Odd Danske Bank Commercial “A New Normal” Tells You What is Normal in the NWO


Until February 2012, Danske Bank was owned by elite financier Peter Straarup who is a member of the Trilateral Commission (created by David Rockefeller) and of the Bilderberg group. The bank’s latest commercial entitled “A New Normal Demands New Standards” is quite odd, not to say deeply disturbing and upsetting. It basically shows a bunch of things that are supposedly considered “the new normal”…And most of these things…not good.

In fact, they reflect a whole bunch of things part of the New World Order Agenda, whether it be a police state, the repression of free speech, pushing transhumanism or brainwashing children. Yes, all of these things are slyly referred to in the commercial. I guess its message is that the bank recognizes and understands the reality of today’s world and so forth…But the resulting product depicts nevertheless a grim picture of the fuiture.

Here are some of the things the commercial considers to be the “new normal”.

A guy throwing a rock at police in riot gear. Since when is that normal? When things like this happen, its because democracy is failing miserably. So, no, it is not normal, Danske Bank.


Thousands of Chinese workers cramped into a high-tech, chemical sweat-chop. Those are modern-day slaves. Not normal, Danske Bank.


A desperate guy hitting police in riot gear with his umbrella. That’s normal now?


Silencing people with money? That’s the new normal? But, on a serious note, is this BANK actually catering to the Occupy Wall Street crowd? The crowd that was protesting…big banks? There’s some weird mind games going on in this ad.


Kids being brainwashed by video games promoting a police state?


Little girl mesmerized by a tablet?


Robots playing soccer? Does the “new normal” means dehumanizing everything?


Emotionless creepy smile that seems to say “Help me, I’m miserable”?

In short, most of the things shown in the video are not normal. They are things the NWO wants to see becoming normal by flooding mass media with messages. Thank you Bilderberg-owned bank for letting us know that everything you believe to be normal is…not.



  1. Normal? What's that in these United States!!!?!? If you don't trust everything the Government says are agree with what they do, then You are NOT Normal! In other words, if you actually THINK and use your brain, then you are a terrorist. They want all of us to act like ZOMBIES. This is why they are preparing for the so called "Zombie apocalypse." It's only a matter of time until this New World Order occurs, and you are either for Christ or for the Anitchrist that will emerge from the NWO. Be vigilant everybody!! There's a reason why this website is called "Vigilant Citizen." Think for yourself, and ALWAYS seek the Truth. The truth! Which is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! NOT Obama, as they want you to believe! God Bless us All.

    • ..I agree with you yorkcity..they'll even brand you as..psychotic. Lock you up and throw away the key…drop pieces of information about you all over the internet …for thinking for yourself. For asking.."how in the world is toasing rocks at riot police or money shut mouths..or two women kissing ads the new normal?" ridiculous people!! they can sell their ads and music videos all they want…but plenty of people arent buying…long run..we'll win…Christ always wins…and we are holding unto him…like real tight.

      • I was just about to say, how come no one said anything about the two women kissing. That aint normal either. But that's how it is now. The more perverse, the better

    • "If you don't trust everything the Government says or agree with what they do, then You are NOT Normal! In other words, if you actually THINK and use your brain, then you are a terrorist." swap government for whichever religious body you're associated with and swap terrorist for heretic…. where really is the difference? religion is just as much a tool used to control the masses as governments or the media, you tell us to THINK yet you don't seem to be able to think outside of the religious blinkers

      • do u realize that the government and media is almost always tryna bring down Christ? since they are so evil and perverse ask urself why this is so? it must be that Christ is the answer, not religion, catholicism, islam etc. Christ, believing in Him and having a relationship w/ him. its not being brainwashed, actually its being very rebellious because everything that god wants us to do goes against what the world wants for us. the world just wants us to be a mindless slave and have sex like animals, abort ur kids if u dont want them, drink and smoke into oblivion so u dont think…all this stuff brings ur Spirit down so u dont see the truth. thats what the Illuminati wants!

    • somewhereoutthere on

      It makes me really angry to see people referring to jesus christ as the Saviour. This is the name of a pagan god created by the Emperor Constantine, who founded christianity. He can't save you.

  2. I have to say that I agree with the comment saying that it isn't actually promoting that this is what the world should be , it's simply stating what it is and what could be happening in the future. The 'new normal'. It's stating that these are different times and with technologies today, yes there are different things considered normal or whatever… I don't think there's anything sinister of etc about this ad.

    • UnwantedUrsela on

      I agree with you. What the ad showed was how much is really happening around the world. All of that is going on and it is the new normal. It shouldn't be. But because 'they' have ramped things up in the last 6 years, technology moves faster, so everything else is moving faster too. Our human minds are trying to keep up and evolve with the technology and they love that because its distracting. Kids play video games on all types of machines and keeps them experiencing nature, true friendship, or educating themselves through home projects. Adults are wrapped up in their phones, websites, wage slave jobs and so on. Too much to care about the slaves in walmart factories, the resistance fighters on wallstreet, or the burning bodies in syria. Its the new normal because they like it that way. Half of the population keeps the imaginary digital money moving while they erase (in real time, on the internet and through the judiicial system) and kill off the rest. ok thats all lol . I have given up all hope and welcome a peaceful end. Humans are this planets enemy and i am sad to call myself one.

    • business as usual on


      "I have to say that I agree with the comment saying that it isn't actually promoting that this is what the world should be , it's simply stating what it is and what could be happening in the future. The 'new normal'. It's stating that these are different times and with technologies today, yes there are different things considered normal or whatever… I don't think there's anything sinister of etc about this ad."

    • Thats because your brainwashed to think that there isn't anything wrong about this as campaign
      You need to start thinking and doing more research into the whole system
      It isn't just tv ads there so much more to it
      Their implanting this idea of what normality is and obviously if it's on the tv then it's correct
      People need to start waking up
      Stop doing what your told stop being a zombie!!

  3. And can people please stop saying god bless and Jesus is your saviour or whatever??? Religion is a lie. Wake up. Don't shove it down people's throats.

    • people are allowed to say what they want. and are you not doing what you accuse others of doing? "religion is a lie. wake up. don't shove it down people's throats". you are shoving your anti religion beliefs down people throats by making your comment. if you don't like what someone else wrote then ignore it and move on to the next comment. freedom of speech, right? have a good day! :)

      • well, maybe we all should shut up and stop shoving religious, non-religious and anti-religious beliefs down each other throats

    • I only agree with half of what Kay says. Yes, please stop mentioning religion to make you point. Now Kay how do you know religion is a lie? I hope you're not trying to shove your atheistic ideas, which by the way is another kind of religion.

  4. That is disturbing! God did warn us about the last days "new normal": "You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!" (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

    • business as usual on


      everyone acts so surprised. "oh no what can we do? it's all so horrible." And I just sit back and say of course it is, that's the prophecy. What can we do? Love God and do His will, that's what we can do.

  5. I think the commercial was trying to say that the bank recognizes that anger as a result of financial inequity is the new normal, and that they willing to work with the angry masses and better serve them. I don't believe that's true. I'm just assuming that they intended for it to have a positive impact. They probably have no idea how creepy it comes off since they're a bunch of creeps themselves. Like the woman at the end with the face she's making, I think she's supposed to look compassionate, but instead she looks like she's trying to have a bowel movement. That's what cold-hearted greed monsters look like when they're trying to nice.

  6. Wait a minute…Occupy Wall Street is suing a bank… I guess the image of shutting people up with money can have numerous connotations.

    Also, this stuff is not new or normal. Mainstream, rather than normal is the word. And it is very old stuff – carry-on from the Renaissance period, from which 'modern' developments have got to where they are now because people didn't wake up for centuries. But that IS changing.

    Those in power, like bankers, only make their favourite things mainstream and sideline alternative choices when they know that the people are turning away from them. Things may get worse in the near future, but that won't last long now. In the meantime, hang onto your hats or evacuate to the countryside!

    • TV IS BULLSHIT. Period. Why? You can't argue with it or rant like we are doing now.

      So, I understand youre trying to say woahhh, dont be so pessimist, butwhen it comes to TV…. it's warranted IMO

  7. We need to Stop with the last days religion stuff, the new world order is and has been in full effect for many years now. It's not some biblical event that will happen. In this current state of mindless masses, the powers that be are sitting pretty. We have the ability to demand a change but the problem is most people don't see the problem. Brainwashed and lazy people don't want to change anything. I believe with sites like this more and more people gradually wake up and the New World Order Agenda will be rebuked one day. At least that's what I tell myself. No disrespect to anyone's faith but we have to look at this in realistic practical terms. They only have power over the masses if the masses don't know they are being controlled. If people wake up, they are not going to be able to stop people. Remember American citizens are who fight these wars. They wouldn't bomb the block where they grew up. Even if they are fooled into taking some citizens to FEMA camps they won't mass murder American people. So basically the power that these people have is perceived power and we can bust that illusionary bubble if more people just wake up. That's the hard part though.

    • business as usual on

      But we read this site which insinuates "they" are in league with the devil which is why they plaster his image every where and host black masses. But We shouldn't believe in God? So are you suggesting we overcome satan and his followers with protesting and public awareness rather than turning to God, his antithesis?

  8. They are preperaring us slowly for thebig change. I notice is everywhere.. in the streets, at peoples homes, the way they think, act..
    Idolizing celebrities, not really caring for privacy anymore..
    World peace is hard to find in peoples minds.. they think that money and power are the keys.
    They have made is think that they are good andeveryone who is against them is evil.
    The majorty of people do not really care.. they are only concerend for their own well being..
    Through these commercials, movies etc.. they make everyone believe that everyone MUST LIVE LIKE THIS.
    Yes it is a form of slavery.. the governments do not care, nor do they care about their OWN COUNTRYS..
    What is there to do is the question,, we are with less money, power and people backing us globably..
    When someone speaks out theyimmediately call them insane, addict, go on…
    I wonder what people will do if they can not stay in their comfort zone anymore and will be hungry or homeless..
    They will have many regrets…..

  9. Time 0:19 two girls kissing – possibly a lesbian way ( not normal ) and feminism to destroy the family unit.Please add this picture in your article.Those people are sick and need to be cured.

    Human society in general is sick — like an individual with cancer who's

    unaware of his condition, such people live their frivolous and largely meaningless

    lives gleefully forcing their way of life via forceful opinion onto anyone who's just

    passive enough not fight back.

    This trite culture of binge drinking and having sex as a means to happiness

    and buying a dog instead of having kids as a means to completing one's circle

    of life is simply unsustainable and completely artificial.

    Its sorta like the movie "idiocracy" where the intelligent folks didn't have

    kids because they were too self absorbed, but the braindead masses reproduced

    into oblivion. Next thing you know, the world was a giant trash pit and they were

    trying to irrigate crops with Gatorade, then wondering why they wouldn't grow.

    For you humans a God is something you must fear and worship.

    • i think u been reading henrymakow.com huh? its an awesome website along w/ this one…yes feminism is communism and totally destroying this society….

    • the only sick people are people poisoned with hatred and believing they were given the right to pass judgements on other people's lives… the world is a 'giant trash pit' because of individuals like you who were not loved as children and cannot find love as adults, and now they spit their venom

      and the new testament god is love as she described herself…


      Judging by your grammar, YOU are an idiot.

      Feminism destroying the family unit? So women fighting for equality is destroying the family unit? Because women can't have families and be seen as equal to men at the same time? I know plenty of feminists who have families. All feminism destroyed was the patriarchy taking away our basic rights as humans.

      You, sir, are a moron.

  10. It seems more of a critique of “the new normal” to me, as in “is this what is normal to us now? Is this acceptable?” The message is grim. It is not pushing this agenda but trying to make people realize what we consider as normal.

  11. Im from Denmark, and i am ashamed to say Danske Bank is the bank i use-

    On the other hand i am happy to say that this comercial has been pulled of the air, becourse of the occupy wallstreet movement sueing, for wrongfully reprisenting their message.

    sry for my english, its not my native tounge-

    Keep up the good work VC

    • I’m from Denmark as well(I use Arbejdernes Landsbank though). I saw a huge poster in the city center for Danske Bank where a rather sad boy is silenced with money. On the money it says “new normal”. Thought I’d share the picture with the VC readers, but now VC himself did it!

  12. Banks & other corporations always capitalize on anything in the current pop culture consciiousness. Corporations co-opted & defused every trend of the rebellious sixties, until all that was authentically progressive & revolutionary became cheapened & neutralized.

    • Heather,we call them fads or trends!And yes,that's exactly what they do!For example,I grew up rather poor and had holes in the knees of my jeans!Later,I saw yuppies wearing acid washed jeans with holes in the knees that were patched up!TRENDS!They die out as fast as they come in!Unfortunately,most peoples mentality follow trends!!

    • StopTheLies on

      you should be afraid… you will inherit this mess if we adults fail to stop it… and the only way to stop them is by exposing them… educate yourself, never follow anyone, especially do not follow anyone that tells you there is no hope or that this is the way it WILL BE… that is what they want you to think… 1984 is NWO propaganda as is Atlas Shrugged and all the Divici Code books, do your own research, see through the facade … and if your friends don't believe you, tell them to look up, can't debunk the chemtrails… THEY ARE REAL!

  13. Thanks again VC!
    And can I just add, lesbianism – or any form of romantic relationship other than between unrelated man & woman – has never been 'normalized' up until our generation. And despite what has been legalized in some States, I still hold on to the biblical truth: same sex relationship is an abomination to GOD and marriage is between a man and a woman.
    I'm thankful for the mind I've been given by GOD and I intend to use it to think for myself.
    To hell with what's normal in our culture. Thanks again VC! :)

  14. the Bible is the reality. you can go against it all you want, but the truth will remain the same. quit relying on your neighbors to go against the "SYSTEM" it's not going to work. as soon as something goes wrong they'll be begging the "SYSTEM" to save them. Rely on God, he's the only one who can get you through the tough times and right on in to his Kingdom.

    every knee will bow, don't ever forget that

    • business as usual on

      EVERY knee. not some or most or half or nine tenths. Every knee will bow. But know this God is faithful and His word says He will not deny you the desires of your heart. So if it is your atheistic or secular hard hearts desire to be without Him, he will oblige you. And I weep for you if that happens because when everyone including you kneels before his presence, you will know that you were wrong, and still you will get your wish. To be forever without God who is love and life and truth.

  15. "I still hold on to the biblical truth: same sex relationship is an abomination to GOD and marriage is between a man and a woman"

    OK, God's allmighty, he can do whatever he wants, because he has ALL powers. Agree with it?

    If you agree, you're telling me God gives you a mind, so he must also decide whether we are homosexual or not. Even if he gave us the "freedom to choose between the right and the wrong", why would he let us do such "abonimable" thing as being homosexual? Why, especially when He knows that this has historically divided the world in two parts: the ones who tolerate it and the ones who do not? Why do you people keep on saying that the Bible is "THE" only truth, but at the same time say it's all a question of interpreting it? Then how can we be sure we've interpreted it "right"?

    Please don't tell me that I simply don't understand God's plan; I'll tolerate any answer that is a tiny bit more elaborate than that.

    I respect everyone's religious opinion, but can't see any sense in this way of thinking.

    • The bible says we are all born into sin, with having free will we are able to chose being homosexual or not..and choosing between right or wrong. The bible clearly states that it is an abomination. Christ died so that we would be free of this sin. It is up to us to accept it and repent of our wrong doings and live a life pleasing to God.

      • So you are saying that with your free will you just pick and choose who you are physically and emotionally attracted to? and have a connection with? It is a choice whether to act upon feelings you have or not but it's not your choice to be attracted to someone

      • business as usual on

        No but you can choose what you do with your body. And you can choose God over sex, money, lust, pride, hate, greed. You can put God first.

      • No Kitten,

        We do NOT… CHOOSE… WHO we ARE or are NOT "attracted to". We ALL have "ideals"… about what we want in a "mate". Eve was THE… VERY… LAST… "THING" that God created in this universe! He took a "sample" of Adam's "flesh and bone" and "genetically altered" it and created a "woman"! A "being" that was the physical, mental and emotional OPPOSITE (or at least "different") of Adam! AND, who WAS "descended" from him. Eve was the FIRST and (as far as we know) the ONLY human "CLONE" that has EVER been made! (Since then, there may have been OTHER "human "clones" created, BUT, NO ONE today really knows for sure! We've ALL heard of or read of rumors.) As Adam's "physical" descendant, SHE was also UNDER HIS "God-given" authority! Therefore, when Adam "sinned" The consequences of "SIN" came also upon HER and ALL of her and Adam's descendants! And, SHE was THE most BEAUTIFUL "thing" in ALL… of God's creation! God created men to be attracted to women and to desire them. And, just because I get married, it does not mean that I STOP being attracted to other women! It simply means that I make a choice NOT to ACT on those feelings!

        GOD designed men to do the "chasing"! He designed women to do the "choosing". If you have a relationship with God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ… can you NOT… SIMPLY TRUST YOUR LOVING, HEAVENLY FATHER… to CHOOSE a "GODLY" husband FOR YOU? I told MY LORD, Jesus Christ LONG AGO that I did NOT have the WISDOM to choose a wife for myself and, would he choose one for me?

        Today I am happily married to a precious woman who is such a delight and a joy to me! We do EVERYTHING together including cooking and house cleaning. We have a LOT of FUN doing everything together! (And sometimes, we have SO MUCH FUN that we don't always get everything done!)

      • You are so incredibly sexist and primitive I can't even believe you had the confidence to pollute a community with your corrupt thoughts. Hell is awaiting, my friend. There you will find people sharing your "beliefs"…

  16. VC –

    Did you miss the article in the Westword out of Denver re: Jared whatever is name is telling another that he was brainwashed and had a "bad therapist?". I keep looking for a follow-up on this from you.

    To "I" –

    Homosexuality has been around since time began. Stop picking and choosing – everyone's created in GOD'S image, not yours. Put your bigotry away. Jesus will appreciate it. He told me so.

    • business as usual on

      Did you know you too could be a bigot by being intolerant of the christian view?

      big·ot·ry [big-uh-tree]
      noun, plural big·ot·ries.
      stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.

  17. The advert positions the bank as a way of dealing with everything that's going on.

    The commercial shows various issues and happenings – police (state sponsored) brutality and the reaction to it, freedoms never before espoused (the two girls kissing, break-dancing in Tiananmen Square), technological overdrive (kid playing with iPad, Blade-Jogger, robots playing soccer), Money and its effects (the Pink-and-Blue workers scene, dollar bill over the mouth); then basically says that we need new thinking and that the bank is one of those who's doing it.

    Or: our port will hold up to any storm.

    (And WHY would someone use a bank to weather these sort of storms? Who knows…THAT message would be "Trust the corporations, no one else can help you." Never mind that they're the ones behind the above issues …)

  18. Im from Denmark too! Oh my God, never would have thought I should read anything about little Denmark in this website!

    And I'm also ashamed to say that Danske Bank is the one i'm using.

    Guess you can't be safe or free anywhere from the New World Order Agenda.

    Thanks for keeping us enlighten VC!

  19. Come to think of it, the umbrella also has occult meaning if I'm not mistaken.

    This video is literally filled with occult symbology.

    Even the bright light in the stadium could be used as the sun possibly…

  20. Even the ceiling at the 23 second mark is a sun symbol.

    Lady in red at the 29 second mark over the curly haired kids shoulder..

    There may be more I missed…

  21. Its clear that the future doesn't look bright for us.My question is,will this be happening in every country or just certain countries?May God be with us all.

  22. If all that rubbish is normal, I like myself the way I am, especially having legs and feet (as the athlete), reading books (instead of tablets) and kissing men (being female).

    Fight the NWO!!

    • You have to separate personal feelings to see the message being portrayed.

      I would think the athlete represents efforts demonstrated towards transhumanism, and the last 2 scenes you mentioned (video games and kissing), represents the brainwashing, indoctrination, and demoralization that we are exposed to starting at early ages.

      • When I was on the bus this morning I was reading a book made from paper while other passengers around me were either looking at their i-Phones or their Kindles. The free newspaper the Metro is given out in the mornings and buses carry copies. It's ironic as anybody who likes the rubbish in the Metro wouldn't be reading it but looking at an i-Phone or i-Pad instead.

  23. Is Danske Bank financing Occupy Wall Street protesters? Guess there's too many subliminal messages in this video. For instance, Lesbians kissing each other.

  24. ohshebesoimmortal on

    It’s weird to me how so many people believe so many other people are asleep. The people aren’t asleep, they are dumb/frozen with fear. Things aren’t what they expected when they gave their power over to those who claimed they’ed represent us. Who expected that the politicians they elected would turn out to be greedy and self-serving sell-outs? Who knew we would become so depemdent upon technology? Who knew that the riots in the streets would only serve to imprison people rather than of instigate the change they were hoping for? Who knew video games would become so addictive? Who thought child indecency and child pornography would flourish with the www? Who cares that most of clothes, shoes and gadgets come from asian sweatshops? Who even cares or bothers to listen to the response when passing by someone and saying, “hello” or, ” how are you doing?” We aren’t asleep. We aren’t blind. We are afraid and ill-informed. We don’t read/have discussions/visit/cook/ skill-teach or anything that makes “better people” anymore. We don’t have time. We are silenced in our pursuit of the almighty dollar. We cannot escape it (not even in our super *non-propagandizing* churches) for if we read, we wouldn’t be so buzy with being a slave to technology. How many batteries do you need for a book? If we read, we would understand how the monarchs used organized religions for mass mind control. If we actually had dialogs, we would learn that banking is a giant ponzi scheme too big to fail. This commercial speaks to the civil unrest going on all over the world. It’s not normal, but it’s normal now a days to hear about riots in France, Greece, Spain, Wall Street, Texas. It’s normal to hear of political unrest in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Congo. It’s normal now to come home and find your daughter on the computer and your son playing video games. Technology is such the norm now, that it IS a way of life and very much part of us. Homosexuality has been permeating the media just as much as occult (meaning ‘hidden’) symbolism. It’s even on the tongue of the president and congress members, and it’s not uncommon to see a gay couple in the streets, or drive through ‘gay friendly’ neighborhoods waving rainbow flags on porches. I’m not advocating banking, but I think they know us pretty well…right down to our fake ass smiles. You all say this isn’t normal. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but it is. And to the teen who is afraid for their future: yeah, be afraid, be very afraid that this will become the new business as usual. Know that the young influences the old just as much as the old influences the young. If you really want change, unparalyze yourselves and BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE. If you don’t like this normal, know that you can redefine it at anytime. Blessed Be.

  25. runners w/prosetics is also really not normal… the new normal? we’re broken, brainwashed, spinning on our heads, victims fighting a losing battle? give me the old Normal please!

  26. I wish bigots would stop hijacking this site and its cause. I've seen no indication that VC himself is a homophobic bigot. I wish he'd express his opinion on the subject of homosexuality, but I guess he can't because he'd lose too many faithful readers who think he's down with their hatefulness.

    • we're not hateful because we disagree w/ u…i could also say that YOU are hateful for disagreeing w/ us? but yes…there ARE many hateful "christians" that do hate gays but im not one of them. i couldve been one of them myself but Jesus saved me from it and He can do the same for u (if ure gay). God bless

  27. When a BANK would think of shut the people's mouth with money a wrong thing? I mean, why would they "warn" us about it? For me it's sure it's what they want to become the new normal, not warning us about what we're becoming (but in a ironic sad way, it also happens…)

  28. The sad thing is that by the time the general public realizes that the 'conspiracy' is true, it will be too late for any kind of revolution. These things must come to pass.

    • face in your face on

      Really, Isis? I will endure and you'd be a wiser entity acknowledging I will ensure you do not endure. This is the real war your highness was and will be generated to loose :) You are old news and we must progress. This is a message brought to you from myself and thousands, millions of others :) Best of luck, hag

      • Millions,huh?That's an awful lot of body bags!You are but a trend and all trends are short lived!

  29. How dare they use that nice song for this garbage?

    This is the same song played at the end of Hollywood production, "Project X"

  30. I like reading VC's articles, but until I read the comments in this thread I didn't realize his fans were a bunch of bible thumping gay bashers. Disappointing. All of you screaming about religion and the end times and bragging about how you think for yourselves at the same time…you are fools. Plain and simple.

    • the bible i believe is the only book talking about the end times and everything that comes w/ it and also how to escape it. this is why we're attracted to this site because it totally confirms everything we read about. how is that foolish? God warned us in His word and now we're seeing it to pass..its simple. and we do think 4 ourselves cuz if not we would just be doing whatever the media tells us to do but we dont, we live a different lifestyle…

  31. It's ironic isn't it? The elite always included organized religion. It's the best way to control the masses, and yet the religious fanatics are drawn to sites like this. I guess it's all about fear, fear of evil and fear of the unknown.

  32. I noticed that there were no black people in the commercial. I think the Illuminati wants to wipe out all black people from the face of the Earth.

  33. I noticed that there were no black people in the commercial. I thint that the Illuminati wants to wipe all black people from the face of the Earth.

  34. The smile seems to say many things. One in particular was, "I know something they don't know," referring to the faces that preceded hers. Could she possibly represent the minority that is in the know, and silently laughs at those who don't?

    This commercial certainly represents the "normal" that the masses are being indoctrinated for.

  35. Oh… here's another one..

    The dollar bill taped to the mouth is very telling considering all the occult symbology on the side facing his mouth….

    Silenced by money and the occult?

  36. @Sarah, what then would you have us believe? That we evolved from a bunch of apes? As the NWO would have us believe? Or maybe you have a better theory? Should we just make it up as we go along, sort of like "do what thy wilt" another NWO thinking. No dear, I think it's you that's the fool for letting the satanist think for YOU. Say all you like about gay bashing and crap but it won't change the fact the the very act of it is nauseating! Period. But of cause that has all been normalised and people like yourself can't accept the facts. You see people like us are drawn to this website because we are drawn to truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth not just the truth we would like to hear. So if you don't like it then get off cause you are obviously on the wrong site.

  37. Sorry, but I don't believe all homosexuals choose to be that way. I think for some, its hormone imbalances. And before you and others go around preaching about the "abomination" of homosexuality, remember what the Bible also says about casting judgement/throwing the first stone. People sin in all manner of ways. Who has the authority to say homosexuality is a greater sin than killing, stealing, coveting your neighbours husband/wife, etc? If you're a truly good person God will forgive your sins. These are confusing times and nobody's perfect. Going around spewing hate isn't going to get you any closer to God.

  38. When I see commercials like this, I like to play it backwards, just to see if the message remains the same. In this situation, the message "A new normal / demands / New Standards" becomes: "New Standards / demands / A new normal" and THEN we see images of the world we live in. It makes me wonder what are these new "standards" and how creating (or reinforcing) a new norm would support these standards.


    You guys are seriously funny with all your anti – homosexual rants.

    You are playing straight into the hands of Satan. Divide and conquer my friends. The Bible says a whole heaven of a lot. I wonder have you ever read it?

    Don't play into their race game, class game, sexuality game, nationality game, east coast west coast game, north south game, janet or rihanna same thing my friends.

    Don't be fooled. Even our gay brothers and sisters are light beings! And some are not!

    Grandfather Sky and Mother Earth created us ALL in

    their image.

    If you don't believe me then ponder on this :

    We are made up of all the minerals metals and liquids of the earth,

    At the same ratios.

    Peace from Asheville North Carolina

    oh by the way consider going VEGAN

  40. Banking, capitalism, consumerism etc. are manifestations of our ego nature or our lower nature. In the biblical story of Cain and Abel, this is represented by Cain. There's nothing wrong with it, in fact it's a necessary component of ours as human beings. But when this lower nature gains the upper hand, things become unbalanced. To fix this unbalance, you need to manifest the higher nature within you, the Abel part, and have it rule you. How? Some accomplish this through meditation.

    So you see, the real struggle is inside you, between the ears. You overcome Cain, you will have overcome the world. IMHO.

    For a clearer insight and a much more able explanation please visit spiritofthescripture dot com.

  41. Becoming addicted to VC and its like.

    Topic about homosexuals,to my mind is closely related to ALL NWO stuff.Hey,guys we see where the world is sliding.If religion itself would be on masonic side-how you explain their demonic fierce hatred toward religion?How you,thinking and wise ones, explain heavy illuminaty infiltration of churches and religious schools and universities?That can not be farther of the truth to say that the Bible is instrument to divide and conquer.In Middle Ages Bible was kept out of common people reach. Was it by atheists?By church!Just without it brainwashing the mass and committing sinsin faith's name is much easier. As born in former Soviet Union and now living in U.S. I can easily discern where anti-religious fervor is coming from.Part of the greater plan.

    Remember, my dearly beloved who are not yet deceived Masonic views is clearly against any Abrahamic faith.They against Judaism,Islam and especially Christianity.Of course in true undefiled form. And more interesting that "Moral and Dogma"-satanomasonic book- describes creation in the near future new religion.Based on TOTAL TOLERANCE AND ACCEPTANCE.

    We will never bend under yoke of defiled.Good part of GLBT has to do wish darkest spiritual plots.Rituals.Possessions.Addictions.Whatever sinister, occult practice you check abnormal sexual practices are present.Oftentimes coded in symbols. No normal christian worry who folks are sleeping with.Parades of pride-that is more worrisome and revealing.Worldwide parade is entering schools, churches families and everything in between.Some pastors in Europe are already behind bars for telling simple Biblical truth about same sex relationship.

    Welcome to new world order.Pick your own form of fornication.Do not forget to be proud of it.

    I am crying my eyes out.May the Lord help us.Peace and love to you all.

  42. I´m a little surprised that VG doenst credit the danish based site zen-haven.com, who actually came up with this story and blew the lit on it. that being said:Good work.

  43. as a christian, i would never say that i hate gays, or lesbians, or anything like that, as a matter of fact, i'm instructed to love them, even my enemies. God instructed all his children to love them, because God himself loves them, and he also wishes that no one would perish and be cast into hell for the sins they've committed against Him. that being said, every day God blesses them with is another opportunity to change their lives, because they are in danger of dying in their sins; just like the rest of us, we all sin, and it's a constant struggle to do the right thing every day, but don't look at it as a struggle, look at it as an opportunity to show God your love for him, and trust me, you will be blessed for it.

    every knee will be bow

  44. It's building. And it's not far off now. In fact in some places and for some people its already arrived. Find GOD people, find Jesus, we can all make a stand but ultimately it's in the Creator's hands. Just look at the videos of black Friday and police brutality. It's building and we are reaching the Event Horizon. May Jah bless all my brother's and sister's who are aware and staying aware. So many are in denial and the generation gap makes it hard to inform others but the bottom line is it's up to you to believe and to see. Praise and Thanks to The Most High.

  45. Illuminati members are homosexuals and misogynists. They only have to use women in rituals and for breeding purposes. Besides, the one they worship hates women, children, animals, nature, everything alive or normal looking. It never crossed my mind that sickness could be so deep-rooted, however it is. And I'm not even trying to judge, I'm only flabbergasted by the profound sickness of some. They are a big pile of sh!t.

  46. If they think they will make business running better that way, it looks sad.

    Part of the "new normal" is burning down the banks, they should include that, too.

  47. Bible is another illusion of "normality", we are not guilty, and never were, but Church made ppl think that way in order to control them. Big forgiveness is what we need in it.

  48. On top of all the creepy imagery and the weird mind games in this ad, another strange feature of it is that it uses an English slogan — "A new normal demands new standards". Danske Bank is a Danish bank with Danish customers and there is really nothing for it to gain from using an English slogan, unless it is consciously trying to appeal to a global audience. It must be some kind of message to the global elite, because it is cleaerly not a message to the Danish people.

  49. umm ok you totally over looked the lesbian kiss….what the hell does woman kissing have to do with banking??? and this is shown on tv so children can see. is this the new normal??

  50. I dont Think you have a Cour what they are trying to say. I was so fortunate to speak to one of the leaders in Danske Bank where i live, and he Said that it showed how The World is evolving, and that they are aware of that. All The things we see in the video ALLREADY happens all over the world! They dont claim that they are greener than other banks, nor that they sympethiese with ocuppy Wall street, they are just more careful and looking more to what happens in our world RIGHT NOW!

    Sorry for my poor english – i am a dane..

  51. Come to Europe and look what is happening around you.. We as humans dó what we wish and want! Not what some corrupt children fu*king priests put together as a divine book 1000 years ago, and then made you live 100 pct. By it..

  52. @Sarah…If you have a slightest feeling that homosexuality and lesbianism is cool then you have to realize that the elitists agenda-'the new normal" has added one up follower in their data base.Homosexuality and lesbianism is ungodly and unholy.Everything in the advert is very disturbing….1,the love for stupid brainwashing computer games2,Lesbianism3,Rioting.4,modern day slavery….and the last picture of that woman tells u everything…at the end you a zombie…soulless!

  53. The credibility of this post really suffers when the first thing you notice is that the bank is not owned by Peter Straarup. He is the former CEO. As for the commercial then it is just an example of management not really knowing what is going on in the real world and what the marketing department and their ad agencies is cooking up to get interest. Danske Bank has had a major hit in terms of their reputation due to their huge loses in Ireland and Scandinavia. E.g. they decided to sponsor the Danish national soccer team etc. I suppose they think "educating" their customers can help explain their rather high interest margin.

  54. It is not about being against homosexuals per se or in a deeper sense, BUT that this is supposedly the "new normal". Whatever you say in favor or against homosexuality, it is 1.) not NORMAL and 2,) the public display of erotic dreams, where two obviously not lesbian women publicly nude kiss for men's entertainment (the scene is actually taken from a music video that shows this kiss in a sort of pornographic way going on for minutes intending at stimulating male fantasies; the women displayed lack any typical lesbian outfit or symbols) is also not normal.

    So to force single parents and homosexuals down our throat as —normal— is the cynical agenda. The same goes with this promotion of disabled persons as normal, which in itself is a lie since sports is more than ever before a dirty game of "who is doping better" and not about including marginal phenomena like the Paralympics, pardon me "Special" Olympics.

    Furthermore – Summergirl – it is not completely true to claim that no blacks are shown in the clip. Mass-immigration into Europe is portrayed as the new normal (Greek flag scene including brown or black people). Mass immigraton leads to ethnic tensions and the destruction of the traditional society, the no. 1 enemy of the NWO. I nevertheles agree that this is the only scene that shows black people and also in an exclusively negative context. Asians are portrayed pimarily as slaves and Europeans either as zombies (children), fools or – the tiny minority – the elite in its bunkers and assembly halls. The creepy, post-feminist woman at the end is the same as the one with the apathic child on her lap in this assembly hall. She is the "protagonist", the identification figure of this ad that seems to be directed at young women with the intent of ever more exploitation of women in disguise as "women liberation", "equality", "freedom" and all this other nonsense.

    Realize that the woman has similarity to the sex doll pseudo-lesbian woman in the beginning. It is all about exploitation. The man has to shut up or else channel his protest in useless riots that will impress nobody, the women have to willingly give in to exploitation and the Asians are good as childish streetdancer or are to smilingly endure their perverse slavery ( 0:09)

  55. A Christian never prays for world peace. That will only be achieved when the Lord Jesus Christ establishes His 1000 year kingdom from Jerusalem, after the Antichrist and his army are destroyed. Don't believe that? Good luck fighting the Luciferian NWO after they shut down the internet. Get in the word of God (for English speakers, the King James Bible), get saved, and avoid all these things that are coming.

    • Right, because King James is our Lord now? Propaganda is propaganda is propaganda. Social manipulation / engineering can be seen in Bank Commercials and also in EDITING a religious text to better fit your reign as king.

  56. oh my god!!! was that a greek flag??? so, they just want to destroy our country with their financial programs and expect noone to protest, right??? so this bilderbeng bank wants to tell us Greek people "shut up, police will be your leaders now, shut up and in case you didn''t get it by now, shut the fuck up!!!". I knew there were games palyed on concerning Greece's financial status -and don't get me started with the "lazy, fat bastard" cliche-, but now this is getting ever clearer…. Everything in this ad was so creepy and not human but that stroke me the most 'cause i'm greek and i'm one of those somewhat "alerted" out there about the NWO crap…

  57. guy throwing stone…divided they can not stand this knowledge goes back to the stone ages hence throwing a rock

    man spinning on his head upside down…the mind is now grounded in all the spin

    factory workers…pretty clear note there…adorned in docile of pink…didn't see both sexes at work clearly

    protester with umbrella…interesting one here…impassable force police shield the climate change that follows…out of the frozen state a iceberg falls

    wind turbine farm…the very wind has powered our stand above all of the land which is barren of people but what matters above when your below in bunkers anyways as there isn't blue skies to be found

    prosthetic olympian runner in the dark looks to the light…the determined human spirit is crippled in the dark race he didn't win

    two women seal loves moument with a kiss…there is no love for man sealed by that kiss

    the round decision room a mother and daughter in vote…inside the light at the top where control is decided where "even" seated women and future women are singled out and out numbered in say

    guy throws stone in air…man in stone age is fruitless in attack to the invisible from above which causes his frustration below

    car chase…in trying to out run the force cars have force on both sides guiding his path

    kid watching tv in home…served tv info he can not run from the force to the tv "that watches him" from a home no longer private

    bejing square? with guy dancing…perhaps no international barrier now stops the spin of man as he falls down at end of dance

    prosthetic runner again at night…and still the crippled of the dark never win the race to the light

    young girl with netbook…even the virgins have distracted vision of reality delivered in private from parenting

    robots ready for game of sport….they are machines ready for any challenge if one dares to play as they even place the ball in our court

    the different faces at the close….doesn't matter what you look like as you all stand alone as this is our view you are looking at

    to a degree it's so twisted to pull this commercial apart as i ask myself
    is this how they think or is it how they want me to think…if i am to think normal as new

    but i gave it my best go at what banksters have delivered to us in actions
    their actions through the years cast truth
    humanity isn't their intent

  58. God is love!! u need to look to God and not ur own deceitful heart that will lead u astray. " The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9.

  59. To me its all bias and conclusional to one's individual perception. THE ONLY THING! Thats off to me…is a BANK commercial with no MARKETING or SELLING of the BANKS FUNCTIONS or DEALS. With no CLEAR COMMUNICATION written or spoken all those clips are simply speculation.

  60. The new norm is sitting back and watching this world quickly turn to shit!Though,this world has always been turning to shit!Now its getting dumped into the sewer!!

  61. I live in Demmark. And that commercial is shown at the television everyday at the moment. I hate so much and it’s so disturbing and far from normal. Danske Bank means “Danish Bank” and was established in
    Denmark and later became International. What they show is not normal at all.

  62. Creepy.

    I haven't watched TV for a few years but I remember the messages being sent through advertisements were positive back then. They were false of course, but they mostly seemed to resonate with old values and with the ''old normal''. The fact that they're coming out with this in such a blatant manner and shoving this in people's faces is disturbing. Adverts are known for their idealistic depiction of reality; this one's aim seem to be to depress and/ or frighten. It's an admission that the lie has ended, it's no longer necessary to give people that false confort.

    Also, the fact that a guy is on his own throwing a rock or his umbrella at riot police shows him as outnumbered, unarmed and defenceless. He basically doesn't stand a chance – we all know how such scenarios end. He's vocal and manifests his anger only because they still allow it. So basically the guy is desperate and helpless, at their mercy. That's a very strong message about our future.

  63. Still no explanation of how this ” new normal ” relates at all to banking, unless you factor in the NWO. There really isn’t any other reason for it. Even if you think it’s a correct reflection of how things are. The standard banking commercial talks about helping you out, being there. Security and stability. There’s nothing secure or stable in these pictures. Even the less threatening ones, of the children, there’s still a feeling of dread and detachment. The drumbeat of the Borg-like “Resistance is futile”.

    As far as the catering to the Occupy crowd….it’s not that odd. NWO money funded a lot of those camps. Soros in particular, IIRC. ( Bank money shutting them up?) In a city near me the sitting mayor gave them his blessing, kept the police at bay, and didn’t charge the normal fees for park space right up until his reelction. They were booted the next week. Occupy was a statist tool. Even if many of the ill informed people involved didn’t know it. And that’s not even getting into the ones who were openly calling for more state control. It was managed dissent at best.

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