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Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/22

In this edition of SPOTM: Did Britney Spears send out a coded message about mind control? Did Grimes predict COVID, vaccines, and war back in 2019? Did The Economist predict Putin’s war in 2018? More importantly, why does Bad Bunny keep wearing mini-skirts?



Rapper E.So was recently featured in Vogue Tawan. If you thought that this part of the world was immune to occult elite symbolism, think again. Media conglomerates such as Vogue make sure this is global.

On the cover, E.So has one hidden by a strategically placed balloon. Also, his weird hand made from wicker (or something) hints at dehumanization.

This picture is all about mind control. E.So’s head enters a portal (representing dissociation) as he is surrounded by chains (representing MK slavery).

Everything about this picture hints at a dissociated mind and the chains confirm that this is all about mind control.

Here, E.So is cracking and disintegrating which represents the fragmenting of the mind of an MK slave.

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place this last month. In fact, I can only post a fraction of the pictures I come across every month. Despite this fact, only a small minority of people realize that their favorite celebrities are actively showing their allegiance/submission to a psychopathic elite.

Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion recently released a video and its extremely symbolic (article about it soon). This is the pic seen on Spotify to promote the song: Dua Lipa makes a one-eye sign while wearing a horned hat. Meanwhile, Megan throws a subtle yet obvious devil’s hand sign. They’re really trying to make satanism cool and sexy.

This is the promotional poster for The Weeknd and Doja Cat tour. The image is all about the occult elite controlling the world with its one-eye system.

There’s a new Marvel series on Disney +. This oh-so-clever one-eye sign on this poster indicates that the elite has approved it.

The Netflix series Squid Game was all about the occult elite. Appropriately enough, nearly every actor who starred in this series took part in highly symbolic photoshoots (see past SPOTM articles). This is Jung Ho Yeon in i-D Magazine doing a blatant one-eye sign. Also, she is holding an eyeball to make sure you understand this is all about elite symbolism.

i-D magazine says that the “Out of body” issue is “all about the new and the now”. Evidently, “new” artists who want to be famous “now” must absolutely show submission. This is Rosalia. She’s an Illuminati pawn.

This same issue of i-D featured this controversial picture of 16-year-old Cruz Beckham, the son of “royal celebrity couple” David and Victoria Beckham. There is so much going on in that picture that I’ve dedicated an entire article to it. This picture can be summed up in three words: Exploitation, sexualization, and humiliation.

Speaking of celebrity children, Madonna’s adopted son Banda (who is 16-years-old) is also going through a pattern similar to Cruz Beckham.

In a series of bizarre pictures, Banda poses in a cheerleader’s outfit with horns on his head. Also, he is wearing a collar reminiscent of BDSM. In other words, this is all about exploitation, sexualization, and humiliation.

Bad Bunny is one of the biggest stars in Latin America. Therefore, he is used by the elite to push various agendas. For this reason, he’s been featured on this site numerous times. In this picture, he wears a skirt and high-heels to cater to the elite’s obsession with gender-blurring, combined with the de-masculinisation of male artists.

Harper’s Bazaar is contributing to the gender-blurring agenda by featuring fashion designer Harris Reed on the cover wearing a dress. The cover says that harris is “the face of fluid fashion”. If the fashion world is crap, is “fluid fashion” diarrhea?

I don’t usually post videos in SPOTM because this is not Symbolic Videos of the Month. A single picture is not enough to capture the intensity of the interaction between Lady Gaga and Helen Mirren at the Saga Awards. And. no, this is not “I love you” in sign language, Mirren’s thumb is clearly not extended. Those are devil’s horns.

Fresh is yet another “comedy” centering around cannibalism. The elite is really trying to normalize its sick obsessions by making them part of popular culture. In this pic, we can see that human meat is traded at $30,000/lb. Also, notice the satanic goat heads on the label.

Reebok teamed up with Maison Margiela to create these shoes. Yup, they look like hooves. For this reason, they were dubbed “devil’ shoes”. Apparently, two major fashion companies combining manpower and resources can only come up with this type of satanic garbage.

As seen in previous articles, Britney Spears’ Instagram account is replete with not-so-subtle references to Monarch programming – most likely because she’s a full-blown MK slave. In a strange Instagram post (which was deleted a few hours later), Britney described her life while she was under the conservatorship of her father.

At one point, Britney mentions “8 gallons of blood weekly”. I’m not sure if she had to give 8 gallons of blood or if she had to ingest it. Either way, this sounds like pure MKULTRA madness.

Britney’s post included three apparently unrelated images. However, some people noted that if one takes the first letter of each picture (Cathedral, Israel, and Australia), one obtains CIA. Appropriately enough, the CIA developed Project MKULTRA after WWII.

Grimes recently announced in a Vanity Fair interview that she had a “secret” second child with Elon Musk by surrogacy. In the context of this announcement, the pictures that accompanied the article were rather bizarre.

In this offputting picture, Grimes has alien (or demonic) eyes and is showing a hand sign similar to the “As Above, So Below” sign found in classic depictions of Baphomet.

Speaking of Grimes, one of her cryptic Instagram posts from 2019, has been garnering increased attention. At first glance, it looks like a rock with random emojis. However, when one looks closer, the symbols on that rock have been oddly prophetic. For instance, on the 6th line, we can see a DNA strand, something that looks like a germ (coronavirus), and three syringes. Those symbols basically sum up the last two years. The next line contains several weapons. Some people in the comments believe that it is yet another prophetic reference to the war in Ukraine. Did Grimes obtain classified info about things to come from her elite, billionaire ex Elon Musk?

The following image is a portion of the cover of The Economist’s “The World in 2019” edition (released in late 2018). In my article about it, I explained the meaning of its symbolism and the events it appears to be predicting. Today, this cover is more relevant than ever.

Under Putin’s face, we can see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse marching over Europe. According to most interpretations, the horsemen represent war, death, famine, and pestilence (infectious disease). One of the horsemen wears a facemask – an ominous prediction of the “pestilence” that is COVID-19. Now, there is war in Europe caused by Putin, who is placed right over the horsemen. Next to his head, the words “Putin’s pipelines” are written in reverse. In 2022, Russia’s oil pipelines have become a major issue in Europe. The Economist knows things.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!


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