43,000 Brazilian Students Will Be Required to Wear Locator Chips on their Uniforms


Schools in northern Brazil are now embedding their uniforms with locator chips that allow the tracking and monitoring of their students. Advertised as a “way of informing parents in case their children skip school”, the widespread use of these devices and the information they can potentially gather is rather unsettling. There no “off function” on these chips. I read some comments stating that these chips will “help finding kidnapped kids”. Really? What if  the kidnappers made the kid, like, um, NOT wear the shirt? Lame excuses to hide the real agenda here, constantly increasing surveillance and monitoring in the name of “security”. Here’s an article on the “intelligent uniforms” that are actually worn by 20,000 students and required on all 43,000 of the Brazilian locale in 2013.

Locator chips keep track of students in Brazil

Grade-school students in a northeastern Brazilian city are using uniforms embedded with locator chips that help alert parents if they’re cutting classes, the city’s education secretary said Thursday.

Twenty thousand students in 25 of Vitoria da Conquista’s 213 public schools started using T-shirts with chips earlier this week, secretary Coriolano Moraes said by telephone.

By 2013, all of the city’s 43,000 public school students, aged 4 to 14, will be using the chip-embedded T-shirts, he added.

Radio frequency chips in “intelligent uniforms” let a computer know when children enter school and it sends a text message to their cell phones. Parents are also alerted if kids don’t show up 20 minutes after classes begin with the following message: “Your child has still not arrived at school.”

“We noticed that many parents would bring their children to school but would not see if they actually entered the building because they always left in a hurry to get to work on time,” Moraes said in a telephone interview. “They would always be surprised when told of the number times their children skipped class.

After a student skips classes three times parents will be asked to explain the absences. If they fail to do so, the school may notify authorities, Moares said.

The city government invested $670,000 to design, test and make the microchipped T-shirts, he said.

The chips, similar to those used to track pets in many countries, are placed underneath each school’s coat-of-arms or on one of the sleeves below a phrase that says: “Education does not transform the world. Education changes people and people transform the world.”

The T-shirts, can be washed and ironed without damaging the chips, Moraes said adding that the chips have a “security system that makes tampering virtually impossible.”

Moraes said that Vitoria da Conquista is the first city in Brazil “and maybe in the world” to use this system.

“I believe we may be setting a trend because we have received many requests from all over Brazil for information on how our system works,” he said.

– Source: AP




    • Yes it is D:

      And sure the school has them wearing those chips so their parents will know where they are, we all know it's the government who really wants to know. :/

      • Scary? Very scary!! What can be done? I can live my life. I can be as good a person with the cards I've been dealt. I am not waiting on the sheep to do shit. They won't. They are asleep. My best weapon is my prayer life and my quest to be a better person– not a better citizen of a corrupt world. Rfid chips will not be something I will be accepting. I may need to live in a cave. I don't know and I don't care. Faith is all I've got and all I need.

    • EXACTLY. What if the kid ISNT wearing the shirt… Hmm, what would be a better way to make sure it stays on the child.. Underneath the skin perhaps? Oh wow, that'd be great, how convenient!! Won't you all feel so safe with these chips under your and your childrens skin, it will be so nice and will cause much less worry.

      THIS IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST, and its well on its way. DO. NOT. TAKE. IT. It will not be easy when you refuse, but if you do choose to take it, it means death and that you are handing over your life/soul to Satan. That sounds extreme, but its true. If you want to find out more, read Revelation 13 from the Bible. This has been prophesied for nearly 2000 years.

      "It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

      This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666." -Rev 13:16-18

      • This does sound pretty weird. Y spend all that money tracking kids that cut class? I mean, was there like wave of truancy incidents in Brazil for them to resort to such drastic methods? Its just plain dumb. They should @ least think up better reasons for invading peoples privacy than that.

    • This is really dangerous. People miss seeing the bigger picture.

      Remember when the first computer came out? Now everyone has a mini computer in their pocket. Technology progresses, we progress. Too bad it's progressing–in the wrong direction.

      What happens next is what people are missing to see.

      Soon, it won't just be Brazil. Soon, it will won't just be embedded in shirts.

      This is really dangerous indeed.

  1. "…on one of the sleeves below a phrase that says: “Education does not transform the world. Education changes people and people transform the world.”

    I read this, and took it one way. Then I stopped. I re-read it. I read it again. Why would they mention it is under this slogan?

    This is blatant.

    "Education does not transform the world"

    Yes, it does. It has been historically proven. With knowledge, people have more choices.

    "Education changes people"

    This sounds so subtle. Education doesn't change you. It changes your outlook, maybe. It changes your ideas. But it doesn't change you.

    They mean indoctrination. They mean "programming". It literally is like software, or html, creating something out of a person, making them behave as you want them to.

    "Transform the world"?

    Why couldn't they use repetition (a common literal device used in slogans and speeches) and just repeat "change"?

    I understand the need for keeping children in school, but this is not the way to do it. Maybe a sort of clock-in-clock-out system where kids have ID cards that have this chip, or maybe just a non-rfid chip, something that they can put in their wallet or pocket, like people used to clock into work. Having them wear it is making them used to being tracked all the time, which is wrong.

    Anybody who mentions "privacy concerns" is being phased out of these developments. It's like someone at the dinner table says "OKAY ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR STUPID PRIVACY CONCERNS SHUT UP ALREADY, I HEARD IT ALL"

    That person is usually someone who doesn't care about you, and sees you as not important. Privacy is important. It goes with "having knowledge means having choices" up there. Ever heard of the riot mentality? The herd mentality? Privacy allows you to do something you want for yourself, that seems right for you, and not be ostracized or victimized for it. A herd mentality can be set up where because privacy is not valued, and individuality is not valued, even if you know something is wrong or was wrong to do (bully someone, kill off a certain race or sexual orientation) your individual thought is not valued because it's not with the herd.

    People do things in herds, in riots, that they wouldn't do on their own. It's studied extensively. People also have been shown to electrocute others to the point of death (in simulated tests) if a credible higher-standing person told them it was okay. In other words, private thought is the key to "civil disobedience", which is what you have to do when the herd, or someone "of high standing", is telling you to do something you know is wrong.

    This seems to be intended to remove private, logical thought. Take care to always draw your own conclusions, use your own logic/moral/ethics system, and not follow the riot or herd.

    You were born an individual, and you should stay one.

    • speaking of 'changing the world' (wait for it at the end of the video!)…check out this viral marketing for the movie Prometheus…the messages in it are insane…'March 2023'…and the 3 pyramids part of the weyland logo….

    • You are totally right! About the test that this person is refering to:

      (Nutshell) In the 60's a professor conducted a test. He took in a certain amount of students, and told them to observe volunteers. Theses "volunteers" were hooked into electro-shock chairs. The fake point of the experiment was to see how a persons memory could be enhanced by pain. Ex they were given a sequence of number, or colors, I cant remember which, and were told to reperat it. If the patients got it right, they continued…if wrong they would be shocked. As the experiment progressed, the patients went from being uncomfortably, to screming and refusing, to begging to be released from the chairs. Even when the voltage passed "safe" test amounts, the students (under the direction of the professor) continued to inflict pain on the subjects, despite some of them becoming comatose….only 1 out of(however many were in it) stopped the shocks after they saw the patient become hurt, and uncomfortable. The rest continued to shock the patients, only because the professor told them so, despite the cries of the test subjects. In the end the patients were actually actors, and recieved no electrical shock…but the "REAL"experiement had been proven…..even if a person saw another suffering, as long as someone in a porsition of power told them it was "ok" they would continue to hurt that person despite the obvious pain they were inflicting.

    • Or just give your t-shirt to your pal to carry it around in his bag while you're skipping school. BAM! I've just dismantled their $670k plan ;). Idiots…

  2. They're just coming at us in small doses, to desensitize us and get us used to these new technologies that are here to make our lives more "safe and convenient". It's obvious that microchipping all of us is in the near future.

    This alone makes me happy that I have no children and don't plan on having any. Why would I want to bring my child into this hell? It's only going to be WAY WORSE in 30, 40 years. Why would anyone want to put their child through that? So that they can live in a world similar to the one depicted in "Hunger Games"? No thanks!

    (BTW, VC, please give us a Hunger Games article…you know we're all waiting on it!)

    • It's not "hell". Life is what one makes of it. The FEMA camps and all of that look scary, but we know about it. When you know about something, you can avoid it. Yes, this is not inevitable, why would it be? Then again, this is your choice.

      We know about it. They know we know about it. They're the scared ones. We are the ones who do not need numerology or to belong to some dumb clique 999,000 years old or to keep hurting, manipulating, and undercutting others to succeed. Yes, they're some insecure little punk trying to show they're a big man.

      I think my optimistic viewpoint comes in part from Jet Set Radio Future. I beat that weird parallel universe monster at the end and then DJ K's monologue after that comes to my mind whenever I see a dark future predicted. "I ain't talking about all this stuff Nostradamus wrote; the future is just one big, blank space, it's up to YOU what goes on in it!"

      Lol i'm going to survive this bullshit and the bad guys will lose (seriously, their plan has so many flaws, like, they assume people all buy into facebook, iPads, and Jersey Shore) and I'll have a kid later. This world is beautiful and fulfilling, you just need to be strong in it.

      Strength is what we have that they don't, the strength of civil disobedience, something none of the people in this little clique know anything about.

      • I want to agree with the things you're saying. It's obvious "we" outnumber "them" and it all takes is for us to unite and rebel against them and their corrupt system but, seriously, how likely is that to happen? The majority of people have already bought into everything that's out there and will be quick to march along to beat of the elite.

        As for the FEMA Camps, I think we all know what they're there for. Soon will come the day that it is mandatory for all of us to get microchipped, and where, exactly, do you think they'll put away all these rebels and outlaws that dare defy the system? It's going to be considered a crime not to be chipped and they'll just throw you away into your nearest FEMA "death" camp. That's the reason they have bought a ridiculous amount of "casket liners" and all these camps are filled to the brim with them (there's countless videos on YouTube about this). So just because we know about them, how are we supposed to avoid them?

        I can applaud that you're optimistic and hopeful — I try to be too, don't get me wrong — but a lot of this is already prewritten and destined to be. I'm only going off of what the Bible says, and from what it looks like, some very unpleasant times still await us. I don't think there's much we can do to avoid it, other than to get ourselves spiritually right and brace for the worst.

      • @Andy I hear what you're saying about the Bible forewarning mankind about the Mark of the Beast and the inevitability of its roll-out, but it also tells people NOT to accept it. Getting 'spiritually right' is correct and not to be underestimated but yes, we must definately 'brace ourselves' for the harsher times to come.

        The shift in consciousness and the fall of this 'empire' is also pre-written by advanced ancient civilizations. I think this is the real inevitability that is causing these monsters to amp-up their game, tighten their control-grid and try to make us all terrified of and accept the things they think they have planned for us. They are the ones truly terrified, WE just don't realize it!

        As @09jf09djy says, I'm going to survive this bullshit'. We all have to!!

      • Citizen General on

        aye but how do you survive it. god said don't kill a man. i'm certain he meant them too. i will survive, i will thrive, i shall not die. i will fight. i will kill if to defend my life.

    • Hunger Games? Really?? We all know what it's already about. I still watched it and sorry to say but it was a pretty damn good movie. The movie has a simple message! Disobey the Capitol and we will kill you, starve you, and make you live in a place where it's difficult to feed your kids. Simple as that. <_< I loved the book and the movie!

      • HUNGER GAMES??Hehehe.We in this part of the world,we're used to hunger games.We used it as an opportunity to fast…Learn to fast now,so when that time comes,You'l simply go into fasting.

    • Also Katniss doesn't even obey them! She DEFIES them! She doesn't abide by their rules. So technically it's spreading a good message. But people like you like to find the evilness in everything!

      • Yes, Katniss defies them, and that is a great message! 😀 No one is denying that! BUT everything has a duel meaning, and as I was reading the books, I couldn't help feel sick to my stomach. There is something really off about them. In fact, what makes these books dangerous is that it, in a way, prepares people for this sort of future by reading about it.

        Which is good on one hand, maybe it will make them think twice about the government and start prepping, but the majority will write it off as fiction BUT their mind with be further disensitized to the coming government oppression, and instead of being prepared to run and fight, they will be prepared to accept it as natural.

        There is a pro and a con to most media, so its not about seeing a snake behind ever rock, but knowing that there is a possibility for it both to not be there AND to be there and to be mentally prepared for the positive and negative. Not everyone is going to get this, but that IS what this site is about, seeing things for what they really are, at all angles. :)

    • Why not write your own Hunger Games article? I don't mean that to be rude. :) I just mean, this site is supposed to be about us not being sheep and thinking about ourselves, if you are constantly "waiting for the next article" are you really thinking for yourself? If you've read or seen Hunger Games, its pretty easy to dismantle it yourself since you've probably been on this site for a while. :) To me, the goal of a teacher, is to have their students exceed them, if there are hundreds or thousands of Vigilants as opposed to one, it makes it a lot harder for the sheeple to ignore. :)

      Just a thought. Of course I am curious as to his take on HG, but I've all ready worked out my own analysis, and am pretty sure what VG says will be mostly identical.

      Remember, the point is to think for yourself, and not rely on anyone else to do it for you, period. :)

    • I definitely think desensitization is a major problem and it seems that entertainment (Hollywood & Music) is the number 1 vehicle for pushing the visual boundaries. People are extremely visual and an image stays in our minds long after we've seen it. Movies are becoming more gross with violence and sex being so closely related as well as this notion of leading a selfish, hedonist lifestyle. Celebrities personal lives, through reality shows and gossip, also serve up the same hedonist garbage… its crazy.

      The 1st question to ask yourself… what are you living for?

      These guys want us to keep living for our own selfish benefit, so we can keep the machine going.

      The 2nd question is… what is this so-called 'education'?

      What they want us to believe? Education combined with being given the chance to formulate your own opinions and not be ridiculed will change, sorry TRANSFORM the world.

    • The hunger games is exactly the future they want to create where most people live in districts as slaves with food rations while the elites live like royality. It's in the United Nation's Agenda 21.

  3. That's weird.. this article reminded me of a creepy thing that happened to me the other day when i called a taxi, they didn't even ask where I wanted to be picked up (a person usually does…). A computer voice asked me if I wanted to be picked up from such and such station (which I was at) and my jaw dropped, I was with a friend and told her what happenned and she said it happenned to them when she called about a week before to be picked up from a shopping centre, she said "It's technology" i said "More like tracknology"

  4. Nothings Surprising on

    I wish this was surprising, but like the other guy said, just desensitizing for what's later to come. I'm glad I can come here and everyone's level of thought is on the same page. I asked a simple question about Zionist on yahoo answers earlier and got blasted with you're crazy remarks. I wish there was a meeting or school classes held once a week to talk about these things.

    Off the point, but please watch this. Ron Paul also predicts the future and I wish more people would listen to him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a54tmb6lvV0

    • hehe….I've also been cramming around in my head for some way to disable it……any suggestions, anybody? Experts out there asked!

    • or do it like "wupme" said in the former comments:

      >>You might want to take a look into the RFID Zipper of the CCC (Chaos Computer Club Germany)

      Its the only way (besides the hammer method) that leaves no trace that you destroyed the chip.

      The Microwave is bad idea, it can happen that the place where the chip looks slightly burned.<<

      • They might actually try to come up with a method to make these damned things indestructible. But hopefully someone will come up with an effective method to destroy the it and somehow get away with it. They'd prolly send the cops after your ass for trying to destroy it and you'd end up in jail, or something.

        -this is only if they (government/elite/illuminati/demons i don't know) succeed with their plans. They'll probably make it as fool-proof as possible-

        "Countless people, from maharajas to millionaires and from pukkha sahibs to pretty ladies, will hate the new world order, be rendered unhappy by frustration of their passions and ambitions through its advent and will die protesting against it."

        H. G. Wells – The New World Order, published, 1939

  5. chips cameras sensor on

    Vigilant should analyze the "Hunger Games" movie.

    Apparently, it's a movie about an elite that forces everyone else to fight to the death.

    Such a huuuuuuge mess.

    • It is – but the plot is about the main character Katniss, who defies the Capitol and eventually destroys the system. I haven't seen the movie and don't know if they have changed anything, but I read all three books about a year ago and I thought the series was pretty good.

      • Yeah! That's the point of the trilogy. I watched the movie and read all the three books, and I thought the movie showed everything it was supposed to. They are very similar actually.

      • I'm considering watching this!

        Hopefully, for these series, the system won't be resurrected due to trauma, like in Battle Royale.

      • I think the books are pretty good and I ain't watching the movie for obvious reasons. The thing is there are always two sides of a story, and in this world nothing is what it seems, so when watching or reading something we should keep in mind that what seems obvious actually means, more often than not, something else. And with THG is not really about the end and how Katniss defies the Capitol, it's about how things became the way they are and how kids need to kill each other for peace to reign, basically it's what the NWO is about, kill the masses so we can finally have peace. I didn't read the books thinking Katniss = the masses. Katniss = NWO personified.

    • The Hunger Games is the future that the elites want to create where most people will live like slaves having to ration foods and the elites live like royality. It's all in Agenda 21 of the United Nations.

  6. Where I live the teachers take roll every period if a kid doesn't show up for class and don't call in they call the house to see if you're sick and ask how you are doing and if they don't get an answer they call the parents to see if you should be out. That is just as effective as a chip. No matter how many kids there are that's why you pay people to do that stuff. The contractor I work for that contracts to TVA said they are going to put locator chips in badges to keep up with workers on the job but you take the badge home when you are issued it and most people leave it in their car. So wherever you drive to it will show them.

  7. In the old day's when the Elite screwed you over as massively as they could possibly do. The peasants simply retaliated by chopping their heads of and putting them on stick's.

    Nowadays the Elite hides behind masks not showing their selves. Fear is an excellent weapon they have learned to use against us whilst remaining invisible in their castle's made of glass.

    So, not only the "Kony Freedom Wristbands" with unique number is here to label you, now you even get a GPS locator. Seriously even live-stock doesn't have this (or at least not around here). If this doesn't state how the general population is regarded as than I don't know what will.

  8. The new movie the "Cabin in the woods" will be are neigborhood houses very soon, they will monitor us in every way and make the movie only seem like a teaser. When constructing houses, is anybody suspiscious of the chips they can embedd in the walls. I don't need to be a psyhic to see that they have already done this. Privacy is a fallacy but some keep believing in it to keep their heads from drowning. God is our only hope.

    • PoisonButterfly on

      This is EXACTLY why I'm so grateful to be living in an old house that my parents (both natural conspiracy theorists) oversaw the building of.

    • "God is our only hope."

      Be careful in the thing's you vest your beliefs in, religion is the leading cause of death and obliges you to follow rather than think.

      • Actually, you're wrong. Religions exist to guide us as to how we should live our lives. As you can see today, it is much easier to manipulate people nowadays because they follow what the general public does and the media shows.

        Science and politics are also a cause of mass distructions. Take Nuclear bombs, for example. They've wiped human beings out faster than the presence of religion in our world. As for politics- wars? Hello?

        We cannot function as an orderly society without religion, politics and science. So think a little about what you're claiming here.

        Btw, laws (yeah the things we "follow") are mainly based on what religious relevations like the 10 commandments and the Koran. So don't say that religions are the leading cause of death. Ever heard of natural disasters? You're so ignorant. I don't even know what this bs you're talking about has to do with the article.

      • The problem is that religions where a great motivation for war in our history and else GOD is a perfect reason. Gold, Oil and Drugs.

        So the problem to me is the hypocritical ignorance that all religions embrace their story to be the one and only truth. Even to kill and die for. This only causes mis-perception of the world and misguided idea's and beliefs that can be very well and even more over be actually made to control large groups of people.

        Ever been at the Vatican? They bathe in gold and luxury whilst their beliefs state they should live in materialistic poverty and only bathe in the glory of their belief vested in God.

        So yeah, religion cannot ever be taken more serious than something you pick up at the supermarket to use, learn and throw away. Religion cannot be bound to a person as a person is constantly changing and making this in to a set state-of-mind leads only to destruction of individualism, free thought and speech. Since fear will be armed and geared to deal with such things.

        Tho shall not question for it is done by God. <- Think that kinda states the point don't it.

      • alycan is just so right.

        think of the part with the vatican and all the luxury and gold which is quite the opposite of the things told by the bible itself these christian folks should live with.

        Massreligion is for masscontrol – I keep my own religion which is shared with erverybody trough the human mind gateway. But as I am the creator of that religion I keep control over it and thus over myself.

  9. When things such as this arise, the best thing to do is non-comply(hey that rhymed!). But because a number of these parents believe this is a good idea, it will go off without a hitch. If enough people said "NO!" to this crap then what could they(the evil doers) do? If parents pulled their children out the school(which is only a nice idea but not happening) then what would they do? People have to realize they have the power, not the governments of the world, hence why they(evil ones) want to make sure we are dumbed down, uninformed and always in a state of fear.

    • As far as I understand, Brasil is a very strict nation- it is illegal even to homeschool your child. The only way I know this is I occasionally read a blog from a Brasilian. His blog is Called Last Days Watchman, if you want to google it. But anyway, the point is I don't think parents are going to be able to say "no" to the government.. Unfortunately.. I'm just thankful I've been able to homeschool my son this year without fear of anyone coming and taking him away from me. His blog made me realize how blessed we really are (still) in the US. I know its only going to get worse so I'm trying to savor the good right now.

      • That sucks about the people in Brazil and their governement. The same will be in the U.S. as well because people are willing to go along with whatever the gov. wants to do or fool people into supporting whatever they want to do, they have put up a veil over our eyes. People can stop complying anytime they wish.

  10. Hail back to the X Files, didn't they pull one of those things out of Skully. As a matter of fact I viewd the proposed "device" on a another site. It looked almost identical to the "prop" that was used in the show. Classic case of "Life Imitating Art". It is out there people, and it is no longer in the realm of fiction, we have created our own reality.

    • @ananimous

      they are masons

      they construct our collective conciousness

      and our reality if we dont construct it ourselves.

  11. I wonder if you choose to not have your child wear the chipped uniform what will happen? I just think that as a parent I should have a choice.

  12. Adversity, the mother of all innovation, I for see a series of locker run 'black market' school shirt runners and mockup shirts sans chip, so that kids can skip class undetected. Some kid is going to make a relative mint off smuggling a pile of shirts around for kids willing to pay to get out. I think we can all think back to grade school and exchanging lunch money for a well forged doctors note! This is a waste of money, resources and time that could all be better spent giving kids a reason to actually want to be at school. I think we all know they did it just to show how easily it can be done, accepted and made to seem common place; so when the ask to implant this same chip there is little resistance.

  13. So they introduce this. Kids (AND ADULTS) will find another way of tricking the system. That is all that will happen. First thought that comes to mind, they are monitoring if you kid gets to school or not. Hey I would just hand one of the other kids my shirt and be off to where ever I wished to be at the time.

  14. RFID in School Shirts must be trial run. I wonder how many years till it will be desensitize the World Population till they introduce Mark of the Beast. Hunger Games must be Illuminati NWO plan since why do they rewrite from Battle Royale? There usual Blood Sacrifice Tributes to offer to Satan and genetically engineered Previous and Current dead Tributes (Transhuman).

  15. 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

    18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

    Revelation 13:16-18.

    Don't be surprised when IT happens.

  16. Wouldn't it make more sense to embed the chips in their shoulders so they can't lose the shirt?

    I bet if some bad person detonates a tactical nuclear weapon it will be the first thing the children MUST do!

    Children can't be missing in attendance now…

    But they can't be in attendance at an anti-NWO rally later…

  17. A random thought on

    Yay more tracking but seriously this is not anything new there is a brand doing the same thing putting chips in there jeans that connect to your phone or ipad or whatever gadget you cant live without. The whole thing is just a big fat joke and anyone trying to tell you these chips are a good idea is deluded regardless of what there being used for. the worst part is i am in no doubt that eventually all people are going to be forced to have chips of some kind stuck in there bodies.

  18. Wow, just wow…

    Vigilant, you should do a piece on Chemtrails…..more and more people are becoming aware of this issue on the elite's agenda

  19. How can we spread the word about the illuminati? I've tried many times and people call me crazy. Vigilant, is there any way you can formulate an article about the Illuminati agendas of the 21st century? Do you have any advice as to how I should explain this?

  20. I'm from Brazil and I can say:

    things here are getting weird day by day!

    The end is near…and it has begun!

    • I knew shit hit the fan the moment kids started asking for mobile phones instead of toys in their birthdays. The stupidity of the parents is just… ugh.

  21. From Rio tamb&eacute on


    I do live in Brasil,unfortunatelly I was born here and first i read it i thought it was a lie.

    First – because we have the worst politicial in the world,the just care about get money for them stealing from us.

    Second – because they took so much money of us that they dont have to invest on schools,on hospitals and security so how do they could spend so much money on something not very important? And they created it. With so many poverty and people starving,dieing,so much violence,drug addicted I just cant accept it. That is what scares me. Than I went to search for information in portuguese and i saw that is really happening here.

    When I read about everything here,i know that it is not in Rio or Brasil,it is so far,but now the reality is so close. Can we not believe it is true? Can we not believe that Jesus is coming back? All the information on the bible is now happening in our lives.

  22. never go to the moon on

    "RFID in School Shirts must be trial run"

    The trial runs began a LONG time ago!

    We're way past that process.

    Now we're in the portion of the game where they will try and BRAINWASH us into accepting these things because not everyone BROADCASTS themselves on and offline, so RFID tracking will NEED to be EVERYWHERE, eventually.

    RFID is employed in MANY areas of society. RFID is used to TRACK their livestock (humans) in:

    * 1. A lot of BANK's ATM & DEBIT cards (easily cloned and tracked)

    * 2. Subway, rail, bus, other mass transit passes (all of your daily

    activities, where you go, are being recorded in many ways)

    * 3. A lot of RETAIL stores' goods

    * 4. Corporate slaves (in badges, tags, etc)

    and many more ways!

    Search the web about RFID and look at the pictures of various RFID devices, they're not all the same in form or function! When you see how tiny some of them are, you'll be amazed! Search for GPS tracking and devices, too along with the more obscured:

    – FM Fingerprinting &

    – Writeprint

    tracking methods! Let's not forget the LIQUIDS at their disposal which can be sprayed on you and/or your devices/clothing and TRACKED, similar to STASI methods of tracking their livestock (humans).

    Visit David Icke's and Prison Planet's discussion forums and VC's discussion forums and READ the threads about RFID and electronic tagging, PARTICIPATE in discussions. SHARE what you know with others!

    These TRACKING technologies, on and off the net are being THROWN at us by the MEDIA, just as cigarettes and alcohol have and continue to be, though the former less than they used to. The effort to get you to join FACEBOOK and TWITTER, for example, is EVERYWHERE.

    Maybe, you think, you'll join FACEBOOK or TWITTER with an innocent reason, in part perhaps because your family, friends, business parters, college ties want or need you. Then it'll start with one photo of yourself or you in a group, then another, then another, and pretty soon you are telling STRANGERS as far away as NIGERIA with scammers reading and archiving your PERSONAL LIFE and many of these CRIMINALS have the MEANS and MOTIVES to use it how they please.

    One family was astonished to discover a photo of theirs was being used in an ADVERTISEMENT (on one of those BILLBOARDS you pass by on the road) in ANOTHER COUNTRY! There are other stories. I've witnessed people posting their photo in social networking sites, only to have others who dis/like them COPY the photo and use it for THEIR photo! It's a complete mess.

    The whole GAME stretches much farther than the simple RFID device(s), but how far are you willing to READ about these types of instrusive technologies? If you've heard, Wikileaks exposed corporations selling SPYWARE in software and hardware form to GOVERNMENTS!

    You have to wonder, "Will my anti-malware program actually DISCOVER government controlled malware? Or has it been WHITELISTED? or obscured to the point where it cannot be detected? Does it carve a nest for itself in your hardware devices' FIRMWARE, what about your BIOS?

    Has your graphics card been poisoned, too?" No anti virus programs scan your FIRMWARE on your devices, especially not your ROUTERS which often contain commercially rubber stamped approval of BACKDOORS for certain organizations which hackers may be exploiting right now! Search on the web for CISCO routers and BACKDOORS. That is one of many examples.

    Some struggle for privacy, some argue about it, some take preventitive measures, but those who are wise know:

    Privacy is DEAD. You've just never seen the tombstone.

  23. if they are bothered with the problem of kids skipping school, they aren't truly fixing the core of the problem. They are just scaring kids into complying. i mean, how many kids must be skipping school?

  24. This is dumb and a waste of money. Everyone knows about it so if a child is kidnapped all they have to do is stick the shirt in/on a random car going in the opposite direction and the kidnappers make a clean getaway while the police chase a stupid shirt. Of course then the only solution will be to implant the chips under the skin. This is just a set up to get people to accept the real agenda.

  25. You wrote rhetorically, "what if the kid doesn't wear the shirt?" and so expect to see a push soon to imbed the chips in students. Since the shirts are not safe enough, parents will be led to clamor for implantation. Incrementalism works!

  26. this is stupid, kids can take off those shirts n give their friends to carry them around to classes if they realy wanted to dodge.

    is everyone there agreeing with this? come on…

  27. Wow, the chip is on its way to a neighborhood near you.

    Like cattle in a herd roundem' up and tagem'.

    I just wanna say like Iron Maiden did in there song……..

    { run to the hills…… run for your life…… run to the hills……. run for your life!! }

  28. You know…i'm brazilian and they don't talk about that on TV.

    I'm surprised that we are gonna be the first to put that chip thing on …

    Anyway, i refuse to accept this on me!

    If there's any brasilian here, i woud like you to watch this (the lyrics is just amazing) :

    If we all come together, we make big revolution all over the word. So that these monsters see that GOD is bigger than this!

    • Watch'em embrace it like the latest soup opera trend…

      All of this just reminds me of how much I hate how basically all my social circle is high tech obsessed and constantly act like I'm some sort of wild animal for not owning a goddamn cellphone.

  29. Then I'll soon be wearing this stuff.

    They should use all these money to BUILD schools and weir this chips on the corrupt politics, so people would know what they do with their money.

  30. "Education changes People"…of course it does. Education is something designed to shape a large mass of people to go into one direction. Like Cattle we're all being told where to go with our lives instead of finding that journey for ourselves…I'm grateful for my education, but I think in many ways I've lost my freedom because of it…remember that oftentimes without an education you are nothing. To cope in this world without it is like trying to scream without a voice…Education: it has good short term intentions, but remember: The Road To HELL Is Paved With Good Intentions……all this just makes me wanna cry

  31. "What if the kidnappers made the kid, like, um, NOT wear the shirt?" – VC


    As far as kids skipping school, you can't save your kids from EVERYTHING. Be better parents, not better big brothers. If you raise your kids properly, they won't skip or they will only do it very seldom. We all make mistakes and fall prey to trends and peer pressure from time to time. We live, we learn.

    People are such control freaks. Thinking we can prevent/control everything is just not realistic.

  32. Strip searches are now part of being arrested in the US.

    Gotta love the best judicial system in the world!

  33. Doris Chapman on

    I really agree with everyone. No doubt about it. But let me say one thing in the other direction:

    I'll bet those Brazilian Soccer Players who got lost in the Andes from a plane crash and had to eat the dead ones – I'll bet those guys would have given anything to have one of those lo-cater chips on them.

    JUst One.

  34. I wonder how long it will be before kids… I dunno locate the chips but them out of the shirt… and send them in with a friend to cover for them while the skip classes without anyone noticing since oh I dunno it's all track by computers so nobody is paying any real attention.

  35. Francisco Almeida - on

    IT WILL NOT STAND. It'll be dropped much sooner than you can think of, as early as a local Public Prosecutor will take it to courts, and such UNCONSTITUTIONAL measure will be brought down, piece of cake. Because, local executive power authorities no NOT have such legal power. Not even State legislators can do it, let alone a department of municipal executive branch.

    Besides, only NATIONAL Congress can legislate regarding individual rights. Besides, when it's about LIBERTY and personal privacy – the top level of individual rights – it's much more difficult to modify, NOT EVEN CONGRESS CAN MODIFY THEM. It would require a National Constitutional Assembly to re write entire Constitution.

    Fortunately in Brazil we have a FOURTH Power, the Investigative Power (namely "The Public Ministry"), independent, with its ow budget, also has its own statutory regulations, and members are NOT politicians, they are lawyers selected in a national public selection process, and very high salaries.

    The Public ministry has constitutional power to investigate even the President, and thereafter to propose LEGAL PROSECUTION of any perpetrator, including to propose to bring down any law.

    And Federal Judges have such power, and they can declare unconstitutional such aberration. And they usually do it.

  36. From Rio to you on

    I only saw this today… : (

    Not a single line on a paper or miserable 15 secs on tv…

    NOBODY here in Brazil -that I know of – knows about this. It is indeed outrageous.

    What drives me insane about this sordidness, is that they picked a small town in the middle of nowhere, in forgotten Northeastern (our version of wild west), where entire generations had their share of arrested development. Their misery (famine/lack of social services/ignorance) was, is and will always be artificial.

    I would not be surprised whether these parents are actually asking for it…

    This small town is governed by the Worker's Party aka comunists, and their governor (State of Bahia) belongs to it as well.

    The RFID chips will also become mandatory for cars in the entire country very soon. That is how the communist gov will get (campaign) money from speed tickets. Its the commies ballooning up with the only thing they love: money and power, lots of it.

    Instead of massive safe driving campaigns and zero tolerance law enforcement aid, we then have these measures to combat a staggering 40.000 deaths per year involving car acciddents. FORTY THOUSAND!!!

    It will not work and they know it.

    Brazilian drivers drive way too fast, do not obey any traffic laws, drink too much, and have ridiculous laws that allows them not to do the breathalyzer test, otherwise (as the law says) they would be producing evidence against themselves!!! This is a law!

    Passed by the same judges narrated by the gentleman above. Precisely the Supreme Court.

    Last week they said that neither witnesses nor videos of a clearly drunken person will be valid as an evidence. Only the driver's own words..!!! It is pathetic! Why care then?

    Thus, everything stays the same and nobody goes to jail, not even looses their driver's licenses. If you ever get caught and knows someone that knows someone in the government (everybody does as the state here has a pachyderm size) you legally contest it, they comply, and off you go, free as a bird.

    For cases of speed limit tickets, you can say that dodgy people were after you and you had to speed up, and they let you go. Easy as that. I have a friend that gets fines for speeding and he always uses the same excuse, and his driving records are as spotless as Ayrton Senna's. His excuses are always the violence and that he is afraid of stopping on the red lights at night due to lack of safety.

    It is a vicious cicle. Population and government feed the machine.

    I am the idiot that follows rules and obey laws, it is so with like people.

    Now tell me if these high number of (preventable) accidents are not population control? As a famous brazilian song writer once said: "Brazil is not for newbies"

    My country is without a shadow of a doubt the biggest social engineering experiment ever made, since day one. Stealthily.

    As for what the gentleman above said…well I do think they will pass whatever draconian measures they want as they are the power here and they follow guidelines from CFR and their friends. The Attorney General as well as the majority of State Attorneys ARE NOT acting as they should, specially to justify astronomical salaries paid by me and millions more. And this is A FACT, not guess work. The goals of the SA and the AG are very noble, but wishful thinking does not work here, they may even start an investigation, but as soon as it reaches the tip of the pyramid it misteriously vanishes from public scrutiny. And when they actually investigate something, it usually stops at the Judiciary, until the crime prescribes. And that has been a rule lately.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this very case of the RFID chips on the kids' uniforms ends up in some dusty file cabinet in Brasilia, that is, IF they ever investigate it.

    Also, the Worker's Party has thousands and thousands of young leftists on the internet monitoring every single comment that is not in their favour. Anywhere, anytime. They are paid by the party (tax payers maybe?) to be government shills. These people dream of an utopic revolution, and this is not a joke. State of the art brainwash. Our universities are a mine field of commies. If a student does not agree with whatever he/she is being led to believe regarding politics by their teacher (leftist propaganda) he/she will suffer intellectual bullying from everyone. Paulo Freire is a famous brazilian writer that promotes the "new way for education" based clearly on Marxist crap. Guess what? It is mandatory to read him and study his theories in any class of Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogical Studies. Don't even try to challenge Freire's view, otherwise you will suffer a massacre by your class peers and become a persona non grata, sure enough, teachers will make sure you have a hell of a time, if you get to the end and get your grad tube. I read the other day that the US has Freire's books as mandatory for the formation of American teachers.

    Things are sooo, but sooooo severe here that the Brazilian League of Lesbians (?) (sic), filed a lawsuit against the placing of the cross in any court of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, and they've won!! Besides the cross, they did not want to see ANY religious article in ANY of the offices of the Judiciary in that state, rosaries, bibles, saints, nothing. Even if you have your own stuff on your working station or desk, you have to get rid of it.

    Way to go NWO….

    Do not be fooled by pretty statistics about Brazil, they are ALL MADE UP. Brazil is a major lie.

    Be calm, have courage.

    God, Faith and love to us all. : )

  37. Although I live in the South side of Brazil, if there is something I like to care is human rights, although I know only a few things about laws.

    As my mate said, the majority of people here do not even care about this kind of news, because they are busy… Busy watching [Censored by me] channels (case of my step father, poor step father), soccer or violent games, see for yourself! Go ahead and start asking them what they think about television, and if they make something unusual or know some news that were not shown on television, a few people can even answer they know television manipulates, but they do nothing to change their mind state, my step father is an example!

    There is a big difference between watching television little times (mine and some of my uncles' cases) and watching television much times (normal Brazilians). Let me say something: The Brazilians are uncultured, and I am not proud to be one. The only way we have is to "borrow" others' cultures and forget ours, as we actually do nowadays, but we are borrowing the Elite culture, not the healthy culture. I see so many beautiful independent cultural trait creators (musics, videos, images, texts and books).

    If you want to educate yourself:

    – Try using Linux, remove Windows;

    – Search about Open Source and GNU Project, respectively;

    – Remove the multimedia flies you have in your devices;

    – Search about Creative Commons and Jamendo, respectively;

    – Remove your e-mail accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc) and try simple communications like IRC and XMPP (commonly known as Jabber);

    – If you even have a social problem, do not hesitate, look for proper help;

    As for the rest, this is a good starter guide, now start feeling your oats (do not know what this means, maybe you can start listening to the Command Line podcasts, if you are good in English).


    Have a nice day.

  38. if they made us students wear this in the uk, i would get spare clothes, change into them and throw the microchipped ones in the bin. TAKE THAT,ILLUMINATI!!!!

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