Emeli Sandé’s “Clown”: A Song About Selling Out to the Music Industry?


Emeli Sandé’s video “Clown” is simple, subtle and artistic but nevertheless conveys a very clear and disturbing message about the music industry and those that rule it. Is “Clown” about Emeli Sandé “selling her soul” to the elite? We’ll look at the meaning of the song and music video.


Emeli Sandé is an English-born Scottish singer whose album Our Version of Events became the best selling album of 2012 in the UK. With three number one singles and widespread critical acclaim, Sandé is set to win a slurry of awards in 2013 and possibly more recognition “across the pond”. Did her recent success come with a hefty price tag? Judging by the message conveyed in her single Clown, yes, yes it did.

It certainly doesn’t take much analytical effort to understand that Clown portrays the music industry as a monolithic, coercive and even dangerous entity, lead by powerful people who demand nothing less than total submission from their chosen artists. In exchange for success, a damning contract (akin to an oath) must be signed that not only leads to relinquishing creative control, but, on a higher level, relinquishing an artist’s very soul. Is this why Sandé became an important part of the London Olympics’ Ceremonies (a seemingly blatant elitist occult ritual), where she sang in a disturbing segment entitled “Abide With Me”, which told the story of a young child giving away his soul to a malevolent entity? Maybe. Let’s look at the video.

Clowns Get No Respect

Clown is pretty much the opposite of most of the videos I describe on this site. There is no migraine-inducing fashion, no super-futuristic dance moves and no symbols being flashed every 3 seconds. Yet, in the end, the same dark reality is conveyed and the same elitist group is being acknowledged and referred to.

The video is shot in black and white, in the style of silent films of the 1920s. All of the action takes place in a single setting, a kind of meeting room where it seems important issues are being discussed. On one of the walls we read the words “Anywhere in the world and solar system”. These words often appear on music industry contracts as a way of defining the true reach of it in case of legal issues. Also these words give this meeting room an ethereal dimension, one that transcends time and place.

The decisions being made seem to have a weight that supercedes any regular political or national entity. There are men in military uniforms resembling those worn during the reign of Hitler or Mussolini, though the racial diversity of this panel indicates that we are not looking at a traditional fascist government, but at something of a “higher level”, hence the words “Anywhere in the world and solar system”. Put another way, the video appears to refer to a dictatorship evolving on a supra-national level, such as maybe …  the Illuminati and the NWO?

Emeli taken in by two soldiers

Emeli taken in by two soldiers

The video begins with a strange scene: Emeli enters this room escorted by two soldiers as if she were a prisoner, yet she is greeted with warm applause from around the room. Right from the start, the video describes the contradiction of being a star in this day and age: influential and revered by the masses, while still completely in submission to higher powers. The applause Emeli receives is almost sarcastic, as if saying “We are applauding you like your fans do — but we still own you”.

Emeli is then presented with something that represents the dilemma of anyone who wants to make it big in the music industry.

Emeli is given a pen in order to sign a contract.

Emeli is given a pen in order to sign a contract.

Before any words are even exchanged between the men and Emeli, the singer is expected to sign a contract. As we see by her reaction, this is not an ordinary business contract, but a document that will heavily impact the rest of her life. Signing this document equals relinquishing some of her rights, freedoms, creative control and … her soul?

Emeli refuses and says “No”. Immediately, the men in the room show signs of impatience and become more forceful. One of the men steps up to her, tells her “Please, you must reconsider” and makes her sit down.

As a man steps up to Emeli, she gives a look saying "Why you touching me for?"

As a man steps up to Emeli, she gives a look saying “Why you touching me for?”

We then see other gestures indicating that Emeli’s physical integrity is being violated. While these actions are somewhat subtle in the video, they are a symbolic way of referring to the physical and psychological violence stars can be subjected if they do not fully comply to the elite’s will.

Emeli is given the paternal "look at me when I'm talking to you" move by a man in uniform.

Emeli is given the paternal “look at me when I’m talking to you” move by a man in uniform.

She is also being lectured and talked down, while a coercive finger is being wagged at her.

She is also gets lectured and talked down as a menacing finger is being wagged at her.

Emeli is treated with the typical speech that is given to artists to convince them to sign a contract. She is told to take advantage of this rare opportunity to be rich and famous. We quickly get a sense that, if she refuses to sign with these people (the elite), she will never “make it” because they are basically the only path to celebrity, that there is apparently no way of making it big in the music industry but signing with this monolithic entity that is controlled by a closed group of individuals.

The men tell Emeli:

“You have great talent, and the brightest of futures. All we require is your consent”.

To which she replies:

“You mean my surrender.”

This implies that the contract is indeed one that forces Emeli to submit to the powers that be and to become a virtual puppet, or a clown. One man then replies:

“We mean your co-operation”

This means that they want Emeli to willfully accomplish what is expected of her, even if she realizes that it goes against what she believes in … which is the meaning of “selling out”.

When Emeli says

“I want freedom, to be myself”,

a man promptly replies:

“What use is freedom … if you live in the gutter”

flaunting the prospect of material gain, and loss, in order to get her to sign the contract.

As she continues to hesitate, the men get angrier and start yelling at her. At one point, a man says “We need a decision” and a vote gets taken, although Emeli does not get a vote. By show of hands, the men decide what to do with Emeli. With a single gesture, one man sums up her fate if she doesn’t sign the contract.

By running his hand across his throat. this man says that not only Emeli's career is dead, but, since she already "know too much", she will probably die in "strange circumstances", not unlike man other uncompromising artists.

By running his hand across his throat, this man is saying that Emeli’s career is over. Also, since these men are in uniforms and that Emeli is a prisoner, she will probably be killed … Maybe in “strange circumstances”, not unlike many other uncompromising artists.

In short, if she does not accept the terms of the contract, these men will kill her. She is then reminded of the opportunity she is passing up:

“Success is impatient. You audience is waiting.”

When presented again with the pen and paper, Emeli grabs the pen and begins singing the chorus of the song, confirming that she accepts the terms of the contract.

“I’ll be your clown
Behind the glass
Go ‘head and laugh ’cause it’s funny
I would too if I saw me
I’ll be your clown
On your favorite channel
My life’s a circus-circus
rounding circles
I’m selling out tonight”

The song’s lyrics describe the sadness of an artist who has been reduced to the status of a clown, a puppet that is told what to do in order to obtain material gain. As depicted in the video, the song’s lyrics also convey the fact that she was forced into this contract, which is, when all is said and done, nothing more than glorified exploitation.

“I’d be less angry if it was my decision
And the money was just rolling in
If I had more than my ambition
I’ll have time to please
I’ll have time to thank you as soon as I win”

At the end of the video, Sandé signs the contract (although we don’t actually see her do it) and is taken away by the soldiers. It would seem therefore, that this is yet another story of free will, freedom and integrity being forcefully taken away through coercion and power. It is another story depicting the victory of evil against good, of darkness against light. It is another “victory speech” of the Illuminati industry, blatantly showing off how it controls the industry, to the point that it makes its “clowns” sing about their own sad state of puppetry. While Emeli Sandé is arguably more talented and mature than most pop stars, Clown does not convey a message that is very different from what we have seen on this site. The only difference is that this song is aimed for the adult contemporary market, rather than the tween market.

In Conclusion

In this era where an increasingly monolithic music industry is revealing itself to a public that is still clueless, the messages reaching to airwaves are becoming increasingly filtered, similar and upsetting. The themes of rebellion, of the victory of the human spirit over a soul crushing system, of transcending boundaries through art are silenced and virtually banned from the music industry. Where are these groups that had a message? That stood for something? Who would prefer death to selling out? They do still exist – but they are not in the elite-controlled mass media anymore. Today, stars are either “chosen” from a young age and built from the ground up by the industry, or are talented individuals like Emeli Sandé who are “recruited” and forced to become a “clown”.

Clown is about submission, about giving up, about the victory of oppression over the human spirit, about giving in to pressure, about accepting temporary material gain for success, about signing over one’s soul over to a powerful, oppressive group. For some reason, these messages must be communicated to the public, as if to subliminally demoralize the masses, to make sure that no real role models or icons – those who uphold certain values above anything else – are there to inspire and give hope to the world.

While the song is full of regret and melancholy, it is still a “victory speech” from the Illuminati to the masses. In a very simple and theatrical matter, Clown describes how the industry functions, how it treats its stars and how it forces them to sell their soul. Some might interpret Clown as Sandé “speaking out” against the industry. But the “moral of the story” being told is that she gave in. And now she’s on TV. And she sang during the Olympics in front of a billion people in a ceremony that was tainted with the symbolism of the elite, the same group depicted as forcing her to sign that contract in her video. Before her Olympic performance, perhaps Sandé sang to herself I’m selling out tonight.




  1. Damn, not her, too. I am not really a big fan but I think she is really talented. Thanks for this article. Just discouraging that everyone seems to be part of it these days. Funny you post this on the day of Aaliyah's birthday and how I thought earlier all the Aaliyah's are gone. Women who had real style and grace and stood for something in the music industry. Arguably she was a puppet too and I am convinced she was sacrificed for Beyonce but back then singers still had something to say.

    • Exactly not her. Had a debate a few months ago that she was not part of them. After the Olympics, I was convinced she was part of them. Sad!

    • Aaliyah wasn't the sweet saint that everyone thought she was in fact she was classified as a "jump off" in the industry. Before she dated Damon Dash she was with Genuine, R Kelly and even Jay Z. She was motivated by money and would go to anyone who had the best offer for her and unfortunately ended up just like the last movie that she was in "Queen of the Damned" The only celebrities who are getting caught up are the ones who are more than willing to do anything and everything for fame and fortune. Orgy parties, pedophilia, homosexuality and drugs are also a great part of the industry. Many of them are game for anything as long as they get what they want especially the women. The music industry is demonic. They go in with eyes wide open and when it gets too hot for them decide they want out. Sadly, by that time the only way out is death…

      • Jason you are right she was with R. Kelly and she was like 15. They were married. She was never with Genuine. The Jay-Z and Damon Dash thing is when everything got hairy. She dated them both. It just so happened she stuck with DD. I believe like Tina she was let go so Beyonce would be on top. Ugh, Beyonce!!!!

      • 'Especially the women'?? Really Jason?? Typical subtle sexism. I can play that game too. Cause we all know the dominant gender at the head who controls the industry and its perversions – MEN.

      • Aaliyah was not a known jump-off. that is an ugly rumor that has been spread around after she died. there are no concrete facts that she actually dated Jay-Z, he may have liked her and Damon liked her at the same time and that may have been the real reason for the rift between the two men. as far as her being with R. Kelly, R. Kelly is a known pedophile within the music industry and i truly believe that he not only molested that girl but that she was forced to marry him–that was the only way she was going to get that recording contract. remember, she was only 15, he was a grown man, he was the one that definitely should have known better and the person marrying them should have known she was not 18 or 21 or whatever age they claimed her to be. i too believe she was sacrificed for Beyonce. Beyonce did not make it big until after Aaliyah died. Aaliyah was on her way to becoming a big star, she was slated to be in the Matrix 2 and 3, she was going to star in "Sparkle" with Whitney Houston, etc. i would really love VC to do an article on her, i think her story and that plane crash would be interesting for him to investigate.

      • Honezty Eyez on

        Actually she had her record deal prior to the marriage but I see what you are saying.

      • Beyonce was on her way to becoming a solo star whether Aaliyah was alive or not. Destiny's Child was wildly successful even while Aaliyah was alive, and it was clear that Beyonce was aiming for a solo career. She and Aaliyah weren't even in the same lane of music or film; the idea that Aaliyah (rest her soul) was sacrificed in order for Beyonce to become the huge star she is, is ridiculous. I do believe that they are (were, in Aaliyah's case) both puppets, however.

    • Annabelle Rose on

      Yes, I would love VC to do an article on Aaliyah! She was classy and released good music. I honestly believe that 2002 was going to be her year. As Secret Ninja mentioned, Aaliyah was about to star in the Matrix 2 and 3 and was set to star in Sparkle. I think she was a puppet long before she passed away. One of her eyes was always covered by her hair prior to her last album coming out. Then she recorded her last album and she starred in "Queen of the Damned." I think these two projects made her see the "dark side" and she wanted out. There are you tube videos of her last video, "Rock the Boat" which she filmed before meeting her tragic death. Backwards it opens viewers eyes to a lot. I remember watching her "Diary" on MTV while she was filming "rock the boat" and she was admiring the sun set, like it was the last time she would ever see it. Aaliyah wanted out and I think she knew she was going to die. Like Secret Ninja, I think the same way. Beyonce did not get "famous" until a year or so after Aaliyah's passing. I still knew who Beyonce was because I loved Destiny's Child but Aaliyah was still more popular and better. This is our world and it isn't pleasant.

  2. Everything about her performances at the opening & closing ceremonies at the Olympics last year was just ill feeling. She's a puppet, she knows it, and the world is too deluded to care.

  3. I had not heard of Emeli until tihs article. I didn't watch the closing ceremony but regardless, the descriptions sound dark for both the ceremony and the video. I'm sure we will be hearing about Emile across the pond sooner than later and on a large scale as well.

    p.s. you should write something about sandy hook…and the supposes 'truthers' argument that it is a hoax

  4. Wow, the pieces really fit together. First she sings in the Olympics with all that stuff and now this…
    Very good point of view. It's one of the saddest examples of control in music industry that I have seen around here.
    The contract, her expressions, the way they use her in this video, the lyrics… everything so detailed that looks more like a documentary about the elite work in music instead of a music video.
    The video in black and white with a sad story behind reminds me so much of Amy Winehouse's "Back to black" (just a coincidence maybe…). Amy's was also a symbolic video about the singer, like Emeli's. Hope they do not share the same destiny.

    Greetings from Brazil :)

  5. "Where are these groups that had a message? That stood for something? Who would prefer death to selling out?"

    Right here! :) I am part of one of those groups. As an artist who has worked in L.A. and has seen some of the cold politics of the music business, I opted seven years ago to let go of the mainstream and focus on what made me happy. Ultimately, that's all you can do! I wasn't willing to give up my Soul just to make some money (which doesn't have any value, anyway). So if you're interested in hearing good music that's against the system and all for the expansion of the mind and personal power – and created by professional musicians – please check out my stuff: http://www.soundcloud.com/ophir_beingsound, http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ophir, and http://www.soundcloud.com/hollylindin. I believe in staying true to myself, no matter what I do in this Life, and it shows in what I do musically (as well as my music partner).

    And I would love to find more musicians who are this way! Let's get all of us independent professional musicians together and SUPPORT one another. I don't buy any music from the mainstream (nor do I listen to it.) and focus on Peace, Unity, Love, and Light. You'll only find Truth from a musician who's honest with themselves.

    This is sad about Emilé. Just another one for the fodder, of course. It really sucks that this is the way things are but, like I said, those of us who stand for something need to stand together and make a difference. We can do it! I believe in us. :) Blessings to all.

  6. "Anywhere in the world and the solar system" is a line that is used on contracts with labels. Specifically, anything with Simon Cowell, who is adamant about keeping someone to the terms of their contract not only on earth but seemingly everywhere humans can exist in the foreseeable future.

    I imagine that those specific words stood out to her, replaying in her mind, letting her know the immense gravity of her decision.

    • "These words often appear on music industry contracts as a way of defining the true reach of it in case of legal issues" How do yall know that? Yall have NEVER seen a contract, silly people smh lol

      • i used to intern for fox films in the legal department and read contracts like this frequently. now this wasnt the music industry, it was acting but im pretty sure they are the same contracts across the media. basically the contracts own your likeness across earth, all galaxies, throughout time and all perpetuity. it also said they had the right to use your likeness without compensating you forever. granted these were in the standard contracts for extras and very low-level players…people with a few lines, not big-time actors.

        all the big time people had individualized contracts that weren't as frightening

  7. Are you going to write about the closing episode of "Dynasty" – The Reunion ? It's awash with Illuminati references (illuminati being depicted as a secretive "Consortium" that wants to "take over America").
    It's about mind control too as Krystle (Blake's wife) is "programmed to kill by means of a secret technique developed during the WW II" !!! You MUST write about it ! :-)

  8. With the picture of the scolding finger in front of her mouth, I can't help but think the way it is positioned directly towards her lips, that this finger is a phallic symbol and the mouth is… So perhaps that is another hint that they will do something to her?

    Also, I think the clown can also be a reference to satan because in the bible he is the false prophet that blows his horn misleading people. Also, clowns always seem to be depicting a dark message in the media.

    • I also don't find it a coincidence that in the bible there are several references to Lucifer and music. There is plenty of scientific evidence that shows the power music has on our mind and psyche. From the scriptures you could gather that he was the angel in charge of the music used to glorify Yahweh, however now that he has turned against Yaweh he is using music to do the exact opposite in an attempt to destroy humankind. Since the scriptures tell us he presents himself as an angel of light, it only makes sense that the majority of music he uses to mesmerize the masses is pleasing to the ears regardless of what type of music it is. He is also referred to in the scriptures as the prince of the power of the air. This again I feel is no coincidence since media is heard and experienced over the "air waves". Not stating any of this as fact. Just giving something to think about.

      • Interesting perspective. I also think that lucifer is connected with music, the pied piper so to speak, leading people.

      • Old saying – 'the devil has all the best tunes ..'(!) And: 'He who pays the piper …'

        Interesting that music can be used, obviously, for great good, too. Harp music in particular, very healing … 'They' take the best, and try to subvert it …

      • Yahweh (Enlil) is actually the evil deity and Lucifer (Samael/Enki/Ea) is the good deity. Please read your bible and look at all the killing Yahweh did. The "Lord" ("Baal" means "Lord") in the OT was actually Samael/Enki, and these two deities were later condensed into one deity. Check out the Sumerian "Enuma Elish", which predates the OT in the bible.

  9. Don't get me wrong – I find this sort of discussion intriguing. But I'm not sure I have the same level of sympathy for an older and talented artist than I do for artists that began as kids and have been exploited as they grew up. After all, if the message of the song and video is true, then it would seem Emili had a choice whether to sign up or not – or at least her eyes were open wider than teenager's would be. How much sympathy should we have for those who CHOOSE to sell their souls – or are you trying to say that they are not given a choice at all?

    • The question is, always, "How much do you want?"

      It wouldn't surprise me to find out that there's a certain level of success (local, maybe accidental) that can be gotten without selling out, but once one goes beyond that point it becomes a question of "will you sell your soul?" You get the threat with the pen: sign and get the blessings of becoming ours or hold onto your soul and be locked out of even your local success.

      Some people, finding their present success a heady drug they can't refuse, surrender; they get their "fifteen minutes" in the sun. Some refuse, they become the disaster stories that act as cautionary tales.

      And those who eagerly sell out? Think Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Belinda Carlisle (my heart shattered after learning about HER), David Bowie and John Lennon.

      • > It wouldn't surprise me to find out that there's a certain level of success (local, maybe accidental) that can be gotten without selling out, but once one goes beyond that point it becomes a question of "will you sell your soul?"

        also .. it is likely that the media industrial complex works hard to ensure that selling your soul to them is the *only* way to progress beyond a low level of success. But, the avenues are emerging if we're brave enough to forgo the temptations of $$ and managed success.

      • What about Belinda Carlisle? I kind of liked her in the Gogos, but her solo stuff was just way too commercial for me. But now, she's been gone from the scene for many years. So what happened? Also Stevie Nicks?

      • Belinda Carlisle, having grown up in a Christian home, had read The Satanic Bible and, inspired by the book, cast spells for success. Wish I could find the tape, but the direct connection seems to have been lost.

        Stevie Nicks? With the name of "Welsh Witch Music" for her BMI (or is it ASCAP) identity, it's kind of hard not to make the connection. And since there's now a singer who goes by the name "Rhiannon" (one of the bust-out songs of the Buckingham-Nicks infused Fleetwood Mac)….

    • I think we are all subject to selling our souls at one point or another, whether that's in the music biz, sports, corporations, or life in general. Some people may sell their soul completely, others may only sell parts of their soul. By this I mean anytime we make choices that cause us to compromise our moral values we "sell our soul" to some degree. In this case though, this girl started with a dream just like anybody else and could possibly have been threatened, or manipulated in other ways in order to put her into the position to sign her life away. I'm not giving her a free pass necessarily, but we do have to remember that these people in the music industry, much like pedophiles, are experts at manipulation and control. Not to mention the fact that we have no idea if she could have been subjected to mind control or other abuse earlier on that would make her more susceptible to their manipulation. I think we should at the very least have compassion for the sad state these artists are in whether they made the choice or not. Many of them probably didn't even realize what hit them until it was too late.

    • Well first the video seems to imply that there was more than just asking going on in that room–which was white and stark and cold. She was surrounded by military types who were forcing her to make a decision and it suggests physcial force may have been part of it, so if that is true I don't think there is lot of true choice going on in the industry.

      Second it seems like they allow artists to reach a certain level of success…just enough to hook them and then lower boom. Either sign and keep going or we'll yank the rug out from under you! And again not sure that is a true choice.
      It is easy to judge from the outside in when don't know the full story and we're all just guessing.

    • Wow, Craig has a point. I have watched and analyzed this video. I did again a few minutes ago and still the same chills. This video seem a symbolic warning to whoever wants that fame that you will be laughed at for wanting control of your life. I caught a quote by Lady Gaga in a feminist magazine where she states that she had to cry and beg executives and fight for her rights for creative freedom. Then again, this is Lady Gaga.

  10. From her Wikipedia page:
    she wanted her music to be remembered as that of Nina Simone, one of her favourite artists. She went on to say, Nina Simone achieved this for herself and writing her own songs is the best way possible. She also said; "These days nothing lasts, music is like fast food, you're in then you're out. She said, as much as she would like, she would never play the piano as well as Simone, but she would give it her best shot. She loves the songs Simone produced, including "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free" and Simone's version of "I Think It's Going to Rain Today". She said that Simone's original songs are very poetic and she said "So when I listen to commercial stuff at the moment, I’m just thinking ‘haven’t you heard Nina Simone, haven’t you heard how a song should be written?" She went onto say "We choose and consume, feast and forget, then rush on to the next hot thing. There’s no point chasing that kind of success because it’s so transient. Far better to ]follow (our) own paths and be true to (ourselves).
    So why did she sell out if she wanted to be respected??

    • "So why did she sell out if she wanted to be respected??"

      Probably because it's very difficult to be respected or even recognized as a singer/musician without first being HEARD. And it's hard to be heard without being signed to a label. Such a double-edged sword….

      • She was already being heard before she decided to sign. She was bitten by the Fame Monster because she wanted more people to hear her and validate what she was doing. I'm not saying the elite don;t have a massive hold over the entertainment industry – that is self evident. I do think the serious artists who enter into contracts with their eyes open know what they're getting in to and have made that choice. I can't believe they simply mkultra anyone with a decent voice

    • "I Think It's Going To Rain Today" was written by Randy Newman. Just because she became well-known doesn't mean she sold out. There are talents that cannot be ignored, despite the Industry's best efforts.

    • For all we know she was just told to say those things as a part of her mystique… The labels are pretty persistent in staging just about EVERYTHING concerning artists these days… Some of them probably even have magical pasts fabricated out of thin air to make them seem a certain kind of way or more relatable.

    • nina simone was part of he illuminati in most of all her songs like sinnerman she only sings songs with black magic powers like So I ran to the devil, he was waiting
      I ran to the devil, he was waiting
      Ran to the devil, he was waiting

  11. The only thing that keeps me wondering about this stuff is, why would the music industry make those signs in music videos and even song lyrics if they have to stay 'secret'? If it was such a big secret, it's more likely to me that they don't give away any signs.. Just saying.
    Still a very good analysis, and very sad, obviously. I hope she'll be saved someday :)

    • Because they can. Because they're supposed to announce things so as to "gain their victim's consent" – a common belief that has a lot to support it.

      One possibility that nobody seems to consider is that they have little else to write about. This new crop of writers and singers seems to have a VERY limited pool of experience (and even less learning) to draw on, and what they write/sing about is bound to be limited. Hence the constant references to nightlife and partying (to the point that the "Eat, Drink and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Die" is becoming a meme in songs), a stultifying fixation on the present experience, and songs more and more about slavery, surrender and the allure of the dark side…all in a sonic sludge that more and more sounds like everything else on the radio (actually proven in studies!). They know little else in their life, and less of the culture.

    • It's called externalizarion of the heirarchy, ie revealing the previously esoteric aspects of the illuminati to the public in calculated steps. There is a book called "externalizarion of the heirarchy " by Alice bailey

  12. i'm sorry but i don't feel sorry for her at all. she's an adult and she knows what she's doing. she didn't have to 'sell her soul' but she did. she'll get her celebrity and her financial rewards, just like she wanted. and maybe one day she'll be 'offed' like so many before her. better to worry about the people starving in the streets and the chemtrails in the sky. popular music? it's all built on the souls of sell-outs.

    • Yeah… and that's why she got to perform at the Olympics and that's why she is so popular and that's why she has won and will win so many awards… Umm, are you serious? No artist would achieve such success if they made songs denouncing sellouts instead of forwarding the NWO agenda.

  13. Amel Larriux, a very talented neo-soul singer expressed the same ideas in her song, "Say You Want It All". The lyrics echo what this artsist is saying. Note the part where she says, "I can't say anymore, because if I do, THEY won't let you hear from me." It's very sinister. Anyways, here are the lyrics.

    you say you want it all
    to dip your fingers in the green
    you say you want it all
    the sun, the moon and what's in between
    you say you want it all
    you want the world to know your face
    baby haven't you heard
    every star can be replaced

    ride the product line
    hop in your box but don't protest
    you just been signed
    to the three ring bull*!? business
    it's a players ball
    and the pimps come in black and white
    and that's about all as I turn in this song to
    my pimp tonight

    oh, you
    ask me how
    you can win
    how many walls you gon' have to break down
    to get in
    oh, oh, oh
    as you're steady pushin through
    oh, oh, oh
    don't let it be breakin' you

    same who have it all
    are one big shiny lie
    they're selling us a story they know that
    we're gonna buy
    but don't you let them fool you baby
    they can't sleep at night
    their mirror shows a reflection of a person
    that they don't like

    ride the product line
    hop in your box but don't protest
    you just been signed
    to the three ring bull!?#* business
    check you're brain at the door
    then hang it up with you're orginality

    I can't say no more
    'cause if I do then they won't let you hear from me

    there ain't no real love up in here
    there ain't no
    there ain't no real love up in here
    there ain't no
    if you're lookin for real love up in here
    if you're lookin for
    gotta bring your own real love up in here
    bring your own



  14. It is so sad to realize that the majority of the so called "famous artist are just fake puppets who sing what they are told to, and not from their heart. I am truly dissapointed

    Could you make a post mainly about Jared Leto´s career soon, please?

    • i agree, i am a major jared leto fan…but i have to say some stuff that i see are kind of sinister, it just makes me wonder

  15. She looks like a cross between Marilyn Monroe & Jayne Mansfield (Both illuminati slaves). The video is very sad. The soldiers who bring her in are young, but she's forced to stand before older men (this is an intimidation tactic used by illuminati, to force a young girl to do things). The uniforms are also intimidation tactics, authority.
    Remember how AnnaNicole Smith was made up as a clown and forced to star in that degrading video?
    These are tactics I have seen in my own family to make sure members toed the line.
    Fortunately, it didn't work for me.
    Emeli is a sellout. I have no respect for her or her music.

    • LaurentLeMagnifique on

      I have no respect for her full stop. I have listened to her on youtube about three weeks ago. After one minute I knew what she was about ha ha…I am really intrigued to see this on Vigilant Citizen.
      As a matter of fact you can always tell you signed the oath : the eyes say it all.
      Thank you to VC for keeping us enlightened.

    • Yes poor Anna. Also reminds me
      Of Britney's circus, circus your like mocking herself that she is in a circus..and even perfume named after it

    • I'm sometime thinking I am a sellout myself as a consumer buying this music. I guess noone is perfect.

  16. I don't think the elites are the slightest bit scared, they enjoy watching us get all worked up about the NWO, and the illuminati and all the talk that flies around the web. I think they are very calculating and make these videos and live tributes to Lucifer just to hear everyones analyzation of it. I would be willing to bet if these uber wealthy evil people really wanted to keep this all secretive they would. I truly believe it's all a part of their game.

  17. VC– this is totally unrelated (wasn't sure where else to post), but would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the Zeitgeist movies!

  18. A few odd cues seen throughout the video:

    0:23 – Man ripping off petals from a flower…"She loves me, she loves me not"…Mengele frightens his puppets, threatening to kill them if "She loves me not" is the last words said.

    1:05 – Man looks at little booklet…is it the "binder full of women" to control and keep organized within our "main character?" (you honestly think Romney meant what you think he meant? He was the only true Illuminatus amongst the Republicans, that's why he was the one running….)

    2:51 – Nazi boots, very sexy (if cumbersome) – let's not forget that the Nazis were mavens for style. Probably because of the heavy-duty number of gays higher up in their ranks….

    Throughout: the younger men are black, the middle aged men "British," the older men German…

    For an industry that's supposed to be about dreams, there's an awful lot of nightmares bound up with being a part of it.

    • Beyonce said it herself in her song sweet dreams.
      "You can be a sweet dream, or a beautiful nightmare,
      Either way I don't wanna wake up from you."

      It's mostly filled with nightmares, but the outrageous money, endless vacationing,
      Etc makes them want to stay in that horrible state. Can our society get any more materialistic?!

  19. VC, from the pictures in this article, I am reminded of the movie The Manchurian Candidate, the original with Frank Sinatra. It was also shot in black & white and it was about mind control, brainwashing of soldiers. In the end assassinating the the “preferred” candidate. In the movie there is a scene where they being brain washed, they were also sitting in the room in front of their captors. Its just too much detail for it to be a coincidence, this is getting scary out there.

    The end is near

    • Please never say "the end is near" without also saying the new beginning is approaching as well. If you believe one then you must believe the other as whatever silly doctrine you're following should be teaching.

  20. I'd never heard of her before seeing this on the main page (from America and didn't watch the Olympics). I made it a point to watch the video before reading the article, and from the first view, I saw almost everything mentioned. The only big thing I missed was the neck slash gesture. Much more "subdued" than your usual pop videos and maybe more artistic, but definitely not at all subtle. This video and song conveyed very obvious symbolism about the industry.

    Sucks because she's definitely talented…she has a beautiful look and an even more beautiful voice. Seems that, after such major attention, she wouldn't be one of the lucky ones if she ever tries to get out. :-( Best of luck to her, though.

  21. "Clown is about submission, about giving up, about the victory of oppression over the human spirit, about giving in to pressure, about accepting temporary material gain for success, about signing over one’s soul over to a powerful, oppressive group. For some reason, these messages must be communicated to the public, as if to subliminally demoralize the masses, to make sure that no real role models or icons – those who uphold certain values above anything else – are there to inspire and give hope to the world."

    — I think you are right, VC. This is a calculated strategy to "soften the target" — a type of extremely sophisticated psychological warfare or "psy-ops". And the target is us… Our freedom, our rights, our independence, our ability to speak the truth as we see it – or to freely follow our conscience. All of these are all being eroded. We are being psychologically prepared to accept a total relinquishment of our rights, and I would not be surprised if one day soon (in three years, five years, ten…?) we find ourselves living under a worldwide totalitarian regime/government. Something completely Orwellian in nature and evil through and through.

    In terms of taking away our "real role models or icons (who) uphold their values above anything else", I ran across this article on Tim Tebow today, and I sense the same spirit afoot here:

  22. Hear hear

    She looked spooked and unhappy when singing 'Abide With Me'. I couldn't believe how such a beautiful hymn/prayer could be rendered in such a disturbing manner.

    • This is what they do! EVERYTHING good and godly, they turn 180, they flip it. The devil works hard folks. He wants your souls people. He has succeeded in gaining many over 100's of years.

      That's why the phrase "all will be called, few will be chosen" is eye-opening.

      When God comes back he will judge us all and few will be chosen. Keep your heart open to the Lord, be good to one-another. Love your children, love your husband/wife. Live a good, clean life, be grateful everyday…..peace will find your soul….and money can't buy that folks!

      God bless you all.

  23. B4 I comment,something just crossed my mind..I was like,it prolly isn’t d safest thing to be commenting on VC atm,names prolly now on some list somewhere,but whatevs.

    Feel so dissapointed in myself,cos I saw dis video,nd had no clue what it was talking bout..great analysis,its something I’ve always said,art,creativity is life to an artist/artiste,it should never be a livelihood,d fame d money,cool but,I sit here n sing my lil ol song to myself and its heaven,that’s the way it should be..

    On a happy note though.The machine seems 2be developing better taste in puppets :)

  24. Did you miss The inverted Crucifix on the wall as she walked in.

    They know who there god is and they fluant it constantly. I no longer listen to main stream music and don't watch MTV or any of those other music channels. All the "New" artists sound the same and look the same.

    The music industry sucks and there whole Cookie Cutter system makes me sick. Even artists that say they will only sign a contract if they can have control are still controled, they just do it themselves. I'm thinking of Pink here.

    Great article VC Keep up the great work. God bless you.

  25. Not her aswell!!!…………Ive always thought to myself how come she has been very successfull, yet she doesn't display the typical illuminati/masonic symbols and doesnt really reference sex, drugs, violence in her videos like all the other artists do and you dont see her half naked like Rihanna, Katy perry, Gaga, or that whore Madonna………But her performing at the Olympics was very questionable at the time as i thought Why choose her to sing at the ceremony? Out of all the singers they could have picked why her?………Was that an initiation in some way?…………and now this video and its meaning just confirms everything…………..Very Sad and Shame on you Emeli

  26. I watched the video on yt and it leaves u with a sad feeling. So sad. When u have nothing and somebody offers u money and things u only dream of for the price of ur soul. What do u do when u don’t know the value of ur soul? It must be very valuable if they r willing to pay u for it.

  27. VC keep up the good work. These handlers are always repeating their material, am glad you never get fade up with repeats. VC I do not know how you manage but please keep going because this is very helpful.THANKS ALOT.

  28. Emeli Sandé was BORN in England to a Zambian father and (it says) English mother. When one considers English culture no longer exists as it’s been replaced with a globalist culture she can hardly be described as English. Wiki says she moved to Scotland at four and classifies her Scottish. One does not move to a foreign land and take indigenous status simply being there. One is either of the Celtic tribe from northern Ireland or Pictish peoples LIVING the ancestral culture to be Scottish, therefore Emeli Sandé is not nor will she ever be Scottish.

    I grew up in Scotland and the only Scottish culture I got was at a private school in the 70’s. This is no longer on the curriculum. NO NATIONAL identity is promoted, instead a globalist one is yet people in Scotland like to think they’re Scottish because they live there while they grow up on American TV, Music, Indian curry and foreign beers, of course speaking ‘Scottish’ which is English with a dialect. Scotland and its culture was eventually murdered in 1745, by the English, on Culloden Moore.

    And Emeli Sandé’s music most certainly is NOT or anything remotely connected to Scottish. Anyone who listens hears the affected vocals and singing techniques of American post classic soul era of the Whitney Houstons, Beyonces, Mariah Carey’s, Rhianna’s and the millions of others who are only able to sing in an modern R&B/Soul sound.

    I’m dissapointed you didn’t notice this Vigilant Citizen. Some people reading this will wonder what the hell it has to do with the controlling elites of the Music Industry? Well, it’s got everything to do with the controlling elites.

    1. The demolition of culture through multiculturalism is the tool of the elites for world people homogeneity.
    2. American multiculture was the multiculture that would be used to smash world cultures, all the way from Hollywood and the American Music Industry.
    3. Emeli Sandé, not only is promoting this culture and becoming an icon for it, she also epitomises the NWO desire of miscegination through racial mixing leading inevitably to race destruction.
    4. The point that Wiki likes to promote her as English born Scottish singer proves how indoctrinated the masses are to simply accept nationality to anyone who wishes it wherever they are from. This in effect destroys the concept of national and curtural uniqueness making it defuct.

    One of the most controlling tentacles of the NWO is the Music Industry (along with the film) and those people who become part of it become willing dupes to lead a full assault on cultural demolition of the whole world.

    • Honestly very sad comment !! You're obviously one of those small minded people that are against interracial relations. This website is about illuminati don't get it twisted racial issues are not VC's theme, interracial relations and illuminati 2 distinct topics. And as for how Scottish you think are…,well check out your family tree after all didn't the English try breeding your people out for years on end! I think you'll find a wee bit of English blood pumping through veins as a result!
      For all you non Brits out there please have no fear the uk is predominantly open minded and welcoming of foreigners and we do have one of the highest numbers of interracial relationships in Europe!! Also quick heads up survey was out recently overall the scots are no longer that keen on independence …wonder why ? Could it be because we southerns pay for your kids education and your prescriptions???
      UK :)

    • you sound like a raging racist and a neo-nazi. newsflash, culture isn't in-born. it is a learned, reflected process. If I am a a racially chinese person but lived in sweden all my life, I'm going to have a perspective of Swedish person. I'm going to have way more in common with a blonde blue eyed white swedish national, than a chinese national, or even a chinese-american person because of where I grew up . Race is a social construct. Most scientists agree on this. Cultural/geological differences exist of course, but this is because of just that…geological and cultural differences learned, not some inherent racial trait differences.

      whats wrong with racial mixing? im not for globalization and a total homogenous society. i think our differences is what makes the world interesting and beautiful. but im not so ignorant as to think phenotypical physical differences are the only thing that differentiates people. I suggest you enlighten yourself.

    • Perspicacious, precise and very well written analysis of the NWO agenda. Thank you.

      The final goal: A manageable mass of dumbed-down, submissive, rootless goyim governed by Talmudic rabbis of the One World Government. A truly terrifying vision.

      Tragically, "it" is nearly complete.

    • We humans are not races!…we are BREEDS within a race….you are ignorant…A dog is a dog…but within the race of dogs lie different BREEDS with different characteristics such as color shape size etc…they breed (look at the word breed is also a term for copulation and sexual reproduction within a race that CAN procreate together….like birds and fish can't have babies together because they are of a different species or race all together) There is NOTHING unnatural about two Humans have sex naturally and procreating…that is beyond idiotic to think that breeds within the human race are required to keep from extinction…even a dog can adapt as mutt to its environment and you say humans can't if they interbreed within are race! FOOLISH! We are all interbreeding within our species because in science a species is a family of similar or near exact likeness hence the reason we are all in the category of human beings In the first place…If it were unnatural then NO reproduction would take place period…do you understand how stupid you sound?…What purpose would we face extinction for?…like if a bird breed its self out of wings then yes…(yet even still this fails because penguins adapted despite being a bird that cant fly to its environment) so that would be a huge reason. For extinction…but human beings all have the same genetically….I don't care what you say there is no tendency toward any BREED of human being more evil then another…Asshole comes in all colors…I've met plenty of jerks..In all Breeds of man…What your doing is taking biblical scripture and corrupting and twisting it to your likely…which is nothing new…If you want to take it biblical…God sent his son to die for the sins of all man because according to SCRIPTURE all MANKIND on earth TODAY…is born with the original sin of eve which makes us all unworthy of the kingdom of God on earth today including your precious little Scandinavian add that you think is so special…but you are damed just like everyone else until you are washed in the baptismal waters under the name of Christ…AND everyone on earths birthright was restored after Jesus died for us..When you except him…no matter what you are worth…weather your fucking purple with polkadots…DON T you dare blaspheme what CHRIST has done for all his people through his precious blood with your trash interpretations of scripture…What you said was discusting.

    • I'm disgusted by this neo-nazi bullshit covered up as "history class". You're disgusting and filthy!! Racist!!
      People like you bring shame to all Europe. Seems like an idiot who could throw a banana to a foreigner soccer player!! I hope people like you are extinct by the next generation!

  29. "Where are these groups that had a message? That stood for something? Who would prefer death to selling out? They do still exist – but they are not in the elite-controlled mass media anymore."

    Plain and simple, the groups that have a positive message and stand for something are likely not to be found in the Pop genre. You hardlly ever hear or see punk/rock artists etc. on popular music stations and the majority of people assume that any artists within that genre are just uneducated, angry idiots with guitars, but listen to the lyrics of the songs and you will think otherwise. Bands like Bad Religion, NOFX Anti-Flag all sing about causes, not selling out, partying, adn bitches and ho's. These artists are well educated and well informed about what's going on in the world, which is the reason they are 'angry'.
    The only reason I even acknowledge the popular artists such as artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rhianna etc. is so that I'm conscious of the subliminal messages they are putting out and who the illuinati puppets are. Try venturing out of your confort zones and consider other genres of music. You'll discover some genuinely talented artists who make music for a cause.

  30. I've been in the music biz since the 60's, and have always flown under the radar. I've still manged to make a decent living and raise a family – without the fame. In the early 80's I took a demo album to a music promoter I had known since the late 60's. He has international stars on his roster, so he's no light-weight. He laid out his terms, which he said were quite standard in the music industry. He would want total control over my life 24/7/365 for the next five years. I couldn't perform anywhere without his consent – even at some quiet jam session at a local club. If he phones and announces that he's booked me in NY (or anywhere) tomorrow night – I must be there, no matter what other plans I might have made. He wanted the final say on what songs went onto the record releases – and when they could be released. He claimed absolute control over any clothing I wear in public appearances – on or off stage. And then there was the deal breaker. I would have to "get rid of my wife and kids". His rationale for this was that "studies have shown that single artists write more hit songs than married ones", and having a family takes away the drive to succeed, as the Entertainment biz thrives on insecurity.

    Faced with this Faustian bargain, the Eagles song "King of Hollywood" came to mind:
    "Come sit down here beside me, honey.
    Let's have a little heart to heart.
    Now look at me and tell me, darlin',
    how badly do you want this part?
    Are you willing to sacrifice?
    And are you willing to be real nice?
    All your talent and my good taste,
    I'd hate to see it go to waste."

    I thanked him for his time and said I'd be in touch.
    I bear him no ill will. He laid it out as it was, and I made my choice.
    I certainly have no regrets.

    With regard to people being "offed" for non-compliance, a few come to mind –
    Bobby Fuller and John Lennon among them.

    • Thanks for posting that. I'd guess 'having a family' also means you'd stay grounded, with love, and would have a greater counterweight than they could offer. Re John Lennon – hmm. The guy who wrote what's basically the theme song for the NWO? 'Imagine'?

  31. '“Abide With Me”, which told the story of a young child giving away his soul to a malevolent entity' – where do you get this meaning of the song from?

  32. You can't just tell that she signs the contract, they don't show it, it's up to someone to interpret the ending. She could also have refused to do it and be killed at the end. But considering the lyrics and how she got famous so fast, i think she signed it :(
    The video is kinda like what happened behind the scenes at the olympics. Right before she went out on stage…

  33. To suck the life, soul, goodness, evil, positive, negative, etc., out of the crowd and then leave them as empty shells, to do with as they wish.
    Sort of like what the bosses & teachers say at work & school 'You need every ounce of energy to…..". "Put your heart & soul in……." "Only positive energy today…". You get my drift?
    The Illuminati suck the life and soul out of you to turn you into what they want you to be.
    Hope this makes sense to you, my parents used to say it to us all the time.

  34. Thanks to Holly Linden who got me to decide upon sharing my songs abt end times as well after reading her post earlier…Do scroll to ‘My Blog’ where I have year 2007 to 2009 estimated 7 hours series self made storyboard musical veoh video that is partly about alcoholic recovery, scifi, christian and end times themed be it fallen angels and antichrist titled Moonstone City I and II at http://www.reverbnation.com/geraldinepng and end times songs like Greed of 300, Mr UFO, Good Man Vs The Pale Man, etc. Hope you enjoy….Cherio!

  35. bands like linkin park who make meaningful music are considered 2 be evil & crappy musicians like beyonce or britney are considered 2 be good by catholic groups.The bottom line is all religions dont actually support god they indirectly do pray 2 god but they dont mean any thing.So all i can say is religions have been created by illuminati 2 control we people

    • Religionit is not made up by the Illuminati, but it's why the illuminati exist; they joined the evil forces of the devil to go against the one true living God. any REAL Christian knows that life is not about RELIGION because religion cannot save anyone, only Jesus can save; which is why REAL Christians believe in a RELATIONSHIP with Christ. Jesus himself told the religious elders in his day to drop religion. Religion doesn't control EVERYONE

      • Do whatever you have to do to save your soul. I mean we don't know everything, we are only humans, however if you have a special relation with God, Christ and the Holy Spirit makes me very excited. They know everything about you, your life and your real intentions. Carry on whatever you are doing and get free. The more the merrier.

  36. Maybe Sande might have sold herself out, but i guess we all have to what we must to pay our bills and live our dreams. Let God be the judge not man.

    FYI. "Abide with Me" is a Christian hymn by Scottish Anglican Henry Francis Lyte, 1847.
    The hymn is a prayer for God to remain present with the speaker throughout life, through trials, and through death. The opening line alludes to Luke 24:29, "Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abide_with_Me

    • The Devil wants praise, it's why he fell. he copies God bc he wants to be like him. anyone reading the new testament in the Bible will find the word abide many times, bc God wants us to abide with HIM, while here you see the devil telling you to abide with him instead.

      John 15:4 amongst countless others…

  37. I love Emeli Sande. Her album is pure poetry. After reading VC's article, I sort of came up with the conclusion that she may be using herself in the video as a representation of the large bunch of artists who have "sold out" for fame and as a warning for the ones to come.

    • Thank you for the first intelligent comment regarding this video. Maybe some of the commentators here should read the artist's explanation about the video & check her body of work.

    • The msg thts given wil be one tht 'they' want to get across, its probably more like gloating that theyve got her and rubbing it in the faces of the ppl tht r awake. Id love to think tht the msg was a good one of her tryin t 'break out' but knowing 'them', I think its unlikely. I do like her tho, so its dissapointing <3

  38. Don't be silly, give him futile praises to create a monster. He's fine, he can write sensible articles, however he is not god and certainly he's not the greatest man on the planet. Encourage him but refrain from boosting his ego. We wouldn't like him to become a self-centered egomaniac now, would we?

  39. You know what bothers me the most about this???
    "Next To Me" was written by Sande about her relationship with God!
    Emeli Sande was/is(?) a Christian…
    This girl had a personal relationship with our saviour, Jesus Christ, so I don't understand how/why she would ever go back on it? She KNOWS that we are in the final days, and she knows that the ONLY safe place is with our Lord…
    I just can't see her ever turning away from God, when she knows in her heart that Satan/Antichrist is a liar & will destroy her & her soul in the end!
    I pray that what this video is about, is trying to alert others to what is actually going on in the mass media today, and not about her selling her priceless soul.

    • I think it is. She does produce songs of a 'believer' and if you like her album as much as I do you will hear Jesus in River, Heaven and maybe some others.

  40. I do not usually post here, but had to say something here concerning this article. I do come on here from time to time to get info. about what is happening in the elitist agenda and it is good to know what is happening. The thing, however, that I do see is that everyone is cowering in fear of these guys. People listen- these guys are already on the losing team; their utopian fantasies will never be realized or come true, for they have been trying to do this for centuries. Anyone on Satans team WILL LOSE and Jesus Christ is the winner! Once you have truth go out with strength and courage- Go to Christ and you will know true freedom without fear. You will get peace. These guys are crumbling and falling, for you see it already. Just the fact that many young people are waking up and seeing what is taking place is a sign that you are on the right path to true freedom. Go to prayer and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to reveal who He is and stick to the Word of God.

    • Proud Christian on

      Very well put!!!!! Sure would be nice if there were more people with your view or strength to show those feelings and faith in The Word Of God!!!! It saddens me so to see what is going on in our country and our world for that matter. How has it been possible for this many people to get sucked into something so horrible. How can these people sell their souls and turn from God??? It is incredibly mind blowing. You sound like a very strong Christian and true to your faith and I want to applaud you. I wish so that your message could reach a vast number of people and bring them back to God. It's so hard to understand and watch the things that are going on and know that so many people are completely blinded and don't see the truth. Hard to watch our countries leaders swear to God under oath knowing that they are satanic and that they do not allow God in our schools. God Bless you and God Bless our country :-)

    • Souledout4Christ on

      Please keep sharing this truth! The only solution to saving souls and not losing our own is to give our heart, soul, mind and strength to the one true risen King of Kings who will absolutely save us from all the destitution and despair that is around us all. People need to continue down the path of freedom through recognizing the truth and turn to the one true God who will save them and deliver them from the Luciferian system that we see rallying around us. ALL OF WHAT VC shares is the absolute truth. The scriptures warned us that this world is controlled by spiritual wickedness in high places. The way to freedom is to guard and arm ourselves in Jesus Christ. Read Romans 10:9 if you want to know how to make a spiritual commitment that will give you freedom and liberty from the evil in this world.

  41. eyes wide open on

    As soon as I saw this video my blood ran cold,she is super talented I was busy with housework and I heard the few opening lines .Immediately stopped what I was doing and didn't move until the video had finished,so upsetting.I guess with the olympics,the fact she outsold fellow puppet adele it was only a matter of time before VC connected the heartbreaking dots :(.To the sheeple,the song without the video will be interpreted as a "heartbreak" song,about being seen as a clown by those she loves..to the growing number of people with their eyes wide open the song accompanied by the video will be seen sadly in all its "illuminati glory "

    • First heard this on the radio. You don't even need to see the video to get it.
      It's all getting too simple now, anyone who has a meteoric rise to fame out of the blue is on the dark side.

    • Funny you mention Adele because Emelis real name is Adele but she couldn't keep that name when she came came out because Adele was so big at that time.
      Another contract detail

  42. Quote:

    Emeli recently discussed the meaning of Clown, explaining:

    "It's about how I felt when I was trying to get signed, I was going for all these meetings and people were looking at me like 'What do we do with you'? It's about not allowing yourself to be judged by others or to be taken for an idiot. I feel the video reflects that."

    Source: http://perezhilton.com/2012-12-11-emeli-sande-new

    • of course she is not going to say I sold out to the illuminati for money and power they need a good speech like presidents YOU NEVER SAW A PRESIDENT SAY WE ARE GOING RISE TAXES AND MAKE PEOPLE MORE POOR of course not they need a good speech like
      i want to inspire people to do the same thing like me and i want to be a role model. BLA BLA they are all part of the same group the FREEMASONS

  43. Ok what I don't understand…why would they let her release a song liek this where she is calling them out and making it obvious?


  44. Interesting that by the end of the video, she is not seen signing the contract and is escorted out! It is an accurate depiction the artist as nothing more than a clown! I'll be interested to see what happens next for her. She's blessed with a great voice…but we know how that goes.

  45. Hey VC, please please PLEASE do an article on the Windows 8 commercial "Everything At Once" performed by Lenka! Please do so, because there is definitely some Illuminati crap going on there. The cover of the song on YouTube features Lenka's one eye hidden and during the commercial Lenka and her co-dancers dance with a 'one-eye' painted into each of their palms. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review and post an article about this on your page VC!!

    • I think VC has done enough articles for you to dissect these things for yourself… Now, stop being lazy and go find other sources of information. Think for yourself, and stop waiting to get spoon-fed by VC.

      • Well, you didn't have to be rude. I completely understand your point, but I just wanted to know from VC if what I thought was correct or not and if such symbolism in an advertisement for an IT giant such as Microsoft could possibly mean something. That's all.
        P.S.- I haven't been lazy at all and have already scanned a great number of articles on or relating to the subject. But thanks for the concern.

  46. “What use is freedom … if you live in the gutter”

    …what use is living on top of the world…if you have no freedom??

  47. She wrote for Rihanna, she played both opening and closing ceremony at the Olympics (not even music royalty were bestowed that honour. And as a Brit, I was wondering who the hell she was). Oh and the advert for her album which was shown on TV showed loads of triangles going across the screen. When I saw that I thought that her management were trying to show her as being connected to the illuminati imagery for clever promotional reasons, I didn't think that she was really part of it. But her multiple appearances at the Olympics confirmed her as an illuminati slave to me.

    Also, some of you are saying how talented she is, etc. She's just being positioned that way. She's the 'thinking person's' illuminati idol of choice. She'll go the way of Dido. I.e. disappear.

    Final point to those questioning VC's analysis of 'abide by me'. He/ She isn't talking about the song lyrics but the really disturbing choreography that went with it at the opening ceremony.

  48. Kevin in Texas on

    All of this makes me have a deeper respect for a band like Fugazi. When I was a teenager I couldn't understand why they never signed w a major label. Now, I get it. They wanted no part of this industry…and for good reason!

  49. Lupe Fiasco is a decent role model and just used his celebrity to dismiss the policies of Obama at his inaugural ceremony. He bizarrely seems to be friends with Kanye and Jay Z at the same time. Mind you I have some old friends who are right wankers too. haha.

  50. Selling out is for low lives who wanna live the 'high' life, but 'He is richest who is content with the least.' Socrates.
    Sorry to come across all quotey but another fitting one is from George Bernard Shaw, 'Music is the brandy of the damned.'

    Wikipedia may be 'useful' for those too lazy to conduct valid research. Based on the fact that it can be edited by anyone, this will create a Chinese whispers effect on information.

    I was utterly dismayed this week since my 6 year olds teacher, who I perceived as 'traditional' and 'old fashioned' used Taylor satanic Swift's 'Trouble' song as an example of poetry!

  51. I pointed this out on the Youtube video. AITWASS is Anywhere In the World and Solar System. AIWASS is the name of the demon who appeared to Aliester Crowley. Hmm.

  52. Its Ironic how we now all know Emeli due to her featuring on Professor Green's 'Read all about it"….
    She should have listened hard to the words of his song " DOLL"
    She knew what awaited…..


    I don't know how long I can remain composed
    All I did was say a flow, In life I was always told
    You should play your part, but I never said I'd take the role
    Now every fucking thing I say's a quote
    And they take shit out of context, I'd be lying if I said I was not vexed,
    Pick up a paper flick a page and see a picture of me on my latest conquest
    Fuck it, it all helped

    I'm not just gonna stand here making out its all hell
    And all's well and good if I put on a pair of rose tints
    Yeah bare arms, just to show ink
    Might show ink off, but I'm not showing off,
    I would be if I were to let you know what this costs
    Lucky for ya Im more subtle than I am flashy though init man
    Just know if you dont see it on the wrist it's in the bank
    On a mission with a plan, life's a journey and I don't wanna end up in a jam
    Where I end up in the hands, of the Gods, when I'm gone, I'll be going with a bang
    But for now I'm flying high and I ain't coming in to land
    I'm up high and I like life up here, you're running behind
    Somewhere in front of you is my rear

    They wanna pick me up,
    Yeah they wanna hold me
    Show me off and talk about me as if I'm their own
    How long until they wanna let me go?
    They play with me like I'm their doll

    I'm in the mood, in a feud with myself
    The chair's wobbling, and my neck is in the noose
    See what I do, I don't ever get to choose
    And today there's been a few too many interviews
    I mean can I breathe? This new attitude,
    Is probably gonna leave a lot of people mad at me

    It'll have to be, I'll be glad to see some anarchy
    It wasn't the money that changed me it was the lack of it
    To get to sleep I need more than a bag of weed
    What happened last year? I can't even remember back a week
    Just became a blur, don't believe everything you've heard
    Although I heard Peter Burns just became a 'her'
    All these people sucking me and telling me that I'm the shit
    Aint any less annoying than those who told me that I should quit
    I Feel like saying fuck it on a whim, chucking it all in,
    I ain't some fucking puppet on a string

    They wanna pick me up,
    Yeah they wanna hold me
    Show me off and talk about me as if I'm their own
    How long until they wanna let me go?
    They play with me like I'm their doll

    I came into this polite, and well mannered..
    You know, that, I've always believed that you should learn to tolerate fools?
    Cos the world's full of them,
    I seem to have misplaced my patience
    There's how many you's and there's only one of me..
    I can't keep everyone out
    They wanna pick me up,
    Yeah they wanna hold me
    Show me off and talk about me as if I'm their own
    How long until they wanna let me go?
    They play with me like I'm their doll
    They wanna pick me up,
    Yeah they wanna hold me
    Show me off and talk about me as if I'm their own
    How long until they wanna let me go?

  53. Kansas’ “Mainstream”, Billy Squier’s “The Stroke”, and Tom Petty’s “Refugee” are all slams against the music industry.

  54. I don't pity the woman at all. She willingly "wanted" what they offered her, regardless of whether it was coerced or not, and she signed her soul away. The video more than anything proves that people will swallow all sorts of evil for fame and money.

  55. Great explanation, VC, as always! 😀 And I finally figured out why they let the artists sing about it: BRAGGING! "We own everybody who IS something!"

  56. This is from YouTube on what the song is about…HMMMMM!!!
    "It's about how I felt when I was trying to get signed, I was going for all these meetings and people were looking at me like 'What do we do with you'? It's about not allowing yourself to be judged by others or to be taken for an idiot. I feel the video reflects that" Emeli Sande 2012.
    However with all of the symbolism and the "anywhere in the world and the solar system." Yes she did sign and so sad.

  57. There still seem to be ways to be not into the Illuminati. Look at Sara Bareilles (US), Mumford and Sons (England), Gavin DeGraw…

  58. I'm pretty used to the symbolism and everything now. Of course it's not something I'm happy about, but I'm glad I'm not a sheeple. Whenever there is a new music video analysis, I always watch the video beforehand to see how much I can pick up on myself. On this video, I pretty much got everything. Either it's becoming more and more blatent, (which I'm convinced it is) and/or I'm not as immune anymore. I'm only 13, but my mom has researched this stuff ever since I was little, so it's sort of been imprinted on me at a young age. My whole family pretty much knows the truth, my uncle, mother, father (sort of), cousin, aunt, grandmother, etc. My sister is completely oblivious though, and it's almost as if she is deliberately avoiding the truth. I cringe whenever my nephew comes over and I see all of the little symbols hidden in his kid shows. Freaky. Very freaky.

  59. I'm so fed up with the music industry of today with all of it's symbolism and attempts to brainwash it's listeners.
    It was so refreshing to find the music band Muse from England, when I went through their lyrics and their music videos, and no matter how hard I tried, I could for once finally not find any subliminal messages or any Illuminati worshiping going on. Instead, in fact, their songs are warnings regarding the elites agenda, with songs like uprising and exo-politics. Found this great video about them with three of their strongest political songs, with lyrics, and I can only say it is worth spending those 12 minutes watching!

    Let's just say, I am not a big fan of Muse and their work.
    It is so refreshing to find a band that instead of just following with the elite, actually tries to warn us about them!

  60. I'm sorry but I don't get all this hype about her. I mean I heard her songs before and her voice is good but is not so great like everyone says. Like everyone is so into adele aswell I mean they both are good singers but I still don't get the hype. Its said that she sold her self now but hey she didn't leave college to become a singer for nothing so she problly was like hey I came this far might as well sing the contract and not waist it all

  61. wait, but isn't the record labels that pick and choose singles? and fund music videos? Why would they all this sort of exposure to what they are doing behind the scenes? Seems similar to what Kelly Clarkson and Clive Davis are fighting about.

  62. Everyone is quick to judge Emeli however they do nothing about the government and allow all kinds of dangerous chemicals to be put into their food. Wake up! No one is immune to this! Research aspartame…made up of many dangerous chemicals like arsenic and has been responsible for the rise in dementia and cancer cases. Stand up for yourselves for the sake of your children.

  63. well while i agree the video is disturbing this illumaniti crap might be a stretch.

    if true how does this hurt me as a music listener.
    why she needed this when truly her talent is exceptional
    would the powerhouse let her do this video if all this crap was true.

    but honestly i would like her to say something

  64. What a sad state of affairs the Music Industry has become. I have the talent to become a great musical artist, but I'm a Christian and I've decided not to sell my soul to the devil. NO WAY.

  65. Good analysis as always. However, ultimately the artist can choose not to sell his/her soul to the devil. Even if the music industry is totally controlled and you can’t become “rich and famous” if you don’t sign on the bottom line, still you could keep your integrity and still find your audience on a smaller scale. So there is choice…you don’t have to join the machine.

  66. hmmm this article is enlightening. i only heard of emili sande a few weeks ago after hearing her song "next to me" on the radio. i was shocked to hear such a beautiful song about a relationship with God played on mainstream pop radio. I looked up the singer and saw her wiki page and it seemed she was a good, respectable singer for once. but after seeing this article im starting to wonder. i didnt see her on the olympics. she is a talented singer who makes beautiful songs but if she is another puppet its truly disturbing. now the illuminati is not just promoting their own sick agenda of sex, drugs and idiocy, they are using people that sing uplifting and beautiful music to control us too? very strange indeed

  67. The elite dnt make it easy for u to refuse, they'l tempt u with anything an everythin, promise u the world, and u'd get it but at a massive cost. Some celebs have had ther family threatened if they try to pull away or in some cases they carry out those threats if they speak against them, there is NO level they wont stoop to, ther is NO easy way out.:-#

  68. To be honest, my very, very first thoughts on the meaning of the song when I first listened to it (and whenever I listen to it now) was bullying.
    I think it can be interpreted with multiple meanings (like all songs) but I've always, at first thought, related it to being bullied or used or laughed at in some way.

  69. Why not sue the pants off these industry hacks for religious discrimination. If Christianity can't be a precondition for emplyoyment, why are occult practices?

  70. very sad .. but appreciate your talent and now that it's puppet but I will continue listening to your music with lyrics and videos care is what I do .. also many indie artists are puppets and are not well known … a question now that many have long know what music they listen?, or now as is your relationship with music?

  71. and has no-one heard of punk, it's called self-publishing these days…..some of the posters here are fakes, bullies and just as wrong as those in control of the corps who seek only the banal safe 'commercial route' and beliebers, follow your own stars and others who twinkle will apprbelievers

  72. Actually I don't think she needed to sell out she's a very smart woman! Shes about two years from having a medical degree in the UK, she was smart enough to know that she needed something to fall back on just in case she "never made it". I think this article is a bit to harsh on her and so are the comments seemingly because of the view the article gives. I'm in the US and while I love her music and even though people sing her songs the two that are on the radio they don't know her name! They just think she's Beyonce with a funky beat which is what my friend told me….

    These are her own words about the video which is listed in the description of the video on her official VEVO page on youtube.

    "It's about how I felt when I was trying to get signed, I was going for all these meetings and people were looking at me like 'What do we do with you'? It's about not allowing yourself to be judged by others or to be taken for an idiot. I feel the video reflects that" Emeli Sande 2012.

  73. of course she is not going to say I sold out to the illuminati for money and power they need a good speech like presidents YOU NEVER SAW A PRESIDENT SAY WE ARE GOING RISE TAXES AND MAKE PEOPLE MORE POOR of course not they need a good speech like
    i want to inspire people to do the same thing like me and i want to be a role model. BLA BLA they are all part of the same group the FREEMASONS

  74. I hope Sara Bareilles isn't a slave.
    I don't care if she's underrated or whatever. But, I think she's talented yet no one pays attention (which she truly deserves) to her talents. Well, I'm glad with that now:)

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