MTV’s “Paramore: Vitals Statistics” Mentions Mind Control Symbolism in Music Videos


MTV UK’s “Paramore: Vital Statistics” is “Pop-Up Video” type show featuring Paramore music videos alongside facts about the band. During the video for Brick By Boring Brick (which I covered in the article entitled Paramore’s “Brick by Boring Brick”: A Song about Mind Control) a pop-up box says:

“What disturbing subject does this video show?”

Then the next box says:

“This video contains lots of mind control symbolism? As often seen with Lady Gaga and Rihanna too. See if you can spot them?”

Screenshot of "Paramore: Vital Statistics"

If we go past the bizarre use of question marks in this pop-up box, the fact that an official MTV show casually displays this information is quite a breakthrough. Up until now, mind control symbolism was never mentioned by any artist, by any MTV show or even by any music critic. The entire subject was considered to be taboo or completely “crazy”.

The pop-up also mention that mind control symbolism is “often seen” with the world’s biggest pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, which is also quite notable as it supports the fact that the theme of mind control is widespread across popular culture.




  1. I'm pretty sure the person that uploaded the video to youtube put the pop up box on there, not anyone from MTV. Just saying! Love your site though!

  2. The crazy thing is The founders of Paramore left the band because the lead began to stray.

    Josh and Zac Farro are Christians and serious believers in Christ. SO by this album they were fed up. A lot of subliminal messages in the music.

  3. Hmmm….Although it IS interesting that they'd say that, I have concocted a few theories (some that may have been said by other people, I'm not sure….Sorry, I don't really read comments).

    -They are making the thought of "Mind Control Symbolism" more comfortable. I have told many of my friends "look at this stuff! It's real!" Do they believe me? No. Everyone is in denial. BUT, this could play on that joke. "Where's the 'evil' symbolism? YOU'RE RIGHT, IT'S NOWHERE!" when, essentially….it's everywhere. Thus making people more subliminally programmed (especially when they make it into a game where you are left staring at the images, allowing it to embed into your brain without even knowing they are programming you)

    -They could be pointing it out because a majority of the masses are not educated by what evil symbols are portrayed. For example, that picture looked happy. There are colors, lights, butterflies, etc. to show a happy setting. But they don't realize that IS the evil symbolism. It's like an Alice-In-Wonderland shot, yet they don't see it because popstars use Alice-In-Wonderland ALL THE TIME.

    -They could actually be exposing the world (doubtful)

  4. I've been following VC for some time now. Things that are written within the articles makes complete sense….Perhaps I've been obsessive about this site, lol, but sometimes when reading the articles and comments I do forget who ultimately rules.

    1John 5:19: "We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one."

    Plain and simple but it is a scripture that is ignored by many. This current system of things is ruled by gods greatest enemy. He has a hand in everything…entertainment, education, and politics. So it only makes sense that consistently today everything seems corrupt. Satan though has a short period of time. God, as loving as he is would never allow Satan to rule forever. As his time runs out though things will only get worse.

    I look forward to the conditions that revelation 21:4 brings out, "and he will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more,neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away."

  5. I remember the band The Cure (who are really favorite band) admitted that they were trying to hypnotize their audience in a 1987 concert in France by flashing lights and lasers towards them when they played the Snakepit song (fr. Kiss Me, 3x album)…I guess, that is one clear example of mind controlling….

    • Nicki must be the ugliest, daftest & most irritating woman in showbiz.

      Honestly I have to change radio stations because of her. Lucky us she's not popular or well-known where I live.

  6. Or maybe MTV just caught on to the popularity of sites like these and decided to capitalize on it by telling you what you want to hear.

  7. so darn in my face! take i look! i cant believe i loved this cartoon and even drew the eye every where i was opsessed with it! take i look at this stuff!

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  8. From what I've seen, the Illuminati, mind control, subliminal messages, etc, has all become a trend at the school I attend. It's 'cool' to go around saying "I'm apart of the Illuminati" and then hold the 'okay' sign over your eye… Most people say it's a race thing, that only blacks do it. But I've seen almost every 'major' race do something similar to, if not do it.

    Will their agenda succeed? If this keeps up, most certainly. Does everyone have to follow the agenda? Without the knowledge of what the agenda is, how do you know whether you're following it or not?

  9. PERHAPS by pointing it out, "they" are reassuring the fact that yeah…they DO have mind-control symbolism… SO WHAT?! But they are still accomplishing their agenda because the young audience are STILL being exposed to the lyrics of the music as they look for the symbolism. Which IS the goal of the controllers right? How many times will the youth rewind and replay the video looking for clues of symbolism before the lyrics are successfully implanted into the conscious.

  10. I am just wondering if these people have heard about sites like this and are doing these things just to get noticed. I mean is it possible that they know about Vigilant Citizen, infowars, ATS, etc and maybe poking fun at these sites and people who frequent them?

  11. I believe it's a way to "help" people accept mind control as well as other ideologies/agendas.

    You've just been told your IDOL(s) have been glamourising these themes, for example. "But Lady Gaga is an amazing person. Oh… maybe she's talking about how the industry is controlled and stuff. But NO! Not Lady Gaga! You go girl!" "I'm an arrogant Eminem fan who will justify all his symbolism because I believe it's anti-industry despite the fact that he won't actually physically leave the industry or his lifestyle."

    Or simply "if it's such a bad thing, why would MTV just openly admit to it? Wouldn't they be trying to hide it? And it's not like they were hiding it before."

    Maybe it's just a way to keep fans distracted. A way to retain "I'm not watching MTV, it's all dark evil stuff." "Don't say that! They're addressing it, see? We should watch it to look out for all of that stuff."

  12. I think its a hacker but hey – good on them! hopefully it sparked sum minds to look it up but the majority wouldnt have a clue what to do with the imformation but discard it..

  13. I think this falls under the whole "Hidden in plain sight" or the need to reveal themselves in some way philosophy. Most people won't give that pop-up a second thought but they are saying right there that there are mind control references in the video and that its contained in other artists videos as well.

  14. It is not a breakthrough. They are MOCKING those who take the symbolism seriously. I take it very seriously, and I am ashamed that my fellow citizens would not see the undertone here. We are being mocked, plain and simple.

  15. I can not believe people are actually saying this pop up popped up on MTV to "mock us". Seriously? Look who we're talking about. MT freakin' V. Why would MTV even bother to do that. That's ridiculous.

  16. can this be watched online? I'm a bit confused. this just ranomly popped up on live television?

    is it part of the original video, or an edit by a worker for MTV? (Is "Vital statistics" a name of one of their songs/videos, or a special show MTV UK did about them)

    • CCCC, the show is called “Pop-Up Video” which plays different vids from different artists and during the videos, little trivia tidbits “pop up” on the screen. Its not part of the original video and was not a random occurrence on live TV. ” Vital Statistics” is the name of the Paramore song, not the shows title.

  17. Oh dear could it be that mind control and such things have become part of popular culture even to the point of being COOL! this seems to be an attempt by the industry to turn bad publicity into good publicity, not that either seem to do them any damage as the saying goes 'all publicity is good publicity.'

  18. okay… so… obviously the big dogs are on to us, and now they are mocking us with a youtubesque music video–popup annotations and bad grammar…. vigilant citizen calls it a "breakthrough," but i see it as blatant mockery.

    • It's a breakthrough…many a true word spoken in jest (or mockery). Even vague acknowlegment will help convince the unconvinced.

      Mind you, it's a sick breakthrough…now it'll become like r**e and murder…

      …r**e, murder, mind control, blah-blah.

  19. Wow, the question marks make it totally creepy and weird. I bet people would still doubt the facts though, even by plainly stating it… :/

  20. So many people are waking up, I think MTV feel they must poke fun at them and the mind control 'theory' in order for the masses (particulary the younger generation) to adapt to it and think it's 'normal' or 'cool'. Anything labeled as 'disturbing' in music vids or video games these days always seems to attract attention, this must be another tactic of theirs. Many people I know will fall for it…

  21. -NO one got killed.

    -NO it was not hacked.

    -NO it is not photoshopped.

    – YES, it is strategically planned and put on the screen purposely FOR MIND CONTROL, and some idiots buy it.


    • I agree. It seems like the old cointel trick of making counter-culture popular, which will then push all the counter-culture people out of the group.

      They know that we are onto them, that conspiracy theorem is becoming more popular. So instead of denying stuff, they just say, "yeah we did it.", and then quickly change the subject or suggest that such mind manipulation is cool and something you may want to join and look into using yourself in the near future (i.e. witchcraft, trans-humanism, etc.)

      Or even better, they put shows up like Decoded and Conspiracy Theory, and others which make the subject of conspiracies more popular, but then usually lead something along the lines of, "No one will ever know what the truth is…", or "Even though such a plan is diabolical, it might actually be good for you?" …etc, etc. It's all doublespeak in the words of George Orwell. The same goes with these Alien History shows. While a lot of it probably has some truth to it, they are eventually using it to lead people to a non-truth, or some cult-leader which they will later demonstrate to be crazy and will have some proof to back it up. The only people they hate the most are the ones that tell people to think for yourselves, and to know GOD/ancestral spiritual passage and harmony yourself.

  22. Because of a few comments regarding the Comedy Channel, has anyone noticed the upside down stars floating behind Colbert? The star thing is bothersome, only since I discovered the power of symbols on this VC site. We watch his show and he is funny, occasionally sneaking in truthful comments, even though his show is controlled by Viacom. He had a great comment while interviewing Henry Kissinger this years, something like, "isn't the world just a big chess game, with England the Queen, and the US her pawns".

    • Yep, I notice them everywhere nowadays. That to me shows just as much allegiance as to who these people, or creative directors are really working for in the overall scheme of things. That and one-eye symbolism, which is being touted more and more in the media, and trans-humanism.

  23. The reason for putting it out is to see if we do something about it.

    The less we do, the more they can do. It's a test.

    The satanic insider Aldous Fozdyke admitted that in an article to some months ago.

  24. Sounds like someone read your info and sites like yours and figured, why not put it on the show. A good number of people know about it already, as planned.

  25. Isn't it possible that they are trying to make the masses laugh at those of us who actually -think- for ourselves? By putting it out so blatantly with all the question marks and things – aren't they trying to get the people to laugh at us in order to further their agenda in peace?

    I don't know…I kind of get the feeling that this is what the whole Paramore video thing is about. Make something laughable and you make it less of a big deal. A lot of truth is said in jest, kind of a thing.


  26. Like someone mentioned above i wonder if the "see if u can spot it" thing is being used to implant things in the mind of the viewers?? Also has anyone heard lady gaga's song Bloody Mary? U can find it on youtube at times it sounds like shes possessed its pretty strange

  27. Also if people on here crying out against mind control and the Illuminati end up supporting the future coming anti christ, then VC has failed and all this knowledge has been a waste. I believe the antichrist and his OWG is what all this is building up to. He will give a false premise of peace (escape from the aftermath of a global economic collapse and from the brink of WW3) and the masses will fall for it so easily….

    I'm surprised VC has not done a post about the occupy wallstreet protests. I remember saying that if it started getting massive news coverage, it has effectively been exploited by the elite because the same protests were planned before but never ever got off the ground. Or maybe this time it was planned by the elite…anyway, it is escalating fairly quickly and the developments are going to be interesting…

  28. When I first saw VC's article on "Brick by Boring Brick" I was like, NOOOOO!!!! NOT PARAMORE! Has anyone seen their video for their new singel, "Monster"? Half the time in the video they're all partially submerged in water up to their ears. Kinda reminds me of water torture or something.

  29. It's probably one of those things where it's reverse psychology. With all this hipster bullshit being passed off as sound, most people are like "wow, that's tight."

    The problem is the brain washing is not a hundred percent effective. It never will be. The bankers have the money, but they are just sick pukes. "Their time is limited… . Time's up!". That's why all of this resistance is showing up through Occupy Wall Street, the unrest in Egypt, etc… . It's not all going according to plan.

    The thing with The Old World Order is they think we are stupid. Why call it new? Before there were bankers and multinationals, there were kings and emperors. The need to master the cosmos is ancient. It's funny I now talk about the Illuminati more than not. I have no power to stop them outside of my mind. I don't need any power though. I need information and I need to encourage others to think.

    I don't mind the solitude because the koolaid is laced with arsenic. The only thing that gives me solace at the end of the day is prayer and reflection.

  30. What they're doing is they're addressing the conspiracy theories as if they are no big deal so that the sheeple can say

    "Oh yeah, MTV talked about mind control, that means they are not illuminati."

    • That is indeed what they are doing. They try to make it look as if they are taking the piss with these "conspiracy nuts" and the majority of the people who actually notice the messages in the video will think exactly that.

      Really, MTV will never seriously address the issues with mind control, they are part of it.

  31. they do it on purpose, to get attention. because they realize there are a lot of people visiting sites like these and interested in the topic of analysing mind control simbolism in pop videos. we give them the attention they want. plus, they are making fun of us. also i want to say paramore music is s**t.

    jah bless

  32. They are getting bold because they are not afraid. Look on because the up coming years are going to get more terrible and more terrible. If you only have your trust in men and governments you need to rethink your life's perspective.

    • Seems to me that they are measuring the level of awareness, or lack thereof, of these things by mentioning them openly in a video. There won't be any significant outcry to this sort of thing.

  33. Also, has anyone seen that Subway commercial, where the alarm clock is going off and from a quick-shot it looks like it says "666" but when you freeze the shot, it says "EGG." Another great example of how far advertising has gone when it comes to confusing people with double meanings. Not only that, but the next frame quickly captures the all seeing eye.

  34. Sounds to me like they just want to make it so damn obvious it becomes banal, commonplace. A risky tactic by them, but, if played well, would just end up making people view Mind Control as a banal, trivial joke, something monotonous and exposed so commonly in music videos that nobody will take it seriously.

    The youth will think it's all a funny joke played by music videos, rather than crazy conspiracy theories.

    Or, worse… they'll think it's cool.

  35. This reminds me of the Sprite campaigns that came out several years back. The ones where they are making fun of older commercials emphasizing celebrities endorsing drinking Sprite. A comment-er mentioned reverse psychology and this is exactly what MTV is doing, same with Sprite and other huge corporations. Tactics like this are nothing new and they garner attention, but at the same time make people disregard the issue they are addressing. When Sprite came out with that commercial, their sales increased and they were praised for mocking themselves and at the same time, being geniuses! You're forcing people to become aware of an issue consciously, that they're already subconsciously aware of. No one is going to watch that music video and then research mind control symbolism or stop buying Paramore's music because they will not build any connection between the two. MTV is simply running a controlled experiment to see if people's mind can register any sort of symbolism or hidden message. The sad fact is, the 99%, the commoners, those who are not classified as being part of the elite, are so mind controlled anyways, that they will not pick up on the notion that Viacom is psychoanalyzing the masses.

    • I'm not sure what happen in that video,but Vigilant they're mocking you
      "Vigilant Citizen didn't get that they were the butt of the joke"

      Didn't see the video,but either way even if the video wasn't the type

      that had you look for symbolism like easter eggs,and just had that as

      sarcasm.I could still say that it was all part of plan.Just read the comments

      as well.It's sad how they're all taking it in.The box was obviously sarcasm

      and intended to cause doubt for the viewer.Reading the comments

      on their livejournal frustrates me.

  36. "If we go past the bizarre use of question marks in this pop-up box, the fact that an official MTV show casually displays this information is quite a breakthrough."

    Yes, and actually I believe the question mark is very relevant. It incites the spectator to try finding symbols like "easter eggs", and in the process getting programmed by associating the symbol found with pleasure.

    That is a trap for a persons' free will: it's called voluntary servitude.

  37. The other week the erotics exhibition Venus was mentioned on television and the presenter said that musicians like Gaga and Rihanna have made sadomasochism acceptable, that more people than ever before watch p**n but that the action nowadays mainly happens in front of the screens because people at the same time have less sex than ever before. The presenter mentioned what a woman is usually turned on by, nice things, which I found amazing, because I never heard THAT mentioned on television before and she said that at these times less is known by many about women than ever before. With many I have the impression they even forget that a woman has a vagina. I don't think that there are that many natural differences between men and women but the genitals and reproduction organs certainly are and it is ridiculous how they are denied despite all these sexualised women on display. It is as if hardly anybody knows what a female orgasm is. Didn't stupid men claim before that it is hysteria? And homosexuals who claim to be accepted and this blahblahblah, too often speak of women as fish and things like this. I wonder why nobody seems to spot the underlying women hatred amongst homosexuals, because it is so obvious. It is also very open in their books. I lost any respect for them due to this and it is so annoying that homosexual "rights" are so often linked with women rights. Anyway, a p**n star who was interviewed at the Venus exhibition and she said that they have to do more and more, which is something that I heard of a prostitute before. What this more and more means is of course homosexual "sex" practises and similar stuff that treats women not like people with dignity. How come that nobody ever mentions the medical side effects of these supposedly harmless homosexual "sex" practises? Sadomasochism describes it best, the report was spot on. And I think that women like Gaga should just shut up who even encourage youngsters to participate in this garbage instead of encourage them to draw the line and keep their own bodies safe.

  38. Research why they need our "free will agreement" to do the things they do to us and you will find out why they place all of this crap out in the open . If they show us what they are doing to us ,and we do nothing ,by inaction we have given our ok to what is being done to us! Its basic cosmic law in their minds/belief system.

    Vigilant has done a great job showing a large faction of the sybolism used in plain sight but there is so much just slightly hidden most corporate logos have either 666 , pyramids/allseeing eyes , pentigrams or rising suns low on the horizon incorporated into them. It all goes back to black magic adopted by the jews while in babylon and being so much of the symbolism has to do with the hebrew alphabet .The letter "V" (as all of their alphabet)has a numerical value in the case of V the value is 6 which puts a whole new meaning to volkswagons symbol and realy makes you wonder about the Weinsteine companies logo .Also know that 666 is just a continuation of the number that represents qliphoth ("refers to the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces in Jewish mysticism") 66 is a far more important number to them as it represents the "fallen". With this in mind all the W's we see everywhere start to make more sence as every other language that uses w as vv instead of uu. So when we see village road shows logo which stacks 6 Vs we see the 66 that marks the followers of the fallen. Screen gems logo that looks like a 69

    can more correctly be seen a normal 6 and a inverted 6. This is one way to hide thier "gang" signs in plain sight.Look at the star in Lockhead Martin it is made of 2 intersecting V's.They dont try so hard all the time though do they take google chrome's symbol its a definate 666 and people see it numerous times a day and dont see it. I can give 100s of examples but if you take what I have shown you about the letter V you will have fun finding loads for your self.

    I will leave you with a break down of my 2 favorites Phoenix Pictures is number one

    ,as it starts with a sun low on the horrizon (morningstar reference). Then there is a friction match struck (look up lucifer in the dictionary, one of the definitions is a friction match). Which turns into a firey Phoenix (can you say rising from the fall to remake his station higher than the throne of God).The next I like because it was a little harder to find the (or one of the) meaning/s to it as they often have layers of sybolic meaning this very simple logo took a while to break.It's is one of many by the the parent company ConocoPhilips that holds occult meaning.I speak of the logo for Phillips 76 .I thought for ever on what the symbol ment.Besides the obvious sun symbol of the bright orange circle what could 76 mean ….Think of it as time on a clock…7:06 or 6 hours and 66 minutes past 12 0clock remember that the Phillips 66 logo is a sign that has 6 points on it with the 66 of the fallen in the middle and tell me if I might be close.

    If you start watching for rising suns,Vs (lol reptilian aliens posing as humans and taking over the planet miniseries made then remade pops to mind),and 66's as well as the eyes and pyramids you will start seeing alot more gangsters flying their colors

    great job Vig keep up the fight

  39. I would like to say that I completely believe in the whole mind control thing now because it's so obvious. I do need some help to convince my best friend who knows about the NWO and stuff but doesn't want to research into it because it scares her. How can I convince her? I want to protect her but I also don't want her to be sucked in. Help! Also just want to say that comment about mind control being sold as escapism was really insightful. People my age surely will be able to see things clearer now. (I hope). Pray for their souls.


    • As long as she is aware and acknowledges it, I wouldn't try too hard at this point…it is a lot to take and best done gradually. Think about how you woke up…it might seem like it happened all at once, but when you break it down it was really here-a-little, there-a-little, until finally you had that huge dawning of realization. Chances are you noticed things didn't seem right for years. It usually starts with something as simple as "I wonder why all these guys I vote for never do what they say they are going to do…why?" If you can continue to bring things up casually without forcing it and she is truly waking up, eventually something is going to light her fire enough to prompt her to explore the subject further. She'll see some headline, witness some event. But she has to get to that next level of mental preparedness first. A nightmare is a lot to dive into.

  40. I like what Black said about their reluctant and apathetic acknowledgement of its dangerous qualities. I also think who ever needed information about this video just googled it and found your website like a dumbass.

  41. I really think you're all missing the point of why they put it up front in the video. They are just making fun of everyone that believes the whole mind control thing is real. This is more free publicity for their product. Think of how many more people will watch the video just because they've heard about this.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. This pop-up clip seems to carry an overtone of mockery. Mtv producers and the like know that there are people out there that are wise to the mind games, and I think this is just an attempt to laugh in our faces.. maybe some sort of intimidation thing? It's sad to see what the music industry is ddoing to millions of innocent people.

    • Well if it's only for publicity of their products, I say that it's so sad that they're selling their personalities for nothing but a great travel ticket direct to the hell!

  42. this video contains lots of mind control symbolism ? notice in the video there is a space after the word symbolism. you get that "beat" in between the words. the next sentence is actually a sentence FRAGMENT ended with a preposition!

    If this doesn't seem significant to you, because maybe you don't read a lot of old literature or things that aren't online, I can tell you it's horrible. It's much more grating to have something professionally produced (like a pop-up video) with minor errors than to read a youtube comment.

    People who read the pop-up text are not reading things in proper English grammar and syntax. The seemingly minor errors are actually intended to cause distress. If you are in the habit of reading expressively to yourself it is almost painful to read.

    It's hard to articulate, but it's like someone singing the national anthem and they're always just a little bit flat, or a little bit sharp.

    It strikes a dissonant note

    • one more thing to note… using question marks adds an air of disbelief. It is not a statement that this video contains lots of mind control symbolism, it's a question.

      "See how many you can spot." is a command.

      "See how many you can spot?" is a request, which will be refused. "Nah, whatever." is the answer.

      "As often seen with Lady Gaga and Rihanna too"

      Who says I "Often see" Lady Gaga and Rihanna? I don't, I don't watch their videos at all. But if you accept the mind control symbolism ? you accept that you "Often see Lady Gaga and Rihanna too"

      That middle sentence is driving me up the wall.

      • I agree with you 100%! Nobody gives a statement with a question mark unless you want to cause doubt. Almost like Genesis 3:4 " you will not surely die. That surely thing and those question marks came from the same source. iMO….

    • yeah, i was thinking the same thing when i read this post.

      its like watching a thriller… just like you said: 'It’s much more grating to have something

      professionally produced (…) with minor errors

      than to read a youtube comment.'

      but then theres one question i have: why did they do this?

      for which bad 'cause' do you think they did this?

  43. Crikey!!!!

    They are coming as soon as we can image!

    The WNO is knocking on our doors ( or better say: they are spying us through our windows).

    Help yourself if you can!!!

    God Bless us all!

  44. What if they want us to know about them,

    what if this little ´announcement´ in the video was just to make the idea of mind control less strange and disturbing? what if the fact that there is so much info about the illuminati on the internet these day's is because they want it to be that way, because they want us to know about them and normalize the idea?

    I´m sorry if my english isn´t perfect, it isn´t my native language

    • I feel the same way about it. I think any time there's any admition by these people of what their doing, its to desensitize us to whatever idea their pushing. Kinda like at first, it may horrify us, but by the 4th or 5th time we see it, we just shrug it off. Just wanted to say I think you're right. 🙂

  45. Has anyone noticed that the Ophra Winfrey Network, is New World Order backwards? She airs shows like her own, and Rosie O. They are all into the " Feel good any religion go's, we are all under one umbrella " pushing. Just thought it was ironic.

    • Yeah Sandra, I did too! Oprah is something. I heard her on praise 103.9 fm saying something like, " I know what folks are saying about me, but it's not true, I worship God, the creator of all living things". I was kinda surprised because why not air this out on national tv like she did with everyone elseS business. She one to raise an eye brow at.

  46. I feel like this is just an instance of "under the radar". Someone writing this up knows all about mind control being in these videos and its so everyday and obvious to him and the others working there that he could put that in there. Anyone watching it pre-production at the studio its obvious to and they did not give a second thought to it until now it aired and its too late for them to do anything about it. Under the radar.

  47. I immediately thought it was weird to use question marks instead of exclamation marks…it also sounds weird when you read it with the "?"s …maybe it is just a mistake but it is a bit creepy.

  48. Hate to use this one but, here another why to look at this. Think about cigarettes. They are bad for your health and can cause illnesses. They put it right on the box. They were designed for hurt and not just for enjoyment or pleasure. You can't say you didn't know it was bad for you because they told you over and over again. Yet they still sell them. If you look at their advertising signs they say "pleasure", they could care less about anybody's pleasure because if they did we'd all be rich. So to show this in a video they are saying this is bad, we are trying to control you if you did notice, but hey enjoy it, it's mind pleasure. Sad thing is that lust of the eye is killing us in one form or the other. The way I see it, in another 100 years almost every person on this planet will be dead and that's one thing they can not control.

  49. I think that they are showing it to get some type of feed back. They want to know how many people know of them and what MK is all about. Surely this would cause some kind of talk but will it just be talk or will it enlighten people to think ha what is MK? My bet is that most people will not even question this, as most people who watch these videos don't even read text on the screen but just watch the video and bop to the music. At the end of time people will have to choose what side they want to be on. The righteous will prove their righteousness by their fruits, and the evil will do the same. This way if you pick the wrong side you can't say oh I was tricked or I didn't know. They are telling US that they are doing evil for a reason, it's no mistake. They think long and hard before air stuff, in fact, they are thinking when most people are sleeping. If you sleep on them, then you slept on yourself. Just my take…..

  50. The one thing we can say about the entertainment industry is that they ARE gradually making everyone aware of mind control.

    We know they are trying to draw our acceptance of it – and our embrace of it – and even our willing participation in it … but by stealth. By using the 'language of entertainment/ celebs/ music/ fashion' they are already programming new generations to associate mind control with (supposed) 'freedom' and 'self expression'.

    They know people are waking up to mind control (from TV to MK ULTRA) and so maybe they hope that by the time mind control becomes a mainstream subject the youth will already be to bonded to all the associations of freedom, fashion and will desire it anyway.

    Maybe they want to make us view mind control as a vice, a sordid (but rewarding) practice of escapism that can make us live in a fantasy world (a world just like GaGa and Minaj and Paramore and Rihanna show us exists). Maybe they want to ultimately market mind control NOT as authoritarian control over the population, but instead as *escapism* from the dystopian NWO nightmare reality that we see unfolding all around us. Maybe they want to sell mind control as the new LSD or Ecstasy or even the new TV for the 21st century….

    Mind control (which I am sure is now possible to achieve using advanced technology and drugs, rather than old fashioned abuse/trauma) is really the ultimate destination of consumerism.

    I think what they want to do (and what they have already done) is use entertainments/ fashion/ celebs to create an artificial world free from the crashing economy, police state, lowering of living standards and general NWO dystopia. And they want people to want to crawl into that world in order to escape looking at the horror of the real world all around them. We see it already with computer games and virtual reality. We see it with the culture of prescription medications where we now go to the doctor and get prescribed anti depressants rather than sort out the real issues in our life that made us feel depressed!

    You have to look at what's already here to see just how EASY it is to program human beings to accept anything…ANYTHING!!!!!!! And how once something is accepted, every further generation tends to also accept it without question.

    Here's an example (I stole this analogy from a video I saw the other day):

    Imagine if Walmart ran schools and taught the kids how great Walmart was and there were pictures of all the past CEOs of Walmart etc. And Walmart was promoted as 'the way', an ideal for all children to follow and worship without question.

    Sounds creepy, right?

    But that's what we have today. Except it's 'government' rather than Walmart. (which is even more creepy). A government is (by definition) a small group in society who are the only group with the legal right to INITIATE the use of force or violence against the rest of the population. The only group with the legal right to steal half your earnings and spend it on whatever they want to. And the only group who can legally beat you up, torture you imprison you and generally interfere with your life using force. That's all a government is really. And we are taught to accept this as 'the way things should be'.

    Most of us would not trust our house keys with a perfect stranger (and for good reason, it's asking for trouble) …. and yet we let perfect strangers control our economy, our laws, our livelihoods, how half our earnings are spent and whether or not we can even stay out of jail! We don't just allow this – we actively vote to have this system. And most people don't even see the contradiction. They don't see forced taxes as theft, or state education as violent indoctrination even though if anyone else tried to take half their wages and indoctrinate their kids for 40 hours a week they would immediately see it as nothing but violence, theft and abuse.

    In a few more years drugs, RFID technology, computer power and computer-human interfaces will all combine to allow people to be effortlessly mind controlled. I mean mind controlled to the point where people will see slavery as paradise (as Huxley predicted). This is no more bizarre than seeing governments as the protectors or moral guardians for society and enthusiastically voting for them every few years.

    You could say the agreement to allow ourselves to be mind controlled started to be drawn out of us with television, then computers/ software (now used in schools), and drugs (now being prescribed to children) and virtual reality escapism. This agreement is being slowly drawn out of us… a bit further each year.

    The whole thing is like a kind of sale pitch being given to us relentlessly over many generations. It is also a desensitisation to the very idea of mind control (using the Hegelian Dialectic). And so at some point they HAVE to start bringing this concept out into the open. And if you're going to have to bring it out into the open (from subconscious to conscious mind) why not use celebs and music and fashion as your ambassadors in order to cushion the subject and keep things fun?!

    I mean how popular would smoking have been if it was marketed as "choking sticks of death that'll give you emphysema and yellow wrinkly skin!" That's why they used Hollywood film stars and debutantes and sexy young people to market cigarettes. Same deal with mind control.

    They just need mind control to kind of 'exist' in the world for a while ….. just like trees, television, roads, CCTV, the sky, chemtrails, governments, banks, money ……. because we all accept what exists in the world that we are born into. We all accepted TV as normal. Governments as normal. Banks as normal….. and more recently people have started to accept thumb scanning in school as normal, CCTV everywhere as normal, perpetual wars as normal……

    And it only takes one or two generations to accept mind control as normal (or even desirable) and then all future generations will be born into a world where it just 'is' normal and desirable.

    This is how the 'elite' work. They program our minds with certain ideas and then they sit back and let us create their vision for the world on their behalf.

    This technique works perfectly……………………. just as long as we don't ever get access to any technology like the internet and all start figuring all of this stuff out and sharing our thoughts. If that were to ever happen it'd be game over for the elite LOL 🙂

    • @Paraless – Great post, great points. ***Applause***

      At the end of the day we are all controlled in one way or another through others, whether we are aware of it or not, through the gov't, the media, etc…. I maintain that awareness is always first step towards breaking the spell.

      Another thought: In general, I find it very interesting how MTV and other entertainment outlets highlight different artists, musical styles, etc. from continent-to-continent, country-to-country. (For instance, it's interesting how they would "mention" this topic in the UK, but not in all countries.) Customized agendas, if you will. And somehow it always seems that the US gets the mindless sludge scraped from the bottom of the barrel. But I digress.

      • Great comment. Thank you for your insights. I'm glad to see there's still some articulate and intelligent people on this website rather than all the "little vigis" yelling that the world is ending and we are doomed. -.-

    • Nice, I love the protests btw, are you there too? this saturday im going here in the netherlands..

      but, the thing of a protest of as you have a little protest here yourself is.. is that its all so negative…

      positivity works the best.

      nobody tells it how it should be done.. only how not to do it,..

      so, there will be no problem solved in the end

    • just wanted to add [your dissertation was sublime] that yes indeed mind-kontrol could be induced via tech and drugs, but those sick mofos take far to much joy in the sadistic satanic ritual abuse of children. it's embedded in their dark sex/death magick culture. so sadly children will continue to go missing, be stripped of there mind and souls and presented to the masses like "jeff gannon" aka johnny gosch.





      Looks like the first and last of that list are already strongly ingrained into the minds of the masses. Now "they" are working on the one in the middle.

  51. if you google "what is Paramore's "Brick by Boring Brick" about?", the first thing that comes up (for me, at least) is Vigilant Citizen's "Paramore's "Brick by Boring Brick": A Song about Monarch Mind Control" article….coincidence?

    • Google tracks the website you visit and gives you results based on the sites you normally click on. The researcher may not necessarily get the same results as you, especially if they have never visited VC before. Then again I think there is a good chance they would stumble across VC eventually.

      • True, although it does seem like Vigilant is one of the only websites that attempts to give a description of the meaning of the song…does Vigilant pop up first for anyone else??

      • i stumbled across this doing research on're aboslutley right. Fan or hater, you will stumble across this website eventually!

        even though i still REALLY love Paramore, i thnak VC for doing a great job!

  52. this is a mile stone! mind control is NEVER shown on anything mass-media related, good to see this happening, it's a start 😀

  53. The same psychological tactics are being used on Comedy Central during breaks. The reason they are doing this is to desensitise people to make them think that mind-control is nothing more than simply showing an image or text quickly to make it look like a harmless game: (Oh I spotted it now I'm not brainwashed so it's nothing to worry about).

    When really, it is all about flicker frequencies, manipulating gamma patterns using flashing triggers to embed brain-wave patterns into the subconscious (same gamma trigger technique used in Britney Spear's Till the World Ends Video and every Live performance)

    Remember, this is psychological warfare a war on your mind. They are using reverse psychology and playing on peoples ignorances. They know most people are not intelligent enough to out-think their tactics which is why MTV and all these networks are openly showing them.

    • I wouldn't underestimate the power of people even if they're classed as unintelligent. There are several kinds of intelligence and someone who is lacking in academic intelligence or shrewdness might be highly intuitive, wise, or possess social skills, interpersonal skills -in other words, has developed his/her emotional intelligence. Furthermore, it's not everybody's cup of tea to waste his/her life with the sole purpose to outwit, deceive, exploit, sadden and control others; it's not necessarily indicative of lack of intelligence, simply a choice. My belief is that an advanced being with an advanced soul has the privilege to figure out what life is all about.

    • Agreed. There HAS to be some prior knowledge of VC's publications. I wouldn't be at all surprised that these fools are employing "sarcasm" like this to somehow make the TRUTH seem, well, ridiculous. As if to say:" Pffft it's on MTV right? So THAT couldn't possibly be real, and out there in the open!" Sadly…we now know that it is. It just feels like "they" don't care if we know, as if it's too late.

  54. I have been seeing all these mind control themed stuff everywhere now its creepy! But could VC tell me in detail what exactly will happen to people after they are in control? Cuz i get that someone's trying to do the whole 'world domination' thing but i wanna know why! What exactly are they trying to do after controlling 'us'?

  55. MTV is trying to numb us to such information. Now that it has been mentioned people will see it as less disturbing and wont feel the need to discuss or fight against it. These visuals will become worse and people will become used to being brain washed (feeling that if it has been mentioned it's probably ok)..

  56. >:-( This is fishy. If there wasn't a member of the staff who was fired or killed because of it, I think they're pretending to make people aware. But I don't believe in MTV's intentions, otherwise they would even control what they broadcast. And they won't ever do. So I'm sure this is FAKE! Or they just want to make Mind Control trendy as if it were a spot-the-symbol game, similar to 'Where Is Wally?" (because they've seen it's become fun and fashionable), but they don't teach people to read the symbols and help them reflect on what they really mean for humanity. If that's the game, this is sinister! It will make people even duller!

  57. i think that people who actually sit and watch music videos or this program would probably just think, "oh cool mind control symbolism" not realizing their minds are BEING controlled. even when it's in their face, they wouldn't understand what's going on. WAKE UP!!!

    • It's a common misconception to think that videos/artists "are trying to mind control people". No. To 'mind control' the procedures involve torture, alienation and other programing things explained on this site.

      The point of the symbolism in videos is to celebrate this things and other deeper stuff. There is also mass programming, which involves not only the music industry but, more prominently, the film industry, and others.

  58. No one hacked into MTV or got fired. If it is there, it's there for a reason. We now have to question why MTV would want people to be aware of this agenda. I've been wondering about this for awhile, things have been pretty blatantly obvious lately. There is a reason, that I don't understand now, as to why they want to expose themselves.

    • I believe that, too.

      Maybe it sells more records (DVD's)?

      "Let's hide this junk in plain sight…they'll be hunting for them like easter eggs"

      Or, maybe it serves to make light of the seriousness of mind control?

    • My theory is probably that a. No one know anything abut it anyway so it doesn't matter if they put it out there B. It's highly unlikely that people will look further into it, and even if they do they'll just think it's some cool trendy thing that doesn't exist. ( if they can even comprehend it to begin with) C. This generation IS desensitized, there is hardly anything that shocks people these days because were trained to think it's normal on a daily basis. Wed still be deemed conspiracy theorists anyway if it was shown to actually exist. And who even watches that stuff? 12 year olds? No way in hell they'd take up that info on google

      • 12 year olds? Don't bring the bloody age thing into this! I realized something was going on and took it up on google at 11 years old. The old are not necessarily the wise. Don't criticize age groups for no reason to feel inferior.

      • Actually, I think the point regarding age is a big deal. Assumingly, it is "12 year olds" who watch music videos. Generally kids or very simple-minded adults – and those are the people who are most receptive and vulnerable to outside influences.

      • About desensitizing, recently in China a kid got ran over and ran over AGAIN by two separate vehicles. 18 people walked past and watched her die yet no one gave a single bit of expression. A kid, I repeat, a kid. Yeah so now death is such a common thing huh ( culture of death which is supported by the illuminati I guess?)

        Oh yeah, 12 year olds know about this. I've been reading this since I was 10. And hell yeah my friends checked it out.

    • I think maybe they are making us focus on that to take our attention away from something bigger. Anyway I can't think of a positive reason why they are uncovering themselves about this.

    • It reminds me of a Rolling Stone article that Lady Gaga did. She was describing a reoccuring dream she has and mentioned how her mother said it sounded like an Illuminati ritual. How weird is that? Why even bring that up? Obviously there is a reason. And why would her mother have any idea what an Illuminati ritual was unless she had experienced one herself? So all this must make you think…why do they want us to know these things? There is a reason, even if we can't understand why now.

    • It seems to me that they're presenting Mind Control to the masses as something that's trendy and cool; hoping to spark viewers' curiosity, to the point where they will covet 'having powers like that'…and begin pursuing the subject themselves. After all, what could be more appealing to these already-indoctrinated fans than 'being able to influence others to do whatever you want them to do'?

      Maybe the Elite want more people to begin dabbling in the occult?

      • The elite have been knee-deep into the occult for millenia. They have always kept it out of the public's reach…forming secret societies to practice it in. Then in later times, made it a crime or portrayed it as soley evil as again to keep the public away from it. In current times, they have made most believe that no such power exists. If you understand how the world works (in a supernatural way) and you want to keep that power to yourself, you are going to use many tactics to keep others from desiring it or believing in it. So I do see how they have made occult imagery more visible but if their agenda has been to keep the public away from it for so long, why get them into it now? You might be right but I don't understand the logic.

      • Either that, or the Occultic Elite want the rabble to accept it so that rabble can come to see themselves as helpless against all forces – physical AND spiritual – that are arrayed against them.

      • Hi, JK! For starters, I'm sure they have no intention of letting fans/followers in on the 'deeper secrets' of the occult. Thus, fans won't be able to duplicate their own powerful results; so that's not really a threat. Also, if the public wants to pursue it, that opens up a slew of new money-making opportunities (how-to books, DVD's etc.)…even though it will just be a watered-down version of the 'real deal'…Occult Lite, if you will.

        Also, this move will, as others have pointed out, cause non-thinking members of the general public to become further desensitized to it, to the point where they see it as 'no big deal'…or just another tool to help them get what they want/become more like the celebrities they worship.

      • The reason why they have to announce it in the open is because God (the creator) has said that they have to be obvious about what they are doing and announce themselves in order to allow us to choose. They then presen it as a "joke" to have people think they are all powerful and just messing with us – when the truth is WE hold all the power and they are being forced to announce in the open what they are doing publically.

        They are also required to show how to "undo" what they have done in their symbolism for the same reason, but are counting on us to not see it or take advantage of it because of all the shame and fear they have built up around the occult. They are not THAT powerful, and are smaller than they present themselves to be. WE are the 99 percent.

        They are quite clever, really, but it's all a sham based on illusions and lies. We can take them out quite easily when we all band together, actually and stop playing their us vs them game.

    • because they now believe that majority of MTV viewers indoctrinated and simultaneously asleep enough to not be alarmed by it, give a crap or see it as anything monumental?

      I don't think it was a mistake either and it is quite insane. What an evil world…

  59. hey lets face it even if people watched the video and saw the VS they still wouldnt have a clue was the meaning of mind control is thats how dumb most of them are. Many are not using their brains to think because the media has saturated their minds with filt so they always like what they see.

  60. The Constitution needs to be changed to "We The People..of the world will unite and prevail in our fight against the corrupt government and the evils they inflict upon us. Props to whoever posted the pop-up box. I dont feel sorry for these artists who promote mind control and other satanic means. Signing over your GOD given talents in exchange for a record deal, an Escalade and unlimited fame is a deal designed by the devil himself.

  61. Sounds like someone did some hacking the mTV video stream – like the guy who hacked the video stream of HBO.

    Has this been re-aired, or available online? Because this sounds made up/fake.

    • Nobody hack MTV.Cant you see that they r trying to make mind control symbolism 'cool'.Dude its even in the modeling industry.Dude Im sure millions of brainwashed people do these signs and dont think anything of it dude.They wont even bother to do research about mind control.There are still many ignorant dudes out there who are sheeps dude.

  62. hmm maybe now my friends will be prompted to take a closer look at this website and mind control instead of writing them off as 'conspiracy theories'

    "hey, if it's on MTV, it must be true, right?"


    • Is it possible that the video by Paramore is more than a symbolic representation of Mind Control?? That it is actually a toOl to initiate or further Mind Control?? By having the producers (or whoever) admit that the video contains symbols used in Mind Control, and then asking the audience to "Spot Them," could they be planting or sowing the seeds of a new form of Mind Control?? MK Ultra++ where the viewer is asked to find specific things which, procedurally, soft-mod or jailbreak the brain to be open to suggestion??

    • I also love how it tries to make it a fun game – See if you can spot the mind control! This is pure disinfo – it both acknowledges the presence of mind control symbolism in pop music, and distances MTV from it by making it seem like all these artists just happen to use it, as an artistic choice, and the network that promotes all of them has nothing at all to do with it. Creepy.


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