MTV’s “Paramore: Vitals Statistics” Mentions Mind Control Symbolism in Music Videos


MTV UK’s “Paramore: Vital Statistics” is “Pop-Up Video” type show featuring Paramore music videos alongside facts about the band. During the video for Brick By Boring Brick (which I covered in the article entitled Paramore’s “Brick by Boring Brick”: A Song about Mind Control) a pop-up box says:

“What disturbing subject does this video show?”

Then the next box says:

“This video contains lots of mind control symbolism? As often seen with Lady Gaga and Rihanna too. See if you can spot them?”

Screenshot of "Paramore: Vital Statistics"

If we go past the bizarre use of question marks in this pop-up box, the fact that an official MTV show casually displays this information is quite a breakthrough. Up until now, mind control symbolism was never mentioned by any artist, by any MTV show or even by any music critic. The entire subject was considered to be taboo or completely “crazy”.

The pop-up also mention that mind control symbolism is “often seen” with the world’s biggest pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, which is also quite notable as it supports the fact that the theme of mind control is widespread across popular culture.



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The crazy thing is The founders of Paramore left the band because the lead began to stray.

Josh and Zac Farro are Christians and serious believers in Christ. SO by this album they were fed up. A lot of subliminal messages in the music.