PRISM: Big Brother Government is Now in the Open



For years at here Vigilant Citizen, I’ve been posting articles about the extreme amount of Big-Brotherish surveillance that is happening in the United States and the world. While some have dismissed these stories as “paranoid conspiracy theories”, recent revelations about the NSA’s project PRISM prove that there were no theories involved – just plain facts.

PRISM is a top-secret program that allows the NSA to directly access the servers of numerous online services and to obtain all kinds of information about its users. Since the story came out, some services such as Facebook denied any involvement with this program, stating that the NSA does not have access to their servers. The Guardian has however published leaked top-secret PowerPoint slides used to trained NSA agents that clearly state that 1- The NSA can directly access these servers and 2- Most major providers are directly involved in the program. Here are the slides.

new prism slide

This slide clearly states “Collection directly from the servers of these U.S. Service Providers”.

PRISM slide crop

Here we see that no stone is left unturned by NSA spies: E-mails, video and voice chats, file transfers and social networking are all targeted. Yes, even Skype calls can be spied on by agents.


Here we see the exact time where each provider joined PRISM. The 1st one to join? Microsoft. In the light of my recent article on Microsoft’s gaming console Xbox One, this is not surprising. Now that it has been confirmed that the Xbox One will require an internet connection EVERY 24 hours, it is quite possible that the data collected by the console (audio and video) will be transferred right to NSA servers.

One might ask: Where does this enormous amount of data get processed? In 2012, I posted an article entitled The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center which stated:

“When construction is completed in 2013, the heavily fortified $2 billion facility will encompass 1 million square feet, including four 25,000-square-foot areas to house endless rows of high-powered servers. The center will be fed data collected by the agency’s eavesdropping satellites, overseas listening posts, and secret monitoring rooms in telecom facilities throughout the US. The incredible processing power of this facility will be used to scan e-mails, phone calls, text messages, tweets or any other kind of communication. As a former NSA officer states, while holding his thumb and forefinger close together “We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.”

I guess that the “turnkey totalitarian state” is now fully effective.

The whistleblower that leaked this story is named Ed Snowden and the US Government is looking to severely prosecute him. Here’s a YouTube video of him describing how what’s happening now is WORSE than the novel 1984.

Note this part.

“Because even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded. And the storage capability of these systems increases every year consistently by orders of magnitude to where it’s getting to the point where you don’t have to have done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call. And then they can use the system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made. Every friend you’ve ever discussed something with. And attack you on that basis, to derive suspicion from an innocent life, and paint anyone in the context of a wrongdoer.”

So to those who say “If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t worry”. You’re wrong. Dead wrong. And, to be honest, it is this kind of attitude that will destroy whatever is left of liberty and privacy in the U.S. and the world. Furthermore, if you are outside of the United States – especially in countries such as Canada, UK or Australia – do not think that you’re safe. The elite knows no national boundaries and what has be revealed in the United States is most likely already happening in many other countries.

It is seriously time to wake up and to let people know that privacy, freedom and democracy are in serious jeopardy here. There is no speculation, no “tin foil hats” and no conspiracy theory. This is what’s happening right now and, if you value your freedom, you better do something about it and get your voice heard.



  1. Crazy… but I live in Costa Rica and no one in the world ever pays attention to us for anything… I don't think this will be a start…

    But yeah, this goes too far. No privacy or respect for anyone.

    • You idiot, do you use the internet in Costa, it looks like you do. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, any of those ring a bell.

    • I'm in South Africa, normally noone cares about us either, but because my country sees the US as a model for our country, we implement everything the US does, from gay marriages to surveillance. And if we don't implement we're called "backwards" and our leaders "tyrants". Be vigilant Mr Najar!

      (PS I'm not saying ther's anything wrong with gay marriages, just that it happened in the US then in many African countries)

  2. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    This guy has cajones. We need more like this guy! I worry for what will happen to him and/or his family though.

    • Will Mr Snowden (if that is his real name) really pay a heavy price or will there be a media circus trial in which a verdict will be handed down as a warning to the general public? Will there be any "public outcry"? After said "trial" will he disappear down the memory hole? What will be the next "leaked" government injustice that will be brought to light?
      I ask these questions because of the stench that surrounds this "story". The biggest problem I have with it is the fact that there is little to no government denial about the entire story. One would think if the PTB were caught red handed in an act that clearly defies several sections of the Constitution, there would be, first, a tremendous public relations campaign to make Mr Snowden's credibility a matter of public debate. Secondly, there would be a media blitz to discount all "documentation" that was presented by Mr Snowden. Or, thirdly, the Ashkenazi controlled media would have buried the entire story and left it up to the alternative media to publish it thus making it easier to scorn and ridicule.
      But neither of these actions have taken place. So, that makes a critical thinker ask question the motives behind such a story. We have a story that has blown the lid off of a government operation that should cause said government to recoil in shame. But what we have is a brazen government that is making the "whistle blower" the victim of scorn and ridicule, thus admitting to the actions and thumbing their nose at the public in general. What this amounts to is the PTB saying "this is what we do and there is nothing you can do about it."
      If one has "woken up" and is aware of what is truly going on around us, this revelation comes as no surprise. The PTB continue to push the envelope to see how much they can get away with without damaging public backlash. They know that with a populace that is medicated with fluoride, SSRs, and American Idol, most people are too apathetic to give a damn what the government does in the name of "security".
      So, what will the next disclosure be? Control of the food supply? Internment camps? Forced eugenics? Who is to say what that will be? All I can say is I see no happy end to their plan, whether that end be acceptance or revolt.

      • They have their system in place and feel that they no longer need to hide or bother with their old tactics. I mean what are you gonna do about it anyway?

      • well, I think this is a real guy telling people what is going on, but the gov probably doesn't care that much at this point anyway, because that info was already out. But if the gov had any motive for creating him so to speak it would just to get people to be afraid.

      • Thank you, Sandra! If we fear them, they win. Don't get me wrong, many different theories have crossed my mind about this. My gut, though, says this guy is legit. I was watching all the body language on interviews early in the week. Shows like Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan. Monday's shows in particular. This caught them off-guard for sure.

      • naturalmystic on

        You make some very valid points that I have also considered myself! I hope that you have a blog or website where you can share this idea to get more people thinking about it. I wish I was able to lay it out as eloquently as you have. Do I have your permission to re-use or quote sections of your comment to others? Thank You!

  3. Can someone please answer my question? Not that I don't agree it's creepy and an invasion of human rights, what exactly is valuable about looking at some random persons Skype or Facebook?

    • Louisa, They know which political party you belong to, exactly how you vote, exactly what you purchase, EVERY web site you visit, what religion you are, who your family is, where they are, everything!!! I am an active Christian, so I am automatically on a terror watch list. I am against abortion, again, I am on a terror watch list. Anyone who does not conform to the New World Order is on a list. If you own a registered gun they know whose door to kick in when they decide, like Hitler did, that the populace has not right to bear arms. It goes on and on. Those savings cards at stores track your every purchase, all of this goes into a database and all they have to do for instance is have their computer target key words like; Christ, gun, ammo, ect., and they can pull up every instance in YOUR personal life when you wrote, spoke, purchased, or read anything on that list….

      • You're an "active Christian" so you are automatically on a terror watch list? You people get more ridiculous every time I scroll down to the comments. I better just stick to the articles.

      • It's really not that ridiculous. I work for the gov't and we've been briefed on "fundamental christians".

      • It'd be interesting if they execute people. Can you imagine that? To die like a hero. We'll die one day, we might as well die like heroes. I like it.

      • To fight back weirdos? If they want to murder you, they can easily do it since they are devoid of remorse and conscience. We are not talking about normal ones. Let them do whatever takes their fancy as long as you don't have to spend eternity with them. It'll come to an end they like it or not. Their powers are limited.

      • More like dying as ignorant people… And to die for a faith that is horrid at best? ugh… anyways even though i'm an atheist, I'd die to defy the government that we are currently under. As long as I can help other living souls to have a better life, I'm all for it.

      • We have classes and briefings on terrorism and they always list fundamental christians as potential domestic terrorists. They have actually said things like "the founding fathers would have been considered terrorists as they went against the British government". We (the lower minions) went all up their arse about that one! And my commander calls the higher ups "handlers". I guess that is a new term for us slaves! We (the lower minions) have been getting restless and have been confronting them on many issues. They don't like it! They don't like to be questioned. All I can say is that the rest of you had better be prepared!

      • 4444rrtycyfygfrt on

        no. handler is the master, the controller of subordinates and not such a new term either.

      • Are the vile criminals in ISRAEL who are destroying the lives and homes of Palestinians each and every day, for many decades now, included in these classes on *terrorism* ??

      • Logan, I suggest you do some homework. Christianity IS classed as a terrorist and hate organization….

      • Islam however, is not… In fact if you say it is you may be charged with 'hate' speach.

      • Social Critic on

        Maybe because Christianity IS a terrorist and hateful religion, just like most others. Brainwashing your children from birth that if they do not follow your religion they will be tortured for an eternity is quite traumatizing and IS an act of brainwashing, which is terrorizing. You Christians think you're on the good side and by having faith is ancient texts written by people who had no clue what they were talking about, everything will be fine because "Jesus will save the day!" are incredibly gullible and ignorant. The elites LOVE religion, it's a tool for control and manipulation.

      • Yep I rely on Christ. Everything will come to place if Christ wishes to. After Christ only the chaos.

      • Looks like you don't want the Resurrection either. It's ok. I'm going for it, and so are many others. It's a choice, as God intended.

      • I completly agree with you. I was raised catholic, and as i grew older i began to see many things i didnt like about that religion. You know what came to mind each time i thought badly of catholics? That i was gonna burn in hell for even contemplating going to a diferent religion. It still tortures me to this day. If i ever get blessed with kids of my own, there is no way i will ever teach them about religions. I'll teach them about God sure, but i will never tell them they'll got to hell just because they call him diferently or worship him in a diferent way.

      • MediaRotsYourBrain on

        Well then you would be leading your children into a false God and potentially could have them end up worshiping Satan. There is a difference between faith and religion….you can best believe the most popular religions are not necessarily following God but what about those who have faith in Jesus Christ as their personal savior? I'm not talking about those who follow the Pope, Muhammad, The Virgin Mary, but those that tell others of Jesus dying on the cross for everyone's sins?

        The one who says respect your parents, love thy neighbor, forgive not 7×7 but 70×7. The one who teaches compassion and respect of people regardless of their walk of life. Jesus ate with prostitutes, tax payers, unbelievers, the poor, he treated all equally. When it came down to standing up for the truth however, he wasn't a coward like so many people are. He showed compassion for patience, but he did not justify wrongdoing and he was very vocal as to what he considered sin. He also said that he hates the SIN not the person.

        No where did he talk of rituals or praying to Mary…as a matter of fact he'd say "Have no graven images of false Gods" I've been to Catholic churches where the Mary Statue is larger than the one depicting Jesus. By praying to Mary, The Pope, Rosary…etc you are then turning that icon into a God. Let's be honest here…..who is the Pope? A man…..who has a sin nature just as any other man or woman. What makes him so special or more special than any other follower of Christ? Mohammad….he had a 9 year old wife, so he's basically a pedophile. The most popular religions were also the ones responsible for a lot of blood being spilled.

        Now let me ask you….what have fundamental Christians (NOT Catholic) done to deserve to be labeled terrorists? Show me a born-again believer that has faith in Jesus as their savior, not Mary, Islam, Pope, responsible for equal to any of the amount of bloodshed found above. People hate Born-Again Christians the most….and why? What have we done to anyone…yet it's our faith that is constantly under attack. We are the ones who get labeled "Bible Thumper" or "fanatic" because we have faith. I see everyone trying to bring all the religions together under one….Catholic, Jewdism, Islam…..but notice we Born-Again Christians are not considered a main religion. That should tell you that most religions are made to control people and pretty much the same. That however is religion NOT faith which is what I have.

        Unfortunately Citizen…..your kids WILL go to Hell if they do not have their sins forgiven. If they do not believe Jesus to be the son of God and do not "Confess with thy own tongue Jesus is Lord, thou shall be saved" Then they will die in their own sin. No one is righteous no not one and all righteousness is that of filthy rags. Worshiping Jesus is about asking forgiveness for your sins, and preaching the word and doing righteousness no matter who is watching. Born-Again Christianity is not a religion it's a way of life. Conveniently, it's also a lot less complicated that religions.

        For people that bash the Bible….us idiots that have read any of it especially Revelations saw all this coming A LONG time ago. That book of "people who didn't know what they were talking about" is full of predictions that are all coming true. Man will be divided against itself (Constant Wars and VIolent Acts) Many natural disasters in places that never had them before (Hurricane in NY, Mudslides….look at the amount of Earthquakes in the last decade compared with previous decades. The mark of the Beast…..Laser Scan, Barcodes….. Famine and Pestilance (How many diseases and issues we have increasingly every year? Evil will become righteousness and righteousness evil (Fundamental Christians are Terrorists but not Satanists, Wiccans, or Occult People) Abortion ….they had child sacrifice in the old days the only difference is we sacrifice our kids for the gods of convenience and lack of responsibility. Abortions are not mainly for those who were raped, molested, or have a danger if they have birth. They are so people can have sex (which is Sin outside of marriage) and be immoral and not have responsibility. Everyone has free will and to live whatever lifestyle they want…doesn't mean there won't be consequences. It is man that wants to justify him/herself in the Sins they commit. If more people lived by the principles of the "idiot" book known as the Bible…the world would be a much better place.

      • truth in truth on

        Ancient texts written by people who had no clue what they were talking about… Ok… and you know everything don't you? Your comment is ignorant, unoriginal and very tellingly coming from somebody who is gullible and has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. By the way, Christians who believe and read those ancient texts are the most informed and well prepared people when it comes to issues related to the coming new world order. Perhaps that is the reason why Bible believing Christians are so high up on their watch list… You should really inform yourself before posting such rubbish.

      • oookay ancient texts with fulfilled prophesies, prophesies coming true and lets get real here, christianity is based on a 100 fulfilled prophesies. Funny really, its sad too that you read sites like this, how celebs, musicians, bankers, the elite etc. are all apart of the illuminati who worship Lucifer/Satan and use satanic symbolism yet you still claim its all false. Wake up people.

        You're reading all of this for vain if you're not getting the bigger picture here.

      • Gnostic Luciferians can't stand Christianity because they have been persecuted for centuries by Christians. Thus now that they have political power under the guise of secular humanism they have an axe to grind.

      • excuse me, I believe hell is a metaphor. Roman catholics and islamic believe hell as a horrible place as well. If you read stuff by Paul you will see how Christians should really act. it's not a religion, it's a relationship.

      • christianity is not a religion so the fact that you said they love religion yes it could be true but christians are not given any rules to live by and that is the difference. People change because Jesus changes them and their hearts not because we have to in order to go to heaven.

      • I was baptised as a baby and raised by a strict Christian family. As a teenager I rebelled from that, thinking it was all made up stories to control/scare people into worshipping something otherwise they go to hell. Now in my early 20s im back to being a Christian and proud. Ive had some personal experiences that have pretty much proved God is real and Jesus is the way… but thats private & its my own experience that doesn't involve others. I find some atheists are just as judgemental as very religious people. Making fun if someones faith or religion does not make you better, it makes you arrogant.

      • they love religion? thats why they're doing everything they can to keep religion out of textbooks?

      • In San Francisco they actively try to hurt Christians. Of course, after Riots, the SFPD does not enforce Rape laws on Folsom Street. Much to the surprise of Foreign Tourists who have complained.

        Why do I have the feeling with your mocking tone you already know that?

      • My friend, go on youtube and look for videos about what the military is teaching now. "Evangelical Christians are one of the major threats for this country."

      • for "logan", u should research the NDAA act signed by obama in december 2011 in which people who are "truthers" (9/11), conspiracy theorists, and christians who "take the Bible too literally" can be labeled terrorists

      • Put it this way… Would you really like me to know; what you eat in the morning, how you eat it, when you take a shit, what time you go to work, what time you finish, how you travel, what car you have, who you're fucking, when you're fucking them, know what's in your bank account, where that money comes from, where you go on holiday, how many times you pick your nose, where you live, what your children like, how many friends you have, know everything about you and what your interests are – without even meeting you??

        I know I fucking wouldn't!

      • I haven't reached many of those stages yet at 14 years old haha, but yeah you have a point. Still I highly doubt people are interested in when you're having sex with someone or how many times you pick your nose. Also, I find it strange how many of you (not specifically you), rant and debate about Government control but how many of you have actually tried to stop it or just sat back defensively.

      • Nothing can be done about it. The mass media "blanket" stifles organized resistance. One may speak, but few will hear. Even if they are willing.

      • Wise words from the 14 year old! I love it :) Let's all be respectful about each other's point of view.

      • Yes – at 14 not much to see, but when you become a political conservative activist, preacher, journalist, etc at 25 they will then go back through 11 years of captured data and expose all those activities to thwart your efforts and your credibility.

      • I didn't know active Christians where listed on the terror watch this. Isn't that practically billions to watch though?

      • …you would be surprised at how very very low our numbers are my dear, hardly billions.

      • 350 million people live in the US. It's been said through various polls that evangelical Christians (the ones on the terror list) comprise of 15-20% of the country. So anywhere between 60-70 million people.

      • These comments get so frustrating I need to stop reading them. Why people post comments who haven’t done their research or kept up with the articles on this site doesn’t make sense. The entire Elite Agenda is based on Satanic principles which is The New World order and taking away the freedom of people worldwide. If you think CHRISTians or Bible believing individuals are not enemy #1 you need to do more research. Furthermore, most of the things we are seeing carried out right now are prophesied in the Bible right out of the book of Revelation and in other areas. Wake up people don’t be so naive. They don’t care about anyone-satan hates all humans and wants to see us all miserable and destroyed, the real idiots are the ones who work for him and think they are exempt.

      • yes Marley you are so right…God is going to one day send His son Jesus Christ to return once more..but this time he will come for those who belong to Him and judge all unbelievers… we must pray for all to get saved…and we must continue to have confidence in Christ!

      • True, true, true he is a lair and nothing good is in him. They fail to realize that they will be his slaves later and unlike my GOD there rewards will be hell, brimstone, fire, no water, not air, not oxygen, no energy, no connection to a loving and living GOD and no death eternal life the soul can never be extinguish. Once Jesus take his very few people which is way more in depth then just saying that you are a Christian or go to church then his covering will leave the world as well and the real terror will start.

    • Louisa, the main problem is that with enough data points recorded about a person's life, they can piece those together to create whatever narrative that suits the end result that they want. Whether that is setting someone up for a crime, character assassination over opinions you've made online that may be taken out of context, drawing conclusions of associations because of places you've frequented that may be frequented by people who really are doing bad things, etc, etc.

      Data is statistics. So not unlike medical studies and scientific research, depending on the data you have access to, you can almost create any analysis or story you want. Limit the data and you limit the risk of this immensely.

      Also, as a private citizen, you might make different decisions about what you post online or about where you travel, etc, if you thought somebody was keeping all that data long term, because you are thinking about how it could be viewed or taken out of context. As a good person, do you want to live your life thinking about how others might view the decision you made to travel to such and such country or how they perceive your comment about a political belief that you posted 5 yrs ago and no longer even believe yourself? Do you want to be judged by who you are today, or by the sum of your past?

      • I seeee, don't know why'd anyone care what your political view is though. Maybe I'm just being naive

      • I think just knowing your life in general (what do you eat, when do you go to shit, what do you buy, what's in your bank) might help them control you if they need you. One day there mlght be a few people at your door – they need to take your child, or they need to take your appartment, to watch the neighbour or something, or they whant you to work for them. Knowing your life it's very easy to make do what they want. They might blackmail you, or if you're clean they might say they damage your family (everything's in your emails). I mean, knowing your life makes it very easy to make you do what they want.

      • It doesn't matter what you or most other insignificant people do. But when they need to, or should you come to have something important to say or contribute to the world, they can check you out and set you up any way they want. I imagine, if you have anything to be ashamed of in life, they could threathen or black mail you too. they could do these kind of things against selected people depending on need. And it includes everyone / anyone. And be aware how dishonest these people are, the ones at the top doing these kind of things. They – the very same beings who are behind it – did 9/11 too and falsely blamed it on muslims. The faked Sandy hook totally fabricated event/"shooting". Boston bombing also never happened, except fabricated brainwashing manipulative mainstream media (be sure to watch 'french fries with gravy' by max malone (the 17 minutes version). We live in a strange world.

      • They can also use all the information to learn more about human behaviour in generall, and thus learn how to manipulate massconsciousness even more. They can also, and some argue it is in the process, use all the information to better learn to simulate (and also predict) human behaviour, and use for example internet robots, and have parallell internets (holo-net). Then I would not be communicating with you like this, but I would be chatting with a robot and never get my message across to you, even though I may believe that I did. And instead of you Reading this message, you would receive message from robot instead. And that robot would, for example, never tell you anything about the french fries with gravy yt video (or anything else of value, you would never get to hear about it). They have the data capacity to store parallell internets many, many times and more. It could be done (holo-net) but it is not being done yet. Some seriously argue that they are up to it, and wanting to do it eventually. To keep the control. And be aware that the holocaust never happened (no gas chambers anyway). That is how much we are being lied to, and that is how much the world is being manipulated. It is not just 9/11,Sansy Hook, Boston, Woolwich etc etc etc. Total manipulation going on (in order to manipulate society according to whatever they have in their minds. And who knows what that is).

      • hmmm who cares? At the end of the day are useless, weak puppets. I'm scared of God though. Very much to say the least. His wrath is what worries me more than anything else. The rest of them can come and go. They live, they do their damage and then they go…

      • What sort of life do you live to be scared of God? Sorry if I have a fear this one is more of a reverence before Him.We have no reason to be afraid of the Only One who loves us unconditionally and gives us hope.

      • I meant to say that God has absolute power. Surely you are in awe of absolute power. Why should we be afraid of the illuminated ones, bilderbergers or the demons then and not of God's wrath? Who determines my fate and destiny? God is forgiving but also Just. Of course I'm frightened of what my current life and after life depends on. The unknown is always a terrifying prospect. On the other hand if we don't have fear, we'll do whatever takes our fancy. Go out kill a few, rob another few, fiddle with some children while you are at it. Rules should exist especially when it's for the best. We are not animals, we are supposed to be blessed with common sense and logic.

      • I have to agree, hvns, within the Light there can be no darkness. God has no wrath. Love is the the answer.

      • Sorry to have to disagree. God is just. He has wrath against sin. We are sinners. Revelations is the ultimate end game for everyone. God's wrath is unleashed on mankind after 6000+ years through the Great Tribulation. Jesus comes back on a white horse with fire shooting out of his eyes to destroy the evil one and his followers once and for all.
        So no, God has wrath but equally has love. That is JUST. You don't want to be on the wrong side of it. That's why it's so important to read the bible and accept Christ now! Everything in revelations and other prophecy telling parts of the bible is coming true or has already. There is NO more technology needed for anything in revelations to happen. Time is running out. Get with God. Know Him. Love Him. The bible says in Romans 10, once you know him, you will not be disappointed.

      • According to revelations believing you know when revelations is to occur is a serious sin, not even Jesus himself claims to know, only the Father.

      • Amanda Knoxs was the first test dummy of this and now they are calling her back for a retrail. I have no profiles on any of these sites don't use them in the least and have never been interested in them. Does that make me crazy no just usual by today standards which really are no standards at all.

      • The debates are good, it shows we actually give a damn. Because we value our freedom and rights and we know in Order to maintain them we will constantly have to fight in to let world elite leaders know that we are in control.

    • I agree with you Louisa, the way people talk its like we all are supposed to have so much to hide but I don't understand that, I mean I would quite freely give most of my info because its so average… Lol most of the people who put comments here prob leave their house every morning, go to work/ school, then go back home and either watch tv/ surf the Internet/ go to a group of whatever kind/ etc. then go to sleep.. some variables with people that have kids or pets but most people follow this routine right? I don't know exactly what we should be doing to thawrt "the plan"… Obviously it would suck for them to have this info on you if you end up in a court, but most people won't..
      Before I get a bunch of tomatoes thrown at me, I am quite well informed on a lot of the stuff concerning illuminati, I have read most of the articles here, I've read "thanks for all the memories" by Brice Taylor, "how to make an illuminati mind slave" by fritz Springmeister, and more. So I'm not stupid, I know that there are tyrants in power everywhere, I'm just saying that for most of us it really won't affect or change our lives at all…

      • Salazar Snakes on

        I think you are both right and wrong. Think of Winston Smith in 1984, he wasn't "under suspicion" until he did something to arouse that suspicion, and the point is, once you are, even whether its an invalid reason or they can spin your information in ANY light they wish because they possess the information.

        The "It's not a big deal attitude" is why we are losing our liberties right out from under us, one thing at a time, actually, it used to be one thing at a time, its much more than that now because of people's non-nonchalant attitude. I don't think understanding conspiracy theories is important, so much as understanding what our country (The USA) was founded on, especially understanding the Bill f Rights, the Constitution what our Founding Fathers were fighting; Tyranny, and what these invasions in to our privacy mean in the context of that.

        It means that when the government wants to, in the future, they will be able to incriminate us, no matter how small the crime because they are not only watching ur every move, but cataloging it as well.

      • Its all an effort to create no resistance. They cant push too hard too fast because that leads to rebellion. The plans seem to be working perfectly. No one seems to give an eff.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I also believe tht attitude also de-sensitizes a person to the point to agree with a government when they decide that these normal habits causes too much burden on the budget so those citizens –let's say hypothetically– who only go to work and work for a certain sector are now necessary, then all others are useless because they are draining the all ready depleted resources that the government has already determined and implemented a budget for. Based on that budget,laws are made and ratified and anyone who does not meet those requirements are put on a list andn they got to jail or better yet executed. It's law and is a capital punishment because those people stole from the country's limited resources and this is why as they reveal every minute detail of your life to build your case that fits that terror list criteria. Who would care?

      • Thanks for explaining it more helpfully, I wonder who the Government are actually interested in looking at then.

      • misericordia on

        The very fact that you're traced to this website will make you a potential enemy of the government when the SHTF. There's no such thing as simply 'surfing' the net anymore. Are you people THAT blind?

      • i have an "obama-phone" and i know whats its really about, its about tracking people so im not blind or thinking obama is such a great guy or anything…but one day i was called by a "123" number" that i probably couldnt call back and it was for a "survey" about religion. this is hte first time anyone ever called me for something like this…they asked me a whole bunch of questions about christianity and how i felt about it, if i liked christians, what i thought about their theology or if i took it literally…..i answered all the questions and only later thought of how they wanna know everything about us and how this info could be used against me as a "terrorist"…..

      • Also, it's a violation of your own personal sovereignty. What makes the government think it has the right to all of our personal information without even explicitly asking? We are not their property, their slaves, or their lab experiments. So why can they monitor US like we belong to THEM and we can't see anything they do!? It's completely unfair and just fucked up.

        Also, even if you think it's not a big deal for them to get to know everything about you against your own personal will, this is only the beginning. They're slowly going to take more and more away…

    • "YOU" are what is valuable about looking at a persons Skype or facebook. Picture me right now looking at your Fb page the same way you do as if I am you with your password and email. now say ur 22 just posted a pic of you at home in the bathroom with a caption "Just playing around" now I redo this caption as "just finished playing with myself fresh out the shower" now what would you and all your fb friends think when you tell them it was not you who posted that, you posted something else? will they believe you? will you second guess your self? will they laugh at you? tease you? hate you? Call you names? Slut, hoe, freak! Think about your whole fb page becoming Anti-Semitic IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS! WHO WOULD BEILEVE YOU, THAT IT'S NOT YOUR FB PAGE!!! Here's my point IF THEY CAN SEE UR FB OR SKYPE WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THEY CAN'T CHANGE IT TO THEIR POINT OF VIEWS AND MAKE IT SAY WHAT THEY LIKE SO THEY CAN COME AFTER YOU?

      • That's creepy, surely we the majority outnumber the Government or so called 'elitists' just lack in power ugghh I dunno just seems so strange to me

      • Put this in perspective, 535 people in Washington out of 350 million people control YOUR future when it comes to healthcare, taxes, legislation, etc and it's working. We haven't stopped them yet. Even when over 70% of the country clearly supported nobamacare, they somehow passed it.

        Only 10% of the population population fought in the Civil War.

        So the moral of the story is that the majority doesn't always have a victory by default.

      • Unfortunately the majority as a whole are comprised of dim bulbs. The average IQ is 100 after all. It's been said that it only takes 4% of the population to control the other 96%.

    • nelly mudenge on

      its exactly the same thing that was happening in totalitarian states way back then in europe…they need to collect the maximum information so that when the time comes they know everything about you…they can blackmail you for what you thought was secreet or use di information against you when the mind control we are subjected to will be more widely admitted and accepted…

  4. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    Can't help but agree with his opinion that people will see this and still be completely apathetic until we're at the point of no return. "One person can make a difference" is a lie, OK? All people are needed to make a difference.

    • Every little effort counts. Every good deed you do, no matter how seemingly "little" it may be, counts. The Loving Lord always pays attention anyways! You can cause a ripple effect. Spread the Truth to as many people as you can, and hopefully some will listen and do the same. I'm not giving up my fight on this spiritual battleground called Earth.

    • awareness is a vibration, as is kindness and truth. This plane of existence is made up of matter that vibrates to keep its shape. Consciousness can be changed through the masses deciding upon different vibrations.

  5. Soon any joke you email to friends, any article you send them or re-post, etc. if it is against the NWO's friends (islams, hindu's, etc.,) or it pokes fun at gays, odumbo, etc. – you will be condemmed with "hatespeech", even though you never addressed the object of the email content personally.

    • I like to think that the little bit of speaking out against the Elite I do is paid attention to by them! I would feel honored to be so hated by them.

    • Just tell me how muslims (not islams..) are a friend of NWO. They r their biggest enemy, why else would there be wars against them going on for decades by NWO elite? Common, think a bit plz.Look around whats happening in the world.

      • My thoughts exactly. Islam is the number one enemy of the NWO. It preaches one God which these satanic scumbags hate.

    • ziggityzoppitywoop on

      tell me how the hindus or islams are in anyway specifically "friends" to the NWO? Newsflash! Essentially every country is in on it!

      • If you have researched Christian eschatology, then it becomes clear any other religion is demonically inspired. Satan uses these other religions for his advantage against Christians. Ever wonder why every major religion requires you 'TO DO' something to get to heaven —- wait for it —- Except for Christianity. Jesus said salvation is earned through faith in HIM as it is a FREE gift so no one can boast.

        Whether you believe in God is irrelevant as you believing if there is oxygen to breath. It's there whether you like it or not.

        In the end, all who take the mark of the beast will worship Satan as the one true God – until the final battle of Armageddon.

  6. this is not a new news. Back in late 90's people were already talking about some kind of program, run from the US (I have forgotten the name, but i'm pretty sure it started with "m") which was designed to listen conversations and read e-mails of ordinary citizens searching for certain key words. If someone happened to use one of the key words was put on a black list and invigilated more deeply. Nihil novi…

  7. I would love to commend VC for his public outcry against the Police state in many of his articles. I one of the many witnesses who can testify that you have been crying against the Police State several years before this exposure but only few people were willing to listen. Some mainstream proponents even went as far as labeling you as a conspiracy theorist.

    Every country has the government it deserves"Joseph de Maistre

    It is high time we stopped heaping all the blame on the government. It is we the citizens that are to blame. Majority of us are content with the lies and propaganda that the government sells to us. We fan the embers of their False flag operations, label people like VC as mere conspiracy theorists and gladly defend and accept the Government's rights to enslave us so why are we complaining?

    Unless we wake up from our slumber, It would keep getting worse. Ed Snowden's revelations are merely a child's play compared to what those at the top do with the vast amount of data at their disposal.

    If the world had just a million people like Ed Snowden and VC who are ready to leave the convinience of the comforts of the illusory world of safety that the builders of the Police state emphasize and stand up for the truth, no government on earth would dare spy on people unlawfully.

    Bravo to you Ed for preferring to stand for what you knew to be true even when you knew it could endanger your life.

    Bravo to you VC for standing for the truth irrespective of all the invectives from the mainstream

    • we do have kevin trudeau who of course is being persecuted by the FDA nowadays and will probably be sent to prision. he wrote "natural cure they dont want you to know about" which really opened my eyes about BIg Pharma and all the crap in our food, that makes us sick and fat. essential read…hes a true hero in my book

    • ". . . Snowden had spilled his secret all over the messy floor. It was easy to read the message in his entrails. Man was matter, that was Snowden's secret." Joseph Heller, Catch-22. A favorite novel of mine. Here's a weird connection, entrail reading was an ancient form of fortune telling. Ed Snowden is in my prayers.

  8. I started playing Chrono Cross again on my PC. This game was released in 1999. In that game, the world is ruled by 2 opppocite forces: FATE (a supercomputer) and the Dragons (natural forces).

    I won't go deeper in it, so let me tell you the key point of it: the lives of everyone on that fantastic planet was controled by FATE through the use of a device called Record of Fate, where people had to record every action and decition they made, so FATE supercomputer could "implant" thoughts and make them live the lives that better fitted in FATE's domination plan.


      • For The People on

        Only bad if your oblivious to what is going on. We can play these games and get an idea to what they have done, Plan on doing or will do in the future. It can work to our benefit of work towards our downfall.

      • Disagree. The Japanese are extremely intelligent people. I've seen it in many of their videogames. They know what's going on and they don't let their people remain ignorant to it.

  9. Since the human race have become so reliant on technology, I don't see anyone being willing enough to go against this. The masses are becoming more and more lethargic each day and it's deteriorating the minds of our youth. If we don't take a stand soon, we may lose our chances of ever regaining equilibrium ever again.

    • It's so shocking how lately I'm realizing how dependent we are. I'm hearing things are going to turn around and that soon our paper money will be worth just what it is–paper. Most of us know how to go get a paycheck, but not how to truly take care of ourselves should we lose technology, electricity, and the value of our money.

      • The book of revelation shows prophecy that clearly says in the end days, those that follow the 'system' as opposed to God will no longer be able to buy and sell

      • That will be the chip they put in your hand so that you don't have to use those pesky debit cards! It may be a coincidence but VISA represents the number 6 in three different classical cultures.

      • Actually, its the people who do not follow the system who will be unable to buy or sell, because they will have abstained from receiving the mark allowing them to do so.

    • We are just players in a greater game, all of us, including any demonic forces that assume to control the game. Hubris has led old tribes to try over and over to control all resources and shape the world as to what it sees to be the perfect place, but it wont ever happen. The struggle will always continue, until we dissipate the ethereal jerks behind all this control and trickery. Then and only then may peace be possible.

  10. ChristisLife on

    It's really out of our control. The powers that be, such as the elite that run the government, have so much power that no matter how much truth we have to expose them for what they truly are, at the end of the day, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Or is there? Is this just another tactic used by the elite – To cause us to believe that there is nothing we can do to stop the corruption? Well, we know what happens to people when they try to "overthrow" their government. They are marked as armed, dangerous, crazy and ultimately terrorist. This world is wicked! The Government is dangerous. But Satan is the god of this world so of course things are going to be as bad as they can be. That's why I trust and lean towards God. Putting my total confidence in Him.
    I do not fear NSA, or the elite and their corruption, I am not afraid. To me, they're weak and a bunch of cowards who have to surreptitiously commit evil and hide behind symbols and closed doors, and are to afraid to show their true faces. Show yourself! Why is that one man such as Snowden has to go into hiding because he has revealed to the world what WE NEEDED to know? Tell the NSA to stop hiding. Tell the Bilderburg Committee to stop hiding. Tell the so-called and self-proclaimed elite to stop hiding. What are you afraid of??

    • Amen! Sin and fear are "foot bullets" from an Eternal perspective. I seek the forgiveness and favor of the One True King of the winning side.

  11. Has anyone else noticed the common symbolism between "Prism" and the MKUltra term "Over the Rainbow?"

  12. Heavenforthugs on

    Btw the uk is way ahead of the USA in such matters so for all y'all in great Britain like myself that think your are safe from such big brother isms think again mate!
    This is the original big brother island ,more cameras than anywhere else on the planet, cameras everywhere.

  13. it is strange that mainstream media like guardian posted this article. Because remember this media is owned by the elite, which means that they allowed to be posted. Which leads me to think that we have reached a point that nobody can do nothing about the situation and the elite will gradually give us informations like these. Next will be probably open meeting of bilderberg or something so we can get used to it. Yep we are screwed and american people are screwed most.

      • The Internet is controlled no matter what, but your comment is like the hysterics of doomsday 2012 "better rape, steal and pillage since we're going to die soon" umm reality check we will all die. Question is where do you want to end up? Go down saying you tried or succumb yourself and be a media driven zombie for the rest of your life.

  14. If we write our emails in another language, surely they can translate them. However, what about our skype calls? Are they going to waste their time to hire interpreters to know what we are on about?

    • Erm, these people are really smart. In some non government jobs, employees are expected to know 3+ languages. I think they'd manage it in the place that's designed to spy! Plus if you were 'suspect' and were communicating in an unusual language or a cipher, you can bet they'd have that translated immediately…

    • for the video call thing, they'll probably use some "343 Guilty Spark" style translation software of whatever things that they use….in case of shortage of language experts!!!

  15. This is basically what Obamma said on television :
    You can complain about Big Brother, but it's useless. We found a balance between privacy and security. We want to spy and stalk everybody worldwide. Deal with it. The New World Order is a great idea. Things will get worse, not better. You know it, I know it, that's it. We will deal. Bye.

  16. Can people get a restraining order against the NSA? This is pure stalking. You don't have to be doing anything wrong. Stalking is stalking.

  17. New Xbox spies on you,everything does smh..I'm gonna walk around naked in my house make them feel uncomtrable lol(not a pretty sight)

  18. Flopbook Twittflop on

    People have willingly been putting all there information on social media websites for years. I doubt anyone will bat an eye about this PRISM disaster.

  19. Act One, scene one – Britain said eavesdropping by its GCHQ security agency was legal and no threat to privacy but would not confirm or deny reports it received data from a secret U.S. intelligence program.
    Act One, scene two – Foreign Secretary William Hague told parliament that Britain's own eavesdropping agency, GCHQ, always adhered to British law when processing such data. The system amounted to one of the strongest systems of checks and balances and democratic accountability for Secret Intelligence anywhere in the world.
    Act One, scene three – If you are a law-abiding citizen of this country you'll never be aware of all the things those (intelligence) agencies are doing to stop your identity being stolen or to stop a terrorist blowing you up tomorrow.
    Need I go on? Blah the blah. I watched him on Sunday on the Andrew Marr show (BBC) and I watched him today in Parliament and I could tell he was lying through his teeth.
    Carry on…………..

  20. I'm sick seeing people more concerned about what's on TV than starving people dying in the world.
    I'm sick of people who stand there who are quicker to pull out their camera phone and take a video than help and old women who's being beaten in the street.
    I'm sick of people whom sooner use you for personal gains and disregard human life than value the importancey of Respect, Honesty & Trust.
    I'm tired of people talking about the same old hourly material shit, day in, day out.
    I'm tired of people trotting around on their high horse just because they ear £2 more than the next person.
    I'm tired of people valuing objects more than they value their own family's.
    I'm fed up of being manipulated, oppressed and lied to by our governments.

    We should be free people, we should be able to build a fucking house in our back garden on OUR land and not have to ask you tunneled minded fucks for it. If I want to take a piss up a tree I'll do so, If I want to erect a 50 ft statue of my penis on my front lawn I will (if neighbors approve). The only people we should be asking permission to do anything is our community folk, making decisions between us. The old fashioned way! We should be helping each other out, building our community's they way we want and work with other community's to help support each other and grow as one. NOT forced fed stupid rules, regulations and political garbage we don't need from some jumped up suited dick shining fuck wits.

    • There can be no master over us, unless we at some point welcomed it, wanted it even. People traded their sovereignty and their freedom because of something they feared more than the tyranny of oppression, and that is facing the self.

    • Antidote, I love this. This is so true, and this is how I feel every single day. Every day I cringe at the stupid rules forced upon us. Most recently, my boyfriend had to take off an entire day of work (9-5) in order to take a driving class because he drove in the e-lane for a few seconds because there was a huge traffic jam and he wanted to get off at his exit. He was forced to show up at court instead of just paying his ticket because he's under 21 –so he can join the military and kill another person, but he is not allowed to pay a driving ticket. The government treats us like children and I don't think many people know it until they're faced head-on with it. They treat us like children that need to be controlled, indoctrinated, and kept quiet. It makes me sick.

      I love America but this government is going too far. Your "I'm tired of/fed up with" statements are so BEAUTIFULLY written and true. If only I knew more people like this in real life. If not for the internet I don't think I'd believe more than 100 good people were left in this world.

      • oh no it happened to me too. I was so close to the junction exit and stuck for hours on the motorway. I took the opportunity and guess what, a police car was behind me. He stopped me to give me 3 points, plus a good fine. All in big brother England, trust me you can't get away from them.

    • I WISH.. everyone would just stop for a moment and question the way they have been living on a daily basis.. and ask why..ask themselves..:"why am i doing this..? are these really my thoughts and values? or where they instilled in me? and take time to think it all through..and think about how life is not fair and the REAL reason why life isn't fair….because it can be fair!! But not when people in power decide to be GREEDY!.. why should a few have it all and the rest suffer?
      people really need to question whats going on..and start a peaceful protest like Ghandi did when the British were in control of India. IMAGINE if everyone stopped what they where doing and decided not to go to work/School/stores etc. that day and instead sit quietly outside on the sidewalk along side their neighbors…and everyone began a peaceful protest against the power structure that is clearly not for the common good of the people. Maybe once the people finally say NO then we will see some changes. sadly to many are COMFORTABLE in their way of living and it became easier to avoid/ignore the TRUTH. But ask yourself this "what is COMFORTING about a government that lies to you, watches you and controls you, a government that EXPLOITS its people and the natural resources of the Mother Earth..does it make sense to live in world were a few make so much money they can literally run the world and at the same time millions starve. .isn't that just ridiculous to you all? that one persons paycheck can save thousands of lives..but instead those people are greedy and they spend those millions on pointless material. We have all these "LAWS" to keep people "SAFE" yet this shit happens daily..THIS IS NOT OK.

    • "I'm tired of people valuing objects more than they value their own family's."

      Mmm not everyone has a good family. Some have just plain evil family members. Just said.

  21. Calling it! Thank you again VC.

    – Who is the conspiracy theorists now? The old "conspiracy theories" are all happening bit by bit.

    – The question is not if we're doing something wrong or not. The question is that we are individuals, with dignity and uniqueness. The whole concept of collectiveness has been twisted, that is no more respect.

    – Everything is twisted. if you're doing something wrong or not, doesn't matter: if THEY THINK you're doing something wrong, you'll be framed. 'Cause now everyone is guilty until proven the contrary.

    – They kill "suspects" with drones in another part of the world [including children], without proofs, fair judgement, trials, etc, how long it will take to this policy reaches out US citizens. 'Cause every north-american citizen is now considered a war combatant.

    – Brazil likes to copy some political measures from the USA. Things are a bit different now, but i wouldn't be surprised if that kind of policy "inspires" or gain adepts among the politics here and other countries.

    • What they want is for you to be afraid. The dark cabal feeds off of fear. So they actually feed people like Alex Jones and David Icke true information, but only in such a limited way that they present to people in a way that will just make people fearful and they still won't get the whole story. So never be afraid, be aware, but not afraid.

    • I remember when I was in Bosnia almost 20 years ago, Willie and they were very adamant about us not firing upon anyone unless we were fired upon first. Even if we felt threatened we were not allowed to fire at them unless they fired first. This was due to the Geneva Convention. I guess these rules no longer apply as we can use drones to kill "combatants" indiscriminately. Things have changed so much since I first joined the Army in 93. I am disappointed in the direction in which my country is headed. There used to be honor in the service. We valued the Constitution and our freedoms and serving meant something. I feel that there is nothing left worth fighting for. We no longer have integrity or honor or freedom.

  22. No Time 4 Bullshit on

    If American surveillance organizations try to for monitor terrorists & drugs cartel activities via certain social network sites with a view to protecting American civilians they get critiqued by conspiracy theorist for using a big brother approach by supposedly snooping on social network users on line privacy.

    If a terrorist attack happens the conspiracy theorist then say its a red flag agenda by the powers that be to repel laws to create a big brother society.

    This is classic circular logical reasoning by conspiracy theorist.

    This Edward Snowden just may have unknowingly alerted terrorists & drugs cartel .sto the fact that the NSA were monitoring their activities !

    • Indeed– and der Führer was only trying to protect the Fatherland when he implemented the "Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of People and State". PS: two mutually exclusive conditional statements do not a circular argument make. Your incomplete and shoddy premises that conclude "circular reasoning on the part of "conspiracy theorist" is a non-sequiter fallacy.
      1. If [gov. monitors] then [criticism]
      2. If [terrorist attack] then [red flag]
      3. Therefore [circular argument]????

      • No Time 4 Bullshit on

        Its a case of your damned if you do & your damned if you don't buddy.

        If American surveillance try to protect the American people from terrorists threats they get called out by conspiracy theorist for using big brother surveillance on the American population to create a big brother society.

        If they do nothing & then a terrorist attack happens they then get called out again by conspiracy theorist for engineering a red flag catastrophe so that laws can be implemented to set up yet again a big brother society.

        Get the drift compadre ?

      • Nice trolling. Your check is in the mail, "No Time," and don't spend it on sex toys modeled after "My Little Pony" this time, or you'll be sorry.

        Best regards…

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        Don't you think drug cartels are part of the elite? If anything they may wonder if they can connect the elite with drug cartel activities

    • Just remember they created the drug cartels, and it could end tomorrow. After the alcohol prohibition drug cartels made a fortune on selling alcohol on the black market so they were the ones who put pressure to make drugs illegal so they can prosper from it. Also CIA has made money on it. And in Europe a very large bank recently got caught making money by laundering drug money and nothing happened to them.
      Terrorist attacks are also bull. Look at how America treated them, and it is obvious why they would want to attack in first place. But actually it isn't them. It is part of creating chaos and mayhem for people so people will need the government to take more freedoms away.
      Basically infrastructure of control created these problems, can't say that anything else they are going to do is helping any. Most of what happens in the world is artificially created.

    • In essence, No Time, the "terrorists" have been successful in destroying our free society! If we are not free then we have nothing worth to protect!

    • Drug cartels use facebook and other social media? Are you fucking serious? They use HAM radios and one-time keys with encrypted messages. They also use throw-away phones. Big time drug dealers are so paranoid that they would never use social media sites to communicate. Hell, they are even paranoid to use the same phone for more than a week. Get your facts straight and stop defending spy agencie for their illegal operations.

  23. This kind of espionage policy has been applied for a long time, but now it was made public. The question is, Obama administration was supposed to change Bush's intrusive [and abusive] politics. Obama ain't no "change" at all.

    That's why is so important to the world that whistleblowers keep on throwing shit on the fan. They're true heroes.

  24. A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people. John F. Kennedy

    • And the girlfriend is a pole dancer of all things, sexualisation agenda.
      We by Zamyatin is a good book 'written in response to the author's experiences during the russian revolution of 1905'. It is free online to read.

  25. If we're going to get destroyed by these white-collar terrorists, then we might as well give them the fight of their lives beforehand. I don't want to have any regrets when and if I wind up in some FEMA gulag. These people need to be kicked in the balls until they vomit- not all of them, just the ones in charge who are responsible for this. And if they really do try to create the Fourth Reich, I hope there's EVERYONE becomes a subversive overnight. These people are the ENEMIES of civilization and Order. They're international criminals and they must be stopped, otherwise this culture- this PLANET, has no hope for survival. '

    You can pray for a miracle, but I'd rather fight them- and I'd like to do it with words if at all. I'm aware though that the enemies of mankind are most likely sociopaths of the most ruthless strain, so a straight-up fight is most likely inevitable. I just hope everyone's ready when the other shoe drops.

  26. sorry, but theres nothing to be done. we allowed them to reach this level, now were gonna reap just what we sowed….

    • Not if we let everyone in the world know the truth somehow. We can stop this 😀

      Ok, I've got no idea how, though :(

    • I understand what you're saying because when one thinks about it – it's actually true as people regardless of what country you're from, we have let it get to far. After the attacks on 9/11 the president enacted the Patriot Act – as the american people we shouldn't have been okay with this. Since this was enacted it allows for more acts and laws passed by our government that will impose on our civil law and rights. Another example will be the Boston Bombings and martial law was enacted. All the government needs is a tragedy to get the people to want something like this to be passed and sadly most americans don't know the law.

  27. Zig Zag Wanderer on

    If the economy were to really go down the toilet- a possibility – how would the government continue to fund such a monstrous undertaking? Ethics and such aside for a minute, does this really seem feasible in the long run?

  28. I think a very important misdirection is going on here. Notice that the leak was originally about how the guv had a direct line into these companies' servers. Then the next day all these companies come out and say, no, oh no, the government doesn't have direct access to our servers. Then the government comes out and acknowledges the program. It wasn't widely reported or remembered for more than a minute, but the companies basically then confirmed that yes, we have a program with the guv, we built a special portal for them. So it wasn't a back door, but maybe a side door, or a front door.

    I think the same thing is happening when the prez made the statement "no one is listening to your phone calls"… and the director of natl intel comes out and says "we're not reading all the emails". In both cases it's like a joke, come on, we don't have that many employees. But notice the exact wording. It's true, no one is LISTENING to your calls, no one is READING your emails. RIGHT – BECAUSE COMPUTERS ARE DOING ALL OF THAT.

    They have the content too. Bet that.

  29. Light & Truth on

    Truth is treason in an empire of lies. He saw something and said something. Now they mad…..Lmao!!!

  30. Light & Truth on

    Money for all this shite but no money to balance the budget or fix the economy or feed the poor. Outrage!!!

    • They have our money, but not for us. My bf works in a naval school. He keeps complaining that incompetent scientists there get paid $80 per hour plus $2000 bonus twice every month and there is so much waste around offices that it will make anyone throw up. They do research and most of the time it brings 0 result. The amount of money that goes in it is tremendous though. They buy expensive cameras and leave them in rooms to rot. They do feed the fake poor people…like our tenant who drives an Acura.

  31. Dude! You rock! The earth should have a lot of people like you.
    I just hope you are not one of them disguising :)

  32. Ms. Adventure on

    This really hits close to home, doesn't it?!

    Much respect to Mr. Snowden (and VC) for speaking up, raising awareness, and putting the greater good ahead of his own personal interests. May the lord bless him and keep him safe.

  33. I guess us so-called "conspiracy theorists" don't look foolish now. The ones who trust this shady government now have egg all on their wooly faces. None of this should surprise us whose eyes have been wide open from the beginning. This is nothing more than another version of the Patriot Act. I applaud Mr. Snowden but at the same time I fear the worst for him and/or his loved ones. Communism! Here we come!!

  34. ALL this program & the Many like them are going to do, is be used to take out Opposition to the Power Class whom have been becoming Ever More Paranoid Hoping us Americans really Never fully Understand that which they've been doing such Evil in our name! With the Majority of it Outsourced to Contractors, I feel were gonna get what "Jeremy Scahill" calls the "BlackWater" Effect, to no matter their involvement or disregard to Laws & Statute, will get their "Illuminati Immunity" card that simply says "We Can't Be Prosecuted" & then you'll have the Stasi Reborn! Programs are Never used for purpose we're told & what started as Inbound Communications Monitored for Terrorist Activity, turns into recording Every Spectrum of Communication that Exists, Inside, Outside, No matter it's Origin! Take Ex Governor "Elliot Spitzer" who as he was gearing up to Prosecute the diff nefarious things going on between the Banks, WallStreet & Mortgage Companies, he had to step down as Gov b/c it came out, he was making transactions of $500 or more which prompted a Red Flag under the Patriot Act for maybe funding Terrorists acts. But was only paying his "Escort Service" when they looked into it! So did they back off & stop investigating after NOTHING to do w/Terrorism, No! Used as blackmail to step down as Gov & those Prosecutions of the Banks, WallStreet & Mortgage Co. Never Happened, then we all paid for it! This is what we have to look forward to, if it's Not Put Down Now! But like All the other stuff, Sadly we won't do shit! Watch your back everyone! I'm out…

  35. Does anyone else kind of feel like screaming 'I TOLD YOU SO!!!' to all our friends and family who scoffed at us when we said this was going on years ago? I have gotten so sick of being treated like some nutcase, so I got to the point where I just stopped telling my friends when I learned about the things that have come out of the Patriot Act, NDAA, and various Executive Orders. If they are unprepared in any way, or they mess up and say something wrong and it comes back on them, well, to hell with them; I tried to warm them. I got sick of the dismissive, even downright hostile, attitudes I received from certain friends when I talked about this NSA spying years ago. Now I just want to smack them and say 'Ha! Who is the gullible sheep now??!!".

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      No because we raised awareness not the consciousness. Most will go back in denial even looking for more comfort zones

      • Yeah, TS2013, you're right. All we can do is be responsible for our own consciousness, and do our best to open other's eyes. Only they can choose to listen. I have enough work to do with my own mind, body, and soul. I am currently in a healing process, after years of losing the health of all 3. Thanks Truthseeker, keep on seeking the truth! I'll be right there with you.

    • First i want to congratulate you for your efforts to help people to open their eyes. I went trough the same situations and many people thought i am crazy, but i knew i was right. I think we have mission to help people understand these things, like VC is doing with us. I am sharing sites and news and if the people are ignorant and refuse to open their eyes i cant do more. The only thing that i will do 100% is to constantly help my family to understand why all these things are happening and not to be manipulated by the mass media( as they were before my intervention 😀 ).

    • Elizabeth is only because you believed in the existence of such strategies at an early stage. This doesn't indicate you are more intelligent than everyone else, maybe you weren't that frightened. Let's face it, who on earth would like to know that there are so profoundly twisted undividuals.

    • Yes, Elizabeth, yes! Just last night I argued with my husband , of all people :( He was getting downright hostile and flailing about. I remained stoic, but in the end couldn't help but have a good cry and let it out. I feel so sorry for people who are in denial. Anger is negative energy and, as a human, struggle everyday everyday not let it consume me.

      • I'm sorry to hear you argued with your husband over this, SD. It's very hard when someone you love treats you like you are somehow delusional. I know, because my best friend of 10 years has treated me the same way over this very issue. That's why I want to just yell at her now that it's all out in the open and proven. All we can do is do like you say, keep anger and negative energy away from us. It's toxic, and I know that firsthand from many different relationships and interactions.

      • My husband told me that he was sick of hearing about it and he is a Christian! He knows my past and my involvement with the occult and the esoteric. He knows that I know what I'm talking about but he doesn't want to hear it anymore. I have since backed off and am trying to allow him to come to his own conclusions. He does notice things in the media now. I guess it takes a light touch and you have to allow people to go through this at their own pace. You can't force it down their throats.

  36. The NSA can't keep track of the Boston bombers, yet they constantly monitor everything WE do? Fucking bullshit to me. They knew full well and did nothing. Goodbye freedom! R.I.P. 2013.

    • The NSA admitted that they had a training scenario with the same exact events, prepared months before the bombings…. Then, what a magical coincidence, the same scenario happens. With all the communications monitoring systems they failed to detect a bomb remote, and yet, they want to tell us that spying on us is for OUR security. Pure bullshit!

      • These "false flag" events are just an excuse to seize people's weapons, which is what the military did immediately after the Boston attack. They went door to door, breaking some doors down if people weren't home, asked people if they had weapons or searched for them if no one was home, then confiscated them. What gave them the order, and the right to do this? Are these people going to be paid for the weapons that were stolen from them? Or are they going to give the weapons back to their owners? I haven't heard another word about this.

  37. To all the people who don't think it's a big deal that the NSA is invading everyone's privacy: Ask yourself if you would be ok with someone you do not know- a total STRANGER looking through your underwear drawer. You don't even get to know how many times or when these strangers are looking through your underwear. How about being ok with strangers looking through all of your private drawers and throughout your house. Imagine that they come into your home when you are not home. Imagine these strangers looking through all of your private personal messages. If you are ok with this- I question your faculty. I question why you would be ok with a total stranger looking through your personal private everything. Why not let them put their hand down in your pants. Why not? Isn't that exactly what the TSA is doing to so many people? Even children!? It is PERVERSE and let's call it what it is: VOYEURISM with very serious implications!

  38. "Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defense each year and instead spend it feeding and clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, NOT ONE HUMAN BEING EXCLUDED, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace." – Bill Hicks.

  39. George Orwell wrote in his book 1984, "In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act." People if you haven't read this book yet, read it while you still can and see with your own eyes that what he wrote about is coming true!!!

  40. ProtectedWitness on

    What do you know about the START program at the University of Maryland? It involves Homeland Security and it appears to be very well-funded.

  41. Well they did say SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING…just did not think that they would be the ones snitched on!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah……

  42. What’s Next asked about public reaction to such revelations.

    One need look no further than the local reaction in Boston right after the bombing, during the manhunt & captures….. A full scale run at implementing at street level our on-going state of post 9/11 emergency, martial law.

    Boston was a great laboratory for showing how far properly sewn fear can eviscerate liberties & due process, and still yield crowd support.

    Welcome to the new USA!

    • Might sound off-topic from your comment…

      But take a listen to Neil Young's "Keep on Rockin' in the free world". Cool song. Sad song. Sad because things aren't like that anymore – not that the entire world was completely free back then – but it must've been better than the world we live in today.

      The music that came out back then… damn it's good. Wish I was there.

    • I don't enjoy demonstrations as some disruprive thugs get the opportunity to play around. Let's have a silent demonstration. Those ones are more efficient.

  43. Come on everyone, the government had these powers since the 60s if not earlier and this was before the internet was invented. If you are still complaining about it in 2013 then you are really off the mark. I wonder how a western media source could leak classified intel regarding a top US intel agency…hmmm….I'm pretty sure if you leak something that is really classified then it's off with his/her head.

    Are we coming to a police state? Not even close, with Chinese and Russian intelligence going rampant, the middle east, we are millenias off a police state.

    Is mass surveillance bad for civil liberty? Of course it is, but things weren't any better since post-colonial times when people had to cheat, stab and steal from others to survive. Even in ancient Rome, the elite class was constantly plotting against each other.

    Am I pro-surveillance? No, I'm in the middle, it can be used for powers of good or powers of evil but most of the times…it's for abit of both.

  44. They're trying to build a prison………..

    Following the rights movements
    You clamped down with your iron fists,
    Drugs became conveniently
    Available for all the kids.

    I buy my crack, my smack, my bitch,
    Right here in Hollywood,

    Nearly 2 million Americans are incarcerated
    In the prison system, prison system of the U.S.

    They're trying to build a prison

    Minor drug offenders fill your prisons
    You don't even flinch
    All our taxes paying for your wars
    Against the new non-rich,

    I buy my crack, my smack, my bitch,
    Right here in Hollywood,

    The percentage of Americans in the prison system, prison system has doubled since 1985

    They're trying to build a prison for you and me… Oh baby, you and me…

    All research and successful drug policy shows
    That treatment should be increased!
    And law enforcement decreased
    While abolishing mandatory minimum sentences!

    Utilizing drugs to pay for secret wars around the world,
    Drugs are now your global policy,
    Now you police the globe.

    I buy my crack, my smack, my bitch,
    Right here in Hollywood.

    Drug money is used to rig elections,
    And train brutal corporate sponsored
    Dictators around the world.

    They're trying to build a prison, (for you and me to live in)

    Some artists will tell you what you need to know. Straight forward. Like System of a Down.

  45. Did people really not know this? Like I thought it was obvious. Well to everyone who calls me a cynic for not trusting the government this is proof (which I thought was obvious) that I'm not, just an intelligent realist

  46. it's not that its obvious. Everyone suspected and 100% believed it to be true but it's hard to get people on board with just very strong suspicion. Now though, we see that it is complete fact but most people still don't know what to do with these information. No one will stop using the internet and no one will stop giving their information on the web. My mother still does not put any of our mail in the garbage without ripping it up and yet she works at a desk 5 days a week and is inherently put into a system. Deep down people care and are worried they just don't know how to be or where to start. Nothing will stop there spying unfortunately and they aren't really watching but everything is being stored. The only justice that can be served at this point is making sure this guy stays out of jail or else this whole thing will fall into the background. If enough strong people choose to make a stand then we will stand strong with a sturdy foundation. This is important, we just don't know what to do yet.

  47. Oh my god. It is true that the world is ending. We are now getting to see the worst of corruption. Now, it's even legal to see women naked in the streets, where I'm from. Sin is the most popular thing in the world now :(

    • You poor thing. Your mind is closed off.
      You live in a Garden of Eden, my love. But whether you choose to see that, or Hell, is completely in your control of your reality.
      It makes me sad to see so many people who are just as brainwashed as the general public, brainwashed to see nothing but negativity, brainwashed to think that the world is ending rather than ENTERING A NEW BEGINNING!

    • For The People on

      Probably not a good idea Camila. Best thing to do… snail mail or talk to them face to face if possible

    • I share everything on Facebook and I work for the government! What are they gonna do, get us all? Don't let them intimidate you. Post it EVERYWHERE!

      • I think "batman" forgot to read the thread and he is just here to be a "bot" and post disinformation and propaganda. If he would have actually read the entire article, he would have seen Snowden's own words:

        “Because even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded. And the storage capability of these systems increases every year consistently by orders of magnitude to where it’s getting to the point where you don’t have to have done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call. And then they can use the system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made. Every friend you’ve ever discussed something with. And attack you on that basis, to derive suspicion from an innocent life, and paint anyone in the context of a wrongdoer.”

        I guess I DO have to fear, even if have nothing to hide.

    • So why are they hiding? Why are they conducting all the research in secrecy? Building everything in secrecy? This logic goes both ways.

  48. The PRISM program is just one little tentacle. The biggest one is the ECHELON program which started before the NSA was even created. The GCHQ is/was spying on the USA, and the CIA/NSA is/was spying on the UK – this way they can work around the law and act "legally". This is an agreement between the two governments…. I say that PRISM is just the tip of the iceberg and there should be more digging into this..

    • Interesting, as I've never heard of "echelon" before but I am a female musician and have recently heard rap songs from popular "conscious" rappers (talib kweli) titled 'upper echelon' where the chorus yells Echelon repeatedly. Conscious rappers and older rappers don't appeal to this generation so there is another popular young artist that also has the same song title. Still can't believe a pop tart would actually title a song about echelon as I'm sure the song was ghost written anyways. I find that conscious rappers that were once deemed "reliable sources" have been replaced with younger artists who can easily influence our youth!

      • Yes, I agree that pop culture (and the music industry in general) has a very big influence on the younger generation, although I don't really listen to mainstream "hip-pop" and the rest that follow. Many underground artists are well known among the "real" crowds of music lovers and those people are not influenced that much by the CEOs and producers of multibillion dollar music factories. Also, ECHELON has many other names too.

  49. Retarded Moron on

    People here are just trying to find some truths, which is very difficult with all the crap we are bombarded with.
    There are seven billion different people on the planet all with different views, chances are most of us are wrong and that also might include you. None of us should be so arrogant as to think we have the correct ideology, and we cannot dismiss others as morons. We should listen to what everyone has to say.

  50. This is actually very frightening. Even with this leaked info., people will be mad, yet, they will forget about it in a matter of days. The government has everyone too blinded by everyday tasks, that even if anyone actually cared, they have bills, food, and work to worry about first. To say that Americans are a national security threat is hypocritical. How did they get from Al Qaeda being the number one targets, to spying on their own citizens? How are we a threat? Is it that some of us refuse to be brainwashed into believing false agendas? Is it because we choose to think for ourselves? Is it because we can see through the b.s that the media spews day in and day out? Is it because we're tired of war? Is it because we can see that communist USA is rising? Is it because we see that our government is bought by the banks? What is it? If they keep pushing us against a wall, eventually, they'll get whats coming to them. It won't be pretty.

    • I refuse to believe that we as a society( a global society) would just give up this beautiful planet without a fight. We demand answers!! Their plan didn't and doesn't work! Goodness shall prevail.

    • Seriously! Am now remembering hs social studies classes where we were being taught about Chinese communism and I remembering how I predicted this was to be out future, too.

  51. Just because you made it home safely today or 2 weeks from now doesn't mean you should read this article and dismiss it's point.

    See you when its time.

    God Bless

  52. I'm currently watching Gossip Girl and Netflix and it got me thinking…that show definitely made being watched seem trendy!

  53. This is the most disturbing article that I've ever read. The fact that this is being recorded by some "zero" government slave-geek is laughable. To those recording this…I pray for you. God is bigger than all of this and he will have his way. I pray that you all will open stoney hearts to Jesus before you perish. You are either for God, or you are against him. Suffering for eternity is pretty serious stuff…
    Blessings on all of those involved in the satanic, elite plan to enslave humanity…

  54. Snowdon hasn't exactly whistleblown anything new. This media addiction with the story is likely just another pre planned release with a groomed actor to guage and shape public opinion and further a voluntary slavery. But on the other hand that could be considered a bit too conpiratorial.

  55. Don't get it twisted. This guy was given this information to leak just like Julian Assange was given the info to create Wiki leaks. All that he is talking about has been already been capable and operational for by the government now for at least 5 years. But remember how someone once said that even how diabolical the Illuminati/elite satanic agenda operate, they still operate based on karmic responsibility, meaning they will often announce their plans in some form of media before they actually do them, in hopes of awakening your inner karmic responsibility to fight them, When you knowingly refuse your responsibility or allow stuff like this to continue, turning a blind eye to their active crusade of wrongdoing, then you become a passive participant in such destruction by not standing up for what is good in this world, and thus render yourselves to be judged. Thus satanist, and as such those who follow chaos, believe that they are only in the process of clearing the weak from the strong, or in perhaps, rendering out God's divine justice by destroying those who wish to remain meek or would fail to stand up for good due to their own selfishness. Harsh judgement by any God against those who have been deceived, for sure. But Karmic judgement, just as such.

    • I love it when I find a little shred of intelligence amongst the sea of mindless sheepie comments on here.

      • I tend to to view anytime I see something like this they have known about at least ten years same trend with the technology we only get the technology that is rendered obeselte by the elite and I fear and slightly know that if the majority are going on killjoy over the latest and greatest gadget, I like my smartphone without my smartphone I would never be able to juggle all that I do nor glean as much information about the elite that I have. Do not like the spying though at all hence I put off as long as I did. I would like to know what they are really doing and how advanced they really are.

  56. Facebook did what the CIA couldn't in a matter of years, but now that they have been established for a while and billions using social media, the govt. just says hand over the data in the name of national security, this world is getting more screwed everyday.

    One day they might track me down to this comment, but will see!!!

  57. My friends in their sociology class have been talking about the Illuminati Conspiracy and society. Some believe their is an a secret society controlling everything others believe it's pretty much bullshit while some are not sure and are on the fence. Personally I rather do my own research than have people tell me what is true or not. I even discuss this with my mom and she says people need to stop worrying about a New World Order coming because it's already here. I even decided to make a youtube channel where I will post my findings if you will – because some things I find don't make any logical sense whatsoever and some stuff i find on the illuminati and pagan and satanic practices I can't find the origins of.

    • He has. Many times. Does anyone actually read the massive amount of articles on this site? I've been visiting it for over 4 years and there's still stuff I haven't gotten to.

      Sigh. Everyone is so lazy and mindless and just wants to be told everything instead of seeking truth themselves. The people on these comments are just as bad as the sheep they claim to make fun of. Following the words of one unknown person, taking it as the ultimate truth, not doing any research on their own, mindlessly repeating to others word for word what their small mind heard.

      Hey VC – I think its time you wrote your own Bible! You surely have enough blind faith followers at this point lol

  58. I came onto your site this morning after hearing Power 96 radio station in Miami make a statement on their morning show this morning saying "Your Gov't is watching u" Of course they made it sound like a joke, but it just made me want to follow up on the latest happenings in the wonderful world of our gov't and I came across this article which is so on point with the statement I heard this morning.

  59. Is ever occurred to anyone that maybe the Government is just as paranoid as you if not more?
    Satan is attacking and dividing everyone. Our government as a whole is not the all out enemy like many think. Even if there is some inside that are knowingly engaging in the evil..
    Peace, respect but most important trust in Jehovah and his son as the ones in control.
    What better ones to have your back?
    Agape love

  60. thoughtsofsweetsarai on

    I find it weird how facebook asks for more personal information every now and then. It creeps me out when facebook actually tells me that only 60 percent of my profile is updated.

    • I am completely face book free for a year now quite happy. deactivate the account I have been alot happier since doing that

  61. Burning Bush on

    Keep informing the masses of the truth…they are arrogant. They think they've won,they haven't. They lose. Its already been written. Fight the Power!

  62. AnonymousTeen on

    sorry to disrupt,

    but there is NOTHING we can do about it, if we rebel then it's what they'd want, more police state which they've been pushing through music videos, fashion, ALL of that.

    the world is only going to get worse seeing as Satan knows he hasn't got much time, i'm not scared about what's going on NOW, i'm scared about the events that will happen AFTER Jesus returns, people that may be left behind to endure even MORE of this.

    if you don't believe in Christianity, ask yourself, why they TARGET this religion, because it's the TRUTH. they mock it 24/7, whether its Nicki Minaj's 'exorcism' at the Grammys, teenagers my age thinking its cool to wear inverted crosses, listen to OFWGKTA and curse Christianity and Jesus, they're building up a mind of rebellion for teenagers, and hear it from ME, a teenager myself, do you know how many times i've stepped on that path out of curiosity? too many times, i'm even praying that Jesus comes back when i'm in my good state, when i'm not experimenting with this 'other side', they make it seem so cool and right to be against Jesus because thats what they want! what the devil wants, the devil wants SO MANY PEOPLE to be left behind.

    people need to stop turning a blind eye to Christianity, i dont see music videos and the masses turning kids away islam or buddhism and other religions, yes masses choose to attack islam most of the time so that they have a group of people to blame it on and trust me it's WORKING, now you'll always hear muslims referred to as terrorists, however, noone is rebelling against that religion, but Christianity.

    back to my point, there is nothing we can do about it, yes they'll be loads of things exposed about them but that will lead to rebellion which is what they want, the world to cause havoc, they're powerful as it is already, they could shut down communication between EVERYBODY leading to us being lost and not knowing what will happen next.

    all we actually need is prayer and Jesus.

    ONE MAN is stronger than the many in the elite and the Devil himself.

      • This is the garden of Eden? I thought humans were kicked out lol… If this is the garden of Eden then I am praying for Heaven too!

        Oh and Kristina leave people's faith alone. She has the right to pray for Heaven and believe. Just because you can't see something with your eyes right now that does not mean it isn't real. If there's no proof for it, there's no proof against it.

  63. Vigilant, what do you think of the recent and horrible demise of Michael Hastings? His very last article was "Why Democrats Love to Spy on Americans." The article is less than a month old.

  64. 4444rrtycyfygfrt on

    max keiser, an economy analyst, pointed to the possible motive of corporate espionage as related to a chart of activities of data collecting systems. of course there are more motives

  65. The answer seems to be to put tin foil on everything, credit cards, licenses, cellphones computers, tvs, the passenger side of your after 2004 vehilce, computer games, and oh yea say no to smart meters.

  66. I believe that the more truth that comes out the harder things will become for us. when they can no longer be wolves in sheeps clothing thats when all hell is gonna brake loose.

  67. IseultBeauty on

    I just want them to use it to catch REAL criminals instead of manipulating politics, media, and marketing!

  68. I think it is utterly ironic and almost funny that a defense from them would be "If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t worry." Well, if THEY have nothing to hid then why are all these programs being built in secret? Why are they hiding what they are doing, if it is only in "the public's best interest"? If it is, then there shoudl be nothing that should be secret… Because its for our interest anyways.


    This defense from them – it is OUR defense too people! IF THE GOVERNMENT HAS NOTHING TO HIDE, WHY IS IT CONDUCTING EVERYTHING IN SUCH SECRECY? Aks questions. Not for answers, but if you keep questioning, others will too.

    They are afraid of us, people. They were afraid of the people revolting in the 30's and 40's and 50's with the rise of feminism, demand for equality, the black panthers, the weathermen, and all other revolutionaries… They were scared. So their response? Create a fake hippie movement, pacify the public with drugs, then make those drugs illegal in order to incarcerate/destroy those same people. Drugs and alcohol are one of the biggest conspiracies, IMO. As long as all the people who are awake and aware are also too drunk or high to do anything about it, they have nothing to worry about.

    Lets give them something to worry about! STOP BEING AFRAID AND TAKE BACK YOUR POWER! That is what they are most afraid of, that each of us will realize our individual power. If we do that, and then we work together, we CAN bring them down. It IS possible.

    "I'm a part of the problem, my problem is that I'm peaceful, and I believe in the PEOPLE!" – Lupe Fiasco

  69. Freaky, went from weird conspiracy website that's fun to kill time on to news site with this story about Edward Snowden. Btw isn't that like the fakest freaking name ever? Edward SNOWden…yeah right.

  70. "you better do something about it and get your voice heard" Um… I've been watching sites likes this for a while. Talk talk talk. Exactly when is anyone going to actually do something… Talking about it and revealing it won't mean anything when this supposed "plan" is unfolded by the government. Personally, I don't believe any of this. If the government is as crooked as you say, and I believe they are more than capable of being, wouldn't all of this more than likely be a distraction? Planned. I mean, doesn't this all seem way too much like a movie? I mean for crying out loud, a book was written about this and it's happening now. It just all seems like a huge plan for something much bigger and these conspiracy things that somehow "leaked" are obviously "leaked" purposely to distract from what's really going on. You guys are blogging about it on an easily accessible site for goodness sakes! But either way, blogging about it on a computer isn't stopping anything so let's be real. Fight back or shut up. We get it. You believe there's a conspiracy. Exactly what is the next step? Read this with an open mind before you start hating. Thanks.

    • I have the same opinion. Snowden is actually fake. I would have believed him if he allowed his identify to be hidden and media showed less interest in this story. The things he said is nothing new. We all know it already. Its been going on for a long time and the presentation has "unsuspecting" names. Blah, just see their titles:
      windows: means someone can watch all our activities. its not in singular form, but plural. that says a lot.
      google: googlee eyes, again someone seeing us.
      iphone: needs no explanation
      facebook: face? identification?
      aol: find out what Americans are doing online

      I agree with you that we need to take action. Protesting will get us in trouble though. In fact, it will get us "beheaded". Changing our lifestyle is the only action that is best right now.

  71. Hahahaha, the sheeple said conspiracy theorists are fear mongering lonely people. Now I wonder how they are taking this. Its about time we stop depending so much on electronic communications. We simply have to go back to the days of traditional folders, papers and pens, post office and "joint" families if we want this spying to fail. They don't give us 100 percent privacy, but at least will make things difficult for them.

  72. The saddest part of this are the people who have such a high level of faith in the government and Constitution that they believe there will be a way to fight it. If you are still asleep I feel sorry for you. If you are semi-awake, WAKE UP completely!


  74. Okay media, next up, NSA Edward Snowden, exploit now! Eat it up America because actually while you're concerned shitless about your violation of freedom and privacy which in fact has already been destroyed years ago while you were eating your TV dinners watching Dick Clarkes ball drop, we'll be starting WWIII if that's okAy. Oh it's not? Well we don't really value your opinion, anyways I the meantime keep talking about this topic like its ground shaking information. Syria here we fucking come! Deploy the drones.

  75. Don't be afraid of whats happening and have faith to god, Because God is powerful above all. He is THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. Romans 8:31 – What shall we then say to these things? If God [be] for us, who [can be] against us?

  76. What about People from PAKISTAN? will they be affected if the even mention a word like ZION or ILLUMINATI or SATAN or anything like that or use them with a HASH?

  77. Its not to help you, I can testify to that….probably blackmail….public polling, who likes the new word order (dummmie) and stuff like that, it doesn't come from a place of love….in my own experience they use it to creep me out….and it ended up messing up my program as I refuse to associate with folks who can repeat my phone conversations….but don't seem to be doing a lot to help me, FTS :))

    have a happy!

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