How Hollywood Spreads Disinformation About Secret Societies


During the last years, a new trend appeared in Hollywood: secret societies being at the center of movie intrigues. Some might find this surprising since secret societies are supposed to be…well…secret. Many people in the movie industry are part of those Brotherhoods so what is the reasoning behind this? We’ll look at the myth Hollywood is trying to create by examining “National Treasure” and “Angels and Demons”.


A decade ago, movies about Freemasonry or the Illuminati were rare and far apart (see here a nice list of Masonic references in movies). There has however been a major switch during the last decade. The world wide public has witnessed major blockbuster movies featuring those Brotherhoods at the center of the story. Their exoteric symbols are abundantly displayed and some of their history is even explained. Why are those societies exposing themselves to the average movie goers, who, for the most part aren’t even aware of their existence? Isn’t secrecy an important requisite for the survival of those orders?

I believe an important change is taking place in the communication strategies of these elite societies. The advent of the digital age, where any individual can create and publish content has rendered the secrecy of such organizations impossible. Self-published websites, books, documentaries, DVDs and other medias have exposed many secrets of Masonry and other orders. Information which could only be found in rare and exclusive books is now a Google search away. I have encountered some Masons who were astonished by the level of knowledge possessed by the  “profane”. Those types of Masonic scholars, who aren’t actually initiated into the Brotherhood, were very rare not too long  ago.

Since the digital switch is irreversible (and completed), occult orders have adapted their strategy to this new context (they’ve probably saw this coming years ago). The strategy is : “If they have to know about us, we’ll tell them what to know“. Through Hollywood and best-selling books, secret societies are being introduced to the average Joe but with one BIG condition: the public is given a distorted, caricatured and romantic portrayal of secret societies. We are introducing in pop culture a mythical lore around secret societies, associating them with fascinating symbols, treasures hunts and exotic adventures. The viewers believe they are actually learning facts about Freemasonry or the Illuminati and they leave the movies with a sense of wonder, fascination and admiration. Those feelings are however based on totally erroneous facts, dubious explanations and fairy tale story telling. After viewing those movies, the viewer has a positive predisposition concerning those orders and will be less inclined to believe and research conspiracies related to them.

National Treasure


This blockbuster adventure movie was produced by Walt Disney Pictures, a brand that guarantees family-friendly entertainment. So parents can bring their kids and enjoy a nice, wholesome, Masonic disinformation session. The movie revolves around a treasure hunt based on clues left by prominent Masons on the Declaration of Independence.

The movie starts with the main character (played by Nicholas Cage) as a little boy, searching for information about his family history. The boy’s grandfather comes in and gives the boy (and the audience) a totally false and distorted story of the Knights Templars and the Freemasons.

Here are some of the claims:

The Knights Templars found under the Temple of Solomon a great treasure which was lost for a thousand years. They’ve brought the treasure back to Europe.
It has been said that the Templars possessed extremely rare religious artifacts. Were they found under the Temple of Solomon? The legend says yes. The movie however describes the treasure as gold coins, statues and such.

The Templars decided to smuggle the treasure into the United States and changed their name to the Freemasons.
This is where everything falls apart. The Templars did not change their name to the Freemasons at the dawn of the American civilization. The Templars have actually disappeared in 1312, which is more than 400 years before the creation of the USA.

“Seemingly untouchable for nearly two centuries, the Templars fell from grace spectacularly after the loss of the Holy Land: in 1307, all Templars in France were arrested on charges of heresy, homosexuality, denial of the cross and devil worship. The order was suppressed by the Pope in 1312, and Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master, was burnt at the stake as a heretic two years later.
– Sean Martin, The Knights Templar

The Freemasons are not an all-American institution, as the movie insinuates. It is a European secret society dating from the Middle-Ages, who  opened lodges in North America to expand its reach. The goal of Masonry is not to “protect a great Templar treasure”, it is an ancient order of builders who incorporated into its rites, over the years, teachings of the Templars, Rosicrucians and the Illuminati.

The Templars was an occult order who had fought during the Crusades at the side of the Church. It is during their stay in the Middle East that they’ve secured occult knowledge from eastern mystics and brought it back to Europe. They’ve became great bankers and Cathedral builders (in which they’ve included occult symbolism). They were known to practice the Kaballah, many forms of magic and the black arts. Their conflicting interests with the Catholic church ultimately lead to their persecution and demise.

The Freemasons can be considered spiritual descendants of the Knights Templar due to their study of esoteric sciences, their building of monuments and their philosophy based on gnostic principles. The link between the Templars and the Masons is being cultivated due to the mythical lore surrounding the Knights. In other words, it’s good publicity.

” In order to insure great popularity for the [Scottish] rite, he [Isaac Long] linked it directly with the Templars by a mysterious legend.”
-Domenico Margiotta 33°, Adriano Lemmi

So the “educational” part of the movie gives in fact a mythical and romantic story of Freemasonry. Some viewers might view this distortion as fact, others will associate everything Masonic to a fairytale. The important thing is that the truth about Freemasonry is concealed behind a veil of mythology.


Interesting choice of transition between the face of the grandfather telling the story and the Pyramid of Gizeh. His eye becomes the All-Seeing Eye of the Great Architect

Esoteric Meaning of the Movie

Masonic Washington Monument – “As Above, So Below”

(warning: major spoilers ahead)

Like all true mythological stories, National Treasure has an exoteric meaning for the ignorant masses and an esoteric meaning for the initiates. If the exoteric story is meant to mislead the public, the esoteric meaning  carries however great truths about occult brotherhoods. Here’s the hidden meaning.

The “ancient treasure” that was jealously guarded by ancient civilizations is in fact occult knowledge, the Mysteries, that could break the shackles of materialism and help their possessor access divinity (Kaballah, alchemy, gnosticism and occult sciences). This treasure disappeared for a thousand years from the Western world, which corresponds to the early Christian period. The movie says that it was eventually discovered by the Knights Templar in Jerusalem, under the Temple Solomon (the Freemasons’ sacred building) and brought it back to Europe. This knowledge then migrated to the USA through secret societies.

The hero of the movie is on a quest for illumination and the riddles he must solve represent the initiations one must pass before accessing higher knowledge. This all-important treasure is symbolically buried under Trinity Church in New York, in a hidden cave which is dark and cavernous. Ben Gates has to light up the torch of illumination to find his way to the hidden knowledge. The torch represents the Luciferian doctrine of American Freemasonry instituted by Albert Pike. In the highest degrees, Lucifer is taught to be the “light bearer”, the god of Good who shows to path to illumination.

Nicholas Cage with the torch of Lucifer

“Its [high degrees of Scottish Rite]religion is Manichean neo-gnosticism, teaching that the divinity is dual and that Lucifer is the equal of Adonay, with Lucifer, the God of Light and Goodness struggling for humanity against Adonay the God of Darkness and Evil.”
-Domenico Margiotta 33°, Adriano Lemmi

“When the Mason learns that the key to the warrior on the block is the proper application of the dynamo of living power, he has learned the mystery of his craft. The seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands and before he may step onwards and upwards he must prove his ability to properly apply (this) energy.”
– Manly P. Hall, Lost Keys of Freemasonry

Back to the story. Ben Gates, with his Luciferian torch finds the path to illumination and obtains access to an infinite source of knowledge. During the scene where the heroes look around the treasure room, they find very significant items: Scrolls from the Library of Alexandria, Egyptian statues and other artifacts from the Antiquity. All of those objects refer to the occult knowledge that has been communicated through the ages through secret societies.

At the end of the movie, Ben Gates speaks with the FBI inspector and begs him not to send him to jail. Flashing his Masonic ring, the representative of the law says “someone has to go to jail” for the stealing of the Declaration of Independance. The next scene shows the “bad guys” (the non-Masons) getting arrested, even if they did not actually steal the Declaration. We see here a blatant example of the Masonic oath superceeding the law. The FBI agent willfully ignored the law to help his Masonic brother.

Masonic ring of FBI inspector

Then end of the movie shows the heroes rich and happy. There’s no esoteric meaning to this, it is just a sappy Disney ending.


Angels and Demons


This movie is based on Dan Brown’s novel which focuses on the Illuminati and its war against the Catholic Church. The hero runs across Rome to save the Vatican from a mega-bomb which was set up by Illuminati agents to blow at midnight. The first page of Dan Brown’s book claims that “the Illuminati was factual”, inciting the readers to take everything written in the book as facts. They should not do so.

In the beginning of the movie, Robert Langdon (played by Tom Hanks) ventures himself into explaining the Illuminati. Here are some of his claims:

“The Illuminati was founded by Galileo Galilei in response to the Church’s refusal of his heliocentric theory”
The Illuminati was officially founded in Upper Bavaria, by Adam Weishaupt on May 1st 1776.  This is more than 130 years after Galilei’s death and not even in the same country. The movie’s association of Galilei with the Illuminati seems like an attempt to associate this brilliant scientist’s name to the conspiratorial secret society.

“Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery.” – Adam Weishaupt

“The Illuminati did not become violent before the 17th century.”
It never was violent, its actions were based on infiltration and subversion.

“It was an association of scientists, physicists and astronomers concerned with the Church’s inaccurate teachings and they were dedicated to scientific truth. The Vatican didn’t like that, so the Church started to “hunt them down and kill them”.
The Illuminati was not a group of scientists dedicated to the advancement of common knowledge. The movie falsely portrays the secret society as the necessary rational counterpart to Christianity’s requirement of blind faith and its hindering of scientific advancement. In this optic, the average viewer cannot disagree with Tom Hank’s description of the Illuminati and sees the order in a favorable way. The real aim of the Illuminati was the overthrow of traditional institutions in favor of a new world order.

The objects of this powerful organization of the
Bavarian Illuminati, were :

1. The destruction of Christianity and of all Monarchical Governments ;

2. The destruction of nations as such in favor of universal
internationalism ;

3. The discouragement of patriotic and loyal effort branded
as narrow minded prejudice, incompatible with the
tenets of goodwill to all men and the cry of ” Universal
Brotherhood ” ;

4. The abolition of family ties and of marriage by means
of systematic corruption ;

5. The suppression of the rights of inheritance and property.

-Lady Queenborough, Occult Theocracy

The Bavarian Illuminati has dissolved some years after its creation. Researchers however say that the Illuminati has successfully integrated itself within modern Freemasonry. Illuminati thinkers believed that worldwide reach of Masonic lodges represented the ideal platform for the propagation of their ideals.

To sum up, the Illuminati was not an association of bright scientists dedicated to the advancement of scientific truths. It was secret society who, through infiltration and subversion, aimed to overthrow traditional institutions in order serve the best interests a secret elite. It is true that the Illuminati was thoroughly anti-Church but this war wasn’t the main reason of its existence. Nowadays, the Illuminati is considered to be a hidden order which recruits within Freemasonry potent candidates for the continuation of its agenda.

Esoteric Meaning of the Movie


(warning: major spoilers ahead)

Dan Brown’s work has mostly been focused on secret societies. There is an important reason why he has the full support of Hollywood: his works serve the agenda of disinformation.

In the movie, the Illuminati threatens the Vatican to “destroy the Church by light”. “Light” refers to the explosion of the anti-matter bomb but it also refers to information – propaganda and indoctrination. The only true way to make the masses turn their back on Christianity is not by destroying the Vatican, but by changing the way people see their religious elite. In that optic, the movie itself is the bomb against the Vatican. Even if the Church, with the help of Robert Langdon, apparently prevails at the end of the movie, the viewer of Angels of Demons has spent two hours seeing all the symbols, rituals and figures of Catholicism being desecrated. Some examples: Robert Langdon destroys the archives of the Vatican, candidates for papacy are kept in cages like animals, one candidate is crucified and burned inside a church, the tomb of the defunct Pope is opened to reveal his grossly deformed face, etc.

Candidate to Papacy crucified and burnt inside a church

All those scenes have a strong symbolic meaning which deeply affect the conscientiousness of the viewers. The holy and divine aura surrounding the Vatican is replaced by gruesome deaths, destruction and corruption. The whole movie depicts the institution as an inadequate, stubborn and reactionary relic of the past. To top it off, the viewers learn that the whole “Illuminati” thing was a big setup, masterminded by the son of the Pope (yes apparently, the Pope had a son) to take his position. So the movie tells the viewer that the Illuminati doesn’t even exist and that the Church is so corrupted that its members are ready to commit the most horrendous sins to obtain power.

The viewers ultimately leave the movie with the exact ideas the elite wants them to keep: the Illuminati is a fairy tale and, when it actually existed, it was an association of great thinkers dedicated to the advancement of science; the Catholic Church is not holy, it is a deeply flawed and human institution, which is bound to disappear due to its aversion to science. Through this movie, the real Illuminati denies its own existence while still carrying out its plan to destroy organized religions by constant indoctrination. The age old struggle for power between the Catholic Church and occult orders is taking place on our movie screens and we can clearly see who is winning.

To Conclude

The trend of seeing secret societies in books and movies is not about to end. Dan Brown’s next novel, “The Lost Symbol” will also focus around Freemasonry and its ties with Washington. These works are now appearing as a result of the democratization of information, which allows regular people to access information which was previously inaccessible. These movies serve the same purpose as occult symbols: to reveal and to conceal. They reveal to the initiates while they mislead the profane. Hollywood movies have been used to promote numerous agendas such as the Vietnam war, the fear of Communism, the fear of Islamic terrorism, the promotion of American values, etc. The movies analyzed above simply promote a new agenda, which is disinformation about secret societies.




  1. Great article, loved it. However: 2 typos:

    (1) "symbolically buried under Trinity Church in New York" should read as "Philadelphia". Not one scene in the movie is in New York, half of the movie is in Washington, DC and the last half of the movie is in Philadelphia.

    (2) "Robert Lang (played by Tom Hanks)" and "Even if the Vatican, with the help of Robert Lang" and

    "Robert Lang destroys the archives of the Vatican" should read as "Robert Langdon" not "Lang".

    I greatly enjoy and forward all of your articles as you are right on target!!! Keep up the great work!!!

      • Mr. Vigilant,

        I accept certain aspects of what you present, as the Scriptures made it clear approx. two thousand years ago that "the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one [Satan]". (1 John 5:19, New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, brackets and their contents mine) Much of what you have revealed further corroborates that fact. What concerns me is your apparent defense of the Catholic Church. I do not at all condone the methods of the faux "Illuminati" as portrayed in Angels and Demons, but I feel that it is very clear that the Catholic Church "is not holy, [but] is a deeply flawed and human institution" with "an aversion to science". If you say that the Illuminati is evil for deceiving people into practicing idolatry, how could you rightfully defend the Catholic Church, even in juxtaposition with the Illuminati? The Church has promoted unscriptural and very un-Christian beliefs and has made them nigh ubiquitous in what is falsely called Christianity. The creation of a clergy distinction with inappropriately honorific titles such as "Father" and "Holy Father" is in direct opposition to the words of Jesus Christ himself and other scriptural principles. (Matthew 23:9; Job 32:21) The worship of Mary and "saints" is a blatant form of idolatry, as God himself said: "I am Jehovah, and there is no one else. With the exception of me there is no God" as well as "to no one else shall I give my own glory."(Isaiah 45:5; 42:8) According to the New Catholic Dictionary, the pope can "sometimes counteract the divine law". Is this in accord with the principles of Christianity as described in the scriptures? 1 Corinthians 4:6 says, in part: "Do not go beyond the things that are written", in reference to the scriptures. Let's not even mention how the papacy ignores the very fundamental Christian principles of humility and viewing others as greater than one's self.

        The Catholic Church is and has been as much a political entity as it is religious one, involving itself integrally with worldly governments. However, listen to what Jesus Christ said about his true followers: "I request you, not to take them out of the world, but to watch over them because of the wicked one. They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world." (John 17:15, 16) The Catholic Church, in great contrast to what Jesus did and said, has heavily involved itself in "the world", including political institutions, even promoting wars against countries who share the same faith! Where's the love, the identifying mark of true Christians? Tellingly absent.

        I could go so much further, but the point is evident even now: if you condone Catholicism as an innocuous, valid form of honest worship, then all the immaculate logic and moral indignation you use to expose and rightfully villanize the Illuminati is, although helpful, hypocritical. When you say that you don't care what anyone's personal beliefs are, you condone a great deal of the subversive, deceptive, and detrimental behavior prevalent in the world today and throughout history, and all of the principles you use to "expose" the Illuminati are really discredited.

      • I was going to read all the comments, then voice the same complaint as Todd. He has spared me much typing, and for that I give thanks to the Lord Jesus. Very well written, brother Todd. AMEN!

      • fellow christian brothers fighting and spewing hate towards one another. As a catholic I consider myself a christian too, o who gave you the right to call only yourselves christian. Before you start attacking our church and beliefs educate yourselves before you come here and made uneducated guesses about oour church.

      • Regarding the Church … I feel the need to say something, as I happen to be Catholic. And I'm not an ignorant one, either … I'm studying for my Ph.D. in Philosophy and Theology right now.

        I do believe that the Catholic church is a holy institution, and that it carries forward the life and work of Christ from the time he was with us on earth up until the present day. But that does not mean I expect the Church to be flawless or perfect; on the contrary, as long as human beings are the principle members of that church (which they are, as far as I can tell), then the Church is going to make mistakes.

        Getting involved in worldly politics was definitely a mistake, and something which Christ warned against, as you mention. However, time hasn't ended and history moves forward. The Church can (and will) right itself, and shall strive to do better, to be holier. It will fail as its members fail. But it will also create great saints

        For a parallel to what I'm talking about, you could look to the Jews of Old Testament times. Though God's chosen people, they often turned their backs on God, and needed prophets to come and put them back on the correct path. The Jews were the chosen people, a holy people, not because they were perfect but because God stood by them no matter what. The Catholic Church is, as I understand it, the same.

      • Fellow Catholic here, chiming in to agree with Matthew's comment. And I just want to add, in response to Todd, you are *wildly* incorrect in thinking we worship Mary or the saints. They are our friends and advocates in heaven, they're wonderful role models, and they are telling examples of what happens when people fully respond to God's love– but they are not little gods themselves, and we don't view them as such. Catholics worship God alone, and anyone who tells you otherwise is at best misinformed… or at worst, blatently lying.

      • Rebecca –

        I grew up hardcore Catholic, and to claim that Catholics do not worship Mary and the saints is a blatant falsehood. Mary, in particular, is worshipped with a fervor that rivals Jesus. If you can explain how saying a rosary is not Mary worship, I'll buy you dinner.

        If you pray to a saint for intercession, you are worshipping that saint. Period.

      • As a practicing Catholic, I have to disagree with you, Anthony. When I pray the rosary, I ask Mary to pray with me to her Son.

      • But putting up idols of Mary and the saints are specifically what the commandments told us NOT to do. Every Catholic church has some sort of statue or idol of Mary. Although she may be a good role model, she is not to be put on a pedestal because of her human attributes. She, along with the saints, are human and only human and aren't perfect.

      • great article. As a catholic I always wonder why many movies that were made recently have the vatican or a catholic church at its center specially the two movies made based on Dan brown's movies. I haven't seen a single movie attacking a christian sect or its bases. Other movies like wanted, armaggedon, the rite and many others do the same as in this movie. I dont deny there is evil (masons) within the catholic church and the vatican. The freemasons have long ago infiltrated the church and attacked it from within mostly from its intellectual wing (jesuits) and this makes it a lot easier to attack on the media and movies. I am not surprise at all that our fellow christian brothers continue to spew hate and intolerance towards anything catholic or anyone whose faith differs from their view, which irremediable results in the same intolerance they decry from the catholic church in the dark ages, which I'm sure the evil one is delighted to see continued, to have christian brothers against one another.Just one last quick info related to the media. I made some research about pedophilia in America specifically and to my dismayed found that less that 10 percent of reported cases of pedophilia were related to priests. There were many more cases from christian pastors of many denominations and others types of pedophiles, but for some reason the media focuses on the cases within the catholic church. Is there a very important reason or agenda in the media in doing so?? I certainly think so , anyway anyway who does not believe can do your own research.I am not saying that anyone should change their beliefs but should certainly respect the beliefs of others instead of discreting them. regards,

      • Ater reading the ariticle and reading your comment I must say that I didn't get the same impression that the writer was defending the Catholic church. He merely discussed how the illuminati is trying to turn the tide ont he Catholic church because of the past bitterness between the two entities. Actually, the writer spoke about the Catholic church from a non-biased point of view.

  2. vigilant,

    Impressive analysis and research revealing this new tactic of occult secret societies. You're performed a true public service. Thank you!

    • its not a new tactic. As the publisher wrights "the secret societies tctics are disinformation and subversion", using movies is just a new method for the tactics they have used for years and years

  3. Disinformation abounds, and spreads … and not just in the movie industry.

    A couple of things regarding your sources and attribution: The "23 Supreme Councils"-Lucifer-bit is from Queensborough (p. 220-1), who in turn got it from Abel Clarin de La Rive’s ‘La Femme et l'Enfant dans la Franc-Maçonnerie Universelle,’ who in turn got it from the Gabriel-Antoine Jogand-Pagès (aka Leo Taxil aka Diana Vaughan aka Dr. Bataille) hoax material that the latter had confessed was a ruse. "Lady Queensborough" doesn't tell you that, however, so the quote has been repeated without knowing the full story: that it is made up.

    Further, Margiotta was conned by Taxil as well. He wrote a series of books based upon the fabricated tales of the made-up Palladism of Taxil. (And Taxil, in his confession, specifically mentions that Margiotta had been duped by him.)

    Also, you incorrectly quote from Queensborough by leaving out ellipses in the Weishaupt/Lazare quote. Since you didn't use ellipses, it should have looked like this:

    “Illuminism represented the efforts of the heads of the powerful Jewish Kahal which has ever striven for the attainment of political financial, economic and moral world dominion. The movement had been founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. Bernard Lazare, himself a Jew, has written that "There were Jews behind Weishaupt ", and upon a close study of Illuminism, we find that the destructive forces which culminated in the French Revolution were of three kinds; financial, intellectual and anti-christian.” (p. 184)

    This in turn brings up another aspect of Queensborough: her unabashed anti-jewish obsession. It is present throughout the entire book; and it is enough to merely mention that her assertion Weishaupt’s Illuminati had represented “the heads of the powerful Jewish Kahal” is false.

    The Catholic Encyclopaedia had this to say on Taxil:

    ‘Of a different type is the most notorious imposture of modern times, that of "Léo Taxil" and "Diana. Vaughan". Léo Taxil, whose true name was G. Jogand-Pagès, had long been known as one of the most blasphemous and obscene of the anti-clerical writers in France. He had been repeatedly sentenced to fines and imprisonment for the filthy and libellous works he published. For example, on account of his atrocious book Les Amours de Pie IX" he was sentenced to pay 60,000 francs at the suit of the pope's nephew. He had also founded the "Anti-Clerical", a journal which fanatically attacked all revelation and religion. In 1885 it was announced that Léo Taxil had been converted, and he soon proceeded to publish a series of pretended exposures of the practices of Freemasonry, and particularly of the "Satanisme" or Devil-worship with which he declared it was intimately bound up. Amongst other attractions he introduced a certain "Diana Vaughan", the heroine of "Palladism", who was destined to be the spouse of the demon Asmodeus, but clung to virtue, and was constantly visited by angels and devils. Various other writers, Bataille, Margiotta, Hacks, etc., exploited the same ideas and became in a measure Taxil's confederates. In 1896-1897 the imposture was finally shown up and Taxil cynically admitted that Diana Vaughan was only the name of his typist. [See Portalié, "La Fin d'une mystification", Paris, 1897, and H. Gruber (H. Gerber), "Leo Taxils Palladismus Roman", and other works, 1897-8.]’

    Similarly, Abel Clarin de La Rive said:

    "With frightening cynicism the miserable person we shall not name here [Taxil] declared before an assembly especially convened for him that for twelve years he had prepared and carried out to the end the most extraordinary and most sacrilegious of hoaxes. We have always been careful to publish special articles concerning Palladism and Diana Vaughan. We are now giving in this issue a complete list of these articles, which can now be considered as not having existed."

  4. How could the templars have found treasure underneath Solomon's temple? Solomon's temple was destroyed by the Chaldeans in the 6th century BC, and king Herod's temple is what stands on the temple mount today. Herod's temple is built with stones weighing an average of 80 tons each that were moved by sliding them downhill and which no technology until the modern-day would be capable of lifting out of place in order to excavate beneath…. there does seem to be something mythical about these stories.

    A very interesting article though. If these societies do have any power, it's may not be as a result of their own merits but rather through the supernatural help of satan. There is an intelligent design in evil.

    God Bless,

  5. Hi this is my first time commenting on your site, but here goes! you article is excellent. your asright about the film industry being involved with brainwashing the public, but I have also found it in general soaps. I Live in the uk and I have come to understand that they will stop at nothing to get people drawn into their sick way of beleiving that they are of good nature: when obviously they are not. you see I have woken up and what I see is a very evil and dark force at work. keep up the good work of exsposing this satanical force. Thankyou

  6. @Terry:

    1. Lady Queensborough was not claiming jews, she's claiming Jewish Kahal. It's not equal, as germans not equal to nazism, russians not equal to bolshevism et cetera. By the way, if someone (once in a while) mention "jews" or anything in the book somewhere, don't cast the exorcism or start the fire yet, he or she is not necessary "obsessed" with it. :)

    2. Leo Taxil was not against Christianity, Vatican institute or Catholic church itself, he was against exact corrupted people (should I say "pharisees"?), who were usurpate, distorte and pervert such things. He's pointing fingers and calling names of these people A LOT in his books – names like Loyola, Torquemada, ang Borgias, among the others.

  7. Boris:

    With all due respect, you have no idea what you are talking about. Queensborough was a raving Jew-hater through-and-through; entirely obsessed. Nearly every page is laced with Jew this, Jew that. All the problems of the world are laid at the feet of the Jews (on purpose). Read the book, before you speak. She was an occutist and spoke reams of blashpemy against Jehovah in the same manner as Blavatsky. The "Jewish Kahal" bit but was a pathetic attempt to conflate Jews with Weishaupt and the Illuminati, which was false. I know. I have written an entire book on the Bavarian Illuminati, and I'm intimately aware of what and who they were – and prove it.

    Re Taxil:

    He was a degenerate pornographer, pamphleteer, liar, and was below the level of paparazzi. He was against both the Vatican and the Masons because it sold; he lied and libelled through his teeth in order to make a buck any way he could. A flimflam artist, cheat, fraud, trickster. He was sued on many occasions and lost. He laughed at the credulity of the believing, and relished in it. Whatever he said that had only a grain of truth in it is forever tainted.

    To give Queensborough and Taxil lip service is to discredit yourself. It's how disinformation works. Your antagonist merely has to point out your use of said material.

    • The thing you can tell about people who are wanting to discredit the truth they they want to point out flaws of the person speaking truth after trying to respond by miscrediting it. The truth don't need a response.

  8. Typical Western usurping half assed B.S.

    From language to math to philosophy to religion, the West has usurped and perverted every truth of both the material cosmos and transcendental sky explained so nicely via Vedanta.

    Remarkably adept at depicting and mimicking demons, devils and the like because these most closely resemble the inherent existence of life in western slaughterhouse societies.

    Spiritually retarded, material to the deadliest degree, the West IS an enormous slaughterhouse, both figuratively and literally.

    and you want to be our guiding light, our light unto the world?

    After I stop gagging, perhaps I'll muster a laugh or two.

  9. @Terry:

    Oh, you're THAT Terry. It explains a lot. Thought not everything.

    I mean, I can understand your gevalt on every, even innocent mention of jews, 'cause jew you are.

    But how come: on one hand, you write terricons about masonic crimes and conspiracies, on another, you blame Taxil for doing the same.

    What side you are on, mr.Melanson? What side you are on…

  10. @Boris

    To compare what it is that Taxil did to anyone with even a modicum of integrity is insulting in the extreme! You can either believe an admitted lying sack of s^*& or believe those who back up their statements with proof. You can’t do both.

    And no, I’m not a Jew. I’m a Canadian of Acadian descent; in the old world (in the 1600s), our original descendant was of Huguenot extraction. Normally I could care less about people’s obsession with Jews. We’d be remiss not to point out their hand in history (good or bad). If you got the goods, bring it on …. Queensborough just ain’t got it.

  11. Sleazy P. Martini on

    It is called hiding it in plain sight , or, discrediting and disinfo-ing with " That's just in the movies (and therefore not real)" thought. Most people buy the lie and don't know any better, anyone who thinks otherwise is called a kook.

  12. OK people reality check here. The Freemasons are not evil or satanic. I think most people confuse secrecy with privacy. Heck, where do you think the idea of Freedom of religion and other "inalienable rights" came from? Yes, from the Freemasons. Some, not all mind you, of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons.

    As far as the Illuminati are concerned, the whole group was exposed, exiled and ridiculed within a decade of their start and completely disappeared by the turn of the 19th century. The authors quotes are misleading and from sources that have been proved false and bigoted. Even Manly P. Hall admits that when he wrote about Freemasonry he was only 21 and knew nothing about the fraternity.

    If anyone believes what comes out of Hollywood is truth, they need serious therapy. The National Treasure films were good yarns, nothing more nothing less. Freemasonry is held in high regard for all that they do for charity and do take good men and make them better men.

    So what if some writer wants to make a few bucks making up stories about Freemasons. This has been going on since 1717. There are over 50,000 volumes written on or about Freemasonry since then, with no end in site. So there is lots of material out there for anyone to spin a yarn around. The one thing you have to remember is that no one person speaks for all Freemasonry.

  13. A society that keeps itself and its motivations secret from the the uninitiated, that seeks to advance its brothers into positions of power and has been known to manipulate the law and look after its members at the expense of others- said members holding numerous positiuons of influence and able to protect its members and apply a set of laws that are not applicable to the rest of us, preferential treatment at all levels of society that affords that same group

    In theory, a lot of power and spheres of influence completely hidden from the general populous is essentially going to be to the detriment of society as a whole – especially in a so called meritocracy which in theory we live in.

    Its an olde worlde mafia- no more no less. scum. Even if most of what is said about the masons is untrue they should be outed for what they are, nepotistic, back scratching, secretive scum.

    The potential power, if not the actual power of such an organisation that operates in such a way is dangerous to say the least- as power is known to corrupt those individuals who wield too much of it!

    It should be banned and outlawed but thats not going to happen as the police force is full of these weird pagans.

    Did the mafia give to charity? – i do believe it did and does to this day, many social benefits arise from organised crime because of the fear of reprisal and licensing of criminal enterprise, but masonism, as is, is relatively socially accepted in this day and age, it just stinks of nepotism and the old boy networks that ruin proper social cohesion.

    I dont mind them existing but their influence should be known to all, why keep so secretive if you are a force for good? you only have to look to the church of scientology for why secrecy and opacity of a large organistaion is a very bad thing.

    Im sure some, if not most masons, are decent folk but what of the few that arent? the society protects its brothers and noone else under oath of death- this we know without them being open about it, so you have decent folk protecting some nefarious and dubious individuals who may have their own criminal agenda that they can further propagate through a secretive network- sworn to protect its members.

    They should be tried under organised crime networks or told to open up their books and ceremony to the public, they are dangerous IN PRINCIPLE not just in reality, by its very nature it is conspiatorial, even if the only conspiracy we the people can observe is that of "omerta" or silence- just like the mafia!

    If i attempted to set up a similar organisation in this day and age i would be certainly be prevented from doing so as to all intents and purposes the only reason i would require such secrecy was if my motives were not for the public good.

    The womens institute does not require such secrecy nor do thousands of professional clubs and organisations, guilds and regulatory bodies, which is was what it was birthed from in the first place- it was originally a guild of builders and architects wasnt it? or so we are told.

    You only have to look at a public organisations to see the problems in such a body -take the trade union movement in america and the corruption and crime that resulted from an open and outwardly honest society of brothers, whose actions and members were known to all, if they could get away with such things then what can an organistaion that actively shuns public attention can achieve,

    olde worlde mafia, plain and simple if you know a mason 'out' him and let the brotherhood of human beings deal with this creepy little hidden minority, i know a few masons in my family and as friends but their very secrecy makes me distrustful of such people as i consider myself part of the human race and could never trust an organisation comprised solely of men for a start, let alone on who demands secrecy before it initiates its members!

  14. LALALADebbie on

    nice…the first time i actually saw the first national treasure movie was this year lol… n the for the first time and knowing some of the symbols incorporated in the society, i immediately saw the grandfather's eye on top of the unfinished pyramid… i saw many other esoteric things which were brought up in the article… i thank u so much vigilant for so much of your effort into putting these things together… but how do u get all these info?

  15. Hollywood of the 21st century is disgusting, I only hope that one day no more new movies will be made and everyone will be forced to watch the classics in black and white(and color). We would be much better off without the disgusting brainwashing that goes on and these disgusting clone actors and actresses that suck, are over paid and if I had my way would be stricken of their wealth and jailed for making the public sick by their disgusting whoredom.

    • I'm not one to just a book by it's cover, and I won't label you a Dis-info agent.

      But I will say this: Your name is extremely Ironic!

  16. This is the first article i've came across concerning the disinformation of 'Angels & Demons', and 'National Treasure' for that matter. I've always had my own viewpoints on these particular two films and now that i've read your article i couldn't agree more.

    For more information on this particular subject, and soo much more (Including an excellent chapter called "Capturing the Catholic Church"; regarding the masons infiltration of the catholic church)… I recommend reading 'Be wise as Serpents' by Fritz Springmeier!

  17. You have made a significant contribution to the war. How does your premise deal in detail with the X-Files, Stargate: SG-1, and Stargate Atlantis? There seems to be a lot of truth in some episodes and significant disinfo in others. Perhaps putting a notion in a sci-fi show makes some write the idea off as fiction. Some folks, however, spot the truth for what it is-truth hidden in plain view.


    The Spiritual Teachings of the 7 (Seven) True Prophets:

    Henoch (Enoch), Elia (Elijah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jeremia (Jeremiah),

    Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Muhammad (Mohammed) and Billy (BEAM)

    The core of the Meier material is the spiritual teaching the clearest, most insightful,

    and penetrating spiritual teaching to be found. There are no hierarchies, beliefs,

    superstitions, rituals, etc. such as are found in virtually all terrestrial religions,

    and which serve only to enslave humanity in fear, guilt, war, etc. The real meaning

    of life is consciousness-related evolution. So it is through the study of the spiritual

    teaching that one can learn how to evolve their consciousness, as well as learn

    how to live in true love, peace, freedom and harmony.

    The first four chapters of "Goblet of Truth" (original title in German language is "Kelch der Warhheit")

    are now available as a freely downloadable PDF file! The translation is in British English and contains 117 pages in German Language and true British English side by side.

    Download the book in PDF format here:

    Download the four initial chapters of the book in PDF format here:

    Download the book in PDF format here:

  19. Dogface says at the beginning of his post:

    " A society that keeps itself and its motivations secret from the the uninitiated, that seeks to advance its brothers into positions of power and has been known to manipulate the law and look after its members at the expense of others- said members holding numerous positiuons of influence and able to protect its members and apply a set of laws that are not applicable to the rest of us, preferential treatment at all levels of society that affords that same group "

    Wow, this sounds exactly like politics to me.hmmmmmmm

    Do they not practice the same thing ? And does our country not look after its own at the expense of other countries and vise versa ?

    Also he asks "I dont mind them existing but their influence should be known to all, why keep so secretive if you are a force for good?" This would be a good question for the cia, would it not ?

    Perhaps some things are secret to keep the bad element from knowing everything. Even so, I dont like being kept in the dark myself. After reading this article and all the responders, I feel like Im still as much in the dark as before I read it. Oh well.

    I do believe however, that some fictional movies do contain truth. But im not referring to the movies that were presented in this article. I havent studied freemasonry and the Illuminati and so wouldnt know the truth if it were slapping me in the face. I find this article interesting and a good read as well as al those who responded. Thank you and keep up the search for truth.

  20. Kalidas,

    The greatest Evil facing all of us is the Human tendency of Us vs.Them….i.e.the west is bad,the east is superior,etc.Having served in the Middle East and the Balkans I can say with Authority that the east has no legitimate claim of any moral or intellectual highground,people are really pretty much the same all over and want the very same things,peace and prosperity,food on the table,freedom from oppression and tyranny.We are all really just Brothers and Sisters under the same sky.

  21. Start at Columbus Circle at the Lincoln Center (read murdered natives to found New Jerusalem and martyred by confederates) and 6 (6 is number of Man and age of the Earth in thousands of years) “Left Forks” (Left is Sinister ie Left thief didn’t recognize Jesus was God) later, Broadway (Broad Way leads to destruction; Narrow Way to life) hits Union Square (Tower of Babel was 1st attempt at Unification in Ur, Sumeria) The US flag (5 pt Stars=Perfected Man and Red/White Stripes=Laban and Esau’s “Heap of Witness from Gen 30) is atop te Fasces ie Fascist. Bundle of Rods=Initiates, surrounding a Double Axe (Minoan Crete=House of the Doubel Axe; they were Phoenicians/Amalekites) surrounded by a Red Cord (same cord Templars wore references Esau the Red Son). To its south is the National Debt Clock which read $12.3456789…Trillion last week on July 24th and will hit $13 Trillion (Rev 13 is Beast from the Sea ie the Sun and Obama’s new Logo designed by Prince Hall masons). the Mayans (Maia is the mother of Hermes) were “made white” by the Aztecs; their end of the age is Dec 21,2012 at the transition to the 5th Root Race/World that Hitler believed was the source of Atlantean civilization ie Pre-World. Next to that is a giant smoking earth hole with a golden spike and human hand extending out (Sacrifices). The road ends at the Trinity Church at Wall St. (Hiel sacrificed his 2 sons to rebuild the wall of Jericho as Joshua predicted 500 years earlier (1 Kings 16). Chew on this for awhile and you will see $13 T debt to the Templars is unpayable and America will not last long. Amurru is te Edomite Shepherd god, western quarter of the Squared Earth and Serpent god of wisdom ie Tree of Knowledge. As Solomon said “There is no new thing under the sun”

  22. In the movie Angels and Demons the Catholic Church is attacked, thats pretty clear. I do not agree with your opinion that this is done to discredit the Catholic Church. Its pretty clear that the Catholic Church is an organization which is involved with the Illuminati and the occult. Think about the the Masonic monument on Saint Pieters square. Also the Catholic Church is very much active in the area of mind control. Why do you think so many children got abused by catholic priests? Probably the priest were also abused for mind control purposes during their training. As a result they also start abusing children. Cathy O'Brien writes some revealing stuff about this.

    • If they really want to get rid of the church, they would go to extreme measures right? So i dont find it impossible that someone could pose as a fake priest. Meaning, becoming a priest in order to perform such tasks for the elite. The possibilities are endless. Their goal is to get as many people against the church, hence getting rid of it. Open your mind to these possibilities, if they take their orderserious, they will do the impossible to achieve them.

    • As to the pediphile priests let's just say preditors go where the prey is, so you'll likely find then in all child related institutions, such as schools, churches, child protective services, daycare companies, etc.

  23. The story of Illuminati defector Svali is very revealing also. For her initiation in the Illuminati she was flown to the Vatican. There in the catacombs rituals were performed which involved the sacrifice of a little boy. Also the Catholic church is taking a leading role in the formation of a one world religion. To me its very clear: the Catholic church has nothing or not much to do with christianity. Its paganism wrapped in nice christian outfit. Something similar as the Mormon Church.

    • Sorry, the Catholic Church IS the Church. It may be infiltrated, but it is the Church Christ founded and the "gates of Hell will not PREVAIL' against it. Doesn't mean Hell won't try like hell.

      • John, your reply is perfect and i agree you. The Catholic church was/is THE church Christ left behind with Peter, as in the "rock" of the church. Peter was the very first Pope. so get it straight my friend. Evil has gotten very far with separating people from the REAL church, but thats all he'll ever achieve. He won't win 😉

      • Gutterballet79 on

        The true "Church" is an invisible body of believers founded on the cornerstone or "Rock" named Jesus Christ, the one who died for the forgiveness of sins and the reason for the New Testament. It defies logic and common sense that God would only pick Peter of the twelve apostles seeing that the bible clearly states "God is no respecter of persons". Were Stephen or James not worthy to found a church? A colossal and purposeful misinterpretation of a key passage of scripture that has led to the death and persecution of millions of people at the hands of the Roman Empire/Catholic Church. Evidence points to all of the apostles helping to plant churches on several continents, chief among them being Paul the Apostle. The true "Church" is not made of mortar or clay. Nor was it fabricated from the mind of a politically expedient Emporor named Constantine and a sellout Bishop named Silvester who became THE FIRST POPE!!! Read your bible, PLEASE!!!! Know your "church's" history as well. You've been lied to!!!!

        Concerned ex -Catholic. First communion, baptism, confession, confirmation, catechism, 10 years of parochial school

      • You know in ancient times they didn't have church not did one have to pay tides – don't you think its a bit strange?

    • Almost all western Christian churches are branches from the Catholic trunk. IE. if it's the whore of Babylon as Jack Chick likes to claim then Protestant churches are the fruits of her fortification.

      I've never understood this line of Protestant criticism as it's a simple step to go from Alexander Hislop's argument to concluding that YHVH is just another pagan god that managed to survive into modern times.

      Also it's been my observation that many Protestant Churches are heavily infiltrated by Masons, Rosicrucians, and Jesuits.

      It should also be noted that Martin Luther's signet is the rose cross, and that the King James Bible was translated by Rosicrucians.

  24. This leaves the question why in Angels and Demons the Catholic Church is portrayed in such a negative way.

    • To separate people from the church…….To have the church be seen in a negative way and for people to believe the illuminati arent real.

      • TheGadsdenMinute on

        The Catholic Church and the illuminati are one in the same.
        What the movie is trying to say is that the Catholic Church is good and misunderstood. But if you look through history you'll see the pattern between the two

  25. I know a little bit about the Bilderbergs , the CFR and the other so called elites and I'm just now learning about the Illuminati or Freemasons and I have to admit , the way you broke down their history , while comparing it to current movie propaganda was amazing .

    First of all , this is one of the best organized web sites I've come across , with comments backed up with the historical record , compared to what the dis info Hollywood propagandist are pushing . We'll done and enjoyable to read .

  26. Shit, i started reading tond of information and it just leads u to new pages over and over again like there doesnt come an end… I saw angels and demons in the theater and i really see what the writer is trying to tell us with this article.. Thx for posting it.

  27. This is a great article which makes a very important point. I do not believe that most Freemasons are evil or dishonest, however I also do not believe that most Masons have any idea of the true inner meaning and purpose of Masonry. There is much disinformation on the internet in regards to the secrets of Masonry so the best source of truth are masons themselves. Albert Pike, the most important character in US masonry admitted in his book Morals and Dogma that the 30th 31st 32nd and 33rd degrees are initiated into the worship of Lucifer as their God. Pike also tells us that masonry is a religious faith and that it does have a political objective. Any material either film or article that leads you away from this fact is disinformation and down right lies. It becomes quite a concern when you realise that these people control the UN and want this to be the platform for their One World Socialist Government. The High level Masons and the Zionist Jews are connected by their belief in Kaballah. And Kaballah is the gateway into so called magic which in reality is Necromancy and Voodoo. Dont be fooled people because they are masters at deception. I will give you a deep hint by asking a question. Why was the fruit that lucifer the Serpent tempted Eve into eating from a tree called the tree of Life? Another question. How old is Kaballah? Can you now see a bit of what the Masons are hiding. Did the serpent open the eyes of Adam and Eve to the knowledge of Kaballah? I think so. Peace and do not forget that The Holy Spirit Of Christ is the True Light.

    • The tree that Satan tempted Eve to eat from was not called the Tree of Life; rather it was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad. There were two special trees located in the garden. This is the command God gave to Adam: "From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will positively die.” -Genesis 2:17,18

      The Bible does mention a tree of life, too. What is its significance? This is what the Genesis account reveals:

      " 'Here the man has become like one of us in knowing good and bad, and now in order that he may not put his hand out and actually take [fruit] also from the tree of life and eat and live to time indefinite,—' With that Jehovah God put him out of the garden of E′den to cultivate the ground from which he had been taken. And so he drove the man out and posted at the east of the garden of E′den the cherubs and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning itself continually to guard the way to the tree of life." -Genesis 3:22-24

      Evidently Adam & Eve would have gained access to the tree of life had they remained loyal to God and refrained from eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.

  28. Catholic church is an apostate church to anyone who has ever read their bible. It is apart of the Beast System.

    • Thank you!! The Catholic church IS evil. It's sad that on a website dedicated to teaching people about the truth, this particular fact was not mentioned. Anyone in doubt, look up an analysis of the Book of's pretty blatant.

      • It's really sad how ignorant protestants really are, besides from being bad willed, unable to recognize the simple fact that the Catholic Church is the church founded by Jesus. Protestantism is just men's heresy void of real content, hence the protestant countries were the first ones to succumb to modernity and the machinations of the evil one. Unfortunately there is no Pope anymore and all that's left of the church is a group of people who still keep the faith in our Lord JesusChrist.

  29. Thank you for the article. It ensured me in my first impression after reading Dan Brown that something was wrong with the way he portraited religions. Also his support of the high rank illuminati goddessism (da Vinci Code) doesn’t stand against the test of facts

  30. The bible was put together by pagan roman emporers for political purpose. I am pretty sure they changed most of the stories and added a few new ones like the book of Revelation. The Catholic church is not the only church committing horrendous crimes. Protestant churches are doing the same things, like murdering native american children in Canada. To me that indicates that both the catholic and protestant churches are part of the "beast system". No surprise if you believe that a book put together by pagan roman emporers is the word of god. Most like "christianity" and its opponent the "illuminati" are founded by the same people. Thesis and anti-thesis, resulting in the synthesis of a one world religion.

  31. Observer, the very fact that the Dead Sea Scrolls found dated back to 2 B. C. E. blows your theory out of the water. You're wrapped up in the occult illusion and trickery as much as the author of this site is.

  32. Hi Victor,

    I do not mean that I doubt the excistence of Jesus. My point is that the romans dissorted biblical history and changed it into something which serves their occult agenda. Distorting social movements and using them for their own purpose is an illuminati speciality. In case we want to know the true story of what happend we must have access to all documents regarding this time. They are locked up in the vatican however, so we have to do it the bible, a book which is edited for political purpose continously.

    • Curious Citizen on

      the arrivals is an interesting series BUT it misses out and ignored the WHOLE point which is that JESUS IS GOD

  33. Christianity itself is about believing that Jesus is the Son of God that died for our sins on the cross and was raised from the dead by the Father, so if we believe, we are made free from the curse of sin and death.

    So we are made new in the spirit, we become reborn and we also recieve Gods Spirit , now we are able to live a life in obedience to God because of the gift of salvation, without being saved it is impossable to be obediant to God and live a Holy life, as God wants us to live.

    As a child of God ( a person who has accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour ) we are commanded to live a blameless life to be exellent in what is good and to be inocent of evil, we are not to partake in anyting that is evil. You have to live as a child of God not as a child of the world. Read and study your bible the christian bible, The Word of God, not the vatican catholic fake bible. Stop watching worldly movies, listening to worldly music and reading worldly fictional and fantasy,occultic literature, which only purpose is to indoctrinate and brainwash the masses of people. Nothing in the "entertainment" industry is there to "entertain" you, it's there to influence and corrupt you.

    Jesus Himself warned us who the god of this world is, the father of this world and the father of lies, it is satan, lucifer. All the world leaders, world entertainers ( musicians, actors, directors.etc), world media, world bankers, vatican and not to forget the false american carismatic preachers( wolves in sheeps clothing, that are decieving lots of christians) all of or most of them are following lucifer and helping spreading his lies and luciferian doctrine.

    God's Word clearly states that after death comes judgement, if you rejected Jesus( the Truth, the Way and the Life) Gods only Son and His ways and you lived your life accoriding to the worlds ways and the worlds truth, which is satans ways and lies which leads to death not life, the judgement will be final and eternal.

    The bible clearly states that the lake of fire has been prepared for satan and his angels not for man, but because man is being decieved and doing works of evil and what the father of lies is telling them to do they

    will also be throan into the lake of fire, the second death.

    All hope is not lost, Jesus paid for our sins on the cross, you just have to believe in your heart that Jesus is the Son of God confess with your mouth and you will be saved.

    There is a lot of things in life that bring man to a fall, but woe to the people that are responsable for it.

    • Rising from the dead sounds like a zombie to me. Also what is so wrong with gaining knowledge ? I read this articles and wonder why is it so wrong to collect knowledge. I have seen stuff about about balance – what is wrong with that? Everything in this world has to balance itself out , satan can't exist without god and god can't exist with out satan same for men and woman,day and night . Everything on this planet and the spiritual plane needs each other.

      • Arlene Johnson on

        Jesus did raise from the dead. I can prove that, not that I need to, but just that I can. There is nothing wrong with gaining knowledge. Jesus said, And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

        You need to read Rev. 12:7-10. Our Creator doesn´t need satan. The proof is in those verses, especially the second and third of these. Read Rev. 22:3 too for God surely doesn´t need satan.

      • It's not about gaining knowledge in general, but about gaining specific knowledge. We can not say, that all knowledge is harmless and safe. And not everything in this world has its opposite, we just talk only about things, that have opposites and dont talk about things, that don't. Male-female is not the only way for all creatures in nature (remember biology). Not all pagan gods have their opposites. Darkness doesn't need the light, it can perfectly exist without light.

    • Gutterballet79 on

      I agree with believing in Jesus and that as believers, we are called unto holiness as such, but what angers me most is that some Christians believe that one must be holier than thou to confirm their sainthood. That is not biblical. Being called unto holiness and holiness being present to confirm one's salvation are two entirely differen matters. The latter of the two I wholeheartedly reject as self righteousness and hypocrisy. How holy is holy enough? The man on the cross on the right hand of Christ who believed didn't lead a sinless life. He merely acknowledged that he believed and trusted that God sent his son to die for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus told him that he would enter paradise with him. That simple. Several examples of this are found in the New Testament. Belief= salvation. God does admonish his people for not living for perfection but nowhere can it be found that that person loses their salvation to sin. David and Solomon both did horrible things, yet found favor with God. One even had the husband of his mistress murdered. If we are in agreement on this doctrinally, then ignore this post. For years I doubted my salvation due to habitual sin and the erroneous teachings of Lordship salvation.It wasn't until I was shown through scripture that Jesus paid for everything in full on the cross that I realized I will always be a sinner, just not a condemned sinner which I would deserve. Thanks for reading this and God bless.

  34. This article is on point. Please post more on Disney and the disinformations regarding Disney movies and symbols within the Disney movies. My friends and I have talked about that subject many times and go back and forth regarding the Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White. I love this site, and I hope to read and learn more and more from Vigilant.

  35. The Illuminati always leaves some occult signature when they carry out an event, especially one designed to move the world into the Kingdom of Anti-Christ, i.e., New World Order. The Kingdom of Anti-Christ is Astrologically declared to be the Age of Aquarius.

    Satanists love to express their beliefs and their goals in architecture.

    When the Illuminati designs an event intended to enhance the movement of any country toward the New World Order, they create a scenario that contains the following elements, with each element exaggerated to the highest possible degree. And, as advanced occultists, they will create the event according to favorite occult numbers, since they believe even the best plan needs to be executed according to favorable numbers.

    The basic elements which the advanced Black Magick witches of the Illuminati require in each of their planned events are as follows, with each element exaggerated to the highest possible degree:

    1. Trauma, stress, mental anguish, and sheer terror

    2. Destruction by a fire, preferably a conflagration.

    3. People must die as human sacrifices, a whole burning sacrifice.


    "No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation" (David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations).

    • Very true. However, I must say that there is yet another, more esoteric, translation of 'Ordo Ab Chao', and this harkens back into ancient Egypt (KMT): The word 'AB', in the ancient Egyptian language, means 'HEART', so what this phrase actually translates to, in my opinion, is: "The HEART [AB] decides between CHAO [CHAOS] and ORDER [ORDO]." In other words, the HEART [AB] is what stands between the forces of ORDER and CHAOS. To the Satanic Elite, and their chief assets, the Freemasons, either "route" is under their control. (However, all control is but an illusion). You are clearly a thinking person, and always remember, "Thinking is also a 'Super-Power'". —

  36. The Freemasons and the Illuminati are hand in glove.

    The Masonic temple at Alexandria, Virginia (the city itself was named after Alexandria, Egypt, and is a hotbed of Illuminati activity) is a center in the Washington, DC area for Illuminati scholarship and teaching. The leaders in this Masonic group were also Illuminists. The top Freemasons were also top Illuminists.

    There are occult leaders in the U.S. Government. Believe it or not, they want a one world government and a one world religion. There are over 800 thousand U.N. (Russian) troops on U.S. soil. These U.N. troops will disarm American citizens when martial law is declared and they will be policing Americans. The U.N. troops will fire on Americans while U.S. troops will not. That’s why they are sending U.S. troops to Afghanistan and Iraq.

    FEMA is the shadow government that has been waiting to take control and suspend the U.S. constitution.

    Occult leaders use occult symbolism and occult numerology. You have to understand there is no logic in the occult. Its not suppose to make sense to us. But the symbolism behind it is meant for those in the occult to recognize the message.

    As a Mason goes through the 32 degrees of the Scottish rite, he ends up giving worship to every Egyptian pagan god, the gods of Persia, gods of India, Greek gods, Babylonian gods, and others. As you come to the 17th degree, the Masons claim that they will give you the password that will give him entrance at the judgment day to the Masonic deity, the great architect of the universe. It is very interesting that this secret password is “Abaddon”.

    REVELATION 9:11 They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon. (NASB) Abaddon and Apollyon both mean “destroyer.” The ‘angel’ of the Abyss (Hell) is really the chief demon whose name is Abaddon. Masons claim then, that the diety they worship is Abaddon!

  37. I think it is a tragedy that anyone would think of Masons as anything other that child predators, that are screwing-up peoples kids while at school. Many sites project Freemasonry as being something mystical or Nobel, instead of what it really is. A cowardly mob. Their crimes won’t be investigated by the criminals that run the DA’s offices, and police departments, because the heads are all in Secret Societies. I was sexually abused as a child by these people. My blog is real. Its not some sort of controlled opposition, created by Secret Societies. Visit it:

  38. Great information, somehow you have missed out the jesuits, Adam Weishapvt was a jesuit of canon law. FBI, CIA and other important systems for control are all Jesuit controlled.


    Modern day America is a disgrace and embarrassment. Its run by a bunch of cowardly and treasonous Secret Societies that are screwing-up the country, by subversion. Regardless of what you have been taught, the problems with the white community (and black) are being self created by Secret Societies. (this includes Freemasonry, Eastern Star, and College Fraternities) They are waging a clandestine war on our kids.

    Social Engineering is a term that we haven't heard in a while. It was originally created as the brainstorm of Secret Societies. It was disguised as liberalism. The agenda was for Secret Societies to clandestinely (and quite ruthlessly) spread propaganda that encouraged race mixing. It was brought into our schools, and they even indoctrinated our youngest of children (in elementary school). Its intention was that only the dumb whites would sleep with coloreds. According to the Secret Societies, this would get them out of the gene pool. This was the real reason for racial integration of our schools, although it was disguised a liberalism.

    These agendas have ruthlessly (and clandestinely) been forced on kids in the south, and elsewhere, by Secret Societies. Often, sexually assaulting children for not accepting it, socially. I was one of those children.

    Although, recently it seems that these agendas have almost disappeared, or became more clandestine. These organizations pose a very serious threat to your kids? And its in every school system in America! Read my blog, to hear my story:

  40. The National Treasure…. Is one of the most impotant Issues that I believe everybody should focus in if they are really interested.

    As VigilantCitizen explained above I would Like to add one important information about the National Treasure……

    I dont know if people are aware of the power of Solomon Given to Him By God ( The Creatre Of the Whole Creation)….Solomon use to fly……..etc…. During the Times of Babylon when solomon came to the Babylions they started fighting againts him and The Devil powered the Babylionions with Magic Knowledge ( Kabalah is one of them). Solomon won the Kingdom and he took all the books and he buried them under his throne.

    Its this treasure they call the national treasure and they have being using these knowlege since then. art, encoding everything devilsh.

    They are not smarter than us it is Just they got Hold of some satanic system that was forbidden.

  41. TRIVIA:

    We all know that the so called Illuminati were founded on the 1st of May 1776.

    The Movie, Angels & Demons, has premiered on the 14th of May 2009. in more then half of the countries.

    So why wasn't it made symbolic and went on the 1st?

    Or it did!?

    The internationally accepted civil calendar is the Gregorian calendar.

    It is a reform of the Julian calendar, which is still in use by Orthodox Christian Churches.

    The difference in these two calendars is in 13 days…

    So when you covert from the Gregorian date to the Julian, you get 1st of May 2009.


    3 x 3

  42. I have been reading Dan brown's bs for a minute and a moment. i am also associated with former catholics that have been in Opus dei and so on

    As far as The Vatican is concerned, THEY KNOW this is a bomb to the Vatican——we all know that the Vatican is not holy—-i just find it interesting that this movie came out the same time that the Vatican had it's religious tolerance summit—-where they had every religion (including pagans and witchdoctors do rituals) as well as the Protestant Movement has assimilated into the Vatican culture.

    This movie spelled out to me that anyone that believes in CHRIST is gonna be done away with. The men that portrayed the Catholic Clergymen are NEVER that holy—and that's coming from former members I know personally.

    it's two-way propaganda. the rabbit hole is deeper than the abyss.

    • No, it's not that deep. The Catholic Church is the Church Christ founded. Its enemies tried to destroy it from the outside for 1700 years, and then moved inside. She is still THE Church. Come on in and join the REAL fight. The Illuminists laugh at protestants and enjoy their unwitting "help".

      • Arlene Johnson on

        John-The Illuminists only laugh at the protestants because they know that the churches have been co-opted. The biggest fraud of all is the Roman Catholic church. Here is proof from a former Roman Catholic. Google The Antichrist Conspiracy: Inside the Devil´s Lair by Edward Hendrie

  43. thank you for this article !

    I didnt see these movies or even read the davinci code, because although I was intrigued and asked myself close questions to those you raise, I had the intuition I had not too vague information about illuminati/nwo yet, and I would get manipulated and misinformed.

    While I was reading this, I reminded a comic book about cathares that I read as a child…
    It left me a great sense of wonder because it was about gnostic initiation of a templar though I couldnt see how explicit its symbolism was at the time. I had forgetten about it until now, so I could connect it to my researches… thank you for being so clear and explicit and helping me let this out.

    Anyway, I was also wondering if you could share an opinion about the serie “True Blood” someday ?

  44. Your deep n I’ve read a lot ov ur articles n learnt a lot. But if these lot are this bad n manipultive, then hw r u still gettin away wiv runnin a site lyk this??? Hw u knw so muchbout dem especially if dey info is meant 2 b disinformative?? Were u a Mason or part ov d illuminati who changd his/her ways??? Especially since readin ur articles i’ve learnt nt 2 jus believe anyfin n dats y am askin these questions. Pliz reply…..lukin 4ward 2 it

  45. As a muslim we already know this information. We know all about the anti-christ and him being one eye. He will rule from Jerusalem… These freemasons/illuminaties are just paving the way for him to come.

  46. All your articles are very well done. I would take this one to task on one major misstep.

    Close research will show that the illuminati were actually spawned by the Catholic Church (jesuits), who did take over freemasonry and eventually all the other secret societies, as a means of infiltrating/destroying the Protestant revolution. They work even today, as Protestants no longer protest and are one by one going back to the mother whore.

    To depict the odd fight between illuminati and the Catholic Church is fully understandable in the light of their endless use of Hegelian dialectic.

    Keep up the great work.

  47. Hahahahahahahahaha, i knew it. Misinforming the masses to make them believe that the Illuminati and the Masons are people who stand for good. It is a shame to see people are actually believing them. Really, Lucifer is the god of light and good? GIVE ME A BREAK!!

  48. Ferocious_Imbecile on

    Even more than the internet there is one person that is responsible for the current upsurge in interest in the Rosicrucians and Freemasons; Dame Frances Yates of the Warburg and Courtauld Institute.

    See her biography of Giordano Bruno and also her bood The Rosicrucian Englightenment as well as her Shakespeare’s Last Plays…

      • They'll say & do anything for you to willfully give up ur rights. God wants you to surrender to him right? Then we have Lucifer who is jealous of God, so which means he wants you to surrender to him as well. READ your bible (KJV). Anything God has Lucifer wants lol………….thou shall not COVET

    • @jessah

      how about the 2012?? what do they want to telll us??

      Disinformation, diversion, fear

      @danial The catholic church was never holy. It’s the truth. Now that I see the alleged goals of the Illuminati, I think some of them are right.

      No. The goal is to destroy and weak the religions in order to create a One world religion, under Lucifer rules.

      At this time, the Church was the primary target.

  49. I find it the epitome of ignorance when people accuse other groups of promoting “myths and fairy tales” about the Freemasons or the Illuminati, but then in the next sentence without a hint of irony refer to some Christian or other religious doctrine as some kind of valid truth when in reality they are the biggest fairy tale stories ever sold to the masses. Religion has always been about social control and about keeping ignorant people ignorant so that they don’t question the doctrine and agenda of the leaders of the supernaturalist groups. Symbolism, whether it be occult or religious, is open to subjective interpretation based upon your own education and your own personal worldview and perspecitive. To see Lucifer as the “evil dark lord of lies” is just more fairy tale propaganda right out of a collection of spurious ancient texts that were created and designed for one purpose, to keep mankind in ignorant darkness. So keep up the good work and keep on pointing out all the “evil” masonic symbolism around us, because in the end, you can keep holding on to your hopes of the return of your false messiah while the worthy amongst us learn the truth about reality and the universe in which we exist. Call me when Jesus (or Mithra or Osiris) comes back to Earth from Heaven and then we’ll talk…

  50. whoever said its great to be on the inside looking out hit it right on the money!

    i love fiction. many authors of fiction do a lot of research to entertain. great job vigilant, you’re very entertaining!

    i also like movies that mention freemasonry. good publicity for us… maybe it will make my annual dues less expensive! i’m a big dan brown fan. he writes nice well, researched fiction too.

  51. RE: we all know the illuminati was founded on the 1st of may 1776. Sorry man we dont all know that. Some of us actually look into shit and know the illuminati was formed hundreds of years before that. I have read Dan Brown's The lost symbol. It is evident that he is just an elitist puppet, a master disinformant. He makes the mason's out to be the good guys and makes it seem that they are just misunderstood. He fails to mention their ties to the idea of central banking, which currently enslaves most of the world. And to the dumbass who said that the catholic church is full of priests that touch little boys… Although the catholic church is corrupt, the plan for the illuminati is to attack the belief of God. Dont you think then, that these people may have created this to discredit the church, as well as alienate those who believe in a higher power? Just because your television tells you something doesnt make it fact. Next your going to tell me that you think carbon taxes are a good idea. Instead of trying to discredit this site, and those who are actually intellectual enough to think for themselves, why dont you help adress the clear cut problems to the rest of the sheeple.

  52. Until I read the very last paragraph and the conclusion my thoguhts were:

    Something doesnt add up. The Catholic Church as an institution is very steeped into the whole illuminati/free masonary/devil worship business. This can be seen through the Pope who is the recgonised head of the organisation. So with that said the Vatican/Catholic Church IS the Illuminati.

    So for all intents and purposes of this movie the Illuminati is fighting the Illuminati. But thats what they want us to believe isnn't it.

    Anyway in my opinion Vatican and Illuminati=RUBBISH.

    Keep shining forth the REAL light.

  53. Gladwin Stellenberg on

    Thank you VC. Hollywood is realy getting deeper into the occult through movies like Harry Potter,The golden compass etc.My only question is brah-how do u know all these things.

  54. Heyya, just wanted to start by saying how much I love this site!!! And now I have to say that for me the articles are becoming too complicated to understand what with there being loads of different secret societies and then when I read comments their too long and not short and simple. :( Other than that this site has really opened my eyes so THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH

  55. Tel me if all theas things are true and the world is beaing run by a grater highrarky. What are we the normal God loving persone to do. Because what you are saying is all good and well but what to do and one more thing if the iluminaty is busse feading us all theas lies then what is stoping you from being a iluminaty, for all I know you are one two. Don't get me wrong I love the fact that you are puting all this info on the web but how do I know you aren't feading us a loud of misleading info.

  56. ok all this info and nothing getting done america is in distress our flag should be upside down on the falg pole because we need help but not from the goverment or church. it is time we american depend on eachother give up these stupid ideas that keep us apart . "We the people" have the right and duty to not let these things happen. it dont matter if you are white or black our way of life is changing and we all are slaves and no one is free as long as we let our government run the show. its time for revolution. if nothing is done soon i see civil war this time it will be the american people against the american government. its time we all wake up and stop government tell us what is best for up god bless you and god speed. Public Defender

  57. hey vigilant this stuff is nice. i already shared some of the information about the new world order to my friends. they were surprised to know about this. thank you so much for passing the vital information to all of us god bless you

  58. I like the article but I agree the jesuits need to be represented in all illuminati theories. They had an illuminati agenda right from the start in 1500s and started opening schools in Poland and Germany and converting people to Catholisism their own way. Alot of them are masons and they succeded in taking over the Vatican in 1978 by murdering newly elected Pope John Paul Ist who knew what was going on and wanted to throw masons out of catholic church. They also killed the head of the Swiss Guard and his wife a couple of days later. Then they installed John Paul 2nd a Polish guy who was their puppet and now the German guy who is also their puppet both of them worked for the Nazis in their youth. The current Pope worked as a salesman for IG Farben and sold Zyklon B gas. The real Pope is the "black pope" who is a jesuit leader Superior General Adolpho Nicolas.

  59. Hi everyone.It's the first time i've taken time to read through your info,and all these comments.I did appreciate the author info! Guess what? A great thinker would say: ~The Masses~(symbol of ignorance) wrongfully think,or do not think at all. I think this great thinker is right! Why? Because one can't get the TRUTH out of the Masses.Unless one steps out of the masses,thinks out of oneself to get accurate knowledge!One can ever get accurate knowledge only through the help of the mighty HOLY SPIRIT of God;that is Christ Jesus! Who does not know that it is the 'still' Roman empire,clothed in the catholic,apostat,ecumenical church that is misleading the 'whole world'! unless you are born from above to be able to know this beautiful truth! The Pope:A mere man who incarnates all religions in himelf.Who claims to be 'The great saint Peter'.Pretending to serve Christ,when actually he ain't! He exalts himself above all,and claims to be God's representative on earth…Why can't everyone notice He is the Man of sin,the lawlessness,and the Great Anti-Christ prophet Daniel and the book of Revelation is talking about about!? Beware,for the Great tribulation is near! Repent now! Until the the times end, the man called 'Pope' and Satan will rule the world under God's soverinity! It is only at the end of the time that he will be revealed as the 'Great Anti-Christ! Remember Prophet Daniel says: ''In those days those who are wise will instruct many,……at the appointed time''.Daniel 11:33-35(NIV).This is what i had to tell you folks.Stop from speculating here and there.The Way,the Truth,the Life is Jesus-Christ! Amen! If anyone ever wanted true knowledge,it is Christ! The whole world is getting darker and darker in the matter of knowledge! Christ is TRUE knowledge.As for Free Masonry and the Illuminati,may evryone lets Christ enlighten them over this Wonderful subject! Seek Christ first! The rest you will definitely find out and see it as clear crystal as long as you abide by him along your journey towards the WONDERFUL HEAVEN of GOD! May the Lord bless ya'll.Wish ya'll LOVE and PEACE.Amen!

  60. TrustNotThySight on

    1.) RE: whoever said its great to be on the inside looking out hit it right on the money!

    i love fiction. many authors of fiction do a lot of research to entertain. great job vigilant, you’re very entertaining!

    i also like movies that mention freemasonry. good publicity for us… maybe it will make my annual dues less expensive! i’m a big dan brown fan. he writes nice well, researched fiction too.

    2.)To be on the inside looking out is such a treat.

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, let's not puff our chests out, shall we, because, trust me, if you both are a part of this organization, you are peons.Im sure this type of probing makes you feel good, huh? Like you made the right choice to join a secret organization, huh? How weak and pathetic!

  61. "Until I read the very last paragraph and the conclusion my thoguhts were:

    Something doesnt add up. The Catholic Church as an institution is very steeped into the whole illuminati/free masonary/devil worship business. This can be seen through the Pope who is the recgonised head of the organisation. So with that said the Vatican/Catholic Church IS the Illuminati.

    So for all intents and purposes of this movie the Illuminati is fighting the Illuminati. But thats what they want us to believe isnn’t it.

    Anyway in my opinion Vatican and Illuminati=RUBBISH.

    Keep shining forth the REAL light."

    Excellent point. This is something the original article fails to mention. The best way to subvert the Catholic church is to infiltrate it. Look at the whole paedofile scandal. The Vatican HAS BECOME the Illuminati of the false light.

  62. Hey Vigilant

    Great article, thoroughly analyzed and researched. You amaze me from time to time how much knowledge you have on this subject.

    I've watched 'Angels and Demons' and I kept on eye out for the visual symbolism, but the only thing that I noticed was when Robert shoves the leaves away, and discovers a satanic star with an eye in the middle. I failed to notice anything else. This really makes me see what the movie truely means.

  63. Isn't that sad. I actually fell for those movies. I guess I got caught up in the romanticism and fairytale-like storyline of those movies. I even started reading some of Dan Brown's new book, the title escapes me for some reason, and thought I was actually learning about these "secret societies. Boy do I feel stupid. Never crossed my mind that they were actually giving disinformation. Naturally I always thought that the movie industry was free and independent from corruption. Little did I know that "they" control it as well. Man, nothing is sacred anymore is it.

  64. I find it strange, yet very odd to say the least that almost nearly everyone who posted say how we're being duped by secret society this and disinformation and how dumb they were to just follow what the government, church, and movies showed or told them. Yet again you're doing the same thing every Sunday at church, in your History classes, and even on this website. Don't take what I'm saying the wrong way, but just because you assume you gained enlightment, knowledge, intelligence, or information from this site gives you no right to call everyone else "sheeple" because if you really think about you too are sheeple following every word, ideal, opinion, assumption, and theory that The Vigilant Citizen feeds you! It would do you guy and gals a lot of good to quit trying to choose sides. Everything that was ever learned or taught was merely the oppinion, perception, assumption, ideal, and theory of someone else…so who's to say they were correct or good-will intended people? And just because someone TOLD you that something was written B.C.E. or inspired by God doesn't make it the truth…its just their OPINIONS or his story (HIStory). By the way I do believe in a higher being, I just find the other stuff that comes along with it unbelievalbe. Food for Though… "A lie is lie, just because someone took the time to write it down doesn't make it the truth" -author Unknown.

  65. The Great Architect on

    I wanna be a member of The Illuminati because after read their objectives that you wrote I realised that I agree with them

  66. BUT more proof is needed, being someone who extensively studies english, you can get just about any picture, movie, music video etc and pick at it and manipulate/mold it into your own belief and view. Seriously i could turn everything you just said and say the movie was hating on jews or muslims or whatever because of x y z. Any educated person would realise that ANYTHING can be molded to see it how you want to see it.Though good on you for expressing your views…

  67. If we are to believe that it is the Illuminati's agenda to allow *their* disinformation to permeate society and place them in a positive view, who's to say the reverse is not possible for their opposing forces? This may be splitting hairs but, this particular entry has not done anything deeper than applied the same bit of symbolism to these two movies that's been applied to the other media sources displayed throughout the sight. Truly there must be something deeper to it all that you can demonstrate instead of going in circles with the same information. So in a sense, you are simply reporting on topics using the same dribble of information that you say "they want us to know" without revealing any deeper substance that anyone with a computer and access to the Internet, or access to a bookstore, couldn't learn elsewhere. As What's in a Name pointed out, we receive the same indoctrination that you speak of the Illuminati place on it's "subjects" in church. Hell, we're indoctrinated to someone else's interpretation of "enlightenment" and it's good/ills in our school systems and just about every step on our walk of life. I will not disagree that there seems to be an undeniable push towards a certain agenda, but isn't that what we do? Isn't that what this Blog does? Passive aggressively under the guise of presenting "facts" for "us" to ponder on and decide to adopt as we like, but what's really the difference? Apparently, if there is a spiritual agenda attached to all of this in the sensationalistic way it's preached here and on other sites, then judge by the way things are going your attempts to "enlighten" us on it isn't working because they are still "winning".

    Truth of the matter is, you can find *any* meaning out of *any* form of media if you look hard enough because in reality, all the stories repeat. It's just someone before "us" came along, saw the message and learned how to use it to manipulate the masses through various medium using whichever version of the story drew the most followers of their agenda, knowing most people would get hooked on it at some point..

    I appreciate your views, and I can say I learned a bit and was thoroughly entertained by what I've read thus far, but as Nomad said, there needs to be more definitive proof.


  68. The Great Architect on

    I say that Catholic Church is nothing more than one big,long brain-washing.Always has been and will be until someone brings it down

  69. vigilant you should really read the quran for more pointers. i saw something about moses hiding books on black arts (kabalah) beneath the temple of solomom, and can you please write an article on 9/11 the mega ritual to clear muslims name. at first i really thought it was because bush wanted afghanistans oil so he set the whole thing up but now i KNOW it was a ritual

  70. The catholic church was never holy. It's the truth. Now that I see the alleged goals of the Illuminati, I think some of them are right.

  71. how about Two and Half Men's episode "Hi, Mr. Horned One"???

    the whole episode is about Satan and Satanic rituals.. just saw it today

    and i must say i was quite surprised at what i saw and heard.

  72. I've watched this movie called "Death Of Evil". While i was watching, i noticed Heaps of demonic/Blasphemecy and occult meaning. But it seemed as if the freemasons were actually exposing themselves, because it was so obvious. Im guessing the movie is trying to expose them or be against them?

  73. Good article, indeed. Maybe there's someone who still asks himself why the filthy freemasons are outing the secrets of their lodges…

    1. The lower degrees are just the outer portico of the masonic institution. So, the blue grades are bullied and got lied from the upper echelons (inside the masonic temple).

    2. Dan Brown is just a sellìout who got zillions of copies of this propagandistic pamphlet. Nothing new, indeed, as the minor information given here has been rewarded with tourists to the temple and other locations inside and outside the inverted pentagram that lies into Washington, D.C.

    3. Masons are just the useful idiots for those who make the world go round.

  74. ok I'm sorry but I think you are also trying to propagate false information. The Vatican ARE part of the illuminati. The Vatican is fillied with one-eyed great architect symbols as are many catholic churches. While the movie is trying to fake the existence of the illuminati, you are trying to disassociate any relation between the vatican and the elite. The question left is why?!

  75. the torch of lucifer, interesting, i have a verse from the Quran which speaks about Muhammad being chase by a devil with a torch, and gabriel then releases a prayer to him which makes the light of the torch go out it will fall

    Hadith – Al-Muwatta 51.10

    Yahya related to me from Malik that Yahya ibn Said said, "When the Messenger of Allah was taken on the Night Journey, he saw an evil jinn seeking him with a torch of fire. Whenever the Messenger of Allah turned, he saw him. Jibril (Gabriel) said to him, 'Shall I teach you some words to say? When you say them, his torch will be put out and will fall from him.' The Messenger of Allah said, 'Yes, indeed.' Jibril(Gabriel) said, 'Say, 'I seek refuge with the Noble Face of Allah and with the complete words of Allah which neither the good person nor the corrupt can exceed, from the evil of what descends from the sky and the evil of what ascends in it, and from the evil of what is created in the earth and the evil of what comes out of it, and from the trials of the night and day, and from the visitations of the night and day, except for one that knocks with good, O Merciful!" "'

  76. Great article but you got something wrong…the knights of templar are still around and the part about the Vatican not going with what the templar’s were about is wrong they were known to practice the Kaballah, many forms of magic and the black arts. that is what the Vatican still practices till this day… read up on Albert Rivera ex Jesuit priest they staged that it ended to make it a secret society again lol who do you think give the illuminati there orders it’s the Vatican and the illuminati are hand and hand. Also the Rothschild’s are said to get there orders directly from Satan himself… then comes the counsel of 13 the highest 13 witches in the world, then the counsel of 33 the top 33 masons in the world then the counsel of 500 the most riches companies and people in the world..etc etc… too much to….it goes deeper than you guys how obama and brad pitt are cousin, and Clinton and Angelina Jolie are cousin Madonna, lady gaga, etc…

  77. Dont you think the Catholic Church is in bed with the illuminartists? I cant see how Satan can't be the head of the Catholic Church. The Bible is so painstaking in its description of the beast, the anti-Christ and the false prophet of the end times, that the organisation Satan uses to decieve during the hell-on-earth to come, (condemning many millions to eternal damnation by the act of worshipping the image of the beast) cant be any other BUT the Catholic Church… surely? Our Lord God, in his gift to us of the Bible even gives us the colours that the whore (false prophets church) will wear. Scarlet and Purple. Sounds familiar to me. I think Hollywood's got a double double cross in their somewhere. For sure they're trying to prevent people from embracing Christianity, but I reckon they love the Catholic Church as they prepare for what they think is going to be their transformation to diety like beings that entitles them to evade the judgement of God. Have you seen the astronomical shots of Niburu? Its on its way.

    Focus on Jesus. Everything on this site is true. Only Jesus has your best intrests at heart. Please believe.

    • what would you mean by the hell on earth in which way are you trying to put it. Just try and tell me something about this if it is alrite with you.

  78. People are dumb for believing in Dan Brown's fictitious books, like when everyone was duped into reading the Da Vinci Code began to mix reality with fairytale. National Treasure is a fun movie to watch regardless of their intentions to sway our opinion about the freemasons.

    I learn about these secret brotherhoods from other sources, not Hollywood movies. Everyone should know that movies are not history books!

  79. I think Dan Brown's books are still entertaining even if they don't portray true facts. I read the books with that in mind. I was enjoying the story for what it was: fiction; and it was pretty good in my opinion.

    Great article btw!

  80. The tragedy of our time is that all information concerning spirituality (as well as politics and economics) are just google away, but as everybody's minding his own daily business to survive, there's simply not enough time to study relevant articles and books. For instance, I've tried enthusiastically, for years, to learn and to spread what I've learned, but it seems that virtually nobody is interested. My conclusion is that not everything branded with "illuminati" is satanic, nor everything branded with "christian" is sacred. There's a mixture of two. There's almost 3 millenium old spiritual knowledge, it is not taught at schools, there's no possibilities to acquire that knowledge, except to live like hermit and relinquish all the worldly pleasures. And finally, when you are able to teach someone something, nobody wants to listen, they'd rather listen to superstition, either religious or 'scientific'. For decades, there haven't been adequate spiritual teacher, who would teach people real knowledge, yeah, hard to understand, comprehensive, but close to spiritual truth. Nor is Pope in possesion of spiritual truth, nor are illuminatis, of the 'power elite'. Certain spiritual researchers of the 20th century were just in possesion of the parts, bits of knowledge. We badly need spiritual truth, and of course just political-economical system. What we have now is just badly fragmented spiritual truth and unjust politics.

  81. I was forced to watch National Treasure 1 and 2 MULTIPLE TIMES every year in my fucking school. Apparently it was the only movie they could think to show us. I swear I know every line to both movies and i don't want to. This is totally irrelevant, I'm sorry. Anyway…. great article ^_^.

  82. Dear Sirs,

    It depresses me that anyone is truly taken in by something such as this. For the first part, does it occur to you that films truly are created to make money. Even if they seem to influence people's opinion this is their primary aim. If putting all your illuminati symbols in makes them more money, then that is what they will do. It's just supposed to be exciting and interesting. They are even eager for people like you to read these articles, because that publicises their films even more. One more thing. If the Illuminati control the entire world, and if they are so powerful, why don't they do anything. Why would they allow a recession which would inevitably lose them money. All you achieve on this page is to publicise some films which aren't that great. Bravo.


  83. And what about flow on effects of control. Of note from top of my head are 3movies.

    1. Long Kiss goodnight (1996)-where a terrorist plot to destroy a building in NY leads to a few thousand deaths-sound familiar?

    2. Enemy of the State (1998)-Will Smiths character shows a passport & his dob is…u guessed it 11Sep1940

    3. Matrix (1999)-Neo/Anderson shows passport & expiry date is…drum roll…….u guessed it.

    So many dates to choose from, so many coincidences in such types of movies too, they werent romantic comedies. They were battle types, good vs evil.

    And as above, the Evil ones think they are good as The dark one does.

  84. But don’t you think that Religion is the worst Mind Control at all ?
    Far worse than any movie could ever be, it subdues the weak minded sheep into believing. And who believes doesn’t want to know.

    • I disagree with you. If you have a religion and believe live after death, then religion will be your only savior in the after live. Most religion spread goodness. Hollywood movies spread hatred, killing, have no family values etc.

      • Religion spreads lies for weak minded sheep who are fooled into believing absurdities like "Life after Death" and who are ready to do all kinds of evil to achieve this. So i stick to my opinion that Religion is far worse than politics or movies.

  85. With all of these artists coming out now trying to dispel it and the ignorant masses trying to speak on something of which they have no knowledge, you definitely should do a follow-up on this article

  86. Excellent article! And it shouldn't be surprising at all to find disinformation about Freemasonry and other secret societies in Hollywood movies, especially when you consider that ALL of the major (and many minor) motion picture studio companies were founded by Freemasons. Here is a list of just a few, with the lodge they were stated (by various sources) as belonging to:

    Harry, Jack, and Samuel Warner (Warner Bros.), Mount Olive Lodge No. 506, California

    Louis B. Mayer (MGM), St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York

    Darryl F. Zanuck (20th Century Fox), Mt. Olive Lodge No. 506, California

    Adolph Zukor (Paramount), Centennial Lodge No. 763, New York

    Carl Laemmle (Universal), Pacific Lodge No.233, New York

    Harry Cohn (Columbia), Pacific Lodge No. 233

    D.W. Griffith (United Artists), St. Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York

    Douglas Fairbanks Sr. (United Artists), Beverly Hills Lodge No. 528, California

    Though Walt Disney has never been officially named as belonging to any Masonic lodge, he was, however, a member of DeMolay International, a Masonic-sponsored youth organization (named after the famous Grand Master of the Knights Templar) that was founded by Mason Frank S. Land and is very closely modeled after Freemasonry (think "Freemasonry for kids"). Also, you will find that Anaheim Lodge No. 207 is the sponsoring body for Walt Disney Chapter, Order of DeMolay, and there's always the curious "Disneyland Club 33", a private club that utilizes the revered and symbolic number of the Grand Master Mason. So there you go.

    And just as a curious aside, the Hollywood Masonic Temple on Hollywood Blvd. (where they now film Jimmy Kimmel Live!) was bought by Buena Vista (Disney) in 1998. I'm sure there's no connection.

  87. my take on it,

    freemason, and other "secret" societies membership is down.

    it's all very old people now.

    they need new members badly.

    what better way then to portray these societies in fiction?

    that way their secrets can remain secret, and they get advertising without advertising.

    just my opinion, and observation

  88. nice analysis about freemasons.

    The symbols used by these masons and illuminati dudes are very consistent with the anti-Christ stuff in many music videos ive observed. And with mass media, almost everything goes against the standards or commandment set by God. Sin in promoted in public but not as sin, but as something not much to be avoided.

  89. Let me tell you something about these ''illuminates'', these ''enlightned ones'', these ''god-men'':they have no power of their own.They are only intermediates between the human masses and the ones that ''give'' them the ''power''.And the ones that ''give'' them the ''power'' are not human, and thus cannot reveal themselves to the public (or atleast, not yet).They need these ''hosts'' (masons and other cultists) to present and implement they plans to the human race.I studied many secret societies & books on magic and I can assure you that almost all of them gravitate around one single thing:demonic communication & communion.Now, these demons give the worshipers anything that they desire in the physical plane (our world), and in exchange, the masons (politicians,scientists,doctors,military officials,secret agencies officers,police officers,judges,bankers,architects, etc.) must create the perfect conditions in our society so that they can build The New Eden.A Eden of Sin,Heresy,Atheism and Deception disguised as a perfect place to live in, rulled by the ones who created it:Lucifer and his angels (demons).Now let me tell you how the templars were born.Our story starts from the Old Testament, from the time of the Exod.I will start telling you something very important about the Egyptian royalty & civilization and how it became one of the greatest empire in recorded history.The royal bloodlines from today have decended from those of Egypt.Like you already know, most members of the royal families are masons and they gather their ''power'' from the fallen angels.Now you know what the gods of Egypt were (and almost all the gods of the ancient pluri-religions were):fallen angels, desguised depending on the culture and place.The Egyptian royal families were magicians and ''their power'' came from their gods.Now, Moses (who was a messenger of the true god:Adonay/Allah) tried to free the servants of these tyranic dinasty and let them to the Middle East (as you already know).But beeing so much time around these Pharaohs, some of the servants learned (or written) some of their secrets.After some time, they started to put them in practice in the Middle East and they restarted the communication with the gods.So, God/Adonay spoke to King Solomon and told him to get all these magical books from the people and hide them under his palace/temple.Also God gave to him,and only to him the right to communicate with 2 races from our world (jews & arabs) and with 2 races from the other side (angels & demons).The Templar society was founded in France by the magician Jaques de Molay (who probably communicated somehow with the demons and learned from them the location of the magic books) with the single and only purpuse to retrieve the knowledge that was hidden in the basement of the temple (this is were the name camed from).It consisted of 7 members so you may call it a united elitist society.Disguised as crusaders and protectors of the pilgrims that travelled to Jerusalim, and with the aproval of the Pope, the Templars managed to reach the Holy Land and retrieved the magical texts.After returning to Europe they starded conjuring these demonic spirits in their ceremonies.With the aid of the economic craft known as loaning that they learned from the jews and with the aid of their demonic ''partners'' their power began to increase in Europe at the point of beeing nearly equal to that of the Vatican.Learning from spies from where the power of the templars camed from, the Vatican (from purely egocentric, not religious reasons) decided their extermination.Their leader and some of them were executed, but the others fled to Great Britain (the place of the first recorded bank, the Scottish Rite and The York Rite.hmm…I wonder who created them!?).In the 1700, they reamerged as masons or freemasons and spread all over the world.It is interesting that after the English freemasonry was created (1717), immediately they returned in their motherland (France) creating the french freemasonry (1719).I will like you to read also the commentary i left at the Metropolis article regarding the Tower of Babel.

  90. This may come as a shock, but:religious organisations (like Vatican) were not created to promote the word of God, but to destroy it.Isn't weird that after 330 years after Christ's crucification, the same people that rejected and murdered him (the jews and the romans) were the ones to declare him as son of God and as God himself .I'll tell you the thruth about Jesus.He was not a god, but a prophet of God like Mohammed and Moses.A clear evidence is in his last words on the cross:why have you forsaken me?If Christ was god,don't you think that he should known the answer to that question.Still, i'm sure that he existed, that he preached the word of God (love,peace,generosity,kindness & friendship) and he died like a martyr like all great prophets and followers of God.Now, who founded christianity?It was founded by the Emperor Constantine of Rome.As you see,he was of royal blood and i already told you from where these royal families get their ''power''.This religion was based on the dessecration of the first Four and most important Comandments of the Old Testament.I live in an orthodox country and i will translate them from this side of view :

    1.I am the Lord, your God, you shall not have no other gods before me.

    2.You shall not make for yourself an idol, neither an appearence of the things that are in the sky,or down on earth,or in the waters lower than the earth.Do not bow before them and do not serve them.

    3.Do not take the name of the Lord in vain.

    4.Remember the day of rest, so you can keep it holy

    1.Christianity has THREE gods:The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit (dove symbol)/The Father,The Son & the Virgin Mary->The Father God,The Son God and The Mother Goddess->Osiris,Horus(The Sun God) & Isis (Egypt)->Nimrod,Tammuz and Semiramis/Ishtar (dove symbol)(Sumer/Babylon)(Have you ever noticed that the Pope is praying predominantly to the Virgin Mary (the Mother Goddes is frequently associated with the Moon and the astrological color of the Moon is white->that is why the pope is dressed in white) and is associated with the dove(Columbidae->Columbia->Columbia pictures lady->Statue of Liberty->Mother Goddess/Moon worship).The priests that walk beside him are dressed in black & red (black=Saturn/Satan/Death, red=Mars/War/Blood).These are the representants of Chrisitanity!For more symbols check the city of Vatican (it is hard to miss the Egyptian obelisk)

    2.Iconography is the idol worshipping of yesterday.In the second commandment God clearly sais that no creation of His is to be worshipped INCLUDING:saints,angels,Christ,virgin Mary,prophets and other representation of any thing or creature no matter if it is loyal to God or not.This is clearly the hidden hand of the demons that want people to worship the creation and not the Creator.In the Qur'an the image makers are clearly accused by Allah himself (because he is the only creator of things and only Him can put life into them).

    3.A lot of disinformation was put in the catholic and orthodox protocols and books about God and his work and it is reproduced by the priests and their followers:one i have allready mentioned upwards->the false statement that Jesus Christ was god.

    4.In the Orthodox and Catholic religions the holy day is Sunday.SUN DAY (sun worship).In the mozaic religions the holy day is Sabbath/Saturday.Still i'm personally not sure of that because if you include an ''n'' in this word it becomes SATURN DAY.As many of you don't know, these cultist have named the days of the week according to planets and their gods:Monday (Moonday),Tuesday (in my language is called Marti->Mars),Wednesday (in my language is Miercuri->Mercury),Thursday (in my language is Joi->Jupiter), Friday(in my language is called Vineri->Venus).I don't know, maybe they are trying to put confussion over the Day of God (When God rested after the creation).

    Now let's take a look at the Inquisition.The Vatican was falsely associated by the masses with the concept of God.The inquisition had the role of transforming the positive concept of God (merciful,kind,loving,affectuous) into a negative one (crude,punishing,severe,merciless).So, the people associated teachings of God with the teachings of this tyrannic regime.It's like in the classroom:if a severe teacher gives you forcefully the knowledge, you tend to dismiss it because the teacher is behaiving badly with you (this doesn't means that the knowledge/information is bad/false).This stage had the role of making the humans question the truthness of the belive in God.After the demons were done with this period, and using the doubt of God in the human minds, a new period had to be borned->the renaissance, a period when spirituality is slowly replaced with sciences & arts.Then it came the Industrial Period (started in England, little time before the Templars reamerged as freemasons).And now the supreme atheist period->The Age of Science when monotheistic religions will be totally replaced (and for the humans that will still be atracted to spirituality->New Age religions and sects).I advise you not to lose your fate in the Creator (although i cannot see him, i know it's there, although i cannot touch him, i feel him in my soul and body, although i cannot hear him it guides me through this world) beacause that is what these demons want.I am not denying the angels,the prophets or the saints, i respect them for giving the world the message of God, but i will not worship them because One is my Lord and i shall have no other.

  91. The funniest thing about this whole situation is that the antimatter or "light"/bomb used in this movie to blow up the Vatican was completely unrealistic at the time this movie was made. However this year early november the scientist at CERN were actually capable of trapping antimatter….it seems that the plot thickens.

  92. Dear, I like what you wrote you gave me good explanations for the movies especially Angels & Demons, but I have one thing to say, for me I believe Galileo was one of the Illuminati, because of his theory the revolving around the sun, I believe its part of their plans to create more atheist people around the world, (& look closely we are talking about sun their god & planets are worshiping it) there is no proof of the revolving, if you search closely & ask some scientist you'll get this answer after a major argument : "there is no other acceptable theory other than this" or "its the most rational one" & til now there is no picture or video (& we are in the technology golden age!) & for NASA I don't believe anything coming of them, they are the biggest, worst frauds & thieves ever!

  93. While I can follow and agree with what was written here (to an extent), I think there are some elements that you’re trying to stretch into something more significant than they really are. For example, the transition from the mans face into the all-seeing eye pyramid. There’s nothing secretive or hidden about that, it was done purposely and is meant to be somewhat blatant as the seal is a part of the movie. It’s even in the National Treasure logo. Yes I agree, freemasonry was heavily romanticized for the movie without a doubt… but I think what you might be forgetting here is the bottom line, which is these are just movies, entertainment and nothing more. Yes, some information is false. But this is a Disney movie, and they’re not trying to get bogged down with specific dates and numbers, otherwise kids won’t follow. Referring to Ben Gates’ torch as “luciferian” is another long stretch. The decision by the filmmaker to give him a torch as opposed to say, a flashlight, is again just another attempt to make the scene more romantic/exotic etc… not to include some hidden symbolism to lucifer, the Illuminati, etc. I’m not blasting what you wrote or anything, just saying there might not be as much behind this as you think. Otherwise I think it was very well put together and I love the articles on your site.

  94. An interesting story is the greek legend of the lesser god/titan Prometheus.In it, it is said that Prometheus created man from clay.It is said that Prometheus gave man intelectual & technological knowledge when he stole the fire from the gods with a torch.He mocked the offerings to the gods that were given by humans:the gods asked the humans for an animal sacrifice (a bull);Prometheus gave the good, eatable parts of the bull to the humans and hid the bones and the guts under the skin of the bull that the humans gave to the gods.

    Now, if we analyse this legend from a biblical perspective,replacing the higher gods with God/The Creator and replacing Prometheus with Lucifer, here is what it says:

    Lucifer created man from clay.As you know, that's false.

    Lucifer gave man (Adam & Eve) intelectual & technological knowledge when he stole it from God's Tree of Knowledge.(Prometheus is also known in secrets societies as Bringer of Fire/Bringer of Light.So does Lucifer.The torch is a luciferian symbol mainly used in Freemasonry and the supreme god of freemasonry is Lucifer->see Albert Pike, Manly P. Hall;For them, Prometheus is some kind of hero god, see the statue that Rockafeller built in his honour.At the Olympic Games->the runner symbolizes Lucifer/Prometheus running with the knowledge that he stole from God;also the olympic circles represent the circles of Saturn->Satan, so we have two symbols of the devil representing the greatest sport competition in the world)

    Now, in the Old Testament, animal sacrifices were made towards God so that humans showed respect, admiration and gratitude towards the protection, the mercy and the gifts of The Creator.In the Prometheus legend, the message of Lucifer is this one:be selfish, the Creator hasn't done anything for you, this is your merit.

  95. One more thing i wanted to add, i got so caught up, so many things to say. Im just truly ashamed of us as a people unfortunately. Ok back to the topic. Have you noticed how much of a divide our society is in these days? I swear i havent been alive too long to really have a full grasp of things(23 years) but as far as i can tell, HATE is more rampant now than EVER before. East side,West side, south,black,white,yellow,brown. Why do we put ourselves into these categories? We are PEOPLE that all share the same world. We are all uniquely different in certain aspects which in my opinion is what makes human beings so beautiful and powerful. But if you really take an objective look at the way things are going on in the world around us. I think its pretty safe to say, that the powers that be, are succeeding in their mission to divide us as the people. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

    • Eli, the whole world is "lying in the power of the wicked one". Regardless of what someone's beliefs or non-beliefs are, people easily dismiss the fact that everything we see is a result of our original parents rebellion and so called "independence" from God, there by making this world system a result of our rebellion, Satan's influence, and our own hubris of thinking we can rule ourselves without God. So He permits this suffering we are going through, not because he is unwilling to do anything about it (because His son Jesus will execute His judgement soon) but to show us how our version of government and self-rule will end up, and right now, it's looking very bad for humankind in general…

  96. Ok, first off id like to state that i do believe in god, just not religion as humans paint it. This being said, I try to keep an open mind at all times. This article was well written and is very thought provoking, and suprisingly, so is alot of the comments from readers. What i wanna bring to the conversation is, If there is a god who’s purpose was to teach all things good. Then why does he let all these evil things in the world happen? If god existed and is so powerful then why is there a constant struggle between good and evil. Since society was created I am sure that there’s always been an inbalanced struggle between good and evil. Could it be perhaps that we forged all of the things we know to be “facts” over time. Think about it, all these things you people are citing happened hundreds even thousands of years ago. How can you prove them to be true? You can’t. But you’ll say “of course we can there is written proof from the ages”. Well, for as long as we’ve known there has always been war, it seems as though its in human nature. Well dont the victors of said war write history? If the truth was on the losing side is it still the truth when it gets erased from the history books? The bottom line is, as long as there’s people, there will always be a struggle between said good and evil. The undeniable fact is, the world is in the worst state its ever been in, mentally. You’ve got dumbed down society more than ever with people just believing the news as if they were the all knowing and mighty gospel. Get a brain people. We the people will always be the strongest factor but only when we are united. You see, the people in power know this, and you have to know that there ARE people in power. As someone else commented earlier, Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So it’s only safe to say the richest (most powerful) people in the world could and probably do have many influences over our world and the way it works. Do you not see the devastation our world is going through? Are you so robotic to work and pay bills and only concerned with yourself that you dont see the bigger picture? You could say fuck it, no body else cares, so why should i? Here’s why, eventually, when enough people stop caring about whats happening to the common man as a whole, it will affect every single one of us individually. If we arent fighting for ourselves then who will? Surely not the people who already have all the power and are planning on making it worse for us. Ignorance is a disease that spreads most rampant. America is suppose to be one of the most powerful countries in the world. Yet our school system is terrible. You have to spend half of your life paying off debt to pay for a degree that allowed you to make that money in the first place, HUH? You have to pay for health care when other countires have universal. GUESS WHAT, OUR WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND MONEY. MONEY IS THE VERY ROOT OF ALL EVIL. GREED. PLEASE, TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING TV AND RADIO AND READ AND OPEN YOUR MIND. ONLY WE AS THE PEOPLE ARE CAPABLE OF CHANGING OUR FUTURE. This upcomming generation i feel is becomming more and more of a lost cause. The window of opportunity is closing. If we dont ACT. Well…. I guess we’ll all see, the biggest regret of our lives.

  97. morpheuswasright on

    we give them more credit then they deserve, just a bunch of rich people in dark suits, who giggle like little girls when they play games in hollywood, i'm startin' a new society anybody in? lol.

  98. Um, what is so BAD about Freemasons and the Illuminati?

    According to my research they are very smart people that vary when it comes to religion.

    if anything they are men of science (most of them)

    I'm so confused, please Mr. Vigilent Citizen, answer my questions!

  99. "Bavarian Illuminati, were :

    1. The destruction of Christianity and of all Monarchical Governments ;

    2. The destruction of nations as such in favor of universal

    internationalism ;3. The discouragement of patriotic and loyal effort branded

    as narrow minded prejudice, incompatible with the

    tenets of goodwill to all men and the cry of ” Universal

    Brotherhood ” ;4. The abolition of family ties and of marriage by means

    of systematic corruption ;5. The suppression of the rights of inheritance and property."

    I'm obviously not a part of the illuminati haha but i really do agree with this, but i guess not the way that they intended it. I suppose those rules are for the ones who are being ruled; the public. But in my 'perfect world' things would be this way for everyone. I believe everyone on this planet is equal; man or woman, child or adult, black or white. Religion, borders separating countries from being 'one', and being rich while others suffer from poverty simply because you were related to someone with a fancy job keep us from uniting and living in a peaceful society. I don't get the whole marriage thing, because if you want to do that you should be able to and Im not sure about the whole family thing, but other than that I don't find these things to be so bad. Of course only if it's for everyone, not if it's to separate 'elites' from 'lower castes'

  100. "the Catholic Church is not holy, it is a deeply flawed and human institution, which is bound to disappear due to its aversion to science. "

    Uhhh…..that's actually pretty spot on, to me.

  101. You have misunderstood the intention of my comment. It is not to "spew hate", and I find it most reprehensible that you would compare my comment to the atrocities the Church committed in the dark ages. My point is that Mr. Vigilant is seeking to villanize the Illuminati by calling it "anti-Church", when really, as my comment explained, the Church is guilty of doing practically the same thing as the Illuminati. As I mentioned, I do not at all condone the methods of the depicted Illuminati, but I do feel like the truth needed to be told about the Catholic Church just as Mr. Vigilant is "exposing" the Illuminati.

    • Todd, many people will feel as they are being attacked because, as false or misleading as some teachings are, people who grew up with them will feel an attachement towards them and try to hang on to them as much as possible no matter what. I believe if people were appropriately educated on how many supposed "christian" teachings like immortality of the soul, life after death, hellfire, pagan origins of holidays, origins of the cross (a pagan symbol introduced by Emperor Constantine to attract converts), the use of mysticism or spiritism, or the elevation of humans to an immortal or divine station, have corrupted the church, they might think twice about observing those things. Even if you try to reason with someone calmly there is always some reactionary person who will take it to an extreme. However, I found your comment to be very well explained and in like with pure biblical explanation, our knowledge should be with God's wisdom and a good use of secular knowledge that allows us to see the world for what it really is.

  102. concerning DAN BROWN`s works, it will be more clear when they shot his book " the lost symbol" into a movie or maybe they did already , anyway i`ve read the book and it`s all about pagan ideas of hollyfying the human , and how the lost symbol is something the elite had tried to keep for ages , to show humanity of all religions what is the real message from the great architect of the universe , his blasphemy was buried in multi-fields story , and finally he claims that all religions were covers drawn by the illuminati and everyone`s real GOd is himslef if he only reaches the nirvana.
    and i appreciate what u`r doing all along , great job , this is what we call illumination, bless ya`all

  103. But people in the church are corrupted – all those preachers and such raping little boys & yet none of them have gone to jail. The church ain't full of saints you know – every teligion can easily be corrupt by sick individuals

  104. 'Cage' in Nicolas Cages name itself seems a little odd. As if its showing that he's trapped in a cage or something like all the mind controlled celebrities. His real name is Nicolas Kim Coppola..

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