“Starry Eyes” : A Movie About the Occult Hollywood Elite – and How it Truly Works


Starry Eyes is a horror movie about a struggling actress getting mixed up with the Hollywood elite. Through the metamorphosis of the main character, the movie describes how the entertainment world actually works: via rituals, blood sacrifice, and occult initiation.

Warning : This article deals with subject matters that might be disturbing to some. Also, colossal spoilers ahead!

Starry Eyes is a typical horror flick: scary, bloody and disgusting. But the most disturbing part of this movie is not the gore and the violence: It is the fact that there is truth in it, a dark truth that many of us would rather ignore. The movie puts it all there, however, right in our faces, as it graphically describes all of the horrific implications. Starry Eyes puts on screen the dark and depraved side of the entertainment industry and the sick motivations of the people who rule it. It exposes the viewers to the elite’s obsession with sexual exploitation, blood sacrifices and satanic rituals as they bask in wealth and social admiration.

While many perceive Starry Eyes as a purely fictional film commenting on the desperation of starving artists, those “in the know” realize that a lot of the horror is based on fact. The movie describes rather accurately the process of what happens at the higher levels of the entertainment industry where abuse, exploitation, mind control, occult rituals, and blood sacrifices turn aspiring artists into traumatized sock puppets. Let’s look at Starry Eyes and how it portrays the movie industry.

A Waitress Tired of Waiting

Sarah Walker is your typical struggling actress living in Los Angeles looking to become a big time Hollywood star. In order to pay the bills, she waits tables at a local restaurant – a job she clearly hates.

Sarah works a Big Taters, a Hooter-style restaurant where the waitresses must wear ugly uniforms and sing stupid songs to customers.
Sarah works at Big Taters, a Hooter-style restaurant where the waitresses wear ugly uniforms and sing stupid songs to customers.

Much to the dismay of her boss, Sarah is not focused on her job, but is constantly on her phone looking for callbacks from production companies. At home, Sarah find an intriguing casting call online.

The casting call is for a movie called The Silver Scream. Throughout the movie, the production company insist on the actress "being her true self", which is her being a struggling actress who is ready for anything to become a star. Anything.
The casting call is for a movie called The Silver Scream. Throughout the movie, the production company insist on the actress “being her true self”. Blinded by ambition and ready to do anything to become a star, her true self is rather ugly … and it will become uglier.

At the audition, the aspiring actresses trying out for the lead role are all treated like garbage, and most of them leave in tears. Although she gave it her all, Sarah also fails to impress the auditioners who proceed to make her feel like a talentless nobody. Sarah then rushes to the nearest bathroom where she completely loses it.

Sarah has a weird fit and pulls out fistfull of hair from her scalp, a disturbing display that appears to soothe her. Sarah's hair will become, throughout the movie, a symbol of her transformation from a "regular girl" to a soulless industry puppet.
Every time Sarah faces failure, she pulls out a fistful of hair from her scalp. Sarah’s hair will become, as the movie progresses, a symbol of her transformation from a regular girl to a soulless industry puppet.

As she comes out of the bathroom stall, Sarah is met by one of the auditioners who was impressed by this disturbing display of rage and self-mutilation. She is brought back to the audition room – but she is not asked to read lines. They want to see her have that violent fit again. Although Sarah is reluctant to pull her hair for the viewing pleasure of strangers, she is told: “You’ve got my attention” and is reminded about the fact that a million other girls could easily take her place. Throughout the movie, Sarah is constantly reminded that a million girls are waiting in line for her spot and that any attention from the all-mighty producers, no matter how strange or degrading their requests, is a rare privilege. At this point, the auditioners only want to see her pull her hair out, and nothing else. So Sarah does it.

Sarah pulls out her hair for the auditioners. The production company is not interested in talent - they want to find someone who is obsessed with stardom, to the point of self-mutilation in the face of failure.
Sarah pulls out her hair for the auditioners. The production company is not interested in talent – they want to find someone who has that special “something” in her – that foul desperation that can be exploited in the future.

The audition quickly stops being about a role in a movie, and turns into a spectacle of extreme degradation and submission, a prelude to the ordeal she most go through to be an initiate of the occult elite. Although the audition ended with her convulsing on the ground under the cold eyes of the auditioners, Sarah leaves the building feeling happy: She got the company’s attention. She gets a callback and the process of transformation truly begins.

Second Audition

Although she is treated with utter contempt by the production company, Sarah is excited to get a second audition. She is told that the only reason she got a second audition was because of her hair-pulling display – and nothing else. Once again, they are emphasizing on the fact that it is not about talent but what she is ready to do to be a star.

At the second audition, things are very different. She enters a dark room with a spotlight pointed at her.
At the second audition, things are very different. She enters a dark room with a spotlight pointed at her.

At the second audition, Sarah wears a dress of pale color, which symbolizes her state of purity/innocence. We will later see that the movie follows the exact color code we see in other music videos and movies analyzed on Vigilant Citizen: White (or a pale color) symbolizes purity/innocence, red stands for transformation/sacrifice, and black for initiation. Countless females artists have appeared in videos that symbolically tell the “good girl gone bad” narrative and they all go through this succession of colors. Starry Eyes is somewhat of a behind-the-scenes look at what truly happens during that metamorphosis.

When Sarah enters the dark room at the second audition, she is immediately told to strip naked – although the role does not require nudity. Once again, it is not about the role, it is about something way beyond that. It is about turning a girl towards the dark side.

She is told:

“Let your inhibitions go. If you can’t fully let yourself go, how can you ever transform into something else?”

The light then starts flashing and Sarah appears to undergo a process akin to mind control and demon possession. Each time the light flashes, we see Sarah either making a demonic face or feeling physical pleasure.

During a split second, we see this thing appear on screen while the light flashes. We will later see these mysterious hooded men in the occult rituals of the production company.
During a split second, we see this thing appear on screen while the light flashes. We will later see these mysterious hooded men in the occult rituals of the production company.

At the end of the process, Sarah appears completely consumed. She then notices the pendant worn by one of the auditioners.

The auditioner wears a pentagram with a line going through it. It is the symbol revealed by the good people at the production company.
The auditioner wears a pentagram with a line going through it.

In short, this was not an audition, it was a hypnotic mind control session intermixed with an occult ritual. Welcome to Astraeus Pictures.

Astraeus Pictures

When Sarah tells her friends that she auditioned for Astreus Pictures, she is told that “they’re legit” and “the real deal”. In other words, it is one of the few “big time” production companies that produces blockbuster hits. The symbolism associated with Astraeus Pictures subtly tells us about the true forces behind the movie business.

First, Astraeus is the name of a Titan god of Greek mythology and is mostly known for being the god of the dusk. As you might know, dusk is what immediately precedes the darkness of the night … the same way this production company brings darkness to the world.

The logo of Astraeus is also quite telling : It is the top half of a unicursal hexagram.

Left : The logo of Astraeus Pictures. Right : A full unicursal hexagram.
Left : The logo of Astraeus Pictures. Right : A full unicursal hexagram.

The unicursal hexagram is an important symbol in ritual magic and occult secret societies. It is also the main symbol associated with Aleister Crowley’s philosophy: Thelema.

The unicursal hexagram is so-called because it can be drawn unicursally– that is, in one continuous movement. This is significant when forming figures in ritual magick, where a continuous line is preferred to an interrupted movement.

The symbol was devised by the Golden Dawn, and later adapted by Aleister Crowley as a device of personal significance. It is often worn by Thelemites as a sign of religious identification and recognition.
– Symbol Dictionary, Unicursal Hexagram

Today, the Thelema is taught by a secret society that is extremely influential in the entertainment industry : the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). It is one of the main forces behind the occult, ritualistic side of Hollywood. The O.T.O is also subtly referred to in another “eye opening” movie, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (read my series of articles about it here).

An important part of the O.T.O’s teachings is sex magick – and we definitely witness some of it in Starry Eyes.

The Metamorphosis

After a successful second audition (which was about her standing naked and being exposed to an evil force), Sarah gets the ultimate privilege: A meeting with the producer. Before leaving her apartment, the movie emphasizes the red dress she is wearing: All of her friends comment on it, one of them even adds that “it is a bit much”.

In the occult elite's color codes, the red dress signifies turmoil, metamorphosis and sacrifice. The dress indicates that this meeting is another step in her initiation.
In the occult elite’s color codes, the red dress signifies turmoil, metamorphosis and sacrifice. The dress indicates that this meeting is another step in her initiation.

At the meeting, the producer of Astraeus Pictures tells Sarah what all producers tell young, impressionable girls when they want to lure them into a soul-selling contract:

“We audition a lot of young women in this building, but very few ever make it to this room. Some pretty big names went through here, going way back”.

This implies that the Hollywood elite’s way of functioning has been going on for decades.

“The role of Celeste is a really big deal for a young actress with no other credits to her name. Your face will be on a poster, a poster on a wall, a wall in the lobby, a lobby in a movie theater, a theater with a marquee.”

For a girl working at Big Taters, hearing these words is what she’s been waiting for her entire life – and the producer knows it. He then touches her inappropriately, and things get real.

When the producer starts putting his hand up Sarah's dress, she gets another taste of the true price of fame.
When the producer starts puts his hand up Sarah’s dress, she gets a taste of the true price of fame.

When Sarah tries to make him stop by asking him if he wants her to read some lines, he replies:

“Sarah, THIS is the audition. You are at the gates. All you need is for me to open them for you”.

Once again, nobody is interested in Sarah showcasing her acting talents. The “audition” is once again about her being degraded into giving up her body. Sarah refuses the advances and storms out of the room.

Her return to reality is however extremely difficult. She must beg to get her job back at Big Taters and, coincidentally, she is also told that about a million girls would love to have her steady waitressing job. She then regrets walking out of the producer’s room and begins rationalizing doing the unthinkable:

“I kind of feel I’m selling my soul already. So it might as well be for something I love.”

The Initiation

Under the influence of drugs and, since the second audition, with something evil burgeoning inside of her, Sarah decides to go back to see the producer. For that meeting, she wears another symbolic dress.

Sarah wears her black dress to her meeting with the producer.
For her second meeting with the producer, Sarah wears a black dress. The good girl has gone bad.

When Sarah gets face-to-face with the producer, she realizes that it is not simply about “sleeping with him” for his personal perverted pleasure. There is a metaphysical dimension to the process. It is about submission and initiation to an occult order through ritual. When Sarah falls to her knees before the producer, he says:

“Would you forgo your eyes for a new pair of eyes, eyes that can see with our vision? Would you give up your body to become a vessel for our voice, my voice? Will you give your old life away for a glorious new life?”

Within this oath is the summed up the entire transformation process that turns a regular artist into a full blown “Illuminati puppet”. By “forgoing” her eyes for a new pair, Sarah gives up her ability to perceive reality in order to only see what “they” want her to see. Is this why all industry pawns constantly hide one of their eyes in photoshoots? (See my Symbolic Pics of the Month articles for hundreds of examples.) By giving up her body to become a vessel to their “voice”, she voluntarily gives up any kind of core values and artistic integrity she might have had to become nothing more than an empty shell pushing the messages of the elite. Finally, by giving her old life away, she completely erases her past self to turn into a new alter persona, an artificial creation that is completely programmed by the elite.

To all of that, Sarah answers “yes”. She then proceeds to pleasure the producer … and things get weirder.

While the producer firmly holds Sarah's head, we a pentagram on his hand - indicating the ritualistic importance of this gesture of submission.
While the producer firmly holds Sarah’s head, we see a pentagram on his hand – indicating the ritualistic importance of this gesture of submission.

Looking at the skies with a crazy look in his eyes, the producer says :

“The gateway is opened Sarah. All you have to do is be willing to step inside. Kill your old self, Sarah”.

The word “gateway” has a spiritual connotation as Sarah also opens herself to what will appear to be demonic possession.

While this is happening, this guy appears out of nowhere, confirming that this is an occult magick ritual.
While this is happening, this guy appears out of nowhere, confirming that this is an occult ritual.

The Sacrifice

The days after the disturbing ritual are extremely painful for Sarah. She keeps convulsing violently and feels as is she was dying. She also constantly loses hair which, as stated earlier, represent her true self.

Sarah is turning into the worst nightmare of an aspiring actress obsessed with her body image.
Sarah is turning into the worst nightmare of an aspiring actress obsessed with her body image. This physical change represents the rotting out of her inner-being, her very soul.

While in pain and dying inside and out, Sarah is visited by someone from Astraeus, who shows her a vision.

They show her looking like a movie star, complete with a pentagram pendant around her neck, sign of her being a true industry pawn.
She sees herself as a movie star, dressed as if she was on the red carpet of the Oscars, complete with a pentagram pendant around her neck, sign of her being a true industry pawn.

When that vision vanishes, she is still in pain, and looking uglier than ever. She then gets a phone call from the producer who says:

“You can go into the ground and be forgotten forever or you can be reborn. Did you expect it to be painless, that it would be easy, that you’d simply wake up one morning with everything you ever wanted laid out before you? I told you Sarah, dreams require sacrifice. And so do we.”

Sarah does not only need to sacrifice her own soul to become “one of them”. They require a blood sacrifice. Sarah therefore proceeds to kill all of her friends in an extremely violent matter. When the bloody deed is accomplished  men in robes immediately appear and lead her to the final ritual.

The Rebirth

After the blood sacrifice, a bunch of rich Hollywood elite people gather for the ritual celebrating Sarah’s rebirth.

Gathered around the ritualistic pentagram, these old rich "respectable" people keep repeating "Hail Astraeus". Sarah appears to be buried underneath the pentagram.
Gathered in a circle, “respectable” men and women repeat “Hail Astraeus” as Sarah is buried underneath the pentagram.

The concept of symbolic death and rebirth is of extreme importance in occult secret societies. In most esoteric circles since antiquity, candidates for initiation are made to go through a period of “symbolic death” where they are kept in darkness to then be “born again”. This concept is also central in Christianity as Jesus Christ resurrected from dead after three days in the tomb. The story of Jonah emerging from the great whale is also a part of Jewish and Islamic literature. However, in the case of Astraeus Pictures, the initiate is not on the brink of a great spiritual awakening, she is a mere puppet lured into a Satanic ritual for the profit and the pleasure of her handlers. The elite thrives on tapping into ancient and powerful archetypes and corrupting them for their own nefarious purposes.

At the end of the ritual, the producers yells “She is ready to transform!”. The next day, Sarah is reborn.

Sarah emerges from the Earth completely naked, like a newborn baby. She is also completely bald, which indicate that her old self is completely gone.
Sarah emerges from the earth completely naked, like a newborn baby. She is also completely bald, which indicates that her old self is completely gone.
Sarah's transformation is so thorough that she even has a new birthday.
Sarah’s transformation is so thorough that she even has a new birthday.
Back home, Sarah's roommate finds her lying in bed with a creepy candle-lit shrine to past movie stars who went through the same "transformation" as her.
Back home, Sarah’s roommate finds her lying in bed with a creepy candle-lit shrine to past movie stars who went through the same “transformation” as her.

The roommate notices that Sarah’s eyes have changed – she now has the new pair of eyes that sees only the elite’s vision. Sarah tells her roommate “Things are changing for me” and proceeds to kill her – the last remnant of her past life. Sarah then opens her birthday gift from Astraeus.

In the final scene of the movie, Sarah puts on the wig she got a present - representing her embracing her new, fake alter persona and puts on her pentagram pendant - sign of her being an initiated industry star.
In the final scene of the movie, Sarah puts on the wig she received as a present. It represents her new, fake alter persona. She also puts on her pentagram pendant – sign of her being an initiated industry star.


In Conclusion

If you’ve read past articles on Vigilant Citizen, you probably realized that Starry Eyes basically encompasses everything that has ever been discussed on this site. By describing Sarah’s transformation at the hands of the Hollywood elite, the movie puts on screen the true nature of those who control the entertainment industry … and the world. By clearly conveying the elite’s total disdain for the common person and its obsession with corrupted rituals, exploitation, degradation and blood sacrifice, the movie exposes the “true self” of the industry, the same way Sarah exposes her true self to the producers.

If you still believe this is all fiction and that what is said here is all a crazy conspiracy, you might have an acute case of … starry eyes.


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I have lived in southern California for almost 8 years, and I have never liked driving past Los Angeles, let alone visit it. I've been to Hollywood Blvd once to see a few museums, but I always felt on edge and nervous. The pulse of that city – the connotation once gets while there – is so negatively charged, I can't believe people don't run away from it screaming. LA feels like lost dreams and lost innocence. Even before I started reading the articles on this page, I have felt this way about it. I just don't get why more people don't tap into their intuition? Are their big time dreams really THAT important? Get over yourselves! Be good moms. Be good dads or doctors or teachers. Those professions matter, not acting.

Los Angeles means The Angels…. which angels do they mean, it will be good to know

It’s official name (in english, translated from its spanish origins) is “City of LOST angels.”

Highly appropriate, don’t you think?

Lady Ga Ga underwent a ‘very very heavy ‘birth initiation’ the night of the Grammy Awards. ‘very very heavy birtation tonight’

Yes, I live in San Diego. L.A. is a whole different world.. – different vibe. different people. different everything..

We H8 LA.

(San Diego has Many Crosses, on Many Mountains.. through out the county.. -blessed)

I lived in HollyWierd for a couple of years and met many landsharks

Noticed that all the Big ones seem to have HAIR problems…..Gaga, Beyonche, etc etc….and the WIGS & WEAVES….well nothing is natural…..seems like a recruiting movie they put out for the fluoridated 'starry eyed'…….blantantly obvious …..

The last time Hollywood released a realistic depiction of true horror was back in the early 1980s, in a tv movie called THE DAY AFTER. It depicted the results of a nuclear strike on America. It has only ever aired on network television once (but I believe it has since aired on cable tv). The public outcry (more than 100,000 people called in for evacuation info during the movie), caused the powers that be to decide it wasn't in the government's best interests to expose the public to any more glimpses of what happens after the mushroom cloud. A movie like that should be more worrisome to the public than trash like STARRY EYES, which made the indy/horror film festival circuit last fall, then went straight to VOD in the US & DVD in Europe. Because it was just a crappy little horror flick that didn't even get a proper… Read more »

You are correct, but hold your horses.
Of course the "bigger problems" are Twilight, True Blood , 50 shades… etc, ALL the s**t that comes from tv 24/7.
But this happens to be an article and interesting/disturbing analysis about "Starry Eyes" – an occult movie that has an agenda similar to one VC has been talking about for years. Damn:D

Best comment here. but you didn't quote the bible. Reading the comments here I am curious about how much the audience for VC(long followed, very rarely comment), seems to have become a bible discussion group. Yes I understand the connection…but also the comments in the past have lead to greater discovery and learning….and new ideas…now it's all blending into the same. My favourite commenters…the regular contributors have been D d d, blu boy and eli Se / asparilla (spelling?) I know I will be hated for this comment! I don't mean harm or Ill will, but I miss the variety and scope of comments and insights of old

I would like to put my 2 cents, when I was lil girl, I dreamed about being a s famous, like marilyn monroe. I would pray to GOD about it and I always make a wish to the stars. I'm so glad that my eyes are open but also heart broken, that my wish and dreams will not come true, because I will not to do this type of satanic s**t. I'm not perfect, but I will always be on GOD side. Now I'm studying to be fashion designer, and guess what have of the famous designers also sold out. Sad, I'm not going to let the devil take my dreams away, I will be a fashion designer and an actress, no I may not be hugely famous but I'll be happy with the lil money I have because I'm with God. I feel like Vivica fox is the only… Read more »

too late ; shes sold out too

Just watched this movie the other day. So sick smh

Lord knows what's happening between the kardashians/jenners

And if anybody at this point can still deny the existence of Satan, you're only fooling and deceiving yourself.

this is insane and the craziest part about illuminati and the entertainment idustry is that everything is in your face. they don't even try to hide it and most people are in denial of it all cuz if they admit to it, it will shatter their world and make the world seem super sad. well denial is not a way to go about it!!! i am kind of glad things like this come out, that way we know more about how these people work, we get more information on all things them. so this is sort of good in a way. so creepy and so scary but knowing more is power.

It is truly disturbing what is going on in this world because of secret societies and their plots against the people. The entertainment industry that they control is at the forefront for most of the destruction of society with their satanic movies, music, and TV shows which has completely brainwashed millions of people into believing that evil is good and good is evil. There is only one way to survive this satanic indoctrination that has been used against the public and that is to give your life to Jesus Christ for he is really the way,the truth, and the life which can free people from the demonic influences that has been put in place by these satanic societies.
God Bless you VC for informing the people with truth! Stay Vigilant

i think that in reality doesn't happen like this i saw this movie and it was really great.
But in reality they just signed girls that were abused since little that's the reason most of female pop singers have a record of domestic violence in their record.
BRITNEY SPEARS, LINDSAY LOHAN, AMANDA BYNES, BEYONCE, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, IGGY AZALEA AND NICKI MINAJ they all have the same story that they were abused since they were little and this is so useful for the illuminati because they can put this girls under hypnosis and mind control and they end having multiple personalities or alter egos like beyonce or nicki minaj.
At the end of the day in reality they just end being mind control slaves or sex kittens and exchange of that they have fame and money.

Their fathers are also alcoholics, I read. At least Spears', Lohan's, Minaj' and also Rihanna's. Quite odd that so many of those women come from alcoholic households.

Adele's dad was also an alcoholic, but thanks God he left her and her mom when she was three.

Sia's dad was supposedly alcoholic too… that's her excuse for creating her vid elastic heart. There more being abused her than alcohol…


C'mon VC, I bet the director of this little indie horror is smiling right now because it's obviously based off of the whole conspiracy of selling your soul to the devil in Hollywood. I would not be surprised at all if inspiration was pulled from this site for the ideas that take place in this movie. I watched it a month or so ago because finally someone made this idea into a movie and I wanted to see how well they pulled it off. And up until a certain point, it's done pretty realistically. Casting calls do work like that and the second audition, which is the one scene that could be interpreted as possible mind control is pretty creepy. Right around the hour mark is when it goes off the rails though. Up until that point Starry Eyes was grounded in reality. But as soon as she meets up… Read more »

So does this happen to all successful Hollywood actresses?

Do some escape the negative side of the industry?

I can imagine this kind of thing happening to people like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Kristin Stewart, Emma Stone etc… but not for people like Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon… or am I just naive?

I mean, has every big actress or musician experienced this kind of negativity? Or is it possible to bypass this?

Just wondering…

I suppose this movie is a mind control trigger for all the many stars who went through this process themselves for stardom. What is it about performers anyway where they are willing to sell their whole soul for fame? There is some strange pathology to these Ppl. Were they not loved as children…why are they so desperate for the lights?

This article is well articulated. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. May God bless you and protect you in this ministry.This scenario hits very close to home for me. – too close. I was almost this girl three years ago only I wasn't seeking fame and fortune. I was rejected, abandoned and broken. Two Satanic men sought me out and tried to sacrifice me. I called to Jesus in my distress and He rescued me (Psalm 18) He saved me, healed me, restored and transformed me. It truly is disturbing the lengths these people go through for a ANY soul. But nothing compares to the length Jesus went through for ALL of our souls. Unfortunately , these men/woman are NOT just in Hollywood, these cults are local and close to home. They are as close to you as your local bar/car shop. Here is my testimony-… Read more »

Yes! It's just like the movie 'They Live', only the title should be modified to: 'They DIE!' *They* are everywhere (satanists) in all walks of life and the fact that the LEGIT ones HIDE their lives and acts PROVE that THEY KNOW they are ILLICIT in the eyes of God. Their time is short indeed. Soon, they will cry for the rocks to fall on them! Ohhghh, wellll……(rhymes with HELL)…..

I just really love your comment. May God bless you!

What were you seeking?

Thank the good Lord I stopped watching TV, going to movies, and listening to the radio long ago.
Awesome article, as usual VC.
Thanks for the heads-up.

When I went through repentance many movies I had seen came up from within my soul. Never again will I submit myself to it.

Eliphaz, Wow. Yes. I have experienced this!!! You put it right into words. Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed and repented?

Me too! Acts 2: 38-39

Yes I have. The Holy Spirit brought those things out of me.

what do you mean by brought it it out of you and you saw it come from withing your soul?

I would "see" movie scenes in my mind. Some violent, some sexual. Same as past sins that come up. Many times long forgotten. Just considered it to be cleansing of my soul by the Holy Spirit of God. Music and bands I had listened to and followed were and still are brought up in the same sat. This has been over a period of many years and never has been accompanied by feelings of condemnation. More like revelations of truth in things that are false and lead to sin and destruction or at the least, wrong thinking. "Be transformed by the renewal of your mind" and "casting down vain imaginations and everything else that exults itself against the knowledge of God", are a couple scripts that relate to my experience.

My radio is for listening to Infowars and other similar alternative-news programs. Otherwise, I'm the same way, I watch decades-old Gregory Peck and Jimmy Stewart movies on Youtube and that's about it!

Alex Jones is part of Project Mockingbird – he is a disinfo agent. He diverts funds from people who believe him who are looking to support those who are really standing up and reporting. Look it up if you don’t believe me. I don’t even trust this site as we have no idea who it is run by, and counter intel pro use the method of “a bit of poison mixed in with the milk – not enough to taste, but enough to poison.” I basically don’t trust any source anymore.

Amen, Julia. Same here!

Maire, it's good to have various streams of info, differing in perspective AND especially worldwide, but i would caution you be sure you are guarding your spirit from fatigue and turn if off periodically and fill your spirit with real life, nature, those you love and scripture, etc… some of the oldies and music do soothe, though!

Just because we have eyes it does it mean that we can see. We must have knowledge to see what others cant. Even though they make it seem like this is not real or just a joke and they try to desensitize us by showing things like this more often, this is the sad truth. We must stay vigilant.

It shocks me how satanism is spread these days. Like it was the most cheesy thing. No wonder when the later days come most people will embrace all satanic imagery and the Antichrist persona because over the years, they have been brainwashed with these kind of movies, pop music and so many other things that seem to be normal today.

I am really worried about kiddos… and youngsters. Perhaps we older guys (35) are aware of all the evil stuff that is going on nowadays, but the young ones are naive and with their minds open like a blank book ready to be taught anything these evil masses want. I hope parents will be alert about all this, so that many souls can be saved after all this evil rottenness passes by.

I'm 47 now and first started enlightening my children to all this two decades ago,when I thought they would be old enough to understand. My daughter is now begining to pass on appropriate information to my Grandaughter. The young are not as blinkered as some think

I totally agree. I am a mom and I have always been cautious of what my daughter sees on TV or otherwise, even before I read VC or got saved by JC. As my daughter got older she got exposed to a lot more at school and by friends or family. I started reading this site & watching videos exposing the illuminati & satanic symbolism I started being more vigilant to monitor what my daughter watched but it became so nerve racking when I could see blatant symbols being used and all the subliminal messages. I decided since she was old enough I would show my daughter a video exposing Disney movie's hidden symbolism & now my daughter will point out symbols to me & knows to be cautious of one-eye, devil horns, 666, upside down crosses, pentagram, lightning bolts etc.

That is so awesome!

Yea it is a huge relief that she can use critical thinking for herself and differentiate between good & bad a lot better than most of her peers.

Yes, more parents need to educate their children on these matters. I want to volunteer at a church and spread the message to kids in youth groups, show them YouTube videos breaking it down about their favorite celebrities. But was advised against it because these truths are not something "the flock" want to accept, its "too scary and unsettling"


Why don't you volunteer in a synagogue instead?

I take it u r referring to the synagogues of satan.
Go away Kevin….far far away.

For those who advise against spreading the truth, this is a perfect bible verse that describes their mindset.

Isaiah 30:9-10
9 That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not heare the Law of the Lord:

10 Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophecie not vnto vs right things: speake vnto vs smooth things, prophecie deceits.

you are right on how we should all be worried for the younger generation since they are very much naive but you should understand that not all the younger ones are as ignorant as you think they are, and i know this because i'm almost 20 years younger than you, I am a firm believer in GOD, Christianity is not just a religion to me but a life style and i always try to stay alert with certain situations, whether it has to do with the media, the news, though at times it can be extremely boring and depressing to watch, etc. we're not all brain washed by what the media sells us. i know i'm not a 100% informed on these types of subjects but i always try to learn and understand more about the world we live in and to be quite frank its extremely scary and disturbing… Read more »
Something in your comment, and this post, made me recall a b-horror movie I saw many years ago called Slashers. The creator came up with the idea before "reality" TV caught on, though the movie didn't come to fruition until sometime after Survivor blew up. The premise is Slashers is a Japanese reality game show where contestants go through a maze and rooms, anything goes, and they have to avoid or kill actual serial killers who are also actors (of sorts. Its hard to determine wtf they are. They kill people, but they appear to be recurring "characters", they get paid and are hired by the studio…) Even back in the early 2000s when I first saw the movie, i thought "this is what TV is turning into. One day this very well could be real." Then Fear Factor and Dexter came along. (Though I confess, Dexter is addictive. I… Read more »
being the older generation does nothing about it it does not matter about age. this has been happening for decades if not centuries where people are brainwashed to suit an agenda. if you want to wake up, do something about it. otherwise your still regarded to be asleep. do you actively promote? or do you have the odd conversation with friends? spread awareness on a mass scale. put yourself out there, have some balls. thats what i do, this whole corrupt pyramid around us completely consumes my life trying to expose it. its time we humans unite against the serpent followers, and make a change for good. otherwise we will all be chipped and fighting even more wars. dont support the troops! they dont know what they are fighting for. stop them from going to war. change the culture. dont vote on elections, each party has the same agenda. its… Read more »

You sound like me 😀

Hi Chris,

I have come across your comments many times and I feel that sometimes I have written those comments. Like you, I have found VC site by coincidence while researching 'Black Swan' which lead me to read very valuable information. I am a loyal 90's kid and as much as I was fascinated by some of the imagery in cartoons and music video clips which were somehow aesthetically attractive, it is very disappointing to discover the wicked minds hiding behind it and that those are not simply figments of imagination. Eventually, it makes you feel depressed that nothing nowadays is achieved by talent, skill or hard work like it was in the past. It is by simply selling yourself and paying a tremendously high cost for fame.

Well said.

I can't and don't believe that younger people can watch any number of blatant films like this (or the many subtle, hidden message ones that VC has covered) and not at least sort of understand that something is very amiss. I think they do know, but themes and pictures of unreality is so prominent in everything they read and watch that it all will look like innocent fantasy to them.

I wish and hope more will be able to resist that and see the things behind it that are real and evil. Pretty grim chance of it though, the force to convince them it's all no big deal is a strong one. *sigh*

I just wonder, if this movie is so close revealing the truth, don't you think 'they' might do something, such as not permitting this movie to be watch, or even exist? Deleting anything that can 'shows' how 'they' work, and such. Or 'they' are so powerful that 'they' don't care if this movie somehow have impact to people?

Most people are in the occult or just don’t care. Then you have us a very very small % of the population who do care. They show us to flaunt how much control they have. Just like the blatant symbology everywhere.

I thought the same thing, how do they let this be shown? Unless they don’t care….which seems plausible.

This movie is defnitely Satanic, and having the actress bearing her naked body in it is also a suspect that the Elites are the ones making this film to tease and warn whoever who dares to enter the Hellywood Walk of Flame that they will ultimately need to sell away their soul to Satan. The logo for Astraeus(Astray Us) Pictures is similar to the video game Watch Dog.

It's finally on Netflix guys! I can finally watch the film.

I feel that, especially the beginning of your review, you almost hype this garbage up. I think it's pretty clear why this even made a blip on anyone's radar: we are a society obsessed with concepts like The Illuminati, secret societies and the occult. This movie was just cashing in on the salaciousness of our current obsession. If you're interested in watching this, please don't. It's a poorly made hack and slasher. If you are hoping for "Eyes Wide Shut," keep hoping. The unreasearched representation of "some cult" (which is comical), the gratuitous exploitation and gore just made me feel ill. It's not a "WAKE UP!" movie; it's capitalizing on and glorifying the beast it is trying to worn of.

This was a Djinn Rebirth. Basically the victim releases their soul and the Djinn then take possession of the body as if it were a vessel. All avatars are Djinn. Djinn Reborn!

And so, we know now what's happened to Renee Zellweger;))

Questions. Questions. Questions. Does anyone know what happens to young men who want to become movie stars? Is there a casting couch for them also? From the few excellent articles I've read here, I now understand that the evil elite requires sacrifice; however, I viewed them as the killers. Are we to be led to believe that actress will murder for their gain, or was this strictly symbolism?

Please check Cory Feldman on YT confessing how pedophelia runs rampant in Hollywood. And Tupac and Michael Jackson trying to speak up against the Illuminati and paying for it with their life? You know how difficult it is for a heterosexual man to confess that he gave his young body to some old geezer in Hollywood? Human s**trafficking rings do not only consist out of young girls……….

Thank you. I will research Feldman, Tupac and Jackson. I don't own a TV and have only been to a handful of movies in my life. I understand overall that human trafficking involves both sexes, but the articles I've read on Hollywood seem to all focus on the females being the ones exploited. The internet has opened my eyes to so much of the evil of the world…things that I would never have imagined or thought up on my own in a zillion years. It's disturbing and upsetting to learn how so much evil is spreading like wildfires.

Yes Occultism and Satanism are very real.
They are all a bunch of Psychopaths and Criminals as you know it.
The way you can destroy evil and darkness is only with LOVE AND LIGHT, as they cannot coexist in a positive vibration.
Burning like a vampire out in daylight.

Excellent article as usual, VC. Now I have a question, that hasn't been addressed so far. Why is there some will by the occult elite to destroy the archeological treasures of Iraq, the craddle of civilisation ? There are articles written by Iraqi witnesses, about how the museum was raided, then left unprotected, there are pictures showing the mess American soldiers have created. And then ISIS finishing the dreadful work, breaking the venerable statues with sledgehammers. It cannot be coincidental. The news spoke about it, a little bit. Not much, really, when you consider that these artifacts and works of art date back to thousands of years, and cannot be replaced ever. They may hold the answers to our presence on earth. The loss for humanity is tremendous. And the silence is deafening. The idea that American soldiers are hicks who care nothing about ancient monuments because they are jealous… Read more »


My friend this has happened many earths, and is nothing new under the sun. Mama Africa the womb
which includes the so called "middle east" has been under attack for the ages; no this is not coincidence. All the truths exist, as God wants us to be knowledgeable; however, the powers that run this world bask in our ignorance. Stay vigilant. ..

IMO, they are trying to erase history .

also many are said to be copies. however, i believe there are religious and historical facts and truths someone has been trying to obscure, obliterate, or hoard rom the global community. religious fanatics have been destroying artifacts for millenia, but the technology we have now can reveal much more than ever before. just doesn't seem like a coincidence–the best test is to see of other world heritage sites are erased in similar, or other ways.

1984, much????

We have an elephant in the room but since we suffer from Stockholm syndrome we won't bother to look at it..

Fantastic! Just like all the "stars" in Hollywood. When will people wake up? This is extremely disturbing. They all worship something and it ain't good that's for sure. Thanks for this article.

They won't wake up because they don't want to. They want to dream and they refuse to see the truth.

It must’ve been very traumatic for that actress and especially those other actors and actresses watching this film feeling the triggers of pain. I am sad that not everyone are able to escape out of the hands of their handlers. But I have heard others who escaped and are preaching the Gospel too.

Seriously is it me or satan trying to copy god

God made these religions to guide us over centuries judaism , christianity , islam

But then satan copies him and made satanism

And made also abook written in a manner like these books were written in so we believe that he is our god

God sent prophets like christ and muhammed

Satan sent antonny lavey or whatever his name is the head of the satanic church

Satan is nothing and alway will be a copycat
The fact is he already lost

To many people went to heaven from many centuries and even so god still has open doors to forgivness on anything till judgment day

5:45 min, she walks into a room and a note pinned to the wall behind her has the words "RIP Scarlet Johansson" scribbled on it…

Lana Del Rey – Starry Eyes .. I think that there's a part of Lana story in .. at the and tho. The rebirth .. the wig ..

After I read VC's article, I watched starry eyes online. Real disturbing ish. The people in the industry are so demonic and waiting like a spider for that right kind of fly. They exploit your weaknesses and choose those willing to discard their boundaries and easily manipulated. Once this woman said, yes she would give up everything to have her dream….she started rotting from the inside literally. Vomiting up maggots and became a walking corpse. Any goodness within her, dying off. She killed her friends, which she never really liked and was reborn a self absorbed ambitious empty wicked thing….devoid of empathy or conscience. Beautiful on the outside and venomous on the inside. The devil is a liar and all I could see was Madonna. Ironically, the woman in the movie did have talent & was a good actress…but she had no faith in herself. Katy Perry's comment comes to… Read more »

Wow, that really is too much. It makes me feel scared but at least I'm not alone, we have to be there for each other and help each other with kindness and love.

This post is so scary I didn't read half of it. The pictures themselves gave me nightmares but I understand the gist of it. I'm an aspiring actress who went to Performing Arts school. I still want to be an actress but I don't know if I should. I don't know if these things are scaring me so I won't go into acting or are these signs to change my career?

I'm glad I changed mine. You could still do it but know that at some point you will have to rub elbows with certain people. It's hard to not get bit by the bug. Think of it this way, the companies that have jobs available to you as an actress are run by people with a specific agenda to distract the world from true spiritual progress that could lead to progress in physical terms. Any work you do, will be forwarding their agenda unless you write your own projects, produce them, finance them. Maybe you should go behind the camera instead of in front. But it's a slippery slope. If you want to make more than decent money, you have to take the fame route, which puts you with the crowd that is manipulated by the elite. If you want a simpler life, stay out of Hollywood. If you want… Read more »
As disturbing as this is, those of us who rely upon the Word of God as our guide within us understand that our Creator declared these horrific acts would transpire, and increase in practice before the end of this age… Beginning in 1963, we have seen a change within our country… While some refer to it as "progressive," it is nothing more than the mystery of lawlessness… A spiritual state of being which will cause many to fall, and believe the lie as it concerns the man of sin… The fact this individual, that the bible also refers to as the beast, will be a reflection of what the world will be at that point in time… Because of the practice of lawlessness… Satan succeeds where sin breeds… The fact that these movies are even produced is just one of many indicators of our nations's fallen state… This is a… Read more »
It just keeps getting more sicker than ever with point-blank display of what the "Industry" is really like to those who wish to lose everything for personal and selfish gain just like the elite…..at the expense of their own past life, loved ones and friends. Damn good thing my eyes are not that starry to see the evil that the elite are really putting out there as the movie clearly explains the reality of what the occult is all about, except those who think otherwise. My eyes are forever open and not "starred up" and blinded from the truth since I already know all too well the dark side that's being portrayed here with everything thats, well, satanic overall with Crowley being mentioned time and time again. The revelation is clear, thank you VC for making me even more vigilant than ever. I pity those who have no idea about… Read more »

I rented this movie last night, and could not get it out of my head today. Very unsettling stuff is going on.

Thanks for the heads up, just watched it, good film, well acted, well scripted and one of the better fictional accounts of Monarch Programing I've seen….

The tagline is, " All dreams require sacrifice" – Are they alluding to blood sacrifices perhaps? Thank you VC for posting this because I've never actually heard of this film but I want to watch it now.

The more death eaters can scare , threaten and terrorize everyone
the more their potential victims will produce adrenaline
blood with adrenaline what they want – right?

I am not sure if it works like that, but after all VC articles i feel vaccinated;)).I don't produce any more adrenaline.

Zech. 11:17, "Woe to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock! A sword will be on his arm and on his right eye! His arm will be totally withered, and his right eye will be blind." "And the beast which I saw was like a leopard, and his feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave him his power and his throne and great authority. 3 And I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast," (Rev. 13:2-3). "Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have arisen; from this we know that it is the last hour . . . 22 Who is the liar but… Read more »
I have no doubt that this movie is a biography of sorts, the recurring story of many of our so-called stars. They appear in magazines to be on top and in control, but it's a complete illusion, and the hook used to lure people who want fame. I spent some years seeking the same thing in the movie industry. Auditions are rigged. They are bored with talent, hungry for desperation. They abuse you to see that dark exploitable desperation. You cannot please them with anything but perversion and self deprivation. I was told on more than one occasion by "industry professionals" who are making their living off desperate hopefuls, who lie constantly to prop themselves up, to "get the stars out of your eyes". I KID YOU NOT. These people want to destroy the souls of people, and the truth is, they are presently pushing these ideas through every movie,… Read more »

very black swan

Another good analysis VC! Keep'em comin' cause people need to get the word out about how Hollyweird keeps their Stars in the darkness, never in the light. Did you see photos of Kanye's eyes? They were blue and he looked very strange. There was also a photo of Whoopi Goldberg with the same blue eyes. http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com/2015/02/17/… These are not "contacts" as they are being reported. We are getting our first glimpse of Kanye's soul from the Dark Side. And he is not alone, Whoopi with "blue" eyes? http://www.tmz.com/2014/11/16/whoopi-goldberg-goo… They now wear "BROWN" contacts so we will recognize them in public. But in private, this is what they really look like. If you don't see blue eyes, it will sometimes look like "slate gray" or a very dull blue or green color. But they definitely are NOT brown. And this applies to politicians as well. Paris Hilton is another one who… Read more »

I read somewhere that the devil has blue eyes. When he goes human or something.

His cherubic face bore brown eyes.

''went to South America to have surgery to change her brown eyes to blue''
Try and balance your news-input maybe, as it is getting out of hand, it seems.

Just like in Dune, the spice blue eyes.

For some reason Peaches Geldof comes to mind.

One wonder's if she was murdered as she gave away a list of names of paedophiles ( ? ) or perhaps she let on that there were women offering their babies to the paedophile singer from the lost prophets. Anyway I doubt she overdosed and was possible killed sacrificed for doing what she did.

I completely agree — soon before she died she was exposing those famous p********s. She was also publicly tweeting about the OTO and Aleister Crowley. Talking about the secret society goings-on is a big no-no in that world and because she was publicly talking about all of these things, I believe she was murdered.

go on

I am sure there is a good reason for that. Didn't she admit to being part of the OTO, founded by Crowley right before her "accidental" overdose?

Yes she did , she even had OTO tatooed on her.

Also you can spot a poster in the living room of her friends house living room that says "Cease to Exist " which is a Charles Manson song and Manson was a member of O.T.O. and was a Crowley follower.

so is Peaches really dead or is she being transformed into an alter-ego that will rise to fame in a few months or years? with plastic surgery, and a hair color change she could look different and be given a new identity

This movie is the most straightforward movie about the occult and if people can't see what the movie is trying to say, then they are blind.

these oculist like to hide things in plain sight and rub those who are unaware faces in it..they get a kick out of knowing the truth and everyone else is blind dancing to the beat of their drum..but Jehovah, God is our protection and soon he will set things straight….these oculist and those who follow them and question nothing will have nowhere to hide. For anyone who does not believe am telling you as a victim of the occult this is absolutely true. It's real folks.

Once again, a very good article.

Merci from France.

An actress playing an actress

So does this make the movie an autobiography??

Rather a docudrama?…

You should do an article about the movie Neon Demon