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Last year I identified the transgender and “gender fluidity” issue as an artificially created propaganda wave made to bring about an important change in society. In my article entitled The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation, I explained how Bruce Jenner’s widely publicized sex change was part of wider Agenda aiming to blur the boundaries of genders and to celebrate deviation from nature as a great achievement. Furthermore, it was to prepare the field for upcoming policy changes around the world.

Months later, mass media propaganda turned into laws and policies. From the “war of the bathrooms” to the allowing of parents helping their young children undergoing a sex change, modern society is shifting drastically towards a new definition of gender – a term that was considered binary since the dawn of time (in the human race).

In a context where public figures who dare to address these issues get promptly shamed and labeled “transphobic”, open debate on the subject is nearly impossible. Luckily, there are a few illuminated minds who dare to go against the grain and placing the entire transgender agenda into perspective.

Camille Paglia, an author, and academic who never shied away from controversy breaks down the implications of today’s transgender agenda. Although herself a lesbian and a feminist, Paglia has always criticized the artificial and unreasonable constructs made in the name of “equality” and political correctness.

Here are some quotes from the above video.

“Sex reassignment surgery, even today with all of its advances, cannot in fact change anyone’s sex.”

“Ultimately, every single cell in the human body, the DNA in that cell, remains coded for your biological birth.”

“I think that the transgender propagandists make wildly inflated claims about the multiplicity of gender.”

In this day and age, stating these kinds of facts is considered wrong and “hurtful”. If mass media can turn something as clear and defined as a person’s gender into a big, vague, tornado of confusion, it can redefine anything else to fit its needs … and people will fall for it.

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Camille Paglia: "Transgender Mania is a Symptom of Cultural Collapse" (video)

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People just don’t see the bigger picture that is being drawn by all if these transgender “problems.” The people shoving this unnecessary stuff onto the masses wins on all fronts of what should be a common sense issue. They win when we pick a side, any side, doesn’t matter which. They win when we divide ourselves, and you don’t get more divisive than gender roles. They win if everyone becomes confused about their gender. They win when we rebel against God. They win if trans people get to change common sense policy for everyone. They win if they dont, because it only gets shoved on us more, our votes,our voices don’t matter. It’s what THEY want. And they are no friends of anyone, trans or not. Order out of chaos. Their order, not ours. This bathroom, locker room, sports teams and dressing room policy isn’t about transgender people being able to use the opposite ones – we wouldn’t know anyway! It’s about pushing our culture toward Godlessness and erasing human decency clauses because THEY can on a government front. God ain’t gonna heal our land if we lose our minds like this.


Ordo Ab Chao. The Masonic Agenda in full force.

D D d

Did you point your hand to the sky and shook it?

the bag man, man

So many good points except…. You say they win when we divide ourselves” but don’t you see that by making statements that place a christian perspective above all others you are doing just that? Also, “God ain’t gonna heal our land if we lose our minds like this.” Reminds me of that story about a guy waiting for a boat…. He drowned BTW.

Charles T.

Thanks for recollecting on your past that does nothing to aid your argument and sharing your OPINION.

Where is the direct quote or paraphrased quote from?


I do not know how bringing amother argument into the mix is going to help solve this predicament…


BTW, you clearly are new to the site…if you weren’t you would already recognize regardless of your personal position on God, THEY believe in God-and more importantly they worship Satan. Wake up please.


The end times are here people )’: be prepared. Jesus is coming – Luke 21:36 “Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”


So true Dixie! The enemy knows host me is short and he’s trying to deceive and take as many souls as possible to hell with him. We’re living in the last days. Calling good evil and evil good.


Lesbianism and homosexuality are just as evil and wrong as transgender. Let’s not forget Romans Chapter 1.

Eyes open

Evil? Throwing your child to the streets because they are trans, lesbian or gay is evil. Happens a lot, so called good Christians throwing their own flesh and blood to the streets. Christianity is an ideology. Just like the work of Crowley, just like Islam, Hinduism, etc. etc. treat people as you would want to be treated. Compassion? Love? You must be sinless and perfect to be talking like that.

Eyes open

Don’t forget christ said the harlots shall enter the kingdom before you.


They are literally doing whatever they want courtesy of Alastair Crowley’s infamous proverb of rebellion and illuminati propaganda.

Hurtful my a-s, whether they like it or not, Paglia has spoken about the bitter truth that some may consider eventually on the transgender issue since sex change alters nothing in your DNA or hormones which will forever be the same regardless.


That was wonderful Dixie!! I agree!!! 😀


vouces like yours shouldn’t matter


Are you included as well? Because if not, this should not matter…

Eyes open

Trans people are being used by these narratives! They are victims of these narratives. Trans people have had to fight for their basic human rights which is why they’ve so easily embraced the narratives same with black lives matter, another narrative driven agenda being pushed by the banking class which is trying to create chaos among the herd. It’s working. Don’t blame transgender people for this. They are being used by the true perpetrators of these narratives. You should know who those perps are if you’ve studied this site.


The last line was a perfect summation. Normalizing sex changing is paving the way for normalizing pedophilia. After all, they claim they are born that way as well.


NAMBLA is real. They also don’t want to called pedophiles anymore. Now they want to be called ” minor attracted individuals.”


If we live in a society where we are allowed to hurt children since some adults can not control their sick urges then we might as well allow murder after all it all “felt acceptable” in the moment.

Not Weary

Reminds me of that sicko elite movie The Purge. Once a year people could do anything, even murder, with no consequence to cull society.


Predator is the proper word for them. They have to use programming to sexualize the youth, trying to make it look as if their victims are actually ready for sexual activity. The fact remains that a child is a blank slate and would not choose to become sexual at such a young age if psychotic adults weren’t seeing that our world was saturated with debauchery. I don’t know why, but I felt awkward about sex all through my preteen and teenage years – I was not ready and I was okay with that. I had people who card about me! Also, I was not allowed to watch television shows that were above my head and only listened to country/soft rock music that was above love – not shaking one’s whatnot and getting blitzed out of your mind. Children should be playing, enjoying nature, using their imagination for soul-enriching things. If these predators had any leg to stand on when it comes to morality, then we would not see their victims repeatedly falling apart later in life after they were abused. The outcome speaks for itself – it’s WRONG, it’s DESTRUCTIVE and people need to take a S T A N… Read more »

robert milby

Thank you for your comments. Who will speak for the children, if not the parents and family?

Courtney Scofield

Surely, not the government…


That’s not really true. Just because you felt you weren’t ready for sex doesn’t mean that’s true for all kids. I am not defending pedophilia, just trying to shed some perspective. When I was a kid, I was very sexually active. I had sexual contact with plenty of other kids when I was as young as 7 years old. I even had sexual contact with one quite a bit older than me (no, it was not molestation). With my mind as developed as it is compared to back then, I don’t regret any of it.

I wasn’t sexually active because of media, either. When I was a kid, I wasn’t around that kind of stuff, not by family, and not by Tv really. I just was. Is it so hard to believe that some just develop a sexual appetite much sooner than other people? I don’t think it is. We need to have more of an open mind about all this.


The open mind comment can be redirected to your upbringing , and perhaps you are unaware of different factors that influenced your sex drive at such a young age…yes 7 years old is very hard to believe….I kissed girls when I was in kindergarten but there was definitely not a sexual drive (that feeling in your stomach when you want sex)/need for intercourse. Even these things can be traced back to watching cartoons and seeing examples of this behavior or watching my parents kiss. It is of course very reasonable that we all feel love, and want to express it from the earliest age, but to want to involve genitals(or even be aware of this concept without any outside prompting) at as young as 7 without outside factors weighing in…possible, but definitely not the likely. If it did occur you can definitely thank the media for helping you along. No big deal in one sense for sure, but if you are going to say that it is God’s will for you to be sexually active at 7, why does puberty generally start around 10-12? This is all to do with the perversion THEY subliminally imprint on us from the day… Read more »


I find this similar to an article in which homosexual individuals want to be called “same-gender loving people.”

They both make sense, so it is “hard” to object to it without receiving backlash.

I love my mom, but I am a heterosexual female…


I see that coming as well and I fear it might have a domino effect. The biggest question is what’s next after they manage to give pedophiles their “rights” or “privileges” are we going to have to accept all the other deviants as well? I am starting to think that those behind this will never actually draw a line. It’s an endless endeavor to limitless acceptance of the things that are detrimental to anyone who has a sense of righteousness and decency. I mean at some point will I have to sympathize with necrophiliacs too? Where do we as members of the population draw the line?


soon we’re not going to be allowed to draw any lines anywhere, or we’ll get locked up and possibly killed in a concentration camp, there are already over 100 of them in the USA, ready to go. More to come everywhere else in the world.


Can you tell me. More about these camps? I would like to Google some more info.

Ear 2 the Streets

look up: Walmart closures


Wal Mart Mart Law = FEMA Camps in disguise. And there are a LOT more than just “100” of them.

Ren Snowe

Like even accepting murder and torture. After all, human life is just a social construct. If you’re against it, you’re a deathophobe. Or something like that.


Oh please, how do you make such a leap?? what the hell has gender got to do with pedophilia???
That is a complete nonsense


How did we all make such a leap? Just look whats accepted now compared to 10 years ago.


Your answer lies within the Kinsey Institute and Alfred Kinsey!

Eyes open

That’s not even rational. The same was said for decriminalizing gay sex. Who cares what rapists say? You sound hysterical. Trans people, LGBT people, who I know and have known throughout my life (countless) have dissaprove of anything which isn’t consensual and children cannot consent. Your equating what you are with child sexual abuse is horrid and complete error. I wish people would stop shoving their narratives & beliefs down other people’s throats- this includes the globalists, the wealthy elite class, the media, religious Orgs of all sorts, non profits, politicians, black lives matter, police orgs, ANYONE wether they are gay, christian, whoever- and people just like you. How are you different its just a different agenda but the same thing OPPRESSION. Humans are so screwed up.


You are the exact same as those you whine about, you just want to complain about being oppressed but do not want to engage in the discussions or recognize this is how knowledge is shared. People have to push their opinions on others, others don’t have to accept them though. This is what’s done to us every day, through television, radio, newspapers, advertisements, schools, police, government. Everything and everywhere. …please wake up.


How can you compare the two? Pedophilia is non consensual when same sex activities between two adults are; same thing for b---------y.

Call me Adam

“Born this way”, etc.

Same propaganda that the homosexuals used to shoehorn their agenda through the S.C.


@Call me Adam.Exactly!


The thing is though, pedophilia is not a sexuality. You can’t be born to like those much younger than you. It makes no sense anyway as sexuality starts to bud when you’re still a kid, and you can’t be a pedophile if you’re underage yourself.


What is wrong with you.


@Faith.Well, the same can be said about normalizing homosexuality.They also say they were born that way. They opened the door to this abomination.


2 years later and these words ring truer than ever before!!


I’m so glad VC posted this. The last biology class I took said an XY Chromosome made you male, regardless of how you “feel”. People are lying and trying to force these societal changes on us. I knew once gay marriage was legalized that would open the door for everything else to go through.

Eyes open

Gay marriage is a human right for gay people whether you agree with it or not. Why should gay people be refused access to the same human rights and benefits as you have? Such as being able to be with a loved one who lay dying in the hospital or for a lifelong gay partner to have the same benefits after their spouse has passed away just as straight people have the benefit of? Your world isn’t getting worse because gay people have human rights. There have been gay people in the world as long as there have been humans. In more recent times gays have been harmed and denied their human rights. This caused gays to have to get up and stand out more. but ask yourself why gay p--n is watched & requested more in states where anti gay sentiment is strongest? I think I know why! Your thought process isn’t rational. Just mind your own business and make sure you treat people the way you want to be treated, make sure you are an honest righteous person. You can’t control other people and I suggest you stop trying but you can control yourself. That is likely having… Read more »

Busy bee

Not exactly. Because if you took one look at who put those “unjust” laws at who could be at people’s bedsides, etc..they are the very same people who are behind this satanic agenda.

I agree with you that no matter what love should prevail (such as on a deathbed as you noted) however, pushing forth with the gay marriage agenda absolutely opened up the Pandora’s box officially, and there’s no going back now. When will we draw a line? What about NAMBLA (which is not representative of the love I speak of)? What about the rest of it; Germany has beasitality brothels today.

We should have forced the hand of hospitals to change, pension holders, etc. Not done away with morality as we have. Everyone I know who was pro gay marriage when that came to the forefront, FOLLOWED with the mainstream agenda (I.e.: bathroom issue). So what now when pedophilia is pushed, or b---------y, etc these same people I can guarantee will support those as well. Horribly frightening.

kev allah

Pandora box was opened when we decided we would build things to make life easier thus fracturing our relationship with nature and the natural order of life on earth. Everything in the agenda is to dehumanize us and turn us into willing slaves.

Call me Adam

Babies don’t form in men’s behinds.

Marriage was made for a man and a woman.


We’re not discussing gay rights here. I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own home. We’re talking about exposing our children to the perversion. I am minding my own business. My business is keeping my children safe.

Just the abject truth

Gay and Transgender rights have nothing to do with pedophilia. If you talk to almost any trans, gay, or lesbian person, odds are they will find pedophelia to be horrificly disgusting. Most people just want to mind their own business, and don’t give a s--t about your children.


So you think that it is okay to expose a young person to viewing the genitalia of an adult of the opposite sex? I consider it assault and indecent exposure. I don’t give a f*ck about your insane beliefs or “rights”. I care about children’s rights.

kev allah

Bullshit. Being gay is a choice and like all choices it has consequences. F-----g deal with it. The whole gay pride parade is just an excuse to dance naked in the streets. The while subculture is based on LUST. Why the f--k would any self respecting person care what you do in your bedroom? For the love of god your sexual orientation is not that important. You were not born this way you chose to be what you are.


@Just the abject truth.Homosexuality and transgender have a lot to do with pedophilia because they are all deviant and straight up evil.By people accepting homosexuality and transgender as normal and saying “they can’t help how they feel.Or who they are attracted to.”Allows other perversion and wickedness to be accepted as normal too. It’s all evil.


Just like the homosexual male that was a family friend. He was very clear that pedophilia is abhorrent. It didn’t stop him from trying to seduce a 12 year old boy though.


you b---h.


Absolutely, I’m a total b---h! I spare no one’s feelings.


Gay man can be a husband to a gay woman too. It isn’t reseved to heterosexual people. I can’t see any act of refusing any access to the same human rights.


The institution of marriage was designed to benefit and encourage the formation of the nuclear family, defined as one man and one woman raising the children their union produced. Gay and lesbians cannot bilogically produce children. If gays wanted the benefits you cite, then we could have constructed another legal union to address those issues. But to redefine the institution of marriage into something it is not does a great deal of harm to society as can be seen now by the harassment of Christian businesses, people losing their jobs and facing government imposed fines for not following along against their beliefs. This has never been a human rights issue. It is about the gay community forcing the rest of us to accept their lifestyle as normal and natural when it is not. I used to find gays and lesbians interesting, but now view them as just power hungry bullies.


Gay marriage is and always be an abomination. God created you, marriage, and all. Man is only wasting his time for God will and always will have the last word of all life and death. He is God whether you believe it or not. He created you. You did not create Him. Actually you cannot create nothing.


@Eyes open: open your eyes, will you. > Gay marriage is a human right for gay people Where did you get that idea? It’s like saying “having ovaries is a human right for every heterosexual male”. Or “every woman has the right to making her own sperm”. Don’t you see a problem with this? No one is denying your “human rights”, unless you count your government. Your “human right” would be the ability to use the land you won to grow your won food so you may stay healthy and have healthy kids. Instead, you are made dependent on supermarket food tainted with SYNTHETIC FEMALE HORMONES (in pesticide residue, food dyes, plastic bottles and other phtalates) to disturb the hormonal development of children so that they are so confused they think they “are” LGBT. You don’t have that right. Try to go off the grid and quit using TOXIC fluoridated municipal water but some other water source. You can’t. Collecting rainwater is a human right in my book, but you can’t do that either. First, because in most states this activity has been prohibited even on your own land that you pay taxes for. Why? So that you have to… Read more »


Do you have a YouTube or website to follow?

Patriotgirl 2010

well put A I. Too bad our country has gone against GOD and made gay marriage legal. GOD created marriage, not humans. It was created for man and woman. So therefore – gay rights are null and void as a couple.


Marriage was created by Humans, not God, sorry, you are fooling yourself with beliefs. God only loves and forgives, and never tells you what to do with your life. After your death, the only thing you have to fear, is yourself.

Call me Adam

“God only loves and forgives…”

That’s the god of New Age (antichrist) — not the God of the Holy Bible.


So you’re saying that God does not love and forgive, especially the God in the Bible? Sounds about right

Not Weary

God forgives when we repent from sin. We are all born with the sin nature. When we turn to Him, ask for forgiveness and place faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died in our place to pay for our sins we receive forgiveness and new life in Him. Then we are reconciled to God the Father and can have a relationship with Him.


Well put @Not Weary, well put.


@Carlisle: the God of the Holy Bible loves and forgives ONLY if you repent and QUIT sinning.
If you continue in your sin without repentance, you shall be JUDGED for every one of your deeds, and just one sin that cannot be excused by someone else’s cruelty towards you (like child abuse) will result in your second DEATH: you will cease to exist. Read the Parables in the New Testament. It’s pretty clear that a lot can be forgiven if you also forgive those who sinned against you.

If you repent but then continue to sin (imagine an alcoholic who can’t quit drinking and keeps beating his wife), yet you know it is wrong and you are genuinely heart-broken about the evil you are living but not strong enough to resist it, your only shot at eternal life is by accepting the Son of God as your Savior. He has promised that not one person who believes in Him shall perish.

There is no other religion in the world that has a path forward for every sinner, regardless of what you have done, if you seek God’s mercy with all your heart and soul.

Junior Einhorn

god of new age?…..uhmm ok so that means that the god from the bible doesn’t love and forgive???? Im confused here o.O
I don’t know why the so called “christians ” get upset when someone else says that God loves and forgives ALL people!!….as if god wasn’t the creator of love, or better yet HE is LOVE himself!!


@Junior Einhorn: Imagine you have a child who hacked into your computer, installed malware, stole your credit card number and impersonated you by sending out prank emails in your name. Would you kick the kid out of the house for this? Probably not. You would get furious, scream at the kid to teach it a good lesson, ground them for half a year, take away their toys (iPhone, etc.), but at some point you would probably get over it, write off the losses. You would “forgive” the kid and would be ready to “love them” again. But what if the kid were to keep doing the same thing over and over again, and also teach his or her younger brother/sister to perpetrate the same evil against your credit card and ruin your reputation by impersonating you? At some point, you would kick the unrepentant kid out of the house so they would quit corrupting your younger offspring and stealing what’s yours. You would kick them outta house, perhaps even call the police, change the door locks and quit answering their phone calls (the kid would only be begging for money anyway). Why is it so hard for you to understand… Read more »


The thing is, many Christians would rather push the narrative that God hates you and wants you to burn unless you turn from sin. Ironically, they hate to have His most important attributes to be brought up, love, forgiveness, mercy, compassion. They would rather highlight his anger and wrath.

These Christians don’t know what they’re talking about and are very misguided. All this isn’t to say that God doesn’t care about your wellbeing or sins, but to ONLY promote how much He may hate you is ridiculous.


God forgives those who REPENT AND TURN FROM THEIR SIN. Why not just read the Bible instead of getting online asking others what He (God/the Word) says?


God is holy. We humans are created in His image, so we are called to holiness, too. Sin is the reason for all the suffering and death in the world. God is merciful to those who love and revere Him. will be our just judge and will not allow unrepentant sinners to go to heaven; thus they will be tormented in hell forever knowing their will always be deprived of God.


This has nothing to do about God, God did not create marriage, that was man like man created God in his image. Let us be sane and reasonable. God and religion has long divided and conquered people who fear and demonize minorities. This country is not religious but founded on secular ground for rights for all.

Just the abject truth

You are aware that there are disorders where your secondary sex characteristics don’t match your biological gender? klinefelter’s disease is just one of them.


@Just the abject truth: Yes, we happen to be aware of that. Now please don’t get offended, but did you know that this has been observed in recent years in wild birds in Florida? The thing is, we are being fed media lies and toxic food additives that are DESIGNED to disturb the development of sexual characteristics that are mediated by hormonal signaling. By adding hormones to the foods our parents had to consume they made sure we are indeed “born this way”. But this is not the same as “created this way”. It is a defect and we must realize it. Some people get born with a heart defect, others (no offense!) are born or develop a “gender defect” like the one you mentioned. Someone with a heart defect may undergo heart surgery and either get better or not. The question is, can gender surgery “fix” a hormonal problem that lead to some major developmental confusion? Will you be able to have offspring of your own without a medical intervention or is it going to make you dependent on the medical mafia for the rest of your life? Guess what, Big Pharma is not a charity. There was a… Read more »


This is exactly what kind of people are pleased by articles like that. Shame on you vc.


“People are lying and trying to force these societal changes on us” Some males grow up wanting to dress or live as females. Whether they get a sex change or not, is none of our business. Who is trying to force societal change on you? It’s not illegal for males to wear women’s clothes. If anything, saying that you can’t do such a thing is forcing society’s long standing rule of “you must wear gender specific clothing” on people who would rather not follow that “rule”. Crossdressers, transgenders and even gay people are the ones who are being forced to live by “society’s standards”. Are you comfortable in your own body? How about your own gender? The clothes you wear, does it express your personality and individuality? If yes to all of that, then no one is forcing anything on you. If a male or female wants to change gender, then what in the world is wrong with that? Live and let live. Especially in these dangerous times. Biology is important yes, but we are humans. We have evolved beyond mere binary states like other animals or species. Why stay in the box and get stale? Point is, if you… Read more »


Bible-thumpers on this comment section is doing incredible damage by making ‘conspiracy theorists’ look insane. You’re taking the words of a book you have NO REASON to assume hasn’t been through the Illuminati propaganda machine for literal gospel. You’re literally behaving the exact way here Christians are being portrayed as ‘insane’ and ‘simple-minded’ in the various Illuminati propaganda movies – in fact proving their point. This is sad and pathetic. It’s fine you’re believing Christians but your whole set of thinking is straight out of medieval times. It’s complete regression. You’ve decided (and it’s literally that – a personal decision, same as how Muslims ‘choose’ the Quran and Jews ‘choose’ the Torah) that the Bible is the Holy Truth. You’ve stopped thinking critically. This is called fundamentalism. I’m worried about the LGBT propaganda because there’s obviously an agenda behind it. But it doesn’t cause me to regress into basing my whole world view on Bible quotes, I’m a little more critically thinking and open-minded than that. Go on, bring on the massive comment dislikes, Thumpers. No thinking, no critical evaluation, just the ‘MY holy book of choice said so!’ bashing, right? It’s as foolish as the sheeple masses compared to… Read more »


Why is there so much confusion over “gender issues” to begin with? Why can’t you be a biological boy and like “girl things” or be a biological girl and like “boy things”? Who defines these things for us? There is no real gender neutrality when you define what being a boy or girl is. So what if he wears a dress, he’s still biologically a boy. Being male or female is only about your biological attributes. It has nothing to do with your mental state. You can be a girl and “act like a boy” and vice versa. I identify as a woman who likes science, math, engineering, science fiction, comic books, and who wears jeans and t-shirts. I drive a truck and own guns. The whole identifying thing is so confusing. There is no real neutrality because they are creating division.


“Being male or female is only about your biological attributes. It has nothing to do with your mental state.”

Your mental state *is* one of your biological attributes. Your brain isn’t some magical entity separate from your body, it’s part of and interacts with the rest of your body on every level.


@MarcusMaximus Your mental state is not a “biological attribute,” but it is affected by biology. Your “mental state” is not your brain.

For example, let’s say you have two yous. One had a normal life. The other had his parents gunned down in front of him at a young age. One grew up to post incorrect things on the internet. The other became a masked vigilante. Same brain; two different mental states.


You’re missing my point. The only thing that makes you male of female is your genitalia. There is no real “gender neutrality” when you try to define what is mentally male or female. For example I have a female body but a “male mind” and “male interests”. But there really is no such thing as a “male mind”. I just happen to be a female who “thinks like a man” but who decides exactly what that is? So who decided that men couldn’t wear make-up or dresses or “think like women”. Men in the High Middle Ages wore wigs, make-up and tights. That was considered “normal”. They didn’t identify themselves as women. So who really gets to decide what is male and female. The only thing that really identifies that is genitalia.


Also I had some confusion growing up thinking that I wanted to be a boy instead of a girl, but when I got older I realized that it was just social conditioning that made me feel that way.


Oh Christina, gender roles are a natural expression of our biology when it is not effected by external conditioning, its not just our genitalia, men have XY chromosomes and women have XX, men produce higher levels of different hormones and women other hormones, we are different down to a genetic level, men are usually larger stronger than women we also think differently, any changes we make through surgery are superficial, a man will never have ovaries a uterus and get pregnant it’s a biological impossibility. Gender roles have formed naturally around the globe since the beginning of time, every tribe and race has figured it out individually with no external influence, clothing and dress is another natural extension of our sex as our different morphology can require different clothing to be functional especially in times past, honestly in my mind the concept of a tranny wasnt to insane when it involved just clothes as you pointed out clothing and fashion in history has been pretty wacky, but back on the topic of gender I would argue that gender expression will form naturally through our biology when when not influenced by external pressures and that any deviation from natural biological gender… Read more »


We can agree to disagree. I do not believe that gender roles are naturally formed. Gender roles are based on social conditioning. Other than having babies, gender roles are not “set”. For example, in some cultures women fought alongside men even though they were not as strong. Men cannot have children, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be nurturing. I think that when you corner someone on how they “should be” as a man or as a woman, you create anxiety and confusion if they feel otherwise. And this is where all this nonsense comes from. The gender identity crisis comes from the anxiety and confusion of not fitting into a gender role.


“Gender roles are based on social conditioning.”
Classic feminist garbage. Reality says otherwise.


So in conclusion, men should use the restroom designated for men and they should be able to do so without being harassed by other men for wearing a dress. Societal conditioning is what has created confusion, division, and fear.


“The only thing that makes you male [or] female is your genitalia.”
Classic feminist garbage. Reality says otherwise.


“Being male or female is only about your biological attributes. It has nothing to do with your mental state.”
Classic feminist garbage.


I work in a bookstore and a new children’s picture book just came out about a teddy bear who decides he doesn’t want to be a boy teddy anymore. He moves his bow tie on his head and all the little children say “great! Be yourself!” It is so creepy and disturbing that young children are now subjected to this propaganda. All of the booksellers were saying how “cool” it is, I thought it was sad.

There’s another book called “George” that’s directed towards middle readers (fourth-early sixth grade) about a transgender child. It’s won all sorts of recognition but even the most liberal parent is hesitant to buy it for their kids.

D D d

You might want to go to a library and look up some old childrens books. Schoolbooks, too. Look at how people, different people are portrayed in it. (Not just colour, mind you, social status, shape, class, family bloodlines..) It is always about accepting what is dropped down on the masses. Fashion in clothes make an easy example, fashion in opinions is slightly different, but people studied that – marketing, propaganda, education.
In a society where honeybooboo has fans, followers and devotees you can expect human manipulation in a broader field than just commercials.. over a prolonged period of time.

In some areas everybody wears grey, to make even out all the differences. That’s neither an option, I think.


There’s a picture book called King and King where a king marries another king. And this was being shown to kindergartners back in 2003 when Massachusetts was the first state to allow gay marriage. The effects of this sort of thing is astounding. It’s not enough for the majority to accept homosexuals for who they say they are. Now they demand all kinds of things as if they’re still being forced back into the closet. They’re being used by the world to ruin it. Can’t people see that?

New Thing

That is completely false. Those books are there because majority of kids feel they are different and they don’t fit in your typical “im a boy” or “im a girl” stereotype. I am gay, and I knew since the age of 8 that I was completely different from other boys, I’m a proud male and I love the fact im a man, but im gay. These books are there to tell boys who feel like i felt that there IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THEM, and that they should in no case , CUT THEIR VEINS OPEN BECAUSE BIGOTS LIKE YOU KEEP TELLING THEM THEY ARE SICK INDIVIDUALS WHO NEED TO BE TREATED. I walked through hell and back because parents, who think the way you do, bring up their children thinking gays should be demonized and killed as they are “abomination to this world”, which resulted in me being bullied for 12 years straight, not that you would know anything about since you’re either a white straight male, or a white straight woman. These books are there to help and prevent young kids who feel different from killing themselves. Now I know people like you are very sad gays stopped… Read more »


They are harming themselves becasue they are guided by demons to do so. Disobeying the Word has consequences, often dire. I speak from experience. One I started learning and following God as the Bible directs, my own suffering was lifted. When you are closed off from the Holy Spirit, you are open to Satan.


You have a personality disorder called narcissism.

Call me Adam

Do your community a favor and discreetly remove those books from your store.

Burning them would be better.


If there wasn’t such a strong line between male and female to begin with, then maybe people wouldn’t identify with the opposite sex so strongly. There is too much of a push to be feminine and masculine. Just because I don’t wear makeup and tight clothing, doesn’t mean I am not feminine. I am feminine because I have ovaries that produce my hormones that effect my emotions, which effects my mental state. A three year old asked me if I was a boy or a girl, when I asked him why he didn’t know if I was a girl, he said because I sounded and looked like a girl but I was wearing boy jeans. I was wearing a pair of Bugle Boys (popular in the 80s), they are loose below the knee, and I am not sure if they are men’s or women’s, but it shouldn’t matter. A child should not be confused about a persons gender because her jeans are not hugging every inch of her leg. Women fought for equality for naught. We obtained the right to wear pants, but only if they are jeggings. From one extreme to the next, out of one uniform and into… Read more »


Girl I absolutely agree with you 100%. I was trying to say the same thing in a different way!


Couldn’t agree more!!


This website doesn’t sound legit for a while now.


Now there is even discussion about implementing a new sexual edgucation curriculum into public schools teaching children about gay, lesbian, transgenger, and gender fluidity starting at the Kindergarten level. I have zero issues with peoples personal choices. Some of my most favorite people in my life are my gay, and lesbian friends. But I have a serious problem with teaching ANY kind of sexual education to 5, and 6 year old children, let alone adding a whole host of confusing gender identity issues into the mix. Children that age do not have the mental maturity to even comprehend these topics in a real, and viable way. They can’t possibly begin to understand the true meaning of any of it. They’re concerns are munching Cheerios, and watching cartoons. It’s absolutely insane, and horrifying to me as a parent. Kindergartners should be focusing on learning their ABC’s, and 123’s. When a child is still figuring out how to spell their own name, the last thing they need to be focusing their innocent little minds on is what they identify with sexually. I didn’t t even want my child learning about sex at that age to begin with. I hold childhood , and… Read more »


Along with homosexuality, it is a form of “soft” population control.


phase “pick a number” project depopulation


There are over 7 billion people on the planet. The species’ survival is not in jeopardy because of homosexuality. Stop the madness.


This made my day. You people are insane. I was gay from birth. I knew if all my life and nothing from the outside world defined that. I just was.

Dr.Daniel Wells

You were not born Gay stop lying to yourself and stop Lying on God. If being Gay were natural you wouldn’t try and force it down societies throat and splash it on every channel on America. Being Gay is a choice. Homosexuality is actually one of the most common forms of psychological disorders. Not saying you are insane just chemically imbalanced. I have an ex gay uncle that I love very much.He tells me everytime we have discussion like this that he was not born like that and that he did it by choice and now he is straight has a family and wife that he loves very much

D D d

Wonderful story. No go out of your house and talk to some more people, please.

natasha Ashley

I believe you, some people are born gay, as some are born as natural witches ( I met one) the reason for this ( if you believe in the Bible) is that every time God law was/ is broken the result is a curse and many of the Idol worship rituals included having sex with the same sex, among other things. What I’m trying to say is this, just how we can attain things from our fathers line and mothers line meaning can get almost anything from our great great greatest on either side so it goes also in the spirit realm, whether you believe it or not it is a spirit. How else would you explain people being born with unnatural powers and unnatural taste (homosexuality) no offense.


Yes, you were born gay. But all the other stuff, like “pansexual” is made up to confuse our children and convince them not to reproduce.


It’s tragic that all the socalled ‘Christians’ (maybe ‘Bible-Thumpers’ is more accurate) here can’t just accept how you feel and have to judge you based on what they read in an ancient, man-edited book. Lots of talk about forgiveness and compassion, but when push comes to shove it apparently matters more that you identify in a sexually deviant way. Yup, certainly very ‘Christian’ right there. Just atrocious.

Why does it matter whom you have sex with/are attracted to? it doesn’t. But I suppose it’s a lot easier to be judgmental if you never harbored homosexual feelings. Also, conveniently ignoring the fact homosexual behaviour spontaneously occurs in animals, too. Perhaps animals are also under the spell of sin?

Hang in there. Not everybody on this site is a closed-minded fundamentalist.

Mayson Free

Depopulation might seem like a not unreasonable conclusion at first but I really think this is more about challenging one of the quintessential dualities that define this plane of existence. Whether you identify as straight or gay or bi, you still ultimately accept the duality of male/female. So surprise, surprise, what are the authorities doing now? They’re pushing further and claiming there are umpteen genders and/or sexual orientations (pansexuality). And they’re messaging children heavily in this regard. So the goal seems to be to diminish and ultimately eliminate the male/female duality. I didn’t really understand this obsession that the authorities have with the various fundamental dualities until recently, but now that I’m aware of it I can recognize this relentless effort to quash them. It’s really just a bitter grudge against the natural framework within which we and all things exist. Sun/moon; day/night/; alive/not alive; male/female; good/evil; non-sexual (pre-adolescent)/sexual; human/animal; God/not God; positive/negative; anode/cathode; hot/cold; wet/dry; and yes… even up/down. Consider the trans-humanism agenda. That clear duality between alive/not alive can be diminished and ultimately eliminated if everyone inserts and merges mechanical components into their living bodies. They want depopulation, for sure. I’m not disagreeing. They hate people, they hate… Read more »

Lost and Found Department

Crikey. That would explain transageism, too. Adults can be children.


Absolutely correct. But duality is what brings balance. You cannot upset the balance of mother nature without repercussions.


I’m glad some people are still brave enough to address this. I suffered from gender confusion myself at some point but I eventually outgrew that phase and realized that the more time I wasted focusing on gender in an attempt to find “my true self” the less time I had for issues surrounding our planet, society, and the human genome in the general sense. If we lose ourselves in material aesthetics and material gain, we only further dull the senses that we need to survive. It is with that thought that I managed to refocus my energies, and to be quite frank the idea of tempering with my natural hormones makes me uneasy (it can’t be all that good for cognition or other neural activities, though I’m sure such research results would never make it to the public).


Exactly! We need to pull away from all this self absorption. While I feel like it’s important to be true to ouuas a person, theres just so much more going on in this world that needs our real attention.


Honey, you’re trans. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have to explain yourself to strangers.


It really is crazy how in the blink of an eye, gender identity became this hot button issue – I mean you can’t even say something is a “girl’s toy” without being crucified! Now you see how the “bathroom issue” has taken over topical conversation – why not slow down & let society catch up! I am all for individual rights, and have no problem with someone changing their gender, but this is a really new concept to most so why not chill on the bathroom?! I dunno, we live in crazy times, that’s for sure!

thanks for the article – please write more & post often VC!


TPTB want your attention on anything BUT the fact the TTP, TTIP & TISA “trade agreements” are really about stripping our continental legal systems’ sovereignty & handing it over to a global corporate “judicial system.” That’s been the banking/business cabals wet dream for a long time. DON’T let it happen; whichever one is aimed where you live, please FIGHT it.

the bag man, man

Everything you mentioned is a distraction. The only humans on the face of the planet that aren’t distracted are indigenous tribes, unconnected to the likes of us and living in relative harmony with nature. All we can hope for now is to reach a point where we integrate what we have become into what we were, That takes pain and a whole load of self reflection. The resulting wisdom will however be our salvation. It will allow the miriad of paths we take that are obviously Self destructive (and usually the result of one heard of humans believing themselves to be superior to others) to be seen for what they are…. comoletely futile. We are ALL children of God! All creeds, all races, all beings and the rocks they stand on! Never let anyone tell you otherwise, especially yourself. Birth is a messy business however.


The whole agenda makes people identify more with their body instead of their true inner soul.

Lucas T

I gotta say I truly admire how VC manages to keep coherence in each and all of his opinions but never falls short of eagerness and confidence to take a clear stand on the topics he covers. In my opinion, “Gender Fluidity” WILL PREVAIL as a part of the (now almost) inevitable changes the Elite wants for the masses in concordance with the New World Order they’re shaping. Let’s not forget the utmost importance of Baphomet to their occult beliefs. Baphomet represents the reaching of perfection through synthesis of each poles. Androgyny – having equal parts of masculinity and feminity, so that one cannot be described as male nor female – is therefore considered a manifestation of perfection in occult circles. It is, in fact, a deviation from nature, statement by which in no way am I judging those who chose the path of transgenderism as “deviates”. However, the line between “choosing your own destiny” and “blindly following the path lain by the Elite” is becoming thinner and blurrier as these topics, once propagated through mass media, surround us and infiltrate every single aspect of our lives. Like a Carl Jung’s “psychosphere” we’re immerse in, that is regulated by tptb.… Read more »


Well said.

the bag man, man

The symbol of the cross is a representation of duality, two poles. One a representation of spirit, the other matter. Christ-the cross, is the manifestation of spirit into matter. Crist BAPtised by none other than John the baptist. You’re right, it is intriguing. Especially when one doesn’t buy into the slandering of these symbols by associating them with brainwashed slaves.

John o\'Lark

Fascinating, in that you just reminded me of Mel Gibson making sure that in his movie The Passion of Christ, the devil is portrayed as a very androgynous thing. You really are not sure if that evil thing is male or female. Hmmmm….. does Mr Gibson know more that he can tell us in his sequel?


The true androgynous spirit is the marriage bond of a man and a woman. It is the bride and the bride-groom.

D D d

Why not accept both sides. There is gendervagueness in nature sometimes, and the media spinns it out of control and beyond proportion to start new generations that are unsure of themselves.
That unsureness about themselves, about their nature’s gender, is a tool. It creates distance from their core, body, mind, so someone else can fill the void. Guess who, and what with?


Amen , that is so true. God is not a,God of confusion,but we know that the enemy is

free your mind

Google the following two words together: “transgender and transhumanism” and see what you find.
Transhumanism is the true agenda.

Call me Adam

The first Biblical recording of “trans” took place in Genesis 6, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, giving birth to the hybrid beings known as giants.

I do believe that we are (somehow…as it will manifest) heading back that direction.


……. when did this site be come a religious site? that’s all I hear spouting off in the comment section is religious wing nuts…. the Elitists you rally against are the ones that made your religion!! the biggest role in terms of misguiding and misleading the masses is held by religion and religious leaders. I cant understand how ppl so ‘open minded” can still be so close minded at the same time to even bring “god” into any of these topics.


People who have body dysphoria are not encouraged to have plastic surgery to change their appearance.. and so maybe people with gender dysphoria should not also BUT I really think if it wasn’t for such concrete divisiveness between between the idea of ‘male’ and ‘female’ if it wasn’t for these stereotyped gender roles, then many trans people wouldn’t feel this overwhelming need to physically change themselves.. because they wouldn’t have to, we would accept them as they are and they would accept themselves


They need to except themseleves. Which they dont. Stop blaming society for everything.

Putting on makeup, a push up bra, and a wig, doesn’t make you a female. Talk about diminishing women to mere petty objects.
Where the hell are the feminists ? Oh yea it’s b s. Propaganda meant to further an evil agenda. It had never been about empowering real women.

We are talking about a mental illness here. IN a sane world this would be totally obvious.


@Mic Becauase society is to blame, its a sick society that reinforces gender stereotypes and it is that which diminishes women not trans people.


People need to keep their common sense and sanity. Lots of definitions have been mixed-up during the last century. What is wrong became right and vice versa.

frances van siclen

Blurring the difference between the sexes is another way the one world govt proponents are trying to implement their agenda! Good little sexless sheeple marching in lockstep accepting all, questioning nothing! Gives me shudders ! Let’s not even go into the coarsening of entertainment and society in general ! It is really tragic ! They are winning, folks !


not for long, Jesus is coming to end this foolishness

Eyes open

I know and have worked closely with transgender people most of my life. I defend everyones right to access to human rights. Though it is clear to me that the overkill regarding ‘Trans issues’ has nothing to do with ‘Trans issues’ the same with the recent rise in narratives around black lives matter. Both narrative sets have effectively created confusion hostility and division amongst the wage slave class. It’s all one big Psyop and its working.


But couldn’t you argue that we are still constantly being told what is feminine and what is masculine?
Gender is a societal construct as far as I can see and so I’m glad that traditional ideas are being challenged.
I don’t understand wanting to physically change my gender but that is because I am not trans gender and as such I can not judge them, and nor can she or anyone else who has not gone through that specific trans gender experience.


As a transgirl myself, I am celebrating this comment. Paglia is not a trans and she could never understand what we are going through every day.

Sex and gender are 2 different concepts and Paglia should have known better when she speaks publicly.

Call me Adam

You were born a man, and it is medically impossible for you (or anyone else) to switch genders.


Sex and gender are 2 concepts which Paglia should have known better


Thank you for speaking the truth


This is what I’m perplexed about. Males aren’t born playing with GI Joe, smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey. Females aren’t born wearing aprons and wearing dresses.

People have the wool over their eyes.

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