Top 10 Most Sinister PSYOPS Mission Patches


Mission patches are used by military and space organizations to identify, symbolize and describe a mission’s objectives and its crew. This tradition is also observed in the shady world of PSYOPS where each secret mission of the Pentagon gets its patch. These patches offer a rare glimpse into the Pentagon’s secret operations and the symbolism on them is rather striking: ominous and cryptic phrases, dark occult symbolism, references to secret societies, and sometimes even a rather dark sense of humor. Here’s the top 10 most sinister PSYOPS patches.

In 1965, NASA began using cloth patches to identify each of its missions and to symbolize the missions’ objectives and their crew.  Each rocket launch has therefore a patch designed by crew members and in collaboration with the official design team. The patches are then proudly displayed on equipment and worn by NASA astronauts and other personnel affiliated with a particular manned or unmanned space mission.

Various NASA mission patches


Since then, other organizations involved in space travel and secret operations began using mission patches, including those that specialize in PSYOPS (psychological warfare): the CIA, the Department of Defense and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). What does space travel have to do with psychological warfare? Spy satellites. Since 1960, the NRO (whose existence was only declassified in 1992) has launched dozens of secret spy satellites into space, collecting an incredible amount of information on the United States’ friends, enemies and citizens.

As it is nearly impossible to obtain information regarding these highly classified endeavours, mission patches offer a rare glimpse into the world of PSYOPS. Even if one is not well-versed in symbolism, it is easy to perceive a sinister “vibe” emanating from the patch designs. Laced with strange symbols, ominous creatures, obscure Latin phrases and even dark humor, these patches reflect the mindstate of those wearing the patches.

The trailblazer in this area of research is Trevor Paglen, who, in 2008, published the book “I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to be Destroyed by Me: Emblems from the Pentagon’s Black World”. By the means of hundreds of Freedom of Information requests, he obtained and analyzed forty mission patches. From the book reviews:

“The iconography of the United States military. Not the mainstream military, with its bars and ribbons and medals, but the secret or ‘black projects’ world, which may or may not involve contacting aliens, building undetectable spy aircraft, and experimenting with explosives that could make atomic bombs look like firecrackers. Here, mysterious characters and cryptic symbols hint at intrigue much deeper than rank, company, and unit.”
—UTNE Reader

“Of course, issuing patches for a covert operation sounds like a joke … but truth be told, these days everything is branded. Military symbols are frequently replete with heraldic imagery—some rooted in history, others based on contemporary popular arts that feature comic characters—but these enigmatic dark-op images, in some cases probably designed by the participants themselves, are more personal, and also more disturbing, than most.”
—Steven Heller, The New York Times Book Review

Since the release of this book, new mission patches have been released that are as strange and cryptic as their predecessors. If these patches are meant to symbolize “the values of the crew and the objectives of the mission”,  perhaps we should be a little concerned. Here are the top 10 most sinister mission patches:

#10 – Alien Face

TENCAP is an acronym for “Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities” and is a collection of programs involving the cutting edge of warfare.

“The purpose of the AF TENCAP program is to exploit the current and future potential of existing national, commercial, and civil space systems and national air-breathing systems, and to provide these capabilities to the warfighter as rapidly as possible.”
– Source

In PSYOPS, “Special” almost invariably means “black” or highly classified. Does the “highly classified part” of the mission have something to do with the fact that the badge bears the face of an alien? The saying at the bottom does not help: The phrase “Oderint Dum Metuant” is usually associated with Caligula, the first-century Roman emperor whose name became synonymous with depravity, madness, and tyranny. It translates as “Let them hate so long as they fear.” Right.

#9 All Your Base Are Belong to Us

A giant angry dragon clutching the planet, bringing destruction from space. That’s a nice way to symbolize space missions. In PSYOPS symbolism, dragons typically represent signals-intelligence satellite launches; the dragons’ wing patterns symbolize the satellites’ massive gold-foil dish antennae meant to collect all types of information from earth. The phrase “Omnis Vestri Substructio Es Servus Ad Nobis” can loosely be translated to “All your base are servant to us”. This phrase does not make much sense, except that it vaguely states that the world is owned by those who made that patch. But this phrase is also reminiscent of a geeky 2002 Internet meme based on a poor translation in an old-school Sega game.

The biggest internet meme of 2002, a
badly translated Sega game.


This allusion to popular culture is quite funny yet disturbing … I’m pretty sure they truly believe that all our base are belong to them.

#8 Hymn to Pan

The PAN satellite was launched in September 2009 and is so top-secret that no military or governmental organization claimed to have built it.

“A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket has launched with PAN, a classified satellite which will be operated by the US Government. The launch was on time, at the start of a two hour, nine minute launch window which opened at 21:35 GMT (17:35 local time). Unusually for an American government satellite, the agency responsible for operating the spacecraft has not been disclosed.”
– Nasa Space Flight

According to the patch, PAN stands for “Palladium at Night”, Palladium being a silvery-white metallic element that is probably present in the satellite. The mission is so secret, however, that it is jokingly said that the name PAN actually stands for “Pick a Name” (notice the subtle question mark underneath the rocket on the patch).

PAN is also the name of an ancient horned god important in occultism and that has a strange link with the history of rocket science in the United States.

Jack Parsons, a pioneer in American space propulsion who is often credited for having “propelled” the United States into the space age (a crater of the moon is named in his honor), was also a notorious occultist. He was a prominent member of the Ordo Templi Orienti (the O.T.O.), an occult secret society popularized by Aleister Crowley. Seeing no separation between his professional and his occult work, Parsons was known to chant Crowley’s poem entitled Hymn to Pan before each test rocket launch.

“Parsons would dance and chant poetry—most notably Crowley’s “Hymn to Pan”—before rocket tests.”
– Goeffrey Landis, The Three Rocketeers

Is Pan still invoked during rocket launches?

#7 Supra Summus

This is a patch for a NRO spy-satellite launch. Those familiar with this site will probably recognize this Illuminati 101 symbolism: An unfinished pyramid topped by the All-Seeing Eye. This All-Seeing Eye requires help: it needs spy satellites to be even more all-seeing.

“LMA” at the bottom right most likely refers to Lockheed Martin Aerospace, which is the ultimate Big Brother mega-company working with the CIA, NRO, NSA and IRS.

Above the All-Seeing Eye is written “Supra Summus”, which can be translated to “Most Superior and Highest”, which, if nothing else, indicates a healthy level of self-esteem.

Other NRO spy-satellite launches have also used similar designs.

#6 Two Faced Shadow Guy

The 23rd Space Operations Squadron (23 SOPS) is a United States Air Force unit located at New Boston Air Force Station in New Hampshire. The patch of this mission features a creepy-looking figure in a creepy hood looking over the earth with creepy eyes, staring creepily at the American continent. However, that is not the creepiest thing in this patch. If you look closely at the contour of the black face, you’ll see another face, with pointy nose and pointy ears, looking left.  Who is this creepier dude within an already creepy dude? And what’s up with all the layers of creepy?

The saying “Semper Vigilans” means “Always Vigilant”. At least I can relate to that. But in the context of this patch, it is definitely creepy.

#5 The Grid

Are you thinking of selling your condo and your Prius in order to leave everything and “go off the grid”? Try it and this knight might slash your head off. It would probably be useless anyhow. Look closely at this patch: there is no “off the grid”. This patch actually depicts the “information grid” those crazy conspiracy theorists keep rambling about, complete with nodes at the intersections.

Defenders of the Domain is a subgroup of the NSA Information Assurance group and is comprised of individuals “who are on the front lines in developing the strategy, the concepts, the planning and the technical implementation in the Information Assurance domain. They are the true leaders in the world of Cybersecurity.” In other words, they monitor the cyberspace using the latest technologies.

The man with the sword is in the distinct dress of a Knight Templar, this ancient group of Crusaders that became an occult secret society. The Knight represents the descendants of the Templars, the modern Illuminatus.

#4 NRO Snakes

This is another mysterious patch of the NRO. The program associated with this patch is totally unknown. All we know is that it is represented by three menacing vipers wrapped around the the earth, making us all warm and fuzzy inside.  The Latin inscription “Nunquam Ante Numquam Iterum” translates to “Never before, never again.” What never happened before and will never happen again? We may never know.

#3 I Could Tell You…

You know that a mission is top-secret when not even an obscure symbol can be used to represent it. This patch was designed as a generic insignia for “black” projects conducted by the Navy’s Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Four. The Latin phrase “Si Ego Certiorem Faciam … Mihi Tu Delendus Eris” is roughly translated to “I could tell you … but then I’d have to kill you”. That is cliché phrase, but considering these are the people who actually created it, they probably don’t think it is corny. In fact, they’re probably dead serious about it.

Furthermore, there is a twist on the phrase. According to Paglen, the Latin phrase is worded in a peculiar way in order to refer to Greek and Roman texts.

“The Latin phrase Si Ego Certiorem Faciam … Mihi Tu Delendus Eris roughly translates into a cliché commonly heard in the vicinity of “black” programs: “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”

But the phrasing here is unusual because it is written in the passive voice: a more accurate translation of the Latin would be “I could tell you, but then you would have to be destroyed by me.” By employing the passive voice, the patch’s designer makes two references that would not exist in other phrasings. The first reference is to the Greek god of Chaos, Eris, about whom Homer wrote in Book Four of the Iliad: “[Eris] whose wrath is relentless … is the sister and companion of murderous Ares, she who is only a little thing at the first, but thereafter grows until she strides on the earth with her head striking heaven. She then hurled down bitterness equally between both sides as she walked through the onslaught making men’s pain heavier.”

The passive phrasing of the Latin also echoes the words of the second-century BCE Roman senator Cato the Elder, who roamed the Senate repeating the words Carthago delenda est—”Carthage must be destroyed.” In 149 BCE, Cato got his way and Rome attacked the North African city, located near present-day Tunis. Three years after beginning their assault, the Roman army overran Carthage, tore down its walls, and sold its inhabitants into slavery. After the Roman Senate declared that no one would ever again live where the city had stood, legend holds that Rome salted the earth around the city in order to ensure that Carthage would remain a wasteland.”
– Source

So the badge does not contain a simple death threat: it also alludes to a “wrath from above” of mythological proportions, turning your city into a wasteland for generations to come. Now that’s a threat.

#2 Get Your Kicks on 66

The Minotaur program is composed of top-secret NRO spy-satellite launching missions. Minotaurs are bull-headed creatures from Greek mythology that are always angry, violent and merciless. Minotaurs bear many resemblances to the Middle-Eastern deity Molech, a bull-headed god with the body of a man to whom child sacrifices were made.

In this patch for NROL-66, the red Minotaur (as if hailing directly from hell) is holding a street sign of the mythical route 66. It is rather difficult not to see an allusion to the devil (who is often portrayed in red) and the number 666.

Furthermore, according to some occult researchers, route 66 was originally laid out to become a sort of “occult pilgrimage”.

“The famous old American highway “Route 66” was laid out by Freemasons with the apparent intention of sending masses of automobile riders into a self-processing occult “trip.”

Route 66 began at the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, near the site of the University of Chicago’s collection of Aztec ritual incunabula. It ended in Barstow, California in the Mohave desert, which is for the Freemasons, the cosmic graveyard of the West, the final destiny of Anubis, the celestial jackal, otherwise known as Sirius (see Giorgio de Santillana andHertha Von Dechend, Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay on Myth and th Frame of Time, p. 358).


If this version of Route 66 smacks of some medieval pilgrimage made more appropriately on a camel than by car, it is for good reason. Most of Route 66 was based on a road forged in 1857 by Lt. Edward Beale and his caravan of the U.S. Camel Corps.”
– Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

So who is really getting their kicks on Route 66?

#1 The Devil You Know

This patch for NROL-49  depicts a phoenix rising from the flames with the flag of the United States in the background. The Latin words “Melior Diabolus Quem Scies” roughly translates to mean “The Devil You Know,” as in the phrase “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know”. Cryptic. According to NASA, this saying refers to the return of the use of an old system after attempting to use a new one, which had resulted in failure.

“The mission patch for NRO L-49 shows a phoenix rising out of a fire, with the words “melior diabolus quem scies”, which translate into English as “better the devil you know”, indicating the return to the older system following the failure of the attempt to replace it.”
– Source

It is a rather odd choice of words for a governmental agency, but definitely on-par with this whole sinister, hellish theme going on with PSYOPS patches.

Another patch related to NRO-49 depicts the satellite as a winged fiery being (referred to by NASA as a devil named Betty) who is holding a trident and a wrench.

“An image of a devil features on the launch patch. The old tradition of giving rockets personal names also appears to have been revived; Delta 352 seems to have been named “Betty”, and the Atlas V that launched from Vandenberg last year was named ‘Gladys’.”
– Ibid.

The patch shows the moon (or a comet?) partially covering the earth. If you look closely, there are letters in the detail of the grey astral body. What do they refer to? At the bottom of the patch, the Latin phrase is also enigmatic: “Primoris Gravis Ex Occasus”.  Primoris means “First”, Gravis stands for “important, heavy or serious” and Occasus means “setting of the sun, the West, or fall”. In other words, I don’t know what it means. “First heavy setting of the sun”? “The most important thing after the sunset”? “First serious fall”? Regardless of the exact meaning, there seems to be an emphasis on the concept of darkness. Betty is pure darkness wrapped in flames and is partially covering the sun. There is a grey celestial body moving towards the earth … and we’re still talking about a spy-satellite. Okay.

Honorable Mentions

There are many other patches giving a glimpse in the somehow twisted world of PSYOPS:

Wizards controlling the earth through magic is a recurring theme in
PSYOPS patches. Is magick still a part of rocket launching like in the
times of Jack Parsons and the O.T.O.?

What do the letters at the bottom mean? None of your f***ing business. No, I’m not being rude…that’s what the letters stand for.


Another NRO patch, one that pretty much sums up the meaning of all
of the above. The spy satellite is symbolized by an angry dragon clutching the entire planet with its four claws holding a diamond in its tail. It does not seem to preoccupied with our privacy and other petty things like that.


In Conclusion

Although it isn’t possible to know exact meaning of the symbols found in these mission patches, they still provide a rare insider’s look at the philosophy, the mind state and the background of the organizations creating them. Sorcerers controlling the earth, vipers surrounding the earth, angry dragons clutching the earth … this is how they perceive themselves and their work. My question is: Should we maybe be a little concerned? One could argue that these patches are meant to be menacing to America’s enemies. This could be true, but most satellites launched by the NRO are meant to spy on North America, hence the emphasis on the continent in many of these patches.

One thing is certain, mission patches are the most honest descriptions we have of these secret missions. Since most of the patches were not intended for mass exposure, they are devoid of public relations sugar-coating. The patches do not talk about “bringing democracy and the light of freedom to the world”… they show the world in chains and in flames, controlled by dragons and sorcerers, and their words threaten death and destruction.

The occult symbolism illustrated in these patches is also reminder that these organizations have relations to secret societies and are “in the know”. And those who are not in the know, the uninitiated masses, the profane, are not welcome.



    • Say No To NWO on

      I agree, bravo!.

      This was one of most enjoyable articles I've ever read from you, Vigilant. The humour, the information, everything is just amazing! Don't stop the amazing writing. I'm still in school and believe it or not, I've learned a thing or two about how to write an essay thanks to you. VC, not only have you been waking me up to the world around us, you've also taught me how to keep an audience captivated in a writing piece. And for that, I am truly grateful.

    • capitol-istically speaking, if it's not the jews in isreal it's the english crown… if it's not them it's the seat of the NWO in astana (which i reckon theee VC would endorse) and if it's not there i'm sure there's pretty compelling cases to go to other places.

      this is where you have to give them some credit…. there's so many dead-end paths that you can "uncover" and follow all the way to a conclusion, but i reckon all of them are wrong. i wouldn't be surprised if some fat prophet in a basement in ohio really runs the whole damn show (and it's the greatest show on earth, ask aceyalone)

      • oh regarding my above message, i just want to point out that someone had simply blamed the NWO on the jews from israel…. i just wanted to point out that it could go any which way, so who knows?

    • Is it just me or does "the creepy guy within the creepy" of patch #6 (Two faced shadow guy) look like a sideshot of Vladimir Putin?

  1. things like this, make me even more disgusted at the government. i bet i couldn't even imagine what some of the secrets are that they're keeping from us.

    • Space is the most secretive programme of all – the reason why every single badge relates to satan is because the end time delusions will be controlled from space …

      The "space race" between Russia and the US was a farce -they've both been controlled by the powers that be since the creation of their respective Central Banks – they created this "race" so they could weaponise space….( Its impossible for man to get to the moon due to the Van Allen belt but thats another days work… )

      Stanley Kubrick was asked to fake the moonlandings by the witches (illuminati/freemasons/jesuits etc – all best summed up by the term witches) that run NASA……He had already been initiated into the Mystery Religions, so they knew they could rely on him – and he also cut a deal to make the movie he always wanted – "2001 a Space Odyssey"…

      It was perfect – 2001 would be used as a cover whilst he secretly worked on the moon landings and at the same time Stanley could indoctrinate the masses into what an "actual" moon landing would look like – with the relaese of 2001 ( a year, conveniently, before the faked moon landings were to be released)……

      But eventually Stanley realised what the real purpose of the "Apollo" (sun god/satan) missions were about…….and the stress of that and the actual stress of making the two films simultaneously nearly killed him – and drove him slightly insane…

      Thats why he made "The Shining" – its absolutely nothing to do with the Stephen King book – its to do with the horror of the Apollo Space Missions….and the Mind Control they used to control all the Astronauts and workers associated….and the many murders which subsequently took place –

      – The boy represents Stanleys creative side

      – Jack Nicholson is the pragmatic side

      – The Hotel is America ("built on the bones of Indians…")

      – The ghosts and phantoms that secretly control the hotel (and drive men to madness) are of course the witches (illuminati etc…)

      In real life Stanley had to hide the fact he was working on the "moon landings" to everyone, even his wife….so in the movie Jack Nicholson is working on a "book" (2001 a space odyssey)……but then when he's away from his desk she sees what hes REALLY working on:

      "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy…" this is a code –

      "all work" or "A11 Work" – "Apollo11 Work……and no play makes Jack a dull boy….."

      This is probably the most horrific part of the movie – now finally his wife knows what hes REALLY working on – (it is only AFTER this point that she begins to see the ghosts too- in other words she was now AWARE of the powers that be – behind the scenes…..)

      So when Jack Nicholson catches her he goes mental – he grabs the baseball bat and screams at her over and over "HAVE YOU EVER HAD A SINGLE MOMENTS THOUGHT ABOUT MY RESPONSIBILITIES …TO MY EMPLOYERS!" as he says this he makes the OK with his hand 3 times – or – 6-6-6 – letting us know who his employers really are…(he also says he has to look after the Overlook hotel until May 1st – the satanic/witches New Year)

      He then goes onto say "HAS IT EVER OCCURRED TO YOU WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO MY FUTURE IF I WERE TO FAIL TO LIVE UP TOM RESPONSIBILITIES..!?" – In other words, Stanley knew that these people dont fuck around ….

      Theres tonnes of other things –

      In the book there was no twins – In the movie there was – why, and why were they slaughtered??

      Because this was the "Gemini" Mission being removed for the "Apollo" mission….

      Halfway through you see the boy wearing an Apollo 11 jumper….also in the main room where Jack Nicholson writes the book the massive mural on the wall is supposed to be of Indian totem poles – theyre not – theyre actual rockets….theres loads of sun symbolism (boxes of fruit with (Tex Sun, Golden Rey etc) all relating to the Apollo space mission…

      Also with the space mission being intertwined with the end time delusions (armageddon) – you'll see why Kubrick used the imagery of the blood gushing forth like a river and filling up the corridor from the elevator….

      If you watch the movie again, with this understanding – you'll see a totally different movie.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Awesome post!

        Regarding your comment "The “space race” between Russia and the US was a farce -they’ve both been controlled by the powers that be since the creation of their respective Central Banks – they created this “race” so they could weaponise space."

        Dr. Carol Rosin a former NASA scientist turned Disclosure Project witness backs this up!!!

        Keep in mind this was back in 2001 before 9/11 back when it was only Oklahoma city and the '93 WTC bombing and they realized they were going to need something bigger…

        Dr. Carol Rosin worked directly under Verner Von Braun, the NAZI V2 Rocket Scientist from Operation Paperclip. That's a pretty solid inside connection to a very serious source.

      • And consider that the final scene in the movie was cut A WEEK AFTER IT WAS RELEASED. The scene had Wendy Torrnace in the hospital and a cop telling her that her husband Jack Torrance's body was never found in the maze.

        A bit too much, perhaps?

      • hoffmanlenses on

        Although I do subscribe to the theory of faked moon landings. (why have we never gone back, is it really uninteresting on the Moon…?) I think you might have gone down the rabbit hole on the Kubrick theory…

      • I havent seen the movie, nor do I want to, but seems like you could do a whole article on it for VC

      • in reply to hoffmanlenses, we've been to the moon 6 times. not sure if the first was real, but it's undeniable that we haven't landed. they stopped in the 70's because its becoming rather pointless to even put humans in space, moon landing had become a sort of trivial thing


        Not to mention that Kubrick was VERY VERY detail oriented, he was known for taking a long time completing a movie.

        The devil is in the details

      • iknowthetruth on

        Not exactly

        you sound like a psyop!

        Truth is, It's all a luciferian psyop agenda, they created a cheap imitation of hell on this side of the world for us 99% and billionaires flocking to the other side of the world building their own haven/heaven. We're on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell. It's all being controlled by freemason jews and jesuits!

    • I agree and I've always noticed that the eye that lurks over the unfinished pyramids, are always kind of scaley?


      "According to NASA, this saying refers to the return of the use of an old system after attempting to use a new one, which had resulted in failure."

      I always believed that the Nazi regime was the prototype of whats to come. A master race, a highly controlled society with intense bureaucracy and curfews; a race experimented on and turned into some false utopia. Plus all of the nazis ran away to America after Germany fell during WWII. Then started the MKultra and Monarch Program after.

      So wouldn't this old system being returned be the return of the camps, the master race (which is already prominent in pop culture and music) and the whole Nazi system?

      • mtaylor90028 on

        Everything is a test or experiment or engineering project. WW2, Holomodor, the "Holocaust", AIDS, etc. We live in a web of conspiracies that are in plain sight. We are rats in cages, taught and trained how to behave. I feel it, and I feel it is real. Even USA is not a country. Think of it as a "tool" that was created for the higher-ups to launch their 'globalized initiative' from. don't think of anything before you from your own lifespan's POV. look at everything from up above and planned over the course of a century.

  2. Thank you for this! It's research like this I can't find on other sites! These are so disturbing, and yet I'm not shocked. I'm almost completely convinced that something huge is gonna happen regarding "aliens".

    • Have you checked out NASA's new emergency preperedness initiative for their personnel? It's not going to give you any comfort to the contrary!

    • Sarah Connor on

      BAR – here is a really cool site with lots of very intersting ufo info. I stumbled on it because I was looking up the six Russian cosmonauts who in 1985 claimed to encounter 7 angels at their space station, an account that quickly became classified. Hmm. Anyways, this has some good info, links and videos. Thought you would enjoy!

      I need to unplug – this article has me all hopped up!

      One of my fav's VC!!! Clever smurf is also very funny, in a dry british way 😉 love it.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Hmm – just today came across this. Pretty good little youtube on all of the Fallen Angel/UFO conditioning we are being bombarded with on a massive scale via Hollywood and even governement/news. Includes KT's ET and Gaga's Born this way. It's from a Christian POV:

      • Sarah,

        Two or three days ago after returning from the supermarket my son and I witnessed something very odd in the night sky. We basically saw a formation of about seven or eight lights in the sky, very bright. I sent my son in the house to get his mother so she could witness the lights. By the time I got out of the car to get a better look they were gone. These lights were huge and very bright. I have no idea how they disappeared. I turned my head for a few moments and they were gone. They couldn't have traveled out of sight because they were moving rather slowly. It was a rather weird experience. The formation was four on four, stacked above one another, two rows of four. The lights were much larger then regular aircraft lights, maybe ten times the size of normal.

      • Thanks Sarah – Im a big fan of your comments too :)

        Ill probably put together a video of The Shining and post it here…for some people I can understand how hard it is to believe – but I think if people saw the movie "decoded" in its entirety theyd defo understand what Kubrick was trying to say…

        The fact that The Shining had nothing to do with the book at all, and also that he was murdered for his Eyes Wide Shut movie should shed some sort of light what he was trying to do…

      • Sarah Connor on

        Laz – wierd experience indeed! Yet an exact account of what more and more people are seeing and reporting on thanks to cameras and video. I'm wondering what you felt? Shock, intimidation, awe, surrealness etc? This hand will be played out at some point, like I said the 'all in', that just seems apparent anymore. Don't know when, but it won't be boring, that is for sure.

        Tiarnan – if you put together an article or video (which you should) submit it to VC – he takes submissions and from what I can tell, goes through them and even features them sometimes. I think it would be fascinating to hear/read and it does seem like you are onto something. More often than not in the past few years, I've been finding all these little rabbit holes are leading to the same big, dang underground(world) amuzement park of insanity and almost always, just pure wicked. Starting to seem like so much more is related than I would like to believe, and it continues to stupify me on a regular basis! Would have never even thought of The Shining in that context, and it is really cool to see a new perspective/looking glass! Cheers! And get to work lol!

    • mtaylor90028 on

      In regards to something happening with "aliens" – i agree. more fakery from the controllers of course. but i wanted to bring up something in regards to the patches with the 3 serpants as well as the "alien" thing. Remember years back, someone discovered that when you fold the $1 bill, the $10, and the $20 bill it showed the united and the american hitting the pentagon when folded? you also know how there is an owl above the 1 in the $1 bill? well, if you look it up, in our old printed money, when folded you can see little alien/serpant heads, just like on the patch above but almost as small as the owl.. now what does this have to do with the "happening with 'aliens' they have planned for us? well, if the money is an indicator of things to come, i imagine at that point, they were planning things with the idea of "aliens". since they cancelled those bills, i suppose they called it off.

    • It's because it's the internet, not a good research tool unless you subscribe to academic services (Lexis Nexus, et al). But you WILL find yourself asking questions and surrounded by people and material that will get you going on this exact thing if you take poli-sci, or even a little France in Modern Times.

  3. almost all of them have dragons and the sort.. a little comment on that? i'm thinkin reptilians.. what else could it be????

    • Sarah Connor on

      "THE" dragon = Satan

      Rev 12:9 And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

      His assitants apparently also are in patchwork…..

      • The dragon has several more esoteric meanings, too.

        1. Tiamat – Dragon or serpent who inhabits the Babylonian Abyss, the Apsu, or Da'ath in the kabbalah. –

        2. Draco – In ancient ascent mysticsim, the 'stairway to heaven' consists of the nearest stars rotating the pole star. Today that is the Big Dipper or Great Bear, but prior to that it was the constellation Draco.

        3. In much world mythology, a solar hero is seen slaying a dragon, like St. George. The dragon can mean the reptile brain, the lower animal nature of the brain stem that we have to move our thought patterns out of to overcome instinct and begin to have consciousness. (I think some of the source of the 'Reptilian' theories may lie in this – the power hungry are living in their reptile brains.)

      • PS – I think the dragon holding a diamond in its tail is significant – the diamond symbolizes the highest attainment of consciousness in Buddhism, the 'diamond mind,' so the dragon hoarding it would mean the reptile brain is holding back the transcendent nature of human consciousness.

      • The Dragon is all of those things you've all mentioned above. The Dragons, snakes, Satan, reptillians in general represent the Reptillians. Everything that is dark and spooky and evil that has the spiked tail, or the horns relates back to the reptilian form, which is the race that has been surpressing the earth for.. I have no idea. A long time.

        In every religion, mythology or symbologies; there are the same reoccuring pattern. My belief is that when these religions emerged, the people in power in their secret groups, spread, divided and twisted up the basic information and hid them in various belief systems so that there will be confusion.

        So when there are people that say: It's satan! It's a mythical creature! It's a Dragon!

        It's all the same thing. It all represents the same thing.

    • On the badge which has a dragon with the Amercian flag , the description says the badges are for secret satellites..something to do with satellites…if you look up in the sky there are a few "Stars" which change colour , from red blue green and of course a white, I cant help but think this badge is portraying these stars in the sky , also there is a diamond on the dragons tail, which further more make it more clear this certain badge is portraying the bright coloured stars in our sky's:)

  4. Sarah Connor on

    Oh my VC!!! I just about fell out of my chair! I wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't just spelled it out like this! I knew the crazies were running the asylum…..but this is almost too much! Evil doers are runnin out of places to hide! WOW – going to have to read it a few more times to let it sink in…..I mean you think you know, but then….WOW!!!!

    Awesome, informative article!!!

    • I really think there will be a fake alien attack in order to force the world to unite under one government to create a one world army.

      There are so many alien invasion movies and tv shows coming out – to pave the way and cultivate the fear.

      I don't think there's anything mystical or esoteric behind this – just ruling through fear. Patriot act and the afganistan & iraq wars would not have happened if people weren't so petrifiied by september 11.

      The easiest way to establish a one world government – a common threat. People will be begging for it out of fear. What other common threat (that needs to be fought against) can there be – apart from an alien invasion that threatens the entire planet. Cue fake attack.

      i hope i'm wrong though

      • Sarah Connor on

        I absolutely agree that this will most likely be the grand finale in ushering in one world government! Reagan told us as much five times! Which btw I do think he was warning us, not so much conditioning. But it does also fall in line with Fleurdamour's point that they always tell you first. So true!

        I do believe however that the 'fake' invasion will come complete with actual entities and spacecraft/aircraft that is years beyond what we are familiar. TPTB always release the technology to the masses years if not decades later. These alien entities have been reported on, and accounted for since men could carve on rocks. Nothing new under the sun. Just comes down to if one believes they are 'extra-terrestrial' – which is what we are being programmed to believe. Or if you believe they are 'inter-dimensional' – aka demons. If you look into demonology, greys and reptilians can easily be explained. There is a whole host of bodies included in the underworld. Think Lord of the Rings…..not too far off in my humble. Anyways, I think you think right on about the 'all in' play of the elite, but just wanted to add I really believe we will see 'aliens'. Not to fear though, they have already been defeated and must submit to the kindgdom of God. My three year old could get them to skit skat with a little bit of the Word.


        BIBLICAL DEMONOLOGY AND CONTEMPORARY UFOLOGY – interesting little read, I don't agree with everything but he has some thought provoking stuff, and I found parts in my bible I had never seen before that blew my mind.


        I've been looking for something that correlates Demons and Aliens, My thought on that EXACTLY. Thanks!

      • Sarah Connor on

        Matmar – in addition to all the conditioning that we receive through shows like "When Aliens Attack' that recently aired on National Geographic….boy was that one a doozy!!!! I was laughing so hard – it pushes a one world agenda, complete with Obama reaching those still alive via transmittors to come together for our new world as we start over after some months of guerilla warfare with the ET's- are you kidding me??? Hollywood is also making an absolute mockery of Christianity regarding the alien agenda. I came across this review of 'Paul' a few months ago and posted on HGITM, thought you might find it interesting –

      • I don't understand how you can believe it's not esoteric? Especially after reading and learning about the occult world on this website. The elite (the rich men of the earth) use ancient symbology in everything they do. It couldn't be more apparent, from the Templar double cross in the Exxon logo to many number of the beast depictions in loads of corporate advertising. Sure, they do rule by fear, no doubt, but in this case their methods prove to us their beliefs. They are a malevolent, evil cabal.

      • mtaylor90028 on

        wow i think, you pretty much took the words out of my mouth. I was trying to figure out how to say what I was thinking in my head and not come across as crazy, but you said it all.



        AGREED, Sci Fi movies also bug the Sh** outta me when they mock Christ. I was watching this show one night ,it was a british comedy I forget what show it was but it came on right before Red Dwarf. At the end of this show this couple is looking up at the stars talking about God and how great it is that we're all connected and it was pretty heartfelt, and right at the end the guy tells the girl "Can you pass the Shrooms again." I was pretty pissed but calmed down after Red Dwarf started.

        But that shirt is just EFFED up, its really disrespectful and I can't help but feel giddy for the second coming of Christ as a lion. These people are going to say "damn what'd I do!?"

        If you have Netflix you should give Ancient Aliens a watch, saw the first episode and it talks about Egypt and the pyramids and aircraft that they may have had, and I'm probably going to finish the season, some of the things on there I don't agree with but its interesting. Also Jericho is a good show to see how we might react to a nuclear attack in the U.S.

        Oh and Black Death is good flick to watch too, I enjoyed that one very much. LOL k done recommending shows and movies, I just really enjoyed those.

        Thanks for the links again! I'm still reading through the first, theres alot of info in that one.

        Be Safe and God Bless!

      • Sarah Connor on

        Matmar you are funny! I will look up Black Death and Jericho, I think that was a tv series? Sounds like something my dad watches lol. Anyways, here is another interesting youtube on alien/demon stuff by Chuck Missler:

        He was in the airforce as Branch Chief of the Dept of Guided Missles then went to the private sector for a large aerospace firm, then became Sr. analyst for a non-profit think tank for the intelligence community and DOD. Pretty solid credentials, and interesting little watch! My husband really liked it because it was all sciency and stuff…..

        Little something I have been learning about in the last year and then with recent developments, put back on my radar again.

        Did you know China has 257 "Foreign Trading Zones" on US soil? No joke!… – here are all the locations!!!

        Then just recently, Idaho to sell it's state (trade and investment opportunities) to the Chinese?

        Then I see they are buying up land all over the US and looking to build a 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaing city around Boise!!!!

        Had you heard that many of our National Parks are UN property? What???

        This was all shocking news to me, and I'm horrified to learn our politicians are selling us off little by little!!! This week I was suddenly inspired to watch the flick 'Red Dawn" – had never seen it before and gotta say, not bad for a movie close to 30 years old. It felt relative.


        WOW WOW WOW, Thanks for the video link, I liked the reference to Buffalo Bill where the Native Americans brought large bones and said that giant beings used to live there, makes you wonder what went down, and if the Indians had a war with the Nephilim.

        Thats funny that you say it sounds like something your dad wathces because my dad and I have been watching Jericho(three more episodes left!), and he mentioned Red Dawn earlier this week, I haven't seen it yet, we looked it up and its dvd only so I gotta put that on the que.

        Btw have you heard of Vigiliant Nation? Just received a youtube request from VN.

    • Sarah,

      I have read that link with the fallen angels interpretation from the link you posted, it is quite a long read but I took the time and it paid off. I think I have a new interpration of the Betty patch based on that:

      According with the article: The Nephilim after too many carnal sins they loose their physical body and they became " Beth Rapha" ( dead bodies, demons) which are cast in the underworld " Tartar".

      Many publications and the bible talk about the raise of the underworld, the dead bodies, the Beth Rapha in the end times, and there is a speculation that it will happen when there will be a certain celestial alignment. On that patch work there is the Sun, the Earth and a mysterious planet all aligned looks like. Betty looks like a winged demon( fallen angel) surounded by fire, that could be an alusion of the eternal fire from hell where she is coming from or it could be a personification of the Phoenix bird rebirthing from ashes.

      I read some prophecies saying that this time the destruction of the new Babylon ( US) will be by fire and the new Atlantis will be born from that.

      I will go with the escape from hell because she is positioned below the planets ( coming from the underworld)

      The inscription about the sun setting or something around that may well be a sun eclipse caused by that grey planet, however in the patch the planet is not between the sun and the earth to cause the eclipse so somethingelse may be the cause or the inscription doesn't mean eclipse but something like : " The most important fall"

      The Maya has predicted that right before 2012, in November the big change will happen and they mentioned that we may be in the dark for a while ( nothing to be scared of they say) but a lot of people will perish because of the fear.

      The Hopi prophecy is about a blue star that will apear on the sky when the time of change will come, well that is a grey planet so maybe not really the case.

      But to make the story short:

      AT a important celestial alignment the Beth Rapha will rise from death, that is the image portraited there and I assume there is a department studying this particular case.

      • Sarah Connor on

        What a cool post and interpretation infomama! The first thing that jumped out at me when I saw that patch was Elenin and/or planet x or nibiru. There is a large school of thought out there that these celestial bodies will unleash the gates of hell so to speak. Your post motivates me to revisit that topic, it has been awhile. Thanks so much!

  5. "One thing is certain, mission patches are the most honest descriptions we have of these secret missions. Since most of them were not intended for mass exposure, they are devoid of public relations sugar-coating. The patches do not talk about “bringing democracy and the light of freedom to the world”… they show the world in chains and in flames, controlled by dragons and sorcerers, and their words threaten death and destruction."

    People in general ought to let that sink in. You don't have to pin point the exact "god" or ceremony or translation to see the MINDSET of these individuals. Thats (what I think) this site is about – at this point it doesn't matter if GAGA, jay-z, B.E.P. or k-pop artist know the illuminati agenda – what matters is that there is a CONSTANT THEME of magic, submission, psyop themes etc going on in our society.

    • Truthseeker2010 on

      I'm curious to know if the words on the patches themselves invoke spells themselves. I was reading about the hip hop generatio's rap artists influence over the masses. It mentioned that the evil that is being used to put the younger generation into a trance, has something to do with witches casting spells over music and that is one reason why it is so hypnotic.

      I can't remember the link because it was one of those youtube videos where there is someone rambling on without concrete evidence. It looks as if the person was recovering from one of those MK Ultra programs targetted at the Black community.

      Sorry, but I haven't found concrete information and this site has research data that is valid.

    • Return of JesusPBUH/ on

      VC! You continue to astonish me with your EPIC informative articles! My brother called me crazy, my mom, my dad, my friends. If THIS isn't proof then WTF is???

      May God bless you!

      • We are living is interesting times. The Illuminati are for Real…..and they work for ET/ED entities….who have reigned as Gods over the Earth since before the days of Noah.

      • InYahwehITrust on

        Call them back.By the way, this is a documentary made by a muslim, if you're interested: The Arrivals (Noreagaaa series).By the way, islamism brought me be back to God, but the true way is that of the Christian God, the God of the Bible, Yahweh.Allah is a moon god ,sorry -> almost on every arabic flag is the cescent moon and a scimitrar (the god of war).

  6. Very interesting and informative. Excellent post. My question is why are they so naive to think that people will not understand their patches? It's like their mapping out their whole agenda through symbols for us. Do they really think no one will conncect the dots? when enough people open their eyes and realize whats going on, the elite will understand their arrogance was actually their downfall.

    • I read somewhere that is part of their religion that they have to drop some hints about what they are doing in order to balance their karma.

      • @Fleurdamour

        I don't mean to be rude at all but Your statement is rather vauge, would you care to elaborate as to what "their religion" is?

        As far as balancing their karma, I find it hard to believe that anyone who is part of a group that's responsible for countless wars for profit, mass genocide through famine, poisonous vaccines and chemtrails, false flag terror operations and overall depopulation would be even worried about their karma. Forget balancing their karma i want to know how they even sleep at night. A 100,000 ton rock wouldn't balance out the bad karma that they have coming to them.

    • Everyone will bow- J on

      Will it be too late when they open their eyes? Will things be too far ahead when people start asking questions?

      People are becoming more and more complacent to what is taking place in society. I think television and Hollywood are doing a great job on programming people's minds.

    • Don't know if this is true, but like I said I read this somewhere. Draw your own conclusions.

      The Moral Code of the Illuminati: As strange as it may seem, the Illuminati have a moral code. This list is incomplete but it exemplifies the way they think and what we can expect in the near future:

      •Before you destroy your enemy, you must tell him what you are going to do to him.

      •Revenge is not just pleasurable, it is necessary.

      •Everything must be in balance. All negative acts must be matched by positive ones.

      •The strong are morally obliged to exploit the weak for a greater purpose.

      •Power is real. Love and compassion are illusions to comfort the weak.

      •Every action has the right time and place in the cosmic order.

      •Sacrifices are necessary for the greater good.

      •The end justifies the means

      • severalminds on

        the illuminati illude themselves that they can fool God doing "positive acts" as a balance of their bad acts, so in this way come to their target of becoming God while realising step by step all their plans which are founded on evil ideology. But it is a poor blasphemy and kidding the power of God which knows everything, including our thougts, real intents, even before ourselves know them…there is no balance and no refund of bad acts except the sincere redemption which means that if you compare and promise that you won't do any more bad acts, you shouldn't do them more really, otherwise the punishment will be even worse than before. Until the sinner continues with bad acts, no so called "positive act" may balance what the sinner does…they can't fool God, everything is written and recorded, every one will answer for own acts sooner or later. This is for sure. All the exoteric doctrine of illuminati and other similar groups connected to evil brotherhood, are false, confused and far from the truth of universe. Never take their slogans seriously, it is for fool adepts which fall into the trap well packed by tempting slogans and then sign the blood contract with that horrible people…

      • yes they are atleast following the 1st rule….by showing the future through Hollywood movies…

    • They know that the vast majority will never connect the dots. They are not very worried about people like us because we are relatively few in numbers.

  7. vanessa b xx on

    have a horrible sneaky creepy feeling that there is a satellite frm space watching me as i am in my own home. i feel sick

  8. Great article VC and on a topic unexpected, unheard of, nice surprise! We are all becoming knowledgeable thanks to your research! Having noticed the patches, I have the following comments:

    1. Almost all patches are devoid of any deep subliminal imagery and everything is so transparent. Maybe because they are not meant for the masses?

    2. Some patches have 04, 05, 06, 07 and 11 stars. The numbers definitely point to something.

    3. The obelisk like structure in Patch #9 most certainly is phallic

    4. The Betty patch is really intriguing (second only to the Don't ask or I'll kill ya patch) and the way the astral bodies are aligned (sun, earth, moon) probably refers to an eclipse?

    5. For David Icke and believers of his doctrine, these patches can be considered "proof" that there are reptilian shape-shifters ruling this earth! (But it is still really far-fetched and I don't believe it)

    6. Patch #1, the "Devil you know" probably refers to the Phoenix symbol which is found on the US seal and is widely recognizable by everyone already hence "the Devil you know". The douche bags think we don't know about the rest of the patches, well now we DO!

    Lets all remain Semper Vigilans 😉

    And oh, how is the Michael Jackson article coming along? :)

  9. Wow. Just, Wow. How much of sheeple are we that we just stand all day and not even bother to learn about what is really going on in the world?! These Mission Patches are beyond blatant. We need to inform others about this. There's still hope! We can't give up.

  10. Who is this creepier dude within an already super-creepy dude? And what’s up with all the layers of creepy? haha

    • Truthseeker2010 on

      Is this an interesting way to show a demonic possession? How an entity from another dimension uses a human host and the spooky eyes represent how the human hos is put into a trance.

      I also believe "aliens" are really these entities from another dimension who know how to manipulate our perception of living matter and downloaded a program into that reality so we don't know their true existance.

      Trying to pursue any of that has led to so many dead ends. Literally when some light comes into areas that sheds light into strange mysterious information, the human who can explain it in human terms is exterminated. So I also have reservations about someone who has information that seems plausible and is still alive to one who has proven their humanity be developing qualities that would better other human abilities in a creative manner

  11. I feel like the Illuminati has hijacked the Phoenix and twisted its meaning into something much darker and more sinister than what it was initially meant to symbolize.

  12. Excellent article, VC. You really did some great research and homework on this one…very impressive.

    Having worked in military aerospace "in another life", I saw a lot of these patches and insignia as they relate to fighter squadrons and such. And although most of those are fairly tame and even pretty funny sometimes – tongue in cheek depictions of Tom and Jerry (cat and mouse fighter jet stuff), and the dark humor you'd expect considering the job they do – but some were very creepy and definitely made it clear that there were associations with Illuminati (pyramids, "the eye", checkerboards, pirates and the good ol Skull and Bones, etc.) I also once worked with a brilliant guy who transferred to work for the USAF for IBM at NORAD, in the space ops section that worked directly with NRO, monitoring all orbiting satellites in the skies, for whatever reasons. He told me that despite what you've heard or seen in the movies, the NRO and CIA people that he came into contact with were the creepiest, dead-eyed people that he ever saw in his life. Very serious, which is understandable, but also driven by "something" internal that he said made them seem oddly inhuman, and it wasn't just a dedicated sense of honor and duty….it was much weirder than that, he said, as if their true personalities and human side just wasn't there anymore, like they had been removed…reprogrammed. His words, and he was the furthest thing from an MK-ULTRA aware conspiracy minded person – those were just his neutral observations, without knowing anything about all this stuff that we do. Scary, huh?

    So, I have to say that you've uncovered something very creepy here with the NRO program patches – there is no doubt that there is a consistent pattern here with a very creepy message that they are sending out to the world. It's great when you find areas like this to branch out from the music and pop entertainment side of things, because it gives all your readers a bigger picture of how deep this rabbit hole really goes…and I don't think any of us really know the answer to that, but it's safe to say that it is deeper and more evil than we can probably imagine, even in our most paranoid thoughts.

    There's nothing funny or playful or even patriotic about this or how these people obviously perceive their mission and place in our world. They want total control, and they aren't doing what they do for wholesome or patriotic reasons – these definitely suggest dark and sinister forces who are not our friends or protectors of liberty and justice. Quite the opposite, I'd say.

    So, thanks again and keep up the good work.

    • William Cooper talked about the power of the NRO in his book Behold A Pale Horse. He said they were more powerful then the NSA and CIA.

    • Thanks! I agree with you on this. About 2000 years ago, a guy wrote a book called Revelation and, in my opinion, spelled this all out but only fools like me understand the spiritual warfare going on. My country has been hijacked and it isn't an earthly power either! I am no Bible thumper but I do know that the best place to hide something can be right out in the open. I am ex-military myself. Thanks again!

  13. Rocket launches are an expression of the Axis Mundi, the pillar linking heaven and earth. The Atlas missiles are especially symbolic of this, Atlas being the anthropomorphized form of the world axis.

    The Special Projects Flight Test Squadron patch is almost an exact staging of the Magician card in Tarot, which evolved from leaf divination in ancient Egypt under the auspices of the Hermetic god Thoth. The Magician is also an anthropomorphized axis mundi figure, emboyding the Hermetic maxim 'as above so below.'

  14. I also think the creepy two-faced guy might be Janus, the god of gates and doors. That might symbolize the extra-dimensional gate these people supposedly can open, with who knows what coming and going through it.

  15. Its only been three or four months since I've found out about all this. You know, that there are people out there trying to "control the world" and the existence of secret societies and devil worshipers. But regarding the music industry, and listening to Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce etc ..

    (But especially Lady Gaga), I always wondered what her songs meant. Her Lyrics just didn't make sense to me. And whenever I'd ask, people would say " Oh lady gaga is just trying to tell us to be ourselves and be happy with who we are." Blah Blah!

    In what English speaking world does this ( tell me to be 'myself'.

    Anyways, once I found out about it through 'Youtube' videos and 'The Vigilant Citizen'

    I literally felt like I was hypnotized and suddenly awakened. This whole 'Mind-Control' has actually worked.

    Anyways, since then I've read a lot of articles on the Illuminati and Freemasons, and most of them said that they are the ones that control what we see, what to like, what to wear etc …

    If this is true, I mean if the Illuminati managed to control so many children, teenagers and adults around the world, i think they'd be smart enough to realize that people will eventually question what is going on around them. And I also noticed that more and more people are becoming aware of all this. So i concluded that maybe for some creepy reason, they want us to know about them, and their existence. What do they have planned for us in their creepy agenda?

    • i think their plans have reached, in their opinions, a place of fruition with the music industry. to the point that they no longer need to hide because finding out will not stop the plan. the sheeple have been transformed into a mindless zombie so you could tell them 'im going to destroy you' and they'll just go along. to explain, in earlier times doing these sinister things in the industry may cost you a following but now (from people i know raised even in 'church') they know about the illuminati etc and think its cool and wish to join. mission accomplished.

      • Mindboggle- you might want to think about changing your social circle, then. That's unfortunate what you are saying about people who think the Illuminati is "cool", not everyone is like that. Feel free to check out my blog and subsequent links if you like. I know tons of people who are awake and aware and interested only in their authentic selves and others who are too. God bless and take care.

    • Voice of Reason on

      The reason the majority of people aren't complaining is because the Elite are constantly coming up with new methods of keeping them distracted; mainly via new electronic gadgets, non-stop celebrity drama (Lindsay, anyone(?), the latest computer apps, pointless hype masquerading as legitimate news stories, etc., misleading coverage of Actual legitimate news, etc.; and, unfortunately, the masses are hugging their chains to them, totally oblivious that the walls of the electic fence which surrounds us all are gradually being pushed in farther and farther and farther…

    • Just as the question 'To be or not to be!',

      What do they have planned for us in their creepy agenda?

      Is the question!

    • The apparent 'agenda' almost sounds straight out of the book "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.
      For real, no kidding!

  16. If anyone has ever followed Peggy Kane's site on reverse speaking, the reptilians has been ruling the earth from behind the curtains. Many of the patches contain pictures of dragons, reptilians, snakes…..Thanks for great information.

  17. I wonder what these guys are like at home – I picture them sitting around in cloaks rubbing their hands together and going "Mwahahaha!" all day.

    • I was briefly mind-controlled to marry a member of USAF Special Forces in Weaponry & Intelligence (now happily divorced); he was a closet Luciferian, a severe alcoholic, a womanizer and extreme mucophogist who always had a severe case of rhinotillexomania and dandruff. All of his excessive drinking continually made his skin flake off his face, head, and arms… everywhere, just like the snake that he truly is. He was passed out by 9pm every night. These individuals (?) are truly a breed unto themselves, as their personalities are classic narcissistic sociopathology (translate: COMPLETELY INSANE).

  18. #7 Two Faced Shadow Guy….correct me if i am wrong but doesnt the blacked out showdow man looking to your left with the pointy nose look a lot like good ole George (the 33rd degree mason) Washington? Maybe i'm just looking "too hard".

    Thanks sarah conner for this site information….really ironic when i read your post on infowars i had just finished reading this exact article (not in its entireity) on RBN…thats why it caught my eye i reckon.

    Anywho, good site, thanks again

    • Sarah Connor on

      My pleasure TW! Happy to see you here bud! People need to know this stuff, the blatancy leaves no room for denial of what an absolutely sinister agenda we are up against! This stuff is the big leagues whether we acknowledge it or not….

  19. I introduced my friend Felipe to Paglen's book and he made a great video about this same book in connection to money and the black budget here:

    PS- Thank you for posting this and for all you do, VC. I wish you would do audio and/or tv interviews and if you have could you please post them somewhere, thanks again.

  20. Interesting... on

    This is so disturbing… I have either become more cynical… or more of a realist… since discovering this site and witnessing the world go down the toilet with my own two eyes… Thanks Vigilant… and thanks common sense… (*sigh*)

  21. Bulletin:

    President Obama announces a 33,000 thousand American troop reduction in Afghanistan the day after the summer solstice, an important ritual day on the satanic calendar, and upon St. John’s Eve, which is another important day on the satanic ritual calendar.

    The occult power of the number 33 is of quite some significance as used in the magickal science of the Illums (Illuminati).

    Also this important political announcement approximates upon the approach of the day number 23 which is another number of occult significance in the magickal lore and science of the Illums (Illuminati).

    John correlates to the fish god Dagon of the ancient Philistines, who was mated to the Philistine sea Goddess Atargatis. Another important fish and water god was Ea/Enki of ancient Babylonia, Sumeria and Mesopotamia.

    “Fish were originally worshiped as a symbol of Nimrod, the sun god, who after being killed, was reborn in his wife Semiramus' womb. Her womb was represented as "the waters of the great deep". Nimrod then became the fish-god being reborn in these "waters.

    -Oannes, the Babylonian fish-god was the return of Nimrod from the world of the dead. He is depicted as half-fish with the fish's head worn over his own”.

    In the Babylon and other ancient Middle East cultures religious leaders used Mitres, which were shaped in the form of a fish head. It was believed that the spirit of the god walks on the head of the religious leader wearing the fish head Mitre. This worship of the fish god was common also in Mede-Persia, in Egypt, in Assyria and in Rome.

    The Popes of Rome continued the ancient traditional use of the fish head Mitre.

    Dagon, the Phillistine fish god, comes from words dag =fish and on =sun.

    The priests of the Dagon cult used the sprinkling of holy water upon the heads of the gathered worshippers of the fish god in their rites and rituals.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Ummm, yeah you could say they continued it, the pope's STILL wear the Mitre! Here are a few 101 sites with pics:

      I'd like to hear more on the troop removal if you have more input, opinion or theory Yomael.

      I noticed the 33 but didn't put the solcitice together on that one, which by the way Stonehedge was kicking it lol

      • Sarah…you've got civil wars (Arab Awakening) fomenting in the Middle East and North Africa.

        The Sudan will also soon be split apart in a civil war conflict pitting north against the south over oil revenue and wealth.

        The Greek debt problem and domino effect is the 600 pound gorilla in the room which is going to sink and collapse Europe’s Euro- zone economies now or later…the writing is plainly written on the wall for anyone to see.

        The economic and jobs recovery in the United States is at a dead standstill even though Wall Street has fully recovered and is raking in monetary profits.

        You don’t have to be Einstein to predict that the United States, Europe, and the world economy is on the brink of financial disaster.

        Food prices are already at an all time high in poor countries which is driving their citizens to open demonstrations and violence against their governments.

        All of these problems are being orchestrated by the Illums… so as to cancel and nullify the spiritual evolution of their human cash cow… upon the eve of the New Spiritual Aeon of Aquarius.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Yomael, thank you. I actually am well aware of all the issues you mentioned and follow them on a regular basis. I guess I was more just wondering if there was some underlying significance to the announcement of the 33k troops….other than just more illuninati type, date and number reference? You may have eluded to it and I am still missing? Always a to d with me, missing b and c….in both comprehension and communication. Personal flaw. Bringing troops home seems like a good thing! Bit it hasn't happened, yet, and if all this was….was a numerilogical and solctice 'showboat' kind of announcement, that is pretty lame! We ware on the brink….for all the issues you mentioned, and thn some.

      • "Midsummer may simply refer to the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, but more often refers to specific European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice, or that take place on a day between June 21 and June 24, and the preceding evening. The exact dates vary between different cultures".

        Midsummer is also sometimes referred to by Neopagans and others as Litha, stemming from Bede's De temporum ratione which provides Anglo-Saxon names for the months roughly corresponding to June and July as "se Ærra Liþa" and "se Æfterra Liþa" (the "early Litha month" and the "later Litha month") with an intercalary month of "Liþa" appearing after se Æfterra Liþa on leap years. The fire festival or Lith- Summer solstice is a tradition for many pagans.

        Solstice celebrations still center around the day of the astronomical summer solstice. Some choose to hold the rite on the 21st of June, even when this is not the longest day of the year, and some celebrate June 24, the day of the solstice in Roman times.

        Although Midsummer is originally a pagan holiday, in Christianity it is associated with the nativity of John the Baptist, which is observed on the same day, June 24, in the Catholic, Orthodox and some Protestant churches. It is six months before Christmas because Luke 1:26 and Luke 1.36 imply that John the Baptist was born six months earlier than Jesus, although the Bible does not say at which time of the year this happened.

        In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Quebec (Canada), the traditional Midsummer day, June 24, is a public holiday. So it was formerly also in Sweden and Finland, but in these countries it was, in the 1950s, moved to the Saturday between June 19 and June 26.

        The symbolic role for John in Christianity is to act as the "tanist" or sacrifical twin for Jesus: the dark twin of the summer solstice (John) being replaced by the light twin at the winter solstice (Jesus).

        Pagan religion is packed with such sets of twins, as discussed in detail in The White Goddess, a seminal work by Robert Graves. The idea of the eternal interaction of the twin solar heroes, or "Sons of the Sun" (the Father), in ancient religion and how this image is expressed in Christianity is also explored on line in Sun Gods as Atoning Saviours by M. D. Magee.

        It should also be noted that St John the Baptist, whose festive day is June 24, is one of the two patron saints of the Masonic Lodge, or the Order of Freemasonry, which is perhaps the world's largest "secret society". The other patron of the Order is St John the Evangelist, whose festival occurs on December 27, six months later. According to McCoy's Masonic Dictionary, participation in the Festival of St. John at midsummer is a duty of every Mason. It functions as a connection between the past and the future. The two saints stand at either end of the spectrum marked by the solstices, the doorways of light and dark, of zeal and of learning. These two festivals bear the names of Christian saints, but in ages past they bore other names, yet standing to this day as markers for the solstices. In the words of Masonic Orator, Phillip Elam:

        "Masonry adopted these festivals and the Christian names, but has taken away the Christian dogma, and made their observance universal for all men of all beliefs.

        In England, people used to celebrate St. John's Eve by setting great bonfires after sunset. This was known as 'setting the watch' and men, women and children would jump through these bonfires for luck. The streets were lined with lanterns, and people carried cresset lamps set on poles as they went from one bonfire to the next. These wandering, garlanded bands were called a 'marching watch'. Often they were attended by morris dancers, and traditional players dressed as a unicorn, a dragon, and six hobby-horse riders.

        The communal bonfires were traditionally piled very high with wood, sticks, dry brambles, etc. Each household would contribute fuel for the fire. At dusk the whole town would gather around the pile, and an elderly man in the community would light the bonfire while saying the following prayer:

        "In honour of God and of St. John, to the fruitfulness and profit of our planting and our work, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen."

        "June 24th, is a Holy Day for FreeMasons. St. John, the Baptiste Day".

        (Source material…the Internet)

        John, is associated with the powerful occult numbers 23 and 24 in the esoteric science, sorcery, and witchcraft of the ruling Elite.

        John is also associated with the Tarot card the Hanged Man, attributed to the Hebrew letter Mem, No. 40, representing blood… and "the element water, signifying initiation; it is a baptism which is also a death" (Osiris).

        "The card represents the supreme formula of adeptship, the occult mystery of the Dying God, sacred to the Mystic in a ritual Practice called "The Sleep of Shiloam" (dreamless sleep).

        Another important key to the ritual is the sacrifice of "a male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence."

        (Source material… The Book Of Thoth by Aleister Crowley)

      • Numbers are symbols which appeal to the unthinking human unconscious reactionary mind and the human abstract subconscious reactionary mind.

        The “Elite” use numbers as symbols to seed-thought and impregnate the human reactionary mind with their conditioned and programmed willed intent.

        After a period of the seed-thought's gestation in the rich reproductive energies, and psycho- potencies of the human reactionary mind, the properly conditioned and programmed automated reflex of the seed-thought manifests from the womb of the human reactionary mind, masked in the disguise of an awaked conscious conditioned and automated reflex, which the individual falsely claims as their own original creative thought conception.

        President Obama provides the perfect example of “Inception-the film”, when using the occult number 33, as a symbol of seed-thought, cleverly conditioning, and programming, emotional association, and automated response, with good things (troop reduction in a war-zone, etc.,), while at the same time being cunningly deceptive (the art of the Elite), and disingenuous with the public, when he fails to mention that the symbolic occult number 33, also carries connotations to the "Cult of John" and ritual practice of child sacrifice.

    • thinkaboutit on

      …and thus you describe "Babylon the Great" of the book of Revelation, aka the World Empire of False Religion. Take a look around you: the vast majority of religions are practicing Babylonish religious teachings from the fish references you make, to teaching like hell fire, the immortality of the soul and on and on. Then throw in some Roman rites like Saturnalia (now celebrated as Christmas) and Sprind Fertility Rites (a.k.a. Easter) and the list continues.

      So its all very simple really: there is Babylonish Religion and there is the true worship of The Creator of the Universe. You are on one side or the other, there is no middle ground. Hard core occultists understand this concept all too well, they are just realistic about which side they are on. All of the "mainstream" middle of the roader's are the one's deluding themselves into thinking they can serve the gods of Baal and call it worship to the Creator. Its that black and white, its that very simple, its one side or the other. Our choice will soon be apparent…

      • Word is born. Ps 83:18. Don't be fooled the cross is a symbol the fish is a symbol too. Pagan symbols all!

  22. It kinda looks like the snakes are protecting us from something. Not that I think that's what they're doing, but they're not looking at us, they're holding us while looking at something else.

  23. namedoesnotmatter on

    You know, I don't often leave comments, but it seriously looks like they're cooking an eagle in the first one. Just sayin'.

  24. # 7 IF you look really close the face with the yellow eyes looks like a cyclops or the all seeing eye in a robe.

  25. Very interesting and eye opening article once again VC!

    Totally off this subject, but last night a new advert for Hungry Jacks a.k.a Burger king came on tv and it involves alot of white rabbits with evil looking faces, please check it out. I would of thought nothing of the rabbits but their evil faces and then a cartoon pick of a white and black rabbit made me curious.. Please chek out the link thanks

    • Sarah Connor on

      Kel – that is some disturbing stuff! I hope you appreciate this cause it took some digging in my archives (thanks D!)- but here is a cool blog on some fastfood occult symbolism, at least with Subway! They all have it though – anyone notice Arby's? Starbucks w/logo 'Isis' – with six waves of hair and 5 stars – 65 big in Kabbalah. Not to mention in almost every Starbucks location you can spot the eye of horus somewhere in their artwork….it's a little game for me. No wonder Howard Schultz won the Zionist Businessman Award in 2010…..he's pusing it hard! Why I keep going in there I have no idea!!! Free wi-fi maybe? I won't get into my personal experience with Burger King except to say don't eat there, ever!!!! For health and 'other' reasons, no joke! I hope you enjoy…..if that is the right word?

      • Thanks for that Sarah (o: I know that if I was told all this stuff I probably would never of believed it, but from all the info I stumbled accross in VC and seeing it for myself I definatly look at things differently now. It's definatly disturbing. Thanks for the article

      • Sarah Connor on

        Ok very weird – I always thought the Starbucks logo was of Isis – but today this fell into my lap, weird synch and is pretty thought provoking on the logo actually being Dagon!! The fish god that Yomael & I were talking about above. Wow!

        It's five minutes long but only they first two are covering Dagon and the Starbucks logo – the rest is just making fun of people and celebrities (especially Britney) for their coffee addictions, whatever.

        Illuminati Tools: Satanic Starbucks Exposed!

  26. Essential Truth on

    What ?? You have to be kidding me!

    This is shocking…i remember the article you did on the largest spy satellite ever launched into orbit with an Illuminati pyramid and eye as the mission patch to go along with it …and i thought okay maybe this was just an isolated incident..but man there is no denying this…all levels of US government have been completely hijacked.

    & Thinking about how these sick SOB's have control over all these satellites is even more disturbing!

    • Sarah Connor on

      Essential, no doubt! I am still in shock at the blatency. I don't care what religious background we all come from, i think we can all agree this is a dark/beast system that none of us want any part of! Not if we care about the near future at least. All I keep thinking is that it's time to 'unite the clans'……..dorky I know.

      • Dorks Unite!

        Srsly, remember how the dorks saved the day in Galaxy Quest? Dorks are SMART and knowledge is power. I bet some of my dorkier friends could get me to the moon and back.

      • heres the thing... on

        the nwo wants to unite the clans too….one world citizenship, no seperate sovereign nations,cashless society…maybe ive been brainwashed so bad that that actually doesnt sound like a bad thing too me anymore…now a days ,if one seems too against multi culti tolerance, international unity,"we are the world" , we are all brothers and sisters, then you seem like a racist bigot.

      • Sarah Connor on

        I knew my statement might be interpreted other than intended, whoopsie. I completely agree with you that what you have layed out here, is what TPTB want. And I do not think that is a good idea!! My point was more that I don't care what religion, socio or economic background one has…..anyone who persues truth, loves liberty, freedom and acknowledges our sovereignty and wants to maintain those God given rights is a friend of mind. In my network of truth seekers I have a few friends who are aethiest. If this country ever came to revolution, I would stand by and support them with all my capabilities. We hate the same thing, the so called NWO, we just believe it to be different at it's source. Uniting the clans to me (I really hope you caught the Braveheart reference?) is gathering the freedom fighters who refuse to live under growing tyranny……..

      • We should call ourselves the New World Disorder – as they put a system in place, we take it apart here and figure it out.

  27. Everyone will bow- J on

    Vigilant, I am speechless. This reminds me of some things I read in I Kings in the Bible. As I read my Bible last night, I zoomed in on some things to conclude a thought to your article:

    1) The Lord became angry with Solomon. He built a high place for one of his wives to worship

    Molech (detestable god of the Ammonites) and his other wives' strange gods.

    2) Jeroboam made two golden calves for the Israelites to worship (one for Bethel and one for


    3) Jeroboam appointed people who so desire to be high priests (Socialites; the elites) to

    oversee the high places of their strange gods.

    The same strange practices we see today in America and this world are the same practices way before Jesus walked this earth. The Lord told King Solomon not to intermarry women from other nations. He did so. This caused other strange gods and strange practices to enter his land. In the same manner, America and other countries are interwoven with all kinds of ethnicities and races . These strange practices have entered our lands.

    I concluded to the idea that the Lord will soon expose these wicked people by becoming angry. He will fight back with his flaming devouring sword as He has always done. I have been spending time in reading the old testament to learn how my Lord operates.

    The focal point of this article is darkness (strange appearances and strange names). These strange figurines are the aliens. These people are worshiping and praying to see these strange images and strange gods come to life.

    The Lord's people should fret not. Just remain focused on Him.

    • I got a problem with what you quoted from the bible. You say

      1) The Lord became angry with Solomon. He built a high place for one of his wives to worship

      Molech (detestable god of the Ammonites) and his other wives’ strange gods.

      2) Jeroboam made two golden calves for the Israelites to worship (one for Bethel and one for


      3) Jeroboam appointed people who so desire to be high priests (Socialites; the elites) to

      oversee the high places of their strange gods.

      I'm no believer of the bible! I believe in one true god who created all (space and all it entails which include us).

      I'm pretty sure that 'God' said, 'Thou shalt not worship any other deity'. in the ten commandments.

      So my problem is, was it God who built the place to worship molech or soloman? Sorry for my ignorance. But it read like God built it…….

      • Child of Christ on

        Hi, the He refers to Solomon. I believe what the person was referring to is simple….they ended the sentence with a full stop and started the next with a capital letter hence the He…

        hope it helps

        I pray you get to know Christ who is God instead of just knowing about Him. God bless

    • youbelieveanything on

      Believe me, they won't talk about this here. Illuminati get major play here. But you my friend have told truth. These patches are not dark humor. These Satanic men are working in fake signs and wonders (disney world) and are telling a true story in their patches. Look who rules this world…….the true dragon. Man, this site alone is creepy. New age at it's finest. I wish all people will discern the truth but people love magic tricks and false teachers……..until it's to late. May the Lord bless you.

  28. U.S. Route 66. Wasn't that the abandoned highway in the Pixar movie Cars? Weird thing to show that it was abandoned at first but because of a famous figure i.e. "Lightning McQueen", it was back in business! Resembles the present "stars" that might wanna lead us back to route 66? -nudge nudge- :O

  29. All this information is so blatant and in your face , however I still find myself slipping back and forth from this enlightenment. I have to make a conscience decision not to believe the world , it feels like EVERYTHING is designed to keep you away from the truth , insane… It’s like living in a nightmare , or being in a movie….

    Anybody else feel this way ?

    • I definitely do!!! Sometimes I think Mu head is going to explode. When I start feeling this way I just remember that GOd is in control and pray to him constantly. However, since I was 18 ( I recently turned 26) I said one of these days I'm gonna gather up my westies and move into the woods!! This world is too crazy/bizarre for me.

      • **MY head…. GOOD NIGHT!! this dang auto correct drives me insane! Sorry guys! Just get used to me always having two responses since I continuously type things wrong on this phone and have to correct myself :)

    • Yea man its fucked up i feel this way alot lately,I do believe there is something good out there but our thoughts are clouded by fear people spread

  30. #6 is so devilish…there's something so inherently evil about that image…i actually got a headache just looking at it…i haven't seen anything like it…

    this is so blatant that they almost look fake! (no allegations here)

    also what's with the smiley face at the bottom of the page??

  31. Wow, Vigilant! Thank you very much for this very interesting article! These patches show that so-called "science" and "technological progress" were in fact boosted by ancient occult knowledge and alchemy in the 20th century after the gradual de-facto destruction of Christian values in the Western society. I have always known that, but many people think that technology is somewhat an antonym to the occultism, assuming the latter is being obsolete in the "modern" world. What a mistake! As for various space programs: do we really need hundreds of billions of tax-payers dollars being uncontrollably spent on them? Does humanity really need space research? What for? Predicting weather, GPS or satellite TV? Don't be kidding! In fact space research has always been of great interest to the occult secret societies which acknowledged members have many times expressed a dream of "heading out to the stars" (after establishing a one-world government here on Earth of course).

    • Money is spent on space research and new technologies because other nations might out do you. In a world without national paranoias, such reasons will cease to exist. The present system just creates divisions and promotes fear. I would like a world where thousands of young people don't die each year protecting imaginary lines. Where billions isn't spent on defense measures. No matter what, the economic minority always outsizes the majority. (Even the most dystopian sci fi has the threat of revolution :) )The net is making information accessible. More and more people are finding out the truth and becoming aware. This is great. If we can get this conspiracy theory tag off and observe them and their actions more clearly, we can keep an eye on them. Some of the changes they propose do seem the better option for humanity on the whole. History shows that often changes for the better are rejected simply because people fear change. But an informed public will have less to fear. Maybe that's why all the blatant symbolism is cropping up everywhere. If the illuminati want to be little more transparent, let them.The ultimate power IS the people.

      • Actually it is fairly obvious that spending millions of dollars or any other fiat currency borrowed from de-facto private central banks on defense is against any nation's interests and only serves one purpose – to enslave nations with debt. The population is at the same time brainwashed with media propaganda: "cold war", "war on drugs", "war on terror" – are all lies. The real war, which has been going on for decades, if not centuries, is a war against national states by the global occult elite. Actually USSR/Russia, Europe and the USA have always been working on various space programs together, very often against any national interests and interests of the people. The beneficiaries of such programs are global defense contractors and secret services, which are uncontrollable, unaccountable and totally immoral, often supporting both sides in various conflicts for the sake of creating chaos and promoting their own "global" agenda. I do agree though that there is some sort of a dog-eat-dog competition within the global elite, or the Illuminati, if you will, otherwise we would have lived in the New World Order for years now. Yet this competition has nothing to do with national interests or interests of people – it is more like the competition of mafia bosses, equally evil and equally cruel. If you look more closely at today's political situation you could see, that "pursuing national interest" often means efforts of some local "capi" to buy their place under the Sun (or Sirius?) in the global world order without losses to their own regional political and financial power.

      • "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" – Arthur C.Clarke

  32. Love the site. Very illuminating :)

    But seriously VC, what's wrong with the illuminati? You don't actually believe in democracy, do you? Or that people who don't know what to do with a free half hour will know what to do about the world's problems?

    I think a world without borders, without economic and social restrictions, without close-minded isms that people are ready to die for, will be a better place. Travel will be easier and not just for the rich. Population will be controlled so that everyone who lives can live a life of dignity and sufficiency.

    Every change is met with resistance, even if the change is better, simply because people do prefer the devil they know. Or Christ wouldn't have been crucified.

    • M.B., I used to think like you before. But actually this way of thinking is nothing more, but the result of Illuminati propaganda. What "life of dignity and sufficiency" do you expect? The majority of the "world's problems" (as well as various "-isms") mentioned by you were/are in fact directly or indirectly, but for the most part deliberately created by the spawns of Illuminati – central banks, corporations, intelligence services, etc. Do you really think that life around the world has been improving? It's really sad that some people are willing to give up love for their Fatherland, personal freedom and integrity for material possessions (which, no matter how much you can get, are still crumbs from the Illuminati's table) and an easy travel to some all-inclusive destination. As for population control, when you write about it you forget one thing – you and your family are those who will be controlled. The result of this control and social engineering is already surfacing – corrupt, rich, powerful, educated, healthy white crypto-jewish elite and interracial, overweight, meek, dumb masses, who are willing to flip burgers for minimum wage and are afraid to speak up against the system. If you are in a better position than most people, you might even think that the system favors you, but this is a huge mistake. The system doesn't care – when you cease to be useful to it, it will get rid of you. It is your choice on which side to be, I'm in no position to judge or edify you. Just remember: casino always wins and those who strike a deal with the Devil always loose in the end.

      • The worlds problems werenot created by the illuminati. People have irrational fears and hatred. Your post is indicative of that. They need to be led to freedom from the boundaries they have created for themselves. The spread of education and liberal ideas through media has home a long way in that direction. It is good to be aware of the illuminati. Every organization is open to corruption after all. But halt the fear mongering. That's why I like VC. The sure is more about spreading information.

    • World without borders – Because the entire world would be under control of one government?

      World without economical restrictions – Yeah, these are the same less than 5% of people who own at least HALF the world, caused the market crash and of course didn't penalize themselves, and don't seem to care about the suffering in places like Africa, use cheap Chinese labor and DO NOT care to see banks or corporations regulated, put in check or held to ethical standards. Quite the contrary, they believe the corporation is ALWAYS right and should be word of law. Almost all of them are of the same mind, and that is with them and theirs, not with the people.

      In a scenario of theirs of an ideal future all moneys must pass through them and they must get a portion of it. Plus that money is easily tracked so they can know what you're doing with it and stop you cold financially indefinitely if ever you should get on their bad side.

      I agree with the ORIGINAL Illuminati that this elitist spin-off of it has its right to assemble, but that doesn't mean I agree with them or their agenda or that there isn't a distinction between free assembly and conspiracy.

      Next, while they MIGHT or might not, I don't know, work on ending certain prejudices it seems a tad, if not more depending on who you ask, unlikely that they'll stop looking down upon the general populace and the poor, but then I'm not sure.

      • There will always be People in power. Whether its a tribal our urban set up, dictatorship, monarchy, democracy. The whole world can't and should not be in charge. Money can be more evenly disturbed, but as long as man is free, there will be inequalities due too differences in capabilities and drive. This world can definitely be better.

    • Sorry M. B. but you are such a dreamer if you believe the NWO is what you just said.

      The globalization and centralization of anything is not good.

      We have a central bank the "Federal Reserve" and what good did it do to us?

      We have the big corporation running at the global scale and if you think is good for you because you pay a cheaper price for your product you have not read the economic factors behind it.

      If you ever have time check the "Fall of America" documentary. It has 6 or 7 CD's so it is long but it is a good place to start. Or just read anything about the centralization of power which is seen normaly in comunism or socialism.

      They are trying to sell the idea that we will all be equal but is really not at all about that but an attack on the middle class and the homogenization of the population into a lower class with a lower IQ wich will not opose any resistance on their evil plans of power grab and world wide control

      • First, sorry for the delayed response. Just saw your comment today.

        Then, I never said I think the NWO is peachy. I said I do think that some of the changes they suggest will be for the better of humanity. Is that the NWO's goal? I doubt it, since most people (rich or poor) are more concerned about having their hoard rather than making sure everyone has a little of everything.

        A dreamer I definitely am.

        An American, I am not. But before you go raging mad over the federal system of government, try comparing it with some other options. And see what those options did in other nations. It is because you're federal that you're the most powerful nation and can go around hounding other nations to follow your regiment.

        It's weird when i hear people talking as if a day will come when there wont be people in power. There will always be and they will always take care of themselves and their loved ones before anyone else because that's how people are. With proper checks and balances in a political set-up, this can be reduced to quite a degree. With an informed public, it won't be so easy to get away.

        Think of the world a century and a half back. More people are aware and educated today. It is possible to communicate with people from different nations because English spread like wild-fire. Globalisation and education have led to lessening of practices like child marriage, female circumcision, and sati (widow burning).

        All i keep saying on this site is STOP BEING SCARED. People are power. People change history. And those people are becoming more educated and aware. I refuse to see this as a bad thing. IF the Illuminati ever tries to…what? I don't even know what you're scared of…they can be stopped by those who know and aren't scared.

        Nothing is purely good and evil.

  33. As a graphic designer, I can tell that any PSYOPS is the worst kind of client to have. Cheap illustrations, tacky use of colors, too much information over a tiny space and abundance of ego.

    Thanks VC for another great article.

    • Well as a designer, I'm relieved to see that the NWO/Illuminati/PSYOPS/Blackops seem incapable of luring creative talent into their fold. So I feel safer. :) Those things are not only creepy, but horribly designed.

  34. V…. you are truly gifted man. not many people take the time to inform the masses. it shows there are still people who care. we appreciate your work!! keep up the good work!

  35. Constellations? on

    The 'All Your Base' one, as well as two patches from the honorable mentions (the two on the left from the bundle of four) depict the same constellation: six stars in a peculiar pattern. What is the significance of this, and what constellation is it?

      • Orion the Hunter. That would make sense.

        re: Special Projects – Flight Test Squadron (Honorable Mentions) – note the falling star on the right. Its path then becomes a missile in flight (with a lightning bolt above it – energizing it?).

        It looks like the eye of Horus in the wizard's right hand.

        So, a wizard with all-seeing power unleashes a missile from space against its enemies.

        I cannot identify the symbol on the lower left (where the missile seems to originate).

        Great work as always, VC. Thank you.

  36. "And as Princess Daughters, Matu?" Per asked. "Remember…they are royalty." "It would be the term BI…" Matu began, "…but with a double TT. So it would be the title BI-TT-TT…"

    Matu noticed the curiosity. "Almost like the name Betty, Master…" he said.

    "Exactly like the name Betty, Matu…" Per corrected. "The title of a Princess Daughter' born of Queen Mother BI would be BI-TT-TT as you say."

    Betty…Matu said to himself. Betty…that's short for Elizabeth. Elizabeth! Holy cow-Princess Daughter assigned the role of Queen on Other Worlds could be called Elizabeth Holy cow! Holy cow! he kept repeating.

    Quote from Robert Morning Sky's book "Eden, Atlantis and the UFO Myth"


  37. Also please note that a lot of the stars in the patches are shown with 2 POINTS UP, instead of 1 POINT… SYMBOLIC of the satanic pentagram.

    This is also seen on T.V. more and more behind senators and spokespeople, who brandish the american flag behind them, but have it folded in a way that has the STARS pointed with 2 POINTS FACING UP or away from the presenter. These are all hidden symbols to let those in the know (i.e. NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC) who these cats really work for.

  38. Johnny Rockets on

    I personally think this is part symbolism, part badassery. If I designed these I would go for a super badass image. And also most of these are jokes, like all your base are belong to us.

  39. Great stuff, VC – thanks for the fine humour – laughter is one of the best ways to deal with these guys.

  40. Hands down, one of your best articles VC! If you can read this & STILL not get it, or STILL think it's all just a "theory" you are simply lost & not looking to be found..

  41. For kicks, google pictures of the congressional medal of honor. The US military's "highest honor" is the symbol of satan.

  42. Also on patch #1 (The Devil You Know) I think I can see a horned figure. It looks like a bulls skull almost like the Texas Longhorns insignia with the phoenix's body being the skull and the top feathers being the horns.

  43. This patch:

    "NRO-49 depicts the satellite as a winged fiery being (referred to by NASA as a devil named Betty) who is holding a trident and a wrench"

    Looks like a scorched earth with the sun behind the earth being the cause (CME).

  44. Hot Dang! That last Patch summed up everything…“Keep your distance, you who are uninitiated.” Wow… you know who Nasa is on board with. Pfft. Seems like no one is safe around here now. The time has come to stand up against the evils of politics, music industry, military, etc; because in the end we only have ourselves–the citizens to protect .


    OFF TOPIC but…I'd really like to see a video game segment on this site, I know they take awhile to beat, but games nowadays are FILLED with symbolism. Call of duty mw2 theres a statue of Pan in the extra game mode, Black ops is about mind control, Assasins creed you kill the pope( who is crooked) and when you do the room turns into an astrological esoteric meeting, the star character in Skyrim has the soul of a dragon, Dead space 2 has some weird Scientologist back story to it. It's just another extension of media to reach us.

    P.s. this is my favorite article on here.

  46. Sheds a lot of light on those supposedly "Christian" fish that people put on the backs of their cars, that are actually references to the pagan god dragon and is also a phallus.
    Not to be differentiated from the breast cancer, or support our troops "ribbons" that are also not coincidentally fish shaped. Nothing against the hard working soldier or cancer patients, but you need to remove support from any organization that uses these fish magnets, no doubt that helps support this illuminati pagan cause.

    • When threatened by Romans in the first centuries after Christ, Christians used the fish mark meeting places and tombs, or to distinguish friends from foes. According to one ancient story, when a Christian met a stranger in the road, the Christian sometimes drew one arc of the simple fish outline in the dirt. If the stranger drew the other arc, both believers knew they were in good company.

      Greeks, Romans, and many other pagans used the fish symbol before Christians. Hence the fish, unlike, say, the cross, attracted little suspicion, making it a perfect secret symbol for persecuted believers. So the early Christians made practical use of this symbol for practical convenience.

      Before Christianity adopted the fish symbol, it was known by pagans as "the Great Mother", and "womb". Its link to fertility, birth, and the natural force of women was acknowledged also by the Celts, as well as pagan cultures throughout northern Europe.

    • Truthseeker2010 on

      It just struck me as Chameck revealing the symbolism about the fish. In my quest to seek knowledge and then understand the knowledge, I reviewed a youtube video which had no research to substantiate it only a person who appeared to be recovering fragments of memories of informatiin

      The statement that they made through the jibberish is that these symbols evoke an emotion from the masses. These entities are masters at harvestin our energies. What I wanted to know if anyone has research on how our human emotions can be manifested. What do the use our emotions for if this statement can be justified?

  47. your brother on

    Question: My question is about extra-terrestrials and what the Mayan think about them.

    Don Alejandro (The Grand Elder of all 440 Mayan tribes): The members of the council of elders, we have come to realize that there are 3 different types of extra-terrestrials. 1) There are our ancestors, and they come from the constellations of stars, because there is life up there. They come to land on pyramids or volcanoes or the bottom of lakes, and these are our ancestors. 2) There is another type that they are beings from other planets. They come here to Earth. Just like from here they go the moon, or they go to investigate other planets. It is the same. They come here too, and maybe they are even more advanced than us. They could come from Jupiter, but most likely they come from the Pleiades. 3) The 3rd kind are from here, from our own land, from different countries. They are more like spies. They could be from Russia, from the United States, and different countries. The Elders of the Council when they want to find things, they go into session. But the way that they do it, each one takes a place separate from each other. And then each one of them in their own space, go into meditation . . . deep, deep meditation, and then they receive all of this knowledge. Then they come together, and they all say what they have seen. Then if everybody sees the same thing, then they say that this is what it is. Thank you.

    From Willaru Huayta, Spiritual Messenger of the Ancient Incan Widsom

    Seen here with Grand Elder of the Maya ^^^ Don Alejandro

    The guidance received is to not look for the connection with ETs, because sometimes when we invoke

    the ETs, we want to be taken already to another world, not to come back to Earth anymore. That is not

    good, because we are running away from our responsibilities. We have done almost no work here, and

    already we want to be saved. That doesn't work. Also, from the other solar systems come negative

    entities and cosmic ships. There are many mistakes being made today. Humanity today believes that the

    gray people come from another planet. The gray men do not come . . . they are not ETs from another

    planet. They are from the planet Earth. On the planet Earth there is the Fourth Dimension light side and

    the Fourth Dimension dark side. In the dark side are living all those gray people. On our planet also are

    living other kinds of monsters, and big animals also. That would be a conference by itself, about the

    Fourth Dimension dark side and the golden cities of the Fourth Dimension light side. In each dimension

    there is life, different forms of life. Only in the Third Dimension and the Fourth Dimension can we live

    physically, with a physical body. To go to the higher dimensions, the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh, we need

    other bodies, astral body, mental body, causal body, atomic body, and other bodies.

    not to say all negative entities are from Earth, but i just wanted to show you the connection these two amazing indigenous leaders share

  48. Regarding "Primoris Gravis Ex Occasus", I can only go by the similarities to Spanish… 'Occasus' sounds similar to 'ocaso', which is the twilight after the sunset. So maybe it refers to the "end of the first phase".

    just my $0.02

  49. In one word, that I'm surprized that nobody has said yet, scrame out loud in chanting falsetto voice:


  50. My favorites are #3-I'd have to kill you.., and NOYFB. They have a sense of humor; too bad the joke's on us. Awesome article.

  51. this is an interesting one, but you guys should PLEASE do a breakdown of lil wayne ft rick ross' new song called "john"…that video is totally riddled with symbolism

  52. Jack Parsons is who L. Ron Hubbard mooched off and swindled out of money when he moved to Los Angeles. Parsons told Hubbard of his connection to the O.T.O., and Aliester Crowley. Parsons in a way influenced Hubbard to start the money grubbing cult (in my opinion) church of scientology. Which is partially based on the new age philosophy and a made up science fiction novel and emptying peoples bank accounts. And worshiping a false idol such as Hubbard.

  53. Fantastic article, easily one of the best!

    I was immediately thrilled when I saw the first patch with the Alien. The spread of this type of information gives more evidence that "the Disclosure" may indeed be an event in our near future.

    Note the same little "spacecraft" looking emblem on both patches #10 and #6. If you do more research on these patches, you'll run into this craft A LOT. It doesn't look like any rockets we generally see, so what does it symbolize? Surely some type of space travel.

    Also remember that there are tons of videos on YouTube nowadays of former generals/officials/etc advocating UFO disclosure.

    ETs also seem to be the most reasonable explanation to all of the unbelievable monuments and structures built in the very distant past, ie. the Giza Pyramids, Stonehedge, Maya pyramids, etc etc. If anyone has seen the History Channels show "Ancient Astronauts," there exists quite a bit of evidence that all the ancient writings of the Gods and Angels with their flying chariots may very well have actually been historic recordings of ET encounters!

    Think about it! Research more about ETs!

    • your brother on

      the leader of the Maya told of how these beings that come from the direction of the Pleadies constellation came down helped them build pyramids and temples in the middle of lakes and on mountains so that they could measure time. once they were done measuring the put their calendar to work and were from then on the Masters/Controllers Of Time. that was 5 periods of 5,200 years ago, in which he told us we will be ending the 5th period within the next 10, 20, maybe 40 years, knows we are super close.

      to relate to you more, he said hey you all come to the Maya but we are not the only ones holding this information, it's throughout the world. Those same beings rose back up and came down to Egypt, rose up and came down to India, rose up then came down to somewhere in the far east, he said probabaly Cambodia because of the "extroardinary temples"

      Many know of our light brothers help with these structures, you are one, just passing you these tiny specs of info

      • Oh yes, all through the ancient Mayan accounts-'The Popul Vuh', 'Chilam Balam' etc..There are stories describing Reptilian like, Chameleon, 'Iguana beings' headed up by the 'serpent gods', particularly 'Gukumatz' and 'Itzamna' who came from the skies and took charge of the Mayan people. The Mayans credit these 'Iguana' like beings with introducing them to civilization, sorcery, science, astronomy, agriculture and much more. According to the texts this Reptilian race even instructed the Maya on how to build their pyramids and how to align these buildings into patterns that reflected the constellations.

        There is another interesting passage in the 'Chilam Balam' which relates that the first inhabitants of the Yucatan peninsula, were the 'Chanes' or the 'people of the serpent', who came across the sea from the east led by 'Itzamna' (which translated means 'lizard house'), one of their chief 'serpent god' deities.

        Oddly enough their was a president in Mexico during the 80's named Miguel de la Madrid (president from 1982 to 1988), who fancied himself a 'lizard man' with Mayan 'Iguana people' blood:

        The president of Mexico in the 1980s, Miguel De La Madrid also used Cathy in her mind controlled state. She said he told her the legend of the Iguana and explained that lizard-like extraterrestrials had descended upon the Mayans in Mexico. The Mayan pyramids, their advanced astronomical technology and the sacrifice of virgins, was inspired by lizard-like aliens, he told her. He added that these reptilians interbred with the Mayans to produce a form of life they could inhabit. De La Madrid told Cathy that these reptile-human bloodlines could, fluctuate between a human and iguana appearance through chameleon-like abilities – "a perfect vehicle for transforming into world leaders", he said. De la Madrid claimed to have Mayan-lizard ancestry in his blood which allowed him to transform back to an iguana at will. He then changed before her eyes, as Bush had, and appeared to have a lizard-like tongue and eyes." Cathy understandably believed this to be another holographic projection, but was it really? Or was De La Madrid saying something very close to the truth?

        –David Icke paraphrasing Cathy O'brien from "Tranceformation of America"…TRA_-_1995…

  54. this is a crazy article. it is my favorite from this site.
    so blatant.
    the one i like the most is the “none of your fucking business patch.”

  55. Infamous AvantGairde on

    I don't like seeing people set themselves up like that.

    Physicality is a game.Play the game and you lose."I was thinking the same thing about David Ick and I think somethings up but somethings up with me too soo I think he has truth as well as disinformation."

    Don't let the Game face invade your minds so easily.Remember the Godfather.Everyone loses.Stop playing the game.Within we are one.You know that."Think.Connect the dots."

    Nice article though V.Fuunnny.I dont think you can trust greek mythology too much tho.

    Hi Auset.Its nice to see one so happy.Tease.I'm almost done.They do not want to let me go.

    About the article though.I haven't seen any snakes but I will say this.Your being lied to…..extensively.

    This comment never happened.

    • Infamous AvantGairde on

      Areed I think this has been going on long enough now.This comment will be a bit long,its gotta be done.I'm going to let you know exactly what I have been doing,exactly what msg im trying to convey and most importantly who am I and what I stand for.

      Im going to be straight forward.No reverses,layers….none of that.First I have to let it be known that the high and low are on this site and I want to truly optimize on this moment because this time marks a beginning.A very very great Beginning and I feel that I had to wait until this time because it symbolizes and means so much to me and a hell of a lot of other people.

      I had said many things on this site and these were not mistakes.Everything was said and done for a reason and I accept full responsibility of what I have said and I take nothing back.I am what I am.

      I said this before but my ultimate goal of this site was to Birth not just an entity but a new sense of reality.One where your not bound by the restrictive physicality way of thinking.I'm sure everyone noticed that every time I say or do means something else.This is because I want to break you from your instant relative thinking or in other words you have been conditioned to have lazy minds.Everyone just expects what they see and ultimately most of humanity has become blinded by mental laziness.And this mental laziness is our enemy.

      Now my very first comment is probably the most strongest and controversial statement I ever made.But it is also the most undistorted.And what i mean by this is just like the first key that is played in a song generally tells the theme of the harmony,the first impression is usually the most correct one.I am a demon.That is what I do.This is what im here for.I didn't hide it,never hid it and I told you repeatedly what I strive to become.I know who you are.I know exactly what you are.I know that your as a diamond,Brilliant and unique,made of the purest minerals of the earth itself,and nothing but the earth can move you.But you don't know that.So you will be moved.

      But you must understand what exactly is a demon.A demon is not something that harasses.A demon is there to show your your darkness so that you can bring your fears into the light.Demons are always smart.They have knowledge,They have light.People are afraid of demons because they show them who they are.People do not want to admit who they are and are afraid to be themselves because they want to see themselves as light but they are blinded by there own darkness.If you can see the light within the darkness.The vanguard through the Infamy.Then will realize that you was always your greatest demon and the 2 lights become as one and return to darkness.

      Now I have seen such a high level of ignorance on this site that it is frightening.You run from the light and you blame others for the demons that you carry.You know exactly what your doing and you just don't care.For example you cling to so many things that you know are completely biased and when ever called on it you act like nothing ever happened.

      So I'm going to call you on it.I'll give you my basic foundation of philosophy.The core of why I speak of darkness.Now I have been told so many stories about the feminine aspect and how it is lesser,weaker,and demonic.I have been told that she is the cause of sin,that she consorts with the devil and god punishes her with birth pains for her deeds.

      That is Blasphemy in every sense of the word.The very fact that you cling to foundations that promote such enmity shows that your path is inevitable destruction.You have no idea how important those pains are.Do you know that these pains affect the survival of the entire human race?

      The universe has a natural function of subtraction/addiction.When something is added something has to be subtracted to maintain balance.For life to be born the mother must go through the pains of withchild and feel the struggles within its womb.As the child grows so do the pains untill they finally meet during labor where the struggle reaches its peak and life is born.

      But the pain that the child gave binds the women to the child and she cannot let go of something that caused so much struggle.And this is why Woman never leave there children and men always do.The pains created love because she has not just given life like the male aspect,she earned it.

      Now I can see these things.And when I see the things that people say…..who's the demon.Honestly its just sad to see.And on that note I might as well blatantly tell you who I am.I am Luki.The androgynous being who soul divided with all things and im not going to hide who I am because the world thinks that im something that im not.You choose the information that you wished to live by.Its your responsibility to correct the errors of the choices you make.And if you see me for something other than what I am that's your problem,your lose.

      I didn't come here to Harass you.I came here to show you who you are and what you do.Anyone can say anything about anyone.But the actions of one says everything.And you already know who side im on.Everybody up there got more heart than a nation.Your status in life represents what you hold within.If you are stuck on a low spiritual plane you will never see success.And this is why the most spiritual people always succeed in life.Their there because of there strength,not because of selling souls.And on that note must on this site is stuck on hysteria.

      I'll give a good example.If it truly is what it is then did you know that this is project blue beam?All that epic NASA technology and Holograms and all messiahs becoming one is just a metaphor for a guy using the internet who is very found of oneness philosophy…….whole time.And thats exactly why I never could take you serious.Me talking about govs and just giving an excuse for what my subconscious mind attracts.I love challenges.I like putting myself in the most challenging situations just to see how I can get out of it.I always was like that i knew that.With every interaction between 2 entities there must be a spiritual agreement for any interaction to occur.Its like Bullies are always attracted to people who like to be bullied.Its the subconscious signals that send everything.

      But um yea im a pause that.I don't like to get too serious.That shit will ware anyone out.

      .Ya'll are fuunny.Somebodys got jokes.I catch all the subtle shit,I caught that.The algebra twoo.I did notice that "things" seemed a little im not going anywhere I was always there.I had to take you high then bring you low cause if you watching I gotta f with you.Shit really is like a nicolas cage.No ones safe.Absence can be a good in a bad world.And someone was mad about them VC Boards.Someone was angry.I did leave a comment remember the rabbit.And about that Whats good Auset that was some kind shit.Anyone who would stick there neck out like that i gives all respect.Names Hanif.Slave name I know,Never used it call me Derrell…….Ear condom tho huh?And that Judas interview…

      Auset of moon,…Ausar of sun

      flip the script to see who likes 9 in 1

      i could outline the universe with a thought

      But would you forgive something so fun?

      im a f wit you.

      Now you see how she used that wall.She focused on that wall.She became one with that wall.She did everything that one wished to convey.To ultimately use your mind to turn anything into anything that you want it to be.Thats how strong our minds are.A wall can be anything and everything at once.

      Now I just want to take a step back and look at all this.We have the low here and we have the high here.Completely at odds but we here.I see something with that.I see progress.and I see movement.Thats not often…at all.

      And sense this will be my last comment on VC I have to say thank you to you….soo much.You will never have to worry about anything ever again.Im on the boards tho.I gotta mess with somebody.

      Now I just internationally declared myself lucifer and I think this is going to be the funnest shit personally so ya im definitely ready to get the f out a here.

      And so the project is complete and as I said you will see…."me"A full 9 month cycle where one rises high and low like a sine wave and out of Nothingness IAG is formed.Chapter0.And im a be real about something too.This world is ours now.I came as a demon and I leave as one.As far as the NWO drama I don't know and can't care.I know who I am and what I want to do.I think you'll figure it out once you want to.There is no stopping us.There is a reason for that.

      Now as far as my music…Thats my high.Period.I was always told that if the right ears heard it I would be instantly in….Wouldn't that be nice.I couldn't get the vocals done that was the big hold up.I now know that you can never get shit done in a hourly studio.My main is production anyway.As always I have my style generally in 2 groups.Rap being the spoken and trance being the unspoken.This will be 2 brief sets of 3

      Sermon of the gods chapter 1 Ausarian's sanctuary


      If your looking for Luki you know where to find him.

  56. the Question is , have we lost control of part or all of our Government and the blatant Illuminati symbols says they just don't give a damn what people think .

  57. rilly rillY rill (FB on

    Great article man. Keep the information coming man, don't stop. This is really scary man, its not like they meant for us to see these badges to instill fear on us. These were meant for the private sector only. Scary man, especially having some knowledge on occultism. Those wizards are disturbing, the earth In chains? The ghoul staring at North America? It all coincides with everything. Research mount weather, I would love to see you put up an article on MOUNT WEATHER. It is an underground city where all American citizens are in a database, they supposedly have the best computers on the planet. And all patriots are documented. I cant help but think facebook and iPhones were all their plan to keep us put. Just think how the iphone has no battery to be taken out, with the battery in 24/7 theres no chance of the phone losing power, so we cant be tracked, exept for the battery dying of course. Thank you for the info man, this really got me spooked, but aware even more. Mount weather remember. Mount weather. Peace.

  58. Air Force Veteran on

    Hey VC, good article, but a lot of things are conjecture at best. I was actually a graphic designer at Peterson AFB, Space Command. Usually a new commander will come in and will want something fresh so they can leave a mark. We tend to embellish on people's previous work. I believe my supervisor actually made the Info Assurance patch. I know I tweaked it myself. Saying that we designed the knight after Templars and the grid is a bit of a stretch…but my supervisor was an a-hole, so maybe your right!

    If these patches are official it is quite easy to request the meanings of the patch. Some are made on the whim by egotistical commanders. But if they want to be official they have to draw it out with detailed descriptions of what everything means, to include the colors. They then have to submit them to the heraldry office for approval. There is a historian on every base and will a great help. Find the base the unit is from by google. Contact the Public Affairs office and request the historian. He will be able to direct you to the Heraldry document, or FOIA with the public affairs office. They take FOIA's very seriously!

    cheers, keep up the great work!

  59. Great article, the only thing I'm missing is the link to the reptillians. (Research David Icke if you don't know about this).

    Keep up the great work Vigilant :)

  60. Thank you VC for another great article.

    I must say I feel sorry for the wives of all those peeps in these secret operations, it must be hell having to sew those all buggers on!!!:)

  61. I cannot believe this.

    Unfortunatily I do.

    OP thank you very much for this article!

    This proves after 30 years that I am not a conspiracy nut.


  62. Everyone should go see "Men who stare at goats" great movie. It's about the a psyops division in the U.S. military called the "jedi" and of course they call their psychic ability "the force". The 'jedi' are to hone their psychic abilities and apply them in warfare. George Clooney's character is forced to kill a goat with his mind. Poor goat, lol.

    • It's amusing, but that movie itself is actually a psyop – used to make the real psyops and black ops they do seem ridiculous and silly to the unsuspecting public.

      The real stuff is much more sinister and less humorous than killing some goats with jedi mind powers – more like quietly wiping out entire villages in Africa, South America, Afghanistan…that sort of thing.

      • I knew a lady who married a man in Guinea and she says you can't walk around there without psychic protection

  63. If you look closely at the "Betty" patch under #1, you'll notice that the object in front of the earth is not an object at all. The dark area is actually oblong, as if something black is covering the surface of the earth. Think along the lines of pouring black paint on a sphere.

    And I won't even mention the fact that on that black portion of the globe there are several letters visible: The letters "NROV" vertically in the crook of the big letter L, there's an "AL" extending diagonally up near the ends of the words Task Force, "4SLS" or just "SLS" under the end of the word Force, and the letters "RDG" below that.

    I don't know what the letters mean but they're there, hiding in plain sight.

    • On second thought, now that I look at the "Betty" patch more closely, the black patch on the blue globe symbolizes night time of darkness on the back side of the planet because it's illuminated by the sun at just the right angle from the lower right under the devil's wing.

      The darkness, the letters in gray on the dark side of the earth, the female devil (Betty) rising from the flames…

      Looking at it from that perspective, the Latin phrase “Primoris Gravis Ex Occasus” could mean something like "First Great Darkness" or "Rulers of Darkness" if you translate Primoris while thinking of First from a military hierarchical standpoint – First meaning Leader or Ruler.

      Pretty fascinating stuff.

  64. Nathan Huggins on

    This was an intriguing and rather personal article for me, as I served six years in the Recon community within the USAF. I have found that many of these patches including many I wore on my flight gear have all sorts of occultic symbolism and esoteric meanings. Having gone through my own personal box of patches more than a few times, what I see now (in comparison to my perception of these patches in the past) on some of my patches is occultic in nature. In regards to the article, maybe some of these patches were in fact designed with some sort of "in your face" meaning that includes occult symbolism…maybe not. Although having seen first hand the capabilities of the U.S. reconnaissance programs and military assets in this particular field, what they are capable of and the people pulling the strings, I would absolutely say that most if not all of these are in fact occultic in nature. The organizations involved definitely don't have the common people's privacyor safety in mind. How do I know this? I would love to disclose that information, but I am not at liberty to discuss my knowledge of this matter for a number of reasons.

    Each individual can see what they want to see, what most people do NOT want to see is that which they need to see the most. Thanks VC!

    -In the grip of grace

  65. selena let me down all those simbols really dissapointed you need to see selena gomez love you like a love song

  66. The guy looking to the left looks like George Washington to me.

    It appears to me that these "dragons" are seraphim – the "fiery flying dragons" – the serpent that God sent among the Israelites in the desert when they continued to go against His will. Moses interceded and god told him to put one on a rod and raise it into the air. Anyone any of them were bitten they were to "look at the 'serpent' rod" and be healed. (Teeth like a tiger and a tail that stings – that have wings and can fly. Joel 2 – not human – when they fall upon their sword they do not die – you can't kill them.)

    Seraphim surround the throne of god. These appear to be part of the 1/3 that

    followed after satan and left their "first abode."

  67. A Reptilian race rules and controls the entire planet-the patches above make this blatantly obvious to anyone in the know. I have Paglens book and there are many patches that VC could of posted in addition to the ones he has up, that have a glaring Reptilian theme.

  68. Boris Ardeov on

    Magnificent, dude! You are a true supporter of the people, exposing them like that. All well and good to be on your journey. ^o^

  69. severalminds on

    i have a kind of feeling, suspect on how the things work at world…the last time i have observed that there is a kind of balance of good and evil, a kind of power points, portions over the world. Seems that the sun coming out part east is dominated mostly by good energy while the sun getting down part is dominated by bad energy…so the world map is divided in 2 parts?…don't know, it is just a theory, guess….the disaster in japan – the country where the sun gets up…seems that the evil servants did it in order to block the sun symbolically? however both 2 americas seem to be heavily under the bad energy influence. It is not only about the patches, but it is also in the american life style, confusion in moral values, absense of national consciousness, absense of connection between the land and man ( the americans move all time, they never have strong ties with parents, neighbours)…i never saw before so many patches clearly dedicated to evil and dark…it is tooo obvious…how the people don't see it and don't object??maybe cause the people is blinded by that negative energy…

    i hope the entire world will get peace and saved soon by God…nobody is immuned of that trouble. I think it is not the problem of only americans, but of entire humanity, however….

    the evil is a kind of infection easily passing from person to person across mind, body and emotions, if you give even a little, microscopic chance to it, it may expand fastly everywhere.

  70. VigilantMoslem on

    Regarding "Primoris Gravis Ex Occasus”. As you wrote: Primoris means “First”, Gravis stands for “important, heavy or serious” and Occasus means “setting of the sun, the West, or fall”. My take based on Islamic teaching is that this refers to the period before the end of time, of which evil will prevail on earth. According to the Qur'an about the last hour, prophet Muhammad said: "It will not come until you see ten signs before it, including the Dajjal (the Beast/anti Christ), the Rising of the Sun from the West, the Descent of Jesus (in Islam we acknowledge Jesus as a prophet of God), and Landsliding will occur in three places, One in the East, one in the West and one in Arabia (source:

    There are two types of doomsdays, namely Kubro (small doomsday) and Sughro (big doomsday). The small doomsday is marked by the 'rising of the Sun from the West' (instead of the East, due to possible earth pole shift) as mentioned above. After the small doomsday occurs, the period of evil arrives and takes over the earth (most likely through their 'new world order' scheme). Perhaps this is what referred to as the 'First Heavy Sunset' before the sun rises the next day on the west instead of the east, that marks the arrival of evil Dajjal / anti Christ.

  71. I was reading this article in my bed, in the dark. Let's just say number 6 unnerved me to the point I had to turn my lamp on.

    That patch is chilling.

  72. face in the crowd on

    Personally, after reading about the launch signified by the "Palladium at Night" patch, Jack Parsons limpdick aside, this makes me want to invest in receivers. I see the hidden (or rather, intentionally almost hidden but not quite) question mark, which (to me) confirms the PIC are placing their chips on that old chestnut-survival of the fittest Which is never a confirmation or fact. If they observed nature unbiasedly (which they can not because they are sick with the human-alien-whatever condition) then they would know (intuitivel) that nature constantly throws wildcards into the deck. That is why I am arming myself, figuratively and literally, to help others along the way, anyway I can, if ever I can. Help them physically if I survive and they find themselves on the brink, help them psychologically if they survive but are blinded by their own despair. I can help them THEN if I collect information NOW. Morality is key, people forget our brain is HARDWIRED to run ALL information and knowledge input output this way, despite the PIC subtly suggesting "survival of the fittest" is somehow in natures blueprints as fact. Don't be afraid. Observe your environment meticulously. The concept of morality can be avoided but that does not mean it is not central to the survival. THE GOOD OF US OUTNUMBER THE WORST OF US. DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU.

    I had to repost this dudes comment on patch #8, apologizes in adance for not linking the website, there was a bunch of crap comments on it but this guy hit the nail on the head. They WILL be cleaning house at some point so I suggest anyone interested in radio frequency waves invest in some receivers. This is my plan B as my plan A, ideally, be that I am killed when they clean house. Just in case I am here…I will be armed and ready to help anyone learn how to be a wild card.

    "Since we have an excellent opportunity to speculate wildly let's step outside the box.

    Pan as a prefix means "all," "of everything," "involving all members" and so on. Let's assume all members of humanity.

    Pan is the Greek god of shepherds and flocks. Both care-taking and order is implied.

    Let's not just focus upon Palladium but also "at night", in darkness, at the worst of times, a preparation and safeguard with a theatrical flair, all to be able to see a new morning. A leverage to encourage and possibly ensure the survival of a society (or several or all), or as a last resort take every society down to a level playing field (back to Pan's pasture).

    If something of that nature is the true mission of PAN it could take the form of something similar to PANdoras box and the question mark is not merely a friendly taunt to us uninformed observers but a warning to those who will find or subtly receive information corroborating such a mission. That it is a box one should be wary of opening.

    So maybe, just perhaps, PAN is (possibly in addition to pragmatic and practical uses employed as cover, possibly as a mysteriously silent satellite, or both over time) an orbiting data server (maybe the first of several. maybe among the last but the only one to purposely attract attention –there are seven stars in the patch) which receives several keep-alive signals. Signals that can be hidden among other communication to the satellite if necessary. Each keep-alive signal has a value, some worth more than others, some values inherent to the signal content itself. Signal sources can come and go however when for whatever reason a cumulative loss of keep-alive signals reaches a threshold and keeps above it for a predetermined period of time (possibly also influenced by the amount of signal loss) PAN will start openly broadcasting the content of the server on easily received public wavelengths, possibly replacing other communication by brute force.

    A memetic bomb.

    When classified documents are released with pages upon pages of censored blacked out content it is not merely for the direct benefit of the censurer; deliberation of what and how much to reveal to the disadvantage of others also takes place both for manipulative and trust-building reasons. Authenticity could be established or at least attempted by digitally signed uncensored copies of the same documents as were used for censored public release but there should be other methods as well.

    Of course this would not work without some people knowing about it among all potential adversaries but the number of this group of people could be extremely low and is easily achieved as well as voluntarily and for entirely selfish reasons kept secret at very high levels of classification by those people unless absolutely necessary and then only spread internally to the society in question to the degree necessitated."

  73. face in the crowd on

    As a side note, all the dragons clutching the earth just make me laugh, as in…"how quaint"

    I know many people who work for Lockheed, most are drunks and depressed, functioning and brilliant but all tell me aliens exist on earth as cadavers for dissective purposes. Their technology, essentially, as well.

    I look at the dragons as the PIC depicting their dominance over Earth, because….they fear more than they could or would ever let on. Sucks to be immoral. I for one believe you cannot be forgiven if you forsake your brains harddrive. Running shady software is one thing but allowing your harddrive to be compromised is not forgivable. Nature won't allow you to return to your natural state, like a door that slams shut behind you after you walk through it…

    Those dragons look pretty protective over Earth, they'd love you to feel threatened by some vauge source somewhere in the stars (so we can all be one, with this "survival of the fittest" concept manifesting into complete control)

  74. face in the crowd on

    anyway. this is my favorite article so far and I hope science is a more frequent topic…or rather, how the PIC manipulate science in an effort to overshadow the fact that EARTHS OWN BASIC NATURAL LAWS PROVE A SOURCE OF INTELLIGENCE BEYOND EARTH EXISTS.

    but please, churchy people…science is not the enemy. nor is your faith…realized both can be used to enslave minds…but exist for just the opposite purposes.

  75. severalminds on

    lots of dragons in those patches reminded me david icke's theory about the americas ruled by reptilians (by religious texts commonly known as demons).

    however, I hope VC will make an article also about kevin smith's satanic work. He is well known for his film "dogma" protested a lot and defined as blasphemy by God believers.

    i was thinking that: you see, some years ago, on 1998 when the blasphemy movie "dogma" was done, the people ws still present and they protested, boicotted disney (yeah old, viscid disney…) as the owner of the movie…however the movie got out on 1999 ( a symbolic date, if you reverse the 3 nines, it willl seem a kind of 3 sixes, evil mark…)…in our time, i mean nowadays there the worst blasphemy, the show business, books, media etc, is full of satanic propaganda and blasphemy and nobody protests any more…it is sad…the people is dumbed down totally…they don't react anu more.

  76. I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have to be Destroyed by Me: Emblems from the Pentagon's Black World written by Trevor Paglen described some of this symbols:

    After reading his book, my theory is that the 3 snakes probably represent the three types of satellites orbites

    (Geostationary Orbit (GEO)

    These satellites are in orbit above the Earth's equator. They stay above the same location on Earth. They are used for telecommunications, television transmission and for navigation.

    Low Earth orbit (LEO)

    A satellite has a Low Earth Orbit when it orbits somewhere between 300 and 800 km above the Earth's surface. These satellites only take about 90 minutes to go around the Earth. They are ideal for making observations of the Earth's resources. LANDSAT lauched in 1972

    Polar Orbits

    A polar orbit is a special LEO in which a satellite travels north-south over the Earth's poles, rather than in the more usual east-west direction. Polar orbits can be used to map the complete Earth once a day. This is needed for weather forecasts like NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Weather

    then you have Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites which allows us to know exactly where on Earth we are.

  77. Approximately 5 years ago Discovery Channel was showing many secrets-uncovering documentary movies, and one of them I remember was… about "alien" invasion:

    A farmer complained that his cows were attacked by aliens, but Discovery journalists (amazing job they did) discovered that American soldiers was using nearly-soundless helicopters with big lights (which looked for farmer as a spaceship that dark night) to land near cows, and using laser weapons as a knifes, they were cutting off these animals tongues and parts of skin/flesh. And explanation why they did so was… they were investigating how that highly radioactive area (it had atomic explosion before) affected these cows, so soldiers just came to take samples. And obviously they were trying to do it in secret.

    Another documentaries I was impressed about was – existing futuristic technology nowadays in top secret USA government controlled military bases. It was alien related technology – a big doughnut shape flying aircraft with propeller in center, and camera on top, which can move in any direction and freaking way, same as people always describes UFO behavior. It was shocking to see real videos of these gadgets filmed on camera, and it totally blew off the alien theory. There are no aliens 100%, and what I saw on Discovery Channel – it's still kept in secret and not out in public yet.

    Who knows what technologies are invented now, and I'm sure it is 100 – 200 years ahead of us. I'm not trying to scare people, but this is a fact and real stuff, which looks & sounds better than trying to assume from symbolic pictures.

    I know you could find a lot of stuff on internet trying to research Discovery Channel documentations about Future Weapons, Technologies and etc.

  78. i think the wizards patches are referring to zeus (considering lightningbolts everywhere) and that is referring to their seemingly "godly" power over the world population

    • Heh, very nice link. I was nearly going to post the same thing as there are overlapping patches in both pieces of work.

      One bit of info about the silver delta or triangle on a lot of the patches – it is supposedly a secret space vehicle with unknown capabilities. Very interesting it appears on some of these patches too.

      Have to add: Great work again VC. So many gems of info to ponder.

  79. hello Mr. VC.. as always thank you for a very interesting topic.. one thing though.. did you noticed on "patch #9 with the Mennateur" even the FLAME from the rocket forms a "firery charactor" {looks like a woman }, maybe this means that even the fire is of another "source"… let me know your thoughts on this.. thank you KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK..

  80. I have yet to be so entertained with reading. I used some of your articles to convince people of the twistness of this world. I thank you for all your hard work and look forward to your upcoming articles ^_^

  81. All technologies of todays and yesterdays have been handed down to the Homo Sapient Species by their Forefathers and Creators. The many diversities of Inter-dimensional Extraterrestrial and Extraterrestrials alike have seeded mankind for their help and livestock. We humans are for their wry and amusement, even in some cases we are their food. For some we Humans are to them as Cows and Chickens are to us. Many speak of the Illuminati and their New World Order, which is the Human counterpart of the Extraterrestrial Intervention. This has been an ongoing process since the first Homo Sapient was successfully manufactured by Enki the Son of Annu some 450,000 years ago. It has been speculated that before the colonization of Earth could be successful a nursery consisting of suitable lifeforms taken from other planets and Extraterrestrial laboratories had been prepared and placed on the planet Mars. Much of the remaining species of life as we think we may know have been seeded elsewhere in the Universe. The ultimate agenda in the works is to re-colinization of this planet earth with an improved and more suitable species to work for the Extraterrestrials who are infighting for domination of this planet and many others throughout the Universes.

  82. Hey Vigilant Citzen and friends !!!

    About the #4 NRO Snakes (Nunquam Ante Nunquam Iterum), which means “Never before, never again”. It's really one of the most strange and mysterious PSYOPS that we have seen in this post.

    Well, the only thing I could remind of, was the Jesus Christ words in Matthew 24:21, saying that would happen a time, (which the most of christians says comes right before the Armagedom) called "Great Tribulation", that never happened before and will never happen again.

    Well, I'm not saying that this should be the meaning, but it was the only mention that "Nunquam Ante Nunquam Iterum" makes me remind.

  83. Hi,

    Thanks for the great article, VC – I read a lot and see you cover lots of interesting topics. My next suggestion for you is to look at Gnomeo and Juliette. When you watch it, you'll get immediately why I recommend it :)

    Regarding patches, funny enough today the only Polish astronaut so far (general Miroslaw Hermaszewski) said something interesting about patches: here it is in original published by largest Polish web portal, my translation below original:

    [Miroslaw Hermaszewski] Opowiedział też krótką historię dotyczącą emblematu, jakim oznaczono pechową 113 misję. Według jego słów umieszczono na emblemacie umieszczono obok rakiety "czerwoną strzałę" na kształt błyskawicy, która trafiała akurat w to miejsce, z którego oderwały się fragmenty pianki izolacyjnej powodując katastrofę.

    [Miroslaw Hermaszewski] told us also a short story about the emblem used for the unlucky space shuttle mission 113. According to him on the patch next to the shuttle there was put a "red arrow" in a shape of a lighting which hit exactly the place, where isolation foam disassembled, which caused the crash later on.

    This information was put in the article completely unrelated, like out of context. Which might be exactly confirming that emblems carry true messages for those that can read them, prior to the mission itself.. Interesting is that the crash was mission 113 but flight 107 and emblem is here

    Lets look at last emblem of the last flight then: What is it? An upside-down pyramid ? interesting…

  84. *And people say Latin is a dead language.*

    I must to correct: Latin is a killed language.

    Alot of things we can discovered if able to read this language.

  85. but in all seriousness, WOW very interesting, scary stuff. im having trouble sleeping at night these days thanks VC hahaha

  86. With respect, a critical response to an excellent article:

    "The man with the sword is in the distinct dress of a Knight Templar, this ancient group of Crusaders that became an occult secret society. The Knight represents the descendants of the Templars, the modern Illuminatus."

    Interesting stuff, if a little hackneyed by the intermittent suppositions, however, my reason for commenting is the quality of the quoted paragraph above; the usual dan brown level of understanding:

    The Knights Templar were never an occult society – If someone with your erroneous grasp of the facts of the Templar's history knows so much about them, how can they possibly be occult?

    The Armour is indicative of 15th century Jousting Armour not 12th century battle Armour (the hand and a half Broadsword notwithstanding), also the bloused cape is royal blue – the colour of the Knights of Jerusalem, (who, whence corrupted, became the knights of malta the Military Order of the gentile freemasons of the talmud's kabbalistic B'nai Br'ith and the parent Order of blackwater now registered as xe security) not the white cape of the Cistercian Order, and where's the Crux Pattee? Sorry, it only takes a small fail to compromise your research and bring it down with a personal faux pax.



    Commanderie Oceania

    The Ancient and Noble Order of the Knights Templar of Jerusalem.

    N.B. We are the good guys people, hence the bad press! Hello? Who own the Press!?

    Oh, if anyone goes to my blog; we are a Military Order, don't expect hippies holding hands and singing kumbaya! We know who the ultimate enemy is and who are its minions, we want them stopped. Deus Vult!

    "Through the mud and the blood, to the green fields beyond; that love, light & peace, prevail…"

    P.S. No capital letters where no respect is intended.

  87. Did anyone notice that on the NASA uniforms USA was an acronym for United Space Alliance?

    I believe that it is a total disrespect for America and I am glad that they got shut down!

  88. what the hell do they want with us..? cant they just let this world be what it was intended to be,.? am sure there's some good things about this world that haven't been exploited yet by the "higher ups" cumon ppl lets stand together and do something..!!


  89. InYahwehiTrust on

    The satellites will be used to track down the humans wich will be implanted with the Number of the Beast (microchips).

  90. InYahwehITrust on

    In the secret societies there are 3 most used alphabets:hebrew,greek and LATIN.Ocassionaly

    is used the egyptian one as well (Golden Dawn).Astonishing is that the majority of the pagan gods (demons) are drawn from these cultures.I believe that, in the Buble, the apostles went to these countries to convert the inhabitants from demon worshiping (paganism) to Christianity so that the devil's terriotories could be restrained.

  91. InYahwehITrust on

    The two faced shaddow guy is Lucifer, the snake, with a soingle eyed pupil.It is the All-Seeing Eye in a different shape.The 2ndface i believe is a goblin or another representation of a demon.Almost all the figures that look like they embrace the world are his representations or the representations of the fallen ones that joined him.

  92. First of all, most of these patches have nothing to do with PSYOPS at all:
    "Psychological operations are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.[1]"

    Most of them seem to be NRO and other aerospace-related missions and/or units.

    The main mission of such units is intelligence gathering with space- and air based sensors (spy satellites, drones, etc.)

    Some of the imagery of these patches seems to suggests that they could be engaged in more than just passive reception of signals, e.g in the electromagnetic manipulation of other systems or the projection of energy towards earth, the atmosphere or enemies systems.

    I would also say that there might be the likelyhood thatsome of these guys have designed these patches with allusions to conspiracy or occult themes just for the fun of it.

    If you truly want to organize an all-encompassing conspiracy to control the earth through advanced technology, why would you disclose that in such a blatant way? You are much more powerful if everything is being kept secret, without the slightest hint.

    So as interesting this article is, the inference that many posters deduct here is flawed.

  93. I found this article on the Sophia Perennis website (which publishes works by Rene Guenon, which I highly recommend for getting information on the current spiritual dark age and the coming of the antichrist).This article is the publisher's own commentary on UFOs and aliens being demonic entities, and he mentions the satanic ties certain government groups have, including the initial development of space exploration.

  94. They think they're so smart putting all this stuff out into the world… But then again, its a sign of their power…

  95. The second #7 Supra Summus patch has the same rocket on it as in the picture of the rocket in the #1 The Devil You Know patch, (the triangle in the middle of both rockets, even the lines above the triangle)

  96. MercuryRising on

    "The Latin inscription “Nunquam Ante Numquam Iterum” translates to “Never before, never again.” What never happened before and will never happen again? We may never know."

    Cross reference that with Mathew 24:21

  97. The 'Betty' badge really creeped me out.. In Islam the Sun rising from the West is prophesied as a major sign of the coming of the last day.. It has only recently been made public by NASA that this day will truly come. The end is near.

  98. I'd wear these, honestly. The first one with the vipers wrapped around the Earth looks pretty cool! Masonic symbols or not, they do look cool.

  99. DivineSubRoutine on

    I see this as the Lord using these clandestine, dark forces on Earth as agents to fufill prohpecy, with the vain illusion that "they" are actually in control by using predictive programming, Hegelian dialect (problem-reaction-solution) to make occurences of a Biblical nature occur, yet without the belief that they are just an instrument, and that they can actually "reinvent" the wheel of prophecy when the inevitable occurs, because they belive they have just used scripture and God's word as a means to an end to carry out their plans, unrealizing that their concentrated efforts of steerring events simultaneously was of their hands, but of God's will, and because their intent was to mislead, control, and dominate through staged prophecy, thus using the Bible as a weapon and not as a tool of faith, guidance, and integrity, when they think they can then change the outcome because of their inherent lack of faith, thier true intent will leave their legions to buckle under their own weight. It can be said that this was all engineered yet fufilled the prophecies at the same time, only the true believers remained steadfast and the duplicitors that stage events believing it was their ancient agenda implemented over time, not a predetermined part of God's plan will lose more than everything for playing God and not believing in him…you see? At any viewpoint, whatever side, these things must take place and.

  100. Just Thinking on

    The "never before, never again" brings to mind the bible verse Revelation 17:8 "The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is about to come up from the abyss and go to destruction."

  101. The 4th patch, the one with the three snakes around the world, it´s about a control operation, the menace of third world war (the three snakes). Note the red stars, 1 at the top left (first world war), 2 at the top right (second world war) but no 3 red stars can be seen. There are four bright stars left and right that represent the bright status thru fear. In other words: third world war will never happen because they win more with the ghost of war, that for itself is a never ending war, than detonating one. Just think about the implications.

  102. I like the fact that vigilant give you a brief explanation of the badge's provenance and translation but allow the viewer to imagine their own interpretation. After almost 25 years of truth seeking (I'm now 48) I find this is the best method of providing information and a welcome attitude in an area where the viewers mindset and level of initiation into these virtually unfathomable questions is always relative to their own perceived reality. Well done you lot. – I'd like to make an observation, if I may, that expands on one of the themes of these blatantly occult sigils. I have recently become interested in all the strange synchronistic and sometimes even outrageous symbolism surrounding 'the beatles' (have another look if you think It's only about the purported replacement of 'Faul' Mcartney, it is literally awash with strangeness). You may think this is unrelated to this particular thread but something struck me while looking at some of these badges. The 411th flight test squadron one in particular. The recurring theme of the diamond shape in space. There will undoubtedly be some innocuous explanation offered by the powers that be for this symbol and although John Lennon himself offered an alternative reason for his inspiration, I can't help wondering whether 'Lucy(fer) in the sky with diamonds' has more to do with this than it's supposed LSD connection. By the way I'm not a christian and am referring to Lucifer in light bringer mode. 'KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES !!' Kirk out

  103. The last badge. Planet X. If the sun is christ and the 12 constellations are the 12 disciples then planet X is lucifer. That patch shows the dark devil(dark star) passing between earth and the sun and one of its orbitals about to resurface the earth and give us a new moon aswell. These Lucifer worshippers aren't worshipping the devil with horns they're worshipping the dark star. This whole new world order bullshit is a new earth not a one world government.

  104. Since finding this site———AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I FOUND THIS SITE, it just popped up in my browser one night, which is creepy enough——— I have been reading non-stop.
    I have to say, these articles are freaking me out.
    Creepy, Creepy, Creepy!!!!
    I find myself looking at, listening to and reading in an entirely different manner. Is this good or bad? I'm not quite certain at this point. But, I do noticed it happening.

    Awesome articles VC. Interesting and informative. I'm glad you used Your "magick" and popped up in my browser and life.
    Read you again soon,

  105. I realize this article is pretty old, but the last bit about L-49 and the phrase "Primoris Gravis Ex Occasus" is most definitely refering to the fact that this was the first DIV Heavy mission on the west coast. L-49 was one of the more intensive missions I worked, and the fact that it was the first heavy launched on the west coast was definitely a big deal.

  106. This is all making me understand how the bible says "If the days had not been shorten all life on the earth would not survive!" ewwww!!! This is on of the few article by VC that has made my heart race, my eyes see things that are not there and my mind become pained by a headache! LOVE IT :) This is what it means to be "Alive" Now that we have the info what will we "do" with it??

  107. I worked with the 30th Space Wing in spaceflight security for eight years and on most of these operations. And although you're doing well on some of these, you're giving way too much credit to others. In particular, INFORMATION ASSURANCE is basically anti-virus on steroids, ie: protecting government computers from being hacked. And THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is exactly as stated, a typical NRO imaging satellite constructed from old parts because the new technology failed. On the other hand, you're missing a half-dozen highly ominous operations of the last decade. Nuff said. Thanks for the enjoyable article.

  108. You know that patch with the three serpents and the phrase (never before and never again)? Here is a very similar phrase in the Bible, speaking of the end times:

    Matthew 24:21
    New International Version (NIV)
    21 For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.

    Funny they used serpents…that couldn't be alluding to any Biblical symbolism, could it? Lol…

  109. Re patch #1, The Devil You Know; My guess…VAFB stands for Vandenberg Air Force Base located on the coast of central California. SLC-6 refers to Space Launch Complex 6, this launch pad was originally intended to launch space shuttles into polar orbit. After the Challenger failure, west coast launches were canceled , the pad was later re purposed to launch other vehicles, thus rising from the ashes to active launch status again. A true Phoenix.

  110. truth seeker on

    The badge with the dragon and its wings are the American flag, the description says it was something to do with a satellite…..look up, there are a few "stars" which change from red blue green and of course white, also to back this theory (to me this is fact now I've just stumbled across and connected the dots ,they use symbolism remember guys, andd remember stick together share each others ideas no one can figure this stuff alone unless youve been looking at these stars like me for months and wondering what they are and know I know ) the dragon has a diamond wrapped in its tail maybe hints this to the flickering and the shininess' of the star, the dragon symbolizes the power of the satellite maybe.

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