiroth and to them are assigned the numbers i to 10. The three columns are called Mercy (on the right), Severity (on the left), and, between them, Mildness, as the reconciling power. The columns may also be said to represent Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty, which form the triune support of the universe, for it is written that the foundation of all things is the Three. The 22 channels are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and to them are assigned the major trumps of the Tarot deck of symbolic cards.”

– Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

Blackwood’s Spellbook

After being summoned by “The Order”, Sherlock is told that Blackwood’s spell book is the key to stop him. This spell book contains some symbols that might be recognizable to readers of this site.

The creature in the middle looks remarkably like Baphomet.

Eliphas Levi’s depicition of Baphomet

Here’s the next page of Lord Blackwood’s spell book:

This image is heavily inspired by an engraving of French occultist Stanislas de Guaita, which can be found in the 1897 book La Clef de la Magie Noire (The Key to Black Magic):

De Gaita founded in 1888 the Cabalistic Order of the Rosicrucians, which is consistent with earlier references to Rosicrucianism in the movie.

The Order

In Sherlock Holmes, The Order is an occult brotherhood which can easily compared to “real world” Freemasonry. It is said in the movie that their “secret system has stirred the world to greater good for centuries, but it can also be used for more nefarious purposes … the Dark Arts or practical magic”. The Order has many members in government and police.

Blackwood, a practitioner of Black Magic, takes over The Order by force, claiming that he has a “magnificent purpose”: to create a new future, a future ruled by the Brotherhood. Later in the movie, Blackwood says “The new order … begins now”, which is a reference to the New World Order ushered in by the Illuminati that is said to be taking place today.

Blackwood taking seat at the Throne of The Order. The pyramid in the background has an illuminated capstone, which is considered to be the ultimate “Illuminati symbol”. See the Great Seal of the USA:

Blackwood’s takeover of The Order probably refers to the take over of Freemasonry by German Illuminism and Rosicrucianism during the 18th century, which drastically changed some of its doctrines and lead to its worldwide spread.

So, here’s the major spoiler: All of this occult, magical stuff turned out to be trickery that Sherlock explained with logic and science. So, after the viewers are exposed to the symbols and the Brotherhood, they are told that these things are fiction, and even rather ridiculous. This is kind of surprising, considering that director Guy Richie was married to Qabbalah adept Madonna. Further, the occultism presented in the movie is rather dark, threatening and borderline satanic, which can encourage viewers to associate everything occult with evil, which is not the case. This goes in hand with the Hollywood disinformation covered in this article.

In a rather ominous final scene, Sherlock describes a machine that could exist in 2010 : “Imagine a device able to control anybody simply by saying a command using radiowaves … it’s the future”.

HAARP anyone?

To Conclude

Although the occult elements of the movie are presented as being fictional products of director Guy Richie’s imagination, many of the symbols used are taken from actual occult works. There is no doubt that some research has been done in order to give the movie some “occult authenticity”, but it seems to go further than this. There is a certain cohesiveness in the symbols used, which makes them more than decorative additions, but rather a series of clues pointing towards actual Secret Societies. Were they placed for “those in the know” as a sort of cryptographic message or insider’s joke? Did the director want the viewers to play Sherlock Holmes? These symbols mean one thing for sure: We are witnessing a definite occultization of mass media.




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  5. I couldn't even sit through the whole movie because of the blatant witchcraft. I was honestly shocked at the ritual at the very beginning of the movie!!! But its like Vigilant said we are bearing witness to occultisan of mass media. I also wonder if the incantations said in the movie have an affect on the audience??? Like are they possibly being hexed?? Be careful what you allow in your spirit because some things won't leave willingly.

  6. The important thing is, what effect did the movie have on the public as a whole. What does it do. And how does it really affect the mind. Does it do some form of brainwashing, or hypnosis of the highest level. It would really help if we could point out how it affects us, the severity, and perhaps if we can have an expert, to help us "undo" what has been undone. but of course who would believe such a thing!

    Yet another first class article from the Vigilent Citizen.

  7. Good stuff… I caught all of them and some.

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  8. The Rosicrucian Order is good you morons. Thats why their symbol is an upside down pyramid with a cross raising above it. Upside down Pyramid = Anti Freemason, Anti NWO, Anti Occult.

    Also the Double Headed Eagle represents the Holy Byzantine Empire or Holy Roman Empire after Saint Constantine the Great (Roman Emperor) converted to Christianity.

    The two heads of the Eagle represent East (Byzantium/Istanbul) and West (Rome)

    Again, with an upside down pyramid show its opposition to freemasonry. Over the Ages there have been many Popes of the Catholic Church who spoke out against Freemasonry, calling it the most dire threat to the Christian Faith and the Church. Popes have also banned Usury manipulation over the ages.

    The Americans are clueless to true European history. They have been diluted and brainwashed by zionist, occultist and Freemasons pretending to be 'Christians'.

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  11. "Imagine a device able to control anybody simply by saying a command using radiowaves … it’s the future”.


    • That device is called radio. There are some more significant advances that are used in much the same way today. They are called "television" and "internet." Look them up.

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  20. "First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they threaten you, then you win…" VC all part of showing people what they really don't want to see. People that purposefully come on here to trash you, obviously prefer to keep their head in the sand, and let someone else control their lives and threaten their freedom. It's sooo relieving to know that there are many others out there, who refuse to let this happen and have a mission to keep our intellectual, financial and personal freedom. You're one of them, may God Bless you and keep you under his wing!

    • yes! i seriously watched 3 minutes of it the other night and i couldn't go on. i caught a piece of it on tv and they were all sitting in a circle discussing something around an upside down star, and all i was seeing was pentagram, pentagram, pentagram. it made me so uncomfortable having it stare me in the face that i turned off the tv and walked away.

  21. This is satire from Sherlock Holmes. The producers are making this obvious. Sherlock Holmes was a detective and the want you to play detective. How would these symbols affect the major viewing audience when 80% of them don't know what these symbols mean?

  22. Once again another great job, myself personally wasn't going to see this anyway

    and now I have another reason not to lol.

    But as stated before what does this do to an unsuspecting audience??

    Almost everyone here can recognize most of the symbols but what happens to the person who loves this movies and watches it multiple times??

    Just throwing it out there and I would also love to hear about the grammys as well

    Until next time


  23. I went to see this movie and couldn't believe that it started out with a blatantly occultic, satanic beginning. I didn't finish the movie, I left right there and got my money back. Reading through this article I can see that's what the whole movie was about, the commercials didn't give a hint to any of this.

    There is another movie just come out by Disney, the Princess and the Frog that I went to see. I thought it was going to be a nice cartoon for my kids to see, and the whole movie was filled with witchcraft, voodooism, and demons.

    You go to rent a movie from blockbuster or red box and you can't help but noticing all of the horror, demonic, occltic films. In your face. It is everywhere.

    Mankind has a fascination with the occult and wicked spirit forces, shows about it permeate TV, its in the music industry, and in books.

    It is everywhere. And not surprisingly. Man has an inborn need for spirituality. To serve God. When they ignore it they need to fulfill it somewhere else, and god of this world, that sly liar who blinds them, all to happily obliges them with falsehoods and trickery. The Bible also lists the practice of spirtism as a work of the flesh, and those who indulge in this wicked sin will not inherit God's kingdom.

    (Galatians 5:19-20) . . .Now the works of the flesh are manifest, and they are fornication, uncleanness, loose conduct, 20 idolatry, practice of spiritism, . . .

    • ilovegreentea on

      oh so true George. Truth is powerful and especially true about this onslaught of occultism in all forms of media. The truth is hidden in plain sight to those who are still blind to see the truth, still close their ears to hear the truth, and still close their hearts and minds. I was like that too, thinking oh it's just entertainment, don't take it so seriously. Oh it's just escapism from the world of stress, oh it's just fiction not real. Until I found out the true depth of deception.

  24. As much as I loved this movie, I could not ignore the blatant symbols, references, and themes to the illuminati, the freemasons, and the new world order.

  25. That is wat i would like to find out aswell-how do these symbols and watever else affect a person who is oblivious to them, like take for instance a person from africa (me)? who has no idea at all… will it affect me at all, how is it going to make an imapct. this might have been answered before, sorry if i am asking an old question here, but would love to know. because i think that many of societies problems come from such-and am highly interested.??

  26. I've been waiting patiently for this review. I watched the movie ooh'ing and aah'ing to all the symbolism… there is line that Sherlock says when the police are banging on the door of that loft. i can't seem to find it any where yet but it's something to the effect of, I went down the rabbit hole and emerged enlightened. reference to mind control maybe? all in line with the message to the public. we're coming for you!

  27. "In a rather ominous final scene, Sherlock describes a machine that could exist in 2010 : “Imagine a device able to control anybody simply by saying a command using radiowaves … it’s the future”. Creepy."

    in 2008 when a summit was held in bucharest romania, everyone i talket to felt very down including me, i dind't want to go outside, i didn't feel like doing enything, just went to work and then home, i had headaches and i've heard that some protestants wanted to protest against … something i cant remember, but in the end they didn't becose they couldn't gather the strength to go to the place where the summit was held.

    almost immediately after the plane of president bush left (i was at work) one of my coleagues said that he started to feel better, and without noticeing it i felt the same.

    other thing i've heard is that almost every piece of technology you see in most of the movies they are outdated at least 10 years so i am shure that a device like the one sherlock described exists.

    try to search and see what project blue beam is all about

    individual mindcontrol as you describe in the articles about lady gaga and others are easy, "they" are controling us on a global level….

    sociopsichologycal experiments are made on poorer countryes like my own and almost everything they want to implement will first tryout on us in countryes you dind;t even heard of …

    look up the capital of kazakstan, they are building it right now and is filled with masonic simbols like piramids and sun worshiping

    now i want to appologise about my english … for the grammar nazis this is my third laguage and my writting isn;t my strong point.

  28. the symbolism in this movie is quite dense, therefore easy noticeable. i was hoping more connection with how do these symbols fit in the plot, and what are they actually trying to say, what idea are they trying to promote this time? anyhow, great article as always. it would be interesting if you wrote an about some kind of anime(from 4C studio or astroboy for example ), because nobody does that, but you probably don't watch those:)

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  31. Hmm i think you are overanalyzing things.

    This stuff is obviously there to be seen and to give the movie it's dark spirit.

    On the other hand we do see a ocultisation of the mass media so it's good you pointed that out.

    Just remember guys and girls, not EVERYTHING you see i a symbol put there on purpose.

    • ilovegreentea on

      that is the intent of subliminal messages. To make you think there's nothing to see here, nothing to be alarmed.

      Go ahead Eve, take that bit of the apple, It will not harm you.

  32. Good work. could you do an analysis of the vivid display of the rituals in the movie.

    i have noticed that crows and ravens are a common feature in many occult themed movies, whats their significance.

  33. @chelsea-honestly, are u gonna go that far with it -from my understanding, this site is just pointing things out-it is not getting people to follow a certain part… this is just way out of proportion right there i tell you-way out…

  34. So yes, there were very blatant occult symbolism in the movie.

    Herein lies the problem though; this film presents the occult as the enemy, who is eventually thwarted. And apparently, this is not disinformation, considering that these symbols are taken right from the actual symbols themselves.

    It's clearly all intentional, because even the occult context is the same.

    There's no hiding it in this one; it's all clear, with the context very obvious and nothing actually hidden.

    So my question is this; why are you presenting this movie and writing this article so ominously? As though it's part of the problem? The words you use and the engimatic style with which you describe the movie's agenda makes it seem like you want people to believe this movie is apart of the problem.

    I know this is the agenda on this site; but if you want to push this agenda, why force a movie which is clearly saying "Occults suck, look out for them" to look at all bad? Isn't this just disinformation?

    • @Brian, good question. I for one do not think that all occult is "the enemy".

      Second, the movie presents all those real life symbols and organizations to then tell the viewers : "All of this was fictional and almost ridiculous", so yes, it is disinformation. Those symbols and brotherhoods do exist and they do have an agenda. Those movies present all of the stuff present by occult researchers to then deny their very existance.

      Third, I did not present any of those symbols as being inherently evil or demonic, the movie did. I just presented those symbols in their context in the movie and explained their real life origin.

  35. Once again Vigilant, you did an EXCELLENT JOB! Please ignore the people who trash you or think you didn't do a good enough job. I thank God for your site, and the wisdom I've gained from reading your articles because I was once blinded, but now I see! I would think its kinda impossible for you to pinpoint each and every symbol in a movie like this because there are so many!!! Thats our job to see what is there in plain sight! Now that we have the knowledge we need to use it…..

    Please keep these articles coming, I cant wait for the next one, would love if you could analyze avatar, or the grammys as so many people have mentioned. I didnt watch the show but I can just imagine what went down!

  36. I must say this is very educational, i was living like a zombie and not paying attention to what i take in and the effects, i have learned so much and am more vigilant now. i believe people make choices based on the information the have, now i am able to make better choices for myself and my kids.
    People are very sceptical about this when i tell them, but Jesus warned peter that we should not be blind to the enemy’s way and i choose to be vigilant and i choose wisdom over ignorance. thanks to you i am able to make that choice.

  37. Yess some of this is "devily" but seriously, you pick out EVERY little thing… i realllly doubt that Beyonce is a devil worshipper she is a CHRISTIAN that was influenced by Jay Z… But tbh if they wanna do it then they can worship the devil… you shouldn't be Poking your nose in there buisiness i totally agree with some stuff, but this website totally change my view on these singers… I WANT TO LISTEN TO THEM MORE… and that's you fault… At the end of the Day we all have to face god and we should be PRAYING for these people not Poking Our Noses In… Soo that's my point Vigilant and I'm gonna leave it like that x

  38. "you shouldn’t be Poking your nose in there buisiness i totally agree with some stuff, but this website totally change my view on these singers"

    That's foolish. These artists become people that are worshiped by the masses. From their clothes, to their lyrics that get chanted like hymns, to even their very personality and ideologies.

    It stops becoming "their business" when they're influencing people to be like them, and they're not worth being like. It becomes everyone's business, as a society, at that point.

  39. Since I saw the film, I waited for you to wirte about it.^^

    When I saw the film, I didn't wonder so much about all the freemasonic symbols, but worried about the fact that Blackwood says "What we want to create is a New World Order." To me, it seems as if time is running out and "they" want to make more and more clear what their aims are.

    Thank you for writing that article.

    • ilovegreentea on

      excellent point at "their time is running out and making their agenda known". I've noticed this blatant attempt to make occult, pagan, alternative lifestyles the "norm". Things are speeding up. They use to be so covert, yet now the intent to convert apathy into compliance towards the NWO is becoming a dominant theme ins movies, music, media, and all governments.

  40. People say that symbols are just there for 'mood' or 'atmosphere', not for a proper purpose. I do not believe that.

    I fell that movie directs (both of music videos and big films) and writers (of anything) make sure that everything is there for a reason down to the last snetence word and comma. That is what makes a good writer or director. If a pyramid with an eye is on the wall in the film, even if it is only in shot for a second, it is there because someone wanted it there. These people are too good at their jobs to leave anything down to chance.

    The director could have made up a load of his own, fictional esoteric symbols, but he chose not to. You don't need the actual picture of Baphomet and an inverted pentegram to give the mood, you just need some symbols.

    The point is, someone wanted real occult symbols in this film and pretty much any other aspect of our media. There are many answers to whom (as it may not have been the director) and why they did it, but the point is that someone wants us to see them. Someone has a message for us with a possible sinister meaning.

  41. the problem i have with this website is that there is evidence of symbols but no evidence of an agenda. Symbolism has been used for years but they mean nothing really. How is an eye in a triangle going to affect the viewers , when hardly anyone knows what they represent. As someone else said they could be against the occultists or they might just want you to play detective like Sherlock and find these symbols. its open to interpretation so you can't just go and accuse people of something without evidence!

  42. @vigilant

    From your knowledge would you say that it would be safe to become an actor when most movies these day seem to have "occults agenda" if we are to believe the illuminati conspiracy.

    Also what do you think about psseudo occult media .com and what they say on the illuminati. Because personally I think what that website says is 70% rubbish. They even had the audacity to say that soccer player are MK'd.

  43. Vigilant,

    It's comforting to know that you actually do reply to posts that you feel inclined to which I can assume means that you genuinely are concerned about the lack of knowledge that we as a people have. I'm sure there are those out there that believe you're doing this just for exposure but I sincerely feel your heart is in it.

    My best friend that lives over 800 miles away informed me of the "illuminati" prevelance in music which prompted me to do my own research. This is how I happened upon your site. I would like to know what caught YOUR attention to even begin writing articles of this nature. Obviously, you are simply the "deliverer" of these messages but your passion had to come from something, someone or somewhere. Just curious…

    And in compliance with practically everyone who's posted on your site, I shall await The Grammy's Exposure!

  44. For all of you that are asking "what are we to do with this information?" Here's something to consider.

    There is an interesting project out there called webbot. Some of you may have heard of it. They are not always correct on their predictions, and i consider all of them, but like i said they are not accurate all the time, check them out on Wikipedia. Anyways, one of the originators once said, he does not watch horror movies because it has been proven that, what someone thinks or sees, has a direct subtle affect on other people. He said that it has been proven that humans can predict some things, around seven seconds before it happens. He said the reason this happens is because of collective consciousness. Animals have it and so do humans, but humans don't necessarily depend on it for survival like animals do. Ever notice that all animals seem to move at once when they sense something? Well this is due to the collective conscious. Ever notice that when you're thinking of someone they might call you, or you might run into them? Or how people that are around each other all the time sometimes dress in the same colors without planning it? This is collective conscious at some level, some things are just too unexplainable for chance. Therefore, these symbols, violence, lack of morals, portraying of irresponsible sexual behavior, are all symbols to integrate thoughts into the collective consciousness. There are many perverted and ill minded people in the entertainment business, as well as political business, that would love to add more allies to it's cause. Look up how web-bot works, it makes it's predictions on people's behaviors, because of the collective conscious of humans.

  45. Great article VC. I am always entertained by your work. I have a question off topic for you or your viewers. There was a photo taken of Beyonce and Jay-Z walking in an airport. They both were holding oranges as if they were holding hands. Rumor is that holding organes in hands together symbolize worship for the sun god or some type of ritual. My key word was "rumor" you can read anything on the net so if anyone can add clarity to this feel free! thanks.

    What adds to my suspense the picture sturck me as odd. To give a breif description ( sure some have seen it) but they walked into an airport, both holding oranges, but they were holding hands at the same time. So they actually weren't holding hands they were holding the oranges together. Hope you get my visual, lol best I can explain. Sounds weird right. Any info na or yes please respond thanks.

  46. I found a better explanation of how images and symbols affect the human consciousness.

    "The mind-bending evidence in Radin's work is that in a laboratory, people begin to react to an event as early as 6-seconds before it takes place. In other words, if you are about to show someone a horribly grotesque picture of something, they will already be physically reacting to it before the picture actually becomes visible".

    Whether you believe in web bot or not is irrelevant. What's relevant is that people do react to symbols, and most importantly what's shown or said, with, before or after, the symbols. For example the whole Gaga thing in concert with her covering a dancer's crotch and saying "i hate", is going to have an affect on the conscious and unconscious. And the worst part is you will not even realize it, unless you know about symbolism, or sense something isn't quite right. Therefore, recognizing symbols, and being aware, causes an interruption in this imprinting to your mind. Which is good, if you don't want perverts and sadists, influencing your personality, or that of your family.

    Now if this is true, than all the symbols will have an affect on humans at all levels, and several times a day, is enough to affect behaviors at different levels.

  47. One of the comments on which we focused in the movie was at the end. As Sherlock & the girl are sitting on the London Bridge, she says, "There's a storm coming;" to which Sherlock Holmes replies, "We still have a bit of time." It seemed out of place with everything, even though the sky was threatening rain & given all the other symbology contained in the movie.

  48. @Reese

    This is the problem with the internet. You can just read into ANYTHING. So because Jay z and Beyonce were holding oranges they worship a sun god. So human beings don't eat oranges anymore?

    This is becoming a serious problem with bloggers!

  49. @no fallen angel

    you can't believe everything you read. And I didn't see any evidence from that article . For example it said

    "The “stars” are very talented and attractive but puppet slaves of the illuminati". But where is the proof to back up such an allegation. Thats right there isn't any proof.

  50. Ego- Wrong site, this is a site open for dicussion. There is enough evidence to know Jay & Bey and the rest of the crew talked about on this site is up to no good. So mabey you should go to one of the worshiping blog sites where you belong.I know you can read anything on the net, but guess what I can also see. I see enough and hear enough. They have done a lot worse than the oranges, maybe you didn't check out the rest of the site. So keep it moving. My question was for someone who may know a little about rituals or have a reliable source so keep it moving hun I don't need your "stan" mail…

  51. Great work Vigilant! U done it again, I hope Avatar:The Movie is next coz its so full of symbolism that you can analyse it from many perspectives. In Nairobi where I hail people have started writing articles about these blatant occult symbols on mainstream press.

  52. no fallen angel on


  53. @Reese

    Ok you say that J and B have done a lot worse than oranges but what evidence do you have? A couple symbols? weird lyrics?. Riiiiight . They haven't killed anyone . I'm not saying you're wrong I'm just saying you can't accuse people of being something without evidence. Which is something you don't have? And FYI symbolism is evidence of being an Illuminati member. For example If I were to make an "illuminate symbol" would you say I'm part of the illuminati.

  54. After I watched the movie I thought it was a slam against the occult. Before their divorce It was said that Ritchie had enough of Kabbalah, it was Madonna who was immersed in it. Although the movie made it clear that Holmes believed there was no power behind the secret sect, I hope the reality that there are people in power who keep saying 'new world order' and are driven to that end is not a movie-but truth. And that it will be known far and wide by the masses. People need to wake up.

  55. As I read this article another movie dealing with occultism, witchcraft, and secret societies came to my mind.

    "The Gathering" (Maléfiques in French) from Bill Eagles, it was broadcast in France during Christmas vacation.

    Basically the movie is about dark and hidden powers trying to establish a "new order" in the current New York, the members of sect (yes they call it a sect ) are infiltraded everywhere, it really shows how they proceed and there's no doubt the movie is about the "Illuminati way of life and agenda". I think it's also part of their propaganda it's full of masonic, pagan and occult symbolism.

    I didn't watch Sherlock Holmes but I feel like there are similarities between the two movies.

  56. @ Ego-no I would say you are a puppet! What do you mean no eveidence. I don't need evidence. It's getting wierd and I am out why bother. I have one question do you beleive in the Baphomet devil ? If so what does it mean to you?

  57. AWESOME! I KNEW YOU WOULD TALK ABOUT THIS ONE!!! the music controlling the flies was KEY and the whole point of all of your articles about musicians and music— also there was a one liner that sherlock said referring to white bunnies- which you missed-

    also you have to love the way they concluded it- that it was all fake, look it was science not magic- THIS WAS THE WHOLE POINT- SO THEY CAN MAKE US DISREGARD ALL THE CONSIPIRACIES THEORIES SURROUNDING THE CONNECTIONS BETWN POLITICS-MASONRY-PAGANISM-BLACK MAGIC THAT LOOK ITS ALL FAKE! funny how Richie's own wife is a ringleader and he divorced her yet he still has bought into hollywood's bullshit for money and has to lie to himself and everyone that this is all fake

  58. I am just wondering if you are going to do a roundup of the Grammys? I saw some pretty impressive stuff..and noticed that it was all about Beyonce, Pink, Taylor Swift etc….it is as if no one else exists in music….lots of white and black…

    Good thing that my friend who was going to bring this over couldn't find it anywhere. They swore it disappeared. I had no idea what this was about and if I watch something with "spells" and stuff I turn off the sound…just don't trust it.

  59. Vigilant two things i want to point out to you(GREAT ARTICLE BY THE WAY),On the dollar says "ordo"as in order.And when he was talking about controlling anybody with radio waves i think he was talking about RFID Chips.The ones the government will make mandatory to be implanted in us were they can see what were doing And were we are at all times.This happens to be the year all of that will be introduced to us.Without it you cannot buy,sell,own land,Be employed,Be unemployed,buy groceries…You will become a fugitive.This is being known as the mark of the beast and it is among us.If you haven't already heard about it go ahead and google RFID Chips♥you vigilant

  60. And One of the rockerfellers had an interview with aaron russo.And they were good friends,Until he told them what's in store for humanity.You can also youtube this.He says everyone will have to have an RFID chip,And if they do not like what we are doing "we simply turn off the chip"And they will keep doing so until the implanted ones give in.And aaron ended the friendship.PS.I think were all waiting on a grammys review. If you haven't seen it check it out.Lady gaga comes out in a disguisting dress wearing upside down pyramids On her eyes. I ♥ YOUR WORK♥

  61. @ i love V- REAL ID CHIP- yup the real ID- Bushed signed it into law a couple of years ago and already chose IBM to be one of the companies creating it- and it got NO publicity besides a tiny paragraph in the nytimes

  62. please do the grammy's it was rediculous! the first thing i noticed was almost every performer was wearing black or white or both. was it a celebration stemming from the ritual at the mtv awards?

  63. well this was another great article but im hoping u would do some checks on Micheal Jackson TLC and Aaliyah i love these artist dearly but i see some occult signs n their vedios so can u do an article on them PLEASE!!!!

  64. Wow, i dont think the point is to be suspicious of everything and to question everything, but it is to be aware of your surroundings and your world really. We cannot as humans help but be affected by wat we see, whether we are conscious, or unconscious about it… so knowing about wat you keep taking in on a daily basis is a plus, because it then somehow save you and your sanity, because u are aware of it. But at the same time, live life for real… and dont be in fear of everything… and just out of curiosity, all this seems to be in the European side of life or America-really ??? wat is that about? wat is going on with the other parts of the world?

  65. I spotted everything mentioned within this article. I surprised myself by how much I'm able to recognize. That being said, the movie was BORING though.

  66. Many of you are saying this is addicting. Honestly, it is, but take breaks…all of this is a lot to take in. It can consume you if you don't watch yourself.

  67. I thought the movie was about Guy Ritchie exposing Freemasons in his own way.

    Him and Madonna are divorced, he practically hates her guts and thinks shes a horrible woman.

    Shes obsessed with all this Kabbalah business, so he was getting back at her in his own manner.

    The whole thing with the flies in the tube being controlled by music, like you said, was definetly about US, the public, being slowly controlled by people in the music industry.

  68. Guy Ritchie and Madonna are getting a divorce. He claims to have been victimized by her. I kind of interpreted it as him backlashing against her… Just thought I'd say.

  69. actually, also, thank you for doing an article on something other than music videos… i know there's a lot to talk about out in recent music videos, but it was getting a little repetitive.

  70. Please consider doing an article on 'Caprica' on the SyFy channel. Seems to have a lot of occult/egyptian imagery (pyraminds, human sacrifice, etc). Friends who watch (who know nothing about our occult media) claim to have nightmares after watching it (me too). Wonder if it's the content or perhaps subliminals are used?

  71. Charles Baudelaire: "la plus belle ruse du diable est de vous persuader qu'il n'existe pas "

    "le plus grand succès des comploteurs, c'est de vous faire croire ques les complots et les comploteurs n'existe pas"….

    "the best devil's trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist"…

    "the greatest success of the conspirators is make you believe that conspirators and conspiracies don't exist"…

  72. Wow vigilant your articles have really opened up my eyes to these things. Every video i watch especially those of rihanna lady gaga etc, i always look out for these symbolic shit. GOOD JOB VIGILANT….the world is definetly coming to an end and i hope enough people will realise this and start preparing for it

  73. It's obvious why there are so many symbols in plain view nowadays, because they ATTRACT people just as they have done for thousands of years. Just look at the mass of excited responses to your site. And the reason there is no further analysis from anybody here including "Vigilant Citizen" is just as simple, because they are so easily be used on people to distract them from the real issues: Which is that we ARE living already under a New World Order. The only thing that can be done to reverse the trend to totalitarianism / fascism / enslavement is to defend collectivism, go to

  74. yes , and i think this movie is want to provoke us ( people who watch ) that magic doesn't exist .

    they want us to think that "believe in science" ,

    and it will put us far away from God and Heaven . . .

    close to hell maybe . . .

    sigh . . .

    i hate those brainwashing movies . . .

  75. Nice article, VC. As many have pointed out, I also felt really uneasy watching this movie a few weeks ago. I didn't want to point out to my friends of the symbolism in the movie because they are pretty closeminded. Im not saying that Im some sort of a genious etc though. This is weird, while reading this article, I felt as if I have already read this before, though I know I haven't..

  76. Well well….really like the movie..At the end of the movie…Sherlock Holmes actually proved there ain't nothing like magic, all lord blackwood did was lab prepared…nice work anyways..really like what u do…but leave sherlock holmes outta it….morris

  77. Hey VC,

    Great article. I recognized all of the imagery right off the bat and was telling all my friends about it after we saw the movie. Most of my friends just thought that I was crazy in seeing all of that stuff popping out. I'm glad to know that there are others that recognize it.

    I also recognized the strong cabalistic overtones to the magic that was represented, mainly because it was all written in Hebrew. Cabala seems to me to be a conglomeration of all of the ancient occultic teachings that the Israelites have amassed during their subsiquent bondages and exciles. It was also interesting to me that in one seen in particular, the sceen that showed a pyrimid table paper weight on the desk of the grand pubbah of the order, showed that inscribed in ancient hebrew on the pyrimid was the word "Qedosh".

    "Qadosh is a verb that means "to set apart something or someone for holy purposes." Holiness is an attitude of the heart that results in actions which speak dedication to everything holy and pure and separation from all that is profane or defiling. Again in 1 Peter 1:15 we are commanded to live obediently before our Father, "as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, 'Be holy, for I am holy.'"

    It struck me as ironic that such a word would be placed on such a terribly occultic object, but then again, isn't that Satan's MO, he loves to take what is sacred and make it profain.

    Keep up the good work brother!

  78. Good article, vigilant. Just goes to show that hollywood incorporates occultism in just about anything. Would love to read something about the Grammys 2010…that was pretty off the hook with the occultic themes too. Keep it up :)

  79. I'm sure I would have noticed the symbols before I became an avid reader of these 'conspiracy' sites. However, while viewing Sherlock Holmes I surprised myself at how quickly I picked up each occult symbol or reference.

    SPOILER ALERT – don't read this if you don't want the ending of the film spoiled for you…

    When Lord Blackwood eventually bites-it at the end…I immediately was reminded of the infamous 'Gods Banker' case of P2 Masonic Lodge member Calvi, found hanging from Blackfriar's Bridge in London all those years ago! That ending HAS to be a reference to this scandal I would say…most intriging!!

  80. Haven't read the article yet, but I was waiting for this one to be done. The movie is so Freemasonic/Illuminati

    it just couldn't be ignored. Meanwhile, people I've talked to or those I saw the movie with just talk about how good it was. Nothing like hiding in plain sight. I knew what this movie would be promoting when I first saw the previews.

  81. The Illuminati/Masons do not "OWN" these symbols, they take ancient benevolent symbolism and knowledge ("occult" means hidden knowledge") like the Tarot and Kabballah and pervert it into something "evil" and sometimes literally twisted (the symbol of peace, the swastika, was turned slightly when adopted by the Nazis).

    This stuff is not inherently "sinister" and has no negative power over you unless you let it. Research this symbolism into ancient times and see if you can find the uplifting spiritual meaning embedded. We have to power to turn "their" symbols into something useful to us.

    Take the power back from them, they never really had it in the first place.

  82. @remember- yes everything stemmed from the past, after all humans created those things in the past and we just use it to mean other things- that is exactly the point though, it is what the user INTENDS with it

    that matters

  83. At the end of the movie when Holmes reveals that Blackwood isn't doing any thing magical, as you've written in the article, it is revealing the true nature of the Illuminati, where their big secret is, there is no secret. Once the evil ones infiltrated the occult, they took it upon themselves to recreate what the true occultists did magically and spiritually. Of course they failed miserably as they forced themselves into these occultic circles and wanted certain processes hurried as they wanted to claim higher levels within these circles. The initiation processes they use is to deceive the initiate into thinking they are really having valid experiences with the unseen, etc. Meanwhile its just smoke and mirrors that are really being used.

  84. Thanks for the article. You know, this movie gave us blatant imagery and symbolism, for whatever reason. I am more concerned about the subtle or hidden messages that have come from music and movies dating back 40+ years. Indeed, volumes could be written about Disney and the like.

    That said, I've tried to teach my kids that entertainment is just that: a diversion from the real world. There is one power that will set things right in short comparative order, to be sure. I can watch and I can listen, but I don't embrace what I see and what I hear. I know that all of this was forecast in Revelations, and that there is a great deal more to come. I take great solace in knowing that the "end" has already been scripted, and that the good guys win.

    Thanks VC.

  85. i don't get it

    the whole point of the symbolism was to be blatant – well done for examining things which were not hidden, which were not intended to deceive, but were merely props in a movie about freemasonry.

    seriously, some very paranoid people on here, get over yourselves.

  86. @rihglar

    I love how some people come on this site,Read the WHOLE ARTICLE.Then start saying everyone is so paranoid and we should not do this or that trying to correct the whole situation.If were so paranoid what does that make you…How did you get to this site you must have been searching something of the matter.Dam hypocrite.

  87. Great work Vig! But you missed some huge things like:

    1) When Sherlock Holmes is going to visit Blackwood in jail (as Blackwood's last request), Blackwood is reading Revelation Chapter 13 which describes the symbolic vision of the antichrist. This was a big clue as to what direction the movie was really headed in (especially since the antichrist is described as being killed and coming back to life at a later time).

    2) The tons of masonic/occult imagery in the office of The Order when Holmes first visits them. Like the black pyramid with 4 obelisks sitting on the desk.

    3) That by the final scene of this movie they are basically saying that Moriarty is the Antichrist!

    Sherlock Holmes is one of the most blatantly satanic movies released in some time. It's astounding how much stuff they threw in there so I'm not surprised some things were missed. You could write a 10 pager article on the film.

    I wrote an article about the movie Avatar and why it's just a subtle PR machine for the New Age and Maitreya:

  88. So you have highlighted a potential problem with the power behind the world but what in your opinion is the solution VC. Could it be time to begin to focus some future articles on the opptimism of how we are gonna WIN! and I know we will.

    PS What is your understanding of conciousness.

  89. @ i love vigilant

    i was interested by the symbolism in modern media – it's stylish, it's a cool-ish trend.

    it's interesting to read the articles, but LAWD talk about preachy.

    and i cant help but giggle at the desperate attempts by feeble little commentors, to find symbolism in EVERY LITTLE THING under the sun [oh wow, i mentioned the SUN *roma romama, GAGA oh lala* – SIT DOWN]. seriously, the commenting function on internet blogs has created an era of e-balls. people can say anything without facing any consequences. when commentors find something so ordinary, and jump to a pathetic little explanation for why that person MUST be connected with baphomet, it really makes me cringe. get over your self.

    the illuminati, IF it exists, doesnt own every symbol in society.

    you can't say: THAT number means such and such, or: THAT triangle MEANS this, and jump to the first crackpot theory given to you. honestly, vigilant could burp and you lot'd eat it up. jumping to the first INCREDIBLY minute look into something is irrational and fueled by an inability to come to a conclusion by yourself.

    checkerboard – ohno, i guess every time i see a checkerboard, it MUST be occult.

    main point is: this movie was meant to have these symbols in it – THEY ARE PROPS.

  90. @ i love vigilant. It IS possible to stumble upon something by accident. I found this site after seeing a link to it on youtube.

  91. occultists and whatn on

    them occultists and free masons

    using messed up equations

    trying to take the cap

    with symbolic miscalculations

    but their mind is sealed

    they just cant feel

    sold their true nature

    for some gold in a feild

    went the wrong way

    play the wrong play

    selling people to poverty

    for a shiney display

    but the time soon comes

    who knows when

    better prepare ourselves

    the truths been sent

    and when it wake

    rumble and shake

    ellitist occultist will run

    but cant escape

    them selves

    cos they sacrifice the

    peace of the people

    look around demoralised

    society unequal


    most in poverty division

    in themselves

    living delusion in

    material wealth.

    so I will shut up now

    I've said my bit

    peace to all men

    where truth sit.

    ..peace and love to all..

  92. I avoided this movie because I was told of the devil theme and all, but after being reassured otherwise by a friend, I decided to go, and was terrorized by the awful images, especially by the ones shown in this article, and the grave scene, gads. I wish this article had been available earlier to me. The performances by Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law were good, liked them, guess they were the hook, but the whole message was weird, like the audience was being schooled in "Masonry 101 and the Occult." It reminded me of "National Treasure," which more overtly tries to raise Masonry on high as though it were our patriotic duty to salute Masonry. Here, there is a more covert, underlying message about what a wonderful thing Masonry really is, exposing us all to stuff we ordinarily would never seek out; that in the scene with Blackwood's dad, he pulls a Harry Potter by saying (Masonry) is good, but can be used for evil, as Harry used evil to defeat evil, which of course directly contradicts Jesus when he says the devil can't fight against himself or his whole kingdom will fall.


    Please go to this its Rihanna's new video!!! Symbolism everywhere! One eyes EVERYWHERE!! , pyramids, skulls, LIGHTNING BOLTS, lions (not sure why thought someone could clue me in), checkered masonic pattern… PLEASE VIGILANT DO AN ARTICLE ON THIS ONE! I'VE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH IN ONE VIDEO. These artists are becoming blunt about everything now, and those who think its for publicity sit down and ASK YOURSELF,"why would a pop star think that worshiping the devil would make people WANT to listen to their songs?" COME ON PEOPLE THE STUPIDITY IS KILLING ME!! WAKE UP PLEASE EVERYONE.

  94. bms- No need for an article that video screamed " begging for attention " I wouldn't waste my breath on that and it was simple. They are getting to the point where there is not even a plot to the symbology. Kind of pointless to breakdown I would say. They were kind of like advertising the brand ( symbol,eye,triangles) in that video, thats all, like JayZ video On to the…) At least in some video's or like the movie stated above it is complex in a way that bull crap video lol

  95. So negative attention fo these artists so people will watch it, just to trash it? Well I can see how that might work initially, but in the end, it's not going to improve sales If you all want more education on symbolism, especially in regards to how Washington D.C. was architecturally designed for worshiping of the stars and planets, watch some of Chris Pinto's stuff on you tube, excellent!

  96. @ post #74 – Mrs M February:

    "…Although the movie made it clear that Holmes believed there was no power behind the secret sect, I hope the reality that there are people in power who keep saying ‘new world order’ and are driven to that end is not a movie-but truth…"

    Hm, so what you're saying is you hope the 'elite' powerhouses actually DO have powers?

    Personally, I agree with the views of post #118 -They Live February the most.

    That the theme is the illuminati/freemason/whatever may APPEAR to exert power and magic, but in the end, its all smoke and mirrors, meant to deceive us. "Project Blue Beam" and UFO sightings are a prime example of this. Supernatural phenomenon that are actually controlled by advanced manmade technology

  97. There's so much occult stuff going on right infront of our faces.Haven't watched the movie yet but al be sure to take note of the obvious.Great job VC

  98. @136 – I don't think that is the point of this website… yea its interesting to see the complex article but vigilant is informing and warning not just doing interesting articles .. and many people still don't even know the symbolism and for the people who are yet to make conclusions on their own i think it is important that vigilant does an article on this video for people who stumble upon this site.. that video scared me shitless there was probably something on every still shot …

  99. 141- Are you Rihanna screaming "do my video, I can't sing or dance so break down my video". Rihanna stiffly dancing with triangles and eyes in the background oh yeah what a great video to break down! Just saying. You can break it down in two sentences. For instances look at the triangle, ooooh see the eye of horus done! Step your game up to make the cut!!!….no not really but that 2 dollar video smh

  100. Movies gone secret-societies!!! these wierdos obviously want to expose themselves n if they think were gonna get sared o sth they got another thing coming. GOD bless yall!

  101. @Oh Please! What youtube video were you watching?..Lol.

    @rihglar I and MANY other people would rather be paranoid and alert and prepared for whats going to happen,Than to be a close minded person who will be "shocked"When this push comes to shove.And we can definitely say this "triangle means this"And that means that because guess what vigilant provides facts and pictures you can research yourself to see THEY ACTUALLY MEAN THAT.I almost choked on my water when you said those things are just props.Instead of a baphomet why not a pretty flower or a tricked out race car…"Oh because its artsy" LMAO.Close minded people make me chuckle.What crackpot theory is there here?

    Vigilant is not saying LADY GAGA IS A DEVIL WORSHIPPING **** STAY AWAY FROM HER AND KEEP YOUR CHILDREN INSIDE TO AVOID CATCHING EVIL POISON (without any facts of this).He's calmly explaining What these symbols mean.Props…That statement really got me.Check this out,If those things were JUST props we both know it could have been a fake religious drawing on the wall.Fake statues and such.But no they are taken from REAL freemasonic/illuminati Symbolism explain that to me.Most of us aren't the type that would stop listening to are favorite artist because of this…So we wouldent "eat vigilant's burp" .I can't make a blind person see and im not trying to.And its funny because the "crazy people"90 percent of the time when it all goes down knew what the hell they were talking about.I rather be that…Or is that another crackpot theory.

  102. sensitivethinker on

    i watched this!!and when i saw the scene where there were all these black magic is creepy…the story is good,it keeps you thinking and guessing but then those things were just plain creepy and scary

  103. this seems well and cleared up

    but are the freemasons truly evil?

    i mean ok sure they have wierd symbols and stuff

    but evil?….

    sry all im just new to this stuff…..

    if someone can give me some kind of answer

    much appreciated of course

  104. "So, here’s the major spoiler: All of this occult, magical stuff turned out to be trickery that Sherlock explained with logic and science. So, after the viewers are exposed to the symbols and the Brotherhood, they are told that these things are fiction, and even rather ridiculous."

    This is, of course, disinformation — any adept realizes that the magic is not the visuals or the ritual trappings (which may suitably be stage production): the magic is what goes on in the head of the viewer. In this way, the master magicians of our age are not a part of any traditional school, but are instead advertisers and filmmakers, the ritual trappings of jump cuts and computer-animated explosions being typically far more effective for magical purposes than their less technologically advanced brethren.

  105. just like at the grammys- calling lady gaga monster and trying to turn her fans into monsters- making it seem funny like look this is what everyone thinks about her – this is just one teeny example in the grammys how they tried to do the same freakin thing as this movie and more to come soon- trying to totally play it like the conspiracies are all a farse!! so we can make fun of it too like its nothing, all made up stuff! Well the only real farse is going to be the pseudo-apocalypse that these elitists and givernment heads are getting ready for us- yup a FALSE apocalypse that stupid brainwashed people will think its the real end, and will all fall for NWO as the only way to save themselves, meanwhile they will be giving in to becoming slaves…

  106. Perhaps Guy Ritchie didn't like what he saw when he got to the higher levels of hollywood. Being married to the anointed Isis figure of music would certainly vault him to the top. Since he's not married to her anymore this movie might be his rejection of all that. As he returns to his normal middle class roots he might be in a way sharing with the general public what the people at the top do to control the masses. Judging by the constant daily chemtrail seeding of the skies in relation to behaviors of the masses. Ever notice your whole street leave the home at a certain time of day as if qued up by some invisible motivator?

    Great Article VC!

  107. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN IS DEAD! he committed suicide – fashion designer who has done some twisted borderline satanic designs and even created his runway to look like an occultic ceremony for his fall 2009 salem witch trials tribute collection- you have to do something on these fashion icons promoting all the masonic and borderline satanic symbolism on their clothing

  108. These film makers are very satanic. How is this intertainment when they are indoctrinating the masses to buy into their ritual worship practices…

  109. I wish you would explore Guy Ritchie more in this article. He divorced Madonna and they both left the Kabbalah. And I heard he was making a documentary about Kabbalah but there doesn't seem to be anything about that on his IMDB page. Knowing more about him should shed some light on his reasons for putting these images in the film.

  110. I was thinking would it be approiate to break down Rihanna's video? She is taunting "the beast" saying come here rude boy, boy can you get it up, take it, take it ". I am lmao. What a shame. The video had signs but some were not approiate X- Rated to say the least. She was on top of the crowned beast begging for sex. No no some things should be left alone. I feel sorry for her. I wouldn't give her the time of day. That video was disgusting as far as symbology, song and all. Now I feel they begging for attention.

    On the surface the video was stank nothing but Rihanna grinding off beat every where. If you read the symbo well from what I got it was disturbing and Rihanna needs to hide her face in shame. The way she was riding that beast and the words to the song, that girl is like 21 someone should be facing some jail time. How could she accept this WOW.

    You can ask for a breakdown on this video but you might not like it. Ask the question who was Miss bad girl taunting in the video ? I could be wrong but she was telling the crowned beast known as ……….come her rude boy can you get it up, take it, take it. I can't even write this without laughing. Now you know no one in their right mind will do that. Who is that tough and bold. Whoever is behind these videos I hate to see what is coming to them. That is like rape in a way something really violating of her mind and thought process. Got to be terrifying to her in the dark and when she is alone.

  111. Oh the paranoia it's hysterical, but you forgot a few things, Obama is Satan, the government caused 9/11, the Jews are lying about the Holocaust, and gingers have no souls hahaha ^_^

  112. its freaking me out now.what is there to do? should we stop watching movies? i strongly believe in what thestep is saying about 9/11 but for obama, i dont know.

  113. @Rihglar You seem to be another one of those close minded ignorant,blind And in the long run DUMB people that disgust me.But i guess the human mind takes natural to taking the easy way out and accepting order and biting the heads off of anyone who questions it.

  114. @Kobby i was asking the same question but then i came to this conclusion.Don't stop listening to your favorite artist just because some of their song videos are filled with this kinda stuff.There going to hell alone and they make music you like!Why not enjoy alittle of it?Just don't get hypnotized or start believing anything they say or do.Dance to their music,Not what they stand for.I don't think you would go to hell unless your singing along to a song that is insulting god like REALLY insulting god.And watching a movie that has symbolism in it doesent make you evil.:) i hope i was some help to everyone having these thoughts and concerns.

  115. @Kobby you obviously missed the 3 tons of sarcasm that was dripping off my last comment, while some of this is believable, unfortunately it seems like the vast majority of the readers are taking this way to far, on a different topic one reader was telling everyone that we needed to grow our own food so the government wouldn't poison us, we needed to all buy guns and gold because soon that will be the only currency and that we all needed to live in bunkers to ward off the devils minions… Seriously guys?

  116. i am interested in your mention of HAARP. just recently an entire family of people discovered they had had very positive dreams of Barak Obama at the same time, though their conscious opinions of the president are negative. this story caught my attention because the same thing happened to me about the same time. i came out of the dream with a very warm feeling for Obama and was glad our nation is in such good hands, though my waking feelings are that the president is owned and operated by the same forces who owned the last president and the one before. there is a chance that HAARP has the capability to send focused dreams.

  117. Dan brown wrote a book on this HAARP a WHILE back… can't remember which one it was though. wasn't the mainstream religious books though.

  118. Who has watched the cartoon PONYO?

    Vigilante, can you pls watch it and comment?!?

    It is supposed to be this really heartrending story of a little boy and a fish he 'adopts' from the sea. The audiece is supposed to be from age 5 to 105.

    I watched the first 45 minutes….and think I had enough of the occultism.

    It boasts of a rich cast of talent: Cate Blanchet, Tina Fey and others.


  119. For those of you who are bothered by occult images in the movies like this and The Princess and the Frog, I just want to say this: The occult/voodoo was shown for it's evilness. In the movie the there was someone who was battling against these forces who was good. The images are disturbing, but the battle between good and evil was there. I did not see that the movies were glorifying the occult or evil, but rather the showed how they are bad and should be fought against with truth (Sherlock Holmes) and love (The Princess and the Frog). If you left either one of these movies early on, you missed witnessing good triumph over evil. You missed people (or fireflies) sacrificing themselves for others. I too, do not like seeing things like the occult either, but watching good win in the end was awesome and lifting. I feel that these movies actually strengthened my faith and resolve to defend truth even more. JMHO.

  120. Some of you really need to relax. You 're going too far. I think you should step away from sites like these for awhile because you're getting a little too paranoid. That is not healthy! Are you going amish now? No, so stop seeing things everywhere because you will drive yourselves mad. Relax. You are not being remote controlled by anybody. Rihanna is not controlling your mind.

    Yes, these images are being used on purpose. Yes, they are connected to the occult. Yes, this videos are very disturbing and the messages they spread are not very positive but they are not harmful unless you start acting like Rihanna grinding against people.

    Vigilant is simply pointing out symbology that HAS ALWAYS been there. Check out videos by Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, more recently Marilyn Manson. Now it's gone Pop because many people like it, think it looks cool, thinks it goes with the mysterious badass image they want to sell.

    You need to stop thinking that a designer's death was a sacrifice, you need to stop believing that the rapture is near, etc. Just settle down and effing READ the posts. It's amazing how many if you are: "I haven't read the pist but I knew this was all about devil worship". I mean really? READ.

    And the message of this movie is simple: people like to scare other people with occult rituals and things that are only tricks! Who falls for them? Paranoid irrational people like you. So the Mr. Blackwoods of today are making you afraid of a bunch of mambo-jambo, distracting you from real issues. And all time practitians of this stuff, like Crowley, were just a bunch of quaks.

    If you want to be alert about today and our future study history, read the newspapers and talk to other people about it. Don't become a paranoid person scared of everything. Especially occult symbolism. You're not helping yourself. And do not believe everything your read for God's sake. A lot of paranoid sites out there are all BULL. You need to analyze who's writing it and what they want. Don't come to sites like VC if you're already paranoid from crazy youtube "exposés" videos and blogs about people who swear they've been mind controllef. This topic brings out the crazies and if you buy into every word they say you're letting them turn a sane intelligent person into a ridiculous basket case.

    And finally, a lot of you need to take some grammar lessons. Pronto!

  121. Solar Absolution on

    I spotted some pretty interesting stuff on MTV canada… First off the building they operate from is called the masonic temple… and when they have a news segment there's a big free mason symbol (compass,G,etc.) in between the two news 'anchors'.

  122. @ i love vigilant:

    ahahah, ME? close-minded?


    YOU made YOUR judgement up about me from a couple of posts i made. PLEASE have mercy, i cannot TAKE this crap anymore. oh ahahah – i can't believe this.

  123. As an Avid occult fan I noticed all these symbols plus more ..the thing that I like the most about what the film was implying , was that rather than there actually being demons and super natural powers ..Holmes reveals that its all down to Gimmickry .

    Aint that the truth .

    I long for the day that I come across a person who was legitimate ..whos service to the world in freeing the feeble minded came free but all I ever come across is money making charletons attempting to fool us with another gimmick .

  124. @rihglar No i don't know you but based on what your typing i think i can take a GREAT guess.If you type for example "i love ducks"Your a duck loving son of a gun.And if you type"Stop being so paranoid,Your all crazy"Without hearing a person out and opening up your mind to idlest take some of the information into consideration,Your a close minded person.But I am not going to argue we are two different people with different beliefs.

  125. damn I watched this movie and saw all the symbols and everything that you say here, good job! I knew you were gonna post this sooner or later 😉

  126. ahah

    i HAVE opened my mind up to it though.

    opening my mind up to the possibility of gaga, rihanna etc being involved in yadayada DOESNT MEAN i accept it as truth.

    two COMPLETELY different things

  127. The movie tried to make the person believe that the occult in the end wasnt real, that it was just regular science and chemistry.

  128. @ 65-reese…..

    Oranges symbolise true love in moorish and arabic. Itś the coming together of two souls and making a perfect spherical "one". Just a thought……….

  129. I saw Sherlock Holmes and was shocked that after the occult exposure they would show it to be a joke. Maybe the intent was to lull people back to sleep and to make the ones exposed to the information feel silly for believing that their is a secret order intent on world dominance at all.

    I say all the occult symbols, too.

  130. people of the world ……fear not the symbols, as a matter of fact fear nothing, the only power these elite supposed illuminated ones have over us is our fear, anger, and hate. the only thing that matters is your intention behind symbols and actions. I'm not into labels and stuff but i consider myself a freethinker and truth seeker, and the best advice i can give anyone that's into the occult is to not be consumed by it. nothing wrong with educating yourself just don't be afraid of it. like any bully if you stand up to it and look it in the (all seeing) eye, they quiver and hide like the pu**y's they are. if you want to fight the NWO, do it with LOVE and Good will, not violence for you will play into their hands. No symbol will affect you when you have a positive outlook on the universe. thank you and peace to all……

  131. Matti Vanhanen on

    "This is kind of surprising, considering that director Guy Richie was married to Qabbalah adept Madonna."

    Its not surprising. Madonna and Richie departed because he became to understand through dealings with madonna the stupidity of secret societies and the mysticism that surrounds all of it.

    This is why the movie is a tell all about the "new world order" bad guys. This is why, i suspect, that this movie was one of the few in a long long time to get a realease, so early, to peer-to-peer networks. They tought that by leaking the movie it would get less money in the box office. then they could convince the uninitiated to not invest in "these kinds" of movies in the future (movies that portray Freemasonry in a bad light).

    fortunately it has made its money back, and very well indeed

  132. Out of pure curiosity, how much time does it take to inform yourselves of these numerous symbols?

    As time ticks by with eyes glued to a screen, yes, you may be a little more informed about the "conspiracy" of mass media, but they have you in the palm of their hand. They (the mass media) have your undivided attention, even though you may tell yourself you seek out the flaws. By spending so much time researching and pouring over articles and dissecting music videos, award ceremonies, and lyrics, you unknowingly sit in the media's clutches as if you were already under their "spell."

    Again out of curiosity I have skimmed over a few of Vigilant's articles and I agree, they captivate the reader with tales of conspiracy and hidden symbols, but I also take the information with a grain of salt.

    I never feel the need to comment on any sort of blog, but the comments on this particular article caught my attention. The Sherlock Holmes movie's central plot revolves around symbols, secrets, and rituals, so why dissect it? Go ahead call me ignorant and naive, but the movie ends only after exposing the folly of the secret society, disproving the entire plot with science and intelligence.

  133. @ Liesa – I also had this same feeling of being strengthened in my faith.

    When I watched this movie I found the symbols familiar but I didn't understand the meaning behind them and after reading this article I felt that the movie was portraying that the power of the secret society is ultimately unsuccessful. Although I don't remember the exact words shown at the end of the movie about the symbols being fiction (or whatever it was) it did not make me think that the symbols were made up because they are used in many other movies. I also felt that even though there was a lot of exposure to the occult, it didn't have a negative effect on me but instead made me feel more aware to the reality of this.

    Thank you Vigilant for adding the information about the source of these symbols because it helps people like myself see the truth.

  134. yo this information is valuable and probably the ultimate truth but this will drive some people crazy. this truth is not at al easy to stomach. even for the most prepared mind. i'm driving myself nuts thinking about it. you need to change the introductory to your site. prepare people in realizing that their having their eyes opened to some very potentially horrible truths

  135. Johnny Be Good on

    HAARP = TESLA Technology, isn't it?

    Something is fishy about the January 12, 2010 Haiti earthquake… Don't you think so? It does have similarity with "2012" the movie!

  136. comment 193

    that's what i mean.

    people here are so damn PARANOID.

    it was an earthquake. i guess the mood here is, if you cannot explain something, or have very little to do, i guess you have to blame someone.

    it was an earthquake. government wouldnt even gain anything from it besides a few orphans, i dotn even KNOW why i'm writing this.

    ya'll paranoid as hell.

  137. If the government is trying to re-create the big bang theory that could potentially kill us all…Why woulden't they make a device that could control weather.We may not know the reason behind them doing it IF IT WAS DONE.Because we dont f*cking know the government personally.While were worried about this haiti earthquake they could be plotting.Who's to say that theory is wrong who's to say that theory is right.I just would like to see the look on PEOPLE LIKE RIHGLARS face when all this shxt comes to play.@Rihglar Why does that person have to be paranoid.It is so much better to question things we may see as ordinary,Instead of just "going with it".

  138. I really don't think it's about being paranoid or avoiding everything that has this symbolism because it's everywhere so that would be almost impossible. I disagree with people like Wolf who think that because someone is telling them this is all fake then it means it all must be fake. Jack Black telling everyone to throw up the horns and pray to Satan at the VMAs is not fake to me. If you don't believe in God or Satan, that's your business, but as a believer, I can't see what's funny or fake about it. The whole point of things like that and things like this movie is to make light of it so when people see it, they won't question its deeper meaning. A lot of people have it backwards – they think the point is to recruit people or turn them or whatever you want to call it. But I think it's the exact opposite – they don't want you to BELIEVE this is real. The goal is to get you to accept it and internalize it without actually taking it seriously, because they know that once you internalize it, it will affect your psyche and behavior regardless of if you believe in it. Why do you think everyone is okay with wearing skulls and cross bones all over their clothes now? It's become mainstream and cool so no one thinks about what it means. I saw a 6-year-old walking home from school with a skull on the back of his jacket. The skull was wearing a crown and I'll leave you to speculate on what that might represent. But the point is, if that same 6-year-old had been walking around with a jacket that said JESUS IS LORD on his back, a lot of people would say his parents are brainwashing him and he's too young to even know what that means, etc. Funny… Yet somehow not.

  139. I really can not see peoples way of thinking!! I have my own opinions about the earthquake. Personally, if man can clone, tell you anywhere in the world where a plane is, treat diseases why would man not try to manipulate the weather? Hes pretty much conquered all researches why would it be impossible to temper with weather? All man wants to do is be God. Find ways to live forever. If it is in fact true that man can manipulate weather what benefit would it be to the govt? Well… every other commerical is to donate to Haiti. Personally, I don't give money to these organizations regardless of who they are. The gesture is kind but your money isn't really going over there. Why ask American people that are struggling themselves?? I haven't heard of 1 nba player salary being cut! Conan O'brien got offered like 40 mill since they broke his contract. But yet these celebs can get more money than I would prob make in a yr but you still continue to ask for more money??? Makes no sense!! Should I donate because they have a marathon with stars on it? Let them donate! Rebuild all these other 3rd world countries! How does the govt benefit? Well… the strategy is to get Haiti so far into debt. Loan them money to rebuild their country when they can not pay the debt back guess who owns Haiti?? AMERICA! So Obama, Clinton, Oprah and all the other smiling faces you see on tv are not sincere! Research Hitlers health care plan that Obama is enforcing. Someone posted a link *I think on this discussion* of while the world was watching MJ funeral, the Pope was signing a law to create the NWO! All I can say is people we need to wake up!! Time is ending.

  140. Um vigilant citizen this is not my first time on the sites I posted a number of comments across your website under various aliases. I think you might have seen this alias before. This is a request. I am trying to be a 'good' person but the talk of secret societies and the Illuminati just intrigues me. I know it isn't something a good person would be intrigued by. However, can you please take a look at the emerging Electropop artist La Roux I'm marvelled by her individuality but I also believe that there is some sort of symbolism creeping into her music videos and her songs. Please help me decipher them and prove these terrible suspicions wrong or right.

  141. I think that Vigilante needs to do an article on what Freemasonry is really all about. But then again if he did, it would defeat the entire purpose of this website wouldn't it? Would be such a shame for him to lose out on the profit he is making off of all these articles. He isn't as smart as you think. You see, he only is smart when it comes to connecting the dots and explaining the satanic symbols. He fails to tell you the other meanings that all these symbols have.

    I know men who are Freemasons personally and there is nothing evil about them. They are wonderful people with good hearts. Please do your own research and don't believe this bull. He is just trying to make a buck at the expense of others.

  142. @Cee i dont usually curse on vigilants site but you dumbass.You must have seen that movie angels and demons were they purposely tell you the illuminati is devoted to scientific truth and all other kinds of bullshit…Or maybe you watched the history channel promoting other disinformation about the freemasons."Wonderful people with good hearts"What kind of shit is that.You either ARE a freemason or you came on this site not knowing WHAT THE HELL you are talking about.There nice people trying to get to the world by the media and fucking take over…You just made the most idiotic comment i have ever came across.

    • I don't believe that these people are trying to take over but are in control at the moment and they control where they want certain things to go and how they want things to be done. They work in the shadows and thus live up to their namesake of secret.

  143. wahha, you guys moanign about comment 204's depiction of freemasonry. you base your own opinions on them with what?

    an internet article?

  144. @Dirty rich Just address me it wasen't "you guys"It was me and this is the reason why.I for one research like a motherfucker on the freemasons and the illuminati.And what comment 204 said was completely false.I did not base my opinion on that person from this article i based it from what i already know…

  145. Has anyone ever played the game final fantasy vii? They have a character named sephiroth & talk about the tree of life. VC you should do an article on video games next.

  146. i just see the video of Rihanna "rude boy" …it's too much! but more than the occultism signs , I am shocked about the lyrics, and all these women singers advocate women sex slavery and violent's just a shame and i realised how feminist group are useless (maybe they think it's women freedom to decide if she want to be a slave sex and promote it..) maybe i am wrong but i never heard any feminist group against all these crap.

    rihanna: rude boy

    beyoncé: videophone ( certainly increase sex video scandals in teenagers..)

    britney: i am a slave for you

    lady gaga: i like it rough…

    ….many many more depraved

  147. KittenConclusion on

    I was wondering if you could look into the Music video/lyrics to the song ''Give it up to me'' By Shakira it was concerning me on how the video is 20x diffrent than her others AND the lyrics sound a bit awkward towards a girl giving it world to somebody anyways its just pretty weird you should check it out.

  148. Good work. Saw the movie and was immediately struck by the blatant symbology… The schizophrenics have been right all along… The TV is talking to us!

  149. Completely Numb on

    I know that when many people automatically see the symbols, they point to the movie and shout, "It's EVIL!!!" But, one must look at how they're being portrayed. Even if they're being portrayed as fake in this movie, the man with the symbols is still portrayed as bad. So, I just suggest to some people that they look at how the symbols are being portrayed and draw their own conclusions.

  150. There was also the hanging of blackwood from the london bridge in the movie, which I believe represented some historic masonic event that occured a while back that I thought was interesting.

  151. Has anyone watched the new movie Legion? I've watched the trailers and it seems sick. What kind of shit-ass sick movie is that? Angels rebelling against God to save the human race!!? WTF!!!

  152. I agree with everything and personally was elbowing my sister with all those occults meaning lol. the ending was a suprise but there is a small hint of magic I guess. It's very subtle … the crow which was present when death is near…. to me that's very subtle but it's almost as if the crow represent the grim reaper.

  153. @ Concerned – This is what they believe happened for real and why they side with Satan. They believe that God wanted to keep man ignorant and that is why he told them not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. They believe that Satan was only trying to help man by opening his eyes to the fact that he could be like God, by knowing all the stuff that God knows and that's why he told them to eat the fruit. That is the biblical depiction. In Greek Mythology, it is Prometheus, the fire bringer, who helps man by giving him the gift of fire, that takes on the role that Lucifer/Satan plays in the Bible because after he steals fire and brings it to man, Zeus punishes him for all eternity. If you haven't already, you should check out the post Vigilant did on Rockefeller Center. It basically describes all of this in greater detail and more articulately. :-) That gold man in Rockefeller Center who is right in front of the Christmas tree at Christmastime, is Prometheus and he even has the fire in his hand.

  154. Dari- Heres my theory, first let me say if you read the Bible punishment for sin is death not hell. So if Satan tells you to follow me, and you will have all the riches. When you weigh your options you would think hey why not my punishment will be death not hell. Meaning you will not get to inherit God's kindom. Same tricked he used on Eve. In Jay-Z song Lucifer he says something about " when I am gone the meek will inherit the earth untill then it's on and popping church" so you ask when he said when I am gone, who is he talking about. We all know what the Bible states. Another line in the song to back up what I am saying is " the demon said it's best to die" which goes along with what I just said. Punishment for sins is death. From what I can get out of the Bible one of the times God mentioned hell, the diciples were asking about a man casting out demons knowing he was not of God and God said people knowing they are turning others away from good meaning intentionaly will be cast into the pit of fire. So if Jay and others are devil worshipers from what I can get those are the ones going to hell. So you have average sinners punishment= death- then you have misleaders=hell. Feel free to chime in. I would say I am correct.

    As far as the rest of the hoopla I would say th sole purpose is to dumb down and if it wasn't for Jay-z and his gang I would blame it on the illumanti not so much devil worshiping. I think we are working with a few different agendas . Jay-z and his camp are the only ones I would consider devil worshipers because of lyrics, some I mentioned above, his Alister Crowley, connection, and his love of the Bapohmet. So I would say Jay-Z has his own agenda. Gaga, Kerli, Paramore etc I would say they are illumanti whose main agenda is to dumb down. I would also say that the illumanti has somthing against the mason and are the one causing the drama with the mason for one reason or another. My guess is that the higher rank masons are bad not all or another force is working against the Masons for example the ones bringing this type of information full circle trying to make them look bad and in my opinion it's one or the other.

  155. wow never thought i'd see the fray do this kind of stuff.. there new music video to "syndicate" is FILLED with one eyes and i think the apple represents sin… idk i'm just really upset because i feel like everything i thought i loved is a lie!

    • ilovegreentea on

      We've all been there, those who's eyes have been opened. Everything that is happening has been predestined, written in the Bible. Don't rely on religion, but the words in scripture.

  156. A good point to bring up is that Guy Ritchie and Madonna AREN'T together anymore!!! It seems like Guy Ritchie probably saw some evil stuff going on with Madonna and this was his way of telling people. The whole point of the evil side of this movie…is that they're EVIL! What a concept…That is partially why there is a HEAVY occult theme to this movie…and I think now that Guy is not with Madonna he feels like he's got a lot of secrets to tell and one way of getting them out there is through his movies. But if you did not see this movie you can not judge it by this article….the POINT of the movie was that good will prevail over all this stuff in the end and to inform you that this stuff is really going on out there…TRUST me you have to watch the movie to get the point. GUY RITCHIE IS NOT WITH MADONNA ANYMORE!!!

  157. @226

    I remember reading it somewhere that Guy Ritchie is bloodline, I may be wrong.

    What I want to say is: Don't eat it all up. You never know.

  158. hey, nice article..

    You know so much about these things. I have been following and can easily recognize suggestive symbolisms and all.

    I have gathered that you are quite intelligent, creative, iterative and, questionably balanced. I would like to know, VC, where you belong. Are you a Budhist, Pagan, Moslem, Christian?

    You won't believe how much followership you have, please keep up the good work.

    Jesus Christ, the saviour of the World, is coming.

    Talk to him.

  159. Hey Dallas – The Bible does say that the wages of sin is death, but it also says that non-believers will be sent to hell and once The Day of Judgement is done, hell will be poured out into the lake of fire and brimstone, where Satan, his minions and all non-believers will spend eternity. Some people say this is just a metaphor and the real "hell" will simply be that they are separated from God and out of his grace and will remain so for all time. This will be the real punishment. I can't say I know either way. But I do think that there are different levels to what's going on. I think a lot of people are willing participants (Jay-Z), while others have been sort of seduced into it (Beyonce). Jay-z said himself he's never read the Bible a day in his life, which means he wasn't raised Christian. So think about a young, inner city kid who is looking to make something of himself and willing to do anything to make that happen. He starts studying the most successful people and tries to mimic them in every way, even naming his own label after one of the richest families in the world (Rockefeller = Roc a Fella). When he is approached by the Illuminati, say, he is willing to do whatever they say he needs to do to be successful, including any rituals or oaths that they would require. Remember, he doesn't believe in heaven or hell, so what would be the difference to him? I do think that he may be possessed by a demon at this point and not completely in control, but I believe he went into it willingly. I watched the season finale of "I want to work for Diddy 2" with my sister (she is obsessed with shows on MTV – pray for her) and at the end of it, the two final contestants had to give a speech on why they should be picked. Diddy told them that when he was first coming up under whoever at the time, he was willing to die for that person and he saw the same level of commitment in both of them. But that's not the worst part – when it came time for the dude to give his speech, he promised his SOUL to Diddy and to the Bad Boy organization. Now, I'm sure he didn't mean that literally or maybe he doesn't even believe he has a real soul, but do you see where I'm going with this? He is willing to do ANYTHING to be a part of Bad Boy. Including sell his soul, literally or metaphorically. If Diddy had asked him to go in the back room and put on a robe and say some chants and sign his name in blood, he would have done it. This is how I think it went down with Jay-z. Too hungry for success. Beyonce, on the other hand, was raised Christian and has enjoyed success since she was a teenager, so I think it would be a little harder to get her to switch over just like that. I think she is more possessed than in control of herself. I think a lot of the reason they are a couple is because Jay-z is deep into this stuff so he is being used to draw her in. Obviously, this is mere speculation. As far as the Illuminati/Mason thing goes, I believe they are one and the same, and go by other names as well. But I do not believe all Masons are bad. They actually need people who are Masons to be able to say that the organization is harmless or whatever, so they will intentionally keep them out of the loop just so the person can honestly say it. The CEO of the company I work for knows way more about what is going on behind the scenes than I do, but we still belong to the same organization. That's why it kills me when people say this is nonsense because their uncle/father/brother is a mason and it's no big deal. I also think that a lot of people who do the bidding of the Illuminati are not necessarily a part of it officially and they may or may not be aware of who they work for. Like how the Mafia/Mob might have cops, judges, and local business owners on its payroll, but they are not members of the Mob itself. Let me know if any of this makes sense :-)

    • ilovegreentea on

      Beyonce is very much aware of what she's doing and made the decision to go down this road, not Jayz. You are making excuses for her and taking the accountability away from her. We all have free will. She has it, each and every single person who is involved in this lifestyle has it. They all take an oath out of their own mouth. She is not some mindless zombie, because she's said herself that all her ideas for her music and videos comes from "her". Her music, like the majority of her ilk in the music industry is turning the young generation into mindless, oversexed zombies. Most into that because they are blind and refuse to see the truth when it's in their face. Matt. 16:36 and Mark 8:36. Her lifestyle directly contradicts her Christian background.

  160. Dari- I will start by saying I am 24 and I just starting reading the Bible 09. I had to reach that age to fully understand. So I can't fault Jay-Z for saying he does not read the Bible, but I was raised in church from 5-15. I stop because I was an athelete and most games were on Sundays not to mention it was an Catholic school so why games were on Sunday Idk, moving on true enough Beyonce was raised a Christian but who is her dad. I can see him "handeling" Jay-Z if you know what I mean. He is the Joe Jackson of our generation. You can say he pimped the girls to fame. To make a long story short Beyonce has the illumanti coming both ways and I see Matthew deeper involved than J. Next there is rumored to be 160 illumanti positions and 7 main people above them ( my numbers may be 1 or 2 off ). Heres my far fetched reaching theory. The 7 are the demons and thats how the same system is runing year after year decade after decade. I would say thats where satan himself sits, lol but hey. As far as the masons. I would say it goes by level mabey or different chapters handle different agendas. I still would say it's another force mad at the masons hanging them to dry (illumanti) for who knows why or either this is how I would set the pyramid up. 7 official members down to the illumanti on to the mason to the puppets to we the people. As far as the Bible and hell I have written down but I can't find it, all the times throught the Bible where God says punishment for sins is death and like you say he also speakes of hell. The meek will inherit the earth meaning I am a sinner but I am trying my best to reach God so will I be considered meek or will I be cast into non exsistant, not hell/ I will not inherit God's kindom= punishment for sin death, or will I be cast into hell? for example people saying " ya'll beleive in God what losers", murderers, misleaders……. or in the likes of Jay-Z, gaga, and so forth. Confusing I know! I said what I said in my previous post about Jay-Z to kind of give insight to the way he thinks or where he is coming from. Something like that.

  161. @Vigilant

    Um k… So I've read many of these and I understand that you just want to get the word out there that there's a ton of evil, terrible signs in the world… But what do you expect any of us to do?? I'm not gonna stop watching movies or stop listening to music because I'm afraid of what the content may be. Like the Denver I'nt Airport report for example… Are you telling us to warn people not to land there cuz we're gonna get sucked into the nightmare that it created? I just don't quite understand what your point is when analyzing all these movies and songs and places and things and other whut notsss. So with that I ask: What exactly is your point in analyzing these works?

    PS. In your VMA report, what does Taylor Swift's interruption-thingy have to do with the initiation of a ritual? I read it over twice cuz I really didn't understand what it's meaning was.

    PPS. I noticed the little smiley face at the bottom of your page, above 2010 THE VIGILANT CITIZEN… How cute ; ) <3

  162. zeal- Let me help you out. I can honestly say I was wrapped up in hollywood certain artist to be exact like hard and when things began to come to the light it was like oh ok and I took a step back. Some or most people may be on the right track but not all. If you are on the right track this would mean nothing to you. Now that I am on the right track it means nothing to me. So I would say if needed ( in my case) it gives you an opprotunity to step back and I am giving my honest opinion I felt sucked in. Looking at the way the stans act on blogs and other outlets it's a lot more that need it too fyi.

  163. Vigilant,

    I think an introductory link on the first page will be great, as many people stumble on this site and get confused. An article to serve as a backdrop, so that people can have useful tips at the back of their minds while reading the articles will be great. It can have a list of most of the common occult symbols and what they mean.

    Also, I think the articles need to be re-ordered. The home page can be a little daunting at first glance (try looking at it with the eyes of a new reader). I started coming here early, so I know how to navigate to the early pages and remind myself of useful info, but freshers will have a hard time (i've hard to explain this to people i sent here over the phone a couple of times).

    In the meantime, i believe you are doing a great job of opening peeople's minds to the possibility of the evil going on, even if most don't accept it wholeheartedly. I am more vigilant now as this site forced me to re-order my priorities in this world.


    Tee, Nigeria.

  164. @zealouslyme This is what we can do…We can spread the word so more people become aware of this sort of thing…Its not just the artist and the evil things they are doing its way BIGGER then that.Were talking about the end of times here…If more people know about monarch programming and the disinformation hollywood is feeding us dont you think there will be less dumbass people when this shit goes down full force.THAT is the point.

  165. Yeah, that's funny, while watching the movie, I totally saw the occult symbolism from the get-go, with the 'occult ritual' in the beginning to the symbols throughout the movie. I caught the 'Order out of Chaos' bit too, thought that was interesting. I was actually going to mention this at one point.. for those of us in the know – "Elementary!"

  166. TheCreatorIsReak on

    I have a question:

    Does anyone know the spirituality people were practicing before religion (which isn't that old) came about?


    To the people who post on this site and think that there is no truth to these subjects, I want to ask: Have you paid attention to the world that is around you? Education, Culture, Economic/Financial Matters, Food…etc. All is becoming polluted and crashing down around us. Those who are in power….do they really have our best interest at heart? Are they really for you and is it okay for your babies to inherit such a world where this kind of evil and perversion exists?

  167. one key phrase from the movie

    "the future is remote controlling"

    not sure they are the exact words, but the point is that machine they have was remote controlled but at the time the general populous (in the movie) did not have knowledge of such technologies….

    today's age, although people are aware of remote controls but not aware of the advances of "remote technologies"

    google HAARP teslar and the arrora project, chem trails etc

    get at me on youtube channel name 'thelightskin'

  168. Part of exposing these symbols to the public now, is to desensitize them and make it easier to foist the New World Order agenda on the people when the time is right. There will be no struggle, because people no longer know right from wrong, truth from falsehood, light from dark. In our schools, moral relativism has been taught so that people cannot discern between good and evil. The time is coming . . . no, even now people will stand by and watch evil prevail without any protest . . . "it's all good" (not), or "it's none of my business" . . . Think about it. Selah. Got Jesus?

    Rom 1:21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified [him] not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    Rom 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,

    Rom 1:23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

    Rom 1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

    Rom 1:25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

  169. And by the way, when they revealed how the Balckwood "hanging" was accomplished, did anyone think that the same thing probably happened in the Saddam Hussein hanging? Was that some kind of telling of a real secret? He's probably alive and living in Rio. LOL

  170. Hey VC!.. You see? I told you there was something wrong with this movie. The part that gave me the creeps was the NEW ORDER…. BEGINS NOW! I saw the movie with open eyes thanks to you.. so I could see the real deal.. Keep in mind Disney's Princess and The Frong.

  171. @ Dallas – I see what you're saying about Beyonce's dad. Something has always creeped me out about him and I can totally see him being a "handler", but I think he was handling Beyonce and the other girls, then let Jayz take over Beyonce. I think that is why the group was called Destiny's Child. He had already given her up to Satan from the beginning. (Destiny and Fate are the English translation of the pagan gods Meni and Gad – don't remember which is which. – but you can even see a clip of Bob Dylan explaining that the reason he is still working after all these years is because he made a "bargain" with "Destiny" and is just trying to keep up his end of the bargain. Ed Bradley asked who exactly he made the bargain with and he said "the head guy. the commander in chief – the god of this world and one we can't see" – this is why I believe Destiny is more than just an idea, but an actual spiritual entity). I really do believe that Jayz went into this willingly, although he may not have taken it seriously (i.e., spiritually), but as just a means to an end. I made the comment about him saying he hasn't read the Bible a day in his life because he made this statement as a grown man in his thirties, so for me that signifies that he is not Christian and was not raised as such. I understand what you're saying about your childhood, but I would be surprised if as a child you didn't have a scripture or two committed to memory (the Lord's prayer, etc.) Most churches have Sunday Bible school for kids and we even had vacation Bible school, where we would go to church everyday in the summer for a week or two. I realize that not every church does this, but most of them at least require kids to learn a few lines of scripture. Besides, he was making this statement in the studio recording a song (Lucifer is the name of it, I believe). He said something that sounded almost exactly like a bible scripture, but then stated that he has never even read the bible. He was very impressed with himself. This is one reason why I think he is now possessed or at least has a demon working through him when he is recording and performing. Yes, I realize that he could have just said that to "mess with our heads", but whatever. All of this stuff could be done to mess with our heads (except the Bob Dylan part – I really believe this is a tired old man who is just telling it like it is) but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Plus, anyone who will promote satanic symbolism or say things like "Jesus can't save you" for more notoriety or publicity or financial gain is the same as someone who is doing it because they believe in it. There is no difference in my mind because they are reaping the same benefits (money) for doing the same actions (denouncing Jesus) so why wouldn't the punishment (death, hell) be the same?

  172. @ dallas

    The researchable verifiable historical truth is out there regarding the history of Freemasonry and the Illuminati, and the differences between them.

    I recommend you research the Jew Adam Weishaupt, founder of the German Bavarian Illuminati, who was financed and commissioned by the Kabbalist Jew Rothschilds to infiltrate Freemasonry with Illuminism.

    Not that Freemasonry was good before it was "Illuminated", Freemasonry was the continuation of the evil ritual magic and Satanic worship of the Knights Templar, the Illuminati just took over an already evil Luciferian organization and set about to use it politically to take over the world and bring about the Antichrist's New World Order.

    Most Freemasons aren't horrible people, but the organization and its core doctrines are pure evil, and only a few elites are "illuminated", but these occult adept Illuminati are Satan's chosen actively working with their Kabbalist masters and the Invisible Hierarchy of demons spoken of by Alice Bailey, as well as the Holy Bible.

    Oh and the Skull and Bones society at Yale is a branch of the Bavarian Illuminati.

    For those who wish to know the truth…

    Check out:

    Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies by John Robison in 1798

    Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

    Codex Magica by Texe Marrs

    America's Secret Establishment: The Order of the Skull and Bones by Anthony C. Sutton

  173. little correction, it's actually

    America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of the Skull and Bones by Antony C Sutton

  174. Do you really believe that these symbols are going to have a profound effect on viewers. Most people won't know what they mean. Sure there are symbols but where is the evidence MK Ultra, evil freemasonry and satanism in hollywood. There is none, its just symbolism. If someone can give me evidence I will give them a million dollars.

  175. that was very intersting…i can't beleve how BOLD people are getting with this….just one question… you think the rest of us will be able to save ourselves from this outbursting nightmare???

  176. im so scared about life ,

    because of all of this

    is there anyone who can tell me

    the meaning of life ? ?

    like f;real …

  177. @nellaabella_45….dont be scared…God is good…the purpose of life is too live for the lord…This stuff is nothing just entertaining…IN THE END WE WILL ALL SEE WHO KING OF KING IS…AND THE LORD OF HOSTS….

  178. Great article! I'm so glad you wrote about this. After I saw that movie, I couldn't get all those images out of my head and I really appreciate that I now have them all organized on one webpage instead of floating around in my head hahaha. Awesome job! :)

  179. @nellabella_45 You have nothing to be scared of.God is the king.He is the creator.In gods hands you should fear no evil.The purpose of life is for us to live and serve the lord.Do not let the evil things man is doing scare you.Do not be scared of the devil because the devil is scared of god.Just live your life the best way you can and brace yourself and be fearless when all of this really goes down…Become a warrior of god in this battle and i assure you…You are on the winning team.

  180. @Ego No media will not literally brainwash viewers.And it is not just symbolism if it you know REALLY BELONG TO A DAMN CULT.The evidence is all over this site…Open your mind and read.And if you are serious about the million dollars i would be happy to give it to you myself.Your dam dollar bill has a free mason symbol on it.Looking at you smack in your face..But oh its just there!They dont mean anything by it!Its for decoration!Yea fucking right wake your ass up.

  181. I love reading ALL of the articles that are published here.

    BUT, the reason there were SOO MANY ocult symbols , espacialy at the beging is becasue blackwook, ( in the movie) a devil worshiper. Im a christian, but still, Blackwoods character was a devil worshiper hence the many ocult symbols throughout the movie.

  182. I KNEW IT!!! From the time i see the big pyramid in the background i KNEW somethin was WRONG with this movie!!! Keep up the good work Vigilant…

  183. joseph Lacrimose on


    at least you, VC, have the good sense to say the film has been researched by set decorators (or there of) to create an atmosphere of "occult authenticity".

    would it shock your more superstitious readers if I say that the origin of science lies in occultism? will they go burn down a high-school chem lab after i said so?

    VC, you have corralled a large number of readers here who are"anxiety and fear" addicts. They turn to the outside and point to these conspiracies (true or not is not an issue here) but rather than accepting responsibility for their own lazy ignorance and calls it helpless pacificism, claiming it is "victimhood". then inwards swoop the predator vulture-bird that claims that trusting and believing in one god or another or religion is the cure-all of their problems — kindly insert name of another god (jesus, krishna, buddha, horus, ra, allah, whathaveyous). then these people in turn becomes another form of conspiracy, ganging up on other groups or themselves, and in time if fear has corralled enough of these "righteous believers", other dispossessed will see them, and call them evil and mass-controlling. this, as you can see, becomes tedious.

    the more i read your stuff, the more I see a dead pattern:

    you merely point to some occult symbols, identify them, and instead on offering anything constructive… that's it. you do nothing else but point out these symbols, and anyone with the "dictionary of symbols" published by Penguin paperback can conjure and conjecture in those very same pages.

    you offer no solution except this kaleidoscopic flurry of images, much like digital soundbytes being strung up by an invisible rhythmn line and regurgitated again and again, perhaps symptomatic of your day job?

    now before i continue, i am not trying to attack you, but to simply try and acquaint you with the gravity of your actions and inherent and implicit responsibilities that your whimsy have led you to set this page up.

    Seeing that this is my initial approach to your site, and that you are in your twenties, statistical correlation suggests that the approach in this site is more suited for self-mediation than infecting your neuroses to others who may not share your…shall we say… 'psychological make and mental equilibrium' at the moment?

    you are not doing much enlightening of the masses except by spreading fear and causing panic. I see you doing more the job for those "evil conspiracy" people than actually enlightening people. If this is a prank you are doing, to drive the number of clicks on your site, then it is a poor poor strategy to do so.

    that being said, i see that from your older postings to newer ones, at least your wording is becoming alittle bit more responsible. one hopes that level of conscientiousness and responsiblity would continue.

    for the discerning reader, your abovementioned approach is amusing but no more; perhaps something usable can be gleaned from all of it, with your screen captures — they are pretty pictures and i applaude your eye — but otherwise, anyone with a library card and an internet account would probably gain a smattering of occult tidbits to further their collection of occult trivia. Provided their search words do not include the terms "NWO" and "conspiracy".

    Symbolism occurs everywhere in all medium, through all human artifice. It merely conveys information. and has been used for a long time as mnemonic devices. how those information and their devices is used or ab/used ia another thing. those images were used by good and/or bad — and it depends on your religious or ethical leanings.

    So, Big 'effing' Deal to all of us, our brains have been wired to seek out "meaningful patterns", it is merely a routine of our mental processes. So, your pointing out of such stuff merely points to the fact that you collate these images, that's all. Now, unless you can corroborate these visual pixel-bytes to more data, and formulate arguments to further your position, i cannot but remain in my initial observation of your work.

    afterall, Occult merely means hidden from the eye, but so are subatomic "particles" and such, shall we burn the physics lab while we are at it?

    i also know that alot of little children who loves to draw little stars on their notebooks in school, shall we not round them up for being demonic offsprings of the illuminatus and burn them at the stakes?

    please. rescind your paranoia, and to some of your readers i say stop smoking so much pot, it makes you paranoid. if you have to depend on an outward agent or source or chemical to be "mellow" and "cool" and peace-loving, then you are still ensnared in a web spun by others. if you all are so keen on doing something about these so-called demonic afflictions, i think a sane mind and not a drug-addled brain might be a good start.

    and lastly, the bible is filled with a multitude of occult symbolisms– the ram and the goat, the blood sacrifices, jesus as a crucified body, the judas as the hanged man image, horns, the shield of david AKA seal of solomon.

    with all due respect to your attempts, and the fearful ejeculations of your readers, but I think a word from your generation might be more succinct now:


    Instead, why don't you tell people how to:

    marshal their finances and be independent?

    watch your spendings; time and monetary,

    watch people, watch yourself. learn form them and deal with your own flaws.

    search out your flaws, especially those that remain hidden,

    question yourself, question everything

    accept that which is truth only that which passes your most stringent critical examinations,

    and even then, have a healthy dose of skepticism for that.

    vote wisely, or don't vote,

    study something useful, beneficial and/or create something beneficial out of it

    apply yourself, formulate strategies that are compassionate and beneficial to others

    quell your ego

    don't do these because you can then parade it in front of others, but actually do it because it has something good and beneficial to others.

    don't sell out

    take action

    and more importantly,

    don't be scared.

    now a blog like that would be exciting!

    try it, VC, you might actually like it —

    and i will be watching.

  184. Nellabella wrote:

    # 254 nellabella_45 February 19th, 2010 2:12 pm :

    im so scared about life ,

    because of all of this

    is there anyone who can tell me

    the meaning of life ? ?

    like f;real …


    Hi Nella,

    (assuming U & Ur request is genuine)

    I understand UR Fear, – from a Human (fallen) POV it is natural !

    I share it sometimes too…… but with my Faith in TRUTH (God Himself revealed thru JC)

    & by His Grace, I can gradually overcome this fear & many others & all things thru him !

    There is no need to fear the Masons & NWO – like Satan – they can not & will not win !

    GOD has won the Decisive Battle on the cross ! – but the remaining war still rages until he comes again !

    But he is always here with us – thru his church & sacraments ! & esp thru his Spirit ! – which HE promised to send to all who pray for it, & HE will protect HIS Church, & the "gates of Hell shall not prevail against it", & therfore he will protect his People, – his children who Love & Obey Him also.

    Btw, re: meaning of life: in simple terms: we are all called to Know, Love & to Serve God !

    "love the lord your God, with all your Heart, Soul & Mind, & love thy neighbour as thy self"

    If U (& anyone else reading) wish to find out more, then please go to these sites that I highly recommend: – a man who was a Hollywood / Los Vegas playboy – converted & now a Priest – his story is a must watch ! – a man who was a teen rebel & fmr sex & drug addict & drug runner, who found God & converted, & now become a priest also – his story is a must watch. – find out the truth about worlds population & the lies that the NWO & others are engaged in to get everyone to believe & follow in the culture of death. – to find the real truth about Creation & the LIES of evolution – from a Scientific POV ! – to find out more about the NWO & masons….etc… &

    Happy Hunting !

    God Bless One & All,

    Quote: "The problem with Christianity, is not that it has been tried & found wanting, BUT, that it has been found difficult & Not Tried At All" !! – GK. Chesterton.

  185. could you please do an article on the men who stare at goats?i keep wondering why people find it hard to believe what you say i can understand that some people might be enamored and enraptured by these people who they think they have an affinity with because they are stars but they really know nothing about them and if they can just stop being sebtimental they would see clearly whats there for everyone to see the bible already talked about this the quran did too so whats there not to believe,for real balck magic exists and anyone could be practising it vigilant isnt accusing anyone of doing it he is just telling you people to keep ur eyes open and know the truth,to see the things which normally u might overlook as normal but isnt…..and he is doing a great job and as for those who are saying that the signs were put in the movie to be seen have yall cansidered that the best way to hide something at times is to leave it in an open place.perharps making it that blatant was to make the ubvious seem understated si that no one would pay any heed i mean ull be like oh yeah another occultic movie ok so lets see but u dont really pay any attention cos u already know it

  186. mwana bin mjeja on

    isnt religion ones choice? how do we know that what we believe in is not wrong and what others belive in is right, its all dependent on faith with that i dont think we should judge these other people do…… no matter what the do, nd what they express as their faith……… simply not fair

  187. Why does everyone think the word "occult" = "satan"? It only means "hidden" – as in hidden knowledge/information.

    Thanks for an amusing website – and by the way, religion is mind control.

  188. Tania Nikolova on

    I have a suggestion for a new report, since I think it is not only related to the topic you are discussing, but it will also be very interesting for me to see what you think of this video- Massive Attack's "Paradise Circus". It is filled with all sorts of symbols, and the first time I saw it, I was completely dazzled by it and I want to see if I have interpreted it right.

    Best regards, keep up the good work

  189. LittleMissAmazing on

    Another great article! I have been talking to my friends about this and they have also become hooked on your pages! I am really interested in these kinds of things and I would like you to do a article about the grammys…


    One of your many fans <3 x

  190. Watched the film, Symbols were really blatent and i could see why they were so 'in your face' throughout the film. Because at the end Sherlock Holmes explained everything away basically putting in the mind of the viewers that occultism/freemasonary/the illuminati etc could all be explained away. That it was magic tricks that were used for effect and that the whole set up of freemasonry wasn't real.

    Those who dont visit your website or others like it are still in the dark then!!!!, a shame really.

    You keep up the good work, Best regards

  191. ok, i studied the bible, between my 6-18year!- i read enough, i think!!-i don't like it, full of complexe crap!!-it's not written from god or either jesus!-it's written from any guys who are belive they are "know" jesus or whatever this means!!…-all religions / sects are brainwashing, and this freemasonary / illuminati -stuff , too!!.what can we believe on this planet…??- nobody realy knows- !!!and what or who is GOD???!!-no, proves , no any sights!!… and Jesus, he was maybe realy cool, one of the best philosopher ever (but i like ghandi,..and c.g. jung, too) -but what can we do…to change the world?…what is the point , to say masonary is bad, why is nobody talking about to give help to the people…which are realy deep in the s**t, because of some masonary groups like jehova's or scientology???-these guys are make some big, big trouble on this planet!!-every day!!!..who can help here?? if we don't find soon a resolution…then is this blog, senseles!!-a resolution – blog would be better…to open a group which is active fighting against this – evil- bas****s!!..that would be the best thing ever!!!…and nothing else…

    *…and i watched "Sherlock Holmes"..R. D. Jr. was imense intense….he was great!!..and the message was…" nothing is so, like it's seems"…-if somebody outhere and is brave enough to watch behind the curtains…(Holmes did it , in the movie)…and will fighting for the truth.., he will find out that this bad guy(the "big powerful anti-christ".).. was only a human like you and me and he was not even immortal!..he died in the end!!…and the last sentences was the most interesting thing from the whole movie…." looks like storm"-"…no, i think we have still a bit time."(nearly)*

    …but it says all…we don't have much time left to act, it soon…before it's too late!! -because "the storm" is not that what i want…

    and please , don't ask me -what- the storm is…i only know it will happen!!

    …maybe we have to count all masonary groups together and we will see how much power they realy have now, on this planet…and i think they have too much!!-because,…it's time for an anti-group, that would be great…a group working in the same ways like the masonarys….but with the opposite target!!—have somebody here some ideas-to realize that???

  192. @Matilda

    I think what you don't understand is that first all people MUST WAKE UP! don't you see there are still people that don't belive it even though it's in front of their eyes?!?!?!? then what you can actually do is rise your level… not support them by paying them shit.. by buying there stuff etc etc etc.. and oooh BY LISTENING TO THEIR MUSIC, WATCH THEIR MOVIES and IDOLIZE THEIR PUPPETS! it is not much but it is a start.. a good one! maybe you should read a book instead! Also eating healthy .. because the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS shit is one of their plans… it is like this that they will kill more then half of the people of this planet so that they can rule in the NWO only those who are chosen by them … here is a very interesting video about codex :


  193. For those of you who had any doubts about the Babylonian Brotherhood infiltrating Hollywood, check out George Clooney's new "sun/moon" bed that he commissioned the artisans of Pisogne, Italy to create for him. Clooney also supposedly bought the Island of Loreto located in the middle of Lake Iseo which harbors a most sinister looking castle. Child sacrifices anyone?

  194. @ George who went to the see the movie but left because of the blatant occult symbolism in the beginning – DID YOU EVEN WATCH A PREVIEW? Because the entire preview was about the occult and Holmes fighting the darkness of it — if you saw that you'd then have to be an idiot to pay and get scared or offended or angered when the movie started!

    I don't usually comment on these things, I just read and entertain myself with the comments and even the articles themselves. No offense to anyone but some of these things are milked so dry for what may or may not even be there that it borders on ridiculous more often than not but at the same time, I'm not here to ridicule anyone's beliefs or their rights to plebeian notions. On that note most people's opinions were really interesting but George buddy – you're an idiot.


    @ nfinitepyro February 8th, 2010 11:03 pm :

    "Okay, so you’ve seen symbols in sherlock holmes. But they were put there to be seen! Plus if that’s all you saw mr vigilant i’m starting to doubt whether your allegiance is truly with the citizens."

    That is such a vapid statement. If there's more to it that you must have obviously discovered to know it's really there then share it or shut it!

  195. lahinar lamir on

    i love that movie it really exposed things and made a public humiliation of that crazy mind control freaks it;s amazing that the most powerful men in the world are cultist.i thought black magic was only in seems the whites are even more bad than wonder the Muslims are doing everything possible to make sure whites go on extinction.cos they have really corrupt the world both morally and likewise.

  196. The level of ignorance here is quite astounding…you all missed the main clue?Namely, what symbol did Mr Holmes shoot into the wall and why?

    The letters had no meaning and were not mentioned?

    Easy, type them in the webb and look at your first hit…Grinz and licks*

    Enter at your peril.

  197. Xians believe the Nazarene to be perfect, a peaceful, loving, healing and understanding being. Most are too lazy to read the facts. The bible may be the most purchased book, but it is the least read.

    The Nazarene was slothful, indolent and lazy. He never worked like everyone else.

    He freeloaded and lived off the work and labors of others.

    He was a rude and inappreciative guest who often insulted his hosts.

    He STOLE and ordered others to do so.

    He condoned and advocated MURDER.

    He is one of the worst hypocrites who ever existed.

    The Seven Deadly Sins:

    § Pride

    The Nazarene was a very arrogant, selfish and conceited individual. His overwhelming sense of negative pride and self exhaltation was seen in many of the scriptures:

    He was arrogant enough to insult his host and leave her with the burden of work while he hogged all of the attention, indicating an extreme sense of self importance:

    Luke 10: 38-42

    38 Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house.

    39 And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet, and heard his word.

    40 But Martha was cumbered about much serving, and came to him, and said, Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? bid her therefore that she help me.

    41 And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things:

    42 But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

    Anyone who does not love him more than their own parents is not worthy of him. What happened to honor thy father and mother? Here, the nazarene is placing himself above the family members of his followers, AGAIN, indicating pride and extreme arrogance:

    Matthew 10: 37

    37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. This is also the sin of ENVY- he is so jealous of anyone who might share their love for another.

    The pleasure of being massaged with expensive ointment was more important than selling the ointment and giving the money to the poor.

    Mark 14: 3-7

    3 And being in Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he sat at meat, there came a woman having an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard, very precious, and she brake the box and poured it on his head.

    4 And there were some who had indignation within themselves and said, “Why was this waste of the ointment made?

    5 For it might have been sold for more than three hundred pence, and have been given to the poor.” And they murmured against her.

    6 But Jesus said, “Let her alone; why trouble ye her? She hath wrought a good work on me.

    7 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will, ye may do them good; but me ye have not always.

    The nazarene calls other human beings "dogs" and "swine," indicating they are way beneath him:

    Matthew 7: 6

    6 "Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you."

    He stated he was "greater" then Jonas and Solomon:

    Matthew 12: 41-42

    41 The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.

    42 The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.

    § Envy

    The nazarene was so envious of any devotion or affections shown for anyone other than himself, even close family members, he demanded that his disciples leave their families behind.

    Luke 9: 59-62

    59 And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.

    60 Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.

    61 And another also said, Lord, I will follow thee; but let me first go bid them farewell, which are at home at my house.

    62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

    There are many more scriptures that blatantly expose the envious resentful character of the nazarene. These are indicated in this article.

    § Wrath

    Because of an excessive sense of pride, exaggerated self importance, arrogance and an overwhelming belief of being first and being entitled, the nazarene was often subject to the sin of wrath:

    Matt: 11: 20-24

    20 Then began he to upbraid the cities wherein most of his mighty works were done, because they repented not:

    21 Woe unto thee, Chorazin! woe unto thee, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works, which were done in you, had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes.

    22 But I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judgment, than for you.

    23 And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted unto heaven, shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works, which have been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day.

    24 But I say unto you, That it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for thee.

    The nazarene is forever condeming, insulting and threatening others:

    Matt. 23:33

    33 "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

    Mark 3: 5

    5 And when he had looked round about on them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their hearts, he saith unto the man, "Stretch forth thine hand."

    John 2: 15

    15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables

    In the above verse, the nazarene is condemning money making in the temple and greed, but by his actions and demands, the nazarene is the greediest of them all.

    The nazarene makes it plain he comes to bring war on earth and conflict, hatred and enmity among family members; breaking up the family unit and home:

    Matthew 10: 34-36

    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father and the daughter against her mother and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

    He showed impatience and upset by the presence of a father who's child could not speak, that petitioned him for help. His personal time and energy were more important than spending a few seconds to help a small child who was handicapped. He also insulted his disciples and those around him who he spoke to in reply to the asking for help.

    Mark 9: 19

    19 “O faithless generation, how long am I to be with you? How long am I to bear with you? Bring him to me.”

    § Greed

    The nazarene's distaste for labor was highly impractical. Because he lived off of the charity of others, there were times when charity couldn’t satisfy his needs, so he STOLE.

    On the Sabbath, he and his disciples helped themselves to a farmer’s corn. When asked why he violated the law by eating on the Sabbath, he justified stealing by calling himself "lord of the Sabbath."

    Luke 6: 1-5

    1 And it came to pass on the second sabbath after the first, that he went through the corn fields; and his disciples plucked the ears of corn, and did eat, rubbing them in their hands.

    2 And certain of the Pharisees said unto them, Why do ye that which is not lawful to do on the sabbath days?

    3 And Jesus answering them said, Have ye not read so much as this, what David did, when himself was an hungred, and they which were with him;

    4 How he went into the house of God, and did take and eat the shewbread, and gave also to them that were with him; which it is not lawful to eat but for the priests alone?

    5 And he said unto them, That the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.

    The nazarene's sloth and greed often led to more theft:

    He sent two disciples to steal an ass and a colt. He had no consideration as to whether taking the animals for himself would place any hardship upon whom he stole them from. Here, in addition to the act of stealing, the nazarene does not have the nerve to go and steal these animals himself, he orders others to do so.

    Luke 19: 29-35

    29 And it came to pass, when he was come nigh to Bethphage and Bethany, at the mount called the mount of Olives, he sent two of his disciples,

    30 Saying, Go ye into the village over against you; in the which at your entering ye shall find a colt tied, whereon yet never man sat: loose him, and bring him hither.

    31 And if any man ask you, Why do ye loose him? thus shall ye say unto him, Because the Lord hath need of him.

    32 And they that were sent went their way, and found even as he had said unto them.

    33 And as they were loosing the colt, the owners thereof said unto them, Why loose ye the colt?

    34 And they said, The Lord hath need of him.

    35 And they brought him to Jesus: and they cast their garments upon the colt, and they set Jesus thereon.

    § Sloth

    The nazarene has always been known for his hatred of physical labor. The nazarene also hated washing and bathing: Here, the nazarene encourages not washing:

    Matt. 15: 1-20

    1 Then came to Jesus scribes and Pharisees, which were of Jerusalem, saying,

    2 Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? for they wash not their hands when they eat bread.

    19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:

    20 These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.

    Mark 7: 1-9

    1 Then came together unto him the Pharisees, and certain of the scribes, which came from Jerusalem.

    2 And when they saw some of his disciples eat bread with defiled, that is to say, with unwashen, hands, they found fault.

    3 For the Pharisees, and all the Jews, except they wash their hands oft, eat not, holding the tradition of the elders.

    4 And when they come from the market, except they wash, they eat not. And many other things there be, which they have received to hold, as the washing of cups, and pots, brasen vessels, and of tables.

    5 Then the Pharisees and scribes asked him, Why walk not thy disciples according to the tradition of the elders, but eat bread with unwashen hands?

    6 He answered and said unto them, Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.

    7 Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctines the commandments of men.

    8 For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.

    9 And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.

    Also, the stretch in the desert speaks for itself. (Matthew 4: 1-2)

    § Gluttony

    Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. Although the nazarene preached abstinence, he did not intend this for himself.

    He gets defensive about complaints directed at him and his followers who are always seen eating and drinking.

    Luke 5:33-34

    33 And they said unto him, Why do the disciples of John fast often, and make prayers, and likewise the disciples of the Pharisees; but thine eat and drink?

    34 And he said unto them, Can ye make the children of the bridechamber fast, while the bridegroom is with them?

    35 But the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them, and then shall they fast in those days.

    He was known as a glutton and a drunkard.

    Luke 7:34

    34 The Son of man is come eating and drinking; and ye say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners!

    The nazarene was wrathful when his sources for free meals were not readily available. Once he cursed a fig tree for not having any fruit. The tree died.

    Mark 11:12-14, 20-22

    12 And on the morrow, when they were come from Bethany, he was hungry:

    13 And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if haply he might find any thing thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for the time of figs was not yet.

    14 And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it.

    20 And in the morning, as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots.

    21 And Peter calling to remembrance saith unto him, Master, behold, the fig tree which thou cursedst is withered away.

    22 And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.

    § Lust

    Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

    The nazarene preached celibacy for his followers, but being the hypocrite that he is, he did not apply these teachings to himself. Both men and women put out sexual favors for him as did others in the way of food, shelter and other needs.

    Luke 8:1-3

    1 And it came to pass afterward, that he went throughout every city and village, preaching and shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God: and the twelve were with him,

    2 And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils,

    3 And Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod's steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance.

    *There are deleted passages in the gospel of Mark. The nazarene had intercourse with one of his disciples while the others slept in the garden before his crucifixion.

    § The nazarene advocated and encouraged MURDER for selfish reasons:

    Luke 19: 27

    27 But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

    § The nazarene not only ADVOCATED SLAVERY, but encouraged and condoned the abuse of slaves:

    Luke 12: 47

    47 And that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.

    The nazarene openly advocated and encouraged chaos and lawlessness. These unethical, suicidal, anti-life teachings have worked to undermine and destroy legal systems, resulting in the punishing of the victim, while crimminals are rewarded and encouraged in their behavior. The end result is the collapse of civilization. Any species that fails to defend itself will end up extinct. If the human body ignored the germs, bacteria and viruses that invaded it, nearly all people would be dead in less than a day. These teachings are anti-life and designed to destroy human lives.

    Matthew 5: 38-44

    38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:

    39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

    40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.

    41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

    42 Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

    43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

    44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

    The nazarene was anything but "merciful." He is forever condemning, threatening and damning people.

    8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

    The nazarene was anything but "pure of heart."

    § He LIED:

    John 5: 31

    31 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.

    The nazarene told his disciples that they would not die before his second coming:

    Matthew 16: 28

    28 Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.

    Revelation 3: 11

    11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.

    § He STOLE:

    Luke 19: 29-35

    Luke 6: 1-5

    (see above)


    Luke 19: 27 (see above)

    § He was one of the worst hypocrites that ever lived.

    Matthew 5: 19

    19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

    9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

    Matthew 10: 34-36

    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father and the daughter against her mother and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

    10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    The nazarene condemns righteousness and works against it- see the other scriptures on this page.

    Matthew 5: 11

    11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

    This is blatant of the nazarene's hatred of humanity.

    § The nazarene preached self mutilation:

    Matthew 19: 12

    12 For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.

    A "eunuch" is a castrated male; in other words, a male with his balls cut off. The catholic church routinely castrated young choir boys in order to prevent their voices from changing.

    Matthew 5: 29-30

    29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

    30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

    § The nazarene's CRUELTY TO ANIMALS:

    Matthew 8: 30-32

    30 And there was a good way off from them an herd of many swine feeding.

    31 So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine.

    32 And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.

  198. the image showing 'Blackwood taking seat at the Throne of The Order.' looks alot like the set behind lady gaga in many photos with eyes painted over her eyelids

    • I know what they don’t wanna tell you

      Just hope you’re heaven-sent, and you’re hell-proof

      I-I walk up in the world and cut the lights off

      And confidence is the stain they can’t wipe off

      Huh, my word is my pride

      But wisdom is bleak, and that’s a word from the wise

      Served to survive, murdered and bribed

      And when it got too heavy I put my burdens aside

      ^ it's all right there in the second verse of that song.

  199. Actually, despite all the occult symbolism, I liked this movie. After reading this article, the movie does show a lot of things going on as said, but to me, it seems like the movie's bad characters were the one supporting these rituals, not the good ones. So in a way, I was happy that the movie wasn't exactly supporting it.. or was it? :(

  200. listen, this i important. the reason these things are being put out so aggressively in the media is because they WANT you to notice it and be scared. why? because if you think youre being threatened with satanism, you will turn to the other extreme: CHRISTIANITY! it IS the world leaders, but theyre using symbolism and satanism as a fear tactic and its WORKING! please please please dont buy into this, its just more lies. abolish religious ideas while you can. theres nothing to be scared of! we can rise above this by being practical, logical, loving, and HUMAN!

  201. True to what you said , but this movie was based around the life of a freemason , which Blackwood represents, and you forgot to mention the floor .. where Holmes , Watson , and McAdams are discussing the next death . It is true that these symbols were meant to be seen .. this world is crazyy and nothing that I want to be apart of !

  202. I really enjoy this website and agree with a lot of what is on it, especially about the sinister and disturbing aspects of modern pop culture, however I think that the article on Sherlock Holmes misses the point. The occult symbols were a part of the plot, an essential element of the theme, which was logic and reason overcoming superstitious fear. I find this especially relevant when reading some of the comments on the site. It seems that at least some of the readers are terrified of being possessed by demonic forces if they even hear or see rituals or symbols. One thing that christianity got right is the concept of free will; no demonic force can touch you without your consent; incubus and succubus are as real as you imagine them to be. Furthermore, demonic possession is a form of mental illness, and believing it to be otherwise gives it power and validity that it does not warrant. I have faced my demons and found them to be no more than manifestations of childhood fears.

  203. This movie seems to represent the transition of science being viewed as magic, to becoming more acceptable at the turn of the century, hence the remarkable scientific discoveries that have literally equipped our modern technological era today. The villan, Blackwell, represents the historical view of the public that alchemists were conjuring magic and were thus evil. The church also has had a major influence upon the negative association with scientific discoveries. Galileo was imprisioned simply for suggesting that the earth revolved the sun and he absolutely had scientific evidence! (just imagine!) Science also was reserved for wealthy men who had the means to attend university and had the time to discuss science with their brethren. It is no wonder that groups of knowlegeable men had to go "undercover" to avoid being accused of heresy. However, as society and the church began to accept science, there was no longer a need for such covert disguises in the form of secret societies (and not suggesting that they still do not exist), but rather rational thought was accessible by laborers and women. Just think, if NASA had to become a secret society in order to build a space station because society believed it to be magic and that the devil must have been conjured to provide the blueprints for such extraordinary works that common folk like me could never understand. Could our associations linking freemasonry with the occult be reminisant of much older views that their rituals and ceromonies were satanic? Just like any large body of beurocratic organization, there are most certainly rituals and ceromonies. Just watch C-SPAN lol.

    Furthermore, (and sorry), a bit satirical about the British taking over the world! In the movie, the american rebelled and was burned, plunging to his death. I think not! Just google every origin of every social institution in America as well as their origins in Britian and see the perfect reflection! The real society in question that better suits this symbol, I would believe to be the Fabian Society which birthed the Labour Party in England today. Read up on George Bernard Shaw/John Dewy, Marie Stopes/Margaret Sanger, from Thomas Malthus to Tony Blaire and many many more from that same era, during the turn of the century (except for Tony Blaire). Orwell and Huxley summed it all up nicely too with plenty of foreshaddowing as well. Too bad the media doesn't reveal true history which is what I fear more than the occult, because the past is always responsible for the future!

  204. Good article Vigilant… Thanks.

    I have also noticed that, at the end, Blackwood dies "Hanging Under The Bridge"… This is similar to what you say in your other article about the movie : “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”…

    CoÏncidence ???

  205. For those who wish to discredit this growing exposition into the crooked nature of Hollywood, Pop culture and the elite banking cartel, amongst others, realize that confusion is a weapon that they employ against us. Do you really think that Hollywood is just simply putting masonic and occult elements throughout their movies, music etc. for no reason other then to create "a dark mood"? I say no, and I say no because I know that people who control power are commonly associated with fraternal brotherhoods of one kind or another. From former president of the United States to CEOs of fortune 500 companies as well as banking elite and countless politicians around the world. These are some of the people who put up BIG money to have hollywood movies made. So no, it is not of happenstance that these symbols show up Everywhere in today's manufactured "culture", they are placed there in a subversive manner; hidden in plain sight. Some people will catch on, others will ignore it or not care. This is the confusion they use against us. It is a form of the war strategy "Divide and Conquer". It works wonders.

    They are not afraid to show us their symbols, they are not even afraid to expose themselves, to a certain degree. They use subtle, mind molding to properly brain wash people. Who in turn don't realize they are being manipulated. They spread elements of their ideologies throughout movies and music, conditioning us to except their ideologies, whether consciously or sub-consciously. When girls aging 10-13 are dancing around like they are having sex to a song that they like, for a reason they can't quite figure out, that is a form of subtle, mind molding. Before you know it little Suzie is 15, pregnant and no one seems to know why.

    Realize that this is deeper than squabbles over opinion or religion, this is a matter that effects our very human existence. It's is a question of whether or not we want the world we live in to be controlled by greedy, emotionless power mongers, or not.

    Realize as well that a one world government is not a myth or a rumor it is where we are headed. The United Nations main goal is for a one world government, that is a fact, look it up. Every war that has been fought since after WWI (when the U.N. was created) has been under the pretense of achieving a world government.

    For those who will ignore all the facts, you will likely fall lock-step in to place when it all goes down, where as I will likely die with pride knowing that I stood for good and opposed tyranny.

  206. I know exactly why little suzie got pregnant. Her and Johnny had a "Special hug" without proper protection. It isn't mind control, it's little suzie not having the information she needs to make a proper decision about her sexuality. (When it's right for her to be sexual, whether or not she's ready, etc.)

  207. One thing that intrigued me was the use of the lion, eagle, human, and ox to reference to the sphinx and the occult because in Christianity, those four animals represent a certain gospel writer i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John.

  208. I like this website. It is really helpful to me. I just can't believe anything this horrible is acctually happening.

    But I know (befor this site) about all the symblos and everything else.

    And I acctually caught everything you mentioned. :)

    good job. Keep going with this website and try to make it more public.

    Open the worlds eye to what really is going on.

  209. To the one who said the Rosi cruci are not occult and evil…Because they use the upside down pyramid? They dabble in the arts of magic more than most, although all but there most secret orders have become useless or faded into obscurity now. The upside down pyramid doesn't refer to anti-masonry anti new world order.. up and down, point up, faces the 'sky', point down, faces the earth. That of course is symbolic of something deeper, but if you think, you will eventually work it out. The double headed eagle doesn't represent some worldly thing either. Black eagle..ash…or red phoenix…fire, reborn from its ashes…2 headed, alter egos, 2 become 1, fusion, bathed in fire, their light, path to god. Of course, its deception, but this stuff is deeper than most seem to suspect, they speak when they don't understand. This system has taught everyone that freedom and liberty are great, but apparently this means every person has the right to speak, the tongue is the most dangerous of things, guard it, guard your words.

    And someone else spoke about the plot being broken by science and intelligence in the movie. That is pretty damn obvious, I think anyone should be able to understand why this is so. The age of Aquarius, the age of reason, people turn to their reason as god, thus those above them lead them astray like sheep, whilst the sheep themselves think they are free and accepted, really they are ignorant and stupid. When man becomes god, and society becomes a mirror, a carbon copy of the other, who can man turn to but a reflection of himself? They keep their secrets hidden, everybody goes home happy, the supernatural isn't very strange when you experience it, it is only the fact of it being unknown, unknown to ones peers and society that drives one away from considering it a possible reality.

  210. AMindOfMyOwn on

    This is such an intriguing article. My husband and I thought the movie might be interesting to see, as we enjoy watching mysteries; but we never made it to the movie theater. I am really glad we didn't go see it now.

    What is the significance/meaning of the checkered symbol?

  211. Another attempt by the Illuminati to program the mind of the people to admit that they exist but in this case, “they are actually good and harmless, but a few black sheep spoil their party”. Just like the movie Angels & Demons, where in this movie, they are nothing more than just mad Scientists. Yea right!

    “Imagine a device able to control anybody simply by saying a command using radiowaves … it’s the future”.
    Its the TV, its already here.

    Jack the ripper was never found, because he never existed! It was just another coverup for the illuminati’s ritual, sacrifice of human soul!

  212. Thanx for this artcile. I was shocked when watching this movie in theatre, wanting to walk out during it, but while praying felt I should stay to see what is going on. I was even more shocked about the end part of it all being fictional where as real and hevay satanic symbols are being used. Thanks again for this article, it also opened some new insights to me as well as confirmed some other things.

  213. PLEASE!! do one on "DROP THE WORLD" by lil wayne featuring Eminem…seems pretty crazy….and listen closely to the lyrics…


    and also listen to Eminem verse sounds violent for us.

  214. ReuvenNathaniel on

    I love and appreciate your work but I have something to say. Listen, all of these occult symbols are occult if we really see them through a certain perspective. We can still listen to Bad Romance and think that it is merely a catchy song with wretched lyric. We can still enjoy Pinocchio and take moral lessons from it (we should not lie, for example). We can still watch Sherlock Holmes and think that it is merely an adventure detective movie. I am not telling you to be ignorant but we can consider them as pure entertainment which will only entertain us for a while and we can move on. I'm a Christian myself and I'm telling you this: Yes, the world is not good but it's not that bad." Remember that all things happen according to God's will. There are two things we need to remember. First, we are not alone; we have God. Second, a poison is poisonous only when you drink it. Remain faithful in God, and always be vigilant! Thanks,, and Godspeed!

  215. ReuvenNathaniel as a christian don't you know you should have no love of the world? if you have any love for the world, then the love of the father is not in you. that's scripture. don't try and justify your television and sedentary lifestyle.

  216. i loved the movie (saw it twice) and was glad to find something to explain the symbols a little better than the movie did. Thanks!

  217. romans 12 vs 1-2.

    if God tells us to renew our mind daily it is not bcos he want us to find something doing,it is bcause the mind of a man is the enterance of influence,my friends if you can stay away from this videos and songs pls do. if you don't know Jesus you are in seroius danger bcos no body can tell to what extent this occult thing can affect a man it is only Jesus that can protect one in this dangerous world.

  218. therealrevolutionary on

    You did well at analyzing the occult symbolism in the movie and as one commenter has already mentioned, the symbolism was essential to the theme and the plot. I think another reading would benefit you greatly.

    Here is what I have read from the movie.

    As you have clearly established, the freemason and illuminati symbolism was readily apparent in the film. However, you failed to bring up the references to the Antichrist in the film. When Lord Blackwood is sitting in his cell awaiting Sherlock Holmes to arrive he is reciting the verses of Revelations that prophesies the emergence of the Antichrist. Also, as the Antichrist is believed to suffer a mortal wound from which he miraculously recovers, so does Lord Blackwood suffer such a wound from which he miraculously recovers.

    Another interesting part of the film was the film's is the film's analogous treatment of 9/11. The chaos that the order created was designed to instill fears in its subjects and is similar to the arguments of those that believe the NWO was behind the 9/11 attacks. Out of this state of fear, the order in the film intends to influence policy which will bring about the "New Order," again analogous to contemporary arguments concerning the NWO and 9/11. At the helm of the "New Order" in the film is the Antichrist figure Lord Blackwood. The shadow figure, Moriarty I believe, is the puppeteer behind the Antichrist figure Lord Blackwood…Satan? The puppeteer of the NWO public spokesperson?

    As for the role of Sherlock Holmes, this reading lends itself to the interpretation that Holmes symbolizes those who are enlightened but use their enlightenment for good rather than evil. Holmes is viewed at all times as being on par with those in the secret order intellectually but spiritually ignorant since he is innocent. In fact, the sense of brotherhood that Holmes shares with Watson that ultimately wins over the evil that they are faced with, at least the battle. This brotherhood is symbolic of the brotherhood felt by the religious and the fraternal societies portrayed in the film and made distinct by its pursuit of the greater good; justice, righteousness, and so forth. In the film, this brotherhood is recapitulated immediately prior to the climax of the film when both Watson and Holmes together bring down the giant that threatens to kills them. After this takes place, Holmes goes on to save the world by defeating Lord Blackwood (Antichrist) and capturing his arch nemesis (the woman thief – I forget her name). Therefore, Holmes is empowered by the brotherhood that he shares with Watson, and he is the savior of the world as the result of his ability to use his knowledge and wisdom for good. The moral, according to this reading and if one exist, is that the world can overcome all things no matter how bad the are as long as we all work together and use our knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of the world and the greater good.

    So, while Sherlock Holmes uses occult symbolism to touch on contemporary conspiracy theories that involve freemasons, the illuminati, and the NWO it does so in order to spread the word that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Moreover, it speaks loudly in saying that as a brotherhood of intelligent and wise people no secret society or evil force of nature or supernatural force can overcome us so long as we work together for the common good.

  219. Sir, I have read years before that Conan Dole is a protestant…

    I had read his books, the one published in The Strand magazine… and he did mention groups that are of secret societies, such as the Ku Klux Klan.

    For the movie, I was so disappointed.

    Irene Adler is not what she really is in the movie. Maybe there would be a Sherlock Holmes the movie part two, explaining why the Irene Adler in the movie became like that, when the I rene Adler from the original book is different.

    About the occult symbols, thanks for sharing. I noticed those stuffs too..I think it's a way of subtle familiarization for the viewers. So that when the real occultism takes place, viewers will not be surprised. Something like 'making things normal or good that are originally not… I forgot the word for that.

    I wish I could explain my thoughts fuently in English. Thanks for sharing, keep up. Whether these occults symbols are just for the movie, a secret message or something.. the point is, it came from evil stuffs and people and should be explained to create awareness.

  220. You should read Conan doyle's Sherlock Holmes books..

    It's full of stuffs.

    His stories may be full of murders and trickeries…secret assassins.. with real-life organization names. cunning and smart people who used their knowledge for evil.

    Sherlock Holmes, the perfect thinking machine, (in the book), fights it.

  221. Dont Forget the End When the Guy Was hanging Off the Bridge ( Another Example Of Occult Symbolism), Do Your Research In Order To Know What I Am Refering To.

  222. noworldpower on

    there are these cults yes, but there is something thats going to stop them, they cannot run the world at all, the presidents of the US and other people of these cults freemasons, skull and bones and etc. are going to have to watch out, money and power is not the key to anything but this secret war will end one way or another, this movie shows that somebody or other people are going to stop this, and um magic doesnt exist, its the belief and the science used to make this belief to make it look like magic

  223. therealrevolutionary on


    To what are you referring?

    "Dont Forget the End When the Guy Was hanging Off the Bridge."

    If you don't want to tell me, then at least point in the right direction.

  224. it is so obvious to show this symbols since the movie is all about occultism and how blackwood will control the people using fake magick…

    therefore…. the set creator used a lot of occult symbols that stands out in the crowd

    the aye of the all seeing, baphomet, the rose crucified on a cross etc etc etc

  225. Lady who you dont kn on

    Very strong; I was about to watch it but I knew something was wrong with it!

    Great work Vc

    ;GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. When I watched this film and as much as I enjoyed it, I couldn't help but notice the symbolism in it. I enjoy reading your articles very much and I hope you continue to write more. Although I must ask: Where do you get your information? Certainly you may have put it on your site somewhere and I might've overlooked it, but you are truly lucky not to be ignorant. Good day, Vigilant.

  227. love and justice on

    @ Marco, I hope that you know that the age of aquarius doesn't start until 2012, Saturn is the roman god of agriculture and the only planet that could corrspond with Satan is Venus becuase the ancient egypts would call Venus lucifer the one time a year it would raise before the sun, being the first morning star. So yeah……

  228. I just watched the movie for the first time last night on DVD and it is everything stated above. There will be a part 2 just because of how it ended and I believe it will explore the REAL black magic. Maybe this will also have Sherlock Holmes becoming more involved with the occult itself possibly thru the female character who was doing work for the no faced figure.Keep up the great work and exposing things as they are.


  230. Torontonian Josh on

    Hey Vigilant, I really appreciate the time you and the rest of the group are taking to explain and interpret the symbols spread around by mass media. I'm not sure if you read ALL of your comments, but another great topic that you could discuss is the one of children shows like YuGi-Oh!, Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, (and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it…) and pretty much every Japanese animated kid's show. May the Lord bless you and your "staff", thank you for clearing many things up and pointing these peculiar, sinister things out.

    (yeah, this is probably the millionth request, maybe I wasn't here early enough and it's the million-and-first[or millionth-and-one? ehh, you get the idea- 1,000,001] but I, not to mention loads of roads of toads of nodes of other people, would be be happy if you considered it!) 😉

  231. Pretty obvious signs throughout the whole film. Afew things you forgot to mention though:

    -Holmes multiple references to coming out of a rabbithole and being a rabbit-perhaps that he was on the verge of being mind controlled, ie the insanity blackwood warned him about at the start

    -The ending for me when blackwood was hanged under the bridge produced a very strong image. The incomplete bridge with blackwood hanging dead in the centre really looks like masonic pillars, and the image of it being incomplete or broken in the centre, with the occult leader dead beneath it symbolises the death or end of the order.

  232. The-Lie-Behind-The-T on

    1) I don't know what you think but I think the movie is opening our eyes to what is already there.

    2) It is not with the Illuminati it is against them…it is showing people that they're not really free and that they don't think for themselves they are actually just puppets for a higher purpose. And that if seen as a threat THEY are not afraid to kill you as happened with Michael Jackson, 2pac, Bob Marley…

    3) The ending is very symbolic.

    4)The director is showing that the Illuminati aren't a conspiracy theory they are there and they have to be stopped one way or the other. But at the end when it seems that Holmes has solved the problem it actually turns out that the whole thing was just a decoy for something bigger, as it is actually in real life.

    I think you are a great interpreter and i wish you best of luck and stuff…

    I hope you actually read the comments cause if you don't that would be a total piss-off…

  233. ReuvenNathaniel on

    @jakez I'm not justifying it. After all TV is only a device. It's your choice to use this device well or otherwise. I do watch TV but I am not AFFECTED by them. It is merely an entertainment and I know the difference between what I must take seriously and what I mustn't. I listened to Bad Romance and what came to my thought was: oh, Lady Gaga is good at making catchy songs but the lyric is totally bad. I watched Sherlock Holmes and said to myself: oh, Robert Downey Jr. is a good actor. Too bad Conan Doyle died he could have written more good books. Once again, I know that TV can be a bad influence upon us but it will happen ONLY if you respond to that influence. After all, I'm not justifying anything, I'm simply seeing things in a positive light.

  234. ReuvenNathaniel on

    I think the movie was meant to contain many occult symbols to suit Lord Blackwood's character. And I don't really care if Holmes only shows one eye, Gaga's mind is like a broken telephone, or B.E.P has a connection to Illuminati, etc., they don't have anything to do with me.

  235. ReuvenNathaniel on

    jakez, can you define 'the love of the world' please? Just because I like a certain movie and I appreciate some artists' works then I cannot love God anymore?

  236. What I find hard to believe is if you did all this research, you failed to notice the so called sign of the ox is actually the symbol of the horned god? Now mind you that symbol IS harmless, so on the one side I'm quite pleased you're not putting people up in arms about it, on the other the fact that you skipped a symbol that's practically thrown into your face makes me think you've got a serious agenda with these symbols you've picked out to show as "evil" and "satanic". Not to say that some aren't. But putting them all in the same category is ridiculous.

    As to those who left the theater in disgust from the occult references, HELLO?! The trailers did show him chained naked on a bed with only a pillow over his privates, doesn't that alone tell you this is not a film a good christian should be watching? And the choice of director should have given you a heads up as well, as should the rating.

    I think the thing that should be focused on is that for once in a movie that does show Christianity fighting the occult, it didn't make the Christians look like crazy idiots. Were they a bit riotous, yes. But so was everyone and they had every right to be. But they also came out looking brave, and being hustled away by the police actually made them look better rather then worse.

    So how about instead of making people panic and see evil everywhere, and making their little sheep brains put their efforts toward stopping movies, why not get them to use their influence to stop poverty, or the AIDs crisis, or donate money to deal with the gulf oil spill. Do something useful rather then pump up conspiracy theories.

  237. I also noticed these obvious Illuminati themes when I watched this movie with my friend. But smth just doesn't match for me in that case. Sherlock is presented as a good character fighting the conspiracy organization. So? How this film is going to program me to worship Satan or smth?

    I admire your articles but this one makes me wondring: WHAT"S GOING ON?

  238. but i watch it 3x, sherlock holmes discovered at the end that all is just scientific rituals, just like when the gun backfired and the person who is holding it, burned. . .

  239. wow i had opened up my eyes when i found out about this illuminati stuff and occult. now i see sublimtial messages everywhere and find myself yelling out "ahhhhh!!! illuminati!!!!!"

  240. Nicki 4 Team Jesus on

    Who is Baphomet anyway? I can tell he has something to do with Satan but I still don't get it.

  241. I think that has to do Nicki with Antoine LeVey the Freaky Parisian that started the Church of Satan in the 60's in California and made it trendy both in the states and Europe to openly proclaim being Satan. From what I read he made it seem as mockery and both people not taking Satanism seriously. Anyhow he made sketches of Baphomet represent Medes Goat??? please someone correct me. I know you may find it at you may find at his so call link. Which I found stupid and they said it was to represent Medes Goat and not to hurt children and the elderly and God was in Nature amusing. I need to do more research myself.

  242. Has anyone noticed that "Angels and Demons" followed almost exactly this same pattern of depicting a very realistic world takeover of the Illuminati, only to reveal at the end that the Illuminati and the magickal conspiracy was all a fabrication? This is pretty suspicious to me considering the depth the movies go into how closely the "fictional" Illuminati resemble the true Invisible Echelon of the real world…

  243. This film also shows the real life Freemasons' Hall, London in it. This hall has many pentagrams and six pointed stars around it.

  244. Alan "Mason&quo on

    In addition to this most recent Sherlock Holmes–

    you would do well to view "Murder by Decree" a 1970s Sherlock Holmes about Jack the Ripper murders– ultimately a function of the monarchy and the ruling-Masons at the heights of Parliament, etc. Openly talks about masonry, features checkered floor, etc.

    also: "From Hell" featuring Johnny Depp replacing Sherlock Holmes-role, but ultimately the same Jack the Ripper-masonry&monarchy story– written by Alan Moore (The Watchmen)

    also masonic from Alan Moore — League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (graphic novels, not the terrible film) feature literary characters in the mix of a plot involving Masons, Illuminati, Sherlock Holmes and Prof. M

  245. ilovegreentea on

    Thank you for another insightful, intelligent, well-written, thought-provoking article. I watched this dvd 2 weeks ago and was taken aback because like others, I didn't know the strong elements of symbolism in this movie. Everything you've addressed and as a viewer I intelligently surmised are in agreement. Another spot on job Vigilant. The naysayers are resisting the truth because when it finally hits them, they will have to make a choice. Stand with Yeshua or stand with Lucifer.

    Seek and ye shall find.

  246. Did you not get this movie? The purpose of Lord Blackwood was to display he was using the dark arts (witchcraft) in order to put fear into the eyes of the nation's leaders. It was only revealed at the very end the entire thing was a hoax Blackwood played using scientific experimentation. The people dispute on this site that the movie was uneasy to watch need to seriously get their heads checked out or they should read more about a movie before seeing it. The Sherlock Holmes' novels featured tons of things found in the movie.

  247. Hey Vigilant!

    Nice article, finally saw this movie recently and have saved reading this until afterwards.

    Whilst I saw the majority of the symbols you describe (with the exception of some of the carvings on the walls) I would like to draw attention to some of the symbology I saw elsewhere in the movie – outside of the plot devices anyway. I'm not 100% sure of their meaning but would appreciate your insights (if you have time/inclination).

    Many times in the movie there are clear views of staircases both up and down, often featuring 8 pointed star symbols or triangular imagery (right angle triangles), the tunnel chase scene towards the end also has a prominent symbol of a circle divided into 8 points. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the last chase scene except to take the characters from the underworld to the heavens (sewer tunnels to the top of Tower Bridge) as above, so below? or perhaps an allegory to gaining illumination? there are other scenes that seem to say a lot more than a cursory view would suggest but without watching it whilst typing this I find it hard to recall them all!

    I look forward to the possibility of a reply!

  248. Did anyone notice the dark clouds, full moon and just the absence of light? Like the chase in the tunnels, the persistence wearing of black attires by most characters in the movie?

  249. I can't believe that Illuminati, Freemasons, and other trying to promote NWO in this particular movie. Well done!!! I didn't know about who inspired Conan Doyle to create Dr. Watson. But I wasn't surprised that Conan Doyle was a mason since I did my research about his life earlier.

  250. People are still sitting around waiting for Christ to return but sometimes God doesnt work so blatantly. When Jesus came no one believed him except 11 of his followers, his mother, etc. He was persecuted for his claims.. and ran out of lands. The same way he returned. Only people with eyes to see and ears to hear will recognize Him. Baha'u'llah release the New Spiritual World Order. Please look it up. We believe in

    Oneness of God

    Oneness of Religion

    The harmony of science and religion

    The solving of financial crisis through spiritual means

    Equality of Men and Women


  251. They are thriving off seperating us when in truth religion is one and Prophethood is real. From Buddha to Moses to Muhammad to Baha'u'llah. Until we unviel our eyes and recognize the ONENESS of all… we will not overcome the BEAST. ONENESS= EMBRACE IT.

  252. When sherlock and watson are in the lab look at the brown door from which the huge guy emerges who fights witht hem. when you see the close up shot in the movie of the door you can see the all seeing eye faintly carved into it.

  253. Are people forgetting that Holmes exposes Lord Blackwood as a fake and thereby discredits all the occult/secret society stuff in the film? Admittedly, it's packed with great detail that most would just absorb passively, but I don't think this film is perpetuating an elitist/occult agenda. It's just an attempt at forging a strong sense of realism. All good films do this.

  254. This movie match perfectly with your article "How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies" because in my sense, after having view this movie, it's like they want us to think that Magic doesn't work at all! They want people to think that black magic in fact has no effect within these dark groups! While watchers of the movie catch many spells! This is absolutely the biggest lie of the universe!!! Give your life to Jesus-Christ (The Truth) before the end!

  255. lol as i scrolled down through the comments i caught a glimpse of Yu-gi-oh, anyway i just saw the movie today with my class and i must say i did notice the fictional occult symbols. Besides the hinting nwo agenda, the movie is pretty cool.

  256. I enjoy your articles (not always when they are first published!) but I am curious about this statement: "the occultism presented in the movie is rather dark, threatening and borderline satanic, which can encourage viewers to associate everything occult with evil, which is not the case." Which part of the occult would you consider to be not evil?

    Would love to see you analyze Tron Legacy. Among other things, there's a scene near the end where "God" offers an apology to "Satan." That's how I interpreted it, anyway.

  257. If you believe and have faith in God , then what is wrong about watching the movie? For those , like me who believe, it just points to what we already believe. I think guy Ritchie was pointing out that this stuff is real and does and has happened. Yes a lot of it was trickery in the movie, but don't forget it points out that there is still a truth in it due to that black bird that seems to ominously appear. Remember, the devil is the father of lies! God bless everyone. Keep your eyes open, and not wide shut!

  258. I think the most important thing has been missed out here. As the movie is about an apparent Black Magician therefore there are bound to be symbols and stuff. The alarming thing is the conclusion of the movie where the audience is told that 'its just science' and there are no dark forces around. The movie is sending the message that if u really r smart then u will be able to notice the science involved in all the black magic and rituals..therefore its just fake-no need to worry abt it…I think 'Eyes Wide Shut' was the only genuine eye opener…

  259. I find your articles very important and interesting, and it is important tht many people are aware of twhat is going on around us every minute of our lives. I wanted you to analyse another movie which i watched recently a few times, and couldn't help but notice the occult symbols potrayed throughout the movie, 'End Of Days'. Please do some sort of article about it, because i really would like to know the meaning behind it all. Thanks. And keep up the good work … and also screw the haters who know, but choose not to believe the TRUTH.

  260. "In a seemingly trivial scene, a slightly “altered on morphine” Sherlock plays violin notes to flies in a tube. He explains to Watson his discovery: when he plays atonal clusters to the flies, they synchronize and start flying in concentric circles. Thus, using musical theory, he has created order out of chaos."


  261. It was Dr Bell that inspired Doyle to write Sherlock Holmes.
    Dr.Bell had the most interesting and scary life being Grandfather of Forensic Medicine.
    With out Dr.Bell, Sir Doyle was a nobody.

  262. Uh, well, yes. The whole point of the movie was Sherlock battling against such an occult. To not have these symbols would be like making a WWII movie without the swastika. Taking a closer look into the details of the movie is great, but to question them as something with deeper meanings by the filmmakers makes no sense

  263. keep up the good work, this should help to wake some people up.. — here´s my story..- while watching the movie i became fixated, almost bewitched by the 1rst fighting scene when that voice is narrating the contact blows, i kept rewinding it to the beginning just so i could hear the voice , i did this mutiple times, about 10 times, its like i couldn´t stop, at the time my girlfriend was in another room reading a book, she overheard me doing this and asked me whats the problem, i told her i wasn´t sure, about 5 minutes later she screamed " i got it ! its black magic " , at that exact moment the dvd ( almost brand new ) cracked while playing, i did not hear it break but the tv sceen went dead, i ejected the dvd and it was almost perfectly split down the middle, i was surprised and a little shocked to be honest, i immediately knew that she had broken the spell i was under, and the influence of the demonic energy left the possessed object ( dvd ) cracking it .. both me and my girlfriend are spiritual seekers, students, aspirants, together we´ve experienced many paranormal supernatural happenings, but this 1 was really eye-opening.. this story is proof that negative energies can possess inanimate objects.

  264. Good lord…are there really this many paranoid people with ridiculous amounts of time on their hands? How about focusing on the VERY REAL WAYS the government f***s us over on a day to day basis – through actual laws and decisions, not bullshit symbols that nobody but people on this site know about. Seriously guys…there are real problems in the world that have nothing to do with pyramids. Get over this distraction and solve some real problems. Oh yeah – and don't see idiotic movies that you know you won't like in the first place. Thats how you avoid all of this.

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