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Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17



Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

In this edition of SPOTM: Sarah Silverman, Sam Smith, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and a very occult Gucci catalog. And, of course, endless one-eye signs made by endless celebrities.

The luxury brand Gucci released a gift catalog named Hand of the Mysteries. It mixes ancient occult symbolism with a modern agenda which manages to convey the occult elite’s state of mind in a very effective way.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

The main image of the catalog is an alchemy cabinet filled objects and symbols VC readers are sure to recognize. The entire thing plays on the concept of duality with hints of Monarch programming. Aside from the countless all-seeing eyes, there’s a Monarch butterfly, a video camera (MK slaves are always monitored) and a plethora of other items used in witchcraft and occult rituals.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

The catalog states: “A man and woman, signifying the Great Hermaphrodite wears a sweatshirt with the vintage Gucci logo and a Double G necklace. Alchemists believed that when opposite forces (such as a man and woman) are harmonized, creation could be achieved.” This is exactly what I stated in my article about Bruce Jenner and the entire “gender blurring” thing happening now.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

On this Gucci t-shirt, a girl is wearing a t-shirt on which the same girl is apparently dead from suffocation as an eye watches over her (while holding a smartphone).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

This image is a reproduction of the Hand of the Mysteries … with cat (Beta kitten) bracelet.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

An ancient occult illustration depicting the Hand of the Mysteries (also known as the Hand of the Master Mason).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Here’s John Podesta showing his hands. Hmmm.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Gucci is not the only luxury brand putting eyes everywhere. Stuart Weitzman teamed up with industry pawn Gigi Hadid to bring some more eyes to the world. The loafers on the right are literally a wearable one-eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

The promo video of this collection features Hadid going inside this one-eye door.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

In the end, we see 3 Gigi Hadids sitting around 3 tarot-like cards on which are glowing eyes. Are those 3 alter personas?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Speaking of 3 personas, this is exactly what is happening in Cara Delevingne’s first music video. But wait, maybe this has nothing to do with Monarch programming, maybe she’s just wearing 3 wigs for the heck of it.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

In the next scene, Cara is completely covered in butterflies, representing the “default”, blank state of MK slaves before putting on wigs (aka alter personas).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Still speaking of 3 personas, Paper magazine featured a full photoshoot with Nicki Minaj embodying three personas with different wigs… and doing nasty stuff with herself. Pure Beta programming stuff.

As usual, the one-eye sign appeared everywhere in mass media in the past month. Some might say that I’m being “repetitive” by displaying these images month after month. But that’s the whole point. These pics are proof that a small occult elite is controlling thousands of industry of slaves across the world while owning the media disseminating this symbolism.


Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Sam Smith on the cover of NME hiding one eye while grabbing his crotch. That sums up the industry quite well. But wait, maybe he was just trying to look stylish.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Nope, one-eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Sarah Silverman on the cover of the feminist magazine Bust. There’s also an article about being a witch and “secret sex rituals”. On the top right is written: “Eyeballs are the new polka dots”, effectively encouraging women in covering themselves in the the occult elite’s symbolism. But what about Sarah Silverman? Does this count as “one-eye” sign? She might just be winking…

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Nope, she’s hiding one eye with the American flag. Keep your agenda off my face.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Rose McGowan was probably the most vocal celebrity going after Harvey Weinstein. She was recently featured in Flaunt magazine in an article entitled: “ROSE MCGOWAN IS FREE FROM THE MATRIX AND WANTS YOU TO BREAK OUT, TOO”. However, the article also features this picture proving that she’s still deep in the matrix.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

This is the album cover of Indonesian singer Bunga Citra Lestari. You thought that Indonesia was safe from this crap, didn’t you?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

New Zealand actor KJ Apa trying to look casual while doing something that is very contrived.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

Christoph Waltz on the cover of Esquire Spain, doing what he needs to do to keep finding work in cinema.Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

The cover image of this New York Times story is quite symbolic. Politics = a puppet show.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

A Swatch ad that can be seen in magazines everywhere. I’m pretty sure that is not how you wear a watch.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

The album cover of Czech singer Emma Drobná. You thought that the Czech Republic was safe from this crap, didn’t you?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

The cover of ELLE Denmark. You thought that Denmark was saf….. OK, I’ll stop now.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

League of Legends is an insanely popular video game with over 100 million monthly active users and competitions worldwide. This is the official image of the character Zoe. Yup. She’s doing it.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

A reader from France sent me this screenshot from a local radio station showcasing artists. In this single pic, you’ve got two one-eye signs and a gun pointing at a child’s head. Pop music is great nowadays.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

The cover of Vogue Portugal features a young model with the words: “15 years, The Next Big Thing”. Right. It turns out that Vogue Portugal is 15 years old. To “celebrate” this, they featured on the cover Maria Miguel, a 17-year-old Portuguese model who was “newly discovered and already adopted by Saint Laurent in an exclusive contract”. The cover was purposely created to subtly disclose a fashion industry secret: It is now preying on increasingly young models (minors) and sexualizing them in photoshoots. Why? Because they’re working hard to normalize everything pedo.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

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John Podesta makes me sick…


The message is “Fishing fourteen”. Fishing 4 teens…


Truly sickening, I didn’t understand what it meant.

Do your research

Ha ha, someone points out that you can find the original source of the photo and the actual meaning and everyone continues to jump to some sinister agenda. If the first thing on your mind when you see something you don’t understand is child sex than maybe you should be the one we are worried about!
It’s marker, and it’s a reference in support of a conservation initiative.

VG Fan

That is beyond disgusting! All of it… his face, his gross burned flesh and his PEDO intentions on display.

The Toolman

Nope, it’s actually about Agenda 2030…it’s the 14th goal, “life below water”. Go look at the tweet this picture stems from and the global goals.

tapetum lucidum

I’m sure that’s what it meant when people ask them, but that “fishing for teens” thing may also be a cleverly-veiled meaning to it.


That’s fkng brilliant, wow. Right in the open


With the last image it is blurring the gender lines also because she looks male or female…

Truth & Light

They all are a major yawn fest.

Redundant Dept of Redundancy


After having browsed through all of Vigilant Citizen’s pic-of-the-month exposures, with this current, last issue I’ve finally had an epiphany: It’s all a coincidence. In all of these pictures the model just happened to move one hand to cover one eye and the photo was taken right in that moment, and they decided to use it.

So, you no longer have to worry about these conspiracy theories. The government is perfectly trustworthy. You are therefore henceforth encouraged to divert your Vigilant attention to stimulating the economy by working longer hours so you can shop and consume more. Thanks for your cooperation.


Irony, right?


(Much appreciated) sarcasm, not irony.


That’s what I meant. I used the wrong word.


Sorry, all just sarcasm! I can see now why it must be avoided on the internet. Since so many people still don’t believe in the conspiracy. I meant to poke a bit of fun at the overwhelming amount of symbolism but since the subject is no laughing matter I can see why doing so must be avoided. I certainly do not believe consumerism can solve anything in this world. What this world really needs is the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


You sound like my family…


Sarcasm @ its finest…Kudos LOL


It is not a coincidence and no, you don’t have to worry about conspiracy theories. The only “conspiracy” that is taking place is the awakening of The One in humankind.


(Sorry for my bad English)
I’m a homework help volunteer in my local public library 3 days a week.
When I started,the first thing that shocked me is the huge number of children’s books pushing the non-gender/hermaphrodite agenda. today, I had to listen to another volunteer reading a book about a little monkey who doesn’t know if he’s a male monkey or a female one. End of the story? The little monkey chooses to have no gender. Moral of the story for the kids? I have no freaking idea.
We are also working with teenagers: their clothes and their school kits are full of one-eyed symbols.
While studying “Romeo and Juliet”,the mood was light, so I asked a group of 14/15 -year-old girls, if they’ve ever had a boyfriend. Their answers gave me a headache: one said she was “pansexual”, another one was “androgynosexual”(???) and the yougest one was “gray-a”(????). They made fun of the only girl who has a boyfriend because they thought she was too narrow-minded (being straight is not cool).
I’m still fairly young but I wonder what will happen with the next generation.


Madness! what country was this if you dont mind me asking?




France is high on this Game ! And the girl with the watch is a french artist too, Jain.


Mocking humans and their alleged animalistic nature (“basic instinct”) by twisting and perverting sexuality and leading them astray is standard modus operandi of those who hate humanity since the very beginning. They believe this is funny.

You’ll see it’s all a show
Keep ’em laughing as you go
Just remember that the last laugh is on you
And always look on the bright side of life
Always look on the right side of life

Jesus is savior

Next time volunteer to read them Aesop’s fable, lots of childrens books of it, the one with a Raven wanting to be a swan, and trying to behave like one, thus killing himself. Moral of the story God made you the way He wants you to be, you can’t change who you are, accept it, and don’t try to be anything else. That’s a moral worth telling.




F*ck it’s worst than I thought…


That’s why I read the old classic Berenstein Bears Book “He Bear; She Bear” to my kid.


It IS “Berenstein”, not “Berenstain”, right? That’s what I think, too. (Google it, if you’re not familiar.).

The Man from Earth

Apparently it’s not but I always thought it was Bernstein. I’m sure I remember it spelled that way on my personal books as a child too. I’m also very good at spelling and pronunciation and won a few different spelling Bs in school, so it’s strange that I would remember and pronounce such a simple word apparently incorrectly. And I also owned many of these books from a toddler all the way into my teens so I was exposed to the name on the cover quite often.


Moral of the story for the kids? I have no freaking idea—the goal is control and depopulation…look at photos above of women–do any have children–those celebs……thin, unisex females.


Yeah, the agenda is CLEAR as day, I don’t see more than 4 out of 100 teenage girls getting pregnant any more, it will just be mud sharks, because blacks always get women pregnant, their to stupid to use a condom and some on purpose. It works out for the better though because all that will be left are mixed race babies and it will be good to see them GO, haha, sorry, we need a massive population cull.


This is so scary, I can´t even imagine… The weird thing that I´ve noticed since having kids is that if they are left alone to just be themselves, almost all of them will be so typical boys and girls. My hometown is weird I guess in that the people there are still mostly not affected by all the horrible indoctrination and agenda pushing, we´re still at the level of the teachers only teaching kids that everyone should be allowed to be themselves (theres not any mention of changing genders or such, just the nice being your true self) and that they should be nice and civilized with each other. The children that my children play with have natural inclinations for some hard-core gender stereotyping that most of the parents are horrified by. The little boys (5-8 years old) tell of their dreams for how they will take care of their wives (in between war games and football) and the little girls love playing with dolls and can sit for hours planning their weddings etc. I know they will probably be ruined by the world soon, but I wish they could be allowed to grow up and see these dreams come… Read more »


Scary stuff. Does anyone know another great site like this one, I’m pretty sure I’ve read 99% of the things here these past few weeks. I can savely say, I’m now sober from my pop world addiction.


personally, I like Call for an Uprising & Face like the sun on youtube.

IM Sayldog

YouTube Dayz of Noah, TheScariestMovieEver, reallygraceful,

JD in San Diego

Try by Christopher Knowles

Otto Dydact

Henry Makow website


Everyone needs to read The Franklin Cover Up by Senator John DeCamp. It explains why more people don’t come forward to expose these people. Until now. I mean, I am THRILLED Matt Lauer is being exposed! The Trump Prophesies are coming true! Another good book. Mark Taylor wrote it. His website is sordrescue dot com forward slash prophetic-words. The videos on that page are very eye-opening. And FULL of hope!!! That’s one thing I’ve been missing as I’ve been studying this evil stuff. Where’s the counter measure? Where’s the hope? Where is God? Well, He’s working! Watch the videos to see and then watch the NEWS! It’s amazing!

D D d

Yeah, He’s working. On a next generation that thinks straight clouds crossing over your head is natural and that do not dare question authority because it might hurt their souls.


what your talking about is religion and any deity can be used, wether it is from the middle east or Asia or the west, you can identify religious abuse by exactly what you said. The bible however when read properly actually encourages man and womanto seek after the truth and to test the truth. It is sad that some people think they know everything about a subject based on a few impressions and assumptions and would actively prevent people from knowing and testing the truth themselves.

J Well

Youtube – JayMyersDocumentaries: incredibly great stuff. His documentaries are being removed from YouTube and Facebook though; shows how spot on he is.


Yea this stuff is constant indoctrination at this point… 2 things: the pic with the girl on the T-shirt is supposed to be Rihanna. She was dressed in the same exact outfit and some festival this year. Could this be giving insight to her being monitored on social platforms by The eye? And what’s up with Harry and Megan engagement announcement with his hand hidden in his suit. Did the same thing with Melania. Is this an ode to the Freemasons? Has to be. Hidden in plain sight.. these assshole! Stay prayed up everyone God is real, Jesus is real. Love each other and spread positivity!


Stay prayed up everyone God is real, Jesus is real.” But your gonna use a cuss word…yeah, I’m sure that makes sense…NOT


Oh shut it! You are just trying to troll and downplay the message. I am a child Of God. I am not perfect but my heart is good. I am praying for you. Have a blessed day!

Joel Walbert

Oh no an arbitrary word that some human decided was ‘bad’. That is not what the Bible speaks of when it mentions curse words, or filthy words, or whatever. It is what puritanical fools who misinterpret the Bible and want to Kontrol others say it means. God could give a f--k about that. Especially when referring to pedophile scum. What else to refer to child rapists as? They are f-----g scum. And that is something I will NEVER have to answer to anybody or anything, in this realm or others, for saying.


That is actually exactly what the Bible talks about. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your church then you shouldn’t say it period. I too say that word, but I admit that I am wrong for doing so.

The Man from Earth

This is the stupidest thing ever. The Bible has been rewritten many times over and besides that I’ve never seen a specific list written by the man Himself, with the word assshole included, that says these are all the no no words you’ll go to hell for saying. Calling someone an assshole is just one of many ways to degrade that person’s image by comparing them to something unlikeable, degrading, etc. In this particular case the subject of comparison is a body part known to have frequent contact with excrement. It’s not the word used to describe the body part that is ‘bad’, it’s the practice of degrading another human being that is the toxic behavior. The word assshole I’m assuming was made up, by a mere mortal, after the writing of the Bible. It’s a ‘bad’ word because some other person told you it was. When your told to jump, ask only how high lol.


What a bunch of money loving puppets…. Sam Smith is very disturbing, his whole persona and narcissist attitude. Sarah Silverman, enough said, self loving hag…. rise up people, the robots are here….

Truth & Light

Is it Dec as yet⁉️


sarah silver jew spent big money to get rid of her disgusting jew features, so funny, only thing funny about her.


Maria Miguel reminds me of the French popsinger Alizee who became so famous with her “Moi Lolita” song. Alizee clearly looks like a child dancing and singing very sexy in miniskirts. Doesn’t France want to lower the age of consent to 11? Yeah, with all this normalizing of sexy pre-teens no wonder we are going to think one day pedophelia is “normal.” And let’s not forget Ariana Grande who looks like a little girl while she sings things such as “riding d**k.
We are in the age of Sodom and Gomorra.


In addition do you wonder why the Liberals are so hell bent on bringing Islam to Europe and the USA? Under Islam Shariah law you can marry a 10 year old. This will make the pedophiles in the West very happy.

Thy Unveiling

I think your “knowledge” on Sharia Law stems from Islamaphobia, which is prevalent in all forms of media. Most Muslims I know would never condone child brides or any of that nonsense. It is sick and there’s no need for it.

VG Fan

Sure Jan. Bacha Bazi says hi.

D D d

Look at the Laws, not the opinions of peers for more on that…


When the real muslims take over the nice muslims will have no say in the matter.


The Quran has a scripture where it gives instructions on how to divorce a wife who has never had a period (it´s referring to their age, not a physical defect). Muhammed himself married a 6 year old and no-one knows if he really waited until she was 9 to have sex with her or not (he says he did but…). There is no getting around it and no Muslim would ever dare to say that it is wrong since it´s in the Quran and the life of the prophet, their perfect man/idol.


Are you a scholar of Quran exegesis per se? Because you are misleading readers here. The chapter ‘Al-Talaq’ ( divorce) refers to the waiting period of reconciliation and the waiting period after divorce before a woman can remarry for various instances including non-menstruating women (post meno-pause older women), women who have missed their periods due to pregnancy or underlying biological issues, in which case the waiting period is longer. Although divorce is permissible in Islam it is considered a very detestable act in the eyes of God. Muhammad was called an epileptic, imposter, madman, magician and many other defamatory labels by his detractors, but no one called him a pedophile because underage marriage was prevalent amongst the Christian, Jewish and pagans within the Arab culture at the time. A pedophile is someone who has penchant for only young females or males. Muhammad did not ask for his marriage to young Ayesha himself, he only agreed to it when her father the first caliph offered her hand to him. She played a huge part in recording the actions and sayings of Muhammad in what is known as hadith, due to her very sharp memory. Muhammad’s most happiest marriage was with Khadija,… Read more »

The Man from Earth



Dear Aquabubbles (hey, wait! Are you a human or a liquid???)
I truthfully wish that your mind isn’t as empty as bubble. Sorry for my rude words, but I dare to say that you see an apple just on its skin and its meat without minding the seed inside. And I guess you are too lazy to read a book after considering its thickness.
I have no right to comment about the Sharia Law because I’m still lack about it. But, sincerely I want to tell you and ask you: How great YOU ARE to insult and hesitating our law? If you are only a noisy outsider who doesnt like us, muslims, please get out and NEVER MAKE A PROBLEM WITH OUR STUFFS also bring your hateful feeling here, in this forum. Thank you


The Whooish “holy books” OK sex with girls “3 yrs. & 1 Day”. Just sayin’…


..Indeed we are. The filth, degradation, corruption, and immorality is EVERYWHERE. Yeshua the Christ, is TRULY…Yours and my ONLY HOPE.

Mkultra Artist

This used to be funny.
Then it was interesting.
Then in was intriguing.
Then I started to talk about it. Some people knew, many knew but didn’t see, many were blind and thought I was mad.
Now I feel sick. Now I think it’s taken over.
You can’t even speak out about this- it’s so out there and it’s weird and horrible.
I used to think that by being aware we were protected, but I’m not sure now. Symbols do have power and without an organised defence what do we, as individuals/ small collectives do?


I’ve pointed this out to intelligent people a few times, but they just look at me blankly and think it’s just some pop fad or something. Most people have no idea there is an occult elite and that its symbolism is everywhere. It’s like some sort of blindness, although I think many people just don’t want to know. Imho it’s better to know, so you are not easily shocked and can think on your feet. I don’t ever want to lose awareness. I’ve been following this site for years and am grateful for these informative exposes. Keep up the good work, VC. May our Lord bless and keep you and your family today and forever.


The occult will always be there, most humans will never grasp it, you have to have generational insight into it, most who expose all this are Masonic blood lines or victims of occult abuse, that simple. The average person will never know.


I have felt that way, too. I had to learn the absolute worst of everything, and in reading certain books on SRA, I have been to that edge of evil insanity. I have books I won’t let my husband read, and he’s a Marine of 17 years! But knowing Jesus has saved me from so many things, and I can’t imagine learning about this stuff without Him. However, I have moved from learning about this bad stuff to learning about what God is doing about it. Notice how so many men are being exposed for their sexual misconduct? This is just the beginning of many people, celebrities and politicians, being ousted for their crimes and perversion. God is cleaning house here in America, using Trump as His ground commander. I know it sounds crazy, but this is happening. Trump’s win alone… that proves that the elites are not in as much control as they believed. It’s why ANTIFA was born and athletes are taking knees and college campuses are cesspools of communism. Trump is not a part of their plan. I was shocked to learn that. But he’s not on their side, and they are LIVID. So just watch and… Read more »

D D d

Oh please, have another sip. Cheers and please do not drive within 12 hours.


I too went into that hellish rabbit hole, and came back from it a different person… But I believe Trump is in some way controlled just like the others because if he was truly an enemy of the deep state, they wouldn’t let him do what he does. I believe they’re playing the long game by making him a leader of the people so that people will start believe in leaders again… But it’s a deception and it won’t last. I believe it’s all a part of their plan. Doesn’t necessarily make Trump the bad man most people think he is, but he’s definitely hiding something. I believe he is a man of conviction and is truly trying to make his country better. But just like every other president before, he’s not the one truly in power, he’s only the one they put in front of the people. Who knows what’s happening “backstage”? Some say there’s a power struggle at the moment between different elite ‘factions’… Some may be worst than others, but how the hell do we find out the truth? Only time will tell, probably, maybe…


Progressing from bad to worse

The Austrian

should be a lil Israel flag for silverman, shouldnt it. i bet she would even agree.

D D d

She might already have isrealean-flagged panties, but in a different way, than the general public expects..

Jesus is savior

Well aren’t we Israel already? I’m sure she loves how us goyim are their servants, of course she loves America.


Indeed, and her scum bag a-s is not even wanted by the rulers, she is just a low level prostitute.

Trying to Understand

Talk about the “one-eye” focus of the elite – I recently took friends from out of town to Arlington National Cemetery to see Kennedy’s gravesite/the eternal flame and as I was standing there looking at the various quotes from him I looked down and realized that the entire area I was standing on was the shape of one giant eye bringing/welcoming you before the altar…..I mean headstones up the stairs. And how about the TV ad during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade for Gwen Stefani’s “magical Holiday show” where she is shown smiling up close with a large piece of holly or a mistletoe hanging over one eye so you can subliminally focus on that other eye looking back at you. I do realize that we shouldn’t even own televisions, so, it is my own fault for watching.


We are buying our own hypnosis devices! The same one that are making us even more slaves… We are addicted to it really.


The hand of the mysteries picture I noticed the tips of the fingers were black. Isn’t that one if the symptoms of bubonic plague? Isn’t there a spate of that going on right now?


The young woman hiding one eye with a watch is the French signer Jain, an very talented new artist with rich inspiration. She grew up in Africa and the Middle East to follow her dad who was working in the petrol business. Her songs are so catchy, joyful and sunny. Unfortunately, her videos are full of mind control and illuminati symbolism. For her FIRST record. Sad that this evil business will hijack any creativity.

D D d

This sounds like a cut and paste from their press-memo’s. Bleegh.


Could anyone explain to me WHY all these masonic/illuminati/satanic etc. imagery is connected (accidentally of course) with people having Jewish names/surnames???? A coincidence?

Jesus is savior

Read the talmud. The talmudic or Babylonian Jews are at the head of all of this.

Otto Dydact

Jackpot ! VC makes us aware of “What” these losers are up to. A Canadian (Jewish) journalist (Henry Makow) exposes and explores the “Why”. But be careful, you can’t unlearn your new awareness. Enjoy, thanks VC


The talmud is awful, really, it’s basically saying that Jesus is a SOB and that he took Lucifer’s place….


No, it’s called Zionism…


What is their real and ultimate goal?!



The Watchman

Total control of the entire world’s population. A surveillance, police state operated by a one world government. One world religion (Luciferianism). Reduction of the Earth’s population to 500 million elite and their minions. An androgynous, morally bereft world population with no central family units. Openly accepted pedophilia. A completely mind controlled population that blindly accepts and obeys the programming of the state. The eradication of Christianity. Facilitation of the rise to power of be antichrist. Essentially the kingdom of Satan ruling over the entire Earth. They are well on their way to accomplishing these goals. All of these things will come to pass and then the Lord will return to reclaim the Earth and His people. Satan and his horde will be cast into into the pit for eternity.


@The Watchman. WELL SAID!

My spirit awaits

This will indeed come to pass as you stated… But after they declare “peace, and security,” sudden destruction will come upon them like birth pains upon a pregnant woman… (See 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 3)… But as Jesus Christ declares, “the end will not be yet.” For then there will be tribulation, and then great tribulation as he pointed out in Matthew chapter 24… The man of sin, or beast system will come on the scene during the tribulation period, and during the great tribulation will rule for a 1260 day period as Satan will give him authority over the kingdom you described above… This kingdom will be the 7th head, or kingdom of the beast that Satan rides, and rules over… The devil will regionalize the world into 10 separate kingdoms (see the Club of Rome), and will have 10 kings ruling these regions… These 10 regions, and kings are symbolized by the 10 horns which are upon the head of this 7 headed beast… After they have ruled for a time, the 8th king, or beast will be given authority over this kingdom, and 10 kings as Revelation chapter 13 verses 2 through 4 declare, as well… Read more »


Go check out the latest video by Korean girl group, Red Velvet: Peek-a-boo.

It’s full of the one eye salute to say nothing of satanic behavior


the teaser photos for the album also have” one-eye”” and “lady in red” symbols everywhere:http: //


i’ve always wondered if kpop industry is always under the influence of illuminati or they’re just copying what american artists are doing (knowing that kpop pretty much look up to american pop music). the reason why i ditched american pop and listen to kpop is because at least the lyrics don’t talk about sex and drugs.

Big Al

Am I wrong, or are the groups of three the next step in THEIR agenda?
3 (or the concept of Trinity) is a very powerful relicst from the old pagan times.
It most often stands for the group of Father, Mother and Child (El, Ishtar, Baal for exemple) the logical progression form “duality” (male and female).

Mayby we will enter the next step of THEIR plans. And that is not a good thing.

Black Cyprian

What do you mean by “groups of three”?

Otto Dydact

Big Al, good observation. The Bible (NT/Revelation) speaks of the Antichrist, the false prophet, and the beast. Look into: Washington DC, the “Crown” & “City of London” and the Vatican. The NWO is the ancient dream of Nimrods tower of Babel.

Otto Dydact

Sorry, I should have added to read a little background on Simeramis and Tamuz. That research will help ‘connect the dots’. Exciting times ahead. Stay Vigilant


I recently also saw an ad for Duet perfume by Avon with Eva Mendes, and there were 3 of her in the ad.


Same crap, not worth getting fed up with the obvious dark side of things in the industry where they literally own your soul. All the more reason to value a commoner’s life and not waste time and life being someone else’s slave to the elite.


Why does john podesta, lady gaga, hilary clinton, barack obama, kamala harris,maya harris tony west and huma abedin all follow each other on twitter… i detect a little satanic cult :/

hilary and her group are all for abortions.. tony west works with the pepsi industry.. i thought the whole fetus in pepsi was a bit far fetched but not anymore… kamala harris works with foster children easy access to child sacrificing their :/


You should read Tranceformation of America by Cathy O’brien………………….

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