British Footballer Nathan Eccleston Under Investigation for 9/11 Tweet


Nathan Eccleston, a striker for Liverpool is under investigation after posting on Twitter his views on 9/11. The 20 year old player posted:

“R.I.P all 9/11 victims my thoughts are with their family’s and all those that was affected by this tragic accident!”
“I ain’t going to say attack don’t let the media make u believe that was terrorist that did it. #OTIS.”

OTIS is said to stand for Only the Illuminati Succeed (isn’t that the name of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s single?). After receiving some backlash from appalled fans, Eccleston replied:

“If you don’t like what I have to say un follow me!! Some things get took way out of context.”

He is now “under investigation” and might suffer dire consequences for daring to voice an opinion in a country that supposedly guarantees free speech. Here’s an article from the BBC on the subject:

Liverpool to investigate 9/11 tweet from Nathan Eccleston

Liverpool are investigating striker Nathan Eccleston for comments on Twitter that suggested the 11 September attacks were not the work of terrorists.

A tweet that has since been taken down said: “I ain’t going to say attack don’t let the media make u believe that was terrorist that did it. #OTIS.”

OTIS reportedly stands for Only the Illuminati Succeed.

The 20-year-old has made nine first-team appearances for Liverpool.

A club statement said: “The club takes this matter extremely seriously and senior club officials have informed Nathan Eccleston that we are undertaking an investigation into the circumstances surrounding these postings and will decide on an appropriate course of action.”

Eccleston, who has over 39,000 followers on the social-networking site, has since tweeted: “If you don’t like what I have to say un follow me!! Some things get took way out of context…”

The Manchester-born striker has spent time on loan at Huddersfield Town and Charlton Athletic, and has played for the England Under-17 team.

Eccleston’s injudicious tweet is far from being the first time a professional sportsman has got into trouble through their use of social media – earlier this year former Liverpool player Ryan Babel was disciplined for tweeting an image that implied refereeing bias.

In another example, England cricketer Tim Bresnan rowed with a follower in 2009.

And according to a social media expert, clubs will have to bring in more stringent frameworks to cover players’ use of Twitter and similar sites.

“Clubs need to behave like brands and put proper governance in place to dictate how the players – their employees – behave,” Simon Rutherford, managing director of Cubaka:Social told BBC Sport.

“The club has a reputation to protect and in this case, with American owners, there needs to be an understanding of what you can and cannot say. The player’s bio says that he is a footballer for Liverpool so that is why he gets so many followers, He therefore has a duty towards them in what he says.

“Players need to realise just how damaging a tweet can be, even if they hit the delete button, as he did in this case, someone will have a screenshot and it will be all over the internet. Clubs already give their players media training and increasingly we’ll see that include use of social media.”

And of the potential for clubs to ban players from using Twitter, Rutherford added: “That would be an extreme form of governance and if a club decided that the best way to protect its brand was to stop tweets then they could impose it.

“However [they would be better served] trying to embrace the medium and using it to get their message across.”

Here’s an article from CBS about the same inflammatory tweet.

UK player: Terrorist not behind 9/11 “accident”

Shortly after the killing of Osama bin Laden, American football player Rashard Mendenhall caused an uproar when he took to Twitter to cast doubt about what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

Now a British football player has followed suit.

The Associated Press reports that Liverpool is investigating striker Nathan Eccleston for comments he posted on Twitter regarding 9/11. One of the tweets read: “I aint going to say attack don’t let the media make u believe that was terrorist that did it.”

He also made a reference to O.T.I.S., which can mean Only the Illuminati Succeed. (Conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati steer governments and corporations to essentially control major events worldwide.)

The tweet followed another posting in which he called the attack an “accident.”

“R.I.P all 9/11 victims my thoughts are with their family’s and all those that was affected by this tragic accident!” Eccleston wrote.

The comments were removed from Twitter, and Eccleston then tweeted: “If you don’t like what I have to say un follow me !!”

A young soccer player overseas tweeting about 9/11 is not likely to raise as many eyebrows in the U.S. as Mendenhall did – except for two things. One, Ecclestone posted his comments when emotions were running high in America – on Sunday, the 10th anniversary of the attacks. Two, Liverpool’s principal owner is John Henry, who also happens to own the Boston Red Sox.

“The club takes this extremely seriously,” Liverpool said. “Senior club officials have informed Nathan Eccleston that we are undertaking an investigation into the circumstances surrounding these postings and will decide on an appropriate course of action pending that inquiry.”

Mendenhall lost a lot of public support – and a sponsorship deal – for his comments. We’ll see what consequences, if any, Eccleston will face.

Since I don’t have a sponsorship deal and there’s no rich American owner signing my checks, I’ll say it: 9/11 was an inside job… Whut?

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Funny how the CBS article doesn't mention the other owner of the the sports company that owns Liverpool…Tom Werner

Speak the Truth….Even if Your Voice Trembles….

I was so annoyed by the meaning of Otis that I forgot to comment on the focus of the article as far as him being investigated for what he said…"I think it sucks." There you go.

Ugh! Why does everything have to be so hidden and dark? (I'm not referring to 9/11 because there was nothing light about that. I'm referring to the name otis.) I have to say…I never would have guessed that that was what that meant. They did have me fooled because I thought they were truly talking about Otis the artist. Now I'm annoyed,even though I never listened to either one of them to begin with not because of this stuff but just because they never interested me. Do artist always have to reference the illumnati in every song, video or performance? Everyone who does it is annoying. If your talented I don't understand why you have hook up with whomever these mysterious people are to make it big. Why can't you do it yourself and tell them to keep their hands off and out of your art whatever it maybe and… Read more »

Congrats to Nathan Eccleston………

If America took its own citizens n presidents…..i.e

JKF….Abe Lincoln……Waco massacre.(bill clinton)……Titanic sinking….establishment of independent Fedral Reserve Bank…..CFR-(against Monlroe** doctrine)…….

Why not 9/11 …n blame it on Osama……

Actually if there was no osama ,they wud 've invented one..

He has a lot of followers, so he was a threat to the illuminati. Thats why he is 'under investigation'.

Whenever Celebs, footballers, actors speak the truth they get instantly labelled as weirdoes or a bad role model.

By the way Nathan Eccleston is HOT! haha 🙂

LOL. I love this. It really wouldn't have been so "offensive" if he weren't on to something. Seriously. I didn't even know that's what OTIS stood for until now, but apparently its now probably going to be considered a crime to speak out and make use of the FREE SPEECH we're supposed to have. The guy wasn't slandering anyone, just stating what he thought was the truth. The fact that it caused such an uproar definitely says something….

Hi all,

Just read an interesting article in a free morning paper which is given out each day (MetroHerald AM). In the article an expert in Europe reckon the melting aluminium and the water sprinkler (coming in reaction to the Fires) this fusion of molten Aluminium and the water could have caused the explosions which were heard, and this fusion caused the compromise of the inner floors of the towers.

I think it's interesting the hearing of explosions within the towers is now maybe sneaking into the official "STORY" of 911. Any thoughts on this type of fiction.


God Bless him. If only more and more celebrities and people in proper position follow his pursuit as well as those who lost their lives.

All i have to say is the truth offends…

Interesting. They say "OTIS reportedly stands for Only the Illuminati Succeed", then they remove the comment from the Internet, virtually confirming that the statement is true. Funny.

Why? Why can't people handle what others say? If you don't like what he says, unfollow him. How hard was that? Dumb people or should I say sheep? 9/11 was directed by the government. there are more facts to support that than the terrorists.

Good for a football to say something not revolving around himself, in england around the anniversary on 9/11 there were two documentary apparently dismissing the 9/11 conspiracy both were very propaganda including one where a random comedian took several conspiracy believers( truth seekers) to America and forcing them to rethink their belief it was awful, lucky on cable there is another channel called controversial tv which discussed the conspiracy and dismantled the lies live in TV regarding 9/11 on the anniversary with compelling evidence (which I already knew). The mainstream media has done everything in its power to complete sell the story of 9/11 and make anyone who seeks to confront the official story crazy. The official 9/11 commission didn't have the fall backing by everyone involved in the report and the guy who headed it was guy who did his PHD on social control. Furthermore, mysterious many figures including… Read more »

He shouldn't be penalized for speaking out against 9/11. This happens when you damage the reputation of your employer directly (like if he critisized the club or the owners publicly) but not on a subject unrelated in anyway to his profession. I find this disgusting and am going to post on the BBC discussion boards regarding this.

i've noticed how Otis is used in movies and TV, last good example I recall was 'OTIS' from the movies frailty I looked where it came from; Origin – Hebrew.

Othniel was the first judge of Israel in the Old Testament. Under his rule, Israel had peace for forty years.

I always felt there was a bigger significance to this word because of where it was used I wonder if it didnt have more to do with the acronym from the above article?

I think it's more disrespectful to the affected families to continue upholding a lie which allows the real culprits to escape justice. If you want to go into terminology, the official 9/11 story is technically a "conspiracy theory" (a theory that can be proved or in this case disproved), "the Illuminati" are technically terrorists of the highest order, and the FBI/CIA/NSA's collusion with such a sickeningly influential cabal is beyond treasonous. This is not even getting into the atrocities of MK-ULTRA and related programs, which was arguably far worse than what communists did at the same time to their own people in Soviet Russia. F**k anybody who says that in this castle of wicked lies, we can't tell it like it is. The courage to speak truth is the better part of heroism, not this mindless warlike behavior we've already overindulged. Only the innocents suffer.

It's a disgrace really. I recall being surprised The Sun even printed the word "illuminati", that's usually one they try to avoid. It's more often printed in the Mail, but that's the (conspiracy theorists'/racists'/idiots') paper) of course… In the UK I think each one has a target market, and we are fed by their different types (tabloids = light entertainment for full cattle) (broadsheets = still need heavy brainwashing & intense, constant distraction)

Point still reamins..d Illuminat will Indeed suceed 4 d time being..We shouldnt be focused on fighting d evil dat aims to control d Material world..but instead d evil dat threatens to destroy our it or not d Illuminati own dis world,nothing anybody can do about it..d physical doesnt matter,its d spiritual that does…it aint about Changing Earth,its about making Heaven..the Truth cannot be killed,it can however be misinterpreted..knowingly…lets ditch all this grouping into religions and beleifs,and focus more on our soul/spirit…cos what does it gain a man to change the world(Restore it back to order,dethrone the illuminati) and lose his soul?..WE are the evil/good…u want ur life to be perfect?go live in a cave,with no food,no clothing,no electricity and reconnect with the spirit…cos tryna regain ur freedom of speech,food without chemicals,even ur life and physical protection,is Vanity..What do you want?media that speaks the truth,so you can stay glued to… Read more »

I agree

And I would also like to know how come 'whistleblower' / at least someone who brings some semblance of the truth to our attention – Michael Moore hasn't had an "accident" as yet?

Strange how some things and some people are allowed, yet others, NOT

And he never will……..Michael Moore is 'in' with 'them'.

Controlled Oppostion Part 2:

I do not know… but i do believe the truth would come out one day and all evil would be exposed….99 days fore the thief… but one day for the owners (the day of reckoning).

I sell the best digital frames

inside job inside job inside job! said 3 times and what? heads up people stay vigilant

anyone know great musician name donny hathaway i love his voice and music but there is something happend to him so strange here a wiki page about his death : @@@@@@@@@@ for a second album of duets were underway in 1979. On January 13 of that year, Hathaway began a recording session at which Eric Mercury and James Mtume were present. Mercury and Mtume each reported that although Hathaway's voice sounded good, he began behaving irrationally, seeming to be paranoid and delusional. According to Mtume, Hathaway said that "white people" were trying to kill him and had connected his brain to a machine, for the purpose of stealing his music.[5] Given Hathaway's behavior, Mercury said that he decided the recording session could not continue, so he aborted it and all of the musicians went home.[5] Hours later, Hathaway was found dead on the sidewalk below the window of his 15th-floor… Read more »

Oh man I'm so happy…now I feel a huge revolt coming on where the world FINALLY realises that the government is evil and we all march to 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, The WHite House, and tear those evil ministries down and call our boys to come home from the Middle East so the world can live in peace and design the music industry in a positive way

Wish it were that simple. But the problem is inside the people, not just the governments that rule them.

I agree with the Mr. Ecclestone and with all who say the "attack" was an inside job. I was in the US that day and I said the government did it three minutes after it happened. Obvoiusly nobody believed me. Terrorists and Osama Bin Laden have nothing to do with it. Never trust the media, trust your own conscience. I hope this will actually create a lot of advertising for this person and that the people trying to shut him up will actually get the exact opposite result: make a lot of people aware of this. Freedom of speech doesn't really exist, we know that, but we can still do something about it.

I'm a Liverpool FC fan who regularly goes to the games and I'm proud of Ecclestone voicing his opinion but what the f**k happened to freedom of speech??

Bet they'll find a way to keep him quiet and 'make an example' to keep others from simply giving their opinions #f**kthesystem.

All it would take is a few more footballers (or any kind of celebs) to speak out and become heros of the masses for doing so. Then wait for the establishment to drop them like a stone / censor them and in doing so validate everything they are saying and draw people in to debate, discuss and research for themselves. (to go see what all the fuss is about).

For all the bad in the world the potential for a human 'coming together' unlike anything we've ever seen before in human history exists RIGHT NOW! 🙂

911:IN PLANE SITE watch it. ppl in new york that saw the actual event with their own eyes are being interviewed and they say stuff like " i heard multiple bombs going off in the buildings" and "that definitely was NOT an american airliner" the documentary will wake you up. i mean plz tell me how two of the tallest building at the time got hit by two planes and perfectly imploded down to the ground! go on youtube and watch how a building is demolished… or to be specific watch "ocean tower implosion south padre island" and compare it to how the twin towers fell. hmmmm… i would say the fall was pretty similar. and FYI it takes weeks of preparations to set all those bombs in the right place so the building can fall correctly. the 911 incident was no accident…it was definitely planned like a picnic

wow! this guy sure is taking advantage of the "free speech" his government is providing. People want to believe that 9/11 was an inside job but i think they are too scared to say it.

OTIS definitely makes sense! The evil Illuminati should STFU… 😉

He is in danger now…I hope he doesnt have any "ACCIDENT" or die and left behind a suicidal note….we know that those illuminatis kill any one who tell the truth…

Have you even listened to the OTIS lyris.

They are just screaming illuminati all over it.

Making the song sound beautiful.

never that

Kanye says "I made Jesus walks so I'm never going to hell" his song Jesus walks

"Build your fences, were digging tunnels, cant you see were getting money up under you?

"cant you see the private jets flying over you?"

"Ye is chilling what more can I say we killin them"

"Lord let them accept the things they cant change and pray that all their pain will be champaqne

big ups to Nathan for standing up to the injustice that was 9-11

Salute to Nathan for exposing what JayZ and KenyaW song named OTIS really stand for cuz I put a fool named otis in prison for being a r****t of young girls and could not stand the f****n name And hey I love JayZ but hated that song cuz of the name but now I love it cuz they took a name I hated and turned it into something beautiful. So big ups to Jay and Ye! La Familia For Life… Guess that's what RiRi meant by man down! So watch the throne scary asses cuz we gon take it to the moon and take it to the stars. OH WE DO succeed. Salute!

That's the thing tho. We all know what the story really is, and yet they were on tv still airing sad stories from Bush and his posse like he found out about the trade centers when we did. They are liars and we know it! Sad bc now this young man has to bear the cross like he exposed the truth but he only confirmed what americans have already known for 10 years now. Sad so sad those people died for nothing they anything to do with. I wish that evil didn't exist.


Wow…. way to do damage control…. Maybe if the 9/11 "attacks" were properly staged it wouldn't be so hard to point out even if you do live overseas! Sometimes the way "they" respond to certain issues as if we are dumb as a sack of rocks is beyond ridiculous and just plain annoying. Face it people… WE KNOW!!!!!!!!!

Check out There is another researcher w/911 info on the main page, but check out her amazing radio commentaries. An amazing woman. Also, this athlete is not a disinfo agent, that is what is so dangerous about his comment. He is a regular, young, athlete. One comment can wake up people from the media fog. Now, what "they" want is fear and silence.

In Bush's post 911 speech he said "We will not tolerate any conspiracy theories stating that anyone but the terrorists made this attack" He said that and it's like if this was a legit attack why would you even say something like that. It just makes no sense. If it were a real attack they would have been all over it and no one would have hit anything. They wanted us to put all our money in one bank. It's like the fall of capitalism very sad. Every 911 it just reminds me how they are gaining more and more power. They have totally raped the constitution. No more separation of church and state no more freedom of speech. It's very sad and all of us are like peasants and they are the kings the untouchables with their large endless amounts of resources and they control the flow of knowledge… Read more »

that's it.

i'm following him RIGHT away!

it was extremely brave that he actually stated the truth, and then SUPPORTED his opinion by saying "if you don't like it, unfollow me".

Our whole country is organized… I don't doubt that even the biggest tragedies were planned and our govt washed their hands with other countries.

"Clubs need to behave like brands and put proper governance in place to dictate how the players – their employees – behave"

sports players are the next set of mind control victims?

Heck ya it was an inside job. This is so ridiclous. Free speech my aunt fanny!

So much for freedom of speech. I would refuse to apologize for the statements. That's what all celebrities have to do, if they say something "offensive" They have to apologize and explain. If i were famous I would yell it again at reporters with a middle finger in the air. Haha

…….then soon after that you would die suddenly from drug OD/ 'suicide'/ plane crash etc…..

Well done there Nathan, speaking truth in times of great deceit is a revolutionary act! It takes courage. God bless you.

What is there to investigate? I think they should substitute that word with "interoggate". His opinion is something that people have been expressing for ten years, whatever.

Good job by this footballer. The sad thing is that football clubs are owned by elitist backers.

Does that mean that the elevators brand "Otis" means "Only the Illuminati will succeed" ???

I like those brand of elevators 🙁

The question is 'why are they letting this story out?'

To act as a deterent for anyone else, who God forbid wants to speak out against the illuminati

Good for him, why should he be punished for speaking his mind, he is only saying what most of us think!!! explains it all..

YES!!! is the only thing that ever made sense to me……finally