The Occult Meaning of Lady Gaga’s Video “G.U.Y.”


Lady Gaga’s video for her song “G.U.Y.” has a lot of viewers asking “What the heck did I just watch?” While at first the video may appear to be a bunch of nonsensical and random imagery, as usual, there is meaning behind the images. And, as usual, it is in line with the occult elite’s philosophy and mythology. In this article, we’ll look at the esoteric meaning of Gaga’s video “G.U.Y.”.


Lady Gaga has been around for while now (my first article about her was almost five years ago) and, although many have tired of her attention-seeking stunts, she still maintains a solid, and dedicated, fan base. Her video entitled G.U.Y. got her fans excited, but reading comments on YouTube, most of them openly don’t get what is happening in the seven-minute production. And who can blame them? There are men in suits fighting with bows and arrows, there are the Real Housewives of Hollywood playing instruments, there’s Michael Jackson being resuscitated, and there are Legos. This headache-inducing video that spans several songs nevertheless contains a linear and (somewhat) logical storyline and meaning. To truly understand it, however, one must be aware of the mythology invoked in Gaga’s video (and her entire album) and the occult meaning behind it. Once these important connections are made, the rest begins to make a little more sense.

As is the case with most Lady Gaga videos, there are a few obvious pop culture references – which are profusely commented on by music reviewers – but the underlying, fundamental story goes unnoticed, or at least unmentioned. Nonetheless, this story is steeped in the mythology that is upheld by the occult elite.

The sexually charged video premiered on NBC’s show Dateline on March 22, right before a report about two teenage girls who were abducted and abused. Why did the video premier on Dateline, of all shows – and why right before this kind of report? Maybe for the same reason Gaga had a “vomit artist” vomit on her during her live performances at the recent SXSW: Her work often ends up promoting what she appears to be denouncing. In the case of the “vomit artist”, under the guise of “being yourself” or whatever, she’s actually glamorizing bulimia and all-around self-destruction.

Millie Brown sticks her finger down her throat and vomit a green substance all over Gaga. Is this art or another way to mess up the minds of young girls?

Millie Brown sticks her finger down her throat and vomit a green substance all over Gaga. Is this art or another way to mess up the minds of young girls?

On this fitting note, let’s look at Gaga’s video G.U.Y.

Fallen Angel

The first scene of the video is quite enigmatic, clearly announcing that it is a Gaga flick, where the line between profound artistry and random nonsense is always difficult to define. It begins with a bunch of men in suits fighting in a field, grabbing at dollar bills. Then we see Lady Gaga on the ground with wings on her back.

A fallen angel.

A fallen angel.

Gaga is pierced by an arrow that was apparently shot by one of the suit guys who is holding a bow. Why was Gaga shot down? Do the men represent music industry scumbags? Maybe. One thing is for sure: Gaga was an angel flying in the sky, minding her own business, then was shot down, becoming a fallen angel. And who is the most important fallen angel in History? Lucifer, of course.

The fall of Lucifer as depicted in John Milton's "Paradise Lost".

The fall of Lucifer as depicted in John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”.

While one could argue that Gaga playing the role of a fallen angel might not inherently imply that she’s referring to Lucifer, a look at the symbolism later in the video strongly points towards it. Indeed, much of the video plays on the esoteric associations between Lucifer, Venus and Ishtar, which I will cover a little further down.

Back in the video, a wounded Lucifer-Gaga gets up and walks towards civilization, ending up in front of the Hearst Castle. The location of the video is significant for several reasons. The castle was built by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, one of the most powerful and richest men in American history and the inspiration behind the film Citizen Kane. The mansion used to be a popular meeting point for Hollywood stars and the political elite. Like Gaga’s work, the Hearst Castle combined entertainment and the occult elite.

Unsurprisingly, William Randolph Hearst was himself an important figure of the occult elite.

“William Randolph Hearst was part of the Illuminati, he was part of the branch Illuminati — at what could be termed the 6th degree. William Randolph Hearst was totally into paganism. That is very obvious by a tour of his mansion in California which has been turned into a museum.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

“Illuminatus William Randolph Hearst gave Anton LaVey some big help. His Avon Publishing published his Satanic Bible in 1969 (it was first released in Dec. ‘69). Since then it has reportedly gone through over 30 printings. LaVey’s next book The Satanic Rituals also was published by Hearst Avon in 1972. It talks about the power that blood sacrifices give the magician. Hearst’s papers also gave him publicity.”
– Ibid.

“William Randolph Hearst Jr., was a 33 degree mason and a very powerful man in the media world.”
– B.Huldah, The JFK Files

The newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, a high-degree Illuminati initiate, funded his early “crusades”. The Hearst mansion in California is furnished with hundreds of ancient Egyptian and other Near and Middle Eastern artefacts. Most of them are original and were shipped to the United States by Hearst at enormous expense.

It was Hearst’s support for Franklin Delano Roosevelt that won “FDR” the Democratic nomination and the presidency in 1933. Roosevelt, the wartime president, was one of the great Illuminati frontmen of the 20th century (see …And The Truth Shall Set You Free). The Rockefellers, Witneys, and Vanderbilts, all Illuminati bloodline families, have funded other Graham “crusades”.
– David Icke, The Biggest Secret

Given Hearst’s connection to the elite, it is of course not surprising that the Hearst castle was built with the occult elite’s mythology in mind – which is, in turn, the mythology Lady Gaga is always attempting to sell to the youth.

Lucifer-Gaga arrives in front of the Hearst Castle and is greeted by hooded men.

Lucifer-Gaga arrives in front of the Hearst Castle and is greeted by hooded men.

Of course, the two guardians of this Castle of the Occult Elite won’t let Lucifer die like this. They get her inside the castle so she can get a ritual fit for a fallen angel.


When Gaga enters the castle, the song Venus begins. Gaga’s entire album is centered around multiple representations of Venus (in the video for Applause, she is dressed as Venus as depicted in Botticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus). In G.U.Y, the theme of Venus is still central in numerous symbolic ways, including its esoteric association with Lucifer.

Since ancient times, the planet Venus has been known as the Morning Star and the Evening Star. The Romans designated the morning aspect of Venus as Lucifer, meaning “light bringer”. In the Bible, Lucifer, the angel cast out of the heavens, is also referred to as the morning star.

“How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations”
– Isaiah 14:12, NIV

The association between Lucifer and Venus remains of the utmost importance in modern occultism.

In the modern occultism of Madeline Montalban, Lucifer’s identification as the Morning Star (Venus) equates him with Lumiel, whom she regarded as the Archangel of Light, and among Satanists he is seen as the “Torch of Baphomet” and Azazel. However, in lesser-known Kabbalah lore, Lumiel was also described as an angel of the earth, though usually Sandalphon and Uriel are the only Archangels associated with the element of earth. In any case, Lumiel’s precise identity has always been controversial and many people, who tried to discover his true nature, eventually came to refer Lumiel as a “dark angel”.
–  Wikipedia entry for Lucifer

Therefore, Gaga playing the role of a fallen angel while a song named Venus plays in the background is far from being random. While the word Venus is repeated throughout the song, another important symbol appears on screen.

While a dying Lucifer-Gaga is being carried by hooded men towards the pool and the song Venus plays in the background, we see the Star of Ishtar on the ground.

While a dying Lucifer-Gaga is being carried by hooded men, the path to her “burial site” is paved with the symbol of the star of Ishtar.

The eight-pointed Star of Ishtar has been mentioned several times on this site as it is an important symbol in occult Mysteries. Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sexuality and is considered to be the “divine personification of the planet Venus”. This ancient Semitic symbol therefore completes the esoteric representation of the concept of Lucifer-Venus-Ishtar, a profound, mysterious and extremely important concept in the Mysteries of occult secret societies.

Why was the symbol of the star of Ishtar embedded on the floor of the Hearst Castle? As stated above, William Randolph Hearst was a 33rd degree Freemason and an Illuminatus who was highly knowledgeable in occult symbolism. The symbol of the star of Ishtar often appears on the floor of “occult-themed” buildings (see my articles on the Los Angeles Central Library and the Manitoba Legislative Building).

In this symbolically-charged setting, Gaga is taken to the castle’s Neptune pool where a death ritual takes place.

On Gaga is placed an arrangement of flowers and ... Monarch butterflies. Is this a way of saying that Gaga's death and rebirth is done through Monarch Programming?

On Gaga is placed an arrangement of flowers and … Monarch butterflies. Is this a way of saying that Gaga’s death and rebirth is done through Monarch Programming?


After the death ritual, Gaga is reborn and greets Himeros, the god of sexual desire. Her hair is now platinum blonde and, from being an angel, Gaga is now all about sexuality. Does this represent the creation of the persona of Lady Gaga by the occult elite music business?

After the rebirth, everything in the video turns to white and becomes sexual.

After the rebirth, everything in the video turns to white and things become highly sexual.

While Gaga's rebirth is happening the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills make an appearance playing musical instruments. The fact that they clearly do not know how to play these instruments and that there's obviously no harp or cello in the actual song add to the fact that this is all about being fake, phony and plastic.

While Gaga’s rebirth is happening the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills make an appearance playing the role of the muses, daughters of Zeus. The fact that they clearly do not know how to play these instruments and that there’s obviously no harp or cello in the actual song add to the fact that this is all about being fake, phony and plastic.

In this scene, Gaga has her head on a work created by the "lego artist" Nathan Sawaya. What a great way to show how Gaga's persona is artificially built and completely empty inside.

In this scene, Gaga has her head on a work created by the “lego artist” Nathan Sawaya. What a great way to show how Gaga’s persona is artificially built and completely empty inside.

Himeros was an Erotes - collective of winged gods associated with love and lust. Here, Gaga's dancers play the role of various Erotes.

Himeros was an Erotes – a collective of winged gods associated with love and lust. Here, Gaga’s dancers play the role of various Erotes.

Here Gaga holds a lego apple with a bite taken from it which is a reference to the apple of the Garden of Eden. The apple was given by Lucifer and gave humans knowledge of good and evil.

Here Gaga holds a lego apple with a bite taken from it which is a reference to the apple of the Garden of Eden. The apple was given by Lucifer and gave humans knowledge of good and evil. In occult Mysteries, Lucifer is viewed as a “savior” who gave humans the knowledge to become gods themselves.


While Gaga’s rebirth seems to be all about love, she is also brewing a revenge master plan … a very strange and disturbing master plan that involves a rather unholy science.

Gaga enters a room containing four tombs connected to a computer. From them emerge Jesus Christ, Gandhi and Michael Jackson.

Gaga enters a room containing four tombs connected to a computer. From them emerge Jesus Christ, Gandhi, and Michael Jackson.

Nurses then proceed to draw blood from each revived zombie.

Nurses then proceed to draw blood from each zombie, including Jesus, which is kind of not respectful.

There are several things that do not make sense in this scene. One of them is: Why is Jesus even there? Isn’t the whole point of his story is that he resurrected and ascended to heaven? Why is he even in a tomb? And why does Lady Gaga have access to it? I mean, according to Christianity, Jesus was not some “guy”.

Anyhow, each one of these three figures are meant to represent a trait that should be present in Gaga’s vision of the ultimate “guy”. Interesting fact: All of these figures were killed by the “powers that be” in their time, after which their message and “aura” was used for all kinds of foul agendas. Also, you might have noticed that there are four tombs, but only three men are shown. According to the director (and the credits), the missing figure was John Lennon, but Gaga decided to remove him from the video. Interesting fact: Lennon was also assassinated (and most likely by an MK stooge).

The blood is collected by nurses wearing stylized horns.

The blood is collected by nurses wearing stylized horns.

Horns equals playing God and that’s exactly what the horned nurses do.

The horned nurses begin cloning a bunch of dudes wearing black suits.

The horned nurses begin cloning a bunch of dudes wearing black suits.

While the cloning is happening in the background, Gaga and friends dance very sexily. Playing God and cloning people using the blood of dead people is indeed very hot. If I saw Jesus-cloning going on, I’d also want to take off my shirt and dance feverishly.

Once Gaga’s army of clones (strange way to represent her fans) is complete, she goes to the offices of the suited men who shot her down in the beginning of the video.

From white, everything now switches to black. Gaga wears crow wings on her head. In Ancient Greece and other civilizations, crows were considered to be omens of death.

From white, everything now switches to black. Gaga wears crow wings on her head. In Ancient Greece and other civilizations, crows were considered to be omens of death.

"Look at me, I'm a clone AND a douchebag." Thank you Lady Gaga science.

“Look at me, I’m a clone AND a douchebag.” This what Lady Gaga-sponsored science produces.

Gaga and her clone army storm the office building and Gaga force-feeds some execs the blood of Jesus, Ghandi and Michael Jackson. I’m pretty sure that anyone of these three figures would approve of Gaga’s plan. Or maybe they’d be like “Hey Gaga, give me back my blood. What the hell is wrong with you?”

The video ends with an upsetting scene: Thousands of cloned “guys” mindlessly leaving the Hearst Castle to annoy the world.

This is how the elite sees consumers of popular culture: a bunch of brainless clones doing as they're told.

This is how the elite sees consumers of popular culture: a bunch of brainless clones doing as they’re told. The clones emerge from the Hearst Castle (an occult elite hotspot), indicating that these clones are made the occult elite’s way.

To sum up this video, Gaga begins as a fallen angel who got shot down from the heavens by greedy business men. She is then “initiated” inside a Hollywood-occult-elite castle where she is reborn as a lustful blonde goddess. She then quickly uses her powers to create an army of clones using blood from Jesus Christ, Gandhi and Michael Jackson. Yup.

In Conclusion

G.U.Y. is profoundly steeped in the elite’s symbolism and mythology. Shot at the Hearst Castle, a mansion built by a high-level Illuminatus, G.U.Y. tells viewers where the messages communicated in popular culture emerge from. The same way William Randolph Hearst manipulated public opinion with his brand of “yellow journalism”, today’s culture affects public opinion through pop stars.

The video starts with symbolism that is strongly Luciferian – and Luciferianism is all about becoming gods. Then Gaga actually becomes a god and starts giving life to a new race of clones. Of course, all of those messages are coated with a large amount of “love” and sexiness to make them easy to digest for today’s average viewer.

In short, G.U.Y. is a typical Lady Gaga video. And like all typical Lady Gaga videos, while the story appears to be uplifting and “empowering” (man, I hate that word), its factory-created, mindless clones and occult Illuminati symbolism actually glorify elite repression and mass mind control.

… Kind of like having someone vomit on you to denounce bulimia.



      • ParacelsusPontifex on

        I would like to second the "Great article" line.

        I DID like the Housewives in the video, though. IMO.

        Not really like their programs, but some of them ARE sexy.

        And they ARE slef-made business women (some of them at least).

        Aside from that, the article is spot on.

    • totally agree. Her first album was fun and different, sure it glamorized superficial things but there was always just enough irony in it to make it work. She didn't really dress in crazy outfits, she more dressed like a club kid, unitards, sunglasses, bold make-up. But after that she became so over the top and the music just got worse and worse. It's like she has no memory of what made people even like her in the first place.

    • i dnt think they have there are still so many Gaga fans out there even though they know how demonic her songs are….i dnt know whats wrong with this world its sad

  1. The fact that gaga used Jesus' blood to create clones is blasphemous to Christians, who symbolically partake in holy communion on a regular basis in remembrance of Christ and all. Even if she were Catholic, she wouldnt depict herself as above God. But i guess that's wht happens to ppl who thinks they're running round in circles of the supposed elites in our realm.

      • I'm a Muslim. This is sick and blasphemous to me too, because I revere Jesus (PBUH) as one of the mightiest Messengers of God.

        I'm glad Muslims have made it clear they won't take crap about sacred entities. They've also protested to previous blasphemy about Jesus(peace be upon him).

        Christians should wake up and make a racket about it, too. Why don't they? They should! I haven't watched this crappy video and I don't plan to because I want nothing to do with this blasphemy, except to condemn it.

      • That's just your view on Jesus. It does not mean they share it. The insult to Jesus is as offensive to muslims as it is to christians and attempting to monopolise a prophet runs contrary to his very teachings. You have got to question the mindset which promotes such territorial relationships and wonder if God would ever have accepted a faction of people presenting themselves as superior to others. We all know at least once instance when arrogance was punished by God. Learn humility.

      • Being humble is the "quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people", as
        encyclopedia britannica defines it, not me.
        Sorry but the people promoting the territorial relationships apsara is correctly defining are not humble at all (and not religious, according to my standards)
        Though most of you guys are defending them and their elitist vision, …… and mostly beyond recognition. Ironic, really, …

      • Now why are some people promoting such an anti religious vision ?
        The puzzle is not that complex if you understand that some people would do anything for money.
        This is your satanic power, so do not play their game !
        The rest is symbolic and based on a biased truth that depicts the point of view of the elite, in literature for example.
        This point of view is not even that anti religious.
        They are pragmatic and see religion as good when it serves their interest, and to banish when it threatens their power, which is rarely the case.
        It connects well if you understand it, so do not think it is against your religion, and please stop listening to the media. They just want you to consume.
        It will lead you into ignorance and intolerance, this would be accepting this famous NWO.
        This is what it is about. Peace.

      • I am Catholic and I believe in God.
        However, I do not consider myself better than a Muslim, a Jew or an atheist.
        She is ironic about religious symbols, but not as arrogant as those who think they are better than the others.
        This is why she does it, dah !

      • I guess that if our society is so sick, it is just because that it is what happens when people have no more symbols to guide them.
        Maybe Masons, who work on symbolism a lot, would do better to provide people with a symbolic that provides people with what really matters to them.
        The question is : why don't they do it ? To mess up with people's feeling is my guess, …

      • Now what really matters to you ? As far as I am concerned, I would answer : love, respect and peace.

      • And why do they want to mess with your head ?
        Because to impose you their vision of right and wrong (in my opinion totally biased and dishonest, but I want to let people judge for themselves) profits them.
        I wouldn't expect a society to be very tolerant with such a behavior, ….

      • Would you ?
        To give you an idea, a well known french politician almost implied on TV that someone that doesn't earn more than 5000 € a month (a lot compared to what most people earn in France) were useless.
        This is just an example, but do not search any deeper.
        This is why it all goes so wrong, do not search any deeper or it will confuse you.

      • It was meant to be like this and elaborated by more than well educated people, … that were bored, I guess, …
        I do not believe it is fate, and I believe it is possible to change things.
        You have the right to disagree, but my bet is that you will be searching your whole life without an answer.

      • The more I read the comments on this page, the more I believe that you haven't understood a thing about Gaga.
        Most of you have chosen the easy way by lying to yourselves pretending that true religion is about hate and exclusion.
        It make me wonder why you are exactly on the same line as the Illuminati, while saying you disagree with them.
        This time, I am the one who doesn't get it, but I am not sure I want to understand what is so far fetched, because to understand is to justify.
        I don't want to justify what feels so wrong to me.

  2. I think the Jesus figure represents religión that has been called the opium of the masses, Gandi is non violence and Michael Jackson the king of pop is pop culture; also I think G.U.Y is a mockery of H.I.M.Well this are my 2 cents…

    • Because the parents are under mind control themselves. Lady Gaga looks like a dude to me. Nothing sexy about her…or him… Whatever she is

    • Because she's supposedly "empowering" women, supporting gay rights, and helping teenagers with bulimia, yada yada yada. If that weren't all a pack of lies she'd be a good role model, but…

      • She has always said clearly that she was playing a character in order to make fun of society.
        She was honest about it.
        Besides, she is making fun of people pretending to be good persons while they are not : racists, …
        Why do you feel ill at ease with this if it is not your case ?

  3. The message of the video is how they (the media, music corporations, etc.) used her to feed their own wealth. Hence the first part, An angel flying so high is then taken down by the corporate media. she is injured and dying representing her hip injury during the BTW Ball and betreyal from her previous manager. Hearst Castle on the other hand, represents her home. She flees home so she could recover from her loss. Thus the rebirth, representing her being back on the business. Much more stronger and better. She took the blood from Jesus (As far as I know, Jesus is a MAN sent by God to lead them back to proper faith. Meaning to say He is human.), Ghandi, and MJ to copy their DNA thus copying their good traits to clone perfect men so others would not suffer from the corporate media. Hence the killing of the three CEO's, meaning to say she is her own boss. She does what she wants.

    • I could totally see that being the meaning. However, it's hard to overlook all the illuminati symbolism if it really was just that innocent of a message.

    • Great interpretation Jaime. I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding the death ritual at the pool? What do you think it represents? I hope to hear back from you.

      • Actually, that ritual represents the support of her fans and her friends, like recovering from the injury. She has always said that they saved her and made her stronger, that's why these women are holding her in the pool. I don't think it goes beyond that, I mean, this has been the less symbolic video from her.

    • In christian terms Jesus is god in the flesh, not a man sent by god. She took the blood from Jesus because the occult is all about disrespecting Christianity, and inverting it. Hence the occult symbols that are used in the video.

      Further more the fact that she plays a fallen angel who then goes on to mess with cloning men is a call back to Genesis 6 and the bookEnoch.

      • They disrespect Christianity because crhistians let them do it, last time they tried to disrecpect Islam a necklace was erased from the Katy Perry video.

      • So true. I am not sure why Christians do not have a strong anti-defamation organization. They time for it is clearly now.

      • A servant is not greater than their master.
        No, nor equal to Him, and we are all God's servants, the Prophet Jesus included.

      • John 5:30
        I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.

        Do you know what means the word Islam? Submission to the God's will.
        Jesus submitted hisself to God's will so he was muslim, and if im wrong search in the bible the word christianity or christianism but you wont find it because Jesus never said that his religion was christianiaty because his religion was Islam.

      • Ok, but now read the Torah and search when Moses said that his religion is Judaism, you wont find it because Moses never said that because his religion was submit his will to God's will (ISLAM).

      • All true, anyone who submits their will to God's will is, by definition, a Muslim. That applies regardless of the label which others might wish to attribute to them. To say he was a Jew is zionist propoganda. All the Prophets of God were technically Muslim

      • I think it is because because to reply when one is offended is not a Christian principle.
        " Give the other cheek to those who slapped you" to sum up.
        But there is another reason :
        Christians cannot respond because of history without contradicting themselves : the lack of support from the Church during the Holocaust for example.
        Masons take advantage of this to denigrate religion, BUT, WHAT CRATES CONFLICTS ?
        Religious principles or political interests ? People who are truly religious or people who use religious symbols for their own profit without being religious.
        People confuse religion and politics, and they are taking advantage of this confusion.

      • I would even go as far as to say that free masonry will exist as long as people do not make the difference between religion and politics.
        That implies fighting against the prejudice and biased ideas that we all have inoculated from our birth by society.
        So I suppose you now know what you have to do if you want to get rid of their nonsensical vision.
        Anybody ready to give it a try ? To make a big change in what they believe in ?
        If not, then do not even think of getting rid of this, not for a minute.
        It is unfortunately the harsh reality if you get what I mean, but dreaming is pleasant as long as the dream doesn't fade away, which can be even more painful.
        So do not fool yourselves over it, it won't be easy because it is your own beliefs they want you to go against, not theirs.
        A lot of people have tried to denounce them througout centuries but they have always won because people are humans and influenced by their emotions, good or bad, and respond to their symbolic through feelings.
        It is impossible to control your feelings to the point of becoming a real robot, and it is a good thing because we are not machines.
        This is what they want us to become : heartless and stupid machines designed to make more and more money.
        This is what you are fighting against, it sure would give anyone that is not like this a very, very strong headache, …

      • They will of course pretend that is it a search for perfection.
        It is beyond any comment, really, ….
        Perfection according to their own standards I suppose, not mine for sure !!!
        Their number one principle is that men can be perfect and must tend towards this perfection, contrary to Christians who believe that men are flawed and that God is perfect, (which is my opinion).
        Anyway, I believe that the thruth is not that hard to find if you are really trying to find it, but seldom people find it because they are not ready to question what they believe in.
        Not so many people know about the Illuminati, even less understand the symbolic, even less are ready to question themselves and really care about fighting their own biased ideas.
        But we are all influenced by them.
        This is why anyone who wants to fight these people need to know what they are talking about.
        You won't change them unless you are on an equal footing with them, which implies to understand how they think.
        But you got it all wrong if you are trying to respond trough your own vision.
        And what I can tell you is that they do not care about religion, but a scientific truth which contradicts religious beliefs while being itself subjective and subject to interpretations.
        Marx defined religion as an "opium for the masses" because people are not rational for example.
        His analysis is interesting, but I guess that he has just forgotten to take into account that people were sensitive and full of feelings.
        It just lead to totalitarianism, and it is the same thing with Nazis.
        But this, they won't tell you, of course, …
        Consider it as a point of view even if you disagree with me, please.

      • Milan Kundera is a Czech and French writer of Czech origin who has lived in exile in France since 1975, where he became a naturalized citizen in 1981. He is best known as the author of The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, and The Joke.

        Kundera has written in both Czech and French. He revises the French translations of all his books; these therefore are not considered translations but original works.

        Due to censorship by the Communist government of Czechoslovakia, his books were banned from his native country, and that remained the case until the downfall of this government in the Velvet Revolution in 1989.

        He said :

        “Totalitarianism is not only hell, but all the dream of paradise– the age-old dream of a world where everybody would live in harmony, united by a single common will and faith, without secrets from one another. Andre Breton, too, dreamed of this paradise when he talked about the glass house in which he longed to live. If totalitarianism did not exploit these archetypes, which are deep inside us all and rooted deep in all religions, it could never attract so many people, especially during the early phases of its existence. Once the dream of paradise starts to turn into reality, however, here and there people begin to crop up who stand in its way. and so the rulers of paradise must build a little gulag on the side of Eden. In the course of time this gulag grows ever bigger and more perfect, while the adjoining paradise gets even smaller and poorer.”

      • “The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.”
        “In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense. And what was terrifying was not that they would kill you for thinking otherwise, but that they might be right. For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable—what then?”
        George Orwell, 1984

      • "The strongest argument against totalitarianism may be a recognition of a universal human nature; that all humans have innate desires for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The doctrine of the blank slate… is a totalitarian's dream."

        Steven Pinker, Canadian scientist.

      • It is obvious if you consider history that every society that has tried to transform humans beings into Gods ended up totalitarian.
        Reread Annah Arendt, she says it all so well !
        People find it hard to understand because they want to be good people, not necessarily Gods.
        I think that as a philosophical society, Masons should meditate about this rather than inventing heresies.

    • Yea except Lady Gaga has no such plan haha she's gone. She's not steffani germanotta anymore and she has no good intentions. This is all evil

    • songbooknumbers on

      While your interpretation isn't wing per say, it sure conveniently ignores all of the occult symbolism. Things rarely have 1 meaning, and of course she would say it means one thing to fans but it readily means something else. You can say it means one thing all you want but as Jesus says, you judge a tree by its fruit.

    • Jaime, yours is a Gaga-centric interpretation where the universe revolves around what you believe to be her life story, career path and intentions. It is a Luciferian interpretation and suggests a high level of blindness and willingness to be under her spell.

      • why does everything in this video that she puts, meant to make the place look more pretty ends up in satanism?
        it is a video. even if here is a lot a satanic stuff, people dont know so every thing you say is bullshit.
        how is it we are supposed to be positive , happy and good when people always look at the bad and evil, be it for good or for bad causes ?

      • You only find true positivity, happiness and goodness if you align your own beliefs and practices in line with God's will. You are not going to find it if you are looking for it in a pretty, vacuous, money-spinning music video by a disgusting woman. Necessarily, it will never happen. You find what you mention by associating with other spiritually evolved people and loving your children and the weak and oppressed.

      • Illuminatifarty on

        You are never going to find positivity happiness and goodness by calling other people disgusting – you have already closed doors to positivity by doing so! And I say this with love!

      • Whilst this is generally true, I think that an individual who behaves in the way she does long term is offensive and I must let my children know it in no uncertain terms. That is to say, as they become their own people and find themselves listening to her music at the mall or at a friend's house, they need to know that it is a mindset that they must not buy into.

    • Good interpretation Jaime but your interpretation is the mainstream version for the public at home and this article explains the occult meaning which is paramount….Remember there is an occult freemasonry behind freemasonry 😉

    • Nuh uh, way too much symbolism in this one to be just her resurgence in the pop world. The Venus, Ishtar, the demi-god dancers, too much to be just that simple.

    • That's what I was thinking too Jaime. And with her kind of breaking her programming lately (maybe?) telling people to not sell out to the music industry, and saying she'll walk out any day she is not allowed to be herself I think she had this short opportunity to direct a video with as much freedom (creative or preconception) as she can before she gets reprogrammed again. Lol but no seriously I figured the three men were used for their good traits to spread around the world. But also VC made a good point that it seems uplifting and powerful. After all, monarch programming is usually aimed at the subconscious.

      • None of this is gagas vision, if it were shed be called something else, perhaps her real name lol and stop making shitty pop dance which she knows nothing about
        I dont think these stars have any control anymore at all, never mind threatening to go public. As for her deprogramming stuff, thats the managers playing up to the britney spears late 2000 era. a crown they so desperately wanted but failed by their own over the top bs.
        shes a mockery of pop stars created to appeal to weirdos out there who think vomiting is cutting edge. Feck all to do with music

      • I totally agree.
        She used to be a jazz artist and came back to what she really likes through her new album with Tony Benett.
        VC, any thoughts about her new album ?

  4. Vigilant Vegeta on

    Heed the signs because Ibliis's (Satan) job here on earth is almost complete. Satan was not an Angel by the way but a Jinn (other beings also with free will that live in a parallel dimension) they can see us but we cant see them. Also, Angels have no free will to disobey God whereas Jinns do according to the Quran. When it comes to the end of times and the Shaytaan agenda (NWO), I havent found a religion besides Islam that better describes the end times with such accuracy. Even if you aren't a Muslim its worth looking further into because it makes for a very chilling yet interesting read. Most of the minor signs if not all have already come to pass such as people in competition to build the higher tower…the disappearing of the bees…In the very end if we make it that far, we will all be fighting on the same side against the forces of darkness. Till then we must remain true to ourselves, our friends, our loved ones and our neighbors even if we dont share the same exact ideology.

    • The minor signs you listed are intriguing. Do you have any further reading about this that you could link us to?

      • The Islamic Scholar Ibn Katheer wrote the book called Al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah (the beginning and the end) You can download some translated volumes of it. Search the book: "The Signs Before the Day of Judgement" by Ibn Katheer and "Book of the End – Great Trials & Tribulations" (Keep in mind that ibn Katheer lived in the 12th century. )

      • Vigilant Vegeta on

        The End of the World by Dr. Muhammad Al-Arifi is a great book that details the signs before the hour.

    • my friend is a born again christian and right now she is reading me the Quran because everything it says mirrors the bible… in a much more demanding sense. The way the book is written brings a strange feeling to you, like you really have to listen – as compared to the Bible. The book describes things in a lot more detail too, with new info on the same stories.

      i like thinking that God came in installments – from the Abrahamic lines- first with the Jews, then Christians and now the newest book Islam.

      • Its similar to christianity and judaism with some highly, highly important differences

      • there is a big difference between the quaran and the bible. however, the quaran was copied after the true world of God when the jews were captured and forced to translate bible. that is how the quaran came to be and why it is similar in many ways yet, tells an opposite story. notice how their "messiah" resembles the bible's anti-Christ? interesting indeed. the quaran and islam itself came about 600 years or so AFTER Jesus Christ had come and gone.

      • Carol: Your information is not correct. In the Quran the Messiah is Jesus son of Mary. You will find a lot mentioned about this in chapter 5 of Quran:

        The Messiah, son of Mary, was not but a messenger; [other] messengers have passed on before him. And his mother was a supporter of truth. They both used to eat food. Look how We make clear to them the signs; then look how they are deluded. (75) Say, "Do you worship besides Allah that which holds for you no [power of] harm or benefit while it is Allah who is the Hearing, the Knowing?" (76)

      • I'm curious. Why do some Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet and not the Son of God or Messiah then when it's clearly said in the Quran?

      • Bianca: Messiah does not mean son of God – it means "anointed one." Everywhere in the Qur'aan, God makes very clear that He is One and has no partners – no sons or offspring – He begets not and was not begotten.

        In Chapter 19 (called "Maryam" for the mother of Jesus, [peace be upon him] ) God makes clear His Oneness in Lordship, in His Right to be worshiped Alone, and His Oneness in His Divine Attributes:
        "Lord of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, so worship Him (Alone) and be constant and patient in His worship. Do you know of any who is similar to Him? (of course none is similar or coequal or comparable to Him, and He has none as partner with Him). [There is nothing like unto Him and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Seer]." (Maryam 19:65)

        You can find a good translation of the Qur'aan and read it to find out more.

      • Bianca:

        Two clarifications:

        1. All Muslims believe that Jesus is a great prophet of God – it is one of the articles of faith. If someone claims to be Muslim but doesn't believe in Jesus' prophethood or believes that Jesus is son of God, then that person is not really a Muslim.

        2. Messiah does not mean son of God – it means "anointed one." Everywhere in the Qur'aan, God makes very clear that He is One and has no partners – no sons or offspring – He begets not and was not begotten.

        In Chapter 19 (called "Maryam" for the mother of Jesus, [peace be upon them both] ) God makes clear His Oneness in Lordship, in His Right to be worshiped Alone, and His Oneness in His Divine Attributes:

        "Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them – so worship Him and have patience for His worship. Do you know of any similarity to Him?" (Qur'aan 19:65)

        You can find a good translation of the Qur'aan (Saheeh International is easy to read) and read it to find out more.

      • I assume you've come across some Islamaphob websites?
        If you'd like a reference point Quran(dot)com is a valid source, you won't find fake Quran quotes there. If your unable to get ahold of a copy in your langauge, its a good website in my opinion.

        May the most high grant us knowledge that benefits.

      • "The way the book is written brings a strange feeling to you, like you really have to listen" This is an amazing statement. Muslims believe that Quran is the Word of God that cannot be changed. This is because God said in it: "Verily We: It is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Quran) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption)." [15:9] I chose Islam for my religion after reading the Quran – I hope you keep reading it and that God will open your hearts to the beauty and truth of Islam.

      • Vigilant Vegeta on

        Ma sha Allah Katie very beautifully put. I'm very happy you decided to take your shahada Alhamdulillah. May Allah grant you the highest of heavens insha Allah and shield you from the trials and tribulations of this dunya.

      • So, what of all of this jihad? The killing of "infidels?" Is this just a bastardization of Islam?

      • A soul m8, consider the source…

        It is the same people who are spreading the poison (media, hollywood…) that are behind the war against Islam.

        Just research 9/11 and see who the real culprit was.

      • There are true muslims and fake muslims who hide behind Islam to carry out atrocities such as many of the wahabis and salafis, among others. Above all though, forget what you read in the papers or watch on the news and judge every human being based on your personal experiences of them on their own merit, not as part of a religion or a race but as a servant of God.

      • Dear anon I enjoyed reading your comments. But what is interesting that speaking about Wahhabis most of them are considered (Unitarian by following Quran and the Sunna) like any other Muslims … If you look back in history of how it started by Mohammad Abdul Wahhab he was following the Quran and Sunna and helped people who were doing Bida also I on the other hand I asked lots of Muslim people from Syria Saudi Kuwait Egypt they all agreed on one thing stating that (as long Muslims in general practice what has been written in Quran and Sunna there's no harm and god is the judge with your intentions) and I rem one Syrian man told me in Islam when people say Wahhabi don't take it too seriously he told me they believe in god and practice Islam like us so were no different we are the same BUT there are Muslims who are too extremest but they do not represent Islam they represent themselves … Btw I own a copy of the Quran and it's really interesting (:

      • Hello

        Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who is contributing to this discussion, I am fascinated and so interested in all the things I am reading about Islam.

        Islam is one of those subjects you never really hear being discussed respectfully and knowledgably and I would really like to know more….I feel that I am embarrassed to ask questions to friends of mine without them taking offense or interpreting my intentions negatively.

        Could you please explain to me a few things, I and I guess many other people have heard a lot about Islamic jihad and that the Quran asks followers to kill non believers or 'infidels'. Is this true? Could you explain this, I am sure many others will appreciate an explanation on this, is this a distortion? Or is this a real belief? What about the passages that are quoted that say this?

        Also the role of women, what does Islam believe about women and their treatment?

        Also I have heard people say things about jihadists receiving services from virgins as a reward in heaven?

        I would like to stress again I ask these questions humbly and respectfully, I would genuinely like to hear from actual Muslims what the truth is on this, I am ignorant of Islam except from brief conversations with friends and also the media image of Islam and would like to thank again the contributors who have already given us so much insight into real Islam…..


      • Salam Kate,

        The issues listed above are just media manipulation, no where in Islam you will find killing of the "infidels"… Some verses have been taken out of context in order to dupe the oblivious population that the Quran condones violence… You can do the same with the Bible.

        These verses were revealed at a time when Muslims were being persecuted and had to fight back, a time of war. Islam was on the verge of extermination. For 14 years, 14 YEARS muslims endured and endured. Islam is a way of life, and has rules for everything even WAR.

        1. “Do not kill any child, any woman, or any elder or sick person.” (Sunan Abu Dawud)

        2. “Do not practice treachery or mutilation.(Al-Muwatta)

        3. Do not uproot or burn palms or cut down fruitful trees.(Al-Muwatta)

        4. Do not slaughter a sheep or a cow or a camel, except for food.” (Al-Muwatta)

        5. “If one fights his brother, [he must] avoid striking the face, for God created him in the image of Adam.” (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim)

        6. “Do not kill the monks in monasteries, and do not kill those sitting in places of worship. (Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal)

        7. “Do not destroy the villages and towns, do not spoil the cultivated fields and gardens, and do not slaughter the cattle.” (Sahih Bukhari; Sunan Abu Dawud)

        8. “Do not wish for an encounter with the enemy; pray to God to grant you security; but when you [are forced to] encounter them, exercise patience.” (Sahih Muslim)

        9. “No one may punish with fire except the Lord of Fire.” (Sunan Abu Dawud).

        10. “Accustom yourselves to do good if people do good, and to not do wrong even if they commit evil.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

        War is a last resort in Islam. It is your duty and your right to defend yourself and your loved ones. Not one verse in the Quran instructs you or incites you to attack anyone. You should Never break a covenant or a treaty, fulfill your promises and never to transgress limits.

        Look at the above rules, even modern day war rules cannot match the ones in the Quran 1500 years ago…

    • Yes, jinns likely built the temple of Solomon and the pyramids which are so complexly constructed that even with our current state of construction knowledge, they remain a mystery. When God took The Prophet Jesus back in the face of adversity, a Jinn in his likeness also ended up apparently dying on a cross and has managed to pull the fleece over the eyes of many close-minded good people.

      • Vigilant Vegeta on

        Apsara, But when We decreed death for him, naught showed them his death but a creature of the earth that ate away his staff; and when it fell down, the jinn came to know plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in abasing torment 34:14. This verse shows us that the foolish and rebellious Jinns who claim to know the future are nothing but decievers. Even after the prophet had passed, they continued on their slave labour (punishment) for the duration of a year which goes to show that only Allah knows the unseen. Jinns used to work for Prophet Suleman (pbuh) so they probably facilitated in the construction of various different structures. Subhanallah, the mercy of Allah when he rescued his beloved messenger from the torment of the cross.

      • Very true VV, However, djinns have a propensity to become good (my amazing other half is an enlightened scholar and conveyor of truth as well as a djinn master and has converted some jinns after performing ruqyya in his time). Furthermore, whilst they have been created inferior to us, their great strength and technical capabilities are well known. Bad jinns wrecked much havoc in the time of the Prophet Suleman and their taking the form of Jesus on the cross has been pivotal in misleading armies of potential believers away from the truth and giving huge power to the satanists via the creation of a largely unsurmountable barrier between believers in God.

      • Vigilant Vegeta on

        MashaAllah, my whole family have been afflicted by these Jinns. So Aspara, Wallah, speakin from experience, NeVer trust a jinn…he/she probably just put you in more sin.

      • I will pray for your family VV. Have you had ruqya performed in your home? We listen to ruqya regularly (it is on You Tube) and it has an amazing effect on our lives. I have a close relation who is not a believer or a good woman and my other half permits her visits on the condition that I play ruqyas in her presence and after she leaves.

      • Vigilant Vegeta on

        JazakAllah Apsara. My grandmother sees Jinns now and then but alhamdulillah they dont bring any harm her way. My aunt too had a Jinn who fell in love with her and followed her from Africa to Montreal Canada. She too is doing very well right now alhamdulillah. Furthermore, my cousin was possesed by a homosexual jinn named Marvin subhanallah. He made the mistake of smoking marijuana under a tree late at night so the jinn followed him. The jinn testified to this when they were performing ruqya on him at the local mosque here in Toronto. Alhamdulillah, they were able to successfully remove the jinn and he is doing very well right now also. I've had ruqya done in my home twice and alhamdulillah my wife and I have no problems. Jinns can be trouble at times because of their nature but the key is to not fear them, fear Allah and him alone.

      • Alhamdulillah. Most of my mom's family have moved from Africa to Montreal too! I am convinced that there is a large concentration of Jinns in Saharan Africa for they are known to live in deserts. I don't know whether my Canadian relatives would even notice Jinns because they are completely Luciferian as far as we are concerned. There were many things that happened in Africa during my mom's childhood involving Jinns but even then, it seemed to bypass a lot of those relatives.

      • Guys gonna chime in… Dealing with Jinn and the practice of Magic will never be pardoned by Allah.

        While it is true that some of these Jinn have a propensity to become believers, any Jinn that accepts to deal with a human is breaking God's command and hence he is only there to deceive you.

        Careful brothers.

      • just wanted to add people: read the tafsir of surah jinn (surah 72)! Its made very clear that human beings should not go to the Jinn for help, as they will only lead you astray

      • Vigilant Vegeta on

        Interesting, I didn't know that. Are you sure they are the exact same thing Asphodel?

    • Vigilant Vegeta – I see you are very clued up. Im not sure if you are a muslim but I love it when non muslims REALISE the true meaning of Islam and the Quran and especially about the End times…..

  5. Ms. Adventure on

    Although I'm not a LGG fan, it is interesting to track her career/popularity and the symbolism she uses at each stage. I agree with VC that everything LGG does is sketchy and shady and laden with double-speak, so it must ALL be taken with a grain of salt.

    Right now she is grasping for relevance and likely at a crossroads in her career. Is she going to become the "true artist" she was "born" to be, or will she remain an "industry whore"? This film (which I did not watch) seems to represent that.

    Is it possible that this video can be viewed on one level as a "revenge fantasy" against the elite? That is how I see it. It seems that she is avenging herself against the "business" and the false image that she was forced to depict. She does this by creating a 'new race' infused with the essence of our most well-known enlightened figures (who, each in their own way, have taken on the role of demi-gods in pop culture): Jesus, Gandhi, MJ. To me, this shows a great deal of respect and reference for these three historical figures. New blood, new thoughts, new ideas. A fresh start with positive role-models.

    Like much of what she does, it is "iffy" but not ENTIRELY bad….

    Of course it is never really "ideal" to use violence and force, and I doubt Jesus and the gang would condone it. But this is the "art" and "entertainment" world, where people can bend the rules… and often do.

    • Debasing art is one of many plans the evil entities of this world have been playing out for a long time now. They do this so people readily accept the demoralized message they send out to us every day by having us think: "Oh, it's just art!"

    • Gaundi was used to amalgamate india, Jesus was created by the illumanati as a dialectic to satan and MJ to modify the culture. How would a bunch of white men in suits cloned save her or us.

  6. Jesus's blood means being saved, right? If she's collecting it, that shows that she is the one that can save you, she took that away from Him. The devil wants us to seek salvation in all the wrong places, doesn't he?

  7. Vigilant Vegeta on

    Oh I almost forgot how rude of me…Thank you VC for yet another fantastic article! Your new slogan should be, VC – Waking people up around the globe since 1999, one eye at a time.

  8. She isn't Lucifer in that first part though. That's actually the image of a wounded member of the Erotes — a crew of winged Greek gods of love and sex. Just because she uses mythology as a source for inspiration doesn't necessarily mean its something satanic…. and the housewives are playing the role of the Muses — daughters of Zeus/Andy Cohen — from Greek mythology. This scene is about how you don't need to have talent to be famous, you just stand there and look pretty. (if you look closely you can realize they don't know how to play the instruments).

    • Yeah vc said all tha about thehousewives did you not read the whoe article, and how do you know it's a member if writes. At least VC tries to back up what he's saying, like all Gaga fans, you're just sowing hearsay.

    • Ok Kjr. If this is the case for this ONE video. Explain all her other shenanigans and music videos……….Yeah exactly!!! Good luck with that one. Bye.

  9. I visited Hearst Castle last year and was quite impressed by its opulence. I'm not usually wowed by luxury, but it's so over the top (litterally) that one can hardly remain indifferent.

    • That's one of the goals of Freemasonry. To architecturally construct things that leave you in as much (or more) awe as you would viewing one of God's creations.

  10. " If I saw Jesus-cloning going on, I’d also want to take off my shirt and dance feverishly." —- This made me laugh so bad. Thanks man. You always make me smile at some point in your articles.

    All I can say about this nonsense is, I could NEVER participate in a video that mocks the sacred person of Jesus Christ the son of God. I would be very afraid of taking His blood, which was poured out for our salvation, as a cliche scene of a pop video. It's a tremendous disrespect to God. Even if you are an actor or actress and think that is "so cool to appear in a Lady Gaga video", you still know who God is, and who His son is. I mean, what does Jesus have to do in the story of the video anyway? I actually say, I would refuse to participate in anything that portrays Jesus in such a "funny" and light way. No money or fame in the world can repay you for mocking our Lord and Savior.

    In the other hand, it's funny how these girls (like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry) struggle to put out the most illuminati/satanic video. It's like a contest. So the next puppet (I guess Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus) will have to work extra hours to come up with something better.

    They have openly laughed at my God. So they can go to hell now. I don't care.

      • Jennifer, you should read the Bible yourself instead of letting anti-Christian media tell you what "Christians" believe. It is always glaringly obvious when people allow media to dictate their beliefs.

      • Jennifer, even when we're in a relation and you keep forgiving all the time, there'll be always one very very bad thing against your person, that you won't tolerate and your only desire will be to turn off all kinds of connections with this person.
        If you read the Bible you'll see that God is not so different from us, He also has feelings and is subject to be hurt.
        These ppl are playing with fire, so do not be surprised when you find them burnt.

      • One thing is to act in ignorance, and another very different is to consciously offend God. Come on. Do you think that extracting blood from Jesus Christ in a video full or lasciviousness and illuminati symbolism is something innocent? Portraying the Son of God in a tomb thus denying His resurrection? Do you think this is funny or cool in any level? So maybe since christianity forgives everything, we should forgive all these "artists" who make fun of God in exchange for fame. No thanks.

      • Forgiveness does not mean tolerating abuse, these people are abusing our faith

      • humble servant on

        There is vast power over the forces of darkness in the name of Jesus, this is how I know for certain that he is real and is truly the Son of The Almighty Creator. I hope that one day soon you will experience this power as I have, that you may believe and receive his many blessings that he wants so badly to bestow upon you if only you will submit your life to Him and be freed from the bondage of sin. Do not mock The One who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to deliver us all from death. May God bless you and light your path.

      • So frustrating that you cannot separate Jesus from God. God created Jesus. End of. If Jesus wanted you to submit your life to him rather than God that would amount to pagan Idolatory. If Jesus could walk on water and the rest which I also believe he did, then he would not go all out masochistic one day to prove a point by letting the infidels kill him. That would have proven defeat, not strength. I could go on and on but I know Christians who are good people and I do hope that you can at least see enough light to shift towards Unitarianism as a starting point. The reason why Christianity is diminishing and churches are closing down due to low membership numbers is because New Testament Christianity does not make sense whatsoever. I sat through many, many services in my strongly Christian school and learned all they had to teach but the logic flaws are even hard to comprehend with a child's brain let alone an adults. There may be time to learn more, to evolve.

      • I would definetly have to disagree with you here. The bible clearly states who is Jesus. John 1 – "In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God." The Word is none other than Jesus the Christ , who is GOD the Son. Jesus is Uncreated like God becuase Jesus is God, its very simple concept. If you have ever read the Word of God then it is pretty clear. GOD – God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit. One God – Different functions.

        "If Jesus wanted you to submit your life to him rather than God that would amount to pagan Idolatory" First, he does. It wouldn't because Jesus is God.

      • "If Jesus could walk on water and the rest which I also believe he did, then he would not go all out masochistic one day to prove a point by letting the infidels kill him. That would have proven defeat, not strength." Haha. This statement. You are have miss what the Gospel is all about. He sacrificed himself for us. He laid himself down for OUR sake, so that we may be reconciled with God. If you know the word, you would know that the story did not end when he gave up his spirit and laid in the tomb. But that days later, the tomb was empty. Hallelujah, the king has risen and now we have freedm from the sin of this world.

      • "The reason why Christianity is diminishing and churches are closing down due to low membership numbers is because New Testament Christianity does not make sense whatsoever" Im Soory but this is another LOL! Even if this was true. The reason to the decline in membership or attendance is not that Christanity doesnt make sense but that the majority of people on earth are losing hope, turning their back on Jesus and allowing satan to reign in their lives. That's why we must Go & Peach the Good News to the masses. Fuel HOPE back into society and show the love of Chirst. Change lives !

      • My brother (or sister) . I just want to encourage you to dig into the text again. But this time approach the word of God with an open heart and allow the holy spirit to answer the questions that you have. The bible talks about how many people perish because lack of clarity in knowledge about the things of God. I just pray that you seek the truth and when you find Jesus, that you accept him into your heart. It's a life changing experience and daily commitment but it is worth it. I Promise.

    • Yeah right , and then the next sunday you got to church, and participate in a ritual that simulates eating his flesh and drinking his blood…. to be saved of your sins…. that makes sense

  11. Amongst other things… It's a de-conditioning of gender roles as created by God, into a reconditioning of gender roles which is an abomination against his will. These things must come to pass however do not give into them; do not submit your children to their schools, media, materialistic lifestyles and other various social conditioning's. Take back your children and raise them to fear God.

    • So everyone should either be feminine or masculine? Why can't we have both traits? I know I'm a female but I don't like dresses or make up. I like video games and wearing jeans. So does that make me a demon? Dresses and long hair and make up don't define my gender, and neither do the things I enjoy. God made me female and I am one I can like what ever I please

      • I am a tomboy too, but I think what the media is pushing is something totally different. It is more like androgyny which can be very confusing to a young mind.

      • Im just saying that we can be women and like things that dont fit our "gender role". God gave me a vagina and the ability to give birth and THAT makes me a woman. Not hair or clothes or anything else deemed "feminine"

      • They push Androgyny because they think it's a symbol of perfection. This is alchemical work.

      • CHRIST IS KING on

        yes to love God you are right.But as the Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.Proverbs 1 vs 7.The fear of the Lord is understanding how much God hates sin and the consequences that follow with sin.LOVE AND FEAR THE LORD…..not the common afraid meaning one.

      • God doesn't hate anything. I think, he can't, because He IS everything. He's perfect, Hate is not in his… Word.

        Hate is a human thing. Not divine.

    • This is what apostle John says about fear in the Bible :

      "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."

      This is what Isaiah says about fear in the Bible :

      " So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

      "Do not be afraid; you will not suffer shame. Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated. You will forget the shame of your youth and remember no more the reproach of your widowhood.

      Christ is king : God hates sins, but a sin is a human thing, it is not holy.

      If the Bible didn't teach forgiveness, Jesus wouldn't have died for us saying : "forgive them because they don't know what they are doing".

      Once again, the Bible teaches us to love and to forgive, and I like my religion for it.

      The Christian religion is positive, for me, so I do not understand this interpretation, but as I said, noone is perfect, and fear is part of us as human being.

      Being humble is to recognize one's own flaws as well.

      • This being said, everyone should be afraid of how our children are raised.

        The media is trying to provoke emotions and sensations through images in order to make money by creating the buzz.

        This is why I prefer reading a good book than listening to all that jazz.

        But this is politics, not religion, …. and this is why I think that both shouldn't be confused, ….

      • My own philosophy :

        I believe in an enlightened leadership as a citizen of a democratic country (France)
        "Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention."
        Deepak Chopra, US philosopher

        I believe neither in fanaticism nor in hate :
        "Religious fanatics want people to switch off their own minds, ignore the evidence, and blindly follow a holy book based upon private 'revelation'."
        Richard Dawkins, British scientist

        "I can't understand people calling themselves religious and being hateful. If a preacher is preaching hate, to fear God that's not religion, that's not helping humanity, that's organizing an army to defeat somebody."
        Mojo Nixon

        I am sure you all agree with me as good citizens and Christian believers.
        But being a righteous person is not enough.
        What makes me mad is that you guys are smart enough to understand the dangers of such ideologies, but you are unable to ask yourselves the right questions, because the elite taught you it was wrong.
        Yet, I still wonder why some people who are brilliant can be under the sway of all this bullshit.
        Be careful, this is important, people ! This is your future ! You just can't believe that discrimination against other religions for example is good.

        "It may be shocking to some people in this country to realize that, without meaning to do so, they hold views in common with Hitler when they preach discrimination against other religious, racial or economic groups."
        Henry A. Wallace, former US Vice President.

      • My great grandpa was in the resistance during world war 2.
        He was one of these people who died for us to be free and it means something to me.
        When I see how unstable the world is today, I don't know, I am just very scared.
        I will pray for peace in all the countries at war.
        I hope that the children who are not lucky enough to have a happy childhood like I had will make it.
        May God, or whatever people believe in give us the courage to find compromises, even when people are caught in a conflict.
        And may we all live in peace, even tough I know it is wishful thinking, I want to wish everyone the best.

  12. I see a lot of comments making the statement that the video is just a depiction of her using jesus Ghandi and mj for good. But honestly, how can she claim Jesus's blood if she is half naked the whole time. It's kind of blasphemy. Maybe she was trying to portray her hatred for the elite. But if she was, she sure did use a lot of illuminati symbolism, which makes this video no different than her other ones. If someone wants to make a video not supporting that elite anymore, they are going to not have anything to do with any symbolism. That's how to get back at them.

    • umm whats wrong with benig naked… werent you born naked.
      taking a little of jesus blood is nto really blasphemy… shes not nailing im to a cross or taking too much… hes just a man and she also taks something from other men who have indeed been puppets of the illuiminasty but CONTRIBUTED something amazing even though they were told how to behave and to play the game. thats what they tried to take from her and made her ply her trade to create her monsters… the monsters she has created, she hopes will have a little of the amazing things that these three great men have given. jesus, well i neednt explain that.. .he was a slave jew boy out of control of the evil bankers. he overturned tables and demanded that good ppl dont sin through ursury, ie compounding interest banking. gandhi, he was a peaceful mofo, and michael jackson was a poor little kid who withstood mkultra and being regularly raped and them immediately being forced to perform straigh after, and he was forced into conditioning other chlldren too… but his soul hated it. he tried to give something wonderful back, because that was his gift and he gave it even though he would probably rather have killed himself. i choose to say, i have faith that gaga herself, is trying to tell us that she herself, despite what she has been forced to do, that is to herself mind control and corrupt the society by retarding our youth wiht drugs, and a focus on fun and lust instead of on fixing the worlds problems… she is also trying to gvie something back…. something real. at least , i hope she is. because that girl is either under mind control orshe is the cleverest actress there ever was.

      • She is without a single doubt much more smarter than most hollywood stars who play on sex and provocation without trying to question anything, without fighting for something different than acting more and more stupid because their labels want them to.
        Now that is not Culture, people, it has a name : multiculturalism, and no need to ask if it is good for society, as regards what our culture has become.

      • By the way,
        Masons are people who claim to defend Culture, BUT,
        they share the same masonic symbols as those popstars who degrade themselves by acting stupid.
        It would be funny if it wasn't a joke, but sadly, it is real, …

  13. frozen yogurt on

    Now pop music/culture has come to this. The entertainment industry is actually doing a very good job because people are so stupid that they accept this crap. In what way is this related to music, dance and fun?

  14. I just watched the video and I was like 'What the **** did I just watched?'. Too much illuminati crap in 11 minutes… My brain hurts…..

  15. I'm on the cloning part of the article, but I decided to comment before moving on. I read you say "Once Gaga’s army of clones (strange way to represent her fans) is complete,", I would't say that this is a strange way of representing her fans. it is in fact the way her fans are: most, if not all of them, have the same kind of behavior as if they were clones. They all give the same excuses, they all say the same bullshit, if Gaga posts a new picture, everybody takes pictures mimicking her, etc. And yes, her fans are her army, but they all act and attack the same way, just as if they were clones. That's the message she's passing and affirming there.

      • Her fans look up to her because they have in common the desire to improve society. If it is an army, I can't wait for them to make the rulers of this world change their behavior, masons or not. This should be everybody's fight, but nobody really cares anymore. So I am glad that at least someone in Hollywood does. Her fans are grateful for this. That is all, the rest is bullshit, but maybe you guys should join this army if you don't want to be Hollywood's sheep. Unless that is what you want to become 'disneyfied'. You just can't say nobody told you. But do as you wish if you are just so sure you are right, it will get worse but maybe people need this to wake up and stand for what is right.

  16. Interesting…if I remember correctly, her video for born this way was also about creating a new race of some sort.

  17. Also, the three guys standing over the pool in their bathing suites totally resemble a baphomet head. they were obviously positioned there for that reason. there's just too much to deny that this was meant to go in a dark direction

  18. Thanks again, V.C. Your final statement says it all! IMHO, we should all be aware that Lady Gag-gag has outed Randolph Hearst as an occultist of the past whose media influence is still present with the very youngest of today's youth. "Illuminati-ism" is the new Western religion. Manipulating the public through images, as the ancient Egyptians did, obviously is nothing new. It is propaganda by the elitists to prevent the upcoming generations from connecting with their parents' religion. Divide and conquer. In the Western nations, generations are divided to prevent the continuance of established cultures, so they younger generations can be directed into the direction the elitists want. As though the elitists can control Prometheus.

  19. G.U.Y. means…"Girl Under You"! If one links the track title to its lyrical contents and video imagery, then one can easily (better) understand the overall underlying symbolism of it all- on top of everything V.C. laid out!

    This person (Gaga) is extremely dangerous! She knows what she is doing, and she does it all because she believes in it all, and likes it!

    • don't you think the world would be a better place if you get a really lavish, tricked out plane and get Lady Ga Ga, Katey Perry, Rihanna, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Modonna, Christina Agulleira, Nicky Minaj, Ke$ha, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake,Rick Ross and oh almost forgot…Brittany Spears how could forget about her)……and tell them they're going on a big party….and crash the plane into THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE….you think that would work???NOTHING ELSE HAS….

      • Its not always the singers fault. Its usually the big record companies, managers and people behind the scenes who come up with this crap. Getting rid of the current pop stars won't solve anything because they can be replaced. You have to deal with the source of the problem – which is behind the scenes.

      • Yeah someone should bomb "them" lol or like Aquinix said crash "them" in a plane into the Bermuda Triangle

      • To change the elite is possible : it is called a revolution.
        To replace it with a better one is, hum, how shall I say, not so easy ???

      • What I find incredible about the Illuminati is that you can say almost anything about them, even the most stupid ones, they will make you understand that they disagree but will never contradict you.
        I guess they have no argument or nonsensical ones, this is why, but they excel in this art of making you understand things without actually saying it.
        My habit is to say what I think even if it displeases people because it is far more honest, in my opinion.
        Which is why you have to be smarter than them if you want them to consider you, because it is a psychological fight.
        Anyway, I do not really care if they like me as long as they do not preach me their morale, if you get what I mean.

      • This psychological aspect is part of everyone's daily life, especially when one is confronted to an unegalitarian relationship.
        Work is a good example :
        It is not always easy to speak freely with your boss because of this hierarchy, even if you know something is not ok in what you are being asked to do for example.
        This is not new, from the very start of mankind, men have always looked for sex, money and power.
        It is human nature, so it is difficult to change it.
        Yet, the good news is that it possible to make this world a better place if we all wake up and understand that progress is not necessarily about money, but also a spirital value.
        May God help us all elevate our souls !

      • LOL sounds like an idea right out of "Robot Chicken", a north American show that makes short little parody clips of anything popular

    • I've wondered this too, how can she not know she's doing it? I find her confusing, what she says and what she does are always 2 separate things. I want to believe that she is a good person with a good heart, but then she does a mad music video with crazy illuminati symbolisms. I think it is the music companies that are pushing her to do it but even after she has made an illuminati filled video that they asked, she still is wearing and doing illuminati things like encouraging bulimia and suicide. If she was a good person wouldn't she switch off from the illuminati crap?

      I am a fan and love her music I even love how she speaks powerfully about her art and spirituality, she can be quite inspiring. It's a shame that she is in too deep with the illuminati because I believe she does have the power and the massive following to push things in the other direction, she could help massively change the world and open the minds of everyone to realise positive spiritual truth. This what the world needs exposing too, more positivity and hope. The illuminati won't let this happen though, and that is a shame. Just think what the world would be like if all the artists today could express their spirituality instead of sexuality in their music, because entertainment has a massive impact on the world. If entertainment didn't have a hint of evil only good, maybe this world could be much different in it's development.

      • This particular video was directed by Gaga. So even if she was "forced" to participate in some agenda, she had a heavy hand in placing all of the esoteric stuff in there herself.

        She is not a pawn, she's a player in the game.

      • I totally agree with you when you separate spirituality and the entertainment business.
        It explains why Gaga, as many popstars, cannot express her artistic vision freely.
        She said her goal was to be "the biggest crook of the music industry ever".
        In other words, she wants to play their own game so that they get trapped in their hypocrisy.
        She is clearly fighting something huge, which is why they wanted to kick her out.
        But in spite of all the criticism and hatred, she kept on fighting because she believes she still can change what is so evil in this system.
        I personally admire her for it, although I think it is a bit pompous and naïve, but every artist need a bit of ego to be good.
        I understood that many people were so conditioned by this system that they are criticizing that they were unable to understand it properly.
        In mean I do not always understand it myself but I find some comments devoid of common sense and scientific evidence (arguments), even untolerant sometimes.
        This is propaganda, and her counter propaganda surely displeases those who feel good in this system because it profits them, but I do not think she wants to please them anyway.
        I think it explains why she is herself caught in this system defending something which is according to my standards totalitarian. I explain why "totalitarian" in some other comments, but do not hesitate to read writers/philosophers mentioning it, and who already said it all so much better than me.
        It tells us a lot about how this system works and how the Illuminatti run it behind the scene.
        My number one is Hannah Arendt.
        Angelina : this is unfortunately what it takes to be both on top and remain honest and true to yourself.
        I hope this answers your question.

  20. When are the Illuminati going to reveal themselves? If they are going to reduce the population to 500,000 then don't we need to know? I mean this is all real and they have been giving you messages for the past few decades so surely it will be soon. When will it be?

  21. Thank you VC for the interpretation because I didn't have a clue about that video. You translated it into English so when I hear someone talking about it, I can tell them or refer them to this site which is what I always end up doing.

    I'm glad this site is around because more people need to know what the hell is going on in music and that industry today.

  22. Lmao you clearly didn't listen to her interviews about the meaning behind the video. Thanks for giving the video promo though. BUY GUY ON ITUNES <3

    • Oh she said so, so it's true, because she would never lie to her monsters and she is so in charge of her own career and mind…

      • Don't Lose Hope on

        Rihanna's navy did the same thing with What Now. Most of them still think that the song is about Chris Brown. Even though his name was never mentioned.

    • Define Mania on

      I for the life of me can't understand why people are willing to completely believe the word of a person they don't know personally, have never met and have never had a converstation with. All you can possibly "know " is a perception the media is trying to sell you. Think people! God gave you a brain for a reason…

    • I love the video too. This analysis is not right at all. No matter what she does it is "satanic". (rolls eyes).

      • JamesWatchman on

        Not right at all? So she just puts Satanic imagery in for fun then? You need to wake up.

  23. Can anyone tell me what she meant
    with the last part where she screams
    I know its german..but why ??

    • Zedd is the DJ on the track. I'm not sure why she counts in German/English and then says that repeatedly. But it might just be a spontaneous thing that happened in the studio.

  24. This is all being done for the greater good. If you Christian's so-called "good religion" was the solution, then we wouldnt have the issues we have today. If "Illuminati" and "Luciferianism" is the solution to spiritual problems and worldly problems then so be it. Christianity is holding humanity back, spiritually, mentally and physically.

    • Brain is the same kind of low information zombie that votes for Obama and his crew. ITs all mingled and tied together to push one ultimate agenda. This fool is just one lousy but clear example.

    • So I guess you must be a G.U.Y. You're not bitter right? Maybe even just being paid to type? But whatever. Being that you're a "Brain", I'm quite certain that you are making an objective informed choice when you buy into the propaganda of a ditzy blonde who claims she "hates the truth." The snake said that "Ye shall be as gods!" There you go. If that's what you think you can achieve, then try your luck. We all have to choose sides before the final showdown.

      I mean watching that stuff really made me think that the answer is in the goo goo ga ga too. Pass the clone generating blood!

      Study history. The world's had the freedom to do what it wants to "progress humanity" all along, but that's never been the goal anyway. The elite only progress themselves. This Gaga stuff isn't new. It's been around since way before Jesus came preaching righteousness and love. And it's always been at the forefront of society and all worldly problems and attempted solutions, throughout all generations. It's the elite's religion. It's the real elephant in the room and it's very fond of blaming its problems on the Christian underdogs who have never had much control in society, or even been around half as long. So be it.

      Google: Nero's False Flag Fire.

      Christianity has been the only really plausible challenge to emerge to stop us all from being a bunch of enslaved self mutilating blood drinkers. For that reason Christianity itself was infiltrated very early on by Lucifer, turning the majority of it's expressions into the same paganism the world has always known.

      Finding the truth is more than possible if you look for it, but you're going to have to do some direct reading of the founders of these religions yourself instead of bumping along in this stupid slave making machine.

      • Kindly note that those scientific and technological hindrances that Christianity is against is not 100 percent effective in our world. Anything made by man is not perfect and that is why we have so many economical and environmental issues to begin with.

        I also think Christianity wants to make sure humanity does learn enough, it is just that people are not keen enough to read the Bible like they should. But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

      • I agree with Brain. Maybe Lucifer is the real bringer of the true light, and not the Demiurge (the false God Jehovah) and Jesus himself was called the morning star which is the same name applied to Lucifer (Revelation 22:16)

      • Nowhere in the Bible is Jesus (Yeshua) called the morning star. Licifer didn't sacrifice his life on a cross because he loved you. The Bible states that there will be a great deception and many people will buy into the delusion that evil is good and good is evil. That fits today perfectly. If you're not saved by Yeshua's shed blood for your sin then you already belong to lucifer , you have no righteousness of your own despite what you may think, none of us do, or else we wouldn't need a Savior. The Lord Yeshua is very very very near retuning for those who trust in his sacrifice alone and have been baptized from death to life on whom God gives his comforter, the Holy Spirit. There is nothing Holy about lucifer, he is a seducer which is more obvious with each day.

      • Another good reason to read the KJV only. You are right that Jesus is the "bright and morning star" in Revelation 22:16, but Lucifer is NOT. Lucifer is called the "son of the morning" as stated in Isaiah 14:12. But that's only in the KJV, and that's one of the many reasons why we should stay away from modern day bible versions. They refer to Lucifer also as the "morning star" in Isaiah 14:12. Satan has been corrupting God's Word since the Garden of Eden, and he is still up to his same ol' dirty tricks. I will not argue with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ about different Bible versions, but I will encourage you to make it a matter of prayer in your own personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. I'm so glad that I did.

      • JamesWatchman on

        Actually the ESV says "O Day Star, son of Dawn", which is not the same as "Morning star". The KJV is not the only translation that's worth reading.

      • The KJV is not the version people should put their faith in. If you are going to follow the teachings of that book, you should be reading the direct translation. King James was known to be a sexual deviant who edited and retranslated the Bible to say what he wanted it to say in order to enslave people. The direct translation is the only non bastardized version.

      • "It's the elite's religion" : it is a very good point.
        I totally agree about the elite part but I do not know if you can call it a "religion" though.
        Unless being religious means being selfish and dishonest. (As a Christian, I believe it is the contrary.)
        I still hate the truth, just like Gaga, especially when it comes from them, meaning that I am tired of their stupid propaganda meant to divide people.
        We are not Gods, but we are all humans beings and their symbolic is more than enough to understand that it leads us towards bad behaviors, religion aside.
        I want to become a good and righteous person, and it doesn't fit it their attitude when they encourage bad feelings.
        No need to be a scientist to make right decisions sometimes.
        I know that it may seem naïve because nobody can love everybody so purely, but I am tired of their pessimistic attitude as well.
        They sure should get a life instead of forcing what is a nonsense to me on people who would never accept it.

    • I've heard about paid Illuminati shills on every conspiracy website I visit. If what I hear is true and the shills do exist, then I'd almost bet that this is one.

    • But they want to wipe you out Brian. You, personally. and most other people. It is a solution of sorts but you will not come out on the side you hope. A lot of the money in science is going into ventures that will eventually make this happen as efficiently as possible.

    • You obviously don't know that much about Luciferianism or the elite that have been controlling this world! The "illuminated" ones are the ones behind all the problems like war for profit. There is a reason behind what they do and it is not for your benefit. It's time to wake up to reality!

    • This is the scariest statement I have seen in the last 10 years
      Granted, false religion has been doing damage but Bible is real, and if you read it for yourself to find the truth, you will see the statement you made is just want lucifer wants you to agree with!
      The devil is a Douchebag, I am glad this spiritual war is almost over so looserfer can be put in his place!

    • If our popular culture attacked Buddha, Muhammed, Gandhi, etc., maybe you'd have something. Jesus is the only one they can't abide. That ought to tell you something.

  25. VC, it is no co-incidence that most of these songs/videos make reference to Christianity and it is intentional! This is an onslaught on Jesus Christ. We are truly caught in the great controversy between good and evil. John 14:6 states that Jesus Christ is "the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me." There is never an attack on Islam nor on any other religion for that matter – but only on Christianity because Jesus is the only Way, Truth and life. The Devil, Satan, the dragon is real. He was one of the fallen angels who rebelled in heaven because he wanted to be like the Most High (Isaiah 14:12-15). He was actually the covering cherub who stood next to God (Ezekie 28:14-19). When war broke out in heaven, Satan (who was called Lucifer – which means light bearer) deceived a third of the angels and their place was no more in heaven (Revelation 12:7,8). "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." Revelation 12:9. The occult worship Satan. Satan wants worship and he gets it. He is called the prince of this world (John 12:31). He even attempted to get Jesus to worship him: "All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me." Matthew 4:9. Satan never attacks his created religions like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism etc…because he created them. He is attempting to turn people away from the worship the only true living God, the Father and His only begotten Son Jesus. This is why you see inverted crosses, so many Biblical references etc…VC, Jesus is the truth. Pontius Pilot once asked Jesus a very important question: "What is truth?" John 18:38. I believe that you are asking the same question. You know that this world is wicked and the rulers,the entertainment industry and everything else is corrupt. The Bible will explain all of this to you. I will pray that the Lord may open your eyes to the truth. I do enjoy your articles and keep up the good work. God Bless.

    • I must add, it does seem awfully fishy theyre choosing to pick on christianity..but wouldnt that in fact be spreading the word about Christianity to the masses? I think it's a distraction, and a good one at that.

      • Not if they do nothing but attack and denigrate Christianity. Most people want to be "cool", and agree with other people (herd instinct and the desire to fit in is verrry powerful) so when the entire media apparatus pushes this anti-Christian agenda, weak-willed people, or those who haven't been raised in Christianity, fall for it. Think about it…media pushes "do what thou wilt", be young forever, party all the time, do drugs and basically be a perpetual teen, and they make it into this glamorous, exciting thing. Being sober, religious, devoted and modest can't really compete with that, especially when media makes those attributes look like slavery, stupidity, prudishness, judgmental hatred, etc.

        Sadly, most people don't seem to have much, if any true knowledge of Christianity and the Bible, so they just listen to the snippets that are taken out of context by the media to further their agenda. Satan is very good at making the road to Hell look like the greatest thing ever, but when you are on it, you know something is wrong….or at least you USED to. All the GMOs, flouride, chemtrails, among many other things, are destroying people's discernment. For me, I realized Christianity was true exactly when I realized the extent of the war being waged on it by the media. Also by just opening my eyes and looking at the world around me! NOBODY is happy but the Christians! Most "too cool for Jesus" people are miserable, morally bankrupt, and addicted to a false lie and damaging lifestyle. That told me everything I needed to know. And not to brag but I have been a voracious, non stop reader my whole life, someone who has often seen through the lies and BS of media, etc., but it took me a long time to realize this, so it is insidious and so pervasive that, like the frog in the pot of water, you just don't notice. Just read the Bible. Read the Koran too, read all the books and learn as much as you can! It is so, SO vitally important and time is running short!

      • That was a great post Sunshine. The greatest thing about it is that It could equally have been written by a true Muslim or true Jew.

      • The current trend for Christian and indeed, religious iconography in general, is mainly an aesthetic choice. It provides a readily recognizable set of visual queues which feed into the current artistic language in much the same way that futurism did in the 1920's and the peace movement did in the 1960's. It has become a little passe in my opinion but seems to be in vogue with the current (read 2000 – present) batch of film makers, novelists and graphic artists. They know that some find it edgy and cool and so perpetuate the style as a safe choice rather than innovating.

      • Sunshine, you had me until you said to "read the Koran too." There is only ONE way, truth and life, JESUS CHRIST! The Bible is the only book where the truth will be made known, no other book. When you tell me to read the Bible with Koran or any books to learn, you are promoting the Emerging Church movement! This is from Satan and he wants us to blend in all religions together, making it one. No, to those reading this, pray that GOD OPENS YOUR EYES through the BIBLE ALONE! You dont need any other book!

      • Sam, "The Bible is the only book where the truth will be made known, no other book" – Ha! First of all, the bible has been changed more than Rihanna changes her hairstyle so I don't know what edition and version of the bible you are reading. The Qur-an has NEVER been changed /altered. Its funny how things mentioned in the Quran 1400 years ago have already happened and some of are apparent now and fyi the Bible, Torah and Quran are books from God but the Torah and Bible have been changed but of course they tried to but couldn't do that with the Qur-an.

      • Bluboy,
        I think your comment is unfair to people who are not Christians although I am Catholic.
        But maybe we do not read the same versions of the Bible …

      • You might not want to say this like this at least, because it will surely give a bad image of Christians.
        I am sure it is not your objective, …

      • I have many friends that are not Christians and I never had any trouble with them whatsoever, but maybe I am an alien, …

      • Nine, I am definitely not trying to give a bad image of Christians but if you read " Sam's" comment above mine, what image is she portraying about muslims? so I responded with a FACT. No offence to you nine.

    • RideorDie4Jesus on

      Natalie..U r obviously very Spiritually-gifted & enlightened. This is for sure!!!
      You know the only Ultimate TRUTH..& U express it marvelously.
      I hope U keep up these AWESOME Posts my dear :-)
      People NEED so desperately to hear the One..& the ONLY…TRUTH.

      • RideorDie4Jesus
        It is very scary that some people feel so superior that they really think that they hold the blatant truth.
        I know I won't convince you guys that you do not, … (no more than me or anybody else's).
        Though I think it is far more honest to stay humble and to recognize that noone does because humans make mistakes, unlike God.

      • Exactly. They end up alienating their own as a result of this pompousness and end up blindsided by satan.

    • Pure Truth Natalie. The devil knows that we triumph over him with the blood of the lamb (which is essentially Jesus) and the word of our testimony ( which is essentially the Gospel). So that is why he trying his hardest to twist the image of Christ and destot the gospel of Jesus to the public. The more they don't know, the more he reigns in their lives. We all know how thirsty the devil is for power. It's actually kinda pathetic how power hungry he really is…Get a life Devil!

  26. The empty tomb is the woman who "they", those leading to Gaga, the Illuminati, could not kill. "they" have given gaga, the rosary, for her to swallow and absorb the light of Jesus' mother, the woman, to which Michael Jackson sang, she, the mother of Jesus, the friend of Michael Jackson is still alive, thank God. She always has God in his heart.
    Always, ye forget the woman. You forget the mother of Jesus, the friend who talks to Michael, in his songs.

  27. The Austrian on

    about vomiting green liquid onto her: instantly reminds me of john carpenters "prince of darkness" (1987), where scientists find a cylinder in the cellar of an old church, filled with green liquid. it turns out to be the essence of evil… the story goes that the devil is preparing for the return of his father (who is waiting on the other side of the mirror!). everyone who gets in touch with this liquid (often in the same way as in the gagaperformance) becomes a mindless minion for the devils needs of preparation…
    btw every year at the nickelodeon "kids choice awards" there is a moment where some presenters are splashed on with green slime… hm.

    about the gagavideo: i think its time we focus more on the writers and makers of those videos than on the "artists". because im pretty sure, those girls (perry, gaga, rihanna etc) have no creative input in this.
    except maybe how to shake their ass and rub their c***s in the raunchiest way.

    • Read up on the esoteric importance of ectoplasm. There is a fair bit of material out there. Ties in with the whole lets look as vile as possible on Halloween/at the metal concert mentality. So glad my parents never bought into that repackaged family fun.

    • Yes Austrian its interesting isn't it. Don't forget the puke from the film The Exorcist or the Emerald green tablet and many many more references which have also been mentioned on here regarding the colour Green.

  28. Well, she must be doing something wrong, because the song (and her album) is a major FLOP, nobody cares about Gaga anymore, so the Illuminati /Satan are not doing her any favors, her time is almost up.

    The new It Girl, Illuminati pawn is Katy Perry, a former christian transformed into a satanic witch.

    • They all have a large fan base and will play the songs and videos non-stop until they're ingrained whether the songs flop or not. Satan loves to take the innocent and corrupt them-he's jealous of God, The Father and full of self pride. There still may be hope for Katy Perry, she realized she was being used and lied to by Russell Brand, so hopefully she'll realize there are even worse and more evil men using her. Her eyes are not dead yet like Miley's and Gaga's and Rhiana's. Yeshua – Jesus Christ is able to keep us from following-he is faithful and just to forgive us our sons and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. John 1:8-10 If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.

      • ***Should read keep us from falling not following-typo. The Lord is long-suffering and very patient with us, but the time is running out-we are at the end of the age.

      • Time may be running out, but God will not leave any of his children behind.

  29. "This is how the elite sees consumers of popular culture: a bunch of brainless clones doing as they’re told. "

    Ironically, the elite is not wrong on this point.

    The "consumers of popular culture," i.e., "We the Sheeple," are "a bunch of brainless clones doing as they're told."

    • DontDrinkTheKoolAid on

      True, but you could also say the same about the Lucifer-worshiping elitists, who are mindlessly following whatever their dark lord (a.k.a. the guy at the top of the pyramid) says to do…and it will be to their ultimate destruction. If they don't qualify as sheeple, I don't know who does….

      • Bevin,
        I really agree with you !
        It is up to us not to be a bunch of brainless clones doing as we’re told.

        They sure know what they are doing and the elite is probably not ready to share its wealth with the crowd so easily.
        Even though that is what one could expect from a modern democratic society, …

  30. about the vomiting incident, it is symbolic of 'green slime' slimer/ghostbusters. nickelodeon teen choice awards slime green slime…the demons cast into the pigs if you saw in the background of the stage, the word PIG is scrawled across the stage when gaga was getting vomited on after the girl GAGGED herself…

    PIG: march of the pigs NIN, PIG manson slayings…pink pig….(demon possession)

    green slime/vomit/possesion

    (interesting how harry ramis of ghostbusters (slimer green slime) died that same week as the gaga gagged vomit incident…we think of him in the movie ghostbusters….with SLIMER…RIP btw….

    • dont forget the pig farm in nova scotia where that murderer hammered those girl and the videotape was raced to the queens cloning centrre so that everyclone could watch and enjoy the bloody hammering murders of some unfortunate prostitutes

  31. Ishtar, the real meaning behind the pagan celebration of easter. death, blood, resurrection. Ishtar, the goddess of love, rebirth and fertility. hence rabbits, (many births) eggs(fertility). Jesus is sorely mocked in this video. the symbolism is obvious.

  32. I just wanted to point out that the first two SarahNP comments were made by me SarahNP1, the third one was made by someone else.

  33. Milion Milja on

    OK… I am not quite sure if there is some satanic and masonic stuff going on in the music industry, but what I dislike about this video is the fact that Lady Gaga is mocking someones religion. And that is not cool! At all! I am not from the USA but I live in the European country where the influence of American culture is quite dominant. I noticed the other day on our national television a TV show where all these national celebrities were throwing up the 666 sign and one eye symbolism… It made me think. What the hell is going on?! Now I watch this Lady Gaga "art" and quite frankly I don't like it! It is somewhat disturbing… Freaky. Too much weird symbolism, nudity and in some scenes distaste. Not to mention the offense to Christian communities all around the world. Lady Gaga never performed in the country where I live and she was also forbidden to perform in many other countries like China, Russia and some Islamic countries. Maybe the USA has gone all 1984, but large parts of the world still haven't, thanks to God! We choose to be led by faith, not by our eyes…

  34. As someone said previously, she peaked in "Bad Romance" . I mean, this woman was always into satism but at least some 5-4 years ago her songs were quite catchy, back then I was into night life (quite a lot) and still remember her tunes to be widely played. I believe that thereafter, her plan of keeping her own cult based on promoting homosexualism didnt flourish as expected. Moreover, many gay people stopped being fans of her (as I remember, by reading the old VC forums) they did not want to be associated with occultism.

    I think ever since, her new works have been but a copy of previously done things. Even the most shallow and pop-culture absorbed people have long moved from Gaga. For example Rihanna (another strong puppet) has at least kept her success by varying a bit.

    I don't believe Gaga will have success anymore (at least not in the escale she/he used to have)

  35. sooo….do you guys think that the World would be a better place if you take Lady GaGa, Rihanna,Christina Aguleriq,Modonna,Beyonce, Katey Perry,Niky Minaj,Brittany Spears, Ke$ha, JayZ,Lil Wayne,Rick Ross, Drake,Miley Cyrus and get them on a very lavish very tricked out plane, tell 'em they're heading to a party and fly that plane Straight into THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE????…..What do you say about that idea?? Think it'll work…??CAUSE NOTHING ELSE HAS…

    • If you get rid of them they will make other puppets. Lots of people want to make it in the entertainment business and some of them will do ANYTHING to succeed.

      • sad….but true…they're like ants….kill one, 20 more shows up….WORST THAN THE ONE BEFORE…

  36. look at me! i'm SOOOOO transgressive! LOOOK! WAAAAAAAH!!!!!

    it's all fun and games until someone dies.

    can't help but think these "entertainers" are playing Russian Roulette with their art/lives/souls/. so lost, and such a waste of life force and potential contribution to their fellow man–makes me feel such pity for their hollow ache in the heart where G-d should be…

  37. The nurses had plastic horns but for some reason the shape of the horns reminds me of Anubis (Egyptian God of Mummification/Afterlife)

  38. I got a bad vibe from that blood drawing cloning scene. I've read about cloning being done in underground bases. Cloning of everything from the most famous entertainers to sex slave duplicates controlled by an elite ring of sadistic pedophiles and the like which includes very high ranking people. These clones are specially designed with advanced tech and lack a soul. Thanks again VC. Always good to see people in tune with what's really going on. These are indeed sinister times and I can sense a collision course between the forces of light and darkness on the horizon.

  39. Oh, you forgot to mention the eye-shaped cloning machine, I had to watch it like 3 or 4 times to notice it but once you see, it's disturbing!

  40. I saw it like the men in suits at the beginning are representative of government hitmen/CIA stooges who do the dirty work for the elites (tying up loose ends, ridding the problematic ones for ritualistic purposes ala Paul Walker, Phillip Seymour Hoffman etc). They're jumping around trying to catch money , meaning that's all they're in it for, it's a job and they march away to meet their demise later in the video. So they are just empty vessels themselves.
    I'm confused why some people think this was some kind of victory statement for gaga vs media/industry? That she is gaining some control, and this is just her expressing herself. Goodness, it is the total opposite. She is still very much a slave to these "forces" she is sings about that are operating in the shadows.

      • Where in my post did I say "every celebrity who dies young has been ritually sacrificed"?!? Please learn comprehension.

  41. Will Randolps Hearse on

    I new William was big and feared, but I never new he was a 33rd degree Freemason, and a member of the Illuminati. His pictures are creepy looking, looks like Boris Karloff. He also got away with murder.

  42. G.U.Y. means…"Girl Under You"! If one links the track title to its lyrical contents and video imagery, then one can easily (better) understand the overall underlying symbolism of it all- on top of everything V.C. laid out!

  43. Talk about the deeds that are specially reserved for those who want "Super Stardom" and breaking all moral ethics to get there in order to portray the truth behind society.

    Any christian would take great offense to this since the video itself as stated by VC is all about becoming Gods through Luciferian ideology hence the downgrading of Jesus himself and the other two.

    This is probably why I've always considered Katy Perry number 2 behind little miss "monstrosity" herself here.

  44. Nein Zedd which she says at the end, sounds a lot like the number nineteen in German. It is a number with a lot of occult significance. If you google the Max Moseley case in the UK, you would know that the elite enjoy a perverse, long drawn out, sexual situation whereby they reenact Nazi scenes in painstaking detail, hiring Betas to play precise roles. I recall this because the son of the aforementioned man was a great person who could not ultimately handle the exposee on his father and paid with his own life.

    • The Austrian on

      19 in german is spelled "noyn-tsa(y)n". nein means "no" and zedd means, well, Z. for me "nein zedd" doesnt make any sense.

      funny detail on the moseley case i read at wiki: it is written in that alleged video the prostitutes wore nazi uniforms. a few sentences later is written they wore the clothes of concentration camp prisoners. hmm.
      well whatever, we know the mega-rich (and royals, see prince harry) love nazi-themed parties.

      maybe because "nazi" is seen as pure evil and they identify with it lol.

      • She may simply have got it wrong since as you said, it makes no sense. I thought 19 due to the 9/11 and Kennedy assassination significance.
        She is probably liable to slip ups if you factor in the precise schedule for endlessly flashing symbolism, accurately misdirecting green vomit away from the audience and (however minor), delivering the correct lyrics; though hard to remember, she does officially front as a singer!
        Re Moseley, Prostitutes/jobbing actors may have had a costume change clause stipulated in their handwritten, wax sealed contracts as well as a little alter-switching to help them along the way so both may be true.
        Personally, I'm tiring of the manipulated history curriculum taught in schools and the way in which children are taught to celebrate the fact that the Nazis lost the war (as well as the fact that slavery was abolished) . It is important for them to be taught the untruth of this and the fact that the so-called baddies merely shifted the goalposts and changed tactics in both cases. It is very hard to counter teach history when the mindless drones who are officially in charge of delivering the curriculum have such convincing resources at their disposal which are not just supposedly factual but emotionally engaging too. Would we really have produced Generation Y the masters of apathy were it not for this aspect of mind control?

  45. I've read a lot of the articles on here, just because I find it interesting, but never bothered with reading comment section before. Since I actually did this time I wondered: what would make your dark forces focus on christianity? There are plenty other major religions in the world, and if their objective is to make a new religion of their making for the masses, I would think they would make an attack on all the religions.

    • Uhhh…that's simple…because maybe Jesus really was the son of God, making Christianity a much more powerful threat than other religions that don't recognize him?

    • They do. Haven't you noticed?
      They have made a complete mockery of all monotheistic religions. Islam, Christianity, Judaism. They do.
      The mass media of different regions around the world are mocking whatever God the followers may worship, be it Christ or Allah. And orthodox Jews in Israel are actually persecuted.

      In fact they've made a general mockery of all reasonable morality.

      But as far as paganism and witchcraft is concerned, they're quite respectable about that. I would suspect because their own one world religion is pretty close to it.

      • The Austrian on

        islam and christianity, yes. judaism, not that i know of til now… and orthodox jews live a very good life in israel (because they are jews and white. african jews, not so much). they are now demonstrating because a new law says they must do military service too. til now every boy and girl in israel EXCEPT orthodox jews had to do military service for 3 years(!)…

        btw the (orthodox) jews in israel mock jesus and allah too.

        persecuted are the christians and arabs in that lovely country…

      • I would agree with that except to say that the negative focus is undeniably on the Muslims more so than the Christians and has always been the case. It is a lovely country, a beautiful country and one of the most significant countries in the world where the three faiths could have coexisted peacefully were it not for the influence of Rothschild zionism.

      • Moreover, Judaism is an intrinsically racist religion unlike the other two monotheistic faiths so I would expect the Hasids to adopt such an attitude behind closed doors. Personally, I find them perfectly tolerable within my own community, I have no beef with them, unlike the middle-of-the-road-Talmudists with their we-have-Israeli-birthright so lets trek to Israel from the US and Europe to play zionist happy families once a year with our brethren and IGNORE every non-Jew and ignore the entire conflict that is going on just so long as we can have a good holiday and teach our children that this is OUR country. It is a form of inter-generational selective blindness which I could never condone. You can't possibly be a nice person or a decent parent if you participate in that farce. I do not understand how mothers in particular can continue doing this once they realise the appalling conditions in which Palestinian children are kept and how it is normal for those children to be casually terrorised, beaten and harassed by Israeli soldiers. But they do this in a majority and I personally have no time for such hypocrites. Conversely, I have a huge amount of respect and love for people who go against their communities to stand up for the oppressed minorities in Israel and surrounding areas.

  46. The taking of blood to mould the masses is very significant, it signifies the ability to resurrect an ideology at any time to keep control of the populace. obviously Jesus = religious ideology, MJ = the aim of breaking up the relationship between adult and child which gives schools/government more power in moulding a childs mind, Ghandi represents civil disobedience which keeps division between rich and poor prominent in the minds of people, and John Lennon being left out.. That's been done because even though he was controlled, he still promoted world peace, and love, that's not an ideology they want in the mass consciousness, that would be a bad ingredient in the making of a mind controlled subject of the power elitists.

  47. Saw her show at Roseland this week. She literally cried, "Lucifer, are you there!?" when talking about her "ex boyfriend."

      • Cloud Ten Travel & Leisure on

        His name is Luc. Not Lucifer. I'm sure his parents didn't name him freaking "Lucifer". So, what was your point again?

      • Lala,
        I am sure that you are a clever girl.
        Don't you think, with all due respect, that it is manipulation ?
        The question you should ask yourself is to what purpose.

  48. Great article VC! One of the best ones in recent months actually. That Hearst Castle is actually very breath taking man and its funny because a couple of months ago I was checking out this palace on the internet and looking at all the images of the exterior and the Neptune Pool and its one of the most expensive estates and then the other day I saw Lady Gaga's music video for Guy on tv and noticed it straight away!!! I was like eh?!?! Now there definitely must be a deeper meaning and a story behind it as to why she chose that location and booom!, we have the article right here……Peace out.

  49. ARTPOP has not been receiving as much promotion as her other albums.

    Applause had an early release, the video for Do What You Want never was released, and now that we finally have G.U.Y as a single, her management team is deciding to wait until April 8th for a single release, 2 weeks after they showed the video.

    For someone who at one point commanded the entire worlds attention, it just seems odd and almost as if someone is intentionally trying to cause her to fail, which makes me feel like the G.U.Y video is not showing her fall and entry into the music business… but rather her current manufactured fall; a fall created from people within the industry that is going on right now. They created the biggest star the world has seen for a while (the gaga craze was insane), only to now seem to want to hold her back/see her fall.

    Gaga has stated numerous times in interviews when she first got big that she was obsessed with the idea of celebrity and the culture of fame, and in particular, that she studied fame. She even noted that people were obsessed with the idea of a fall from fame and the death of a celebrity. When she performed her single "Do What You Want" last year on the music awards, she performed it in front of a backdrop of news articles claiming that "Lady Gaga was dead".

    Just seems odd to me that someone as big as she was seems to be being held back for whatever reason. Perhaps they're trying to create a real Lucifer? Any opinions?

    • I think this is pretty interesting. It does seem like there is an awful lot of hate coming her way, more than most I would say (but I don't pay too close attention). My friend even commented that he had been noticing an abnormal level of trashing of her. There have been some pretty severe "articles" written about her from that step above tabloid The Examiner, by authors who have multiple aliases and not even real pictures of themselves. It's very bizarre.

      It could be chalked up to just weirdo gossipers making up a bunch of garbage, but it does strike me as a bit over the top.

      She also did a promo video about how she was "Over." It's a fairly common theme since the beginning though, so I don't know.

    • She was criticised as not feminist in some ambients because in a norwegian interview she praised "American macho culture" and said she "likes the men drinking at the bars" which is apparently unforgivable in tough feminist ambients. But then she was forgiven and people said she was a feminist indeed. Either it's all staged or she may not fit totally the new-gender agenda.
      Nonetheless this video must be incredibly expensive, it's no cheap production. I wouldn't say they don't want to promote it.

    • Yeh I felt that when I saw the beginning of this video that she has fallen from her fame. The illuminati took what they wanted from her and shot her down.

      • Yep, and being part of the elite might not be so easy on a psychological level.
        Maybe she was a bit tired, especially by people insulting her, or most likely, she understood that staying away from the crowd helps you think better, (so she said).

  50. Come on! This whole thing of gaga empowerment is so lame. She depicts herself as very powerful, having the power to bring people back from the dead even some that are currently alive(Jesus). Using them for her own personal gain. Jesus and Ghandi promoted forgiveness, social exceptence, and actualy challanged the norms of their time. They took moral values to an even high ground. Gaga on the other hand wants revenge, potrays women as nothing but sexual objects, has clones that can not think for themselves. She stands for the total opposite. Unlike her the men that were brought back actualy contributed to humanity. And she is out. To distroy everything they stood for. She should have burnt in her bondfire. She does not care about people she just wants fame and money

    • Fatima.
      She is much smarter than you think and wouldn't be on top otherwise.
      She created a character (= fake) to make fun of the people that you are describing, especially in show business.
      She said it openly. It is irony, it is even a satire of what she refuses to become.
      Learn to read between the lines, please, because you do not look like you understood it well.

      • The Oxford dictionary starts defining irony (the device she uses the most) as :
        The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
        As I said, there is a huge difference between playing a character and being yourself.
        She wouldn't bee famous oterwise

      • Unless someone proves me that show busisness and the record industry is not interested in making money.
        And until proof of the contrary, sex and provocation make it a very profitable business.
        Even if it saddens me, …, just like you.

      • Food for thought :
        Mac Luhan, who is to modern communication what Freud is to pyschoanalysis said :
        "When producers want to know what the public wants, they graph it as curves. When they want to tell the public what to get, they say it in curves."
        "Today the tyrant rules not by club or fist, but, disguised as a market researcher, he shepherds his flocks in the ways of utility and comfort."

  51. God, please help us all. I'm just so tired of everything. Is this supposed to be entertaining. This is just sick. Making fun of people who died and Jesus Christ. They don't have respect for anything! What's wrong with these people listening and liking this!? Sometimes even if you don't want to, you start singing Gaga's songs… This is mind control! :((

  52. Common Sense on

    I am sick and tired of lady gaga continually blaspheming against Jesus and literally pissing on every christians face without anyone saying anything about it. (sorry for the imagery lol). If so called christians could stand up and stage a REVOLT or a DEMONSTRATION or MARCH against this, maybe she would stop. I am tired of us christians sitting around and eating this. We need to do something. If she dared did a video disrespecting prophet Mohammed or something, the muslim would stand up and do something. The video will not even be allowed to be aired! But yet she can do whatever she wants against Christians and we all just sit there eating it. I really do respect the way the muslims stand for their religion. I really don't know what all us christians are doing.

    • Do you know why the other religions stand up for themselves? Its because their gods are NOT ALIVE, so they fight on their behalf.
      2 Chronicles 20:15 clearly states that the battle belongs to The Lord. Do not be dismayed/swayed by such stuff, just focus on God & go out there and enjoy God's own creation. All these things must happen to fulfill the prophesies in the Bible. Let them be as you "work out your salvation with fear & trembling." (Philippians 2:12)

      • Other people do not stand up for themselves because "their gods are not alive".

        Muslims are taught to stand up for their God because only when the respect of God is kept alive, only then will good win against evil. And for Muslims, working out our salvation *includes* condemning what is wrong, and enjoining what is good. Actively protesting against evil. Actively working for humanity to be freed from the spiritual, mental, legal, and physical cages of evil.

        As the famous (non-religious) quote goes: "All that it takes for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

        No problem, though, you Christians can sit around being passive instead of standing up against evil. There will be plenty of Muslims to protest on this video even if you don't.

  53. "Playing God and cloning people using the blood of dead people is indeed very hot. If I saw Jesus-cloning going on, I’d also want to take off my shirt and dance feverishly."

    With all of the shady stuff in the world discussed in these articles, I still had a good chuckle at the sarcasm :)

  54. Lady Gaga's not a fallen angel, she's a PHOENIX. She rises from the ashes. This video represents her being betrayed by her management and fake fans, she gets up and keeps going. She makes music for the charts not money. "I don't need to be on top to know I'm worth it."

    • You are brainwashed. What about the symbols and the taking blood from Jesus and dead people. Does that sound normal to you?! You can make videos to ridicule the entertainment business without using shady and creepy stuff.

  55. Lady Gaga's not a fallen angel, she's a PHOENIX. She rises from the ashes. This video represents her being betrayed by her management and fake fans, she gets up and keeps going. She doesn't make music for the charts and money. "I don't need to be on top to know I'm worth it."

  56. In the "real" housewives sequence they aren't muses. In the background is Diana Multimammia (covered in breasts) – whose breasts were actually giant bull testicles – Mitra / Mithras cult. The women with musical instruments are Maenads – cannibal madwomen who danced and made music as they hunted and ate any men who spied on their divine frenzy.

  57. I was determined to give the video a couple of minutes to see and hear if there was any symblence of talent – but Nada – crickets – so same-ol-same-ol tired, pointless, cloned music, same as 99% of all her other redundant attempts to pretend she has talent. The music is boring, the dancing is boring, nearly all the dancers have ugly facial features, and she only wishes she had 1/1,000,000th the talent of Michael Jackson or John Lenon.

    The millions she spent on this boring abortion of "art" or "pop" must be getting picked up by some equally pathetic and pseudo-business people, as this art-pop is neither and a total waste of air time. Everything she and her androgynus or homosexual people do is So-Very Overdone. Will this song go down in history like 95% of MJ's or Lenon's? Uh – Hell no.

    She needs to spend a few more milliion and get those uglier-than-sin jumbo ears of hers fixed, and why in some shots does she have a nose that doesn't look exceedingly Heeb, but in other shots she looks very close to a full-on parakeet?

    When you have 4-lifeguards for supposed swim-dancers in a shallow pool, you know you are watching a video where no one at the top has a budget. Its just throw as much stupidity into a Holywood video as we can – to Hell with the costs. And while you are at it, lets rent the Hearst Castle – gaudy abortion of architecture that it is.

    The whole thing – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  58. G.U.Y. stands for Girl Under You. just FYI, it wasn't mentioned in the article. I liked Pokerface and Just dance, but when she zoned out and everything she did was trying to make being creepy and pathetic fashionable I lost interest. Now after having her work and all the occult and biblical references in it analysed and decoded I have only pity for her. she's lost, brainwashed and the very opposite of a free, "empowered" woman. Too bad, the vast majority of media consumers will never get all this background info because you have to actively search for it and most people just consume what is served on a platter.

  59. Graeme Kilshaw on

    If Lady Gaga knew anything about Egyptian Rite Freemasonry or the Illuminati, she would dance around our #FriendshipCube in her music videos. And she would sing about the Cosmic Cube as the guiding purpose in her life.

  60. I do not think the girl vomiting on her was meant to 'denounce bulimia' as far as I know, if I'm correct the song Swine is about rape. She was trying to create a visual and show viewers and fans her disgust at being sexually assaulted. There's no denying that that whole 'girl sticks fingers down throat' could easily be a trigger for girls/guys with EDs though. But thanks for clearing G.U.Y. up. I knew there was something to it when I heard her song on the album and after seeing the video I was still like "what? why was jesus in there?" haha.

  61. Once again V.C is on point!
    I can even go as far as saying that his artistic in his method of blending knowledge and wit into a power pact late night mental snack. But vomiting on somebody CANNOT EVER be called art! (I have to reiterate) NEVER EVER! and if we content with being part of a society that can embrace such a vile and demonic expression, then we are simply part of the problem! If you're a reader of this site, you're probably smart enough to know that the only way we ever going to change the big picture is by stepping up and each doing our part to detail the small section we individually responsible for. Understand that all this knowledge is of no use without wisdom (the ability to apply knowledge)

    we all know that our common "enemy" (whatever name you chose to call it) uses this "gaga" mainstream media machine, as its mind eroding, mass controlling weapon so let's break it down for a second and identity it main ingredients. It bombards us with hourly doses of Lust, Violence, Vulgarity, Self worship and a broad spectrum of general witchcraft and perversion. It doesn't tack a genius to see that the modern day programing aimed at our children is basically entry-level sorcery (and that's sadly just one example)

    That being said, the logical solution to our common problem would be taking what they give us and doing the exact opposite. in fact, the best thing you can do for your family is getting rid of the t.v! Just think about it for a minute… We go out and get the biggest flat screen social programmer and proudly mount it in places of honor in our homes so we can bath in high definition doses of crystal clear excrement. The damage is self inflicted, we can't blame the illuminati cos we are already aware of their devices. It's on us to each play our part in the dismantling of the machine, become independent of the system. they need us more than we need them, and don't ever let the chance to assist each other pass by. We can only do this, if we do it together!

    Peace, Love and Laughter!

  62. your a good writer. respect
    im sure alot of time and research went into dissecting this music video that gaga likes to claim to be "art"

  63. I see the video as this: Lady Gaga is shot by others who maybe couldn't see her get to where she is right now, people who got in her way to get to where she is today: a highly influential artist controlled by her producers and a puppet of the Illuminati. She then enters the Hearst Castle, passing the front dark "hooded men", again a strong esoteric, dark meaning foreshadowing what kind of dark activies are about to happen within the castle's grounds, and then resurrected as the goddess Venus and singing about Venus, which is not only important in Roman mythology,but also in Luciferian representing not only the Goddess of Love, but the Goddess of Jealousy. Luciferians love to play on the dualistic nature of things, just like love and jealousy. Her devil-like jeasouly later used to hunt down those who oppose her and her handlers. Notice her double sided image. First white, as Venus, then dark, with the black crow used as bunny ears. The crow in ancient roman mythology represented the foretelling of death. Notice the symbols of the star Ishtar on the ground outside of the mansion as well. In Luciferianism, Lucifer is the light and the saviour, kinda backwards idea of Christianity, it's not about hate as many think it would be, but anyway still a corrupted, and messed up idea. Luciferians believe in dualism, black and white, evil and good, and the need for both to coexist. Look at the weird sexual rituals performed within Hearst Castle. Again, such idol worship was prominent during the Roman times in worshipping false Gods and during certain Illuminati rituals. Look at the "One Eye" shot in the backround on the top stage, the pink part, where all the clones are going through on a conveyor belt at time frame 6:46 until 6:58, representing how she and the music industry create dumb, mindeless clones to replace real heroes such as "Jesus, Gandhi, and Michael Jackson". The 4th empty coffin most likely of belongs to John Lennon's. She even bites into a apple, using graphics similar to those in the video game "Minecraft", representing Eve in the bible who was tempted by Satan to eat the fruit to gain knowledge, possibly representing her gain in the music industry with her pact with the devil, also the apple has anotehr meaning and can represent the age of technology, or the age of aquarius, which to Luciferians, are the days they will have full control and we will have full enlightment for us to become our own gods through our sciences and knowledge, hence the reference to Minecraft, a video game, and possibly a play on words to "The craft of all crafts", which is Witchcraft. Then she goes all sexually crazy during the Illuminati sexual rituals, and the men who are cloned in the end walk out, representing clones injected by evil nurses, represented playing the part of "anubis", the egyptian god of "mummification" with their horned jackal ears, who inject this into the clones, representing the end age of the true heroes, such as Jesus Christ, Ghandi, even singers such as Michael Jackson, and possibly John Lennon, and the transition from the age of pisces, to the beginning the age of aquarius age in where "fake heroes and pop stars" will emerge out of the clones. The dark clones, dressed all in black, all leave Hearst Castle, where all this this ritual took place. Btw, Hearst Castle is a real location in California full of Illuminati symbolism. Also, G.U.Y. seems to play on how these G.U.Y. clones will be replacing the more true real people who actually helped shape humanity for good. Possibly foreshadowing how todays' and the future's artists will be "dumbed-down". G.U.Y. is also a play on words to H.I.M., a reference to him, Jesus Christ, meaning how these clones will be bringing in the age of new technology, hence the age of human cloning, as well as the age of fake musical talent controlled by the Illuminati.

  64. Did anybody notice the opening with the business men in white (light greyish) and black suites fighting? It represents the war in heaven, between God and Satan. Then Lucifer, the dark angel, was sent down to earth. Did anybody pick up on this part of the fight in heaven?

  65. thanks for the insight vigilant, awesome article and yes i was one of those people that said "what the fook was that about"!!!???

  66. I think the men who shot her down represented her handlers and the music industry. Look at how quickly they bailed on her after "ArtPop" did not live up to "Born this Way" expectations? We've also heard her critize her former management for exploiting her. She seems to be struggling with wanting to do what she wants versus her handlers. While it's hard to have sympathy for her I do respect her for showing some strength and resilience.

  67. If you look at the video, 3:16 – there is a woman who wear some strange white clothes with glasses( left). Look at her hand! There is some strange hand-symbol, do you know what does it mean?

  68. The best thing to do is not to watch Lady Gaga's videos. I don't watch her videos nor do I listen to her music. To me she is a pathetic poor man's version of Grace Jones.

  69. EXCUSE FOR A SHAMPOO COMMERCIAL OR WHAT?? its so clear she is in love with only money and herself and will stoop to every extreme low, no matter how blasphemous or ridiculous. utterly silly.

  70. Lord said my people are perishing because of lack of knowledge. Thank you VC for this info. Then again, this is disrespect to the Lord, blasphemy. Lord have mercy on all who fail to honour & respect them. But its okay, in theend, every knee will bow.

  71. VC said: …which is kind of not respectful.
    Great understatement to make a point VC.

    And even though this video actually blasphemes Jesus – He tells us in His Word that one can still be redeemed even if one blasphemes Him, the Son of God (Matthew 12:32). That's called grace and mercy. And even Gaga can be saved. But if one blasphemes the Holy Spirit – it's over. What does that mean? It means to reject the gift being offered to every person to believe in the One who was sent to restore mankind to God. It is a spiritual restoration between man and his Creator – that spiritual bind that was broken in Eden. If you blaspheme the Spirit, reject the gift of God (spiritual restoration), you have made the choice to be left in your unredeemed state…separated from God for eternity. It's really very simple (see John 6:29) and probably why satan is trying so hard to turn many away from this simple Truth through popular culture.

    The whole Lucifer falling, dying, and resurrecting parallels the description of the anti-Christ in the Bible pretty closely. It would not surprise me if Gaga is proclaiming what's to come…she is one messed up chick.

  72. Hi VC,
    Always great to see a blow by blow breakdown of the mind poison being sold as music to the young and dumb…. You know there's always the off button/switch folks. Works great for me. I advise you to try it one day then tell a friend….

  73. Learning to listen to the others and to respect each other instead on focusing on who will be the number 1 Gaga hater would really help the quality of the debate.

  74. I think its about lucifer coming to earth with humans. People of the castle see their change and help lucifer become powerful by helping her. Then she clones people to create her own army. lucifer sees what money does with people so when she comes to the office they shooot with money to distract the masses and then she takes over the company without the masses knowing. She makes the clones the CEO's. That way she controls and has the power over the people without the masses knowing she has the power. The clones will do whatever she wants. And I think the scene where the group dirty dances in pairs is reffered to orgies, and that can be part of a ritual.

  75. I don't understand where people are getting the "jesus' blood" from. The part of the video wit Hesun Mj and Ghadi is used to represent her drawing inspiration from other amazing people who were misunderstood in their times. Most of this video is trying to show her rebirth, leaving her past behind, all the good and bad, to make her new image.

    • What she is doing is incredibly disrespectful and wholly self serving. She might as well just make a recording of her singing smell my a***hole, smell my a**hole, while she bends over nude. Sheesh.

  76. A person's mind and thoughts is influenced by their parents' upbringing and the environment in which they are brought up and their own thought process in reacting to these situations .
    By cloning MJ or Gandhi you only get a physically identical person but that clone of MJ and Gandhi will not have the same musical talent and peaceful views that the real MJ and Gandhi had.

    Coming to the part of the video, all the stuff that Gaga does in the video is terrible and I am sure India MTV would have it censored because I have not seen this video yet in mTV India.
    I read everything first in this site and then decided whether to watch it or not in YouTube. around 90% of Indians don't watch Grammy's ( which relays only in paid cable television ) and superbowl haftime shows are not telecast even in cable. I am hearing of The Hearst Castle for the first time and the castle looks great but definitely not Gaga's antics and music in this video.

    In Bollywood, the only actress who seems to be very much illuminati like is Sonam Kapoor, she was also featured in this site's SPOTM hiding one eye with an award statuete and wearing a baphomet head jewellery. Her daddy is Anil Kapoor and he is a well know bollywood actor and he also acted in "SlumDog Millionaire" as the gameshows host, he later also appeared in Tom Cruises's Mission Impossible.
    Sonam Kapoor's career has risen very well ever since her daddy appeared in 'mission impossible".
    In an interview show yesterday she was wearing a Marc Jacobs checkerboard pattern dress (you can google this to the dress).

    a VC Fan from southern India

    • VC Fan from southern India:
      That's very interesting.,, It sounds like Mr. Kapoor and his daughter sold their souls to the devil.

  77. Gaga's powers are on the wane. This is the reason for the G.U.Y video. The more that she ramps up her crazy image and then goes down to her 'normal' (without makeup, every day girl) image is how you can tell she's breaking down. This is not a song with a video clip, this is a complete ritual. The illuminati think we just don't know about mythology and the Biblical truths, or maybe they just think we don't care.
    But, to me this is getting desperate.
    BTW, the fruit of the tree of knowledge has never been proven to be an apple. This is one way where the Christian church has tried to fool us. The illuminati have caught onto this and ramped it up, thinking that we'd believe anything.
    As usual, good work VC!!

  78. I immediately thought of 1984 after reading the intro. I just think that this bossiness campaign is part of the wider problem with the farcical, misguided and manipulated feminism movement and how it has now entered into decay phase. Fact is that being bossy sucks as does being a female boss and I shall be discouraging my baby daughter from aspiring to be either. Nowhere in God's message does it identify it as a positive, workable thing. Perhaps it is a last ditch attempt by the Rothschild Zionists who created the so-called feminist movement, to try and salvage it's marred reputation by changing course a little and zeroing in on the semantics. Ultimately, it changes nothing on the ground where women are sold this myth about breaking through the glass ceiling and arriving at a happy destination.

  79. People are so gullible these days.
    Btw I'm sporting not one but TWO one-eye signs on my face.. with my two eyes. Evil.

  80. davidjuarezarmy on

    The scene where they are cloning a man reminds me of rocky horror where they are in frankenfurters lab where he builds the perfect man

  81. The cloning of new men from the blood just made me think of population control and eugenics. And making it look hot and sexy! Just more of getting the masses used to the idea I suppose.

  82. Oh…And just imagin, Lady Illuminati Puppet comes to Greece in September!!!!! WHY THEY DO THIS TO US!!!!!!!!

  83. BLASPHEMY IS KEEEWL. Pfft, seriously. I find it really pathetic how the music industry is willing to spend thousands of pounds (or dollars if you are reading from the U.S…which you probably are) on this nonsense.

    Unless you are willing to sit and dissect every single second of this video (thanks V.C!) you are never going to understand its meaning, rendering it utterly pointless in my eyes. Apart from the glaring blasphemy, which has been done so many times before anyway, I don't see point in all of this ambiguous symbology. Even my subconscious is yawning.

    Maybe it is just something for the 'Occult Elite' to jerk off to. Other than that I don't get it. What's even to get?

    In any case. Bored.

    Go home pop music industry, you're drunk!

    • Do not worry about the dollars that they are willing to spend in spreading this nonsense.
      They wouldn't spend so much energy if they had something to lose in it.
      They are ambiguous on purpose and it is not to help you in any way.
      It is mainly because they want to make honest people feel bad so they they forget about what is real and important.
      Learn to love yourself, do not let them make feel guilty or sad in anyway.
      You are worth better that !

      • It is what I would call : "torture by hope".
        They want to make you hope that you will become a better person/Christian and go to heaven more easily by sacrifizing your own happiness.
        It is part of what they (the elite) are defining as the "true" religion, a life without pleasure.
        I say "no". Not only because it is stupid, but because anybody that is sane would lose his/her mind if they followed their stupid theories strictly.
        The more I understand how perserve, the less I like them, really ! I am very tolerant but I can't stand this vision.

      • Never forget : true religion is not about sacrifizing yourself.
        You have the right to be happy and you should never let them tell you the contrary.
        It looks like they forgot the principle written in their Declaration of the rights of man stating that everyone has the right to be free, happy, not to be judged for who they are, … (they wrote it)
        You're right (irony) blah blah blah !

      • Bloody Mary by Gaga :
        "Love is just a history that they may prove."
        = True love can be experienced by anyone, but not proven.
        Why would "THEY" try ?
        "And when you're gone I'll tell them my religion's you"
        = She love someones so much that she sacralizes this love.
        ….. BUT SAYS :
        "I won't cry for YOU"
        If YOU is this man, is she right not to suffer for that man? What if he doesn't love her ?
        Would you find it sinful? THEY do.
        If she adresses "THEM". Why would she cry for them ? Would you ?
        My opinion is that love is positive and should make you feel better.

  84. Gross , gross , gross. They're all going to hell , btw the green vomit stuff reminds me of demon possession , because possed ppl do it in the scary movies . crazy stuff man. Im not scared i used to be back in 2010. its whatever now.

    • You should be scared, young kids are watching this crap, I mean look how screwed up todays kids are and we weren't even raised with this type of garbage. I'm scared for the next generation

  85. demi lovato publicly raised question on gaga getting someone to vomit on stage, i don't know if it was just an act to gain publicity but i gained respect for her

  86. Great article as always. It seems that they're really going into overdrive with their little MK workers.

  87. DO YOU WANNA SEE OLD SCHOOL 80's MK MIND CONTROL? CHECK OUT "OWNER OF A LONELY HEART" VIDEO…. FROM "YES" (THE LONG VERSION…)….Mr VC you should take a few minutes on this one analysis..thanks a lot… advance

  88. ProudChristian on

    Does anyone ever wonder why they target Jesus rather than anyone else? Doesnt that mean their most insecure of his teachings? So doesnt that make Christianity correct if they threaten it the most? Dur connect the dots people!

    • Because Jesus(pbuh) is the real Messiah and they know it and he is also the one that is going to kill the antichrist.

      • Do you realize that the Bible is a literary masterpiece before being a sacred and holy book ?
        I imply that there are different interpretations of the Book in the world, all of them valuable, as long as you do not read it as an "I am going to fight the others because they do not share my vision" book.
        I think you should consider reading it from a different perspective, because it is about love, peace and tolerance, at least as I see it.

      • all the authors of the Bible were writing for a PURPOSE, God, the one and only God. it was always a holy book.

        John 3:16- interpret that

      • "Your mom",
        I never said the Bible wasn't holy and I do not understand why you are acting so mean with me.
        Calm down, thank you.

  89. Gaga paid over $500,000 for this shoot and made a donation to Hearst to use their premises. Hardly the act of an MK'd celeb and everyone being in on it…

  90. The Compliance Campaign on

    Even without the excellent expert analysis provided by VC, a casual observer should be able to tell that this "art" being perpetrated by Lady Gaga is something twisted and evil.

    I actually tried watching this latest Gaga video before reading VC's analysis, and honestly I couldn't get past the first couple minutes. The fallen angel reference was obvious, and there was clearly more occult imagery, but for the most part I was just bored by the sheer pretentiousness of it.

    One thing I find interesting in a general sense is how Lady Gaga has been transformed over the past several years from a pop diva into some blatantly exploited "tragic artist" figure, and how her fans (the "Little Monsters," LOL) consistently defend this garbage with bland statements like, "Hey, it's just a video, why do you read so much into it?"'

    Obviously, this is NOT "just a video," and the imagery is clearly meant to convey a very clear satanic/occult message. Thanks VC for breaking it all down.

  91. The majority of the symbols that the elite are using in these music videos are ancient and sacred symbols. It is important that we understand that it depends upon the intentions behind the use of these symbols and not the symbols themselves which determine the outcome the workings and not the symbols themselves. There is a definite spiritual war occurring in our consciousness. These symbols that were used by the ancient priests, priestesses and great philosophers such as Pythagoras are being abused and while we have this elite, the dark brotherhood, who are using these symbols to continue their power over humanity, there is also a brotherhood of light who use the same symbols but who use them for the good of humanity and to free humankind. It is clear to see that Venus/Ishtar/Inanna/Aphrodite etc is the Queen of Heaven that is also known in Christianity and each of these 'entertainers' are taking on the archetypes of the ancient divine energies in order to empower their agendas. All of these music videos and live shows are rituals that is done in public in order to gain the energy to manifest the realities they want to. It doesn't mean Venus/Ishtar etc are evil it simply means these 'people' are abusing their energies. Lucifer is the intellect and the false light which through combining intellect with spirit you reach illumination. He is also an archetype of the Christ and you can find in the bible in revelations where Jesus himself says he is the Morning Star. Now, whether anyone believes all I have written to be insane is beside the point; THEY believe in what they are doing and this is why they are dangerous.

    • THEY believe in what they are doing and this is why they are dangerous.
      I totally agree, it is difficult to convince people if you are not convinced yourself.
      It works both ways, they were conditioned into loathing what deosn't fit in their vision.

      • However, they are responsible for acccepting this manipulation, mostly for their intellectual comfort.
        So are we if we accept being conditioned into something we do not want.
        But the naked truth is hard to bear, so people repress it into a subconscious level.
        I perfectly understand it , but I am not sure it is a good solution to improve things, …

    • Well this is music to my ears!
      Prometheus the bearer of fire,
      Quetzalcoatl god of lightning.
      All the different stories(realy all the same) help us into the light,
      after the sacrifice of the deceiver = our own ego and pride.

  92. meh, Gaga is just an attention whore. Don't really care, her fan base wants it/is used to it. I find it ridiculous, but at least this song is getting kids listening to something besides the traditional top 40 format, even if it is a bunch of wanking .
    Have a bigger problem with Katy Perry's new image, because she is more impressionable to youth imo. They're both on their way out unless they can actually get some half way decent tunes recorded anyway. At least Teenage Dream was actually a good bubblegum record (a guy who cares more about music then being paranoid)

  93. the LG necklace in hebrew is:
    so i guess Lady Gaga is also on that same list of 'brothers' on the square!

  94. I really pity her. She may feel like queen of the world, but, that won't last for much longer. She's not even pretty. I hope with her knowledge of evil, she will come around to the mercy that is abundant in Christ's love. Otherwise, she probably won't even be alive much longer.

  95. Lion of Omega on

    When this synagogue of Satan is defeated….and IT WILL BE, the Messiah will explain all this in full. Very good article VC. However, the "illuminati" don't want to become "gods", they want to become demons. Semantic? In a way yes, but the distinction is important.

    The Day of Justice will arrive.


  96. Lion of Omega on

    Also, with regard to Venus the Morning Star, read the book of Revelation 22:16

    "I Jesus have sent my angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."

    Christ is the TRUE morning star.


  97. Let's not forget about Patty Hearst, granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst,who was kidnapped and brainwashed by the Symbionese Liberation Army

  98. I have a question ( maybe because i am currently tired and did not read all of the article ): if they truly are "mind control symbols". Why would they ( those damn illuminati ) put them in the "mind controlled" subject's videos for everyone to see ? Aren't these things suppose to be secret ? Maybe because the mass don't think of them as symbol or anything and just think of them as "cool" ?

    • They are indeed using symbols.
      A symbol is originally supposed to bring people together, like religon (religare in latin = to unite).
      However, a symbol can have multiple meanings, according to the culture you belong to, your social class, …
      It can thus divide people when private interests are at stake and this is our problem.
      Religion is positive if you consider the "love each other message" but who would agree that religious conflicts are. It is the same thing !
      Think deeper and forget about the clichés society has taught you, please, because they are just wrong for anybody that is honest, at least, …

      • I would even go as far as to say that the illuminati did positive things for society : the French revolution, the concept of democracy in the USA (the founding fathers were part of it), the influence of famous writers/philosophers like Victor Hugo, (who was one of them as well).
        BUT it was a very long time ago, …
        Now it is crystal clear that they have sold any value that they ever had and that people could identify with to the big market/the devil.
        Plus, the Christian religion has lost so much power/prestige throughout the world that nobody needs them anymore in a sense that there is no more inquisition or witchhunt like in Salem anymore.
        They are the rich ones now.
        (To sell one's soul to the devil is a metaphor for striking it rich in the Christian symbolic through a contract sealed by a "masonic" handshake).
        They need just enough secret and just enough exposition so that people can have mixed feelings about this.
        They like to say (so one one of them told me a few years ago) that good and evil are the same thing.
        I guess they are right if you consider that Rihanna, … is equal to what Victor Hugo wrote for exemple.
        They should stop this ideology according to which everything has the same value because it is very dangerous.
        If they continue this nonsensical ideology, I believe that they will end up cutting the branch of the tree they are siiting on, if it isn't the case already, …
        But I don't feel sorry for them because they know what they are doing and do not care about people who disagree with them.
        They just want to make them stay quiet so that they have no resistance.
        I believe it is not a democratic/fair way to treat the people who made them so wealthy through hard work and real virtue.

      • I say : "people of the Illuminati, stop living in the past because a new generation is coming and these children do not like your attitude !"
        Bil Keane :
        “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”
        William Aloysius Keane, better known as Bil Keane, was an American cartoonist notable for his work on the long-running newspaper comic The Family Circus, which began its run in 1960 and continues in syndication

    • Symbols, like religion (religare in latin = to unite) semantically bring people together.
      BUT they divide when they are used for private interests.
      I think this is the real problem and that it answers your question if you understand it.

  99. just saw the Al jazeera Station id showing apps like twitter, linkedin, fb,etc. slowly emerging and all interconnected to a huge owl image superimposing the map of the world.


  100. Great Article as usual, but some key points are missing. I have no idea which sect of Satanism Lady Gaga belongs to, but clearly she is a Satanist. In Satanism, having spirit sex with demons is very important, and the demons of Hell are mostly the Pagan gods of earlier religions. For instance Ishtar/Inanna/Venus/Aphrodite, Goddess of love, became the demon Astaroth in the Christian grimoires. Also, Lucifer is a symbol of illumination, he symbolizes the ascent of the Kundalini serpent, which leads to illumination. When the serpent rises, one suffers a spiritual death and rebirth, in that the fruits of accumulated Karma are incinerated by the rising of the serpent. What her song is about, is her desire to have spirit sex with a demon (gentile god. All gentile gods are demons according to the Roman church). You may think this is just a fantasy or a delusion, but I can assure you it is very real, beings on the astral can have spirit sex with humans in physical bodies by linking to them electromagnetically. In ancient times such rituals were common and a common accusation against witches in medieval times was that they copulated with demons. Lady Gaga is a practicing Satanic witch and such videos give power to the demon she has a sexual relationship with.

    • Interesting Chris, I understand what you are saying. You heard of incubus and succubus? and the film Rosemary's Baby? Also I wanted you to elaborate on when you said "by linking to them electromagnetically" as I understand the concept of energy. Did you mean when they are told to "sit on the chair" and/or electrodes being attached to their heads etc?

    • Wow I have never heard of his before, how fascinating and terrifying. What do they hope to gain with such practices? And this sort of thing can only occur if invited right?

  101. I believe the symbol of Jesus is the anti Christ and all the others are all false. Her clones of men one has the necklace and he is one of the breast or he is the devil as mention in Revelation 13. The bible state there will be the devil, the beast of the water and the beast of the land.

    Jesus –
    Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth,whose deadly wound was healed, two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.performs great signs, so that he even makes fire come down from heaven


    And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. Although he is Muslin he is from India which have gods like hindu.
    Belief in Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma): "I call myself a Sanatani Hindu, because I believe in the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, and all that goes by the name of Hindu scripture, and therefore in avataras and rebirth;
    Michael Jackson

    This is they symbol of the devil. When Satan was cast to the earth the archangel MIcheal

    At the same instant, another great Archangel, equal in beauty and grace to the proud Lucifer, prostrated himself before the throne of God. With an act of profound adoration, he opposed the cry of the rebellious angels with his own battle cry of love and loyalty: “Mi-kha-el” – “Who is like unto God?” Then followed that tremendous battle . . . which St John describes in the Apocalypse: “And there was a great battle in heaven, Michael and his angels fought with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels: and they prevailed not, neither was their place found anymore in heaven. And that great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, who seduceth the whole world

    Lady Gaga
    Lucifer, one of the most glorious and exalted princes of the heavenly court, dazzled by the splendor of his own gifts, rebelled at the thought that human nature should be preferred to his own angelic nature. He would not acknowledge that a woman, inferior to him in nature, should at some future time be made his Queen, and that the Seed of that woman should be preferred to himself for the honor of the hypostatic union. Desiring for himself the prerogatives of the God-man, he raised his great battle-cry of rebellion: “I will be like the Most High” (Is 14:14).”

  102. Sick of Mind Control on

    The angel in the ground everyone knows it is Satan. The men rushing are those men who have sold their souls for money. In fact it shows that the men did not love Satan. They use him to gain and some ran off. Can mean they might have been in unholy worship but proceed to leave the ungodly which is Lady Gaga the fallen angel. The arrow in his heart or Lady Gaga stands out that he was thrown out of heaven for the love of man being like God or angelic like him where he wished to rule but God said no. Now when she reach inside this place it is where people or devil worshipers praise her and the New Age, Mansonic and many more are growing. You see the video change to me with the housewives is her faithful servant and they are in Greece or Rome. The falling angels continue to a lake in Egypt to India. In all GUY meaning that Satan would not a wife and that is why she looks like a female. He would not acknowledge that a woman, inferior to him in nature, should at some future time be made his Queen, and that the Seed of that woman should be preferred to himself for the honor of the hypostatic union. Desiring for himself the prerogatives of the God-man, he raised his great battle-cry of rebellion: “I will be like the Most High” (Is 14:14).” The whole thing of her taking over a business and moving in is how this devil worshiping is now taking over entertainment world under the lead of Satan.

  103. The minute I saw this video, I was like "when's VC gonna make an article on it!" LOL I was waiting for this, great article as always.

  104. you do very well my friend in bringing this to the fore although i wish u would stop using the n.i.v ….. God knows how wrong it is … read up on it it's EVIL …. compare it with the k.j.v or any pre vatican 2 catholic bible … prepare to be blown away by the omissions !

  105. This video is about satan going full force at this world and ending up on top. Remember he wants to be like or better than God, that's why he got kicked out of heaven. He doesn't want people to see him as a fallen angel but as a beautiful God that rules over all this world.. That's probably what the death if the fallen angel and rebirth if the pure white goddess like Lady gaga represents? Satan's goal is to set up his kingdom here on earth and he will "try" and do so with the help of his demons (1/3 of the angels fell from heaven with him) who are the men in black and shows like "the real Houseives" and other mindless shows that do nothing but throw a tranquilizer in us all… These type of shows keep us asleep and not awake thinking about the real war that is going on between Jesus and satan behind the scenes.. I recommend the book, "The Great Contoversy" by Ellen White.. It tells you what is really going on behind the scenes!

  106. Issela Santina on

    I seriously thought Lady Gaga wanted to be both the slave AND the alpha, considering she wanted to be the GUY , i.e. the boss, and then it means "girl under you"—basically the exact opposite, the subordinate, the slave. Nice way to disgrace yourself, Stefani.

  107. So basically Lady Gaga is telling people of the Illuminati but in her own way ?????? Thats what i get from this

    • In my opinion, she wants people to realize that there is no such thing as an organised plot from the elite, so that they stop being scared. There are, however, a lot or lies, hypocrisy, … , around those conspiracy theories because a lot of power is at stake. She is basically making fun of them, …

      • I do not know about you, but the reason why I came to such conclusions and do not agree with people who defend conspiracy theories is that they are so simplistic while we live in a very complex world.
        They are meant to create enemies, (real or imaginary), and spread confusion in people's mind.
        But you guys seem to be defending them beyond recognition when I read your comments. This is why I am warning you by posting regular comments. I want to say that, yes, propaganda is real and mostly based on lies who profit to those who spread them. To make you believe that your religion and your culture is threatened by a plot is, in my mind, wrong, but any crisis like the one we are experiencing is a crisis of the values of the western world. Those values are based on religion : this is our judeo christian ethics, which I condemn because based on what the elite says, but mostly wrong. Masons are not responsible for this, but, they are responsible for spreading ideological propaganda, which is serious.

        Noam Chomsky says it so much better than me :

        "The public is not to see where power lies, how it shapes policy, and for what ends. Rather, people are to hate and fear one another."

        "All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume."

  108. So…are the Illuminati trying to say they've used the blood of these people to create clones or something? Conspiracy researcher Freeman Fly thinks that the powers that be have already created clones successfully – his big 'obsession' is that Obama is Ahknaten cloned, Beyonce is Queen Nefertiti cloned, the two Obama children two of Ahknaten's daughters cloned, and Michelle Ahknaten's mother Queen Tiye cloned. I have to admit that his side by side pictures with the family and those old Egyptian statues that he presented from some rosicrucian museum somewhere in the US was pretty weird.

    Clyde Lewis' of Ground Zero claims that the powers that be wanted to use Christ's blood when the Shroud of Turin was being discredited when the British Museum got involved and that there was all that controversy about the carbon testing. However, a French priest at the time, the Abbe de Nantes, pretty much conclusively proved that the samples were switched, as one of the so called 'control' samples carbon dated the correct date. Recent studies have shown the Shroud's authenticity, including work done by non believers. But Lewis' claims that the powers that be attempted to get some kind of DNA to put in someone – though he buys into the "Prince William is the antichrist" theory.

  109. What has a lot of people confused is what is Gaga screaming at the end of the video that sounds like "9/10ths!" Does it have some sort of occult meaning?

    • If you think if occult as having a symbolic meaning, every symbol has a meaning. If you think of occult as evil, it is not necessarily the case. Now, this is the difference btwn what is called black and white magic. I am not sure that there is a reference to this event but numbers are highly symbolic and so are Gaga's songs. So it must mean something, but only her could tell you. Instead of analyzing everything so much, keep in mind that traumatic events are used symbolicaly by politicians to justify choices that are not always holy. It is impossible to know certain things for sure, but people analyze more than they should because they want to be reassured.

  110. If one sees religion as quint mythical fiction, all of this hue and cry over this comes across as profoundly silly.

    • I think that no matter how people consider (their religion), anyone that is honest can only feel bad about this nonsense : Christians, jews, Muslims, atheists, …

  111. She's clearly showing who the illuminati is wanting to sacrifice next. Same as she did to warn her Lina Morgana was gonna be sacrificed.
    If you can't guess who's she's representing in this video, come on!

  112. The video is a distraction from the song, which is a swipe at the men who lead straight lives but are in the closet. Thank goodness someone is dealing with it. You people here have no idea how many married men with kids are cheating in their wives or girlfriends with other men. Anecdotally, try almost 50%.

  113. The bath house is reminiscent of the famed gate of Ishtar- Ishtar/Astarte is the near eastern CULT goddess of Love and Fertility- also known as the Whore of Babylon in the book of revelations. Here Gaga is proclaiming herself to be the whore of babylon- and it is not the first time she has done it.

    The gate was built by Nebuchadnezzar II, who is known in the Book of Daniel as the instigator of the Babylonian exile. He was driven to madness by his pride and sacrilege.

    Isaiah 14:12 reads:

    " How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!"

    "Lucifer" refers to Attar- who is also known as the female ISHTAR- the near east basis for lucifier the demon.

    However, this passage also refers to a Babylonian king, most likely Nebuchadnezzar.

    With all of these connections in becomes clear what the message of this video is: the rise of a new "Babylon", or a new world order, of which she is representing a metaphor for the "gatekeeper."

    The innocence of mankind (their souls) have been sacrificed with the promise of sex, money and power. This is achieved through transhumanist technology- soul-less clones that infiltrate our society with materialism and decadence.

    There is more to this imagery, especially with the beast of revelation. But I haven't completely interpreted it. I think that the 3 revived historical figures have something to do with that.

    I think that Jesus in this video is a Red Herring, Gaga wants to show us that there is no Jesus, he was simply a man, and there is no kingdom of god, there is only her kingdom of abominations.

    Gaga is hardly at the top of the pyramid, but she is used by the masters to prepare us for our new rulers.

    This video may seem pretentious and artsy, but there is a lot of clever symbolism that is really taunting us.

  114. She wasn't denouncing bulimia or anything like it. That performance (and the song itself) are about her being raped by the elite. Literally. The vomit is suppose to represent the ugliness of it.

    Marry The Night, however, has eating disorder glorifying scenes.

    • She is clearly denouncing the attitude of the elite.
      They actually spoil the mind of the youngest and encourage eating disorders by showing models that are more and more skinny.
      She doesn't want to encourage what is a real social evil : anorexia, among other social issues like the rape of young girls, …
      She chose to turn it into something ridiculous on purpose, surely not to submit but to criticize.
      There is lots of ugliness and hypocrisy in our society, and she just doesn't accept it.
      She thus created a character that is all fame and glamour because she knows it is the only way to make her point.
      Now it may be shocking for a lot of people, but there is no other way to be heard, unfortunately.
      I hope this can change.

  115. well she uses jesus ghandi and mj blood to create clones, because this tree are the ones who creates more clones in our society than anyone else, they make millions of people think in the same way, follow a certain "true"

  116. I have read in lots of other sites that the clonning part is super real and actually that Lady Gaga is herself a clone. If you think about it, clonning has been forced into our faces for around 20 years in the movies. It makes total sense that it is real and happening already. I've read that most of the top celebrities, being that actors or singers, are clones, and that Lady Gaga actually died in 2004.

    • VLT,

      I don't know you and I do not mean to judge you in any way but your comment scares me.

      You are actually proving what I have thought for year, and I would highlight it if I could :

      People are actually ready to believe in everything that they hear on the Internet, which is not often, and that is the least you can say, true or accurate.

      I will not comment on the facts that you are stating because I consider you to be a clever person.

      This is how they are using you on every level.

      But you are far away from being the only one, unfortunately, …

      Think about it please, thank you.

  117. while i do see all of the symbolism that is portrayed in this video, i feel as if it has the opposite meaning, especially when paired with the lyrics of this video. Lady gaga has been speaking out constantly about the evil and corruption within the industry, similar to how michael jackson was prior to his media downfall and inevitable death. Ever since then there has been a noticeable decline of her mainstream popularity. In my opinion gaga is now working against the elite as the whole metaphor of this video is about pretending to be submissive and doing what shes told and that in turn allows her to be the dominant one. There are 2 stories being told in this video, one about her taking the blood of those who are good and injecting it into the music industry to help rid the corruption and mind control, not her making mindless slaves to do the illuminati bidding. and 2 , they show her mocking current mainstream pop culture of sex and promiscuity by having her writhe around on a bed while wearing red ( symbolism of her being the distraction) so the music industry again thinks shes just promoting sexuality and their agenda, while really she is working against it. again pretending to be submissive in order to be dominant. I think gaga has realized the evils she was working with and is now trying to do what she can to work against it as oppose to parallel it.

      • To those who doubt and wish to ask themselves why it all goes like this :
        pop culture is trash, and disgusting ok
        believing in cinderella is childish and stupid ok
        just questions
        So what is left for people who have no money and no access to the codes of the elite ?
        A truth that makes everyone wants to throw up if they want to see it as it is and ….
        dreams, ….
        Dreams are not necessarily beliving in fairytales version Disney
        Reinvent them and stop believing in fairytales !
        These people have lied to you.
        Suggest them another truth, your truth.

      • I believe in God and I am religious, BUT
        I strongly believe life is not always only about fate, but what you make of it, so is society.
        Anybody agrees. If not why ? Are you just trying to lie to yourselves because all we do matters.
        If bad and good exist, our acts can be good or bad as well.
        Not quite what everyone told you, eh?
        Did it make people more religious or more human?
        NO. Why again.
        Just questions and no answer, but, ….
        It just answers to another question : it was on purpose, and probably not because of her.
        Anyone gets it ? I don't think many people will, but it makes me feel good to write.
        Peace to you, this is not about being mean but realistic.
        To those who have never sinned, ….
        Yes, they can judge me, I guess. Because I am just trying to be honest and don't like liars, so judge them as well.

      • I am happy : good job, wonderful boyfriend.
        So I want you to be by following what I think is good for you, …
        And wish everyone the best.

  118. The interesting part of the video is where people with actual talent, intelligence, and singular vision are captured, harvested, and their genetic code is used to reproduce vapid clones. These clones have none of the genuine traits that the visionaries had, only the genetic basis; then that progeny is sent out into the world, and celebrated as 'unique' and 'special'. Nothing better could capture GaGa's and the mass entertainment industry's modus operandi. I feel that that scene properly summarized her careerist motivation behind stealing other people's ideas, work, and creativity, while passing it off as her own. The occult underpinnings just make the theft-transformation more sinister.

  119. Hi Tarek

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to me. What you've said is so interesting, and this is why I have always been quite confused about all these matters…I have some Muslim friends and I love them very much and they do not match up to the image and stories that we hear about, and I can never reconcile the 'beliefs' that we are told Muslims hold with my friends, but as I said I feel embarrassed to ask them personally as when I have in the past it has been taken the wrong way and that was the last thing I wanted to do.

    I am so shocked to hear that the 72 virgins is a myth, I have heard this so many times and yes it has almost become something by which we define Islam by now, although I have always had an open mind I don't believe everything I hear and read it is hard to brush it off when you hear it constantly. I wonder where this has come from if it is untrue?

    Also, I live in the UK and on the television last year there were a couple of documentaries about honour killings and Muslim women being murdered by their families, and also in Pakistan women being attacked with acid in their faces, etc. Could you explain how this happens if one of the main rules is to never harm a woman or mutilate anyone? My first thought would be well they are not following Islam properly if those are the rules, but then it does seem so prevalent and common, and then how could so many people believe they are Muslim and believe that is acceptable? What are your thoughts on this?

    I will certainly look at the links you have pointed to, I am very interested and excited to be gaining some insight into what seems very much like a taboo subject right now, which is sad because I think many people have these questions and are confused and with ignorance comes fear and it just makes people believe what they are told by the media as they seem to be the only ones providing answers whether they are true or not.

    Thanks again for answering my questions.


  120. Good luck Kate. The UK is one of the most tolerant countries in the West when it comes to Islam. Many reverts around. Carry on learning and making sense of it for yourself.

  121. I have done some research whilst waiting for a reply and have looked at the links you pointed at, I am still really confused!

  122. These people are far from stupid, you know, even if you do not like it.
    They unconsciously understood they were lied to, …
    Although I agree that they do not always seem to understand the issues at stake.
    But who will tell them ?

  123. Sam Keen (b. 1930s), U.S. theologian, psychologist. Faces of the Enemy: Reflections of the Hostile Imagination, pt. 2, Harper & Row (1988) :
    "As a mode of perception that often becomes a style of life, paranoia weaves around the vulnerable self or group an air-tight metaphysic and world view. Paranoia is an antireligious mysticism based on the feeling or perception that the world in general, and others in particular, are against me or us. Reality is perceived as hostile. By contrast, the religious mystic experiences the ground of being as basically friendly to the deepest needs of the self. That which is unknown, strange, or beyond our comprehension is with and for rather than against us."

  124. I will tell you what I think is at stake behind this denial :
    Just their happiness, their education … their lives in short.
    How important should it be, according to you, reader ?
    Am I exaggerating ?
    Yes, but not that much, ….

  125. A satirical remark was made by Mark Twain, keeping in mind, the act of denial. Quote verbatim, “Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.” No one likes to be denied a much wanted favour. The bible says, “Do unto others, as you want others to do unto you.” So, don't deny someone anything that is justified and very much desired by them, if you want others to oblige you with a favour, too.

  126. 2 remarks about these quotes :

    People need to find their own answers about what is unknown, strange, or beyond our comprehension.
    No matter if they are right or wrong, if you deny them this psychological need, they will become confused, (I wouldn't say paranoïd, which is an illness).

    The pun by Mark twain is interesting as well beause it shows how desires are important in any relationship, and how one should pay attention to the needs of the others.

  127. Most of what I read are negative comments.
    What makes you so sad in life ? Or so scared ? Can't you guys be a little more positive ? Ask yourselves what makes you happy for example ?
    Apart from these people, what interests you in life ?
    Do not waste your time on hatred ! They don't care about what you think.
    They are already convinced that they are right.
    Think about your own hapiness and LOVE WHO YOU ARE !
    You are worth much more than what you think, so do not degrade yourself with hatred.
    They are not worth it.

    Here's a chinese saying about money :
    It can buy a house, but not a home.
    It can buy a bed, but not sleep.
    It can buy a clock, but not time.
    It can buy a book, but not knowledge.
    It can buy a rank, but not respect.
    It can buy a doctor, but not health.
    It can buy blood, but not life.
    It can buy sex, but not love.

  128. "Your mom".
    I have many difficulties understanding what you mean by "true" Christian, because I would never disaparage my own faith.
    Being a Christian doesn't mean you have to be narrow minded and be intolerant towards those who do not share your faith, on the contrary.
    I can understand why you feel like this, because this is how the elite teaches you to read the Bible. You and I, all of us, have been raised to believe that our religion can justify intolerance and hatred towards what is different.
    This was elaborated by the elite to scare people so that they do not question this intolerance.
    This is what I am desperately trying to tell you : love, like religion, is about peace and tolerance.
    I do not want them to make people believe their vision is not only the right one but the only one.
    Jesus said that we should love each other, not hate people because their share a point of view that is not christian.
    What scares me is that I believe you to be honest and righteous, you are fighting for what you think is a good cause.
    The problem is that many people do very bad things while honesty thinking that they are right.
    I am not here to judge you, but it is up to you to decide what you are fighting for : love trough religion or hatred through religion.
    I can't decide for you, but I can only encourage you towards love, respect and tolerance.
    This is by the way, what Gaga is trying to say, even though I cannot convince you if you do not want to hear it.
    Stop being scared, live your life, and be happy like my vision of Christianity tells my heart and my soul we all should do.
    Peace to you, I really mean what I said and I hope you will see things under a more positive and happy light.

  129. You guys : (Maalo, banker, the traveller) would be better inpired to try to bring something to the debate using arguments.
    All you do is act rude and use cuss words.
    This is very easy to do, any stupid person can do the same, ….

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