MTV’s “Paramore: Vitals Statistics” Mentions Mind Control Symbolism in Music Videos


MTV UK’s “Paramore: Vital Statistics” is “Pop-Up Video” type show featuring Paramore music videos alongside facts about the band. During the video for Brick By Boring Brick (which I covered in the article entitled Paramore’s “Brick by Boring Brick”: A Song about Mind Control) a pop-up box says:

“What disturbing subject does this video show?”

Then the next box says:

“This video contains lots of mind control symbolism? As often seen with Lady Gaga and Rihanna too. See if you can spot them?”

Screenshot of "Paramore: Vital Statistics"

If we go past the bizarre use of question marks in this pop-up box, the fact that an official MTV show casually displays this information is quite a breakthrough. Up until now, mind control symbolism was never mentioned by any artist, by any MTV show or even by any music critic. The entire subject was considered to be taboo or completely “crazy”.

The pop-up also mention that mind control symbolism is “often seen” with the world’s biggest pop stars such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, which is also quite notable as it supports the fact that the theme of mind control is widespread across popular culture.


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The crazy thing is The founders of Paramore left the band because the lead began to stray.

Josh and Zac Farro are Christians and serious believers in Christ. SO by this album they were fed up. A lot of subliminal messages in the music.

Hmmm….Although it IS interesting that they'd say that, I have concocted a few theories (some that may have been said by other people, I'm not sure….Sorry, I don't really read comments). -They are making the thought of "Mind Control Symbolism" more comfortable. I have told many of my friends "look at this stuff! It's real!" Do they believe me? No. Everyone is in denial. BUT, this could play on that joke. "Where's the 'evil' symbolism? YOU'RE RIGHT, IT'S NOWHERE!" when, essentially….it's everywhere. Thus making people more subliminally programmed (especially when they make it into a game where you are left staring at the images, allowing it to embed into your brain without even knowing they are programming you) -They could be pointing it out because a majority of the masses are not educated by what evil symbols are portrayed. For example, that picture looked happy. There are colors, lights, butterflies,… Read more »
I've been following VC for some time now. Things that are written within the articles makes complete sense….Perhaps I've been obsessive about this site, lol, but sometimes when reading the articles and comments I do forget who ultimately rules. 1John 5:19: "We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." Plain and simple but it is a scripture that is ignored by many. This current system of things is ruled by gods greatest enemy. He has a hand in everything…entertainment, education, and politics. So it only makes sense that consistently today everything seems corrupt. Satan though has a short period of time. God, as loving as he is would never allow Satan to rule forever. As his time runs out though things will only get worse. I look forward to the conditions that revelation 21:4 brings out, "and he will… Read more »

I remember the band The Cure (who are really favorite band) admitted that they were trying to hypnotize their audience in a 1987 concert in France by flashing lights and lasers towards them when they played the Snakepit song (fr. Kiss Me, 3x album)…I guess, that is one clear example of mind controlling….

I cant find the video :/ I wanna see it!

SUCK THIS my friends who say I'm nuts and none of what I read here on VC is true!

Nicki Minaj is such a great role model for little girls. -_-

Nicki must be the ugliest, daftest & most irritating woman in showbiz.

Honestly I have to change radio stations because of her. Lucky us she's not popular or well-known where I live.

It seems we are the but of their jokes:

You're having an effect on them, VC. It's the Law of Exponents at work!

Or maybe MTV just caught on to the popularity of sites like these and decided to capitalize on it by telling you what you want to hear.

so darn in my face! take i look! i cant believe i loved this cartoon and even drew the eye every where i was opsessed with it! take i look at this stuff!

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Reading the comments on that post made me cringe.

From what I've seen, the Illuminati, mind control, subliminal messages, etc, has all become a trend at the school I attend. It's 'cool' to go around saying "I'm apart of the Illuminati" and then hold the 'okay' sign over your eye… Most people say it's a race thing, that only blacks do it. But I've seen almost every 'major' race do something similar to, if not do it.

Will their agenda succeed? If this keeps up, most certainly. Does everyone have to follow the agenda? Without the knowledge of what the agenda is, how do you know whether you're following it or not?

PERHAPS by pointing it out, "they" are reassuring the fact that yeah…they DO have mind-control symbolism… SO WHAT?! But they are still accomplishing their agenda because the young audience are STILL being exposed to the lyrics of the music as they look for the symbolism. Which IS the goal of the controllers right? How many times will the youth rewind and replay the video looking for clues of symbolism before the lyrics are successfully implanted into the conscious.

I am just wondering if these people have heard about sites like this and are doing these things just to get noticed. I mean is it possible that they know about Vigilant Citizen, infowars, ATS, etc and maybe poking fun at these sites and people who frequent them?

I believe it's a way to "help" people accept mind control as well as other ideologies/agendas. You've just been told your IDOL(s) have been glamourising these themes, for example. "But Lady Gaga is an amazing person. Oh… maybe she's talking about how the industry is controlled and stuff. But NO! Not Lady Gaga! You go girl!" "I'm an arrogant Eminem fan who will justify all his symbolism because I believe it's anti-industry despite the fact that he won't actually physically leave the industry or his lifestyle." Or simply "if it's such a bad thing, why would MTV just openly admit to it? Wouldn't they be trying to hide it? And it's not like they were hiding it before." Maybe it's just a way to keep fans distracted. A way to retain "I'm not watching MTV, it's all dark evil stuff." "Don't say that! They're addressing it, see? We should watch… Read more »

I think its a hacker but hey – good on them! hopefully it sparked sum minds to look it up but the majority wouldnt have a clue what to do with the imformation but discard it..

Okay, they are saying themselves that it contains mind control symbolism, do people STILL want to deny it??

I think this falls under the whole "Hidden in plain sight" or the need to reveal themselves in some way philosophy. Most people won't give that pop-up a second thought but they are saying right there that there are mind control references in the video and that its contained in other artists videos as well.

It is not a breakthrough. They are MOCKING those who take the symbolism seriously. I take it very seriously, and I am ashamed that my fellow citizens would not see the undertone here. We are being mocked, plain and simple.

I agree! I see it as an attempt to discredit our viewpoint. I expect to see a lot more of this coming.

Not only this, sometimes the symbolism is so blatent; I wonder what motive the illuminati has to let us know whats going on.

I can not believe people are actually saying this pop up popped up on MTV to "mock us". Seriously? Look who we're talking about. MT freakin' V. Why would MTV even bother to do that. That's ridiculous.

Can someone put up a link for the video referred to in the VC article please?

can this be watched online? I'm a bit confused. this just ranomly popped up on live television?

is it part of the original video, or an edit by a worker for MTV? (Is "Vital statistics" a name of one of their songs/videos, or a special show MTV UK did about them)

CCCC, the show is called “Pop-Up Video” which plays different vids from different artists and during the videos, little trivia tidbits “pop up” on the screen. Its not part of the original video and was not a random occurrence on live TV. ” Vital Statistics” is the name of the Paramore song, not the shows title.

Sorry.. looks like i was wrong "Vital Statistics" is the name of the show… my bad!

Oh dear could it be that mind control and such things have become part of popular culture even to the point of being COOL! this seems to be an attempt by the industry to turn bad publicity into good publicity, not that either seem to do them any damage as the saying goes 'all publicity is good publicity.'

Wait…there are music videos on MTV?! That is so 1985.

LOL exactly. 🙂

okay… so… obviously the big dogs are on to us, and now they are mocking us with a youtubesque music video–popup annotations and bad grammar…. vigilant citizen calls it a "breakthrough," but i see it as blatant mockery.

It's a breakthrough…many a true word spoken in jest (or mockery). Even vague acknowlegment will help convince the unconvinced.

Mind you, it's a sick breakthrough…now it'll become like r**e and murder…

…r**e, murder, mind control, blah-blah.

Wow, the question marks make it totally creepy and weird. I bet people would still doubt the facts though, even by plainly stating it… :/

heyy y'all vigilants check this video,it has a romanian subtitle but it's ok as long as this film has the sound. i'm amazed.. it is called "music industry unveiled"

So many people are waking up, I think MTV feel they must poke fun at them and the mind control 'theory' in order for the masses (particulary the younger generation) to adapt to it and think it's 'normal' or 'cool'. Anything labeled as 'disturbing' in music vids or video games these days always seems to attract attention, this must be another tactic of theirs. Many people I know will fall for it…

-NO one got killed.

-NO it was not hacked.

-NO it is not photoshopped.

– YES, it is strategically planned and put on the screen purposely FOR MIND CONTROL, and some idiots buy it.


I think they are mocking us. Laughing in our faces. And trying to confuse/enrage those who are awake.

I agree. It seems like the old cointel trick of making counter-culture popular, which will then push all the counter-culture people out of the group. They know that we are onto them, that conspiracy theorem is becoming more popular. So instead of denying stuff, they just say, "yeah we did it.", and then quickly change the subject or suggest that such mind manipulation is cool and something you may want to join and look into using yourself in the near future (i.e. witchcraft, trans-humanism, etc.) Or even better, they put shows up like Decoded and Conspiracy Theory, and others which make the subject of conspiracies more popular, but then usually lead something along the lines of, "No one will ever know what the truth is…", or "Even though such a plan is diabolical, it might actually be good for you?" …etc, etc. It's all doublespeak in the words of George… Read more »

Because of a few comments regarding the Comedy Channel, has anyone noticed the upside down stars floating behind Colbert? The star thing is bothersome, only since I discovered the power of symbols on this VC site. We watch his show and he is funny, occasionally sneaking in truthful comments, even though his show is controlled by Viacom. He had a great comment while interviewing Henry Kissinger this years, something like, "isn't the world just a big chess game, with England the Queen, and the US her pawns".

Yep, I notice them everywhere nowadays. That to me shows just as much allegiance as to who these people, or creative directors are really working for in the overall scheme of things. That and one-eye symbolism, which is being touted more and more in the media, and trans-humanism.

ANother discussion of ILLUMINATI this time on TMZ…

well no. just them poking fun of illuminati

Comedy central commercials have been mentioning the ILLUMINATI a lot

i think its because so many people have become aware of this, such as the youth, and now they want to poke fun at it so the youth doesnt think twice about it.

so blatant… and the information is right there. the sheeple wont even bother to investigate the kinds of crap they fill their brains with…

The question marks are bugging me out man!! It does seem like its a dig at VC and his followers!

The reason for putting it out is to see if we do something about it.

The less we do, the more they can do. It's a test.

The satanic insider Aldous Fozdyke admitted that in an article to some months ago.

Sounds like someone read your info and sites like yours and figured, why not put it on the show. A good number of people know about it already, as planned.

mind games, mind games…..lets put it out there and let the whole world knoe and then its normal and part of our lives…..GEEEEEEZZZZZ!

Isn't it possible that they are trying to make the masses laugh at those of us who actually -think- for ourselves? By putting it out so blatantly with all the question marks and things – aren't they trying to get the people to laugh at us in order to further their agenda in peace?

I don't know…I kind of get the feeling that this is what the whole Paramore video thing is about. Make something laughable and you make it less of a big deal. A lot of truth is said in jest, kind of a thing.


Instilling fear, people.

Like someone mentioned above i wonder if the "see if u can spot it" thing is being used to implant things in the mind of the viewers?? Also has anyone heard lady gaga's song Bloody Mary? U can find it on youtube at times it sounds like shes possessed its pretty strange

Also if people on here crying out against mind control and the Illuminati end up supporting the future coming anti christ, then VC has failed and all this knowledge has been a waste. I believe the antichrist and his OWG is what all this is building up to. He will give a false premise of peace (escape from the aftermath of a global economic collapse and from the brink of WW3) and the masses will fall for it so easily….

I'm surprised VC has not done a post about the occupy wallstreet protests. I remember saying that if it started getting massive news coverage, it has effectively been exploited by the elite because the same protests were planned before but never ever got off the ground. Or maybe this time it was planned by the elite…anyway, it is escalating fairly quickly and the developments are going to be interesting…

Indeed, the Illuminatis are not secret anymore.

When I first saw VC's article on "Brick by Boring Brick" I was like, NOOOOO!!!! NOT PARAMORE! Has anyone seen their video for their new singel, "Monster"? Half the time in the video they're all partially submerged in water up to their ears. Kinda reminds me of water torture or something.

and that is why those brothers left.

im really 'proud' of them.

It's probably one of those things where it's reverse psychology. With all this hipster bullshit being passed off as sound, most people are like "wow, that's tight." The problem is the brain washing is not a hundred percent effective. It never will be. The bankers have the money, but they are just sick pukes. "Their time is limited… . Time's up!". That's why all of this resistance is showing up through Occupy Wall Street, the unrest in Egypt, etc… . It's not all going according to plan. The thing with The Old World Order is they think we are stupid. Why call it new? Before there were bankers and multinationals, there were kings and emperors. The need to master the cosmos is ancient. It's funny I now talk about the Illuminati more than not. I have no power to stop them outside of my mind. I don't need any power… Read more »

What they're doing is they're addressing the conspiracy theories as if they are no big deal so that the sheeple can say

"Oh yeah, MTV talked about mind control, that means they are not illuminati."

That is indeed what they are doing. They try to make it look as if they are taking the piss with these "conspiracy nuts" and the majority of the people who actually notice the messages in the video will think exactly that.

Really, MTV will never seriously address the issues with mind control, they are part of it.

I haven't watched MTV since I left school.

they do it on purpose, to get attention. because they realize there are a lot of people visiting sites like these and interested in the topic of analysing mind control simbolism in pop videos. we give them the attention they want. plus, they are making fun of us. also i want to say paramore music is s**t.

jah bless

They are getting bold because they are not afraid. Look on because the up coming years are going to get more terrible and more terrible. If you only have your trust in men and governments you need to rethink your life's perspective.

Seems to me that they are measuring the level of awareness, or lack thereof, of these things by mentioning them openly in a video. There won't be any significant outcry to this sort of thing.

Also, has anyone seen that Subway commercial, where the alarm clock is going off and from a quick-shot it looks like it says "666" but when you freeze the shot, it says "EGG." Another great example of how far advertising has gone when it comes to confusing people with double meanings. Not only that, but the next frame quickly captures the all seeing eye.