The Hidden Hand that Shaped History


Has the course of History been directed by a small group of people with common interests? The paintings and pictures of the great men of the past centuries reveal a common thread which links them together. Is it a coincidence that many of them hid one of their hands when posing for a portrait? It seems unlikely. We’ll look at the Masonic origin of the “hidden hand” and the powerful men who used the sign in famous portraits.

Stalin and Washington – two opposing ideologies, one hand gesture

“Today’s thinking toward a democratic world state is neither a new trend nor an accidental circumstance; the work of setting up the background of knowledge necessary to the establishing of enlightened democracy among all nations has been carried on for many hundreds of years by secret societies.”
-Manly P. Hall, Secret Destiny of America

Is there a hidden force behind the world events of the past centuries? Are the fall of European monarchies, the bringing forth of the Age of Enlightenment and our path towards a world democracy part of a great plan lead by a “hidden hand”? Before the advent of mass media, portraits depicting their leaders in majestic poses were the only artifacts people had. Do these portraits have an occult meaning?

One of those poses is the “hiding of the hand”. I remember my history teacher trying to explain why Napoleon was often shown with a hand inside his shirt. The common explanation went along these lines:

“Many theories have been presented as to why Napoleon is traditionally depicted with his hand in his waistcoat. Some of these theories include: he had a stomach ulcer, he was winding his watch, he had an itchy skin disease, in his era it was impolite to put your hands in your pockets, he had breast cancer, he had a deformed hand, he kept a perfumed sachet in his vest that he’d sniff surreptitiously, and that painters don’t like to paint hands”
-Tom Holmberg

Unless all the individuals discussed in this article had stomach ulcer or deformed hands, the gesture of hiding one’s hand simply has to have a specific meaning. It does. Most of the people using this sign are proven (and often enthusiastic) members of the Freemasons. Considering the great importance of this gesture in Masonic rituals and the fact that all of the elite were either part of Freemasonry or knew of it, it is simply impossible that the recurrence of this sign could be the result of a coincidence. The “hidden hand” can, in fact, be found in the rituals of the Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry and the world leaders that use this sign are subtly saying to other initiates of the order: “This is what I’m part of, this is what I believe in and this is what I’m working for”.


The Royal Arch Degree

The Triple Tau

The Royal Arch Degree (the 13th degree of the Scottish Rite or the 7th degree of the York Rite) is also known as the Mason of the Secret. During this Degree, initiates are said to receive great Masonic truths.

“The members of this Degree are denominated companions, and are “entitled to a full explanation of the mysteries of the Order”; whereas in the former Degrees they are recognized by the common, familiar appellation of brothers, and kept in a state of profound ignorance of the sublime secret which is disclosed in this Chapter. This accords with the custom of Pythagoras, who thus distinguished his pupils. After a probation of five years, as stated before, they were admitted into the presence of the preceptor, called his companions, and permitted  to converse with him freely. Previous to the expiration of that term he delivered his instructions to them from behind a screen”
-John Fellows, Fellows’s Inquiry into the Origin, History, and Purport of Freemasonry

“If we pass on to the Royal Arch, we receive a wonderful accession of knowledge, and find every thing made perfect; for this is the nec plus ultra of Masonry, and can never be exceeded by any human institution.”
-George Oliver, Lectures on Freemasonry

It is during this degree that the initiate learns the sacred name of God.

“A Degree indescribably more august, sublime, and important than any which precede it, and is, in fact, the summit and perfection of ancient Masonry. It impresses upon our minds a belief in the being of a God, without beginning of days or end of years, the great and incomprehensible Alpha and Omega, and reminds us of the reverence which is due to His Holy NAME.”
-George Oliver, Historical Landmarks

This holy name is Jahbulon, a combination of words meaning “god” in Syriac, Chaldaic and Egyptian.

“JEHOVAH. Of the varieties of this sacred name in use among the different nations of the earth, three particularly merit the attention of Royal Arch Masons:

1. JAH. This name of God is found in the 68th Psalm, v. 4.

2. BAAL OR BEL. This word signifies a lord, master, or possessor, and hence it was applied by many of the nations of the East to denote the Lord of all things, and the Master of the world.

3. ON. This was the name by which JEHOVAH was worshiped among the Egyptians.”
-Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor

The initiation ritual to this degree re-enacts the return to Jerusalem of three Most Excellent Masons who were held captive in Babylon. I won’t go through the whole ceremony and symbolism but at one point, the initiate is asked to learn a secret password and a hand sign in order to go through a series of veils. The following image depicts the hand sign required to go through the second veil, as documented in Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor:


“Master of Second Veil: “Three Most Excellent Masters you must have been, or thus far you could not have come; but farther you cannot go without my words, sign, and word of exhortation. My words are Shem, Japhet, and Adoniram; my sign is this: (thrusting his hand in his bosom); it is in imitation of one given by God to Moses, when He commanded him to thrust his hand into his bosom, and, taking it out, it became as leprous as snow. My word of exhortation is explanatory of this sign, and is found in the writings of Moses, viz., fourth chapter of Exodus”:

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom; and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow”
-Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor

As stated above, this hand gesture is said to be inspired by Exodus 4:6. In this biblical verse, the heart (“bosom”) stands for what we are, the hand for what we do. It can thus be interpreted as : What we are is what we ultimately do. The symbolic significance of this gesture might explain the reason why it is so widely used by famous Masons. The hidden hand lets the other initiates know that the individual depicted is part of this secret Brotherhood and that his actions were inspired by the Masonic philosophy and beliefs. Furthermore, the hand that executes the actions is hidden behind cloth, which can symbolically refer to covert nature of the Mason’s actions. Here are some of the famous men who used this hand signal.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon, a known Mason in his study at the Tuileries, 1812

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was a military and political leader of France whose actions shaped European politics in the early 19th century. He was initiated into Army Philadelphe Lodge in 1798. His brothers, Joseph, Lucian, Louis and Jerome, were also Freemasons. Five of the six members of Napoleon’s Grand Councel of the Empire were Freemasons, as were six of the nine Imperial Officers and 22 of the 30 Marshals of France. Bonaparte’s association with Masonry has always been played down in historical records. Masonic researcher J.E.S. Tuckett addresses the situation:

“It is strange that evidence in favor of the Great Napoleon’s membership of the Masonic Brotherhood has never been examined in detail, for the matter is surely one of interest, and – seeing the remarkable part that remarkable men played in the affairs of Europe, at a time when Continental Freemasonry was struggling out of chaos into regular order – it cannot be without an important bearing upon Masonic history”

In his essay on Napoleon and Masonry, Tuckett claims:

“There is incontestable evidence that Napoleon was acquainted with the nature, aims and organization of Freemasonry: that he approved of and made use of it to further his own ends”
-J.E.S. Tuckett, Napoleon I and Freemasonry (source)

Napoleon was also said to be aided by occult powers. In 1813 he was defeated at Leipzip and behind him was  a “Cabinet of Curiosities” in which a Prussian officer discovered his Book of Fate and Oraculum. Originally this Oraculum was  discovered in one of the Royal tombs of Egypt during a French military expedition of 1801. The emperor ordered the manuscript to be translated by a famous German scholar and antiquarian. From that time onward, the Oraculum was one of Napoleon’s most treasured possessions. He consulted it on many occasions and it is said to have “formed a stimulus to his most speculative and most successful enterprises.”

Napolean's Book of Fate 002

Karl Marx


Karl Marx is known today to be the founder of modern Communism. Despite being denied by some Masons, Marx is said to have been a 32nd degree Grand Orient Freemason. Marx became the spokesman of the atheist and socialist movement of Europe. He planned the replacement of monarchies with socialist republics, with the next step conversion to communist republics.

George Washington


George Washington was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and is considered to be the “most important American Mason”. Charles Willson Pealed produced this painting when Washington was 52 years old. Notice the position of Washington’s feet: they form an oblong square. The position of the feet are of utmost importance in Masonic symbolism. Compare this with this excerpt from Duncan’s Ritual Monitor:


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is considered to be one of the most prolific and influential composers of music ever. He also was a Freemason and was initiated in the Austrian lodge Zur Zur Wohltatigkeit on Dec. 14th 1784. Mozart’s creations often incorporated important Masonic elements. The Magic Flute opera was mainly based on Masonic principles.

“The music of the Freemasons contained musical phrases and forms that held specific semiotic meanings. For example, the Masonic initiation ceremony began with the candidate knocking three times at the door to ask admittance. This is expressed musically as a dotted figure: meanings. For example,


This figure appears in Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute in the overture, suggesting the opening of the Masonic initiation.”
– Katherine Thompson, The Masonic Thread in Mozart

The musical progression of The Magic Flute was based on the Golden Ratio (1,6180…), the proportion of everything that is considered divine by Mystery Schools.

Here are compositions created by Mozart for use in Masonic lodges:

  • Lied (song) “Gesellenreise, for use at installation of new journeymen”
  • Cantata for tenor and male chorus Die Maurerfreude (“The Mason’s Joy”)
  • The Masonic Funeral Music (Maurerische Trauermusik)
  • Two songs to celebrate the opening of “Zur Neugekrönten Hoffnung”
  • Cantata for tenor and piano, Die ihr die unermesslichen Weltalls Schöpfer ehrt
  • The Little Masonic Cantata (Kleine Freimaurer-Kantate) entitled Laut verkünde unsre Freude, for soloists, male chorus, and orchestra

Marquis de Lafayette


Marquis de Lafayette was a 33rd degree Freemason. According to Willam R. Denslow’s 10,000 Famous Freemasons, Lafayette was a French military officer who was a general in the American Revolutionary War and a leader of the Garde Nationale during the bloody French Revolution. Lafayette was also made an honorary Grand Commander of  the Supreme Council of New York. More than 75 Masonic bodies in the U.S. have been named after him, including 39 lodges, 18 chapters, 4 councils, 4 commanderies, and 7 Scottish rite bodies.

Salomon Rothschild


Salomon Rothschild was the founder of the Viennese branch of the prominent Mayer Amschel Rothschild family. The most powerful family in the world has greatly influenced the policies of Germany, France, Italy and Austria. The Rothschilds are also the main players behind the creation of Zionism and the state of Israel.

The power of the Rothschilds went way beyond the confines of the Masonic lodge. They are said to be part of the 13 “Illuminati Bloodlines”. An analysis of the recently built Supreme Court of Israel (see article here) confirms the Rothschild’s embrace of Masonic symbolism.

Simon Bolivar


Known as “El Libertador” (the Liberator), Bolivar is considered to be the “George Washington of South America”. He joined Freemasonry in Cadiz, Spain, received the Scottish Rite degrees in Paris and was knighted in a Commandery of Knights Templar in France in 1807. Bolivar founded and served as master of Protectora de las Vertudes Lodge No. 1 in Venezuela. The country of Bolivia is named after him. Bolivar also served as the president of Colombia, Peru and Bolivia in the 1820’s. He belonged to the Order and Liberty Lodge No. 2 in Peru.

Notice in the image above the position of his feet (oblong square) and the checkerboard pattern of the floor, also Masonic. His stance might have been inspired by the Knights of Christian Mark Degree as depicted below in Richardson’s Monitor of Freemasonry:


Joseph Stalin

Stalin’s reign of terror in the Soviet Union  lead to the deaths of millions of his own countrymen. He is often shown in pictures using the  hidden hand gesture. No official records have been found that prove Stalin’s initiation into Masonry. Of course, dictators such as Stalin tightly controlled  all information concerning themselves and their affairs, making it difficult to prove anything one way or the other. The hiding of his hand, however,  provides an initiate’s clue to his possible allegiance to an occult brotherhood.

After being shot in 1940, the young man on the right has been
edited out by Stalin’s people.


In Conclusion

As seen above, thee leaders using the “hidden hand” gesture had a great influence on world history and many were confirmed Masons. This gesture is an obvious yet widely overlooked detail which hints at the leader’s embrace of occult philosophy. By understanding this fact and by recognizing the IMMENSE influence these leaders had on the course of History, we can begin to realize the hidden force which is currently steering the world toward international democracy.

Members of these brotherhoods might have maintained different opinions and even adhered to different factions (communism vs. capitalism), but the fundamental philosophy, beliefs and ultimate goals are still the same: the coming of an “Age of Reason and Enlightenment”. Of course, any serious researcher is already aware of the role of Masonry in the unfolding of world history. The “hidden hand” gesture, so often used by historical figures is simply the outward expression of this little known fact. As  Confucius said, “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” These people’s words and policies will eventually be twisted and forgotten, but their image will remain for the ages.



      • The soviet union deleted people from photos because they had been executed and the circulated photos were meant to portray a picture of the dictator that showed him as always correct. Thus, he couldn't be pictured with people later "found to be traitors".

    • Stalin was the biggest anti-mason in town! He kicked Trotsky out because he was a member of what they called "franco-masons" but not before Trotsky created the symbolic representations for the new regime like the red five pointed star. Freemasonry was illegal during that time and members were persecuted.

      The reason why Stalin hid his hand has nothing to do with masonic signs and gestures though :) Stalin had fled from a Siberian prison during Tsarist times twice and froze the nerves on his right hand, he could not use that hand and there is footage where he uses his left hand to put his lifeless right hand into his coat.

      As for the guy being edited out, I'm sorry but it looks more like he was inserted IN :) Though that would not be the worst thing that Stalin has done :)

      • You can lead a hoarse to the water but you cannot make it drink……………….This stuff is so obvious that you need to be willfully ignorant to not get it

      • Allen, do you have another hobby apart from being the ''willfully enlightened one" who goes around calling people who majored in Russian history and the role of the franco-masons in the Revolution, 'willfully ignorant'? You like name-calling girls? Inferiority complexes? Try expressing your opinions without abasing those who submit educated input.

    • He was head of Stalin's secret police, and after killing the old head, he intensified the purges. He was later too shot by the new head of the secret police. He was brushed out because Stalin falsified the past to suit his needs

      • Looks like roger waters- pink floyd is one of em now :( hidden hand gesture in jacket ooo roger :'( your just another brick now

      • His name, indeed was Nikolay Jezhov. He was however replaced by Lavrienti Beria. Gienrigh Yagoda (Yenokh Gershevich Iyeguda) was tortured by N.Jezhov personally and after short showcase trial, sentenced to death, meanwhile N.Jezhov taking Yagoda's position as chief of secret police in Soviet Union.

  1. Very interesting article. I wish we could know all the missing links in human history. Perhaps one day we will as long as people are willing to dig for the truth. Thanks for the lesson in history I'm sure I would not have learned that in school.


  2. Good post as usual. Me and my friends were wondering why Martin Lawrence did that particular hand gesture at 6:55 of this video

    Can you please do an article soon about blood sacrifices though??? I found it odd that Eminem would depict his friend Proof dying in one of his videos ("Toy Soldiers") a full 2 years before he actually died. And the list of celebs whose fame exponentially increases shortly after the death of someone close to them (Kanye's mom, Diddy with Biggie, Fat Joe with Pun etc.) is hard to dismiss. It could be that these are all tragic coincidences … but there's a long history of human and blood sacrifices when dealing in Satanic ritual … which many of these celebs seem to be practitioners of. Here's a series which mentions others …….

    Thanx for all the time YOU'VE sacrificed in efforts to enlighten us. Keep it up, your work is not in vain.

    • Talk about gaining fame after a death! Didn't we just read about that sort of thing right here at VC? Surrounding Lada Gaga and the falling death of her pretty young friend? Her career exploded right afterwords.

    • Interesting that BOTH youtube links do not work anymore… You get the message that the account has been terminated. Google OWNS Youtube and you know who owns Google..

    • They have to sacrifice something close and dear to them in order to achieve fame and success. They pay the ultimate price by giving up someone they love

    • The people in Hollywood did not sacrifice their families, that is all a lie. Their families are somewhere alive and the truth of the matter the poor people in the real world families and friends was used as blood sacrifices for those in Hollywood. And Hollywood have chosen to exploit the fact of the lies. It will all come out in due time, that the Masons, the Politicians, Military bosses, the media, the British, Israeli, America and globalist used poor people families as blood sacrifices. It was our families that was murdered, raped, beat, and accused by black people, chinese, japanese, the globalists in ,horrible, terrorist, evil god game against innocent people. These groups and people should be labeled as the most evilest organisms and people in the world and the Masons have gained that title. They have no purpose other than to pretend they are our gods, rape, destroy, abuse, tear down the world and then say they are Jesus, Allah, God, Buddha, Noopooh and Zoopooh, Lords, and how benevolent they are.

  3. Wow. I am floored, I wonder if this is the same "Invisible hand" that supposedly controls supply/demand dynamics in Economics. Afterall Adam Smith (the founder of modern economic theory) is rumored to have been a Mason as well. EXCELLENT JOB.

    • The idea that "most" world leaders are free masons is false. Some have been. Most could not have been because they would not have been exposed to the Free Mason ideology. We often falsely assume that "all political leaders" includes only the ones we've heard of, often from the western world. Also, this list is misleading in that it only shows those with free mason symbolism and doesn't mention that the vast majority didn't use it.

    • i hate humans on

      because secret society has to control humanity for the reptilians aliens. and they use jews and bankers for their rulership class. they need this in order to control humanity in the event they want to kill everyone.

  4. You forgot that all Masons are reptilian shape-shifters and rule the earth and in 2012 they will reveal themselves and make all humanity slaves. Its because of idiots like you that nothing on the Internet can be believed.

  5. kayode – Most world leaders are Freemasons because Freemasonry produces and only the finest men, men of virtue and intelligence. Men who can think and are tolerant of other ideas. Who hold liberty and tolerance and charity sacred. We need more Freemason leaders now more than ever, because the world has gone to the dogs and liberalism has won the day. Children and criminal run amok. We could use another George Washington, Teddy or Franklin Roosevelt about now. Freemasons are men of conviction and high moral standards. Read the US constitution or the Declaration of Independence, their hand is all over it and these documents are woven into the very fabric of our society and are the very foundation of this great nation and republic. We have strayed from the principals of the Founding Fathers and need to look back to look forward.

      • Bill, point of correct, intelligence is not always a virtue. Did you read this article at all man?

      • Sally, if you paid attention at all you would have noted that both Marx and Stalin have no known relationship with Freemasonry. The author merely put them in the group because they posed with a hand in their coat.

        A more academic and thorough study would reveal that no man can be made a Mason if is an atheist. Therefore neither of those two can be included in this discussion.

  6. Daphne Karandanis on

    Many thanks for your meticulous research and vast compilation of material….the articles on
    Astara, Kazhakstan and the Denver Airport were esp. compelling, as well as the Georgia Stones…

    could you enlighten me a bit about the specific history of the Scottish Rite Temple in San Diego, CA? (off of Hotel Circle on the 8 Freeway towards Ocean Beach)

    I was there for approx. 3 days for a conference in May 2007 and became severely ill…I know the energy of the particular
    structure was extremely intense and I’ve done some research confirming that many Hollywood power players have
    both knowingly and not so, participated in events/initiations there….

    I would be very grateful…yours, in Christ, Jesu–

    Pax Christos,
    Daphne Karandanis
    Alaska, USA

  7. I’ve seen more portraits with that gesture -the LACMA museum in LA has some- I just dont know the names of the people in them and as a result ,where to look on the internet for them. Some vigilant commenters should help me scour the net for more of these portraits cause I know there out there.

  8. To answer Vanessa's question from the first comment – it was common practice in the Soviet Union to erase all photographic evidence of the existence of ranking party members who had been deemed traitors. This way future treachery was theoretically discouraged. The same thing was done to photos featuring Leon Trotsky when Stalin came to power. Interestingly Trotsky was of course, Jewish, and Stalin would ally himself with the Third Reich (until Hitler betrayed him) and later he became quite paranoid that Jews were trying to kill him. He eventually died of a "stroke" in the midst of claims by his government of a "Doctor's Plot" where Jewish doctors would poison leading gentile Soviet leaders. Stalin attempted to create an alternative Jewish homeland to Israel in western Siberia called Birobidzhan and it was largely ignored in favor of Israel, he came to believe that the many Jewish communists in the Soviet Union were "rootless cosmopolitans" who put their blood/religious loyalty (in other words loyalty to Western Jews and Israel) before loyalty to the Soviet system. He probably killed many innocent people along the way pursuing this line of reasoning, but he was probably onto something in the case of Trotsky and later the Jewish Anti Fascist Committee. If Stalin was a mason or some such thing, then it is quite possible he outlived his usefulness as Napoleon did after power took hold and he got ideas of his own. I believe that Stalin was indeed assassinated, possibly by his lieutenant Beria ( who was very close to some of the Jews Stalin had purged).

    • Nick, you seem to be paranoid about jews. The man on Stalin's photo does not have anything to do with jews. It is the chief of KGB Ezhov who was executed by Stalin (which he did to several KGB leaders to put blame for his purges on them). Many executed leaders of KGB and the communist party (jewish and non jewish) disappeared from photos published after their execution.

  9. Okay I’ve found Civil War Generals McClellan and Anderson both doing what their respective websites call “The Napoleonic Pose”. I wonder if there are earlier examples of this than him.

    General McClellan:

    General Anderson:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if both sides in that war had not only profiteers but also conspirators at hand.

  10. No offense, but you people seem to be grasping at straws, here. This article strongly suggests that the once-popular style of depicting leaders with their hands in tucked in their clothes is a thinly-veiled reference to the Masonic `hidden hand`.

    Out of curiosity, did you ever stop to think that maybe it was an allegorical symbol of virility, to wit, of being ever ready to fight a manly battle? In the days before semi-automatic firearms, tanks, armored vehicles, and warplanes; knights, cavalrymen, and dragoons often had to fight at a whim with a sword –or more rarely, a pistol– to defend the honor of a woman, their kindred, or their country. Since 8 out of 9 men are right handed, it only follows logic that they used their right hands to operate their sidearms.

    Perhaps in antiquity, an emboldened, virile man often kept his dominant hand tucked in his clothes so as to keep it warm, and ready to grasp his sidearm at a moment's notice. If so, would it not stand fitting for a general or commander-in-chief to be depicted in artwork in such a pose? We (in the 21st century) are far removed from highwaymen, open sewers, and mad horses on our roads. Even so, it remains a gentlemanly act for the boy to walk up the street with the girl at his right.

    While it is true that freemasons have developed a secret code of gestures and slangs (to avoid persecution, not to conspire, I might add) the theories proposed in this article strike me as somewhat spurious.

  11. all american founding fathers are freemasons and they are also member of illuminati…

    lodge of twelve muses is where Ben Franklin did his "things" :)

    Lenin, Stalin, Churchil, Roosevelt are freemasons~~

  12. Wow, I was a little frustrated with waiting so long, but, once again you come through with a great article. I only wish they would come faster. I’m sure everyone feels the same, thank you for taking the time to research these subjects on your own and sharing your findings with all of us.
    from a,

  13. Very interesting stuff. One thing I’ve always wondered is whether or not Masonry has always been a united front. For example, I have read that Adam Weishaupt’s original intent with his Illuminati was to penetrate and then subvert the ideology of Masonic lodges. Bolivar is a remarkable figure and admired Napoleon, whom he met in person before vowing on a mountain not to rest until South America was free of Spanish tyranny. Bolivar eventually distanced himself from Napoleon because he felt he had betrayed Republican principles.

    Turning to Stalin it is known that he was educated by Jesuits, meaning he was raised as a Catholic in Georgia – I believe he was groomed to be a priest when he was young. Perhaps he was a mason or became associated with some kind other lodge structure through the Jesuits?

    Going back to Napoleon, it was he who humiliated the Knights of Malta by sailing into their port on the fortified isle and then deploying his soldiers from the boat to seize the island. For many years the Knights had launched slave raids on Muslim shipping and Knights of Malta occupy many high government positions today, especially in the USA. Much has also been made of Napoleons approach to the Jewish community in Europe, it is hotly debated what his intent really was in forcing Jews to assimilate and adopt surnames (as opposed to the Asiatic “ben so-and-so” meaning son of just like the Arab “bin.”) Was Napoleon a friend of the Jews or was he trying to force them to assimilate for his own reasons? Perhaps he tried to play both sides and that is why he ended up in exile on St.Helena? I also recall reading some correspondence from Washington regarding Jacobinism, if I recall he did not like it at all and felt it was a perversion of Masonry, stating as such as well as stating that he did not feel it had yet penetrated American lodges.

    One thing you didn’t mention is masons in the Third Reich. Officially Hitler’s Reich had anti-masonic policies, but it has been asserted by many that in the inner circle there was not only at least one Mason of the Turkish lodge but that the SS itself was an occult organization that may have evolved from a pre-existing lodge structure that helped organize the Nazi party in the first place. Personally I think that whatever Freemasonry is, many of its adherents have been duped and then discarded like the useful idiots they were.

    I guess the point I’m trying to get at by listing these facts is that Masonry really is a mystery. Should we distrust men like Hugo Chavez and Vladimir Putin because of their connection to these individuals? Putin’s grandfather was Stalin’s trusted personal chef and Hugo Chavez is a devotee of Bolivar – yet they are both righteous men, I do not doubt this. Some believe in an overarching conspiracy that truly encompasses all international capitals, I certainly do not. This kind of piece can reinforce those notions that I don’t agree with but I urge everyone to take this piece and really use it to look beneath the surface. Perhaps I am wrong, but perhaps there is some great untold story of a schism within Masonry.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Stalins real name was Djugashvilli. That means, Son of Jews. Wake up. The Jesuits were founded by a moneychanger financed Jew name Loyola and 5 other Lt.'s that were all…you guessed it…Kabbalistic Talmudic Jews also. They go to Catholic religion to corrupt it on purpose. It's called Crypto Jews. The illums were founded by 3 fellows, Franks, Rothschild and Weishaupt. All three from Generational Talmudic Rabbinical families. They were all jewish. One went crypto jew early, Weishaupt and was booted. The Vatican was taken long ago. The bank in 1823. The pope disbanded the Jesuits and was arrested and jailed and died in jail. I say he was murdered big time. Then in 1820's the Bankers restarted the Jesuit order. You won't find this info on the first page of Google. hahahhah They own it too.

  14. The “hidden hand”, according to the unknown Danish world-teacher MARTINUS (1890-1981) , in his pantheist view – meant for “humane materialists”, would be the Godhead (“X1,X2, X3”). There is, indeed, not the slightest coincidence whatsoever in the whole cosmos, nor in the evolution of our species on this living planet – our macrocosmos. So nothing wrong about freemasons, also evildoers are picked by Providence to fulfill their mission of showing the “unpleasant good”, contrast to the “pleasant good”. Per aspera ad astra. Check also my site “”. WE are all part of the “hidden hand” – be the change you want to see ! So, no excuses !

  15. honest critisism on

    1st comment .woo hoo
    however. i am happy you brought this up, but this is not relevant to society to be honest.
    its useful though
    can i ask you carry on doing thins like music. etc jay-z rihanna kanye lady gaga jim jones
    also stuff like stephen gatelys & micheal jacksons death. as these are linked to masonry and satanists.

    also the wizard of oz review was honestly pointless as it doesnt relate to society and our lives as it is not a part of live animre. it is just a film.

    im not being mean, i am just giving honest constructive critisism, as lately your site has become rather slacking as when the music posts were coming in, it was interesting as it is what is effecting us in modern life.

    kind regards

    • "Honest Critisism" (sic) wrote "jay-z rihanna kanye lady gaga jim jones

      also stuff like stephen gatelys & micheal jacksons death. as these are linked to masonry and satanists."


      NONE of those people have (or had) anything to do with freemasonry. And freemasonry has nothing to do with satanism.

      Honestly! — the nonsense that some people choose to believe (not to mention their utter lack of writing skills). It's enough to make one despair of humanity.

  16. This gesture originated from “taking heart”, the Cro-Magnon Warrior practice of stealing the Lifeforce of captive enemies, such as the “Snow Leopards”, Neanderthals who were victims of a genocide. But their legacy was hybridized into the three Atlantean races of ensoled humans. These “Spotted Leopards” were likewise hunted but a hidden agenda bred Warriors with captive ensouled women to produce the “uber” humans:Nobles, Workers, and Artisans. The hidden hand indicates that secret soul-snatching whereby Soul became subjected to a power hierarchy domainated by violence and ambition. The “damned spot” is Soul/Conscience, a hidden treasure X’d out by Jehovah/Yaweh, a name meaning “Buryer of Soul”, and his “veils” mean crafted deceptions.
    The Triple Tau, for example, should be inverted.

  17. oh yeah before i forget could you do an article about britney spears song '3', i dont know why but it sound like it has dark messages, esp the part when she says "Aaaare you in, living in sin is the new thing", hmm!.. and rihanna's new song-russian roulette!

    Thank You !

  18. RE: Washington's image

    Compatriot reflects foot symbol in responce to "hidden hand"

    Right leg over left leg = discovery or, more accuratly, Eureka (I found what I am searching for).

    Left leg over right leg symbols searching.

    Templars' buried their knights with right leg over left ( to signify discovery of Heaven?)

    However, the ankle is turned over the left foot. Variance significant.

    Note all three were sashes to left side with swords-left in nonbattle position.

  19. it's weird how people want to try and dictate what vigilant citizen writes next. why do you think you can force the topic of the next article? do you pay him/her? do you dictate his/her time? is this a create freedom website? do fans dictate what a popstar will write next, or what an artist will paint? does a reader dictate what will be in the newspaper or magazine? not very often. interest lies in the surprise. let vigilant citizen lead us where his creative uncovering will. and don't be so boring as to try and dictate the next turn – unless you are paying of it!

  20. hmm,, this is such a sad world we live in!!
    honestly y cant sum ppl believe this?

    i would seriously urge people to watch “The Arrivals” on youtube. There are many parts but trust me they are worth your time.

    And for the guy who has made this website, thank you very very very much! This site has educated me very much!I have found out about things which I would never have thought about in million years!

    So thank you x100000 !

  21. Sleazy P. Martini on

    "There is a much simpler explanation. All the images were painted before concealled weapons laws."

    Sure buddy, that's a good one, lol.

  22. Could it be that their goal of world domination is so near that they are confident enough to flash the sign openly today in a celebratory manor,i.e. the thumb depressing the ring and middle fingers while the index and little fingers are pointing straight out.I’ve noticed this being used by those in high positions around the globe.
    (I hope “they” don’t assassinate me for calling attention to it.)

  23. “[…]Steering the world towards international democracy.” The United Nations Democracy? Democracy is a fallacy perpetrated by the “invisible hand” government, for it does not matter on who we vote they are always in power, but now Obama has already signed his country away into the socialist/communist totalitarian Bolshevik rule. The American Constitution has lost power to the United Nations Constitution.

  24. At first, I laughed off this article, because there are 5 million freemaons worldwide. But then, I re-examined the symbol. It is certainly distinct. It’s not a natural place to put your hand.

    The question is: WHY do they need to tell us? Surely there’s something even more occult about this than just “telling us hidden in plain view”. Researchers such as Texe Marrs say that it’s just arrogance, because they love the idea of scamming you in the open.

    Again, I would suggest it’s something far more advanced. Just my opinion.

  25. This is only a small and well shown simple symbol that unites these leaders which in our known history were said to be enemies. the fact that they share much more than that and it needs some research to find out more links. great article

  26. this is very intriguing. Having been raised in a family of Eastern Stars and Mason's I can say that everything you speak of on your site is accurate.

  27. Yup,we know….NWO is juz around the corner……

    Only and ONLY Jesus can save you from those fearful times I'm telling you right now….

    You can NEVER EVER stand up for what u believe in only on your own strength. They'll try to kill you and hunt u down like some kind of wild beast…….it's all prophesied already in the Bible.

    OH! How people nowadays are so blinded by sin!!! :(

    • Name (required) on

      I already said something similar in another comment…

      First of all, don't get me wrong. I believe in god.

      I have troubles with believing that he interferes, though.

      … Like … The holocaust would have ultimately triggered it.

      Don't you think?

      My theory is, that this is nothing but a game of chess.

      And… Being scared about dying, is like being scared of

      visiting the dentist… Totally sucks, but simply has to be done

      sooner or later. Say I'm trivial, but you will die, no matter what.

      Like… Shouldn't we all meet and just sit down somewhere,

      hippie style? I truly think we should…

      This might get me on the radar, lols.

    • libertyislost on

      We have all been deceived by Satan's hidden hand-Freemasonry especially in the Catholic Cult Vatican II, but the truth is in the Bible, the absolute truth especially about Heaven and HELL.

  28. well am suprised and not also suprised…but to tell u the truth they can go and die for all i care…but seriously these freemason has actually been ruling us one way or the other making history…in my opinion WE th normal people ARE DOOOOMED!!!!………………………

  29. Good post as usual. Me and my friends were wondering why Martin Lawrence did that particular hand gesture at 6:55 of this youtube video "Blk Masonic-3/The Finale".

    Can you please do an article soon about blood sacrifices though??? I found it odd that Eminem would depict his friend Proof dying in one of his videos (”Toy Soldiers”) a full 2 years before he actually died. And the list of celebs whose fame exponentially increases shortly after the death of someone close to them (Kanye’s mom, Diddy with Biggie, Fat Joe with Pun etc.) is hard to dismiss. It could be that these are all tragic coincidences … but there’s a long history of human and blood sacrifices when dealing in Satanic ritual … which many of these celebs seem to be practitioners of. A series that mentions others is the "Industry Exposed series".

    Thanx for all the time YOU’VE sacrificed in efforts to enlighten us. Keep it up, your work is not in vain.

  30. John Braungart on

    After viewing that portrait of Stalin, I am convinced that if you look very closely at his “hidden hand”, you will see the out line of a pistol that he’s holding.

  31. hi on the nepoleion picture owls om the red seat problley magog…left side of fire place bottom masonic tiles, face on table leg looks more like satan than a lion i think its suppose to represent a lion ,,,still looking for more .

  32. concerned citizen on

    Ok, George Washington, Mozart, and Gen. Lafayette are NOT the scum of the Earth. But, the REST of them? OH, YEAH…

  33. concerned citizen on

    Who cares if their image remains for the ages, if they are dead. Should one feel better about oneself, if he/she has been directly responsible for the deaths of 20 million people? These people are not GREAT! They are the SCUM of the earth!

  34. It's all about money, power, and glory. – 'the vanity of vanities' that ends in disgrace and nothingness, … not to mention THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD against all such wickedness.

    Carnal Man will never learn. … precisely why he needs A SAVIOUR to rescue him from himself and those who are determined to exploit & manipulate him.

    * 2 Cor. 5:17-21 *

  35. nice article, but have flaws. you said things that seem to be trhut, but, without a link to any book or anithing at al that comproves what you are saying.
    and by that seems a conspiracy with no base.
    thanks for your time.


    * The lesser: the hidden hand of satan/lucifer: “the god of this world.”


    * THE GREATER HAND [and Will] of YAHWEH-YAHOVAH, – The GOD and Creator of Everything GOOD and the Source and Center of ALL MORAL LAW and Relationships.

    which side you CHOOSE determines your ultimate destiny.


  37. PessimisticOptamist on

    As much as the article was interesting, I see know talk of the change in the hand that's used. Why do some images have the right hand hidden, and others the left? I'm not a mason, or member of any society, but I have rested my right hand in my jacket/coat/suit before, mainly cuz it was relaxing, it was cold, and I didn't want both hands in my pocket. I think it was also to do with the way each top was made. You can't put ur left hand inside if the left half of ur top laps over the right. Well, u can, it's just more uncomfortable. -sigh-

  38. You need to put up a bibliography of all the sources from which you pull your “research.”

    As for the hand positioning that you call gestures – I cannot recall 100%, but I remember in an art class, I was told that because painting of these old portraits and even in the early days of photography, that men AND women would often rest one of their hands just inside the lapel of their shirts or coats as to ease the discomfort from sitting in the same position for such prolonged periods of time.

    Especially with the paintings, imagine how long it would take the artist to correctly and precisely render the shape and position of who they were drawing? Anyway, this is the explanation that I was given as an art student and I find it much more feasible than your conspiracy theories.

  39. On the subject of hidden hand, I have read somethings on the web about the Law of One and Ra Channelings. I also read a thread on a conspiracy website called ATS “Window of oportunity” where someone with the name Hidden Hand created a thread and people ate it right up. Is this Law of One the new masonic religion I have heard about or is it completely unrelated? It is very enticing but full of terrible justifications like; we do this because we love you tripe, all paths lead to the One, good and bad is all the same, evil was brought to earth to create a catalyst, blah blah. I wish you could do a piece on this subject of the Ra channelings because you seem to grasp symbolism much better than I could. I am also too right-brained for this sort of thing.

  40. Left Hand hidden signifies Left Kabbalist Path after the 5-6 Tipharoth level. Crowley and JPL Jack Parsons for example. Mene Tekel asked about Supply/Demand Its on display with Swine Flu Vaccines which were patented before the disease. Interesting is that 2160 years ago the Aramaean King (Shem's 5th son was Aram) sacrificed a pig on the altar which was cleansed on Christmas "Sol Invictus" and now we have teh Aramaeean President Obama (a Nabbataean Arab) presiding over WHO Pandenic 6 Swine Flu manufactured by Nazi labs Novartis and GSK. A question was asked about the Temple in San Diego. The Rosucrucian HQ is shared by Mt Ekklesia in San Diego and AMORC in San Jose decorated as an Egyptian Temple. America is about to be a Scape Goat Babylon because we are blind to Mene, Tekel, Peres. Debt, Wanting, Divided and given to Medes and Persians. Everything the Society of Ormus did will unite on 12/21/2012 so we better wake up by then.

  41. Could the “hidden hand” be a perverted display of the scripture Exodus 4:6,7 where Moses was instructed by God to put his hand in his bosom?

  42. Displaced citizen on

    @ Bill

    The knowledge that these Satanic men spread through books is from the pits of hell. There is a God in Heaven. He will judge that serpent, Jahbulon and all his wicked principalities no matter how highly placed or influential they are.

    If you are in, my loving advice to you is get out while you can. There is one more terrible than Jahbulon. He doesn’t take prisoners as we shall all find out on the day of Judgement.

  43. Sophia Ithothe on

    The young man must have fallen out of favour, hence his removal from the picture after being shot. Georg Orwell explains this in his novel 1984.

  44. Sophia Ithothe on

    Thnak you Carlos for your suggestion about ‘Hidden Hand’ (the Harvest’) and the ‘this article. I too would like to find someone to expand upon this bewildering and sickening idea, that we must commit more evil ‘for our own good’ or some such rubbish. As you say, the HH is a master deceiver and has almost everyone believing him at the end of the discourse. I may have misunderstood too, but ‘Ra’ in ‘Ra Material’ also seems to reverse the notion of good and evil: He says that Alex Crowley and Hitler were good people (I cannot remember exact words), and other things that, according to the moral values we have, seem completely bizarre. In fact, the communication that came from him and his exchange with the members of the Above Top Secret Forum was a landmark in the progress of human consciousness, yet hardly anyone said anything about it afterwards (HH’s possible origins, the Luciferian values, etc)

  45. Good article.

    It nice to see so many famous people found the light. I am also working toward enlightenment and maybe one of these days you might blog about me….

  46. The reason behind some recieving fame after someone close to them dies is because they are all required to perform a sacrifice. Bil Cosby to his son. Diddy to Biggie…. there is a list.

  47. In replly to #74 (74.Keleigh)

    What–and standing around with *one arm in your coat* like that FOR HOURS ON ENED WHILE YOUR PORTRAIT IS BEING PAINTED is somehow supposed to be “more comfortable” than standing in 2897237383172 other poses FOR HOURS ON END WHILE YOUR PORTRAIT IS BEING PAINTED?!

    This explanation is ridiculous. Perhaps you should learn to ask questions instead of blindly accepting what people tell you as the be all and end all of the universe. You are blissfully blind and a perfect “student” of the governmental education system. You are exactly what they want. Open your eyes.

  48. Makes me wonder how many old photos have been "remastered" as well as that one. It would be very hard to discern any editing if one had not seen the first image.

  49. Unconvinced Believer on

    This all could be coincedence though. It is highly regarded as a sign of high class. Romans would make statues with this hand gesture, and painters tried to match that look of exquisite beauty. I think this article is way off the mark this time.

  50. nkiriho patrick on

    why was the young man on stalin's left edited out….is the young man of great symbolism?..

    what if the hand gesture is simply a 'pose' for those times..same way the peace sign(two fingures) is commonly used in this age and era when posing for photos?

  51. To all my Christians reading this post; do not concern yourselves with things of this passing world. Be separate from it and hold firm to your faith and the truth and grace that abide in you. Once you learn to control your tongue and master your own sinful desires that wage war against your spirit, you will be able to overcome the evil that seeks to defile you with its tainted fruit. ALL of the entertainment industry, not limited to movies, music, radio, and books is controlled by deprived perverted men and women who worship SATAN and serve him willingly. Do not defile yourselves with this cleverly and at times subtlety concealed witchcraft. Do not believe all the hyped up monarch programming and such as it is nothing more than a state of demon possession. The TRUTH is simple, every single one of the people you may or may not recognize as evil has willingly entered into a state of possession and once that happens they are no longer able to control their thoughts, words, or deeds. That is what possession is all about, i.e., not being able to control your urges and in essence not being in control of your own self. Put your trust in the Lord and He will keep you safe, and remember that to you has been given the power to trample over snakes.

  52. Well as for the hand in the coat bit, how do I put this….

    Hands are pretty hard to draw…

    I mean, we could pony up the money for an artist capable of drawing hands,

    (since we have all the money LOL)

    But you don't get rich by spending money do you?

    Seriously though, have you considered taking note of what's playing on the television right now?

    Go on, turn it on.

    We'll be right there in front of you =)

    -Secret Master

  53. Eye opening, but not surprising. What is really remarkable about about 2012 – end times prophesy is that people are not really aware of the whole significance of what is going on in our would today. Everyone has a piece of connecting thread but not seeing the entire fabric. Some talk of Illuminati plots and free mason dictators and are not linking everything as one. All are just a piece of the picture, the ascension of lucifer. What is even more significant is the date december 21, 2012. If we research illuminati ( luciferian ) ….he doesn’t deserve the capital ‘l’……..numerology we see the number 3 as an important number in their plot especially when multiplied. For example 3 is evil 33 even more so and 333 being the mark of the beast ( multipled by 2 ) By extention 21/12/2012 refers to 3/3/3 which is undoubtedly his ascension to reign over the earth until our lord the saviour comes and shackles him for 1000 years in eternal fire and brimstone. Some scholars point to that not as the ‘end of days’ but as a date of significant change. The rise of a New World Order, which as we see are happening daily. Awake and open your eyes, do some research on the numerology and see for youself.

  54. "the world has also ended and the new one begins"this is actually true coz nothing new we see today that was never there will never change coz the devil will never and and God will always be a spirit we dont know but believe,rely and have faith on.all off this conspiracies might or might not be true coz its hard for people to accept the truth when it scares them.i dont believe in everything the media says coz their creates hierhacy is the government and it lies to the people in fear of their reputation regardless of who lives or dies,as long as they get what they want thats all that matters.

    All those who brought technology say they are making the world a better and easy place,they did nothing but mess it up.Now they can do nothing but watch on silence and dismay,say global warming while the people are suffering because of their greed and grave to be powerful and conquer the world.All thats left are questions with out answers,why dont you be smart and solve this EQUATION OF LIFE!!!

  55. I read somewhere that Mozart was part of the secret societies but had done something to dissatify them, not sure what, and so that's why he was buried as a pauper in a pauper's grave, the greatest composer of Europe at that time and a timeless genius, which is not diminised by his final fate. However, that is why nobody came to the funeral either, because they were all deathly afraid of the ones who put them there. If anybody has seen the 1984 movie Amadeus, excellent movie by the way! You will perhaps see some interesting occult elements. I don't want to spoil it.

  56. You forgot John Wilkes Booth. He as several portraits with the "hidden hand" as well. His accomplice, John Surratt, escaped via the Jesuit rat-run into Canada, and was later photographed as a Papal attendant in the Vatican (Google John Surratt and see the picture). Surratt was identified and later caught in Egypt, then sent back to trial in the US. He walked, even though his own mother swung on the Gallows with the rest of Booth's gang, to cover for Rome and young Johnny Surratt. Surratt openly admitted in his speeches on the subject that we was involved with Rothschild banking agent Judah Benjamin, who escaped also after financing the little band of conspirators.

  57. The “Young man” standing next to Stalin was Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov the former leader of the NKVD. He too eagerly took part in mass murder, but the media generally overlooks and under reports the crimes of the Soviets.

    After the Big Terror Yezhov was arrested and killed by Stalin's order. His name was disappeared from all soviet magazines, and his figure was erased from photos.

  58. DONT FORGET,–not all people commenting here are's their duty to supposedly block our eye opener in vigilant citizen.

  59. wow… this site is really interesting… it really wakes u up to the truth of the freemason, illuminati elite… and all those years I wasted watching all these symbols and subliminal messages through disney movies, and music videos… an eye opener! Im gonna tell all of my friends…. 😀

  60. Ok now… Let's assume you're right about the hand gesture.

    You've also made an article about the Jewish (Kabbalan) connection to freemasonry.

    How come Stalin made that hand gesture then?

    Also, I read an article about freemasonry in Denmark recently (I'm danish) in which some danish freemasons spoke out about freemasonry in general. Also, you had the opportunity to ask the members questions.

    I'd be willing to translate if you're interested.

  61. The relationship between Freemasons and European History include the House of Stuart where James the Sixth of Scotland (First of England) was elevated by Gavin Hamilton (Preceptor ofthe Tironesian Cistertian Order of Monks) at Lodge 1 The Mother Lodge in Killwinning in Scotland…John Knox the Refformation Leader in Scotland whose brother served a priest to the Sinclairs of Roslynn (Scottish Grand Masters) was elevated by Gavin Hamilton also at Kilwinning.

    It should be further noted that Napoleon was also a member of the "Order of the Golden Fleece"

    Catholic Religious Orders have early history which can be linked to much of the ritual of Freemasonry including the elevation of Bishops and Confirmation for Church members.

    Indeed the members of the Order of St Francis still sign letters with the tau….the links are widespread but what does it tell us?

  62. Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani is also seen in many films of him with his right hand hidden. Since this gesture is not in any way related in Islam and is not part of his clothing, then Ayatollah Hashemi rafsanajni is a freemason.

  63. Great article! Anyone who thinks this is just a coincidence needs to remember the significance of a portrait. A memory frozen in time. Even today when kids get school pictures, what's the first thing they say?

    "Billy! Get your hands out of your pockets!"

    But to be a distinguished gentleman of prior generations — when some people only got one picture taken their whole life, or before when you had to commission an artist to paint you — and have your damn hand in a sometimes quasi-unbottoned shirt looking like you're scratching your chest… COME ON! He shows you the masonic illustration! What more do you want?

    Bill, you are either a Kool-Aid drinker, a Porch Mason or some kind of rogue Masonic propagandist, but what you certainly are not is correct. Tool.

    VC, can you please answer me this… Does the hand have to be hidden in the chest area, or can it be in a pant pocket? Because for as many of these "hand in jacket" shots as I've seen, I've seen a lot of other ones with hands simply in one pant pocket.

    Anyone who wants some more historic American examples of this, check out a Ken Burns documentary.

    Thanks VC. Keep up the good work.

  64. This is a very great article but how did you get to know all about this signs and stuff please email them to me

    :) 😀 B)

  65. is it true that these world leaders including Queen Elizabeth are in actuality 'Reptilians'

    who drink human blood???

    ive heared it a few times now..its really freaky..

    • No, reptilians do not exist. Insiders have claimed that they give all of that information and "proof" to conspirators simply to distract them from finding the divine law, or "the One" and finding a way out of the earth and into their true place. At least I think that's how their religion works…I wish vigilant would go more in depth on the elite's religion. The divine law, how earth is a prison, reincarnation, etc.

      • Thats very mature…Until recently I didnt even know there was such an

        evil force in our world, well guess what? there is! So why does the idea

        of reptilians/shape shifters sound so ridiculous to you??? Maybe

        you should learn about the reptilian part of your brain

  66. "the Masonic initiation ceremony began with the candidate knocking three times at the door to ask admittance."

    On budget day in UK the Chancellor of the Exchequer knocks 3 times with the budget box (which should contain the pre-written speech) in his hand on parliaments door. He is then refused entry in traditional fashion, then let in. Sometimes it is on the news. I can't remember it fully.

    Needless to say it is a freemason ritual being played out in public.

  67. I was looking up Nietzsche and I stumbled upon these two photos. I thought I'd share them.

    The first was taken in 1861, and here he's clearly hiding his hand.

    The second is similar to the painting of Simon Bolivar. He's not actually hiding his hand, although it's not visible in the picture.

    I don't know if it means anything, 'cause in the first picture he was only seventeen years old..

    Well anyway, I thought I'd share them.

  68. Maybe it's just me. It also sounds really farfetched, but I've seen Micheal Jackson with his hand in his jacket a few times. Not only that, but the right hand being leprous as snow reminded me of his glove. The white glove on his right hand.

  69. Michael Jackson was definitely privy to knowledge about the illuminati. But he was never fully comfortable with it, which is why I think the elite owned press was always so negative about him. He converted to Islam shortly before his death. Maybe he was assassinated? His own family think 'they' murdered him. (Latoya)


  71. They Kill Me Instant on

    PLEASE COME!PLEASE COME!PLEASE COME! Rescue me from this hell!-From Tehran,Iran


    Dear Readers,

    As you may know,The world is controlled by a single entity, you can call it Illuminati or Antichrist.

    Soviet Union and Eastern Block was staged so to divide the world into 2 sections that BOTH worked on improving a Military-Industrial Complex.As a "Create Problem-Offer Solution" pattern, they used the fear of Soviet Union to mobilize Western resources & personnel to create a huge EXTERNAL military power.

    When this was achieved(in mid seventies) now they needed another false enemy to create an INTERNAL military power ( police state, surveillance society, FEMA. etc.) in the West so the Soviet Union EXPIRY DATE is reached and it is dissolved and almost joins NATO. Now another block- a TERRORIST BLOCK in nature that fits the agenda of creating police state in West- takes its place. So almost simultaneously in 1979 there is an Afghanistan invasion (by our Russians allies), Saddam rule over Iraq AND Iranian Islamic Revolution.These geographically connected countries become the playground of Arab/Palestinian terrorists who were basically created by British Intelligence in the beginning of 20th century; so by another "Problem-Solution" pattern the West must now be defended against them by creating a police state.

    Now guess when the EXPIRY DATE of this Terrorist Block will come? When this deadline is reached, the Iran occupation will start and after that all terrorism in Middle East will subside and eventually the road is paved for One World Government. Iran is nothing but a puppet and scarecrow of Illuminati.

    PLEASE WAKE UP! This is all staged and planned. Thank you for reading this comment.

  72. The problem with all of this is the following:

    What if this "masonic gesture" was only sort of fashion fad that people copied. What if Stalin just saw pictures of Napoleon, and felt that he himself was a sort of Emperor and therefore copied Napoleon's way to carry his hand?

    Today, you see pictures of people with one hand in their pants. Note that during e.g. Napoleonic times, trousers did not necessarily have bags. Nevertheless, people wanted to rest their hand somewhere.

    Another thing that is not supportive of global conspiracy theories is the simple fact that most of the business and political leaders have huge, huge egos and would never bow to any "outside" force. They have their own ideas of how things must work and/or be done, and it is practically impossible to reach consensus among big ego personalities.

    Apart from that, I agree with one of the writers above. Acknowledged and confirmed Members of Freemasonry have been most likely been a rather beneficial, democratic and pluralistic force in the history of the last 200 years. This is where things don't add up. Why create the world's foremost democracy (UK, USA, Switzerland, etc.) in the first place when you want to convert it into brutal "Illuminati Dictatorships" 100 years later on? Why not create dictatorships in the first place? Be aware that Washington was offered the title of a King of the U.S., but he declined in favor of a democracy.

    • well we're not saying every absolute person that puts their hand in the coat is a mason.. but majority were during that time that did it im sure.

    • The Soviet-Union was the creation of the Rothschild's. So, Stalin was a part of the gang… it was no accident… nor did he copy Napoleon….haha
      Boy, you really need to wake up! Democracy is the worst type of political system!

  73. i have heard about this guy David Icke and i vaguely know about his theories on masonic reptilian shape shifters. i just wanted to know whether it was even possible and if so what proof is there?

  74. just to reply to Danny Kelly's claims that Catholic religious orders have masonic roots – oh please! It was an automatic excommunication before Vatican II for ANY Catholic to join the lodge. Just because certain communists and freemasons infiltrated the clergy does not mean that the Church per se ENDORSED the lodge – the masons have written numerous diatribes AGAINST the Church including the papers of the Alta Vendita that Pope Pius IX released after they were obtained by a courier that was intercepted, bragging that they were going to put a man either of the lodge or who was sympathetic to the lodge's ideals in the papal chair. I submit AS a Catholic faithful to the PRE Vatican II FAITH that they succeed with this by displacing the real pontiff, Giuseppe Siri, in 1958, and putting a Rosicrucian by the name of Angelo Roncalli on the papal chair, who took the name of a former antipope, John XXIII and to the world was warmly welcomed as 'Good Pope John" whose encyclicals were made required reading by masonic lodges. The Church BEFORE Vatican II never endorsed masonry – was heartily opposed to it – have you never read Leo XIII's Humanum Genus? Please get the facts straight before you go out branding outlandish, unsubstantiated claims about people. John 23rd's involvement with the Rosicrucians was admitted openly later on in the Vatican associated magazine Thirty Days in the Church and the world by the head of the Italian lodges. However before that Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini HATED Cathoilcs and vowed to bring the Church down. The London Gazette also reported that international jewish masonry and zionism also vowed to put a man sympathetic to their claims on the throne and change the Catholic church so much that it would be nearly impossible to make converts. For substantiation of this claim, just google the old LOOK magazine article How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking.

    Most of the early Russian revolutionaries were from Jewish backgrounds – Marx, Trotsky, Lenin etc. They have always wanted the kingdom of this world – give us Barabbas. Everyone was picking on that protestant minister who wanted to burn the Koran but all these so called 'Christians' who are so gaga over Zionist Israel don't seem to care that the burning of the New Testament is a regular occurrence THERE and that their Babylonian Talmud says that Jesus is in hell burning in boiling excrement and which calls his mother Miriam the Whore

  75. Good article it is a fact that George Washington was a mason. Alot of the foundling fathers were masons, or believed in deism, or were Christians. George was offered to be king of America but turned that down. From what I understand when Washington was sworn as president it was not like the ceremony we see today. Also on a side note Thomas Jefferson had a Quran but he was not a muslim and from what I read did not think they were a tolerant nice bunch. As for the article if all of them were Masons were they then in disagreement? You can not accuse Stalin, Napolean, or Karl Marx of thinking like George Washington or Marquis de Lafayette.

  76. hi, great article as usual.

    Can you look into the symbolism on Stargate SG1? been a fan of the series for yrs, seen all 10 seasons. It is riddled with symbolism, The Stargate command logo looks shockingly similar to the square and compass symbol. even one of the actors had appeared wearing a masonic ring. Some of the story lines have you thinking, is there more to this show than meets the eye?

  77. Mr. Vigilant,

    Sometimes, when i read your articles, i can't help but feel that what I am pursiung in life is somehow shallow than what you are doing. I am studying Political Science and in this article, I realized that there is really more, a deeper, thing about the 'political' stuff we study in school.

    I thank you for making me realize that. :)

  78. could an article be done on secret societies in Africa or the influence of these secret organisations in the third world and if they actualy exist presently and their origins,excellent articles as always well researched.

  79. Rapparee O' Hog on

    Thanks V.C. for another excellent post. Talk about " hidden in plain sight " . Of course anybody who has seriously studied Free Masonry knows that it is Kabbalism for duped Gentiles, ie.Satanism ! The Great Architect of course is Lucifer,not the Creator ( God ) as revealed to 33rd degree initiates. If you have the "right" bloodline (reptilian hybrid) there is an even higher echelon – the Illuminati. Of course the majority of Masons (the 1st ,2nd and 3rd degree) dupes are fed total to the real meanings of ceremonies & symbols.Classic compartamentalism technique used by the Illuminati. The B'nai B'rith is a Jews only Masonic Order,most elite and the O.T.O.( founded by Aleister Crowley) is an elite Masonic finishing school for sexual mysteries where they sexually traumatise children and sacrifice them in rituals.Truly Satanic ! Members are mostly highly placed ' pillars of society ' ie. politicians,judges,corporate heads. The Klu Klux Klan is also a Masonic order. Indeed, Lucifer rules this Prison Planet Matrix of deception and control.Beware!

    • Correction: Luci fer is trying very hard to take over this planet and Humanity, but always falls short …haha

  80. Hi. Just to point out that the young man erased was just a way to put focus on stalin. Nothing else. Its just a better photo i guess.

    I just wonder. What does all that info helps anyone. It means to me that we are going on circles with this. Awakening people by showin them that we are fakes humans whos life been taking for granted doesnt help much you know. I love reading things like this and i am a big supporter of David Icke but as I am getting aware of all this I fell the need of a revolution. And a revolution only becames strong when millions of people get together and die for a good cause. Right now we are just one freak computer mad person that want to change things by learning and thinking. where is the action. The real movement? Wake up for revolution or die with nothing to fight for really.

    Andre. Brazillian Nut

  81. Greys, reptiles, annunaki, Jinns, Elohim…

    This masonic/illuminati bull ish is just a complicated distraction. Its just symbolic bull crap to keep us running around in circles without really telling us what we really should know. VC knows a lot but fails to grasp the bigger extraterrestrial picture.

    email me on and join the movement. Theres only a few hours left.

  82. Obviously this guy doesn't know his Masonic History or their messages as well. I can tell you Stalin, along with a few of the other people listed, would have never have been accepted by the masons. Stalin was against some of the mason's most important values like freedom and democracy. Stalin and Bonaparte were fighters for the complete opposite of what the masons stand for. People will always connect dots that have nothing to do with one another because not only are they ignorant of groups like the Masons, but the history of symbology too. Its obvious this guy is a christian who not only is ignorant of how Christianity turned most pagan and Masonic symbols as something bad, but the history or meaning of any symbol. This is a perfect example of Christian ignorance and how Christians want to bash anything that actually promotes knowledge instead of praying and worshiping a non-existent being.

  83. Danielleaylesworth on

    I read PH, and I noticed the other day that Vanessa had her hand inside her jacket. I find that PH actually makes so many posts that seem to be related to themes surrounding Freemasonry, mindcontrol, Iluminati and the like.

    Lady Gaga feautred in a commercial for an Android phone – representing Transhumanism? Only one eye is shown…

    and finally Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi posted a video on her Twitter that Perez recycled onto his website, where she talks about going through a difficult break up with her boyfriend and states the words "why not sell my soul" in reference to MTV and becoming a part of Jersey shore.

    This is just a few little things on that website that I've noticed in the past couple days now that I'm learning to look for it…

  84. Stalin was influenced by Marx (duh!) and Napoleon. Could it be that he had looked at their portraits and just wanted to use the same pose as his "idols"?

  85. Johnny Freedom on

    These Masonic authors have again turned everything upside down. Baal – is a god of sun and fertility in pagan religions, in other words Baal is Lucifer. The true name of their God they find out only in 33 degree. Many of masons being Christians have no clue what they are part of, until they get to 33 degree initiation. Would be quite helpful if quotes from Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" are mentioned. It would help people to understand what game masons are playing.

    P S Thanks again for good article. I have read your article on DIA in "Uncensored" magazine, that was quite nice analysis.

  86. In accordance to the principles of Doublethink, it does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is, that victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous. The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labor. A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. In principle, the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects. And its object is not victory over Eurasia or Eastasia, but to keep the very structure of society intact. Julia? Are you awake? There is truth, and there is untruth. To be in a minority of one doesn't make you mad.

    -Winston Smith, 1984

  87. The United States were an experiment of these secret societies, a step forward to the global New World Order.The U.S. represents The New World Order at reduced scale.For all of those who belive in the patrotic crap that your leaders fed you with, i'm sorry to inform you, but you're not americans.You're irish,polish,africans,hispanics,arabs,chinese,japanese etc. and mixtures of these races.You represent nothing but a social experiment, a starting point for the globalist New Order. For crying out loud, your federal reserve is privately owned, your institutions are privately owned , your firms are privately owned and above all, you are privately owned.That's why on your birth certificate is written U.S. Department of Commerce.You're nothing but a property, a merchandise of the european barrons.Your first president and the ones that followed were not placed there to serve you, the people, they were placed there to serve the masonry that was/is controlled from Europe.Now, thanks to the stupidity of your concitizens, your country is making way to the new elite power of the world (that will replace the United States and other Global Powers – France,Germany,Italy,Rusia,China,Japan), the country from where the Antichrist is prophecized to rule from:Israel.After they finish their plans with the U.S. they're gonna dump this country (and all of it's values – if there were any) at the dumpster of history (see the dollar crysis).But first, they have a few muslim countries to clear (if you know what i mean) for Israel, because you see, as a global power, Israel needs a much larger teritory.These guys are trying to build in the middle east some sort of New Babylonian Empire with it's capital at Jerusalem.They bribed some of the leaders of these countries (Egypt,Saudi Arabia, possibly Iran) and declared war to the most ''unobedient'' ones (Afghanistan,Irak,Syria and i believe many others to come).

    This documentary contains some informations that might shed a new light on some of things that i wrote in this comment: Michael Tsarion – Weapons of Mass Deception – Behind the New World Order

  88. Marx was a member of the Bavarian Illuminati (founded 1 May 1776) of Adam Weishaupt.This organization pushed him from behind and almost all of his doctrines arose from this organization.That's why the communist labour day is celibrated on May 1.And that's why i feel reductant to admire the teachings of these ''geniuses'' and ''powerfull'' men of the world:Marx,Einstein,Darwin,Hitler,Washington,Franklin,Caesar,Napoleon,Pythagora and many other intelectuals and political leaders.They're just the spoke-men of these secret organizations.As far as i'm concerned, many of them would have been anonymus without their occult affiliations. The informations they provided to the ignorant population were just a few of the ones that these organizations withhold.These informations (how to control a certain social,political or military system,how to create an invention that will revolutionize the world) come from the world of the occult and are provided to them by demons(in the Genesis, replace the word snake with demon/Lucifer and the Tree of Life with The Tree of Knowledge, and see what kind of meaning you get from that story).These people are bridges that link the theoretical occult knowledge of the secret societies with it's practical use on the ignorant masses.These systems (monarchy,communism,fascism,democracy) were nothing more than a step-by-step program (planned by the demons with their human accolites) to push mankind into the last and final system:the New World Order of Lucifer (a new age of reason as they reffer to it: i don't know what type of reason as long as they incorporate 3 different gods (Jehovah (god of the jews),Baal/Bel (eastern pagan god,a demon is christianity) and On (egyptian sun god, you know the expression ''turn the light on'') in one god.Now, that's very, very ''logic'', like most of their beliefs.

  89. The Rotschilds are not part of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines.They rule them.Let's analyse the Illuminati pyramid:

    The capstone is the Rothschild Family or Tribunal that rules the Illuminati, they were the creators of it. The eye is Lucifer, their god and their voice. The first 3 top blocks are on every pyramid.

    The Top block is The Council of 13, also called The Grand Druid Council.They only take orders from the Rothschilds and nobody else. They’re their private priesthood.

    The Council of 33 is directly under them, that is the 33 highest Masons in the World.

    The Council of 500, some of the richest people in the World–there are 500, actually, some of the richest people and conglomerates in the World–it’s their real financial power.

    The Golden Dawn is the 4th block and it’s the Rothschild’s private coven in England.

  90. ''Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.''That's an interesting declaration because it represents the values of Lucifer and his angels(signs,symbols=disguise,deceit,hidding,lies,subversive information) vs. the values of The Creator (the word and the laws= truth, reality is what it is and nothing more, no hidding, no disguising)

  91. wow, i always thought that pose was just one that guys from really really important (or rich) families did in those times. You know like, people with "proper" upbringings.

  92. i've been liking all your articles about lady gaga rihanna etc until this one. SIMON BOLIVAR ISNT ILLUMINATI. by ruining his reputation you are serving the illuminati agenda.

  93. libertyislost on

    I wonder how all these famous and power hungry people now feel about Freemasonry since most are burning in HELL for Eternity?

  94. Why was George Washington using his left hand instead of the right, in that lower painting? Also, what level masons use the hidden hand sign? Is there a certain degree required for them to use it?

    and I'm convinced that world elites/rulers are involved in high level masonry and the differing sects of groups involved in the occult "Mystery" religions. I think these people are carrying on from Egypt and Babylon.

  95. news4themasses on

    I have a photo of the newly elected pope "Pope Francis,"and in this pose. See my post, The Black Pope pdf, a Summer Read. Htpp://

  96. Stuart Göltner on


    I have a question about the freemason-books of Dunkan and Richardson, which are used as an evidence, that the "hidden hand", the hand on breast and other hand-signs are masonic signs. If freemasonry is a powerfull secret society which wants to rule the world, why should they allow some members to publish their rituals and secret signs in books, which can be purchased or read in libraries by normal persons, so everybody can detect masons on pictures or in public and can know which level? This makes no sence to me. Is it possible, that Dunkan and Richardson published false informations in service of the lodge to confuse people?

    Best regards and god bless you
    Stuart Göltner

  97. Man from Modesto on

    I'm glad I found this. I am currently putting together an article titled "Why did Napoleon put his Hand in his Jacket?" I have a long collection of Civil War generals with their hands in their coats, Allen Pinkerton, leader of the Salvation Army, the current pope, and others.

  98. masonry subordinate to the Church/Jesuits by the way… don't expect the comment to stay but it is absolutely true

  99. Jobs daughter on

    So many secrets, meant to stay secret. Possibly this gesture is just to send a message to other Freemasonry members, perhaps it's something else. Fact is, the are many secrets that will most likely never be uncovered because they are highly protected with the lives of those involved, and they will destroy the evidence if necessary. That is who they are and what they do. So many want to know the answers, but I doubt will get them. Even if something is discovered, the is no way of knowing for sure, that what was discovered is truly real, or just something planted for discovery to throw people off the trail of the truth. The hidden hand dies have a meaning. What is it's meaning? The world outside of Freemasonry may never know. I've been searching for answers about my father, a Freemason, for decades, and have none. It's just something we have to accept I guess.

  100. I'm a great admirer of your analysis VC, and thanks to you I'm aware of how today's world is ruled. But just a remark which I point to out of my respect and admiration to you and it's about Bolivar. Sure, he was inspired by Napoleon who was Freemason to the bone. But later on, Bolivar left Freemasonry and banned all secret societies from Colombia and later on he was assassinated, most probably by the secret societies themselves who saw him as going against their interests. Just don't say only half of the truth because it might mislead people and make them hate him. Watch the movie "The Liberator" it tells the whole thing about how he found out the truth of those who supported him in the first place. Anyway thanks for keeping us enlightened :) greetings from Lebanon!

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