Camille Paglia: “Transgender Mania is a Symptom of Cultural Collapse” (video)


There is a deliberate and concerted effort to put everything transgender at the forefront of mass media. Academic and social critic Camille Paglia explains how this is symptomatic of a wider cultural problem.

Last year I identified the transgender and “gender fluidity” issue as an artificially created propaganda wave made to bring about important change in society. In my article entitled The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation, I explained how Bruce Jenner’s widely publicized sex change was part of wider Agenda aiming to blur the boundaries of genders and to celebrate deviation from nature as a great achievement. Furthermore, it was to prepare the field for upcoming policy changes around the world.

Months later, mass media propaganda turned into laws and policies. From the “war of the bathrooms” to the allowing of parents helping their young children undergoing sex change, modern society is shifting drastically towards a new definition of gender – a term that was considered binary since the dawn of time (in the human race).

In a context where public figures who dare addressing these issues get promptly shamed and labelled “transphobic”, open debate on the subject is nearly impossible. Luckily, there are a few illuminated minds who dare going against the grain and placing the entire transgender agenda into perspective.

Camille Paglia, an author and academic who never shied away from controversy, breaks down the implications of today’s transgender agenda. Although herself a lesbian and a feminist, Paglia has always criticized the artificial and unreasonable constructs made in the name of “equality” and political correctness.

Here are some quotes from the above video.

“Sex reassignment surgery, even today with all of its advances, cannot in fact change anyone’s sex.”

“Ultimately, every single cell in the human body, the DNA in that cell, remains coded for your biological birth.”

“I think that the transgender propagandists make wildly inflated claims about the multiplicity of gender.”

In this day and age, stating these kinds of facts is considered wrong and “hurtful”. If mass media can turn something as clear and defined as a person’s gender into a big, vague, tornado of confusion, it can redefine anything else to fit its needs … and people will fall for it.


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People just don’t see the bigger picture that is being drawn by all if these transgender “problems.” The people shoving this unnecessary stuff onto the masses wins on all fronts of what should be a common sense issue. They win when we pick a side, any side, doesn’t matter which. They win when we divide ourselves, and you don’t get more divisive than gender roles. They win if everyone becomes confused about their gender. They win when we rebel against God. They win if trans people get to change common sense policy for everyone. They win if they dont, because it only gets shoved on us more, our votes,our voices don’t matter. It’s what THEY want. And they are no friends of anyone, trans or not. Order out of chaos. Their order, not ours. This bathroom, locker room, sports teams and dressing room policy isn’t about transgender people being able… Read more »

The end times are here people )’: be prepared. Jesus is coming – Luke 21:36 “Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

Ordo Ab Chao. The Masonic Agenda in full force.

So true Dixie! The enemy knows host me is short and he’s trying to deceive and take as many souls as possible to hell with him. We’re living in the last days. Calling good evil and evil good.

Lesbianism and homosexuality are just as evil and wrong as transgender. Let’s not forget Romans Chapter 1.

They are literally doing whatever they want courtesy of Alastair Crowley’s infamous proverb of rebellion and illuminati propaganda.

Hurtful my ass, whether they like it or not, Paglia has spoken about the bitter truth that some may consider eventually on the transgender issue since sex change alters nothing in your DNA or hormones which will forever be the same regardless.

That was wonderful Dixie!! I agree!!! 😀

vouces like yours shouldn’t matter

Are you included as well? Because if not, this should not matter…

So many good points except…. You say they win when we divide ourselves” but don’t you see that by making statements that place a christian perspective above all others you are doing just that? Also, “God ain’t gonna heal our land if we lose our minds like this.” Reminds me of that story about a guy waiting for a boat…. He drowned BTW.

BTW, you clearly are new to the site…if you weren’t you would already recognize regardless of your personal position on God, THEY believe in God-and more importantly they worship Satan. Wake up please.

Thanks for recollecting on your past that does nothing to aid your argument and sharing your OPINION.

Where is the direct quote or paraphrased quote from?

I do not know how bringing amother argument into the mix is going to help solve this predicament…

Did you point your hand to the sky and shook it?